#1212 - David Goggins

The Joe Rogan Experience #1212 - David Goggins

December 5, 2018

David Goggins is a retired Navy SEAL and former USAF Tactical Air Control Party member who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is an ultramarathon runner, ultra-distance cyclist, triathlete and world record holder for the most pull-ups done in 24 hours. His new book "Can't Hurt Me" is available now via Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Cant-Hurt-Me-Master-Your/dp/1544512287

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my guest today is one of the baddest motherfukers That Ever Walked the face of the Earth please give it up for David Goggins

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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do Memory live David Goggins your book is fucking fantastic man this is been my running partner the audio version of it's been my running partner for the last week it's fucking amazing man I appreciate that thank you you guys are doing something not very unusual the book is great I've read that I've read it read read the audio book is really interesting because you and the gentleman year old with you Adam Adam skolnick who reads it then you come on and talk about things in between so it's more than just the book it's the book + is the book + like a podcast right yeah so how that came to be man is as of this book the last year we will go through change stuff up have so many stories man we went through everything people so many stories he would come back and read it to me all my changes

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maybe he can read and I can do my podcast thing on the side and you can like after each chapter in between chapters make it real interactive type of thing and that's kind of how it came to be man in the beginning I got to be honest I was like who is this motherfucker talking for David Dunn's I was going to say as it goes on and I also it's very obvious that you and him are good friends so when you guys are talking then I don't mind him reading for you as much for some strange reason I know it doesn't make me sad just joking a Dominican to run now he became a pain in my fucking ass during this process man because you know you just he's a real anal guy you know he he helped out a lot you know how much I'm a real raw sadistic type of mindset India credit for that well if it comes across the book is outstanding and you know it's it's

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it's more than just sitting with like sitting across from you and you telling your story is one thing but this long detailed history of how you became to be the person you became I think it's very educational for people because they can realize like all he wasn't always this guy a guy who's like you who runs me how many Ultra marathons did you run in a row you've never had some insane number 808 weekends in a row to stop and think about that place gentleman 800 means eight 100 mile races eight weekends in a row a hundred mile race will put you out for fucking 6 months right you know you rent eight of them eight weekends or to fuck it's a fucking insane accomplishment is nuts you think about a person like that you think of them as in this sucks static fully-formed version you don't usually get to see and especially someone like you who you went into so much depth about your rise and fall

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fall and rise and follow it wasn't like a straight linear process between you getting inspired and you be coming this bad motherfuker What's that show called that Will Smith plays that that black guy who kind of makes it in the in the financial world are Pursuit of Happiness I never saw that goes and gets over it and you make sit on my ass I thought got the top of Mount Everest and Mount Everest just fucking sliderider need me man is like God. Start from scratch again became my friend literally ran so you know that's that's in the book Matched going up going down going up just the real version of how my life was and it was so in death to go back to your life with a fine-tooth comb that I was kind of embarrassing put it out there the people that like to talk to you I'm in the car for a fucking our getting pumped up cuz I'm a sheep

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introverted leave me alone type of guy like I'm still that motherfucker who is 6 years old you know at a play who can't say his lying cuz I know I'm going to start in front of five people to walk offstage that's still me so every day I'm fighting that do school thing on my Garmin going to podcast look so crazy so evil know I'm trying to be locked into Joe so my mind's have brought so let's run out the damn door watching me on the fucking podcast I was your man so focused on you have to do to stay locked into the game of life and that's and that's why I tell people man I go there I go there that's why it's so good it's because you're so honest about your vulnerabilities and how you overcome them and the four people that see someone who's a beast has done great things you just assume that they're different than you but then you hear about your insecurities in your pitfalls at all the things

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it went wrong with you and you realize with God damn things that go wrong with me like maybe I have that inside of me and I'll just never summoned it upon myself to get around these real alpha males these hard hard men always put people way above me right growing up like my God they had to have a lot more to me to get to where they're at and a lot of them did but once you get around the the best of the best of the best people you can come and start breaking them down and realize that you're just as fucked up as me like that all you did was you hit it better your your your upbringing your mom and dad your Society the way you were raised it hit it better than it did mine you are the only black kid was like 5 and it's cool I can't hide going through buds I was going black you can't hide but I start realizing just because I look different than you allow you my first cannot eat

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give me courage through watching people that were all have a story we all have a jacked up life in one way or another two of us don't have the guts to talk about it though and that's where I found the guts. But mine will this summer be in physical Pursuits right because it doesn't matter what your social status is it doesn't matter how people perceive you comes down to how long can you stay in that pool when it comes down to how far can you run when it comes down to how much can you push yourself past the part where you want to quit for how far can you keep going there's a purity in that that they did did dissolve social order all that bullshit all the what people think about you goes out the window it's what who who are you right now for you right now it's the truth David Mann and I look at it as a psychological warfare and that's rocket learning that life is one big psychological warfare that you telling yourself you turn yourself man the most important conversation ever had my is is with myself and they should all telling myself with so

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fucked up is so wrong it was so misguided and other people start to write that down there for you also and start to be with you said yourself every single day and I started creating a whole nother Warfare a whole nother battle started coming out to go hang on a second guys you have these tools do you have these tools your life was basically the perfect the perfect grounds for training you need to go in your life all the beatings all the all the bullying all that you know you going through a learning disabilities all the struggles it was an absolute perfect training ground for you to go to we need to go and that's how I start looking at my wife vs. what was me Poopy Pants ticket right down the street mentality it was not God just hooked you write the fuk up you don't you write up man with the perfect place your training the first 18 19 20 said you were trying it for this tough man you have the advantage of everybody else versus my God they're so above me

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the Catholic Family mom and dad I love them they have learned any stores in The Struggle No Man your struggle is what made you who you are now so I started flipping listen to a whole different I thought of being a master of run scared of I'm scared of my mind and I became a literally a master of that mine and that's what now from now on it's just me perfume most people diving into that was a big part of the stores when you go over your childhood in your abusive father and then having his great God it was going to become your stepdad and then he gets murdered it's like right when you're about to get out of it everything looks good but then he gets murdered it's like these things really did sort of set you up to start from scratch again just go ok Rodger that we start from scratch and now you have that attitude you developed it through all of these horrible personal experiences all the trials and tribulations all the evil shit that people try to do to you

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that sort of set you up to be able to deal in a way that a lot of people can't well I used to look at my life from a different vantage point and when you're when you're in all the muck and you just walking and walking walking among can walk in the market you don't see that if you look off to the fucking left of the month there's a sidewalk brother get off get off of it you have your head down looking into some once I saw the sidewalk I got a little break and I got different vantage point and then from the sidewalk I found a cliff and if I'm out and I got way up high on top of my wife look back down on it said okay I got figure this out man I'm not going anywhere I'm starting a lion start like so we have messed up Foundation I started lying about everything I want people to like me I wanted to be accepted in some societies wife some social Society in the right way I messed up here I messed up here and messed up everywhere and so I realized the worst thing that happened to me is I lost myself I never have Myself and I

► 00:17:26

call Myself & no self-esteem so I knew through working out and learning that it took a lot for me to learn all so I thought of finding self esteem once I found that that's indoors. I stopped caring about people that what they thought being judged while if I say this if I started right now are you make fun of me I stopped caring about that and that's my life. It really change it for me slowly but surely she knows such an important point we talking about the working out because a lot of people think about working out there thinking of his being a physical thing right no, I did it for mental people say my God like no don't don't look at it like I didn't care about losing weight in the fastest person I wasn't making the Olympics on the pros I can barely read it when I was in high school I was going anywhere I saw working out as a way for me to build calluses on my mind I had to Calais over the victim's mentality so I watch these movies out in the hot tub. Rock and a stone

► 00:18:26

I always equated training to mental toughening like it was a brutal people waking up early and doing all these things are horrible that not to get better bigger and stronger but that is what's going to build me that looks uncomfortable that looks brutal and getting up early or do that some of the long list of things I want to do is do that I found myself I thought you guys aren't doing this shit in high school you guys are getting at 5 in the morning run over in his golf course so I start seeing myself very differently than the average human being II I have some mental health and that's not start to develop these things to working out it was just great NeverEnding work ethic if you work ethic I develop self-esteem is this something that you learned is it something you learn yourself from from exercise yourself or is it something you would read or heard about like what made

► 00:19:26

you equate this doing this and doing these difficult things physically to mental toughness to being this is the discipline that you need in order to get your life out of the situation you're in so I know so I wasn't reading back then I just saw I watch a lot of movies and I was really big into visualization and I always equated working out to struggle and I struggled my whole life but I ran from it so I started realizing that I got start fixing the struggle and I got to be mentally strong for the struggle so that's why I start Kevin coming up like I'm training for Life eventually I'm training for life I'm not training for like jotul f400 pounds is that through this through self-discipline through repetition tons of repetition the same thing that you don't want to do it doesn't have the key thing through repetition of things you don't want to do you develop mental like like an armor for your mind

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some of your mic in Mustang okay we suffer we suffer everyday but we do we do stuff that sucks every day so then when the sex stuff comes you're ready for and that's how I started coming up you know I just thought being very uncomfortable now I'm just a way of life it's a crazy thing to figure out though it's like that you figured it out and you didn't just figure out you embraced it like when you were talking about your senior year of high school when you talking about you're over your mirror being your accountability mirror like you had a radical shipped like you just decided to not be a fucking loser and to start tightening up and start holding yourself accountable and and get ready for things so I have this whole life I don't know if people believe in God or what I don't care what you believe in this unrelenting voice in my voice it's the right or wrong and a lot of times that voice guidance into comfort in my voice got it mean to comfort a lot but I have this other voice I heard my whole life you doing

► 00:21:26

man we got to go over here we are going over to that rock pile over the fucking corner where nobody is at that's that's where victories at so much was giving me all these answers not I want real smart kid growing up but I had this crazy voice in my head saying over there is where the fucking answers are and I will listen to it was over there was pain over there was me looking in the mirror over there was me being accountable for all these things I went through a life you know people put them on me it's not mind your own and I don't want to go over there by myself but I had to in his voice was guiding me there. It's gone we're going to call it but that's what that's what it wasn't me do you think that's just what you eat when you separate yourself from your ego and what what you were your insecurities and all you would like if you were giving yourself advice you would say that's what the thing is to do so you think that's what it was like your subconscious or you Stripped Away from all the bullshit we couldn't lie to yourself cuz it's a voice in your head

