#1220 - Joey Diaz

The Joe Rogan Experience #1220 - Joey Diaz

December 24, 2018

Joey “CoCo” Diaz is a Cuban-American stand up comedian and actor.  Joey also hosts his own podcast called “The Church of What’s Happening Now”.

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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happy New Year and merry Christmas it's fucking on you understand it's Christmas Eve you thought it was going to be ho-hum fuck you Uncle Joey Joe Rogan here fucking live Christmas Eve talking about bugs in your house and how easy it is for the feds they don't need a bug your house anymore. Just use your phone just turned tell him what you were telling me about that the airpods there's a there's a new setting on the new operating system where your airpods you turn on this thing called live listen and it's it's listening to the microphone on your iPhone

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so you can leave your phone in a room walk out you can use just made your own bug but that's means that anybody that can access your phone could probably also listen if they have access to that don't know how strong she said let me talk to anybody that knows what's possible with electronics to get already turn your microphone on anytime they want that was a kid I grew up in that book making shit bookmakers. Wouldn't talk in the room that there was a phone in the room Smart Ones in the 70s damn not talk on the phone but if there's a phone in the room they would leave the room now that's a nice it was going to be super paranoid they were 30 years ahead of time. Vincent the chin they start bugin cars along the way where he would walk you would walk with his bathrobe like he was crazy and he would give everybody instructions and it would do it on his walk so he couldn't get bugged anywhere so they start a bug in the cars along as walk route that's all I got I'm going to get you with the mic yeah

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what are the same microphone they use in the NFL when you hear all those tackles in runs in the old days that I don't know what the Powerball like Mike takes vibrations from glass so I could just point this laser at your glass with speakers on and I'll take whatever you're saying in a room and bounce it off the glass heard it there's a record stores in the fucking ass so by now it's world they're listening to everything anything anything and everything like what about bathroom on a plane you have to assume they're watching it like I used to doing in do Blaster always pull my pants down and go through the whole process like I wish it and I wasn't really shouldn't I just always thought there was a camera that well you probably correct I've heard things that are just horrid about Vegas in the 80s how they have cameras in rooms Vegas in the bathroom

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Mount within 10 minutes of cops around here when did they when did the mob I officially get out of Vegas like with the mob is still in Vegas just the New York last week and I realized how much construction is going on and I thought to myself how much of that is the mob still getting mad at tax for years 2% so if it's a 300 million dollar job do the math on that you make it big junk on that

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the show you the truck didn't get rich because the construction business is huge and you got a New York Mets know I can't give you accurate numbers cuz I don't know numbers but look what the average is 4 square foot of concrete New York look with the averages in Iowa I was reading something about that the square foot of New York the concrete is fucking insane because so many hands are getting fucking greased you know you don't pay a job okay so so you don't pay that one episode of The Sopranos so what I do is break your balls you would GCU don't want to pay me my money that's fine I send somebody from the union now that instead of me doing this come on through I got to stop you got to take your book I got to call the union to see if you're paid up for your dues we check your tire pressure we count the longest after windows on the truck pretty sure you got 30 truck backed up

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I do not make any money that's how they track you down that's the shame them or you paid me okay to trucks go through don't worry what would sign them if we don't care who is drivers we don't care if he's Union on Union it's such a dirty business at that level that's the shake that Trump would be the GC on the job you pay your job run smooth you don't pay so 2% of went to the mall with concrete tax then they have another 2% right off the top two big red big rig take Julie give it to Joe Rogan no matter what the prices we inflate the price even though Jamie comes in 3 million dollars cheap I'm going to give Joe Rogan that three and two more

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I'm going to do the job but that's 3 million dollar profit plus I'm going to take 2% off the top of that $3000000 Prophet know what I noticed when I was a kid when I was working construction while the first things I noticed it's one of the businesses that's run almost exclusively by men like manly men like the construction guys were barley dudes with big fucking hands they worked hard and they were like these were like rough guys but they were running a big business it's like all these other businesses if you think about businesses he think about like computers you don't think about like rugged Burly guys but computers and construction or just as common like everybody needs a computer everybody needs a house like constructions everywhere it's a gigantic business at least in back of Boston when I was working as a laborer it was run by these big Savages to fucking big dangerous guys who's got more diverse not because

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unions have made you hire more women when I was no attrition like 3 months and there was a female supervisor who knew her shit a dad get a ride was not electrician when she was a kid that was in fucking day job

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men at a tough time working for I clicked with her she was easy she would leave me the fuck alone sometimes men can't they just have a real hard time with a woman to know what happened but I didn't mind at all I didn't give a fuk I like that someone's great at their jobs are greater than I'd rather just got to be a reason for that go for that extra strength and conditioning to strengthen and conditioning trinium in this video is watching Boston his ass even liked has a super Savage make sure I'm right about that about that. You're well it's someone equally Savage someone is just a fuck his super Alpha we know as a super Alpha like yoel we had them in the podcast I was just looking at it sitting there

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is that even a real person be 12 hours to get over him remember that night we both have spots at the store and I pulled you aside like a what do you really think or do what do you really think I'm sorry I missed you. Is this something that just I just said it's a restaurant North Bergen a run by this dude named Jocko Jesus Christ and spaghetti with the tiny meatballs I couldn't finish it but one of these waiters was a wrestler listen to the podcast and he was saying how he wasn't that good he was on the bottom floor he ate the scrap and he but he goes yeah I know you just last week I think about the other super athletes it'll come out of q but that I've gotten into MMA and boxing okay

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Hector Lombard a lot of people they might look at Hector Lombard because of some of his tough fights that he had in the UFC later in his career but if you go back and watch Hector Lombard language shed in Bellator those were probably is prime years he was the champion belt or I mean fucking smashing people smashing people at 185 pounds and then he came over to the UFC he fought 185 but that's a big ass 185 know I think I think he's either my Hider I'm 5-8 easy to my Haider is an inch taller but he's just so jacked smashing people with early in his career man I always wanted to get him in the UFC I was like this guy needs to come over he's TV show athletic man he would say he's a judo player

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take the risk he's at you know who was a Jew. Player for tuba but I'm telling you man did you can take all the steroids in the world you're not going to move like this guy moves

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Josh Lombard Josh Barnett brother told me that Hector Lombard when he went to the gym could you have the bar he's a super athlete he just had a lot of really really rough fights against the best fighters in the world and I really think that some of his best fight you can say like maybe he was tested more and I think he certainly was tested more here in do you have saved and it wasn't Bellator certainly the caliber of competition so far greater but I also think you know Fighters have a window of opportunity for the most part for most of them there's exceptions will they can extend that window the window the experts seem to think the windows around nine years is not a number that I invented but it's a number that I agree with in terms of like the best you have you might be able to do it for 9 years old

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fears which blew my mind that's crazy blew my mind that I started thinking about it

► 00:15:13

tell about all the great cycle about Earl Campbell Jim Brown he had about those guys I thought about their injuries how lucky you have to be okay now the UFC as a fighter how many people actually did fight in the UFC for 9 years straight so far a lot just been quite a few my life but at the same time

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they've been a lot of guys have had great potential and by the fourth or fifth fight they've moved on you know everybody's different this is this is the thing everybody's different terms their ability to cooperate everybody's different terms their style like some guys just don't take much damage you know some like Ben askren perfect example never fought in the UFC but when you watch him fighting these other organizations think it's most interesting doesn't take any damage you can say is boring if you want to I don't think it's boring I think it's super high-level wrestling and you need to see how that shitt would fly against the best in the world and that's why he's here now very excited about this but he's a perfect example of like he doesn't have any problems that guy's been fighting for a long time you talk to him he's as Lucid as they come he's articulate very smart very well-educated read books all the time you'll send me a recommendation for books very very interesting. So you got those guys who like he could do it for a long fucking

► 00:16:35

cuz you're not taking a beating when you start taking a beating man sometimes guys try to get back in there too soon and they're still hurting you know from from a fight like a really bad knock it off. Just sometimes even just getting beaten up is were you like even if you don't get stopped like you incur more damage that way you know for a in a long-ass fight and you wouldn't quick KO you know like gum and Glory you know Joseph champion and he won the title gets marked a month after the fight couldn't fight again ski Cushing's were so bad he couldn't look at the light from an iPhone charger like a laptop charger that little light from that thing would would be blinding 2hat going to be like in a dark room for three weeks CBD oil brought him out of it when I think of Fighters and what happens during a fight I go back all the way to Bernard Hopkins against Felix Trinidad

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because you brought it up to my attention I never even knew about that world you never came back and said it was like who's the guy that went to distance that's now about flights out of GSP Scamp really tough guy I went five rounds with fucking what's his name and then Rory MacDonald yes after that fight that he had he was never really the same time as Robbie Lawler fights fights affect you in different ways the beating you take Effexor with different ways I want to see what the kid that Edson Barboza fights with next time how he comes out he took a ferocious beating against at Edson last fight before alicantre and Kevin will see but Rory I got to disagree because after that fight he look fucking phenomenal in Bellator in his first who was his first fighting but not belt was it Paul Daley

► 00:18:36

TD fought but then the next fight with Paul Daley so you manhandle Paul Daley very smart fight because he fought really well on his feet first threatened daily little bit on speeding and took him down dominated them on the ground and it was it was it was a very impressive when she fighting mousasi

► 00:19:04

I think was probably not the but you know you never know you know you got to test yourself and is only one way to do that and he knows better than anybody in the guys in it to test himself now he knows that he can't beat me at this point is life ever he's a smart kid then he's he's an animal to me that guy is so don't I would like to say that I just thought that a lot of times after battles people don't come back to say I agree on some of them but I don't got that took GSP the fucking zoo and fought about a million people give it all you got yep. Give it all you got moments how to react after that what's going to happen now is Kevin Lee going to come back yeah I guess I always have those questions which is a great fight by the amazing photos of the five hours most excited about this weekend with Michael chiesa Carlos conduit Bryant

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a little bit around for a long fucking time is name is Khan. But he knows I'm his brother and I'm one of the biggest fans and if I was in the Mafia II diary from the UFC a long time ago cuz he's an assassin he's like really is going to give him a few just give him a gun with a silencer and a pencil and let him do the rest go down and you could switch his mind quick with 600,000 week I want to say this is UFC was it his debut against Brock Larson but that it was as they do it was it was that in the wec I feel like I was in a WC I feel like his debut was against

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► 00:20:47

it was a Jake

► 00:20:51

Martin kampmann was his debut in Nashville

► 00:20:57

day 4 of Nashville

► 00:21:05

yeah to Jake Ellenberger was another one that's super fucking dangerous for a long time and it was he before he fought in UFC knocked out Pele with one punch your face in my office about three weeks ago he came into my office and ice and nice is Kyler are you I gave a bong hit of the dog it was like fucking he's the best the poor bastard he couldn't know how to drive home yeah folks alone. I was not around vodka was not around a little broke their system for a week if you think Brock Lesnar system disappeared in the fucking system whatever all my God put Jake Ellenberger we took him deep haven't seen it but I've heard he told me cuz you know I don't smoke a question that I was just frustrated I love you to death he's coming back home to redeem himself

► 00:22:02

smoking again and toughest battle yeah you can't that's too much most people can't for most people that don't do podcast all the time getting on your podcast of mine fuck this is Alien OG this is in in just as a for people that don't know the numbers let's find out what the numbers actually are like what was Bruce what percentage THC was marijuana in the 1970s I want to say it was like 8 to 10 probably just so funny how the New York New Jersey so I would go to Harlem

► 00:22:53

what we have available to us was Panama Red Columbian gold I could be verse of Versailles can be wrong on the names and then you had from Jamaica you had this we've called lambsbread

► 00:23:08

and then all the sudden the 80s that green we've came along and then call the sinsemilla

► 00:23:15

so I was Copland 148th Street that is he worthy to sell your chocolate Thai which is Lambs bread or he would sell your sense to me yet I will he would put them together and call it the master mix and then if you bought 10 bags of the master makes you got one for free gave you a punch card this is why aren't those men 1982-83 the guy was the middle iguana hanging out in the funny thing was I went back in 85 and looked me straight in the face in his life they know mother fucking weed on this block no more dog had this converted to crack but this is why watching I told you that watching that narcos Mexico those first two episodes is so important because it's like it's like sometimes and you are the TV show it's really hard to believe that one day some Spanish got it couldn't even speak English that hate how come there's not three campus hear his name is fucking loose Desi Arnaz Desi Arnaz event that they freak

► 00:24:15

wish you could you know that that's hilarious desilu Productions all that shit white people sitting around the guy that did the principal guy in narcos this year as a character who grew weed in the desert

► 00:24:36

what do you think about that have never been even thought of it before but by doing that I don't know the science oh please Joe Rogan people don't torture me he eliminated the male plant and a female strong and the only way you could grow that is in the desert so he found water in the desert why isn't the only way you can go and grow in the desert something about the climate so that it's like the Immaculate Conception when you get pregnant without getting pregnant so you eliminate the male plant to something I do not know this information from women so there's no seeds and the reefer get stronger that started in the 80s that's why if you watch narcos Mexico it shows you how that whole thing started they were pumped in 15 metric tons a year in the United States of this shit go green weed became the Mexican green weed was what we started smoking I got to say that I read

► 00:25:36

which may be 15 and like the strongest and it is Weeds now that by the 21% that they take me to the fucking Mountain but that 28 on above and if you don't get your stuttering your mom was your fucking can't focus

► 00:25:55

I like that feeling at night when I listen to music

► 00:25:59

Olympic news icon that I called you like there was like October 3rd and I was going to call you to tell you that I love to participate in sober October but because of my love for music that's not going to happen cuz my fingers to go home at night and sometimes I go to the office like I told you my house is dead at 49 the kid goes to bed at 4 for 8:30 in my wife some bedtime to this late at night I don't have a spot a little podcast I just go to my office I bring a notebook on iPad might get stoned and I put it on the album on when I go down a mountain Road and I just get fucked up and listen to that music I love each other out that's my mommy and once a week ago to the album store in Albino Island do vinyl album lately I would know that Led Zeppelin II Road

► 00:26:47

that's one of the greatest dirtiest filthy asylums of it opens up with whole lot of love

