#1120 - Ben Greenfield

The Joe Rogan Experience #1120 - Ben Greenfield

May 22, 2018

Ben Greenfield is a Coach, Author, Speaker, ex-Bodybuilder and Ironman Triathlete. In 2008 he was voted as the Personal Trainer of the Year by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and recognized as the top 100 Most Influential People in Health in 2013.

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Hey everybody I'm going on fucking tour.

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I'm hitting the second leg of my tour which starts soon. I'm going to Tucson, Arizona; Boise, Idaho; Temecula, California; Kansas City; Saint Louis; Vancouver, and Calgary. Calgary, we just added a second show joerogan.comfor all those details. And they'll be some new dates coming up soon as well. This episode of the podcast is brought to you by The Cash App. That's right, The Cash App. If you've heard this podcast by now, you know that The Cash App is the number one ranked finance app and it lets you do the most with your money. Whether it's paying people back, buying and selling Bitcoin, you can deposit your paycheck right into the app, or order a free custom cash card to spend anywhere you like.

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We did it. My guest today is a fascinating human being and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to health, and nutrition, and exercise, and... get your pen and pad rady... ready? I can't even say it. Get your pen and pad ready, ladies and gentlement. Cause this motherfukers gots some knowledge. Please give it up for Ben Greenfield.

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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Ben Greenfield eats ants. I just want everybody to know. Hey, if I was going to go to Disney as much as you go to Disney, I'd eat a lot more black ants. Why you eating ants? Well supposedly, actually don't know that much about ants, I'm just eating it because it's supposed to give you energy. I needed a pick-me-up this morning. We lifted twice this morning and I need a second boost of energy. But apparently these ants live in ginseng roots and they have something that grows in their heads that acts as like a nootropic. It's like some kind of chemical nootropic and it also supposedly is one of these chinese energy tonics. It's like the whole, the doctrine of signatures. Do you know the doctrine of signatures? It's the idea that things in nature give you clues, right? So, so, like when you slice open a tomato you have four chambers of the heart, and tomato supposedly good for the heart. Or pomegranate is good for your blood and the little pomegranate seeds look like red blood cells. You slice open a carrot, it looks like an eye.

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Or you crack open an egg, it looks like an eye. Those are those are good for your vision. Sweet potatoes, which everybody thinks they're like a sweet sugary food, those are actually shaped like a pancreas and they can actually help to normalize your beta cells, like your your insulin producing beta cells in your pancreas. So you look at walnuts for your brain and people talk about avocados, right? Supposedly they look a little bit like an ovary and the good for female reproductive function. So you can, you can carry that over from the plant kingdom into the animal kingdom and say if you eat ants because they're such energetic, endurance-driven creatures that it's supposidly make you stronger. Boy that's a stretch. Wait till the stuff hits me, and we'll arm wrestle and find out. Have you been doing it, for a while? How long have you been taking the stuff? That was the third time I've actually used it. Just dissolve it... I mean I've used it for work out a couple of times... So this is your concoction, right? You took ground up ants... I didn't grind up the ants myself, that would have been exhausting to catch... Did you buy

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them ground up? I bought ground up black ant powder and... Okay, Jamie just pulled up some Ginseng Ant Powder... I don't think they're called... That's actually, thats where I bought them Lost Empire Herbs. Polyrhachis ants. A king tonic of Chinese herbalism. But you know what, the Chinese people are also into the Rhino horn so I'm not... It's not just not a pre-workout herb according to the website, it's a pre-workout super herb. Oh a super herb! It's supposedly far more scientifically super. It's like a superfood. I'm a little annoyed with that word, superfood. I like that idea though of the doctrine of signatures. Where like certain things that we see in nature being good for you. There's there's one called, um I forget the the name of this plant, but it's called the insulin of the heart and it's amazing for decreasing sympathetic nervous system activation causing you to relax and it has these beneficial cardiovascular properties and people who are just so driven that they tend to have, for example, a heart

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attack or an MI ... and it's not spilanthes. I forget the name of it, but it looks like a heart and it has all these red vessels that kind of come off it. It's called the insulin of the heart. There's there's an app that my kids and I used to identify a lot of these... it's called FlowerChecker. So you read about this ant stuff online, and then you start taking it and then you mix in some sort of a tincture. Here is... Vodka. Yeah that stuff. Aubaine - nature's forgotten remedy for heart disease. Aubaine... I interviewed a physician on my show Dr. Thomas Cowan and he wrote a book (Human Heart, Cosmic Heart) about how the heart is not a pump and he talks about the true reason for heart disease being sympathetic nervous system overdrive. What does he mean by "the heart is not a pump"?... Mmineral depletion and dehydration... And what he means by "the heart is not a pump", it's a fascinating book... the shape of the chest is a, I believe it's called like a

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tetrahedron or something, it's something like that, as fluid moves through the heart, the action of the fluid actually moving through the heart, allows it to the pass through the heart and not have to be pumped through the body but rather the shape of the heart is almost like causing the fluid to move in a vortex and so... but the heart most certainly... well the heart contracts but but it's less of a pumping action and more like it like a vortex flow it creates. The book is s called (Human Heart, Cosmic Heart). It's very interesting. Is it well-received amongst Scientists? No it kinda flies under the radar a little bit. Yeah, yeah, but it's a it's an interesting book, short book it's maybe a hundred pages long. I thought it was like, universally reguarded as a pump. I don't know if you would necessarily classify it as a pump as much as a contracting muscle... But, when you die and then they

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bring you back to life, they push your heart to make it pump. Pump, pump, pump, pump. Yeah, yeah... read the book. It's interesting. Yeah, I'm not gonna. But this FlowerChecker App, this FlowerChecker App it's really cool. You you take a picture of a plant, and then there's a team of live botanists on the other end and within 24-hours they identify the plant for you, and you can learn it's it's a edible properties, its medicinal properties. So my kids and I can walk around and take pictures of different plants, different flowers on our land, and it develops this online herbarium that then allows you to keep track of all the different plants and what you've learned about them, and and what they're good for. So we use that whenever identifying plants. There was one time that we were fishing off the the North Fork of the Clearwater... so we went on this fly fishing trip... Where's that, in Clearwater? The Clearwater up in Idaho. So we were near Grangeville, most people fly into Grangeville, Idaho.

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Great fly fishing. Huge Steelhead. And the the hike that we went on, we didn't have our phones or anything with us to take pictures of what we are finding. And we found this this enormous... ahh almost like a field of wild asparagus. Which is... Oh wow... And my buddy, who was with us, he had bear broth that he was, that he was, that it was like a bear bone broth, that he had in this vat back at the cabin. So we harvested all this asparagus, and this was before we went out fishing, and put all the asparagus into the bone broth and then just left for the day and then we came back and we had we had fish, we had bone broth, we had asparagus... And we all ate this bone broth, and it turns out that this stuff was not asparagus. So my kids and I, our heads were spinning all night. The guy that owned the cabin apparently didn't sleep. He was just like hunched over the toilet the whole evening, and it turns out this stuff is called... I think it was Brassica. It looks like asparagus, but apparently it has very high levels of nicotine so we are all overdosed on nicotine

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for the next two days on this fishing trip. Yeah you should probably be really careful before you eat, wow shit. That's the only time I haven't used that app to actually go plant foraging. Who thought it was asparagus? We all thought it was asparagus. You know it was me, one of the chefs who was out at the cabin with us, my kids and, and, twin 9 year old boys know a lot about plants. Wild asparagus, but I was convinced it was asparagus. I kind of tasted it out there while we were out in the field and tasted like asparagus but no it's not asparagus, it's brassica. Jesus Christ, yeah that sounds horrible. But yeah, there's another app called [PlantSnap] (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/plantsnap-plant-identification/id1234702272?mt=8), and apparently uses artificial intelligence, you know like a reverse Google image search to identify a plant. I've use that and it's it's useless, doesn't really even seem to be able to identify anything. But this FlowerChecker is just live people on the other end. Does Google, there's there's

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Google image search... is like some some there's a an application that uses cameras and if you take a photo of something can identify. Exactly, I think that's called like a reverse image search, but the AI doesn't seem to work as well for plant identification. I would imagine it's looking at the leaves, the shape of the leaves ,how comes off the plant, the veins, the opposite vs. symmetrical, and everything that goes into plant identification. But I'd still rather go with a real person still. Steelhead, are ocean bound rainbow trout, right They come back and forth.. Yeah. Do you guys do catch and release or... This is all catch-and-release, so there's this is like a fun trip with my kids to learn how to fly fish, and we didn't catch any that we could actually keep. Yeah I don't understand that kind of fishing. It's weird, take a long trip go out into the wilderness,

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go to the river catch the fish and let it go. It's it's the thrill of the chase... Yeah I get it. I've done it with kids with bass fishing before, but it's just... Can't do that when you bow hunt. No no, it's a wierd thing. You're sticking a hook in a fishes mouth and letting him go. They're powerful fish, dealing with those ocean currents. Ocean fish are almost always more strong when you pull them in. Fresh water fish... yeah they're stronger than ants. Going back to this ant thing and tell me what has been the reaction, like when you take it, how do you feel? Like a cup of coffee. You really do feel like.. You do feel more energy. Do you think it's because of the ginseng, or is it possible placebo effect? I think they just live within the ginseng and that makes the story sexier for the website, that sells...

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You think that the ants themselves give you energy. I would imagine that you have to catch a lot of ants to get what you get out of like all the powdered extracts that they they sell you. But eating the powdered extract, then that just somehow... what's the mechanism for giving you energy? There's some chemical that's it, that's in the ants, but I don't know the mechanism of action. Again... like I really don't claim to be an expert in ant extracts. But yet you have a bottle... That's why I have I have a bottle of it, it in with all my other supplements, and I was packing up this morning and thought it would be an interesting one to show to you. Just a giant bottle that says ant on it. What is the, what's the standard way that people take it. I think as a powder or as a tincture. I'd imagine you could put in a smoothie, with your bee pollen. What a weird one, hu?

