#1224 - Adam Greentree

The Joe Rogan Experience #1224 - Adam Greentree

January 14, 2019

Adam Greentree is a bowhunter and photographer from Australia. He also hosts his own podcast called “Bowhunter’s Life” available for download via iTunes.

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coconuts Teeter cam Rogan and again I can't endorse this enough I've been using these long before I ever had a podcast and talking about them long before they were ever a sponsor I'm a big fan of Teeter teeter.com Rogan is a very good friend of mine he is a conservationist a bowhunter an interesting cat just an all-around student of life in a traveler of the world he's my friend Adam Greentree

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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how are you brother was good to see you again tour of the United States of America Dickerson Road Orrville I love kids but you are you taking them to you took everybody like that what you're here for how many months months moving tired of Australia is the big trip notes better can't say that the American landscape how United land skyvision I find Rocky Mountain Casino to the deserts just

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like a real man like Rocky Mount now let me tell you something you were 28 days that you did in the Rocky Mountains out here put on Instagram counseling that was like one of the most talked-about that I can every I got calls from all my friend Bert Kreischer was fucking obsessed with you he wouldn't stop calling me about it he's like a fucking guys playing self bring it with him with the grisly pear any point the gun out of Jesus Christ that's normal shit now if you're out there it's normal to get false charge by a grizzly bear bite into the back of Montana to the spot that usually got a bunch of grizzly bears about guy too and I will talk about you how you want to come out to Estrella hunting to just get everything the difference is

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they can happen at any point if I can grizzly bears ago they walk on land heinous tryout you pretty much have to go into the water so you only worried about that when you go to collect water or you thinking about having to wash or something here it's full time to whatever reason it doesn't bother me as much to get killed and eaten by a bear then it does a giant saltwater crocodile in the crocodile be nicer to grab you drag you down you drowned anyway you know and then it would do it at once if a grizzly bear is going to fucking Moliere scratchy face off bought your necktie chunks out of here it's going to be long to dude phone is eating me some about grizzly bears that's the most terrifying things that they just eat you they don't kill you first to just hold you down

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hold on Sam and they take big bites how do you know make sure they killed last night behind you know like yeah I'll finish it off and then yeah and like mountain lions usually kill they probably but obviously grab the car off and it was dating this cough while still alive like a beef cow car yeah I saw the video and then I seen one not long ago someone shared with me with a mountain lion dragging a mule deer down is like jumping on this mule day before it actually. As you know in a slush is just not that thought process that is not that human as long as they make sure that they have it as a meal crosses elk who these wolves had torn the back legs apart and were it was in the river and the Wolves were eating it while it was in the river and the thing was moaning and screaming

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go anywhere in the world pretty horrible for us but me outside have you encountered any Bulls when you're out there I went to Canada was Northwest Territories and there was a pack of wolves that were chasing a caribou and I pretty much Chase's thing to lock 1100 sweat you know what this is meme winter sellable the Caribou got really hot and I chased it into the freezing cold River and I told us around in the river and then I just left and I walked off you know it wasn't that I woke and wife when they killed I knew the job was done the Wolves went back off Hall and I got on today's Rocky benches and sat in the Sun and we'll live drawing out they sells and cooling down and drawn-out Miss Caribou never left the river was like just quivering in the river and then that off knew when we come back. Caribou was just a cock if we'd like flesh hanging off the ribs

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what are the Riverside I come back down once the river done its job in smart as hell why wait until now that is bananas crazy eyes are so wise people that I know that I've seen them in the forest at it look at you a different way they look through you to look at you in a way like almost like they think that that's the reason why that the myth of the werewolf exist as if people that have these terrifying encounters with Wolves a swear that that's part human five years old when you get this Hardscrabble life out there chasing much larger animals than you and you got to kill him with your face

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is the eye to pack of like 30 wolves this last trip that I was in BC and I kept coming around camp with horses and not in camping one guy I ventured out to try and get on to him and get a better look at them and they just without saying night I just kept this perfect Grange you know I like that how back to me I was trying to call him and I was hell and that he'll back to me and I just keep this pussy grind and you could tell the whole town now communicating cuz they be another wolf or a couple of wolves that would like a couple of miles in the other direction and you could hear them moving the signed patent of the rest of these wolves were and I got my eyes on the distance I walked across a noise like and Alvernon that I've never really seen him but I guarantee you those wolves looked at me a bunch of times like they just a different on to do what they can do with you in the back country of British Columbia

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is everything like that and just every direction around to Halland did you hear him how I need to hear him do it sounds like a balk it's not it's likely just short hell and then every now and then you would he want how different you could tell that that was the alpha is to say on that it was letting out dude is like earring and Friday night you're fucking you're not like yeah well the thing about them that's so fascinating about them as their cooperative and they almost they didn't know what to do without without even communicating they know what to do to have plans and strategies he know how to how to box someone in circle around like if an animal's running in a certain direction to get out in front of it said the end up being a set of caribou tracks that I end up getting on to and following and every wolf track was a sudden you know section apart from that and I'll funneling into this big drainage

