#1153 - Macaulay Culkin

The Joe Rogan Experience #1153 - Macaulay Culkin

August 7, 2018

Macaulay Culkin is an actor and musician. He recently started a website called BunnyEars.com - https://bunnyears.com - and also a podcast available on iTunes.

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Hello friends this Friday night in Kansas City so if you can't get tickets to my show at the Kansas City improv I think punchline find out damn he's going to find out but I am at the Starlight Amphitheater with the Great and Powerful Andrew Santino he's fucking hilarious is the Improv yeah Joe is at The Improv

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Saturday night in St Louis for Saturday night sold out but there's some tickets available for Friday night

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my gas today

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everyone that I meet someone and when I meet them I go I can't believe I'm talking to this dude it's just I have met people and they weird out talking to me I'm talking to you I'm like I can't believe you can't believe you're talking to me because sometimes I can't believe it I'm talking to somebody else so I get it I understand what it's like it's weird when you meet famous people will this Fockers famous of shit and he was really famous when he was young my guess is Macaulay Culkin

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I really enjoy talking to him he is he's really down-to-earth a real I mean I don't know what he's doing in spare time he seems really together seems alright he was recommended actually by Kevin Smith why did I love dearly and when Kevin recommend someone says that there are great guess I just take his word for it so I didn't even look into it I just booked him sight unseen I enjoyed it I really enjoy talking to him and I hope you enjoy to he's an interesting character please give it up for Macaulay Culkin

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set a reminder check it out The Joe Rogan Experience

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poop and would life be nice to meet you too you're remarkably normal I guess so famous child that's a very unusual yeah my life is unique to me that's what I like to say I'm almost got kyrillos person and we going to die in like we have similar experiences that you ever contacted like Jodie Foster or someone who has made it through and seems pretty put together not really not really I mean it's kind of a weird cold call

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you know they wanted to talk to me I would talk to them cuz it's such a small clan of people yeah yeah yeah I like we all get together and that's what we do I was describing what it was Ricky Schroder who is some obviously was very famous news young as well and my favorite theme songs TV theme songs about the recipe calls like the recipe calls for you to have a child and try to figure out life and then become a man and try to find yourself and then try to find your path and by the time you be became a man he was already famous in the same thing with you you were already famous as you were developing and learning

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describe it because it's always the way my life has been kind of thing they're getting the same way that like a lot of kids like you know that go out and me you know catch bugs and play Sandlot baseball or whatever let you look at it that's the way it is like you don't really realize how unique the whole situation is until you have perspective cuz you have nothing to compare it to really other than TV shows and movies and things like that so I knew that my upbringing was unique you know I knew I was getting it was different but at the same time it's kind of Justice not until you get some perspective some life experience until you really realize you don't think one of the aspects is particularly worried about it is a lot of kids that grow up famous they grow up on the set and they grow up constantly around people treat them very differently than everyone else it's not just that you're famous to say you're famous and you're also the complete center of attention like you are the reason why we're here

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I think for a kid that's a very strange place to be when I was a kid like me even before I started working I always liked being with the center of attention was great boisterous you know but but in general like I've never really liked being fussed over like I didn't like you know like at the hair makeup costume people like poking at you all the time in things that wasn't a huge fan after a while of kind of like being that it's center of attention a job after a while just do what you do but that's like I was good at it and boom like seeing the same way like that you do look anything that you're like you like it's where the child labor laws don't apply to act a full house at work then it goes from state-to-state they can work you like that lets you looking New York they can work you 10 hours stop right there they can work you

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that's what your debts what you're kind of like that's what her limit is in the same time get to get 3 hours of schooling in plus an hour of lunch so really you're only if you're available window is only 6 hours or something like that in that 6 hours they're always like sitting at the lights for the next shot and you have been hurry up and wait kind of part of unit of things that's why I like the second home alone it took like nearly 5 months to film because they can only thing that I'm in virtually every scene and they can only use me x amount of hours Sunday kind of thing isn't that the only job that you can work when your 8 years old be a carpenter I mean I guess you can do modeling you know I mean I'd like some kind of Performing Arts going to think that are dancers and so forth cuz I was I was a ballet dancer before I was an actor for a number of years I'm a classically-trained ballerina

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but there is a weird ballerino looked at some of them use and I'm like I'm not myself a ballerina like I just like can't it's too bro you exactly how I'm feeling about Reno

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so I did that for a number of years and there's a bunch of kids looking in that do that and you get paid if you do the work while so you know there are other trades yeah yeah yeah I did that's what I mean I think it's more in the Performing Arts kind of thing like you know we don't see a lot of kids work in the coal mines anymore like that kind of thing yeah but some people think that black long horrible pictures from like the early nineteen hundreds of people actually working in the coal mine sooner little tiny kids yep I mean there are no Newsies anymore did you have any say in whether or not you worked when you were young really became look at a job and it was I like I never chose the Project's my parents chose them for me exactly

► 00:14:15

Scripps the lines like the next day or whatever like I would like to get the gist of what the movie was about that but then I just going to show up and hit my mark spy my light you know every site my lines going to his house so real it comes again it's what you do it's like in the same way that like act like kids go to school or something like that let you know you if you fall into a routine to a certain extent yeah well that's the thing about the human mind right so flexible if you could adopt any sort of weird scenario jr. kid I mean look at you just bounce back on the time exactly exactly and things like that big and charismatic and Mike had a good memory like so I can remember my lines like that's pretty much what like if you were not going to give any advice to people about like I you should put your kid into this line

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but at the same time like what produces really care about is whether not you remember your lines but they like people to get to never work with kids or animals kind of they really all they really care about if you remember your lines really like because I apparently that's a problem like for me to never was like if I ever lost my place I would just see the script in my head and just read it going to have a photographic memory back then and now I'm 37 I'm at 3:38 in like 2 weeks

