#1193 - Shane Dorian

The Joe Rogan Experience #1193 - Shane Dorian

November 5, 2018

Shane Dorian is a big wave surfer and bowhunter. He's also part of a new HBO Documentary premiering on December 11 called "Momentum Generation".

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alright my guess today is a big wave surfer a very interesting and intense human being a good friend of mine I really enjoy spending time with them and get to talk to him I don't see you enough but he's extraordinary so please give it up for Shane Dorian

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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hi buddy I'm great we just got back from playing a little techno hunt we did manage greatest thing of all time right I was just saying I don't care what the prices it's worth it is it's it's it's a bargain at twice the price of whatever it is for people don't know what it is it's his game that it stimulates that's made out of and then it's got ass like a projector Projector HD images of elk and deer the Eagan set up a bunch of different animals but elk and deer walk across the screen and you shoot out and it's like the perfect there's at least show a little video Shane doing it earlier it said really cool man so perfect practice for bow hunting because one of things about bowhunting is you get nervous and the more you could do something like this we just shot a perfect shot the more you could do that over and over and over again the more it becomes ingrained in your your your nervous system brain to your muscles and Grand in your memory

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and then it becomes natural yeah it's awesome we're going to make this podcast about 15 minutes so tell me about this movie man yeah so I'm in La for the premier the HBO premiere of the momentum generation and it's a the sports documentary HBO and Robert Redford in so it's cool man it's it's really cool it's it's a story about my friends and I we you know we all grew up competitive Surfers and in high school we all sort of met each other through two competitions competing so this tells the story of how we basically how we met how we grew up and how we became friends and family basically like traveling around the world you know together as Basie like little kids with no with no chaperones on onto around the world so crazy it's a wild story pull this up to

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I started surfing on a stand-up surfboard when I was 5 and when do you start traveling serve

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when I was 12 I went to England for the the world amateur championships so I was on the Hawaii in this traveling surfing Life yeah I have crazy does nuts man I've been I've been putting my surfboard in a board bag and we are walking out the door with my password since I was 12 and going so many different destinations around the world literally just for surfing nuts to such a crazy way to grow up and not that's a cool thing about the film is all of us have that in common and it's it's crazy the way the story set up to because there's so many things in it that I didn't really realize were happening at the time like like I came from

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I came from a broken family alcoholic father Neil kind of radical situation at home and then like a lot of us had like broken families a lot of us have that in common so we sort of like this weird fucked-up family dynamic in common so we all became sort of like around family on the road so we we were competing for the world title we are all competing going around the world all the time staying together so we became best friends like this nucleus of surfers and we all just became ultra-close and then when things get got really serious with a surfing competition in there was a lot on the line with sponsors and money and big Brands coming in this shit hit the fan and then we started like breaking up and got too serious. It was almost like a band who just couldn't stand each other anymore or things got to radical you know girls got no money got in the way in so there was like this kind of like breaking up element you know throughout our group

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you the people that can understand your way of life because it's their way of life too cuz I took two regular person who commute everyday and goes to an office and comes home like your life is alien yeah it is I still get like I still get uncomfortable when people ask me what I do for a living you know I got like I'll be in like a normal random setting and so what do you do for a living on like not ask me that what do you tell them the truth but it's it's it's really hard to explain but I serve for a living

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how does that work how to get paid yes all the time and I just got no idea where you don't compete any longer right side big waves I do alright big way that's my focus and I also write all kind of ways I serve everyday and you always don't get big that often when the waves are biggest I'm on it for a person that is just meeting you for the first time and doesn't understand surfing and trying to wrap their head around making a living riding the waves of the Ocean House of halwai but there's nothing I mean

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there's there's not another category I can really .222 to make the point go quicker and all I come

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yeah looks like there's basketball players and football players all of them are like scoring goals and getting the brand endorsements from that from competition element so because I'm a free Surfer who doesn't compete at all it's just it's hard to wrap your head around

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you know I have a large Circle profile and so I would like I work a lot of Brands and that's just the kind of the way it works it just sponsors yep do they have footage of you guys from when you were really young they do weird stuff yeah very weird cuz we're willing 46 years old I I I saw my new show yesterday is pretty classic but so so he's like a focal point in the film he's he's part of the momentum generation in and so he get it there is incredible footage of him when he's you know 9 years old or 10 years old news in Florida like a little rat like a little sunburn rat and it's me I mean we all have that in common that's sweet we all grew up in different places and then we all fell in love with surfing and you know separately and then we all just became super tight so who's greatest it's great and then now we're all like best friends again because there's no

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there's no point on a line or World title in the liner like Brands getting in the way or girls getting in the way we're all at work you know yeah finally growing up to be so tight and then everything it's sort of get bottlenecked by the pressure cap

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Buick serving how much pressure can there be but you know we're all trying to make a living right as I know you know that was our Dream to like surface much as possible and see the world and that's the only way you could do it for us got to be massive amounts of pressure whenever just someone trying to achieve something or councilman trying to rise to the top of a profession and you're surrounded by a bunch of you but you also must have pushed each other too and it must have been beneficial to have people like you around as well

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I think it's it's part of

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it's just I know I think it's like part of our are like human DNA you know to be naturally competitive diving especially men I think we feel like we have something to prove you know that where we stand like a pair the other guys what it was like in the caveman days or more like the hyena the first Hunters where is that considered for sure they were there they were competitive this you can bring home meet for the for the tribe and then it just you know keep going for there an In-N-Out we we we compete with whatever we're into it you know for us was serving we came hyper competitive and especially me like from the time I was like maybe 16 or 17 total time was like my mid-twenties I was like super competitive her own rip people's heads off my heat like I would like visualize horrible horrible things happening to them while I was competing against it and it's so crazy how is Dad gone hundred percent gone from my my being I can't imagine doing that I'm like the most relaxed non competitive person I have no competitiveness left in my body

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why I've only known you for what four years or some gas in those years I cannot imagine you having evil thoughts towards someone else so chill I was a shit talker I I I I remember I was surfing in the sky Damien Hardman and and he was like an Australian world champion he was like an older generation we were from the young like new school generation we're coming up and there's these established guys who didn't want to put you know like Beady throne and there's this guy gave me a hard man who is a badass competitive Surfer but he was a very like tactician conservative you never fall DC motor nerdy mean I mean I was like us to rock it from Hawaii in the sky was like so presentable and professional and I just like resented it and I was in the heat with him and he got priority which means that he had first right of wave and I just needed a tiny little score to win and he basically sat on me which means he uses it he used his priority to chase me around the lineup instead

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and keep me from getting away then let the time run out a girl you deserve like a little bitch like I totally should talk to him and did it work did you get you he got me because the roads I'm out I I basically cracked and started like getting emotional and he loved it he went I got this guy beat he's hard to shift talk to me he loved that i n e n e I actually came up to me later and goes I love it that you were that passionate I love it that you got that site and that emotional where you just started like trying to like insult me he's like that's my goal when I'm in heat with people it to get them to that point you know it looks like that's that's good there's got to be a lot of parallels the fight world right to judge well it's also when when you can get someone emotional then they're fighting in particular is so dangerous in so when you lose your not just losing like someone's taking a piece of you you know they're not that it's not just beating

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do on points I mean there are beating on point sometimes but they're punching in the face to beat you on those points for the kicking you in the body the fucking your legs up there's there's something about that that's so intensely emotional you're fighting if you're fighting at your best you have to be in like this sort of Flow State the sort of Zen not think about anything but what's happening and reacting it is going on in your instincts and if you can get a guy to be angry and emotional it will severely impaired from all spiders severely impair your ability to perform update to get tense to tighten up deliver to wind up instead of just letting things flow we're talking about the Sky style Bender who fought this weekend. Guy full Lowe's like when you watch him fight he just flows I mean he walks into the Octagon dancing cuz that Minds that he's just he just gets loose and when he gets in there he switches

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answers right he's bad she talking session between these two guys for the last 6 weeks. But he stayed calm through the whole thing and you could see when the two got into the Octagon Derek Brunson just couldn't wait to just grab a hold of them and style Bender just avoid all that shit and want to k o and I'm in the first round but the emotional aspect of the shit talk King in the detention that it brings cuz it tightens guys up but you were talking about bowhunting like you see a big elk you have one shot at a big out one shot you draw back your bow holy shit it's literally a life-or-death moment so there's always tension alleviate that tension that pressure you would you perform better the mindset is everything everything everything everything would I'm sure that everything was golf it's everything with pool it's everything with anything anytime there's something on the line but what's fascinating is like for you to like you watched thousands of fights like ring side right

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yeah sure so lucky you must be like here in the second round and this guy is in at least two guys were like popping up it's do you know it's like a it's like a super tight fight you guys this is a good fight and everything must be inflection points where you instantly know that one guy's going to lose like something happens with their psyche or something happens with their you can see in their eyes you can see it in their body language all the sudden they lose that that edge that mindset in there basically have already lost even though it's like right in the middle of the round so you can see why guys like it's so unpredictable Sometimes they come back and win by knockout look out of nowhere sport Instagram

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fight I'm not a fight nerd but he was just beating for BC over Doom was a former Heavyweight Champion by knockout so Alexander's the real deal I mean he's at he was what I thought was the Dark Horse and I had but he stood in front of Derek for too long and Derek hit him with a fucking bomb it hurt him earlier too because Derek Derek hit him and knocked his mouthpiece out and he didn't know his mouthpiece was gone yeah you don't have a mouthpiece I'm holding your mouth piece that's your mine said he's in the zone dude in space heaters been clipped

► 00:20:22

like the nature of fighting is built for competition it's perfectly suited to competition surfing's not because when you're on the way you have to be to have to go with the flow compete against another person even though you are being judged which is weird. Yeah but like I think they're bugging the single most important aspect of Surfing that makes it not good for a competition is you're dealing with Mother Nature is completely unfair but you might get an awesome wave the next time I get a shity one on a scale of 1 to 10 their ability levels like A3 can beat the email Kelly Slater and he easily because it is just like if that kid gets the best waves in the heat until he accidentally Falls he loses you don't like that's just the way it is where like if I was playing you know LeBron James

► 00:21:22

thousand games in a row I'm never going to win never go into impossible but I'm in surf competition school that I add surfing it just as a lifestyle as like a way to like stay sane and have peace in your life and then meet friends that's what's hurting is about servings fucking awesome for that you think you appreciate it more now that you're not competing yeah I do because I don't see it it's my my this the surfing to me is tied to like only happiness and only like surfing with my son and his friends and and surfing with my daughter and going to the beach and and traveling to get epic waves it's not about like pressure and points and a world title and sponsors putting pressure on me on me putting pressure on myself that Macy looked up the the the the pressure part of Surfing is gone to the amazing