► 00:22:26

exactly it catches it knew I was the character I was trying to find myself to a character I was making different hairstyles and Sag My Pants and I was off I was off man I wish I was a clown I was a clown in the end I was like this is not this is not what you're supposed to be in life man it's ugly when you looking at dirty mirror and you're trying to do a new hairstyle to go to school and I had to hear it down one time where I shaved the top my head old man had to hear leaving the whole top of my head I went to school like that you know what do the kids say I was a funny dude that came in the school that crisscross came out and I was in high school to my password backwards I see my pants backwards sag down past my ass crack shirt turn backwards with a toothbrush

► 00:23:26

in my mouth with the reverse Park reverse part is your head is shaved and you have some hair on top just a little piece of hair versus like a like a part and the part was on a bald head so it was just I was sitting home instead of studying or think about what can I do to impress a mother fucker at school that became my life and it's a long road to hoe to get to the guy who says now you're never smile any Pockets look so serious I'll look at that shit like you motherfukers have no idea who I am who come from to get here today you could have probably been an Entertainer like you probably because you were doing all that kind of shit have some jokes Joe

► 00:24:13

what people read in this book can hurt me it's a sad story is a horrible story is a tragic story is a story that made me who I am today but you got to learn to laugh at yourself to once you once you go through that shitt I now so there's a lot of parts near was La Mia gets a lot of white people you know and I have a routine that won't do so people who hire me to speak I'm not going to do the routine not often do it sometimes I was thirty-six black got to go to Seal training okay how many people are probably looking at probably 11:12 I can take to it to make it through, 13000 seals I'll tell me the 36 other 36 black how to make it through number just like the like the 1940s you know you looking at almost 70 years take that let make a nice comedy skit all that shit you don't like like like the first time I had time yet but to me it's called drown-proofing so I'm negative as hell you know me too

► 00:25:13

so I was just lose my fucking mind so it's something that to get over you know and I and I and I found you or I found humor in my suffering on that mother fucker what are you doing out here this is crazy like you're you're literally trying to reinvent the wheel. Trying to reinvent my mind I was trying to reinvent my mind and I use every single tactic possible to do that I don't want to live in I live in this world where I was a fake human being anymore and I was tired of blaming everybody for all that my dad beat me this happened only my Dad ran prostitutes me and my dad little nasty so out of my mom my mom is still valid if I got my mom left my dad I just want to talk about the book she got married three times for total of six months

► 00:26:11

you know I don't go to Emmett I'm going to talk about the guy she married so this woman she's beautiful she's she's so smart all the stuff man this guy literally stripped her soul away and I and I had no sir to begin with in my in my brother he has a story that that he can write 8 books you know about my dad just came through in this watch this all clean so we too too too busy he died about four years ago for five years you're not for sure I didn't go to the funeral but I forgave them so I saw my dad threw an 8 year olds I so it was so we left and I was at 8 and then at 22 I went back to seeing through a grown man's eyes in the same person I remembered but I had to you can't live with hate you cannot move forward as much of that guy try to ruin all of our Lives that's where I came from how to figure out the origin of where I started from so when I was going back to my last run to fix Who I Am the fuck that person I was like if your knee hurts is usually not your

► 00:27:11

can either Saturday or something else like it could be a tight quad it could be the right leg numbness in left leg you got final the origin of where all this shit began and it was him so I had to go back to where you know my roots and indoors and all this happened in this hard to do that did you make peace with him I'm a big piece with so we didn't have a peaceful conversation beat me up when we left very garanimal he's a he's a he's a vicious man who was a vicious man I mean medieval motherfucker so I ain't had become a medieval motherfucker that time I was twenty-two and now it's a big boy and so I was no longer the guy who is afraid it was not like a I want to kill you type of shit and we were sitting at Denny's

► 00:27:53

after all night skate or whatever help they know you and you on bars and skating rinks like that and so we were sitting down and we kind of got into it and I kind of left and I had to make peace with it in myself I could not hold on to the heck is going on I said hey what's half the reason why I kept falling to the same pattern of failing I had to get out of start jumping off some baggage and start figuring out me do him and that's all he was therefore he was the origin of figure him out figure out why he was so evil to my mom to me and my brother and how to start studying him like a lot of people have situations where someone does something and we all attack that person back on the media is someone does something wrong everybody now it's Fuckin Perfect it we now judge this guy I don't judge anybody would I do that start studying them why did they do that

► 00:28:46

what is a judging way I want to learn from you and would you get out of your dad I got the who was he grew up rough he had he was very insecure had a lot of kids and his insecurities just trickled over onto us so yeah he jacked us up real good but he never fixed himself so you never fix yourself the next person in line is going to get the rat if you're next in line you know his his first wife you know killed herself or whatever happened and you don't got burned up in the house or something some craziness and is locked up and goes on there that I didn't put the book cuz if I go to court yeah but yeah that's all it was is locked up

► 00:29:26

you know one of the great Parts about this book is that you you detail exactly what was going through your mind in terms of like your weaknesses and how you'd failed and and then you it's not just one time like you you do the thing in high school will you get your shit together and then you join the military and then you wind up getting fat again and then when you go when you have to lose what is 106 lb in 3 months to qualify for Seal training time once again I failed again I thought so would you talk about that took his ass Baptist until I didn't know how to read and write pretty much in high school as a good fourth grade reading level after that test a few times and I finally passed it actually drove my car to the to the daggone airport watch planes take off

► 00:30:22

how's it going to be one of those players when they going to Air Force boot camp so I I never I was fixed the things on the surface so if I couldn't read and write learn to read and write always fix these things on the surface level and so whenever something hard I didn't have any kind of tools to handle it I mean I thought I fixed this already man but I didn't go deep into the dungeon of my soul to say okay what is making you a quitter what is making you a weak man was making you afraid and so that's why I kept quitting going back to start or not knowing how to get through hard times and that's why I was telling you but I'm not a theorist

► 00:31:06

I didn't study like you I didn't study for fucking book I really put myself in a fire repeatedly like a sword you put a sword in a fire repeat lyrics to keep on doing that you want to get an eyesore and if you don't beat me you got to beat the shit out of it and that's what I am I can't quit you got to figure out why you are this pussy why are you this pussy man who is wrong with you what's going on here so I kept on putting the sword back in the deck on fire and I just beat it harder and I beat harder before I start realizing man the brain is starting to get hard the brain starting to get hard I'm no longer a theorist I'm now a practitioner I put it in hell I dissected while sitting here can you can't dissect anyting in a normal environment you can't dissect anything in 72 Degree weather you must put it in the fucking freezer and Fries the fuck out of it and then you die

► 00:32:05

dissecting what is miserable dissect the brain with all the think about I need to get out of here man I want to get out of the fucking freezer open the door and you said No. 5 more seconds 5 more seconds in the freezer and asked me to pick that break apart and that's what all this stuff did to me I kept on putting myself back into the freezer or the fire and beating the shit out of myself mentally and physically before I knew it

► 00:32:34

this is what happened while you said it's an interesting way to self teach and I don't like most people that you know you talked to their discipline they know that they have something that they read that inspired them they have certain people that they look up to their certain no coaches that taught them there's certain important moments in their life but for you it's a system of failure and and reflection and then rebooting he saw something you customize customize are you still crazy if you read my book I cannot explain My Life by saying hey it was a Merry fucking Christmas man know it wasn't I want you to I want you to go there with me I'm taking you there with me I'm a Storyteller I want to take your ass down Paradise we are so the house I lived in Buffalo New York

► 00:33:34

what happened every day funny we lived on Paradise Road and it was anything but fucking Paradise so I want you to go there with me you want to learn for me let me take your ass home let me take you there so that's the whole thing about it man we're scared to dive into our lives what made us who we are the beautiful people that we are all jacked up and so many ways that the beauty of us that's the beauty of me I'm jacked up but I figured out my own little process and how to get on Jack to my house I'm not going to get the same with you I'm going to get the same way you're going to get there you may get there by going to point A to point B

► 00:34:13

I'm going to go Point C to DD tapping to be there same way you are just a little harder that's how I train my brain so I was just different different thinker when you stop and think about all the different times that you did have to reboot and how you you you found like new goals and you found new inspiration you fired up a new discipline and you became stronger and harder and you want to things that people always look for in life they look for a point where they can rest a retired people love the love that expression the golden years expression they love the idea of a struggle as long as it ends and then when it ends are going to have a nice comfortable spot in Bustin Bustin relax man you've done so much right you really done so much but this the idea of reaching this golden year is is it's a very flawed ID

► 00:35:13

because it's an idea that you're going to you going to work hard but then you going to reach the finish line but there's no Finish Line that'll doesn't exist that's a scary thing about life my friend that is a scary thing right and asked me why don't you ever smile there's no fucking in my friend I know that you're going to meet campaigns after this and listen please if you guys run put a number of that Miles that you're going to run and leave it that do not say let's see who quits cuz you will both die cuz that's a hard man is a hard man when he's a hard man he will run until you die or he dies he doesn't he SES Ultram he's a sick Fox I'm looking for yeah this is scary but do you want the two of you guys need to pick a number I think you guys going to run 35 miles that we can do good

► 00:36:13

sensibly know that we don't go off cuz if one of you motherfukers wakes up and has a good strong espresso.

► 00:36:23

Pokemon Go game and where they are you run for 1 hour you run like as many and then you have like a bell rings and then you sit down for a little bit you know what I mean like your smile thing what was the guy's name that created that yes yeah this crazy fucking so he had people running for days and days and days for this race supposed to do with this year but now you know we'll see you again on the schedule cuz but yeah that that's a sick sick man I've done a couple of those races like he has one, strolling Jim actually won that one in 2016 but he's a he's a sick man what is The Strokes rowing gym race is a 41 mile race on the road it's when the first ultramarathon

► 00:37:23

River and my mom lives in Nashville Sounds like an hour drive I went up there and just like my first race is back after me being off sick and jacked up for so long and I got lucky had a good race and I have to want it you know you were talking about the psoas muscle he had all that we do this thing so right if you use when out of phenomenal I started getting tightness in that when I was running a lot like I've never gotten tightness in that area before that's it seems like that's a running thing right there anything also very stressed thing you know if you're real stressed out man like for me I can set about the origin of word thing start my body was so wrapped tight I didn't know where I can start so I start with the psoas muscle so that's a real good spot with the problem with these races is propped the problem with people like you that's the problem with these races like if you get you and another you and they're in there together

► 00:38:23

but you motherfukers are going to kill each other it's a long day so long ago

► 00:38:30

the last man standing the first person to quit it's a real long day man I mean I don't know how to self-motivate a lot of muhfucka the loss of motivate man like we like to put the headphones on like before the big game and listen to music as you and your mind right I know how to do that that's that's the hard part never listen to music when you run never never told you James cheating now what did you say I find it find a video of somebody else's content I listen to that song from Rocky 1 round 14 when Rocky gets knocked down the corner I listen to that 2 minutes and 13 seconds long