► 00:15:53

different about your bowels I know just like I like she I just got to do some like random checks we should scope you know so the scoping like you know in my stomach I think they also I got a colonoscopy so I was hoping like usually put me under so I was like didn't really matter to me but I was going to throw you under for a colonoscopy you know at least I had that a Tasco bank so I think I don't know against down the throat I was hoping I was actually hoping they were going to use the but one first and then put it in the mouth mouth Boom Like An me up but none of that use different cameras we all right and I'm going to probably design different but I might have an ulcer in a little iffy and so the good news I do have an ulcer bad news is I have to ulcers

► 00:16:53

I'm eating less red meat you know less carbonated beverages like ibuprofen no more ibuprofen like that terrible for your yeah exactly so it look like burgers every single day and now it's like I can have two servings of red meat a week kind of thing and it wasn't too hard for me to quit smoking last class like things like that what's the red meat less I think things that aggravated exactly two red meat like falls under that category but doesn't apparently not so friend she was like worried about me and stuff so she was reading up on like a toe ulcers and things like that anyways like the first leg music 7 Things I'd like that flared up and all of them

► 00:17:53

check marks for the exactly what I was doing in my life kind of thing but you know I act like I said red meat smoking drinking like I had just had the Kinect issues I was taking a lot of ibuprofen every single check mark you know some ibuprofen doing it because ibuprofen describes gut bacteria and they believe that got bacteria was there something really recent about that a real recent study they think that they found a new cars for ulcers but they've changed what they say the sad thing was caused by stress and that should do it start a new company and things like that it's like I have that kind of stress like kind of thing like you know like I hit a lot of the check marks but it's all a matter of bacteria in your stomach yeah I mean I think that's a big part of it also if you do the movie in Thailand like last year and came back

► 00:18:53

came back with a warm so you know what am I going to shoot a worm in my going to but it made me more susceptible to getting ulcers antibiotics that you had to take for the more more I think I think I just ate it messes with your stomach chemistry funny thing is when you got the exactly exactly it's not so bad looking like it was an ulcer due at one point I was like sitting like 10 times a day kind of figurative mean like it was kind of just like I'm going to lose in just a little bit

► 00:19:53

what was that was that chicken I don't know like what your meal was that one I'm experimenting with my stomach seeing what it comes out the other end kind of thing with probiotics did you do anything to try to do something this is only been like the last like not even 2 months looking last like hanging out with 8 weeks or so so like I am just kind of easing into this thing I have a list I made a little list I like things that are good for me look at it like to eat and things like that like you know make sure I get some yogurt like lots of leafy greens because I don't participate in life we can make it was a camp themed wedding back in like

► 00:20:53

see your ghost like that and so like they were giving out participation badges like anything cuz if you participate in thing I wear like all kinds of things but for some reason it was like what is that on your podcast you seem really healthy like you seem like a like a together person or people I guess so but you know I'm actually usually the most part I'm pretty put together like I got a good life now I got a special lady friend we have a dog and a cat we had as you can get a cat together cuz I can kind of go anywhere together that's it that's a big bitch

► 00:21:53

animal kind of thing and then a w n cheese black and then we got that big fluffy white cat is like boy-girl dog cats like in real life like I've seen dogs and cats play with each other before and it's kind of cute these guys play all the time it's actually like it's a very special little relationship if they have so just watch just watch let the dog in the cat and stuff you know how do you plan on making people are looking a little bit pretty baby she's a she's Asian so I'm going to have like you haven't have little tiny little Asian babies going to be adorable adorable

► 00:22:53

that's what I'm looking for it's funny like it's almost like I feel entitled to make like Asian jokes because I have an Asian girlfriend kind of thing but like your loud I don't think I'm with her like all of the time but I don't do any public you're going to be my downfall the most hated person and I think if I think if I have Asian babies I'd be allowed to think so man I don't even think so I had to deal with in the struggle kind of things you know I'm trying to Shield my kids not good enough yeah you'll come to you. Thanks it's a white male who streaming I have a chance

► 00:23:53

buddy blonde haired area female exactly that you can make Asian chicken licken chicken stopped and then she was like I can't believe you said that like it was

► 00:24:31

that's funny you're allowed to say that that would be a good sense of humor to accept that why exactly but you have a special relationship where you guys talk to each other baby you are such a stop with the Asian stuff you can tell her you're a really good driver for me and I don't know why that's weird I believe me I'm pretty Relentless but her family like they also like they're they're down with like that meaning that it's

► 00:25:25

I would even call it a teasing and just like you're just telling jokes kind of thing look into that for me all the time cuz I'm the only white boy like you know whenever you visit the family that means it's Ty Lee ocean what is this worm what did you fight was it under your skin was it a single-celled I had a lot of fatigue and again like just like my movements weren't all that great like things like that and I remember waking up after about like a good like a week or so of it we just wrapped up like we were there for like five six weeks or something so I was back in the States and it was just I was sleeping 20 hours a day like waking up to pretty much

► 00:26:25

like Shimmer waking up one of those days and I'm pretty sure I've a worm looking at you just popped in my head I got it like this is probably what it feels like it was kind of like you know fatigue like that kind of thing with their stomach heavy-duty antibiotics for like 10 days I'm not sure you are on heavy-duty antibiotics 10 days Warren doesn't help and then the heavy-duty antibiotics and like all that stuff but you still kind of thing we can look that's kind of the idea I think I caught it from a cat cuz there was actually look at it we were in it was Kofi Pee Wee that that island and I think that's like at Islands of Bungalows and I remember I was like we were just kind of checking in and I pulled my back up in the Citrus little what kind of just like

► 00:27:25

hey can I come in and look at your come on in when I've had a lot of cats in my life and stuff so yeah that little that will suck her like likes him a lot of time and things like that and that's probably exactly what we like we sleep in the bed together and some of that I'd like the zerbert Toxoplasma the symptoms from undercooked piece of lamb actually can get it you can get it from undercooked lamb you can get it through a blood transfusion and I think the other one is a mother can transfer it to its bit into the to their baby website and everything like that was like mono kind of thing like a lot of people catch it but they'd like to shut the antibodies for it and I was a little run-down I was doing a play in London like 10 months and also I kind of going out at night and things like that so I think my body was

