#1132 - Kyle Kingsbury

The Joe Rogan Experience #1132 - Kyle Kingsbury

June 18, 2018

Kyle Kingsbury is a retired professional mixed martial artist. He is currently the Director of Human Optimization at Onnit.

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hey Boise Idaho and other people but I'm going to be in Boise Idaho soon June 30th I never been I'm very excited I hear it's gorgeous have you been Jamie even Idaho Idaho's like one of those badass states that everybody doesn't talk about like Idaho Wyoming I'll people talk about Wyoming cuz of Kanye Kanye went to Wyoming

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but Boise I'm coming June 30th Tony Hinchcliffe is with me I'm fucking pumped I added a bunch of other dates to including September 29th in Toronto finally, back to karate Toronto at the Ricoh Coliseum

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Joe Rogan. Com for all that stuff okay okay this episode the podcast is brought you by on it that's old and nit and my guest today

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you're smart dude and always tuned into all the latest in terms of like Fitness modalities and Nutrition and supplements and all kinds of cool shed it's just a fucking awesome got to be around and that's it so please give it up for my friend mr. Kyle Kingsbury

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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when it comes to defending America it is not enough to merely have an American presence in space we must have American dominance in space so important very important Lee I'm here by directing the Department of Defense and Pentagon to immediately begin the process necessary to establish a space force as the 6th branch of the Armed Forces that's a big statement we are going to have the Air Force and we are going to have the space force separate but equal

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it is going to be something so important General Dunford if you would carry that assignment that I would be very greatly on look at Mike Pence

► 00:07:22

Mike Pence as his look on his face like I'm going to be the president

► 00:07:26

this motherfukers got completely crazy and I'm going to be the president next that's is not of approval of a guy who knows he's going to be the president I give you or about to be awarded so I can do some something you're about to get in like wow I work my whole life for this and here it is I'm going to get that thing right now I'm going to be a fucking president this guy is never going to last 8 years and for sure who's going to win again I'm going to be the president so you think for sure he wins again because is that because whoever the Democrats decide to put in

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is it going to be any cool turd sandwich again you're super smart dude but you're also a brute your big giant Savage motherfuker right how many people have underestimated you because you're a big giant Savage Planet talk stupid to you and acted like you were more on I'd say equal street fights two fights in the UFC people in general like tasty vietri I'm glad I'm going to go but I think there's a certain part of us that might be doing that with him

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I don't think he is I think he's really good at winning this is this is this is not a not a note like a up an endorsement of him know it's necessary I'm horrified by this immigration policy of separating children from their parents I think that's subhuman his wife came out and said that was bullshittin barely speaks English it's chaos right it's crazy I hate I hate all that stuff is it just family so just people love each other you got to keep them together they break the light keep them together get him out of here if you want me if you wanted to send it back to where they came from if your your help out on that but taking them from their kids is subhuman mean it's beyond it's not us it's not what we're doing in 2018 that's not all I was like

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he's probably not fucking win again then again I think he he gets in these confrontations with people and they think he's a dolt I don't think is a dolt I think he's there's no way to be a successful he's been I know we had our ups and downs and she'll like that but like

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what he just the way he was able to dismantle all those guys those Republican debates Daytona Pizza on the fucking hard time apart business emotionally tied up in his responses there was so much negativity and energy it was like this anxiety like I fight where guys in full Panic you know you seen like street fights especially guys just go into full Panic or even just talking shit in the schoolyard you know like that one guys getting bullied always got the crowd watching him in the other guys like your ear fuck you man let it going to work you know that's kind of that's what the rest of you look like Ted Cruz it's they all look like he's just been doing his whole life he's been talkin shit his whole life

► 00:10:41

you know

► 00:10:43

and he's got a lot of fucking supporters and if the economy keeps doing good man it's going to be a hard sell to put some guy in there like Bernie Sanders who you know all the right when people say just wants to give away all your money give away all your money to welfare Bratz even the left was protecting against that right cuz there's still money money on the left I should point out I Know Jack schitt about politics very important point out anybody that ever says you shouldn't talk about politics that's crazy because anybody should be able to talk about whatever they want but what I shouldn't do is give anybody the impression I know what I'm talking about cuz I definitely don't like if you had to get me to explain to you how Congress and the Senate works and how long the terms are and what's with the Katt leya what would they have to do

► 00:11:30

have you sloppy ass fucking conversation or I'm no political expert you know like Mike Pence is no MMA expert you know man like he probably could tell you who Conor McGregor is and I like that's probably like we have equal knowledge and government but still in my twin just in terms of like damn looks good what is it it's a fucking game to game some very high stakes gigantic game we're trying to win a popularity contest he won what do you think of the rock potentially becoming president one day that she was that she blew up and I was like wait a minute now if you look at the current state and it is a popularity contest and we want somebody who can literally Rock the mic has The Gift of Gab

► 00:12:18

but then you also have somebody who's doing them into Terry and she is as famous as fucking anyone has ever been highest paid doing Hollywood he's so nice to such a nice guy you don't question his character right weed art

► 00:12:35

yeah he's a sweetheart you made me realize things like that to all these a big mother fucker big giant mother fucker I think you could do it if you win win especially as Oprah's as VP annoying fucking around not saying it's a good idea folks not what I'm saying I'm just don't think that the Rock and Oprah could win who would be super pissed off if the rock was the president Oprah was VP Oprah would have to say what he should have Z she's potentially next in line that's not a bad thing Mike Pence not even approval but you want a lot of people would want her to be president Oprah to be the first female president to counter like the first celebrity president being Trump Oprah count is that with the first female celebrity president

► 00:13:22

see that's a big win with the rock PVP in that situation tough to get the rock take fucking back seat at I don't know about that he's the rock it's tough to get him to take a back seat

► 00:13:38

it would be fascinating to see what happens next that's what's going to be how we're going to try to play this out how people are going to play this out the popularity contest aspect of it cuz it's just okay they're really devolves into that hears it the other thing how much of his regulations are helping and what and what do we do now it has really fucked up may be permanent consequences to the Earth

► 00:14:09

that's true to write but what what stuff have they implemented other than I know they did offshore drilling right that concerned a lot of people

► 00:14:19

and it was explained better to me about the The Monuments and the private land I've read a bunch of different on public land rather I read a bunch of different takes on that and essentially what they did is bring it back to where it was before the Obama Administration changed it so it was it was listed a certain way and then when the Obama Administration changed it they felt that was an over step I don't know why and it doesn't seem to be they haven't started any like mineral drills are oil drills or anything in these areas I don't know what they're doing but I don't know I don't know if they're really just trying to deregulate things more they feel like the government overstepped their boundaries or if they really have nefarious ideas they're trying to like figure out a way to get some oil out of a Salmon River time will tell place I was discussed it before

► 00:15:18

open Alaska or a lot of people are concerned that there was going to be some drilling that takes place near near where salmon live like close enough that if it fucked up it could destroy this River in it fucks up that's the probably the best way to sand right because if if we don't do anything about it I can see if you put a pipeline in the earth and you pump oil through it and we don't do anything we just leave it there just leave it there and we don't you know we don't visit it for 5000 years going to be like so what does that mean it means you got to keep fixing it okay so you put a hole you put a giant tube through the Earth and you're pumping toxic ooze out of his tube and sometimes it gets in the rivers and it fucking killed everything and do you want to run the truck if you want to run this tube under the river okay and then what you going to do like how many every year every 5 years what how long how often you check it and when you replace shit

► 00:16:19

Hot Wheels tubes last I don't know they got to check it out I almost got into that

► 00:16:23

what happens if there's an earthquake

► 00:16:25

and those tubes break

► 00:16:29

Park City what how does that work I Don't Know Jack schitt about how they pump the oil out do you going to say

► 00:16:38

well it's um I mean it's a weird thing with we know for sure they're going to 1 Daybreak like we're making a toxic pipeline wheel for sure it's going to the Earth's going to just absorb right everything fucking the roads are not have you seen them show like a five-year depiction of what would happen to our bridges if we stop painting on you yeah it looks like it happens overnight wasn't there a show about this called life after humans or CS go or Discovery some particularly the deadliest Quake may have been caused by oil drilling Jesus Christ in 33 on earthquakes from fracking yeah but how could they know this is earthquakes happening out here I want to watch how they know this

► 00:17:31

the study written by two leading u.s. Geological Survey Stein scientist in Pasadena shout out to Pasadena and be published in the bulletin of seismic Society of America on Tuesday also suggests that three other earthquakes including magnitude 5.0 earthquakes in 1920 in Inglewood and 1929 and Whittier may have also been linked to oil drilling

► 00:17:57

I don't know maybe maybe we live in California right both maybe both maybe gave a little bump but it's happening anyway fuck knows but it is

► 00:18:11

it's weird that's a weird one the weirdest one for sure is nuclear power plants that's the weirdest one cuz they can't shut them off when you had Shane Smith on he was talking about that kid that made a nuclear reactor in his garage like 17 years old yeah he's like 22 or 23 works for the government buy the materials that is perfectly shut down a fucking city block

► 00:18:34

2420 Terry but he was doing like Fusion the way he could do was that he could I refine uranium mine it get all the materials and E17 that was at 17 is 22 an hour 23 he can take the used reactors and then basically like a handheld battery look you're having an RC car that can power an entire city for 10,000 years each one of those of course you know to get a little Eddie Bravo is she know there's there's big companies that don't want to see that happen but he supported by Elon Musk another other big-time dudes that want to see it happen he would be the thing you I don't know if once those nuclear reactors get up and running like the old-style ones like Fukushima I don't know if they have like a way to shut those down

► 00:19:31

you know I think they need ironically enough I think they need power to shut them down was not like a big part of the problem Fukushima but they couldn't cool it they couldn't keep it cool dude the Cat shut them off like that is the crazy at they did only had them for if you stop and think about the amount of time humans have been alive it's only been like

► 00:19:54

50 years 60 years since like nuclear Powers everywhere like what is the been the year for the bomb was dropped in wood at 45 1945 I don't know where my time bomb was dropped was it 45 Hiroshima Nagasaki nuclear power plants yeah I think new ones I can I don't think they could shut down the Fukushima one or I think it was just damaged by the water so badly that whatever their shutdown thing didn't work

► 00:20:30

but there's no like there's no way to shut it down now now it's just the fucking total meltdown disaster I mean lift try to come up with all sorts of ways to store this shit. I think one of them was dig a giant hole pour all the waste in there and keep it frozen that doesn't sound good

► 00:20:49

it sounds like a really bad I did put it in like a giant vat and they were going to have this of that like supercooled to some like ridiculous low degree in and do some correct me if I'm wrong sounds like I'm making it up. Paul stamets could come up with a way to fix that how would you fix that mushrooms eat all the nuclear waste do they did that he had the Ted Talk a six ways mushrooms will save the world and then there's that one of his one of them was oyster mushrooms eating away oil spills Zoe fucking has like three giant

► 00:21:23

that's a toxic waste I wouldn't say toxic garbage and they're all covered in oil and Evie does different things to two of them and then on the third when he puts oyster mushroom spores in there and they cover him and the other two distinct the fucking hell like they get worse over time the Western mushrooms grow and they grow black as the oil supposed to be absorb arms and they break down every single carbon in the oil until eventually the oyster mushroom becomes white again and it's fucking edible breaks it down and giant oyster mushrooms like just fucking massive did you going to get BP cocky

► 00:22:03

damn could you imagine a giant oil spill out in the ocean and then the scientist Drop Like billions of spores what is it still not working and they did do it and it did work and you see these fucking building size mushrooms just sucking oil out of the ocean to be awesome

► 00:22:33

and then just got to figure out how to do that was still sleeping and we're golden that would be an easy fix to find some way to blend the two of them together don't cry could they do that I know they do that with plants right they got to be able to do that how do they do that with plants cuz you don't what someone told me that blew me away that there was they were they were making pistachio trees and they were finding them somehow or another two avocado trees

► 00:23:09

and they're making them like grow together to make like a a sturdier Branch structure

► 00:23:16

what what scene do that I just mixed trees I know here they have mixed trees but they're from the same like

► 00:23:24

phylum I don't know if that's right there close enough genetically related but you'd have like one base of the tree that has the roots and then different branches on that tree grow different fruit you can have four different fruit styles on One Tree like peaches plums apricots all from One Tree

► 00:23:43

I had no idea you can buy that shit at Costco I believe you I had no idea though I would have assumed that I would assume that like a tomato has to be in a tomato tree you know you can't splice a tomato tree on Apple Tree tomato might not work but as far as fruit trees so would be cool though to do that and maybe you could do that with tomatoes maybe could have beef steak on one side and cherry on the other possible have it all mixed up together

► 00:24:12

yeah it's just what a strange life form plants are in a little bizarre compared to us it's thing that lives alongside of us Queens RAR for us clean there are like New York without Central Park would be so much grosser probably right yeah hundred percent have to be carbon in the air and carbon dioxide all the fuck you just all the people breathe and everyone around you is so many people everyone just breathe and you know you're going to get soup of people breathing on a subway and and buildings and you know people are so jam next to each other when they're walking by just breathing each other's air

► 00:24:53

that is such a weird way the people decided to live yeah it is weird we were just out there for proactive ailment with I don't get to go out to different conferences and shit coming out to Secaucus New Jersey Giant supplement conference where they have

► 00:25:11

it's basically like people that do the signs they figure out something really cool but they're not big enough name to take it to the masses so they we come in along with other companies we look for different things that are backed by science piece it all together and create something so we're doing that by day and then head over to New York by night and it was cool but it was like it's a fucking madhouse absolutely insane to think that people live on that tiny little island he loved it it definitely buzzes it's got its got its own fucking energy for sure for sure for sure and it's a little hostile there's a hostility to that the comedy there is it's it's sort of exemplifies on New York, he's always been some of the best comedy in the country like always it's always been some of the best Comics come out of New York and a lot of them are like Super Hyper aggressive

► 00:26:05

like a lot of them like real insult comedians like that kind of in that style of shiting on each other things like they're they're aggressively like that but it's like Patrice O'Neal's probably the best at it he was so fucking good simplifies that New York style what the fuck are you wearing man what the fuck is that attack and it was beautiful it was beautiful it was but it was fun it was all like in good fun and playful and but that New York style is it's like a harder style like a more aggressive style I even family's talk to each other differently there because my grandparents but I figured the way I was thinking if you really thought about the kind of people that were taking a chance to come across the ocean and get here in like 1920

► 00:27:04

ideas were wild desperate people like this is a different kind of human they were there a Wilder type of human being and then to go from that wild-type a human being to like a regular person in 2018 it's only been a couple of generations those places is where the people stayed so the people landed their first and then all the Polish in the Jewish in the Italian in the Puerto Ricans and all these different different fucking ethnic group just piled in together just buzzing and a lot of people went let's go where was foxy go west and they landed over here and this is why California is like quite a bit more mellow you know quite a bit more laid back and even the comedy The Comedians are more friendly does not like but there is a great roast battle scene up here to I do those roast battle shows those things are pretty goddamn good I love the roast with each other

► 00:28:04

you guys sit in the back of the comedy store and talk shit right other but it's fun it's practice not like we're asking other comedians laugh that be awesome go to be a fly on the wall watching a bunch of comedians just talk shit to each other not even worried about other people not trying to make anybody laugh at themselves we all talk shit and let's Joey's around they were Joey's around just try to get him riled up my main goal is try to get an angry about something and just just hear him go off and that's when the magic happens it's got to be something you got to bring up some fucking band he doesn't like or some food it's bullshit arms back and he's fucking somebody when somebody orders the ranch sauce with their salad yea chicken wings chicken wings just one statement is blue cheese with wings or go fuck your mother and it's just the way he says it to

► 00:29:01

so when when were the back and Joey's back there we just let Joey rat we just try to get it wrapped up conversations with him it was just want to have a conversation but half the time it's like a game of a hanging around with the funniest guy ever if you get that guy to laugh because I got to make everybody laugh

► 00:29:20

so I can poke and prod have fun with him but he would always do that like no one can figure that out we do these gigs in the road and right before Joey will go on say she get mad at us to get mad at me for whatever reason you will see what this fucking laptop and this bullshit in the fucking great pick up these fucking internet life that these fucking people behind the scenes we just go to go off and they're like why is Joey so mad but you can go on stage 3 does mad at you is this you just decide like this is what it's going to be poor bastards like it's just try to do some emails on YouTube

► 00:30:06

what the fuck is the what the fuck are these kids doing what the fucking streaming and the next thing you know boom bang everybody's on the floor dying laughing at you would get fired up and then you go on stage already at 10 you know is it really smart thing to get mad just get annoyed right before you go on stage just get annoyed at everything what kind of fucking must have what kind of back in Jersey they had the most hits with the seeds and he would just whatever it was he would just start ranting about it and get angry and then you go on stage like at 10 so could be anything man could be a fucking TV show that's on he doesn't like it could be the pair of sneakers you wearing could be that I don't like the way you're doing your notes for having a notebook

► 00:30:59

I came to the improvident fucking notebook and he was 22 with the fucking notebook and I guess that's why I keep my notes and he's like around you doing it the show the world that you take your job seriously some people do but I mean that's better than not doing it you don't even if you like fake even if you're writing to fake that you're writing all the time just that's definitely better than not writing notebook man encourage notebooks I'm out I'm Pro notebook you guys got the notepad right here look at 90% of it there's a lot of stuff in here that I have no idea what the fuck I wrote

