JRE MMA Show #42 with Teddy Atlas

The Joe Rogan Experience JRE MMA Show #42 with Teddy Atlas

September 24, 2018

Joe is joined by boxing trainer and fight commentator Teddy Atlas.

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ladies and gentlemen I'm back Toronto it's this weekend we keep adding tickets we added two more today 2 more 2 more tickets to get them out 200 more the other one sold out so this is it this brings total capacity up over 10,000 and it's not a fucking Toronto people have some fun I'm excited and if you didn't know it's at the Scotiabank Arena I know I'm annoying I keep saying it but I'm not the last thing I want is one person to go to the Ricoh Coliseum right before the shell go fuc and then have to make your way over the other place so hopefully I doesn't happen

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my guest today is a real legend in the World Combat Sports a real legend in the world of boxing he is a fantastic boxing trainer and a fantastic commentator as well and just an all-around great human being and I really really enjoy talking to him so please give it up for the Great and Powerful Teddy Atlas

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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do not tell you that was thanks for being here man I really appreciate it what time you know I can't I got to tell you since I now so you going to be on the podcast I had about a hundred people tell me to get you mad they want you to rent it gets

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the word fireman speech Hugo gave to Tim Bradley everybody wants you to start screaming to get mad you get to get people hyped up well hopefully it is only an occasion for it and I don't think they'll be an occasion but I am looking at this stuff here you got a nice place yet by the way thank you and it's making me think about the Denzel Washington movie Equalizer the first one where it was in with those Russian guy still would like messed up guys and it was trying to protect that girl and he started pointing out that there was skulls and stuff at the guys desk it all yeah he was pointing this stuff he was trying to explain to the guy listen let this girl call you know I'll give you $9,000 whatever was let her go she was like 15 years old and he didn't want to listen to him and so he started that stuff like this with the skull on of the people could see it right but and he started pointing it towards him and I

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didn't like take the hint you know the guy and then a couple minutes later he he killed everybody in the room but it's just looks exactly like the thing from that movie that Denzel Washington where he also had guns and so does right there any pull the scene the scene when he starts pointing they said they might have taken this from here I mean they could have gotten it from you in from Mexico props so they they pointed they pointed at all towards the guy the kind of want a guy what was coming next but that's all she is probably the only good movie that ever came out of a terrible TV series remember this the TV series The Equalizer remember the name but I don't know that I ever really watched it I was a fat sloppy white guy driving a Jaguar that supposedly kicked everybody's ass and you and watching you go get the fuck out of here with this movie

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I Heard It TV show it was a dumb TV show that didn't make any sense and when they turned it into a movie in that Denzel Washington in it I want to freaking out not really but like I was just thinking about that I didn't I just came back from the Canelo Triple G fight which was a phenomenal fight that was a phenomenal fight I really enjoyed that fight a lot how good fights on nowadays like if they're around everything is great yeah I think everything that is a picture as one Goodyear baseball he's great he's he's like the next Sandy Koufax like people don't wait to see and and truly graded against things that were out of their Myra because like I was there I reported on it it it's the greatest fight ever

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what do One A Day I think it was a really good fight but Everything's Relative you know and it depends on everything is influenced to Judgment of people's influence at least I see it in my field for whatever that's worth

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why was around and how hungry they are like everybody bought the Pacquiao Mayweather first fight because the fans were hungry the imagination was like there's no good fights Brian there's going to be a good fight so they're anticipating it so you got them at the right time if it was the 80s and you had to let in Durand Pernell Whitaker Hagler Hagler you know yeah hi. Hearns I mean you had all these great fight Aaron Pryor you had all these guys fighting each other you probably couldn't have pulled off the the Mayweather Pacquiao thing that you pulled off and it turned out to be a little bit if I don't want to say scam but it definitely was what it lived up to be working at because Pacquiao came in the fight injured I don't believe it I never saw any less I'm going to say anything but you're you're in a tough position you were in Taekwondo and all that

► 00:16:21

kind of fighting self in MMA in what whatever part of it I'm probably not giving it the proper understanding of what it was in and exactly what part of the fighting. Just Anime I'm being too broad but I know you did Taekwondo you did kickboxing I know that you you were National Champion when you were young somebody told me some about it so you you do things when you're injured I mean like one of your not injured if I if you're a football player of your fight if you're in the contact please tell me when you're not injured like when there's not something wrong so I never saw so prove doing that about I was that comforter for Year's PN I never saw a proof where he went store or he didn't throw that hand or or he threw it in the it up all the way or in a little less than high-level way I never saw that so listen I'm not in his body you know and and I'm not a mind reader but

► 00:17:20

I didn't see it but what I did see I saw him in his trainer in the runway was more telling to me taking selfies because they had got paid of a few extra dollars to promote some kind of product with the Selfies were attached to it so I saw that to me that was more debilitating to see a guy before the biggest fight of his life where people were going crazy and I'm going to break the pay-per-view record and paying $100 for the freaking thing and just see him taking a selfie when the mentality should be in a different place and normal use them different place before you about to walk that hundred yards to the ring where you might not come out of there right it's always possible you have to have that mentality I thought that was more debilitating than anything else or physically with what was supposed to be an arm injury so

► 00:18:14

to me look to me maybe I don't know if it's fat as he was a MoneyGram but obviously it was a bit of a MoneyGram they will be on themselves you know one guy was retired he came back for it they would be on the peak of their abilities in their career and I just I just didn't see it I didn't see that fight the purpose to it well it happened about five six years late yeah yeah

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hey I just

► 00:18:53

what what everyone gets in a ring they deserve to make as much money as they can I never I never say that a fight and got overpaid never I don't care I never say that because I understand what it took to get to that point and but you know you can you can play with things and you know you can you can kind of League people to things again where we started with this conversation you know it's the time you're around the environment what's not around not just what's around but what's not around right do you know I'm not that many great fights to be made right now so what you're saying is important because there's not a lot of guys waiting in the wings it's not like the old days of the 1980s of the Glory Days the welterweight middleweight division no it's not

► 00:19:51

just see something at the PR department can bring it to can use the right material because it has a big fight is that obviously I'm walking Fighters with the name that they can build it and get the imagination of two people to say there's going to be a great one so when they see and they pay $100 on $85 or $95 whatever the heck they're playing for the fight and then it's a good fight won't becomes a great fight because of all those elements because you know it is it still on your time you saw it you committed to it you sacrifice to pay that money you sacrifice a fly there and yeah it really good fight becomes, and I don't think we separate that at all mine so I don't think hey who says we have to because right now it's about enjoyment

► 00:20:51

that if that makes people happy hey that's part of that's part of what goes into the mix of entertainment but I didn't see it when I try to separate that being in the business I didn't see this you know the Thrilla in Manila

► 00:21:08

a really good salad fight and once again unfortunately took away from it with controversy with the decision did you think that I thought the second decision was arguable I sound like this is this looks like a Draught of me it was an amazing fight I mean I got to be honest because that's what you supposed to do you think one I had 117 112 and a little of people going to say for you too far

► 00:21:44

so what's 7112

► 00:21:55

you you mean you saw to hear people's like you did you know that knows him about fighting that is a day closer so you maybe you don't want to hear that you had at 117 112 but yeah you still got to yell at yeah because that's what you believe that's what you saw and

► 00:22:09

I still say it I still yelling that it was they didn't give him credit for Jeff like Jeff Stone counting right like

► 00:22:18

I'm not going to pick out anybody because that's not really bad attitude when you have a Podium and they don't have a Podium but

► 00:22:29

but sometimes it is because they deserve it but not not generally and

► 00:22:35

the judge is our days

► 00:22:38

I think that

► 00:22:42

they just give it I see too often

► 00:22:45

that they almost go down the easy route like you know they just give it to who's aggressive for guys walking forward a guy strong punches it's like their favorite night night and it's more to it than that but I understand it to sports and help itself they don't make a clear Criterium for what it's supposed to be clean harder effective punches because the separation of professional boxing amatuer boxing news you have to sell it you have to make money and you got to put pennies in the seats so you want to see guys get hurt you want to see guys and bad guys so it's the cleaner who hurts the guy wants to clean them on pack for punches but it's not just thrown it's not just a question because their graduation has the lead to something effective

► 00:23:31

effects of the question so I ice or for me to get it to that one 17112 I saw

► 00:23:41

Golovkin on the outside control in range control distance you want to use that silly word ring generalship cuz I have to time I don't know what they're talking about they save in general what what do you talk about I just saw the way you judged it what would it where did you fit in ring generalship into that into you thinking because I'd like to know but if it is ring generalship he was controlling the range was controlling outside he was keeping the shorter man on the outside catching with the champ making him earn his way in making them pay a price to get in now was the other guy can Elevate the other guy Landing the Hard clean body shots that sometimes you don't get credit for yeah it was all that you like I say on it yesterday it was putting water in the basement but it definitely was but

► 00:24:29

the jet didn't count suddenly was suddenly in our universe where the Jack of a guy doesn't mean anything when we don't want it to mean anything when we want to give it to the aggressive guy to the to the guy trying to you know trying to get in there the question is what what's more important is a job more important or hook to the body what it what is more important in your eye to the body clean is 1.1 for it but if the numbers to the body through many rounds and and the numbers are significant that it's greater than then you have to account for that right so you think that people are watching the watching a couple of jobs and then one hook to the body and they count that one hook to the body better than they count the two tabs I don't have a problem with that. Yeah because that is what's going to drive people to the event right to the sport is the hardest puncher so I have no problem with that but if the jobs are 20 jams and it's

► 00:25:29

body punches well then I'm starting to save we we can't forget the Champs because the body punches got your attention and and you know it moved out of your seat a little bit maybe because for whatever reason so I'm just saying that

► 00:25:47

the criteria is not clean enough for the for the judges sometimes spouse of the even bigger mess and MMA and it's a lot of the same judges I I mean I think the problem with judging is the same in both Sports you should have someone who has experience in the sport mean they they have to have a deep understanding weather actually watching and that's not the case I know it's not the case in boxing cuz I know a lot of the same judges from boxing also judge MMA they don't know what they're talking about an MMA and I don't think they know what they're talking about and boxing either and that's a real travesty it's a huge disservice to these professional athletes who literally are as you said risking everything as a step in there there's a real good chance that they might not come out I mean it happens every so many fights a guy dies this is just a fact and boxing and the fact photo football too short and MMA MMA is plenty of problems and I don't mean there's less deaths in MMA but we're getting desk from Wayans you know we have a lot of extreme weight cutting issues in

► 00:26:47

small organizations in particular that stuff is legitimate it's a problem something that should be looked at just a shame that the judging is so poor and it's been this way for so long well to the boxing thing you ever said I'm not saying this in a derogatory way and some ways it's a good way but you have a dictator running you know you are sick it's okay to have a dictator sometimes because at least you have rules that and he had to have structure I know you're saying so boxing has

► 00:27:29

boxing his nose real

► 00:27:33

what kind of bug no structure across the board know you're real you know lateral struction Conformity nothing unilateral because you have different states that have different commissions and you're not supposed to be tied together but they go active family and there's no National commission is nobody there's no dictated there's no Czar there's no NBA Commissioner there's no NFL commissioner there's no MLB Commissioner of police fatawa Sport and

► 00:28:06

there's no separation of

► 00:28:09

church and state so to speak where the people making the money in the sport are separated truly separated from the people supposedly administrating this but there's no separation I mean Motors actually that I'm making the money and have obviously a horse that's running in the game so to speak that night that they want that fight it to win they pay the judges and there's no there's no again there's no but for there's no separation where you can have promoters and managers they can actually go to the commission and say we don't want these judges to judge they can't say put this judging but they cannot judge is out and the commission's will listen to the alphabet organizations pick her up

► 00:28:59

I mean it's not Teddy Atlas saying it is everybody saying that there's very few people are going to say they're not cry because a lot of people doing my business do you have a gender so they're not going to say it because they're part of it and then I'll part of it they're friendly with people that are part of it and they want to have access to want to have relationship so they stay away from it and and they understand how the car to work so they understand that you know Lisa is it a smoky room with cigars like the old days but thank you callable was one of the things and you put an Advil it's not that but yeah you might be paying $30,000 for that

► 00:29:43

nnnn at a convention for the WBA or the WBC or the w i v f o w b or whatever the heck they are and you might be paying $30,000 an hour what you do you know why you paid the $30,000 that I don't think that you just like to see your name in the ad and in the brochure there was a purpose behind paying that at and so there's no again

► 00:30:12

you have the administrative staff to support the commission's and then you have the alphabet organizations that get paid a sanction and fee from the champion so they want that champion to win and so they get the sanction fee and supposed to be some popular Champion so they so now you have

► 00:30:35

nobody saying where the manager can't talk to the section organization promote account of course he can talk to them and say I want my guys rated hi of course I have access so they have access to talking to somebody influencing somebody to move that guy up in the ratings these honest ratings and they have access to tell when an organization well you know I'd like to push a mandatory that like to push my guy to get the mandatory which means of course that he's going to fight him within a certain. Of time he's got to fight the champion in MMA that's absolutely

► 00:31:18

I'm wit wit

► 00:31:21

where is the where is the where is the line where people making money people running this poor people making money people administrating this point it's not supposed to blur it is supposed to be a separation now if you know where to go

► 00:31:44

in Europe America the United States to but your voice is a lot of big fights was just a big fight with Joshua in London they drew 90,000 people which is good for the sport and it's just it's incredible but if you know where the restaurant to go to tonight before big fight you will walk in the restaurant I've been there

► 00:32:09

you walk in the restaurant I'm not going to say something if I can't stand behind it and you will see you at the restaurant it's as big table like the little not the Last Supper but it's it's a big table and you will see all the officials at that table that are going to work or fight the next night and you will see the organizational heads a heads up that sanctioning body in and the guys are in charge the president vice presidents supervises judges referees and guess who the host of the dinner is the promoter something wrong with that

► 00:32:45

I mean it's something greatly wrong with that so the host of the Dead ends a Big Bill obviously I mean it's a lot of people it's a good restaurant the eating all the best stuff drinking the best wines and everything else so it's a big deal and it's being picked up by the promoter who wants a specific fighter to win that night and he's got he's got access to all the judges all the officials all the organizational heads now so I would say to the people that are listening out there that just to make the analogy that really I think would hit home the New York Yankees they're obviously you're universally known name and and Grant organization may be the biggest of all time so how about in New York you go to the best restaurant in the night before a World Series game

► 00:33:46

you walked into the restaurant and you saw all the umpiring crew all that officials that are in charge of the umpiring for the World Series game sitting at a dinner hosted by decide brightness Problem Problem Problem Problem giant problem and it can't happen because there's a commission would never let that happen because the Integrity The credibility of the sport would be down the tubes in one moment before you can finish your shrimp cocktail and but so can't happen if I doze on checked in box it happens all the time in boxing and just the look of impropriety is wrong it should be long as it should be wrong a baseball it should be warmer than football should be wrong and what it should be even more wrong in a sport where you were so much yeah I agree