► 00:28:25

I just like now headed strongest and boom hit me like a ton of bricks like it was it was like mono kind of thing and I was totally run down eight eights I got better after about like 3 months or so but I don't get a hundred percent better for about a year it was a crazy article just written about talk so that it had some sort of impact on people who are startup businesses that the more entrepreneurs have toxoplasmosis affect Behavior more more makes it would have been linked to higher likelihood of entrepreneurial behavior in people who get infected now I just want my own website recently

► 00:29:25

Robert sapolsky stuff he specializes in toxoplasmosis and primate behavior in a lot of the defense biologist right he's got some amazing talks on it you really should listen to it since you have it its fasting stop they found a disproportionate number of motorcycle victims people motorcycle crashes at least text you. That's fascinating it if you know how it works only can only reproduce inside the cat's got and it rewires the sexual reward system of a rat so makes a rat horny when it smells cat piss so it completely changes the cats sexual reward system that make sense

► 00:30:25

the idea of evolutionary Advantage you know in the morning around 8 to come around because it's going to actually doesn't know it doesn't work that way the rat has to be infected when the rats infected then it smells cat urine and gets horny when the cat's infected it doesn't do anything to the cat it seems to have no change in the behavior the cat but then it gets two people so it only affects really the behavior people and rats now it's weird antibodies for it or whatever it doesn't affect me

► 00:31:25

like yeah I got sick for her for a couple of months and then soccer teams that come from countries that are of high rates of Toxoplasma infection I should get into soccer well it's just one of those things it just it it changes the way people behave make some make a small to Wilder so you're saying you're you're interested in some toxoplasmosis yeah but you can't talk so check tuxedo Gandhi or whatever it is he asked me to do something in it and you know it really pursue acting like at all kind of thing and now and I'm not saying it was a favor and at the same time it was like yeah but sounds like fun so schoolcast it's like him he's a freaking Myers in it Brenda Song

► 00:32:25

yeah if it comes up like you know if it's a cool look neat little gig or some like that like a picture but I don't pursue it in any kind of like anyway like I don't have patience anymore and things like that is because you just see the pursuit of it you know I can't like what it says exactly I don't like I don't like being on the circuit kind of thing so you know I write a lot I paint a lot like I just kind of always have some kind of projects and then also said we got the the website bunny ears. Com kind of thing that is a it's a comedy website it's pretty much like I let you know how all these celebrities but she like ladies they have those lifestyle websites all of them a lot of them do you know look at like goop you know it was one of them are the ones

► 00:33:25

yeah a lot of sex on the beach in a hot tub and other things that seem fun as a virgin it's Hannah Hannah Hannah Michael Savage podcast as well also we have some more like video content and things but yeah it's a lot of really great writers like comedy writers and stuff yeah it's kind of just like a JTAG Jade egg up my vagina and I catch a bird you know that kind of thing like what to do about your bird living in your vagina now

► 00:34:25

thinking about particles account Coupe about like oh the best cabernets like for a $200 or something that is like the best Bourbons under $20 but then look at this feeling gets worse and worse and then it turned into a rant about your ex girlfriend

► 00:34:42

it's it's a really good stuff like I said we have a really really great team of of people and yeah it's kind of taking the piss out of things I'm kicking it around and so forth and then I felt like I kind of accumulated enough ideas and then I could have Bolt running it like this giant giant robot Avengers Infinity Gauntlet and what happens is a lot of those people to come to just vanish like they kind of just died looking they turn into dust in the movie in the movie of the end

► 00:35:41

it all the sudden just all the words just started finishing letters I wish they had it was a ransom letter writers share her father is actually the therapist for group like the actual egg psychiatrist the official one so we do you know if they're pissed or is it just like therapy just for being on poop because you're a mess so here are just read that read this at 3 so we got pictures of him bound and gag since like to your group like we we kidnapped your therapist only get him back if you give us your 7 hot tips for facial washes this summer and you know what they actually good on that they responded and they actually like sent us over like a list of like you're the hot like kind of like sense of humor about the whole thing

► 00:36:41

they have to be called goop we thought about financially set from all those movies you so for myself but you just put that money away and just live off the interest so I'll be able to have live the life that you know like that that my circumstances afforded me I'm very very very lucky. So weird things happen to kids all the time all around the world every day I have something to show for it you know like I let you know so it's nice I can live my buddy just weird things happening

► 00:37:41

I'm very like I I do feel blessed every morning kind of thing when I do it just better of course you would have your brain a little kid's body Skillet grade school I would so kill it like in school like I'm pretty sure that's what I'm at 32 a good going on 13 was Jennifer Garner movie 13 Going on 30 swap one kind of adult

► 00:38:41

so it's kind of Freaky Friday with some time travel I guess haha you've been thoroughly Charmed by Jennifer Garner I just do whatever you want I'm a man of leisure that's the way he describes like my life and lifestyle that's a good way to describe it there for a number your time and I still have but I still at my place there but since like 2013 years I've been kind of spending more time in the states the food sucks the wines terrible in the women are ugly but but otherwise it's a good fantastic

► 00:39:41

always asking me to Paris and when you learn French and I was just jumping around a little bit and so I thought about it for a second I don't you know what house next week

► 00:39:58

so I should I go to leave my bags here I'm going to fly back to New York I'm going to put my Affairs in order and I'll be back next week with her I could pick up and just moved to France on a whim and wouldn't affect like you know like anyone's life I wouldn't hurt anybody if I'd be remiss if I didn't look at me look at how many times I couldn't do that now but I could do it back then kind of thing us now live there for a little while I know Rick Ross place the leisurely kind of like lifestyle a little bit like I like I like their eating habits a light breakfast and kind of gets heavier as you can and go along in the day you kind of eat later

► 00:40:58

which is kind of like you know I like all your American you must want to eat dinner at like 8 time they don't want to work already the right I mean I mean I think you know what they like to take their time and I'll set up a card game for like 3:30 like an 3:30 means like 5 unit look at that just the way I like everyone's going to always late but it's no big deal that's the thing is I remember one time coming on cash let you know just like where are they what is the hurry what is the hurry let me know what is to hang out like you know with you guys I'm so and all the sudden stress just melt away and you can just be more leisurely and stuff about things out there

