#1178 - Dr. Rhonda Patrick

The Joe Rogan Experience #1178 - Dr. Rhonda Patrick

October 2, 2018

Dr. Rhonda Patrick is a Ph.D in biomedical science and expert on nutritional health. Her podcasts and other videos can be found at http://FoundMyFitness.com

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hello everybody

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My guest today is one of my favorite people and one of the smartest people I've ever met in my life she's brilliant she's amazing she has podcast multiple times and she is a fan favorite please give it up for the Great and Powerful Dr. Rhonda Patrick

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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yeah right about 4 months after I didn't sleep at all it's amazing I like he's able to talk for...how old is he?...13 months

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wait till it start talking he says he's not like; his new thing is he's all done all done so he'll say it like he'll say it before I change his diaper because he doesn't want me to go through that you know me and say it like when he's ready to get out early in the morning and test in having a child are you are you like cognizant of like every single Factor that's taking place like nutrition all the input emotional input, environment like must be kind of mind-blowing? exhausting to the plastic bottles you know I'm having to give him water and he is obsessed for whatever reason he's obsessed with drinking

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you know nice cup but he was wondering about his company wants to drink it all these plastic bottles novel and BPA and going to be in my in my supposing into too much and what's it doing and then there's that BPA is it leaks only when it gets hot is that how it works so and that's another thing I was thinking about making a coffee with one of those paper cups that has a plastic lining in the plastic BPA alternative what is BPA stand for that have shown heat so boiling boiling water and putting it in plastic increases the BPA that leeches into the the solution Into the Water by like 55 fold so yes definitely getting it was like way worse and so one of the things I'm

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it's not thinking about is you not going to Starbucks whatever the plastic lining they putting in those cuffs when you get your hot tea or hot coffee I don't know if there is BPA but there's no studies that have come out in these studies are Ben 10 animals that Charlotte VPS and some of the other BK Replacements also have negative consequences on endocrine system on reproduction and some in some cases are passed on to me directions know how much of that is actually translates to humans it's unknown but there have been studies at least with BPA that have shown that you know you give a person is a single dose of BPA and I just wrapped like their insulin sensitivity it also plays a role in like causing problems with in vitro fertilization so it's disrupting hormones and things like that so I was really cognizant about it during pregnancy because he know typically we do

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detoxify detoxify it quite well the half life is like less than 5 hours and weeks straight through urine it also comes out through Sweat by the way which is really good but right but you know when your pregnant for whatever reason the placenta it you're basically take the BPA your body it's in your body and your your liver will you know an activated to this like more compound Santa gets it gets activated again and so it's like that's why they affect her much more robust always on my developing fetus since I was really mature I was ignoring bottle price on dr. Milo is pregnant just because I mean I don't know is a lot of studies animals and how much of that you know how significant is it it's really hard to say but it certainly concern in particular

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all the other Jazz that we taking her body all the time and then the fact that actually aging bottles like whatever reason as a bottle physically keep using for example to study with baby bottles keep using a baby bottle and putting liquid and as the bottle aged more BPA was Beach down to the liquid stuff whatever right now it's just another thing I'm thinking about fun stuff it's like everything's plastic and he's chewing on it's like you got some point you just can't control everything I'm So Satisfied I'm full of so much joy and it's a lot of work and I do know he's 13 months I've only had him a little bit over a year so right now I'm I'm really happy with him being special I don't know I think it's likely the maybe one but I'm not going to like you no say for sure

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it's it's a lot of work work yeah and you know it just another it's like things up nutrition and all that but it's how do you do that with two it's very satisfying than watching them play with their siblings that's really interesting like my two youngest my 8 my 10 like watching them play together it's it's adorable watch them hold hands and do stuff together it's really fun again they developed a very unique Bond they fight all the time over nothing like give me that it's mine it's mine all sudden what happened and I always like some blow up cuz they have zero control their emotions anything that goes on

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it's the blood gay is either on or it's off and but they're really good at apologizing to which is really interesting taught him how to do that how did you say look everybody gets emotional it's okay I apologize and hug it out I think it's also another thing that is really important teaching your children how to be happy like you know cuz that's important they see that though you you know the imitate their environment they see you know that you know how to be happy and that you can turn things around and you not to make light of situations and they'll Del they take on these Behavior patterns really that's one of the more fascinating things as watching kids go well what you going to do you know like when you do what you got to do and then you see them going what are going to do you like wow watching 8 year old figure that out I was kind of cool

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girl problems and girl or boy problems oh my God yeah who knows who knows what's happening yeah I mean and what's what's a major concern to me is living in major metropolitan areas with a constant pollution and I was reading a study that was talking about living in any major metropolitan area area like New York City can take many years off of your life just from living there it will shorten your life about air pollution and you know there's there's compounds in air pollution that are carcinogens like in a Benzene is also particular matter and how these you know how air pollution is increasing the risk for stroke heart attack Alzheimer's disease and this is like in dose dependent manner

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and of course is also worth of confounding factors and you can never really show causality although some animal Studies have been showing causality it's an end some of these things are really bad in developing nations that have a lot of regulatory regulations on for example like automobile exhaust and so some some developing countries have like children coming down with the strokes and stuff like really like young teenage so this is a course and I've been linked to air pollution so it's it's definitely a concern and then there's all sorts of studies talking about but you know happiness and bring function and all that you know so and it's something like I live off of a busy road and then there's noise pollution which is another I mean it's like something that I've been like really really aware of and trying to like move out away from busy traffic areas with my son you know because I'm just

► 00:15:16

very concerned about the health risks I wonder who also did the impact of just being in an urban environment in the fact that it's not really natural and that maybe a person who is an adult could enjoy living in Manhattan and decide that they get a thrill out of living in the city but for a baby to grow up around all that concrete and glass and all these sharp hard edges and right angles but it's maybe not conducive to healthy brain development or this not like what you're with your body or your brain is naturally craving and said he's looking at for example like people that exercise and I metropolitan area versus like I don't like a Park Nature and you know all sorts of measurements of you know depressive and consider are measured after in the ones I measured it that nature run or far better feeling feeling happier after after the run than the people that didn't respond today

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that makes sense I mean I think that's why people like Central Park New York City and just things about Central Park when you're in at you like wow looks is weird that this is in the middle of the city but it's a brilliant move to have this one you think about how much that real estate would be worth it just said just to shove buildings in their Manhattan is one of the most pricey real estate places on the planet Earth and yet in the middle of it they have this big open public park area that anyone can just wander around sit by a tree Trulia are very very smart move. Probably be Glee sucky but the thing that is bothering me is not just the air pollution in terms of like the exhaust fumes in the the exhaust

► 00:17:17

the smells but also the brake dust you know when I first start paying attention to brake dust and I would always clean it off my wheels but I would never think about it like all this dust it's on my wheels I would think I was just Dustin he was then some was explaining to me and you know that's an environmental hazard that you're breathing in if you live in that environment when you're around you know if you're on Broadway and cars are constantly hitting the brakes around you there's a puff of that brake dust as getting in the air with every pump of the brakes he was taking that disgusting stuff in your lungs that's really tiny and stuff cuz that's right you're taking in the particulate matter for Mike espestice but that they would be similar mechanisms that play that are like you know damaging organs go to visit. Good stay that's what I think

► 00:18:17

I think it's too many people

► 00:18:19

yeah it's I definitely don't like driving here like it's like it's it's really bad how much is the difference between here and we're in San Diego in a tactical fancy bother going to work or coming coming home from work but it's it's it's nothing like La I mean La is orders of magnitude worse if you're not doing clinical research you could do a lot of your stuff somewhere else if you thought about being somewhere else

► 00:18:49

so my family is in San Diego and it's really nice having my mom in particular because she helps out a lot with my son so that I can get some work done to it is important and I really did you know little bit further out I mean there's therapy places like that are still with him like 40 minute drive to like better that are nice and so that is something that we are considering but there's a fire sirens and fire signs but there are two there been times when they're loud motorcycle worries me as well

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definitely it's it's a it's a it's important to get away from that it's the goal for sure now before the podcast started you were telling me that you wrote a 30-page paper on the carnivore diet it's not a paper it's I definitely spent ages thought about it for a long time and yes there's 30 pages of thoughts and references will you still did this became a man is a very recent thing just eating me and I thought there's no way I was like I just ignored it so yeah I definitely

► 00:20:30

just missed it when I see you when I first heard about it but it's definitely been something that is you know gained a lot of traction well I definitely have concerns I think that the most important question really is what is attracting someone to try I've such a very restrictive diet you know that potentially could be dangerous without published Ivan answer any sort of long-term studies and things like that so I think that the first question was why are people doing this and so looking on it and try to read it seems as though a lot of people are drawn to it because they have some sort of autoimmune problem and that's what I try to start it and it improves their autoimmune symptoms and I see that seems to be a real common theme

► 00:21:30

I bought a Spears and stuff like that so that's I think kind of a good place to start where it's like well you know what are people doing this for and then so that's the kind of an important question and so further reading about this diet is sort of

► 00:21:49

try to think about well, what's going on it's really important when you have like something that leads to an effect to understand the mechanism because the mechanism is you know what's leading to tooth affecting so if you can do something that's potentially not so dangerous more risky than understanding the mechanism help you because then you can find other ways to do it right and so if you look at how shiny some people that eat low-carb high-protein diets with pretty common is that there there's changes that happened in a variety of different endocrine factors insulin that's changing your satiety and hunger hormones leptin and ghrelin and people become more satiating they actually eat less in this has been shown multiple studies show people actually eat less when they're having higher protein diet which makes sense to you cuz protein is more satiating as well

► 00:22:43

and also

► 00:22:46

there's also been studies on was called food habituation we're basically so habituation is when you're constantly exposed to the same trials were given the same food every single day both not obese and obese people versus people that are giving the same food once a week and the people that are given the same food every single day they just that they start to eat less calories they start to eat less actually started turkel work restrictions self so I mean it's kind of like a dietary not need to sort of thing so I think they're to read and people out there on the blogs talking about this guy they say I like I'm eating less I don't eat twice a day I'm fast as well so I think there is to publish evidence to kind of explain that and also Thursday night

► 00:23:37

so that's an important point because one thing that's really known to affect autoimmunity is calorie restriction and fasting like it's probably one of the most well-known technologies that you can intervene and have improvements in autoimmune disease so some of that has to do with the fact that you can swear to reset your immune system there been animal studies in human studies a lot of the sun too long ago at USC he's done some prolonged fasting in animals and also there's been sort of like a fasting mimicking diet done in humans which kind of exhaust and those have shown that you basically kind of cross over because passing the type of stress you cross over into this like stronger stress response where you're not only like clean the way all the gunk inside the cells people talk about it off if you want when they're talking about fasting you clean away things like damaged

► 00:24:37

protein aggregates things like that mitochondria that are damaged it cleared out but you also sort of started her weight and Tara cell through a process called apoptosis and animal studies with been shown is that if you do for example a 72-hour fast you can clear away about 30% of the immune system and the end and replenish it with like brand-new healthy onion cells and literally like organs shrink during the fasting in the new Roots band because you're acting stem cells and you're basically replenishing all your damaged old cells with new ones will voltra shown in this animal studies also auto immune cells tend to be selectively killed off and replaced with non immune cells she's also done a clinical study study with people with multiple sclerosis doing this fast mimicking diet for one month so I for one week

► 00:25:31

and their symptoms improved also ketogenic diet was done side by side and ketogenic diet also improves and SWAT immunity so those both were done in humans so I think that understanding that these mechanisms that are both have been shown to improve autoimmunity you may be tapping into something there by eating less that's one possibility in addition there's been sick clinical studies in humans were that were done they were basically fasted for 24 hours every other day for 15 days so they had like a total 10 days of fasting and these are also people with multiple sclerosis and there's profound changes in the microbiome that started happening and this was an inline with basically

► 00:26:18

having a lot of anti inflammatory cytokines basically producing new cells that are really important for preventing autoimmunity called she by the choice also things like that so that's another really important thing to consider is the microbiome because the microbiome has been linked to autoimmune to be in multiple multiple studies I mean it's been linked to arthritis krosis the link to other diseases like Parkinson's she's not really autoimmune but the point of this is that you know again understanding mechanism in realizing you know there's other potential factors that can be leading to an effect right it's it's actually the change of the microbiome a really important because there's actually been a few animal studies which of led to phase 1 Phase 2 and phase 3 clinical trials that have been done in shumen so humans with multiple sclerosis were treated with Minocycline an antibiotic and basically the antibiotic was shown to improve