► 00:34:40

yes a very very good point and I don't know how you would ever fix that I mean how would you have some Universal oversight of the entire Sport and how would you get everybody from the wbow no WBC they wouldn't don't know they don't care not because the president of the United States started caring when there was a problem with baseball he got he got involved it was about steroids though problem I mean was a real problem but it was more of a problem of they wanted to clean up the image cuz it's America's sport they have these people that are so what's the problem is a problem we was impacting them it was impacting loosen it was impacting

► 00:35:24

the perception of the game which impacted the

► 00:35:29

the gates right what they going to make and ultimately the fanbase which of course impacts them financially and impacts the country because less people camp out the sport you going to see it less and if you care about it you're going to be one of the people that I left out so it was a problem and they they can't I don't I'm going to be careful saying this but not that careful but because you have to say it I don't think that they care as much about the people in boxing I don't think they do either I just it's it's more of a dangerous Dirty Sports in their eyes and the people that come into and everything else I'm not going to get into all the other stuff that you can get into that you know so popular to get into in some ways nowadays give me like racism yeah

► 00:36:26

I don't want to and I don't have a definitive things to show for that I just know how I will the perseid shower Sports it's not it's not cherish the Wii baseball cherished what is a big fight like Canelo and Triple G people get excited and lot of people buy it but it's not necessarily thought of as something that represents America and a particular and Canelo Triple G you talk about two people that on American the begin with yes you know the boxing know that unfortunately

► 00:37:03

but it's kind of nice. It's got a reputation is being correct unfortunately unfortunately like the good part where they close by going farther than any other sport any other sport I mean it was the first sport in the Olympics it goes back for the day and it was a big in this country bigger than baseball at one time was that big I mean you know so and now it's it's not and it's too bad because and it's too bad that the kids that the younger people they don't have the ability

► 00:37:45


► 00:37:46

learn about those Fighters so special Fighters that was special they really want and it was special for different reasons like like Jackie Robinson was special we know we don't have to go into why he was special but nobody knows at Joe Louis who's quiet and everything but when he was in the Army and it was you no segregation and all that crap going on

► 00:38:08

he he quietly use his position as heavyweight champ of the world

► 00:38:15

to make sure that when he went to movies and they put him in the front row and he saw the blacks on allowed to come in he said I'm not going in there and let's blocks can come in there when he went to other sort of events wear the same kind of junk was going on he very quietly but powerfully

► 00:38:36

integrated thinks and N Signal going to make a change you you are not going to have me and not have people that look like me you know kept out so he will people that were right about it because I like reading about those things about history to see how we could be better and then where we've come from and what do a history of black families in a poor black families that would would get Hope from just saying hey Luis did it they would tell their kids Hey listen I don't want to hear this I don't want to hear that you can't do this Joe Louis did it and so he was that important that's all. The only point I'm making here he was that

► 00:39:21

freaking important that that history and the history of all the fighters like him doesn't have to be black Fighters but that what they what they did what they overcame where they came from Betty Ledet one of the greatest Jewish fighters of all time it was a time when and and then still around unfortunately there's a lot of anti-Semitism but there was a time where it always company in the Jew and and you're growing up and he get caught or kike I don't know if I'm pronouncing right I think I'm right and you get caught all those kind of I don't even know what the hell it means I just know it's a bad name to call Joe and and you had all that stuff going on and Jews home and thought of being that we thought of moving towards Banking and they moving towards things will make money in the later on they started doing that but they wouldn't have got those and they were trying to pull themselves out and so at that error during that time the 20s to 30s

► 00:40:21

the trews for some of the best fighters because that was their way of getting out but

► 00:40:27

that was all there was another significance to being a Jewish fire

► 00:40:32

that a lot of the kids they want one photo of his being tough so they got picked on and and thought of that they're going to go more towards academic and other stuff so there was a weakness received not true none of this stuff is used in the country and he's the best freaking fighter in the game and he combed his hair before he got in the ring and he would come out without it being messed this was this guy was 7 he was he was Michael Jordan I mean before that stuff before Michael Jordan before Air Jordan before I need the guy was on only tough because I don't need Champion pretty obviously connected to be in Tough by itself but it was he was smart he was he was cool and he had pizzazz he was a man

► 00:41:32

and the woods Jewish families you don't hear about these stories but they were Jewish families I've read and I've heard from people where say hey

► 00:41:44

don't let nobody pick on you Benny Leonard is the best fighter in the world Jews are tough

► 00:41:51

where would I just smart but tough

► 00:41:55

Betty Lennon shows that so that kind of history that kind of

► 00:42:02

pulling of people up in many different ways not just economically out of poverty but but emotionally mentally because you can be in a pretty mentally you can be in the low Place mentally it doesn't have to be you don't financially all the time you know where you have holes in your shoes and you didn't and you women shirts that don't fit no way you can be the way you feel about yourself that is is without is this without pretty dirty with without bio you have no value for yourself as a person that's the worst poverty in the freaking world there's nothing lower than that and Joe Louis and Benny Leonard they will fight it they won't baseball players they pull people out of those places they let people know they had values that they race had by you there people at Value they had value

► 00:42:58

and that should be known and you can go anywhere and then I'm glad you can because I love all sports you can go anywhere and you can read about the greatness of the baseball players in the greatness of a cosigner Val hasn't been around that long but the greatness of those plays and the greatness of the NBA players but where did the kids have a get to read into here and to see about the greatness of these people these Fighters nowhere very little very little it's not there why because again I'm not going to get into craziness but

► 00:43:36

the powers-that-be the listen it's not marketed properly I get it doesn't have a commission so it doesn't take care of itself the way the UFC the great news about the why the UFC grew so much as they Market themselves in a tremendous way so there's nobody boxing is just there it takes care of itself it did exist who's his man against man so it's always going to be that but nobody's building it nobody mocking you know one's feeding the monster to make it bigger and it's a plant that's in the corner of your office that doesn't get sun doesn't give him home but it's still there it's still there and what I'm saying is that

► 00:44:19

sorry I did I didn't want to yell because I will probably be happy but but but it should be fed a little bit it should be watered a little bit but you know what guys like you a deep appreciation for the history of sport guy guys who have a deep appreciation of what it meant when Joe Louis beat Max Schmeling guys guys who understand what it meant when Sugar Ray Robinson was the best fighter in the world and everybody knew any pull up in a fucking pink Cadillac with a beautiful suit on and Eddie Eddie made the elevated elevated people in Harlem everywhere but home he had everything and and you wanted to be there because that's where Sugar Ray Robinson came from it was great yeah I'm headed to reach part of history that really does get ignored let me tell you some

► 00:45:19

smelling you bored of you know a lot of stuff

► 00:45:23

and that's what it's nice to talk about with you

► 00:45:28

spelling was a hell of a fight Joe Louis was the brown bomber was coming up it was undefeated and trolling at the great quote before the fight you know it's kind of like the Babe Ruth thing they did it really happen when he pointed out and then he hit. We get older those are great stories what's the real truth behind them you know we don't know we don't care we don't care answer you know why because they let us feel good they let us dream about possibilities and we should all have possibilities to dream about and they make somebody feel good because you know the Babe Ruth when was connected to a sick kid so it it's a nice thing and it's where Sports can be better than just

► 00:46:15

Sports then just somebody participating in it it can go beyond that you're stronger than that and that's some of the good stuff about it and so smelling the great story he didn't point to you know what the to the fence but he said before the fight I see something that's my my ex-wife trying to be an accent for the German you know but I sound more like Schultz from Hogan's Heroes

► 00:46:46

I don't know why every time you try to do something like with certain you know you know pronunciations you you sound like you're go to one of those sitcoms you go to one of those places if you know and what I say somebody I think my kid I think my son sent you know he had watch one of them and I think he said you sound like Sergeant Schultz like from Hogan's Heroes but and he said I see something and what he saw was that Lewis would he would leave you should never leave your head on the on the right side goes should you leave your head you know you move your head to the right side you in the path of the right hand you should actually finish on the left side because then you outside the right hand to follow over here it can hit you up right outside in front so he had a habit of any other great trainer he had a habit though at that point of leaving his head over the right so smelly

► 00:47:46

saw something as he said that he could hit all right then you get time it over the gym now smelling was of the elk

► 00:47:55

of the level of the caliber it wasn't just about Tyler he could punch is a good fighter but it was a pro what do I mean by that a lot of guys would hesitate a little bit same opening they might see it but it was the brown bomber was not going to be one out so they hesitate they were afraid

► 00:48:17

Norma 5 people fated at work

► 00:48:21

I mean it is that it without it without a life so

► 00:48:26

they said they might see the same thing but they wanted at a pro-level pro level is a guy that can do what he has to do and no emotions interfere with doing it let me know it's my simplest Webster's might not say that but that's what I was saying so they might have seen the opening but they would hesitate just enough and a pecan the door closed cuz it's it's it's like life its moments Captured Moment lose a moment and but this guy was a pro he didn't let that come in there and make them hesitate that that fear in control of it and if it's old man was that mine he was going to throw the punch so he did and he dropped lose a few times and you know he will he won that fight and

► 00:49:14

what round did stop and I can't remember maybe maybe the 9th but was late in a fight but he had heard them and was taking a beating

► 00:49:27

Louis Vuitton he won the world title and

► 00:49:35

baby Braddock for the title Cinderella Man great movie you know we came from welfare to be in the world champion that's the product story without getting into it too much so Louie's Pizza Braddock and had to give a percentage you know and if Don King and Ira Minot been around then but but the people that told him what to do around how to take advantage of Heidi's told him I have what options want before options were having known you know the Braddock I think I forget product manager basically made Lewis and his people agree to give him a percentage of his person for the rest of his career to get the fight so you haven't you could obviously you searching and looking too much what percentage so I don't know how about listen I can say 10% but I don't want to save because I'm not positive but

► 00:50:35

but there was an understanding that you know you you're not getting a fight otherwise like you want to get the fight now and listen it was like I said you know not great guys but

► 00:50:47

King and I are they they had all the guys home before them that taught them some of these moves that you know that bowling so nice but there's always a history of good and bad to always goes good with over this shining star promoter out there I'll try to think about it but so we so they can go and the other he when he wins the title and of course the biggest sport in the country so right all the prices that in there Joe is jumping not yet not yet

► 00:51:26

what do you mean not yet just want the title. Yet that's why I beat that man he didn't even have to say his name how do I beat that man that's how much pride he had and listen he's the real deal because it is mine how can I be a champion if a guy knocked me out right so when that fight took place I mean you talk about a setting a stage you know nowadays people sent home on the state's a lot of pressure you know hey I'm not saying it's not I'm not saying it but a lot of pressure you know a lot of people you don't depend on a lot of stuff going on and you know it and you know I got a headache but Joe Louis had World War II on Horizon

► 00:52:17

the president of the United States and you had Nazi Germany had a guy named Hitler that that is saying that he's got you know the master race going to take over the world just starting that stuff was not too far away from World War II and you got all that stuff permeating

► 00:52:39

and yeah and you got to lose fighting a guy who of course you know propaganda was started by the Germans if you want almost to me almost invented that word because you had the propaganda Minister you had all these terrible people with Hitler that will putting out that they're the master race that is there that you have to just go and situation Olympics and now you had the biggest sport in the biggest country

► 00:53:06

and the champion of that sport heavyweight champ Joe Louis and he's fighting the German fighter smell in the second time now for the title and of course you had

► 00:53:20

Hitler and all his

► 00:53:22

cycle fence all these people that will that job was to to promote it so to speak and they come and they're saying we will show the world that was Superior and there's no better way to show it that in a ring and so Lewis has two

► 00:53:43

he's got him he's got to carry all this stuff I mean think about it and he's a black guy and he's got a carry the whole

► 00:54:01

he's got a pirate the whole country and not let them down in the president cause of how to get we don't know if there's a legendary story I don't know if it's completely true but supposedly the present called him and said Joe you got to win this one for the good guys. That's that's one of the Legends I don't know if it's true but I know that I'm sure you call them I'm sure we call them

► 00:54:21

Lewis has to go into

► 00:54:26

it's not going to Yankees Stadium Outdoors

► 00:54:31

and in Times Square in New York they used to have it set up where they would the radio because all the fights on radio back then and some of them on fights on TV on Gillette Cavalcade of sports and all that stuff Friday night fights but we was coming along you know just don't come along but radio was the thing and sew in Times Square you have to radio speakers out doors

► 00:54:57

you don't play in a fight put gas in the fights so people out on the streets they hear the radio and they are you know Joe Louis is walking into the ring and you know and you got Yankee Stadium you got the place for you got the whole world of everything I just described

► 00:55:18

the good the bad the evil doll ugly everything it's not a movie it's real life

► 00:55:25

and you got Joe Louis and he gets another ring and he annihilates with all this pressure with with that that he's got to save the basically the United States in the world from from looking like this ugly

► 00:55:42

score gin and and disease of the Nazi party is going to take over the world is greater than us and it and he single-handedly has to prove that

► 00:55:56

and he he goes in the Indian dialects the guy in one round

► 00:56:00

with all that stuff hanging over I think that's the greatest single event in the history of the world pull that fighter pull that fight up and put it in the background and I think that when you talk about all the things that we're here to talk about

► 00:56:17

the character about Talent about perseverance about the resiliency about about caring about more than yourself

► 00:56:28

about selflessness

► 00:56:30

about strength when you talk about all those things that we try to say that we care about and that we sometimes look to to be very rarely can we be that

► 00:56:45

he was all that she was all of that and there it is right there I mean how great is that and he stalk the guy he's stoked the guy and his punches was short and powerful and he was the greatest finishing the history of heavyweight boxing because when he hurt you you didn't survive he got ready you put punches together and it was short and it was always in position look at his legs he's always a position you move 40 takes a little step phone back because you're absolutely beautiful if you wanted to teach a young fighter how to punch correctly Joe Lewis it there's no better gotta watch them cholula's spelling tried to catch up with that same right hand he had not come out 2 years earlier go back just missed it but he changed he stepped out and change this distance this time because Jackie black

► 00:57:45

who's a great fighter a Black Fighter he was a training was a great training nobody hears about Jackie Blackburn what a great fighter he was and what a great training was and how he wasn't allowed to fight white Fighters and he beat everybody instead of laying his head on the right like you did the first fight he changed his range and he made that right hand Miss and look how, look how Carly is look how focused he is

► 00:58:14

beautiful watch

► 00:58:23

what we miss what did you say go back to sidestep the blind right what a beautiful side Step 2 right after he lands a right hand. Where is the body right into the head

► 00:58:57

phenomenal with everything we just talked about for the last 20 minutes hanging over him now

► 00:59:06

giant piece of history that people don't talk about it doesn't that make you think a little bit something about us and that that alone is in terms of like historical impact I agree with you is one of the biggest moments in all of sports ever in life in life you know what I like about boxing

► 00:59:31

I like a lot of things I don't like

► 00:59:33

I don't like the administrative say I hate them I know there's a powerful word but you know not every single one of them but I'm just saying I hate their Weakness I Hate That colleges

► 00:59:46

I do I do because they sit outside the ring a lot of them you brought up a point they should have had experience one way or the other and they've never ever had anybody punch him and I'm not saying you to be a man you got a good punch I'm not saying any of that stuff is being a man is a lot more than that a lot more know plenty of people get punched and then I meant but what I'm saying is that

