JRE MMA Show #47 with Tyson Fury

The Joe Rogan Experience JRE MMA Show #47 with Tyson Fury

October 25, 2018

Tyson Fury is an undefeated British heavyweight boxer. On Dec. 1, he challenges current undefeated champion Deontay Wilder for the WBC World heavyweight belt.

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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Bloom and we live right brother what's going on I'm cold you could see if this sucker up to you I'm very excited about you fight man very excited I'm sure what how often is it that two undefeated I mean you're not heavyweight champion cuz they strip you but you never lost two undefeated heavyweight champions go out at like this this is a huge fight decordova pretty exciting what do you think of it mean for people who don't know you're fighting Deontay Wilder lose an American undefeated knockout artist and you are probably one of the more interesting guys in the heavyweight division not just cuz your personality but your skill-set the way you move your long and Tall but you got great footwork and your fast and it's a very very interesting fight as far as like boxing technique

► 00:08:48

it's his boxing skill

► 00:08:52

2 guys 1 6.916 volt 7

► 00:08:56

both charismatic both talkers British won American it doesn't get any better than this time in heavyweight division when you watch Deontay Wilder move around there's nobody that moves like that guy so hot like I'm beyond ice

► 00:09:15

does refined he's like something needs him. Sometimes he throws and he's got no legs underneath them he's just he's swinging you literally flying through the air as he's punching the guy tries to unlock Big Thompson

► 00:09:40

I was impressed with him because he came back around whole face is 49 years old I'm all the least at least it was a great victory for Deontay Wilder any prove to me that you can get in system he's got great skills mean up until that moment that he got hit you can't go swimming at what age

► 00:10:40

some old legs Rhino story what happened before my blood pressure

► 00:10:59

that's interesting we were you hearing this from a man because not just cuz your personality but because you're you come back from mental illness and you very very open about it now I think that's it that's a very unique thing remember when you when you beat Klitschko and won the title and then you kind of went off the rails and I thought you were just partying in 01 when I had heard about it I thought well I made a shitload of money became the heavyweight champion all the pressure in the press and all the craziness but it was more than that it was swollen foot with mental health problems my whole life but I didn't know what it was

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muffin top

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I'm wake up and I think why did I wake up this morning this is coming from a wife a family kids everything I thought it was a gaping hole that was just filled with nobody because they they strict get about we send out my rent within 7 Days of the fight how can they require you to fight within 7 days you didn't so just not going into negotiations to sign this trip to within 7 days

► 00:12:58

I'm not sure what happened that was on my team is going to be going to be that a cruise ship come on seriously that fucking oil money man that would have been hilarious scenario ever for world heavyweight title fight a bunch of Arab billionaires on a cruise ship

► 00:13:42

wow so they strip you of the ibf belt you going to negotiate with Klitschko for the rematch rematch never happen

► 00:13:56

I was in Holland training for the rematch and I was wondering if I went over my uncle's play me until Monday so we have to postpone the phone was off like say 3 months

► 00:14:10

I just I just didn't want to do anymore if you know I mean I didn't have the desire the fire was a depression the whole time even in training come before I sprained my ankle I was depressed depressed bait on a daily basis impossible to understand why would have been aware of come from and it just went from bad to worse I had to drink heavily on a daily basis I hit the drugs I was out all night partying

► 00:14:58

I used to drink and take drugs to get away from their depression because when I was drunk or high then I wouldn't I wouldn't think about being depressed if all about being a boxing champion feel great as we know when the drink wise off the only leaves you with her. I know front feeling even more depressed for someone who suffers with mental health of West I think we can do to escape but yeah that's the most common approach approach because people we don't know

► 00:15:30

spread the word on mental health so when are the paper in this position in the future they know where to go in the well kudos to you for doing that because so so few people have the courage to talk about their struggles when they go through that because it seems like a weakness and now it's it's very powerful that you were willing to do that and just be open and honest about it there's a few people out there that are doing that now you know our friend Mauro ranallo he's gone through some some serious mental health issues and he's very open about it and talks about it quite a bit now when you're training for the first Klitschko fight for the fight rather did you have it then

► 00:16:12

not really focused on what I wanted to do

► 00:16:16

that was beat father me a couch Co-op believe when you talk to Child Life almost like I didn't have anything more to do in life

► 00:16:44

same-day what's my target to beat I want to find the bullet proof

► 00:16:52

I'm the Fireball stats the most no fight I was forcing myself to fight and I always said I didn't want to be one of those people who just fought for money because it's plenty of people with money in the world plenty of them you know some of the reasons for me fighting it's not for money or off about so Glory a fight because I don't know anything else I've always been a fighter from being born to be 30 years old fashioned I was 27 II Mountain boxing my dolphin

