#1194 - Sober October 2 Recap

The Joe Rogan Experience #1194 - Sober October 2 Recap

November 5, 2018

Joe is joined by Ari Shaffir, Bert Kreischer & Tom Segura to recap their 2nd annual Sober October challenge.

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ladies and gentlemen welcome to the 2018 sober October recap podcast

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before we get started if you're looking for some stand-up comedy Joey motherfuking Diaz has a new special out right now on Netflix it's called the degenerates it's a series of specials with big Jay oakerson Christina pazsitzky yamaneika

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theorize to be much healthier thought to be it's a it's a debate obviously so we should have beat with anything involving diet but I'm I just love it I love the way it tastes too alright that's it we did it sucks sober October it was a long 31 days we got through it and we didn't do anything other than exercise the entire 31 days because of this fitness challenge but I think we made up for it

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I'm a pretty confident

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in stating that I think we probably redid any positive results anything that we did good in the month of October was just destroyed by what we did in the last 5 hours how many powers does the podcast four and a half hours

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that's at least

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an hour and a half too much

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I'm sorry if we got trashed there was a point in time where I could barely form sentences yet they kept flowing out as if I knew what the fuck I was talking about

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but it was a fun time this is the sober October recap with Ari shaffir Tom Segura and Bert motherfuking Chrysler

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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boom it's over boy cheers we did it was Cheers Cheers first of all who is fucking stupid idea was to do this God damn fitness challenge Tommy buns a nice calm 15 hot yoga was not even close not even close to this was so much more difficult and I didn't expect this but I like it like that I think it's fun to be competitive with your friends yes it's a fun thing to do around but like like isolating something like this work out to you have no idea I don't think anyone anyone gets the real perspective when Joe is focused on something I've never seen me like that my fucking life

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like everybody's competitive and this brings it out but like the funny thing was like burnt being like whatever Joe does I'll do double and another thing I didn't expect ever had I thought re would just be like whatever I'm just going to walk in the Eastfield I was worried about him I just think you were I don't know all these brain you were saying that you were texting like this is saying that he means it while he says it but he's also all to join in like 7 or 8 Days Inn and then you can be done know that I be like working out but now I'm too far away so don't try to catch up alright right

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sneakery he was doing with me to your regular workout and see what your score is like taking that for a second you like this in the beginning I was like this is so stupid this is Jeff but then I was like why can't lose and then then I thought about it and I thought I was thinking was this what I was visiting my plan was my plan was to keep up with you guys for two weeks and then after 2 weeks to set us out a lot of time and about and a Lapis yeah but I'll just go psycho I was like I'm just going to go psycho I'm going to put up pace that I don't think anybody else can keep up with for like the last 2 weeks the last two weeks I just said I'm going to put in some 600. days I put in 1000 Point day that's that's what that's what I thought that's when I stop looking at you for contact like I was looking at the one we started this month and I put in my 700 Point day everyone's a little bit like wow

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almost a marathon that day have no fucking clue I was just looking at my god damn phone all done to check if you get 70% your max heart rate is 3.2 minute if you get 80% your max heart rate or above that's four points a minute so we all try to stay in the 80 range that's where you get your money in that range beta 100 heavy workout is gives you 240 points and I'll tell you I was over after that it was the elk hunting day was mostly a hiking mountains day that was like a 600 point that that's when it when when you were there and you were actually working out in the mountains as well

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what the fuck I made the mistake of jokingly saying oh I got them Joe's on an elk hunting vacation and the owners would like to. It's not a fucking vacation his work and I was like what you got a backpack on and you walk his money is the most I've ever walked to 12 miles in a day and you walking up and down in elevation you going up and down like I saved it one day cuz it was so ridiculous cuz I've gone up and down I forget it like a hundred and thirty flights of stairs something something fucking crazy I ended up getting your would you shoot on this end of thousand pound elk came back but the 935 Point day that was my big that was a thousand points did 935 in the day and then I did a podcast and then I did a hundred later on today to see Justice

► 00:13:05

probably see you guys anymore there is like I didn't have it I was a part of it was time management I was so I separate used part was like who had the most time to spend in the gym yeah yeah I was here to Mondays or last Monday and there was it was popping out of the comic stores going to hang out with everybody you know and there was like last time I got to get a couple hours then and that all your work out your workouts for so late they were all off pleading not what I want you go to bed and he found out all the work work around so he would build up work points in his tracker and then he Bluetooth it in the middle of the fucking night

► 00:14:05

can go out there at 2 in the morning yeah I thought you were uploading in the middle of the night know you could see the time the time that he was actually doing it yeah it's the Greeks were out yeah it was me, I thought that because re was so out of shape his heart rate was just skyrocketing like Ralphie want us there and I was in the yellow the whole time and re was barely in green and I was like oh he's in your he's in really good shape and then you did a task that you really bought that theory really hard and he was staying alive guy and then it goes there a lot like I'm about to go pick up. It's a it's a psychological thing has been working out it at all is in good shape yeah but I think you pushed yourself through the first week or two

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yeah then you got in good shape and then okay first of all I had fallback plans okay was the plans K Michelle wolf offered to give let me just have her wear the thing wow day one that was definitely fall bike ride at solutely I'll wear for you I will stay in the right zone I'll tell knowing she feels left out on this is what we do like I don't do long cardio sessions I did five and a half hours on an elliptical after running for an hour and 35 points I'd I ran for an hour and then I stayed in the elliptical for five and a half hours

► 00:16:06

yeah I still going yeah just talk while I wanted to see how far I could go but the thought was like when you're tired how tired are you can you take another step okay can you take to okay can you take 3 can you just keep going I bet you can keep going let's see how long I can keep going and then you get to this point where you just just think about breathing just think about breathing in and out to just trying to stay almost like a meditative State trying to stay in his own and I was pouring sweat I set off the fire alarm that's why I was so much since I was like 4 hours in the story most people don't get to tell about themselves you know maybe an hour and also hit the bag I'll do some rounds I lift a little weight I'm not trying to kill myself like this was this was very interesting cuz I didn't I didn't know what how my body would respond till like a month of

► 00:17:06

psychotic exercise did you do the things you got to the things where you would you be like the voice to say you got to quit quit Take a Walk for a little bit then go back to it and then if you just go like at 4.8 miles 500 yeah or like for like I'm almost at halfway through this hours let me just get the 30 minutes and I'll be down hill I can stop there a fuck with my obsessive compulsive this really bad yeah cuz I get to the place where I go all right I just want to get to 200 points and then I'm only at 950 calories only get to 1000 getting his own I'm going to go I'm just going to keep going I'm going to everyone's asleep I'm going to keep walking and dude it got bad with me to the point where I mean we'll talk we should talk about physical breakdowns in a little bit cuz I know all this dealt with some sort of physical breakdown but I was having nightmares that you guys had fun with my tracker was younger and lighter so I wasn't joking

► 00:18:05

I woke up in a panic and panic and checked my phone and I was like okay I figured out pretty quickly that the way they do your max heart rate is your age minus a certain number minus your age and then you get from there then when you actually brought it all move up or down from there but right away I was like oh okay so I enter my age before I started I wrote to the myzone people and said my idiot wife Asian wrong I'm actually 7444 not 7444 the other way and profile yeah hold on I already set it as the other thing and so it'll

► 00:19:05

say you have to then you have to have a brand new thing it didn't work so you stuff is a Ford yeah around casually turning yellow the whole time which I could have got that would've been saying yeah that was definitely a good sheet my mind I put that went wrong was I would have disqualified you still on the fence with these fucking 5-hour Heights he was taking well listen man hiking is work it is work going uphill for a long-ass bus you guys here on the rowing machine going hard for an hour I watched those cards we should really really keep ourselves from judging how hard are the people work every time

► 00:20:05

bus show me the most hardest workouts for the shittiest my heart's workouts are running the hills and lifting weights if I run the hills it gives me almost 40 points less than if I just rode a bike or Road an elliptical machine as you. I take breaks I take like a deep breath when I get to the top of one he'll take the whole time too so that's a difficult points why I know I can make it too if I go full clip I'm going to try to extend a little bit I keep trying to send it but when I do that I'm going into the red and on top of going in the red it's like lifting weights are you need recovery time recovery time your heart rate crashes way low you can just do the elliptical machine and just good at it like 15 resistance so it's got some some give to it

► 00:21:05

start sweating then you get into a Zone Yu-Gi-Oh machine makes it all but those even though like if you do intense workout recovery is going to be you know you're going to need it you're going to feel it those for like 6 days in a row there is still a fatigued right the boutique but I was speaking I would weaken over the moment was getting me was the pounding the running up the hills by the end because I was running miles in the Hills every day with those Minimalist Shoes on which man those things that they've they really do work like they really do work but the way they work is they make your feet work harder so if your feet aren't condition for that shit man that you fear like one of the first things that we're out like a nice spongy running shoe is just so much like smush smush

► 00:22:05

free time you step on things if you get that and it's gone and you have this like really thin layer of rubber with some tread it's just your foot hitting the ground over and over and over again is very little you use in the Ultras as well the running shoe the ultra I was using one called zero and I was using of one cold Vevo vivobarefoot they're my favorite ones there their they're really good thing cuz I was wearing the five toe ones but Jam in my toes in this shit I'm running hard I'm tired exhausted cuz I'm just too exhausted through what your what a regular workout it was for you I'm a curious of what everyone's regular workout was what I would do is I would if I would run I would run for an hour just an hour just take my daughter milk because it gives its 2 things 1i he needs exercise he's young he loved it he loves to run with me and to its

► 00:23:05

real good form of exercise it's like it's I know it's more beneficial than the elliptical machine it made my ass bigger made my legs bigger like they all got bigger like a specially like I feel weight pants fit different really really just weight lifting stuff for my legs I would do like squats or I would do cleans and presses and overheads you know do leg presses with kettlebells overhead Subway which is all great it's all really good stuff but it's not sustained motion is something about the sustained motion of running hills at I think boost your Vitality it gives you more energy does your your you have to work so it to run the hell is one of the boys things to do an exercise it's just you got a fucking just get your basement in like bodyweight squats with one Lego price

► 00:24:05

when I went to hitting the bags what I would do is on on days I would do that I would run and then I would get on the elliptical machine or I'd run I get on the bike or Acro bike which is like to be picked up are diamonds she know since fuck you up or that assault thing the salt Fitness treadmill like that one I love it it's hard it's really hard it's not a treadmill and extra bumper than running on the road running on the road on the road and it's really beneficial in other treadmill for that one is a mistake it's harder than running my head that that was not forgiving like so glad I wore you out needs to do a real it's called on a result fitness trainer the rear Runner

► 00:25:05

I love it I love it I get on that thing it's like he doesn't hurt your knees it doesn't stop pounding it's got a good amount of give to a big red to it and it just got enough shocks that is your running you don't feel like it's a big pounding on your joints but it's all self-propelled so you really get a good rhythm going and you fucking likes to Tire what's great for it is sprinting on it you can get your heart rate go to be able to either be distracted by meditating and getting into some sort of a weird breathing zone or you got to listen to podcasts or you got to listen to music books on tape did the best really when I was out in the wild that was on the wild I was listening to books on tape I'd like something thinking about something distracted me from the physical exertion of exercise indoors

► 00:26:05

it was two things helped violent movies watching fights guys get hit and your fucking honest think before you know what you're not returned a kickoff return so yeah and I was like oh my God that's what I'm doing I'm getting I'm allowing myself to get so caught up in this movie then I'm like fighting in the red dude I got to give a shout out to run the jewels run the jewels is perfect fucking Canada music Killer Mike dude

► 00:27:05

run man run them Jewels at Church Portland I meant nothing when I think when I think about this month I'll think I'll take it to things I thank God it's over and brought them to run the goddamn Jewels that's all I listen to running will give you like 10% more an hour yet what it takes to drive and you just start going and going I get real excited I was before the angry if I come in a fight somebody but put on a little out of Public Enemy Public Enemy I feel like that's good too that's good to know got to do the first week if I can necklace thing out there I want to eat your Netflix special

► 00:28:05

how's your rainy jokes while you're running

► 00:28:08

I don't think I did a job at the gym I wrote so many goddamn jokes and stroke stroke I'm going to win

► 00:28:34

I just I thought I was like you whatever you think you can do let's keep going let's see what happens and what that's a weird switch that goes off it's like let's see who's willing to die of oh my God I just saw was like danger that that just became a price for a second yeah that's fucked up message Us by the way I was going to die because what I said is that I have heard some negative opinions about CrossFit from experts that I trust like Steve Maxwell I'm not a fitness expert by any stretch of the imagination I don't know where the Norcross it's bad or good I bet it's probably based on your application the way you do it because of somebody asked me to do just too good for your body I be like well I've had a bunch of surgeries yeah buddy I know that surgeries ever

► 00:29:34

rhinos does jiu jitsu gi Oregon he didn't get his blue belt to get surgery but I did say they are tree-hugging hippies who will I get there yoga black belt I want a yoga block. I love yoga black felt like a blue belt in yoga dude halfway through the month I told Thomas the other day and he laughed so I tried it on stage and it worked but I stop producing semen just call them dust dude my dick have the dry heaves just for that I'm so tired so tired how about those sleep so I was sleeping like a fucking perfect person like most the time the way I live is zero anxiety view of the world that you

► 00:30:34

get from a rigorous exercise but I think that there's we have too much of a history as a species of constantly avoiding danger and I think we live in a place that's far to safe for a Natural Instincts and so we're constantly looking for things to be bad or looking for things to be dangerous or confronting confronting her own mortality and putting it on the back burner and letting all that weirdness manifest itself and all sorts of other fears fears about the government fears about economics and fears about this and I think we're dealing with this as human beings all the time and I think there's only a certain amount you can do and I think when you have rigorous exercise it puts in perspective what that certain amount actually is and what you can control as a person the you can you can just chill your body out and look at this whole thing for what it is it is what it is you know what we're going to be fine or we're not and then what it won't matter but this this this whole thing that we

► 00:31:34

do when we do this we do this because our body has a need for exercise it has a built-in need it's got an engine that needs to be pushed and if you don't push it starts fucking with you and starts fucking with you and ask me weird questions like what the fuck I think he is I can wants to start problems he wants to get upset if things don't make any sense to be upset it once conflict is a part of you that wants conflict because it thinks that conflicts a part of the programming cuz it's been our way from millions of years so whatever the fuck we were then to whatever the fuck we are now has been conflict along the way people been trying to eat us things about trying to kill us and this is the only time ever that there's none of that I think the only time you could see things with perspective is when you blow out all the biological shit whether it's jerk-off like how many times have you jerked off and then had a totally different opinion person about not called people like why would I call this person after I just jerked off but no now I see I see what this whole is

► 00:32:34

play some weird biological trick playing some stupid game I'm so high

► 00:32:42

hi spot. I love I'll tell you what this one month did for me it got me back in spin class I love spin class but I don't know what to say just make you spend at the time when we talked I said I had Bob Harper is my spend teacher one time in the thing you said about want me to go back and fuck to bug her up with her whatever is Bob Parker the Kobe Bryant of spin classes from Biggest Loser Bob Harper and so I got

► 00:33:21

by like I like the I like the the way they talk to you and see what I want I like closing my eyes I like the flowers to break a sweat I like I love what I love and I have to say I did give props to people more than anything with re doing that rower redefine the way I had to look at working out so I went he was an 80% like I know what it feels like that was a tough one it's none of them are harder than others to keep it 80% Viking which is way harder to do that that but I don't know quite how much you were still angry but even with our he's playful angry it's still energy right like that anger like the anger that he gave the everybody on that fucking podcast

