#1105 - Michael Hunter

The Joe Rogan Experience #1105 - Michael Hunter

April 17, 2018

Michael Hunter is the chef and owner of Antler Kitchen in Toronto. http://www.antlerkitchenbar.com/

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And $5 will go to our friend Justin Brands fight for the Forgotten charity or he's building Wells for the pygmies in the Congo. If you're interested in that, please check out Justin's podcast that I've done with them. I've done several with him check out his charity. It is amazing and I am super happy to announce that through the cash out. We've already raised thousands of dollars to help build wells in the condo and several Wells of already been Doug download The Cash App for free on the App Store or Google Play. My guest today is the fellow that I reached out to he is one of the owners and chefs at a restaurant called antler in Toronto and recently his business was getting protested by animal rights activist Cindy Gonzales creaming out your murder in stuff like that. So he decided to carve up a deer leg in the front window of the restaurant while these people protesting.

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And when he did that they went crazy and the video went viral and it became massive news. The guy could not be cooler very very nice guy and it's it's a complex situation the argument between vegans and animal rights activist in Hunters. Our mediators is such a volatile idea logical Battle Ground and the many people might think ohh, this fucking subjects can beat to death by you Joe Rogan, you might be right, but I really wanted to talk to this guy and I really enjoyed our conversation sweetheart of a guy. He's fucking Canadian. They're all nice, and he also brought. I guess vegans aren't so nice to him now. He also brought me some maple syrup. So I love them. He's my new friend, and I enjoyed our conversation, so please welcome Michael Hunter Hogan experience Joe Rogan podcast. Bye. Bye. Okay.

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Hello, Michael. Welcome. Thanks, man. Thanks for doing this. Thanks for coming in. Have a good man. If people don't know the story will give him the brief synopsis. I found out about your story online because there was a viral thing that was going on about Chef's it was getting protested by a bunch of animal rights activist and vegans who decided to camp out in front of your business and try to the restaurant called antler in Toronto. Try to I don't know what the fuck they were trying to do, but you decided to butcher a LEGO deer in front of them and it became this horrific thing. Like how could you do that and a place that serves me? How could you prepare the meet right in front of them how this all gets started? How did it become such a crazy viral stories? And why why were they mad at you when there's a million other restaurants around here. Alright, so it started in about December.

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I bet Christmas. So number one. I finally at 80th the crazy Canadian besides brown eyes, but that's why I went viral cuz I wasn't being nice. I wasn't the stereo Canadian know you weren't even be mean you were just doing your job doing my time. So they started in December and they really is right in front of the right. They they really got pissed off with our we have a little Chuck board sign out front. I'll give you a call. We have a 45 seat restaurant. So we're a small I have one business partner who's my best friend and family friend and we had a little chalkboard sign out front that said venison is the new kale and you know, we get Keith with her sign. We Wheaties other restaurants around us like we have fun with the sign and it's fun and the cyclist vegan rode by and took huge offense to our sign and all the sudden one day. These protestors just showed up so

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Originally, I was just kind of frustrated because of their totally misguided because we take a lot of Pride and we're our food comes from we have vegan and vegetarian dishes on the menu and I really respect that type of diet. So we were just totally floored with why this was happening and so they start to go on dates are to come every week and they went from like 2 or 3 people being kind of peaceful to being like 1015 people not so peaceful. So it's when it turn not so peaceful they were showing at our at our guests and shutting in our door and really trying to harm our business that I just kind of got set up Last Resort went down we get a hold dear couple times a month then we butchered ourselves and I just said screw screw it I'm like, I would get these people to get out of here. So I thought that that would make them go away. How did you think I was going to make them go away tonight escalated. I don't know I was it was just totally like

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Last Resort totally fed up. I wanted to defend myself Defender customers, you know, you could see people walking in visibly upset, you know, they're being shouted at being screen dot called them murder as a walking in for dinner. Like you're going on a date you want Hi man people screaming at you, you know just for eating so I was just set up and I just got off at like, you know, buzz off and white. So just one time when is the new case on set this whole thing up? Yeah.

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You're surrounded by restaurants mean I know where you are. So what sort through a restaurant on testers that actual butcher shop across the street and if you go in there's like whole cattle hanging. That's okay, but your shop. Yeah, you're a problem with your comparison to kill you attacked our secret sale. We're promoting meet. I don't know that's always are could you were promoting we were promoting it or not yet. So I do didn't promote anything and they were allowed to cycle by and dream of broccoli without any interference. Yeah, man. I have no idea. I'm sorry. I'm in touch with the protest you I think it's about 8 now. They are coming weekly they still do they still do this one this Friday. Oh Jesus you I organize that they are they organize them. There's like Facebook groups. There's the basic giving us an ultimatum. We have to put their slogan in our window and they'll go away. What? Yeah what this Logan I'm hon.

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There is there is like I can't remember it, you know word for word, but it's you know, like killing animals was wrong. They have feelings. Why yeah, do you have to put that in your window? We don't we're not going to but I know where that is, but that's what I want you to go into the park Eco terrorism extortion, wherever you want to call it. Now with the book the part the part of this address see the most crazy is the fact that

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You are surrounded by restaurants around bye restaurants. You're surrounded by like you said your cross street from butcher shop 97% of the people in the world eat me something something crazy like that mean. I'm sure everyone has really been pulled. I'm sure it's not that accurate but it's somewhere between 95 and 95th Avenue big it's big and I think we know where Nez Target you know, her name is antler. We were I think they're mad because you know, they're they're thing is that we're promoting ethical for me and their belief is there is no such thing as a circle Farm bread that all meet is murder and you know, if you look at murder in the dictionary it has to do with humans, you know has nothing to do with animals and there is such a thing as ethical farming and system farming and we work really hard to make sure that we're we get our meat from is from the best possible place we can and it's local. So it's supporting our local farmers that are you know within hours of our restaurant.

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What you said that they started out nice like how many people were there in the beginning? 234 Indian Lake they had signs and they were just kind of, you know, promoting their message, but they weren't really yelling and screaming in what escalated so we would call the police. We we kind of got wind of it on their Facebook group. So we would call the police and have the police there to make sure everyone safe because one thing like customers are scared. Our staffers scared like no one's dealt with this before. I've never dealt with this before.

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So we would have the police there, you know, they were the police were amazing and then you know one time we can sell kale. If not call the police. Let's see what happens. Like maybe we'll just go go away. And so then like a megaphone came out our neighbors were coming down and getting in fights at them and it was it was ugly. So we called the police the common to you know, scratch keep the peace. Yeah megaphone. Yeah.

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Part of problem with these kind of things as it becomes a contest becomes a battle, you know trying to see who's going to win movie and they're absolutely on the team. I mean this that that's one of the things that happens with vegan ISM and I think it happened to Hunter's to excuse me people become very tribal don't know and you know, it's US versus them and they want to win and then it becomes this thing where you know, look, the reality is a lot of people are idiots and they don't have a lot going on their life. And so when something comes up where it becomes a primary focus of their life one restaurant is a logical that my big that becomes the Battle Ground and it's an idea logical Battleground for you know, don't eat meat ever.

► 00:13:48

Versus this is Sanibel farming, you know this but I'm sure I know you're a hunter. I'm sure you feel a certain amount of remorse. When an animal dot Hunter percent any of that's a big part of sort of my beliefs and my philosophy and why I'm working on this cookbook right now is because I think that you know, if you do eat meat you should be able to kill an animal and experience that and I I think that if if people were to actually kill an animal they would see you know, what goes into that and I don't think people would consume as much mean and I don't think people would definitely you know, the silly wouldn't waste as much meat as they do and it's just really upsetting and I think it's totally misguided. You know why we were targeted

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Well, I mean, it's like I said, I think it just becomes game. Yeah, baby comes the big tribal game. You know, there's there's a real argument a real argument that I support against Factory for me and fax reforming is the way most people are getting their meat and terms of like I'm terms of like cheeseburgers and fast food and stuff along those lines. I mean, you're not getting it from the most ethical sources. It's just it's not financially sustainable to do it. That way everything would cost more money and that's a real problem that we as a society. It's not obviously not you were either this is set up the system but that this system is a system that we find ourselves apart of who who the real problem. I've remove myself from it for the most part, but occasionally, I'm on the road and I'm hungry and you know, I'll eat some meat that's just whatever totally it's a necessary evil remote, but in sort of Florida, but really nice they're not really necessary at all that maybe I'll the wrong way described it but

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Tell the system's been set up and it's it's actually why I started hunting and and doing what I do because I watch these documentaries like food Inc. And the things that kind of Shawn a light on, you know the system and how this stuff is actually being produced that is horrible. It's apparently ass. Yeah and I think that's the real number one problem and you know and this vegan activist message to go after you know, these types of farming, you know, we support as what we agree with. So the fact that we were targeted for this was really really frustrating. Yeah, I think vegans I understand where they're coming from but I don't think that they've seen the big picture and the big picture. Is there some animals that need to be Harvest it they did they're not sustainable wild pigs is the best example that there is no way you were going to stop wild pigs without killing them. Now, there's no way you're not going to give them birth control. You're not going to unless you go let loose fucking packs of wolves.

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But I mean packs to deal with like what's going on in Texas. Does it mean date? They're forced to shoot him out of helicopters. They have crazy. They hire people to come in with helicopters and shooting from the Scott. It's that bad. This is Farmers companies called hella hunting where the Beanery that they have it on the side like it they have a wild boar and a fucking helicopter played on their logo crazy. They have to do it. Yeah. I know III don't I don't have a lot of experience with that because where I am, we don't have that web or problem, but I hunt with these guys from from Mossy Oak and I've gone down there and done one of these big hunts and they show me their fields and like one third of their corn field is just destroy destroy it and they have to hang them at night or they Hunnam with dogs and it's a huge problem for Farmers trying to make a living. It is a huge problem and vegans and sells need understand that your food supply. Totally. You're not growing your own food. Mostly most people listening to this that are vegan or not our own your own food. You're getting your own food from a farm.

► 00:17:33

Farm is being attacked by page. That's one atom. Another one is dear. I mean, there's a shitload of Dr. In North America. What's interesting is California as a very weird way of handling it and I kind of get it and some ways the weird way that we handle in California's. We don't mountain lions. Okay, there's no amount line hunting. This is very few dear. Yeah. I mean, I see deer my neighborhood, you know, I believe in a fairly rural area. I see dear, you know couple times a week, but it's nothing like if you go to the east coast if you ever been on the east coast of California or the United States like New York state that kind of it New York City. I've been in the east coast now this state if you go upstate like New York State there's so many fucking dear up there. It's one of the reasons why lime disease so horrible up there. It's comes from the tix that we're on the deer and people get these terrible terrible case of the lime disease and it's fucking everywhere up there man. I have several friends. I have really bad lime disease.

