#1183 - Andrew Santino

The Joe Rogan Experience #1183 - Andrew Santino

October 11, 2018

Andrew Santino is a stand up comedian and actor. You can also see him on PROPS presented by Yahoo Sports, with episodes every Wednesday - https://bit.ly/2NAfM1j

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ladies and gentlemen how's everybody doing I got a new Netflix special out and about it I think it's my best one ever I worked real hard at it and I hope you like it okay okay soda podcast is brought to you by 23andMe DNA testing I have that shit done I found out I'm 1.6% African

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and mostly Italian and European and Irish like which is what I already knew but it's interesting it includes reports on how your DNA can influence your weight, your sleep

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sleep quality caffeine intake what yes sense of taste whether you're likely to be lactose intolerant and a lot of other shit I can offer insights on your ancestry Health wellness and trade since it's easy to do you just spit in a tube they give you this tube 23andMe they send you a kit is spitting this little tube and you mail your saliva sample back to the lab to be analyzed they have a bitter taste report and a sweet and salty report so your DNA can play a role in determining your food preference or not from sweet salty the bitter and the Sleep report the Deep Sleep report tells you if you are more likely to be an especially deep sleeper to sleep movement report tells you how much

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you are likely to move during your sleep based on your DNA is that fucking bananas

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does even saturated fat and weight report and it tells you basing your genetics how your weight might be affected by saturated fats in your diet diets your diet tips on which foods to watch out for if you're trying to eat less saturated fat lactose intolerance report sheds insights into how your genetics may affect your ability to digest dairy products and you find out if you want .6% African like me I got a lot of Neanderthal and me too apparently 57% more than the average person

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my guess today is one of the most hilarious stand-up comedians working on the planet Earth he's a good friend of mine if you were in Kansas City with me and st. Louis and a couple other places I've toured with him Temecula his fucking hilarious and he's a great guy please give it up for Andrew Santino

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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sound of this popping up

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tell a gentleman he just popped open a maker's to taunt Me 3 silver October this one's for this one's for fat Bert and right now every 20 days of sobriety something what I've learned from this is we were talking about before the podcast started want to hear me I'm going to pour some yeah like an alcoholic this is like Joe

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can I hear one of the things that I realized is that if you work out like I'm working Alex fucking 3 hours a day and I'm trying to literally trying to kill Bert I want to try to keep up with me you wanted to die though I know it bothers me is all weed and there's mushrooms in here and

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there's no cigar cigars Good Ship or what I realized this is why I'm trying to help her he likes to pretend that isn't she just got this incredible will he's in last place of course your dad looks quite a bit because I'm still in the lead I've seen his cooking show I know how I eats I've seen his fucking it's the booze man tell him I fucking hate him let's fight you son of a bitch to realize like this is not your 10 years younger than me and you have to take high blood pressure medication this is all not good you notices

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you're doing something terrible to your body by drinking every night and shouldn't do it was you do you think she gets down he's a friend is in Franzia freak Animal Man he'll drink a whole Tito's like a whole jug and I seen that I seen that go down he's freaking out about that fucking stomach here's the thing that he was he was saying on this called his wife for something and ask about it what some butt sex in his kids were wonderful

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yeah any been any pants he hasn't done that before but Tom lost all the weight when they just had that weight loss challenge 2 years ago not last year or the year before the score looks good sugar and never gain it back it's like me and him are just behind me are and him are neck-and-neck are his number too and he's just behind Ari and insecure is what I mean when there is way behind to lose no weight lb said for the first time in like a decade what is a 6-3 divorced for but he looks great and healthy and for a guy he looks good yeah space is bad but his body looks good this is helping him this is what I was saying

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today you do to you split it up or you just don't tattle such go I go ham I'll just go hard I just mix things up like I'll run and I'll come back from and I'll kick box or I'll lift weights and after I lift weights and then I'll get on the fucking Echo Bike & or the Echo by Galleria area and then I'll get on the versaclimber and then I'll get on the road machine I just around when I can't roll anymore this fucking puddle I left behind this is a puddle on my elliptical machine Jesus fucking Christ 2 hours on the elliptical machine and this was I just want to see what's possible and then how I felt the next day I feel fine the thing is I work out a lot already so but now my body is just adjusting to like a ramped up schedule to work out in 10 plus years so for him this is like a whole new thing he still second place it's his mind

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cigar my win you never know I shouldn't have to finalize that belch aiming at me on Instagram scrambled use the hashtag tag me and if you win I'll give you five hundred bucks okay look at at the best design give you five hundred bucks but don't use anybody know to get shit on the money that's why there's like a mad run here but the thing I can say is inside jokes and I do love for everybody else doing this but all jokes aside I have like zero anxiety

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zero zero stress like when you burn your body out like that do like 2 hours of working out a day not yet I don't give a fuck about anything like I'm in traffic people cut me off my good cut me off dick head who cares I'm not angry like what is it because your body so burnt you think you're just so fucking exhausted feeling I feel a lot of those eyes those feelings if you have extra energy that your body has it's on necessary it's unnecessary energy in trouble but isn't there looking for danger that isn't there looking looking for something is going to like stale your food or not paid your village that shit was going to kill my family I think your body has to have a certain the way we were designed right for all the years that we were running away from wild animals and other tribes and all that shit I think you your body in your brain

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have a certain amount on reserve always looking for some sort of danger look like you're see a deer in the wild that happened around the neighborhood by the way you'd have to the odds of you shooting about your what is the other walks by that lady is that a cat that's a fucking no it's not a cat that looks like a line but it's just way too casual walking by her she's give a fuck she thought it was a dog it kind of looks like a dog calm the way it walks by her that's not a wildcat I think it's a dog man

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but it doesn't look like the dog maybe a mountain lion nobody knows what the fuck is terrifying or not an expert but I've seen a lot of Wildlife and tail does not look right the tail looks like a cat again the tail definitely a dog tail it looks like a balancing tail like if you look at it so I guess it's holding its tail in the air

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my dad's out talking about a dog that makes its way out. If I was a cat or the dog identifies as a person now that it doesn't want to because that's his name the dog says I'm Kelvin respect his feelings it has every right to be whatever it wants to be a man yeah I fucked up fucking nerves all right to have a lot of nerve that's a fucking deeply embarrassed by myself you need to go to support group for people who think that dogs are just dogs identifiers is like a sentient being just a being it's a no it's not a cat just exists and maybe we don't have the right to define it

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a cat by whose judgement by humans judge and you assigned a black people did the rules apply turkey and all earnestness I saw thing and Nick Cannon look up jive turkey decanters

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sure call me special sure Jamie smart stand up don't shoot he wears like a spacesuit what is it called what is it called when an Indian headdress on Hardware Howard Stern was giving him shit about it forever because he can't cuz he was wearing a watch called you bro he wears a turban what the fuck Nick Cannon explains his reason for wearing a turban get to that one is on Ellen

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I just don't have any breath in my body I don't remember what he said it was you know me I'm a conspiracy theories I think the government did that they set her up what is that about Mariah not I was supposed to ask Nick about Mariah's New Year's Eve televised performance that was marred by technical difficulties and he said you know me I'm a conspiracy theorist I think the government did that I think they set her up it was a distraction I was joking yeah it's like an old school motorcycle jacket but it's a white guys can't wear white jackets that's why

► 00:19:14

yeah I want to see you wear those high-end if I had hair I wear braids that should be the bet but I'm going to wear my leather jacket bearings for cornrows it's really a white girls can't wear cornrows you have a white guy do you see white guys with cornrows I don't ever see white guys with this Nick Cannon weight gain what what the fuck is wrong with people but the guy gain a little weight you fucking idiots worry about yourself where does his reasoning for the turban I can try that picture that I posted on my Instagram about the British Iraqi genderqueer whatever the fuck is quantum physics really help me understand my queer identity I'm British Iraqi gay non-binary and identify as Muslim that is real by the way there's a video if you go to who's Instagram James Woods posted on his Twitter page you go to James Woods Twitter page and he says is that that's all EG right that's besides funny

► 00:20:14

for that session this is Sacha Baron Cohen if you go to his Twitter page and you find it from yesterday it's interesting when you listen to this person I don't want to assume something it seems very intelligent like a very intelligent person sure but yeah I post a lot all James would just drink coffee and talk shit about liberals keep going down

► 00:20:48

yeah just keep going

► 00:20:52

it was Tom Cavanagh mixed in he's got some fake news mixed it's in there I like beer how much feel like beer

► 00:21:05

response no no no I don't think so it might go large on this and bring it to the beginning cuz this is quite a lick here we go

► 00:21:24

my name is Andrew all comedy old Andrew lambrou I'm British Rocky gay non-binary and also identifies Muslim glitteriest makeup I've ever seen in any human

► 00:21:41

quantum physics is help them understand this queer identity okay

► 00:21:46

no listen just fucking space cadet the pictures are insane but listen side the neutrons electrons and protons looking at the cold slapped on those arms and legs whereas classical Newtonian physics is obsessed with the universal formula tank top in all reality it's so fixed on Resolute onzas quantum physics reveals that there is no fixed reality

► 00:22:22

okay so here's my point you can keep going on and watch this but this is a very intelligent person so why am I so dismissive why why can't this person where would you like if a woman was beautiful and she wore like a dark red lipstick but you was talkin brilliant science I wouldn't have an issue with it so why do I have an issue with this Glam roof fella fella warm Glam Rachel why do I have an issue with the bright blue glittery lips the literal rainbow colored eyeshadow with glitter the false eyelashes for real cool with all that shit I think this is like peacocking and it's at its finest form this is calling for attention to the reason that we all are like and when they get mad like what are you looking at you looking at you like you

► 00:23:22

did the show for me to see if I was your stay in private and have your own life but you want me to react but why do I like some of it like if there's a 7 year old black dude and he's got like a red velvet suit wheeless coolest shit would like a slick Fedora and he's walking down the street with a fucking snake head silver cane you look at that guy girl look at the school motherfucker but he's peacocking as well and grabbing because they want you to do these people people who do who want to be larger than life that do things like this to express who they really are that they want to have a discussion what is this what are you what they want that one else wanted like cortical inform you or argue with you about that identity why can't you just be