► 01:00:09

you should understand what it feels to a person to put themselves on the line

► 01:00:16

Hunter is so much into Risk Everything

► 01:00:21

to try to get that family in a better place I think there's also they should be a fan I don't think some of them are even fans and some of my not even like it but wouldn't tell you that right but they just do it for a job and what I'm saying is that

► 01:00:39

when I see these people that haven't put them in that place and not everyone can be in that place so again I got to be careful with that if I'm going to be fat

► 01:00:48

but for them so easily to take something away from somebody see what's different for me while I get passionate if you want to use that word people say to you kick a little crazy

► 01:01:02

and if it happens in baseball and a guy beats out to throw now you have cameras so you didn't use have that but if a guy you didn't have replay

► 01:01:12

back in the day because I've been happening a lot time sky was safe and it came out you know what too bad is it it's a shape but you know what the next day is going to play the game again and he's going to be able to make amends for that he and his family and he's got guaranteed contracts and you know what it's going to be okay I mean it was right wrong as never right no but you don't want in the mix of things we could overcome that but now you take a fight same thing and the judge judges make a mistake maybe on purpose whatever but they make a bad mistake

► 01:01:51

if I can't go back the next day and rectify that the fighter doesn't have a guaranteed contract he only has what he can make if he gets that fight that's it for that night cuz we're that fighter goes you don't go back to the Dugout and then come out the next day and play again with a new uniform on now he goes to the back of the line in boxing

► 01:02:13

and has to take hundreds maybe thousands of punches to get back to that place he was

► 01:02:20

turn the right to get closer to the exit in the business because everyone's trying to get to the exit to trying to gain what they can gain but that Legacy with for their families for themselves in many ways financially you know and but also and what's inside them that they that they have to prove something that they have to make it for all different personal reasons and they close to doing that and a divorce because of some crook maybe it's the corruption in carpet it's okay but sometimes it's corruption and they have to go all the way to the back of the line now

► 01:03:03

then I'm playing a football game next Sunday and I'm playing in the NBA game 2 Days Later

► 01:03:10

and they got to take all those punches and hope hope

► 01:03:16

I get back to that place and you know what I seen it I took 22 years of ESPN boxing I've been with ESPN about 22 years but I did like 18 years whatever was a Friday Night Fights we did a lot of title fights not the big names not the canelo's not. The golovkin's not the Mayweather's put guys that adventurous as much to even more fixated have millions of dollars and they got this shot and I watch them get rocked

► 01:03:48

and I saw that they never got back there that night was the right night for them that particular night everything worked everything was perfect all that training everything came together and they were beautiful they were magnificent and they were freaking robbed

► 01:04:06

and it's wrong it's really want and that's what they do when they do that but the Glorious thing of you if that's not too

► 01:04:17

made up of a word that sounds like Glory but the beautiful thing about boxing

► 01:04:23

is that with everything wrong in the world

► 01:04:27

and I hate to use this

► 01:04:30

cliche this terminology but you know would like being unfair because I don't like to use that because because sometimes people nowadays for me they just too many excuses out there that really there's too many damn excuses you in this country you got a chance to do something but you don't have it other places but

► 01:04:50

having said that you can feel like life's not fair sometimes especially when you think about some of the things we just talked about in a day that's gone now it's not there no more but what a day of losing those kind of people life wasn't fair that really they really had a right to use that saying nowadays I don't think people have white black purple they don't have a right to say that to the extent that they did back that not to the extent no they don't they really that messed up people still out there yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah but sometimes it's too easy to use that yes just to ease I agree so but there was a time when life too often was unfair ruthless and yeah yeah yeah

► 01:05:41

and when life is unfair boxing was around to make it fair I'll tell you how

► 01:05:49

on one given night

► 01:05:52

if you work hard enough if you dream big enough

► 01:05:59

you were talking off and you made yourself Tough Enough you sacrificed enough

► 01:06:04

you became polished and Savvy enough and and technically

► 01:06:11

equipped to do things that you have then you learn those things and you just work yourself to the Bone

► 01:06:21

no matter where you came from the matter what part of the world no matter who your parents were no matter what your poverty level may have been may not have been no matter what you had what you didn't have no matter what people have told you

► 01:06:35

didn't tell you

► 01:06:38

all of that

► 01:06:40

if you made yourself and took advantage of that opportunity got yourself ready

► 01:06:47

and you were ready to behave

► 01:06:50

a good champion

► 01:06:52

you could get in that ring on one given night and make the world's fair and have your hand lifted if you call champion of the world

► 01:07:04

that makes boxing special

► 01:07:06

and that's what these judges don't get

► 01:07:10

the kids are waiting to hear that

► 01:07:14

and they give everything

► 01:07:17

tell you here too much to crop what I would die for that just people that would die for that

► 01:07:23

throw people in all times in this world in this country and you use the right world word you know tragically whatever with powerful or do I just use ruthlessly yeah yeah they were people too close to that word because of the reality of the actions attached to that world word

► 01:07:45

if you told him listen you you got to stay you're going to have to die you know after this but you'll get the half this your hand will be lifted you will be called champion of the world all your people will say it other people you want to see it and yourself

► 01:08:02

would you die afterwards I would give you that people with sign on

► 01:08:07

that's how important that was that's what that stood for and then you get judges that

► 01:08:14

have no conception of that have to have a complete conception of it but no feeling of what we talkin about I think they look DMV workers that's what I think I think there's a bunch of them that a real good but a lot of them are just like people are just taking a government job

► 01:08:34

so I think I think it's a travesty that they're not removed that's what I think when I whenever I go to a UFC and act like I said a lot of it the same judges and I I see some of these the scores I want to take my fucking headset off and throw it into the cage and scream and flip over the table and you just got to take a deep breath and calm yourself down cuz there's nothing you can do and these athletic commissions have KitKat these people on for whatever reason and you watching a bad decision you want to someone who trained for 8-10 weeks for this one particular fight and years and years to get to that position and then getting fucked in the getting fucked because someone just sucks at their job and they don't care in this person they think they're going to be there 2 months from now in another fight and there's nothing you could do about it and I don't understand it I don't understand how the commission's let that slide I don't know how difficult it is to fire these people would approve their incompetent but I do know that especially with with or I guess that's probably true with both boxing and MMA there are countless fans out there there.

► 01:09:34

far better job countless countless people that have have experience in fighting countless people that have a deep appreciation and understanding what's actually going on inside the fight and these people don't get those jobs and instead the same pools continue to give piss-poor decisions or corrupt decisions I mean whoever that woman was you know those names but there's been some decisions there's been some horrific decisions yes the woman that yes she was also involved in another one was it about that a couple yeah a couple at least two responsible

► 01:10:30

why would she still there right

► 01:10:38

right we're not talking about neurosurgeon second separate conjoined twins talking about a job there's a lot of people that could do it I'm not saying it's an easy job but I'm saying there's a lot of people that are have a real understanding of boxing it would have been a way better job I mean somebody robbed the bank then I get bank teller the next week exactly today is Golden Boy the best I mean at least Oscar De La Hoya Bernard Hopkins they're legit world champion Fighters that I just really attached at the hip to one you know that solar system so to speak has one son and son is call Canelo Canelo disappears tomorrow and they're parked and I'm happy they got some problems but listen out Havens out there you know he he's PBC you know he came along he just sign

► 01:11:38

the deal from what I read I think I'm saying the numbers right for the fox gave him 50 million dollars for 4 year deal to put fights at the end he's probably got the best stable of fighting somebody he's he's got with the guy hasn't been fine but took out I think was one of the best guys Thurman but you know he's got who I really love this guy is a beast my son loves Spence I will spend says yes he's a beast I mean the guy I like him inside and out what do I mean by that I mean yeah he truly believes that he should fight all the best I truly believe she's the best he truly believes he's going to get to you you know what I mean us and any fights that way and he's a great guy looking guy is a good guy so yeah yeah it's better you know Terence Crawford is another one

► 01:12:38

whatever that is but water technically he's got a lot of problems please come one thing that's not a problem and he score

► 01:12:54

instead of a hammer to write half an hour for a right at all my goodness these fight was very interesting right with heart problems bad shape it's still a lot of times he had that erase so you know I remember I remember it's not a great memory but as a kid somehow I wound up in the Catholic school for a minute and those nuns are going to go to but they were little they were mean but they have no problem hit me in the head with that black eraser the like you won't pay back

► 01:13:54

you know and he has that eraser at some point, but he is though he's long yes and he's tall and he look at those arms very very very interesting that's one of the times where that saying Styles make fights that's enough that's going to be this fight that is going to be the Hold Fast & Furious 6 7 or whatever the hell he is he bigger than 6/8

► 01:14:54

that could be a problem yeah until he gets it also talks tremendous shit until he gets hit I would always say

► 01:15:09

Christ of course I wouldn't say it if I didn't have a belief innocent and proof of it in my mind at least that punches are born then I made yeah you're born or you're going to be a pawn shop that rival you just saw it and I'll tell you something funny that because you brought it up about him being you know he's not a big idiot always hot. Prototypical big brown husky you know little wet Stout Joshua he's not that but I'll tell you when I was trying to fight is when I was drunk and I was taking him to smokers in the Bronx to get experience every week come places in the South Bronx and will take him to these unsanctioned fight just to get them experience and if I didn't know the fight at say I had I'm responsible for these kids come like their parent and that trust me some of them didn't have parents but the ones they did they would trust me to take care of this kid they didn't know I was going to South Bronx where where I remember one time I bought a car from some

► 01:16:09

ain't nothing good enough car it was the publisher of the newspaper that are the Catskill Daily Mail and and I come to his name of the publisher and I bought his station wagon I didn't have a car picking up to take the kids and as I'm leaving he says it's a bad place where they like Rob hubcaps or something but I was like no because I didn't think I was lying because to me they want the whole car because you left it at hubcaps

► 01:16:44

so I get there the first thing I do is I pulled the you know underneath the L you know wasn't for people don't notice to train somebody the train and Ethan and that was quick you in one night it was likely reading chapters of a book that you went through different things and you learn to think about yourself and about what's that what you don't see you haven't been around but it's that and it's good to know it's that a different life different way and I'm down the South Bronx and and the first thing I did I went to mrs. Santos who who's the father of one of my kids I went to his ball across the streets and mrs. Santa with my calls over there they got you and why come out and all the batteries for the cars were gone except mine

► 01:17:32

quite often and I would like always good that's the Santos and his crew make sure that nobody took my battery and so we were good so I was looking up the kids because I did what I had to do but it was a scary place was a tough place and the kids grew up fast it was three flights and it was thought that it was meant to be three flights because she had time to think doing those fights the first flight quite frankly you saw syringes sometimes kids didn't know nothing about these kids will Catskill New York really syringes

► 01:18:11

and then the next fight that you know you smell urine because people were there they went up there and they were you know going to bathroom doing whatever and shooting up whatever and you put it smell then by time you get to dirt fight you start to hear noise started to hear salsa music

► 01:18:30

and you aren't you could smell something they lose their cooking all the Spanish special teas the the fight bananas

► 01:18:41

they are the meat with the with the potato in the middle

► 01:18:46

Atlantis and all that other names but was it different kind of course a lot of rum

► 01:18:54

what is a bar but that's how they kept that's how they paid the rent for the gym cuz they would do the smokers twice a month you know there was a smoke every week in New York every week people have to know where they want but they will every week and they want sex in there was no doctor in listen I'm going out there and saying yeah that don't sound too good I got you but we made a good we made it good we made sure we took care of that we've made it I know it was still dangerous it was still other but you want to know something a kid drinking a bottle of vodka day was pretty freaking day okay

► 01:19:32

I had some idiot one time I was trying to get money for my foundation and I was explaining to him and then he was a political guy and I was explaining to him when he goes home

► 01:19:45

I like I said I was trying to like you when you want to throw your dad said when you see this truck I was like trying to control myself I'm trying to talk to her supposed to talk to write the guy waiting Skyrim I'm going to get money for my Foundation that helps these people quite so I'm trying to talk to him and I'm saying how do you get brain damage from being out in the street and get hit with a pipe to get paid it because it's the people I'm helping you get brain damage from I'm doing crack do you get brain damage I did have a kid who drank a bottle of vodka and when he gave some to my program in the foundation of rerun

► 01:20:20

for two years he's been announced 3 years he's been clean all you talk to his family was living on the streets he was with gangs and when he got into boxing and what about programs hi he he stopped all that but he was drinking a bottle of vodka yeah it is true 15 yeah a lot of people say that but he was how do you do it because you have a lot of pain maybe of whatever whatever but yeah he was and so I would I said to the guy was trying not to get into an argument but I was like

► 01:20:52

boxing cause brain damage but I'm taking guys away kids then the alternative is the bottle of vodka the crack the needle the pipe on the head

► 01:21:04

well maybe the pipe on someone else's head way they cause brain damage to someone else maybe maybe unfortunately you one day walking out of your house

► 01:21:15

brain damage that's your way of telling me no that's your way of not giving me what I'm asking for to say that once you take it out a little bit more why don't you think it out a little bit and give me a better excuse

► 01:21:29

why don't you at least understand what with the yeah there's a reason why we're doing this

► 01:21:36

so these kids we would go we will go to the South Bronx and

► 01:21:42

these kids would have woke up then I was like I said they woke up the steps by time that door opened up and then again this is how they pay the rent

► 01:21:53

by selling liquor by charging $3 to get in

► 01:21:58

and selling that food at a place would be packed packed and when the yellow one by you talk about you told me we talked a little bit about depression about you know what pressure does to you it can form you to destroy you

► 01:22:15

poker formula to make you realize what you're capable of you're the greatest thing about what boxing does for somebody who makes them know Teddy what is boxing do for you you take care of your temple your body all that stuff sounds good that he gave his one thing the box of donuts for you and let you know you can depend on yourself

► 01:22:38

that's a kid know that he can like himself we don't know he can like himself and depend on them self these kids so

► 01:22:47

was it rough it was rupp's away in the place and there is no doctor here we had no sanction in organization we made on fights

► 01:22:58

but it was a danger but I just told you the other dangers this was taking them and replacing those other dangerous who's taking them away from the you know I was only positive thing in the neighborhood please kids it really was was a rough boxing

► 01:23:16

I just talked about life is rough trust you for these people Rafa so it it it was an alternative to violence people say no cuz if you angry with these kids are if they don't learn to lose that anger they never become anything in boxing because they walk in and get hit they learn that they can control that anger they could put it somewhere

► 01:23:43

they learn that they can control themselves

► 01:23:47

they can depend on themselves to be something positive

► 01:23:51

so I would take these kids and we would go there and we were the only white kids in the place

► 01:23:57

and they loved us

► 01:24:00

so funny like said the guy who ran in Nelson Cuevas he was he's a great guy but here you know I look at every two continents holster and it's it is felt felt because he knew it could be rough I mean I did I leave that part out to the parents when I was taking him that the proprietor of the place you know has a gun and every once in awhile he opens his jacket fixed you shed some people remember that yeah alright but they look out for you they the kids I know that I know it sounds contrary I get it contradictory but it was these kids