► 00:22:14

you know myself to serve at a high level and perform at a high level to myself and and you know he likes you know how having a game still for sure I love. I love the I love the performance aspect of of Surfing but the the actual competition Parts gone for me it's so cool though that you kept the love of it after the competition was gone because one of the things that happens to some what it definitely happens to Fighters they they retire and get fat didn't want to work out anymore was so torturous and and it felt so much like work then after it's over whatever love they have for martial arts or goes out the window and they start putting on weight they don't want that they don't want to train anymore but you even after the competition was over you kept the love ya surfing is this unique thing is I don't know how you can fall out of love with surfing surfing surfing I I'm in the front of moment I stood on a surfboard Road May 1st way if I knew that was out that

► 00:23:14

who I was in my DNA like pure and simple this is this is why this is who I am first wave yoga teachers become obsessed with DNA with DNA test without surfing all over Instagram now it's just surfing she deserves every day and it's so weird and like 35 years old she found surfing servings weird thing but it takes takes its it's a there's not very many things that are that are really similar to surfing in that way where you can fall in love with it being fibers older or 80 years old incredible balance right like having balance probably really help your ability to pick that up you know what's cool about surfing and it's is it

► 00:24:00

you know like if I if I let see if I

► 00:24:05

if I took a hundred people and said all you guys going to learn how to drive a race car and you had like a 6 week course just pure race car driving a hundred of those people are really good at driving cars I'm going super fast in racing so how it's really accelerated learning curve and get pretty damn good at snowboarding yoga almost anything the surfing I like I know people have been surfing three decades and I suck

► 00:24:33

I'm serious what is it never got in a tube like in the to that psycho that's like the Holy Grail surfing like riding inside the waves like right in the center of it is freaking hard man it's like it's has it's like

► 00:24:51

I don't know it's it's a but it doesn't mean you have to be good to enjoy it surfing awesome no matter what level you're at and that's the beauty of Surfing but surfing is hard to do man it's really hard to get good at so that's why you get people surfing you know 5 years and they're pretty good and there's people to serve 50 years and I've never been good what it what is it what is it is a balance issue is it an ability to adjust your ability to correct all things are happening what is it I think a lot of is like body awareness and and and is adapting to something is changing all the time like say it's like you know say for instance like basketball did Cena the Hoops are the basketballs in your hands it's not the Bell it's never changed if there's no variables really besides some dude trying to block it or pour golf you got the club the other ball I got a hoe but with been surfing you got your bored and you got you but that waves never the same there's literally never wanna waves not the same to any others in the world

► 00:25:48

so every single time you're dabbing two things that are changing in the world in real time like up to the like milliseconds over the waves changing shape as you're riding is here so you're never like reacting to something that is going to stay put your like anticipating the way of changing shape and that's what you're going to like I'm going to do a bottom turn into a a big turn-on aerial maneuver whatever it is but you're not reacting to something that's happening now you're reacting to the Future that makes sense I've been serving for 30 years and I sucked haha and I was friends of it still yeah you can be the biggest poop in the world and have the most fun that's why I surfing just sucks is called a kook know who has no water

► 00:26:36

that's really what it could get so I can look like they're serving and I'm staying out there and I'm waiting for a wave and you paddle out I've been waiting for a way for a long time or some some some girls 16 year old girls out there serving she's been waiting for you know 15-20 minutes and you paddle out and you had a ride pass or the next day that comes in you just turn around and go you're a kook okay so that's if you're unaware of the situation yeah that's just being oh yeah which is dangerous to pick a fight with a server San Diego shooter images black guy he is and you would never know it looks like so unassuming yeah looks like a guy who fixes computers he is and he's a Stoney baloney super skinny

► 00:27:36

crazy dude likes Tony eyes will fuck you up he will fuck you up but he's cool man he's he's awesome he's incredible Surfer yeah I've seen some amazing style and stuff but he's he's he's very unassuming careers Joel super legit and I would imagine that from that background like surfing that body awareness with different people different size people in your ability to adjust and change is always changing he's always right that's exactly right because you're you're sorta anticipating the guys next move which is very similar to surfing in the wave you know what that guy's going to do in the future not to what happening right that every second write a lot of times

► 00:28:36

if I was a guy that I've been serving for 30 years and I sucked and I knew you I'd be like hey Shane Dorian what the fuck am I doing wrong how do I fix this

► 00:28:46

yeah I don't know

► 00:28:49

is there fixing servings not like golf where you where you need to get better all the time you know what I'm saying like it like it like if you enjoy it even if you suck is that what you mean like if you're a golfer and you and you're not a golfer bit if your girlfriend your average games like an 82 and I said Joe if you buy this putter for $1,000 your average score will be an 80 you going to buy that that Parks it's the freakin world to you to shave Two Strokes off your game where is the biggest thing in the world to improve no one gives a shit if they're slightly better at surfing is all you care about is like that is like waking up at the crack of dawn having your coffee cruising down to the beach see you in the ways and reading the tides in the win in the end I go and serve with your buddies in having fun and then you go get breakfast and get some breakfast tacos go to work that's the lifestyle that keeps people saying that's why they do it they don't do it to get better or surf super good to go really fast and that stuff's fun but

► 00:29:45

I mean I don't have any more fun than a guy that serves half as good as me we have the same I bet he wishes he could serve as good as you yeah for sure so and I wish I served as good as the best surfer on Earth but it doesn't make it more fun which is that's that's why I love surfing that's why I so cool that's so what does it make it more if you want to get better at it doesn't make more fun what does it make it more it does something

► 00:30:14

it doesn't make it more fun to make more satisfying if you're better at it like when you serve at a high level which is it important to you now it gives you more options because the waves get big right which is more fun so it's really really big waves with with really low ability right so when the way to get big and really heavy and Technical you can't go out there unless you have really good available again unless you have a high ability level you can you really can't perform in really great great conditions so like when you see the crazy conditions where that you guys get towed out and you ride those 80ft waves that kind or no one who's Goofy's doing that there's some good you guys doing that because you're using machines to play anyways

► 00:30:59

fuck it just gives me such anxiety watching this how big is that wave I don't know if I like 60 feet on the face

► 00:31:09

we are on the way down do you are so high that is so high that wave is so giant it's like 40 feet above your head right now oh my God is giving me anxiety about surfing is in those moments like there's very few things in the world other than like I don't know I don't know how to relate that but I'm like that moment right there for me was like the Pinnacle of like who I am what I do best that moment that way of coming in at that at that minute in my life where I was in a right square foot of the ocean when that wave came in that was the best I was one of the best days in history and that's her spot and I was there I was prepared I was healthy at the right before the right equipment the right energy level I wasn't sick and have any you know everything was just a lined up in the ways are lined up in the swell was lined up the windows lineup

► 00:32:09

titas lined up and I was in the perfect spot when I wave came in do you watch a video all the time so much so so much luck finding it almost seems like something I want to watch every day like I get the day going you know your first kiss from a girl that's what that is that like mind-blowing this is but this is like an important moment in my life and I need to like if I have this moment I'm frozen that's what that is right there and so I think it's an adult you very rarely have those moments left I mean I ate it like a really like my expanding mind exploding moments really cool shit this is life hundred percent life right now and that's that's what I think we're all chasing and I mean those people sitting in traffic outside right now driving the freeway they're not having those moments that's not right then that's a real problem yeah it's a real problem with life is if people aren't having enough of those moments when you were 75 yards away from that help

► 00:33:09

I asked you weeks ago and you had an hour to get to really think about what you're doing and where you are in your life and you know how you got to 75 yards away from this animal in the whole year of practicing on the Target and all the millions of arrows you shot and all the preparation that isn't in this thing stands up and time's ticking and that Mom is there for the taking and it's so easy to fuck up and if it all happens the way that you you told to visualize it. Those moments don't happen very often then no they don't let that is what what a lot of people like yourself or myself or chasing you're always chasing these these above-average moments these high-level moments these moments where you just everything's elevated like when you're drawn back on a a big elk there's not another thing in your mind there's nothing on your mind other than your shot execution and getting it done and everything's heightened and all this is just pressure

► 00:34:09

how do you some guys shake like I seen some guys drawn back on an animal that their arms are shaking like they're shaking down everything so much anticipation I can barely keep it at Target Panic it's right it's like there's all this week I've seen guys do that where they had a perfect shot opportunity animal stand 20 yards away broadside exactly what you pray for and they getting the shakes and have to let down let down that's probably better than shooting so much better to have a lot of those kind of experiences those experiences make live richer and more satisfying you know I mean sounds like to people who love animals like all you piece of shit you want to kill an animal that makes life better it's not that

► 00:35:09

like your your I'm eating meat no matter what I feel better when I eat meat I believe it's healthier I've had these discussions with nutritionist since and scientists and I just think it's better for you I really do it for me to get it that way is way better because I'm getting my meat along with this insane hobby that super difficult to do I mean I could go out and just shoot a bunch of pigs to the rifle and I could get my meat that way and it would still be fun it's still be thrilling I would still be advacal wouldn't be the same though it's not the same experience know you had a hundred percent just for meat you can get me to the store like the experience of that of those moments out there with your friends in the under the pressure and and and and is putting yourself in that position where you feel like you need to make account that's that's that's part of our human existence that's that's part of what makes life worth living is is is private having to not even know but

► 00:36:08

just wear like you know

► 00:36:14

I don't know

► 00:36:15

yeah I know you mean you can get me to the store but you can't get wild elk at the store and you can't get it that way there's a bit just just such a giant difference between your relationship with the meat that you're eating when I take an elk steak out of the freezer and I defrost it and I seasoned it probably looks amazing by the way I look really really good they are getting good at Camp saw we were there with Chad Ward Whiskey Whiskey Bent BBQ on Instagram and who's a Master Chef I mean those World Championships in taught me how to cook it properly that's awesome and you know it's all about doing it slow and then maintain all the chance to do that up everybody either one of the guys one of the guys I just talked to me about you know he said he said Wildgame kind of tough and really cool how you cooking it like I just throw it on the grill like okay can't do that

► 00:37:15

Macy's sear it and then serve it will you can if you do it real thin slice it crazy thin it's not bad it's way better if you do it low and slow to 25 now I like to cook it at 2:25 I just set it at 2:25 and I'll cook a an elk steak for fucking an hour yeah you know whatever did I trigger you if you said a trigger 225 use of setting called super smoke and so it just feels that the inside of the singer so get off it really hard it's all just the beautiful thing about them is the people don't know we're talking about a Traeger Pellet Grill and he's pellet grills like this tables made out of Oak right when they cut the stable it would take the sawdust from the stable and they compress it and just using the natural sugars in the wood The Crazies pellets and then these pellet grills they have these

► 00:38:15

who drives that feed these pallets into a heating element and the heating element it just is just gets hot and then fire and then a fan blows in the fire to keep the fire going and it's all computer control to calculate exact same temperature and it maintains a temperature in it's so good that it's just so pure it's just wood and fire no gas no chemicals like on charcoal briquettes. No bulshit would taste so good off of things to have people over at my house when I cook wild game on my Traeger I have these people like what the hell I need to get one of these things I learned how to do it correctly they have those little things right out doesn't Cook Out the mean of the moisture in the do you take yours to let it rest

