#1174 - Vinnie Paz

The Joe Rogan Experience #1174 - Vinnie Paz

September 26, 2018

Vinnie Paz is a rapper and the lyricist behind the Philadelphia underground hip hop group Jedi Mind Tricks. He is also the frontman of the hip hop supergroup Army of the Pharaohs.

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Vinnie Paz

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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if it don't fuk up I don't trust it. My father my father used to say if someone doesn't say the word fuck or if their name is an initial don't trust them yeah but you never know it's like it's on a hard fast rule there all the time it's freaking this and I never heard that one in the mother fucker yeah I wasn't happy about shut the front door South Philly family so it's like a fucking Richard Pryor Seven Fishes on Christmas Eve is like a Teddy Atlas

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I don't tell you that I've seen you know animated TV show what the frick what the frick is nuts now you know why doesn't swear Henry Rollins does not swear I mean I feel like that happened in the second half of his life not so much yeah I think he's trying to get any more mainstream but he's trying to eliminate the noise sure what he's doing a little snag here is Jordan Peterson Shapiro Henry Rollins than this dude I love you music

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how about fuk up for the show so I don't know anybody who's the artist who doesn't fuck things up like if you're if you're really create something about being like legitimately creative there has to be something wrong with little differently yeah so what will people receive his fucking off isn't to us so technically it's a fuck up but in reality just Behavior or is this how it works I shouldn't traits in human resources does no way yeah but before that I probably put a bullet through cuz I was going to chill going to give it some people can do it though some people is not a problem I knew from such an early age now I'm not why this way you know I'm saying yeah me too I was terrified of getting a job when I was a child

► 00:09:23

yeah it's fearful but now what you've done no man it's I've told you how much of a fan of that I'm such a fan of how punk rock you've built all of this outside

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what you expected to do this show is a fuck you really it's just what it is you know what I mean this is the this is what happens when you don't calculate what does no Kathy just do what you want to do is what happen when people don't have the balls to do that it's it's a little bit balls it's a little bit Fear Factor gave me a lot of Financial Freedom sure that was that what that help too short when did little bit of Fear Factor did way more just gave you gave me enough money so I gotta okay the money part I got ya so now let's just have some fun sure but look what is be gone that's the weird part that that wasn't that was anticipated it wasn't part of the plan it was just supposed to be smoking weed and having a good time while you're not aware until you're aware until people say yo you've helped me through tough times this show is got you don't like people tell me about your show you like that guy gets me through tough times you know and that's what's more important than that what people need friends

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I need they need community and one of the things that this show has shown by having all my friends on all the times like this is a tight group of people that love each other and care about each other and want to promote that way of thinking being that you can do that you can get this back stabby bullshit that people get involved in that is so detrimental to you to them to everyone to the sense of community that you create around each other a clip of yours went viral you talking about just get the fuck out keep negative people don't walk away from me and I had that around me and it was draining my spirit you know the worst thing when you're living a certain way and everything is fast single comedy and you're on the road you're grinding it out you can always analyze that you can always step back and say this is why things are fucked up

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there's cancer is it in my life that they're basically they are emotional Barnacles you know what I mean there and then once you once you cut the cancer out you see how different things become and it's it's kind of

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I didn't realize it was that easy you can do it you can do it it's a good lesson for them to be cast of siding for them if they're smart or if they have some awareness or some objectivity going to look at themselves and say you know what I'm a fucking mess yeah I got negative all the time and people don't want to be around I was real negative when I was young so was I yeah it's it's it's not something that's insurmountable you can get over it yeah and and it's not a smiling and I have the balls to be complaining about your work and not getting enough sleep you just have to assess that and say that this isn't the way

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I should be thinking of processing information because

► 00:12:55

we're blessed yeah to do what we do you know what I mean you make people laugh bro I know there's also there's a balance that you can achieve between discipline and the creative people that were talking about like yourself or just off you know hand tattoos Wacky Show something about you up the balance between that and then real discipline people like you know I'm fucking Navy SEAL type cats yet you learn from them too sure on you go will that you can incorporate some of that into your life as well and it helps balance out all the the wacky creative aspects of it and it makes you a little bit more productive little bit happier the Dead Presidents Song discipline makes things easier to great fucking son is a great song because it it's real it really does disciplined makes things easier

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when I am I feel most of course you know because of how you live but your body feeds into your how your mind works too when you when I'm bored when I was talking about that those horrible negative years was also dictated by terrible diet terrible as you know not that I'm in great shape or anything now that I've changed things and I felt it up here you know what I mean that's why people don't think you feel it in your brain I feel like a different person they have after I Spar a little bit or whatever it is feel different but again like you said it's discipline I you know it's you know my mother's making gravy and meatballs it's it's hard to say goodbye I know settle down

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sure once we go just go Whole Hog you know Italian word Chilean Jersey right now really New York it's like it's not Manhattan yeah gravy's New Jersey New Jersey like old school Italian soprano style yeah that's that's gravy Phillies gravy it is good it's weird like if you go to it but it's a different kind of food it's Italian Americans

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some shit in front of you that you don't know what it is Italian food in Italy have you sound of your in city if you know you know it's it's it's

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yeah it's it is odd it's it was culture shock just to think of what I've been eating for my mother's food and grandparents and you know what I mean they're just different my grandmother was fresh off the boat and cheese to cook everything from scratch tomato sauce from scratch everything to Pasta she would roll a pasta herself everything should make her own bread to do everything everything from scratch the bread wasn't all we did was the bread was occasional because a lot of times it was a when they lived in New Jersey there was a store that they would go to a bread place that you would go and buy fresh bread basically every couple days sure and then we go bad like within hours cuz it was real bread and it was sitting on the kitchen table for like a few hours I left and went by you still soft as fuck cuz it's all filled with chemical and everything is everything it's like when you realize

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people are just not right with that I'm not sure that that's that should be there by 5 I'm read that I read about fluoride in the drinking water like the pros and cons the pros don't make any sense not to me but brush your fucking teeth bitch like I use toothpaste do you know when did you get into all the conspiracy theories that's when you got to Wade through all the bullshit like okay it was a Nazi plot to soften mines and why is it or is it just like I just got a lot of Florida trying to sell and they got should serve the deal with the government and dump it into the water problem

► 00:18:07

the more ridiculous the theories the better it is for them because that it seems more ridiculous and that you're alone yeah and Oh you mean they like the government but whoever the fluoride bags of Florida showing the more ridiculous things seen it and Nala faiz some more realistic things like when they're pumping in the steroids and white like for me when we were younger bro white girls didn't answer to this day just lazy Jim guy going on with food is not steroids most what's going on

► 00:19:07

Alex because they're getting sick from eating corn if you great documentary huge issues and all that corn a natural thing for them but it's really that's interesting I always start the chemically speaking that that's what was being pumped into everything in Mexico they still do it that's how can I play Legend Lee air-cooled allegedly is the jio know I train a Mexican someone recently said I must I don't see if they ever find out and said yeah I eat it and it's got clan in it and they're like then why did you get Papi's I cuz I don't inject it

► 00:20:06

yeah without a doubt there's some Shenanigans going on in all Combat Sports and all professional sports involve of course being able to yeah he's mad he's a treasure and you know teddy bear teddy was a good man yeah you know what I mean that's where you got that slice of the Jordan Peterson but I mean it's I'm at all of that guy scary smart

► 00:21:06

I would I would I would just crumble trying to have a conversation because you would catch up that's what happened on the company's later my friend if you are around a certain caliber thinker than your vibration sort of matches their vibration when your around people that are way smarter than you you realize like a shortcut to thinking that I'm taking and then there's some of the pitfalls in the way I analyze things and these people don't have those things in my vocabulary stunted maybe I can increase my vocabulary and we should start reading more into things and it just would most people it's the same thing as with Fitness it's amount of how much time you put in for how long and that's the same thing with your intellect it's the same thing with your emotional stability is how much energy and effort and focus have you put into it and for how long

► 00:22:04

you're naturally going to fall into a line of thinking word it's just I can't see that guy being rattled I watch the Bates and he's just he's so confident and what he

► 00:22:25

bleeps yeah you know what I'm saying I thought things through a silly person it's crazy you know it sounds it's humbling to watch someone like him it's got it together and has that level of understanding because I spend a lot of my life trying to get to that level understanding show to watch someone that's there it's like it's just humbling I'm just curious where he's going to go because him being known as relatively new now it's a new thing it is really really hasn't existed over the last decade or so and now there's because of you two been podcast things on the line

► 00:23:25

popular means he's selling out places were fucking Iron Maiden place it's a little bit mean absolutely it's crazy and talks about a place when madein would sell out someone will go talk to a modern-day philosophers yeah I wouldn't believe that because it's really no vegetables at all nothing salt and meat and water glass of cider and he couldn't sleep for 24 days think he's he's not okay

► 00:24:04

peace peace eccentric like in in in a heavy way it says it's a burden being that guy's a burden and I don't mean that in a negative or derogatory what I mean to be that smart and now the death of people who are the most sad and broken and I know too much about the dumbest people I know he is a fucking it's simple people like this next level but even if he or she just being a Rita or reading Kafka and in Salinger is becoming aware of certain things you realize

► 00:24:56

certain times rehabilitations are always the greatest things but I used to say that to that to kids when I was coaching them when I was coaching martial arts I would say you're scared because you're smart yes these people around you that aren't scared stupid they don't understand the possibilities are of the dangers and all the variables but the reason why you're scared is because you're smart everything my life exist around fear it's not good it's not healthy I'm not healthy mentally because of it and I don't know how to shake that butt is what kind of beer

► 00:25:36

my father died when I was 10 so I have the like missing my mom's my best friend you know and she's from 72 now so like just everyday is worried about her in every way that it's not even driven by anything the dragon or it's like she's sick she's the best 70 to listen to Jay Z and she sing along videos no problem it's fear of not having fear of the unknown unknown I love this all ends I've been so I don't know how to do anything

