#1172 - Morgan Fallon

The Joe Rogan Experience #1172 - Morgan Fallon

September 12, 2018

Morgan Fallon is a DP, director, and producer on the CNN documentary series "Parts Unknown"with Anthony Bourdain.

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okay I guess today is a friend of mine who was a director and producer of Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown television show he's a great guy I worked with him first on the mediator show in 2012 and he actually filmed the very first deer that I ever shot on a hunting trip which was a very obviously intense experience and he captured that and he captured beautifully and we've been friends for a long time and

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we got to work together on Anthony Bourdain show as well and after Anthony suicide after a couple months had passed he reached out and asked me if we could just get together so you know sort of two guys who really admired Anthony

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just giving omage to him and it just talked about what a great guy he was in one of what an honor it was to know him and in my friend Morgan's case to work with them

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so without any further Ado please give it up for my friend Morgan Fallon

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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decided to get together and do this you know in and talk and

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you know it's so crazy subject right I mean you and I have known each other since 2012 when I did mediator you were there filming when I shot my first deer just very important part of my life and and then you went on to direct and produce Parts Unknown with our late friend Anthony Bourdain and Bruce are probably a good thing to come in here and just talk talk about him I'm really grateful for it it's actually you know a lot of people

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I've been sending me like all that must be really hard to talk about that I must really it's actually find a kind of job sit like I want to talk about him I want to talk about who he was and what that experience was you know thanks man my pleasure brother did you did you know him before you guys started working together no no I'm at Tony 10 years ago and I was called and couldn't go to Egypt so I got to call like a week before you know what the fuck you have solutely and until I met him in Cairo man got like perfect exactly that the episode when you guys are camel music

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you know I met him there you know we start filming or on the streets of Cairo and like you know just cover them cooking pigeon Ed seen the show like maybe once before but I knew who he was and I knew what that Adventure was you know and I was so amped for it in and there was like this seminal moment on that show where we go out and weed across the desert with the battle in and go out and cook a goat in the ground do you know and so as we're driving out over the desert look like well we need to we need some shots from car to car right now to get on the roof you know and there's like this for for some reason there's a four post bed tied to the roof of This Land Rover until I get up there and what kind of like my arm around you guys take off at 80 miles an hour

► 00:10:52

across the desert I mean and you're on a bed absolutely absolutely no regard for the fact that I'm on the roof you know shooting and and when we got there we got the camp I survived it at this big black and blue where I was holding on to the four post bed that I go over in the show Tony and that was it man from that moment on it was like this guy and I started going out with him you know I started so many years 10 years wow that's crazy I didn't realize that Parts Unknown was even a way will you doing No Reservations first 5 years ago on for 5 years

► 00:11:52

station for what we do what Tony did I think really built-in audience in the following for him that's what I found out about him but that like that transition going on the CNN going in the parts on no not really that really changed since I really opened up a lot of locations and stuff that we didn't have access to before it opened up you know what kind of CNN's Logistics Rolodex and you know things that we didn't have the other network you know and I'm so that's a No Reservations was awesome we had some incredible shows Parts Unknown. Really fun it was on another level I remember watching the chancellor okay this is more more him you know everything from the opening music to the tone of it in the narration yeah for sure

► 00:12:52

willing to let him be him you know like willing to let him do a show like the Tokyo so we're like in a really climbing into Japanese subcultures rope bondage technical porn yeah I know all this stuff most Network let's figure out what this is together that's amazing that. There really is amazing and with the one of those things are really made that show was Tony's narration because the narration gave you a sense of the way his is sort of passion and enthusiasm for the world and for various aspects of cooking and travel and food and culture like you got it through his own words you know maybe in some ways the most important aspect of the show you know he is after all a writer you know and not eat is how he experienced the

► 00:13:52

world but actually making the shows and let you know the technical part of actually making the shows you know we'd want you to go through and kind of edit the show none of that voice over was in at the rough cut phase and he send it out to him and get his writing back and record that video and I keep describing is like. Kind of dr. Frankenstein lightning bolt to the temples kind of moment we're like the monster Rises really just bring the show the life so this kind of carcass that was laid out and rough cut form on the table all of sudden just gas jumped up and you know it was really beautiful like to see that into have let you know as a director as a producer as a creative you know it any level you know to have that kind of power to have his voice and his writing in his introspection thoughts and you know

► 00:14:52

what was the brilliant design the way the show is put together that narration really did make it something special and different from all those other kinds of shows because it just to his articulate and insightful and poetic and artistic view these things that he had this infectious passion for thing completely changed the way I thought about cooking I always thought about cooking is this guy knows how to make delicious food oh this place has good ribs is and then when I saw his show when I saw parts Unknown I want it's an art form it just an art form that you eat

► 00:15:30

absolute Chevy temporary art form even beyond that it's an art form that's taking and incorporating all of these greater kind of macro social elements of where you are the history of where you are you know what people did for a living what does ancestors did for a living you know it's rooted in so much more on what I Think You Know It All To Me lyrics feels like we kind of joke around a lot so you like that so food shows not a food show you know but the reason that word I think it's because of what you're saying and you know food food is an art form that incorporates all of these other aspects in so it can be a jumping point off for exploration into anything you want to talk about my text about the the history of a place the politics of a place you know the religion of a place you know all of these things that inform who people are let's all written to the cuisine of a

► 00:16:30

play certain area you know and he was in the stuff that wasn't necessarily even like high you know high dollar items he was into like street food definitely yeah it wasn't just the finest French you know bistros where these celebrated world famous shops were cooking these bizarre small plate sort of masterpieces know he would love street tacos yeah absolutely I mean I think that was kind of like a whole new kind of fresh take on looking at Food you know you know to look at these kind of high-end French preparations use highly talented you know highly trained French chefs and there's there's tremendous Beauty yeah and all of those other things we talked about to look at the woman on the corner that's the best

► 00:17:30

revolutionary and then the realization that all of that greatness all of that new wants all of that flavor you know contained within there is that was an access point to it as well it's just an access point to everyone can afford the right place at the right time I think they make it seems like the culture at large was ready for that ready for that like experience in food and ready kind of case I can now and that's that's all anyone wants now I think it's because of him I really do I really do owe cuz I mean I'm sure that he changed the way I look at things for them to the food and I think he had that effect on many people do you think about how many years was Parts on known for 5 and then no reservations for 9 reservations yet for about 10 and then there was Cooks to her before that so original told a decade-and-a-half of his info

► 00:18:30

on people's food choices in and just appreciation for food I mean I know personally I've had some great meals and restaurants but some of my favorite meals have been like stepping outside of a bar you know it's 130 you got a little buzz on and some dudes got a taco truck in like oh baby what you got over there my friend or in New York you know it's late at night there's a Falafel card and some guys got incredible kabobs like something about street food man absolutely man and yeah I kind of keep like a like a loose running list of my favorite meals you know and some of them are on the show and some of them are not on the show and I'd say most of them are that you know most of them are accidentally stumbling into some place where someone is doing something completely off that isn't you know some massive 26 course tasting menu you know

► 00:19:25

and I think it's also about you know it's about place you know yeah it's about where you are the context of where you at and what it smells like what it sounds like what it looks like you know who you're with you know yeah and I and so you know that's kind of I think another reason to show kind of worked as we had an opportunity to architect that articulate all of those all of those elements choose an incredibly interesting gas to sit down with a really interesting restaurant with you know people cooking over really interesting backstory in a beautiful place and and and use the power of kind of the magic of TV to you know to polish it up and present this version of travel and food in the world that you're not really everywhere too I mean you guys cover Deja you covered Europe you covered some weird places in the South or people are cooking pigs in their backyard I mean it is just