► 00:39:15

this is from Dudley he does he'll sear it and then he'll cover it with aluminum foil and put it in a Traeger or put in a Yeti cooler up for like 10 minutes and it wasn't nothing there's no like a little like I said I wouldn't say it but I don't I don't wrap it up and if you boil boil and then let it sit inside actually allows it to continue just a little bit how many degrees do you take it out before 1:15 I like to take it out at 1:15 then I sear the outside of it and then I seal it up with aluminum foil and then I put it in the the yeti and I'll let it sit in that Yeti for 10 minutes so it's continuing to talk slowly Chris if you take something warm and you put it in the yeti it'll keep it warm now if you take some may call it just insulate an incredibly fantastic me oh yeah and so it works with heat

► 00:40:15

cold alright alright I'm going to try it and he's constantly have you ever been to a d does a lot of hunting you better be doing a lot of cooking to yeah he just drove all the way from Oklahoma to Kansas he shot a deer in Kansas drove from not Kansas Oklahoma shot a deer in Oklahoma drove all through the night in Oklahoma and Parks his truck and got into a blind in Iowa I mean he just lives it dark or he's as hardcore as you get up yeah but that's all he eats I mean constantly eating deer and cooking deer and other people like large groups of friends and family is always cooking and entertaining I I I love that about him like when we were on the night he took forever I was awesome and everything was well games

► 00:41:15

Pat is that I look forward to that every year like a highlight of my year you know when we doing it this year everybody down there and how you know when everybody such a good crew so far no green tree and it's it's it's awesome and then the first first year we invented the cat lady drink yeah that was ridiculous Red Bull and wine and Bloated tequila and a little bit ambitious I was fucking nasty out of the other Dudley concoction mini bar just take whatever not afraid that was a such a fun podcast over all just enjoy something about the night or you can hunt in paradise and it's such a small island

► 00:42:15

it's like you use there's not very many people there the whole around every Bush scene seems like sometimes scrub hunting of axis deer especially with a bullet it's so need to go and like find your arrow and then you know five minutes later you got a whole nother Group stock yeah it's awesome it's also the most ethical for hunting cuz they're literally need to be hunted have to be they don't have any Predators it says and it's it's not something that some person who is a greedy person said all I'm going to put all these deer in this island I'm going to go on them are they were there brought there for a gift for King Kamehameha in the 1800's and it doesn't take a wildlife biologist to tell you that the numbers will get out of hand if you don't want them like when you're there it's really obvious that's a perfect example of of of how somewhere needs to be managed we have that project going on where their hunting deer and then they having the meat to poor people

► 00:43:15

which is the best meat in the world mean is such fun here is so delicious and that the great program gets offended program Santa Ana kahikinui project yeah that's the paint project you're from Hawaii can spit those words out of my mouth is going to be on the show he's he's he's a really good dude and he's got some great stories and he's really well educated in those as business really well so he started Meat Company so he does eradication in Hawaii because it needs to be done and easy magic show in there on Maui yeah until he you know he wanted to do you know to be able to actually utilize that me because you know these big ranches in golf courses and stuff babe they actually pay him to come in there and do it and so yeah she flipped it and figure out a way to start Meat Company so it's like a win-win situation because the deer need to be managed in you know speaking people and it and then the key can we project totally different like you didn't have a meat company

► 00:44:15

he's able to harvest sea animals in a really good way and he's able to utilize that Me by giving it to families who need it it's just phenomenal meet that people would pay a shitload of money for it would be like if you if you could buy commercially raised Axis deer it would be one of the most prized meets his such an unusual flavor it's extremely delicious how people that don't like wild game and they would like I'm not really in a venison I would like to cook access to your for them I'd like just let me cook this for you and tell me what you think cuz I've cooked it for my mother-in-law and she was she like took one bite and raised her eyebrows and she was what is this a Mike its axis deer chili what kind of deer is a picture of this is unbelievable so delicious

► 00:45:05

it's called a battle somebody with Wild game if you can if you can cook it right but she asks dear Jesus incredible and how beautiful they are they just in general just walking around then we get one or like just incredible animals attacking their my favorite your favorite aunt yeah what I like about them is we generally go on this Axis deer hunt like a couple of months for Elk season so you get all the Jitters out of the way because they are they are like seven times faster than you think an animal that size can be like how did you even do that how does something move that fast it's that Rick dude straight Matrix Matrix different accent

► 00:45:53

when we were on Lanai and he was hunting axis deer

► 00:45:57

he had it was very challenging very very challenging they were talking arrows in matrices he was having a hard time he went back to give me back home. Your taxes back to the drawing board and said I got I got I got to go hunting he went to hunt Axis deer first morning shot a huge buck and he called me because I shot a huge buck and you guys are but I got to tell you I fucking different Texas dude the deer just don't react the same way I mean in in Hawaii Hawaiians there's there's no season their the Hawaiians are eating that me 365 days a year are there hunting with high-powered rifles all year long Maui Mall Oak Island eye and all those deer are they just react like crazy yeah they're living in hell

► 00:46:42

everything in Paradise but there's there's a good reason yeah like head down feeding chilling no idea what to they might get a little bit more if anybody ever wanted understand human biology like male versus female biology they should see deer and elk in the Rut you have to see animals in the Rut that normally would be super spooky afraid of everything jumping at every snap twig and they just walking right up to people like they don't know what's going on there and horny for the deer on the antlers with his it was Arrow he's got an arrow on the deer in front of him he just had a good day at work I don't think I would ever happen once they get those

► 00:47:42

throbbing boners in a know what the fuck's going on next wandering around actually having sex this year ever seen that real life up close like not through binoculars yes anything to get up in Mount and then they go one big thrust myself. That was just wondering around yeah I saw it for about 60 yards out

► 00:48:22

I'm crazy right it's it's a fascinating experience to be around them when they're behaving like that Miss screaming and yelling at each other and and rotting in mating it's cuz it only happens once a year for those animals are we going to see it right here it goes on top

► 00:48:42


► 00:48:44

very very climactic I would wonder how accurate it is the only does it once every 6 months or 1 through 11 months must be frustrating on now you can see why they all fight each other for it for about a month right yeah but how cool is it one bowl and he's a badass and a good fighter

► 00:49:13

he didn't have like a first bowl that I actually are old with my bow he had a harem of 45 cows

► 00:49:23

One Bowl and it was like three satellite Bulls there is one bowl

► 00:49:28

and he had 45 cows with him that he was hurting that were his girlfriends and they're all on him to service all of them 45 cows and I from what I hear there's places where it's like there's like one bowl for a baby cows that's crazy it's a lot of work it's too much exhausted you really want like 3 Dan Bilzerian a human Bowl did you have a invited me to parties like listen man I'm married I can't go to your parties that's how did his appointment to go to a party if you're not a bull is it a goat in Goat think so

► 00:50:21

so it's like who's your right yeah but

► 00:50:32

is a super random who's the best podcast you ever had every time I think I have the best podcast will have another one that's better I talk to someone that I respect recently and they said that the Elon Musk one was the best podcast ever in history to Unique mind me and he just thought they just he just posted a video of one of the boring tunnels first completed tunnels and so the best react on me on it's an insanely long tunnel through LA and they did been doing this only for a few months yeah but apparently in December they're going to start doing this like look how long this is

► 00:51:18

this is inside La misses and his actual completed real tunnel that's underneath LA right now taking is it also uses how to get a crew owns the land underneath that's a real good question I don't think you understood what I was asking when I asked him that I'm like how do you how do you do this so I could you ask to do this like all is well want to call my project manager their house to make a while and they go through the roof of your tunnel are they allowed to I love that there's humans like him that are sinking on such a massive scale that are trying to fix the biggest problems that humans are facing like I was going to go riding waves and I'm telling dick jokes this guys digging holes under the earth I mean he's also sending cars in a space right he sent his

► 00:52:18

car he shot into space got SpaceX is talking about colonizing Mars he's got a Tesla company that makes the best electric cars on the planet Earth I mean he's got so many different things going on simultaneously I just don't understand his capacity for work he's trying he's trying to fix the energy you know the energy problems with you know you know getting energy from the Sun to the PowerHouse power your car if power of cities and you don't like it's crazy he make solar panels now that are actually tiles for your roof for your hot ass to sell the roof credible but you do you replace the tiles on your roof with the solar top sellers freaking cool dude I just got on my house I got I got it at my house tonight and have one of those Tesla powerwall 2 Batteries and Things insane and it's got like this crazy smart algorithm that knows when like a hurricane coming to Hawaii and it'll like power up my my my battery to 100% even if I'm not home even if I'm not watching The Weather Channel is it does it automatically does it

► 00:53:18

was it might need to backup my house wow somebody all my elk doesn't go bad in my freezer so are you on the grid are you off I'm on the grid but if you have the so yeah if your power comes from the the the solar and you could sell some of it back to the grid no mind but I think they stopped in the power companies weren't down with solar really it's hard to establish so it's hard to get permits and everything to have your house set up like they did try to make it kind of difficult for it try to make it very difficult yeah but it's pretty cool my my my power needs with solar by like 80% great so you could conceivably just exist purely on solar crazy volcano shoot is going cuz that you freaking out about that at all

► 00:54:11

not freaking I was freaking out so so I live on the westside in Kona the volcanoes on the east side so is the east side is that near to South Hill oh okay that's where the master the volcano was but the wind like a trade winds blow east to west so

► 00:54:33

so where I live it look like Shanghai for like 3 months but the air sucked like crazy is like LA Smog x 10 that freak me out I just look like volcanic Hayes my daughter is severely allergic to that really yeah we went to a store on the big island we we were staying at the Four Seasons and we laughed and went down to the store to get something for a cell phone she came with me and she just starts sneezing and sniffling and your eyes were puffy nothin like you okay what's going on are you sick she's like I don't know what's going on and the guy at the counter said it's probably the bog and I said what the fuck is the vagos like a volcanic Smog and it just if it didn't bother me at all but with her she's allergic to cats and a couple of bikes maker sniffle it was bad for about three months where I live is horrible that's what it looks like that's insane

► 00:55:33

when goes the wrong way then like Maui Oahu and it's it's all foggy out like all throughout Hawaii but it was busy like that that whole

► 00:55:44

the volcano essentially out of Praise eruption for about three and a half months and then it just stopped and they are qualities incredible where I live now just so blue off blue skies Crystal Clear like this insane sunset sunrise is it it's just beautiful so what did geologists at the air quality in 10 years really for sure yeah I don't know there was like a constant eruption for like 25 years but it was just kind of small it was continuously going but now it's like like nearly shut down completely so there's hardly any kind of anything going on there so the volcano blew its load dead elk in a sub for a while and it'll been out so the fog is gone so now it's probably a good time to go there it's a very good time come over and visit with the