► 00:34:21

around doing a podcast talking shit about us. It said 70% it's brilliant it's brilliant but it's it's an urgent see that kind of anger that like that too in you or it's not a new already had its about her getting the alleged fired up again once a week like somebody that I know of and I still hadn't done it until this and I member you were fucking trying hard you know and I remember one time you legitimately swept me legitimate I'll tell you that a hundred percent

► 00:35:12

truth is what happened he was we were rolling together and I was like okay dude let's just do this so you know I'm not going to hurt you I'm cool on top of them and I just got a little relaxed and all sudden boom already Hip Hop's takes my leg up I'm out of being swept me I'm like you mother so I knew apart of re that you guys didn't know cuz all right contestant knowing what he's capable of just a field true helplessness because if you if you can handle it then at least you know where you are on this little weird food chain of who can kill who with their bare hands and then you also know that whatever these people know you can learn too that's not a physical thing like I know guys that are so much weaker than me that can fuck

► 00:36:12

if we roll together they're going to tap me 100% of the time my friend anyways 160 something pounds I've never I may not happen when he was young where you go to kills me really strangles me these triangles me way better way more focused been doing it with you to have the time to get serious about something we have the time to get serious about this when you have the time to get serious by the way it's time to just did it like 4 or 5 days before it starts true and like an average has been probably 20 300 points or something

► 00:37:12

show me where they said there's a million registered users first of all and where is 0.1% okay but hold on and have it on we're not really not unless everybody was actively all use here whoever is using it I don't know but that's a fair point because like we really don't know what percentage of those people actually keep it right people trying to kill people were trying if we had to guess we all agree on a number would you guys say that like half the people would use it regularly or know there's a million people would you leave your behalf by the time I .5 would be .5% percentile whatever 9.5% tile a variable but I think that

► 00:38:12

those other people are at the top or probably Fitness instructors and that's was that's what Myspace Myspace $15 and say please wear this I want you to my plan the whole month what was your plan do not get hurt those number one gift if I get hurt I think you were at any time so I can have it hurt your ankle or something how excited are you excited

► 00:39:04

what time do it but I got I got I swear to God I'll call my fucking wife right now Jackson dancing Jackson Mich in Samson and the one he told me he was sick and he took photos of his medication and I know you were right back to full speed now thank you re thank you alright that's not true I was thinking $150 and that was the beginning of the second worst day and I put it on I was like I'll just get that and I walk down the street and I was like I felt so sick I got 40

► 00:40:04

yeah true the next day I was able to get like I think a hundred and something in that was split up into also that's what I was like I'm pretty okay Bert we're not coming last that's great let's just be casual with the two of us Toms. That's great that's awesome something this is like something that we should all point out for health like I've been over the last couple years I've been eating a lot of kimchi a lot of fermented cabbage and a lot of Kombucha a lot but here's the thing all that healthy like probiotic stuff that has a big impact on your immune system me really big I haven't got sick in a long time so good they taste good too healthy for you I had a Whole Foods guy tell me that I had just so you know I saw you drink this in the thing it's fine if it's going to

► 00:41:04

so you can't you can't drink that in the in the store and I was like listen I'm going to do it every single time so you can just try to catch me if you want but thank you for the warning you did your job than a half a percent of it is that what it is they have to it's more than my daughter's drink kombucha in the morning drink to get drunk in a store and then apparently what was going on was they were there was a strong brew and they would sit there for menting and then when they would test them after they had fermented for a while to alcohol content would get over one half of 1% which is like somewhere around where they need to draw the line looking to get a non-alcoholic beer it's going to touch up the booze in it really really truly all right

► 00:42:04

you know there's a there's no saying to everybody that when this was over when the whole thing was over if somebody made a pill that made me feel how I feel when I have those hard workout that I take that pill every day was going to tell you earlier pill that I felt so much relief but I feel like it was totally tied two days where I really work hard like one of the it was like a medium work out too good but on the days where it was like three plus hours of working out and I was totally like spent that I felt the most I mean I know a part of that physically just two guys hired what I had zero stress while you're doing it you got to be off your all your technology for a while I know you

► 00:43:04

what is it bad that I'm waiting for waiting to look at it no at like open the phone so like do you know what I can work out I mean like to do life things wake up have coffee and just not look at it Saturday. I had to think about it yeah yeah I wonder how much of that took and I felt sort of clear to but same way I do it skiing once I got to get my mind off everything away when you're skiing you can't look at your phone you're going down fucking Mountain you're just enjoying that and that's part of what it is where can I park at the app that tells you how fast you get going I'm dude I got up to 40 miles per hour on a snowboard and does it mean

► 00:44:04

in front of me wiping out on demand do you need what you film your kids ski in a little bit on the mountain once he just cut in front of me like way too quick he was like to control your skin hot the time I got out of your testing your health that with all these other people comes flying out of the trees over you left they don't test you for shit no hear you. Don't know every time I find your time I'm up now I wish I could explain I have to keep an eye on

► 00:45:04

you do that to my kids I don't smoke weed at the end of the day when is me and Leanne year and then we'll go down one that's when I fucking throwing headsets will Jane's Addiction it's all really go bad right now is that what they think is what I did I got to dump all down don't fall down don't get hurt don't fall down don't get her get hurt fucking skunks slide barely and control slide and control Pizza sideways

► 00:45:59

hahaha what I wanted to go to Kelly Slater's wave pool that looks dope dude up for some it's the safest place to learn how to serve and it's just like a 2-hour Drive took two lessons Indonesia and mastered more tired but I can come out of retirement to this so that would be a good next year what learn2serve Haim on a board time board over the whole mosque

► 00:46:39

who did Kelly Slater to the board we have to wear some sort of heart rate monitor stand up voice of a month does artificial wave machine Kelly Slater time right now that has feet pads that measures your feet figured out if we were standing up when was artificial wave machines next year kind of hate this so love this I love this already so you just have to give up your life is list in a place like yeah she was just here he was on the podcast right before you guys are you fucking kidding me

► 00:47:39

decided to create the shoot where they have CO2 cartridges hit literally change big wave surfing it say it's only fucking lives is my bow hunting buddy yeah he lives he lives at like a big island in Hawaii every year we do the the spring Axis deer hunt on the island of Lanai really you show me just like brothers my favorite thing he said in that podcast was when he goes you can we do for fitness because I don't push myself not healthy know this is what I wanted to talk about not sustainable

► 00:48:39

class and try to do on evenings try to do by the way that's the 31st I got to talk to you but that last work out I was dead I couldn't I couldn't have gone that much further in all honesty after my piss came out of weird color I really did have Phantom pains in my kidneys I really was like maybe that was wasn't just dehydration or something more maybe there's something going on I really did have some weird Phantom idea that there was a pain but good man yeah cuz the whole thing was that the lot of that rhabdo in here's the thing about it's called rhabdo myelosis is that a saying that I say it right rhabdo has actually been the source of death for a few Fighters

► 00:49:31

where are guys got really beat up in a crazy really difficult fight and the thing that did the men was they were probably over trained and they probably did too much in the gym didn't give themselves enough time to recover and then had a really brutal fight alright so when you were young in particular your your little too wild and you don't recognize it there's like this point of diminishing returns when it comes to training oh yeah well see we pushed into some weird placemat we did get through that a few times and it worked for us I wouldn't work for a fighter no one's kicking our ass to think about when you're a fighter is if someone kicking your ass you might push even pass where we pushed in terms of like output in any particular hour or any particular you know what half hour 40 minute session you might go too far where is we would just keep going on at 80% sometimes you get forced into 90% sure

► 00:50:31

periods of time especially if someone's better than you or specials you're tired from training so allow these guys are going into the fight especially in like younger guys who don't have maybe the most scientific coaches are going into the street where we went out of it like that but you know six 8-week camp like that like they might be broken down like real early on just push themselves through the whole thing and then they have like at the end of it there body's failing it haven't given themselves enough time to recover and that's what this rhabdo shit is your muscles and it has something to do with proteins that your muscles pull up the actual at cuz I'm given a really stupid definition of what Rhabdomyolysis is

► 00:51:19

am I pretty close what is it releasing a damaged protein into the blood shut down November 2nd my muscles all felt sore for the first time all month mine felt so right away and then not again for a while when you get out of the saddle of Sprint is I just got your place for my legs were always fucking wasted and I was like I want to get I want to try this again when I'm my legs just aren't wasted they were always wasted I could now at the end of this I can run to the gym and back I got stopped like three times in the way in a run for like 2 minutes and I got like we are running late I could run I ran 12 miles on the like V last day on antibiotics

► 00:52:19

sorry I always down. I always do the other strong mind I always knew you had a strong mind you're an angry man was strong mind but I didn't I didn't appreciate it as much as I appreciate it this month for you to do it is the most impressive out of all of us because you didn't do shit other than like the occasional hiker fuck around and play basketball for like 10 years but also I did you guys eat like garbage I just want to fight 75 to 80 I should be around 175 that's what you asked what about significantly

► 00:53:09

you guys were actually working out you can eat fucking normal idiots towards the end of it towards the end I started I hear you know you apart maybe I'm the person by the listen to this podcast the most you hear people talk about health and how they eat and you only not challenge the very last week I started going looking at food at tad bit differently going like I don't want to feel like shit I don't want pizza I don't want I didn't want carbs I wanted protein cuz I get done to work out when I go let's do for eggs and some and it's take old water buffalo steaks and I was like it which it is so crazy is I never I was like water yeah I need water on Earth Wind plane you know when they walk by with a little basket and I was like

► 00:54:09

that whole five and a half hours on the elliptical I ate a box of animal crackers and a drink cream soda while you were doing it seems like I was possessed I was in the craziest state of mind I was like I am going to I was like I am going to keep this going like I'm now I'm going now it's just numbers to me now it's like when do you get off so you get off at 400 no 500-600 misfires I had some misfires I had some light like my body was like look like settle down bitch it's like we need we better get off this thing soon I was like okay that's just a little bit and I actually APA then you feel weaker like my ankles at one point did you nap

► 00:55:09

no I would not napping was the year the Florin app where you just like sit in your bed for second and almost I just go out like a light at the end of the night yet cuz that's what I'm moving you sleeping tonight like a Deadman 7 hours dead man Dead start having the marijuana dreams you got to know who's coming so I tapered off tapered off all through September and also I was on a lot of hunting trips to go to James on those little bit a little bit but you you know I decided early on with all that stuff that I wasn't I just want to experience it as a is it like an actual human I didn't want to ever be drunk and I didn't really want to be high or I don't want to take beta-blockers I don't get nervous I try to experience it as a

► 00:56:09

it's just experience what it is I saw Adam Greentree like kill some Elkins wherever the funky Izzy's days and a bear claimed it as I use my shampoo and a grizzly bear claimed it and covered it with dirt right away a moose is probably like 1800 lb there so big. I got a big elk a little Rocky Mountain else like eight hundred pounds it's a big one a Moose's a thousand pounds bigger than that when it's fully mature so something that's what Adam shot shot a gigantic moose so they can only carry so much of it out like this hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of pounds of meat 1800 pounds of boost might be 7 800 lb of it is meat so you have to take it out and load so if you have two guys right you're taking out several load so they took out one pack out then they came

► 00:57:09

in a giant grizzly bear I cleaned it and covered it up and the grizzly bear was still in the area oh yeah when there's a lot of blue bleeps in the story when I go in at in Greentree and he's got a hundred little. I go all is going to be a good one yeah it's Adam. Green Tree on Instagram and he's he's a bow hunter from Australia Australia is an interesting place because one of the reasons why I mean he's he's just a real smart guy and I really he said he's a real deal but you should see the floor he has in his hunting cabin he took do this guy's like across the board every part of a man you want to be human is Florida's hunting cabin is fucking amazing and he did it himself by and let's just established per capita Australians are more manly

► 00:58:09

just a Man lyrics they're manlier breed of people and also you have to realize that Australia was a goddamn prison Colony so these are the ancestors of Scoundrels they all got big thumbs this is a big ass moves that he shot in the Yukon and a grizzly bear claimed it and so they they went back to it and the grizzly bear run off cuz he saw them coming I guess and so they just stole what they couldn't get the fuck out of there before they panicked work came back to the unburied it The Dugout did Big Stuff adding stuff out but they were scared out of their second of my friends that has had grizzly bear and counters over the last 3 or 4 years it was on I saw it on Instagram which one of your buddies who got it who got charged by the grizzly bear

► 00:59:09

Grizzly Man oh my God it's crazy documentary ever grexit by bear dude I was with I wanted to give him a hug back into the audio

► 00:59:44

turn it up his voice makes it sound weather

► 00:59:50

wow yeah that's a grizzly bear and he's got a gun pointed at her and she's got her Cubs and he might try you know what she might charge him

► 00:59:59

give me the scariest one of the females with Cubs yeah that's in Real Life 2

► 01:00:05

and what about the pistol pistol out and here's the thing the pistol it was the wrong size bullets so wouldn't have rack normally so see how it is right now it looks like he's discharged all the ammo like his guns out cuz it's jammed so he doesn't even know it's jammed so he's standing out there pointing a gun that the only way I could get a bullet in it as if he opened up the barrel himself stuck the bullet in and then close it so we have one shot no matter what so the whole magazine wouldn't fit it was off that the differences in the size of the ammunition was off didn't see it nope he didn't notice cuz he doesn't use guns he's a bowhunter you only he got a gun just to protect himself from that thing those kind of things cannot believe how excited I just got monsters are real I believe that we talked about on the podcast

► 01:01:05

about the way was charging with hair was popping up on it and you could see it and then it stopped it false charge them so I charged them and stopped within like you know 5 yards of them

► 01:01:16

wow that's a giant female grizzly bear and that would just tear you apart the only for the trying to get you to do leave trying to get you to leave but it doesn't trust him it doesn't know him so it's closing in on him and looking at him and deciding maybe whether or not he's a threat and moving in on him so he can't get away from it so he was stuck in this position we couldn't get away from it it it decided that he was a problem so he was trying to get away and he was moving in a different direction it was cutting them off and then it was like oh shit and he's got his pistol out and I think Tara to I have the Appalachian Trail when I was in college and not the whole thing just a portion and man that fucking I had no idea about Grizzlies you're a good man

► 01:02:05

the grizzly things fucking scary man yeah so scary I've never seen one in the wild except once in Alberta I've never seen like a big one the one I saw and Albert was one of like 6 feet wasn't a big one what is enough to look in his eyes and go whoa that is a different thing as a black bear doesn't look at you like that man black bears if you run into a black bear in the woods it look to you like what are you what are you doing Grizzly on the East Coast brown bears and then those the ones that live on the coast and then everything that's interior is called a grizzly bear that's how you get the name yes it's the same as brown bears usually bigger than a Grizzly cuz they have more access to this thought the thought is that the Kodiak brown bears that you ignore Miss ones which are the biggest waves deep calls then 11:00 11:50

► 01:03:05

vanilla he has a podcast about it on a podcast called me earlier that's his podcast and it's all about a fog neck Island it's a two-part podcast It's fucking amazing they shot an elk and then same thing they hung some of it up and they came back to get it and after they pack some of it out and when they came back grizzly bear cleaned it and they didn't know it so they were trying to pack out that food was that the rest of the meet and when they did a bear charge down and ran through their camp and they said it was all 11 ft tall he was with my friend Yana's protelus my friend Remi Warren Warren I heard and these and I may be one of the guy I mean no all these hunters and I've never hunted in my life I think there's like a merman there's a bunch of people and it's enormous 11 foot bear ran through the camp and they said it was the biggest fucking thing it was so different than anything they could have expected they said

