#1206 - Mike Ward & Pantelis

The Joe Rogan Experience #1206 - Mike Ward & Pantelis

November 21, 2018

Mike Ward is a host and comedian, who performs in both French & English. Pantelis is a comedian, and with Mike they co-host the "2 Drink Minimum" show available now on Compound Media. https://www.compoundmedia.com/shows/2-drink-minimum

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my guest today, guests today, are Mike Ward he is a Canadian stand-up comedian and became famous when he was brought to court over 8 with a themed tasteless joke and he's been battling this shit for what he say 8 years now

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something crazy like that

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6 years 8 years something something insane in Canada he's still battling it he's an appeal right now

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yeah yeah 2010 so 8 years and his friend pantelis and they have a show on compound media called two drink minimum and they came in and talked about the state of free speech in Canada which is very different than the United States and I think this is a very important thing for people to understand why why why why Jordan Peterson freak out about what's going on in Canada this is why they do not have freedom of speech the way we have it in America is not the same and this this case that Mike Ward's gone through really sort of highlights that whether you agree with him or not if you when you hear his point and you should hear what he was doing understand what he was doing it's hard to imagine that you don't think that their steps to punish him have been egregious and excessive and pretty ridiculous and I'll make you really appreciate real free speech like we enjoy here in the Good Ol USA

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if you got the American flag and it was flowing in the wind right now and national anthem playing the background Jamie can you give me some can we play national anthem

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when what happens when you put the national anthem gets mad at you

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recording it alright if I play some Whitney Houston we get in trouble or we don't need that there Canadian give it up for the the folks behind two drink minimum

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a show that's broadcast through compound media in the United States of America or freedom of expression still lives for now

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Mike Ward and Pat Dallas

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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hello Mike edger hello pant pant pant pant cool alright dude well nice to meet you guys at you for the nice to meet you for people don't know let's just give them right off the bat your story would happen to you how you got in trouble in Canada for a joke real trouble fine $42,000 Canadian American Canadian which was like yeah it was yeah let's say like 38,000 American and there's a thing in Canada called The Human Rights Commission that every province has one of those I had a joke about a little boy that was famous he was a singer he was a disabled boy and that the joke it wasn't even that mean it was just

► 00:12:50

he was kind of like a Make-A-Wish Foundation typed that boy he's dying he his dream wants to sing for the pope and then he became like Lake Front Page News on now you know everywhere Montreal and then he he got a record deal and he sang for the Canadian Sunny came out the book and then at the end I was like why isn't he dead yet like wasn't he supposed to die that's just the right the basic I'm not Ray Romano right so I did that joke and never did that joke on TV did that joke in a special that they didn't air on TV I cut a couple of things out for TV but I get a letter from the human rights people saying you owe 80 a person was they wanted $82,000 for the job there like we listen to the joke we think that this

► 00:13:50

who is family deserves a T2000 cuz of this joke Rights Commission I thought I was getting an award or a prize or something cuz I'm like I do a lot of benefits and stuff for I raise money for disabled people so I was like it recognize music. Did I read this and then I called my manager and I'm like fuck they want $80,000 and we were like okay let's just get the best lawyer we can so I found the best lawyer in Canada that does Free Speech stuff met him and he told me the reason why it was 80,000 80,000 is a weird number like if they ask 2 million you're going to fight it but 80,000 is big enough to kind of scare you but not enough to really scare you so you'll go like look okay can I give you

► 00:14:50

40 and then they'll go okay you said you cut it from the special right so how did they know about it interview on TV and the reporter talked about the bet she's never seen the bed so how did he know about the summer but the bed was in the special of in the special to it was on the internet so you could watch it on the internet and this special have been in movie theaters in Canada it's just when we sold it on TV like it was especially in Canada in England where it's very left-leaning people were talking shit about the bed and I was like you can't even understand that you don't speak about a person you don't know so people almost made it look like I just picked this random disabled boy and I was making fun of his disability but it I was making

► 00:15:50

the fact that he had become famous cuz everyone thought he was dying and then he didn't die which is a you know if it's a dark joke. But you're not saying hey why don't you die I spent money you little fuck you didn't say that you said how come he's alive could get me in trouble cuz I figured you know when you put out a special and people pay for the special you should be allowed and I still think this and you know this I think everyone should think this was it like if you put out a special you should be allowed to say whatever the fuck you want to say but if you sell your special to like CBS or ABC then of course they're going to cut it out of course but it'll be crazy if Netflix that look Joe we fucking loved your special but this you got to cut this out you got got to cut well to Netflix credit that's one of the reasons why they're so amazing

► 00:16:50

but all they still go away we really liked it it's like they don't do anything you know I had some controversial shit in this one in my last one they just let it go appreciate it I was really happy when I saw your last special I thought it was the perfect thing to come back from Nanette like it's an important special but it's not funny and anything it's like it's almost right now the problem is we're putting it in this box right you saying it stand up comedy but if you do something and it has some laughs in it and then it goes on this this this journey by graphical journey of your life and your abs observations and cheat you say it in a way that's meaningful and people still enjoy it but it's not funny anymore it's still I mean a lot of comics didn't like it a lot of times got upset and I was like okay I get I get why you would say it's not comedy but I don't get

► 00:17:50

why you get upset because obviously people like it like I don't get upset if people like certain books or certain songs that I have a good friend who likes fish you know I mean I don't hate fish but it's not my cup of tea price on a bad that makes me upset that your friend likes V I don't know what to say in the ad I have nothing against fish I just maybe I need to listen to it hi want to be something important special and I think it's good for what it is but it didn't like the fact that people were saying this is comedy and time came out with the list the most hilarious specials and that was number one time when it's like a diversity Olympics award

► 00:18:50

so very diverse are some funny people no doubt I can still talk to you I cruises see. Who is this person I would like to see Chris Rock's list of top 10 comedians or top 10 comedy specials or if you know someone like that someone who's who I know who they are I understand your thought process maybe this person is a famous writer I don't know that I don't know if they're famous journalists I like to see the top 10 top 10 things you like says who is also subjective it's so weird and the comment like the net thing is I need to watch it I've only watched part of it but my reaction to it was the my reaction to everybody else's reaction so I'm like what is going on here either it's the most amazing thing ever or some sort of an affront to, didn't you know and either

► 00:19:50

it's a bit about cuz I think it is it's like it's it's like a lot of people were saying it's like a TED Talk and I think it kind of is it's a funny Ted Talk nothing wrong with that I mean this is my point on all this is like why do we need these sort of parameters that, he has to stay in before we accept it as it doesn't have to be your kind of shit for it to be something that people enjoy obviously someone enjoys it was a lot of people enjoying it cuz it's not just some of those when they make those lists let's include that we got to make sure we have X amount of women in X-Men you can see it is almost like their thought process behind creating these list but some of those people blow up here on those lists over and over and over again so that means to me for sure somebody loves that special like that special is like number one on so many people's list. Just number two and number three it's number one a lot of people's list so someone isn't

► 00:20:50

so like what do I give a shit what does anybody special is cuz she went on an interview I think in Australia and said if you're a comedian who only cares about making people laugh then you should stop doing, you shouldn't be in Show Business they shouldn't see you publicly you give a message right but I disagree with that strongly but from her perspective what she's trying to do it's like someone's really in a rock and roll a fuck rap music that's what they're saying that's what she's saying she's doing in like a comedic form is like you're only into, to make people laugh fuck you bitch I mean there's nothing but look one of my favorite all-time standings for sure it's Mitch Hedberg and Mitch Hedberg had all non sequiturs not there was just no deep meaning to any

► 00:21:50

all that was so super silly and still to this day like especially if I'm in traffic I'll listen to that shit cuz it's just so silly you know he's fucking it was amazing but it's just that is his expression and everybody's Expressions going to be different and this is something I figured out over the course of my time and get it right all the time when I was young I was like you know I'd I hated people that didn't swear and was like there's no way you talk like that for real there's no way you talk like that for real then after awhile why do I care if some of the best ever don't swear like Jerry Seinfeld's it's where the best comedians of all time is it it's not even a subjective question or an opinion like you you everybody knows it's one of the best ever give a hundred comedians of the best of Jerry Seinfeld's not bullshiting Brian Regan hilarious doesn't swear it off

► 00:22:42

I guess a lot of great Comics we just have their thing like there's there's Comics that have puppets that are really funny like you just because you have a puppet doesn't mean you're not really funny but for a lot of comics talk to him go to public weird I'm not there yet I just put that was always making fun of the whole stupid trying to hide it was just funny you really fun pop it acts you know

► 00:23:28

Manslick music shut the fuk you like you know I think that's the thing though when you're in your 20s anything that isn't like what you do or you like is garbage I was like that too late I think about being in your 20s in the 90s cuz we had just had you know Kennison and and you know so if if you were doing like like like Jeff Foxworthy We were judging you but we shouldn't like Jeff Foxworthy to the world yeah he looks like he's super sweet guy like a letter from the desk of days cross was for was like tongue and cheek but it's the idea was that he was somewhere another promoted racism I think there was four people that said he's doing a character

► 00:24:28

real name is Dan Whitney alright his character is really dumb guy doesn't have sleeves whose fucking hilarious things I like to do once you run out of like really high-profile targets they're actually racist then you have to like find things or close to that people don't do it don't you fucking do mean there's some there's some things you can still get like you're some of like absolute realities that you you can say right let you could say Asian people in general they have higher IQs they're better at math as a fat Joe solid fact you know but if it goes the other way to see what why people as we are not as smart as Asians say I could say that cuz I'm white but if I was Asian and I was like why people are just not as smart even though it's true

► 00:25:26

like in terms of IQ test in mathematics in particular there just fucking smart they so it's much more than you know what they're doing and Harvard they're making it more difficult for Asian students to get in Harvard is a class action lawsuit because it actually raise the score levels that Asians have to achieve because of so many of them but you don't hear left-wing people Progressive people calling out that kind of racism because because of the way of many Asian cultures that sort of structure their society people don't complain as much and they work hard and they like fucking put their nose to the grindstone and they get going this is you know it's part of their culture and so when something like this happens there they have to break out of those Norms in order to protest is really obvious racism and because they really haven't done that before

► 00:26:22

they just been short silently working hard hardly just decided you know it's too many of you you fucking smartypants Asian folk too many people have Jordan Peterson has Sam Harris has you know there's a few recognized public mines of the word intellectual such a weird word right public intellectuals but those guys are definitely public intellectuals Debbie's long-form discussions and we were watching the internet they're doing the same page together fascinating that it's really fascinating especially their discussions about religion is Jordan is fairly religious but the he's got a really interesting way of putting it he says he he acts as if God is real it's not that he believes in God but he acts as if God is real and he finds great benefit to that which is very arguable right and then Harris is like not buying it at all and he's brilliant to head of the two of them to get it so this is this is a Fascinate it's like really cool high-level conversation

► 00:27:22

how to get to sit in on you know thing I like about Jordan Peterson I've noticed whenever I watch add interview to really see you know where he's gone where is like a dumb guy like me I just start talking and I'm like all eventually you know especially in regards to like marks its history and things that he gets very upset about the oh he he's he's also he's having these conversations like literally on a daily basis these Grievances and wild materially talks about he's going over to Lots he's got that shit bolted down because they were going to force people to use compelled pronouns and there was some weird language that he didn't like about the way they could enforce it or what they were asking people to do and then it got to the point where saying well that we are we're talking about made up

► 00:28:22

words now like it gets to a certain point where people get people are fucking self-indulgent we all know it we all know it and in the but there's also the other side of it says what people also should be able to express themselves freely as you guys get to do on stage why can't they do that with their name or their gender or you know whatever the fuck they wanted why do you care if it's it's so simple to just say whatever the fuck they want you to say you know just a name right sir or just accept Jordans like they're 78 different ones now this is chaos and I'm very proud translate you can do whatever the fuck you want to do but it's the same as like on stage I can do whatever the fuck I want to do on States but that doesn't mean you have to come see me and it's the same thing if you want to be called sir I don't even know what the fuck that is so I accidentally going to call you her or him definitely happen

