#1117 - Tim Kennedy

The Joe Rogan Experience #1117 - Tim Kennedy

May 17, 2018

Tim Kennedy is a Ranger, sniper, Special Forces Operator, and recently retired UFC Fighter.

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Special Forces operator one of the hosts of finding Hitler and now one of the host of the new show or the host of a new show called hard to kill the ocean is deep into this podcast and it's really going to freak you out I had no idea how many Nazis relocated to South America I'd heard about it I really had no idea the numbers until Tim brought it up I think I was one of the more fascinating aspects of this conversation but I always love talking to Tim he's a special human being and I appreciate it very much to please give it up for Tim Kennedy

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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we live one of them is wrong which one is it I think they're both wrong

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that sounds like that says 12 11 once it's 12:15 12:30 know my 12:13 alarm for this in this when I watch Spike against the wall or when everything everything is disgustingly perfect and if I load the dishwasher all the forks have to be symmetrical on one side and spoons have to be in there their and I like all the mugs the tall ones have to be on one side and then I was that all about I don't know the when you the same and something's not the same as easy it's easiest to see that way right so that counterfeiting like if you're if you're buying a check in a 13 year old girl in Tijuana and you're going to want to get the guy for counterfeit money and you want to get them for human trafficking and he starts handing you Crabby Bill's the easiest way to spit Spot 2

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Kohl's is to be able to see have all of your proper bills all in the right order so the one that's fake is going to stick out there like a man I'm only you would use that example going to Tijuana and someone is trafficking human slavery but it's a good with counterfeit money it is good example and if you have a 13 year old girl with a bunch of 18 year old girls like to everything you know a bunch of if you reload and have a bunch of grain bullets in you're going to measure and then locked them all point five separation and grain so it's like 175 175.51 Seventy-Six 174.5 + 1 when you stack them all together the easiest way to get to group them instead of measuring every single one is to look at them and just put the ones that are similarly sized it all together smallest to largest and then you can then you can wear them in kind of batches have you always been like this with everything

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what about was like when you were fighting with your training did you like map out everything to the wrap to the detail training notes great Greg in your cage side for almost all of mines in the UFC you do your grades like okay so I want according to plan or alright so let's go ahead and change things up a little bit cuz then we'd have to adjust he's one of the more interesting Corner guys he's so much fun he enjoys it and seems to like want you to enjoy it too he's like all right that went amazing and I always liked let's get some deep breaths

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fantastic in between Michael Bisping is a five-round fight he comes in and tells me a quizzical you looking at me like I'm going to kill you what are you doing you just want me to relax you just want me to breathe and I just needed you just thought you were too tense coparently a dick Play Mind Games in the middle of the middle of a fight, for 5 minutes that yesterday with Big John a Frye Big John the podcast yesterday we fucked up and he forgot to talk about it during the podcast but after the podcast he explained what happened he says that it was the UFC cut man's fault cuz he left a giant glob of Vaseline on your wells I he didn't want to touch it because he fell

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if he touched it could open the cut up again he called it I guess it was the guy's name tape he tried to call and get the guy to come back into guy wouldn't come back in so the quarter mint tried to come and he said no he's like you got to bring the apartment back and then he wind up doing it by himself it was a perfect storm he said he fucked up and said you was definitely playing it off and said that if he had to do it differently who made u l stand up and be you would have made sure that fucking cutman didn't leave the cage with that big glob of a sand on the I was just talking crap secondary second issue was really wobbled at the end of the second round and now he's fighting for the title so they'll hopefully he represent Cuba well

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he's bad motherfuker he's a freak is right it's like this the years of training and that crazy tube Olympic program there's phenomenal genetics his experience and competing the so much going on there with that guy layers and layers and layers of the highest level of competition mixed in with a life that I think has been very complimentary to a mindset of an athlete he is pretty much been shaped

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most of his life to to be a highest level athlete tricky part is Whitaker's good which is very good very good young Whitaker you go to remember how Disney blown out in the first round he got his knee hyperextended tours MCL pretty badly in the first round and still was able to stuff takedowns and arguably the best wrestlers ever find them a pretty impressive shut down trait fight

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Jacare and what's-his-face response Calvin you still do you still are you like you're so close to the division you paying attention to it and you're just recently retired do you still get itchy have a crazy competition bug but not the fight I'm going to do a bunch of Jiu Jitsu this year I'm competing in Long.

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smart Marksman stuff 3-gun you know how do you steal stuff so long gone is that like a really long range so there's a bunch of different styles of competitive shooting hitters like guys that run around and shoot around barricades for a quickly and then there's kind of slowing fire

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an array style where you going standing off hand or weird shooting positions and then there's it doesn't matter it just matters how far you can shoot

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that's it he's into that he's into bang and steal like a mile away or whatever it is that's that's it crazy ballistic calculations and literally calculating the curve of the Ya-Ya barometric pressure that made the temperature of your animal to a degree plays a factor that

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every imaginable measurable thing plays a factor now the boy is going to fly that's a it's a real touchy subject and hunting because it's there's a lot of people that are getting into that like really long range shots on animals question about whether or not it's ethical and who's it ethical for I don't know where I stand on that I really love bounce between rifle hunting and bow hunting

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add kid made the first time that I took a shot that I wasn't one hundred percent positive the animal wouldn't just fall over I mean my dad scuffed me up you know I was like 11 you show that there has since then been a list of the planets responsibilities always been on the Hunter 2 without question no the animal is going to fall right then right there we're not stocking it for 2 days and I'm not following a blood trail for 9 hours to see an animal hyperventilating the meats not even good huge adrenaline Spike you know it's like right there that's your meat and you're going to go get it

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so does best case scenario but even then animals jump the string and how do you do that when you're shooting something that the bullet flight is going to be up for 6 seconds. Long how long is it like if you're shooting with say a thousand yards thousand three three hearts this big size are two fists and that's not a lot of margin of error the wind changing 1 mile an hour 1 mile an hour at a thousand a thousand yards could to make you miss that heart wow yeah it's it's one of those weird sort of things were people are getting into it because there's a bragging rights aspect of a shot this Belk at 800 yards in a multiple 800-yard you need to tell somebody shot some of the two hundred yards or so good shot that's reasonable ethical you know what you view of the crosshairs

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Anna and animals vitals at 200 yards is basically a dead animal absolutely what you get you get to like six $700

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and yet I think you're conservationist yes I think I'm a conservationist and let you know what we're talking in the tens of millions of dollars go into conservation from Hunters every single day from from hunting and the u.s. wildlife Wildlife they don't know how they're going to be paying for the protection of habitats without hunting permits because the number people are hunting or shrinking to I'm there's a huge influx in question about how moral are different styles of hunting what are the best power going to make sure that we protect these animals and protect their habitats all the while you don't tell me about the elk I shot the beginning of the year

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and I had a I had a clean broadside shot at that 603 weight totally super doable you know I can do that almost in my sleep on my home rain gutter machine animal sounds like I'm just walk this guy down and come back down and my next shot was it like 321 shot and he sits down so that there are the responsibility always in all things should fall in the individual but now it's just getting all the individuals to actually have responsibilities that's where it gets really really stupid there's just people that they're not good people they did they weren't raised well good some people in in in moments when you say that.

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inherently good and I don't like when you seen so much of the bad but yeah obviously I'm have a calloused I'm not going to have the most objective perspective but I want to see people are good but like I think hunters and that's just use that is cuz that's what we talked about right now of 100 Hunters

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what percentage were going to do the right thing are going to do the moral thing the ethical thing the thing that's the best interest for the animal for conservation for nature

► 00:17:43

out of out of a hundred you know if they're on a hunt did they say for sure the majority and now it gets down to a gas work as to what the numbers are but I thought I would like to say cuz I like to think it's in the seventies or eighties I wish it was a hundred for sure now I don't wish anything other than that was just a mistake you know but there's going to be people that pouch going to be people that cross property boundaries and another not supposed to be going to be people that shoot an animal when the season opens tomorrow morning and they get their you know a day early and they see an animal and they just a fucking I'm going to shoot it and hang it and Sarah shot at the next day is like gray area stuff you know where it is you're you're definitely doing something illegal but it's still hunting you still have a tag you know and it's just people bending the rules like when and then there's people that just you know they'll shoot to three animals and it was supposed to shoot one they'll hide the meat

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there's there's there's always going to be people like that selfish unfortunately controversial in a world where 95-97 depending on who you ask for some of the people eat meat it's still very controversial to go out and kill yourself so weird I took her understand that are weird in addition to people being in a moral or immoral or mustard go bad

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this the contradiction of people not even using their brains you know

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I had the best tacos I've been ever had my life last week and I'm about to getting waterboarded we had some wine from right right next door to where my parents like where I grew up and that the animal the alcat we're cooking meant I saw it for a day as I walk this thing down I mean the most beautiful Majestic creature like I said I was 600 moved into a ride at 3 and

► 00:19:51

so I can see it in life I got to see it at its death I got to see after death you know I have I have the whole entire trophy just like you but I have two freezers I garnered six almost 600 cumulative pounds from the hide the head and the meat for a 400 lb of meat off that thing to freezers full of meat you know animals so good it's the best for you to it just feels different when it's the best for you and your man that's best for your body to I feel like it charges me up Velociraptor after I say Columbia where the good stuff is

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steal some of the good Coke you like the old Pablo Escobar style coat and then bring that back to wherever I am and I think that's the equivalent of what good elk taste like in your mouth I've never done good Coke or bad coke so the amount of money that Pablo Escobar made and the way the people talked about it and then he'll Rich medine still is I think it's pretty good stuff cuz you just definitely high demand yeah people who are animal rights lovers will be like you just talked about this majestic animal you watched and you admired and then you shot and killed it. It's beautiful

► 00:21:19

do you say I love it I love every single ounce of it I know and I agree with you but for people that are you know maybe animal rights activists from any of them have ever been to not that I'm dogging on the cattle industry cuz I'm not I think they try to do the best they can with what they have to produce enough food to feed a huge evergrowing population I mean this is this is a hard thing you're been to one of those forms I have I don't have a good ones and the bad ones fast peacefully right where I love being and I never felt anything never saw anything it just crumbled

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yeah there's also the balance of life to their there's just unless you want to bring wolves and more mountain lions in to Texas and to wherever you know you're hunting tried that that's not that's not working like me to come into balance the wolves are decimating the herds to 2 degree that they've never seen ever because there's there's no balance there's nothing to balance the Wolves Brian to what was the amount of available food resources now the walls are just killing everything so even Yellowstone there like we bringing some Pro Hunters to try and balance this did they knock down the herd and Yellowstone by 90% And 1.92% just from the wolves are brought in the 90s the wolves from the 60s to the 80s so let's bring back some wolves in the 90s and think that we can balance things and while I paid a positive effect for about 10 years then 20 mm

► 00:23:04

animals around like wait wait a second there killing entire herds and we might lose all indigenous elk here if we don't do something immediately now they're bringing a guys like me to darte them and retry and relocate them and bring the house whatever well the whole idea behind it was so crazy they went and got these giant Canadian gray wolves and brought him over here until place where the animals had did you know they had no knowledge of wolves they wiped out the wolf population and they said that we needed was greater and with with a hundred years of lack of evolution for the animals that were there to know what to do if it was just fish in a barrel for these wolves animals but they're not

► 00:24:04

the weak ones go down into the farmlands you getting like the the the cows and the Cavs the smaller out the female elf in the babies they're moving into farm lands and the big males when they're not running stay stay up in the mountains and they use usually form these like Bachelor herds and then when they're not running and when this is happening that's where the wolves are so the wolves are killing I mean I have friends that live in Idaho and friends live in Montana and they're like it's bad like their there's a lot of fucking wolves killing giant elk I've been feeling in communicating right now we we agree with each other and were you know almost echoing the sentiments that person that doesn't agree with us vegetarian vegan

► 00:24:52

a conservationist that looks at us like know you guys are Hunter you can't be conservationist where does the conversation start where's the middle ground where you can find what one or an opportunity to the report and have conversation have a discussion to have maybe even a debate where you can intellectually talk through your different perspectives I've been feeling at this miserably up late and I've been getting a lot of it it's it's weird when my social media

► 00:25:22

I want to have a I have a lot of conservative military mule Pro 2nd Amendment types of follow me when that whole entire base is mad at me which is weird and then on the other side of the far-left progressive side is looking at me and be like oh we hate you too so I may I have now pissed off 95% of people on social media because I'm trying to find Middle Ground so we can talk have you pissed off the conservatives have you done that Lance Armstrong and I were talking about gun control after the the Parkland shooting Florida and he asked me

► 00:26:02

do you think gun control solution and I said absolutely I think gun control can be a massive solution verbatim that's exactly what I said that to me gun control those are words words like well regulated militia the words of the Constitution that. That's almost synonymous to me gun laws also for my gun control just like a well regulated militia I think that having good safe gun laws say life's I don't want to have a felon and MS-13 guy and illegal immigrants and it's been dishonorably discharged from military to get their hands on those are forms of gun control in my opinion but the conservatives Second Amendment if you use the words gun control like I was immediately called Benedict Arnold a traitor stuff I don't even know what a Duff is that was a reoccurring when I think there's a guy from

► 00:26:57

Rodger rabbit those that it would hunt around with a gun but he didn't know how to use a gun cuz I always missed Rodger rabbit