► 00:56:44

oh my god did you hear about the freaking boat that had a big like a lava like a boulder lava Boulder watching the volcano like oh there they were so close it's not easy to make a living on the big so you will all want to go see that the eruption that all the lava going into the water for a photo of the boat near the eruption there's there's some images of like this these boats that were like they look like they're like 50 feet away from this Mega eruption like crazy

► 00:57:29

really scary stuff but you're my message lavaman yeah especially when it's it's spitting things out of the answer to that

► 00:57:40

the Earth pissed and that's when it happened

► 00:57:45

guy would Monday well back that up there I want to watch it fly through the air and hit them and I will say what would I do

► 00:57:53

who did flying through the air

► 00:57:56

the time to think about what you would do is before you get on the boat docked in dude that's crazy the hole in the fucking folk roof we see the redness in the whole of the boat is the hot shit just tore right through the roof while on all of these tour boat guys are competing right there they're like jockeying for position to get the closest unobstructed view so everyone can take videos and post on Instagram but you're 23 people injured can just talk about if one of those like little like lava nuggets just having a fly to you just blow hole right through you would have hit some of that had how about the guy next to use headless and you're sitting there with your fucking camera trying to get a selfie for Instagram but the thing is everybody trips out and look at all my God this is unprecedented is lava lava volcano

► 00:58:56

active volcano that's where we live I born and raised on this island erupting almost everyday since I was born true right yeah most of your life that time of the year any year in Sea lava Kona because I used to live in Kona psychedelic I guess you would call him a psychedelic speaker scholar he's he was a botanist who was an ethnobotanist who set up this place in Kona and he was he was off the grid completely off the grid like he has an Ayahuasca Brew what's going on down there was a fire up there and I think I lost like a bone of the fire was up in Northern California had some of his books up in Northern California but has a place up in the Big Island that there was

► 00:59:56

like 30 different types of psychedelic plants growing on his you know I like 10 acres up there that's a spot up there and he had already been in the house high as a kite or what is brother I would like to go there he's dead now unfortunately

► 01:00:13

looks like a pretty green Cosmic joint right there that's a weird picture right he had like these sister and I guess they would call them one of these containers at catch rainwater and he had everything you know filtered that way and he ain't horny hippies it going up there at night activities of what he was doing a lot of lectures and psychedelics and one of the most influential speakers ever on psychedelics cuz he was so interesting such an interesting guy to listen to a lot of people like that really gravitate to the beginning there's something about the big island where we live but it's just it's a live it really is a tiling is freaking alive it is and you feel that are stuck upstairs I can energy there and there's there's people here like I meant to live here I had moved across the Earth to live here because it is like just pulled me hear people I got all the time

► 01:01:13

Shaq and he's one of those guys I mean he's from Colorado originally from Colorado but I mean for him he was a bit of a recluse and he would fly 6 months of the year he would fly and give these lectures in like you know Austin and San Francisco and all over the world really and then he would fly back and live on the big island write books a cool place to live in an awesome and if you're a bowhunter some of that place either right it's not a bad place either why is an incredible frowning incredible for people everybody's got a really good attitude there looks like it's more and I just got back from Manhattan which I love I love going to New York City and but every time I go there I'm like I don't think I could do this is to stacked on top of things and there was this one thing I'd seen the other never seen before they had like this rotate rotating machine that you park cars on so say if you parked your car in here with me and then your car would go I gotta pee

► 01:02:13

what the fuck is that Tokyo crazy dude and you can rent one of those spots one of those one of those car spots for like huge box in Tokyo I'm sure like 50 Grand a year will tell her like a like a parking spot at your building where you live have you been to Tokyo strange to because it's so polite yeah I love Tokyo that's like everyone's it's almost like you're visiting an alien culture cuz I don't know I don't know what they're writing is I see it but I recognize it as Japanese but have no idea what it says and then the people there they're all like super polite and very orderly and then everything's electronic it's almost like time to have almost like a parallel civilization like on another planet are the history of Japan

► 01:03:13

old school Japan is the opposite of like like this like forward technology hyper futuristic civilization there now that's a fast anything about agent. Riley Samsung in Korea they make the some of the best electronics in the world and you drive just outside of sitting there like rice fields everywhere people want me working with those cool hats on in like everyone that has no shoes in General on your blood then you drive right to the city and it's just like this giant electronic City yeah wonder what it is all good food in Japan and all over age of I love Japan Japan's pretty I just fascinated by the culture. It mean that that's obviously the birthplace of a lot of martial arts Judo came from there are karate a lot of gold

► 01:04:00

a lot of

► 01:04:06

find out the exact thing you want to be spilling into I was afraid that we were going to have nothing to talk about that was going to be interesting if we get stuck on like archery for like 2 hours so I looked up a couple things what did you look up as like I just like was geeking out in the car was that impressive when I just pulled up in like a big old Cadillac book of black Cadillac with a driver or what no it's normal really weird yeah yeah I don't do that very often but the stricken state car to move right they don't break I've had three lexus's that Lexus SUVs those fucking things never break down they never have a sale now they're dating

► 01:04:59

turn tribal Vehicles yeah they just long and end in Hawaii you're going off road so much that for surfing and hunting I'm always going off road and camping take my kids and stuff so you want something Reliable Toyota truck for like 35 Grand in like 6 years later you sell for 32 and it'll go for 200,000 Mi zero problems I got a big Tundra how to make things so goddamn reliable there's my truck lifted Toyota Hawaii that's my last truck now though to get truck get you anywhere you want to go dealership where I live I'll really have big island Toyota

► 01:05:59

have you ever seen that company called Deb Rolo they take those things they make a bulletproof and they they they spray the outside of them with what is that fucking Cody to make some bulletproof I might need to get that for all the people hunting and surfing you would think they're both of natural but could get a little bit of it just because there's a lot of granola crunchy people that get upset there's a lot of like dolphin riders in a surf world that are like it's peaceful from the earth why you got to kill the Shane why you got killed

► 01:06:43

always always always always understand that if you don't kill him if there's going to be way more problems for them if you don't understand it but they're never understand it and that's it I used to consider Electronics play now to people but there's there's there's really not there's a coating that they it's called polyuria is the is the type of material but there's a will there's an actual name for it

► 01:07:11

evergreen trees got a really really bad ass Toyota yeah like he had his built the whole back area where the cabin is is all like stuff he did not just looks like he does not like red Wheels he's got like real shit like fridgerators in there and and the freaking shower to shower off all the mud and where she drove to his property and it was so much that that is it possible to get up the roads is pure mudslide and he uses winch to win chess up his of his road like all the way up is road to the winch so cool so I just I mean the thing is like that's got to be good for something you know he's been in America now for like a month and a half ounce hunting if you go to Adam Greentree Instagram page or he's in a tree stand he's waiting like he's trying to hunt deer and it's waiting for a deer walked by and he has guns go

► 01:08:11

Waffen and he hears the leaves crack because bullets are whizzing by his head and hitting the leaves that are Liam and his video of it and he's like what the fuc might cuz I guess he said there's 200 200 gunshots in 6 hours into the Midwest during opening day tundra in Kentucky given Toyota Toyota trucks are actually made in America blue which is a Honda that's actually made in Ohio they construct they designed it and come

► 01:09:11

issue Detroit if you're in Detroit you were driving a car that shoot out of it but now I mean so many car companies moved out of Detroit start selling give up on that Sly next thank you that shit if you could take a lot line ex is crazy that black coating the plastic coating that they put on those trucks you can take Line-X and cover a watermelon with it and drop it off of a building that's so they take that that that Matt Gray or matte black sort of cover that thing looks sick that is Line-X and so these Line-X covered trucks they make them and they also make them with Kevlar windows and door panels and bulletproof plates underneath them to make like a heavy like just a total piece of shit nobody want to kill you you get one of those things just drive around of Line-X armored vehicle how much of an idiot do you look like driving that thing around sunglasses

► 01:10:11

I like that but I love the freaking Line-X the whole thing that's like they had to get my truck so any scratches that you would like I bet you're doing out of my truck do you get scratched up oh yeah one of our guides in his truck was Line-X that was completely just fucks up their key doesn't work it's it's pretty impressive stuff when you see trucks like mine here in LA

► 01:11:11

where is this going to look like badasses this one look like killer in a lifted truck you can park in any like structure you can go underneath the underground parking attendant not hear it yeah you look cool in like gridlock traffic at like 5 p.m. on the 405 is it a strange thing when you come from your place with me what is a big on have a hundred thousand people or something like that on the entire Island and Alex island of Hawaii am and you know you go from there to here was a hundred thousand people you know go to West Hills right here it's probably a hundred thousand people for every like 3 blocks it is weird coming here I spent a lot of my life in California actually even I was born and raised on the big island like that every time I get off the plane I just did. So baffling that freaking LAX airport and getting on the freaking shuttle for the rent a car and getting Rent-A-Car in and getting on the 405

► 01:12:11

everyone's going 90 crazy as always like an adjustment period of like a half an hour or so when I'm driving him like in the slow lane like 5 is really happening this coil on 89 80 miles an hour everyone's going 80 and no one's getting stopped and I don't know it's just a shock what you're used to place where people in the past people in the highway yeah those roads if someone passes people in those little single Lane Road could get mad right yeah man get mad if you're going too fast or slow down that's that's that thing we were talking about this on the on the lost and the last time I was here but why is it so it's a different kind of place where ya you don't you don't pass people just because they're going a little bit slower on the on the highway if you do you better make sure they're not the wrong person right now you want to do want to show respect to the people

► 01:13:11

you know I mean I want to move there if that's fine I don't think anyone gets mad at that but you just don't want those people to move to Hawaii because they love Hawaiian and try to turn it into California respect the culture respect the way people act behave and then respect the vibe that everything is more relaxed yet when you get there cuz everything's relaxed so different to different vibe people forget that though people move to Hawaii for that and then they moved by you want to turn it in California does that happen if you want to buy a house in the beach and put a big giant wall around and keep everyone out of the private beach and I like their own little Zone and this is this is my zone am I stopping my giant house and eventually get on the beach is kind of hilarious holding like a chunk of pizza you don't own that bitch like you decided to put a giant. Try next to the ocean have security guards in Malibu of public beaches

► 01:14:11

what's connected to the ocean motherfucker like your yard is the ocean like my friend has kids he has a beach house my friend has kids and the kids and the kids were surfing just now a few hundred yards in their house and they were in front of this guy's house the guy comes out the house fucking screaming at them so I can get the fuck out of here you're not supposed to be here in like you can't tell people that just because you spent a lot of money on a house that's on the beach doesn't mean you own the beach you don't that's the beach it's the whole earth speech like someone can come here from all around the world and walk on that beach that's that's your yard you fucked up you bought this 15 million dollar house that anybody could walk 30 feet from your house but that's just how it is dude sorry and that weird that people don't get that they finally got in the super ultra which category that's like the rules don't apply anymore well they're just trying this rate

