#1161 - Jerrod Carmichael & Jamar Neighbors

The Joe Rogan Experience #1161 - Jerrod Carmichael & Jamar Neighbors

August 23, 2018

Jerrod Carmichael is a stand-up comedian, actor, and writer. Jamar Neighbors is an actor and stand-up comedian.

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my guests today ladies and gentlemen I have DOS guest today and one Jerrod Carmichael hilarious stand-up comedian you might have seen him on his television show or is HBO special is a brilliant stand up and just an all-around awesome interesting and creative guy and he brought with him another friend of mine Jamar neighbors who's also a fucking hilarious you might have seen him on roast battle he's an up-and-coming stand-up comic in LA and a good friend of Gerard's so they came together so please give it up for Jamar neighbors and Jerrod Carmichael

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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am I alive Mister Carmichael hello my friends I know you're welcome maybe come by I'm going to I'm going to Joe Rogan what the fuck is going on man what are you up to I just got in from New York like 2 hours ago now I'm smoking a cigarette and it just feels like real Zen and this is his death out that's how I feel emotionally right now it's great it's really great trying to figure that out that feeling it's like I have everything that I need right now

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you were killing it when I wasn't at the store I'd heard about you when I was I was gone I heard about you I think about you what what the fuck is happening over The Comedy Store is it was just such a deadbeat like I was like it has to be in the or nobody filmed in the OR and so like you know getting everybody to agree to that was like what I don't do the main room

► 00:08:38

yeah the main rooms pretty good too I used to I used to be prejudiced against my room that's too big to show we in grimey sides of full or open and what the the room can change depending on like so many factors of likes eating and whatever just the sound of it empty late at night like that's a strange room I like Brody's doing those midnight spots those are some fun spots the last Brody's to

► 00:09:11

yeah like all the time because we're right at that point but I had space place that it's just one piece it back together and figure it out those freaky spots yeah man you're at the following Brian Holtzman

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you know what happens when he'll say so much crazy she said that the audience is just like stunned plug yeah it's like Brody top 20 nursing Holtzman oh my god I've ever seen anybody singing on stage he went on stage after Susan Smith that lady that drowned her kids she was a lady that she drowned her kids I forget what the context of it was hold someone on stage like two days later I heard those were bad kids I heard they said that close to the TV they never put away their blocks that fucking spilt their milk those kids will not be missed and people like it when you say that maybe I have a temper 11th Mitzi wouldn't let him go on stage

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throw up he's a really funny guy but he's never been a professional like his whole life has been doing comedy forever when I came to the store and 94 Holtzman was already there and he's never been a professional he's always had a job it's always been that was a dog catcher was a meter maid different shit yeah please never never really branched out telling me how you father Martin Lawrence is a bodyguard that you could say I would say Martin Lawrence's bodyguard beat the fuck out of Brian Holtzman that's how I Need You Seen Crazy Shit Martin was heckling apparently and Brian got off stage to point out that it was Martin Lawrence

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which famous motherfuckers heckling me gets knocked out by tomorrow isn't that what you heard the stories get twisted right after a while but yeah that was that was like I want to say that was like

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I didn't know if that was the 2000 what is it really been in like kind of been but I like is it now like still at place where you go experiment tryout I do it's usually do like it like whatever 1 a.m. shit the great coming through I love it it's a different world two different it's experimental it's strange it's kind of sad yeah all the sadness asleep

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I'm going to The Comedy Store just like why am I sad kind of like a ghost is choking you out a hot man pic pic 189 is a lot of ghost in that room and they come they when everyone's gone that's when they show up you think for a no I don't think for real like you see him but you do it definitely feel like weirdness cold memes you know he bomb there to listen to some classic famous stories about prior bombing as he was filming live on the Sunset Strip like some of the slots

► 00:14:06

oh really yeah yeah. Had like the footage of that show all the show where was prepping like was getting ready to play can I will see if you want to see if they filmed at strip show where he had to come back the next night and I kind of thought he just had like he was just operate from such a place of just like it was so hot it had to be honest to him I think you had just hadn't gone up in a while I was on stage and was just like in the room and just said it was crazy extended footage some great old cassettes that I bought from like a gas station

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Foxx's Comedy Club Red Fox at a comedy club in Prior would go up and just fuck around man just fuck around and there was many of them I mean it was like 7 or 8 recordings Mavericks flat I think it was the name of the company thanks all or something over there like in like the club was I don't know I got them when I was living in Boston I was living in Boston and I found them like at a gas station they were for sale yeah and it was crazy because it was like it was a small crowd you can tell is a small crowd and prior was just fucking around man he was just he was ad-libbing you could tell that like it wasn't structured and some of it was really funny and some of it like kind of fell flat and you can hear that the clink of glasses and shit in the background and it was just so real you know Richard Pryor back then he was doing something that

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it's like he had figured out a thing that he could do the other people haven't figured out nothing was like just be totally honest and also just explore ideas on stage in front of people but not even have it mapped out yet just check this fuck around and find what's funny and he be smoking cigarettes and just talk in and he figured out a way to turn and then you would see it boiled instalike Richard Pryor live or live on the Sunset Strip or any of his special you'd see it boiled down into that you know he performed for television really well and that's like kind of a an element that I think people kind of forget that like how well of a connected with you watching it at home but you can't even meme

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2030 years later after it's filmed and just watching it with my dad it's a he plays really well here to you it's like it if you can feel how personal it how hot is it is in late so when it was like it was just he was also catch it really well he was alive doing stand-up 10 years ago

► 00:17:24

yeah maybe a little bit more maybe 15 years ago

► 00:17:30

maybe it's more than 15 years ago. But I'm thinking about it like 5 weeks in a row man dies out castles more than he did a run before he died was probably right before then I want to say it was like the late 90s early 2000 somewhere around then he was real sick and they would have to carry him to the stage and it would take like 5 minutes for him to get to the stage introduce him and the comic would get out of the way and chewy and Marilyn Martinez husband would help him walk the stage they would hold on to him take him to stay Jimmy take forever as a slow process and then get him and they sit him down and it cranked up the mic like this

► 00:18:23

because his voice is so soft bowling and name able to stand up like 15-20 minutes and then I will go on after almost every time he would be me and shit and they're sad yes he's fading away right in front of everybody never before it was like a British type and emission been needed more people smoke cigarettes would go to clubs at all before then to look around

► 00:19:16

two nights before my first two nights were the first to know the comedy store did you have first is the saw the whole show 9 to 2 a.m.