► 00:20:25

give people an understanding of the preparation of food in A View to chefs and this view of shapes as artist I mean these shapes look like tattoo artists they look like you know guys are painters or something or women who are sculptors I mean they're they're real similar in the way they they appear to what we consider artists yeah absolutely and I and I think too I mean you know what I kind of love about like at this point spent a good amount of time and kitchens and get around Mount of time around kitchen staff is there is kind of two elements coming together there's there's the the artistic element that you're talking about right but there's also this very you know working class kind of element to the way a kitchen works you know tough hard sweaty work you know it's a rough environment you know and I in

► 00:21:21

that's kind of part of what makes it so appealing to its he kind of pulled back the curtain on on that you know and say like these guys are you know you guys are not these inaccessible icons of the world do you know they are you know they are these kind of rough-and-tumble you know guys that are

► 00:21:46

that's not making something really awesome Tony also had this sort of punk rock sensibility to it all to you know mean that was part of the thing about him that people found a peeling is that dancing cooking shows before but they never saw cooking shows where the host gets fucked up you know like I do that was so hard I was amazing tell me about it was amazing I was like I can't believe he can do this all the time like one of the first times we ever got hung out together was in Montreal there for UFC fights and we went out afterwards. We had some steaks and it was just amazing walking into this restaurant people freaking out one guy actually had a copy of kid Kitchen Confidential in the actual kitchen self and at Tony sign it was pretty fucking bad-ass remember Joe Beef several times they sent those guys are coming on the podcast

► 00:22:45

mother fucking amazing that restaurants one of my favorite restaurants on a planet no doubt never was there a show one of the ones that I really loved was the one where they did ice fishing there on the water and they had this ice fishing shack but inside the ice fishing shack they had fine silverware and Fine China and they had bottles of really excellent wine and they were cooking on a wood stove they had a wood stove and they were cooking phagwah wreck right there on the stove and then they were laying out what they think makes you a good dinner companion and you know Davis like I shut my phone off I turn it off I put it away because I don't check it I don't he goes I don't put my elbows on the table and now he's like and I come prepared with stories and Tony's like you're prepared

► 00:23:45

to tell ya I come prepared like to him it's like not really a performance but it's an agreement that you're going to your going to go there and you're going to share this and fousey as a for this experience together when you going to try to enhance it with your own anecdotes and personality and your own appreciation for the food in the wine and and then afterwards our smoking Cuban cigars it's like the whole thing as it made you want to go eat at a really good place yea or did you know that you can create an environment that I've met through the show is like you will see that you don't no matter how big they got no matter how successful there is an inherent kind of desire to please on multiple levels

► 00:24:45

house in France as parents house right megachef you know but like running around to all of the crew members like me are you good you want another glass of wine you want to look it up and it just inherited nature is exactly you know they have this just

► 00:25:11

ongoing desire to please their guests to get a paint ghetto make sure that everyone's taking care of the curators of an experience absolutely so to be able to run around the world for 10 years and explorer that was nice man I can only imagine I can only imagine how many shows did you guys found together

► 00:25:35

I don't you know I'm so I don't know 57 or 60 something like that in somewhere in lenarr oh wow so I listen to other people you know what 10 years on the show I was on the show for a long time there's people a lot longer people did the whole 17 year it was done well over a hundred upstairs you know no one left that show you don't leave that show if you get a spot on it with him when when it ended no I was with him about a week and a half before so good friends that were there I was in Chicago and I woke up and checked my phone and I got a text from my friend Maynard Maynard Keenan

► 00:26:24

from Tool

► 00:26:26

and Manor desert Jiu-Jitsu brown belt and Billy loves to Jitsu any any text me said so much for the

► 00:26:35

Maynard vs Anthony Bourdain celebrity Jiu-Jitsu match

► 00:26:41

the whole text

► 00:26:45


► 00:26:46

sunk SoundCloud pit in my stomach and I just I just picked up my phone I wanted to Google and I looked it up and I saw it I just like fuck

► 00:27:01

I just couldn't believe it I couldn't believe it

► 00:27:10

start crying

► 00:27:16

I think it's called my wife and called Maynard I texted him to call my wife called a few friends

► 00:27:24

a noun

► 00:27:29

you know just couldn't believe you know what someone's just not there I didn't get to see him a lot but I just appreciate the fuck out of that dude you know

► 00:27:41

I got to want to do any Buddies TV show but when I got a call from him I was like fuck yeah what are you doing to shoot pheasants and and hunt and Camp I'm going to cook by the campfire fuck them in do you know I'm in

► 00:27:56

I just really appreciated him as a genuine unique person like is it genuine rare person and you know that's that's what I got

► 00:28:11

being able to spend some time with him and being able to talk to him and pick his brain and he did my podcast once we always plan on doing it again wish we never got around to it cuz for both have ridiculous schedules but

► 00:28:24

just might I would think about things differently because of him like that my I sometimes like hold things to his standards and I teach a like legitimately his appreciation for things in his enthusiasm for things change the way I look at a lot of a lot of aspects of food and culture and an N even travel you know

► 00:28:49

yeah I mean

► 00:28:53

I'm sorry man and I know he thought very highly of you and not was that experience Montana was fantastic them so fun

► 00:29:03

you know it

► 00:29:06

it's been I just been a rough 3 months and it's still hard for me to really contextualize it and put it together it feels like you know upside down world like there's no and he was such a thing as a friend and I collaborator and I you know but also just such an icon to me you know

► 00:29:29

and I did it's almost like you know it's almost like the sun disappears you know are saying something that is so just inherently part of life there and and dependable

► 00:29:45

so yeah I mean it's been it's hard to describe how how profound that's been

► 00:29:53

remember when you got into Jitsu I got side cuz I don't like we got more to talk about now I can actually things you know he's really remember when we were in Montana we were rolling around on the dirt and Schoenherr stop him and Josh I was going to cook when you're in here so you know I think it was before I even got his blue better maybe like a round blue belt so he was super super jacked about and he was doing it every day remember when we were we were filming we were outside of Billings is that we were where we at well where the hunt once in Central Montana, so we kind of started in Billings but we headed up towards Central Montana she was training so often in even on the road that he travel to a club there's just a jiu jitsu Club in Bozeman I found some guys news wrong with these guys in Bozeman

► 00:30:53

psyched for lunch it was a mandate and if we find the local you know the local clubs and yeah make sure they had to place a roll texting me from some European Bloc countries said he was sitting phone my phone chips is he worked out with some old school crossing Gracie guy they don't believe rolling light it's all top game and smashing you and I'm shiting bone chips but I just I admired that a guy could be 58 years old and decide I'm going to learn Jiu-Jitsu and I'm going to be obsessed with it and then he became addicted to it which you know Jujitsu is a very beneficial thing to be addicted to but it is absolutely an addiction I've I've come back from injuries where I definitely should have been training yet and I just wrap my arm up and just fucking get in there people get super super addicted to it and he got addicted to it just like he's been addicted too many things he just he jumped right into the Jiu-Jitsu experience