► 00:18:33

Yeah, I would love to take go to Jim Miller's Instagram. Jim Miller is a fighter in the UFC high level fighter who's been competing at the highest level for a long time. And he has serious lime disease to the point where it's like debilitated if Gary he has to take that bag of pills and he held up his pills the other day what he takes while easily that this is what he takes while he's in training camp that's in the same 19 days of medications supplements. He said fuck Lee me 31 capsules a day. Are you do the math? Remember the carrier to 7 and it just says lime disease. It's one of the hashtags. Yeah, he's got it really bad. And I mean what's crazy is the guy could not be healthier works out constantly eats right is not booze in his body his phone apart because a fucking lime disease and it's being carried by these these dear.

► 00:19:32

Older population of wild animals is handled in one of two ways. Either you introduce Predators or you manage them with hunting. There's a place in Mount in Maui where they are the Emily has no Predators, you know, and but they also have a bunch of wild game that was brought in for King Kamehameha. I think this is the 1800 they brought in. I'm not sure when but there's tons of axis deer on on Maui and I'm gonna and on Molokai a couple different islands and one think they've started doing is they were trying to figure out how to eradicate them from this area. So a bunch of hunters got together and they're hunting these Axis deer then giving the meat poor people like making it free for them and it's it's a really cool program, but that's another sort of the situation where you kind of have to hunt. Yeah. He does know unless you just

► 00:20:32

Going to poison them or you're going to somehow or another capture the mall in neuter and spay a certain amount of them every month. There's really no other way to handle it. Yeah, I think that's it's a big misconception. Like people that don't educate themselves about hunting or Desai hunting is bad killing animals as bad and they get on this bandwagon, but they don't have enough information about it. Yeah, and I think people confuse trophy hunting, you know with like they CC for the lion and Ryan want to goes after okay. It's hunting is the is the problem but you know trophy hunting is the problem but that Hunters that that hunt for food and then hunt to you know, help the the sort of environmental impacts that they're having like people look like snow geese. I don't know if you know much about you know, you like it read that article that you reach me today actually. Yeah, they like a dot g. Ohh article that I that I posted, you know, these birds flying blocks of like 20 30000 birds and they land in a farmer's field. They eat everything everything they destroy it and you know, like 1015 years ago these populations of birds. They weren't like they are now so

► 00:21:32

Foot large scale agriculture is also responsible for the Boom in the population of deer, you know, dear and in America particularly, like in the midwest where all the forms are. It's what is it a fucking coincidence that there's all the dear. We're all the Farms are. No, it's not my good friend Doug during he has a big ass Farm in Wisconsin beautiful place in the triplets area. If you know what that is, that's where the the glaciers didn't pass through so nice. It's not flat rate all these Hills and it's very beautiful legs is phenomenal place, but essentially she's got the deer that he hunts and that that he and his friends hunt on his property there farm animals. They're only course that is needing greens. It means corn. He's a November so he grows all this corn the deer are those corn and they're fucking delicious mashler huge. So there's no good, but there's a reality to population control.

► 00:22:32

In Wisconsin, they get it because they're round them everyday. They're hitting them with their cars. They see them everywhere. They look this. This is not like the idealistic view of someone who lives in a city street in Toronto and it's driving around their bike looking for signs that are criticizing kale or whatever the fuck they're doing. They're not in the real natural world that these animals how to present they don't get it. They don't understand, you know, they live in their bowl and you know, nothing to donor centers actually, you know, we have to buy tags. We have to buy a license of the rules and laws that we have to follow up and knows he's actually pay for the Wildlife Conservation and I've you're sure it's the same in the states as well from least talk to my friends and it is you know pick Ben Robertson actively don't understand Levin percent of all the the proceeds from hunting gear go to wildlife conservation and that turns out to be billions and billions of dollars. It's far more than any other conservation group.

► 00:23:32

Far more than any wildlife conservation group or animal activist group and no one contribute more to conservation and hunting. You know, what we want it. We want it to be there for our kids and their kids and it's it's nature. It's it's how the world is supposed to be. It's also this contradictory saying that seems it seems like it doesn't make sense. But we'd love the wildlife and I love the animals just because you eat them doesn't mean you don't love them. But you recognize them as visit we would look at it but is a renewable resource right man. It is also a magical beautiful thing just because of that doesn't mean you shouldn't eat it. I mean, it's this this disconnects that people have with the wild I think is a real part of it a real part of the problem. Good luck finding a vegan in Alaska. I know there's not a whole lot of them that live out in the bush that are vegan somewhere really going to have that they're eating and you can you can bring in vegetable Sameer. I'm sure there are so I'm I'm just talking shit, but the reality is if you are if you're in bed it in that world you wonder

► 00:24:32

Dan dad and you appreciate it. It's very humbling. I mean killing and animals very humbling. That sounds like to someone is an animal lover. That sounds fucking crazy. It's hard. It's also really hard. Like when I see a deer commitment, I hunt with a with a Bow crossbow and I see a deer come out. It's I'm trembling I had the hair on my back of standing out there these beautiful majestic creatures and I'm going to kill it and it's it's really really difficult and I don't think that people understand that they don't even have it killed an animal. They don't understand the respect in the amount of effort that goes into that. You know, they definitely don't but they don't care. I mean what they have an idea in the ideas animal should not die but they're going to die. It's they're going to die of all days are going to die of starvation 2 going to freeze to death. They're going to they're going to Eagle if they're going to be eaten alive and that people think the animals they they died peacefully than wild. If it's absolutely incorrect. If you know Google anything about how animals Diner well in they're being eaten alive like you're being taken down and eaten alive by whoa.

► 00:25:32

Also coyotes or whatever it is. There's there's and it's it's horror thick and to be shot with an arrow to be shot with a bullet. It's way more humane way to go in my in my opinion. It's it's on questionable e a more humane way to go. I mean, it's the one of the reasons why you know, I hunt and I practice so much I practice everyday ever one of the reason we got this building so I can put a 45 yard or archery range check up on it to practice but we could shoot after work, but I have to fucking practice. Yeah, you have to be you have to be able to make an ethical shot. But now when I sit down and I cook something for my family, I know where that came from if we have vegetables that we grew in our garden did a great satisfaction for serving up some cucumbers or some some kale or whatever it is that we grew in our guard that today's better when you when you go out there and you cut that cucumber off the plane when you cut that killed down it is like half an hour hold, you know, when it is like nothing compares to that freshen is that you go to the grocery store that maybe a couple days a week a month old you have no

► 00:26:32

And for me as a chef, that's why I love hunting and forging and having a garden in my backyard because when you go and pick something nothing tastes as good as that, right? Yeah. I mean, I appreciate where vegans an animal rights activist coming from cuz it's coming from I think that there's a lot of distortion with like really angry ones and put this is my take on a lot of this if you get a group of 100 people one of them for sure is a fucking idiot just out of this year odds, right? Like what are the odds one of them? Is it fucking a pretty strong right? Well, if you're going to get a group of 100 vegans you going to get at least one of them that's fucking idiot and they are going to be some of more violent. Some of them are super aggressive about I mean, there's a ton of them online didn't go there identity is completely wrapped around vegan is on these vegan in their name. It's always I'm the vegan this or the vegan that that is 100% of the name. So hard persons our identity so they can't

► 00:27:32

They can't separate from it ever like that is who they are for Everett and there's been some serious problems with the name that Cafe again Cafe Gratitude. There's some people that were running a vegan restaurant cos if you have a couple of right now it and they're having health issues and some people the vegan diet just doesn't agree with them. Maybe they were doing it wrong. Maybe they you have unique dietary needs but they started raising cattle and they start eating those cattle and the fucking vegan freak out death threats all this crazy shit coming after them protesting and you know, these people are terrified. They're older folks that there you know their elderly there. It is vegan restaurant owners receive death threats over animal Slaughter scandal.

► 00:28:18

Yeah, I mean this is the bad ones, right and it's not most of them most vegans I think are vegans for all the right reasons. Yeah, Dear Miss informed if you choose to not to not eat meat and and choose that kind of Lifestyle like power to that. Our day is amazing and I think that it you know, if if if it works for you and your body that's great. And for me, it doesn't work for me. Like I I've I've done vegan cleanses. I've done the juice cleanse as I've done, you know, it's gone it for as a chef to vegan restaurants and I'm not full. You know, I also I'll eat 3 or 4 courses all spend tons of money and half an hour later. I'm starving starving and I just I need to eat something with protein and lots of protein and it's it's meat or fish or you know, I've made ohh food from scratch from soy beans and it's just it doesn't it's not same. Yeah, we'll right now people screaming at the rear dealing ever how I might be good for me. I love it.

► 00:29:19

Station but I'm not selling it is. Yeah. I know if it's good. I mean I figure all the time but there's a vegan restaurant near me I go to all the time. Sometimes they get dirty looks good. Like I saw this motherfuckers here. Why are you here yet? Why do hear that? You're not one of us and not allowed to eat our food. It's just it's very unfortunate that I think these idea logical groups get tainted by the most extreme members. I think that's true and a hunting side II D got guy's like fucking Ted Nugent, you know, and all the people that I think that they destroyed the the real sort of

► 00:29:57

Fascinating in mystical qualities of wildlife in harvesting wildlife and being out there and and experiencing nature. It said it's an almost psychedelic experience 222 hunt and being the wild that sounds so counter intuitive to someone ever experienced it but the world of these animals when you were away from your cell phone when your way from you know, television and all the bullshit in the computer when you're when you're out there in the wild you were almost in another dimension. If you were in complete silence in the forest and use your mind goes into a completely different sort of mode that is familiar. But yet alien, it's 4 million away that your body is like oh this is hunting. This is what humans have done for hundreds of thousands of year. This is why we became human it is literally one of the reasons that scientists believe that our brains group this because we started eat.

► 00:30:58

Meet we sort of cooking me the nutrition became more accessible. And also we started thinking about how to hunt developing tools to hunt with them. And all of this is the reason why humans are humans today and I'm sure the vegan arguing against that would be well that's 10. We're past that now what we're not, you know, we're not we're not because of controlling the population of animals. We're certainly not because of Patron the population of predators and that's another thing that people need to accept in understand. There's a reason why the eradicate it all the walls in North America before the reintroduce them to Yellowstone and now the thriving in many parts of the Northwest because you were fucking killing everything and there's they don't have any predators in the only predators that they have are humans and if we don't keep the populations and check of them and if grizzly bears of black bears and all the other creditors, they start eating each other. They start tearing each other apart. They start coming after us some coaching on people. We're in their territory. We shouldn't be in their place humans and look I'm on team people. So I don't know what the fuck you're saying here. Yeah. I me know if you're saying that we

► 00:31:58

San Francisco I'm giving you the walls you can go fuck yourself. Alright, and this is literally what it boils down to because if you have to draw some lawn this and somewhere because if someone doesn't control the population of animals, then what's going to happen. Well, you can leave them to their own devices and they can sort of sort it out be nosey sort out the disease and starvation. I mean what happens is there's too many animals and not enough food. So they get horrific diseases. That's where mange comes from that's where a lot of like serious diseases that in infect Wildlife come from they come from the lack of food or overpopulation. That's how nature sorts it out. You know, that's a major sports in that with people to we just sneaky we've used rack scenes and shit and rather tell the food chain. Yeah, we will work hard to get there we are and I think we it comes with a certain responsibilities that responsibility is really what we're really doing a disservice of that responsibility with factory farming and that's what the one of the main arguments for vegan ism.