► 00:26:35

mechanics too because it like fuck what if there's no more cars what are these electric cars come on I don't know how to work a computer everything's going to be computer-controlled mean to the people visit but could think about the poor bastard got this i got this forever Michael Blockbuster is not living in a box somewhere there's a way to make do you get through whatever made you a successful rapper you could be successful at anything I don't want to be a successful I don't want to either I don't want the fear of not being able to continue the way I can send you

► 00:27:35

the fan how you let you do what you want essentially yeah even though we love it it's still work and I think we both have people in our lives that don't get that people hit you up the day of the show is a disconnect dad with people that don't live in that world that they think everything we do is a party that you got to love it but you also have to have the discipline to get to work. Of course you know of course but I have a problem with people that don't understand that there is discipline involve they practice does not we got lucky we didn't

► 00:28:28

what we did and we didn't we did get lucky we might be seeing something created this little bit of that for sure would like to live in America with short o Piya sure but then there's also you have to put in the work and you have to figure it out it's a puzzle to open-ended puzzle you you make what you make it into something but you did it you did it you started you got your shot and you took it and had the balls to run with that shot some people fumble the ball a lot of fun boys out there you just get back up I figure out why your phone but I fumbled but I knew that I had to get back up these people from fumble the ball and then go into woe is me and get away with me the weekend is out to get me I can't catch a break this doesn't and that's all I can say all but a lot of it is self-inflicted look at it that way but they should look at it okay

► 00:29:28

how to do it I learned everything that happens if your not it's you you have to be able to look it's adapted I like what blockbuster right so adapter. Everything's changing you know what I mean this podcast is bigger than shows on terrestrial radio if you told me that back when I was listening to Star and I would I want and talking about podcast what is a podcast how big could that be in your bigger than radio. When I did it too when I first started doing it I never thought it was going to be I thought it was just a goof I was doing it for fun but yeah and it but you you change culture you shifted culture and how people communicate with this show I mean you should be very proud of that man if you're not already I don't think about it

► 00:30:28

I think if you think about it you'll the trip over your own feet give me the best compliment ever a piece of garbage you better off that way we don't have a problem with what you were saying about your fear of it all going away I think that fear is what makes you show up but the studio 10 minutes early that fear is what makes get out that notebook and start writing that fears what makes you sit alone thinking about how you going to structure this or you know right you're next. That's that's a successful rapper or comedian successful that you just got no worries anymore that's bullshit have more worries now that I've ever had in my life I have way more I think about it all the time now and not look at the worries I had them in their laughable used to bother me

► 00:31:28

back to the first day starting over from scratch knowing what you know now how much better you a big right I can't even imagine in the future as of now that's heavy I have a problem with living in the moment I'm always thinking about the ramifications of that moment while the moment is happening and it's it's it's it's detrimental to my mental health to send that way you know I mean I know I can't I see people live in the moment I see people that just are able to to let them watch over them and I'm envious of that because everything is over analyzing and every way possible

► 00:32:24

and it eats at me you know but I think that that's one of the reasons why you lyrics are so good it's like a person has that sort of the overanalyzing aspect of you is also it makes you go over all the details and find better Hooks and find a better way to phrase things and yes is like you can't be complacent you just can't I just wish I could just only exist in that plant I don't think it works man everybody that I talk to the success was the same way throughout a mess as Captain fucking you just got to not give a fuck and keep pressing forward and the know that this is just part of who you are I mean look at all these peanut I'm saying all crazy ass, that's ever lived on crazy as fuck that shit crazy

► 00:33:24

you look at you know whether it's Bill Hicks whether it's Lily whoever you know what I mean Henderson first and she's bad she's not just batshit she got in a car accident he she had severe brain damage she's on all sorts of medication she has multiple personality disorder she's drinking she's on Ambien and she's 7 years old what the fuck do you want right now and she's batshit crazy. You know if you're going political disc might want to reevaluate your life so it's not awkward

► 00:34:24

that's also why she's so funny you know if you go back and watch Roseanne in the early days it was a great show and her stand up before even before I put her in the top 20 of all time sharing that really liked what she was just as Brash I don't give a fuck she's like a man feel like like a world-class stand up I mean I remember when that show came on just seeing that house I have never seen a house like that on television before you know what I mean yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah a little bit like closer but it's when people are batshit crazy and someone reacts to that with can not confusion with contempt on my

► 00:35:24

stand up batshit crazy and it's part of why they got to where they're at don't don't you know what time it it it it just seems strange to me that now you're blown away she's been saying batshit crazy shit for a long time I think it's also part of this new culture that we have and where people just find a Target in the attack of course it's like if you have if there's any sort of weakness like if you have chickens in one chicken gets sick that's what that pecking order thing is shrimp chicken doesn't feel good either chicken to make moral judgment on this chicken it happens with dogs and how it's a it's an animal thing in human beings we have to if we could be real if we're going to if we're going to be compassionate really going to be compassionate

► 00:36:24

try to engineer a better culture in a better Community stop doing that talk to her on the phone just me and her she did not know that she was just cracking a joke fucked up on Ambien and drinking and smoking weed all night and but if no one cares what her intent was here's my issue with the the modern the modern left is is the Big Talk compassion put that up they counts it's I feel like a man with no country now cuz I don't I don't the modern left isn't something that I gravitate towards and neither is the right and when I was growing up and listen to Public Enemy

► 00:37:24

you know what the end that left of it change it changed and I didn't yeah yeah yeah and you and you have these people

► 00:37:39

I don't know where I'm at I stand anymore man well I think there's this rationale left-leaning people that are against discrimination and for welfare and for that was on welfare when I was a kid if people say that I shouldn't be on welfare but what the fuck man my parents were we had food stamps do you want to tell me that that doesn't help that fed me so how could I ever go against that when I was a part of my childhood like this did all these things that people want to associate with being you know like wood to a left or right cuz I think they're just a gigantic problem people being tribal since I've been alive I haven't seen never seen it like this before I think we know why but what's facilitated by Trump but it's also by the ability to communicate instantaneously of course

► 00:38:39

found any consideration you can just tweet something or make a YouTube video about something instantaneously sure Roseanne's ability to tweet that cost millions of dollars Frozen without Roseanne three episodes that's like Flavor free diet coke

► 00:39:15

it's Diet Coke but without the flavor what it's true it's just the ability for anyone right or wrong to be able to say something right then where you would have you know if it if you're doing Fear Factor in the Rolling Stone interview you there's a process and and they're sitting there a journalist Bryant it's not used any of these organizations like if they were tyrannical if they did have an agenda if they were trying to smear

► 00:40:15

takes a backseat to because now they have to get clicks like these people real journalist are fighting for their lives because these Publications is totally dead it's been kind of busy, that's scary that that that the corporations can decide what we are able to hear friends and they were talking about whether or not things like YouTube or Twitter or Instagram should be regulated like utilities where anybody can use it the right to get the power like if you have if you have a house you have the right to you pay your money you get your power turned on it's a utility yes maybe a channel like that whether it's YouTube or whether it's

► 00:41:15

Twitter maybe a channel should be treated like a utility but then the question is like what is it exactly that is good enough to get you kicked off cuz I've seen some horrible shit people read or are written rather on Twitter that and they're still on people say much water should a big thing was the Sandy Hook and it was that the Sandy Hook thing was he said that he thought that it was fake he's since disavowed that yeah but they don't care if you just about things it's like they have this thing on you now you said that the kids didn't die they definitely did let's get ready but are you saying that people aren't allowed to make mistakes are you saying the people aren't allowed to evolve to thinking are you saying that people aren't allowed to say things that are wrong because a lot of people say things in a wrong but is it only things are wrong about children like where it what's the difference

► 00:42:15

I don't know who's the one drawing these people that either are the CEOs or the stockholders or do you know the cfo's whoever it is in the meeting it's dictating these standards they're deciding if these are gigantic corporations that we were just talking about this I don't think they ever anticipated this I think when they made Twitter they thought of Jamie saying it was a fun way to like tell your friends you know that you know Vinny Paz and Joe Rogan go to the movies and that's what you would do that's what I was just at the mall and then people start using as a platform for will Sam Harris has been tweeting to Jack he's been trying to get Jack to ban Trump case I clip he's like he's clearly violating your standards of practice doing that and he's like

► 00:43:15

don't need to deal with this in my life I mean you don't want to do that right now maybe when he gets impeached is batshit crazy yes! Yes that's like my that's my favorite thing if we get through this without getting blown up we're going to look back and laugh at the Trump days they're going to be fun I don't know how long were into his presidency when I walked by the TV and hear someone say President Trump I still have a little chocolate

► 00:43:59

you know it's a specialist exactly two years ago and during that special I was like we are that close to President Trump at people laugh at like hahaha whatever happy knowing that there was zero chance yeah I thought it was more of a liability than anything but the thing is this people in Middle America just don't feel represented they feel disrespected you I saw Jordan Peterson say something in this interview and it made me think because obviously was joking right now and the joke about him is out dummy isn't in Jordan Peterson said the bit the reason he's in a

► 00:44:59

the biggest mistake Americans have made is under estimating him and thinking he's dumb you know what I mean he just does dumb shit yes and he's definitely an eagle Maniac I think he has narcissistic personality disorder and that's the but that doesn't mean you're stupid you know what I mean but he

► 00:45:20

she took advantage of exactly what you said there's a big portion of this country you've been there I've been that is where you're a nice guy I'm an East Coast guy now that we're both on the west coast because of what we do these are the world we know my father used to say if you don't live near the coast you a retard I have to call in the more than half the country hates me I don't believe you when you go through the middle of the country on tour and you meet people you see one like this before not a good way or a bad way I just got around them probably feel like no one has ever spoken for me you know what I mean even if a dimwit does that's better than no one speaking for me and someone just calling them fly over station disrespect them

► 00:46:20

that way you don't want to I don't want to go there but it's being where you're from every one of these goes very proud of that fact everyone the West right proud of that fact you don't and you know I don't I don't I don't know any way out walking so you know I don't know it's just not even say and it's being an ignorant that until I saw the world not the country the world and and being on different continents it's it changes you think manage and you know what the thing you were talking about with diet and discipline like you know these people run walk walk everywhere rockin everywhere right bikes everywhere McDonald's is eating like once a year is a crazy