► 00:31:52

I'm glad you did it wasn't me I was clearly like really good for him yeah I know very little about you just too I know what I know from Tony you know. So slim also need a six pack of smokes and look right you know any sort of medication. Lost all that weight cut all the carbs out I'm just eating like crazy man also just so you know the whole thing is kind of indicative of the way he what I mean he did things so passionately you know whether it was traveling the world soaking up all these experiences urge you just to her whatever he was into something and something caught his attention he was just so aggressive about knowledge and learning what he could everything out of it

► 00:32:52

that he could just crazy to see someone do something that's at physically demanding. No kind of 58 with no background in athletics at all like you could see when he was like even when he was doing things like when he went to go see Ender's place in background just pushing himself to it and it was interesting to him he just went crazy and I said I remember texting I'm gone like how deep you getting into it and goes real fucking deep is Amigos but he goes he goes I'm getting tapped out everyday but he goes I'm giving guys half my age a real struggle and it goes and I'm loving it the failure as much as anything else

► 00:33:53

Bozeman Montana or Butte and almond cheese I think you rolled in Butte you know it's a hard-hitting I love you too much respect anyone from hard-hitting time you know you're real cowboys and and get the shit kicked out of him and show up on set all day and I'm just jump into that it's just different for a guy who's 58 and then you got guy who does it 20 I admire anybody does you just too cuz it's a real humbling Eagle dissolving experience in a lot of ways to make you realize I call your illusions of how well you can defend yourself to go out the window at some of the jokes you easily and right I'm just a bitch run around run around this life thing, man but the fact that he did it 58 just showed what kind of unusual Duty was yeah but what you just talked about there I mean

► 00:34:53

that was something that she took great pleasure and I think you know if you look at the way he went through the world one of the things you know I appreciate it and want to think that kept me around as long as I stayed around you know the fact that you know for Tony I think he was constantly trying to dismantle Persona you know to say like I'm I'm not the focal point of this what we're interested in here what I'm interested talk about it out there that camera is pointed away from me you know he was kind of a Clearinghouse for all that information and the show and it was his journey but you know ultimately you know what was refreshing is he wasn't like working with some celebrity or host it was completely consumed by their own ego write our own you know Brandon and how they were presented to the world

► 00:35:53

so disgusting right now but it's when it's everywhere it's everywhere he was very self-deprecating and he had reverence for real artist real Masters and that whole reference and I came across I texted him about some guy there's a photo of a restaurant and I'm sure it's still in my phone subdued who's like a real famous guy who's like some big-time Chef character but I was eating in this restaurant and so I'm like who the fuck is this guy because it seems like it's a big deal and so why I texted in the photo of this cat right here to know that made Ramsay cry like a bitch all-time original Rockstar Chef genius Batman the original Punk but that kind of taxed like that's desk at Tony Bourdain text that's that's what that. Text shows that reference

► 00:36:53

for the master oh yeah you know I mean even though the way he phrases it you know they don't cry like a bitch all time original Rockstar Chef genius Madman

► 00:37:04

and that's the way of you see what was what worked about that is he had like an instant ability to sniff through the bullshit you know listen is all kinds of famous people celebrities you know well accomplished people that he mad that he didn't feel that way you know he would cut through that shit instantly but if you were on his radar in that way you know it's like total commitment to you were in or you're out like right away cuz I said some really stupid like my wife says you're my boyfriend

► 00:37:54

do they watch the show all the time. Your boyfriend on TV like we're Montana that's when I realized but when I was blasted out of my mind and he was like where's that bottle here I mean every night was quite like that for sure it's real fun in a really interesting thoughtful dialogue around the campfire with Super-Man townie from Backwoods country hunters and Anglers and all the other guys that were with us with these guys who it was good to get a different perspective on what going out and getting your own wild food is like you know and then having him cook it there and it was delicious

► 00:38:54

able to put those ideas on like a major Network and print cojones to put together that kind of a show and have it on you no big time man I lay down I don't know what I say this is the best creative Partners you could ask for in terms of that you know you really enjoyed it that much yeah I do you know you are interested in making documentary television you know that's it that's the giant probably the Travel Channel because I know he had told me that they they fuck them over and did some Cadillac ad and I don't really know a lot of the details of the whole I don't know what other deals are on the table beside CNN but it's safe to say that I think the relationship with travel channel is toxic before that in

► 00:39:54

Travel Channel's religious own place at least was I don't know if still is I think the original people that owned it because my friend Bert Kreischer has a show over there I had to show their couple shows birth the Conqueror Moses on the show hurt Bert crazy ass hole but the Jamie turn the camera away from them because they couldn't see her for sure you know what I mean listen I don't have any like inside information securely like my outside perspective I don't do that stuff and make the show so you know but it was more interested in making like you know the shows about sand castles you know and goes in out then that's how they had a bunch of go show a lot of Goshen

► 00:40:55

but the thing is if you're watching Everybody scared of ghosts so if you're watching and is some people and they're in the basement and have night vision on and they pretend they see something like what are they saying is there a fucking real ghost cuts to Commercial and then I'll send you hook to do you want it is the craziest weirdest thing that's one of the things I just got the info shown that shoot those should try to make them interesting like you stumbling around some night vision look you got you went from mediator which is an amazing show and Parts Unknown and No Reservations and so you got these three amazing shows

► 00:41:43

and they put you want to go show no that's not appearing when I know man I'm going to listen I still work for a 0.08 you know hi Morgan Morgan found out it's Mike from Finding Bigfoot listen we're going to find them this year please we love what you did with Tony Bourdain and we think you could do that with Bobo listen man they want that some kid producer director slash cinematographer 0.0 mean on a long time production company we do awesome work in a ton of awesome stuff lined up

► 00:42:43

you know we'll be okay man but are you going to do more stuff with Steve and mediator. I'll go out with Steve anytime he calls I just need a little more Advance warning these days it's your phone to do in alkon now if you do that would you try to get in shape first like like heavy duty yeah absolutely I mean talk about a guy was like you know he has no empathy whatsoever for for the people he's with her maybe can't keep up with them if you can't make that hike you're not making that hiking and you know he weighs 110 lb and he can walk for days no man I went the last time I went out with him as I guess 2 years ago I went up to Alaska and did the black

► 00:43:43

10 days of rain coming to make a decision part of me was like even though we're rain-soaked I want to hunt the last 6 hours because if I stay the last day never know that might be the damn that's so many times that's that's when you hook up with an animal absolutely I had in my experience up there as an animal sounds like the wrong thing I said no man but you know like it was. Exactly the way it was you go up there and you be in 6 days of rain all of a sudden you know you know standing right there looking at you you know that lot of beer out there too

► 00:44:43

what you were doing it all the time you have to do it all the time you got the hiking thing is something and you're basically building up this it seems like it's a joke cuz if your hike for like 5 feet and seems like nothing you climb of small Hilliard I could do this all day for 20 minutes and sweaty want to take your jacket off and then you realize it's all my God I have to do this for 8 more hours or more days and then the morning check yeah man no you can't you can't train for you can train for that kind of whatever but it doesn't rain all like those little muscles that you use a constantly surrounded by yourself

► 00:45:43

just get it so much harder than hiking is run um you could do it easier makes hiking easier to do that and that's what we did. Just like yeah I would on the StairMaster actually I'm pretty sure I am just in the StairMaster with us and boots you know they look at you weird looks at you weird if you even talk about what's wrong with you at some camo aspect to my pack of course but blood stains

