#1111 - Abby Martin

The Joe Rogan Experience #1111 - Abby Martin

April 26, 2018

Abby Martin is a journalist and host of the "The Empire Files" -- http://theempirefiles.tv

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my guess today is a great and powerful Abby Martin she's my favorite radical ft she's an awesome person and she gets very worked up but she's really cool and I love her so please welcome Abby Martin

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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Abby Martin Luther German how are you great how are you I'm reeling in that news man was going to happen cuz the first one was a mistrial that would happen yeah but what was the what's the difference between this one is this a civil suit or is this

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I think these are these are the Civil this is the retrial so you got convicted of sexual assault 3 different counts each one carries I think at least 10 years did you go to jail for 30 years which is death for him I mean he's blind he's very good if it's amazing She's creepy dude he like to have sex with lifeless dead bodies you were trying to I mean purely speculation right like what would cause someone to want to do that like what I have this Theory I think a lot of people did that shit in the 60s I think in the 60s it was a normal thing to drug people and I think that you don't remember any of the terms of your own we've heard it slipping someone a man I think they used to do that all the time back then and they didn't think anything of it you know what she says if you just go back a couple of hundred years like I'm watching the show Vikings

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Rachel by the way but you know they were obviously fucking crazy people they did while shit but it was common in this is how people live they would storm into Villages kill everybody this was normal shit just a thousand years ago or so and I think if you go back just a hundred years that the way people treat each other was horrific if you go back 50 years ago that's Bill Cosby there I mean I really think that people back then were different they didn't have the internet they didn't they didn't understand how other people reviewing your activity they thought they could hide this activity and I think there is a group of people specifically you know Partiers that would drug people and I think it was a normal thing I think there's probably a lot of people out there that are here in this Bill Cosby thing and it's thinking about all the times a day did it is horrifying fucking scared responsible

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no lecture all the black people pull up your pants be good to Sykes interviewed him at something and he was chastising her on the way she was talking wow English and he was wearing sunglasses inside cuz I am just recovering after raping that I just can't see people I can look you in the eyes and I'll raped out so happy to hear this and did you see Weinstein chased out of that bar like in Florida or whatever or some guy comes up and likes Lotto so I have to be out of republic for him out there is a lot of creepy humans in this world you know I just I think we're in this unprecedented time of understanding and in terms of like the consequences of your behavior what you can and can't do now and then the fact that people will just have your doing something horrific to people other people are now going to know where is

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you know again 50 years ago nobody fucking do anything like think about JFK is going on with Trump and Trump has come up this it's like water off a duck's back with Trump whatever reason said he's got some strange ability to just like fake nose and it's also he doesn't he's he just says it's lies you just keep going and if I like what you can do but he's not freaking out he's acting like business as usual and somehow another that's okay but if you call back till like what JFK was up to a chant K was a fucking freak and everybody knows it's like yeah, but he was a freak in the area in the area where the Press knew everything that was going on and everybody like kind of kept her mouth shut and everybody there was like an unspoken agreement that they would report on a fairs and all the other stuff and just it's fascinating to see our culture change wildly over a

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four. Of time tabloid journalism is taken completely over I mean it's good but to see what these people are really doing but yeah you're totally right JFK was a complete womanizer was this hero still think everybody was back then I think that's what they did and that's why they wanted to be pressing the first place so they can just fuck everything that moves the Free World where it's fucking weird you know where in a strange time I think historians in the future when they go back to the pier with the internet was created Essentials like 94 when it became mainstream I think they're going to look at this time between 94 and 2018 is unprecedented explosion of change

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Trump is nuts I don't understand why you know the Stormy Daniels thing I feel like could be his undoing I don't think anything's going to come out of the Russia stuff I think that if anything is going to come out of the Michael Cohen Olivia's basically him sign a message saying don't worry man I got your back I'm going to Pardon you if you go to jail too, and I think cuz I mean why the heck why why else would you just pardoned Dick Cheney's former man scooter Libby I don't understand that got your back I'll get you out of prison in the Trump stuff's not the Stormy Daniels thing is is ridiculous did you see that interview with Anderson Cooper she was trying to do a transactional thing to get on The Apprentice it said he sent someone to threaten her and her child after that

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operational procedure for love people you know well that wasn't what who who wrote call me what sound does essentially you're reminded him of when he was Prosecuting the mop that they have this sort of you know same kind of attitude is US versus them keep everything together loyalty is everything by the way great job at stand up by been going to a bunch of stand-up shows everyone just talks about jerking off too pixelated porn in the 80s and their dicks and I'm in your set was awesome and I really encourage everyone to check it out it's just it was amazing how was it was it called haven't decided yet that's where I was calling strange times cuz you know obviously went strange times I might just keep that I don't know how I made my change the name I don't know I really haven't decided

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Brothers a lot of really good jokes about Trump which is you would think would be easy but I guess they're comedians it's probably not easy because it's so satirical of the world are living in the problem is reality is already a joke it's so crazy that you have to have you have to figure out what is your unique perspective you know if you have one you know I just think we're very childlike and what we do with it you know how we treat our leaders and how we choose our leaders and I'm really fascinated by The Cult of Personality that goes behind really any big time leader for their Trump or Obama there's people that think that person can do no wrong with Hillary there was a group of people that refuse to look at any of the things that Hillary is doing that were wrong any of the things like the Clinton Foundation or those speeches that she was giving to these Bankers which would release the transcripts or the lies it's

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talk about the difference between comey's version of what the FBI had found her to have done wrong versus her version of it and there's a video you see the two of them back to back and she's a deceptive person she's clearly a liar she's not she's not a good person she's not like this shining example of what we would like our leader to Baywood like Harley like love or hate or Obama what that guy was to me was like a Statesman like he's so the way he would communicate with so calm and smooth and he was but if you even if you didn't like his policy you got to meet the guys are incredibly articulate beautifully literate like the way he would speak and communicate it was well-read I keep to me represented what I would like the version of the person who's running the big thing too because I think that's the whole crew of people who have brain wash themselves into thinking there's some sort of like a deep State apparatus that outing Trump I think they're real

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problem look the Deep state is the military industrial complex they're winning at the end of the day no matter what defense contractors stocks are skyrocketing Trump is basically the de-facto arms salesman chief on the phone to the Japanese prime minister being like hot killer drones bro like we got to sell these surveillance drunk that's who's going to win at the end of the day the neoliberal establishment is who hates him because he removes the mask of Empire that's what he does he's making it less palatable to sell imperialism around the world and I think that's that's the Crux of why you see the kind of distinct anchors and the Liberals on on TV and we can get into this later but there's a whole misnomer going on about the left and mischaracterization at the left the left has no fucking power in this country the left has no voice in terms of news coverage so hello Rachel Maddow she has not left she is a neoliberal corporate shell you you say that and so does Jimmy Dore Jimmy Dore says the same thing

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yeah he just thinks that she does not represent the left and that's all of the fact that the media is liberal in general I think that TV culture is side news is not there is no liberal media media is owned by multinational corporations with conservative business owners that have interlocking Board of director it's at the fence contractors Monsanto Etc they push down their policies it doesn't matter if your mouth is working at Washington Times you're not going to able to put out that contradictory narrative that your shareholders are are pushing it's it's really unfortunate that the left has been basically I don't know I mean they've just demonize the entire left right now you have the NRA fomenting civil war against the fucking left Trump and all of his followers are just like the Laugh this is what's really wrong with this country there's no power we don't have any power you've given me like I have more of a platform than probably any other left is because you have given me a platform on the show

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when have you ever heard My Views like on TV ever know what I mean what when you were on TV because people think of Russia and I'll Rush as the great enemy and you were on Russia Today and she's a tool of the Russians the Russians that the Russians like the Russians were nothing forever like the Russians like we got through the Cold War like all the Russians are friends now because when I was in high school we are always worry we can get bombed by the Russians that shit went away to just have that back I don't believe it I don't believe we're going to get bombed by the Russians I don't think we're going to bomb them I don't think they're going to bomb us and I think is cliche as it sounds mutually assured destruction is probably a really good incentive to not launch missiles into the air I think that's still real to do with anything to do with

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audiological Warfare all that stuff scares the shit out of me you know when you when you see what people are capable of doing if they really believe in there cause they really believe God's on their side they really believe and also if you really believe you've been fucked over by the great Satan all that stuff scares the shit out of me because most people are blissfully unaware of what the United States and you know what the commander-in-chief or whoever the fuck is pulling the strings is doing overseas and what the repercussions of his actions going to be the guy who I think I don't know when the Quebec mosque mosque shooting was but has basically justification you know Islamic terrorism made me do this so if that's the case what are all the people that we kill with drones and the bride at a wedding party in Yemen another one of those least I think that's our thing intelligence and weapons to Saudi Arabia it's not just you know we Supply them weapons and turn a blind eye we are supplying millet

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intelligence and targets for them to bond and we are actively helping him do that so yeah they just found another wedding party on top of the funerals hospitals schools why is it why wedding parties it is was there someone in the wedding party they were trying to get it was it a mistake I don't even know what the official line is but how many wedding parties can you bomb before we draw our Red Lion I mean it just discussed and they kill the bride so what are all these people who grow up this was supposed to be the happiest day of their lives and now you know are they going to grow up wanting to to kill Americans I mean wish you were blaming American Girl in the United States wants an endless war the best way to ensure Dennis war is to Cajun Lee blow up some people that really have no dog in the fight and you create a bunch of radicals who create people that are hell bent on Revenge because that that's the real hardcore conspiracy theories Alex Jones take on it I think that a good way to look at the world as you know there's the colonizers in colonized

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states that are basically remaining that we know that the establishment of the Empire wants to take down here on Syria Venezuela North Korea right then, they're all independent of our economic hegemony and so we use our economic and Military might to commit violence around the world to subject these countries to bend or will economically and it's really obvious and important people just continue to buy into this humanitarian bullshit propaganda no matter who's in office doesn't matter who's in office if you look at it like the actions of the Obama Administration took first of the action the Bush Administration took her super similar commander-in-chief it doesn't matter right it's just they're not trying to get rid of trump

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of course you have tons of people who hate him you'd it appears that the media is uniformly against them but I think it because

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Burger Kanye on Ellen this ship you put together

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hold on a second look at Allen just look at his face when was this from

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we're looking at Kanye

► 00:18:41

make crazy faces

► 00:18:43

does Kenwood

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that was this out of context was that the real question that can

