#1187 - Kyle Kulinski

The Joe Rogan Experience #1187 - Kyle Kulinski

October 23, 2018

Kyle Kulinski is a political activist, progressive talk radio host, social democratic political commentator, and the co-founder of Justice Democrats. His show “Secular Talk” is available on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/SecularTalk

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haha we did it my guess today is a young intelligent man his name is Kyle kulinski he's been on the podcast before he runs secular talk. He runs the secular talk. Tom secular talk on YouTube secular talk on Twitter he's a very smart young man and I always enjoy talking to him in that particular particular really enjoy talking to him today please give it up for Kyle kulinski

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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hello Kyle hello Joe Rogan good to see you too this is like deja vu you know what is I think it was months ago or so and it's like that yeah yeah I just turned 30 and a 44-30 was the first one where I ever really stop like 30 minutes before I turn 30 actually took him home and I was like okay you're 29 enjoy your last 30 minutes of being 29 was the first like little inkling of is it I guess this is kind of a midlife crisis feels like because I'm I have a 3 in front now and I'm not really not comfortable with that cuz I feel like I'm still a fucking nineteen-year-old you know it's a weird thing to be obsessed with your ear is an inevitable progression like to be obsessed with used as well why would you love something is going to go away real quick yeah

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you going to get old something you can do about it just stay healthy fighted it's always easy to tell that when they go get plastic surgery and stuff if you if you do like one plastic surgery sometime somebody could get away with it but if you do multiple everybody knows almost immediately ever watch that show botched I didn't know I just started getting into it I accidentally washed it I will turn the TV on and it was just like when I turn the TV on and I was like what in the fuc in this lady was getting her nose repair cuz it had a collapsed cuz she had gotten so many plastic surgery on her nose that are sinus it caved in so they had to take a chunk of her ribbed crop of her nose and put them in the tissue inside was dime one of those guys want to come on if they found out we were talking about it so it won't stop

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I don't know how many times can talk about plastic surgery doctor that the opposite I think he's probably yes to repair guy shows about repairing people that fucked up you know it looks when you see how they do it like they do I know it says about wisdom teeth when I got my wisdom teeth pulled out they literally just go in there like you would expect for like a car repair there's all right time to rip it out and you see them like leaning on it I thought this was more advanced than this but it's really not step on your cheek and under for my wisdom teeth because I've heard I know I'm such a bitch so I guess I got the Michael Jackson stuff the propofol I think it was weird because you just they tell you to like count back down from a hundred and you're like a hundred ninety-nine and I remember

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stop it

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oh my God that's so terrible that's new surgery

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what is going on here what stock whatever the fuck I put in his name in and it's trying to get it out oh my Jesus Christ so yeah there's the moral of the story is we actually don't know what we're doing is human beings and we're still obviously very primitive fucked up I don't I don't think I've ever seen that before I had my deviated septum fixed and then they have to pack it they pack it full of stuff and so you're all clogged up and they took big chunks of the bone out of the inside because what was it called turbinates or something like that I had a bunch of scar tissue and calcification your seats when someone has cauliflower ear

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broken too much times does what that cauliflower ear is is blood under the surface of the skin calcifies and becomes essentially a rock if you touch someone's cauliflower ear and it's literally like there's a rock and it's really kind of crazy when you get that inside your nose to when your nose been broken a bunch of times and it bleeds in the skin inside the tissue and then it turns into this like really hard thing that blocks all your sinuses so if you put a hole in it what happens it's a rock it's a rock okay it's calcium Rock have you ever seen those videos of like cysts when they drain the cyst do you receive that lady's Instagram page dr. pimple popper cuz I don't want to throw up if you need to go to dr. pimple popper is going to do it and she loves it she thinks I bet you get the zillion views to oh my God she's got more

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did you are not watch this is me but she isn't sure that a lot did you ever have bad acne at any point your life I had some pretty decent acne when I was in high school yeah show cursor on try that one that's nothing that's nothing but still going that's not that is disgusting but I think it's universally agreed-upon. The feel of getting a big pimple and popping it properly it feels amazing for this

► 00:11:58

how old is the Marvel way and it didn't even actually like totally pop out either well those things are stuck mean it's part of your Skin's party or tissue when I was younger and that stuff worked I mean they say there's always a small chance that like I never it never affected me in that way at all and it really just like zoinks your sebaceous glands and you're just good like he said he got the side effect on hand it was amazing to the skin cleared out the other hand he's never felt so bad in his wife

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too bad to take medication with the medication will knock out all the acne while I also take I don't take Accutane anymore but I actually take finasteride for hair and they say Trump takes that too and there were some doctors I don't know how credible this is but there were some doctors who were like that stuff is not that great in terms of mental health that's Propecia Propecia and a hydro testosterone which does cause depression and some people I think at Hari re said that his depression was linked to when you start taking Propecia decrease your testosterone now

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kills your boners my right eye drops bullet there alright if you didn't take it I guess double or triple you tell me I don't know but the thing is you really pull off the bald head very nicely thank you as I look like a leukemia patient you think so I do not have a decent-sized head dude I mean more than I do now and I have to get tattoos everywhere did you do you want to look like a badass with a bald head of course you do there's this guy wrestler for WWE I forget his name but he had really long like greasy hair like the typical wrestler hair and then you recently decided to shave his head and he pulled it off nicely looks way better with a bald head he had he's just one of those guys where you look gross with the really long hair that was greasy but when you got when you went bald okay now you look normal the greasy Harrison new thing it's like the John Wick hair grease innocent Keanu Reeves was John Wick it was always greasy

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I don't remember that no good movie to listen to or watch rather when you're on the treadmill this is doing a cardio challenge was a good one 1990s and I'm still wearing it

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creature of habit it's just chill Barnesville what people make fun of you for everything that's true yeah give me a chance dude I did that powder on my face the other day cuz I was under these lights and I did feel silly as I put on it's a little weird like why can't I just be shy and yeah what's going on people terrified of sweat to me was pasty and shiny so super white and shiny and it just looks gross it looks like I'm unhealthy so if you're like a bronze a bronze slightly better but still kind of gross Christy something oh yeah one politicon what is politicon exactly invite like like establishment media figures and some politicians but then they also invite New Media that you're like me and our worlds do not mix

► 00:15:52

Maytag many them I don't even think many of them knew who I was meanwhile when you actually go to the people who were there you know it was all the New Media people we're getting the most attention Bush Administration in people like who who are you so it's a very weird you know thing going on there such a place as it's just media I mean at this point I think yeah this whole concept of New Media ever sold it just media but there's independent uncensored untethered media which is why we're more popular try watching one of those ABC Nightline or one of those fucking political shows and then try watching something on YouTube where people get to be free with their language and free with their expression that the holding 10 executives are producers and yeah so they get it but they don't get it get it because when I went to the Chris Christie thing they had it in

► 00:16:52

giant room at about 25% of the room was full and then for one of my device that I did it if you paddle the one debate they put me in like the smallest room and we had all the seats fall and people standing up and packing the room so they get it but they don't get it get it they talk to them the New Media people are kind of like an afterthought like okay will have them cuz they should be here but they don't they don't realize that the draw is not Chris Christie the drawers the New Media people well Chris Christie and her anymore cuz he's been on TV a lot but I want to be clear I'm not even just saying oh left-wing New Media which obviously is what I would be but even the Ben Shapiro Touch of course he has a big audience people who were popular in the rest of them are not did you go to some sort of concert while you're there

► 00:17:52

no I just haven't I didn't think about sniffing it off yet but something I did cuz we're talking about to go to Coachella and they keep that fucking thing out yet well I saw cut off a finger by accident if I use that thing

► 00:18:12

Jimmy just give you a pair of scissors if you want those anyway take it off Under Pressure me if you want to sleep like forever please keep it on that's a weird thing to be a bracelet guy like a lot of beads like you're really trying hard to be spiritual there we go and that's not me or ice if you want to Diamond it up of your rapper and you in a lot of ice on your wrist I did used to wear earrings I did used to do that and I see in your face that you want to mock me at this time it wasn't even a diamond is a cubic zirconia has it ever happened in the history of the world that you know a woman has walked up to a man and sent you a man attracted to you but then I saw your earring probably happened in the 80s somebody come get her something like that in the 80s

► 00:19:06

just cuz you you're so bold you get a hole in your ear took a chance Babyface know the other thing is just a ear piece that's a hook that's the thing that goes behind the hold it in place so you only had one on one with a double Hoops like Axl Rose word on the street is that if you only do the right ear you're supposed to be a signal that you're gay that was the word it won't Breton time

► 00:19:43

I don't know I had it on my left ear cuz that's what I heard but if you did both either a pirate or you're in a band and it's funny because like New Jersey Shore wannabe or like a Backstreet Boys wanted me cuz I look cuz I had two earrings and I had the hair totally Spite and yet we are also running a risk because you've got like a little bit of facial hair yeah yeah I don't have like a very masculine know the beard but yeah I've got something going on we are definitely a man or your woman undergoing hormone replacement therapy exam this is called a lazy man's beard because I can't even even really grow a beard so it's just this is what it is when I get lazy you got a little something going on now

► 00:20:43

I should sell that would be kind of creepy no mustaches I'm going on a Jihad against mustache than Sam Elliott the actor I don't know who that is I know I'm really Selleck okay he's got the whole My Vibe going on blowing him because he has a mustache right there right there that's even Roadhouse this more of a full beard

► 00:21:43

that one right there I don't think a goatee looks as ridiculous as a mustache alone some guys can pull it off and it's a bold choice but it can't look you can't look overly artsy with it

► 00:21:55

you know what I mean you can't or you can tell you can't if your if it looks like you're tied to your goatee as a matter of your identity then it's a problem but if it's just a dude who seems like he's rocking a goatee you decided one day to rock a goatee that's all right you know what kind of died out did you ever have any facial hair or no I grew it way out at one point in time because there's a guy named Evan Tanner who was the MMA fighter that was known for having a big thick crazy beards really interesting guy in heat really nice guy and he died in sort of a walkabout and decide to go in Death Valley and camp out and he ran out of water I couldn't find his water and one of dying from heat and a lot of us were pretty broken up about it so bunch of people on mine decided to grow out are beards for certain amount of months that's me with a full beer

► 00:22:55

wow so you got a almost you can get a caveman beer going if you wanted. That's me trimming around the cheeks cuz all the way up to my nostrils yeah yeah I like to do that out for a couple months I forget how long we decided to go look at you know what are you doing for the OJ movie I feel like it was

► 00:23:24

okay maybe it's just yeah that verifies every single you know whisper about John Travolta pickle above anyway yeah the Chris Christie thing so in politicon he's what it what was he doing there you are if you want

► 00:23:47

how questions Chris Christie anti-marijuana

► 00:24:00

could you deposit everything I just want to swing that to Joe I don't know if you know what I'm referencing their butt during the Republican primary there was one debate or Chris Christie just totally destroyed Marco Rubio's chances of becoming president because he kept repeating himself over and over giving the same talking points and Chris Christie pointed that out and then Mark Rubio did it again and Chris Christie was like there you go again in the room exploded and it was that interaction where everybody to wear Rubio tank in the polls and finished I'm going to start this off by kissing him and then I'm going to hit him with the real question first

► 00:24:37

my question is in regards to the opioid epidemic I know you care deeply about that in fact you've gone as far as the faulty age of Our Generation

► 00:24:49

according to studies in the Journal of the American Medical Association legal recreational marijuana would help fight the opioid epidemic so knowing that and knowing that 62% of Americans favored full legalization why not come out in support of it

► 00:25:08


► 00:25:12

epidemiological studies Bravo's Harvard Medical School after Stanford that tell you the exact opposite of epidemiology studies and he should know that for sure epidemic epidemiology studies that you know you're basically questionnaires you know you don't you don't take into account all sorts of other issues that these people do in their life and also like when when you're dealing with those kind of studies a person could be doing marijuana but also be drinking a lot but also be doing other things so what the argument that it's a gateway drug the only way that argument works is if you somehow or another track someone and saw that marijuana made them change their opinion on doing other drugs cause a lot of these people are just doing drugs and they do marijuana as well go through these threes epidemiology studies that marijuana is a gateway drug because they started smoking marijuana and then

► 00:26:12

I want to do heroin that's like saying water is a gateway drug to rape does every rapist drinks water you know it really is the almost that stupid so do you think when there was a little bit of Applause cuz he answered me quickly question him saying no in response

► 00:26:47

why not come out in support of it there cuz it's wrong

► 00:26:54

I couldn't tell Harvard Medical School Logan try marijuana between the ages of 40 North and 18th or three times more likely three times more likely to try opioids or methamphetamines than people who don't and I don't believe that when were the midst of a drug addiction crisis that we need to legalize another drug clearly he's got a food addiction addiction is far more dangerous than marijuana marijuana on its own has killed no one ever half a million people die every year from being a fat fuck that's that's the fax this guy is a part of a real death epidemic in if you were mean you would bring that up this mother fucker brings up fucking