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end up returning back to can't cuz it was getting. But I would have loved to have kept following insane if I actually like they're efficient good chance I end up catching that Caribou you know I'm killing it it's really interesting seeing them adapt to Once in 1994 when you get reintroduced to Yellowstone seeing them. Apt to that the whole West and really expand and Wyoming there was this one Surplus kill these wolves it run across a bunch of cows milk cows and they did Kill I'd 18 of them just slaughtering in high snow and they couldn't get away until these walls just one after another just kill them all and didn't even eat them practice I think it's good practice and also think while it's snowing out they probably figured look will come back to this

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Diner in Ada than a Grizzly 8 said if the grizzly donate a budget right now I mean even if a hunter hits and a moment doesn't recover it that that's not going to wait forever and everything goes back to the days before he was elected Wells ultimate Predator like everything's people in the world you have a growth on the yeah really is just a fascinating cycle when you're out there and you realize that it doesn't care about for GE or cities or, Jerry Herman when 4J was good 3-g 3-g LTE you're doing these live streams or these these Instagram stories how you how you hooking up when you're out some of them saved so some of them I think the Lost

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Iran I did this all lock for the Autumn landlocked Uno Ventura true vestroia that was like a so it ain't dies Ally I think but every dial still documenting it but it wasn't until that I got back into civilization that I was uploaded in the ditch day so when you do it on your phone it just saves it on the phone I'm good filming it in the normal camera mode and then I'll blow in it but a lot of places specially here in the US when you're apart fuck you soak aha station reception I'll do a little bit of research what's the best for the vault door in the area 88 United Verizon whatever it is and I'll end up getting a SIM card for that you know provider and then usually if my parts not too bad but just depends we are like on CBC nothing at all. What about satellite

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you can't upload data really want from satellite that's the issue and if you could you'd want to be freaking rich cuz they would charge you an arm and a leg things at REI you put them on your backpack it's like an extender it somehow or another extend your cell phone ring without 3-g like tosa 3j that have provided that kind. Pretty good we can have like a big ant Aaron and hanging off you back and I'm not that into it came in are all pretty small clip-on and I don't remember exactly the mechanism behind It's gotta be handy if I'm just trying to communicate and I've got like a Garmin inreach sort of thing and you can do you do text off your phone cuz it like actually goes into a fine but as far as died two guys it's too slow to do something like insta stories

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Mount one day what did Mark Zuckerberg wasn't he trying to like put satellites in space to make internet for the whole world they stop doing that and wants Congress tart go and I know what I know for sure one of them they had in a one of the Tesla Rockets they went up that exploded I'm pretty number one second they had stuff in that one I believe that makes sense working stop because of wife finds not all but I remember liking the construction industry that morning that you left the work you had to be highly freaking organized because it wasn't you had to go back to a python if you wanted to Kohl's, no one wanted to do that specially from work so I got that now it's just I just remember when Eddie miles come on fine I was like holy shit I can save some time now like I was a massive breakthrough for business

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banal to do that and then but it's all said not to step away from that every now and then like some hunts I'm really looking forward to going to because there isn't any reception you know when you get away from me miles business work phone calls all the shit's just U&I Chicken on it sort of nice to be like that we're all spending too much time on our phones too much time being connected and not to all my friends are should fear and Bert Kreischer hired companies to take over the social media social media at all what they do is their post something by sending it to them like safety has a tour coming up like hey you know I'm going to be in Sacramento Bubba blah he send it to them they take that they put it up he doesn't see it at all he doesn't doesn't pay attention to a second of it that sort of thing I'm thinking it does you know I've been better at it over the last like couple months than I ever have before but just leave in the phone alone

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you're not touching it and just hanging out I don't even look back on it just like cool the contents out there if they want to look at it I can look at it that I want to look at a time to Channel download something different but then every now and then there's one that I like to look at the engagement with and stuff like that which is good taste like 10 to sense I've been looking at us into an Instagram post of yours each time I have 100000 at least I have five point five million Instagram followers on the bed and wants to be fucking malfi that more people than your post is the first place they see you again I get some shit that ignorant if we think that everyone is just going to get along like that's never got

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I need that and it's never happened but I feel like it's getting worse because you can't punch someone in the face anymore like it's true if someone gets especially nice try it was only gone back so many years ago someone gets me off that you can from them and if they want to go at it I'll get in trouble if I do that now you know you're the one that gets in trouble if I love being a smart-ass now you're the one that gets in trouble so you can't do that in people know that so they get me off of you there's no repercussions for calling someone a fucking cunt on Instagram that's true running around punching people but I am I do like the way it turns out like when you were in school along with someone and I get me off and then you have a fight usually ended up friends after it safe

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Don and Ava people knew not to talk shit yeah well it's a weird thing like when you see UFC fights or guys fucking hate each other and they beat the shit out of jail for that now, I'll get it and yeah yeah I know it's a weird sometimes you just need to get it out of your system it's Primal it's like a midnight show shity the people it's too easy and people don't laugh it's also Sonu Sonu mean any kind of action is only 20 years old basically 24 years I think I think I was online in 94 and it was like a 56k modem is slow as shit and it was what you would use it through the phone line to go

► 00:23:28

photos great back then like this is amazing. It was the most incredible thing I remember I showed up to News Radio One Day the sitcom that I was on I couldn't wait to tell these people about how I got online last night and I was downloading all these things and printing them out printing up it was all about UFOs I was really in the UFOs back then and I was reading all these files about UFOs like government reports about UFOs I'd somehow they found some I don't know what the fuck was a message board or something they said I was so obsessed I'll tell them I was such a big deal to take so long to download one piece of paper like one piece of paper that was filled with text would take like 30 seconds to download Crazy and now we're here and I'm like evolve. 3j full bottom like what the fuck I know you're mad

