#1125 - Candace Owens

The Joe Rogan Experience #1125 - Candace Owens

May 31, 2018

Candace Owens is the communication director for Turning Point USA, which is an American conservative nonprofit organization whose stated mission is "to educate students about true free market values."

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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boom in the Life Candace Owens how you doing I'm doing very good thank you thank you for asking these day tennis the world just everybody's excited about being outraged every 5 seconds from Boston University and he is a part of this backdating of the ancient the history of Egypt and they're talking about you know all these different structures that might be thousands and thousands of years older than people think they are and one of the things that he's working on is that there was coronal mass ejections from the Sun somewhere around 10,000 years ago that basically killed off a giant percentage of the population of Planet lightning storm millions of times greater than anything we've ever experienced before it literally was like lightning coming down like rain in the ground

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syndicated civilization resets it sounds like we need something like that really be upset about Samantha be at work today. It's just outrage culture I say everyone should just wait like 48 hours if everybody hates you and then they'll be on to the next person that they have to pay the internet is the cycle boy hit you hard but then it goes back pretty quickly fast yeah I never that serious it's not like the old days when someone got in trouble with something boy that troubles stuck and I don't know that time I had I genuinely don't know that time I will do U 29 it just turned 29 in the shit store and culture to you I think the thing that sucks for me is that I'm really conscious of it like I wish I thought all of this was normal it would be easier but like even when I do things like this before that I was not going to let me do Instagram story about to go on Joe Rogan

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it's like holding my phone in the middle of talking to this device I wasn't aware of it you know that girl. Just all day and it feels normal so that being conscious of it is kind of not that fun that's probably the best way to approach it to be conscious about goofy cuz if you just Swept Away in the Zeitgeist it's better to just put your entire life on social media and I actually don't think it's the most horrible thing in the world but my entire life is on social media if you're stupid you did like putting everything on Instagram and you'd be do you do the selfie face this is my favorite thing this thing

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when you do the weird thing with their neck I don't really bad at selfies my cousin always has to take them if we're in the same picture but I'm getting good at my like Instagram angle and like the things that I say I called you guys like this eyeshadow like it's like it's it's that ridiculous my friend Cameron Hanes loves you he saw you on Fox News girl she's making so much sense he's like super hardcore conservative so he likes when anyone is like young and conservative you'd like love Ben Shapiro he loves all that shit she's got excited about you getting really excited I think it's just because I am really unapologetically myself and today that's like it's like seeing an alien many people trying to do this this one thing that is absolutely happening whether people like it or not or believe it or not two people are trying to silence other people's opinions if you say something that doesn't jive with them and

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how to say wow this lady kind of out there but she's saying some shit that I'm not sure I agree with instead of that it's like someone to lose their job you shouldn't like a tweet account how weird are some of these situations that makes you not able to feed their family cuz you don't like a tweet people are crazy yes they're fine Target so you want to go out to people that were riding boycott Joe Rogan because I was talking about having Roseanne Barr on the show tomorrow no I'm I'm sure you don't agree with you I don't agree with what she said right but the idea that she can't like have a conversation after that to me is like the most bizarre thing in the entire world but that is what outrage culture is the island she doesn't even agree with what she said she's she's taken all kinds of antidepressants she's drinking she's fucked out of her head

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my mom took Ambien she just told me about this today I forgot I forgot about the store cuz I was telling her the story about another friend of mine on the podcast yesterday I talked about how a friend of mine got on Ambien made a full meal cooked it ate it went to sleep got up in the morning it had zero recollection I was in total denial of it happens I told me that she went to bed got up in the morning and she had got up and put red lipstick and and and nail polish all over the white bathroom carpet is Little Shack shoes painted on it like a child zero recollection of it she like this is scary shit wishes painted like a little kid would like a two-year-old to get a hold of your lipstick and start drawing on the wall shag carpet sleepwalking you can do anything with a bunch of bizarre stories would just come out I'm like

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nothing to drink your tea toddler and I started down this like journey of realizing that like hold on my guy lives for 26 years of my mind wasn't my own like I thought like the female liver was okay and like everything that was said on TV was okay then it's like very easy to sort of get a little paranoid and what else did I do I accept normally that is actually retrospective like a little weird and I start thinking about drinking drinking possibly be the cure to everything like it's like you're getting married right you're sad designed for it I don't know I just feel like I did like a little bit of math and I calculated that since I started drinking when I was like 14 years old and I put I would say like Fair like I drink every weekend probably more in college maybe 5 days a week in college right

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then I was like wow I've technically trying for like 3 years of my life and that feels weird so I'm just not going to drink anymore cuz now I go places and oh my God I don't drink and everyone gets really uncomfortable and then I'll have a glass of water I'm like yeah that's a weird one right like if other people drinking you don't like outside of everybody's fucked up you like man who ever did weird shed it's like it's okay we're all hammered but if you were sober watching over me right and shut down my friends are getting married and like the first thing they say when I say don't drink it's like you're not going to drink at my wedding I'm like a wolf is that okay can I still come

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they take a very strange thing to culture of drinking as a non-drinker you really realize how busy it is social for people to really have some weird feelings about it and just When You're Sober man I don't know it's not a bad thing I took a month off I took we did sober October no pot no booze and then we had to do 15 you have 15 hot yoga classes 90 minute hot yoga classes in a month was this up bad between me and my four friends was it is a stupid because it wasn't even a steaks right like if one of us didn't do it we had to throw a party but we all did it so it's like pointless but we learned a lot you learned a lot about it just be you learn a lot about that even if you don't think you use alcohol or pot as an escape you do you do a little bit

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is just like the amount of confidence that I have like I have this. Now that alcoholic like gives you anxiety like I used to be stressed out like I realized I was self diagnosing myself a morning person I thought we just like perpetually hungover and never like now I like I have so much energy so I'm like what I wonder how many things I've been like sites like self-diagnosing on my 96 likes getting mediately clears out so I'm like wow me vi I just had like so much alcohol in my system that I like developed random things like just certainly not good for your five six nights a week in the best way to like stop drinking is to read the article that you're not and then be like okay this should like that I had this theory that like alcohol and people call alcoholic Spirits or whatever that like

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when you drink like it allows like evil spirits that come into your body I can feel like most bizarre thing and I was just like yeah I just like read weird articles and then I'm like among the drink anymore I'm done I'm over it and then I realize like who else doesn't drink like the most like successful if Donald Trump is never drink alcohol which is just fascinated cuz I'm like I don't need to sit down relax going at it and I'm like maybe that's that's the secret Charlie Kirk doesn't drink 24 years old and taking over the world so I don't know who else doesn't drink drink so it makes it easier but they're just like highly productive individuals and I'm now like highly productive Kim Kardashian doesn't drink and whether you like

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looks good we highly productive it's also good to have fun and I don't think there's anything wrong with a little weird thing to observe When You're Sober it's very strange Planet why are you screaming close to my face I want to talk to explain if I want to get more snow clothes like you need to feel like the heat emanating off of 70% space North and personal space just like you know people grab people do weird shit to me like a human being is are weird because I'm sure I'm not going to like never drink again but like I'm not even I don't even think about it like it's just like this is the new Candice I'm sure

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when I get married right like I'm not going to not have like a glass of champagne but like right now like I said she would like a self and I'm doing I'm like I just don't have the energy to be like tired to become this the you're very popular what I would call conservative thinker but you're very young like how did this all happened how did you become this Fox News personality conservative think I just like a YouTube channel YouTube magic internet internet internet but yeah I just kind of thought I was really passionate I understood I had studied for like it sounds strange like I spent a year underground like studying politics once I had my red tail moment about you want to cosplay as you used to be

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you're like really starts with like high school I guess like they're what you know how things can happen in life they don't make sense when they happen you like my God me and then when you get a little older and you're like this makes perfect sense victim of a hate crime when I was in high school when you said quote on quote victim mentality that like being a bit there's no. And being a victim and people rush to call people take down a rush to call somebody to request so how do you describe experience Phillips s culture in before we seek to understand what happened we seek to like I received some voicemail messages from about four kids and that's like to know the language was it was pretty strong it was like for a tar and feather your family get to Martin Luther King like you know

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Android and work and you received these on your phone how to get your phone number for human beings that want me dead that would say put on the back of your head like yeah it's a total shit holy shit hole I'm sorry terrible running joke why talk about the Connecticut the worst country used to work in all over Connecticut when I was doing stand-up I would drive from Boston in to Connecticut I did like a lot of gigs in Hartford I did gigs

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he was a boxer that came out of Hartford big-time boxer Marlon the Marlon Starling but when you were in high school somebody started doing this prank call and shit on you and was this and I was on my boyfriend or a boyfriends house when I got the call and I just might put the squeeze it was like blocked number so I was going to bed and then the next day at school I took the sex philosophy class and like I don't know what the topic was too I don't know what prompted me to raise my hand and introduce what happened last night I was like you know a Segway I just need to get off my chest But the teacher like spazzed out I was like get up we're going to the principal's office like you know you have to report this he brings me at the office of principle like freaked out she just liked it