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okay I'm with you

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what is he saying is in the building here in the building

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dead what

► 00:19:33

put it on

► 00:19:35

is Rakim said

► 00:19:43

did you see that he wrote that he's going to be the next president between the Hardy that died from TMZ they called me radek he's like please don't call me erratic you speak into your next president my God

► 00:19:59

did you see Kenzie like love you guys, just living in the future and a couple years someone else is going to say what he does and you're going to praise him and say whatever you can keep it from Vanishing so bizarre though right I wish I knew what was really going on like a million percent like the woman who sell tons of Records because there is a huge vacuum to be filled of of trump supporters who are looking for people like this is definitely that the what's possible this is one thing that Trump is absolutely done like when he won like that changes who can be president it really does cuz it's now like okay we know that

► 00:21:00

we've already decided we're willing to elect someone that we know really probably shouldn't be doing it so now what like we're just collecting a famous person so is it what's who's that's why or what about Oprah yeah like no NBC tweeted you know our president no like a speech by our president in speech and we should vote them in the office. Fuc is in control of the NBC Twitter page that they wrote something about a speech from our all caps president like what wait a minute I thought The Rock was going to run for a while and then and then I saw it he had a big dinner with the Saudi king and he was like I treat it like obviously this drank a giant bottle of tequila with the Kings and the Kings not such a baby yet

► 00:21:54

when and who else is there O Morgan Freeman the voice of God and Hillary Clinton Soul was was with the rock and a king of Saudi Arabia somehow this is cool you know but Bashar al-assad is a monster yet the king of Saudi Arabia is a cool dude we should have dinner with that makes sense is this the young king the trying to like a turd by Saudi Arabia what is his deal he's like he locked up all those people for who the hell knows that came out was like oh he's you know he's revolutionaries reformist but I mean I think that it was just to consolidate power the power grab and she's almost identical to even drive there now so why don't you relax

► 00:22:33

we can take the cat right but not at night somewhere around the last time we are on Wow crazy crazy stuff happened after that right email address but I still was aware of them of a bunch of people and it was a form letter talking about how you are a liar and you're anti-israel and none of the stuff is happening between you know Israel

► 00:23:09

did the high just yeah it was it got weird it got weird it was like a hundreds and hundreds and hundreds even know how many were coming because of the Israeli Lobby likes to come down very hard on people who speak out against the crimes of Israel as you see this is the third rail issue no one talks about it even though it's so if I can obviously mean we hear the Mantra Putin kills journalist all the time well Israeli forces are sniping dead journalists and children on camera and yet the World Turns a blind I will someone go till just a few days ago a journalist just really casualties but yes it is directly funded by the Israeli government it's part of their giant Hasbro operation and that's they made a video they are providing a video cat try not to Bunk what I said on here look you can look at the Empire files and see all of the documentation of what I said that's your stuff and my stuff yeah the Empire fireworks

► 00:24:10

files. TV and it's a YouTube channel that you can subscribe to you too but I mean it's just very easy easily verifiable facts like that Israeli military law governs the Westbank this is verifiable in 5 seconds on Amnesty International so it was just very Desperate Measures to try to apa skate what I was saying and this is really all they have left because the tightest turning man I'm in love Natalie Portman just signed on to boycott this conference and Israel and they are Running Scared I mean they're trying to revoke her citizenship because she's basically participating in BDS because she said recent events have made her greatly Disturbed as it should disturb everyone the fact there's is ongoing Massacre and if I could just explain to you what's going on really quickly it is horrifying you guys I mean there's a thing called the Great March of return and it's been completely non-violent on the side of Palestinians in Gaza which is the open-air prison we're about 2 million people are how is in cage like animals and they're not allowed to leave I can't think of any other place in the world that refugees actually can't leave otherwise they'll be shot

► 00:25:10

like Israeli guard post surrounding his place they Count Their calories they they don't let them have concrete anything that can be construed as a weapon x cetera so I need to live their lives and so they're protesting nonviolently they're going up to the to the fence and thousands and thousands of them and 40 people have just been executed there's Israeli soldiers sitting up perched on a Hilltop with sniper Scopes this isn't just random gunfire that people are being hit with they are deliberately attacking every single person with headshots with genitalia shots it's sick and pressburg people marked press I mean that's an egregious War crime of Nikki Haley up video in every single UN resolution investigation into Israel I can't imagine what is Israel can only survive with us sponsorship and we love to have that beachhead in the Middle East we love to have that military Garrison because we use as real like what happened in Syria we used as real to bomb Syria

► 00:26:11

first to test the waters Israeli forces to execute nuclear scientist in Iran we use a massage to do all kinds of stuff so that we love to have that kind of military military Post Outpost in the Middle East that we can use to try to intimidate all those postcolonial states that are independent or we want to overthrow so I think that's why you know a lot of people say oh the lobby controls us and I think that's wrong I think there's a lot of lobbies at his influence but I think it's it's more strategic than that I really do so

► 00:26:43

for the Palestinians so the Palestinians that are trapped in Gaza and if they leave there's no other way to go other than through Israel at the bar like a what about Egypt and and Jordan they can they can try to go out that way now I mean basically they're all in cahoots with nothing I was in ministration and they're all basically client states of the US so no they can't leave Israel controls their water the passageways everything that they don't let them leave like a lot of these people who've been shot with sniper rifles can't even get treatment because they're denied treatment so there's so many amputations that are totally unnecessary so now you have like a thousand of people are just amputated 5,000 people have been shot with live ammunition since you've been there and how much time did you spend when you were there so I was in with the Westbank for a month and they let you go back and forth from Gaza to unfortunately I was banned from Gaza because I was told I was a propagandist and I was not a real journalist and I was told I was an Iranian agent which was confusing

► 00:27:45

Russian agent who sang The Press minister of Israel thought it was that it would be less risky to just block me from entering then had me go in and show the whores and the abuses that are going on there but I mean we're talking about executing children and sniper Scopes and there's videos of these soldiers gleefully laughing they are literally like man did you see his legs go up like look at that shit man are you get a headshot IDF soldiers have T-shirts where they have pregnant women in crosshairs it says one shot two kills like these people are fucking sick yeah is there a photo. There is look it up IDF Soldier pregnant women t-shirt they also have crosshairs of a babies

► 00:28:28

what the hell yeah and then and then not only that but on top of all of this happening

► 00:28:34

you have Colonial settlers who come down and there cheering them on there like this is the best show in town they're sitting there drinking coffee and beer and just cheering on this massacre that's been going on for 4 weeks one shot two kills wow that's crazy so to stand with us that she doesn't all these other organizations that work on the bee has to be Israeli government to try to smear anyone who criticizes it your time is up man people are waking up you can't just keep executing people on camera and getting away with it and if stand with us means stand with a sniper shooting kids from a sniper scope and put fear in the hearts of the test they want them to submit

► 00:29:24

they want them to submit and they want they basically have dehumanizing to the point where they you know you can't you can't put a kid in a sniper scope and kill him unless you are you've completely dehumanizing to the point where you think he's an animal and that's just that's just how it works I mean they've been so do you guys there it's not even funny and what these people are asking is is very simple they want the right to return which is authorized by the UN when the refugees were expelled in 1948 742 return to Israel the right return Israel and Liv is equal citizens it's not about you know about like it's not about expelling the Jews out the people who live there it's about living and coexisting and having equal rights because right now there's an apartheid state where there's 50 discriminatory laws within is real proper not to mention the fact that the West Bank's under Israeli military law not to mention the fact that causes an open-air prison so within his real proper there's a part tide too so it's it's sick we are sponsoring this with $10 a day is real or not

► 00:30:25

5 without the US which is why I focus on any device Empire cuz I'm like it doesn't matter if everyone in the world boycott Israel were still going to subsidize the whores in the daily atrocities with our tax dollars and they're not going to stop and that's why this is so fucking Brazen Wow have we been Vindicated Joe because I can't think of another I mean one else has anyone done something is brazen committing an ongoing Massacre for a month straight just sniping people were completely unarmed this is insane the only thing I can think of that's slightly similar is one Israeli Commandos hijacked that boat there was a flotilla going to Gaza to bring wheelchairs because they don't allow wheelchairs in that can be construed as a weapon even though there's tons of amputees there was a boat going with Aid workers and they were bringing aid supplies and Commandos jumped on the ship like helicopter down and just started executing like people humanitarians that we're going to bring Gaza

► 00:31:19

eight and the News made it seem like there were there were like look at these people on the boat like hitting them with chairs and stuff it's like dude they fucking propelled onto the boat and started executing people of course you're going to use whatever you can to try to like ward off these soldiers so that's the only thing that really woke me up to the whole situation is when I saw the media was covering that Massacre so now seeing this I don't know how they're getting away with it I don't know how people have not woken up to this but the media the way that they're covering it is atrocious they're saying there's clashes they're saying that the Palestinians are dying of head wounds it's like you just say that they were executed with sniper Scopes like this is deliberate but the way that the media plays around and uses the passive voice is just not as whether it's Palestine Venezuela's Syria whenever you have like a complete media uniformity just paddling a line probably the truth is somewhere on the other side

► 00:32:16

what is what is Israel want like as a state like what do they want from the Palestinians what do they expect expect does keep the status quo keep business going as usual never let those people live a normal life like what it what are they want and why do they have so much hate and why why haven't the Israeli people like seeing the horrors of this and rebelled well it to be a leftist and Israel it's it's difficult and to be an auntie zinus it's even more difficult cuz you're rejecting your entire like I dented Legion as well as your political identity the settler colonial state just like a lot of other things in the past but this is different because it's ongoing and ever since the Inception of Israel to today the colonizers who colonized Atlanta always knew that there was indigenous Arab population that they wanted to kill or expel and that's still the goal like the from Ben Gurion himself that the original you know prime minister of Israel and he said there's so many Arabs are we need to expel them and take them there places so it was never a lamb

► 00:33:17

are people in people without a land it was always overrun with Arabs and I've always just wanted to expel the indigenous population so they can have an ethno supremacist State and that's really what it what it is and that's okay can you be can you be a Muslim and live in Israel can you be a Muslim and live in Jerusalem that basically it's an apartheid state for non-jews like in what way what are the laws that I mean there's so many things that that people can check out but I'm I would really recommend the work of Miko peled and Ronnie bark in their to anti-zionist israeli-born Jews who have extensively talked about this but I mean just just in the roads like there's settler only roads compared to other only seen roads people have different license plates you have different ID cards so if you are pregnant and schools like just all that stuff