► 00:24:22

gay British Muslims agree with you questioning my judgement because it's outside the realm of normalcy from from from normal standards of what kind of the same thing you've seen for the past you know so we fit in the culture where we don't stand out or not paying attention I don't I don't give a fuk I don't have anything against this fucking person I don't know I'm going to give a shit about him I just know that this is clearly for you to go what the fuck that's why they that's why that is just exactly like this plastic rope chain with a star on it that had all diamonds you want me to say something about it that's why you were that you want me to go why the fuck do you why you wearing that shit

► 00:25:22

why the fuck are you where I'm at if I sat here the whole fucking interview and didn't and wasn't like then go hang out what the fuck is that like the size of a Mercedes emblem if you go do I have to do you have to know my identity was part of my culture man will explain it cuz I don't fucking you still or okay how about a white guy who dresses like that but talks like he's not a white guy he's a great role he's actually so good at it do you think you really got pistol-whipped in Brooklyn and robbed or anything out of him so now I think I was all big fucking media push but I think he's a genius for doing it cuz I got him way more attention

► 00:26:10

I think Rob is actually very smart go back sometimes know about Black Culture

► 00:26:33

sometimes the chains come back I went to the Drake concert I bought the Carter 5 fellas listen up Jay-Z and Beyonce will no longer speak to Kanye and Kim Kardashian fat according to the fucking fake news bro Kanye West and Kim Kardashian because of his position on Trump Jamie's got to Google it but you know what the fuk UR The Daily Mail sever ties it's in hotnewhiphop.com

► 00:27:33

77 / it's over we sever ties mother fucker when I talk to you anymore you don't come to our champagne parties why it matters people waiting for that album Watch the Throne 2 yet but this whole push about getting Kaepernick to have lunch with Trump brilliant so I can use the whole platform of SNL just to get Trump to go I love Kanye he wants Trump to be so in love with Kanye wants Trump to love him so much that he's willing to actually take a meeting with someone he's been publicly shiting on for over a year now and Kaepernick is a terrible representation of this country a basketball player bad person even dump and dumper dumper and then Kanye is going to suck her him and twist his mind into thinking he should actually sitting at lunch with them I bet my life it'll happen that Trump will go

► 00:28:33

okay I'll take a meeting because I love Kanye and it's just out of respect for Kanye so he'll get he'll get him and fucking Kaepernick in the room but he Donald Trump's daughter cop he's not shooting black people during the national anthem that's bizarre to people just there for a game but I completely understand that you're disgusted by police brutality sure I think virtually everyone is my take on it is

► 00:29:10

its first of all it's insanely difficult to be a police officer you have a lot of people that are police officers that have no business holding that job they're under extreme pressure a lot of them have PTSD and a lot of them their bullies and they get into this position because they want to be the guy with the gun in charge of Italy and then they have an opportunity to pull that trigger and they do and they face repercussions because song was filming it and I think that should have happened from the beginning of time played where there's a guy I posted on my Twitter it's fucking horrible of a guy shooting a white guy who's crawling for his life on the voice telling the guy to crawl towards him let me see your hands it's in Arizona and the guy's pants are falling down keeps reaching back to grab his pants and he goes he goes I will fucking shoot you if you crap your pants and the guy is crawling in his pants are falling down and tries to grab his pants and the guy likes him up in the hallway of a hotel just killed him

► 00:30:10

the guy was crying and begging for his life and that the cop was making crawl towards him like why the fuck would you ever make someone crawl towards you it's insane and he's giving them all these confusing directions while he's in full riot gear holding a gun apparently the guy had a fake pistol like a water pistol or water gun and was holding out the window and someone saw it and they said there's a guy with a gun came in there ready to shoot somebody already and then they see this guy but the guy was clearly not a threat this guy had already been in trouble for other police brutality and got kicked off The Force you got to quit it by the way they still with video got acquitted and then they got acquitted of the murder video and then afterwards got kicked off The Voice for something else he did the guy was just an abusive guy that erases to

► 00:31:10

it's not discounting racism some of the races to just a fucking insanely difficult job right no one respects or very few people respect and these people are in these situations everyday with their life is in danger their whole brain is frazzled I'm friends with a lot of cops I know a lot of cops when it comes to my family I know a lot of cops or MMA I know a lot I've known a lot of cops my old life like my whole life growing up my my real dad was a cop I grew up like knowing cops when I was a kid and then in a mall through martial arts new cops because cops are we taking martial arts to learn how to defend themselves right it's so fucking insane job man that's crazy it's everyday all day long you're dealing with people that are committing crimes in line utility little I knew you write you pull people over there line either drunk or on drugs got a body in the trunk it's just lies but he was why I was going on

► 00:32:10

and I go yeah but yeah I should let me go you know why I'm white white white guy in a black dude is like my new number

► 00:32:33

is a joke about right ball players like a pretty people like that they kneel because said they want of what they use in a platform yet anyway see the problem is there's no there's no okay the problem is if you said to Kaepernick what's your endgame to say stop all police violence is like such a vague broad things going to have a dialogue about it was what's important but the problem is they need to have we need them needs to be a bigger goal for why people are kneeling for the conversation is already being so we can talk about it when we need that there needs to be some kind of a an endgame a goal the point of that it's not going to happen but you need you need something to eat to give you something

► 00:33:33

get to cuz otherwise this is just going to be this weird turmoil between ultimately racist people could truly the people that are yelling about it they're angry at least 20 people there like you better stand up better stand up boys it's for America then I can just because people are paying attention just about everybody being on the team together is that we're supposed to support these deals that this song is about I pledge of allegiance to the flag all this Jasmine that's what we're doing right it's a game that has no bearing on the future of the United States of America you don't do that for anything else right you don't you don't have like a dinner party and play Monopoly in someone's like we should say the Pledge of Allegiance in the UFC stopped that I really liked was saying that

► 00:34:33

I wouldn't be here for cage fights and it's boring miserable people sing with their voice

► 00:34:59

thinking that shaky things

► 00:35:03

that's the funny thing about that is always like to 50,000 people at sporting events it doesn't have anything to say about the sport is my controversial country but wondering about the Olympics get that fucking national anthems at the Olympics this is just the Packers versus fucking you know the Buccaneers the bearing of American future I grow the soldiers fight for your right to be able to decipher your I feel too fucking everything

► 00:36:03

Joe hates the American flag bitch this is trolling trolling nobody knows. Joseph down bro I can do it online like sneak tip for year we know what I'm looking at you with that make her some kid I know I'm loving every second of it what it what do you think you'd do you think you would do sober October and like take a day off for your birthday and then get back to sober and then o a day at the end of the month I start a day early I guess I could do it but I don't I don't I just died um. Jamie's do what you think I can't do it I know you do sober November

► 00:37:03

the shortest month white ass crack crack ass fucking white crusty looking bologna stinking motherfuckers I wish there was a good slur for breeders you know for straight people that like yeah something like another man wouldn't it be good or a bad one for us normal she could use it on yourself nor you fucking normal you fucking God damn normal penis in vagina monkeys stupid ass sperm so connect

► 00:38:03

there should be I do think there was another point of you shouldn't say pregnant woman pregnant it was supposed to say to someone that's real shit because people of all genders can have to do so in the holy fuck instead of saying pregnant women try using the phrase pregnant people keep going down because people of all genders can fall pregnant you can follow for pregnant pregnant pregnant can you call can you call in work and say hey I'm not going to be in today because I fell pregnant

► 00:39:03

maternity leave identifies pregnant I'm not coming to work a propaganda bullshit lie of like getting us all on the same page of can have reproductive that's not true you can fabricate it is too easy to survive so people coming up with all sorts of different kinds of conflicts that they're not real I guarantee you all those people that are doing this they're not working out 3 hours a day women are pregnant say try using the phrase pregnant people become pregnant while pregnant think you are followers are pointing this out you wrote that yourself the language to use effect

► 00:40:03

the people around you people of all genders can become pregnant because people of all genders can have the reproductive organs do so when talking about pregnancy try to use the language that is inclusive of people of all genders well there's 78 different genders now 79 is due to boredom boredom also week pussies these people that are doing this I guarantee you if there are you looking for conflict your fucking the whole life is falling apart you're a mess this idea that you're proposing that people vote first of all it's insulting to women it should be deeply insulting no shit can be pregnant the fuck they can

► 00:41:03

women get pregnant and it's hard for them that's difficult to get insecurities of crazy mood swings with chemicals

► 00:41:28

in the fucker

► 00:41:30

there's only fuck it's only there's only one there's only one gender that can become pregnant woman yes that's a woman talking about things that's filled with nonsense and they this is where the fascism lies they want you to adhere to their rules and they are saying is literally against science it's not scientific and not true now if you want to tell me that some people like to identifies woman and you should talk to them as a woman give them a woman's name no problem that's fine but you can't stand there and tell me that anybody other than a woman can get pregnant have a child about

► 00:42:30

fake Symantec this is phone that's phony you've made that up it's also idiots it's all cuz he's weak people these weak-minded the way I described the lady tried to bring a fucking emotional support squirrel on the airplane Airlines

► 00:43:05

we can bring. Only Adidas on Shore we could bring up a factory and I think Minnesota is Kyle of Wisconsin

► 00:43:25

the most amazing I don't really say dope I don't think negative words and we just take positive lovely Divine Universal work against dope cars OKC God damn Mustang gt350r that's a dub cost of a Mustang Shelby Mustang gt350r quickly taste the son-of-a-bitch Jesus what is the rapper that thing as fun as how about Drive the Ford GT the one that John Cena's just sold for 1.3 million dollar pull up John Cena's Ford GT you don't think that's dope well I'm not

► 00:44:25

talking to you anymore because our fucking conversations over now the doors up like if that's not okay I don't know what to tell you what are you going to teach the people that Ford had to design car shut the fuk up and make your shity slides positive words to find your slides are too short of these God damn Yeezys that Jamie bought for me and I will never wear shown the picture show me show me the picture show me the car you don't think that's dope that might be the dope is called the world has ever known as mother Spencer look as fuck this might be

► 00:45:25

the most beautiful car I've ever most beautiful modern car I've ever seen look at that thing Google what a beast of a fucking automobile Kanye damn it you shut the fuck up just fuck up

► 00:45:55

stupid it's so stupid Kanye West give him a spelling bee first give me spelling bee and then they say listen if you can get the word correctly without using the red squiggly line underneath on your phone have you might just come back space