► 00:21:06

it was shocking you know and then she called like the resource officer and then like the next. My life is like a black out because it turned out that three of the kids I never even met like they this was like maybe some kids that had their first beer one of the kids I was like friends with but we were arguing because he was upset that I was like spending so much time with my boyfriend he just put Jello you know I just like so should I just got petty friends and they are all get drunk all these call this black girl end until I get this don't look at a human being like it's easy to say awful things but unfortunately for me one of the people in the car happened to be the current governor of Connecticut Sun so this turned from like some

► 00:22:06

prank calls till I said some awful things to like front page of the newspaper throughout the entire state of Connecticut a little bit of New York and Away CP outside of my school I have to leave us like this situation that was talked about Rachel to my first like introduction to outrage culture and the things that sort of Ford my thoughts like this was a very formative experience in my life which to me was was not political but it was like my life wasn't mine like I went from like sitting down watching I was watching Talladega Nights with my boyfriend to being the most discussed person in the state of Connecticut and what was interesting about it was just that because it was the governor of Connecticut son that was in this car they had to get the FBI involved in the authenticity of the white like maybe she called herself it was my son he actually let the FBI investigate for 6 weeks and waiting for her son to get arrested 6 weeks let you know what I mean like

► 00:22:59

you know so 6 weeks of the entire State I didn't like let's go people were like fighting on my behalf fighting yeah yeah this is just like it was like I'm on Chasity of a situation and it was one of those things where I like letters to the editor I don't believe Candice lick this happened this girl I believe she calls herself like you like I was just looking for attention one night and I just decided to say I was going to hang my family from a tree it's bizarre I don't have to leave her letters to the editor Silver Fox News

► 00:23:59

that was quick it happened it was over for like everyone but not for me or these kids like so I never want to just get to get arrested like it's no one like in this whole situation was taken out of my hands people thought I didn't call the police like my teacher wants the police that turned into the zoo these kids were labeled publicly racists write the youngest kid in the car was 14 I'm not come to whatever labeling a 14-hour with racist right or any of these kids these are kids and in my opinion adults that fail to act like adults so easy nowadays for children being mean and no one to me about that like 5 years of anorexia because of the situation yeah and yeah which is so weird because like people but I did I did like did not eat for like 5 years I had

► 00:25:06

anorexia because people took the narrative you're you're a victim or maybe you're a liar you know you're these kids are racist these kids are this and just nobody really thought that like you actually want all of our lives right like for a little bit like these kids went on to have like DUIs and get arrested and got into drugs and it was because it was like sorry good for you for looking at that way when they are allowed to get outraged everybody loves get out right obviously what they did he was horrible but I think a lot of kids especially if they're drinking they don't even understand how stupid and gross it is what they doing they just know they can do it and they get a thrill out of it and then there's that mob mentality when is like a bun

► 00:26:06

people together doing the same thing it up and start saying crazy shit understand opinion like you're like Hey we're going to call this black girl right you got a bunch of kids you say mean things to her on the phone and you don't have to look her in the face right if I hold up this pain and I'm like just say mean stuff like someone's going to get you can say anything so it's sort of it was a form to experience that in retrospect I understand has so much to do with why I am who I am because I hated that like that label obsess culture and the outrage machine and then like we're done but like you know forget the people that realize we just like do you know those people anymore the siblings of them I was friends with his brother is like you're just going to tell me this kids like a racist like I actually knew the kids mother and nobody cared it was just a stupid

► 00:27:05

if I did something that was scare you or the youngest was 14 certainly racists the words are racist is can somebody say something say a word that is okay if somebody stand up I was watching I asked to remember who it was like maybe he was really sick and I don't know but he was saying how he like instantly turns into a race this like I said I cut him off at 6% like the first thing you do is look something to do with him being Chinese right and like a huge bus like just

► 00:28:06

stop in front of me and like literally 45 agent and suddenly I was just I couldn't like walking around like I was like why do they always travel in packs right like taking a bus and traveling and then afterwards I get gold what stupid stupid thoughts even had to have because I'm frustrated that I can't like get my berries in New York city so yes I think that people in a moment of frustration of anger if you add alcohol if you add Ambien right and are coming from a place of upset they can just do something that stupid without holding this like for the rest of the way you're 14-year races in forever anybody to recover from anything that's right they want to know that it's over your careers done your life is over I did the wrong thing

► 00:29:03

some reasons for some people to be potluck Harvey Weinstein's perfect example why I should be in jail for sure for sure he's done a lot of horrible shit packed but then there's people that like like what is Samantha Bee say today is call Ivanka cunt when she gets in trouble I bet she doesn't she I bet she doesn't kiss you there are fucking so many tweets that he put out that are crazy call Trump a Nazi and fuck you and Ben Carson was literally called a porch monkey that's totally fine

► 00:29:58

famous person that's like if I call a guy likes you say racist shit to other black people that's racist it's not it's okay but we know weird weird laws are rules culturally I agree it's definitely hypocritical like someone was saying that there's a tweet that I retweeted today that's Smallville girl that Smallville show is still on the air and that girl is apparently she she's admitted to sex trafficking in that some of it was her idea Smallville still on the air they're pulling Roseanne from Hulu

► 00:30:52

presidents where she did not know that lady was black she swears Allison Mack says branding the sex slaves was her idea branding them that's means like burning a logo into their bodies that is why I don't know enough about that story must be off the charger but it's it's only accepted like if you have any ties whatsoever to conservative thought I'd see if you even like liked a tweet that Trump sent out about it forget about it but I have conservative people on and people call me all right and all this crazy shit they just looking to silence and label something like they were literally I mean everyone piled it every slow down the sun piled in when I tweeted a couple of weeks ago that I was having a conversation out of you so I was like I was having conversation at lunch

► 00:31:51

Chelsea Handler I think she's weird person like I don't know what happened because I used to really like her like you know 10 years ago and now she's like something's weird so I think she's looking for more meaning and importance of talking to you like a friend at lunch I was and we were talking about like why some of these like older woman have just gone Bonkers and you know my friend me too, and she's like if you don't like use your eggs they scramble I just ate like

► 00:32:41

shit that t-shirt stop with the correct but I observe the pattern of Kathy Griffin's I observe the pattern of Chelsea Handler and Sarah Silverman on the fence you don't have children and they need something to nurture and Foster and try to raise and in this sense it's Society like they are just trying to parent the hell out of society and then she speak North Chicago like this is there like obsessed with like everything completely wrong and everything

► 00:33:37

out like Ellen The Ellen Show's producers like I mean Jake Tapper but delete the tweet this is a tweet this has nothing to do with Trump anybody this is the girl who likes supports Trump and works for Turning Point USA which loves Trump stop yourself with a friend talking about like how bizarre Chelsea Handler Kathy Griffin and Sarah Silverman I just said like you think that's something really happens to men if they don't have no children and that was a question

► 00:34:39

stop spot on nebula kellyanne Conway anything anything to anybody to me you know to every single woman about Chrissy teigen's also I cannot like she just like Angry like you know I just like I hate hate hate and then like you say one thing about them and how could you even question did you even ask the question if it's because they don't have kids and like this makes me sort of think that wouldn't work that way

► 00:35:33

responded by saying what no it's this was like a full-on like and something sort of just happened and like Trump is the the means like they whatever they're going through in life the outlet is Trump and anybody that likes Trump is there in the war fight somehow or another is like reinforcing a good behavior in shutting down the bad behavior and I'm not I just I feel like I try this stage of my life to avoid conflict as much as possible

► 00:36:37

unless it comes to writing jokes Sometimes some people got to get they got to take that usually it's just in like that's what I thought I got you know it's going to be surprised awful I can people like that but like I just a genuinely annoyed by his behavior is like not just a genuinely like a really sweet sound like you to shut up and like Kim Kardashian goes to you know get Alice Marie Johnson like she's been fighting for this for years she put all of her money into a legal team to do this like and that's not the only like actually trying to help

► 00:37:38

people get clemency and she takes a picture and he's like he says something just very Ben Shapiro it was like we should not be worshipping slug stream of an analysis for a meeting and the picture is taken with you not busy with the president does a full-time photographer at every person I meet the president you got a picture of them in the Oval Office it's like a part of the system and yes I was just like to shut up like I said like reality show celebrity I mean it doesn't mean that she couldn't have a very valid point about prison reform we should allow celebrities to she didn't go their shape policy she literally had a case that she's been trying to get part of the only person that can do properties to be president Donald Trump

► 00:38:34

she's actually into this now she's into this like prison reform and I'm passionate about it like I grow up see my uncles in prison so like for me the only time that I like Snapback anyone if it's obviously, I really am passionate about Black Americans really passionate about the changes I could happen for Black America in prison for me something I'm really passionate about so I've been observing like how hard your Christmas and working on this as hard as long as I'm working on this and have really understood what they're trying to do like and I went to the the prison reform sign it back up like it a month ago and and Kim in this way she doesn't even like agree with a lot of stuff she's throwing some shade but this is something is Alice Marie Johnson case you was doing before Trump Tower into office but you would she cares about just the case how far away she is from them