► 00:27:18

and because they're there's good bacteria and bad bacteria that have been linked autoimmunity and getting rid of getting rid of bacteria know the bad bacteria is going to probably lead to improvements in human trials the humans taking with multiple sclerosis taking Minocycline for 2 years so basically they had Improvement to delay the onset progression of disease then after 2 years but those improvements went away probably because you're wiping out the microbiome and eventually you're also getting rid of the back the good bacteria and so that things are going to catch up right so you're not just you may be getting rid of some of the pathogenic bacteria with antibiotics but eventually like you're also getting rid of good stuff so long term you may not have those important to understand with with something like you know changes very profound changes in my crown

► 00:28:14

when it comes to someone just eating meat so one thing to keep in mind with with a microbiome is that basically bacteria really are good at adapt to their environment that's why the antibiotic resistance is such a big deal and when you there's been a human intervention studies when you take a human that goes from a high fiber diet to a low fiber high protein or vice versa you get changes in their gut microbiome what happened within 24 hours there within an hour you actually start to have doubling of populations of bacteria and within 24 to 48 hours do you actually start to lose other the base of the other bacteria start to die off on this is at the species level it's really hard to change the file of the file is more like too long for dietary patterns eventually you can change file as well but it's been shown that people that go for my more high fiber to a high protein diet

► 00:29:08

dates have changed their microbiome and these changes are a lot of thief microbiome you know by chair that are fermenting a variety of fermented fiber start to leave and you actually start to get bacteria that ferments amino acids so the amino acids amino acids simple sugars fats is mostly absorbed in the small intestine but some of them make their way into the large intestine and there's a hole

► 00:29:34

you know what group of bacteria called the preacher putrefactive bacteria and they ferment amino acids in some of these species of of putrefaction bacteria have been linked to colon cancer there much higher in colon cancer patients animal Studies have shown you know causal wings were they can basically progressively cause a a polyp to form a tumor not because he's bacteria are making things called putrescine and cadaverine which are damaging their genotoxic agents that damage the DNA inside your colon cells and so people better typically eating like a omnivore type of guy what they're eating protein and they're also eating fermentable fiber if they're eating the fermentable fiber that's facilitating the growth of lactic acid producing bacteria that that limit the growth of putrefactive so if you're if you're in bacteria lactobacillus s mutants at which should be getting if your

► 00:30:34

can you be facilitating the growth of after eating plans for multiple swifter microfiber you're going to limit the growth of Futures active because they can't grow with lactic acid so it's not like you know you how it's not a huge huge concern but the question is what happens when you're only eating I mean ask me only getting me lasted so is there a long-term so if you're if you're if you're killing off potentially some of this pathogenic bacteria and you're having this effect with a positive effect what what's going to happen long-term it's not known I mean to start it and it hasn't really been studied at that level of anecdotal stories about doing it for 10 20 years there online but it's very difficult to track you know I mean it's it's that you take them at their word for the Vita nothing but me for 20 years they feel amazing but there's not very many of them you know there may be more out there but it's in terms of like what I've come across articles you know but just social media

► 00:31:34

profile people talk about the positive benefits of it it seems to me that most people that are talking about the positive benefits or talking about it with anyone into your window that's what that's what we're really dealing with a lot of Sean Baker dr. Shawn Baker who is probably the leading proponent of it or one of the poster boys of it along with Jordan Peterson and his daughter Michaela Jordan Peterson his daughter McKayla there different in that they were dealing with severe autoimmune issues his daughters had two joints replaced but before she was 18 she had her ankle replaced before she was 18 I think she had her hip replaced shortly after that and Jordan has had some pretty severe autoimmune issues and depression within with both of them those things were cleared up but as you've talked about multiple times for on the show depression has been linked to disorders in the gut biome and this is something that you feel like maybe contributing to this as long as

► 00:32:34

as well as both of them also got very lean Jordan lost a ton of weight he's back to the way that he was abused 25 years old and I've eaten with them and the guy eats he needs a lot but it's a lot of me just like he'll eat like a 30 oz steak you know which is just crazy it's crazy amount of meat but I don't know how many times he's doing that a day I don't know you know yeah I think that you know going back to the the the points like

► 00:33:04

there are other in understanding is important and there's a lot of potential in founding factors right and that with any attic total data is extremely important to consider scientist nutrition is just people can't even agree on the best diet because a lot of these epidemiological an observational studies which John stablish causation have an enormous amount of confounding factors and it is freaking it's so hard at like control for that I mean just as a perfect example we talked about this before in the podcast but you know the vegetarian versus give me one of them really large study that was done in about two longest part that said he looked and it was Lauren vegetarians but they decided to take them haters and say okay what about wickedness group

► 00:33:54

the people that are healthy meat eaters are people that are not you know not unhealthy so it or not obese they're not sending prayers and not smoking and I'll not excessively drinking alcohol those people when they took out that controls confounding factors the mediators had the same mortality as vegetarian are so important exercises also been trying to change microbiome independent of diet in a positive way what you're actually producing more of the bacteria that are producing things like lactic acid so fast do you have people that are fasting so it's not like you can't do other things if you're on the type of guy to just would have helped with microbiome but I think again if there is a way you can do you know if there's a way that you can get these benefits without having to do something so hyper restrictive and we'll talk about I have concerns for that would definitely do that but then

► 00:34:54

why not try that and the thing was like for example doing like a prolonged fast you know once once a quarter once every couple of months depending on how severe your your issues are I mean there's there's been benefits showing with that like an aging like innocent people that have been put on this bathroom and they have improved biomarkers of aging and 8 increased building muscle mass I mean so you can't directly translate the animals and humans because rodents have a really fast metabolism in a few fast them for 48 hours they lose 20% of body weight for humans only has like 1 or 2% I mean that's like clearly you know you can't I mean it's obviously you can't completely translate shrinking and then literally regrowing after the fast is over like it's like this Rejuvenation process you know you're in it seems as though is selectively damaged cells are killed in fact this whole like they're there

► 00:35:54

dr. Longo showing that cancer cells are really really susceptible to dying when they're when you do like a prolonged bathroom the fasting mimicking diet and he's he's shown this an animal studies me send a couple of clinical studies for patients with cancer were treated with standard of care but before their standard of care treatment they were fasted for up to 72 hours and what happens on what he's shown in animal studies happens is that because the fasting is a type of stress all your healthy cells increase all the stress response Pathways they make monkey Chuck proteins are increasing production Pathways anti-inflammatory really good stuff and response cancer cells can't do that they're like screwed up and so they can't activate the stress response Pathways would end up killing them up happening is that when you're giving another genotoxic stress like chemo or radiation your healthy cells become more resistant to the damaging effects to radiation in the cancer cells become more sensitized

► 00:36:54

it's always shining in his pilot studies in humans is that basically she was at work that were that were treated with the standard of care think it was chemo and also fast they had less on your opinion which is the loss of neutrophils which is the side effect because you're losing normal healthy cells they have less of that happening less mileage depression so I mean it the point is I think if you can find a way to get positive benefits you know without having to do something so risky and potentially dangerous and unstudied you know I mean unsteady dinner really scientific away and all sorts of long-term I mean just all that it's really important then just comprehensive break them you just did is something that's really lacking from lot of discussion of this carnivore diet in from the proponents of it it's almost like a lot of them are going to do it blindfolded feel like look it seems to be

► 00:37:54

working so I'm just going to stick with it but again when you're talking about most people's cases you're talking about 1 year maybe two years sometimes even less where they're having these benefits and as you're saying it's entirely possible that they're setting themselves up for some potential long-term damage at the end of the day

► 00:38:20

there's no data there's no data so you can't say for sure right there's no data but I have concerns that we can talk about this concerns for sure I would like to but you know the thing is understanding my skin isn't like you said going in blindly have a hypothesis it's like okay your hypothesis is all plants or bad happening while you're doing this diet to have benefits on Auto on Aging in General on science understanding how the world Works around you understanding how your body works mechanisms

► 00:39:20

it's like well this must be doing something long-term that potentially I mean it really hasn't been studying so well that was one of those I had Jordan's daughter Michaela on who's had some pretty dramatic results from this carnivore diet but she's giving essentially nutrition Consulting to people but she doesn't really have a background in it and she's in she doesn't have the information that you just distributed like what you just said. All these people listening and that the way you're describing the the mechanisms and other benefits of fasting all these different various things are happening inside your gut and all these different things that are happening with healthy cells and mend damaged cells with fasting and at this is mimicked by this restrictive diet and then this is all absent from the dialogue this is all absent

► 00:40:20

it is one of things it's disturbing the most disturbing for me it's like I get that they're seeing positive results I guess I'm not going to deny that but when they start saying you know what plants are bad and there's what you know like my friend Chris he's always talking about the war on Cops he's having his he's also got Chris Bell he's got autoimmune issues as well he's at both of his hip replaced before he was 35 and in a severe arthritis and he is leaner than he's ever been and benefiting greatly from this carnivore diet but you know he's he's like he talks about like he uses hashtag war on carbs you know he doesn't eat salad he won't eat greens are you think greens are bad for you I don't like man I don't know not sure that's correct I think it's so important what you're saying and there's a researcher online that I've been in contact with the name is Kevin bass and his base

► 00:41:20

bass bass not sure which how to pronounce it but he also brought up this possibility that it could be calorie restriction that these people are dealing with and that this is essentially some of the same mechanisms that are the positive reactions from fasting that you're dealing with here and very happy that you're saying the same thing possibility and that is something you know there's lots of hypotheses here and that's one hypothesis that seems to be the one everyone should sort of gravitating to their glycemic load and all their other one eating just a modified paleo diet I mean I ate something like a modified paleo diet where it's like I'm eating I'm eating fish and meat poultry and a lot of leafy greens for separatist

► 00:42:20

now you can do side nuts you know or you can do like I just talked about that was done looking at the fast mimicking diet and there was the same in potion is named paper there was a start date and it improve symptoms of autoimmune is well was are comprable to concerns with that not everyone responds very well and the micro nutrient deficiencies have been a concern but you can actually eat a lot of vegetables spinach exactly how much much less it's been studied a lot more animals on improving

► 00:43:20

it's improving the kanji function aging extending your life span so you know if people are looking for in addition to you know wanting to like help with their autoimmunity issue there's also if it's like well I also just don't want to have a lot of insulin response I want to lower my glycemic levels and things like that seems like a much better option then then doing something completely on studied and so you know I think that's a really good place to start and obviously not disregarding everyone's and toes and of course is also the placebo and nocebo effect which are very real I'm extremely well real why lot of drugs don't ever make it to Market is because they can't beat Placebo you know where it's like people think they're going to get a positive response from some they can ride and the opposite is true people think they're going to get a negative response for something they can just go to be in a pill form

► 00:44:20

I think so and what's interesting is that genetics determine Sathers Snips for the gene that's really important seems to be blamed for it for either whether or not you're going to have a placebo versus nocebo isn't controls dopamine the Declaration of dopamine so people that are really likely to prefer to see the response have more dopamine in the brain in the jeans called County people that have less dopamine are more subject to the nocebo and it has been shown and just Penny Manor in an intervention trials randomized control in humans and not it's not in diet there's been studies on diet as well as showing like nocebo effect so people think they have a gluten sensitivity which I do think that's a real thing I mean I'm not saying non-celiac gluten sensitivity I think there's enough evidence that show that does exist however there was like this great study that was published four years ago showing people that thought

► 00:45:20

gluten sensitivity issues there are there randomized and none of them were given gluten course they had a negative response if they had distended bloating pain but there was no clue the nocebo effect is also real and that's a way to keep in mind as what you think I'm going to have a bad response if you can still feel like it's a great thing that that exists specially if you could figure out a way to trick yourself you're changing dopamine levels it affects your immune system I mean he was doing something called Zone healing and the more I press them on this the more he basically said well if you believe it it works like okay so you're saying that it doesn't work unless you try

► 00:46:20

this person into believing that work so you're a trickster is what you're doing if you want to go that far but it's essentially there's no real scientific basis to this idea that you press on someone's back and fix their thyroid absolutely think that Placebo accounts for a lot of that stuff involved really did you play a role is there a diet that increases dopamine because there's that you can increase serotonin with HTP and L-tryptophan which converts to HTP 5-HTP what is is there anything that ramps up your dopamine is fish oil lower cortex in this is sort of associated with a lot of that negative paranoid delusional you say hi to us what are you talking about

► 00:47:20

normal dose well if you look at it if you're talking about normal in the sense where what's typically used in like a randomized control trial it's like one what is recommended people like USDA or what would you recommend like there's no recommended nothing because because what's recommended is Sobeys plant version of it because you can convert that into the marina at the marina omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA that's the one that's what you need right here concerned about potential heavy metal poisoning when you're taking fish oil or is that all that stuff that did not a filter that stuff out fish company but there is there in there's International fish oil standards organization that a lot of different fish oil