► 00:17:52

comparison to what you've accomplished everything else has to seem pretty doll I mean in to step into the ring with Wladimir Klitschko who was widely considered to be one of the greatest heavyweight boxers face off I mean I was a beautiful performance to do with you I'm going to say it again on December 1st like I said I said the same thing to Deontay Wilder you for the Americans who fought the Mexicans you faulty Europeans but you ain't never fold the Gypsy King before I said it before but he's lost because he got clipped in hurt and stopped and I was very impressed with him actually in the Anthony Joshua fight because he came back and getting badly hurt and almost put Joshua way but the fight with you is different

► 00:18:52

because you just help Box Tim and he was known as the guy who would boxing whole jab and hold I mean he was one of the most boring heavyweights of all-time fantastically successful but from a spectator point of view you watch some of his fights like Jesus Christ he would jab you grab you and grab you and that was his thing right hand grab you a very successful but that shouldn't work with you for the first time in person just looking for one lucky punch

► 00:19:40

he's got so many over a weight difference in front of him and it's almost very awkward to a big palm trees

► 00:19:50

Shuffle not going to do that what made a mistake I'm going to outbox and I'll go to go to Germany to try to see if possible if I wasn't crazy I won't be great I went over there now Buxton I'm nobody nobody talk for me brother eating people close to me and count they're like it was very unsure of what was going to happen I believe I believe I could always be yes before

► 00:20:34

Choo-Choo Soul he said Tyson Fury

► 00:20:40

is a nice time is ready good fire under training as well you you were focused for that fight you were you were prepared and afterwards was it just the realization that you would accomplish this incredible goal it said in the Depression was it you didn't know what to do next or was it just that your focus was now no longer on this unattainable and all I could in almost insurmountable obstacle in front of you becoming the heavyweight champ of the world I'll send you did it then depression kicks in after you win

► 00:21:32

I said probably be depressed for a long time

► 00:21:35

truthfully I thought I was almost expecting it I'm not even thinking of a box again even the day after the Klitschko fight Sky Sports interviewed me that I should watch next to Tyson Fury I said I'll probably never box again

► 00:21:52

I knew said to me. And my brothers before the fight a week before the fight I said when Lose or Draw I said they said it was going I didn't have the hunger to be bodyman Klitschko Baltimore to carry on and continue and I said I didn't want it to be about one of your financial gain I wanted to be the best of my time the best month and that's what I did I was smiling again

► 00:22:19


► 00:22:22

two and a half years later I decided to make a comeback because I was sitting here at 400 pounds. It really never smoked weed and what were the drugs for the drugs of choice once you won the title cocaine alcohol roller coaster I wouldn't I'm not many people will think will is mom's crazy for saying that on the radio Show Boat I wouldn't change a thing because I know it was supposed to happen I don't need it to be tested to see what type of character

► 00:23:10

I don't want you to all those mountains

► 00:23:20

like I said everybody was

► 00:23:33

X very low

► 00:23:37

I don't stop thinking all these crazy. That wasn't me, I bought I bought

► 00:23:48

Seabridge 90 miles an hour. Bridge want to die so bad I give up on life I'm just as it was to happen to Old South Bridge at 119 is Ferrari in a truck like a Coke, otherwise

► 00:24:23

I Heard a Voice say no don't do this Tyson think about your kids think about you family and your old boys and girls growing up with no father and everyone saying your mom

► 00:24:37

electus he took the easy way out cuz he couldn't do anything about it

► 00:24:42

I have to be for a child into the bridge. I pulled on the moat when I was shaking I can feel myself shaking and I pulled over and I was told what to do and was frightened. I was so afraid

► 00:24:53

wonderful. I'll never ever ever try you'll think about taking me on life ever again

► 00:24:59

I didn't want to go help from a psychiatrist

► 00:25:12

Michelle told me what she said when he came out she said he is not to be trusted alone he's an imminent death risk that's the highest level of suicide risk. She never assisted country without is faith

► 00:25:27

he would have been dead a long time ago but she said faith alone ain't going to hold him cuz that's going to break

► 00:25:33

mugshot goes east on

► 00:25:37

so that put me that's life as well because he was checking up on me all the time I was at Wright State

► 00:25:53

this time I want it I just didn't want to live anymore and I had everything a man could want it wasn't nothing I didn't have the more it's 8 Hutchinson

► 00:26:14

after I tried I was thinking to myself you know what I need to do something but every time I try to go to the gym from 200 gallon sump pump