► 00:39:31

desk is a lot lower that you've been you realize which is also kind of weird to be like this or like this and there's no in between maybe I'll put it in my own head checks it's pretty God damn good right there she's gorgeous she looks good I guess the question is can a celebrity do a good act you know and sure looks like she's donating but she really is she donated $1000000 to Puerto Rico

► 00:40:31

show business anymore stuff like when they do and what I which I differentiate from and I guess this confuses people is when they just give their opinion like I like the Emmys and just like teaching all of us about how wrong you are opinions are celebrity grandstanding like then you sure do that if you care about like Ashton Kutcher going after sex trafficking celebrate that that's cool like Kim Kardashian going over after crime Justice Reform celebrate that that's cool but when you get these celebrities that just get up there and then try to deliver it to your door it's like shut up which really nobody cares what you think like this world they care enough to that person's got that platform and they feel like this is their opportunity to say something significant and then also devote their for sure hundred percent virtue signaling a hundred percent letting everybody know how moral and ethical they are even if they are me and this is just those

► 00:41:38

walking award shows are weirdest ship it's weird you should go up there and you should say thank you thanks a lot store next to my names of producers Marlin motherfuking Brando in between having sex with everyone Marlon Brando Richard Pryor bunch of different people which is to me is a huge Pryor fantasy shows a spike to the heart what's going to let me know what the hell

► 00:42:37

she started this so you started this because when he won the Academy Award for Apocalypse Now he had a Native American guy go on stage and taking his place to highlight the plight of Native Americans it was a different movie but it was if we came as big political speeding The Godfather go up in in in accept the award in his place and give some speech is woman you know it's just like I can't stand it drives me insane but that's a huge difference is celebrity grandstanding terrible at looking all good I was just hold on

► 00:43:31

Marlon Brando The Godfather and so now

► 00:43:36

River feather Little Feather

► 00:43:44

look at that may like we can't say she even back then nobody knew what to do like

► 00:43:53

I meant and I'm president of the national Native American affirmative image committee

► 00:44:02

and he is asked me to tell you in a very long speech which I cannot share with you presently because of time but I will be glad to share with the Press afterwards

► 00:44:16

are the treatment

► 00:44:27

today by the film industry

► 00:44:30

excuse me

► 00:44:33

people doing summer clapping

► 00:44:37

and on television in movie reruns

► 00:44:45

and also with recent happenings at Wounded Knee I beg at this time that I have not intruded upon this evening and that we will in the future our hearts and our understandings will meet with love place where a couple years ago with no that wasn't Wounded Knee what was that Standing Rock at that people are just been trying to each other our president

► 00:45:35

who is NBC on Twitter it was just the NBC Twitter it said something like going to give me no respect because like a speech that we like things to be taken seriously but celebrity probably are on that list come on man that's like totally different and it's in general like sometimes she just gets a little like hall monitor for me like you know like it just like you know it's actually really get along but like that. I know these types in school that was in there classes you know like they're just like like late to school

► 00:46:42

the idea would be late due to do that they're all adderal dup now he's on the school's over stupid stuff it's like I do Wonder like if he's a learning anymore that's the one thing like that cuz I he doesn't like to have like like like to be like conversations and I like to be wrong about the conversation cuz I don't know everything I think that's kind of like white people of this podcast so much because you're open to learning anything like him have people on this podcast you like crazy having it because there's something there's always some

► 00:47:46

that you can learn this always something that you don't understand that you don't know and I think that isn't that like sometimes he's just not open to it to learning about certain things and somebody might know something about a culture beyond what he knows and it's just like note that like the idea really fucking smart and that's the problem it's just crazy I like black people to see the Kanye West famous the most important

► 00:48:37

initially because to him like culture is not the way you talk about politics like because he's by the book but he has to understand that buy the book is not the way people in the hood are being raised by the book about the way people in the projects I've had their families destroyed and decimated by by the welfare system right the fathers aren't even at the home to know the same amount of a great jump to it from 25% in 1965 to 74% today that's what these kids to culture to Father them they turn to Jay-Z and Beyonce and Hip-Hop and Kanye and to tell them what's right and what's wrong for so long because the let's have a Stranglehold on culture America the most significant thing that opened up his dialogue be on the work that I was doing was this like simple tweet and the simple show of support from Kanye West and I was so frustrated that he had he had to like in that moment just really just miss Ms krazie it's just like dude like just be willing to learn like you know just be willing to say like I don't understand why the hell this is the way that this is

► 00:49:44

but maybe there's something here and I always understood that culture was the most important vertical when Charlie and I first met we sat down I did find three vertical Charlie Charlie Kirk like this 18 year old and he is like a savant they call him like Trump's the smartest person I know he didn't go to college just like I don't know just like this really weird stuff when he was 7 right when I'm sexy and I like I told him I plan to sort of Health America and we had fallen victim to this brainwash

► 00:50:35

I can't believe I believed it right so exact same system right these three verticals the first being the family breakdown of the fam the second one being culture which then. To me like throwing up it was like Jay-Z like Jay-Z was God it to me like I like what they're going through a lot of stuff and I was a kid I didn't have a great family you know but I would throw in a Jay-Z album they're like whatever he said was like it was like going to church you know and then and I can't stand him now but the third Lord of Education which was because he knows what's happening in Black America and he somebody that build his entire career off the backs of Black America you know of being the guy who starred in The holding in in Queens and worked it and it was a drug

► 00:51:46

work is way up and it became the idle for selling for in Black America and he stands on stage and endorses Hillary Clinton he says on station tells black American to put the same people in in the White House that locked up more black men in a present history United States Bill Clinton Write the person that stands on the crime Bill 94 is Bill Clinton but because Jay-Z is now focus on getting a piece of the pie the globalist piece of the pie he doesn't care about Black America that's that's my opinion so I think that's what it was or do you think that maybe he saw the Donald Trump represented a lot of racist white people I want that mouth do you speak to him now I didn't speak to me I just I know it's late there is a certain thing or like I just I know that's why I asked if they were interested in having they want to be the people that control the world and they felt that Hillary Clinton what you know they were working with Obama very closely and very clearly not we know that

► 00:52:45

restoration work very hard to get Hillary Clinton's office they wanted to stay in that group and so they supported Hillary Clinton who was selected behind yeah so it's like they certainly by the DNC. 100% rate they were part of the celebrated celebrities that were allowed to go to the White House and then where the ties and everybody will be taking photo of like nobody wants to go to the White House and in like celebrities it's hard to get celebrities to go with Trump is so much controversy attached to it again what's happening with roseann's not just that you made a racist tweet I was racist she supports Trump and then she her character supports Trump and people were looking for something to hate her over and

► 00:53:45

he handed it to them you stick your neck out in that way and you're just people on the left for sure look at anyone is a trump supporter is an open Target need a reasonable person even if there a person who's kind and and measured and an invariant you don't even keeled never responds never punches bath the end and look what they how they treat her her father is Donald Trump so it's open season it's it's it's that's what that's why Jake Tapper jumps into a tweet about Chelsea Handler and they're obsessed with people that like Trump I like Trump I don't know what to say I like the guy I think is really funny on the news the day of the election, we did a podcast from The Comedy Store we call it the end of the world

► 00:54:45

cast of a bunch of people in the world and the Green Room afterwards to The Comedians bar and Jake Tapper was on TV and he was so bummed out and I took a photo of him and like him on the screen you can I think my service at the best likes like a splice together like all of the clips of just like was exceptional the news anchors and the emotion that was coming out of that might he did some like I said he'll never went over after like the cool kids at the cool kids at the lunch table and that's really how they've been acting like they're not interested they think that they're the cool kids at the lunch table and they get to Define

► 00:55:46

school and they're they're just having a rude awakening right now and it's beautiful to watch I love it I love it it's fucked up I'm making a tribal they really did that's what I like sports fanatics right now doesn't like how many months calling everybody racist sexist to Portable right and I see that because like when I went to this person from Summit and and Donald Trump

► 00:56:35

you know pedal backwards from that so that half of them are fake in my opinion I find them to be fake because I've seen them behind closed or they don't feel like it's hard to he's really likeable I mean like his present when you meet him he's very aware of himself he's aware of the jokes that are being mean about him he'll make the jokes about himself and saying that the dead soldiers be really happy to know how good the economy is doing and how will you know black unemployment it's a slow I'm just laughing cuz I every time someone says it's wrong to you I just like I laugh I just think it's funny someone wrote that he put them in Memorial Day

► 00:57:28

how to stage and the room they love him everyone loves him because they take away the clips are there him speak like so they're playing like for example in that like that that moment when he says all of this was the old days when we take you out to the back and somebody was causing a circus in the crowd and lightning

► 00:58:35

connect that's how they spell it Trump is insulting Black America he saying that they all live in HUD no he sang the statistically speaking if you look at the people that live in the projects look better in poverty it is asking what do you have to lose so it it frustrates me cuz it's like you see that that they mix it up and they try to divide the country but at the end of the day unfortunately for them he's actually really likeable SM for Don Trump Jr like they're really funny likeable and they're aware of themselves some video what was the video that they made to see if you can find that video was really funny with her all mocking themselves about that what was it about

► 00:59:40

the word that I promise I haven't either I'm going to fuck you I'm not stupid shit yeah let's see it will play

► 00:59:59

that's a different one the news put it up so I got to get the real one that's okay okay it's hilarious that they have I mean this is this is actually a very clever thing to do but they're all like that we are all aware of the air for sure

► 01:00:20

it's Laurel it's Laurel

► 01:00:33

but I could deflect and divert yeah me if you need me to.