► 01:24:38

they learned so much about themselves and we put that I looked out we looked up and when it came time to make the matches the point I was making about wild and you talk about being long and about I'm sorry that jump all over the place but I learned

► 01:24:56

custom you this but you have to learn it yourself and see it have to be in it cuz told me about it but that's only part of it you always told me Teddy be careful with skinny wiry guys did the greatest punches

► 01:25:13

think I was thinking you know this stanza greatest punches you never told me why you let me figure it out I saw it you don't me aren't here but I know why now leverage talk and so anyway so here we are and if you saw the guy you know who does match with what if you didn't see the guy

► 01:25:41

you have to depend on other things who's the coach turn coaches had no good fight a certain coach that good face another coach does he have a good we lie is he honest sea lion does he have

► 01:25:56

does he have a opinion that is good or does he just say things so I'd have to go through all that if I didn't know the guy I wouldn't put my kid in with the guy unless I was sure what he was sure it was hard cuz everyone was lying

► 01:26:14

it was like a cold who's all connected to line unfortunately but but everyone looking out for their kids like if you said I'll give you a jump because we guess who the Matchmaker was

► 01:26:27

I became the Matchmaker

► 01:26:29

would you know when the fights all Spanish black Nelson made me the Matchmaker you bring the Matchmaker a lot of the people didn't speak English so you know we we figure it out we get there so I'll be there so you make a call the name of the fighter to wait yeah it's so you your way um you know that's one thing you see it okay that's only truth the rest of it got dicey okay how many fights most important thing most important thing how many fights zero

► 01:27:03

Nelson nobody got fights in his place you've been doing this for years so he is too cold to a tree

► 01:27:15

1 2 3 fights Man 6 to 10

► 01:27:21

God forbid anyone ever said they had five six fights anywhere from 25 to 100

► 01:27:34

will will this is the world that I lived in four five six years took them every Friday every drove down to the Bronx and got the Mass MoCA every week and so you figured out the cold after a while

► 01:27:50


► 01:27:52

a responsible for these kids are you wanted every tangible thing you could have so again if I wasn't sure how much you think I would lie and that it would last a little extra I would go to Nelson you know this guy nobody talked to Pablo in hell

► 01:28:09

alright you know the guy

► 01:28:12

no yeah he's say way from no fight at all because I'm not taking a chance but then when you get to the point where you don't really know

► 01:28:22

then I would just you and stings come alive you protecting your kids it's your kid it's your kid as much as its paternally your kid it's your kid

► 01:28:33

how do I remember one time I went up to the guy I couldn't get enough info I went up to the guy

► 01:28:40

good Nelson is an interpretive because you didn't speak English I said listen I know what we do here all I'm telling you is I'm not put my kid in but to get beat up if it's pads fat but not put them in with a kid that's got 30 40 fights my kid legitimately legitimately has two fights I'm telling you I know we don't do that here but I'm telling you that's what he's got if your kids got 44 tell me just tell me and say no fight and and I'll shake your hand and that's it we're good

► 01:29:16

so he kept his stuff to his story

► 01:29:21

so we get close and I'm thinking I'm thinking I'm thinking and I watch the guy Walmart constantly told me what's the guy Walmart I want you to know I'm a pretty good trainer

► 01:29:44

and even without fights I think I teach them technically what they need to know before they get their butt

► 01:29:51

this guy was beyond that I mean this is Sugar Ray Robinson

► 01:29:57

so I go back to the house tonight and bring them over here again 10 minutes before the fight

► 01:30:02

Sabrina movie again

► 01:30:04

coming over in a little bit of an attitude so everyone's got a attitude to this business

► 01:30:11

is there any

► 01:30:14


► 01:30:16

one more time

► 01:30:19

just want to tell you that threatening you

► 01:30:22

but I have to tell you this

► 01:30:26

you told me he's got no fights whatever too far away. When the bell rings

► 01:30:31

if you got over on me

► 01:30:34

I was wrong you were right soon as the bell rings I'm going to see it I'm going to know it

► 01:30:41

there's nothing you can say after words to say to explain it I know it

► 01:30:47

how do I stop the fight if I have to cuz I'll protect my kid

► 01:30:52

I might have to do that I'll be coming over to you

► 01:30:55

was going to say

► 01:30:58

so please please for you from me please

► 01:31:06

if it's if it's if it's what I'm saying please just just tell Nelson you don't have to tell me

► 01:31:14

just tell him now so when I leave here

► 01:31:17

hey boo. Going to fight

► 01:31:20

Nelson came back to me full minutes 3 minutes 2 minutes late and said he said no fight thank you tell him thank you

► 01:31:27

tell him thank you

► 01:31:30

that's the world we lived in there but we got it done we got it done no Joe we did you really did thank God that someone like you was able to understand that there is a big deal I know you can you know you these guys it's and back like that it's very very common and and yeah and the Sea they think that they gaining something because you know what I mean and so but let me tell you something

► 01:31:59

my kids

► 01:32:01

I mean like when we first started fighting and they had bongo drums does high

► 01:32:07

I am having my kids have never seen bong I didn't see bongo drums that what am I saying when when we when we got ready to fight and it playing the Bongos and you know great music I mean really was so you know but you know what when you hear in that bungle music and you're in the ring and you talked to the kid in the corner and they're outside now with the Bangles and they're playing the Bongos and you told her that's an atmosphere that's different that's real that's experience that's life experience yeah you know what I mean and my kids after 6 years of that because I was up there 7 years trying to fight it so cut so

► 01:33:00

I'm telling you my kids grow up thinking that they will go on to be pros and did they go on to be Olympics right now but they took that and they used it to be better at what they didn't have the confidence to do things they might not have had the confidence to do without that experience I got a couple of them that is state troopers I got a couple of them that the teachers in high school I got to get a whole different things a couple that went to college that that the nobody in the history of their family ever went beyond high school and put they went to college in it what kind of told that you never going to go to college they went to college and I would like to believe it had something to do with that you know and I have a lot of people ask me who wish you great glad Tyson to that you know it was people came on

► 01:33:53

and all I remember was funny because but I would put it down like I said everyone lied about the experience but you know they lied about everything but I would put down your nose at the age and everything else all the stuff for what it was worth yeah. Something to try to believe in right and then figure it out from there so tight when I first had him he was a hundred 90 lbs multiple muscle 12 years old at 12 years old 05

► 01:34:34

how do you go to phone you like most

► 01:34:46

you know you learned a lot from us right but I'm not lie 12 years old 90 lbs please please please

► 01:35:04

Schnauzer I'm not lying okay 12 years old going to be 13 soon but he's technically he's 12 years old okay I'll come on. Make you feel but I put that on 17 now you tell the truth at seventeen

► 01:35:25

but I knew what I know like I said I know way too high for a 17 year old

► 01:35:30

I was going to fight no 12 year old that was going to happen right and plus I get arrested for murder so what was he like at 12 years old physically mentally weak but physically but what do I mean mentally we do it another week for the average guy put before fighter

► 01:35:49

we still have remanence he still had residual

► 01:35:57

stop from his upbringing listen do you want to know the truth about the guy I mean you're healing but he used to hide in between abandoned building walls in Brownfield was a rough place no doubt about it they have a fall the whatever the mother of whatever and he he used to hide between walls to not get picked on and I believe when you do that you never get outside of that wall to a certain extent you always hide in the wall for the rest of your life I just might believe that is what do you talk about the game heavyweight champ

► 01:36:35

I don't have his record in front of me and it's going to blow some people crazy but what you going to do

► 01:36:42

I don't have his record let's just say we're going to make it off the Trevi number because your man's going to pull it up but let's just say it's 50 and 6 I would say 5:55 but whatever

► 01:36:56

I think his record

► 01:36:59

is truly be going to be there so we're not truly in life with anything but we're truly truly and an absolute World which we don't live in but

► 01:37:10

I would say he's all 1/5 I know everybody said everyone was listening to you think it's just like let me get with Teddy's drinking like I don't see him drinking nothing but he probably had something before you came in

► 01:37:23

to me or fight is not a fight into this resistance to there's something to overcome

► 01:37:30

something to overcome

► 01:37:33

otherwise it's just an athletic Venture it's an exhibition

► 01:37:38

I think life is that I think so you don't know if a lawyer is a lawyer into into this something overcoming the courtroom something goes for okay I know he's a lawyer I know he went to get it nobody has to tell me that but he ain't a lawyer he he ain't that until everything goes wrong to judge throws all this crap out and he's he is at so to speak and and he figures and he still handles it that he's a lawyer I doctors not a doctor to he opens up this kid a kid just like he's got it home and always a bleeding all over the place and and if it's not in the textbook it's not in the freaking textbook and he got to do it he got to figure it out and he got that he's a. Teresa surgeon at that level

► 01:38:29

you're not

► 01:38:33

you are not in a fight I'd buy you look like I admit it I a great life to a fight I do you're not in a fight

► 01:38:42

answer this pressure resistance overcoming something otherwise it just an exhibition Tyson's Town it was so great his physical ability his talent was so overwhelming just like somebody's intellect to some bodies Charisma whatever Beauty

► 01:39:04

until it came to something else but his talent was so Superior that the other stuff never got tested he was blowing guys out and he said never got tested if there was anything in the warehouse so to speak is anything inside you never know and then 5 times whatever the real record is 5 * there was resistance 5 x became a real fight five times there was something to overcome

► 01:39:33

how do you spell dwell 5 times he was only in firefights in his life and he's all in 5 I'm sorry sour grapes because we know my history with him right am I am I am I capable of that damn human yeah but I can honestly tell you

► 01:39:53

that I I I try to be better than that that that I love cold many fights with the people in the corner I couldn't stand them I have no respect for them but if they if they did a good job in the corner that fight it did it I talk to about them like they were real self

► 01:40:11

like they were Angelo Dundee because that's what it was supposed to be that's all and it's selfish because I don't want I want to have I want to know what I want my kids to know that I can be better than that that that it's it's about

► 01:40:29

it's about the cold of of the profession it's okay it's about you it's about you believing that what you say is

► 01:40:38

should be honest it should be what you believe it shouldn't be painted or or or influenced by lesser things that that it does represent you what does represent your family does represent where you came from it does stay you know you your blood it out for those five minutes or maybe two hours on ESPN but it stays

► 01:41:02

someone can go back to it you can go back to it how do you feel about it it does mean something it really does and

► 01:41:11

so I'm only saying it because I would say it about somebody else

► 01:41:16

in the way that I calibrate things the way that I evaluate things that I don't think that you know crap about somebody and so they're testing you don't know if they're your friend you don't know if they're good wife you don't know if they're good girlfriend you don't know crap you think you do but in today really tested you don't really know and Tyson when he got tested when he had to overcome some when what he didn't run them over like like one of those big monster trucks running over a Volkswagen because he was a monster truck for Volkswagens yet he was your day was and was he one of the greatest punches all. Yeah yes could you punch for me the side of the plate like Mickey Mantle the greatest switch hitter was he that invite yes he could punch evenly great with either hand for me to side

► 01:42:06

what do you call those things yes which is greater than Intimidator is Sonny Liston yes

► 01:42:12

was he a great finisher like Joe Louis was trying to yes

► 01:42:18

but he was in a great fighter

► 01:42:22

it was great Fighters when the fight came to them

► 01:42:27

they found a way to do what they had to do

► 01:42:31

he found a way to

► 01:42:33

disappear they found a way to show up

► 01:42:37

yeah show up he found a way to go home and not show up

► 01:42:43

and look you could go talk to a psychiatrist and you could go to all the reasons why don't hiding between a wall when he was a kid

► 01:42:56

to be that not to be the power puncher not to be the aggressive not to be just those things to be the type to be the Viking

► 01:43:08

to be the samurai to be the warrior to be those things has to be inside you have to believe it it all lot of times people lying life to certain places you can live

► 01:43:22

it also sometimes we say that the ring is a chamber of Truth do you know what sounds good and all that but it is it is because just just like another places in Life 2

► 01:43:34

when the moment comes

► 01:43:37

for those kind of serious things

► 01:43:41

you have to feel like that you say that you were the Conqueror you I was into the great you all those things right okay word sounds great makes good sound bites probably bring more people to the TV when the moment comes and you didn't intimidate the guy that didn't work okay we all try it to a certain extent right probably yeah I'm sure you've looked at guys certain ways when you were younger and you purposely looked at him in a way to invoke a certain

► 01:44:12

kind of action a certain kind of result from them just just looking at him a real serious way that you hope that it weaken them yeah and it but because I know you back when you were prepared to do what came after that but some people aren't

► 01:44:30

some people are in and Tyson wasn't as great as he was I just said it he's great guys that hate me for today you're here or whatever your favorite guy looks great

► 01:44:43

just not great in in his area and when that moment comes

► 01:44:52

you have to that's where the truth matters you have to believe

► 01:44:58

did you really think I had if your guy that I listen he was convicted so I think it's fair then rape somebody okay now listen I wasn't in that room and I don't know a lot of people don't think okay but he was convicted or but I know enough people in the business that there was a lot of the bad things that he did that it just not things that that you would probably want to hang around with somebody if you know if you are halfway decent human being that he did that will week things okay week think so when you do week things and you know you did though and I don't know what I'm just saying you do week things and you know they were weak things and now you got to do is strong thing how do you become strong when you know that you did those week thanks and you know that's really you and you got a guy across the way from your name the vendor Holyfield that doesn't give a shit about how hard you punch doesn't give a crap about what a finishing your does it give a crap about how fast you put your punches together he wants to fight you're going to have to make him a Believer by doing it and doing it

► 01:45:58

a difficult place because he's going to make it difficult because he ain't going to cooperate

► 01:46:05

when that happens

► 01:46:08

you got to feel like that person

► 01:46:11

and when you don't feel like that person

► 01:46:15

you got a problem

► 01:46:18

and that's what happened was it matter when he bit his ear was it matter that was hungry and was a Savage and who's from the suit stop the crap

► 01:46:27

is the way to get out

► 01:46:30

cuz he knew it wasn't that guy and you're not that guy guess what you have a great talent off recognize when somebody is

► 01:46:39

has your greatest Talent you can recognize when somebody is anyway I can I said Evander Holyfield was

► 01:46:48

and I was his way to get out

► 01:46:52

I need it so that's why I again it's not sour grapes it's really not because I'm more selfish than that I really do care about

► 01:47:01

what my reputation is and whether or not I've been honest about things I say doesn't mean I'm right but means I believe it I do care about that

► 01:47:13

I do

► 01:47:16

and so it's not that

► 01:47:19

doesn't mean I'm right but it means I have a reason to believe I'm right for the way of live from what I've seen what I've experienced in the business The Human Condition

► 01:47:33

how strong you can be and how we could be

► 01:47:37

at home

► 01:47:40

he was a strong a guy is never going to see but he was as weak a person as you ever going to find

► 01:47:49

that's intense but I see what you're saying in terms of you are judging it by the highest standards possible you're judging it

► 01:47:58

in comparison to other Champions you're judging at you you were supposed to go to Georgia with Joe of course you look at guys who are known for incredible heart and ability, but like Diego Corrales