► 00:19:33

wow you sat through the whole show also did they open like that Sunday

► 00:19:38

wow that's an experience Matt does the people that do that man that's like run an ultramarathon like city of Noble at 9 a.m. to 2 you know I can consume more like a high volume of it

► 00:19:56

in in a lot of cases like you know I've always been interested in like whatever people talking about you no lie and it was just an interest in sampler like what's the 15-minute blocks that you're seeing this completely different viewpoints 15-minute chunks you know it's like if you sit there for long enough to sit there for a couple hours and you watch that many different people you want to eat different people go up it's like it's very weird yeah it's the strength of it I think God for like what stand-up is especially like right now what helps is it allows you to think of yourself in context and and that's that's more important now than ever especially with stand up if you're on and you competing against the 3,000 other specials that came out this way it's in context of you know kind of mass consumption

► 00:20:56

you going up in the middle of a marathon show you going up in the or in the middle of a show and they saw a comic for you though C9 Matthew or whatever you have to like kind of sketch of placing in my in context of everything else that they saw that night it's really important so are you going like are you going like okay so what happened they said no you can't do that cuz that would be yourself

► 00:21:30

it's not going to change who you are I think it makes him more Dynamic version of who you are like because you have to be memorable in the in context of all of these people and these different styles also you know I think what you do cuz yo whatever you may can you release into the world you are also releasing in the context of other art that people are consumed in right so like even if you release your stand-up album you know a lot of time to buy stand-up albums you know and I totally listen to you in context of the other stand-up albums that you have a strong comparison culture Santa pass right like hip hop

► 00:22:11

where it's always in relation it's not a rapper is this rappers better than that rapper Comedians and consumers of it you know it's a lot of Association so let you know should force you to be you specifically you that's needed more than ever before you know like like you need to be yourself completely out if your character that character hammered the fuck down depending upon your environment like since I've come back to the store I it's Titan me up it's made me better coming back to the store cuz it's like being in that environment being in that pressure-cooker will around all these other creative people and everybody's constantly getting after it no it's great it's a really good

► 00:23:03

kind of artist Colony at his best it can operate like that we can just kind of run on his best like I remember nights we would run in between rooms even before getting spots just to go see you know each room different comedians you just kind of absorb it and watch it and get excited about doing the belly room then you in the main room in the world is you know same spots that like Holtzman dance those those light spots and he just had to catch people's attention so he could just go out there screaming speaking of existing in context is a style that's just completely create it from frustration and other other other comedians creates

► 00:24:03

are The Comedians and Ex-Wives you know I mean he had like everybody ex-wife jokes you know there was a lot of that take my wife please you know that kind of shit is a lot of wife jokes and ex-wife jokes but Kennison what he did was just screaming and I was just it was just raw and you looked at them as little fat balding guy and you like I probably had a real rough time of it yeah. Video Is Watching Sam Kinison was like really late night and maybe it was like 1 o'clock in the morning he was like

► 00:24:41

well he also came from a preacher so he had the ability to just checked and he knew he had this thing that he would do that was very much like like a revival tent like one of those ten preachers and watching them on married with children with my dad that's why I first song you played like someone's conscience on the show Married With Children

► 00:25:28

shots the fucking fixed though the sign The Comedy Store I was so depressed when I came back I'm like why would you fix the hole to the fucking sign in the parking lot you know that sign that's near the back walkway the one that you know on the corner in the back of that thing they fixed it and why did he do it this crazy fight he pulled out a gun no I think he just wanted ice to know that you would shoot tomorrow I'm the show is called

► 00:26:18

Charlie Hoover yeah wow I remember him I remember the image of that conscience type character right to Matheson how is in Tim Matheson the guy from Animal House right okay when do they have for him was Alex Jones look you know those back to those images you just had go back to the images

► 00:27:03

scroll down scroll down in the middle of that comparison in a lot of ways cocaine and Sam Kinison family entertainment hour

► 00:27:30

yeah he got me in the car because I thought comedians were I thought it was like people who gone Tonight Show and their sleeves rolled up and you'll never notice his crazy thing folks like that I enjoyed watching that but it never seemed like me I couldn't I couldn't see myself doing I got to stop doing that

► 00:27:48

they got to stop doing this Tonight Show

► 00:27:55

there's not even a block is so fucking disrespect they block shoot these things these like like it's at a time and he's not even throw to it as if you don't like he's it's the rudest thing I've ever heard and the fact that comedians still go on the show and would still do it is insane I didn't know that's like the show in front of this audience in the studio and Rodeo and fair is it's like you know of course they're going to do that they're going to do that to any you know John Rivera allow such a thing that happened they will do it to you

► 00:28:55

Rihanna's daughter

► 00:28:57

beans beans beans are soaking truck it's the same set you come out front of same curtain people put on the same outfit that they didn't wear yesterday and would never wear again tomorrow and they come out and they pretend to be a comedian from 1993

► 00:29:14

who the fuck are you who the fuck are you what are you fucking doing to get passed around to a couple of agents that want to come see you then yeah let's talk about this we're talking about like whether it's worth it being a mother shows no no it's not even worth it yourself not as yourself it's a waste of your time do used to be worth something this is why it's confusing because there was no venues before Johnny Carson would have you on The Tonight Show that was it was it was an outlet where there weren't a lot of outlets and now those times you got like a specially unless it's what you know what that said you know you don't like a a club like 2 and has like the audience travel from the studio to the club

► 00:30:14

send the comedians of do it there and it's like that's like an effort you know what I mean like an effort to create like his face and upset recently but there was like an effort you know I always really appreciated that about like like camel like you know at least try it like I don't know just there too many options for convenience to go through the same filter of caption themselves in a way that's not offensive to them so you saying if I go on Colbert I should do with my shirt off if you wanted to have your shirt off if you should do it

► 00:31:06

you know stand up is Art right if it's if it is an art form and it's supposed to be like the medium is supposed to come to the art and not the other way around you know if he even on the same shows you know if you see a lot of music performance like the different it's specific to the audience showing up by production and you have the space they feel it in the way that makes sense to the artist it's like the exact same musical artist gets on one of those shows they're already kind of famous right there we have an album out and went to stand up gets on those shows they're trying to get seem like maybe you don't have a special yet maybe just use showcased and they picked a few people

► 00:32:06

yeah I don't know why I would like the number one songs like I was going to do Letterman while let him and was on Letterman and a set in or whatever and they respond as I okay you know we could do it we could he do his jokes in a more traditional set up punch line format email and I'll just do it when I'm famous change that's the other thing they changed again compare yourself to a Musician musician going on and I like we like this song because the bridge come first and then you do that you will be like go fuck yourself right comedians allow like you can say Pop Tart if you say pop tart

► 00:33:06

easy pastry doesn't make any sense but even back in the day it didn't make any sense to me they would go you should put together a 5 minutes after The Tonight Show and I'm like I don't want to do it and they like you should do it like it's it's good exposure this is like the fucking 90s right when it actually probably meant something else like I don't I don't see it happening I'm not doing hey I just a short says 15 minutes 15 minutes I might cover two concepts you know I get involved in that subject I want to I want to bring people on a journey and I also want to be able to set them up I want to be able to explain how I think about things so that by the time I get to something controversial they already have a sense of

► 00:34:06

how I approach things you can't do that in 5 minutes in 5 minutes you just got to just get into it and it's it's a very condensed homogenized version of who you really are just do a late-night spot with a 5-minute set up and leave just a setup who won Louis CK did one one of those Letterman tonight show or something like that and I was like God that he shouldn't even do this cuz it's it's not it's such a not a good representation of what he's capable of Jerry's Like Tonight Show sets

► 00:35:06

watch those shows today why they still think when I see a late night show and no disrespect anybody hosted late night show but to me it's like it's like they took a boat and try to turn into a plane it's a little like 2018 but let's pretend it's not

► 00:35:27

is HBO and Netflix I am I doing here we right like cuz I actually I enjoy advertising