► 00:31:41

but occasionally I feel like one day I'm going to get him going to be I'm going to wise up going to go in here and I'm going to go over these notes something to make some sense

► 00:31:49

but nope

► 00:31:51

all looks like nonsense Chicken Scratch and nonsense page after page of it Kyle Kingsbury you take notes like Life notes kind of I mean I have two journals that I use for psychedelic ceremony shit like that and then my desk is it's kind of a fucking joke I mean it's just covered in Post-it and I'll just drop it down on who I'm going to have on the podcast or

► 00:32:19

the supplement that I want to try what dose that I tried it at that kind of shit since I'm kind of office guinea pig just any any bullshit but they're fucking everywhere have you ever had an adverse reaction as office can you take many many times I was in a meeting with Aubrey and I I forget the guys that were there were there some bigwig guys and you know I show up and he's like hey you doing alright no no not doing good and I taken

► 00:32:50

I taken this form of berberine that lowers blood sugar kind of works like metformin dr. Peter Diaz talked about that before in your show and. What Ketone production and just inflammation on that good shit but I took way too much, I bought it just I got cocky with me and I'm like I'm already in ketosis I should be fine and I went pale as a ghost and he's like why I was got a couch in his office is want to just lay on the couch for a minute you know so I laid down there fucking full body sweat it got worse and I just listened and I was like yeah I got to close to fucking throwing up but and that's like one of right 10 how can you eyeball things you're a smart guy that's true well I shipped my pants are my bond MCT oil application so we talked about that dude's got so mad and pants that we were so mad and not taken CT

► 00:33:52

you don't have to or you can do it intelligently and fucking measure your dose and not get ballsy you know but if you're if you're the average human being let's just say you're an intelligent to be super honest about this if you're an intelligent healthy person that eats a reasonably balanced diet you still have a 1% chance of shitting your pants everyday maybe one tenth of 1% 1000 1000 days so I was wondering if that like 23 years

► 00:34:35

you got to visit likelihood I think I'm living right if I shipped my pants once every three years good for you I'm glad you said that not me know if I don't push the envelope and you know exactly you're not playing it safe not playing safe that's odd

► 00:34:54

yeah it's weird that certain foods that are good for you also make you shit your pants if you do it wrong it's like your body wants this real nice balance on a real nice bouncy nutrients don't get crazy with this stuff come on don't get crazy with that what's on the toilet

► 00:35:12

diarrhea diarrhea motherfuker your body says I'm not dealing with this let's just flush it out the problem is that you think it's a fart and you should know better you know it's like all that feels like air we're going to let this out and then it not so much underwear then you got to drive home with your hips off the seat the whole way activate loosen up the front side male kegels

► 00:35:39

you got to do it at eagle holding it back yeah you are definitely yeah just staying puckered for an extended period of time like women to do that competitively do you know if there's like competitions sale something dedicated people

► 00:35:56

like I would imagine most girls like or like vagina is great by itself don't really have to squeeze it until to come some muscular you can't train yourself that you can't collect rain in the brain you can't but how many people do it I would like to know if there was an anonymous thing where women can answer I bet that have on their scent how many of them squeeze their pussy all the time and just do exercise like

► 00:36:21

look at this girl she's got some stuff up or poo Nana and then she's carrying weights around and she's doing yoga

► 00:36:31

record-setting vaginal weightlifter what's wrong with the pants well there's a hole in the middle of it where that rope goes through that's one thing it said that's a rough looking rope to it man that's like a rope that you wished you tie like a dog to a tree with

► 00:36:49

that's a fucking rope man you know how bad I really don't like the pants it's nice that she's moving through different positions you know she's not just standing there hitting she gone with it in there she's actually she's working at this is the sexual equivalent to you taking that over dose of those pills or of those of that's that shot of powder exactly the sexual equivalent because you don't want to get jerked off by the Hulk okay I don't know you don't knock it until you've tried it I would answer that and roll the dice and see how strong that is Graham's it like your fist at me like Jesus she's like when he takes the arm do you talk back to me. Hey hey hey

► 00:37:45

well it's still going to be wet right hopefully sure everything seems to be in working order yeah I know that's a weird thing to want to be able to do to carry the most weight with your pussy now you'd like to see how did it go from that being a thought in your mind to one day I'll be the queen one day I will try the closer to like put it in putting it on YouTube and figuring out a way to put it on you too we have pants that have a hole in them the whole world it somewhere but I'm willing to bet that seed was planted early on in life probably too early maybe

► 00:38:21

I don't know man Different Strokes for different folks right if that's what you're into doing some people play tennis sometime

► 00:38:30

what the fuck man okay

► 00:38:40

do ski grow their dicks for sure if there was an exercise that keeps running up talked about that Africa where they hang shit from there they like a penis head piercing and they hang different weights when their cock yeah there is some of that right just stretch it out and what I like that's the same thing I do like dick games where they will be semi hard and it kind of work those muscles on top of the cock to flex the the weight up and down yeah but if that was like a straightforward so like that the penis has to be erect in order for it to be hard and if it's a wrecked in harlech if it's not a muscle you can work out more about just stretching it like a but if you had a weight lifting exercise for the dick like a bicep curl you how big the fucking line at the gym would be if someone invented that no one would be waiting in line for the StairMaster right there would be waiting in line to get on that that dick building machine just

► 00:39:40

Chinese dude with their pants around their ankles stuffed into a glory hole with a some kind of wait on the other side proportionately like what percentage of girls that lift weight go immediately to booty exercises is it a hundred got to pick up any kind of squat rack or anything crazy yeah that's where you going to find the girls there really want to put on that booty Mass

► 00:40:04

it's like a high percentage do you think the dick strengthener would make it shorter and fatter it would be dick strengthening gems everywhere but would it turn you into a Coke can I think it would it would have to be like you could grow it out like you can you can actually create more tissue

► 00:40:22

what is this what he's showing us I can't find the name of this movie and hanging from his dick in the girls I can't believe this what is the name of this movie already but she's got to keep him hard

► 00:40:50

damn I keep stacking kettlebells on his dick but if it was something like that like something like a glute ham machine you know something that just targeted a dick should talk to Rogue

► 00:41:07

going to work and you have one in here. We will start playing with prototypes people are going to send you one if anybody's going to be Ben Greenfield it's probably going to be so fucking what you know I had them on on its podcast after I after he was on yours the first time and then I was like you know what you want to talk about it more in the song on it on it and I'm like I want to talk to themselves and he's like listen no more dick stem-cell talk but you know I still do we still talk stem cells and obviously know we were chatting before the show it's so fucking rat you know so cool we got to talk about the intravenous stem cells that he did Jamie show me some more dudes time waits to the end of their dicks on YouTube. Good

► 00:42:02

come on bro that's at the base of his cock and he was holding onto the shaft was

► 00:42:08

oh my picking it up and then he gets up and he like his blessings to everybody blessings Eye Care of the lodge walk with my cock after it's over no expression on the face just like yeah I know what I can do this way to pick up a rock with your dick and then end it what she gets up is that writing is that Indian Hindu Hindi

► 00:42:38

Hindu religion Hindi the writing is that what it is

► 00:42:42

look how they just allowed to show his cock and balls cuz it's nature it's a feat of strength video I've did not pull up that was direct like showing you how to do this kind of stuff with weights and kudos to YouTube for allowing this lady that's he just grabbing the Honker at the very end he's got the Rope wrapped around the middle and homeboys just going to pick up this rock and go to widen that squat stance yeah that's blessings of the cock of death blessings he's got he's figured out a way to lift weights with his dick like he's actually doing it and he seemed to be a wreck there

► 00:43:19

people seem to be there to see him to decide what a great reality show that would be nice too he can take that to the Grave with him yeah you have some dude who was born with a small penis and you send him to this guy to the master Apprentice in India and he starts going through all the rituals the stones in the dick in the sticks and got to be more to it winging

► 00:43:57

oh Christ that looks like 10 lb to 5 lb plates is that bolo Chong from Bloodsport

► 00:44:04

now that's a woman

► 00:44:06

oh wow

► 00:44:10

they're not moving their Dipsy they're nice if they're using the dick there they're using dick muscle that is so crazy so they have something tied to their dick we can't see it because they have some sort of a skirt over it for people to listen and it literally looks like a skirt and then the Rope is making this weight swing like a pendulum in between their legs and they're they're not using their hips are doing it all with their dick muscles now they're practicing kicking in the balls

► 00:44:38

Greenport the little girl kick in the balls all the time I know at least two or three guys that were kicked and blew out a testicle in a fight or training mostly heard of it in training I mean I'm sure it's probably happen in fights too but definitely in training

► 00:44:59

one of my one of the military guys like a real promising kid

► 00:45:03

how to help a child I'm trying to place his name to the end of career I do not know I really apologize for not remembering that it was

► 00:45:16

is apartments in a long time but in training he got he got kicked kicked low he didn't have a cop on psych one more round one that kind of deal I can say it was for one more round fuck it and Wham I never understood that when guys wouldn't wear cups in sparring so crazy don't roll the dice there it's too risky and it went up your asshole you know that was like I don't know about that plus they're smaller you know like they don't like the American ones come out of ways to say I'm just saying if I could be a tight spot that's all can't make a cup for 140 lb tie guy and then make that same cut fat gorillas like yourself just need a bear cub thick padding around the edges of it

► 00:46:21

no sound like when it goes into you it doesn't go as you would straight right yeah I was like the rubber for the hard plastic like a baseball cup I got it like those kind of already knew he was one of them Bas Rutten Protege size waist trainer them at Eddie's place and heating Mount you and he had that fucking steel cup and it would be like he was crushing your sternum with his dick it was Uber uncomfortable was not fun he was very good at that you get mount on you and just Crush you down like it's like a natural leverage and arm bars as well when you go over that steal cop but you got a metal thing that you're bending someone's arm against it's a big deal it's a really big deal if you think about it me you would think like wait a minute even a regular armor hold on your poor thing is arm into your balls like what the fuc yeah you are you or your dick and balls are resting on someone's arm when you give them an arm bar that is just a fact if you don't

► 00:47:21

what that fact your goal in fact is to get your dick and balls to rest on this guy's arm but you're not thinking about that you thinking of getting your hips down on them getting that arm in between your legs or it getting arm in between your arms and your legs extending your body but if you haven't steal cop there you got this crazy fulcrum you have this weird leverage point it's made out of metal it's a fucking metal piece so instead of having vulnerable balls you have this thing you know you have a leather you could snap shit better my sweet apart my rib out to 8 days before a fight with his cup this one right here damn it still fucked up. Reset that way wow it's from those God damn steel cups right yeah yeah I mean this week 18 and just dug is is couples right under rib and I was dead tired last last round of training of the entire fight camp and popped it out wonder how controversial I'm so out of the loop when it comes to grappling

► 00:48:18

grappling competitions how legal they are I wonder if they're allowed to use them at all I wish I was here why don't think they get to use cups of any sort of the truth so yeah that would be crazy I would want to wear a cop I've been smashed in the nuts before in training I don't know where I guess I don't think it's allowed because of that. Probably yeah yeah must be it's crazy that your dick would become an advantage like she get out like that area instead of like being like one object changes what that is so it goes from being like super boner Belleria to if I get you there and I don't even like north-south like a man happy in north south and just fucking dig into the side of my face but they're too but I mean really that it would suck me up yeah you got a metal bar driving in your face a real piece of metal and if you kick those fucking things you pay for it I'll give you kick those things when you slap it with

► 00:49:19

InStep it's like it you might as well be kicking a rock or kicking the bottom of someone's elbow worse than young Jamie running down the mountain in his Vibrams yeah young Jamie try to go barefoot to running which ones you go did you get the vivobarefoot sore the one that has like a lot of tread until I got got a good thick amount of tread and then another one that has less and then the one that has last like you could feel the difference when you run like these real slippery steep slopes I need something where I can dig in if I'm trying to like Sprint up to the top of the hill and I want to be worried about my footing I want to be able to I'm tired at that point too I'm going all the way up this fucking El divos dudes are they toe shoes do they have full coverage full coverage see I like that better for for running yeah you know you stub your toe on shit you can't watch where you have to like when I wear I like the vibrant

► 00:50:19

where am I the time cuz I don't have an endorsement with any of these people I don't have any kind of deals but the what I like about the Vibrams is for sure feels like you you're moving more with your pinkies but your pinky toe and all the tools they're at their like they're aware that they have a job where is I feel like when I wear even barefoot shoes that have full coverage I feel like they're like they're lazy they just along for the ride we can just take a break take a break I feel all that shit activated I might it might be just in my head but when I run with Five Finger shoes on a trail run with those things on I feel like my foot is moving just a wee bit more than even regular barefoot shoes something about having all those little fuckers free like that and they fit they're feeling the dirt the way they're supposed to like their there they're moving together the same way your hands move together when you grab all your fault and gravel or something like that your hand you know it moves together it's it's it's it's thinking about a cushion blows and how to stop something that's coming your way and how to

► 00:51:18

interact with with space where's your foot is just kind of Club in the ground all the time I feel like with those shoes the one thing I'm aware of is that the foot is acting like isn't it at all the little individual muscles are helping to push me around

► 00:51:32

you know it's massive I've noticed that on I mean I walked right now longer walks and jogs like there's a clear-cut difference you have to be mindful of every fucking step you take yeah especially if they're thinner sold you know they make some steaks old ones for the trail running what not but I use those I own the only time I use the really thin ones or at the gym but yeah those are the ones I have Jamie

► 00:52:04

tell Rob you just got to watch out for like sharp rocks then I don't have to watch out for Sharp rocks in the other ones like if if I'm running then something's kind of funky and it's I got to go to I don't know and on that I got to look at you don't pay attention yeah with those other ones I could just kind of hustle and breathe but a maybe that's not as good if it's better to do it that way

► 00:52:25

you know maybe it engages your brain more forces you to think and make decisions while you're exhausted actually might be better now that I think about it might be a better thing to do as a workout you're more present to other bullshit kind of like know when were talking about archery or the cold bath or any of these things

► 00:52:47

it tells you in the Talking part of it for some people with running is like that getting into the Zone thing that you do you know when you start getting a pace going and just get into that zone when you don't want to think about any other extraneous shit and if you're doing that watching every step you take is there is it possible I'm just throwing this out there that would like inhibit you from getting into the Zone cuz you have to be to conscious about every step you're taking maybe I mean I'm sure everyone's different right but for me when I do that I don't feel

► 00:53:19

I feel like it draws me into the zone right because if I can just run on the fucking treadmill and not worry about where my feet go that kind of thing and then my mind will wander then right because I don't have to pay attention to start thinking about other shit especially if it's an easy run my mind wander then it's not dialed-in cuz it doesn't have to be you know what kind of cardio machines do you use if any

► 00:53:40

well one that I really like but all I can use right now cuz my niece fucked is the skierg and I like that Aubrey and I'll get on those and do some Sprint work with an MCL tear or yeah thankfully no surgery required with that placement but it's so you got some stem cells on that yeah we did stem cells what did they do last week we did umbilical stem cells intranasal IV and in the knee with glutathione

► 00:54:09

Dunedin hurt like I thought the fucking injection was going to hurt like they're going to wiggle it in with some long-ass needle but that wasn't bad the pressure once it goes in that fucking hurt stem cells fix my left knee I was having problems my left knee for years I had a ACL reconstruction that knee and that knee they took some meniscus out as well it's always been a problem like whenever I work out real hard like 2 or 3 days in a row it was always sore like I'd walk around it's just sore it was being annoying and I have to warm it up to get going one session with umbilical cord stem cells and then I gave it a long time off and I never had a problem with it again in the bag whatever I'm doing the season that Echo Bike or the versaclimber anything I'm doing with my knees no problems I'm just babying it now but we work with this guy dr. Craig Conover who did the stem cells he's

► 00:55:11

doing a vitamin Ivy's at on it for us and he's a fucking Savage will do like the energy treatments in a really really it is there yet as fuck tell me about it it feels like get it done and Ivy what's in what's the name stand for again I think it's nicotinamide adenine adenine adenosine nicotine adenosine dinucleotide there we go anyways through fasting hot and cold therapy Disney animals different things like that but just to get it main lines in your fucking body it feels like someone's got their hand on your stomach and they're slowly turning it it doesn't feel good you fucking sweat if people have nasal issues this knees feel like it's turning stone well I think the idea is that

► 00:56:04

because it influences mitochondrial biogenesis it's going to kill off any old mitochondria that need to go but you feel that in the gut and then you get new ones in overtime I mean we front load this 48 days in a row and by the end of the front load it every single day you do it for 8 days then you only need it like once a month or once every two weeks after that right little touch-ups after every single day every single day you're getting gut wrenched yeah but by the end of it you feel better so because you've gotten rid of most the badshit and again that's Theory it's not that mean this is brand new stuff here we going to assume Most Wanted on rats let me let me say that it's just the feeling is is there's no fucking. It works I mean anything that influence mitochondria influences everything that's energy for your brain cognitive function heart lungs the whole 9 Greenfield was saying that he had the mitochondria the like when they draw the telomere length from the