► 00:27:04

do you mean Bugs Bunny Elmer Fudd I'm trying to have a conversation with Lance Armstrong a guy that had never shot a gun at the time that was against private private citizens really owning guns and he couldn't be more for gun control but words to talk to him and so I had no problem using his vernacular using the words that he's comfortable with like gun control even though to me that's just gun laws as well regulated militia I mean I'm a huge Sacramento phone I don't think anybody has ever questioned that until this moment when he is a just pay attention to you for five minutes all they have to do is go to your social media and you are not anti-gun guy coming days a week 6 Fire come on like I'm mad that I'm here with you

► 00:28:04

National thing like I have no choice this is this is this is what I do now if you want to be excellent at your job you must be a good conversation I disavowed the apparently my my huge group of Second Amendment loving people I have a theory on that I think there's a lot of people just looking get pissed off and if you say any word that they decide is a hot-button word like gun control don't care if you've thought it out you have a rational perspective on what you consider gun control but there was a statement that was released by a group of hunters who is hunters for gun control and they had a bunch of reasonable reasons why people shouldn't have a firearm that could get a firearm currently and it all made sense but the the response to that the backlash of it isn't it's not debate it's like people on that that side the pro 2nd Amendment

► 00:29:04

they are so terrified of any new regulation they think that you have to hold your ground because any slipping backwards is going to eventually lead to someone taking your guns away I do understand the death by a Thousand Cuts you know I think that has always been two perspectives you know if you look at it it's not like Adolf Hitler said okay we're going to kill all the blacks and all the Jews overnight that's not what happened right it was over the course of seven eight years where he just very slowly incrementally change laws okay they're not allowed to shop here okay to not allowed to go here okay now we're going to move them all in the same area and very slowly. Slowly and in a matter of 5 6 7 years he started a genocide of an entire ethnicity that's the fear it's okay it's going to be it's going to be incremental and we're in at some point we're going to turn around and look at me like a look at all this Freedom that we have lost I think it's the same with during the right after 9/11 when George Bush

► 00:30:02

hear that the Freedom Act or the Patriot Act to make sure that that was one of the largest losses of privacy that Americans have ever experienced but we're fearful we are scared and you know like I love dangerous Freedom butt overnight we lost a ton of that not incrementally just overnight and not end with the most efficient way is to take to get bit by bit by bit so I can get that but for chrissake smell like you can't find somebody that's more of a man than me except I don't have a conversation I can't do it I don't think that there any more of a second amendment proponents and you are I just think there are ideologically so rigid in this idea that you can't change gun laws at all if you think it's 7 news on anti-psychotic medication is about severe manic schizophrenia you think that person should be allowed to have guns when they hear voices that aren't real they they they see things that aren't really

► 00:31:02

report the FBI handful times the sheriff about them they can make up some Sterling Tim Kennedy's been acting crazy Tim Kennedy's do what he's saying he's going to kill my family to Teddy's doing this Tim Kennedy someone just decides to actively Target you in that way they can sort of frame you as some sort of a crazy person and then use that as an excuse to go after your guts me this is what people are terrified out and that is possible long sleeve put on a list or you not be allowed to buy a gun how do you get off that list I don't know is in protecting gun ownership I don't even know how to get off that list know that's probably don't get off the no fly list there's just not a way to get off it gets back on the flash I know you were off

► 00:32:02

the last but you're back onto my back left side and right side of you say something at the left believes in you're a traitor and if you sit if you're on the other side of say something to write animals has to happen in the middle when you talk to you about the consumption of animals he have the hard-core animal rights activist who don't want anything to die but how do they feel about wolves eating elk asshole first time apartment of you okay with that you are not okay with humans pretending so how do you want to bounce out the population of say wild pigs like what do you what's your proposal they don't have one you mean there's not enough resources in the world to go out and trap them and if you did trap and when he can do give him you got to fix some you going to give him a vasectomy so we try to get them to the homeless but the homeless when eating them in Texas

► 00:33:02

really why would you not eat wild pig I don't delicious Texas wild pigs pretty is it funky enough pretty funky really isn't it how you just how you take care of it to take care of swamp living right right right rough very nasty things so that there is a. Of time where we could go and turn the eradication were trying to curb the ever growing population if you shot X number you could bring maybe a fat sow in and do the food shelter and they have a butcher and then they tried to serve it and then like nobody was eating it so then they can we try that for about six months and then they said forget it we're just wasting money try that is just so goofy with a goofy world we live in where people were starving or picky but I don't want that wild pig hunts maybe just really poorly handled and by the time they get it it's tainted that smells bad and it's entirely possible somebody fucked up along the way they don't treat wild pigs

► 00:34:02

taxes like you would treat like a deer that you shot that you hunted down took a long time to track and you had to you know get in the perfect position and he cherish that meat while pics of shooting out of helicopters when you said she knows Ted Nugent videos every I do it in let's say Central Texas north of Austin south of Dallas they're losing 10 to 15% of their agriculture every single year to all pics millions of dollars dollar Ranch you're losing 1 and 1/2 million dollars

► 00:34:39

Chihuahua Chihuahua pics

► 00:34:42

there's not a lot of profit and in being a farmer so 1 and 1/2 million dollars is a lot of money to these guys and then flip side you have a bunch of I'm using Hunters guys that are coming to visit sport fun I mean there's not that there's not much fair game here there's not stalking his animals that's thermals it's white lights off Jeeps it's any way you can imagine to try to kill these things and we're not even making a dent and how fast these things are breeding I can start having three or four letters a year would get six months ice crazy I think they can start feeding at 6 months and they're having multiple litters a year and each litter can have six to ten pigs yeah we're done is there zombies where it's over it's over what they were predators I mean imagine if these things were like wolves

► 00:35:42

you just nailed it gif of wolves were doing that if there was that many wolves and they were just rolling through the countryside packs of a thousand have an erection now go back go back to your mind I mean that conversation is the conversation where the vegans run into an ideological wall like what do you what do you say about that you wanted to just let Live and Let Die when you're not going to have any vegan food cuz they eat vegan food can you not get how many food do pigs are going to eat all your food and what's your growing your own food and then they would having to do with the pigs break your fences and eat your food you don't have any food left are they break your fences they do everything they are big and they're powerful creatures and they decimate ground-nesting Birds anything that's small mean there's there's some videos that we have from Texas of a big bore running away with an axis deer fawn in its mouth I mean they eat everything they can it's there are there monsters and they're delicious tell her know about that

► 00:36:42

something about 8 that I need to eat in a cup of California once they were fantastic my my dad you know you said Monterey County he he has his pig trough Pig Pond and she has a herd of pigs that come every night and it's almost like a response for me to watch my dad drive down his four-wheeler and feed these things or am I see them cuz he loves them and these wild pigs and my mom they sell on the porch and watch the wild animals in the deer in get out of cool super cool but then like the the texted me like I want to just give me all of those things there a bombination Missouri has an interesting take on their they're making hunting them illegal and the reason why the making hunting them illegal is because people are bringing them into areas and releasing them in public land so that they can hunt these wild pigs and the Wrecking

► 00:37:42

what they've done to the curb did the desire for people to do that is first of all there trapping them instead of like running down down with dogs or shooting them and they find by trapping I'm just a great podcast Steve rinella is the mediator podcast to Great podcast but he had a guy who is a wild pick wild pig eradication expert from Missouri works for the Department of Fish and Wildlife down there and I guess they called fish and game down there California to call Fish and Wildlife but there they use these traps that they can get as many as like 63 pigs at a time he's like if we tried to shoot 63 pigs would take forever to do that so they using these large-scale traps catching these pigs and you know they're just killing them and the way they're doing their they're like it a lot of backlash from Hunter's cousin Hunters like well why don't you just let us hunt them to say no we want to get rid of all of them these are a dangerous invasive species you guys want to keep some around for fun

► 00:38:42

but you're not going to manage the population correctly really can't so they just they're on their radication bend down there I'd love to see how that works apparently doing a really good job and keeping them from spreading into new areas of public land I go get a notification someone say hey we saw a sow and into baby piglets in this one area and they will just go there and mediately and just tracked those things down try to kill him the areas where populations are clearly established the trying to get them from spreading and and whether your trophy hunting in in Africa in your ear pain

► 00:39:24

a few hundred thousand dollars for water buffalo or you know you're going and you just getting some

► 00:39:31

what's popcorn Impala and you're still paying $10,000 to flight the don't eat enough food to the Village the truth the trophy fee the processing than the shipping in the gun itself the ammo paint for the pH pain for the guide paying for the tracker

► 00:39:49

that's all real real money and then on even on the local and American side deer hunting elk hunting pig hunting still billion dollar industry and that money directly goes back to Habitat protection conservation that money in Pikmin Roberts act right it's like what is it 11% Jimmy see if you can find that a day I think they establish that in the 30s and this was in response to you know what Teddy Roosevelt dead when they were trying to keep large swaths of public land available for people to wreckreate on and then try to bring back populations these animals you needed funds to do that cuz Market hunting people think it was like just Hunters at Destiny the population sort of but Market hunting it was hunting wild animals for people to eat which is now a legal you can't just go shoot

► 00:40:49

a bunch of deer and then sell it to people it's illegal in one of the reason why it's illegal as they wanted stop market hunting so they take all this money which I believe is 11% is it 11% 11% of all the money from hunting supplies gear Gonzales it all of it goes towards conservation that turns out to be billions and billions of dollars a year and that's that's what keeps the protection here goes right here okay 9th early nineteen-hundreds many Wildlife species were disappearing or declining the firearms and ammunition industry asked Congress to impose excise tax me that is amazing day asked Congress to impose is taxed on the sale of firearms and ammunition to help fund wildlife conservation United States the pittman-robertson Act passed in 1937 known as the federal aid in Wildlife restoration so this is this is how wetlands get preserved wildlife habitat like traveling corridors for mule deer how to keep them from getting developed

► 00:41:49

that stuff is true conservation modded accounts from hunting the difference between the amount of money that comes from hunting and conservation acts that gets donated to preserve Wildlife versus animal rights groups is so stunning you can't even count it means I need some the dollar nothing it's like they don't donate that mean some people donate a few dollars here there two things but the the vast majority of the money comes from which creates is really confusing place for a lot of killing animals end up being patient about Africa to write that those animals when you let people hunt them they're worth a lot more than if you just let the coaches come in and then they disappear like us to move past that and get to the point where we don't kill animals at all and it's impossible but it's

► 00:42:49

that's probably impossible in the current state massive Evolution happens with Consciousness and people to stop being people in the show Limpopo which is north South Africa right on the Botswana border the swirl of trying to 90% of the exact the outlawed the specific Wild game and

► 00:43:16

the farmers that have had them just kind of okay what's going towards going to let let me go cuz you're not worth anything to us all of their animals disappeared in a year poached in a year one year all of them were gone just disappeared I'm so the intent was okay with these These are nearing endangered so warga not let allow people to help them and then they went from a danger to all of us in danger to absolutely endangered the critically because nobody was protecting them because there were no Hunters that wanted them it's it's hard for people to drop their head around because it's so messy it's not a clean issued so messy and you see some fat slob holding his rifle over a lion and you go and there's no way in nature this fat fuck should be able to shoot that lying and just you know and mounted on his wall there's a photo that I got off the internet if a guy looks like he's about five hundred pounds me just overflowing with gluttony in just any

► 00:44:16

set a rifle and is a deadline there and I'm okay is everything everything that's wrong with hunting because he's not going to eat that lion like why did he go over there to shoot that lives with his cattle business that guy flew over there he waddled over to the bike the bog pod rest of the rifle down and pulled the trigger on you know one of the biggest apex predator Predators on the planet everybody should have a problem that it's fucking weird it's weird but now there's a contradiction if those animals aren't worth money for people to hunt then what happens is they would happens in Zimbabwe they just kill hundreds of them because they're there's too many of them now cuz people aren't hunting them so they decimated the Anjali population so they have to curb the alliance instead of getting $50,000 or $100,000 a lion from a hunter which goes to the villagers goes to conservation goes to hire professional Hunters not to get nothing and they have to pay someone to go and shoot these lines they shoot all of them

► 00:45:16

sucks this is not good no this is good this ain't good both wish I could to look at that fat guy standing over the line and it's not good to look at these you know these government people shooting 200 lions or just dump them into a hole somewhere the whole thing's a mess try to do the right thing or you're going to get a bear tag from Colorado or you going to Bear Tag from New Mexico for that tag to be issued the other day they measure the amount of food that's in each district and then you'll get there an issue 6 tags because there's enough food to their 12 bears are but it only enough food to feel to feed six of them so they're going to Issue 6 tags that or all 12 of them might starve to death or the majority of them so they're going to issue and you can go and buy your tags that leaves six animals in that in that area in that region they are able to hunt you're paying for that take a lot of money sometimes if you're out-of-state you know you're paying a few hundred dollars five six seven hundred dollars

► 00:46:16

flights hotels it's for a bear understand the mindset of people that don't want any of this to happen I do understand that but I do think that they don't understand nature I really don't think they understand that this is the best death these animals will ever experience and they're not going to live forever in the wild in the wild they going to be torn apart but something bigger that's just how it goes a hundred percent of time or they freeze to death or they starve to death or the starving they walk down the road to try to find some food in the town to get hit by semi truck have a buddy lives in Iowa and when you drive in his neighborhood at night you better go 35 miles an hour cuz I was talking to just starting out in front of the tree left and right there everywhere and you know what's the what's the solution don't drive cars drive your bike everywhere man I don't like a good luck with that I get it I get where those people are coming from the, from a place of compassion but it becomes very culte and it becomes very