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Anyways, You should have come out and done the Spartan. I know you were at Disney. I told you I couldn't go. Spartan is a little more fun than Disney. I didn't go to Disney for myself. You were like doing commentary? Yeah they have commentary all day long with these Spartan Races. So I was doing commentary and then I raced the next day. Oh so you did it one day commentary... so was it a two day today race? The way they do it, they get like 10, probably I would say some of these races 8 to 12 thousand athletes... Wow ... In that approximate range. So they break it up, they go out they break it up. There's long races, they're short races. So the long race was 13 - 13 miles, which on a road half-marathon that be like a 105 than an athlete would do on a on a race like that. So it's a 13 mile run? So out there with the obstacles and the hills and it's out in big bear, which is a ski resort. Which I just found out from my wife

► 00:17:38

uses fake snow. Where's like a pond on top of the at the top of the resort that they make all the snow with. Well it's real snow, but it's artificially created, right? They make like with a snow machine. Artificially created real snow, made from water at the top of the mountain. Yeah it's not foam... I wonder if anyone's trying to do that? Ask them at the mall in Dubai. They've got something over there. But I bet it's a snow machine. It probably is actual snow. Yeah at the mall in Dubai, they have like a crazy hill, like you can ski. Yeah they have an actual indoor ski where they have penguins, an indoor ski resort, everything. So this race though for those same 13 miles is like 2 hours I think the winner did it in 2:16, 2:17 or something like that. So you're going a lot slower. They have to carry carry sandbags, and carry big gravel buckets. It's like doing yard chores, and then running to the next yard chore. Barbed wire crawling and then hoisting ropes

► 00:18:38

But it's good for full body fitness. I used to do triathlons, when I did triathlons, I was weak. I had an engine that could go for days. But I did my first Spartan Race I couldn't climb a rope, and I couldn't carry a sandbag up the hill. So I think it's good for functional fitness. Jamie actually has a video of one right here... Oh that's a stadium, oh that's actually a good way to start, inside of a stadium. You don't have to get muddy, and there's no fake snow, and the stadium races. He's running around with a fucking selfie stick? It can be kind of a joke, cause some people will go out in uniforms with big cowboy hats on and dressed up as as as a Spider-Man in their lycra, and then some people they they have these elite waves, where's it's actual legit athletes. It's kinda interesting though. But it is, you can see you see you move your body in a lot of different ways on these courses. So it's fun, you know, it's fun to train for, cuz you got to train all

► 00:19:38

different body parts. You train for power and strength and there's endurance. So it's a good mix of everything. I didn't know they were doing the in stadiums, that's cool. Stadium races are cool cause you just show up at like AT&T stadium and you race. They will turn a stadium into like a 3 or 4 mile event, and that's how many times you go up and down these stairs. And they have an event for the kids, were the kids will go up and down the stairs. The kids up miniature sandbags and miniature spears. So actually it's kind of cool. That is pretty badass, that looked pretty badass. Except for his fucking selfie stick. Like everything must be documented. You cannot live in this life without people knowing exactly what you're doing at all times. Running with a selfie stick. I'm taking my kids to one of those train-hunt competitions this weekend in Bonners Ferry. So they're going to do their first actual kids... same thing it's a kids event where the kid shoot. They've got a 15 to 20 yard shot, and they have like a sandbag lift, and a run and then they got another shot, and they got burpees up and over a cooler, and another shot.

► 00:20:38

There's a grown-up event and a kids event. Those things are fun too. Those are really interesting. The idea behind them are kinda cool too because it lets people know... like if you're involved in one of those backcountry backpack hunts it's very much a physical event. You're carrying most likely at least 35 to 45 pounds on your back. Especially if you're carrying your camp on your back. And then you're hiking a thousand feet of elevation. You're up and down, climbing over logs and shit. You're carrying your bow. There's a lot of physical exertion involved. There's a lot of crawling, a lot of crawling. Yeah, I mean you did that Hawaii hunt. Which island did you hunt? Lenai. I hunted Kona, 5-weeks ago, and on the sheep hunt, because the sheep stay out in the open plains, you'll crawl sometimes for an hour and a half to get close enough for a shot. Yeah, the final day, we killed two axis bucks out there, and the final day

► 00:21:38

we crawled for at least an hour. At least an hour,like super fucking slow. Those things are switched on. It's frustrating too with with an animal or or sheep sheep are not stupid there's not another not as fast as an Axis, but that's the most frustrating part. Is that you're put on a crawl, right, maybe you're 200 yards out, you spent an hour getting 60 and then the wind swirls and they pick you up, and they're off. You stand up and brush yourself off, and you get to go crawl again. Yeah but you know if it was easy, hunting would just be killing. I got one of those jungle scrub cows, I told you about. Yeah you were telling me about that. So explain to people what a scrub bull is. Apparently they're just feral cows, and they're not just all cows. There are cows and bulls. I shot a cow and I thought at first that it was going to be kind of a stupid hunting a cow. The pigs... they eat really well cuz they feed on macadamia nuts they're a lot better than the pigs in Texas. they taste amazing. Macadamia nuts...

► 00:22:37

Yeah, very fatty, almost like a nutty meat. So we did a Cinco de Mayo cook-off. Me and my kids, and we took the ribs from from this pig that I shipped back. You know it cost me like a hundred fifty bucks to ship 250 pounds of meat back from Kona. So I had sheep, pig, and cow and I shipped it all back. Which is not that expensive. And the pig was, I mean, it ate better than any pork I've ever had in my life. These ribs, we buttered them up in... my kids made an adobo sauce with the peppers, and they they have a little food podcast with, we did all this for their food podcast. But oh my goodness it's like the fattiest, like a nutty flavor. Full fat cuz, because they feed on these macadamia nuts. Now there's no grain, there's no corn, and they're just wild running around up there. So the pig was really good, but the cow was tough. It was a tough cow. On the first day we were out there, I took the back strap and I soaked that in lemon juice all day, and then that kind of broke it down a little bit. and wasn't that bad. But what I do when I got

► 00:23:38

home was I've got a refrigerator on my garage and I hooked up a temperature controller to it and give the temperature controller that's called a 419 then I'll keep the temperature of the refrigerator about 34 to 38 degrees Southern Plain are figuring the wall you put in this this time control unit and then you put a humidifier in and a fan-like on that on the bottom of the fridge and then you take all your meat and you lay it out on grates in the refrigerator and I left it in there for about 3 weeks the scrub cap and it develops is hard gristly coating on the outside of of the of the meat and then I took it out and just sliced all this hard Grizzly part off of the outside and the inside at me was like butter to draw about 34 to 38 degrees and then the humidity can vary a lot more than that but I kept the humidity at about 60 to 70 degrees and then basically you just slice off all that hard grisly external coating

► 00:24:38

and you've got this amazing me I'm super soft super tender and then I just have this size vacuum Packer and it said the cooling unit you can just cut a bag any size you want right for a neck or shoulder like a smaller bag for backstrap pork tenderloin and they get up I have one of those vacuum sealer to dry aging whiskey set it to a certain temperature and they hang the meat and dry aged it out there but I don't know what walk-in cooler they have cuz I looked into the dry aging refrigerators and those are like $5,000 but you can get a refrigerator off Craigslist that a419 thing I bought that was like 50 bucks how big is it the refrigerator inside the refrigerator yet so excited and I just put some plywood on on other side of the refrigerator and and I put these metal grates also you can add your own so I just laid the meat down the Great Sand

► 00:25:38

Stan on the bottom of the refrigerator so it's constantly circulating the air inside the refrigerator and then the temperature controller has this little display in my house it'll display the temperature in the humidity so I know if something goes wrong so not all that meat spoils inside a refrigerator cuz I'll see you when I'm inside my kitchen it'll read that the temperature is getting too high in the refrigerator to unplug the fridge or the controller and needed to be reset which happened a couple of times but if you want to keep an eye on it it's a great way to take meat and make it far more flavorful more tender what's a water buffalo. One of those in Australia and he said that he had a cam hands he had a piece of it in his mouth and he was chewing one piece for a half an hour that's how tough it is in this was the backstrap which was one of them more tender parts of the body

► 00:26:38

yeah there's I do know that that's good for that's good for your John it's good for your teeth structure like there's this guy I think its maximum you that might my brother sent me this this YouTube video this guy but his his ideas that the human's jaw structure are bone density or teeth are trigeminal nerves all of that don't work as well as they should because we grow up on soft food we don't have to chew food makes sense a lot of boxers chew like big chunks of Bazooka Bubblegum MCC machines rather where you take like a leather strap in your mouth and you hang a piece of weight from it and you're you're doing this people were selling those for a while as a way to decrease rating of perceived exertion during exercise exercise mouthpieces and that the advertising on them was that the Vikings used to chew on leather before they go in a battle to reduce pain in the increase

► 00:27:38

time to exhaustion and so they actually sell these mouthpieces that you bite down on when you're exercising but they they were designed to strengthen the job as much as to reduce how hard you felt like you were working during exercise and some people swear by use exercise mouthpieces why I know that the mouthpieces supposedly can maximize the amount of effort that you can put forth like there's a difference in the amount of strength you bite down when you shake somebody's hand make a fist with one hand then you shake their hand if you're stronger and that's that's something that Pablo's actor Wayne talks about his books you know about how to generate as much force is possible was one Fest it mean if you're going to be like a Bottoms Up kettlebell press right you can do it with one hand open and press When You Close Your Hand can track this Fist and it's it's far easier so what is the idea behind on it somehow you're energized is your entire body It's Fashion another Sacha covers your entire body to be tightened up one part of it it causes you to be able to produce more for so I may try some time with a kettlebell

► 00:28:38

are water bottle or coffee cup available out word when I'm doing like Bottoms Up So you flex your hand you know there's all right there's always some type it in and it's it's it's full body touching you the same reason that you'll see a lot of tennis players or I think box should do this to a valsalva maneuver when you strike

► 00:29:01

she hold your breath you more Force the the other gummy mention the Bazooka there's a gun called mastic gum and I interview this guy Dean karnazes who run the heater the 50 marathons in 50 days and he he ran the the traditional marathon in Greece which is apparently not 26.2 Mi it's like a hundred and something miles and he will chew this Mastic Gum which they do use for Josh drinking but it makes you produce more saliva to sews when you're running you know you can get dry mouth when you're running and in a lot of time to get to be thinking about food you want to eat this Mastic Gum apparently keeps your appetite satiated allows you to produce saliva not bought some and it's it's it's I think I got it on a stick, Amazon Parrots of Mastic Gum yeah that's what an ass what it looks like little rocks in the interesting thing is is you can take it out after you're done chewing it and then just like the next day put it back in your mouth and keep the

► 00:30:02

can do that stuff for days like that like an everlasting Gobstopper taste like it taste like ass it's not that it's not that good but if you have this is h-pylori issue it's supposed to be very good for that are look that when they decided they had a licorice banana seed and fennel so tasty but it's supposed to eat soft food yeah you would want the capsule that would I mean the capsule would be good for your that's where you got to be careful as a lot of companies sell it as a capsule right as mastic gum is a capsule that one day after work on that you on that same exact one I have that Creno's said this message or act yeah yeah and that's that's the stuff that you actually chew to make your jaw stronger and a produce extra saliva

► 00:30:50

and do you use the stuff we work out or you just occasionally chewing know I don't like to have gum in my mouth when I'm working out that's my stick dude that's what I thought it was I try Stephanie right about it it's not like I can do in Mastic Gum and black powder and and and injections all day long I don't have a life works that would think you would keep doing it all the time but it's just like you forget about a lot of stuff though he tried so many things you forget about it I got it I tried that out awhile ago was pretty good I need to order some more of that so yeah he starts will I lose track of all the all the stuff I try I don't have it all systematize of some big Excel spreadsheet what are you doing with the Exxon to explain that because I just got some shot into some tears that I have in my shoulders you got an x-axis Psalms there signaling molecules so your body actually has them yourselves have exosomes and they're used as cell-to-cell communicators so they interact with cell