► 00:48:20

companies are tested by them and they show like they're all there arsenic and Mercury pcbs on. Seems like all those you know potentially harmful compounds and they also look at surprised polyunsaturated fatty acids with a looking at total oxidation and things like that so that's a really good site to use to look at whether you know your fish oil brand is yours in the pill form or do you do like Carlson's we get in the bottle and take spoonfuls of it so I really like it special and he doesn't make it in liquid form but I do so I take I take about like 5 or 6 grams a day and I'm taking like a high-dose DHA because it gets into breast milk and I haven't 100% weed my son just yet how many pills is 5/6 grams it's like

► 00:49:20

so I'm taking six six pills a day available in the United States I think that's supposed to happen like in the next couple of months but I used to take Carlson's Carlson's was the bottle yeah yeah but I take 3 tablespoons I thought that was a lot how much is it

► 00:49:52

we'll have to talk about my Alzheimer's omega-3 publication

► 00:49:58

we still have that kind of stuff with keep going to put that aside because I actually have a good friend whose dad has Alzheimer's and I sent her your clip from your Instagram from yesterday cool you know yeah I'll send you my paper was just accepted it should be out but okay my potential concerns with carnivore diet and I'm sure I mean I know this I've seen it all over the blogosphere is that you know that the the micronutrients and you no matter the rdas weren't set for carnivores in all this all the stuff that I've ever had but I think to start out like understanding go micronutrients are essential about 30 vitamins minerals and really important that they do run our metabolism they are involved in making neurotransmitters involved in you know when calcium out of arteries and bring it to our phones and all sorts of things

► 00:50:58

people when they hear the word metabolism they always just think about no food do that metabolism refers to a lot of things and there's about 20 to 22% of all your enzymes in your body require a micronutrient a function and this is repairing damage from DNA all sorts of things really important and and so I have to get them for your diet because you don't make mine your body and if you don't get them from your diet can meet you you know health problems and death actually so so that's that's kind of you know what micronutrients are rdas so recommended dietary allowance those have been set a variety of different studies are you so there's randomized controlled trials non randomized control trial there's depletion repletion studies there's balance studies looking at how much how long how much of a micronutrient it takes before you start excreting it there's cross-sectional studies and there's case studies and this

► 00:51:58

collaboration between United States and Canada and some European countries as well so a lot of experiments are done to to figure out the recommended dietary allowance the first thing that's done is the estimated average are the estimated average intake so that is done by basically looking at any population going okay how much of this micronutrient do we need so that 50% of the population has adequate levels the other 50% will be deficient so there's a bell curve and so it's like literally in the middle of the bell curve and the RDA set from that tree standard deviations above and it's supposed to be in about 97.5% of the population gets enough so that's how the party except for each micronutrients different experiments are done or different to look at them so there's a few concerns of course with an Omni Diet with particular micronutrients because you know micronutrients there's a lot of you know certain

► 00:52:58

regions that are concentrated in meat and there's a lot that are concentrated in plants and you can find some of the ones that are more concentrated in meat in Clans most in most cases but it's much better to get it from the me and implants there's it's much more concentrated you know when you can find it in some amounts in me but it's much you know it's a lot easier to get it from plants so one of those course micronutrients the concern is Vitamin C course right that's the one that everyone talks about

► 00:53:29

so I didn't see is a really important cofactor for what that means is cofactor just means that its binds to an enzyme helps at work it's important for making college and its importance of converting dopamine and norepinephrine important for that you no fight or flight response plays a role in and making carnitine which is important for using fatty acids for Mitsubishi for energy and then its course antioxidant it also plays an important role and in neutrophils neutrophils are type of immune cell when they're activated when you have any trips bacterial exposure virus things that can even come from the gut you know like LPS we got from that you're dead bacteria that are dying in the gut feels good activated and these so-called vitamin C because they release a bunch of hydrogen peroxide which damages the neutral itself and so does vitamin C prevent that from happening place a really important role in cell cell integrity and things like that

► 00:54:29

so that there's a variety of ways and vitamin C is transported into the cell and I see reading on the internet a little bit of misunderstanding people following the carnivore diet seem to think that because they're not getting any their glucose levels are low that they're getting more vitamin C in so-so vitamin C also called ascorbic acid

► 00:54:54

goes between two different state or scorebig acid is the reduced form which is antioxidant form with it it goes also into an oxidized form so it's kind of going back and forth to go through about four cycles of that the oxidized form called dehydro ascorbic acid and there's two ways that you transport vitamin C stored it to the guts of the transported into a variety of tissues in the body ascorbic acid goes through so dependent vitamin C Transporters those are not depend on glucose there's no competition for glucose that's that's how I meant she gets into the cell and most cells actually transport vitamin C that form with the exception of red blood cells which don't have that transporter they use another transporter called glucose Transporters or glute and that one does glucose does compete interesting ly dehydroascorbic acid buying so much better it's actually tight Lemoore buy binds to the transporter than glucose button conditions like hyperglycemia like type 1 or type 2 diabetics

► 00:55:54

I actually don't get vitamin C in the red blood cells and it leads to like vascular problems and stuff like that so so it's an interesting hypothesis that maybe if you're having you no less of a blood glucose levels are really bummed out maybe there maybe that there's some Salvage pathway you're able to help get vitamin C in the oxidized form is going in some other cells that usually doesn't go in or whatever something like it's an interesting hypothesis which is there's no date on right

► 00:56:22

but the experiments that were done to choose the RDA for vitamin C or done the more recent RTA that it changed back in like 2000 or 2000 or 2001 or something. 19 mg a day for men and the 75 for women they were there were depletion repletion studies so men were were given about less than 5 mg a day vitamin C in their diet and this was about a 6 months to study there in a metabolic Ward and it was determined that was kind of unsafe to keep to keep going so so basically they started the repletion where they start giving these men vitamin C in a different Doses and vitamin C follows like a Sig Model S curb so once you kind of defeats the one of their vitamin C when you give them free samples 30 mg isn't really enough to kind of go it doesn't really raise plasma levels much you have to get up to like a hundred

► 00:57:22

once you get up to like a hundred then you actually start to excrete vitamin C before that you're just your body's holding on to everything and ice cream anyting 200mg was and then after that you start to like decrease bioavailability near excreting one of them so that the news of the scientists that published the paper Mark living at the age recommended that RTA be set at 200 mg but it was set at 90 which is literally right before you start to excrete which was a hundred milligrams that data along with the neutrophil data there was some neutrophil data that was looked at how much vitamin C was it important to because neutral stop it up to prevent that hydrogen peroxide induce damage and so that's kind of how they argue with that

► 00:58:08

now the question is an any with any RTA like you know the important thing to consider is weld RTS reset to prevent acute disease but what about promoting Optimal Health you know like that's really important like how much of these migrations to need throughout a lifespan to to you know to maintain Optimal Health and age well so this is something that's really important because a lot of enzymes that require micronutrient for preventing short-term disease something that can kill you like there's also enzymes that are required to prevent you know things that are associated with aging like DNA damage so if there's only so much of a micronutrient around which where is it going to go is it going to go where the you know if it's going to prevent any damage which doesn't make a difference in till five or six decades later or is it going to make sure you live on a Pathfinder jeans and you know reproducing so my former post office Mentor dr. Bruce Ainsworth propose this whole long has published a couple of foundational paper

► 00:59:08

I'm supporting this idea which is he called triage Theory so he's saying that basically he thinks extra lot of rda's are too low and that you know optimal rdas will account for how much is needed for this long-term functions

► 00:59:23

so that's really important to consider with the vitamin C

► 00:59:27

you know it's it's it's it's really a small amount that's needed to to to be used as a cofactor for an enzyme for cooking a collagen production you actually don't need that much they was done like studies were done years and years ago with that establishment like 10 mg of vitamin C with enough to prevent scurvy which can happen when you're basically don't have enough vitamin C food for collagen production and and even that's kind of questionable because back of the time when those studies were done with before really good and what days were available so you know that I said I was done to measure various it's where it was lots of things could be in town so it's it's me maybe less maybe more maybe less so

► 01:00:12

you know that that that is something to consider as well as the fact that basically it is a lot of biological variation with vitamin D requirements and this has been shown in other animals that also require vitamin C like any pics so I can you take a hundred guinea pigs in the subpoenas supposed back in like 60s or 70s like there was like 10 folder location and how much each of them required vitamin C they required even though they were given like yeah so tensile tenfold so there's like huge variation in the half-life of vitamin C and in their Transporters and fixing it so disciplined Schoenherr Road in Tazewell Road in to make vitamin C and liver but the same things been shown and actually back when the first European Sailors were getting scurvy and dying of it only about 50% we don't have to go Steelers got screwed over the other 50% I didn't have any symptoms of these that's what I'm saying it doesn't take much

► 01:01:12

so the thing you know if it is it doesn't take much to maintain the enzymatic function of some of the enzymes involved in making College in and that you don't take much for that but the question is about what about your body stores vitamin C then then then it needs for that for that for its function as a cofactor and it's like you know why does it do that is it just because maybe it's during start food scarcity you want and wants to make sure it has enough or is there are you know the antioxidant functions and other functions lamp Orton weather unknown functions so I think the vitamin C you know they're certainly getting enough to prevent scurvy and there could be a biological variation that as well right don't need much to prevent scurvy very small sample size you don't know how many people are actually on the side or just leave them reporting right how many Mar supplementing and why wouldn't they be

► 01:02:12

and you think that a lot of these issues could be prevented with just multivitamin supplementation you know so that that there's another one that's potentially risky and that is vitamin E which kind of vitamin E helps recycle vitamin C and vitamin C helps recycle vitamin E and vitamin E actually most people think president after accident which it does it prevents lot of oxidative Chainz it's going to break the chain of oxidation but also is really important for maintaining cell integrity and that's how the RDA was chosen for that one so how does it do that it's important for inside the cell membrane so it so it's important to inside the cell membrane and so it it's preventing a lot of oxidative factors that are happening just normal metabolism Norma wants and tapping you and I are doing it right now no damage that damn start again I had also damages to the lipids in our in our cell membranes and so and so

► 01:03:12

is it an important role in the Integrity of it and so the experiment that were John for choosing the RDA for vitamin or two and a half years long and men were given the 3 mg of vitamin E Savard RDA is 15 mg they're giving three and after two and a half years they started getting hemolysis of the red blood cells because the red blood cell the membranes of the red blood cells more being maintained very well after two and a half each of two and a half years long time for you know for this to show up and so for whatever reason it was decided that having hemolysis happen lower than 12% is okay 12% with a cut off and so they admitted to the repletion studies it was 15 I was actually 12 minutes for the ER and they went up to standard deviations in town 50 biscuit argue with that 15

► 01:04:03

so the question becomes well alright so vitamin E you can you know you can get some vitamin E for some egg yolk and butter and if you're getting some fish but you're not going to it's really hard to get 15 mg from and then after eating that what about all the other stuff you have to eat to get your other email so it is a good source of nuts are really really the best worst like almonds like some almonds would they give you your ID really good source so the question becomes well okay you know what happens if I'm only getting 7 milligrams a day is it going to take 6 or 7 or 8 years before my cell membrane integrity was compromised more you know what you know so it's just there's a lot of important questions to think about you know and it's like he's already as you know that I could even argue their set too low and some cases where you're there really trying to just prevent things like you know that are like hemolysis of the red blood cells and you know so what

► 01:05:03

long term effects of enzymes are involved in DNA repair for example of another one would be like folate folate you can get if you eat you know if you're eating like a hundred and fifty grams of fiber everyday but does that you know I mean if you're not doing that and you didn't you got to eat like you're 48 starting to get your vitamins you got me enough so it's like it's not easy I can't get some amounts of it but you may not be getting the RDA and so it when you're fully plays a very important role in actually making you DNA you know if you don't have folate you essentially incorporate something from RNA called your cell in two DNA and all your Lake DNA polymerases and stuff for cruising along Dana and see if they make a Nick in the DNA and it literally you know it's a Nick in your in your habit do you need still stranded it so we have it on 2 and the DNA what you do because it's really important to make one the nucleotides timing then you know during to have double trying to break and actually my former post office mentor

► 01:06:03

Doctor Who sings published a study showing that if you take animals and make them deficient in folate or give them really really low levels of folate it causes strands and their DNA just like being a radiator look and compare them side-by-side exact same thing and then he published a study that was with humans showing that actually humans that are getting really low levels of folate also had a certain type of nuclei

► 01:06:29

you know so the question is well you know if I if I'm getting only so much folate you know is is it something happened to my DNA am I getting strand breaks the same goes for magnesium when you can get magnesium if you're eating you know this it's just been worried about this all day and then what about the vitamin D and you know so it's really hard it's really hard to do that and DNA damage that's something you can't measure if you're not going to go your lipid panel isn't going to tell you that there's no consumer test available there was a few years ago with a start-up tried doing it but it's really hard because there's if you're sending blood samples and I've done studies kinetic studies where we took blood out of a patient

