#1162 - Valentine Thomas

The Joe Rogan Experience #1162 - Valentine Thomas

August 27, 2018

Valentine Thomas is a former lawyer and financier who quit, to pursue a sustainable quest for happiness as a spearfisherwoman.

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anyway I read about her online and she was a lawyer that decided to quit it all to pursue a sustainable quest for happiness as a spear fisher woman I know you like what the fuck no seriously she got some great stories it's an interesting story and it it's also a story about someone recognizing that their life is going a direction that they don't want and she took a fucking chance and so far it's working out and she's a very intelligent interesting person to talk to and I really enjoyed it so please give it up for Valentine Thomas

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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you got appreciate a person who shows up with not just food but booze

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you showed up he brought whiskey and fish that's very impressive good mom but so it's your name is you you would introduce yourself as Valentine but your mom calls you Valentin stuff to English-speaking people essay on Valentine's exactly okay so I found out about you online and read your story and it's a very interesting story because you you were a lawyer write a law degree in Montreal and then I did my master in law before moving to London

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yes it's kind of crazy that says it's an interesting transition I'm fascinated by spearfishing it seems like a lot of fun but it seems very exciting and dangerous and risky but how did you go from being a lawyer

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and that's a big jump I mean you got it yet to pay for an education you had to one Canada do you have to pay for that cuz I work as a dollars a year so I guess you decided I just rather my mom is definitely didn't get a good return know how do they feel about you doing this

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she still sends me Buena versity applications time to time being like when I used to be something different or something and I'm having a midlife crisis I just don't like what I was doing so I just pick something else could have to apologize to my English he was here couple weeks ago and George is more hard to understand and he was fine I was just sitting in Thailand it's just amazing that they speak English so perfectly you know and then you know they're their language is so oddly different than ours you decided when to do this like how how deep into your your lock where were you

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message to decide on quitting I didn't like the part of lot where I was stuck in one place so you know when used when you study laws in Canada Quebec which is civil law and then I was stuck and get back to rest of my life and I just got like that's not going to happen so meaning that okay so like if you pass the bar in California you would also have to pass the bar New York if you wanted to work in New York that's different ways I couldn't know but state-wise it is for law for you you would have got stuck in Quebec and it did come back as a very interesting place because it kind of doesn't want to be a part of Canada

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she was very different in Canada but my biggest problem is that it's a 8 month Long Winter or amazing it's very very few City and Montreal won the best restaurants in the world ever eat there so you decided you want to be stuck

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yeah pretty much I kind of got like claustrophobic of being like this is going to be the next 40 years of my life I'll do them the spearfishing I got to just finishing when I was living in London

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which still doesn't make much sense and he asked me to go do a course in Egypt for freediving so right now I'm going to go what do you have food grade up so it's nice for that but so have I did my course I went there officially kicking screaming at didn't want to go when I was 14 years old almost drown her father my parents refuse to swim in the ocean for about 10 years after that

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I act like if I couldn't see the bottom and wasn't even interested in going near the water and then I was like alright I'm going to try this thing and I go there and it's not that bad it's actually really cool so he said okay well now you know how to freedive of the biggest most elite spearfishing destination in the world you go hunt for big fish it's a military Island divided between the US and the UK people live on it

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what language do they speak it take to get there finishing up in middle of nowhere crazy in the middle of nowhere wow it's between Africa and Brazil that's fucking nuts just like about an hour and a half away from London and we have to take care of bro Air Force flight there that's the only way to get there just no commercial flight from the military base in the UK to the Falklands so how does a civilian get a ride on a military flight

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oh wow so how do you book it through a travel agent or something something like facing the movie Predator I was respecting that bag and I was like I have some friends who have done some gigs overseas and they have had to fly in those kind of plans yeah I guess until someone shoots at you

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yeah so when you were free diving before you went to this Elite spearfishing destination how long can you hold your breath SeaWorld probably like 15 20 seconds and so you were going there with 15 20 seconds worth of breath something like 50 ocean first time I went fishing I was on a boat and the water was really bad it was like I was like what the fuck am I doing here and like won the Washington DC right now they want to be here don't want to be

► 00:18:19

jump in the water and the water was so dark everywhere and I was like wow this is actually pretty freaking cool and you doing this again free diving no tanks live with that and then I took a shot on my first fish and I stoned it to my friend was like he killed it and it stoned it

► 00:18:58

what kind of fish was it to eat it so it's edible it's not bad it's just not one it's not the very flaky fish I was just a little stuff just to dance or something different strong fish that's cool looking fish that's what it looks like

► 00:19:42

okay good first fish to Dale

► 00:19:48

25 lb your Instagram is filled with a stop which is one of the ways that I found you I bet it's hard to remember how I find people online but your Instagram is filled with you with all these cool fucking fishing all these I mean you look like you're living a life of adventure is one of the reasons why I wanted to talk to you about is that a lionfish and killed one of the best tasting fish ever commercially available today or is it really really which is what's I was very surprised about you just have to be very careful when you harvest them of course because if you touch his fine that's no you can get into your bloodstream like if somebody was like You Had a Hammer

► 00:20:49

repeatedly about the day and a half so I can pull it in almost what would you compare the meat to

► 00:21:03

Hogfish her know that tastes like maybe a very tiny Chilean sea bass me cuz you know what do we talk about this in the podcast Chilean sea bass is not really the best Cod

► 00:21:22

torch it so you you go to this one destination you you shoot this Blackjack will you hooked immediately yes really. I still have panic attacks when I was in the water

► 00:21:50

but I fell in love the second I arrived too short and we barbecue the fish on the beach and I was like okay this is this is for me that's the same exact thing that happened to me when I went deer hunting when we were me and my friend Bryan Callen and Steve rinella and Dan Dodi we were cooking this deer meat by a fire and I was like this is the greatest thing ever this did the meat was so fresh cuz it was like from an animal that was going to literally kill hours ago and then we're eating at 5 by the fire I was like this is going to do this forever this is the greatest thing ever

► 00:22:29

you failed what I was told people is that you know when you live in a big city like when I've never experienced that before I've never felt that I was part of the ecosystem whatsoever right and then all sudden I've been putting myself into watery when I'm surrounded by sharks or big fish or different things and I'm like wow on top of the food chain at all there's a lot of stuff on Butler's I can kill us and it's it's it's it's I think as a person you have to experience that you have to have to put yourself out of your comfort zone to understand

► 00:23:06

that you need to respect what surrounding

► 00:23:09

you can't tell me 10 years ago I can see that fish because it's bad for the environment every like everybody I spot you been driving for 5 years old sudden is empty then they makes you understand that you know we actually have a very strong I am packed and it's it's our job to understand and I respect it where it where we just the one that were too smart as one sometimes we're the only ones that are consciously aware of her actions and the repercussions of your actions when when your first experiencing this your first time in this feeling of connectedness and freedom and just be being part of the ecosystem

► 00:24:00

did you imagine that somehow none of this could be your life and your job of the outdoors I'm still go to the gym then I was in freaking Africa camping in boost villagers I had nothing to eat and I was like okay well this is how did you go from this one trip

► 00:24:36

I got invited to a sourcing and the second I went back to London I remember sitting at my desk if you like

► 00:24:49

there's no way I can do that there's no way the rest of my life everybody I sold everything and I just left I moved pieces of stuff for the past 3 years and I was reading somewhere where they were going to do an interview on you and they decided not to they're going to feature you in something but they decided not to because of concerns for the depletion of fish in the ocean and I said that is one of the dumbest fucking things I've ever heard because the impact of Someone Like You what you're doing you for your own personal consumption taking a fish a day or whatever you're getting for your own personal consumption is negligible in comparison to all these people that are probably right in his article that are going to buy sushi from commercial fishermen there their they're buying fish from the store that's wrapped in Saran wrap their that they're completely out of touch

► 00:25:49

what means you're in touch yours in touch as you can get but to think that somehow or another you're doing something evil because you take photos of it and put on your Instagram was that why you got it this amazing photo from a couple days ago with you this this big fish was so fresh and you guys were eating pieces of it would cut a chunk of out of its tail yes that was in Thailand Phuket and we went fishing with my friend we caught a fish and then the guy was super happy you could have brought him a spot and all the kids or just speaking on it and it was

► 00:26:29

they were so excited by the boat arrive Back to the Island just grab the fish and what was the argument for not what was a piece of they were trying to put you in where they pulled you out of it what was that about New York last May when I was actually in Thailand woman that is organizing I need to talk to you about something and it's a little touchy I'm like what just like what one of our sponsors said that if you speak at a conference thing on a witch walk through participation and the conference The Wall Street Journal The Wall Street Journal oh my God

► 00:27:29

and that and she said something she didn't said directly but she said and you know me I don't mind that you have pictures in a bathing suit I'm like what do you mean oops sorry my bird she was not clean also swimming like your high heels you know being an insta model you're wearing a bathing suit and there's nothing wrong with that either but you're wearing a bathing suit because you're actually in the water lemon lemon lemon balls are in