► 00:39:30

listen on repeat for 17 hours Merry Christmas

► 00:39:38

Merry Christmas 17 hours man I went to search the dark. I was in a dark I went to this I went to a place that I'm like I can do anything here we got to live here for a while so I'm doing this come hell or high water mess I broke it out it's just a bit let me hear this

► 00:40:12

I never trained the music reason why I don't do that

► 00:40:24

the gym right now with all this music up

► 00:40:29

they needed to stay motivated the need to stay in the fight gym

► 00:40:40

is Turtle Man

► 00:40:44

how you going to fire yourself up what's that frame inside of you that keeps you going

► 00:40:57

and when you doing this the whole time I'm doing is he doing some of the hardest chin-ups you can do you got a chain around your neck right opposed to folks are just listening and you're pulling down our ropes you doing chin-ups on it looks like taped up ropes it is yeah those are grip a lot of those Alabama and they were in there that music is blaring comes off and you get popped in your fucking mouth on the sidelines brother so that's that's how I trained my mind man I get popped in my mouth man I'm get popped in the back of an alley one day a man running around doing what I do and did we know music

► 00:41:51

I told you James cheating I told you back in a few I was telling but when I first started running people said you run with music as I know running is cheating when you have music onto cheating is cheating you listen to music but not listen to music all the time but more than I listen music I listen to books books on tape audio books and yours is like I said it's been the last two weeks has been my running partner appreciate that man, you're doing this kind of independently right yeah so what I did man is that pissed off a lot of people in 2012 I got an offer from a book for $30,000 I said you can go fuck yourself you know what the hell I went through brother so then everybody was like you know we don't see a market for a black guy ultrarunner fat guy who will read you know 15% American black

► 00:42:51

everybody falls means white species out there man like in so I'm sending walking around going to make you even know who like everybody talks is white like you know it's the ignorance of the world and I'm in these meetings here in this kind of stuff so now 2018 I get a $300,000 offer for first-time author something back you know I'm like my God man you know I hate to make like fucking $60,000 year you know this is a big is payday yet that's all I think I took that one second about the one second decision a lot about what I went through my life when I'm done and I was like you know what I struggle so hard in my life and went through so much that the biggest trophy I know now is that book

► 00:43:41

the biggest trophy I don't know if not the book itself is within the book it's what I don't give a fuk as if that sells more coffee I forgot man like what I did and that's what I hope people understand your life in the journey you put yourself through just not this just nothing more than that and that's all I want people to do is realize that you have to struggle you have to struggle the bigger the struggle the big is a piece too big of the Suffering The more peace I'm not just saying this cuz you here but this book is valuable this book is very valuable it's valuable to people like anybody that you know it mean to biographies very always valuable when you get to see the mindset of a person is done things you haven't done you get that to understand like that they're overcoming sort of the same sort of situations in their mind that you are same insecurities and pitfalls birthday

► 00:44:37

my story is no color involved in it it's a human story about struggle and I happen to be in so many different situation is so many people can relate to about struggle that I guarantee you mark my words you read that book there will be a section of that book that resonated use hardcore it will make you think if if you're not ready to think about your life and think about you know where you can be in think about what you haven't done the books not for you if you never had a softer touch you really self reflect and hold yourself accountable for where you're at and what you're not the book is not refuse real I've read a lot of self-help books and I've listened to a lot of self-help books on tape 2 and a lot of it's just some of them that I have to shut off I have to shut off a quarter way and I feel like someone's lying to me I just like you're bullshiting me you just saying things is that I'm not this isn't resonate with me doesn't that's not working like I'll give it a chance I'll give it a chance but if you know half hour in 2 hours and it's still the same nonsense I don't feel

► 00:45:37

do anything right hand itchy listen to do you just want to pull the headphones off and I'll just kill it don't stop it this is the total opposite this one man I was I was I was running extra miles so I can stay with the headphones on and the the thing that I think is going to happen with this book is people going to get it they're going to get ahold of with her to audiobook all that where the book book and they're going to they're going to recommend it and then it's going to spread like wildfire this is a powerful book there's a real self-help book this is like this is a real one like it's not like someone orchestrates this whole thing like what I'm going to do is honor become a motivator I think I'm going to be a personal influence this one dude I ran into him recently I ran into him at this restaurant is fat ass fucks got this big old belly and I know he does these these motivational things and I'm looking at him like what are you talking about man

► 00:46:37

try to hit your body look at your own Temple where did you meet vehicle you right around this fucking donut around your waist is just he was either shittyfood they look soft and like wake up bitch so many people are doing that now man people are talking this noise so I couldn't I see him I'm not going to say no but I know cuz I can't go on your show right now if I didn't get back to this morning so I cannot talk to people and they take motherfuker on the planet now I have this voice message I don't know I'll call you up if I lie to you about something even a white life

► 00:47:23

fucking my hot email like that wasn't real if we won't bother me that bad round you know so nothing I didn't I didn't set out to write a book

► 00:47:33

but really mad when I was 24 years old account fat spray for cockroaches eating donuts and drink milkshakes I did not plan on doing this all I want to do a chance of fucking reflection and it did Gomer this is all this about it's a byproduct of of that that's not the funny thing about like oh my God David unbelievable it works because you really did do it you really did do all those things and you show how you did it and you're not using any bullshit theatrical jargon or not you know you. Say it a bunch of buzzwords can you live the life of an actual eyes person I can show you how you look in this guy talk he's going to neck like a pencil in his ass is his body is frail but you don't understand you don't understand overcoming this is not the secret prize

► 00:48:32

this ain't no attraction here man people who love that love nonsense this is help you Self Help by people have done it and you learn what they did and you realize there's no shortcuts and then you going to learn to embrace that no shortcut mentality and enjoy enjoy the suffering in the in the in the grind of n what we talked about earlier there's no fucking Finish Line doesn't exist about that is I have people now so when I was in the worst part of my life those people want to bring you back in those people's like that you can see who you hang out with like when your worst it when you trying to get better with what makes it hard to get better is that you are hang around people who like let's say you are alcoholic

► 00:49:21

did I say you won't stop drinking milk you want to bring you back in like I used to be this guy this guy who was who wasn't worth anything now those people who are still there 16 17 18 30 years ago they try to get you back there so the hardest part you guys see who you're hanging out with man you can hang out with the people who you want to be like the most people would definitely do and especially if you're around someone who makes a lot of excuses and they're always failing does is the opposite of inspiration there like a vacuum out of you are you doing this why you doing this to the people you hang around but will suck the fucking life out of you sometimes just got to be alone man get your shit in and then there's also people that are going to be around that are always failing and always fucking a banana always coming to you to try to get you to help them exact him a giant burden never look in the mirror and get their own shit together and always looking for external help

► 00:50:21

Pokemon go and eat all the answer inside of you it's a very primitive way comic book is read this is primitive it's very Barbary this is how we all think it's how a man once walked the Earth and then we get all soft and all the computers and shall we say we are going away from that the most powerful thing we have is our fucking brain is our mind and we don't use anymore so you know it's like everything has to be so quick you use your mind when it comes to certain things right but what you're saying is you don't use your mind when it comes to enduring exactly that is it Google that shitt right hey let me Google how to Suffern doesn't exist and what's interesting is that. Is a mind thing and people think of mine things I think of calculating mathematics

► 00:51:21

many aspects of the month

► 00:51:33

don't overthink the process but see what because you've overcome because you've accomplished so much now that even when you will you talk about that moment of like a embracing that suck like you seen a big-ass smile on your face like you've got a total different approach to it than the average person average person to talk to them about doing chin-ups for 24 hours a day does I got a negative a doom feeling What Separates Me From A lot of people is they going to and adulting task in the task is overwhelmingly 4020 not talking about breaking the record man I'm open mics the fact that okay if I do 5 pull from the minute or something I was like this when I was breaking the math down to the possibility

► 00:52:33

do this once you shut your mind down to possibly they can be cheese is no way can happen so that's why my eyes my body light up about things cuz I know that if you're in a fight you have to attack you have to keep attacking the enemy has to know he is not going to give up you must break the soul or whatever the fuck is in front of you that's what I realized I was never break into so anything in front of me taking souls in my book I tried to devise ways to break a soul of a human being ever of an object of a whatever is in front of me if you keep on attacking something nothing wants to stand in front of anything that is relentless

► 00:53:15


► 00:53:17

the taking Soul part of the book is really interesting because you talked about like the Des mines shift that you had when you were in buds that's when a lot of stuff started clicking man I start watching those instructors on the side you know there's there's three shifts there's eight instructors three ships the guys going through hell with all day all night for her 30 hours this is the promised land of mental Harden for me I love this place and you have the instructors who you know they've been there done that in years so they do their 8-hour shift they have their park is only through the cold coffee drinking their coffee and they're beating the crap out of us and I started realize I start playing mind-games Packers are looking at us judging themselves about when they were going through hell week. Let me see I'm looking at Goggins right now it's better than him over there

► 00:54:17

okay okay you're just right you can't break whole crew to work now and Stream Energy Sac they know where things like that over the hump I love you talked about that in the book to the day put it in your head that Wednesday you're going to be tired they tell you how you're supposed to feel so you are feeling that way. This is our one I was getting my broker all jacked up I said we could take these motherfuckers Souls so when they had us doing a simple thing that guys are struggling with Roku 2 is this lost in the fucking boner

► 00:55:17

I looked on the instructors face isn't it look like someone had just fucked with their soul and I looked in my God my book and I said hey guess what those mother fuckers are fucking tonight we own space in your fucking head beyond space to think about us tonight they can think about how they tell him that's right they are these guys doing this and screaming out you can't hurt me to we were we were bringing the fight we were talking so so we keep on doing that guess what people start doing I ain't fucking with these got no more so broke through to get a lot more sleep Roku to just became that broke like a week and we just kept charge a return fuel on off of that we talked to a lot of fact that man it takes one second of energy to steal everybody's and then you have all the things you need you need you need to look at someone's eyes you know how it is when you fight somebody you broke that motherfucker he's like oh God man I don't want to go back to next round and you feel like my gun I can fight all day I can find

► 00:56:17

gay that's what taking Souls this but you have to have the will to Heart the courage to go that distance when you're exactly jacked up we have nothing left to give and give more that is an interesting thing about the mind is that you can find inspiration and when you find inspiration when you get charged up all the sudden you have energy it's right it's weird I talk about the book also is about I learn how to control my adrenals if you know how you know how you get that fight or flight response when you get a move real quick and you know I I started learning to mine a lot how to get myself jacked extremely fast like in a horrible environment everybody miserable I learn how to really find strength in the misery when everybody suffering everybody's all poopy pants in the Germantown he's down and everything I thought this is where I shine and all that misery