► 00:24:28

Tony kids are about the virtual reality setup that we have back there that disturbs me that disturbs me it doesn't disturb me that you know it's bad for you and it's like that's so fun and it's so immersive and I know and I know where it's going it's going to keep getting better and better just like it was 30 seconds to download a just a simple piece of paper filled with text you know 20 years ago 20 years from now that is going to look like crayon so I'll totally have it's called a haptic feedback so as you draw the bow back you actually feel like a vibration Hammond Jesus Christ Tesla Tesla

► 00:25:28

is new heights yeah they're going to have haptic feedback suit is that what it is crack supposed to put it right in the pussy is going to keep shooting up sells artificial machine guns

► 00:25:59

Michigan shocked know but they supposed to do as a couple different things this is just a test that she takes like a hard front kick to the chest here okay let's see hard front kick to the chest heart explosion back here

► 00:26:19

should I cook something hard

► 00:26:23

feel it right here hot explosion or do I really want to try yes I do

► 00:26:33

what is a boxing game that you can play it's really cool and the boxing game you you see this guy in front of you like a big 3D cartoon really but really cool graphics and we punches you the whole screen goes bright but I'd like you to like you get your gold and she's going to get my hands up I got a shit and you get exhausted because you're moving around it's hard to believe it or not to punch are then is the punch something I would definitely are you tired tired easier around squeaking around the floor for sure going to be a weird world for our kids when they get to be you know our age

► 00:27:33

the world's going to be unrecognizable yeah I feel like it's taken the age of things to actually done that like I haven't actually climbed Everest Universal reality game and not really worried about this I'm worried about people being able to have experiences that they didn't earn if someone if if there's a virtual reality game where you play it and all the sudden you're in a NASCAR and your you know what you're winning some gigantic race you're in the driver's seat and your move shift in the gears and you mean feels like you're like indiscernible from feeling like you're winning a regular that's going to happen is going to be going to be able to do all these different things and it's going to make people more and more dependent on technology and weaker and weaker and weaker that's how I feel too yeah it's like

► 00:28:33

it's like going to the gym and work now I'm getting all these muscles but then moving away from any manual labor and muscles fucking use them as truth is a lot of guys that go to the gym and then they'll work out hard for 45 minutes an hour to gym but make them work a construction site Where They Carried Lumber all day tell me fucking complain in the protein shakes and sex with anybody want anybody Scarlett Johansson that's fucking we'd already doing these things with a face swap with computers so they take beautiful actresses and they put their face on pornstars bodies and it's hard to tell Matt I mean it looks like a sex tape with a famous actress

► 00:29:28

that's disturbing disturbing so there is no hurry is it not just like to see it but do it like to going to be able to like the Matrix going to be able to put this on and you going to be like this haptic feedback suit that's just one step eventually going to figure out a way to make your body feel it and then you're going to have sex with people like anybody you want to fuck you you know that's one of my point was kind of on stages at like one of the reasons why is hard like it's hard to have sex with people like you have to plan it out means not that hard but it's you know you have to agree that you like each other to hope that she likes you and you like her or whatever and there's you develop

► 00:30:28

a personality like to get people to like you more that way it's more likely be a nicer person you get rewarded for that it's nice to be nice if you don't have to do that in the future we're going to be able to address an Ascend Y and trying to keep hygienic and be nice and then yeah I run just turned into a fucking slow because they're going to sleep with some pretty actress anyone that virtual reality they're going to look like Ryan Reynolds anyway have a full six pack and look beautiful and then other people going to meet you in there they're also going to be pretending you going to have some disgusting human being and then in that world going to be perfect but it'll be people like me that I'm like now I'm traditional what am I doing is he doing walk everywhere it's crazy I just posted a photo video actually which is like 700 images stuck together

► 00:31:28

Joshua Tree I saw that and it's like the milky white cruising past but it is just the air traffic dude is in sign is just like constant and I'm like anyone looking in my sorority look like the future futuristic already and I'm like will it be sort of like we're leaving in this point here look at them or just back and forth and that's all air traffic none of that is asteroid or more atom. Green Tree on Instagram and Yale

► 00:32:17

yeah that's right that's about 300 photo stack to give us so you actually get a star trial that's in Australia so that's a self-install middle point so that's why the South and then if you got back to if you go back to the item. Greentree Jamie that one

► 00:32:40

if you got back to that Stalin that's the north star that was pretty cool so I was taken from his driveway go to Seven Star which is like you know the turning point and then this is from America like Joshua tree that California and that's like the Northern Star is closed down right now because of the people like that the federal shutdown affect you at all about it until you mentioned it to send so it's going to be a while to really it wasn't just because of the trash that's what started because the trash and then never like last week before I should go in and like chopping some trees down there. So and I wasn't actually can see in Joshua Tree itself all those locked out of the tears section just off the side of the road where I could but it's almost sign about

