#1157 - Shooter Jennings

The Joe Rogan Experience #1157 - Shooter Jennings

August 21, 2018

Shooter Jennings is a musician, radio host, record label president, and is also the son of country music legend Waylon Jennings. His new album "Shooter" is available now everywhere.

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I'm back I had to go I had to take some time off that's all I felt so much better today

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I think we work too much think we do too much too much time doing the same thing over and over again it's not that you don't want to work so you don't want to work at the same thing all the time maybe the word work is the problem

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we have to do we have to do to make money right but maybe the other word work stinks concentrating on one thing only Swift fucks you up that's what vacations are good for break that shit up

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bitch so I got some comedy dates coming up that first of all I got an issue in Toronto apparently there is a big strike going on and they don't know if it's going to be resolved by September 29th I'm supposed to be at the Ricoh Coliseum but they're going to move it

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going to move it to another venue and that has not been announced yet and then do the other venue was also Union just a different Union and they're not on strike so it's not like we're not crossing any Union lion like that but the good news is that shows already sold out and you'll get all your information on that trade you send it to me would you send me

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oh okay but it'll all be worked out and everybody will find out and I'll make sure I talk about a lot your tickets are still be good there since eat I guess and just going to be a thousand more tickets going to be available cuz it's a larger place so I don't know what it is but they were worried that it's not to be resolved by September 29th today is Tuesday October or August weather August 21st so I'll get that information out as soon as possible the only other thing that's available does not very many tickets left for Columbus and that is Columbus Ohio is September the 14th at the Schottenstein I nailed it finally Schottenstein Center with the great Tony Hinchcliffe Ohio native group in Youngstown the dirty Youngstown god dammit

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listen to the podcast is Bronto Joe Rogan. Calm it's my website go there you can find all the comedy dates I got available when I'm doing these regular shows at The Comedy Store now once a month if you go to the comic stores website which is like super hard to navigate like who made this somebody got a little crafty but I'm doing them once on Thursday once a month I don't have it up somewhere

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drug.com this episode the podcast is brought to you by the happytime murders I got a legitimate LOL but legit laugh out loud from the trailer spoiler alert the end of the trailer so what you want to wait for

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and it's one of those like what takes you by surprise apparently they're getting in trouble will you say never get in trouble for Jamie people get upset it's Melissa McCarthy I think it's hilarious and she's hysterical in his trailer and she's a detective in a world where puppets and humans co-exist these puppets are living in real life and they're doing dirty puma and shit but as puppets apparently people get super upset Brian Henson the son of Jim Henson the director of a Muppets Christmas Carol I think I was in that

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I'm not bullshiting pull up whether I was in The Muppets Christmas Carol I had a scene in one of those old-school Muppet movies where I had Fear Factor for Muppets

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what's up I think was a Christmas thing maybe one of them he also directed Muppets Treasure Island so this is a R rated movie so if you like oh my God it be great I'll take the kids you're going to have to explain jizz okay you have to explain Melissa McCarthy doing ecstasy what is it the Mayan it always the movie lets me

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I was in that movie great brief like 30 seconds getting him up at 2 he's dick or something

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so this movie detective Connie Edwards is Melissa McCarthy's teams up with her puppet partner Phil Phillips and then go in and see the underbelly of Los Angeles to find out who's behind a series of motherfuking puppet murders

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I can read you what they say but let me just tell you the trailer is hilarious Melissa McCarthy's hilarious Joel McHale's in and he's fucking hilarious is other people I'm sure great too and it's just a fun movie and it comes out August 24th so go check it out sacrifice the sacred plant to the to the fire God's will God's going to say

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money podcast David Shooter Jennings we got a little fucked up I'm not going to lie to you people barely know what I'm talking about right now but I do know this trailer so there is and I'm going to go see that movie so

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bring some sativa and it's out this weekend the happytime murders Rated-R don't bring your kids of the exact date is I think its the 24th right is that what it is

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what's exact date this movie comes out hold on go back to it

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do do do-do-do-do yeah August 24th in theaters and then shortly after going to work that shit out and you just sit at home

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the watch it

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I don't want to go out and watch a movie I want to watch it at home I come I can't watch it at home

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it's still a thing go right you go out and get your popcorn sit down say hi to people you're all in it together maybe I should shut the fuck up maybe I'm wrong anyway Happy Time murders August 24th is out in just a few days today the 21st this episode of podcast is also brought to you by Teeter or one things that I really love is decompression I've had a teeter forever I've had it way before I ever start doing this podcast I just have those gravity boots and I would strap them to my ankles and do a chin up and throw my feet up to the top of the bar and hook them and then lower myself down and I do sit ups that way

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it's a great way to two things one I used to like it for sit-ups with to a decompresses your body in your back especially your back if you got to learn how kind of relax it and a lot of people don't believe that that's this the right way to go especially for some folks might have a hard time getting back up to your ankles and to do a set up in that position which is kind of difficult so what they did is they invented the the inversion table in the inversion table is the shit cuz you can do everything that you can do from just straight-up hanging by your ankles but it's way easier to navigate Move Yourself around and it's way easier to do it at a less extreme angle too so you still get a nice decompression and you can relax but it's not a hundred percent vertical

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hang upside down is a great way to decompress your back and to just sort of learn how to loosen all that area up cuz a lot of what we do a special if you have to carry things around to picking up is a lot of decompression if you're not stretching and if you're not trying to pull in the opposite direction as that compression problems and one of things I found with spinal decompression is when I lie on that thing it's relaxing it feels like it frees up a little bit The Kinks in my lower back left that muscle tissue stretch out in a very unique Way by using gravity

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and I think not just stretching your back but strengthening your back core exercises exercises that use those muscles in your back that keep your spine stabilizer they're all very important but they're not sex this is not a sexy thing either hanging up on your last year in the Batman hanging by your ankles but I think it's really good for you over 3 million people put their trust in the Teeter and. Like I said I've had one forever I think I got one maybe 20 years ago no bulshit they've been around since 1981 they're the only inversion table brand that has been both safety certified by U L Laboratories and FDA cleared as a Class 1 medical device indicated for back pain and related conditions are they good for your head to get more blood flow to your brain

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it's an amazing platform and you could use it to make your own website and when I say you I mean any person

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today love

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my guess today is the Great and Powerful Shooter Jennings and he has an album out right now Shooter Jennings latest new album is just called shooter and he's a fucking interesting and intelligent open-minded free thinking dude and his dad's on the baddest motherfukers and all of music history and I love them so please give it up for Shooter Jennings

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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Joe Rogan podcast

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all day

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oh in the Sweet Sweet Sound of Amplified voices and my man Shooter Jennings supposed to wear sunglasses but you you look like just what you wearing sunglasses there is a point in time when I moved here I remember prescription so I had to excuse for a long time but I went back to contact but there was a point in time when I remember turning my friend I was like 21 and I was like I think I'm just going to keep mine all the time and then and then it'll just be a thing and that way I can just if I have to close my eyes nobody will notice or from Stone when people get super famous like Jay-Z famous they wear them inside everywhere just so people don't catch a glimpse their eyes and of a demo tape you start out like a scrub wear and then but it's weird if you take them off you know what's a different thing in the black community to like a real cool black artist is just too low

► 00:13:32

disallowed they can just do it right right I'd be disappointed if like I saw Bob Dylan out somewhere and he wasn't wearing them like black brown white yeah he fits right the fucking Conor McGregor he can wear them indoors and some dudes can wear them indoors make a note fucking sport once I have a couple pairs of those look cool like a cool ass Aviator type 1 Porsches my dad used to wear Porsches I keep breaking them this my last one of those are very dope those are forced to sign that they do oh yeah I saw it I've never I don't they make a do they make a Blackberry for a minute there I think I made a Blackberry and I think they made another phone recently I would love to get one of those weird little

► 00:14:32

yarn shop they have they have a Huawei phone I'm saying it wrong apparently people correct me the way I got busted because their advertisement it shows them taking selfies but there aren't really taking selfies that use only a super high-end DSLR camera that to take the photo and they're passing it off as if these people are just holding up taking selfies it's on a fucking tripod the whole deal but meanwhile there's a professional dude that tripod but he's making it look like you took that picture who busted then I think the woman in the photo busted them cuz I think she took pictures or had someone take pictures of the photoshoot

► 00:15:32

have to do that those God damn things take amazing selfies that's a great phone like that the newest latest smartphones they take incredible selfies but people never satisfied with the truth this why people gorgeous women will put those fucking crazy cartoons those selfie filters on and they're beautiful and then they'll turn themselves into a cartoon like you don't get it like you're supposed to have pores we don't mind pours I don't mind the wrinkles on your skin when you smile I don't mind you know that the bubbles of saliva on your teeth okay people getting this weird State of Mind where they think they're so you know that they said there's an epidemic of girls like insta models that are actually getting surgery to try to look like they look in their selfies oh my God you know it's being is models I just listen to David Spade's audio audiobook which I thought was great

► 00:16:32

is the deal with the end I don't even realize I didn't even realize there's nothing like I'm so drunk dude so out of the loop with with to go to Instagram do you do I pay attention to I I I. I'm not really good at paying attention to any of it Twitter and I'll go in and out but it's hard for me to actually keep up and care about it like I hate posting pictures of myself and my manager Adam is here he's always like dude if you're going to post something on Instagram just make sure you're in it or something cuz I'm always like taking pictures of other people and it wasn't even supposed to be in every picture you take that's crazy I'm bad at it and I'm very bad at caring about other peoples pictures too and it's like like my wife will be like I just post on Instagram so I got to go like it I'm guessing about the pictures of the Great

► 00:17:32

it's easy to throw that off and see my daughter is now is 10 now has an Instagram account and if I'm not liking them I feel horrible for a Deadman LOL dolls I just want to do I mean my son got so obsessed with fidget Spinners and my daughter but really my son to the point where like they were in New York and I walk down the street every fucking vendor every newsstand every like Pretzel Place had like fidget Spinners and and like I'd have to buy it and then to spend just to make