► 00:57:17

4 tons and tons and tons of driving motivation didn't lead people further cuz you can get a lot of power through misery and once people see that my God Goggins and everybody that let me get my shit and go to so I started realizing that if you can just find strength just a little bit longer you will have a crew of people falling you along the way and that is another thing that no one can ever teach you this is you you're going to have to learn that on your own you can have to figure out how to pull that energy out of your mind on your own is not there's no book you can read that all sudden I have it I've got the technique now I know how to do it no it's It's a Grind that you have to start and finish on your own to take great pleasure in the fact that no one wants to be with the fuck you're at right now

► 00:58:10

great pleasure net what makes you have to bring a passion. It has to bring something very very weird out of your man like you know if people don't really understand what that is when you're in the worst environment possible the worst situation possible and everybody's looking like God and I hope your savings and you see that you see that you're feeling that everybody has that look on the face of God has got to go. Have you ever gotten rhabdo Rhabdomyolysis at Max B I have sickle cell trait in a young kid just died from Sickle Cell not a good thing obviously and a bad thing to have a sickle cell trait but you don't have the disease when I was a kid really

► 00:59:10

Don be at the gym for Monson come back and you just be trying to get his body back in shape again that you can see in anyone of dying is talented guy to when you got it what did you have to do in the hospital for a while that's what my hand got real messed up extremely low and I had done like that it 3,000 pull-ups and they're like when your body is ripped up we just not drinking water while you're doing that was drinking water but not enough I was sipping this carbohydrate drink and my calories are extremely low I know how much and you burn a lot of calories man doing pull-ups at me hours with using a single points of just my hands my biceps my back like my body was swollen like the Pillsbury Doughboy I mean it looks horrible and I'm so they kept me there for a while but how long probably about a 8 hours

► 01:00:08

I said by the hours on IVs and stuff like that so they just put his basically a real part of it and how long did you wait before you jump back at it I think it's a kind of pull up bar about a week and a half later and then I broke the record six and six weeks later wow Jesus Christ

► 01:00:33

so when you when you did get back on the pull-up bar was how fucked up with your body from it was bad but what I do is I grabbed onto everything it was it real smart it works for me so I'm not saying do this is I train through a lot of my injuries I started developing is kick you out from day one enough so my third time going through I was really jacked up but just went you had pneumonia in the morning and I have really bad stress fractures so my stress fracture so I was literally I would put a sock on in a duct tape my foot all the way up to the top of my or submit my anchor or send in my calf and come my stress fracture or so bad so I can pivot point between my ankle and my shin what is cast that all the way up and so I went through for several months for a few months with stress fractures with was crazy about that is that healed

► 01:01:31

by time I got the third phase my stress fracture healed wow and I don't even know how Rhyme or Reason behind it I ran on them a few months later they were here wow I don't know what that means and eventually your body just said this crazy fuck is not going to stop Truth David A lot of my injuries I just pushed through and I dug texted her surgery on an even know just heartless, heart surgeries but none of my actual physical body and it was your heart surgery for again you talked about this before right ASD heart so we we we talk about that to me they took me off instead of me for a while so they realize that my got home and I shouldn't even be in the military I wasn't qualified to be the military you know that long to be a special operations region for the plain stuff like that so I was I was lucky how do they seal that up patch

► 01:02:28

and you don't do my femoral artery femoral artery and they went through put a pass and I realized I missed like three or four years of a military career because his heart surgery wow so I was I was off of jump status. Status I was just so that's what type of recruiting so much I stayed in recruiting for like three or four years you know you know doing this for a while so I got extended there because the heart surgery and you never had to have any other surgeries no meniscus that's crazy jacked up injuries but see how I grew up you know like I talk to talk to book my dad and believe in taking by the hospital

► 01:03:12

Spike that's how it was managed it was it was Barbarian stuff man but you know you learn to deal with it and you live it you're fine you get hard terrified MRI machine for long time like 6 years ago I thought I stressed at all like I thought I was dying I couldn't get a bit so all that stretching that was from pretty much all these injuries I had that never really fixed in my body not at all be more night up and we're not up, it's going to heal one way or another is going to heal him when he was knocking he'll write you all jacked up and crooked

► 01:04:01

it's amazing that you haven't had like knee surgeries or anything like that I consider all the running you done my left knee right now is a joke so I can say or in the pain my right foot is messed up because my left knee so right now I'm I'm I'm taking care of my left knee's get my better now but don't worry Cameron Hanes I was a mother fucker I will see you this weekend Merry Christmas Merry Christmas I'll see you soon you don't know what's wrong with the knee if no idea so basically retching yeah so my whole cuz my body was in such bad alignment from just what I did to it. Now I'm in the shoe stretch back into alignment so your muscles like I was a powerlifter Malachi I drew these huge muscles and I'm the small guy that is in from the stress in my body going through hell week

► 01:05:01

not so as things start to open up joint start the whole thing started so it's been this big long process so I'm fasting better shape than ever my organs work better healthier than never but I have these little tweaks here is little tweaks there from the fact that I am now my by was locked in position from these muscles being so tight now what do you want now if I wanted to 2183 like 300-plus pounds you get your fat ass 97 Insight brother you got into 106 lb a lot of time that's a crazy thing didn't give you three months to lose that 33 pounds a month is a lot of fucking way plus if you almost impossible and that's why I thought that's what I thought but see you see the

► 01:06:01

it was 175 lb in high school so I was I was skinny guy in high school so I made myself pick I'm a small bone person so it it it wouldn't trust me it was hard it was hardest thing I've ever done in my life but what did people think around you when I saw you three months later you're a hundred pounds lighter couldn't believe it, I was living there so I was trying to study for the ASVAB test again that you know I got to take it again going to the Navy and I'm out here trying to lose weight and you know working for this company spray for cockroaches and also a crap and I would lay in her pond in fucking November in Indiana just laying there, I'm going to bust a guy get hard and go for a run just like the dead going to shut you freeze up from Ice and shit that's got to run is it what is wrong with you man like you were that kids would just didn't want to talk with you so she started seeing the transformation

► 01:07:01

guy is obsessed which I become somebody next thing she knew man my God you actually lost that much weight that fast I love the fact you did it but what hurts me is when I hear stories about people to get like stomach stapling and surgery and all all that shit that they do like you just need to just lose the weight. And if you just did it you just did it the right way you would have earned it and if you earn it you keep it as a thing about male like we like to take these very quick fixes in life we want the 6 Minute Abs approach to life you have there's no permanent in that has no permanent in that man there's no scarring it must be starving people are terrified of this thing that you're saying that there's no end to this no Finish Line that every day is a new thing that you have to earn it still after all the shit you've done every day you get up and you have to earn it you know what's funny about that I want you to be scared of it

► 01:08:01

see if you look at that way the reason why

► 01:08:05

I speak the way I speak cuz I believe in Mom's Night

► 01:08:09

if I ever shut it down that's the end of me

► 01:08:14

and whatever my hundred percent will be I don't know what could happen to me tomorrow then I will figure out what the fuc I can do and do that that would be my new hundred percent you must continue to find your new 100% whatever life throws at you you must find what you can do now

► 01:08:32

may become the best you know scientist of all time who knows watch out you know I'm saying this but you can use that for anything once you get past the quitting mechanism of your mind once you get past that thing that this is applicable you can you can take these lessons you learn from these grueling runs and is losing 106 lb in 3 months with all these different things of struggle you can take these lessons of struggle and you can apply them to anything I'll talk about it in my book about that race I did that made Seal training look like a like a child's play in Ranger school that the first hundred miles myself and all kind of stuff that 19 hours it took me with no training

► 01:09:22

I summoned up like this you talk about struggle how you how you can put so much of life in the struggle and that 19 hours I lived five years 5 years of struggle of Happiness of of depression success failure in 19 hours that's what's great about some of these things I do you get a a wide range of life and just 19 hours you know like when you get to mount 50 in your mind saying that we got to get out of here man and you get like moths eat silk ever feel good you have all these highs and lows if you have to manage with in this suckfest of 19 hours that's what I get from the things that human growth no growth of the mind without friction there is no growth without friction there's no growth

► 01:10:05

there's no growth and there's no satisfaction like there's no really like people want to sit around and rest but you don't really appreciate rest unless you earned it that's it the craziest person on the planet you are so far fucking remove that they was not funny I was 290 lb twice in my life I do not like to do the things I do but the shoe Mungus satisfaction from doing it the Chemung a satisfaction of lacing shoes upside I don't really want to go for a run today and then running back and say wow I did it I did it and that's why it's about it's about the small steps to doing things you want to do you know Jocko Jocko willink Jocko well he's awesome but every morning you look at that motherfukers Instagram he's got a picture of his watch at 4:30 he gets up at 4:30 every morning and he earns is sunrise that's just it works out like a mother

► 01:11:05

Parker and then earned the sunrise but it's a walking off into the sunset so when do you rest when did you recover and I don't want to scare people

► 01:11:29

but the truth answer is

► 01:11:32

I don't take any days off no Days 7 days a week 7 days a week what is it a normal day normal day for me a normal day so I see a light light light day is at least a seven mile run

► 01:11:48

I will

► 01:11:50

every every for every other day spa 4 days a week calisthenics Plus gym workout so I don't do any gym workout without hitting pull-ups push-ups to call nickels and dimes for like 5 10 push-ups or I'll go you know quarters and we have like 25 pull-ups or in like 50 pushups I have all these different things I messed up so I will do weights with calisthenics every single night I stretch for at least every 2 hours 2 hours every night every night so you stretch after you done working out at night time music. Either in a quiet room or I'll be watching TV or a great I love sports be watching the game and I'm on the floor man and that's what I do see the stretch where you doing stuff that's just why do stuff 2 hours a long-ass time to stretch is this just because you trying to correct all the correct years of not doing that a lot

► 01:12:50

what you do hot yoga for my body needs I done Hot Yoga several times something holding for a long. Of time that my shoulders are messed up I get sores you on it if you don't have full range of motion in your body don't go and get cut on man until you know that your body is actually opened up until we start to get knuckle dragger syndrome is push-ups you never work your back you know like you like you are dealt so who you are switching over before you know what you give full range of motion before you know how fucked-up you truly are so I'm always working a full range of motion like a kid they run so effortlessly there always a full range of motion as you get older in tire