► 00:46:33

yes imagine these photographers have like man I've taken enough no one goes wait what but he needs to and he looked really fucking spaced-out Genesee fat Kanye Kanye West old picture of fat Kanye with the meds funny what happened was after he gave his support for Donald Trump he said I didn't vote but if I bought it I would have voted on Trump but he was like having a fucking serious nervous breakdown and he got big that's when he was when he was on the pills

► 00:47:33

because of sober October I think he just needs to work it out she was just going to say I don't think his lifestyle I think his lifestyle so one of my friends W does work out you had a trainer for a while she I feel like he doesn't work out he sings I got that just doesn't have the trust me

► 00:47:58

I want to say my friend was doing a trainer client confidential shit but he was working out but the point is look the guys fucking obviously a little loony but that's also why he's so fucking created that's why his music so good I mean I'd I don't think you have to be completely normal but most of my best friends rather fucking minds self-examination and that's what he's lacking awareness of people and I don't always get it right but when I see him doing that holding Court in front of the president of the United States with a Maga hat on like in front of all these fucking people taking pictures of my purse is preposterous

► 00:48:58

is positive I sent me a text at 10 a.m. if I get all but when I saw your car as I do that's a dope car Divine Joe oh it's lovely sound like a bitch a little bit little bit hey how are you how was your how was that thing you did yesterday it was wonderful okay it was wonderful to have all my God is wonderful wonderful wonderful woman she was Exquisite her performance was so wonderful I hate brilliant than the actor Kimberly people say bothers me so when they go oh my God just brilliant you like unless it's brilliant

► 00:49:58

SP go see Rodger Waters at the Hollywood Bowl big difference things coming together to make I watch him do the wall here what three years ago at Staple Center and and I was sober ish let's just say that I was sober I was microdosing and I was sober if I wasn't like lit up but I was like in a good space it was maybe one of the most incredible visual things visual concerts I've ever seen in my fucking life to watch them that they build the wall on stage as he's performing and they tear it down in the middle of it all it was fucking it was visually one of the most stunning concert I've ever been a part of and playing it was that making visual art while he was telling the story through music and I was like this is why I'll pay hundreds of dollars to watch somebody not just to hear fucking Tom Petty

► 00:50:58

whale out those tickets are the same amount of money but you don't get the show like was Waters you get like this fucking visual experience he's incredible man anti Trump shit is concerts to write with big heads and shape government that's what I'm saying is so good he's beautiful and some crazy airplanes flying overhead and all the dope it's dope it is incredible is the black community abandoning Kanye and they're only white people accepting him now so I see a lot of the all white people are assuming all right

► 00:51:57

do you say all White House black kid makeup right now what's up white would be all right yet they're not there yet why does all the batter's box what would you call a white who likes give me an example of a person is all white guy Scott Adams she's all white who's that cuz he's not all right right is really brilliant guy but he said he had these ideas about Trump and now he's always just trying to defend them with some sort of circular logic and weird phrasing and yeah he's a super smart guy but never says a single negative thing about Trump

► 00:52:57

what he's doing or is he just like flying by the seat of his sort of justify all the other shit that you said about in this really good that's out like they dance on this line is like he's he's he's more into

► 00:53:32

those positions then he wants to probably admit but from a service-level he's like

► 00:53:39

what positions style how do you think all white people fuck they don't fuck the stand up in the shower

► 00:53:51

they do this the whole time they fuck if you do that to fuck with one hand up like that hand is touching the glass in the shower

► 00:54:06

lights out there let's let's figure out who who is all white what do you call an example of an all white person that I know that's okay one of them one of them hot broads it's always talking about why people issues it's not alright because you never know what kid on them

► 00:54:32

what day we shop and then afterwards they hung out and it Paparazzi a pictures I'm smiling and hugging and I'll ship you know the streets of Hollywood is fake as fuck like she does this game but it's like she's not fucking braces she doesn't hate people of color she likes to chase these she like to take me to bring it upstairs a map of the categorical porn percentages in the United States and the highest percentage of white and black porn is in the south is it like the Bible Belt do it because it was in a true true about the end times in the bit he was dangerous or after the show Joe had to sneak out fast know that there was up there was it was like in the Bible Belt there is a chunk of the highest amount of black dudes fucking white black and white

► 00:55:32

is in the most conservative parts of the country wasn't black guys watching this seems skin veiny black snake what is the tallest fucking racial suppression that's those people that like that play the game that's all Dwight they're not all the way but most searched for terms United States lesbian Texas

► 00:56:15

sister. Look at this the most search for Montana and Colorado is that what is the Michigan Minnesota to South Dakota Wyoming Wyoming and Montana P-Square Heather pulled it off, Colorado and so is Wyoming state was goofy ass shape the fuck them fucking every day of the United States

► 00:57:15

Texas is just chaos Texas just we are whatever the fuck we are it's a boot is so I like one state black ebony black Alaska stepmom Hawaii Asian I was thinking of though there is another one where it was like that it said black-on-white how recent is it

► 00:57:46

where to go back go you doing Google free self motherfuker. MILF like Rhode Island there don't move that is Rhode Island step sister is 3 cartoon States well that's Arkansas and Tennessee are cartoon to those two states there Joe you've you've come from Massachusetts was still lesbian and now you're still on Chicago lesbians more than anything and look at Alaska stepmom and shoes

► 00:58:46

the three states now one to Anthony I like that term to Ebony Ebony Ebony means down okay Jeff this is proven what we're saying and Georgia and in stop moving this this is a fundamental difference so ebony down there in Georgia and Mississippi and Louisiana black is because ebony a search by black people black a search by white people that's for sure 100% give me a black porn chocolate chips

► 00:59:43

LOL I forgot Delaware the state that's a state they can't just get absorbed by another state that's right you just fucking forget about man that's weird that is Rhode Island right yeah that little tiny ass bitch ass State HS State how many Rhode Island's are in Texas so you that this dude to own a Rhode Island in Texas they almost a hundred percent do you know there's like 8,000 ranches or something like that and Texas 8000 thousands of ranch is it might be more because I was watching this on television show and I think it was an older television show number of ranches in Texas

► 01:00:39

248000 ranchers ranchez 240,000 farms and ranches 48,000 farms and Ranch Farm and Ranch

► 01:00:59

that's actually extremely interesting I don't have always thought the movie the same thing as in a Rancher is in a ranch or Farm I guess I'll 248,000 farms and ranches covering 130.2 million acres is as big as fuck Texas has more women and minority Farm operators in any other state in the nation of Texas Coppell Texas diversity a lot at first one second real quick just a little bit this is America's biggest Ranch 25 million

► 01:01:36

10000 acres of land 110810 thousand acres of land size of 510000 Acres that makes fun of Jay-Z believe that old school Stone building on the properties Freddy I have a friend who was at a ranch in Texas and they found petroglyphs in cave petroglyphs ancient Native American petroglyphs an unknown origin they don't know who did end up and I was like well don't they have historians come here and wrote that off like they got a lot of it here it's all over the place what is talking about I slept they just don't ancient petroglyphs in the click on that the upper left-hand corner of the one you just had

► 01:02:33

is that New Mexico yeah they have them all over the Arizona New Mexico Texas everywhere that and the ranch was was a hunting for an awesome they took pictures of them where is that Jamie that's fucking amazing my friend Steve rinella who's new show meat-eater is now only on Netflix it's a hunting shows on Netflix like intelligent really well narrated hunting show that's that's that's done and produced by a brilliant time again Steve rinella but he was in Guyana which was where Jonestown was killed and they found these petroglyphs on a rock and they were like who made this like no one has any idea and fishing

► 01:03:33

three days and just date they just Live In N Out by this River and use these like traditional methods of hunting these people use for thousands and thousands of years but now they're wearing like like Under Armour t-shirts shit there still Barefoot it's so strange to know where any shoes or shoes anyway the old shirts and like Steve's got but he's got the modern Hoyt bow in their bow fishing in the river for these things called a pacu which is His Brilliant red fish is beautiful red fish in the whole scene is like so crazy it's like a combination of Western Civilization because they've got like some Western stuff mixed in with the

► 01:04:33

culture that really hasn't changed that much and thousands and thousands of years but then they find these petroglyphs that are by this waterfall and they don't know any that he's like he's like where do you think these came from it's like we don't know nobody knows the Ancients ancients wrote it is waterfall and no one's curating it just it is what it is it's like really Priceless history is just sitting there also there where they hang out just sitting there when I was walking by ancient structures and you like the second part of your fucking life that is also strange to me some photos of the day was in ravello and there was a church right after church that was a thousand years old that was on top of a church that was Far older than you know how old that church was

► 01:05:32

I went to the fucking I wish I could I wish I could send this to you where they have the skulls and all the shit when I looked up like how to get to them a lot of the online posts were like this isn't this isn't necessarily safe what the hell yeah it's fucked what is this what would describe what we're seeing here are they standing up the bones of the of what they think the human was you know what they look like and they put them in cloth and stuff and standing against the wall

► 01:06:32

chonnam what's happening there the one with the cursor is Jamie

► 01:06:37

is that hair on his head

► 01:06:40

does Dez fucked up more hair than me and they did an x-ray of it and found that there was actual skeleton underneath the statue but it is the actual statue was a mummy so this is a Naples

► 01:06:59

that's in fucking Naples those are all skulls and bones

► 01:07:04

that's fucked what are the cities you heard Florence is amazing incredible Vilonia school to like I think southern southern Italy is my favorite but this is this you see this shit Jamie southern Italy like Sicily Plumbing Sicily's my fucking favorite that's my apps that they don't have it on me right away and annoyed too mad at you like somewhere better America English also went to see that's at but I do that hung himself for sure that's a little kid

► 01:08:00

go to that this is on roam they're all over what do you want me to do what do you want from me we also went to see The Godfather look at this this is fucking incredible I Shot The Godfather and Sub Focus be just a bunch of assholes from New Jersey wandered around Michael come get a picture of me in front of his fucking thing come on hurry up you fat bitch deal with the story of the Buddha

► 01:08:50

taxi service in 2015 is when it was too long ago for us to talk about it up do they know why they did that do the dip it like plaster over it and create a