► 01:07:22

measured in a damaged immediately or further down we let it sit on a bench for 30 minutes to hours for hours overnight after 2 hours all the tons of DNA damage should have come up because it's being exposed to oxygen and all that is I'm creating basically no damage so anyways the point is is that DNA damage isn't something you're going to measure you don't steal it and you're not going to feel it I mean it's happening and it's right now we don't know if we have enzymes that are repairing that damage in those enzymes prefer magnesium we're getting enough folate to make sure that that damage isn't happening and again you can get a good amount of folate liver is one of the best is really great source we have to eat it everyday and you have to eat like you know I guess I'm hundred 50 grams of liver is not that much but you have to eat it everyday so it's it's just really important to consider the fact that these micro nutrients are important to have long-term effects I mean the two and a half years it took to show the the hemolysis in red blood cells two and a half years what happens if your getting a modest amount

► 01:08:22

quite sure you're getting twice that or maybe you're getting 9 you know what happened 7 years from now but you don't know it's and it's important your health is important so I think that so and there's a variety of other imagine he's you can also get if you're getting a lot of weight stomach lining tripe called tribe down these people to carnivore diet or just eating beef right job where they go into office 95 or the traveling and it's really hard to get all this eating things like raw raw liver raw like raw whale blubber and spleen scans a good source of vitamin C from Morgan's vitamin C when you cook it 25% of its lost so that's why a lot of the muscle meat and stuff it does start out with vitamin C when you cook it or not eating it raw or then

► 01:09:22

you know you're at you definitely can snuggle triple yours one young guy who is a carnivore diet proponent that seems to be approaching us in a much more comprehensive where he's a really big on Oregon me to protect her liver and many other things and he's talking about how these organ Meats will be excellent sources of a lot of vitamins that people are concerned that you're missing from vegetables you do you think that is possible and it mean spleen I guess for vitamin C but like what it what about just liver or kidneys or things along those lines mean what what are you going to be deficient in if you go the organ meat route the magnesium and

► 01:10:15

magnesium but you can get I mean it's you can do it right you can't do it but it seems very difficult and I don't think most people will do it and you recommend of course getting all this stuff from food if you were going to get magnesium vitamin C Ellison Is it feasible that you could just supplement with multivitamins and and cover all your bases units and I think the same goes for vegetarians I think they should you know they do supplement to take B12 iron which I think it's much better to take iron get iron from food available in a pill form also the pill form has been trying to disrupt other things like where is iron from food

► 01:11:02

just depends on the ratio of the better things like you know disrupt disrupting the transport of other transition elements and things like that has its are saluted also yeah something about that also there's bacteria in the gut that that can be pathogenic and that use iron but it seems to be only in supplemental form that that's why you should never stopping by myself and iron throughout my third trimester but I just think that you're going to potentially run into more problems with that you know Iron does it does come from bread meat correct available in versus so I just ate red meat friends are short I think there's also other important reasons to eat the plants instead of doing just the organ me and also just doing

► 01:12:02

as well as some of the reasons I have to do with the fact that we can Michael Brown's really important so you're getting another fermentable types of fiber that are really important for you know going all sorts of commensal bacteria in the gut we don't know what's going to happen with someone that's only just eating meat long-term strictly was like I said the picture back to bacteria and all that I mean that's just a yeah that's the pigeon feathers putrefactive bacteria also that are like corpses and stuff comes from the they produce something to eat that's what I'm thinking about the fact that sounds sounds like farts sounds like something that makes sense

► 01:12:53

but you know it so that's another reason and then the other president plants to humans evolved eating we evolved eating them drink throughout human evolution humans were

► 01:13:17

distressed on many levels one they went through moments of food scarcity with fasting came and it's important right now we don't have that we can get food all the time anytime right so so that was an important stress that humans have evolved with exercise aerobic exercise right that's another thing I mean you had to have to move to get food and run from predators and sweet me evolved exercising now you can tell many people don't do that we also involves eating plants and meat so we have these basically all these Pathways that are activated when we eat plants and it's from certain contacts and plants into insect antecedents there there there any plans and when humans eat them they basically activate a variety of really really important stress response Pathways a lot of these Pathways get activated by exercise and fasting as well so there is a lot of overlap between them but I see a lot of people

► 01:14:17

you know I'm not on this carnivore diet talking about how they're still bad for you and if they would take the time to actually read studies like human studies were people are given a lot of these insect for humans to sign and initial effects of happened and there's a lot of mechanism for why that is you know so I mean the sulforaphane is one that I like to talk about and there are there is tons and tons of human intervention data or people are given either cruciferous vegetables or they're given broccoli sprout broccoli Sprouts or a really great source cruciferous vegetables broccoli cabbage fermented cabbage the brussel sprouts and all that stuff so broccoli Sprouts have like to anywhere between 10 and a hundred times more lot of that work was done by dr. Jeff Fahey friend of mine he's at Johns Hopkins very great scientist does a lot of research on in sulforaphane

► 01:15:18

but you know if you look at intervention trials were talking about your pollution like there's an intervention try there's more than one showing in humans showing that if you give humans broccoli sprout extract for 7 days they start to excrete Benzene acrolein benzene's in air pollution 60% on day 1 like they start excreting in their urine like you're getting rid of that and that's largely because sulforaphane activates right of enzymes one called Phase 2 toxication enzymes which are important for getting rid of potentially harmful compounds are able to like take a pro carcinogen and turn into a carcinogen so you know there's intervention trials and humans that it's men that were given broccoli sprout extract extract lowered their there they're biomarker for prostate cancer by by like 86% or lower the doubling rate of 86% you know so this is like this is important their studies showing that humans given

► 01:16:18

example two different humans given 300 grams of Brussel sprouts a day increase a really important antioxidant in their plasma glutathione and decrease oxidative DNA damage in their blood cells DNA damage like we were just talking about a decreased it like by 30% or something like that to separate studies brussel sprouts and I liked I see people like talking about the carnivore diet and how sulforaphane increases DNA damage and they like reference this in vitro study would I dump sulforaphane on cultured cells in a dish so you know what else is going to do that shit how to recycle gaming from the cook meter reading like you know if you jump something at concentration yeah it's going to look it up but we're talking about humans ingesting if you were to exercise Non-Stop and not rest it would be toxic if you were too fast and not stop it would be toxic like you know how some of these

► 01:17:18

pathways are working is that they the dose that they're given you no eating it's it's almost impossible to eat the kind of dog was that it would take to get to cause severe damage in the you know what you would get sick like I think that using that as an excuse is really for somebody should read the studies and there's so many more studies. It's been shown recently to increase in the brain human intervention cities that were given sulforaphane extract increase in plasma and in their brains you this is important this is a possible therapeutic intervention it's been trying to randomize Placebo control trial to improve autistic symptoms and how to lessons open-label trials in children children I mean did she study after study after study and I'm just talking about the human the ones and there's more there's also lots of animal studies were there feeding a mega Doses and positive benefits

► 01:18:18

women's large doses like something equivalent to like 70 or 100 grams of broccoli Sprouts which have a lot more sulforaphane then like brussel sprouts do and there was no toxic side effects of thyroid that's one concern people do have if you have hypothyroid sulforaphane can compete with iodine for transport to the thyroid I don't think that's usually an issue it certainly doesn't seem to be an issue in healthy people but you know iodine is found in C food sources of iodine you can eat so maybe someone with hypothyroid might want to make sure they're not even like 10 like you're not like kale smoothie after kale smoothie out of jail something like met you. Make sure you're having a brussel sprouts with your with your Alchemy or whatever and you know I don't think so so I do get a little icy icy like you mentioned dr. Shawn Baker he's like you forgot a video about like he mentioned me my name's talking about how I only talked about in vitro data and I'm like dude go watch my video

► 01:19:18

my interview with the expert at Johns Hopkins were talking about human studies coming from the opposite of things going on there's one there's a real cursory examination of data where they in the confirmation bias and it's a combination of the two of those things they find one thing that sort of kind of vaguely supports what they want to support and then they run with it and they talk about it as if they're experts yes and some of the reasons why I'm so happy that you're talking about that so you cuz you can give people a real comprehensive understanding of all the different things that play in one of these that I get from you when I talk to you about nutrition is it's mind-boggling how many different factors are going on simultaneously in the human body when it comes to nutrition absorption when you know what in the very stage of the body in the end how it can vary with with different

► 01:20:17

when is so much going on so when someone just starts talking about vegetables are toxic like of Jesus Christ scientific data like I wanted to be toxic this is what's crazy it's this is an ideology that sack into veganism it's really it's it's just another side of the same mindset it's almost like a religious mindset they laid this Lisa hashtag to meet me I did say it like I'm a fucking me neither but I I side I eat more vegetables I think then I eat meat I certainly certainly like right up there and I'm not giving them up I think that's stupid I just it doesn't make any sense to me and I like them that this is weird push and that you know if you look under hashtag meet heels is all these people

► 01:21:17

you know telling me stories about of the lost all this weight and did all this disk on their health benefits and did the did the did the did the death but they only wanted to be because of the consumption of meat only they think that it's because of the singular aspect of their diet and the fact that eliminate everything else but they're not they don't do any studying of Elimination Diet they don't do any study of the benefits of fasting and all these different things that you're talking about which I think these are all factors in this really complicated thing that's going on that most likely has something to do with their gut biome in their immune system absolutely I mean it's important it's just important to approach this like a science you know and and not like a religion that he said where you wanna believe something until you just fine

► 01:22:17

circulating around that why plants are really bad to eat it's like they're there their career like advocating micro nutrients from vegetables and from me and from fish okay it's like so ironic but if you actually read the paper not only does it say it doesn't know and if you didn't like sulfur if I don't cause cancer but it's it also goes it has a whole section on heterocyclic amines from cooked meat so if you really want to use that paper as an argument why to not eat plants and maybe read the paper and realized it's also talking about her as well the point of the paper was like I'm getting a little emotional robot self the paper was basically not to worry about like some of that amount that you're being exposed she was somebody's natural you know and since I can't I feed into their account

► 01:23:17

and as well as some of the the pesticides that are found in synthetic pesticides to the base of your that they're in such small amounts it was back in the 90s and but I just think that it's a little critical to use a paper I'd like to see this paper all the time. Did you read the paper that has a whole section on on the Inside Man tickets from coffee with a lot of people drink and also from me there's that thing that people do where they do have a have a joke about it to my aunt about I register a study that said that sperm can cure depression in women and I slam my laptop shot and another word on Mike I found the cure for this is what

► 01:24:17

read or respond but recite from someone else's reciting it in a video right we just what's going on with a lot of this stuff and this is what I'm concerned cuz I keep seeing all these people like hey I'm going to try the carnivore diet try the carnivore diet I telling you it's amazing and I'm just sitting here shaking my head I'm like this isn't make any sense like I don't why would you want to eliminate of a massive source of bioavailable nutrients and then when they're talking about the negative consequences of consuming vegetables that they're in a different sort of toxic elements I do remember you talking about how these stressors can actually have a positive and beneficial result when your body reacts to the stressors yeah that's exactly like your size works exactly how fasting works exactly how to keep stress from the sauna work and is how these phytochemicals I'm calling phytochemicals just as like a generic Amino category but they're there

► 01:25:17

are compounds that are made by plants to ward off insects and and we evolved feeding them and they activate amazing stress response Pathways in Inhumans in our brain you know in multiple and blood cells I mean it's just human intervention trials showing this so you know you're doing the timer started eating like that's were supposed to do that and we're supposed to eat some plans I think they're trying to call but they're trying to simplify something that's incredibly complicated and they're doing it with this sort of religious fervor it says it's very strange and I can feel it when I talk about it when people get upset they're getting upset at me like I'm criticizing Jesus or something it's very weird and again I'm not a vegan options about the importance of me

► 01:26:17

it's it's a religious thing it really is it's the same sort of mindset that allows people to get just rapidly Republican or anything else like fill in the blanks whatever it is you know it's just a thing that people do theirs for the long as there's two different camps in Jiu-Jitsu when you're something crazy and noogie Aggie is the it's a kimono this white or mean a multi-car you wear different colors now but it's their start with Y and a lot of people learn their Jiu-Jitsu grabbing onto the Gilli no extra Vegito gear karate ghee and utilizing it as part of the grappling techniques and then noogie came along and wood noogie is they use rash guards they don't grab the clothes they concentrate on control of the body with under Hooks and over Hooks and Gable grip some things along those lines between ghee and noogie I remember sitting there watching us