► 00:57:05

check is telling me when it is biological age is 20 so he went from he went you started yet I listen to him he had to tell your guy on right that's so I did the same test and his biological age was 36 and is chronological age was 34 and I might get this motherfucker who was home-schooled K through 12 and it's an Ironman triathlete is 2 years older biologically the chronologically where the fuck am I I went to ASU did all the bad drugs gets hit in the head fucking countless times I got to be bad so at 35 when I did mine biologically age of 41 and I'm like fuck so but right after you did the systemic stem cells through the IV that dropped him from 36 to 20 years old biologically and end in sessions that he can I don't know I think it was just after the first one I know he's done a more and he did different stem cells so why you why you guys doing it so many days in a row for the NAD yeah well that idea front loading

► 00:58:05

how do you say that creatine I think that's been debunked but there are certain substances especially with how the influence you can really ramped up and change the body dramatically and then after that he just needs a little touch up here and there

► 00:58:16

but you know I thought would you feel like I was like I know I want to know really be able to look at this like a Quantified Self you know I'm not going to be able to take numbers and shit so what I did was I put myself through the meat grinder I hadn't really been training a lot and since you know working my first real 925 kind of thing and I train twice a day but sit out the old out to machine was doing altitude everyday hot and cold you know we got to do a sonnet on it I do the cold bath at home

► 00:58:49

in all during that process because we got the little the little guy I wasn't sleeping well so put myself through all that my fucking car deal went through the roof I never got sick I recovered well so I know you at work and on top of that you know cognitive function memory retention everything was fucking scaling up a notch and cardio yeah your cardio ramped-up affects walking all of it that's ATP throughout your entire body and its brain to you know people think of like right now that's one of the one of the reasons they're looking at creatine right now as a nootropic

► 00:59:25

cuz I got Frances ATP and the every fucking thing in your body runs on ETP I think Greenfield might be better got to ask but I'm pretty certain that they verified that creatine helps helps the brain now makes sense if it helps muscles I mean if it helps blood flow

► 00:59:44

I mean I mean if there's just got to be a bunch of different things it's fucking cellular cellular energy that's all ATP is right so everything runs on that one thing and and you're good there whether you're in ketosis or you're eating carbohydrates it's all going back to ATP

► 01:00:02

it's crazy crazy you could do that you could have someone inject something into you and also did you get the psyche

► 01:00:09

it's recharge State and then there's the debate okay is this healthy is it what's the long-term well spend it all the shit you know it's funny because the drawbacks I have a certain amount of followers online then you know you go to a company like on it and you have its magnified right by 105000 whatever and you know any time I posted it cuz I'll do stuff online for like the biohack of the week of the Lifehacker the week and sometimes it's just run-of-the-mill Hino go for a fucking farmers walk with some weights in your hand or keep a kettlebell in your trunk and then you can always work out whatever or sometimes it's more technology-based and we could a lot of shit on anything technology-based and of course the argument then is well I believe I can get everything I need from a good diet and nutrition and movement and I don't need to inject shit to be healthy and it's like yeah but

► 01:00:58

I like green fields model for you know like you have one foot in and sister living in one foot in the benefits of modern science yeah why wouldn't I fuck with that I think that's a smart way to approach it I think we have a real problem and we always have as human beings being tribal and I'm on tribe natural I'm all natural bro you know it'll take I'm not in the hormones I'm not you know I don't need my cell phone man I'd rather leave it alone and then we got tribe science who think that you know that science can figure everything out and nature ain't shitt and yes we're better than nature were smarter than extremes of each end but people just tend to fucking do that man that was the most ridiculous video that I retweeted from Barstool

► 01:01:40

I think was Barstool just found out who I retweeted it from so we can give him credit on their Instagram but they it was a wizard Barstool it was video at a baseball game and one side was saying right field socks and the other side was singing left field sucks and they would yell it out right field socks everybody got pumped up in the people over here like left you'll suck people are so stupid they were the team that shot on the left so I was the best date here it is play this is it a bar stool

► 01:02:23

are Barstool Sports shut off the Barstool Sports on Instagram

► 01:02:27

dummies guide to getting fired at Forsyth Road

► 01:02:35

but I got to say if I was there I would enjoy every second of that especially if I had a couple beers in the hot dog in me I had been yelling at 2 yeah man I mean that's that's what's fun right and they're all rooting for the same team as part how many do that split the sides on on a home game video. In soccer might happen to might be a sexy but there's still people all over the place for both teams yeah yeah so they're not rude on the same team but like conceivably they just proved my point even further though because now you have both you know it's a it's Cubs and and a Giants Cubs fans and Giants fan sitting on the right field both Yelling to the left field the left-field sucks and Cubs and Giants fans on left field both yelling it to right field

► 01:03:42

it's bringing people together Joe Rogan true hate yeah at least it's fake hate you know they don't really think those people suck and make sure I'll set them down as individuals and said what do you really think about these random people on the right folks are sitting over there watching the baseball game is this a Parallel 44 politics for life my friend for all of this life I probably right about that that's might be also watch it again

► 01:04:07

DKNY anybody that believes that he won't win again they're the same people that believe you stood no chance of winning the first time I took a photo of Jake Tapper on TV when the results are being read because he was going to doing them report things and he had through the entire election he was like really very very obviously in angst at the thought of this guy being president and then when he finally became president Jake tapper's face is just like it's so classic it's it's one of those moments where you like cheese Christ I'm never going to forget that guy's face when Trump was elected cuz it was just like what the fuck is this

► 01:04:49

crazy face I mean is everything works out and nobody dies no extra people died because of trump being president this will be a very fascinating time to study

► 01:05:05

be very fast anytime I think it's ever been a time like this man drug laws are relaxing all over the place if they're pushing MDMA through map says to get it to use fuse for therapy for soldiers with PTSD and it works remarkably well works better than fucking anything better I've been able to guide a couple of those sessions couples therapy sessions not the PTSD session what's it been like fucking incredible I mean I watch The Break-Up happen with that and I've never seen people break up prior to that so I don't really have the comparison but just seeing it's it's hard opening medicine you know and I know you that you haven't had great experiences with it in the past but this pharmaceutical shit is a whole different experience I only had a bad experience with the come the come down there is no come down with the pharmaceutical find me fucking 0 Anatomy NADA diminishes your your your dope I spoke to her twice and the thing is you know

► 01:06:06

with any is I know it's not a true psychedelic but within the Psychedelic or two psychedelic psychedelic like multiple and say would be like a tryptamine based psychedelic the classical psychedelics you look at hallucinations yeah I knew you were thinking of things like mushrooms LSD you know what Yuma Ayahuasca DMT those kind of things would be more traditional I would honestly say that I think in high doses edible marijuana is a psychedelic yeah I've heard people argue against taking high doses when you're when you close your eyes and lie down like sit on the couch on a high dose of your really really flying visuals from fucking Gorilla Glue to smoking Gorilla Glue my wife and I both what do you mean gorilla glue it's a string not a car glue

► 01:07:00

Kingsbury so Savages out there smoking clue it's not going to be a good father and you can get a man if you get high enough mckenney's to say the way to do it was to not get high for long periods of time and then smoke as much as you can handle in one setting that's not my jam I've been using one 1 mg THC spray and I microdose cannabis fairly often just an interest in the evening and it helps with sleep but the same to you man it's a whole fucking different ballgame I think Century I think you should try if I can request at some point you try the pharmaceutical grade MDMA just to know what it's all about because Richthofen was saying you give it you give it space like you would with a classical allusion urgent you're not supposed to fucking go back to work the next day or do a bunch of bullshit tedious drawn back in the real world give it space Journal meditate throw on some easy listening music and rest and if you

► 01:08:06

do that you're fine because in their protocol they're not allowed to use anything else but the MDMA so I asked him like why don't you guys have a protocol for 5-HTP vitamin C different things we know help fill back the neurotransmitter support you may have lost and he said just with the finagling with the FDA and everything they have to go through his fucking impossible but if we give him that day off their gold and then of course new mood plug on it again was designed for that experience to be able to curtail any kind of come down I've had zero issues after using the pharmaceutical grade what was the original name of it roll-on roll-off or what was like that yeah something like that yeah that he was 5-HTP boosters like I mean 5-HTP supplement tations been going on from a long time like you would be into that Mark yeah it's a smart way to approach MDMA take to stock up to have a bunch of your system so your body going to have to build this shit up again cuz you're going to flood it with it for a while so you can

► 01:09:06

I have this weird little. We're bodies going to struggle

► 01:09:08

but it it's a it's a thing that I would hope if this these studies do continue to prove without a doubt that it's beneficial to a lot of these people that they make it available to more people it will be it will be should be quick estimate 2022 I think or 2023 at the latest or something about he got the FDA made it breaks through drug I think brakes are drug which is like on the fast track to go through I think the whole world will be way better if everybody was on just like a microdose of ecstasy all the time just a little just a little like I don't know that I could last but that would be medicine microdose that's the thing you talk about compassion and all these other important lessons that have been talked about na spiritual text it's automatic you drop right into that

► 01:09:56

yeah do you think that it's possible to train your brain to produce more of it do you think through meditation and mindfulness and all these different you know practices that people do to stay present to be more open and more loving that you could build that up almost like a muscle I don't know that you could build serotonin up over time I'm sure there's some type of cap or knitting nature does not want us to be happy 24/7 the science of mindfulness by dr. Ronald Siegel it's on one of the Great Courses on Audible and he's a hard professor and he talks about the brain like a fucking muscle and Sciences back this the more you train that the easier it is to drop into and I've had coaches breathwork coaches we know we're working with the art of breath I Rob Wilson Brian Mackenzie came out and they did like a full fucking blown day of breath working on it in the more often you can shift in the parasympathetic state from fight or flight sympathetic you know you shipped conch

► 01:10:57

play through breath into that simple parasympathetic state that becomes trainable you can do that over and over again and then all it takes is just a couple deep breaths in your back right because you train that the fucking body remembers the brain remembers and we're in those states that shifts everything from the neurochemical response to the brain waves State you can drop from beta and Alpha in the theater

► 01:11:17

that's fascinating stuff man it's crazy to think what we understand about the various Pathways these chemicals have to go through and then what is like still confusing like here's the big one where's the where's the Consciousness coming from exactly how does it all become the thing that's looking through Kyle Kingsbury his eyes and seeing me and mine looking at you wait what's exact what's what is that thing what is that thing that seems to be like almost like a like an energy that runs through this machine it's through fucking everything it's in all things but we thought about it that way

► 01:11:56

I could be so much more concerned with keeping that energy High you know I mean how much of what would people experience when it comes to the the word depression how much of it is their life going bad tragedy poor health

► 01:12:12

bad job choices how much of it is some sort of a weird genetic thing how much I mean there's so many variables as to what causes depression but such a giant number of people suffer from depression while I think it's I think it only if I'm being honest I think it's going to get worse you know like you look at the way we live and the closer and closer you talking about that we're just going to fucking New York we're not meant to be that can find we're not meant to sit out with were withheld from the fucking son right now so many these things communicate with our bodies I'm working with a genetic specialist Ryan Persinger he was Chris Ryan Show

► 01:12:50

sunlight influences 500 on-off switches on a epigenetic level

► 01:12:56

for the birth of good unless you fucking over do it right 500 500 + on-off switches in our DNA are affected by sunlight positively right I mean there's that's what they look at Vitamin D3 take that for example they're calling that a hormone now not a fucking vitamin realize it's a messenger if that's how much it influences in the body incredibly important so when you think about all these things like being Barefoot being connected to the Earth's going in the fucking ocean science we'll catch up in certain ways but we get fixated on the thing we get fixing a fixated on our phones on whatever TV is going on we're closed off from other people we think you know communicating through Facebook is the same as being fucking face-to-face it's not you know the more we head that direction and we're putting you know as you put it put in fucking shit food nobody for mouth pleasure that influences the brain write 80 to 90% of all of our neurotransmitters are made by the bacteria in our gut so you think the shit meals just going to put on 5 pounds it's not it might put on fire

► 01:13:57

pounds but it's going to fuck your brain up for a while you make you a little bit more emotional fuck with your your your sharpness your memory recall all that's impacted sleeps impacted I wish Michael walk or talk to a bit more about that it's don't think it's in his wheelhouse don't think it is he's he's just a guy who studies sleep and did the effects on it but fuck was that in The Illuminating yeah I opening it was fucking fantastic I think it's book is really good but as far as like dialing in sleep it's more of this is what happens when you don't sleep sleep the book sleep by Nick littlehales is play my favorite cuz that gives you all it's a fucking how to guide on how to maximize sleep

► 01:14:37

and when you were younger lack of sleep didn't affect you the way it affects you now right correct everything he talks about like that shift that you have that happens in adolescence where you become a night owl no doubt and I probably still could stay out a little bit later until having a kid and then that's your your immediate reset yeah bitch you're getting up when the sun comes up yeah be prepared sir get ready

► 01:15:02

yeah it's um there's so many different factors that lead to a healthy body but how much of a healthy body needs to a happy mind that's work it's like you can't blame some of these people that are suffering from like a disease some of these people that have like something wrong with the way that brain is producing these happy hormones I don't think you can say it's just this one thing like will Interstate clean or if you just went keto or you just a Paleo then you wouldn't have depression I don't think that's it at all but certainly that's a factor it's certainly could be affecting and nature being in nature as a fact and unpacking trauma got room mate says at the heart of all fucking addiction is some form of trauma yeah I'm sure completely makes sense yeah his his theories on that are fascinating it's I never thought about that way at some point trauma during your developmental stage LED you to seek out this weird crazy feeling and experience when you have you known many people that have had like serious addictions

► 01:16:03

like a master oh yeah yeah without naming names people very close to me family members been addicted to meth lost a cousin to pills

► 01:16:17

I've been going to AA not for me for a family member since I was 3 years old so I've seen that you know what it is now is that trauma-based is like everything because pills don't pills just get kind of get everybody yeah pills can get everybody there's no doubt about that, they're all in all the circumstances and I'm not saying on pills can fucking grab you there's no doubt but certainly with the math and alcohol which was other things you know no doubt there was drama there quite a few people that got fucked up on pain pills after operations or injuries or stuff like that but I know quite a few of them that kicked it you know that just realize it was happening in one world out like shop talked about it quite a bit when he fought Cro Cop his nose was destroyed so they had to rebuild his nose and he started taking pain pills and he said after while he's just taking every day just cuz

► 01:17:19

want to take them and then his friends came over and cleaned out as medicine cabinet my cut the shit dude your is 4 months later still take anything all day long you can't do that anymore and he's like wow he said he almost didn't even realize I was doing it just kind of caught a hold of them yeah she becomes habit especially when it's that euphoric must be amazing you know what I took the other day I took a large dose of Kratom yeah everybody always tells you that Kratom is one thing at a small dose you know it's kind of two pills to me he seems almost like a stimulant like a hundred percent yeah I needed it up to four pills but you getting to land at 8 pills I took eight pills the other day I like this I'm high like I'm fully functional I'm not worried about the way my body moves like it's not going to fall down when I'm walking everything seems like it's working good but I'm cuddly early high but I'm not high in a bad way like I could talk fine I can remember things full

► 01:18:20

conversations happy remember people's names but I'm really high funny one you know it's it's still an opiate it's still hitting those receptors it actually an opiate yeah I believe it is what it ain't Hamilton Morris from Hamilton's pharmacopeia coming on soon yeah he's you know that's one of the things he says cuz he's not spiritual he even though it does all the psychedelics

► 01:18:42

so he gets really pissed off and people call it plant medicine or teacher planner the gym and should be at the fucking say it be a call it what it is right now I'm sure you didn't drop by for that is the same time I mean you can take mushrooms recreationally or you can do the road goes and happy got it and you can do Ayahuasca in the Amazon and it's a hold of the fuckingworld different out for sure experience but thankfully I've always had this thing with opiate swear if I had too much I get nauseated really bad so I can take one or two pills and it is a mild stimulant I drove to greenfields house when I was living in Vegas to podcast with him thousands miles each Direction and I just have one pill every 3 hours wow and it was awesome I was fucking I felt great so I was just kept you focus while I'm driving yeah and I felt this bad before you felt good being in that little ass Prius the whole way which is important right let me sweeten the deal do you know how you climb

► 01:19:41

bus but I'm fucked up like I'm riding that fence and when are we going to puke I'm going to puke so I just said so even for you they have the same reaction that like an oxy would have yep and I bet I mean in college it it's some weird shit I keep certain oxy once and fucking not learned in the ways of the dirty dogs he put it up as an asshole to Knuckles deep not supertaster of people like what do I call you lost me when you told me the tree started talking to you when I was describing I and Ayahuasca experience that'll be the one this time you lost me when you tow it when you talk about putting a pill up your ass podcast but yeah I felt fucking great that one time I tried it I tried I snorted one later you know I got a few weeks later and I was fucked up I was fucking puking the whole time and I