► 00:34:13

and you're so indoctrinated from an early age to basically hate these people and think of them as the other and and I heard you're going to check out interviews that I did with with just average Israelis in the streets because the genocide already Rick is very apparent and it's very open and is there a good one right now Martin Israelis of that situation before you went there and then a different one after you came back even know what Palestine was until I was 18 years old so when people say oh you're only telling us one side of the story look I didn't know the Palestine side of the story until I was an adult which really should say something about our education system in our media when you completely office gate an entire reality and are only told one side but before I went there I I I know I had it at conception of what it was but once you go you really see how much worse it is this is really party approves annexation plan

► 00:35:17

sorry lost it is this the departure

► 00:35:23

go forward like 2 minutes yeah

► 00:35:31

after this keep going keep going

► 00:35:35

and what are you asking this is good this is a thing and also the stand with us people in the Israeli Lobby basically said oh you cherry-pick these interviews you only picked genocide of people to talk to you another time when I was in Jerusalem is a place called tolerance where is a bustling shopping area I spoke to people from all backgrounds all walks of life and I just asked him very simple questions what is it like to live here how do you deal with your problems and basically they just were very very readily like comfortable to tell me very crazy genocide all things on camera like no thinking that that would actually look good for an American audience so keep that in mind as soon as I can

► 00:36:16

sympathizing with the Palestinian played can you talk about what it's like to kind of lived in the situation first of all is very hard

► 00:36:26

I also I'm going to be going to station it's cooled lava so against that juice should I marry are we there cuz they're going to station is the thing of it is to that juice should I marry Erik shouldn't marry Arabs why do you feel strongly about that because Jews is a special relation that God gave it to the juice and we don't want juice to get mixed up together with a different Nation

► 00:36:59

Israelis have to take over and then they have to keep them on Kik them away it will be much better

► 00:37:10

nothing to kill them just to

► 00:37:15

to go back to to Arab countries as if I didn't like there isn't any Drew lives in his will have to deal with

► 00:37:30

okay the Arabs me the name and memory be a liberated liberated to cause any more trouble and I'll be fine he'll be in their Villages and will be here we don't have to live together and everything will be just fine

► 00:37:55

The Killing

► 00:38:01


► 00:38:04

also kick out the family because it's all begins with the you know so strange you know it's families

► 00:38:17

how do you say kick out the Arabs

► 00:38:28

come on tell me the words I don't know she's like it doesn't want to say it I think we should give them a country if you doing any problem you just going to give them a country and then it's going to be a war between countries you know if they going to throw a rocket we going to try one big one and done

► 00:38:51

I don't think there's any answers insane there's only one way tonight I would Carpet Barn then you could deal with it and never worked all Arabs are gods are

► 00:39:09

I believe that I have to believe there is or not but I do think they are cuz

► 00:39:18

I never I don't I don't trust that one more crazy when coming out to stop it completely miserable that the RBC

► 00:39:35

Wikipedia we need to make it to the killer in Arabs

► 00:39:44

she's laughing a lot of people when you look at is really Society you know it started off as kind of a socialist project with the Kubota is and now it's just turn into a fascist supremacist state where Netanyahu reflects the true face of Israel just like Trump reflects the true face of of this country and when it's getting too toxic for even Natalie Portman to be a you know this ambassador to Israel you know that the tide is turning but unfortunately there's so much shit going on Congress hasn't said anything they just totally support this man and there's weird like BDS legislation trying to criminalize basically $0.02 where you have contractors in Texas having to sign Clauses promise that they won't support boycott of Israel in order to rebuild hurricane Helms what is BDS boycott divestment sanctions it's the movement that Palestinians have asked us to help them to Reno boycott and that's what Stephen Hawking was All About Eve at hehe boycotted

► 00:40:45

scientific conferences in Tel Aviv so this is what we got to do and we have to fight our government to stop endorsing these massacres in the Tri-Cities obviously this attitude that these people have it's coming from a place and they're talking about terrorist attacks like how many terrorist attacks are actually happening in Jerusalem written in Israel look at how many are against soldiers and that really gives you an Insight let these people are being occupied militarily the occupations illegal under international law and resistance is a lot of times acceptable under international law when you're being illegally occupied so you are terrorist attacks against all true. Not many and when you look at the actual amount of people who when you look at those tires a text and see how many are against soldiers like how many stabbing a text or against Soldiers the numbers become very different it's a bit different in Israel in the more unified because the fact that mandatory military service exist totally everyone is

► 00:41:45

sodas are attacked citizens are attacked they're all the same thing everyone is a soldier in Israel they have to do military time military service they have a totally different idea and concept of nationalism so they can put like a military base got attacked in the United States we would think damn soldiers got attacked we wouldn't necessarily think of it the same way as if say Dallas got attacked someone a terrorist act happened in Dallas who think of it as an attack on American citizens not just military but their military is there citizens because mandatory military service during the last massacre in Gaza in 2014 like half the Israeli soldiers that died were American because that's what colonial that's what the colonial settlers are they they go over there from New Jersey and I just post up in top of nerves

► 00:42:45

this is what's happening I mean it's half of the soldiers that died were American soldiers 17 year olds and join us I mean how bizarre is that what kind of mentality do you have to have to move from like a comfortable Suburban Philadelphia to go like move on top of an Arab Village in the end is a Jewish people that are join us that go back to the motherland desire to go to the motherland I could such a tribal thing for the purest form of the conflict Right Touch The Wailing Wall and yeah that's the spot right it's the epicenter of conflict to an because they're banned from everything so so if you're a Palestinian and you live in Gaza you're just you're just stuck you're stuck forever and that's why.

► 00:43:43

why is it you know that's why you have this Mantra like all they want to die they raise their kids to be suicide bombers know when you're in Gaza you are born dead

► 00:43:52

you don't have a life so that's why these people are giving up their lives to send a message to us that's why they're doing this that's the only reason they're doing this is to send a message to us help us that's all they can do is use their bodies

► 00:44:07

so their concern is if they open up Gaza the idea is that if the Palestinians come and they live in Israel with everybody else that they're just going to cause trouble and kill people and create suicide bombs that's that's that's what they say even though it is really Lobby in the stand with us and all these people have said you know you're you're portraying us as really different than we really are cuz they like to portray themselves as peaceful loving Democratic nation and they're like the same thing not true I was driving around and settler plates in a car that look like I was a colonial settler I did not hear one person say anything remotely genocide all about Jewish people I talk to you look what you doing

► 00:44:52

I mean at the nuts and thank you for letting me talk about this because it is difficult to talk about and I'm sure it wasn't easy to get you know hundreds of emails telling you to denounce me and all that other stuff friends for a long time I know you know it's coming from somewhere coordinated that that's a thing as loud as hell and I understand their perspective if they don't have the same experience that you've had being over there an experiment there's a lot of people over here that are extremely loyal to Israel would have never stepped foot in Israel you know and maybe they have an experienced what you experiment not maybe most likely

► 00:45:36

it's just terrifying to me forget about whether it's Israel or Palestine forget about what it is that the idea that people could be stuck born stock in this spot and really have no recourse and not know where to go and just be thought of by people that live just a few miles away from you that you are subhuman and that the fact that someone can make that T-shirt with one bullet to kills and show a pregnant woman with crosshairs on her belly that scares the shit out of me that's that is Nazi Germany I mean the fact that they can understand that this treatment of the Palestinians in that t-shirt is essentially the same way the Nazis were looking at the Jews is treating people as the other it's a very difficult to understand quality of human psychology is that when we're in conflict with another Nation another person we think of them as less than us like literally less human not human the enemy there that thing that we have to stop and it's been a part of warfare since the beginning of

► 00:46:38

time that's what I like the British occupation of Ireland because these nuts because I can see like the conflicts around the world and you know the other ism is usually someone who looks different than you and but this is like all white dudes who like all speak the same language and they're just massacre in each other I was asking for a few years back and I didn't show out there and after the show we went outside and the cars the police cars they looked like they were in the craziest fucking Warzone you never seen that you first of all the entire thing the front of the car was completely covered in thick steel they had this big steel great over the windshield they had bomb like bomb shielding all over the car we're looking to cop car like what the fuck is this like oh yeah man this is when the IRA was bombing this is what they did

► 00:47:36

and we were talking to this driver in the driver was explained to us what it used to be like when you know they were at War and what people had done the people that knew him and you know just people that look incredibly similar to each other again speaking the same language just got in each other in the street or treating each other killing each other Protestants vs. Catholics it's that thing that Youmans do with a treat an enemy as something less than them that the other and just decide that that's the red team and wear the blue team so fuck them that it that is a scary creepy fucking thing that humans are capable of like how it grew into a religious conflict because originally I was just a British colonial overlords like erasing the fucking beating the hell and raping women who are just Irish and in these Villages and towns and you know how much can use subjugate other people

► 00:48:38

put them in cages like in Gaza or do this and then harass them in the Malay at them and told they do something about it I mean that's just the nature of human beings you can't cage people with anybody wants it if you really want peace on Earth that with the mean if it is that really possible first of all right there's always a question like we're so tribal and people are so committed to their side and then their team is it ever possible to eliminate all war but the first step is got to be we have to be able to identify with those people and see their plight and understand put yourself in this position if you were born in Gaza if you were born you know in Northern Ireland back when the war was going on if you were born at least two pickups pick a spot where there's a conflict

► 00:49:25

you've got to be able to realize like we got lucky you got lucky we got lucky we live in California got lucky I got lucky I was born in New Jersey we got lucky we're not in. So we got lucky we're not where it where it is where the conflict is it if you can't see that if you've blocked off that aspect of your perception that it is this is a classic trait that human beings have exhibited since probably the beginning of tribal life the beginning of like organized groups of people living together in a community fighting against all Outsiders it's almost like ingrained in our DNA to let the way we stay alive is anybody was outside of us fuck them but like you said we're only two people ago literally like 3 people ago we had slaves live to be a hundred that's real that you know they don't look at it like human beings

► 00:50:25

we we rely on information right we rely on like oh that's what's going on I didn't know most of us don't know you're just driving in your car you do in your life you you're really not getting information from all over the globe how many people currently even understand why North Korea hates us so much do the amount of fucking shit we dropped on them during the war 20% of their population Rodney comes over there they play basketball I mean that's literally most people that's the extent of their understanding of why North Korea distrust United States we decimated the entire country all the infrastructure drop Napalm over the entire country where we actually retreated only because there was no infrastructure left a bomb and for the past I don't know 70 years North Korea has literally been building up defenses to