► 00:33:38

you know that the government of whatever the federal government you know we've all the trash but the federal government's not live in the fucking trash day that's painful signature trees are among the shutdown think that is only a few trees and Joshua Tree in these people are chopping them down just to be dicks cuz they know there's no one there they probably Chronicle X on from it but damn it and that that is filled Joshua trees a massive place to this is Earth larger than Rhode Island it's beautiful once you get out of there that's a real time and this is the thing about people that don't spend much time in the wilderness and don't appreciate the Wilderness they don't they don't they will they not connected to it I don't understand I had a bunch of people in the city cuz you know it's been the last 5-6 days here in LAX you know I'm the bad weather is coming to lock all this disgusting wyvern unlock the fuck not the bushes loving this

► 00:34:38

good thing they just sell complaining bitterly 10 days a year normal like I wouldn't I don't imagine it brings more than 50 days a year on here somewhere that route time how many days a year on average does it rain in LA on 25 25 days a year 1660 I bet you're right yeah but sometimes it's a bunch together like this is like 7 already so far in the last week and a half left bed on all day that Connie I don't shout out to

► 00:35:27

shut up the plaster so Kanye West is 35 tough to get

► 00:35:42

I go to that black an average for sunny days per year to per year did the problem is is California right it's like Northern California fucking rains everyday I'll give you go like near the Redwood Forest that's a that's a rainforest time up in medicino Beautiful by the ocean or so big they're stupid by thousand year old tree a thousand year old tree is like a normal tree up there at some point realize I do well in the Hoskin ditions

► 00:36:42

but I look good this is so funny that like that sort of indicative of what California is like we don't we don't have a real everything comes from somewhere else here like native Los Angeles people you meet one of those me like whoa, that is Goofy what's it like wandering around my cat just because I adopt doesn't mean I like it but Disney's a different flies like I went in and yes that I like fucking dress is a man united James on a flannel that shirt you know Hunter camo cap walking around and then the kids talked me into going to that was some Splash Mountain we want to get so wet in the front

► 00:37:42

Jacqueline Johnson the front we come down and like I'm fucking yellow inside my mouth is I've been doing the whole garlic running my mouth so I can serve me drench me and then it was told you to come over called so I've walked around Disney for the morning thinking like look at these fucking Fruit Loops in the way they dress in all the Disney closed. Any clothes you can buy in this fucking Disney clothes I'm wearing it was pajama pants with fucking Mickey Mouse's head all over shirt that's got Disney fucking written all over it so I can walk around there like I fitted perfectly and after that it's like fucking actually look like fucking who's the owner of Disney packing Shawty Lo de letting me do this expecting Mickey Mouse and shoot a load of me outside of Splash Mountain

► 00:38:42

it's like it looks like a phone booth and you get warmed up but it cost money yeah I think it's so fucking scan it is but let me tell you something nice and quiet a hundred percent have you been to Florida yet I think he is going to win the Florida yet go to Florida again you got to go to Disney World Disney World Disney World way better than what Disney World has the best ride of all time they have is Avatar ride what is it called Flights of

► 00:39:25

flights of Passage rot and you ride one of them avatar dragons it's all virtual reality you put these goggles on you climb on this thing that looks like a motorcycle that straps you and place in which you're riding is one of them giant dragons it's fucking incredible fucking shit now you feel the breeze you smell things that are you see these animals are flying over its why it's all HD three-dimensional amazing God damn good this is a quote that he said that I think he was talking about someone else told him that that there's two different kinds of fun this fun that you have while it's happening like your ride the roller coaster it's fun but you don't

► 00:40:25

look back on that was amazing but then there's things that suck like you're 28 day trip in the Rocky Mountains a gun that you don't even know has a jammed bullet in it is charging at you for the rest of your life it is like shallow fun always today. Some things just shallow but there is nothing wrong with doing but they just did not real meaningful and I'll do the character it's something that you always look back on and I memories and shit his feelings you get when you come back to we appreciate things like Kalin and I did this trip with vanilla in Prince of Wales and we were up there for

► 00:41:17

we're supposed to be up there I think for 7 days but on the sixth day of storm is coming in and so we wound up Bailon early because I had a gig in two days and otherwise I would have been stuck up there but you get stuck every fucking day images rain every day it rained all day every day there was no it was like a break it was a five-minute break inside the tent my headlamp on and see this is what fox you up when I'm inside the 10 lb dry no no there's no no cuz the heirs wet when I turn my head lamp on a realize the entire inside of the tent was moisture particles floating around the air and I was like fuck me I'm in this wet down bag and I'm looking around like he's never going to get dry then we came home after the six days and

► 00:42:17

took a shower and then I was we were in the car and it was sunny out as I God this is the best I've ever felt I'm so happy I don't think you get that happy unless you feel miserable so you know the little things that we take for granted and whatever dialog fucking wow it came did this Hocking Montana with man it's just like psych folding malls and it's just like not a flat be the grand on it and She's continually going up and it's in the snow and she she had an issue with the leg and anyway we got to talk and we set up camp and she's been miserable with that even a fire that unites like we lit the fire and she's fucking smile and she's loving it you know and then we come back to the trailer like we're not even in the house he when you're traveling around like a Winnebago I try luck and we get back to the trailer when you get sick a lot on and turn the tap on this hot water and she's just like fuck you