► 01:15:11

security guards see if you can find the invisible people yelling at kids cuz they're in front on the beach and said it's just it's just stupid like if you live on the beach you have to come except that your house is next to this public park yeah you're right you're essentially living in a public park we have his dope view you get to look at the ocean book in front of your house is everybody's now it just is everybody's you don't you can tone it never not going to be and it moves it goes and that's one of the weird things that happened apparently they did something in Santa Barbara they did something to the to the ocean they did something like they put up some sort of a barrier since it'll break in Santa Barbara and it affected broadbeach in a crazy way like it pushed the Waterway closer cuz one of the good things about broadbeach least I think they called billionaire Beach

► 01:16:11

what are these people these crazy fucking houses they had this long stretch of sand before the water and then the water came way up like to almost to where the houses are not assholes it's all gone but now the people that utilize the beach are literally right for these peoples houses so they're fucking freaking out I'm crazy BC is there any articles about yeah so these people have hired security guards to kick people off and then people are getting together any lawsuits against these people that own this house is so you can keep this off these peaches and I never want to be those people dark can we establish that but I just I just want to keep those people want to keep going surfing in bowling and how the wealthy are laying claim to the couch California's Coast complaints have been streaming about security guards hard by wealthy home homeowners removing people from public beaches you can tell those two security guards they can't do anything like they touched you like it would be a salt like you can't tell me I can't walk on the beach you can't

► 01:17:11

do anything I was trying to read through this and the first cases that the security guard went and got a sheriff in the sheriff told him that they're going to get a ticket if they didn't get off the beach or all scared cuz all those people want the influence of all these wealthy people for the wealthy people influence the politicians a sheriff's want to keep their jobs in the whole thing is just crazy but the thing is now today this stuff is getting out and it's getting out on the Internet is getting out in these stories and articles that are on the internet homeowners have been poured self-employed several taxes keep their beachfront properties private Reese example of a case in Malibu and Vibe involve the property owner charging people $40 to walk on the beach and banning surfing unless the person was a resident or friend of a resident what you can just decide that's crazy that's like literally going up to a state park and saying no one can go in here it's too close to my house

► 01:18:07

yeah there's nothing right about that stuff and I don't get I don't I just sent you that kind of break their that mentality that gives me the gnarliest anxiety I just don't want to be anywhere near those people just want to get far far away from them in like live in the mountains in Hawaii or I do because she'd been on the beach in just a few minutes were at All Uniform security guard approach he said he told Schwartz she was trespassing on private property and threatened her with a $1,500 fine and a court citation if she didn't leave

► 01:18:39

yeah she said yeah she's a commission employee was asked to do some reconnaissance falling stream of formal complaints at that point I pulled out the maps that I had and said you know this is a public area schwartzel called the guard disregarded her insistence after telling her she needed to provide legal proof that she had a right to be there the guard left and returned 20 minutes later to sheriff deputies who slip swiftly advised Schwartz at the beach was not for public use then I got a bit unsettled she remembers as Brave as I like to think I am I kind of started shaking a little bit start to get a little nervous I was repeated that was

► 01:19:17

if you go back up Jamie it'll say whose house that was a name is David Geffen's also near his house same deliberately restricted Public Access you noticed that same thing with Mark Zuckerberg 2013 the guardian reported how entertainment Mogul David Geffen head to Liberty was delivered last restricted public access to the beach nearest home and carbon Beach she have a ton of really you can't do that yeah Mark Zuckerberg did that on Kauai this beautiful property on the North Coast of quized incredible beautiful place with credible ways and not too many people live there and he bought this insane like thousands of Acres right there where most beautiful places on Earth and then try to keep everybody out in like completely block Early Access and all the Hawaiians all the little people got extremely angry with a man if you just would have been me he's going to be a resident right you would think this little island on kauai's he wasn't living there forever you can't just like storm in there while the property up in Block every

► 01:20:17

you got to live in Kauai I don't know but there's more but you know people on choir really Territorial and protective of where they live and they live in a really beautiful place and a lot of people who want from there we'll have lots of money want to live there are still people people inquire hyper sensitive to that already so you got like Mark Zuckerberg you know probably worth a billion dollars or something come in there and buy a bottle and try and block everyone is not a good move while he's probably terrible move but he's probably super insulated two people right I mean everywhere that God goes you bring security guards for them I have to and he's probably like probably has almost no interaction with regular people who think so

► 01:21:08

these young man so young he's like 34 or some shit how old is he Jamie

► 01:21:16

what you worth 80 billion in your thirties and worth a billion dollars. Still working how about that at school and Zuckerberg is it school does guys believe so much that they can actually make a difference if they're still that's the only reason that's keeping him it's not the money he paid a hundred million dollars to purchase 700 acres of land wow it's 3434 that's crazy he's got a weird reputation of fucking over the people that made made Facebook with an annoying I don't know if that's correct or not but that movie man I sue the fuck I was people made that movie if that's not true right in the movie the kind of set it up like he stole the idea what he had to settle he settled out of court paid a lot of millions to like the Winklevoss brothers any to 2 cuz they said it was their idea

► 01:22:16

that movie. Yeah they sure did kind of happy that that movie actually got made you think that they would have got paid off and I'll make it weird to make a movie about a person even if they got accurate reports from other people it's so weird to make a movie about a person still alive right now and put words in his mouth a lot of speculation to no matter what for sure what my settlement was 20 million in cash and 45 million + Facebook stock but yeah I know who's the movie about you about you and how you want to be saying some shit you never really said you can't have me say those words with an actor's inflection and his decisions to make whatever creative choices he makes with the way he talks and 99% of the people watching that movie aren't having

► 01:23:16

conversation with people they just automatically think that Zuckerberg that's what happen if like Jamie was like hey did you know what I just got fired by Joe fuck that guy shows JoJo try to touch me just one day when I was shooting the Techno Target Target he try to touch me everyone believe it was like a really pretty girl pretty girl shaves hair goes you would try to stop the movie The Social Network for being made pretty heavy this time I can make a movie about you without your consent and put words in your mouth. If you were convicted in a court of law for that stuff but if if this is just like yeah

► 01:24:16

I swear this happened in the documentary 2 showing footage was doing certain things different situation if you decide to put words in that guy's mouth and you have fucking Justin Timberlake plam in a movie who played in the movie he's in it Jesse Eisenberg so do you have a famous actor the famous actor plays you in a movie and makes you out to be a cunt that sucks it's his choice and in the director's I can make it a little more Conti to do a little more try a little more remove the snack steak yeah you should be able to sue the fuck out of people cuz at the end of the day it's one thing to tell a story hey I work with Zuckerberg that guy was a dick he stole my ideas it's another thing to have someone play him

► 01:25:16

the movie here and make up a bunch of words that he didn't really say or you don't know he really said you don't have any proof that you really sad that's fucking Century historical movies did they make a movie about Abraham Lincoln like someone was saying they do a movie Abraham Lincoln Vampire killer you know she has to know it's really ridiculous Abraham Vampire killer this is one of the dumbest movies ever any other Abraham Lincoln movie have a bunch of movies about Abraham Lincoln was just hanging out with his kids and you don't know what the fuck you said you don't know what kind of interaction he actually had with his wife who aren't there how do you pitch that movie to the studio you know what guys I got this concept concept that's when you know you got way too much money is when you're making movies about Abraham Lincoln being a Vampire Killer

► 01:26:16

the trailer for Abraham Lincoln vampire slayer member correctly that the guy that wrote the book that this movie was made from wrote pride and pride purple Pride and Prejudice and Zombies where he wrote Pride and Prejudice but added a zombie-like plot throughout it so he just said he smashed up the story it was successful so he did it again was like an amber Abraham Lincoln biography but added vampires to it is there the math and it went to my time is precious I want to watch something really good not really bad I don't know man it's a lot of people out there that just want to be entertained but stupidity give me give me full screen of the stupid piece of shit I watch this thing high as a kite to

► 01:27:23

where you were you were you in that Shack on the big island when you watch this

► 01:27:33

because look at this this trailer actually looks pretty fucking cool

► 01:27:39

she watch them

► 01:27:45

tell Liam Neeson

► 01:27:48

I remember who played them the look is fucking up all these vampires who this

► 01:27:56

who do the acts sing

► 01:28:02

wow Abraham Lincoln

► 01:28:05

vampire Hunter

► 01:28:09

looking to chop down a tree with one swing Duty so badass

► 01:28:14

very high percentage of people watching that movie where High things that are not good for my job see I will I will go I will watch movies and television shows I will watch things hoping hoping it sucks bad enough to become Department you didn't have to go pretty hard to do you like jokes like a like a like a like a joke Factory it does it looks like it should be a joke Factory it's not about maybe someone better than me come out like 2 months before the the Lincoln movie with Daniel Day-Lewis rushed it out that is amazing by the way I saw the Danny Day-Lewis that we don't really know what the fuck this guy said it's one thing like There Will Be Blood which is fucking amazing out but those are fake people meant you look good as Lincoln crazy crazy how good they made him out

► 01:29:14

number Gangs of New York when he was Bob The Butcher but was it built a few people that some lot of people that are actors and it just weirdos there just is really strange people that desperately want attention they figured out a way to use their mental illness to to navigate the Waters of Hollywood in some strange way where their virtue signaling in in in in behaving exactly the way Hollywood wants him to behave to get themselves to these positions of Fame in the movie stars and they say a bunch of nonsense needs to hear them interview you like you're not even a person but just not a person is that a person talk and there's no sincerity is no reality to you just painfully aware of every word you're saying and how people going to receive it and you just know there's no the guards never down they're just weirdos and then these people attended the Lewis

► 01:30:14

just the Savage figures out how to become these people have any retired you know he does now make shoes are you serious he's a cobbler he makes Shoes by hand

► 01:30:34

that's what he does wow he's a legend you kidding me all the butcher yeah he is made by him

► 01:30:46

should do it I should one of you make shoes for people probably just make shoes for his friends would like to see have a company like I know he makes shoes but we like what is he doing these God damn shoes what does lifestyle I cannot even after all that like you know I was saying like all those crazy moments I got human potential like you know what his unit potential of his like acting craft like during like last Mohicans and and The Gangs of New York and stuff going from that like extreme those extreme highs and low performance making shoes that's crazy people go up not up intensity not down in Pennsylvania the intensity aspect of it is really interesting but I think for him like he's he's such an artist that I don't think he cares what people are looking at his art I think he cares about the process of creating now so I think the same to him because it doesn't have any adulation

► 01:31:46

Spotlight on it is so stupid interviews he has to do another joke movie coming out about it sounds like you need a Daniel Day-Lewis on the on the podcast here I'll be leaving looking amazing but maybe you would be psyching on that maybe I would talk to that guy for 3 hours just about shoes you awesome just tell me about your stitching problems does it it says that he took time off from making movies to study under this very well known Shoemaker for 10 month specifically and only did that how many came back though he made a movie like last year call the Phantom thread wish you were here to design fashion designer and he learned to in order to do that he reverse-engineer to Balenciaga dress