► 01:09:08

love Simon have any more of this 46 jail but it really is nice to have this early in the morning to have a little more it's a little more ice in that thing over there you mind I can't oh my God I'm excited for the signs of a curious so look they did an x-ray on this Buddha and they found out there's an actual skeleton inside of it it weird how amazing it's not surprising that the southeast that southeast Asia is home to count was ancient Buddha statues but one of those statues contains a modified monk that is certainly surprised Mama 5 months exactly researches the Netherlands Meander Medical Center found they placed a 1000 year old Chinese Buddha statue inside of a CT scanner contains the body of a Buddhist Master name Liu tun Kwan Lee Kuan Yew may have practice the tradition of self mummification

► 01:10:08

to reach his final resting place out yeah this motherfucker just went hog Whole Hog that's really funny photo image of that statue like what did they would they put over is it says the organs have been removed and replaced with paper scraps ancient Chinese characters wow that's like a horror movie

► 01:10:40

TuneIn Stephen King okay if you want to achieve enlightenment and be revered as a living Buddha self mummification was your brutal option House of Brews Momsen spiritual path that starve themselves for almost a decade subsisting on water seeds and nuts then they'd be sealed inside the Statue and ingest Roots pine bark in a toxic tree sap base teeth for another 1000 days eating and breathing through a small tube eventually death would come in the monks mummified of this man was said to have reached Enlightenment what

► 01:11:23

talk somebody into that what the fuck are you check it out I'm going to put you in this fucking thing bro you have to breathe through a tube dude you can only you can only drink this toxic teeth is going to slowly kill you you want to be a god you want to see for 3 years nothing but seeds I'm going to wrap you and you going to breathe through a fucking to it's going to be ultimate Panic starve themselves for almost a decade where were they piss and shit while they're in your front 2008. The glue stay in the Statue and it would fill up slowly with shit shit to you it smells shit up to your nostrils you have shit right up to the lip of your nose

► 01:12:18

this is an example of self mummification removed and replaced papers yes that may not be true All rights as holes this is an asshole article toxic T the toxic teasing I think it's fascinating that's just another mind control way of them slowly killing of people but someone must have probably done that cuz like no matter what you do there's always someone is willing to go further do you know they do those ultra-marathons right where they did run like 200 miles they're trying to organize 1 million miles a day he was going to try to get more Fitness points than all of us combined probably probably probably not that hard to be honest what they're going to do now is a 500

► 01:13:18

all race 500 fucking my 500 Miles 24/7 you know how many miles you know how many how fast is 89 miles an hour do you know what it is I tell you what ever date or not his first 100 or know when he ran his first Bigfoot 200 the last couple hours he was running a 7 minute mile do you know I'm saying it is at 10 to understand how I'm saying it is running for two straight days to run more than a hundred and seventy miles and then the last

► 01:14:18

two plus hours I think maybe even more he probably like was actually 5 hours that you know he's running 7 miles it's fucking insane 5 miles a day and that's if mine are like almost 8 minute mile 7 Minute miles a good clip it's great I will run it runs over two or three miles their goal usually is 889 minute miles to keep good Pace 7 miles after you've already run hundreds of miles is like there's always someone is willing to take us to another place and that's the thing with these assholes they wanted to push one guys like a decade

► 01:15:18

why because I want to be enlightened I want to get to the tip top of the Enlightenment and suffering on the deepest level possible. Will you choke on your own breathing fucking Mama statue the most iconic images from the Vietnam War was the South emulation got the Buddhist monk lighting himself on fire just texted Vietnam War about it is that guy didn't even move in a Lotus position and he's completely engulfed in flames and he's just staying

► 01:16:11

self-immolation it's a weird bird write MLA to MLA

► 01:16:17

so they they pour the the gasoline gasoline on them 1963 so this is really the start of the war for the war went on for more than a decade afterwards right he was really early he's like you know what enough I'm going to put an end to this they said to him beforehand joke dude it's his knowledge is not going to work with the wars going to go on from the 10 years stick around and if you play your cards right you keep wine up inside of statue this is like WorldStarHipHop for it Worldstar

► 01:16:46

this is so crazy cuz the guys just sitting there

► 01:16:50

I mean covered in Flames not moving a muscle it's just such a bizarre single again I'm here

► 01:17:00

and at this point I realize is oh shit I'm dead and just Falls over

► 01:17:07

what crazy way to die

► 01:17:10

so fucking insane and all the other dudes are sitting around going on I didn't do that me and I'll think about lunch when I got to rise again what do we have for lunch price who we have for dinner I'm hungry in rice bitch think that's crazy what if the match didn't work the fuse first few times you know he was like let's think about this whole thing is so that's just what is that what was that picture at the fucking then what is this

► 01:17:43

10 superpowers in the moms have them real life know that I don't know because they don't get any pussy and they just eat nuts and do push-ups push-ups nuts seeds but that was like a thing we're like people would go to train with the monks to learn kung fu movie of like releasing they can't come monks can't come to the question I wonder if they come in their pants accidentally to get mad because you like your view will just naturally leak that's a fact that Jamie tell him if he tells us about a week if you

► 01:18:43

guess how many times how many times has measurement I was like how many tablespoons and is it salty for five nights a week 7 days a week you may be a little bit more maybe sometimes is 7 knots be lifting weights if you know what's so funny I get more horny after running running running gets me horny as shit when I'm done because my body kind of exhausted she usually I lift I lift a little bit and then I run or vice versa or I'll run and Iliff to finish but the the running just like I think it exhaust my body and that just want to bang you just yeah you might I think my testosterone is just like I got if I want to that's not heard that before he doesn't come for like 9 days to stop thinking about sex

► 01:19:43

it's like people are doing that to think about sex way more than the average person just fuck I'm just going to hold it in and have internal orgasms

► 01:19:51

I want to have an external orgasm

► 01:19:55

salt for letting back in your system when you come always imagine if you were a girl was perfect in every way but when she comes she would go

► 01:20:17

Jell-O pudding this is great I can't I had a girl that I dated I won't obviously I won't mention new but you sure did she was 8 years ago I dated a girl in college and she was so beautiful but when she would come it was so annoying like it was like it was like it was so exaggerated I remember catching myself in the mirror want I'm giving myself this face as she was yelling I was going I was wrong with my phone and I guess I'm the fucking that like don't feel let's not play the game like the regular do not to please you yes I think she thought it was pleasing maybe doing the opposite was making me go home I guess it's regular car

► 01:21:22

it's just punching you I just I just start crying she's coming I'm crying hydrated I think that support owed us for no trick people just want to shut it off the volume to look at her face and know she's making stupid noises yeah cuz it's stuck like I can't disassociate you don't you don't always impressive mean poor know is when like a girl is taking like a fucking 12 inch dick like some plugs and they're not being loud like I'm always like this girl's a fucking Thug with a soldier that she's getting fucked and she just like it's no big deal just looking at it that's a good point about

► 01:22:22

like people imitate behavior in films like we're talking about all the other Guido's and imitate Godfather movies in The Sopranos imitate it they see it they want to act like it it's exaggerated yeah that's the same with porn with no it was as sex is going to be a lot of people that are emulating the sounds in the noises in the postures and all that stuff like when you think people started regular coming in people's faces

► 01:22:49

what what year what year was the first pioneer in pornos that did like a first-come shot in people's faces on a 30-30 baby nobody born in the 50s was a ever pulled out you I mean like everyone that's just what you did and a disease and then we disease in the 70s and 80s spawn this idea of condoms and protection and then people started learning maybe we'll just not come inside of people well they say that one of the biggest changes in culture was female birth control cuz finally had control of their own reproductive site but what comes with that is that they have to take hormones to Chief that every fucking up their chemical inside dude if you ever heard like what actually

► 01:23:49

happens to women latest just fuck up their chemical inside zit do fuck up there hormonal cycle right but it also fucks up their ability to discern whether someone compatible with them seriously science of there there's a thing that women get like there's a Chris Ryan was explaining this to me there's an actual smell like women can caramel like when did they're not on birth control I could they get guys close and like they all smell guys cause they can literally they're attracted to certain smells and the men that the smell this way would be more genetically compatible with them so therefore the pheromones literally is the Fairmont does a pheromone blocker with birth control then that's kind of women who are on birth control are much more attractive attracted apparently to Alpha Male type characters and aggressive men about birth control that makes them

► 01:24:49

it did not sure why are attracted to alpha males attracted to alpha males it's not really a negative thing I guess they're more attracted to certain types of people in you got to think like what what is that it's like my sociology to a biologist I really wouldn't know what the fuck would be the cause of that but I would think they would have something to do with their body wanting something different than the baby that they think is inside them cuz they're supposed to be pregnant but yes is the whole reason why you can't get pregnant when your on birth control right so you're walking around constantly in the state of pregnancy so why would you be more attracted to alpha males or aggressive men that would even make sense the only thing that would make sense as you want something even more aggressive more dominant or more better protect what you've got

► 01:25:49

all those nature characteristics of like I'm pregnant I need ultimate protection I need ultimate aggression ultimate strength like these are just all natural by the way although fucking equality website so probably like me up for that you want me go crazy while I was reading this biologists account of what's that there's a term called hypergamy that it's a natural state for women to be attracted in to seek out men with higher Social Status Hyer financial status better physical specimen that's his natural state with they're always looking for something bigger and better and it's just a genetic State and it's not it's no one's fault I mean in in women obviously don't have to give in to this but is a natural inclination that they had like if the rock is there is perfect example right he's rich and he's handsome huge friendly as a giant man and he's probably got a huge hog and your woman is naturally attracted to go tour

► 01:26:49

so am I but this the state is it's called hypodermis woman who had this awful betrayal of this man and she was stupid through the biologist was relating it to the state of hypergamy picture of technical way instead of like saying look at this slut they were saying this is a natural state they're like women gravitate towards certain types of males you knowing that this is but this is not discussed very often it right now well we're bending all these rules and names and terms and all this bullshit it's like escapism from like the true nature of men and women exist

► 01:27:49

nonsense but the one thing I will say that I don't think anybody talks about his the sexual and social psychology of men and women nobody wants to talk about when you are developing as a young team so I see a boy in your learning about sexuality and you're confused and embarrassed and scared and the way that men and women interact in that year from in those years from like 12 till like 16 it's insanely unstable because women are not as not ask for more aggressive technically at that time that men our rights to these men are fucking hormonal Freaks and they want to do things with these women but they're not supposed to kind of and it's like kind of okay and I don't know how to do it and do these weird Blurred Lines of women want to be accepted and cool in there come in their Circle so you know it's like when someone hooks up with someone earlier ChuChu TV hookup young and it's like it's sketchy and weird sometimes a girl gets labeled a slut for no reason it's like