► 00:47:20

my son lives overseas and you know McDonald's like three times

► 00:47:26

is life you know it little kids yeah it's like everyday mommy chicken McNuggets people over there who didn't know what autism was they never heard of it

► 00:47:44

legitimately like what is that and I had to explain it and that shit got me thinking too it's like okay well why why is that why is that not happening there

► 00:47:56

what could be the reason autism autism autism autism autism are you looking at me like I buy can crafted by Buddy it all but you know it's it's more common I think now than ever before but did the question is whether it's more, because it's more diagnosed or whether it's more common because there's more incidence of it there's a lot of questions as to why one of the big ones is apparently older people having kid people waiting and putting off the children and apparently is a big risk for older men older men a lot of times have autistic kids I have more than a couple friends with autistic children me too and I just

► 00:48:57

do you remember when we were young and I think I like the first time I even was a movie about it I don't think they made it up for the movie is a chemical is it is it is it things a bunch of factors I think undiagnosed is one of them I think also the ability to exchange information now allows you to be aware of it much quicker Because the Internet because people you don't text and tweet and do the things on phones now you hear conversations about autism and all these different things you don't hear about before and then I think it's entirely possible that well first of all there's definitely more people now than ever before so because of more people going to have more incidences of all sorts of diseases cancer whatever then the question is is it more per capita or is it

► 00:49:57

more. Because there's more people know that I don't know the answer so basically I'll be sitting here talking to you and I'll just my my mind my mind body and soul remove it's over my body I feel like I'm floating down over my body I look at my hands and they won't feel like mine you smoke weed no that's the problem walking take that deer head and put it through my ear I would lose my shit and how weed has helped so many people and then you can help me

► 00:50:48

it makes me but I smoke when I was young and what happened was something triggers DVD and people it's you know what the VA traumatic event it could be PTSD you don't understand gun to my head I would say it was my fault but it didn't happen right away my shit and for about 18 months I know I thought I was in purgatory how old are you 14 I'm definitely not into having whatever those might be wow and this is so this is back then there is no Twitter I didn't even know what it was

► 00:51:48

I had to close my eyes and I'll open up and not know where I'm at

► 00:51:52

no clue where I'm at and I feel like I'm floating outside of my body you know when you would hear the stories of people dying in and out of body experience that experience once I took Salvia I was like I was I was I was over here like floating above my pulsating where you staying by myself would you Sanford Elizabeth I'm coming to see it I want to hear those those drug stories where a guy gets fucked up for like a couple of days they didn't sleep and he was fucked up for a year

► 00:52:39

no that's what it was like it was like 18 months of my life and how do you tell your Italian mother that you can't you got to keep your mouth shut when you come from that culture man like my family old school times at the depressed I'm diagnosed if you did I take medication for it if that's still isn't enough for these people it's the Shake It Off by the status of Joey Diaz called immigrant mentality mentality again if it's not tangible they don't believe in it right if I broke my leg that woman would do everything for me if I'm in the middle of a fucking break

► 00:53:39

down and she's no one has been more supportive of me and that's what do you think I got to get a job and she was like do you like that's what you want that's amazing but you don't don't bullshit draft should looks good in a video but you got to work front you know what I mean and it's the mentality but it helps when you have relatives that didn't have shit and you know they're dressed in potato sacks you go yo

► 00:54:38

can let him down because

► 00:54:42

I carry his name I don't want to embarrass him I don't want to embarrass my mother I want her to be proud you know and that drives

► 00:54:52

everything man like I'm getting choked up talking about it because it's like

► 00:54:57

I do everything for her and my son and then when you're driven by that doesn't have to be a mom again it's what you do to my something that you care about it changes everything man that we have people in Industries in at a Ministry that just have this fucking sense of entitlement it's it's played I know you know comics with fucking sense since I don't know when they're when you go backstage Ike I know from how you are that you shake everyone's hand say how you doing thank you when they bring you something please thank you and crazy when they don't do that at waiters and waitresses and they don't tip tip well the bill was

► 00:55:44

130 in the bar and I gave them 2:30 and the guy like chase me into stop the people are shooting on you or I'll even a dolla or maybe not even that and you know when you really appreciate them when you go overseas and they don't get tips and the service was terrible awful awful today don't want to go sit at the we don't include a chair but if you want you can leave and I said listen baby I'm going to leave you

► 00:56:44

if there's a place in America it's yo I've been doing is 15 years no one's ever addressed me and I'm like that's awful 8 and I'm sorry for that but it's not going to be for me it'll get to bring the towels for the stage hey thank you thank you so much for having us I appreciate you I hope we did good I hope yeah because I think that goes a long way in life you know

► 00:57:44

you know I got was talking to a promoter the other day I was telling me about some guy was an asshole and it's like yelling at the sound guy at the soundcheck and yelling at the promoter made them fly to New York to search for something because the sound wasn't right or he wasn't happy with something and shaking their head and then every chance they get they going to tell everybody else of course and if he's popular right now when he starts to win people in that reciprocated like maybe he did 5,000 people last time this time it is

► 00:58:44

raised well it's also you got an opportunity when you interact with people like if you working with someone and you guys doing something together you got an opportunity to just put smiles on faces and they they put smiles on other people's faces because of that everybody smile and then you got a nice trip from you I feel drained it drains the shit out of me I don't feel good and I realize I treat people the way that they deserve to be treated everything changes the energy in the room changes they might bring you if you have on your Rider is two bottles of Grey Goose

► 00:59:39

it's just I'm not even saying it's a big deal just little shit you know it makes their day just by us being polite instead of the guy that they had the last night 60 he fucking Listen to I've got a price by me you don't give a fuck you

► 01:00:39

mentality with a lot of people adopt that when they become successful they want to be a prick they want they want to let everybody know they want to be that guy who yells Rex hotel rooms but I can't I don't understand it I understand it and it's just they waited for so long to make it now they finally make it they want everybody suck their dick. But do you think that things like that can be controlled by upbringing smash something in the inventory and there's no sleep so you talk to every one of those kids you sign every autograph and you take every picture I'm going upside your head with a wooden spoon in The Wooden Spoon still has the

► 01:01:39

and it's still the one she started the gravy with but it's still cracked but she said she said you are here for a reason and these people look up to you and these people respect you and you do your best to

► 01:01:54

could not just continue that but to have them think you're a better person than they already do because that's going to trickle down and then maybe they'll treat people better you said it all of this is all this energy travels man it does you know if someone's in here right now just accept their decision they made it to me how about just give me a baby mother fucker some of these people I know that's not even it's it's me you didn't give him a break you didn't let them on the show yeah maybe your attitude it's also our responsibility to castles people aside as a lesson

► 01:02:54

when you hit a certain age some people you have some time to talk about like to good use of your time yeah you're not going to fix a 45 year old guy who complains everyday patterns are you at the break twenties and shit I was just selfish I got a crazy I just may be the one that's still my wife and I had to make a conscious effort to evolve to evolve and brake pad

► 01:03:54

what part of gross you know and that's one of the reasons why it's important be around people that are also doing the same kind of thing you feed off of the address you want to be negative as well and you don't feel the need to break that cycle because you're around motherfuckers they're thinking like that too so he comes this misery you know what I'm saying in life is just being in a bunch of different places and understanding that where you grew up is just one part of the world yes the world is this massive player I just got back from Thailand in the summer

► 01:04:42

I've never been around so many friendly people write friendly nice smiling people that I think they called the land of the smile or land of a thousand Smiles or some silly scents beautiful but that's what it's like when you're over there people are just so friendly and I was like wow okay if you grew up here something about whatever momentum did these people develop in their culture their cultures like smiling friendly to each other likes this is this is just the what divided the way they do it but if you around some real agrosuper shity insulting aggressive culture than that would be what you had to dab to the most hostile city in America by Time Magazine very smart people who will punch you

► 01:05:42

Phillies a sophisticated City it's a real City but they're all their hard people are hard people their world of famous building. Myra and then Bill Burr one yes I'm working with dom tonight at the map I just saw him on the the Bruce Willis roast and he's 5 years

► 01:06:42

these people off the kind of hard for me to cut him off and then go like I told you that's what's happening now but I still it's a teasing me I feel bad like I should be like it's a savior complex you know what I'm saying I don't want anyone to be fucked up man and I have a hard time being like you know this person is detrimental and they there is fucked up with them being in my life but when it's time to cut them off I still feel like I am I being a shity person that's what they want you to think they don't take care of themselves to take care of yourself take care of you I mean you got at least want to I'll help you if you want to but if you're not taking care of yourself you want me to do it for you hey hey you got to get your own shit together first yeah please get make an attempt

► 01:07:42

you can't just ask everybody to carry your bags like come on they want you to carry their emotional bags it's not all the time and again like I said if there's no there's no introspection there's no well maybe this many years and all of this should happen to me baby it's me and you can't see that I feel like I don't know man I'm calling people lost cause it seems very dark in Granbury I think they exist well I think you probably have this attitude because your dad died when you were young and you were left alone yeah you know and I have a lot of that because my father and my mother split up and I was really young I haven't seen my dad since I was 7 so some sort of thing you'd be feel abandoned and so you don't want to leave anybody behind so I was rescued stray dogs and feral cats and looking crazy friends and my whole life has been like that are you making in The Misfits

► 01:08:42

past surgeries they told him stop smoking stop doing this stop doing brother bring cigarettes to the hospital to the bathroom and made a choice not to live for 11 and 12 years old so they got them for they were 21 and 22 you don't remember his voice you know what I mean in that shit weighs heavy because it's like that he not love me enough to live for me you know and those things manifest themselves in different ways as you get older you don't even know you're not to know what's crazy it's a gift in some ways and they give the kid is that you have this energy that comes from this lack lack of something in your life you are young I mean this is something I struggle with with my kids I try to keep my kids everything always give him love always

► 01:09:42

are all my friends that are interesting came from fucked-up childhood's all my favorite friends right on my favorite friends of life was chaos when they were growing up and if they became these really interesting people I hate that that's what created us but you're right I mean your favor friends I mean all of them all of them he came from a home in the suburbs of Connecticut anyone like that pressure creates diamonds