► 01:00:37

How many cigarettes does the loser has been reported that you hear more how do you respond clearly you're getting your information from CNN fake news oh man that's Laurel stop this what is messing up the thing we're talking about me fix that anyway it's just these people had the sense of humor and then with the Trump at the end he's doing what is he saying I hear covfefe don't realize like how in on the joke they are like he's aware that you say all the stuff out the fact that he treats out and says all this stuff right like like Don Trump Jr is aware like that he's a billionaire son and that's what people say oh you're like

► 01:01:42

funny and that it's sad that people don't get to see that side so I actually do hope that they all come on the show because it's people should actually see how hilarious they are and how we're of themselves the most to me in my opinion the most likeable relatable first family out of my lifetime like you know I can't speak to anyone up there so we know what's funny I was at a dinner last night with people that came over from Cuba and this woman said that when she first heard Obama speak and she was she was older she broke down crying because it reminded her of the first time. Fidel Castro's papers to bizarre thing to say I was just like what I don't know anything and they got scared that America was going to turn into a communist country was a bunch of Cubans yeah crazy right life is literally came out of their mouths but the veneer

► 01:02:42

like you know that it was like exactly what you wanted to hear Obama's head in the perfect in the perfect home with a perfect hand mannerism it with me you know I don't know the perfect inflection is voice and there's something about that to me like especially the person I am that just was super inauthentic and not saying bye with Obama won 2008 I cried like the let's let's and loves me not be fake here but I'm going to be great you know but you know as things going on and I was watching him it just everything seems so fake and he wasn't really doing anything so I just don't respond to that sort of a person might like you better if that's why Trump coming in behind him was so relatable as a president like there's this Theory and it's a good one by Tamar Quran that why do like Revelation Revolution take place on expected but you could argue that right now America's having a revolution it's out there shooting each other but there's an ideological Revolution cultural War if you want to call that's taking place in

► 01:03:42

Obama was in office and then like with Donald Trump you know and the theory is that when you're when the public and the private of an individual are personas get too far apart and not sure of Lucien takes place and Society really has just been so fake it I mean like everything offends you like braids and the whole internet will explode saying that they need to pay tribute to Africa in my life look at someone's hair and felt emotionally the time to do it if it's fine with me but the idea is that as a culture we become so fake real person that can tell me that like the first time they saw braids on someone's hair and upset them but then somebody told them that they should be upset but like privately when they're at home you would get upset when they're watching TV

► 01:04:40

open shut up. Don't think I don't think you're in authentic with their they're being upset I just think they're focus and their anger is just misguided and dumb he would hoop earrings should be a really inspired person to even look up while you're offended like that's a lot of research like I was researching like who started the Bantu Knots like who so who started the corn while I'm like it you've got a lot of time on your hands like for me personally like if I could just not have to research why I'm offended coronal mass ejections boom power grid goes down lightning storms million times greater than anything in this island seems like you

► 01:05:37

music stand up for 5 seconds to your home so I can be over you just have to legitimately not give a fuck and have a bunch of good friends that you really love each other mad at you that's what I'm talking about Jake Tapper buy it

► 01:06:34

and then like the next day and the next day was over two weeks in Texas together all the time how do you go from being a liberal cry when Obama was elected to miss conservative poster girl and 2018 cuz that's what you are 10 years later a lot of people that are conservative articulate your black and you your fucking forceful with your thoughts and ideas be pushing through quick and I'm not scared of pissing people off and this is very exciting to conserve the people that are on the side of my back

► 01:07:36

how they look at you like you you're you're like a great soldier in the field that's how people look at it I appreciate that how do you go from there we got to that never happened after I wanted to do that I wanted to correct the world I guess I want to correct but it happened to me so the first thing was I launched a website with a Blog for young girls that were going through things I had got out of the eating disorder I want to just going through something to write children's they are growing up in a time that we eat people can't don't even stop to think about we have 10 year olds that are killing themselves over Snapchat thought about how much technology has negatively impacted the ability for child to grow up right but they're concerned about the way they look like I ever used to baby sign in to put myself through some years of college and

► 01:08:38

and now we have to do the the the social autopsy thought it was a political machine like to put them in like a time out so I literally we're going around we are meeting with high school at like high schools and saying like we're thinking about building something for children that like it so it's going to prison because sending mean tweet or mean snap like what if you just couldn't watch out for the football team you know what I mean like what if your teachers to check the database to see like how you're behaving online was it like naive going back like a sure

► 01:09:36

from principles was like first try on adults because like if it goes awry like to it to do this for children is like not going to be good idea it was like a project that was so from the heart it was just like trying to rectify the wrong that I felt were done for these kids that agreste me and you know in high school and instead I end up in the middle of Firestorm again unbelievable it's like God really gamergate Scandal I wasn't sure I wasn't mine wasn't positive nothing about it but I put this Kickstarter up saying like off of trolls and the internet lost its mind and a girl named Zoe Quinn who was patient one of the gamergate Scandal calls me at this point she was working for Twitter as the official anti-harassment are Twitter and she basically threatened me and tells me

► 01:10:38

and I have no idea of the bread-and-butter of the gamer gets handled instantly to me was all people don't wear victim like a badge like I knew this because I had gone Vista High School and she was like it I'm telling you I need to kill your project immediately because there are people you know there are harassed me and they will harass you if they find out about it I'm trying to save you like a known I was going to let you know I appreciate it it's like no thank you and then she got like you don't know me like you have to kill this project and if she start crying like very bizarre phone call your project was to take the mask soft rolls okay Facebook messages okay cuz kids on the internet

► 01:11:30

said I guess I said a word that made them think that we were going to be with unmasked Twitter trolls like like that's Joe Rogan okay better place if everybody did you know that she opposed to that's why I'm so conceited and she was like if you go through this project you're going to ruin everything crying and hang up the phone I was like wow

► 01:12:22

so you're saying that people think this is all allegedly that she harassed herself in order to get attention from sell this business like literally why my little some people definitely her ass and every one of these Gamers like mind you I'm going to KMart I'm just telling you the two sides that I walked into I didn't know if I have fun with her and I send a tweet that was like don't know who's always quit as I can tell you this girl has never been harassed and the world breaks have her ask themselves if faked it but way more people have actually been harassed right I'm telling you victims don't like you would never like be like the victim of like it's something that you bears

► 01:13:19

I tweet this one hour we start getting inundated just like she said she said if you don't tell the project mean Trump supporters are going to come after you and start harassing you like literally like we're getting ready with emails that say like Bob at Trump 45. Com and they're like Edward I like if you go through and it happens like within an hour of we had had no messages nothing and then all the sudden I was blonde like and I was like no no no sweetheart you did this like you are frustrated this and she have been accused of doing this like 5 times it wasn't like just covering all of the instances that people have accused her of like she calls them and then they get harassed she calls them and they get harassed and I didn't give up I had no horse in the race I don't care about you know Gamers I didn't care about politics if you don't respect me at that time I wasn't politicking I just had a phone call with the girl was a little weird phone call and then suddenly I was getting emails and

► 01:14:22

videos of the time I was literally like fully doing this to me and I was going to really try to build this High School like this thing to help kids get in serious trouble for doing stupid stuff like via technology ever down and she gave your contact she message me I can't message me on Twitter but she was like I like at that time I wasn't even like on Twitter that I had just made a Twitter profile I see someone that has a check mark and it says like official whatever handle Twitter so what's it like to have a conversation with someone he had no idea totally like insane Alice in Wonderland and then like all the sudden there's like a show cat who's like smoking this attack on you

► 01:15:22

we're going after you wasn't real you saying that you were going to get harassed by Trump supporters why did she say that handles I don't know what weird handles and I still have them I would have to pull it up why did she think that someone was going to harass you that's I'm still confused she was saying just saying people at these Anonymous man who who are the people that harass to me when they see what you're working on the corner they're going to freak out you can't do it they ruin my life you know she's in that she started saying you're going to get doxed they're going to find out what your parent live in like literally after that someone sent me at like a map and they had Doc's my family with my grandmother's like where she lives my grandfather like it was just like it look at it happens

► 01:16:22

you think that she didn't know she did it this is besides it's impossible with the time frame of getting no nobody messaging me right to her calling me all of the posts calling me after I tweet this girl Frost yourself The Washington Post New York Magazine The Usual Suspects write like an idiot you know we're rushing to say like okay and it's not confused like it's it's it's it's been a long time at your neck conspiracy as a week went to rest yourself and Candice got sucked in I'm like I don't even know what game he is I don't know who was about yourself you just said that girl never been harassed