► 00:18:32

like I want to talk that dude you should have known the show don't give out the secret but what the fuck is next gallons of glue and an end of determiners just yesterday my daughter and son were making slime with it and I was saying the same thing I'm like man climbing in Nickelodeon slime when I was a kid and like all but it was not like this all the sudden it's like I can't believe it in new you watch the commercials for glue glow-in-the-dark glue and they're like showing a kid making slime with the term that you're no help an unexpected boost for Chad they must have jumped I'm tired like but since it's ridic was it when people really eating detergent guess that seems like it would be unbelievably bad for your body

► 00:19:32

like Scotchgard when we were kids are Pokemon I mean to smell markers are used to love the smell of like a good Sharpie on a fat one you really grab you and then they pull you up and then you almost pass out for and then they let you go at least to do that and in elementary school I would you pick me up and then shake you or some shit until you can't basically you're almost have a catering and then let you go then you're like hi-hi-hi the kids are always trying to even monkeys man animals try to change their state and they think it's just a natural thing the creatures try to change their state change change your State of Consciousness even little kids but I wonder about that slime stuff because I genuinely genuinely worried like people I don't think I've been dealing with large volumes of glue and detergent

► 00:20:32

that would equal to about that when you spray it on all the different shit that people put on their bodies like I think about that when I use sunscreen I'm like what is this stuff Nation tank that's one of the best ways to absorb magnesium because the Epsom salts like when you float around the tank to Epsom salts that you know your body absorbs magnesium from Altered States yeah you done that before I still have the damn right we went we had a great dinner last night was fun man yeah that was really fun yeah I got the great mrs. Rogan out

► 00:21:32

that is the spot where if they I feel like I've made it in this town if they know me by name there and I can always get a spot at the bar close they know me by name that I don't always have a spot at the bar the spot the bars with does times I was like man I just got to walk over the Hillary Clinton joke around regardless of what side you're on he is just always on fire with that it just to acting thing sitting Bassett an apple in the eighties and he's fine with being blacklisted really

► 00:22:32

what sound weird is that you just say I think this company's going to kick some ass by piece piece of a company and then they become the apple apple apparently has more than a trillion dollars now I know I'm definitely insane that's kind of dangerous anybody to have that kind of influence so with these phones and shit it's like that's pretty pretty dangerous kind of trust them with I feel like even with the China deal yeah well Google has a weird trying to deal two countries all the videos really trust any of them I don't know and are involved in should tell my friends but like I think the

► 00:23:32

there's a point of money that I would I would like to know the threshold and which you get past that and then like the Saudis and then all the cut all these people start coming in wanting a part of you and then you start selling your soul like whatever that is it's 5 bucks I just can't stay right there and I would be trying to get richer than that once you have influence I think it's it becomes a scary world so high like a lot of it like I've been accused of being approached like that in my CIA asset or that I like his big talk about the Earth being round to be around or ship t-shirts that he sells at young Jamie. Com I mean around or the shell is like saying like that you know that the reptilian people went to you to be a human she'll also

► 00:24:32

cartoons to the ground with laser beams and they have like a network of tunnels that use they need to do travel amongst us waiting for their time to expose themselves people believe you see someone like say if you live in an apartment building in tribe I do tasks a fat house you know what I like a fat house I wonder wonder who he knows when he feels like he's in with the the mob or maybe he's deep with the Democrats or maybe he's the bankers are couscous being like at 11 at you in a room and they they give you some Communications that you're not supposed to be exposed to the rest of the world again without when I was saying that the threshold the money there is a point and you know it's there I mean apple juice where I would like we got this idea there was before that there was a thing called web crawler that was kind of the first experience of me of a search engine that I never experienced

► 00:25:32

one of those that was not first browser Navigator you came later there was web crawler thin Yahoo and like us and then Google whatever asked you to go there but but like you know you got to look couple dudes in an office hey we got a web search and then all the sudden there they've got I mean that's that's because they use their servers to do think you got you got to look at Amazon has much super super secure servers but they're still been hacked there as secure as anyone else is now they just have eat once you make that I think it's the maybe it's 500 million there's got to be a mark in which people start approaching you and saying hey man you've got too much influence would you like to join

► 00:26:32

group and results for you you make a billion I was in Italy I just got back and we took a boat from

► 00:26:44

from the Amalfi Coast took a boat from Amalfi to Capri which is an island, so he's gorgeous matte but when you there the crazy Yachts like Steve Jobs has a yacht that he had built before he died and now his family owns it I get a Leo DiCaprio and Bella Hadid and his bed his looks like an Apple store is the craziest thing Emily we drove right by it because you're worth it a hundred million bucks but you can basically like drive up and smack it like no one can stop you can just hop on toddler throw a grappling hook up and I climb on top of your yacht but we're driving by it he's Godsmack

► 00:27:30

wow look at some hot Apple Store that I don't want to have to deal with that in the maintenance and everything I'm fine I rather just sit and go to be no go on a trip and maybe rent that Yacht for like if I had the money to do it half million dollars a week and go up to the boat that big and experience in a boat that's like a fraction that science is not that different like that's pretty fucking awesome but ultimately it's like a hot like that's the impression it's it doesn't really do it justice in an image because it's so so modern like like a when you when you get near it is so strange looking yeah I mean again it'd be awesome to party on that for like a week it would suck

► 00:28:30

my fucking iPad just broke I mean I don't know man he did he ever ride it he should I read something about he died of pancreatic cancer and one of the things he did was he drink fruit juice everyday and we used to think the fruit juice is really good for you right drinking fruit now they say no fruit is really good for you but drinking fruit juice is kind of an unnatural state is no fiber in that so you just drinking straight sugar and now they say that drinking like a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice has the same sugar is drinking a can of soda so you really your body doesn't differentiate much I mean tween but some of them there an Oculus like you could drink like I was reading something about Diet Coke like someone saying like Diet Coke give you brain cancer and now they're saying it

► 00:29:30

what their debt there was an article I read recently that was saying that they thought that diet colas actually helped they flipped their a script on that too they have little fast talk at the end of it to somebody who talks like a car commercial like that at the curb colon cancers return a new study shows that here's a problem man fucking studies dude studies are a problem because you can get like there's a study posted

► 00:30:22

recently it was a questionnaire that show that people who eat higher carb diets live longer but it's it's basically question are they over 20-something years of like what you eat and then the people who died like there was also two problems with it like they didn't exercise as much they were fatter than the people who ate more carbs and I'll see you asking people to remember what they ate which is like very very ineffective and then the same comp the same place put out a study really recently that show the exact opposite effect and so it's like what what the fuck if I'm just a regular guy barely has time to read the paper and I read a study every now and then it's basically what you catch now you can catch some second Alice is found in about half of the benefit appear to be due to people switching from regular to diet sodas so the colon cancer was really just to stop drinking Coke Coke was giving you a call and Cancers now.

► 00:31:21

gives you fucking colon cancer right it's so hard to know it's so hard to know man I try to keep up I cannot I get my truck out that's the problem with the internet and everything back in the day when we just didn't know she seems like things move smoother. All kinds of goofy shit like thought most you die to be bred I would that be out of there and I didn't take it as a rumor back all day that's how I met him he might actually do that Richard Gere gerbil and everybody knew that how is that possible I want to drop off my buddy Steve did his residency in Miami he's an opthamologist and he told me that they pulled all kinds of things to do. But you know those kind of sick lightning The Stick of light bulbs that look like a like a tree like a Christmas tree

► 00:32:21

stabroek to watch the who is America yesterday I love that show by the way I'll do you know there was a lot of there was a lot of talk about it and I think it was great what he did all he did was set up people to to show the ugliest people if they had it but I did not see that episode about Glory that I've Loved for years and the lead singer Leroy Virgil they live in right now and so he took me to Reno on the I've been right now before they took him the glory tour of Reno which was him going to different bars and shit and he took me to this guy's house and it was it was a friend of his live down the street and it was like their garage was open and but people hanging out playing vinyls in this and it some point this guy was like hey I got to show you something and he reached into his ceiling like he had like one of these but not with the clouds on it

► 00:33:21

up in there he had an x-ray that he pulled out and it was an x-ray of a woman's vagina with a Flying V guitar neck that the headstock in in it it was an x-ray of that so Dutch stuck I mean I don't know how that I mean with the fucking tuning pegs and everything that it was it was a so you know you know can you believe I'm still coming out I mean how she going in but a woman's vagina is a remarkably flexible thing they make babies babies come out of their bodies

► 00:33:57

yeah but I mean that's a hormonal thing their body sets up for 9 months let happen I mean to sticking mentioned maybe she really really really loves her maybe she's a giant fan of Slayer it just wants that guitar in her body but my friend Steve said he pulled all kinds of things out of people's bodies and he lives in Miami and he said that it was during the cocaine days like they ended its over bro but during the 80s 70s and 80s that's why when I met him okay I was in high school when I met him so I I think I was 15 or 16 Newton South High in Newton Massachusetts a suburb of Boston had you need him Taekwondo but he was he was doing his residency for opthamology

► 00:34:57

I was a young high-school kid who's competing and says all I was over there every day so if you came and saw me and he so he was doing his residency in Boston he was finishing up and possibly done some of his work before that in Miami so this was I graduate in 85 so he was probably Miami like 80 81 some around there he just got back he showed me all kinds of pictures you showed me some photos of Polaroid or something question I don't know what do you use to I don't remember us there I didn't get to see like the the lightbulb up the asshole didn't have to stay still while you're screaming

► 00:35:57

atrocious things to go from being a medical school school student to doing your residency in Miami and just seeing just crazy amount of violence he said it was just insane like have you seen Cocaine Cowboys I have not I've heard that God made two of the most amazing documentaries ever that's about the blow air out of the movie and blowing on that dude the bad ass bitch from Columbia she from Colombia Bogota so if you do it you got to fucking get together docent Cocaine Cowboys 2

► 00:36:57

and to all my God it's that there was one year where everyone who graduated from the police academy either was murdered or went to jail every single graduate was either killed because they're at they had a part a part of the cocaine business or they went to jail for being corrupt all of them was more about all of this is true you please Google this there were at least at the time more per capita in Miami than anywhere else in the country cuz it was all used to launder cocaine money no bullshit man again man you get that level of an exhausting not the documentaries but the actual business of doing it that's why you need coke.