► 00:28:12

respect so I mean what did you say to them and what that's Wall Street Journal that is so crazy I get it from their perspective it's bullshit argument but from their perspective it's just about Optics it's about how it looks that's all it is and if they go there and people love to get outraged about something they go there and then they go to your Instagram they find pictures of you with fish like what this girls cleaning out the ocean all by herself she can I mean if you ever seen a commercial fishing boat with a do you know most people have it Jamie see if he could pull off the the horrific effects of commercial net fishing because if you find a video we can watch a clip of the video it's crazy when you see the sheer volume of fish that they pull out of the ocean and when you realize

► 00:29:12

there's countless numbers of these boats and essentially pretty much unregulated and no one's watching them they're doing it all over the world I mean there's areas where you're not allowed to fish but overall it's nothing like the way we treat wild mammals or wild birds the way we treat wild mammals especially North America is there very closely monitored their numbers are populations we we make sure that unless it's an invasive species like wild pigs like here we go this is this is awful they take this gigantic net they Circle all these fish and then when they're pulling a Min you get to see the sheer volume so you guys they get close to the fish Francis ready bag on non trollers and it's two kilometers wide Nets that is actually it's it's scraping the bottom

► 00:30:12

Coral this is this is this is actually a fairly mild one and it looks like they're getting his little tiny fish but me you could find a folks if you wanted to go and Google it online but that is the issue to write that these These Nuts go all the way to the bottom and they destroy anything that they touch like the whole the bottom of the ocean just gets dragged all the coral gets destroyed so damn cheap but it's it's by the way if we keep doing that is literally going to be no fish very very very soon but then how do you explain that and Canada you know how to Spearfish what you have to release most of the fish BB rod and reel a lot of the fishing rod and reel

► 00:31:12

how many can you get a day striped bass like one a day or something and and the US site

► 00:31:23

because the Lawyers Association in Canada things that were two evils basically cuz you Woulda cheaters because I know how can you be in your camping chairs on your boat drinking beers all day telling me that I'm the cheater when I'm working my ass off driving it like 60 ft to catch my fish to bring it back and I risked my life I was my life drowning and was my life which sharks are was my life and all sorts of things that can happen you telling me drinking you but wiser than you freaking camping chair that I'm the cheater I'm sorry when will people always want to think that everybody else is doing it wrong to you know vigas want to thank people that eat me to do it wrong to meet wants to doing it wrong people fish off a boat want to thank the people of Spearfish you're doing it wrong you think they're probably doing it wrong

► 00:32:21

no I have nothing again catching you on food as long as you do not respectful with with the way you do it but there was a big scandal in Florida for the past years with the red snapper by example and it was about

► 00:32:34

play quicker snow recreational fishing you allowed a certain amount of a red snapper and Anna season closes and when is season closes as an individual my license to fish is gone and then he give it away to the commercial fisherman

► 00:32:52

and I'm like so basically you telling me that I'm not allowed to catch that fish for a few months because of population is too bad

► 00:33:00

but then you giving my quota to the commercial boats are catching hundreds a day

► 00:33:06

they like yeah

► 00:33:11

that doesn't make any sense but most people are not going to Spearfish most people are going to fish so they don't you guys will have a voice right in terms of black representative voice comes to creating these laws and establishing these these rules there's not that many of you write love you spend a lot of money and then you have the Anglers is a little bit it's still not super bad because it still have big boats company and equipment is still like it been Market which is good enough Danny how to speak German Germans were not allowed in the world even tell you how many if it would not be enough for freaking shirt and then there are bowhunters

► 00:34:02

that's highly possible I would imagine cuz it seems more dangerous and difficult than bowhunting seems like the next level seems like one of the most difficult things you could do if you might get your food it's cuz you're going into an alien environment you're holding your breath but actually the human body that's an argument I get some people to tell me I can never do but every beat the human body is actually made to do this so there's a thing called in my million dive reflex

► 00:34:35

and this is very present in aquatic mammals such as like like the Dolphins are seals and things like that and the human have it and a very way weaker way but we still have it

► 00:34:46

and so when your emergency if your face on the water your heartbeat is the Temecula going to slow down

► 00:34:53

especially the water is is colder so you your bodies as your teeth is getting prepared to hold his breath to catch food

► 00:35:01

and that's that and you didn't a preparing to catch food or is it just preparing to survive I mean things to say because it's at my bestie catch food but I just don't see why he would have to go under the Aquatic ape Theory very controversial Theory but the theory is that we evolved somehow or another like eating you know Dolphins apparently we're at one point I'm a land animal

► 00:35:36

is all right

► 00:35:38

Rudolph and the land animal at one point time

► 00:35:42

that's true I'm going to make that up but the idea was that humans were the only ape that grew up in close proximity to water to the point where we evolved in the water Dolphins may have remains of legs yeah okay fossil remains shows dolphins and whales were four footed land animals about 50 million years ago and share the same common ancestors is hippos and deer what what scientist believe that they later transition to an aquatic lifestyle and their hind limbs disappeared okay so this is fairly recent if you think about evolutionary terms you know the dinosaurs were killed 65 million years ago so inside of that 15 million years later they were walking around

► 00:36:27

just fucking nuts they were like hippos they think so Google do you look like what the fuck man aquatic ape Theory I don't know enough about this really speak on it but that has never stopped me in the past they think humans have so much fat on us when we were babies is that we float easier and that if you take a human baby you check them in the water okay I wont. How about an actual article not a picture it's a cartoon. It's not even just about you hard be slowing down is a bunch of things that happens and you like crazy things

► 00:37:14

a million driving right now that's what I'm talking about that's some humans only children under 5 male Caesars reflexes fry prolong submersion the mammalian dive reflex was developed in 1963 was developed the 1960s and explanation for well-publicized survival of exceptional submersion times of some near drowning victim but I'm see if there's anything I got an actual article that makes sense on the Aquatic ape Theory there's a new aquatic ape Theory and Smithsonian oh okay okay okay the Aquatic ape Theory now largely dismissed tries to explain the origins of many humankind unique traits popular as a 1970s 1980s Byrider Elaine Morgan the theory suggests that early hominids lived in water at least part of the time the Aquatic Life Aquatic laptop supposed to count for hairless bodies which made us more streamlined for swimming and Diving or upright two-legged walking which made waiting easier and are layers of subcutaneous fat which made us better insulated water think whale blubber

► 00:38:14

the theory even links and Aquatic existence to the extinction of human evolution rather human speech the hypothesis was met with much criticism blah blah blah blah blah

► 00:38:26

2009 Richard wrangham of Harvard University and colleague suggest an American Journal of physical anthropology that shallow aquatic habitats allowed hominids live in Savanna's enabling our ancestors to move from tropical forest to open grasslands so from 2.5 million to 1.4 million years ago Africa became drier During certain Seasons already dry Savannah's became even more arid making difficult for hominids to find out of good food but raynham's team suggested even in this in hospital environment there were oasis's wetlands in Lake Shores and these aquatic habitats water lilies Cattails blah blah blah blah blah blah blah we obviously there's a bunch of different kinds of primates and some of them are still in trees today those fucking losers we left them behind haha those the ones that really dumb people point to it if people come from monkeys why are monkeys still around

► 00:39:25

I want to come there was a dumb monkeys throw it together

► 00:39:32

we're the ones who made cars but that some some of these Apes spent a lot of time in the water and that's why if you ever see a baby chimp they're hard as a rock feel like they're jacked baby chimps like they come out like like sinewy no body fat and you throw in the water they drown they don't hold your breath is don't know what to do they just gag on water and drown not that I know not that I'm throwing chips in the water if that's what they say but if you throw up a baby person in the water they hold her breath so this is the Aquatic ape Theory that's what that's what scientist are basically saying about free diving in this is this is the first lap when I first learned about it it completely out of 5 and 1/2 holy shit but like facing down a water and not moving and doing your preparation not swimming

► 00:40:32

what time do you give yourself official Hunter defensive conditions independent lot of things you're fighting the water occurrence it's more difficult what you want to do when you freedive is you want to be as calm as possible if you want to be as relaxed as you can which is why yoga and meditation are often very close to freediving because if you hardly is is high then you could buy you got any more oxygen

► 00:41:02

that makes sense obviously but then again the second your face in the water you do like your first wife and then you feel the pressure you body understand that you trying to hold your breath and you need to do that for the blood is going to start coming from from your fingers extremities your toes and in your hands your feet so all the other vessels are going to start concentrate so all the blood flow going to go towards your vital organs

► 00:41:30

so yeah she your body is getting ready for it they want to make sure that the oxygen goes exactly what needs to be and make sure that you need as as less effort to do anything is possible when you actually underwater

► 00:41:42

now when you first tried holding your breath how long did you have for your first time I did it take neeks just ready to go eat a little bit before so you can

► 00:42:03

it's when you hold your breath you have the ability of CO2 in your body because you're not unique selling any and then when your body realizes that doesn't build up and give you an urge to read and then it gives you contract contractions like diaphragm contractions and this is what makes somebody Panic seem to like me but you need to hear when you view whenever you want to hear and then the more you train then you realize that you learn to control it and it's not because your body tell you to breed that you necessarily out of oxygen