► 01:17:19

war was the only publication that was like just telling the truth that was happening but just saying like his daughter like I'm sorry I just like she's no like pulling know like in this race non-political I'm not and like this is what she says happened so it was just a visit was a very bizarre situation but it changed my life because the people I would have thought in that moment would have liked come after me and said awful things about me or jar said like were the people that were very you. That time I would have said I was a liberal you know I would have said like you know I supported Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton or whatever it was you were people that were like reaching down and just be like Mike cernovich who if I Googled his name is that it was he was like a white supremacist so it just was like a weird things like my whole life is what

► 01:18:22

so one interaction that's all it took another in different situations and the media refusing to two words like one of those blame the victim but she harasses like she never responds and I stick by the hell I'll never ever hear from that changed everything I die. The project and I just want to learn the guy just like is it possible that I have everything wrong about people that I thought you know I was just believing in the background so you know that anybody that pay them said one interaction with one person make you switch political affiliation

► 01:19:23

it was completely active I just thought that you would have asked me I would have said I was we don't I'm saying like I was never I was never a pussy hat outside like people understand just if you think of like where I'm at now and talking about how I hate labels I was probably already a concern if I didn't give a shit about politics at $100,000 in student loan debt and I was just trying to pay back that's it that was my whole life there's nothing about politics but at that moment it made me it was forced me to consider my affiliations because I had me saying this I'm saying like a New York Magazine like to try to stay at the exact same time Donald Trump is going to want to say she staying there fake news it was just this Divine moments are you messages of like Zoe the timestamps and receiving and then the articles that they roll

► 01:20:18

like you know what the Washington Post actually because I caught them in a lie I recorded the conversation and the email of what she wrote didn't match they pulled the article I said if you want this article I thought I will see you guys for libel and of the manager for the article he was like you're not even relevant driving for tonight we may have to run this article to make it they were trying to make it seem that I had like they were trying to figure out who was funding so it like social autopsy for trying to figure out for whatever reason I was helping you so when I refused it's got that weird got done on the phone like I'm like why are you so I can tell you like this girl's been getting money from you know and try to say that I had said sir and names that she was just trying to get like other anti-bullying like organizations to come out and said was liar like that I was working with them

► 01:21:21

and somebody gave me a tip was one of the inside I'm not going to say that they gave me a tip and said that you know they called and you know did you tell me this little boy you're up like The Washington Post is trying to smear you it's cuz he just said they were trying to say that company to issue a strong statement against me calling me a liar but this company because I have in touch with them because I have been on the phone with them had to send that it just wasn't like they didn't report her either they gave me a heads up I actually recorded the conversation with the Washington Post what was in the conversation was supporting me and they reach out to that company and that a company denied it but I have never said that there was just a way to say that I was a liar I never sent it! The conversation

► 01:22:20

text big news I can stop by now that one click I know it was just amazing. I shouldn't I shouldn't but one click do you think he has anything to do with the Washington postage is bye bye bye it meaning of pay to to get it online

► 01:23:13

I just everything I just wanted some tuna for the article on the top of your bracelet to be okay lin-manuel Miranda cheap power

► 01:24:03

I wouldn't trade it for giving her that just think of the headlines yet she apologized and she looks nice in that picture great hunt the word on TV wait a minute wait a minute on TV watch PBS said, don't know I'm saying did they are the actual word or did they beat it

► 01:24:58

what's malphrus cockholster black conservatives like the things that people say TBS Network Samantha white action action apologizing for the violin inappropriate language used by Ivanka Trump last night those words should not have been aired it was our mistake too and we regret it what is

► 01:25:44

did I don't I do not like the way they worded that she's taking the right action so they they they have a positive action attributed to her before they can damn her negative word read when you read what the hell they're going to interpret while she was there it's always an hiv-positive zhanchi the number one show in the country they they just threw away a lot of money with that one a lot of jobs for people that talk and Roseanne personally I think she was so worn out from doing that show she's 66 years old and you know and she's not in the best of health and she told me she got bronchitis doing the show and she almost died she's like I'm too fucking old for this shit I can't do this anyway and they're wearing me out

► 01:26:38

I really fundamentally strongly dislike something about the outrage culture in the willingness to like forgo the fact that she's a human being and he would like there's something about people that they believe that human beings are perfectible like end that truck turbo defeat sexism defeat massage it in this is not possible you can't defeat these things bad things happen because human beings are consulate morning or flawed direction that we're all moving in as human beings if you looked at human beings from 3000 years ago up to human beings of today we're moving in a general direction of a much more positive culture and racism is does to me is negative

► 01:27:37

slowly but surely people realize is repercussions racism is all sorts of issues and it's very easy for them to find someone who just miserable I don't know where the girl whatever it is that person is much more likely to say something that's between colic and that's just That's The Human Condition like you're not happy so you lash out at someone else but don't you think that human beings in general or less racist today certainly less racist publicly in America then 1950s 68 years ago the world has changed for the better

► 01:28:41

yeah especially in America do you think it's possible that 68 years from now we could at least come very close to eradicating racism so if you're talking about just America you know wherever it's just deep that's why I feel like racism in certain countries and that's also considered like racism and not just like you know

► 01:29:24

National Security to everything sort of becomes racism so the problem with racism is Starbucks that racism the Starbucks that wasn't raised that you don't say that was racist not buying anything just sitting down mind their own business that they would got fucked with with the same exact energy people live here is like is 44% black not very black city right racist out so you even move that and then you think it to me and I've seen this happened tons of times is it possible

► 01:30:25

this guy was just sound like a power to a power trip like I was just absolute hell I could have walked away and said she was racist and she went only selected my back 22 * to go through and made me go through and miss my flight right position it's like that that movie where they go to Starbucks and decent people waiting for me if I go use the bathroom at Starbucks I'll just freaking buy a cookie or a little like a juice box or water to something that makes me feel a little more civilized I just buy something even though I'm just here to use the bathroom. There's a line

► 01:31:15

shower the toilet kids for being like that are being stubborn and and taking it to as far as possible you know talk about the call monitor like you know these are the rules and it just got too far. Is that is possible but it's also possible that they were racially selected that someone was racist we don't want them sitting around here not buying anything like until the cops got there like them they probably weren't how long does it take to get the cops to come in Philly

► 01:32:18

it's a very black City to talk about you on stage

► 01:32:50

I know I would be really funny though I'm like randomly really funny voices know I would be really good and really good voice is like really good like I'm starting all people think they do really good at stand up getting shit on stairs and I can see that it seems like a drinker how do you like that like stereotypical comedian that just gets Completely Sauced and go. Century to try to loosen up the garage I think it's a really hard thing to try it to be funny in front of like a sold-out room I think it's important to be objective I think it's important to to look at something for what it really is and I think it's highly possible that that Starbucks thing was racist it's just possible

► 01:33:41

what's all over Philadelphia it's like what I do right and it's just I don't know if there's any white people in Philadelphia concentrated a drive to Tower Theater is thank you yeah it's rough it's really rough and ask people to understand like to like it's a weird place to come too if you're racist just like we saw Planet of the Apes actually Ironically in a really black neighborhood and then we were it was I was there for the UFC and just me and my again my friend Tommy from Connecticut and we're looking for somewhere to go and we went to this Uber black neighborhood and it was a fucking blast it was hilarious cuz I never I never go to all black movie theaters but they were screen

► 01:34:51

when it became like it was it was the audience that was entertaining and there was a movie in the movie you fucked up espresso Vogue OBS BBQ near how to find a so much of what I do is inspired by this is just like people like this I guess presentation of black people in the media it actually gets me mad because to me and I could be by if I think people are like the most funny you're so funny so endearing like when I'm around my cousins like there's not a better time that I can handle around my family we're not easily offended victims like everything upsets us like we're just wait we feel so depressed and I'm like this is not like the the black lady that I grew up in my family and it's also not the the

► 01:35:51

I was watching was it Chris Rock stand up bigger and Blacker I watch that likes this from the 1990s classic like it is like the stuff that he said he could never say today is Black Culture at every single white people in the back today you know what I mean baby mama culture and a difference between like the white Community started talking about school shootings and it just like that just happened and he starts talking about that and nobody was at all right well that was a different time you know Wheatley they hadn't been inundated with school shootings are so many of them now that people are just twist it they don't know what to do I don't know

► 01:36:51

agree with this is the problem with when you blame the NRA no one in the NRA is ever committed to school there should be regulations on people with mental illness from one Sarah P session would like it if it is so slippery I don't like it it's a dangerous way to go down overseas who can come back and defend your home that's a good argument that you shouldn't be able to go to war if you're not 21 either the frontal cortex develop into your 25 years old so who knows who knows when you can make real good rational decisions for yourself in the ideas that if you take a 17 year old kid fresh out of high school and send them overseas put a gun in his hand like he doesn't really know exactly what he's doing the

► 01:37:51

I'm not making informed choices you just following the lead of the people that are in command you're hoping that they're telling you the right thing to do just created like you know when something's wrong what's wrong culture altogether used to be taught them Bible in school like you know if people people make fun of that now it always got this culture where you're making fun of kids like religion is like we're so far away from religion like that's like weird to us like teaching religion is like it's Eve. Like a Scarlet Letter if you come in as like a cross holy Christian kid in like a normal Public public education thing you got the family structure words like these kids are the houses these days like I look like a Facebook inside supposed to be funny when like a 4 year old is acting like cardi B, okay yes it's funny cuz she's 4 but it's also like not funny cuz she's for right like

