#1180 - Everlast

The Joe Rogan Experience #1180 - Everlast

October 4, 2018

Everlast is a Grammy Award-winning American rapper, singer, and songwriter. His new project "Everlast presents Whitey Ford's House of Pain" is available now on streaming services and for purchase here: https://fanlink.to/wfhop

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ladies and gentlemen my new Netflix special strange times right now it's on Netflix it's my best one I really do I work hard at it for basically two years from the time trigger came out I was I was on it I was polishing and adding and subtracting and fucking bang it out on the road it's out I'm very happy with it I'm fucking hate everything I do want to be honest with you it's the part of the process if you are a person has high standards and you you or you're doing something like stand-up comedy in your constantly analyzing and being introspective and going over everything the fine tooth comb everything you hate but legitimately I can say I think it's my best one yet so I hope you enjoy it okay Fox this episode of podcast is brought you by masterclass this is a company that I really love I love I really love what they're doing because I love this podcast obviously

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five bucks after your starter set products ship at regular price and make sure you check out their new video to that's dollarshaveclub.com Rogan dollarshaveclub.com Rogan alright I guess today is good friend of mine fucking powerful musician he's one of those guys that when I became friends with I was like holy shit I'm friends with Everlast cuz you know growing up and listen to jump around from the House of Payne like that it's not a fucking best hip hop songs of all time if you disagree fuck you how about that but he's just a great guy very smart guy cool all around grounded down-to-earth human being I love them and I love talking to him to please give it up to the Great and Powerful Everlast

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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please in German live in available right now Everlast Whitey Ford House of Payne you how are you doing yeah man we got a little part of the night before we can we do a little show at the Brooklyn Bowl with my buddy Evan Hansen and I feel like I'm alone here with headphones on now we're on the same team now we're locked in this is how this is out right I came out about 3 weeks ago this is like everything Everlast presents Whitey Ford's house of pain it's not it's everything in the toolbox I brought to this record so that's kind of where the title came from just you know it's been a year since my last real studio album so

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yeah I figured hey maybe this could be the last one I hope not but it's just the family just cuz of some of the no extra issues we deal with which everything is wonderful and great now you know dude I'm 30 pounds lighter than the last time I was here because I'm I purposely came here that day it was the first time if you remember it was awhile ago I need done a thousand podcast since that day but it was the first time I come out and I started talking about anything like to know that was going on in my life in the public way and I got a lot off my chest that day and I also plan that day to to put myself in a position to hold myself accountable by diss by stating I I don't feel good about the way I look right now and I reached out for like

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theoretically for help you know and I got an incredible response from the podcast audience and my own fans and then I got offered from everybody everywhere how to do this that and the other didn't really need that cuz within my own Circle some people stepped up and I also did it to hold myself accountable to put it in the universe like I've thrown it out there. I got to put it up there on the wall and stand and Stampy and said here's what I want out of life right now and you know there's nobody stopping me but me and I'm Sometimes some of the things I used to do you eat I used to get on to see you talking about that I'm not letting this intervention kick my ass today and I said I just started taking things like that to heart you know and again after you change what you do different that we started talking about it last time therapy you know I mean it helped a lot for me because I love this you know the added pressure is our family faces with my oldest daughter having cystic fibrosis you know it just for a long time I was just learning how to live life with it you know what that got heavy there was some real dark you know heavy moments

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scary moments for her in the hospital so we are aiming at like human that you know you have this baby and you're just trying to figure out how to not screw it up with a normal Health situation you know this is this added think so took a long time for me to come to terms at first I got really angry I got into some real you know Lieutenant Dan Moore with God kind of stuff you know at the top of the sailboat let me out of this I was there all the way and it got to a point where I almost I was at I almost got locked up for trying to fight a cop that was you know trying to

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just talk to me about something here I just lost when I would had no I had so much anger over so much that I wasn't dealing with and then I found a guy that's really got me therapist and and it said buganda the. The ball rolling of understanding how to how to cope with a lot of that stuff you know wow so as far as like friends while you look really good night face your face looks great your skin looks good I'm done taking a lot better care of myself it looks like it thank you how you what are you doing different as far as like how you eat or scene cleaner you know just trying not to let you know to be more aware of what's in the food and wanting to meet and stuff you know I'm still part of the whole commercial meat system though I how long to to to get into a situation where I'm hunting and doing things like that it's just we talked about that for a while yet pigs at Tejon I asked you what would be the best in a starting point and you would like to know they got bore up there well too hard and I know some guys and I actually contacted them and I didn't I just again

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so busy it's not just that when I go on the road she's the soul Handler of these problems you know Main and end so that I love you killed in the stress and all that so you know and so yeah it's just between that when I'm home I just invest myself I want to be home I want to do as much as I can to lift that wait till I got to get caught about the things all the things I want to do I can't do all the time you know me but it started again now I'm taking care of myself like I'm actually about to start you just see what can't you know what time because I would like forever I was so kind of God damn fat in the middle I was hurting my back or my neck every other time I try to do I just quit cuz it was getting you know I mean I wasn't it's probably pretty close to getting a Blue Bell you know by the bell's about a year in on like four lessons a week with just the private I was with Marcos de Niza sitting there because you just do for a while so now I'm I'm just looking to see what I want to do. Talk to Eddie a few times I'm talking to a few other guys crying

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on my way doing any exercise at all besides that cardio not much weights or anything like that just so you know keep it moving two hours two hours on stage tonight it's good to do something first I feel like I was tell people like Jiu-Jitsu so grueling that I think of why me you could just jump in and you will get in shape Fujitsu but a good thing to do is like to find a place that teaches you kettlebells and take some kettlebell classes and just just get your body strong enough that it can walk around Marcus Marcus sister run me around a gym for 30 minutes before we could even start for the first month old school way a lot of men it would take so long you can thank you Brandon of hearing it but it be like At first I would like literally be run till I was puking in the crazy part about it is 15 minutes after you felt hate when you were doing the last thing so those and I'll work

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yeah those does the old school guys that are they used to do it they still like all the old school crossing Gracie classes you have a grueling physical workout first hip Escape push-ups sit-ups bodyweight squats all the different there's a good thought process behind that not just that it gets in shape at all so that you learn how to do Jiu Jitsu when you're tired so do you learn how to just use technique and not use I really supposed to give you almost have no choice but to relax people that disagree with that though they think you should learn technique when you're fresh and it likes it's in better but it's just two different schools of thought you know I don't think he's either one is right it's definitely good to understand that what it's like to be tired and how to how to train and how to how to push yourself when your tires or I'm excited I'm really looking forward to it like I just started talking about like about 2 weeks ago really getting nice well that's a lot of weight to lose man that's a big accomplishment I got 15 to go to really to hit my goal

► 00:14:49

I would be 225 225 I could wait yeah

► 00:14:54

you taking vitamins or supplements or anything along those lines like a daily but I got you I have restrictions cuz I take blood thinners and stuff cuz it is titanium heart valve I have so I got to have a vitamin that's vitamin k a blood clot so I like a lot of things like a lot of the same things and like things like that when you want to go to juice cuz I can't do it cuz it's like a lot of its tail based and like hell is a heavy green with a it's high in vitamin K it'll totally like screw up my blood chemistry with you know cuz I'm going the other direction with blood thinners and hit like stick to that titanium valve break off and wind up in my brain you don't even then Stomps stroked out that's the last thing we need fuck yeah I'm only put the microphone up to your heart and you can hear that

► 00:15:40

I'm so sorry like it when I mean here I keep feeling like it be so you can hear it anyways like all through this I hear twins white noise to me if I want to hear it I can hear I can take my pulse like this just by telling you. You can feel like I can hear it in my own skull for years literally been in in 2018 have 90 in 98 I just as long as I keep the scent of blood thinners going and then you know that I get checked at you know two times three times a year and then the blood thinners because if you got a clot it would some other get stuck in that valve Cleco light or or if it's a titanium about 2 o'clock it actually form on it that the black if it's the Bloods to Sticky into piano has too much. It could stick to the valve then break off and then wind up in your brain you know so

► 00:16:40

what's the difference between that and a break a regular valve what would happen if the regular the other choice would have been a pig valve and those are good for about 15 years so I paid using open you up again I would have had to have it. It might be too yeah I probably right now to like I'd be over here I don't they do that for older people as what they do could like you know when you can at your 60s are you know the really hard for that cuz they don't they going to be around 50 wants pricing for now Jude's St Jude's artificial valve powerful Medical Technology Eddie Bravo titanium disc in his back now yeah you just had a surgery this Friday his back moves around great it's like he was fully compressed where there's like nothing left it was basically bone on bone he was in pain all the time and they just open them up and put a fake valve in their crazy or fake disc rather in there but it it's articulating so like moves around like a regular disc it doesn't it's not like

► 00:17:40

people that are off yea they get the food I have a friend that got that done yeah there was super stiff like wherever it is basically lockdown there's no movement to it anymore but Eddie's is actually it moves like a real disc but she just going to be coming down the pipeline is going to be crazy man I know people with fake fake hips and fake knees and butt fake heart valve yeah my amazing I mean at a certain point in time they're just going to replace your whole body and take your brain out and put it in some Gucci gang download I got in truck mad trouble he didn't really have a billion dollars all trouble is bullshit truth so I good luck with your trouble flamethrowers shooting rocket ships into the atmosphere

► 00:18:40

by that is that like not anymore he sold them all out like in like 2 days or something right what you going to do with it though it's just fine it's just you have a flamethrower but it's it's literally called not a flamethrower

► 00:19:03

it's amazing what you saw in the movie Aliens some of the second alien when they're shooting the Flames of the aliens that's the thing is almost here we're look like yes at the building on fire. I was in here yeah those are my Instagram yeah he's a Madman World needs more of those more people like him not more flamethrowers I got plenty of flamethrowers so are you looking forward to the fight this weekend super Jack for it man we got this little show before anybody coming out to jump around I don't know they have to make that you know I'm waiting for Connor does you know how does he not like the notoriously song like you know

► 00:19:59

who's coming out to jump around Marcus Davis did he did I know the female fighter thank you yeah I know she comes after jump around I met her at 5 she was super cool she was Super Troopers OK KO quite a few people come out to it sweet I think mashita came out to it once he's over in Bellator now I'm not old I'm not always sure they have a choice sometimes I just think Dana says you're coming out that she definitely takes away bad choices and I might be the sub when there's a really like your throw that in the Sweet Caroline he came out to this is crazy was it was that in Boston or in that area of the country know it was Chicago

► 00:20:55

Chicago makes sense Neil Diamond Chicago Dallas was Dallas that's yeah it was weird it was weird