► 00:37:57

which one the real the real one was a prison guard do you know that yes Freeway Ricky has been on the show a couple times to get his name back and to keep his dude from using his name because he was actually Rick Ross that's his actual fucker in a story on your show Rick Ross Freeway Ricky was the guy who was selling all the cocaine that paid for the contras when the countries are fighting the sandinistas in Nicaragua know Oliver North shit or is Freeway Ricky was the one who was selling all the code to these people you know how he's getting these Coke you know he was actually getting a few people that would be telling you find the threshold

► 00:38:57

Ricky learn how to read in jail and then learned how to become a lawyer in jail and then realize they try them for they did they hit him with three strikes but they hit it with two charges at the same time which is not out three strikes work so we went to jail for life and then got released for time for time served because they tried him incorrectly the Right tickets yeah exactly what they were there at the same time you can't do that it has to be like you go to jail you come out you go to jail again come out go to jail again to go are your criminal which is fucked up man what's it like sitting across the table from you play tennis in Compton and couldn't read play tennis in Compton and was just seeing all these people around him that were making crazy amounts of money and is a real nice guy and that's one of the reasons why he did so well so

► 00:39:57

wasn't this crazy Buckwild do driving rolls-royce's throwing money out the window and he was like the cool calm collected John Wicks Order character that kept the shit together you know when everybody respected them because of that he just was like you mean the same reason why he learned how to be a lawyer why was in prison he's a systematic you know intelligent dude who just had a shit education you know just grew up in a very bad scary dangerous environment and you know didn't even learn to read and isn't going to jail in the history of the Iran-Contra conspiracy it was selling Coke and didn't even know who who you selling for didn't know the people he was selling for the contacts or directly supplied by the Oliver North pee but I shouldn't be interesting man for President t-shirt just to piss people off

► 00:40:57

17 or some shit that sucks the whole thing's crazy that this was a prison guard uniform on wow I mean I like him a lot I ran across the room and the Devil is a Lie I don't know the big single I don't know I love sign before what's the record with the Devil is a Lie on it that was a record that I loved what does big-hit get together do Coke I mean you know that's right he wouldn't do it on camera was weird but you wouldn't do it after it we wanted up it'll do it at a certain time at night but here's the thing man some of that shit is publicist cuz I'll tell you the same thing happened with Liz Phair

► 00:41:57

giant fan of hundred percent is fair for an exile in guyville was fucking and Evil Empire at the same time at the red store in Nashville Tennessee Richards Machine in Exile got my wife also Misty who we went she love this fair to at the time she came out awesome he's trying to come back on I just don't know if I could come on he still on trial this this whole trial that's going on with the Sandy Hook and all that shit has to be resolved first but I love respect to him he gets to speak to Iris and people clapping and cheering that he was pulled off of networks and pulled off everything

► 00:42:57

he lies about me he goes but he still gets to talk with this what America's about Free Speech means all speech but seems like here's what I had me on many times and then I did not do you ever sober situation while the first time that we have the black Ravens record that I did that has Stephen King on in stuff like so when that record came out nobody would support the record so I'll exchange change the radio talk show host that comes in and out of the record Steve Alex Jones the only person that would support the record he put it he gave you the whole record on his show and then I went was on for 2 hours by phone and then I went in and it was on his show

► 00:43:57

in person about just the music business that's how we talking about I don't like how things work and then later I was on for Bitcoin discussion kind of by Skype or something but I will say this in his defense in all of this I just think that like the dude that guy has been saying things conspiracy theories about all kinds of things that are not good like forever in like now the the situation is like so volatile that like they're going to let you know the Sandy Hook thing alright so like they definitely caught fucking Anderson Cooper have in the green screen and it was probably because they had another person they're talking to the mom and then there's a video about Sandy Hook and he walked he lands a little too far forward in his nose disappears it's probably because they had a stand-in reporter talking to the mom and what Anderson Cooper was then like

► 00:44:57

put in Via you know whatever green screen and Lyfe Jennings never where I was when I heard about Sandy Hook and it was terrific and I don't believe for a second that there's like it's all fake raining. But like it when we did the fucking record this is back when nobody was paying attention to him it just certain small group that I know we did the black ribbons record and we took a clip of the laughing but he he snuck into Bohemian Grove if you own the ceremony and there's like a scene where they not a scene I got seen in his phone but there's a part of that where they're doing the ceremony and they have this life Disneyland when you go yeah yeah but it's done in a way where it's like Disneyland when you watch like the the fairies fly around the castle like there was a whole thing

► 00:45:57

where there was a guy laugh that happens at the end of the mall like thing or whatever of the Big Al and the funeral I come in early in his deal has always been so over-the-top way like you go he's like he like go to local people not near Bohemian Grove is like we're looking for where the satanists go to go do that thing you know and it's obviously at this point it's not like people who are knowingly Satanist it's like really old fat Rich guys that go there and there's probably hookers and all kinds of shit because that's what happens if Big Rich things right and so like now with all this and their crucifying him especially pointing especially the Megyn Kelly thing and I just feel bad for him because cuz cuz that was clearly hippies with Alex because like she brought it up to him and then then Focus that piece on the Sandy Hook thing you know they had their talk

► 00:46:57

her defense how could she not a of course she's going to say if you're going to come but if I came here with the intention of like just talking to you and then all the sudden you were like hey on this day on this thing when you did the thing like you focused on this one thing I would you like a man like this is a hit P so I guess what he does I know he's a piece of shit from being friends with Alex Jones and anything else in my life I'm sure I'll get it for this but the point is is that check ready for our maybe next year but like that and I'm not even here from like that decided to the political point of view is this

► 00:47:57

which means happens I think they had a lot of those in there 3 seconds then there's a there's a weird part on his nose it happens but to say it's a green screen I would I would do the same people that are looking for us to say that the space station didn't exist right but super quick that looks like it was like a digital glitch that's it that's not it this is what that it's not the things that I couldn't find the other piece but yeah I mean he leans forward his nose. I think that they had to stand in because he couldn't be there but hold on you might be wrong but I could be this is what we talked about several years ago you might have a fucked-up memory this let's try to find the video that said he was there all week shooting from the exact location

► 00:48:57

they got to You Shooter Jennings they didn't get to me like I would say the same thing if I saw it if you making $34,000 a year you looking people to make a hundred thousand like damn empty all my fucking bills look at it now but there is a threshold there is a drechsel suburban suburban and some guy and I got into a fucking road rage situation on the highway heading towards you fucking Rich asshole I go rich

► 00:49:37

Mike I'm trying to fucking Suburban man what is Richie Rich is driving the Suburban. What the fuck I have that like I already had the rich thing because people thought that I was rich cuz my dad which I never really I never was I mean even supportive of me but once I got here it was I was kind of on my own I like that but then then once I talk about Bitcoin with you like fucking five years ago or whatever it was I was here three years ago up tonight and drop very much less than a gram but you know what I'm trying to say about this is not like I'm not validating his did this Anderson Cooper thing but that dude has always been fishing for things like that and it's always been his gig and it's been his gig

► 00:50:37

Columbine it's been a gig from all of this and I understand the passion in the emotion involved with the children that died in Sandy Hook and I have no I'm not defending him on that deal but at the same time that's always been this guy's dick I feel like that is where he legitimately fucked up I don't think it's yeah but this is a silly fuck up he's saying that for sure it was a fake but did he say forgot you're at the people sent me the clip they sent me the clip of him saying that it was 100% fake he thought it was fake so he said it but he thought it was fake yeah I thought it was a it was a false flag so he said it I mean but that's that's a part of the conspiratorial thinking it's a real problem is like saying you know he said some shit about me he said send him some shit about me that's a hundred percent not true he said that the post

► 00:51:37

who's post he said that the government threatened my family to stop talking about conspiracy theories no nobody threatened my family no one zero never happened did not happen it is fake it is a lie someone told it to him I guess or he said someone told to him

► 00:51:55

it didn't happen so that's me I understand but you do understand how frustrating it is this is a minor thing someone lying not like okay somebody said someone told him I believe he's telling the truth

► 00:52:11

but it's not true you got a fucking called me he's got my number man called me from Austin Texas I need to know your family starts with ADI that bad imagine threaten you you got to stop talking about Bigfoot man like you might have talked about a hundred times in the podcast I did a show called Joe Rogan questions everything and during that show over appear to 6 months I fucking question a lot of shit legitimately but I did with researchers we have a staff we had producers we went and we we actually went to

► 00:52:56

like these places where these people are claiming to see UFOs to these places where people are claiming to be able to finish it they do remote viewing cocktails God's great movie we talk to all these people and I found a real a clear thread through all of it that I documented in my 2014 Comedy Central special why I said he don't find when you go looking for bigfoot black people what you do find is unfuckable white dudes you are more likely to find Bigfoot then you are black people out looking for bigfoot XL alien abductions probably could get to do and they go looking for Hidden Mysteries my point is doing that show it it's soured me off conspiracy theory conspiracy theories were fun for me and me and my especially Eddie Bravo me and Eddie Bravo would get high and watch documentaries on flying rods and all this

► 00:53:56

faux documentaries and all that stuff in it all of it but it falls apart if you're being a serious person and if you really being honest about what you actually know this is the problem it's like the saint in the parallels a comparison comparing to Alex Jones saying my family's threatens the same thing as never threatened no one ever threaten me so but he's saying this on the radio why is he saying it because someone told him and he maybe he believes it and you also think it's fun to say it's the thing to say if you're really into conspiracies but this is the problem with these fucking conspiracies they say things they don't know are true and they say I'm like they're true now this is fine just talk it's fine hey man

► 00:54:56

Tom Smith on the radio saying you're full of shit you're a crisis actor you kids not dead me you're crying every night you wake up the middle like crying because some fucking dumbass well I'm just defending his right to be out that's all I know and I can win tomorrow night let's get Sandy Hook out of this cuz I know about six of people to be who they are and I loved his music and all that but I played a show with David Allan Coe one time and my dad always would tell me these things if I had him you know he he really like David and everything but there was always kind of a little distance of like there was a Showmanship part of them there at like a good example of this again distancing from Sandy Hook but good part of it was that when when David Allan Coe we did a show with him one time my mom was over on the side of the stage of me I was open