► 01:38:48

today is kind of a hassle year old Asian girl from cat throws money around cause everybody bitches and haters and broke bitches spotted hanging out with Rick Rubin books you should get the horns up and she's got a G Wagon in front of her that we didn't mean to be that everyone needs to be released their structure in religion right there structure and in me when I grew up in and my grandpa used to make us read the Bible around the table there was some structure to that and then lessons and and prayers that

► 01:39:51

and then there's this nasty the Facebook the snap the snapping the the Instagram change the world and expected children so sad they say it's the gun's fault we need to meet stricter gun gun legislation but the entire world has shifted and I think it starts with family so I could structure I think we need we need religion. I think that that is a stop being such a dirty World need to stop being mocked wildly by the media like I shouldn't be funny you know when Joy Behar I said something about Jesus and then the whole audience that's weird that the stuff that we used to would be normal like you know I'm talking to you just like when I grow up that was like my grandparents generation that was everyone was religious and now we're so far away from that right that that

► 01:40:51

it seems like like it's okay to mop and we've only Market all the time so these did the structure in the home is in my opinion the most important thing that needs to change back without fathers in the some of that needs to change a letting your kid has a Facebook account when they're seven right like this is too much is the information age information are they downloading sure I definitely think the people need family and community and all those good things but when it comes to religion so I can which one is right all of them any anyone what about what about scientology I'm going to be honest I know nothing about scientology so I'm not I know that people hate Scientology that's all I want and it's all nonsense that's one of the dumbest religions of all time I can read like what they are what they stand for what they're all about Leah Remini years podcast

► 01:41:50

journey into it and what happened with it and when she started to question in there's a whole thing what is the fucking HBO documentary it's also the book The HBO Go on Scientology the Lawrence Wright's going clear the document totally ignorant it's for some people to here's the thing for some people it's structure and it's helpful ideologies are helpful sometimes because they give you like a like a format to live your life by or scaffolding to keep your your your moral beliefs inside of these boundaries and helps you get ahead and you have purpose and decision-making

► 01:42:37

but at the end of the day it's a Cults you know how do you decide if you are comes from I think just learning certain lessons of need to be to Emma saying that we owe something like structure structure like a used to be taught in school and he's Bible stories something to do with whether or not you're you don't need to then sale and then if you go to church and then we pray in school and all that stuff you can almost extract that and then try to teach this lesson objective Lee but but kids are learning how to be an anarchist like you know feminism 101 and every it's just that you're like actually fostering an angry Culture by tongue on every time they should be outraged we are in Outrage culture than your your surprise when somebody does something outrageous

► 01:43:28

depressed and I don't know why this school shooting happened

► 01:43:47

Jordan Peterson of some interesting ideas about religion in the fundamental beliefs and the lessons that are learned from things like the Bible and how they apply to human life and that our own belief systems without them without the sort of structures and belief systems is one of the things that leads civilization a stray that it's done up things go awry actually had this debate with Charlie d'agata panel down in DC and we were talking about whether it like that you know the reintroduction of of God and and teaching him to school and I said like at some point there seems to be the struggle I have this idea that like human beings in a certain way we're doomed just keep repeating history I'm obsessed with Greek mythology obsessed with like Egyptian history hieroglyphics like anything that like what were they tell stories especially with ology because the lessons are there and we just keep doing it right like the things that human beings fall for right so I had this idea

► 01:44:49

Evangelical Christian I'm not right I believe in you I am super smart guy died and then three days later they came back to life and that they walked on water and kill the sick person to ever be like to dating or talking about religion stop my like a stick but so what like what I still believe that in many ways the reason that the government has the media started around Lee dissing God right like I'm dissing just crazy because the government wants to be God so if people who is responding to the government suggestion is that what you think the reason why people are going after a religion is because the media's response of some sort of orders from the government

► 01:45:42

argue that they they fit into each other whatever it is but there's there's definitely something between culture and politics that is linked and intricately linked so when you know when everyone's on the same page like so if the government wants to get bigger which it has been doing right and wants people to look to them for answers which it has been doing you have to understand that have destroyed everything else that they would potentially be looking to for answers right so people would just go to church and pray right or believing in your family or the family structure they need to know that no matter what you think the government is the answer to that is what a left at the end of the day they believe the government can fix their problems and I find especially when I do not believe in religion like I did something wrong

► 01:46:44

that the destruction of leaving in the Bible about teaching the Bible is because you want to make it so that every time you have a problem because you're still going to our soul we still need to believe in something we're naturally being that we need to believe that something can fix something I really believe that that is the reason why we go get our palms read right let me just like there's there's something or somebody has the answer and its government in America I agree with you that people like structure and I agree with you that people without religion try to find that structure in those rules and other things but I don't believe this is like some calculated Blues by the government by Nature think it's human nature people need something something is tomorrow

► 01:47:42

I just be going government religion government that we could just end up with the extreme again where there's massive corruption in the church not everyone's place not repeat itself but it rhymes

► 01:48:16

interesting go on all the signs are like we could literally just read this all in a Bible we can read the song Greek mythology and we know what happens like it looks like it's our humanity and but there's going to be going to be if we're going to continue to improve I think the Lawns have that deep Queen's cynical moving towards a greater good that someday our children will enjoy and that we are in a better situation in the grandparents were our grandchildren be in a better situation than us and we're constantly moving towards improving this is

► 01:49:17

the reason why I was so dissatisfied with racism and sexism and homophobia and hate and all the bullshit that we see in the world that can be prevented we think that if we can Sean that and Shane push it out of our culture that someday in the future we will have gotten past this and evolved the point where we as a culture and we as a civilization will be something that we are proud of and we're not proud of what we are now at school shootings and people depending on oxycontin's and 7 year olds on Facebook and will take Flash and cash in front of a G wagon is a lot of shit that's wrong writing children like when I was a kid is sick she was bouncing off the walls we just said you were hyper today so I can give him at all

► 01:50:00

I remember thinking when I was in school I am never going to tell my kids that they have to pay attention to some fucking boring shitt was explained to them that there's something wrong with them if they don't is what's crazy to me they assume there's something wrong with their child that they need medicine because I'm not paying attention to math problems on the board for an hour that's what's scaring me so much it's the whole thing is unnatural where he says like when you see a five-year-old they have so much energy but there's so much confidence as much passion and everything that they do if they think they can be anything like they can be a dancer singer to do flips

► 01:51:13

didn't get that that spark just dies and it's because they're literally being put through a system that tells them that they can't all this girl got a 90 on her test and you got an 80 so something must be you know you're not getting this right everybody has their own pieces of brilliant and that the current location to Sam does not Foster to those in collectivist society by being able to measure you know a kid's brilliance by standardized testing something trying my very much agree to disagree and they're boring and kids go to the classes near Port other fucking mind they have made this stupid great so they can keep going me what am I doing right now

► 01:52:07

having those thoughts so I can high schoolers do you like she doesn't even smart sometimes like their dissatisfaction not wanting to be a part of this anymore and then you start seeking other ways to make a living other way to get blown conservative you been a white house for 2 years 2 years ago you're talking shit online little bit of jealousy but I'm like this is like I believe in this so much that I wish we could stop that because like I'm like no let's change the Paradigm like let's get Trump to do The Joe Rogan show as opposed to Santa

► 01:53:09

I was speaking at the David Horowitz Freedom Center Luck Charlie's 24 you can ask why he's fine around the first family too but he when you meet him you'll understand he's just absolutely brilliant and we just wanted to do this together I meant it when I said look I think that they need to be a black Revolution against Democratic party I think I found the person deleted like I'm your girl I was speaking about why I left the left and what I understood about the left and he hired me on the spot and the Restless Heart of History you know I mean that's that's really I've worked my ass off I know he's like so young it's insane and you how you should look him up and figure out who he is because he's in my opinion he's going to be for your friend United States that everyone says that everyone in every show eastbound foxes like very rarely do you mean? Just said very rarely do meet somewhere to think that's going to be a president United States Trailer Park Boys

► 01:54:10

but I do understand that's amazing with Rush Limbaugh going deaf taking pills to rush if I'm wrong I'm sorry Wikipedia never lies look up mine and Bryan Callen or four brothers and sisters something since last year I am traveling I make you seem like a politician but not a little bit

► 01:55:11

people view me as a politician I don't I don't want people that are on the screen a little bit polished you've got a little bit of a sort of you said these things before a well-oiled past this is a nice Groove in your brain we know how to say these things then occasionally pop out of it and you just plain Candace but you know what you like I'm going to believe that I believe that I believe I believe you said it many many times people are just like throwing shade and I'm like dude like now it's turned into like unwarranted

► 01:56:14

social justice warriors on the left on the right to pretend we don't have the people that like deep dive for the day came with the most peaceful will be the article I know I'm like what it what is the article and if you want to know what my strategy is videos about you guys