► 01:20:42

you can suck off the I don't want to tell my wife to want to buy drugs I want to tell people how to do good drugs why would you snort it cuz it goes right into your bloodstream yeah you know you can stop by that time release crush it up let it dry wow so but that ultimately that was like Well yeah if they're still thankfully I still have this fucking regulator and my body that says don't put these fucking super addictive man-made chemicals in your body that's fast and it was created man made of concentrate it and change it in a way to wear it just really has an affinity for receptors in the end we lose out on all these other alkaloids and terpenes and things like look at Marinol vs. whole plant cannabis if they take this stuff and then turn it into an actual drug do they sell they're only going to sell parts of it right on the active ingredient Like Cocaine versus fucking coca leaf Ryan experience

► 01:21:40

coca leaf just called they called Mamba in Columbia if a cup of coffee though like less jittery your brain turns on its a nootropic you feel like a million bucks we can have it cuz of Miami fucked us all their whole cities made out of coke you ever seen Cocaine Cowboy yes I do. That's all Miami that out that all that that area of Florida there one point at one point I don't know if it's still the case but Miami had more Banks per capita than any place else in the country cuz everybody just laundry and Coke money and Coke is just coming in like crazy there's so many great documentaries on it it's a really really fascinating time in like history like doing Cocaine Cowboys once shut up Billy Corben the the first one they talked about how many of these police officers wanted dead or in jail and it was like an entire class

► 01:22:43

graduating class either was dead or in jail for corruption Bunch. You know yours it was of this cocaine trafficking this crazy man like it's a

► 01:23:01

incredible time in Lake human history the people just fine and what planes and drop it off and swamps and fuck man just bringing in Coke from South America

► 01:23:13

been this article says that it's ramp to back up to those 1980s drug war Heights of production whoa yeah I don't think that's a problem I don't think it is either but how are they doing it and it how how do they pay me that's a lot of money what are you so much of that money so much money in it that what causes Florida Customs and Border Protection confiscated 4200 lb of cocaine last year compared to 1730 lb the year prior to that means the guy at the guy that was getting paid off the year before got caught maybe how else are they getting it in I told maybe they just caught more coke that that time everything getting coked up and then they're taking the bus

► 01:24:06

I know where these fucking cops hide I know them better than they know themselves we've never seen cocaine production these numbers oh Jesus Christ stay the fuck out of Miami for a while folks if you get crazy or go there or go there yep I like the way you think dude Into The Fray You know where's the party Miami Dash Columbia produced 710 tons of pure cocaine last year or enough to fill about 18 semi trucks

► 01:24:38

did you see that so crazy found the first Coca Farm in Mexico oh Jesus be a problem yeah well it actually might help with the drug wars really need if they can grow it and I can't have been fighting for a long as they would start fighting with each other and that would help the drug they would fight last because Mexico would have its own production but I mean they said it was growing in a place that wasn't the same altitude and obviously cocaine is an alkaloid that is is really Rose at altitude so you want that that environmental stimulus for that you know you want the Hermetic stressor in order for it to produce more cocaine pound-for-pound and I think it would produce far less that that's at least what they were saying in the article which makes sense to me

► 01:25:29

what's the justification for what is it streaming through show is about 7 years old maybe older maybe 80 years old and she's fully strapped up with cocaine made who could who could blame this lady do you think she's out there hustling she got a pistol in people's faces you get the shine out of two that's fucked up I was fucked up

► 01:25:59

so we need more good drugs unless bad drugs

► 01:26:03

we definitely need more good drugs we need to do something to get this

► 01:26:09

what does wave of negativity that so many people experiencing a regular basis do you know that down and bring that up do you know anybody that's done ketamine treatment yes and pretty good results right Neal Brennan had very good results he liked it quite a bit he he's done a bunch of different things for depression magnetic things and ketamine things he said ketamine was very effective yeah I had one of my first coaches striking coach you know you've been put on every kind of fucking SSRI for years and then just felt like shit and he did for ketamine treatments and he's down to like one as a sore eyes off 90% of his medication he said he's never felt better when I like that that shity voice that everyone has their head that was so loud for him is non-existent now we got to do that dr. Craig put us through it slightly different most people that think they're doing ketamine treatment do it IV

► 01:27:09

we had an intramuscular injection Academy that's the John Lilly it was fucking insane like 40 minutes long

► 01:27:16

and it was kind of tied in with the stem cells really to just being a state of allowing and whatever subconscious level of accepting this foreign substance into your body let's let's kind of move the needle on that again that's Theory what experience Ark what it's a psychedelic crank it is but it's different so again we talked about this the classical types tryptamine base going to fit and serotonin receptors in different parts of the brain this is a dissociative so it pulls you back later so you know we talked about Eckhart Tolle last time how he talks be the Observer be the witness of your thoughts you're not your thoughts just pull yourself back a layer and kind of see your mind chatter is this interesting thing like kids arguing right this will force that and it pulls you back layers beyond that like to the point where

► 01:28:04

you know you're not in your body but when you reenter your body there's a lot of gratitude and you can kind of see things where they are in the you you understand now like oh this is how I was feeling before but I've been removed from it long enough to want to come back to it I can recognize it for what it is and I don't have depression now you know so doing it was it was just more of a let's see what happens you know kind of kind of intention is opposed to like people that are going in there working on shit might be a bit different for them but it was fucking bananas

► 01:28:35

yeah I've never touched it I knew a guy who got addicted to it those up as a street drug as party drug you know something I'll snore to have snorted it yeah what is it do it's it's you know it's it's kind of like LSD you have a microdose LSD completely different experience than a full head or 2252 whatever all different experiences you know if you take a key bump a coupon for people with the lack of the terminology would just be like the end of a keys worth in a bit of a bag you just hooked little snort and it's very relaxing you want to move but you know if you push the envelope a little bit because it's disuse disassociative it's very disorienting like you can like I don't know where the fucking him or what's going on some if you go really far it's similar to injecting it where you going to k-hole your kind of paralyzed and close your eyes you're in a different spot

► 01:29:29

cool here in a different spot but the psychedelic trip man that use a different spot like you're in a different place like psychedelic yeah yeah like you could be I mean for 30 to 45 minutes you could be in a vision you know you could be elsewhere your Consciousness is not in your body to the k-hole yeah that's the guy who invented the sensory deprivation tank you should do it intramuscularly and then climate of the tank yeah I heard that he had at one point by the end he was so hooked on it that he would run an IV so we can stay on 24 hours in there but you know I was telling you about that book that he wrote the center of the Cyclone yeah that was a fucking fascinating book cuz he wouldn't he would get as a medical doctor 300 he get any pills of 300 IU from Sandoz Pharmaceuticals pharmaceutical grade LSD

► 01:30:19

do that intravenous then get in the float tank for 10 hours in the trip reports he has when you read these they're very Ayahuasca s like talking to other beings and other Consciousness DMT like experience but 10 hours not fucking 15 minutes and just fastening like he's and as a doctor so with detailed in his ex explanation of what he's seeing what it means to him pretty fucking cool

► 01:30:45

if that's an experience that once you know that you can have I don't know that if I knew I would have a real hard time fitting into regular life if I knew that I could just have that 10 hours like the DMT flash of 15 minutes of the weirdest interactions with whatever they are whatever those things are when you come back imagine at 4:10 hours

► 01:31:11

am I

► 01:31:13

you know it might just change everything about your perceptions of life you might just give up on civilization and move to the forest or something you might have been that's exactly what happened to the Unabomber you know the Unabomber is part of the the Harvard LSD studies the juice that guy that it's damn and then afterwards he went to be a professor at Berkeley so we could save up enough money so he could buy a fucking house in the woods and blow up the people that are creating technology cuz the Technologies was going to supplant human beings going to going to take over usurp our position on Earth or some crazy shit and he just decided he's going to kill all these fucking scientists and remember that it was like yeah but that's not that's an odd take I had a different take on technology in ayahuasca ceremony where I saw pretty much what's happening now it was like this beautiful merging It Wasn't Man left behind it wasn't super intelligence with Nick Bostrom where we have to worry about this thing taking over like we fucking stayed neck-and-neck with it and integrate with it

► 01:32:13

throughout and we do change we're not the fucking same but we're not the same now that's one of the things they talked about like who's the first cyborg eye glasses your fucking eyeglasses your fucking cyborg that's man-made technology integrated into your being that changes your perception of reality sure right so we're already doing that with our fucking phones were already were already there before I had this weird idea that it has to be implanted into you in order for that to be the case were already fucking there yeah where they're both with the connection with this thing it's always in her pocket and then with Transportation I need Transportation hooks up to the connection so I can listen to things you know I give me how many times you your new car listen to book on tape through Bluetooth you know or a podcast that you download that's everything is a chapter in this book on the day on that it's the mindfulness or mindfulness so when you're driving like what's the worst part of fucking most people's days the commute right now so you can choose to be pissed off guy can listen to talk radio you can do all these things or you can

► 01:33:13

mindfulness meditation what are you resetting yourself you give yourself some quiet time obviously eyes are open wide your hands on the wheel or you do mindfulness where you fucking throwing a dope podcast or or a book from Audible and you would take information in that's going to help you fucking grow as a person write a fictional books I like some fiction on on audio books World's Favorite Martian you know what I I love Stephen King books but I do not like it when he reads them you need to hire really a fucking professional god dammit see you that's why I like I like the author the author Reed's it I'm reading the Tipping Point from Mountain Malcolm Gladwell and hearing him do the audio part is great because he's very passionate about subject matter and he's the guy that wrote it and so him reading out these results and all these different facts and really fascinating things about the Tipping Point in you know certain Trends is Stephen King

► 01:34:13

is like he's a brilliant brilliant writer like one of my favorite writers for sure my favorite horror writer I love to shit like but I used to read him when I was taking the train to go to taekwondo practice I would read Stephen King books all day long it's all agreed so I was always a giant fan is but as a professional actor perhaps do more spirited job I've had some fucking Bad actors on Audible host you know like in the next Chata we're going to tell you why Advanced glycation end products are the devil and you're like fuck off dude like it's just it it ruins it for me especially when telling a story this is my think you need someone who has a very good sense of theater like it the way they communicate the words the way they say the words the emphasis they put on each individual word especially with fiction that's really important it's odd to me though that like audible doesn't coach him on

► 01:35:13

because Aubrey was saying when he did the book she was non fucking stop coaching like if he was reading something they'd be like excuse me mr. Marcus we're going to have you go ahead and reread starting at the top of the page it sounds like you're you're mines in a different place like they would catch everything I ever even walks every night cuz he's got to read far ahead you got to know where you're going with it all that shit he said it would be that changed over time with their approach to that but I think you know it's probably completely different for different subject matter Aubrey's book is obviously a self-help book on the day but other books that are stories about like Monsters or some shit like that like what's required of the the guy reading and has to have a sense of theaters telling the story there's got to be a deposit have to like a professional professional voice actor those what that's what you want for those things yeah they're better at it they just better Stephen King the wizard at writing and he's fucking phenomenal but

► 01:36:12

I want to hear him doing different voices and shit like this is too weird you know he's got a great book though and it's great not just for writers but for everybody at Stephen King on writing is really interesting cuz it's sort of a there's a lot of his sort of life and work philosophy and in the book and I feel like what I read about someone who is in my opinion one of the greatest contributors to like fun books and fun horror movies I mean he's all time King to me and so to be able to say like what what what was going on in that guy's head as he was running carry like how did he how did he conceived of Christine like what's his what's his process what's his process for writing it's really interesting man doesn't even know what the fuck is going to write ugly start something but he doesn't know where he's going he just he just does it in as he's doing any figures out where it's going to go like that that's part of the gene

► 01:37:13

Miss of his method is it it's not like this sort of like an outline before you get to the end. Horace and then he's going to be mad when he becomes a person again he just goes with it you know he just he just ate any you know we just shows up every day and just put in the time and focuses on it and then makes it happen

► 01:37:37

what a crazy way to make a living to just invent stories weird things that happen and just put it all together in your head and then give it to people like look what I've done came up with the store and then you open a like fuck where's the story going this story is crazy it's a really interesting way to to make a living because he's at he's using like he's flexing one very specific part of his brain it most people don't really use it all or hardly ever use most of us don't have any type of of creativity left it sucked out to the school where we were fucking taught to just go sitting here Cog in the machine super Forge didn't have a job where you can create yeah yeah

► 01:38:19

yeah man got a tickle that piece though I met this guy Ted Dekker who's want to fucking Aubrey's greatest mentors out in Sedona and he's a fictional writer for the most part but just fucking he's a wizard and I was doing a water fast so I had to watch 5 day water fast only miss water just water for 5 days how long do you make it four and a half a day early the thing says the thing was beside shows for days right for days is the magic mark so the extra day was just like her I got an extra day to go but we hike Cathedral Rock in Sedona and it's fucking epic and there's there is an energy there like New York but different but what is what's going on with Sedona why is it doing all this is a Sedona from from what I understand Dwight why it's the hippies traveler's guide and everybody wants to be there is

► 01:39:14

are you familiar with post electromagnetic frequency I've heard that those words for everybody everybody that's a bunch of everyone that's about to jump on the fucking woohoo bandwagon and shit on me right now punching the Google bar do me a solid punch in the Google bar NASA study on pemf okay field right do you want to call it what do you think the Earth's alive in the sky and all that I'll leave it up to you but it has its own fucking energy field and so there's dip it's not the same it's not equal throughout the Earth there are places where that's accentuated and you feel that more you feel it more when you're in the ocean there's negative ions there while she Nichols Road physiological and molecular genetic effects of time varying electromagnetic fields on human neuronal Nero Nero Nero no sells I've never seen that word before I like the way it looks

► 01:40:14

Paisley word just looks weird that looks weird that word neuronal

► 01:40:19

there's a good book pmf I forget the author but I'm going to do with that I think it has to do with that this is that energy there it's palpable and it's not fucking make believe so knowing that we'd be in the special place knowing that I'd be with some really interesting people and that if I was to take some medicine at that point in time after fasting for 4 days what Hamilton Morrison will called drugs yes what do you know anybody else that had it with me just cuz they may be don't sign off on that kind of shit publicly but we hiked to the top of the Cathedral Rock and it's fucking incredible I mean incredible and another buddy of mine is it was a teacher Black Swan Yoga he brought up some really good cow from the chocolate but pure fucking Cacao from Guatemala you made it into these drinks and that's what I broke the fast with

► 01:41:19

Michaels in that you know like it's it's funny what people fucking qualify as drugs cuz like Terrance and Dennis McKenna stay like we are walking bags of chemicals right this caffeine in a drink right now is a fucking drug 100%. Bromine in Cacao is a drug it's an alkaloid in cacao that will Elevate heart rate it it's a mild diuretic and it it fucking opens the heart it's like micro dose of MDMA chocolate it's amazing what you're eating right. Some dark chocolate or dark chocolate that's going to hop higher amounts you know but we had a fuck ton of this like you're supposed to have 4 oz is a a good dose for oz of liquid or liquid with with their special special preparation methods Special Blend my friend blend like what is like a shake like wizard

► 01:42:20

stuff in it if there's there's yeah there's some cayenne there's lemon juice there's different things to help activated and stun the way the mines did it's been passed down generation after generation with Stella Stevens kind of like a candy flip now could people just go buy cacao and microdosed MDMA well you got to order it offline and do the do the order online and do the preparation properly but I mean there's no doubt you feel different and swarming you feel more loving you sensitive to touch but this is not it in anyway illegal illegal but I look at a fucking just discovered kick out a day they would say potentially this is this is drug I just never heard this before fucking look it up there's a ton of shit this guy that's on a fact, I forget his name but he's a wizard and he has like amazing articles on different chemicals he talks about 13 scientifically back studies on theobroma and they're all human studies it's dopeshit so anyways we stay

► 01:43:20

take this and we climb the mountain or in nature we're doing fucking with my breathing and different shut up there we look we look the part we look like sore thumbs a fucking 230-pound guy with a shirt off doing why snorting cacao could be the next party drug next big party, so we we take Jesus Christ this is crazy we take our substances we're up there and you know this guy's he's got like 12 bucks that are number one bestsellers

► 01:43:50

he was that he's joking around he's joking around as fuck he's not starting all those are key bumps itchy bumps what he saying he's going to snort that yep he is going to start that here we go let me see what you got son fucking pounded you put her that you just pounded I don't know actually I have some sort of theobromine recently as the office guinea pig that's not the way I would recommend administering a nose uncomfortable it's not that bad no I'm not that's not a blanket recommendation for people though but this is not a dangerous substance no no I mean too much of it you know there's a fucking upper limit anything even water but you know on the mountain going back to this on the mountain so Ted Dekker Ted Dekker hi Ted Ted the fucking man and he's written on these books and he's like would you like me to tell a story in imagine you're sitting with Stephen King on LSD on the Mountaintop and he says would you like me to tell you a story that level of fucking Rider

► 01:44:50

90 goes into one of his books in a I was fucking sold like just drawn right and I could see everything fucking Hylian world's all this shit that you got a battle and you really see like just the mind like how creative the mind can be a blue me the fuck away of course the substance help me draw me into it but man he's a special guy was quite a few special people out there which is why we're so lucky we go to the movies and putting them all together that takes to make like I Saw The Incredibles 2 yesterday is it though any crab of the first one but we're going to meet us a incredible because it's incredible it's it's great we're considering taking bear to that but he's only 3 so we're not sure if you look pretty he loves those movies at home but you know we talk some shit like that sound like a little kid movies as normal school kids doing it too and we think we might do that for The Incredibles 2