► 01:10:24

you know I wonder like how much of that stuff haunts me and create you know like you know your parents splitting and being 7 like how many of the. Things that go on in your head now relay back to that and you're not even aware because I might as well complicated that's a lot of it till I was 30 and then when I started doing it then I start thinking about all sorts of different patterns of angry all the time I think a lot of it came from this resentment of being abandoned when I was young are we stop fucking super. Thank you but some of that stuff I was that was also like just a few years after I was done fighting like I was a different person I guess I had a different mind Shore and that's a very strange transition between

► 01:11:24

competition and then stand up comedy it's just a very different kind of mindset of a little bit too much combat with me and and sometimes when you don't know what you're fighting it's worth it's worse because you want this needs to this energy needs to be channeled and I and how can it be a grown up and you went batshit on the Mike went really dark with it and I've done that too but for us to be worried about that when I was young I used to worry about being my idea was that if I became somehow you know are quote enlightened right I wouldn't be funny anymore cuz all the funny people act up

► 01:12:24

I mean historically you look at Hendrix look at you know what I mean look at it look in the books Morrison Janis Joplin I thought a drink just a little bit of Tiffany I woke up one day and then cold turkey that little bit you know what I mean just loosen up alone every night 7 days a week that's a lovebird

► 01:13:20

I know that he's got a bottle and he's listening to love the October we're trying to figure out the bet he's got some great idea instead of yoga classes there's some application that you are you in on this money on this price is going to crap you don't believe me. Are you

► 01:14:20

that's okay so this is what the fuck this thing is it is a it's some sort of a heart rate application was it called my zone so it's at you wear this thing around your chest and it registers on a nap and gives you points for the amount of work you do and Tom suggested that we try to achieve some ridiculous amount of points for the month however I was like 40,000 points or some shit this is it I forget what the number to Tom said but we're going to have to agree on this number and what it would basically means you got to work out almost an hour and a half every single fucking day of the month

► 01:15:05

or no off days I'll be all right I'll figure out different shit to do so I'll run Hills I'll kick box I'll do little Jujitsu I'll do the pike long before I die will you work out right I know you do a boxing ring I got wrapped money I did the dumb thing and turn into a fat pig you know so late the past maybe years a couple years maybe 18 months I'm back just regular hitting the bag in the bag, Skip and roll yeah I like to post on Canelo Alvarez and Triple G to the Casual boxing fans are the worst

► 01:16:05

casual boxing fans

► 01:16:22

yeah, how come you can be a soccer fan be can't be a boxing fan I don't know man how come you can be a basketball fan the hostility is there it's a stupid conflict between MMA and boxing I think it's stupid it's it's it's a deal to a lot of people you know what I mean that's so stupid because so many MMA fighters learn from boxer boxing trainers wear Mac Danzig is one of the rare vegans that competed successfully for a long period of Time anime when the rare ones Yaks flea and made sure that the proper foods and fatty acids and all those different things I couldn't do it in his mind as an ethical choice I know there's a lot of

► 01:17:22

was it a vegetarian to do really well like Jake Shields he's a vegetarian but eats eggs you know and milk and cheese and things along those lines but yeah I do yeah yeah yeah but how did you like how do you learn that process of learn from people that know what they're doing but Steve rinella is a good friend of mine took me for the first time on the television show okay it's the first television but but what it is to me it's like I saw somebody PETA videos I saw some of those factory farming videos when you don't want to be a part of that me too so I was either going to be a vegetarian which I tried to be when I was fighting to I was trying to stay at a lower weight class and I was a vegetarian for a while and I felt like shit and then probably was doing it wrong if your

► 01:18:22

scream at your keyboard right now you know that's what they're doing right now but when I start eating meat again I went up away class that's much better I just my body's reacts better with meet me too I tried it to you know what I mean I just found that you know making smart decisions forget vegan vegetarian on me. I just making smart decisions front and I to decide you know what I mean was

► 01:18:57

was the all the difference in the world for me and like I said someone who works out as much as you do what you feel better you just do you feel better when you were in competition though it's like if there's more at stake cuz it's not just about feeling better like you have you have an obligation to your brain to your body into your water to perform at your best I need a life you know what I mean if your cuz there's tons of wrong ways to do shit you know we know that diuretics all of that you coming do you know malnourished and someone hits like a fucking mule man oh that's no joke no joke I mean if you anyway thanks you play boxing watch Canelo Alvarez vs you know anybody where he like watch watch any like real

► 01:19:57

vicious knockout of someone's licking salt off the candy and Julian Jackson would you separate people from the from the from Julian Jackson was a murderer and Canelo Alvarez right hand this is good Lord that was one of those fights but I know so much bigger than him too so much bigger is a blown up Welter but he just separated it's over his body right there just fucking hammer time I was one of the interesting things in you put this on your Instagram about the first Triple G fight

► 01:20:57

you see his eyes like oh my goodness I mean you're used to taking people out well that's where a guy like Paulie malignaggi has a slight Advantage if he's very rarely not anybody else is used to hitting people and keep it going just out do you know he just be just part but the job was to draw just to draw him down then came over the top of the right hand but you're beautiful stuff and I had a podcast I watch the Triple G Canelo fight again I didn't cuz what the kids were running around screaming at 9 a.m.

► 01:21:57

you know I think Triple G came on real strong for sending that makes you want 15 round 5 is what a man is it does that do chemists off with Ray I think like a lot of that shit was because of the 15 rounds you know what I mean so cuz I'm coming back there and no IVs what you mean Dae Williams I mean in any professional fight in combat Sports you see them gas in the second you know Larry Holmes at 10:15 it's crazy and I had your energy to write of course of course I mean when you come out in the first couple and you just letting shots fly when your gas in the middle of that's not a shock yeah yeah that's

► 01:22:57

it can work but when it doesn't work it fucked exactly you know your ability your ring I kill you you're going to risk it says it's a heavy rested throw all your artillery of someone in the first round so you know I love all Combat Sports but one of the things that about boxing is it's a combat sport that has the longest richest history when you go back and you can watch me when Teddy Was Here We Were Watching Max Schmeling vs. Joe Lewis the second fight and you know you can go back and watch some of Sugar Ray Robinson's greatest Henry Armstrong the rich history of boxing and you look at Jack Johnson fighting with those in a black and white films Jack Dempsey and it's crazy

► 01:23:57

how tall was that about strange really come close to it agreed now I'm always have been a giant fan of boxing before MMA came around me that was really all you had to watch you can watch a little bit of kickboxing on television rarely but it was always bad with the other thing was those guys were Superstars that have we walked out on the street right now and ask someone who's the heavyweight champ is I'm the one knows no one knows some of them might say Mike Tyson heavyweight champion

► 01:24:57

Shadows got like you know Sugar Ray Leonard was a hero is on new McDonald's commercial why do you think that is I don't know honestly don't know is it because people got tired of corruption you know when we know when I go to fights and he's calling them I always pay my respect but I'm not sure how or why or when it shifted that shift from the 80s early 90s and then that's it you know it wasn't Mike going to jail I don't know what is it

► 01:25:39

you know Delaware it was huge but I don't know I didn't know you know they probably close to it you know I don't know who else by name of Muhammad Ali and he was between Ali and Tyson basically transcended mean while the beat the fuck out of Gerry Cooney I would have loved to see him against I said that's a different excuse me that you looked out of shape and you still look good in the second round up until he got a prime Larry was a beast

► 01:26:39

special fighter get a tremendous job that fought Larry Holmes was an old broke-down really they should never let that fight take place at shallows and sounds horrible to watch but that Larry Holmes would that Larry Holmes would have given Mike Tyson fit absolute was a different snap and Jab in history I mean again like you said things a time and place man everything yep, need some some some brilliant comedian slip through the cracks at that time in, DNA and with and with Larry it's like you know you came after the most popular fighter of all time ever had before Mike who you know again and he beat up the most popular fighter of all

► 01:27:39

time and everybody knew it was long long Marshall couldn't carry jockstraps you know Larry just just had poor timing unfortunately for him yeah you know it's good to hear cuz you know as well as I do Easton Pennsylvania and shit like that yeah Larry was smart and you still talk shit to remember when he came back and a box of Face Off of Ray Mercer

► 01:28:39

access yes

► 01:28:48

that's great I'll keep fighting so hard it was hilarious yeah Larry Holmes was something special was for a lot of people he slipped through the cracks that you know yeah that's true yeah that's true I mean and then Trevor berbick fought Ali to write yes that was already starting to know cuz you think of him a couple years later when Tyson Bieber be like why you don't play boxing and MMA your life it's interesting to the dolly you know I always like to watch that fight with Jerry Quarry because it was after 3 years off yeah man and you see his body looks different just look softer and if you see Ali versus like Cleveland Williams and then he see Ali three years later after all that time I'll heat some

► 01:29:48

the same who's never really the same as you imagine having

► 01:29:54

the Constitution to give away the prime of your fighting career just do that especially want him to fight the Vietnam War war going to be in work yeah you know what I mean I'm not going over there to do that and half of it it's kind of amazing to that they did that and then they gave it back to him to let him fight again I don't know what was the circumstances like how did they reinstate his boxing actually don't remember I don't know either but I'm 25 Frazier was like man I would have loved to see this fight 3 years ago cuz he just was a different guy but it was a different guy for real

► 01:30:54

now you think about it it's like you see Connor is a little bit of both of them there too will you remember when Henry Cooper knockdown alley and then if it wasn't for that move I'll lie could have lost by stoppage mesolite very easily actually got fucking crack graphite and sat down 1%. He had a house on queer Street he was picking up the mail here it is right here

► 01:31:39

I mean that is a fucking picture perfect left-handed look at him right on the button he is staggering back to his corner and it happened luckily for him at the very end of the roundness what happens if this is Cassius Clay this is before he fought Sonny Liston

► 01:32:02

man who knows they cheated him know they cheated him a different world all we got to change gloves they give me a long-ass time do these lights cut the cut the steak Brilliance new, my favorite stoppage of all Ali's fights is Cleveland Big Cat Williams because he hit him with these just welterweight combinations I never saw anyone throw combinations heavyweight like that before Robinson this is one of my all-time favorite is a big puncher and Ollie was his light on his feet dancing