► 00:27:52

bank robber size bag of M&M's to a football game I mean he's ridiculous he's ridiculous talk about marijuana and marijuana being a gateway drug did the whole idea of it is stupid like to smoke marijuana or don't smoke marijuana but the point is marijuana doesn't kill you it's really that simple now if you're saying that marijuana causes you to do all sorts of other things you got to have some direct pathway that shows that changes your inhibitions it changes the way you think about things that's never been done if anything what gets people to try drugs is when you tell them the marijuana is dangerous and then they smoke marijuana goes fishing dangerous great fucking time

► 00:28:42

that is Addison formation aspect of it is more dangerous than the idea that it's a cape some survey Gateway I agree with all of that now I wanted to pounce when he said that but you have to understand this was his town hall so I knew that I was the first was going to be shipped to the side very quickly anyway because there was a whole big line behind me about people clapping really quiet people in the room where there to see him and they agree with him because it was his town hall but I wanted to pounce but I knew I can't really go back and forth like it's a debate so what I did is whenever I knew I could interject just a little bit I pushed him on it and you're going to see that in a second what is it a weird background was like a bird it's a 1980s backdrop that they put up but what is its what does it say it's a weird drawing

► 00:29:34


► 00:29:46

toothpaste back in the

► 00:29:47

and that's a big important argument about marijuana because once you legalize this that's your face never goes back into you can't so account

► 00:29:59

GoPro fishing and didn't work

► 00:30:05

I get two states have the right to do what they want to do on them but what I would tell you is that Ron legalization of marijuana in my view alleviate or even minimize ulquiorra prices in fact is Subways May hats with the Colorado Education Association has said this year that the single biggest challenge

► 00:30:37

from their Memphis to educate middle schoolers and high schoolers in Colorado has legalized marijuana that kids are coming with Gummy Bears and other type of animals and their High School

► 00:31:03

Dry Cleaners about that one and I respectfully disagree with your

► 00:31:07

he actually changed his position slightly because when he ran for president he said Not only am I against marijuana being illegal at the federal level I wouldn't even let the individual states decide whether or not they want legal marijuana so in other words he would prosecute the states like Colorado and California that have legal marijuana using federal law and right there he saw his position slightly and he said well leave it up to the states and let them decide so cuz he knows he'll never be president except the first of all the odds of that guy's going to make it 8 more years with that FairPoint and morbidly obese he's moving his mind around with a stapler didn't he get his stomach fucking sutured out somebody pointed that out I didn't know that I never saw those stories I'm not denying that it's true but I just never heard it but if he did didn't work

► 00:32:07

and who ate through two of those he when you're a dick that's what I'm saying anyway about food he's addicted to food that's like this is unquestionably he's an addict do you think no one said to him in his life and I look look how much thinner okay okay I need this before the presidential race cuz he wanted to make it wrote on before he was like a bag of water before and then you know he he trimmed himself down and it's funny because I don't think in any way he realizes they apocracy of having his own you know issue with food and he would argue hey man listen what I wanted to Freedom Choice when it comes to freedom for somebody to decide to tweet their Consciousness lately all the sudden he says you shouldn't be allowed to do that but that's where the Preposterous the idea that you mean even with what he said about alcohol didn't make any sense like would you make alcohol illegal but let's

► 00:33:07

do you had some sort of inability to keep them from going sideways again let's start from the beginning would you want alcohol to be legal or not if you could wave your hand in the end it would be no more problems that are alcohol Associated would you do that and make it illegal versus give a grown adult the possibility of deciding whether or not they want to drink or not drink yeah he's not being consistent as well that's the point is that he that makes my point. His incredibly powerful because you pushed all the alcohol sales underground and they got all the power in the money as a result of it and the shot through the roof so if you want to decrease violent crime and the drug war I mean look for talk to people in Mexico and the United States and our hunger for illegal drugs is a reason why the cartel got so cute

► 00:34:07

yeah when we were kids when I was in high school there was no Mexican cartel that was never discussed it was not an issue there was no discussion whatsoever about violence from Mexico that is an incredibly recent thing I did MTV Spring Break

► 00:34:28

I want to say it was back in 2002 I was hosting the spring break thing for MTV when Fear Factor was just on the air and it was like one of those up licity things that we did and there was no worries about going to Mexico Mexico it was just like Hey we're going to Mexico okay cool it's okay we're going to go to New Mexico was no different you know and now it's like you going to Mexico I got the gangs what about the violence with a cartel people go to Tijuana all the time and you would worry because it was CD and crazy and you Knows Alot Ops pickpockets and thieves but it was never cartel violence cartel violence is literally within the last 15 years or so in our strategy had the opposite of the effect they wanted so you get rid of El Chapo and you take okay it's the decapitation strategy we got rid of the top guy now we're good so what happened you had his cartel became fractionalized and then you had

► 00:35:28

fighting for top officials in his cartel and they both wanted to become the head guy and so then there's a war between those guys in there gangs in the street exact opposite of what they say they decrease the violence and make make sure everything is running peacefully and also an amazing fact that I just learned about a few weeks ago there are two hundred thousand deaths that have happened as a result of the drug war 200,000 where in America do us and Mexico that seems low you think it's low and I was so high I mean I guess because it's been going on since Reagan Nixon. Reagan but that was like inside the United States but I mean how do you classify

► 00:36:12

like what was done because the drug war you have to go with all the stuff that happened in Vietnam with Heroin I mean how many people are killed Sharon and I think it's too high to what we were you talk about the cartel violence and then people get caught in the crossfire and they got their lives destroyed it still seems low to me

► 00:36:35

I'd be interested in talking to someone who is an expert expert on Mexico and what happened with the cartels the rise the cartels cuz I'm sure there was always organized violence in organized crime but like what happened where it exploded to the point where I mean I was just talking to a friend of mine who said he won't go to Mexico on my capita Mexico Mexico's great I was talking about Punta Mita ever go to Punta mean now it's beautiful it's gorgeous so beautiful but we were we're staying at a resort and I was with my family and they have these golf carts they could drive around the resort on and we said let's go to the town let's go see what that there's a town right outside of the resort let's go see what it's like you go out of the resort in a block you hit a military station where there is men they're standing by on armored vehicles

► 00:37:35

I said to my wife I said do you know why they're there their they're to guard the resort I know that's what the says she's like you really think so I know so why are they standing here on top of this they have at least like steel plates with machine guns these guys at flak jackets on and they're standing there on top of these military vehicles standing there they're ready they're on standby this fucking thing is right outside the gates of the four C's make sure that they protect their tourism industry and that's all directly tied at the drug war drug wars had a massive impact on Acapulco Acapulco used to play it be the place where everybody would go they said the Vegas of Mexico if they're trying to rival Vegas and now that's where they say there's Mega cartel violence just called him cartels not to say there are Mega cartels there fighting for more power when they're not always that there's been some violence where they purposely killed people that were staying resorts to sort of send a message like

► 00:38:35

oh my goodness and they're dead politicians to where they found these Mass Graves to hear about that every person Mass grave and then usually being broad by the cartels so some experts have said this is literally a narco-state at this point I'm curious what this new guys going to do because this new guy supposed to be anticorruption and hopefully I don't know what is position is on the drug war but I'd be surprised if his position was not hey let's find another way to do this because now World opinion that shifted 62% of the country has legalized marijuana for thinking that without even realizing that there's a giant spike in crime because it's illegal and there also is this a lot of people that are dying in Mexico because of cartel violence you know we were talking about that Jamal khashoggi guy before the podcast started and how disturbing this whole thing is

► 00:39:35

the department for function don't know what you're talking about Phil people in on okay sure so Jamal khashoggi is a journalist to actually work for the Washington Post and he went into the Saudi Embassy in Turkey to get a marriage license in Istanbul to get a marriage license in for him and his wife and he never got out they kill them dismembered a used bone saw and then they even went as far as to cover it up where they had a body double go in and they gave me a fake beard and they had him wear his clothes and walk out there is an accident at it I know yesterday I was looking at the CNN video that had it so yeah Saudi Arabia now brazenly killing journalist and I'll tell you what you're out with a bunch of different versions of the story to it here's a body double yellow there's him and then the guy in the right with hair why would they have a guy with hair is a body double

► 00:40:31

think about how much does have to be planned out to have a body double bubble shave your head do the other guys ball that's a good job at faking their murder but it's the worst fake ever yeah cuz the guys get a full head of hair yeah it's not right now that's the worst body double it get dark hair and they're saying this is a guy he's fine walking around no issues body double shave the guys fucking head I walked in those different shirt and everything oh that's a body double different to me about this is

► 00:41:21

so now it is getting a lot of press attention I'm happy he's getting a lot of presentation of course but the reason why it is is because he's part of the elite class in the sense that he's a journalist and I have the people from The New York Times in the Washington Post and seeing and they can relate and they go oh my God they're killing journalist now this is crazy look at the precedent that this sets people don't know is for the past 2 or 3 years Saudi Arabia has been waging a literal genocide in Yemen and that's not an exaggeration play Blockhead the country to not allowing in medicine there's a a cholera epidemic happening there millions of people are sick they have a people dying of starvation cuz they're not allow any food or humanitarian Aid there bombing hospitals there bombing schools for Bonnie open air markets so they're doing a literal genocide and that got very little coverage but then with the journalist now finally starting to get some coverage but I'm curious what happens moving forward in terms of how will the u.s. respond to it because as I'm sure you already know this I mean they care more about that 110 billion dollar weapons deal that they just had with the Saudis and they do about the lives of your Manny's or the lies of journalist

► 00:42:21

idea of him being really valuable it's not it's not just that he's a part of the elite it's that there's a conspiracy to do so that they think came from a bond high and it was 15 people that they're saying Saudi Arabian one of them was a forensics expert who like knows how to cover up evidence knows what evidence is what to look for in a bone saw the nickname for him in Washington DC is a bone saw Solomon his name is Mohammed bin Salman they're called him bonesaw saw me or something like that yeah dude it is the stuff that's going on is just scary to me and then there's also some interesting geopolitical stuff happening around this the head of turkey is now using this as an issue to try to snuggle up to the US because he's got Ambitions where he wants alike recreate the Ottoman Empire and of course Muhammad Ben Solomon he has Ambitions what he wants to dominate the the Middle East so you have at the same time this weird Eagle battle between

► 00:43:21

turtle on in Mohammed bin Salman and they're all trying to suck up to the u.s. to you know basically get it so that we could we do favors for them and we allow them to expand and on top of that there's the stories change multiple times right it's so scary what happened to him then they said and now they're saying that he was killed by people who overstep their bounds that's right stories that the the consulate has video and audio evidence of the murder at which turkey say they don't want to release it because then people will know how their spying on them when they visit the consulate I guess I'll take your word for it that that was one of the things that was brought up yesterday that they don't want to release this video and audio evidence because if they do then other people will know how their spying on them when they visit yeah I could see that I mean

► 00:44:21

they should immediately cut off the arms deal with Saudi Arabia no more weapons for a regime that's doing the stuff that they're doing and we already knew that they behead people in the Public Square for sorcery sorcery sorcery from witchcraft you don't want the drug smuggling that's a real problem but you don't want a sorcery animation really don't you don't want sorcery man did you ever watch that movie doctor strange that you can get on a Marvel Comics character that there was a movie in 2017 he's one of the Avengers Doctor Strange's I have a comic book based movies and I'll tell you how many dislikes for that but so be it you didn't like you must be racist

► 00:45:21

I didn't see what kind of forever bro Batman which of the Christian Bale one and just the voice alone The Voice alone I said and I said that so fake I have to guess but my brother-in-law me to good point he was like yeah but he's playing Batman and that's even more fake than the voice so why is it opposed to turn you off to it but I don't know I just have to live through but the new Avengers movie has a lot of twists and turns like the hall couldn't be the Hulk is getting angry spoiler with Edward Norton was he the Hulk in one of the movies he was a hog way back when I saw that one too Ruffalo the Hulk now I called buffalo buffalo

► 00:46:20

I want to say is an activist but he certainly very vocal yeah I don't know much about him I just know I call them Buffalo why cuz that's all it matters he's always tweeting about political stuff and social social issues or at least consulate talk about stuff you're not buying it. I just don't know anything about Mark Ruffalo and still be that guy so he was a hope to Buffalo he's the new Hulk recycles the same stuff over and over what the crazy thing to me a Spider-Man baby Spider-Man and whenever guy gets famous being Spider-Man so I can like a little more money to go fuck you will make money and that's the superhero