► 00:51:25

to prepare for the next time that they know that will happen and we're like oh my God there's a crazy look at this crazy military fascist I mean there's a reason behind all these things they don't happen in a vacuum I was reading an article today about how their nuclear test site is imploding like they've they've blown up so much over there that the fucking ground caving in open up a portal to Hell likes to blow in a hole through the Earth something really good come out of it with the the peace talks president Moon of South Korea and Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump is forced to jump on board and if Trump can pull this off then more power to him man that's gotta be so strange North Koreans and South Koreans looking exactly the same staring at each other across the line you know back when I was competing in Taekwondo it was you know Koreans are extremely nationalistic and South Koreans and the North Korean so you know they would occasionally compete in North Korea

► 00:52:22

it was you know it's got to be so bizarre to think that if using your for your ancestors zigged instead of zagged if you were born up like 50 miles at way you be North Korean you'd be stuck under the ruling of this fucking wacky son and instead you're over here making Samsung phones you know ruled by dictators also reduces craziest Electronics

► 00:52:59

and they're addicted to plastic surgery have you seen what they're doing with woman's eyes over there and now all my good women in South Korea it's so common that they get their eyes done they get their eyes done like an anime character they get there like once it's cut and pulled up so that they have these giant westernize but exaggerated and it's so common that it's like if you didn't know any better you would think that this is like a wolf some people look like this no there's so much plastic surgery over there that it's extremely common for these women to get these weird fucking hot Jamie Celia pull it up because this is something that I became aware of

► 00:53:42

eight or nine years ago when I was like I just thought it was just a girl that looked like that still looks Asian that's so a boy like look at their doing the westernizing their eyes but there's some there's some really good that guy got his job. He was better in the right

► 00:54:05

I like that one that's a good example you see what they're doing it's like they're doing a strange thing with their eyes or they're making their ion larger yeah but it's extremely comment and whitening cream is jazz hands to their yeah see they're changing their eyes before after us so much more I wonder what was going on this girl sure it sucks but after what she could so much more dick I mean it's what I wonder why first of all I wonder why genetically their eyes are like that that's interesting think of like what like we know that the reason why people in England and Ireland and is Northern climates like why they became so pale they became sober because they had a very strong lack of vitamin D cause there's no sun in the air so there they base the reflector for the sun to try to absorb as much sun as possible because they live in this cloudy area as opposed to

► 00:55:05

great great ancestors lived in Africa and that's that's literally why white people exist we're just Africans with lack of vitamin dates of racism is a construct most certainly is but it's also observable right like like there's a clear ancestral origin to certain body types and die it's like if certain people live in parts of West Africa that just fucking phenomenal Runner there's no denying that is certain traits that people have that you can clearly see the real problem is when we say race of the real problem and then that gets us tribal again that's us versus them again because it's just humans it's just humans that lets their all it's One race but humans that live in high altitude climates that are much more adapted to low oxygen environment humans that live in like the Inuit that live in extreme cold climates and have no access to vegetables they adapt to this specific fat Rich diet their hands are less likely to get cold they actually devel

► 00:56:06

like a genetic predisposition to improve their ability to withstand cold with their hands like we would go over there and we put our hands up and they were just feel like playing piano and shit like what even bother them like this this is genetic I mean this is because their bodies have adapted but there one rice is this humans are malleable we're super flexible you know and we could see you see that in your lifetime riding me and someone works out they develop more muscle to get stronger and then there's the concept of epigenetics in the for the possibility that some of these traits and some of these learned behaviors you're passing on to your children through genes so amazing Animal Planet would it be me the what is it a lot of relationship between humans and animals that's really insane and there's a whole section but there's like two tribes and in the jungle and stuff who will work with birds to get beehives in the

► 00:57:06

birds will get the reward and go but don't give them any honey than will trick you and take you to like me helping humans fish and Blue Planet 2 who is also a fucking nominal after you would love it if there's literally makes a suit of armor out of shells it's nutts super nuts animals are huge I mean if they're weird and it where where where animals you know we don't like to think we are because I can talk and sing songs and shit and get her eyes done but where where animals in some sort of strange way where the same as Trump is this Trump statue Jamie and I were talking about yesterday in which was it the presidential House of Wax or some shit the Disney one please tell me it's crazy it's like therapy

► 00:58:06

looking at the screen so you can see what it looks like a world robot trump it doesn't look anything like him like if I was the person cradle o'clock that's George Washington seems normal but look at the Trump one in the fuck is that it didn't look anything like him

► 00:58:28

I would look at it looks like he's like 20 years older than me doesn't even look like him I mean whoever that artist is like he's got to be pumpkin them is as no way he liked it some weird shit to his jaw his Jaws like extended and creepy made his neck skinnier Cristiano Ronaldo bust looks pretty much the same and she need to go find a photo of it cuz in the high-res photos is a low-res video it's difficult to see how shity it is but it's so shity that it looks fake like like no this is not the one not know they want they fucking commission an artist and this is the artist creation animatronics looking

► 00:59:17

you think they're looking bread he looks odd that come on but either way good or bad this is clearly I can do better than that. Then look up bad that is if it doesn't look anything like him

► 00:59:50

turn off of Jefferson and Lincoln LS F cuz all they had was drawings I know yeah it's pretty bad humans Malibu humans I mean I'm hoping you know in time but just like slavery doesn't exist anymore in the United States at least I'm hoping that as time goes on is going to be less tribalism and then as human beings are able to freely travel and communicate with each other we going to be dealing with less of this but it seems like it's almost getting worse even though we have all the information available for fingertips were still like we just elected someone who basically got famous politically because you said Obama was a secret I wasn't in Kenyan Yeti Coolers in the NRA fascinating cuz this just shows how tribal and crazy people get Yeti Coolers they canceled some they had these

► 01:00:50

programs like go to go to do you know my friend Ben O'Brien's Instagram do you know that we could read it but what Yeti did they discontinued these I forget what they did to describe the program but they had a bunch of outdated incentive program swear like you like if you signed up for something to get a discount I can just kind of program. Is this guy I dated discount super high-end coolers really expensive but they literally will keep ice for days you could put ice in them and go to the desert and 5 days later you have ice in the cooler and I'm not bullshittin not mine at this exact night so they're phenomenal so anyway they notified the NRA and the organization has changed yet explain to them that they're offering an alternative customization program broadly available to consumers an organization

► 01:01:50

including the NRA foundation so then the NRA releases this statement that Yeti Coolers doesn't want to work with the NRA anymore they don't support the Second Amendment to fuck them so people start blowing up the Yeti coolers at Academy on to that shit in his car what is that Cricket not whatever is that what it is is blown up yet I think about Yeti Coolers so they filled it up with the engineered and you know they started like three hundred bucks so this is like it didn't blow this I'm telling you these people are just looking for an excuse to blow shit up or disagree on in this article article from

► 01:02:50

this website is Washington Post there's there's a great quote in this article that sort of highlights how fucking Preposterous this all is it's I don't think it's a good guy but I don't think it's what I really think is that they want an enemy they're happy when something happens and even though Gettys explain know their whole fucking business is hunters and fishermen and right Amendment so even after they put out that statement the NRA Double Down release you know you made a big mistake now you're paying for it

► 01:03:29

I really think we have a real problem and especially there's a real problem in that regard because they need understand everybody. We should all anybody that supports any outdoor activities has to understand that the conflict if you have any internal conflict against each other like button thing about hunters and fishermen all these people what their real opposition is is animal rights activist and radical animal Liberation Organization type people that's the real enemy the enemy isn't Yeti Coolers who makes their business selling shit to Hunters and fishermen and Anglers like these people are crazy so this conflict just shows to me like people are just looking for a fight right like right fucking explosive shouldn't put it

► 01:04:20

this is just happened maybe they're blowing up these fucking $300 $500 coolers that O'Brien who's freaking out about this cuz Ben is he's an executive it Yeti my buddy Ben and you know I sent him this thing where all these all these other cooler companies are freaking out and jumping in and say we are all sick it's on Deadspin here Jamie I'll send it to you right now all these out right I mean I don't know if they're all tricep Liberals are snowflakes

► 01:05:13

this is not exactly the same thing but it's kind of is ridiculous I think it's the truth and I'm not having it from Keurig you want to boycott Sean Mary like the Laura Ingraham thing was fascinating Second Amendment supports Join the Herd how about Join the Herd but try not to hurt you trying to get people to be sheet like Join the Herd what are you why would you say heard of people can wait great quote not scroll down a little bit Jamie scroll down a little bit

► 01:06:11

dumb as rocks arms race between essentially indistinguishable cooler Brands all trying to declare their undying Devotion to guns leave then their Rivals the whole shit is exactly as stupid as it seems and amid the fog marketing bullshit and bad faith NRA posturing there's one truth that none of this can notice Mexican obscure 479 99 is too much to pay for a cool well I disagree because they're solid fucking coolers that's different service find very important Tomatoes Oregon's parents who wrote that article Patrick Redford Thomas rocks quote

► 01:07:09

stupid or you're doing on your lunch card snowflake let's let's talk about that other thing know the guy who or what is the word insult insult voluntary celibate these folks and it's like $40,000 the guy who shot a bunch of women in Santa Barbara couple years ago loving relationship that exists for everyone

► 01:08:01

there an attractive and they're basically just blame like attractive women for not having sex in them it's really disturbing and this guy apparently mowed down about two people in Toronto because he he was one of these people insoles creating rules and honestly just sickens me what a bunch of goofballs that just signed up just to just to read see what the fuck's going on over there direct links of crazy stuff posted by self-described quoting out there for a Pimp I get it but don't take a truck and run over a bunch of civilians can you can't get laid just to the Barre classes that teach people how to be nice so people like them

► 01:09:09

SharkMan like there's those pickup artist type guys to do like seminars how to pick people shouldn't you be like like hey this is how to be nice person right we got to be someone that people want to be with like yeah exactly how you do that I want some people don't know how to do it socially fucked up and they live on Reddit they don't leave their basement and this is what comes out of it it's really unfortunate I need to interact with normal people in society and realize that there's some someone for everyone I mean you know it's not really though

► 01:09:40

so maybe they're all right you got to find an insult women are there in there's no tinsel women when we can always get laid out this term before we don't know about that are going to blow up in our face

