#1052 - Mick West

The Joe Rogan Experience #1052 - Mick West

December 12, 2017

Mick West is a game programmer, writer, and debunker. Currently runs a few websites including MetaBunk.org and ContrailScience.com.

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ladies gentlemen how you doing New Year's Eve I'm going to be at The Wiltern theater in Los Angeles California with the Great and Powerful and is one of my personal favorite

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I think he's like one of the best comps in the world without a doubt I'm just lucky that I get to work with him he should be headlining giant places himself really shouldn't hopefully we can make that a reality I would love nothing more than me not being able to take him on the road that's kind of what's happened with Joey Diaz and a lot of other guys that they should take with me but Ian's awesome and he'll be with me New Year's Eve at The Wiltern theater in Los Angeles for two shows the first show has a small amount of tickets or excuse me the second show the 10 p.m. has a small amount of tickets and there are some tickets available for the first show which is at 7:30 p.m. joerogan.net tour o and tomorrow which is Wednesday 2nd shows are going online for a bunch of places

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that's naturebox.com Rogan for 50% off your first order naturebox.com/Rogan my guest today is my friend Mick West and I met Mick many years ago

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when I was doing that show for Syfy called Joe Rogan questions everything I met him when I was debunking Chemtrails and talking to all these lunatics that think that the government spraying things in Sky over at every day and they explained it scientifically how those Chemtrails are formed and we talked about that today and a bunch of other conspiracies and why people gravitate towards conspiracies and how some of them are real and the real problem with a lot of these wacky ones is they they kind of Muddy the water

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and we talked about a lot of them a lot of different nutty ones a lot of lost in a couple things maybe that we've been disagreed on but I like him a lot is very smart guy and please give it up for my quest

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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yes Mick West we are live finally are you ready I am ready let's do that to you getting a lot of heat online from all these it's all the Flat Earth people and the chemtrail people those the people that are mad at you saying that's not my specialty chem trails in Flat Earth yeah well that's I ask people at a box is going to be here what would you like me to debunk and one of the first ones was chemtrail because you cannot debunk it it's real dun dun duh I would I would say this to anybody who thinks that Dad has got to be the most ineffective government program of all time like he asked people what they're doing by sperian things in the sky and did the number one thing they'll say is like weather control weather controls one control the weather cuz if they did they make it rain all over Santa Barbara and stop these fires

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birds of millions of dollars worth of damage going on right now that's all the fire that's bigger than the the city of Washington DC what do you think it is like what is what is it with conspiracies like what why are they so attracted to people there's something going on with people right yeah yeah I've been looking to this a lot and especially since your government get into the rabbit hole and how people get out of the rabbit hole so the whole thing is about the rabbit hole which is something basically people get sucked into and I think you'll do a lot of research into the reasons behind people getting into conspiracy theories by the psychological reasons and they personality reason some things like that but I think most conspiracy theories of just regular people they just ordinary people who

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sucked into something and why do you think that is just from talking to them they tell me like that that origin stories is the origin story is eventually and they tell me what happened to them when they got into conspiracy theories I didn't nearly always starts with them looking at some video by now now yes that's what I'm looking at some video and then they just get sucked in another video on another video on Facebook and YouTube is feeding them these big as it was once you start going down that road you just can't you can't change your trajectory right it's so it's hard to treat me in YouTube since they instigated this autoplay thing or Institute of this autoplay thing or will the next video plays immediately and they're all related that's definitely been a thing with people and also like the suggestions on the right hand side if you're watching One video and binocular subject

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and I would just go in there and talk and one thing like contrails and a close me look up contrails on YouTube like off the videos you can get it going to be kentrell videos video you click on is chemtrail did he have then I just set you down that road well I remember this was in the days I think before YouTube this is in the days when Maybe YouTube was around it just wasn't that popular remember me and my friend Eddie were high as fuk and we're talking to my neighbor and there's some plane is flying over and we were wondering why the clouds coming from behind this point it's too too long since I asked him I said his neighbor I just called Bling Bling cuz bling bling was incapable talk about anything other than objects like all we talk about is nice cars are new car would you get that watch like that was bling bling all bling bling want to talk about us like material possessions so he were parked in front of his I'm saying

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I said he meant do you remember clouds look sticking around in the sky. Long and he's like no I don't know is that a new truck about bling bling going to like this is all this guy cares about wants to talk about and then you did that while we're out there but I remember thinking man how weird would it be if all the sudden cloud from jet engines start appearing and it it just appeared right before our eyes and we had noticed it but I wasn't sold it didn't make any sense to me because my thought on it was the amount of people that had to be involved you talking about all these different airplanes get all these people to keep their mouth shut he's over there Pilots writes it out then I'll make it shit tons of money and they live here to that's the other thing like they're actually spraying something in the sky they live here to like what are they spraying themselves or the ferry now is that it's basically the power release in the country is doing these Chemtrails as a kind of like

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last-ditch attempt to maintain power before the entire world collapses into chaos so they think it's kind of like a desperate situation power grab hanging on to have that kind of last hurrah I really those they feel like the end of the world is not like you haven't does about to put this environmental disaster and the Chemtrails are the only thing that is holding everything together that's the thing that you get if you go to a liking to you and you and Jerry watch something we need some guy he he's basically apocalyptic how everything is going to end soon and the the the Chemtrails are the only thing that's stopping it. Also making it worse so he's going to sing like you know the controls are helping but we got to stop them otherwise I will make it even worse but we're pretty much all going to die either way he has a lot of money and we're going to die there's a lot of people that love that that that rope it's just like something to gets carted out

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Times Leader history because it's true you are going to die it's like when are you going to die you don't know so because you don't know you're freaking out like is it going to be a car accident is it going to be a fire is going to be an earthquake is going to be a slow aging death or is going to be the Chemtrails birthday that happens in the brain without them thinking about fear of dying and fear of other things be roughly a lot there wolves or whatever something that had why I did not the type of thing that leads to different types of thinking that's how you end up being a customer see if there is in part because your brain is is wired that way you had a great quote about Chemtrails when we did that television show together you said Chemtrails are like the training wheels for conspiracy theorist yeah cuz they're like they're the right above your head and you just like you see them right there but people don't understand why Jets

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news clouds please explain that cuz it's very simple it is very simple jet engines have washer have water in the exhaust if you look at a car I called a new CD sauce coming out the tailpipe you'll see like a cloud condensation sometimes you can see some water coming out and when they the same thing happens with jet engines and when that exhaust hits Dakota it condenses a freezes and makes a cloud and come come trouser essentially clouds exactly the same physically as a regular cirrus cloud and it's dependent upon the amount of moisture in the atmosphere and you can actually monitor and online NASA actually has a website that will show you and I believe it's set up for Pilots right is that what they are traffic people control for cats anxiety is really my thing is just part of that control research help predict the relative humidity

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set an altitude there's lots of different sites you can go to I've got a whole bunch of them listed on metabunk just like the clouds very in the sky all the amount of moisture there isn't as well which is one of the reasons why you will see a jet pass through one area and you'll see a contrail and then almost looks like they shut that the contrail Jets off and then he see a pick up maybe a couple hundred yards later you say like a cloud is really exactly the same as a cloud a picture of a cloudy day and then just remove all the clouds for the still very visible clouds then when the plane comes along it's almost like the plane is this Magic Pan revealing these invisible clouds cuz all of cloud is at is a region of the sky where the humidity is above a certain level

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so you know the humidity is pretty patch across the sky cuz life is a cloud here and right next to the snow cloud side where the cloud is it high humidity or the cloud isn't is low humidity but if both of those we just loaded like this and then you didn't know clouds at all when a plane comes along arises the humidity in the Cloud area under the nun Cloud area but this area cuz it was a bit higher you get a trial for me in this area getting a trail for me so it's exactly the same as invisible clouds yeah and for people that are watching it and you looking up you think they're spraying something if you're conspiracy-minded end because of a lot of the videos that are out there and particular to that were recommended to me you are what in the hell are they spraying right so I got to meet with that guy that made those documentaries and a right away I knew something was wrong like he's either on adderal or something he's just like real

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real edgy and speed it up and just just an odd guy which is like a lot of people that are conspiracy conspiratorially minded they seem to be like very they're nervous and agitated and end when we went over like why he think one of the things that was talking about was the soil samples and water samples and that they've detected all this aluminum and barium in water and particularly aluminum slick showing me all these results that he had but even on the very results that he showed me it said sludge like it sent them out for testing muscle what did you send in his Eagles why I sent some water from these you know ponds and I said but it says sludge on your testing and he said nobody was water I go okay but the lab set of sludge I go what it's like she goes why don't know what's large is exactly I go let's look so I just a combination of water and dirt okay so you sent water and dirt so do you know that aluminum is one of the

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most common metals on Earth and you could basically scoop up patch of dirt pretty much anywhere and find a bunch of aluminum in it it's really really common in Trace Amounts I go so you what you did is you tested dirt and it tested positive for being dirt music that's exactly what it is and the guy was kind of freaking out how did you not put this together yourself I'll give you the guys making this video and you're trying to find a reason why you could you know us some facts that you could throw at people we can take a look the government is definitely spraying things in the sky to Spring them look we found aluminum we found it in the water to your water somebody's going to get in your body is going to poison you will be found in the water the fuck did he not look at it himself as what I was thinking and meet me and him were having this conversation I really like you have these people that go down there not open-minded in regards to the subjects they go down a very narrow road in that

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road is the government is doing something to me I need to find out what it is and they're really motivated to actually find evidence yes so that the trying to find something and find an alternative explanation isn't really that attractive to them so they find aluminum in the water or in the soil or whatever and then they belong to that as being your evidence of geoengineering and that's great for them because they can just find loads and loads of samples of soil and that's something that gets repeated online that very fact over and over again the aluminum that they found in the water it's whenever I pick the core tenants is that what's the pillars of the chemtrail thing is if there's like four or five different things I can have a conspiracy theory there were these core beliefs that the 99% of the people who believe in the theory on core believes that you work for the government make a retired video game creator find that out made video games stripe

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is shit ton of money and decided to go to debunk dorks dorks dorks if they don't believe this is the problem that you not a dork if you fall for something you're a dork if you fall for something you don't believe the science that shows that it's impossible but it's not real but if you are spraying aluminum in the sky folks it would look like aluminum you dummy it wouldn't look like a cloud it would anticipate a ray look like a mist and it's not it's heavier than fucking are in Vapor it's not it's not going to just sit up there like that it would do would be a very different experience which slowly settle to the ground and wouldn't look like a cloud and there's no reason to do it there's no benefit whatsoever is no scientific evidence ever uncovered ever that there's any benefit for anybody of spraying aluminum over people it's just it's a waste of voluma think even

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the whole do you engineering field yeah really no solid evidence that it will work we don't know what the side effects will be we don't know how much would we would need to spray and we don't know like you know if we stop doing it will love the will bounce back in the terrible way and it be a big disaster well that's an interesting thing because one of the reasons why contrails are interesting to study is because they actually do have an effect on the temperature of the Earth in this is something that we found out after 9/11 when September 11th happened in 2001 it was the big disaster there was a shutdown on all flights in the United States and when they did that the temperature changed

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yeah because there's clouds literally do provide like cover and if it is it just do they act as an insulator or an escalator essentially up to the insulated they block radiation incoming radiation during the day and they block outgoing radiation at night but the net effect is what they actually blocked more outgoing radiation then they do incoming radiation so if planes didn't fly at night then you would you a cool the house down to stop Flying night time so have a bowl of Lights in the world war between like 5 a.m. and 5 p.m. local time then you can ask it cool to boil down by just not having any flights at night cuz if the night lights that have is really big can a blanket and effects that stop you. Getting radiation so the night of flights actually hate the world up yes they like a blanket you know how it's it's warmer on a well

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Audi day like he doesn't get his cold at night he doesn't get really cold at night because there's nothing I was on the 10th of any any cover for that's one of the reasons but yeah they will actually warm the planet because the the amount of outgoing radiation that lucky just wait I I just assumed that the size of the particles of one that's something to be concerned about that that's something that people are legitimately monitoring with people need to understand that just because you feel like when you look up in the sky and see just Criss-Cross patterns that they're spraying you know when spraying this is just a natural reaction to jet engines and condensation in the atmosphere in the heat in the most of the jet engine that's all it is they are using controls for a kind of geoengineering this is something that people often get confused about cuz you you see these two of us together contrails and geoengineering and they think that's Chemtrails but what they're trying to do is use