► 00:26:38

I went up to the boxing fight for this room full of diamonds no way I hate to box in OverWatch on the TV or read about it I hate you

► 00:26:52

I was out drinking I think I give up taking drugs like I said it come to a point where do not try to make a life

► 00:27:02

2017 Halloween I was 400 pounds dressed up as a skeleton

► 00:27:09

cyst on Citrus Park walking around these are all your kids compared to me

► 00:27:22

about yourself this is not me how many people told me before this

► 00:27:28

what was going wrong what was doing you need to talk to your life you can only change your life if you want to change it I left and I went straight up stairs into a dark room

► 00:27:44

stupid skeleton suit off I was praying and begging God to help me

► 00:27:54

this point I'll try to come to help me before I prayed a lot but I never ate before I can feel my face the chest was wet with tears

► 00:28:09

what's impossible for me

► 00:28:13

cuz I tried and tried and tried and ended up back in the bulb back drinking

► 00:28:19

I almost accepted to that was going to be my fate and alcoholic

► 00:28:23

I was hoping he's in his bedroom after praying for about 10 minutes ago to help

► 00:28:31

I felt the weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders

► 00:28:35

also the first time in years I knew it was going to make a comeback and I told my wife I said

► 00:28:46

I said Monday morning I start to regain mission to try and get the heavyweight championship of the world but she said yeah because before all this every time I come back and I'm going to be in the world again cuz it was it was the alcohol talking

► 00:29:01

so I was like the money cold wolf a thousand times on this this Jeep and I was leaving on the past thinking about years before Glory Days

► 00:29:25

next day I found open Davidson

► 00:29:28

I don't want to go back down hill root for the same train as they promote the same anything that everything's going to change cuz it's a new Tyson Fury

► 00:29:37

imma call that Return of the Mack Commission

► 00:29:41

I also went out about morning after phone in bed and arranging everything I went out for a room give me sweat suit

► 00:29:49

I got about

► 00:29:51

five minutes into the woman stopped on a walk.

► 00:29:55

While I was walking up to 400 pounds

► 00:30:01

Hannibal, MO

► 00:30:07

Restasis video of Deontay Wilder Tyson Fury out of shape Oakley ball that it was like a state

► 00:30:27

after saying this evidence of Tyson Fury I finally finished

► 00:30:33

I never come back if he even if I were to fall to my knees

► 00:30:40

before that he was talking about Mike Tyson I would not Mike Tyson now in around and if I decide that was very disrespectful to talk about somebody not even if there's no possible chance so you know what happened to fight you I'm going to hit you for that reason I didn't want to see all this over video of him saying things about me

► 00:31:05

just so I can beat Deontay Wilder fight all these court cases on as well how was taking charge was taking performance-enhancing drugs system is. 93 years old and not just financially when I was just all the time I was

► 00:31:55

and I wish I was still being tested by UK

► 00:32:04

everyone side note you never came back the but the box remote control spending your license in the UK for the cocaine I'm use so I had a court case looking up by spungen the doctor made me medically unfit to fight so that was after I forgot about rescheduling at the psychiatrist phone to finish as low as mentally unfit he can't find anybody

► 00:32:35

don't take the box of candy bar box remote control for the cocaine use and by the way

► 00:32:49

I was so comfortable I was going to everything was going to be okay because I was down on my knees I just knew it was going to be okay and if it was like what's the point in conversation to it I said everything's going to be alright don't worry call Ace comes along in December we both agreed on the case as they pay their Lego face I pay my legal fees that was a joke space out the window finished

► 00:33:24

the suspension I got to meet him at the border control in the UK and they said look if if you can get past medically fit by doctor mentally then we'll reassess you okay until Wednesday night so sad right no problem psychiatrist to talk to three or four different dr. Phil dr. Jones whoever else do I need to I need reassessing bang past flying colors back to the physical and mental it's about no choice but to give you a license reinstated bang that was three of the biggest obstacles in my life I once we're all done within a month or two straight away and I just don't forget to 60

► 00:34:21

Slender Man bench about losing his hundred and sixty pounds

► 00:34:33

let's get you for if I come back flights just said okay no problem I don't need anymore

► 00:34:46

no no no no no we should let's have a couple more just in case I said I'm telling you make the Wilder fight for this is why people don't understand that I picked DeAndre Wilder he didn't take me I picked him what he needs a high-profile pain right now but it looks like I mean I don't want to say that Joshua was ducking them but it looked like he had something going on he was cool weather it's as his management or his promoter they didn't seem to want that fight right away I know quite what is the wildest team offered Joshua Steve $18 for A2 flight deal