► 00:31:51

surface receptors and no actually carry a message from one cell to another such as you know now you need to you need to absorb listen to this out you need to carry this to a joint or whatever you want to use a Nexus phone for to carry messages throughout the body as part of your Blues referred to as the Peregrine system by your body's internal cellular communication system so the idea is that if you combined the exosomes with other therapies let like a platelet rich plasma injections what you do for it to increase the amount of growth fast were they did open to a specific PRP with you I can I can tell you the full procedure that I did but I just got that all over my face my face 5 days ago is red and swollen because it was covered with exosomes I cheering and Justin's submits a beauty procedure beautiful as you are thank you thank you but now I'm a beautiful thirteen-year-old not be so the the excess ohms can

► 00:32:51

combined with other things like PRP and also with stem cells or with bone marrow and that's what I did in any interesting thing is that you can get something like a placental cell and in my case they actually took placental cells from this lab called Chimera Labs I had this procedure done in Park City Utah it's going to dr. Harry Adelson and he had these placental cells from Chimera labs they destroy the placental cell so that there's no actual DNA from some other person that you're putting into your body right which is which is the best considered to be part of the risk of stem cells even umbilical or amniotic you're still getting somebody else's DNA in your body not your own DNA so the idea is that you would take exosomes that you've isolated from something like a placental tissue and then you would mix those with your own stem cells in this case what I used was with bone marrow at

► 00:33:51

birthday winning tattoo at both of my iliac crest they took out the bone marrow they mix it with the excess homes in the end these these videos I publish both of the videos on YouTube and and it's like a it's like a huge syringe hold gun on my hip bone marrow that wasn't general anesthesia Home full body sedation general anesthesia with few of the risks of the actual anesthesia I was not conscious nothing I mean all I remember is they said count from 100 down to zero and I got to like 93 then I woke up exactly so they took the bone marrow from the iliac crest Ryan was just like bone broth for whole bodies. College in the sky peptides got stem cells they mix it with the exosomes which act as the cell that sell communicators from those placental sells this place called Chimera labs

► 00:34:51

you might think it's just a great sexy name for some kind of a mysterious Lab company where you buy placentas so basically they they mix the excess homes with the bone marrow and then what they do on oh yes you that's what it looks like to ask. Early at Chris you ask me how much they took how much are you fucking shit was 5 days ago he told me I'm supposed to not do anything for 2 weeks but I did that Spartan Race I armored myself up why didn't you listen to it well I was signed up for the race and I had sponsor obligations to actually not sponsoring I use my entire body was just taped up cuz I didn't want to ruin anything that you've done so anyways how can I buy rocktape what does rocktape knee CO2 if you seen it before it is it's like what you see cross

► 00:35:51

there's Wine and Liquor supports it supports the joints in your body you think you have 4 tubes of marijuana floating around so I can pull out of you yeah the tubes also you know that's what is a blood but it's not as much blood is it actually looks like cuz it's inside of that little skinny tube right now so he and his partners are quite a lot what they did was he went with with that bone marrow

► 00:36:23

mix with the access homes they mix with always-on which apparently using an ozonator which apparently increases the efficacy of the bone marrow and you doing this for no specific injury no specific injury know this is all just for those were two reasons number one anti-aging number to Justin Moore's of Journalism just the right about us one to write about and looking trying to study so apparently they stem cells they built so into this this is an over exaggeration but it's almost like you'd be like Wolverine or like you recover faster when you get hurt for the rest of your life so here it goes around to people who are listening to the audio not watching the video it's a horse is a lot of blood and then he injected my entire musculoskeletal system he did my cerebrospinal fluid he did all up and down the distance to my back he did I've got needles no dude I'm totally out I would not want to be conscious

► 00:37:23

I was meditating I'm totally out for this and you can see there I have the Ironman corporate logo on my back but yeah I'm technically its trademark infringement the Iron Man logo in my spine bulging discs so I had my I told you this last time I had my stem cells taken out of the fat my back down in Florida and then re-injected them intravenously and then I tested my telenor like it just I'll just goes on for hours to wish I was there for her for 3 or 4 hours so they just screw it in and pump those in and they're freaking out she could see her somewhere in there holding a Facebook live and answering questions as we went after he does

► 00:38:24

ankles knees hips elbows wrists back every part of my other flip me over by your ice cold like a noodle I think she's moving my hand so then his partner came in and she's like a sexual performance in Beauty specialist and I don't want this to turn into another podcast about just injecting things in your deck but she did help but she did it she she injected the Corpus cavernosum which is the the shaft of your unit and then she did the head of the penis and then she did she did my face over and over and over again everywhere exosomes all over my face and I've seen some 50 and 60 year old women who've done this and it actually does seem to have a pretty significant effect I don't I don't know how much of an effect it had on me but I said if they're going to put me under just he called a

► 00:39:24

nobody stem-cell makeover family nobody's ever in the history of the world done this before so if I die that's the one thing I can brag about you know a lot of it will like I said a lot a lot of us. It's it's interesting to write stories about and talk about and tell people what it's like and then they did they did that on the face and that's that's that's exosomes mix with PRP going to the face I don't remember because I wasn't awake I bet it's just looks like a little need a little break it might be like some kind of like dermabrasion type of thing I'm not sure if this was a few days ago feel like a heel in 5 days ago I had to wear elms

► 00:40:22

great minds think alike dude that's what that is craziness it what day is it today anyways though and I had I actually had just gotten a concussion cuz I got a bike accident and I was down in Austin Texas a couple of weeks ago and so the other thing that I did this is interesting because you went for a TBI there's all sorts of things that you can do right like ketones exogenous ketones work really well for that and that's a lot of Dominique D Agostino's research on concussions idha is another good one hyperbaric oxygen therapy Chambers with the with the high Oxygen Plus the high pressure that's really efficacious for concussions but the other thing is stem cells and so what I did was I ordered the stem cells that they harvested from my body in Florida cuz I got I think I told you about that the last time I was on the show at that do they store I have like 30 injections of my own stuff

► 00:41:23

cell store down in Florida that I can use for for joints for anti-aging and I also one of the reasons that I did that was if I'm ever in a car accident if I ever get some some traumatic injury I can I can heal myself faster with these stem cells and in that happened I got a concussion I was riding my bike in Austin on on 1st Street and in rush hour traffic in a car clipped me on the side and I made love to the pain in my tired face Scott won't open and and I got a concussion so I did all these things are ketones DHA Hyperbaric pemf that's also really really good for concussions pulsed electromagnetic field therapy it's it's it it it's a used for anti-inflammatory for its use for sleepiness kind of grounding and earthing a lot of interesting studies on pemf also for concussion it enhances your own stem cell production it shuts down neural inflammation so I did that but then also a stem cells won't cross your blood brain

► 00:42:22

so I ordered up the stuff called Mannitol and if you inject Mannitol into your bloodstream it increases your blood brain barrier permeability so so what you doing it in a fighter of football players only gets concussion inject with Mannitol first and then you follow that up with a stem cell injection if the man of holes already in the bloodstream the stem cells cross the blood-brain barrier and they going to heal neural tissue with the excess cross the blood-brain barrier cuz they're smaller their e Smalls they're very small I think they're like a hundred to 200 nanometers which is pretty small and I would not be surprised if they cross the blood-brain barrier as well one of the things they were saying about stem cells versus exosomes that stem cells tend to get pulled up in the lungs they don't pass the Lawns negatives or up there and they believe that the axle Psalms being released by the stem cells are the reason why you generate regenerate issue they think that going straight to access arms is going to be more efficacious then just going with STEM Science I think that some form

► 00:43:23

vehicle company or some cell phone company is going to make a lot of money in the next 10 years by figuring out a way to to make exosomes or figure out annual some some way to to do it in a way that is more available to the general population then you'll harvesting it from placentas and some runs the lab so you weren't supposed to do anything for 2 weeks now for 2 weeks but I asked the dog I told him I was going to do it as he said he said proceed at your own risk and apparently feed jar the joints a lot when they're already kind of weak from the surgery you can risk tearing a ligament spraining straining doing damage to the muscle that this kind of weak and Lacs from the surgery from the surgery but is it a really a surgery cuz you're not cut out and I sprained my ankle within a few hours after after waking up from the surgery like I just stumbled and it was extremely latched almost like I was like a pregnant woman creates this hormone called relaxin trying to get more flexible and able to give birth more quickly as kind of that same idea is 3 points the joints and ligaments because

► 00:44:23

more laps my whole body felt a little bit more like like Gumby that's what I was like I taped up everything and I'll head to knee braces on and elbow braces and wrist brace and I felt fine during the race and this whole procedure was how many hours in about 4 hours 4 hours out cold what does it feel like when you wake up there's a pretty funny video I posted I thought it was funny I was trying to speak French I have a confession to make and the doctor's like oh here we go I speak French and then she in and she asked me if I speak French nice didn't actually speak French and you could see me trying to laugh like I made a joke Bee Gees out have you ever been sedated yes I don't remember that much but in the end I still I mean I'll be honest with you I don't notice much of a difference from any of this stuff what supposed supposed to really long time before it really kicks in and it flares up old injuries like I just ran my upper hand

► 00:45:23

ring when I played tennis and that's flared up my left knee is flared up like I'm feeling old injuries that that I almost cut my right ankle which eye strain a lot when I was when I was playing tennis that one feels and it feels like I mentioned week before Easter and it's going to be worse before you feel better that's interesting I didn't hear that at all but I did hear that 6 weeks 6 weeks is the The Benchmark it's it's a little bit of time before they actually feel better other interesting one for not only enhancing your own in Dodge in a stem cell production because it did actually would

► 00:46:05

a lot of the stuff it's French it's expensive I mean yeah that procedure I think is like a $30,000 procedure. It was going to go out and do that and this is another friends one but I wanted it I mean there are ways you can endogenously increase your stem cell production mean in in your own stem cell viability and help. She didn't doing stem cell injections fasting is probably the one that's the most efficacious nobody seemed to go to uncomfortable for you seem to increase your body's ability to be able to heal bruises on stem cell also fasting for long periods of time not necessarily fasting with with caloric restriction guess the mistake a lot of people make they try to fast and I feel like crap but the idea is the benefits of fasting don't come from Notting lot of calories I mean a lot of calories in the great for your thyroid is not good for metabolism you want to live till you're in a 120 and be cold and thin and hungry the whole time so be a horrible way to live a long time so the idea with you know things like valter Longo is research

► 00:47:05

a lot of these these intermittent fasting type of diet is you fast and you increase cellular autophagy and stem cell production your own stem cell production by going for long periods of time without eating in the magic seems to kick in about the 16-hour Mark so I do 12 to 16 hours every day and then you get even more benefit once you get up to about 24 hours so I try to do a 24-hour fast from Saturday dinner to Sunday dinner but I'm still eating the same number of calories it's just a compressed feeding window right so so it's not like you're starving yourself you getting all the benefits of fasting but you're still maintaining some amount of Dianabol ISM right because you're still eating as many calories but you're almost giving your body your gut in your metabolism a break in between a lot of these meals and that's where the benefit comes from that's where the the benefits are not from not eating so much damn food the benefits are going for a long time in between your feedings right so so the idea is you know you would wake up and it.