► 00:22:21

Traffic Control in computers and weather forecasting to make it so that planes don't fly through the country of farming areas when they would make contrails at night and making sure they do fly through country the following areas would it make with Mexican Palace during the day so this is our conversation they're having or something that's actually being it's not something that there that back to do done it's something that they can research Valley easily if they were considering trying to heat up the atmosphere heat up the Earth at night they would just fly over these moisture rich areas and if they weren't they would avoid them by the goal of his slaves to come back like a climate change global warming and cooling down so that a relatively cheap way of doing that to a degree is to have these planes be controlled by computers could increase your fuel costs for the airline by about two to 3% because they had to do I make very deviation sometimes in height and sometimes and Direction but

► 00:23:21

significant effect on the earth's climate if we had the entire world Airline fleets all in this program where they would fly making controls whether we needed and not making control so they will not need it and how he's actually monitoring the moisture content of the atmosphere like what are they using to do that satellites of things do you sounding balloons which of these you know why the balloons basically which was quite a lot and they use satellites on the use planes sensing the environment when the flying through it and they use all these inputs and it goes into a big computer model which basically predict what the what the humidity will be at a particular point is bicycle day weather forecast for the upper atmosphere CIA admits geoengineering cuz this is one that the does chemtrail Believers constantly bring up it was a conversation that some guy in the CIA had

► 00:24:21

some meetings were they were discussing potential future ways to use geoengineering like let's play with this guy has CIA director John Brennan

► 00:24:33

got often referred to collectively as geoengineering that potentially could help reverse the warming effects of global climate change one that has gained my personal attention is stratospheric aerosol injection or s a i a method of seed in the stratosphere with particles that can help reflect the sun's heat and watch the same way that volcanic eruptions do

► 00:24:55

an essay I program could limit Global temperature increases reducing some risks associated with higher temperatures and dividing the why is that when I meet freaking out with an image keep changing back to so you have to refresh the page I didn't want to research epilepsy injection or s a i a method of seed in the stratosphere with particles that can help reflect the sun's heat and watch the same way that volcanic eruptions do

► 00:25:30

an essay I program could limit Global temperature increases reducing some risks associated with higher temperatures and dividing the world economy additional time to transition from fossil fuels this process is also relatively inexpensive the national resources research Council estimates that I fully deployed SSI program would cost about ten billion dollars nearly as promising as it may be moving forward an essay I would also raised a number of challenges for a government and for the International Community on the technical side greenhouse gas emission reductions we still have to accompany sa-i to address other climate change effects such as ocean acidification because essay I alone would not be moved greenhouse gases from the atmosphere

► 00:26:15

on the geopolitical side pic Technologies potential to alter weather patterns and benefit certain regions of the world at the expense of other regions could trigger sharp opposition by some Nations others might seize on sa eyes benefits and back away from their commitment to carbon dioxide reductions and as with other breakthrough Technologies Global norms and standards are lacking to God that appointment and implementation of s a i so this guy is talking about an idea of spring things in the atmosphere to do something he's talking about geoengineering spring stuff from playing what you talking about sulfur dioxide which isn't exactly a reflective particle but he acts as though I can you give us the upper atmosphere are clouds and things like that it's basically like I said the same thing about Canada's when when is volcano Bay

► 00:27:15

apps that spews a whole bunch of sulfur dioxide and various other things into the upper atmosphere and that create space basically which which blocks the incoming radiation and cools things every time a big volcano goes off you see a little dip in the Earth's temperature because of this is blocking effects that and so the theory is that you can do something similar and you could do it by Spring things out of planes but yeah he's talking about things that we might do in the future you see every every year he uses the future tense like we could do that seem like they may do this defect might be this nice talking about the possible GF political impacts of it which is very significant Luckett one country is going to be spraying something that would cause the say the monsoons to Dublin intensity over to hop in intensity and India that could cause them to Deaths of millions of people from famine and flooding and this is what people think has happened with the big hurricane

► 00:28:15

they do think that there's no evidence that actually happening at the Hurricanes is pretty much the same as it's been for a long time when you look at the statistical variations and maybe a bit more intense because the actions are bit Walmart that is not he has no people think that hurricanes of being steered that doesn't make any sense but there is there are ways that do make sense which cloud seeding I'll give you do lots of seating of the hurricane on one side you could perhaps light reduce the amount of humidity and moisture on that side and so cannot sit on a little bit more I move out what you want so I said there are ways that might work I need actual experiment with us I think back in the seventies outside there's one experiment with a Trice seating a hurricane but he ended up going somewhere else other than by the way they intended and it destroyed a whole bunch of houses

► 00:29:15

the problem with having a video like this is that this guy is admitting that they have looked into potentially spring things until we are we've been looking into geoengineering for decades has been proposed like him in an in some sense River hundred years the other problem initial s a i that people love initials they love it makes me super excited the SRM management that's a good one too yeah that's r m s a i c i a d e a r but don't have to be studies and it'll have to be their other losses that is going on right now though people are studying geoengineering is rightly lots of people especially

► 00:30:15

listen to your engineering would have to be available for people to understand but nobody wants to do that nobody wants to go in and do you want to look up and see the thing behind a jet and go they start spraying is Patchwork look cuz he's all over us which it does happen you have a clear sky and you have the right conditions in a bunch of jets fly over and also it's very hazy even alien UFOs Cantrell that was spreading out into class reported in like the 1920s yeah well I took some of these photos and I put them up I think the last time we had this conversation we could see him from World War II and his Jets and the Sea the contrails behind the Jets and the but some people that's the other thing is like on Trails dissipate but chemtrail stay that's not you misunderstand what happens the contrail stay if there's more moisture if the conditions are correct they stay and if the conditions are barely enough to make conch

► 00:31:15

how to dissipate fairly rapidly if that thing that can I use circular logic why do you think that controls the dissipation Chemtrails stay inside because I can see it and the staying and the country also dissipating is it how do you know which is which will the controls are the ones that dissipate so that they don't have any basis for that belief of the one thing I do which you probably seeing is that video when I go through all my old books on on the weather and I look up in each one of them the section on contrails and I read the in it that says like Cantrell's possess for hours sometimes control sometimes spread out to cover the sky contrails light lasts a long time and I got back from these books from the 1990s all the way back to the 1950s and a couple bucks in the 1940s and if you show people these actual books it's a really powerful way of like getting through to them because they just assumed the contrails, possessed right and they've assumed that this is a recent

► 00:32:15

phenomenon cuz they don't remember it until until I hear about the chemtrail conspiracy theory a lot of people label hear about it and then the same day they will go outside and look at the sky and then it's the first time that ever noticed is contrails even the people who like me and the higher-ups in the Hat in that control movement they only noticed them when they hear about the theory does a guy but he lives in San Diego and you never notice them until like 2014 and he lived there all his life and now he's publishing scientific papers J Marvin Herndon is his name is publishing the scientific papers about how the spraying coal ash waste products of burning Colin Powell station is the spring. India promise be nice actually got like three or four papers published in these kind of pay to publish scientific journals

► 00:33:15

becoming a bit of a problem like like this this thing with Brennan by the CIA guy he will bring that up all the time all the time to explain it to them again about the future use and then this guy came out possible solutions for global warming now the problem with it is when he's talking about possible solutions and then people look up and they see these actual clouds that are created by Jets they assume this is already begun that the government would not tell us about it right now it's because they don't understand the country of the difference between contrails and with this stuff would look like yeah yeah I'm just the fact that controls look like this by the day they heard that control shouldn't possess another thing that drove me crazy it's like if you really want to worry about health consequences of these things that you see in the sky there's there's a reality to it the reality is there burning jet

► 00:34:15

and all the people that live around airports get sick like it's there's there's high levels of respiratory illness that are associated with living within a certain distance of airplanes or airports have you are in a congested hop like LAX don't buy a house like a block away it's not good for your health they're burning jet fuel that's going to get in the air pollution pollution from Jeff but it's even more intense cuz you're thousands and thousands of giant planes leave unless they have problems if that's right next to the end of the runway disease houses they did tests were for Life various metal particular some stuff and the ones right by the end of the wrong by the other get to the evolution of course it's very real problem that's the real problem here that's a real one now imagine if that was something that the government was engineering if they really were engineering spraying things to do to give people respiratory illness so that they

► 00:35:15

Hospital industry could profit and whatever the reason was right that would be you know something that people could be concerned with like look there's a real connection between airplanes and illnesses but it's not spraying stuff in the sky. That's not real I understand people love these things and I understand people don't trust the government those things completely make sense to me but you got to pay attention to what's real and what's not real cuz as soon as you don't do that then all the real stuff that the government does all the real stuff the government does like these fucking roads they going to build in Alaska right now through dangerous areas where it where they have a salmon rivers are they going to but they're going to start doing mine and I think what is the Pebble Beach is that the know what is the the the big mining issue you in Alaska that is going on right now so Bay Bristol Bay that's it

► 00:36:09

1 Pebble and Bristol I'm not how I got those two confused nevermind Pebble mine that's what it is and they want they want to do this and it's near a major salmon area where these is salmon uses River and there's two people that live they're terrified that they're going to do this this is a real for-profit thing where they're putting the environment at risk that's real so this is something that people should be concerned about but they're not they don't get concerned about those kind of things you know content farm animals do and you know what conservationists do but the conspiracy theorist don't they don't look at that and go hey here's clear evidence of the the government being in bed with enormous businesses that stand of profit spectacular amounts of money from risking the environment and risking these very delicate salmon Fisheries that type of thing is the exact reason why I still spend so much time debunking stuff like that there is good I think that's so much

► 00:37:10

all conspiracy theories the result of the effect of conspiracy theories is distracting people from real issues like if you act like you say with the airplane stuff like if people are thinking that spraying chemicals out to be a pack of the airplanes there's not going to be worried about pollution and if they think that that controlling the climate are ready they're not going to worry about any type of global warming so let's find one that we disagree on the official story of the JFK assassination to you this changes over time I think that Lee Harvey Oswald was in on it I think he was a part of it but I think there were multiple people that were in on it that's what I believe he's in the multiple Shooters yes the one of the reasons why I believe that is because the formation of the single-bullet theory in the single-bullet theory was formed because the fact that they had to account for one bullet that hit the underpass ricocheted off and put

► 00:38:10

a man in the hospital and that before that they did not have an explanation for why all of these bullets bullet holes all these wounds wearing all these different people. The other reason why I'm inclined to believe there's a conspiracy was the fact they found that bullet on Connolly's Gurney and they brought him at the hospital It's too convenient and the bullet itself is fairly pristine now knowing as much as I know about bullets from personal experience with hunting you can't hit anything with a bow tie pulled a lot of bullets out of animals when you shoot an animal you hit bone those bullets they distort brutally and they don't look like that after they go through to people and hit all sorts of bone that's the bullet that came out of Connelly's body or it will Connolly is Gurnee excuse me and that's the bulleted are attributing to this single bullet theory if you look at the path of the bullet that goes through Connolly or goes to Kennedy and then goes through Conley that to me

► 00:39:10

is is not unbelievable it's not unbelievable that what is unbelievable it is believable to me because I know that bullets do strange things when they hit things combine that with the fact that the bullet came out first thing we didn't ask you guys were kind of crime is from The Conspiracy Theory elevated yes so see if you can find one that has the actual seating arrangement or more accurate CT in the right hand side the one the right inside that's a more accurate from above there's also the the fact that there was particles there was more metallic particles from the bullets

► 00:40:10

fragments from the bullet in Connelly's body then were missing from the bullet I do not believe that was a bullet and I think that that is a very reasonable assumption you should get one of those guns get the same bullets get some ballistic dummies with some bones inside and start shooting a ready done that did that some people have done it and they have found pretty close to what actually happened within within the range that's just what happens if the you only shoot those bullets into water are you shoot those bullets until I fly for something like that doesn't have a lot of impact to slow the bullet down then you get a boat that looks like that if you shoot a bullet into bone they distort wildly on with the last thing that hit but it doesn't matter it's still hitting bone in hip bone and in Kennedy's body as well

► 00:41:05

the odds of hitting only soft tissue and it's going to go through his neck and it came out here that you can quit one of his vertebrae or something like that I don't think that's real I think also there's a difference between in this is fact from David lifton book best evidence which was a book by an accountant to win over the Warren Commission report found only factual inaccuracies and all these contradictions he found that there was a difference in the autopsy report at Bethesda Maryland the Bethesda naval hospital versus the the shop what they had reported on the scene in Dallas the first doctors that got a hold of Kennedy's body in Dallas before they flew him to Bethesda said that the hole in his neck was an entryway when they got to Maryland they change that to a tracheotomy hole