► 00:29:22

denim plus like I like it if you get it wrong it's an accident right after being on stage with your life right now is argument there right and then the other side is but they didn't have a choice they do they feel compelled but they actually are of the other gender and they did their brain is wired like the other gender and their body just isn't what they're supposed to have and fucking with her head got it okay I'm cool with that too you know I don't fine like I said as long as you're not interfering with other people's lives because of your choices like if you're not you're not fucking with me I don't have to do anything I just call you she now okay okay his problem was that he didn't want it to be compelled cuz I'm stuck in trouble if you fuck up exactly exactly and this is this is what he's talking about he has no problem calling a male who transition to female a girl or she

► 00:30:22

you're her please like that you can't use these if you can't compel me use these made up work because at a certain point when these things get rolling they become contests and they become this battle is an idea about alike which side are you on and do try to win that's one of the problems that I have with police officers and any of the court system that what happens when you get a prosecutor and defense attorney is there's a contest going on and these guys they are involved in this contest multiple times a week with a bunch of different cases and they're moving things around all the time but they're constantly trying to win this what they're trying to do when a cop pulls you over and he gets you for something he's trying to arrest you trying to win like we're playing a game now you know this is he's allowed to play this game and this is what he supposed to do and you know he's got every right to do it so he's going to search your home and I'll shoot your dog as you have weed and this is where all the stuff comes from it come to this insane justification for these ridiculous

► 00:31:22

Max comes from the fact you've been given a set of rules in order to participate in this game but the game you know when it comes to like things like compelled pronouns and we've comes to like pushing the envelope further and further and further at a certain point time you can't say no you can't make up a new language okay agreed until you can't take Mikey language and PD language and Tommy like so let's just agree on the words we use how many different new words do you have volume down to one get back to me if you want to call it a trans person or clear purse you want to call Missouri is a pretty great z h e r z h e r a trial or some tribunal some fucking Tribal Council we going to do to get a bang drums and decide if I butter the wrong phrase but one of the judges

► 00:32:22

kit for making fun of a kid after that was found to have kitty porn with some kind of child molester what's the president that had to resign that he had paid off a 13 year old girl I like 15 years ago to not tell anyone that he had had sex with her and another one I think he had sex with the it was a six-year-old like it was sucks fucking fucking crate but these motherfuckers that that's what I hated these these people were telling me okay your you did a joke on stage and that's all I'm your intent that's what people forget often times in my intent wasn't to hurt this little kid my intent was to make people laugh but these guys their intent was to put their dick inside of a child that's fucking and they judge me I've been crazy and I think you know anybody that's doing anything like

► 00:33:22

that's just a sickness that in comprehensible these fucking guys man so they put you through some shit like you yeah went through this for a long time I'm at my lawyer I told him he was like look they want you to settle and he goes I could I could do it like any comic in Canada is going to be fucked cuz I'm going to set this weird president so I told him I was like I'd rather give you a hundred thousand then give them 5 so then but he told me he was like we can't win because I didn't go to court I went to the human rights tribunal I was judged by the human rights tribunal and the Human Rights Commission was bringing me there so is me versus them judge by them so he told me you're definitely going to lose to the kangaroo court but he said he said he'll and the Gummer no probably except the

► 00:34:22

listen to that the case again and then he goes then you'll win that and put so I said yes I was like look I have to do this and I'm up I love Rocky and there was something weird about I was like this is like fucking Rocky II I'm going to be I'm just going to lose like I was something really weird happened to me though is I didn't I didn't think it affect me this much cuz it when I was in court and I saw this kids family fucking crying and I was like holy fuck these people really took this shit seriously thought I gave it was weird cuz Mike my joke my intent was to make people laugh Miss kid I've fucking nothing gets his kid like I don't I don't I don't not like them I don't but then to see that they took this this seriously and then how the media was put the train me like I did a series of shows in Edinborough and there's a newspaper Montreal

► 00:35:22

the road Mike Ward Mike what is getting rich off of this little boy and I was doing shows in Edinburgh that no makes money there like I was playing like a 200-seat theater and I was like these fuckers are making me look like I'm becoming rich cuz of this little kid who became a Target and then click bait that's how they get people to pay attention but the things I think the reason why did affect affect me all you get is hate you can block a doubt it's super easy to block all you get is love that's easy to but I was getting hate and love so so I'd be like you know I wouldn't let the hate in but then someone that show me love Side open up and then they hated come in and it was just so fucking weird and I like Googling myself too much I be like me I'd be like okay there's an article about me in in Russia and then I Google Translate to see the number

► 00:36:22

I just saw shows weren't fun anymore so I was doing shows and cuz if people would like I get these weird hecklers and I was like I didn't like comedy anymore and it's the only thing I've ever done my whole life is the only thing I've ever loved like I don't have kids cuz it, because I was like I know I am not the type of person like you like you're good at organizing your life if I had kids like this is the way I live my life I'd be a horrible father so I never had kids cuz of that and then I was like fuck the only thing I like I don't like anymore and now I don't have kids but that went through this how long does it take to get out of a year-and-a-half and I told her I didn't have like I make a good living but I'm a Canadian Comics I make Canadian comic money like so so I had money I had money to pay like it's cost me a hundred fifty so far no more

► 00:37:22

please add so far it's so is just for laughs at organize a benefit for me Bruce's the Best Buy compressed loved the world that 20 I had a GoFundMe the race and then I had 58 people helping me and that pretty much got rid of all my savings so I told my manager I didn't like doing shows anymore so I was like fuck me the minimum amount of shows that I can you know I can pay my bills cuz my like I've been on my wife doesn't work so I was she book me like a week of shows and so three weeks out of the month I was going through this weird depression one week out of the month I was doing shows pretending like everything was okay and that took like maybe a year a year and a half of me going through this really really weird weird Funk but the thing though

► 00:38:22

I don't meditate but I'd spend my days in the bath like I'd just be like lying down in the bath just staring at the ceiling drinking wine like I was drinking wine in my bathtub all day like at least 4 hours a day and then and I could feel like I like what you never know like when you're in a weird Funk wear the bottoms going to be but once you start going back up then you know okay I'm getting out of this and then when I started feeling better like I was like I'm feeling better a little better a little better and then like 6 I've been out of it like 6 months ago I called my manager 6 months ago and I was like okay I'm back book this this that's why I got to get you know I got to get some money has the new cycle and Canada gone away from it definitely helps to definitely like people people go after you you it affects you and you remember and then 2 weeks later people.

► 00:39:22

even remember I had this woman that a shade written me all my Facebook like this 60 year old woman that her Facebook profile it's her with a cat and you know I get on clouds and a sweet old lady and she's written I'm happy your mom died cuz if she was still alive she does she kill herself saying what her son has become and I was like you fucking bitch but I started like I go to her page I kept on going to her page now I know about a month ago I did an interview and she shared it and she was like like like I was a good person again I was like this crazy crazy bitch fucked up now she's on the fucking Roseanne type out of her all she's probably out of her head on something you know who knows what she's on

► 00:40:22

really help so you recommend it cuz it's a depressant but it it's a number it's better to be sad and drunk than just said interested but I knew now I still drink but I drink like 4 or 5 maybe 6 26 oz is a week like I was drinking almost a full bottle of vodka every day that would be impressive drive with Andre the Giant drink 48 beers so yeah and the fact you just sit in the tub and just that's and you're diabetic right

► 00:41:22

and all day she'll catch up good moves are so do they give you a time where you have to finish this thing or where it's going to be settled by 9 and I did in a special that was from 2010 or 2010 to 2012 so this is a super old joke and defending something that you wrote 10 years ago like people were like what were you thinking when you wrote that job I don't know what the fuck I was like that anymore nowadays I know 10 years ago 10 years ago we used to do

► 00:42:22

you know I always bring up right after that Susan Smith lady that drowned her kids did on purpose and Brian Holtzman goes on sale close to the TV that blocks the constant spill in the milk was kids will not be missed it was so ridiculous and funny at the same time and people have to understand that that's your in a nightclub people are drinking you are allowed freedom of expression it is fun these aren't bad people people he's a people that are doing a certain type of art form and hears with weird this type of art form when you do we say mean shit to you don't really mean for whatever reason you can't do that because your guy on stage

► 00:43:22

how much like you're actually saying it but if you were saying it in a movie if you're playing a game I mean fucking villain characters everybody like a great guy getting really kill that guy over to Cheeseburger like that mean that that was just his character did that screaming Bible vengeance is a problem. Because it's Samuel Jackson's obviously an actor in Pulp Fiction was a movie we already confusion Kevin Bacon Canada a makeup artist named Jamie Coots make up the movie sort of like what he can do it was a short film where he had this little kid and he murdered

► 00:44:22

I know and then he put that out on the internet with you know his name at the end and the whole who played and some fucking weirdo in Germany saw this and thought it was real called Interpol Interpol called Montreal cops Montreal police went to remake whitsell's house to arrest them for murder and then he said no but that the kid there like we saw the video the kid see the kid in the video he's my neighbor so they went to meet the murder victim which was a little kid named they took him to court cuz they said what he did incited violence you're going to win for sure cuz this is just stupid but the thing is he had to defend himself he has to go to court and he had to end when you win a court case like that like if it cost you 30 50 80,000 defend yourself the government doesn't give you your money back and that's a stupid

► 00:45:22

my case I find it is kind of stupid but his case is fucking retarded cuz no one ever kills someone films it and then has end credits no. Well if they did now they'll do it because you said no one ever does this is why Jordan Peterson was so adamant that that bill was dangerous and that would be bad for everybody in bad for free speech when we look at it America I think we have a distorted perception cuz I don't think we totally understand your system of government when it comes to censorship cuz you guys don't have freedom of expression the way we do in America like the first thing I asked my lawyer I was like what what about the First Amendment

► 00:46:22

now there's nothing like people all over the world that talk shit about the states the states is the only place in the world that speech is protected by law that you can still get in trouble by saying shit you can still get protesters you to do some Michelle wolf Duncan the president today she talks about her saying that she bomb so hard last year at the White House Press Correspondents Dinner which unfortunately for him we've all seen the video and she didn't bomb and so he wrote today that she bomb so hard there now going to bring someone to like they're not going to do common anymore going to bring in an author here it is so called comedian Michelle Obama in the White House Correspondents Dinner that this year for the first time in decades he will have an author instead of a comedian good first step to come back with dying evening and tradition! Maybe I will go? She rides

► 00:47:21

I bet you'd be on my side if I had killed a journalist #b best 7760 64169 retweets one of which is mine but you can't say someone but he does me that's his new I just it doesn't have to be real but you shouldn't say someone bomb we can watch the fact that I didn't bomb you pull it up it ain't even say that though cuz since the people that have seen it no she didn't bump but the people that didn't see it now they think should be okay if you had a bag of mine said it would be you don't need any reality other than the reality that y'all decide upon and you press forward we fucking hashtags an American flags and the red white hats and you just keep moving

► 00:48:21

just keep moving and eventually what you doing is you like hacking the new cycle cuz the new cycle is just so everything last a day maybe two days for talking about it's over but that's what's going on I mean it's kind of figured that out but still talk about it like the fucking lawyer now he got charged with domestic violence the lawyer for it's over baby so he like you just keep moving all they do is just keep moving just keep moving and eventually to go like this like yeah obviously she didn't bomb he can say she did and even she dunks and keep moving nothing ever sticks because he's caught a wave-like does the new cycle so crazy everything so crazy there's nothing stationary that we call can examine for long.