► 00:47:16

Mike Vick team oriented team vegan words they were circling backward when you're trying to have that middle ground that discussion at conversation pre-assigned talking points from respective side makes essentially the same argument and you're just regurgitating what you've heard other people say but there's no new thought there's no there's no taking a step to either side like okay joint maybe maybe there's something I'm not seeing here let me look at it from this perspective beside the hunters like you stupid snowflake you know go get your Starbucks latte with your soy milk and but they're never looking at it from anything new there. They're just sitting there talking points like when you said gun control and people freaked out freaked out because I didn't stay to the script and there's a script and you will see that

► 00:48:16

oh you what you should have said was or hey you know shall not be infringed upon yeah man I got it shall not be infringed upon believe it to death have you fought for it have you bled for it been blown up for it you can try to hide I got really believe in this shit but I didn't stay to the script and then I get murdered by both sides so then how do we do a pretty good job to teach me Joe how do you bring people in to have a talk just got to be a lot of people that disagree with you and say I do a terrible job that I repeat the same things over and over again and I agree with them to the certain amount of the conversations like this one I mean we have had this conversation about conservation and animals a hundred times but I think it's worth having a hundred more because I think it's an important than someone is listen to this podcast they didn't understand how it all works and they didn't understand that people who hunt meet me they're not monsters in evil people just like people who eat grain aren't monsters because you callously disregard the lives of mice

► 00:49:16

rats and all the things that get ground up and combines and bunnies like if you buy Grain large-scale agriculture is bad. It's bad turn the factory farming but it's also bad in terms of growing food if you grow a thousand acres of corn you are absolutely displacing wildlife and when that stuff gets Harvest you see vultures fly over those field and there's a reason cuz there's a bunch of dead things in fact more dead lives more dead lives occur in a pound of grain that occur in a pound of beef because if you think that a cow is more valuable than a bunny because it's larger like you've got some weird life thing going on in your own can you tell me how to balance the souls worth on box lately how do you feel about insects because they are a large-scale poisoning those fucking insects and you know it everybody knows it and there Grill

► 00:50:16

those fuckers up with earthworms and mice and gophers and chipmunks and everything else it gets stuck in those wheels that is just how large-scale agriculture worst so unless you have some isolated Farm where everything is fenced in and you only have in a certain amount of acreage in that form feeds you would you are Karma free and congratulations to you you figured out how to do it but most of us who buy pasta you going to buy bread in the store you're you're paying someone who's killed a large amount of living things in order Harvest at Grant that's just a fact it's just a fact and it's an inconvenient fact that they like to look at with blinders on because they date you know like I'm hashtag cruelty free not to that fucking bunny rabbit that's a part of your tofu cuz this is this is what's really going on me a good part of the beat the vitamin B that a lot of vegans get is from ground up bugs that's ground up into the Grain and ground up into their vegetables

► 00:51:16

I mean this is this is just you can't get around that

► 00:51:21

I mean not if you are being real if you're not disturbing real nobody is going to have the courage to come in that middle ground and let let go of all of their baggage and all of their

► 00:51:39

bulshit eating bugs you should eat crickets get Cricket meal eat Cricket proteins fucking good for you if you don't want to eat animals like I'm just not into anything this warm okay I have a friend who only eats fish and I go why he goes fish don't even take care of their babies fuck those fish are yummy to he's like I don't want to kill him at all because I want you to mammals like mammoths take care of the babies that the baby's milk from their you know there otters make okay I get it

► 00:52:15

just not the best source of source of nutrient there when she's pregnant and the doctor's like all right so you're 90 lb and I need you to put on like 20 more pounds really fast and you're not going to do it eating halibut a very difficult to get from France to very good company called well to change your name used to be called off with a cargo Depot another called fully and this is called the capisco it's the best ergonomic chair I fucking love these things hours a day my back never bothers me for very long. Of time, at my desk at home my reloading station it's all standing height balance balls and get on my knees on it and I'll just balance

► 00:53:15

stop timer or strong or and it's more like a seven-year-old brain you know that if I'm not doing a lot of things at once I just get distracted so I just do lots of things at once like having the balance on a ball so I don't smash my face in the desk and knock myself out while I'm reloading ammunition playing with explosives like that is a perfect recipe for me to be successful at reloading bullets you reload explosives as well as bullets like we are going to go do so tomorrow I'm playing with the Dutch Special Forces at regular Peak Ranch in Austin Texas and

► 00:54:01

we are going to set up a bunch of booby traps for them when they come in to do their like their final culmination hit the full mission profile so they can spend all day planning and they're going to figure out how they're going to walk through the woods not get caught and I'm essentially the terrorist that they're going to try and come kill but I'm a really good terrorists it's so so proud of you guys keep from actually killing each other when you doing simulations so they're there they use a real guns with different bolts that shoot by paintballs

► 00:54:33

got in the next then my feet per second is paintballs fine 800 okay it's still glasses for glasses never catch me in the mouth yeah yeah I have a tattoo on his lip from the paint on the paint Alfred to cut it out he said no I don't know

► 00:55:04

I'm really good with a knife so I bet you are a damn if you're listening to right now let me cut that out of your baby likes it makes me unique just to show that you're on and it's on Annie that was on on History Channel and we just had our third season. Just finished airing what's the thought process behind this isn't legit legit Ancient Aliens this is wee-bey Declassified a bunch of documents they both that Israelis the British and the Germans and Americans in the past 20 years have been consistently Declassified documents and there were a bunch of specifically FBI documents that we are spending millions and millions of dollars actively searching for Hitler after the war

► 00:56:03

as was millions of dollars Hoover was like no no no send more FBI agents to South America to North Africa go to the Canary Islands go to Spain trying to find out where this guy went

► 00:56:20

tons of real FBI documents with real leads with real informants some hand or some first accounts saying that they visit so anyways that's the show is us trying to find out sift through reality and fiction of the the Allure the Mist the mystery of that asshole so what's the official story the official story is that he killed himself right field himself in the bunker David Braun is there any photographic evidence of his death or anything what the Russians got the body and they got his skull and when they brought it back to Moscow. Nobody has ever been able to

► 00:57:07

independently verify who and what this body is they let one genetic tests occur and the body at with a bullet holes that they said was Hitler and have said and that's the narrative that's a story that's the all the eyewitness accounts that are in even the vicinity of collaborating with each other and cooperating each other's testimony like the closest Persian cuz none of it seems to be very accurate is that okay here's Hitler skull and when they did the genetic testing instead of a 35 year-old woman so like oh well this isn't Hitler but they've said for the past eighty years that this is Hitler so okay

► 00:57:51

first before we start throwing stones at Russia let's go back to 1945 April in Berlin you have the Allies coming in Wrecking shop dropping bombs blowing everything up they can and every single which way you have the Russians come in from the opposite direction enough guns to arm all their soldiers so if they have 200 guys that are 200,000 guys damn 100000 guns at the guy in front of you dies just pick up his gun that's what's happening in April of 1945 in Berlin show The Noose is tightening there is no time it is chaos Anarchy pandemonium this this is Hell on Earth is Berlin 1945 so I don't know if you could get a real story a real the way that we do it now where we have experts that come in and document everything and we look at all the different testimonies say this is this exactly how this is CSI this is 1945 Berlin

► 00:58:51


► 00:58:52

there was no like absolute proof now and a lot of Nazis did escape and go to South America Jordi of anyone the power the Nuremberg trials were not a Witch Hunt but it was too close a chapter so we can start moving forward with Communism that's what it was

► 00:59:16

the threat of fascism the threat of Hitler the thread of killing all the Jews threat of World Domination by the Nazis. Threats gone what's the next threat, so we got had to be a closed chapter of our history so we could focus our resources and our efforts to what inevitably was going down the wall goes up East and West Berlin know we're already looking at Korea missile this happens almost overnight no homies we need to go all the way to Matt Moscow this is not the end of our war and we didn't listen to him we didn't have you no fighting communism for the past 75 years so the the ones with power that went to South America I know a bunch of them went to Argentina but they think they went to Honduras and a few other places where where they think they wound up so what you had in South America both Chile and Argentina back-to-back head fascist Racine regimes you had a pronoun

► 01:00:16

who was part of the Nazi party starting all the way back in the mid-30s he's the president of Argentina so the Red Cross they were facilitated three different ratlines that guys were able to successfully get out of Europe into South America and these are there's no question that we're talking thousands if not tens of thousands of high-ranking Nazis made it their heads of thousands little soldiers I'm talking high-ranking Nazis officers got guys like Joseph mingulay and he's the most disgusting despicable humans exist at the time if it live Hitler is dead Josef Mengele is a guy that would take syringes full blue ink in inject them into you have blue eyes brown eyes and let me see if I can make them blue and then take Twins and start torturing them to see if one would feel the pain that's Joseph mangel A that's the guy that then in South America was helping

► 01:01:16

high-ranking argentinians have abortions and he set up have you seen the movie Colonia about Colonia dignidad which is if you're listening right now I must warn you not to Google it because it is it it was a torture camp that was started by Joseph Shaffer a Nazi and Josef Mengele the the doctor of death that escaped trial Nuremberg and made it past of her own into Argentina he said at the hospital at Colonia dignidad which was another safe house safe haven for more Nazis in South America go to my air and David and Ben Gurion the presence of Israel they gloves off and they were just sending assassins to try to find these people kill them but what you got in South America were isolated German only communities you could go to Bariloche Argentina and he ought to be like

► 01:02:16

what's the weather like

► 01:02:18

Good Morgan oh good morning. Sorry it's 2017 right I thought we spoke Spanish hero in 2017 you were there and they're speaking German why I'm I don't look very I might look more European than a few shows just them see me walking down the street and be like communities I mean if you go to Colonia dignidad which is now called via barberia. Villa Bavarian Village it is only driven into Center of chili in the mountains of Chile like you there is no Spanish means being spoken there it is exclusively German and these are descendants of Nazis powerful Nazis going on right now and what are these communities like I mean what's our ideology are they are pretty white like I mean

► 01:03:18

espouse Nazi values are not openly so Colonia dignidad

► 01:03:25

if you look at the second generation there's a bunch of it was a huge problem for chili that they try to hide for years and they they got so much power from the torturing that they did at Colonia dignidad on a whole bunch of other high-ranking South American dictators that they're almost Untouchable and this this is a blow your mind if you look into this show you you would love it but the second generation the kids like the grandkids are even more fanatical than the original generation where I get somebody's away from like when you travel abroad and it's so cool to to get the culture and get into the food and get into the like your dancing this style on your you love the flag kneel like on the go to soccer games soccer games America but then maybe after like two months and then like

► 01:04:20

a year if you really miss home and then 10 years like you really really miss home and you see the same thing in the United States where it's not really a perfect assimilation in the Melting Pot where you see Generations that are espousing to be more like their ethnic Heritage than they are American you know they're flying the Irish flag and Irish what's just * 1000 with these communities because they're exclusively German kind of weird so exclusively German really missing home yeah

► 01:04:58

show me years later second Generations I was talking about some of them came to the United States and were high-ranking white supremacists that are now in jail and prison for their racial crimes and they came out of South America take him out of Colonia dignidad take him out of Bariloche they come on over as they came out of hunting Hitler fucking a man how many people are we talking about all told in South America that can come out of this mean tens of thousands went there but how many German communities and what how big are there may be out of 50 German communities

► 01:05:43

50 how many people if you had to guess 200,000 holy shit a few hundred thousand descendants of Nazis and man it's weird when you walk into somebody's parlor and it's like you're stepping back in time into Europe like I'm walking and it's it's 2017 and I'm walking in Buenos Aires Argentina into somebody's parlor and all of the tile is European and all the style and all the art is very German you know we only have like two years and not not like red stags that were talking German everything things that Hitler loved and that's the style that everything ended come out and white gloves they're holding their grandpa at their grandfather's memory box and inside of it or his War medals from

► 01:06:39

you know what he was in the SS or when he was and it is

► 01:06:45

the respect the I don't even know the Titans white gloves Tim can't touch it that's but I can appreciate it and they tell me the story of every single one of these things and how he got there and how he then went and work for the Buenos Aires news didn't touch anything. Are you at your dirty dirty dirty Mary to Brown

► 01:07:15

fuck man so we followed the first two seasons it was really just unraveling the rumors of what happened to Hitler the third season was my favorite because I actually got to do real work they said okay

► 01:07:29

I got the second I got to bring in more special forces guys she is a target or Nadia who helped my unit kill zarqawi in 2006. This is the team that is now looking at real evidence trying to figure out okay how did we find Bin Laden how do we find the car is our Cowley we looked at their Associates and we looked at how to how to communicate with looked at what routes they were using to get to and from places and then we just started stinney the news and that's exactly what we did in this third season was okay let's start following the Adolf eichmann's start following the Joseph Maine glazed and let's start following the scores and skis Hitler's personal bodyguard that was a colonel in the SS that went on to work for everybody after the war fighting fascists do not like Communists so this guy was working for everybody to include the CIA

► 01:08:26

fighting fascism in South America fighting communism as a fascist in South America in the 50s 60s and 70s

► 01:08:33

creepy stuff

► 01:08:43

eyewitness accounts of Hitler in South America or the are potentially legitimate the absolutely potentially. I saw him get off a boat I saw him meet here and if it was just some person saying it

► 01:09:01

it's almost meaningless but if you look at the context of who this person is the wealth that they have that they shouldn't have can you explain how you got so rich in two generations k your Grandpa got here from Germany in 1946 that's weird and he he he's on a legitimate Visa with an Argentinian passport also weird and now he's a war Refugee that's now worth millions of dollars how did how does this how does this work so