► 01:27:17

is a problem because like people would get angry what can't be win bro and I train both I have a black belt in the key I have a black belt in ODI train both of them I think those benefits to both of them but there was this weird thing where you were supposed to choose sides it's since alleviated and people realize how Preposterous it is but for a long time like four years that you Jitsu Community with split where people angry at people who were the geats or angry at people who are no key like my friend Eddie Eddie Bravo who teaches nogede people were angry at him for teaching a system of Jiu Jitsu that didn't involve a certain type of clothing it's the same mindset people just want you to believe what they believe only and they get Rabbit about it they get crazy and I'm seeing this with this carnivore diet and I think there's a psychological aspect of it to it that you were talking about when it in terms of this placebo effect then I think Dave they feel like I've never felt better I'm on this carnivore diet I'm doing chin-ups

► 01:28:17

around the block and then there's also well if you are doing this as opposed to the standard American diet I think you have the same sort of response that you have when people talk about the positive benefits of vegan diet I think if you have a pot that you have a vegan diet in comparison eating chips and fries and soda yeah you're going to feel fucking amazing and people talk about you guys just like that and they want you to do I mean there's pee I'm seeing the same patterns that I see what vegans wear these carnivore people are putting meat in their screen name you know I'm mediator Mike you know carnivore Carl there other fucking crazy people they're doing the same thing to vegans do with archon the vegan Warrior Coral

► 01:29:17

K Camp I'm not picking up I like my paleo diet and I actually I'm probably going to try a little bit of Keto I'm going to tell positive cotton of benefits for that I mean I really experience. It's it's hard for me because what knocks me out ironically would knock me out of ketosis with the most of my diet is fairly ketogenic except I eat too much meat. Just pray that I'm always thinking I think I need a lot I don't know maybe I'm just full of shit but I also have a lot cuz you know I'm on Elk Street of 400-pound Adam are going to meet what's the best of it so I'm eating like who knows how many grams of protein I mean I don't think it's a placebo effect cuz I've been doing this for years not feel pretty fucking good you know what I'm doing this up fitness challenge now that's what this thing is me and my friend Bert Kreischer

► 01:30:17

my friend Tom Segura and Ari shaffir week for the month we have to see who burns the most calories and gets the most MEPS as my zone thing and I'm planning on killing those guys I'm planning I'm literally having them try to die keep up with me sober October but I'm doing the 15 Hot Yoga plus I'm doing also tell the crew I need to 1 hour hardcore cardio sessions yesterday and then today I'm going to do kickboxing for an hour and a half tomorrow I'm going to do an hour and a half a yoga in the morning and I'm going to run at night I want to break them for Birds getting cock he's posting stuff on his Instagram today

► 01:31:16

and cheeseburgers zinc and magnesium triple jokes that's part of the problem this goddamn hilarious when he's drunk it's a part of the problem again balance I think this is a very important conversation to have because I think there's a lot of people that are enticed by the magic of this carnivore diet and I think I'm so happy that you are the one that can because you could do it in such a scientific Manner and it just sort of illuminate all the various problems and sort of explain why they are experiencing these benefits cuz even brilliant man like Jordan Peterson is a brilliant guy he is just accepting the positive benefits of this and I don't know how far he's looked into this and also it's important like the the the the fact that the nocebo thing experiencing bad things you know also things when you change your microbiome and you're going along pretty time

► 01:32:16

is eating me I mean vegans that like eat me or people that are on a low fat fat experience negative effects for in those things will eventually go away but that is also something to consider like so there may be a no seatbelt on top of actual things that are short-term to like I knew it you know there are changes that had to take some time little bit of time in the microbiome that may be happening cuz you know I definitely talk about the same thing so fat that you say the same thing I mean so you know someone someone's got to be right or maybe everyone's right you know maybe there's a mechanism for microbiome changes and everyone's right your body adjust depended upon your diet but yeah I know it's been shown I mean the microgram does change depending on your diet and you know if your if you are eating a low-fat and going to a high-fat diet

► 01:33:16

have microbiome that are resistant to that you can start to have microbiome being killed off and then cause inflammation you know maybe it takes some time to be able to like for men some of those complex carbohydrate and stuff so I need to figure out my cousin but there's usually a mechanism in an explanation for the four things and you know sometimes you have a hypothesis and sometimes it's Ryan sometimes it's not what you're experiencing is that you don't understand why you're experiencing you thought you did but you didn't Michaela Peterson said that when she first got on the carnivore diet she had diarrhea for 6 solid weeks

► 01:34:01

wow that would that would no pun intended shake me loose I'll be like yeah after about 2 weeks of like I'm kind of tired of shit in my six wheel I got for her it was worth it in comparison to the negative effects that she was having an immune system I mean yeah she's open-minded it's hard when someone's experiencing positive and it is hard when they that's just you know that but it also is important to it to realize that this is there it hasn't been proved experiencing because she's got it all planned out and you know so

► 01:34:53

at the end of the day there is no data so you can't say definitively but I mean there's a lot of data on why you should include some plants at least and and again for doing this for an autoimmune there's a lot of really good day to that fasting helps like and it helps it helps you age like I'm going to start doing just like you know something fast like a couple times a year since I've completely so a pro long fast tape I'm technically in humans according to dr. valter Longo he thinks it has to be more than 48 hours so you can do like a 72-hour fast in my in like a couple of three three and a half day fast and they're getting all sorts of massive improvements in a variety of biomarkers glucose information you know a lot of things I know carnivore people are talking about as well but in the same thing fasting limiting the amount of exercise you do some people do it depends on how you feel I mean you know you certainly

► 01:35:53

if you're doing if you're not eating any food in your just doing a water fast you certainly it's if you could be more dangerous and should listen to your body and if you feel really sick or something. Like I wouldn't you know just as opposed to what is animal where it's like a very you know like the first day is like a thousand calories in the 2nd through 5th day is like 700 calories and then they're they're broken up where it's like the first day it's like it's very much a low sugar low protein high fat modest carb kind of diet should one of the throat of the consumed like nuts and kind of thing that prescribe like a physician can prescribe it to a patient you know but you can you can sort of make your own as well with you know whole Whole Foods you know like avocado coconut oil

► 01:36:53

avocado yeah but you have to sort of salary cap so make sure you're not like getting too many calories contain terms of calories so if it's like the whole day and then some people have been modified versions of it is like Words a little more ketogenic like they've adjusted the carbohydrate and fat to be a little more of the ketogenic and like I said the study that was published in parallel with the fasting mimicking diet study the fasting mimicking diet did it for 3 months but it was in Germany they were on a ketogenic diet and they were on it for 3 months and they experienced improvements as well so there's definitely waste

► 01:37:53

not getting to the Alzheimer's the Civic the guy that I interviewed dr. Dale bredesen he he is published extensively and also as clinical a lot of clinical experience he's trying to understand the mechanism of Alzheimer's disease and I'm getting to this for the ketogenics going to come back eventually but he tries to understand a lot of the underlined mechanisms for Alzheimer's disease and in his clinical experience he sort of Caesars subtypes of Alzheimer's where you can get like patients that have a really high inflammatory where that got lots of inflammatory biomarkers they also have this High fasting blood glucose and still a little like no high fasting insulin but then you can get the same sort of Metabolic Effect for you have people that are kind of on the insulin resistant Spectrum but without inflammation there's that subtype and then there's like another sub paper it's like it seems like a big environmental component like toxic stuff people being exposed to and that leads to a much

► 01:38:53

earlier diagnosis and Alzheimer in this would have different phenotypes but he has its really aggressive and very thorough protocol that's like on the individual level where people yeah he has tons and tons of biomarkers that are measured one is the fasting blood glucose should be less than 5.5 actually get some hba1c which is a 3-month marker a fasting blood glucose to be less than 5.5 fasting insulin should be less than 7 he's got your high-sensitivity C-reactive protein should be less than .8 and has a variety of other than country biomarkers are also measured by the things she looks at homocysteine is really important because there's publication showing that if you lower homocysteine it can act enacted he actually published this one patient reverse the hippocampal atrophy amazing so that you know it's not exactly what the mechanism is but so that's when he looks at and he does his diet this like Diet

► 01:39:53

the whole lifestyle change sleep exercise and get the most vitamins at the top of that he's this diet that he is kind of like to lower the inflammation and improve the until we put them on a diet it's kind of like keto flax but it's kind of like a a ketogenic diet the fats are coming from Mike helicoptero nuts olive oil he treats me to the condiment but and and basically is getting improvements like with with this type of diet Lauren information about things it's really interesting because he has a lot on you know and he's got a book out as well as in depth about it

► 01:40:44

so it is certainly seems very interesting that he's he's actually been able to not only like delay Alzheimer's disease but reversed and the puppy is published, public studies where people were able to go back to work and actually some of the in some cases their brain atrophy kind of stopped and started to reverse while they were like growing more neurons wow about this so the publication was like the original one I had Red Witch got me interested in his work in the first place I saw that I was like holy crap this is amazing it was only on 10 patients it was kind of low he says now he's got like 50 more but they're getting ready to publish and then his you know got this whole protocol where there's like just he's got like that wasn't the patient for their like kind of treating this through individual way they do genetic testing blood testing and all that stuff so I'm it's very interesting because it's you know he's so she's basically showing the important interaction between Diet lifestyle and potentially genetics

► 01:41:42

and this is kind of where my paper comes in

► 01:41:46

because there is a there is a gene that increases the risk for Alzheimer's if you have one copy of it so you get two copies of every Gene from one for Mom wants Dad if you have one copy of it or increases your risk for Alzheimer's Disease by like two or three fold give to copy that could be anywhere between 10 and 15 fold so it's like really early for it also increases your chances of having a phone if you have any type of TBI and people with that that allele and have TBI multiple to be eyes definitely are much more likely to come down with some sort so but not everyone was against it so there's like this like what's going on hearing others there seems to be this clear of gene-environment interaction going on and so I was really interested in it because I found out I had one of these alleles and of course I got me really concerned one of the things that's really really important is sleep because sleep is the one

► 01:42:46

actually clearway amyloid plaques from your brain your brain actually swells during sleep squirts Regal finals foots fluid into your brain and your basic with clean-out amyloid plaques in a bunch of bats in a belt that serve car wash for your brain when you sleep and Matt Walker we talked about him a lot he's the human eye works late is awesome I just I could talk to you tomorrow I love I love it I really love the conversation I had with him as we talked about this in detail because basically that is one of the major ways you clear a fox but the other way is through an eighth of weed mediated mechanism and April before does it's like 20 folds less efficiently than someone that doesn't have it so they were lying and all sorts of studies with a plea for showing

► 01:43:37

sleep is a major modifiable risk factor for Alzheimer's disease we have a boy before but you're getting good quality sleep you're like the same risk as someone that doesn't have it and so I was like geez you know of course I was thinking about this entire time that had my son and I was like not sleeping from the other thing that I look into my publication this is where another word of diet Gene interaction come is that just all sorts of clinical study session of people with Avery for benefit from fish eating fish where they can basically have improved pathology in their brain have him prove symptoms but when they take fish oil to take fish oil and give it to people with dementia the people without a 44 benefit for some reason people are benefiting literature animals that were I'm giving human a 44 vs shumenov DHA doesn't get transported across the blood-brain barrier very well with

► 01:44:37

Safeway for so it's like what's going on there since we're transport defect and DHA and I'm awake clearance it's in humans have been shown to decrease Tangles and also it's really important for glucose uptake into the brain because it regulates the transport of glucose transporter what was the second Sing Tao Tao Tangled inside of neurons and they disrupt a process that's called microtubule transport which is where basically it's it's the it's the neuron system for transporting fatty acids all sorts of goodies energy to the to the synapse worsen after transitions happening top 10 best we just drop the whole thing by plaques form outside of neurons in the extracellular space and they can just wrap synapse formation their thoughts of form as a

► 01:45:37

type of mechanism against viral or fungal or bacterial infection so it's kind of like you know that that's the reason why there for me but it's just a matter of clearing them out and also how your how your brains able to like deal with amyloid plaque burden and if we for is not able to deal with it very well so the DH a transport thing is what I publishes is has to do with the interaction between different forms of DHA and there's two different ways that DHA is transported across the brain is when it's like in a free fatty acids and it requires and specifically the outer membrane of the blood-brain barrier needs to be intact and because it goes through passive diffusion well if there is a disruption in the blood-brain barrier than the GHA isn't even transferring very well in that form and it's been shown that April before actually just drops that very thing the outer membrane the tight junctions that bind the outer membrane of endothelial cells that line the blood-brain

► 01:46:37

carrier and so it's it's quite possible that that is why they chose not getting into the brains very well and April before carriers is another way to get it in and this is through a transporter that bought that uses something called lysophosphatidylcholine DHA which the phospholipid form of DHA forms from phosphatidylcholine DHA in the Transporters call MSD to a and it basically takes the DHA and flipped it down across the outer membrane into the inner membrane of the blood-brain barrier so bypasses at outer membrane and then it gets transported in so if you will get animal studies that you delete that transporter like 60% of the DHA does is your not getting into the brain few give give animals that men's with with the variation in a gene that makes it less less active have get neurogenic with form of neurological disorders inner degenerative disorders so it's obviously very important to get DHA