► 00:47:20

well you could definitely relaunch Spider-Man and the Hulk till the cows come home and I guess Batman 2 but the Ben Affleck Batman people I say that's another one I would never watch them. Ben Affleck that's the fucking that's the know we're Superwoman tiger why has there not been a Catwoman or Super Bowls last time there's a Catwoman movie

► 00:47:54

tell me another one give it time they need to reach naked who played Wonder Woman Gal Gadot that's the Israeli something who was just here Marcus Brown when he was showing how she got busted she was doing some campaign for Huawei phones and she tweeted it using an iPhone

► 00:48:28

see that I hate that man I would only push a product that I really agree with and believe in I have a friend who's doing Samsung commercials and the entire time he was using an iPhone and he was like if they catch me using an iPhone they will fire me and I don't care I'm using a fucking iPhone so you had his iPhone and the Samsung phone but he never use the Samsung phone I was friends you would text everyone do you do we do on the iPhone

► 00:48:55

why wouldn't they just hire somebody who love Samsung and is popular because they could do that better yet they should just looks it's not like this was a long time ago though I want to say that this was probably

► 00:49:11

6 5 or 6 years ago and back then the phones were not as good as a big difference between the iPhone and Android phones now there's not really that much of a difference both pretty fucking awesome they just hire someone is got some fucking integrity and doesn't lie about that cuz I've been stuck with her since iPhone 4 and I'm just too lazy to die cuz I don't even know exactly which thing is transfer over if I were to go to a totally new phone you know what I mean like almost nothing almost have my number at least or no no not really even your number issue because you're married to the garage I message and that I'm talking about in the last podcast that I bought a pixel and I tried to switch over to a pixel from an iPhone and my text messages wouldn't go through and if he does everyone was texting me using an iMessage and it wasn't

► 00:50:11

sending it to pixel it was some sort of turn to text has been sent to you from his address lookup apple and have them take out my email from their system cuz I know my emails attached the iMessage so take this out for the system kill my iMessage just kill the whole system still wouldn't work I have wind up going back to Apple Mac you motherfucker I don't know how you cuz I know you spoke about how many times have your kind of a turkey in the sense of you always get like the new phones and stuff and stuff I mean the stuff I like stuff but I don't it's like a guy who really likes cars but has zero idea how they work yet you still go through the hassle of ordering it and yeah that seems like a pain in the ass but I would use the same phone for 10 years if I could

► 00:51:11

text people in every now and then call and that's it I am fascinated by technology and now I'm always interested in where it's going and what would have got going on next and now and what's the latest in the greatest reality is fascinating not a new new iPhone but you could do augmented reality games so I can look like they're building blocks in the middle of the stable and play a game or you know whatever trying to remember when Pokemon was hot and people are driving down the street playing Pokemon in their car they were driving crashing into trees and shit I remember that I love Pokemon Pokemon came and went so quick the point where everyone was using Pokemon for like months

► 00:52:11

maybe 2 years ago to just see what it's like it is the shittiest most basic game ever what did showed me when people really got into that Pokemon game is that people people are very easily amused and it's easy to turn them on to some new latest Trend what you have to do Jeff to go out and get things where were the Pokey wouldn't like we need to walk to where there were Pokemon we're going to fight you and then you would buy things like that and then if you beat them you have them in your collection your video game but not the phone and you say okay down the corner and make a right and that's where I see a Pokemon and then you go down there and then you know you fight that Pokemon and I guess make your stronger and catch that one I think is

► 00:53:11


► 00:53:12

you sound like you're bored by that concept yeah it wasn't I did it like once or twice and then I was like it was also one of those things where people are losing weight cuz they're walking around so they were touting the positive benefits of it like look people up walking 4 Miles Davis Kind of cardio can be doing is totally unsustainable though I've got a good day yesterday and a half hours and then another hour at night isn't going to like hurt your knees good right now everything's great wow so everybody listening right now you guys are lazy bitch ass because he ran for 5 hours what if it's not smart it's like that is because I used to make fun of people to do the ultra marathon stuff like it's not it's unhealthy like I'm not doing myself a service by doing this like my body's like Jesus Christ dude like when I get home at night and I crash I crash

► 00:54:12

Ashley better tired I slept like a brick I got to get to the gym 3 hours that I have to get a solid 2 and 1/2 hours of cardio in in the morning yeah and I did two and a half hours 80% and also I'm cranking I mean it's hard and listen to I was listening to stuff to blow your mind we were talking about flying creatures are Quetzalcoatl and pterodactyls and the origins of the Quetzalcoatl myth and Aztec Mexico and you could watch like the full length movie of the Titanic and it work out I watched a bunch of movies like yesterday I watch two solid movies I finally got to see get out there so I get out was great. I really like that movie

► 00:55:12

go Fest drawers over 21,000 attendees 80,000 people that played Chicago that we can't remember do you remember when Hillary Clinton pistol planet do you remember when Hillary Clinton said alright everybody I need you to Pokemon go to the polls and then everybody in the audience was like did she you never saw that your Progressive but you're not necessarily a Democrat I mean you're not necessarily like in support of anyone has no I describe myself as populous left that's how I would describe myself as you know I support the policies that would help Ordinary People and I vote based on the issues and so if there's a politician that's for the policies I'm for that's why I'm going to support and that's why I'm going to argue for so I'm very very

► 00:56:12

the goal of what we call corporate Democrats was your Democrats that represent Wall Street and big Pharma and the military industrial complex and for-profit health insurance companies and super critical of the Republicans also so you know that's why I co-founded a group called Justice Democrats and whole idea was to basically do a populist left take over the Democratic party where you get rid of the corporatists in the party and you have people who will represent the working class and we've been pretty successful so far they're still 26 Justice Democrats were in the running and they can get elected and there were here is an amazing fact there were four politicians and House Representatives that didn't take any corporate Pac money there's about to be 40 and that'll happen because of Justice Democrats are Revolution which is Bernie Sanders group the P Triple C which is another left-wing organization and they see what's happening is people on the left to actually care about the substance of issues are standing up and saying we're not going to take it anymore and

► 00:57:12

we're tired of being lied to by politicians and we want people who are going to actually represent us and represent working people I love that and I love that approach and there's so much partisan politics and so many people to Just Married to the idea of being connected to the Democrats that they're willing to overlook some really his fault and he opens that and I love that phrase yeah it's not great phrase and partisan to be like your team so are you going to stronger together and we're going to break down the barriers and you know it's like well I don't overtly hate minorities vote for me it's like that's a great Point yeah that way I felt a lot of that during the Hillary Clinton campaign that everybody was anything but Trump so we're going to vote for her but boy if you let's just be honest if you had

► 00:58:12

Bible can't lie like Tulsi that's right Tulsi gabbard great and if you have Tulsi gabbard and she was running for president and she's also a woman and she's also left me but she sure she cares about the issues and she's Ernest yes like when you talk to her you can tell she just isn't I mean she's careful with her words because she's intelligent not because she's deceptive yeah I would vote for her in a fucking heartbeat there you go I was just we just messaged each other that she was messaging me about my Netflix special my said run for president I want you to run for president that would be wonderful I'm slightly fucking win man I think she can't but I think she can win I'm slightly butt hurt about Tulsi because when I was on your podcast last time I plugged her talk about how awesome she is in fact I think I'm the one who originally showed you who she was right did you know before me and that podcast many people

► 00:59:12

Jimmy Dore and then there's a pause and then you move on to the next topic on my God damn it I plugged you incredibly Petty and I don't even really mean what I'm saying cuz I was still support her at the song. 100% so I mean it bro this is some salt and it's headed your way so remember now what is a genuine person that's what that's what I got out of her like what I got from talking to her she's a genuine person and man I mean maybe it's because she's from Hawaii and it's just a different place it's like it's is almost like a state it's a small town and that's why he's very small there's a million people in Honolulu but you get outside of Honolulu this only a hundred thousand on the big island of Hawaii Maui has but I think it's only got a couple hundred thousand I've never been to before but it fucking gray looks like a paradise I mean if you want to go somewhere and just chillax

► 01:00:12

Four Seasons in Lanai the entire island has 3,000 people living on its way and you get real Island Hawaiians sure you go to Maui they're wonderful people they're great but they've been groomed you know I'm saying Lee I taught them how to talk like regular white people where is in there just fucking chilled out and didn't they just they have that way a talking you know they talking you know what pigeon is no it's a real interesting sort of I guess it's like a dialect of English you would call it but they have really cool expressions like some of them do what they say a lot of things it would be choked like like if you talk about like guy was explained to me how many deer was choked dear so it's kind of like a broken English with different word sprinkle and use different

► 01:01:12

hours for different things you have to be around them all the time there's also like it's a way of talking that's very very interesting I think it's called people who are Jamaican who's speaking English but it's very broken English probably reel Cinema yeah what does that mean blood clot form means right blood clot I know they also say blood clot they say blood clot a lot I think so that's the way of saying stuff sounds terrible but that's what his room it's a medical term

► 01:02:12

your dude hang out for a couple days and you fly there and yes I like a bumbaclot bumbaclot was like some assholes wiping his ass you look like a douche bag cloth wipes a but the word to replace like fuck or right that's mean that I love how pretty I haven't heard that in a long time. That's where people can see that when you look at the potential candidates for 2020 on the left stands out

► 01:03:12

he just too he comes across as a little too politician against more me that's how we don't know if you really believes it in means it because he bought Assurant he's a real obviously Bernie Sanders is another one of those you know there's a really interesting politician coming out of West Virginia now I don't know if you heard about this guy's name is Richard ojetta and he's running against the Republican named Carol Miller get this he's running in West Virginia is super deep red like big time Republican almost the most published I probably would Mississippi is the most conservative area in the country so this District Trump won by 49 points

► 01:04:03

there's this Democrat Regional Jetta running he's up in a poll against the Republican by Five Points so so you're probably thinking how the hell in a You Know A District like that can a Democrat be leading any answers are simple he's populist and he's fighting for working people and he's run these amazing ads where he literally gave out his phone number and one of the ads and said listen if your constituent of mind you have an issue call me and I'll tell you what if a lobbyist tries to come into my office I'm going to kick him out I don't want you to my office I don't care about lobbyists I care about the people and he's running on all substantiv issues you taking no corporate Pac money he's for Medicare for all who is the guy who you know and by the way is a veteran in Iraq and Afghanistan and he's yes and he did vote for Trump and now he's one of Trump's harshest critics and he said listen man I thought Trump was going to be potentially good for working people but it just turns out he wasn't good for working people so for example Trump ran as an auntie Alice or seeing president he was against NAFTA and TPP and all that stuff and Trump's first year as president there were

► 01:05:03

83000 jobs that were outsourced that's even worse than Obama Obama has 87,000 jobs outsourced so when you go through his record with a fine-tooth comb even like the unemployment rate being low that's totally misleading because wages are falling so wages are falling You Catches brag about your economy being wonderful and is tax bill 83% of the benefits of the tax bill went to the top 1% when you say the patient so it's probably about 1% so point is Trump ran as a populist But ultimately he was a fake populous and he's not really helping to work in class that's why his tax bill was it you know he got to be a state tax for example that's not what he saying is I'm the real populist candidate and he's a really inspiring candidates kind of amazing to see a + 49 Republican District now potentially go Democratic and by the way he's living proof of the point that I've been

► 01:06:03

since day one if you have Democrats who are running and they actually care about the issues and want to fight for working people that's how you win like Republican versus Democrat the idea that we only have two different distinct parties that are viable options in 2018 it just so fucking stupid to me Kelly parliamentary systems better I wish we had that when you said that the wages don't keep up with inflation and so they're they're down by about 1%. How much is unemployment up about 25% you just have to remember that that's not a very good economic indicator because think about it this is an argument that was present a college professor with challenging us on this notion about unemployment and he said you do know we can create an economy that has 0% unemployment right and all of us in the class like 4 so we didn't know that second of all how do you do

► 01:07:03

Migos slavery

► 01:07:06

everybody can be working but that doesn't mean you're being unemployment as like your top economic indicator it's just a shity indicator it's just not the best thing you can use right because even if people working doesn't mean they're doing what they want to do doesn't mean to being paid Fair wage of workers in America make $30,000 a year or less is that true true if Jamie wants to fact-check me on that I'm more than happy to be back that's dark half of workers in America makes $30,000 a year or less

► 01:07:35

now but what about Trump so exciting unemployment rate rates for African-American minorities at their lower than they've ever been before what are you true causes something like that is that something that's like my Trend it was established during the Obama Administration it's slowly but surely moving into the position it's in now and he just caught that wave or directly a result of the decision that he's made while he's in office does have a lot to do with his tax bill because corporations are getting a tremendous amount of money in court and corporate profits are through the roof so sorry right that's the link to that but again we've come full circle back to the wages conversation and remember this is all its temporary because it's looking what's happening to the deficit for example now I'm not it like a deficit Hawk where I could get such a gigantic issue but the Republicans typically run as deficit Hawks and when you look at the deficit it's gone up by 51% of American workers make less than 30