► 00:43:17

that shit for granted again some people now anyway and then you certainly can but I think a guy like you you're in the wilderness so often that you know it's almost like you have a permanent appreciation yes it's hardly yeah actually miss it I actually don't like this so I can laugh as much as I sort of lost yeah I see it I get it I like both obviously I need I mean I make a living in cities off the show that's what I do the thing few hunting trips that I get to do a year when I'm out in the actual Wilderness Wilderness like war in the mountains of Utah elk hunting I just like sitting down sometimes just said it just sit down take it all in for a couple minutes I mean even though you're in the middle of a new run around looking for Al can you hear me I just like to lick lick lick by yourself you know

► 00:44:17

the Wilderness in the real world you know it's like cuz you know I say I see you said on one of the podcast of the knife was fine with me or someone else that it's so funny that we saw today Outdoors cuz everything's Outdoors like fucking everything sounds of the ceiling of the United that's what it really is yeah but it's so weird that you don't really know the outdoors unless you stay out in the wilderness or something like that I think also being out there at night table to protect you most animals don't want to fuck with campfires at the State Theater in the kids we travel taranis dryer in in in 2007 and early lost you and we camped out on the tanami desert which is like one of the last places to really be discovered and explored in this dry it like it is not artificial watch out there

► 00:45:16

I all like whatsoever and we camped out on the desert 90 thing that was around us was like dingos and camels like it here moving for the not camels yeah yeah but we sat there I can't I just had the more more I try, you you know with a camper on the back like real white white set up and we sat there no lights on in the camper that or anything so he's sitting in the pitch-black in the Snow White and the media is dude like I reckon we counted forty 50 media is over like half an hour and our family home like this is this is the best like this is it was so amazing just to see if they're especially with the kids and Kim as well so many times they enter the atmosphere. I think it's time you can probably look this up but I think a hundred tons of media hit the Earth every single guy

► 00:46:14

100 tons is the most of an antigen. Phone cuz it breaks up but so lost you I was up at my cabin just chilling out by myself wake up in the morning to do a piss worked out and I'm looking out and this media come through and it was so broad that actually. The ground dude like the most incredible media that I've seen by the time lapse photo going in the opposite direction I quickly turned it around and you say that the media is dust feel like I lost a 25 minutes half an hour in the in the camera and it's just drift in change and type in the atmosphere was in sign so I just like every now and then it's like a real good one so then I started looking it up and I seen one that Rick a whole village like in Germany or something like that asteroid coming through

► 00:47:04

reckon shit that it didn't even talk to come so close to it blows the walls in the windows out and everything I'm like this is fucking scary we leave on a little speck that's fine dining in one of many galaxies are not my friend Randall Carlson put a bass you said we live in the middle of a shooting gallery of millions of years doesn't seem to doesn't register to ask because rolling around for a hundred looks like a fucken stop sign in the most redneck Town true nothing gets slow down by the air burns up in the atmosphere is not crazy everything just slams into it and boom boom

► 00:48:04

I think it was like 10000 years ago there was like a big bang look like a big made you hit hit the earth and I stopped looking into that and then I thought it really looking into garbage needs in Australia indigenous how long they've been around for and stuff like that and is now evidence to side of it being around with 70,000 years they leave for like three of those big media is hitting the casino like crazy to think about like why didn't I wish I had video cameras back and you know and I could a recorder that we could look at it now like imagine that well Randall Carlson the guy that talks about earlier is a proponent of the theory that this is what ended the Ice Age and he's got some pretty compelling evidence to back it up like massive massive Fields filled with dead wooly mammoths have died almost instantly someone with their legs broken from the force of the impact

► 00:49:04

guy who I don't think he has a degree in the stuff but he's so well-read in it that he has his debates and conversations and it's hard in those fields to be taken seriously if you don't have a PhD and whatever discipline it is but man his his work on these things is so compelling the podcast that I did with them are just mind-blowing but in terms of like the evidence that points to some event that ended the Ice Age very rapidly and caused the disintegration of the Polar of the The Ice that was over North America or North America had something like a mile-high + sheet of ice over the most of it coming and that girl they signed up in Wyoming at a really interesting and it was that the rock formation will tell you how all that rock formation is hail formed United like in Iraq usually

► 00:50:04

beds in lies like this it's formed in lies like this and then you'll see a rock like that you know all the lines and liked it that some of them there that a like a hundred million years old you know there's a song that shall on it and it's just it's incredible to think how much the exchange and you just said it was around for a hundred years of the Pawn Max you know and it's just like we're dropping the freaking ocean like Aiden the hall human rights is a drop in the ocean compared to White how old the Earth is and it's just crazy to think of it like it's hard to comprehend that there was at my choice over here cuz it's not now you know that's it's mind-boggling to think of what they find shells in Montana I found someone top of friggin some big nice or out in the desert. It does not water for miles and it shows it is there was like starfish fossilized in the rocks and it's a little black Carlsbad you known that was like I was like the bottom of the ocean that was a reef bed

► 00:51:04

Great Western Inland Sea yeah they have sharks out there I think I think they had megalodons in Montana shit the fine dinosaurs are all the time when a Dudley's friends with Dudley knows a guy who has a ranch out there in Montana and he found a bone in his in his Ranch just maybe something protruding from the ground and he wanted someone to get a look at it so he got a hold of some I guess what would you have paleontologists they went and they said you got a fucking T-Rex here bro I think they give a million dollars for it really like a fully intact or close to intact T-Rex far out man was found supposed to be in Texas Jesus Christ