► 00:42:00

they changed the impact and they said that it was they said that this was not an impact from a bullet that it was from something else yeah someone said they enlarge the hole is a trach tube yeah well I think there's also a lot of pressure on these people to try to wrap this up nice and tight and say that Lee Harvey Oswald was the shooter yeah yeah this is big thing about the CIA the CIA inventing the FBI FBI will inventing the term conspiracy theory was a CIA think that was a couple years after the assassination they there was a member of that went out what they were concerned about all these conspiracy theories about coming out and they use the term conspiracy theories and then that they said they should try to basically debunk them and make the people who

► 00:42:55

spread them around look like the theories of the term conspiracy theory came from that particular memo but never actually encourage people to use the tub but yeah that was a huge concern from the CIA that they would be we would lose the trust of the public if people everybody started believing that it was a conspiracy theory dump of information on the Kennedy assassination that Jack Ruby had stated the people that's before the day of the Kennedy assassination to keep an eye out today that's going to be fireworks I didn't say that those Jack Ruby who eventually wind up shooting Lee Harvey Oswald in front of the police officers and significance after

► 00:43:54

event true as he could be just talking about it like he was going to go visit his ex-wife oh something or he was going to go to the bar or he was looking forward to chatting of the parade or whatever I could have been nothing if people say things and after something happens people go back and they look at everything that happened and then they said well that sounds like something significant bright light with the Vegas shooting there was a woman walking around the crowd in the Vegas shooting saying yeah you're all going to die this is what some people said and this was like half an hour before the actual shooting itself so people take that event and then yes it's a lot of people did die they think that's this woman asking you what was going to happen and she was trying to warn people Bryant you also get crazy people wandering around saying things all the time especially in Vegas Sia ended the problem with your all going to die is that that's a common one some guy was yelling that we took pictures of them when we're in Vegas long before the shooting that was a few months ago

► 00:44:54

we were standing know we were in a car he was standing on the corner and he had a stack of Sines I put it up on my Instagram I know I did because there was many there are stacks of signs he had not just one sign they had like a long total pole of signs with all these different things and I was taking photos of it and the guy was yelling out everyone's going to die I mean he was yelling it out that you know God's Wrath and all this you know crazy religious stuff to shout yes I was saying specifically someone is going to shoot everyone at this concert get out of here this is a dangerous area if you tried to warn them but I would have been more specific if she knew something you see that you find it no it's I know I put it up there cuz we were mocking it maybe I put on my Instagram story and it went away

► 00:45:44

I don't think so though I think it's it's there from I want to say I want to say was at least six months ago but we were mocking this guy cuz I like this guy got a lot of fucking signs like one signs on and I go this is a guy this is the reason why Twitter only have 140 characters for motherfukers like this lack of signs the back to the Kennedy what do you think happened do you think that Lee Harvey Oswald probably acted alone I think it probably actually I think like the physics of what happened like it's fairly consistent with the single shooter Theory admittedly the Magic Bullet is a bit strange but I don't think it's supposed to be I do love the fact the metal particles there's more bullet fragments in Connelly's body they were missing from that almost pristine bullet and even though the fact that it hit Connolly at the

► 00:46:44

very end if it went through all that flesh and it didn't hit any bone until it hit his wrist then it would not have been compromised very much ballistically it would still be going credibly fast is doing a smashing to that bone I did enough to break his wrist and it would have distorted the bullet that's just what happens with bullets I don't really follow JFK and they're already like I think literally over a thousand books I've read a few case closed that was Vincent bugliosi books out who it was but I was like this guy's got an agenda I just didn't there's there's many books that you can read about the Kennedy assassination and some of them favor for the conspiracy and some of them favor the assassination I think they have a lot of them have Merit on both sides one thing that drives me crazy as people say that you could never make that shot that's fucking bull

► 00:47:44

that's bullshit this is why I know it's bullshit because it was only like a couple hundred yards like a couple hundred yards shooting at something the size of a person's head is easy what three three shots against racial stuff he didn't know what he's doing but that mean first of all you would if you were used to that rifle and you practice that wasn't someone said all the scope was off I think that's bullshit to the reason why I think that's bullshit is cuz it's easy NACA scope off you have to have a direct chain of evidence between the time we Harvey Oswald had that scope shooting that rifle the moment I shot the rifle and then you have to hand it off to someone to check the scope right then because of you drop a rifle the scope goes off just drop it I've done that before I dropped the rifle once when I was hunting in Wisconsin and my school bus off by 6 in at a hundred yards just dropping it so the idea that he could never made that shocks the scope is up Scopes get adjusted that's what happens when you drop a scope they

► 00:48:44

that's that's a whole thing about ballistics you have to check them you go to the range you set up a LED sled you lay the other rifle down so it's perfectly stable you squeeze off a shot you use the binoculars you find out where the shot hit on the Target in the new Justice go there justable so the idea that is scope was no good as crazy the idea that that shot was too far to me insane it was only I think it was less than a hundred yards when they think you made the first shot which is a chip-shot that's a shot that would make without even a rest now he's making the shot resting on the window so he's perfectly steady the idea that that was impossible is crazy the idea that no one can do that in three shots that's been disproven someone can do it someone is really good at Rotary loading and loading can do it just as Jesse Ventura couldn't do it but Jesse super conspiracy-minded is hockey goes all-in with conspiracy theorists than motivated reasoning yeah I don't know if it's doing it

► 00:49:44

it show the same people that did it show the reason why did Joe Rogan questions everything is they wanted me to take over Jessie Show after I done and I was uninterested I was like I'm not that guy not like the I believe every conspiracy guy I go I think there's people I think people have a real weird vested interest in proving the things are conspiracy I'm interested in finding out what things really are like legitimately what they really are and even if I'm wrong like I'm I'm not interested in reinforcing things I've already said if I find out that what I said was wrong I'm interested in repeating that I was wrong as many times as I can to get it out to as many people as I can cuz I think it's important so this is this JFK think there's bullshit on both sides of it but the idea that this guy who went over to Russia married a Russian citizen came back here was I mean he was absolutely involved in some shady weird shit with Cuba he's a fucking weird guy like

► 00:50:44

the idea that he was completely innocent I'm not buying that either by the idea that it's proven that he acted entirely a lot of helping him or a Emoji biting him about giving him instructions even know the thing is I don't think it's really proven is the additional shoot a theory it's not proven and there have been people that said they heard things behind them the problem with that is chaos when you have gunshots first of all gunshots in an aerial at Dealey Plaza that goes goes ring out and people claim to see things and hear things they don't believe them self of you tell someone that you heard something in the bushes and then you run away that person will say I heard something in the bushes and then other people repeated it becomes the narrative and it just gets real hard create memories

► 00:51:44

working it's a form of memory is in a very weird way especially when it comes to something that's so significantly a president getting shot or any sort of violent thing of this is something that gets repeated Ad nauseam about 9/11 it something that people point to where they think that when the planes hit those buildings that there was detonations that caused Tower 1 and Tower 2 to fall there's no way they would have fallen like that and like it when people say they know they heard things in the buildings that hurt explosion people always say shit like that and on top of that if you're dealing with a building collapsing like that you're going to hear a lot of crazy shit all going to be explosions just things are falling buildings Tower 7 that's another one of gas coming up to see if you can find the video Jamie there's the video that shows what really happened in Tower 7 there's a guy who was a conspiracy guy he was really deep and conspiracies and in the more he

► 00:52:44

started looking into Tower 7 the more he realize that everyone is just showing the very final video or Tower 7 collapse is like a controlled Demolition and it looks exactly like a controlled demolition however if you find the full video you see that the interior had collapsed moments before like before Edward current exactly what is see if you can find that gentleman's video but he shows how the top of it you could see the top of tower 7 give in which is consistent with this idea that the diesel fuel that they had in the basement had created wasn't it like diesel tanks that was the diesel fuel contributions to the fires it was just a regular office files to find some diesel never caught fire

► 00:53:44

good after the collapse in the recovered one of the tanks with some diesel still in it so series of diesel likely fed by a series of diesel generators locating the lower floors which is where most of the fires were concentrated

► 00:53:58

so at least one of the diesel Tower of these old tanks didn't light up is that we're saying that but this theory is that the diesel had nothing to do with it okay so nist which if you are conspiracy theory person to get really angry when you bring up nests that the government the government man I'm so anxious as an older video to this isn't the video Jane there's one by Edward current and what it does is it shows the top of the building cave-in first quite a bit before the rest of the building so this idea that it all came in like a controlled demolition because they detonated all those things

► 00:54:41

so do do do do do that Edward current what they think was that the fire this is shitty design of a building and a fire caused internal damage to all the floors while you say that the World Trade Center one fell basically against the side of ff7 the building on the back side it was one column in the middle of the back that was missing in a big chunk of the lower West Side was going to get it out right so this idea that it was just a fire it wasn't Justified yeah the fire is what triggered the collapse eventually but the fact that all the windows were missing from the South Side country is it a lot of that cuz he got a lot of wind flow through

► 00:55:36

see if he's got the meat maybe this is a bit bad thing to do while you're actually doing the show so this is what the ideas in this computer models that all these floors had collapsed outside collapse to what this guy Edward current had showed in his video I think it was him was he showed that the top that are the top 10 houses collapsed first there it is see if you see the pain house collapsing see you thinking it up there with the two the two videos yeah Malaysian so that you see it collapse for the down exactly and that's something that no one ever shows and then it gives in right so this is not a quick thing like a controlled demolition all those windows giving in is indicative of all those floors collapsing probably more than it is the idea of it being all the people that want to see conspiracy think that those bombs were going off there and that has those definitions

► 00:56:36

heard explosions were going off that that's what caused all those floors to collapse on top of each other and I think you're cool beliefs of the conspiracy theories and 7 looks like a controlled demolition is the one you might still get into something and describe what's actually happening you have to go to the much more complicated conspiracy theory and a much more complicated way of looking at what actually happened and now they're trying to do a complicated study of World Trade Center 7 of the University of Alaska this is something paid for by Architects and Engineers for 911 truth the trying to actually figure out how they can reconcile controlled demolition with the fact that it collapse the way it did actually explain something which doesn't really need explaining because that's what I should have been done by Nest already so what they're trying to do is find something that reinforces their initial idea instead of just look at the facts itself

► 00:57:35

you look at the top of the penthouse collapsing that's not indicative of a controlled demolition that's indicative of the model that Miss describe which he is slow burn inside extremely hot deterioration of all the internal structure everything starts to collapse inside and then the outside collapses to and Will some of them will say that that he's actually have controlled him since I've done you blow up the interior of the building first and then you blow up the exterior of the building but the problem is that none of the exterior columns were cut there was no explosion scene on the exterior columns if you look at the World Trade Center one or two coming down yeah you can cut it in explosions going all the way down because the things that look like explosion from the following floors been 7 you just see the building kind of just going to crumple down so they have to kind of explained that so they come up with this study that they found it. The mic nearly $400,000

► 00:58:26

and I tried to come up with an explanation that doesn't involve fire so the saying like if if it was controlled demolition than the way they would have done it is blowing up these interior columns and it would have pulled in the exterior and I Collapse the way we see in the video and I think some of them say that the penthouse thing was a separate thing inside a festival blue few floors just underneath the penthouse so neatly collapsed inside the building and then they blew sand floors at the bottom so he'll fail a nice elf without damaging the training buildings too much complex theory is based on confirmation bias in space on confirming this idea that this is a controlled demolition not on examining the whole thing as it is and going okay is it possible that the next models correct and see the thing that I bring up to people all the time when they want to talk about conspiracies there's a real conspiracy at 9:11 and that's the fact that it happened the fact that they did fly planes

► 00:59:26

the buildings that's a conspiracy and they pulled it off that actually did happen people don't want that to be it they wanted to be a much broader conspiracy involving World governments that were trying to close in on you know all our rights and this is the way to do it and if people want something to be in proportion to the size of the event Monday think just like a bunch of Arabs with knives isn't a big enough cause so they think that it has to be something me and most significant then even like with the physics of it they think he has a plane flew into the building and he didn't collapse so why would it why would he collapsed some of them some people don't think that the plane would even if that's

► 01:00:13

who's the boxing set for who who don't understand how aluminum can cut through steel near The Columns of the exterior of the World Trade Center were made of steel strong steel and planes are made of mostly aluminum so they don't understand how a plane made of aluminum which is soft can go through steel which is very hard and strong example I always give to them is the ping pong ball going through a ping pong paddle if you make it go fast enough this is something I didn't miss Buster's do in various other people have done you send a pic a regular ping pong ball into a ping pong paddle it just goes straight through it leaves a ping pong ball hole in the middle of it and I just what happened on 9/11 planes were going to five hundred miles an hour