► 00:21:12

it's just like you know that's a big deal like walk out songs are big deal

► 00:21:17

you can have a wide-set that's not what I what the thing for me is when I hear one of my songs I'm just stop cuz I was like oh please win

► 00:21:27

the current stats like how many times people fist bump Bruce Buffer with a not they win or lose you know like and Diego Sanchez broke the curse in his last fight he fist-bumped anyone so this phone was a curse we were trying to figure it out it's like 50 50 right now like whether or not people when they fist bump Bruce Buffer when they went and there's a bad streak for a while like three or four people in a row lost that were fist-bumping you know Bruce gives you the intro you know when he gives you the in

► 00:22:05

Jesse and if you feel like trying to figure out is kind of a degenerate Gambler in the most most positive way I mean he's not losing his family or his life I fucking love gambling and so he's always like giving your stats on this and that is something to put a bed alright give me a list of things he actually bets on but he's always thinking that way like you better bet on how many people who fist bump Bruce Buffer you can find somebody to take the back the thought process should be you're not totally in the zone if you got the time to fist bump proof buffer

► 00:22:46

not sure if I buy it though because It's Tricky Tricky what sounds like it's about even so it's just one of them things so much to do stats on it cuz Jon-Erik is only done like just wear some basement right now starting for sure let's take the notes

► 00:23:20

in Vegas yeah I'm pretty much find a lot of things that you wouldn't think you could bet on you that you can I don't even bet but I like the fact that you can bet on everything why not you're under his coin flips also I like I don't like this idea that people are telling you what you can and can't do with your money like you can't gamble your money well you have to go to spawn the desert Suzuki like when can you gamble right here on every corner willy willy willy really cuz I was going to do it so the casino maybe for a while but then people will be like I shouldn't go there people you know keep them protect them from themselves you don't protect them from liquor stores of fast cars you know those things are everywhere everywhere good point right

► 00:24:20

I can never live in Vegas though I could live in Vegas you know if it was between Beirut and Vegas but you know it just it seems to me like

► 00:24:37

it's just the whole thing is it's built I mean there's shows and it's wonderful on his knee on this great restaurants and all that stuff but it's also built on you losing money the whole thing is built on you losing what's the population of Vegas like a half a million people like that of people that aren't there for the fuck every million people yeah I bet you're about right

► 00:25:05

checks 630,000 yeah it's a good guess small town there that's acting like a city to it's kind of weird what is the population in any given time with all the hotels filled with probably more than that probably around singing at least even like an off-season off day you're probably at least double that but a lot of the folks at work in Vegas they live in like Henderson or some like that we can go and some neighborhood kids can ride bikes in the street it's like normal they were there to Summerland to that's that's really nice over there at Red Rock that's only the strip that's why I like you

► 00:25:59

sexy more if I want them I'll take a cab in 40 minutes away probably go for the fights what about a big fight weekend hotel rooms guess there's a hundred 48000 rooms in Irish people that this weekend just screaming yet if you are if you were there this weekend just pay attention cuz it's going to be bananas the last time for the Mayweather fight there was a video that someone posted of Mandalay Bay in Mandalay Bay was any more the fight was taking place and the IRS had this one hallway completely filled and they were all singing they were saying such crazy New York and there's a lot of us here too

► 00:26:59

yeah I got a little in me one quarter that's there's a there's so many more Irish or Irish

► 00:27:08

part Irish people in America there's more than there are Irish people in Ireland they did a lot of fucking take him over here and did a lot of walking and they fight and they weren't discriminate about you no color or Creed remote Jamie's got a notorious t-shirt on the Irish flag looking you savage is that available at young Jamie. Com oh my goodness powerful Commerce

► 00:27:31

I want to try this whiskey honestly that he's got I got it I got it I got it I want to lay hands on it and see what's a good whiskey I was actually was going to bring you a bottle of this said I will next time but I didn't because of her sober October to drink because this fitness challenge is falling apart mean while bird is strongly in last place yeah all that talk about the Mickey Mantle Gene he's not even close but what's was fascinating is Ari shaffir is very close to me he's only a few posted today before my workout that sneaky bitch that he was ahead of me but that's how close he is he's so close that before his work out he was like a hundred points ahead of me before my workout rather after it now he's like 400 points behind me but that's not close for an appoint as one workout if you're an asshole anyone

► 00:28:31

treadmill for 2 hours you can bang out for honor points I banged out 500 today 5:07 at the other workout to resurrect I was watching Gladiator little red spikes in my work out where I hit 90. That's when the fights were happening I got amped

► 00:28:53

why don't you go podcast while you're on a elliptical for end of the month I would suck redbreast is my favorite new whiskey 50, bring you a bottle of the 20 year old it's it's gorgeous 20 years old Dan Home Products and doesn't some band make it Florida Georgia line or some shit do they make it as if there's

► 00:29:27

yeah like a pump and we make a good whiskey country band I think country pop whatever if you call yourself country but you get them fake rips in your jeans you can go suck a bag of dicks okay That Ain't Country. Saying that they have that I don't even know but you know I'm saying like those fake rips in the jeans try I might have a couple of those are we pretending that we work hard or we would have we pretending that we we've had these jeans for a long time in a special to us or do we just buy them off the shelf at Macy's free ripped like assholes where the fuck did that take place I could come over here and see us buying ripped Jean do they would realize like what is wrong with his Nerf tops off and down fucking Shay country we live in America it's too easy too easy to get by

► 00:30:25

wolves in the streets young Eric wolves jeans on Brendan Schaub on my best friend's does that mean that I just took a wild guess

► 00:30:50

something about these fellas go to that other one

► 00:30:54

go to that last picture I can put the glasses on and look at look at those G make that bigger he looks like I'm going to I'm going to keep it real. I'm not going to like it since I'd let you go in on them and not come claim my jeans here listen I should shut the fuk up I'm basically wearing yoga pants I got these barbell jeans on these aren't even jeans there's a God damn yoga pants all genes are made of weird stuff like this don't do that but most most answer that now even the ones that look like jeans a lot of them are not how do you want some new magnetic Cadillac Escalade Breeze cruise through your pants or you want to do you know be sweaty all your holes I'll take the sweat

► 00:31:54

like a man

► 00:31:57

xxxxx I'm going to rock my cuz I got skinny enough to wear these motherfuckers these motherfucker pluses still wear cowboy boots about that time to shut my mouth look down those big old wooden heels I think Andrew Santino's bit ever seen Andrew Santino's but he's got a bit about due to wear cowboy boots holy shit is it funny oh my God I look it up on the tube even know if he might not even put it on a special yet but he's a whole bit about dudes dressed up like with cowboy hats on and cowboy boots of fucking hilarious

► 00:32:44

anyway but I digress what's this cow skull with the third eye what's that just a sweatshirt I like I like it to one of those brand called adaptation interesting has a fake hole in the wall Jesus sorry dude she's a constant happened what happened to us I'm sorry dude I'm disappointing you so much I just why does it look better cuz it kind of does its got like even if it's a new sherbet I like those little holes around the collar little tiny holes like a little bit of a little bit of repair a little tiny rip they're ripping things that some people are more talented at it that they just know where that make it cool they make it look like you're comfortable like if you had like a pair of Levi's

► 00:33:44

dance that shit you know there's something cool yeah you would like if it was more than $20,625 design t-shirt complete with tears and hold okay cancel if you spent $1,000 on a t-shirt your kind of the only good thing about that is I think that's a lady too short and now I'm home zorayda pump down and all she has to do is bend over Tire shoes and it might nip slip they might be a nip poke through right like what were those holes are quite possibly at those two tires or jutting out right wearing that shirt that my name be a person drop doing that might be a mannequin yeah they do things and they just put different shirts on shit with Photoshop and shit now they crazy but that's a stupid

► 00:34:44

$1,000 shirt there's a t-shirt that has a button down shirt sewn to the front of it dude it was like on the blogs of couple weeks ago so you know what I'm talking about the 3DS

► 00:35:10

I'm more of a Jordan guy even thought about lightning on fire

► 00:35:14

sometimes like when you know I've got the dudes kind of bad chick crazy I actually say that on his album I say I'm crazier than the real thing oh good lord that's a real thing so one side has a T-shirt and then the other thing is sewn to the front but I like it doesn't even it looks like it's hang in there it is just hang in there but it doesn't even look like you're wearing it. Oh my God dollars for that jumped on table at a university that was talking about leaving Elon Musk cologne

► 00:36:05

who's lost his mind my what's going on I don't know man. That you know there's a lot of fuel at speculate and that's all I would say this is from me just like that ever since that man's mother died he's been on a downward spiral like losing its well you know I think he's suffering from some serious like no bullshit he did get into a serious car accident right before that that is not a joke like brain trauma and listen I'm not a doctor or anything even remotely related to one but I've been around a lot of people that hit in the head a lot that shit's real like that that will change your brain chemistry it's a hundred percent legit like getting hit in the head in car accidents will fuck people up forever some people some people are okay to get they recover boy there's a lot of people to come back for some significant head trauma and just their scrambled man and he might be one of those and it also might be what I talked about in my last special

► 00:37:06

you look as crazy bitches long enough Darwin try to get you something happens you were talking about this soul-stealing succubi it might be true to you. I got to tell you I was trying to figure out a way that I can get away with making fun of Bruce Jenner without being called transphobic to first time I try not to it's spooky yeah they borrowed him was like a world champion S U football player dude just got cracked out he's got my old car he Reggie Bush has my 1970 Barracuda and he drives around that car that dope car

► 00:38:06

translate don't car so he's got some paste things are going that's another phenomenon I don't even understand my neighbor but it does like well I like a nice round but yeah yeah yeah yeah as my car is now

► 00:38:32

would you that Reggie

► 00:38:35

glorious bastard you had her first car to look at how to get rid of all yeah the rage a song right

► 00:38:47

can you write imagine that right whatever he damn I cheated that he probably was like a car accident maybe all that fake ass shit came after him you get hit by that dude I read she used to wake up before him and I get hot towels ready to put his toothpaste on his toothbrush smart

► 00:39:18

probably just smashed it just all day just Delirious just from all the orgasms just walking around bumping into walls and shift is a picture of him and her by the pool and you look at him and you go that guy must be just imagine that he's a super athlete I mean that guy is built like a fucking superhero all of them that's all they really didn't yeah right for the most part yeah except Kanye