► 00:35:48

Billboards I watch commercials why it's like I do think it it speaks to what like America thinks we are a culture ride to work a lot from a person by the types of questions they ask you you know that you gave in a climate by the type of commercials what they feel is everybody so this is what we think everybody is thinking right now you know or how everyone feels or what they want and I love and even like The Tonight Show with knows all these things I mean you know anything and function at is best is fine it is just you know where hits a wall and this what was saying about comedy and see what was going on while I think

► 00:36:48

when a thing tries to be something that it's not you know when it feels like these late night shows when they're just doing fun things that they think of fun and interesting I love you know Kimball always every year there's like the parents to tell the kids that no Halloween that they ate all the Halloween candy and the kids reactions but like when it you know when shows pretending to be you know 1989 it just feels false and I think that's where you check out this unnecessary at this point you know

► 00:37:31

because the internet but you just have too many other venues, going to podcast you get a chance chance to see what the fuck they really are set of some weird set front of some audience I got shipped in from Burbank and they got two plus signs and everything it's very surreal when you go to a live taping and you watch that it's really surreal late night pictures

► 00:38:12

like I'm bad at being like this you know

► 00:38:16

celebrity type of thing that I'm just in it and just like looking at it and when the crowd is giving it unnatural reaction to things is just like what I just know but hey bro what are we doing

► 00:38:35

what is this what is this warning for you this is where we'll be right back to you right back that will be right back shit like where you going commercials in later this is keep rolling back it's been strange the advertisement model of shoving an hour and every 15 minutes to shoving a series of ads in you know is I mean I will find a way to put the commercials even with the traditional

► 00:39:35

television commercials are longer than 2 minutes once you're excited when I see a 15 second one to 15 seconds commercials and I hate having to watch a commercial to watch a commercial for like some type of something I'm like now I have to sit through this trailer to watch the trailer that I'm sorry commercial desk and show you what what they think the cultures about right now like what what a real manipulative mainstream version of what the average American is a thing with depressed too well. People are

► 00:40:35

breast cancer I mean is probably more than 20% of Americans depressed what's 20% of Americans suffer from depression form of the Pacific

► 00:41:09

not illness because of depression Define quantify is because it also is a thing that comes in phases or post-event a specific I can't believe it's not as easy as me and get all of that shit I can't exactly think like if something has happened at Sparks like sadness I forget that there's more than one reason to be depressed

► 00:42:09

6.7% 6 equals 6.7% of the country have experienced a major depressive episode 10.3 million us. Experience in episode that resulted in severe impairment in the last year wow

► 00:42:27

50% of all people diagnosed with depression are also diagnosed with an anxiety disorder estimated that 15% the adult population will experience depression some point in their lifetime I'll give your dog dies does that mean you lose a job girlfriend breaks up with you do I happen twice of just like and and I'm very much so I can I get the gemara fatality of just like depression

► 00:43:06

bright ask a question I don't know clinically like where the line is as humans like isn't it just highs and lows highs and lows deal with this don't do you know deal with that expectation of with the next phase Isley expectations people have mental problems their brain doesn't produce enough hormones does this people that have legit serotonin and dopamine shoes lights green go outside and fuck your wife and your dog's gone

► 00:44:06

are you friend took your dog my favorite episode of Frasier

► 00:44:12

yeah this people have a rough man some people's you know some like some people have leukemia some people that want some people's brains don't work right for whatever reason whether it's nature or nurture there's something going on that's real bad and they're just described it really well he did a podcast recently with me and he talked about he went through a serious depression episode where he was suicidal and he's his brain was just the way you described as like it was broken and I had to get it fixed and he started off on medication and wean himself off of medication but when he was on the medication that's also in his career took off and when his career took off I mean it alleviated a lot of the

► 00:44:56

what a lot of his issues were was also just like an unfulfilled life frustration expectation unrealised and then on top of that compounded it was like legit mental issues that were bothering them I guess I was just unclear on like what depression actually is like right about that you for sure right about that but you also exercise a lot and I think that probably helps the stupid myself up in my head and just really it was releases a lot of that bullshit that people carry around a lot of the what makes people feel terrible is that their body is is fighting against their brain their body holds in so much tension and they're they're so fucked up and never get an endorphin release

► 00:45:56

and I always late but people meditate like that don't work for people like that shit works best it killed it for me I don't know how often you meditate how much time 20 minutes that's good man that is a beautiful thing if you could force it into your schedule and and make sure that that's a part of your life I got from Seinfeld like I mean doesn't activate something that all new ones have which is like so we're supposed to kind of do that though things meditation does this stops momentum because there's like a momentum of shity thoughts and bad ideas and bad decisions and just anxiety and all these issues that could fucking just accumulate inside your Consciousness and they never won unaddressed they continue to like push it you from the back and it's like you just consoling the state of momentum of all the bullshit that's going on but if you have a time for real reflection

► 00:46:56

I just paused even if you just concentrating only on your breath what it seems to stop that momentum and give you a chance at Like A Renewed perspective time I have a spiritual awakening in your house I was watching like a Seinfeld interview or something here that yeah I do it twice a day and something I was like so I went downstairs and he was sitting on the couch smells like

► 00:47:35

call the garage

► 00:47:40

I just had an Awakening it was like what happened you can't save the world but you can help

► 00:47:52

he was like okay so when you cross my legs

► 00:48:07

in through the nose out the mouth into nose out the mouth so you getting to the state has the ability to completely clear his bike he's one of those people that it takes me anywhere from 20 minutes so like an hour to fall asleep even if tired it's still like all right there's a Jamar could meet like immediately just like being awake is over and then just fall asleep like instantaneously he can clear his head really quickly in like focus on one thing at a high level of I don't give a fuk it was a very high level of know you are you are nothing nothing just pretty thinking about the breathing I'm out I think about nothing and then if I have a task or something like Flappy like

► 00:49:07

if you could do affirmations you know like if you would like hey man I wanted person I want to be great on stage tonight or I want to I want to get this writing done or I want to eat you can hide yourself up and sit like that like I ate it your intention intention that you want to do you know I'm saying you said that hey I want to you know whatever the fuck and then it'll be easier to complete that task for me I have a DD I'm bad at focusing on things but that really helps me from a TD but you know I'm from meditating yeah because it because it's the lazy it's a I can Grill going to be lazy and it's kind of lazy like you like chill like that. Yeah it just sit there and fucking zone out and said like if you like mushrooms and all that is perfect for you

► 00:50:07

DMT that's what it is it's just your own DMT The Spirit Molecule all that shit I don't know if it's going through phases where I'd like to try meditation I shower for an hour 15 minutes so that's kind of where that is I'm just kind of walk around and think I kind of

► 00:50:33

you know I don't know why I've tried it but it's not going to work out though and it's the you know those endorphins that you really you can just do that you can also do that just sit in there and just breathing and you're not focused on the Bradford and all the sudden your mind starts going to an altered state and then you'll start especially cardio and especially yoga something about yoga classes that this forces you into the state of mind we just your only concentrating on the movements that you're supposed to do so if you can clear your head and stay focused on the movements and not delve into it you know your bank account are you fucking credit card dad or what's wrong with your car what are the bullshit you have bounced around you had to take the time to concentrate only on the yoga it has it's like a cleansing effect it really making me like I'm a fuck that shit most things most things are not worth freaking out