► 00:41:58

noxious Americans with the original Mickey Mouse t-shirt and I don't either a wonderful yeah going to go inside pocket so I got I got inside but yeah yeah yeah you know what it's actually I do call it my purse Laguna undated a kind of thing cuz it's like some of the tallest statue immerse isn't it funny that you would be insulted or more positive about it I've had a different sound coming out of your mouth so you know what happened

► 00:42:58

it's not a lot of people that will just ask me where of yourself an actual person Vuitton purse I mean I'm secure enough in myself and look everything like yeah I can pull out the first look I mean I wear fingernail polish and you know I've participation badge Stripes hours for like a little bit feminine if it's done perfectly so but I know you really good when I did that movie party monster I've learned a lot of like just fun makeup he kind of things and ways to make your fingers look like they're like you to like like there are two weeks old when really like in a guy like I could have liked Pages easily yesterday and they would look like this kind of thing like nail polish

► 00:43:58

that look you know I want to see what that guy but he's so eccentric I met him this past weekend at a crazy cowboy hats were looking at a picture Mickey Rourke he had a crazy cowboy hat on and it's just yeah he's he seems like a cook I mean it that belt buckle like really like that one that's something he's just an odd duck around for some reason remind me that was an old onion article one of my favorite headlines bound to be 90% scars make out like way Scarff after the whole pirate movie

► 00:44:58

transition mean like a 55 year old like this morning they delayed or Lyft actually like or cancelled he is a Notorious BIG movie looking at that he's in with Forest Whitaker and come out next month and they just pulled it in the schedule and they haven't even said that it's ever going to come out or something and it's like looking at pictures of him like a kind of just like there's something off about him today and hope I don't even know who that is but I think I think Johnny's just

► 00:45:50

he hit that weird spot where you're just too fucking famous you can't go anywhere where you were when you were little I'm sure yet but you can Coast now right you go places like how rich is Rich enough like dude like Ron look at like that's what I mean it's not just that but he spends millions and millions of shooting Hunter S Thompson hatches out of a cannon they said your attorney said that your wine have it is $30,000 a month because that's an insult far more than that more than that that lifestyle that's what he wants that's his life is life is spending all that money like his whole life is doing movie

► 00:46:50

they're involved in laborious projects that they're not really interested in you know when you're when you're doing something all day and I say this is a guy who hosted Fear Factor doing while you're doing it you like that mean it was very thankful to have a job don't get me wrong full and ever wasn't like working for the UFC you're doing stand-up comedy or even doing a project they spent all their fucking money they go crazy because the only thing that they look forward to is what am I going to do with this month with the reward and I buy a Ferrari I think that's what Johnny got in there I couldn't see myself like doing look at it, or television show kind of thing like that so good so good one

► 00:47:50

what's Endeavors Big Bang Theory and I said like it was kind of like the way that picture was used to like astrophysicists nerds and then a pretty girl lives with them thanks that was the picture again flattered but like now and then then they came back at me again in like even my manager was like twisting my arm then I'll try my hardest right now I feel like if I did that gig at the same time I'll be back in my head against the wall

► 00:48:50

All About The Money an interview with him that was about two decades ago and he was talking about in his thirties and movies like he was at movie dead man that's black and white weird shit and he said this is kind of what I really like and I don't I'm not Blockbuster boy but yeah yeah yeah it was it's a big George Lucas like when he testified before Congress about the colorization of movies and talking about how movies are part of our heritage do you know they shouldn't be tampered with and then he goes by 25 years later he's going back and redoing his movies

► 00:49:50

it's not yours anymore like that's the thing I'm going to show like your paintings like that's not yours anymore that's the world's like black just all the sudden came back into existence right now and he wants to change the Mona Lisa

► 00:50:10

I didn't get the smile right and I'm paralyzed

► 00:50:16

so should he be able to change it I want to give us some fucking jewelry come on it's my fucking paid exactly is a modern Italian glitter Mulberry Street in Lakeland Little Italy Pizza other than Allan Poe's that who said talking about that theory that some people believe that Leonardo DaVinci that Mona Lisa was him and drag yeah that it was a self-portrait Allen Sedonas bringing up that's right I said that the other day we never pull up a picture of him and the

► 00:51:16

what was the case if you just decided to paint himself and dry like it like letters in there and stuff again last night I just remembered it I just had a I had a dream where I was stupid about almost 51 years old to dream dick in the world just being really rude to everybody hears the a drawing of him it's like looking in a mirror

► 00:52:02

the other guys that's a trip that might have gotten confused with that you know the drawing of the the man in the circle in the square is at the end that's not necessarily him and drag like I've imagined that before what would happen if I was born a girl or are you a good dude just a fucking people look at my titties like Michelangelo

► 00:53:02

I'm confused Leonardo DaVinci Leonardo DaVinci was the one that invented a bunch of shit though he was the Renaissance Man like it was like like a tank or anything let you know but he designed like weapons of war also like it wasn't just like airplanes are worthless gliders and helicopters and so forth but yeah he came up with that kind of like like holes for like guns all around it to go on a 360

► 00:54:02

that's what kind of looks like it's crazy. Yeah right just drop me like one of your French girls Chapel I need a few more of a sculptor than a painter if I don't do the crossbow invented the cables kind of invented the machine gun but the one just left of that yeah that's a bunch of gun barrels what you did multiple directions looking again I would really love to talk to an extraordinary person from back then it must have been so different

► 00:55:02

who is smoking paper airplane glider the exceptional people from lung sounds like my like my favorite husband comes to these paintings and stuff but you know the deal with them I think I think he famous artist he was like he was he was already like the most famous painter in the world carry money or a wallet he's carrying a pad so if you want to get look up a pack of cigarettes you can just pay for anything because he was and would you accept that trade a pack of cigarettes for a Picasso like yeah I take that trade so are those around yeah yeah she's a lot of like little sketches

► 00:56:02

well at least one entrance of owning a Picasso Picasso and sleep but like he kind of went around kind of just doing anything you wanted and he's like you because I always look up whatever time I bumped into him we went to the Pee-wee Herman Broadway show me how much years back into love it's like they're backstage so it's like I just like me shiftry and Pee Wee Herman and Jon Lovitz