► 01:04:05

move so fast and teeth were so close to them they said the electric Ronaldo when he describes that he just has a brilliant guy but he's also the very well-read guys very eloquent he has a degree in journalism he's like he's a super fucking smart so when he describes this interaction between them and 11 foot Coastal brown bear what you like the biggest bears on next to the grizzly do like the polar bears bigger but they like the coastal brown bears of Kodiak Alaska that every other there's big and yet and is so big polar bears spotted scariest Jeff I really want to save them because of Klondike Bars and fucking come through ice seals under the ice and what did you just see that the the like the wildlife footage and I just sniff ice and then they put their paws together and they start dropping all their body weight down

► 01:05:05

jumping is pull out of see if it's fucking nuts that part of our brains like there's a part of

► 01:05:16

funny polar bear jeans is a reason why you have an iPhone you have no fucking nice house or do you have TV and a nice car that's cuz you don't you have no polar bear polar bear jeans though for sure probably some of your funk by a bear hug and pretty fucked up yeah crazy about this month is inspirational people on Instagram like to listen to them now to really draw inspiration I got one more last name of Kim hands fucking shit man when you go and put him one of those days and realize he's running a marathon everyday lunch break baby just in his defense he would never he would step in and probably say right now that's not sustainable for like the whole year will he does all 200-plus mile race

► 01:06:16

can I see where the guy went to tell them of victory in Marathon I was a pussy cam Hanes it's not you should do marathons the message is the best way to kill I read chams how do I change my socks, and I liked it he he he sincere I get it we have to pretend to be impressed one leg hotel in like I Ran 2 miles today

► 01:07:16

battle dude wears cowboy boots most of the days that I read those comments because he's like good job person that like I ran around a hundred yards today he's a good guy running a marathon and yes that's impressive it's trying to tell you he's one of my best friends the guys the nicest guy in the world and he started out not being able to run for shit he started out doing a mile and fucking dying and going how the hell could anybody ever run a marathon and then he just kept doing it's crazy that he got to this point we could run Ultra marathons he runs a hundred miles a year it's impressive that you ran a marathon because he knows you so well as run so many he knows what somebody who can run a marathon looks

► 01:08:16

and then when he saw you he was like that's it for an hour for a year and then I tell you they just did an hour you like wow that's impressive how much time you do you know I did an hour ago wow that's impressive cuz yeah I'll be like to look at it if someone who's like maybe one of your opening acts God doesn't hour 15 minutes in Cleveland somewhere you look how many that you did that about an asshole

► 01:09:16

you like this picture I would like an hour and Madison like what wait hold on what are not to an hour anymore cuz I know a lot about 2:45 or 5:30 and 1515 31st which is an hour and a half show which is most people think their attention span is which is like it's kind of accurate I mean like we're just you know it's too short to be pushing it for a 90-minute show me more

► 01:10:16

is it Rachel mistake of doing long set swear I did a lot of stand up in it was rocking and rolling for a while then I do like you in ages of people who go on too long you going to be because I know for a fact that like it's not right for me but for you a few and I will be interesting wouldn't be interesting it would be more interesting if people didn't see an hour and a half a comedy first see if they that's the problem the problem is not whether or not a good stuff there probably is how much good stuff you want all day long what you want nobody wants your dick sucked 8 hours a day or two I got to do things ever try for it if you get an hour and 20 of really solid, date and then was that I took you today for a while to be different than I spend the whole festival that we stand up now let's have some fun times I think I think the closer you are to 60 if it's polished and good that's the best

► 01:11:16

hang on but where none of us are all know I'm not doing that right now I won't say I won't speak for everyone but I'm not doing that right now in that I'm working on my 62 in order to work on my 66 that's it for the working progress is the ideas. When do you think about it as a thing where people want to see what you've got it like lockdown perfectly from start to finish you really want an hour and a half and you want your opening act to do at least 20-25 minutes ago 15 you're welcome I bring Tony Hinchcliffe all the time in Edwards those guys are headliner is so funny the funniest mother fucker

► 01:12:16

because he should be a household fucking name I've been saying that forever man I started out as well yeah I'm at Pilot in 2002 3 window to Pauly Shore thing in Miami and rode it was I who done with Jose and I was like oh yeah I know from what I hear something about Ian he's a he's a brilliant writer Tuesday on sitcoms and all these other different shows and one things about writing gigs is first of all very convenient you don't have to go anywhere I stay in town and you get paid a nice amount of money you make good money it's hard to pass up on but the problem is you not out there building your name in different cities and building up markets and you're not putting out a lot of comedy specials you only have that one CD on Team Coco records called a hundred percent half-assed it's fucking hilarious but really you got to see him live

► 01:13:16

like his timing is fucking genius I don't like I forever he said the nicest fucking person you're ever going to meet to but you still think it's got so many haircuts open jokes around a crowd and they were lie on someone getting offended sometimes when you say something horrible but since it's all, that was what I call you but no one gets offended but Ian is will feel like I need that thank you all my gigs getting ready for my last Netflix special we're all with Ian or with Tony a couple with Santino

► 01:14:15

mother fucker I like to suck so much about the shoes he's wearing these guys are coming up man Tony Hinchcliffe was murdering it to kill Tony is legit a sell-out show it's a legitimate shot it's a great idea he is he is so good at roasting oh yeah he is a little murderer he makes me blush sitting next to us bro light someone up and you hit him and you don't want us back when he starts with light up

► 01:15:06

the next. Show the format is so genius up when did they add it suck to get the whole combinations great Jeremiah Watkins Jeremiah Jeremiah Jeremiah is a fuck he's all over the map but I feel Tony Comics that back in the day when we were coming up no one ever gave us props for being funny and young and right now when did I change and stand up where everyone was like it became a community where I go and wanted the people see people succeed came up I felt loses weird unnecessary competition to people cuz I come from a world of competition so I was like why you guys pretending you're competing competing but you just your

► 01:16:06

there's a few people that I only get certain roles and things but the way to look at it correctly was not that you're competing the way you look at it correctly in my estimation was it we're helping each other like when I see you I see you kill I get inspired I see some new bit that's like really well crafted and and and hits man surprises me I get inspired and I think that when you see comics in a vacuum like I remember when I was coming up I would go in these weird tours we do a weird show and some weird Town had a local scene and local scene was almost always have a key but there's a few scenes of were weren't hockey like Houston wasn't happy there was a lot of Pride and not being happy Boston was very not hacking New York was on a key Florida was hacking right places

► 01:17:06

first started how hacking my ideas were how shity they were but I got lucky that I was around guys like Lenny Clarke and Barry crimmins and you know and then after that waive it was Lucy Kay and Marc Maron and there was a lot of it was all these guys that nobody ever heard of it we're really good but super ethical about their material and like really sharp about you broke the fuck meter you said fuck too much like it when you say it it ruins it for everybody I do it explain like yeah. I remember thinking why isn't about just do that for everybody like all over the place why does everybody like treat this as if there's like a famine situation going on and there's a small amount of, Defense no bitch you can't be in Cleveland every night and I'm going to be in Denver and you going to be in Detroit we're supposed to support each other this is so stupid with the only people that understand each other

► 01:18:06

terms of like like what a bizarre human being it takes to be on stage rowkin with your broken changes the internet this is why because before the internet everybody was like I want to be the next host the Tonight Show and Jay Leno retires and I'm the next konad but I'm on cable everybody had the idea of being one person who stood out in a limited amount of slots and then the internet came around and no longer is there a limited amount of slots slots instead if you it's hard to remember but when I first started doing the acting shit it's hard to remember what it was like back then no internet and everything was on either NBC ABC CBS or Fox that was it and there's a few like VH1 MTV things it was famine but there's one person I want of 20 people who say yes you're in and then that's it or you're not

► 01:19:06

search for MTV and this list for HBO Comedy specials in this was for all these things yeah it was good in that the people that got through were very high-quality right. Sometimes a lot of them if you look back at the comics that become became big off HBO they have the best record I thought if you had Chris Rock at HBO special Louis CK I mean Carlin Carlin had one a year for how long the year that 16 / hen need you to new hour every year and I would I went to one I got to see him run the last one of the second to last one at the store no fucking I wish and he was and he would run it always the night before I learned later at comedy magic club which I live nearby for a while but he I got to see him do it at Universal Amphitheatre when that was to a thing and it for his like closing bit

► 01:20:06

he had it written down I told you about 6,000 person audience you working it like it was a fucking Cheney hunting person room he told her that he read the whole last bit because it was really worried monologue and he was like I got to see him on the or do this what it would do he would write a new monologue essentially it would tighten up a little bit over the course of the year I thought this was a dog the whole time for some reason to wear with what is it just a cord but I wasn't really alright yeah I was like I thought I did and then I just realize it was a rat just so funny that was so racist against rats be at squirrels get a free pass a squirrel in the house I'm trying to put a net over and bring the little fella outside I'm trying to kill everybody here

► 01:21:06

soccer and someone said the only difference between squirrels and rats are their tails and I will forever y'all fuck off worlds team squirrel son yeah this month freak you out like when it was over when it's all said and done like November 2nd maybe I woke up I don't know what the fuk just happened how did I go from living this lie completely normal life of Life podcast gas you have to do to be involved this fucking insane battle to the death yeah I mean you know what occurred to me is like this probably doesn't occur to you because of hot like your history with working out but I had that exciting but disappointing thought of like wow you know I can't believe how much I was able to do oh I can't believe how much I'm able to do and

► 01:22:06

I don't ya and that's all I got was in the last five yeah that's right to be it was like I could be doing a lot more than a lot more it's Dad's it's definitely not to do if I can get there for an hour running and an hour of Weights twice a week I'd be like this is amazing that's Health yeah I mean good number what's how many days is 2 hours to days to our like 45 minutes 45 minutes you been looking good no daddy no no no no this change my whole fucking way of looking to working out this is me or if you're good to Mama

► 01:23:06

you do have another hard there's a there's a DVD that I follow it's called the Kettlebell extreme cardio workout but it's got Keith Weber was a past guests visit the dude that hits by himself in a fungus a couple different variations with one of me did on a beach instantly did he just takes a 35lb kettlebell and not heavy but you do it for 40 minutes 40 minutes we got a little bro. Possible time so that I could barely walk I could barely walk I was hobbling a good start but I did the second to last day I did 15 minute rounds with that guy with mitts

► 01:24:06

I thought about I was trying to get my legs a rest too and then so it so that was what prompted me to start it and then when I would do when I was doing it I would just think about pointing Bert and then I was just pointing it was great motivator I did something I did not come in last one little heads-up seriously you're welcome everybody because all of you were beating me and there was a part of me that definitely felt very alone that's not true because I never thought you could ever beat me I wasn't. Hahaha

► 01:24:41

guess what I was doing what I was doing was punishing you cuz I want to take you on a dark dark dark a tour of of all of your insecurities and all of your thoughts of mortality I wanted to take you into a place you when you you couldn't you could never you could never travel we're going to go to the bottom of the ocean motherfucker as soon as I

► 01:25:07

and I and you saying you going to do double I went okay and I told you I made me open up the door to the dark place when I was doing the videos they were all for comedy of fact I understand but that doesn't matter to me what does competition video where I go I'm doubling them I came up with my dog and then I pretended to lose my dog everyone thought that was real nice because he knew you were joking I don't know I forgot that doesn't serve me to think that you're joking it serves me right to take you very seriously to take you to the dark place

► 01:25:57

yeah I'll tell you what or I heard you talk to Nikki Glaser I heard that and I was like 20 say I was going to say we got there she was here she was at work so I still worry just be really clear we are right after bird and said he's going to double my score right and I'm like right you're Fired Up by this far apart. Basically compare yourself to greatest mixed martial arts fighters of all time

► 01:26:51

part of the entire nation of mobile and you know Conor McGregor and you and what would we do if you said Connor you got one hour to party with wanting to hang out with one guy he's picking me bro might ask me advice I would like to talk to him about his future I have some thoughts yeah I want him on your podcast his trainer on really recently you know I hope he doesn't think that in any way that I don't respect him or appreciate him his Fighters are like super super sensitive like I've gone to that a few times like I called Tony Ferguson who's like one of my all-time favorite literally one of my all-time favorite Fighters I said he was a brilliant weirdo

► 01:27:49

because he wears like ankle weights the week and I had to talk to him and try to sort it out I did it through someone else and I was like what it seems like that it seems like that but what it is is supposed it's it's so insane like what we can brush off it's way harder for them see what will you do if you lose a fight and someone disrespects you or they they in public sentiment keeps you from getting a title shot a part of their life I'm sure they're not used to dealing with public reaction so the public reaction thing of celebrity is an afterthought it something it in after effect of competition right you become successful then you have to deal with all these people around you they want you to dance will Conor McGregor's in natural shit talker thank you he's a great fighter but he's

► 01:28:49

so what natural shit talker you want to Buffalo Bar recently he said some fake Bernie contacted us and I said I'm a big fan of a lot of your ideas I'd love to have you on and then it was like he wants to run for president man. Appreciate the athletes who knows they're also an Entertainer I actually did that like I mean everyone probably cuz I'll leave credits meal

► 01:29:49

what is it called Jamie make that smaller please so we can read what the hashtag is

► 01:29:55

you stop goddamn be used to say something about Tyson something or another do they added it he has some sort of company they're grown weed Mike Tyson's grown weed that's why I write Mike Tyson short on building a 40-acre weed farm

► 01:30:22

Dam cabins will be there, is that a Nevada boxing but I do have the volume when I got through the first black boxer activated and rapist Mike Tyson really mean first is going to be the roots.com I made to open your article like that there has to be some way it has to be some way for people to bounce back from horrible things he did he did he would be like

► 01:31:19

front center very very did it like were Straight Outta we're all Siri ever Joe's like I thought was like I had someone trapped in the corner like I had like a wounded thing in the corner of using a hallway looking for his next interview and Norton run out I'd like I just brought him I said did you smoke crack and spirit you are so you can come back from all these things and mash the like reclaim yourself and become mayor again of map of Washington DC despite everything you went through and he goes what I go through

► 01:32:16

that's right and they said no one said he said no type

► 01:32:23

Pizza Hut in Sacra I think he's already realize legalese at these that that point yet so I don't think he said did he say I didn't want you to know I think you said no one knows what was in that pipe yeah yeah mr. conservative you think you were smoking when you smokes whatever you think was going to answer that supposed to be there I knew we had took off I know we had to get them quick I was going to try to do a tree nut and house I think everybody should vote for me yeah yeah yeah

► 01:33:23

had to grab them

► 01:33:25

can I say this but I got a letter going to be registered I was like I know how to do I was so mad about doing this thing in the first place I didn't want to get her again and then please do it next year was there any penalty for this year so everyone something to drink piss you let me to school I just want to tell you guys this is like one of the most popular podcast we've ever done by far it is this whole series of podcasts are doing on the weight loss podcast. To last year sober October. Challenge podcast

► 01:34:25

exactly where it's supposed to be competing random Boise like every quarter okay but you guys see you're busy too but once again it's okay because you're like the other things but I have fun I do think you all legitimate Lee New York State you in November December January February March clothing my life ain't mine to you were great this year

► 01:35:22

you could have swore fucking 4200 points he he told me he was like what you just woke up let me know if I have to get back on the treadmill I didn't say time I did it but that one but all these fucking is this your words over the Scottish they got all mad about it. To my friend Todd White who I used to Jujitsu with who is now head instructor of John Jacque Machado Todd White YouTube Academy in Austin Texas he's also a brilliant artists super famous artist and he sent me this cuz it's beautiful it's every-night sis great Scotch whiskey

► 01:36:22

nice. I'm just waiting by the way I go to your mom's house whenever I want to know what kind of weird now it says his foot around the internet who's eating shit dude is Garth fucking Brooks oh my gosh, Christina. Cheers to this what is it called