► 00:55:56

this is many years ago before I even had a first record out or anything and David Allan Coe did you know we did our son out of our set and then he played and he was on stage and performed the song my mama. Called Storms Never Last the next night I'm opening up for him and he goes on stage and you guys last night Jessi Colter was right in the front row when I sang the song My Wife and she was crying and like I'm sitting there going I was here and she was not crying she was Dan Jessica that's his character that he is all I'm saying here with like I'm as forgiving about him lying to the audience because that is what he's doing at the moment it's his I can sit there and go you know what

► 00:56:56

I'm going to take you in the back room to talk I'm going to tell this audience tomorrow night he's a liar he's a piece of shit fuck him I'm not going to do that because it's damn it all goes but you said the show which is a much larger right now but I'm not calling him this yet I'm just saying I could do that why would I do that to him because it's like you know in Spanish. I just feel like look man I'm at Alex two times I've been around him and he got called out for a specific thing yes it involve the lives of children everything that I understand that I'm not I'm not also doesn't for the dust family for him front of this family but I'm just saying I just think that like at the moment everything is so hot with this and it's in it's kind of exhausting and it's the internet is the reason for it and in my opinion because I think they're like all the years that I've come along the mass amount of people that have migrated to social media the way that the integrated conversations happen the way that that's

► 00:57:56

Fins Up on the news now like AOL chat rooms and fucking 1998 that shit did not end up on CNN people were not listening to those the best the closest you could get the fucking TV was To Catch a Predator when it when you were on that right that time you know and I feel like at this point in time people need again not those families their lawsuit that's fine that's that's their thing but but I just feel like people need to lighten up a little bit in the sense of I just think that the social-media thing is very hazardous and I think that people's face in all of it doesn't have to do with with fake news and does it have to do with Russian Bots and all this shit I just think that like Alex Jones is a casually because he's always been that way he doesn't have to do with fake news in Russian box I mean that lets pictures always excuses for all the reasons why people believe

► 00:58:53

I believe that of course Fitness is Real to Reel the document no no no podcast about Russian troll Farms it's fucking fascinating it's really interesting show up at work and they're their basic job is to put propaganda out on Instagram and social media and Twitter and comments and I agree but let's let's get out of an example of what I what I have seen of this I run a bulletin board system called it Sunrise which is like the old technology that used to be modems used to dial into both words isn't so you can tell him that into it tell me that is a Port Port 23 is the telnet Port well DVRs also share Port 23

► 00:59:53

car show in a weekly basis with the telnet Port so during the election during the months up to the election the month after the election I would say 4 months 5 months leading up 5 months after on my boat at this kind of technical when it when I'm trying to explain this to you but when you tell me that into a computer you keep remind you would tell that in and it would give you a login you get his picture this drawn and you put your name in your address for your password and you login well during the 5 months leading up to the election in 5 months afterwards I was getting every day probably all day long 10 or 20 connections that were coming in and they were just wouldn't say a bot they were like they were scripts that were trying to log into DVRs and trying to log into my

► 01:00:53

IP cameras that you can control everything done so I was watching for the 4th at about a year. So so you saying that these box were trying to control DVRs and cameras that people have on their just testing in 90% of them are coming for 10% of all coming from maybe Russia and other places but 90% China Korea cuz you can look at the IP addresses and so were they testing for the test but they're all they're trying to do is they would try it they would be looking for a Linux login which be like you know login like if you were to telnet or SSH into a device like that the first thing we get was a login and usually its route is the controller and so they're just trying to fight they're just just blindly Mass blindly going to IP addresses in trying to hack into them route and then they try password then they try like this they tried that they tried the black you know the Russian bot thing I understand that

► 01:01:53

but I don't think was a coordinated effort I think that like all during that whole time I was watching my computer like I have its kind of I'm I'm getting real nervous here but it's like I have these games that like in the people play in like once you get past 13 14 15 note which essentially means like once or 15 people playing at the same time then the game stop working so I would be having to deal with these Chinese in Russia thing it Russian in all these all of them just Mass trying to just break in and it was because of the DVRs and because the IP cameras like they were really literally trying to hack your system to just do whatever I don't know what the purpose was but I like I watched it and it was it was China mostly I mean Russia was a small amount and I think they're all those countries all the time or are have people that are constantly trying to hack and interact with these with our shit I mean it's just a thing you know there's not as well

► 01:02:53

as well but there's also people there absolutely trying to influence elections that absolutely trying to influence our system and then they're trying to manipulate political parties in a trying to start the scent and this is one of the things that's really fascinating about this Radiolab podcast where they talk about how these Russian troll Farms Liberty set up protest they hired people to pretend to be Donald Trump and they hired people to pretend to be Hillary and put her in a cage and have people chant lock her up like that this is all the manufactured descent and manufactured outraged that they're there strategically promote fascinating to me but here you got two things pause for second brushes would you talk about a giant place okay so to pretend that what's happening with these people hacking into DVRs and web cameras is all the tappening I just so mad but you said I'm supposed to be a small example of what happens when people

► 01:03:53

vulnerabilities in systems but it doesn't mean it's the only thing that's going on I know you're not but I want to clarify there's a lot of things are going on there's a lot of things are going on because people are dealing with this new technology like when I never slept a look at it like this look at it like you have a body okay and your body has an immune system and your body's immune system is constantly under threat of all sorts of different things you you fucking touch a doorknob you wipe your nose is a lot of shit going on right this is very similar if you just looked at it objectively to what happens whenever you have a server on the internet when it mean when you hear about the Republican Party getting hacked into or you know different people's emails getting exploited by you know someone from outside it's a hacker what is that well that's

► 01:04:53

find a way through the system it says natural things you put up a wall if you make $34,000 a year and a guy makes a million. How is this any different like what I guess what I'm trying to ask about this it's like when I was watching that happen with my system it's like how is this any different than what is going on for the last hundred years because it's okay because it's new Czechoslovakia who has the computer is been able to figure out how to turn your webcam on and watch you beat off this is the new thing but we didn't have a webcam to beat off it doesn't matter but you understand the new the new think so because it's in your nature I guess what I'm asking is is is in

► 01:05:53

in the way of the I just feel like the Russian bot thing is was all of that I feel like the Russian Bots is is a is a term for people who don't understand computers and away and they've just kind of throwing that out there is a political device sometimes I think that Russia China Korea like every other fucking country that is enabled in a way in which they were so far ahead technologically was involved in all kinds of fucking fuck hurry and they're still involved in it will still do that but you know I'm just I just it's hard for me you know back circle around to The Alex Jones think all of this new technology all of the the people who are awake and stay there welcome to Facebook I'm so wake no it's like I felt bad for fucking childish Gambino that he has song that had stay woke and it because

► 01:06:53

immediately thought that today was one amazing song and it was it was that that turned the game Dumb immediately but I just feel like this that's happening all of this talk all of the him getting banned all this stuff it's all this kind of like effect of the world instead of being out in the world everyone has is gone to this point where it's you know these groups these really rich groups Google and Facebook and Twitter and all this and everyone has has gone to the central point another lynching people whether or not you agree with out Sean's whether not you like him more than I think they're that he's being all these people that are doing all these different nefarious things this is been going on for ever and other using new system to do that they use in the internet and all these open pipes in these connections they can make trailer the public is there they've gotten them to go to this one

► 01:07:53

that is my problem with it is like as much of a nerd is a technology person I am I like I hate that people have instead of really sure they have their own lives but like the fact that we have become so centralized to these small groups of internet companies like social media and things it and then now it look it's on both sides man I mean Alex Jones getting lunch Harvey Weinstein whatever I know he's a very different things about me this Behavior what's the position of the connection is the those people could have suits against of course we knew about it because the Wall Street Journal or would whoever more times you ran that thing the New Yorker yeah I guess you like

► 01:08:53

I mean I I'm sure this is an unpopular opinion but I just feel like that the centralization of society into social media is resulting in a lot of things that are very ugly and I think that the Russian bot thing the Chinese hackers thing The Alex Jones issue the me-too movement all that stuff which I am done behind all the people that were hurt I'm not done behind the Sandy Hook Speedway on behind the people who had the bad experiences in Hollywood, it's unhealthy I think the social-media thing has become to centralize their needs sentrilock decentralized decentralized because it's only Instagram mean it's a hundred percent centralized I mean its own Viagra it's it's several you know everyone's kind of going to McDonalds to have these conversations

► 01:09:53

as opposed to it being something that is a little more healthy I just find it I just think that that people I think Alex Jones should always been able to be crazy in his world and and he was always nice to me and Ricky said he's your friend like you like you know what the problem is that I was he needs someone sitting right next to him someone like me someone who when he talks he said some crazy but wait a minute how do you know that metal show me the documents for the documents don't say that but you know the problem is gel that they are definitely try and he goes yeah they probably are but if you leave him alone if you leave me alone and just let him rant by the way is doing 6 hours 8 hours of radio a fucking day and he likes to drink so he's doing 6 hours of radio a day at least three of them are drunk and he's fucking filling time and screaming and no one can say anything to him and he's a fucking man over there that's also part of the problem he's got a bunch of these other people around them all the time and they're conspiracy theories as well but they're 28 and and then you know they're hang

► 01:10:53

it's a broad argument with all of it because I I agree but he was always he was always transmitting he was always like a show me where the satanists are going to worship that it took me by surprise children that's fine I think what happened is now the idea is that he's influencing people politically like the whole the you know the whole podesta pizzagate that all that stuff was scared the shit out of people that guy showed up at that pizza place and fire up around and you know and then they want to rest of them and they really thought there was a dungeon the basement centralizing and social media is the cause for a lot of these reactions that centralizing social media or is that people exciting people to go and take action not even be real are you allowed to yell out fire in a crowded theater right this is an ultimately the problem it's not whether or not he believes in Bohemian Grove which is real and be proved it on video back when did VHS