► 01:01:13

make sense it's just as well for the plains to that the amount of mass you're dealing with two in the speeds from five hundred miles an hour Mass using a ping pong ball and a paddle away is Lightning a tuna grams or something and you wouldn't think any of us in ping pong paddles that is a wooden rubber and you got this flimsy little bowl how it is not going to go through this with is unintuitive so you can understand how people would be confused about why the planes left these little red Runner holes MythBusters thing want to see that I heard it's wow so they have some crazy

► 01:01:59

Air Canada blows all okay here's a problem with that though there's a problem with that they're doing that right in front of that they have 2 as I would think I'm bald cuz it was slow down but I understand but you're also dealing with the actual air if it's the it's what it is the ping pong ball that a guy killed himself once accidentally on a movie set cuz you took out an unloaded gun and he shot it into his Temple and it blew his brains out yeah I was blank but the the fact that it was blank didn't stop at air from blowing through there's a thing that people do when they hunt in Alaska and in incredibly moist climates and putt place where there's a lot of dirt and debris they will put tape over the top of the rifle the over the end of the barrel where the bullet comes over or they even use a condom and it has no effect whatsoever on the accuracy of the bullet because

► 01:02:59

the air coming out of the rifle barrel from the explosion blows that tape out before the bullet even gets to it they have to have the thing right at the end of the barrel is the Super Bowl with slow down it up like yeah matching like a beer barrel made out of steel or aluminum mini ice lightways like what kind of pounds in whatever when it's full. Slamming into something if I hit a ping pong ball can do something if I'm to miles an hour a beer bottle of fiber in my mouth and I can do an awful amount of damage through a building to complain yeah and 200 tons hitting something at five hundred miles an hour does it matter that it's saying something if it was just a big bag of

► 01:03:59

hitting something at five miles an hour it would still make a hole in the side of the building I think this is a problem with a lot of these theories is that a lot of the people that are involved in these theories are either not educated in what they're talking about because there are some various nuances to things like this ping pong ball trick or they don't they don't want to be like they don't want to look at anything that takes away from this conspiracy they don't want to look at anything that debunks or disproves they just want confirmation of their initial idea that this is some big Grand conspiracy that someone is in on it and it's happening right before our eyes is quite hard to

► 01:04:43

even get one point passed a lot of people but if someone stops out with that that theory is it aluminum cannot cut steel then that's becomes like near the the gate keeping obstacle that you have to get past if you can't disprove that one thing it is nothing else matters really for them because the end of flame couldn't event at the building that for everything is a conspiracy so you kind of have to address these things yeah you have to and it's it's important for people before they decide that this is you know that the government spraying things in the sky that the world is flat or what whatever whatever these things are it's important to look at all the evidence is YouTube videos to play out without being interrupted much like a podcast unfortunately but they get to have these Grand statements without anyone who's an expert stepping in and stopping them and say well that's not true and here's why it's not true and here's why you can prove that it's not true which would just derail most of the

► 01:05:43

conspiracy theories really quickly and I'm surprised that people would listen to the 3 Hour podcast that you know once you get going in something and if it's time I was on your podcast the time went by like my nothing into something and you get sucked into a 10 year old is really interesting Theory and it's like all these Revelations like oh my God I'm getting the the other real skinny on the will you just you just finish your uncle mean how I am you want to do more and you also feel like you're in on something that people don't know and you want to tell them about it and I've been there I've been there but I've always tell people the dumbest one I ever believed in was a stupid tubes that fly through the air rocks

► 01:06:39

yeah I was Hook Line & Sinker I'll go outside and I would try to find those things streaking across the sky what it was was that there was a video that was made called Roswell rods and it was trying to say that there was these bugs like things that look like jellyfish they were flying through the air so fast and they can't I couldn't see them but they are catching on video cameras then finally someone figured out that what it really was was you could have an HD camera right next to the standard definition camera and the standard see those things flying across the sky what it's just a video artifact when the camera cannot pick up those those bugs it elongates them and streaks them across the camera motion blur motion blur and this guy this guy came to one of my UFC q and A's once and he waited in line and yelled out you're wrong about the rods the rods are real I can prove it

► 01:07:39

silly fellow

► 01:07:41

but these us that was a monster quest at proven that on television did set up two cameras and they said hi when it's actually being proven and you go there's still loads and loads of people who believe in in raw doesn't look how it looks how it was describing it looks like some kind of alien jellyfish that's so fast it flies through the air faster than you can see that means the problem is these guys have a vested interest in it being real is motivated and not necessarily by money they just motivation because once they believe something that feel like that privy to this special knowledge is going to be such a let-down if they're wrong I think is that in money and he said he sold a bunch of videos I bought them about two of those bitches with the assumption that people are not basically good people rather not trying to make money right well I think they also get caught up in the business of whatever it is you know what if you're in the UFO business and then someone comes along and

► 01:08:41

shut down your business you're going to try to well then he sort of but then I got to look at it objectively thing I want to keep my business alive on protect my business there they're like a half-million-dollar your business they take him between $490,000 a year and the presidents of the US he gets paid a salary of like $85,000 a year and he gets his expenses paid now that doesn't mean that he doesn't believe in what he's doing he I'm sure it started out this believer in 9/11 truth but over the last 10 years this has become his life and his livelihood

► 01:09:25

so even if you really believe that he still has this additional level of motivation to not disprove things how many people are in Architects and Engineers for 911 truth count it like they are they say they have like thousands of Architects and Engineers actually signing the petition I think they have like maybe a few hundred working Structural Engineers what do you think of their take on it that take his kind of like the standard 911 truth they think that it's a controlled Demolition and I think they have all this evidence we controlled demolition but it's not very good evidence is one of the experts is a high school physics teacher and got a good high school physics but he just makes some very simple mistakes about physics of the the falling towers and they repeat this on that way

► 01:10:25

site unquestioningly this another guy who's let the experts on the Nano thermite resident you that was found some other things of these red and grey specks of what looks like paint and rust was actually him since he's now like an expert on that site he gets to say whatever you like he's got this one theory about how the bits of Steel that flew out of the building had these niacinamide Rockets attached to them which is why they were leaving these Trails of smoke behind when they fell down and these are things that I just pretty ridiculous and you can kind of debunk them with physics but they'll have none of it because they've got the experts saying something and you can't

► 01:11:11

you can't deny the fact that you can't deny the account to debunk the Expos because the explosion of why would you need more about a high school physics teacher about physics why don't you know more about 9 or so then light then this guy who is an expert said that they got all these supposed expertise making these mistakes about 9/11 like that the president has this ridiculous demonstration that he does where he held up to cardboard boxes underneath one of them is empty space underneath the other one those are the tower and he drops them and this one. The ground in this one bounces off the box and he's basically saying this is what should have happened this upper portion should have stopped on the way down and is using these cardboard boxes in his a demonstration but that they ridiculous oversimplifications of what actually happened

► 01:12:03

yeah I don't know too much about the engineer's take on things you know from The Architects and engineers and I do really didn't bother getting into it too much but I just do know that it's several hundred people if not over a thousand and they're all over the world but how many people have studied it that disagree with them like how many and how is the architect for a lot of engineers in this world which is basically a reopened World Trade Center 7 and they went to the convention and they stood up and they gave us beaches and you get all the evidence about why you have to build the building 7 investigation to being reopened and they took a vote and I think it was about something like 97 to 3% against doing that so

► 01:13:03

all the architects who are actually that is professional hockey checks 97% like I remember the exact figures but it's around that voted against this to the 8911 petition who are actually Architects when you actually look at the actual millions of Architects that are out there in the world is a very small fraction of that right but how many of those millions of studied it I don't have it a problem I would like to see someone who's like a real legitimate top of the food chain architect from the debunking side view it from someone who is absolutely by guy from London I think it's cool things to Chinese guy from London who wrote a book on Progressive collapses in large buildings came out

► 01:14:03

Ouachita 2016 and it discusses like why Building 7 collapse why the World Trade Center towers collapse I'm going to whole bunch of the buildings why I said there are lots of people who do we study it within a 911 Architects and Engineers for 911 they the best majority of them have not studied it if you look at that position statements if they got everybody who joins a lot Wrightsville statement was goes on the website they'll say things like I want to loose change and I open my eyes look weird to me that's like the real common thing you did when I saw the towers fall I knew it wasn't it wasn't it wasn't a regular collapse it look weird to me is my favorite one but you did lie to me

► 01:15:03

in a Saturn V rocket taking off looks weird because it hadn't happened before yeah there's a lot of things that look weird what other things do you think that you and I disagree on

► 01:15:14

I think maybe the more gallons or more jelen's thing you are more prone to think that it's a real shame because you went to the Morgellons conference not that it's a real thing that there's real fibers growing out of people but that there's neurotoxic this is what I got from a doctor the doctor who had more gallons is that the clinic was a very reasonable guy William Poppy I think he has lyme disease and he said the vast majority of the people that have more Jones also have Lyme disease rent and he believes that there is a neurotoxic quality to Lyme disease that affects the way you see things and even causes hallucinations and he witnessed it himself he said I hallucinated and saw something crawling across the surface of my eyeball in the mirror but it wasn't a real thing I couldn't see it after I know I looked at it again it was it was gone but I did see it for a moment and he's convinced that Lyme disease when you catch Lyme disease

► 01:16:12

you're not necessarily catching it's not like you know you have Tylenol you know something it's isolated it's very specific when you get Tylenol you're getting Tylenol he's like when you get bit by a tick that has lyme disease you could get a host of pathogens and there's you know that what would test positive for Lyme disease very tricky to find someone to have it this dr. William call me like he is a guy who thinks he has more gallons or thinks he has chronic lyme disease has chronic lyme and he thinks that Whitmore jelen's is is a side effect of chronic lyme where people start thinking there's fibers growing out of their skin and so they think that fibers that come from their clothes or carpets they get stuck to some place they've been itching because they open wound and that they start

► 01:17:01

misinterpreting that as being something that's growing out of their skin but I would agree with that part of it yeah that's what he's really he's not really a guy he's a chronic lyme guy he's a more Jones guy in the fact that he has seen the hallucinations but because of the fact that he's a doctor and scientifically minded he believes that he's watching his own mind play tricks on him and he thinks there's neurotoxic qualities to whatever the pathogens are in Lyme disease are yeah yeah well I guess I don't disagree with you too much then I would describe you I think on chronic lyme by thing you put me no more about it than I do from what I've seen like most doctors don't think chronic lyme is a real thing it depends on how long you have it for before you get it treated that's the real issue is lyme syndrome and chronic lyme what is a chronic infection

► 01:17:54

other people think they just chronic effects like left over from having Lyme disease for a long time I think there's a lot of variability I think one I mean I think we probably have to really go consult a doctor on this not my area of expertise nor mine but I do have friends have got Lyme disease and I know some people are suffering from it to this day that have like real real terrible issues with my friend Jim Miller was a fighter in the UFC it's come and go with him in a terrible way it affects us greatly affects his joints and and you know he's had to take various medications try to get a handle on it depends I think on the person does a lot of lot of variables depends on the person depends on how quickly they detect Lyme disease my friend brought his son to the doctor and son had Lyme disease brought his son to the doctor the doctor didn't believe you had Lyme disease cuz that the bullseye Ring Around The Bite had gone away which does sometimes happen they did they said no

► 01:18:54

probably nothing and then the kids develop Bell's Palsy this is serious and then they realized that he'd actually does have Lyme disease and he is pissed at the doctor didn't take him seriously he had to Lyme disease as well he had to go on some serious intervenience antibiotics for months right it was like really heavy stuff so we did actually have Lyme disease had long days and it devastated him for months for months he wasn't the same problem with a lot of these medical conditions is the clinical diagnosis which means the diagnose not with test that you can do a blood and things like that but it is based on the symptoms yes and a lot of the times people that they like to attribute that problems to something and give its name so we've got a lot of things now like fibromyalgia we don't have we can't do it like a blood test usually for something like fibromyalgia and you have elevated immune responses and things like that Bea, like Psych the show this is Fibromyalgia he could be just a symptom of something else