► 01:08:35

thousand dollars a year but it's all right around that those during the Obama Administration what was that article that still has a 2015 know I'm sure it is $10 an hour can't jump help this is from August of last year since it's all right around it's a house of card it is a housecarl yeah what was Trump supposed to do and what did he not do like what was he claiming to do before you went to the office first of all he said everything at the same time so I can give any answer that question because you deserve it because I was screaming about how Hillary Clinton was the exact same thing she's a politician who threw out her career she was on every side of every issue and it was kind of the same thing but the thing is Trump actually got away with it because I think

► 01:09:35

the way he acts as a politician he acts like he has no filter and he's just a straight shooter sitting next to at the bar but the problem is like Rand Paul pointed out in the debate he said Donald Trump is a straight shooter without the truth like he's like pretending to be a straight shooter so it's not for sure so on foreign policy you know half the time Donald Trump said and there's a so many tweets of him saying this before he was president before he ran that we need to get out of a wreck in Afghanistan it's a waste of time it's so stupid why we there are we need to rebuild our own country and you know those are tweet sorry that I like totally agree with that Donald Trump under percent but then the other half the time when he was on the campaign Trail he spoke about how you know we need to bomb Isis to Smithereens and we need to wipe them out and those things are kind of contradictory either you bring your troops home and you you know he would be able to fix everything really quickly

► 01:10:35

typical Trump and you doing good movement the movement movement Joseph Rogan can I call you Joseph what did you think when you saw Kanye with that insane ask you about that too bipolar rant yeah I feel kind of bad for him I do and I'm not and I want to be clear I'm really not saying that as a part of something because even if Bernie Sanders was president and Kanye West was in the office same exact same stuff I still be like whoa what is going on here at the side that really did cost him you think so people can't just take the microphone away from someone you know is Donald Trump

► 01:11:35

at all with black voters having time to do that you did but how much good number I do I do I don't know I don't know because I feel like a lot of cookouts now as a result of what he did with Trump Jimmy's on black Twitter Jamie says not at all in black honey is really almost in a sense blowing his own reputation on this I guess I don't ever say I don't think so no I think everyone who's a fan of Kanye West who seen him blow up on Jimmy Kimmel and blow up on all these different people that have criticized him he's obviously got mental health issues when he went on that rant I think it was in San Jose is that a concert he said I didn't vote but if I did vote he was I would have voted on Trump and everybody up going to a mental hospital after that

► 01:12:35

never that I do remember that that was because you couldn't handle the criticism part of it and also part of it he's legitimately mentally ill I mean look and Mary that lady and be a part of that family because he's thinking straight he's got some problems the something wrong with them yeah I know he's a genius in terms of Music he sees Keys fantastic beats and songs and hooks the fuck he's doing there but he he's got a problem and you hear it when he rants when he's ranting and when he's talking about Ford making dope cars we don't use the word dope cuz we only use words like magnificent and positive words like he's he's making he's listening to himself and jerking off to the noises that are coming out of his own mouth I'd like to the reporter weather reporter push back in a little bit he's like you just ask me a question no you can't do that because this is like tasting a fine wine is complex exactly

► 01:13:35

part of what he's doing is that he's a contrarian and when you are in a place like Hollywood and you're there all the time you're always surrounded by people who are anti Trump I think there is something about just as knee jerk reaction are you feeling of like like no I'm not with you guys I'm different and I'm special as a result of being different so I'm on the contrary and I'm going to disagree with you and I also think there's narcissism in the sense that he looks a trump and he really sees himself in Trump and that everybody laughed at Trump when he said I'm going to run for president I'm going to win and if you remember a few years ago Kanye West said I'm going to run for president and nobody's laughing at it wasn't even a few years ago what the fuck is that guy's name Piers Morgan got into it on on Twitter I said you're talking to your future president that's what Kanye ohmygod your baby is Harvey Levin he said it to your talk about with your present actually dislike Piers Morgan more than I dislike Kanye West I'm with you on that

► 01:14:35

I think Conyers ill I really do and I know he's been medicated remember when he was all chubby he's on his medication and there a lot of people by the way who would hear the point you made and be would be really angry at the fact that you think that he's mentally ill even though I think it's just a cheap partisan hack e put know it's not because he's admittedly mentally ill me he's been it say that in the face institutionalized he spent time in a mental hospital yeah being mentally ill and when you listen to him Brandt's just my opinion that is not the ravings of someone who's carefully considering the implications of each word you're saying and thinking about how to express themselves in a way that's going to put tray some sort of a clear cohesive message is not it's not what he's doing what he's doing is jerking off

► 01:15:35

is jerking off at his mouth I'm not kidding it's just it's just like

► 01:15:41

is a fine wine you know what he said in that same thing in the universe is I am him I don't think that's correct lyrics to the song lyrics to a song was it saying you ain't seen nothing crazy in this nigga when he off his Lexapro Remember That Time in Mexico remember the last time the episode 4 times just to say don't text me her text me how and we finna lose all self-control but you ain't going to raising your voice at me especially Giuseppe still modern-day Socrates nothing crazy

► 01:16:40

oh my God I mean the state of the country so weird that beach sucked because of his celebrity in the fact that the mainstream media doesn't know how to keep their eye on the ball you never know who can become president it could be somebody like Kanye you're under estimating Trump I mean into you I knew you would and I did to me and I set it on my last Netflix special number for my last one I don't think Kanye West has a goddamn snowball's chance in hell of being depressed I don't think anybody that's famous can be present I think what Trump did was Matteson Master manipulative skills combined with some superhuman energy that most likely came from diet pills what I think is like his ability to campaign his ability to maintain his energy and keep ranting and raving talking and if it's phenomenal keep up with that

► 01:17:40

game places it shouldn't have the energy that's what I was going to go directly to the Rust Belt and railed against NAFTA and the trade deals that destroy their lives and Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton is the one who did NAFTA and she didn't campaign in a lot of the states because her campaign genuinely thought all we got those those are democratic and then guess what Trump ended up winning because of 70000 votes in the Rust Belt so it directly because of that that's why I just left who like only focus on the sum of trump supporters were racist and all they want to do is talk about how bad of people they are it's like okay you can shame people all day long that's not going to get them to vote for you but you don't need the date the two times Obama voters within flip to Trump who's in the Rust Belt who had a freaking job Outsource that's who you need a map to the Democrats abandoned

► 01:18:36

did the problem with saying that all Trump voters are racist to is your you're creating these very clear sides and it just gets its way we don't have to change in any way because it's just because these people are bad people so don't blame us there's nothing we did wrong and they invent whereas if you really were interested in winning and getting power and implementing your agenda you want if you want to reach whoever you can reach now again I'm not saying you try to get David Duke of Richard Spencer on your side because some people are too far gone but 70% of the country is not too far gone so you should have went to the Rust Belt and you know try to get the two times Obama voter who then flip to Trump and they didn't do that why I think there's also there was some real benefit and someone like Bernie Sanders just like I think there's some real benefit and some of Michael Obama socially as when you saw a guy who was King from a single mom who is a black guy who wants of being the president knighted states you just go wow

► 01:19:36

maybe we're better than I thought we were like maybe we don't have all these prejudices maybe there's less of us then people try to claim and I think a guy like Bernie Sanders could have been a real boil could have been a real he could have been a guy that if you looked at what Trump stood for Trump stood for the outsider who understands the game because he hire those people we paid those people e broad those people and now I'm going to clean up the swamp yay drain the swamp and on the other side you got this deeply flawed woman whose deleted 30,000 e-mails is behold into all the test of character and ideology was wrong and then when you go into her her thoughts on gay marriage she didn't believe in gay marriage till 2013 which is like that is one of the least Progressive things you could ever

► 01:20:36

you didn't believe it until 2013 yeah why not like you think it should be between a man and a woman like what does that even mean it means you're trying to Pander to what you think is the majority sentiment in the religious country you going exactly while Bernie Sanders is a fundamentally the opposite of Hillary Clinton a progressive and maybe he's totally wrong about some of the Socialist ideas maybe would bankrupt the country maybe some of his I don't I don't think it would be that maybe would maybe would be catastrophic to our economy how do I maybe would be bad maybe it would be the opposite of what we're dealing with right now within in terms of the progression of unemployment unemployment at an all-time high and that

► 01:21:28

he or All Time Low rather wear when you looking at people that are doing well in this country because of some of the things that trumps implemented with her it's people that are getting lower wage jobs and they would like to have or whatever it is when you look at the numbers maybe those numbers would go in the other way but my point is what he represents though if someone is not corrupt what he represents is someone is not the whole into Banks would you represent to someone who doesn't care about money it's not as things never been as think yeah his thing's been social justice whether it's right or wrong at least it would represent something entirely different where's would Clinton represented was corruption with a different taste to it so what I would say I agree with a lot of what you just said there in terms of Bernie use the term social justice for him because that has no social justice Warrior

► 01:22:28

college kid with pink hair was trying to do Platform conservative speakers now but that's unfortunate that it's become that I mean what I say that Bernie Sanders actually represents in my mind and based on his record is what he wants to do is make this country like every other developed country on the planet that's already kicking our ass in so many relevant areas so there's this common argument which is nothing but a straw man argument that comes from the far right where they say Bernie Sanders and his ideology he wants to make the United States like Venezuela or like Cuba or sometimes even say like the old Soviet Union know if you actually go issue for issue pretty clearly what he's asking for is a Swedish or Norwegian type system which is similar to the US except the major difference is they have Universal Health Care some of these places have Universal education so and you know middle class wages or higher so what he's asking for is a

► 01:23:28

better mixed economy it's called social democracy he's acting for a Social Democratic type system it is not post-capitalist it's not saying which totally scrap the system it's all of you know act like we're whatever Hugo Chavez or check with Laura she's asking for is actually I would call it moderate and international sense because he looked at the rest of the developed world and he goes what parts of the world show me look at health care for example if there's a study that came out from the Commonwealth fund which founded the United States ranks 11th out of 11 when it comes to developed countries and Healthcare sweet worst Health outcomes and it's more expensive and we don't even cover everybody we have 29 million people who are uninsured so when you go there they're Single Payer systems and their systems beat us in every measure your horse Health outcomes based on what someone who goes to the doctor works out come in terms of like what happens once you've been checked in or weather

► 01:24:28

what's the best analogy to study I don't know the answer that off the top of my head that's a big issue we have a problem you know and I'm sure how much of that I wonder how much was based on that when you're dealing with were salt Health outcomes like how much of that Health how many those health problems are there based on people's personal choices rather than the healthcare system that they're operating under so that is definitely a serious problem and one that needs conversation and needs fixing what I'm referring to is stuff that's more like we have 29 million people who are uninsured in this country we have anywhere from 32 to 45 thousand people that die every year in this country because they don't have access to basic health care pay per capita we pay double what other developed countries pay any so we're failing and every measurable way even if you control for factories like you're actually pointing out wonder what's going on to in terms of like but we have a very high number of really fat

► 01:25:28

Kasich doctors, if you're a Saudi Prince you do want to come to the United States for healthcare because if you're in the top .01% you are going to get the best care here it just goes for an orthopedic surgeon for the average person you're going to want to be in Canada or Sweden or Norway or Australia or any of those places but this is the argument for socialized medicine versus Private Eyes medicine to privatize medicine incentivizes someone to excel someone to be that guy that hey this guy worked on LeBron James all we got to go see him so he's the best that's a decent point and my counters that is I know Bernie Sanders is as well because I've seen his bill and he advocates for particular type of Medicare for all system you don't need to ban

► 01:26:19

supplemental private insurance in fact I would totally disagree with any bill that says burnout Banning private insurance because you can do a single-payer system where you say we're going to have Public Funding of public institutions single-payer system like the French do or the Canadian do where they are the Canadians do where you have Public Funding of private entities so we were talking about is you know hey how are we going to if there's no competition how we going to get the best doctors and things of that nature and my reactions that is I'm just talking about the Baseline Public Funding of private institutions and still allow people if they want to pay extra and go to a specialist they could do that what I'm saying is that the system of having an incentive for being excellent you're having a financial incentive that causes people to excel

► 01:27:19

surgery in many different medical practices you find fantastic practitioners here in the United States because they get paid substantially for it I would argue that the profit motive specifically in the realm of healthcare has had the opposite effect and has made it so that we have a disastrous system now if we agree with you as well as well but I think that when you're saying they kick her ass in all these other areas like me if you say I have Canadian friends that come over here to get operated on and I have and the American friends are going to Canada to get help but it's cheaper that's why they're not going there with it because it's right but they're not going to Canada Healthcare back use only David Letterman show years before he became president he was talking about how awesome the Scottish Healthcare System is because his body went over there and he broke his arm when he was there and he went to a hospital in Scotland and on his way out