► 01:45:50

fucking so good the Pixar movies are so good did you ever see the good dinosaur to be honest it doesn't know why people though if you go into a bunch of teenagers are there or like young adults in the baby start stalking you should be like a day like this should be certain shows the first show of the day and the kids are allowed to talk for sure the day in a lot of theaters do smart for the matinee that's smart that smart but damn that's that opens up the door if you tell him they're allowed to talk and yeah that's true I still try to keep it quiet what do a good dinosaur Pixar movie yeah and they fucking trip balls in the movie oh yeah what did I eat like some rotten fruit and then Dad fucking green dinosaur grows like four eyes then they switch heads and they're running through everywhere I forgot with each other schools he sticks his tongue out and he's got the kids face for his tongue

► 01:46:40

was awesome I forgot all about it recline it in this is society's changing you think yeah fuck yeah fuck yeah it's the Renaissance Michael Pollan said that he's not even an advocate you know he's kind of more of an advocate now it's certainly than he was before he wrote that book this most recent book on psychedelics hit that changed his life I think it's a smart play if you're a person in his position to say like look I'm just an advocate for the science right but as Rick doblin says you know if this stuff when the stuff becomes available to people it's never going to be you go fill your fucking prescription of suicide in at Walgreens and you can go fuck off anywhere you want right still have facility centers were people can go and it'll be guided the right circumstances set and setting will be paid attention to but in that experience like

► 01:47:29

it shouldn't just be for sick people that shouldn't just be for people with depression or PTSD or some type of rape victims fill in the blank it should be healthy individuals that also want to have a deeper Connection in to figure it out and have New Perspective in life right and Paul and I would say I would qualify as that yeah I think he's a healthy guy you know the heart hurts you decide like he's a healthy guy who want to do is have an experience that would draw him in a little deeper so he can understand it now and you listen and talk about it there's no doubt he's fucking sold on it yeah I think what you're saying is really important because I don't think there should be any restrictions on something that's super beneficial if there's no real indication that it's hurting these people and it's all these indications that is helping these people especially comes to trauma look man there's certain people that for sure your experience way more drama than others there's certain people that have you know been to war they lost friends they've been involved in car accident this is for certain people that have been through things that are just horrific

► 01:48:30

it almost impossible to forget and that is a fact that they should have access to this medicine but did it just because like some girl lived her life and didn't have anything traumatic happened to her and she's trying to find her way in this world and she's trying to figure out you know what is insecurity what is my connection to these people would it would it would have on my real passion and drives and life is cuz I'm going to take a some sort of a MDMA Molly trip and find out how I feel about things find out of it gives me anything she should be able to do it to experiment with her brain and see like a all these people are reporting super positive experiences what am I supposed to ignore it because some bureaucrat has decided for whatever connection they have some pharmaceutical companies that you fucking keep this gate tight I'm making anything legal anything you make legal is going to fuck with my bottom line and that's what a lot of people think and so that there's this weird sort of

► 01:49:30

disconnect between the people that want the drugs and the people that won't let you have the drugs like who are you working for the people that won't let us have the drugs and why do these other people that don't want the drugs think the drugs are bad do they do they have any pot experience themselves no vote about pot you fuck you know I mean that's crazy right you shouldn't be a doctor unless you go to med school you shouldn't shouldn't talk about driving the car if you've never driven a fucking car you realize I got paranoid to everybody shouldn't smoke pot fuck off pussy now that's Graham Hancock you don't know anything about Richard Dawkins you don't have a seat at the fucking Taylor how to tell me what my Ayahuasca experience is unless you've done it you don't take a seat at the table you don't get to tell me if some neural chemical reaction in this is where it fits in the brain if you haven't had that experience you can't tell me that that's and that's that's what's what's the one thing that's fucking odd at the very least

► 01:50:30

when people go through these experiences and pulling talks about this too is how real it feels it's how I'm portent it is and how much meaning they have right but nobody's going to fucking tell me that my ass I want to experience didn't mean shit I saw no in one of them my wife and I shared the same vision of holding a child and the next experience we saw was a boy and fucking all the fear of being a parent came up and less than a month later we were pregnant with their like that's as real as it fucking gets and it manifested after that it coincidence or not a real problem with the word real to you know when people try to save that's not real that's a hallucination it doesn't matter it's the same experience like what by saying it's not real so what are you saying you say that I can't grab it and throw a fucking net over it and drag it away and then show it to you again yeah well then it's not real you can't be repeated double blind study

► 01:51:25

and I'm still not going to repeat the same vision in the same fucking experience again yeah anytime you can always a different DMT figured out your next trip is going to be a mind-bender your your next trip that you get cocky go in there like I've done is forms pre relax about my DMT trip so he's really freaked out but I don't anymore did she better be scared you better be scared you're white-knuckling it right now you're going to go deep and got worse it got to the same thing about I had he's done hundreds of Ceremonies and he still gets nervous every fucking time and she get nervous before you do anything that's important to sign that you're getting ready for something crazy well and there's a healthy level of respect for the most people run into the issue you know they they want they want to alter their Consciousness and they'll take a substance thinking like this is going to make me feel a certain way and then all the sudden they got to deal with some shit they got to work through something and that's not what they had on their radar no no I agree

► 01:52:23

and then also this need to control the experience is always the thing the fucking sends everybody off the rails and into the woods if they are having any kind of experience this need to control that experience like no the fuck this I'm sitting down like no man you got to let go if you don't let go you're gone then you got to surrender to it. You don't you're going to go through 15 minutes of Satan I was with my old man in our Panama to travel Gathering we're both doing ayahuasca ceremony together and we are the first cup in its strong like should people Shaman came in fucking amazing experience and they offered the second cup and I'm like it up dude we're doing it and he's like oh no I'm like come on let's go so we take the second cup we come lay back down and I've had I mean the ballpark I've had there's been ceremonies where bad for cops and it was launched you know this to cup that's where we were fucking launched so we go back in the TP and you know what Noble silence we're not talking to each other and you just grabbed my arm and he's like I'm going to leave

► 01:53:24

I'm floating out of here I don't want to go I don't want to go and I was like fuck yeah dude let go let go go with it now is your opportunity to let go see where it takes you and he's like no no I'm not letting go I want down I want down right now that's too much I'm too high and I'm like not the right term in this other guy from Switzerland hurt us and he goes he'll rub some peppermint on his on his wrist it would help him come over and peppermint oil in that grounded him and he was like

► 01:53:54

fuck that was my opportunity to fucking break through and go deeper than I've ever been before but I wasn't prepared I wasn't ready to let go and surrender to it and that's that's it man you want to have that mindset going in where is she face some shit it's okay you know when and if you have the opportunity specially in fucking DMT or Ayahuasca which is DMT base like to have that ability like write the answer is yes to wonder what the guys who created yoga were doing

► 01:54:23

I think I think those people like those people that learn how to do those long holding poses that they were practicing it is a lot of belief that those people are eating a lot of hash especially the the earliest people that were dead created it and they were Soma whatever the fuck Soma ones you were here references and Soma I don't think they know what that is some sort of a psychedelic but that whole practice of yoga if you really think about it a lot of what yoga is like you have to just breathe and just concentrate on maintaining the pose you have to put yourself into this like surrender Zone you know you can't like fight a position he just kind of kind of accepted and just concentrate on breathing hold it as long as you can until your body starts giving out and then you let it go again but I think that prepares you in some way to let go in psychedelic experience it so I think that people that don't have any if you don't have any kind of physical altercation with your body there's no luck moment will you like come on man come out

► 01:55:23

go go go you know of any of those if you never I mean I don't give a fuck what you're doing with her to spin class or just you never have anything or you're pushing yourself when you don't want to do it but you make yourself do it and then you did it you don't have those like those little moments where you overcame something that feels uncomfortable then those those bins in the trip Road or scary dark you don't have any success I'm coming back from Bad States you don't have any success from and coming back from like feeling really scared or feeling really nervous like those build up a database if you don't have a lot of success and doing those are specially success in getting your body to just fucking relax just fucking relax just a broken leg if you don't have that in you like it's it's probably real hard to navigate some of the darker roads of a trip where you just have to just hook just kind of just breathe and just try to stay as calm as you can let an embrace you as calm as you can I think that it works both ways to you

► 01:56:24

like you have

► 01:56:24

if you put yourself in an uncomfortable stressful spots in everyday life like a cold bath or the Crile and you come and you can stay calm in the in the fucking eye of the storm and come out of that that extrapolates out in life somebody cut you off in traffic you're a little bit more chill not that big of a deal and same thing in the Psychedelic experience you go through some rough shit you come out of that okay alright I still have my body was able to work through that now it kind of lowers the noise on all the bullshit in life yeah I agree I think it's something to what you just said about doing cry out to the Crile does make you chill out after the lack of a better term no pun intended but you are you're everything so elevated after you get out of there you feel so good that it said that's a that's a feeling that like

► 01:57:12

if there was a way to do that in a spray if you could buy that feel good spray at 7-Eleven give yourself a couple pumps the same way you feel right after cryo it would hit you dealing come out and I'll send your body feels warm again you feel great it's a nice little trick for very nice little trick and helped so many people in so many different ways with arthritis and people have constant inflammation and back problems knee problems it just is it such a good way to just give your body just a little extra reduction and inflammation skin feels good man people just screw it I don't understand the poo poo and they're looking at it now there's there studying went off at Stanford they see 550% increase in dopamine

► 01:58:03

why I wanted to 300% increase in Adrenaline which impacts the immune system positively how long of a winhoff they have very different they have different levels of cold there studying at one minute that 60° you know 10 minutes of 60° 1 minute 30 degrees and then they're trying to be more signs that comes out on different cuz I want to know like how long at 40 how long in the cry out how long you know what does it but we know there's some type of neural chemical response from it where I feel right yeah so it's not just this you know it's not Placebo it's not just your mind making the supper Man actually good I think something's changed I thought you were you are you are changing it does have an impact was just and also stop and think about all the people that were always scared of the fucking Vikings and the Russians are scared of people coming out of the snow you know and the white walkers

► 01:58:56

it's going to be cold you know I mean that at that is who's the scariest people in this country for the toughest alaskans motherfuking have shows they like 10 shows there's only a hundred people in Alaska they got to see some people that I know that there's too many fucking shows

► 01:59:19

this is I know his million people live in Alaska and maybe not even right now it's not even I didn't we were over this like Anchorage is like 400,000 people I think I might have made that up what's the number 40,000 pills State how many people does Anchorage have

► 01:59:37

700-watt not even a million for the whole state but there's like 18 shows on people living in in Alaska but they're hardly people you looking at me like, what would I do

► 01:59:47

3 to 20000 you like a real spot like a real City sort of real nice bars and restaurants and chill like that but these shows about those people that live up there those are all the people that live in like the arctic circle area and they drop their own fucking firewood and fight wolves off and shit like this is one dude we talked about it several times in the podcast that lives by himself he's not one of the weirdest of all like he's the weirdest of all the weird people cuz all these other people live in like regular houses and then I'll just live in the house it's connected to this River and they take their dogs dog sledding the dealership but they live in like a normal house they go into a house this motherfucker has like this tiny Shaq and he lives right next to a lake and he lives by himself and he walks everywhere and somehow or another gets like pelts and shittin makes enough money to buy bullets and and he lives out there by himself and I'll come into town like once every couple years apparently you should be married just have a

► 02:00:48

fascinating guy I mean this guy is not faking it is actually really living up there by himself in this room is way smaller than the studio and he lives by himself next to a lake I need a shoot wolves one night cuz you were coming for his fucking moose or is Caribou thanks crazy but it's by himself nobody talked to like that might be a draw for people especially if there is some merging of Consciousness and integration with with the

► 02:01:16

technology down the road like to that that kind of fuck this I'm going off the beaten path and you already see that people want to be off the grid but to truly be like balls deep in nature where you have to deal with wolves and bears and all the shit that's going on like that that might be a bigger drop down the road right now I'm I'm not interested in that shit either but I'm interested in him being interested in it because I think that what you were just saying about technology but I thought you were going to say is about nature I think there's a deeper connection to Nature if you just living in it all the time I bailed out I don't get weird senses of like where things are where how how the wind feels when it's coming at you oh it's definitely coming this way like you know you know where to stand where not to lick you get a sense of the whole thing and you're a part of it you're not talking to anybody so the only the only dialogue you have is internal that's like your buddy who fast when he hunts yeah you get that extra sensory coming in

► 02:02:17

yeah yeah Remi Warren always talked about that that you should hunt hungry

► 02:02:22

Primal shit dude

► 02:02:25

that makes sense though yeah yeah totally makes sense I mean doing the fasting I've done to 5-day fast now the brain it doesn't it's not like I'm going to have extra energy sleep kind of goes to shit in on Mike Walker talked about that but I can't sit and read like I can't just focus in like all right my on my brains turned on let me just bang out emails or fucking read a book it doesn't work that way but I do start to problem-solve in a way that's not possible and not common when I'm eating food all the time it just works differently like all this other shit turns on

► 02:03:02


► 02:03:03

now when you talking to me about this Kratom experience how many times you done kratom

► 02:03:11

well I have a boatload of it I mean I don't know I mean I've lost track of how many times I've done it but usually when I do it it is it that 122 pill dose I don't exceed that often your guy who were the reason why I ask is your guy who is always on top of all the latest and greatest in terms of like supplementation the benefits of certain things how do you know when to stick them in and like when the layoff other stuff cuz I how do you know if you cuz you're not necessarily getting your blood tested all the time after you do that some of these things right now I do blood work you know fairly often but that's just more for General Health and Wellness impacting me you know that's do do you like have a detailed analysis of like what you were taking in the days before blood work and then and compare two times were not taking those things most the thing that thing has the biggest impact on my blood work is if I'm in ketosis or not you know if there's going there's no fucking doubt and that's also genetic you know it's not the fucking right diet for everyone

► 02:04:11

that's a pain in the ass to hear what the fuck the right one for me man. That's that's like you got to figure that out you know why are the eats a game-changer that it really is very good but you got it you got to do your fucking homework you understand Rob actually puts it into action on his Instagram page Rob and his wife will you think Zack same thing they test Ketone levels and then I got sugar in blood sugar levels like it at the same time stamp and his and hers a radically different like she's just better that saw Pluto actually and so I'm I'm similar to him genetically in that I don't do well with a lot of carbohydrates in like a wide variety I can eat a plate of yams and my blood sugar looks fine but if I have a little bit of white rice I'm fucking through the roof like pre-diabetic did you listen to the podcast that I did was Zach bitter know he's the guy that holds the world record for running a hundred miles in America he ran a hundred miles like literally ran a 7 minute pace for 11 hours

► 02:05:12

damn damn yeah that's 11 hours and 40 minutes I think was a total that is so fucking crazy you can run 7 Minute miles for 11 hours and 40 minutes just keep going was he in mitosis or was he was he most of time is in ketosis eats a very meet Rich diet and he is a fat burner you he's in ketosis all the time takes all kinds of you know crazy well he was talking about his diet like one of the things that he eats more than any mistake right there was like his big thing like fatty piece of meat and when he runs though when he was involved in a race or anything where it is extremely extremely high requirements on his body then he goes way above like you ketosis levels of carbohydrates oh yeah and I have Graham's during the race that's that's totally what you should do

► 02:06:12

and that's I'd run that 50k after I was on your show last. Sarah's ago he says what team or surprising those bitter trains and compete complete competes on almost no carbs at times carbs account for as little as 5% of his diet and bitter insisted even weed non endurance record holders to do the same he was talking about when did the races he takes some glucose supplements for an article about his yeah I think he means most of the time most of time when it's eating and training and exercising he's burning almost no carbs that's the goal though I know that's metabolic flexibility the goalie I can sleep if we from out the gate we eat carbohydrates every fucking meal until 4:40 we're not making ketones our body doesn't know how to use for a triangle if we at least spend a. Of time and that's what I do now I'll spend about 6 months a year in ketosis with maybe a couple carb Days Inn in the whole 6 months pan and then after that I'll practice some carb back-loading or maybe I'll have you know how are carbohydrate

► 02:07:12

days but I'm still eating high-fat high-protein throughout that and or moderate protein throughout that that creates flexibility that's what were designed to do you know you can argue all you want about what fucking paleo mayonnaise and all that shit but the truth is before refrigeration and before shipping we did not have access to carbohydrates most people on this planet didn't have access at least 3 months out of the year right so that means there's there's at least a period of time when we should take off and allow her body to reset and start to burn fat for fuel and then we go back to eating carbohydrates will utilize it a little bit better well there's also people like the Inuit who didn't eat any vegetables at all yeah but I think even with them two months out of the year when they grow seasonally they need a little bit more carbohydrates and probably not be fully keto what do you say whatever the fuck crochet grow I'm sure 2 months out of the year they can grow some shit man I don't even know what their spots where they can never go anything all year round possibly