► 00:57:02

great table stand up for a while I don't think he's doing anymore cuz I don't see him anymore but a few years back he was doing a lot of stand up like he was he was like bought that he bought the Jon Lovitz comedy club and Universal Universal is the worst Comedy Club design of all time does BB King's Club was BB King's Blues club and he turned into the Jon Lovitz thing and wow now it's really interesting I'm remembering that I saw Sean Penn had that older brother that big brother has died play the harmonica hammered went on stage and play the harmonica some weird Hollywood jump on

► 00:58:02

age of the Blues Club in play the harmonica never happier there any how does stand-up I've heard that it would be a balcony but it would be a bug you like way up there like right above you you have to look up to see the people that want so they're basically looking straight down on top of your head worse idea for an app that does I never really have to be is connected to the person's face I've been to a place where I feel like you were right over like the band was going to eat like I can watch it watch it is watching somebody with a bald spot on the back of their head and that's really close

► 00:59:02

Picasso I imagined it was taller than that it's interesting my memory is not that good it's just getting weird because it's got too much shit in there my brain is too much information so you running out of room for sure deleting space on my hard drive for new things and he was was weird because he was already famous and one of the things was like I had tried to encourage Phil Hartman to stand up several times because he would do stand-up where he would warm up for the crowded be there for the show and in between scenes there was always some down time and Phil would take the warm-ups microphone and do it rip his Bill Clinton impression

► 01:00:02

call Monica Lewinsky scandal in his use amazing and so he was thinking about what is this too shall pass

► 01:00:20

Huntsville Alabama August Jon Lovitz SNL I think was the first season where he could just left I think I did it pretty much probably if I had to pick a season I would have been better would have been that when I do you still have Carvey and you still had you know Hartman and Victoria Jackson at the whole kind of group but I answered it now. She was like right wing right winger she's put a little weight and

► 01:01:20

Shopkin from the mountaintops know that I had to do I need to do it without cue cards cuz my father you want me to use coup card so I guess I can memorize all that stuff plus plus plus the sex get the didn't even end up in the shower you can see it looking car but also that means the other actors weekend that's fucked up but how can he dictate whether or not the other actors DQ cards I don't know

► 01:02:16

because he could eat. Parently he could read Jackson's a hardcore conservative how can I group that kind of late 80s group but then also it was up it was Meg Myers second season and I think you know it was it was like you know Sandler Chris Rock so I can cut like a really kind of like really good group that ring a sound like a TV show gets really political yeah like a Chuck Woolery from the Louisville Idaho is he so fucking crazy conservative oh really what crazy old man conservatives are really itchy at the news

► 01:03:16

what rate in New York like a radio show like some like like all what we make sense and one of those things you know what force what force truth is the crime for criminals will do bad things no matter what find out more by listening up blunt force truth look at that it's #b ft just for he he is not yeah I know right you should also old dudes you want to put up giant Gates

► 01:04:16

Democrats to commit voter fraud super Democrat with Trump in the Little Rosie all caps made some awesome journalistic Integrity from Chuck Woolery escape California back into into one on the Game Show Network all the boxes it was like letters and stuff back I forgot the name of it what's the hills so many shows I only remember the love connection Game Show Network yeah I like when that like launched looked at me like that we can get we can get Chuck Woolery

► 01:05:16

you let me talk about exactly how weird Scrabble what is it it's Annie I'm wearing sunglasses

► 01:05:50

Baby Alive if it doesn't matter I'm going to go get the fuck out of here

► 01:06:18

he is a what a song called naturally stoned oh what is this naturally stoned an American reality television show that starred American game show host Chuck Woolery 6 episodes aired in The Game Show Network in 2003 between June 15th and July 27th and his family and his work as a host of game show Network's original game show lingo the show place strain on both woolery's workload and his marriage that the Series titles derived from a top 40 song from his band The avant-garde group get my 1967 get the fuck out of here you going to find that song

► 01:07:15

a psychedelic pop group oh my goodness Chuck naturally Stone psychedelics but natural site hit a pop band Yes yes the song was naturally stoned it was a it was about The Mamas & the Papas ask kind of like 60s like kind of song I think he probably was trying to do it on the natch though Okay let's listen to some of that song yeah yeah yeah

► 01:07:41

that's him right there naturally stoned honey and gall

► 01:07:47

so the people listen on YouTube you got to go Google avant garde naturally stoned the people that listen and you know Google Play and iTunes all that shit you can hear this

► 01:08:05

yeah I know it's very like incense and peppermints kind of thing terrible

► 01:08:11

but I know I can never make it

► 01:08:15

okay just got terrible keep going here

► 01:08:19

oh my God

► 01:08:24

sounds groovy man yeah Jellystone natural East wow look at the right back into into 2 and 2 is that wouldn't be times that wouldn't be around his neck to both do want to fight 66

► 01:08:57

what is that I think it's the name of the album the name of the album duck hunting show on the Sportsman's Channel now yeah I'm going to ask the avant-garde how strange is a better name for a band and I'll be avant-garde true true that blunt force truth

► 01:09:45

spitting hot truth that you don't want to hear wake up kids that whole thing that he's he was in a band yep the avant-garde to gosh that is so like the of that era so funny when those old dudes get like real already already for 1974 photos give me some volume

► 01:10:28

call Scott love Steph

► 01:10:40

oh yeah oh I've heard this song before

► 01:10:48

this is a cover does it cover

► 01:10:52

you make me so very happy

► 01:11:00

okay tell his flight back from the auto guard transition he's a handsome guy probably a good talker game show host game show host Game Show Network what do you think about that fella aspire to be a game show host for sure Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell I'm just saying

► 01:12:00

my dream I was just I was asking a question is it legit questions for sure people aspire to be like somebody what are you doing that I host that song actually gave that it was so sore so much of a hit that they were a one-hit wonder then and he had to become a truck driver a simple event supplement his income he then sign on as a solo artist had 5 more songs on his own didn't obviously work out that well then it became the first host Wheel of Fortune in 1975 Wheel of Fortune for 6 years