► 00:39:47

she needs to settle down catching burning behind a basketball player to the dude who was on the show all the time like I was on the show all the time I can't even see living your life like that out there in the public just every fucking bit of your business out of your nightmare. Well it's also not interesting but yet edited so well that you just go slack John you just watch it's just the switch from one scene to another quick enough so that you keep watching it and when it's over nothing happened nothing like what the fuck did I do with my our gave it to them and they advertise like 18 and products and they made a fucking ass load of money when you find out how much that family is made you just completely amazing shouldn't make fun all day

► 00:40:47

money I can't even get mad no matter how much fun you make everything about of what I do I could be a saint you still can make fun of me cuz I got that much money nobody that's just the way it goes and you are I mean you want to talk about someone out there feels fucking people are out there they got everything out there and they're living like performance art glass house on a pedestal in the middle of the city that comes from the fake ass isn't so you got to keep the spectacle alive almost to Naveen and if it's not a spectacle it's not interesting I guess it's not an absolute spectacle to the vision

► 00:41:30

can your brain will catch on to the my favorite word fukery get away with no matter what it's not worthy of you going to eventually won't be able to use any more fuckery is just going to be around forever and it just it is perfect for like nonsense about my English friends for years were saying fuck durian Meadows that's the thing that's the Internet it's only reason they catching on over here and sit when I start using it I start using a regards to martial arts like fake martial arts I use it and all kinds of so you can use it lightheartedly you guys would seriously was just playing over yeah yeah Steve Maxwell that's where I got it from and I start using with Steve Maxwell he was describing some fake martial arts talking about cuz you know Steve's a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu

► 00:42:35

I just looked it up to see if there's a good definition and it says it's also a definition for another word for a brothel open my brain and a new way of course they know that's to our sexual intercourse wow that was fucked up

► 00:43:17

that which is part of it is hilarious a fucker e and only used it in its verb form yeah it's actually a noun that there is a fucker fucker place place where you can go and get your fucking Rihanna this is what it says French they figured out a lot of shit to friends of mine of God no I want to go man I want to go and see that it's you get tours and all kind of what it was I think so and they just buried them the Church Pike roof

► 00:44:08

put them all in the catacombs you know what one time Paris had a wolf problem and people getting killed by wolves in recent history 14 skulls it is a crazy story about his parents place in I want to see what country is Prague the Czech Republic I think it's called Laura K u t n a h o r a it's like a church that's places bananas man did you go to that too I've been there I haven't been to be kind of like places thousands and thousands

► 00:45:05

wow that is banana Laura and it's just go there and I think I got tons of flex in there it's weird when you go to those places you realize these places so fat like I was in Italy and there was a church that I went to and there was his glass floor the church was over a thousand years old and is a glass floor that you walk on below the glass floor is the old church that the thousand year old church was built on they have no idea how old old churches it's in ravello it's at the top of like there's a bunch of cute little shops and little hotels and shit out the the the the church that you could visit is more than a thousand years old I put a picture on my Instagram of this crazy picture of what they thought a whale look like it was a story of

► 00:46:05

who's the dude who got eaten by the whale in the Bible Jonah Jonah Jonah in the whale and it's it's like in the Mosaic on the wall but it's like what they thought of whale was like you know before they had photos some dude would like dry your pictures of shit he saw it this is what I wear looks like my friend and then you know some other dude never saw well but make a mosaic of this shit and and put it on the wall it's it's this is so weird that we went to the police that got fucked up by the volcano to Pompeii 20 feet of Ash discovered an ass just

► 00:46:45

imagine one minute nothing in the next earthquake and volcano it's right there beside a real issue in a long time did she find that Instagram picture of Jonah in the whale. Scary Shades from July scary story like that so we didn't touch the lava they just got within like couple inches of it and like like melted their skin like off. Even getting black actually hit by you get it by address its dissolving you can cook on it and slap a steak on that Dutch it would dissolve United slap a steak on that sear it flip it

► 00:47:38

I take one second there was some crazy chef did this where they took molten iron and they poured it down the Chute and as it was going down the Chute they slap steaks on it

► 00:47:52

old like they were cooking on this hot molten iron that's crazy people get bored if it tasted any dirt you see the video of the lava consuming that Mustang did you know if you got payments and used cars killing me these payments are killing me spark that bitch why would that love is coming

► 00:48:23

Hawaii want to get melted set up a camp out of imagine there's a lot of Mustangs over there either buy a lot of Toyotas because they don't break small yeah. Sounds like you don't do you know everything has to get flown over there so you don't want anything to break super expensive stuff is more expensive place that was comparable to me was Perth what cuz everybody so did suck everything seemed it it's the furthest like City you like isolated by itself in Australia I think it may be in the world like any other major city Australia is as big as the United States and its really the only major city on the west coast that you did yeah how big is a how big is Perth people but it's like a city

► 00:49:23

Shirley but I do not love that fucking flight baby that's a rough where am I just another way of saying what the fuck is that man it's like a fish with a lion head like look that's what they thought Jonah in the whale look like strange write a dude was trying to make a run for it I was bald headed dude with a beard trying to get away from the lion fish with wings thing that's but that's what they thought of whale was craziness

► 00:50:09

you know you're not just imagine what it was like living a thousand years ago when there was

► 00:50:15

no pictures. At the glass floor right there so you're in this church the church the thousand years old and that go back that last one Jamie that one that's that's the glass floor and then you look down and they have this entirely different Church underneath it that's way older they don't know how old it is been there forever could be several thousand years old churches gorgeous though there's a lot of those churches in that you've been to the Vatican right yeah. Peter's Basilica and you're walking around that place you just like what I see how how do people do this retarded man unbelievable everything was like ladders and shit

► 00:51:05

the paintings in the art just insane stunning stunning billions of dollars were the art and the whole area the whole Vatican is essentially its own country so they can keep those kid fuckers over there and they never have to ask for them that sucks yeah

► 00:51:24

yeah that's the dark is to know her I don't know why people get mad and look I get it I was a Catholic for a little bit

► 00:51:35

that's a dark dark institution there is no denying that mean they just they just busted another group of priests in in Pennsylvania molested more than a thousand kids moving them around not charging them organized religion in general is the biggest mind control that's ever existed you don't trying to control popular populations and what's the best way to make you believe a certain thing and I mean but there's there's better ones there's some that you go out for sure for sure what are the Baptist have done what have they done so terrible

► 00:52:09

Baptist scandals like that large-scale scandals even the Mormons like they've had a few like dude you want to more than one bride they got greedy more than a few part of their thing that that's how they still live but and there's some sex sect SEC teas that branched off and got real real freaky on the scale that the Catholic church is done things and it's unprecedented from prosecution and they do people actually getting but like I've heard some things like they're going after like Kardashian shit like the criminally cuz he was one of the dudes who orchestrated a lot of that's exactly right before she moved a guy who went on to molest a hundred deaf children

► 00:53:06

yeah I remember reading stuff about that it's dark man you know it's been a part of their family it's been a part of the family family it's been a part of history that go to church they pay their respects everything's okay they don't want to hear it people don't want to hear it but it's over with all the evidence is so overwhelming there's so much so much I mean shit that I just think again people like you're saying you get I was raised Catholic I just by the time I was like I think all confirmation yes or like this is a similar thing that would be the time that you're becoming a man you're making bad choices and adult because it wasn't just meant but by the time I did that and realize like okay okay this is there's not a lot of in a little too much magic going on for me you and I mean like going on with this like I like just factual

► 00:54:03

knowledgeable things you know like yeah you too if these people really existed you know and what were they really like I'm not buying into the fact that anybody on this Earth didn't take a shit like I took a shit we all take the same shit it be nice if someone came up with a good religion for real solid lockdown one I mean there's there is one the golden rule that I could basically be a religion in this of the Church of universal law you know do unto others as you would have them do unto you and you could hold corporations to that you could be stuck what's what's more powerful than 10 million people on a Facebook page that are watching these corporations in the minute they say how you're not giving back to the community or taking care of the people that are taking care of you that's easily done but it takes work to point if everybody in the world just really treated the next person like they wanted to be treated themselves

► 00:55:01

there you go and take it as a loss right and then we we we help people accountable to that you are not responding to the universal law of universal golden golden rule super simple but it took a lot of work but it's like all other forms of Commerce and everything else would still fall under that is like you could do whatever you want as long as you're treating people kindly ideally Commerce and capitalism all that stuff should be real simple like you have a great CD you want to sell it you want 20 bucks for it somebody gives you 20 bucks they're happy you're happy. Should be Commerce right now it should be you sell something people buy everybody's good but tomorrow can't keep other people from selling this was selling that or we got to stop people from growing this because if they grow this and sell that it would not join what's best for you not doing what you would want them to do for two

► 00:56:01

exactly so it's the original song that's what I thought about it obviously that would be the way you know somebody with enough Charisma you know could pull it off you know and get people to get behind it that's really all it would take is people getting behind yeah but the problem is there's so many people they just were seeing this with politics right like I'm fasting earrings like a watch little clips of it before I just have to tune out and talk like a whale on dirty talk about fuckering I mean I don't know what that dude did or what he didn't do but I think what's happening is more than that what's happening is first of all he's involved with he was a big part of Patriot Act he was in a he's involved in some some issues that a lot of people are very concerned with in terms of like how his position in stance on privacy and on rights and

► 00:57:01

this was just more to it than just did you talk with someone in high school did you sexually assault someone did you do that when you're 18 did you remember there's more to it than that there's there's like they don't want that guy in there and then you seen all the people that want to pretend that he's the best guy ever and all the people it's crazy having it's fascinating it's really fascinating fascinating to watch this is essentially like a less like the the Clarence Thomas hearings from was it like the 1980s I believe Clarence Thomas I feel like that was late eighties early nineties somewhere around there Clarence Thomas that was like with Anita Hill or he had sexually harassed her they were working together and she came to do something whatever Coke or something do you know that he's now the longest running member of the Supreme Court

► 00:57:53

he's now been in Supreme Court longer I think I read that check make sure that's true reason Bruce Bader Ginsburg I should be on there on October 4th crazy

► 00:58:12

Nita's house out there then with the memory of pubic hairs on Coke and a movie now and HBO movies not too long ago oh yeah did you watch it was just you know we live through it so it's like it's like whatever I see movies about like the OJ trial or trapped in time I saw that we saw at life rather like 700 days because of creative license like you do a movie on Richard Nixon right what did you sure he said that or even crazier you do movie on Lincoln that you don't know what the fuck he said he can't be like you're having him say a bunch of shit day today talk to his wife and kids you don't know what the fuck he said he just making this up this is weird that we're allowed to do that you're allowed to just put some words in George Washington's mouth like you don't know what the fuck George Washington said I know it looks amazing