► 01:32:42

dentist of learn how to become a fashion what is a Balenciaga dress to know that he's pulled up it's balenciaga's company they make that shirt we made with. So you took it apart and then put it back together again process of doing it sound like he's retired all the way it doesn't seem like he makes a retired last year though only one way to find out for a while Daniels you're out there anytime dude just just holler at me I know you don't have it but I know you don't have a Twitter but I got people you got people he was amazing in the movie The Box or two he played the most believable professional boxer in a film because a lot of films like even like the movie

► 01:33:42

Marky Mark where he played Micky Ward it was like Mark Wahlberg knows how to punch he knows how to throw punches but there's a difference between throwing punches in the movie then the guy throwing punches in a fight and if you look at the way Daniel Day-Lewis is performing in that boxing movie he looks like a guy who's throwing punches in a fight it's way more realistic than any boxing movie I've ever seen and he box for a full year before you did that movie

► 01:34:12

you mean just lived in a boxing gym he trained all the time sparred hit the pads he got real coaching from where he played a guy who is an IRA guy who got out of jail and then got back into boxing and then it's a bunch of Terror shit involved in the film's very good movie but see if you can find footage of him from that movie guys at throwing punches like they write a certain thing about boxing like if you watch a guy actually fighting there's attention attention to worry about getting hit back and you see a movie about a man that I met her down there just anticipation yeah it's all even when they're getting hit it's bullshit

► 01:35:09

I mean this guy he he studied and trained I forget who was training on but it was like legit professional boxers see crazy that commitment that these guys are acting to the next level cuz there's not too many people would have noticed that he fights more like a real fighter a real boxer through like they're not wide everything is real tight

► 01:35:38

pretty fucking impressive but I mean I would expect nothing else from this guy he's as legit as I know only one way to find out when we get along when we going hunting I don't know I think June you want do May or June let's try to plan something yeah for sure then I was the next one you should come with us to Dudley's Place Oklahoma in March and March were going to go pick hunting daddy fun it's infested March

► 01:36:12

I have a massage that gigantic pig video shot down there yeah I did monster 450 lb Pig like a tank so he's big as his table the three of us stack together is crazy in Oklahoma it's all y'all just just beautiful Wild open country Oklahoma's very underrated you're going to Oklahoma never been to the Midwest now I know Ohio tomorrow first time ever is at Midwest yes even know where the Midwest is no Ohio, Midwest virgin so I'm going back to Ohio that's actually my mom is from Stow oh that's cool what part of Ohio rather hang the southern part I'm going I'm going to watch a haunting Bryant

► 01:37:12

parliament's is right in the middle so this Portsmouth Kentucky area maybe I'm hoping it's not too cold Columbus shit Columbus is awesome I'm excited it's just whatever far away is Farmland flat that right it's flatter the most areas for sure but like especially down from Columbus down to the South area where the rivers go there's a spicy Indian mounds and there's all sorts of like Glacier cut out spaces in Hocking Hills is a very cool spot there's also the Old Man's Cave is a really cool spot to take a traditional Columbus is one of the most underrated cities in the country people are fucking crazy cool it's a really good place to stand up for stand up comedy so one of the best places in the world it's just fucking phenomenal they're smart but they're also like Midwest Eye people

► 01:38:11

but they did not stuck-up you know it's like it's like almost like Chicago it's like a lot like Chicago I think well I'm not going to see it I'm just going to go straight to my treestand yeah tree stand hunting if you ever done it before I got a little bit of trees that honey but some mind fuck I'm impatient I like to be stalking I like to be on the move I like to be finding dear I like to do you know I like that being I like a hunt I want to go to Hunter and so for me like sitting in a tree for 4 days straight it will be interesting to see if I have what it takes because you're oddly aware that if you fail your fucked like you have to wear a harness and all that jazz like I did it with Dudley the first time I ever treat a hunted deer before on the ground in a ground blind but the first time I ever did in a tree stand was at Dudley's place

► 01:39:13

all bow hunting he lives matter literally lives in Whitetail Paradise Iowa one of the best places in the world for me to send a text, text Daddy down and check it out on Iowa tag don't have some good Whitetail clothes they sent me some really really warm clothes for hunting you don't want to get one of those things have you seen the heated sleeping bags are those up there I could yeah yeah they have those some things were they called Inferno suits or something like that with those things called see the thing is it I like I like hunting and cold weather I love it super cold weather even if I can in my stocking around I can walk around can move right now. Cold the whole point of sitting in a tree stand you have to try and sit

► 01:40:13

hundred percent still move as little as possible and you're freezing your dick off your balls right because you're not moving so your body is not generating heat when it's like 80 degrees or 10 degrees in eastern Colorado and I was okay because I can move that you were taking layers off yeah if you're going up hills right like that is one of the things that's really interesting to me about hunting and cold weather is a whole layering system is that you have to really be aware of when you're sweating so the whole key is to get yourself to the point where you're never sweating so how's your mood cuz if you're sweating and then you have to cool off and then you have a sweat pills you yeah yeah yeah you know that's one of the beautiful things about wool is that will allows you to retain your body heat even if it's wet now it doesn't doesn't really fuck with you the same way that a lot of synthetic snippet.

► 01:41:13

no synthetics are good cuz they did the dildo dry quickly have you ever seen that rewarming drill that John barcklow from Sitka did Willy jumps in a river with wet clothes and shows how to heat your body back up now but I just did a hunt with

► 01:41:34

I just did a hunt with John Hart from Sitka to start yoga a bit you know stuff like that like what do you do if you fall in a river and its cold is like one of the few owns the company he's one of the best representations of what you would want from a guy who owned a big company use a CEO of a big companies involved in hunting articulate conservation-minded very ethical just saw a great guy

► 01:42:14

awesome company to make good stuff yeah there's a lot of good stuff out there but I just I'm hoping I stay warm on this on his hunting when you guys in BC where were you guys Weird Al I know that's right that's right I was thinking you were in that moose hunt they just got back from hunting anyway so you were in that crazy Ranch that's somewhere on the big island the people never hunt right some big area yeah we were we were hunting on the big island we are hunting pigs

► 01:42:46

it I was I was hunting in an area that was like

► 01:42:50

ice plant deer hunting these big bores on the big island and his lot of fun is great but he's okay he's at he's a really good dude yeah they have like numbers that they have to keep the pigs down to do they have like a point where the pigs reach for he won't know. And if they're not because there's no Predators on Hawaii so the pigs aren't kept in check by people they'll get completely out of hand they have wildlife biologist who managed the numbers and try to decide like know what to do a two strand killed me again is it not a problem because so many people hunt there

► 01:43:29

I mean it just all depends who you ask it's it's it's crazy because I put the pigs to the pigs can Thrive and really thick areas so that there's very difficult to do like a to figure out how many pigs are are like if you try and count the number of deer on Maui people count them my friend Jake does it fly in the grid and look at a pretty darn accurate reading of how many deer on the island but trying to figure out how many pigs on the big island it's impossible they live in the jungle underbrush should have the deer they come out in the open and helicopter and you can see I'm running pigs don't do that just go right in the thick so basically there's infinite numbers of pigs on the big island so do the way she move on she we have like a hybrid cheap we have them we got goats and and those you can if you can get numbers of and you can knock them down really quick if you're trying to eradicate them it's really difficult how does a mouflon sheep

► 01:44:29

MoveOn cheaper amazing yeah that's what I've heard they're great to hunt did you see that controversy that happened pretty recently where a woman shot a she shot of wild sheep I did in Europe and people are upset at all these Ricky gervase of course he has to jump in that's his favorite thing Glenn Greenwald all these people jumped in what would they don't understand is is wild goats are invasive species they have no natural predators and they they hunt them to preserve the wildlife that's indicative that's that's native to the area now whether it's the plant life animal life mean these these goats if their populations are left unchecked like the hunting for a very specific reason like really have you talked to some wildlife biologist they should be eradicated cuz they're a lot of them were left on Islands people don't realize this

► 01:45:29


► 01:45:31

they they left them on these islands cuz this was an island off of I believe it off of Ireland or Scotland see if you can find that store Scotland a lot of them are left there by by Travelers so they would have food there when they came back so they would drop these things off on the certain islands and in fact there was a real area a real problem where they drop them off this is the woman and people got all over this lady for shooting this wild go which is really kind of crazy because they eat them they're delicious they eat them is food there invasive there so many things going in

► 01:46:06

pointing towards the direction that this was actually a smart conservation thing to do but I guess maybe it was because of the way she talked about it and it because she said it was a really fun hunt or something like that but I get it it's like a basic a beautiful creature and it would have still been alive if she wasn't there so that perspective of people just like you know why you got to kill it it's a it's a bit so it's the wild animal but you know it all the people who think that if you dig a Little Deeper there's a lot more information there with the music can't let those girls get out of hand as hard as hell they don't die but that's a problem resolved

► 01:46:53

Ricky Gervais or Glenn Greenwald someone like that that has a giant platform that loves animals and I appreciate that and that instantly post something like this very inflammatory without looking into it deeper yeah the user platform and date they think to expose something to think it's River but they don't understand what's going on behind the scenes of this there's a thing called Judas goats and what they do is I'll take a goat and they'll neuter that go and put a GPS tag on it and send it out because go to his flock together now and this goat will go near the other goats and then they fly over with helicopters in gun these goats down and this is just to keep go populations in check so they kill every go but the Judas goat and then the Judas goat will find other goats and then they fly over again and gone all the goats this is done by Wildlife biologists because that just because those goats eat everything I have a friend who lives in Topanga and they bought goats to clean their property

► 01:47:53

they thought that this would be a good idea I'll bring these goats in and they'll eat all the weeds and everything every last thing to keep going until decimate local Wildlife like whatever their habitat is Will devastate all these local plants I mean it seems that are supposed to be there that have been there forever when these invasive species get there they have a really hard time maintaining then it gets to a point where they have to do something about it will this this woman paid to do that so that money goes towards conservation she gets to eat the meat and now she has this enjoyable experience hunting these things in the mountains but people don't want to look at that they just want to look at it it shouldn't die it's really particular crazy when it's a guy like Ricky gervase who eats meat yeah like the whole thing is just it's so strange it's just so strange that people refuse to look deeper into these things and they immediately have his knee jerk reactions were they want to complain about it and do so publicly in a way that gets all these people to attack this woman

► 01:48:53

photo of that dead animal that's what that's what initiates that that response but like emotional response I was smiling to get the worst thing ever and grab some like steak and cook it and think nothing of it nothing at all of that meat they don't they don't see the parallel there they just think that is two completely different and weird that someone wants to go hunt them it's fucked up in his weird accepted hypocritical way I mean it's It's oddly accepted but we all have freezers full of the best meat there is and eat it every night and it's amazing I never to stop we do video that we actually have that connection with that meat we killed it we skinned it we got the meat we debone it we packed it out we package didn't put in our freezer self but this is the first race Lincoln awesome I've seen someone get attacked at something that's a meat animal cuz I've seen people maybe they don't know what to meet animal but I've seen people get attacked for obviously for anything like that