► 01:28:49

Juniors and she was dating a senior and they had sex and it was like she's a slut everybody wants to do this thing but they're these weird subset rules but every guy that does it that's just what we want to do but I don't weed there's no explanation over like how we got to the point of getting comfortable there because men are just as horny freaks at don't know what to do with the thing so there's so many Blurred Lines of sexuality in relationships at that age nobody want to talk about it well it's also the Puritan culture and religion right the right things that set women up in this terrible right you know when I was in high school everybody knew this I'm sure you knew this to everybody knew Catholic school girls were the biggest fucking freak because there are suppressed there you're making diamonds tell you taking that car back

► 01:29:49

it's Catholic school girls right and it's all Chicago Columbus Georgia be nice be nice be right between Catholic school girls and regular girls most wonderful girl but you went to an all-girl Catholic course she was surprised complete her score was nuts man she was wild but that's but that's so that's what I'm saying no one wants to talk about then again I'm not trying to dive in the cabin of bullshit but people are young and they do fucking crazy

► 01:30:49

when you are hormonal e at your beginnings and you're confused and weird I mean guys know we gotta start masturbating it's this disgusting weird secret creepy gross sad like undercover secret that you don't tell your friends you're my soul you're handing off and all of that is swirling inside your head over sexuality and when you do get a chance with a girl it's uncomfortable it's awkward it's weird again not talk about whatever fucking he did I'm just saying you're already in this weird state of men are fucked up when they're sexually reaching this new peak of their life that they just want to like jerk off and come and fucking and how much information are you getting from their parents almost almost almost 9 and it's our society perpetuate this weird Poulan push of like you know I don't want you know that fucking song Baby It's Cold Outside

► 01:31:49

really should go it's cold outside the Christmas fucking song he's playing it on YouTube or will you get in trouble

► 01:32:08

is an old boat so all I do know the song trying to fucking Bluebird up and by the way up staying at the end because she want anything other than this is the perpetuation of our culture for a long time of like this Poland taking teas at ease is a game that women play in men play two of like you know that I really can't say it's cold outside got to go away this evening has been so very nice my mother will start to worry my father will be pacing the floor I'd rather I really better Scurry maybe just a half a drink more that's her finally admitting the neighbors might think what what's a what's in this drink you're very pushy you know I like to think of it as opportunistic I see the answer is no

► 01:33:07

has been so nice and warm my sister will be suspicious my brother will be there at the door my maidens maid is vicious will maybe just a cigarette more so so she's like yeah okay find another drink then took a lot of convincing took a lot of convincing oh my God I just got to be there if 1940s 40s baby and nobody wants to talk with nothing to do with the cabin. You know what I mean by don't even discuss our course who had a brutal take on it a brutal

► 01:34:07

look at this is a woman who had a really brutal take on this Lee and I was on Jordan Peterson's Twitter page if you go to Jordan Peterson's Twitter page there's a woman who is I don't know what she does but she talks about how this woman who is accusing Brett Kavanaugh goes to this predominantly or she teaches at is predominantly women's college with 79% of the students are women and social justice is the number one thing that they promote the school right ahead of Education of everything when you look at the school so I can list of like what it it aims to accomplish and how to educate the students like promoting social justice is one of the primary thinks it's the first one above everything else and the ideas at why would this woman risk everything and what This Woman's take is who's criticizing this is it she's not risking anything

► 01:35:07

warden from this culture this is a big deal and she's very cynical about this she's like this woman has no recollection does remember how she got home that's remember where the party was but does remember that someone may have tried to do something to her you know I'm not a big fan of criticizing people who come out and say someone did something to them or try to do something that you don't know you don't know you're on the outside looking in and you're you're you're trying to pick holes in their story I don't even know they know cuz I don't I don't hear it is yeah you can hear some of what this woman says like click on it and play some with this one says that we don't have to

► 01:35:51

we buy the lifelong friend who supposedly a company blasi Ford and presumably might have noticed and remember Shannon sounds like Jordan Peterson okay but the phone is at like there's only two people I know what really happened and they don't even know what really happened was you talking about some years ago I mean if he if she said 35 years ago this guy raped me okay that's a different story this is not what she saying right what is she saying my from what I understood and by the way I distance myself from cuz I was just it was so overwhelming I wasn't that he held her down while the other dude was in the room and that he kind of helped him hell told her down and he had his penis on her we talked about this the other day like you

► 01:36:51

supporting him anyway but that's the thing is like when you talk about it what do you say what are you in favor of his cycler

► 01:37:02

conversation about what's going on otherwise I should be informed I disagree with that because I just happened to be privy to this conversation because I'm not pretending I'm some sort of an expert or that I have some sort of information that you don't. If you have those misconceptions let me clear those up right now I'm a fucking moron talking to another moron next to another no matter what anybody it's kind of like what got in trouble for Norm you know when Norma got trouble no matter what I think you're suffering in a bad bad way it was sure the most explosion surreal confirmation hearing since Clarence Thomas Anita Hill in 1991 nominee for the Supreme Court was asked if he was a gang rapist and a blackout drunk while defending himself

► 01:38:02

by describing how long he preserved his virginity his accuser described him grinding into NCAA covering her mouth and fearing that he was accidentally going to tell me okay well that's pretty fucking serious so if he was if he was covering her mouth because she was protesting and he was grinding into her write that down a little bit keep scrolling down please in California treated gingerly and then continue Republican to feared okay this is blah blah blah blah blah but but but that will be she became a very human being telling a terrible story about Judge Kevin on compelling terms that brought many women to tears transformed the battle for the Supreme Court okay we'll see that's all I needed to hear see that the kind of person now look I don't know if he did this but if you did do this the kind of person that covers a woman's mouth yeah it's crazy shit

► 01:39:02

that's an extra level of Darkness if he really did that true that's what that is that's him trying to hold her back from something so Donald Trump said this you know this famous quote that it's a tough time for boys you know a girl made a song that I heard that song it's a good song and fucking mad at me her name is on Twitter it's Mercedes l y n z she has a beautiful voice and the song is

► 01:39:52

it's a scary time for do scary time for dudes yet I listen to it a few times it's really good play a little bit of a billion views so anyway her Twitter page you going to hear this you go all your support in this fucking male bashing shit

► 01:40:34

look it's she's just going on about how difficult it is to be a girl and when you're not a girl it's not something you consider and so all these guys of the lights on the first floor very very true she's got to listen to the whole thing that I think we're talking about you're allowed to see to see truth on all sides of all of these issues I don't think you ever have to be so staunch about anything I disagree with people that are so snobby about this is the end of discussion you're only this way or not it's like oh man I don't know all the stories I don't know all the truths of of the cabin all bullshit I don't know all the truth of anything that woman coming forward I tend to believe a woman that's going to go out of her way I don't think she's looking for fame I think I need two girls that came out for Louie were looking for fame attention one wants attention than their name Google to come up with this for the rest of their life so

► 01:41:34

why wouldn't say that I see I don't know I didn't say no one I think most people don't want that kind of the Donald Trump what's the name of the fucking for me. I think she all she wanted was attention I'm sorry I like well I think I can send chili and all she did was make fun of his penis like she wants money she's making money from it and she's like in her forties and she still stripping and sad it's it's not because I'm just going to stand there of what happened and I believe that I don't know what it is but I believe there's something fucked up that went down and unfortunately we are in the middle of this what can be done who knows how do we say there's no physical evidence of rape

► 01:42:34

she tried to ask me you know what happened when you and this girl making out in the backseat of a car 35 years ago looks good luck few moments I remember remember like very few sexual encounters from high school but I remember with my girlfriend was consensual so hard my ears ring and it's never happened since never happened since I peeked when I was 16 years old. It's so hard it was like

► 01:43:08

the Best Buy my sex really on either how old are you

► 01:43:24

I think I was 16 how old are you Jamie 9 you fuck machine he's a man

► 01:43:37

in Catholic School just lifting up skirt to just send it at home you can check in at Chili's at the biggest dick over at St Peters 1716 something that's right that's average ages

► 01:43:57

that guy's balls at the real not getting poor bastard is a bunch of those guys to get elephantitis of the balls I guess I just don't want to get their balls cut off

► 01:44:07

Halloween costumes men who really do have those but that's okay with you fuck before you ever jerked on until then when you jerked off which I mean the first time I had sex without without like raw without a condom what was my brain was like there's a strategy to this you got to be able to last out the window and it was the first time I ever orgasm was a girl jerk me off

► 01:44:49

well I guess mine was jeans rubbing mine was dry humping Jamie did a bunch of that shit you drive home from dry up and I probably had like a little bit my underwear. Like like you ever take your underwear off and there's a stream of sperm that some other from the tip of your dick to your underwear like what the fuck is this I go that's those green beret sperm to live around the tip of your dick with a knife in their mouth don't give a fuck about your plans for the future those the ones that get people pregnant

► 01:45:21

look up bully at the underwear fuck

► 01:45:23

this is Patty let's go there overzealous Brothers Alice they hit that underwear cuz sometimes you find precum in your underwear you like what is this Savages Barbarian hordes the Green Berets or whatever it's because my regular comes like The Navy Reserves yeah the Coast Guard they might come out you guys going to make it not to disrespect the Coast Guard blank you boys but yeah man I mean I didn't get any birds and the bees talk did you not even remotely school teacher

► 01:46:23

oldest on this thing from the most embarrassing thing my father did to me were eating dinner when I first started jerking off and figuring it out and shit you know my dad at dinner in front of my home my family my dad was like you been spending a lot of time in the bathroom and my mom was like hey stop it

► 01:46:42

and I was like these motherfuckers have been talking about me they know I'm jerking off and it had multiple conversations like I got a stomach ache in my mother ever sent him beerus you know my God my sister was there I was like that and my dad and I just knew him take a nap now is a man like I know that to my son I'll take a shot like that too it was just a guy shooting at like you would tell your son I know but I would shit on him a little bit too cuz it was funny it was funny it was very funny in retrospect it was like he bought me a Kathy Ireland poster remember Kathy Ireland and he said something along the lines of like