► 01:13:50

can sit in more stress your body starts to get more and more tight there for your shoulder start to get out of balance not a not a joint out of socket if we know is popping open it up first opened up can you get kinky touch your hands behind each other and raise them up behind you you know it's all these different ranges of motion that I get real smart on from a guy and I took it to another level so are you do you work with the trainer or do you always work out by yourself everything I do about physiology or exercise science or anything nothing nothing what about like when they learn new shit about new ways to you know enhance shoulder stability and do exercises you're not interested no I don't do for that reason will you just choose this day man do a day to this day it is for me to

► 01:14:49

become better mentally how I look has just become like I have thousands thousands hundreds of thousands of miles on this body pull-ups push-ups with me whatever you will call it is what it is now it's from repetition it's not from studying I know hey if you hold a plank for this motherfucker that bullshit I don't care I just do it for my mind I want to continue to harden cuz that's the only thing I want that's what I want I want to have that mind ready for life but you also want increase your range of motion Ridgmar you're not causing any additional injuries that maybe you feel like you might have weaknesses and find out new technique to do that anymore shut off Staples fuk I walked in Dave got here early and I

► 01:15:49

by the time I got here he was already doing chin-ups full range of motion getting your shoulder rotation all that stuff is very important I learned a lot about that coming up I had a lot of people worked out without their real smart about all the stuff I'm a real old school meet your like Bill Kazmaier type of lifter he's not look like it back when I was that guy in the back of the skinny guy that's what I did and I got off really big into Human Performance about the body strength Fitness I don't want to be I want to be a hybrid motherfucker I got I can run 200 miles and then go to the gym with your Meathead who doesn't even who scared of running and live with him and I want to be the guy with the skinny guys and then go to the gym with the big me his okay

► 01:16:43

loaded up let's go in the whole thing that's a very difficult thing to tie the two of them together when you think most people do you think ultra marathon runners or people that run long distance is there a very thin very thin guys like when you were talking about the first time you were in a hundred miles that you did deadlifts the night before like that is just fucking Preposterous nobody does that mean the guy from the book a Silverback Gorilla is not calling the book as obviously but yeah he saw me going to my car the night before my first hundred mile race and it was like he called me out. It's a Navy SEAL calls you out got to put you through three whole week she like you know what I got to go to the gym and then tell me now so we're doing squats deadlifts power cleans heavy bench presses I'm thinking I did 100 miles tomorrow but I also knew he was coming out there to watch me

► 01:17:39

so I'd like to know what you put me through three whole weeks you were my instructor so now it's my turn to educate you a human can do. I know you could be sitting there thinking while you watching me with your wife and your kid and he's worked out with me tonight before we went real heavy that they have your shit worse or you can sit there by you watched me run around a small track how the fuck is he doing that shit right now we lifted heavy as hell he's running a hundred miles and never has been past 20 miles is life a lot of fuel so that gym workout mr. silverback gorilla it was a lot for my mentality that that brought with me I knew I would see you and he came at my 50 with a package of six donuts that I jumped up with the quickness

► 01:18:28

so I use that work out for a lot of motivation and then he see me I know you thinking about I did not get rhabdo that that you know what I don't know what I got that day but I talked about in the book again that when I went home that night or that morning that was single-handedly nothing even close I'm 43 years old now there's nothing even close to that paint I knew for a fact I wouldn't have got that tub I knew I knew I was done I was dehydrated no nutritional eating Ritz crackers in my Plex that was the worst pain I've ever experienced in mine Tire life I was pissing Coca-Cola out of me and I guarantee it I guarantee I will listen to Coca-Cola

► 01:19:24

it was bad in my ex-wife was like she knows she's a nurse with a doctor friend hurts you got to give it to dr. Neely house I can you give me that fucking phone I got called Chris Kaufman let him know that I did a hundred miles so I can get the bad water

► 01:19:45

it didn't go as like a like a plan but I did get in the bath water after another race but but can you do a marathon like how long later so basically I had never run a marathon first no training but I signed up for the marathon cuz it's the first Las Vegas Marathon running down the strip of Las Vegas Las Vegas on the Strip 2500 for it not come back I'll be training for it and I'll go do this race with my family me and my ex-wife my mom signed up for so when Iraq me and my boy Sledge in the book we're just working out like we're doing crazy workouts in my cardio was 20 minutes every Sunday on the elliptical trainer my boys got killed in

► 01:20:45

the incident that happened on Survivor you know the whole operation in November there's like two or three weeks later that we all signed up for that and train for I ain't a 400 Mile Road then turn it off of this I'll drive there with you all cuz I tried to run the day before like I can't even run the block so I didn't do it so we were jobs the race I said hey mom my mom going to walk it out walk it with you

► 01:21:15

my ex-wife as you can go and take off do your thing run your race on a walk my mom

► 01:21:22

that gun went off

► 01:21:25

get some fucking happy I took the car like a jackrabbit what the hell so I was like 3 weeks ago I was peeing blood and my body is broken broken what is in every time I started running Frozen frog okay I got to lift 10K I'm a Boston Marathon at 3 1059 for my age and all this external shit for motivation okay who the fuk can go out here and run a hundred miles I'm broken most broken of America who can do it myself feeling myself I get to have tomorrow

► 01:22:18

I'm about 30 seconds off the pace you can do this shit man before I knew it man last six miles and I was off the pace and I just kicked it and not next thing I knew I did like a 308 and changed and now I've been leaving so much on the fucking table for pain and that's when I started like going crazy about the mind like what the hell am I what is up like they open these different doors of like possibility than like what is humanly possible what are we capable of I can tell people that I didn't even know I was just amazed by what I was able to do by the simple fact of just reasoning and working with pain and Pain Management in in my mind is kept on growing from there and it happened in hell week happened huh

► 01:23:18

Maurice happen here in Sardis evolving into what is now that you are now my goddamn into my we we are leaving so much on the table two people take me he cusses so much you said I was crazy this not shipment just tell the bullshit cut the bullshit just get to the weeds and that you are you are fucking yourself up by not examine your brain you're not examining your brain message it that's done examined your fucking brain not take some hard work and suffering if you're not going to do that I'm sorry and it seems like there's no way to do that as a bystander you can't watch it man real fucking bad I don't think it's a smart

► 01:24:03

and then guess what happens to body will adjust it will adjust time when I get some of the stupid shit man like don't don't take with a grain of fucking salt people's those questions are people that want to quit did you ever like feel like no shut the fuk up stop stop I don't want this always that next question no don't take it like go out there and run through a brick wall, you can know I'm not saying be me don't run towards in 5 miles at one time I say and do that I'm saying start to learn the mind is powerful is powerful man is unbelievable but if people need the need a thing to get them going where they need a thing

► 01:25:03

is the hardest guitar to take that 1 million Step 2 but something the first step is the most something about it's the something about

► 01:25:21

procrastination is like you know it's painful or that I know you should be doing things but you just keep doing it you keep itching that scab I procrastinate like a motherfuker man everyday I don't do this shit that was so funny this shit I'm looking at my shoes for 30 minutes

► 01:25:58

I don't do this shit man but guess what I'm going to do it as long as you do it and that's what I know about you go you can think about all day long you could do it anyway and sometimes you don't have the time to look at issues for 30 minutes and that's what I was in the military I love my schedule cuz I'm going to be at work at 7 so you better get your ass up at 4 maybe you'll get your shit in brother cuz I had to get my shit in before I got my shit in know so that was my mentality back to manual like I had to get to Miles and get everything in man and get to work man, compete with the alpha males how much is that other alpha males off that you were you were imposing very high bar

► 01:26:53

I was very misunderstood human being I was in the military the Air Force guys like me alot the Rangers like me a lot so much snot to seals with you you like me so much which is fine you know I respect him I think a lot of respect out of a lot of friends in the Seal team so I got to like like-minded mentalities is me and wants to get man I grew up and I got over a lot of guys still have no like that Garden can't get over the fact of whatever and I became a seal recruiter a lot of guys that I wasn't deploying for a lot of reasons and what not and they heard a lot of grinded I grind hard I mean I I grounded hard I was at guy who was like if we went on or we had a workout let's say we got to work up here and I would rather shooting guns in in in do a man Warfare and we did it took one in the fucking morning

► 01:27:48

most everybody go to sleep

► 01:27:51

should I go to sleep I was Jim that worked out or I go to sleep that's a maybe at 5 I was looking for an hour and I'll make sure to always do that and I did it to a point to where I think it's pissing people off because I I want a quiet person about it you know I I want the most humble person always you know so you run alpha males you sometimes picking a fight you know all the time and I look different I act different I was different I am different I take a lot of pride in that and so you know if if you can get after it I didn't respect you because I believe that you know where where I'm at all right I know that you have potential is what we have is all we have is what we do the world sees us a certain way

► 01:28:41

I saw that people weren't doing that I had a funky ass fucking attitude and I own it in my book I come back from Ranger school a big-time leader I was a big-time fucking leader Garner man out there I live by example and I realize a lot of times when you're in the school's the school is people want to graduate the schools cuz they suck they don't ever go back to the schools

► 01:29:06

do schools became a fucking life

► 01:29:09

people don't want to see your fucking guy that wants to go back to day 1 week 1 a fucking Navy SEAL training every fucking day of your life that's all it and it's a disgusting human being that I can be

► 01:29:22

and it's been a lot of people didn't like me like a lot of fucking people started some stupid shit and started saying this and that the bottom line man is my fucking resume says it all man my resumes out there goes a mother fucker you say whatever you want to say about me man I am missing two plumbers man for having fucking you two heart surgeries and people try to start some rumors it on me may start a rumor she don't be mad because I fucking got the fuck a real hard guys like a guy named Hawkeye talk to you all the time he's a great friend of mine when the horse might be before my heart surgery my second heart surgery on a 10 mile Ruck run with my second Ten Mile record 50 lb I saw that guy he's like what the fuck are you doing out here be a heart surgeon that brother you get it in before I'll be off about six months after her surgery can I started realizing the young age I was leaving on the table at once I found out what human beings capable of I didn't know how to control that

► 01:30:20

I wish I was a fucking what about fucking Savage that's what I was I was a fucking straight up people I was fucking from the backwoods motherfuking Savage dude eonni just I was just I was I told you I thought I ate chips on my shoulder

► 01:30:42

and a lot of times I wasn't great so is it a situation where like with the seals wear once you've gotten through buds once you've gotten through all of the physically grueling parts of getting to be accepted once you're in then you are imposing standards that they didn't want to didn't want to keep up with some people problem with you know like I I got a graduate Ranger school and I can not gotten a spittoon and I didn't see eye-to-eye to I was in charge of a PT program and you put me charge the PT program is fucking your ass and the thing about it is I didn't like it either I don't want to do this shit eating worms and shit in like I had to do like pull-ups rope climbs pull up an hour to imagine doing a rope climbing in like 10 to 15 Place coming back