► 00:49:21

the time everything is just moving everything is constantly moving this is no stability it's K in the white house he knows there's no stability because he actually got to be the president he figured she'd like he treats everyone like a comic treats hecklers yes and he say that he's he's he's so smart like he did all the protocol that was established in the fucking 1800s and early 1900s that doesn't mean anymore you know this is not Harry Truman this is this is not George Washington is pouring everywhere okay oxycontin's are killing people and no one's talking about it cigarettes are killing people no politician ever brings up the fact half a million people die every year in this country just from cigarettes shut the fuk up keep moving little Jeff sessions little munchkin working for him forever but she's saying that good people don't smoke marijuana with the whole thing's chaos

► 00:50:21

imagine being the top guy and something is insane as like the United States governmental system and seeing all the lobbyists and special interest groups and all the money and all the fucking cast and Saudi Arabia cutting up journalist and you got to keep your mouth shut and he's the top mad man fucking wacky I was watching today him pardoning a turkey I don't know why you guys still do is kind of crazy shit but he has probably tweeting about Jim Acosta being a fag and then turns around and goes is turkey good turkey he came here legally let him it's so stupid with that turkey he just he just decided turkey is to live

► 00:51:04

yeah what happened to those for sure yet so fucking stupid we're going to decide one Turkey Run turkey is a good turkey day and I was like to save it save it no I was just kidding put its head all log trunk people freak out kill a turkey be upset that I'm killing this turkey is he a detective this long everybody know well okay let's examine that you say everybody knew right how much do you really know only only with the everybody tells me that I'm not I'm not saying I'm not sure if anyone who says they know what happened

► 00:52:04

and then the people who think they know what happened to the people that are examining it and the people that are reading 3rd 4th 5th 6th hand about what happened we're just talking shit you know are you sure that's what I'm sure I'm sure if you stare at the sun it burns your eyes of a lot of people dead trees up on fire they there becomes a wildfire it's very dangerous I'm sure that that's real who killed that guy I'm sure someone killed him they're all admitting they killed them pretty sure that pretty sure pretty sure I really know

► 00:52:45

cuz when they sing that they had the the Turkish government had recordings but they didn't want to share them publicly cuz they didn't want the other embassies knowing how they record embassies that you're not supposed to be exactly so I don't know if you can post a video and audio is what I read but I said that there is an audio tape but he wasn't going to hear it because he didn't want to hear it so we didn't need to see that movie Grizzly Man audio

► 00:53:21

the guy got eaten by a grizzly bear live with Chrissy Bales for our rooms everybody likes guys going to eat and then one day gets heat and along the way he has the greatest comedies of all time it's really good what get lit and watch it you're going to fucking love it it's a guy who is this something wrong with them and it right away like you start making judgments like is he gay I think he's gay I think he's gay and he just fighting it and won the way she fights and he goes and lives in the forest and I'm not bullshiting you didn't get the term Bears you save embarrass me somebody so effeminate and he brings his fucking camera is walking through the forest because I wish I was just gay but I'm not gay if I was gay then I would just go meet a guy at a truck stop or something but I'm not gay so

► 00:54:13

it's like what I said that sounds good walking around by themselves like a stereotypical gay voice is one of the weirdest things cuz there's like not a single masculine heterosexual male who use that speech pattern of speech patterns exclusive two gay men like I'm not gay but never here we go who is a speech pattern that we associate with homosexuals and you know you can say someone's Prejudice but you look you know it's true true you hear someone talking and saying homosexual type things in that voice you all that sounds like a gay guy I had a friend come out of the closet and the whole time you was coming out I was like oh shit I'm going to have to pretend like I'm surprised cuz he was like

► 00:55:12

yeah it's weird it is weird well you know what's in the woods weird is any discussion of it is being homophobic no problem that some percentage with its 10% 20% whatever the number is of gay guys talk gay adorable person Martindale's good friend of mine loves it swings you know he swings when he walks sachets as he walks into a room he's hilarious to stand up, but he he he know he will take on those kind of vocal affectations you know negative day audiences don't like him cuz he's a guy guy like he's from a small town in in the Manitoba whatever so gay people don't like a pistol area

► 00:56:12

and then we were talking last summer and I was like you should do a show and call it no gays allowed cuz whenever he has gay people that always goes wrong cuz they get mad but here's what's funny if he was a guy guy but he was straight they probably want to turn them yeah buddy of mine who is a makeup artist super good dude who's gay is Fox News only tell me about these he would do that are tagged straight guys that would suck again. It would give me details like what is going on what's going on thrill out of turning guys but I don't think to turn anybody I had a friend that used to respect first move to Montreal he be like let's go to a gay bar cuz a lot of women go there cuz they don't want to get hit on and then he was like let's just pretend like we're gay and will try to

► 00:57:12

will have sex with the lady for the first time. Okay I'm a dude and I wouldn't fuck someone shaped like that interesting Maybe

► 00:57:44

where there's have different genes I see it differently when I was something about them as attracted to someone who's got a lot of Natural Resources store then scanned you know what if it gets really cold out stay alive he could keep me warm will protect me fucking me hang on to him did you do any archery today but did you see that try this morning I saw that you were talking about it right before the podcast about the the guy in India just trying to convert them and they will the one of the last uncontacted tribes in the world would you think was going to happen right Jamie said the guy's been there before right do you say that the guy I bought all of the people killed him to them when they say there's between 50 and 100 people on this island I believe see if you can get a good article on it said the number so there's like 50 or 52 hundred and fifty people they don't exactly know and they they can there

► 00:58:42

Shay from it's a size of Manhattan Sand Island and they came here from Africa like was it 60000 years ago yeah yeah someone in India or near near India so Island was trying to bring them to Jesus and they said if you like the guy will introduce you to him I feel that mother fucker. Wow it's in the middle of nowhere all that's in the middle of nowhere so they came off of Africa that's crazy

► 00:59:16

how the president so I can go see all that shit that's crazy yeah

► 00:59:22

what's interesting to in England they call people from India Asians they think of that as we came derogatory some weird way I was normal Oriental Rugs Oriental Rugs if someone was saying hey mother fucker you can't say that shit anymore but at one point in time Oriental was like a total loser real thing as part of the language but so now we say Asian cuz we try to be politically correct Asian girls fucking giant there's a lot of different kinds of folks in Asia you know you're running away from something to end up Well everybody's that's you know if you read about the migration of people from Africa spreading out

► 01:00:22

that's a big part of what they're doing is trying to get away from people to try and show them yeah it's all either they run out of resources to run a food or they're being there being forced out of areas like new people come in people escape and survive and history as human beings just like bigger more powerful human beings move into an area and kill and rape and then Spread spread out and then keep going and everybody else just keeps going and eventually fortify in the distance to get a new city and they try to hold him off and then do people coming through I mean there's so many instances from the Mongols to the Romans mean go back and back Matt all through history but if you broke it down if you looked it like a math problem with what's happening here here's what's happening these groups we will get together and then they develop some shit that kills other groups of people and they pushing those groups of people and try to fuck their checks checks either food and then they do the same thing and this is all people done like there's never been a time where no one was at War

► 01:01:21

I'll give you if you ever gone through human history does not like well there was a. Of 100 years were there's no more never happened right the craftsmanship cuz their proper are what they look like this is the way up pictures of the arrows in order for an arrow to be done properly write and you could hit someone kill him it has to go through the whole structure of the pelvis doesn't have to I mean it was so so the kid hit a bunch of times you know if they have a bunch of times I get a shot him in the garage City hours cuz they need them to survive right so the guys is got to be island animals and their hunting these animals but it's not that hard for these people in these kind of tribes to see if they have the proper wood on the island in elderly people have been making bows and arrows for a long time and they will use certain fibers from certain trees and they leave them together and make a bow string

► 01:02:21

you know if they have enough good wood and they have good fiber and they have the knowledge mean even if they don't have metal you could still to this day I found one in the bottom I found an old I don't know what are it's from but I found an aerohead but why was actually bowhunting I found an actual arrowhead from some Native American tribe did Left Eye and apparently they're really common like people find them all the time cuz you think of the thousands of years that the indigenous people were here and all the different animals they shot with bows and arrows they figured out how to do it and if they have enough goodstone to make you know something Flint or something similar to make the arrowheads or maybe they're using something toxic maybe they have some sort of toxic plant and they just dipping the tip of a a sharpened tip into it

► 01:03:13

if you dip the tip in something toxic don't they can you eat that mean to question I don't know about a lot of these tribes that shoot things that they shoot things with poison on the end of their arrows and they just didn't want to eat it right they don't if they don't hit it perfectly they're not going to wait for the perfect shot that is trying to hit it so they can hit in the ass or in the neck or whatever the fuck to hit it if they have poison nothing's going to die you know these poison for a lot of weird shit to use poison two fish three strange they take the season to fish yeah it's crazy they take this plan and they smash it up and they make it's like this green classic that was that the Yanomami some more maybe Bolivia or something like that it's one of those tribal peoples that lives almost almost uncontacted but still some conflict will have like Under Armour t-shirts on and she

► 01:04:13

it's weird the weird but they do you know they're Barefoot and they take these plants and I forget what the kind of planet is but they smashed his plant up and make like this green pulp and then they put this pulp in these pons and these fish just float it's some sort of toxin and it just fuck these fish shop and they just float up the top and they go and scoop the fish and take him out of there but I like paralyze them some toxic. I guess I don't know man I mean maybe you have to be really fucking hungry okay I'm going to poison these things and I'd rather die being poisoned than the starving to death I think these people have been on the edge of survival if it figured out survival down to everything in their area they know what's edible didn't know what's dangerous what to avoid what to cultivate what to seek out they just they know how to do

► 01:05:13

so these people are on our if it's a resource-rich island and seems to be like an island the middle of the ocean as long as they don't kill too much as long as they keep a certain healthy population of animals around and listen to that is this these people or someone found them wow so these people apparently if you follow the the story they came from Africa 60-something thousand years ago and I guess probably

► 01:05:46

during the Ice Age the coastlines very different right the water levels were way lower and then when the ice all melted the oceans Rose and then we get we got now so maybe it was a much larger island or maybe it was like the Bering land mass we could get across it fuck since it's been so long talk man here's a combined with langit throat here's combined with body language to seem to have the link so they were like telling him to throw things in the given time coconuts that's pretty cool crazy how friendly they are without knowing who the person is and where they're from the food I think they're pumped get a bunch of free Coke and I've seen that's definitely a way to come friends with people that had coconut C instead of a Bible

► 01:06:46

look at that Mansion some guy just showing up and giving you free food can you see my dick is that what is it what is this video videos outrage this is a wooden axe similar to a mountain axe to fucking crazy living carried by all men so that yeah so they might not even have like metal it seems like if he's got a wooden axe I wonder if they have what would they're using for arrowheads and stuff like that just kind of weird about it is you can't really go there like that movie about the city of Z the lost city of Z what it's called

► 01:07:35

it was about a Explorer from England who made his way to South America and eventually get eaten by cannibals allegedly they think but he was looking for this lost Mayan or Aztec city

► 01:07:51

yeah so he's looking for some you know apparently and they they know this for sure now there's some really really really ancient cities in the Amazon and they don't know what they are they don't know from when they don't know who who built them so well it's a culture that's long gone and it's for the the area where they had the city's been absorbed by the jungle so they they find it I think either from satellites or from some kind of imagery where they're noticing these really obvious grid pattern City indicate irrigation and that they had Fields net streets and so there's this English explorer was the jamas name this dude went to the jungles of Brazil multiple times looking for this lost city of gold 1867 so he but not the best movie but it's cool cuz I get to see

► 01:08:51

lost city of Z he found it before he was killed no no no but she found something she found some I want to spoil or the movie but it's some it's not a bad movie what's interesting to me is that these people just got to put yourself in the mind of people that lived in 1860 and they they literally had no idea what the fuck was going on in South America they just let someone will come back and start

► 01:09:16

how does JD's down the jungle River in the uncontacted tribe and it would talk about I brought back pot Pottery in this is a spear head and you know him and his drawings of the animals that I saw a good drawings crocodiles and fucking the giant piranhas and shit in the lottery and just me getting my wife hey make a call to pretend dinosaur was a thing some people started faking it and they would come up with fake dinosaurs 2 disorder like booster science credit and legitimate people it or thought to be The credibility accountability rather back then just was not what it is today like you don't I don't think the peer-review process was just sound and these fucking people are Maniacs out there just trying to pretend that they found

► 01:10:16

so they do is like a buffalo part around an elephant and and you like said hey I dug this out and Vermont people like people to be like that came what is that thing that's like actual scientist will get a hold of it I got this is an elephant bone fucking idiot this is me dinosaur 1746 yeah there was some sort of like a battle like everybody's trying to discover the latest and the greatest AP shit together didn't belong there was a certain do some weird wackiness but you know what's fascinating to me is that something has to die in like mud or has to die and it has to be at the bottom of the ocean or a lake in Silt something has to happen to preserve those bones