► 01:11:53

States and I watched it let me know I've known Alex since 99 or 98 I think maybe I've known for a long ass time and this is a very big difference between then and what's happening now it's as far as the region influence I think people are sort of panicking about reaching influence and what it means and how to mitigate it how to change be but how to stop people from going into pizza places in shoot in the mop because they think that something they heard onlines true there's a lot of stuff that people here online that is just not true you know the lizards underground or the right in Earth matter what kind of name is a lot of stuff is just nonsense so it's it's hard to separate here's what I think I think we are going through an adolescent stage as a as a being as an evolving being and I think our bodies and our minds and our Consciousness are becoming synchronized with technology and along the way like right now we are in this chaos

► 01:12:53

like screaming sweating crying pissing shiting state of chaos and we are looking to figure out how to stop the bleeding we're looking to shove thumbs into Dykes Dykes meaning like damn and we are looking to try to figure out a way to stop the bleeding we're trying to put patches and Band-Aids on things we're trying to manage the chaos we're trying to figure out what and this is a stage that we're going through because this is a new thing this is a new thing for human beings the ability to communicate widespread over millions and millions of people instantaneously is in new thing so people have say but never had say before they have influence and never had influence before they have their ability to contribute and they might not have thought these things through and these things Catch Fire and they run through dry forest like a God damn tornado of of of of flames you see on CNN when do the Mendocino fire

► 01:13:53

Northern California this is what happens with ideas because there's no way to contain them and they don't know what's right and what's wrong I think that will work going through from the period of 1994 the period of 2018 is like a crazy fire in the middle of a hurricane it's like everything is nuts and no one knows how to stop it and no one knows what to do and what do we do we get together and shelters we can give people water will try to stop the fire and take away everyone's lighters that's what we're doing right now I'm trying to take away lighters I'm trying to stop people who start fires and this is what's happening with Alex and it's not that Alex is a bad guy is that he has he's by himself you're okay it's irresponsible to say that you know for sure a fact that these parents from Sandy Hook a crisis actors in their kids never die it's irresponsible and he didn't think it was a responsible when he was doing it because he was probably caught up in what he does and he's caught up in the wave of ad-libbing just like you and I are at Living

► 01:14:53

we didn't even talk about what the fuck we're going to talk about right now is very smart because to me you know it is it's your right he has always been doing this and it doesn't I'm his reach has brown right now with the wind find them used to be in Seattle it was raining everyday and I think what I'm trying to articulate and I'm not doing as well as I wanted to but I think what I my problem is is the synchronization of Consciousness is what I'm not into I think that I think you know just like you have a lot of people who believe that you know now believe that the Sandy Hook thing is fake and they're calling

► 01:15:53

because of this conversation this is where that lawsuit is really coming because the other people but then you also have another side of it and it could be as you know back in the day when they said the Paul McCartney and his dad said they got harassed but it was on such a small level because there was no way to just email Paul McCartney and Sarah email and say you're not the real Paul McCartney your fucking dead I just asked her that creates these rivers in in these brats that people who don't know what to do and they fall into one right or another kind of become this this this kind of streamline thing so I think the way you just described is very articulate

► 01:16:52

inward these to worry about that with everything the distribution of information is not it's not whether or not it's healthy it's just a part of what this being does with this being does is constantly search for Innovation and novelties that's what that's what the human being does I guess Brian I guess yes but what's going on bro we're good yeah you should stop by and stop by the hyperlinks in the idea was that if someone went up to hard to this is just like the guy invented the web of rights at all he wanted to do was make it basically we're like medical documents you would say like you know this guy had a

► 01:17:52

translate and then brain transplant be underlined and you clicked on that and would take you to the link that explain brain transplant and that would be worldwide the internet is decentralized and the web is decentralized to some degree okay now Google coming in with search engines like that's focusing points what scares me is those people being that like Facebook being the Avenue in which everybody talks like I should scare you I took two hits and

► 01:18:24

lemonade diet yet I am very high that's a blunt that's legit I took two heads I just have a problem with the centralization of the companies owning The Avenues it would get it all right with you on that I think we need more YouTube's I think we need more venues for people to distribute distribute information but I also think we need more love this so much hate and anger towards each other I feel like I'm going to get nailed here on this because I'm not I am not part of the nervousness about doing a live show right now I would say this but I would say very nervous I would say that on August when was one of their tobacco tobacco and and some shit that was grown on Mars

► 01:19:21

Neil Armstrong this week

► 01:19:25

see you again again it was just like there was a point in trying to make sense right now super serious about rabbits that are very dumb in a lot of people and we don't really know enough about I I just I just feel like I just wish that there weren't like again I just feel like there's rats that have people have to fall in to communicate and those are rats that are owned by these companies that they're very fucking rich and your way in just inside I'm not really that I don't even fucking know what that is all I know is I don't believe in trusting anybody who who says hey I'll take care of you come this way just don't worry about a thing and they're the ones making all the money and it's like that's how the internet has become used to be a wild west of information emails are fucking information that is that's me communicating with you

► 01:20:25

and no one else seeing it that's beautiful and I think about the idea of Twitter and Facebook and all that is fantastic when it first started but it's at this point in time it's gotten so big if it doesn't break up into something where people figure out that they are in control the internet not these other people that's what it bothers me okay so what bothers you is it someone comes along and says the people aren't in control the internet so it's not like a free market so it was a free market is a free market a guy like Alex Jones you say this guy's Preposterous I'm not listening to him anymore when it's not a free market is when you tube collapse I don't know if they collaborate if they just all groups turn off the Aubrey but they just all decide everyone's going to take them off Facebook status suspended for 30 days Twitter's going to suspend it 4. Time YouTube going to remove them all these people going to take demio jumped on Shep and they pulled him off to see this this becomes an issue what is it that causes you to get removed what is it and what should we be really clear on that or is this just a wimp because this is a really

► 01:21:25

important thing if we really are fucking with free speech we have to be very careful and what we decide is is a valid reason to pull people off of our Airways because if you have time stop on your Airways that's far more vile and you let that stay up because it doesn't have the same reach like what is your criteria it doesn't have the same influence it doesn't have the same political ties to it like what is the reason why you're pulling one thing off and not another thing is it because of the popularity issue have you searched your trillions of fucking hours of footage for offencive speech content ideas disinformation if it would have you would have you really done to mitigate this issue or are you acting on this because it's a social hotspot issue right now which it most certainly is and most certainly should be I really think that Alex needs a guy right next to him he can get you really like I understand.

► 01:22:25

no, she creates descent in arguments and you want to get mad and you want to either Lisa pinion ate it but Howard Stern's very responsible he's a different guy it's not it's not the same as the saying that sometimes I feel the same way about about him and I don't feel that way about us right now yeah but this is just like that's kind of corny I got a record coming by the way I'm sure you do watch I will I'm going to fucking set it so people know I'm not bullshiting I'm going to set my alarm what time is it right now 2:05 I'm going to set my alarm for 2:05 to

► 01:23:24

2 minute with what you're saying is it's like you know what is 205 God damn it has to be free all the whole things

► 01:23:48

come fetch when are you going

► 01:23:52

it's the thinks I'm retarded let's go with 2:08 p.m. that's fact that hang out a little buffer you know I suck at this time we're not qualified to have this conversation but no one is there were little I believe I believe in protecting children's innocence in a certain way that I agree with you to not allowing foreign and stuff like that you know because I have my kids all the time. Twitter Twitter allows a certain amount of foreign sometimes I might I might as well have it like I believe

► 01:24:42

if Isis if Alex Jones and if the unboxing of the LOL can exist what does that mean like they show videos of them are the slime videos of do this like I think that there is a certain level of like just ignore it if you don't like it well it's not your thing the lawsuit thing totally that's out of this contacts little bit of difference between something that you might find gross and something that changes culture Jim Acosta did that he wants that Trump rally and they went crazy on them weeks ago anchor who is reasonably self-righteous but yes is in a difficult situation he has to challenge the president of the United States who is also a famous celebrity billionaire

► 01:25:42

I was his name on buildings mean this literally is rosebud this is this is the tale of Citizen Kane I mean this is someone with an ungodly power and influence and this Jamaican I'm not standing up for Jim Acosta I'm just going to say just put yourself in that guy's position what a crazy spot you're yelling out questions at the president night States who also happens to be Donald Trump you think like you're on acid into a Vortex of crazy and you're the guy buy some fucking freak of chance with your Jim Acosta or Don Lemon or or fill in the blank everyone

► 01:26:23

up if you heard it I'm going to send it to 9 alright I do this correctly but I mean if it was the weed eater. And that's your job and we expect them to handle that that's probably like being Beyonce and The Rock on steroids celebrities as a rock or Beyonce Universal there so loved and so deserving of that love but if you're a guy like who's it like a real tekashi69 that kid like imagine the hate that guy gets all day now imagine what's that he said 6 he's a rapper

► 01:27:21


► 01:27:23

every morning I hope to have pulled off of YouTube Alex Lange

► 01:27:36

Shooter Jennings bitch recognize

► 01:27:41

oh you brought her album are we having delivered we can sign all so beautiful I love it

► 01:27:50

did you got some bad ass fucking music. Thanks you really do I love your music and you don't want to think that I Love About You music it's like it's all different man you got some straight-up country put the O back in country you got to let these got that whole album man just like a badass country album you know but like with this twist like a respectful country album but also has a lot of like modern wickedness to it I know I appreciate that was like when we were at Leroy Powell who doesn't play with me anymore but he played on that record you play guitar Brian Keeling is a girl we started doing it like our idea when we were living here and I just 2003 in the first United Metro 3 years ago and we were like our whole thing was like we like rock music because it sounds cool and we like Dylan and we like you know I was even smart enough like doing that we were like in