► 01:09:37

but people and then this is the hard part people want to be connected to two significant events and especially in small rural areas of the world developing areas like they're so not there so little happening they want to be attached to something massive and like the fact that they saw you boat land on this beach and stewpot the hatch opened and you know this these cars were sitting there and they're doing Morse code and this guy gets off and he had this little mustache like U-boats can't Beach that's not how that works but you know what they're trying to do they just want to be connected so and now we're removed 70 to 80 years from the fax it it's has been painful to try to use

► 01:10:26

real science real investigative tools to try to sift through

► 01:10:33

this lure you know what do you think happened to me and you've been you've been studying this for how long now three years if you had like a million bucks you got to put it on one side or another did he go there

► 01:10:48

wow I see why would say man it's in that that's the first time I've ever said it flat out like that what would I want to say is the way history is written is wrong. That's that's clear there's no way that we can say he died on this day this is what happened here is his body and that's what is physical proof is for sure the woman that that had that they were saying was Hitler is definitely not Hitler so they don't have Hitler's body other option was so there are still descendants of of Ava and we try to have them allow us to do it then we tried to go through like boys like the truth and but they wouldn't consent to it so then we try to do you know like four people have like the the tree there at the tree

► 01:11:48

it was so it's supposed websites called 23andMe yeah but

► 01:11:56

Goodwin consent to it no shave a bronze family they just want it gone please don't want to be there super pissed I'm sure it was hard which is really hard hold him down and get him to spit in a bucket and I know I mean more pull the trash definitely not do that but I mean that's how they caught the Golden State killer right was off of a cigarette but they got DNA off a cigarette but different to be black and white like that and and if end again if you go back to 1945 we needed scientist we needed every single German

► 01:12:44

electrical engineer or mechanical engineer Aerospace anything you're on the V2 program you didn't know all of you cuz now it's a race it's a race we have the bomb that we need Delivery Systems now we need to get the moon now we need to eat all of those things are real time it's a war a war of dollars and War science and we got all those scientists the Russians did it while they got some more in Berlin during the time that Wernher von Braun was running is rocket program their the five slowest Jews in front of the rocket Factory in Berlin just to give everybody motivation to work harder the Simon wiesenthal Center said that if Wernher von Braun was allowed to date would prosecute him for crimes against humanity he was a Nazi straight-up not seeing people there's apology

► 01:13:44

it's a no no he was a scientist who was forced into doing that like that's like he's a Nazi there's photographs of him wearing Nazi Garb hang out with Nazis he could do his rocket Factory killed you like this is these are all undeniable fact because they came over and contributed to our rocket program a human I don't have that in me I don't have that like okay it's so you're forgiven because they wanted to beat the Russians knew the Russians got a bunch of them to you know the Russians got a bunch of them for their rocket from Egyptians did the Egyptians were trying to create a delivery system to drop bombs into Israel and then Ben Gurion started having these Nazi scientists tried to have them assassin they were mailed the package bombs into Egypt and throughout Europe trying to kill these these German scientist and they were all German Nazi

► 01:14:43

rocket guys that were working for agent Egypt in Egypt wanted to go blow up Israel this is so they're still trying to find ways to kill the Jews it sounds crazy as how fucking technologically-advanced the Germans were so far ahead of us so amazing and it to this day you drive a BMW and you go below or do you my fuckers are on point Chevy Malibu right now hiring in the 80s is fucking phenomenal and if you drove a German car from the 1980s American car from the 80s like there's no comparison 1991 Porsche and it's a fucking piece of engineering that it's a Marvel of engineering is not fast like a modern car but when you compare like the build quality and how they constructed in house

► 01:15:43

put together in comparison to a fucking Dodge Daytona from 1990's a hunk of shit that's the only time you could blow it up again do you see you the way you think is different you know 13 year old child trafficking counterfeit money and will be will be in some country and I'll be walking by and I'll look at a car and be like that would make a great mom had this is how the business Works will grab some day so when you're over there in Argentina and your meeting with these people and you know that their descendants of Nazis and they'll bring out this grandfather's chest of things and War medals and all this Jazz like what is this feeling like you feel like these people got away with something and then he kind of did but these

► 01:16:43

the people that did it but those are the descendants of the people that did it and they're still worshipping those people in some way I had a lot of soul-searching trying to figure out what is the the appropriate thing what's the appropriate response what am I what am I supposed to be feeling right now and I think I'm a pretty exposed person like I'm in tune with what I feel and one of the hardest days we're in Chile and I interviewed this this man and this woman and

► 01:17:22

they're both one of them is a second-generation she was born on the Colonia dignidad at all this compound as a Nazi separated from her parents she didn't know who her parents was brought there at like age three or four but she grew up there and spend their separate for parents to her parents was her husband was a Chilean boy that was local and he heard about this new hospital that that's built by doctor mangle a and how everybody has food there and he's a porch Lane kid so he was able to get onto the the compound the locals and the Germans aren't supposed to be together so he was kind of kept separated because he was local they started testing him and

► 01:18:12

it got really violent and disgusting by the time he's a teenager he's being thrown out of out of Windows having his phone's broken being nursed back to health being set on fire be nursed back to health for like 10-15 years he finally talks his what will be his future wife and test scaping with him and they sneak out in a cheese truck because one of his friends when he was a Chilean kid grew up to be a police officer in the nearby and he's able to get a letter out to them. Please come help us and they came in to do a health inspection and they hopped inside of this Chi-Chi's truck and they got away so I'm talking to this guy and he's telling me about the things that happen to him and I'm not going to get into it I mean but they were the most horrible things that can happen to a little boy that you can imagine you know beyond rape Beyond being burnt alive Beyond being broken pump for fruit years and years and years and I'm shaking cuz I I meant I'm in Afghanistan and you know they threw some

► 01:19:12

Macedon some kids and I found those guys in the kill those guys cuz that's what you do when you when you hit her little kids you know I got a soft spot for people that can't take care of themselves like a real human isn't going to let anything weaker than ever get hurt in front of them and so I'm shaking listen to the story you know and I was like and I know I have to go back to Colonia dignidad the next day and put on like I'm a Taurus guy hosting a travel show and that's was that's always our disguise to get in there was like how you know this is a beautiful Bavarian Village you can come here that was the our little way in and I was just going to go in and destroy the whole entire place that was my plan and the guys looking at me and he's like I see your anger you know any and I was like yeah I'm going to go hurt all of them he's like no no more pain okay what's going on he looks at his wife and he goes

► 01:20:11

that she save me every time that has burnt every time I was broken it was just love that's how I got out that's why we're alive today and we're going to die of old age together with the woman that I fell in love with on this Colony the only thing that matters is love is like God damn I like you but I still like all of those people you know so it's like

► 01:20:32

show these people that were doing this to him what was what was their objective they were to understand I mean so that the same test that Josef Mengele was doing in Germany 1943 he's now doing in Chile in 1953

► 01:20:46

he just has a different population to test they're not Jews chulainn boys they're strong their Winery need less food do not like I'm using quotation marks the Cockroach Jews that you just could kill you. These were these were young strong Browns like these are there words verbatim that I'm using you know it was like yeah I want to tell you guys faces out and you'll stick soldering iron in your ear cuz you guys are so evil but then the same as them so much more and I didn't know what to do if I just want to tell him all the worst aspects of human beings is that this desire to hurt people that are weaker than you and torture them and this is just coming into contact with that and then some guy who has this most beautiful response to it that you know I love savior God I just want to die I will fuck your better human the night I never knew how to respond to these things I wanted every time I see a new SS metal or I'd see you like this

► 01:21:46

the cross they want for Valor it like crazy the equivalent of medal of honors these guys have in their parlors

► 01:21:56

Deidre Nazis you realize your grandpa is it yes yes

► 01:22:03

total prize swelling in their chest in as I can crack in the face dude how did megalodon die of old age in Brazil his journal was found on the beach in Brazil married a beautiful Brazilian girl

► 01:22:20

wow Adolf Eichmann he got snatched by the Mossad in Argentina score Senske he died of old age actually in the in 19 in the sixties the Egyptians when they're trying to build a rocket plug program to him to annihilate Israel the Mossad he did really know it for their pain him millions and millions of dollars to hold these parties for what he thought was the rise of the fourth Reich

► 01:22:56

Mercedes and Crush proof steel Kushner steel Crush steel the massive billion-dollar Corporation for the time he was hosting these Strays and talking and having other high-level Nazis that were still alive come in and he was just really being used by the Mossad to try to figure out who was facilitating this Egyptian rocket program so they just said we're putting on these parties to kind of get everybody together so they can keep tabs on everybody figure out who's who that's what the Mossad was doing he was doing it with the intent of making the 4th right yeah right in the fourth Reich so the Mossad did this and then they do once they figure out who is who cuz I like just getting killing bad people they figured out that the the the big problem with the delivery system for the Egyptians in their missile program was

► 01:23:56

the navigation system and they're trying to hire a whole bunch of these experts to come work for this program and they diplomatically I went behind the back and they got all of this really the only experts in the world they prevented them from going and traveling to and work for Egypt so they kind of diplomatically and did the the development of delivery system for their their Warheads so that's how they handled it after they poisoned some people and they sent some mail bombs they kidnapped and tortured him and killed him

► 01:24:34

Kellogg real torture not not fake torture it's amazing how few people know about the Nazi

► 01:24:44

escapees that went to South America it's it's amazing how when this this comes up it's it's relatively unknown I mean your show is done a lot to shed some light on it and I've read some articles about Nazis that escaped to South America but it's not common knowledge know it by Design

► 01:25:04

there is a

► 01:25:07

there's a shroud of Silence you you're not supposed to talk about these things the it takes a long time for me to get an interview with a guy takes a long time for building Rapport I mean we're talking like we had some pretty high-level people working with me Special Operations from every single Branch to include the CIA Army Special Forces and we are pulling out every trick in the book to try to get these people to talk to us to include driving them and the

► 01:25:39

it's hard

► 01:25:42

so they still talk about it to this day did you have to bring in german-speaking people

► 01:25:51

I mean

► 01:25:53

what can be done I mean obviously there's not the same people right there's people that benefited from the people that went down there talking about like 3rd generation removed but what could be done, the damage is done right but that's a lot of damage can be done is the ideas can die. Die Diaz of of fascism the ideas of racism those things we can kill are those ideas are there others ideas being fostered in these these Community yes

► 01:26:30

experienced it down the street I am I am a higher degree than the locals you know like I can I can go and Shop in some places that they can't I can go in and sit down and have a meal and some places that they can't I cannot be greeted on the street Good Morgan you know next to me he's not and his kid definitely can't date the the blue-eyed blond girl at the high school that's not allowed so they're basically creating colonies Nazi colonies in South America did you Google Google Colonia dignidad best corsets twin wife because he's a guy like me just on the OPP's cuz he and he's a special operations guy he was an SS he's used use a physical specimen especially for the time you like

► 01:27:30

we understand me he was he was a very early on into one of the first real Nazis like this isn't okay all of Germany's going this way the chancellor is Adolf Hitler this is where we're going I kind of just have to go along and you see some of that in the third 43-44 now it's okay we might be losing this war now it's not showing Vogue but when you got guys like 1939 that are chalking Eugenics and

► 01:28:03

higher calling for breeding and segregation early on

► 01:28:18

that is a very galliform Nazi Cults with the full title of Reform Nazi caught trying to open County tourism and where is this that's in Chile I spent a lot of time there right there

► 01:28:40

how they made a movie about it so that's current day right there

► 01:28:45

Jesus Christ that later hosen range is freaking gorgeous though it's I mean it is Shangri-La by German flag flying why they tried to hide the naughty things that had I dinner right there

► 01:29:02

I know I know that guy on the left do you really

► 01:29:06

what's up bro we talked in the Birch Butchery there is right now in Jersey Mike Simpson he is a

► 01:29:19

you are to me a sheepdog response he's a doctor use a ranger that became a Green Beret that then went to medical school and then came back to special operations for the rest of the war and he's our director frame for sheepdog response he was with me both speak Spanish when we were down there but they didn't know that he was a doctor didn't know that we spoke Spanish and they didn't know that our translator that look very Chilean also speak German perfect Ramen she translates for Porsche so they thought that they could have all these little conversations with the the stupid Harry handed Irish guy host from the tours channel that they could get away well we understood everything they're saying so one of our tour guides was formerly a nurse in the hospital that they close down and we stole one of their their little ID cards to get into that hospital and we stole a bunch of documents of them documenting them torturing little kids in the hospital the hospital none of this made the air because it sits there

► 01:30:19

litigation going on we're all of these victims of Colonia dignidad are suing the above area and what time. Are you talking about when they're torturing kids like when was as 60s to 90s

► 01:30:31

and so this is essentially Nazis in the ancestors of Nazis carrying on those practices in secret

► 01:30:41

Jesus Christ crazy with it in their ancestors and during the evolved and change and adapt and play She's a picture's worth a hundred million dollars and they bought that with Nazi money what do you do with that where does that go I don't know feelings from Jews Mouse we're talking wedding rings off of juice fingers they bought that land with that money

► 01:31:16

it's gorgeous Jesus Christ have a German Colony there Chili's been in a tough position because of the power that they have had their nobody show in the in the sixties they were at the behest of the president they were bringing in

► 01:31:41

but disagreed with the dictator and they were torturing them and they're getting that information and giving it back to the president will that went on for like 10 years and so that the Nazis were doing that for PS4

► 01:31:58

oh my God I cannot believe I was the president that he could use against his Rivals but they also had it so they know all the dirt about everybody they know who is having sex with who who has a kid with two who went to this prostitute Place who has a deal with the CIA who's working with the Venezuelans who's working with the argentinians like they have all that dirt cuz they gave it to the president they have it too so they had been Untouchable politically for you know 30-40 years because they had so much power does that so much information because they had so much dirt on every single high-ranking person in South America Discovery Channel from