► 00:32:58

When the main argument is the horrific treatment of those animals, whether it's vegan ISM or or or whether it's rather factory farming or whether it's a large scale dairy farms with a mystery third Cal's or the chicken farms are all these different factory farms with a treat these animals not as a living being but as a commodity then it becomes a giant problem. But if you look at guys like, you know, Joel salitan is no kill South sense of very fast ending God. He runs farm called Polly face farms and what he is essentially done is made large scale animal agriculture possible inhumane and very natural way. He has enormous electric fences that uses for his pigs and he just move them around lose the fences around the pigs wander around. He's a huge rolling Chicken Coop. I mean, it's fucking huge and he put his that thing around he moved into a new space the chickens go out. They wander around a burger.

► 00:33:58

To do it ticket saying to go right back into the chicken house. And this is where he gets the egg from this is how they raise chickens. This is how they raise cattle that they do it with all these different animals and his perspective on all this is that if you if you do it, right it's not or if it it's not an evil thing and these animals and living the way they've they've they're meant to live. That's what that's one of the things that we do. It at antlers is Define those farmers and guys like that one of the forms that we get our dear from. They have Thousand Acres the deal room as they please they're eating nuts and apples and acorns and grass and everything. They're supposed to eat and then when it's time they're they're collected in Harvest it and that that is where we get our meat from and we try really hard not to buy from the fact we don't serve chicken beef or pork. We have bison pheasant duck. Well bored because, you know, these game farms. They don't have these massive large scale operation tonight. Bye.

► 00:34:58

From the Farmer they can tell me what their diet is. You know what they're good month. They're bad must we know all about these animals that we're bringing to the restaurant and and we know we're really proud of that. I have an issue with people they keep saying wild boar. Why are they say wild boar when it's wild pig. So it's for a the mail. It actually is a different breed so that the the pigs that are in these, you know factory farms or even regular regular Pig says there's there's many different breeds and a lot of them or hybrid hybrid breeds. The wild boar breed has long black hair and tusks actually come out so I can buy whole pigs and they don't have those tests and when I buy the wild boar breed the meat is darker the the hair is black but we're getting them, you know, there's no hurry about time. We get them and they've got the test in the job, right? But my point is it a bore the mail right here. You definitely did females to that's true. Yeah. So why they call it a wild boar good news. Is it? Yeah, it's just a brief yet. But there you know that they're all the same Bree.

► 00:35:58

I did not know that all this traffic is the I guess it Gina's that we have said they're all sort of interchangeable read read with E Trade. I do know that this time to different varieties like there is the Berkshire this time worth. There's all these different kinds of shore breathing pugs is variations. Yes, but they're all the same animal with crazy about wild pigs is into the domestic pick, you know, like Dave. Yeah live release date out into the forest save morph right with a very short amount of time versus not extends their hair becomes darker and sicker their tux Langston. This is very weird there a weird animal pigs are weird animals, where wrote it weird animal when it domestic there sweetheart, unless you fall in the cage when they're hungry and the fucking eat you realizing it's one of the main ways of farmers Dodge following the cages that get eaten by the gruesome happens all the time. It does happen. Every year go fuck up and fall into a big pain in the pages.

► 00:36:58

Fuck him up. That's crazy. Yeah specially if you're you know, you're dealing with those really enormous pigs.

► 00:37:03

Mean those pics need a lot of food and they're fucking big, you know, once they start shooting you that's your ass. It is the side may have you been pig hunting? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I've been picking up shot a couple bags. Yeah, the meat is definitely different if it was darker darker. Yeah. It's delicious them and where I do it it's really interesting is in California. A lot of the pigs were introduced by William Randolph Hearst that crazy ass hold that ran, you know from the movie Citizen Kane like Orson Welles depiction of him this crazy guy that Randhurst Publications in the 19 thirties. He's route. Literally one of the reasons why marijuana as a legal, right William Randolph Hearst decided that when there was a cover of a believe is Popular Science magazine said hemp is the new billion dollar crop and they were they had invented a machine call Daddy core Decatur. I'm GoDaddy core Decatur does is it effectively process attempt fiber much more efficiently. And for the longest I

► 00:38:05

Do you slaved process have fiber but then Eli Whitney came around with the cotton gin and they switch from him clothing to cotton cotton is easier to produce with the cotton gin. But is this an inferior cloth attempt makes better paper and makes Clough. You can make houses with it Henry Ford made the first fenders for the first Model T out of hemp mean have the crazy thing William Randolph Hearst read this article saw what was coming and realize that he was going to have to transition all of his paper mills. Neelan Forest that they would cut down the trees and make paper with there at the transition those 2/2 people are demanding Camp. So instead he undercut the entire industry by saying that there was a new drug that blacks and Mexicans were smoking and they were raping white women any called this drug marijuana, which was really just the name of them. It was a Mexican slang for wild tobacco. So you start putting these stories Congress made it illegal Steven thought of people that we're voting

► 00:39:04

Didn't even know that they were making cannabis or like camp that the did the textile in the commodity Hamp. Didn't know they're making it illegal. They thought there was stopping a drugs girls. That was forcing. Black Mexicans to rape white women this call William Randolph Hearst this one crazy asshole with Harry and filling her in the fucking 19 thirties. That's when it became it legal. Will this is Sam crazy asshole let a bunch of wild pigs loose on this property so he can hunt them cuz he was a gentleman Hunter filled out. I really hate that I hunt in California. When are able pig hunting probably our direct descendants from the pigs that we're let loose by this asshole and I think a lot of people don't understand is how fast Lee breed, you know, my friends in Mississippi were telling me that you know, Pig can lay a litter 3 times a year 4 times a year ago up to 1012 piglet per litter and if no natural Predators, so one of these Farmers going to do and it started estimating their cross. Yeah, they're not an aid of North American species know. Yeah and it

► 00:40:05

It's one of the most destructive invasive species in if you'd if you've never seen them before you see them on TV, they look you know, it's a big big is a cute. I've seen by friend of a pot-bellied pig iPad it that's that's great. What they are as adults when they're wild boars covered in mud and disease there fucking a mammal play their vicious and they would they go through everything. They will spread across the country. They'll destroy your garden. That's still your dog. I mean, no bullshit. They're fucking dangerous. Yeah. I love you. A lot of farmers actually asked me if I'll come hunt on their property lot of Vineyards will ask me to come in and they have a problem with the turkeys the turkeys are eating all the grapes, you know, stuff like that, you know, a lot of a lot of regular kind of City people live in the city. They don't understand. Yeah Turkey population. Some places are exploding too cuz I realize that was just go to the suburbs. I'll even hunts us there's one running down the street in Toronto last week at Turkey people were filming it and sending me this to see their

► 00:41:04

This is 2 that's actually the 1st bird. I hunted I didn't actually start hunting until I was in my twenties and I had grown up cooking. I was interested in becoming a chef and family friends told me he was going turkey hunting and I said, what do you mean you're going turkey hunting like I thought turkeys were I didn't know there was such thing as well turkey. I thought there, you know domesticated bird like a chicken. So he takes me turkey hunting and I actually got can't believe it. We you know, we shot a couple Birds, you know, we plug them out and then the skin with yellow and the meat is dark like like the chicken leg meet is like the breast like it's dark and I like why like this is incredible and then when I tasted it, I I just couldn't believe that this is what turkey was supposed to taste like yeah. I don't know blessed flavor and you grow up, you know, he's I grew up but you know Christmas Thanksgiving use these important holidays eating turkey and you see it. This is big white blob and it's humongous CNN, you know the wild bird, it's leaner. It's not like super round. It's it's it's Lynn. It's a how it's supposed to be in there for me. That was

► 00:42:04

The light bulb moment that this is what we're supposed to be eating. We're not supposed to eating that shit. Yeah that shit that the really white meat turkey and there's a Turkey Trot Albuquerque drama run down the street. I'm so thankful to be here cuz I still snowing it's really still so I I'll of winter and snowboarding in going out and enjoying the snow, but I'm done now come on down man. I was talking to a buddy of mine from Montana on the phone yesterday. It's fucking freezing cold up there at 6. No everywhere and you know, they're about to open up there bear season and he's like Jesus Christ sits nose everywhere. I know my dude. I'm in my underwear right now outside. I love it here man. I have a soft spot for for California. I've been I've been coming here since I was a little kids to visit my dad in the Summers and I come here to three times a year and I love it. I love it to you know, the mountain lion thing is a weird thing of California because I see their point what they would they have essentially done is

► 00:43:03

In this is one of the weird things about California's like California's one of the places that doesn't have a fishing game department really did it's like they don't know how it that. They can haul it Wildlife. Okay, they don't call it. Like like they don't think of it is like you have to hunt them give us a like fishing game or Arizona calls of Game and Fish Crackers. There's more game in Arizona right in there are fit desert. Yeah. It's kind of interesting way. They've switched it around but I think the way California causes fish and wildlife. So we we called the ministry of Natural Resources. Damn. That's a good way to look at it, but I can't argue with the effectiveness of their approach because you do not find a lot of deer in California for and deer hunters are extremely frustrated by the ad and I get it if you're like a local guy and you want to be able to cut your own dear. It's hard going man. It's great. I actually didn't know there was hunting here. I had no idea and through through hanging out with

► 00:44:03

With my friends at mossy oak. I met this guy that lives actually in Orange County's named Jeremiah Dodi from field to play. If you don't know if you know this guy, he's a local, you know, El a guy and he wants all over California. I had no idea that there was so much hunting other California. He's a really good friend of mine and I'm saying what so he's like, well those turkeys as well tag. There's the prong horn just all kinds of stuff. That is Alec and hunt you to did this Rocky Mountain elk near the home Ranch. Then there's truly else that our natural on The Coasters just a lot of different animals here, but this is awesome on a motherfucker mountain lions. I need to feel guilty. But the way they kill him now is through government trackers. That means really kind of crazy. What they do is Mount line starting people's dogs and cats and you know, they get the kids Gary down then people call one of the you know, I don't know who you would call that would take care of it and they hire people in Elsa time these dogs these dogs to tree the mountain iron issue them and when they

► 00:45:03

Empty the contents their stomachs need to do an autopsy on them. They find it filled with dogs and cats which is really kind of crazy. So that is know that there was one near might where my dad lives lady with the tax and they're running a parrot parrot girls are running in the canyon and a mountain lion actually attacked one of them and she was like having a tug of war with the mountain lion like with her friends. So, you know, so and I think is about five or six years ago was somewhere North County someone was a tax running for cycling or something like that and they had they had to they went and and found it and Sean it but it when they get hungry if we are encouraging cuz we're encouraging underline know assuming it's just land it's not there as you Fuck. This is what's crazy about people. We're in coaching and their territory and noticed they're dead. And then what the whatever was there the claim that territory is dead and then there's a new one that comes along and they take it there's a fucking constant battle this idea that like we're in their Community like they have on a good stab Lish gated.