► 01:28:19

like how much do I owe you and they said nothing so if you are going to New Jersey and you fly to Montreal because you're sick does it take care of you you don't have to be a Canadian citizen amazing don't tell people that you just fucked up Society should be off the table it's not act like everybody agrees with some level of government everybody agrees okay we should probably have you know paved roads and police like that's a given so it's just a matter of let's prioritize to your what are the things that were going to take off the table and fun with our tax money and every other developed country has decided we'll Healthcare is one of those things let's not be silly yeah we talked about that many times in this podcast it's socialism is absolutely apparent in many aspects of our society especially firefighters police officers paying for the streets paying for the roads like we all agree that our money should be pooled to take care of these very specific

► 01:29:19

yeah but then when it comes to some issues we get angry and we pretended socialism doesn't exist at all in this country is one of them but my problem with that is that medicine is one of the most important things that a human being could ever have the end it if you got Healthcare Healthcare can allow you to stay alive like if you don't stay alive you can't contribute to the society dying from something that they could cure if you had the money to cure it but this isn't this a giant problem and Society if we don't address sick and an ill people and injured people that's true or not caring for each other absolutely and medical bills is one of the top causes of bankruptcy in the United States can only imagine medical bankruptcies just don't exist in the rest of the modern world it's not a thing here it's a gigantic yeah it's weird we've done in didn't you know another thing that's weird it's what we've done with one of two countries that allows pharmaceutical drug companies to advertise on the air

► 01:30:19

15 or 20% approval rating they've repeatedly slapdown Provisions that would give us cheaper pharmaceutical drugs because they're allowing the pharmaceutical drug companies to price gouge Sy by big Pharma

► 01:30:34

that's that's a giant it's right what you lobbyists getting them out special interest groups getting their influence out getting that kind of money and influence at Apopka

► 01:30:45

28th Amendment money out of politics you could do a system that's called clean elections which is basically public financing of Elections where instead of instead of running and only having a bigger megaphone if you sell out more the Billionaire's you run and you actually have a battle of ideas and competing philosophies and then whoever has the best ideas and dumpling Let's Pretend let's go Devil's Advocate shirts pretend you're arguing against that fewer some lobbyist for the pharmaceutical Drug Company in you were trying to make a $20,000 and give it to the super pack that's trying to get this politician elected because you're telling me I can't do that you're telling me that which means you're saying I don't have the free speech to be able to say I support a private pharmaceutical system that's what they say they literally are in court and then the counter argument to that is many other people point this out I'm not the first but if money equal speech

► 01:31:42

prostitution should be legal and murder-for-hire should be legal because I'm not actually hiring somebody to murder somebody I'm just saying with Speech cuz money is speech that I'm okay with it and yeah well you know the real issue as well would be that you're not talking about pharmaceutical companies making no money there's still massive amounts of people that are on medication they would still make a lot of fucking money they just wouldn't make as much money and how much money are they making and that's work it's obscene when you see the actual numbers of pharmaceutical drug companies rake in in this country in terms of like what it takes to develop a drug versus what the profit margin is it's fucking insane and the hurdles to get a drug and he drugged and there's an issue with the dealing with right now with stem cells and stem cells that writes them like they are a drug and the conspiracy theory is that pharmaceutical drug companies do

► 01:32:42

not want the approval of stem cells for therapy was whether it's umbilical all these different types of stem cells because the success rate is fantastic and they think that it could potentially cut down a profit margins there certainly an incentive problem there I'm just the same as against marijuana marijuana sales would cut down on the sales of pharmaceutical drugs really gross part of the system is that a lot of these drugs are actually created in our universities by researchers and scientists and what happens is the for-profit private Pharma company swoop in they buy the rights to it for very cheap and then they price gouge until he packed to the American people for a huge profit when was the taxpayers who funded the research in the first place where they screw you twice you have to pay for the creation of it in the research of it and then they get the rights to it and then they sell it to you again

► 01:33:42

the price is our who's the head of the Health and Human Services now Trump appointed him this guy work for Eli Lilly was a price gouging jacked up the prices massively now as the head of Health and Human Services you know what he's in charge of lowering drug prices

► 01:34:01

so the systems is so transparent is hilarious no issue for issue on his policies he is massively pro-establishment I mean the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is a perfect example as he picked a predatory payday lender to lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that you're all returned 11 or 12 billion dollars to defraud Americans when big financial institution screw them and now he's like yeah let's make that worse that's handcuffed that agency and put a predatory payday lender in charge of it

► 01:34:37

it's always comical yeah it's comical like people wouldn't believe this so I follow the stuff on a daily basis I lose my damn mind when I read this. But think about your ability to follow the stuff you have so much access to information you have so much time on your hands in this is a main focal point where is the average person is not going to get this date and where is no way it's coming in what you just said to me how many people know what you just said not many but that's my job my job is to come out here and to to say these things and everybody could check out youtube.com Shameless plug I know and patreon.com play secular talk another Shameless plug I know but this is my job my job is to come in here and tell people what I like Bernie Sanders Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton but my whole thing is I want a system is based on common sense and it's rational and it's logical and it helps people

► 01:35:37

I'm going to run I think you might even heard a word about him well he has been making some moves behind the scenes anytime you see a vision person representing him try to get ahold of the fake ass out there was a burn e2020. Org Heather send an email to see if you want to talk to me I don't know if you could fix so many things about the way people perceive him if he can move his head from the center of his chest and put it in a normal Place posture is a person supposed to be normal

► 01:36:30

look and see if you find a picture of him right there his head is way lower than its supposed to be your head supposed to be up here see where my shoulders are look at that picture of burn now watch me I'm going to do the same this is my this is my neck is supposed to have your head so far down on your chest but that's a perfect example as terrible posture Trump is orange face in his dye blonde hair but I actually think that that does make him look younger

► 01:37:11

it probably does old grandpa was ranting there's been people have done Photoshop so what he would look like without hair and with white with white skin well did you see that thing when he was getting on Air Force Jan and it sounds like he was a demon dude but it's all my errands got some dark hair in his face but see I would respect them if is Harold like that when I see him with his hair all fucking swirled around know that's what I'm going to do it's probably like an hour long project everyday and he does it every day you probably watching Fox & Friends and tweeting SOS doing

► 01:38:11

up the ramp to Air Force One where his hair looks like a demon human skin suit on where it's like it just pops off he's pretending to be a human is rotting from the inside and he's just barely keeping it together because that's one but it's back there was a really good job of covering it he does Trump hair GIF am I come up that way but that's craziness the horror movie noises at the weird thing is like look how where's the hair coming from on the sides like how is there so much hair on the side it's a work of art like watch you goes up the stairs and how does he not know that that Wayne is flopping around

► 01:39:10

the amount of baldness in the back of his head it's like he's growing hair only on the side of his head yeah usually when people lose their hair that back portion still grows hair the demon I mean haircut English okay I could have been a lot going on there but I actually called up there scroll up there Jamie that picture right there on that same Row the bottom bro

► 01:39:53

the one extra a look at that that's what he would look like you look fine there you think it looks fine yes he thinks he's a chance he looks like a fucking man is give a shit about his hair that's a problem with him as it's not very manly to spend that much time Cole and spring onion are in his 70s it's one thing if you're like 20 or panicking the holy shit I'm going bald before my time now you're fucking 70 and you weren't what 20 billion dollars or something probably way more now yes profited massively from being inside the White House there was some sort of all we had talked about that stuff like that I think everybody's missing the bigger story because the bigger stories that there are two different emoluments cases which were proceeding against Trump and for those of you who don't know what that is in the constitution is the emoluments clause which basically says that

► 01:40:53

president of the United States cannot take money from foreign governments because there's a conflict of interest problem if you take if I take money from whatever name the place Russia Saudi Arabia Israel you name it if I do that well then of course you're going to be incentivised to do policy in favor of those countries and not necessarily what's best for the American people and their two court cases against drunk they have preceded in federal court on this already screaming about the motor investigation they're missing the even bigger corruption Scandal we were talking about Saudi Arabia earlier the Saudi stayed at Trump's hotel and pay $250,000 $300,000 and they didn't even freaking stay there so why did they do that they did that because they're trying to make it so that when they give him a call and say hey man what about the hundred billion dollar weapons deal from Psych of course cuz he's got more money in his bank account as a result of the similar thing happened with Israel on the way in

► 01:41:45

Jared Kushner and some other people in the Trump Administration spoke to Israeli officials about how Obama and carry on their way out the door we're going to say hey Israel. With the illegal settlements symbolic than anything else but Israel was calling the Trump Administration and saying we want you to try to kill this thing and of course Jared Kushner has taken millions of dollars from Israeli banks in he has Investments over there so there's that you can't have a president of either party taking money from foreign governments because then they're going to do those governments bidding that's a huge problem and I don't see anybody talking about that all I seen him talking about his mother and oh my God Russia Russia Russia and spend the only guy that's ever been president that really has been a substantial business sure for sure or least that I know of to be clear I may be there maybe wait

► 01:42:38

yeah it's it's dark because everyone knows that this is an inch in issue mean everyone knows that was one of the issues about Russia is that he was trying to put hotels in Moscow he did that with Russia did that with Taiwan did it's everywhere early on because and this was maybe not as big of a deal but he took a phone call from the head of Taiwan and China does not want I want to recognize its own thing and show that cause a huge diplomatic crisis because been trying was like what are you doing you can't don't talk to them as if they're their own independent thing and come to find out he was working on a deal to put a hotel in Taiwan

► 01:43:15

what is the deal with Taiwan vs China I don't know the detailed history that I just know that China considers Taiwan theirs and Taiwan says no we are our own thing right but that's one of those issues where when cusano we on there I mean I don't know enough about it to give you my butt to give you an opinion on it but it seems to me like China saying I want that to be ours and then saying know that seems like a a big deal. It seems like you should even endless and I'm the type of person who says I'll try to work it out in the US however we can but if it really came to the point where I don't know Texas was like seriously know we're leaving now because of reasons X Y and Z should we have the right to tell them no I don't know well it mean when was Taiwan was a part of China yeah I think up until I don't know you. I try to do whatever I don't know something I try to be totally upfront about appreciate that. That part of that story I remember thinking that this is no people saying this is unprecedented for the president knighted states

► 01:44:15

when really China's got a Chinese shoe with this has caused huge International problems I didn't get it though it was only for a day or two so I don't know too many details of it have you been following it all the Ted Cruz versus beta O'Rourke race no would you say Ted Cruz should be voted out simply because he said Cruise because that's where I'm at with that Chris well he's just a fool he's just he's so smart me smarmy Ted Cruz one of my favorite parts of the election was there was a guy with sunglasses on and he was at some sort of a campaign rally with Ted Cruz news like it's over quit you're done and he's like it's over you're a loser and it's like the guy was a trump guy that was like sunglasses like the whole thing was just I was like you don't know how to handle troubles like look at you can just now he can't because he's such a

► 01:45:15

fake gun show fake did you ever see Trump manhandle him in the debate when he tried to bring up New York values okay. Was the excerpts of his commercial when he was setting up those commercials and he had all the outtakes speak in the Fox Business GOP debate Ted Cruz and Donald Trump discuss New York values

► 01:45:49

I know exactly what New York values on

► 01:45:53

but you're from

► 01:45:55

why not but I promise you

► 01:46:01

and then listen there are many many wonderful wonderful working men and women in the state of New York

► 01:46:08

but everyone understands that the values in New York City are socially liberal are pro-abortion a pro-gay-marriage focus around money and the media and and I guess I can confirm it another way

► 01:46:23

not a lot of conservatives come out of Manhattan

► 01:46:27

I'm just saying

► 01:46:31

conservatives actually do come out of Manhattan and putting William F Buckley and others just so you understand English means. Great people people wonderful people when the World Trade Center came down I saw something that no place on Earth could have handled more beautifully where you're mainly the new year or two 110 story buildings come crashing down I saw them come down and we saw him or death and even the smell of death nobody understood it and it was with us the months the smell the air and we rebuilt downtown Manhattan and everybody in the world watched and everybody in the world love New York and love New Yorkers and I have to tell you that was a very insulting statement that Ted made

► 01:47:26

that could have been handled better choice response and was a sloppy head sucks I got to admit that Ted such a cunt when I'm watching Trump stand there and I hope he gets some he's you know pretending like he's sitting there with his kids like all right candidate eat your broccoli mobile did you ever see the Gore Vidal William F Buckley debates does was called the best of enemies was it called I thought it was on Firing Line to show maybe I can know there's a documentary about I didn't see that thing is called the best of enemies