► 00:46:43

hot stuff and it just think back to that the first time I went out with Steve him saying like yeah dude but you won't you know you never tell stories about the good days and I got to say to his credit has been absolutely true is like those those shity day is freezing cold out of your getting out of your sleeping bag in the morning putting on wet clothes cold wet clothes to go out to go out and hunt all day you know I look back on that we would like a great degree of fondness and I also have to say it made me a lot more of a person than I was before you know it it tells me about to open me up to the idea of an opening me up to accepting you know possibilities for myself that I have never thought of you know like you can on your capabilities you know that we like

► 00:47:38

we all have that somewhere back down in the brainstem this idea to go out in the woods and you know hun something to eat it you know and up until that point I've never done that I've done some hiking and some cameras always on my trails and are all nicely Martin still like that the idea of stepping out of Steve's the back door Seas cabin and just into the woods if that time for me when I first said that was completely not like you can just walk into the woods to do it and have it be successful and bring that animal back and sit around and eat it all the stuff that was a real huge aha moment for me personally and professionally like what we can do shit that we used to do you know 10,000 years ago it was big for me to remember saying that on the show like when Steve was asking me and Brian on the first hunt which just by sheer luck we were both successful on the first time

► 00:48:38

and Steve is like to do it again I said fuck you I'm doing this forever like I knew it was when did you know I said the moment that dear dropped the moment okay I'm doing this forever this is how to make it getting my meeting now I'm going to do this man it's it's such a Cool J and bloodlust worst cases that's the that's true because I was like kind of machismo and got shooting you know black bear is over you know donut barrels you know for all the wrong reasons you know we think of that is something that people or at least I do think of that is something people eat for food when you think about Cecil like Cecil the lion.

► 00:49:38

what's the average person for shooting a lion I mean you have to you have to do Decades of Education about conservation in the importance of the money that goes for the hunting and they still don't get it because I like why would you want to shoot the line and that's a good question good question why would you like I definitely have limits as much as I did when I got to see the African stuff for me man I just I just not interesting to me you know to me in Africa would be something that I would eat so right I would love to have an airlock elope and cook it and eat it. There's no way I want to shoot a hippo or anything else craving even if people do eat hippos and I understand they do that okay good luck yeah I don't want have nothing to do with any of that but game animals that have been that are delicious nilgai things like

► 00:50:38

the people have eaten forever and that they hunt just like they hunt elk or deer here that's me makes sense when we just did it at Adventure to go to Africa

► 00:50:48

it's so sketch I love I mean c i I love after I became like I kind of took all the African shows I could on Parts Unknown really would you mean it's like a wonderful place I will

► 00:51:03

the first of all I think that there's like a I think it's there's a lot of misperception when I cuz I've never had a negative experience there I've had maybe had one experience it was kind of Quasi threatening you know us and throw rocks at us as we were driving away that's the one expensive like hundreds Explorer while we're in a coma and the DRC you know and it's just it's just a really really chaotic place a place it's been run over by the civil wars for kids people are in serious desperation but I think worse than any of that huge culture of of nonprofit organizations and stuff there so I think they're used to kind of white folks coming in with his very patronising kind of you and then we're down there with cameras filming them and then all of a sudden they realize they were not paying anyone for this year

► 00:52:03

and and I think you know there's a Tennessee from people to feel like while you're here taking something from us you know you're clearly making more money than any of us will ever you know be able to make and what the fuck do we get for it you know and I can understand that point of you and how did you know our security team do I take got time to get in the car as soon as you get in the car and you're leaving it's like all these assholes man pack up go back there a nice hotel you know what that's the one experience and like a lot of experiences there you know for the most part of the phone people that incredibly gracious you know if I need to be wearing those hopeful places honestly my day-to-day experiences in Africa people who were working their asses off on a Grassroots level

► 00:53:03

the like some of the most you know some of the most like Dynamic Grassroots capitalism that I've ever seen in people who will literally find any any way to scrape out an existence and living you know it's not like this is not a lazy culture culture that will fight through anything you know go to Lagos and Lagos is one of the most dynamic cities I've ever been in this is constantly moving constantly people trying to make money constantly people trying to find a niche you know in the city of 20 million people you know it's so I find a lot of beauty and just like a human endeavor there and I think you know if they can clear some of the obvious stumbling blocks that they have in terms of corruption in terms of uniform pressure in terms of being a manipulation of markets

► 00:54:02

there's there's tremendous promisor I mean like just just in terms of that just the internet and Technology sector in Africa is like absolutely you know your kids that come in from the villages on the streets of Legos can take your computer apart and rebuild it by hand you know self hot and all of that potential is there to be topped you know in and they're starting to you know so I guess I just find it a hopeful place that's amazing that you only had one bad experience only one only one but I can say that about traveling the world kind of in General on the number of you know relatively hot songs we never did act of conflict because we don't you don't make that kind of show but you know being in places like guys or the DRC

► 00:54:59

I can count on one hand and you know and many many years of doing this you know the number of times that I actually felt threatened by someone you know I've found it the most likely scenario is you're going to get like a cost to buy a sandwich in our someone trying to you know introduce you to their kids you know or take a selfie with you and that's that's the world that I know that's not that's not my experience you know right that's Legacy right I think that he really showed people that that is a problem with our view of the world is that if it doesn't look scary they're not going to show it to you know because it is not dangerous mean other than his show

► 00:55:49

what else are you seeing on CNN where there in Africa where it's a good thing

► 00:55:55

what else are you saying where people are in Egypt where it's a good thing what else you saying where people are interact with people on the street and there's not some sort of a murder story or rape story or something awful yeah I mean I think you're starting your starting to see a little bit but mostly you're singing like you know on like CNN's Africa you know Network or Dare you're starting to see them covering stories about entrepreneurs Brian positive aspects building economy they don't travel Africa just simply doesn't make news in the United States I mean it takes a genocide you know what's going on with white farmers in South Africa through a scary stuff for people encouraging people to attack white farmers

► 00:56:50

and there's a whole lotta social political and economic shit that goes on without that I'm not even going to pretend I understand but that's what you hear about you don't hear about good things here but how many farmers have been murdered homes that's a shame man because you know you go there and most of what I find going on there is positive you know there's a lot of pain a lot of suffering a lot of bad shit that happens are too obviously I'm not going to deny that you know but

► 00:57:21

we don't hear the good stuff did you have a good did you have like a place where you enjoyed traveling to the most not I don't think really because you don't do that to me this is another kind of like real lesson of the show you know I think we got to place refining something kind of everywhere you know there's some places that I didn't enjoy it as much you know but

► 00:57:52

I think most places we found something that was like a lot of those awesome you know there was one place where you like not going back here again

► 00:58:02

I don't say okay I'm both sides and a lot of beautiful people on both sides but you know

► 00:58:21

but I think you know I mean this was something we'd like we'd encounter a lot as we kind of progressing the show is this you know I've been everywhere and just like yeah but I think we started to learn that you could like really point the camera kind of anywhere I think a big one for me was like doing this West Virginia show last year would you place it always been like really close to my heart like I grew up there when I was a kid I think like deeply misrepresented again and other places been deeply met in this represented in the media you know and but you know we got like what I got into town on the Scout there and it's like there's no restaurant you know it's not just that there's no restaurant like in town there's like two restaurants in the county you know and I remember having this moment of like can we do this was this work like will Tony respond to this we make a show here and

► 00:59:21

within two days she was like a big dick and very deeply heartfelt statements about the place really loved it and you know it was kind of another cuz there's something everywhere the human story is everywhere wherever you go the fundamentals of that don't change and I think that you know what he did was so cleanly and clearly and so free of bullshit cut to the core of those very fundamental kind of human stories you know and