► 01:48:12

deer crossing some of those Wars when you would see could steal yes that was one of the greatest fights of all time the first incredible the first the first unbelievable unbelievable I mean you want to go back if you want to go back for the most people don't know this but Bobby should call him was involved in a lot and unfortunately you paid the price okay I guess but Bobby should corn in the 70s 80s he he was about to those fights every other day yeah I know I'm just kidding but he was invited how many of those fight yeah

► 01:48:46

and unfortunately you don't know about Bobby should call when you talk to somebody again and I'm going to like the baseball thing you talk about this average guy probably should call who the hell is that

► 01:48:57

who the hell is that unfortunate the guy that wouldn't know his name anymore

► 01:49:04

but he's a pretty special guy and everything was pretty damn tough

► 01:49:10

cover the most people

► 01:49:13

there's guys that unfortunately relied on that toughness right yeah like when it when it comes to guys known for incredible Chin's that can be a detriment yes and it can be that's why you have to think that's where you cut you to put it this way cuz you said because you wanted me to be a great trainer so cuz she was always be with me all the time you know same thing and cuss word say

► 01:49:38

a two tough guys got you

► 01:49:43


► 01:49:45

what stop

► 01:49:47

the prerequisite to being a fighter you better be tough but one level so low levels degrees and I got you but how special is being top because of your fighter you should be tough I got you I'm listening so you got two tough guys

► 01:50:06

the one of them is smart

► 01:50:09


► 01:50:11


► 01:50:15

that's it

► 01:50:17

he's tougher now that's how he explained tougher because he's smart top and smart he he goes from here he's here because she's not just depended only on so he's Tougher Than The Sky Run cuz you don't have to depend on just that you might not even have to get to it

► 01:50:37

his dad's a reserve

► 01:50:39

it's always there to call on like an army you call on you need it right but he's not dependent just on that isn't that the balance though is knowing that you have it knowing that you have it and I never did see what you just said you have to know that you it didn't know he was it will you ever met that night probably knock me and say this at whatever I don't it's okay it's all I get I it's okay we'll just certain people that you can't question and Evander Holyfield's one of those people that's why that fight was so fascinating because it was almost feel was he is a 100% Warrior nickname multum don't have the right fight nickname and whatever they do by the real deal he was a real deal and you know why I mean trace it back cuz he always told me this but I learned it innately on my own two but trace it back to the parents trace it back to the background Trace trace it back to all that stuff

► 01:51:39

trace it back he did that he didn't live up to something he didn't face something he didn't do whatever it was it was about he had a mother that he talked about a few times and I'm sorry if I'm not saying exactly what but it's it's that

► 01:51:57

that and a great mother obviously but she they had of the group and Georgia think was a lineup of whatever suburb of Georgia

► 01:52:08

and she give dividends age you know different I'm down south and all that had a little I guess a little Shack in the back with the thing called Twitches switch it switches I'm sorry I'm switching switches

► 01:52:27


► 01:52:29

she basically had different size switches you know short ones long ones medium ones depending on the occasion

► 01:52:37

and when he didn't live up to what he had to tell the truth what whatever be accountable gay

► 01:52:45

face what he had to face whatever she had it

► 01:52:50

a switch for him

► 01:52:52

and you know what

► 01:52:55

his arm is formed him

► 01:52:59

cuz he faced things Tyson Tyson on the other hand and listen to it he asked for it and no you didn't ask for that I'll bring it I got it

► 01:53:08

final people have that upbringing in they get to a point they can

► 01:53:13

did you make a left turn instead of right turn

► 01:53:15

is your ability to think there's also that the overwhelming hype and celebrity involved in Mike Tyson in his prime was probably so difficult for him to even understand himself but but what he didn't understand and I'm glad you said that

► 01:53:32

all right back hurts what he did on this what do you understand

► 01:53:39

was there was a way out of an to learn there was no way out you know a person way I do know what I mean I would come and pay and then he did so a lot of things before he became champion and somebody was always there with a check or cash whatever and I would have solve them from it but would not have to face what he did right and then but there was a switch that Amanda hot tubs face and that's what made him what it made him and that's what allowed Tyson part of would move out of Tyson you you look you make your own choices at a certain point life does not make too many excuses but it is part of it that he was formed by what he was allowed to do when he should have been allowed to do those things so that was one of the issues that you have with Gus right

► 01:54:28

that you felt like cost was ignoring his own principles and teaching because this guy was so special and recognize it in that much time left in this guy had illegitimate child being world champion because everything in his you know everything in the world of boxing success and everything he was great he was special cuz cuz all I didn't get married for a reason cuz he's married to boxing is he said that it wouldn't been fast I mean this is a different guy that lives boxing his whole everything life was boxing

► 01:54:59

and license when connected to boxing

► 01:55:03

everything I know I'm principles boxing

► 01:55:08

and now

► 01:55:10

so this sucks you know there's a guy that his whole little you use that word legacy but really his whole existence was boxing and for him it was heavyweight Champs he had Floyd Patterson youngest heavyweight champ ever that was cause that was cuz I was in bed light weights listen he had light way to get well to wait so they tore up ya light heavyweight champion exactly right he had all the guys talk but it was the heavyweight champion of the world because it was around when we talked about before when box was the biggest Ford bigger than baseball and it was a heavyweight champ of the world was Babe Ruth

► 01:55:47

Rocky Marciano

► 01:55:49

and the end you're going to say that before you leave this earth that you have a chance to have it on the heavyweight champ that might be the best could be one of the best I've ever had to break Patterson's record which was part of the plan part of the plan when cuss was alive you're going to break Patterson's right he broke it he became the youngest heavyweight champion

► 01:56:12

and so when you

► 01:56:15

smoke that out there if you will and intent the guy with that even a great guy like us

► 01:56:22

some things are going to be pushed to the side and he thinks get a compromise and eat it

► 01:56:28

do you think if he didn't do that the Tyson would have been a different person

► 01:56:33

I'm going to use his words

► 01:56:36

it was told to me by a great promoter Mickey Duffy passed away

► 01:56:41

who's going to Jim Jacobs was close to cause and he was up there sometimes after I left and all that and Mickey wanted me to train all the fighters and it was a great promoter Mickey head great saying she was very witty guy putting his shop guy talks with his life too and he ran everything in London with three pointers one of those job is to stay alone Wembley Stadium so they were powerful they ran everything there was a cocktail in London back in those days

► 01:57:11

he told me

► 01:57:14

that before Christ died that cuz had said some nice things about Teddy Atlas

► 01:57:22

but he said it looks I know there's a danger that this can be convenient you know what I mean self-serving crap

► 01:57:30

sometimes you got trust whatever I was told by Mickey that he said that

► 01:57:39

Teddy Atlas was right away was wrong was he was going to get in the way of the possibility of making a great fighter

► 01:57:50

if he did things his way as far as the disciplining enough you know whatever in other words whether he left it like that so I don't know so I know what I think it meant that Tyson would have been around if you did if you discipline. He would have laughed I don't know cuz I don't know that he had those options because he was a ward of the state and you know he's coming out of obviously a criminal situation is coming out of juvenile detention center call Tryon about side of all 30 miles outside of Albany it on so I don't know that he had but basically that if that he did it his way he was right but it was wrong because it would have ruined the possibility of a great fighter and I could let that happen so

► 01:58:41

I don't think that's I don't know if it's true actually I don't know you know what I was about to say I don't think that's true

► 01:58:48

because of course it's me I want to make myself feel good so I want to say you could have the best of both worlds you could have maybe a better person or within the realm of a better person right boundary so I don't know boundaries maybe that would have those boundaries would have made a difference right and you still would have the talent you was still out of town and wasn't going to dissipate because I love to discipline you know that you put on them as a human being

► 01:59:13

that was going to change but because you're saying that it wasn't going to happen maybe you lose them maybe goes to someone else at a certain point is development maybe that's why I don't know what you have that with Shannon kitchen Briggs try to bring those came from Brownsville when he was so young developing Pro that we got to a certain point but you also have that situation with him when you felt like he wasn't a hundred percent in he wasn't doing the things you wanted him to do he was he was lacking and it's a certain amount of discipline or he was distracted and certain amount of ways that bothered you to the point where you didn't want to work with many more

► 01:59:55

it wasn't committed I didn't think completely but he was a smart kid particular kid talented talented very talented smart you know he knew how to Mark himself at the dreadlocks and you made them orange and you know nobody was doing that back then

► 02:00:11

he could punch least I don't they look good you know yeah

► 02:00:19

what is real commitment I didn't think because and then maybe in the two to his credit that he had other responding thought of other things but

► 02:00:29

I never really bought in

► 02:00:32

that's to the end or was boxing that that that was the complete I don't want to use Justice

► 02:00:41

average same standard word commitment like what the freak is that sometimes I come in but

► 02:00:50

more than commitment

► 02:00:53

he said all the right things because they had investors and they had different people instead of bad thing everyone. They if you're talented enough you draw those kind of things to his credit

► 02:01:03

he deserved it he he did something to bring investors and people to back them but he got so used to saying what they needed to hear

► 02:01:15

that he never knew what he needed to hear he never ate and what he needed to hear and believe was that I'm really going to do it he he got so good at selling it but he never got good at buying it

► 02:01:30

he never really thought that I ride this train into

► 02:01:37

I write this train to watch full off which will come out to the track or to come to a stop but it is going to come to a stop and I'm not saying everyone can have that conference everyone can have that believe I'm not saying that but you have to get it somewhere sometime she didn't believe that the train was really going to hear he believed that it was just going to go to a place where it was going to be better than whey was and that that have waited as long but he's not committed to staying on it when when the weather turns come up and it gets a little fast he is he doesn't believe that he's really going to get there he believes that when I first turn second turn third turn whatever on the rails comes that that's going to be it but it's going to be took a better place that he was at it on them some money I got him some things and and it was good but he never really there's I were committed but he never really believed

► 02:02:35

and a lot of people don't they find their way along the way but

► 02:02:40

he never believed that what he told the people around them that he was going to be he never believe that his personality was too good his personality was too sharp he he he could say all the right things and became easy to say the right things then to believe the right thing does that make sense it does make sense this uncompromising psychology of Combat Sports does uncompromising philosophy is this something that you got from Casas is something you inherently understood from working closely with these guys and taking them to the smokers in the South Bronx where does this come from

► 02:03:18

just raw honesty seen it all again you don't want to be corny but it comes from living a certain way life was seeing things traveling through things as part of it definitely but the the articulation of it

► 02:03:38

The Blueprint 2 map of it the singer of the divisionalization of it on paper comes from Cars

► 02:03:45

who's the genius who is Dallas's world is the theory of it that's the better way

► 02:03:52

the theory of it comes from cuss the living the doing of it comes from my father

► 02:03:58

how to Father the most boxing people don't come from all the Meritage great Mexican fighter but he came from something like that he was his you want to be a lawyer actually but anyway you think Mexico You Think Like a Man from the you know the dirt Florence and it's tough It's a lot of guys come from and you know they pull himself out and that's part of the obviously the motivation but

► 02:04:25

my father was a doctor he was a GP practice 55 years Staten Island New York again from the Bronx Santa

► 02:04:35

you found the two hospitals

► 02:04:37

he built a house for with 22 beds in was called Sunnyside some I don't know if that stuff even existed in Google back then but anyway was Sunnyside hospital and he built it so that

► 02:04:50

home people might listen but he thought so poor people he was he was he grew up very poor

► 02:04:58

he he just he wasn't that kind of guy always because he just he built his Hospital

► 02:05:06

so that

► 02:05:08

the less of people with less could get Hospital Camp because back in those days that we know each him always there was no Obamacare there was no you know whether you think it's good it's bad it said it doesn't matter there was nothing he won't open the clinic maybe you got unless you had a doctor that that took a and he was into all the doctors he wasn't the only one

► 02:05:29

but he was only one I know and he founded Sunnyside hospital for 22 beds in a lesson about 25 years until the Verrazano Bridge was built the city with the highway in there and change that down obviously food connected Brooklyn to Staten Island you didn't have to take a ferry boat and he

► 02:05:53

the city border, and then he went and found the doctors hospital with 60 other doctors but he was the original founder having a guy named dr. timpone senior he found a doctor switch is a big hospital last 30 years it was a big hospital but so

► 02:06:12

he was a guy that

► 02:06:15

he didn't waste time telling me how to live and out of the all that stuff the only thing I remember was you say something to do it

► 02:06:23

was that mean and then I watched them as a kid he was my hero I mean I like Mickey Mantle and I like Joe Louis and all those things and just like any other kid but if I had it you know I didn't know what he wrote was I'm not going to make believe I knew what I know now what it's supposed to be night so he was my hero

► 02:06:47

and I just

► 02:06:50

I watched him

► 02:06:53

you don't win

► 02:06:55

I went in his room one time but he will be he graduated NYU they didn't have money so he had to get scholarship he had to get help from different things whatever they have to do but he got the eve at NYU Medical School NYU undergrad an Indian turn the Bellevue which that's what he was in a big talker but he told me he did tell me when you graduated Bellevue you ready for anything so if later in my life I took that as the South Bronx you graduated to South Bronx to smoke with you were ready for anything you learned that you ready for anything you learn how to matchmake you ready to learn how to be a trainer you ready for everything so he

► 02:07:37

you know he came I did knock on his door when I when he was but it was interning about fear of young guy you know apparently he save some obese woman's life that had a heart attack in the street he drug dragon off the street whatever the other you never get the whole story but he saved the life and

► 02:08:01

he developed a hernia and a grow into a double hernia in my father was a kind of guy he didn't let anything interfere with his patients his work he didn't take time to get it so he carried it for 30 years and he finally got a dinner and soul become a double hernia of dinos hernias now they do the medicine they do lays in there but that those days was the most serious thing it was evasive surgery it was different it was and it was painful apparently

► 02:08:30


► 02:08:33

hi did not going to talk so young kid you know love you bye so remember and it was a mirror here and he was over there he was back in the mirror was here so I opened the door I did knock shouldnot obviously and I saw he was bent over in pain from the neck to recognize and he was wearing that thing I had no idea I was like

► 02:08:57

I know I what the fuck is that what was probably knows you're probably need you again to give me the proper pronunciation thank you for but it was a trust I think it was Russ is and you know I was like I don't know what the freak is that you know and I could but I could see was in pain and he had this thing on and he got mad told me to get out and

► 02:09:28

for the rest of my young life I knew there was something more I knew you was in pain everyday and you never showed it

► 02:09:37

the devil uses cues he work every day including Sunday

► 02:09:42

cuz office hours for a joke because if it said on the thing you know 4:30 he States at 9:30 because he didn't leave to the last patient left and mow some woman paying them

► 02:09:54

you know he would he took the patients that other doctor didn't take to go all the Medicare and Medicaid whatever was whatever the right one is basically well fat he took all of them and you know he made the hit the biggest practice on Staten Island maybe the biggest in New York so all the all the

► 02:10:16

all the drug salesman

► 02:10:19

they they all migrated to his place do you want to get his account to sell the new stuff to sell the drugs to sell the pills and

► 02:10:31

he used them he denied it

► 02:10:34

but he made the he made them give them a huge amount of samples you know why cuz his patients couldn't afford to fill the prescription so we would give him the free samples