► 00:35:29

$50 for the first fight on 30 million for the rematch if Joshua lost and they declined my lawyer Robert Davis so what are you going to need extra bodies, but I know the truth do you think it's because of one Klitschko knock them down to have them heard they were worried about Deontay with his big Power I don't think it's about a fighter because I'm not about keeping the money rolling it don't take any risks to party we got beat by somebody nobody else or even take a risk of it

► 00:36:22

they took the rest in the Klitschko fight

► 00:36:25

it almost didn't pay off this grapefruit skin of a teeth do you have as my monthly Steptoe Patrol picking up Joseph paka-paka

► 00:36:45

Fort Collins, campaign management away from fear no small fry bites

► 00:37:17

say money no more so doesn't make sense so this is why me and wild have a great fight because I want I'm already over the Bulls of course with made money notorious 28th professional fights 2017 waste it on stupid today's fight we all way to the phones

► 00:37:56

to give him a proper flight of to so-called people to take the best let's prove it if you don't mind me saying that they were the most terrorists most striking people I've ever worked with these whatever I ask for they agreed on my family I'll spoil both know how to negotiate since it was 33 simple Wilder clearly seems to want to prove that he's the best is undefeated he smashing everybody they put in front of them and he has a legacy on his mind he wants to leave a real Legacy that's why he looked to fight you Waldo Lockhart and respectful on operation because he seems to be that he was the only one at the time before I was even come back

► 00:38:54

to previous the best things about why men want to prove that the best of all wheelers. He's absolutely behaving like a true champion. Like that in a guy like you

► 00:39:23

I'm a symbol of money

► 00:39:25

bolt he didn't they up to for the toughest one photo contest I respect him for that and I take me out talk to him why I think this is going to be a giant fight I really do because this is what everybody's been wanting for a long time it's so difficult to get people excited about the heavyweight Division and Josh was a giant fan in the UK but worldwide not so much and Deontay Wilder even though he's had these spectacular results he needs that big thing to to put him over the top the Ortiz fight helped but he needs something more to the capture the real the love of the American public the love of the world he just hasn't quite grabbed it yet because everybody's know I go down the street whatever I am New York Los Angeles

► 00:40:25

hey Missy pool player is hockey player so don't use heavyweight champion it's crazy because he's a flashy dresser he's a great talker he knocks people into another fucking Dimension he's a while got to watch fight he's very exciting it's just he's got all the he's just waiting for the big moment and maybe this fight is a big mama for one of you

► 00:40:50

you have been put to sleep to think about Klitschko is even though he was very very successful and his style was amazing in terms of his success rate God damn those fights were born to watch nobody give a shit about those fights no I'm just happy live in Germany was speaking German no disrespect to him he's a great boxer for sure you are but boxing is It's Entertainment as well as sport especially for the Casual person you know I mean if I watch a great boxer just just so you know boxwell and play it safe I can be very impressed with that the average person is not going to be impressed you're not going to get some pay-per-view dollars

► 00:41:50

Mike Johnson Toyota Lumberton got most of my fights have been the most exciting because my biggest was a 12-round snoozefest enough to say that I am a man of Ebola I will tell you the truth I can watch Sci-Fi Buck how do you say Joshua gets more credit for my favorite why didn't get torched it still was spectacular and it really watching it as a fight fan first of all it was no disrespect to Klitschko but it was like finally

► 00:42:50

I know he's somebody figure this dude out because there's been moments where people that do you know tested him a little bit but it had been a long time for somebody beating him but isn't always been my style boxing on the Block full slip and slide Nana just two different opponents lied to me I've done in my teens right time to regardless of if you made a mistake once in a fight he got knocked out Eddie Chambers so many Samuel Peters

► 00:43:23

everybody list goes on and on and on and on and everybody not talk 65 north and you would make you desperate because that style cuz that grab jab and grab style people get desperate and they would open themselves up as long as a fight lasted about your all comfy difficult upon him because he was shorter than you pulling them believe he was very slippery the way I explained it was like a Conger eel

► 00:44:23

it was a three-time well I'm good at boxing movie slipping and sliding how did not mail her even though it was like don't you supposedly what right on the back of the whole big ass I just might be a little late coming to get you

► 00:45:23

represent after they got a shot in around 7 today it seems like in that fight perhaps one of the more difficult things was adjusting to the fact that he was so much smaller than you and then it took you awhile to adjust to that Steve like I said the toughest man have a face with Steve Cunningham