► 00:26:56

it just dirty and then with lemon song and then heartbreaka it's just dirty never listen to fucking Physical Graffiti I love going into those for those weather tonight stoned to the gills

► 00:27:13

yeah there's something about that music they they were the first drug culture music in America if you think about it like Zeppelin and Pink Floyd Animals then there was rumors of acid if you listen to the funeral wanted to provide ticket for bald one of those John Lennon spreads acid associated with drugs but if you think of Hendrix if you think of mean Hendrix is always associated with drugs by Janis Joplin always associated with drugs

► 00:27:56

either good or bad it's it's very interesting is very interesting heard the sound is so it lasts like it's so relevant if you listen to some Zeppelin today it's still so goddamn good they were so good so good they were so good at the end of a slow then Jimmy Page kicks on with the guitar guy that stops heart sounds like you like I should do I jump out a window like Led Zeppelin 2 there's a couple hours I got that office that I put on a such a part of my childhood like I think about my mom come in the room fan yelling at fucking devil music blasted at fucking 6 in the morning the neighbors next door with Jehovah Witnesses and he would knock on my door you have to please lower your music

► 00:28:56

I never looked at that age out of fishes stereo

► 00:29:01

okay and I already knew not to get components like I was already had like I never bought the album with the 8-track and cassette fuck you I bought an amp and I bought a set that can I have a turntable and I would fucking blasted I don't know where I got the speakers for my boredom that fell off a truck I love music loud, I store my every time till this day every time Led Zeppelin's final album comes out in through the out door comes on the radio or something I think of my mother banging on the door for freshman year going

► 00:29:39

if I got a knock on this door one more time of drawing that stereo out the window

► 00:29:44

like 7 in the morning she has a full fucking speed rolling a joint getting ready to walk up the hill smoking a joint I wouldn't smoke at the house not like that she had no idea clean album albums it would record player

► 00:30:02

fuck I hope you get what you told the chocolate needle where you would go over dudes houses that a special needle which would you be impressed of a guy like a fucking cool-looking needle I still had I have rather had a reel-to-reel Jimmy do I need to build a real friend of mine had a real a real high school oh my God at the sound he bought the speakers and everything is sound you can he like that the musician pulling away your microphone so when I was that good so when he's playing this reel-to-reel it's got like a like a projector screen type deal and I'm the Shelf he had the speakers

► 00:30:53

and he had a reel-to-reel I think I've seen that he would forever and it would have two or three hours of music on it

► 00:31:01

so whenever he would have a party would just put on the real real but that time that was the threat that it's going to reel-to-reel wrecked that scrap never made it and then one of them it went from albums

► 00:31:19

cassettes to fucking CDs so if you put something through that you would have to kind of like do it like you're working in projection room you take the film from one of them is just really large cassette tape player put the music put the music on it could you buy me some on there if you had a cable to the plug it into yeah I forget how they make copies on the left copier you can do with this machine probably but the ER Copies back in the early eighties now is it the same thing how it would degrade a group page generator for ins for your friend and it was like like someone through mud in your eye is green because it was so many generations of copy do you remember when was watch like this

► 00:32:19

I don't remember but I heard about it and I remember that movie about the dude from Hogan's Heroes that was a he he was on Hogan's Heroes and after Hogan's Heroes he just went around making his own homemade porn

► 00:32:35

how do you know you had one of these kind of things on the home projector type deals one knows days if you went to the back of a dirty magazine that Playboy and not pay anything else they would actually send you a projector with three movies

► 00:32:55

force a1495 it was allowin projected probably going to work 10 times but at least you got to watch porn and they send you a Real to Reel that was so bad

► 00:33:09

corn was so bad

► 00:33:12

nice to remember story with me and my friends chipping in

► 00:33:17

and getting the so fucking reel-to-reel with the thing and plugging it in the wall and putting sheets on the windows and it was just horrible White Chicks they would find off the streets Flapjack titties somebody turn cigarettes off on a chest and this chick was half on drugs and she had to suck the guy's dick in the most Vivid picture at members when she took the mayonnaise with the bread

► 00:33:46

she was sucking this guy's dick the guy's dick have been beat up and she took mayonnaise Miracle Whip that's why I never liked Miracle Whip she put it on the bread and made a Dixie who is Dick and it was like me and three other twelve-year-olds dog we almost had a heart attack you understand me like I had to Blue up I turn off turn off turn off timer OK Google who wants this fucking projector no no no no no no no no no it was a cheap cheap cheap little projector you had to put a sheet up on the wall a user's screen got a fucking shade up all your windows in the Attic cuz I used to do it in my attic is my mother wasn't home

► 00:34:31

I would like the first viewing party we had was in my attic you got to send the money on it and you had to send the Dolemite 95 for shipping and handling SMH and then it would take six weeks delivery so you would just sip you can send it to your house so I will have to send it to Rogan's house because I knew his mother and his grandmother worked all day so that never be home so it would just drop the package off in front of one of my mother's found that back if we'd be that we'd be fucking deaf in your mind your mother putting it outside some chick make with Miracle Whip on a piece of bread eaten to the fucking your dick with don't you think Mom's today probably wouldn't even flinch

► 00:35:13

what if what if they found their kid with something like that on his computer and kid it be every mom edit you talk to anymore it's true. Mom wants to hear this I'm getting laid the first girl you brought over the house

► 00:35:31

actually bothered your mother oh I'm sure the first two girls you brought them actually bothered and irritated the shit out of your mother it took your mom a while because you always will be that little boy I can't imagine getting his dick sucked and he just I just put diapers on 10 years ago you know what else they worry about the worry about you get somebody pregnant cuz you so stupid teen 1617 you guys are just doing stupid shit you know you don't really know how to pull out that good how good are you at that not very good when you were that young mean it's your parents are worried about you doing something dumb

► 00:36:13

your parents worried about you getting pregnant but they also don't want you having sex and the skinny girl like I always have the girls that were friends but after the girls that leave my mom would put me to send some what's going on I don't have to deal she's just a friend and I would have steam out of the house I can't believe it you know they were friends but that was just one Skinny Girl place to bring over the 7th grade and my mother call us when I have to live in like she caught us making out so she asked me as a man she was from Down Under me a fucking favor if she's here I'm downstairs just leave the door open my mom was one of those talk she was one of those just do me a favor

► 00:37:00

but if I'm here just leave the door open and I would leave it open the foot and then try this 8 in 6 in and she would have to come up and see how somebody on like that you leave the fucking door open and then you you're an animal at that age so that is you finally talked him into love you because all I was doing was dry humping this girl that's all I was doing we weren't having sex you know we weren't having sex with just making out dry out of it but one day I die. My mom had the Barstow and she would just fucking come on in the afternoon to see it this Broad and one day I didn't hear her and she brought with her friends up movie with her friends are and I'm in there just swapping Spit with the chip I hear something on the wall

► 00:37:49

something's going on but I kept dry humping that we had Earth Wind and Fire Can't Hide Love gray fucking outbof that's the way of the world I'm driving from this chick That Pet Place and I hear a lot of slip

► 00:38:04

tell a guy starts yelling cuz I ran downstairs that was Mike one of my mother's friends I know I know he used to be a bookie at my mother's bought some I just got to get to the bottom of this I got to do with this kids getting laid so he volunteers to get the ladder at the

► 00:38:23

see if I'm getting laid to look at the window by God I had an air conditioner with a Curt they can never see in any way

► 00:38:32

but this girl pissed off my mom for years this one on for about a year and then I started taking his shirt off and sucking on tits and my dad came out of the closet and that was the end and then my mom would give a shit for a little while b1213 I'm in the sixth grade me and this girl would watch the Osmonds on Friday and Saturday Donny and Marie and I would get pissed off cuz she had a crush on fucking Donnie you know you know you're a kid and then when they finally figured out if they don't watch this after 3 why don't we play hooky from 12 to 3 we can try them for 3 hours and nobody will know your grandmother Works my mother is definitely not coming on

► 00:39:20

so we used to play hockey and one day they call us and her and I had like

► 00:39:27

that was 20 feet between us on a fence their parents had a house right behind mine and my mom went into the backyard like the fucking Spanish from the next year's and started yelling at your daughter's a horse

► 00:39:42

everyday I don't know what they do in that room if she's not sucking his dick my daughter was just a reminder son was a regular little boy until your daughter took over and I know I used to walk on your mom's sub with that she's a fucking hard but it drove my bottom for that woman drove it was just a skinny chick

► 00:40:18

that drove my mother fucking crazy

► 00:40:23

hey they made you mad men imagine you if you have a little boy and you take him to the park and he's a cute little fella on the runs and stumbles and falls down and cries when you pick him up and he hugs you and you love him he like it's okay just Great Pyrenees okay and he's crying and crying you feel so bad you feel so bad they get him a Band-Aid and give me a kiss and

► 00:40:48

talk to him and hang out with them then he goes to sleep and you sit there and you look at him sleep and you think about how precious he is it's a little life on the year you're entrusted with you got to take care of

► 00:41:00

15 years later someone sucking his dick some dirty little girl down the block God damn it look at that now he's all into her all the time up sets with her it's driving you nuts how's your baby your baby stuck with some Tramp Tramp

► 00:41:21

you will an ambulance which is that that's a hell on Earth having a. She loves daddy she watches TV but there's going to come a day she wants to go to the mall with her friends and you have to let her and you have to worry and it's not the same world and salt video the world's not the same now it's not going to be the same when they're older is getting weirder and weirder you don't people getting you know we were talking earlier about bugs and searches and people being will turn your microphones on it has a matter of time before there's no privacy whether it's 50 years whether it's a hundred years and I mean I'm acting just going to be no privacy with anything I don't think with your thoughts I think we're going to the next thing after cell phones is going to be something that allows us to communicate way easier they're going to just get up within the next

► 00:42:21

deers are going to come up with some way we're going to be all communicate through a device is going to be better than just talkin we're going to we're going to share thoughts it's going to get really fucking strain I'm a hundred percent convinced I think all this stuff is just getting everything accelerates right used to be really hard to get ahold of somebody now it's really easy to get ahold of somebody and now you're you're going to people figured out a way to turn people's microphones on record them and people are putting tape over there or their webcam I want to pay look at while tripping off like they think someone's going to look through for the other side they probably can it's going to be a matter of time before everybody can't with every but with everything you do is going to be there going to be all all information available to everybody this is going to happen we're so far away from where we were in the 70s so far away so far away so far away and that was a lifetime we can remember the seventies you know 1973 I was 6 years old

► 00:43:21

remember that remember remember the Vietnam War I remember when the war ended thinking when I was a little kid this is great that the war's over cuz now they know the war is bad and they won't do any warning more the war is over gone and when the war started up again when I was thinking was 21 when Desert Storm kicked in I was a holy shit they're doing it again me and my friend Jimmy dattilio we had an apartment in

► 00:43:46

I think it was fucking where where we Malden or some shit I forget where the fuck we were Waltham that's what we were we were in Waltham we had this fucking apartment and we were sitting there on TV which it sits in front of the living room couch we just sitting there in the living room watching these fucking missiles flying through the air and I'll never forget it was Buddy looks like we're at War what hello we're both sitting there going what the fuck we're at War I thought we didn't do that anymore

► 00:44:21

I remember that remember that hold that time when when that was how you got information for the TV is so far removed from today today everything that happens all the time is coming at you a hundred miles an hour from every direction is just too much to eat but with you

► 00:44:44

you have to control it you still have to have a life you still here you know I don't have Facebook on my phone I have my email account I try to keep Twitter off my phone when I go on the road the iPad has no twittering no Facebook it's too much it's too much of it interferes are who we are and if you haven't caught that by now you're not catching this you know I'll open up my Twitter on a Saturday just to see who's tweet thinking to myself what are you doing with your fucking life that you're tweeting on Friday fucking Saturday and Sunday you know it becomes a little game X it's a little game you have to give it a breather you have to you it's too much news coming at you from 202 on your satellite disc it's in or near the thing is it's too much news from Sports to world news HLN

► 00:45:44

and then ESPN all in the fucking row it's too fast it's too quick last week when I was home my buddy has a cab driver took sick soup is on Monday in New York Tuesday I just want to take a cab I took my wife to get some real Pizza Roma Pizza the guy that was making pizza that was still there when I was a kid I drove by one and I know he's still in there so we took a fucking cab on the cat this guy that drove is a friend of mine we work together since we were twelve

► 00:46:19

we would talk and go that's if asked first gas station that robbed and illegals remember when we were twelve will walking home tonight Freddie Prinze got killed wow for a prince and killed himself and I waited find out at 6 News

► 00:46:36

do you know I'm saying yeah like that was the Gap in time so you got your news and they even though and that was New York it was the city capital watch TV in the morning maybe they mentioned in the morning reports on the LA Freddie princes in the hospital Freddie Prince died he shot himself last night and I started my how cold it was it was January or February was fucking freezing but we're walking home we would 12 what we see in front of us but a guy passed out drunk

► 00:47:17

just haven't drunk on the floor so will I go now let's get the money out of his pocket you take the bottle that was in a bottle of the doors or whatever so I plan was to take a bottle to shake what's it called you roll a bum so maybe two times

► 00:47:44

oh my God we ran away in a bottle chases Jesus we was all those weird things like that's what I associate with a Freddy shot himself at night they must have mentioned in the morning I was too busy going to school and it wasn't confirmed for the next day

► 00:48:06

that's how slow news was now you're getting news you're getting hit with 200 stories in 10 minutes what happened in France what Trump decided what do UFC is doing what the fuck is Penny Marshall died you getting through this Throne actual day and you really can't control it take your child you watch these two young girls grow up

► 00:48:33

you ever have days where you take them somewhere Disney that it's so much information they got to go back and take a nap

► 00:48:42

what the apple cider stuff so yeah that's got to be happening to us know for sure it's wearing you out and it's all a lot of is really negative to you know that's that's another part of problems what's interesting to people's what's dangerous and there's not much dangerous so what's interesting to people becomes you know being negative being nasty about something complaining about things bitching about that starting starting Twitter fights like people enjoy doing it there like the looking for for battles