► 02:10:48

I used to always wonder what the freak all this I know how to open up a closet there was like things crawling on you you know the pills and stuff like what is and but it was so he could give it to them so they didn't have to fill prescription because they didn't it was again there was none of those things that pay for your prescriptions that they do today and they couldn't afford it they could afford to go to him but he charged him $3 $5

► 02:11:15

whatever whatever it was that they could afford

► 02:11:19

and you know he made money I mean he was a doctor but he didn't make the money that other doctors will make it but he was a real doctor right for me at least and but more importantly

► 02:11:34

he didn't talk about it he did it

► 02:11:36

and he every day he was in pain later on I was a little older but I was still a young teenager I just won't put a white pill under his tongue I don't know what the freak that was a later on I found out it was Nitro that is hardwood put skip beats but he still didn't say a word didn't talk about it you know if he didn't have a son who thought he was here I would have known because I looked at everything he did

► 02:12:05

and it all he he did house calls

► 02:12:11

he did house calls to his 80 years old charged him $5 whatever nothing he had patients that could not get to an emergency room they didn't have the ability to get there they didn't have a call they wouldn't shape with a couldn't get there couldn't take a bus whatever but so he did house calls and a patient when he died the old said sometimes you have to wait till 1 in the morning but he got there

► 02:12:35

that was something you always got there you always deliver it

► 02:12:41

I would all those things that I knew was you know it's his kid

► 02:12:46

he never used it made an excuse

► 02:12:50

and he was a fight

► 02:12:54

hit on Linden New own way he was too you know he was the best fight I ever saw and even talk about it he did not take you later you know he didn't wax poetic about it like us dating coach was a great man

► 02:13:09

but he did but he did it right in front of my face

► 02:13:14


► 02:13:17

and it stayed with me

► 02:13:20

you know I didn't understand a lot of until I got older

► 02:13:24

but then suddenly I understood all of it

► 02:13:29

and I'm so if somebody says hey

► 02:13:34

you know that I can't do this because you know last night my girlfriend my wife yelled at me and she caught me with a girl if she did I mean I don't want to hear it

► 02:13:45

I don't want to hear it

► 02:13:50

and listen was a course to me too in some ways it's not perfect because when my father died I went to the I went to the funeral and then I went to the gym and then told nobody and listen I probably shouldn't have a lot of people would probably say you can love you like that way by what people say I get it but I'm just saying I'm aware of it all right I love who says you should have went to the gym

► 02:14:15

my father we lost a kid he was 5 years old and I wasn't going to say this because I don't know how some people say but it is it is it is right so you can take it the way you want to take it I know the kind of man he was but

► 02:14:31

you talk about commitment absolutely miss you talk about certain things right maybe this explains some of it we had little tired he was all brother it was born with the problems he's retarded you don't use that word anymore but those days it was okay to use that word that's what he was okay now of course you say that it was in pad not to Lee and Patty whatever okay so beautiful kid I remember

► 02:14:58

I was older I was the oldest he was very loving I remember used to jump into my arms when I come home so I know he was very trusting these are because I would walk up the steps and he would jump from the steps if I didn't catch him obviously would have fell so it was part of his condition but it was part of his loving us in his his Trust

► 02:15:18

so when he was 5 years old he had to get surgery he had a problem with his heart is open heart surgery open heart surgery is a whole different story back that night and where did he get that information yeah you did in my father's house phone but father did not perform the surgery of course that you're not going to do that but it was that it was just a few Sergeant's might have been 5 whatever was

► 02:15:43


► 02:15:47

my mother was the opposite at my father was a Hungarian Jewish background you know he had no father he died young his mother did a very poor on my mother grew up poor too she was Irish Irish Catholic mix and my father didn't have time for religion my time all that time for living healing people so he let us be brought up Catholic thumbs up to my mother

► 02:16:13

and all

► 02:16:16

so he

► 02:16:18

it is they were different they would say opposites my mother was beautiful she was Miss Staten Island her mother didn't let her father died also young her mother was a tough Irish woman and she's my grandmother she said she did not allow her from winning miss that house was supposed to go to obviously to Miss America she wouldn't let it go that late. Stay right out she thought that was for horse like like you go do that you don't even know she wanted she like that was cute but now you're going to go Miss America you're going to go know when she said no you're not doing that and she had a chance to go and try out for the Rockettes which most people out there know what they are the dance group in Radio City Music Hall know that's for those people to let them know so she was beautiful and she had a great personality and she's she love social life

► 02:17:14

and choose sientas is my father in a lot of ways and I guess Opposites Attract and if you want to make a movie out of it she was sick

► 02:17:28

she wasn't getting better and my father was in the hospital he was in against his face was in The Tool Room whatever whatever became of doctor and how to get better she had a phone I have a Titus back in the days when you didn't get it from Needles only you could get it from eating a bad clam whatever I don't know if you receive whatever it is I'm not going to tell you because I don't know for sure but and she was very sick and anyway he he took care of and they got married they found Lovin and all that stuff

► 02:18:10

so you don't

► 02:18:14

just dumb

► 02:18:16

my father was

► 02:18:19

like I said my father was a he he was dedicated to that life but the thing that he did that I started to say

► 02:18:31

and I don't want to give that back around I guess but

► 02:18:35

my life my mother was very emotional my father is a doctor he hit his emotions

► 02:18:43

and when Todd went for surgery he died on the operating table

► 02:18:48

he had told my mother my father never lied

► 02:18:52

he told her the risk but my mother want to believe what you want to believe my mother said you said he would be okay

► 02:19:01

they don't even say that but you know

► 02:19:04

but of course my mother my father was high heel 2

► 02:19:09

it all made how better can make you some better

► 02:19:14

so he died we all got split up

► 02:19:18

had to live with a uncle that was single and it was a very handsome guy just had girlfriend coming in and out all the time and it always is and you know he was young good-looking guy in like to go out and I wind up sitting in a bar waiting for him I get a lot of bags of potato chips lot of Cokes you know he finally come back I have 8 coax in front of me

► 02:19:45

maybe 10

► 02:19:48

it all and we got split up my mother was sleeping in a cemetery

► 02:19:54

tell nervous breakdown

► 02:19:56

but you know she got herself together she overcame it

► 02:20:00

but um

► 02:20:03

she never forgave him

► 02:20:07

at all at all

► 02:20:10

you know she was Irish and then the easy thing is Highridge cards and all that stuff but you know she drank

► 02:20:17

but on

► 02:20:21


► 02:20:23

she's a great woman but you don't see was tragically hurt

► 02:20:28

and you know everyone comes with things differently she it was it was difficult and that day with all of the what I just described and again I'm always afraid to say it but you say it because it's part of it right maybe it explains maybe maybe some people hold it against them when I say this

► 02:20:48

but he got a phone call that day on his answering service you didn't have pages in those days he had an answering service he told him to call him

► 02:20:59

when he had request for house calls 2 in the morning as a kid I used to hear the phone ring it was 2 in the morning I started getting dressed I came out and I was on the stairs waiting for the Gulf

► 02:21:12

a easy looking me what were you doing I'm going with you know you're not get back in the mall

► 02:21:18

you know sometimes you let me go with him

► 02:21:22

and all

► 02:21:24

anyway this day obviously was a different day and it was his patient has patients daughter had a child was very very sick

► 02:21:36

she did not know that her son the mother knew but the daughter didn't know that his son died that day that his son was buried that day I should say

► 02:21:47

Sochi call

► 02:21:49

he went into the house call

► 02:21:51

holiday that is you know

► 02:21:56

his son got married

► 02:21:58

you know that stuff

► 02:22:01

but that was for dinner that's what his you know that's what his so when people tell me that they can't keep a commitment because this happen

► 02:22:10

it doesn't go with me that's all and that day after I bury my father I went to the gym and I train Michael Mora

► 02:22:22

cuz that was you know that's what I was doing that was my job

► 02:22:29


► 02:22:31

real character it is it is but it's whatever it is that's trying to call it whatever name whatever noise you want to make

► 02:22:41

there's not a lot of people like that that explains a lot

► 02:22:46

explains a lot about you or unyielding

► 02:22:52

understanding and appreciation of real commitment

► 02:22:58

yeah I mean I mean that's that's yeah that's

► 02:23:02

industrial was told I have a choice you don't because

► 02:23:06


► 02:23:08

listen you just do it but to not follow that

► 02:23:15

in some ways it's it it's like you're not honoring your father

► 02:23:21

because you fall asleep you certain things you know they leave you a little something in the well maybe they leave you whatever they might leave your special trinket of something that he do you always remember call a little thing whatever but they leave you something if you're fortunate enough to have a father

► 02:23:43

I know not everyone is I get it but when they leave you that

► 02:23:50

here you got it

► 02:23:54

got to troubleshoot

► 02:23:57

you should and that's what he left me so to be it's not that I'm a good guy or a bad guy or good guy or Alexa or anything that I'm not I'm not any of that but I'm loyal to that because

► 02:24:14

you should be loyal to that don't make sense I mean you know I'm loyal to that idea I'm loyal to that living I'm a loyal to that that

► 02:24:29

just that stands that he took and living his life

► 02:24:34

that belief that you know

► 02:24:39

principle of living whatever you want to call and code of whatever you call those words that make you sound better but

► 02:24:48

I would feel that I buy not doing it that way when you're lucky enough to have a man that kind of told you what he told you without talking too much home and I might be the greatest teacher with spicing right examples of it

► 02:25:08

but if you don't out of that

► 02:25:12

then you're not on your father

► 02:25:15

what he stood for and at the end of the day I was pissed because

► 02:25:22

try everything that he did does not this house I know this sounds

► 02:25:28

foolish but there's no statue of him and so for me that should be something

► 02:25:38

cuz he did it his whole life you don't we all have moments of light of moments of

► 02:25:49

where we may be worried about what's what's there when we're gone and where we're going and maybe we change and I've seen it I've seen it with friends I get it I understand it but where we start trying to live differently because we start wondering about what's coming next when we're gone that's whatever you know but what's that and so we start thinking about that a little bit maybe I've seen people influenced by that I have you have to I'm sure

► 02:26:17

he was not influenced by that it was just what he was

► 02:26:23

it was that his whole life

► 02:26:26


► 02:26:27

the only thing that I could think because I try to put pieces together a little bit of what he how he got that way and

► 02:26:39

all I know I'm from people when he died you know patience come up to you that great they want to tell you something you know and they they told me

► 02:26:49

get all of that they will pull on on the neighborhood and everything neighborhood called Myron is hot but down by the water in Staten Island rough place you know

► 02:27:02

they told me that his mother was a tough woman

► 02:27:06

she don't have a tough woman and they was three sons in all in the rivers leave for they wanted born they were born here but you they were from from Europe you know and they had just you had to be with the mother the mother told them what they had to be

► 02:27:24

she told each one where you going to be the oldest was my father like I was the oldest and Eugene you're going to be an orthodontist he became an orthodontist very successful Reynolds you going to be an engineer Boeing aircraft unbelievably successful lived in Seattle cuz we all right you have favorites

► 02:27:52

you going to be attacked my oldest son going to be a doctor he wanted to be able to

► 02:27:59

he did both you built over a hundred fifty houses on Staten Island rebuild different things and the fact that you do that he did it as he was a doctor how do you have the time he ball yet contractor in old guy that did but he did that cuz that was his passion she was smarter than him he was supposed to be a doctor who was one of the greatest diagnostic doctors ever I know it's my fault I know the whole thing I get it but they really was you walked in he knew what was wrong with you there's a great again we don't know like the Babe Ruth thing we don't know the complete truth to it but there's a great legendary story that a guy walked in he had been to Mayo Clinic have been to John Hopkins have been everywhere I was dying that's all they know who's dying losing weight for Auto Parts dying and nobody could diagnose you walked into this place where you have to wait 5 hours to see him because the line was out the door because he was head over the poor people

► 02:28:59

an end with cigarette Burns in all the rugs but when you got to him you know where you are and he went there somebody sent them they were at my father may all the patients leave and he gave himself in and checks that's the legendary story

► 02:29:18

and I asked him about it and I thought it was a name I couldn't tell you the name whatever he made it real simple he said because he knew I watch movies and we will watch movie to your or thing from different times how do you say back in those days and would have been called leprosy with some kind of cats

► 02:29:37

and I guess that was a contagious part two of whatever and he got everyone out of the office and need diagnosed the guy who shot that would give himself a shot there too I guess so I guess so I guess so I mean that's the story and

► 02:29:57

he said to me though the only definitive thing I know about that story and there's a million of them but was that

► 02:30:06

I bragged to my father you're smarter than all these other doctors and he said no I'm not

► 02:30:14

and I said what your father Denise other place

► 02:30:17

big hospital big problem

► 02:30:20

I'm not a big hospital

► 02:30:22

big hospitals big problems what do you mean

► 02:30:26

they have to do things fast and you would launch numbers I don't

► 02:30:31

so they have two it has to make sense some things don't make sense that's what he told me he said so there's pretty good they are smarter than me they knew the characteristics of the do they know the symptoms they knew that it fit in here but that hasn't been around for 40 years and in the continental United States whatever you said to me but I remember was something like that and it hadn't been around 4:40 maybe was sexy but whatever it hadn't been around so they move right past that because they hit they have to go as a big hospital they're going to go quick then I don't have to

► 02:31:07

he said it didn't make sense to them because it was around 40 years

► 02:31:13

but he says if it is almost like if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck maybe it's a duck so he just stay he could stay with that they couldn't stay with that and he stayed with me was right

► 02:31:26

and all

► 02:31:28

he did a lot of things like that he was famous for that who's famous for people coming from Brooklyn coming from Manhattan coming over there to see this document istic genius and his little basement office with people up the out the block like the waiting for McDonald's or pizza and

► 02:31:51

penny cost less to McDonalds to a certain extent you know because if we get enough money then charge you like I said but he but he made money of course but he didn't make the money of the end he would I tell you great story to be to have a nursing home maybe this explains in the best to have a nursing home you had to have a open on Staten Island New York you have to have a doctor who was signed on as a medical director the problem was I couldn't pay it because the nursing home is going really making money so you just had to have a doctor who would be that really wanted to do it so my father was the medical director and just just bear with me I'm going to say you hate nursing homes might have been 5 might have been 9

► 02:32:39

so I would go with them on house course that's how I hung out with them so I go with them on there so I don't know because he didn't get paid he was so direct but he figured if he was that he never told me this

► 02:32:50

but I think it's okay to say it

► 02:32:55

he figured if I'm going to be there I'm going to go see the patient I'm not sure he didn't have to but he went once a week and he went into each nursing home and I went with him when I was with him and he saw the patient's so there's one day we can win and he's like

► 02:33:10

he said he gets treated like royalty I mean he comes in the staff from all the nurse States they don't come on you know it made me feel good

► 02:33:20

I was like well I'm with the van so I'm following him around going down the hallway and he's very humble he really truly is that word is overused but this guy was beyond like directed thing would go this way that is a needle of his retake it was he get mad if you said something good about

► 02:33:40


► 02:33:42

Phil Collins. Do you have to charge the air come on so he's looking at the charge so you changed his medicine give him a hundred right so

► 02:34:00

he's looking you know when he's doing his thing he's going down I'm following him around and I don't know how old I was but young 10