► 01:10:01

I mean that are going to commit massacres and then we're going to find out about some other weird subculture on Reddit that has been multiple of them weird to be alive like the weirdest I think in history I mean like I said before the mass of the nation's there's no way to have actual dialogue or discourse about reality because you're Russian bought the Liberals have not and I mean the Liberals meaning the neoliberal The think-tank Establishment the people that people call leftists which is a misnomer but those people are so in denial about the fact that Trump won that they still just have to blame Russia for the fact that Trump is our president they can't accept that he won democratically so it's really pathetic but now you have them suing the DNC over this erroneous fraudulent lawsuit that's basically threatening breastfeeding they're basically saying if you publish leaks and couldn't Trump's tax returns you could even send me this what journalist do they publish things that are short people get then that's a key economic Espionage they said

► 01:11:02

so this is like this has profound implications for press freedom and it's incredible how desperate they are there they're slapping a lawsuit on Julian Assange you still arbitrarily detained an embassy going down to size it is not unlocking it was dropped that there's a lot of weird things about it initially I don't know you know all I know is that ass on they basically said that they could not promise that he won't be extradited to the US which means they will actually end of the US and we've already had Pompeo who's the psychotic Koch brothers show who just got appointed said he he wants to the basically see Julian Assange go down I mean he had a harsh words for Julian Assange so even though Trump talks out of both sides of his mouth on the campaign he was like I love Wikileaks he is going to prosecute him probably to save his own ass in a pretend like you you know you say I love WikiLeaks

► 01:12:01

the campaign he was like

► 01:12:04

it gets crazy I never fucking Ecuador SunTrust Bank I think he's trolling but it's irresponsible trolling where he's just kind of trying to stir shit I mean I don't know if I were joining us on who knows how I would feel being pushed an embassy and you know being arbitrarily detained like that it was really what was saving him so now that when I'm around and look at all these quotes on 16th weekly stuff is unbelievable

► 01:13:03

it tells you the inner heart you got to read it tells me to enter heart what does it catches flies by the seat of his pants so fucking hilarious this is prepared it's been amazing to coming from Wikileaks then the other one hasn't came in today Trump said he says getting off the plane we just announcing new Wikileaks and I want to say there but I didn't want to keep you waiting Trump boy I love reading those Wikileaks this is hilarious like let him go then Donald because he's a bullshitter he's a con artist and he's tricked everyone into thinking that he is this somehow Auntie deep State and the establishment guy and he's not and you know if he pardons in the nuts that's his undoing I think I think if anything he'll prosecute him a girl that accused him of was surprised sex that's what she accused him of like they had sex with a condom and in the

► 01:14:04

the night he had sex with her with no, but like I said something they called it surprise sex is that a new I think that is what I mean how the fuck is that guy going to get exported the United States because of that how's it going to get deported by surprise connect iPod to editors cuz they should cut out a couple of words there is this like Internet troll and he definitely is an Internet troll mean while the evangelicals are taking the fuck over all these fifth Circuit Court judges that Trump is appointed they're all like from the 1600 the two sessions DeVos Pence the Rapture all the time

► 01:14:58

at the helm I mean Jesus Christ with Bolton & Giuliani and Nikki Haley and Julio he's like he's supposed to like and the Mueller probe yours like yeah yeah yeah I'll get right on that are the most psychotic outliers of the islamophobic neocon Wings where John Bolton's riding op-ed saying why we need to attack north-korea first why we need to bomb Iran bomb bomb bomb Iran so Giuliani meet with Mueller tries to determine if he has an open mind Trump remember when all that's it so he's like the the middleman member when Giuliani was rocking the come over I think you talked to Donald Duck Donald to shave it look at me look at me look at me Donald Humphrey

► 01:16:03

so horny free Chinese herbs that make your head piece he's got something going on up there I was talking about it call me with saying that it appears to all be his it was an hour I will admit that I I gave it a good look

► 01:16:16

while I was sucking his dick you saw the video of it float call me. It didn't even look like it look like a demon with a trump suit on him up a team in in the Trump suit doing her biology stuff in in the lab chicken joint does like this a bunch of clips of his hat

► 01:17:14

watching people watching so strange it's like oh man oh nobody listens to him I thought you had in it is that's my thinking time try to get you help but you got it eventually got it I got it did you see how it look at her because of her composure through all this because she's not freaking out and going crazy well she's just kind of keeping it together through all this it's got to be hard it is I mean fucking present after this guy like the scrutiny that he's been under the weather he deserves it or not I'm not saying he doesn't but fuck would want that microscope up your ass who would want that Arrangement just like him and Stormy Daniels that she wanted a job

► 01:18:13

another president like they're going to do you know what the fuck they're going to they're going to look up Kanye's ass with a microscope and he's going to go crazy again he's going to freak out and go to some insane asylum like he doesn't understand that he said he was like does this look like the sunken place and it just like his giant cord or in his house and it's like I don't know dude I think your life is from get out cuz that everyone's like dude you're in the sunken place you don't get out of the house is by our house and head Nails just like I have you seen his Instagram is unbelievable dude I was great so money and britches

► 01:18:58

Halloween costumes and she's like I'm the Joker and it's like dude is not even Halloween what are you doing I'm having fun

► 01:19:05

it just running around with diamonds on this is Katniss's Floyd The Breadwinner it says he's just sitting there counting hilarious photos and like sitting in the middle of just this huge empty room and he's just like I don't even know his find it kind of is a trip and he's he's whether he means to be or not he's a master at getting people to pay attention to him what are the weather this is just because he's so wacky that everybody's paying attention to him or whether it's a real calculated sort of maneuver to act outrageous and act like he's out of control but boys he fucking good at here it is it's like to do you know any furniture like a bench at the end of this a weird face look like the sunken place and he's crying laughing

► 01:20:06

now looks like this looks like a table that kinda got some chairs again for the background what's that seems like actually I just get that out of here I thought the waist is too thick

► 01:20:24

so straight long ass open space with white walls wow fantastic babe we had a rule not to shore home on social media can we now allow kuwtk to keeping up with Kardashians in the home this is LOL so I did they're communicating only through tweets

► 01:20:58

wow Tour pack how I wanted Kanye are not Kanye I wanted to meet with Trump to see if I could talk him into actually fighting Joe Biden it's like you're a businessman if you want to make me feel like you're you're the best everything you be the best fighting reality star tickets to State the diet pills choke him with the hair piece so do the last time I was on I was just about to go to Venezuela and that was insane I went and invited myself in the protest there holy shit is the media lying about that too and then getting themselves in the protest

► 01:22:03

awesome dudes it was basically fascist mobs tried to lunch with us and we got chased out of the country and then our Collie got shot because we dare to tell that the death toll that we kept hearing the mainstream media that maduro's mowing down all these protesters we found out that the majority of the Dust actually caused by the protesters like either shooting people lynching people alive burning them alive or doing these giant Road blockades where they would light giant flaming piles of trash and people would be you know flying off the freeway or getting in accidents and shit and so once we just reported those facts then this Lynch Mob came after us it was very very scary and look I'm in the media is lying about the popular support that that maduro's government has there was massive programming Rally's there and the countries pretty divided we're just depends on who you talk to someone is what is vice doing over there is an Imperial Army

► 01:22:59

Shane Smith's in imperial arm Obama and Biden into their office and they were like BFF do the CEO of Lights was like I know him very well he's not an arm of the Imperial government Airline, inviting our war criminals so I don't think it's cool as a journalist to not challenge power and so when you invite these people into your office and and are really buddy-buddy with them I'm offended by that you're such a radical out there any Obama and Biden a war criminal drinks other lefties Like My Brothers documentary just goes over kind of a lot of stuff about Vice but I think the problem that I have advice is is just like the problem that I have with all all other corporate media like we were saying there's always online that's uniform that basically

► 01:24:04

promotes the u.s. Empire and promotes American exceptionalism celery leaves never watch fuckthatsdelicious World those two WhatsApp and action Action Bronson is fuckthatsdelicious that's his show you know Action Bronson was the rapper Never Had a human being come in the studio and smoke more weed never seen anybody so you just non-stop we had an ashtray that we took photos of it afterwards like this is how much weed Action Bronson smoke while he was on the show how many joints 10 joints easily big ass joints big fat boys to pop them down to a nub and where would we were with Jamie and I was stunned like how does he keep going that's on Vice to the problem is that when it comes to coverage of foreign policy I think they really missed the boat sound like

► 01:25:00

some kind of submit it so can I copy and post it's like a huge tent I think they have a hard time filtering everything out I think they've gotten you know they were this radical sort of like upstart where people hadn't heard of them before and they were twins wild shed and had some really cool videos like like the guy to travel and they did that thing where they went to Liberia and I met with General butt naked in his explain about eating children so that was all Shane Shane did a lot of that stuff that kind of stuff behind it like a vise will go to like Indian be like

► 01:25:43

not sag like a why is there this massive disparity in and so it's a different style of Journalism but I do think that they really missed the boat on Venezuela Russia and Ukraine and some other things when it comes to covering Global complex because that's just a problem with a lot of Journalism and corporate media in general is that you're towing a line because you're an American just like we're time does Raley's I mean you have preconceived notions you have your own bias you have your own ethnocentric lines about world issues so it bleeds over to those complex and unless you're like an internationalist can you see the world from a different lens but when I was on the ground in Venezuela I was like this is not what we're saying so what do you think is happening in Venezuela so what we I mean there there's a lot of things happening but the thing that the u.s. government wants to apa skate and that's why you see Venezuela continues to come up all the time as another country that needs to be taken out and helped by us interest right because they haven't bow down to US economic examinee it's very simple so how many zero has popular support

► 01:26:43

Maduro has a mass movement behind him to travista movement is alive and well and that's undeniable it doesn't get him or love him turning dictator who has seized all of power and that he has their zero democracy and that everyone wants him gone and that the protesters he keeps mowing down in executing them whenever they come you're saying that's not true I never said bullshit I think it's you see the same thing all these countries you see the same thing whether it be Cuba Venezuela Syria I have a lot of questions about the stereo shut that we're seeing a lot of people that have questions about the don't believe the gas tax there's a lot of people that don't think that actually happened to do that when he was winning the war and was taking back the remaining territory and like I don't think anybody got killed