► 00:42:34

so how what what techniques do you do to relax that I do a very short inhales about 5 seconds and then I do a long and hell maybe 10 to 15 seconds and then when you when you Excel you to focusing on like everything getting relaxed and then I'm sorry I mean to see you in hell for 5 seconds and then you Excel for 10 to 15 seconds coming out and then when you do that you get as relaxed as possible and then the more relaxed you are that along which your mom will diving reflex which is your heart beating so down naturally you've left shift extremely nice to you and then you also have

► 00:43:27

about 2 years ago maybe only 50 years ago they taught that when you reach 20 meters your body would be completely crushed inside that was a scientist would think that it was like the depression would be so great there that you body would be completely crushed but then again would that would that dive reflex what it doesn't that. Overflow you I'll be all these in your lungs which prevent ants from crushing your buddies is actually a design machine to go underwater which is completely crazy, I've never knew that specially going up and down town Montreal

► 00:44:08

yeah and then you put somebody in the water you like hate you actually pay for that so when people tell me I could never do that it's too hard lesson for me did you really feel like this is more of who I am then then the life that I was living before I was living in London to about

► 00:44:33

all about you know earning money to buy as many things as possible to try and impress as many people as possible and then at some point I was like wow I just said I cannot do that I cannot spend in my entire life just seeking to buy things and press people I don't like and then when I started spearfishing and we gave me a different perspective on life and gave me the humble me in a way that was so so intense that it to change my change my way of thinking completely

► 00:45:07

basically so as I was

► 00:45:10

Covenant humble you like them away because I realized that

► 00:45:17

when we were let's it went when I when I fill my documentary and stuff and I found a documentary called aqua Negra in Cape Verde 2 years ago is that me Blackwater we were there for about 5 weeks and then the living conditions were pretty bad

► 00:45:42

and there was no grocery stores around then we had to catch it on food and it was really a self-sufficient typed in the first week I remember the only thing I could focus on was oh God this is this is terrible that we don't have a shower does no hot water the bathroom is disgusting I'm starving is nothing around and then all you can saying is like how he Comforts go and after week that's the

► 00:46:12

the focus change on the good things I will sing around us

► 00:46:16

and by having nothing all the sudden then I was like oh that actually now for the first time in my life can take the time to realize what's good around me and then how we were having fires with the neighbors and then how we were offering and fish and we would they call you know if I give this guy to fish is going to eat one today and one tomorrow

► 00:46:37

but now they're inviting me neighbors to share and they make sure that is like a whole like Community sends to all of it and I was like Wow we've been living alone after 6 years I don't even know the name of my neighbor

► 00:46:48

and it's it's it's it's bad it's not it's not a way of living that I want it's not focusing in the right things and it's

► 00:46:55

it was that that that's in that way you know it's realize how much of how much of an asshole we actually became and I just didn't want to do that very reason why people been living this way of living in apartment buildings and way of living in houses where we don't know our neighbors in terms of human history is very recent and I don't think design for it I think so either it's the human I do believe that human being to be happy you need to have the sense of community which is why you know when you're going to Subway and you see like somebody singing everybody's laughing and you see those videos you know the strong feeling of I don't understand English give me part of of something to be part of a group

► 00:47:52

and people like that then I do think it's just a necessity for human being should be actually happy I think so too and I think that's probably one of the reasons why so many people are so grossly unhappy and so depressed and so disconnected and I feel alienated even though they live in these giant cities people feel extremely lonely even though there's a lot of people around me and one of the weirdest things about New York City in our friends live in New York City One things that they say they love is how many people are there it's this all this energy is all his energy and like those people that's what's weird it's like you're alienating this little 1200 foot little cubicle do you live in another settlement gets 12%. Small but you know some of them like these places like

► 00:48:39

I have to ask him but it's tiny probably like half that's like 600 feet expensive right but you don't know anybody around you but your stacked around all these people and then you go out your walking around these people but you're not really talking to them and you have a few people that your friends with maybe that you work with and you interact with them but then your country surrounded by all these other people you don't even know it's a very weird weird way to live where is the way you were living the way you were describing this with these people and they're all sharing fish in there you know you're everyone's taking care of everybody and giving some of their neighbors and sharing and that's how people been living forever I think there's certain human reward systems that are built into who we are as a being as a species that just aren't being met

► 00:49:34

that's why I'm so fascinated by your choice to go from being a lawyer to living this you know very very interesting life of spearfishing but it's not always easy in the sense that I I still haven't found a place where I want to live

► 00:49:53

because it's this is Heidi isn't designed for this my lifestyle is very hard to do that with modern society I struggle with wood would lot of things I don't know on the way to live I don't know cuz it sounds like you mean you can have it in small villages year and I got experience that's when everybody knows each other everybody talk to each other want to stay there because for now I guess I can live there anymore so it was his house of luck alright I'm out I just I don't know

► 00:50:38

it's I still need to know to survive a lot of my own food and my freezers The Shield full 2

► 00:50:47

did you remember I asked you still need money to live how do you make money do you make any money off your Instagram page how do you do that how do you make money off your Instagram pic hey drink my detox tea oh yeah I Skinny Tea

► 00:51:15

I just I just I just don't like doing that and also is

► 00:51:22

like it was a two years ago I was a super big contract with a cruise ship company they need a girl to like they need a free diving girl and then we're not that many of us so I know how I mean it about a week later she called me back she like I'm sorry we're going to hurt you anymore I'm like what why and she says because we're partner with WWF and our marketing marketing department said that you raise a red flag because you spear fish but living WWF wrestling WWE one that made him change the name to WWE the worldwide dependa World Wildlife Federation because of a lawsuit because they show that they were entertainment

► 00:52:22

so WWF owned it I really thought that it was just because of regulations WWE so so basically want to keep eco-friendly boats feel with roast beef chicken and also to other men while when they cross their allowed I think it's about 22 miles away from the coast you're allowed to dump your garbage in the ocean everything as a cruise ship in the Trap and everything in the freaking out, is that true true. 5 people cruise ship how many Destroyer thing to use in glasses because you're too lazy to wash them

► 00:53:17

that's one of the problem you need to make for cruise ship boat actually passing ducks and we're so it's deep enough it's a very very detrimental Organization for the 4 for the ocean and then to tell me where were you because you catch your own food in the water than that badly what they dye the fish to make it look orange like if you buy farm salmon and then not dying it would be a white meat

► 00:54:05

because they're not eating what they eat naturally it's bugs certain bugs give them or shrimp what does it know it's Pelicans no not Pelicans what are those little fucking weird that the ones that people have in their lawns right but salmon are dark when they're wild because of their diet their natural diet which includes a lot of bugs I guess you have caught wild salmon before it's awesome to to make electricity Gonzalez look like Daddy kill all of them well we killed quite a few there was there's an interesting place in Seattle where you can go and watch the salmon swim up-river

► 00:55:05

there's like a bridge and you go underneath the bridge and they have this setup where these thick glass walls we can actually look into the ocean and watch the salmon go up the salmon ladder it's really fascinating so it's crazy to watch them but one of the guys who's there who's a guide was explaining how when they were doing construction and doing various things in their Building Seattle did shut down one of the rivers and the salmon would just get to the mouth of the river with it. They're supposed to go and fucking die and it was crazy like millions of them died while they were trying to figure out a way to carve this path again but we had to die to be like what I went to when diving in the Salmon River and the NBC and I was under water when I when I could see the head like big stains of like rot on their body like a full live in the ocean and they came to breed one last time

► 00:56:05

gets very strange and if you catch them too far along the process their bodies already deteriorated like you know I know guys who have caught them and then you can eat in survival situations like people eat them because you have to but if you caught them like towards the end of their cycle their bodies like mush you literally shove your fingers through it well is what you see that's what that's what people eat but again you know the wall should you know that is farm and very bad for the environment but they think that there's something ridiculously taboo about catching food it's ridiculous

► 00:56:53

and people imagine you know how I know how hunting has a bad reputation for because of the blood and things like that but I'm fishing we deal on top of it with a bunch of lobbyists that are fighting for the fish at the same time

► 00:57:08

because they want to sell those for them as something in the way and we don't buy their fish at all because there's so few of you

► 00:57:20

they can they can be no we don't have the power to say something back Sports spearfishing when do much outcry how many spearfisher people are there how many spearfisher people

► 00:57:49

are in the country with slits Google just America just died States how many spear fit how would you know

► 00:57:56

cuz DFW. Saw the license route for the ocean right Google. And there's a city called spearfish in South Dakota

► 00:58:18

how many active space justrite spear fisherman no disrespect to the Spearfish your ladies are there in the United States

► 00:58:33

it's going back to that state that City for people with hep C on food and people is starting slowly because it's so many of big people specialist celebrities that are not as bad it's way better but it's just very difficult you know so in the country house. That that's a lot of people that's close to 1% right is 3 million people there's 2 million three hundred million people rather if there's 2 million spearfisher people that's crazy so you telling me if you get a room with 200 people

► 00:59:33

one of them is going to be a spear fisherman get the fuck out of here at the very very top of some 1954 80 people alive back there that's hilarious you can talk about pulling that you don't people that yeah bro. Articles from 2016 wow you should know if you want want to take up spearfishing wow by the know-it-all