► 01:32:58

been to point Africa like this year I don't even know how to shut off work while you're still serving like how do you get the freedom to do all these different things when you react to you being listed so the Army will always get with the Army wants first of all that's got to help them having you be so high profile that is it

► 01:33:23

that's why seriously we are having special forces specifically we are we are going to have the biggest deficit of eligible up a pool a population to select from cuz you have to have a certain level of intelligence certain level of physicality just to be eligible for special horse to pick from you that pool is a smallest that has ever been in history

► 01:33:47

kids are playing video games they're not eating Cheetos participation in sports I mean if you just go to HighSchool it look at a high school or now compared to 20 years ago it's a different thing really like barely getting kids past obesity 20 years ago now in high school

► 01:34:10

if you walk into a classroom at the kids are obese so you think this is just because they're sedentary because they're playing video games and fucking around online all day it's not just it's not me thinking this is us absolutely quantifiably saying we do not have enough people to to pick from that would be one of the best ways to really find out what the actual average health of viable males is right for sure the best of the best that want to test themselves I mean this is just always how it's been so we need John's reading forces we only get six or eight but that's a hundred people that go to Special Forces selection that hundred that goes they have to have a GT score they have to have to have to have scored high enough on the military entrance exams just be eligible they have to have a PT score high enough just be eligible so we can even get that hundred and then other hundred only eight or eight of them are making it so we

► 01:35:10

we're this is to answer your question how am I able to do these things is I'm in a position where I can say for the love of God please get healthy please watch your Recruiters Office and please take a test to see if you're eligible because we are just needing people like we've never needed them before Jesus Christ scary wow well that's one of the best indications mean most people don't know what people like me I'm 50 year old father taxpayer out there do much of my pay attention to what the fucking high school kids look like I don't have no idea go to like marine recruiter right now. How's your job right now fight him from taking that pain stabbing into his own eye because he just can't get somebody that isn't smoking weed somebody that can pass a PT test some of the capacity test and it's some of that can past what's it like not so fun we measure their neck and their waist

► 01:36:07

they can't even pass that so the too fat or too fast is the neck too little or too big show if you have a big neck or and a big waste this is cuz like I have a big neck right but if I'm working out of waste so that gives me my BMI in my body fat you know that they measure measurements height weight and measurement and the other you were like four things that we need for some for us to say it's harder to get the military than it is to get to College that's that's absolutely true. Regular military but special for sale regular military yes it is not easy

► 01:36:45

and then from that we only pick combat arms and then we pick the top Hunters it harder for someone to get into the military than it is to get in the College of thought it was fairly easy to get into military I'm pretty sure anybody can go to college

► 01:37:02

anybody well you can go to Community College that's college right I'm not saying it is easy to get into MIT right but anybody could have some, go to any college they want you can get it they can go to

► 01:37:18

local community college and then two years they are they can go and get into the next year of school and then from there they can get anybody could do that you can't you can't go to military if you have bad eyes you can't go to military if your diabetic turning on your job well you can still go to college if you can't go to the military if you can't run a mile or two miles in this speed and did this number of push-ups in this many sit-ups I don't think any college has that requirement so I'm just in those seven things alone we just cried we just asked out 80% of our population and do you have this there also a problem with people's attitude towards military

► 01:38:04

was young people a little bit but that. That is mostly a physical issue that is way less of an issue the perception of military is way less of an issue than us just having qualified population of viable candidates for us to pick from it's really bad we're we're we're freaking weird we are boarded line freaking out about what we're going to do so an average Special Forces Oda has

► 01:38:32

supposed at 12 guys in it right now but you're not going to find a team that has more than 10 and

► 01:38:40

we only have 70% of our teams with 10

► 01:38:46

thank God we can go to war with North Korea dropping nuclear bombs anybody because we're in a locker for qualified to have no idea about this

► 01:39:00


► 01:39:01

wow so this is my part of that one of the best ways to measure

► 01:39:06

what's wrong with the way things are living today mean that forget about whether or not they want to go and serve the the viable quality can detect it since the number of them they're even available

► 01:39:20

is the lowest it's ever been

► 01:39:24

what what about High School athletics I mean have they decreased finished really in the same rate very very similar the participation and not so you can go and play for your

► 01:39:41

the wreck time volleyball but to get onto the the varsity football team of the varsity volleyball team or the varsity track team the number of people in percentage to the so if you have a thousand people you had a hundred of them that were paid to participate in those Athletics nice way to 10% that number now is down to like five or 6% so that the overall percentage per capita of the number people participating in these Sports has been consistently decreasing to the past 20 years

► 01:40:14

20 years and twenty years is essentially when the internet became a huge thing I mean that's basically the same timeline looking at like 94-98 see obesity going like this

► 01:40:28

that food we got our jobs are getting less and less physical that the focus on what jobs people should have everybody's been go to college to become an academic so you can be this intellectual that can go and do this job and then you graduate from college with a student loan and you have no job to go to where there's this guy that needs welders but it's not potable water don't do that or to be a mechanic like all these trade jobs that are just begging and pleading for they are sometimes physical but they need people but it's not cool to do that because I want to go to Long Beach State or I don't go to UCLA or you know I don't want to go

► 01:41:09

hang out with a bunch of hot chicks at LSU you know the focus has been wrong for a while and that is evident in Special Forces selection when we don't have anybody to pick from we can select wow

► 01:41:24

why don't we hear about this is this something to trying to keep hot shot sure it has been a problem because our community motto is the quiet professionals that's our motto understand what I'm trying to do they they realize I don't shut up because I'm trying to help the regiment I'm trying but the best ways that I can the best ways that we can figure out with people way smarter than me helping me yesterday with some of the the best and brightest in the Special Operations recruiting battalion about how we're going to fix this how we going to Market how we going to develop interest and so thankfully there's more than me but we were almost

► 01:42:17

screwing ourselves over because that is what

► 01:42:22

how we Livin that's how we would do our job if you read about it on the news we failed you know if you read about Army Special Forces doing something we met we have done messed up now this is not the Navy SEALS or not writing books you know we're not talking about exploits we didn't kill Bin Laden This Is Us just doing our work and nobody's supposed to know about it but because of that we now have a huge recruiting problem

► 01:42:46

what is the what's the approach try to balance A Tout mean there is there any strategies and play we talked through a bunch trying to figure out yeah I think

► 01:43:00

just getting the word out letting people know one we have to get that population healthy so let's let's go specifically asked after athletes let's let's go to high school wrestling room and be like this at swear I heard about it but when I first heard about Army Special Forces was a guy in a really bad cut suit from probably like JCPenney Macy's walked in you know he's like hey guys you ever thought about Army Special Forces was like I don't even know what that is I like the Navy Seals is I walked away and I never saw him again but you know then 9/11 happened was like I know where I'm going going to do that have that batsuit I'll find him go or for that guy so just

► 01:43:45

we're talking about into my show hard to kill you know it's not just Army Special Forces it's Marine Recon it's the Navy Seals it's Air Force PJ's every Special Operations that has a selection process they don't have a population to pick from they don't have that body that pool of qualified applicants to select from so everybody is having the same problem so let's let's do the Top Gun thing let's show how cool it is to be an aviator another job that we don't have enough guys up we don't have enough pilots who was this the motivation behind hard to kill a joke of it and the reason why is allowed to do it like we're going to have an episode every single season we're on the Highlight some crazy badass military job doing

► 01:44:35

things that you're going to jump off a zodiac a mile from water you going to swim in to walk 4 miles of the rucksack to then go do a raid on a bomb makers house hanging off the side of a players with machine-gun you know it's just like freaking awesome but this is the job so let's show them what this job is let's show him how hard it is cuz it's hard like this is not easy stuff that these guys do and hopefully somebody will be inspired and somebody be like all right imma get off the couch so what what is hard to kill cuz I've heard of it I've heard the name but I really haven't looked into it I've tried so I tried so hard to get Discovery Channel to let you show the first bit of it they won't why not they said it's a it's a rough it's a rough cut and they want everything perfect perfect send it to me we find a job

► 01:45:27

that is inherently dangerous that people dying doing and is necessary for our way of life that's the first part we find whatever that is that that might be a guy that changes light bulbs at the top of cell towers that might be somebody was hanging off the side of the building washing windows that might be an experimental test pilot that might be someone that works on a bull ranch it might be a guy delivering antibiotics in Alaska two families that live out in the bush so it's not necessarily military jobs it's jobs in general no not one military job in this first season I thought okay have a very distorted perception of it I thought hard to kill was all about military nope just one anybody anywhere that does something necessary for our way of life and they died doing their job that's that's a show and I'm trying to highlight and I'm trying to pay homage and respect these people that nobody

► 01:46:27

things about appreciates Ryan Southwest flight or like a can I get my beverage service my peanuts in the fifties and sixties the average life expectancy of an experiment years

► 01:46:42

jelly of stories at his SR-71 Pilots that are flying at Mach 2 in the whole entire thing just disintegrates around them one of the guys was killed instantly the other guy starts falling 30000 feet in the air strapped to his chair

► 01:46:57

she can't even use a parachute he wakes up he's blacked out he can't look at his visor cuz his advisors Frozen and he's just in a Deadspin falling at 200 miles an hour and he lives how amazing she lets me know how did he live why recreate that whole entire thing what did the show what the fuck is wrong with you

► 01:47:20

how did this guy survived so she wakes up he's in a free-fall he's strapped to his chair his parachute won't deploy his visors Frozen he gets his harness off and then he goes into the box which is freefall position which kind of stabilizes price of that he knew how to do that in the first place a lot of Pilots never even practice free fall so he's Free Falling and let's remember this guy was a combat pilot in Vietnam and in Korea so I'm just this guy's been shot down before so pretty heroic fella and he's out of his harness he's in the box and deploy cetera she in the Box again how do you do it you're hot you're driving your hips down ass up a massive sprawl okay that's what it is it looks like you're driving your hips down or masses for all your arms are pushed back so are Izzy

► 01:48:20

flowing off of your body from spinning it makes you stable so they are the friction of the air off of your body makes you stop spinning in circles or tumbling over head and he because of his centerset

► 01:48:36

parachute get naturally had weight on his hips which dropped his hips down and then he just kind of stabilized coincidentally through a parachute and they landed on his record which was on fire holyshit which we recreate it for me too I got burnt pretty jacked up inside of a plane put Aviation fluid on it lock the cabinet or lock the the cockpit and then set it on fire with me inside of it why do you do this

► 01:49:06

cuz that's not even like real but you're choosing to do this but they did it they did it and they survived and you're doing to recreate it in their honor we have their there are safety measures in place where like I only got kind of got my shirt got melted in my eyes able to get out of my seat belt buckle my seatbelt melted because it melted yeah cuz the cockpit help melt had melted closed so I just tore the cockpit open but we are maybe one or two seconds away from the fire department just descending upon me to to save my life and then take me to the hospital so the motivation is

► 01:49:57

everybody I think takes for granted all of the things that we have in our life and there are some pretty heroic courageous people that risk it every single day to do these jobs to get our food to get our oil like that stuff is pumped from the center of the ocean sometimes now here's a guy diving down reading the helium and nitrogen and a few hundred feet with gases that if he cuts just one millimeter to deep easy to get sucked into pipe is a Niger the pressure you know guys are flying a plane there's no test dummy for flying a plane right some dude is going to sit inside of a plane sometime and be like what's a bucket let's see if it's so that's the whole point was we wanted to show there's hundreds and hundreds of people that do these jobs at we just don't think about in the middle of a hurricane like how is your power still on

► 01:50:57

there's somebody out there trying to fix it your the middle of a blizzard and just feet and feet of snow or descending on the power lines and you think they're just staying up there no man there's somebody hanging off the side of that Tower that's -20 outside and he's trying to fix that stuff so you show your heater stays on so you don't freeze are you going to get one of those planes that flies into hurricanes we do the dumbest stuff

► 01:51:23

are you going to do that you are how about putting me at the bottom of a of a mountain and setting off an avalanche

► 01:51:31

what are you going to do that to helicopter and the Arctic Ocean and going crash it into the ocean and thence make me swim to an iceberg and live on Iceberg did you do that yeah I did that somebody else did too cool to count what I had to do once I got to the iceberg I had to get my I have like these tasks that I had to do for them to come and get me so what's the helicopter went under water and I had to swim down into the helicopter in the water was 33° and then I just want to think about it a few hundred meters is 33 degree water in about 30 minutes total time and is 33 degree water fortunately was able to bounce some ideas off of Kyle Kingsbury in and went off and Munch guys from on it cuz they are pretty in that cold weather stuff called

► 01:52:24

what is what is Kyle know about swimming in the ocean knows about extreme temperature the contrast showers and the heart rate breathing and so I was just trying to experiment with a bunch of it before I went did the episode to make sure I didn't die how much time can you spend in that water thought it was only like a few minutes that's they said and I wanted to see how long I could do it

► 01:52:51

so what's I lost small motor function so I couldn't move my hands I can still swim so then once I could my arms went next but I could still kind of do the the eggbeater kick from swimming in water polo and that lasted about another eight or nine minutes and then it was kind of like I just trying to keep my head above water and then they sent to the rescue diver and pulled me out back do. It took me four hours

► 01:53:19

to get moving to to be able to move again for hours

► 01:53:24

educate to get warm you back up either

► 01:53:28

should they like they put you to sleep by with no heater and no you have to very slowly as you can go to shock if you warm up too fast of Jesus