► 00:48:05

population for which this seems to be the most deleterious Arlene active females they do not respond well to these long fast or a lot of time spent doing intermittent fasting it's like the cons outweigh the pro for the population but for for most everybody else these 12 to 16 hour fast preferably up to 16 hours going without eating and eating as many calories as you normally eight with the exception press the the amount of calories in pressed feeding window right so you know what were the guy whose house I was staying with his ass when I was doing the stem cell procedure damn pump he's very into the stuff and then he's he's a doctor down in Park City and he just he goes all day and then he has a huge dinner at the end of the day right like an enormous lovely dinner you know a couple glasses of wine and yes a thousand 3000 calories for dinner and I'm more like a to meal and light breakfast or light lunch and then just two males have been doing the 12 to 14-hour thing and sometimes I wrap it up to 16 hours and I do feel better

► 00:49:05

I do that and I I definitely become more accustomed to not eating for long stretches and sometimes when I wake up in the morning I almost think should I just eat but I've been I'll stop and go I'm not really hungry I mean it's really just a matter of habit of force of habit I'm even considering eating right now yeah but but fasting is probably one of the better ways to increase your own and dodging a stem cell production provided you're going for about 16 hours and provided you're still eating as many calories as you normally eat the only kind of caveat to that would be protein cycling this is why I'm not a huge fan of the the kind of hers died at reading 46 pounds of meat a day yeah you were trying that for a while you're putting that on your social media I sort of but it's I was sore I was eating one of those big

► 00:49:49

steaks every single night for dinner just like a bunch of steak every single night for dinner for how long and how do you feel doing that I feel pretty good but I was eating these bone-in bone-in Ribeyes I order them up from Missouri I think it's over there farms are but they make these French cut grass-fed grass-finished bone in ribeye steaks and they're just saying that did I've got it I'll remind me I'll tell you how I cook them maybe I'll tell you how I cook them after work if we finish the song I don't want to go when I get to the I'll just forget everything if I start talking about cooking I love to sub to prepare meat so it's a real quick so the idea is that protein cycling right having a meatless Monday or having as what religions would do like their the Eastern Orthodoxy church or the Mediterranean diet they have certain. Of time where there's complete

► 00:50:49

make restriction or your protein intake is restricted to to fish in eggs for example and the idea is that you would strike a sweet spot between not being in a constantly anabolic state right and in not having having this I'm a million Target of rapamycin costly activated which would theoretically accelerate aging ordering in a lot of Road models we see that you on restricted protein feeding actually causes aging to accelerate so the idea is on your lower Activity Days especially for an athlete you could still intermittent fast and get all the benefits of that and you could still eat as many calories as you would need to sustain a normal healthy metabolism right oh so you're not starving yourself but on the less active days you would shift to a lower protein intake so you talking about like 0.5 grams per pound of body weight rather than what a typical athlete would need which would be depending you ask and 0.7 to 0.85 grams per pound of body weight I so so there's some days where you're high

► 00:51:49

protein some days where your low protein some periods of the week such as a meatless Monday or some periods of the year you know such as every quarter he know for a week where you're eating a plant-based diet or your restricted make your base we giving your body a break from being in that constant anabolic State and I think that the the carnivore diet causes a lot of people to miss out on some of those elements and then if you look at the blood work of a doctor does not no more. He published his blood work online and I don't know what else is going on with him from Health standpoint but you have really high blood glucose and really low testosterone and something that suggests that might not be healthy to eat just meat you know and you really low testosterone that's interesting that's really loud. Diagnosable hypogonadism combined with almost like borderline diabetes is it possible to do it after workout

► 00:52:47

he does a lot of growing shrub real Giants Crusher testosterone not significantly hs-crp in your inflammatory markers which is why you never wanted you never want to go to a doctor for a heart check-up after you done work out cuz they're going to tell you going to have a heart attack based on the levels of hscrp that but that would work is just one example I don't want to pretend like that one example of you I was going to paint with a broad brush the entire carnivore diet phenomenon but I just I think that unrestricted protein intake an unrestricted meat intake probably has accelerated aging effect on the body it will here's the different dr. Ron Rosedale is a doctor has some good information on that he's got a good video online what's going on with this carnivore diet is there's no science behind it there's a lot of people that are giving it a shot lot of people finding good results but I find it and when they just change things there's a. Of time of they say they feel great and not that is absolutely 100% of placebo effect it's the same thing as like a vegan diet you feel fantastic

► 00:53:46

enemies will need me one population 1 Blue Zone that eats meat like and nothing else and there's actually very few centenarians who are purely vegan for their entire life because you can if you don't do it the right way build up fatty acid deficits amino acid deficits creatine is when you don't get vitamin B12 DHA but at least it's been studying Marine on vegans I spend a lot of studies on vegan send the we know that if you eat like e3live you know you are you can't you can sell them I did a lot of really smart control right like they do things the right way right wife does a lot of it but I watch her like she she's in the kitchen like 3 hours a day making vegetables bioavailable Vision hours to make sourdough bread do you want to actually make a bread with a

► 00:54:47

Miss predigested and it's actually help the in the glycemic index is over she's not vegan she just a Rancher girl and she likes it do not have snow boots and chickens and and we eat meat but she she's very into like an ancestral preparation of vegetables deactivating a lot of these these stress or is that dr. Steven gundry talks about any of the fourth box return my Tom Brady and how he does like a no nightshade no tomato no potato and I'd rather eat those things but actually figure out a way to render them more digestible and friendlier to the human body yeah that's the other thing to when people talk about food that has protein in it you know if broccoli has so much protein true not really buy all available though, Brock yeah it's just not the same your body doesn't absorb of the same way it does a grass-fed rib-eye steak body absorb that protein instantly you know exactly what it is by the way there was there was a study that just came out about stem cells they found that carnosine Define copious amounts in the end

► 00:55:47

grass-fed rib-eye steak with blueberry extract enhance their stem cell production of it was a hugely significant number I don't remember the exact percentage but but this combination of polyphenols and flavonols with me is a good, that's why when I did the carnivore diet now the carnivore diet that's why I was only when I was eating me I was doing lots of salads I was doing lots of I like wild blueberry extract powder I am use vegetable powders you I was doing a lot of big salads for lunch flavonols polyphenols any of that same thing with the high saturated fat diet a high saturated fat diet like the old coconut oil thing is highly inflammatory in the absence of plant polyphenols in flavonols which is why if you're doing a high-fat ketogenic diet it needs to be a plant Rich high-back Utah. Otherwise it's hot oh yes but I'm talking about more like you're doing you coconut oil and butter in the other avocado chocolate pudding and all these thing you

► 00:56:47

Jack fat Bombs all these recipes that are out there but he got he is spinach a lot of plants even in the animal kingdom you another animal like a carnivorous animal there in the intestines and they're eating a lot of the organs that are chock-full of what grass plant shrubs whatever that omnivorous animals at the carnivorous animal is eating free to just sit in your eye exam when you're talking about carnivorous diet did the real issue that I have with it is is almost no research other than dr. Baker doing those tests on himself which yeah according you are not very promising I have some friends that are my friend Jordan Peterson his daughter had some serious and tie in some serious immune system issues said autoimmune disorders and like to the point where she's at at she's a police you like 30 31 said a hip replaced is about to get one of her ankles replaced like serious arthritis real problems the only thing as be able to clear that up as meat

► 00:57:47

just a pure meat diet right so it would some people but I wouldn't say you only thing that's allergic reaction to plants we might be something I don't meet with him the medicine probably the elimination of whatever she wants she might have some sort of a a real serious problem of some sort of allergic reaction to some plants or to gluten and a bunch of these diets are all carnivorous diet and eating all these people trying it like man it's got a lot of good stuff going for it but but restriction of plant matter in my opinion long-term is not a good idea and eating meat all the time long-term is not necessarily good idea and eating only plants with the absence of some meat based protein is for a lot of populations not that great of an idea

► 00:58:44

you're going to have to experiment a little bit to figure out what works best for you and there are people that especially if you use e3live and algae and get your b12 vitamins and your fat soluble vitamins you can live off of the week and I can be done be really have to be careful about it but then there's other people where they can't and in the end you really have to figure out what the fuck is going on with your own body. I just don't it's like the date they start talking about the the poisons and phytotoxins and all these things that are in plants that are bad for him like okay baby should exercise bad for you son lights bad for your response to Chernobyl are living longer from the radiation and I'm not saying go go move the cabinet next to a nuclear disaster website

► 00:59:43

everyday I actually every single day I do cold every single dad too hot I'm not in the sauna and I'm wearing more clothes and I would normally wear when I go to the gym to get my get my heart rate up at actually get myself into the discomfort pot for the heat shock protein in the nitric oxide everything else that does for you in the discomfort of cold because it's a hormetic stress or hot yoga has the same hermetic stress response as Sana cuz they know there's been quite about that it worked on sauna physiological don't do the full choreographed 90-minute Bikram yoga but I have one of these Big Sean as it's like a it's a four-person sauna and if I go in there by myself I can do for any of you down dog and push jobs and I take these these cats who Blood Flow Restriction devices in there and do push-ups and squats in those are the research behind those for muscle maintenance with bodyweight training is very intriguing I travel with

► 01:00:47

everywhere these cats who trained devices and I just don't have time like trying to kiss her in my arms around my legs and they do a lot of studies and seniors for muscle maintenance without the need for as much as joint impact but what happens if you get micro damage to the capillaries you get a big release of lactic acid which cause you to produce more growth hormone after the workout and me and my paint for body weight training like at this point cat to training like doubles yeah I've heard that before I haven't really gotten into it but I'm very big on the song that's the point we obviously we have one here at the studio that he's all the time I think it's it's those dressers that they're talking about as being a negative thing with eating vegetables I just I don't buy it I just don't bite people did eating vegetables forever I don't think they're bad for a sore in people like your friend with the immune system issue or people with leaky gut or damn there might be. Of time where you actually have to be careful and really careful with gluten which is a digestive stress or

► 01:01:47

I'm getting that in small amounts is probably good for you they can't run the kids who get gluten restricted when their kids wind up having more issues with gluten later on in life cuz their guts might be weakening but you have lectin plant phytochemicals and lot of things that plants use to poison mammals or 2 cause there is there seeds to be undigested and pass out through the digestive tract in the stool of the mammals and grow out swear a lot of that stuff really is it makes you stronger coffee Kopi Luwak ever have that stuff is at. Yeah that the cat gets it out and then they take the coffee and sell it at this outrageous rate it's actually delicious permits in the digestive tract coffee man is very nice but your Black Ivory call try that shit I don't know what I like support that I don't give a f about lemurs you know how I feel I don't think coffee beans from poop sounds far more laborious then

► 01:02:47

why I get a giant chunks or lemurs so you just get better bang for your buck get jacked up coffee. Tell if it's high pitched through the field where is where does Dozer took off heater that's that's almost like a bunch of coffee beans with a few pieces of turd throwing that bam son they're still feed them nothing but coughing and shitted out sort of like we should out corn and I don't really digest it properly if there's a fermentation process that makes the bean taste better with the same problem that I have with the vegan diet is it I don't think they're being scientific or objective about it I think you automatic it's becomes an ideology