► 01:11:16

if it doesn't then you get nothing that's why we don't we don't know Jack schitt about what like octopus look like with octopi look like 5 million years ago 60 million years ago like the Kraken like that could have easily been a real thing right fucking super enormous octopus that can eat whales cuz there are some big fucking but there's no bones you know they just died in something to become fossilized do you know that that's not really the bone that is all the mineral that is replaced bone over like thousands and millions of years whatever it takes you out when something's fossilized we see like a fossilized like shark tooth and it's black it's it's not the real color of the teeth it's the color of all the minerals that are replaced with a tooth used to be as it remains compressed and all this sludge and mud and shit over me

► 01:12:16

is your ass pretty freaky shit it's like when you see these dinosaur bones look like they're fossilized a lot of them like a lot of the ones we find of dead things they've become like a piece of rock so I could look completely different because I heard people say that most dinosaurs that we look at now that we think about how they look they really had feathers or that's a new thing I just assumed that the sound of Jurassic Park is correct or fossil hoaxes of feathered dinosaur fossils but yeah there have been some feathered fossils if you go to the museum in Montana in Bozeman in the museum of some sort of Science Museum and they have a mother's Raptors a velociraptor with feathers like a model of it like a life-size Velociraptor freaky demon

► 01:13:15

I'm up I'm afraid of birds so imagine a fucking big bird like that I'd lose my phone here it is here's the bone Wars the great dinosaur Rush a period of intense and ruthlessly competitive fossil hunting and Discovery during the Gilded Age of American History marked by the heated rivalry between Edwin Drinker cope Drinker that's my little bro of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia and while spell this guy's name is annual off Neil hot would he say that is Neil McNeil Charles Marsh of the Peabody Museum of Natural History to Euro each of the two paleontologists use underhanded methods to outdo each other in a field resulting resorting to bribery theft and destruction of Bones scientist also sought to ruin his Rivals repetition cut off its funding using attacks and scientific Publications so this doesn't seem like these are the people that were using fake stuff

► 01:14:15

people are all crazy man shyt I like being famous imagine if I enjoy being a famous scientist and Scholar article right now they made Paris if you got a Chinese of Paris like 2 years ago and there's one of the guys book gave me that he told me his his girlfriend love friends and there's a neighborhood in Shanghai if it's exactly like friends so he brought her to France and then she was like not the Chinese ones better cuz it's it's a it's exact replica they do that now in the air my knees one is better

► 01:15:15

we did that they they redid I think the the sorbonne and the loop like they redid buildings from France and you're everything is exactly the same as it is in France that's so except it's all like Saturdays and and people from Kuwait that's weird thing to do try to recreate a historical building that still consider like I fuck we're going to go to go to whatever country is there going to be food is the food going to be hella is it going to be complicated to go the fuc it will be in the whole world

► 01:16:15

yeah Brooklyn Bridge fake driver's test when you go in the elevator turn the lights off and becomes kind of like a ride and then it it starts going up and then it shows okay we're at the level that the biggest building in New York City like is here at like whatever 300M and then this is the biggest building in Shanghai and then stay so they want to just show look we got some stuff in the elevator I should be elevator as I will money son like the first time I was in Dubai the biggest building was I don't know how big but they built one in Dubai and then the year after Shanghai Beat It by like 3 and then do buyers like fuck you we're going to beat you by 500 so it's like like like more than half a mile high

► 01:17:14

it's crazy high more than half a mile high city didn't really exist so it's like this is fucking insane like that their national anthem could be the eye of the tiger but they're all so fucking Rich it's insane Eiffel Tower there's also one somewhere else at another Park to be like instead of 1/3 of diamonds you can see you can see this at Eiffel Tower from the Moon Gucci Everything Gucci

► 01:18:14

yeah it's weird people do that but you know when you have that kind of money man you make me up France and I want you to know I want for the return on Swype for Define compound somewhere start selling freeze-dried food pairing everybody you know water purification tablets get ready solar panels is your house okay that Malibu lost 600 houses yeah someone said that the other day but everyone's hysterical it's hard to know if they're right or not

► 01:19:09

anyhow got locked up Malibu

► 01:19:14

cuz I know a lot of people that allows houses I know at least

► 01:19:20

8 people the lost houses in scary like you can just grab like one one or two things through my laptop structures 1500 Century totally destroyed Jesus Christ so that the number probably keeps going up but those are a lot of them are homes you know how those 1500 don't know how many of my home's but a lot of them are lot of people lost their homes it's it's a crazy thing that happens the wind Gets behind that fire and everything is dry and it just goes straight to the water and is almost nothing they can do they lost so many houses on point. What you think of the fuck is a fire going to get to that like if you ever see what Point Dume is it's like this beautiful area I would like very wealthy people live in this this like Cliff overlooking the ocean it's spectacular and like you would never think that a wildfire would get there but it was raining Fire Man

► 01:20:19

West Point Dume out there so many of those houses got cooked man and there's videos that people made of them leaving their horrific just like fire raining from the sky everywhere you look houses on fire and this is a super exclusive really rich area and no one could protect it there was nothing they could do the firefighter did their baths they saved as many structures that they can be was fucking raging man it was a rock throw from my house when we left we left at 2 in the morning Thursday night that must you must freak out when you see is what happened to the people in Paradise California they were evacuating and something like 60 plus people died in their car fire just overcame cars and there's nowhere to go and they're stuck in gridlock in the fires literally coming at them ready for this 80 football fields a minute that's how fast it was traveling at some at one point

► 01:21:19

shut up in Athens over the summer there's a town right outside of Athens Greece wildfires took over the town was wiped off in a couple of minutes people died in their cars and homes you couldn't get out there just trap that's what I'm in Paradise I think a lot of it they do more than a thousand people are missing in Paradise yeah they don't even know and the problem is they'll never know like do whatever was there is incinerated there's nothing left like they won't be able to get DNA that it's over I mean it's the craziest fire they've ever experienced I think it's the scariest most destructive California wildfire ever and that one the one down here was nothing compared that one in Northern California in comparison to size and scope me nothing is fucking insane there's fire there's a photo of this one firefighter is sort of iconic photo he's standing on like a rock and behind him the whole mountain is on fire and it's just like holy shit

► 01:22:18

and people in my friend Brent Rob's doing a show in Sacramento in Sacramento out his hotel room the whole street was filled with smoke you couldn't see shit he's a dude smoke is everywhere they sent me a photo of the television that was showing the air quality is like very poor air quality everywhere all through that area just all in red so it was all a lie people walking around with masks on it it would literally be like you're walking through a fire smoke everywhere knots Matt and this is in Sacramento is it contain now sort of contained I mean the one here is but I don't know about the one that's up North but the real issue is they can happen again like that like they're all they're all they sparked up so quick and more hit what's the plan that they could do to make sure this doesn't happen if there's something they can do I don't know I don't know what they can do what is that Jim

► 01:23:18

so bad being there for a day like smoking 10 cigarettes look at that picture that's all fire smoke or people like wearing masks I guess people are wearing masks they're like yeah yeah. Bert Kreischer was walking down the street with a mask on and I texted a while what the fuck are you doing then he's like dude it is so bad it's so bad here it goes you you can't believe how Smokey Tiaras and it's just all through San Francisco everybody is coughing and wearing masks in Sacramento look even worse than that

► 01:23:49

Travis cash it you never think about yeah yeah well that's the thing it could just hit you look at that in San Francisco right now and if you don't know San Francisco you would know how shocking this is like you you can't see the hills can't see all those houses in the Hills at all just smoke from the fire and I wait for that shit to blow out it looks like San Francisco's super like just fine he is that fire contained

► 01:24:17

article with

► 01:24:19

hey what's up a couple days ago so I was at 57% contained and I was just trying to Google more about that only 57% contained at moderate thing is man but these fires all it needs is one gust of wind one new storm one knew you know Santa Ana winds pick up some Embers in this whole state is just dry Sparkman 80% contained going to rain tomorrow night hopefully fuck modern day like everyone they moved out here like for Eastlake when you moved here I've been here for 20 scared the first couple years of earthquake but you never thought that hey I might have to leave my house cuz of far did I been evacuated 3 times because of the fire

► 01:25:14

how many how many major earthquakes since you've been in one minor one it was enough to let you know I like when it happens and that the house seems like a you ever get a refrigerator and you take out that

► 01:25:31

cardboard box and you stand inside of it as a kid and you like pushing around back and forth that's literally the walls in my apartment look like we just started moving like this like he was very different than I thought it would be like but it was so nothing was done nothing or earthquake was I got 5.5 or some shit or 5.7 but it was enough to wear when the walls moved to realize like whoa if a big one happens this shit just falls apart like this is not going to make it just fall apart the walls just break what floor are you on

► 01:26:12

second floor on the ground floor Hugo okay I can run out to ship lands on your head but she plans on your humans are we got like no I got this I can I can run out I went to second floor I think the opposite of think if I'm going to top or I'll surf my way to the bottom I land on all this is not going to make it yeah but it was enough to just let me just realize likes you don't even know what an earthquake is stupid like my idea of an earthquake was like a cartoon movie Like An Earthquake but a real earthquake is just the Earth shifting it actually moves and apparently the people that were here during the big one of 1993. 93 sound like that the Earth moves almost like water

► 01:27:02

like the you could see the Earth just bucking and moving and you could see like chunks of it like lifting up and it's settling down the people that were there when you talk to them it's like there's I mean it's not PTSD like soldiers PTSD or like rape survivors or anything but there's there's absolutely some PTSD to come from natural disasters is this trauma to seeing how fucking meager you are in comparison to the Earth itself and as the Earth is moving like a mass Exodus like a bunch of people move to Colorado and people moved all over the fucking place was nice to hear I'm sure some are you the problem is the weather so good

► 01:27:55

it's so nice cuz it never rains never does anything just you could be a just a lazy bitch just did never have to deal with Mother Nature like where you guys live in Montreal right that's no joke not having a snow storm right now it's that cold you guys going up there as ruthless I'm going to be in Toronto in December for the UFC December is winter starts later than its super hardcore the right he's want to do it's burning that's well something is

► 01:28:55

people they've been convinced this whole time the government try to make it rain like if ever there was time to utilize Chemtrails would it be now it's very disconcerting because you realize how fragile the whole system is in these you know these people at work so hard to save everybody they can only save so much and only going to save so many buildings and can only say so many people so will wake up call man

► 01:29:22

she could get ugly and this off topic because of the fires but cuz I'm at the store and I didn't know that when the whole Mencia thing happened you were banned the whole crew for like 7 years like a long time and I talked about this too many times I took a bullet for everyone else was going to do with that shit I know what the time yeah sorta looking back I was just like fuck them but yeah it's just that the subject beaten down too much you know we're going through it now that's why I said all right now we have the the people who are making money by stealing jokes you have that going on in France it's not in French, yeah it's not an in Canada but it's in France and Montreal

► 01:30:22

kids stolen a bunch of material heat there's a thing called The Comedy Club it's basically saying something in French you have to see Comedy Club pretty much everything from Def Comedy Jam with French like if you're going to steal deaf guys so whenever you see it like the first 10 years in France whatever your son Arab, they were all like like Dave Chappelle so it was summer that the guy was in my club and then I found out and I fucking lost my mind I just tweeted my door guy and I was like yeah them the fuck out everyone he's with you throw them

► 01:31:22

I don't want him in the club it's dangerous thing you're trying to create things and some basic criminal can sneak in the middle of an artist colony and just start profiting off of your work yeah and intimidating you and making you work for them essentially there's something that sucks that people don't know and that's what you went through with the went when you called out Carlos no one cares no one cares like they do now they just like the thing is they don't dump situation but the only reason they do now because it looks good but still if it didn't like like like Banning Carlos now like Carlos Mencia can't work anymore it makes them look like we respect comedians but they don't really respect comedians I don't think you sound like your conspiracy theory