► 00:59:12

fucking bad motherfuker his acting as Dick Cheney is off-the-charts I mean he does the voice he got fat for it everything that's him dude this the video of first of all him and Sam Rockwell is George Bush he's amazing to Sam Rockwell is one of the most under-appreciated Vice it's amazing dude Sam Rockwell Nails Play the trailer

► 00:59:50

if you folks who are listening this on YouTube we can't play this for you but that's weird they wouldn't want you to like play their trailer well they want everybody to go to their trailer true strings I should make them

► 01:00:09

understanding I can handle more mundane it's just so good he just doesn't amazing job of the voice the mannerisms and so does Sam Rockwell weathered yeah they're both incredibly address and I'm not sure it's a movie where he is the only person in the movie the entire movie song I don't want to spoil alert it but it has to do with cloning and it's him on the moon like him him like or him in space It's fucking amazing it's an amazing movie and it's just Chuck Barris doesn't get enough credit I met he's I think he might be married to her now but he was or maybe they're still dating but he was dating Leslie Bibb when I did a movie with her and

► 01:01:10

I got a chance to meet him and I was a little bit Starstruck I'm big giant panda that guy but he's one of those guys I feel like I want to say like dude you're fucking amazing like I don't know if anybody telling you cuz you're fucking amazing cuz it's like you know you hear about the great actors hear tingle Day-Lewis you hear Gary Oldman you know you hear Christian Bale you hear that the great actors Faye Dunaway age of Sigourney Weaver you don't hear about Sam Rockwell

► 01:01:46

probably was Kanye West from Moon just came out last year that three Billboards and caring about him he was getting you know he's just one of them dudes to like when you're that good of an actor you blend into these movies so good it's not it's not it's not Sam Rockwell been to the dude now. Should he be more of the leading guy and doing those big roles grades amazing I can but he's got some really big things when I got Viggo Mortensen yes like you everything is in the Eastern Promises of the Russian mob movie yes and then what the year of violence that you did that was a good one. I turned it off and he's teaching son how to shoot himself in the mouth feels like

► 01:02:46

good I need to watch this good books that put on some fucking crazy crazy are a little too long does a few of those movies that are just so depressing when you leave you like what did I do like I don't want to be depressed I know you nailed it I know you you drag my most played myself once on tour at fucking it was like back when you got to quit everyone in the Tower Records in those things were still around like on Tuesday is the movies and then I'll come out so we know we would stop by but shoot for the bus by records and I bought a bunch of movies and I threw on Magnolia had just come up and watch that and I was like oh wow that was fucking fucked up looking I just grab the next movie and put it in and it was Titus andronicus and I don't know if you're aware that look like hip to this I want a dark his fucking Shakespeare fucking place ever about this the Demi you I just go said you ain't seen it

► 01:03:46

when you got the wherewithal to sit through some real fucking Darkness Anthony Hopkins is fucking insane in this movie is Titus andronicus it's from walking back and forth 2 weeks show I can't shake the bike just pressing like all my God there's no Happy Endings anywhere the world's only watch comedies and fucking like Pixar moose spin Old Warner Brothers cartoons out there on the road man you're not going to watch this right he's about to cut them up and make dinner out of them and cervix was all into their families like it's dark

► 01:04:31

it's really dark it's one of the dark it is the darkest Shakespeare like thing I've ever read or seen

► 01:04:38

okay that's enough and that was right after Magnolia swore me off a depressing movies after the movie is over I left to do in such a good mood I was all happy I was all happy feeling good I walked into that movie and I left going what in the actual fuck what am I doing here DJ Khaled would say you played yourself and other people said it beforehand but he's like known for it it's funny how that happens right or do just says something just right and then everybody just connected to him he had a string of them I'm in a meeting of your new deal alert season of these little sayings

► 01:05:38

can people catch on so he's got a lot of good things going for him he's unthreatening looking cuz it's kind of big chubby guys people like him because of that and it was a lot of good things going on obviously like Shine the vanity lights shiny flash it but a lot of work but like you can afford it

► 01:06:00

got to do it I guess oh yeah harder that lifestyle just a crazy lifestyle Kanye's a part of that lifestyle to write but in a weird way he's a weird part of that lifestyle never been up that jewelry design and Ferraris and Lamborghinis and beautiful houses and showing up. But we're of quitting I know yet design yeah I know it and I know just from what I know of him that he longs to be Ralph Lauren like that's really his you know

► 01:06:33

probably like you said who is your biggest influence her who would you want to be around for it yeah that's kind of hilarious

► 01:06:40

but you just love design right loves clothes I guess yeah I mean why not Somebody's Daughter Daryl eat right after fucking Zoolander picture of the Jamie show me he was walking around with slides easy slides on but there were like four sizes too small I didn't make any sense is like heels hanging off the back of them that's the way he designed them exactly that's like he's probably trying to push a new things like your tiny Yeezy slides too small for your feet too small Yeezy slides there you go that's the new look like it you know if you're crazy you might think things like that it's been so crazy to me because there's an error of his career that I look at and I'm like well there's a lot of Genius shit he was doing musically well yeah my records he's doing and then I don't know what it is but to me I did to me now

► 01:07:35

and I don't say this really in a judgemental way but he's a professional troll now just like that's the most successful people in it in the entertainment business now if you're not an amazing actor or a super amazing you know whatever is like just keeping people troll everybody to the song like it's some point like 8 months ago with that was like poopy scoop smoothie poopity poop poop poopity woo the song it lasted that long Jamie came and played for me where you told me it's a spectacle to go like I mean I mean I made this album here that's music by like people who like to book in Speculator about what I do or my career you know me I'm getting a few songs in this life that I could go somewhere and sit down and just sit on a fucking stump and eat food

► 01:08:35

the rest of my life I never worried and I mean I can feed my family and all that off of a few songs I make music site love making music you know and of course you want people to listen you want to fucking the more people than you know you want people you wanted the farmer on it but I don't I'm not I'm not that one the first thing that the first time I ever came on your podcast was like I like going to Ralphs and sitting at the olive bar and so I can get my olives while my songs playing on the radio in the guy standing right next to me has no fucking idea I don't mind that at all it doesn't bother me I love you need attention kind of a guy and some people are in that sort of part of their business likes this whole Kanye Donald Trump thing I just I wonder if that's trolling but I also wonder if we were talking about earlier about car accidents brain damage I want if that's you could buy me a little bit but they also say it's trolling is because there's

► 01:09:32

likes and stuff when you get to Kardashian Kanye West levels of and I'm sure you know this just you have for fucking million Instagram followers I didn't start in till you told me today I know that but what I'm saying is like

► 01:09:48

you can monetize that shit really easily those four million people you're not that you're not selling that shit out these people they are definitely monetizing a shit fucking when Kim Kardashian gets on there shouldn't give you a commercial what she'll tell you I'm just using this new cream on my shit you know meeting here today it's only paid her on a fucking 50 grand for that post you know it's like that's that's so the more eyes the better that's really what they're monetizing is like I can if I had 10 million people on my Instagram I could sell fucking posts the real problem with that is people don't believe them but their eyes are still on if I say I like something it's because I like it like if it didn't this is people to choose me I have an ads I never had a single ad on Instagram if I tell people about a product and people like what are you doing you getting paid for this like nope nope not I just like it sharing some I thought you might think it's cool I'm just telling you I do now

► 01:10:48

you know I don't I know you don't give a fuck but if you did if you were check with a fake but you might be able to get a little I might have for Kim Kardashian's get a hundred 18 million followers this wow okay let's see if you're if you're actually good at social media maybe 10% of your audience and gauges you so that's still 10 million people that will engage with her

► 01:11:37

that's a weird business man that's famous now like when we were young famous was you know if your on TV or the radio you know if you did something in life wrote a book or a movie and the plane thought that today was watching Gladiator because what I was watching that movie I was thinking in the Roman times it was no accountability like four Emperors you could do all kinds of fucked-up shit and no one could do anything about it because they killed you eventually or you got away with it for a long period of time but today you know like there's so much is so much accountability people find out what awful things you've done they find out you've stolen money or had people killed or do you know took over this or dominated

► 01:12:38

to be a like to be a dictator like a Kim jeong-hoon like someone was some along those lines today you have to keep those people locked up like and he's barely keeping that together they barely amazed me how they can like you know like there's not a whole scene there if people with the internet like sneaking it in and you know what they did everybody rats and everybody else there that they have like a whole System of a Down on people they have a cultural rats and they believe their leaders of God or something of that nature they just don't want to die man they're scared and I'm hungry and then I have any power and they don't have any energy greens rice and fucking starving to death even imagine it when they catch those dudes that sneak across the border and all that make a run for it when they get him and bring to hospitals and Patch him up and share they find all these crazy parasites in a mass of malnutrition and it's our soldiers like North Korean soldiers they're just all fucked up and this but that's a window into time like he went back into the Roman days

► 01:13:38

that's how everybody was rocking it there were all dominating the people and use an Iron Fist and keep you know keep his generals well fed and keep the Army well fed and use it to dominate the civilians and proof I mean I know Gladiators just a movie and just fake and you know fun but still you got to wonder like that how close was that to life back then and how bad did it smell how bad do you mean like tubes if she has to be at show on HBO called wrong like where they had like and they had this one scene I remember it like where they were all in like public toilet Machinery should hurry hurry and they handed them like what if the time was Supply guess the toilet paper which was like

► 01:14:25

you know Cat Skin Rags or something and they walk out and throw it in a file is like how could that have smelled it that's all yeah there it is Roman public toilets and that too but go right down the street people got sick like when a disease would spread through the city I mean there was no sanitation it was terrible but I mean how did they didn't have like flushable things right nothing flushed out of bed developed aqueducts so they just had a system of flowing water but it wasn't pressurized or anything so I just have to pick it up it was cool about Pompeii was they had a sauna did figure out how to boil water and then they had the water would go through the floor in the walls they're like like double spaced walls so they had one outside wall in inside

► 01:15:25

and the heat would go through and it would go like through a sentence so you could go into this sauna and you do it just like a regular Salon in here and be hot as fuck in there yeah there is Pompeii song that's like I figured out how to make things pretty cool for what they had but fog living back there but meanwhile tell me people getting into a ceramic bowl and then hitting the water to flush it away that's what's going to be like installed these toilets here shoot hot water up your butt you know those are just playing games or right in the whole it shoots right in that hole you be careful feel to give it take a shit cuz he gets up in there and you like what I say it again but no it's just the water is literally getting through the door