► 00:59:58

anyways I worked well we won an Emmy for it so posthumous Emmys are always odd right yeah that was a rough night when he would get the rough cut would be the length of the actual show and then he would add narration to it do you have any say in the editing process important to about who he was you know I mean like he wasn't Chef like he was a producer he would pick the locations he pick the subject matter for the most part you know there were a couple like how did you guys work it out like say if you were going to go to Puerto Rico or something like that how would you make make the decisions how to decide where to go and why okay I'll take through the whole process so it's so Tony will come up with a list of places that he was interested in going and maybe we would throw a couple in West Virginia show you know

► 01:00:58

my list right and then he write like a brief on each one I'm interested in Acts you know like I'm interested in Singapore it's Disneyland with the death penalty right okay so there's like there's kind of a basic operating thesis right kind of like go in and look at this place from this perspective something didn't add the Legos episode for example you just feel like we haven't been to Nigeria let's go to Nigeria you know and then so we would start doing research on what that was just big kind of you know 30,000 ft macro you know what is this environment like what are the interesting things what are the stories that have been told about this place and how can we look at it from a different angle to like the Nigeria when we kind of focused in on like I said you know Grassroots capitalism DIY entrepreneurship you know street level

► 01:01:58

the street-level kind of dynamics of the economy you know and that became like like we could see ways to kind of make a beautiful like human story out of those out

► 01:02:12

I'd end up putting down to him probably in like a two or three page thing like here are my ideas you know here's what I found based on what you were interested in here some other things I found this is the way we would kind of like to go about it and needed to be like that her know you know and from that point we just get heavy into research write a treatment you know I'm in break that story in the like six acts right

► 01:02:41

and then look for seems to kind of feel in articulate. Story so it seems like you know I have this great Economist I know we're going to need an economist at some point but we got to put in a car, so kind of boring by Nature so we got to put them somewhere more Dynamic with theirs is really interesting computer Market that has a lot of energy will put the economist there they can walk around is great restaurant corner there still like you're some elements we can put together that's a scene in a Act of the show you put all that stuff together and treatment form send it to Tony usually minimal notes from him you know and then and then we'd go out Scout shoot the show you know how is it you need a restaurant with camera people sending over the table

► 01:03:31

I think we can I think we got really good at not taking over the environment you know that's why I don't I don't know I don't know how to answer that because how do you do it conversation at dinner and we're being filmed Brett is close to Jamie is right there closer to not use like if there was no rules to that right cuz you like we're documentary show we can't just go in and just like completely take over so you know what I mean like we got to go in with some deafness and I was home we would go in earlier we would light so that the character is Tony aren't really seeing a screw around with lighting stuff like that that's in place

► 01:04:22

put the cameras in there no sound guy no big booms the rest of the crew down in local people in the rest of the restaurant make sure that there are people who actually go to that restaurant in the restaurant alive not like full of you no extras like mining dialogue and I'm carrying large cameras like how big of the cameras are caring again you know it's two guys standing there cameras have been traveling at least from Tony's for a long time you know I just like having two more you know friends at the mail with the sidekicks you know I think we learned early on that like you got to like you got to go up you got to introduce yourself to a smile you got to be able to be

► 01:05:22

fabricating make them feel comfortable like you're there to ask them questions on I tell them who they are you know and all over the place lot of people never been on camera for the largely worked you know so you must be doing something right every time you in a restaurant and people are pissed off that there was people standing there with cameras filming a table oh yeah yeah yeah but you know that's pretty easy you know someone gets pissed off and they waive you off okay cool sorry you know no worries you know I never really asked you know this with me never asked whether you had a view of the world by doing that show and traveling the way did that is less than 1% of the population is ever going to experience less than 1% of 1%. I would say for sure yeah yeah I mean it's got to be an incredibly enriching Journey for you

► 01:06:18

yeah usually I mean I mean it's I don't know it's just very simple it is before and there's after and it's two different people really it's just all the data you take in the view of the world change as it gets bigger becomes a much bigger place

► 01:06:35

it does that's what you know that's exactly right and that's what's really interesting to tell people just to let you know you've been on this place but the world doesn't work like that doesn't sound like the more places you go the smaller the world feels more places you go to the bigger the world feels on either side street there's all these other streets is all these other people you know

► 01:07:04

our shows were just a sliver of a place that tiny little sliver you know you can go into Legos do we go back to Legos to make 10 more shows each one of them completely unique and individual you know the world's big place a lot of shit going on and yeah now

► 01:07:25

they're going to keep hearing these shows right mean how long are they going to know how long I'm going to do this for they have how many do they have all told how many they did Five Seasons Tire chose you know I never counted I don't really know a lot of shows oh yeah I have it on my DVR so they'll do the cage Lee run these marathons and then I'll go to my DVR and there's like 20 new shows I watched a few of the other night of the first time I watched it in a while I posted a thing on Instagram to about it cuz I was reluctant to watch it after you die but then I went on a bender yeah I want to watch like I binged watched like 3 of them tonight damn what a good show it was a good man you guys nailed it and you really you should be really proud thanks man yeah you know I'm actually still working on one right now which is made

► 01:08:25

the weirdest experience you know you're asking about process before you know after we shoot it that's when Tony really came in if he's not there for narration that's the thing you know when I'm not I'm not going to replace tonic so no narration now we have our Sidekicks talking to him we have his dialogue in the field you know but who's going to step in and do that voice and I want and how offencive would it be if we did that it would have to be someone who is so close to him that it didn't didn't freak everybody out how to someone who's on the show a thousand times was just there with them always that person doesn't really exist doesn't yeah there's no voice there when you would give him a rough cut

► 01:09:13

I'm so if you like I said show on Puerto Rico so he would take that he would watch it and then it would start writing exactly in rough cut for him and then you get his notes back those always kind of a terrifying moment to cuz you like a lot and I got got it a few times man standing but you would basically scratch writing what were thinking you know is this kind of idea goes here this kind of idea goes here and then he would actually write it you know when you get that writing back and I'm going to take him to do something like that is fast and that's the thing to you I never did you know there was never an email or a text that he didn't get back to you he was no slouch man he like he was sharp he was on it he get back

► 01:10:13

he do that work you know it doing the work thing that was so delightful about it you know so you're having to drag some you know car Castle on a problem up in front of the camera and you know it he was into it man and like he had total ownership total control awesome incredible creative ideas incredible creative power like he was in you know and no show was like that fucking you know we can just like kind of slip by on this one you know every show is important and when they you know when they weren't working he was pissed you know

► 01:11:00

and great you know I think the biggest thing that I miss in this process of cutting this text to show that I'm doing now is not having the pressure of him looking at it and being like that would you know that was a real benefits us

► 01:11:21

when did you start smoking again

► 01:11:24

the weirdest thing man I didn't know I don't really know he was smoking getting in the pool your show came out and I just some light up on camera and I was like oh I guess we're doing this again and then a couple of my like a couple of my shows at the end he starts as lighting up on Cameron that was always like that was always no-go territory in the past when he was smoking we would like to stop shooting you know all the sudden he was just lighting up right on Cameron

► 01:11:58

Aaron Schock the shit out of me you know I kind of looked around the crew like with what we do like I was shocked because he said that when his daughter was born that's when he decided to stop smoking cuz he realize that you know he had something else to live for that he didn't want to be on some cancer bed they're fucking iron lung having his daughter visit them now so I quit