► 01:32:21

whenever I had called out a joke thieves festivals or networks yeah well you talking about festivals right you know I think clubs would be much more likely to ban people specially if someone who they're stealing from also works there that's that's more likely to happen special. You know when in best case scenario the person who's getting stolen from is already established and successful so they could say something about it the worst case scenario someone who's established deals from Open Mic yeah which fucking does happen and you know if there's anything that you get someone to quit comedy that might be one of them when you know there might be one of them might be especially in the beginning having your joke still on television to watch it on Comedy Central a couple days

► 01:33:21

and watch your acting yet and then you like what like you can't even believe it there's a comic in France named Doug at El malei who's that he he's in New York now and he works a lot in English he did he has these rumors and I'm going to say allegedly cuz I don't want to consume at first he took a couple bits from American comic then he got caught stealing from French Canadian comics and the last thing I heard he did was he had this contest for all the makers and he was like my next Comedy Tour send me your three best minutes on tape and the best comic I'm going to book it open for me and then he started stealing from those open Microsoft that's such a garbage move the wacky

► 01:34:21

but I sound to a show Once in in France and he was like he's a rich dude that he's he's got his own private plane and yeah he's got his own private plane he was he was married to the princess of Monaco so he's got a lot of money and he was he doing he was about how an air conditioner in this apartment motherfucker you have a with the princess of Monaco I can afford like multiple air conditioners fuck you well you know

► 01:35:00

it's not good right stick to other people care like some people people racist it's you can't say it the new generation of friends, and there's a channel did you talk about here when you had I think it was a Tom Papa it was on its called copy comic and they take like bets that they'll take a bit from a, from here and then State just to show that what's going on it's always different from other countries that are bilingual that say this you know that is Montreal's very bilingual in fact almost

► 01:36:00

so I probably one of the most violent go places and definitely in Canada but there's not a place like that America is no place like that place is kind of University speaks Spanish and English you know it's like some people speak English some people speak Spanish but very few people I mean you can't this the numbers and it's never like Montreal it probably probably 80% speak both languages right yeah that's crazy it's a beautiful city man it's amazing but you're fucking freedom of speech laws of dog shit yeah well that's you going to create shity art when you have that you know the way that you punish someone who you think is doing something awful with their speech long as they're not calling for some of the murderer or something fun to do it if you don't go to the show you say I don't want to support you

► 01:36:55

and then that's it you don't find them if enough people don't like you and you have a message of hate and won't come out you will make money that's how you feel that I definitely don't think you should have a message of hate yeah but I don't think that certain people should be able to decide what's hateful because they keep pushing that boundary the same way they push all the other boundaries they push the boundaries of what what what is what's the definition of

► 01:37:23

prejudice what's the definition of entitlement what's the definition of you are you always coming from a place of privilege so are you always entitled are you always racist do you mean either like they have those they have did you this of Corporations and there's no evidence that works at all they do unconscious bias like counseling or they sit down with their employees and they talk to them about perhaps this unconscious racism they might have and so there was like fuck my racist and then go that all it is is like they need a response to a perceived situation which I'm sure is the situation in many many places don't not trying to minimalize that but they needed a response so their response to something totally unscientific not support but at least I could say they're doing something they have a you know racism bias training these people sit down and talk to you about like this is what you do you know if a person of color walks in

► 01:38:23

you know everybody's like chatting I want to erase it but I don't think it works man and I don't think it's it's not the weight that racism sucks and the way to stop racism is be a good person like the more good people we have Dylan Spire more good people we will all realize that racism is fucking stupid we should treat people as individuals always whether it's by gender and sexual preferences

► 01:38:50

origin of your ancestors I don't care I mean I care in terms of like sexual preference I care in terms of like what I think your attractive or not I care in terms of like what I decide you know that you know that there's some people that want to hang out with really loud people there's some people that want to hang out with people that are like more to me or some people are more interested I really like different shit you're allowed to like different shit but you're not allowed to discriminate against someone and keep them from occupation or keep them from place to live in it we all thought that way I just treated people on the merits of their own individual personality and character we have a way better world I think we can all agree that as soon as you get these groups of all white people are all Asians are all the fucking come on man that's too small that's such a gross generalization it's too small of a common denominators too weird the what what you are like how much of what you are is where the fuck you're from and shit you can't control it how much

► 01:39:50

that's ridiculous what you are is all the things you've experienced in all the life you've lived all the lessons you learned where you are at this moment you know and if I like you at 30 I might not like you when you're 18 you might been fucking annoying but I mean you one of your 30 in my chat you're cool you know and then everything's great and that should be okay to it it's not like we have to distinguish between people just being not interested in talking to anyone individual and what is wrong with with gross generalizations and then try sticking to only people European ethnicity and crazy you can't do that shit again you can't do it for Asians either you can't do it for black people you can't do it for anything you can't say everybody's great in this group because it's nonsense it's so simplistic simplistic

► 01:40:50

it also makes people scared to say anything about I don't want you thinking that I hate the thing I like the thing is if you let you know where the dangerous. So if you're censoring like you can't use this or you can say that she can say that you don't know who the fucking weirdos are that hate people that hate gay people that hate the transit cuz everyone's acting exactly the same like everything's cool and then when they're with their friends or whoever the people that they think like them they're spewing all their fucking hate and Jen garbage whenever people can express themselves freely that there's going to be some sort of suppression and if there's some sort of suppression there is a resentment suppression and it is anxiety an extension that's like

► 01:41:41

when what it's essentially what we're saying is when you think about people in business meetings how they're forced to communicate how this forced to dress how the fort to communicate that go into this very professional building all the women or dress professional all the managers professional they all get together in his conference tables and everyone is agreeing even though these are sexual beings who may be like cocaine you know I have been the fucking you know the day music festivals in The Burning Man and but contained the contained in this room and they're talking about statistics and talk about probabilities and then someone brings up diversity yes diversity all very important and everyone is behaving and it's super weird world where you can't you can't move outside the box even remotely if you if you move outside the box even a little if you say you know what the guy from Netflix to get fired because he used

► 01:42:41

word in a descriptive he was he was talking about Tom Segura special with Tom Segura was talking about changes in language talk about some words can't say anymore he says like you can't say retarded he says this just because he said that just because he said that people were getting angry at him and protesting and groups were trying to boycott Netflix so this guy I don't remember his name but he was one of the bigwigs at Netflix and he said he was like it's like saying the word Niger to an African American person that's what it's like to say retarded to a family where someone has someone is down since he was talking about how expensive it is to people so it's like this is the issue that we're dealing she just talked about it a very matter-of-fact way they report him for saying the word

► 01:43:36

and he gets fired and apparently he did this twice that's what I read and I think they're doing an intellectual exercise like his this is it the same to you and he saying it around African American people but in saying it around African American people just the fact that he said the word uttered it like Abracadabra just saying it was enough for him to lose his very high-profile job at Netflix was apparently well-liked and it really will go to easy that like it if we had to struggle to get food and and protect our families we wouldn't be worried about this word of that word error my feelings think we're seeking out altercations when we don't cuz I think we're programmed for a certain amount of interaction with people that's unpleasant or so it will ruler program for certain amount of competition

► 01:44:36

what is verbal or physical work we're program for it I think it's what got us to 2018 in terms of the crazy history of the human species is it March across the World Imagine leaving Africa really fucking what you got on your feet and you walking out with what were the fuck were those people and what kind of people they encounter that's our ancestors was bullshit forever when is no bulshit do I wear some bullshit over there and then you start tweeting up a storm those if you go to those people's page is one of the things that I've I'll find a person says like Preposterous shit and if I'm not blocked by them from some gigantic Auto blocker which sometimes they do is block everybody but if someone for their time not blocked by them I will bookmark them so instead of like following them so they know I'm found I would just bookmark them so I'll just go back so I have a file on my computer called crazy

► 01:45:36

I don't want to see them go through these manic depressive States and freaked out about the world and then every now and then something will get to toss in there about relationships you know I know I know it is of color like black or Arab you know Asian around some people but same White Privilege like there are a lot of white homeless men and whenever I see a white homeless dude advantage in this current climate in world to being white the problem is a white people are not guilty of doing anything just because they're privilege so instead of calling it white privilege we need to concentrate on is the people that are racist that's the only real problem only problem is racist people and even though the problem was saying things like black people can't be racist because racism is

► 01:46:36

power thing and white people have power over black people it's a it's a fucking intellectual Forest they know it is when they're saying it and it's just one thing they just repeat and you're supposed to accept it and it's a part of what we were talking about earlier where there's a game that's going on and the game is I want you to say the 78 different gender pronoun to say that I want you to do that I want you to refer to me as bad I want you to refer to me as desk I want you to do what I want you to do it once you stop using certain language I want you to start saying certain things is that means I win yes counterproductive how stupid it is to just discriminate based on race all you're doing is blocking out that being honest I think it does doesn't work anyway I think what really works is leading by example because the only thing that works but I think we learn friends we learn from people better than is he someone is amazing and she super smart and she's really kind of people are God damn it I got to be more like her I think that's where we're missing that aspect of it.

► 01:47:36

problem with what goes on with the left in particular the brutal mean assaults on people these Twitter gangs and Facebook gangs at Target someone in the tag them you are not changing anything and in fact you are going to get people who see this horrible shit and they're going to go fuck those people I'm going that way and then go the other way and you recruit people to be on the right and this is literally how Donald Trump became president one of the one of the major factors as people were noticing a trend and the trend was towards these crybaby posterous liberals that quality everything is racist everything is sexist everything is homophobic everything and everything falls in this blanket of transgression where there's no innocent and everyone's guilty and Emily fine they run out of targets they go after each other for not being aggressive enough to start calling each other out it's jealousy in the movement that's something that really makes me happy

► 01:48:36

calling people out for years and then make a call back I'm like fucking finally you know I've seen it happen you know I've seen it I've seen it happen with with people I've seen I've seen them become Jamie kilstein is a friend of mine and Jamie kilstein was at one point in his life this really Progressive activist guy who is like everything he said how did you like super male feminist and super trans positive and I mean he was like trying so hard to be exciting but but he's super honest about it too was done podcast about it and yeah he called people out if you really mean really vicious and then you realize you're getting all this anxiety finally had to check his Twitter all day you like you walking the streets couldn't stop like checking his Twitter see what the replies where Angel is he was caught in this weird fucking hate spiral you know even though he was reporting he was acting on the premise that he was a good person he's going to call out all these bad people but he was like addicted to this weirdness

► 01:49:36

it turned on him meet you like some girls accused him of being creepy it was like super minor like trying to go on dates with people I just put that was enough that all you need is like one in that world everything that world everyone is so hyper Progressive and looking for any sort of deviation from the pattern they can attack and they just decided this guy even though it had been like this model Ally for the for male you know as a male feminist and four people of sexual you know and you know apparently he would work with this girl or something like that but what it whatever it was I mean it was the most minor transgressions was no touching no meanness and so after all this is done he came out the other end and that in any Indian just came clean about like how he felt while I was doing it why did it was great very brave they did that pic gives you insight to Allah

► 01:50:36

out of like what is one of the problems of the sun navigate to territory of social media is that it's very compelling to engage constantly and consistently with people in this this really anxiety-ridden wave of animosity that's going to run back and forth between the two of you for no reason what's the time for almost no reason was free the nipple it was more New York New York like a lot of gals were they decided they were going to protest that men can be topless but they can be cops and she was like nothing like a female female breasts aren't sexual so I should be allowed at the shop and I was like the look you know that I know that my penis doesn't know that I'm sorry if I see tits on my dick is going to get hard I'm sorry it's not like I'm I respect you but if if you fucking pull your tits out my dick is going to get high we almost forgot.