► 00:46:03

Judy that we've entered we start putting up houses in pissing off their neighbors know that's not what it is. It's just land and if you hate people and you don't like City's well, then go fucking live in the forest until then fuck off and stop saying like we're in coaching on their life. Do you go to the supermarket? Yes, do you buy your vegan food at a vegan Dell? That's a place where a deer could have lived. Okay. Do you go to the movie theater? You do while you piece of shit that used to be like a squirrels house that was filled at one point. I mean, it's a little large scale out agriculture. This is the other thing that kind of drives me crazy about being in it. So I'm not saying you should need grain not saying you shouldn't eat vegetables but large scale agriculture in terms of just raising vegetables is responsible for a tremendous amount of death. First of all, this the pesticides that they used they kill bugs. And now if you only like mammals and you don't mind my people kill bugs that seems a little hypocritical to me it's a little weird but does get weird and then there's the fact that when you're making these when you

► 00:47:03

Using a combine front of the gather all the rabbits all the bunny's all the grounds are being decimated submitted my good buddy lives in Iowa. And you know, he takes pictures. He's like look, we just chop down. We just cut the field look at all the vultures and the vultures just circling overhead at Landing in the field right at me know when the combine rolls through they come in and really it's like this places in Alaska, especially on Kodiak Island. We're rifle shots equal I've heard of this dinner bell. Yeah, they're barely come running heard of this is crazy think Raiders are arcarie like big Magnum 45 got like pistols to defend themselves against the Grizzlies. I'll send you a fantastic podcast that you know, Steven Ellis know Steve. Rinella is a really really interesting guy and he's a host of a TV show called mediator. He's also he's an author he has a podcast

► 00:48:02

Be recorded when they are in a fog Mac Island, which is like one of those change of islands near Kodiak to it has those enormous Coastal brown bears just like Kodiak and they got attacked. They got attacked then they should they shot an elk and they're packing the elk out and they got rushed by a fucking tanker of a bear and it is a crazy podcast cuz they recorded it right after the fact whenever areas everyone's freaking out there and you know one guy had a pistol on a buddy set it down next to his pack and they had all these ideas of like what it would be like if an animal came in like they will if they got attacked they have all these preconceived notions what it would be like what it would feel like there's like throw all that out the window. It was good. You were in your brain. It's Ivana reptilian level your brain is so terrified in this thing was so big my friend. Jana said that he saw it's teeth washing literally feet from his head. Is it ran through the camel? I got the resident. Is this like it?

► 00:49:02

I got rushed by a deer one time and I was losing it. I didn't know what to do. It was it was before Sunrise. It was like at 5 in the morning. I'm I'm walking into my dear set up and I had to cross this little river and it was like full of stones and stuff and I'm I'm kind of walking up this River and I lay here as I put it on put them put them and I'm like what the hell is that noise and then it stopped and was playing at the ground in this morning and I was like, holy shit. This is a buck and like I might my I got goosebumps right now thinking about this. This is my bows in my bag. I'm just like I'm going to get take it down by this deer and then I think it's thought it was another book of this, you know, it's in the right. It's a riding season for these deer and it sent it smelt that I was a human and it did that. I got blown it whistles did that whistling blowing kind of sound and took off but I thought I was fucked. I was like, this is a gourd. I'm going to get bored by these antlers and that's it will get better tell you I was in Kennesaw I have big animals are big.

► 00:50:03

Big white tail and 300 pound sometime their big. We ain't even our dogs are huge. Like we got we got a lot of dough tags where I grew up in in Caledon, which is about an hour north of the city on horse farm. We don't have a gun season 4 Dear. So that's how we got into archery and and hunting with a bow. That's interesting. Why is that? You know what? I don't know. I think it's cuz it's it's the farm so kind of closer together sort of like, you know, it's not huge agriculture there more kind of hobby farm so I can do a little closer together. If you don't want to let loose bullets. Let's both side of the main thing is rifle. So deer season a turkey season, you can use a shotgun and it's really stupid cuz you can you can shoot coyotes to with with a rifle or shotgun but there's no shotgun in rifle for deer which is weird weird so that but that's why I got into archery.

► 00:50:50

Yeah, I'm lucky cuz it's so close to the city. I can I can kind of go and hunt and then come back to work in the morning. Yeah, the tile thing is interesting because it's very counter-intuitive the more coyote kill them or Kyle's breed the more Kyle populations increase Kaiser of their Landing out there big problem at least in Calvin where I'm from the you know, like you were talking with the mountain lions, that's kind of our version. I don't think there's any mountain lines where I live but the cats or a problem they're napping people's dogs and cats where I left off the trail people we walk in on their lease and they're coming out. Oh, yeah Nelnet happens out here. I had one killer chicken of mine two weeks ago crazy. I've got a video of the Dead fucking chicken in my chicken coop. And then the his it's really dark. I dug the hole and a bird the chicken. We don't need our chickens. We just use the egg for eggs and they're like pets. I mean like there's a video me from my Instagram walking in my yard holding my daughter's Bunny and the chicken stir like to follow me around it. I wrote on the motherfucking chicken with her. I think it's a crazy video be

► 00:51:53

These chickens just follow me. I mean they literally they're like pets now. So when this chicken died, I was bummed out. It was a sweetheart of a chicken 2 and this is a chicken that we wish we would turn over rocks and she would come and get the worms and so shoot follow you around. I might come out sweetie. Here we go. And it's really like a pet. I hear it is there's a video of me walking like look at them. That's okay. Just follow me around man. I know having a lot of farmers and and people to Hobby Farms that use chickens as insect control. Yeah, they're vegetable girls did great for that the great 4, they will fuck up some ice too many a never seen one like it. No, you know how I did not know that dude is not found out about it. Well one one way I found out about it a mouse got in the chicken coop, and they thought that thing up, but I was like, wow, that's crazy. But then another thing happened was my daughter's found a hawk my wife decided in all over Sheena with women. I was trying to like Spruce things up. She decided she's going to change.

► 00:52:53

Miss Frances to a glass fence and the Hawks didn't get the memo and they said as yet so they they Swan Dive into this this glass wall in when we first put up the fence. There was like three Hawks. I got fucked up and one of them died and we found one of them that was just a out in a blood coming out of it snows like literally it was like a UFC fight it was down and fucked up. So my daughter's took this in and they put it in a large cardboard box and they had a figure out how to feed because it was I think it was on Saturday and the wildlife rescue place was not open on the weekend. And so we had to bring it into a place on Monday. So over the weekend we went to this pet store that we go to and they sell something called Pinky's so very cute term for baby mice. They can't really see yet and they're separated from their mother in the feeding the snakes.

► 00:53:51

It's mostly reptiles at VM too. But these Hawks with fuck these Pinky's up. And so to try to give this hot some food while it was there over the weekend. So it didn't starve that my daughter's brought in the pinkies and it was one pinky left that the hawk didn't eat only brought the hawk to the wildlife rescue place. So they they fix up the hawk and they told us the hawk was they they took care of it swing and it eventually they released it back in the wild. So the nice story but there's just one pic you left over nothing was going to die. It wasn't with its mother. It was too small to drink milk and they're like, we want to keep it we want to keep it is Pat. I'm like that doesn't make any sense. We just feeding his brothers and sisters to this fucking hot and now you guys want to keep it. So I said listen, I think we should feed the chickens and I like it was like what he does pretty good too. Crazy thing. I keep it's going to die. Do they said? Okay. Okay. Okay I go. Well listen you not to watch I'll just go out and do it.

► 00:54:46

Do I put that fucking thing down and I have never seen those chicken so gracious attack that Mouse and then they were all chasing the one chicken that had the mouse try to steal from watch this. I don't know if it's a chicken with a mouse right here, but they get them out and they fucked up Mouse up man. They tried to steal it from each other till I can I can make it to make it tonight. There's one where a cat is playing with a mouse that you seen the one with the cat in the chicken Jamie. That's the best one because the cat everybody thinks of cats is being vicious cats are pretty vicious chickens are fucking dinosaurs man. The way the chicken attacks the mouse like Harriet feel good that you're going to eat the shit out that Mouse to she's got she's got to keep her eyes open. Make sure those are still coming steal her mouth. See you later there experts and bobbing and weaving turning their heads, but so the cat is stocking.

► 00:55:40

The Mouse and the chickens like that you don't know what you're doing the chicken just runs in snatches it right in front of the cat the cats like fun or something. So I'm I'm out there way more Rufus. I mean birds are ruthless creatures and chickens in particular artists. I think it's just a part of their natural diet like 1 of a mouse will get look at it. See the cat the cats like we check out this mouse. I can't believe how lucky I am. So he's like, you know cats for cat half of it's a game, right? There's no point. Yeah this chick hanging back. But as soon as the chicken finds it

► 00:56:17

We bought that Mouse does not seem scared that chat. Hey, I got scared. I bet that mouses talk so look and chickens like fuck you came in that thing. It's crazy crazy. I did not know that bad. Voodoo Dell fuck Emmaus up. That's just the way they do it Tuesday pastor and they think of it as early as food. They're not think like the cat. It's it's sport for the cat is kind of fun. That's probably fully fed. And it's now Scott the house cat house cat is just looking to kill so I was asking age 4/3 major, but I understand that they want to they want to remove themselves from and that's great. But I understand it don't understand it. They want something that aligns with their ideology in there ideology is love and compassion except for people that eat meat and then I guess death threats. Yep. I mean, that's really what it is. It's it's an idea logical battle. And in that sense vegan isn't becomes very much like a religion because you like you support

► 00:57:18

All the people that are on your side and the people that are opposed to you or like a POS dates. They like feel like the negative people that are trying to bring you to the dark side to help. I guess it gets really crazy. And there's a lot of evidence of their side in terms of like factory farming and they're the horrors of fact, I farming and even that they really incredibly poor modern American diet that they see the lot of people when they go vegan what they're doing one of the best things that they're doing is they're eliminating all the bullshit. They're eliminating all the trans fats and all the fucking although terrible shit that a lot of people eat that isn't vegan. But the negative thing is most of the meeting diets that are far too carbohydrate rich and if they're not getting their blood checked, they don't even know how unhealthy they are. They convince themselves are doing much better than feeling much better by the lack of cholesterol can fuck with your hormone functions. A lot of Egan's have low hormones because of that we

► 00:58:19

One of our regulars antler I was talking to me about about his experience. He used to have a organic vegetable farm and he's a 6 foot 7 big huge tall Dutch white guy and he goes to me. He says, you know, I was vegan for a long time. I had this organic vegetable farm and I thought that I was doing my body of services. I thought I was doing something great from my body and he got really sick and he went to the doctor and the doctor said listen man, you have to take supplements to supplement the the things you're not getting from from eating meat or you have to go back to eating meat because this some people's bodies do better than others. I said a lot of Asian cultures are more susceptible to 2 vegetable diets, please like in reality. He's like, you know, your your northern European, you know descent and you need to eat, you know this stuff to be healthy and that's when he he went back to eating meat and it doesn't matter. You know, what what your truck he was living on an organic vegetable farm, like what what more healthy, you know vegetables. Could he be eating so be 12 is a big one and b12 essentially only comes from

► 00:59:18

Things other than vegetables you can get some of it from LG. You can get me you definitely can get it from me. It's rich and me and the other thing is iron iron, you know, people say well this iron and vegetables there is but it's not very buy available. Right a lot of the various vitamins and even protein in vegetables not very bile available in most sources how your body absorb those through the mail like it might you might be written that that that substance but your body can't really absorb it will assist everybody's bodies different. I mean that's just at is an absolute fact that there's some people that can eat certain diets in be very healthy and then other people eat them in they have a really hard time with them. But the other thing is that most of these people that a document all healthy and how great they feel there's a lot of it is sort of a pussy bow effect and they're not getting blood work done everyone regardless of what your diet is. You should get blood work done just to find out if you have any potential problems that are on the rise in because there's a lot of times you feel okay?