► 01:00:01

wow that's crazy 1954 oh I can only imagine but I love fishing I love I love fishing it's really fun but it's you falling in saltwater tank and then you looking around and you trying to meditate as much as you can and then you wait hunting bow you focusing in your prey to try to get it and then you have like 5 grizzly bears that are so funny you try to eat ass by sharks always there there's a guy who just got bit in Texas he got bit by a bull shark and now he has flesh eating bacteria that's destroying his leg

► 01:00:59

what is flesh eating bacteria in the water we don't need to Google that's pretty that's a pretty disgusting actually something super easy within 15 feet of water and

► 01:01:16

that's actually the dangerous fishing is when you start getting cocky and you say it like all water shallows fine we don't have to watch each other everybody's doing their own thing which is really bad definitely never do this my last break time and I was actually a little fish clip it to the back of my gun and then this tiger shark come in their aggressive 7 ft long 7 ft long by Young The Young and we don't want to don't trust that you know they wiser they know they check you out and things like that but I want a little bit crazy

► 01:02:03

so they going to go more towards you and then going to go try to do like Curious by switch is molten what what happens most of the time which I buy it's a secure site

► 01:02:13

so the truck is in front of me he's charging me with his mouth open so I would my gun on my mom knows I'm trying to poke everything is going to hurt him as much as I can I'm not very strong specially in the waters I'm really trying to like this freaking gun as much as hard as I could in his face and he doesn't back down he keeps like strickling and it keeps coming in for me and at some point I'm like okay like something and I'm going to have a shoot it hoping that that if I miss the only thing between me and the shark with the tip they're ready to bite like I'm dying and I'm like okay well whatever you know I'm going to try to aim and try to see if I can shoot it

► 01:03:13

what's up we have a fish I'm like is a tiger shark behind me but I was like 17 year old at the time and you never really Spearfish was first time you seen your shark I promised his parents ever bring him back in one piece and life's like don't panic everything is fine shallow side like put your back against mine and then cover your half and if it comes to go to spoke it and a Strike Team and a couple of times and then because we were too he was like whatever he just left he didn't like that but he was not numbered

► 01:03:51

and I'm like wow so when I was alone too shy I was screaming in the water and I was like calling my friends for help and nobody could hear me and then we went back to the boat in the water how far away can people hear you not not not not not too far is 15 ft and you scream about half an hour and then you get to the boat and we laughed and disciple like sickling it was like I was really scary but and that situation again if I had shut the short

► 01:04:32

to to save myself it's I would have got the worst publicity ever

► 01:04:40

it's it's like I just sharks became something that are protected in the public eye because I was at the governor of New York that killed that shark when he was fishing some what will the governor the mayor one of those guys was was Sportfishing caught a shark and was it the Governor Cuomo States I've had mako shark and restaurant before but something happened something changed I think it was when there was all this awareness about shark fin soup yeah there it is Andrew Cuomo he caught a hundred fifty four pound thresher shark and everybody freak the fuck out the Asians were catching Millions a day to make sure to make it being something that was just another fish then it became something that's protected and

► 01:05:40

people with a very shallow understanding of what a shark is were freaking out about it today special with crazy Rich Asians number one of the box office I mean it's that that practice of chopping off the fence and throwing sharks back is horrific but there's their sustainable populations of some sharks mean apparently off of the coast of California near Catalina Island that the Channel Islands lot of mako sharks out there and then great white population of sharks right now in California is very height of great white because she became really high and then because you know that the great white shark population takes more time to grow now we're at the stage where there's a shift on the fly fish and now there's a lot of great whites do great whites are protected right

► 01:06:40

sharks protected protected in a lot of places in Florida I don't think you're allowed to eat depends where submarine as a very funny about it and you're going to be about a couple months ago and the guy was like cutting a Maaco in a dog and nobody was seem to be offended by it that people that are on the water people that are Fisher people they said they wouldn't be offended it's it's the Casual person on the outside that gets offended but it's just like you know I remember that gorilla sing Robbie what we say when is a surfer gets bitten by a shoddy like God's his phone was in his territory like you shouldn't have like didn't think I can like what's your mother and that case would have Gorilla then tell me why

► 01:07:40

my money is not in the front of your mother's I wish there was another way I mean I don't know that they needed to shoot that girl I don't know enough about gorilla Behavior I would like to think of the gorilla wouldn't of done anything to the baby but I don't know anything but if I have to choose a baby of a gorilla I'm taking the baby every time I'm going to save the baby some fucking human yeah but it's easy to be irrational when it comes to that but this is it's not you and you don't have any steak in the game you want to talk about it from the sidelines and that's people talk too much sharks as people talking about bears as people talking about a lot of animals fishing hunting

► 01:08:27

or is this very well hate it I guess around the world by friends are one of your hunting operation in Alberta shout out to John and Jen saw them this weekend in Calgary they are they run a bear hunting operation in but they aren't running hunting operation but they spend a good amount of time bear hunting black bears and the black bear population up there is incredibly dense there's so many of them they're everywhere and they decimate the deer population of decimate the moves to Elk they eat all the babies and they kind of Oz each other me and it's their beautiful animals the fascinating to interesting I'm glad they're around but their populations need to be controlled is a lot of them and they're delicious and they all these things are like they fly in the face of reason for most people they think of you shooting a bear that you're a Trophy Hunter like someone is shooting a rhino or something like that some of his a terrible person want to shoot something that's endangered this they are as far from endangered as as humanly

► 01:09:27

possible they're not danger by any stretch of the imagination that live in dense forest and there's a giant number of them in you can shoot two of them up there they think they would encourage you to shoot two of them they're trying to thin out the population because of the effect they have on the angel it's up there but it's one of those animals that my friend Steve rinella calls them charismatic megafauna it's just we made them into movie characters and TV show characters and people have this idea of what they are based on just this this sort of image that gets betrayed in the public and we accept this narrative and I think that's happening right now with sharks you know what no one wants sharks to go extinct I think sharks are awesome they're cool but they're also edible like and if there's a lot of them I've seen people catch mako sharks off of the coast of California and and cut them up and make shark steaks up and eat them and it used to be normal no one cares

► 01:10:27

until I I feel like within the last decade something happened in the last decade that people became incredibly outraged when someone kill the shark

► 01:10:37

I actually think the people became outraged when you kill anything but they're so hypocritical because they're killing things left and right with their pocketbook they just don't know it they're killing things their credit card that they're showing things of cash if you buy fish in the store you're killing fish I don't care if you like to think you're not you are you're supporting the fish industry you're supporting the killing of these animals you're eating them it's a direct connection you're paying Supermarket Hitman to go out and do the work for you if you eat meat today before I came here to get some lunch and as I'm walking through just cuz I was thinking that I was going to have this conversation with you today and I'm walking by these long Isles of ice with these fish on it and I could just point one of those fish and go ahead give me that thing no connection whatsoever to where that thing came from how it got there I just take it and I could bring it here

► 01:11:37

you should have just for a fact to slap it down on the table of grocery stores in the country of fish display is completely full moon this area there's a Whole Foods that's about 2 miles up this way and then if we go down the street there's another one that's a Sprouts they have a fish section and we go little bit further down there's a kelsons they have a big fix fish section this is fish all over the place but the oceans pretty fucking far from here that means you have to drive to get to the ocean you know when they're not going to the ocean and pulling these fish out themselves that they it's all coming from a giant commercial boat that distributes it all throughout Southern California all throughout Northern California all throughout then you get into the middle of the country that's work it's really crazy you're buying halibut in your in South Dakota where the fuck is that coming from you know

► 01:12:35

I act completely she should be close to be close though I mean I'm just kidding you know but good to eat but it's where weird people are weird and I know they have the states is actually doing a way better job than love countries I must have control of Fisheries but when I see laws and regulations on the small Lou individual Anglers or spear fisherman and then I see was my blood to the next level well it's insane and in our lifetime the population is decreased radically and there's no better example not then the Tokyo fish markets in the Tokyo Fish Market suit interview those guys and they talk about what it used to be like when they just the amount of tuna out of these deal with and the mount that deal with now it's a significant dip

► 01:13:35

this is within a 40 years like what is it going to be like 40 years from now and estimates are that it's going to be a radical decrease in the population of almost all fish

► 01:13:45

yeah for sure it's that's a problem people wanted to have access to everything now

► 01:13:52

if if we would regulations on everybody started like okay look everybody I know you want you sounding but it's going to be close of January to may I know you want your halibut but you can eat it this year will you live next year if we would be willing to live with just I'm at think people would survive it that's for sure because I don't think people would get used to pretty much anything but then industry words is worth so much money that they are not willing to do that it's not just the industry's worth so much money is a certain people in certain countries in particular word that is all they have I mean there's certain people out there where they are dependent upon the ocean at its Bounty for their survival and if they can't sell fish and they can't buy fish and we talked about individual Fisher people that have boats and you know where are doing it on their own small-scale commercial fisherman is not a lot of room for error there then I'm making a ton of money

► 01:14:51

I mean it's when you see when you see those guys bring it you don't like the guy in the video earlier yeah he's catching a Big Daddy's cashing like quite a bit of fish but the reality of things or ships foreign ships raining in Thai ocean would would netzer like kilometers long I can feel a mile-long everything you can in it and then Dolphins Turtles and then I'm making a problem that were accepted by all these different countries to and that would be a real difficult thing to pull off to get these countries to accept that they're going to lose money