► 00:49:13

you don't want I do wish there was a way for people could choose to only engage online without insulting people and just trying to get a rise out of people I got a troll freeway of interacting but it's never going to happen so you got to kind except what it is as soon as you accept what it is you should be very wary about entering to anything we're 60% of what you're experiencing is negative anyting anything in life where you're looking at 60% negative you don't have to be like being informed is one thing but that's more than just being informed cuz how much of that information is even valuable to you A lot of it is just getting soaked soaked into these fucking horrible stories

► 00:49:58

you know I mean I went down the rabbit hole the other day reading about this these Scandinavian tourists that got beheaded in Morocco in the mountains these girls were hitchhiking and they went it's fucking a horrible horrible horrible stuff man then I watched a video of it it's horrible Joe ruhlin you know I love your room number one don't go ahead shotgun embraco mind your fucking business was apparently did this all over the world yeah send the fucking Bible be a man and do the best you can there's some people want to put themselves in the dangers why I like controlling my situation I really do I lie don't want to sound shallow I would love to be able to have a passport to go to China and go to Italy but I'm not going nowhere what it is

► 00:50:58

fucking crazy going on I don't need that in my life I don't want to hear a bomb when I'm fucking sleeping Bible Israel talk to Harmony like that you can hit bombs going shopping with you is like telling jokes on the phone or a bomb going off and shit. I don't need that I don't need none of that shit that's putting yourself In Harm's Way she ate the balls I appreciate them balls of you climbing up Mountain agero I appreciate all that stuff but it's not in my percentage graph I believe in percentages you understand me forget it so

► 00:51:38

it's just the other night I read so I get high at night time and to come down I smoke 55 fucking bonnets sometimes you don't have to say a joke on Twitter the joke is written when you read it as a human being you're saying this is a very interesting article but the same time it does have elements of humor in it is a nautical of the hot chick and it says mother goes to court the complaint about teacher who fucked a 15 year old kid because this life is changed is never been the same since she fucked short acid the kids never going to get his dick sucked like that again can you imagine getting the teacher to Blow Your Horn when you're in high school one of those dirty if you see a picture of a Joe Rogan with high on a boat with a bikini now you take this check to the prom and she sucking your dick crying, saying like

► 00:52:38

his life is changed it's a joke. I got a tag for two days and I didn't really attack people I turned around and I called of love Mary Christmas

► 00:52:55

it's so funny that you can get caught in that they forget what comedians we are at a tube a tube that transports something really ugly into something that still ugly but a little bit of funny to it yeah I cracked a joke when I found my mother dead on the Florida myself

► 00:53:14

would say I knew she was never going to know I got left.

► 00:53:19

Cuz I got left back but I never told and it was coming early years I haven't talked to her since she kept asking me have you chosen a college yet and I'm a sophomore year for three years I ran the scam of my mother thought she thought I was a junior high was really soft

► 00:53:37

so soon as I made that turn I think throughout buy salt harm was purple I guess the forehead but I'm in the popping up and going I do this bitch wasn't going to ever find out before I dialed nine-one-one so if I dropped humor that situation that's how I fucking handle myself well that's how you leaving pressure in your life you have to drop you and I will drop a bomb on you at a funeral Joe Rogan I will drop a bomb on you at a funeral that you will look at me and go Jody is the balls on you but thank God you came before we say when Phil Hartman didn't win an Emmy we were all in the audience right we went there to honor him cuz he got nominated and the dude from Frasier one and Dave for always turns to me and Steven Rudy goes what the hell does he have to do to win

► 00:54:30

add shot for fucksake if I really is people have no idea when I see people arguing now like now is a fifty-five-year-old you look at it and you fell I threw away 20 years of my life are you with people that I had no reason to argue with them for it's not even worried that they played the tape back you laugh at yourself and feel horrible you look at shit now what is the seelie affect your life

► 00:55:11

I told her I want some CNN like when you're the hotel room on the weekends either you got to eat you go down and see you then or see each other BC political pipe oh I love those for 6 minutes to see people get fired up and they attack each other and that you and everybody is fucking bullshit but you sit there and you know what is the big fucking deal don't matter if I can hit what makes a comeback and he's president you all got to get up and go to work every morning it's like they giving you money anymore so I like somebody's giving your money on that point you in the house for free if it down resurfaces from the grave and he's the president you stand out of work you still got to build houses you still out of town center to the UFC's you're still so what what is how much is it really effective at least that's how I've always thought the problem with all these shows is all of them with her at CNN or Fox news is that the Leaning their lean and somewhere

► 00:56:11

the lean and want with their they're telling you about the news but they're leaning on it in a way they're not just simply recording the fact specially Fox News right they lean like I don't know I don't know what you guys are talking about when you say that but I will tell you when people talk to me about left and right I have no idea because I don't even know where I stand the most vicious but

► 00:56:35

guess what I didn't see in New York and New Jersey last week what if it guess or what I did not say

► 00:56:42

almost people really late because it so cold

► 00:56:48

I was homeless for assembling teen days in New York in December from December 12th to the 31st I got a hotel room maybe 50% of the time but beside that I was homeless at one time in 1984 you did and I asked me when you know you just don't say it

► 00:57:04

I saw very small sections of not encampments but the homeless percentage was smaller so I asked somebody what that is how come I have somebody homeless people out here and they said it's called because that liberals I didn't fucking know that's what a liberal or was I know I did I just California's with me yeah just try to be a human being I don't know that doesn't make sense it's like what does that mean then what we're looking for the homeless go do we make more of them out here that would be saying it was done the bus to California and 25 choose you saw that the TV show wild wild country to see that

► 00:57:58

it's on the right niches I said right Niche cult from Oregon and one of the things they did to they took over the town by the homeless people in buses and then how tall is people vote and they took over the town they like developed it a real town and then they took over this one area bust out how America Musa Thomas at 12 each year US city gives thousands of homeless people one way bus ticket out of town and 18 months and H Nationwide investigation public Guardian reviews for the first time what really happens at Journey's End well that sounds like a M Night Shyamalan movie where they kill a bunch of homeless people

► 00:58:43

like Satan's involved what are they where they ship them

► 00:58:54

looks like they're throwing them down in Miami and in LA

► 00:59:01

I live in Colorado and Colorado people would the homeless people would commit crimes they figured out what crimes they would get 60 days for

► 00:59:15

I never commit that crime please guilty do the 60 days just to get out of the winter because of those days old would give you tobacco

► 00:59:27

you allowed they would give you some back up again to roll it that really I thought for sure yet Boulder County jail and 1991 Boulder County jail and some other jail will voted number one and two jails in the country

► 00:59:43

wow that people would want to go to the jail then bowled a built the new jail and it became fucking, this land like Aspen communist land uniforms no more staying up till 2 in the morning when I was wrong with the other way Boulder County Jail

► 01:00:07

it got out they got out through tonight's bright feel like I'm telling you homeless people who commit a crime to do 60 days can I ask you something in jail would it motivate you more is an honest question what motivates you more if you were in jail and it was nice and comfortable in there and you got to relax and calm down or would it motivate you more if they brought you into some, that's top gel you described it with every day to wear uniforms there's no cigarettes there was no fun a limited you outside time what would I didn't I didn't bolts what would what would what would be most effective in rehabilitating you

► 01:00:49

that's the idea right punch and Rehabilitation building for six months this is going to be in jail there's like Pablo Escobar's jail

► 01:01:02

it's still jail

► 01:01:04

I want you to remember that you should not leave the building but six months I will let you watch her front in a cage 1 hour day

► 01:01:14

but you got to figure out what you're going to do in here for 12 months it's a cage yes I have more options here I can lift weights I can do different parts of my body I could shoot pool Boulder was very simple Boulder you got locked up they gave you the Linens you either took them with you to not only at my own clothes so you called home at lunchtime Joe Rogan brought me my jeans my sneakers my t-shirts I'm wearing my own clothes so now they determine what you were in for nonviolent of violent if yours on violent offender The World is Yours the violent ones the ones who get lump in your silent ones so they

► 01:01:58

depending on what you do as violent you going to one sector and that's a fact that the longer you're in there in the more rewards you got so if you're in green you stay up till 10 and they got cable TV if you are ready to Step 11 and they got cable TV if your purple you stepped or one of the county jail was tremendous some cigarette I didn't drink milk milk is big in jail because the bodybuilders like milk is like fucking drugs really I would trade you and you my milk for your Kool-Aid

► 01:02:39

All rights I was in there drinking fucking Kool-Aid just read it because I fucking hate Bill Boulder was a paradise compared to other jails I'll listen to this Thanksgiving day when I was at locked up thanks everyday at the guard came in and I'm going to forget his name was robbed and he opened up the sound down there was a phone that is anybody who needs to use the phone to use the phone I figured out you know those days yet a person died because on sideline I pressed I hate to see if I can long-distance not impressed seven nothing sex not been 5 nothing for fucking long-distance I got the call my peeps in Jersey for 20 minutes of Peace you know you just figure out different things then they send you to a place where somebody looks you in the eye and says strip down

► 01:03:31

you got to go take a shower and then you come out and they put a finger up your ass to see if you got Contraband give your tighty-whities and then lose their finger up it doesn't matter I ask is if it breaks you down as a man as much as anything in the world that that's the first break down wow much are you around let you know they run you they going to stick it up your ass and you go to your cell and act those guys in there that very nice day 1 like the Boulder County jeopardize those guys will check your bed and make you get up turn your light on the middle of night and say get out of bed we're going to do a search at 2 in the morning and those people are not nice at all then I got transferred to Summit County Jail

► 01:04:22

which was a fucking Paradise

► 01:04:26


► 01:04:28

paralyzed handball all day outside TV till 2 in the morning TVs in yourself black and white TVs in yourself facing cable need to be up all night you can use if you wanted to go to breakfast you ate breakfast if not you can sleep through breakfast and weed eat your breakfast for you and then from there they shipped me off to Department of Corrections that's where it's the nitty-gritty if you can black people talk in the movie theater at night don't go there

► 01:05:02

don't go there black people talk all night it's six or seven floors and I was in there in August with you fully minuty in Canyon City Colorado wow alright with a little window you know and I was like on the third floor I can breathe

► 01:05:21

and it goes days and let you out you took two showers a week and one time our day went outside

► 01:05:28

after that you would just in the Cell by yourself

► 01:05:32

night of Frozen the day time it was like fucking being sweating in a fucking 10 can you want to 10 cans in the daytime

► 01:05:42

Bel Air Conditioning

► 01:05:47

there's nothing to showers and then the three meals

► 01:05:52

and then that live in the first week is good because you actually get out of yourself and go test

► 01:06:00

they test you everything your math your English they fucking put a bunch of pictures in front of you they put you through Psychiatry they take your blood out and do everything and then they assess you and then they have

► 01:06:15

I took care of all the dots okay there's a bunch of. You have to you have to dilate your eyes like if you have a high school diploma you get a point if you were working at the time rest you get a point if you opt to pay rent so I got a bunch of points for that is so funny how

► 01:06:35

it's about something very interesting it's very interesting with is Harvey Weinstein cases going to go

► 01:06:43

it's very interesting words going to go right now he has Benjamin breath is an attorney and if you see what happened Benjamin Bratt pushed for dismissal and he didn't get it to go to the lawyer said the judge said a trial date they got to get a trial date Harvey Weinstein's going to go throw more money to pay off time are we going to go for that he's going to fire Benjamin breath and show up with two women

► 01:07:14

early one black and one Asian or one white and one nation and this is when this trouser to get very interested Harvey's also in the millions of dollars in prosecutor in a private investigators legal interview boyfriends and interview this case is going to be very interesting and like the Cosby case we Cosby didn't really fuck how you know he's going to do all this stuff because I know of this is what I would do

► 01:07:47

I know if you come to me and you going to come getting busted for this what do I do because of how I grew up around those people this is what you do Benjamin Bratt and not ask a woman the same question a woman can ask a woman

► 01:08:03

so I'm going to go in there with either a black woman

► 01:08:08

the Asian woman

► 01:08:11

white woman my first two choices of a black and an Asian woman you want to get the diversity Angela get the diversity and I want to get that you can't you're saying that cuz you're a black woman Chinese woman in front of the staff did you ever really watch the people.vs OJ Simpson now I didn't very interesting and it says it's time that you sat down all the holidays that one episode seemed very good very interesting how you put a dream team together like I was being paid to Mill and make believe you're blind or

► 01:08:52

we put together a fucking using you see him he want to know what that milk you should over his eyes at the guy from Kung Fu let me when we was getting confused father has like you're confused followers like that blind and yeah I remember that that build a magnesium that sounds like that. When he did something stupid

► 01:09:28

this is what America is about to watch they're going to watch something fucking crazy Benjamin Bratt can attack a woman till you look at look like legal cases like sports Gustafson I went to New York last week and I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art with my daughter she loves our

► 01:09:59

and when I was sitting there I was out of town on Goldy on your own and my daughter didn't want me to take some pictures of front of the statues anyway she's like that again other pictures this direction so I'm like what the fuck you thought she was the Chinese money I want to see The Armenian way

► 01:10:16

but it was funny I was thinking about when I was 21 and 22 Jerrell and I would get stoned to the gills and go to the Museum of Natural History the Museum of my hobbies back there since I was such a loan and them people looking for me I was always a criminal how we go over the bridge to either go to one of those museums why would sit in the courtroom

► 01:10:40

I would go to a place that had a fucking the Italian sandwich and I get a bag of wise potato chips in a 16 oz Coke and you go to any courtroom Court starts at 7 at the Metropolitan downtown I take the A train and I walk I have to get now with you this is 1983 81 I was a kid and I would sit not observe Night Court

► 01:11:05

I learned how to plus I grew up in that you are what you would sit and watch Night Court lucky watch a basketball game with a permit tomorrow potato chips take a lot of people don't realize you can just go to court and I would watch you do what can you do that the eighties yes now this bomb to take this trip that the reason why do you have to reason is a speeding thing like someone lost her license and they got arrested driving and trying to get away from copy you can go watch the fuck was going on when those guys are trying to get away from the cops to helicopters chasing them with the spotlights and they just keep going like what the fuck were you thinking like what I would like to get to that courtroom here I want