► 01:03:42

what's up with the saying in like a meat is one part of a good diet one part of a healthy diet and again for some people do some people that I'm sure you were aware of the lone star tick you know about that right what about it do you know about meat allergies lone star tick is a tick that bites people and gives them an allergy to red meat it's Horeb Texas across the country all we have up in my land is a text that is only get them off within 24 hours that doesn't allow them to produce the saliva that would make them release their hold on your skin and it's that that produces yellow fever not the actual tick bite itself so you don't get a lot of line up where I'm at but I've never heard of this long the line is much more prevalent in the east coast but it's starting to make its way out here there have been some lime cases out here in California but this lone star tick is it's a real problem and it's giving people it's something called

► 01:04:46

alpha-gal alpha alpha short for alpha-gal allergy last show alpha 1 3 Galactus Abigail's the most mammalian cell membrane so the allergy does an extension on the million meat poultry and seafood are all fine which is really interesting so you you can't once you get the shit you're just you're allergic to this Alpha galactose but you could eat a tap and human me according to the article so you're not allergic to those so you can have a million of it so he ate me so if you want to go to the jungle and have what they call bush in Christ speaking me ribeye steaks how to make these ribeye steaks taste really good so what what I do on on the rub is like a really coarse salt is a salt called Killeen assault super high in minerals

► 01:05:47

psychosis Course North different they harvested from the Mexican coast and it taste fabulous it's really good what's a growing salts I travel within use is Colima salt and then this stuff called up I am at AOL IMA and black Kona salt black Kona salts from from Pine from Hawaii I use that when I cook some of me from Hawaii just cuz it seems right to you salt from for my phone for the volcanoes in Hawaii so and I rub Cayenne black pepper salt and then to reduce the the carcinogens I can form when you cook me either time or Rosemary about I just rubbed I'm or Rosemary reduces carcinogens aromatic hydrocarbons made a form on the meat when you blacken the me cuz you want to get it but good Christmas here in crunchy on the outside a lot of the unhealthy effects of doing that when he gets home, never been there like that so you

► 01:06:47

got the meat gets room temperature you put this rub in Natick a cast iron skillet so I'm due on the grill at all cast iron skillet you heat up the cast iron skillet in the oven and then you take it out of the oven and put it on the stove tops put the stove top on medium-high and either use an extra virgin olive oil use lard before why do you use olive oil and has a low Flashpoint could put in extra virgin olive oil has a bunch of antioxidants in it so I never burned never an issue that doesn't burn doesn't smoke but when they see things so that's one thing to tell you he's never use olive oil extra virgin oil on Parvin olive oil Club so maybe it's cuz I have really good olive oil they ship me three bottles of olive oil every quarter of really red don't cook things at high heat with olive oil

► 01:07:40

look it up at this point all I can tell you is this searing I would assume that is kind of a so so it's it's not on there for very long anyways extra virgin olive oil into the pan heat up the olive oil and you put it on for maybe two minutes max on a cast iron skillet heat up the olive oil then you put the steak on and you do exactly for a perfect medium-rare 3 and 1/2 minutes one side 3 and 1/2 minutes the other side then you take it out on this is where you get there probably about that sick what does that so anyway the sick when you asked me in the last podcast how big my dick. After ingested into the oven you take entire cast iron skillet you put the oven on

► 01:08:41

Royal and you broil it for 1 minute on one side and then you turn it over and you do one minute on the other side and then you take it out of the oven and you finish it with butter mean when you take it out of the oven you just take the steak off a cast iron skillet shuvit asajj going to play whatever you take a pat of butter and you can Infuse the butter you can you can use a garlic infused butter Huaraches a plain old grass-fed butter put a pad of butter on the skillet you left the butter just get to the point where it's melted a little bit it's not super brown you put the steak back on top of the butter put the burner back on and you finish it one minute each side let it let it rest of your 4 minutes that technique is the best technique for the most perfect steak and I'll ever have it sounds very good or has really good it sounds very good really good mostly what I do is the reverse sear method with a pellet grill I keep it about 250° you ever used pellet grill as you're getting pellets so horrible essentially getting hard

► 01:09:41

what does compressed so what when they cut hardwood like for the stable it would take the Oak and the sawdust they would compress into these small pellets and news but different companies triggers a good one they they they make one out for them good girls an app what I like about it is you can control the temperature completely with your phone there's a thing called at Timberline some of the new ones so anyway you get these compressed pallets and they go into a hopper and then there it is right there that's what kind of that one a woodwind that's what are pellets for a pellet stove look like when I was growing up so the pallets going to the hopper and then at the bottom there is a gear like a worm drive that feeds the pellets into that fire at the bottom comes from an element so the element is a fan so once it's the element shuts off and then the fire is stoked by this fan and it's all temperature control. Very very precisely one of the good things what I like about this trailer

► 01:10:41

I've seen is it at seals up like a like a Yeti cooler like it's very insulated and fix what's really good at retaining the perfect temperature and again to do to your phone so I get it to 250 degrees then mostly what I'm cooking is Wild game low fat content and so you don't want to make sure you don't dry it out so I could get a low temperature I'm cooking at 250° I get it to an internal temperature of a hundred 2220 I pull it out and going to open up the grill to test your internal temp now I'm just used to know now I have a wireless wireless thermometer that's connected to it and the job site that so I can we see it now it's like what my dry aging fridge and it's also it lets me know if the gives me a beep when it hits 1:20 so I know it go and get it so I pull it is highly technical but I was there and I use a cast iron skillet as well but I cook with grass-fed butter so I take the cast iron skillet I put it probably same temperature of medium high heat and again when I got the steak on the on the grill at cell

► 01:11:41

I'm using sea salt and crushed black pepper and garlic powder that's what I usually use no black an extra butter in the cast iron skillet once it's heated up I sear it on both sides for about a minute and a half and then I let it rest depending on an ambitious sometimes I let it rest a cover it with aluminum foil and put in a Yeti cooler and I let it sit in that Yeti cooler for about 10 minutes and I'll pull it out and it is just it's not too cold after 10 minutes in the ghetto cooler right now to the Yeti cooler Yeti cooler maintains of water in my wife get to see her on the outside of that method oh yeah well they this year's coming from the cast iron pan I mean that's the reverse sear method the ideas that I'm cooking it to a perfect internal temperature of 120 degrees which will raise both in the yeti

► 01:12:40

Yeti cooler and also from the Syrian the outside so once I get the cast iron pan heat it up to me a medium-high heat I throw that butter in there and I see the shit out of the outside forget about a minute and a half full size wrap it in foil put it in the Yeti cooler for 10 minutes it maintains its temperature and it continues to slowly cooking so that it gets it somewhere around 1:35 ish which is what I like I take that bad boy out very precise because you get this real Smoky flavor to your food that comes from hardwood but there's no chemicals they compress the hardwood sawdust just with natural sugars the natural sugars and asada and you know there's a bunch of different companies is Green Mountain Grill makes a good Grill I got a Yoder at home I really like again Traeger is really good I'm also my friends using triggers because they the temperature control thing

► 01:13:41

the apps are so good to be able to use it on your phone on big fan of amazing you said it and you can just walk away from it too and it's going to smoke your meat at 200° just got it has a Goodrich that Smoky flavor weather is Hickory or cherry and whatever you choose the only thing that I have to do I don't know why I'm like this with a stay cuz I still need to dip it in something that you dip a prime rib and horseradish OU Stone mustard I did my second email like the stone mustard with a little little next door to it is perfect on Tuesday and I'm hungry too stoned to win at the Masters last night had steak that's going to buy it was good I had a fascinating fascinating discussion about artificial sweeteners there with the I want a guy to run Quest Nutrition Tom bilyeu Montana and he was drinking diet coke and we're talking about some of those studies out there on acid

► 01:14:41

family potassium in the potential for top neurotoxicity or sucralose to cause things like your microbiome issues and then death of bacteria in the gut and he was explaining how the amount of artificial sweeteners using that study was just a way for an excess of what you get from a diet soda and that what they call the in cretan response like like that that us Pike King of the appetite that is attributed sometimes to the consumption of artificial sweeteners only occurs in people who aren't used to artificial sweetener consumption and once they've kind of gotten until I get like a Diet Coke pallets. Jacob's went out now this is all brand new just like 12 hours ago right sounds like drinking diet coke and I do know that use artificial sweeteners is it doesn't sound like it but he said you could take a shower in Diet Coke and you wouldn't get sticky because there's that that's such a small amount of our food it's like a dusting of artificial sweeteners it so it actually

► 01:15:40

it's it's make I haven't delved into the research yet but it's at least made me think last night about reconsidering my stance cuz what I usually do is I just use use Stevia and Mike Pellegrino like my refrigerator for Pellegrino I love it I love it I love it I'm trouble the other day cuz I'm so busy I was doing a Spartan live feed announcing their sponsored by fitaid ride like they got the camera not a big old TV out there to Denver supposed to be pretending freaking said I'd what is today to take the TV down I think it's a got proteolytic enzymes in it I think that's the main thing I could be confusing I would kill Cliff I see a lot of that stuff bunch of those are great they break their wonderful for Recovery is enzyme I don't know how many of them they have do you like that a lot orange kill Cliff as a marinade for wild cork holy baby Jesus

► 01:16:40

well that's one of those things and they're almost the same thing if you have no marinade and nothing at all to tenderize meat you get your digestive enzymes you're on it got pack or whatever you have a ride and you break open the capsules and you sprinkle that on top of them it's like it's a phenomenal marinade for meat that kill Clarence to it's just so so delicious and you getting very little sugar it's just deliciousness I like it. And it has a lot of sodium bicarbonate in it I don't know if you looked at any studies on not baking soda for athletic performance and its ability to be able to buffer lactic acid really it's important

► 01:17:40

but the problem is that it causes got distress when you take as much as they use in a lot of these studies and so more more and more with the stays are doing your dosing right with which small amounts of baking soda for 2 to 3 hours leading into your workout so My Philosophy is this if Pellegrino has pretty high levels of sodium bicarbonate in it which it does it's got more sodium bicarbonate and then the other bottled waters like twice as much as gerol Steiner and Elena these other waters out there I'm kind of dozing with a little bit of a lactic acid buffer all day long so anytime I want to jump into a workout meal to push myself a little bit harder do you notice is zero Pellegrino studies on this but do you know what's the difference physically between not feel amazing when I drink that stuff all day I drink that and I drink this it's hydrogen enriched water molecular hydrogen better this way foundation called the molecular hydrogen Foundation they do studies on the anti-inflammatory in antioxidant potential of water that has a lot of hydrogen