► 01:15:43

and to do it in a timely fashion wear these and these fish could actually bounce back

► 01:15:48

it's not going to happen until there's nothing left. It's crazy and it's everybody sees it everybody is talking about it but would you look at the sheer size of the ocean the idea that we could fish the ocean out is so crazy is there any talk about doing something about this is there is there anything on the table was there any discussion about regulating the amount of fish these gigantic boats can pull out in the u.s. is trying to to to regulate that and they actually made efforts that that that prove to increase the amount of fish or it's good that she working in the right direction but the problem is that still to this day I'm not sure exactly how much how many nautical mile you have to be but

► 01:16:44

a Russian or Chinese Foreigner trailer is allowed to fish from the coast of United States

► 01:16:52

international waters just read everything is nothing you can do about it who's going to regulate that Japan still killing whales you know whether they kill whales under the guise of science have you seen how they do that to see Shepherd plus those guys and then they kill him sell them I mean it's really fucked up you know what this the same exact problems going on the United States in the 1800s Market hunting is what they were calling it where they they devastated all the wildlife in North America the buffalo population was almost brought to Extinction levels really close there still some wild herds it exist in Mexico and there were some of them exist United States and now they brought him back but to this day the majority of Buffalo that live in North America are all on private land the majority of them but it one point time there's millions and millions of them all throughout the country

► 01:17:52

elk there they've only been repopulated to a small percentage of the original range I think it's something like 30% there's some animals that have thrived like whitetail deer because they live primarily in farmland farmland have gotten so huge that they they were essential like farm animals now it's very strange like when you think of whitetail deer the places where there the most popular leather reindeer that's a caribou Caribou are these migrating deer that live in Canada primarily and in Alaska and they migrate for hundreds and hundreds of miles in the mass of herds they're very different and that you know unlike dear you'll see them like hundreds of them moving together in one group in one line across the tundra but these animals that were in North America not Alaska but North no not the

► 01:18:52

the lower 48 they were wiped out almost to nothing Antelope deer elk Buffalo they're almost all wiped out by market hunting because this is back when we didn't have refrigerators so people would shoot these things and bring them to Market people go to market by that meat and they would bring it in on trucks I mean I guess they just have blocks of ice in these trains and trucks and they bring in this meat and they kill don't say anything and it short amount of time like less than a hundred years there's almost nothing left and then they Institute of these laws where was it illegal to sell Wild game so if you buy elk by saying this country if you buy elk meat you're buying it from New Zealand you're getting it still commercial Farms I don't know what they sell I mean I think you can sell commercially raised deer and elk in America but if you go to a restaurant most of what you're getting you're actually getting from New Zealand

► 01:19:52

you can't go to the woods like see if you went to the woods and you went and shot an elk like that one up there and you try to sell it illegal to sell you can't sell that meat is not a marketable product it's something that has to have a tag for it you have to pay for the tag and then it has to be for your own personal consumption or you can give it away to your friends but you can't sell it Market hunting was the only way to bring these populations back and then they had to enforce these very strict conservation efforts and then here's the big one is I think it's called the pittman-robertson app whatever the pittman-robertson that it is the name of it

► 01:20:32

what it is is it takes 10% of all of the proceeds from hunting supplies and in gear and puts it to Wildlife Conservation which is an enormous amount of money billions and billions of dollars so goes to preserve habitat and wetlands goes to reintroduce species in two places where they had been decimated like Elkhorn our enviable numbers and places where they were completely extinct like in Virginia and I think Tennessee has them now as well Kentucky I know has a Pennsylvania has them and at one point down there was none there like up until you know just a few decades ago and SmartWay weekend there is a way to save everything to me and I see the promises the United States in the United States is like it's it's on land it's controllable you know it's our it's it's within the the boundaries of this

► 01:21:32

this one country control is accepted when you talk about the ocean

► 01:21:39

it'll be really difficult to get other countries to agree to that kind of strict management that brought back wildlife in North America to do that to the ocean but if they did do that to the ocean mean maybe everything could bounce back

► 01:21:53

a few States for Florida's definitely one of them where do looking very closely to what's going on and then they have to close seasons and things like that and actually makes it really nice and big difference but again I think the problem is not coming from that a promise coming from again lady drawing into the commercial flooring commercial fishing that it's a big Industries Florida Florida sport fishing the giant industry people go there every year to grouper fish and fish for Tarpon and you know there's there's a lot of fishing in Florida and it it's probably a pretty significant part of their economy I think I read somewhere that actually the number the number of jobs in a wreck and recreational fishing with higher than a commercial fishing in the states believe I read that some of the number of jobs host of the number of people employed Bryant so like selling fishing rods and lures and guiding people on boats

► 01:22:53

that kind of makes sense fishing as I went to actually went to Taiwan last last year and it was helping them find government giving them a proposal on how they can change the law to make the Fisheries better and explain it to me like they have those shifts and they hired people from the Philippines or from Indonesia and then they put them in a ship for 6 months they take your passport and they getting paid like literally nothing and all they do all day long as they catch you know to get your medication indication of for like 14 hours today

► 01:23:30

and that's it you know the problem is people are fucking up so many different parts of the world so fast it's hard to like oh well we got to really put outside and concentrate on the fish

► 01:23:50

but at some point we have to realize hey there's no fish so it's people so we're going to have to turn herself on them and then but people are not going to do anything unless he being told sorry there's no more fish how long have you been doing this now full time and if you notice a difference in a depends where a place is definitely there's some when I've been traveling to some places what I've been and the third time that I was coming back I could see it was even less and less than a minute to rain in is a disaster

► 01:24:38

they don't allow spearfishing there but the commercial fishing boats is allowed to catch with me Tina as they want but you know I mean

► 01:24:48

yeah Anthony Bourdain did something and Italy and date they were so little fish that they were actually throwing frozen fish into the water like frozen octopus into the water and they wanted him to pretend to catch these Frozen octopus instead he made a mockery of it and like show the guy throwing the frozen fish into the water Frozen octopus into the water rise if you catch a fish in grease can sell it for like a hundred euros so I guess I have to make an effort now

► 01:25:26

fuck so what would be the solution I mean can they is there a way to commercially raised fish that's viable like they do with the cattle industry going to the Marshall Islands in October I'm going to visit this the Marshall Islands where those and is it near a y o wow you people over there

► 01:26:09

but they have someone to visit a farm that is sustainable and everything so outraged console cannibals

► 01:26:23

is that weirdest show me where does again right there with your with your arrow is well my God that is ridiculous don't go there you just have to be really cool for me to get a day League since the ocean is contaminated fish and then if some of them Escape creates problems so it's basically going to inspect the other fish in captivity so it's a lot like captive animals like avian flu and swine flu is a fucking great some really bad there was some some stories about some really bad fish Mars I was feeding them with Pig stuff inside again it's all about being being responsible we did a podcast recently about CWD CW chronic wasting disease is a disease that spreading amongst deer in this country and they think a lot of it is coming or summer

► 01:27:23

at Lisa's coming from deer farms they have these deer farms and all these animals are getting off the same food and they escaped and then they spread it and then there's an incubation period and made it exist in the wild and it exists in deer farms so it's like it's very complicated but so they have a similar issue with fish then

► 01:27:47

I wouldn't know what type of it's just I know your family would fish diseases to be honest but so what is a zoonotic is that the term when the leaves in makes the jump to humans the diseases are there any that's what like avian flu and Swine Flu the disease that makes a jump to humans is there any diseases in fish that make the jump to humans wear with ocean fish right it's more, freshwater fish to fish for sure right so I make sure that is nothing in it

► 01:28:47

can you get anybody to where it starts growing take a little slice

► 01:28:53

I'm going to try do you know no pigs and a lot of animals in this country to but there's two types of trichinosis apparently maybe there's more but there's two very specific kinds of trichinosis one that if you freeze it will die and this is trichinosis that comes from an animal that's from the southwest United States but then there's trichinosis that comes from animals that's in the Northern Territories in Canada and particular like Bears Alaska and that stuff you can freeze it doesn't matter because he would kill it when you freeze it so you have to cook it has to be cooked to hunt I think it's a hundred and sixty degrees some 147 262 recommended temperature

► 01:29:42

you have to kill his mother fuckers otherwise you just it just gets into your muscle tissue have some friends that caught it's horrific contain cuz it's literally their borrowing their way into your body well maybe you just eating fish all the time it's probably pretty lean stuff

► 01:30:18

what so if you want to lose weight goes. That's incredible what's the news like I could eat so much food I'll just go free. But you also don't eat food which is the Marshall Islands does the crazy nuclear bomb testing area

► 01:30:46

that is the Nutty shit ever you see that smiles high water spring up into the sky I know you're coming

► 01:31:00

what do you spear fishing for in the Marshall Islands commercial Farm Alternatives in what I can do and so this is one of the possible alternatives to think of these Farms possible that they could reintroduce fish into the ocean like stock the ocean cuz that's what they do at some Lakes like ice to go fishing at this Lake in Boston and they restock it every year with rainbow trout