► 01:12:25

Isabelle Roy start again did he stop going to jujitsu

► 01:12:32

oh no I ate

► 01:12:36

it wasn't his frequent during the end you know during the last few episodes I need a Wii stop kind of having to find gyms and we offer. I think the last couple of shows are probably like that for me sounds like you want to find local gym

► 01:12:57

and be like I'm you know I'm good man so was it within the last year or so or less less than a year last year so yeah that's when the smoking started

► 01:13:10

I just made a little earlier than that huh

► 01:13:13

it's a bummer when you see someone quit and then go back on its debt as one of the weirder it is of our culture is he got through I mean he got through the really hard part you know couple years under his belt look great man he was you know it really is doing really well. Would you go from here Moe where do I go from here you know

► 01:13:41

you know

► 01:13:44

20 day icing gave us like tremendous tools to you know for how we look at the world like how we will continue to go on looking at the world and

► 01:13:56

I don't know exactly what show I'll do but I know it will continue that kind of ethos you know and you know I feel like I have this very powerful kind of

► 01:14:12

I don't like I said set of tools now that that he kind of handed us you know that to go on and

► 01:14:20

keep doing I guess this work you know isn't the problem with this work that you need someone like him

► 01:14:28

kind of need like either a rinella who's a very unique person and in many ways similar not self-destructive at all but really meticulous about his work in a very good writer but I'm well and his narration like one thing that separates mediator from any other show is that Steve has this eloquent narration that goes to it makes you realize like our perception of what it means to be a hunter is based on stereotypes negative stereotypes that this is the best example is that really well red brilliant man who has a great passion for the outdoors and for public lands and for wildlife in for a consuming wildlife in this this

► 01:15:16

this adventure of pursuing it and eating it cooking it and showing you the art of cooking it

► 01:15:24

that you wouldn't be able to make mediator with pig man

► 01:15:31

unfortunately I enjoyed that

► 01:15:43

for all the wrong reasons because he does justification to join a forklift first of all because you got Ted Nugent with a machine gun in the helicopter okay and then to you have this real wild pig epidemic it's a legitimate epidemic in Texas and they don't know how to ride at all that and putting it on television on a hunting show it's not really hunting it's a song out of a helicopter and they're laughing. It's that part is that mentality behind you know have a great time on a hunt

► 01:16:22

I don't know there's something about you know yeah I know what you're saying I know exactly why I ran off of thousand rounds cackling on the side of a helicopter you know laughing when you see pigs do somersaults cuz you had shot and yeah I know I still love you know I really pointed episode and not show for me was when we went up to Alaska and we're hunting black bear and decided not to take a shot you know I love animals as much as he loves hunting animals much do loves conservation of animals much she loves the knowledge of science behind the animals in the natural world you know that to me was appealing like that something I can sink my teeth into dedicate my efforts towards you know that was the Korean War

► 01:17:22

yes crazy show me I mean I talk to him about it and his sort of idea of why he didn't do it was so interesting. He just kind of went with his feelings hunting show will you have a bear which is what you looking for lined up in your scope

► 01:17:39

I don't do it I'm not feeling it. I love what he said to at the time she was like I'm not saying I'm never going to shoot again I just don't want you to be there today and not that was a big moment but that's what the words coming out of his mouth how conflicted must his perception be to realize that okay I'm filming a show where I'm actively honeybears find it now I have to make a show about my decision to not honey bear and then next week I'm going to go hunt something else and then the next week I'm going to go on to something else yeah but I like his ability to admit and kind of understand the human being is a complex animal with complex emotions and you know this idea of just kind of uniform direction of the human mind is like a total fallacy man we're all over the fucking place you know and like I don't know I really bought in at that moment I thought I had it before which I completely kind of had

► 01:18:40

I really bought anti moas like he did this is this is a guy I can always stand behind you no one of my favorite episodes Brave it was Brave because you realize this is on the Sportsman's Network so the Sportsman's Channel and they have only hunting shows and then he's on a hunting show with you got all these people are watching that would kill to be in a hot like that and they have a big old bear in their sites what they want their thinking we're going to see Steve shoot this damn going to see him cook up a bear Rose and he's good Hennessy stewed carrots and onions and potatoes and amazing and everybody's like what we were like we're really nervous remember when the episode came out really like this we have done a few things before like we hunt like you know we had taken shots that missed in the hunt failed we had gone on a mountain lion hunt where we never even talked Mountainland those were all kind of moments were like will this work can we put this out in The Hunting Community will they respond to it

► 01:19:40

and every one of those it kind of like hit or work and I think people actually appreciate it cuz of the realism of it you know that one was like can you can you put out a show where there's a perfectly legitimate shot at a very high percentage shot at at exactly the animal we're going after in the choice to not take the shot you know how are people going to respond overwhelmingly people were like hey man I know exactly how you feel you know it was incredible you know it was like it was like this moment and I don't mean to bag on anyone else man and I don't know that much about hunting shows before you know I know that a lot of what I side found to be really really either uninteresting or just fucking stupid you know but

► 01:20:31

you know I think that it was like this more like oh my God like all these you know this this industry is like missed a big big part of who the people you know they're paying attention here are you know you don't have to just go to like sell arrowheads you know and you know and Tackle hanging out of a helicopter yeah well that's worst-case example but for some hunting people that are like sort of deeply indoctrinated into the world honey don't mind that show no power more power to the trying to tell anyone had a beer with a lighter was just not a lot of guys like Stewie to mean you know Donny similar Gaga a guy really really smart guy great reference for the outdoors and for wildlife and you know he does everything self filmed in sells the

► 01:21:31

Pasco filmes online and he's smart he knows he knows what he's doing a cool man but you know Steve he's sort of changed the perception of hunting for a lot of people that have become fancy show the same way that Tony swear to change the perceptions absolute in a cooking absolutely

► 01:21:54

I mean I'm not like Terrence Malick or something but like I got a lot to offer and I got to let you know I got a career at I'm not going to I'm not going to dedicate my current really really believe in what they do. Those are two cases of people I like really believe in man because they were willing to look at an industry or look at something that they love and say like well I have a completely different take on it you know and I'm willing to put that out there whatever cost and in both cases at work cuz they're both super smart you know really capable people you know I don't think I've ever met anyone more capable than Steve in a lot of ways a guy is

► 01:22:40

is if you have a force of nature you know he's a very unique person and the amount of stuff that he's able to get done as well you know written a bunch of books and

► 01:22:51

constantly doing the shows and I don't just the enthusiasm to me he's not just going to these places and staying in hotels he's sleeping on the ground outside in these you know really fucked up places and you you know about afognak what happened with the bear attack I do yeah yeah which is just if anybody doesn't know there's a two-part series on the meat eater podcast about a afognak which is an island in Alaska where they have enormous brown bears and they got charged and attacked by a fucking 11-foot there which is just so crazy to think of and the description of it and then they made this podcast were right after the fact so it's fresh in everyone's mind it is amazing it's amazing so amazing story first time he's been charged

► 01:23:46

you know I buy number different animals is run over by a moose yeah you know yeah but I will say that I mean Steve also is like physically one of the toughest people I've ever met I mean I watched him set beaver traps one time in I mean breaking ice with his bare fist to set beaver traps for hours you know put your hand in that water for put your hand in Atwater for 2 minutes you know just that someone who does not have trouble you know them during a lot of physical discomfort willing to integrate that stuff into the experience you know it wasn't like