► 01:12:05

see that guy I want to look at that guy that was like running from the cops the fucking Spotlight from the helicopter on we knew he was going to get away people off and driving the fucking side of the nobody ever gets away recently the other night parking garage garage right stuff to get away from that got you once those helicopters spot you running through neighborhoods. Make sure you use going to a mall they have cameras they can rerun the cameras are watching if you're running into the mall to know there is a spot on my car is at the first of all I just follow you on camera

► 01:13:01

did they pick you up the handcuff you and they put you to sign the car the guy tells you this whole white version of what happened at the Soup Store them if I checked was a moving at a high rate spacewalking if I just had to chase you for 20 miles and they put cop next to you love the drive. You got a couple back hands to your face and I'm saying that you you hit the steering wheel or something that you couple times then you go in there and you should not holding tank and then you fucking

► 01:13:43

if you're with one another person used to it you just shut your fucking mouth

► 01:13:48

do you want to call your lawyer call him where they want to call your lawyer because you want one of the other guys to get a lawyer so they like that you have to get it's his puppets it's conflict of interest so it's me you and Jamie get arrested right now

► 01:14:04

I'm going to shut my mouth and tell you I'm going to call my attorney later because I know for a fact they missing to get a public defender so now I can't get a public defender because that's conflict of interest so the state has to pay for a different attorney for me

► 01:14:19

a lot of people don't know that so if you got arrested with two or three people you keep your mouth shut then I'll call my attorney later you have an eternity I forget his name. Jamie Kopp public defender now to public defenders can't represent you got a better chance of getting a better attorney

► 01:14:41

and the state pays for it it's on the young so next time you pay for your mortgage in your goddamn at this they think it's cuz a jerk-off like me when we fucking John even BattleBots instructions he wants 800 an hour even though the state of give a 400 now it's like wholesale and I'm saying but at least I got a better type of attorney game the system you gave your system it really is fucking crazy how I love figuring this shit off you looking for a career writing things down like you would even think and you just automatically started writing down numbers and percentages so yeah I grew up in this shit is like a sport so that's what he'll do. And by the time and tell the dates and if there was a rape kit was very fucking tough

► 01:15:33

it's going to be very interesting Pro what's going to happen in the only thing is anything he talks to he's going to cuz they going to come back I don't like OJ and try to assume so I was just live in Florida making fucken Super 8 films and his crazy when you see someone like him because they work the system

► 01:15:57

don't say nothing about it that's what your advisors in your people around your tired he's not water for the rest of his life because even if he gets that down to like an ass won't charge do you have to serve 8 months 12 months which is really hate

► 01:16:14

once he gets out all the civil suits going to come out

► 01:16:20

and then he has to pull an OJ move to Florida where they can touch your pension some bullshit money he had in the something like that

► 01:16:31

it's really crazy it's not unrelated to our talking about right now so I'm this has happened I think since we've been live Kevin Spacey uploaded this video on his YouTube channel where he is in character is Frank Underwood and since this is come out today he's now been indicted on rape charges and Matt Massachusetts I believe a felony rape charge so it's his plea to get his job back as might have come out without him knowing that was going to happen I don't know I was to see if you wanted to watch and see what he's doing

► 01:17:01

should we watch a movie while you were going to be kicked off of YouTube

► 01:17:13

is washing hands

► 01:17:20

I know what you want so sure they may have tried to separate us but we have is too strong is too powerful and after all we shared everything you and I I told you my deepest darkest Secrets I showed you exactly what people are capable of I shocked you with my honesty but mostly I challenged you and made you think

► 01:17:44

and you trusted me

► 01:17:47

even though you knew you shouldn't

► 01:17:51

so we're not done no matter what anyone says

► 01:17:54

and besides

► 01:17:56

I know what you want

► 01:17:59

you want me back of course I believed everything and I just been waiting with bated breath to hear me confess it all they're just dying to have me to clear that everything said is true and that I got what I deserve

► 01:18:14

but not easy and it was all so simple

► 01:18:18

only you and I both know it's never that simple not in politics and non-life

► 01:18:23

I wish you wouldn't believe it was better if we get it cuz what you know it's strange as it seems a little off his game

► 01:18:38

right they don't know if he's playing Frank Underwood he seems a little off like okay with little tents on that one let's let's go come on man you Frank Underwood I'm Frank Underwood and then boom hit a second time to take felt smoother second take Phelps mother always seems like acting weird it's not like great character. Characters fuck Great Character I mean the Frank Underwood characters like one of the all-time TV characters but that's just weird real life that's so strange for himself

► 01:19:21

sis like a statutory Fox News according to Fox News but this is why everywhere else to he shared this video as he's announced that he's facing felony sexual Star Charts old charges for assaulting a teenage son of a former News Anchor Inn Nantucket bar in 2016

► 01:19:41

thought he was going off on that powder

► 01:19:45

God knows the power they give you on what your body into just to make that tape two shows you how fucking creepy he's got in the I really think to be that good at acting you got to be out of your fucking mind Kevin Spacey's bad motherfuker when it comes to acting all the horrible things he's done aside there's a there's a quality about someone that that good you know they're just got to like a certain amount of insanity to them after apologizing for his actions everything you did is horrendous but I mean to be surprised that you're seeing him seem crazy there no that's not surprising he's too he's too good to not be crazy like I would assume that they're wrong when they're not crazy I'm shocked it when someone is you know seems like Daniel Day-Lewis doesn't seem to be crazy right it just seems to be obsessed is it to be obsessed with work maybe I'm wrong

► 01:20:41

I think all those brilliant motherfukers are out of their mind just his out of his mind as you have a German Shepherd orrible I did when I was a kid my grandparents halogen yeah but they all have a quark

► 01:20:57

viracor you know my mom wouldn't new to her if she had a female bleed once a month which made him even fucking crazy so when I was a kid my mom if you can go to the next to impress somebody stinky add wood to make a move for the door so he been all our friends in the ass he didn't like when people laughed every one of them so everyone of us because of the extreme of what we do clean yourself

► 01:21:35

has to have some you know something you and I want the phone last week speaking about Bill but he one of the helicopter he plays the drums he's a comedian he's a daddy this man a man series you know you know so here you are the helicopter with Bill Burr flying around the city but two nights earlier he use laughing them on stage when he made fun of some fucking up when I saw him last he was hysterical making fun of your vomit or Michelle Obama is a makes you good at your main thing

► 01:22:16

you know the fact that that fucking does all those different things a fan cowboy Cerrone fights at a high level of competition but then two weeks later he's high diving off a cliff for the water cycle racing not just that he does it while he's in training season trading that's what makes people who the fuck they are Way Winter comes to Two drugs psychedelics or the hard shit you know you get these people that for years I heard rumors about certain actors that they show up on the set stoked up from the night before but give me three cups of coffee give them breakfast and take a shower and then whoever it is supposed to be

► 01:23:03

Surfer that lost a lot of hours they kept it together for the other 20 they were a fucking mess

► 01:23:09

public to the guys like Nick Nolte right Nick Nolte is one of the greats for sure right mean unbelievable actor and it said some serious serious substance-abuse issues and it's past Jan-Michael Vincent watch the mechanic

► 01:23:32

the me-too movement was a great movement of people you know what are the words to to let people always accountable but the Marilyn Monroe she was the first me to victim Marilyn Monroe if you look at it from an angle they passed around Joe Rogan between the President Nick Bona Connie the fucking mobster in Chicago and who else passed around she was married to Mickey Mantle she was married how many fucking X just had to pull girl and they sound of a dead of the alcohol whatever me Marilyn Monroe when I see she's the first original me to the knocking down all of gardener and trailer on Sunset Boulevard but the last everything is closed the nerdmelt disclosed everything is closed

► 01:24:32

the only thing that still open is that flower shop they finally decide to close after a thousand years but that was the flower shop or if you wanted to take Marilyn Monroe present you got to order flowers from that flower shop

► 01:24:49

that was what it was famous for that DiMaggio Sinatra everybody ordered flowers for her for that job if you knew what they say what are you what is she like get flowers that place on Sunset but she was the original come on dog think about how tragic her life was and she was beautiful

► 01:25:12

she was young and I had a ball but all of a sudden slick young guy comes along with his olive oil voice this tight shoes and he takes her away from me. The man that cannot hear beat know that it is that what that dude tells Waltz is now he tells Robert Duvall when he comes over and tells me once a knife in the movie it's not bad at all and she was the best piece of that but just to show you it's not about dollars and sense I put singing lessons in dancing lessons she was going to be a fucking star but all of a sudden your boy comes along with his olive oil voice and his shiny shoes and he makes it takes away from me not a man to be humiliated you know what that felt like and he goes off on me throw this fucking what's his name out the next morning he wakes up in the dead horses in but that's right that's the speech against that's a guy for fucking took his girl

► 01:26:13

that's right the horse in the bed scene was one of the most fucked-up scenes ever in a movie especially when you're that scene 100% that ain't a fucking rubber horse that's a real horse's head never watch again

► 01:26:32

I want to I don't think I'm mistaken I'm pretty sure I remember this I remember that it was I might have a shipment yet I think that they might throw you in jail today to that even then the seven and seven is you can get away with a sample of countries and oceans Flats the movie when he's the stunt man in Jan-Michael Vincent comes to take his job that's an old movie about Burt Reynolds Beaver Run the baddest man of all time but then Jan-Michael shows up and jam Michaels and eat his lunch but then Burt Reynolds bridge at Michael's place and they make the jump in the car together but the funny thing about that movie is that he has to jump out of the building and the guy that played the inspector was

► 01:27:32

we got here Jamie true he's a fake horse head but he didn't take didn't like the mock-up his Scouts found a horse ready for Slaughter at a dog food plant in New Jersey the art director pick one that looked like the horse in the film and said when that one is slaughtered sent us the head

► 01:27:57

I said one day a crate with dry eyes came with a horse's head in it well anyway that's probably better than not using it right but people have attached with a desert horse rectum once on Fear Factor and horse people got real mad they got very mad this is seen here we go

► 01:28:20

imagine being is for fuck and being in pain with the mob back then this is supposed to be filmed in white like the 50's hasn't won

► 01:28:32

supposed to take place in the 50s not showing it just you know they didn't wake you up any for a horse's head under the sheet message so lucky realizes there some blood now he's looking around he's like what the fuck what the fuck is this how good is actor whose is actor what's his name he's been in everything

► 01:29:05

Spell fungus black guys looking at the blood it's all over his fucking cheats

► 01:29:13

I mean it's fucking crate and that's real blood to and there's a horse's head

► 01:29:18

they start screaming

► 01:29:22

they chopped his fucking horses had her cuz I didn't feel stuff in the bed with them that was like a price down right insulting you go so you can get out and I ain't no bandleader and he goes yeah I heard about that story because that was the story Michael towels to check today how do you know if Sinatra she knows why don't my father God father is totally just got father and he does what does that mean that goes you saying with the Tommy Dorsey band and Tommy said I'm not release them and they put a gun to his head

► 01:30:01

Luca Brasi put a gun to his screen said you really going to sign it for you but your brains going to be across it which one it I paid a dollar for Sinatra

► 01:30:13


► 01:30:14

oh my God that's why would this guy shows up because I ain't no fucking band leader

► 01:30:21

and that was the last thing you tell some guy like Robert Duvall Robert Duvall save it for your mind I have a plane. Driver sent over a plant get me to the playing cuz Vito Corleone's a man I'm insisting bad news right away and hearing bad news right away and he knows you don't tell him in the next morning he wakes up in the fucking dead horse

► 01:30:45

Jesus Christ what a way to send somebody a message though it was a good fucking movie all those movies were great but he got Italians way too into being Italian they start overemphasizes hello to crazy I will tell you this this episode of narcos is really been one they doing it all in subtitles Pablo was a bad front like I was saying the other day I was telling somebody you know what man I grew up watching American movies and I love them but my undercurrent was watching Spanish television at night

► 01:31:35

the age of five to eight or nine there was a couple novellas that I really appreciate it and I kind of like the acting I was like these guys can fucking act but I forgot all about it and I watch Man on Fire and Man on Fire I had some phenomenal Spanish acting plus to have the Italian guy Giancarlo giannini how bad of a fucking how bad of a mother fucker Italian to you when you get name is Giancarlo giannini he's the one that was in the Hannibal Hannibal stabs him and then fucking throws his guts out the fucking I don't know if you've ever watch Hannibal stomach but he's the cop in Man on Fire the ones who is a girl's ass yeah I had a lot of good Lakeside axes but a lot of great Spanish I think Travis is narcos all that all done all these shows are coming back

► 01:32:35

I'm watching these dudes on white pill is tied these guys from old soap opera Spanish soap operas which is tough you ever did a soap opera it's a generous and let me tell you something if I would have gotten off a plane and then General Hospital I would have gotten fired

► 01:32:56

thank God I was peeing at 12 and 13 years and I knew my way around the set if you don't you book a soap opera nobody talks to you you do not like you walk into the seat ABC over there and who got Street you walking dead of your ID and then go go to room 47 you go to your office you fucking your suits their from the lady comes in and she knows how you doing my name is Mildred watch the TV and look for your numbers to come up

► 01:33:29

so you sit down you write your numbers I'm in the scene 27 chapter race and you sit there with wardrobe on for you I would go there at 8 and I'll be in my car all the time really how many soap operas do General Hospital free episodes free episodes of Amazing I played a recovering fucking preaching who have been other in prison and I came out and now I was a fucking marriage thing for when they called me like they called me then

► 01:34:06

how much weight will show Benjamin Bratt those good looking dudes they start on General Hospital can you want me on General hosp are you fucking crazy I said the real real I swear to God may just like they really want you real Joey what do you want me to do mango send it to him what do you want me to do to make calls right back come on down for three days while you walk in that Joe Rogan you give me your ID it's that fast you go to your room

► 01:34:36

Jose seen 28 prepare wardrobe you're 10 minutes away you put whatever wardrobe they give you one I have two cards for you fucking my little cameras it's 3 camera shoe

► 01:34:52

you go out that she's okay after the number 28 come out you come out how you doing drugs and very nice to meet you okay let's do this action boom boom boom boom wine they don't give a fuck like if you start from Walmart now. And from that line are they put makeup on you and then like you just done the same to sit over here for 5 minutes bro 5 minutes they come right back to you all right you're ready. Seems to me and you'll like what the fuck happened baba baba baba baba Bob you're right thank you for coming down nobody talks to you nobody knows nothing