► 01:57:08

have these little communities at my phone they attack each other in the communities have you ever seen the vegan hate videos where they go after each other

► 01:57:24

somebody fucking crazy cheerleading you like 6714 so I can put my content on YouTube because I really don't think outside with my friends if I see they run run right back inside and make another YouTube video

► 01:58:10

you're helping save America right now is the only time that we had to save this country and did not win the election we would have lost America I genuinely like the like they were like, I really believe the opportunity to sort of like we're like the last stand for western civilization in Europe understand that it was called No but I had Douglas Murray on the podcast I was trying to explain to me is book of strange death of Europe Europe and the Last Stand rustic station is America and then you have people that are competing for eagles on my guys

► 01:59:23

we're almost losing America and there's a battle for America like 1:40 in every Regard in terms of just the people that were running like Hillary Clinton like this woman was a globalist like to think about who we were we were in bed with the pork was like literally policies shipping all of our jobs overseas government discouraging people sending shutting down the factories from getting that there's something they know there's a little land between the organelle I believe or not like you were losing that and and Trump appealed to that those people I'm still floored like as I'm traveling the world and seeing different pieces of the country I'm learning how ignorant I was like and that's the best thing in the entire world

► 02:00:29

just I fell victim to the idea that like it was progress it was progress was promised we have to care about the environment it was just did that in any way that I didn't and not saying like we need to like trash the environment like do I believe in climate change know what issue that is being changed into started just proving it now they only say client climate change no I think that that was just a way to extract all Americans I don't at all bleed and no actual plan it was great for something out of that deal it's terrible complicated subject and if you would have to talk to a bunch of different

► 02:01:28

scientist and see how they gather data and see what they understand about CO2 levels and what's the danger of them and what can combat it what could not have you done all this or did you take this Flippin opinion based on the fact that there is a disparity in a science me about whether or not it's real is enough to most scientists most of the vast majority agree that human beings are negatively affecting climate change the vast majority

► 02:02:09

yeah I don't know I just I just don't think so so you think that the very few scientist that disagree with a consensus are the ones that are correct or subjective or objective truths right but it's subject if you're saying that there are some very little there are some that don't don't get paid to go on TV. Bill Nye scientists Bill nye's not assigned just not he's a part of science propagandist or not a Bill Nye is like a science influence our or a science Entertainer doesn't have a background in actual science he's not a scientist have a Ph.D everything I didn't find how to do with the girl he promote science science science is not bad but the real problem is with climate change is that for sure there has been up to

► 02:03:10

Downs throughout the history this planet their observable they file them in because one of the subjects that I had earlier today with dr. Robert Shaka 2014 the vast majority 87% of scientist said that human activity is driving global warming yet only half the American public public describe that view so, like I said that means it's it's making money I don't trust that if it was a. Org I would probably take that but that this is just a random website and I don't trust this like at all just so you know you don't believe it like at all just that are studying the data and so what they're doing a study to show like

► 02:04:06

Look up the cast look up the opposite right now you're not looking for that look up why you so sure this is an extremely this is an extremely complicated subject and it is just that it was a mean because forget the fact of whether you believe global warming is real climate change is definitely real it's happening that's the problem is that people are making it seem like that's something weird misrepresenting the issue the issue is

► 02:05:04

the crossover that Tipping Point we're going to deal with huge problems that could be corrected if we act now and put a lot of funding Into Climate Control this is what Howard Bloom was on talking about a few days ago he was talking about that the real future involves the technology of climate control and that we have to be really careful of is letting it get too far where you can't ever stop it and pull it back this is what scientist are warning about this is why they want admission standards this is why they want to figure out how to get people to be aware of the fact that this is a real issue

► 02:05:45

human beings if they never existed the Earth has constantly gone through Cycles the question is not whether or not the Earth has gone through cycles of cooling and warming the question is are we exacerbating that the vast majority of scientists say we are now this could this could negatively impact all sorts of coastal cities this could be a gigantic problem this is not like propaganda that's drummed up by some sort of big business that seeks to make money off of this or some sort of organization Al Gore might have made some money off of it but that was like the Paris agreement

► 02:06:36

why have a belief as to whether or not global warming is real or not real and the science but you have a belief that doesn't exist I personally think that this was just the next the fact that it was presented to us by Al Gore and it's just it was you just by Al Gore and he's been called like the first green billionaires that all the people that were telling him he's a fucking politician is gross install that stuff so how to 3%

► 02:07:37

do you feel that you have found in your research that there is something that human beings can do that would change this all around it's possible and even possibly reuse it there's there's all sorts of things are people trying to do it we had was the young man who made that device Lancelot he figured out a way to make this device that pulls plastic out of the oceans they're figuring out a way to tell me there's yeah there's a lot of like I'm not like a person that's like this is old but the idea that the government is just going to take a trillions of dollars because we're in some agreement were all doing well we should do something is is useless and unlocked from the stuff like there's obviously allowed to be here and as I said like I'm not so at the one thing always fine with me if I'll never pretend to be so educated something like I'm not going on a college campus of talking about global warming I don't do that

► 02:08:35

I just I don't know maybe because maybe because it got so politicized studies into scientific agreement on human-caused global warming and look at all the studies it's between a hundred percent and 91% at the lowest 91% of one of the studies from 2014 at the union of concerned scientists yeah it's it's a pretty broad consensus members can of climate scientists agree in over 97% of the scientific articles find a global warming is real and largely caused by humans so my question to you is if you want to step outside of the scientific consensus and involves 10306 scientist and just say I don't

► 02:09:38

leaving it even if you're right even if you're right you don't have enough information to say that you might be correct you're saying you don't believe it to have someone sit down and convince me that it was real I personally don't believe it that's okay I believe no don't say you don't believe that but you're stating this opinion without having any real understanding of what climate science is it real that we have a problem conversation is my question I don't necessarily have an opinion on climate science I really don't cuz I don't know much about it but what I do know is that what I've read is that the vast majority of people

► 02:10:37

study at are in agreement that human beings are without it cuz like I said this was something I was super passionate about it was like somebody posted something and I want to make a tarot reading about it but it was essentially just noting that in a lot of these studies like when you go in you if we had time to sit down and really pull this up there pulling you know 10,000 scientists are within a community that is felt like these that works do you believe that everything that Media Matters. Mediamatters.org puts out for statistics right that's a political at the political arm of that the Democratic global warming in particular has been blue size 100% hasn't politicized right that's the whole reason I v I fell down this dark hole One not reading about it I don't really care

► 02:11:36

also maybe while you're saying you don't agree with it so quickly because it's an ideological it's an ideological right-wing point is that global warming is always on the right but I'm telling you that like I didn't do a deep dive at all of this because I read about it because it was out of Forefront of discussion so I write about it all night and my conclusion was that they started pulling up on the person that you have did this right did a deep dive on and it starts showing how like he's community of scientists were in fact somewhere behind that. Org to believe that global warming was something that was going to that doesn't mean that the funding affects the scientific research in the data which they all agree on and this is universally across the entire plant thousands and thousands of scientist would not State the reputation on false data what what they're saying is

► 02:12:38

not that the only reason why the world is getting warm is cuz human beings that the only reason why the climate isn't totally static for the rest of what they're saying is we are negatively impacting our own environment and we're doing it because we have for technology and we use coal and fossil fuels and emissions and raising our CO2 levels and this is based on data and this is this is something that you can look at you could look at the data and and and follow where they're getting this information from and follow how they're making these conclusions and follow the vast majority of these brilliant people study this shit their whole life policy on climate change if I was the person that put out by opinion publicly on Paul on on climate change I would do all of that I'm just not for a long time I believe

► 02:13:38

what is the temperature supposed to hold on let me finish what I'm saying is the ability to know when you don't know what the fuck you're talking about that I said I shouldn't you should I don't believe it believe me when I say you don't believe it because I believe until you really look at the date that I do not know this I would Diamond so I've never made it but I've never made a public statement you would prefer it if I just started by saying I have no I have no no I don't know that's what I'm saying to you you say I don't know you say I don't believe in it I don't believe you know how do you believe in God

► 02:14:28

right now I would say I don't know I feel like this is sort of like Linguistics so it's like if you say people say they don't know where the guy but and then somebody is it it's like scientific data is a big difference in measuring the CO2 levels in the atmosphere in and the deciding whether or not there's an afterlife I'm sorry that I just don't believe I don't believe in global warming I'm happy to if you're allowed to you if somebody had asked me if I got a place where influencing on a college campus what's your opinion I would say I have nothing that is absolutely

► 02:15:26

Santa's we could watch it's just like you can ask a favor but when he asked me a question I say I don't have a conversation cuz I don't I don't have an opinion on it later if you press me and asked if I believe in it no I don't really believe in it but it could I go deep dive and and and learn that perhaps I'm wrong sure I personally am inclined to believe that a lot of those studies as I said when they showed like all the pieces about you don't have evidence whenever it's it just seems a little shady and I felt it was pulled aside I think I have a right to say I don't believe in something right but I also don't know and that's what I thought you I don't believe in it but I wouldn't I don't know enough about it I don't believe in it and you stated the reason why I don't think it's a complicated issue it's just very very complicated