► 02:08:11

I don't think it's going to hurt them I disagree with with people that think you should be one of the other you're around when we took the same dumb ass argument he should only eat plants the rest of your life like to be key to the rest of your life I think you're missing the point the point is to have your body finely-tuned an adaptable and able to to eat all things in fasting a good way to go about that and when I do that regularly when I get like 3 or 4 days in a row there's a noticeable difference in like the need to eat like that that feeling that inflammation goes down cognitive function goes up sleeps improves we have a lot of benefits to know for sure some people going crazy with and doing 20 and for my wow that's that's up but not a terrible idea not a terrible idea interview this guy Todd White was the CEO of dry Farm wines he does that every fucking day fast for 20 hours he'll have a bottle or two of the dry farm with his dinner and that's it that's his fucking deal and he shredded like I met Amendment

► 02:09:11

paleofx this year and it was curious to me cuz everybody that's a part of that is the other health-oriented the kind of dialed in at least they're on track they wouldn't you know they work out that you can be a fat guy to pay attention to what they're putting in the body and how they move right yeah but but at every key Oscar every every little booth not everyone looks the part at this guy's Booth everyone's fucking shredded everyone's going to Giant smile on their face I was like what's the fucking deal and he's like well 18 out of 20 of us torqeedo almost all of us do intermittent fasting they have group meditation never know if that would help with fat loss but I mean just to say to their dialed-in group meditation every fucking day at 9 a.m. their entire company while the keys he's a fucking legit guy to him you have meditation with the whole company with the entire company about dicks

► 02:10:02

the wait till I grow my dick looker it wasn't circumcised what would it look like

► 02:10:15


► 02:10:18

they probably it probably had a half an inch or you can just shoot stem cells into it like Greenfield to get to half inch those guys who doing those like is that a mandatory thing do you have to do it to work at the company do the group meditation I think it's I think it's a requirement yeah

► 02:10:33

I'll be annoying for the kissy good once you fucking got into a thing even if you didn't learn haven't made me like fucking meditation if somebody carved out like working at on It's fucking amazing cuz were not only allowed to work out on the clock but we're encouraged to use a song out where I'm currently there's a fucking meditation room that I'll go hit meditate for 30 minutes like I'm outside with my shirt off Barefoot doing Tai Chi and weird shit dude all the time and that's okay right so that culture that's created there is awesome there's nap Pods at Google for a fucking reason so if you had that scheduled into where you were going to meditate every fucking day on the clock and you knew like this is my time to rest and end just get get silent I think overtime you buy into that over time you'd learn how you would say I'm a fucking accountant and I came to this building to work not to have some fucking cult member asshole Guru which was probably just trying to fuck everybody bhagwan shree rajneesh when I can meditate

► 02:11:32

go to work he said I need that extra 10 minutes he told me most the people in his company still have a meditation practice outside off the clock I would tell him that too if I wanted to raise them out of here about you and I'm losing an amazing leader you are just so

► 02:11:50

yeah man I think it's a great idea I just think there should be some people that would when I guess if you let him know before they took the job hey man the only thing we requires 10 minutes of meditation everyday cool with that yeah I'll take it but what if you know like I think people people gravitate towards that there's like minded individuals at every fucking company unless you just I need money and usually those people get weeded out of the equation right when you go there everybody's for super positive fit very friendly very friendly environment like there's no Dickie they all fucking enjoy what they're doing to and if they don't they see themselves out you know I mean I think having there's no company ever going to work out where a hundred percent of the people are fucking dialed in and they're on the same page and now we're going to change the world doesn't work that way but if you have a high percentage that are that are doing that that's why you see big changes happen when you know hundred employees I mean you going to have a little chaos little bit

► 02:12:49

from everybody to get out of that you can have craziness you going to have people that don't work together well don't like each other because of pre-existing Price's because of who knows whatever the fuck it is they were mind above a tax people are weird make getting men and women to work together at just pull that off alone you know yeah we got HR now it on it that's interesting what's that like I don't know I don't have a comparison cuz it's my first real job where I get to play an adult so you have to make sure that no Shenanigans take place well just to create a pipeline for people to talk to one another or a pipeline where you can handle things in inappropriate manner so if someone takes offense to something and we all had to go through this

► 02:13:43

fucking ridiculous and hilarious like 1990 video on brassman of the workforce shit like that I had to water those for a couple different TV shows when you when they start a TV show off its one things they do in the beginning they everybody has to go there we all sat in the bleachers like we were there for a show taping and they pull the screen down and they played us this video on harassment Weinstein didn't watch it I guess he didn't know Weinstein character in that video shockingly

► 02:14:15

I don't know if that works I guess maybe it works in that people know they can get away with stuff it's just it's a safe place for people to come talk and it doesn't mean like that's what I mean I mean those videos about they work their comical who's going to likes a man was about to search leros is chipped that fucking videos got me thinking I think people bite bite bite their little bit the effects that can be repercussions if it wasn't on it because I have a family but I definitely want to lose this job because it's fucking amazing yeah you know it's an amazing thing to be a part of I don't think that it's

► 02:15:03

there's no room for fun with people anymore though that's the way I can issue problem is if you want to cut all sexual harassment which we all do you don't want to cut fun but how do you you know expecially like a guy who saying something that he thinks it's funny to a girl and it just really hurts our feelings and he was just trying to be funny like that's In Her Eyes by sexual harassment in his eyes it's a joke what is even when everybody all things like I fuck with assisting a lot Ian he's a good buddy of mine and I know I treat him like my little brother sometimes so but it's a joke it is always so we had this team meeting on the Jitsu mats I need to sit next to me in the second we broke after the meeting I just fucking got on the leg and started cracking I'm like we're on the fucking matz pitch your mind and I'm digging my knee into his shin like doing some you know like 30 Jiu Jitsu and I forgot the leg I was on he had just fucked

► 02:16:10

Open soccer so he that mean dudes like he's he's on fucking crutches for a minute you know and I would clown I'm a little bit about being on crutches and here comes again and he's my boy and then I realized after watching this video I'm like oh that's just as illegal as sexual harassment and so you know I I make a joke about that to like you know Ian nobody's allowed to make fun of you for being disabled that's against the law and you can go to HR for that so if anybody does that you know you can go say something it's okay and that was kind of our you know I mean side jobs my fucking boy so I can do that but that's still at least I should be saying that right now if you have good friends you're good like what we were talking about earlier with black comedians good friends say fucked up shit to each other for fun and it's fun for both of them because if you're a real friend you love each other so much you know that he doesn't really think terrible things about you but he could say funny ridiculous shit like that because of them

► 02:17:10

both of you laugh because you know it's not the case but if you thought it anyway was the case that you really were like mocking him in any way that it would never be funny because you're never capable of that it's very funny and I don't think I think the real issue comes down to people who are looking to be offended right there was a terrible joke around with people they make people uncomfortable if there's some people in the room that won't laugh at anything you know Sturgis fucking looking for shit right in there's the question right if you have a company like how the fuck do you decide who to hire or not to hire because you don't know these people in the beginning of sometimes people are one thing and they get a little power and then they become something different they just become a different thing and then they get like ambitious or who knows the life changes in some way and then they get aggressive and then they're different person like a who you that we hired 5 years ago now we have to figure out a fucking exit strategy to get you out of the company

► 02:18:06

fuck you know I've seen many friends go sideways on situations like that were they start doing business together and then the business takes off or doesn't take off whatever they're they're stuck together and then they're not the same person who they were 10 years ago when they started this fucking thing so there's all this weirdness and resentment and you know well hopefully no one's the same person they were 10 years right hopefully you fucking grow and it's a positive thing that's not always the case should be you growing and them not or them and you not I mean it's not uniform either that's the other thing it's like if you find like-minded people the great thing about it is everybody is trying their best to be a good person to be to take care of their body to try their best is going to be some Hills and Valleys and ups and downs but for the most part the thought process is about trying to be your best always around people like everybody's going to be okay but if you're around the people that are fucking super negative about stuff and always sabotaging the life and always fucking up things for friends around them and always ruining

► 02:19:06

yes and fucking up that

► 02:19:07

that can be exhausting that can steal your DNA make the steals your fucking

► 02:19:14

did the what whatever it is it makes you a person feeling that you can't when you're around someone is just fucking up all the time we like it if it is family or somebody care about just love them at a distance you know you got to remove yourself from that you can't get wrapped up this is there certain family members that they go crazy and you can't get wrapped up it will take you down to take you down with him you can't live two lives simultaneously you do your best cuz people want to go crazy and that's always been my my real fear and concern that when someone that I know well does the drug thing goes down the drug the drug whole you know I can see looks like it what are you doing man are you doing something. Oh no I'm not doing nothing no we got we got a tweaker over here we lost homeboy he's tweaking he's not even himself me when I was going to lie to us about whether or not he's taking meth

► 02:20:12

yeah I seen shit like that in College lost a friend to heroin we lost two friends a heroin gain one back and he got fucking clean

► 02:20:21

it's not fun that's the right one to witness a will in a stick a needle in their arm right into the vein

► 02:20:29

there's a romantic thing about it to some people that this is the ultimate fuck you to safety you know the for the fuck you the standard Norms societies put on you when you stick that needle in you and just untie the strap

► 02:20:48

fucking crazy what a crazy thing to do Ari shaffir had a good point on that though he was looking at Africa when he was talking about it but he said he saw a homeless man and they realize it was on some fucked-up drugs and he was like oh I get it you were just introduced to the wrong drugs sorry does a lot of drugs but he has drugs that help Elevate him and lift him to a new spot Give A New Perspective and hope and joy in this other guy just got fucking suck deep down the rabbit hole in the wrong direction wow yeah that's true but in some ways they like to heroin better

► 02:21:27

you know who was it that had that statement about heroin there was there was a I'm not going to remember it but there was a fascinating statement about heroin killing you that it what the when it was killing you you I think it was Lenny Bruce talk about it but that it was it was such a sweet death I really forget the quote because I'm heroin something ihp freaks me out so much I don't even like reading too much about it I like read a few things here they are about people to hooked on it just it creeps me out so much it's almost like I'm reading about demonic possession and it away I think the way I think when people lose their entire life to some pills they can't stop they lose their family lose their job cuz I just can't stop to keep taking it how is that really any different in terms of the overall result and the effect it has on your loved ones in your friends and your family and yourself how's it any different than just a really evil demon that talks you and staying home all day and makes you throw up and

► 02:22:27

fucking with you all day and making you tired just dragging you the ground making you fall asleep right in front of the sink how is any is there was a demon doing that you like oh my God look at him he's possessed by a demon that would be horrible we just saw some kid was just as his buys all fucked up cuz there's a demon inside of him controlling it but instead would like oh no he's all fucked up cuz he shut up you shut up will do the same thing yeah it grabs people that is fucking problem though is that you look at that that's it I'll die young but it's like kissing God that was his expression of it who died of a morphine overdose on August 3rd 1966

► 02:23:06


► 02:23:08


► 02:23:13

from in my line of work that's the that's the that's over there that's the Lucy now that primordial or whatever we would how would you call prehistoric human human own hominoid what was Lucy that was that I remember when they discovered LSD but Lucy was on the cover of Nat Geo right now is like one of the first like early human skeletons that have a think there's some controversy attach that thing to

► 02:23:50

which there always is those ancient humans that they find me like find a fucking human from how long ago was Lucy how many 2 million 2.9 2.9 Million let me see a picture that was us just 2.9 Million Years Ago what

► 02:24:06

the fuck

► 02:24:08

that's crazy

► 02:24:10

would you fuck Lucy if I had two for the good of the human race

► 02:24:16

we need to make people who is asking if they would fucking neanderthal

► 02:24:21

the answer is yes dancers fucking yes it happened when I mean its function an exhaust leak mean by Lenny Bruce's this like he's the first he's not like primitive me he was like super Advanced but he was the very first version of that the very first version of a real stand-up comedian like that everybody. All lines come from Lenny Bruce when is a bunch of his contemporaries it was really good too and there's a bunch of people from that error that we're just all Innovative an interesting thinkers they all I'm sure fit off of each other but Lenny Bruce is almost like Lucy so that he's almost like the first ice Troy he's like the first real stand-up comic you know like we say I look okay I get Mark Twain was doing it I understand that all these different people had like a kind of you know, cool way of talking in front of people but there was something about the way he was analyzing and breaking down Society on stage that was this was the first of those so you watch that in a while let some

► 02:25:17

that's like some it's almost like a scientific discovery it's like well this is now this is going to shift the culture this way cuz now people going to be mocking things for free entertainment so the other side's going to get way more mocking so you can have your serious side but there's going to be is a business and making fun of it now is a new thing now is the new thing and that's what that guy was just kind of tripping you really stop and think about how influential one person can be you know that one person with some crazy amount of town some weird way of looking at things can shift

► 02:25:50

like all are sitting across from one right now to wash it this this guy right here man he was he was doing things play some of this man

► 02:25:59

yeah that is the same jumpsuit for 10 years you look in her closet you can't even breathe that's why I got a whole bunch of soon as I get a chick that likes to hang out and vodka party that's my vodka parties bring it up all that I got to check likes to drink

► 02:26:21

play my wife sure used to look good standing up against this thing

► 02:26:27

she's the lowest though I really put her down no no I really miss her I don't want some Shock chick but can cold Kerouac and walk with boys I just want to hear my old lady say get up and fix the sink is still making noise

► 02:26:47

all alone

► 02:26:49

ligan ear slider door glass

► 02:26:57

but it's better to be all alone or taking out the garbage I gave her everything even my mother's ring

► 02:27:10

but to me she was so petty sometimes I wish that you were dead but I'll probably take her 2 hours to get ready

► 02:27:19

what the fuck this probably like I would have to guess likes 1960 what year was that

► 02:27:28

to say

► 02:27:30

Wonder Woman that was

► 02:27:34

it's got to be somewhere in that neighborhood but that guy

► 02:27:38

and big heroin problem in big big big big heroin problem and he was also fighting against censorship he was like one of the first people that was a public speaker that was challenging the ideas of censorship in court he was getting arrested for doing his night club performances and saying certain words

► 02:27:57

you know and he was talking about how ridiculous it is to put all the power in these words including racist words sizzix nobody was doing anything like this back then was crazy shit and a lot of what he was doing meaning of Sanity yeah a lot of what he was doing was

► 02:28:14

he was a big believer and expanding is consciousness we getting fucked up a lot you know he's doing obviously doing heroin is he died of it talked about a pretty old but who knows what else he was doing too I think marijuana was involved in there too he's expanding is mine and it's strange time I think it's impossible for us to really put ourselves in the mindset of people who lived in the 1950s and 1919 60s I think we're capable of doing it. We have like a VH1 depiction of that did you ever see the the decades yeah where the inventor of the sixties and seventies and eighties the man that was pretty fucking rad that's still a Hollywood version of it a hundred percent you know you like even when I get to the 80s you know like cocaine's Resurgence and it's all fucking Madonna and Prince is so silly Back to the Future and Jeff that I don't think we can imagine what it would have been like growing up then

► 02:29:08

you know living in his era like people were so button down to have some guy come along go why we doing it like this now he was

► 02:29:19

That's a crazy thing then stand up comedy started in America really did I mean there was definitely jesters and you know King Arthur's days and all that bullshit and from the beginning of time people have had court jesters and there's always been funny people in the village that everybody gathered around like a Joey Diaz type character that lives somewhere but this the art of stand-up comedy like that was the first and I think I mean Maybe I'm Wrong maybe it's Mark Twain but it's not some Mark Twain Tim you know

► 02:29:52

does the first one where people started wanting to be that and then they kind of like it was a lot of that coming off of that you don't like these these little branches get taken off the main river and culture occasionally you know what I think a lot of that was what I was reading in the Malcolm Gladwell book earlier Tipping Point to be quite different trends like real specific stuff like what what caused this up Tick and syphilis in one part of the country in like what cause I like what it would have these all these factors that fall in place that all work synergistically and put something over the top how did hush puppies go from a business that was like almost bankrupt to being something that will like everywhere and then there's in 2 years at stores open in every mall and they were closed I mean they were open for decades without this kind of success and something happened and they became this hip thing to have hush puppies on and then boom

► 02:30:52

business just explode out of nowhere and of these weird moments like that sometimes like a needle on a must type character comes along and just but I want to fucking put people on Mars I want to make an electric car I want to shoot tunnels under the ground one of these characters comes along and then threw them is like this new River and all this new crazy shit happens that guy was that would like I'll probably go the number one stand-up comedy for that

► 02:31:16

book massive yeah pretty crazy shit dude

► 02:31:21

you received was the name of it says that the touring the touring test the tutoring tutoring test is whether or not you can tell if artificial intelligence is human urine test it's the movie about the guy who invented the computer touring British dude

► 02:31:39

talking about ex machina are like the ones about a time limitation game or some imitation game yeah it's fucking nuts to think like if you look what you watch that movie and obviously have you seen it now it's the imitation game it's awesome that guy's a great a great fucking actor to I'm right in the shower right now. You fucking and Vincent the fucking computer you know and then it goes to the time. And he's gay in Britain and they put them on medication that lowers his testosterone so he won't be get so I won't have sex with men it's fucking insane that's hilarious but if you think about like people who move the fucking needle right like people that change your gifts like

► 02:32:27

if that's where it comes from computers and then we get to fucking hyper-intelligent super intelligent AI it all started there that is crazy like one well there was a bunch of different factions right bunch of different people are working on computers cuz a woman created the very first computer code forget what her name was it will there's two there's two pivotal inventions by women in in computer design and then ultimately