► 01:12:57

what year did start 75 the year after that after that thing we just watched so is it one year later I hope you still had that hair that meaning of hair of his sideburns chops and then I have regrets that's the truth did you got you got chicks and dudes trying to get laid now put love together I mean you know who got the most Richard Dawson

► 01:13:57

underage did you ever see that movie with Richard Dawson the guy who is in Hogan's Heroes with him what was that fucking movie like the movie about that gets knots parade or something like that ain't no it's not bad the movie where he was the guy was the star of Hogan's Heroes and they just became the freak of the week he just got the guy he did porn with killed them is at the I believe his murder was never solved but there was some sort of extenuating circumstances that connected his his porn Buddy Guy

► 01:14:56

that's the thing about the puppies when they do a story about your life will change shit we literally get every word right yeah this this movie where they changed it you like why did you change that if they just decide to like his historical things in life is like a note so long and things like that do you remember that movie about that the movie with it was with what's his name from The Office

► 01:15:32

yes Steve Carell he played that the catcher we were both thinking the same thing famous wrestlers Dave Schultz Marshall and in the movie it in there and don't mean a lot of and Mark was Furious when the movie Adam Adam Wilde Twitter storm but then after that like the end of the movie Heat there's a historic moment in that in that movie that they just completely made up like he fought this guy named Big Daddy Goodrich in the UFC minutes it's Sports history Pioneer in MMA fighting was this fucking Jack black guy who wore a d you were like a traditional karate into the Octagon in the

► 01:16:32

movie they have him fighting a white guy a Russian guy whitewashing they just decided I want to see why guys change the race and the name of the guy who fought like weird you know it's weird just greasy producers who think they're smart you've been around them you know those far as I can tell you I'll give you the blunt force truth they take it out they just decide they're smarter than everybody and they know better they know how to change history and make it make it a better show kind of ladies wanting it takes places

► 01:17:32

in that facility the foxcatcher about that guy was just decided to set up some strong sweaty men like rubbing against each other it's raining I bet you they're training with knows their body better than their wives it's a really intimate thing I mean the number to the intimate sport but not sore shoulder yeah I remember when he was like in the movie Steve Carell was so good in that movie love him in that he played it like a guy who's like a loose cow

► 01:18:32

creepy weird news Canada he was going to coach the wrestlers and show them how to do certain moves and everybody just hurt tolerated it so good but now I know you lied at the end so I know you like the end of the movie so I know it well did you make up that seen it since losing credibility about the foxcatcher institution it was a lot of footage on that guy in Corel mr. Dupont sister that's unfortunate thing about those wrestlers like there's no real professional venue other than fighting if they want to go to MMA and he was a coach at Brigham Young

► 01:19:32

Schultz was and he just he fought one time in the UFC and then just stayed day I don't think they wanted him doing it I think there was a part of the dispute is his coach at believe his his the school coaching for was like listen you want to coach her you can't be caged right looks especially like really like MMA not respected at all Budweiser cuz Budweiser sponsored boxing and MMA was doing very well with pay-per-view back then and they wanted to stop it in his tracks and Budweiser was a big part of that Budweiser got behind him and he recently kind of gotten into like the MMA and kind of stuff I've gone to some shows

► 01:20:32

Holyfield more one did a lot of those but those were great is so greasy you know I remember the first Holyfield Lewis like that how that ended in a draw so they can double up their money instead of remember that fight remember Holyfield vs Lewis at all it was a great leg boxer but at the same time I remember being driven nuts like where he was Liquid where is like belt like up to here already and it's kind of too high let you know that he's getting away with murder

► 01:21:32

most referees will tell you you can hit him here yeah yeah exactly so it's even higher than your mind that would be a big Target for somebody who is like only like to know I'm really looking forward to see that that's going to happen for a while there's some footage on his Instagram of him doing pad work and he's fighting really soon coming up Mason does I'm acting think it just happened like are some AR does he have another one come out and grab it I'm pretty sure he's got another one

► 01:22:32

McMahon the way he fucking Schnucks the Jesus Christ Jesus Christ he has fucking hard cuz that was who's your favorite fighter to watch right now like right now yeah it's we should have someone come give me some

► 01:23:28

but he's he's like showing how slick he is cuz he's not just big he's big and long but he did he's fucking good and he gets people fits yet did they do reverse it supposed to be wilder vs fury like now the Joshua like talk to him like me and I'm not happening yeah Tyson Fury could fuc up that whole thing on so it's the 18th of August and they're both a little unorthodox to Sobe actually interesting to see if I can square up with wilder super long that would be very interesting but I think Tyson Fury heat he'll give you fits all right guys cuz Wilder is like what like 3700 with 36 knockouts

► 01:24:28

is Tyson escort young Tyson they're completely different Fighters don't believe in them like I had heard that the Joshua fight like I would think that would be like a pretty evenly matched fight Klitschko not the same as prepared to Klitschko you know Fighters are different for every fight obviously I think that that style that Tyson Fury style avoid that shit like measles get away yeah there's a reason why Joshua it doesn't want to fight while there a ferry right now

► 01:25:28

cancel out like you know like 40 50 thousand in his own country where is like Wilder like in his home state fight a lot in Alabama it like it's like 10000 or something like that is becoming a bigger draw nationally now especially in the heavyweight Division Street Mayweather Pacquiao all over again but it happened too late he would did much better than I thought it was going to get me too but I think that Mayweather was probably wanting to wear him out and so allowed him to expect

► 01:26:28

patch Mayweather with a very clean left my rabbit licking a surprise like a rap like a little get away with murder but see what you wanted to because he came in there like Mayweather fought the perfect kind of tight he's like just I don't let this guy gas himself out and that's exactly what he did but he knocked him out fast which guy I think it was when they open up the books for that fight it was a thousand to one from McGregor to win by decision anyway just on principle just like