► 01:27:38

we don't know I mean that's the thing is there's multiple journalist who have gone to the site of of the hospital and they do and there's very contradictory narrative so we don't know until the chemical weapons inspectors go and do their investigation but white would I find odd is just the again uniformity with putting out these fucking narratives by the same people who sold as he Rock, unfortunately we've been of the white helmets over there are a kind of an arm of the US government to we've been finding them with 200 million dollars and on usaid I mean all these groups on the ground it's like whether you're Obama and you use more covert means through usaid and more like drone Warfare or your the Trump John Bolton type where you're like what the fucking preemptively bomb kill their families and torture their families I mean it's two sides of the same coin that's the Empire that that's consistent and will maintain but it's scary because Siri

► 01:28:40

it shows you how easy were duped you know I mean during the Iraq War it's like at least you'd call and tell holding up the vial be like here's the band Anthrax now it just like you just have a social media video and we just fucking have Israel or Garrison Middle East bomb Syria to test the waters and then we just bomb them and then you have asshole like neoliberal think tankers all parade around the media all these generals write all these experts who are all the early rock war propaganda sore generals or defense contractor CEOs and they're all just like Trump isn't doing enough he needs to Bob Moore this isn't sending enough of a message to Asad it's like what if we ever when is bombing anyone ever done anything good tell me when the fucking us intervene that's actually turned out good so don't sell this bullshit humanitarian isn't it just nuts that we just keep falling for it really cool what are we supposed to do fucking don't do anything don't don't do anything and I know that people are like oh you know isolationism is bad luck the u.s. empires or riffic & Ally

► 01:29:40

largest threat to humanity the world's biggest polluter exempt from climbing trees all the shit you never see on the mainstream media why because it's owned by all oil corporations in defense contractors that's why you see ads for Boeing and we're out looking to buy a tank when we watch the news that's just their or overlords controlling the narrative they know the limitations of the debate they know the parameters in the framing that they're allowed to work within can't even talk about the u.s. is an Empire the world's biggest empire the World Service in the difference between here from internet commentators who are free of networks and producers and executives are telling them what to do and sponsors and ended the version that you getting on television the version of getting on television on CNN or on any of these major mainstream news networks a very watered-down very homogeneous to pasteurize narrative absolutely absolutely

► 01:30:36

Martin at fluorescent green on Twitter but I do the show with my partner Mike Risner because we want to retail these narratives that I've been lost histories always been written by The Victors all of the shit that were seen around the world needs to be analyzed within the lens of the u.s. being the largest Empire that siphons all the fucking money in the world for military expenses I mean every issue domestic and international e l shaped out there

► 01:31:04

doing this you're traveling to Palestine you're traveling to Venezuela doing all the stuff you're writing all these things you're doing all these videos does this ever get too much for you is this ever like over run your brain is it freak you out that none of this is getting any better and in fact some of its getting worse I mean it is depressing to like I was saying that just that the discourse now where I'm called a Russian stooge and I was like look up I guess what to put in puppy always a Poodle pups it doesn't matter if I left RT 3 years ago because yeah young lady go check out the and then the intelligence report that came out as the definitive proof of Russian hacking basically said my show that it ended 2 years prior was part of the reason why Trump won so you have all this desperation to try to dilute The Narrative and called when a Russian troll but yeah it's depressing as hell Joe because I feel like the sanity is fucking lost and I can't actually have conversations with people and talk about reality cuz he did to your trunk bootlicker who thinks everything is fake news and you

► 01:32:05

thank you and Anna's can if I can expose a pedophile's across the country or you think I'm a Russian troll because I'm saying something that goes against the grain it's really disturbing we're living in a really really disturbing time I think there's too much information to I think that's part of the problem then part of the problem is a narrative get so diluted so much shit about are there are pedophiles out there I mean whenever someone does get exposed and some pedophile ring gets broken up you go that's real why did everything was real because these people are so fucking stupid and some of the shit they believe is so dumb you know there's a lot of them in the same people that are chemtrail people or Flat Earth people this like so much of the same shit coming out of these people that when you find out that there is a group of people that are pedophiles that they're really have been involved in human trafficking or child slavery which is a real thing and this is something that's almost like it's almost like been talked about by so many wacky people that people don't believe it until you read like The the store

► 01:33:05

about Jimmy Savile how did the guy in England or Sandusky or any of these

► 01:33:13

gymnast were molested like a hundred of more I think was more than a hundred right this is modern times this is real like it's almost like when you hear about someone like that you like that's not even possible how could that happen and then you go when he was in jail know it's true and all these porch in this are coming out and saying this guy was Melissa Munoz 911 and it's fucked but you got stuff gets lost in the shuffle because there's so much noise is so much information and it's too many things to pay attention you tell me about Venezuela you tell me about how much are the galley paid off all Michael Collins pleading the fifth shit and it's going to happen in Columbia on the front lines of the Empire files to and not that shit's nuts to that was Grateful Dead fucking Tom Cruise movie that made American made made in America where is American made the movie about Barry seals who

► 01:34:17

CIA drug Runner wait is this older

► 01:34:20

I did not hear about the Barry seals is the guy who was dropping off the drugs they would get from the Colombian cartel and we drop them off in Mena Arkansas you know the story it was exposed because two kids were there when the drugs got dropped off and they were murdered in their bodies were put on train tracks the the trains ran over their bodies the cop said these kids were high and they fell asleep on the train tracks their parents an independent autopsy found out there stab wounds in the kids so then the parents brought this information of light everything unfolds they find out this is gigantic drug ring that was supported by Bill Clinton is a big part of the movie was it this Barry seal guy gets arrested with millions of dollars in cash and Coke and Bill Clinton calls up the prosecutor makes him walk that's real that really did happen this was all in Mena Arkansas when Bill Clinton was the governor of Arkansas then goes on to be the president but this guy was bringing drugs from Columbia

► 01:35:22

South America at the behest of the CIA and it's a big part of the film. How much the film is bullshit and how much of it is real we don't know I can tell you so much. There's like not I mean it is ridiculous how to open that show Horus the voters very unsure but now Columbia is a different animal I mean I'm sure they're still grow and Coke there but it's not what it used to be when they reach the guy who played Escobar is a fucking say it's fucking great I mean is really good nice it's one of those shows we like at the end of intellect

► 01:36:17

in season to my wife shut off so I can do it but wow you really need to watch it because it read tells the story from one of the victim's eyes and damn those tanks blow fire into the building and they were trying to say that it didn't happen if video of it lighting these buildings on fire while people are inside of them they're driving over the houses mother people inside of them that's when the militia movement posed a threat to the government and now they just become isn't it weird the Evolution how now militia people are like pro-trump it's sort of weird but not the guys up in Oregon or trying to mooch off public land to rate the run their cattle national parks grand staircase opened up for oil and gas drilling they probably like that shit man

► 01:37:18

that's an interesting thing like I've heard very different versions of that from the zika you and that guy's what is the Secretary of the Interior what is Inky when he was talking about it he's explaining that's not what happened and it is centrally went right back to where the way it was before Obama changed the legislation change the rules fossils are Native Americans have Monument there but of course we don't care about Native American monuments we just care about Confederate monuments we just care about protecting bizarre Confederate statues around the country I don't think we should protect Confederate statues and sit in the sense that I don't think they should be in like you know the middle of fucking times Town squares and shit like that but they should do something with them the same way they should do something with Genghis Khan statues during the the Jim Crow era attend

► 01:38:18

constructed right after the Civil War in fact it was like 60 years a statue quickly it was a protest the Civil Rights Movement a lot of them that's crazy but the thing is like they are a representation of History just like a ganga's Khan statue of your representation that monster I mean we think of Genghis Khan is a guy to open up trade with China today you know you vaguely understand that he was responsible for the death of 10% of the population of the world back then change the fucking New York Times article about how to change the carbon footprint of the earth that is literally a difference in the carbon footprint because 10% less people were alive during Genghis Khan's reign

► 01:39:18

killing millions of people is a great Dan Carlin series on it called the wrath of the khans would have talked about it way too much but today getting this comes out of fence it's like you could bring up Kangaskhan nobody cares me way more horrific than anything that happened during the Civil War they had slaves and they they did everything they used that they would capture people and use them as the front lawn to push them towards their own people so they would get shot you'll be the first people get shot with arrows and I mean there's some horrific shit but I don't think we should melt Genghis Khan statues I think the Confederacy is just so much more recent and do something with it though I mean I don't think it should be in town square for sure and anybody but I think they should do something with them instead of melting them are smashing them they should put them somewhere at least for the future please for future people to like look back like look this is a fucking wacky people were in the 1960s they construct these homages to the 1800s and slavery was legal they constructed these statues

► 01:40:18

to sort of paint these people in this heroic fashion they were fighting to keep black people slaves as part of the fing those this is all right there is part of the history of this country can I put it somewhere I mean I'm not saying should we worship definitely shouldn't be prominently featured so that some black canister filter should be something like that but it should be like detailed description of when it was constructed why would you made it was a political affiliation every time MLK day comes around I'm always just like to do you know and I'll carry it was like a rabbit anti-militarist and anti-imperialists know because they he was most hated black man in America someone said did you know that used to fuck all these white women like white women

► 01:41:11

turned it around for me suck my ass it's so strange how they turn on the lights to lynard of the about Trump like how he somehow absolve from all of his wrongdoings or he's a Russian plant like are you having trouble talking to people about that or what do you think I think the good thing about him this is a good thing is that we realize now how easy it is for a person to win the popularity contest that is the presidency of the United States and that you could get a popular person whether it's Trump or whether it's Oprah where the fuck it is inside to win next this is a ridiculous way to pick the person who runs the biggest fucking military complex the world has ever known me the greatest army the world has ever known by far as United States military the commander-in-chief is now the guy was a host The Apprentice it was famous for saying you're fired you're fired I mean

► 01:42:18

this is this is a popularity contest it's it's saying you don't have to have special qualifications you just have to be deemed the people that are the person that people like the most that's insane to have one giant off of champ to be the top. For the top gal to run the whole project and I saw that with Hillary to there was so many people that were looking for Hillary to win because they wanted a woman to win because I thought it would be a historic Victory regardless of how fucking creepy she is regardless of all the crazy shit that she's done regardless of her history regardless of all the the fucking way that they hacked the DNC and they they literally conspired to keep Bernie Sanders from winning the nomination democracy 3 Mandarin woman so bad that they were willing to let sleep and I'm over gay person next to other black person with a woman