► 01:31:42

and we would you like it if they were very hard work outside there was no like go to the gym lift some weights type of shit and I was imposing my own mentality on everybody these are grown ass fucking men they don't know they don't want to be but I'm trying to make them to be there when they called me off cuz I can't you know we're not in Seal buds anymore guys are pissed me off and I are not going to fucking attitude got got my chip and I got my ball and meet me and sledge went ahead and started to I work out together and we develop this like me and sleds workout like fuck Garanimals we had this fucking Metallica fuck man and I just that's when I started looking at people know not just type it into like you know like to be the special operator you got me if you have broken legs and these guys all those stories on a pedestal

► 01:32:41

I'll pump you like I can never be there I can never be that guy man never put anybody pedestal that's what happen to me I put my past and once I got there with him and I saw him or motherfukers out there dude.. Hard motherfukers uncommon man song was about to be man and I took it to another level and I piss a lot of motherfukers off when they were trying to find Shinx in my armor armor all he does is fucking Ron that's what I thought but once again I thought about the military too much like I said the Air Force love me the army guys I work with love me the Rangers School lost of love me and wouldn't you know it is what it is man is I was part of the Navy Seals

► 01:33:34

I wish I was a teen guy that wasn't part of the Brotherhood

► 01:33:39

that's just me man that's his me it ain't say nothing bad about them I got love for a lot of them probably got love for me back and talk bad about him it's just I'm Different that's what I figured out I'm getting from everybody in the fucking world and I had to own that and say you know what man you met a lot of fucking mistakes being a being who you are and I should have been more of a leader at times the lot of lucky we should been looking hard at 2 so was it that some of those guys just didn't want to work as hard or was it just that they were the one appreciating how competitive you were you were always against them is that what it was added edit Disney Foster the sense of Brotherhood because you were more like Mom pussy pussy but you can look at my face so what happens after that develop in this like the separation and our thing about me to mess I don't go out

► 01:34:35

I don't party I don't hang out with the guys I don't you know so I was always forming this kind of Separation I'm a big-time introvert you know I do my job and I don't see your fucking ass again I'm going to go home refreshed and we'll see you again though you guys for two two years sometimes you can have and I would do the different fucking cat I'm a different cat man like I owe you know I just I think differently I believe differently I believe strongly what I believe in what some people must appreciate the fact you were self-motivated and that you were pushing the envelope that you were pushing face you were setting a high bar within the community a lot of God once again this is like

► 01:35:25

it's like a big soap operas sometimes man when you and your way when you in a fraternity like that that's what it's like man so I had to get a different Vantage Point look at it and see that you know a lot of guys did respect who I was and what I did and I brought it fucking hard a lot and every day but I also rub people the wrong I like that itch scratched the fuck out my ass.

► 01:35:58

I love what you talked about him when you ran the marathon you realize how much you would leave it on the table cuz that is mean. I think the unfulfilled potential to store at most people slides

► 01:36:20

and my biggest fear honestly was Vesalius I say I don't care if you believe in God or not I don't care so this is play a game with me. And we have a big fucking long line of people and I made the heaven 75 years old and 300 lb inmate have I worked for Ecolab my entire life spraying for cockroaches that's what I did but I'm dead I'm in heaven now and you are at your you're judging us all now so we're ligne roset in Airline you have Adam Brown he's a big board up and you're talkin to Adam Brown about his life and you rip it down I'm next in line David Goggins I see my name and I see all this shit and got to go say you say read this man I'm reading this lesson I'm seeing

► 01:37:06

182 lb Navy SEAL Ranger school motivational speaker changing lives

► 01:37:15

okay me a pull up record all this shit and I'm like that's not me man and God looks at me and says out who you were supposed to be

► 01:37:25

and my biggest fear I visualized some crazy shit my biggest fear is that one day I want to reach a judgment on my life someone something is going to judge me what the fuck I was supposed to be at

► 01:37:38

and what I want now is that whoever judgment whatever judge me up there I want them to have a board and them up there right now getting their pin out cuz know this person who judges supposed to everything from the time your dad the time of your emails didn't y'all tell me more time to get I want this person updated like this up there right more about me saying fuck I know you I know you do that I don't do that so I want to impress whatever the fuck is up there whatever is going on in life I want to go up there and not have anything left on the table I want it I want to drain my soul of every fucking bit of person I am. How do you plan on doing that but going forward in the future do you have a plan I believe in going back to scratch

► 01:38:27

so a lot of us like right now if I come a long way in my life I've had to grow up a lot except a lot of the fucking things I've done in my life I'd accept a lot I took all this information big database took it off so what got me to be where I'm at today is data I couldn't even more. And I wish I can write this book was so I can tell people hey you know I suck a lot of faults I have a La Ville mentality that can sometimes represent all this shit so how you get better is so right now I'm way up here now I was way down here but what makes you way up here is being from way down here so I love going back to Ross growing up like three years so from time I was eight to ten miles like 12 we live in a $7 a month place if I call it is I'm always paying rent in that $7 a month home everyday of my life I go back and revisit that place that place made me this grandma that place made me this hard man in there from that place

► 01:39:27

that place is hard work that place is going back to the fundamentals of Life the fundamentals what made David Goggins David Goggins going back in there going back to the going back to the library of David Goggins studying even more Rhino taking that out going back to where I'm at now and then moving forward so I believe it always taking steps backwards to your roots we cannot forget the roots and what made us the garanimal we can ever become civilized real kids clothes

► 01:40:00

drinks on the way to close a drink maybe something like that so when when you when you're living like right now like what kind of goals are you setting and how it how are you how are you how are you feeding that Beast inside of you how you, and all that down yourself up so much Yoga Yoga stretching has really helped me to like you want to be quiet in your mind to see if you want to go cuz noise is the ultimate Kryptonite too much noise in your mind and I could be focused on with the task at hand is long cardio so the best thing ever forever in that noise we all talked about the all the guys that I did that sober October thing with the fitness challenge that wake if you workout 5 hours a day you don't give a fuk it's it's amazing I'm like if you could take that and put it in a pill form help how you feel about life after you workout 5 hours we don't give a fuk

► 01:41:00

nothing cuz you struggled true my fiance right now I got XYZ in like I'll take you all day long son in the morning time ever you want to do I'm here man most people never get there though always all day long man chatter I should never let that guy get away with that with her I was mean man that was mean people like me that chatter like that I never

► 01:41:59

never really done long cardio everyday I always talk about people's brains that I think that the the way people's minds work that you were like a battery that's like leaking out like since we don't use it because we have all this potential we don't use it like it was off the top of the battery and gets messy it's going down the side of the battery it's all fucked up but when you just drain that bitch like nature intended like give you the potential to run away from predators avoid invading tribes into a fight and gather and hunt and all the physical potential that your body is capable of when you do drain it would like a 10 mile run or long cardio session long workout session

► 01:42:55

then you can just be you the Great Purge man or just a purge it out man all the evil

► 01:43:03

evil cast in a 10 mile run bro I get late to write the fuck out only available to Ephrata Me Maybe it's available for meditation I don't know but I feel like there's a different things available through effort cuz there's also a satisfaction of accomplishment is everything the what do you do you plan out your future I do so I'm very go so I had that accountability mirror but I also plan on all my small D time you know medium goals all these new life I'm a big planter I'm a big planner so you know right now I'm going back to scratch so I'm trying to be a wildland firefighter you know I did that for a couple seasons and yes I did it I did it for two not not full season bit bit bit to have season so this year was my second you're doing it I had to stop about two months before it ended

► 01:44:03

because this book to start promoting the book I start Fitness in the book up but I'm doing after Tuesday at some fucking work man don't fucking guys get after you just had to do that you know when your hand stop becoming really calloused it's time to get back to work you know like I retire from the military under 21 years in military the military with my wife loved everything about discipline of it this summer about going back into it in the money you make is Neil it's not about the money at all it's just about the hard work I've always been looking for those people like those guys but you're out there digging a 3-mile fireline literally a 3-mile fireline you're cutting down his fucking shoes a street biggest fire line and if our line is like 20 to 18 in it for 3 months you like fucking full of people taking a shit and I'm not going to take medicine the hardest fucking work I've done in my life and if that challenge that you can't find some time

► 01:45:04

by going to the gym or by running a hundred mile race if that if that new challenge of like a and you get that digging all right you work 17 hours 16 17 hours you get your fucking fucking sleeping mat out shut down on the floor right there on the ground get up take some more and I'll be out there to three weeks sometimes has faction the kind of work that you do out there no one's watching no one gives a fuck is hard dangerous fucking work and you know you're doing it to help shit out man know how did you get drunk so I got drawn into it because I was always looking for next challenge as I can't what is there after the military I'm 43 I'm getting back into shape you know if I can get these health issues for taking care of that I had I started once again who was amazing shit hardcore fucking jobs know pretty much you know heart heart

► 01:46:03

no hardest races in the world so crazy I thought I find this Wildland firefighting what they jump out of planes and attack small fires like that's the shitt I don't like okay okay to put down a listing for HotShots what should I do that go out a big fires and they dig fireline the reason I was just digging final answer that's kind of how I found it I'm always looking for the next challenge I'm never satisfied with oh I did that but you know I became a seal I was Air Force guy became a seal I went to Ranger school I tried out for Delta for twice you know like I'm I'm always looking for what is next looking for those uncommon men and women uncommon people

► 01:47:03

I'm trying to I'm trying to grow I'm trying to grow and a lot of times know you will be the one person that's making you so broke you looking for love Cameron Hanes is was Joe Rogan those people who like different people to understand what the fuck you're saying cuz a lot of things I have to say I can't save them all I can't say the more you may not understand them so I had to really find a way to communicate with people so then what oh my God what did you just say so these Cameron Hanes is digiovanni people get it so I go and download those no nucleus Parts get Gilmour Strat you learn more knowledge killed over to take note to self me to The Motto shed and I go off down here down the road on the new Journey so that's why I do the proof is in the pudding if you really doing Woodland fire fighting cuz there's no glory in that no sir there's no there's no one taking pictures of you

► 01:48:03

how to make you want to eat today wow ya ass off but you just doing it as a challenge I think they're wondering why is a 43 year old retired man you know all the stuff you've done why are you out here from you all to grow and also to never forget where I came from you know that's where it starts is that mentality of going to pick up that fucking Pulaski and I like Jake this fucking fire alarm for 3 a.m. Maus that's that mentality I never want to lose I never want to get so nice right off yeah I did it man I did it I did it I'm good. Mentality if I'm going to pick up that shovel and I really dig at 3 Mile Line is there there's some about that mentality that I'm ready to go to work at a time and that's