► 01:35:35

huh so it's not that it's a this is trying to get it out quick they don't hold your hand it's 825 dover sole proper is probably the easiest way to give you land on General Hospital used to be on General Hospital for 30 years that Luke and Laura was those Luke and Laura Wright member Luke and Laura Luke and Laura transcended General Hospital indecom of thing all throughout the world is people yeah these people are strange, but it worked for whatever reason it caught fire called

► 01:36:35

Lily and became a big thing and I think I was in high school at the time so I was in high school while I was in high school this was all going down and everybody paid attention to Luke and Laura it was like the General Hospital thing took over the country was like on the cover of People magazine shit was everywhere was this one weird relationship on a soap opera for some reason just became this gigantic phenomena that everybody was watching when I was watching it. What was what was I wish that she was Jessie's Girl Rick Springfield General Hospital Springfield

► 01:37:24

you know he was a double threat he was on General Hospital and he was a badass singer that Jesse's girl that song If you're a fucking like Wild Wings and Jesse's girl comes on you. Jessie's Girl be still out there hitting it still touring

► 01:37:47

he's out there that dude was when I was in high school that dude was on top of the fucking food chain every girl 2 poster Hill on the wall it's crazy that whatever soap opera was on from 12 to one was a big-time soap opera and there was a bar in New York and there was a bar New Jersey in my neighborhood and if you walked in there from 12 to 1 and you said a word somebody would tell you to shut the fuck up and it was 98% men and they would serve lunch and it was the one I would go to Asda Midtown Lounge but there was another one lunchtime soap opera that men left their jobs in guys and they would sit there and watch the soap opera on two TVs like it was a Yankee game what the fuck go back to work

► 01:38:43

how strange is that how strange is it that was a thing of Dynasty night if that's okay that makes sense for like today it's translatable you know Sunday night Game of Thrones is on or whatever night it's on it's like people do get together and they watch it live as it goes on that make sense what doesn't make sense is that the market for those kind of soap operas was it was appealing to men and high school kids we were all watching it

► 01:39:20

who shot J R does Dallas to describe what the fuck was going on at night and you had what was the one on ABC with Alexis Sky Dynasty Dynasty that was bad as a badass shut up girl right now though it's the chick who played the princess on that that was supposed to be a Alexis's daughter and she was having an affair with Dex Dexter she's the one right now that's going through that thing with a daughter in the sex ring in Connecticut that was like a sex ring the bright light cases of princesses in real life a Koch's yes she's the one that's going through all that with the daughter I remember her being on

► 01:40:18

Dynasty has a hot hot and she was Alexis's daughter

► 01:40:24

but Dex Dexter was Alexis's husband she had something text message

► 01:40:30

Dex Dexter name is that look at that cast

► 01:40:36

Joan Collins she's still hot back then she's original MILF right for sure cuz she was super hot is hot as fuck how much pizza do got paid on that fucking Island how they haven't done a Fantasy Island they haven't they did a comic

► 01:41:04

but, Comics went out there and did it

► 01:41:07

yeah they had a day out of it was on TV for a little bit though there wasn't The Love Boat wasn't my confusing it or the light bulbs in the new version of it was there was either a new version of The Love Boat or new version of Fantasy Island so one of the two

► 01:41:25

neither more showing up Dynasty actually was but it was in the 90s it was

► 01:41:33

it was in the 90s

► 01:41:36

because remember cherry red Wilson Jerry Reed Wilson was supposed to be filming that what was it which one was about the next goal of the Redwoods was supposed to be filmed in that show and he went to a doctor and turned on the other meningitis and I guess apparently he left the doctor's office cuz they say they were awake yeah I got to go on the honeymoon and he by the time we got there I guess flying when you have that's really bad but time we got there he died

► 01:42:10

he died shortly after it's horrible horrible here

► 01:42:15

who's a good guy was a good guy the funny funny guys had a lot of fucking character

► 01:42:21

I worked at that killed a lot in New York we did gigs together on the road together a little bit too I was a good little click I've been living in Seattle and he came up with New York so was a good bunch of guys you know

► 01:42:39

yeah man

► 01:42:42

did Yuri make a lot of fucking television shows I mean it's fucking ridiculous Everything remix so many shows makes it likely is it that hard to come up with a new line of thought like how many more zombie shows going to have a new zombie show right okay I think I know what's going to happen bad things that was one fucking sandwich shop and you want to know the time blue and telling guy and he made you a sandwich and also another guy opened up with that was cool but now Subway came and now the Safeway started making sandwiches so now nobody's making money

► 01:43:35

it's the same thing with movies and TV it's like this so much content we can't keep up with it and keep up you can't keep up with the amount of content that's out there so when you try to remake a show

► 01:43:49

I wanted to be able to make a ton of shit but they forget the main element of it which is the heart aspect of it let me tell you something you got to say that's good that's out right now on Amazon Prime marvelous mrs. maisel and you watched it she's she's a stand-up comic and it's fucking amazed it's a good deal show the real good show the real good shop it's the first I've ever watched on Amazon Prime it's very easy to do to set it up through the Apple TV with a login bamboo it's it's like but the thing about like things like Apple TV or Netflix that is so good is once you're logged in it's right there right you go to it it's easy we're so lazy now that the extra step to log into another service whether it's whatever it is you know what another thing on top of the getting onto iTunes I got her one more thing I got to go to use my password like

► 01:44:49

that little extra step even just setting it up once you get it set up you can just go to it but before you do that that extra step father's a shit out of people whatever reason

► 01:45:01


► 01:45:04

I don't have to do that I just have my wife program for me on my on my iPad I don't know you don't know nothing. I put into airplane mode I hit the Wi-Fi thing it next you know I'm watching fucking TV I get it I try to keep it's like I'm like right now I'm on the second time watching narcos Mexico because I like the acting so much to the guide Diego Luna Joe Rogan he ain't no joke. They do my my time being it's such a big difference he's such a badass mother father I don't want to spoil it for you but fuck you if you haven't watched it by now you slipping yeah I only watched the first two seasons

► 01:45:47

do we got a problem season he was very good he was a very good actor I enjoyed him in the third season with them and that was okay this Mexican Juan de Sinaloa on this with Felipe's from but you watch this shit explains a lot y Felipe is the way from wepay is tell you what if I could move too slow I would I believe it's just a city for fucking fucking crazy thieves and shit you know they just crazy and they figured out how to grow weed in the desert and they were making 30 million bunch of crazed fucking Indians are we never found out how much what percentage of marijuana did we used to have is your right but it's really hard to text back then and strong

► 01:46:42

that we've made you go fucking crazy someone to explain to me the difference between strains that were raised in Afghanistan and strains that came from other place right like right now Dean our friend from the store he got to see from Afghani weed from the old days shit so here apologize that I guess the word that uses nothing worth and he keeps trying to get that see but I still remember smoking Afghani weed you was going for a ride you were going for a ride but your your tolerance is so high now and the weed your smoking is weapon-grade I mean you're you are you are smoking some of the most insanely I had a boy weight of a vape pen the other day a simple little vape pen I took one hit I was obliterated you couldn't believe strongly are now I was cocky I was treating it like the old ones especially those disposable ones you take 3-4 hits before you even feel it one hit of the liberated

► 01:47:41

but especially since I stopped with the Edibles that changed the game on me

► 01:47:47

the edible drop change the game on 100% off the Edibles I think like tonight I'll take a bite out of the other because it's Christmas but I had to cut it out because it was just killing me it was it was taken away from my other house I enjoy thinking to himself a pipe in the morning Leslie go against me listen to music I'm writing a little bit of moose I love being loose I went to Muay Thai at 9 at through it's amazing I'm sorry I destroyed I should I can't when I go on the road I don't bring a pipe so I got to bring joints with me if I got to come down off the 11th floor and walk through blocks I got to smoke the whole fucking Joy. I got to go back to my room and pass out like That's How Strong the weeders I can just kills me especially now that I'm not eating anymore

► 01:48:47

I go back to the room I watch to three episodes this summer. Take a nap

► 01:48:54

this scientist making weed know when they've gotten they got real botanist involved there's money in it now and now that it's opening up in Canada it's going to be really weird cousin Canada they're making it legal right it's legal now so I'm pretty sure RJ Reynolds is that it wasn't just dumped the shit ton of money and to some marijuana production in candida that's going to file suit the United States there's too much money involved in it and it's going to be good for everybody going to be good for capitalism it's going to be good for people getting marijuana as long as regular people can sell marijuana to let fucking r.j. Reynolds as long as they don't put some restrictions like they were trying to put was it you Jamie told me about what they were trying to do in Ohio where they were trying to make it set up where you could you could grow weed but only a couple companies could grow it so that we would be legal but only a couple companies in monopolize and then everybody was like fuck this that's terrible it's sad that such a corruption

► 01:49:54

play saying okay you can have tomatoes but we're the only ones you grow these fucking Tomatoes like why it's a tomato that's a law against nature so you're saying that nature can take place I can't put a seed in the ground and grow my own shit get the fuck out of here is it legal it's legal how's it different than corn how's it different than a fucking pear tree it's not it's illegal life form so Life Won't supplant you allowed to grow it if you say you can't grow a you going to corrupt system you got some bullshit law that you weaseled in because he greased up some assholes and the other people don't have as much money as you do the only reason why people are so desperate to get legal weed they let some dick head dominate the entire industry some greedy fuck the deal is it's legal or it's not legal otherwise we're in some sort of a weird dictatorship you know this is not you can't just decide it's legal but you're the only one gets to make money fuck you it's a plant that's crazy if you own

► 01:50:53

all the pine trees in the country my country my pine tree you want from me I find you a fucking Christmas tree I'll take you out crazy, I don't know his New York you said he wants to legalize weed and he wants to make his recreationally legal in New York stupid to shoot down you should be making money off of it exists no matter what you do if your capitalist if your person who believes in free market you already have whiskey you already have pills people can get high then not so just they're just not stop at the childish arguments give the fucking people freedom and make money off at you dummies that's what everybody should be doing this should make it legal and profit off and they wouldn't stop with that either should go to mushrooms to go to a lot of different things I should set up clinics set up places where people go through mushroom therapy people that suffer they're coming back to the war PTSD you know there's there's so many different bands for depression people that are getting ready to

► 01:51:53

you know to pass away they have extreme anxiety while does alleviated by mushrooms people have gone through like extensive cancer treatment realize that terminal one of the best things for these peoples mushrooms did help some ease their pain and suffering in their last nine days and it doesn't seem to have any negative effects and other than the occasional person losing their fucking marbles which is going to happen no matter what you do it's it's something that should be studied and it's not something that should be free and it could benefit people so it should be fucking legal I think of everybody models with Colorado's doing people see is a lot of naysayers in this business and then understand that Colorado you get tax rebates. Colorado real estate went to the fucking room this is something that I hope Most states go for and I know that there's a back angle to it it's a gateway drug and still sits that it depends what you do with it

► 01:52:53

the only argument is traffic fatalities that's the only argument and there is an increase in traffic fatalities but what I've read is it depends on who it's a problem is it's hard to find the study that's absolutely correct some say there's been an increase some say the increase increase corresponds to the population increase I read that too I don't know if that's true that kind of makes sense that if you get more people in the city you're going to have more people driving you have more traffic accidents. So the number just goes up but the population has increased by 14% or whatever it's done that would kind of make sense but also let's be honest some people don't drive very well when they're high and if you're out there driving high in space now you're a fucking idiot you might slam into a car that's entirely possible to tune to deny that that's possible seem silly but I think that it's like everything else there's people that are responsible people are just people that aren't there's people that are good drivers these people that aren't his people to drive distracted as people

► 01:53:53

pay attention to shit and then these people to do you know whether they're high or sober I would rather have you driving High than a lot of people driving sober I know you don't fuk with your phone when you're driving I've seen you drive you drive to take it fucking seriously you look around you. You're not interested in getting a stupid car accident cuz you weren't paying attention I seen you drive while fucking take you High any day of the week and suddenly I watch everything I watch everything coming from all angles especially today you have to double-check everything when you drive yeah I dear friend when we live we got hit by a car. I heard three weeks ago crossing the fucking street she broke both your legs yet I understand that you have to have your eyes open don't take nothing for granted I don't care that guy stopping that when I'm making that right I'm watching that motherfucker plus I got to watch for pedestrians

► 01:54:52

because they will walk out anyway let you know that you're dragging a guide through fucking blocks so I did not know the one that was hit by a car and then she was in a car accident no excuse me if I hit by a car right away the whole thing I mean somebody was telling me the story I mean it was just you have to pay fucking attention now I drive is only a little New York in my drop this only a little New York my drive number to I drive away from people I do take the two or three calling I never did that for about 10 years ago when I rear-ended somebody

► 01:55:28

you know your trip when driving in a place where you have to assume

► 01:55:34

unless you fucking stupid

► 01:55:37

that 30% of the people for the last 10 years of been driving High

► 01:55:43

then you got to add another 20% for people that are texting and driving

► 01:55:48

then you got to add another 10% of people or just visiting yet and I'm looking around going oh my god look how beautiful California is it's a fuck every time you get the car you have to drive a certain way was it how I feel like 20 years ago now I want to get that why do you think I'm against high-speed thought I wanted to 90.