► 01:31:38

yeah that should actually be my leg when my parents have a crunchy how's it do that to you when it works the only problem I will see what that for like an ocean fish would be I'm thinking because he never had Predators activity that. Maybe it might have a survival probably messed it up

► 01:31:58

but maybe they can learn it I don't know strong and smart survive better that if you know if there's yeah yeah I wonder what do we have to do I wonder if it's even possible to to restock something as big as the ocean it's just being fish so quickly that's that's the biggest problem but they're dark Solutions it's just people have to be willing to talk about it and right now that's the biggest problem with the same situation as the Wall Street Journal when people and trying to talk about food sourcing in mentioning of Trinity of two weeks though I mean what day they're concerned with is not it's not that it's rational it's that they don't want any controversy that's what it is so person like you although what you're doing is

► 01:32:58

if you explain it and you look at it objectively it's very rational but they're not trying to be rational what they're trying to do is avoid any conflict like there is a guy who is a NASCAR driver okay and he lost a sponsor recently for some racist stuff that his father said 30 years ago this is how crazy people getting 30 years ago his father used a racial slur and because of that this guy who wasn't even alive when this happened or maybe was alive maybe he was 7 years old or some shit

► 01:33:37

he lost a sponsor companies are such cowards like they're so terrified because of social media because people are so willing to protest and there's a bunch of fuck heads out there they just get a thrill off of getting people fired and of getting things canceled and of like exercising action and seeing a result all they're doing is pushing buttons it's not that they thought about this in like hey is this guy really responsible should we really blame him for something as father did 30 years ago and that's ridiculous what we should do is nothing just Let It Go I mean unless this guy is like some sort of white supremacist or some racist himself and he's not we should just do nothing but that's not that doesn't that's not fun what's fun is getting a rush a power trip out of action but clearly there should I can you find a real racist something someone is doing something active lie to her

► 01:34:37

other people simply based on their ethnic origin of the color of their skin but yeah that's terrible you should talk out about that that should be eliminated from our society real real racism people deciding that they are they're going to take action and then NASCAR being a pussy about or this company being a pussy about it and that's the same thing is happening with you it's not this is not a rational decision like you they should look at and go wow what an interesting way to get your fish like how many these people that made this decision actually eat fish I would bet it's most I bet it's most people should understand also that buy refraining people to talk about it you being part of the problem this is why things have been so bad for so many years because nobody wants to talk about it they all want to eat if they just don't want to know where it's from but no one's looking at things long-term all they're looking at a potential short-term income loss

► 01:35:37

what the Wall Street Journal or the Washington Post or whatever whatever paper it is what they're worried about their word that someone's going to come along and say the Wall Street Journal support the Wall Street Journal Wall Street Journal supports mass extinction of fish they just reframe and some outrageous unrealistic non accurate way to chill out you I think like honest honest and when it come from and ass and stat

► 01:36:07

especially like the Millennials or whatever we all born when you know we had a bunch of toys from China and we use shit about that we ate whatever we want nobody is a shit about that we had freaking processed food nobody cared about it we had hot dogs and nobody was saying anything about it and then I will reach like her mid-twenties and I was suddenly being told but everybody oh by the way you know everything like hell you Barbies or the very back and dryer vent oh you know what by the way red hot dogs have been eating every bath and environment and you like we live in an era when being told everything we doing is wrong and it's hard it's hard for somebody that lives in Mill City that doesn't know anything else to be like oh yeah you know what is she going to stop eating this Ativan eating for the last 20 years just because somebody told me so about Starbucks about Dino California eliminated straws and Starbucks has a big sign about how he know we're doing our part for the environment were eliminating straws and then

► 01:37:07

put it on the tweeted said okay so you're just putting plastic Lids on your coffee cups yeah and what happens with them and then Starbucks it said oh... Just can't get rid of these draws you got to plastic Lids everywhere you go those God damn Starbucks glitter down the street they're everywhere but this is a perfect example is it a little bit of action and makes them feel better for you like to point out the singers of somebody else you with your straw straw now kids are bad so now they're like nobody would look at her she's beautiful she's evil

► 01:38:04

it's just it's just I think it's that I think it's the way that people or handling the fact that they've being told everything is wrong that you're trying to be like no I made my effort I made a Facebook post this morning saying that I wasn't going to draw so I'm green

► 01:38:20

California seeks to be the first state to limit plastic straws all restaurants wow I just have to be so difficult to be like look plastic is a problem you use something else it does funds on your page that there is a new invention that they use for water runoff before it goes into the ocean is as giant net that catches all this plastic particles is that on your it's really interesting someone has invented this cover that's like it's it's like a filter that as the water is going through it catches all the stuff that would ordinarily be washed out to sea and so it basically over the storm drainage pipes is a normal spice is huge net so the water can still go through it but just shows you like this insane

► 01:39:20

amount of debris and then when garbage that would have bored now he's been washed out to sea and it catching these nuts it's not everything but it's a start and it's not going to make up for the fucking cruise ship that's dumping things just right offshore I did not know that that was the case it's legal

► 01:39:43


► 01:39:45

but you can't Spearfish because I'm the bad guy so what you want to do is you want to Spearfish and you want to raise awareness if you want to continue to live this life so what you're trying to do along the way is trying to figure out how to make a living while you're doing it and where the live how old you are so this is an age where people are like oh Jesus your new 30s should have your shit together by now

► 01:40:17

that's a lot of people think you know like what it's you're in that area where like you should have you should have your career in order to think about settling down having a family you should start your 401k and you should have all the stuff in line and you're out there fishing stabbing fresh path from graduating high school to going to college to become a person is 31 years old at me a lot of people compare themselves is a sort of foolish why they compare themselves with other people like how much stuff have these people accumulated how much have I I want to take a step back of all of that and be like okay what I've been telling

► 01:41:12

the same thing since I'm born about what I should want about what I should do about you know about what would have been telling Mom and I said you know Mom when I grow up I rather have like a job that I don't like when I make a shit ton of money and then a double of what I make nothing I was saving it to my mother and my mom was like did I do wrong that's a rational thought with kids I need to step back I need to look at everything around me and you to look at Society any to look how things work and now I want to make sure that when I'm when I'm in it it's because I actually I know what I want

► 01:42:02

and I thought I like being told to do so that's what my real values are and don't think you can discover the person you really are by staying United V by not knowing anything and being unhappy and not being able to go outside of your comfort zone comfort zone because it's comforting to get that check but ultimately it's it's nothing much just quit my job I live in my freaking car for a while cuz I don't have a place to stay and he didn't know money sustain myself

► 01:42:52

and what did you like to shut my car did you shower somewhere the time to 28 and you were like what the fuck am I doing my life I'm living in my car for free and I never regret in my life and that's what you are a lot of people with panic me included

► 01:43:23

it's I guess eating you cruises in a way regarding like the fact that you sleeping in the car but if she unhappy with your life why why keep going with it that's what you're saying is logical logic is not how most people live their lives what you're saying is like your is romantic like you're saying I want to live my life with passion and I want to file my interest and I don't mind living in my car and showering at the beach I don't mind I'm fine with that most people are not fine with that most people would be insecure and they would be scared of the future and they would want some sort of stability and that's that's what's Courageous about your your decision because

► 01:44:08

what are the things that like I was talking to people about you before I did this podcast and the question from everybody's like how she make a living like

► 01:44:18

I'm not sure I'm like she I guess she's a professional spearfisher person I go but I don't know how you make money doing that like maybe a guy people take people out so why don't I only give private lessons I'm afraid I'm not rich but I'm not starving either and I'm I'm I'm kind of I'm happy about it and I actually do believe is going to lead to something something

► 01:44:53

cheap something that to a job that I think is going to be you know I'm I'm started giving conferences around and I think that's that's something that really really interest me conferences like just went out. I'll do well well that was just one and I'm sure you look people love a story about someone who's following their passion because there's so many people out there that really desperately want to do that they just don't know how to do it or how to get the courage to do it or they get stuck with a mortgage or maybe they have a family and responsibilities or maybe they have loved ones are taken care of and they can't and so when they hear about someone is going for it either they're jealous of you and they hate on it and they say that stupid that girl's a full bubble ball or they go cod I wish I could do that those that those are the two depending upon the mindset of the person that's watching you that's going to be there reaction

► 01:45:53

it's a TV to see it's going to be in French but it's it's about I'm going to be traveling around the world and fishing and that I'm starting with my sister just graduated from fashion design and London and we just starting a bathing suit company with recycled do I have a few things I might put line unless I don't like being bored I don't like I know it seems like it like I like I'm free-spirited I travel around but I'm I'm still a very ambitious person and I do want to achieve things are going to make me proud it's not always you know it's not I didn't quit everything to to become a hippie and live on the beach and Warner she's rest of my life now I just I quit my job to live in bills my life and my period way I wanted to and in a way that was making me proud and happy

► 01:46:47

so this is pretty much what I want what I'm doing right now is very admirable it's and it is really brave because there's no you're not going to get a whole lot of reinforcement from other people I'm sure you probably didn't probably wearing a lot of people that were telling you you go for a girl go sleep at the beach in your car that you don't have a shower even in my hardest moments when I was broke or anything like that I never regretted it no one second I told myself I'm in the wrong with you