► 00:46:02

that's High Praise so when you decided that you were going to make this come back and you're dealing with all this these mental health struggles what did you do to overcome the mental health problem what did you do to overcome the depression like I said YouTube 8 mental health is setting goals giving yourself short I'm a long-time goals and that's what I did that's very interesting I give myself a goal of losing the weight

► 00:46:37

pound by pound basically set myself a 10lb and Target and I wasn't obviously eating junk food I was on a strict diet for 6 months of training twice a day 6 7 days a week

► 00:46:58

what the mental health I don't suffer mental health when I'm active I want to go

► 00:47:05

I don't think most people will vote for this if you still feel mental health problems you tend to so for him when you're on your own when you call out time to think and when you don't tell me much but when you busy on a daily basis you don't have enough time to think about Mental Health on West High exhaust myself in the gym how come on I'm too tired to think about anything I just want to get some food and go to bed so that's why I do so you didn't use medication I didn't use medication no I was prescribed medication

► 00:47:37

I'm a doctor but I refuse to take it

► 00:47:41

I took a couple of pills help myself relax

► 00:47:45

from the doctor about never talking again I only have a couple what they give you but I think it was like I thought it was something I got some antidepressants antidepressants just like what I was saying like my grandfather he was addicted to pills his whole life pills I didn't even do anything for and it was pussy-bow feels really want to become one of them to take pills

► 00:48:15

did you listen to it

► 00:48:17

Chinese home and if I were doing something, damn down

► 00:48:21

I didn't want to be one of them people there was a point in my life where I hung them heart fault I'm going to

► 00:48:34

that's a body wasp it's fascinating that you're saying that setting goals and setting your mind on things and hard training is which set you back on track and I don't know what you're like when there's no one in front of you but standing here in front of you right now I would say this a healthy vibrant guy what does fascinating that most people think that the comeback from a mental health issues like yours you need psychiatric care and you need medication and you're saying you did with setting goals and hard work on the biggest thing we miss any of those things

► 00:49:21

got so your face and your belief belief that God would make me better made me better

► 00:49:29

almost like the faith and belief in something just like you were talking about believing and pills that don't do anything belief is a powerful thing who knows what's behind that believe but what you're saying is so powerful that you just by virtue of changing the way you think about things setting goals working hard you lifted yourself out of the worst depression of your life the point we were suicidal hundred percent in 1 over 12 months that's pretty amazing and it's just the way it says it's an amazing thing for people to hear because there's a lot of people that rely heavily on antidepressants and medication they think that is the only way for them to be happy and for them to be not suicidal not to press they need that medication and for them to hear what you're saying I think is a very powerful thing

► 00:50:29

it is time no talk to her I'm not going to tell people to Chuck away all pills and write write write down some goals think positive Black Rock on do that training so from from accomplishing your ultimate goal beating Klitschko becoming the heavyweight champion and then falling into this deep Funk do you think you had to go through all this to come back again I think so yeah

► 00:50:59

I believe I was being tested to see what type of Mana Walzem what type of character and you know even before the depression I didn't appreciate things so you can swimming at what time.

► 00:51:18

A 5 minutes I be okay well then I won't want any more of this piece of shit

► 00:51:23

I know if it mattered to me I didn't tell you anything anything I heart and everyone knows like why I guess pumps two pieces for why are so you think I'd appreciate things more than I did appreciate nothing I didn't appreciate anything and I was like today I'm up here. I'm breathing fresh air I'm not mentally stable way of thinking I can go out and enjoy your dinner

► 00:52:11

just be normal whatever that is that's what I'm looking for

► 00:52:17

I'm one of the most probably the most unique people you'll ever meet I'm not an orientation by material things and it means nothing to me I don't even care about Gloriana I don't care about legacies I don't care about winning titles oil or Metals doesn't matter but when I set my mind to doing so I'll do it every single time I've ever set your mind to anything I've done it even you'll think of all things and I set my mind to go out tonight I don't care about one in a lava how do you want to beat you in a fight that's it

► 00:52:57

do you want to beat him because it's so difficult and constantly trying to achieve those goals

► 00:53:19

I think I should make a picture bigger than any any win any titles bigger than any flights flights I think my calling card in life is to spread the silent killer so ferocious that you can't see it or feel it from the outside you could be suffering right now but I will mail it because I can't see into your mind

► 00:53:45

it's just so unusual that someone has that solution that hard work dedication and setting goals is what lifted you out of the depression and made you appreciate life and made you appreciate all the all the aspects of it I appreciate you spending time with me