► 01:28:50

fucking you know by Bowie and I was I can't came for the Nine Inch Nails side get it that's how I got in the music we can I talk about the name of the show but like by that time I would be ideal was like can we make country music we like the old stuff it had it sound cool and why can't we bring in like the stuff that rotten to the school about rock and why can't you go psychedelic and why can't you kind of push the limit that way and we were just dumb and trying to do it that way and Dave Cobb who produced this record that we met we met that back then and he produced the first record he was the same way we would like more Beatles Stones Bowie kids musically in the in the amount of Records we listen to and you know obsessed over Pink Floyd and stuff you know that we were country so we were kind of trying to blend those two back then let you know but we were just just trying and starting and doing weird shit and and then after awhile just your

► 01:29:50

holding different you don't give a fuck dude it's about to be like you just you just do your music man you do your music and whatever you're into right now is like what you do it's really interesting like listen to every one of your CDs there's only a few of them that are even similar you know similar to each other they're all they're all your albums albums again old man and then it's like I can't say online playlist you newest on my playlist I like what do I say about your newest I know you know what's black ribbons happened man I did the first record

► 01:30:42

and that was kind of my take on country and our take is a band and Dave come and then before that record came out we started recording the second record and I was like the first song I wrote was it sound like radio and we and I was like I wanted to go heavy I wanted to like this really show up and and like do this kind of hard Rocky sounding and what I mean by that is like you fucking Brenda Zeppelin and she was like you know 70 ship it was like hard rock crazy a fax Immigrant Song I'm crazy but with the country songs there and I always felt if electric Rodeo got considered a country wrecker when I came out and charted then I thought we would like we had done our thing but it did come out and it did charge but once we came out with that we had Universal it would have been buying us and they basically been the people that work to Universal it had been kind of in my opinion and their opinion

► 01:31:42

because Tony Brown and 10w who believed in me and I just as a kid and met him in my dad had done business and I like them and there was.

► 01:31:59

Made me feel like you liked me so I sent him this record after being the band that Dave did the record and they believed in me and they signed it and he kind of like remix Star first song played on radio and Tony was a big producer still is having produced like the first by Steve Earle records and keep playing piano for all this like you and he was our label at so we kind of remixed it so we can so I'm thinking they like me cuz we have like kind of a 20 of number 24 it sound like I'm going to hit it with some good shit now and then I hit him with what I thought was a good shit and they said this is not what we signed up for we are out. You're out and I never play the radio again you know. That's the reason why your music is so it's just good I mean I like I like a lot of great music on your music is great but it's also that you you're clearly coming out this from an artist perspective you're not a marketing genius by any stretch of the imagination dad's fucking Waylon Jennings dude I mean

► 01:32:59

the end of all ends you know your dad is like a super legend you know I mean he's a super super legend but you choose to legitimately carve your own path in this with the wild as to why it's really interesting how you do that and I think that's thoughtfulness that allows you to be free like that is also what allows you to explore these like complex issues like censorship or Bitcoin there a nice things that are like well this is this is some heavy stuff like you you're you're you're ever curious approach these things and in the end an ability to express who you really are right which is what what comes out your music it's not like your image you just doing it that's a big part of of community that's a big part of being a person like some person uniquely be themselves and I think there's this is one of the real issue with social media people are so terrified of expressing themselves cuz it terrified of the hate they get back but then they get a dick

► 01:33:59

do talking to other people that are failing or the people that are making mistakes and that I get I think this again goes with this whole fucking chaos and they were talking about before I mean I think we're in the middle of a storm right now and I think that your your take on Alex Jones and Bill Maher's take on Alex Jones and what we're saying hear about him it doesn't like it doesn't in any way in the gate argument so you shouldn't say some of the things he's saying we agree with you but we also say human beings we have to figure this out together and if you start conflict and one great way to start conflict is to ban in to take people down told you call people and not see that aren't really a Nazi like decided someone's in all right white supremacist when they're really not at all there a liberal Democrat you know they are you're saying crazy things because of trying to demonize people and slap them into groups we have to reject that with every fiber of our being because this is tyranny this is a type of group tyranny that although it's not connected to a network like the fucking

► 01:34:59

you know the KKK or the Democrats or the Republicans it's still this chaotic groupthink thing that happens when we decide to go after people and stop being compassionate stop being just a human being who recognizes that other human beings are flawed and they make mistakes they do stupid shit but as soon as you opposed them so vehement Lee for something there really should be treated with curiosity and compassion and maybe a little bit of understanding and mockery instead of that there's is anger in this vitriol that we just have to put curb on shitty thinking I agree on Coliseum social media and it isn't but it's also it's the court the court of public discourse is massive now it just opened up a gate it was a little tricky it was like that fucking border patrol station Mexico it's hard to take your family to the fucking desert with a couple of jugs of water and you're going to walk and hope you find a job

► 01:35:59

you know that's what used to be like this is like is the walls came down and they change the law and everybody said go ahead in and everybody's in the end it down two people going down to up and down just open it up it's getting crazy see this is what everybody's afraid of and this is what this is what's happening right now with information this is what's happening for the very first time ever between us. Of you know 1994 and 2018 it's been this inevitable change in the way people are able to express information and who gets to express information hillbilly questions the legitimacy of someone who becomes famous to the internet but not famous or NBC he made it he's on NBC meanwhile this guy is just talking to his webcam he has 30 times as many people paying attention to him why is he wrong why is he in correctly didn't go through your establish channels that have existed with one who's your Gatekeepers guys like Harvey Weinstein

► 01:36:59

Keepers bitch get the fuck out of here you don't get to dictate what's interesting or which creative or what sounds good what kind of music people like it used to be that if you like rock you didn't like country but I was a kid you are a loser if you like Kiss do you like you would get like categorize I had to hide some music that I like and kiss was one of them I was loyal back when it was uncool till I kissed and then it turned around super lawyer that Eddie Bravo it's the same story we both would like embarrassed to be kiss fans but meanwhile now I fucking love kiss I love kiss but you know I also I also love Willie Nelson you know I love listening to all kinds of different shit and don't it doesn't usually exclusive

► 01:37:59

like one time I start living life you know I mean yeah kind of understanding The Words and all that and like you it just it hits you like oshit this dish it is like the heavy shit yeah it's like some of his songs are fucking phenomenal man yeah they're phenomenal you know you know what one always blows me away on cash is the man in Black still to this day the lines like you know what is it that the Thousand that died thinking that the Lord wear on their side and then here's to the hundreds of that are tens of thousands that died thinking that we were all on their side like that verse and everything I was looking at it I forgot to look it up face would you mind looking up who wrote The Man in Black sorry to ask you that but I've been dying to know that cuz I wanted to know if Shel Silverstein was involved was just trying to cash it wrote it but that's such a beautiful song

► 01:38:59

how about it. All right of course that's Misty's favorite that that's the song they like chills you to your bones because he was an old old man right there is none too good at 1 in The Man Comes Around those two were really smoking that Shel Silverstein that's why I was wondering why she wrote that they brought like the New York sense of humor and and really cultured writing style like the kind of Hunter S Thompson World he's the link between that and country music I got to be around him a couple times and I was young I wrote it wrote the signature song Man in Black and explain that that's cuz social conscience behind his wardrobe choices just a

► 01:39:59

when do the ones who are held back in fact he took the black simply because it was easier to keep clean on Long tours about it calling in the Undertaker oh shit it was you Undertaker for the Undertaker was the Undertaker

► 01:40:17

these lyrics could really I mean it this time right now they're so seriously he was a monster man Johnny Cash the monster he's a Monster Energy of atom are those like call Lindsay that's its flavored beverage so it doesn't have any calories free guilt-free mouth pleasure pleasure there's so many of them that were just if you think about the time that he was riding shotgun scene and all that

► 01:40:59

time is a beast man no question and seem like you kind of died on his own terms. I like a man who died after June died it was like right after 9 when did that Nine Inch Nails song in star gun house that was at the pink house over by the Tomcat theater on Santa Monica Boulevard you know I'm talking about and end of the place we can go in there pictures of Santa Monica Gardner okay shrooms and I was like fucking let me see this

► 01:41:50


► 01:41:54

2000 when did the when did Johnny die 2005 Beverly I like by the Beverly Center and I was like I remember that when that happened

► 01:42:13

my son there I got to be around a lot when I was on the road when I was like the first Highwayman record came out I was 6-5 and we all went on the road and so like Willie's daughter's hey me and Paula we're out no actually maybe they were out I think the reason they had said their family and everyone again for Highwayman to but the one we were like 5 year olds I wish we could play music on the show play that Highwayman song I fucking love all song Johnny Cash song about that man Starship God damn space to the other side

► 01:43:00

man oh man that was that was a great fucking album it was a great song have those guys all together I was cool ships and almond pretty fly a Starship Jimmy Webb Road that you know by the time I get to Phoenix Galveston he wrote MacArthur Park like that mother fucker is songwriter and that sounds kind of about reincarnation it's like the original songs but one person out our ship and use The Highwayman yeah it's amazing that's were scared scared of being a single drop of rain again and scared it be so much fun I know they're going to be easy just I think I'm sure absolutely out of the next forever how about that how about for billions of years I would you go back to being a single cell organism you start from scratch

► 01:44:00

Revolution I did it it doesn't matter what matters is the moment and that's impossible concept of grass for people who collect stamps bunch of shit you're holding up at your house cuz you trying to put like some sort of rigidity to this ethereal world we live in trying to put some structure to this isn't he forgets to enjoy it and it is it's just like man everybody it gets wrapped up you said you were talking about when you were just afterwards but you were tired we get sucked up into all these different you know fucking confrontations all the time and it takes all of your attention like I think the reason that the album listen to like they used to be because we have so much time

► 01:45:00

yeah there's a way and I think the only answer is there's going to have to be some establish decentralisation of the internet the returns it to the form in which all can exist digitally as they do physically just like we do now and we're going to have to figure it out as I think that's coming dude I don't think anyone's going to be able to stop it cuz top of the Heap we always thought were the opponents of free speech the repressive people were the right-wing conservative people the one who stopped progress and stop nudity and people smoking pot and you know and Tipper Gore wants a bad rap music. Now she Tipper Gore was Al Gore's wife