► 01:47:32

I guess it gets I know what the good thing is you were doing something it's so soul-sucking

► 01:47:37

seems like it's it's it's worth it no even like an in this life you know especially when when you know filming a documentary in Africa and different places where you know you have no food and you're like have a table with people never scare me like a child choose between 4 people and you like like if you you discovering yourself yeah always like what you see

► 01:48:19

what it's for you know it's a look at yourself and then I would never discovered a type of person I am when I'm starving on a 95 job ever are right not definitely not that many and again this was a thing that shocked me to Moe's and it's saying it's also what touches people the most about Africa has been is people with super close at each other people it would be nice and you really focusing on and on and on a nice things and it's you like wow I want that I want to keep doing that but then you know you spend your money there and then you spend a month in New York City and you forget everything it takes to forget everything if you tried the relay your experience is on a television show it would be edited down to even if it's a one-hour show date with commercials it becomes 44 minutes

► 01:49:13

and you're just not going to be able to get all that and it would be very hard

► 01:49:26

if I want to do TV show if I'm puking I wanted there if I'm crying I wanted there if I hated you from crying for my mommy to come pick me up I wanted there too because I think it's it's that's what's best was this a beauty part about those travels and that's what it needs to be shown at think that would be a real reality show but the reality of reality shows this most of them or at least planned out if they're not scripted totally and you can tell you know you tell when people like well we got to fix this gas pump we're not going to get this boat started you know it sucks Bad actors you see their face you could smell it when they're acting is just like what I mean that's why when they threw the Frozen octopus in the water he was mocking them I'm a girl and sometimes a little bit girly and things like that and people like us like

► 01:50:26

Steve in a TV show and do this and do that and it's that's why people would think that but it's it's I mean if you pass if I'm trying to do is relay your passion for something and when people really like I've struggled with that with bow hunting because I've done some things on camera film last year for Under Armour we went elk hunting

► 01:50:52

but part of me is like everything should just be broadcast not everything should be filmed sometimes life should just be experience especially for someone like me who's I think I'm over exposed in the first place I would be better off doing less things publicly so that's one that I've decided to do less of publicly but part of me wants people to know that there's a satisfaction to bow hunting in particular is very very difficult it's very hard to do it takes intense practice it takes a lot of physical exercise you have to be able to run up the hills have to have endurance cuz you're climbing to the mountains all time and then it's hard to do it's hard to find the animals hard to get close enough to shoot one you have to be able to execute when the moment is there it's very difficult to shoot an animal with a bow and arrow specially the long-distance mean you have to have extreme amount of proficiency before you can ever pulled it off in your high-stress situations so part of me wants to rule

► 01:51:52

hey that there's a misconception about what people see when they think of hunting they think of Cruelty and they think of someone who doesn't respect nature and they think of it didn't think of this some I think of this abusive relationship that humans have with animals instead of the way I look at it which is you have this deep understanding of the food chain and this food chain exists whether you're there or not as food chain exist with bears and wolves and mountain lions and deer and elk and all these animals are struggling for survival and all you do is interject you step in for a little bit and you take your part in the food chain in an intern you also give out all the money that goes to conservation it's money that goes to conservation and Shores that this opportunity be there for other hunters in the future and ensures that the population of these animals will stay healthy and ensures that

► 01:52:52

I'll be monitored by the proper fishing game and wildlife biologist and all these different people are going to ensure that these animals are that did this this environment and this experience is preserved and they need the wild habitat that these animals enjoy will be preserved and it took for people it's it's it's very conflicting you know for people it's it's it seems almost hypocritical that you could say that you love these animals but you also want to eat them

► 01:53:19

yeah but that's that's not what's what's what's what's a hyper cat thing to do is to say that you left them and then buy them for grocery store and not caring how they got there that's ridiculous what's the problem is that's been available for so long we're used to it like if there was just a machine that you could go to we could just get your money from this machine hunting and then what the same way I approached you with fishing spear fishing it's the same thing it's not it's on a well-thought-out rational argument they're worried about out Ridge and in this day in age it's very easy I have a picture I put up the other day of a Target that I have my backyard with some arrows in it and all these vegans are attacking me

► 01:54:10

free shooting fucking Target you know I'm going to know I'm practicing I'm getting ready to shoot animals but all they're doing is Survivor out and they're getting angry because that's what people like to do they like to express outrage and they they talk too much there's too much expression take it from someone who does talk too much me I talk way too much but they're not considering their what they're doing they're just doing it and you not you don't change people's opinion by being an asshole online you just get everyone to realize you're an ass too I got a bunch of vegan following me now because I took the time to respond to it concerns and now they actually got it but how can we make improvements when when you have in one side angry bunch of people that only want to do is Scream Scandal of everything they see and then any other side the people that matters I have a strong Voice or scared to talk about everything because they're scared of that for his group

► 01:55:10

by doing that we're doing nothing I've been turning down a lot my Instagram I stopped posting Facebook like blood on it with things like that because people just don't want and it did don't want to see it and I don't have a choice to to do that because again this is what what what percentage don't want to see this is the thing I mean if someone eats fish if they like sushi and they get upset when they go to your Instagram page and you've got a spear through a tuna

► 01:55:39

drama you're awesome you're educating them in a lot of ways and the people that do get upset even though you hear their voices and voices world it's a loud minority mean you have how many followers you have on Instagram 4080 4,000 people looks like in the room that's a giant number people now imagine 50 those people are screaming assholes that's a job it's a small percentage that the number of people that see it and they're rational adults they know that in order to kill a tuna there's going to be some blood there's no bloodless method for killing it to not doesn't exist

► 01:56:21

but also the weird thing is that anyway I understand the outrage on a certain level I win hunting for the first time in New Caledonia

► 01:56:33

and it was not with bows. We was with actual gun and when I shot the deer I so I could talk to you and everything you're like okay and then it was dead and I carried it on my back walk back to the to the house and then they started cutting it in pieces and it started looking like meat

► 01:57:00

and my guilt when completely away completely white and I was like wow how much of a neighbor gets an IV that I'm crying because I kill freaking Bambi like actual physical to my face and then a second I see a piece of me I just got excited and like and it's a little bit easier because a lot of us have seen a whole fish has kids in the table so that was a little bit less there so it's more about the blood than seen actual fish but I bet I know it's bad but I feel really really like and I forgot after that like in a weird way I felt like a weird sense of loss the first time I shot a deer but it went away when I start eating it too and I never killed an animal before that but I had killed fish I've been fishing since I was little kid I love fishing

► 01:58:01

but I didn't feel a connection with fish the same way I felt a connection with a mammal cuz it's closer to us you know that's it's our closer to our species fish is like an alien thing that lives in an alien world at Breeze water I have to analyze it looks

► 01:58:31

it looks really that you can see expression and an in their eyes that's when that's the second wave people starting to feel like

► 01:58:41

this I think it's curiosity I guess you can say is freaking out cuz it's anthropomorphisation right we would look at animals so we can leave every night

► 01:59:07

the folks

► 01:59:10

so it's you know you can see like this like a little on the outside and just freaking out because it's looking out at the air for the first time so you guys want to go see this or she's alive if he was alive if I jump my ass might my hand was out of his gills if it comes back alive as if this is a very very strong fish you lived your whole life in the water and then I'll send someone pulls you out of it and you look into the area like what is this why can't I breathe got to be a freak out and place of brains like the size your finger nail right

► 02:00:04

what's that I knife is Brian pretty quick you shoot with a speargun you because I know they Club them they Club fish and I put poem on both but I didn't know the shot him so I get that what is you get it on land what I do is you got anybody giving you nice it can I have a friend if you do if you do go line fishing or even commercial fishing what it do is throw in the boat and then dies of expelled like

► 02:01:04

so it's much points do you mediately throw them on Ice you know when you eat when you eat sushi or fish and it tastes fishy that's the same with meat butcher deer they'll hang it by its legs and kind of throat and and got it and let everything what the meat bleed out like that yes because the blood coagulates very very very quickly and then it changes the flavor the fish blood everywhere

► 02:02:04

and I think that's one of the reasons why they soak fish in milk it changes the flavor because I think if I remember this correctly as enzymes and milk that destroy the harmful bacteria that causes fish to taste fishy and I think they said that this works also with meat and with chicken that there's a certain smell to Chicken in particular that when you I get it like it's might smell a little funky what that is is certain bacteria that's on the surface of the skin and if you soak in milk TV find that bread that like really recently the saying it does it helps order free cooking when you're doing Fisher shark even to monster well I was in the and lunch Nook in the my ass like I was floating in Montauk

► 02:03:04

so I can ask him for peace and it gives me a slub if I was like okay thanks I like the lemon juice for 24 hours lemon juice would break it down was a good idea how do you cook it do you have a special with you like to cook fish lightly floured I see it in olive oil in the night I cook it slow leave and butter

► 02:03:46

friendship but I have you become like more into cooking because you you kill your own fish opposite and I always love to cook and I got into spearfishing because of cooking