► 00:54:09

I couldn't put into words

► 00:54:12

what I went through let me just say I wouldn't wish what I went through on my worst enemy enemies but if I did I want to wish all my soul because I know a lot as I know unless the person maybe not I've got free or maybe not mine without faith they would have took his own life now that you have gotten through do you feel like you have the solution now to navigate the rest your life I know the secret for me and everybody will be different but if I train everyday and I'm staying in shape then I'll be happy forever the time I stopped raining, Blaine back up again, all goes wrong again I don't know if you know someone can your life and you don't do it

► 00:54:55

that's what I know it's like a diabetic

► 00:55:02

as long as I always stay by them guidelines I know I'm going to be all right now so she wrote so as long as you but that's the other thing to write the alcohol and drugs exacerbate a nice or bad state that you have because you're going to feel like shit but your goals are still set and strong so that's really what it is

► 00:55:33

so from now on you just have to continually set goals in your life that goes why must have goals they can be anything really anything that I want to do I want to achieve or I want to go someplace or whatever and I work tools and set myself a cold it's almost like a little treat to whatever it's fascinating because no one's ever really connected that mean people people have made that connection in terms of like when they study happy people one of the things they find about happy people stayed goal-oriented people they said Golden Compass of people but nobody's ever really set that as a remedy for depression and for mental health issues setting goals achieving those goals that's the key to keep it going out to do a reset on my cell phone experience in it and I'll find it works for a lot of people speak to the same problems I get messages from all over the world from different types of both people in different type of people

► 00:56:30

asking for information on help and I will remind them want to date and I'm happy I'm happy to help so if there's anybody out there which was such an impressive and inspiring message because you're doing it without medication you doing it just threw positive thinking for goal setting in to Healthy Living and I believe it's the best best way to live anyway best way to leave his fit and healthy when you're out of shape and you fail on the 15 you feel terrible when nothing's going to go right for you but if you feel sick

► 00:57:05

you feel good it's almost natural to feel depressed if your body is literally depressed every time I go to the gym and do a little by little I always go out of a shower right now training sets off an endorphin and you blow to make shoppie contentment is the word looking for contentment doesn't come pre material stuff jobs positions chain Glory money and he's in contempt chasing that's all stuff

► 00:57:35

my message would be

► 00:57:38

look around yourself be thankful for what you do have today don't look for what you don't know if you know you got to be up be happy with who you are and why is my mom said you got to know yourself before you can know anybody else

► 00:57:52

3 South Tryon the stand yourself thank what makes you happy and do that and what makes you so I don't do it's pretty simple really makes me suck know what I'm going to do anymore if you don't submit can lead you down the wrong way and wrong puffing life don't do it simple 30 simple long-time goals achieve how long did it take you for you lose the weight

► 00:58:20

I started training in November 2017 400 lb 175 lb in Westlake back in June

► 00:58:35

I'm by August and May 2nd flight Buck I was 258 lb

► 00:58:42

maintain. Wait to 6258 that's how I deal with it gif from that tonight

► 00:58:48

so what did you do different with your dyed like what did you

► 00:58:53

I was eating a lot and drinking a lot

► 00:58:56

I just talked to a lots of stuff like my weight wasn't put on free being a normal person eating normally my weight was put on freeway excessive drinking of life just like 500 calories in one pint beer

► 00:59:15

solo by whiskey vodka chocolates it was excessive living if your body free torture you can expect to feel great so what I did was not drinking

► 00:59:36

was it really I just trained on a daily basis for a long. Of time and Annette at sensible and playing just got everything out you won't touch the results and when you do it now you said you change your training is well what did you change out

► 00:59:52

before I was doing a lot of them

► 00:59:55

long grueling boxing words like 12-15 rounds like I was doing so fast around so fast as I could go basically the most important thing for any anybody trying to lose weight you could train like a Trojan Warrior but not eat correct and you go free step forward and two and a half Buck can you find yourself after 6 months you won't be staying the same position because

► 01:00:35

where's the diet know that I'm a dietitian but I know I know it what's was losing weight heavy because last time around

► 01:00:48

I've lost over around London 2520 something pound before the again so what do I do to lose weight is it going to no carb diet

► 01:00:58

ketosis diet only do for 11 days guys have done it for years should have higher carbohydrates. This time I was just focusing on losing weight on the keto diet doing cracked

► 01:01:41

it's okay but I was doing it dirty how are you doing I was hoping so bad

► 01:01:51

so fucking Grace and it can't be good for your arteries coming this is a long conversation whatever sounds good it's not supposed can't go wrong if you cooking mate