► 01:49:03

teach me those are the Sparks like you know I look at motivation it's just a spark it's like it's like killing you know how a big fire stars that start with a little smoke a little cigarette being thrown in the Woods Nursing all California smoking burn up

► 01:49:19

that's what I've been doing my whole life as I find these little Sparks and what that little thing takes off that's it that's the one hour fuel can you got $10 of fuel then you can move that thing to a 10,000 hour fuel the big log big trees that burn for days and that's where you want to bring that motivation that's you want to bring that drive so if you have no killing the killings me going out these young guys to 4320 Road keep up with him now when I leave those young guys it has now become that 10 hour Fuel and now that $10,000 shoes I use throughout my whole life I use that you're my whole life and you did that man so you know you're not giving up yet not today and not done that's a crazy choice to make the Woodland firefighters very interesting choice of concept

► 01:50:17

like you really just doing just for the struggle is it is there other things you considered like that oh so I will I apply for smokejumping this year so I'll be out smokejumping this year you know God willing that's what's up now

► 01:50:38

definition of Terry and it's always about human growth it's not about money not about money human growth that's the biggest but I said my biggest trophy that's why I turned out $3,000 biggest trophy in life is what I've learned like this brain if I can put the bread in somebody's head and said he go Merry Christmas baby a happy person

► 01:50:58

Rugrat found out with no crowds no one cheering for you know race is no Finish Line is an amazing amazing thing I've learned in My Mind by no one cheering you on what I do

► 01:51:15

I don't have a trainer waking me up there's no one saying David you have to do this I don't have to do anything anymore I've done it that's the beauty of all this knowing that everything I talk about no one even knows what the fuck I'm doing everyday and I know that I am grinding like a motherfuker video let me run in there some bullshit hopefully it motivates Merry Christmas hours every fucking day and no one sees what the fuck I'm doing great beautiful thing that is a beautiful thing about it right that you really are just doing it for the benefits of it that you have to do it that way it's not for show like there's a lot of people like to see what they have like a little video on Instagram like this you are not doing that for very long you going too fast

► 01:52:08

got my 1 minute on now exactly is so much of is it for show videos of you doing on Instagram though will you be showing his little motivational things I put some of them up on my page I appreciate you posted it there's a great man you just get a thought in your head while you're out there running you just want to get it down. Sahay wake the fuck up I got some shit when I'm working out I get this great inspiration some people think it's bulshit but my mind works best under extreme pain and suffering I don't like I will be out here and that's why I'm going deep into the cellar of my mind and that's when all that guard

► 01:53:08

push it starts to come up man you were saying and so she gets called out all the time okay

► 01:53:15

I'll run home and said he'd get the car meet me at 17th Street because by that time I have all my shit together so it's all this happens man it's not like a rehearse thing that's why some music every Monday but sometimes it's true that some other Thursday you know that's what I do I'm trying to now give back to people in a way that's real authentic and just being me what is a response mean like you did the podcast the first time what was the response like and what is the response like on social media what was crazy man is it you are my Usher and I'm fucking Beaver that's the fucking respond so your crowd for some reason they they resonate with me they they understand they they they they get me and they they loved a message in like so if you put some bullshit up on my side I blocking to beat your ass

► 01:54:09

this ain't this ain't a playground like like like my sight I'm not fucking around with you motherfukers I want to give you some tools that I learned who I take him take his not Merry Christmas I'll go on my Merry way I don't care so if you going are you going to play around you would have realized that they called the people going to say I'm a block your monkey ass off my ship quick so I Jami yeah tell him so I'll do blow up like a small community of people who can go in there and it's not just me talkin so people have now joined in and I've seen people who is 150 lb of my sight man like in the in the writing about in the starting to break themselves down like I broke myself down. Okay I went through this I'm going through this divorce and this happening and I tried to kill myself it gets wrong any people are now going on and commenting on their shit saying hey keep it up do what you're doing it because like a bitch fucking like a it's a community of people trying to fucking get better

► 01:55:09

that's what it's about me saying about the David Goggins fucking show nah man I'm just the kingling you motherfucker take this shit and let it burn. So you probably need all these other people out there grindin to for fuel want to know what motivates you now now is that there's over 600,000 people look at me saying motherfuking Goggins is somewhere out there he's so rock your fucking accurate and I am so you ain't never fucking alone I'm out there somewhere. And people get a chance that when you're working out here if you're a fucking Washington DC and I'm in Nashville is a good chance the same time we're getting after it don't people know that and it's the real deal we we are getting a group together not know like happy family shit but we're getting after it no yeah but that is that's giant for people man that the sense of community and to know that this like-minded folks out

► 01:56:08

you're also trying to improve the trying to overcome their own demons get past their own bullshit squash their own weaknesses cows up there on mine on top of Sashimi I read this in the fucking playground don't come on my Instagram Facebook or Twitter talkin some bullshit don't talk about rest you know how you do it now that's fucking stop thinking so much and that's put the shoes on and get grinded to do get some of that those side, to say you know this terrible advice recovery is the most important thing here that shit is a lot of people looking for built-in excuses are they looking for it really interested in personal growth

► 01:57:08

they're interested in really finding out what they're made of improving discipline themselves and they're looking for people like you and other people just add that momentum right once you get going it's easier to keep going once you get going it's easier to keep showing up it is did you have to get past that hurdle you're flying realize like this is a this is a movement there's a lot of other people out there that's the thing that resonates with you I think about the audience of this podcast that I've had quite a few people on that have that same message and it resonates with people because we're all trying to improve ourselves no one's perfect hope this. I'm not perfect now and never will be you're not and you never will be but you're better than you were yesterday you going to be better tomorrow what's the truth a right there man that's that book says I am not fucking perfect man by the balls now finally tell you all very flawed but in that saying that you're very flawed and

► 01:58:08

and that you're very perfect you exhibit way more strength than someone who bullshits and pretends someone who puts up some fake ass fucking fake facade of perfection of moral Integrity growth and honesty and those people are real problem I give up I quit I quit I don't fuck that I'm not going to tell you all I can't do this anymore this is who I am but the confidence of you constantly putting in that work is what leads you to be able to express yourself so honestly you're right after the first time believe in David Goggins no longer care that's powerful they see everybody to get to that then you do if you don't have any excuses cuz you don't need any cash right

► 01:59:08

keep moving on steel toe shoes for 30 minutes

► 01:59:28

so fire jumping and Woodland firefighter. Didn't expect that I didn't hear that coming that's interesting man what did you have any other options that you were looking at before you dived into those you know what those are the first came up can I saw how hard it was you know like 43 and these jobs I can smack in the military your dinosaur time to retire and Wildland firefighting the desk jobs that was a challenge of it you know I'm not going to I'm like a fucking rookie at 43 so I'm like being talked like a little bitch so it takes a lot for me but I have to know humble myself again okay Goggle so that's all the training behind the mindset of it all is that you can't ever be the point you never learn from people you know

► 02:00:28

yeah you know like I right now this people listen to podcast I called your great God is not you ain't shitt Goggins and that's the mindset I was going to have no like I'm not proud of myself but you have to always keep that like I want to keep that dog in me and I can always know everything will be in a beginner or something is fantastic earning new things have you do fuckaround martial arts you know what I learned a little bit I've never gone crazy in it and they're going crazy I booked a little bit where do you live I live in Nashville to get to Nashville you should get involved in Jiu-Jitsu you would take me to it like a duck to water I'll find you a spot at 2% with that shitt pile fucking Tangled bodies and strength because it's something you just get better at all the time and there's no hiding right either you get choked or you don't either you survive

► 02:01:28

you don't have been a lot of ground never really learned the skill sets would be nice to do it the same way Jaco's obsessed with seals get obsessed with martial arts that would be nice to do it because it's also constant competition as well and then you can get into competition every single night of the week and as a guy who's just starting out you could be a white Bell you going to get strangled a lot you want to do whatever you want to start from the beginning you're going to start from the beginning of hundred percent size is plenty of guys that have been doing it for fucking decades since you have to leave that's right that's why I roll with a lot of guys who have skills but the thing that I really have no demands I got a fucked-up car audio bass man

► 02:02:28

I got a fucked-up car audio bass man and my man he's kind of fucked up I realized cardio's almost everything everything because a lot of guys with skills also have some cardio there when I fuck you up but to have tremendous cardio with big skills is everything I see him out there man because so many guys started 100% but three minutes into the flight 3088 you know 5 minutes at 60 then they were cover for a minute they come back but if you are if you are in like a rolling session like when you roll your roll for 9 minutes straight so you and this guy in there most of the time does multiple Taps tap in Hilltop you eat a peach other but 9 minutes man it is exhausting when that Bell goes off the last the bell for 30 seconds and you got 30 seconds left in 9 minutes

► 02:03:28

it's over like to take a minute off you find a new partner James Bond bail someone that take about if I went like this hard at it

► 02:03:46

it's hard to say cuz it depends entirely upon how much emphasis you put on learning new techniques and rolling and drilling drilling is gigantic and that's the thing that people don't like to do because Jiu-Jitsu so far people like to just roll because it's a sparring is where it's at like people like a lot of a Jiu-Jitsu schools they'll start out like one or two techniques and then you roll most of class and just sparring the right way to do it really is to drill way more than you Spar should be drilling all the time and live drilling to like you start out where a guy has your back ready to go and then from there you got to try to escape and do it the right thing to try to use the right technique get out of that position or you'll start out with an armbar but he's defending and you got to figure out how to extend it and it does live drills straight drills like technique drills and then

► 02:04:46

drills I think even more important in the beginning to to to your personal development and growth is if you get two player than even sparring but a guy like you who's smart and tough and go crazy shit it shouldn't take that long it takes people at me depends on how much you dedicate yourself to like the guy calling The Prodigy for a reason he was talking to some other dude and the guy said I got my black belt at three years just like you did BJ and it's like wow manacles you must be good with no man because I'm addicted just like you because you were addicted you're addicted and he's like I never thought about it that way goes yeah I'm addicted to Jiu-Jitsu to get addicted like it it takes over your mind your days are spent thinking about some guy with triangle you this motherfucker had to write me shit

► 02:05:46

I get that can I got choked out 10 years ago that I think about sometimes when I'm lifting I'll be tired and I'll think about a guy caught me 10 years ago. I think about it not being choked out by think about a lot of shit like that they grind on me like a motherfuker man and that's what you talking about earlier to is like them these reserves you can trick it and pull them out yes inspirational Reserve like you did when you guys were going through buds yes we just found that trigger and then I'll send you throw in that boat in the air always have the Tactical advantage over you why is that it knows your fears and I was just forgot to tap the colberts on yourself it's going to get you mad