► 00:51:55

what the fuk can great white shark boy that's a stupid movie The Meg the Magyar stupid it wasn't just one there was a bunch of them they can you find a ham how much media struggling to find that and then I think I found what you found so it says here's from NASA's website there's a hundred tons of dust and sand size part of everyday doesn't it seems like a balance of the Fall every two thousand years of so a meteorite meteoroid the size of a football field hits Earth and caused a significant damage to the area

► 00:52:55

an object large enough to threaten Earth civilization comes along not just that bigger than that impact craters on Earth the moon or the planetoid planetary bodies are evidence of these occurrences yeah they don't even know you know that's that the most spooky thing like Neil deGrasse Tyson said that we are decades away from being able to do anything about one of those things coming our way they can stop it when it's happenings like not happening it was nothing what about the bruising that people have a real distorted idea of the technological capabilities in terms of what principle nasses Sol under budgeted they barely have enough money to put you know satellites in orbit they don't have enough money to stop a common enemy not the amount of money you would need is so fucking massive dude take a Cooperative joint effort of every major country in the world and is such a force of

► 00:53:55

Rachel and you know a force of 92 usually can't be fucked with huge scary all they can do all they think they could do in the field not even now but in the future is move it off Target slightly somehow another give it a bump send it in to Mars or something at a certain distance cracks and instead.

► 00:54:20

Yeah it's scary space is scary and you don't really see space unless you're out there with no light pollution you know that I don't think people that don't camp or they don't go out when you look up at night like last night not last night but couple nights ago when it wasn't raining it was a clear night and I saw quite a few Stars cuz it was no moon I was like wow it's so pretty but it ain't shitt, okay Moto Z have a damn I found you can just sit there with the night at all and you can look right into the abyss simony stars that looks like a dark spot of the Milky Way cuz you can see so much of it you know what's a color in it and everything could see the colors weird what is the color what is that and the shower and the like the roar images and the collar that was coming out of these Roy images they look like absolute pill is like painted pill is dude

► 00:55:20

I don't know if it's a definite if it's something like that Jamie go to Adams that the first man

► 00:55:28

Instagram again like these this image like like the ones of

► 00:55:33

call look at that one from PC go down one strip. That one there that's with the northern lights tonight. Yeah that's sudden night light pollution out there always love you saw the Northern Lights Out the ground like and run funny noise I was just Like Dancin constantly right in front of your eyes that was awesome in the Northwest Territories of Australia so where's it at the best of the best place to see it in like Iceland or some shit or Norway and I think we didn't say it in Alberta when was there but I think we had

► 00:56:34


► 00:56:41

there's the bomb go off on hit that one in the middle of you have to do something with the aperture wolf Estados it's open for a longer. You know I lock the human. You have to actually light up in the dark for if a wall and just look stair and that sort of to get a good look it up how long is it open to get that image. Slack Jam. Even for a long time but it's way too much light for what the farm has a nice talking a lot of distortion as well

► 00:57:25

that's such a cool picture with the the cabin as well the light coming out of the cabin isn't that crazy that they could be out there

► 00:57:35

yeah that's what's crazy is that each one of those is a son and most of them are bigger than you apparently our son is a little bitch ass some Toby fraud but we just have to be further away is a good one it's a it's like a it's like a Toyota Tercel I get a shared on my lock code bunch of wacky Wafers is probably better on the back to buy Land Cruiser that's the high lock today the new Land Cruiser and then a tray I mean like a pickup truck bed like a pickup truck bed but we usually rip the the the one that's on and off we usually the pickup truck bed off because it's like

► 00:58:35

bulky and I was not a lot of room in it really usually rip that off and we'll be able to still try so it's like a haul flatbed with a flatbed and just peed a lot more on it and it's a lot more rickety and I can fry for I would rocks on it whatever this want what you guys have to have vehicles that you could drive for like a day before you hit a gas station if you doing that it's haunted I do you say one of the first thing to do is you rip off the fuel tank and you put like an Optima fuel tank on it that's usually like twice the capacity will you throw a second fuel tank on it and go from there so I don't know what are these in gallons but likes a fuel tanks like usually 60 liters to gallons is what usually the fuel tank will they would double it till like 40 or 50 or 60 or something like that and cuz it's such a market for it and there's a bunch of them that you bought ready that already the man on to your vehicle

► 00:59:34

fucking hundred miles Anyway full drive-ins like different in the dryer as well you know it's like so where my business is the nearest city which is pus like I got an hour's drive you know nobody steals teen Isaiah Mallard Drive to the nearest city what is that Jamie this like you far but would it take us to get that's like Colorado from Ohio to here twice and how is 33 hours and twenty-four hours get you from my Columbus to about Amarillo Texas

► 01:00:15

24 as a straight driving straight driving she's scared is like a message site the guys on the very top of us tried to the very bottom of it dries it feel like when you get out of car 33 hours of driving sucks so bad one time we ended up at 4 in the morning right on the Sunset Strip right at that hotel to Hyatt in the morning but when you get in La at 4 in the morning right in the traffic again you look tired of shit time to go you got to go cuz you're about to record at the end of the trip but you don't pump is Connor in the hallway. It's a hellish Drive some people it's nothing the whole life is beautiful country like if you're in the day Outback you do you like you staring out and you happy the whole time he's not a very popular thing to do in Australia to go out into the Outback in Drive-In loitering and fear easiest in like we call in the grind eyemed select all the people that every toy