► 01:51:36

we do for your animals but you know it's also that we're just not used to seeing tits tits were out all the time would eventually get used to the problems changing Walking Dead Island so need to tell them that push up bras I think they should be able to do it though they want to walk around topless but the problem is there's too many dick heads you you're running into a a river of dick-heads you going to try to go Upstream through that with your tits hanging out that's if you want to go to a bar topless like chaos but I don't think you should if you are my friend like I say if in an ideal world she should be able to yeah you should definitely be able to but no no don't do that

► 01:52:36

it's like it's if someone's going to touch your tits it's it's so rare you have to be in like the perfect bar in Asheville North Carolina he can be there from 10 to 2 and no one will touch it it's like one place someone can touch your tits people are gross like even even wonder all Aretha Franklin's funeral even imagine if she had free the nipple fucking crazy there's no argument and saying they shouldn't do that like right it shouldn't be alone this is almost like

► 01:53:14

make make parallels to compelled Speech cuz I don't think that you should be naked and just walk down the street if you're a girl I don't know but you should be allowed friend cuz I would say listen you're going to get harassed it's it is way more likely that you get raped I would think I mean I'd like to know what the I don't want to do a study but I would like to know what the statistic mean I would not like to get raped like just don't want to do that study but

► 01:53:53

I think if you live in a tribe like that uncontacted tribe outside of India there probably super custom to seeing people naked and they probably act normal it's really not that big a deal

► 01:54:05

we're weird will you know it's like what's in the box man what's in the box and we will cover everything up but the guys are all covered up or feet are covered up When We Were Young Justice Sears catalog a woman in a bra and I like a fuck if someone did mascara running and not gagging at least one murder nobody dies in a bitch ass movie is this has their own weird cork you know and I think a lot of time we don't admit it or we or you then you see someone with an extreme you like oh fuck least amount that we have an intern for a bar podcast and he's heart of gold right but he has a crippling addiction of prostitutes in just a weird guy like when you meet him he's just a fucking over

► 01:55:05

top weird because he can't afford it he's a weird but he just a bad judge of character

► 01:55:13

hookers that I'll steal money from Walmart on this motherfucker you get that party rolling version of the naked woman walking around trying to knock it right you're going to get she's going to steal and she's going to steal all your spot at the at the store I know she told him it's 300 he gave her 300 then he tried to touch and she was like don't know it's 300 just to me we need more money and then they went out to like an ATM

► 01:56:13

he got more money gave her the money she brought up the heat she went back to the the apartment and then he pulled his dick and she was like no and pepper spray. He was still make it so he said I try to chase her but she was fast even the heels and just two flights of stairs and he slipped on the last ones cuz his boxer shorts and as soon as he sprayed him in the face she ran out here and three floors up to get dressed and then you want to looking for but he's if I can find her and he shows up at the store belligerent and was he naked when she pepper spray them from what he told us his boxers were stuck on his foot I get I get why she pepper spray side and is like fucking like 300 lb 6 5

► 01:57:13

play Subway Surfers by the owner lives right behind and she's very nice and she said be quiet no Glitter in the house like we're older and I think we broke every person she said the reason why was like who asks that goes into the drain the water why would like I told her we're going to be three dudes renting the apartment for about you not it's impossible for you to be a gay guy you definitely could have gay

► 01:58:13

leather Guy high heels fishing nets glitter some old-timey clothes on to like a Charlie Chaplin Charlie Chaplin gay stuff like coming out of the closet now is still hard in small towns but imagine

► 01:58:47


► 01:58:49

a man Charlie Chaplin there's a magic but there's probably a lot of getting shot going on like I don't think there's any difference in the number I bet the numbers probably at sound like this it's exactly the same I'm sure yeah cuz even now people are saying now there are more there more trans in the world there but there are more that are getting operations in the old days it was the same thing I'm sure about the numbers consistent probably the percentage probably more numbers now because it's more people now probably a bunch of gay but just cuz the you can get you know you can change anything so you just suck dick you know any private or whatever this is science so you guys are on compound media is called its

► 01:59:49

every show and we do we do free episodes once a week there 30 minute show and then on on Fridays we do the two-hour show on compound media and it's just a compound media Anthony cumia Anthony he's a fucking fun he's a genius like the format or not podcasting every like a now they're really good podcast but the first couple years of podcasts like the 2006 7 whatever most podcast sounded like shity versions of Opie and Anthony and now like we're trying to do like an hour long interview style podcast it was more like a you know some NPR

► 02:00:49

type deal or something like that and then we start doing them where they would be like a lot of comics just hanging around hanging out and will when we start doing those which was like 2009 ish that was clearly influenced by Opie and Anthony and also influenced even more so by Anthony cumia is internet show that is doing this, compound oh yeah yeah because I watch that and this is one of the big things that hit maybe cuz I realized I could do it because he just set it up in his basement I mean he had some money and he decided to make a green screen is a professional camera and then I thought about it while I do that like why am I not doing that like he's got this whole setup in his basement and then there was just one time where he was drunk doing karaoke with a machine gun versus gun machine gun a singing karaoke and and I were thinking like this crazy mother fucker I need to I need to do a show now I need to

► 02:01:49

cuz I guess I'm saying this would be a lot of fun and I always enjoy doing radio shows when I did them that I would do like I would do Opie and Anthony even if I didn't have like tickets to sell so I can still show up and go hang out exactly what we're doing right now that's that's how it happened then I'm doing it with those guys and watching Anthony do it on his own and becoming friends with Jimmy you know and then just seeing how it's fun to just hang out with comics and Anthony show couple weeks ago next week when he's fucking insanely funny easy comic

► 02:02:49

and like every all of the open Anthony fans were like what why does he have Jimmy why doesn't have Jimmy why doesn't he have but why doesn't why doesn't Owen ain't get back together but Dave will find out and Grant you go okay this works this is Greg coming over really good he's super nice guy to work dude and they're set up it's great money behind them just turns it into whatever the fuck you want it to be and I've got a little stadium seating so I can have a strange people sit there when he was in the basement of his house there's something I like about doing the shows when you go into someone's house like I did like a month ago about going in the suburbs of Dallas in his garage to do his shows to say where he lives matter because hiding now but yeah but

► 02:03:49

Bob Ross paints Muhammad yeah you know it means literally something that they're allowed to kill you if you do and he did that allowed mean it's strange time I mean this is also a time where that criticizing that criticizing anything that's Islamic is very dangerous because people call you Islam aphobic at two different things going on the same time but those same people have no problem walking Christian I'm not even like I'm not a right-wing guy I consider myself a little more to the left but there's something I like about right-wing media especially like the funny type of that they take crazy risks you mean like like like like

► 02:04:49

I think his fucking hilarious in the crossfire right now is the eye of Sauron is pain him he said about like inciting violence and now that there's some article saying that the FBI considers him that the proud boys are hate group but then cumia sent me something that he sent him and I'll send it to you he's saying it's bullshit the first time I heard about the proud boys I was doing Gavin show New York which is a black, and he was like Hey me and him are in the proud boys will want to fuck our wives and then like 4 months later I was like I don't forget the proud boys today

► 02:05:44

well you know it today I thought you'd quit that years ago maybe Jamie I'm sending you an article to where he's realizing how probably be connected with these people and that you know look it's one of those fucking things you want to have a group you can't control everyone in the group so everybody in the group that does something horrible I just sent you something pull this up is Gavin's response I was too so many people got mad at me that I had Gavin on the first place this first of all I had Gavin on because used to be one of the founders of Vice also because I had Gavin on the for that and he was fun to hang out with then when I had them on the on the last time he was talking about was the proud boys I didn't know what the fuck that was I think maybe I'd heard of it but I thought it was a joke turned out a used to be a joke it started off as a joke on compound media and Anthony will get into a better he knows the history of it but they were making fun of something and they decided to make a fake mock group called The Proud boys now the

► 02:06:44

but this is when you have a group that's supposed to be fighting and TV and I actually tried to express his to him when he was on the show cuz he was talking about taking people's ass we're going to punch him in the face and tell him to punch you in the face I'm like okay that's not how reality works like I don't know if you ever been punched in the face or if you've been around people that like to punch people in the face but you don't just punch someone in the face what happens is you punch him in the face they come back with a bat sound like it's a knife people get guns it always ask Alex it's going to keep going you don't just get away with punching people in the face you know and yeah it's not good that these and Tifa people bring bike locks and smack people to head to them that's kind of the point in that in the first place those people don't understand what happens when you start the chain of violence when you start that Domino chain they don't understand what happens they think that they're living in some fucking book that they love about some revolutionary liberal character that you know reaches out and and and smashes all these oppressors of Social Justice song reality in reality you just hit a guy with a lock was talking to you

► 02:07:44

you assaulted him with a deadly weapon and the next thing you know they're going to kill you are they going to beat you they going to punch you so when a guy like Gavin says something like you should punch them in the face I understand why he said that because they were inciting violence these these and Tifa people that hit people things and wearing masks they ate some of them some of them were doing it nonviolently some of them just wanted what they thought was the right thing to happen but like all groups you get a fucking big group you can't control everybody in the group and that happened with the proud boys too I think I think he decided to have this thing that was going to you know mockingly opposed and Tifa then it became real and then it became violets and just this is this is just one of the problems that people have when there's a fucking group of people opposed to another group of people and you know him quitting the proud boys is definitely smart but I don't think it's going to help because now people are at there's they're saying he's a white supremacist in the perception that people have of you is almost in

► 02:08:44

almost as important as what you actually do it's probably even more important almost people that are going to actually read into it but for people in the outside the perception of who you are is is is too many things to learn okay he's a racist fuck that racist that's all people here that's all they say and then they keep moving me what you got a guy who's Gavin who first of all he's not even American he's Canadian channel is married to a Native American woman he is not a racist he said he's a provocateur a hundred percent unquestionably he says ridiculous shit cuz he thinks it's funny but I didn't even think I know him but I think he's just fucking definitely has some right-wing ideas but more than that he doesn't like some of the ridiculous aspects of the left

► 02:09:44

so it's more in is it again. He's up more opposed to some of the more Preposterous Notions of the lap and he is really right but he's right on something soon right wing on some things but if he came onto the show dressed like fucking Michael Douglas from falling down as a goofy brought afrina case and everything tie and white short-sleeve button-up shirt he did it as a group like that's him he's a he's a weird guy and it's funny he says funny shit but he but in this when you there's two different ways you can go through life right he can pretend put on an act or you by yourself what he's chosen to do a little bit of both his chosen to pretend a little bit but also be himself so it's hard for people to know where the line is make that's fun that's fun if you're getting away with it it's not fun when it turns on you and then you don't know that part I was joking around about people that says who like

► 02:10:42

who's who's right who's Rock like it it's he gets it gets real slippery when people don't actually know who you are where you stand and I think he was Joe he thought it was fun to fuck with people little bit of certain things and in this climate man I can be fucking dangerous sad that all the shit is going down and I hope it passes over in and people get done or send me some perfect person but no one is but what he has is an interesting guy was weird since funny shit I need to cash it on the air once on a show is stuck his finger up his ass and shit up box or something the left hates the right the right pizza left and we're all exactly the same difference between

► 02:11:40

what you said yes to people in the group just yeah the whole group I'm going to hate group to find that group so whether you know people are on the right there's a lion or fiscally conservative but their socially liberal and they just they just don't think that you should spend money like crazy they believe in discipline and I believe in you know I'm having an intelligent financial planning you know there's there's that as well as people who are socially Democratic candidate need another route that the social something you spend all the rich people's money otherwise I would think she's just as many people dislike this away broader Spectrum but you have to pick a side I think most of us are like 90% in the middle and then there's the five five on either side or left leaning then you see like extremely

► 02:12:40

fuck like that there's there's something very scary on both sides and when you see that scary thing you want to pose that thing so you become what it's the optional you become a left-wing person who did you decide what we were going to stop Trump no matter what whatever is never Trump mean there's a lot of that going on the right side is it cuz of the free speech thing cuz I think pretty much everything I'm more left-leaning accept the free speech thing that I'm more right lane and it's insane. Should be right or left to sing to me that's having a problem with the same to me because I was taught the left was all about free expression and tell Jen education and now it's a bit more about peaceful Behavior like the hippies in the you know the 70s where everything really changed in the 60s which really did launch Revolution and changed a lot of America during the sixties in the seventies a lot of it inspired by psychedelic drugs right