► 00:51:33

most of vast majority just ask yourself what problems do I have right now but may not always be zero but it's usually surprisingly small when you think about like the immediate you know not to the base level of Maslow's hierarchy a problem and it just kind of staying in that space yet like you know like a control issue like what's a real issue real problems you know a lot of times you you handle it well like it it stinks really the things like a lot of times people get calm

► 00:52:31

situations but you know they can handle like real problems it's the anticipation of problems anticipation of solutions that that's what drives you crazy yeah that's a very good point yeah a lot of times real problems they also sort of Enlighten you to the fact that most of the time you your problems are bullshit you know you break your leg you staying in the space of like you know alright you're in a control center you know like because yoga's hard to do things are difficult to do make things easier make other things easier working out hard workouts make other things easy kickboxing anything Google makes Hollywood interactions

► 00:53:31

what is a struggle my body thought it was going to die this morning you just to know him by there maybe I mean you everyday so I used to train. I'm not worried about it that much

► 00:54:23

yeah we know the world's pretty soft right now so it's it's easy to get upset about nonsense if nonsense is the only thing that you have that's a difficult in your life and it's the reward for complaints

► 00:54:42

we are rewarded for publicly you know for having a public employment you can get attention for Life by publicly airing agreements about a project bike by publicly saying this you can speak to your respective group and you have an immediate reward for

► 00:55:16

so it's like it's like I don't even know if we're more sensitive or just more outspoken about you know thanks cuz we have an outlet for outraged that's that's a really common thing now that just didn't exist if you don't respect looks like at the when at the peak of like the black lives matter movement people at a chorus by people outraged but that is what I'm saying but that's what that's what Outreach is and I don't want to confuse that with like you know right and so it's like again people are vocal about things some issues real a lot of things we started getting upset about certain

► 00:56:15

we got upset about certain cultural appropriation things of the week because the Moon Sushi restaurant on a college campus where I grab your life and not focus on you. I don't know it's like real outrages the thing that corporations are afraid of is an outrage it's trending that you don't want to trade negatively fry whatever. Of time when when people are upset with you and that you've done something genuinely raw Bell show it be a comedian jokes I am they. They stumble out he gave it a shot or your ad lib something in the Moment On Stage even after you say like what the fuck man just said that people

► 00:57:15

that yoga is supporting white supremacy because it was a dumb shit ever some Indian lady shoots and the cultural appropriation of yoga by white people is supporting white supremacy and it's really fun what exactly what the fuck are we doing but that's what she did it she try to bad joke you know she's she works or not she's a professor bullshit College where they just just drowning in Liberal Arts and she just figured out a way to say something outrageous that she thought made sense in her own weird bubble but this got published in the newspaper and then the whole world went just collectively what the fuck are you talking about but that's why it's like it's like you are I trying a bit late night at the store you do it you just just rip something and it just goes into a corner and just gets

► 00:58:15

Roomba Vacuum this is not working I got to bail out of this is creating think it's a creative for she's like to try to make outrage where didn't exist

► 00:58:34

and sometimes it catches right like hoop earrings white girls can't wear hoop earrings anymore because they're getting called out for cultural appropriation by which is hilarious by latina chicks this particular Latino chicks are sent and it's just all social justice Warrior bullshit but was really funny is so I had to cuz I'm an asshole I had to Google it I will who the fuck invented earrings Sumerians the oldest version of hoop earrings is for a 2500 BC Iraq so i r a keys are the only ones who really can claim cultural appropriation I'm people wearing hoop earrings not Mexicans Mexicans settle down start bitching about me

► 00:59:34

man goes deep it's crazy people losing their mind is looking for things get outraged that and so that they're trying jokes to taking swings you know that Ryan is out there you know just let me eventually if it's like if you

► 00:59:51

you are you going to run out of ways to approach it would run out if we run out of places to to stab the thing wasn't trying to say some stick for like couple days remember bossy they're trying to say you can't say bossy bossy bossy bossy bossy bossy sexist yes but like when did when did Kant become a bad word it's been some music. What what is what is that her diffused until like I mean nobody I didn't grow up around it I didn't hear you say inside only thing I heard it used to feel like

► 01:00:44

let me know so I don't know where it came from Psych the new bitch it's not new I mean it was around a lot it's been around for so I was in high school but you call someone in high school and then you ready to fight a brother but you couldn't say cunt you can say bitch what the fuck yeah I didn't hear it a lot at all and I could ever imagine myself casually

► 01:01:28

calling somebody hit but if you lived in England you could he's a good guy he's a good dude he's a good, my friend Israel adesanya style Bender he wears a shirt that says good, I just wanted to New Zealand they don't they think it's going to go get upset about it 6 teaspoons of is UFC fighter I mean he's from another country it means a different thing

► 01:02:17

it's like I mean what's the equivalent will be equivalent of the way to say good dude is a fuk good fucker he's a he's a cool mother fucker he's a good count you asking because I like your style. I don't know why were you late is it better but just like people's reaction to it just kind of bothers you

► 01:03:17

if you want to Australia though dude that they would say it so many times it would just slip in its normal dude over there sometimes like and this fucking time he goes over there and they'll start talking about it like this fucking dude just did literally say it in the same way you would say this fucking guy

► 01:03:44

it's just a different thing to me looked just sounds like an expression the real problems when you demonize one you say we did I can't say the c-word anymore don't say the c word

► 01:03:57

again it's just like that I just want us to have like adult arguments forbidden words said that your sister got mad at you about growing up right you called me that you that is kind of like that's the thing it's attention earlier but I mean it's always like what do you mean by I get it I get in like these types of my mom Southern Christian women in any curse word that I say any curse words very she she does she doesn't like it and it's also like you know

► 01:04:47

cuss words read it you fucking kitchen lady

► 01:04:56

I love her I love the filter of you like really you know and suppress my parents were hippies and didn't give a shit what you said I couldn't really say that's cool but you know there was no like language in my house that's great that's great my friends are come over the house and your mom just talk shit back today mom is like a favorite moments in life is just like we can't I came to the house after school and his mom's name is Patricia and she was just like

► 01:05:56

because I like my mind was blown just like it why dogs that was sold around is amazing that's a struggle to who's the man when did you start cussing around your mom

► 01:06:25

yeah it's been a few hours probably started in like not stopping in a conversation it's been years I mean I just always just kind of low-key still Freight to cousin from how old is an 11 year old niece or nephew couple two year old twins is 3 year old niece like I just said I am myself speak exactly how I normally speak around the you're an adult longer than your kid and so is just like why am I going to pretend the world sounds different

► 01:07:25

I mean sometimes they get it they get that it's just like how people talk the thing man just like this what you don't even know you fucked up if you're at a job where you're not okay not swear but you can't swear off job with the people you work with or they'll tell if you there certain jobs were people have where they they got off work and they went out with some co-workers and they told a dirty joke or start talking shit like that I'll get back to human resources and they'll be fired following employees with the girl that got fired from NASA fucking hilarious she got fired from Nassau yesterday and she said

► 01:08:25

suck my dick and balls I work at Nasa and he said yeah and I am going to one of the people that oversees something at Nasa and then there was it was I cannot say I am up now she's about to be an intern working at Nasa and everyone shut the fuk up I got accepted for a NASA internship and look he writes language she says suck my dick and balls I'm working at Nasa and he says that I'm on the National Space Council that oversees NASA that shit is funny suck my dick and balls I'm at the girl singing about we didn't I think I could be convinced for a long time