► 01:48:13

but it's about the 1960s debates between Buckley it's great you should watch it I mean he pissed off Buckley to the point where Buckley call him a faggot and said yeah he goes he goes I'll punch you and you'll stay plastered or some fucking shit socket to the left yeah I forget the term that he used Gore Vidal lived in ravello he lived in Italy and you know LA or Hollywood Play song I took a picture from Instagram to bang dudes right box respect I mean I'm a big fan of garbage I was brilliant brilliant guy but I like them he got under my skin so bad at Buckley fell apart during really

► 01:49:13

fucking screamed at him he's red in the face that's interesting because he was calling him and not see Gore Vidal was calling where you at Buckley and not see ya on YouTube they have William F Buckley vs Noam Chomsky back in like the 60s that because if you're really nerdy and wonky and you love politics go watch William F Buckley vs Noam Chomsky because it is I love it I was a kid I used to watch it and feel like I'll man this is amazing he he calls the words you queer knows more than that

► 01:49:47

I was trying to find the yeah you can find the video he said he would punch him he will I'm knocking or something like that he said more than the word queer

► 01:50:00

is this on Netflix yes yes it is

► 01:50:09

yeah maybe call Mike we are but what it whatever it was he called them a homosexual slur and then he threatened to knock him out he threaten him or whatever the fuck but it was the red in the face and the fucking eyeballs twitching and you know it really was the end for William F Buckley debates at ABC put on they put on a series of debates and Gore Vidal was doing better and then we met back was kind of a cunt and Gore Vidal was mocking him he's very pop it showed how he fell apart from that statement on that was kind of the end of people taking him completely seriously people sort of like what they do with Reagan oh yeah it was an embarrassment in his time in office questions about whether or not he had dementia a hundred percent

► 01:51:09

during the Iran-Contra debates are the Iran-Contra trials where they asked him did you sell arms to Iran is like I don't remember kept saying I don't remember to try to get out of it right now. She didn't hear this

► 01:51:30

what happened to believe that the United States policy is wrong in Vietnam in the Vietcong are correct and wanting to organize their country in their own way politically it happens to be pretty much people fit in the Western Europe and the other parts of the world if it is a novelty in Chicago that is too bad but I assume that the point of American democracy and Son and the answer is that they would they will well treated by people to ostracize them and I'm for ostracizing people who egg on other people to shoot American Marines and the Goddamn face. You and your Goddamn face and you stay plaster

► 01:52:30

that started as a debate on Vietnam and then by the end of work

► 01:52:39

now that's even seems like a big deal back then it was probably like oh my goodness. Every year I'll sock you in the face and you'll stay plastered like almost like a rapper diss I'll suck you with your face and you stay plastic

► 01:52:57

right little bit a little bit but it did documentaries fantastic we should watch it it's really good it's really good because it just shows you like the time that they lived in is just a different world and that ABC was so that mean they were able to have this on national television and have debates on policies and I'm on politics between to recognize intellectuals one on the right one of the left and this is something that they did on national television it was a big success for the longest time I was I was very Auntie debate and still to an extent today I feel like I'm Auntie debate but the reason I am is because I feel like it's a WWE of intellectual Pursuits where it's more of a show and it's more about sophistry it's more about being quick on your feet then who has the right arguments and I don't think that's good it's such a better way to get people to

► 01:53:57

watch and listen because when when you get really wonky and just have conversations with people many people just kind of tune out to that because it doesn't keep their attention but you know how can you can get more people to watch it agree with you then it's almost almost like a necessary evil to do it so I decided like for the politicon thing I said okay you know what I will do and I'll debate mostly because my audience wants me to do I think my own way and say you know these liberals they chickened out of debating me

► 01:54:37

so she just blatantly lied she backed out of the debate with me and then she goes on TV and says no troll on the trolls how many bestsellers does he have

► 01:54:52

which I don't write books I don't know what the fuck I guarantee you I had way more than she had Ann Coulter fans and let me tell you something even though I have people who are very conservative in my own family and when they heard I was debating Ann Coulter you know what every single one of them said get that bitch needs are people who agree more with her than they do with me while she's not really Republican she's a troll she's a heck yeah I don't think she has because the way Bill Maher treats are he laughs jokes around with her she's like there's a wink and a nod with her it's a hustle I think she's an Entertainer during the bush years nobody was more in favor of the Iraq War and thought it was the greatest thing ever and would you know make fun of people who are against it and then when Trump throws up through the Republican ranks and he was bad

► 01:55:52

the Iraq War which by the way I loved it when he did that for her so-called intellectual life's not real over Iraq it was like she was something along those long things you remember what your talkin to me and everybody there that was one of the things she said remember that real man these are not the fact that she still gets considered for debates yeah pretty stunning I know she just so what I would have been screaming at you know a wall basically it would have been wonderful

► 01:56:52

I ended up debating Scottie Nell Hughes who was big on TV during the 2016 election and she was a trump Packer and now she's on RT and actually she ended up being very reasonable I'd say we actually ended up agreeing on maybe 65% of the issue we had some pretty some strong disagreement but mostly green and I think it was very fruitful conversation but I don't know if the audience liked it as much as they would have liked me back but it's nice when those kind of conversations with people do agree on a lot of issues even regardless Woodside they're supposedly on do take place because it makes people it gives people hope in the idea of reasonable disc or so then you would of absolutely loved I was on a panel with Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA and he's you know you're joking I see the day early in your face out of there on the very literal do so sometimes stuff is right over my head but they sold Girl Scout cookies together

► 01:57:52

actually I heard they said she was not panel called how are we going to get along Charlie Kirk was on the panel is not going into it I thought I'm not going to agree with this dude on absolutely anything when we got in there what I did is I tried to frame issues from what his ideology is so he says he's a conservative so I said okay that means typically you believe in smaller government so I said okay here's some areas where I believe in smaller government I think we need to stop the warrantless NSA spying we're collecting everybody's information without their approval and without a warrant I think that we need to stop the drug war I think we need to you know and are invasions of other countries that takes a big government buildings of dollars to do these invasions and rebuild countries and things of that nature and I even said on the death penalty we should probably stop that cuz about 6% of the time we get the wrong people and probably shouldn't be the case and on virtually every one of these issues Charlie Kirk agree with me he even agreed with me on the issue of Saudi

► 01:58:52

where you know I said date they said something like all we like Law and Order in the Law & Order president is Donald Trump I said if you really like lawn or you be against the Trump Administration arming $110 worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia and Charlie churches creticos night I agree with that other guy on the panel was an absolute pack he's a Milo want to be I don't know is actually I don't even know his name but he it was clear he was like doing it I can use a daily wire third-stringer like is Ben Shapiro staying but he's a low-level guy and his I swear I swear to you Joe he was talking about how I'm very pro-life and I need you to know that I'm very pro-life in this is something I support my response was well I'm glad to know that you're against the death penalty and immediately without skipping a beat it goes I'm for the death penalty

► 01:59:37

an audience laughs and I go well if you're going to walk right into my trap every time it's going to be very easy to bake

► 01:59:47

what's going on with Milo what was the last time I haven't heard a peep out of him because there was an article that came out and they have like correspondence between him and literal like actual all right people where they were going to do in puff pieces for them that was my understanding of it and he kind of disappeared after that and temporarily he was he was with Alex Jones you know if you chose to Alex Jones as last I saw puff pieces like yeah like trying to make it seem like they aren't what they actually are but whose party was Richard Spencer and they were singing together and it was weird yeah he's in a weird character

► 02:00:24

I said he's a he's definitely weird character but I actually enjoy talking with him off the air and I felt like there's a lot of what he is that's the astrix and you know it's hard to tell you know it's hard to tell because it's hard to tell like how much of a how much of what you think is the actress is them being theatrical in the are there on are and how much is theatrical when they're talking to you and trying to be you know endearing off are hard to tell but sometimes you can see it when they're people who kind of get involved in this political space and really all they want to do is just become famous without you because I'm a nerd that's what I thought maybe in my wildest of dreams I'll get you a hundred thousand subscribers

► 02:01:24

YouTube and as I talk to you right now we're almost about to cross 600,000 so I never expected any of this I never expected any of this and the fact that it happened I'm just grateful for it I would very reasonable points so you deserve all the credit that you've gotten but you are also honest like these are your actual opinions and this is your actual perspective the real problem with someone I can call to her or someone like many of these other people that I see out there that we don't even have to name is it there Hustler's in an in for a certain type of conservative person whose name for a certain type of democratic person to send in for women people that don't give a fuck about women their bullshit narcissist be a lot of that out there there's men's rights activists it really only care about finding this way into a group of people wear if you have their support this is so

► 02:02:24

large conglomeration of them and you can take them in as your fans and I've seen it. It was right but several minutes want to Grab & Go dude we got them all shut the fuk up we run everything looks like almost everyday but it's just we've got them and that the my thing in the bit was what if I miss our pay attention to things men actually did when he start going hey we just realized you guys cause all the war every single War ever and I'll give you my women cause all the Warwick crazy bitches

► 02:03:24

that's a pretty bulletproof argument like the only the only men's rights argument is divorce laws sure I agree with that when it comes to alimony and when it comes to child support and when it comes to child custody courts tend to side towards the mother and even if the most deceptive and if the mother is you know that they'll say something like he beat the kids or I think you might have done something sexual to the kids and his women have done horrible things like that and they've done that to get more money or they've got done that to get custody of they done that for spite but this is just this is a matter of the courts being designed to protect the situation system being designed to detect kids and protect the mother who needs to get money to be able to take care of the children cuz there's a lot of fucking shity deadbeat that now there was no deadbeat

► 02:04:24

dad's if men always pay child support then this would be far less of an issue so many men were pieces of shit sure it created is Need for some sort of some sort of law that set something something that said to protect children and to protect women with with the custody yeah and now it looks like they do with the divorce issue and everything the pendulum swung a little too far in the other direction and there's like this default setting which is actually not too good for the guy to say I saw that podcast long time ago I think it was one of people you work with on news radio or something that's yes one of them that's just one of them I know many people that have been fucked over by by divorce then you know and I have a good friend of mine who I've talked about on the podcast before he has been divorced for 14 years he has been married to a new woman for 12 years he's still pay

► 02:05:24

alimony not only does he still play Elmo and he pays alimony to tone of more than $100,000 a year to a woman that he doesn't have sex with anymore he can I retire this woman has a boyfriend she lives in his old house my friend's old house she owns the house I didn't have any children this is the idea that he fucked her so hard she can't work again like she's not 80 years old man I mean she's now in her 50s that's what else I can Dentures servitude it's fucking insane but yes I can give me $150,000 a year but at one point he was paying or quarter million dollars a year and he's paid or that for 12 fucking or 14 fucking years now 14 years is a family is a family Nest to send Mike this lady she doesn't talk to you anymore but she can't move on with her life and if he doesn't he gets locked up if he doesn't he goes to jail I mean this is and he's trying to go to court

► 02:06:24

and she fights it and she lives with her boyfriend and when they send people over to check the boyfriend put the stuff in the fucking U-Haul drive around the block weights and then comes back this job and he can't find another job for whatever reason and he just always the money no matter what and there's no go to court in the judge would have to agree but he's a successful man that's part of the problem is he's not going to be a loser he's an ambitious guy does really well he works very hard he works 10 12 hours every day and he has forever and he's good he's smart he's good at his job and because of this he has to pay this woman doesn't fuck anymore forever that's crazy man crazy it's a nightmare it's like she's not

► 02:07:16

she's not like she's trying to hospital bed it's not like she can't work it's like she's she's totally capable of making a living and she now has probably 4 or 5 plastic surgery she's the person we were talking about earlier I don't know I mean I don't even know if maybe she went the opposite I don't know but has to pay here in every now and then we'll talk about him like you still have to pay her and ask oh my goodness he's fucking I mean he's got a family he's got a wife and he have children with his new woman and he's happy and he still has to pay what is that $2,000 a week 2000 plus a week that's just an absolute check for $2,000 lady I don't even know anymore

► 02:08:08

so speak I guess this is somewhat related to it to what we're talking about here but what did you make of the cabin all thing

► 02:08:15

this is my I mean I spent a lot of time over the last week paying attention to it I'll really do have a lot of attention to it got me was

► 02:08:42

well one of these you got me is it seems like most of his most of his life and his young life that guy was fucked up all the stuff on the calendar like he had his calendar and it went where is like things were scheduled it would like beers were scheduled rice very bizarre that's very missing you would like frat boy do she like all the stuff he said was very clicky wide loan is all I need to know is farting of course means so he's a liar so and then he purchased them self and saying that the Democrats didn't even mention perjury they just kind of lay down they just kind of lay down my whole thing was I think it was a gross spectacle and II