► 01:01:15

Hydra Craig like all might be their description in Breinigsville nomades nomades do most people that would do this or do they are they just going out there camping like even getting getting a good now in flocks of the outdoors with a thing I get and I hit it seems like there is quite a bit of hunting in Australia though like particular really promoted will set for you know the bone and Community itself where is you come to America and there's like towns with big sign up sign welcome Hunters you know it's

► 01:02:15

it's not it's like it's not part of that history in Australia even though it is signs that say welcome home in America that's why I'm sorry I think it is on the rise you know I think there's like the speed of a trend of the moment and I don't kill euron I love that money non-native species that you can hunt physically in you don't ever have to buy meat in Australia by me that's about it but the fridge is full I feel only friends fridges me families fridges thinking chicken was at mountain lion taste like fucking delicious picture anger it's so strange to me angry people get if you kill a mountain lion cuz I think they think that if you kill it it's different than killing a deer or something that's a normal thing to eat

► 01:03:15

yeah even more than a bear or angry kitty cat you know you shouldn't have killed her and see mountain lions like you did I'm fucking nice shit cuz if you say Mountain like Slimes like you say indeed that need no dear it's as simple as I know I don't know what the number to be like one man in line for every $500 or something like that and they're sneaky creatures you know you're not supposed to say I could go your whole life not seeing them and they could be around you all the time. That's a fact in the wilderness if you live in Montana or you live in Colorado and you live in the woods you might see one every few years yeah yeah Mott Prince all the time but I'll never see a cat like I've actually never seen a cat in the wall to sit for the one that I hunted

► 01:04:15

and that's like a story I was telling you for like it was dating a cough but they typically kill a deer every single day to manage things in a sudden why you know it's like these biologist support only study and research in the can I go and like how you can hunt miles in this area so that's all I could hunt where I was how can I meet you tomorrow how do you know it's a male well that's when the dogs come in handy so I've never really wanted to hunt with dogs cuz I like to do all the hunting myself but there's a special bond between the hunter in the dogs when you're hunting Us wish you were on it was actually really good experience I really love that but a lot of people frown on using dogs but the best way to determine the sex is the dogs will track it and the line will take refuge in a tree and then you can have a look at a genital to make sure it's a mild binoculars

► 01:05:15

it was a line I wanted the line that it killed that cop was eating that cough a lot of wind up getting getting the rain to come in the end up putting the coffee out of its misery it couldn't be saved and then we put the dogs back on that mountain lion tracking night should I steam about 7 miles and I end up training we got the we marched in and walked into the tree and then. Determining that it was a mile and then mine up she really good death was quick but if it was a female would have had to have left it was some site sound like that and counties on like that work can be Milan same out the population is too high what they trying to do in that pot of Colorado is just keep that Mont mountain lion population healthy and how they determine that was by shooting miles only that could change next year that could have a rise in mountain lion a decrease in the mule deer and Ava animal so they might change that again but we couldn't shoot him my also the problem in America in California where they

► 01:06:15

hunting with dogs is that the perception of using a dog to go after an animal the perception is that it's not fair what people I mean there's going to be hard for some people especially animal ever to understand but it is the only effective way to hunt for mountain lions because there's no way you're going to sneak up on them you're just you're not going to see the animals like mule deer and stuff stop the planet we talked about a lot that's happening in California is the mule deer populations just being decimated cousin did not control in the mountain long exactly they do have control the mountain lions but only government employees killed in the mountain lion ironically the same amount of mountain lions they were killing when they were hiding it since but instead of people paying money to do it and getting rich guys back in the conservation the mountain lion which I know I can't people like what I'm telling you folks

► 01:07:12

I haven't eaten one but I'm telling you and you you said it Brunello said it's one of the most delicious animals he's ever eaten I wanted to bring you some but it's actually illegal to bring it into California always abide by the law have green tree plate and then one day I'll try it and I've cooked it up and I'm fading it to Kim and I was cooking chicken as well just in case her and the kids didn't lock it out chicken on the grill as well and I said the mountain lion first and I are eating a mountain lion and I'm like what do you think of it and she's like us up at the chicken I'm like no you don't give them out in line and it was delicious dude it's tenderized I felt like I was at ice between like chicken and pork or chicken in oven venison largest I found it right in the middle of delish doughnut sign everyone should go and how to mount long cuz you can't do that by the sudden places that you can go and get a tag for the benefit of Wildlife and gone hunting mountain lion have a hard time with the idea that you

► 01:08:12

are somehow another helping to control the population by killing an animal that kills other animals nature take its course. So even if like like let's go to Africa now even if the line population white out white something and was running it to Extinction these people would want to see if I can just let that happen and it's like humans have got a brain capacity that allows us to study and Research into an animal that's like actually what would be more healthier for the whole ecosystem would be if we come in and hunting animals and what we'll do is we'll charge people are sitting tag fee to be able to do that will put that back into conservation which will help this animal and then it's just as beautiful healthy bowl that keeps turning know it they respect it and I appreciate it you know people like Backcountry Hunters & Anglers and all these different organizations Rocky Mountain elk Federation lot of different organizations they have the United States that really appreciate