► 02:32:54

in the actual execution of it here it is Ada Lovelace it's been called the world's first computer programmer what she did was write the world's first machine algorithm for an early Computing machine that existed only on paper of course someone had to be the first but Lovelace was a woman and this was in the 1840s stupid people 88 it was rocking chair in the 1800 she's figuring it out you'd be like look one day they can be able to do this right now they're going to do it but if one day they just forgot to do this this is this and where's that I'm going to have computers in a few computers operate on the algorithm and people are looking at you like this what the fuck are you talking about computers Italy imagine how would a hell it would be to be a super super genius living amongst the cave people

► 02:33:46

you like you fox we could be flying around few assholes new how to melt aluminum can you guys get me some glass you don't know glass shit give any wires you have no wire okay

► 02:33:57

where to get your medal you don't have metal shit you imagine if you like we're looking at metal in the ground like why don't you just pull the metal out and make things out of that and I'll look like what's the point what's the point make in the house what's the point what's the point in having glass window that look out at the cave people fucking each other and stab and mastodons in the deck with Flint tips to tools fuck imagine what the hell that would be that would be like the worst thing to do to somebody like imagine if one day they come up with the time machine and one of the punishments for people that were real piece of shit is you would throw them in front of Genghis Khan's horde in like 1200 ad you would just like take your underwear are your in your underwear everybody knows it's going to happen you have a chance to live if you just might get lucky Mike teleport to the right spot and not get slaughtered and eaten by the Mongols as they come over the top of the hill but we can put you right in front of them and you know good luck you pee

► 02:34:58

shit fucking transport of a time machine I mean if they do, come up with what the abilities do that two people one day

► 02:35:06

like an actual time machine that would be the biggest hell ever take a person from 2018 who's used to driving around this Tesla check his texts every 5 minutes and no you were going to let you live really live but you going to live in 1200 ad no doctors no doctors what the fuck is a doctor we talking about man you got to run you got to run they're coming over the hill they smell that lets people burning smell people burning like candles that was the punishment

► 02:35:39

that would be crazy if somebody raped you and you get to decide what year they come back

► 02:35:46

when I have to go that would just send this motherfucker back to the dinosaur era good luck you cunt be by themselves 65 million years ago how many people would say yes to that like how many people said yes well we could do one thing

► 02:36:04

Bernie Madoff we can either put you in jail for the rest of your life or you get freedom

► 02:36:11

in prehistoric Central Asia what would you do I take the death by prehistoric Central Asia all day got a fucking live by there at least I'm not in a fucking cage until my heart stops beating Potter percent I'd take that all day I'll roll the dice. Roll the dice it'll suck I'll die for sure but I'll die running or try to get away I or you know you know I'm going to die in that box that's the craziest thing about you don't you just decide when someone has crossed some line that you're going to take you out of circulation was just going to call you and this little cage we could help you get better when we let you out in 15 years

► 02:36:57

what a stupid idea it's not working that's how you know it's a stupid idea it's not it's not working for anyone you want to protect people from violent offenders that's primary right violent offenders people who want to rob people or murder people rape people or assault people that is what the number one thing as you want every everybody be safe I love Jamie I don't want Jamie to have to worry when he walks down the street this guy they locked up 10 times going to jump out of the bushes and take his knees out with a baseball bat for no fucking reason other than he's crazy right you don't want that nobody wants that so we all agree that you got to lock up rapists and murderers not but after that I have to get to have to get past that it's like what what good is it do to get that guy to cheat on his taxes why do you put him in a cage for a year why do you let him work and pay you back I was in a cage for a year that seems that seems like you're punishing them like you you at your dude is trying to

► 02:37:58

Bertram and steel year of his life but he just owes you money he doesn't owe you a year of his life how much is a year of your life worth it's worth a fucking billions of dollars a year your life fuck you man you can't take a year someone's life it's crazy but if you owe taxes if I'd like a year your life sir or if you're fucking selling plants sound plants or worse you one of those people that didn't send the envelope and you try to bring some of that 4000 lb of cocaine over I think education is the real term you have to catch them in there has to be punishment I give you owe people money there should be reparations you should like if you if you were involved in some sort of a banking scheme and you rip people off you should have to pay those people back. You should have you should be responsible for that after that you're assuming that someone is capable of growing and sometimes we don't like to do that's very convenient to assume that someone is in a static State and then never going to grow all this old Bank

► 02:38:58

asshole he just a ritual countries I was going to die fuck him there's there's that thing but he's a human being and even if he lived his life fucking people over on those you know those weird mortgage situation loans that were going on with those adjustable arm yeah the adjustable mortgage is that people got fucked on because they signed up for him and they were really low rate Nelson there a jacked up through the roof and they were just never lie going to lose their house and this is like something that people knew about it before I even knowing they can grow it's a horrible thing they did they get to say to their done fucked and walk him up forever my grandma lost her house

► 02:39:38

terribly Grandma lost her house and whoever the fuck benefited from your grandma losing the house they should have to give that money back to you should figure out the fuck how the fuck did they allow these Banks to weasel people like that you're not looking out for anybody's best interest when you do something like that and obviously I didn't know they're going to the racetrack and get it I think. Where people were all they should have situations but they should have known something was coming to get the point though that they should have hugged and paid back you should be great but none of those fucking people got paid back doesn't matter how long you lock him up for like nobody fucking got their house back yeah I know everyone got fucked over and even people that were involved in the organizations that were probably responsible and part for the recession which fucked everything up they let those people I got bonuses when there was bailouts it the whole thing is the bailout should have been for fucking everybody who lost their home for sure for sure it shouldn't the bill out most certainly shouldn't have gone to I know that they have to pay these people these bonuses because he's bonuses are in their contract but that's still crazy still crazy it was in the car

► 02:40:39

contract with the government going to bail you guys out you guys are a failed business banks have failed business and you're still going to try to claim that you guys did so well that you need a bonus like uses great and you going to take that taxpayer money and apply to your bonus so all those poor people out there working $50,000 a year you're going to just take a giant what what's a good one for those guys what's a good one what's a good bonus what you think it's like the biggest bonus the one of those Banker guys got during the bailout if you had 300 million

► 02:41:09

is it that high I don't think it's that I got it at least like they were getting it at the end of bushes term right so that was 2009 during the bailouts you got 20 million things house looks like made out of cocaine feel like an igloo

► 02:41:48

the walks by and licks the walls here's the real question you give the average person 25 million bucks then I have to work again ever you know this guy is making 20 million bucks every year or more probably with all these bonuses right

► 02:42:06

what what when you get out like how much do you have to have in the bank for you. You know what I'm just going to fucking live frugally and never work again thank God does not need to live frugally they doesn't even any but I mean for most folks like what's the number that you have to get to Wheelock check please yeah I don't know what to do whatever that driving forces though to attain that that doesn't just magically go away you know it's not like you get to that point you're like right now I can retire like what do you fucking do in retirement look at the people who continue to work you have a thousand things you love to do right and you're good in them and you're obsessed with them other people don't have that all they know is their job all they know is to work and they don't they have a hard time integrating when they come out of that you know you have to have something that gives your life meaning and purpose yeah that's true it's hard for people to take some new hobbies to but really fun that's the thing about learning stuff getting good at stuff when you suck is a little you know disappear

► 02:43:07

the beginning with frustrating but once you if you do do anything no matter what it is specially physical stuff something about getting good at things it's very rewarding you know not enough people go through that 9 people I think try new shit out and I think there's also new Pathways to get opened in your brain the more you try something new that you suck at will you start off from that beginner phase and try to like put it together and I think the little journey of the beginner face getting better I think we should try something new once a year I really do I mean maybe more but to me can't be more than once a year because I get too crazy about stuff for me once a year is like I might be able to squeeze something in once a year and try it out for a little while and not let it overcome all the things I'm already crazy about

► 02:43:48

you know how often do you go hunting

► 02:43:51

well it's usually in the fall for elk and then usually we do something in the

► 02:44:01

early spring we go to Lanai and we hunt for Axis deer that's like the that gets you ready for bow hunting is a really difficult to hunt yet to really fast they just found out that accesses 24/7 in Texas for 7 but they have a real problem in the special they have no Predators if nothing at least taxes there mountain lions and I mean maybe Kyocera a situation for fawns I think I would think I would imagine Kyle's get some fawns but they don't really have many bear to speak of Texas although I think Texas is seeing Resurgence in Black Bear population starting to see sightings of black bear check to see if that's true

► 02:44:47

that would that would show off some they kill off a shitload of deer little little bear little Cavs and fawns deer fawns and cow El cabs when a cow elk rather gives a Cat Bearcat those fuckers all the time to get like half of them half of the Fonz ball born damn yeah they smell it a mile away is insane some sense of smell they can tune in to be like when people shoot guns and killing animal they think it's like a dinner bell what is a real issue with that in like certain places where people hunt with his Bears was once you shoot something they go I'm going that way I'm just going to take whatever the fuck that shot and I'll be mine now make it smell like got sick soon as you start cleaning at the end they smell it like we the fuck away from you

► 02:45:37

might be going home with the bear and the Nexus dear I don't know if they hear black bear spotted in another to Texoma Town yeah

► 02:45:46

there it is it's fucking black bear magic if you did know the bears exist there and you were out in the woods at night you saw that thing you like sci-fi

► 02:45:55

you know the video that I'm there I think it's just the picture oh yeah so don't now they know yep that's definitely a beer

► 02:46:08

yeah they they travel fascinating animals man

► 02:46:13

I mean if they weren't real

► 02:46:17

you know what up what an interesting thing that would be in fiction special at Grizzlies

► 02:46:24

Kodiak bears you know what mean if they didn't exist

► 02:46:29

what up what a crazy creation that would be in a movie and just seen a berry like what in the fuck is that thing you know to Star Wars animal will just being up close to one totally different ballgame have you ever seen one in the know when we were I went to the Kenai River in Alaska salmon fishing on a bachelor party and in one of the tiny airports there before we got in they had a full size 9 legs and I was like good fucking God I had no idea like I have no idea how big it was sitting with moose though like I had no idea what's about Jamie it's happening here woman says she stabbed bear during attack in California park yeah they have black bear in Los Angeles Los Angeles Los Angeles to shit Joe Rogan holy shit a popular Park in California is back open Friday after woman says she was attacked by a bear and had to stab it in order to escape Los Angeles County

► 02:47:30

Bears official say the attack was reported at about noon Thursday on the Pacific Coast Trail in Los Angeles area Vasquez Parks rock rocks Park where is Vasquez Rocks holy shit dude look at this cheap but she was hiking on the trail she turned around after seeing what appeared to be bear droppings a short time later she heard something behind her head and turn to see a small black bear approaching her at a fast pace she pulled a knife from her backpack and stab the bear in the left shoulder which made it stop and run away authorities say the height of a scratch on her waist on a wrist but she refuse medical treatment holy shit this bitch is Gangster she stabbed the bear and she's a first in LA to stop a bear that girls ready so respect right I mean she pulled that fucking Nye found stabbed at bear and the bear scratch then she's like I'm good I don't need to go to a fucking pussy ass doctor where is it's about the 10

► 02:48:30

what is that where Palmdale interesting that's not Los Angeles near Palmdale Palmdale is way out there man wears Palmdale okay it's halfway between here and Palmdale go back out again a little bit

► 02:48:47

where some of the streets of the city's Rado Angeles Forest Drive between so it's near where the two is right is that the two that Angeles Crest Highway is gorgeous up there that it that's where Jay Leno does all the stuff when he takes cars up there and like does that Jay Leno's garage it drives them to fucking beautiful up there God crazy so that's where the bear was that make sense this Bears up there is bears in Santa Santa Barbara believe it or not

► 02:49:19

I believe it I'm out in this right yeah people find bears out there you spent time in there Santa Barbara yeah yeah yeah I love it up there gorgeous you know it's it's really unfortunate what happened in this last mudslide you know about that a lot of people died in a Mudslide heard about as my old man I think it was last year he lives in the Santa Cruz mountains and he was just fucking trapped like not in his home but in a small town for 2 weeks cuz the road that leads to the 17 how you get from Santa Cruz to San Jose yeah completely shut down tons of mudslides that's right in the PCH was shut down for a long stretch right I think it still is I think it's still down I think the stretch of the stretch of highway that takes that will take you from like San Luis Obispo all the way up to San Francisco that's that's the PCH right there's a spot on the way to Big Sur this is why I don't think

► 02:50:20

through it anymore I think it's still fucked up see that thing is still closed but it was closed a giant stretch that got wiped out like that these photos of before and after it's like imagine seeing that code I imagine being in your little fucking mg convertible and you see this fucking Mountain coming down just you know this is it this is that is how it's going to go how long does it take to reopen it I don't know if that's good did they say how they figured it out because there was some questions as to whether or not they're going to dig it out or when they going to put a new road over the top of the dirt that's there now road-tripping hipsters Road trippin hipsters think that's what a weird

► 02:51:15

things to say resident Survive by creating hiking trails at enable people to bypass the highway closures by foot and those courageous enough to drive to take on the NASA nascimento Ferguson Road with its hairpin turns and and steep drops yikes it crosses a Santa Lucia range and connects the Big Sur Coast with Route 101 further Inland given the challenges several tours in business is simply closed up shop for the summer wow imagine having a hike for food and shit and you realize like oh my God we live in Big Sur like what we were trapped were we thinking what the fuck was thinking of the Earth was going to move you wouldn't have a knife on you or what would you do you wouldn't have shit we don't shut up were out there with your Birkenstocks on talking about you next I watch the session next week and I see that mountain coming down on you

► 02:52:08

looking for your fanny pack in like where's all the functional shit in my utility belt right now I don't even have a key like at least you can have old school key and kind of cut things a little bit with a key most people don't have a fucking key anymore keyless entry car phobs give a fire keep your house need a fob for everything else

► 02:52:28

Bob's how long before we wear those things I have one in my wallet I have Alexis into card my cut my key is a card card entry in the wallet in the wallet yeah I like that yeah it's great yeah so you always have your wallet you always have your card that's better cuz even with all the keyless entry shit now like it's still got a spot for to my fanny pack still taking it with more space center needs to weigh more right I mean you can't wait to BMW app to open a Beat from here I can turn the air conditioning on a ventilated that's Savage dude I didn't know that was parked

► 02:53:17

God damn I don't even know you could do that yet Kyle Kingsbury we living in the goddamn future we are we are there's no doubt you guys are setting up the fucking little AI machine out there right now though that's not a i that's virtual reality is a big difference that's a Vive but it's soon enough for going to interact with shit that's going to be it's going to change the world I think someone needs to set up like a Muay Thai game on that Vibe like they have a boxing game Sunday to set some up with kicks you know and have someone who kicks at you

► 02:53:54

you know that teaches people to points bar it does but it wouldn't be if it wasn't your only training if you was your only training you know it's a lot of Thai guys go light anyway when they Spar I'm leaving this part I style they're playing with each other you can kind of do that with this and just do it fast and then as long as you did like pad work and real sparring on top of it I bet it would add a better dad something just makes sense me you constantly Utah sleeping reacting but there would be no consequences right like you're not even feel it but you you would you would constantly be reacting to movement and he would get it to react to you but there would be no consequences so you could do it all the time that worried about like hurting yourself and you also wouldn't worry about like getting hit so you'd be a little free or with your motions I think if they that would have to be another human playing you though because if it's just fucking some computer when they got to ride in an algorithm on how often the faint

► 02:54:54

how often it doesn't like if it didn't if it wasn't scared I wouldn't give a shit it would just block everything in Destroy You Well it knows where your body is Right perfect distance so it has to have some sort of yeah you would have a haptic fucking jumpsuit on you never have to click wetsuit I go all the way to the top and so if you get hit with like an inside leg kick you to hear the slap you feel that slapping the inside of your thighs you know it's not perfect but I think they did it would give me something real beneficial about that just just constantly moving and constantly reacting to this thing in front of you you just put in a lot of reps that way distance lot of reps who be interesting to know like wouldn't know when you really hit it with stuff and you're not hitting anything what about like when when you getting jammed you know when you're hitting it when he will need to close yeah I like the power meter right on yeah yeah yeah you wanted to kick it shouldn't it's not all kicks of the same

► 02:55:53

contact if you go to throw a front kick in someone's here and you get your knee up high and then push into it that's a big difference between the guy being here and you just like kind of falling backwards like me does it know you back first pushes him back that's it that's huge was sparring having a good sense of distance when how it knows that like exactly your foot lands I think some of the cool shit that I've seen with that is like this artwork you can do and that's World organic says it's not exactly this is crude of what you guys are talking about it's called drunken fist fight the guys going to grab a pool stick and crack that guy friends very well for the sort of reactants know but like it right now the VR thinks only tracking the sensor so that you have to have a haptic suit that has sensors in it and I don't think they're quite there quite that far yet you know I mean I have to be a lot of sensors in right now. Things went track in the headset and the two things you put on your hands you can add more of those look like maybe put on your foot or something like that but it's not it's like

► 02:56:54

tracking it in space so it's not such tracking impactor speeder maybe a little bit of speed give it 10 years yeah