► 02:09:42

honestly I thought that even the hearings happening I felt like it was a little bit of a clown show because it's like here we are the most powerful organization the most powerful body this government United States government we were having this hearing and were talking about drinking that happened in the 1980s so silly but at the same time the thing that you know I was screaming about and I might may have literally been the only person in the country screaming about the stuff I actually went to Cavanaugh's judicial record with a fine-tooth comb and I disagree with him on basically every decision he's ever made and that's not an exaggeration used for warrantless NSA spying the rules with corporations 80 temperature of the time he said that all of Obamacare is unconstitutional the role did the EPA cannot regulate greenhouse gas emissions he even goes as far as to say Donald Trump might be able to Pardon himself so I mean that's like that was one of the reasons why they think the Donald Trump was getting him in the first place

► 02:10:41

it's like a dictator that's craziness so the thing that drove me crazy Joe is that you have on all those important issues did you hear a single Democratic politician bring that up in the conversation wasn't about the accusations it was all about the situation because some of them but you know seem to have you can bring it up but it just annoyed me that there wasn't like a two-pronged strategy and trying to defeat a treasure to not bring up those issues maybe just maybe a little bit but Chuck Schumer for example cut a deal with Donald Trump just recently and he let him approve like I forget the exact number you guys can fact check me on the 6 or 10 different of trump judges he cut a deal to approve them so the Democrats can go back home and campaign for the upcoming election but it's like hey douchebag the reason why you guys

► 02:11:41

troubling elections is because you don't stand for anything so those people wanted you to fight on those judges because you're not supposed to agree with those judges because that's a goddamn opposition party she's that you talked about before here is a democratic Nation 215 Trump judges

► 02:12:02

yeah and see this is my problem with them is that ate you could give them an issue like take legalizes marijuana exchange can go home to camp in this is what the Democrats do Joe is that like we were talking earlier about marijuana 62% of the country now wants to legal marijuana the only Democratic politician talking about it is Bernie Sanders ran on these issues and I can name a thousand others like raising minimum wage Wars they say Rhonda's issues but they just don't do it take on all those issues are pretty fucking by but it did all those things disturb me what disturbs me most about what they were talking about in terms of his youth wasn't that he did bad things in his use it said he's lying about them now look when I was 17 years old I was stupid like many 17 year old and I drank but I never raped anybody

► 02:13:02

things and maybe I acted insensitively and maybe I said some things that I should have said because I was a fool I'm not a fool anymore and now I'm a judge and now I think I make great Supreme Court Justice if he could say that but he didn't he got angry and like the same like I watch the video of him saying I like beer it was a fucking mean you were talking about you as a teenager when it's illegal to drink you stupid fucking he also did a little sleight of hand there and said most of the seniors at the time could legally drink yeah why do you say most of the seniors were not talking almost to seniors were talking about you he wasn't legally allowed to drink about credibility and it's kind of funny that the one woman if he did do that to her the one woman turns out to be a professor at this hugely Progressive super liberal

► 02:14:02

University who is almost predominantly women like have you looked at how many women are professors at the University and how many women I think it's like 79% of the women are 79% of the students for women at University and in some large number of the professors are women as well at least one of the allegations against him that Auntie Trump grifter who just wants to get his fucking name in the media he he represented some woman and there's thousand holes in her story he adds on to the other accusations and some of the other activations do have Merit and he blows up the whole thing's not Republicans to turn around and look what we got here. Example so it's all bullshit I think he didn't know guy is a scumbag and by the way he was just at politicon where I was and he listened he came out of nowhere he came out of nowhere and now he's talking about running for president who the fuck are you

► 02:15:02

I saw someone say that they think you'd be great

► 02:15:10

call Bill Martin

► 02:15:13

I used to like him but he's gotten progressively worse and worse no pun intended on using the word for the rest of the week I think it was him on Sam Harris the show I'm thinking about it now I think it was him to talk to you about his argument was because I want a Democrat with balls and have a naughty has balls yeah but the problem is a piece of shit grifter allowing this guy giving free this is the problem why aren't you getting serious people for your time or professors who are experts and social policy people who know something some other time this guy's obviously a grifter well they're giving him free airtime because people are going to pay attention to the idea that he's going to run for president because he was representing Stormy Daniels and Stormy Daniels fuck the president and this whole big fucking clown car circus event is it something that people tuna to it's basically an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians the president

► 02:16:13

imagine that's your guy like hey who are you oh I got famous because I represented Stormy Daniels like stories ingenious you are she fought the guy now she wants some money

► 02:16:28

the fact that that's like Stormy Daniels has been in the news more than the genocide in Yemen which our weapons are being used to carry it out with I saw a fucked-up it's it's Stormy Daniels is now going back to porn because Trump makes America work again so she got arrested that was fucked up she got there were these police officers who were super pro Trump and they went to one of the strip club events and they just arrested her if they want me to be luxury since she did something that was a seasonal I think it was just a fucked-up thing have you seen this I was in the exact same boat as you like 3 weeks ago okay Jamie's oxide

► 02:17:28

Dino's legendary rapper one of the best rappers of all time broadly considered that he didn't album where I guess he mentioned MGK because MGK was another rapper years ago had tweeted something about him just wonder where you MGK on me bro what did you say what you got to tell what size kill themselves City rap terrible it's terrible terrible yes I do I listen to a lot of rat okay. Just felt like it was just I actually like the MGK song I Like The Beat it was a good beat graduations

► 02:18:28

career as a result of it come on presenters whether not the guy has a career with this large crowd behind them but he didn't tell them that he was wearing that shirt is opening for Fall Out Boy in the entire curve how do you know you have food and you took it off before this picture so they didn't know they had that shirt on which is the cover of Eminem's album and you're right it was Fall Out Boy's crab which is kind of a weird you know weaselly move this guy to do

► 02:19:28

I'm sleeping already so doesn't care about the rap game the rap game it's at these diss tracks are so lame that's what you give me interesting cuz I remember back when is 50 Cent vs. Jadakiss and I fucking loved it but I was a kid I fucking love that the Jadakiss rap was one of the best I thought I was the best battle rap I've ever heard of Jay-Z versus Nas classic and that did nothing but help us more than help Jay-Z you think Jay-Z versus Nas help Jay-Z black Twitter loves it and tell you who's dating who

► 02:20:17

turn on the Run Twitter Wild West out of my ass okay speaking of social media have you seen all these purchase recently there's a new round of it that just happened to know who kept her at 800 800 or more accounts were purged from Facebook and Twitter and they're all almost all alternative media accounts so some of the sites are snowflakes was one I think on Facebook there's another one called Auntie media that was Persia there an anti-war media saying free thought project is another one reason we pulled this is because it's an authentic Behavior we're pulling these accounts cuz there's an authentic behavior on those accounts I don't know that's the point and they never clarified so

► 02:21:17

you know these are alternative media outlets and we want to get rid of sores you get rid of him because Facebook I know met with the Israeli government and Israel told them Hey listen if you're going to be in our country you're going to get rid of certain accounts and Facebook when right along and said sure will do that but now I think yes I think they're working in cahoots with the US government in so you have all these alternative media cancer specifically you don't answer you or what-have-you anticorruption some loser OK and they're getting first know the argument was inauthentic behavior that was one of the reasons they cited as to why does that mean that they're talking about instances that they're misrepresenting what is more like you know stuff and what is a place that on Facebook and Twitter

► 02:22:10

is it possible that that's what was going on I don't know I'm just asking is it possible using Bots and perhaps directing them towards Revenue creating sites or why should not be allowed not saying that shouldn't be allowed but is it possible that they were using stories that were taking place in the news distorting those stories to get people to click on things that would have link two ways that these people can make money so instead of it being some sort of political activism website that really was just a revenue-generating bullshit site that was trying to drum up artificial out Ridge T establish winter anti-corruption you know saying where they cover all these stories related to government corruption

► 02:23:10

Facebook deleted them Facebook I think I'll read it then if I think there was an article in the guardian Jamie if you're interested in pulling it up it's Facebook and Twitter Purge was 800 side is mostly on Facebook like 600 or sell on Facebook in the 200 or so on Twitter that they did and 11 the free thought project that what has the response been to this I don't know I haven't seen anything after it this is just one of those having with re the other day we were talking here it is first they came for Alex Jones we told you you were next where we were next we were

► 02:23:53

pictures on their website but they didn't cover in the guardian in some other outlets in case anybody really anybody who's not towing a line if you will like it up police the police are we really going to like do we really think that they pulled that down not for the obvious reason which is that your sowing Discord in the police don't like as part of its purge Facebook has removed the pages of several police accountability Watchdog critic groups including Cop Block the free thought project and police the police they've also apparently severely restricted the activity for the photography is not a crime page

► 02:24:34

so you think they're getting pressure from law enforcement I don't I don't know but I never usually believe in a smoke-filled back room conspiracies but they're starting to get hard to avoid because there's so many of these years what we need

► 02:24:53

and how does this poem and again says forsaking for Alex Jones Infowars but I wasn't race-baiting transfer over to the piercing called to say claim to murder children Newtown where are hoaxes and admitted in court that I'm just an Entertainer who makes it up so I said nothing yet he's trying to be flipping about how Alex Jones was pulled the problem into the principle of Alex Jones being pulled well then what you're saying is people who are Executives at these companies can willy-nilly decide whoever they want to pull down not my answer to that has always been we should take Twitter Facebook he's drawing social media Pages they can still be private companies but we should regulate them like they're Public Utilities yeah that's the argument that are are and I were discussing I set up where you can really read that and do it quickly but having said that you'd like people forget Mandy ACLU used to defend the KKK

► 02:25:52

Skokie they said Hey listen we know we don't agree with you people we think they're saying is we think they're terrible we think they're dead wrong but they have a right to say what they're saying because once you get rid of it for them what people don't realize Joe is that these things will always come back again people who are powerless and marginalize it's not like we all go they have their own opinions and their own vested interests and their own power Dynamic issues and they're going to take down whoever threatens their power are all these organizations still up on YouTube and Twitter and Google I don't know it to my knowledge the only one that totally got pulled out everywhere I think was Alex Jones he still have your phone when it says all the proving the case this was a coordinated attack by the check giant Community shortly after The Purge on Facebook Twitter Bot Shots wiping out our profiles on there as well they give absolutely no reason for the suspension so we had closed the free thought umbrella had code to 6 million followers

► 02:26:53

wow isn't that crazy and they just decided overnights with crazy is I didn't even hear about that that's why I'm here I mean I heard it was eight hundred different pages but the way I read it and I unfortunately don't have a lot of time and I was flipping through something I had read that it was a lot of anti-police pages some of them are anti-police but I think a lot of them were not a lot of them were panties Talisman anticorruption like they've always had it out for Wikileaks for example says they're like a non-state terrorist actor

► 02:27:33

think about that that's nuts because basically what they do is what restrictions yes that they shouldn't keep secret and I'll government goes oh that's terrorism now in Twitter or one of these people one of these organizations bands something like the free thought project do they make any statements or they just remove all I saw was on the guardian article and on the guardian they said it was inauthentic Behavior was the reason why they were pulling them and maybe one or two other things that I'm forgetting at the moment that is a fucking weird Behavior

► 02:28:11

yeah it's fucked up man

► 02:28:13

cuz I get to do at anybody that's the point and that's what's so scary will that is what scary right is that there are they are private companies and these people are allowed to post on them until they decide they're not allowed to post on it because they violate the terms of service when you terms of service with our that open-ended inauthentic Behavior like what the fuck does that even mean show they just they leave the terms of service purposefully vague so they can get away with knocking off wherever they want to knock off. It's just weird that they all agreed that Facebook agreed and Twitter greed like what would be the incentive of Twitter to follow suit would be the incentive was given to know if you have to speculate what do you think would be given to them that would give them the incentive to want to pull a site sound like that Jack Dorsey guy seems pretty socially Progressive I think they are meeting just like what we said we know they did this with Israel were they pull down pro-palestinian human rights pages to allow Facebook to function in there

► 02:29:13

tree that you have to do X Y and Z I think that there are meetings with I don't know exactly who it is our intelligence agencies law enforcement FBI I don't know somebody like that was maybe CEOs of various corporations where they say hey man listen these people are problem these people are problem these people are problem let's do the right thing here I would like to hear country argument but I don't like to know what is the what is the contrary argument is there anything that we're missing if if we want we could try to find a guardian article and read what they said which would have said what Twitter and Facebook says see if you can find that the guardian article it's not coming up they pulled it off the guardian the only two things I found the only two things I found it on RT and the guardian and nothing else which is why you didn't hear about it because mainstream media didn't talk about it because guess what these Outlets often times are competition to mainstream media