► 01:09:25

do they shoot them off of Base it's not rooted in science how much how much have you really paid attention cuz I went down the rabbit hole for many many years kind of where there's smoke there's fire type foods of just like you know us being in a racing no countries coming second to no other space programs not catching up to 1969 American Technology every time we went was under the Nixon Administration that's a good one, the Moon super depressed super deceptive they look fidgety and

► 01:10:25

talking weird and they're saying shit they refute later want things I said Michael Collins who's actually never he's supposed to be in he never landed on the surface of the Moon Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong did he stayed up in the Orbiter and they were at their asking about stars and he said I don't recall seeing any start and then years later he wrote in his book about how magnificent stars look there's a lot that she put the Prescott area see if you wanted this is a mean anything I'm not a cop but if I was a cop and I was interviewing them I'd like these motherfuckers are guilty something is wrong here. They seem like you can say hey man they were probably suck a lot to be distressed they're probably dealing with the the pressure of having come back to the moon and all this Fame that they had never experienced their whole life now they're there astronauts their scientists and now all the sudden they're standing in front of all these people would have some questions and I feel super nervous but

► 01:11:25

was lying let me tell you everybody my favorite thing is you know Patriots and rocket science you like how we don't know either

► 01:11:47

what about a better than any other country and I'm proud of it there's a lot of weird shit with the video footage is a lot of footage where it looks like they're on wires they like dangling from wires and then they bounce back up from their feet in this weird way it looks of the being yanked up from the ground this is a video of trampolines is a video that I found Google astronauts on trampolines is a video on YouTube and you you're watching them bounce around you like wait a minute wait a minute you guys are on the fucking Moon and you're hiding behind the lunar module if you can't see their feet you can't see how they're doing this but it looks like either they're bouncing on something or the being yanked up in the air it's six gravity and it just has a weird effect on people look at us watch this

► 01:12:41

how strange is this

► 01:12:45

Sheila Ki just lands but doesn't that mean even the way he's he's moving it but it's like he's being dangled it's very strange but that also could just say it was built by the people who made Discovery Zone he just jumped up and fell that's so strange but it also could be this is just what your body does at 16 Earth gravity you know there's a whole bunch of girls

► 01:13:19

I'm excited to see if it matches

► 01:13:25

this is from a movie I forget what was the name of the movie was but you can watch some of the go they show some special effects to using movies but watch some of the weird ship go a little bit further ahead of this there's some of the weird stuff where you see these guys like fall down and then it looks like to just get yank back up by wires

► 01:13:49

is very strange

► 01:13:51

yeah I mean but the press conference yeah it's it's it's the social aspect of it because it's like I don't begin to know like how the flag is supposed to look in the waving in the shadows in the thing that like a lot of people argue about it's just the political and it's like I kind of think I know when the government is lying about something. Watch this

► 01:14:19

what's a Garcia Vega watches Target up like you got yanked up there's a bunch of those is a bunch of those it makes it look like there are wires are being pulled back up the feet but again have you ever been 1/6 Earth gravity maybe it just looks fake because when you're in 1/6 Earth gravity just how movement do you think we never ever been live like a conspiracy belief is specific to thinking that a man has walked around on the surface of the specific crashing you know Luna whatever I say that's all I've ever done this

► 01:15:19

the press conference is the press, to trip you out and see and see just like other countries who have the means to do it like there an intention of outgoing play some s play some medicine go big screen

► 01:15:37

look how sad these guys look so weird

► 01:15:42

watch this

► 01:15:43

it was our pleasure to have dissipated in one Great Adventure

► 01:15:50

toon Adventure that took place not just in the month of July

► 01:15:55

but rather one that took place in the last decade

► 01:16:02

we all here and the people

► 01:16:06

listening in today had the opportunity to share that Adventure over its developing and then folding

► 01:16:14

in the past months in years

► 01:16:18

it's our privilege today

► 01:16:21

to share with you

► 01:16:24

some of the details of that

► 01:16:28

final month of July

► 01:16:32

that was

► 01:16:34

certainly the Highlight for the three of us of that decade and they all look like they just saw that Dad naked in this looks so fake but again that could be just extreme nerves how to handle being in front of price we could be introverts that are force on a camera and could be a lot of issues if you went to the moon and then you came back and you were sitting at press conference would you like what would you like more like like like like a press conference after the reporter sounds like a rock or something

► 01:17:34

be petrified wood they gave me one of them to the Moon Rock in 69 or 70 to the prime minister of Holland whoever it was whatever the person runs Holland and years later they analyze it was petrified wood it was not a Moon Rock In fairness I do get there like

► 01:18:02

by the time we got to Holland the gift baskets going to change when I give it away the real moon rocks Holland Rock France gets his meds gets a little road and ride far is Mission that's all real real it's all the Technologies prove it in the gym and I don't think it ever fake anything today like you could fake things in 1969 if it was I think if anything for sure what they did is it's been proven they fix some footage for sure some photographs physical and over again those little things you've recorded over the original

► 01:19:02

hard ones and zeros that show the distance between the Earth and lunar module at every step of the trip they lost it the other people responsible for storage and no one's paying attention and its funding in the fun and gets pulled and is this possible reasons for some of the fuck out I mean there are episodes of Blossom being guarded and I bought somewhere in Burbank episodes of Blossom drunk off of Blossom but there's some people that absolutely you're convinced that we didn't go and I used to be one of them and I would love if they prove it was fake it would make me more happy than anything else in the world thing that keeps me holding on to maybe we went is a tort NASA once and they were nice

► 01:20:02

okay NASA from 1969 these are different human years ago these are completely different human beings backs of Lights

► 01:20:25

Westbrook what you say about that or even if there was a conspiracy no one today who's Ally was a part of that accept Buzz Aldrin still alive but some guy many years ago and back when I was a full-blown moon on believer and contacted them got a hold of them took him to dinner and pick up the check good news for my own karaoke specific. What's up

► 01:21:25

see someone in an edited format and you kind of get a sense of who they are you don't really get a sense of who they are actually talk to them give you anything that's like

► 01:21:39

gives contact so like that moment or like just like why did it he was convinced he is absolutely convinced that it was hopes and he would he was convinced was that there was a space race between us and Russia is essentially a militarized space race and what they were trying to do is prove military superiority if you had the the Rockets I can get you to the Moon your technology was Superior the way he framed it is like the United States had control over what was aired they put it on television and no one for saw the future Kno one for saw that one day you would be looking at these clips on YouTube and analyzing them and didn't put him in slo-mo didn't even think that that was going to be a thing. They're going to show it on television network yeah and they were going to show it in black-and-white and they're going to have it 3D projected so that you would projected on a screen and then people who were filming it would have to film the screen

► 01:22:39

like they didn't even get a live feed when it was airing on television it was airing people filming the screen that was being projected on look more and more greeny and fake like if you were trying to do something that was not done to the technology of the day that would possibly obscure some fraud they did all those ways there's so many things that they did that you would go in and when in terms of like conspiracies it's a conspiracy theorist wet dream cuz if it is a fake is the biggest fake of all time and there's so many things they're squirrely about it there's so many things doesn't mean it's fake but there's so many things has anybody been to the no no one's been to the moon since 1969 1970 to those the only trips they did 7 * 6 of them successful Apollo 13 was the one that wasn't successful there was that big movie