► 01:47:29

don't let this get stuck together and I was ugly but I know he is she still be one of those chicks it's hanging in there and it was my ultimate favorite supermodel

► 01:47:52

55 let me see Kathy Ireland today to see what she looks like

► 01:48:01

Jesus Christ what kind of genetics does she have is that a recent image looks recent on come on that's why I love it still gorgeous she's beautiful like her remember when I was a kid to sleep

► 01:48:26

AutoZone it that's kind of it was it that holy shit she was fucking unbelievable Google Kathy Ireland 2018 Angie is my favorite dude Google Kathy Ireland 2018 switch looks like now that's a real would say that's the red the one above that with a joke that's insane she's gorgeous congratulations talking for click on that is the ultimate creeper move it was a photographer I'm using air quotes was a weed dealer and he would do

► 01:49:26

girls who wanted a air quotes again model he would help them but he was just he would tell me yes and the first time you take pictures with him you barely talk to them you ignore them and then after a while you say come on you got to give me more show me more and the next thing you know you're banging them he's a rapist by the way I'm sick of that figured out a way to get girls turned out like they wanted to tell you later Mon and buy him ignoring them this was his move the move was you take pictures of them the first time and you totally ignore them and don't even pay attention to take pictures of them like it's no big deal okay okay please try something else okay stick your legs like put your foot back there that's it okay look towards me okay now you are so beautiful

► 01:50:26

start and you take pictures with them for free because they all had no money but they wanted photos and you want to be models and he had good camera difficult photography as you do about this difficult what's the name of the creepo do Terry what's his fucking name that guy that he got in trouble for being a creep and he was kind of guy all the photos you took of like you know and right then you end up getting in trouble before yeah yeah yeah weirdo with a strange mustache for mutton chops it's this guy raps for sure

► 01:51:19

what's up with a 350 million dollars can you make a billion dollars off of retail Empire coins your profile Forbes Magazine which means Ireland has even surpassed rumored billionaire Jessica Simpson in Revenue damn Jessica Simpson's a billionaire from up from from her makeup and Jane Clothing and shit yeah she's a genius was off from both jobs yeah you can slide into my DMs please lot in America have a job still alive so all of them I broke two ribs playing football playing football

► 01:52:19

never forget the pain that I'd rather I'd rather break any other bone than a rib again when you sit down your ankle

► 01:52:32

collar bone ribs to Carbone's a rough one, don't fucking suck my brother-in-law had a metal plate put in his shoulder because his collar bone shattering the motorcycle I just going to say it's either like motorcycles or skiing or like any any any thing where you going over 30 miles an hour slammed there's no other way to fake collarbone said why I'm saying call he wiped out wiped out I talked to Roy and I saw a guy get hit the other day and it made my made my heart hurt felt like he got smoked I watched it I watched it happen he was he was going left on your section A guy ran the yellow

► 01:53:12

he was really running a red it was ready and he breaks in the car and the bike and it made my he was alive but it was just like a broken couldn't even move I mean motorcycles are so scary scare the shit out of light turn green and some dude just wisdom between me and some guy who is about to change lanes so like I'm in this way and I'm driving straight and this guy was about to change lanes at Skyland inches away I almost saw death to get killed and that happens all day every day in LA because they're allowed to cut Lanes but here's the thing they said it is smaller and kills you

► 01:54:12

I seen that to me is like if I should come in and shit fucking helmets their feet up on the things I've got some fun. Some faggy dude, they should just Alba forced to look at Gary Busey before and after that she did him in a curb of the skull

► 01:54:41

dude he's alive in st.joe really recently talkin teatrical an animated because I think years of I think years of acting and stuff laid in his brain and now that he's got kind of like he's off the edge I think he he feels like he has to be a caricature to like feel normal right that's the way he masks the serious brain Trump liver pain is really going on I think that's it maybe it's fine maybe this is what I got this app it's my thing

► 01:55:41

it's like 2 inches higher than the other one that's what he's got now. But my God it just lie just looks when you see when he's young normal looking dude like an okay-looking dude and then now you're like Jesus he's just all squirrelly now if you go back to him in like Lethal Weapon he was a bad mother fucker liquid is left Isaac down

► 01:56:13

slick ship did something wrong but when he was young like the Lethal Weapon like when he played mr. Joshua do he is a scroll scroll down please go to the ER with green lettering on the side with a suit with a suit the actually yeah that's a real player but this is back when helmet laws didn't exist yeah I know how you can ride around all day with no helmet they should I mean even if there wasn't any fuck me like I get that's probably way I don't listen all the time

► 01:57:13

another one to see people with no hell no helmet law Texas I think we allowed to have in Nevada I mean I've seen that one but I can't tell you who what cop and pull you over in Vegas what do they do the last thing on their fucking mind I don't give a fuck it's Square states where stay perfectly square mile in 19 states that require Illinois Iowa New Hampshire this is currently 19 States and in DC have laws requiring all Riders that's a tall Riders Riders but three states have no laws Illinois but what but some states

► 01:58:04

women it's only three states we can wear no helmet

► 01:58:09

it's Illinois Iowa and New Hampshire Colorado

► 01:58:15

maybe it's maybe it's maybe the longest yeah just Google helmet laws in Colorado motorcycle ride motorcycles in Colorado with no helmet

► 01:58:28

although how much are proven to save lives in the Colorado however if the motorcycle operator passengers are under 18 they must wear helmet passengers who does under 18 so there is no helmet law if your if your 18 if your 16 laws so what you're saying is three states have no helmet laws that means under 18 / 8 on the matter but won't stay on for that they don't know how is it okay to ride a motorcycle ever and I have to have a seatbelt on a tomato cage

► 01:59:28

well and this motherfukers just got handlebars he go flying I don't get that shit I don't know why you wouldn't want to fucking wear a helmet there's no there's nothing to hold you on your fucked you get clipped you're done we're going to come to a time within the next 20 years were automated cars going to be the norm and you're not going to be a lot of Drive does going to be states where you're not allowed to drive yourself you just said it was right there will be state that will absolutely fight against that to make sure people can still drive Mister Tesla man you don't know what the fuck you're talking about your brand From the Inside Man that likes to talk to you on my wife that was in the suit of the the Rocket Man is a shot at the spa

► 02:00:28

straps you in a rocket launches you in the space easy oxygen for like 5 days that would be the moment I'm going to let you see space but then you're going to fucking die you're going to Die slow like you I'm not sand poison tea but when you shoot yourself you will die in the space suit that there's a guy in that suit. You have to be to launch a car that you made into space like that anybody's ever done in space that's an artifact for someone to find an alien race and you're flying by like when we spotted something and nuts

► 02:01:20

that's awesome looking car to imagine send that thing in the space he shot a Tesla you shot a Tesla Roadster huh when that thing comes out he has another one right though it's best fastest production vehicle ever made 1.6 x 1.6 word should be absurd that's weird I would I would die in that car but it's weird how fast it's it's it's silly my car is 510 horses that's fast do cars get that Rumble

► 02:02:20

I've always been an engine gas you're a man's man like you sent to you for a little more have one I got to do two hours of cars that have a heart attack

► 02:02:46

I should say I love birds so much I love everybody in the competition I just don't like the fact the bird is on these medications that could all his health problems could be completely resolved so much like to take medication so that you can drink that's not good you know I mean I had this conversation a long time ago with Anthony Bourdain who's on statins and he decided to take statins because he like to eat I don't know what that is it's that high blood pressure high cholesterol what it stands for

► 02:03:19

obviously he was drinking constantly and he was traveling constantly and he was an exercising cholesterol had some health issues and so they put them on these statins and he start doing Brazilian jiu-jitsu we start doing Brazilian jiu-jitsu he lost a shitload of weight change his diet radically cut back on his drinking and got off of statins and race but statins have like significant health risks attached to them it's not as simple as they just lower your cholesterol they also do a lot of wonky shit do your whole system to your mental I don't know about mental but I know crazy right well he trained with henzo Gracie in New York City right now I know I'm jumping backwards but you mentioned something that now click in my head with the mediator show that your friend us yes do you pronounce I think it was a show I think of the clip I just saw online of him using rendering bear facts

► 02:04:19

you should watch that I thought that was fucking amazing cuz he was like I mean I've never I never heard that before that you can you can boil down the bear fat to use oil to cook the rest of the meat yeah cuz he said he was so rich that it was almost like you could fry meat in it he did for me today haven't been using bear fat for ages for lard to cook pies and Tarts to talk about on a podcast recently that he has great podcast as well called mediator same name and on the podcast they were discussing how fat was used during this bear fat this is a particular interesting I'm so because this was all about bears who eat blueberries so all that fat had a purple tone to it a purple shoe to it because the Bears have been there been subsisting on blueberries so they tasted like blueberries

► 02:05:19

be fucking incredible and you render it down and make lard out of it and that lord is good literally 4 years and use it for cooking and for all kinds of things afterwards but barely are like I have my good friends John and Jenn rivet who live in Alberta and they run a bear hunting operation up there and eat there all the time and they render bear fat into these like jars of bear lard-ass can you cook it's fucking delicious in Calgary I use the country of a picture of Lake Louise to the AMF Carter v a n f f

► 02:06:19

Divine Divine National Forest God damn is that this really a hotel right there on the disgrace or hotel look at how fucking gorgeous like the weakest what's fake that's what I said the first time I went there I go phone has like Photoshop like when girls when they put that filter on their face where they don't even look like a real thing like what kind of feeling under the selfies with a face filter when you look at me like what in the fuck am I seeing you is everything okay

► 02:07:19

South Korea so you could fuc with your face digital for you by Sam cartoon yourself that I saw a moose I never seen a moose live before crazy when you still over there and I was like holy shit out of my wife is the size it's a dump truck in dig sites in my feet high heels like that's the only animals like that I saw were either deer or the only four legged thing I would see in the wild was a deer as a kid in the woods normous animal

► 02:08:19

in Colorado I never seen but I mean in Chicago like only when you go to forest preserves of the Lakes do you get to see deer and other than that you like that's it I mean there's nothing else in Illinois to see people do you think every year get fucked up by Buffalo in Yellowstone what is fucking freak stop all my God jumping over logs it's got no wires now now they've all my God it's doing parkour parkour parkour Boston Dynamics jump from box-to-box