► 01:27:25

I think I just want to let you know I'm crazy but those those beds are nuts like we will it make it out of the first round what Yeah Yeah by decision disqualification I love prop bets just like you know like right look in that moment I bet you would like I can guess within you know $100 how many chips are in front of you right now looking to live that kind of stuff for let you know alright let you know give me and you don't give me no one in Chains do you pull out a dollar bill from your pocket and whatever the last number is like if I get it right you know you can pay me 10 to 1 look weird prop bets like people like like big players like going to go nuts with that kind of stuff for gambling junkies do right look I remember I was playing cards at the club and this guy Just Sports

► 01:28:25

like 2 in the morning 3 in the morning he's looking down your problem but that's like you know like you have to let me watch that shit A bunch of horses kind of fun horse racing number 88 for trying to rig a race because he was his his horses winning and his heart wasn't supposed to win this is literally standing up pulling back on the reins as horse was winning

► 01:29:25

was George the Greek that's who's calling wow guy from a pool hall in White Plains New York is like at I didn't think it was Jimmy the Greek back in the day he was always trying to the lawsuit I got consula did Kunstler was his lawyer if it's like fall into how do you fall into that line of work again. Mercer some Kirk Douglas

► 01:30:25

lights will wear those leaves and 300 right, bodies like you guys that just ate toast and then work out by 5 cuz I want to look up like salt pork flatbreads greens really hard to get good food back then feel like as you're as you're growing up you probably were always malnourished and nose fat either right is very rare the people

► 01:31:25

look up a fat lady like was considered like really really starting to show that she was well fed she got some cash exactly that's why I took the Aphrodite like in Suffolk that people very very curvy that's what I want to give me a big guy from some cushion for the pushing Kirk Douglas

► 01:32:03

I was trying to find Kirk Douglas in Spartacus comparing them both dogs a guy who's literally never swallow a sword they're just age worse they just I don't know what the fuck it was going on but just didn't age good you look fantastic you look great I agree I think he was a hair under 40 I think you're right I would go 37 what is he 44

► 01:33:03

44 out of today's 44 Yeah by Daniel Craig jacked as fuck and he's probably like 4450 big dude that jacked up pussies all-time favorite James Bond that's a real James Bond to Steely resolve is a potential James Bond bond yet is Idris Elba Idris Elba that's like white people are mad

► 01:34:03

I'm down good lord look at that it's better than mine is just fought with a fucking sword for a living what actual like Roman gladiator swing sores around stitches lean muscle between muscle guys why are you always forget yes

► 01:35:02

60 G of his movies not like it yeah I did not like the movie the TV movie Yes like in the early 2000s and you know like to bring could made Jack Nicholson crazy already and he didn't like that he wanted a guy that was turned crew trainer in by the house yeah yeah but how the fuck you going to do that to our moving it's not scary Hedges I bet you look when he's like talking about how the edges are moving when he's not looking into like that but when you physically see it it's not scary at all and I mean look at look at just like things like that like

► 01:36:02

the book The Books amazing the books really it's a big ass book to its what Stephen King The Stand is really thick to me and I said he was still want the one that you seen the model there and the one that exists and is also on the map on the outside of it all three of those are different and you think it looks like branches hack your way through just walk straight got their team and edges is going to look like Edward Scissorhand ask but I kind of like you know it's a kid

► 01:37:02

cat hedge that that place that wasn't supposed to be Estes Park is that what it's supposed to be that area supposed to be somewhere in Colorado that's like that yeah I mean I think that's where they filmed at Orly stay out of the outdoor some of it usually Kubrick worked out of London but yet the Overlook Hotel in Colorado been weird since so many of her eyes wide shut that was another one that was a great lower on my Cooper

► 01:38:02

that sounds about right I was like a legit genius archives in London like library and you can kind of go through his scripts in his notes and all kind of stuff what county is hanging out like a hole like archive it supposed to be kind of pretty neat do you see yourself over making movies producing or directing if it's Peaks my fancy kind of thing you know right now wouldn't be ideal but I can own a year from now look yeah but we might be a little prettier like that kind of thing moving out of town by that and kind of want to ask you about Paris this is one thing that I was only there for sure. Time but one thing's I was Chuck stuck shocked by to shut up shut up shut up all those people are eating a bread

► 01:39:02

and they're all eating cheese and wine and no one's fat and also you can't call yourself a laundry like a bakery and less you make everything from scratch look so everything's made from scratch a like the thing is is that like your bag at will be stale in 24 hours same thing with the croissants except there's no preservatives and everything in general out there like all your food spoils faster like in your fridge because like yeah it's it's going to look it's fresh there's no hormones and things are steroid and so is it in Paris and he live in America and went back to France and brought back because the cheese that he could get over there was not a homogenizer pasteurizing literally it illegal here carry on before it is a checked luggage

► 01:40:02

hope that no one will check which are the wheel cheese but this was when it's like specific and like I like you have to be plugged in it's like it's Gucci key cut it then Gary Gucci Kuhn each kind of thing frigerator eggs over there different kind of process like I think I forget what it is I don't refrigerate America it's I think we like I think it's like we think we like like like him would have been super hot while there's a different process than they have in Europe so in general you're not supposed to refrigerate your eggs there were in the States you are supposed to just a different different process of how things are done

► 01:41:02

different shit that's in in wheat and there's different kinds of weed they have heirloom wheat grass fed where is in the states corn-fed what will it's dried or whatever looking to end up in a couple of days so yeah I'm doing this thing called the people Festival look out there and so would do something like hang out with some friends I know look good like so fast it's called The People Festival Atlanta Music Fest and I know like a good like 12 or 20 like I'm the axe go again like they're like my friends and stuff and

► 01:42:02

moving reporter pretty much should I have something to do while I'm out there so quick like I'm kind of like flying from LA to New York spending the night cuz I hate taking like super long flights New York to Paris even when you do that you tilt your head sideways never had back from Asia if I should have no I like to puddle jump I want to go to New York Paris Speedway I'll take that the channel to London just for just one day trip