► 01:33:02

he just couldn't find Ali and Ali was so loose in front of them

► 01:33:11

the shops at all check left hook move around and then once once you started TuneIn them up because there was never a heavyweight that move like this people have to realize it's just didn't exist man and rarely does exist the only guy who moves even remotely like this today is Tyson Fury Tyson Fury can move like a mother fucker get his huge he gets a little too much for me question might not be all that well you know what Cunningham's a shorter guy and sometimes for those really tall Fighters is very difficult to punch down

► 01:34:11

so I can see the the combinations at that led to the stoppage

► 01:34:24

she wants once he had Williams in trouble go big screen like once Williams is Face-Off and Joe the craziest thing a beautiful the craziest thing about him is everyone historically has to sit down on their punches to get that he wasn't trying to knock you out with every punch she was just cracking you up yeah and you just keep getting pepper to me a message that's another guy that people forgot about Willy peppers

► 01:35:24

yeah yeah that's the problem you're doing well then to get soft and that's how it goes though right the early immigrants the ones that get shit on the other ones to come up strong and the top fighters and then you know now it's and Russians brought that Russian amateur program right that's one of the reasons why I love lomachenko anything

► 01:36:13

maybe 30 is I haven't seen anything like him but I've never seen someone he's in a position to not Beautiful Death Punch, do you know they call in The Matrix or high-tech to perfect names but I've never seen anything like maybe maybe a prime you know it in Jap no he didn't do anything right

► 01:37:13

really. Roy's one went up to fight John Ruiz and I think when he went up to fight a Mexican supplements in the system wink wink nudge nudge I mean he was like 200 plus pounds will try to figure out what the how is system was and then that weight cut down to 175 must have been brutal cuz he was smooth it look like shit he lost all his muscle tone he just didn't he look like a shredded exactly he look like a guy who's system have been shut down the thing that these guys don't maybe don't recognize if they take some shit or if you know even if you just cut too much weight your body stops producing hormones sure your body is all fucked up when you're on your way to die so if he was 200 plus

► 01:38:13

then he has to cut down to 175 sophisticated is some Fighters today or amazing at doing that I mean they know how to do it correctly to know how to rehydrate correctly and boxing at least has the the benefit of not having you solder in place like the UFC does she has a real problem with the lack of IVs and these guys can't rehydrate correctly or the way that they want to is dangerous it is dangerous but in their defense it's it's also way that they can detect whether or not someone is cheating okay cuz when they're using IVs you can mask a lot of shit right yeah that's why they do it so when I don't know what happened with Roy when he did but then you. Can't take anything away from taare either cuz Tarver almost beat Roy there the first time they fought him up

► 01:39:13

in the famous words any excuses right before they fight he said that's why he was so confident yeah he had some great where he still had it to write if you're 45 and you still looking good there something going on but not just lives clean I've seen him a grilled chicken and get chicken that was Fried by accident and peel the fried off of it rather than just watch them take it off you know what I mean to not eat but his just insane dietary in the gym you know I agree but the Joe Smith fight was so

► 01:40:13

the watch course that was that was that fight was always crazy to see how deep into his career he was still successful like I wrote a Blog article about the other Kelly Pavlik fight cuz I might remember how old he was the time but everybody had already written them off and Kelly time is probably fucked up Tito Treasures 36 1550

► 01:41:03

maybe maybe 51 definitely so he was he boxed where Junior yeah well Roy when Roy beat him the first time was beating it with all those reflex oh yeah I know what is slid off just fundamentals perfect Mckenzie was once he was on queer Street he was just flatlined and astral traveling after that you got knocked out by Tarver then there was not that much time in between those two fights the next fight yeah yeah I'm at those knockouts on your feet before you hit the ground in your head it's the two shots and he was stiff

► 01:42:03

I want that was I thought that was going to be the end me to and then he started fighting like in Russia he's got to have some toast over there man to do that when you tell me Larry Holmes it looked up is Wikipedia's last fight was in 2002 against Butterbean 51 or so

► 01:42:29

10 round fight that's crazy Butterbean can crack that big motherfucker hit hard but every time he tries to come in pain due to wear those golden palace.com they they wore that shit on their back its self against Tito

► 01:43:15

I was dropping off my brother's couch when you fuck them up yeah-yeah Bernard was a special athlete absolutely for sure and do some interesting because I used to watch him when he was in his 30s and he would complain about crooked promoters all these things and my thought was man's too bad this guy like missed his prime day do we did after that after that he was in jail and then his shot and so you got your shot I guess that's what it's extraordinary discipline and you know it is his mindset it should be a lesson to everyone you know the discipline and dedication to whatever you want to do

► 01:44:15

achieve through that and he still in good shape he doesn't balloon up I don't blame those look like when the rain got really big daddy 135 and all that he just kept going to turn pro 135 fucked up Davey Moore Roberto Roberto Leonard a black and white fights because of Duran from Like Sugar Ray Vaughan

► 01:45:15

and and just subtle shit on the inside on the inside of his defense he was great at 4047 people want to see. Watch those fights yeah he came up and wages to get paid for a long time but I'm in a dark alley I'm more scared of the ramen Tyson

► 01:46:08

all day that mother fucker will do some shit that I stopped I don't know there was an interview where they went to see him in Panama and he picked up a cat by the tail and smashed against a brick wall and the interviewer was like yeah man I mean there's a darkness of that growing up in Panama when he did just waiting for your life that's another that's another level of poverty we don't get like

► 01:47:08

Astros Cuban sandwiches leave yep that's why I won't let them the program it's so you know I don't know if his son it seems like there's a little different now hanging out there but he said it was very tense like you don't talk you don't say nothing really seems like yeah it goes oh cuz everybody's jealous they're all mad that you get to come back and forth cuz you know you'll Romero top UFC fighter yeah you went back

► 01:48:08

saying why of course you understand why you know what I mean but if me and you go to Italy know we might not come back here family and we are whatever yeah I'm not interested in going anywhere I can come by now but I will ever understand what it's like to be a prisoner in a Communist dictatorship absolutely grow up to the amateur programming went you all Romero's in the podcast Joey Diaz was translating for most beautiful and he was explaining you know what life is like and you know these amateur program yes like you are sharing time with 10 other people that want your spot yeah and that's what you're doing all day long and training with 10 of the best of all it was isshin do you know I want and what you think about there's no scenario I'm jumping in shark infested waters right and if and if you're driven to do that

► 01:49:08

that must be fucking heavy you know we don't him telling you that allowed you into the mind of that fight that's a very rare experience that he shared that because a lot of these dudes don't get to tell that story you know what I mean of the water was liking the amateur program being stuck there being a prisoner that you can have some of them will be like you know like I know the Olympic Games and say you're up and all escape from their yeah it's a couple people did it the same thing like Russia or wherever they were at four games yep got the fuck out yeah I mean that I'm getting in the ring after going through that is cake right you know what I mean yeah that's this is he's living the dream you know training in the gym and sleeping on the bed will be on the back

► 01:50:08

you know that's the shit we don't we don't appreciate when I was talking about being a negative person see what he was talking about an amateur program if you do well if you're at the top you get three meals a day if you don't do so well you get to do literally fighting for your ability to eat since I think we don't we can't understand that I don't imagine that's all you've ever known to many CDs slobs in America complaining you know when I started seeing some of the places in Eastern Europe that were part of the Union yet and in squalor and 2 year olds asking me for money on my way of thinking change it because this is this is this this kid's reality year old girl are mom's telling you to come over you know asking me for your oh yeah that's

► 01:51:08

the game-changer doesn't change I don't know man this here off the basement is that if you make $35,000 year in the one percent of the world can people talk about 1% as you think about people with yachts and private jets and fucking diamond rings nope nope 1% is $35,000 a year for the world yeah man yeah that's so boring it's scary when you travel a lot like where's your favorite places to go yeah I know you do you're up you used to travel all over the Play Store I love Scandinavia really why is that I don't know I hate the heat bro I'm like one of those conditions on 24 hours and 30 degrees it's Mega clean to yeah super clean it looks fake

► 01:52:02

it looks like the movie set but the crowds are crazy I mean I'm just too long Bro Brawl flight from Philly to Australia from Philly looking girl and on the way home we were the farthest point in Australia so the Australia was like 6 hours so I'm leaving to come home to Philadelphia I got on 36 hours later

► 01:52:55

so they are they offer me constantly to come back and and you know this is what we do for a living we go places and I'm like yo man that's like a nervous breakdown you have to decide what's more important your mental stability and I'm already not even squirrel shit so I don't need I don't need anything to push me any further than it's already what's going on in between my ears is a similar thing it's like 14 and then another five like I think it was like to go to Europe or where we go I think we went to Taiwan first

► 01:53:38

and then it was another like 5 or something or when the time you're back you're so confused it took me two solid weeks where I start sleeping at night again like it took me three and wake up with two hours later I go to bed tired as fuck wake up 2 hours later Wide Awake it was 2 in the morning I'm like what is this it takes forever to get back yeah man took me two or three weeks to we fucked up my family we did two trips in the summer we went to Thailand and then we took 2 weeks off then we went to Italy so it was just a double bunker so was it enough for you to be like I'm not going back or would you like it I like to expose them to places like Thailand do like Italy and take them to different places I like I like exposing them to Costa Rica

► 01:54:38

the fact that you have the ability to do that is beautiful for them you know that that's a lot that's cool shit more than I ever thought I would be an apparent to me is it's not just a beautiful thing to watch these little people that I love so much grow and have fun and be happy but it's also I'm getting to experience the world through their eyes watch them ride an elephant Thailand watch them you know watch some zip line with me and Costa Rica were laughing together all this heavy chain it's intense man and it really is it's it's it's made me shiver my values and shift what how I think about just experiencing things yeah it's it's a heavy thing man they change they change you in and weighs you didn't think was possible you know empathy and I just thought you said seeing things through their eyes that's like the the coolest thing you know it makes you feel super vulnerable