► 01:49:53

it's it's Brian in the Predator one is the biggest one I'll give you kill something it's a predator people for whatever weird reason freak out more than anything

► 01:50:02

well and if there's and if there's like a like a like a like a general idea that they're endangered you know I mean like everybody thinks that lions are endangered elephants are endangered yeah there's a lot of misconceptions out there for sure but I don't really eat lions are elephants really like that idea and there's millions of deer Millions I literally we hunt in Lanai has 3,000 people they asked to meet somewhere over 20,000 deer and they don't even know I mean it's just a bananas text red with with Daniel Bryan and Randy and Anna and all you guys and and there was a stat that they were saying yesterday I don't know if you're on that tax and they were saying it like in one of the Midwest states I don't know which one was your member in one I made by States like 850,000 deer died during gun season and half of them like four hundred thousand year die in the first 2 days

► 01:51:02

cuz we were talking about Adam being the tree in one state alone 850000 year die during gun season so you think of how many deer that is much if no one hunted for like 3 years what was that stuff would be the number of car accidents Nationwide with dear I think it's a million-and-a-half I mean but the people who get angry at the photos don't think of what it would be like if you just stop hunting know that I can how many pugs would eventually be tough to bring in wolves if you're comfortable with wolves eating your kids that's what it is or isn't all that big bad wolf shit from where little kids little pig little pig let me in that's because wolves were everywhere and they were bad it was dangerous like you would go through for walking people yeah we got so far away from that we forgot of it as a possibility

► 01:52:02

The Miz dogs that are leaving their natural pet dogs just living his best life in the woods how I love it when they how do you get to your house the trying to figure out how to eat your kids and if you reintroduce him in the Yellowstone ever going to leave Yellowstone they're going to stay there they're going to stay right in this little yeah you know that's what those people think but really they're going to just start roaming and recreating thousand thousands and thousands of walls are all going to go into like neighborhoods eventually that's what's happening what's happening Montana to Salmon Idaho yeah these are all reintroduce wolves that are mean and they also go on the Surplus kills will kill like 15 L can just leave them there they just go nutty that's what they do my friend lives in Montana and he was telling me that the wolf population is so out of hand that the that the elk population has been decimated

► 01:53:00

it was down to like 80% or some some crazy stat crazy

► 01:53:05

I've been in 1994 I mean that's when they reintroduce them right in the 90s behind it there's now that human population is is so established in love these areas and you can't just reintroduce wolves with no plan to keep keep a lid on it there is a plan for the problem of the plan is the established numbers that they needed to achieve before they start managing the population than that there's immediate lawsuits by animal rights activist we don't want them to ever hunt will write so in Montana they will open up Seasons they open up seasons in Idaho open up season for wolves and they would like to do the same for grizzly bears and all these areas and there's a lot of pushback on that too but it's the same sort of thing that established numbers that they needed to achieve in order to make it a sustainable population they've been reached and in the wildlife biologist right ones are objective about her saying hey we need to keep these populations in check in order to keep the deer populations healthy in the Moose populations healthy because these bears and he's wolves

► 01:54:05

just destroying these Cavs and then just run around then and the populations these animals go way down now there's also an argument and a really good one that you need predators and this good argument is you don't ever want Lanai to be recreated in Montana just these deer and balance and so there's an argument that there should be a certain amount of wolves and I agree with that argument I agree to but the balance can be really difficult to maintain yeah that's that's my point is if there's too many elk and you want to control that number same as a hundred thousand. But there should only be $50,000. The perfect number it's actually pretty easy to go from 100000 to 50000 to draw that elk herd back pretty easy through through management through hunting same with deer you can pull that number back pretty quick

► 01:54:53

what's a freaking hard to kill dude and you had a gun it's freaking hard you had to kill a deer and got a gun not that hard you can find deer fighting a wolf is freaking hard in my my point is is once those wolf number to get out of hand trying to manage that population the wolf population is very very difficult what places that are used to dealing with them they know what the fuck to do like Alaska trip on and everything else they fly around in planes and shoot them out of the air with helicopters I mean they eradicate them in her I don't think she's doing that anymore but there's a lot of people up there that do do that and you can buy wolf skin rugs that they did they sell those sounds and turn them in the rugs and do all sorts of different things with the pallets got you something yeah they do something with a chance but they do that because they have a vested interest in keeping the population of their game animals alive for a couple reasons

► 01:55:53

about that too but they may be killed too many walls because they don't they want you to be able to go there and a lot of their tourism dollars comes to people that fly into hunt moves are flying to hunt deer and they want to make sure they keep certain populations of them there so it's it's all there's a real problem when you get emotions and you have those emotions tied into this idea of wildlife biology and what what animal is keeping healthy numbers of these animals in a certain area that's that's a real becomes a real issue you know and that's why when the goat thing happens and everybody freaks out over it's like you should probably educate yourself and what you're talking about before you start complaining because you just throwing gasoline on this fire but you don't necessarily understand all the circumstances involved cuz those are not lie to because they live where I live and they on on they love shorelines and they love like ridges and burns and stuff like that and they're they're there they trade so much erosion because they love those like a

► 01:56:53

conflicts and stuff so they they ruin all the burns and they ruin all the cliffs and then there's all this run off there's all this religion and they ain't completely decimate all the grass all the weeds all the way down there don't feel just trim things they're not they're not selective eaters but just Chow Down all the way to the to the roots and then either it's also there's nothing holding that dirt in place so when it rains just everything spills down because of the goats they really I see I see it with dear you can see some some impact that they have for sure if you let those numbers get out of hand they have the same effect but goats go to radical they have populations explode and then if if someone's not managing them that you can see the impact that they have them went and that will have an impact on all the native species to get all the ground nesting birds all the animals that use that does the grass and those are the things that they feed off of all the stuff gets eaten by the goats you know

► 01:57:53

population of goat somewhere you'll know it yeah like almost nothing left but I appreciate these people like Glenn Greenwald I appreciate the sentiment behind it I really know I just wish they would look into it a little bit deeper and you know this woman is not bad person she's just that's how she gets her meat

► 01:58:11

you know yep like I said especially garlic Ricky you have met up to actually talk to him about hunting with him on a radio show before I did on the Opie and Anthony show I had to explain to him that I'm a Hunter and then I hunt animals and I eat them cuz he was talking about hunters and I can in he was actually very friendly with me and we were cool about it we had a good like as long as you eat it you like that's what you're doing it for months is exactly what to do at 4 but he eats me to which is so it the whole it's weird it's the fact that people think like that they are morally disconnected from The Act of Killing animal but just because I use a credit card to buy meat is so hilarious but you hired Supermarket Hitman that's what you did Supermarket Hitman took a prisoner to prisoner in town fucking put a bolt through its head and you feels you feel completely detached from an know Karma

► 01:59:02

on when somebody's a hamburger they think nothing of eating a quarter of it or half of it I'm really full from me and make sure that if I cook it I cook enough so that me and my family eat it and whatever is left over I know I'll eat in the morning or eat the next day for lunch difference is you have so much respect for that meat and for that animal because all the effort it took and you watch that thing live in the wild Live a completely different perspective of that meat then you do if you just you know order a hamburger at the restaurant and I'll know for sure yeah but that again that's one of those mean you and I have developed this perspective from the years of of hunting and being around people want we understand it for the average person that never going to encounter that their entire life now it's we've developed is very weird Society we have insulated people from all the ugly realities of eating meat and of wearing leather I mean we're sitting on leather

► 02:00:02

chairs and think about it once this used to be a fucking cow discount turned it into a nice chair no one Minds sitting on a cow that's dead but no one wants to see that dead cow riding on the ground the eyes open and blood hanging from its ankle yeah I think it's important for people to see my kids have seen a lot of dead animals it's not sad it's a little sad but it's not like they don't think of it is sad to think of it is just like a part of life and that's what we eat yeah Dad brings a deer home in a cooler dad brings a big hole in the front of a quad with his the bloody Arrow totally normal they see me drag it out to go out and shoot down the hose and quarter it and debone it and and they only packages and grinding meetings totally normal to them it should be normal but there's a connection between the death and what were you eating which the lot of people just don't have it I'd love that but that my kids are to have that it's a good thing I think I think that we have a real problem in

► 02:01:02

Society were so many people somewhere in the neighborhood of 9597 percent of the people eat meat and the number of people have actually seen the animal die it's like two or three what's the population of people that hunt in North America guess guess the prop population that you ask that hunts I'ma say it's

► 02:01:24

3% that that might be high even 3 out of a hundred but you think it is probably less than three for sure let's see what it is

► 02:01:35

what population of the United States of America Hans James raises eyebrows

► 02:01:41

holiday here but it says there's 100 1.6 million Americans participated 16 and older that yeah fishing fish and wildlife does it when I'm 100 people hunting fishing Wildlife watching I've typed in puppies. Definitely a lot of difference that's what that's a lot different but it does that's all they came up just to be a population of actual number of hunters and it says back and

► 02:02:16

I don't know that's your thing to do is like there's a hierarchy like people have a problem people fishing no no no problem maybe that's a that's what's the difference between a deer but the ears are warm all the warm and they have fur Avengers in a movie made about them they talk what about Nemo Nemo nobody cares about Nemo Nemo Nemo gets like you know cuz I have kids and my kids hate me and I feel like I'm not sure if you made a law that after the age of 16 years old in America if you want another hamburger Yeti kill two out to two animals

► 02:03:02

it like it so you could all play so I can whatever it is I got a ranch they process me the cow there and there's a rifle there and you okay if you want to be a meat eater from now on from their 60th birthday on the only way to meet me in the future is if you got to do it yourself at least twice kinda don't want that Killa Cal watch get processed and you got to wait like a month or whatever doesn't go back and take another ounce life and then you earn the right to eat meat dress your life imagine how many people wouldn't be able to do that happy to eat me but there's that disconnection with the actual Death part so I would have a problem with forcing people to do it just like I have a problem with forcing pls247 I don't think people should be forced to get rid of the garbage just a wild concept that it is an interesting, but I think the services like like taking your garbage and bring it to the garbage dump I think you should have to go to the garbage dump go to the landfill and Rehab garbage off I'm happy that the sum of the kids paid to pick

► 02:04:02

the bins and dump the garbage to the garbage truck and then drive it to the I'm happy that that exists I like that yeah I like the fact that someone takes care of your sewage I agree I like the fact that I can buy steak for sure all I'm saying is like a if you could earn the right to eat an egg