► 01:56:12

I'm getting the boys I'm doing 90 I whip to thicken up

► 01:56:17

give me a ticket from Ripley now I knew you were going to get one of those Cadillacs for a while but you decided not to cuz I got it I got it for you to see my feet

► 01:56:25

my foot they're very large or very large and once they rest on you it's 90 made it to San Diego and back don't tell people I'm sick and tired of the drive to San Diego smack you now or should I smack you in the mouth later that's four hours that's 3 and 1/2 but it's not crazy that it takes that long but if you get in your car at 9 maybe because all you need to do is get out of La once you pass the Commerce Casino it's a rivederci nobody gives a Frenchman's fuck you stay in that second two left lanes are you just doing 7580

► 01:57:16

it's an hour an hour 45

► 01:57:20

on the way back I made it from Lahore an hour 30 well because I got some easy rock soon as you hit the 5 North you banging out the whole life with all the way to Camp Pendleton you're hitting Adu domba saying you don't give a fuck you got her freaking serious it's a weird day ta ta ta ta ta then when the road starts to thin that means you're about to hit immigration they're going to ask you if you got oranges that never out there. This is 911 all right you just once I hit that point I take it to a hundred till I had Irvine once I had Irvine Spectrum I come down for about 80 80 80 80 and then see how I 19 miles back up to a hundred but then you going to hit traffic

► 01:58:20

but then I get back in at 1:34 and at 1:34 and goes until 1:34 and next thing on your own no drama the night driving in San Diego is the way to do it yeah I want to drive home after the gig and I want to wait for the morning fuck though since I just so tired you scared no no no that was sleep but that wheel morning at 2 hours now. You yourself an iced coffee and you fucking Zhang it all the way back to us. You're right that's what you should do but man with that you know what you did the key for folks who you worry about a fallen asleep in your car while driving get a rag or t-shirt and get some ice it's the best wet rag with ice in it is the best just rub it on your face real quick and you wakes you write the fuck up and it lasts for a few minutes then just do it again a few minutes later and you'll be fine the whole way home if you can keep ice and I like a washcloth or something like that with ice in it and it gets wet just keep rubbing

► 01:59:20

face Better Than I Used to smack myself in the face when I was getting up early in the morning to do with newspapers or delivering newspapers that do gigs at night I was fucking tired man and I'll be coming back you know it's midnight from this gig I knew I had to get up at 5 a.m. to deliver newspapers depending upon the day and I was just talkin smack myself in the face though falling asleep at the wheel I would just feel my eyes getting heavy and I'm opening them up and I couldn't keep it I just fuck out why that you whack yourself in the face it lasts for like a couple of minutes like you like g o just my whole face and bee stinging you know it's like seriously slap myself really hard in the face I will try to stay awake coffee Cuban coffee for the straight away from it so when I first started triple runs

► 02:00:11

I would have my kid at 2 in the afternoon on Sunday and I would get on stage and Boise Idaho

► 02:00:18

11:30 on a triple wreck my car would be filled with gas and I can get it and I did it hail for five of those no dollars

► 02:00:28

and I would go to the gas station and get the biggest Mountain Dew they ever had in their life

► 02:00:34

Labradors for 6 hours I would eat no doz but one of the worst experiences I've ever had was I was falling asleep I got was done and then was fucking 10 below zero guy pulled over on the side of the road I turn my lights on I put the brake lights on and I take the seat back and lay down with the heat blasting and the car was on that one point yogurt to help you got my eyes and I thought I had lost control of the car

► 02:01:04

in your mind you feel like if I lose that I'm am holding onto the steering wheel she needs as my heart almost stopped and gone thank God and get fucking hit hit that was a no doz this is way before Red Bull blue Bull Red Bull all night and shooting a short film for Fox

► 02:01:26

I never forget the fucking they gave me two Red Bulls I drink two of them and I still fell asleep with this is that I go Red Bull slaps the fuck is a Red Bull joke about it yeah yeah going on from Vegas to Los Angeles home from The Comedy Store break it down for me a map of Jeff novitzky come on and break down scientifically on Thursday a lot of people calling bowlshit including Daniel Cormier I talk to call me on the phone but he's like he tested positive again to believe this shit I'm going to let him fight I found out about it from Cormier know this can't be real it didn't seem real Mike I don't believe this I looked at his Cormier Twitter and I said it said he tested positive again

► 02:02:25

and then I looked at when what looks like first thing in the morning and he's like a kid again but from what I understand from Reading Ariel helwani transcript of his interview with Andy Foster and hearing what Jeff novitzky has had to say about it what it is is the number of the amount of it is so infinitesimal and its exact same metabolite that he had been screen for that he tested positive for a year ago and that this shit could stay in a system in those kind of sizes of the molecules like some 500 millionth of a grain of sand are some point that teeth Google what the actual number of the cows small this molecule is

► 02:03:14

so Andy Foster is said again through this transcription of this interview that he did with Ariel helwani that it's the same metabolite the same substance they tested positive for that is as the same instance of the the number of it and it indicates that this is something he's already been punished for the same exact he's already gone through his you know his steps and this is just infinitesimally small metabolites that's that's what I'm here so I would love to hear someone who doesn't think that's the case that thinks there might be some way to game the system and of the big thought that people always bring up it comes to stuff is microdosing someone microdosing you're the one that told me about that first you were telling me about somebody who is taking like gummy bears so he would be up for the 7th

► 02:04:10

eighth and ninth inning but by the time to 10:10 km if they tested him it would be out of the system so I would have imagined testing is better now and it's one thing doesn't devinsky wants to get into the testing is far superior now so you're able to pick up these metabolites and much much smaller quantities so this is so this test is from December 9th I want to see what his tattoo and it was leading up to that distance to Cali was clean before they notified earlier this month of an issue he has had over his most recent tests were very small amount I'll pack describe how small it is

► 02:04:48

of a long-term metabolites substance called dhcmt known as oral turinabol turinabol which is the reason for his most recent suspension a year-and-a-half ago very very small amount but there was a number that

► 02:05:07

where's it say the number yeah something like how much smaller than a grain of rice is it can't find it

► 02:05:18

yeah I looked I get how everybody would be fucking pissed I get out of everybody would think that he's a cheater he's cheating again I get that you would think that but I don't know if that's true and if it's not true it would be a shame to choose him of it if it is the same stuff that was in his system that was ruled to be from a tainted supplement here it is

► 02:05:44

a pictogram is one trillionth of a gram Nowitzki said if you put one grain of salt on the table and split it up into 50 million pieces a picogram is one of those pieces of that gram of salt which isn't saying so that grain of salt

► 02:06:03

it's a 50 million times larger or smaller than that it's crazy so it's very very very very small so

► 02:06:10

if this is true and they believe it's true and the guy runs California State athletic commission Andy Foster I have a great great deal tremendous amount of respect for that guy very proactive with weight cutting very proactive with weight class is very product with a lot of the rules he's really good if he believes this is scientifically been proven to be from the same exact thing that your husband punished for by agree with them I just met that guy knows what the fuck is talking about he's legit so is Nowitzki so are these people that are all saying that it's legit here's the question though have other people been still punished for the exact same crime have at other people tested positive again for the exact same thing this I do not know and I don't know if people are looking into that if there is any preferential treatment that would be worth the argument would be with preferential treatment is fucking tainted supplements or legitimate problem mean division

► 02:07:10

show does hundreds and hundreds of supplements you could buy at any store that has you know vitamins and muscle Builders and all those kind of things that test positive for steroids there's a ton of them out there man you can get a lot of stuff in these system but then there's also people that are taking steroids so how do you know who to the only way to find out who's who is don't take shit don't take anything less is third-party tested don't think anything controversial don't think anything's Squirrely and sometimes people do maybe they got good results with it and then they get one bad batch as possible to I just want to know that this was from December 9th I want to know what the levels of that drug they found were before December 9th takes a long time ago I understand so but every time you urine the level should get lower and lower lower I think what they're saying is this is the lowest detect

► 02:08:10

Apple number so they should have found this before may be nice hire maybe maybe not depends if I can scientist but the way it's been explained to me this number is so small that it could conceivably be tested in one test and not tested another test and then also as the testing procedures getting more and more thorough they get better at it there detecting things that couldn't detect maybe even just a year ago I get scant India to technology is to continue to grow and they're getting much better at understanding how to use it how to how to advance it so it's not as simple as you test positive a year ago you test negative today like they they might have better methods of detection today than they had a year ago you got arrested today Joe

► 02:09:01

judge is going to take Joe Rogan I'm releasing you on bail or the DEA want you to take a urine test right and samples and if you come back dirty the first you weigh is free they know who Joe Rogan and she's going to go in there and your THC levels going to be off the chain this is going to be off the chain this is going to be up to chance when they come back they going to call you and then I'mma go Joe Rogan this is what it was now this is this the next time we text you the better not be higher than 26% and with no you using this is 9th 97 I don't know if you using that and I stayed to the program that went down down down down down and then I joined the voluntary group

► 02:09:46

but he sent me an 8th of Thai weed and I remember smoking a joint and going back in the guys like. Did you smoke a joint before you came in for the test it was like levels we've never seen before

► 02:10:02

I'm telling you about this this is a funny joke and whatever but I want to see the test before the 9th and I want to see the test the most recent test those levels have to go down I guess you understand necessarily correct season which they're allowed to do whatever. That's not true they never allowed to do that never take steroids there's a band list of things they can make sure they'll still test you say if you don't have a camp you're not at Camp you don't have about lined up until still test if I'm going to get some get some fluids from you now in blood I'm not sure what the protocol but I do know that it's very thorough and it catching people for things that they would have never caught him for in the past and this is one of the things about this test it could possibly be

► 02:11:02

has been explained to me that this this number is so fucking small that they might not even be able to detect it a year ago but this number this insanely small number there's new levels of detection now where is he would be completely Negative X amount of time in the past now they can test it and they can find that insanely 50 millionth of a grain of salt size particle it's so fucking small that they weren't able to catch something like that x amount of time to pass whether it's a year ago or two years but now they can in the future is going to be even better because I keep getting better at the stop at the advanced technology that's as it's been explained to me what you're saying here are you seeing here is not evidence of new drug use its evidence that the testing is far better and that he has the exact same metabolite in deathly did have it in the system cuz they're finding it a year later he needs to eat his body has gluten got rid of it yet still in there

► 02:12:02

the questions how long does stuff stay in your system they've said through normal detection I believe Google this make sure this is correct but through normal detection what's not I mean from whatever that the time they they wrote the stuff out that that believe they're saying to be detected up to 18 months but again as this technology gets better and they can just text smaller and smaller particles it's potentially possible that that might extend so you might not just be 18 months might be 19 or 20 who knows how long it take for your body to get rid of that shit the guys like in guys a deal

► 02:12:41

they look at this is where there's smoke there's fire joke yes and there's they have a point to have a point though so I'm not mad at them for that I'm a big fan and Joker of Jon Jones person I am to

► 02:12:54

40 does I love them to death when I saw him in Albuquerque came for the show we laughed I don't think I don't know what to think anymore you know I don't know what to think this one really you know and I feel bad at you and I both know this is the card of the two phenomena caused the card when people fly in and then make plans around it they do a bunch of stuff around it I feel bad for those people I know what this is like them they just lost this Saturday night activity on Vegas takes a big hit too because this is going to be taking place in Vegas all those people going to be in town going to be a tremendous amount of money for the casinos and you know that I'm sure it was a lot of money for them there was big is a big thing to have their own a bigger Arena so they're moving it to the Forum which is a smaller place the Forum in Inglewood is I don't know how much smaller does the T-bone mobile Arena but he said that he was

► 02:13:54

you could make about 6 million dollars on the gate and T-Mobile Arena and he's going to be lucky to make a million in the form that make sense it's just it's different prices to in Vegas and also the fact that it's such short timing I don't know what they do with the original tickets I don't know how it works this is what happened the very first UFC I ever did they were very first UFC ever work was in Dothan Alabama UFC 12 was supposed to be in New York state the cancer in New York state they would let him do it and they they switch the whole thing overnight down to Dothan Alabama to take at 1 on helicopter plane and flying a fucking Dothan was weird was weird back that man but that's that's the only time I've ever heard of something changing this close to that was one day this is one week I've never heard of an event changing like this before not that I can remember

► 02:14:44

I don't know what the fuck is happening I really don't but they seem very confident that you're not dealing with someone who's taking a drug again you're dealing with the very same drug that he took x amount of months ago still in his system the drugs he's already been punished for

► 02:15:01

I understand that people get mad but you you don't want to accuse someone of something that they're not really guilty up he's definitely guilty of taking it the first time people are choosing a being stupid and taking it again I don't think that's true I don't know for a fact but what I'm reading from actual experts leads me to believe that they're making sense

► 02:15:28

but I would have to you know I have to talk to someone who disagrees who knows more about it than me to really form an opinion so my opinion is like well if I had a bet I would say you probably didn't do anything but I would like to talk to someone who's like a real fucking expert who can break down exactly what the processes could tell you if it is even possible that this could be from another ingestion somewhere along the line sad sad thing about this whole situation is what it really really from the bottom of my heart was a great card I was great car BJ Penn's on the cars and nobody even talks about it

► 02:16:08

yeah I know but even mention BJ Penn and Michael chiesa you know Amanda Nunez and Cyborg I haven't slept for a week from you put the card on the Jon Jones Gustafsson just to look at it let's pretend it's still in Vegas you know he got a guy who's been active a guy who's been fighting a guy who's angry a guy who felt you beat Jon Jones The First Time against a very very talented dangerous and rested jonjo is there rain dust you know what the fuck am I talking about you know look at this Chris cyborg has been bit by the fuck is since day one Amanda Nunez is something that you taught me about that's not around anymore and that's being slick Amanda Nunez is very slick she's

► 02:17:08

can I have some tough opponents you know she is very hard to watch older you know Alexander volkanovski fucking tremendous hi to Chad Mendes omazing in his comeback fight when you grow up scroll back up to the Cris Cyborg a man in red Chris Corey Anderson's letter is real heartbreak and his wife 7 months pregnant now they got to get that let you know this has to be a disaster but this this lie guys was one of those cards that I look at and go okay what are the main through fights I know favorite on paper you got to go over Cyborg and Jon Jones but guess what people you never seen a boogie with a part-time job so somebody's got to lose one of these fights keep Scrolls if you don't mind something about Cris Cyborg is she's not just good she's good

► 02:18:08

cat zingano Megan Anderson Andre alasky's fighting on this card she's Australian got to say Megan. BJ Pat Ryan fucking whore I think that's the first fight of the crazy you know

► 02:18:29

I saw a picture ID card then Instagram the other day she looks phenomenal she looks fucking phenomenal bro so it's a shame that this had to be done I'm sorry I was busy. I'm happy that the fight to take a place I'm sorry just happy I'm sorry that everybody get to life disrupt it in the families have to go from Vegas to LA to see the fight I'm sorry about all the hotel bullshit they have to deal with but I'm very happy that the fighter still taking place I would love it if people just a flat just run a flat fucking people out of Vegas 300 never going to happen you never know what you're broke and you never know you never know people need to come on let's go flat rate for 3 for some people to fuck them for them and 300 back people do Uber some guy farting in a car all the way from Vegas to LA