► 01:00:18

And then you get your blood work done at the doctor tell you hey, man, you're really low on vitamin B & D & A and you know, you need this and that and you know, this is this to health consequences of not having this stuff in your diet. And if you are committed to a vegan diet, there's ways that you can supplement and and this is my advice to people if you want to supplement first of all L. Geez a great one, you know tastes like shit, but it's very good for your body and you just add it to smoothies, you know, just add it with coconut milk or a bunch of other things you can do it and you definitely can eat a vegan diet and be healthy, but you got to be on the ball, you know end of the B12 one is a big one. It's in a massive amount. I was reading some crazy article you had a 6 something 90 % of all vegans her B 12 to fish it. I've heard this. I'm not sure but I've been reading it's terrible. There's a guy named Chris Cross sure that I have out of my podcast before who is a brilliant guy who is

► 01:01:17

He's an expert in diet nutrition who started out as a macro biotic vegan and had massive health problems and then switch to eating me eventually and then really became a connoisseur of organ Beach which is like probably the most nutrient dense food in the world. I love I love left. My favorite thing about hunting is the organ meet me too. And I love liver liver and the Heart III, I went hunting and I came back and I brought the heart into the restaurant for the guys cuz I wanted to you know, share with them like the experience of eating like fresh killed a cart was so warm when I brought it to work and the way I like you to do the tartar like to come in set up wrong or cook it like a steak. So I cut it, you know, horizontally and into like a looks like a tenderloin steak. We all got like this like buzz like we just like a shot a double espresso or something. It was just like wow and it's like it's so nutrient Rich the organ meeting. I had Alexander Gustafsson the podcast yesterday's a UFC number one lightweight can light heavyweight contender.

► 01:02:18

Fucking motherfucker, but he gets all of his meat from hunting for his training camps and everything like that. He hunts Red Deer and in Sweden 40 lives and we were both talking about how when you eat really nutrient dense Wild game. He gives you like a stimulated effect like your body is like yeah more of this give me more of this. It's there's something in it. I don't know what any of this tastes it taste like it's supposed to take a why you can explain it the flavors totally different even when you know, we're buying from these really cool game farms. It's different than the deer that I go in and shoot because you know that dear I just shot could be like six seven years old versus at the farm. It's maybe one or two. But again, it's it's eating such a diverse diet and it's you know, I believe is out. That's how we're supposed to be eating. Well, it's definitely how we were eating for the longest time and it is entirely possible that if humans like say if you got an isolated group of humans that stuck,

► 01:03:18

Do a very very rigid vegan diet for many many many generations. It's entirely possible that our jeans with adapt to that Diane lifestyle. It's totally possible the reality of your current physical form is it's most likely not design for that. And this is just based on jeans and on genetics and epic genetics and all the the various things that they've message that they've device to try to study what makes you a person and where where your ancestors came from and how did how did your ancestors develop to date mostly fish? Like there's people that live like in the in the Northwest like the extreme like in Alaska and any weights and people there there.

► 01:04:03

Entire history saved evolved from eating fish and whale and whale blubber and seal and seal fat and there's real changes to who they are as people like that. First of all, one of the big ones is the people that live up there their hands don't get cold like ours do they had that I had heard or can I heard that when the indigenous communities there was some program where they're trying to get them to stop hunting whales are in stop killing field and the government with supplementing with them with with with Beef & Cattle and their argument was this is not what we're supposed to eat. This is not what we're designed to eat. You know, we need the fat in the whale blubber to stay warm and out of weird. It's weird that I will be before sending people to eat something, you know for into that minutes. If it's not that the fat content in beef is way different than whale and see it like it's like apples and oranges. Well, it's also looking at what we were talking about for like white meat from turkeys domestic turkey versus the the turkey has a wild turkey.

► 01:05:04

When you see cows, but you get these corn fed cows if they'll meet that mean is pale cuz it's not as good for you. It's it's more filled with fat which case good but it's just it's not as nutrient dense when you have a move steak. He was seen a mistake before I it's a fucking Kathleen. Yeah, but it's almost like like purple hearts are Craig Jeff. It's fucking dark man. That's that's way different way different things that cow is just some it's like the fattest laziest person, you know, like if you thought about like taking a fleet like LeBron James, he's just like the super athletes and compare like the composition of his body does some fucking slob who does drink soda all day and tired is on antidepressants and antibiotics cuz bodies fucking deteriorating rapidly. I've got arthritis and all of his joints these two fat

► 01:06:04

That literally is a cow. That's literally one of these fucking farm raised over stuff corn fed cows and they grind that fat fucking to a hamburger. It's just not the same. I'm not you know, I'm not endorsing eating LeBron James but I'm saying there's a difference in what the composition of their body is. It's a different thing to very different thing totally. Yeah. I mean I think wild things whether it's wild salmon or you know, even wild vegetables I think would be probably better for you. So that's a big part of what I do is is and it's white one of the reason why I love nature so much. It is for J & I take my kids out to the woods and we go pick mushrooms. And since they were like, you know babies my son's been dragged through the woods since he was 1 what kind of mushrooms so my favorite one to harvest where I live is more else. Ohh, yeah, they're really funky looking to kind of look like a brain or something. So weird. I order them online. I've never seen him in a while. Just nothing tastes quite like them that you can you can buy and they can

► 01:07:04

They're very meaty, the very media end us a couple different kinds of like black ones and kind of white or yellow which ones and they're just like it's so fast and I need to go into the wild and and pick your own food when you come home and cook it but nothing else taste like that. Anyway question from the store the totally different and it's just something really special that you can go in experience in the wild Yammer L's are a real weird one and I've been reading up on them. But one of the strange thing says when there's fire for a fire. Yeah, they pop up like the next the next season III like cleansing. They're they're cleansing Earth. I don't I'm not in my call just so I don't know, you know, I just enjoy finding them and eating them but I do know there's a cleansing property to Decay to the king matter. So when trees fall down like the the best place to find me rels is I look for trees with no bark on them. So they're they're really super oiled that's called the dead elm tree and they like the rotting roots of these dead elm trees and you know, you're you're in the bush in our in the field and you kind of see this one tree that has

► 01:08:04

Mark on it and it's about to fall over that be like 20 more L's at the base that they're kind of they're feeding off the root system. That's underground. Yeah, I'm absolutely fasted. Bye mushrooms. I had Paul Sam. It's on the podcast. I saw that one how great is that guy? Super cool, but I'm happy. I wonder if I got to gave me too much other form. I got to do it to case 1 breaks extra mushroom at but there's a really cool documentary. Actually. It's called know your mushrooms. I think it is by Rod or no, I won't buy Ron man, and he he he travels along with these Mushroom Hunters up. I think a lot lot of it's in Oregon and up the coast of California down in New Mexico, but they're they're professional four doors that thing going to sell these mushrooms, but they track these four jurors and it's such a cool movie. That's interesting Wells going to say is you better know mushrooms cuz I'll fucking kill you. If you don't that's the thing man. It's like I know what my first experiencing forwarding for mushrooms. I was like an apprentice shop at this restaurant on the stuff comes in with a paycheck.

► 01:09:04

And I was like what like what the hell are these news? I go there more L's like I found them mountain biking and there's a stigma, you know, like as as a kid like your parents like don't don't eat those don't touch so they're poison it so kill you and it's like, okay. Well, then you just you just have this idea what mushrooms come from the grocery store will take no they grow they coming to Wild and you know, that's that's like my thing with me is I teach my kids I can meet doesn't come from the grocery store. It's not as not as tired from package does not work. I'm so it's an animal. Yeah. And yeah and it's ass like, you know mushrooms a girl the Wild and it there just a crazy David. It's like Michael micro I cry. So yeah, it's Michael Reiser relationship with the animals with the the trees rather. Do you know the story of The Amity to MUSC area? I know what they are. I don't know the story The Avenida Miss Carey is the most fascinating one to me cuz that's the one that looks like looks like Santa Claus for the Mari of hard with Weichert. That is the subject of a book by a guy named John Marco Allegro, who was

► 01:10:03

The head Scholars for the cycling the Dead Sea Scrolls. He decipher the Dead Sea Scrolls for 14 years. He was in ordained minister, but there's also an IT study of theology between agnostic and he sort of when you started realizing that there was all these different religions that similar stories and you know found all these different connections and is trying to like figure out what the origins of all these stories were. Well after studying the Dead Sea Scrolls 4 Less, I think it was 14 years before you wrote this book. He decided that all of Christianity was a massive misunderstanding and what it was originally about was these stories is collection of stories that were about fertility rituals and psychedelic mushroom use and he trace the word Jesus back to an ancient Sumerian words. That was a mushroom covered and God semen and that when God would come on the earth. That's what rain was rain was God coming on the earth and that these mush,

► 01:11:04

Rise above the ground they would eat them and trip. They're fucking balls off right a crazy thought so but Amy's got to think the people that were forging for food, especially back when there's no agriculture write me and it was it was touching go you could easily starve to death evening you a bad winter, you know a drought people would starve to death. It was very very common. So they would take forging extremely serious and they knew what they could eat. They knew what they couldn't eat but they knew that there was a relationship between carnivorous trees coniferous trees Woodgrove these weird looking shiny red and white mushrooms on Durham. That's what coniferous trees is pine trees. That's what we use for Christmas trees. Do those red and white packages. They they are like the shiny packages underneath the Christmas tree. They are the color of Santa Claus near their common in Siberia there eaten constantly by Caribou Caribou are reindeer reindeer.