► 01:37:02

powerful purest I'll deal with all doing okay that's good thank you

► 01:37:13

he really is

► 01:37:26

cheers it was awful guys why was doing it again City things like that it's best to drink in New York I want to go in there now good did you really turned 53 shot. Wow Brad you and your fake news hey will you say bird is 53 no no no no no razor Joe friends photos with you I don't know they changed his birthday in Wikipedia and everything

► 01:38:26

going deep we're taking the month off how many have you lost now challenges the second but here's what's important I can't believe I did this news your dishes you guys have to whisper to happy 53rd birthday really the boy was yesterday that you make me feel bad cuz I'm 24 months away from what you make it home okay no but 3 Barbie 55

► 01:39:20

I'll also by the way people are happy about that really looks good and you try to cuz you're like hey man I'm not the highest spread some stuff about you oh no shit you fucking asshole or just spent about another are you sure how you lost so much weight and still manage to have that belly does it make sense to me what is what I love what I love about it by the way will validate the Mickey Mantle Jane is doing a lot of shows I want to drive them away completely I was thinking about how much fun would you have had back in the day I really think stand-up was totally globally different

► 01:40:20

you on the road with Joey Diaz Ari shaffir Redban in a tour bus it had more fun you guys without a fucking insane we had so much fun we had so much fun I don't I don't need you I don't need it no more fun once Ari and Joey and red band and Duncan like the the road trips that we went on the fun that we had we didn't need more fun we just needed to appreciate what is happening what was happening we had like no one what

► 01:40:59

do you want one

► 01:41:01

I didn't where you have to wear with you being sober and I did the bus this weekend I fucking loved it to have the bus I did I like a lot of us pretty, yeah not wearing a seatbelt bitch that's true there like that run through January April what would you feel like if you listen to my voice and you heard in your head the moment your face was hitting the LC ice cream in it that would suck the moment you were flying towards the screen I remember this moment I did not potable speed and I was going to do just fucking take the day off and fly

► 01:42:01

look at me I'm the one doing that do need it that's pretty awesome is your boys I'll do it or I'll drop my entire night 2019 tour

► 01:42:22

forget that's how to get to Grant to start Madison Square Garden City's something Jack show we could do that tomorrow here's the deal if each one of us did a half an hour we got a two hour show I can do a half an hour right now yeah me too LOL fucking I would love to do a half an hour maybe 34355 Shelton Drive got to have it I can friend I ever met the best friend I love you missed you do not look at some needy shit right there sunshine I love you more than you love me more

► 01:43:19

I don't I never thought about that with you re

► 01:43:28

sorry to know that I never thought disorder love me more than I love him but now they think about it. What do you think I fell asleep part of you that we're not going to be tied into this that's rude I feel like I don't I don't have a meter love meter Bert

► 01:43:50

love you too I was horrible. Almost dying so oh so tired like run to top of hill

► 01:44:02

who who you feel this you realize that you're sealed it oh yeah I'm kind of Gregor

► 01:44:10

okay so that's where we got this thing I was like I want to do is register your register I got an email about the 10th to 12th of October from some lady at Snap Fitness in Shawnee Kansas saying hey kills you know you're actually register my gym and we are doing October challenge so I think I should take your off currently you're in third place and then what did you say I would like to take you out but I'm going to podcast challenge with my friends Brogan's to Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer Place Jim of people trying to work out for a second you were like Oprah Crashers

► 01:45:10

she just knows yet

► 01:45:17

she just does USB Crush be Christ from the leaderboard

► 01:45:23

hahaha she's like that's why I caught feelings. That was not what she even brought up that was not the composition of

► 01:45:54

just over here from the words be Crusher on the leaderboard so sad

► 01:46:05

I have to be honest as humble as I try to be if she said oh Joe Rogan comedian Joe Rogan I be like she likes me she's like to see this fucking name on my board I'd like to know what actually that's cool I'm going to keep you guys on there do you understand that we got better as a score in terms of how well we did in comparison to most people with 0.1% which is much higher it doesn't make sense much higher than Elizabeth Warren is claiming to be made store yeah yeah

► 01:47:05

bizarre I shut out to impact fitness out here that's fine and Sean worked out with him a month wow yesterday he was like let me fly you can put you on his legs like a baby hold you up stretch you and shit he was like hey do you know Bert Kreischer I would love to do that with him and I was like do you normally do like two people on one guy and using what do you mean like he's very fast that's why I don't need to get him up because I for sure could not get him up I got somebody to think about all my God trapeze that swings

► 01:48:03

I told him how we all went. I love you as much Oriole answer answer do you think you love Ari not what I'm not joining us like each other day so if one of you try to attack Arya ever I have a problem with that are you going to say sorry I've been friends for too long this is my friend we got to work this out if I don't know you as well as I know him for a million hours then owe you for $400,000

► 01:49:02

this that's just a How We Roll we all have to kind of be so I don't love anybody anymore one of you one of you smiling

► 01:49:16

oh you know the answer bro you guys are crazy by anybody looking for a serious I don't want to stay alive man who you want to kill bro

► 01:49:51

the problem is you don't want to die knowing you ate your friend and it didn't matter disagreeing to me here's a reality if you hadn't said this and this afternoon Rio's real three of us would be so paranoid about you killing us that we would definitely kill you like we'll be like everything's cool and you and then we would take rice and just go to the church tonight when he sleeps

► 01:50:37

we have competed against them and how do you think we would go about killing we would have to make him think that word Fe not thinking about that and if you like I got there so late but we would try to be slick about it we'd sit at my fire and then I would go Hey Joe when when you eat marijuana does that break down differently or liver than other day it seems 11 hydroxy metabolite does the same thing too I think I do it immediately I got doing tonight that accept the fact you going to starve to death that's we got to do got to accept it because if there's only so hard for left or in the woods and we're stuck on the top of a mountain and no one's gotten to us yet what are the odds are going to get to us what how much time we have left I've got like 30 hours if everything goes great Ruth is are you would wither away first

► 01:51:37

obviously Tom I don't know man college football is just trying to think about that

► 01:52:02

if it was just us it was just us a living in the woods if we're like on an episode of Life Below Zero we have him put together our self will make it just like we got through this weird month okay this is what's fucking strange about being a person is that you don't know what your boundaries are you just know what you do most of the time so all the sudden when something comes up that requires way more of what you're used to putting out more way you know some people love winning a fucking tournament at a video of myself out about that we are middle-aged comedians of course I think you already go I'm not do enough already okay so then when you have that thought and you do a month like that and you got really not doing

► 01:53:01

yeah yeah for real what I try to do is eat healthy I fuck hard every time that you do and then it's also a different chewing gum recipe sure are a lot of gum bazooka get stronger with sugar contest take me to do. Great to see you for my daughter's softball team 5 gallons. Bro welcome to fucking drugs that's what I picture re Big League Chew laying pipe choo choo

► 01:54:01

I kept many I can't manger where the sucking that the strap while it was fucken I didn't you did

► 01:54:11

said something about my cock fast and hard that was the name of one of your posts yeah by the time of what went on like 170 12 in Phoenix heart rate still on I'm still in the blue you know you should have got up to the green never gotten to the yellow but I had to when I was doing it it wasn't moving out of the grey watching interesting I had turned off the Bluetooth because it was based on my headset so I just worked off and it cut off the monitor it so I thought it was a dead if you're blue 2000 on it didn't register points right now

► 01:55:11

so I can watch porn at 12 points it's cuz you're in the green horse dance and then make it hold it for a while and just hold it really did make it stand for like 40 minutes 40 minutes though some people just make up their own protocols like standard horseshoes on a horse stance stand there for 1 hour

► 01:56:11

same thing that happened on us this month like how much can you do crazy it was because I want to go again it's pretty over over the years they will think about it to you

► 01:56:53

so sorry there was a great but I couldn't believe I did it was a lot of fun I can believe you did but I I I

► 01:57:05

I wasn't completely surprised really yeah I was happy I was happy I was happy that you you showed me

► 01:57:15

I always like we've been friends for a long time and I've always said like Hardee's just got this like very strong mind like you if you're not you know you're not a guy who gives up on shit in your guy who thinks through things we've had many comments about that those last few days I was like I think if I can get like right after they go to sleep bunch of points and then right after wake Brightwood have another bunch of points which is like in the beginning of my end of my night I could break them mentally I can get like 700 above them think I just got them yeah the 29th of October yeah you got deep you got pretty deep you got in you went to mean there was one day that you ran 15 miles that I posted that on my Instagram I was like do you understand that already didn't work out for 10 years he ran 15 miles and then he rode elliptical but yeah

► 01:58:15

5 meters on a 505005 km in rowing and then bites for like pure Spite and what was the spite what was the motivation for dragging me into it I know you decided I hate my life is fine my life is fine too man good everybody's life contact bring this one out your brothers are you doing that's why surfing is going to be thought to be amazing for us this is it this is us

► 01:59:14

guys I live in New York

► 01:59:18

is it locked I think I might a lot right before he goes through it wasn't coming in. I thought you were not coming in I didn't know why I was like I don't get it though, but I didn't shut it you're very distinct everybody everybody can do an impression basically just a yes of course are the first person I've ever heard it was red band

► 02:00:07

I don't know I really don't mean like the alcohol cook a better wrestler Copacabana who is the first-ever The Godfather was he the first yeah but but but what I was doing it for a while before like I did last time tomorrow at president we're all professional comedians most professional politicians would be able to tell you who the first fucking president was no idea

► 02:01:04

who's the first podcaster we really don't know right dude I heard was in my radio goes in the radio that it became known as the podfather the guy that started podcasting a relationship but I think he's who is Adam. I think Charlie was gervase he was up he was like yes I would argue that

► 02:02:04

73 best hits of 2006 and June 2005 Apple added podcast into the iTunes so is that means you already going no no no Ricky gervase had a GMC show was launched a year after Adam Curry's after podcasting was added to iTunes I was not out there different people right now and then a year later you know who was the very first podcaster

► 02:03:04

are you going shooting come up as I was looking through those things what you used to do it when she loves you for she's gone and it radio talk shows no no no let me jump in right now so we could do a podcast that's where the money Morning podcast came up

► 02:03:47

Jamie if you if you had a guest who do you think was number one

► 02:03:52

Illinois expired by me what did you think of it gets the credit for I believe I did the name podcast the name another guy was like a science Tech Guy some guy named Devore he was a way before this gets tricky as podcast were released on MySpace do enough of phones called podcast podcast podcast

► 02:04:52

what is do you have a favorite podcast seriously cuz you witness so many I go through one of the one we did last year this was pretty good that's probably for sure up there it's one of the best of the first by companions cuz I started a whole series of things that's memorable to you or anything else like the Kid Cudi in Maynard Wears Prada my top tooth like wow that's what these one of these have done is enhanced our friendship and get like closer to your friends

► 02:05:52

please reply but I really like you too I feel like I really click with you download my talking to you or to catch up you fucking asshole what time it was like hey I think I'm injured me and give me some cigarettes please watch the volume please play today the stadium tour is going to be fun. I want to call the big ass Stadium to her it's just sitting too or above is all the information on it but we talked about the days we're going to introduce five cities Before Christmas to go on sale because I'm inside Studio G you guys ask for a longer planning date so you can plan to be in to show me Jamie

► 02:06:52

Phoenix Glendale Arizona Christmas and remember this is all about game day or Garth day

► 02:07:17

by the way we got to say this is an amazing performer LG before he sells more tickets and Beyonce okay okay that dude is other level like just unbelievable like it's out of control he's been so famous for so long that I think he really thinks like what and what are normal people like you know if I don't know 10 granddaughter have any idea and his social media is really awkward and it's the best thing in the world right now

► 02:08:17

that social with that Facebook one that you know was increase all that one he's like why I guess it's official Christina just posted this video I'm obsessed with the Garth Brooks and it's so fucking amazing it's one of the best videos I've ever seen the I I watch it over and over and over again with the lady getting hit in the head with the fish how the heck do the hashtag hashtag you're interested for what stop is Jamie and what other container he does that thing he might he's so famous and his his wife's famous but she's not Ashley

► 02:09:17

nothing where he like I'm mr. Yearwood I took my wife slapped the further you know just cuz I'm just like y'all to her for a while okay go ahead he's just he's just I think he's very sincere I believe it but there's something fucking weird going on there and I think he's got a couple bodies in the trunk I just don't I think there's something going on I think it's somebody you know how how there's something about like when you watch me where are you remember back to Michael Jackson and you're like like I got weird for obviously but also how in comprehensible is it to be as famous as he is or was Michael Jackson Garth Brooks laich for me the part that's that's a reach or whatever is that none of my friends are over like a men do you like new Garth Brooks track like I don't have anyone in my life talking about him

► 02:10:17

seems almost like a foreign entity right like I just go the country fans did you ever like my name is stuff all time fun drinking song that's one of them to relax. Relax have a couple Tequila's in you I can appreciate some Hank Williams stuff I'm not knocking somebody that regularly or that I even talk to someone like going to Garth Brooks's way and then generoso Waylon Jennings his social media is that special it is remarkable

► 02:11:17

amazing it's amazing it's amazing he has his show more like whenever he's so famous the hill just post it we like we're inside Studio G right now because it Studio G yes I do that with your your podcast player games where he doesn't know how to end a video so he'll just be like come see me at the stadium this weekend it's hilarious it's the best thing I've ever seen it is pretty fucking amazing I'm obsessed with that now and I I found it to him and push yeah it's it's on video yet but you know Big Burger

► 02:12:06

he saw it on his W I don't know how he put He just pulls the best content edits it amazingly and he he put up a bunch of Garth since his Instagram stuff it's right experiences or if we should do a stadium tour where we just can't get comfortable music that

► 02:12:42

here's the thing he was like we're going to do this and stadiums were normally UC football teams so wear your favorite football team's uniform and then let's get physical while we're making you know what is weird about you know like my dad would say yeah go ahead that happened for a little while we're if you if you were to theatrical, once we get upset at you but if you moved around too much yeah you got physical he acted things out people would literally like Shawn you I just a few people that are you doing why are you doing that

► 02:13:20

yeah that was a style for a while remember hearing someone talk I want to say it was in the movie comedian Jerry Seinfeld going if I have a bit I'll act it out cuz if it gets a bigger laughing that's the purpose and I'm over feeling Vindicated so super physical when I started weird why would anybody looking like more like shit than I do naturally that would be like if this shirt has a hole in it where it to do it yeah really yeah for a while for a while I was like oh you should look for some reason I don't know why I bought into that I was like you should just look what your mom's house fans are taken away squash bitch

► 02:14:06

I wear things that are just because I'm eating but you don't like that you dress specifically which there's no shirt and I just totally thought yeah I don't wear shirt yet oh my God is doing that one other guys right by your official influencer how about the Stars Network sponsors of Chip and Dale, D net worth every week is it a loose loose never buttoned yeah I want loose I don't want I want my my all the muscles to be covered everything to be like

► 02:15:06

non form-fitting that's like the opposite of me if I wear anything that's form-fitting at get uncomfortable I feel like I'm generally or just for a taping people go over your shoulder roast somebody needs to fucking funny shirts and Fit I can't wear shirts if that they don't feel bad that I don't understand that I'm saying from their perspective but I get it because there's also and they were done like where you go I'm going to get like a bunch of clothes right now and you put on something it feels cool but then you look in the mirror and you're like this is too cool smiley faces to be cool enough and relax that's the main thing comfortable loose cool like a wedding or something

► 02:16:06

like I look like I'm trying to be Jason Statham right now no that's who you think you are

► 02:16:27

oh my God

► 02:16:29

oh my God that's his voice I love this fucking elliptical machine for five and a half hours back that dude I can't believe No One servers down down down down down once October get started if you want to hire coach hundred percent if you wanted hi Kelly I grew up I grew up next to close to Sebastian Inlet I know exactly where that is. I know that you loved it

► 02:17:29

weather like Jelly Splash in Limitless what's up 772 let's do it. Let me know how the test probably a ton of real surfing instructors

► 02:17:54

I got a flat Oklahoma I can shoot a fake store for a month and got quite for sure

► 02:18:03

let's not do that, this is the best by the way

► 02:18:29

that's true you did oh yeah I'll just tell you it's better if you don't see it Tommy I shaved my back my back

► 02:18:49

are you in Hawaii that's right beautiful job that makes me laugh so in stadium stadiums if we start in March you want to start doing some half-hour Stadium sets let's get together yeah what's up some goddamn fun what are you want to do Staples Center like what would you want to do math able to tell you for real not joking sincere that you can't follow me

► 02:19:49

how do you say Jojo Jojo what the fuck it's not good cuz I can't say it no man candyman candyman what happened to Lil Wayne none of the share of course that's not going to happen good for you keep it up and drunk reservations right now?