► 01:16:13

but it cleans your butt hole so nice and after you have one of those you like why would I ever use a regular toilet for time I said yeah that's why I experience it to me from you just a few years ago but Jamie says he hold this shit is that correct or fur toilet if you like chip you like I can keep this one in the Back Bay for Migos bad day is a normal thing in our hotel room it's not here as much sounds good though I have the magazine rack I throw magazines there I think it's more for women like now. Have a good day like it's a cooter cleanser but like I just did this to her you're up and we started noticing like and I'm not going to name countries by

► 01:17:13

because I have fans all metal in him to get upset but we noticed there's a different of some countries you can you get washcloths in your bathroom and some countries you don't and me and my band you know came to the conclusion that from now on whenever we come to these countries were you don't get to watch class in your hotel room we're going to going to shake hands with people Plaza Drive Thru if I don't get it what do you wash your hands with bro so why you can wash your hands because what are you watching your arse with man and crack up there and what are you doing if you wash your face with your hands are you I can't find a washcloth in your garden hoses attach the toilet they don't fuck around with all that hot spicy food they know it's going to come out messy so give you a goddamn garden hose to clean your asshole was this even the airport at the airport right next to the

► 01:18:13

shitbox was his goddamn garden hose I mean like when you would wash the car with pistol grip

► 01:18:23

is get that fucker back there and whoop there it is right there garden hose bum gun they called keep yourself clean that shit that she could move a boat across a dock our conversations taken to the British call the toilet hose that bomb gun for a good reason nozzle to end the hoses shaped a bit lower gun with a trigger the press release the water yeah wow people are so nice it's what women like friendliest places I've ever been in my life like universally friendly and everybody looks at you and they all do that they make their hands like a lotus flower that's what they do they don't shake hands a lot it just touch their hands together and give you like a little bow

► 01:19:23

squeezing that bum gun but all the food there is fucking amazing if you like Thai food man you learn like from like the way they cook it in the motherland and with all those fresh and cruel up Thai food I love Thai food spicy spicy Sans being in Thailand this spot I was in a place in Melbourne Australia we spoke about earlier hottest Thai food I ever had my light like so hot you're sweating and you can't stop eating it because the minute you stop eating it you're going to catch fire have you ever been to Exotic Thai over on Ventura in Woodland Hills feel like I have super legit is jamming in a little spot right here close to not far from the general area Jasmine Thai oh yeah

► 01:20:23

what's that place on Sunset that's open real late all right there next to us in the morning no address at a time at the ties teas are amazing. It's terrible for you diabetics though

► 01:20:43

volume 80 grams of sugar is up but it's so delicious so delicious but honestly rid of man was drinking Coca-Cola wig falls off about 20 lb of the 30-minute crazy you realize like what was I doing was I doing to myself a little bit of cardio and I was like every other day I was like whoa discontinuance good healthy that and I think that food in Europe is a lot cleaner just in general well they don't have a lot of are there wheat is like what you would call heirloom we didn't have a lot of the complex glutens and are we to make it a little bit more difficult to process this is all real thing like people think there's some sort of like that people are exact

► 01:21:43

generating the effects of gluten and gluten intolerance the issue is that at one point I'm bread was different it was just it was different but it was a lower yield so say like if you had a an acre and you're planning weed on it you would get way less weed out of that acre then you would with the newer weed and the newer weed is just more complex glutens in it and you get a higher yield and so that's what they're looking for in but when you eat it it's just hard to digest and it's just when I was in Italy man everybody skinny pasta pizza they're all skinny at the most do too don't work out at the most feel like a little punch the most a drinking wine every night they got a little punch there's a walk a lot more than us there to ride bikes a lot more than us like the all those things a lot of time in Holland this last trip into Jack couldn't find a fat person did his bike and everywhere and everywhere and cheese and bread all day

► 01:22:43

do they must be pissed at weed legal everywhere else cuz people used to go to Holland specifically telling me right Canada is investing shit tons of money with the government over there to like corporate likes start growing corporate we like and they're going to phase out the door closed and take it over because their weed isn't legal in holler if you can only have 500 grams of time in the shop legally all right if you have a good shop you're moving that you know

► 01:23:27

and I'm fucking afternoon so and getting ringing way to your shop is it legal like it's like it's a smuggling operation has to be in there and sell it but getting it to your spot and it's fucking it legal to move that much weed it's fucked up like these guys I have no a couple guys I want a cup of coffee shops in there just like it's fucker Emmanuel getting his it's like a constant there is like half a criminal operation they're running and it used to be the you get mushrooms used to be able to get mushrooms you spell to get like a bunch of shit and now you can't not like Cottage like Coke or anything like that but anything natural like mushrooms you can get acid when I was first in there I don't know if that was legal cuz I was really young I just

► 01:24:12

Bahamas is a wild-ass place I mean that is the spot where it like some of the best kickboxing ever came from it's weird one little spot in Europe and they created Ramon dekkers Rob Kaman Ernesto hoost like some of the greatest cake boxes of all time of this one spot everywhere everywhere you go one place became a hotbed for others Enterprise who liked some of the all-time greatest kickboxers and it's not a big country

► 01:24:53

Trillium and some of the greatest kick boxing coaches as well miss him it's amazing really unusual really unusual that that happened there and I did so it's hard to describe why I like no one really to be an interesting like documentary film figure out the route to that somebody went to Thailand you know somebody brought it back from Thailand switched it up and put their own little spin on it is up to cuz what they had done as they incorporate a lot of Western boxing like Ramon dekkers in particular was one of the greats and what he did was he was a small guy like the same size as the time which is unusual because a lot of the people from Amsterdam for big people that's one of those places where I think the average height for a person in Amsterdam like 6 ft tall yeah so it's an unusually call play Viking Vikings I got deep into that show that shows pretty dark but misses Road and got Thai

► 01:25:53

missing people get sorted up / 2 pieces she got bored with it is pretty dark skin fucked up with arrows cut open and it's the whole show they're always going to war put their Viking there and they they took a lot of mushroom I believe is in Viking way of life if you could go back and one time to like if you had like a time machine to go back and watch one time in history what what do you think you would go to say you go to see like how people lived

► 01:26:26

Bud well I being very smell sensitive it wouldn't be that far back do you want to go that kind of thing I was happy Dungeons & Dragons shed you know if there's anything to any of that Dragon I wonder what that was all based on like why does someone need dragons in in folklore in Chinese folklore in European folklore the so many unrelated dragons I mean do you know people that have an ancient aliens so they'll always have an explanation my man with the hair I will Georgia is a podcast a long time ago I love that guy to tease you mean it is my favorite dude on that show man he's good dude

► 01:27:22

I don't necessarily agree with everything they say about everything but in the morning you get baked and everybody laughs device version where like Action Bronson and I was guys are getting ripped in like talk cuz I never seen a dude smoke more weed in my life he smoked by himself at least six blunts during the pocket while I was gone so hard man I don't think they would have anymore man I can think it takes that much weed just kept man I smoked a little bit but I mean I got to keep the ship on the water like I expect you to let me keep my hands on the wheel sir but he just kept going to put that we took a photo of the ashtray after was over was Preposterous was like look at that that's one show

► 01:28:19

but that's not an easy crazy guy man that's delicious that show that's a great show with Al Alchemists is a good friend of mine I don't think so they're good buddies up man I'm coming out with a few times really fun game and it's a unique idea for sure because you know Action Bronson used to be a chef that's so seeing him like interact with food and she's like easily really knows about food really understands food I think you should have a cooking show me actually you know can whip up some fucking mean food right like we like now that Bourdain's gone but we need more of those kind of shows Explorer food in the Bourdain show change the way I feel about food I used to think of food is just something that tastes really good I didn't think of it as an art form and then I watch the show and the Reverend said he had four chefs in for the creation of food maybe realize I go this is an art form that I was ignorant of I didn't

► 01:29:19

give it the right way I want all that was not just like the high Chef level he brings it to the like the homefront where it's like even use local them sandwiches yeah I know you're right man like Street Food level he loves loved street tacos and shit you would go everywhere and by street food me honestly when you're cooking you feel like that. I know you cuz you just now I see you cooking all the time whenever you post that should never invite me over to have some of that beautiful Alki I was going to set it up here I was going to set something up here but they can never figure out how to get ventilation you we have a grill back there that's never been used to sitting back there looking at least he's taking a steak

► 01:30:04

going to be nice and pink in the middle and gorgeous he's drinking what a wonder why this is how house Tony his show is like they let him wear a shirt that you can't wear so they had a blur out a shirt that's such a stoner

► 01:30:20

gay men you can't wear that shirt I got it all this it this is what I'm wearing so do what you got to do

► 01:30:28

exactly going to follow him around with that blur thing drives me nuts what is it what could it possibly be that so there's there's times when I see sexy back all right back when he had that loser video the first thing that comes up on the video is him and a mask that's blurred right and I was like what the fuck why would I was purposely done like I think sometimes maybe it's like what the fuc yeah he's a devout Scientologist yeah

► 01:31:07

which is his dad did Elizabeth is an amazing string arranger like an orchestrator and he did what he did a couple of light of my albums where I'm going to have string arrangements and stuff get musician like I'm really it's the same kind of thing game she's out I make you know He makes music when it's time to make music music is a product this record right but it's not a product to me it's like I just eight years of my life yeah I mean I didn't make it because I was concerned about keep my otherwise it that's why they got because I got to put a record on every year those other guys I'm like whoa how do you fucking that's all that's you know that takes a lot to put a fucking especially if it's going to be good so anybody they can put out of record every year that's good

► 01:32:07

that's next level yeah well I was doing that for a while it stand up that is hard to do George Carlin did it every year George Carlin did a stand-up special every year and to us too tall stand up, so we all get together and talk about that everybody kind of grease it's almost impossible he did it but very few people could do it and made him and not to criticize Carlin Carlin did it and pulled it off but most of us feel like that's not enough time like you need more time to let it cook need more time to add and twist I've never had a wrecker come out like that I think the shortest period would be was like 2 years two and a half years and that's you probably just constantly going out of here anytime I wasn't touring or something and we locked in a room somewhere trying to make music. When you record when you would like to see if you going to lay down and album do you have everything completely mapped out before you go into the studio or do you fuck around with it while you're in there

► 01:33:07

the process for this album in particular was was wild cuz again when Layla was born and the disease we we we we found out she was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis I actually was planning to not tour any of that anymore but I was going to write songs I was going to go to I want to Nashville started hanging out with you song writers out there and wrote some stuff one of the songs It Ain't Easy which play years ago on your podcast is on this album some songs of people but it did intention was either going to be for other people so I recorded them in a very kind of plain Jane way not my spin on what they would have been and after a few years like I just never really pursued it's too much of a sales pitch I had what you have to go out like be that smooth selling your songs and it just never appealed to me