► 01:53:38

man I should have it

► 01:53:40

should have golfer it wouldn't worked Tiger Woods board

► 01:53:52

so there's some a bush pilot and Alaskan Bush pilot that deliver food to these people living out in the middle of nowhere in Alaska and he's flying an engine stops that sucks so it auto rotation is they still have a little bit of Lyft from just the friction to the blade so they they kind of control because the the blades are still kinda like Rutter's do you talking about a helicopter helicopter so they can somewhat control their descent so he finds an iceberg is I go I'll go crash by the iceberg to go scratch isn't by the hour near the iceberg and the has helicopter submerging and he dives into this emerging helicopter to get his Survival equipment and then he swims over to the iceberg and he sets his kind of like shelter up and then he has to fight off polar bears for a couple of days

► 01:54:46

cute lips this dude survives and heat he was like the source for our Bush pilot episode was this one guy put there's hundreds and hundreds of stories of these guys crashing all the time so we just try to figure out what the job is why it's hard why it's dangerous and then what is the worst case scenario what is the worst day on the job and let's see what that's like how do you find out the polar bears he he had a raft like the his flotation raft and it was an inverted which he had turn into like a small igloo and you could hear the Bears starting to like come up to and it doesn't get dark there depending on the time of year she only had like one or two hours of Darkness I'm so we could still kind of see and you could see the Bears coming so he's sitting inside to 220 super Stihl and they can just smell that something was off to try to figure out what it was then it would stand up with his raft on a shoulders

► 01:55:44

I love banging on the big plastic you rafting and if they could figure out what it was just 12 x 12 wrapped rising and running at them and with lots of noise and that's and he was able to scare me away I think three times before he was finally rescued oh my God I don't have those balls you would if you were there are you do whatever you have to do I don't know if you were there polar bears scare me they scare the shit out of me that's all they do anything that moves largest carnivore on the planet that video where they to die from BBC and they put them in a big giant glass box like a plexiglass box and put him out into the Arctic and polar bear came up was trying to bite through the box and figure out how to get him so he's inside the Box filming it and it's think it's smell them and it's just opening its mouth is as big as this fucking ask that's when you really

► 01:56:44

perspective of how large pieces are and is trying to bite into this box here it is here's a guy so the thing comes up to him I mean hey this is the Klondike bar thing this is a guy likes Coca-Cola giant super predator and its trying to figure out how to get a smart to Xbox from all angles

► 01:57:14

that box was smelled like shit for me if if I were there right now that's all you can smell that box it

► 01:57:22

it's such a strange task me I don't know there's a boat behind them I guess so that the dude with me with a travel iser hopefully rifle yeah trying to figure out how to get them

► 01:57:37

it's a it's a very disturbing video and it went on for a little while to think left and came back and left and came back and finally got him out of there fuck that crazy animal I did I'm also going to try to scare him off that way the the Discovery Channel this is the most expensive insured show that ever done

► 01:58:15

we we we no shit took explosives TNT through them from the side of the helicopter to cause avalanches

► 01:58:25

that I'm in and so do you have one of those inflatable suits that keeps you from getting completely compressed and we tried that one time. I definitely use that and I think that saved me what time it kept me up on top so those things don't keep you from being compressed it keeps you on top it's like it's like a flotation device a life preserver for the snow so give you more surface area friction which Rises you cuz I feel like when you have a a big jar of Pebbles and Shake on the biggest ones go to the top of the biggest Pebble to raise you to the top of the huge friction show cuz most people they actually died of traumatic injuries during the Avalanche not from a fixie ation even though when they finally put me in the Avalanche I was I was inside of the snow for 30 minutes that was the amount of time that the network would let us would let me see if I can survive and had a button if I clicked

► 01:59:25

every minute on the bottom of the minute they would leave me in there for another minute

► 01:59:30

Tri-State in 429 59 and so as soon as it's over 30 they're like that's it that's all the time we allow wow what was it like in there for the really cold is super cold it was dark and it's hard to figure out which way was up so I figure out which way was up cuz I was able to like I took my snowboarding goggles I put them over my mouth so the snow in southern Italy have a little bit of a cup few breaths of air because what happens if you get a ice seal around your face from you it's hailing not seen it so that you have this Cocoon of no fresh air coming in so I was able to unlock my hand inside of my helmet and I held my goggles over my mouth child have a little bit of are so then I was able to take that off and get over my son and I have a little bit of are here there's like moving snow with my pin hand to but then I saw a dripper

► 02:00:30

water drip off of my glasses at a 45 degree angle to my left that's like the best thing for my brain to know which way up was that was the only way you can tell you're wait-listed snow that's a crazy feeling like you don't know where up is

► 02:00:49

so I could be your feet good absolutely

► 02:00:52

you wouldn't even know so I just gravity watching that drop of water drip off of my snow goggles and a piece for my brain what if it went up I would I would have pissed myself what if you like spitting assault go off your own oh oh no I got to go that way and so there's this is not a controlled Avalanche they just do just actually starting an avalanche

► 02:01:22

how many days episode you planning on doing Tim I mean can we stop now I think we got a bunch of people that the world needs to know about that that we take for granted how we get our food how we get our gas how we get our. I think I got a bunch of special forces recruiting slots I need to fill and this is the way to do it yourself every week I almost only died three times in this in this first season

► 02:01:53

and if somebody's like that's a cool job or with the only way to Tim there are sometimes where you're watching me inside of a cockpit that's on fire in the only way I got out is because I'm a Savage like I'm just a beast as I got my I don't feel like getting burnt alive today so I tear the cockpit open I think somebody at some point to draw the conclusion that I was able to do that because of physicality that if you're a fat person sitting inside of their you would be burnt alive and maybe they get off the couch and they go do something maybe they always a good way I'll take it was just for the show Jesus Christ

► 02:02:37

you're an unusual human

► 02:02:40

it's fun though and how many episodes are you done with finish 6 and you going to that is that the entire season comes out in July so 50% of the time you almost died that's a gross math rounding around okay so there's the water one we almost froze to death yet. Definitely and then the Avalanche won while you lasted 30 minutes what was the other one like

► 02:03:18

how to pull Fighter 4 episodes out dude and not a bull rider cuz they're insane but the bullfighter is a guy that's on the ground so the bullfighter gets thrown he's The Bodyguard for the bull rider his only job is to take the hit so the bull rider doesn't get trampled to death because the moment the bull rider comes off the Bulls back the bulls turning around to crush whatever was on its back and that's where the bullfighter runs in to save him and the PBR professional bull riding Association those guys are the most selfless courageous guys trying to protect those bullfighters bull riders so I trained for a while and I was went to the biggest rodeo in the nation and was bullfighter and I mean this isn't one of those shows where people don't get hurt

► 02:04:15

like you see the inside of my body you see people get really really really jacked up and go to the hospital and I can see how long is that guy going to live this is that type of show cuz there's no other way to do it the only thing the only direction we had for Discovery was dope fake anything that's a great Direction that's right direction

► 02:04:43

buy I got owned which is simulating cuz you're not really smart animals and your fast over there the follow me on any social media platform to stay in school become engineers Architects accountants or anything that doesn't lead to permanent brain damage or need of an orthopedic surgeon

► 02:05:06

it's you legs up and a bowl and watch a week

► 02:05:16

so this is when you are trying to distractible what kind of techniques to use

► 02:05:23

football running backs. Just do the thing is you actually have to sell that body movement so that your weight half your weight has to shift far enough where the bowl is going to really believe that you're going to go to that Direction I Wish Bulls were show

► 02:05:44

I wish they're dumber than they are cuz they're not cuz if you fake them wants One Direction they won't take it the next time you try to fake to the right they'll already start going running two laps then you fix the right to go back to the last he like oh no I have done an itch at that moment that Tim realized he had fucked up

► 02:06:07

and so when you get launched in the air by a bowl it's it's it's weird because it's it's weightless you know it's just a second and you are completely inverted no control over where your body is going because you didn't generate the energy but the other part of you with other part of your brain is knowing that that bowl is going to try to turn as fast as it can and get you when you land on the ground cuz that's what it's really good is when you're down you know

► 02:06:39

so you're trying to keep track where this bull is while you're hurtling through the air like I don't break my neck you know hopefully I'm not close enough to the fence works the fence doesn't move the fence is Metal Gear the ground is pretty soft I'd rather be laying on the ground then laying on the fence

► 02:06:58

the best mess you up so that's

► 02:07:03

and how'd you get away from the ball

► 02:07:06

an athlete's not sure if you know that

► 02:07:09

just athleticism that I take saved my life every single time because I suck at the end of the show people are going to look at this and b12 is an idiot to everybody that does this job these jobs has the biggest balls and our show badass hopefully that's what they're going to get cuz this isn't like a Tim Kennedy look who show this is that guy's an idiot and everybody else is pretty

► 02:07:48

oh my God oh my God look at that picture notice that's a different Bowl so you did this more than once so this this bull is he's got his feet up in the air and his head is inches from you and it's about to collide with you and there's no fucking way you got away in this situation is no way that things way too close what is it like to just get launched a 2000 pound fucking meet vehicle it's it's it's the other things that I

► 02:08:26


► 02:08:29

would it be like a commercial fishery commercial fisherman is an episode of Deadliest Catch that do these jobs I think they really big big loss over how hard that job is there on this decks for 14 15 hours working that pole to that pool to put out a net to next and then they go in and the net is out and they have 45 minutes to sleep before they have to pull the net back in and they do that for 28 days so they didn't like so then slowly they're there their cognitive abilities is starting to diminish and their physical capability is starting to diminish and so everything is within their own a platform that is in 10-12 waves that slippery and the water is 38°

► 02:09:23

show everything about what they're doing is setting them up to die so that again those are great shows I love it Deadliest Catch and there's a there's a handful there shows now

► 02:09:38

but I don't think it has ever gotten close enough to a showing bit I did that job for one day and I just need a break dude I don't think there's any way you could really accurately portrayed unless you did a 12-hour show and showed you and then multiple 12-hour show I mean if they did a live stream of you that would be the way to do it right like your satellite feed somehow have an internet connection showing you fishing for 12 cicadas TuneIn here's Tim still fishing I want to go to sleep I wake up 8 hours later get coffee get breakfast we check out Tim Tim still awake one wrong step one wrong. And you got to count on these other guys they're all so exhausted if one second that you have one second to realize where that person went if he's in the water one second and he's on you know fuck

► 02:10:29

and 38 degree water with 12 and 12 foot swells and you've been out for 20 days and what kind of fish will you catching their there I think we're pulling scallops those were scabs just pushing off like we aren't even use any of those where is pushing the back of the ocean but Eliza still a little stingrays sometimes that's all to the bucket to my left that's all the the fish that we had picked and this is The Leftovers well that's an inefficient process

► 02:11:03

that's crazy so all those things die so you know those are all light up bucket other still alive

► 02:11:11

have some what's in the bucket there that scallops clams and you don't want it

► 02:11:28

that's bizarre. Seconds after this photo was taken I took a step that I stepped on one of those things she had the kind of match when they're facing down or now in their belly up when they're white but when they're brown and fishing down it's the same color as the rust the deck and I stepped on one that I thought was the deck and in my in my right hand right now that is a it's a pike is a spike with a with a nail sticking out the end of it that you that's what you used too short and I step on this thing and I fly I mean my mind I swear my feet were all the way up to the top of that wall 5 5 feet up in the air just inverted flying through the air with 12 foot swells in the sea and Spike 2 feet 3 feet from the edge and about Jesus Christ these guys do it all

► 02:12:21

day-long you know I hope you like to that fish that you walk the supermarket plug out a Whole Foods you know freaking Wildcat we have a real problem with a disconnect from things like that disconnect from food disconnect from how difficult these jobs are where's the fucken power I was out there with the society right now is everybody just take it for granted everything about their lives easier they went fast they want a quick but I went to go get in Spanish weather going to grocery store and get nothing that's on sale that's why they weren't there getting mad at guys like you that go and talk about hunting cuz they just want the easy solution and there isn't an easy solution that's the right solution usually it's the hard way usually you know there can be a smart way and the smart way sometimes it's the hard way but

► 02:13:21

everybody wants this quick fix everybody wants to take a pill and they feel better better that's not how it works you know like you can't finish suffering from depression and tell him I feel better now that might be a portion of the solution how about you lose 10% body fat how are you get off the couch how about you go make out with your wife how do you go down on her for a couple hours you're a bunch of orgasms that have sex with her and then go to the gym promise you can feel better after that you know instead I was going to do easy solution and just doesn't work so I think for me to show his hopefully an opportunity to give people

► 02:14:05

it's not that easy made a weird Society we made a society we were nerfed all the hard edges and we're trying to make it safer and safer every day and there's some things that just they just messy they're not going to be safe and it's making us weaker we end up with tough times the tough times make hard men that are hard men make good times than Good Times make weak men than weak men thinks you know in this cycle just keeps going and right now we have weak get what you just don't know how to say men are some men out there like I don't even know if we're allowed like I just driving by saw the Girl Scouts office is one block away and your neighbors that have no security cameras right back behind fries with their back door lodged open with all of that right here and look but more partly the Girl Scouts which isn't even a thing anymore now it's

► 02:15:05

the scouts there's no Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts there's just the scouts and in a week members of the Boy Scouts have left because you can't have just Boy Scouts Scouts is that what's going on now is that how they're doing it and Scouts that sounds like a good idea if you feel that's for sure things

► 02:15:36

but I don't know how I feel about

► 02:15:41

I think women in military to be able to go anywhere right to include Special Operations if they meet the standard but