► 01:12:03

Did did do these to the point where when people are having psychedelic mushroom rituals and they go outside to take a leak. The Caribou will knock them over to get to the m Anita Mysterio piss in the sand cuz they smell the Avenida mascara in the past. And one of the way these guys trip their balls off as they eat the mushroom and then they drink their own urine. They have every second process of this. Here's Rick. It's even crazier in the times in Siberia word become extremely snowy when this the Charmin would visit the way they would get into the house is through the fucking chimney because the door would be snowed in so they would climb in through the chimney. I mean, there's so many parallel to Santa Claus and to Christianity to this one mushroom that they think was a massive part of shamana stag rituals. There. It is right there. This is Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Yeah, that is very voluptuous a cool story dude. It's fucking crazy. So I hope this book called The Sacred Mushroom in the crossed that was bought out by the cast.

► 01:13:04

Search this I have to verify but I do know that they stopped production of it. I don't know if it was bought out by the Catholic church. That's always been what's been told to me. But I do know that they stopped production of it forever. He came out with another book called The Dead Sea Scrolls in the Christian met which is still available. Then more recently, like really recently within the last decade a guy named llanos. Andre published them John Marco Allegro books with permission from his family. I think it might have actually been one of those things were when a book is over 25 years old, it becomes like public domain or something like that too. But this this book and this the story behind it is incredibly fascinating and what he's basically saying is that it makes sense. If you were living thousands of years ago and you stumbled upon the Psychedelic mushrooms and you took them you would experience God you literally would think that that psychedelic state was you communicating with God. They would want to hide those from the Romans so they hit them in Parables and stories.

► 01:14:03

And he explains what the original meaning of all these Parables and stories are because of course you're going from ancient Hebrew to the extremely complicated language that also involves numbers. The letters are all some numbers and then that's translated to Latin into Creek and then eventually to English. So a lot of lost in that translation, so it really takes a linguist and a Biblical scholar to understand whether or not what this guy is saying is correct. I'm obviously not one of those so I'm just talking shit but it's there's so many parallels. It's almost like how could it be just coincidental that Santa Claus's red and white it's Santa Claus likes reindeers that the Christmas tree is something that we use in the presence or under the Christmas tree. That's Santa Claus lives the fucking North Pole, which is Siberia, which is where caribou live in which is where these mushrooms are very common minutes so many parallels. It's really kind of fucking crazy. That's cool. Yeah. It's a great book any but I've really highly recommend it because it's one of those books. We just got your read a few chapters in got to go out. I think I'm

► 01:15:04

Let's go back over that again to go over your gas. It's it's so freaky very cool. But I've stumbled upon those in the wild those amedie to that area and it goes there's like you have to cook them first. You can eat the Roy have to boil that we made to the out of it will make you sick apparently out through it, right? But yeah, I know I forward to more for more Elder my favorite Shan Terrell's obviously also like awesome culinary mushroom with that yellow one that grows on trees. It's like a big chicken of the woods. Yes. That one's run. It tastes like chicken. It is unbelievable. That was amazing really funky we found as walking with the kids in a park downtown Toronto and I look over and there's this massive. So my Instagram massive yellow kinda looks like you growing on this tree and it was a premature chicken of the woods and it just looks like this blog and then if if I were to leave it it would start to kind of shell fell into like shelf calm mushrooms. And so I I left it for like a week and went back in Harvest and it's like it's like tender juicy chicken flavor it is

► 01:16:03

That's kind of cool. So you were just like hoping nobody else out. Yeah, I know there isn't like a really public park. I was like man like I better get this before someone else finds it how many people would know in a public park in Toronto. There's a few they're they're Shelbyville. I've I've kind of walked up to ladies like picking up some stuff and I was like Hey, like, what are you doing? I maybe you've got looked at me and kind of went away. They didn't want to share their knowledge with me or it is there it is. So that's the dessert menu zookeeper and I was like, I was so pumped out. So excited to face you make crystal either a little like to leave. That's hilarious. That's so cool. You know, but yeah so trees. I don't know. I think we'll that when you can see the bark is like deteriorating. So again, it's it's it's feeding off the decaying treat and also the couch bad ass at low if that if you actually go and I found ones like that too. If you go in and and harvest those the really Woody by that time in there, they're kind of was built.

► 01:17:04

Pastel really see how you want it. You want to get them in there kind of younger like that. So is there a color change I guess I guess when I get when they're older they get a bit more orange from that kind of yellow premature Stacey that one where there's like yellow. Yeah. It was like perfect right there. Perfect. Wow, that looks almost like cauliflower totally. Yeah. It's really really need. Wow. It's fascinating. You know that the mushroom world. This is super cool, you know, they breathe air. I did not know that they breathe air in there breathe out carbon dioxide the under closer to animals in there are two vegetables. It's really cool here. They're weird fungus is a weird thing been. Yeah, 1 as a lot of it's like misunderstood. Well, I guess I was I was watching the podcast with them with the mushroom guy also. Yeah, shout out to Paul but like a lot of it is is is still being learn today of of the impact on on the earth. And when what they do. Did you hear story about how buddy take 10 grams of Phyllis? I'd mushrooms in climate.

► 01:18:04

Treats in a lightning storm and like connected to the fucking Universe first time ever doing yeppers overdoing it. Yeah, he did that. I think he was in high school. Alright or something somewhere around that very young. Yeah crazy. He's awesome such a trip that I was reading that like the other the Phyllis I've been is linked to Kiran Kiran depression and things like that which which I don't know a lot about but it's fascinating you via fax they have on on on people. John Hopkins is doing some studies on the most fascinating of all the mushroom series is by the lake great Terence McKenna and his brother Dennis McKenna who's still alive in a scientist explained it on my first podcast with him. So if anybody's interested find that and download it, it's Dennis is a brilliant guy and this the theory is called the stone date Siri, and this coincides will retiring about about with hunting and consumption of meat leading to us becoming humans. There is a Dublin

► 01:19:03

Of the human brain size over a period of 2 million years. It's like Apparently one of the biggest mysteries in the fossil record. They do not understand why something so important like the thing that actually created the theory, I mean that of evolution explained Evolution like this very organ doubled over a period of 2 million years. They don't know what Terrance believes that the reason coincided with climate change and that as the climate change these rainforest receded into grasslands and these lower Harmon. It's like our ancestors came down from the trees and start experimenting with the new food sources. I want two things the experiment with was psychedelic mushrooms and that through Hillside and wish they found by flipping over Cow Patties a couple things happened one it increased visual Acuity mushrooms, especially in low doses increase visual Acuity, which would make them better Hunters. They can see better.

► 01:20:02

Good more intuitive made them more creative and also the way Dennis explains the effect of Phyllis. I've been on the brain. He was saying that it could have possibly LEDs the development of language and that all of this could have come out of the consumption of psychedelic mushrooms. It's fucking intense man. I was curious trance call to The Stonegate Siri, but that is what he will get. Somehow. He thinks we became human. It's amazing. Yeah, it sounds to do but sounds stupid until you do mushrooms illegal of makes sense. And you go. Okay. Okay. Love you, maybe yeah, maybe yeah, I was if it legal busy circling what everybody's do this, I'm going on everybody's do this. Now when you first started cooking did went how old are you when you became a chef?

► 01:20:49

It's kind of a fluke funny story. I was searching your kid and I wanted a part time job, you know, like a newspaper route or something like that. And I went to I live in a little town on this horse farm in the country and I rode my bike down to the gas station and I applied to pump gas and the diner on the corner and was like Hey man, like I don't need it would pump gas, but can you cook and I grew up cooking a home with my mom cuz she would work late and she would call me on your way home and tell me how to start dinner like turn on the oven get the chicken out of the fridge get the shake and bake and you know, so you'd walk me through it and I'd start dinner and she get home and and finish it. So I totally I can, you know, talk or whatever and he had had me in there, you know would like dropping the fry baskets and flipping eggs and you know doing the brunch shift on the weekend and it just stuck it's one of those things that you just kind of grew up doing. I know I wanted money to buy skateboards and pot and stupid shit. And yeah, I just it just kind of stuck and then all through high school. I had a job.

► 01:21:50

Cooking and I really start to struggle with it because you know, I was taking all these World issues courses and learning about the environments and watching these documentaries about food and I didn't know you know how being a chef could help change the world and how my going to make a difference as a chef and then and then I have my daughter when I was 19 and I had all this experience cooking and I thought well, you know, I was going to go to Chef school and and make a go with us. Like I've got all this experience. I'm already this far ahead and it was it was having kids at such a young age that really made me focus and was like, okay like I have a job to do and I I fell in love with food, you know as a 17 year old kid with a vegetable garden like who does that you know, and and then I got it done hunting and forging and in learning about food. I just I totally just fell in love with it. And so how did antler come about brought a bunch of these? Yeah. So this photo I actually took this photo it blown up in the restaurant all the green

► 01:22:50

On the ground is wet leaks so in the spring and I actually took this turkey hunting and I looked over it was a cool cool It's amazing And since like a photo art. Yes postcard. This is actually a sketch my friend did of a of a deer skull that I shot. So anyway antler came about because I work for a sluggish ass. He gave me his cookbook and I was hunting forging doing all the stuff and I thought well, you know, one of the ways I can make an impact in the world that I can teach people that what I'm doing and I went I gotta I got a camera and I would take it with me and shoot photos like this and I wanted to teach people about hunting forging because what I was doing it's not new, it's really really old but, you know people seem to forgotten about it, you know these people in the cities anyway people don't really know much about it. So I thought you know, I'm going to help educate, you know modern civilization about hunting for Janice will be like my might make a difference in the world and I ended up hanging out with a really good friend, Emma.

► 01:23:50

Who won my best friends today? And he's a family friend documentary filmmaker by the name of Jody Shapiro. And yeah, we had this deal and you said you know, I'll I'll help you with the photos. If you teach me how to cook and he was he was taking some culinary courses to the local College just as a hobby and you know, we start hanging out and and shooting this cookbook and we started to kind of get some press about it, you know, either magazine to this article on a semi start doing these game dinners out of his house and out of here this one nice condo. And so I put on this game dinner. I sold tickets and I knew that would laws about serving game and restaurants in Canada, and I appreciate us is pretty similar you can't serve while game in restaurant. So there's Public Health

► 01:24:33

She's me I'll meet has to be inspected through slaughterhouse you're up is different you can kind of do whatever in Europe. But so I thought okay cool. We'll have this game dinner out of his house and we're in the clear but with it with the mid stream at Resorts as you can't sell game meet so for any kind of profit, but we were processing off it we're just going to have fun. Anyway do this game dinner a local paper National Paper actually wanted to buy ticket. They came we thought they're going to write this little blurb about it. They did a 2 page spread in the National newspaper about this game dinner. So we start to get all this press about it. And we just said, hey, let's let's open restaurant. Let's let's have a home where we can we can you know work on this book possibly shoot some documentary and and really just have fun and and explore Canadian Cuisine for me that I'm really passing about some of this really, you know hasn't really been to find there's a bunch of people trying to Define it, you know, and and and it was a sort of are home now. We just a Canadian Cuisine or these traditional

► 01:25:34

Recipes or they improvised. Well, I you know a lot of it is is improvise the thought of this my take on it, you know, I definitely want to do some more kind of studying about an eighth of an additional cooking, you know, traveling across the country or something I want to do and and learning from the indigenous communities, but we sort of my take on it is you know, if there if there wasn't these farms animals, what would be what would we eat? And and for me it's if morals it's it's maple syrup. It's the wild leaks in this photo. It's deer and turkey and rabbit and these things we out we serve at antler because that's what's growing around us in Canada wild fish and thanks again for the may pass. I'm going to have to break my diet to enjoy some of their have a liquid. He is looking richest looking Nicholas ever seen for him. It looks amazing. So they'll tell you earlier that takes 18 liters of South boiled down to make 1 liter of syrup and the cool part is you can drink the soft. It's natural. It's full of a lot natural electrolytes minerals.