► 02:20:49

take all my secrets of Tommy first now on Hardcore you bitches are loose lips or tell him do not tell him I believe you miss you I believe you I promise you I believe you I believe you promise you I believe me something was a secret you told me cigarettes is if you told me this is a fucking secret people can break my fingers I would I promise you I promise you what about you I'm not saying shit real busy girl who cannot tell us start with who's bad who's the worst person worst honestly and this is not an insult you should tell but Secrets if you wanted to get out

► 02:21:49

I don't want to come from you it's like a source of some dude

► 02:22:10

he puts on his Blog the next to you did not want Joe Rogan is next on my list navigate to Internet it's possible though if you don't make it very clear that it's like talking but I'm always looking out for your best interest. I grew that till this point I always thought then I was the most vaulted but the way you talk makes me think he said you might also be having my understanding of life with someone share something with you. Just dies with you if you tell me that that dies with me I will never betray you 12 years ago there's different levels of people telling you something and their stuff we're like you make the judgement your like this some bullshit

► 02:23:10

oh and tell people somebody tells you something and it's actually something that could affect their life yes and there's a 0% chance I would ever say something to you show me something like severe I promised you would never have to worry about me saying let me stamp kids probably talk about this but if one reality is it sometimes one of your friends will say something that's disturbing yeah and you're not sure if you have talked to somebody about it like I think about killing myself are like yeah yeah okay then had to deal with that I didn't know anybody who would who would did Hood gone to that place yet cuz I'm close to killing myself place and I don't I've known people that have Kik

► 02:24:10

but I never knew anybody who can fight it in me there were thinking of killing the best say I've never had so much fun time together so much traveling on the road together so many gigs we had a lot of fun so I didn't understand I was like you you're really hilarious comedian your professional comedian you doing what we all want to do everything is happening and then you're you're depressed but there's a there's a situation going on I don't know what the fuck it is but doesn't make any sense to me I've never had anybody can find me that's where you like somebody's make the best what I think is a decision instead of just going like I want to share this stuff with your final. Opened up about some shit that I was like okay I don't I can't be responsible for this just based on my own personal judgment cuz I don't I don't understand this.

► 02:25:10

and I was like I got to figure out what to do and then I reached out to friends who told me about psychiatrist and then we got together and we but the like so that's a good share information yeah exactly I called you tell me if I tell you you're going to respect it I will absolutely I think you and I are on the same level with that where it's not a question of what the line is is just know if you have a no you have never fuck me up I can come out of course I saw you were so bad as I thought I would not sell you out I would not tell you I believe that will set them free

► 02:26:10

clear with you I appreciate that level of a friendship to where somebody goes I will call you out on some bullshit I also I'll say this I think Bert if you told him this is Ed definitely a secret yes he would definitely not sell you at I agree at one time bug son so then 12 hours I like I understood that it was a secret but I didn't say it was a secret way you wanted to be a secret this time with you last you translate what the fuck did you say a secret what's it again

► 02:27:07

he said I the secret who did you try to tell everyone why do you think I don't even know that I told it I don't remember that I did. You don't care about it other than you because it seems like I'm going to say it anyway maybe you should never tell anyone what your wife want to hear about your nose you don't want to hear about it but just from your point of view for a second it seems like you're worried about telling these guys take right now you being able to say nosey Jews such a beautiful thing because I know that we're nosy brown people

► 02:28:07

did you yeah yeah no see I am I your friend all right word but it is the J word it's like you know like it's like blue in the myzone points of word is straight red that's red and is there with the show going to be okay folks to Cambridge Massachusetts is win like the old guy the old white guy goes like the media room light or bad guys super race

► 02:29:07

that explains why she know what's the most under look racist thing was Asians and Harvard make it more difficult for Asians to get into Harvard than anyone else has so many of them getting in which amazing super performers 2017 is that kind of racist inside a crazy crazy I'm going to win remember was this like this when you were growing up where like in my high school the standards for the standards that Asian families put on their Asian children through the roof

► 02:30:07

I've literally grew up from 15 to 21 around a ton of Korean people 453 last week I was around town of Asian people they're worth work ethic is insane grade school and George and I would have a hard time doing homework with Leanne and one time one of the creative moms goes why you just switch out that's what we do we never do homework with our children our children won't give us what they need but don't give a stranger with a need or switching up and doing the moms were waiting for kids are Next Level next level

► 02:31:07

you got this I'm on my my registration proof of insurance Hasan minhaj why don't you know how to say his name how was he's great by the way he's a great comic but he's so funny is I don't I don't run that funny per se but it's really good I haven't seen it either it's really write his first thing is about

► 02:31:40

whatever dude I'm fucking Amber oh my God I try to talk to you cuz you said you said how you guys been no no sir camps remember we can't do any surfing until till then or first is what you say it like you mean it seems like these guys all decided that you're going to do something and they called you and you like what no talk all of you know

► 02:32:12

what was the plan to go to Las Vegas and fly project of reason reason for a long time he straightens me out sometimes he said his Bill Cipher advice we should have her I would like to say

► 02:32:49

go to my Instagram for more details perfect resolve the Perfect Analogy creative Creepshow there's more than one of your cell so bad okay I would like to see this belt thank you very much the ultimate make you short story award by the way the fact that we actually did this was nuts and I would like to say on behalf of me one of the three non-winners I want say losers of the sober October fitness challenge Joe Rogan much like Jesus before him where there was nothing and then there was winning Joe Rogan you have achieved champion of silver October physical challenge

► 02:33:51

this belt sign you are the champion of sober October I just want to stay for the record I was most impressed by you and then if you have been exercising as long as I I probably would have died trying to defeat you

► 02:34:07

great job. Yes sir I do not pressed come on over it's already on I'll just say this I was Joe you showed us definitely what time it was second place and re you definitely got that so congratulations to you re but Joe you're better I hear you're in better shape than the three I think that how to factor that was certainly a part of it how much energy get put out where I put it in the man will work their ass off but it's all about trt or not even hahaha hahaha they have chemicals know you had doctors tell you that on it a hundred percent yeah I've had several

► 02:35:03

particular at this is hurting like point you cross over as a person where you go how much time do I have left that 40 years left at 50 years wait what did you have first have that thought I mean I know you can have that many times it looks like when you took it seriously

► 02:35:22

thirtysomething when I was in my thirties I would see my body not responding as well and also where is this going those when I really started thinking about it because I started seeing like I was working out really hard and as a boxing fan I always knew what a really good boxer got in there 30 days you have to keep an eye on them sour instantly they might get knocked out all the sudden and they couldn't take a punch anymore there's this guy named Doug DeWitt cuz like this badass bit away he just could take a punch like nobody else man was crazy I just got to just bang on the chin and people are freaking out like how does this guy take punches like this and then one day you couldn't take it anymore

► 02:36:10

is it was a cumulative effect of all the punches landed but it was also age like almost all of the great Champions they get into the 30s and they just fall they start to slide where you freaked out I mean at the I don't know what how much how much did you question hormone replacement or anything like that like did you freak out about the thought of it or do smart people who study that think like what do they think said they were all how was it is a bunch of things you can do this is like and we talked about this word talking about

► 02:36:45

if you got a good doctor they're not going to just put you on any kind of hormone replacement first right first thing they're going to do is exercise you going to check your blood to get a check your vitamin levels going to ask you what you eat how much do you sleep and how stressful is your life going to try to sort things out that way first that way your body is Adam or Optimum level in for a lot of people that's all they need they just need more sleep less sugar you know less processed foods you know do a little weight lifting do some squats and deadlifts things that boost your testosterone and maybe it was 34 we just tired after work and you can take that shit back in the gear cut out the milkshakes and all the bullshit I could probably kick it into gear like 49 50 51 57 and they're just fucking tired they're just tired and they and there's here's your aunt

► 02:37:45

you can keep being tired or you can get your testosterone replaced and you're not as tired anymore you feel like a person feel like an actual person not like a decaying person cuz it's a lot of what makes you feel like a decaying printer is a body's lack of production of hormones and this is what's really important

► 02:38:07

beat they think this is the case with a lot of people that have had head injuries they think this is one of those it's a key factor in depression for people that have been in car accidents people have been beat up people that have been had a lot of head injuries your body stops producing a lot of your hormones correctly cuz your pituitary gland gets damaged

► 02:38:27

so for all those Reasons I'm at a certain point in time when it's 50 or 60 or 70 or 80 you got a one accept your mortality and to accept the idea that there are certain things that have been discovered scientifically that can enhance the time that you have left so you either you either like dive into them and listen to science yep in in an experiment trying to figure out what works best for you or you don't that's up to you this month was a real introspection into that like watching I literally was like I was like man

► 02:39:06

having my lifestyle there's a lot of things I can fix before I added things you know if you know what I mean I get off blood pressure medicine drink last witch

► 02:39:19

a really ethical doctor would go to that immediately that would be the first time they would go to it would say you got to just fix that because you listen you going to fucking Marathon mad that it's not like you're a loser girl you're fucking guy with an iron will you figured out a way to run a marathon when was very little training you know and then you did what is that stupid Spartan Race thing that should say stupid ridiculous of the Spartan Race is run around throwing fucking sandbags and shit like what you doing set a goal and I do go I got that coming up I think it helps me I'm not the kind of person that you just kind of float in the water and not know what I'm doing I think it helps everybody would just unnerved by the expectations of any kind of challenges that we subscribe to we just decide okay we're all going to agree the whole month of October we're just going to go crazy and do cardio 5 hours a fucking day and try to kill

► 02:40:19

each other I don't care right now so much pain but what's more important is understanding how different Everything feels when you work out for 4 hours or whatever it was the average day if you looked at the whole month I probably worked out for hours every Jesus there was there was quite a few three hour sessions called you three hour sessions at night you did a lot of Weights also just to get much to do but gave you like fucking tons of time for me it wasn't even that is like I just have to mix it up or I'll go crazy

► 02:41:19

yeah there were times at the end of the work out to where I be like I don't care if it's something I want to do fucking something else wanted you to wait it was a thing where I was in this weird high State this weird post long workout High State I just wanted to keep it going I just wanted to keep like following and relaxing while I was like lifting weights and doing like kettlebell swings and she said I just wanted to do something else you want to do chin-ups I want to do something was just moving my body almost as if I was pulling it down after all that all that exercise those bananas man after it was over I was like what the fuck happened would we do was like we got we got possessed by a wizard spell sudden

► 02:42:06

we we we hit the 0.1% of all the people using this fucking thing I went down to that fucking Jim and I was like I want to sign up for whatever goes with here are things like and you can start working out right now so

► 02:42:19

log me in Harvey me too that's it is that for middle-aged comedians 03813 s 0.1% I'm obese according to all the 0.1% diculous metrics without his nuts that we worked hard all the time say they were going to double me that's all I needed was like an idiot this is do you want to talk on the phone so there was a

► 02:43:07

it's it's just it's a guarantee you it's on my Instagram it helped me to have you around yeah. 602 to me and Bert when he got sick was like okay cool he's done we both said something about seven hundred and they were like hey we talked that they were like looks like toms out pretty much we're like look like toms out cuz I got school so we're not going to last that was a big fear cellulite yeah I'm still try to beat you there I'm like yeah man good luck to you know if I can do it and it was just like oh okay we're still going to go on it still get along with a bucket challenge compliments than anything in this because Ari shaffir that you really change my perspective of working out like I'm going the way I go if I get to spin class and they are all in your feelings I go RV still out right now but that's the way your brain works it different man

► 02:44:07

to get my fucking feet around each other the way a person's brain works

► 02:44:13

yeah I just never do it normally tell you the reason why I knew you were dead last for short workouts for me I need two things were going on one Tom had been exercising a regular basis and even though he might have carried a little bit of body fat he's actually a fit strong guy with a strong mind I also knew that already swept me one time that mother fucker I was on top of him I was a brown about he's a white belt in a while ago I thought it was over already tried to kill me with his bare hands who's trying to kill me was trying to choke my neck can I just say I know re now that we've done this at your award ourselves yea

► 02:45:14

I say why don't we do something it would be fun I love this idea already and they're all of us I know what it is until someone dies no I mean it's World War going to Vegas at a boxing fight would be fun yeah okay would be the most fun decrease the level of happiness I have in my life or metric show you what year would you be if it was a bird dying Kris the levels that are you can't you can't deny that you are very proud of yourself for your your performance this month because in my opinion this is I'm being a hundred percent of jective your your performance was the most impressive a surprise she has my whole life when I saw you just all the sudden thank you I appreciate that one day

► 02:46:14

baccarat caught right up and I was like I'll fuck I was ready to Coast Marathon one time where a guy went the wrong way was in the lead or neck-and-neck with the guy went the wrong way and we had this ignore the last like three hundred and he had to come all the way back and I'll try to catch up but that waste of space that late and he starts print a nice picture right. The other guy who is already in first place cuz you fucking duct out deep yeah and when you started when I'm done I could do this pretty hard to stand where you come from okay what did I see Florida

► 02:47:07

yes kickboxing let's go see kickboxing that what you wanted to say that's what you were leaning towards can you go to Chiang Mai Thailand Eileen yes and we going to see some kickboxing we can have cigars we can go to kickboxing fights a few days and no time like the chicken and some Thai food stay out of Bangkok Thailand we are in the back if you don't want to go see some fights have cigars and some Chang beer

► 02:48:01

I really do like Monty Surf City surf surf travel what is that do you think you'll be good at it so he doesn't get it is when I first start doing yoga I was amazed at how shity I was at a yeah I was surprised I didn't think I would be getting it and I was where was this a 50 each other's piss wants to drink your piss

► 02:49:01

is going to try I think he I mean you're obviously set to win this thing but I think Tom's going to sneak up he's playing it down you lose his wrist yesterday oh that's nothing just the calories you burn the day a thousand Tom's Tom sneaky gorillas Albert ran a marathon he did run a marathon you ran a marathon yesterday I worked out for 3 hours and 20 minutes I'm trying to I'm trying to I'm trying to break Bert will that's what I'm really trying to do this shit mother fucker workout twice a day like that I'll try to give you a fucking heart attack

► 02:49:58

hahaha he's going to keep it up with weight loss challenge Tom stayed steady and Tom one in the end and one there bird tried he tried to Sprint towards the end it was too little too late and Tom was talking shit fuck off to the very end and you try to catch up it's going to be too late and he was right

► 02:50:29

I don't know if birds will can be broken has it been broken before it's not his will it's the discipline aspect see when you're dealing with an entire month 31 days of having to get after it so how often do you get after it normally see that's the thing the difference between me and Bert is I workout almost everyday already so for me it's just like those days off don't exist anymore so what I've decided to do on my days off just do shit that I wouldn't normally do so I'll do the elliptical machine for 2 hours or I'll do something else I just I'll do something else but the whole time I'm thinking I'm going to break Bert I'm going to break my heart