► 02:15:48

will you have a girl present it changes men act differently. And it changes the chemistry of the team and when when you're trying to raise men when you're trying to rear boys and have them becoming men and you're doing these you know you're taking them horseback riding or you're teaching them knots or your show them how to set up a tent or how to purify water that there's a girl there

► 02:16:15

the focus isn't on tie that Boland the focus isn't on is Christina watching the time I bowling Brian and well that's good and bad it's bad if you're trying to have an opportunity to to nurture

► 02:16:31

elements that are very beautifully separate equally for girls like can we teach Christine about bowling absolutely beautiful do everything that every one of these boys should be doing I believe so yes but if there's a boy in that mix changes things to change yeah that's why I've always been supportive of all girl gyms my fucking gym when no one's trying to bang them a hundred percent mean is a lot of women who want to be able to go to the gym and not have somebody and stare their ass with a doing squats but all boys gems get squirrely this last weekend which one should I go or not

► 02:17:16

if those were to start the end of the end between the fourth and fifth round when Raquel Pennington one said I went out and her team said no

► 02:17:28

that it would have been different if it was two male Fighters I think it would have been to go to bed as well one

► 02:17:37

I believe that had her team let her out she wouldn't regret it the rest of her life the failure didn't happen by her team there in between the 4th and the 5th round it happened in preparation getting her ready for that cuz I think

► 02:17:54

got those words will never be uttered out of my mouth in the middle of the fight it would be my team begging and pleading for them to end the fight I don't know if there was a route for her to win that fight there was a path to victory for her I don't think there was and I think she felt that but

► 02:18:17

I think the journalist the Emily media attacked her coaches unfairly one because she's a girl I think that played a part in it every was like oh my gosh this girl fight between four and five she's just a fighter first of all and her coaches know her better than anybody I'm not defending what they did or attacking them but I'm saying is you're not on either side of that fence and you've never had your feet on that canvas and felt the fury in pain of defeat in the sweetness of success and the worst thing ever is regret and I have you feel like she would have regretted even though I absolutely agree that there was no path to Victory I think Amanda Nunez was she was surging she was destroying her her nose was shattered she's getting beaten down and she didn't have anything left to right so she's like I want out now Big John McCarthy and I talked about this yesterday and he feels that his that that the corner did a a big disservice to her by letter

► 02:19:17

her take a beating in that fifth round that every fight take something out of you and some pie take more out of you and then there comes a point in time where there is a Tipping Point and it could have been the Tipping Point round that she might not ever be the same again and he was saying that you know you've got to understand the only have a certain amount of holes you can punch in your ticket and if she especially talk about someone is it at tickets off the tickets a fight card right that's the tickets yes it's it's not she's not she's not a janitor again or be beaten down so badly in that fight that she's never the same physically or if you look at the Robbie Lawler's last fight with a Hotmail dos anjos he didn't really look like the Robbie Lawler of old now could that be because of Dos anjos very well could have been dos anjos is a beast or business to tell him when he's done

► 02:20:17

it's not our business time was done it's just ticket but it's his ticket what if he wants to quit could I says if he says he wants out like she said she wanted out like there was a certain times in a fight with someone says they want like here's a good example do you remember Jeremy McLellan when the fat Nigel Benn yeah this is the fight that put him into this catatonic State and bleeding on the brain people criticizing him cuz he took people are saying like that the commentators say what are you doing why is he doing this while he fucking knew something was wrong and he took a knee and then blacked out and then eventually it bleeding on the brain like Gerald McClellan was a beast Amanda world champion boxer but he knew something was wrong now if Raquel Pennington had said I want out and her coach said no go back in there and then she goes back in there and collapses and it's bleeding in the brain and whines up in the same state of Gerald McClellan then people would be going crazy

► 02:21:12

I know your point because that's the kind of fighter you are at so kind of proud of you were you are a die on your sword guy that's that's what you always did and you had some fucking amazing fight because of that attitude and that never quit mentality where you were in there to win or die trying so scared that regret though I understand it you know I don't know if all the things that I have to do I have

► 02:21:41

mentally checking out the NWO Romero fight I regret that to the day I die that I didn't stick cuz I'm looking at Dana anticipating my money and I'm already looking at me like you know you're going to pay me for this one this is one hell of a fight right thinking about me to destroy Michael bisbing I already left the nags at me I can't even imagine what the regret would be like for me not to go out all this all I call my

► 02:22:08

aposematic stress ball the things that nag at me to things that I didn't do and it's the regrettes but don't those things would make you better the realization of the mistakes you made those are the lessons and that's what makes you a stronger person you don't you don't get stronger by doing the right thing every single time part of getting stronger is by fucking up and having this horrible feeling that you fucked up and realize you never want to feel that again yep yes that's how muscle and that's how our brain works is you you damage it and it comes back stronger that's how the human condition is 2 degree but

► 02:22:48

I got to hurry to failure the rush to failure or

► 02:22:52

yeah that's how you get better but I want that that point where I'm going to fail to be so unattainable and so hard to reach we're if I ever reach that point of failure and I I mean I every time I go to the gym and I'm trying it on it and I won't you come and hang out with us one day if you ever make it back to Austin and we try and find a quitter in each other every single time that we train every time that's what we say when I work out cold find a quitter and we have we have guys professional athletes from all sorts of sports come in and join us and they they will quit in the middle of in the middle of one of our district and conditioning workouts and it's because my little group Shane Juan myself we are looking for that failure and it's getting so hard to find

► 02:23:38

just like shooting I'm looking for that Miss cuz that misses an opportunity. Going to get better I'm looking at that that that rep that I just can't get over that 5:30 mile one more time your cuz that's going to be the opportunity for growth so I agree with you but it also has to be hard to reach cuz failure should never be easy so you think her being able to say I want out if she still had enough left to keep going I don't know I think only her and her Corner are going to know that I would say I would say that I agree with you except I have so much respect for her and I think she's one of the toughest girls in MMA people and she's a fucking animal Raquel Pennington she really is top I'm a big fan of hers when someone like her says I'm out I'm done I just think she's beaten down so badly that she doesn't physically have the ability to fight anymore and then she went out and proved that in the fifth round and took a ferocious beating but she agrees with you she agrees with her coaches she agreed she say

► 02:24:38

it's now after the fact that our coaches were right and that she had hit this moment of weakness if I sit on a stool in my coat and I told my coaches

► 02:24:47

I want out now I got great jackson-winkeljohn Nick palmisciano all sitting there and they let me out I would hate them forever

► 02:24:59

I would I would regret my decision and I'll be mad at them forever and they're there their they're some of my best friends now right after you said that you collapsed and they took you to the hospital and they had to open up your skull to alleviate pressure on your brain cuz you were bleeding internally and your legs stopped working and you're in a wheelchair Electro McClellan trying to relive the past through distant foggy memories

► 02:25:25

that would be less than ideal are sure I understand what you're saying is like the balance of the physical limitations of the human body and then the limitations of the mind and the minds willing is to find a way out which brings me to the one thing that I wanted to get you before we leave this is water board and this is this is something that came up because you were defending what is a gale Gina Gina what is the name hospital hospital and she is the the person that was being appointed by to leave the CIA and there was a bunch of people were saying that she shouldn't be because she advocated torture and you to defend her

► 02:26:05

decided to get waterboarded that have been talking about this for the past hour and a half out the slow erosion of of The Human Condition asking softer and us getting weaker and us getting morphine the edges and finding the easy outs and easy solution the conversation of middle-ground finding a way that we can communicate with people and have a discussion which we've been having this discussion for the past 90 minutes and that are seen what something is but they don't know what that is man I know what torture is I've seen it and Africa I've seen in South America in the Middle East I've seen it on almost pushing 20 trips overseas in the military capacity

► 02:26:59

a handful of combat deployments from looking for poachers human traffickers drug cartel

► 02:27:07

piracy the things that I have done like you were talked about knowing intimately or torture is I fucking know what torture is

► 02:27:16

pouring water on somebody's face is not torture if you starve them if you beat them if you isolate them if they're there for the only thing we can start adding things onto it was the most irritating was everybody's just thrown out the let's talk about morality and this woman is immoral to be in this position I remember people jumping to their deaths on 911 because they didn't get burnt alive right and then I saw a guy on his knees and have his throat slit open by somebody pulling his hair back and sliding at night across the throat that was one of the guys that she interrogated sent you wrongs make a right but she interrogated them to get a question to get questions out of them to try to save more Americans the intent was to try to save more lives

► 02:28:05

the show came off it's not that bad

► 02:28:08

then why did it work and this is why this is what nobody understands because they can't understand the difference between the easy way or the hard way is because these people that we were waterboarding are cowards they were pushes their impotent little bullies their whole entire lives if I put you on that water board I can water board you for days you have your moral convictions and you would never change did you bleed and what's right and wrong and that's a great and beautiful thing they're not you they are pieces of shit that that throw acid on little girls that fly planes into buildings because it's capitalist that that's who these people are there that they're only tough when they're surrounded by 60-70 other of their friends but you take one of them away from that and you put them in a in a position where the powerless and that's what waterboarding is the powerless and they gave the coward seconds

► 02:29:04

but I don't need to drive a nail through their hands I don't need to pull their teeth out I don't take a drill bit and drive it through their fingernails that's torture This Is Us pouring water on a coward's face and they freak out and people can't understand that because they can't understand what these people are

► 02:29:21

they're animals

► 02:29:24

these aren't beautiful religious people that are trying to do the best thing for the families these people were the worst of our kind of these were the Nazis of the 1940s but this is the current version of it in the these radical Fanatics they're doing anything for any reason to hurt anybody so they can feel better about themselves and you take them out that power you take them out of that control you take them out of that opportunity where they can beat a bully and they're just Shadows of themselves and then they give you everything that you need and what you need is an opportunity to save more lives with us to this two things that were discussed about this one that your situation that you were in was not in any way similar to the situation they were in because you were doing it with your friends you knew you were going to be okay you willingly did this that. The whole process was very controlled you you weren't being held by people spoke a different language in a country that hates

► 02:30:24

it's it's a situation where you knew you were safe so you could relax yourself and calm down and tolerate it to the point where you knew that you you would be okay the other side the other side is

► 02:30:39

if torture Works isn't that the best form of torture

► 02:30:44

you're going to be okay I mean if this is torture does work and I don't know if torture works I've never been torture never been around torture and I know there's a debate bolts in both Weight Watcher doesn't work he doesn't work doesn't work so that's not torture so you think you feel like that works but torture doesn't it so I think maybe we're arguing about vernacular and verbs and forcing someone to do something they don't want to do your freaking them out you're doing something physical to them

► 02:31:13

show I think we just have to Define torture if it's if it's me doing something to somebody that makes them uncomfortable is torture I mean me asking a question is somebody in an interrogation room. LAPD to be torture the word maybe the problem is defining the word your I mean naked in the car that enhanced irrigation techniques when if you're trying to get information out of someone that would save American lives it seems to me that I may be ignorant but waterboarding seems to me to be one of the most humane way to do it. You're not going to do any permanent damage the person it's not like what they did a John McCain when he was a prisoner Vietnam disturb the shit out of me when that guy was on Fox News and he called him Songbird McCain because he was it was saying that you know terrorism with a torch a rather work

► 02:32:13

hurricane like a How Could You stoop like that I mean how could you do that mean you you know what that guy's been through to humiliate him and humiliate Yourself by by by taking that position on television like that was so disappointing

► 02:32:28

about usable information or questioning and if you cross that threshold of torture where you are doing damage physical damage where they'll tell you anything that's usable information you know dating her producer for 7 years and secretly like I can eat anything but he's going to make it stop that's not what was happening here and and when we start talking about morality if they're saying keep this is a moral act and then make me and all of my friend stabbed on all sorts of terrible things are we know immoral people because we did it in the interest of protecting our country and serving our country and and providing protection for our freedoms and those are cliche phrases that that people grab on to it I don't want to but by extension throwing and lobbying those accusations

► 02:33:28

extend to to me and to to the things that I've done and I think I'm a very moral person and I try to be

► 02:33:36

a good person in every way I can imagine I'm not perfect I'm not but I try and the politics of bleeding over and misusing words manipulating everything just fits your agenda but nobody's in the middle of ground nobody's a green and nobody has the best interest at heart and that's the people like the best interest should always be serving the people and none of them were doing that they only care about what is going to get reelected or was going to give them more power with getting more money from the lobby or what's going to give them more clout for the next vote what's going to give a little hand out from the presidential what happened on the Beltway that's what the example of that in the most

► 02:34:21

horrible of ways because it came down to a human lives it came down to somebody that did serving our country since the 80s in the best way that she knew how in the ways that were legal for her to do it and everybody else just manipulating The Narrative to fit their agenda when I'm just sitting here being like how about the people and how about Freedom who's fighting for us is or are you guys just going to keep bickering about this so me strapped shopping myself to that board I'll tell you a charter do it easy it's ale they're strapped and have somebody put water on your face do it's hard when I get to Steven Crowder

► 02:34:57

watch his hands where did reach up and pull the he couldn't have he couldn't take it he would hold it right off his face so many times I pulled the rag off my face that once right every single time it snowed up or longer there'll use the hose use a bucket right now you're a tattoo I need you and I hate know I need CIA interrogation friends right and I'm sitting there willingly with my hands with the sensation of me drowning is that water is running in my sinuses showing that was intentional by understand people like he was safe he wasn't even tied down I did that to demonstrate how a man of resolve can do it effortlessly and how it's not torture