► 01:34:00

so after a few years

► 01:34:02

I am just I did an acoustic record and then I started Touring that for a while just old songs but we recorded them acoustic Liam

► 01:34:13

then after that was done and I realize all right you know I need to keep working

► 01:34:19

what am I to do I went back and revisit some of the songs but I realize I have to record them that's why I didn't see that they were my songs because I recorded them away that I thought other people with Bonnie use them so I went and rerecord about I don't know 5 or 6 of the songs that were already here and then my buddy evidence from Dilated Peoples got involved with me and we recorded a few of these rap tracks and it started kind of coming together and it kind of started coming together in a similar way that the original Whitey Ford sings the blues record that that's why I kind of also named it what it is there's a lot of similarities and I feel like I just pulled everything

► 01:34:54

from I ever every part of the toolbox that I've learned from since I started you know what it was that Ice-T years or the House of Payne years are the Whitey Ford years I just drew on it all and trying to see you and I can see the date years of life it's not like a a literal representation of what's happened to me but it's an emotional journey of like all the kind of feelings and shit that a lot of struggles and it's it's it's it's my best record you know but eight years right here so I've never been in a rush that's a big statement that it's your best Spotify on my Master's if you own your Masters you get paid out right like you know you're the label on my own label so the reason of the people that complain about not getting paid by streaming or people that are signed to record deals that are getting a small piece of what the Masters getting

► 01:35:54

you on the master you know you so streaming is viable for someone who owns the man. I mean I mean but the people who say it doesn't pay during shity deal no billion streams it equals out to around $8,000 sounds like for what that is two up to a label like it would be running a Million Dreams is about the equipment about 8 Grand and that doesn't sound like a lot but a million streams is like you know what thousand guys that or people fans of yours that stream your shit whatever thousand hundred times every night no it's not it goes quicker. I think Drake like stream 2 billion streams as first week about how bad

► 01:36:54

ideal recording a deal for another record for the record company and I mean that he's on his older song. I don't get paid on what I feel like I should but it's like the stuff since I've owned my masters which is the last 15 years of my life you know mean it's fascinating for me on the outside looking in what happens with labels and how that how they do things it's it's just it's amazing they're sort of survival instincts how they figured out how does water stay out of people's are signing podcasters now

► 01:37:27

because of streaming streaming like you should be getting checks from this job I don't allow them to stream me Spotify will you probably have to be exclusive to one of them is the deal to either way what they are is just text message streaming streaming you you should have a digital company that is representing you that's collecting all that if you don't then just make sure the most fascinating thing about it is it's only YouTube crazy things think about how big the internet is and there's really only one thing like YouTube so there was a good moment they came in The Branding and everything they did I don't know if it was a documentary because it wasn't full length but it might have been just like a little like feature like it within a news kind of segment thing about how the you know the original videos that were huge on on

► 01:38:27

YouTuber like a kid biting another kid and like their prisoner first for the longest time the most played video on YouTube was the Charlie biting the Gators not me I am almost came from America's Home Video the funniest home video kind of thing you too kind of filled in that void for a long time with that they were memes before they were memes they were just viral videos you know so what's a crazy well I mean the necessity of having to change the music business is what changed YouTube you know because they caught on light by TV doesn't play videos anymore rent and nobody's buying records so we got to sell you know the old the whole thing for the longest was like when the bottom had really falling out for a while if making any money money off of actual records was like oh you can bootleg my record and you can download my record but you can't download the T-shirt I mean I saw the game sell the lifestyle self the music became background music to the never thing else it was a part of the lifestyle in the car is in this

► 01:39:27

all I want you to do is really go by this limited edition t-shirt that I was telling you right now you know right that's what that's the game changed into instill that you know that's why the fuck me in the troll ISM and all that because people want eyes on them so the next thing they had the opportunity to sell they can sound interesting to me about labels this now labels get a piece of everything they do these 360 deal freezing that you heard of when I was a piece of live money it's like it used to be like I had to pay you if you like alright a record label give me half a million dollars all right and I go and make a record with that I could spend whatever I wanted making a record and whatever the rest of money left over with mine that 500 gram is my next spend it all making the regular Equis Man 50 Grand making the record and pocket the rest I was up to me and then after that my job your job is a label to sell that record my job was to hit the road and go tour

► 01:40:27

go to her for a few years and it first I'm not even making money too and you're giving me money to go out there and Taurus called tour support that used to be and that I could gets added on to your bill you did so paid know you would like money for tour but like it wouldn't cover like a bus and a band and all that so that the Lakewood supplement that we what they called tour support which would also become part of the debt you owe the label as you built your live audience your guarantees would go up sooner or later you can stop taking that money and then your record sales would pay that off hopefully if you were doing well enough and now you got your own stream of Revenue with live t-shirts all this other outside shed that it's yours that's that's what it was when I came up now it's like that's not a deal they want it all because when Napster and should drop the bottom out of the record business and nobody was paying for records labels working and give you a half a million dollars just for your record because nobody was buying records they want to sell your t-shirts to

► 01:41:27

it's an amazing don't they figured out how to stay alive like that just because they always knew the people going to be needing it always is it all boils down to this to somebody one day like really investigate this and make some sort of like documentary about is like they had so many opportunities to be ahead of the movie industry didn't take the same hit they took hits and they deal. With piracy but they the music industry had a moment if you remember there was like some kids that got in trouble for downloading diculous amounts of music and their parents were being held responsible and the music industry backed off of it because the news wasn't good the movie industry Never back down for that kind of shit they've told you we're going to fucking sue your life off of you just people did get sued for the music industry backed off though they didn't like you going to steal this just got to remember back then if I would have got a half a million dollars I probably would have spent up to two of that on a record $200,000 just on the making studio time whoever's got to be involved engineers

► 01:42:27

juicers 200g and on top just that's minimum we would have spent on the record and then it gets you go out and people steal it

► 01:42:40

my sandwich. It first my thing became later like okay this is what they just the way whatever but if I don't mind my philosophy was if I downloaded your shit and I liked it so I can buy it me too but I got it but if I downloaded it was trash today I looked it is like I taste test that's okay yeah okay maybe it's more than one opportunity to jump ahead of it and be at they didn't do was technology out there already that people were dealing with stuff bring it to them tell him this way it was coming so when she was making so much money at that time if you look at the amount of money they were making a boy bands in the Britney Spears isn't the money was retarded how much money was in the record business and they let it all go down the drain because they would they thought they had all the answers and they thought it had all the money I have to go buy him some like books on it to help set up things like master and how to monetize in control then there was ways to deal with it there ways to

► 01:43:41

be part of it instead of like wait till it was too late about the movie industry to those that like people want to go to the movies like The Experience is not as good apple music Save the Music Industry like Apple ID for iTunes why didn't the Reckoning streets like there were people tell him this is coming and I didn't mean to interrupt you but they could have made iTunes first not called iTunes but like their self should at digitize and been ready come up with their own version of iTunes and they could have invested a lot more money because most hardest or sign a record deal which is 12% of Revenue

► 01:44:22

12% 43 billion dollars a year was its most profitable year since 2006 largely on stream live music with consumer spending totaling more than 20 billion dollars last year wow yet artist aren't feeling the increase of that 20 billion music industry entities such as record label took home 10 billion musicians taking home just 5.1 billion with majority the revenue coming from touring and concert sales it's amazing that's amazing that they eat that's like a parasitic industry it's like you they don't people don't necessarily need them the way they used to me not nothing like you used to I was going to just play Devil's Advocate and say well that used to be that I'm the guy to put up all the fun if I'm the label they are putting up millions of dollars gambling it on you now when you win you want to take away my client shared now fuck you now it's totally different now you can do this on your own

► 01:45:22

YouTube start this and you can make beats on your laptop in your Chance the rapper right is not the guy who does everything everything is done is his own shit online sure but you don't believe it all on his own and you can't meet me you look it's like so many viral music hits you know they get big big online just his kids share it and they liked it and then it becomes gigantic like what the music industry that the industry that the label have nothing to do with that right know that there's labels that are doing their thing out there that I actually know what they're doing in marketing why isn't there still a lot of kids that are being made you know Famous by label to some benefit I mean there's a lot least I know a lot of the reason some of the artists are only seen 5.1 minutes cuz they're signed a record deal zero Jay-Z ain't only saying 5.5% of what you know he's due

► 01:46:22

because he always been in the game on if you know and they started out with their own label they started the beginning Roc-A-Fella Records wasn't independent so that's the kind of you know those guys are never going to lose as long as they can still make music that people buy yeah they figure out a way to rope you in early to word like even if your record of successful II record it sound like you're going to be able to be independent a second wreck of the deal you usually I mean it's fun to there's also like you know if your first record is very successful and you have a lawyer that has anywhere with all your renegotiating before you do so I can record things you learn but if you're struggling also if you study the record business it goes back to like when actually artist used to be built that like over nobody expected the first album to do anything like what I signed bands like in the 60s

► 01:47:22

they had a plan like my album 3 and 4 years where will beat you know they try to build artist that used to be and are they actually used to nurture and fucking take care of a band for a long time and watch them grow that's the way it used to be until like you know that whatever was I like maybe the 80s that changed the album in 1999 had a record deal with Warner Brothers was it a real good time to come over did the book the whole deal like I died went through the whole record industry business there was always a comedian or two on labels I don't mean because Tommy albums did their leaders that you definitely can do it yourself but call me I was just aren't that popular anymore for some strange reason because it said it's the piss-poor was also you want to watch it it's so visual that now, we're big when everybody can have a TV screen or everything you guys like you could listen and

► 01:48:21

imagine what he was doing or saying it to CD just audio only because his he basically just stands there and tells great jokes like he doesn't have like this it's fun to watch him more fun to watch him but once you know what he looks like and how he does it it's a kind of cool to listen to it on the albums

► 01:48:46

I'm just trying by Steven Wright the other day too and I Stevie genius basically did was do that Steven Wright style but like a more Stoney drug style but but the drugs allow them to come up with way more of those things he had so much fucking material man that guy wrote constantly he was always riding till the end in the end you know the drugs got to him obviously they killed him but he was at his status that's a non sequitur style that's the hardest style of Comedy you say one thing and then you say something totally unrelated the next joke and the next joke totally unrelated no sequencing or nah man and you know it's all