► 01:02:20

go to meet one of the Poland in the debate for whatever it is you're eating processed foods and sugar and bread and carbohydrates specially refined carbohydrates is it something I don't look into sugar right because the thought I can burn fat off but sugar we're going to a stores in the body of your strength and conditioning work or your boxing work like did you did you hire a new boxing trainer yes things up because I was in the gym I didn't have no motivation no more pain I've done the same thing for years

► 01:03:14

I didn't have any more motivation in the gym I have to have a new team going into this come back cuz I wanted a new a new team more positivity something the same stuff day in day out he was 24 years old who never trained anybody

► 01:03:45

it was open up Billy Joe Saunders we was over in my baby's face

► 01:03:53

I was helping out Billy Joe it was not much about to befall been in about 12 fights and he ate Billy Joe is helping Billy Joe for a few years run over to my house anytime I want to open a frozen drink in the coffee shop on the 202 walking past the bikinis each and Davison

► 01:04:36

I should have you going to get me that number to spend I said you could be my box and try anyway I sent you would be correct the first time so if he went after these two

► 01:04:48

20 minutes goes by comes back

► 01:04:54

I said right I said clearly you're not the one for me inside because the trainer I need after minerals

► 01:05:01

significant I got woman's number simple straight out of a excellent motivation because you got hot girls phone numbers that wasn't the case it was the case that he was willing to put yourself on the line to prove to me that he could do something that takes minerals and if you don't have any confidence in you kind of go over to somebody looking to say hello my name is Ben I had a point to prove

► 01:05:51

they wanted to do something with his life and I give you an opportunity that was the best decision I ever made know what about what he knows about boxing obviously that played a factor if it's just some random Schmo who's good at getting girls numbers in between Billie Joe sessions I would yell straight like sometimes you meet people in your life and you very similar in and personalities and we like the same things what you do the same thing but the same type of a child even before I said this about the number of the gold

► 01:06:37

what are you doing this is very

► 01:06:40

Justin look like he knows a lot about boxing. Okay just looks like you're not good-looking fella

► 01:06:48

when you sit down on allies the fighters a studies boxing day and night will be out watching movies after training bands in his room watching Deontay Wilder watching the fights watching your stories the game turn out to be this person on TV. Person you're going to be one of the lady in boxing trainers in the world

► 01:07:17

now he's got his chance and if I beat you how much different is your training with him than with your last train it's different people to talk trailer to be a champion

► 01:07:37

but like I said we never have no more motivation in the gym it was still there was no there was no Vive in the gym it's like every time because I didn't want to be

► 01:07:53

the most the main thing is boxing is boxing a rocket science you can only do a few things I think the most important things and everything else not my favorite thing to do is Spa

► 01:08:08

and I think what better to do than practice what you do with another person fighting over men often spot to fight to get fat and lose weight James Brown's outfit

► 01:08:26

that's my favorite thing. About time program of weights and stuff is more like maybe lightweight slow start lifting very heavy weights

► 01:08:59

so he's responsible for that as well no I have another guy to give another guy just trying to get things about a boxing trainer is knowing when to pull you back you're peaking and that mostly comes from long-term success working with many many fighters that's got to be one of the biggest chances you take with a young guy is but I put him to the test many many times

► 01:09:27

I need tools he can see it sometimes being a successful trainer

► 01:09:33

doing successful things

► 01:09:39

that's my fault.

► 01:09:45

That knows what I'm feeling gold my style is all about failed to talk to and if I feel good I'll fight excellent and if I'm not feeling under the weather then I'll fill out I'll fight rubbish do you know like when you show up at the gym and you're feeling like shit do you know when to back out of there

► 01:10:02

you know often of went to the gym not wanting to be in the gym felt like shit life

► 01:10:10

tire shop in many many times until you actually where can I get into the into the groove I don't think you really know what you're going to feel like until it stops raining because he went on how you felt before the gym sometimes then you will be in the gym at all right but I do believe what you said is the most important thing. Anybody's ever talked about how to know when to pull you if I could back enough is enough a lot of people think because it's a bigger fight than you lost one you got to try and do not try them out and you never trained before no poultry bolabana wrestletube ass but it's not the case

► 01:11:02

I've been knows that's not the case is very cautious I mentioned it to him many many times about overtraining how many times do you see the gym I want to leave it in the bring on the night I drive a b

► 01:11:19

open fit

► 01:11:21

I want some of it rather than a tiny bit overtrained

► 01:11:26

open account both things together you won't tell you about it it's worse than unfit because you're you're compromised I've been over train before and I've been totally don't fit faster than even I don't know if it 10 times a day than over train once you never get out of the mud you have a coach and how often you do that 5 days a week wow quite a bit are you running three times a week so you're running three times a week strength conditioning 5 times a week and on top of that all your box in your poop

► 01:12:17

wow that's a lot of work now you're you're doing deadlifts and bench press and let me know how it is this a guy that work with other boxers before I quit with this guy.