► 02:35:40

because I could willingly lay there with my hands-free to pull the rag off at any juncture I did it I just sat there and ask for more I understand that but I also understand the position that people take where they say you knew you were safe and so this is why you had that resolve you or you're not in enemy soil being interrogated by ISIS being strapped down by them where you didn't know who was next if you think Rachel Maddow MSNBC cuz we agree on so much she's going to bring in 5 CIA interrogators and live you're in control of nothing

► 02:36:19

do you think the result would be any difference not the same because you're on a television show and you're still your Americans going to do this to you you have been captured you're not an enemy soil you're not you're not going how far did on how far do we have to go but the person who's really captured is really capture it's not a game it's like if you get choked out in the street you can't tap out right if you get a physical fight to the death of someone and they take your back you can't tap out right in in this situation you know you can tap out you know that even if it's CIA interrogating you and they're yelling at you there's a part of your brain that knows I'm on Rachel Maddow Show they don't kill soldiers on Rachel Maddow Show this is true. So I don't know how I could have better at Illustrated fantastic job I think the problem lies and it's impossible to really recreate it without you being an actual prisoner of war

► 02:37:14

do what we do

► 02:37:18

reverse the roles were talking about snatching these guys from their bomb-making facility in which kingdom to Abu ghraib and and pouring water on their face what happens to me and my friends were captured

► 02:37:31

are we waterboarded know know know what they do to us makes what we do to them right now I'm saying is it's better I'm saying it is better if it is torture you want to use the word torture like we'd use the word drugs ride drugs are coffee and it's also heroin right there all drugs caffeine is a drug right torture if you just going to say torture I'll take that tortured everyday cuz he even if it sucks to live slowly carefully methodically

► 02:38:07

painfully murdered and that's my only option there there is never any other option if I got captured there's no moral equivalency I think we can both agree there's no I mean but between us and them there's not but here's the thing McCain himself said that she shouldn't be appointed because she willingly participated in torture he said that the what did you think about that I've one respect his opinion I think that he has done whether we agree on things are is irrelevant his his resume speaks for itself and I think there's two people could speak to torture better than him as well so him coming from that position and and saying that she isn't eligible to serve

► 02:38:56

is very powerful statement I also feel that I'm pretty intimately familiar with torture and that I understand the full spectrum of of what was so we can do selflessly for their country and selfless selfishly for their own satisfaction is a psychopath like zarc Howie's enforcer that would go around and kill people in front of their own family members had carried around that battery-powered drill and I saw that attract him so

► 02:39:28

I also know that when she was doing all of these things for her whole entire career one they were you have to look at the context of the time and what was happening and what she did every single one of those things they were authorized techniques they were encouraged they were successful and some degrees to some degree and so she was trying to do the best that she could in the with the sudden some cases limitation that she had and I think that is a trait that I want and somebody leave in the CIA that is that they're going to do the best they can with what they have and what they're allowed to do and

► 02:40:12

I like that. I realize that but this isn't someone is talking about this in the you know the comfort of a boardroom this is someone is dealing with it in time of war and you dealing with some of the most horrible people that we've ever experienced it and making these videos of cutting journalist heads off and in the setting them to their families me and this is this is this is really what we were experiencing when people were deciding to use these enhanced interrogation techniques this is what they were up against this isn't something you can discuss in a classroom and and get a full sense of the tone and what was happening in these people's lives 9/11 was the tip of the iceberg when that happened there there were hundreds of other plans to do similar things with that one was too successful they had been trying others and they have tried other sense whether it's a shoe bomb whether it's a pair of strain weather at the San Bernardino bombing whether it's a

► 02:41:12

a garbage truck in France you know or London Bridge it's any any they have consistently been trying to do that and duplicate and replicate that the reason that hasn't happened again to that scale to that level is because of the uncompromising selflessness of Heroes trying to protect Americans now I don't want to go into what is the greater good care we lose your morality, that's the rabbit hole that we can talk about forever but I just want to preserve life why do you think that concept is so hard for people to grasp the concept that the reason why this hasn't happened more often is because of these people doing the hard work

► 02:42:02

why is that so hard for people to understand and appreciate the people look at her post when I don't have a shirt on everybody says Ben 10 11 being off you Sada I've looked the same since I was 19 years old I look exactly like this with the same eight pack with the same muscle definition since I was an eighteen-year-old kid I don't even know how many times I've been tested from the military for you shot at you different events I've been clean my whole entire career but nobody can in their mind they can't understand

► 02:42:42

to get from here to there is hard work. Ask me an easier way it has to be steroids or have to be to be that it's the same way they're protecting their safe but they can't grasp the idea of the hard work that it took to keep them there I don't even think the thinking that deeply into it I think they're just talking shit I think people see you you look jacked the same lack of consideration of what it took for us for us currently to be safe and what still takes for us to be safe

► 02:43:17

that's that's the departure that's that's the break in in in in the thought processes they just want the easiest way and they don't want to even believe that this hard way is the way that actually has happened what is the alternative what's what's the alternative suggestion in instead of enhanced interrogation techniques waterboarding instead of letting the CIA do what it's done up until now what is the alternative uses anybody offered in you know in response that like instead of doing it that way do it this way now we're just leaving them and nothing we're leaving them all the great for how long

► 02:43:54


► 02:43:56

yeah it's it's like a Perpetual Purgatory fraternity

► 02:44:03

not that there is no other solution nobody's presented when they're just complaining about the options that exactly but that's the point I said there's no one said that the CIA has done a terrible job this is the way to do it right there just don't torture people with bullets should you know hit him with rubber bats don't hit him with you know what are they saying if they do you think part of the problem is the vast majority of the population will never truly understand combat the never truly understand what people are capable of in the worst case scenario. I hope so I hope that 99% of the population never has to see any of the things that we've seen otherwise I failed do you think that maybe it wouldn't be the worst idea in the world to force people to have some sort of mandatory service whether it's mandatory service in the Coast Guard or whether it

► 02:45:03

the Peace Corps or whether it's the military to some service of your country for a predetermined. Of time like they do an Israelite to do in South Korea like to do in several other countries I would love to think that that would fix things or at least give people an understanding of what's required like send people to Afghanistan for 6 months let people understand like holy shit like goddamn Kansas pretty fucking bad no I understand that the world is not San Francisco there are dark places and you could see that on CNN all you want look at it on rt2 can smell it until you live it until we have to take these pills every single day which would give me the shitz or otherwise I get malaria are they are all these people walking around are they taking these pills they're not

► 02:46:03

that way I'm going to eat that goat and I have to pull the pieces of hair out of my own house. That's the reality for the majority of the world it's I would love for somebody to force everybody to have a taste of hard work but everybody wants something free right they got want the government to do many things for them to provide services and do things over the government is essentially just a group of us a group of versions of us don't want anybody telling me I have to go do something I don't want anybody telling me I have to go surf somewhere but I don't think it's the worst option to get people if we really hit a pivotal point where people have such a complete lack of appreciation and understanding what it takes to make the world work correctly that might be one of the only viable Solutions is some sort of mandatory service for some agreed upon. Of time should always and only be

► 02:47:03

Frontier agree with you but serving your country for two years working on the border working in a homeless shelter humanitarian Aid working in a hospital in all the different things we could do with all of these people that would have their eyes opened sure they're sold their bodies Our Minds all of it yeah I just being forced to understand that there's a lot of messy work that's required to make this thing work correctly and we all benefit from it but a lot of us benefit from it and just sit at home and play video games and eat Cheetos and do nothing and you still complain about Mexicans sneaking in fucking crazy

► 02:47:52

whether it's like success or food good looks beautiful girlfriend beautiful boyfriend all of that is always just on the far side of hard work

► 02:48:05

Domino's some things are never going to get a hot check cuz do you work all day out there has always been everything I've ever had everything I've ever gained everything every

► 02:48:22

bits of who I am has always been on the far side of hard work

► 02:48:28

bites Armstrong and I were talking and arguing about 4 missing drugs know I bought for her to World titles and I lost two World titles know you want seven and but he's in the dirtiest of Dirty Sports I mean it doesn't Tim Kennedy and World Champion better and yeah it does it does but I would have lost everything because everything I've ever had has been from hardworking that would have been easy

► 02:49:02

is he trying to justify his own existence tell me what's happening there and also it's a different sport you know it's a different thing between no one gets hurt if you take EPO and you run your bike faster it doesn't no one gets hurt if you are on something it allows you to beat someone's brains in better and you walk away from a title knowing that you cheated but the guy you beat was natural that to a guy like you is a torture the you're going to be you can be in prison in the rest your life with that thought bounce around your head that's not the same thing so I don't know if I failed multiple tests more world champions multiple times against Randy Randy got caught in every got that crazy I cut and he won the tournament when he was 19 but even then he was Sauced up so he still feels like a world champion to him I would never want that I'm not I'm not rationalizing it won't be paying the price.

► 02:50:01

pay the price he paid the price physically you look at the transformation between trt Vitor that knocked out Luke rockhold of the wheel kicking Michael Bisping and Dan Henderson he was a fucking monster and then the deflated version of him where his body is endocrine systems failed it doesn't produce testosterone anymore can't take a punch anymore as he doesn't look even remotely similar to what he used to look like it's

► 02:50:27

look at the difference between him and then look at your Romero okay you'll Romero's 40 41 years old doing with significant genetic advantage and y'all said that when he's in the podcast you know it was a great podcast on if you stop at Joey Diaz translated for him back and forth and they spoke Spanish in Chile translated to English but he said if you go to Cuba it's like a regular people regular people you see a bus driver jacked is like you're dealing with a phenomenal gene pool over there they sell players that come out in like they touch the ball and goes over the fence printers in this is the dark dark aspects of the slave trade mean this is what you doing with the best of the best the strongest most athletic that once you can work too hard at those the ones they wanted me that is essentially up a big part of the gene pool that is too then you deal with the decades and Decades of extremely high-level athletic before

► 02:51:27

with with all these different sports and all these different programs where they develop the very best athletes in the in their area and they just the wrestlers The Boxers of the Judo players mean phenomenal athletes in the gene pool just outstanding

► 02:51:50

Hector Lombard another physical sample but looking at V doors body shrink and you all stay the same Minds do the same what do you think the heart not not the actual beating cardiovascular system but like the soul of Vitor he visibly look deflated and every one of his fights post usada into that in a compromise state so when he was going into it like when he got tested it wasn't one of times one of the reasons why the whole testosterone replacement therapy got eliminated Vitor got tested Randall when he was off the charts like like 2.0 superhuman levels of testosterone they like what in the fuc are you doing man I get you have this massive event in massive confidence advantage and just physically looks like a good Demon right one that when that's gone now

► 02:52:50

now you're less than a regular man physically and mentally because your body is tired you're not producing good levels of testosterone he talked about it openly about the test is testosterone take the testosterone was 7 year old man and he's fighting in a cage for living at a very high level

► 02:53:14

I still think

► 02:53:16

it comes down hard work I think it certainly does but all the hard work in the world if you're built like you know fucking Kevin Smith no disrespect can I love you Ariana Romero pound your face in the dirt every time it is massively successful in what he wants to do and that you were smart age fighting the first or the last to leave and then success is not is unquestioned I agree with you one hundred percent he most certainly worked hard but I'm talking about genetics like there's Jeanette you mean Francis ngannou has freakish genetics also has very good night still a giant person but the genetics of

► 02:54:16

that's how I have it has in comparison to the average person you can work all you want you're not competing with that

► 02:54:25

there's some people just get a shit roll the dice he also lost his title fight though but he lost his teeth but he was also got pretty fucking phenomenal genetics the giant duties toughish it very skilled and has a just a lifetime of a chance to go into the world champion and she looks his he's headed dad bod for forever that's a scary dude. I want to fight him to like take that British accent shove it down his throat and make fun of him that makes more videos about him and beat him up again but he's been clean his whole career and Never Never Land Act Like a guy who was doing anything suspicious in his it's always hard work Hardware that made him the war no more talking about that

► 02:55:24

I'm retired. Can you just let it go with a guy like and where did you guys talk so much anybody special fighter mean I could take a couple of instances I would never be friends like we're not going to go drink a pipe together but like why not though I think we're two different people but why not now if he retires you retire here in the airport one day I told him who I don't know each other. Talk about the shooting them and talk about the good old days and just one

► 02:56:12

also helps me figure out that way I can Luke rockhold and not sit and talk to him Jacory I sit and talk to him you know we got to get you out here because I know you got to fight but I want to tell you at all my X calling fights one of the most powerful experiences that I ever saw really wasn't even televised it was in between you

► 02:56:36

you knocking out sapo in the fight for the troops and you got on top of the cage and all the troops are there cheering You On and nobody nobody this isn't televised that we saw this but you were pointing all those people and saying I love you I do this for you I love you and they were cheering and it was a fucking powerful moment there was a powerful moment to this day I think about sometimes because that was a different kind of a fight it was a different kind of an audience and it was a it was a different kind of a moment when you lost that left hook on him and connected him and stopped him and then jumped up on the cage and did that that was that audience the love they have for you and the love you have for them was it was in the air mat it was fucking amazingly powerful and never forget that moment to the day I die not not the fight not the the fight camp

► 02:57:35

I couldn't breathe I had so much love for everybody that was like I I would have melted out of fanos to myself vaporized and taken every one of my bits and just headed to everybody they're not existed just so that they can have anything they wanted cuz like there was just nothing in me that I wanted more than just to give them anything I had I think I believe that and it it came out when you were when you were saying what you're saying the way just so you could feel the honesty and sincerity in it that don't work on it

► 02:58:23

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