► 02:30:14

what the fuck man

► 02:30:18

that is so the Alex Jones thing is really like a test run almost pretty much on their website website the top article is something up for football food in 2013 okay I'll do a search and we can see if we can find a statement yeah but when we get off are not helping all those people to listen to his right now though they saw the article from the free thought project statement from Twitter regarding that was in the article they just threw in the middle of the article it's like Facebook and Twitter purges accounts for I don't know if it's at and I'll send you gave your in the title but it was an article somewhere so you really think there's some sort of smokey backroom deals where they say listen to you you guys are making tons of money we've got a bit of an issue here let's work through this this is what we want removed these people are causing us a bunch of problems

► 02:31:18

I don't know but I do know they did that in his real I do know they do that in all these countries where the government say hey in order to function here you have to do X Y and Z that's what I would say to that what groups would want the free thought project or police the police remove you gotta remember a lot of these if so the police accountability group Siamese pretty easy law enforcement enforcement has a kind of pole to go to Twitter and say hey

► 02:31:52

or the CIA or you know whoever Major law enforcement federal law enforcement in the thing that people kept going to with Alex Jones was Sandy Hook Sandy Hook he said children didn't get it so you don't have to defend Alex Jones on the merits of that point because he's dead wrong on that point we are descending is the principle of letting somebody speak I understand there's no thing they're going to on this so it's like there's already been a president that they could just remove people so they removed him they got this really clear because there's no there's no big smoking guns do nothing it's there that's right

► 02:32:35

and again no major mainstream media Outlet in the US reported on it party is Russia Today on Facebook is US pushing back just the beginning censorship Insight in this article back today from today this is from today or down today okay

► 02:33:08

so that some people are starting to catch on to it scroll left so we can see in the area the latest a parent of an apparent censorship of political speech online US base Tech Giants this month shut down hundreds of user accounts on belong to well status alternative media Outlets with hundreds of thousands of followers like the free thought project or anti-media senior fellow with German Marshall fund leading think-tank advocating us Global Supremacy seems to have at least partially taken credit for this says in quotes Russia China and other foreign States take advantage of our open political system Jamie fly said they can invent stories that got repeated and spread through different sites so we are just starting to push back just this last week Facebook bekant began starting to take down sights so this is just the beginning

► 02:34:02

okay so what they're saying is that these websites have been infiltrated by people from China and Russia is over there saying let's go back up again please

► 02:34:14

stop it said China and other foreign States take advantage of our open political system Russia China and German Marshall fund deleting same tank saying that because we're so scared of Russia Russian Chinese Russian and Chinese infiltration that's why we got to pull down some other words they're saying hey maybe these accounts like the free thought project are run by people are trying to destroy America pull them down exactly and that is beyond a Preposterous this is what they're saying the same bacon invent stories they get repeated and spread through different site so we are just starting to push back just this last week Facebook again I'm sorry to take down sights this just the beginning so they're they're blaming the influence of Russia and China and that they're saying that this is their excuse for taking down these Pages because these pages are being compromised by Foreign agents it's the oldest trick in the book to say all these foreign entities are sowing Discord in the United States so therefore we're not going to allow this dialogue to happen in fact I remember they blame to Russia

► 02:35:14

for black lives matter Facebook pages during the 2016 election. About this is there's not even any Smoking Gun specific example any example

► 02:35:32

scroll down and see if there's anything in this that makes any sense

► 02:35:37

going to the account fly complain that any person with an email can set up an account on social media and potentially reach a wide audience he predicted Global struggle to fix the situation Jesus Christ how great he start his career the US political circles as an adviser to George W Bush Administration also also a foreign policy and National Security consultant for the Senator Marco Rubio if you can just say oh the Russians have influence this the Russians are a part of this the Chinese okay pull it it's hockey and it's partisan and actually works out for on the left and the right sometimes it works on corporate Democrats and people who want to blame Hillary's election loss on the Russians and works like that

► 02:36:33

long a little bit of it can I jump go to bathroom

► 02:36:44

all values as one of our greatest strengths and therefore one of the best ways to weaken us so I think that that's one of the key things to understand here is Putin's acting actually out of weakness and why have we Jamie not come to understand or at least the Consciousness in this country does not necessarily view Putin aligned with other

► 02:37:05

strong men figures that have been a long-running problem in American foreign policy this is not just a problem that started with President Donald Trump I served in the Bush Administration President George W bush tried to form a relationship with Vladimir Putin to get certain things to advance US National Security President Obama tried the same thing with his is reset of Russian us Russian relations so it's not unusual that you have an Administration that maybe doesn't necessarily view Russia as the threat that it is I think the the politics of this the public opinion right now it's very interesting because you've actually seen a shift over the last several years more Democrats now I actually think actually view Russia and Putin as a threat compared to everything we're stop.

► 02:37:51

toy it just leaves a bad taste in your mouth is that the idea that these people are just deciding to remove pages and there

► 02:38:03

going on television giving his interview saying that it's because of Russian Putin without any evidence

► 02:38:11

so creepy that didn't share the evidence you got to say something man I mean if you want to believe you believe in a free society and you believe in freedom of speech and freedom of expression and use censorship Center people are ship broke what's going on here and maybe that they don't have a fix for the for the way that it's happening so if you show the evidence then you're really like showing the criminals how to how to do this and it could just run run more rampant and I got to plug more holes that would be the Devil's Advocate position but in order to take people down the thing is if they're doing it and no one's pushing back

► 02:38:53

you just going to be able to do it with anybody that disagrees if you were anybody that's going to be an impediment to your political campaign or anyone's getting a way of anything you're trying to push through and this is this is a giant issue with people that have that kind of power that can influence Facebook or Twitter and if that's the case and look we don't know we haven't talked to Zuckerberg we haven't talked to Jack Dorsey we don't know who's who's pulling strings I was asking him to do things or whatever and say presented to them but that's just very uncomfortable very uncomfortable see that guy talking and bringing up Russia and Putin cuz people bring them up like to the boogeyman you know that this is what some of the Russian Putin there their they're interviewing with our democracy interfering with our issues here in America and then they want to ruin democracy and then bring our country down from the inside yeah it was like the internet went through a phase of like it just totally free and open Wild Wild West type thing and now it looks like really back in and it's like that's the viewed as the Public Square it suppose

► 02:39:53

be the tea social media Outlets which are so gigantic it's so powerful that this is now the Public Square so to be able to censor people in these it in these forums should be considered unconstitutional

► 02:40:05

coordinated inauthentic Behavior you found it you found in spamming

► 02:40:12

but I like the websites that they actually pull down that totally destroys their argument even if you buy into the premise that these are this is a good reason to pull somebody down I mean show me people at the pages they pulled down were so well-established and they are of course not inauthentic in any way the people who are running these pages that really deeply care about these issues and want to get this news out to people

► 02:40:40

this a good quote hair drawing the line between real and authentic views is a difficult Enterprise that could put everything from impartial political party did genuine but outlandish views on The Chopping Block it's all true there are politicians in the US this happened during the debate between Ted Cruz and beta O'Rourke all at the exact same time with the exact same hashtags to approach Ted Cruz things tweeted out at once so if that is their box that they bought to help Ted Cruz win the election that's election interference that's in authentic behavior and nobody's talking about pulling down those accounts but says here in a statement posted online Newsroom Facebook says a purge those pages because their owners were using fake accounts sharing the same content between multiple pages and linking to add supported web size 8 call Zaid Farms so what this is but what the social network call spam the owner

► 02:41:40

these Pages call standard procedures for operating on Facebook

► 02:41:45

yeah that was like I don't even think if the argument from Facebook is correct that that really is a reason to pull them down was it says here nearly all the page owners contact about the Guardians say these backup or fake accounts along with the real ones they do it in part to protect themselves from being targeted by political opponents and having their real accounts end up in Facebook jail River Press a left-leaning new site who's Facebook page disappeared yesterday so there's another one right wing news that was pulled down stops growing please but but look at this this is really interesting so they're admitting to disingenuous Behavior though they're using fake accounts to protect themselves are being targeted by political opponents well it's so pretty but that's if that's the case they are violating Facebook policy so I've seen this on Twitter I know people who have gotten their accounts banned on Twitter but they treat a new account and they stay on Twitter

► 02:42:45

technically violate the terms of service but it also is something that I don't think his religious at all right but there's a big difference between someone getting banned and then starting a fake a second account this is not that they're using multiple accounts at the same time and some of them are fake look I'm not I'm not justifying they're being banned but I am saying they violated certain procedures they did so in order to publish publicise their ideas and they did it to try to make their ideas more snow just more project them or have them have more or bandwidth but according to Facebook should you not be allowed to have like three or four accounts where you treat the same stuff for or post the same stuff because it seems like the book said they would Facebook said if you scroll back up to the beginning

► 02:43:31

the top the top top see what it says a coordinated inauthentic behavior and spamming so they were sparing and that does sound like Ward needed inauthentic Behavior if they have a bunch of alternative fake sites and fake pages that they using to spread their stuff look I'm not saying that they should have been this is I think better would be to say hey you can't do that you got to remove these fake pages that are publicizing your ideas and just have your real authentic page but what they're saying is that they're they're leaking to add forms and that they use this to publicise their pages and that everybody does it show live everybody does it you're not supposed to do it so why wouldn't they pull that so let's say the free thought project have three or four other things with your posting the same stuff under different name why would you not pull down to three or four other things and leave up to fit the free thought project I think they're saying cuz the free thought project violated their terms of service

► 02:44:31

supposed to say don't want them to do that I don't know see here's the thing would they have pulled the free thought project down if they had to engage in any of these forbidden behavior my opinion is I think yes maybe that's what I think maybe but that is gross you're not supposed to do that and I'm not saying that they they should be pulled they shouldn't be pulled but maybe they thought this is what they have to do to get the word out and maybe Facebook is like hey you fux are spamming and you're you're linking to these add farms and these add Farms have been known to you know be influence by Russia and China and all these other organizations you're doing it just to promote your sites but we're saying that we can't allow that kind of behavior It just strikes me is very strange that when you have examples like the one I just gave where pitcher in the Ted Cruz Bay door or debate they all tweeted the same thing at the same time it was obviously paid for by some right-wing Think Tank you never hear the story of something like that if it's

► 02:45:31

sitting us politician or something like when Mitt Romney bought like a million fake followers on Twitter in the 2012 election you never hear about like okay we targeted that it's always like oh just happens to be these independent alternative media Outlets they're spreading information that the government doesn't want people to know well it could be that these people are saying hey look everybody does this we're going to do this and they're saying we don't like them there oh and look we caught them doing something we we don't allow what's we pump but I don't think it's likely I don't know though because here's the thing like if it's only people who engage in these forbidden behaviors

► 02:46:17

that get removed then Facebook has a very good argument but if Facebook is saying this but then people removed who are straight above board doing everything the right way just have their own page posted information on their own page and they were never removed but these are all political and alternative media which an interesting they were targeted so they're targeted but in the targeting them they found a bunch of shit that you're not supposed to do and that's what got them removed I think that there is a good argument that Facebook could make which is very much and nuanced roll terms of service argument but I think it's more of a veneer of facade than the real Harlem why they did what they did but I'm not staying out of the fact I agree with you mean surely what they should have done especially given the popularity sites is worn them and say hey hey you've got to stop doing this because if you don't we are going to remove you you are violating our terms of service you are linking to add farms and you have posted from multiple fake account

► 02:47:17

stop doing that just use your one authentic account we support free speech that's what we both like right I mean it could be also that they feel like the right wing sides do this we have to do this to this is how people do in 2018 is how you really get the word out true yeah you know I just found it interesting that it was all alternative medium tactical accounts and main thing it seems to be the connecting tissue through it all was relatively anti-establishment

► 02:47:48

it's gross it is gross man have you been following what's happening with the wrong at all no I have not there's a little bit of ramping up of tensions now so of course we pulled out of the Iran deal the nuclear deal I don't think that was a good idea because according to the iaea international atomic energy agency they verified that six different times in Ron was following that deal and Trump pulled out of any way that hurt arm you diplomatic socks if you will and then this story broke a few weeks ago the international criminal court so it runs through the US and according to the international criminal court they said hey we can't we're not allowed to sanction then when they allow in humanitarian Goods so our response to that was to say fuck off international criminal court we're not pulling out of the international criminal court so talks have basically totally broken down and now the fear is that we could be on the road to war because we have New York on John Bolton

► 02:48:48

Trump Administration who's always wanted war with Iran we have Mike Pompeo also wants war with Ron and it's just it's it's not a good situation because we had a pretty solid deal there and now it's more likely around gets a new case they want it and the tensions are wrapping up and it's a blocked because it runs economies imploding right now and if we block their oil exports that's when you know that we're about to do some sort of regime change action over there

► 02:49:14

dude I have to end this unfortunately is everything happy to say before I wrap this up I don't listen I'm sorry I have to do it before 10 give out your YouTube address again it's youtube.com secular talk Twitter on at Kyle kulinski thanks man I appreciate it I folks with back see you

► 02:49:44

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