► 01:49:46

DJ perform they just total non sequiturs just here's a funny thing I thought of his another funny thing I thought of you know when it's but his style is so unique just the way he delivered things was so unique he was funny just talking about nothing like a talking about anything when my favorite jokes as he goes he was somebody asked me if I want a frozen banana I said no but I want a regular banana later so yes

► 01:50:16

it's just such a silly joke but it's such a great job all day he's got like one of the best he's at his albums of the some of the best daughter material of all time maybe the best I'm on my way to the airport I used to listen to on serious all the time the comedy channel the book The Dirty or darker when you no more throwing up on and he popped on there every well yeah yeah yeah I had serious and forever do you still want to listen to that because yeah I just I don't really honestly my favorite thing in the car has silence really there by myself like I I get a lot of thinking done driving I could or like from ever really like stump while I'm working on a song like because I don't write things down or anything I just I'll get in the car and drive and it somehow it'll work itself out I can really just

► 01:51:16

relax and behind-the-wheel yeah I know what you mean unless I'm in like the middle of like fuck temperature be like at night I can get in the car I can drive on an open road and it'll just say it really relaxes me I have a car to take to The Comedy Store all the time and it's on a 1993 Porsche doesn't have any radio no radio manual transmission no power steering no air conditioning it's just it's a old car and everything like when when you drive you feel every bump into you shift it but because of all that I have to think and it makes it far as my brain up cuz I'm doing all these different things hitting a clutch shift into gears you know managing this heavy steering wheel and all that jazz and when I get to the store my brain is like charged up because of its like I've been doing a bunch of things stocks for size in your bag in the backseat sleeping you know waiting to get to the show the man I love myself I love to drive

► 01:52:12

you still got that crazy Audi no not right now I have a spot of truck actually and I got a CLS 63s but I'm actually I miss you so much I'm actually about to get another one so they have a new one I know it's about to hit the road for about 3 months I'll be back for that car it's an amazing car yeah it's a good time if you're in the cars they got a lot of crazy ass fucking automobiles now job when I did have the right man I would just like and then I lived much further south actually went off the 15 like below the 91 and I would when I would shoot to sometimes out to Vegas for fights I'll just jump in the R8 like on a Thursday night like I'll be there by 2 I get there like 3 hours like Jesus on the 15 I wasn't coming from dpla still

► 01:53:12

damn it that's fast that's a four-wheel drive car to that stuck has glue to the ground that's like on fucking rails man it's one of my favorite cars I've ever driven yeah it's a dick in the style like it still relevant like they've kept on style basically but just a little fuel facelifts and improvements for a few years essentially like a mini Lamborghini right same idea yeah the guy Ardo the same engine as a guy out of 50 Time new records on the Nurburgring it's like what are you doing like seven hundred and something fucking horsepower does the one of the drivers from GM one of like the head exact same GM took on a racetrack like when

► 01:54:12

first releasing it and crashed like immediately spun out slamming the fucking wall

► 01:54:20

that's great you got to know what the fuck you're doing is your throttling I mean you have to be able to navigate that throttle with 700 horsepower cuz no matter what those wheels are spinning matter how much especially rear wheel drive to my how much traction control do you even see that video seat find a fucking hilarious it's a good video to watch to let you know like this is a crazy vehicle that you people are so you're you're letting people get a car that is so much faster than anything that was on the road 5 years ago it's a fucking insane Mobile on this be limiting changed over that car comes in handy Germany crashes new Corvette ZR1

► 01:55:07

me he got this before was he released this dude showed everyone the days ago and I think there's more angles no no no this right away this is this guy hey I know how to drive I'm a fucking executive

► 01:55:39

wow yeah he's driving like an asshole he doesn't know how to drive sorry sir you have to know how to navigate once the side when the ass and kicks out to he was just stopping it

► 01:55:59

yeah larious sure he got the

► 01:56:03

he felt like I'm a nice amount of shit at the next board meeting while he's good Lord what a beast of selling for more than a hundred I think it's like a hundred 50 hundred sixty thousand probably fully loaded but is a monster it looks huge Advantage four-wheel drive car and 755 horsepower good lord lord lord but the problem is it's hard to keep all that power down on the on the ground with a rear wheel drive car you just can get a lot of sliding and if you know how to drive you like that people who know how to drive they want that kick the ass end out sideways and yeah but like if you drive a like say a Nissan GTR is perfect example one of the best things about that car is a regular person can drive it pretty fast because there's a lot of electronics

► 01:57:03

what do call Nanny controls it's hard to keep everything in order to that car has been around for a long time they really haven't changed a whole lot about the way it looks they but they made these incremental improvements and performance and to this day that is one of the Beastie is cars you could drive the car is a mother fucker I rented one of those in Austin last year holy shit was it fun so crazy cart like does it defies logic like it defies physics that's the Nismo one you don't want that one unless you want to take it to a track because that shit's harst fuck you just want the regular one the regular one is Beastie enough they're amazing cars though all the pop-up Windows trying to buy it come I buy a brand new Japanese car the real car to get now is the new NSX the new NSX TJ Dillashaw has one he brought in here and I was checking it out outside fuck man Scott electric engines on

► 01:58:03

top of the regular engines it's a it's an amazing car just fucking amazing and it's gorgeous or the Acura and I have a 2019 ones coming out that even more improvements but it's hard for them to sell these cars because like those apples or oranges just what you're into TJ's got that color to that blue cobalt pull up 2018 Audi R8 got to get silver to cuz it looks like a fucking spaceship that's a monster car look how beautiful that is that's one of the best looking cars I've ever seen something like that

► 01:58:51

monster monster vehicle just ridiculous performance car easy to drive to it's one of those this just it's glued to the ground 4 wheel drive electric power steering Electric engines control in the wheels crazy brake systems amazing

► 01:59:13

car 859 chismoso a lot of cheddar

► 01:59:21

but it doesn't have the sound of your car had see the thing about the Audi is they have that big ass fucking V8 or the V10 depending on which one you get every toy that's that's a different thing man it's a different thing what is that piece to do alright what the fuck 2019 R8 LMS oh that's the race car that's a monster pull up 2019 Audi R8

► 01:59:54

people get mad we talk too much about cars that must be the last one I posted the pictures I saw one like this driving around with like this weird paint job I've seen all over cities and everything like that to test them yeah they do that for quite a long I've been around a few of those cars ever see the ones that bake sale do it with regular cars I'm everyone remember the PT Cruiser gas when I was first long before it came out like about a year before I came out they would like to see the ugly fucking thing drive around she's magnetic light covers all over it like so you couldn't see the car but you could totally tell what the shape was fucking hilarious about that car anyway but they're going to steal your design design car I drove one once I have my rented one cuz it looked kind of cool so I'll take one of those kind of cool looking all my zero control

► 02:00:54

water in it the brakes suck to look like an old Surfer car I rented a Hummer H3 once in Colorado we drove up the hill to Durham every time I was going to run the corner was taken out sideways then think I'd like zero attraction was a terrible, no cyber Chip Foose Design that same guy who built my Barracuda or design by Barracuda not built it

► 02:01:25

yeah I know thanks yeah disgusting me I was like the Hot Wheel you hated

► 02:01:35

I'm at the Hot Wheel you put a firecracker give me that old Corvette

► 02:01:41

yeah they tried those they tried those for a while it's an interesting time for cars though they did and people are starting to go towards electric cars have you driven a Tesla yet no that's a goddamn space-machine those things are rocket ships there so fast I don't even make any sense they don't make any sense there 0 to 60 in like 2 seconds that's crazy they're so fat there's a there's no there's no gears right cuz there's no trans the transmission is not the same cuz there's no it's not a combustion engine has to feed in the transmission the clutch and all this kind of like when you just press forward on the remote control cars Ryan just the actual fuck

► 02:02:31

and I can go 620 miles before you have to charge it

► 02:02:35

that's crazy that's going to be a monster and how long you got to wait to get one probably maybe you got to working with your buddy yeah I was not ready yet 2002 start selling them I don't even think they're not even in production mean why shot went off into space look how pretty it is though, nothing comes out that's a gorgeous car that's a CGI. Right no no that real car cuz remember they had one that shot into space

► 02:03:06

1.9 seconds 20 50 plus miles per hour

► 02:03:11

I mean what the fuck that's going to be one of the most amazing cars ever once it actually comes out

► 02:03:17

I'm going to save up each other 200 GS 250 fully loaded one that mean awesome yeah that guy was a weird. To talk to cuz I couldn't get over all the stuff he does like how do you do all these different things how do you make these and then you make roof panels and then you like drilling tunnels and then you shooting Rockets into space SpaceX he's doing everything listen

► 02:03:54

so who's Nelly he might be

► 02:03:58

might be a higher thinking light for might as well be right if he was an alien and he looked exactly like that I'll be honest when he grabbed the joint in the way he kind of looked at it I was kind of like you seem kind of like a guy who was kinda like um I'm not familiar with this practice but for maybe he's so smart that he thought it would be funny if you pretended he didn't know what a joint was could be all right if you didn't know what it was I'm just seeing as he was about to partake he kind of had this building quisitive like almost seemed like you didn't know what a blunt was I can believe that the glass tip could have thrown him off cuz it's a little lonely make if you're not if you're not familiar not everybody is here to weed culture man as we think you mean when he said that Tesla is going private funding secure at 4:20

► 02:04:50

which is a million dollars for that joke. Joe cost him 20 million dollars the SEC got mad and they find him it was relating your stock price is a little bit well that was one of your shareholders into a panic Jamie was concerned that they were going to contact us and see if we arranged that pot smoking part like if that was something that did arrange in advance because he crashed the stock and I was like I was like yeah that was organic folks if that was amazing dude I was amazing strange

► 02:05:33

turn that's what this podcast is for what you can't even get it on Netflix coming up Liquid Norm Macdonald Show on Netflix the keys he's got that thing that he's doing that with restricted of all networks of all things you trying to do in features of Comedy it does nothing ever been like it's a greatest thing Netflix for sure is the greatest thing to ever happen to stand up comedy ever never been any special you want to give you no feedback they don't they don't give you they don't fuk with you at all they don't they don't censor you they don't tell you what to do they don't me they have some people said some things that they wanted to edit out what's the number to cross the line for the

► 02:06:27

they know what your own Rogan numbers are they letting you know that's when they come in and they said here's your special we're going to do this what they know what they are they don't they don't they know who you are what you do they know they're deciding what you are doing their special with you because they know how many eyes you're going to bring to the channel what they're doing but it's still that just having this ability to have something streaming so I just never been like if you if you if you were a person who said all I want to do a show on you know this network forget about Netflix like if you just decide if it's almost like I don't want people to watch this I want people to watch it one time I wanted to be on 10 p.m. Saturday October 17th and that's it I cool I'll fuck wants that with their phone and do go I want to go out to Chris Rock special you check it out right now damn you're sitting there on your own just watching it