► 01:12:30


► 01:12:32

what if I start work with him before and he didn't know what he was doing

► 01:12:45

because everyone make the same mistake they're only humans will try and I had to wait why would turn the light weight so don't talk to each other and it's the truck and conditioning trainers so he was trying to make in the beginning you were trying to make me do something that would be a 45 pound guy was doing snow possible it's a different world but only through experience than you realize what we need to do what we don't need to do and I was like I don't know what to do if I didn't have him because I have to go go for wall that same learning process again

► 01:13:17

but it's not just heavy weight is heavyweight boxing because I have this guy is mr. Olympia guy I used to train some guys 350 lb solid muscle but he didn't know anything about boxing boxing his performance Sport come out of you look like in the dumbest but yeah I'll do 5 rounds it's pointless I dropped off the mail today 12 rounds to watch Anna Donaldson before or after 5 yeah no doubt I was knocked out plenty of six bucks in my day don't worry about that but I'm still waiting no training for Deontay Wilder what have you done different to be honest we haven't done anything different is he the tallest longest I've ever fought in grams maybe or maybe not

► 01:14:17

every tall guy I've ever faced

► 01:14:21

I don't know why but I seem to be able to move by then I'm the taller and heavier my ideal pawn it would be like any kind of heavy because it don't move this quick in the cartoon go to mall Under the Stairs but what's unusual about you is that you're a tall guy who's who moves like a guy was not tall and that most tall guys have that advantage of long length and utilization of that lengthen very good at judging distance and they have that Advantage but what you're doing is you're moving around a lot on top of being tall which you could see what Klitschko it was very off-putting like right away he didn't know how to fuck with your timing it was you know that's that's a giant Advantage it is all my life

► 01:15:09

gwynnie bee in European does a stigma about European flight is a stiff the cop move that just wrong I agree I agree 90% of European photos of Houston water conditioning where can I buy heavy weights trying to do one thing one to left or right now I just want to do that I want to try American style The Best of Both Worlds quotes

► 01:15:46

now when you think about a guy like Deontay Wilder's got this Wyldstyle and tries to knock you out with every it was every punch are you doing anything different without giving away your strategy coming into this fight at you doing anything different in terms of your preparation or in terms of the way you shadow box or move or train

► 01:16:13

how can I explain this

► 01:16:15

dog sounding like a clown

► 01:16:18

I'll try your best don't try Wilder is a one-trick pony

► 01:16:23

I don't need to do anything special to beat him I just need to be myself is looking for one right time. It's a good trip though it's a good trick but we lost you need more than one point before that. People know what chance does a big swing swing Willows wild punches in the back of the hole in it being knocked me out. I'll say thank you very much. My misery God bless you because obviously

► 01:17:10

I can't be a great friend and I think I'm just not possible anymore years ago to take everything buying the face Cry walkthrough use my shift right size and aggression and determination to get free pumpkin in the face with it even though it didn't help him and not fight because he used his greatest Rasta against him and if I can use Deontay Wilder's home power against him he's looking for one punch I'm not

► 01:18:10

so there we go I don't believe Fe, he said

► 01:18:23

now I don't want you looking past us but let's just say you beat Deontay Wilder how do you talk Joshua into a fight I don't because if you can take a horse to water but you can't make it drink it so what do you do after this I don't do nothing I said what do you do when you don't want to I don't want to become depressed again you need gold what do you do I only set one goal. Time and I don't care about anything else I'm going to be a while but I don't know you never know you never know but you can stop yourself like you've already brought yourself back but you never know what's around the corner

► 01:19:23

I want to light by Joshua a fight each other again well if you needs Joshua that would be spectacular for a rematch right then it's almost like Joshua kind of has to fight you if he doesn't beat Joshua say yeah it was a bad wilder than Theory fault you can't please everybody and everybody like somebody and don't like the next person

► 01:20:09

get out the way I say it's alright young Verizon smart man I'm in here trying to start the fan of Russian citizen now so that's so good got a passport but listen man I'm a Giants fan of yours it was an honor to meet you have you in here I wish nothing but the best your story is fantastic and uplifting and please don't go to 450 pounds if you win

► 01:21:09

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► 01:22:56

thank you everyone thank you too then appreciate the fuck out of you much love to you all bye-bye big kiss