► 01:23:39

they land on the moon and then came back 7 * 262000 miles away. Here's where it gets crazy or plus or minus depending on where the moon's out and what's crazy is tuna 62,000 miles before it was crazy when is no other human space mission humans been a part of it since then has ever gone more than 400 miles from the Earth surface space station all the space shuttle missions everything everything is inside of a Buzz Aldrin dasakam told Buzz Aldrin he was a liar he said you're a liar

► 01:24:34

I don't know what he's doing the mediately after I mean immediately after any type of way I think he tried to press charges and the cops on the go fuck off I think was one of those who was the best go to the hospital for that punch those guys arest a lot of the astronauts and tried to get him to swear on Bibles he bring a Bible to swear I swear it is funny that you want on the moon

► 01:25:18

yeah I mean it was it was a lot of just got a weird shit there's another one that's a 25th anniversary of the Apollo Moon missions he gives a speech at the White House in front of this group of honor roll students like some the best students in the country in the armed John gives his real weird fucking speech is like we have here amongst us and that you can hear it if I find the year on a trip to when you see if it's really funny cuz I presented as and I didn't even have

► 01:26:05

and held back tears as he spoke these brief trip took them off this is from a Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon part C Bros movie but this is a real thing that happen

► 01:26:17

a group of students among America's Best

► 01:26:24

we've only completed the beginning

► 01:26:27

we leave you much that is undone

► 01:26:32

there are great ideas undiscovered

► 01:26:36

breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of truths protective layers

► 01:26:45

what is

► 01:26:47

time does the music. What a truly protect how many more cryptic and you also can't get more exciting if your sounds like into the child who actually figured out how to go to the bucking bull Great breakthroughs for those who can remove one of truce protective layers what would you what would you rather the the moon confession or the R Kelly confession

► 01:27:28

if you have to pick one or Kelly I don't need that confession I'm good we at least have any play R Kelly seems to be pretty tough lawn but the moon confession would be fascinating I will be at the excited like I don't know I guess it's not on them to prove that they went so I'm saying like you know just some type of Lights

► 01:28:09

1969 it's a different world Nixon's president I do not think I know I mean it's full I Don't Know Jack schitt about astrophysics

► 01:28:26

you know if there's any President we would guess would be down if he Trump Perfect Storm of like it's very interested I have shut down a lot of barbecues with that about just bring it up by cop in formation search for years I debated a scientist on Penn jillette's radio show about it pretty good for me even though I don't even agree with some of the shit that I said back then argument in Don just agree to disagree it was a time constraint and now I think I would not take this I know

► 01:29:26

I Didn't Do It approach because I don't know we didn't do very casually go

► 01:29:33

probably not yeah it just the things that don't add up to meet don't add up in a way that it just makes me go eat after you know about all that enough to like there is a belt of radiation like a donut shaped belt the radiation belt from years of Like Satellites how much of that 1969 Mountaineer what it what about it the Van Allen radiation belts for Miles that surrounds the Earth that you would have to go through to get to the moon so they could go through in the top or the the radiation belt isn't there but the idea that there was no shielding to protect them from radiation they they just weren't in this aluminum tin can they have that had a

► 01:30:33

a replica of the lunar module when you can put your hands on it and it's like well this thing is really made out of Coke cans that are fucking wonky lights to go to different angles that's possible due to uneven terrain and you know things reflecting off of things always different variables I really enjoy being around you see I have a another dude that walks around with a phone with no case on this job. So that we could sleekness your risk taker exact same thing

► 01:31:33

he has issues with no case I need it like now you don't want to talk so life also part of its part of like the kid growing up there is like a conspiracy theories he's got too much other shit to think about this real he's thinking about actual real science like he doesn't have time for that nonsense but he will illuminate you on why he thinks it's stupid and it would be an incredibly difficult task to fake that but it wouldn't be as difficult in 1969 as it would be in 2018 you try to do then 2018 basically impossible

► 01:32:26

the Tuskegee experiment existed like it was this is happening in like 9 like so many things can just kind of happened under the house or did you give them black men syphilis like it just like kind of like I don't even know what the research was exactly if it's like monitoring its effects or if I think I was at the hospital he's at there are real conspiracies unquestionably undeniably real conspiracies like Gulf of Tonkin what got us into the Vietnam War lady pretended that a ship got attacked by North Korea or by North Vietnam Vietnam in the South Pacific

► 01:33:26

motivated everybody to get into war with Vietnam never happened fake made it up operation Northwoods 1962 signed by The Joint Chiefs of Staff vetoed by President Kennedy it was a signed order where they were going to plan out fake attacks on America they were going to launch a drone jetliner blow it up in the air blame it on Cuba they're going to arm Cuban Friendly's and have them attack one tana Mobay they going to pay them arm them to attack Guantanamo Bay and then it would give us the motivation to go to war with Cuba this is all signed by The Joint Chiefs of Staff to go to sacrifice American lives are going to kill Americans they're going to have people attack Americans and they were going to blame it on the Cubans and they were orchestrating it all to get people motivated for war with Cuba and President Kennedy came along and said what in the fuck are you talking about and he vetoed it stopped it and the year later he was dead but she's one of the things that he did

► 01:34:26

things that he did that lead many people to believe that there was a conspiracy that you know he was murdered that's a good one to Harvey Oswald case murder is the Shady is looking to be movie director now that really was but what happened to Lee Harvey Oswald captured by the cops he says I'm a patsy you know this just I didn't do anything and there were there walking him there's no way he's behaving like a guy who got framed he's not behaving like a guy who just shot the president and they're walking with him this afternoon and Ruby who was a mob guy walks right up to and shoots him in front of everybody Jack Ruby was a nightclub owner who is Dick

► 01:35:26

just walks up to him the ground on Turner Classic Movies give me some volume Jamie play that from the beginning see it let me see him walking again give me some volume we hear this

► 01:35:48

look at me

► 01:35:52

the walking through the lookout that the cops are like on the outside too I don't get shot

► 01:35:58

still together holding them

► 01:36:10

the man is a man with a gun man never shot another round she kills him

► 01:36:19

and that's it

► 01:36:22

very strange Place shouldn't to the guts

► 01:36:28

you know like in the movie this is weird even way Drew is go was very like yeah I think I think there's probably many people involved in that murder

► 01:36:41

very very very likely film didn't get played on TV to 110 years after the assassination that was a lot you know plated Dick Gregory Dick Gregory got a hold of that film and he brought it to the Geraldo Rivera show in like was it like 1970 something I think they did the murder was in 63 and I think he brought on the Geraldo Rivera show 75 how about that and you know what and knowing that it played on Geraldo more than makes up for the Al Capone's vault Geraldo used to be legit people don't realize Geraldo was super legit what the fuck that man and as a comedian for him to be appearing on the show around Rivera beautiful hair. Look at his hair and Dick Gregory looking young and handsome and he brings this out and explains to

► 01:37:41

hey it is highly likely that the president got shot from the front and look at his head go back into the left you see his brain spray in the blood spray out of his head it's crazy when they played it people are stunned and you can clearly see you know him grabbing his neck like you can see the whole it's a fucked-up video and it's amazing that if we didn't have this video we would probably have a completely different narrative what happened to Kennedy one guy with one camera open up the possibility that there was a massive conspiracy that killed the president and it led to the release account was books and so much speculation how many lights are there still like what's the timestamp before all about the files are on the case released fairly Sierra maybe even this year I don't even remember back into the left I don't remember what the conclusion was