► 02:04:20

so you have to do it every time you wouldn't even have to like kill a cow every time you want to eat more it like once you finish that Cal you need to kill another one she saying everyone should know what it's like to take an animal's life no I agree with you to eat me I agree everyone should probably know what it's like because because if you don't it's hard to respect that animal enough like like I was saying like my my my kids don't we don't waste your me like with its on their plate to eat it they don't eat it I put in there either next day or whatever it is you know there's there's always a lesson to be to be taught when you're eating Wild game that you that you've hunted yourself I think I think there's a problem whenever there's a disconnect right it's like I think there's a problem with if money just comes for free there's a problem with your meat just comes from a store is that there's a weird disconnect between the actual thing that's living and then eating it and most people the vast majority people are completely disconnected from that maybe that's the case with farming vegetables

► 02:05:20

most people I don't think they have an appreciation for a vegetable being a life-form that you're you're consuming that they now there's a growth process it's a living thing you pull it out of the ground you cook you eat it in this that disconnect I think is real too cuz there's a real good feeling that I get when I eat vegetables that have grown in my garden yeah you know I mean I love it I really I really enjoyed I get a kick out of it and there's a lot of people who look down on us for hunting or say like you're a vegan who just eats nothing but vegetables and fruit whatever it is and you know they're looking at us like we're crazy for for the impact we have any animals killing him whatever but like a lot of vegetables that people eat nowadays are grown and places that used to be rainforest of Amazon just getting whacked down to grow corn stuff I got and I mean like there's a lot of it is just cattle right is the Amazon lot of deforestation I think that the primary for corn

► 02:06:20

but I think Hardwoods are they chopped a lot of it down for hardwoods in a chopped a lot of it down to in order to provide grazing lands for cattle in the future all of the vegetables and stuff are going to be I was talking to Kelly about this a lot there's a lot of things are happening all the technology that I think a lot of like the vegetables and stuff that we're going to be eating or going to be growing vertically instead of liking his massive you know Farms of like this huge like you know hundred thousand acre ranch is full of like vegetables grown like in smaller spaces Dino super super efficient growing a smaller spaces to feed more people with less space I wonder if they could do that we kind of crazy crazy I mean if they could do that with grain going to have to do something with our population Keating Groningen more people

► 02:07:12

I'm working on for food and less space to grow it you know there's going to be an inflection point where someone else got to do something but I think technology is moving in a place where

► 02:07:21

and that's the thing I can I fully get like the people who hate on me on say social media whatever I'm an Instagram if I post a photo of my if I did post a photo of me getting an elk or whatever it was like people get up early cuz I like people can't go hunting I don't live in a place where they can go hunting and get there on me if you live in a city that live in New York City or Shanghai or in Buenos Aires or whatever and I did so unrelatable to that mean oh no I understand. I appreciate that and you know I think that social media is very strange in that regard to because people always looking for people or things you pissed off at those pictures of cooking out though they don't use a few like proselytize are you call me KB cancer now fucking stupid that is everyone have cancer I've literally 95% of the population with her cancer it's just there's there's a few epidemiological studies that affect people's heads up cuz

► 02:08:21

call responded related the idea of eating me to poor health but these people that have eaten meat they don't just eat meat they've eaten me along with sugar and alcohol consumption cigarettes and the lifestyle of prime rib eating burgers with cherry bombs in the process meat bullshit I normally eat meat that that's like the size of my palm or smaller you know he Wild game and it's that size my body to process that you can like a prime rib that's like hanging out both sides your plate like Fred Flintstone that's difficult lighting for your body to process. I just thought it that's not scientific I just look at it and there's no way I can I buy is going to deal with that where is it going to fit stand over 30 years you know they always say that like it's going to stay that's not true to it's all nonsense to like

► 02:09:21

buy stuff when you go on these extreme fast and then all this weird stuff that comes out of the inside of your gut comes out yeah I would try that just to look at that stuff suit that stuff looks like I would try but I wouldn't I wouldn't want to look at I definitely would want like that like that you know when the curtain sometime you're not that see anything like that like can you grow your own vegetables I don't know I travel like half the time gone from home like literally half the time so it's really difficult to is it hard getting good vegetables on the big island

► 02:10:08

no it's not it's actually easier to really get a farmer's markets I'm lucky cuz my my my mom and her boyfriend have a really neat like a hydroponic killer vegetable garden mulch a lot of times I'll I'll give them Denison I'll get really good veggies from them and that's cool there's a lot of meals that we do we're like no one has touched that meal except for my family just cool I like Xanax has a she's got a macadamia nut farm on the big island and she Raves about up there man she loves it I listened to part of her body has the oven finished it yet but she's amazing she's funny she's you know what man they fucked up and they really did fuck up they fucked up when they put it on that lady is not racist she's definitely mentally ill but she's open about it she's not racist and they did they just jumped on the opportunity to Virtue signal and to cry out against racism in to take a stand

► 02:11:08

but they took a stand against a woman that has mental problems who's on all sorts of medication do they knew about it and she's been she was put in a mental hospital for 9 months when she was a kid she's hit by a car mean she had a severe brain injury and ever since then she's had multiple personality disorder she's been in a host of different medications and they knew about this everybody knew about this date this basically like taking a person's got a broken leg and getting mad they limp that's what they did I mean they have a person who had brain problems who who tweets bunch of wacky she said she's on Ambien and drinking smoking pot and even then she wasn't being racist she wasn't she didn't know that lady was black the lady didn't even look black if you look at her you look at a picture for does not look black yeah she just thought she was being funny and she thought she was making you a solid point that she was going to expand upon what you woke up in the morning that she literally said that sell fucked up on Caribbean pot and drinking and listen

► 02:12:08

crazy yeah that was fucked up that happen to her and it sucks that our show got cancelled well the new one sucks the new one sucks at taking it down the toilet so hey sort of same subject did you see the that rad documentary about the white woman who ran the NAACP and its freakin act like a black lady I know who she is but I didn't tell Rachel dolezal best

► 02:12:30

best African documentary documentary yeah she's out of her mind dude they kept asking her if she was black and she was just straight up like At first she said yes and then she said like it's not that important and then she was like yourself and like putting like all this brown yourself and getting like weaves and doing her nails like how she's not like black people do their nails like you're just super weird and then she ran it to ran the n-double-acp was just a wild documentaries check was just an outer space Solaris that she had a huge impact their job supposedly I can use all this stuff done at that were they were trying to for a long time really really good at doing her job it just sucks that she was actually a white lady who was like acting the whole time what what's really fucked is n-double-acp stand for the National Association for the advancement of colored people

► 02:13:30

you cannot recall African American colored people that is a fucking slur they have a slur in their title we're leaving at weird times man but crazy people of color which is fucking bizarre you can't say colored people so you can say people of color the same words just twisted around dude it's messed up it's like you can just be like label the racist or sexist or whatever for like saying like that oh yeah yeah I had a 23andMe DNA test done and the pretty good and I was hoping if I was if I was more than 10% black I was going to start dropping in bombs but 1.6 so I'm 1.6% African

► 02:14:17

priest Rock Solid deck and when they did that thing about Elizabeth Warren. I did find out what percentage she is Elizabeth Warren claim to be Native American and she did a test she's like one

► 02:14:34

1/100 of what I am like it's literally like her saying she's got her saying she's and a Native American is literally like me saying I'm African-American but I have more clean far more like more than I think some some insane number like the factor of more African and me and she has Native American and I'm not even remotely Native American remotely African right now I'm 1.6% of 1.6% African in me and she has like some fucking really stupid number what is the dye out of the it's like I don't even know how to make sense of all that stuff

► 02:15:23

she had that I was going to happen was a Harvard likes researcher looked into it right and gave a number that was very vague that would be like 1 and 500 12th to 1 and 1000 24th that sucks dude this sucks but she got into Harvard because of this is what she claimed she was Native American

► 02:15:50

when she got in. Claiming that she was mine was Harvard right correct I'm being honest about that or is it Cambridge

► 02:15:58

whatever the University sign-in some some Ivy League school diversity by claiming that she was Native Americans should go to special scholarship because of that literally like me going to Morehouse and saying I'm African-American except I have a far better claim even much higher percentage that's so crazy like a trapezoid is called or Pocahontas and Trump said that if people be up in arms about it some reason I never ending to be a Native American joking about her she's not really Native American and he called the Pocahontas and he said she took a DNA test and show that she was Native American he would donate a million dollars to a charity for Choice Sochi after this fucking test did basically showed she has the smallest measurable possibility of Native American

► 02:16:58

in her was requiring him to pay a million dollars trying to find the actual thing it seems I think she actually got a job at Harvard not

► 02:17:17

didn't go there. Education oh she got a job there because of that is something you can lean on it's so goddamn crazy listen you're a white lady I'm a white guy shut the fuck up okay you're not there's no there's not a part of you that has been discriminated against your house of the fact that you're Native American it just doesn't exist it's not true that is so fascinating to me people love to be a victim did love to say you know my luck growing up is hard because I'm one 150 mm Native American crazy crazy 2% or 10% or 50% like where is it where is it that's what I'm saying at 1.6% I really don't feel like I could drop and Bombay Italian

► 02:18:17

like three quarters Italian so I can call somebody Guinea but no problem if you call them guineas for Italians don't work you know they successfully integrated into society but when my grandfather used to tell me about he came over here when he was a boy from Italy and you tell me about how bad it was about how much they were discriminated against you know what to do if it was Hardcore mean they were treated a lot of the same way racist people treat Mexicans today and Irish saying the same thing yeah and that's my background is Italian and Irish mostly it's someone got fucked by a black person somewhere somewhere 1.6% that she used her claim that she's Native American to get a job yes not. To get it out of school Pennsylvania

► 02:19:17

give that money back that should I love the DNA test oh I love a DNA test something like that whatever doesn't matter not really shouldn't matter well really were all African all of us but that was the original human being depends who you ask though we evolved from Africa you believe in evolution if you believe in evolution is catch a big bass German Shane Dorian follow my Shane Dorian 808 on Twitter and Shane Dorian is that you know Shane Dorian fake Shane Dorian early now I'm not swear this son of a bitch you got me whoever you are I don't follow that piece of shit Instagram and your

► 02:20:17

HBO documentary momentum generation when is it out it's on HBO on December 11th okay well we will see you in a little bit with the sober October recap

► 02:20:35

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ladies and gentlemen

► 02:22:12

that's it that's it for the shop if you listen to the show I really I think you would benefit you if you've never seen someone surf a big wave like Shane Dorian has what was the video that you played during the podcast Jamie

► 02:22:31

2016 big wave Jaws it was called it is so Preposterous how preposterous

► 02:22:40

it's as insane as it gets literally like like Alex Honnold insane but in the water right yeah I agree

► 02:22:47

he's awesome I love the guy he's such a good even though it's hard to read about that guy he's so normal cuz you can't he's so chill but I know for sure I've seen him do these things these things that I can't imagine a human being can do and he doesn't all the time this is the wizard all right that's it we did it we got through this thank you so much I appreciate you. Much love to you all bye-bye pictures