► 02:34:11

let me know so I'm falling all the sudden this woman

► 02:34:15

if you haven't seen I don't know I jump around with these things but you ever see the movie it was like a comedy guy that was around back then and I need took like a Bride of Frankenstein and tell Brooks yeah was one of his movies and a bride of Frankenstein the the white hair weaves world like this woman was the Bride of Frankenstein she comes running out and she was like have nude and and her gown was falling off and she's an older lady and her white hands like that and she comes running shoes yellow and incoherent screaming and they jump up and they jump when they start putting straps around then I guess like the old white coat again apparently she was tied up to a bed and obviously back in those days they didn't know how to deal with senile people the way it was a whole different thing I mean what took a lot of years ago and so they had a tied up and she got loose and I'll gallon was falling off and

► 02:35:15

and so they jump up on a woman get mugged in the nursing home

► 02:35:28

and all of a sudden said leave it alone

► 02:35:31

how do you still looking I just tried she's not like

► 02:35:36

Haley Volvo

► 02:35:38

cuz it's okay she's fine she'll be all right

► 02:35:43

she calm down

► 02:35:45

choose a little funeral nuts but

► 02:35:56

she comes over to my father and he's happy and he starts walking she starts following

► 02:36:06

dial the kids I can figure it all out the way I could later right but she becomes his assistant basically she's following him around and she's he's going to room to room since she's I think he gave her if I remember correctly he gave her like those the the thing that you write on the billboard you know the thing to hold so she's holding the clipboard and she's looking like she's making believe she's reading stuff and seen all the movies that that I can compare it that this is this is out there this is freaking nuts yeah yes and he's going and he's he's basically not even paying attention he's just every once awhile and all of a sudden

► 02:37:07

and this is the part again just like the other thing I think about leaving it out but if I leave it out it's not the story it's not two story because if I left it like that it's a beautiful story

► 02:37:18

but this is a beautiful story in its own way because it is what it is it's real he's in fun of her and my mother was described as she was his gorgeous beautiful woman that like good things my father could give a crap my father had ink stains exploding in his white shirt pockets my mother would go crazy he went to Kmart on of you remember Kmart he went to Kmart and bought his old shoes for 499 each maybe 398 plastic shoes and my mother was buying him leather shoes he never wore them if he knew what she paid for me would have went nuts

► 02:38:00

waste waste for what that was his that was him so he's got these plastic shoes and you're always get the inks blow up in his pockets and everything else and my mother would always get upset always mad why do you wear those shoes I gave you but that's so he's walking in front of it and all of a sudden everything changed

► 02:38:26

the woman goes

► 02:38:28

he's not at the doctor

► 02:38:31

GT6 lip bottom can you imagine if she can answer being so great to her he's not a Bailey gets his attention still walking out of doctor everybody he's got holes in her shoes

► 02:38:48

I looked on his foot goes up and get ahold of shoes socks sticking out of the shoe she was right it's got a hold of his freaking shoe and his plastic shoe he doesn't care

► 02:39:00

he kept it. He's got a hold of her shoes

► 02:39:05

now he turns around

► 02:39:08

he looks hotter

► 02:39:10

I never forget this he patted me on the head says you're not so crazy

► 02:39:16

Botswana head just like this and not in a demeaning way like I might think you know what I mean really he touched her head and said you're not busy

► 02:39:29

turn around took the billboard cup walking she didn't say another word

► 02:39:35


► 02:39:40

my mother was freaking embarrassed and mad because I told the story when I got home and of course he would never tell it and I said you know that you know I said it like a kid would say this lady said you know oh my God

► 02:40:03

well that makes just this

► 02:40:07

your description your understanding of your father just makes so much sense so much sense of who you are and why you eat while your principles are so rigid while you're you're intolerant of any bullshit makes so much sense

► 02:40:25

as a fight trainer and is a guy who understands Fighters as a commentator and makes so much sense that you you have this just unyielding need for a hundred percent commitment

► 02:40:39

yeah I mean

► 02:40:43

just don't listen it doesn't make me a better person or anything all it just said what happened I don't have a tolerance I don't have tolerance for the BS right

► 02:40:53

because I know what to BPS right you know why I say to we will run in these gyms in

► 02:41:02

turn lights on your 22 years I've listened when he died I started to talk to Atlas Foundation

► 02:41:09

again there was no statue okay so I really thought I went to a Supreme Court Judge who was a friend on Staten Island

► 02:41:17

Kazan I used to be in front of the judge since when I was young in a bad way and because I got myself in a little trouble stupid to know when I got to the right place that's what counts I couldn't and I always got a kick out of it that I could hang out with the judge and I didn't have to be in the court to do it you know and I didn't have to be standing like in front of my computer on the side of them like so

► 02:41:48

I got a few people together and I started the dark that was Foundation to 22 years ago

► 02:41:54

and we've grown you know quite a bit but just a little Grassroots thing but if it's grown we probably give away and we will help we have one paid person and one office that's 1400 a month that's it so no administrative courts other than nose

► 02:42:16

and that's it nobody gets always just have one person and all the money goes to the cases and we probably give away

► 02:42:33

600700 thousand a year but direct how we don't we don't give to the you know we don't give too much at times we don't give it to them. Give it to your rights page 19 Red Cross we give it to rock we weave when they come to us now because we were out there to it except when people don't know but they they come to us they have a kid with several palsy needs a certain bike the bike was $1,500 Bank phone got the bike we will get another machine that circulates the blood no legs that was 25. Bang you got it obviously we will you make sure it's legitimate we research it we do that we have a board we make sure it's real or we do to make sure I'd really is real because you took and people take advantage little bit but

► 02:43:23

we do it we act on it because my father never made people feel less when they were poor or when they needed something that was the greatest thing you did he never made them lose more than they lost already there Integrity never never never never made him feel heat in truck remember one time it was Christmas Eve when was I hanging out I was a kid I was in them I was at my father's office because I wanted to be with him and was Christmas Eve and it was late and we was still in the office in a woman I remember this was a Spanish woman she came in she has six kids and and she was nervous I remember watching how nervous she was I was like even though I was young I was like she's really nervous and I found out I learned about you and behavior learned about what it was and I'm watching her and sure enough she was getting ready when the last kid got taken care of just going to thought out of that she didn't have money and the poor woman she was she she had to take care of the kids she didn't want to do that but she was going to run out of there cuz she did not

► 02:44:23

money and he recognized me take an ounce but I didn't know what it was so I'm not going to say I thought I was smart but I recognize something all this motion on his nervousness it wasn't normal he recognized at all that before he got to the last kid so he wouldn't have Barrett's her so she wouldn't run out of that and do that to herself and lose something more than she lost already

► 02:44:48

he said this one's on me

► 02:44:52

and the nervousness went away she said there's no choice today he said there's no charge today and I don't know if she spoke English but she understood it and he made her understand it and there was no charge today and soon as he said that everything changed everything changed she wasn't nervous she wasn't looking at doors and she tried

► 02:45:18

and she left

► 02:45:21

I wish you left the place was packed because that was his office

► 02:45:26

and all the sudden he talked to himself a little bit just just for a second I mean you know but he just like said she wasn't like that and I wasn't thinking

► 02:45:39

cuz he wasn't thinking he didn't know it was Christmas Eve Brian so he turns to me and it gives me a mission that job this is go find that you probably on the bus stop

► 02:45:54

I ran out that door like I like I was given the greatest nation in the world I felt so proud I could I ran I knew where the bus stop was from I was going to run all but she was at the first one down on Bay Street

► 02:46:12

right around the corner down block two blocks and she's at and showing off their she is on the bus I went up to the doctor

► 02:46:25

you know she looked at it she did all she she she was shot but she but I felt so good just like I felt like I was part of it you know yeah and I'm so I started this foundation and I said I needed help I said look

► 02:46:48

I'm going to do what he did no red tape no losing your pride

► 02:46:54

people that fall through the cracks that's my father he was he was he had a PhD in that all the people that fell through the cracks you took care of them all I said was the ones you know much could just be great organization but two people out there know that a bad way but you know like 80 something percent goes to administrative costs and like 4% goes to research these people don't need research in their life they told me that I know what I recognize it you know what they need they need a wheelchair you know what they need I had the cap ramp you know what they need they cancer medication paid for you know what they need the utilities to be kept on Gwinnett being shut off because they can't afford you know what they need they need the back rent paid because someone got sick and one of the people working there had to quit the job and they were going to be put into a shelter with 6 kids so we pay the back rent we pay the utility cause we pay the cancer medication we put the wheelchair ramp up

► 02:47:47

how many do those that's what we do and I was researching part of their life it's great that's helping comes so we could close all these places down and I'll close mine down first but right now they don't need research they need that they need help for their way of life now for the quality of life that kids now that's what we do how how can someone donate to this if they want to it's just about that was said I'm real bad on the website stuff I'm like of caveman but it's the dog that was Foundation www. That was found a shin. Com.com

► 02:48:29

71898 all I'm sorry it's okay 718-980-7037 one person is right there

► 02:48:39

are we got it up there with the phone number 718-980-7037 718-980-7037 and foundation.com there and donate I'm sold thank you you're this is a beautiful conversation man you know not just about boxing and I think

► 02:49:04

this sat this like I said I think it speaks so much to who you are and why you who you are and why you won't tolerate any bullshit yeah it's like when you seen a guy like that it's kind of like sex are you still working with Fighters you know it was funny no was the word into a few minutes ago so few minutes ago I'm saying a few minutes but into a week ago maybe less maybe 5 days ago I've I've decided to train a fighter he's going to fight for the world light heavyweight title December 1st against the second hardest puncher in boxing unfortunately was you wasn't enough it's going to be I think it's on Showtime I think I don't even know because I didn't even find those details out when they asked me to train them for as I was saying no and then my kids said

► 02:49:52

that at least give it a chance so I flew out to where he is in Oxnard California to meet him his name is Oleg Zonda he's a he's a Ukrainian Aleksandar vucic I learned that you don't pronounce the G it's both sick but it starts with a g he's 15 and all 12. Gatti's finding the second hardest puncher in boxing donors to the Stevenson in Montreal way it's a tough fight they asked me if I would trade him at first like I said I would say you know Tony things the hardest punching box of Wilder Wilder the old times would say he hit you on top of the head and fractured ankles

► 02:50:35

and I'm Donna stevensen is a hell of a bunch of the second hardest puncher in boxing lips and South Pole on top of it and then I flew out if I'm going to say I'm either going to say no which my kids asked me not to so I said that I got to fly out and I got to meet him and when we had lunch I have a new manager to anyway I'm sitting with them I don't know what they are for sure you know that I knew for a while to business but I'm sure you don't know do you know and I wanted to try to find out so they think it was like you know you hit a find out things probably tomorrow in the gym and plus we watch tape so those are the things but so I said to him I doubt I said well I'm here to see one thing first

► 02:51:23

if you're a decent person that sounds I just want to be around and this bad people out there but I don't want to be around bad people I never did but now I definitely don't want to go to spend two months and it's not easy in Camp I want to be around someone I feel good about being around and so that's the first thing the second thing is the white thing I can help them that was the second thing and couldn't be helped so when you go to talk to someone like that do you watch a move what do you think he's got three young kids and he's a husband and of course and I see a decent person

► 02:52:18

and then normal watch film and I see a guy that has ideas that need to be added to that I think that's the best way to say that. Good ideas technically what they need to be Advanced they need to be added to Polished Paula said it so yes yeah a little brat

► 02:52:41

I see a guy who behaves like a fighter that's when it starts for me besides being a decent person he behaves like a fight he got hurt you got dropped in a fight he be able to fight you have to be able to be if I do you have to be a fighter and I know you would know that better than most

► 02:53:02

NN this one problem

► 02:53:05

every fight he gets hit at least once really clean you can't do that with this guy right he gets it more than once but he gets it clean you know what time I sent to fight it when I was trying to Bradley actually was I said you religious yet I am in my own way I said listen I'm not into that I'm safe I'm just using it as an example my way of saying I said I was brought up a Catholic I forget half the things they told me but I remember about the juicer teach you I'm probably pronouncing in one I'm going to need your help again but venial sins and Mortal sins the video of the little ones you can live with you don't going to see the guy that's read the Mortal ones you got a problem

► 02:53:48

I said the way you box your you making moral sense things don't mean crap but you'll make it more once you getting his clean unblocked clean solid punches that sometimes you don't even see like the Pravana come from yes yes yes yes so I said that's going to be how do you correct something like that you know what it is you have to know what it is yet to see why he's getting it but you got to change the weather changing

► 02:54:21

everything those rules you got it is it's life it's when you work with a guy like then you only have 2 months how much change can you affect into my eyes work with driving to the right Rios fight and he can stand in front of the guy and he went out and he moves around the guy in we were fortunate right we did okay we made some change but I mean if I can give you examples of simple things like what do you throw a punch bowl champions. Do you know it leads to good things it's a great party it is it's a terrible punch it's a it's a horrible punch of your throat that won't distance know where you throw punches from slept okay to let me get him or he knew was he got hit but you know why you threw the lepto confront right

► 02:55:21

and is there foam get on the side troll punches from certain position not allowed to throw punches unless they're from the right position

► 02:55:33

how do you have to cuss with tell me you have to go over and over and over and over again to they can't do it wrong if they wanted to

► 02:55:46

go become a habit I know you're not thinking about it when it's a habit and that takes a lot of work and that takes understand what it is and it takes a lot of work you got to be on a very tight and it takes a guy that can put his Eagle in the pocket. Why you want to know do I have a good guy here to have a decent guy because you're telling a guy who's already made it to a certain level without you he has

► 02:56:08

now you telling them this thing said he don't know so he's got to be willing to be able to accept that and

► 02:56:18

one of the things I like people that are and selfish and local all selfish to a certain degree but again it's degrees how tough are you degrees I will fight it's a tough degrees out the house selfish are you agrees run and

► 02:56:33

the whole understanding was I would go to Oxnard for 8 weeks you know to train them but maybe I don't want to go. But I'll go wherever I think acoustified is the best chance to win the weather the time zone but the main thing why I go there he's got three young kids

► 02:56:55

I'm not in the Rocky movie I don't want to take them away from those kids

► 02:57:01

but those eight weeks that's not good so how many so I took two weeks to decide some he kept calling the manager he's a good kid

► 02:57:11

PS he kept calling them out of trump insane did you here yet and then of course he hadn't so he's thinking like a good person or like once again what he wants to get but at the same time he is with a good part comes in order to sell flat spot he says

► 02:57:32

if I have to go to New York I go to New York lot of Freddy's don't do that they want help but they want it on their terms but he said if I have to go to New York or the New York 5 to go to Montreal, so please tell him that that's that spoke to me that I had this kid that's Elsa's to answer that accept that I was training him before I don't know the name but it was a decent guy is 15 at all but I felt like when you know when he got dropped in a fight we went back to the gym immediately that should be done with you know right but it was back to just basic training again rather than that specific you know doesn't mean that the guy is not good doesn't mean it just that everyone deals with things differently that's all I mean it doesn't make me this or that but I just can't do it the way I do it and I do what I look at phone when I went to see him I had a couple pages