► 02:51:14

who told you about who you think about your family trying to get past the angry you think of Burt right now you're breaking his will

► 02:51:36

mrs. sew in

► 02:51:38

you're right you already work out a lot you're extremely healthy guy but you're not going to take it you're excited can see the excitement on all of you to take this to just an excruciating level because if it gets obsessive and it gets fun like you could work but that's the thing I'm excited to talk to you at the beginning of this when you're still pumped up about it and it's like you get a high from working out for 3 and 1/2 hours a day 17 days from now I'm going to be a beating man you're right that's not going to be a fun day for you who knows you know did you ever see there's a really nice bra off its become full but how do you feel how do you say cellarius man to break you

► 02:52:38

it was fun it was fun and scary but I didn't think that it would go where it went in terms of like my how much time every day I was working out I never thought I would really get to that it was crazy I thought in the beginning we would all just have some fun workout an hour a day and then see who's truth number was higher but it will take everybody is the last week's going to Sprint right of course I thought that was going to happen when you made that video and I was like to video chat on my dog know it was another one before that way I thought I talked to rugged here and he was like fucking bird he's got to come in last

► 02:53:38

you know you know for a fact that I made those videos I love right I understand but I didn't listen I believe that right now but it doesn't help me to believe that back then you don't got to be angry say something like that even if you don't mean it you said it and I don't have to get mad at you but I have to at least acknowledge there's a transference of energy right now I don't want to call it anger besides glue you don't ever fucking win this then there's no way we're going to go are you realize this is the difference that's not forget about that this is a difference between High performers for sure we were done pretty quickly I knew we were done pretty quickly we were John I knew that when he was saying

► 02:54:38

even though I understand 100% understood what he was his joke does I'm going to double up your like that in a competitive I'm trying to do your regular workout and see if you can still beat us I'm like yeah yeah but not negative not not like you're like me really say I'm going to double everything Joe does Mike gave him the way you gave me a thought in my head that you going to try to do that

► 02:55:20

yes daughter his daughter is not calling the Cable Guy Daddy because he's been gone so long working out she has no memory of him because you had to say I'm going to W T I knew that I don't need to know if you're being honest that's not necessary for me all I need to know I push that aside I need to know that you think that you were going to do that you think you would you even though you really know that he doesn't think he can do that a hundred percent I don't talk to him blinders on

► 02:55:56

I'm going to turn around to go to the darkness can I just say this that we all use Bert as a motivation like I don't want him to beat me yeah but but fucking lost in this you got to understand I got real real serious anxiety when you got sick at know when I realize I could never recover if I got worse I'd be like I'm super sorry I would but whatever it is I was getting better and I thought I might lose you. Got real anxiety about yeah I got super nervous yeah but what kills me is that what you put a video I was out what it was or what was early it was like where do I put the belt

► 02:56:56

of course I did not enter this contest to lose I didn't think I'm coming up roses fake body that now or before I don't know

► 02:57:20

what we got here

► 02:57:23

Porsche 911 rwb in built by Nick I love you bye

► 02:57:33

do you should take the bus at work you should have bought that car for 20 that's real I want you to be yourself them

► 02:58:09

what you lost yeah but I lost on purpose he called me was that you know you called me and said I did a video on Instagram stories I got recognized I didn't know the person they're like burnt red Tell me story Joe it's hard then said that he caught me drinking in a parking lot you know I wasn't drunk or sober but yeah he called me and told me he should be what I love about Joey Diaz he called and apologized to you cuz I guess it's a guy I didn't notice it but I got to go big online but it was clearly joking pillows alien robot Bert Kreischer didn't wave back all I heard that

► 02:59:08

I would never lie to you about any one thing I didn't hit you up and I was like I'm for real out of my children dude and here's what you believe in what I believe him and there was still a part of my brain that was like make sure just yet I would never do that it was a separate thought though it wasn't that I didn't think you were lying but I still was like my brain would not allow me to just I know you did I did I saw it and I went I can't believe you didn't believe me believe you I believe you I was just like you can't be so stupid to believe in fully kind of I was like what if what if he was lying he said no he sounded so sincere

► 03:00:09

the system so you can like seeing back in the house would you think I was doing I didn't know I didn't know what to think. George called that morning but that there's two I would never know what I will never make an excuse that morning and I just got out of spin class and I was going for a 12 mile run in my head I was like I'm set I'm putting clothes on Georgia text and said daddy-daughter lunch in at school at 11 and you need to be there at 9 to help set up and I was like fuck and in my head I just all I did was wantonly wanted are his life right didn't have any responsibilities I was like but I texted everyone that at that moment I was like I'm out I'm not got softball practice and luncheon and I dude in that middle at lunch and I was like

► 03:01:09

run right now like yeah I had that this whole thing was psychotic it was daytime I have no responsibilities and there's a lot of effort for me to get to this place and do this time I don't know what you guys go through it we kids are at school or school can I make sense a.m. to 4 p.m. or whatever it is after that if it's unusual guest and I just schedule everything in there that's a lot of time man that time to this thing is Tim in your compound like you can do that I was jealous I join the gym is Portia's for podcast

► 03:02:09

delivery man I never thought of it that I mean build this thing so I can win at it inside I don't know yet how much of a piece of shit would you feel like it right now anyways 7.

► 03:02:33

I was worried about re I was worried about last day when we had a picture so do you believe in miracles might just want to fuck her store and points at that point where you going to put in a little bit you would laugh so if you beat me what did you go through yeah yeah I respect all of us would you at what week is it crazy to be let us know that you finished 324th I think 324th in the country in the world in the world of registered users 323 other people

► 03:03:33

definitely a lot of the Muslims guy said that a lot of these people are Fitness instructors are doing 5 6 even 7 like Clash of classes a day in shape that is amazing imagine teaching 6 spin classes a fucking what could they do it if you decide to go from Jim Jim

► 03:04:12

maybe that have to I don't know yet. I would say is there a liquor at least have that thing with oxycontin's in Florida were you get a subscription or prescription from one guy that go down Friday then they developed database that chest strap and teach a hundred fucking spin classes a day should we do one more cocktail we going to eat ya 20 we're good for fire College

► 03:05:02

I cannot drink for a month right when we started this whole thing I thought I couldn't do it because of what do you think will happen to you on your tour next year you think it'll go well so I'm saying as far as your late-night stuff I don't know it's been 3 days or whatever but like just in the like things that would trigger me of like I'm in an airport Ash of a cocktail and I can totally fly sober I don't know man I really don't know you know me I'll be really honest listening or yard the yearly can take a month off and I've been dealing with a lot lately I haven't Skyped Tyson Fury you know who has used to be the heavyweight boxing champion of the world and where

► 03:06:02

it's about the fight Deontay Wilder and I had them on the podcast I was talking about depression and all the shit that he went through and one things that he said is it would pulled him out of it was Deontay Wilder said that he was finished and he decided he was going to figure out a way to get back so we decided to just get his fucking shit down and starts competition in the one that would depressions like what now just didn't know what the fuck to do yeah I felt weird this guy called him out years at leaders later drinking carrying on getting fucking crazy and then this guy says he's never come back it was like oh really and then all the sudden he decided to come back for this cover on a big fuck right isn't ice to 769 with goal setting

► 03:07:02

being friendly and you know he lost like a shit ton of weight I lost like a hundred was like a hundred and fifty pounds or some motivator it's a little bit of that but it's also goal-setting man is that he said that made me think about this month this month was weird when it was over I was like what the fuck happened yeah it was straight man that day that I ran the 12 miles is it really wasn't back there. Sounds like I might be done that was a Sunday I got back in town Saturday about you got about that with me but I was like I might be done what do you use to look like this is what it looks like now I take care of this great white

► 03:08:02

I the whole time I would see her look down see how far I ran to be like for honor points son of points so just keep running man just keep running keep running yeah I guess it's my turn to feel to feel and I don't know why because we had a chance to beat him if you just did like without no no no no no no mad when you don't play to win at dude I looked at is it a win-win situation

► 03:08:44

bright orange to Smart every word that comes out of his mouth I have to analyze the party that wants to just like us to Slippery so talk to me later to see what your score is your exhaust okay re death runs up to hear bro try to buy Dura

► 03:09:39

Samsung Tab punch those $10,000 those kids separately so what's happened what happened was this I you and I were joking about a marathon and whatever that you mention nothing of this ever again a joking yes okay then I booked a movie cancelled again

► 03:10:28

all right all right

► 03:10:35

Pier One first-class ticket alright I'll be on say I love Australia I've been put on your phone please and kill yourselves now I can't I went to do with a leather while I'm in Atlanta shooting this movie this fucking guys like I'm at the starting line where's Tom he knows where I'm fucking at he's like you're in Atlanta you're in Atlanta change the rules he's like he's supposed to be here the night before Frozen videos. Hey guys I'm sorry Tommy is not going to be

► 03:11:26


► 03:11:34

that's fake news

► 03:11:46

and it's all people that are like you're quitting your welching on this bed and I got you mother fucker hey to make it up to you if I finish this thing I'll donate $10,000 to Children's Hospital, I will donate 10 he goes in at 10 if I don't beat his father's time I'll donate $20,000 by my father just ran the Marine Corps Marathon last Sunday right I know I misspelled on those kids took it upon yourself it's time to get the money already pledged that

► 03:12:46

Deborah pledge to the sick kids use started favorite one six children who died and were able to 11002 L A Children's Hospital Los Angeles the gofundme.com evil Bert and I was able to because you called to my attention to Injustice to my attention lot of the kid died waiting for those for breakfast they have a bird's kids plus we all kids that died under that was very nice of none of this is real my God my mom said my mom asked me about it I was like yeah and she goes to can you tell Bert that he sucks my Orthodox Jewish Ma

► 03:13:46

you suck yeah I was like Mom know it's not like what you think just hate to tell him I think he's so he said he thinks without really having heart 10 marathons 3 Boston instead of Marine Corps When you mention it I was looking at I was looking at the number to like these are about to jump re just ran a marathon with his dad that's what I thought I really did I was like he justed I was looking at that screen like this is about to jump to like like teamed up with the miles from your dad did you do it took me an hour to believe that you didn't do but yeah you wants at any point wonder whether or not your body was going to hold up

► 03:14:46

as the last day at night I spoke actually spoken to you I spoke to you and the last person spoke to his re and he goes if you're going to do it when you just sync up so I'll know where you're at and I was like yeah and then I go I'm not doing 700 right now that's how much I've been space myself Blue by the way I didn't tell you I traveled in last night I was so exhausted but I was like At first I was like I'll do 500 points right now but from your point of view yeah you should separate yourself a little more from Birdland exactly and then when I got to like 250 I actually I go could I go longer yes could I get to re there's going to die right now I feel almost sick and I was like if I am I going to do another few hours until the cut off I was like there's no way I wasn't there part of it when you woke up in the morning you were like

► 03:15:46

this is unquestionable I can do this morning October 23rd there was a party that was like one more time I did think I was I really did honestly think I was out when I texted you got sick yeah I was like I'm out when I just 4320 so happy that maybe so maybe I do have no idea I got to breathe come to you last year that me and Bert me and Tom if she's made like they want to sober October was mostly by the sobriety let's about the yoga Tom and I were texting like should we just drink the entire time and I'll tell them

► 03:16:25

and we're both like yeah I don't think we are either one of us fully trust each other out there on the other hand that's one reason but but it would have been like I'll just drink the whole time and then be like we never even started that it would be funny if I'd ever be 1 Franc coming my way to yoga class you like let's get blood test for you yeah yeah yeah you freaked out. Trust us somebody said wait did you have to get rid of it isn't even know if we said this last year but I had since I told him that I ran into him the night before the next day we're going to 15th class my phone reason is Joe and he goes are you in a white Lamborghini yeah and he was gay right in front of me since you told me you got a Lamborghini I assume that this

► 03:17:25

so then I pulled in here look for a place to park and I was like he's like nobody's going to fuck with this thing man was like a day after I had told Bert that it was a joke he called me he goes I did look at motorcycles cycle because I thought you got a treat I'm still like that I want to trade to I want to do I treat I want to treat that was it you like I want to treat you

► 03:18:03

you rented a Lamborghini just a fuck Woodburn oh my God it was great and I was like I don't know if you look at the registration said that and I go look at it I told you I don't fucking look at it look at it grows body I had that was so far better than either of yours so much better wait wait wait let's put a lingerie you can serve in a month standing on a board how much time wow that's a great question with 31 days to catch long waves can I catch all the way is there free cat tires a thing we always know that we end up doing the running order there's no punished I'm not trying to fucking run up on you but there's no punishment this year right for coming in last

► 03:19:03

the next year same thing should be I don't know. You know I don't want anyone win you win

► 03:19:11

the belt is pretty solid so I'm just saying that I'm saying this we should do something to celebrate and I'm just saying winning and losing for someone who came in second number one in trucks

► 03:19:24

I would say

► 03:19:28

non Asterix yeah I do I do testosterone

► 03:19:36

I would say I should have a full Jose Canseco Wikipedia say that my vote should carry some extra weight and I'm saying but it's really like to go to Chiang Mai Thailand watch some fucking kickbox and Fidelity of the part where you would all enjoy your type of thing also tell sure

► 03:20:01

and just do that smoke some cigars get drunk on beer I think my vote is as number to should you please take some time and think about it but I'd like to do that agent orange Fair it's great so does this year's lost count I owe everyone something hold on hold on. No no no I will drink it drink it drink kombucha pissed but wait wait no I'm not I'm not drinking piss

► 03:21:01

I lost me and then I don't know what that will be but it should be a street you don't have a room or we can get a giant round trip tickets and 10 for fans that listen and then you buy those about the dog if we do we do Madison Square Garden New York

► 03:21:38

this private jet aesthetic is troubling you guys are so rash you're such a fucking horrible wasteful thing to get

► 03:21:46

what what what

► 03:21:48

Madison Square Garden I'll pay for the property tax rate in sun while taking over the proper tip to give us I'll meet I'll meet you guys at JFK just the three of us how surprising was this month hardcore for me it was very very surprising I can't be surprising to you though we're went it went so competitive they got so crazy but it was still like I could maybe catch him if you stop there when you wanted a hunting trip when you said I'm not going to work out for next 5 days we were all like oh we got a chance to pass him and then when you worked at all that's over fucked but like it was surprising that we kept fighting the whole way now that was one time that I went to Vegas for the UFC I took 3 days off and I came back and I was in last place I was like whoa and then Bert you help me there too cuz you tweeted that tweet

► 03:22:48

the last place and you even posted the numbers on Instagram and I was like okay so that really motivated motivated by everything that can be a motivator I don't let something not motivate me why would I do that so if you say in Spanish oh okay okay Eddie expert I never hear what you say and say well it's a great guy and you know I know he's just joking around I can do that later that doesn't help me right now right now helping me you tell me that you're going to beat me and I'm like oh yeah that's okay here we go I did a cruise at the beginning of this month with Bobby Kelly and I told him about the whole thing started I'm looking for the first time and I said yeah Rogan's in it I'm taunting them

► 03:23:48

Bobby goes why would you ever do that I go snowman and he goes no I don't think you know Joe I don't know I definitely know Joe you never taught him and then happened to the cruise I was like I think I fucked up man you told you he told you the stupid dude

► 03:24:10

what is a good motto it was a good model 175 in like 10 years I'm in Lexington California from Boyz II yeah way back before UFC before I ever did UFC commentary I did, we can do it you're the only one I know you don't seem like you would go to a place I would go for a short-term trip Monday through Friday