► 02:13:40

all those people man but non-violent that was a big part of that whole movement was all the love and the the the hippies movement of today is not the same it's like a feeble small subset of the overall aggressive liberal group you know that thinks that you know they've got to stop out sexism and racism and transphobia all these things and like I said like really aggressive front-running you know was it the ones you want change policy and change culture and change society so when you get in teeth involved and you get people screaming in people's faces and people going to lectures and blocking lectures and you knowing and threatening violence like wow this is a very different kind of vibe then what changed the world in 67 that used to have a bit about how the best way to deal with hate is with love and that that's truly believe that if someone likes and I try to do that like it

► 02:14:40

it's weird when I was going through my weird face but now whenever people say I fucking hate you cuz you did this you did this like an idiot so I know okay yeah I'm a guy that made fun of a disabled boy I get I get how you can hate that but then I try I try to you know instead of going fuck you I'm allowed doing this I I show him respect I show him love and then after like 3 minutes are always like I'm sorry I'm sorry if I told you you should do that now you shouldn't it it's so easy to change people's minds just by listening to some know some people most people if your one-on-one in real life on the internet on Facebook on Twitter it's it's really hard to change how people think but if you talk to people and you real

► 02:15:40

okay this guy is not a month and this guy is not an asshole and it is if you met him he wouldn't say that and if he did think you were an asshole he did explain this is what I think and then you talk to him and he be like Joe Rogan to listen to limited amount that you could get through when you're expressing yourself on Twitter on Instagram or something yeah and people like to get reactions of people so they want to get Mike Ward's goat they're going to fuck with you and say mean shit to you and they're doing it because they want to get a reaction and some of them don't even think of you as a person and they also think of you as an easy target because you did something mean and because you're a guy in the public eye and your professional comedian and maybe they hate their job and like fuck this guy and they see living his dream when I have to do this shitty job

► 02:16:40

but you don't really because it's like it though the whole the whole interaction sucks like he's wrong you're wrong everybody's wrong. The whole thing is stupid and interacting with people like that I'm going back and forth of them I've done it before it's was stupid to do but it's just a complete waste of energy did you get a lot of shit your last special one article from vegans that's not what I said what I said was that the majority of vegans I think you're good people who are just trying to live their lives without it something dying they just missed me this moral choice and then I say and those people pay for it with her health they're always sick the fuck I get a bug Light Up

► 02:17:40

the part of the joke why they could have let you know that they would have joined the Taliban it took the wrong exit just so they took out he calls vegans dipshitz no fucking article does the only thing that I was looking at pictures of people that have that was it like like I don't eat meat I don't eat meat product but my dogs and my cats do this like why am I going to decide like I feel guilty if I eat the steak but my fucking dog doesn't care of my dog if I left my dog out of the house without me he's fucking kill everything so why am I going to be like no no young man you're going to eat carrots

► 02:18:40

without swimming for cats like a month-and-a-half were that stupid that they they made their cats and then just looking at the pictures and there's something weird that like I think all vegetarians and vegans if you look at animal cruelty you're always sad but when I was looking at vegan cat make me laugh I was like what the fuck it's so stupid because it's such a fucking glaringly ridiculous proposition no longer a carnivore they all look like Freddie Mercury the last month of his life I don't know what Freddie Mercury last month was on his deathbed I don't need to see it I get it yeah you made me feel like shit

► 02:19:35

joke and I was like maybe there's a real photo going around I don't know if you can explain your comedy well today you still get away with a lot but you just have to give to take a lot of time to craft you bits think about what you're saying and how other people not just whether or not it works sometimes things work but you're saying things like I could have got away with the same exact thought and I would have been I've been in more people's brains would have got in smoother I heard a thing I love more McDonald's or McDonald's my favorite comic of all time and he when I was going through my thing I saw the thing about him that he said that when he was doing Weekend Update he's done a joke about someone that I just died and then he got a email from the the people's family about her it was before email

► 02:20:35

so I guess he got a letter of fax or whatever about how they felt about that joke and he was like that made me realize that o'shit what I make fun of someone There's an actual person behind that it's weird that might my whole Court thing like like when I was there this was before I went to court I read Norm's thing and I was like I never got that cuz I was doing jokes about this this kid that was famous so in my mind it was like making fun of Justin Bieber was like making fun of whoever whoever but then I realize there's there's someone behind you know someone that feels what you're saying is exactly what people experience when they hate on you online

► 02:21:22

exactly the same thing don't think of you as being a person. Hope ultimately we were getting get past this I think a lot of what's happening with this

► 02:21:41

is that this is only been around for like 20 years this internet way of communicating with with each other and only been around the way it is really the way it is now for like less than 10 you know and I think that we don't know what we're doing with it yet we don't know how to do it yet we fuck it up and I think to look for comedy for a while when I was going through my thing everyone is telling me they're like you think this is the death of like dark humor and and I don't think it is but I think we're going to just be smarter about you got to get the fuck out of Canada bro this is what everybody always says this is the end this is the end of this I mean that is why things that I read about the net special this is the end of Comedy like that she was going to kill, never going to be a good piece of art why would someone not want to laugh and she said that she was going to retire unless Lewis CK comes back and it.

► 02:22:41

is she coming she comes back she realize she's at my work is not done yet I think it's a real quick but she might have been tongue and cheek in two dimensions and who knows cuz she didn't she said she didn't know who Norm Macdonald was like I saw that maybe she doesn't maybe she really isn't in the comedy left Africa that were they really work

► 02:23:39

yeah I don't know man it's definitely a genius I love my guy he was supposed to be someone put the kibosh on him talking to people anymore she mentioned Louis CK again and possibly that he might not have come back I don't want to stop him she said it's worth just to see if he does have an audience course he will there's 18 seconds left the interview tape it didn't expect it take a turn the Gatsby of course had other ideas if he does have an audience then I won't be quitting stand up Miss Gatsby said quote me on that have Louie CK finds his audience I will definitely not quit stand-up because my work here is not done that also say I said that with a cheeky smile she added and left the table also she was she was fucking around I'm still use tape to record I don't know but I like that you said that say that I sent with the cheeky smile so good

► 02:24:39

exact same thing so good for her. All of it like them the animosity the fucking tension who cares and against her that's what I mean I don't mean like her animosity for the NBA out Comics Luann comics new her and they were like she used to be really funny and I think it was just this show there was like a more serious show so maybe in the interviews she just fucking around pretending like she doesn't know know what you want to do now to you know what just because you're really funny for a long time mean I think that is something that

► 02:25:37

the fuck is her name someone is doing that now too she just did something when she just did an interview about that God damn it the fuck is your name

► 02:25:50

I got woken up real early this morning I'm super foggy my kid climbed in the bed this morning at 5 a.m. going to go back to sleep and she was she's a constant she's a regular on the Howard Stern Show she's to be really big so I thought awake get her stomach stapled very funny

► 02:26:06

so is she called the scores of the queen of mean she used to do the rose Lisa she's tired of hurting people's feelings and she's going to tell stories now I'm kind of like you always make me feel bad cuz my kids are always venom for the real Hemet

► 02:27:06

so I could read her heading straight down workshop leader inspiration to Millions when I got a little crazy there

► 02:27:17

just going crazy or she's enjoying herself. She looks very different strange call pills on the bottom of the pharmaceutical a Storyteller show it's a problem I don't think it's going to be that different to what she used to do cuz you know people evolve people change and that's normally there's nothing sadder than seeing a comic you saw 20 years ago and then you see him again this year and it's the same fucking shit so it's good that she gave us a man act that's really sad from the 90s and they haven't they literally have written a joke guys are real

► 02:28:17

Jeremiah Watkins did a thing about the 80s comic that it was the best it was so funny I can think he's a funny dude I didn't show last night that stand up on the spot show a little while I don't know why he does Brian Brian side of Thunder pussy is way better I am stand up on the spot you're so literal okay you know if the promise Center pussy is people might not know what it is but if they should why don't they know I figured out a way to do it. Jeremiah listen to me Jeremiah Thunder pussy

► 02:29:17

what stand-up comedy right on the spot stand up on the spot. Stand up comedy right on the spot right now that's the name of the title now but he did do a good impression we we know guys like that who needs Comics tonight and it's just I don't want to call them, it's just in the same thing for 20 years and they're open Microsoft 20 years almost right in the go around doing maybe an opening Spot somewhere and it's the same axle have references in there of stores that don't exist anymore it's so weird when you watch them do it what am I supposed to train wreck in sadness weekend in smaller markets Montreal is a fairly small Market on the other and even like the end there's no money to be made in Canada so there are a lot of fucking hacks and comics in Montreal

► 02:30:17

that was that was write down what happened it was suspicious. I don't know the details yeah but from what I understand there he sold it to his mom died and then he sold it or he he just close it down a few months later the same name a couple of people that bought it the love the club and they reopen it up until when it burnt down and he was a bartender that Ian got a partner he like a fucking piece of garbage he didn't tell anyone he didn't tell us he showed up one night and they were like okay everything is taken out of the club he just left

► 02:31:17

first time I saw you was there yeah I see that you would like this wasn't like in fucking like 1984 or whatever but it's like you were you were you were doing like big big big big big fucking rooms but you were there just to do a show for you know for the club at work for Jimbo forever so I come back and work for free I just waited for him for free once I just said just pay for my hotel I go to have some fun I just I just I always love being he's just that he was such a great guy I'm sure he's alive if he hears us but he was a great guy I just enjoyed being around him and he needs struggled it was a small room table that real intimate room place in to me it was

► 02:32:10

is that place helped me it was in the time when I started doing it was right when my career went from being like a middle Act was kind of going on the road and doing these weird little things to becoming a headlight on television a lot of it happened while I knew him and during that time until I take you quite a few trips up to Montreal for The Comedy Festival to work at Jimbo's place and to go back and forth and do a bunch of gigs up there I just was up it was an important spot for me you know she had a real eifert like she booked everyone before they were famous and if this is for people probably maybe habeas top 200

► 02:33:10

I saw I saw it while Chris Rock there as well I saw Richard jeni wants just level that place it was during a time where I was

► 02:33:22

I might have been like 4 years in a comedy I was I was pretty new in the comedy and I was up there we get you in the festival you or just there doing fast yeah maybe maybe 5 years is 5 years in a comedy and Richard jeni was a monster man he he is the one guy that I just repeat this over and over again cuz I don't think people appreciate a fucking funny he was cuz he was he was kind of an odd guy who was just hard to find like a category where you fit in but he was so fucking funny and he just let that place on find remember leaving his set on God damn it but I absorb something from it and one thing was at that guy exhaust did subjects like he would take a premise and exhaust that premise and smash it to the point where when he was on like this third wave of observation and punchlines you would just like

► 02:34:22

you were as in all of the fact that he's continuing to beat down the subject as you wore the writing in the punchline it was also like the Mastery of his ability just Master premise and just just just dominate all the air intake you off-guard catch you off-guard but you also agreed while he was saying it was a wizard man it means just tight jokes man he was so God damn good that's how I am with the Ralphie May Ralphie I've never seen anyone

► 02:34:58

get laughs like Ralphie got like I did a series of shows with them like a year or two before he died end up the walls felt like they were fucking shaking like I could I don't like I was hosting the show and he was he was closing it and he wasn't supposed to close at first but then keep he was like it was gone too good they they had to make was closing before that it was so I forgot who I was

► 02:35:26

I forget who I know this was in Montreal Brad Williams one or the other and whoever was weather was Brad or or Jimmy said the first he should I go in the room just to feel the energy of that room and since I'm from like like I've been living in Montreal for 20 years I know that fucking room I've seen like Marilyn Manson in that room, topless in the room felt like the Ralphie Phelps India's kill how long you in town for

► 02:36:24

well if Joey goes up tonight at the store I don't know if he's up to tonight that's a life-changing thing he's the funniest I've ever seen I never seen anybody kill harder than Joey Diaz never do you have to see it okay if you think when Ralph is a funny guy Joey Diaz is a force of nature it's a different thing this is not taking anything away from Ralph Jody Jody is a different thing man he'll he'll make you just go whoa okay that's comedy to love lesson. Sounds like sounds like him like that that's what I loved about him when I met him the first time I was like you sound like like like an old gangster you sound like I love guys that sound like that they should be in Goodfellas you're definitely sounds like that he's he's like legitimately seen more life and more chaos