► 01:55:38

you know what you were talking about your mom like worrying about your mom worry about people that you care but it's it's like a catch-22 it's like if you're on your own but you also don't have anything to write so when you have all these people that you love and care about so much then you worry about losing them

► 01:55:57

it's time table light shortness have it yeah when I was alone I was behaving that way because I Had No Loot yeah you know it's like it goes back to what we were talking about earlier like if you're not scared a little if you're not nervous a little if you're not like you if you don't get a little bit of anxiety when you're not paying attention but you know you're not living your life now you're not saying anything I'm giving yourself out there to put yourself out there you going to have some anxiety going to have some worries those people that don't have that don't put themselves and dry boring that Nietzsche question would you rather live your life is Lowe's or just flatlined Flatline these people think

► 01:56:57

meaning of a 2.5 kids in the house but go do some shit and Montana to Glacier River you know it's fucking freezing cold water there's everywhere and she wants you going rafting down the river and seeing trout jumping see them experience shit like we took them to Yellowstone I got to see bison wild bison up close to the mines is just wanted to see you as much as I can show him I want him to see I mean you know few months my wife and I sit down and talk like what do this summer like where we take them like this year was Thailand next year because it take him somewhere else it's fascinating

► 01:57:54

it's some it's a weird Life Education that I didn't anticipate you deserve it because you did it your way and it's punk rock punk rock is fuck that's funny

► 01:58:13

when you're traveling how many guys you bring them with you it's usually so there's 3 of us on stage animerge guy

► 01:58:27

so usually five that's a good thing because Comics a lot of times travel by themselves right they get depressed alone in a hotel room in fucking Schenectady I start bringing my friends with me because in and promoters are Club they wouldn't pay for the friend you wouldn't paper so I would just say look give me a flat rate I'll pay my opening act I'll pay their airfare I'll pay the hotel I'd rather lose money for my earlier chores I was the promoters didn't care about opening acts and I was paying my homeboys to be the opening acts just like you I was getting paid I was handing it to them but it's a better experience like when I go on the road if I go on the road with Joey or Ras guys we're family we are having a good time

► 01:59:27

ZT lunch those solo trips there's a weird empty feeling you had that's a very dark that's what I mean did you see that traveling and he's alone you just sent now you got to take friends with you and I don't do it that way then they use local Axe and I have to pay for is airfare Mike pay the money I know you're going to make less money that way but you'll feel better decisions things monetarily you're making the decision based on financial and you have to worry about your mental stability more yeah whatever they're open or what

► 02:00:27

it's 500 a grand 3 Grand 5 of whatever it is that's worth having family with you I feel like your performance is going to be better because you're going to be with friends going to have a good time you're not worried about the show you bring a funny guy to open up for you and then so then more people will come to your next show it's like it's better for you financially it's a short-term investment or for long-term game of course of course that's what these people think they're penny-wise and pound-foolish you know what I mean to know what you're doing everyone's going to kill

► 02:01:01

and then it's going to be double the people next please everybody's going to have a good time and you're not going to get out of there crazy but I might be tired but at least I had a good time I don't feel like I'm going to fucking shoot myself absolutely now that what that's the real problem with travel it's fucking depressing you know I wanted things I read about an interview with Bourdain after he died I started reading a bunch of shit The Blind Side of me I didn't see a comment and then after he died I read a bunch of his stuff where he's talking about how intensely lonely it was when he was traveling and I knew who traveled with people that I care about you know he traveled with people to be like but yeah I think just traveling 250 days a year. Will fuck you up so I can't say that people being with me I still don't feel lonely because there's something there's a connection to home but then once I separate from that

► 02:02:00

from home from Philly for my mom you know all of that once once I'm separated from that reality I love having my friends around me and it makes it better but it doesn't fix it yeah there's still the sense of I'm out here alone you know right they're still at and I don't I don't I can't make any sense out of that because I'm technically not alone so it's not it doesn't make much sense at home though you were saying that this might be your last tour I don't know man it's cold you know I'll be 41 October 5th and you just getting tired of it sore it's draining my spirit

► 02:02:47

it's the anxiety before I'm leaving is is so you get nervous like 3 days before you leaving now it's starting like 2 months before I'm leaving yeah when you go out how long you go out for that's changed to two and a half weeks and then I'll come home then why when I when I come back from Kylie and I go to Europe you know I'm saying when it's like this is never going to see me again words properly where was more like and it's do you know traveling is is

► 02:03:42

it's our job is beautiful being up on stage when people are laughing you know but getting there the flights this that at the hotel's it's just I don't you know it's something that you could never explain to someone who doesn't do it and and why exactly you're tired still when you walk out on stage and Charming are some Shadows on everybody goes crazy it all goes away inside the plant other side of the planet it's still it's still the most humbling thing in the world cuz it's still in my head that that that could never have and I feel great and I know it some experience on real it's like to pinch yourself yet yeah you know you like I don't think it's enough

► 02:04:42

my evil right now like it's like I've been a fan of yours for very long time and just tired of this convo with you is beautiful and I and it's going to be a mind for later

► 02:04:55

as I think about it something like old friends. I mean but it's like I've been following your whole career you know what I mean so and I've been a fan of your whole career so it's weird that when I meet people known someone for a long time for watching their stuff at listening to stuff your right in front of me was like can I outside come to the show and I was great just the best I don't want to love him in that vampire movie what the fuck was that was what was that God damn it did you see the shity the rounded Frailty I did see that that was very good it was creepy vampire movie near dark that was a great that's one of the best vampire movies ever and what are the ones that people forgot about

► 02:05:55

Jamie's like your wizard until about respect man aliens the second alien Good Morning America Good Morning America

► 02:06:45

Max and seeing my name on how old was he when he died

► 02:07:04


► 02:07:06

spark stroke Jesus Christ

► 02:07:18

you never know man you do never know yeah that's a hard life two men that movie star life member low Port AC 16-18 standing around waiting and then you got to do it again the next day when you're workin 6 7 days a week rarely do you have a day off because smashing all the film doing 42 days in a row or something and stressful intense lighting guy was in his way you fucking a mature man die for a part guy

► 02:08:18

cuz it said not even a good movie that's not a problem just a horror scene it's just literally on death's door that's a brilliant I just don't understand people are willing to do that mean to something else man in the bus that's the thing is like do that movie and all that movie is known for the fact that you almost died that's it nobody's like man the machine like when when Robert DeNiro gain shitload of weight for Raging Bull and a fuckload of way there for the air like you oh wow that's some serious goddamn commitment and it's one of the best of the best movie

► 02:09:17

do that like like Charlize Theron did that when she played ice cream or she did not even wrote and directed the house that's crazy we think about how fucking smoking hot she is everything okay with that Oscar same person holla it makes you think all those chubby gross ladies maybe just maybe I just need a little look like Charlize Theron it's a it's a tough crap that acting you know it's some it's one of those jobs where do you know everybody wants to do it but

► 02:10:17

if you people can and when you do do it it's it's like such an unbelievably grueling grind I can only do it for so long if you're a woman just a few years anybody notice of your hot woman is a gang and they will always be coming up always always always always bad parents out there making good actors absolutely make this a flood of demean how often do spend time on here pretty often a couple times yeah I have a lot of close friends is not show biz Hub now but it's not a showbiz

► 02:11:17

so that's like you know but yeah I close enough but this is a show biz Hub through all the times I've been coming into can't wrap my head around that night and everyone's an aspiring something one everyone when they have kids like your kids become friends their kid actors that gave it up and then sells fucking computers or whatever right like everyone had this dream absolute come out here it's I think if you if you if you just took into account all Showbiz aspirations in Southern California sod on a map like a little red light would go off wherever the Showbiz aspirations were be overwhelming

► 02:12:17

so you know it's just I've always been intrigued because LA and New York of those places where everyone you ask is it from there you know what I mean like at Miss Iowa right she wants to be a model or whatever and it's like it's a total transient City New York is a weird one too because whenever I'm in New York I go I look at all these people go okay how do you afford this I just see a Josh Mall walking down the street from my job is like 5 grand a month ago it looks like you just walked out of a sewer line I don't understand it you know I talk to people that live there and then

► 02:13:17

reasons to live there today New York City used to be a lot of artists and a lot of like yeah it's all Finance people look like the New York to you know what your name for white people right it is that's what it is right it was the HUD and now it's like white people walking to look like they're in a Weezer walking little like toy dogs you know that's a weird thing to DC's weird in the hood and the gentrified neighborhoods are like a block away from each other

► 02:14:08

I look have a tit man I guess you know what it how does that work just people go there for like some sort of a professional gig and they run out of real estate so they start redoing houses basically means you're basically paying playing Tetris with humans yeah the only city more gentrified the New York is Philadelphia night but that's happening in Brownsville right now you talk

► 02:15:07

I might go where are you putting the people that are leaving where are they going well whose responsibility is it if you like if you wanted to buy a building are you supposed to think about the people that are poor there are you supposed to think about your money that you're buying the building for the people that want to do it have to be cut from a different cloth that I'm not come from I couldn't do that I couldn't do that just displaced people yeah there's a Cutthroat mentality that's needed and it's needed in the the music and entertainment industry that I don't have and it's probably help me back by being a like a good guy is there should be like what should what could you have done that would have propelled you further

► 02:15:53

well as far as far as like as far as being more popular I don't know but decisions I've made like one when you said you know you would pay for your buddies to come and I do too now if we had like a financial advisor they would like you to a morons for doing that I would tell them these wrong cuz I'll be performing better so to be better shows my lawyers like you're the worst client ever you pay everyone you pay them too well you pay them to handsomely fuck everybody I just know I don't know if that helps you get by that I don't think that really advances you like if you have that mentality I don't think that really advances you I think what advances you is great work and what would I say what does it take to make great work I think there's got to be a certain amount of you have to have a certain amount of chaos but also certain amount of Peace yeah of course you know you get those from the decisions that you've made that I've made

► 02:16:53

that ultimately you made him because that's who you are I think in order for me to have alter who I am too yeah I don't want to not be who I am because I wouldn't want to do this mean anything to me if I got there by not being me live with that and that's worse than not succeeding to me if it comes with success in order for me to shift to I am inherently with my fiber of my being the way I was raised to treat people if I had to shift that and have success success to me it would be on paper business is so strange