► 01:46:00

but we always that that's a bad example because she was a Democrat I was there for example of control other should be this is it's been going on for ever it's just what people do but we always thought of it as being the conservative one that would like the most the most into the suppression of free speech you know stop yelling swearing stop annuity stop pornography who's always thought of his being a conservative thing but I would argue like today it's almost like your behavior is more restricted on the left and it is even on the right the right is seem to be more relaxed in terms of like what they're willing to let people do but the left is like putting up all these boundaries for like what people don't do like Tom sent me this time to grow sent me this photograph of some sort of a sketch comedy group when they were trying to figure out what you can and can't do today and like what what is

► 01:47:00

okay to do in a sketch and it was a lot of it was about gay people in trans people and can you be a straight 6 man playing a trans person all caps absolutely not can you be a cyst purse or can you be a trans person playing sis person yes all caps you can do whatever you want if you're a trans person who's the woman you can play a man and that's totally cool but if you're Shooter Jennings and basically saying your thoughts are not allowed to go down this road there's no way you can manage this respectfully and with with enough people who are crazy but this is my point these people exist like they're on the left now they're like super inclusive you know super worried about diversity super worried about you tell people of

► 01:48:00

call Aaron the weird words in other words I want to know what you would say just say it again with a heart attack what's similar to what you're saying what I'm saying I think but probably better he would just tell him I just want to know the fucking to use a title of my tour this is strange times legitimately strange times beginning of it that's the fucked-up things I think that liked the check the internet is the face of the Lynch Band Society in such a way like you said the Adolescent face it's a goddamn Halestorm Halestorm so they hit those Ohio backyards fuck up the pool and everybody's in Scott screaming by rocks

► 01:49:00

that's what it is it's one of those hail storms of information you know there's never been anything like it and it's good it's good it's time to man I thought you were nice out of the boys this is the thing we got to realize that if you're nice other people be nice to be nice to each other and that includes online you know and and then we got to be nice about all the other things in the world there's just so much that has to be thought of someone has to be so much that has to be thought of not with this idea that you're going to live forever cuz a lot of like the way we behave is almost like we think we're going to live forever set of having the short trip where you said just like kind of be like is friendly with people spotting with this is also something that should be projected right I jacked it you should project that we should all get that idea out there so that we all agree like yeah yeah yeah I was just fucking we could do this like even competition it doesn't have to be that kind of conflict to even if your neighbor

► 01:50:00

businesses you can be friends and everybody would do well together there's a lot of people man this is not a time that we have to control everything and everyone and nor should you want to there's a big giant summer camp like life is just one that's a good way to describe it to three houses every four years every four years them to head counselor changes if it's like last time we love that guy this guy's like nobody from the other neighboring okay when I was in Boy Scouts we vaguely knew that there was a potential that one of these Camp counselors for my molest you like people knew you don't know what that no one ever did but there was that thought when we were

► 01:51:00

play dominoes in the Boy Scouts there was that thought like hey man this could go fucking sideways anytime we're in the woods with some dudes yeah my kids are these people like legit Boy Scout instructor who really want to show everybody the way it's amazing amazing scratch for young man but just as human beings anytime you get human beings anytime you get a certain group of human beings and you leave them alone with large groups of kids yo you got to be super careful with what their motives are and how they handle pressure and how they deal with conflict and how they deal with sacks you know like what do you never molested tell me when you were molested what happened to the youngest ones

► 01:52:00

can see mine mine 7010 it's a weird time when you watching little human beings evolve and develop and you know for me and I know for a fact you would the analogy you just had was perfect it is really like summer camp but it's funny how it like you know from that the day you're born the day after somebody else's stem Summer Camp starts at a kind of kind of generationally goes on forever and you kind of like realize that you're stuck in this like movie yeah which that you have to try and do the best bike for me if I did the best would like your family people you love and then like have the most fun and do it like to do the most damage in a good way like that by the way right now there's no I'm not saying that you are awesome we're just talking about just in general human beings

► 01:53:00

is the sheer numbers of human beings if you get a certain number of people there's a certain percentage of those people are going to be a problem and this is the problem with cops it's not it's not the cops are bad people so when you say fuck you're crazy you're going to need cops okay if something goes wrong in the morning you want the brand has the courage to stand there with a bulletproof vest and shoot at the bad guys if it's the same what's his name from three Billboards you know I was such a good role you don't talk about that maybe three. Mine's is Sam going so crazy the actor Checkers Guide to the Galaxy Sam Elliott is in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy was great movie called Joshua he was

► 01:54:00

did amazing and he's a nice guy but he's awesome that movie was awesome is that what it's called the Moon is great at him cuz he was dating Leslie Bibb when I work with her in a movie I did Kevin James movie zookeeper with her I was her ex-boyfriend was a douchebag fun movie do she's super cool funny that girl that makes sense she's super fucking cool smart too but I'm at Rockwell there and that was the thing that really got to me like a dude that movie moves It's fucking amazing that movie Moon it is a iMovie this is this is how unusual this movie is there are no other actors

► 01:55:00

I know if you go through the whole movie and it's in March and didn't didn't Martian feel so emotional feel like kind of a good diet moon when you saw it I thought that way even though I didn't cuz it was different cuz it was more about the the hazards of colonization in without the psychological with this movie I can't give it to you this movies of mine fuck at the end but Isabel it's mine fox but it's gone so, about that otherwise I'm going to get my 8 year old movie going seeing in person I was like it's good but it would like Moon I know but there's a problem with people are scared to do this fucking space movies

► 01:56:00

and again I'm actually every plane flight I take I already have downloaded on this so I can iPhone and I watch Prometheus in that back and forth I know but you know what I got it it's there I don't have to have the internet and I'll pay for it if it's on thing I watch it but like you use an Apple TV that's what takes two swipes I know I know I feel like that that alien Covenant was so fucking good movie and they like cancelled or something I had the big deal with the time before or after Prometheus and into alien County supposed to be the ship ride or whatever and I'm like and that they were going to shut it down and

► 01:57:00

so expensive to make there's so much CGI and so much chaos in special effects and alien Covenant had a great fucking plot to I mean everything was great it was their choice and turns and did the aliens were terrifying they explain them I mean there's so much to it was really they've been good the fingering of a knife Prometheus for a lot of people was less than than what they wanted that's why I wasn't there was a bad movie I really liked it I thought it was fantastic but there was setting some shit up and it didn't do that well spending I don't know what the fuck they spend on those movies they're super super expensive it's a one of them I mean aliens to is James Cameron doesn't seem like it's an idiot is fantastic in the question that it opens and the second piece where I got it shut out the black judge cuz he said any man you're going to say it but you're going to be mad cuz you're going to have way more

► 01:58:00

kids before and then I told the same thing to Sturgill he was like about to go see, now you're going to be mad the engineer think they seated that was just one of their planets like our planet did they seated and they went there the next one should are or at least like the finishing story they said they were the world's kind of thing where it was like all the sudden these people to send and it's the two opposing kind of parties which is the David side and then maybe us sitting on to the engineers Planet like finally and it's all the sudden these two opposing forces you know so like I think that's really it writing it's fucking original aliens 1979 Sigourney Weaver when she was hot is the surface of the Sun I got the shoes running she's she's the original feminist superhero suit

► 01:59:00

equipment in movies fucking up monster she's the original all these are the movies that came after the weather there fun you love them Resident Evil type shed or who's at Kate Beckinsale check was a vampire on underworld underworld all those movies Sigourney Weaver she was believable match scientist a scientist or whatever the fuck her job was on that spaceship and she's the only one who lived that movie spoiler alerts 1979 should have seen it in that movie they were worried about artificial intelligence that's amazing h r Giger designed all that shit that I can you just stop and think about they were worried about artificial intelligence back in 1979 and that's like we talked to Elon Musk it's like one of his primary concerns know he's supposed to the podcast I was in his physical Presence at the UFC but I didn't get a chance to come

► 02:00:00

okay with them but we've been going back and forth through email so is extra weird but I didn't get out I'm working you know when I'm doing the commentary man I'm trying to be I don't want to suck people get mad at me I try to do my best but he's worried about artificial intelligence more than anything and I mean miss it you talking about a Super Genius it has an electric car company a rocket ship companies drilling holes under the fucking growney sells flamethrowers I mean get the fuck out of here did this is the guy that worried about artificial intelligence we should be paying attention and if you go back to by the way the article I want to say was the LA Times that compared Elon Musk to Donald Trump he was like one of the most click baby articles they're fighting for their lives out there but these fucking journalist they're fighting for their lives

► 02:01:00

clicks I love guys who are crazy and ambitious and make shit like Elon Musk whatever is happening with the fact that he's like whatever I'll figure it out later just let it go that's what's amazing soon as you let it go that's how you are I thought you were free bro you know what I have to shout out to my block Tronics my auntie artist I was talking about computers and bbs's and bought Tronics are ANSI artist group they're great it's Sturgill it's so cool to watch him

► 02:01:47

oh, and he's like. This kind of angle it like makes me I just love watching it on your show and I just have to say us hanging out and everything all these years later he just has a sense where I feel like wow there's a rocket ship in this universe and we kind of speak the same language and it's like a Cool vibe kind of having another dude out there who who has the same sensibilities in like when we hang out you and me and him and and everything I feel like

► 02:02:19

it's you know what I mean like I know what you mean I can't because he playing you took and sent in the Dave Chappelle played right after you like oh yeah hey my friend is going to do a thing and then we're all Lucky to know each other like it's fun you know it's funny no cool people but Sturgill is got some new shit coming out Manny she shared some stuff to me sent me some some images and explain what what he's doing I can't wait to hear it sounds fantastic Zoomers are title of his last album

► 02:03:08

accidentally he send it to me in advance and I put it up on Instagram and I said this new Sturgill Simpson shit it's off the charts yes I did I didn't know he was laughing he thought it was fine looks like it's just awesome early but I was in the middle of sets and I was like damn this is good and I just I got to Instagram this shit and the Instagram that I didn't know that's cool dude you did the same thing with my old record like you put a you put a picture of it up of your you just likes screengrab yeah. I like to do that man I was listening music for real I was in Italy and I was about to work out and you know how you have those iPhones with that little the cord with a button you press the button you start playing whatever you got on your iPhone it just goes right to Kool Moe Dee I go or work know that song I go to work