► 01:26:33

Those kind of like a coconut water tight beverage was crazy to me and someone figured out to do that like that. They've been doing it 400 years right super cool and it happens only you can only make it in the spring when it's freezing at night and it's all during the day and what happens is the tree roots are sucking up as much water as it can to feed the bugs that it's trying to to make to make leave again. How the fuck did everything figured out. Anyway, take take this app from the trees like that. So simple as it's really really cool went when you when you go, you know your drill a hole in the tree you put in this little tap and hanging bucket and it just trips out and how long does it take to drip? Okay, when it's when it's like Kind of Perfect conditions, I put up to 16 liter buckets and within like three or 4 days there full hour so it's cool. It's fun and it did get me on the woods. I called my spring training cuz I'm looking around all these buckets, you know, okay. Alright, so that's not feeling the winter fat off.

► 01:27:33

When you talk about indigenous people Hollywood cook their food, what have you learned any of those dishes yet? I have like I said, I'm not an expert but it's something we're we're going to be kind of studying moving forward are you know the growth of vanlear? You know, where do we go from here? And you know, as I mentioned my my business partners a documentary guy, so we we we want to travel and travel cross country and learn really what that is. There's so many different indigenous communities in Canada candidates on 3 Coast, you know much like the state of Alaska, you know, usually think of the Artic up there, but you know, there's some Rio you have an ocean up to see if that ocean though. It's not Ocean Walk across Frozen. But yeah, it's it's something that I definitely want to learn more about like how would they cook moves? Do you know a lot of it would be open fire in a lot of it, you know, like the the seal meeting well, but you know, they don't like in the Arctic they don't have a lot of wood to burn, you know when they would.

► 01:28:34

Sounds like oil lamps from the oil from the plumber. But you know, a lot of the cooking is is raw. Yes. Steve rinella went to Nunavut that it nude event there. Like I said leaving a background Nunavut do that. At least I think is out of the North. There's a Northwest Territories there's news and they were eating a lot of fish frozen fish that was depth and see loyal tray with dip deficiency loyal eat it there's a tremendous amount of oil and fat and they're diadem, you know, which kind of makes a diet. Yeah, super Kita. I mean, they're they're up there in the coldest of cold climates one of things we do this kind of cool is I know the native the images calls which would make see dirty and it's full of vitamin C and minerals and nutrients but we we do a cedar sorbet. So we boil Cedar leaves and then I just added sugar and make it into like a nice so it's a frozen kind of store Bay, which is really cool.

► 01:29:34

And it's it's like when you eat it's like the 4th so your mouth really rolling and then I can get the cedar from we'd we just go into the woods and cut it down and bring that into the restaurant. This all kinds of cool stuff that we do that we you know, cuz I go up I try and be in nature a couple times a week and I'll go and you know for sure all the stuff and bring it into antler another way. We we use the theater is in a cocktail we do a seat urgent hour. So if you refuse the gym with with cedar leaves for like a week and then we shake that with some simple syrup, but they make me hungry. So when you it's interesting that when you go to the woods 2484 plant life, it's totally legal. Yeah, you could sell it. Yeah, but if you forward for Adam alive, if you can't do that, I think that is because of Market hunting that really decimated most of the population of North American game animals in the 18 hundred's and early into the 1900 like most people associate that with the death of the Buffalo Valley.

► 01:30:33

Who makes sense? I think I think it there there are ways to do it where it could be controlled. I don't think I could hunt enough meat for the for the restaurant, you know, but 5 seats 45 seats, but you know what? I think I do think that you know, I think it's people's right to be able to eat. Well me I think that as a human being you have the right to try that and if you're not a hunter if you don't know how to go do it. You have the right to least try it and I do know in actually Newfoundland they're allowed to serve well game and Hunter has to go and get a permit to sell and then he has to bring it to a butcher that has a permit to process it and expect it. And then that butcher couldn't sell to a restaurant where that makes sense. Yeah, and it's it's controlled and I don't want to decimate the population on or hurt anything. We decide those Newfoundland Newfoundland. Yeah. I think it's definitely feel and called a Newfoundland this like a college Chicago Chicago figured pissed at you live on the way back see Canadian diverted from there. So yeah, I don't want

► 01:31:33

Good hunting of wild game. It's because I love wild animals. And if it again, would you moved? How do you live in Anna go faster? Yeah. Well, I just think it's very complex. That's what I think. I think just staying a lot being a human is very complex. So I think we have very simplistic ways of looking at it. I also think that it's entirely possible that plants are communicating with each other and they have a level of intelligence that we don't totally understand if it's Annette reported by data. Yeah. It's supported by more more research everyday. They're they're finding out that plants have some inter connected network of communication with each other and that they recognize when they're being eaten and they they changed their flavor profile to make themselves tastes terrible to animals that are eating them that there's some communication between them and there is some sort of a primitive life form that many. Are you are far more complex than things. The vegans won't eat like mollusk, like my looks all the other we think of them as an

► 01:32:33

Ted this is simple as dumbest fucking things on earth Vice assisted an article that questioning whether mollusk for vegan. They say I think for health purposes feel better vegans like hey, man, is there at their sustainable Amin you inform them you could they have any salmon property to I've I've lost something that they were using muscles to clean up ocean beaches gas filter that are fasting mushrooms to apparently are very cleansing that they're trying to find ways to use mushrooms to clean kind of oil spills and you know screwed up environmental things people should eat mall of the really should and they should also need eggs eggs folks to see them from a circle animals and I'm just saying this just as a person of value of Health. We are in the person who's I mean I put my body through a lot my body cast asked to perform and it has my whole life. So I'm very very concerned with nutrition and I'm very aware of the impact Contrition house on physical performance and I think search I can take this

► 01:33:33

God damn good for your health and this idea that somehow I know that you're doing something cool. My chickens are my friends. You see it from that video that you approve it in the putting mascara to me at all the running around with your running around with me and I eat their eggs know the eggs are good for it. I know everybody can't do that, but you can get these go or toilet and it's X and you vote with your dollars that you're spending, you know, if you go to the store and you buy organic eggs and You by the healthier verse yes, you're paying extra Buck or two bucks, whatever it is, but crack open an egg from like the mass produced place and you crack open an egg from the organic Place one is like the organic ones are like bright orange. Yeah. I'm like super dark and even though cos I really sick and then the other one it's like pale and runny, Illinois yellow and you crack them in the yolk breaks sometimes and they're just like it's garbage and who knows what's in there man? What conditions those chickens are living in lot of times terrible conditions. I think whoever started off. I mean, I guess it's just academics right and you give people the option to make the most amount of money.

► 01:34:33

And not have to account for ethics or cruelty standards or what, you know, whatever issues were in place that allows factory farms to materialized. That's one of the worst.

► 01:34:49

Worst pieces of evidence about the cruelty of human being one of the worst. It's horrific. I mean end it's it's something that I think we should really collectively do something about an update. It's one of the things that really ramp up the the the anger on the the side of the animal rights activist inside of the vegans. I get it I get it but to go out to Someone Like You is in my opinion. So incredibly misguided ends why I asked you to come on so I thought it was so frustrating and watching you carve that venison up in front of those people. What was a screaming at you murder that's not true like saying, you know, this is just like saying you're you're a thief because you cut grass actually, I know it's not it's not murder. It's it's killing animals. We may even a video of some of the walking by and they're like, they're saying they're murders and she's like, they're murdering people know like no,

► 01:35:50

I'm entering animals the kind of life.

► 01:35:52

A lot of people are sad like a lot of like what you're dealing with with these animal rights activist is that they are there so engrossed in this struggle and it's the part of their their daily existence in their their angry and sad there's one crazy video where this lady goes into this restaurant and she started yelling in front of everybody about her friend. And this be this beautiful creature that just wants to live in the chickens talking about chicken like my friend. The chicken was killed. It's like what will and everybody in the restaurant like what the fuck I've seen these videos and that like Bill storm arrested. So be like 50 people that go like occupies steakhouses is crazy lady.

► 01:36:35

Hey Luca.

► 01:36:41

It is very beautiful entire life. She's terrified. She has a very determined look in her eyes, wherever she goes and see what her interviews her entire life because of this establishment and because of establishments like it.

► 01:36:58

She was locked away. She was in she has nobody there for her.

► 01:37:05

She was crying. He was scared every single moment for the maitre d Meyer on the background. Yeah, my girlfriend the back so it's going to be to her.

► 01:37:17

Should be loving to put the Legacy smiling laugh. At least I think so Lisa, not busy. Yeah, that's true. That's such a restaurant way of taking see if you got to go.

► 01:37:32

Just like your sister. Where's the chicken parts? Come soon?

► 01:37:38

Where is the Crazy Town disrupt behave ism?

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Search Google.

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Hey bear, it's Mike.

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I notice now.

► 01:38:03

So happy my beautiful girl, and she's a mouth murder South food.

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Yeah, it is sing it together, but they all get together with sign Homer. God tell you this.

► 01:38:25

That's okay cut it short notice list. Either way your cunt little bird snow. Fuck's up a warm you crazy bitch fucked up my throat Mouse in the cage. No snow only green feels like I fuck you. Like I say it's kind of amazing. So yeah, there's like, you know, I guess that there's there's protesting and it's like it's it's our fundamental right to protest and have freedom of speech and have you think but that's not for listing says this writing a business. Yeah. There's not a place for it. That's harassment. Look if you the best place for something like that is really what we just saw a video make make a video about your thoughts. Yeah, you know if you mean if you if they are honestly think that what you're doing is wrong like this is what something like you to before I make a video where you state your case come talk to me, or I could even come talk to me or at my restaurant was fine. But at least with the video you leave the comments open and then people debate they decide whether or not they agree or disagree. Are you fucking crazy?