► 02:16:25

correct my number one problem and I know that you're pressing me or that you want me to me like I could I could I change my perspective. You are a very influential person, where would I be mad at me

► 02:17:18

terrifying thing that can happen to human beings people there's like more concerned in society that got some scientists are talking about global warming and it got another way to extract human beings money because if we were going to find a core scientific

► 02:18:06

I'm thinking it'll come back to me a second thought they were Harvard papers have been funded by certain researchers that are trying to get a certain political position out and it causes Mass fear people willing to spend the money and starts with Charlie possible if I decide that I'm going to run for office and I've got to make a decision on on the atmosphere and what we're going to do about global warming and CO2 emissions you better believe I will be fully ready to discuss but if you don't have a discussion sorry I don't believe it it like 3 years ago so that's that's not a problem I'm open to learning but I'm not going to be like

► 02:19:11

pretend like say something that feels an authentic and what I wanted to say there was I don't believe in it it's just one of those things is a real right-wing talking point it's like there's very few PE like like pro-life is a very right-wing talk it's very few I would imagine and not just guessing but very few liberals were also pro-life so he asked me if you might just sent about global warming I said it to Dave Rubin about a pro-life and pro-choice and he was like this is the first time someone has just said that like to set up a time for me to hang out and didn't feel like I can answer how I feel and sure and and I'm happy but no choice are awful human beings you know we needed to burn in hell but just because the history of it is really shady with Margaret Sanger and because I do recognize that it does seem a little off

► 02:20:11

you know what I'm I'm pro-life but I just hate the people that like the idea that the left is so pro-choice at the same time that they are running around according to eat a black lives matter doesn't make any sense when you look at the numbers of was never even get the chance to live when you look at the numbers and just understand that 17 million black babies have been since 1973 so I think that's crap that's scientific crap in my we could probably pull up some articles that say for sure the babies life does not begin until 3 months we one of the best indication that baby's life begins before it because you have to rip it out of the stomach hard to kill it baby right so about that issue and now I have a stance on it like and that would be my stance you know if I was President United States you know if I if I stepped up if my country needed me like I said 10 years ago I was step up and I would do the job promise you I get this question all the time

► 02:21:10

I would love to Charlie card with a present States I would have fun being a secretary I'll be like just let him in let the dogs in no position to be running the government of the greatest Empire the world has ever known as Christ it's one of those things it's like like how far can you swim some people can't swim for 70 hours

► 02:22:05

yeah I didn't like it I didn't start this because I wanted to get into politics I started this because I saw a dial that needed to be moved and you seem very ambitious I'm good no matter what space I'm in weather like when I was in I'm always good at my job when I put my mind to something I can do something that's always in my character and and I will do it despite people say I can't look at that to me my whole to do this is people telling me I can't you know I don't like when people try to put me in a box like I really don't like the whole idea that because you were this you can't be that it's like it's like I'm always going to decide what's best for me and dependent or independent right-wing conservative what are you I definitely just if you believe that people are allowed to have different opinions if you lean right

► 02:23:10

what it's like to have a dissenting opinion on this is why I just I have no reason to believe that because some scientists that could very well be funded as we are constantly things are Constantine funded to create a public perception I very much believe that I see that in the case of Donald Trump as the truth you say that one night when I went down charcoal car what other right-wing talking points is there any that you don't agree with

► 02:24:06

I fully support gay marriage and and and the reason is simple life regardless how people feel about gay marriage the government stepped in and and is now doing marriage and the idea that two individuals out of in love to should get tax cuts all the other shouldn't is nonsensical just because you can't sit here and decide that two gay men don't get tax cuts in a man and woman do if that's wrong from what if I'm a governing perspective Caitlyn Jenner isn't in the gay marriage which is fucking whore that one is like a LGBT which is insane but I just think that since the government has has stepped up and decides going to be in it if it's the governing body everyone should have a right to the same tax cut

► 02:25:09

since the government is doing that there's no reason why it's if two guys live in the same you know same house if they should not be allowed to attack us so the difference is it it's the separation of church and state right well the state has taken on something that usually was in the church because they had you have to be to look at it objectively despite your personal feelings and every every person has a right to go get a tax cut because they marry the person that they love you I'm a hundred percent with you on the the gay marriage thing so what other ones don't you agree with is there any other right-wing Talk account just to Larry's what's funny is jumping it enough but so is it the number one thing so upset is because I'm the

► 02:26:11

has been affected the most by illegal immigration is Black Friday it's just a fact I mean you talk about low-wage workers complain this company or are young ages of 18 and 21 right so they have been negatively impacted by the influx of people running over the Border because they'll come here and I'll say okay will you were going to pay this guy $7 and whatever the minimum wages will do it for us and that so I know I recognize that was very much I'm immigration problem I think that's the immigration you know they talk about diversity is not a verse whatsoever a half of the universe have we taken it from Mexico that's not that's making America Mexico that's a problem you are taking some more from from Africa to be great only only 3% come from Africa or I think 4% last year came from Africa is behind people that are like so pro-immigration against the wall is that it's about diversity it's not about the varsity let's go look around the country and actually make a diaper start on YouTube that live in Africa that work their ass off at load up to

► 02:27:12

work that system out just because they have a a Geo Advantage here doesn't make it fair so I'm not on Pro coming up with a solution for immigration because it's it's negatively impact strong running for president would be my slogan make America Great America better

► 02:27:41

even better even more better even more better yeah I've asked my opinion my answer is Taylor towards the black community because I just think that we have really gotten this shit end of the stick to me how to read I I make cards like to just remember certain users servative but you're on all these fucking cable network shows and you're constantly talking about it and look at you for the future good-looking 28 year old woman whose super articulate and smart and you could rattle off facts and statistics and talk real good on camera we got one good one you know anyone young and vibrant.

► 02:28:43

what every political party looks towards whether it's on the left Charlie Booker we need someone versus psychopath Charlie an actor's real name is already not like Cory Booker ever publicly. I've just it's the language I really don't like when people sit on a stage and go to scare them like it's in the fear politics

► 02:29:35

to control we do okay we have a right to just be about what's going on in their communities it shouldn't be thrown Jay-Z and Beyonce concert Charlotte Hillary Clinton Write that that that is a true. Controversial of a thought it's more to the story that everybody's racist and they all my God like she can't say that I'm not the first black I don't know why I'm the most like controversial at this is turned into like how many you got whip smart fast with a tongue the people on the left because like she's a black girl for the first time

► 02:30:36

nice guy hating on him and that's what you want so much love each other like I mean like it was just a lot of it was I didn't realize that I was so intellectually uninspired my whole life because I was in a row of people that didn't understand and I never realized how how misunderstood until I got into a room with like secretary Ben Carson and he just like. Me and an Armstrong Williams who was a close friend of his and he just like. Me and Kanye West write like who they just they get me in and it's it's been so inspiring and I'm so happy and I don't think I've ever been this happy in my entire life that's why it's hard for me to ever take a negative perspective on anything

► 02:31:43

typical bombing

► 02:31:44


► 02:31:48

because I'm I'm like I feel so alive like I'm I feel vivacious and I I see the change happens if acne around like all you have to do any visual I do not tell I don't want him since a vote for Trump I don't say you need to be Republic attack ship 200 pound puppies please don't ask me you know I love I love this song I love Don Trump Jr I love Eric I love Ivanka and controversial I don't like her we were supposed to come in here we're supposed to play techno hunt have a video archery game and he's like really like a grizzly bear look out in the wilderness in nature and it's just like they got a really like on Fair Shake in the media

► 02:32:52

no I'm not I'm going towards I've already been offered I actually believe what I'm doing and I'm building my own company I believe in it Rain Bishop Paul write write write Samantha she did the right thing by apologizing to take the correct action yeah she made the correct action but would so be for me as I'm free I say whatever I want and then they say

► 02:33:47

part of this is that I'm truly free I can say whatever I want I don't have advertisers that you can boycott like it's just I can say it might hold my Twitter feed is just me and I'm sure your ideas I mean you there's no better way to have your ideas expressed then to have no one that you pulled into that have no boss and I'm sorry that I should I build my own company and now he's a part of my company now we work for each other and it's just like we're Mission or mission-driven and I do support the president but I don't I don't want to work mistress that seems like a really the worst job in America I'm saying what do you want to be the secretary so it'll be a little different but then just been like if they're just like it's if you can sense it they're angry like clouds

► 02:34:50

who's winning the Wii U R G Republican now exactly no have this mental rrrr Freedom Drive it I just want to be happy for me ideas and that's why I snapped back at the right don't think like I don't have a right to like certain ideas you should never allow for someone to use your identity to find how you have to think you should always be the person to find out how you think that's the message I sent I got to get the fuck out of Fortune Kanye on the ranch

► 02:35:46


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that's it right that's it okay folks appreciate the fuck out of you thank you for tuning in and yeah this Roseanne Barr thing when's that happening we don't know where we're still or hang on the edge of our seats will figure it out and then hopefully you watch it or not

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do whatever you got to do okay alright love you bye