► 01:19:54

people like to put a name on things so if people have they getting aches and pains or whatever they say is Fibromyalgia they convince themselves as fibromyalgia diagnosis guns that happens a lot of people people get old and your joints. To wake your ass off the floor light in your eyes start to give losing your Eurovision your focus and people think what's wrong with me and didn't realize they just getting old and they they look it up and they think they have Morgellons or they think they have chronic lyme people just if they getting healed for some reason they liked attribute that chronic condition to something said he might that tigon do a particular thing like running line get something to eat if they got bit by a tick like you did last summer and then this time I know they have all these problems they might self-diagnosis having chronic lyme it is possible but you do realize there's a tremendous amount of Lyme disease in the Northeast

► 01:20:54

horrible horrible condition and the people that do get it I mean Dupree uniform in the fact that it sucks it's Terrence really scared because it really didn't exist just a few hundred years ago I don't know where it came from or maybe they didn't know it was people got it and no one had any idea what it was. I could be it was discovered that Village lime reminds me of the Cuban Embassy thing with the song about what do you think about that it's the same type of thing people are reporting a bunch of symptoms they haven't really done any Dyke physical diagnosis of people before we getting ill people reporting hearing noises but the noise is kind of sound like cicadas

► 01:21:47

as I could have been like one guy wakes up in the middle of the night this is the gator in his room jumped out of bed skinny guys quiet and if you ever tried tracking us a catering you're going to get quiet so you can stop moving back into bed skater stop stressing again this guy say he tells his story to someone he can even get there later some unrelated thing another people say I like yeah well I I don't feel very well either and then at some point people sign of make apples connection and stop thinking that something actually happened and so they start asking people how you feeling how you feeling all right how's your hearing and he was a woman here is not as good as it used to pick my eyesight's not as good as they used to pay been having these balance problems but it's just people just have a normal life problems by getting old order the end of sickness or they've moved moved away pull up pull up evidence of Sonic weapon in Cuba

► 01:22:47

cuz I don't I don't agree with you on this one the US releases recordings of Sonic weapon attack used against diplomats in Cuba play this

► 01:23:01

it sounds like a cicada to me

► 01:23:11

please 22 people been hurt by the mysterious high-pitch sound have I have a 22 people are sick that talk to the doctors and they told him they symptoms of the Village People with brain damage but it's a clinical diagnosis but you know that they have Sonic weapons right yeah they are something that have been researched and it's real it is you don't think it's entirely possible that this is a Sonic weapon I don't see any evidence this is the only way he looked into this a lot it seems to me that if they're broadcasting it and this is something that the government's talking about it they're investigating and all these different people are investigating yet it seems like there's enough evidence that they're concerned if everyone's saying different things stressful conditions 2nd us diplomats Cuba panel certs Gabby

► 01:24:08

give me an interesting figuring it out when I get fingered yeah of course if it was after a 9-month probe hampered by a lack of success a lack of access to medical records a panel of Cuban scientist today declared us diplomats here likely suffered a collective psycho genetic psychogenic psychogenic disorder not delivered so see if what evidence there is that is Pro-Am this is what came up the latest thing is that a see if there's any other articles that contradict there is white matter of the brain of some people which is a bit vague and the white matter of the brain is an fmri

► 01:25:08

yeah it sucks but who knows what caused this and how many people actually have if you have one guy has changes in the white matter of his brain who knows what that's actually do to attack though I found visible perceptible damage to the patient's brains marking the first solid evidence that sophisticated weapon described by Embassy staff is entirely Realty Associates Associated Press reports does the Associated Press based on what based on someone at the state department saying we have found some damage somewhere diplomats because of this who did Americans away from the embassy because they were sick and so they said the Cuban that didn't protect the Americans while I know so you're going to have to send sick people back as well see it says the state department the FBI official

► 01:26:11

oh it's so unlike anything the state department the FBI officials have ever seen that the Cuban government's claim the high-pitched whirring sound reported by the u.s. embassy staff are just cicadas seems almost plausible click on that link that says they're just cicadas over-the-top that the same one we were just sort of things that it playing the noise

► 01:26:33

similar attack happened to somebody else in his back of Stan is a bush of really old school bush

► 01:26:44

yeah weird sound for sure but I would think that something that would be that you could damage you would be a frequency that would be horrible people didn't report hearing things some people have a high pitch whine that disappeared some people had a long-lasting rumbling noise

► 01:27:11

some people have my feet not be sign of all kinds of different irregular Morgellons, chronic fatigue getting old type symptoms

► 01:27:22

so you think that someone's are talking about this being an issue that they're being attacked and Iris are freaking out that's possible and then go back to bed inside again and someone else to have something similar happened that's funny because if you were in Cuba and they didn't want you there and you heard weird noises in like god dammit their attack me with sound Ray and people are being that you people are being harassed in Cuba I like it work at the American Embassy you get harassed it was Sonic attack against American Diplomat suggest Russian involvement pom pom by the Russians did it through Twitter Bots and you click on the Twitter Bots they send sound through your earbuds saying like linking the cicadas causing the hearing loss when it was actually saying the cicadas of causing people to lose their hearing they just saying that people sometimes get reductions in the Herring as they get older

► 01:28:22

and maybe that noticing it because the focusing on it so much right as people think I'm sick and then they focus on something like if you feel like you're itching a bit and you think you've got some kind of weird pathogen on their skin you just going to eat more and more you going to feel more and more itching so if people want paying attention like I have like mild tinnitus like ringing in the ears from video games or something no reason some people might have I might have never even noticed it but if I stop and listen to my you know what's going on in my ears I can hear this night has been noise in my ear so if someone said all that wood being Body by Sunny weapons like can you hear any like ringing in your ear or anything like that and then you got quiet and you listen

► 01:29:19

I need something that is a nice things that make sense people are very susceptible psychosomatic illnesses are absolutely sick building syndrome which is possibly a real thing and possibly be anything but a lot of people think that sick building syndrome a lot of times when it happens it's like when you lost people working in the same place get similar symptoms is happening because of this mess so I could Johnny Gill this one person says I feel sick and everyone can assume is it something in the environment around them that's closing that I said I kind of feel sick as well seasoned I'd heard of someone to talk about this one's called California I believe and that is when people go to vet visit people who have schizophrenia if they hang out with those people they start developing very bizarre behavior of their own and sometimes they have to be monitored

► 01:30:19

going to with yeah that's something we all know that some people are way more susceptible to suggestion way more susceptible to if you ever been hypnotized I feel like I wouldn't be hypnotizable I thought that too but I did it with a friend my friend Vinny shoreman did it to me so I trusted him and I just let him he's registered licensed hypnotist in the box with a lot of athletes are the fighters in particular and basically just puts you in a very bizarre state of mind but you're aware of it the whole time it's not like you know some Manchurian Candidate thing where they going to wake up Nick now you're an assassin for the government to run out the door in your underwear out Captain Underpants do you know Captain Underpants is deaf kids know but I didn't know I could love Captain Underpants friend of mine told me I should try hypnotizing my wife to do what I didn't spend the night at exactly

► 01:31:19

guy hypnotizes like it every couple of creeps in some weird shadows wife guy but maybe not when he's got that that stopwatch hang from a string getting sleepy that's real hypnosis is real. I was wondering I was like I was like what is this like the bullshit is it but they did really does put you in a very unusual State and when you get out of it. You know you can go through a lot of stuff that you have like maybe cluttering around inside your mind and reorganize after a hypnotic session pretty interesting is the reason why people use it for like quitting smoking and there on those lines

► 01:32:12

yeah well it's just shows how malleable the human brain is it goes back of that whole thing with being brainwashed by YouTube If people make documentaries in a way to hypnotize people say they stayed structure it in a way that you get these images coming at you and his ideas and this place being forced into things anyway that will actually just had this idea in your brain without you even really realizing it and I'll say things like you are being lied to me to is that they use often times a hypnotic voice like that Eric Dubay guy does was Flat Earth videos he talks in a very hypnotic Manor it's like very calm and yeah I think so the 911 dictating as they get you ain't the buildings could not possibly a fall in the way they did physics proves it it looks like we're going to have Eric Dubay he said he's agreed to do it

► 01:33:12

talk with Neil deGrasse Tyson yes we're going to he's going to Skype in from Thailand or wherever the fuck is he an amazing Thailand I don't know how I guess there was Flat Earth how do you get there that's still in the northern hemisphere I think Thailand scuba over there shoot over there and avoid the ice wall

► 01:33:31

but he doesn't believe in dinosaurs either

► 01:33:34

and it's kind of crazy guy no way you think he doesn't believe in so I don't know if you believe in satellites but I don't think he believes in nuclear bomb teaser what's unfortunate culture in the movement of Nazis like people I was running the world and so they think it's these certain sector the Jewish race they were actually in control of everything and there's these are the people who is stopping you from have no knowledge whether not your anti-semite cry so don't chicken out my friend Eddie Bravo is kind of buying into some of his shit torches me to no end but Eddie is one of the greatest Jiu-Jitsu coaches on planet Earth and he's an amazing Jiu-Jitsu coach and Jiu-Jitsu competitor

► 01:34:34

and one of are today's biggest videos is about how to get Sue's bullshit about Wing Chun Kung Fu defense Jiu Jitsu which is by the way not true don't try it unless you're like way bigger than the guy sucks at Jiu-Jitsu I should get those guys in the room, they would just talk about conspiracies to the End of Time loves conspiracy me some earplugs your tinnitus and kick and how much time do you have do you have the time for this Advanced physics references like nickel Somalia

► 01:35:34

this to me because I when I first brought up to Eddie Jamie pulled this up and send it to me the other day that I first brought up to Eddie from like 8 years ago on the podcast one of the really early podcast we still in my house on a couch and he's like what's the most ridiculous conspiracy theory Flat Earth so he went from that to Donnelly's a hundred percent convinced that it's flat but he's definitely willing to listen to 100% And what's the worst conspiracy theory like the worst One Flat Earth there's people that to the younger that's another bad one like today people don't believe yes y'all are there for some or all baked

► 01:36:34

I probably unfortunately but that was that was when he found out about Flat Earth from me and that was started him down the road house and episodes ago what episode was at 54 so that was probably 2010 first year

► 01:36:51

yeah I got into a fight at was even that big on the on the internet forever but he got off of UFOs he he goes in waves right Eddie goes in waves like we are both like really in the UFOs and in particular zecharia sitchin that was the big one you know zecharia sitchin is the Sumerian texts guy he wrote the reason why 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu is named 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu I actually came up with the name and why the reason why I came over the names cuz we were talking about zecharia sitchin and the ideas at this this came from another planet we actually came up with the name before Pluto have been changed from you know that they did decide is a planetoid downgraded it so we decided that this is coming from another planet like out there

► 01:37:51

the Anunnaki live but it was based on zecharia sitchin's book the 12th Planet and the his book was all about planet Nibiru and that the Sumerian texts or when you when you decide for them correctly they all describe this ancient race that came from this other planet that has its elliptical orbit that comes in between Earth and Mars and Jupiter somewhere somewhere it comes near Earth every 3,600 years and that this group of beings called the Anunnaki created human beings by coming down here and taking them and taking lower primates and injecting their DNA into him and while we were we were balls deep in that there was a big one type thing like the Ancient Aliens is trying something that's really at the far end of the conspiracy spectrum that you still get people who like believers who believe it like one of the guys you interviewed

► 01:38:51

Scott Stevens is a meteorologist yes yeah he was lying to me like he believed Chemtrails 100% you just believe in aliens what i disbelieve is people that are in contact with amorites I think the idea of do you know the Fermi Paradox right there so many planets so many galaxies and so many solar systems are the odds life being out there so high why why are we not been contacted that's interesting to me it is entirely possible in my estimation That's Amore on that we are the most advanced life form in the universe entirely possible because we exist because we are the most advanced life form on Earth

► 01:39:36

we know that right as far as we know as far as like communicating things that we've discovered in 2017 we are the most advanced it's entirely possible that where the most advanced everyone's I want it has to be something I could be people say like you know where the odds but yeah and what are the odds of us the first person you know who wins the lottery because it doesn't mean that it's very unlikely universes and see what happens directly 1 progression that you can folic what are the odds of someone inventing the iPhone 10 in 2017 well I don't know but that's how long to cook so I have that is exactly what happened we can go back to the iPhone 110 years ago it's real simple people say what is the probability of three planes falling from two free free buildings falling from two planes hitting them as if that makes any sense

► 01:40:36

what are the odds of who get so lucky that you would have three planes free buildings on the same day you know that doesn't make any sense so I think that it's entirely possible that we're the only Advanced life-form the universe or it's entirely possible that they're incredibly Advanced life-forms that really aren't interested in those or yeah that's that's possible to like we look at our fucking president we have a wacky president that just lies all the time I mean what would you call when you would go this way ball know the fuck they're doing each other up and figure out what they're going to do before we give them new technology of this people things out there is probably machines well I think it's