► 01:18:40

call hydrogen Rich water and the cool part about that is that and I the only other thing I know of that can do this are green tea polyphenols is they act as an anti-inflammatory post-exercise without blunting the hormetic response that positive beneficial stressful response we talked about with exercise and so you can have your cake and eat it too like you get your antioxidant to shut down inflammation and it doesn't blunt in this case the hormetic response to exercise would be the proliferation of satellite cells in the production of new mitochondria which why shouldn't take a bunch of vitamin C and vitamin E is high antioxidant Compounce post-workout same reason you shouldn't do a cold bath post workout and the idea is that hydrogen Rich water allows you to shut down information with silencer Washington take a cold bath post workout and is there a there's a certain period of time where they think you should you could but it's bedtime

► 01:19:37

Station 3 hours for as far as like some people say I did not take don't jump into the cold bath 15 minutes out I work an hour crying at chamber Highway 2 or 3 hours I don't know if if Rhonda's basing that on Research or if it's an extrapolation or what but I wait a couple hours now that the exception to that rule is that if you exercise any closer than 3 hours to bedtime and elevates body temperature to the point where it affects your deep sleep cycles right so and one reason for that is because your core temperature is elevated so for me if I do an evening workout I do know hard later afternoon early evening work out quite often I will still take a cold shower I actually have a giant call I bought one of those endless pools like those Fitness pool that you swim in and I keep it on the force behind my house and it's just chock-full cold water but it decreases your core temperature and allows you to

► 01:20:40

sleep better later on if you do that after an evening workout so even though it probably restricts the efficacy of the work out a little bit that's just my yeah my reasoning is I'm going to sleep way better and any of the benefits I get from a good solid night sleep outweigh any loss of benefit from decrease in a little bit of that mitochondrial density and in Satellite cell proliferation when you're doing this late night workout how far like how long before you leave will do what research has shown is that it's ideal to finish a hard workout within 3 hours before bedtime if you don't want to if you don't want their sleep the mess up your sleep exactly what will you are a cold bath you can probably mitigate some of the year and I go to bed pretty early I usually go to bed about but usually 9:30 9:45 am in bed reading and I'm asleep around 10 10-30 so if I'm not finishing up work out till like 7:30 which is a k sometimes I finish work I'm not getting into the workout until like 645 7 like sometimes I'm working out closer to bedtime to 3 hours so not case holder

► 01:21:40

did a podcast recently with dr. Matthew Walker about sleep and it's kind of change the way I feel about sleep and that the importance of it and how much how much you need I used to think you could just power through and get through with like 3-4 hours a night you'll be fine you can Yahweh if you up well there's there's exceptions to that and some people have this I think it's the DC to Gene that allows you to actually get by on a lot less sleep some members of the population have that genes a very small never the population of all there's this guy named dr. lick Hill Nick littlehales is his name like a really messed up here and I'm like that anyways he's got this concept he works a lot of these European soccer teams and what he looks at is not the seven and nine hours of sleep not how many hours of sleep per night you get but the number of sleep cycles ride from stage 1 to Stage 5 sleep that you get throughout the course of the week meaning you're supposed to get 3

► 01:22:40

1235 sleep cycles over 7 days and so you might get 3 sleep cycles one night and 5 sleep cycles and other night and he also I haven't seen research to back this up but this is what he does with his athlete is he counts a 20 to 30 minute power nap as a sleep cycle so technically you could sleep for hours one night and then you could do 8 hours sleep night on a Saturday 20-minute nap on a Sunday and then you add up all your sleep cycles and you can use any self quantification device to if you want to actually measure how many times your recycling during the during a night of sleep and you look at that instead of am I getting a consistent 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night looking total sleep I die literally just wrote an article about this this morning on my website you should listen to the podcast with Matthew Walker cuz he's pretty in depth about what is what's recommended and why in the risk of Alzheimer's for people to get less than 5 hours sleep at night and I've been leaving when I'm asleep hog I'm asleep

► 01:23:38

I am for 24 hours Cycles getting about 8 hours which means like if I sleep 7 hours I take a 22 45 minute nap and that sounds per like I'm a big Napper my nap so very elaborate well you're also you work out extremely hard I mean I'm not I'm not working out it's hard to somebody's pro athletes wear I'm running like 10 hours of sleep a night by the average person have these normatec boots that I lay in these these gradated compression boots that kind of move that the compression from the ankle all the way up to the hips yeah and I lay on this Biomat which is like lying I want teddy bear it's like this mat that makes infrared Rays so it's like an infrared radiation that almost like a sauna and then I've got these these binaural binaural beat it's it's an artificial intelligence based audio that confuses your brain and lows you into this this total state of relaxation called brain FM so I lay on my back and I've got the boots on

► 01:24:40

and I have the mat on and I I know I'm sounding like it like a princess now but I have I have an assistant who was in my house and she really helps out with a lot of stuff she did she does the banking and she helps out with bringing stuff to the post office and you know she's just you just there whenever I need her to do stuff and you shall so she's back home with the kids right now so she just kind of like a live-in assistant and everyday about 12:30 or 1 she goes up to my bed she weighs up the biomass you plugged it into pushing on my temperature If She lays out the normatec boots she pushed the pillow out with a sleep mask in the headphones and then I just go up there after lunch and I'll lay down for about 45 minutes I'm just dead to the world that's pretty sweet setup yeah it's it's a good sign because it's not go to the idea was sleep though as yeah if you if you nap and if you pay closer attention to the number of sleep cycles at you get each week I think that's more important than getting like 7 to 9 hours a night

► 01:25:39

how would you know how many sleep cycles once you're monitoring it but it's it's accurate Kevin Rose tried to give you to wear one of those things it's big they've got another one that's smaller but it seems like it isn't willing to go along with it but it it works I found it in Finland like 4 years ago and I bought it and I really been using it ever since it does like my sleep temperature in my heart yeah that's the similar one but whatever you I wish I have invested in the company cuz I seem to be like everywhere now and I was at a Finland biohacking conference and there's this tiny little tables one guy at its finest little ring and all the sudden it's just like

► 01:26:37

I don't know if they're real but it's kind of cool because you can pull up your body temperature during the night so woman could use this the tracker Cycles it will tell you your heart rate variability which I used to measure every morning when I wake up I look at my parasympathetic in my sympathetic nervous system score and then I'd be able to tell if I should hard workout that day or are you asleep so wake up I can get it running average size on your smartphone or and then it appears that with like how hard I worked out the day before my heart rate my body temperature and then it tells me he was a Readiness course if my Readiness scores I like 60% that I'm going to go in Tucson and do yoga right and if my right in the store like 90 I'll do I'll go out and do the obstacle course in my house and swing kettlebells and and beat up the body Lil bit more so it's pretty useful does it ever in a hundred

► 01:27:39

900 that mean like why why wouldn't it be. If I took a two-hour nap on the does normatec boots they sent it to me I send it to my friend cam who said Cameron Hanes yeah but he where he runs a lot but probably have you seen they have a lot of them for the arms and hips to Giant Marshmallow Man imagine if you do a lot of upper body activity like maybe your picture maybe swimmer yeah boxer someone is doing a lot of upper body activity at the arms would be efficacious yeah they look kind of silly and they're kind of hard to get it on by yourself so I would say I'll be one more thing for my assistant to have to help me with it's graded compression so it's apparently a form of compression that they patented unlike a lot of the other boots out there to where it the first time it inflated measures the diameter of your limbs and then it basis every subsequent compression tool

► 01:28:40

the customized to the diameter of the earth of your limbs and pump the blood in this case if you're wearing the feet or the or the leggings from your ankles all the way up to your hips you got a picture when I was at lomachenko earlier pictures

► 01:28:56

that works I mean your legs feel light as a feather after you use them yeah and so he was compression like as it's doing that the compressing it what is it doing to the legs by just compress just pumping it's pumping blood up up and away from all the extremities and and so I know it's moving it back up to your heart the circulating blood throughout your body so let's ditional Hearts it's like a massage like a massage but I don't know if it's me but you have to hard is not a pump and it's not like it anyways though so it's they work though and they're incredibly relaxing. It's almost like someone's massaging you and this guy has carbs are in the legs on now this is a little bit it could it could get expensive to do that cuz now you got to have to inflation units rather than just one because you can't

► 01:29:59

come on at once that's a spendy set up but as well if he's the UFC featherweight Champion he can afford the Cadillac of Marshmallow Man suits Honolulu cryotherapy kittens Freak On A lot of these cryotherapy centers have knows I've got the walking cryotherapy they got the normatec boots they've got the vibration platform so you can lose weight while you're standing there on the vibration platform a lot of fat about those things ultrasonic things you know I'm talking about what are those called turbo Sonic's ever seen those are vibration play like a whole cycle like when I when I was in Park City I did one of those yeah I had to go take a shit right after 8 minutes and I said excuse me in and I had a glorious dump out the word so

► 01:30:57

trampoline at my house and I jump up and down on that thing in the mornings and it gets everything moving so that's like my 1-2 combo for having a really good dump in the mornings as there's this herbal blend called try Fela triphala and I put about a 1/2 teaspoon of that into a cop in at Super bitter so I put some Stevia in there or something to sweeten it up a little bit and I pour the hot water over you have that at night right before you go to bed and you wake up in the morning and you could use a vibration platform you could do the the Tai Chi bouncing that's another thing some people do we just kind of bounce up and down like this skip rope or you can you can jump on trampoline by Skip Rope 2 and it that 1 2 combo is Gibson's moving espressos before that too yeah a lion hi dude I need a hot cup of coffee in the morning I'll put anything in my coffee black but my my protocol for staying lean your ride is because I used to be 215 pounds and I had to shed a lot

► 01:31:59

wait to do it again and Ironman triathlons they did Ironman Triathlon for about 8 years in the way that I stayed lean for races when you get up in the morning and have a cup of coffee or green tea might because both of those can help to mobilize fatty acids from adipose tissue and you do this when you're in that fasted state that I was talking about right so you wake up after a 12 to 16 hour fast and you take the cup of coffee or the green tea then you go exercise or move aerobically for whatever time you have available 22 45 minutes does it have to be that long and the reason that you do it aerobically is because when you wake up in the morning you already have a lot of cortisol in your system there's there's no need to de-stress yourself even even more by doing a very hard workout I like to ease my way into the day I like a non-stressful morning unless I've got a very busy day and I know that I'm not going to get a hard workout at any other time I say my hard work out for that later afternoon or the early evening when your body temp Peaks and your grip strength peaks in your post-workout reaction time or your post workout protein synthesis Peaks

► 01:32:59

your reaction time peaks like like your body is very quick to do a hard workout in the afternoon or the evening more than it is in the morning for the way you can really tell is Jiu-Jitsu my Jiu-Jitsu training in the morning I'm way weaker but you don't feel the same exactly so the the ideas also when you do a hard workout in the morning you get a lot of times post-workout calor compensation men and you just want to eat everything in sight until bringing lunch. You're just hungry and part of this probably physical cuz you empty your glycogen stores more quickly and part it probably is not the right like I fucking punished it this morning I brought I deserve to have a few extra slices of bread for lunch so the the idea that get up I do the coffee and then I'll do the 22 45 minutes of easy movement that might be the yoga in the sauna it'll be a walk in the sunshine so I'm getting my vitamin D and I'll do like breathwork in the world I breathe in through my nose and do breath-hold so I'm still kind of making my butt