► 01:43:14

I think that's the cancellation would like the left and a neoliberal think tankers is that they use identity politics to sell more corporatism like they use it to Brand slap pink of shit on Boeing Jets and be like yeah Wednesday but it's not like they actually care about it pressing marginalized people so it's it's really are I mean three people to go three people go and it's like 3 people from now or be like these fucking age for crazy you know I really do think that this guy mean if he didn't win what would you want fucking Ted Cruz to win to get the fuck out of here is mine to his dad killed JFK and Ted Cruz like you know what I'm I really like him now

► 01:44:11

but there's a lot of things that he does that I wish you was in the president I wish I could just laugh at some of the things he does and I wouldn't feel bad about it you know he's a fucking alone he's a crazy old Rich dude he does a bunch of wacky shit that I find to be incredibly entertaining if he wasn't the leader of the Free World big Pharma Lobby or something he's probably realizing what the writing's on the wall for him again he's like oh I see what happens if your president I'm catching radiation sickness from being on the outside yeah I'm going to go fishing but I don't I think the Democrats are so stupid Joe that you even sell their slogan, for 2018 at the literally said look at the other guy that was there that there is Logan look at the other guy is going to win again I guarantee you unless they really let Bernie Sanders take the rain

► 01:45:18

I just feel like they're too threatened by his economic policies that they're not going to buy the time Bernie wins his head will be right where his nipples are his head just keeps sinking further and further down to church everybody are going to you all the job this is latest one you want to guarantee a job

► 01:45:36

guarantee a job cuz who's going to make the job you just going to make up jobs what do you undo we're going to get that money to take it from me and give it to people because you haven't give a fake job to do how can you say I'm going to guarantee every American that is a fucking insane thing besides you said how what if you just dropped but I got fired you guaranteed me a job here that I don't want to be a liar like what you going to do everyone a job it's literally not possible that's a fucking same thing to say I guarantee a job for everybody it's not the same as saying that other stuff that he says he's been out in the floor you have to give him credit for the last 30 years Weatherby Gulf War syndrome like important in the middle you know but if you look at like you're up another car

► 01:46:41

he is considered probably Center he is like he's on steroids where he ranks yeah dude what's crazy is like you see near Tandon and all these assholes who work for Hillary Clinton's campaign of trump bombing Syria Susan Sarandon thanks a lot great job it's like I'm sorry Susan Sarandon made from Palm Siri would have been bombing Syria very quickly came we saw he died hahaha like who are you what person laughs like that when someone gets killed Cosby if someone who Bill Cosby raped showed up

► 01:47:41

inside the courtroom he was walking down the stairs and she ran up Lee Harvey Oswald Jack Ruby style and shot him right in the chest I wouldn't laugh I'd like one that's fucking crazy but I wouldn't be like we saw he died where's your pills now faggot and I wouldn't say that I would be I would be freaking out and be like why like I just lost his like what a crazy life that guy that guy's life was like this magical ride of celebrity until he got busted raping people in the last years of his life were in a hellacious state of being accused of something and probably only got a fraction of what he was actually what it would he actually did and how many women out there know that they were raped by him and just said nothing because they just don't they don't want to be a part of the bracket and how many victims are there already

► 01:48:31

at least 50 damn that much of a serial rapist in them to have sex with him in order to give them a role he wasn't drugging and it's just as creepy in a way but it's not quite the same thing because Bill Cosby was almost like a monster like you would like love you in I was like I'll get it to you while you're passed out for a day in his house but he's also we posed at like Shrek human was the monster that was the whole thing with that guy but what Bill Cosby was with his moral voice of Black America sagging jeans using all those bad words remember what we talked about before remember the Eddie Murphy thing where he called up at Eddie Murphy had it in his movie Raw

► 01:49:31

might have been so good so good but oh man he had to call up Richard Pryor Richard Pryor Eddie Murphy on Bill Cosby because he talk shit to Bill Cosby the comedian Richard Pryor wasn't I'm sure that bother you play the song I got an outfit damn a bill, you should call me up cuz he was Bill and tell me that he did. What comedy is all about and I sat and listened to this Manchester's me it was Bill Cosby chastise you used to get you grown you feel like one of the Cosby Kids

► 01:50:21

to talk to you

► 01:50:30

what do you do in the shop

► 01:50:41

oh my God forget how good Eddie Murphy was

► 01:50:45

oh my God

► 01:50:48

is it hit 50 in Massachusetts with the wife Camille and my charger is in everything you do from home from school the other day with a big smile on his face and my son looks just like me he walks through the door looking at me with this big smile I could not resist

► 01:51:32

2014 beautiful smile just walks up and I say what are you smiling about this way because she needs the money but I do not handle the money in the house where is great white motorcycle gloves and you goes Richard Pryor said do the people get paid will tell Bill to have a Coke and a smile and shut the fuk up but that was real

► 01:52:34

really really did call him at me while Eddie Murphy was doing that Eddie Murphy was doing that sketch it's entirely possible as he was on stage

► 01:52:49

I do stand up have you seen her recently no talk about her pussy talking about her vagina so dry it and she has sand coming out of it it was really good it was what it was all so yeah uncomfortably

► 01:53:26

but then she opened up the Q&A which I thought was weird I know what the fuck like we're going to ask if people would like how how was a ghost was it like working with those comments on The View

► 01:53:46

how do not murder Meghan McCain was the one that she used to always get in a fight with John McCain's daughter I guess I can still alive side brain cancer for like a year I just marked surgery he's got some new surgery like gut surgery coming on and going on what's going to have to get into Siri shit what that Elisabeth Hasselbeck chick she was like the original Megyn Kelly hot blonde mean lady you know the hot blonde being conserved I shut your ass down just a fucking market for those hot blonde mean conservative ladies a tough Market Tommy Lawrence like weird talk show host normal like an Ellen

► 01:54:50

go from Fox News mouthpiece Vino frothing-at-the-mouth about all this shit to just being like hey let's just say

► 01:55:00

problems it is an odd switch Yeah but I don't think I asked the fangs come out everyday you know what the Jane Fonda should she has Jane Fonda about plastic surgery and Jane Fonda was like some little fucking wake me up at 6. You know it would have been good because she's this is not working it's not a podcast I'm just sitting down talking so she wants to get some sound bite and this is probably part of the agenda so Jane Fonda shut her down and start talking about the movie again and then talked about her until then later on Stan good not bad for a hundred fifty thousand years old and Megyn Kelly start talking shit about Jane Fonda on the air that's saying about how people used to call her Hanoi Jane she went back to that but you could see the fangs come out

► 01:56:00

she said she has alluded to the fact that Trump poisoned her the morning of the debate I think we talked about that that that crazy shit was happening between her and Trump and she said she got violently ill she was trying to tell him I don't drink coffee and then he was like no drink is good to drink the coffee got violently ill and had to like sit next to a puke bucket almost thinking that she would have to cancel the debate basically alluded to the fact that Trump might have poison her. Day I swear I don't know if I've never taken a coffee from some strange dude that forced me to drink yeah and I'm not as famous as I mean you made a lot of enemies in a lot of people made enemies with him interesting to see what happens with all these criminal charges and what's going to happen with Cohen and all the

► 01:57:00

other people that investigation it's so strange because it's all just waiting for something to be highly illegal in obvious and it's not yet where's the thing and when the thing comes down to start going to jail so who's going to ride him out what's going to happen who can you have to have the consensus in the Republican majority Congress so I don't understand how that's going to happen unless he proves himself right the perjury trap like Bill Clinton unless he says some shit on the stand but I think that he's smart enough to just say yes no I don't know hopefully we'll pray that guy you were saying that Trump supporters Republican Trump supporters the Mueller raid on Cohen's office right the people that braided Mueller's office right that Trump supporters Republicans had to give the green light everyone in the chain was

► 01:57:58

so this is this there must have been overwhelming evidence it's almost like Game of Thrones like it's playing out so slow and delicious would happen to like where is the proof it straight it just keeps building people keep getting indicted and people keep getting pulled in and just plead the fifth right is that what happened pussy Kushner gets indicted for something man that never use her the one speech she gave and you never heard from him again because his voice sounds like a little mouse so I'd rather you talk there's a good reason for that

► 01:58:34

you're going to get a picture she reminds me of American Psycho God he's such a disgusting looking at a trump when my father-in-law decided to run for president I send the best I could because I believe in him and his ability pause this is daughter so hot in the room we do it right praiser touch your feet Americans

► 01:59:24

and now serving the president and the people of the United States has been the honor and privilege of a lifetime I am so grateful I believe it I'm so unimportant but I actually like an ounce Middle East peace and duck as a man of character just wrong will let you know what she going to sell the peace between Israelis and Palestinians see how long before he starts crying I bet he's got about 14 minutes in them

► 01:59:59

I want to see him doing anything strenuous at all

► 02:00:03

he put his hands in paraffin wax everywhere. Just let them sit for sure how his face McDonald's daughter is fussy smoking

► 02:00:25

about that that's like weird shit I'm changing your ethnicity bunch I think I just had their third child and a hammer in it somehow she started smoking hot

► 02:00:50

where you go what do you want to fuck her to Stormy Daniels and the other woman who said she said that both of them said that Trump told her you remind me of my daughter Ivanka you're beautiful and smart and I holla holla but you can bag it looks like them yeah Ted Cruz like the foreign treat that he did that or saying Louise's what presidential candidate ever going to come out and say hi I love porn to great I can masturbate and then I'll be done with it I don't have to have sex with anybody admitted that he almost shot of heroin it's like why couldn't Trump have just said yeah I banged a pornstar have cherries

► 02:01:44

but like why did Trump go through this whole NBA nonsense knowing that it could probably had it locked down and then you know they pay people off in the past I guess and I probably no one cared until he became president once your president ever like other scrutiny is just so overwhelming mean it's not just a scrutiny from the American Media scrutiny across the world I mean everybody's paying attention to everything you've ever done ever and with him with him honestly the thing that scares me is not that the thing that scares me is all the business deals what's crazy is how many small-business owners went under because Trump had these relationships apparently allegedly would ever have to say with you know he would do what do this construction jobs and small contractors which is not get paid and they would have to Sue and they would wind up going under they couldn't they couldn't compete with them and this is something to Joey Diaz talked about on the podcast and he knew people that were involved in construction companies that went under

► 02:02:52

is Trump fuck the mobile this is like a standard thing that he would do back then not pay people reputation Google Trump had a reputation for not paying contractors construction contractors it said it was a real issue and it's an issue of character and morals and ethics that is to me way more important than who decides to have sex hundreds allege Donald Trump doesn't pay his bills dishwashers painters waiters you know and then you know how much of that is he doesn't really pay because someone else pays for when it got lost in the shuffle and no throat from having as much money in property as you do and not having any criminal activity I mean how the hell you can't be that fucking