► 02:07:23

since I'm only there is no live TV now that's going to the Wayside it's useless it's icy commercials now I start laughing like a dinosaurs but your bullshit ass commercials I just finished Ozark did you finish it the second season don't say anything don't say anything I just started the second season second episode where they just have to buy the hand to God blue the nobody knows why

► 02:07:55

I don't people out there I'm just saying Netflix is killing it stranger things

► 02:08:03

it was not you know I'm waiting for the next season Ozark she found like you know me stranger things I think I found but yeah we did that's that's our thing like will kind of tough for us because we watch the first episode of season 2 and then I went on tour for a month so we just watched the second one that's like and I got to leave now so it's like we can't we don't have time to binge the whole thing so is there any other ones and I forget there's a weird German one called I think dark I mean is Trent it's it's subtitled and stuff but it's crazy Black Mirror of course it but that is a weird one that's one of those ones that I watch like I'm Stone I come home from The Comedy Store and smoke a little weed and I'll watch that over why my why I said you were talking about the one that's

► 02:09:03

are tricky one and that's what made me go look at it and I was like let me go look at it again this side whatever this weird shit and I probably wasn't when you told me about that when I went back started there and that was the last season that I work my way back and actually got to that one again and we watched it and I was like all these are all pretty crazy heavy metal you see that one that's one with the drones the drones coming out to people we're pretty tough over at just two or three day. And like for like a couple weeks I was convinced I'm living in a simulation like after watching special the dating ones were just blew my mind a little bit I was just freaked me out about possible that we are living in a simulation

► 02:10:03

that was like something on it was the truck thing with it was that a real t-shirt by its it well it's a real teacher do you can buy but it's not from Donald Trump store it's a company that sell them it's like Trump store. Shop yeah so we're living in the movie I was like yeah the second stimulus package at this is crazy but eat the fact that that's a shirt that says I like beer and it has a guy who's running me to try to put this kind of supreme court it's fucking hilarious the whole world is hilarious hilarious all fucked up but this is one of the cool things about Black Mirror Black Mirror showing you like where some things could go in a total dystopian way I like to see crocodile see at that episode

► 02:10:53

crocodile is it you can we you can record memories company remember the address this is the darkest of the dark ones that one was so fucked up that one wrecked me oh that was the one where the people could rewind each other's memories and Playback yeah I was trying to help her status in the world are stars up amazing and it's just that is this sort of weird blend of current real one a possibility where was the chase Lake Station

► 02:11:53

is fucking amazing show

► 02:11:57

yeah I only if you hadn't mentioned Star Trek when I probably never would have been outside so good there's so many good shows now what else is good what else I need to know about and there's no it's not I think a documentary is schitt's I kind of like half documentary and then they did some like Recreations called wormwood it's all about the mk-ultra program and it's on Netflix yes one would you got to check it it still in operation midnight climax as it sounds for rent a brothel and they gave they gave John's the guys would come to the factory and they would they would give them acid to run tests on me love give me glasses call Brownwood

► 02:12:50

it's really good man has like a really good actor like doing then playing the main role like when they do the Recreations you'll recognize them I forgot his name but he's been in that truck he was in that movie The but the Marines were with a Gyllenhaal

► 02:13:05

weather in Iraq use his part he was that guy he's in a lot of stuff almost too much good shit to watch today oh yeah when I watch because he was the documentary wild news when we are you like when I was young like this camp out at all all kind of remember this dude I can't even I'm not going to spoil it go watch that I rented on iTunes for like 5 bucks it's basically some triplets that we're separated at Birth and and that's a birth

► 02:14:02

at Birth and the store that, that's the first 20 minutes is amazing after that it gets crazy like and dark okay

► 02:14:17

oh yeah making a murderer is that so is that Netflix three identical strangers could be country is this God damn amazing it was a CNN film so I could be on but right now it's on iTunes and you have to rent it so I don't think I found it on Netflix you know what's weird about wild wild country and it's weird about all these crazy sex called to take part of it you go yeah like they got something going on that's right like to figuring out something like they're a little but I couldn't figure out about that was where was the flash point where this guy became this guy like what was the thing he did that make everybody believe cuz that was never made clear to me I never understood okay I can understand people getting this excited about it but what was the thing that he did or said or written and I never understood that part of it in his book and it's actually pretty interesting the art of living and dying and he he wrote this book at 1

► 02:15:17

yeah he wrote this book after he became Osho or maybe they published it after he became Osho but it's a very good book it's it's weird he's like he had some very good idea you know what I think I left it at home he had some very good ideas like it's like he's philosophically he's a fascinating guy or was a fast any guy and there's a real good evidence that his followers fucking poison them like there's a lot of people I shouldn't say this real good evidence there's a lot of people that filed the case very closely that believe that people close to him may have poisoned him and taking his taking his money

► 02:15:57

so whole thing it's a you know I mean the whole thing is just a mess of mine fuck those houses are still there and that place like that that ranch that those guys set up there they're all to me they showed at the end of the documentary me like wow

► 02:16:14

and that there's an interesting how to do today you have you heard me I don't know if you ever heard of a guy named dr. Malachi York New York doing this like sort of Islamic sect thing he did and then he brought it into like aliens and an ancient Hebrew start you like you're getting all the stuff together to all these philosophies and he made this utopian like Society in like Georgia black to do was like doing Mad criminal shit and they got it I don't know if there's a movie about this weather Smiley it's it's incredibly crazy story for a hundred 35 years of what's going on with your stuff in it and you know I

► 02:17:07


► 02:17:09

cool eye on him because I've never seen this and that so it's like to say it was like can we set up and on the shit and he had such a perfect Society going at that nobody wanted that they would succeed you know that whenever anybody runs any kind of crazy called or any sort of like weird Community outside the norm it always become sex and always becomes like the dude says a you know what that's what got him a company that got him in trouble I feel like I remember something like it being some sexual yeah they're having sex with children that's what they do the bus come on something I mean if they really wanted to bring them down that's what they would accuse him out for me and you can't have sex with children

► 02:18:09

but the thing is like these no one is ever pulled off like a utopian alternative society never it's crazy it's really interesting cuz the entire history the United States no one's been able to do it like they try it no try for a little bit and it falls apart every single one of them that's amazing it's amazing that no one had with her it's Waco know what it's like inside look at it like the line from The Matrix it's like you know our first version of The Matrix kept failing cuz it was all too good and too nice we had to fuck it up a little for everybody to accept it

► 02:18:45

it's just to me it's it's quite fascinating that you know we stick to a standard way of living which is you know our modern industrial western civilization and that is it in any deviation of that is scrutinize to the point where it's dismantled and the government steps and then we have guns to those of guns and wait for the minigun is there protect their way of life and then someone's banging people's wives and taking all the money fascinating it's weird that not one has figured it out. One group has just got it nailed power corrupts you can't have one person that's like the almighty know it all over my of a thing cuz he's going to take advantage and then somebody smart within the click is going to say hey this is not right and it's going to fall apart and it always is one person or there's going to be a person underneath that wants that position is going to do that

► 02:19:45

thanks like whether it's Johnstown or whether it's Waco yep sure gets everybody's attention and next thing you know

► 02:20:04

yeah it is weird isn't it like this desire to have like a big a big daddy who got all the answers who's better than us cuz we're all so confuse it would be very comforting if someone came along really understood at all I've got the solution like Osho did with their answers blame the people you wanted to blame that make you feel and I mean that's another good technique is it make sure y'all had what does everybody want to be okay that's where we going to play on I will Focus RS because they have to be based on what we talked about earlier doing unto others as you want them to do tribal e living that lifestyle when it doesn't happen like that it's more cats get the power they didn't charge they want to keep that far they want to stay in charge you know there's been there not going to treat other people the way they wanted they're going to start intimidating people because that's the way you keep people in line

► 02:21:02

people want to be you know subjugated man like you saying they wanted they want they want somebody to babysit and then to ignore or I can just sit over here and just be dumb okay cool and if no one was in charge someone would come along that would want to be in charge and someone so you know the problem

► 02:21:18

we need a strong leader we need someone who respects the values and principles this Society was founded on but someone wants to understand how to be a leader and then people go yes yes

► 02:21:30

that makes so much sense yes guide us they just want to it's it's it's the same thing that it's that it's what goes on in Instagram everybody wants to believe everybody's got their dad that guy's got his shit together I got your shit together my fuck I want to be like that you're not knowing that like behind the scenes he's falling apart it's falling to fuck apartment I know they're just trying to make it look like they got their shit together a friend recently no names or anything but like a friend

► 02:21:57

a couple you would never ever in your life take what day were the I mean I was like man I just want to have a relationship and no fuss or anything one day. I just turn around and dance Instagram names are different I don't know if that was it was that serious but some if it's like just shows you none of that shit is real cuz we don't put any when we don't put our shit moments up for everybody to see about that to see on Instagram that you think are on social media you think of the happiest I probably will be staying and smiles are fucking struggling the most for sure what their life is the best response all over my Instagram post about my family or even our struggles like this this rough right now

► 02:22:57

that's one of the things that people like about you you know that you're real you're not I mean even though you're a famous guy who's been a successful musician for a long time yes I used to be but you know I take that as a highest compliment you should it is a high score on the Brooklyn Bowl Friday August 5th at the Brooklyn Bowl UFC Ultimate pre-party Beauty Woodley is hosting oh beautiful cycle round I'm a Man evidence if you want to get a discount UFC unfiltered is the code put it in there come see us tomorrow night is going to be the bomb and get it ladies and gentlemen Everlast Whitey Ford House of Payne available now everywhere thank you my brother thanks for helping me

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we did it what a week fun week I really enjoyed it next week we have John Kavanagh who is Conor McGregor's trainer that'll be on Monday depending of course fun chaos and something goes horribly wrong to give it away free seats you can keep your seat okay he might not show you giving people seat John Dudley will be here on Monday as well we're going to win a double down on Monday Nick Kroll be here on Tuesday we got a lot of podcast next week lot of great guests am very excited and listen I say it as much as I can and I probably don't say it enough I appreciate all of you in a way that I could never possibly Express never had any idea when I started doing this that this would be what it is now and it is become as

► 02:26:42

important to me as it is too many of you in terms of like the things that I can learn and the people I can talk to and all the Fantastic information that I can get we're we're we're all very lucky and I'm probably the luckiest so thank you thank you thank you love you guys and gals and non-binary folk and will see you soon bye bye