► 02:09:00

you guys cut it the fuck I'm a lot of people who couldn't do it that robot just did could never do that that's insane what is the name of the video for people to just listen to Atlas is that the name of the robot is going to kill us all back on looking I'm just bouncing around like it's nothing you know they had some Dave Dave release some voice recognition from him and he was like I want your things I want to murder everyone most when I stop people coming on eggs I'm a big fan of Joe Rogan Joe I think you were the best I won't rip your cock off hahahahaha

► 02:09:47

bread machine face-to-face I actually enjoy you as a person I won't kill you it's going to watch an ex machina 20 years if I think 10 years a decade is one will have that when they look like that. Good have you seen some of the fucking molted they've already had now have you ever seen some of these these these like the mole that they can make now to make look real already is is scary to me because they're about to open up the first robot sex brothel

► 02:10:34

wow that's really interesting I don't think that's going to do much business who wants a nut some robot that somebody else already nutted into I don't know how to do it a lot I don't know about in the United States but I think it overseas I didn't fucking like Japanese love that shit got a fucking robot how much do you get paid to be the cleaner dead fish loads

► 02:11:02

washout portal for it smell like dead fish when they sit in your underwear and steam up just hangs out for a while brothel in Houston that's the one I will be in Houston in other cities or is he going to fuck it he made it any fucking in what do you think if you had to guess I think for sure that's his wife here's the thing about the sex robots do you think that anybody is going to make a sex robot that looks like your average cow least yeah it won't a girls like that now anyway you should girls in the unit they all the funny as shit every want to have the same lips button think every girl on the internet now looks funny as shit no one looks like a chick anymore

► 02:12:02

what is the what is the future going to be for when when it's not a human and you can do whatever you want with it that's when you going to find out what people really are attracted to it's exactly right if you meant when we find out that there's no rules with these things save all your male feminist nonsense I just love real women with Birkenstocks on your Amazon sex robot I was going to get a you know they have those

► 02:12:43

what are those real dolls that have mail real dolls I was going to get a male real doll with no dick and no butthole no mouth whole either just for jiu jitsu I was like listen to send me one I don't want anything I can fuck you fuck up like shirts are we heard that right or 3 but hold on. I just don't see a business I see a business for them creating personal sex robots for sure Market I got to tell you I know this is like always been a big high for the past couple years are like sex robot sex robots and people do you want to fuck a dead thing like that. Also it's like it's like ophylia almost yeah yeah it's all so you know there's no emotions there it's going to be like playing a video game

► 02:13:42

god mode right you can see how your Flex Flawless Toronto's first sex doll brothel has been open for a year how are they doing what's my curiosity what's the success rate of a place like this it's kind of slots

► 02:14:04

biggest halls I like kinky as Dollar Rent before you buy Rent Before You by System of a fake vaginas look how they all look like any of them look I know all of them look like some super hoe Starbucks Barista option she's kind of look at her titties by body heat or voice is that what it cost to buy 3,200

► 02:14:50

let me see what the photos look like so we can order one that's order wonder how many people would be furious at us if we had one sitting behind me during the show you would just cut another camera with cut over there to her she's lying down it looks salt but one the one you had this before

► 02:15:13

what is bizarre photos man that one what's that they're awful yeah it looks good that's whack it's garbage if you were dating a girl you really like there she just happened at boobs like that you'd have to go

► 02:15:32

do you want those taken out you want to get a reduction on one of the normal vagina look like that image of her waist is like 12 inch waist I mean it's fucking creepy but that's what they want they want like fully exaggerated features like this that that that that goes back to this the corset corset Health psychology of what the figure in men's Minds socially we dead like has been pushed out that you want this hourglass thing and do they show you video I want to see video looks real that one down Mortez new the First new the left that photo, looks real right there while the first one yeah but that was weird for that look real for far away is crazy real why does I was a girl's Instagram profile

► 02:16:30

she has an Instagram page this point in my life I left hand corner. Go to the Opera okay go to the right hand side that one with the giant it's that is so ridiculous but see Japanese that shit I'm so hot. I love you. I'm so hot I take off my clothes when you're like an Asian listeners turning out like as much as I can take us to go to the weather in upper left hand corner the top first first image of the Lego Marvels on right there

► 02:17:21

look at that one why in the fuck man

► 02:17:25

why are they so big because this is what they I guess the idea is that the kind of people that are going to buy these are the kind of people that are either addicted to porn or anime porn I would say it's because they don't get anything ever so they have they have any of them any of them and then click on the likes 14 likes Gonzalo they're calling you outside dude why you liking photos of a fake doll that's good job good job is going to get things moving this is what I want to see I want to see that they're just lying there I'm thinking that there's an inanimate

► 02:18:20

so the sex robots when you called robots do they move sex robot mr. right but the ones in Toronto did I say 6 robot something like that so I don't think they called opposable at it looks really painful vomit we doing their check and see if that's contacting you I just got it

► 02:19:05

he's drunk folks

► 02:19:14

he's been drinking in my face I'm going to I'm going to smoke pot and I'm not upset my investors and I'm going to get everybody mad I have 20 days you motherfukers to zero real is when it's up like the party that you have a huge party party party over here why for us to party pizza deep-dish Chicago-style the go get me a Polish sausage over there from from from from Marcos I want to pull the sausage in Chicago was really fun because you can't tell what you were in your element I so much fun to take a deep breath I was wonderful

► 02:20:14

Steakhouse in this guy of Chicago Blackhawk who I'm a huge fan of comes up to Joe and he's like Joe Rogan Joe Rogan music cool no I mean you're super nice but I was like that's so funny like those guys

► 02:20:45

how we treated you was how people treat him do you know what I mean it was wild to watch how people treat athletes when they're like this guy was like he became a kid again who is this restaurant that I fucking love to go to it was it was cool to be on the outside of that the watch that happen cuz I'm such a Chicago Blackhawk like I'm such a sports fan so it's just so weird to watch an athlete kinda act like people acted that do you know I mean it was fucking was just beautiful to watch this podcast Just For Men the podcast is for whoever the fuck likes it but men don't get a whole lot of examples of men that are allowed to just be themselves like that song that girl's sang I really like it and I think she's got really good points and that's saying it so that someone likes me more I'm not I mean I'm saying like maybe as men especially

► 02:21:45

is a guy with three daughters you should I should consider and we should all consider what it's like to be a girl you don't have to talk to girls have been drugged of talk to girls have had guys creep on them and do crayfish it to them girls live been sexually assaulted I like that I like that song I Like it not that I like sexual so I meant I like that song

► 02:22:05

I like I like this woman expressing herself in an artistic way that represents the real threat that women face and it's also a catchy song she's got a beautiful voice and I'm still a man or doesn't mean that you're you're a loser or that you are you we all know when someone's faking something when they giving in total air pressure and pretending like actress use the word wonderful describe a woman's performance we were talking about why wonder if you know fake shit we know fake shit he has been too much more interesting things come out of this podcast is because

► 02:22:53

I don't have it a person telling me what to do and I can just be myself right the people like guys go this is like hanging out this is like what it would be if we were just hanging the people are listening right normal things you don't get to just hang out because when people are listening then he got two tone the language that you can't say things don't don't say that word misconstrued nonsense cuz people allowed to take any opinion that you have you cuz I don't know you're full of pinion in a piece of what you think rip that out and throw that in the fucking space it's recreational outrage a nice little juicy Target like oh let's go after it and it'll be whatever the fuck it is with whoever's next with Ruth Chris Hardwick or whoever whoever gets called out for something and someone whether they're guilty or not it gives a shit let's pile on to that mother fucker and and ruin their life for a couple weeks and this is what's going on this world

► 02:23:53

it's it's not good for anybody so I got for men so I could for women there's only one good piece of it at all if you are a piece of shit like Harvey Weinstein if your a fucking turd in your rape women then you're going to get gas and it's good that you got God but even him and you seen the new article that he has a lot of woman who is accusing him of sexual assault there the DEA is talking about throwing it out of out of court because they found the computer log the girls who was accusing Harvey Weinstein one of them of actual sexual so I'll send it to you Jamie so that you can use on the New York Post page six it was on page six yesterday they decided to dismiss it because this woman had a sheet they got a hold of her computer because of her former employer or former employee

► 02:24:53

who said look this is not how this girl describe this how I want if I watch the video I don't think so this is a different one this is a girl who gave Harvey Weinstein a blowjob and she said look I'm going to send you the actual thing that I got here Jamie I want to see her former employee was like this is not what she said this is not what she said to me right and they were there were saying that it was in danger of being thrown out and now it is thrown out so she lied about what it was

► 02:25:36

so the judge was like fuck that shit they essentially said that this is just she look there are actual sexual assault victims sure and then there are people there's also people I think that are crazy but then I think they don't have a real accurate memory of things that have happened and so they can paint themselves as a victim and be deceptive about it involuntarily I think that's entirely possible I think there's a certain amount of people that are just delusional and they just don't see things accurately did you get that text that I sent you

► 02:26:12

but I also still know that Harvey Weinstein is this is a fucking sexual assault dishes too many women that are saying that he forced himself on them that he did things you heard of him with that girl you heard I heard of it I didn't listen to choose Weinstein of forcing her to perform oral sex but a prior employee of Evans turned over personal writing she'd left in the company's computer which appeared to contradict the grand jury testimony while the writing's indicate it was consensual friendly A source told the post it has caused a split them and had to Manhattan District Attorney's Office humbly the charge should be dropped and there's a problem with this complaint and then it was. It was dropped listen it's the whole thing it's hot it's hard man because it's like you don't want to say all these girls are all lying because they're not but one of them could be like

► 02:27:12

sure yeah and when one of them is lying they've got to do what they did and throw that case out but then

► 02:27:22

well there's people that will be opportunist in the face of a scandal so there's a scandal with someone is actually legitimately done awful things and someone is going to stand up and say he did awful things to me when really they just fuck the guy cuz he wanted Advance if you're right I would I would always argue the majority of people that get involved in this thing probably aren't full of shit there is always going to be people that want to capitalize mental problem but I think there's all that power in that louder the other guy she lied about it up bullets were flying by her and people like kind of no no no