► 01:33:59

better but I'm not stressing it out with a lot of eccentric muscle tissue damage and then I finish up that whole session with a cold shower so I'm getting a lot of those benefits of white adipose tissue to Brown fat conversion in the absence of any information right inflammation and calories keep the white fat from getting converted into Brown fat which is what you want when you're doing a cold shower or cold soak or some kind of cold thermogenesis and I'm only able to stay super late with that protocol you get up caffeine aerobic exercise in a fasted State you finish up with a cold I mean if you weren't working out you can say pretty lean with that article in this is what you did specifically to try to lose weight to go from when you were by Bill did it originally to just shed muscle and then I would do really long catabolic Rana cardio endurance workouts but you're not that great for you but I just want you I was going to try to lean right yeah exactly so what you were doing this will you calorie restricting as well like taking it out of calories

► 01:34:59

sure thing you go to bed at 9 you be staring at the ceiling hungry are you did yeah you're trying to lose weight when your body starts beating yourself up for these for these facet workouts we are going too fast and hard work at in the morning you can stay you can stay anabolic but relatively non-insulin ingenic without spiking blood glucose too heavily with something like amino acids that's looks like a lot of people do a branched chain amino acid or an essential amino acid you elevate your blood levels of amino acids it keeps you anabolic it allows you to Stave off central nervous system fatigue keeps you from shedding too much muscle can you just spike your blood levels of amino acids and then go in your workout and you can even throw something like ketones in the next to so that's why I got very hypochlorite way to get a pre workouts up in without actually getting a lot of calories are in the same time that we were talking before the podcast about we're talking about different athletes and diet something along those lines and you were saying that you don't think it's a good idea for a pro athlete particular a basketball player

► 01:35:59

ketogenic diet diet yeah I don't think that is stripped ketogenic diet is a good strategy I think that is cyclic ketogenic diet would be the way to go for something like that yeah Zach bitter exactly what I do is all eats almost zero carbohydrates the entire day plants starches fats I think I told you about my morning smoothie the last time I was on and it's just you know like coconut milk and bone broth on these precursors to NAD which is another very good. Probably next to stem cells is one of the most potent anti-aging protocols that you can engage in nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide it's what that is and I can tell you about that in an in a seconds after I don't I'll just briefly tell you about the cyclic ketogenic diet basically it's all plants all fats no carbs or very low carb the entire day and then in the evening and this is where the beauty of that sooner I talked about earlier fits in because you've done your your hard afternoon early evening work out so you're glued for Transporters a very

► 01:36:59

upregulated you're very insulin sensitive in any carbohydrates that you do eat are far more likely to be shuttled into muscle or liver glycogen rather than hanging around the bloodstream causing inflammation in a rather than being your shovel to the liver and converted into triglycerides you're basically using the carbohydrates that you do eat at the end of the day to Sock away energy for the next days hard glycolytic Leta Manning work out right and so basically you're teaching your body how to be a fat burning machine all day long your restricting any amount of glycemic variability all day long assuming you're not doing the carnivorous diet because high amounts of me and it'll glue conio genetic and Spike blood glucose but your son shooting lots of plants moderate amount of fats and some amount of protein but but not a crazy amount of protein all day long and it was dinner you know what dude you just make sourdough bread while sweet potato fries and let you know my kids will make rice cakes and dark chocolate red wine any of that stuff is all in the evenings so that refills are glycogen

► 01:37:59

search for anything explosive and demanding and then you just rinse washing repeat the next day so that's a cyclic ketogenic diet now this is cyclic one individual 24 hour session but you are you experiencing states of ketosis during the day that we live so I have a device called a level in my office level and it's a breath Ketone devices just quicker and more convenient than a blood stick it's also just as effective long-term it is it's a good proxy it's a good approximation X and you can get like a blood Ketone monitor but if people don't want to do a blood prick everyday and I type I like have the Band-Aids on the fingers when I'm trying to write you into my lap it's just it's easier for me just breathe into a tube when I walk into my office. I'm easily measured after massive part of culture of these days measuring your ketones

► 01:38:59

you just consoling your people talking about it it's so fatty dad know you know where to meet up anyways though the the cyclic ketogenic diet allows you to be back in the state of ketosis by that morning easily and then you just basically maintain that all day long many refueling carbohydrates at the end of the day and then there was another question that you asked about any D that's something completely different but that but that's a cyclic ketogenic diet and I'm so so your body is having those carbohydrates at night knocks you out of ketosis right when you're when you're eating the bread and your blood glucose will rise you're not going to be shuttling a lot of acetyl Co a which is the precursor to ketones in a ketone generation and then you going through a 16-hour fasting something so I could eat you up you do the fastest morning aerobic workout the cold shower a little bit of coffee or green tea

► 01:39:59

antibody production area hard afternoon workout the easy morning workout like for for metabolism for body composition for for maintaining Fitness for teaching yourself how to be a fat burning machine will still be going to buy the carbohydrate stores it's a beautiful Saturday also I just think there's some there's some benefit in enjoying what you eat to not constantly worrying about your glucose levels and keep my hands all that stuff I mean I don't think there's anything wrong with having a little brat or a little pasta or something out of it now and again nothing wrong with it and beef with the with a carnivore diet is that I like sweet potato fries and I like you I like cauliflower rice and I like you know all sorts of different plants and vegetables now this song this NAD you can get these injections or IVs now and

► 01:40:59

it is something that enhances your own stem cell proliferation but it is one of the most potent anti-aging molecules you can put into your body in terms of decreasing the rate at which your telomeres shorten so you probably heard a lot of these circumin rich foods like blueberries and cacao in chocolate and Resveratrol and a lot of them work but the most powerful of any of these is NAD in your NAD to nadh ratio is highly reflective of your telomere health and these are the most horribly painful and uncomfortable injections or Ivy's you would ever get in your life you can do it early there's a there's a capsule those companies like Elysium niagen that sell NR it's a precursor to but it doesn't hold a candle to just mainlining into your bloodstream how do you get it when you do from so one way to do it is in a medical clinic you can get a six to eight hour IV bring a laptop in you work away it's up to

► 01:41:59

this on monthly basis just sick of it too long drip yeah they they have hour-long Ivy is it just beneficial to do it short like that it's way more uncomfortable shorty get the more comfortable it gets into your bloodstream more quickly and it feels like your whole body is on fire how many up that box braids and close your eyes and meditate and painful it's it's like we were done DMT it's like DMT but you're on fire and getting punched in the gut at the same time and you feel like your heart is going to explode when you finish and you feel like Superman you feel like you have more energy on less sleep your workouts are better and you it's one of those it's like fish oil where when you take a bunch of fish oil you just kind of keep your fingers crossed that it's working it's not like you can feel fish oil and you want to go destroy the world

► 01:42:57

it's even better than black ant extract where you can get it to you can so I get it shipped to my house and I do a self administer push IV I do the same thing with Myers cocktail so I just wish of a butterfly needle into my vein and then I push this in ADN very very slowly and you can even chase it with a Myers cocktail which enhances the effectiveness of it mean you can do like a n n i d and this is a common protocol anti-aging clinics are a lot of things I like a Alternative Health Clinics as you do the NAD injection and you followed up with the Myers cocktail and you feel like Superman IV infusion of IV infusion of Vitamin B and sometimes a little nootropics in there like lithium and stuff like that that's too much to remember man or but it's about anything except health and nutrition and fitness that's how I don't know I don't watch TV and and I don't follow politics or anything like good for you I just study help the poison out yes exactly it's like Sherlock Holmes NY

► 01:43:59

and tell him his name and he says I'm going to work hard to forget that cuz just want anything covering up his had it all right from his sleuthing so what is there an NHD place in La where I can go and do this yes. I was speaking with somebody yesterday about this and he asked me if I could find a clinic and I found one in Beverly Hills and it's probably and I wanted a long IV so you want to wait till we have some computer work to do and you can send your laptop and just kind of get stuff done 6 8 hours or you can just listen to Paul yet and you can push it in in about 15 to 20 minutes can you have a nurse practitioner do this and then there's some clamps I will just call the push IV and NAD push IV many minutes of my entire week but you feel amazing and I'm I'm testing my telomere length with this company called Telo years they said there's another one I forget the name of the other company

► 01:44:58

you're telling me like there's only a couple out there so it it test the rate at which your telomeres or shortening and the two things that have had the most profound effect on my results from that test have been the stem cell injection intravenously and the NAD injections my biological age right now which started off at 9:37 when I was 34 and then decreased 2:35 when I tested again at 36 years old I just tested at 37 years old in my biological age is 20 in terms of the rate at which my telomeres or shortening and the only two things that have changed have been the stem cell injections in the NAD injections logical age you can reverse your biological age now there is some side effects like so the tell him your test isn't is a test of your white blood cell telomere length which is not reflective of every cell in your body right so so technically it's it's not like it's not an iron

► 01:45:59

bad past with a ton of research behind it but it's an approximate corollary to your biological age it's the best we have right now to be able to test telomere length but I'm not going to pretend like it's a it's a it's a gold standard test I'm not aware of a gold standard test for telomere length but I can tell you that I feel amazing and that tell him you're like the shortening and those NAD injections just make you feel like Superman so do you think it's a combination of the things or do you we would you trade it more. The different meats and I told you about that study with that we talked about the carnosine in the blueberry extract that's one aquarella is another colostrum is fantastic for that for endogenous done so help coffee berry fruit extract that's another really fascinating when you can buy it out on Amazon is a powder and I put a lot of the stuff in my morning smoothie now so when I wake up you have got chlorella I've got DHA I've got this the stuff called

► 01:46:58

d'arco bark tea which also enhances your own in a d production colostrum bone broth vitamin C to enhance the bone broth uptake June how to make yourself a little a little cocktail ingredients you just taking the morning without necessarily spending you eat thousand bucks on the stem cell and extraction and injection have you thought about like having some sort of an online thing where people could subscribe to a protocol and you would you know what I thought about doing was just making like a like a supplement or something like that like where you can take all this stuff and just combined it into a shake or or into some kind of us some powder or something I mean some some people don't understand the supplement industry of formulation so why don't you buy me one compound can decrease the absorptive ability of the other compound or you know one compound bow created in an acidic and alkaline scenario in which the other one doesn't work well so it will require a lot of testing But ultimately cannot

► 01:47:58

when I just want it all in a blender and kind of keep my fingers crossed and dump it all in my big ass mug and it seems like someone like you know so much about the stuff it would be a great resource If people could subscribe to something and you guys could put together some sort of a protocol for people that would have thought they could follow it on a daily basis and you know you're creating more work for me but it would the problem is genetic variability right like this whole high-fat diet and I saw yesterday that you tweeted out and my friend Nina teicholz is your data you know who encouraged in the high saturated fat intake and I love her and I love her approach and I love the idea that she is getting a lot of people you know via VIA lobbying to to focus Less on grains and high carb diet which I think is helpful for a lot of people but at the same time there are there are genes relative ppar 1 Alpha Gene