► 01:39:30

Yeah, so let that snow loose watch what she does. That's what she does every fucking bus. She's fine. She's a bird or she's not done of vegetarian your fucking chick. It's not a vegetarian. Ohh, it's just not you know people like vegetarian said well, then you got a sick chicken because that's not what they're supposed to eat in like cats cast need me to keep if you can do you can one of my bed side bit about it really hilarious because it's something that I found online with someone's angry at me. I'm so angry at me. I went to her page and it's one of the things that hashtag vegan cat. I went. Oh Jesus and I went down over that was a legal. It's like you're gonna need to be in what company should danger cat. We'll talk about that later. I don't want to do my best. I'm doing it on comma special soon. But the the problem with this is that as we said before it becomes like a contest it becomes like a like a Battle Ground. Yeah. That's my concerns. Like how does this end how to bridge the gap? How do we get people like how they stop fucking with you?

► 01:40:30

I have no idea that well they're at their thing is they want us to put a sign in our had explained that you know, we're mistreating animals and animal eyes are there, right? And they say that you know this extortion if you put the sign in our window they're going to go away. Well, we know we're not doing anything wrong, you know, nothing we're doing is illegal. We're not infringing on anyone's rights. Have you talked to them at all? You got outside. So no, we have one of our managers go outside and there they describe Jetta SE with a blue screen that I think this murderer what about snow about about this? So, you know, we we did send an email trying to leave item legal forwarding with us and we talked about our different idea log ideologies and how you know, they're they're really far apart, but maybe we can come to some kind of understanding and and you know that the time they didn't respond didn't respond for a while. And you know now I don't I don't think you know, I don't think that anything good would come up that meeting at this point. So so what do you do?

► 01:41:27

How's business by the way your business is always been good for us. We we were very lucky. Alright, it's like you have a great restaurant. I made sure that thank you part of it. Thank you. But we we've we've had some International recognition. We've I've been a lot of traveling last year up in 5 continents in the last year 2 of them cooking. I went to Abu Dhabi with there's a cup equal IMG, if you know them the only UFC now, they run that they have a culinary department and they they run these festivals call Taste and our first year opening. We we are part of this tastes festival and I didn't even know there is a competition going on these people came by and they're like Albert for judging the competition and we want to try your food and I was like I think is due people to try to get some free food out of there like, yeah, you can win a trip to Dolly and I was like, okay whatever and we actually one and they sent me to Abu Dhabi to to compete against 11 other stuff from around the world. It was amazing was incredible and then from there, I think 66 or 8 months later. There is a

► 01:42:27

Festival in Australia, so we brought me to Australia 2 to cook western Mass Tria. This event called The Core me escape really really cool event and it was down the road from Deer farm and we were putting on a lunch and dinner for 200 people. So we actually roasted to hold dear Sotto style over open fire and where you do that are in the woods who's inquired about those photos on our Maya, it's Grandma antler kitchen bar dot r at ain't the kitchen bar on Instagram. There's photos of this. This is Auto Care super super super Camino Sotto sot. Ohh is think the Argentinean cooking style and it's it's a whole animal that's kind split down the middle and what kind of like flavored Eros you out there. It's really cool. So big is probably the best one to do it cuz of the fat content dear and lamb and cover that you kind of have to base to to keep it moist at ease regulate temperature when it comes to some place. That's just placed all I can't download sucking up the water.

► 01:43:27

How how far is leaning on Addison just practice just playing around? I'm fine. I just let low and slow right now. I'm going to go for me. So yeah, yeah, so we do at the restaurant. I do it in my backyard a lot. I except for my wedding. We did two pigs for my wedding to like poking the fire in my suitcase. So graphic, it's great. Yeah that got a lot of hate their Wonder hate on that but it's food, you know what it said people want to disconnect themselves from where it's coming from, but it back to your question, you know bills always been good and business is business is good days and bad days. And right now there's a lot of attention on and let immediate attention on antler. So we're you know, we're a little bit busier than normal right now. Get ready after you had a 5:10 to sit City Creek see it's going to be nuts down there. There's going to be a bunch of people on your side too. Yeah, hopefully nothing bad happened. So yeah, so don't get anything physical or you know, start shouting at each other. Yeah, but that that shelving stuff was happening. But but yeah, hopefully, you know, this this will kind of all smoothed out and people can learn to get it.

► 01:44:27

Get along and let's gather. Yeah, well doesn't seem like that's what they want though. It seems like what they want is for you to bend their demands Minaj like what a lot of this is when it comes to change, you know, when it comes to people wanting change they want you to change the date and they want their right and they want you to admit you're wrong and this is this is a real Pro real problem with something that's complex. And the finally was like, we've had vegan and vegetarian items on our menu since 2015 when we open. And so I think it's like the second or third week. They came we thought okay, we're going to we're going to feature one of our vegan dishes on the sign and hopefully like that makes them happy. And so we feature one of our vegan dishes on the sign and then we saw it from there online post that that they thought that we made that their posts where we made them change a meat dish to a vegan dish. We have to keep pushing them and then so frustrating like know you guys have don't know who you are. Well, that's exactly what I'm talking about the becomes a contest or Battleground idea logical Battleground.

► 01:45:27

That this this thought that they're making you change they want you to change. You know, I mean, I've seen I saw a video wants or people are mad at me too and they were like, he's listening. So he's open to change. It looks like let me know what I'm listening to the one to hear your perspective like you're not right like and I'm not right you don't like we have our own perspective and I'm not going to change if I change it's because of the evidence and because of sinking and careful consideration and I've done that. I've done a lot of thinking I've done a lot of kale for careful consideration this what led me to becoming a hunter in the first place. You know, what the hell? How did you sir? Hunting Steven? Ella took me out. I've been thinking about it for a long time in the main reason. I've been thinking about it was because of those pita videos write those fucking horrific factory farming videos. So it's like you don't want to eat that. I don't want to be a part of this. I want to figure out how to not so I started buying grass fed me Dan. I tried to you know, figure out a way to get around it and I really started getting very very interested in hunting but

► 01:46:27

Start I didn't know where to start and we're filming a Fear Factor episode at home Ranch says 270000 acre ranch the middle the country wild middle estate rather and they were saying that they have wild pigs there and they would teach at noon. So it was something that I had considered yet for I met rinella and when I met rinella, he took me on a hunt for a TV show and I just had a mule deer and we ate it that night over the fire and I said that said between Hunter yeah, I might that's it. Nicole the cool part out hunting is nothing goes to waste. So I take I take the heights to a guy to have the 10th. So I actually made a nice roll out at one of the high dive an apron out of one of the hi my wedding ring has and learn it. That's pretty cool. I'm proud of that one. That's crazy. And yeah and I use all the bones to make a stock and then when I you know, a lot of the cuts that I'm one of the reasons, I want to write this book at the teach Hunters how to use those tough Cuts one of my favorite parts of of the deer and and different animals as the neck.

► 01:47:27

The Knack is got all this really super flavorful kind of July 10th is meet kind of in between the cart leads and stuff like that and you make a Stuart this stuff and it is unbelievably tasty and you know, I think and a lot of guys when they go hunting that kind of breasts out the birds and they leave the little legs and I don't really know that you know how to cook the legs of a turkey or a duck and that's one of the reasons why I want to write this book and really educate people how to use those tough for cuts that you know can be kind of tricky to cook but now it has a couple of good books on that and one thing that he's really into us making Shanks and yes Luke. Ohh a good brazing so good. Yeah. Yeah, and she's also, you know a big advocate of not wasting anything that's wife into organ Me Love You liver and we ate I have a fire that night so good. I had a turkey feathers in my little boutonniere on my wedding day from Eric. I was really cool. Well it did. It's one of the reasons why it's so kind of crazy that you're the guy that they picked on and not to butcher shop across the street or not, you know some burgers.

► 01:48:27

Down the street that's getting factory farms me as you do have a respect and appreciation for the Wildlife but that this idea logical Battleground Battleground on their side. It doesn't leave any room for forgiving in there's no room for reasons. You're either an animal murder or you're the most amazing person ever because your vegan go vegan, you know, it's it's a really it's a new thing in terms of first world problems. The First World countries many people did needing vegetarian dishes forever. But in terms of like being idea logically rabbit about your, you know, your position this, you know, this is very new. It's within the last couple of decades. So yeah, it's it's unfortunate because we're getting you know, we've had a lot of support from our community and Canada and the International Community. I'm we're actually getting support from other vegans and vegetarian people writing to us since I mean, yeah the sound like hey, these aren't our beliefs. Really. Sorry what you're going through, you know, you have our support and it's some of our

► 01:49:27

Where is actually vegan and they come for like vegetarian risotto in like mushroom risotto that they know or like, you know, really cool wild mushrooms that you can't buy in the store. So it's you know, it is unfortunate. It is kind of it's kind of sad but you know, we're we're just going to continue, you know being can we are and hopefully that you know, like none of them is actually coming for dinner. You know, I course did not going to drive it up here in the front window man. You fucking Barbara. So there's you're right in the middle of this right now. It's not interesting to talk to us about it. It's not like after the fact all going down right now. There's another come back weekly, but if this point it's like dinner and a show, like people want to see it people are questioning the window window table. Well guess what Sands this podcast if you're going to want to front row seats and skin diseases lot of freaks out there. Listen to this said it was going to want to be there for the freak Show. I will Toronto it's it's only about an hour and a half drive from

► 01:50:27

Buffalo at the border. So it's you get across the fuck's take a flight comes. You're a dick the cold. Is there anything else you'd like to tell people? What what is your website? How can people go and check it out and Yeah antler kitchen bar.com is is is the website there. It is after that but it's cool down Jamie so you can see a look at some of that yummy murder that so that Dyrdek School you put us call on the table with all that so that that flattered that should Cooter Potter's all the meat from that deer and the tureen on the side a little square piece was actually meet from that school. So I praise that to go turn the meat into a train from the tongue in the cheek and then served that was actually at the game dinner that the newspaper did when are you heading back to Toronto Friday? So I'm here visiting my family and then I'm giving you have access to a freezer. Yes. I have a 2 commercial freezes in the back. I want to give you some Elco dude, that is amazing. Thank you for not L. Cranky Roma's that's an order man. I'll cook it with my dad this week, please.

► 01:51:27

Thank you sure that I put it up on this Graham how ever sent me so I love it. Love it. Alright, so yeah and the kitchen and the kitchen bar.com at the hunter staff at 8 Lexington Bar all that kind of stuff. You can find me. What is your Instagram? My Grammy's at the hunter Chef have to understand? Okay. Thanks man. It's a lot of fun. I really did online. I hope this all works out and angry vegans. Please just III know where you're coming from, but you really this is the wrong site. It's really is there's the battle this factory farming. That's the real Battleground in this is the wrong. This is like the most ethical version of what your opposing and I think there's there's a there's a healthy comfortable middle ground for the 99% that aren't fucking idiots. I really do.

► 01:52:14

I hope we can find it. Thank you. All right fucker be nice to each other. Bye.

► 01:52:20

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