► 01:38:41


► 01:38:44

here comes the spray and wash it yeah the way his head throws back it seems very likely that he was hit from the front however

► 01:38:56

it's also possible that he was hit from the back and that his body just spasm that way you don't mean no one really knows have you seen Jackie they captured captures like that moment. It's for the film but it didn't such a like it's a beautiful beautiful throughout the film it's like you just forward that along I thought the movie was very underrated but I but I ate captured it really well it's a crazy moment you know the sassanid the president was caught on film but again if Dick Gregory didn't get that video footage to Geraldo Rivera is this in the movie Lord Jesus Christ his rounds that's not true you know Lenny Bruce had a whole fucking bitch get all butt on that because they try to say that she was

► 01:39:56

Papa's brain she was running away she cheating and he was dead and she was escaping she was climbing off the back of the car to escape and then the Secret Service is behind her and let you know we tried to help her in the autopsy the autopsy in the autopsy and Dallas the way they the way they examine his wounds in Dallas versus the way to describe the mood but says the Maryland when they flew him to that hospital completely different which was the Bullet Hole they turn down a tracheotomy wound to change the way they thought the entrance to the head was yeah there's a lot of weird fuckery that went on between Dallas and Maryland and then there was also Generals in the room that were there they wouldn't allow doctors to come in and do certain parts of the autopsy

► 01:40:54

it's a lot of weird shit wow let me know also the present you have to realize the price of United States is shot it's top secret that I know what that is but better not have the files lineup release both went when will they release light goes out like it's a great book on it new books called best evidence by get a guy named David lifton and I fucked up once and read this book before I went on stage I was on the road is like I didn't understand and I was reading this book freaking the fuck out I was like oh my God that shot the president this is really kill the goddamn present and I went on stage like super bummed out

► 01:41:41

text Mike I'm so sorry cuz I was over the whole weekend before I remember one time in this the craziest that ever I'm at Baltimore Comedy Factory which is already

► 01:42:12

you know just what my style that club already shouldn't be a big that happens

► 01:42:21

it also my friend passed away and I was going through it so I might like that kind of those deprived was like trying to make sense of that coupled with it was at right after like Christmas in the holidays I hadn't gone up for a few weeks so be a rusty depressed Baltimore Comedy Factory combination to like it almost I remember experiencing it from up here.

► 01:43:06

do you want to say to the wave of terrible so relying upon having fun yeah or truth to you know the presentation is a certain it has a certain amount of truth to it right where you are right now which is also a thing always have to go out for me because it's so I'm really absorb absorb absorb so late I'm reacting to buying by exactly how I feel right now

► 01:43:44

I work with JB smooth wants we're working in a club a college in New Jersey it was real hard to get to and this is back before GPS now we just need directions written down on paper you know and he was real late like a half hour late plus maybe even more the show was supposed to start at 8 it was already 8:30 and he wasn't there actually said look I just have a seat in the green room and wait and you know when he gets here we'll put them on the green room and I'm watching this show and it's a documentary on these fires in Malibu the devastated Malibu back then and and fucking burnt all these houses down and these people are Weeping and crying and they're looking for their dog they're like Rusty call Rusty and then this guy is a firefighter and he comes out and he didn't even lose his house he was just taking care of all these people that did lose their houses and he built this house and it's like his life savings and he's just

► 01:44:43

and his neighbor's house is gone his house was spared Angels weeping this guy's is openly weeping and then the director of entertainment whatever it is for the college comes and goes but he's not here yet so I guess you'll just go on 1st and when he gets here you go I'm okay so we're going to bring you up now okay and I just went up and just ate shit thinking about this fire and all these people finish burning dogs moment when you're a young, at the time I've been doing, look for years when you would go down with the ship if I was doing pretty good and then I started bombing it was no recovery I never recovered this is just like there is no I've already given you my best

► 01:45:43

know how to recover that you know how to step I know also you know it's also how to find the best of where you are type of don't talk to anybody this depressing depressing

► 01:46:18

you know I'm a really start out and going on to the clubs in like people you know the book or whatever likes to come in and give you the rundown of the room in the whatever and I'm really bad at that

► 01:46:31

give me the infant bike again allow me to react to whatever is out there whatever is going on in like that you don't need that thing like let it get in my head as on in my head cuz I'm okay there's a bachelor party in TV too and they're really Rowdy try to talk to them first so just just so you know you're just want to let you know we've got it we're going to handle it the best price for certain things like most things trying to like a pre-interview and the thing and it's all just these things La just rings out anything organic spontaneity is squeezed out by those squeeze the interviews

► 01:47:31

what they want you to do your bets 6 a.m. me and Indiana just Bob & Tom Show did you do that very angry at me I think was a lady might have been dude perception like they eat

► 01:48:03

people make of comedians with the expectations on when you go out and it's up to you to like change it yeah it's a nice guys people do the debates this is not a thing that I do have a conversation entertaining it's not even that they do it it's like it has to be tailored to you you can't do the thing you can just fill into the mold of comedian you know it's just going to make the exact same thing over and over is very under-appreciated because it seems like we're just talking

► 01:49:03

go about your friend from back home cuz everybody's been funny one point time we've all hung around with somebody who said some hilarious shift right way and that feels good right it feels good when they do that they when they say that and they get that feeling like damn I just made everybody laugh and they see you killing and they say I could do that shit he's doing that he's doing what I do I could do that and they get it in their their head to do it he's not doing backflips

► 01:49:50

stuff they do I haven't had a cousin like you know I'll bring the laser Jeremy out of the club sometime so whatever Open Mic one time I go up and I'm not saying it's all for my baby I want to go up I was like you should see my boys do it whatever it's my cousin Jeremy was like a leopard and I could do that shit gets up and he does good he's a funny dude you know and I'll write Matt do that shit everyday for 10 years

► 01:50:35

subcommittee it started just by the way I can do this if you are you know if it is like the what you're choosing it's just like make sure that the articulation is yours and interested however you get into it or whatever inspired it or whatever like if you are doing it do it do it just doesn't get the respect that other art forms yet because there's no does no look like if you see someone play guitar play the drums oh my. You don't have any delusions you can go up and do exactly what they do but a lot of people have the Illusion in their mind that they can go on stage and be funny

► 01:51:35

you know part of the reason for the perception is the things that we accept you know it really is that like a lot of the things that we accept contribute to but I'll make it right you can go up open mic night and try while you're up there doing stand-up somebody who's a professional might drop in and papino Chappelle might show up and do a set Jeff Ross might go up there tell me where am I show up people show up and do send and share the stage with you but it's your first day music or anywhere else when you get an open mic night and there's 30 people doing 3 minutes anybody could be one of them

► 01:52:32

I swear this one doesn't change just never usually means nobody cleans that, sure you got up intense immune system from working at that's a Clorox wipe clean the tables that their place they just delivered drinks to keep the party rolling that's part of why it's so good it's just as grimy Joyce Stafford everything for sure man The Improv and they swap that lab for that back bar and they put that bar in there and see my day like removed a body part that's like how they got it now but I mean in the way that like we got the energy went away kind of Miami infusion