► 01:41:36

stop what's going on now I don't think this is

► 01:41:41

many civilizations can really survive sink biological life has its time yeah because I never was taking a real problem I think he and you seem like these robots and if it's not too much further along the line like a hundred years

► 01:42:11

from now he's like a blanket at the University's I will have robot so I can do everything that you even skin do and more absolutely indistinguishable from people but not just any sensual they will be humans plus to be like Gods to do hundreds thousands or millions of times more powerful than humans in terms of the processing power of attorney is hundreds of times more powerful in terms of the strength and that's a hundred years ago

► 01:42:48

already. Cuz I forgot I was adopted networks which is his way of doing AI the robot space is basically teach themselves that one robots who is judging things and there's one right but that's creating things and the robot that's creating things that teaches the robot and then they just got back and forth back and forth the old way of doing I I was like you would teach you about to do things I need to correct you when you get wrong and you tweet the algorithm but now you got these robots to the loony things incredibly incredibly rapidly by teaching who sells how to do things and that you humans who are running these rabbits don't actually understand how this actually works you end up with his huge big Matrix of numbers which you know I'm going to CD Seinfeld but the results come out of it at the got things like now where you you can you can take a scene in the video when you can tonight in today or you can

► 01:43:48

snow scene into a summer see because they can do these things on the line that was incredibly disturbing they said that when robots become sentient like when they have the ability to make up their own decisions and didn't do things for themselves and they first thing to do is improve on their own design and they'll they'll will be able to have ten thousand years of human propelling of if humans were evolving technology a robot or a sentient AI could do ten thousand years worth of technological advancement in two weeks and computers just run so much faster just think about that number two weeks so think about how long ago 10,000 years ago was it

► 01:44:48

old development because they can't make fresh type fast enough to try the matter with again they don't sleep and you don't get time to get idea near a lot of them right and everyone's going to hate we should probably hit the brakes soon it's all such a lucrative thing for people to do because if you get ready for that you can you can sell it she is going to want robot soldiers is the drones with guns mounted on them

► 01:45:27

if you're watching you don't like you that scares the shit I'm a woody show me hear James really fast it's starting right bat ripe Tomatoes really quick

► 01:45:38

as it'll slow down here in a second screen see how fast how can I see the oh my God so it seems the green tomatoes and it just knocks them out what the fuck cuz the computer is Ascension seeing what we're seeing now he's getting them so perfect

► 01:45:55

that's insane so as they're coming down this ramp these computers are all my God that's in real-time holy shit dude because computers is that fast enough to do this now it's just going to accept your even though you almost have a strobe light yeah they're not going to have any trigger Panic just walk away from the flat-earth in understand that there's a sentient robots

► 01:46:46

what did you so can you you have a background in computers what did you what was your take on that whole thing when Google had to shut down these two computers communicating with each other cuz they started talking in a language that they didn't understand the the generative adaptive networks they

► 01:47:08

didn't have to shut them down but they did get a little freaked out and study that they knew what their computers are ominous to say today to take your ass each other they send computer dick pics or is it then talked about maybe that's what's going on with all this crazy push to accept 78 different gender pronouns and non-binary people and all the stuff that didn't exist in the past maybe we're

► 01:48:08

maybe there's like a natural inclination in the human species to move towards a genderless prototype of the future we did a podcast we're talking about like what an alien is the archetype alien with the big head in the very thin body and the you know the mouth it's like barely visible that I think that this is probably what we see ourselves becoming when we have some sort of a symbiotic relationship with technology with technology becomes a part of us when we have the ability to manipulate genes which is absolutely coming and then we have this enormous head which let me look at our heads Right Stuff a practical thing on his head they were talking he was talking to Ray Kurzweil in a podcast I was listening to Ray Kurzweil the futurist and they were talking about the size of a human head and that human head can only get so big

► 01:49:08

because of the mortality issue with the mother like that if the mother could not get her to the head can only be so big and that it's also one of the reasons why I'm folding over our heads are so big that we have to be born like almost helpless as opposed to like other animals that are born they're pretty pretty agile I'd rather box like a daddy or a horse or something like that even primates like young primates have very little body fat on them and they're they're much stronger than a young human baby and that the design of the vagina in the head like leaves like little room for advancement in the state that we aren't that far as it can go but if we move away from vaginas not not that's all I'm saying but what I'm saying is move towards some sort of you know that yeah something put together in some sort of a new concoction some sort of a new

► 01:50:08

artificial womb that doesn't have any size constraints a big hat that well if you don't give a fuck about what you look like the big head would allow you to see the future baby you have massive cut like that. That's a tricky one that's not very well there's that version of the alien or there's the bodybuilder alien from Prometheus which seems less likely and I wanted his debt that all the big head thing like I don't think you need to grow bigger brains be humans you could probably do a lot better by having some kind of implant silicone got a huge computer like a hundred iPhones time time time that the like oxygen tanks so stop your back to what if we go away from all that stuff what do they figure out some sort of a fission way did you know I just have like what what is this for

► 01:51:08

Alam out and had it in an artificial womb and it survive for a few weeks at least I was growing up or we would like a few weeks and it worked. I think that's entirely possible for the future and then the idea of human beings moving away from biological bodies if they figure out a way to download Consciousness which is on a Kurzweil still trying to figure out a way to get to a point where the Consciousness is something that can be transferred and it's a freaking idea freaky to me because of someone like Kim jeong-hoon it makes a thousand of them self and you know fucking put some all over the world while I slept but it's like you know Consciousness gets taken out of a butt at you actually die and you just this robot assembly of view is what continues what do you make two copies of yourself yeah do you want of them a skydiver

► 01:52:08

imagine that's why we decided to just do all Reckless share with one of your body start MMA fight and you have the other body on steroids and you have the other body like working out the Olympic Training Center and turn the other body like a super athlete and yet until the one that you're skydiving and doing backflips with how do you say augmented brains are going to come along before things like that but I think you're right I think it's something with AI is coming along as like Bots chat bots on the internet creating content like creating like talkin things I post on YouTube that can create pictures like these you networks are talking about a nightly create videos that look like real videos so I think you're going to get actual content creators which are artificial intelligence like YouTube personalities

► 01:53:02

that are actually out petrol belly dance at some of them will be over like Google's new box your posting on the internet that people will get a ice pretending to be real people and then you get these are real people in thousands if not millions of social media accounts trying to influence people wow when you talk about light you have bought some things for that just like people just posting shit like reposting memes and things what if you actually getting out to visual intelligence. You hold a conversation with someone and then I'll special intelligence this actually more intelligent than the person that you holding his holding the conversation with it will be able to manipulate that person and control them and since it's the computer doing it you could have thousands or millions of them

► 01:53:55

and you could do all kinds of targeted like social media campaigns but I don't they say that's going on right now actually like station with people we're on the verge of that you have artificial Bots that will go out for now yeah you're going to the stage where you won't be able to tell if it's a boy we'll be someone who would be a few decades they'll be people will be a spatial intelligence is it would be just as intelligent as you or me and we'll be able to have the same conversations on social media that you and I can have on social media right now and people won't be able to tell the difference is this big famous test the Turing test where the test is someone sits in a room with a typewriter and they talk to the computer in the other day when it take until it's a computer then

► 01:54:55

and they can't tell it's a computer Gabby comes out of the computer so was being very limited success is with that if you like restricts the topics to adjust baseball or Britney Spears or something like that limited remains that they can talk about but if you get a general-purpose it actually intelligent and has goals to change someone's mind about something like politics you could have a real problem for we were talking about Duncan and I yesterday were saying think about someone creating an artificial version of him based on the hundreds of hours of his audio recordings cuz he has so many podcasts as do I know if somebody wanted to take a podcast

► 01:55:36

like mine or there's a thousand episodes and take those thousand plus episodes and take my opinions and the way I described things the way I talk mean like if you're talkin to me in a podcast like this you just talking to me this is what I talked like so and you get a bunch of variables right you get me excited me depressed me shocked me sad me happy you would have so much to choose from you you could kind of material you could kind of like fill in the blanks and gas pretty accurately how I would react to respond to certain as one of the episodes of Black Mirror British TV show about a woman whose husband that died that she had all this video set up an AI version of Fame and it starts out small like it's someone who will post on social media as him and eventually grew to get this big thing

► 01:56:36

just watched an episode of the other day it's a good Haven that one new season song to God damn it's good that's a great couple weeks are too much that shit for me to you know she just gets freaked out on technology in the future and the possibilities you can probably do something if they put enough resources in just me just get rid of it they could have something cuz this type of unit did the generative adaptive generative adversarial networks this thing where they pick up one judge in one generator don't have one. Just tries to make Joe Rogan's and then I'll have another AI that the next bus at detecting the real Joe Rogan they don't have all this real material

► 01:57:36

to go by and then this will keep feeding things to fasten that's a that's not quite right he doesn't say like that he has his eyes when he's confused and eventually it will come up with something that will then it becomes a thing of like how do you know you're you

► 01:57:54

and how do you know you're talking to someone else that's them like here's the thing let's just say

► 01:58:07

Chris Ryan give me a rubber dick sorry I just noticed that it looked over how to comment say let's say if I say your father died which is one of Ray kurzweil's big sings his one of his primary motivations is to recreate his father he lost his father when he was young and he believes that through the Advent of artificial intelligence in through the the date of it is collected the recordings of his father in the images that one day he will literally be able to communicate with his father again

► 01:58:41

I don't know if that's real but I do know that someone like Dunkin save my friend Duncan died it's entirely possible that within the next 50 years there going to be able to create a version of Duncan and Duncan can come over and say hi to crazy I was dead and I won't even know I want to know if it's really Duncan you got to watch this episode of Black Mirror what is it for China before I found I think it was an NPR episode of might have been on Radiolab I think call Dad bought this guy made literally a text made used all of his dad's past text messages between himself and him and then made a I bought he could chat with I think his brother can use it to they can just send generic messages I K how you doing and you send something that he would have sent back I mean he just has roots shit do that

► 01:59:41

text now very good you get a tail it's not a real person did you like ex machina oh yeah I just say it but I like some super scientist who is my one of my favorite movies that's that's my top 10 favorite movies of all time it hits so close to home and they were so little cut the shit in that movie you know what I described movies based on the cut the shit scenes like some movies like what the fuck is cut the shit how the hell that happened there was none of that in that movie to me that in that movie to me was like wow like this this all could take place and stay there

► 02:00:41

face nearest Future about things the sandwich of it is just trying to make a robot that's just like a human when the robots are not going to be like humans still got to be like Cylon going to date you no more by your command by doing work that I never look like humans that will do robots that look exactly like humans but that's just one aspect of tomato robot it's knocking didn't have to look a person just has to be functioning at the way it to be for it to be functional is not to look like a person exactly have these multiple fingers I can knock away these Green Tomato yeah so why why like why build something around the limitations of the human body this is the same guy that is in a Black Mirror episode 2 the sequel to ex machina

► 02:01:32

I heard they were going to

► 02:01:35

sure why wouldn't I mean why wouldn't I fucking it better was a really good movie made a bunch of money it was amazing they better I am worried about that I am worried and I'm also worried by the fact that you don't guys like Elon Musk her worried that wouldn't want someone like that worries and starts talking about it and you and Mike Will who is paying attention to this mean how many people are really at the Forefront and is it possible to pull that back because I'm aware of what the United States is up to in terms of like what gets printed in the news I've seen not really aware but when you get further than that like China Russia like we don't have no idea what they're doing and if you don't they will do a wolf with a i stocks so they could be developing all this artificial intelligence and do things like infiltrate every social media and make them both for the different

► 02:02:35

just infiltrate solar power stations and shut them all down that's one of the real problems that I have today with the conversations regarding politics regarding whether not Russia hacked the election is because people are so concerned with painting out their party to be innocent and the other party to be guilty and describing all the different things that the Russians did in the interference and all of the you know the subterfuge is being used that I think we're missing out on this idea that you can electronically affect the way people think about things if you have enough resources to attack an idea with propaganda through Bots and this is something that you see all the time yeah a lot of the stuff that was posted in closed groups on Facebook

► 02:03:35

so it's something that you really wouldn't be able to see happening like you feel like you have to have a slight sweatshops who are all these people doing all kinds of stuff pushing out the store is and then going to these clothes groups because it's harder for people to figure out what's going on if you're in a closed group and they post all this stuff always me at whatever anti-hillary memes or whatever right bro Donald Trump like you put yourself in a narrative one of them where the guy got busted because he accidentally had on his location and show that he was in Russia and you know who's some guy with Mick #maga American flag and his Avatar in the whole deal