► 02:06:38

is a beast that might be your best lesson right that your mind your mind knows everything you cannot hide from it so don't ever try I'll try she didn't this book you didn't try to like paint yourself in a glamorous are flattering way at any point in time you are honest at every step of the way which I think is just gigantic for people to because you can tell when someone's stroke in themselves or bullshittin themselves and if the messages won't come through but this year you come through in this book you know like you who you are and what you came and how you became who you are and who you used to be and why you were the way you used to be all that comes through is like there's no filter this is just your your thoughts like you what you what you remember about your life and what you think about right now just all comes out onto the pages

► 02:07:33

I'm imagining a fucking this book didn't I walk up to people talking to me like you think about mother fucker I think about BP in the bed and I was talking about I know right like you like you opening of all you know about you that's what people love right when they know some shit about you and you don't know nothing about them the cone hall there's a lot of those are all doing that to themselves they don't even understand when you do that you're doing it to yourself write believe you are attacking someone cuz you know that they have a weakness but you pretend you don't have one you are attacking yourself you are chipping away your own personal sovereignty your own true hip pain away your own respect so true man can't respect yourself pussy

► 02:08:33

I know something about you because they don't want to talk about it if you're talking shit about me I know you're fucked up that come out right now I know something about your brother if if you're worried about something that someone did to you years ago you being a pussy to yourself may not getting out there and squeezing that fucking sold out every day to monkey ass about you man. Tomorrow I got to go back to the Grind

► 02:09:27

and tomorrow I go back to the Grind again and again and again and again I don't have time to put you into the hate think there's no hate soft filter that man through the grind if you don't get it that's just great joy in The Grind Great Jordan suffer it is totally cleanses your body out man if any kind of hate makes you grow up it's also the being honest about it every step of the way the way you are in this book and the way you are we talk about things and not trying to paint yourself in a flattering way it it forces you to continue to perform by exposing all the shit that used to do by exposing your procrastination your few slips you're falling falling back down and getting fat again. It forces you to be consistent like you know you did it today you know you did it did I do you know you going to be able to do it tomorrow when you have to get how do I know that's my biggest fear man

► 02:10:23

I can slip you're not permanent by people that have accomplished great things and then want to talk about those great things to the end of time and not do anything anymore they're fucking themselves those people that are looking for that Golden Age the real I thought it was tattoos I like fuck I'm slipping I'm like what I put all this repetition I'm still slipping can't take a day off man nodejs can take a day off and days a week I get an active recovery right okay so what's up with a light active recovery day 7 days is 7 miles is normal easy six mile run

► 02:11:21

I'm off to like a fucking 932 minute mile heart rate real though I'm really big into the heart rate training man is amazing so it makes you a machine that makes you a machine man also won't way it drains your heart in a way that the way I was able to run these hoes at my race like I'll never do it was off of heart rate so if you go at 80% for me for a long time that 147 heart rate 148 to 152 running running there if I maintain that man in that I'm burning that nice fast words that body wants to use that nice and slow and you never get in a hurry up or how come you to hurry up or high takes a lot to recover from that

► 02:12:05

and higher goes the longer it takes for to come down when I staying at 1:45 146-147 heart rate for a long time and I get done running it will go back under a hundred within 2 3 minutes if that's what you want you want that quick recovery Trek recovery means that that your body right on point and I look at my at my heart rate the morning time is using the thirties if it's like 45 46 47 I'm overtrained easy day he's dating someone some women I'm going to be like today so I train every day because why as a as my mind is a human supposed to move

► 02:12:41

every day supposed to move everyday get after me just do something everyday ride a bike if you're real tired from working out hard right a easy bike spent and I just spent taking your fluids rehydrate your body as you're acting cuz that's the best way to rehydrate your body and like taking a carbohydrate drink it gets all that good car. The glycogen store your body again for the next day so as you do an act of stuff that blood flowing nice active blood flow to but nice at the blood flow help the recovery process

► 02:13:17

along with drinking some some like a Endura tree or some carbohydrate drink it gets all that glycogen through the system back to the muscles loads and back up again rated fight another War what do you use for a heart rate monitor Polar for a long time and I kind of still use polar now is that it's a nice cheap little gesture app and I'm at the point now where I know I only do my heart rate in the morning time when I run him or do you check it with other strap in the morning or yeah you got a bit strapped on your body first thing you do with strap-on or do your finger whatever one you can do if I have a chat to your finger know what your average heart rate is you know your resting heart rate and then from there if it's a little bit High little elevated you know you can't go off into that zone three zone for training day

► 02:14:17

so when you use it the chest drop does it register on an application on a phone like how did how do you read it on the watch and watch is it a smartwatch or is a polar watch a rated reading off a strap exactly it's all does and so when you say Zone ones this these are the things that you created Zone ones on to the that's like the heart rate zone training so basically what I did and was helped me out so much is my zone 2 training runs you to be 8:30 okay so that was my Pace at like a 1.30 mile

► 02:14:58

do stretching and get body open up

► 02:15:02

myzone to run now is about a 721-718-7019 600 minute off just by opening up your heart rate to my stripey look at videos of me like you was going off birth to my first badwater Lookout was scooting I have like it was so tight I think I was just this very ridgerunner now I actually you know everything was so tight everything was I contact for a minute I was like, like my knees and my George is going inward now everything is right you know what needs to be at and I have a nice long nice dried do you run on the street for the most part I'm always traveling so the best thing to get your running shoes to get your shit but I try not to Trails to you as much as possible so this is like fucking sex fucking I got tired I mean it just is it can take some beating now when you when you run if you have a fuck with those

► 02:16:02

running shoes and minimum wage honestly I don't know many people who have been I don't believe it I don't believe I was born with shoes wearing shoes in the whole fucking life or not you know I'm black but I'm not from Africa I'm not down man I'm not using all the muscles on arm bad I'm not doing it all my God man man enough at tires yesterday Under Armour Fat Tire which is like a shoe

► 02:17:02

it's basically like a BMX tire track tire company makes the tread yeah man it's like it's got a music to it and you you're running these things man you could run over to think about those five finger barefoot shoes right I like one of those but you got to look where you're stepping you can't step on any Hard Rock's game up your foot feels like it's going to go right in your foot so I went from those two vivos vivobarefoot shoes that's what it looks like so when you run those pitches that is a cushiony glorious padding like when you when you hit the ground is like smush smush smush I had the other ones Jamie the ones with the boa it's cuz it just like that that little click one that you just pull up yeah I like those so it's like you twisted with that that's how you tighten it up with that little boa adjuster thing it's like a got a thread through its own to lace it or anything like that just slip them on a pop that sucker down

► 02:18:01

like to feel the ground a little bit when I run but I like it solid run cuz the most what I'm running is Hills pretty steep when it's great my ass and legs never been bigger the pounding of the you know about the constant pound of the feet to the ground it is it's it's rough on the ankles it's rough on you know that the joints but I don't feel it at all with those fat tires who is smushy like I got done run I feel like I cheated I did so much easier the cloud shoes just real cushioning and cancel he said that he's he runs a lot doesn't yeah he's run with a bunch of those like you said Kizi run somebody fucking miles he was running a marathon a day like pretty much every day I did that for a while

► 02:19:01

my God got it I got wired and do that shit man what is this right here so this is 50 mile Trail race so the year before I did the same race is 150 mile Trail race I did it and I think around forty hours and I had to walk the last 60 miles to go and then I told her after her mother fuck I'm coming back here next year and I'm breaking the course record I went back and didn't like 32 hours

► 02:19:36

same race

► 02:19:39


► 02:19:41

no know when you ready three hours so when you're running what what shoes do you use right now I'm wearing Brooks and also we're Basics so it just depends on you know what kind of train I'm in route that stuff I can put rails what do you run for Trails next time I wore a street running shoe how come my body was so messed up the only way I could ever wear with this Brooks addiction and I hate even given Brooks Credit right now the back in the day they would help a brother out I was going to so many miles yes Brooklyn Brooklyn are there a Merry Christmas on that one I caught up a million times a man can I get like a discount or some shit hang up nobody nothing so but they do have a good shoe and I and I and it was not good PR

► 02:20:41

show me different shoes and in that was a so I can now wear a neutral shoe so how are you to run and very few people know this I used to have heel wedges

► 02:20:53

inserts heel wedges and get compression tape because my body was pushed so far in from being so tight in my hip flexors that's how I got such bad stress fractures with mybama cancel this is a picture of my toe in there cuz my my toes is Jan in front of my shoes cuz my whole body just got this in so you when you say in Benton for people just listen you are if you are hands are flat you're turning the outside of your hands so that it was down in the shoe and the outside of your foot was up above it because I was like that sideways triangle like crazy to keep my heel from going down

► 02:21:53

severe tendonitis in the back of ankle that show you how to make it thicker on one side is right is to force you inside flat right to the inside out of push up and had to get depression tape so it was a person take cute wedges and an insert and that's how I ran every fucking day did you go to a running coach or anything I don't know

► 02:22:18

I know what you were doing wrong or what man I was running Hundred Mile races with this kind of tendonitis in my feet being fucked and it was so painful sounds like to know what so then I start stretching I like my got all this was from having to type a somatic my God I wasn't I wasn't all these different Contraptions and now I just wear normal running shoe wow being Contraption up man like literally Contraption up so it's all just the stretching that opened up the range of motion and bounced repeatedly do what I was doing to myself

► 02:23:10

and you were born with the stress I was born under like I hate I can't paint a clear is it is pretty clear in the book man my life was bad stress I endured on the two people and my body was proof of literally what my life was doing to me it literally was not all my muscles up cuz I was always under this fighter fight my dad and made me so fucking scared of shit you know tip to unwind this motherfuker man was like it was it was it was a heart attack you know I was a hard it was a hard time is not just all the hard training know but it's also the mind could think about it is that you're T12

► 02:23:59

that that's the only muscle that attaches your lower body trigger upper body and that's the muscle that's that's your fighter flight whenever you get nervous or scared of somebody that that motherfuking visit with your whole body is I lived in that like almost fetal position in my mind for so many years so I was always on this like tight neck tension fucking guy but I walked around like I'm some cool hit my new hairstyle Panther say I'm a cool dude man are you being is a jiu jitsu Gear with a white belt on a man I got it right now I'm going to set it up I know this place is out there Nashville holler at me I'm sure they will.

► 02:24:59

and I can't wait to finish it and just thank you thank you for the inspiration thank you for being so honest expressing yourself I appreciate the fuck I appreciate you brother

► 02:25:12

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we did it thank you thank you everybody thanks for being on the podcast thanks for being on the punt you would what you wanted you were listening thanks for listening I hope you appreciate it I enjoy doing it much respect and love to David Goggins and thank you to all much love by