► 02:19:29

flights to Zambia something expensive 3 300/30 safe 200 something I did this is a lot wall so they can't gamble like a lot of people love the combination of gambling and going to the fights to look shower and stay in gambling extra day or whatever because what's it going to cost me to Uber to La get out party food are you going to come to a lady just got in the car

► 02:20:16

don't you trying to tell me you want to go to the party yeah I think you're right holes on this car too busy wasn't in the Halls on this card I think

► 02:20:40

oh wow yeah yeah okay we didn't see look at this part you God knows who's having Brian Kelly are out of fighting Curtis millender that is a fucking sleeper fight right there be space International Curtis millender that guy is he's got serious potential he's got like Superstar future Superstar potential he's very good that's a that's good fight

► 02:21:04

I like that a lot interest millender is the one he fought Thiago Alves and stop them right click on that make sure that's correct

► 02:21:15

does it show his record

► 02:21:18

the showers record

► 02:21:20

how good is there a website now it's pretty good yeah that's it. Go out but she beat Thiago Alves yeah

► 02:21:28

and then he beat Max Griffin he's a beast man he's very good real real massive future potential and bar does not a nice people dead he hits hard that's a sleeper fight that's a fight that no one's talking about very very good fight is it going to be a great card man I'm happy the cards happening I hope everybody gets compensated I'm sorry that the UFC loses money I'm sorry that everybody gets dragged through I don't understand why they couldn't just figure out this in Nevada it's like this. I guess they're on vacation or some shit that's so crazy like figure it out everybody let's make a phone call like you just have one person if you'd like some person should say OK is it to the best of your knowledge absolutely from the original tops yes sir by all the science we're going to submit the science and we show you the signs when tell you the number okay let him fight

► 02:22:15

you know what I'm fine California little fucking fight Nevada stupid stupidity it's about to be on vacation yes let's have a fucking emergency meeting Vegas the tourism board in Vegas must be steaming find out who is disputing if anybody dispute if anybody like makes any sense if there's a scientist or something like that it says that it could be microdosing or that it did the what the California State athletic commissions understanding of it is not correct

► 02:22:56

let's find out if there's anybody that is written anything about that I'm upset I just wanted this fight to take place without any bulshit behind it I just wanted to be a great fight it's a it's an amazing match up I think Gustafson especially against Glover Teixeira is never looked better he's he's as long as John he's got crazy footwork he's the only the first guy to ever take John down it was a fucking tough fight regardless of whether or not John prepared much for it I don't think you did prepare as good as you could have gustafson's better I think that he was when that fight took place I really do think he's better it's it's fucking phenomenal synonym mazing fight and John's going to be so motivated to try to be to get stripped the way he got stripped all the different things that he's fucked up to have a chance at Redemption Series so motivated we also have to consider the incredible amount of pressure is going to be under two

► 02:23:48

historically though he's a guy who shines under pressure mean stop Shogun in his first title fight when he was woozy 22 or something like that he's a monster John is always been good at fighting top-level competition good at handling the stress this is so you know it's a different kind of stress this is I fucked up stress it's not this is a big fight this is a big fight plus I fucked up and everybody knows I fucked up and this is not even the current fuck ups reminding him of the past fuck up and then there's the other stuff the car accidents in all the other crazy shit all of its bad

► 02:24:24

but he has an opportunity Redemption it's just when you knows how much is on the line because he's undefeated right except for the Matt Hamill fight which we know he was destroying Hamill and he was disqualified wasn't a real lost like somebody beat him he's beating everybody that's unprecedented outside of khabib nurmagomedov nobody beats everybody and everybody so there's going to be a certain amount of people that are like looking forward for him to fail a field that to sew a lot going on Mansell lot going on this fight and Gustafson is fucking good you'll see the combination he knocked out Clover to Cheryl with that's some video game shit man it was like he was in Mortal Kombat was tremendous is footwork everything I got to work Saturday night. Lee yeah I forgot I thought it was this last ready Club so I thought it was his last weekend so I called the store

► 02:25:20

Kohl's in my missing that I called back and canceled and then like Wednesday I go what the fuck am I thinking so I ended up back at the store Saturday night by Squeeze. Michelle I got to see Tiffany haddish I hadn't seen her since she busted out became a star it was great just to see her bullshit with her and then last night I went down there was two shows that I'm leaving now I can't you won't open up for sure about people Chappelle on the belly room it was a fucking lying around the same time that I pulled out I was like this is crazy

► 02:26:00

this is getting so far, saying I do feel we saw it

► 02:26:05

getting on stage at the lawyer I did two lights in La Jolla and that was tremendous to generalize amazing you don't always the room you go to when you want to put you want to read that out again they take the ride with you that's one of the few rooms that states the right way to do two shows a night down there it's like a comedy store South really is that's a nice area San Diego has a lot of same qualities that La has but it's more like a little bit more the rest of the country in one day now that the place is right next to the fucking Tommy store really yeah I just looked it up

► 02:27:01

call the guy was awesome Levin La Jolla is

► 02:27:08

that's what you move to when you got a lot of Jesus that's a lot of Dick Cheney live down there he lives on that Coronado Island doesn't mean or Donald Rumsfeld I don't know what is not a rich dude's but it is just gorgeous you can't see at night there's no lights on the streets there's nothing there in carrots that wasn't 9:30

► 02:27:34

go to Bethel right we don't want you want a mango got a fucking down the side whatever Street

► 02:27:39

Scottish or live down there he showed up he showed up on Saturday he's great I love that, it was great to see him as well as I do a joke about a guy getting his dick sucked with a dog so at the end they still playing the piano I mean The Comedy Store down there did not lose anything except Mitzi Shore plus it's got more shit on the walls that you look at it really makes you think this pictures of green rooms Jim Carrey and Paul Rodriguez and Dice Clay and Louie Anderson the time that they didn't even know there was going to be Stars

► 02:28:27

how many shells we done down there a lot of shows when do we first started working together down there

► 02:28:36

I think the first time the 90s the weekend cuz she was clean audio to stay in the condo with her that's crazy that's being a girl being forced to stay in a condo with a guy that you don't even know she stayed the headliner room I stayed in the locker room at that time still it's weird that I went down that she wouldn't book me down that once you started booking me she booked me a lot and I was down there with Marilyn Martinez and her husband and we weren't there an hour and Melanie Martinez husband comes out with a fucking rap

► 02:29:24

what would a rap trap trap that you set a motherfuking like as a rumor was the rats that be careful so he went down and said traps up looking how are you doing oh my God I had to be done in inches long and the tail and I know if he ain't going on the balcony and hear them in the weeds I packed my little sleep apnea machine and I fucking drove back home I fucking hate rats I fucking hate it for the store has so many rats the back area oh my God they're fucking popping out every time you sitting back there there's a little for folks to listen to us there's a little back bar area where only time I've seen their friends can go and it behind the back by the smoking area that smoking area has these railroad ties these railroad ties these rats run in and out of these ties and over-the-top. Lately all the time all the time if I'm back there for more than 15 minutes I'm seeing a rat

► 02:30:24

as you go near the the hedges by the dumpster that's what they really are where were the back area is not the big hits the hills the hills are filled with rats the Hollywood Hills are filled with occasionally we have cats that hang around the parking lot economy store like local feral cats but they don't get the the rats to the rats go in the fucking The Vines those vines that cover the side of the comedy store ramp the ramp that leads up to the andaz hotel those Vines are all rats that's a rat Village it's crazy how much sound in it

► 02:31:01

you can scary rats there

► 02:31:11

because I know I don't want to jump into a car with a fucking listen to me I just leave fucking and leave Aspen I oh I gave you the scary people whistle for me the cops are looking for me I go from Aspen to Boulder I need a job so I take a job making Joe I'm not kidding you 160 a week 60 hours wow as a fucking shag which I'm the guy that takes a car from you in the body shop when you pull up on your own face it and I wash it and then they start the body work and then have they done the body work I'm the guy that washes and if he do that for three or four months and they turn you into a detail

► 02:31:58

and I passed the test never gave a detailed $160 a week or every fucking garbage I was starving starving but I was good and I became a detailer detailing was commissioned and you made a hundred to a buck-fifty a day if you know I was enjoying it but the guy I had is a boss was a dick his name is Derek Jordan he was just a dick. He was one of those guys that was one of us but when they got the manager's job in the fucking car

► 02:32:33

I see a dead rat

► 02:32:36

I put the fucking right up if you have his jacket hanging by the door I put the dead rat in his pocket. I have his jacket right you know me. I go home I get stuff I don't know. The next morning he comes in and it's got cars fucked up like you should like a pole

► 02:32:59

the reason for the right to get a cigarette and he pulled the fucking ride out the fucking just went crazy and hit like a fault, I know who did this when I get to the bottom of this so you can't blame and some other guy I'm sitting outside

► 02:33:20


► 02:33:23

Pac-Man that's one of the worst relationship ever a boss and employee WonderWorks relationships some guy gets to tell you what to do he's the fucking he's the head guy at the office you listen this fuck head is one of the worst positions to be in working for a guy who's a dick and that power that someone would have you know if you were removed on up and came to the office manager who can control people's future control when they get a raise how much time they get off you can make the decisions wasn't you allow them to do certain things come on be clean vulva during construction what was the first guy you looked at and said you know one

► 02:34:08

if I ever see outside a I'm a fuck yeah I never said that but guys in construction they would get real dick you I did one time there was a guy when I was a teenager that was talking about your Chevy hit me with a hammer

► 02:34:21

yeah there was a cuz he got he got aggressive with me and it wasn't it wasn't it away where I deserved it he was just bullying me and I was like 16 17 but I had already had a little fights by then like taekwondo fights kick you in your fucking head like you talk too much crazy shit to me like this like he was talking to me and not just the way like a boss employee he was talking to me in a way where I was going to have to quit

► 02:34:51

but I never never never said I was going to do anything to him

► 02:34:55

I didn't like threatening to say I'll see you after this and I'll fuck you up so don't talk to me like that cuz I could fuck you up that's basically what I said

► 02:35:03

but the recent that's the thing about constructions like there was a lot of like man-to-man type conflict like it wasn't unheard of to hear about street fights between guys are working together they got pissed and push each other and punch each other in the fucking snow you know dude carrying roofing tiles one guy knocks another guy over something they start fighting that shitt happened all the time is a lot of the people that were doing labor to or like real dirtbags like this is one guy that I did labor with I work my friend Leroy Rodriguez and his buddy they have some business partner they would take apart old houses and redo them in Leroy was one of the black belt Taekwondo Institute with a bad motherfuker and Leroy got me this gig and I worked with these guys labor and one of the guys we work with lived in this fucked up abandoned building will not abandon the stripped-out building parts of the building when there's no floor is all fucked up half the walls are missing they're redoing the whole building taking things out on fixing things just got to live there any had a Mountain Dew jug

► 02:36:03

filled with Malt Liquor they would drink it warm all day and he got the shakes everything he did to do have the shakes he was just drunk all day on a crazy job site where like you know there's no floor sometimes everything is all fucked up your the balance when you're going from one room to the other because they're tearing down Parts the wall in this guy somehow or another fucking slit on through drink in the entire time I remember thinking like these are people that have made questionable decisions it makes you want to go back to college makes you want to get a degree when you're around a lot of these guys like laborers and stuff like you know some of them are just like me they just young guys I need a gig in the need money and some of them are alive and they're 50 and they're drunk and yeah and then I definitely know I didn't want to do it I definitely know I didn't want to do it you know to be a carpenter is a different gig you know I'm like a real good Carpenter that's a skilled Craftsmen and an artist and you're putting together things

► 02:37:03

that's different but that's the labor gig was not like you didn't really have to know anything you just had to be big enough to listen to them you know I'm picking up so I can pick things up can you go get that go get me that bag of cement go did you guys going to take me out that he's bored now and then he was like that kind of shit you just hung out with the weirdest people Matt the worst guy remember Joe Rogan I was clean from Coke

► 02:37:25

I was cleaning about 90 days I was really trying to turn my life around

► 02:37:30

I answered an ad for construction Carpenter's helper

► 02:37:36

the Hyatt be at when they first day out of work for free

► 02:37:41

books for free that you have so you can see it so I said okay I agreed to his house first day work for free I cut the stuff and you have to go get lunch in the whole thing yeah okay I did it I passed Len

► 02:37:55

the guy would say okay meet me at a diner at 8 and when I go get paid he'd say what's those hours and I know you told me to meet you at 18 as I'm done should be a windshield

► 02:38:09

should I say the job we can get to the job by 10

► 02:38:13

that's when you start getting paid that's when I started getting paid and I was you know how is that I was really trying and I lived with a friend that wanted to give them rent money I was trying to put away some money I forget what he paid me then he made me pay for my own lunch then one day he said I was your weight belt your we don't work Valentine's I don't have when he goes okay I'll pay you have to pay me for the materials + 30%

► 02:38:42

glass of 30% that you're fucking scumbag just have like a claw a fucking hammer and something else I forget what to do work for him would have your own tools and stuff like that there was always a thing whether or not over Union or non-union

► 02:39:01

you know there's a lot of the work that I did when I was a kid was non-union and a lot of the people didn't want to Union they felt the union guys they had it easier but it was it was too expensive and if people didn't want to eat you know are you certain people so it was like a real debate like what's better is Auto Workers in a fuk around like everybody has to be you and just different kid but like a list if a job opens up how do we get here to go to list Rogan has more minorities in DS he started 9 months before a d as he gets the job going on I'll never forget that dude's name and what he did in the scumbag he was to me but I'm Friday's you would make me feel bad

► 02:39:59

YG Jose how many hours did you work I go 38 these are not I'm paying you for 30 and he believed me this guy but every Friday he's on this Friday I'm going away I'm going here to fuck my wife in the ass and he was always an asshole Nelson I got my sister my check I got this check I was waiting for and one Saturday I'm sitting out like I'm sick of this month I'm going to Robin's house and I jumped the fence and I take the back door open and he was a guy that bought hot shit