► 01:47:37

mechanism all turned out if you consume DHA and phospholipids you actually for more of lysophosphatidylcholine DHA and that's because basically where the DHS are on a on a phospholipid are in multiple carbons and one of them can escape a lipase in the pancreas and so basically you can for more. But I'm so phospholipid form DHA and fish but it's really abundant in fish roe like super abundant like 30 to 40 70% of DHA that's found in fish roe which are fish eggs right of different kinds are in phospholipids form you consume that stuff for the reason why I get salmon Roe I like the salmon because it also has astaxanthin in it which is you ordered like is it bottled or canned or sometime it's frozen frozen yeah it's frozen but you can go into like a Japanese store you can go

► 01:48:37

flying fish roe you know that which one which Some people prefer those cuz they're smaller and the texture they don't like this and like that like a sushi restaurant and you get like the like fish eggs that come in like a big big are there any kind of rainbow trout rainbow trout rainbow trout eat salmon eggs that's that's one way to get more phospholipids form but also DHA consumed in like triglyceride how much is a bottle of fish oil is also forms it also forms DHA lysophosphatidylcholine but you just need more of it so it's also possible that somebody is clinical trials showing that you know fish oil failed was because they really using like the toast they were using was to grams so maybe you need six friends before consequence of consuming too much fish oil

► 01:49:37

depends on the type of fish oil that you're consuming I mean if you're consuming oxidized fish oil and certainly not very good but why would have you also known as if it's last if it's too old or 10 depending on how they ice with isolation process was that yeah too old for sure things that are sitting around with your vacation process very important and like I said there's that fish oil standards on program me to look up and there's a variety of different fish oil supplement brands that are on there the other thing is like they were just recently a randomized very very large randomized control trial on 4 grams of one of the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish and other marine organisms EPA never going for grams a day for five years 8000 patients randomized controlled different countries and it reduced any extra patients that had Hypertech thumbed high triglycerides and also we're on statins it lowered

► 01:50:37

cardiovascular disease risk by like 28% or something like that that was 5 years control stop by tolls it vital it's steady but you know the other thing that I think people are worried about with really high does fish oil is the potential for blood thinning because it does inhibit thromboxanes and prostaglandins and we could try and look at rings and things that are important for like you know clotting you know I've been taking a really high dose for like over a decade Now official I'll be taking not always 6 grams but I've been taking ideas for quite a while but recently I haven't been getting it done very often because I'm the pregnancy and breastfeeding and Cicero changes things I try to do it like ideally like doing it wants a quarter but like a couple times a year

► 01:51:37

for sure that's what I try 6 months that's that's good I think I think like you know sometimes you can get super obsessive by doing if you drink it like once a quarter you know you're not healthy I think doing it once a quarter until they start to get healthier is going to do it all but I'm thinking about doing the nicotinamide riboside you know niacin can is definition to like a lower LDL and bacon Fire To The Santa Clause with the flushing right Pacific causes of flushing but also I think that there was some problems with it like disrupting insulin something with insulin secretion I don't call it's been like so many years since I read those studies but the nicotinamide riboside forms and AD niacin is a precursor for for an ID which is also increase during fasting we were going to get NAD IV injections we still going to do that

► 01:52:37

company contacted us date there's two ways of doing it one takes 8 hours or two it takes like 10 to 15 minutes and it's like excruciating yeah you can push it push it through and it's just your your guts feel like they're on fire feel like 10 minutes I want to try that just to see how bad it is because I want to say it's not happening I'm not sitting around for 8 hours but apparently there's some significant benefits to Ivy versions of it and doing it by Ben Greenfield was on the podcast talk about it pretty much pretty. In-depth yeah he's a big believer of it I actually tried finding some publish studies on the IV version I really couldn't find any particular room stuff too I'm pretty sure I was right you are recommended to me I subscribe to that I get that stuff everything that happened published

► 01:53:37

what song is on right now but the NAD by intravenous method supposed to be much more potent form of it and the people that I know that I've tried it like that on it they get someone to come down to their there aren't Labs like a couple times a month and a bunch of the employees will sign up and get zapped would be on that I wonder why it's hard to be interesting to see if it has the most similar benefits at taking something like nicotinamide riboside has you know so you can you can razor your energy level is like traumatically daily basis just right now while I'm breastfeeding I just always on the cautious side I was taking

► 01:54:33

think I was taking 250 mg I think before I forgot to ask you about it but dialing circling back to this whole carnivore thing one of those suggestions was that it is is it possible that people that some small percentage of the population would actually be allergic to a lot of plants

► 01:55:03

I mean there are people that can be allergic to certain component I mean there's there's the whole Nightshade you know family I think some people can like they have allergic reactions to and I think that people with being tomatoes plants and then I also people with like got issues have you ever heard of anyone being allergic so gut issues would predispose you to be well because there are other things in the plants that can see things people like to talk about like lectins for your phone and you know lectins there they are they are in a lot of plants but they're much more concentrated singing like a like a bean and there an activated with but most people don't have reactions to possibly if they already have since would have got barrier problem that could sort of elicit a reaction but a lot of the data out there is like in vitro where are lectins are used to stimulate the immune system in vitro in fact

► 01:56:03

use lectins before to do an experiment but you know so I think that yeah there's that there's certainly food allergies or are definitely a possibility and they do exist Rose it possible that someone be allergic to both cruciferous vegetables and you know a bunch of other like salary or cucumbers or things along those lines are allergic to them maybe I think that people can have you know with like a variety of different issues like small intestinal bacterial overgrowth in the intestines people that are that are sensitive till like 5 naps those things so it was fun and be sensitive to the issues issues

► 01:57:03

perfect people they can feel bloated and stuff like that absolutely but I do think that sometimes resolving those issues will resolve that problem I don't I don't tend to think everyone like someone's can be allergic to every plant I don't know that I mean you know anything's possible Right but I haven't done an in-depth search for that specific thing is it fair to say that when people are describing this they're saying that it might be possible that there are a small percentage of population but there is a small percentage of population that's allergic to plants that really what you're dealing with is a small percentage of population that has a significantly impair gut biome that is finding benefit to eliminating these plants is strict Elimination Diet being on his carnivore diet which also has calorie restrictive aspects to it and even fasting restrict restricted aspects to it that this is why their experience

► 01:58:03

miss positive benefit and that perhaps one of the ways they could fix their gut biome would be some sort of prolong fast or something along those lines to try to fix the problem at the root Source instead of maybe with the carnivore diet would be is like some sort of play a dietary Band-Aid with autoimmune disease or fasted for 24 hours every other day they had changes in their microbiome that were in line very interesting actually I'm through bacteria that are very important for producing things like butyrate which makes you know helps make t regulatory cells if it's if that helps your immune system produce more T regulatory mean cells

► 01:59:03

so interesting and it's a question I have had for so long with what happens when you don't eat like is it to start you know are you getting like a selection for mucin degrading bacteria which are the grading a certain glycoprotein that this study was that they did this come from fecal samples that that the Jeep making them within the existing microbiome it was increasing the production of like somebody's himself and that was fueling cuz your guts out like your guts out and also a lot of the beneficial bacteria like things like butyrate lactate propionate acetate butyrate passing was like increasing all these Ketone bodies so it's kind of really interesting because for one it it helped an increased the diversity of this beneficial bacteria

► 02:00:03

very interesting I wouldn't have guessed that have there been messing has there been any studies on consumption of exogenous ketones to benefit the gut biome you think that that would mirror it anyway that's a very interesting question cuz most of the exhaust in this would be like a beta hydroxybutyrate Esther I don't know the question would be how similar is beta hydroxybutyrate computer right right experience but that's a very interesting question I don't know yeah I mean that would be what's happening during during the ketogenic diet as well right you're making a lot of circulating beta-hydroxybutyrate is that

► 02:00:48

who did I get to the gut you know so that's that's another interesting question because it is an interesting way to hack your system was of these exhaust is ketones like kegenix or that's one that I used to other companies that make these they do put your body in a state of ketosis faster and it definitely like gives me energy the other thing I really liked was the Mental effects the thing the thing about it so cup there's a double-edged sword because I feel less anxious when I take it and this was this is getting me up until like you know 4.5 millimolar beta-hydroxybutyrate in like an hour I feel less anxious and more and more in the present like I'm more present and not like you know a million things ahead

► 02:01:48

so I felt like and an end this is something that would like Dan observe with me more than once today so I've started using it like for podcast or Bing box or anything today is because the flip side is it dramatically because I not in ketosis if I'm not on a you know ketogenic diet it lowers my blood sugar levels like really dramatic mean this is been published like mechanisms that are trying to be explored by that is impossible as a therapeutic treatment for I should I mean to put that but so if once that once the kitchens were off which they do after a couple of hours I crash because my blood glucose is low and I don't have the key tones there to compensate right where is if I was already in ketosis then you know it wouldn't matter that already

► 02:02:48

yeah it's really interesting that the effects on the brain I don't you know it's something that I noticed and I certainly like repeatedly noticed you be more present that's it seems so strange that that would have things I mean I mean my brain forever things that's me know because now the Ketone get the beta hydroxybutyrate being used as a source of energy does occur a lot of times in the in the context of making more I could have found cuz that's because his can be used for energy and the pathway that added us through a pathway called the pentose phosphate shunt and that protects glucose and make something cool nadph which is then used which is necessary to make what if I own so I don't know maybe there's some kind of something because you know what else does it for me so far fan

► 02:03:48

Soffer vein give me major anti-anxiety effects in my cognitive like I feel broccoli Sprouts consume a hypothetical consuming those exoticness ketones with glutathione have you ever tried that bluetooth ion increases glutathione in the brain but what about a glue sound supplement supplement gets destroyed in the butt like even if you were to get it into your your bloodstream there's no transporter for glutathione to get into cells so you want to make us to make it and you can increase like the enzyme make it so that's how you do it so

► 02:04:42

Moana sings glutathione is it it helps your body process alcohol correct

► 02:04:49

I don't I mean it's a very powerful antioxidant liposomal glutathione

► 02:04:58


► 02:05:00

yeah liposomal glutathione helps your body with the the processing of alcohol and oxygen and so I mean but it didn't destroyed in your gut so into yourself

► 02:05:22

there's a video about it I'm from the podcast something about the processing of alcohol so if you how old was home with the best way to get it would be through so far fan so from broccoli Sprouts cruciferous vegetables and then your body would produce more referenced one was 300 grams of Brussel sprouts a day increased it glutathione plasma by 41.4 fold the other study more recently that show to increase in plasma as well as in the brain that was a sulfur for that was a broccoli sprout extract that was given I don't have it on my Instagram I think I don't remember so that's one of the ways I know of one of the most powerful ways I know of to increase glutathione you know basically in Inhumans so I don't know how much 300 grams of Brussel sprouts

► 02:06:22

so what would be a good idea I mean pregnant from wrong would be a large dose of Allegra large plate of Brussel sprouts with or broccoli sprouts with some sort of a ketone supplement if you're doing if you're in ketosis fasting time restricted eating you know something that I do so I am definitely trying to get my key or you're on a ketogenic diet and you're getting to the question is I'm not sure the glucose sparing stuff that's been turned an animal so I don't know how much of that you know translatable to humans affected mean you always have to have evidence to say something definitive lie but animal studies to show that that there is a glucose sparing effect of Ketone bodies so you know Wisconsin

► 02:07:18

you know there what's fascinating is that sulforaphane treats autistic symptoms I mean there's been two trials with two or maybe three and dr. Ted Fay he's been apart of these as well as his colleagues a randomized controlled and open label which is always less opened it wasn't Placebo control but they did measure metabolites of sulfur soap and also oxidative stress in in the plasma in which always helps and then there's been a trial and schizophrenic patients so freaking house with that as well that was open label right now there's an ongoing Placebo control trial that's now taking place so there's very interesting effect on the brain it seems as though there is some oxidative stress component for who knows how much you know their oxidative stress may be happening more in my brain because the baby

► 02:08:18

for under certain increase risk for Alzheimer's disease increase in over the traumatic brain injury for alcohol there's all this evidence of sort of shows that don't start kickboxing so do you think that mean it seems like like a perfect pre podcast meal would be the broccoli sprouts and maybe an exogenous ketones as well you two of them together so the only thing is like I mentioned for me I crash after a couple of hours were a mic like it's like really like like rash with maybe some sort of a glucose because one of the things that they say to take when you're taking those Ketone salts or Ketone Esters a really potent ones is to take them with glucose they say in the instructions to take it with a high-carbohydrate meal and so I usually will take I usually eat a bowl of oatmeal with like some fruit and I'll take it but but still

► 02:09:18

really like it lowers my blood low in my blood glucose levels traumatically within an hour it's like that sounds like I don't Siri that I would have taken those supplements I don't I don't feel the crap try try the one I'm talking hpnn it's a really powerful HP