► 02:17:48

I don't know how you feel about Mumble rap but Mumble rap is one of the weirdest things to me it's I'm confused it's bizarre it's bizarre what is happening I just I feel like I feel like I don't want to let you know I don't when you start the age of these Mumble rap kids their old ahead saying you know that the generation before the cold Crush Brothers to the Big Daddy Kane is that what's happening I don't know maybe what the fuck is that it's like I guess I don't have a problem with it cuz I don't process it is anything close to what I do it's almost like what do you think about EDM

► 02:18:48

I can't listen to that we were kids listen to music you were listening to something that you enjoyed the lyrics and when you can't understand what they're saying it's like it's just cuz he's kids are doing Molly or whatever and it just me or is it mumbled Avenue in Maui right it's all its you know the 60s going back to the fifties and beatniks and not seen in jazz and heroin and who created it you know what I mean to Miles and Coltrane make some of those records disable an errand or

► 02:19:48

I'm detaching that you're not and you know I'm a I'm a kid to go out you know listening to metal and stuff like that so I don't I'm not in the shortage for I listen to Slayer I'll just listen to slide before I listen to that if that's my only option and I listen to Slayer you know what I mean I listen I listen to Minor Threat that's what I'll do whatever I feel about it becomes irrelevant when you realize that you have so much good shit out there so I don't need it's like a feeling like I'm not worried about a bad movie I was watching you know what I mean and there's other things

► 02:20:38

we might not get cuz we're not doing we used to do maybe ran out of the bar the club yeah it's like you hear certain songs Just a strange Trend it's a lot of mumbling I'm like why is cough syrup I think a friend of mine's a real estate agent working in the house and she's like I literally had no idea what the fuck he was saying I was talking to him and talk to humans

► 02:21:38

wow pizza and I love listening to a public enemy and clean lyrics to know that had had a hit to them there was something to it though that you knew that they were trying to get a message across along with the music something cool about it I think I think maybe these kids think you can do both still in our area was different and people could dance the boogie down production KRS record

► 02:22:38

I have people dance or whatever I don't know what you fucking my mother fucker Slaughter in the corner that the tattoo that I settle down man you know they don't come off right I just don't think they care I don't think that thinking I mean it's all this I don't give a fuk culture yeah it's like you just said and I did not trying to get cool shit on their face the trying to get like scribbles yeah drunk at the party that's what they all look like you know

► 02:23:20

there's a lot of rap music that slipped through the cracks to like a lot of people forget about Gangstar yeah it's the culture to uphold that like when someone like Mitch Hedberg who passed away young someone like Bill Hicks it's like the community is their responsibility with those guys don't get forgot right and it's the same with hip hop it's my responsibility to talk about Gang Starr and interviews so the 16 year old kids is the Big Daddy Kane and Kool G Rap in these dudes hope you got to be so much better on cock blocking ignorance at its finest

► 02:24:13

stand up and wipe his dick on your curtain I want to know what do you think about like hex right so he was 33 and that was like 93 you know this young kids commentary that anything like we wasn't even let you know it's it's our responsibility to like carry the torch of all these people that were great minds that left too soon that what Bourdain I don't want people to forget about that guy you know what I'm saying is special luckily we have a lot of shows to watch his show is so you need to because of his narration was going to be

► 02:25:13

but yeah but it apparently is the last one where he does narration and then all the other ones for this season was after he dies for someone else no just going to let the show play itself out because we would it is somehow with editing and they're going to figure it out but man oh yeah man that guy went hard 2014 and I'm looking for 2018 so he lived several dick inside of a few years he went he was going hard

► 02:25:59

you know I mean he said it best you know life you should treat life like treat your body like it's amusing park now and I did I mean there's something we all we all have in common with all these artists is that there's an understanding that we have that they're all living this non-standard way of getting through this life that they're all living this this strange chaotic way in and creating these amazing things to the strange chaotic existence and we all cling to it celebrate it and then look at it me whether it's Henry Rollins who travels a hit you know his crazy things it is a pic a spot on the map and travel and stay there for a couple weeks isn't even know anybody that goes there or whether it's Bourdain who would make the shows about it or whether it's C musicians are comedians or anybody who does he think it's like I think I take comfort in the fact that there's guys like you out

► 02:26:59

and that everybody's not trying to be some cardigan wearing you know button-down fake Progressive just trying to not have people mad at him it was trying to say the things that you think you're supposed to sell us that everybody likes you and then before you know it your dad there's no Rebellion personal real objective opinion everything the greatest ever comments come out of its come out of its something you fuck me what are we doing are you I don't know my life fuck you this if I don't know what I'm doing then I have to explore everything I can to try to figure out what I'm doing yeah you know what I mean that's the only way it's the only way to learn to live in and then live in a bump

► 02:27:59

you know and you know the beautiful thing is that a guy like you or me or other people that live in these different alternative lives nothing to do they send a signal to that kid who's sitting in his room right now to him cuz he's got all Ds and he's like I can't fucking do this but you know what I really like to do I really like to listen to rap or I would really like to listen to stand up or I really like to do whatever the fuck it is a really like to read books I just don't want to tell Mike to tell my kid the system that they have set up for you when you go through this bullshit education process then next thing you know you're in some fucking Factory job or some nonsense that is not good right and they're not telling you that educational system they're not telling you any they're not telling you about finance and I told you about the Giant

► 02:28:59

do I like almost nothing not formation with no it's literally like giving you an engine with not giving you driving now so yeah it's out there like why aren't you giving these kids that this is terrible that needs to be out there you know I don't have to pay your bills you're right that's how I know fuck how am I going to do that cuz I don't want to do that I don't want to be in a cubicle I know that show how how do I what do I do and if you tell people you want to try something different like I want to be a rapper get a job the machine

► 02:29:59

and it's it's you're trying to do this you know you go to school then you get a job where you go to school then you go to college and then you get into the $250,000 worth of debt to go work a job you hate to pay off that $250 and it's the cycle and that's what counts the cycle of this country and the fucked-up thing is if you want to do something different nobody's there was got a path for you like if you say Hey you know I really love hip hop I want to be a rapper that no one says oh well that's a viable job opportunity obviously a lot of people are rappers you can do this but if you tell him you want to be a stand-up what are you fucking out of your mind you're not funny my mom told me that

► 02:30:59

weightlifting skit you did that was me and Bryan Callen brilliant lives outside of the straight and narrow structure that most people follow that's available to people they just have to have to have more examples of it it's also there is. I will say this you have to have balls to do it and you have to be able to look at things honestly in oryx things that are not right that should I didn't do I wasn't I wasn't I wasn't being self-aware at certain times and then once you start doing that and saying maybe this is me maybe this is me and if I change the results you know what I mean how long you been doing it for

► 02:31:59

my brother's brought home Sucka MC's that was 83 and I was like little I played on my phone with my muppets table and the first record why should I want to ride with latte discuss got flavor I was like I want to do this and then I did remember Candy Girl by New Edition in like 3rd grade talent show

► 02:32:36

when I was in junior high school I heard Sugarhill Gang for the very first time it's ever think it was crazy hip hop give me The Beat Don't Stop Rockin to the bang jump crazy yeah I mean I remember thinking like wow this is a new thing yeah yeah because she's just fine like I rhymed like to record something like like 90 91

► 02:33:30

you know it was awful you know but some just work on your craft and hopefully you get to a point where people don't think you're awful when do you start getting paid

► 02:33:46

let me see so we put out an EP on our own we pressed up in 96 I'm living off

► 02:33:59

98 but my lights

► 02:34:08

her back to ya Star Furniture a couple years after high school just just some scumbag shit and then the first check came out I was like there's no turning back now man you know what I mean this is the greatest shit ever like money from what you want to do some rapping what are you talking about like you know buying a pair of Jordans with that what that says it's unreal but yeah I'd like

► 02:34:41

I like and I never have in the Square gigs I'll consider it a success but yeah yeah when did you really say to yourself okay I'm a legit professional now like this is there's no turning back I'm 100% now I don't have to worry about this going away

► 02:34:58

I still don't think that really it's the fair again Raffi of like the 2nd I think that it'll go away you know what I mean things get bigger or office gets bigger the merge business grows the toys grow and I'm still the fear is is like yo

► 02:35:18

I'm just lucky I just feel lucky that I'm able to do it so I never want to think that way you know I guess I have to answer the question if someone's a stranger says what do you do you know I have to answer it cuz it is what I do it right I made a lot of money and I'm good my mom's going to because of that you know but I feel like the day that I die I feel like that that that maybe

► 02:35:44

you know I was thinking of retirement and means for 75,000 kids in a festival in Switzerland I Still Still Still Down piece of garbage historically rap is just been so it's like I'm so

► 02:36:22

I'm so scared of of someone having thinking of the humidity isn't the most important thing to me and being polite is no most important thing to me you know and it is and then and that's not really how people are in this game right here I'm just blessed to be sitting here with you man so I would be appreciative of that and I don't want to be in the moment yeah maybe when it's over I'll tell you you know I was out if you don't or if you say or you won't tour will you still perform locally like what you going to do

► 02:37:13

I just landed yesterday when did we started at Baltimore Baltimore New York Philly

► 02:37:27

Boston Vermont and like to sell out your hometown man it's like this many years later you know I can sell out bars to it's this thing

► 02:37:41

it's still fucking mind blowing right you know what I mean and still people cheering your name it's mine but I just maybe I maybe it's more of like sometimes people need to decompress maybe I just need to decompress for a little bit and I'll completely change my mind just not just not till next year or something you know and then maybe I'll be ready or something it's just I love I love being out here talking to you I love doing this stuff I love all the Smoke Box smoke and I'm sure I do. I can't do that too much stuff to do

► 02:38:41

yeah I can stay stoned yeah no I just I I think maybe some decompression like I think like in Dante's circles of hell I think airports might be on then there's a lot of them I hate the whole process took money you don't understand like we are but that's wasting your burning off all that cash if you're making a hundred and spend 40 on the jet like shit man that you spent to Vietnam and Dave it's just the process man it's when you were talking about being alone and in hotel room I hate it I hate the hurry-up-and-wait of the entertainment industry and that's what is built around you know still trips me out when I wake up in the morning and look at the ceiling and I don't remember where I am no