► 03:25:10

how long you you guys thinking answer for in a whole month is it for a competition next year and let's find out how long it is it sounds respectful a big numbers right now but I'm thinking 4 days never have been scared of sharks. That's why we can all go and surf together like we did with the hot yoga but we're all try to catch better waves monsters are real we would have to enlist and Kelly Slater's surf camp for whatever they got this we got this I like that you guys are idiots I can spend 5 days on this Earth

► 03:26:05

750 be honest I like putting it aside every October get off social media for the stupid we all just I just got to sell tickets for a body shots World Tour if you have anything you have to post about something you sent it to some sort of a manager can say hey send this tomorrow or sun is tell you as soon as you can if its after 10 p.m. that wait till tomorrow it's a good move and then you don't check it

► 03:26:53

you know I think it's not just a good move for us it's a good move for everybody like you should have to process cuz if you don't you won't process correctly see you be dealing with a bunch of information at something to get some of it you'll get right and something you'll get wrong but you never know what the real balances does too much of it is coming at you all the time all the time I can stop and think for a second you love it this is your wheelhouse same thing to be argued about podcasting people go away were talking too much we should be talking this much but it's something that are fans dig it. It should get your mind you start getting angry at 7 no one else who cares about all the comments don't look at lights dont looking at it but I guess what they that I would

► 03:27:53

people dig it to not to walk away from it I my opinion and I know I think it's no need to walk away I think I seen more like breaks take a break if you guys could hold a deal with a month off of all that shit you more than anybody and then you and then you up just like not being on that not letting it affect your opinion just walk outside and view the world for what it is Vermont it wouldn't kill you know I agree but I could get your business shit part done just by email as I post this for me and then never looking at it I don't know I don't argue against it I'm like you could do that I know I definitely could not and I don't want to like it's different I dude I dig I dig listening to you talk to Kelly Slater I thought that gives me joy podcast know know know how would I know Joe had Kelly Slater on social media but I would say probably best way to go

► 03:28:53

yeah I can get off all social media from month that would help you a lot I thought that you guys cheating or you really didn't like always thought that or even this month I was like you know what the worst case scenario would be somebody to be holding back where they weren't releasing information I had already prepared for that you got so far I wanted to save up like 7 days I couldn't trust that my eyes don't think it's in 13 hours one time I think you're looking at social media in a bad way

► 03:29:32

overall it shifts your dues is a negative there are some problem. Do what you need to do is a shift at and go like what are my positives order my negatives yeah it's the same as a podcast man there's no difference in Instagram in a podcast there's no difference why because it's information man is sharing cool shell but it's what you're looking at but I feel like sometimes you haven't been the fan that may be outside or has the person listen this right now goes to. Like when you do Instagram Instagram you did about you eating drugs and smoking and drinking made me giggle

► 03:30:09

I don't have to be there looking at the responses admitted by middle of the impulse to look at the responses and 10 gauge probably kill yourself and they said it hundred sixty-eight lights a lot of lights for a comment and then he said some people like how dare you you don't know that guy he's like how you just I'll just bring it down to the responses on fucking Instagram dude that what did that whole it's that that whole thing but I do not have people just block people yeah you don't just like just yet you never mind out there they just don't they don't feel good and they want you to feel shity to even if they're right about some things the way they address it is what the problem is

► 03:31:09

starting out an oozing anger in disproportionate amount and it affects everybody around them and it affects all of us the others that and is also said wake my kids up before I check my internet or whatever but it's like I'm spending on it was I too much it might do you good to see what it's like for a month off it and I like I think you should have a lot of time in my day its overall positive to do at the way you're describing I do think that it definitely for sure plays a part in our business that you needed for certain things but like you could have the thing where you going to send somebody is there a way around that I don't know there's some truth to that but then there's also people that make your life happier there's a lot of really hilarious shit online

► 03:32:09

I like watching his life like I'm just Cam Newton man he does running videos next to the car and I go I got to get out there do something there's me and Cameron Hayes or Cam Newton. Damn it man you don't like what they're saying Bert Kreischer Hammerman shout out to Cam Newton

► 03:32:46

I can't believe we did this much working out you guys that's fucking nuts trying to talk to you now and think about how much more weight would seriously be going out because he doesn't work as it could be mine by Sara Bareilles you think good tap out someone first and I have no training has the most training and you could do something to me but if I could stop you from doing that I would for sure but you understand what's happening probably offend people

► 03:33:38

exactly dude next year I don't know I'm waiting in my opinion can I just cut the surf contest a nap we should do it 6 months from now because you know Kelly said I can get this lined up and the weather will be perfect when we suck so hard we never served once he would know what any is Ulysses doing this from Tampa Florida interest in this whatsoever on top of this also MMA UFC Rules fight again sorry

► 03:34:38

how did God rise out okay here's the problem you can choke each other one choke each other the problem hitting is that shit is permanent the damage is real this is me when you're in your 40s you don't want to be getting punched in the face or one of your best friends and noxon crushes olimpiada how do you trap a real shot each other on 646 for real for real for real for real age Wikipedia

► 03:35:24

what's up come on tell the real age

► 03:35:28

children when your brother was in the Vietnam War Truman when on TV and said what he said did your whole family freak out or know what do you know and then be at this moment of fake media man is there a woman I thought you were crazy why don't have a stroke no I mean I know I'm going to stand my blood pressure medication until the doctor says to get off of it okay

► 03:36:28

how much are probably at 2:05 28th at the end of the contest yeah probably cheaper out no joke by 2:35 I'm guessing to get down to a five what were you at the end of World War I don't know I don't really remember to be honest with you two twenties and I think you're sexy what are you at right now cuz you don't look like you put it back on after the phone are you on board or whatever I was with a dramatic for non-professionals dramatic water cut

► 03:37:28

I know but you can throw in 10 lb essentially to what we waiting at okay as our real weight you know soon as I hear something we did last year or the year before that would this Challenge and with this one we didn't really take into account our own personal health we could do it but I had Phantom pains in my kidneys I was worried on this one the last day like the last few days I did like some of the range of 535 points you were worried about me dropping you a hundred percent I love that and even if you couldn't think about that same way I really thought it was asking trying to double me same feeling like I can't believe you really thought I don't care I don't care if it's Rita but I don't care if it's real it's just you said it

► 03:38:29

so you made it was not even if you don't believe it doesn't matter it doesn't help me to think that you don't believe I would love to help your meeting right now but I believe it it helps me to think that you're trying to double my score and Mike we're going to the darklands yeah going dark Bert Kreischer but as your question you're the only gained a few pounds on top of that after I stayed almost I think I'm not sure. I know it's been out the way I said what I said was what I said was that we probably gained 10 pounds back from the water cut into 16 will put me at 226 I said I probably gained a few pounds on top of it

► 03:39:28

it's cuz you concern this guess we back on you having gained no it's at a beach she still pissed man leave me alone

► 03:39:45

families in the Holocaust

► 03:39:50

social justice Warrior Joe Rogan comes back

► 03:39:59

just remember that part came in last are you can't tell me why you can't you can't get people motivation you don't understand I don't need it to be real I just I heard it I decided to deal I'll just decide it's real Mickey Mouse Mickey Mantle Gene thank you didn't say anything you want to I want to say this is Sandy Koufax Jean I want to say that the Mickey Mantle Gene oh my God is real not because you miss yeah it's because the Mickey Mantle is it this crazy son of a bitch could go out Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday night till 3 in the morning with fucking you know I'll hundred and eighty thousand beers

► 03:40:59

Sunday he would like to work out fine that's true true true about pissed what it taste like when choke choke it down after you came in last straw I did more work out on you when you was with less points you and me that is far more workers in you bro it's hard to fuck with that but after doing the same workout with you I was down 50 points race car with you at the same level every night and then tried to work out to the feeling that I got when the Molly kicked in it fucking whatever time

► 03:41:52

Wednesday night Halloween night was just like this

► 03:41:59

done. So good it felt so good the next morning my ankles hurt when I got to bed my knees were there all stiff and sore and I was walking to take a piss I was like what happened what did we do I was when I was walking around with my kids on Halloween doing the trick or treating deal I was thinking of myself thank God it's over like what did we were we doing we all went crazy Comedy Cellar and put that my shirt on did my my thing and Elizabeth are you doing I did run here because I'm in this constant challenge of my friends so I had to run across town to my comedy spot instead of just walking or cool other people go like hey man why you going to the gym right now twice and ended to go out I kind of liked it and I and I know I might I might be the only one but I'd like to that I'm in a fight with my friend

► 03:42:59

I've been going in and people going like you got this Burt like show them you show me people doing this what time is left in the other one I was more angry about you people the way I was like oh great I on the last day people on the last night because people the second time and I hear people in their truck

► 03:43:37

what does Burke. I got that the wrong shirt. I did not buy the truck and I was like I was like in my head the guys was already over I was like really bad guys what did you think the finals you got 11,000 something 10006 danwood till I got right over 10,000 of the king dungeon over a thousand basically like that remind me to go get there a good line man that's a good line 11 to 5 lottery for Rogan three easy workouts to Tommy amongst of the hardest wood lathe tiniest percentage of all the people using these God damn things

► 03:44:37

Fitness in Shawnee Kansas and 3rd and you beat a fitness instructor who's giving class I don't understand all of us literally lost our fucking mom lost her mind and I like it 250 die you're all going to die out there and start talking about we can all come together everywhere I go from moving around that shit's is going to break title how long you stay on that surfboard nurse sharks how long shut up Kelly Slater how long you got in you

► 03:45:23

tell me my coat back then find Falcons that guy is a trust me I'm a big fan of surfers I just can't answer that Joel Tudor guy and then cuz it's you get to Black Belt was Master Surfer Kelly Slater is a pussy I don't want you as my couch you're a fucking loser Bro you've never written the top of your potential I have no interest in you as a coach I have no interest in you as a coach I'm looking for Success not for what has been I'm looking for the top if you can help me. This is Kelly Slater garbage oh my God how dare you you tricking you for the wind would he not want to join on his like this

► 03:46:23

so they can start dating her under her sexually Witcher 3.

► 03:46:33

Indian River County what's up let's hang out glass-packs scientific about how much time do you think how much time do you think you can spend on a surfboard even amount 31 days

► 03:47:03

I'm in if if I did the math right and I could for sure within 7 Days 7 full days other days it would take a lot of work to get to different places whenever you're talking about 6 hours in about 15 minutes a day on this Earth I'm just glad I'm here to do the math game where is the 707 days 4 days 4 days 6 hours plus a deck 96 hours a day like yeah but there's no consequences for you talkin shit do you feel bad about that

► 03:48:03

I can't believe it came in last man that's the difference between all of us is that went went when were the liquid out Atlanta and kiss start and end in Printers playing both you fucking cunt high in the corner until Bert makes it big and then one person makes a big we all like to make it big we all start to have never liked the big I was forced into making a big huge by short amount of time we all loved it big when we did that when we did the video when we were all partying in Atlanta and the end Prince care all you do that we did that because we like you seem to like this I'll let me join in for like 10 seconds of dance fun it's true and you listen I would never do anything at all

► 03:49:03

I know that it drives does drive people nuts but with my friends I trust it that it'll be fun no one's going to die don't there's no mean spiritedness in it for sure hundred percent I wanted to help so fucking bad do you want it no I don't want it

► 03:49:37

yeah unfortunately

► 03:49:45

not so heavy so if you just get the chill out right do you think there was any point during the month we had a pace that you think you could have kept up where you been like you know hitting like it was 500. days like day after day after day after me what we already had planned for the month yeah you know if you had that you had that screws I had this hunting trip which fortunately and did fairly early but that if you were just going somewhere if you had something where they had to go for 14 days and you couldn't get a workout in and you are fucked up I had just stayed home that whole trip it would have been very different contest

► 03:50:45

she sick working out so you will just probably Kelly wow sometimes I did not work out but scars and so then when I got back to Tampa for like 1 day to work out dude I was like I was coughing up I worked out after I came home supposed to guard change went to work out or different people so BS on You by Dean Koontz

► 03:51:35

yes sir I got the Kelly how did this how we did it we did it cuz we didn't plan on doing it we did not have this idea that we were like what it's like yeah I wear a heart rate monitor and it's a fitness app where all like okay we were just looking for something to do some quantifiable going to be yoga again right before I remember that it was. I think it was lovely I would have done it was the 4th and all you guys were mad at me I'm just so mad I was on the road

► 03:52:12

how much are the red zone are you fucking killing these fucking guys are so pissed about anybody find you and I didn't read into the stupid shit at all so when I got the app and I put the heart rate monitor on my well we'll just run to the death was like we're just going to run into the 90s like you see how I got you I thought you were up 80% of your max 97 would probably like oh yeah there's ice on the roads like buying people to go to Sears with interesting about that actually changed some of my opinions on training because I've never done that

► 03:53:12

why didn't just do a lot of like really like to go all-out I did as little I even slow down the pace that I run up the hills but when I would get on the heavy bag when I would do kickboxing I had way more endurance like way more endurance it was interesting I was like this is crazy but this is all I have and I've been I maybe did over the course of the entire month maybe 10 kickboxing workout but by the end of the month the kickboxing endurance is gotten way higher running and from doing the elliptical machine a rowing machine and doing all that other shit all the other shit just you know it's not as exciting to do but if you do it and ramps up everything around now running hills you know you got we got to keep going because I want to try so we got to keep going right to keep going down a little bit

► 03:54:12

what to write when you start being like Oh I don't want to chicken out cuz going to fuck over when I just said we should all talk about this and maybe we should have a coach come on and talk to us about if we decide to do this again what are nutritional requirements cuz I had one work at the 4700 calories

► 03:54:31

yeah okay that's an insane amount of food you know why I never got them like Precious as people like that work on people's like legit workouts you can do you know I mean not like this the best thing for my real life I'm going to do it twice a week what can I really do what do I got to eat a little bit more often that can help me instead of like an all this diet generally forgot my stress level what if I told you you could do it I could do it what time is it what is it where we at now you can do I can bring this broken broken what's the best what's the time in on that a thousand and the day. There you suck my dick like you mean it but if you don't get there just like you don't care at all.