► 02:40:31

on the side you installing showers the bus sack of shit

► 02:40:36

and he must have I don't know how many fucking bottles and cases of Dom Perignon

► 02:40:44

start fucking ran up the corner call my buddy or meet me at this address and I took every bottle of Dom Perignon that he has I sold my liquor stores I took his checkbook when I bury this fucking guy just file badly treated me with such a fucking scumbag never bought launch he was always making pretty or he's always making little fuck remarks that's what we talked about earlier what happens when a guy gets in a power that's piece of shit

► 02:41:17

yeah I remember I had this t-shirt for a long time I used to wearing the smile every time

► 02:41:27

that's half what is Harvey Weinstein things about right about the boss you know what it's about to ask the boss if using this power to boss fucking the girls so they can get the job and that's the offer

► 02:41:42

which is probably been going on forever amen it's like I said especially here listen they destroyed Marilyn Monroe and that's the ones we know of a male have been put through a fucking process was always with how these guys got power me if you look at a guy like Harvey how else is he going to get laid let's be honest I mean is he going to get laid because he's a good-looking guy who's going to get laid because he's ruthless and very successful it would have to be ruthless and very successful a lot didn't win but I mean there's a lot that did the story is that there was a lot that didn't mean he couldn't have made these offers all these women that said no not have some of them say yes it doesn't make it any less horrible for the women who said no they were hounded by him and whatever went down and he ruined some careers and

► 02:42:36

but some of them had to say yes just some would make that deal with the devil that happens with a lot of different things people make that deal and make that deals worth it you know I'm not joke around about him I asked about Harvey Weinstein but that's that's what a lot of guys would do some check if that's all it took and you can you can get ahead and I Know It Off the Mary just have to block her how many guys would do that a lot of guys would do that would girls do that to some of them yeah most would not want that to be stuck in for their face moisturizer make their way through the most of vast majority would rather get by on their merits but there's always a way to the Top If that's not like Angels it's not like Pixies and what else people have done it if you have done everything that you can imagine people that marry people for money people have killed people for their insurance premiums are their insurance pay

► 02:43:36

that's what happens when people die they check the spouse to see if the spouse had a fucking insurance policy Define they recently put out a big fat insurance policy then they go sideways you off since you and she just vanished in the woods huh that's weird Mike Mike have a c going to talk what happened again Mike let's just take me to the top tell me what happened you guys went hiking in Colorado

► 02:44:00

I was another one is another one that just happened in Colorado with the child supposedly picked her up

► 02:44:15

I want to know how you have to phone app that member every car has GPS now yeah it's an old car GPS is cars that you get him stripped they don't shed in them but it get a really cheap car truck pickup truck no radio that's the one that baffles me how to fuck me to get the Idaho Family Guy guy killed his wife killed his kids you know what that guy misses a man but you look at him the picture him with his family go with that guy looks so fucking Yamaha killing his own kid house is capable of killing his wife there's there's certain people out there that just they're fucking broken the broken and you did if you're a woman you have to think about that that's the difference between women and men that's the biggest difference the biggest difference is women have to constantly be in fear

► 02:45:15

of a violent man wears men rarely are in fear of a violent woman tells me it doesn't happen that I've been my friend Phil Hartman his wife shot him I was asleep that didn't happen but the vast majority if you looking at like the numbers of people are afraid of the opposite sex it's women that are afraid of men it's a different environment to different it's a different Dynamic it's not like anything that we could ever really truly appreciate it if you know what the hell happened in Colorado where he killed is there any past the rest of violence I don't think so I don't think I do. Like I said the only thing that throws you off

► 02:45:55

is her car phone and I know which meant she had to take a right there drive to Idaho with jazz to be 11 12 hours and drive back 770 miles away and drive back without nobody noticing it's only part of gas station attendants recognizing a truck with a child in the back you know they have to do a search of every gas station to see if he pulled up in the invite him I don't think they've even gone that deep so far but they got to figure out how the cell phone ended up in the fucking mailbox I just don't understand why people get the fucking

► 02:46:40

it is so tough. I somebody now did you going to get away with it between cell phone to drones cameras pictures

► 02:46:54

you think about it how they find everything that's way more difficult that's what area rule areas you can still get away with a lot University of whatever oh that's right Iowa Iowa Iowa to pee so bad then I don't do things like that it's the holiday season you're sitting around right now thinking you see what's going on with Joe Rogan that's what happens when you turn 50 motherfuker soap at you drink your water you try to be healthy but you got to pee all fucking day this is what I live with every fucking that I go to bed I'm nice and sleepy and at one point I got a fucking get up and pee and you got it and it comes out nice and slow to really torch it to really make it think about that ham and cheese

► 02:47:54

sandwich in the fucking refrigerator should you stay up and eat that fucking think that God

► 02:48:00

it's Merry Christmas time this is the best fucking time to listen I ain't doing dick till Thursday in the same way about you Jamie nothing nothing I ain't doing dick till Thursday that I'm one of the graces with my wife and kid going to sing Jingle Jingle Bells and all that shit all the kids get together I'll probably be home by 9 tomorrow ain't doing dick in all doing open-mic nights at the gym tomorrow for jiu jitsu I might have to go down there at 12 just to get some exercise to get abs use an excuse to eat I'm thinking about dropping into The Comedy Store on Christmas night and might be boring but it might be an adventure then Wednesday I got declined for Thursday Friday Saturday I'm up there and talk start at the Levity Live so I don't listen to this sentence the weekend before New Year's or the first on the show of people going to be waiting for New Years cuz that's what people do they know you know what I'm just going to wait for New Year's Eve

► 02:49:00

jump up and down I fucking hate New Year's Eve in the stand me of always hated New Year's eve since I was 18 at 8 at New Year's Eve you ask me why you ain't fucking New Year's Eve does weird things happen when I was 18 and 17 I saw an RX-7 had a fucking Tree on New Year's Eve in the car got split in half and they have the big kid was that the girl got taken out by the jaws of death then the following year I went to a party and I saw my buddy Danny bee bite off Rogers here and we had to drive into the function hospital with a piece of earring the fucking value with ice cubes so that's why you never saw me drink on New Year's Eve any other time it is through you had 364 days a year for me to snort coke and eat pills and drink when it came to New Year's Eve I minded my fucking business why because you just a creepy like in fact I'm excited that Joe Rogan's not doing New Year's is here

► 02:50:01

relax Avenue Rec I saw that is that what happened I fell asleep yeah I saw that walked away I heard probably cuz he was asleep I thought it was in the dream didn't stiffen up that was in the country right dude I peed more than I've ever peed in my life right now actually got my blood done recently got everything checked out everything's groovy but I was dehydrated so I've been making a point to drink more water

► 02:50:26

what if I cheat myself do you hide but that doesn't mean it's okay to drink during the show put on if I do that subconsciously to limit my needing to pee during 3 our conversations no I don't think so I drink water all fucking day every time I walk out of the dentist at the doctor's office for a physical he always says drink more water water next to me which is Big get up and have a sip of water I'll get up and drink a fucking down the water and then because of the sleep apnea machines for the fluid in the eye just bring a bottle of water with me next door to the bed was there at night and it's really important if you read if there's a reason there's a reason why you know because when you're over 50 you pee more but there's a tree you have to look it up when you're by yourself next time and hotel room there's a reason why you should sleep tight hydrated when you're over 50 big

► 02:51:26

what what am I getting whenever I go to yoga class I always feel like I have to make a conscious effort to take that fluid back in cuz you just you sweat so much when is hot yoga classes I give you don't make a real bike jump just drink if you're thirsty you got to make kind of a conscious effort to get those fluids back in your body and you probably should take some electrolytes to I'm some sort of electrolytes up I just passed that's good to have a blast to bananas safe. I drink water and I also drink a fucking the after workout drink sometimes bananas good right before you workout no Gatorade no fucking and Monster Energy drink made all that shit do you know that's just going to kill fucking people 20 years Monster Energy and all those energy drinks and she like that they don't kill people talk my favorite thing is just

► 02:52:26

coffee before I anytime workout just coffee or espresso

► 02:52:33

good night before I go to The Comedy Store I drink a four-shot Express even my wife ago how big is that that

► 02:52:50

I can't say sugar in there

► 02:52:54

and I fucking get sugar-free sugar akron's come get me if I have the ball sometimes I take a toke off the pipe just took the expresso up a level should I pop a nicotine gum oh my God I'm Juiced up by the time I get to the place where I put myself through the nicotine nicotine gum supposed to be with jet like from what I understand nicotine itself is a really good nootropic they've they've analyzed the cognitive benefits of nicotine on its own but it's addictive so it's it's like at the back door like a clean tobacco just to give you a little push off the cliff yeah I think it's not bad for you

► 02:53:54

the cops are looking for me so I jumped on the bus in San Francisco 1985 I didn't know if the bus is going is going on place close to me now I have never heard of the things you can smoke on a bus and many kids from whatever Egypt and he smoked with me at that time I was never touch a tobacco product never even consider it I'm cute like what cigars are the worst thing in the world for you and I remember we smoked a joint with hash weed and tobacco in it what year was this a paid eighty-five we smoked a joint on a bus I thought my lungs were going to fucking cave in on at the back on the hashish cuz hash the farm lashes no matter what you smoke a hash it doubles in your lungs what do you mean the smoke doubles in your lungs

► 02:54:54

do I look like Johnny fucking signed to see if I don't know next time one of these smart guys comes on the Shelf pasta that's what I usually smoke Jensen people put Joey I put under a glass class and clean because the SS that week that's trying to Hash there was something else with double up in your fucking lungs that's why you cough so hard I remember when the expanse experience the same as a super Square I never did any drugs never smoked pot never do anything I went to an agent's room I think we're in Montreal is me and my manager was agent was a friend of ours and he had a piece of hash that heal it

► 02:55:42

I like a thumbtack under glass he blows on it blows on it and they put the lid on I'm washing them and then he smokes to hash out of it I was like I can't believe I'm saying Scott do drugs like this is like a scene in Hollywood he's not here he's doing drugs he's smoking drugs exist hashed I thought of hash the fucking movie Midnight Express that's what I thought oh my God you got to go to jail for Life glass like you can have to fight someone to kill him Midnight Express is about smuggling hash from Turkey that's in my mind hash was a serious fucking drug I just got was doing heroin but you doing hash might as well be doing heroin as I can't believe he's doing this in front of me

► 02:56:22

people with a glass scares the fuck out of it for someone who doesn't do anything like that's a big mess I like hit that hit of a joint I've seen that before you light a piece of hash and put it on a thumbtack and put under that glass and you get down there and suck it out of the glass screen

► 02:56:47

you doing man if you'd only thing about me and I've seen some rude people do some drugs shit when I was in New York and when I got up early and there's a movie called sugar hell yeah hell Sugar Hill I remember the Sugar Hill Gang Related Sugar Hill is a movie that is possibly Wesley Snipes best movie

► 02:57:08

shoes that was when they were the drug dealers yes I remember that because she plays the mother and she makes them all the belt and he goes why you gotta make me all about Mama because you're the oldest hold the belt so I can shoot this God damn arrows mom is sick all that's right this is his best movie by fucking far that was a good movie. What are we going to do that Saturday I will kick open a new year we didn't lay a bat's nothing nothing about fucking Jon Jones Gus's and if he had a better than give me a break down if I was bet Jon Jones vs Gustafsson yeah I'm stuck on both fights that's all I want to tell people that said I wouldn't bet me I can bet easier either they're both very good matchups Cris Cris Cyborg you have to give her in advance because she's so much bigger and because she just doesn't seem to lose she's just smashing people she's got really really good technique and she's super powerful and she

► 02:58:08

really big and she's got a lot of success and then Amanda Nunes is without a doubt the hardest-hitting bantamweight she's a fucking Smasher man long shoulders are long as she keeps you from the end of punches chill she's going to test cyborg you know we're going to find out whether or not you can hurt her and we find out if she could hurt her this could get crazy with the fuck knows cuz Amanda Nunes can come back if she hurt cyborg it could get crazy but if she can't she hits harder than Holly I think my humble opinion I think Holly is a great kicker and Holly is you know what she's really good at moving and she's very durable and Holly managed to go the full distance of cyborg you know there's a hard fight was a hard fight and she lost that fight the thick the difference between Holly and Amanda Nunes I think it's like one shot power is better for Nunez

► 02:59:03

but you know Holly when you shoot. Germaine de randamie she when she fought Jermain she knocked her down knock you down a straight left she hurt her she hurt a couple times she had kicked her she hit her with a? Kick in and had kicked her and Germaine de randamie is really good heavy heavy duty more TIE fighter but she didn't want to fight cyborg Holly did time or just the biggest in the best in terms of what we look at our success ratio you look at with the way she beats girls down she's so powerful man but Amanda is the toughest fight forever cyborg fight with Gina Carano Gina Carano one point I was on top of her on the ground she didn't sustain it and she lost a fight and Cyborg eventually smashed her but do it Gina had her moments in that fight you know and I don't think Gina was ever the one shot cracker that Amanda is however Cyborg's way better than she was back then

► 02:59:57

but you know so is Amanda Amanda Ino coming off of the Cal Pennington fight you watch that fight she dominated Raquel Pennington I think we're Raquel's one of the top of girls in the division she's she's a hard woman and she she beats a lot of really good Fighters and she she gave Holly Holm all she can handle and got a split decision loss to Holly Holm and how his debut in the UFC and then she's fucking good and Amanda Nunes handled her it was very very impressive who scary like dismantling she's beating her up I was like Wow but she's on another level now as a champion she's got an even better she was always really good she's always really dangerous but as a champion she got even better when she beat Ronda Rousey in 48 seconds that was the big coming-out party like he we are baby she's she's the best bantamweight ever you know in terms of like her or not girls out like she's the scariest of all time she's the only one I mean cyborg can't make 135 Amanda Nunez can but she's a legit 135 Champion you know and just got it down now

► 03:00:57

she can go five rounds she can she can beat the fuck out of you for 5 rounds now it's different Christmas to you my friend for Christmas to you my brother I don't think so not this week but we'll see each other soon for sure and after New Year all right take everybody much love by Merry Christmas Merry Christmas Happy New Year New Year happy Hanukkah happy Kwanzaa marry everybody

► 03:01:29

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