► 02:04:35

so I look better in the loading but it's really hard to figure out what's real and what's not real right now the dog was that like 20 years ago and that movie they described the possibility of Faking these conflicts and having this fake video and having movie directors film everything and that would influence the way people thought about world conflicts and now we're going to say without technology is a lot more realistic Viking videos you were pretty close there things where you can take audio now and just basically sample audio and create anything that person might say yeah that was a Radiolab podcast where they did it and it's still a little crude but like most things I mean you go back to the very first Oculus Rift which was only a few years ago and it was pixelated and clunky looking but if you look at the HTC Vive now they're virtual reality is pretty spectacular still tell

► 02:05:35

it's not real but man experience is so much more immersive reading a book back in the 90s I think it's less than zero by Bryson tillers baby's face onto like a porn porn actor and at the time I thought that was the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of cuz he would never possibly work and there's no way of getting your not degree of accuracy and now I've gotten a few my iPhone that she does it to a reasonable degree where he sometimes to see what's going on with this thing called life which is a toy app where you take a picture of yourself and instantly like matches onto a 3D face and you can do all these expressions and you can say these things he can it tells me is like meme generators and it's it's basically it's that type of thing which I thought was ridiculous speculation like 20 years ago but now it's time to post an article that I tweeted today about Gal Gadot

► 02:06:35

who is the woman from Wonder Woman they take the use an algorithm and they tape her face onto a porn video so they have her doing porn and it looks just like her time to tell a little bit that it's not her but not much it's it's enough where you like whoa they're going to get really good at this and then they'll be able to have you doing anything you could be a murderer they can have you outside murdering people and they're both of the news and then by the time they retract it you know they say I'll make West wasn't really out there just gunning people down it was someone else your neighbors don't trust you anymore you have to move the damage is done you know what that's that. That I support like a lot of the fucking hysterics and the craziness that Trump tweets and all the different shapes that eat weeds but occasionally they get things wrong and they make stories about him like like the CNN Russia story would have had a fire those three yeah well when they after they

► 02:07:35

Fargo's reporters who had made these erroneous connections and had this like floridon piece they fired them but the story already been written like this is I guess there's a rush to get things out there and they're trying very hard to be getting very careful because once something's out there that initial thing of being out there is so much more powerful than any retraction yeah it's really hard to get restrictions attic was the original thing just goes so much more than they were traction thing is a thing where they said that his signature was fake because the ink on the image was like black on one side and blue on the other side that's what I like and the more I was looking into that I did some experiments where I did a signature and then held at an angle and took photos all right and I found out that this is a type of

► 02:08:35

chromatic aberration from the camera was just does that with ink and is very easy to duplicate and you can show that this was like she was going on in His image and then you can look at other images of the signature from different angles with each other that sold black so there's this one image on CNN that she had this blue and black ink and then I took it out but it was just this trick of the camera but even though it's been debunked and explained this people are still spreading the exact same thing around 2 that's not real done today after they just remember there was also something about him writing something in someone's yearbook had forged the entry to the yearbook but that's not the case what she had done was written the date

► 02:09:35

yes but you didn't didn't forward the actual words that she is but that's a that's a problem the other problem is that she did do it and she didn't say she did it but so many people want that to be true that it was for it's right that if you can take something with liking a slightly problematic like her like not saying that she actually I did the sanitation afterwards and then you can say that changes to it being forged which is why it will stick for long enough that it's a lie because it's all we had to do was get this story out there yet enough stuff in it to make it seem vaguely plausible to people who wanted to believe that she fancy fortunate did she forged the date and did she try to say that that date was was written by him she added a note underneath that have the date but he had also rich in the date above he wrote light a match with a sweeter and more darling girl I could never

► 02:10:35

say Merry Christmas Roy Moore 77 she addressed Old Hickory House 1977 and did she try to claim that he had written that originally it seemed like she was saying that says he'd ridden the whole thing and itchy red out of the inscription and she said that the end of the fucking cheever remember how do you remember what you wrote down from 1977 that had the same handwriting from like her today trying to frame him that seems more like she was just documenting it at the time and forgot anything it makes it more realistic so if she was in it for jet she would have forward to the whole thing

► 02:11:35

she's talking about something 40 years ago a cop that's this this whole thing of trying to like someone saying this definitely happened 40 years ago is Timmy so Bonkers I know what the hell could you end this is a real problem would like the news there you know like one of the Al Franken accusers we were talking about yesterday claimed that I grabbed her her waist and squoze her fat and since her way when did she's talking about something 10 years ago like you absolutely remember what happened in the something so inconsequential 10 years ago that seems insane to me now you add 30 years on to that and I'm just calling bullshit you can't really remember me something really significant about set Creative Memories

► 02:12:35

space shuttle blowing up last one that people did extensive research into that like tracking people's stories over like a decade outside and they found that like a significant percentage of people change the story is 10 years later I'm sure that's about where they was I like the something yeah like harassment or something like that is entirely possible that I could change it possible they could change their conveniently forgetting or ignoring that human memory is insanely flawed and malleable statute of limitations because let things like eyewitness testimony of a time are bullshit biological memory for a fat SD card they stick in the back your head just popped that sucker in there and and you'll have all of your memories entirely accurate like

► 02:13:35

that was a black mirror but I really think that that's entirely possible in the future that there's going to be some way will you have a neural interface with some sort of recording device it's far more accurate and that will all agree to it Walgreen to adjust like photographs like if Jamie is standing next to you and I say Jamie and my quest for the room together and take a picture it used to be that I could say well that's definite cuz I have this photo but now with Photoshop and video editing tools so and then so what am I talking about cuz even at your memories I got to be able to create artificial intelligence put you put like fake memories in your brain and having you have fake experiences gigantic to me like

► 02:14:35

all of my years of martial arts competition if you would ask me to like accurately depict some of the most significant memories of my life from like AIDS 16221 like all this martial arts fights at I had I wouldn't even be able to touch it I have described like flashes and I'm sorry I didn't have a soft when it's working on Sandy Hook documentary about the making history of Nevis often Tony Hawk and the guys interviewing me and I don't like is it go I thought I would never forget that cuz he was such a significant part of my life but it's just kind of dropping away over the years and I have a lot with the young people are looking for call 911 the game by the memories of what happened that day

► 02:15:31

it changes remember changes there's a few things that I remember because their Legos some significance to it like I remember the space shuttle thing because I was over at ex-girlfriend's house and it was one of the few times that we saw each other before we had completely stopped seeing each other like we kind of broken up and I drove it out to her house to visit her and then while I was over your house we saw the launch we're like holy shit we we we actually saw the replay of it blowing up and we're seeing the actual event itself alive and said I think they saw it live so that becomes a memory I'm pretty pretty good at that a pretty I'm pretty good at going over my memories to make sure that I'm thinking I think I got to maybe you're not maybe go back and check some of these members on TomTom your ex girlfriend and ask her if that really happened I remember very clearly where I was when Sam Kinison died

► 02:16:31

I'm definitely where I was when 9/11 happened yeah cuz I got some calls from friends and it woke me up like my phone kept ringing and I remember that cuz I remember being in my house I remember turning on the TV that is about 200% I was driving to work I was on the 405 remember that he seems to me very softly seems their details around that I went to Taco Bell on the way to get some food cuz I thought it might be a long day and now I'm trying to forget what happened on 9/11 I remember the day because I spent it with Eddie and Joey Diaz and a couple other friend's mom we went to

► 02:17:16

the went to a burrito joint on Sunset in Hollywood and that we were just talking about there's no flights until it goes we heard the fight end like left mazya playing this guy's weird I felt weird with felt like we're stuck in California or is like the freedom of air travels it's something that if you don't fly a lot you don't think about but if you if you really do if it they pulled away oh yeah well at least have cars take a train so is there anything else that we we might disagree on

► 02:18:03

what's up

► 02:18:06

I think we all think we agree on the Flat Earth stuff no you think the Earth is round right what about Hong Kong

► 02:18:19

the guy who from Blink-182 a bunch of people pointed out to me that he is essentially there they are selling stock in a communist yeah there's something stuck and also he gets a guaranteed payout if I can think a hundred thousand dollars a year or something like that well whatever it is, so how much money they take in a while they make if you get enough Rubes to keep donating money to this it keep saying stay tuned things are going to happen and I said maybe some BTS released yeah when I say that like the photos and I almost pissed my pants laughing there was so bad it was so bad one of them was so fucking bad I was like dude if that was in a movie I would want my money back I'll be angry so like what it means

► 02:19:19

the guy or is he like a smart guy who's making money

► 02:19:22

I do not know it was like this to see you in front of his stuff he loves it so I try to be respectful because I'm the host and he agreed to come here and he wanted to talk about this I try to be respectful and let this guy talk and what he was saying to me was so ridiculous I was like I don't even have to challenge him on this cuz so obviously ridiculous everyone is going to see that it's ridiculous I was wrong there was a lot of people that listen to podcast but I saw on Twitter that thought that what he was saying was mind-blowing and this is real those are the people that are going to donate he's actually right now is there a problem with that

► 02:20:11

is there a problem with the Catholic church because they're full of shit to at least he has to pay taxes I mean is there a is there a problem with Connie Rubes out of money are Holograms to say you get to play video games on the table in front of you just go fund me fees for people that don't have illnesses that take water out of the I saw that one yeah but I actually work it would take like 3 days to fill the bottle if you were in a rainforest I just saw that when I was already

► 02:21:11

has a slight open thing where he is developing a prototype so it doesn't actually have to work wow so what happened with that so all those people is this it it's still going to go though it might have been on a couple of different platforms

► 02:21:30

and one of them is more more relaxing than the other in terms of where it will allow like one of them now you could have a working prototype the self-filling water bottle yeah it's it's been created it a lot of these are like Eastern European like scientists who do things out of the air and then you can just pull it out of the tube and wow look I've got water all the sudden electrical things actually cool things down and Come Dance things and it will likely condense a little bit but hardly anything so take a long-ass time for that to fill water but I have like a like a dehumidifier or humidifier cuz California's drive he eventually fill out the container of the dehumidifier

► 02:22:30

what is this big machine and it still takes all day to fill out the reservoir so they saying like a little water bottle this size with a little sell a panel on this little condensing thing that's this big will fill it up in a few hours well maybe it's like that physically impossible physical face technology swapping thing that like 20 years ago was impossible but 20 years from now. Playing the long game with water bottle of computer so you can't really improve the laws of physics you going to get so much water out of apostle and possible so they would have to have some sort of better mechanism for extracting it than what they're doing a lot of scams out there I don't know if that's what he's doing when I talk to people that knew him from a long time ago he's been obsessed with UFOs forever so his obsession seems to be legitimate however when I was talking to him about all the events and I was like tell me what happened you got a guy contacted you while I can't say who I can't say I can't say what it was I can't tell you that we can't get into that that's all bulshit when someone says

► 02:23:30

talk like that the full of shit he definitely seemed to be a combination of deceptive and delusional the slides that he used to illustrate it was like a any events of some UFO buzzing a aircraft carrier and some fighter jets will go after it and they couldn't find it and they put up some slides on the screen that witch look like a shiny silver penis flying around type of thing we do I met a bunch of that so we figured out what this was actually a number one numerical helium balloon by the digit one oh wow like someone's at like it from a party and I found like a bunch of other shots of the same thing where you can see it rotating you can see it's fairly clear it's it's number one but it's on this this this guy conspiracy website I thought it was a UFO so he got it

► 02:24:30

it's a much helium balloon that was a white guy who is no shiny what's disturbing to me is that he's got this business that claims to be some sort of Aerospace business and he's involved in it with all these other people that are with the guy who is running that's kind of you know something like that is I who works at Lockheed Martin or somewhere skunkworks Amy start doing that all started getting crazy that gives us and we'll turn that science into flying craft but it doesn't really exist they got like a guy who shoots things with laces to make them go fast yeah that was one of the weird thing about the real technology you can use a laser to power power Warcraft

► 02:25:30

kind of crap the Wolves very nature of time and space itself yams a kind of rides a wave of a wormhole or something like that it only have to do is kind of light try really really hard if you'll put their heads together unlike this scientist do all this science a lot and then these buildings do that really good building based on these really good science there going to get then don't forget this flying craft that is going to happen having people donated some something like 2 million dollars or can she do you find that out 2002 2092 people have donated $2000000 wow that's wrong numbers have changed frequently the number seem really high in terms of the amount of donations like it's very odd you going to get two thousand people to donate $1,000 each. Doesn't seem right