► 02:58:31

you're not already on things I saw on film that it doesn't all that Daddy would have to correct and the one thing that he has to correct for this fight

► 02:58:41

movie quote if you don't get it I mean that be a damn good thing but the one really thing is you can't keep coming back in front of the guy at a certain this is giving him a shot at you when he can punch like that and that's one thinks he always wanted some

► 02:58:56

localized right back in front of the guy and it is going to be on the options other places to go right you know I joke around I got used to it all different examples of different analogies I say listen what you had a mother a grandmother that somebody when you were growing up told you don't hang out on the corner

► 02:59:18

right right yeah why because you know it's a lot more beautiful family and like I said it's so when do you start because December 1st is that what you said I have to it's either going to be at 8 or 7 we camp I'm trying to feel I'm trying to find out by asking him questions how quickly his body gets in shape because I know it sounds funny to average guy out there but if it's a week too long it could be bad yeah so you're overtraining do you know so and he's over by an exact science to have a feel for a tribute to 7 weeks do you monitor their heart rate the resting heart rate I have so we have that stuff that we do that to see if they're open train

► 03:00:18

but you know what I depend on be I'm not going to stay and BSU I depend on my I run more than any 3 Samsung down he seems struggling to trick is to not get that right to try not to get there and she'll see it would take a few days off before I see what it what I mean is if he had a hard day of training I will just automatically get my light day or maybe off the next day and like a lot of people won't because they're afraid right before you got to work got to work right and I learned not to be afraid of that if I see he had a real ID look great you know what take off tomorrow or you sure take off tomorrow so we don't get there right to try to kind of like my father like prevented this is a new way of thinking on such a smart way thinking cuz for the longest time everybody just wanted to be tough yeah they just wanted to work harder but you got to work smarter yeah you to let you know that

► 03:01:18

it really is Sometimes good sometimes not just some people are fucking lazy and they're looking for that easy way out I have to gauge that you I see Jeff to know what you got to you know what I mean and sometimes the real discipline driven guys are Their Own Worst Enemy in that regard I pushed too far yes and this kid has been again I'm not here to say this but the kid has been in that place and that's why they're coming to me and get it I'm no better than anyone but I will understand that so when you were when you saying 7 weeks or a week so either one went to Summit it's going to be so my first day going to be on Monday to the first thing you camp in Oxnard either be October 8th or October 15th October 8th we represent 8 weeks October 15th 7 weeks and that would mean I would fly in on a Saturday get myself settled Sunday watch tape with him

► 03:02:09

and then start Monday with a structured schedule it'll with the ability to change it anytime because again yeah you see you know I remember years ago I was trying to fight as you know I've been around 40 years already I've been Gleason's but I moved out of Gleason you know many years ago 30 whatever it was maybe more 35 so Gleason's was in Manhattan it's in Brooklyn I'll put it wasn't mad I was the place you know I was 2 blocks from Madison Square Condos kind of cool you know so I'm trying to find it I remember I was the first guy they're not bragging or not but I mean just I would make my guys drink water and the old-time guys there big guy not because they knew it from scientific other than it was passed down to them it was taboo it was just passed down to them don't drink water it makes you weak you know you got to be tough don't think so I was making my guys now

► 03:03:09

only drink water drink a half a gallon I mean drink a lot of water so I remember some of the old times would they be like talking about me they be like to fix this kind you don't drink what don't follow what he's doing because some of the fight it was like I drink some water and very cold and yeah you could go but know if we hydrate you it allows you to stay strong try to drive a car across the desert with no water in the radiator you might have a problem you might yeah I den den but I'm telling you and I'm not right now but I'm saying that that place was nobody drink water spit out and I was making my guys drink right before but you know there was a difference

► 03:04:03

I Knew by learning I knew my father my father talked about the importance of water before you know he was proud of his training he thought I was going to be a lawyer a little different but he was proud that I did so he would talk to me like he would like I just got it to osmosis if that makes sense I just I know I know I know the water was out I knew it was important that you had to rehydrate yourself and you you had to my father had a thing with water to my father would make my father got involved it might rain in two different ways I can find fighter was feeling a little weak or or he had a cut and it was healing from a cut my father would say set him down the ocean

► 03:04:50

that we're not taking a pic a put them in the ocean

► 03:04:54

I said hi okay let him go in the ocean let him soak his his car whatever you can always come let him soak it in the ocean and don't go to Coney Island. That might not be good I might not hear you but I change it but I know but it's so now you tell me you serious when you said send you the fighter if he's a little if you needs to be Revitalize the little set them to the ocean produce women always let him be in the Sun and let them soak so whatever Cuts heal in an ocean and end of every happens to swallow some water that's okay because I have no one wanted to swallow see what the worst thing in the world my father said it's okay but the worst thing so one day I guess I got around to asking him why he was so into set of Mighty fighters to the ocean and he told me is that he

► 03:05:54

that's how my father would say things he would just tell me things and that's what I would learn and he just sent to me ocean is when will life came from all life on earth started in the ocean by cocoa zooms whatever you want to call they didn't get in till technical stuff but he said it started in the ocean and it came out on tool and he says all percentage of salt in our blood is the exact same consigners purse cubic inch to cubic inch you know whatever was I'm I'm just probably not close to what he said but close enough is the exact amount to begin says it is in the ocean we come from the ocean all life comes from the ocean go back to where life came from

► 03:06:36

I was enough for me my father was tell me anything my father told me that was it so I said alright so no matter fact he told me so I remember I was going out with a girl that had a little baby that had both legs and he told me he said heading to Ceres he wouldn't say it but he said send the down he had a condominium in Daytona Beach and he said send it out of Daytona Beach let him stay there for the summer and little boy be in the ocean in the sun vitamin A vitamin D V I didn't know that it is straighten his lights out

► 03:07:19

tear his legs are good straight they won't crazy you don't but you know there was a crooked that stole his legs are good straight and he was right because by being in the ocean by being in the sun vitamin A&D healthy of course I guess part of it was the swimming and part of it was the ocean and part of it was the Sun but if we straighten his legs that look that he need them to the point where you have to put braces no but was there was a slight issue was initially but did Buddy say work yeah was it right yeah you know but we just think of Graces you're obviously and all but yeah and that it would heal he would say go let the Cutco in the ocean is salt water heals the cut it will heal the cut or not if I did use to soak their face in brine recipe I was your face and it did that really keep you that your skin tough and protect you from cats or is that an old wives

► 03:08:19

what is that old stuff you know where we don't know but they believe it so you know if you smell like a pickle when he was going to hit you up talking about other controversial training methods like weight lifting for the longest time what starts Temple at Abu yeah Mackie shilstone straining of Holyfield and moving him up from a cruiser way to a heavyweight the beginning right away yeah we really essentially was and they just pack some meat on them Michael Spinks with you and Grace not going to go back to Gleason's the epicenter you know if you have to place

► 03:09:12

no water no weights right I used to have my fighters to wait if I felt

► 03:09:21

if I felt that a fight it wasn't physically strong enough I put them on a weight program but I do it myself I'm driving with no strength coach it back then but just a common-sense program just 3 days a week you know of a protein of course you have to replenish yourself with the proper guy and all that stuff but I do it at the right time in between the training where you're not killing yourself over training right you know go Spar entire that's right you don't have to separation of workouts but if I had a slightly Bill guy that I thought to things and the second one is one we're probably sounds a little that you wouldn't wouldn't normally connect to it but the first thing was if I thought he could physically be a little stronger not that he had to be fighting inside but what he did fight inside the car says face of your fighter you're going to wind up and we'll call you or even though you say well I'm going to live on the outside okay until that day that the guy slips you jamming again living in the inside you ready to live on the inside for a minute so I believe that

► 03:10:21

so I would make my guys two weights if I don't physically they could get help at Improvement in those areas but I also did it for the psychological reason I I felt that it's all psychological battle at 75% psychological mental and you have to do anything you can to help to fight him in that area anything anything grab anything that's if there's something floating over your head I'll grab it anything and the mental part if if you make them feel stronger

► 03:10:52

and be stronger and if that's something that. Just give him a little Iota more confidence and belief that listen here maybe you don't want the guy fighting inside maybe his style his makeup as if I can I get you because of this month guys out there listening I'm sure there are they're going to think that before I said it yeah I still want to feel strong okay I'm not going to make I'm not going to make a guy that should box like but I wouldn't go with your box like Muhammad Ali I'm not going to let him make them fight like Jake LaMotta I'm okay with that but I want to feel stronger what kind of weight lifting to have them do because you do you have a background in lifting weights yourself now. Other than that I played football so I was around it and and I put in my whole life and and fitness people will my a life so I understand the Plyometrics I understood all the advancement other new stuff that came out the bands that you know that they list

► 03:11:52

because remember there's a guy named Charles Atlas that that started with resistance training he was at somebody kicks and in his face and it's comic book ads right and you know I don't know if he was related or not but but you know he did isometrics I believe that isometrics I did isometrics for the whole camp with Michael Morrow for the Holyfield fight believe it or not really yeah yeah I used to put my hand yet and I used to make him push against my hand both ways that I can push the I would design all kinds of different exercises and ways to do it where I just gave him resistance with my own body sometimes push against my shoulder but this is something that you thought of yourself you were trying to figure out how to do it and then you just implemented it this is something that Michael Moore man when he was a light heavyweight was a murderous puncher murderous

► 03:12:52

oh boy he was dangerous he was so scary but though it seemed like the way cut was too brutal yeah it was brutal I know it was a terrifying light heavyweight I forgot about him they forgot about him as a light heavyweight he knocked everyone out just let me know if you don't think he went to distance with anybody he was murdering he was really something first heavyweight champ of all time first is that true wow wow I didn't know where is very good guy like all of us we get lost and we get confused all of his buddies are good you know you could or you're not good right yeah he's what you want to hear crazy thing

► 03:13:42

some people might die update on

► 03:13:45

now whatever I hope they don't take it the wrong way but anyway it's meant to be the good way

► 03:13:55

I have a friend very close but I hate politicians I think their phone but I have one that's you make a live in a politician but he don't live as a politician that makes it right to vote presidents that are they mean to me all and probably go crazy because this but anyway it's okay it's a little crazy anyway that's why we get along but he's a good man and like my father was born to be a doctor he was but my his mother knew it he was born to be

► 03:14:27

how do I use the word politician seems like a dirty World later ya Aaliyah care of people all right

► 03:14:35

Public Service may be whatever but anyway it's always the ball present of sound off

► 03:14:41

I need he really does things and all

► 03:14:47

anyway we're close and he's he just gave us $94,000 for the foundation like a week ago he does that he finds the money and you know he knows only says it's the greatest compliment because I know it's called I know where it's going and

► 03:15:04

thank you he says to me it's what do you think of me for thank you I can't help these people without you you know I get all the help we do fundraisers we do things we do a big dinner thousand people week before Thanksgiving we we have people like Tony dancer and Phil Simms and dokkan sells used to come you don't call me no more you don't leave Florida but but you know what I mean Patrick Ewing Dikembe Mutombo blessed us with Rosie Perez Brandon Marshall from the Giants last year they come and they allow me to have a successful dinner because they come and they don't get a sense because nobody gets upset and

► 03:15:52

so with all that in with Jimmy so anyway I have these things that I just say sometimes so he caught me one time but I was just saying it I didn't realize that it was going to register you know because it's just some you know so I just said I said people pad so he said why

► 03:16:13

I said cuz what you say so I was joking when I said people bed so he said what do you mean it songs of people bad he said what you help for Joe in a business how I said there's good people too so anyway about a month ago 2 months ago whatever comes up to me and says you got to think I'm out of my mind I don't know I know it but of what what about it he said

► 03:16:44

would you a permission

► 03:16:46

I want to take a domain which I barely know what that means copyright the phrase people bad

► 03:16:53


► 03:16:56

if I told you I want to start a business with you and me in the proceeds some of the proceeds will go to the foundation with some shorts would do that and you have these different things so it'll start with people bad

► 03:17:08

resiliency good people bad forgiveness good people bad be better people bad parts good

► 03:17:18

good people bad you know Redemption good people bad

► 03:17:25

text me but you know whatever but the whole idea is to be Unapologetic and to say we got a problem I don't know if you want to say we're at a tilting point but we got a problem if my social genius know am I insane no but I got kids I care about what the world is you know maybe if I didn't have kids I'd still care

► 03:17:50

and I have grandchildren I have two of them they're beautiful and

► 03:17:55

you don't want Sloppy at people out that I'm not apologizing about saying that there's a lot of great people there's more good people but it's it's like 20 battle line

► 03:18:08

a line of resistance Philly where I want to call people out on it I want to remind us that we could be better I want to remind us of people bad

► 03:18:19

selfishness worse

► 03:18:22

and I I just want to he brought my attention to it so frequently but I was mad he said that's turned into something better Teddy that's that's because I know what you stand for I know I know that's why I give you what I gave you 22 years so

► 03:18:45

people help it but they still could that good that's remind people that we need to be good that's remind people that's call him on a crap that's the freaking say hey we got to be better we got to tell about the right things we got to stop getting caught up in all crap you know and we got to be strong

► 03:19:10

people that don't be weak

► 03:19:12

you know but another word for using it to remind people that sometimes we're going in the bathroom action we all look at the world look at you know what I was fine he was reading the New York Post do you know I don't people think I'm weak or something but I didn't want to read some of the stories about some of these kids that got killed it there was a story about a parent that someone in the hospital in Manhattan that decided to slice up a bunch of infants just went to the hallway of this this place was for Chinese immigrants that they go to this place when they're young mothers where they think it's a safe haven for the children to be there for like a month and so they infants 2 days old 5 days 10 days old and New Orlean are these babies

► 03:20:07

and this woman walks in there with a knife and start stabbing these kids don't listen I know a lot of people out there going to say teddy that psychotic that's different yes yes yes

► 03:20:20

it's evil it is evil in the world yeah

► 03:20:23

but I'm just I'm just calling to Arms I'm not the guy but I'm just saying in my small way Colin Tom said

► 03:20:33

we can be better that just remind people that you know what we have so much promise

► 03:20:41

there's so much to be

► 03:20:45

grateful for this country particular in the world but not always and we have so much here that's be better if people bad that's helping be better that's lead the way to be better at that's that's that's take a stance so we're going to I don't know how the freak we're going to do it but his company but then we're going to have all these inspirational if you will go to all these positive positive positive

► 03:21:17

things to say that to remind you that you know where you could be anything you want to be you know that old saying you could be anything you want to be

► 03:21:26

some people choose to be bad let's choose to be better

► 03:21:31

and so we're going to do something to some of the proceeds go to the fact that I don't know how the freak would probably whatever is going to but then we're going to figure it out he's going to do it all because I only know boxing I think you know more than that listen Teddy it's been 3 hours I'm sorry but I really appreciate you being here man wow I know it's actually been won 3 hours and nobody for tuning in to the show and thank you to our sponsors thank you too on it go to o n n i t use the code word Rogen and you will save 10% off any and all supplements thank you to my all-time favorite underwear I'm wearing right now Jamie back me up if you're that check or black finished

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► 03:24:22

it's nice to be back okay see you soon bye