► 03:55:33

what you can do it now or you can do what you did before - 5 days hundred percent how about the three days off. I took 4 days off I took 3 in another day but you don't think right now that if we get one day next week one day I'm going to Europe that's crazy most points in Rogan rest so you could have got 260 more points but the 6:40 something something like that on a one-off I didn't never sit down cuz I had some days where I def thought there's like six foot

► 03:56:32

it's always fun but here's what we should really think about we definitely got her all of ourselves into a really really good level of fitness and 12 Mi you ran 15 miles then you rode 5km got seven hundred fucking points in a deck we went crazy boys went crazy weird she seems like some very bizarre level of a performance over the month in comparison to the average person that wears these things it's very weird so it's not that we should Pat each other on the back but it is we should look at what we did and go what happen if it is possible you should think it happened and I feel great

► 03:57:32

it looks so. It's exactly right literally a hundred percent Outreach Rose pubis standing I thought I really thought I was like this is a movie montage to watch his like he's really buying into it I was like he was changing his life you know I don't for the perfect cuz it's a perfect pull the ABS they never look at it as much as they surf camp drum beat them so bad

► 03:58:32

people's butt is a Mexican food that's it but here's a thing we pull it off like we really wanted something good is never expected to know for sure or not you crush them here's was crazy if you think about the points for points a minute is like Hustlers you see that Talent you're in the tent with Tali they get they send you an e-mail of your monthly tally I didn't look all the info I will give you perspective on the calories you're burnt yes

► 03:59:26

yeah what's interesting is we didn't anticipate it did not anticipate does I thought it would be like an hour or so so so 3000 psi what happened so it says for the whole month first watch shows me the whole year leading up to October and then it says the 9538 maps which is the measurement write 3726 in how many hours is it October from the hours at 60 60 hours average effort 70% for the whole month calories burned for the month 47800 an average heart rate + 131 BPM we are cuz there's a guy who went he swam around the UK

► 04:00:26

pull that up this guy fucking swam around the UK he swam he burned a half a million calories does guys crazy tongue was falling apart and this guy swam around the UK hundred and fifty Seven Days swim in 12 hours a day in 2 weeks we can't talk son he did good man barnwell's he did 4098 minutes of working out 66% effort bird $46,258 average heart rate hundred twenty

► 04:01:26

yeah when you got this expenditure is like way more severe 200 yeah I'm different 2 when you got into running like legit running so I would run 10 miles at night and I would only get 200 points for it I just get up in the middle of the night and I know yet because my heart rate wouldn't get over 130 thank God for 24-Hour gyms or your own weight lifting think you were killing psychos and like a weirdo every piece of equipment you get or if you have your own place obviously every time is your own place I'm a person's working out 3 this morning took a genius could be can't handle people

► 04:02:19

could be 6 Simone said he works at Gold's Gym for a while and you just see that he had a difference between 4 a.m. till like 6 a.m. between the Tweakers to slowly become like the winners we got like a ride to work work out yeah it was such a quick shift of like type of person coming in are we going to dinner

► 04:02:38

we want tell people on the internet about ice cream with the person that I love the competitive event Friday I like you guys more even though I really likes you for I'm serious I feel like it makes me like you guys more because I'm like a rotary being on a team feels like a team thing and yeah I had that moment where I'm like I'm capable of more that I thought I was capable of which is like I'm saying it's encouraging and then it kind of sucks with you too

► 04:03:29

are you what did you learn I learned one that I actually am capable of working out I needed the competition to actually get to the gym and I haven't got there till October

► 04:03:45

I also learned how many people got in the ass it was not even working out and by the way my favorite spots is in one of these things like House of October going Danny Phantom walk by I just go go fuck yourself eat shit kill yourself that's how you say yeah all the time how you enjoy yourself and your wife it was the best time to play with it and I realize that I actually can work out a little bit maybe I should work out a little bit I did and that's awesome I do what I do remember also on the 30th II last day I was trying to get you get points yeah I was on a cell phone and he did not look like somebody I would think would say anything to me and he's like yeah buns I'm pulling for you

► 04:04:45

me and see what I'm doing sober October to know shit I did I didn't anticipate getting that crazy cuz I just didn't I thought it was just going to be us having fun we would work out like last year 15 yoga classes is not that extraordinary till the ladder for sure the latter part of the month right we all district team together at like the 28th what I learned something last year though honestly to carry over this year that I decided to do 9 year old classes in a row to finish off my session I had like a bunch of weeks I'd like a week plus later to go if I want to make it to the end of month to get the 15in and I started decided to do 9 in a row and when I realized somewhere around like number 7 in a row I was like oh you can just keep doing it but you think you need time off but you don't really need time off just need to keep doing

► 04:05:45

and maybe you'll slow down a little bit maybe I won't have as much energy but he just keep doing it your body eventually adapt but this is way more demand that this is what what would happen with this to so what I realized last year by doing 9 in a row but your body just sort of a dabs and then once I started doing like wrapping up the cardio sessions and I was like okay if I just decide to get off now I can get off now I can just stop now an hour and a half Salon you be like 5 hours like we did an hour and a half then we're almost there there were three and then we do an hour-and-a-half again two or four and a half the wrong also yeah keep going

► 04:06:31

this is what this is all about this is why psychos like Lance Armstrong win the Tour de France not just cuz steroids cuz he's a fucking psycho kind of a werewolf when he figures out a way to win daily workout right now like whatever Lance says today is for Mortar is my zones on that guy is a Super Hyper not just to go do it but I should go you need to go you need to leave your apartment your house and you can go over there I know you want to do this but you got to go do a nap for a couple hours that part was like one of the hardest parts or let you know what you learned

► 04:07:31

I learned that I have a lot more in me than I ever thought I had yeah I learned that Ari is a sneaky fuck think we got a lot more strength than I ever thought they were sandbag and you said I got angry lie I think you're really upset I was scared of you have with those black guys I was going to just sneak up on you I didn't think you really believe you're going to double back and never thought that was real hard so they didn't have to I heard the words and so I decided to believe them believe them did you think I was going to beat you you never what I never knew Tom of you me I'll meet you

► 04:08:25

no not not at all I thought you were sort of shape I thought it was a missed charge when the system and then we went on a hike together I was like oh fuck I was like oh yeah of course someone that's a hundred pounds lighter than me would be in better shape that makes sense. Thank you for the event but yes yes but my number one thing is that I need this camaraderie to better myself like when you get challenge by your friend and you have this fun fuckry that just happens every day should have put you into a place that's better for yourself my opinion it's also really fun for people listening I got a lot of people that came up to me and said man I wish I had friends like you guys because you guys are so silly and stupid you're both all of you rather or just like goofing each other constantly and everybody's laughing howling and it gives everybody that's listening to this is bizarre sense of camaraderie that's true

► 04:09:25

we were doing insane amount of exercise we're not a old train for like a second or third in the final scores yet where you going to try to kill her that's crazy and she probably never gets out of the Grange Providence supershape we just did a 1-month chaos run

► 04:10:16

may we all survive but I think we should be careful about this cuz they're there is there is there is really a potential damage your body doing stuff like this it's really fun for sure but there's a weird potential for like when you hear stuff like rhabdo you like what what happened to tell you about the actual for the positive or the negative that it's like just do it I need to go to the cramps I had unbelievable muscle cramps the last well so I took a lot more than I needed I took them with who I added Himalayan salt and water and one things that I realize when you add too much Himalayan salt water your body process is it like food so all that water comes right through your butthole like a runaway train

► 04:11:16

ocean water is 34 oz of water coming flying out of your ass hole at Mach 1 it's crazy dude your body when you drink salt with water together your body goes oh this is food what is this week get it out of here get it out who comes out like water was blown out for a lot of those work out the amount of time that all of us were pumping our legs it's crazy Jesus Christ doesn't make any sense all of us what about to do the most Preposterous might have been posterous in terms of a normal month of exercise 10 months I've never seen it

► 04:12:16

to a terrible terrible place to get to 11000 it was only because we were all sort of pushing each other words like fuck is going to be treated at least that one day I got one more day and be a die-hard show is beat Bert tell me what you and I talked about I was telling him on the 31st I was like fuck I got this I'm not just I just was the Tampa here I got the next day and night so I lost I didn't tell you guys I didn't know how was going to fax I was like all right cuz we had to cut off of 10 Eastern but just got to the hotel I checked then I go right to the gym and I was like man spin a fucking mother fucker and I got to work out right now I didn't know how I knew you were six seven hundred points ahead of me

► 04:13:16

I just started I was like I just I can't lose the bird right now I can't I can't and I had major anxiety like I would suck to lose that I had like crippling anxiety about it and I was like alright I just kept going and I had a few hundred points I was already at least I didn't know if you'd synced up so I was thinking it was a real worried if we do this ever again first of all we got to get blood checked if we if we are selling drugs no no no no no no no I mean rhabdo I mean people dying I really think we should do it with doctors because there was a point where I said I get the ender eyes does a phantom pains

► 04:14:16

that's probably why you call Joe I called and talked to him first I worked out in the morning by the way you talk to everyone in here with me I talk to you you just don't call me Landon went to the fucking gym actually talk to you and then you and then an hour after you I spoke to him and I was like I see that you I was started 300 ahead of them now if you don't work out he can catch you two and a half hours and I have tried didn't know and I was like what's up and I really believed him I was like I hear he was like chopping his I'm cooking right now at the house friends are over blah blah he's like I swear I'm done

► 04:15:16

I was like all right man and I just hung up and I was like I got to go for at least another 15. And I go I've got friends over I had to go spend the day with George over their thing I don't have time to work out and I'm not going to do it now I'm ready to get fucked up at midnight and was not going to go another 500 forecast minutes are I was like can you please just tell me so I can actually take this dancing when I'm on you know what I heard it was very nice I got back from spin class George was at school and texted me she goes hey I need you to do the daddy luncheon set up at 9 and it was like 8 and I looked at me and I was like I'm done I can't I got really angry she was honey you lost during your cash

► 04:16:16

about it I want it I give it really hard today I can definitely it's you just like all of it because Dad and I get my head straight well maybe we should consider this maybe we should think that this competition is more of a time constraint issue in like how much time you have time for it right yeah I want to be able to do this my friends right now I can't go with working out yeah I know Joe's got two young kids and I will go he's really in 5 hours I go fuck it and I would I would make up a schedule where I could work out for at least 4 hours before I had to be at the podcast you can come in here and do it till 20 minutes before shower and be ready

► 04:17:16

play I'm out of the house at 707 I'm coming to the gym or I'm going to you no work out of my yard or I'm going to run the hills a lot run the hills a lot I got a few different route so I go this way more severe than beginning starts out like with a real heavy pitch it's a real steep steep steep beginning and that it gets harder and harder than the end of it you're running more of a downward slope kind of cool down so that I can say was yeah it's it's hard man what about running hills that are I really think it's like it's a survival thing so if you want to get away what you got to do what you got to run I got to get your body out of you can't get your body out of there by mother fucker it's a scary thing running those Hills Ron Ron hey do you have a place that you could

► 04:18:14

what am I pretty hammered now just saying run run sorry have a place we can what by elk I give you some you know know know know know me like I was a whole month this whole month I would look at your meals and I go to start eating melt elk okay but I can go buy it you know you can buy some of it from New Zealand that they'll sell it from New Zealand but you can't buy North American game animals in North America that I couldn't find it for save my life yeah that's cuz it's not for sale commercial that you could date they raise it in

► 04:18:58

hey what's up brother what's up in particular you know New Zealand giant collection of I forgot this one thing sober October you said before I thought about a couple times throughout the month the the your inner bitch thing conquer your inner bitch that day to quit but everyday here's the thing I didn't even consider it in your voice every day I was like these these three fucking cock suckers are doing it so I was doing her a lot of quite a lot of the month I was doing two-a-days you want me to have no crazy crazy when you have for the interesting to me was like when you have friends involved

► 04:19:50

do the consideration of even let's just lay here and chill wasn't even a consideration we can scream into the night I want to get a bottle of cab I want a Pinot Noir let's get like bone-in rib eyes were going to do it up tonight we are all important as human beings we got to a very good state of fitness and we should really keep it just really keep it if you don't have to do this crazy stupid fucking thing we compare art our points and we have a prize in the belt every month but tell me about if we stayed on the system or another system know to find out what's the best way to Hannibal and good enough for you and here's the thing that's really important to help other people too

► 04:20:50

the people go I got one p r e I want to beat you I want to be tall and be first I want to beat these guys I want to be a part of this and then what they'll do as long as we emphasize this idea of don't fucking kill yourself cuz I don't know how close we got to killing ourselves but we definitely got close to Breaking are so I don't know what was going on see here's the thing like it was robbed all that shit super serious but my urine was starting to turn darker as they say on the bottle trying to open until you sissy to my workout sessions they were confusing their confusing it was like Mike Mike Mike whole brain it shifted over to this weird combat mode is very strange I believe it was pretty strange man for all of us I think I think all of us when I looked at 479 points in a day

► 04:21:50

Push It This Is War Reservoir it was going for it I was like wait I think I could actually do this dude you're really going to put that strap on her there was no question that she had no question about keeping it quiet I trusted her so when what would your plan to bend just give it to her all the time all the time she runs 13 miles a day that's what I run a year later I would have kept it even if you would want I want and you guys had to pay for some fucking fancy trip you guys all decide on that in the winter since I would have taken July gladly

► 04:22:50

separate account for yourself account for myself and I try to beat you on my own original ball super humble about it

► 04:23:01

but came into the great effort how about we try and just fucking show your stats I'm into the surfing they serve at all and I've had two Surfers on the month really had Kelly Slater and Shane Dorian on just a couple hours in the beach and they push you and you start actually surfing it's fucking fun as you did what's his name what's the big wave surfer in Maui in the water tour

► 04:24:01

Mother Nature on a fucking phone powered off of helicopters on to the way really fucking powerful big wave Surfers I want him on your podcast Batman maybe a great one volleyball

► 04:24:27

say about surfing to as you also monsters in the mix of sharks in the podcast he was like a little but I think he emphasized that big of a deal that they were there that they are all there that all the time but he kept dodging it and I was like man it is one of those weird things were you look at a guy that spent that much time in the water and never had it like had to deal with it and then is friends have that's fucking insane man to charge her fucking imagine me you have no control in their world you're you're you're agreeing to being like a movement impaired entity in a struggling alien world but you can't figure you could barely get by for thrash in your arms and legs and a shock to just wiggle up at stop

► 04:25:27

take a big chunk out of your leg and you said I was in the water with a great white Open Water Open Water of them water when I was just looking down at them no nose in the water with it I was out of the cage and there's a great white it was it was all I know is that it was the only animal I move with that it move it that much intention but like think at any point in time like this could be how I go in the water with great whites couple times no no no no

► 04:26:16

fuck yeah they really are like that now would be a fucking killer video like we now all the shit I did before I talk to her she did it all do it now do it do it do it now instead of no I just do Santa probably stop driving until now until April 1st, are you International you going to bring International is going to the UK Scandinavia Australia New Zealand those dates haven't been released yet but man I am so happy and so excited, he's hurt and Tommy you got some dates I have some dates to yeah yeah I'm doing a bunch of dates Tom Segura. Com that's that's what a pro sounds like there's a new theater guys up what you got booked

► 04:27:16

well I got a Netflix special double negative is always but

► 04:27:20

European tour Zurich November 16th to December 9th Brussels camp and Hagen Amsterdam Berlin tons of places as well you say camping Haven I did Copenhagen really doing this we should do it the Red Rocks in Colorado that would be cool I got an offer from yeah like 2 years from now for Red Rocks for Red Rocks at one of those too

► 04:28:20

230 each let's do it sent I'm in a really really fun month it was it made me really happy it was fun the camaraderie was appreciated it was exciting it was ridiculous he was fucking hard but it was also it was fun and it felt good and it ain't even though I was like you know this guy when he kills that God damn it was I still was like wow I can't believe what everybody is doing that everybody was pushing so hard I would have never went as hard as I did if it wasn't for you guys there's not a chance in hell not a chance in hell there's no way I would have gone that hard I've never done that hard in my life if you had to point any 31-day month in my life and you put out like how much effort I put forth

► 04:29:20

that's as crazy as probably I probably would have been a better fighter fight rain that hard back when I was computer fucking three non-athletes and one guy was running away from memory was father

► 04:29:33

do do do do we are fucking glad we showed human potential we show its potential we thought we were capable of we're capable of so much more now the question is whether or not we should continue to put out that kind of effort I say no but I do say that we reached a really healthy powerful level of Fitness we should definitely keep up some of it yeah we're going to try to do that I lay down I don't know each other right now right there. Can we get a bottle all right bro pepper.com Tom Segura. Com already great.com Joe Rogan, that's it it's a wrap

► 04:30:37

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► 04:32:22

thank you what a fucking good time that was thank you to Ari shaffir Bert Kreischer and Tom Segura and thank you to all of you we we had a really good time this month it was absolutely ridiculous and silly as fuck but I really do believe that we kind of all agreed that it was it was educational we learned a lot of ourselves we push this shit out of ourselves was crazy and we are very very very happy I think I can speak for all of us to be inspired a lot of you to make positive changes in your own life and to try to get healthy body healthy get your brain healthy kids that's it we love you thank you bye