► 02:04:05

so this is what made me fall in love with the sport is the fact that order lifestyle you can call it it's just I got catching Mouse I get access to two amazing fish and seafood that couldn't be more fresh and then there's a guy named Hank Shaw he's been on my podcast before he's an amazing chef and he he has a bunch of wild game recipe books and he got into it because he wanted the freshest ingredients and he wanted Wild game ingredients as opposed to buying farm-raised or factory-farmed food he wanted to be able to cook amazing dishes for like say a wild pig that shot himself so he got in the hunting because of that and because of that it's it's he's very valuable for people that are really interested in in cooking wild game because he was a legit excellent Chef before he ever got in the hunting and then getting a hunting now he writes books about it and he's very very passionate about it's interesting

► 02:05:05

just pretty much just for the food actually the first two years when I thought his pivoting I don't even like spit wishing I was in the water scared of my own shadow I was I I did it like you said you like your first time I like it I like it I like it was behind it was extremely nervous extremely nervous like struggling to breathe and every time I was going for his fishing trip I will just leave for a month and this and that it was it was never my trip never been about that even though it was completely petrified of them I've been lost at sea once which was pretty shitty day I'm going to years ago I was in Mexico and it was a friends and in Mexico

► 02:06:05

never speak first before we wouldn't water in your friend ever

► 02:06:14

how deep is the water in my swimming from the shore for the shore

► 02:06:32

it would have been Jubal was 5 miles or was 5 miles away so I'm trying not to panic my heart is like pounding in my chest like in drifting away

► 02:06:55

and who's in charge of the boat and passes by

► 02:07:13

so I started screaming and yelling and I have my buoy luckily I was swimming and pick us up and I trying to explain and Michael lutin exit in Spanish that we've been straining at Sea and in some like I'm devoted like right there super far away and they dropped us to the boat the guys asking me for money I'm like I'm lost at sea my wetsuit took you to the money for tip for rescuing me in the middle of the ocean

► 02:07:53

I was like sorry I don't have to in my panties right now but thank you for saving my life and vote and then we get to the boat and the guys like I didn't put enough gas in the boat

► 02:08:07

I'm like what so he ran out of gas

► 02:08:11

so you were he would never be able to get you

► 02:08:16

holy shit so bad and then we managed to the Coast Guard because I'm like oh my God you're so mad and so how'd you get back arrive like about an hour and a half later I got back to Shore and the guys like tomorrow I'm like I'm leaving tomorrow what a fucking delicious I know you almost died and I left you the ocean I didn't have any gas I told the Coast Guard to go fuck off

► 02:09:16

we get to the car and let my friends I give him like $100 and chip is that enough I'd like you to do it

► 02:09:28

and yeah so yeah is that the scariest thing that ever happened you in the water besides the tiger shark

► 02:09:39

for sure is there anything else like that that should freak you out five miles is a long way to swim special if you don't swim distance all the time did you have any flotation device or anything that big I was more scared because he was about like 4:35 so the sun was getting down really quickly shark fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

► 02:10:15

YouTube last year's under water when you come to the surface you stay too long your lungs on your way to surface going to extend bag and then you versatile volume of air that you have left in your in your lungs and becomes really really small in the print it just becomes too long and you pass the percentage percentage so basically you brain shuts down to make sure that a lack of oxygen does not creating any permanent damages but then that's what happens when people is that when it comes back up if you but he's not watching you and that's why I spent machine is a team sport event watching you if you pass out in water

► 02:11:15

do the same time good system to dive is one person dies at the bottom the person is watching the other one is that what happen with you that was actually very lucky guy was diving with me lost his brother if you use the four to black out so he was very very closely and I must I was beyond grateful to see space at a Surfers I knew it because I missed it

► 02:11:59

then I start using and water and I miss it again cuz I got dinner and then I realize I was like what why my she pretty deep and I've been there for quite a while so I start panicking a little bit so when you panic you let her even more stupid and then I start Finning Finning Finning and then you have to start doing

► 02:12:21

finding out we have questions trying to get to the service fast before you black out if you have a loss of motor control

► 02:12:35

so I could start thinking I could feel like my body making like weird movement and I knew that was out of oxygen and then I knew that I would probably most probably going to pass out and then I came back and came back and then I was watching it up like I really hope you really wash me hope you really watching grab me and then woke me up and it was how far were you from the service new blacked-out I blacked out of service which is why it's called a shallow water blackout cuz even if you're in deep water is most of the time happens at the surface so when you got to the surface what did he have to do to wake you up the heads of the water and then you have to blow in the ice because you have a high concentration of nerves you slept a little bit not too hard

► 02:13:24

what did you was it like you had a dream like if you get choked out like one of the things that happens when you get choked out as you wake up it's like you're dreaming like what well I was at a discount I was riding my skateboard like it's weird

► 02:13:43

imagine somewhere though I missed a few minutes and I just wasn't sure I was going on and then you just you just done for the day when it happens Ben it's ya for the the risk of getting another one the same days actually very high so once you shut off you get shut off again

► 02:14:08

I think I did it was the day after I really want to go back in the water as soon as possible just jump back on the horse so stressed out and my friend gave me some Kratom that stuff that's why I said think that stuff that Kratom was

► 02:14:27

I didn't think it was a drug I thought it was a mild stimulant I heard that people take it for pain but I I thought that when they're taking it for pain that you they're not getting high just taking it alleviates pain like Advil or something like that and then I took I think I took eight of them 8 or 10 which is a lot cuz I know Chris Bell takes like 10 everyday and powder mix with like yeah that's just the powder in pill form and I was high as fuck and I was like oh okay now I know why people are nervous about this stuff but the weird thing is I was high but my body was very functional like I was high but I wasn't uncoordinated I wasn't like knocking things over wasn't that everything worked normal like everything was was moving as I wanted it to move but I was I was going to trip it it is an opiate

► 02:15:27

rates on your opiate receptors and some sort of strange way which is one of the reasons why they're making the argument that it should be illegal but is if if any opiate is legal it should be that one because it helps people tremendously with addiction tremendously with pain it doesn't seem to be toxic to the point where I can kill you or it's very very rare that it does it seems to operate in a completely different way than any other opiate and like I said even though I was definitely high like I was definitely under the influence of something nobody I don't think anybody knew I mean I can have conversations with people but in the back of my head, so high

► 02:16:04

but I'm talking to people and it was all totally normal I wasn't driving but if I was driving I think I'd be fine I'm fine I was fine walk I think even worked out I think yeah it's just it's just operates in a very different way it is some I've never I mean I want to have my knee operation I have one of my knee operation so they gave me a morphine but like when I was in the hospital like they said and if you want morphine just press that button will give you some Morphine at you get high off the morphine you're the hospital if this is great and keep pressing the button in the pain of the knees it was on also my knee was on this motion machine right after the the surgery was done they put me on this machine that extends and contracture name brings it back and forth and that's not comfortable but when you hit that morphine Pat but other than that I never really have had opiates

► 02:17:04

except I can take a pain pill prescription I don't remember what kind it was it was Vicodin or Percocets or one of those

► 02:17:14

I took it once and I hated it you just made me feel really stupid. I just remember thinking my brain is really dull and I still could feel the pain I just didn't care was weird you know what does morphine buttons are very dangerous when I got my permission I was I keep pressing the button to face plant really actually complete face plant in the hospital for hernia and they didn't ask you or tell me Valentine I remember the woman being like the nerves being like like after you had that you had a lot you sure you want more you sure that much I thought it was like

► 02:18:13

so what's your under the influence of it I imagine you don't really worry about it like I said I think what you're trying to do with your life is admirable life is short I wish more people would chase their dreams and live their lives in a way that they want them rather than just jump into the fucking Rat Race definitely not regretting any second of it so I'm happy I did that then thank you so much for having me here and it's crazy how you came up I was asking a friend of mine for podcasts to listen and then he talked to me about yours so if I was sitting at a beach in the Bahamas and my friend to ruin us that went to law school with me was like off so you follow me I was like

► 02:19:03

nice are there we go

► 02:19:09

well we did it thanks for doing this I hope maybe this opens up some doors for you and some things happen it cools slowly but surely conversations like this open doors in and change people's perceptions and that's that's what I hope people got out of this only scared to see what's going on live the life the way you want that's what you're doing

► 02:19:47

all right folks see I told you she was interesting that was dope right scary shit about the boat though that would freak me out I was kind of okay with the shark one the blackout one freak me out with a friend was there but that boat one I wanted to go to Mexico fuck that dude up

► 02:20:04

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► 02:22:16

okay we get it I guess tomorrow ladies and gentlemen is a world-renowned mentalist

► 02:22:26

his name is Banacek he works all over the world I met him years ago when I was doing Joe Rogan questions everything and he is a staunch critic of people who claim to be psychic and shows you how they do it

► 02:22:44

shows you that he can do it rather he doesn't tell you exactly how to do it because that's kind of the tricks of the trade but he's a brilliant guy and he can give you so much insight as to

► 02:22:54

how does people lie to you and fuck you over and what kind of tricks are involved in being a mentalist he does a whole Vegas show just a brilliant guy I was so impressed by and when I met him and I can't believe it's taking me so long to have on the show Banacek will be here tomorrow and then motherfuking cowboy Cerrone will be here on Wednesday

► 02:23:18

and then we got more gas to happen if people I'm very excited alright that's it for now. Bye