► 02:03:49

you know in just the amount of money that's involved like how the fuck can you pay attention all that like you have to have some like to think that he's responsible for all that is also naive honestly because if you really look at the amount of properties of trump owns and to think that he's paying attention all that and the management of all that and the paying of the contract is now that but it probably trickles down from the top right like I said that the kind of Ethics that would be involved and not paying off contractors are saying it's been a year-and-a-half there's been No Smoking Gun it's just a whole bunch of little things like a Russian trolls online this that the DNA report which I was in but no one's picking up the fact that he obviously has ties with Saudi Arabia turkey is real like all their colors with all these countries why I just stopped at Russia you see what he said today he said they call me lied and that he did stay the night and Russia Comey lied in his memo that's me saying that I did not catch that

► 02:04:51

latest oh so something happened whether he's realize that they they they found his flight records and they realize that the jet was in Russia for more than 24 hours so then he said call me lied I never said I didn't stay the night in Russia so I know who this is this is a strange move here or Checkmate like this is a sneaky want like what happens here cuz you're mine call me lied the whole thing's fucked if call me really did like I made a mistake and if Trump lied and call me somehow or another has some recording or something of it and I don't know if that's the case

► 02:05:32

Tulsa juicy collusion thing is like where is The Smoking Gun by the group Michael chertoff was Bush's DHS Hamilton 68 - repeated in every single article about Russian trolls where is like Russian trolls are spreading and lying to try to foment discontent in this country are Russian trolls are promoting Bernie Sanders or Russian trolls are promoting Jill Stein when you look at the actual methodology of how they determine who's the Russian bottoms Russian throw it all comes from the stink tank run by literally Iraq war propaganda still Crystal and Michael chertoff these narratives are so it's so obscure to find out who's really managing the items but it really is all the same people selling where they're calling us again

► 02:06:24

they're calling us because we want the end goal of the Empire is basically Russia China Iran no Iran and Syria the stepping-stones basically ultimately to China and Russia and I'm those are the biggest competitors with with the Empire and so they want to just foam at that hot war with Russia you know what happened going down the rabbit hole in the Chinese electronics Huawei got banned from AT&T and Verizon and all these other Huawei is the number 3 phone manufacturer in the world may also manufactured Network equipment and there's some so it seems to me like this is my conspiratorial mine and I'm just going to say right away I'm a moron and I know very little about this but this is this is this is what's fascinating

► 02:07:14

Huawei makes some really good cell phones like beautiful 40 megapixel camera excellent design gorgeous screen and they were about to be launched in America under AT&T and then the state department warned against people buying Huawei phone saying they're spy devices and told people to not buy Huawei phone so weird and then they're bringing up charges against Huawei for something to do with I Ran So and then it was an article today this is where it gets really weird the compliance of the media there was an article today about this the drop in sales of Chinese cell phone this Chinese cell phone sales plummet by 21% was reading today but what like what is happening here like they were saying that there was some networking equipment that was made by Huawei that was sending was sending a

► 02:08:15

certain amount of data that didn't seem right and they believe that some something was encoded in their software in their Hardware that allowed them to hack into it and extract data and use this as a spying device so then they were saying that this is the case with the phones and needs we shouldn't buy these Huawei phones but then the Android people I can send Jamie a couple articles on it because I was fascinated by the 30 articles about it I might like the last week and a half and these real smart tech people were like this is horseshit first of all if these devices did have something in them other than stock Android or Android with the whatever they're operating system is they put on over it like their skin you see it just got to be able to see it they be able to find it this is there not anymore so just tell me that these people like well there's something going on or something going on at some weirdness to it all looks like they might be trying to tank these companies they did they might be like it might be a concerted effort and then the thought was

► 02:09:13

that maybe perhaps there's some sort of a deal with Samsung and iPhones which are the two top manufacturers to keep out this third-party which makes these really high-end cell phones like this the Huawei has his Porsche Design mate Pro RS it's $2,000 but the most expensive cell phone you can buy his things off the charts awesome and it takes like nighttime a photo it turns it into like almost daylight but crazy 40 megapixel like cell phones the same don't buy to buy a spy device guys are going your fucking mind by because they don't update them very well I did not good at that I mean I talk about something and I don't type it in I don't write a message I don't write an email and I'll see an ad so it's spying on us all the time it doesn't happen you it hasn't happened to me but it happened to enough

► 02:10:13

I believe you it's insane I believe you know what no matter what I talk to so many people that have had that happen somebody sent me a tweet yesterday that said they were listening to a podcast that we were doing we were talking about something and then that something appeared in their Google Apps and he's like I never looked up the YouTube search YouTube suggested is like my fucking computer's listening what app is doing this I mean I'm about to just go to a flip phone cuz I don't want to it's it's bullshit that stuff already it's not even not a spy thing that's just out there that's how they do it right but is that if you're playing things yeah so when we're playing so if he's playing a podcast on YouTube YouTube listening to that and that's how they suggest it's just I'm at your dad's what I think might be happening with people are noticing now is not just that it's happening within the software it's that your actual device the microphone is on

► 02:11:13

and the laptop camera is on some people block the camera with tape. Walker microphone exactly how the hell do you block the microphone you can prevent all of our shit from being collected the Facebook Cambridge analytica thing I feel like everyone missed the boat of what that story was you heard about that on Facebook everything is being taken and date of mine that's very obvious but what wasn't really investigating channel for did this crazy investigation where they pretended like they were a patron trying to hire Cambridge analytica some billionaire dude and they put them on camera it's all recorded the guys are basically like it's basically like a private intelligence from almost like a black water where you can hire mercenaries to set up honey pots with prostitutes take down politicians spy on then they set up shell companies with the MI6 on Mossad it's all just untraceable shit they just ghosts out they said they can go stand out of countries

► 02:12:13

they literally said that they stage the entire Kenyan election there like we stayed the whole thing we wrote all the speeches yeah this is backed by billionaire Robert Mercer the same guy would be Channel 4 did a crazy investigation about it and it and it so that's why I'm just like why is it when focusing on Facebook data that stupid world Farm Fox world they're killing people in like the other companies are there in St Petersburg how many companies like Cambridge analytica like Blackwater like all these things are operating around the world doing all this out of you fuck load a lot that we don't know because it's only went with something fucks up or someone gets shot in the head like

► 02:13:13

what is that disturbing you said how do I deal you got to do and you got to go on Hikes and go explore nature this is my my question that I can give to everybody who's like an activist who is very adamant about change and doing something I feel like just don't want to participate anymore I just want to just

► 02:13:49

someone asked me the other day said you know you have to admit that you wouldn't rather live anywhere in the world other than here and I said I I I I would because I can't have a kid here because I don't have maternity leave and I don't have any help I was a no I stay here because I have to and I have to fight it's not about me it's not about myself it's about the greater good and it's about putting this information out there because it's specially in the Trump era I feel like no one is really criticizing him in the correct way and put it in the proper context of the u.s. Empire and I feel like I need to do that and I I don't get sick of it and I don't think that if you do get burnt out and you get tired you just have to keep going cuz this is you don't have to if you don't do it for recognition you don't do it to be on a magazine cover cuz you're never going to be rewarded in the system that we live in that we're going to always live on the margins and we're going to always fight on the margins and that's just the way it is and you have to do some of their perception of it spreads

► 02:14:48

I think that's why that's why I do what I do I want to instruct people that have history has shaped our reality today and how we can use it to learn and prevent similar Tri-Cities from continuing I mean I just hope that we can evolve to the point where we can do that do you sexually work for yourself now right I work for telecert ellisor is a also State media 6 Latin American countries including Venezuela and including Cuba Ecuador and in some other countries fun tell us or but because of the sanctions that Trump has put on Venezuela it's it's on a tedious leg so it sucks that the only other place that you can go is really just begging for donations on patreon but is the Empire files that is it through Telus or use the show and then I sell it to them but you say begging for donations I really don't see it that way because if you just give people the option I bet people would be more than willing to support your your work if they're interested in

► 02:15:50

works and it seems like there's so many people out there that would be now and it would be a great way to be completely independent and not the holding to any state-run group or anything else you just basically be putting out content of people didn't like it anymore they wouldn't pay for it anymore because I don't really have anyone telling me what to do like in Venezuela I was interviewing the Defence Minister and no one invited my questions I was confronted him about all this crazy shit I mean no one in corporate meeting would be allowed to do that with our government but yeah to your point I think that we just got into a place with journalism and media where that's the way it is like you have to invest in the journalist that you want to support and now it's just the way that the world works because media is not a sustainable business if you want it to be holding power to account it seems like that's not the worst thing in the world to to have something like patreon or some similar type of situation where people can just donate and I have that in me

► 02:16:49

one of my podcast many roots radio I do have a patreon there but yeah you're right I mean to do it but the to do investigative journalism it's hard to documentaries it takes a lot of money and time and I think that's probably where it'll end up if if we keep going down the road that we are at which is you know whether brt or tell us or this this fear campaign against 8 media and against and got stuff so we'll just keep trying to speak that truth I'm glad you're out there swinging you know what's the scary job and punching up you go to Crazy places to him and you're not you're not swinging from the comfort of your own home you're at you're out there in the war zones in Columbia cuz I realize that I could probably die either by phone or mine like there's mine's all of it up so I can place and they were just like you need to leave right now if you want to live basically and I was like okay

► 02:17:50

welp see you later see you later guys that's why I asked how long do you see yourself doing this until you're an old lady I think that if I have a family thinks I might put

► 02:18:04

the government's going to hook your boyfriend honey pot

► 02:18:13

no I think that if I have a family and things might change my mind you know not my life on the line so often I would imagine so but um yeah I mean I got to keep poking holes in this bullshit because it just keeps happening and we keep getting duped and someone has to be out there counter in the narrative and and telling me stories from marginalizing depressed people who have not been given those platforms and I have to keep doing that part well I would suggest you stay offline for a couple weeks after this one just to avoid the shitstorm and it's always great seeing you thank you thank you so much Joe you are amazing everyone check out Joe's stand up and Abby Martin on Twitter and Instagram is Stickam fat ass yes everybody

► 02:19:09

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fanny packs that's it higherprimate.com okay folks that's it for a while love you guys and gals and non-binary people and appreciate the fuck out of u s s Asia