► 02:09:39

should have brought you some I have some in the hotel we're so disgusting I did an interview with the president of the buck Institute for research on aging and I just have to study on ketosis in animals and helping with life cuz it was kind of embarrassing because you owe yeah I was like reminiscing big time it was like how many carbohydrates so anyways my secrets that's a good one

► 02:10:39

be like a really good idea to try a big plate of broccoli Sprouts Shake dude grind it up so I haven't been doing that yes I grind it up but you can just put on a salad or you can do it doesn't taste good shake so I so if you're going to put it in a shape with other other things ended up first because the enzyme myrosinase that has to come in contact with the precursor of sulfur have to be in contact with its was diluted out if you like a big all the sudden stuff to blend it up first and then add your other stuff I've been taking a supplement but I got from France prostafine which is there public studies on it and it tastes like broccoli sprouts and I've been taking that right now just because of the potential risk for contamination I'm just

► 02:11:40

breastfeeding and I'm just like I'm always going to lie things almost want to play so I'm just transfer from breastmilk and yes there was like that that new story where the woman ate the placenta yeah it was like I was reading this guy's Instagram is a vegan he was going on and on about people getting e-coli from me and my Jesus Christ man you get from fucking spinach you get it from farm-raised vegetables like stop but but it comes he's riding in a way because it comes from the runoff from animal feces right and that's how it gets into does not the case I don't know I'm pretty sure I'm pretty sure that's how it gets into the food

► 02:12:22

ecoli in vegetables comes from animal agriculture Google that I think that's true

► 02:12:33

I've certainly had some. Sprouts before store-bought I was still at home if you have to be really careful if you have too much water around condensation and

► 02:12:59

you were in the from a newer yeah yeah so it is remanence and general catalog particular both beef and Dairy

► 02:13:08

right so a lot of these especially like a real organic farm a lot of times they're there they very they have animals plants also which of the stuff together and the runoff from the house gets on your broccoli and all that jazz how do you clean that I mean if I told you that he call I was on your vegetables you still want to eat them if you clean them, at least not yet so how do you clean your vegetables how good thing like it when people say oh you should clean your vegetables okay but if there is e.coli on those vegetables and you clean them would you think I would be enough probably wouldn't wash in green swamp protect against e-coli today to go the heat kills E coli and other types of bacteria can make you sick even greens are typically consume raw sausages romaine lettuce can be cooked okay so equalize destroyed at 160 degrees Fahrenheit which is like

► 02:14:08

seems like everything trichinosis all things killed at 1 160 so the broccoli Sprouts you don't you don't consume cooked enzyme that converts the precursor interactive sulforaphane is heat sensitive diminish it significantly or killed altogether there still some plastic the precursor that you're that important for forming silver if you actually have bacteria in your gut and this is something the doctor judge Fahey talked about my when I interviewed him he's talking about there's certain strains of bacteria in the gut that convert cuz they have the enzyme myrosinase and it converted into silver paint in the gut so you can actually get a key also mentioned that you can take Mustard Seed powder and sprinkle it on top of your cook brussel sprouts your sauteed kale which is this is what I do cuz I eat sauteed kale and so I also have

► 02:15:08

Raquel. Mustard powder has the active enzyme so you can consume at with it there's one out there also that is has a lot of the precursor and some of the enzyme and so you can get a modest amount of and this is what was used in the in the most recent autism study vocab McCall but the one I v a m m s c o m g m a c o l naturally produce of your friend. Your dad said he has test test this these his testes difference of supplements and looked at sulforaphane metabolites and in

► 02:16:07

turn to look at like bioavailability so what is the one that you like I like both but it's hard to get prostafine in the US because it's made in Britain France at the France what that's all it somewhere in the website maybe that's what I've been taking recently took 3 pills a day thank each pill has 10 mg with food yes definitely would food yes for absorption or it can be a little like it's you know it seems it just sometimes if you're on an empty stomach is gross and I've had a lot of people

► 02:17:07

the first time you and I talked about the roof and some of them have to take a nap McCall some of gotten ahold prospering some broccoli sprouts and I've had people talking about like tumor-shrinking and stuff like one guy. Yeah I mean it's like a total but I've had multiple multiple people talking about the prostate stimulating antigen going down sorry Prostate PSA my brain sort of want to hang out but it really is I mean I kind of feel like I've done really good just like exercise stuff but it's definitely there's constantly it's all yours

► 02:17:55

it's the people that don't talk about this before the podcast with Dan people that don't think that it's difficult to be just a mom or a stay-at-home mom you're crazy I was so judgemental and I really feel bad I really do because it's the hardest thing like that I've ever done. The hardest thing I really like those were hilarious. Thinking about the enriched environment and how important you know all this images and then all the nutrition and knocking the plastic I mean it's just a lot of work like I don't want to have like you don't want to set them in front of the television and having watching cartoons

► 02:18:56

but. It's definitely a very very hard it's a hard job but very rewarding so rewarding like I just can't even believe I ever had a life before my son you know it's like I'm just my life is like I get so much joy from him now and I'm just before it's like was crazy to remember before you had him you were like concerned like wow I wonder where my time is going to go I'm still going to do research psych who will see and that live give me some time but I'm like essentially doing both you know you feel the switch is going off in your brain your brain switches over cuz you're essentially there's some a biological mechanism that's happening it must be fascinating to study on yourself as you're watching it happen cuz you're the oxytocin gets Jack through the roof of this little thing that you love literally more than anything you've ever experienced in your entire existence you can't believe how much you love them

► 02:19:56

it's hard to imagine a guy it's hard for me as a father to imagine what it would be like to be a mother because I think there's a big difference cuz I think there's in this is one reason why me and my wife had a deal I didn't name any of the kids I said veto power has like you can't call the kid like fucking turn up for some stupid shit you know nothing naughty but you it's in your body I mean you're cooking it up accident outside of you the difference in the job Amanda's and a woman does in in terms of like the actual making of the baby could not be further apart from each other the guy just does something it feels great and it's done and then the woman goes to this insane hormonal process her body morphs she gains 50 60 plus pounds her body stretches out she got a baby inside of her it's kicking her son

► 02:20:56

comfortable she can't believe she swelling and she has to go through excruciating pain it was a video on dig from yesterday see if you can find it where they have a labor recreating like pain device that they put men under and then they have these fucking Macho men that they have this this machine that they they do something to have these since these put it up we'll figure it out how they did it but it's somehow or another reenacts the pain of Labor and let's a man experience what it's like to get your vagina blown apart that's crazy you just totally and then it's like a part of you is walking around where is for the man it's like wow and you get all this oxytocin rush but I don't even think it's a fraction with a breastfeeding

► 02:21:56

huge oxytocin of course there's no sleep for like 6 or 7 times like I just always been long enough for the kids can get more of it it's like it's hot by depending on how well do an issue that I was looking for then I stumbled across this stage syndrome a sympathetic pregnancy is a proposed condition which Apartments parents are some symptoms and be if that's just a bitch ass man

► 02:22:44

these are minor weight gain altered hormone levels morning nausea and Disturbed sleep patterns like I said that's just a bitch ass man that's silly mad but yeah some guy say they ate more food you fuckin slob that has nothing to do with a baby being in your body shut your mouth that's that's embarrassing Mike you're not pregnant Mike she's pregnant you got her pregnant you fuck what is this I hear labor pain simulator here it is

► 02:23:32

I got a recent volume

► 02:23:43

the active stage of Labor Works really getting good it ramps up

► 02:23:55

going to come down now you guys are doing awesome gals put a strap-on on their Peg these dudes next stomach it looks like right it's like muscular stimulation devices images jakim through the roof today they could have put one is Ryan right yeah well they put them in your abdomen just getting torn apart

► 02:24:29

it's not even as sensitive is your vagina so it's ridiculous probably not making like the endorphins and yeah I would say just basically torturing these men to make them feel bad for not being a woman

► 02:24:50

it's definitely

► 02:24:54

painful process that holds everything in their bodies you know I was talking to my daughter this morning she was getting ready for school and I were sitting at the kid in The Breakfast Table and I'm just looking at her while she's talking all I'm thinking of is you didn't used to exist and now here you are talk to me about school talk to me about this and that are all the different things you do on odd that you are a combination of my DNA and my wife's DNA near yard sitting here eating breakfast just talkin 10 years old now Bubba Bubba blah blah blah blah blah blah but my 8-year olds fucking hilarious the eight year old is figured out how to be funny she farts on cue like she'll tell you she's going to tell you something Daddy I have to tell you some I just come here I tell you something

► 02:25:54

she thinks it's so funny she thinks she's really funny she says funny shit she's very funny person maybe she's got a little bit I don't know I think it's like she knows how to get a like a positive response out of people you know she knows how to be silly and she loves that like she's really silly with her friends and she's just like she's the comedian amongst your friends for sure yeah where is my 10 year olds not really that funny but she's not that funny just try it's not something she works at a different and really couldn't be more different right out of the box and I would like those crazy people as Duggars that like 19 kids different humans are all totally different

► 02:26:49

you know I bet one of like Mike's like Shelly will be there probably like kind of close but it's just I mean I wish that it made sense I wish I could get a view of the human organism from high enough above that it all made sense and I and I could say oh all these little varying pieces are working in conjunction with each other and this is why things get done in this is why art gets created and buildings get built because you have to have of this and then you have to have a that and they work together and you know me that's like personalities right in terms of relationships like you don't want to have two bowls right you know you have one who's like this the others like that and together they make this one thing that's really nice and I'm sure people that are just not they might be really great people but together there Terror

► 02:27:49

right just for whatever reason for sure so it's in the brain no new stuff is there a difference between is there any beneficial difference between infrared versus standard

► 02:28:16

well a lot of the studies that I referred to and I've been published have been using a standard right and and they definitely work differently mm into standard standard Hassan II your heating up the air and you're so your finger heat you're getting hot where is the infrared is like it's like using it's like wavelengths that are like he has to be waiting electrons that are Resort changing things and heating up you from a different way so I thought but I do think that the key is the heat stress itself

► 02:28:47

personally I think that the the standard is better because you get it's easier to get more hot or discomfort more heat stress it takes a lot longer in an infrared sauna to to Really heat up at least in my experience the only going like a hundred forty or something Fahrenheit lot of benefits come from like 180 when you get up till like 1:18 p.m. tonight I have to remind you you're here all the time again it's not even close to pegged like in terms of like the the the full temperature one I just have a really hot one for 20 minutes is where it is sort of like a lot a lot of studies published by like dr. Jerry you are you lacking in Finland he shown a lot of benefits he's a lot of his Studies have been

► 02:29:46

National Police also done some intervention trials as well the observational says we talked about permits in Cartagena cardiovascular mortality also like literally like people people do it for seven times a week they have like a 50% Improvement cardiovascular rate of mortality three to four three to four times a week or is it to get three or four times a week is like 24% Improvement so I can turn it down her Alzheimer's disease as well as like where do you spell like 60%. 47 times a week all cause mortality please also done some intervention studies showing that like there's Improvement even a single dose of doing the improvements in the ability of your your your blood vessels to contract and expand with pressure changes which is important is like vascular compliance it's called improvements in blood pressure decreases in in protein inflammatory bowel marker

► 02:30:40

other Studies have been showing recently in humans increase in mitochondrial biogenesis growing new healthy mitochondria provement in mitochondrial function and then also improvements in anti inflammatory cytokines being increase in his early intervention trials as well people that are doing it with before doing a workout which is interesting so I've always been reduced delayed onset muscle soreness out of time I think that it was a little bit of a different protocol for that study can't remember off the top of my head I did tweet it at some point but yeah it's really interesting because I'm doing it before seems like I'm so burnt out I like after doing this phone it's like going to do to workout after that to me would they have the same effects effects after work after afterwards possibly

► 02:31:41

what super interesting is the effects on the brain but have you noticed do you feel any feel great feel-good alleviated that's exactly the reason I even got that was when I was doing it right. But I recently met up with a researcher his name is dr. Charles reason I record a podcast with him very interesting guy but he devises really cool like Gadget where he could Elevate people's core body temperature by lake and a half but he had a champ control Placebo so to speak and so so the placebo did increase people's core body temperature a little bit but not to that now at the Greene so people thought they were getting the active treatment

► 02:32:40

I got the active treatment so yeah so it's actually a nice placebo-controlled study by a single treatment is Ron people that had major depressive disorder it improve depressive symptoms like even a week week after this was just a single you know exposure to the sauna but he also measured they fix something that's released from exercise muscle tissue release it it spells out into the the bloodstream and it's part of the inflammatory you no response card for Midori aspect of exercise and in response is a whole anti-inflammatory effect and so what you showed is that actually people with the more I'll fix that happened the better they had antidepressant Nino effect so it's super interesting because again exercise does that in fact if you give people and Fades or like nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories

► 02:33:41

and before exercise it actually blunts the aisle 6 production and a blunt some of the positive benefits like insulin sensitivity so I'll 6 although it's an inflammatory set a time it's kind of like this sort of trophic one that like it's released in muscle tissue its release and it seems to like increase have a big anti-inflammatory that happens in response to that it was really interesting because the inflammation for depression and that the song I was like you know basically basically lowering markers of its paternal or threat protein and then also increase idle 10 so it's very interesting kind of connection between stress and then of course exercise elevate your core body temperature and heat you up and I asked dr. reason he thinks that things like the sauna Hot Yoga hot baths in room all those things are pretty much can give you the same effect the point is to keep stress

► 02:34:41

I'm pretty sure that yoga does the same effect with hot yoga cuz I have that same feeling when I get out of a hot yoga class and this is like really good alleviation feeling I just my mood feels elevated I feel happier and it feels different than a regular work out like right regular workout does that but it seems more and alleviation of stress I got expelled the excess energy in my body and I can relax and there's certainly some sort of some sort of a positive hormonal effect after it's over and it you know some endorphin rush but it's not the same as he the yoga the hot yoga is very addictive and that's one of the reasons because after it's over you feel amazing you feel so good for not being able to see no shame control I think there's a researcher at Harvard public school of health he's trying to develop in trying to do I study why are they

► 02:35:41

the thing about yoga's that it's only a hundred and four degrees in the room but when you take into account the extreme condition of like the exercise extreme stress you're putting in your body a lot of it is like really difficult balancing and you're straining all your your fucking sweating and you're not sweating it 104° you're sweating just like you're sweating inside the song like there's certain ones that like when your do I bounce and stick when I'm standing in front of me like this I'm watching you just pour off my arms now just watching sweat drip off me I sweat when I'm doing yoga at like 9 but I'm pulling up to the environment of times and then the height of a couple of times I do really like it and see how many minutes is a long time

► 02:36:41

which is this word of opposite of endorphins and animal studies this to change the sensitivity to end for the receptor standpoint so it's kind of interesting that's kind of initially what I what I originally was was looking at you when I was noticing all his benefits from the sauna but that's really cool that you're happy cuz there's so many cities now showing that there's benefits on the cardiovascular health also understand or perceive depression I mean the anti-inflammatory effects as well so I have it right here and just be able to to get into the sauna anytime I want I'm basically doing it everyday that's nice yeah I think we're going to get there soon but hot baths have been doing it for me as well where I am like summer it's my shoulders you can't like if your arms and legs out of the water like it doesn't count

► 02:37:41

feel cooler if you like stay underneath your heart starts racing elevated heart rate and mechanisms kick in to play it like they do when your in a sauna you do Epsom salt baths as well I really like them but really hot bath with epsom salts especially like after like very fatiguing work at a good benefit in and I know from the tank from the isolation tank that it's a great way of absorbing magnesium through the Epsom salts in salsa so high in magnesium in the tank is a thousand pounds of Epsom salts in it it's crazy when you do it was good too but it's at a good feels really the tank if you don't yet I did it once

► 02:38:36

in San Francisco and you do not want to come here something wasn't right because I could feel like the temperature of the water and I did enjoy what I do I mean it was nice so at first I got in and they had some music playing music and then the music went away but

► 02:39:01

I did I was like sort of in my head

► 02:39:04

I bet you know now but I didn't but I kept you in the water and I didn't feel like I was like sensory deprived are you ever hear other than like when you come down to do the podcast number anytime you are just let me know in advance and will open up and just take yours the best the float lab or if you want to go to the place in Venice but the ones you can do here it's so easy it's got a shower and I'll be cool I would like to try it again and all that stuff is really important for I think it's an important one of these branching Lawrence dressed and stuff so I would definitely like to come down sometime how long do you have to stay in there to really I'd like at least an hour but I really like to do two hours two hours for me is a sweet spot when I come out after 2 hours I'm just like so chill out

► 02:40:04

cheating cuz you're basic getting high in there but you were so chilled out you know and you do have a weird psychedelic state do you achieve when your it's like very extreme form of meditation in a lot of ways because of the fact that you're not feeling your body at all and it's your own experiencing whatever is going on it's like your brain detached from all the input of the body and meditated and then they're put in like eight week trial the meditation how does like mediately all these changes in brain activities for to happen basically in line with good brain aging and improved Ultra to measure measures of improved cognitive function and stuff it's super interesting it would be really interesting

► 02:41:04

how that differs from meditations one thing I have a hard time with like a really is Will meditation in conjunction with the tank I think is really lucky I think the tank allows you to achieve a state of physical your physical body not being you don't ever completely eliminate the sensory input but you diminish it so significantly that are available anywhere else on Earth where you're floating so you don't feel your body your water is that the temperature of your skin that are the same temperature is the water and you feel like just flying through it said you're in total darkness total silence it was a little relax my dance like I was flying through and I do have cheaper tanks that's that's part of the problem is some of the entire time there is probably too cold or too hot it should be

► 02:41:59

and now we're doing is that something I feel like my brain is has way more resources

► 02:42:06

way more resources available to it so like if we you and I were having this conversation and we didn't have the headphones on and it was a jackhammer next to us it would be really distracting you'd want to get away from that Jackhammer like let's go talk over here until you'd want you want to get away as far as you come from but everything is a distraction like these the seat on my butt is a distraction was the shoes on my feet or something I'm thinking about the watch on my hand is all these different things that are distracting you but when you get in that tank there's none of those things you or you're just you settle in and want to settle in you touch each side so that you can cuz you get to the waters illegal to whip triples and little little waves and then you touch East Side so you, everything down and then I sink into the water

► 02:42:52

and I take some deep breaths and then I slowly bring my arms the middle and then to chill out and I've done it so many times my body goes okay here we go again like it's not like whoa what is this this is so weird I've done it so many times that my body gets into that state very quickly but if I take time off and I do sometimes I'll take weeks or even a month off and then it's a little more weird it first like we're doing this again though I haven't done this in a while but when I do it consistently on a regular basis to three times a week then I could just sneak right into it people with like sensory gating disorders sensory gating all the things that are happening you know there's auditory there's smell there's a visual I mean who sings our brains and putting it all times and then it's kind of filter out in like you and I are having this conversation over the whole time in like I really haven't paid much attention

► 02:43:52

full-length Chicopee schizophrenic people they can't they don't feel for that out and so like they get overlooked by gets like an overload skull sensory overload if they often times I can't go into like a room a lot of people that want to like go off and you know with by themselves or whatever so I wonder if there is any sort of benefit for like doing something like that where you're at where you're not you know the century Imports kind of like you can I train your brain a little bit I don't know

► 02:44:23

I just thought I find it for me it it helps me think way clear cuz I feel like I have more brain available to access I feel like if you were trying to say something that was a very very complicated and you're trying to explain something that required a lot of the resources of your brain if there's a lot of noise around you you wouldn't be able to do it but there's a lot of some jack Aaron I'm hungry what to eat yeah let's go eat but you can be able to communicate something very simple but if you were trying to explain the various mechanisms of secure relationship because I think I might go through like this I also sometimes use this on her for that we're all like

► 02:45:05

have something like prepared I used to actually before giving a presentation I would go in the sauna and I would go through it in my head you know so it's like you know that was something that that I used to do a lot of the song there's nothing in there just you sitting there and it gives you that unusual environment of just silence but I think the the float tank is the ultimate and right now there's a really interesting podcast that's available I'll talk to this podcast before stuff to blow your mind they have a an episode right now this week that is about John Lilly who is the Psychedelic Pioneer who created the sensory deprivation tank and he also is a Pioneer and interspecies communication figured out how to communicate with dolphins and did a bunch of weird psychedelic research with Dolphin Saturdays From the Vault John see Lily really

► 02:46:05

amazing amazing guy who I mean if you go deep into the history of his his career to which is just very varied fucking really strange guy but I think his is great contribution is not just understanding the Ascension nature of dolphins and how incredibly complex their language is now smart they are but also the sensory deprivation time I think is most underutilized tools for Consciousness for exploring Consciousness and just for relaxation and for me for examining ideas if I have an idea like I used to do I just do a lot of Jiu-Jitsu in there like I would go into the tank and I would go over moves does when you're when you're completely out I would I would drill moves in my head like as if I was doing them I would like clinch hook roll tuck grab sink I'll do all these different things in my head and that would allow all I would do that to get

► 02:47:05

me too this like relaxation State and I will or I would go over a joke that I'm struggling with her comedy bit of Mike was a better way to say this house it with the best way to get this across now I'm saying this way but it's a offencive worth blunt and it's not the funny part like I'm taking a shortcut maybe I deserve better and then I would go over it in my head and then eventually once I would do that I would get to this relaxation point where then I could just concentrate only on breathing so after I've liked worked out all the things that are bugging me and sometimes it be like a seminar on my wife I get in there and then as soon as I close the tank door and lay down I take a few deep breaths and it'll be like okay so here's what's wrong fuckface you're doing too much of this clean your goddamn office you know how come you you only get 8 out of 10 things done on your to-do list. You know you need to spend an hour a day just doing this instead of drinking coffee and looking at your phone

► 02:48:05

before you workout just fucking work out just get in there and get your situation 20 minutes doing that that 20 minutes you could have been done 20 minutes earlier and then you wouldn't have to rush over here to do the podcast and it's like it starts sort of giving me almost like a subconscious renovation you know I like to start some sort of like is okay like you this is this all this stuff in your subconscious is disturbing you and here's why it's disturbing you cuz you got all this clutter slits cleaning shit up clean it up get it together and it's been responsible for I think a lot of my focus and discipline like understanding that the significance of that focus and discipline it's not just like to be a tough guy or just go out there and kick ass it's it's more like to absolve yourself a brain clutter introspection you're talking about a lot of people could use more of that including myself and it certainly all of us

► 02:49:05

it's really anyone listening to this and I think there's probably one in San Diego so if there's a tank place in San Diego reach out to dr. Rhonda Patrick and I'm sure that there's a place you could use this down there that's near you from swimming as well that repetitive start of managing the motion of your body and then once you get in it seems like a mantra you managing the motion of your body and then the breathing and then once you get it all synced up if you're in good enough shape that it's not like a Titanic struggle with every every lap or every a stroke of your arms you can get into the sort of meditative state that a lot of people cheat with running or are you going to just like sitting there breathing like a lot of people get that

► 02:50:05

is it a funny that would be hard to sit still it is it is funny cuz I actually like some of the other interesting stuff is just doing that sat there sit still and breathe changes like the activation of enzymes and stuff like that alarm raised enzyme that rebuild telomeres certain things like like I wouldn't imagine doing that would actually you know change to La Murray's gel the body is just never ending puzzle really is in whenever I talk to you in the morn more sort of aware of that because there's so many different things and so many different mechanisms and in terms of nutrition and nutrition absorption that I just I'm so ignorant off and it's not here trying to get a map of the territory but I feel like everytime I talk it's like someone's breaking out a little napkin

► 02:51:05

take a right here you go there but it's not a real map like the map of the whole thing escapes me it's too big too big it's too complex and I'll listen to this podcast again like I listen to all the things you you said again and I'll try to take notes maybe tomorrow the next day but then my stupid brain will like a little league week half of it all leaked out it's like I'm trying to hold water in my fingers it's like I got it I got some water and stuff fucking dripping down my wrists

► 02:51:38

so hard so hard to get a a real understanding of this stuff in disagreement among researchers as well you know if that's also probably want what's so attractive about simplifying things like hashtag meet heels you know what I mean like people almost like you have practice that's all you need that's all you need is me look at me I'm just eating meat feeling great I feel amazing people are amazing and they jump into

► 02:52:16

you already saw me get emotional I was yeah I know I'm glad you did I'm glad you did get emotional I'm glad you did sort of spell it out and I hope I'm going to send this to Jordan afterwards I don't know if you have the time to listen to it he might have less time than you know guys pretty busy but I just think that it's a movement right now and you got to be real careful about movements cuz you get swept up in them and I don't know if it's right way to move but I'm moving

► 02:52:58

found look we just hit 3 hours

► 02:53:02

nice crazy yeah time flies I always love talking with you Joe Rizzo talk with you too I'm going to take you up on the flotation thanks I really need you anytime anytime call me up it's yours just give me some time you know just give me like a little bit in advance will open the place up for you alright give people found my Fitness on Instagram found my Fitness on Twitter iTunes iTunes your podcast and the most recent one which is one that we were discussing this about Alzheimer's and website is also found my show notes and summaries and definitions help people like you know understand some of the stuff that they don't understand every and I were speaking about though thank you very much in German

► 02:53:57

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we did it that's it that's it for today preciate the fuck out of you all I hope your life is amazing and thank you for listening bye bye