► 02:39:41

what country am I in

► 02:39:48

do you think when you take the time off are you going to still write and you can still at the studio I write I write five days a week and I record every Thursday

► 02:39:59

every Thursday every Thursday she right 5 days a week. What's your process of how do you write it has to be super late at night yeah I can't I really can't even going today

► 02:40:14

just nocturnal by Nature

► 02:40:20

I just sit there with the beat blasting

► 02:40:23

the ship that yeah I'm going to come on bar on bar on bar until it's done so do you have a Robbie with no lyrics and then so who makes a beat for your first a lot of producers so we will send them in when I love something otherwise I am going to work on this tonight so you get the beat and then and then you sit and listen to it you start thinking about things for me is the first line started everything goes off of that you know what I mean so it's that line is super hard and then I love being in the studio I love it. That's why I would be unfortunately because when we were kids records sold right so you can be like I don't want to talk

► 02:41:23

we sold fucking animal T-Rex we don't have to talk like 67 and they never did you know what I mean but everything is generated monetarily through touring merge you know what I mean so it's like the grind is there and I don't like to feel like my hand is forced ever because that that's when it starts that's that square world and I never want to feel like I am obligated to do something and I could be some of my animosity towards story you know what I mean like you know this is what you do what you have to do that you know go out this many days that's the stats like it's it's just it just fries my brain man you know I obviously all this shit takes a physical toll on you but if it fries my brain where I'm like

► 02:42:12

just completely shocked walking through life like I never see anything you saw that shit you know I never saw a venue yeah yeah it's I think it's just the entertainment business in general it's there's a there's a perception that it that it isn't work because it's not the work they do try working on a car all day try driving 15 hours and someone smells like balls

► 02:43:12

write me to take it over a regular job with a pencil and paper do you write in your head on a computer how do you write a spiral rhyme book forgot all my adult life and then I started not being able to read my handwriting because I like a graffiti writer so now I am I going over my head when I have enough when I have enough I'll type it out you know and then like gold my head going I had to type it out now it's like clean and organized which is not me 911 video that way and you write like Microsoft or something like that computer I just called I know that that's okay but I got a Mac PC but the writing 5 days a week and going to the

► 02:44:11

I'm recording every Thursday only started when I stopped at heavy drinking

► 02:44:18

like everything changed everything change cuz you eat what you don't want to be creative when you're hungover I know how you want to sleep you know what I mean she's like I recorded more in the past two years than the previous 10

► 02:44:34

yeah man, yeah I'm kind of music recorded maybe it's not all great but it's recorded you know what I'm writing a lot of clarity window that you could see opening app where you can make money from the actual music itself cuz it this is a I mean the last couple of decades through the music business on its head but they're streaming services now and Jamie was just talking about the thing that Steven Tyler was talking about it's called m m trying to get the correct because they're giving you a pittance will Pandora sold for billions of dollars it's like what do you do at your work do you distribute other people's art you don't really have any you make all the money you talk it to say pennies-on-the-dollar wouldn't be

► 02:45:35

I'm not sure if either one of you guys saw the tweet from Crosby from Crosby Stills and Nash it was like a breakdown of what he got paid for me to use those records I was like 50 200 million streams and then Peter Frampton responded to him with another screenshot is Like Yours Mine and I one of the biggest records ever Peter Frampton Comes In by and they were going back and forth in like people in the industry will retweeting it because I mean these are guys who are older and be richer than we can ever imagine and they it's important for people like them to speak like a rose

► 02:46:21

I repeat the streamers don't pay us for the Damned music that we made in all caps don't pay us is David Crosby nephew to Cincinnati but I don't understand how they're getting away with him like I want Taylor Swift correctly from streaming service for you to stand up and someone like Eddie Murphy spoke up that's important well I won't my mama to put my podcast on the and they've been trying to do it for years and I'm saying know what do I get out of it

► 02:47:21

I don't want to I don't understand what they're doing this Steve's in the most recent things that they'll give you some money but his other people's work other than that you just have a bus station I mean I feel bad for your own everything your own entity I've done the same thing on a smaller level we really need that should work where they have a bunch of executive telling them what they can do it

► 02:48:21

you know you have a chance to take a note that's what's crazy that they take your merch in your ticket sales performing they take a piece of you perform and these things that it like you things are offered to me I'm like yo man I spend my entire life

► 02:49:05

you want a piece of the pie that I baked for no reason yeah I'll share with anybody but what's the reason for it but you got to be offering something I'll bring anything to the table will get you on the radio with nobody listens to anymore. What are they saying right what is is there a big radio station these days that everybody listens to not that I'm aware of I me I know they still exist to the internet I asked the kid young boy with cutting me and Ashley got into it I was just making conversation I was like how do you listen to music he was like Spotify Apple Music and Sound Cloud

► 02:50:05

yeah but it's good to know you know what I mean it's like it's like it's a little bit easier to track I suppose but again it's like Peter Frampton and it was some outlandish like 200 million streams or something any 50 bucks it shouldn't be why did they have to figure out a way to quantify the same way record sales would have been like I went to the store we went to 0.01 title 0.0125 Apple music played a million times and get less than $5 seems fair

► 02:51:05

and that's pretty sad that's fucking insane million streams you got less than 5 clams man is insane it's so small Z YouTube 0.00069 what is that what is that what is that that's fucking insane

► 02:51:27

160 + 900000

► 02:51:31

hundreds of thyroid is 100000 of a dollar what does anyone do when they were there

► 02:51:44

face with the sort information like is anything going to change it that's my goal. You know the big government might get involved in the music record companies the record company is going to play it and they're not going to pay them the same they would pay someone who is buying it right side she put it back up give her money to give her money podcast views of it for a couple days for 2 days something along those lines or they they want to put the wrong or right

► 02:52:39

people can get your podcast you don't need to do that all man you just letting someone make some money off you for no reason solutely absolutely and won't tell me why tell me why would give up control of my shit to you there's no guarantee that's nice that's nice and there's not a lot of people that can say that now because you know you know when you eat all of mine that came out in 2010 say in 2020 I want to do a 10th anniversary edition on blue vinyl and all that kind of cool shit I can ask anybody right right it's like direct-to-consumer shit is basically what I'm doing the time I merge companies run you know I try to do that as much as possible because

► 02:53:39

that DIY aesthetic is important to me it's you know we go out with people in that they seemed on touchable

► 02:53:52

you know Rockstar shitzu superheroes you know what I mean I and I would like to show the bridge that got worse I got to come up and say what's up man how are you what's your name do you still sell actual physical CDs anymore because it's like tapes vinyl CD that sells the most still right now today takes are more popular than CDs yeah but like we discussed not even pressing them

► 02:54:52

I did cuz I'm old school but we discuss like not doing it but vinyl still coming in strong into the sound difference I do I buy into it with first you have to start at the source like if it's recorded amazingly than I ever every time she hasn't seen or I listen to Thin Lizzy on vinyl metal stuff like I'm in a lot of a lot of hip-hop shit you know kids have a mic and a laptop in the bedroom that's what that's the recording studio it's warmer like yeah I've heard that expression before I don't not really out of articulated but in my head I know what it means just the baselines and drums everything sounds warm to me

► 02:55:51

did they replicate that is it possible some people can Electronics degree you still need to you still need to get analog to a degree you don't I mean there's still a few studios in the country that Russia don't reel-to-reel cuz that sound you can't you can't have a fully replicate you can get close but you need to go to a reel-to-reel to really get that you know sounded we lost now what about like apple music and people buying things on iTunes u x like that the people still do that right yeah but that's dropping to yeah it's it's it's just a streaming on Amazon or if it was sweet it was good good money all of that and then the streaming shit like it

► 02:56:51

can you really blame the van but you know what I mean and their ways of the ways of ingesting music is so different like I love opening the vinyl I love reading the thank-yous I love the smell of the fucking cassette tape I love. It was an experience going to the store getting on the bus with the headphones on the first time you hear it so I can tell you I was when I when I bought Nas Illmatic I can tell you all that that that the experience that it's you know boom Bhangra now I have the album album 2 seconds with a click that's a weird thing to me I guess it's not weird to that he would go to wear those little stations we could press a button to listen to music

► 02:57:51

like metal albums with a badass cover in the Bama just terrible you know what I mean or Sugar Man the movie made me cry that this guy went on to become like a labor for construction company had no idea that he was a superstar in Africa and sing and then goes there as an older man to a sold-out stadium and they all know the words it's beautiful man that is one of the craziest documentaries of all time Searching for Sugar Man

► 02:58:38

who's the real fucking deals or no fucking joke with me and he still lives like you lived when he was a poor construction worker

► 02:58:49

boat elevated levels are elevated way of thinking and I think he just got so used to being in that space for so long and then his fucking music is good man it's really good I think sometimes man like when that's brought on you you're still more comfortable in that other way you know some people don't want to

► 02:59:11

they're not comfortable embracing that you know whether it's a wealth or fame or a mixture of both I just think he was like I'm good yeah I'm content and there's people with billions. Content what you want there's nothing more important than being good with yourself and he seems good with himself yeah that is one of the scarier things as someone who's insanely successful but never satisfied I think a lot of people like that about Trump like if you are 70 years old and you have billions of dollars why are you still working yes what do you do you think something's going to change and you're going to live forever I do you have no perception that you literally on the the last finger full of Greens in your hourglass it's all you got left and you're not spending it on a yacht in Acapulco can you dick sucked to Big Pimpin in the background check in his head

► 03:00:11

I think about like yeah right in the middle of nowhere this strange regular house is Suits always look like they were just pulled off the rack at always there he's an interesting guy

► 03:00:46

listen man we just did 3 hours believe it or not thank you for having me to a man means a lot on Twitter Instagram box cutter passy on Instagram what is Twitter it's underscore pass and website.com Mind Tricks everything's on there thank you brother I appreciate it

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