► 02:04:07

go to work I go to work song so I'm about to work out in this fucking song comes on almost like the universe is letting you know look dude just don't try to think this through too much press that button the songs there I don't know why it's there you don't know why it's there either stop thinking about it but it's there right when you needed it that song there I go to work and then you go to work it like it's weird is it this is theater this whole thing is theater in some sort of strange whatever can yeah there's some part of life too seriously theater to me the older I get I just feel like the more appreciative for like my Dumber sale for haven't gotten through it without more damage being like I just really appreciate everybody who puts an effort into the sea in July

► 02:05:07

to guide you feel like somebody's doing good it's like you you just I don't know it's like you and this show and how like you had this awesome career and I only met you the first time when I came on this show and I like smoke pot in the parking lot and I was like kind of out of it and I was a call and I came here didn't bring a record that's why this time I was like I had to pick I didn't talk about it all John Hensley married my manager back then he called me and said you didn't even tell me I don't know man we just got to visit do you know but I love doing that with you cuz it's like I'll go down the rabbit hole man I'll head down that way stop yelling at people go to stop yelling I think this this the anger that we expressed towards each other forces anger and returned when it's not always necessary sometimes

► 02:06:07

sometimes you see Nazis in Charlottesville and go to go hey you dump categorize for the race this is 2018 you got to stop this is some stupid shit I think the positive look at all that is the numbers of those kind of insane people have dwindled do that white cuz I remember when I was a kid and they would be like still plan people and stuff and which is the argument for free speech free speech is ultimately if they don't figure it out because let's just be completely honest people do a terrible job raising children and these children go out into the world and they just causing damage everywhere they go they're on fire and they just running through Dry bushes their entire life right there creating chaos and it's from the what set them off when they were young how they evolve did expect everyone to have the same starting point and be judged

► 02:07:07

Behavior your your impulsiveness you know dishonesty or your discipline to be judged on those as if you all started from the same spot on the board is just crazy right this is crazy this is based on results only and when we see someone too fucked up we don't go okay what happened to this person that made them so fucking crazy because it really their fault or is there is a series of events that lead to you being who you are right now and maybe we should remap it maybe we should remap it and just look at it in a different way to say but we definitely don't want that result again ever right we got to figure out why you got to that result what made you break into the bank and put a gun in someone's face I mean as you get there would you say to that the call Diane killer is he said I would ask that I would ask him their opinion cuz it seems like nobody dastan there. You know what I mean so like I asked him what the fuk happened are they both

► 02:08:07

they're both dead broke made it break in our lives sure we all appreciate other people who have done the same thing and when you get to a point when you get old enough for you realize you can watch when someone is having a moment that they can make it through that you've kind of been through in ways you got to find it you know what those are the kind of people that I like that that will go and talk to that person to be a conversation with you when we were backstage at the fucking Comedy Store wherever we were over that night happened that we had a conversation I don't quite remember the whole thing but it was about music in about listening music and it's like you are compassionate dude and people who live that's that's all it's about compassion it's about compassion and stability it's about recognizing the best times come when were nice to each other if you go to a bar in

► 02:09:07

a bunch of strange dude you never met in your life and an hour later you guys are high five and laugh and hugging each other and you buying rounds that's a great time I can go to a bar and some canned competition next thing you got hit in the back of the head by a chair that's possible to in a bowl things are possible you know what one feels way better the one that feels way better as the one we meet meet a bunch of new friends and these guys so you never met before right now your buddies and then you realize like I just ran into a fucking bunch of awesome dudes who are now it's of my favorite people ever and if I didn't go out that night who knows what would have happened just randomly ran into a group of amazing people and change the course of your whole life that's possible to member we got to be that friend at the bar we got to be that new friend at the bar and the more people with it's possible to do that man and I think a lot of it is just the way we think of each other there's a problem in our operating system or whoever ultra-competitive operating system and things we shouldn't be competitive in there should be. Then I think part of the reason is weave

► 02:10:07

lost a lot of competitiveness in life I think people were competitive in life in ways where they were fighting for their survival right there fighting neighboring tribes the most brutal and primitive of days over media things changed and move forward that that got less and less physical and more and more mental in the body got frustrated I think this is part of what's Happening along the way and then people started looking for competition in business give me here like weirdo business guys talk we going to fucking stuff their contract right up their pocket Ashley to get all crazy like you know like Super Hyper hyped up business competition is always been disparaging me about the competition those people are weird bad did the folks in all the wrong with some dinosaur shit that's like if you're in the money game yeah but you don't have to do that to be in the evenin the money gave me enough to do that anymore

► 02:11:07

but if you do you know I mean like you've been sending you pursue angles like you chose to pursue lot like similar to me where it's summer in this way but you chose to pursue all these little different angles of the universe that are in the entertainment business but they are also like things you love like UFC and then then you know all the different little I mean you've had so many different little angles that you've occupied land up here where you get to just talk about all this shit to you I wake up in the morning I wake up I go and work out I'm sitting at going what am I doing you have an archery thing I would have old computers and that while I know Dad like a pinball machine and honestly you have found your

► 02:12:07

ask and it's awesome and your compassionate and you're here and you you were in it if you were in it for the money you'd be somewhere else you're in it for what you like to do not even know what I'm doing I don't know what a minute to talk in for me right now if you want to cook ax in the morning and come home and and that's awesome I just do with the great magnet compels me to do I'm I'm merely metal filings moving through the universe and the great magnet metaphysical I made I've decided one thing about resling especially with the last like maybe 10 years of my life I've decided way less things that I did in the me to me to figure things out where can I buy moves I just try to make some shrimp already all the time

► 02:13:07

I mean they tricked me and they do things and they're smarter and there was nothing I could do I could impress them more than what they can do by watching what I can do and doing it better figured out that give me that you don't know how to do it she got to go into settings and go to your 8 o'clock see people is a BCR my record label that I own with Adam there's a b c r i r c l c a stand in Dave Cobb his label there we go I keep looking at the cameras that are not display

► 02:14:07

I think they were on actually last time because I have to be busier. Com VCR Bazaar that, and it's like a place where like fans come and they talked and we have an RC Services one all day and I'm on it all day I talked to that is so now people going to go there but I hope you're welcome please I said CRC back on my quick days oh yeah it was free as fuck the internet the beat the government didn't even know how to fucking trace a phone literally like listen in on IRC back then like they had to pick up from the Packers like how to do it that was a different thing really does all those message boards and all those things came up like especially like the ability to be play games and talk to people in real time during the game

► 02:15:07

I'm one of the ways I learn how to type was from learning how to type in games and everything quick cuz Quake 2 multiplayer option one came out and I was Nine Inch Nails my favorite band ever and when back then and still was the influence for me like he did the soundtrack do you like I was amazing it's funny I didn't have a computer but I went and bought that to her house anyway man I love that and I used to do that too and want the internet came on I had a friend and Nashville me and my buddy James and Greg Greg this guy Reddit VPS and bought a Doom 2 server back then where you at for phone lines and modems in it and I'm not.

► 02:16:07

we would play Doom 2 and this I was listening to like white zombie Astro Creep 2000 as probably 1413 man I was such a nerd still in my house are you going to come over sometime but I've got like my office is like 1993 we watch laser discs we have like old computers and like old shit everywhere so it's like I kind of its kind of Frozen in a weird technological say is that I love Solaris that's awesome man you've always been like really into like weird internet type shit like you're really into cryptocurrencies and there's a thing called Peep Peep like ppth it's on Twitter or whatever but it's it's a Twitter alternate it's like it's just just starting but it's what you're saying p p t h e t h, it's it's like kind of like Twitter but it's

► 02:17:07

put on the back of etherium and so every tweet or I'm not calling him to eat so I should call it when every message that you send on it kind of like Twitter is embedded in the blockchain of aetherium explain what the site says it says the values platform hold on what did you do if a blockchain powered social network for our best selves yeah it well it because you can't delete anything it because it's permanently embedded and it's like I think up to 10 of your messages can be logged in one block of the aetherium chance of you have to pay like a scent of it that they give you some to begin with and then when somebody messages you it's kind of a miter microtransaction to you so you had this kind of balance it's going involvement but the way it works is because it didn't transactions on a blockchain in aetherium

► 02:18:07

it's it's permanently Lodge in this permanent digital Ledger in which that these transactions are what's making it happen so I can if you do you login and verify yourself they give you like $0.30 cuz that's starts you out to be able to just kind of permanently do the San so you don't have to do any it it sounds complicated but it's cool I'm not saying I don't I don't know if it will become like the next rage but it's technologically it's a really fucking fun I was watching it right now go back to page and expand on the right hand side where it shows you all the different categories and the different values make them larger taking social media bring out our best with opinion features and immune immune ability

► 02:18:53

yeah I want to hear that work its purpose mean the ability to not mute I believe we will need to contact is openly and forever accessible on the aetherium blockchain and ipfs whatever that is thoughtful it says permanent and creative constraints in Courage Mindful and self-aware peeps know too that was like a haiku what is it in Creative constraints in Courage Mindful and self-aware peeps that's what they just said charity responsible charity badges prevent suffering and Inspire others 1178 mosquito Nets purchase so far all that's amazing so they making

► 02:19:53

the purchasing mosquito Nets know that that has to do with the actual platform I think so in that everything okay they are there by mosquito prevent malaria

► 02:20:10

I'm getting paid cuz I have to go to Condon it's over I know I don't want to talk I don't know I just started off that controversial subject of the Alex Jones thing and I'm really glad that Bill Maher when I'm a legend said you know that even if you don't agree with someone not supposed to sound Source Peach I just don't think people are supposed to be alone yelling Into the Wilderness mentality is a problem can I get into the abyss my wife call me now she's telling me about that everyone's freaking nasty I love you everyone's freaking the fuck out I should have said I love you too brother shooter it's out now vinyl old school son

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Joel McHale all right but we got a good week for you really do that's one of the good things about being back so I want to give him any reason why so what you want some see you figure it out soon okay bye love you