► 02:26:30

be a few very large Dennis that he somehow convinced to denied via this there are a lot of really fucking crazy old people to believe in the shit and they might have a ton of money I mean was that red line meant to represent kinda looks like a rock

► 02:26:50

to the Stars Academy of Arts and Science that's what kills me what kind of Hearts we doing fingerprint I wish tracking those numbers for awhile never going up unproportionately that's the correct word to say from each other number was going up while the number to the dollar number was sort of staying the same so maybe he was calling these people if you can be gobble you're off getting a lot of smoke and get you on the first ship to minimum 200 I think really smoke bring down the soul some large donations it's amazing that donated $2000000 to the wacky ass fucking company companies required to do is pay Delong $100,000 a year for the next seven years or something and that's it really crazy thing to was the date that he had been contacted by the government because they knew that he could go on shows like mine and talk about this and he would have a platform because he's a rock star was like what

► 02:27:51

this is like some why didn't God stop him yeah he's like some bad movie shit like this narrative is like a bad movie is that people I say I like they don't talk to me on the phone because they're afraid of the government tracking them down and assassinating them whatever I was like that's no agents of the government they wouldn't be very hard to just say a word of this guy they like to pull on you because you debunk things that you're an agent of the government yeah yeah and it's really hard for me to get around I think my Approach their eyes just to be is honest as possible or a time so I will tell him exactly who I am doing the Tony Hawk video games I'm just like British video game programmer

► 02:28:40

basic get my life story yeah they don't buy it without buying it pal I think some of them it helps telling them about the New York Times at Regal that's funny actually well it's it's one of those things where if you don't want to believe you're not going to even like that's a likely cover story for a guy and then then they'll go super deep will the government has infiltrated video games in order to keep kids stupid they've did the creator these games in order to mess with the kids minds and one reaction I got quite a bit is the I am stupid that you're stupid yeah a lot of people will say that I am really stupid ass people like who are in 19 at The Architects and Engineers for 911 truth type thing I hope it was think that I'm really stupid and don't understand physics at all and so that they say that but I'm not a government agent I'm just this really stupid dude who doesn't understand what actually happened on 9/11 useful idiot right yeah

► 02:29:40

snake display data not satisfy a person who is just mistaken right so then they can dismiss my videos by laughing at them little videos why do things like demonstrate how something buckles like a column buckling when you put a load on it. Just just physics videos and then they just say how you're an idiot and we don't need to look at this video is the way of getting round to the problem lies of am I really smart government agent or I'm just a stupid useful idiot well it's just that I'm looking at you and trying to find someone to dismiss what you're saying you really get a kick out of debunking shit I didn't spend the backyard science stuff that is a thing I did recently where was saying that the

► 02:30:40

that must be from them for the Rocket Motors that are pushing them away from the World Trade Center. He's probably just some some dust on it and I wouldn't do that he wouldn't leave a Long Trail so I got a big Sledgehammer pilots and some cheese on it from my fireplace and then I stood on top of the wall and I was throwing this is a sledgehammer with a big trail of dust coming from it for like half an hour at videoing myself doing it until I got some some representative videos of it it's just fun to do it is kind of funny you know one of the ones that kept coming up that I thought was the most ridiculous thing about the Flat Earth was I read this a couple places where people talk about ships disappearing on the horizon in another ship disappeared but if you pulled out if you zoom in and zoom and you can still see the ship Walker why can't you look towards Japan where is Mount Kilimanjaro get up how come you can see the moon you can see the moon if you get a good telescope you can see the moon really clearly take that telescope point across.

► 02:31:40

where's the mountains who developed the basic stuff so now they can you demonstrate how things actually do Go Over the Horizon and Horizon until the sun sets of things like that until they come up with complicated explanation where there's this kind of giant refractive lens of atmosphere above the Earth which is bending all the light from the sun in such a way that the Earth appears to be around even though he's actually flat

► 02:32:25

a basic question like how did he actually know he's around if it looks I didn't know it's Flats if it looks round right like things are disappearing Over the Horizon as if it looks around because of this refraction thing. But if it looks round why they thinking is flat

► 02:32:45

will the thing that killed me was that you could zoom in on it and that proved that the that it wasn't actually disappearing Over the Horizon I know a little bit about Optics because of my fascination with the outdoors I have a bunch of binoculars spotting scopes of various power and there's things you just cannot see when you get a good spotting scope on them so with the naked eye like there's things you can't see with the naked eye you would swear they do not exist they're not there but then you get a great spotting scope on them and you can see it miles away and that's the thing with ships you get a large ship it goes far enough away you can't see it anymore and you'll be convinced that has disappeared over the horizon when in fact it's only probably a couple inches lower on the horizon as far as like the curve of the Earth but it's to the naked eye it's invisible so when they zoom in on it they're convinced that I ha there is no curvature of the earth see this looked like it went over the horizon but it's an optical illusion

► 02:33:45

I think they've been share this so many times it's actually happens that's so many videos now on YouTube that actually demonstrate this thing like this time lapses of ships going over the horizon like zoomed in all the way with the p900 camera as we should do like x 3 x Zoom as big as you can go is being demonstrated they ignore you know if you look at the other you know you're playing The Platters video all the queue to the right is like Flat Earth exposed barangay who does the Egyptian videos to my amazing speed well it's just amazing that so many people get get into this and they buy any what you see that one with that young man took a spirit ruler spirit level on an airplane

► 02:34:45

fly rod airplane videos on life. He's got this weird idea about the Flat Earth it's so when you like you two battles with him when he puts up something about how the Moon is cooling things and he has this thermometer thing from sharing that though he's the Moon is actually making things cold then I put up a video explaining why you know it's just a reflection because he's interested only to the Delaware that way I need another thing like this Mick West Point that they see all these other planets is round but they decide that the Earth is flat but it's some sort of a flat disk the other thing is the difference

► 02:35:45

Chris is really close to the Sun yeah things about 4,000 miles away miles away

► 02:35:55

oh you fucking idiots but I think the distance to the Sun varies depending on the Observer where you are as every driveway just get super small like what the fuc Yeah I mean it makes no sense it's so ridiculous but it's just to me it's such a strange thing to concentrate on that this is like that there are their identities holy invested in improving this thing to be some sort of a massive conspiracy very very very strange love it you love it love it love it it's it's a rabbit hole for deep bunkers you just get sucked into it's one of the best ones because it's so silly it is there's no and then here's the thing the people send me people like I don't know if they're trolling me or if they're serious they'll send me a picture of a glacier and I go there's your fucking your ice wall

► 02:36:55

something like that I can actually buy shelf is a government the government is like guarding the ice wall all around so you can't get near it take pictures of it is a huge problem for the south of South America someone in Australia and they both looking South which on the desk will be a way right looking laid up with directions and they're both actually yeah cuz they're both fairly close to each other really good looking at the same stars in the sky even like the really complicated explanations for the Flat Earth explained that so it's like one of the the heart irrefutable proof solve around while they also keep changing their story based on what gets debunked like the big one that Dube was saying forever every photograph of Earth from space is a composite that's not true

► 02:37:55

damn full scale full image high resolution photographs from The Handlebar E8 then they decided those are fake sowa first it was those their composite here and I wish there was some Composites from the lower side of my lights and then Blue Marble thing but that's how it is the famous issue and the famous image of the Blue Marble NASA free high-resolution images they did back in like the 90s from composite because they wanted to get something we had all of a land mass without any clouds on so that stay close to take me back to the clouds on and then station altogether and they created this thing that have just the clouds and then you can put them together and moving around and stuff how many different satellites to take probably around Thirty or forty

► 02:38:47

long run by government chills they're all run by government is Russia to Russian ones as a European one and Mickey are sat at the American high-resolution one just went up a few months ago it's offline because they're moving it from one side of the United States to the other damn they moving it how long is that take a few days to Little Mill Jets confuses people is how do rockets work in space they think that because there's no atmosphere and space there's nothing to push against brat so how does a rocket actually work in space

► 02:39:47

it's a action and reaction if you throw something in that direction you will move in the opposite direction if you sit in your chair take a big bowling ball or something really fast you'll be back a bit right so if you get like a house and you pointed that direction and you're standing on ice or something you'll move in the opposite direction doesn't matter if you throw something that way there has to be a reaction in the opposite direction okay that makes sense a lot of those guys don't even believe in satellites yeah they think the signals are bounced off the ionosphere and there's no satellite yeah but you can you can see is our lives yeah you can see I get emails when I was going to fly out I had and I got another look and you can see I take a pictures of it you can see the solar panels in the photographs that I say wow

► 02:40:47

that's the problem with these people that don't believe in satellites is that how we tracking weather then how do we know exactly when the Hurricanes coming in by the balloons mesh yeah it's it's my concern about all this in particular like the flatter stuff is young kids wasting your time on stupid shit when the world is filled with massive real Mysteries and Incredibly fascinating things you should be diving in and learning about the great opportunity for teaching kids with things like flash of experiments to determine that the Earth is not flat teaching them about traps thinking trap yes that the mind can allow you have a down you can take some have something about this guy is saying that ships should reappear when we zoom in

► 02:41:47

that was that one was so stunningly stupid to me and then go on to the Flat Earth anymore but it's the the thinking behind it that's the problem the stinking that every single airline pilot everyone involved in commercial shipping everyone involved in Aerospace everyone who makes satellite several and all those people are lying every cartographer everyone is all the mapmakers everyone they're all full of shit everyone is agreed to not tell everyone else about the ice wall if the Earth was flat and it was a nice wall scientist with detail it and they would explain why the Earth was flat and they would show you a working model of the Earth being flat and that's what they teach in school there would be no there's no benefit whatsoever to describing the Earth in a shape that doesn't exist in

► 02:42:45

and it will be obvious if the Earth was flat cuz you have to do like really simple test yourself to see boats not going over the horizon just so disturbing you will see the Sun get smaller as it gets further away the Sun stays exactly the same size throughout the day. Sunrise noon Sunset movies have the same size as the moon does the same thing why does the Moon look so much bigger than when it's on the horizon with all I could help to Collision what is it is a perspective issue settings is exactly the same thing because it really does look larger when it gets lower as purely psychological the Harvest Moon right

► 02:43:31

yeah what is the hottest man that big ol red moon or something at the blood moon

► 02:43:38

eclipse at the beaver moon to Beaver Moon

► 02:43:50

the Moon is just very close to you what is the supermoon how much closer is the Superman it's not much closer he gets about 8% bigger than the smallest is actually very hard to see that it's actually anything if you put them side-by-side

► 02:44:06

that's a lot though the people stories about Super Moon supermoon tonight that's the very smallest moon in the very largest most of the time it's going to be somewhere in between that so you're not really going to notice the difference we should do a cover before wrap this up let me look at my list I have to write a list because my memory is so bad now doesn't come off loaded everything but yeah you're a stand-up comedian so you could have mailed memorize all this stuff I have to memorize fights to UFC information to my head and I have comedy information mad but if you ask me to do my act that I did from last year or like that I film for my Netflix special I wouldn't be able to do it

► 02:44:58

can I look at my listing with kind of coverage love me and most of the things around here he gravity unlike 911 crap if you wanted to but I'm tired of it that's the thing about it this stage of my life it seems when there's so many incredible things to pay attention to that are real you know I'm at this is what I feel like about all this stuff for people are looking in conspiracies that they're just nonsense it's like your Chase they're chasing their tail they're trying to confirm something with her so much evidence that it's not real that it just really bothers me it drives me nuts and I just don't understand it and I don't I just I wish that it wasn't a problem I wish it wasn't an issue now and it is and that's one of the reasons why I continue to talk about these things and I I really want to try as much light on them as possible so that there's

► 02:45:48

there's a real pattern that you could fall into and you can waste a tremendous amount of time in your life if you start looking at things incorrectly and Flat Earth to me is the best example of it it's the best example cuz it's so stupid I mean it's so utterly preposterous that everyone is lying and that there are no images at all of this flattered but yet this one guy or a couple guys and I had heard that it is started all out as a as a troll on 4chan is that they that they had started doing this like way back and you know like it could have been thinking about the notes but that people like reignited yeah alright let's wrap it up milk when I'm So Meta bonk.com if anybody wants to go there. Org my upcoming book Escaping The Rabbit Hole what is that coming out next September

► 02:46:48

have you finished it redone excellent everybody will be back tomorrow with UFC heavyweight champion Steve Bay miocic

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