► 02:37:24

probably any random thousand people store in like how the fuck is this possible meth and he's not a liar now he doesn't have met people to verify the stories he just lived a fucking insane life you know you can tell when people make up their tears he's not a bullshiter fast any people with you so when did you guys start doing the showing, but I'm meeting and we started doing the free show about 4 months ago cuz like we want to get people to listen to The Compound media how does compound media workers comp immediate you need to be a subscriber

► 02:38:24

895 895 a month Monday to Thursday you get an in hot water that's an amazing show it's a Lamborghini biscotti 4 days a week in about like 30 or 40 shows yeah there's quite a few shows I'm at one of the hosts she was on Joanna's I want she's the only female host that we have in the old days with Opie and Anthony he was like he helped out a bunch of young comics and he's trying to I think he's that that's kind of what he's doing with compound media and I'm calling myself a young, like even on 45 and I'm going to die in 4 months but well you mean people that are on established

► 02:39:24

and things like that like I'm still based out of Montreal and we were the only show that all the shows they do them in his studio in Manhattan and then he he asked me do you want to do this and I didn't want to move to it like I got my wife I got my life in Montreal I like much but then she was like if you do the show you can do it from Montreal and plus I had you do it how do you have it set up we have a studio in a Lake Park axe which is a neighborhood with where he's from don't tell people you are bro he said he has a studio and we do this show every week and it's it's a lot of fun they downloaded you send it uploaded to wish her and send it to them alive

► 02:40:24

do you like weird splices where you go back in time and change clothes don't say a word about it like we just change your t-shirt that should be your joke call you should call you show a hundred percent live and I think what people like is our shows like not political at all and like a lot of the stuff on compound media is is is political and like the people that like people even people that like political sound okay I get it I get it Hillary's acunt left-wing like rainbow in the background we should get a like a trans third Mike

► 02:41:24

we weave I know it but it's not as right-wing as people think it is you know Anthony's right-wingers intelligent I'm not necessarily right wing at all and I like talking to him and he's super funny right to like a people in The Leftovers shit on Anthony or people on the right I'll sit on like like comics and I'll be like that's funny that's funny like even if that's not how you think that's funny Brian like Sarah Silverman a lot of people on the right shit on Sarah Silverman Sarah Silverman is fucking funny hilarious sitting on his only the political opinions it's just it's a nonsense word to get into

► 02:42:24

these teams they want to hate everybody's on the other team and she's on team left so fuck that bitch that's what happens to the top of the food chain and then we just okay well it's US versus them so we're going to win a hundred percent yeah William Von hippel guy was on my show last week I wrote a book called The Social leap season of that episode of the book is essentially all about how human beings really succeeded by figuring out once we were some sort of weird primate thing it was close to us by banding together and working cooperation and that performing teams and loyalty to the teams always rewarded to me and this is what you're saying in politics you see in Social Circles even like these crazy Auntie for people and I'm proud boys it's all the same thing it's just tribal Behavior you seem tribal behavior on the right from the proud boys travel behavior on the left from antifa and everybody else is the

► 02:43:24

me and they lash out and you know most of it is just completely misguided most of all the aggression in the violence and hate is so stupid and so misguided and counterproductive and even though they think because in the moment it's such an impulsive childish thing to do to lash out and hit someone with a bike lock or punch someone sucker punch him but you all you're doing is feeding this fucking machine it's never going to run out of fuel she's going to keep chewing up our our culture is going to just keep going it's you're not going to end it you know you're not going to if you start punching people it keeps get you feeding the Beast they're going to punch back to punch back but they going to kill you there's nothing I used to do a lot of shows for like I'm the people that like me are generally men like most of my fans are there more men than women so I used to it whenever I do corporate gigs the only corporate gigs I'd ever do where shows for military police officers or the

► 02:44:24

Hells Angels and now and every time and the thing I realized is when you talk to a group of cops or you talk to a group of Hell's Angels there is a same fucking guys to the same guy cuz they got the same exact fucking mentalities the guys that are like okay it's US versus them we do this alright bro you can call the cops don't come help you carry problem I got into this thing about 15 years ago back home I did a joke about I did a joke on one of the gals for the festival and a reporter talked shit about me and it was a joke all my jokes are little kids so

► 02:45:24

did that I did mention the little girl that got kidnapped in my joke friend and I'm going to give up, D I fucking went out Joe Rogan to give up, sorry I should commit suicide tell me a hilarious joke about the little girl victim about the little girl but it was a bad joke is going to suck now cuz when you have to explain a joke but it was cuz I owed money to the government the IRS the Canadian IRS and They seized all my accounts and I have this little story I know the punchline was like they're fucking crazy if you owe them $8 they're going to kidnap your kids they're the one that they're the ones that have blah blah blah and then attended end of my set with a I got a standing ovation in a Gala got good reviews everything was

► 02:46:24

set up tent like three weeks later this report a guy writes an article about how the audience was shocked and offended and I was like they were shocked and offended I got a standing ovation and they were shocked and offended and then there was this French Canadian guy that's like a like a Larry King type guy he started his show he was like Mike Ward made fun of this little girl let's call her grandfather to see what he thinks about that joke so he called the grandfather in the show in the show he didn't tell the guy who's the guy was like yeah he made fun of your granddaughter and this girl fucking what do you think about that he was like yeah and then people lost their and then people were calling and gold tassel what a piece of garbage and then people you've got an issue I'd like making fun of little kids

► 02:47:24

lost your fucking mind and then people were sending like messages to my manager that they knew where I live they were going to murder me and then I look outside the house and my manager called me like there are people that are going to kill you and I was like they're not going to tell me I look at my house I see fucking people lined up outside my house I'm like I'm going to get murdered but I was looking at them and they weren't attacking the house they were just like in front of my house looking at my house and I was I'm not a brave dude like I can't look like I'm not fucking you like I I don't know how to fight so but I was like I'm just going to go talk to them to see what the what the fuck's up. I meant acted like they were just regular guy just hanging out outside my house I was at what the fuck and then I found out like 2 or 3 years ago and the Hell's Angels had parked that date older dudes like Mike more there people that want to kill Mike Ward so so watch the people that want to kill Mike Ward so there

► 02:48:24

the Hell's Angels like on my house is like in the middle of the street people the other side of the street and on each corner there were Hells Angels watching the people and I was like fuck the Hell's Angels protected me this is the same with Mafia guys if you don't owe the money all like the link whenever whenever I meet anyone like in the mafia or whatever I'm like that he is a good guy but I don't like $19,000 right yeah well I'm sure a lot of organized crime in a lot of organizing business they they probably hate from similar

► 02:49:24

Killing Fields when do you think the things going to get resolved the thing that's weird stupid I am at the end of the K stand up and we go over we vote for you but in Canada we get the the verdict like for six or eight months later so I'm going back to court early January and then I'll probably get the verdict in a year or two like it's really like I'm going to be 97 by the time I get the money is his cost for you so far it's going to cost me like I said Bruce from the lake it's going to cost probably $200,200

► 02:50:24

how to pay it off 10 what I want to do I was really lucky that guy that always sees the glass half full but I was lucky that I had the money to pay this cuz if I was a guy I'd like there was three or four years into comedy and someone like send me a letter to say Hey you owe 80 I would have fucking either committed suicide quit comedy for years in a comedy you probably be more inclined to say something inappropriate because he thought it was funny to be shocking right like you get rewarded especially when you do Open Mic nights and you're just starting out you get rewarded and taking chances that aren't necessarily funny but they're shocking reaction of your said it's not might not even be necessarily good but they're the best reaction of yourself cuz frankly your said is mostly dogshit right when your two or three years in right so imagine that gets on the internet

► 02:51:24

3 year old comic barely if you're going to be funny cuz I was going through depression I've been talking about this for years but now since I'm not in my depression I'm going to start a fund for whoever the next guy or next girl next woman is going to go broke so I'm not pissed storm of them but I think cuz cuz I like like I was lucky I think of myself as lucky for real cuz like I don't have a lot of money but I had enough money to defend myself and I didn't even have to go like it in any way to raise your profile and help you it would help me if I didn't spend all my days in the bathtub crying drinking like a like if I if I use this I could have I could have I don't know if I would have become like super famous but I could have used this but I was like I didn't want to use this I didn't want to be I didn't want

► 02:52:24

be the guy that made fun of disabled children too late

► 02:52:31

yeah I get it man I mean I think that's a real Noble idea to do to start a fun for the next guy and especially because Canada has such a wonky system matches Canada you're basically connected we're all together we were you guys are around here and then we can walk to talk to you crazy with the Canadian Human Rights Commission and every Canadian province has their Human Rights Commission in the world like more criminals in and then there are 11 in Canada that go after open mic hers and Jordan Peterson they go after me this is we can make comparisons to what they're doing Free Speech To What We deem to be the real issues with controlling free speech on the internet I think this real similarities I think you have any Human Rights Council committees

► 02:53:31

getting together and decide they don't want to come off callus or ruthless or you know and so they can decide well that's gone too far this is wrong you should be able to say that the number one problem with controlling free speech like you should be able to say whatever you want and then if people don't like you and they don't watch you or they don't go see you and you let the free market decide it's not about you know what I'll talk to you about inciting hey you're saying you should go kill people want to things in a lot of people had a problem with with Gavin was Gavin was actually saying punch them hit them because he's not used to being punched or hit that's what it is people that are around violence a lot don't just willy-nilly Advocate violence you know and yeah I think he realizes that's probably why he stepped down from this whole thing now cuz he realizes like it's probably hard to see how you're perceived when you're in that fucking polarizing a position is he is that he just was at one point in time the guy was one of the

► 02:54:31

founders of Vice it's really kind of weird interesting provocateur guys very smart I enjoy talking to him to this guy who's like all right and you know the leader of a hate group like what that shit sticks to you man that's it sticks to you like crazy glue yeah

► 02:54:49

I'm always going to do but I think what we're saying earlier site that perceptions some sometimes almost as important as a reality and in your case may prove to be until wore off right yeah like now people forgotten and people say the thing that the like I said when we're starting out the podcast the thing that kind of pissed me off is like in in America I like that and in the back which is French Canada they saw me as a guy that the offencive I'm a fucking dirty comic and I do what I do and I think I do well to enjoy that kind of, that same way they make jokes at the murder

► 02:55:49

Republic of the Year award there's a lot of the media instead of gone there's something weird about the government does the government charging my case is exactly like judging a movie it's like like saying fucking driving so fast I forgot the what I do even if you don't like what I do is are you you might not think stand-up is Art but it is it's a fucking expression and I just seems too much like you're just talking and here's the thing whatever you see a comic but that's good it looks easy and when it looks easy it looks like they just it's off the top of their head and that's what they think and that's what I think I think it was Jim Jefferies it said that that he said there are things that I think and what I sound stage are things that I think are funny and that's why

► 02:56:49

we do on stage like it it's not that she doesn't matter that special is it a fucking good bit about vegan cats are those awesome watch a show at the show it's called it's called Infamous and my the first 15 minutes are about my court case it's a really good special I'm super happy with the special it's the exact opposite of Nanette so Amazon Prime is now I'm in love stand up right now pretty much minutes on the phone right now what are you saying I'm going to bed I'm going to be

► 02:57:49

if not we were we were Friday at Friday at 4 to 6 on compound media doesn't think he still has it I talk to Devin in like over a year like that and the last time he wrote me wrote a funny like it I thought it was he wrote this weird fucking think that I could tell that he was drunk and I was like no way he wrote me like a 4 in the morning some fucking random thing and I was like I'm happy to see you're drinking again something stop drinking for a while and then you wrote something at like almost insulting me I wrote haha and then he wrote you're too hard too hard to piss off I'm going to write someone else he was just that he wasn't + might since my name is Ward like I was probably like at the end of the list so he had to call someone

► 02:58:49

9000 contacts when it comes to freedom of expression this is nonsense you silly goose geese so nice up there alright bye buddy

► 02:59:17

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