► 01:43:02

in America that don't go to Paris or worried about it's like people hear horror stories about the immigration nightmare in Paris and that Paris is somehow or another turning into this criminal Cesspool because of all these immigrants since very dangerous there now hence those shootings that you heard about him though you know it is actually one of those ethnically diverse cities in all of like you're like I was actually like you know you you seem like black people in the first 5 minutes of them being there then you do in the whole of like a slow or like Berlin or something like that kind of is culturally and ethnically like diverse like shooting some things like that they're guilty of being landlocked you know the UK can kind of control the flow of traffic you know people can I come in and out cuz there's an island nation where is like with the kind of open borders for that you can you know you can buy a gun in Greece and take the train you know

► 01:44:02

all the way over looking out especially when it comes with the old in with the with the Balkans or whatever the cable is a lot of leftover soviet-era like Collision cause that's why they always have like it needs russian-made like guns and so forth and yeah like that's what I mean if it's easier for you know somewhere like the UK to like lock off their borders or at least have like you know where is France it's like I said it's guilty of being landlocked state is more difficult to secure is that the blunt force truth people who should start using that PFT #b ft bitch fear like the one thing that people are terrified of was that this was going to happen to the rest of Europe that like what would happen to Paris Paris is falling apart you can go through some of the ghetto areas in Paris and

► 01:45:02

another words of someone film something where I Jewish man walk through the Muslim Cato's in there screaming out I'm all these anti-semitic things and he's at my neighbors are only a couple blocks away from like the Jewish kind of neighborhoods but that's good spot to live like I'm already have Jewish you know I was in New York recently moved to Brooklyn and I was with re my friend re who grew up Orthodox Jew and he took us through this neighborhood where they have like the crazy frisbee fur hats on and all the curls in the fucking the yarn hanging off their belt and he's basically saying like these people like they are here but they're not here they don't know what the fuck is going on they have no I do Kim Kardashian

► 01:46:02

stick together the intermarry the Marions other communities to get married yet and if so perfectly frame the vagina women Ryan is at the idea of thing whatever we're kind of like tradition sewing up this community that we were driving through is massive like Brooklyn has

► 01:47:02

it really is yet, get ready for the neighborhood kind of like north of Red Hook the right there on the road I walk from my place in lower Manhattan all the way down to like Red Hook like one day and it's an hour an hour ish but you must have been miles an hour that's like a fairly good clip it's going to be more than 7 Mi and I'm already living like in the southern part of the guy was driving us was telling us how Brooklyn is just overwhelmed with building construction apartment buildings down everyone's moving out of Manhattan into Brooklyn it's it's cuz the thing about men hat

► 01:48:02

is it it's fine I'd let you know so the only way to look at you can build up words but you can we do that so much and so it's been like displaced like you have to have enough money just to stay on the island of Manhattan and even people like that are getting this place then look at that it's brooklyn-queens etcetera Hoboken the people that I know that live in Manhattan always have this thought in her head that one day they might live in LA Bourdain was saying that sometimes I think about it I think about the weather and I know there's a lot of good things about Ella a lot of nice places like in my early twenties and stuff and it's what you mean it makes you soft I mean like 8 cuz I think just like what the weather and things like that it's also kind of like smoking weed I just because like everyone has to drive in the same nobody like you know so everyone just like by so fast because there's no seasons

► 01:49:02

5 years ago it's like we have we have that you could be 0 degrees it's true that's interested in New York in the summer yeah it's gets very pissed like yes yes you can just now I'm married kids in the whole deal and I'm so sorry kind of stand up comedian it's a lot of it was a lot of fun of like that could be island of Manhattan only has like six of them technically don't like five or six six clubs

► 01:50:02

I don't know like I have a buddy who's the opening to the seller has two clubs there's Dangerfield's there's Caroline's there is Eastville Comedy Club this is my buddy opened up one in like 2010 about to go to actually there's some nut island of Manhattan itself it's not as many comedy clubs as you think there was a thousand or close to 1000 billiard halls in Manhattan want to have families

► 01:51:02

the batch Bachelor Life what they would live in this pool Billiards love it's voice do exist but like going to me on this is Mike call me ass like I hands a smattering of them bowling alleys like it's only a tiny spot is it going to be like croquet someday forgotten the arrow games to squash you are you enjoying it out here now I have a good life out here pretty little family cat and all that stuff

► 01:52:02

I'm just going to look at so I think she's an escrow like right now is actually a good thing just started like today but if it goes south she could just fucking boot you out this New York to I bought I bought looking like the 90s I'm doing okay but like I said I have big syndrome I have something to be big I like that's what I want an elevator opens up to like a big room and look like I have more mannequins and lick you downstairs and I was walking like out one day and it was a mannequin fart smells like oh my God

► 01:53:02

to me first but they closed down and look at but I got like I have so many mannequins it's ridiculous to these mannequin Parts I've no idea what to do with them either I like presents like your leg you know things are the only one ambulance lean and holding one fire truck only one Corvette time I'll figure out what this is for I'll do some investing mannequins industry I'm telling you kids

► 01:54:02

buy mannequins in the meaning of them I want them to you for $500 and I said I wish I could do that or I could pay you you know or I can give you $40 I can give you $200 for and then give you $200 because the place is closing down so you know the store get the $200 but then it's another 200 in your pocket and I think they don't have a job starting next week so they probably don't care so I got them for cheaper than just by bribing the dude

► 01:55:02

has gotten through what you've gotten through one more time. Com the nearest pod it's you can get it again anywhere anywhere podcaster done you know so like whatever my podcast in partner takes care of that that's going to be my friend thank you everyone for tuna to the podcast and thank you to our sponsors thank you to the cash app download the cash app for free in the app store or the Google Play Market and use the Joe Rogan all together as one word

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► 01:57:02

tomorrow is my good friend Doug Duren he has been on before he is a farmer in Wisconsin and he's bringing on a wildlife biologist to talk about something that's happening right now it's a disease that is affecting deer and it's called CWD chronic wasting disease and there's some real concerns that this disease disease is spreading and then it may one day spread to people it is a fascinating subject I guarantee you if you're interested at all and the idea of pathogens and diseases in in the consequences of taking wild animals like deer and trying to raise them on a farm

► 01:57:47

next to regular wild deer it's at there's a lot going on with it anyway I love Doug he's awesome and we'll have a good time tomorrow so I'll see you tomorrow thank you for tuning in and buy