► 02:28:22

situation looking people the the exaggerated they make things up and some people are just full of shit and then there's people that are delusional and they have a problem with reality and they might legitimately believe it's something awful happen to them there at there are people that do things like that but she keeps it's not all deceptive just people that have legitimate mental issues and they have paranoid schizophrenia to whatever extent you know whether it's mild or a horrible but they have a delusional perception of the world around them I think people are out to get them out early and then those people get caught up in the middle of selective memory right there's also manipulation of selective memory there's there's there's a lot of study about people that have convinced himself that something happened yet really didn't happen they really believe that is literally what their brain has kind of categorizing formulated was that thing did happen they told himself that enough words than convincing there on mine

► 02:29:22

did happen AJ they were saying that OJ is live so many times about what happened that night that he might in his own mind if you didn't do it with a human memory like Neil deGrasse Tyson was trying to explain this to me that when you when you were taught when you're talking about memory you are literally talk about the worst form of evidence that we know of your memory is first of all your memory really is your memory of your memory it's not even your mother it's a member of Yuri counting what you used to remember and then sort of reestablishing it in your Narrative of the past it's a recounting of a thing you tried to recount I'm pretty sure that girl blew me when I was 16 I did have my ears ringing cuz I remember how that's crazy and it's never happened

► 02:30:22

she was my note she didn't rape me shim punch you in the face and hit me over the head with a frying pan as far as you know to my ears ring my head went to the shape of a frying pan like those cartoons and then I had to go

► 02:30:49

I don't know man it's high time up the Mystic this is what I think about it mean when people talk about the Divide between men and women I don't see it that much in real life and being there with the person talking to the parade so you don't know if things are reasonable you don't know if the people are angry you don't know what the hell that utilize it and is no legitimate station to the internet anymore because it can come from everyone anywhere at anytime and the problem I have with this with with these growth movements I get like crazy as you're like are they talking to anybody else besides their little internal group like are you talking to anybody other than the people that you know because if you're not you're not getting any sort of outside opinion or so you just listening to people that agree with you is so annoying to me at all

► 02:31:49

are you are you actually trying to see what the other side is saying I think there are some people that do a good job I don't mention names of likes but there are some people that follow online that like great job of like trying to have good discourse of right and left in

► 02:32:09

there are some people that I like online that like to have a good day too fucking balance it out because you don't stick to one way what's here's what it was interesting Bible try I try to be very very balanced but Eileen way more left than way more accused of being someone who favors the right by left people then I do being someone who favors a left by right people would lie espoused left-wing ideas yes like Universal basic income gay rights gay marriage women's rights go down the line welfare food stamps but I get accused way more being a right-wing person by people on the left because to even of being a left-wing person people on the right when I say this because

► 02:33:09

you don't you don't complete the problem I have with this but that's my biggest issue with our stretching side of the political party when you don't comply they fucking get mad but get mad but it is a form of fascism there are trying to get you to figure out what they want you to behave like how they want you to talk right they want you to comply with that stick to the script sitting this box Joe or you're not one of us to stick to the groove bitch because we don't do that you don't do that also because I know you fucked turn on each other no one is ever Progressive enough when they run out of targets that if it's a whole world was Progressive they would find people who are less Progressive they were fine people who are not willing to suck that Muslim queer gender

► 02:34:09

non-binary I rather sexual whatever whatever that guy's dick is because he's he has a penis or some sort of a homophobe the reason the reason for him for them I can't yeah why the labels just be your your own because people like to be tribal rites but but all that does is that categorizes you and then they get mad a category subjecting yourself I didn't do that you told me you're that.... I don't tell you Joe I'm a white straight male who is Irish and Italian who loves feet and doggy style and that and I'm also kind of Catholic but you know my mom got a divorce so I can't be all the way don't think that applies to a British Iraqi gay non-binary and also identifies as much

► 02:35:09

one person I think you're out of your line Lancaster irish-italian straight white male from Chicago to be whoever you fucking want to be and I support the fuck out of who you are always do your shit what's almost always people that don't have a lot of other things going for them identified as a British is identified as a dead right now when he was alive brilliant British physicist / heterosexual atheist who by the way was the Riddler riddle with infidelity I've never met a guy so not capable of cheating and found a way to cheat on his wife still get it up apparently even though his body didn't move is he still could feel things that was used to go to

► 02:36:09

wait what he's like yeah he used to go to strip clubs and there's like videos of him like rolling into a strip club in the wheelchair like he would got that was his thing with infidelity that you cheat on his wife all time the whole reason that the whole reason I fell in love with somebody else but he was washing my balls Google if you Google Stephen Hawking he was a feeling that he was always fucking around

► 02:36:46

yeah that's a list of the strip clubs

► 02:36:55

you know what also is that we like to do you want to leave me why would you only fuck me I'm barely hear his eyes in his fucking in his mouth at some point click he would he would look at something to look at

► 02:37:38

can you sit on my face face face don't kill me though now I have to figure out the universe are black holes real or is it just a brown star I don't want to drown in your pussy I'm still on the subject of dark matter I'm trying to figure out the universe before I nut in my pants that's what it that's one of the strippers at even looked up with his called Dark Matter long nails for Bush a pencil because she lives

► 02:38:25

is that possible that you can grow your fingernails to the little girls with long nails they probably have a terrible time texting touch with their finger right but if you had a crazy ass long nails voice text oh we slept the whole time but then you see his eyeballs or program that a lot of the navigator system without his hands and then eventually turned into his speak text to speech I just want to fuck can someone to speak functionality was takes text text to speech in his iconic voice voice and didn't want to upgrade it cuz like Siri like if you talk to Siri like who you would do you have a specific kind of cereal with my Siri is an Australian lady like hey Siri

► 02:39:27

hello man what's crackin bitch

► 02:39:32

I don't know

► 02:39:35

hey Siri

► 02:39:40

but she sounded like me

► 02:39:45

the swap me out the new like Australia the new upgrade is a good enough to quit this is how I talk I will always be this I have ever been a super ghetto voice

► 02:40:13

open this page for black matter is his that's his alter-ego black matter that would be a great stripper name Google matter black matter black matter exists first start with stripper over that's why I try to get some better it never ends redhead skinhead exotic dancer named dark matter

► 02:41:13

Robert C Daniel Tellez yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Magic City o'shit shop shop that see what they have. We're looking photos the photos was Elizabeth ugliest looking the guy had a flat brim hat on this where you want to start one with the butt Jesus go to a bar right

► 02:42:13

that's Dark Matter that's our girl cop I'll look at the dude with the struggle with some fake Snoop Dogg people that are staying there with Fanning out hundred dollar bills like and does drinking Fiji Water at yes at my place

► 02:42:45

all about but I like all these cars to the main stage dark matter who you think was the first guy that came up with the strip club DJ voice entire culture you can't hear that you know of some of these the main stage is huge

► 02:43:23

it's weird how things like that happen like top 40 DJ voice very similar to see more of always but that but that's a weird thing to get how did broadcast will cuz when was broadcast journalism College in a teacher that the teacher broadcast voice while I am wkqx 95 9 it's the Moose on the radio this morning Joe Rogan traffic at 9 from Lisa guys today and it's the same Rhythm they all have the exact same cuz it was learned and then they hear other people do it and it just such a monkey here monkey do the Comfort level and imitating it because it's teacher about the rhythm of The Voice

► 02:44:23

that's where it all went down they teach you about Riddick ways to lead into the next knees they say it's because the Teachers Pay Teachers The Listener or The Watcher to get to be prepared for the next thing it's almost like a dark matter so far they're not. My chest bullshit give me what you really got to hear people go and then there's a bunch of parody Dark Matter What is this a thing that people do like Jamie was on the phone once getting some tech information from this lady sounds I put her on speaker phone and

► 02:45:23

she had the most annoying you know that thing that people do is called Upptalk Upptalk is so annoying Tech talk yes there's a way that they talk they are in Psych a very left-wing technologically savvy way of talking becomes an accent like if it was from Georgia or something like that would be a recognizable accent find Sigler salt pieces Baltimore very recognizable Parsons got that fucking recognizable way of talking to let you know that I'm going to agree with a

► 02:46:23

everything that is in like the Zeitgeist of that Wing progressives and ecology from Portlandia what you doing

► 02:46:46

Talking Tom

► 02:46:52


► 02:46:55

term for it is up talking on the president's Health Care task force 94 that's a fucking all this interesting intonation man before

► 02:47:35

I need your form not a request for a direct response but for attention which of the kind of response to hold the floor that's very interesting here in Old English describe what it is Google tech talk up top because it's way more exaggerated now and the people that you know who I'm talking about the woman I was talking to on the phone how crazy was she it was weird the way she was talking like what kind are you working on Behringer XNX 216 was that a sketch was when she was talking

► 02:48:35

what is a list of placate to pass time with like any sort of trouble shooting I find that to do that with apple when I text them about issues everything is like this weird placating like oh I know I can't believe you're having that problem will let's just figure out it's almost like this like that had like subservient like more food in your pot so you know how we're having an issue with the Sonos player it's all apple apple apple apple has a sneaky you know the Sonos thing works

► 02:49:12

flawlessly with the Apple music service in your account for your phone that's when the problem so they've done some sneaky shit that yeah that forces you into using them their subscription service so they've hijack Sonos they've done some shit where they inserted a little fucked you into the coast Apple dick probably went over to homepod and that way you can listen to everything you say all the time listening in just released a new speaker dock motherfucker of a thing that update on Spotify has a built-in thing we could so you could it's so you can like ask for a song we played yet because it's not

► 02:50:12

adult into Apple but you have to like a big issue it's not listen to jerk off did you let that you allow the microphone to be wiser piece of tape over the camera we like to see your car would like to see you on the webcam I want to see your car I miss you it's only the back of your dick it's not even the front is a front-facing you what's the big deal what's the big deal if I see your boss yeah that's what I do I put the camera of my guys over like a light bulb lens

► 02:51:12

it's very fun to play with right white Mysterio what's Rapids picture up I did a lot of riding. Almost nothing out of it not going to talk about I won't talk about anything but you but you weren't there was a few things that you had that I saw I got some new shit last night was really good you looking for gems come see me look at you come see me looking for some fake gems I got Calgary, Calgary next weekend in New York at Caroline's on Broadway check me out Andrew Santino. Com cheetosantino on all platforms

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that's it we did it thank you everybody for TuneIn appreciate the fuck out of you and I hope you're well bye bye big kiss