► 01:48:58

could cause a little bit of an inflammatory response to high intake of fats or to a lot of saturated fat without a lot of poly or mono unsaturated fats there I think the last time that we talked we we talked about familial hypercholesterolemia right where some people if they shipped to a ketogenic or high-fat diet it's gruesome from metabolic standpoint because they get not only high cholesterol but High particle counts and an oxidation of that cholesterol there's there's there's ways around that you know for example like a katana and diet would be what you can see him if you are if you're eating or if you had the smell of hypercholesterolemia where you eat a lot of tubers and fish and coconut meat and wild plants and that's technically like a 70 to 80% carbohydrate based diet of grains you know if a lot of junk food but that would be a diet more appropriate for someone with that issue someone with a p p a r j an issue they'd want it

► 01:49:58

eat less of the coconut oil and the butter in the cheeses and more like the avocados and extra virgin olive oil more than Mediterranean diet approach you know I mentioned earlier that did the fact that coconut oil and a lot of these saturated fats and lot of people are inflammatory so they would want to eat a lot of a lot of antioxidants and flavonoids and polyphenol-rich no small non-sugary berries and dark leafy greens so yeah again that you could have a subscription-based service that teaches people out of these things but then once again you got to have either artificial intelligence that screening each person to look at what they actually need or you got a real person talking to each person looking at their loud and say okay this is the one that would work well for you rather than just say Okay this this is been smoothie everybody should be drinking this one thing once they monitored my blood and I have banded it immediately cuz I told me I should have avocados I'm like what are you talking about that's at I G G food allergy test in the problem is that you

► 01:50:58

Pilates immunoglobulins the foods that you eat a lot so people be like I was going to do this with her tail between your legs cuz I can't have avocados and eggs anymore because they were eating a shit ton of avocados and eggs at the pretty accurate test Johnson so it's like I feel great I eat avocados all the time this can't be anything other than nonsense it's not nonsense I mean to avocados and there is nobody in the streets no evidence of that site going to actually hurt you that's the problem it's just you would have to go on some sort of a very neutral diet for a long period of time get your body's Baseline established rice for a month and then get it taken the proteins at all and even then

► 01:51:57

shout like a five-day fast and that's not. New valter Longo longevity diet is you do I think it's 5:00 over the know once a quarter five-day fast right to clean you out to get all the benefits of cellulite off of G and with that particular diets you know I was talking before about how long from calorie restriction is is bad for you you know I'm in this whole idea of intermittent fasting with caloric restriction creates hormone deficits and associative like gallstones and all sorts of nasty things happen to your body when you don't give it enough calories what about long-term like how does approach is you do a five-day fast just a few times a year and I think an inactive individuals athletes the only recommend like two or three times a year Max that you do this five-day fast and you put it in off-season or recovery phase are some of your time we're not raining heavily and that scenario would allow you to get a lot of the cellular Topic in the cleanup benefits and theoretically could do that right and then go get you food allergy test and see what kind of proteins are

► 01:52:58

a 24-hour fast how often what works for me because I don't do well not even for 5 days I'm too active like I just have too much shit going on all like there aren't many times during the year when I can point out a five-day slot my schedule where I'm not hunting or competing or working out or doing something that requires me to need calories or else I'm just going to I'm already skinny but I can't go without eating in my metabolism the Sky High so what I do is a 12 to 16 hour fast every day not a calorically restricted fast but just 12 to 16 hours without eating every single day on the lower activity days at taking less protein and I restrict meat that's on a date or not beating on my body too much like a Wednesday and Sunday which are more recovery days are the days when I do African I called his myself loveday's Rock I do clay masks coffee enemas Newport therapy I saw I'm still up regulating your own

► 01:53:58

glutathione production in your bio pit Like You Feel clean as a whistle plus it's the best way to get coffee out of your butt like you've never done something like that and experience what it feels like just be completely cleaned out it's a pretty good feeling coffee enema and I only cleans out your colon but it causes your liver and your gallbladder gallbladder specifically to increase bile production it up regulates your your bluetooth ion production you're in Dodges glutathione production and so you're increasing production of antioxidants and it also causes peristalsis I should just move stuff through it's got a moving slowly so once a week Wednesday mornings I get up my my wife makes coffee every morning I have to make an extra pot I just leave that out on the counter till it gets to room temperature and normally when I'm drinking my coffee I'm going through all my morning researching articles and everything down in my of a standing desk in the basement but instead I go and I I lay on my right side on the bathroom floor and I keep coffee

► 01:54:58

in there for about 20 minutes while I'm working and then I get up and you just let it all out and Gloria coffee and your butt I get a stainless steel enema bucket so you're not injecting Plastics G Classics and then you add it's about a 1/4 C of coffee in the back side with this too it's a lot of coffee cheese and then you ain't right side for 20 minutes and then you get up and let it all out and of course have a Squatty Potty so it comes out more easily course you know that kinky and everything comes out and you just give you walk away just like whistling with a big smile on your face. Squatty Potty is legit I feel wonderful is what if I works and really should be sitting on the ground when I don't have one eye perch in my best dumpster when I'm hunting on camping right you know you hold onto a tree and it kinda like it has Perfect 2 on those days that I'm doing weird things

► 01:55:58

don't involve workouts I do protein restriction cuz I'm not beating up my body that much coffee enema doesn't cause a lot of eccentric muscle tissue damage unless you've done something horribly wrong so I basically have those days is my lower protein days then once a week and this would be a mess I'm traveling cuz it's hard to doing travel at a 24-hour fast Saturday at dinner you stop eating sleep all night all you got to do is Skip breakfast on Sunday and skip lunch on Sunday and then have dinner on Sunday night and I'm pretty easy to do and so I get the benefits of the longer fast right cuz a lot of those cellular on top of G & N dodgin stem cell production benefits kick in and tell you about 16 hours in that's why I get that benefit once a week even though for me really it comes out to about twice a month that I'm actually at home cuz I travel so much doing that full 24 hour fast and I do a lot of work that day I play with my kids like I just feel things in throughout that day to keep my appetite satiated and sometimes I'll do some of those new Ketone Esters and sometimes will do some amino acids or

► 01:56:58

a cup of bone broth and count as breaking your fast kind of sort of cheating but it's it's it's like a hit a speed bump for a skinny you know high metabolism. Like me to have like a cup of 40 calorie bone broth in the middle of the day the bone product testers also break your fast there a caloric technically you know from from just appear very simple physiology standpoint your body would need to utilize those ketones for energy before it would turn some of your own acetyl Co a drive from your fat and extra ketones but I just like the way I feel when I'm fasting using these these especially like the newer Ketone Esters in the Masters you supposed to take them with glucose no no no you are going to get a huge performance Advantage by taking them with glucose but that's also it's it's an ancestral e inappropriate stayed for the human body to have simultaneous

► 01:57:58

elevated levels of blood glucose and elevated levels of blood ketones because traditionally we have elevated are blood ketones through fasting and while I'm okay with elevating blood ketones the non ancestral roots of the consumption is Ketone Esters design you know by the US Department of Defense for soldiers in battle left to go 2 or 3 days without eating or for Tour de France Riders have been using it for a while the idea of consuming glucose on with those key tones and spiking blood glucose which can have a little bit of inflammatory oxidative effect is not something I would do unless I were it like in a race or a really hard to Manning work out that's where something like that you can you can use like Rocket Fuel and that's actually a very good mix of some kind of like a fructose maltodextrin blend which the Gatorade Sports Science Institute of showing allows you to get a really high absorption of carbohydrates rather than just Malta dextrin or just glucose or just ripped us then you add in Ketone Esters on top of that

► 01:58:58

and a Stave off with cold central nervous system fatigue the crossing of tryptophan into the brain which kind of makes you feel your turkey dinner sleepy effect during exercise you throw essential amino acids into that you got amino acids ketones and glucose and not mix is just pure rock if you'll talk about that last time you said it was like being on steroids that they having glucose in your system with ketones just fucking crazy yeah yeah it's it's pretty amazing now when you go on these fast if you drink coffee does coffee break your fast coffee or the consumption of anything from a circadian biology right 24-hour circadian rhythm you've you've got multiple circadian rhythm qs1 is movement so when you travel in your jet leg movement helps you normalize your biological clock another is a light right so exposure to high amounts of morning sunlight or using one of these newfangled hacking devices like that like the eye light or the in here like that's another circadian key

► 01:59:58

eating or really the consumption of anything supplements coffee tea etcetera that's also a circadian Q there's a researcher dr. Sachin Panda who's got some really good research on circadian rhythm city and what he says is that the consumption of anything can disrupt circadian biology if your fasting for the purposes of regulating your circadian rhythms maybe you've got insomnia poor sleep patterns inflammation due to lack of sleep or lack of the other bag drainage and consolidation of memory and everything that occurs during deep sleep your sleep is more less fucked up right like that would be a situation in which you just wouldn't want to eat anything during a fast but if you're fast is for the purposes of us a like fat loss or even some of them like the endogenous stem cell production benefits of fasting and a cork cup of coffee is not going to cause any issues and furthermore if you're concerned about like the cholesterol is in the coffee use a paper filter cuz it going

► 02:00:58

filter out most of the cholesterol is as well versus like a French press or the oil or steel filter yeah yeah

► 02:01:03

water a sink is completely allowed now there are some people who do dry fasting they'll be popular for people that like candida or Yeast or fungi they would claim that I'm wasting varmint would allow the bacteria to flourish until some of those people will do dry fasting I know a guy who does dry fasting with autologous urine therapy where he does dry fast in the morning he drinks his urine and and that's some old IR Vedic Clinton technique that I don't personally do try it I did try it yet I try to try to do the best temperature got to be more than the taste just like the warm hotness oh you just realize he is not an issue unless you're putting a bunch of stuff in it right in the end then even though it is admittedly non-insulin a genic and it's actually quite a kick in the pants as you know you know when you blend fats with coffee you get there the cops.

► 02:02:05

call way all the cross the blood-brain barrier they Camp you up psychologically you also getting your body have to burn those calories before it burns a lot of its own calories so that's not something you do you do while in a fasted State band I got to wrap this up you are you're always mine fuck dude every time you come in here I have to pause after the podcast and try to like capture little bits of information and that's pretty much my main take it away from the past couple hours I want I want to freaking steak tell people how they can get your website tell people how they can watch your videos Ben Greenfield Fitness. Com or just Google Ben Greenfield social media is Ben Greenfield Benjamin Greenfield your bad motherfuker appreciates band

► 02:02:56

thank you everybody for tuna to the podcast and thank you tour sponsors thank you to the cash app download the cash app into the reward code Joe Rogan 1 Word you receive $5 in the cash Apple send $5 to Justin wrens fight for the Forgotten charity thank you also to LegalZoom go to legalzoom.com and do the code word Rogan at checkout to save even more satisfaction guaranteed motherfucker upfront pricing customer reviews it's all there legalzoom.com thank you also to zoom. Us video conferencing the way it's meant to be meet happy with zoom Video Communications set up your free account today at Zoom. Us

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and that's it we did it who much love friends thank you TuneIn appreciate you hope you enjoy the show see you soon