► 01:53:32

it was an NCO restaurant bar that's what it was like just like yeah it just well it's kind of big kind of figured it out now they got the little shows they do there is kind of interesting but he used to be cool used to be like a room like a separate room yeah it was just commenting Ari shaffir's whole story teller show started out there that's where he would do it he would run it there because it was like a 70 ATC room what you talking about the lab the lab used to be before it was the lab cuz I redid it. I remember that that could have a really good attitude like that really pink curtains that was that was

► 01:54:29

I feel like I remember doing like Montreal showcase showcase that was like my first and only when I did it twice the Improv is weird spot the hallway when you wait and go on there's nowhere to hide you know you stuck in the hallway I got to go like right before you walk out that's part of the reason why it's interesting it's probably because you're you look like one of them but it's also part of the reason why it's a fucking weird art form it is it is it is best that so interested in like a lot of perspective and thoughts

► 01:55:30

really haven't gone time I've done maybe two or three sets in the past year-and-a-half maybe maybe that did you do like 2 minutes and walk off

► 01:55:50

why the hell I was just not what it's not where ideas are going now projects in likes the television stuff to normal. It just feels like the way of it I mean even you know before I move a TV show I would do a lot of thoughts we just go there and I went to stand up a lot during that in light you know I like them just focus in my put the energy where will you feel the most creative and so that's why I know something about stand up

► 01:56:26

right now you know it's it's simultaneously like I'll me and it's really amazing things happening and just kind of as a whole is just like a certain I think it's going to be like this growing face like this kind of like identity thing right because it's late I feel like I need to be kind of his Overhaulin even wanted and its presentation and to what the expectation of performer audience in cuz it's a lot of I'll go and I'll see you a lot of like Trump stuff in a lot of things but it's like not like New Perspective and it's like you know it's a lot of civil rights leaders and Salon in the choirs and it's like you know the whole thing is this unique articulation in like this unique thing that you're supposed to be bringing it it show and tell like it is like hey I have this thing I have this thought that I

► 01:57:26

thank you so unique I have this way of presenting this thought that I think is unique and and now and again it profitable right now speak for your group for you to speak in this type of way you can get rewarded for it and kind of these immediate rewards understand it but it really does kind of Choke the art form it chokes what's interesting about it was just so many people trying to stand out it's so difficult to do that and I find these pants and one of those path is to be some moral and righteous and you know has something to say but how about sending me it's under the illusion of being rebellious in an edgy it's on the Dick Gregory said the things that you said in the things we said there was a conservative country is real danger to a lot of things

► 01:58:26

in Los Angeles and New York City to use skills is just like a unique perspective you bring about how this is the worst of times there's definitely a lot of that there's a lot of voices you know but there's a lot of great stuff to know there is unique about do you plan on going back do you have aspirations if you have a thought you had heard you just go with the flow it's kind of go with that mean if I if I feel and I unlike thoughts come out there Fitness

► 01:59:03

do it like a thing that maybe doesn't necessarily fit and I'm open to it I just don't know

► 01:59:12

yeah I don't really know what that is right now that's beautiful that I have that sense of what I'm thinking about this what I like to do right now music studios in has two years in a Bin Comedy Club I got to discuss it and let you know I've been kind of be around some like artist that at Myers just like listen to that creation partly I like the immediacy of that process like a lot I like that is what I was saying that what I like about you being here it's like it's it's an art space that you have here where you can kind of create like in this immediate space in my exactly how you see it comes out in that way and you can record it you capture like that and when your mind is in that space you know you need to only do things that it can be good at

► 02:00:11

yeah so it's a it's a good you're it seems to me as an outsider is that you found like your natural path you found a natural path like you've you've you made it in you become successful well no now and you've got freedom and you just like a man too

► 02:00:32

like all of us are trying to delay the one thing that I've always done is exactly what I want to do just fine it's not like you're not doing the things if it does not doing it you know like and trying to have a vision of what the thing is and just making mac right and so like that's what Tommy had a special medium finds you don't go to the medium medium is meeting you like and some people are just like conforming and just because you're an inside of it has almost an outsider's perspective because you're looking at it like you step back a little bit and watch all the the fucking hamster wheel watch all the scrambling

► 02:01:32

why do that means a lot of fake horseshit going onslaught of people grabbing at straws with a lot of it's really noisy it's also, he's so hot right now it's like it's such an exciting time for stand up that this so many people doing it was so you're automatically going to get just like when you trying out jokes a lot of them suck well when you trying out comedians oh yeah success to failure ratios one of the most brutal artforms you could ever attempt to be a professional yeah yeah no definitely because you go you going out there kind of naked with the thought and how many guys from your error week when you start doing Open Mic nights are doing well now

► 02:02:29

geyser geyser right now really finding their kind of Spacey guys are starting to get TV shows in the starting to get like guys that I remembered seeing it like Mike's of a really starting to do like it it's in the past couple years is really but kind of I was on this weird kind of weird path trajectory type of thing I kind of was just on the side of it I feel I feel like in this weird sense and things kind of happened I kind of found in infrastructure that work for me really quick you know what I mean by like an hour around now is the time I think that a lot of things are starting to happen for like got to set up and around if you were around

► 02:03:14

500 dudes when you first started that you knew regularly maybe 3 or working now yeah yeah right over the first 10 years you stand up career you got maybe three maybe it really is that operate in space where it's like they don't know they could do what they want to do right that's a big wall so big while I've seen a lot of people stop at that while people that can still trying to figure out how to write the confidence to act the confidence to act on your actual instincts to you do what you really want to do

► 02:04:04

which is so crazy because comedy you would think that would be the ones that are closest to it cuz it's so instinctual in it and it's such a reaction you know like a lot of things you do is such a treat like when you discover your money through like when you discover you can sing by preparing to sing you go and you prepare to sing you the invoice and you give it a shot and you let you discover your funny but I just like all right right right it will be more of that like following your instinct following your gut yep forging your own path now so it's so scary in the beginning it once you find shelter you hold out of that that's why those the ones that they do stand up for 5 years to develop a half an hour and it never changes you found it like a fucking life raft and they

► 02:05:04

people don't talk about how comfy glass ceilings are in other really it's actually surprisingly soft what what you got going on to promote anything you got anything happening this weekend comes out Saturday it is really fun it's a comedian I love I'm excited to be able to see him directly to special did it without an audience what are you doing why I

► 02:05:55

I think the thoughts work removed from it and I'm really excited cuz it was like when I first saw him I said trailer

► 02:06:19

General wild like the thoughts get weird

► 02:06:32

I love I love my mom

► 02:06:51

August 25th I mean that's that's interesting you know those shows those sitcoms that they when they first started doing single-camera sitcoms and they start doing without an audience people like what the fuck is this still funny though and people laugh at home you know some of my favorite shows ever watch the unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt I haven't really watched it but it's hilarious show the thing is that it's like I think the thoughts it's really excited to just kind of put that into

► 02:07:31

beautiful living rooms with a beautiful tomorrow please in German

► 02:07:48

we did it

► 02:07:50

thank you John and thank you Jamar

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that was a week of very fun

► 02:09:22

yes with gentleman very happy we did this nice to be back nice to be back yeah current

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that's it for now see you next week lot of great guest next week Donald cowboy Cerrone he's going to be here oh shit and more love you bye