► 02:57:04

but you don't have lots of sensors I don't even know what you would need to track of an impact on your supposed to be fighting these guys in a bar programmed you know like AI Bots that are just like watching a swipe of a hand near its face and it was a long time away but maybe not I think the real move one day is AI robots that know Jujitsu and go at like 50% percent speed

► 02:57:38

it would have to be the case you been watching Westworld no I watch the first episode of the new season and I haven't been on Kimmy Schmidt kick what's that unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt it's a hilarious Show on Netflix about a chick who is stuck in a bomb shelter with a religious cult for 15 years she comes out just know shit about the world some really funny Matt Tina Fey's show okay it's not yeah it's a comedy

► 02:58:06

so I take little breaks I go Vikings Unbreak My cash got into Viking and it's going to hurt it together if you have never got in on episode for Two good God damn Show season 2 of Westworld eat supper on episode 4 watch the first episode and I just been busy it's damn good I like it. Just anything that gets me to think about Consciousness what that is what it can be and where are Futures at I don't want to I wish you had seen it I wanted to fucking die who was the woman who plays the main character what is her name I forget shoot the actual act or something would Madeline she's a beast Side Girls Woods she's so good right actress she's so good that's married to what's his name right the the goth dude

► 02:58:55

Marilyn Manson yes Rachel Wood Evan Rachel Wood Evan Rachel Wood woods with an S she does an amazing job of getting you convinced that she's both a person and a robot it's really creepy like she just Nails it like there's not there's other people on the show that are great it's a lot of great people in the show but for whatever reason her combination and that the British the lady with a British accent phenomenal same thing like there's a scene with her I don't want to spoil her talking to another one of these robots about her daughter and you like Jesus Christ this is so fascinating because the writing is so goddamn good and then the acting so God damn good that it has it's weird effect where you know they're kind of fucked-up for people but they're not really people but they seem

► 02:59:55

very people like this is the perfect amount of off just at the perfect amount of like what in the fuck are you will you get to see him learn to figure out what it means to be conscious dancing Anthony Hopkins then I'm down I'm down too did you have you finished wild wild country no no I went episode 1 I was like I don't even know if I do that saw you have going on I'm going back don't worry I'm going back I see a little break to do man I'll get back to you I promise there's something about cults and the something about like seeing people just Hook Line & Sinker of roll out the red carpet here comes here comes you got that stuff freaks me out that stuff freaks me out I think because I've seen it seen it with martial arts especially seen it all with a lot of lot of the old school martial arts schools were

► 03:00:55

very culty very culty you know I don't know if you're followed make Dojo life on Instagram dude mcdodo life is a awesome collection of the fakest martial arts you've ever seen in your life and something about these videos is so God damn compelling because he's people who are the students they know the shit does not really work but they pretended it works because they're just there a cult you know and this guy is like teaching people like if someone comes to grab him like to try to take him down like some wrestler check it out going to put his hand here give me some volume on this Jamie

► 03:01:36

small intestines going to get it right for the neck

► 03:01:42

bladder point

► 03:01:47

just making sure it up dude just making shut up homeboys mustache behind them he comes in touches them hit some here

► 03:01:58

that's all I need to do bro Cain Velasquez shoots up power devil just put that left hand that is KLM

► 03:02:06

get him up this is important and snacks that shit out of them and this guy really believes this

► 03:02:16

that's an anti Gracie movie says bitch try that to let try that on hands out you fucking dummy

► 03:02:25

there's so many of these but this guy has like an awesome collection of that look at this the guy gets out and throws everybody to the grass man they're all they're all grabbing him and he's like but I have super powers and you don't he might as well be 5 they might as well be five year olds on a playground and one of them pretends he's Doctor Strange you grab me I'm going to send you back to Mordor

► 03:02:54

the first guys go straight for didn't even move form it's so stupid it's so stupid but this is what I'm saying these are Cults this is there's something about this shit that freaks me the fuck out and I did my martial arts school that I started out in Taekwondo school was very strict discipline with it wasn't really called me but it was a every everyone is there all little County there a little call T with it when there's a master in mr. and all the stuff is always a little bit of that but we would go to tournaments and then we would see it. Just full-on calls like one guy would be the Kung Fu Master and how about students and I'll be at his command and he be telling him what to do I guess I'd say it's screaming out and shit just like Karate Kid is a lot of them and there's hundreds of these weird little school's over run by people that were running there a little cold but at least at least at the tournaments like you guys are getting actually fucking compete right yeah so the kids even though they're they're like dogs their well-trained you know they always listen yes sir yes sir I still get to get on the mat in the Xperia

► 03:03:54

lost experience some form of fucking real world Venice right for sure how I cash it on mcdoge oh yeah it's what stunning about mcdodo life is how many of there are I'm there and they're making videos is the thing these people should put scroll just scroll and show how many videos of guys got up let me know who I don't even know how many just probably hundreds but the thing is this is just what's on video I don't understand how all these people that come to these places they don't ask for competition they don't ask to see somebody they don't know any better than that but is it always like yellow if I did this to a man he died you know this one is that what everyone believes look at this one this guy when a guy has a knife to his neck he's going to smush the guy's hand with his chin watch this is going to make the guitar tab

► 03:04:43

check this out

► 03:04:45

you guys got a knife right to his neck and he's like but what you need to do try it on me

► 03:04:52

as soon as he gets that knife near me not same spot bitch I sent the same spot right watch this okay I give up but I will take my hand and then my chin what make your hand hurt like this

► 03:05:08

watch this guy

► 03:05:11

it's the dumbest shit hurry up and get to it here goes look it's making him tap he's grabbing his own hand CZ I grabbed his own head to that armbar ferocious ferocious at no point time with that guy been able to stab the fuck out of him with that giant knife in his hand

► 03:05:33

that's just relax a little bit more believable than the other one is the one right next to the guys on the his knees there that one right there I watch this one this one so fucking stupid I mean

► 03:05:43

can't reach me you cannot reach me with that hand reach me with that and you cannot but this is why I think I get freaked out by Cults is that when I was a young teenager and I start doing martial arts I saw like certain elements of that you know I went to Catholic school for just one year when I was young when I was 7 first grade actually 6 right and it was fucking horrible and if I remember thinking like that I can't believe all these people are just doing this like all these people are following with those look so awful good enough I don't want to see any more of these I can't but I recognize that like when I was young I was like this is not just doesn't make sense this is just everywhere

► 03:06:44

just going along with this this is normal to leave your kids with this mean ass none and all these fucking people are that everybody would like to stay in order everyone's nasty to you and hitting kids like was awful and I remember thinking man there's something that happens to people when they get big groups of them together and they agree on a rational shit that's up to some weird thing that happens to people who everybody this can't be right that he's not acting in the name of God is no fucking way she's a crazy mean old lady and I got to listen to her because she works for God if this is fucking nuts can I talk to God does he know how she act going to talk to her as a representative online your fucking parents take you there and drop you off and leave you with these monsters all day like what and some of them got fucked write some of them got molested not just some of them quite a few so I think I had a healthy respect for that and fear of that when I was really young and then I saw some of the same elements when I started doing

► 03:07:44

Florence particular was like some of the more ridiculous I like really rigid traditional type style lot of kung fu it was a lot of bike for every hundred martial arts schools you had three or four that were just flat-out Cults I just made those numbers up 1% who was the guy was in it was in China that fucked up one of these fake Grandmasters home then he had to go into hiding that guy's two of them one of them happened recently was it there was a guy with yellow sneakers on right he was in MMA guy yeah yeah he fuck this guy up like two strikes to fucking dismantle that old fart yeah I mean it's not it's not fair you're dealing with someone who's delusional but it is fair because we all need to see that cuz there's some people that really did believe that guy had magic powers because they run a called like these people that are doing all this death touch that when the CD at their students like

► 03:08:45

they fall down they believe that they're getting jolted some weird might maybe not a hundred percent but there's a small percentage of their brain that's willing to not just go along with it but to believe this guy something special that go with yellow sneakers and give a fuck about that he just beat the shit out of that dude and for everybody else but that dude that's good you know for that guy to to find out that he's not really some possessor of magic powers mean if he really did believe it here it is all red sneakers

► 03:09:18

he just beat the shit out of this dude I mean real quick he just stormed them boom hit some of the right-hand boom Another right hand and just get some on the ground and beat the fuck out of them I mean just like maybe 6 or 7 seconds before they stop at he's out cold have those mats in my house puzzle mats the other in the living room they got that color I check them like that too so we can just fucking do yoga we can roll that's hard arrest with my son there you'd freak people out if they came into your house if you are new in the neighborhood so fucking hang out with me for a minute in the living room come on over and have some cookouts dip into my car and check out yeah it's like a mile dose of MDMA

► 03:10:07

you're supposed to function as Big Jack giant dudes drinking cow this fucking five finger toe shoes on

► 03:10:15

yeah welcome to the neighborhood that's the neighbor come on in come on

► 03:10:26

is it funny like that sounds like a great thing if you were single you know like if you just a bunch of guys living together I've heard a hundred doors yeah we have our living room add it up and we just drill I know a lot of guys you got really good because of that it's just you guys that want to be roommates with other Jiu-Jitsu guys and so instead of just going to class everyday and Rollin they would take like 1 or 2 days a week and they would you like a straight hour or of nothing but drills like do you be amazing how much better yet just from doing that that makes sense I got I don't have the time now to go to a full yoga class so I'll just hit it then I hear there I'll drop down my wife's yoga certified now so she'll put me through some shit and we just do it that's very nice very nice to have

► 03:11:14

yoga rolling yoga yeah. Then you'll go outside in the grass it's nice to be outdoors I think it is to anywhere you know for sure I was doing it on the Cathedral Rock on the LSD and the cacao it's double dose on the candy flipping or what it's kind of a little longer than right but the original candy flip must have been MDMA with LSD probably but maybe was candy maybe ask your cow milk and chocolate a little lsd-laced chocolate

► 03:11:48

what else should we keep an eye on

► 03:11:51

as far as interesting Subs interesting substances that you didn't know can make you trip balls like how I'm saying it has similar properties so you're not going to see you again soon I got to see a damn thing it's not a triple dose whatever you took out take three times as much will see what fastener for days so at 3 I was like we need to go now while and I fucking Sprint it down the mountain for the shitter Willow Street Lakeway go another one but the other one that I was able to keep that tight I was pinching the butthole like that lady with the vaginal clip going to accomplishment when he could do it I was a hard Kegel. I almost shit myself a few months back headed to The Improv

► 03:12:41

it was real scared I got over the top of Laurel Canyon and I was going down Fairfax I was like I might not make it like this might I might not I might not make it so you start sweating yeah I was sweating hard to not feel good so very nervous I don't know what else is out there you know I know where were combined and some really cool shit I mean getting to work on the podcast this fucking amazing and thank you both for encouraging me to start one I'm glad you're so good at it so it's hard to believe that somebody had a problem you know you're constantly able to recite interesting information about science or medicine or physiology you wrote you always have the stuff at your fingertips why wouldn't you do a podcast and you make sense it all makes sense now really good at playing guitar in a band or something like that

► 03:13:43

so yeah we got we got the podcast and that's a big child of mine it on it and don't talk development would probably be the other big piece of that let me know let me in on this how the fuck do you make those protein bites the sounds like a commercial what does protein bites are those are crack well something in those things I've sent him two people might my friend Aaron Snyder goes do the shits heroin-like what's in this you can't stop making them into one so it's actually a bite and they're like no people eat both or if they do eat one now and the other one off it's not going to be the guinea pig for that shit to with Aubrey in a few other people on the Team EG Lindsay taste so good make you feel bad at all know how does the new flavors are going to be fucking talk to your to there's something about like there's I'm willing to get like a slightly adverse reaction if I'm hungry if I'm hungry and I want like a certain type of sugar free protein

► 03:14:41

bar my couches fucking eat I need something I'll eat it but up Mami tomoe what is this what's going on here what is this your body's going yeah you know this is a little weird like whatever the protein in this is it hard for me to digest here's a fart for you mother fucker hopefully you did anything wrong that's the idea of them to make something healthy that tastes delicious I ate four of them all the time I got to I can let I got the thumbs-up normally I'm not allowed to talk about shit we're not dating but I'll just give you this we're going to fucking make really delicious healthy cereal cereal yeah like Coco Pops you fucking name it really will do that well I can't keep secrets but I'm just saying son we're going to have some fucking really is milk healthy cuz I don't think so but I don't think so far I think for a lot of people it's not out in California

► 03:15:41

you guys can get raw milk that's healthier snacks healthy is raw milk healthy I think it's healthier than the killed off shortly how were they killed on getting rid of all the good bacteria that's in it no doubt and then raw goat's milk supposed to be even better for you than that yes and they're the reason that we find out now that you ever read the plant Paradox by dr. Steven gundry know he's a fucking Savage podcast we didn't think I'd read that on the first podcast Greenfield turn me on to this guy he says that there's a different type of casein protein that Holstein black and white dairy cows make versus Southern European cows goats don't make a cheap don't make it so if you're going to have dairy go with something from Southern European cow or go with like goat's milk cheese sheep's milk cheese those kind of things but I mean 3 in the fucking cereal like I'm doing specially when I'm doing Keto

► 03:16:34

I'll throw heavy heavy coconut cream in there can coconut cream for making our own keto ice cream with an ice cream maker do the same shit you know phenomenal stuff I let my son know that down you don't want dinner you just want ice cream cool well it was fucking we reach egg yolks in there there's no fucking you know it's all natural sweeteners no card no nothing's going to fuck with his glycemic index people don't think that I would be if you everyone thinks you have to suffer somewhat right but they can figure out a make a way to make something taste like a real ice cream sundae like with whip cream hot chocolate cherries everything and have it be super healthy for you there's got to be a way Lily's chocolate bars no affiliation with those guys but they fucking figured out how to make chocolate delicious and they do with stevia they do it with stevia and a couple other things lilies L I ll why are there at Whole Foods Sprouts on the places they're fucking insane there really

► 03:17:34

the really insane they've got it dialed in but I mean if you could melt that down on some homemade ice cream

► 03:17:40

that's something I tell people a lot is

► 03:17:44

if you're going to cheat or if you're going to eat for mouth pleasure make it yourself or I'll make your own fucking pizza with a better crust make your own dessert with with shit that's not going to spike your blood sugar and make you fat cause inflammation and fuck your brain up like just make it yourself go the extra fucking mile do it yourself it'll be way healthier

► 03:18:04

give time to make your own keto waffles really no it's not I do that you know what you were talking about I did a repost haven't tried their waffles or their syrup but I'm down to try I just haven't found the syrup anywhere the date well you can get it from the website fucked up some of their waffles with some syrup and just a pound of butter on it was Sensational it sounds like a good idea I didn't feel bad after it was over I felt good you feel terrible that's the goal of creating a shit like that right we've got a ton of Keto shakes now at the Hana Cafe they will fucking change your life they're insanely good I'm changing yeah no doubt and they don't make you feel bad that's the key right like if there are some like I'll tell you that I'm no plug here these fucking kill Caesar God damn Delicious I don't have any business affiliation with them but they don't know how much sugar does this thing have in it so it's just a zero

► 03:19:04

zero sugar should taste good but it doesn't have any bullshit in it right mean this doesn't have any aspartame or anything what are they using it for what do they use in this to the sweetener erythritol what is that it's a natural sweetener that's low glycemic similar to Stevia Xylitol similar to Steve yet but they are different flavor components of some of them work better for an energy drink some of them work better for ice cream shit like that this is recovery and hydration so what it is this shit taste fantastic and then there's no bad feeling afterwards like if I drank that and I was a Coke I'd like so good going down a cold Coke in aluminum can you crack the top and Scott the fucking the condensation all over the top of it cuz it's so cold I haven't had a joke and pull up in the cooler and mirrors. Especially if you have some barbecue dude you're in the middle of slab of ribs and you go for that cold Coke and you just chugged chugged never out of here

► 03:20:04

just feel that the six year of making its way to your veins before that mouth pleasure your trade it all do you like the Zevia you had Sylvia's mother fucking amazing it's not the same flavor is Coke I fucking love it though there. Ginger ale good things that taste good now that don't have sugar in them we were just so addicted to the things that have a sugar in them you know what if we can find healthy alternatives sponsible they're coming out still coming out will listen man so fucking shoot some bows and arrows and shit I'm fucking down 3 to get this over with King Boo on Instagram and Twitter yep on at.com for everything else and hosted the audit podcast which is available on iTunes and where else you guys available is it everywhere all good and I think you guys are on YouTube too right yeah we just started doing like full-length weirdest originally were doing that for

► 03:21:02

little short throw it up

► 03:21:06

Brasa hobby tomorrow

► 03:21:14

damn we did it

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okay forget it or at least thank you all as I said tomorrow will be the Great and Powerful sword for us a hobby I'm very excited to see if Ross he's got that I believed to be one of those the true wizards of mixed martial arts coaching and I can't wait to pick his brain because he's a super super intelligent guy with a wealth of experience in martial arts at himself and training elite-level fighter some really really excited about that so that'll be tomorrow alright Dennis McKenna is here later in the week I'm very excited about that too I love that guy and that's it you fucking awesome people see you bye thank you appreciate you love you bye