► 01:24:28

it wasn't like we need to go out when you're the perfect Kill Shot we need to set this up and it said that it was kind of like well we're just going to go out and we're going to see what happens we're going to kind of our teeth and Barrett no matter what you know that where the journey takes us and we're just going to document that that was like super exciting television to make at that time too I've done 5 episodes of a show and we struck out on two of them you know that's

► 01:25:02

used to be there never are shows like that no I don't know that they are now probably I'm sure a lot of people don't feel like I do don't know what you're talking about but I'm not sure that they are not failed hunts before we started doing it I don't think they did I don't think it was a popular thing that might have been done before but not to the extent the way Steve did one of my favorite episodes he never never shot a deer it was talking about his dad he was off as well

► 01:25:35

wasn't it I don't think it was it was it wasn't a black tail hunt maybe it wasn't Alaska I feel like I was a coues deer hunt I think you are not in Arizona and most of the show was him using spotting scope and binoculars looking for deer and talking about his relationship with his father and there was no music and whoever edit it and put it together was brilliant. Perfect yeah cuz it was emailed some heavy heavy duty shit and sort of makes you realize like all this is where you came from you came from a hard man Taskmaster

► 01:26:16

that was a brilliant episode is also like I think you know one of the things I like so much about that episodes choose it feels so much like the process of hunting you know it's long hours with people getting deep into stuff you know I didn't go with him to it hasn't yet but it was just talking about life you know I really enjoyed that part of being out with him to spending a nice man I listen to Old I can't tell you how lucky I feel in my career to like landed with these folks you know yeah it's a great one too right there are those to those two guys but like we're saying it's it's real hard to find those kind of guys there's not a lot of those kind of guys out there

► 01:27:15

does not you know I think you know it feels like there's more of what they call Premium content now you know on TV is more people looking for things that have more substance to it but why what happened what's the shift I'm not in development so I'm not really in a no place to stay but I get the feeling that Outlets like Netflix are really shaken up the Paradigm you know General change people's expectations and unscented content is so prevalent and so much more attractive it's it's just changed change the way people absorb things

► 01:28:09

I think I think you can watch some Netflix if there's not a lot of money they're taking a lot of swings not all of those swings of hit but they've been pretty brave in terms of how much and how would a wide range of content they be willing to take on and maybe that's part of what's driving it and I've been lucky enough to land at like I said before like 0.08 Chris and Lydia they are and they are ethos of you know making content of light has a purpose you know that works towards bettering you know the world is showing people something about the world are you know connecting people and and that's probably been you know the greatest gift that's what brought me an attorney also brought me to Steve you know there's a connection with them so there are people out there that want to use the medium to ya

► 01:29:08

after idealistic suckers out there any other you have to have those people with that D forever and for the subject and they're discussing the subject it's being portrayed yeah yeah and now again more and more we have the outlets to put that on the air have to stick with being an author this it's in a lot of ways it's a wild west now but in a lot of ways that's a good thing always a good thing I mean it's great thing for me it would have been that crazy kind of show

► 01:30:08

I'm out of discussion dope spot away is that wood was not hunting version what's the concept that I want to go to places I want to go and then hang out with people that want to hang out with will you know are you going to shoot out so I don't know maybe maybe not it's something I can't tell you you know we're going to try and it's great to be able to do that and like have that for you to have the freedom to be like well you know six year old heroin addict we're going to do whatever he wants to do in Seattle one I mean I mean who is who smile the show

► 01:31:08

smoking all day and they were there a whole lot whether that was a great episode Seafood in Seattle and all the delicious food I haven't been up there now that was a good episode in those those folks were awesome how to replace my film that and they were like every dream scenario I mean that kids like he looked kind of just to give them a shout out Seattle episode Growers

► 01:32:06

but I know they were awesome they were awesome and like you know it that was all that kid he'd like put together a PDF as family and they were like everything and they were just sitting back laughing you know like counting stacks of money you know and all smoking areas for the new stuff wow good for you guys you know like like way to go out like that isn't that the way you like American entrepreneurship is supposed to work yet or should be at all so lucrative has marijuana sales and then all the sudden it's legal in the state total so we can just do this

► 01:33:06

that episode was not Tony smoking cuz that's legal perfectly you know it was when he handed The Joint to me over the camera that one was a little I think that was a little tough for some folks to swallow it because cuz I'm working

► 01:33:28

Jeezy No never thought of it that way I guess he was so shut up to the Hollingsworth Hollingsworth Farm Hollingsworth I think you know they didn't want the perception that we were just like partying an out-of-control man

► 01:34:04

I think maybe they were elements at seeing someone might have had a problem once again you know as soon as I was fucking cook start coming to the kitchen and points in one add ingredients for air is it not to get not that people just breathing down your neck all the time the same thing with me you know cuz Steve rinella came from the wild within which was a show that's where I met him I met him from that show and I had them on my podcast but that show was a fucking goat rope that he was telling me that they were trying to let animals lose out of cages and he would shoot them early days when they were like them they were like different items in Animal Wrangler and like

► 01:35:04

it's hilarious that a producer actually came up with that idea so I know how to do this how you make TV pulling from the playbook for sure you know I'm eating out of the air quotes do you know what I mean. Was I thought it was like a pretty revolutionary unlike pretty interesting show in a lot of ways there's a lot of Truth in there too you know we did end up going out in just like going on hunts you know it was very high pressure situation you know but also like this is very typical of kind of like the way that television works is like still as we're out in the field they're still get the network a lot of kind of infighting and jostling about what the show actually was is this a you know it's his history is this you know

► 01:36:04

reality is going to subsistence yeah you know I remember at one point someone saying something like well it's not a hunting show you know I'm in the field covered in you know who looks like a hunting show from where I'm standing yeah I think that was what I think that they're very leery of this idea of like a hunting show anyone and shows they have their all hunting and Gathering mean that is like one of them are popular shows on all of these cable channels for these people that live in Alaska and there trapping not what I exploded and I think there's something very different you know when you take like you know when you take like for some reason

► 01:37:04

different reaction then like oh these people live in Alaska it's like watching you know you know and those conditions you know why isn't it acceptable for someone who like bass philosophy in their life give him a chance to explain Brooklyn why would you ever hunt shopping center with you if you enjoy it well Tony address on the show to you remember one of the first times Tony shot a deer. Oh and then they cooked it at that same Guys restaurant exactly they shot a deer and Marco put the blood on Tony's head exactly supposed to do when you get your first kill and then they went and cooked it and it was so there was a lot of that it was so there was one

► 01:38:04

time where he shot a pig at point-blank range with a pistol and I was like wow they put that on TV I mean that was Cajun Country right yeah and

► 01:38:23

I think they eat

► 01:38:26

I think he I think the story goes that he like he goes and he goes up and light in the head and I think it's just this moment of silence on March the crowd like it what did you do it talk about it came up from the crowd was so you know Jesse one's enough for a pig oink range

► 01:39:09

could you use another one

► 01:39:14

I think I've seen a couple picture of a real ugly so double tap is totally acceptable to me because when a pig goes bad it's really it's not pleasant for anyone then yeah well it's also you don't want an animal ever to suffer if you exactly it's still alive for another one in it that's that's always if it's still standing put another one in our suffering and yeah I think that's you know that's like kind of a responsibility on yourself when you decide to hunt like in for me

► 01:39:53

when I made that decision I've been on to hunt now with Steve or shot two deer that was like a very clear kind of aspect of it and I was like well I'm taking responsibility now not only for like this animals life but for this animals pain and suffering and the consequences of my actions you know so I'm not going to be logging off any 750 yard do you know rifle shots because I'm not qualified to do that and it's irresponsible to the animal in the potential suffering that you can cause you know or losing the animal or are you know so you know and I know

► 01:40:34

I guess that all comes from Steve freely you know such strong ethics exactly it became really clear with me just knowing I'm at this guy's that he's got a duck a very very powerful moral compass core set of beliefs that are just non-negotiable again both of them a man Tony is moral compass is rock solid as well you know any mistakes that he made of made in his life I can honestly say he made them with his heart he made them with his moral compass in mind and making his best attempt to to follow that you know and again that you know that was something that was really nice to be around a refreshing to be around you know Brian especially in this world of people with gimmicks trying to become more popular more well-known and he had to put

► 01:41:34

zero effort into that yeah I mean just the base philosophy of the shot when I going to fake anything we're not going to do second takes we're not going to let the one where they were thrown Frozen octopus the water into Sicily episode describes the darkest existential moment of his life you know kicks so they set up the psychic sewer Lake fishing operation psychics in the sea like a psychic someone is going to talk to Tony and be like hey dude what are we going to do I were going to go out in the sidekick would be a local local or an expert in something or fisherman probably in the sky I was not natural so I don't know exactly but

► 01:42:26

you know when you'll be like we're going to go back to this evening you know do you know someone who fishes octopus oh yeah I know you know so we'll go out with them right so but it turned out that they went to like this very crowded Beach you know and I think even in the same time he's like

► 01:42:41

we really catch octopus if there's like people swimming kids with like snorkel mask and it looks above and Izzy's dead octopus like floating in a drifting down to the bottom of the ocean their lobbying am in off the boat and then picking them up as if I know but I think again like most TV shows a do exactly that you know where is the octopus Wrangler be unacceptable way to make it so did you know before she went to the beach and ordered like brownies in a row it was really bummed out about it I saw him 2 weeks later and Tokyo and he was still talking about it but I just I just had the worst thing that ever happened to me

► 01:43:41

you know how the darkest moment of his life of someone throwing frozen octopus of the waters NFL team went against the dog on the show you listen honestly it's a great seeing the greatest Freeman the producer of that is like absolutely brilliant one of the best directors of Summer come true that shouts uh yeah it was funny too but his take on a throne Frozen octopus into the water exactly that's that's the way it was go in and there's none of that man you I mean part of the hustle the show is like being there with the camera that you set up the scene and then you press play and you let it go and what happens happens and I'm sorry if you don't get exact

► 01:44:41

we what you hoped out of it you know but we're not going to interrupt the world we're not going to manipulate and control things that is the difference between really good reality TV light in the word reality TV is so weird like what does that even mean because a lot of these shows they have these loose scenarios and then they go in a scrap them and they redo things they reshoot things that are not reality it's like shity acting with people that they are not trained and they edited with people talking from the camera like I didn't know what Mo was thinking I haven't had a crazy sense of moronic television viewing

► 01:45:41

Usher that's reality TV with what you guys were doing is more documentary television of the convention of Television there of course there is supposed to say like you know like Vietnam doesn't look like that but Vietnam doesn't not look like that you know there is it there is a refinement in a manipulation and what we're doing because we're choosing these location of your choosing to talk to this person we're choosing to shoot it in a certain way that's beautiful where you know it's not exactly the way there's a threshold there's a line which you don't cross and that line is is it in a morally and ethically establish line by Tony and by the crew that says like there's a place at which it becomes unfair the manipulation of reality becomes a manipulation bit is now become unfair to the people who are viewing this the people who are there you know

► 01:46:41

we become self-serving you know and that's the line that we chose never to cross you know we can make it beautiful we can refine it down you know we can edit it we can make it compelling show but it has two it has to exist within under the stair within this certain threshold or else you know what the fuck are we doing a small percentage of people in the business that have that epic incredibly small and it's incredibly powerful to have people backing you and super rare I mean you know we talked about in like the film industry today how rare it is to have true autor Final Cut directors you know there's only a handful of them you know. Control wolf equally in the television industry it's it's that rare to have people that have the kind of power and control to have the luxury of saying you know Hey listen

► 01:47:41

guidelines here and we're not going to cross them you know in and have people you know if you like great go go go make it you know and we were able to do that it seems like it's supposed to be a really good place or something like that dad seems like Netflix to be a really good place for life it seems like that's the that's the best place for like real Freedom don't know how much is real free when they're giving you money anytime someone's giving you money it's always like you got to get out but the real way to do it would be like to produce yourself to do that and I really did not feel completely understood what we were talking about was it his idea. You know again I don't know how the deal came about I assume so because I think it came it came in just after that transfer of power so did he have other places where is thinking

► 01:48:41

sightseeing and again I don't know man I don't know I mean you know was really successful show in its own right at that point so I'm sure it would have gone somewhere but that was assumed it was just so who brought it in and that was like a such a brilliant move perfect marriage in a perfect marriage Lee perfect move for Sienna Perfect movie for us Jantzen on these unscripted television show sees the app non-news show you seen United shades of America super super nice guy episode with him and Kanye West Tony which will be the premiere of this upcoming season you know so how many episodes have you guys done that haven't aired yet well I think we'll have 7 in this next season that's the only one of those seven that was actually completed with Tony's

► 01:49:41

narration narration the rest of them are uncomplete and in that respect and you know we were again we've been kind of fighting through editing those over the last few months and trying to figure out ways to you know to do this without completely gutting you know in the next couple specials in there like you know talking to the crew and stuff like that you know so it's going to be a pretty profound see you then

► 01:50:16

so once you're done with that you just start looking at new projects and different things to do and I have a couple like assignments already some projects I'm like pretty excited about you know I just don't know that this officially been announced yet so you know but there's good stuff out there and then you know one nice thing and all of this incredibly difficult time is a lot of people have come to us and said like listen we were always believed in what you guys did and I would like you to continue doing and there's a project we have that we think you know so

► 01:50:56

hopefully we can continue to make things with the same kind of looks like we can well it seems like the success of the show and then the infectious

► 01:51:07

enthusiasm that Tony had and that you know so many people are fans of the show had for that style of Television it's just going to lead to more more people taking more chances and doing things like that I hope so you know I think so I think it's getting better you know there will never be another Tony you won't find that you know and I think that's something that people have to be aware of going for your not going to copy that we saw Gordon Ramsay show with him traveling and people immediately to start shitting all over him from everything I understand it's just like a really good guy on the show Kitchen Nightmares show people that are just as far as I know

► 01:52:07

I might Guy Fieri to he was nice but you sure it's on everybody do you need to shut up Martha Raye too I don't know all the time it did when he did the show with the Queens of the Stone Age and one of the guys had a 69 Camaro and a shot that that was that was a bad car because it's a classic cuz it's got ya style points totally but I would suggest a Tony that he might want to pick up the Lamborghini because of the traction control problems

► 01:53:07

a big problems in the Camaro I'm sure as most people would ya got to learn how to drive when it was hot rod man yeah I'm glad you reached out by when we decide to get together and talk you know give a lot of people inside to what it was like to work with one of my heroes yeah me too

► 01:53:31

definitely my girl alright thanks brother appreciate it man thank you

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