► 01:09:12

they're doing to promote that that that idea here in America but people that don't hunt and don't don't go into the meat took me years to kind of wrap my head around it and really truly understand it and become educated as to how it works in a wildlife biologist set the standards and they do it based on healthy populations and how much time is spent doing surveys and analyzing the population how important it is to you know what did these reports and Hunter send into Wildlife organizations and the Department of Fish and Game it's really interested in coming from as well we need a certain amount of that because it could go the opposite way worse like this just got in on everything and it's not the case if something is not in a good healthy population I'm not interested of course you know I want to say these animals stay here forever won't my kids kids kids kids to be able to see those animals include help him healthy population

► 01:10:12

are moose or something like that cuz of small number and they'll let a certain amount of people in Italian I'm a slob the toilet owls hear a fucking spill everything I've ever went to laptop at least write least two laptops during the show America's dangerous it is fucking kombucha GTS kombucha gingerade on back of the coffee I have a small amount of moose and they'll let you hunt a moose but it has to be like one moose and has to be over 50 in like I'm out do not interested what is the winter comes and kills a bunch of which happens what if wolves move in happened and that's why they not change from year to year

► 01:11:12

like I've seen him constantly change cuz they'll do they research all the kill wasn't big enough last year with the wind was too harsh and you know they stop limiting tags in most cases they've got it wrong. Siemens that jump out of the way our eyes constantly of an animal that involve to get away from Tigers you can't believe how fast those God damn it's it's kind of a weird coincidence that the fastest animal you can hunt is also the most delicious kind of weird but delicious I think it did jump the string like when you shoot the ball go off on something like that week old jump the string which you'll know about this

► 01:12:12

don't jump out of the string when they miss you out of the actually drop tube and why so they drop the load out their legs and then then jump you know it but this actually the drop that's when you usually miss him well that moves out of a 1300 ft per second a really good bow shoots at about 300 feet per second in a hunting situation so you can't beat them how fast they start dropping supposed to be like yeah like you have to date they have to not know you're there like the first one that I killed this season had no idea was there an arrow hit him use quartering away when that hit him to get no idea was common in an elder perfect 15 minutes a day

► 01:13:12

yeah yeah so I trying is the same with fellow do you back in this dry like they really fast off the not Ultron shoot them when they busy you know when they've got Ava noise happening they write in their antlers they step forward or something like that and the few that I shot in Lanai one was Scruff and with another Bach so he was old busy and he didn't move at all and it pegged in Babylon was he hard winds in the garage and had the grass like moving around it and he didn't move and then the third one was on a really still dying and I actually I am free talk and he dropped and I end up hating him double lungs the quickest like you need to count on you like I'm going to shoot just like you need to wait for something extra to happen you know it's a great place to get a custom to stalking and then hunting animals with a bow opportunities are so many

► 01:14:12

and three thousand people tiny little island common across the road and it's just like all these little lies just don't make sense and they hire people to go in there with sniper rifles just take them out one after another it's crazy song that's always got tonight so like one of the property ins that lives beside my property where I hunt he'll go out and cuz deer Vermin in this trial and they just think Declassified they classify automatic game animals for a year a couple of years now they're just Declassified him cuz the numbers of just exploding so you can shoot them on the lot so you can you can do anything you can feed him you can buy them you can do whatever you want. He raises cattle and so that's what he has Hilgard a knot and you'll shoot these deer and just leave them right where they lie

► 01:15:12

make an email from or anything for them to kill one of these on cattle to Philly's freezer and fridge and the first time he'd actually ate and venison was when I shot a deer on his property on I caught it off and I actually gave it to him that was the first time I'd ever eaten venison do you unlock John you would like killing your own cattle these delicious meat sitting right there cuz this is wild resource and it's renewable because they break ya so he's eating his own catalans the selling and now the thing is this another one of the boys looked at these wild animals are there with you like it or not my place in avocado or another shape in The Paddock to put strain on the landscape if you expecially 8th in your EIN why not just going to shoot a deer spider donut and some of the most healthy animals of vitamins and nutrients in protein and the tape

► 01:16:12

everything that I really do and it's not just the type of feeling thing like I went and got this so I can find out where this comes from your attached to it this talking about it when you get mate that served in a package at the supermarket that goes for your pop hundreds and hundreds of people's hands and wrists and stuff like that you know and it's just like having sex with Scarlett Johansson in the virtual reality World attachment fucking it's going to be late now we're not just our deficiency artificial it's real meat but it's me that's made in a lab and that's the I don't know what they're calling it a cycle need or whatever the fuck they're calling it but it's the future of meat production and you know this is making animal rights people very excited cuz I basically don't have just lab meat that's how you know it's going to happen no more chaos and I'm with domestic pigs

► 01:17:12

the shit that I love like the reason that cows is because there's a demand for me so that cow get to life because his mate right no one's going to let these cows and she randomly Landscaping take out real estate of his knife pocket for him pigs of the weirdest one because pigs like my friend Whitney Cummings she adopted a pig that I think it was from the fire right yeah and she actually wind up driving it to Texas she drove her car 24-hour she's a fucking Maniac when it comes to animals I think her and her fiance drove to Texas with this fucking pig to drop it off at this pig shelter and damn dude when you she's with that pig that thing is like a dog hanging out there any telegram butt

► 01:18:04

when they get loose and they're out in the wild or they fucking breed 3/4 carat don't have big piles of piglets and those piglets will destroy they eat everything in sight that I'm never really devastating to me for everything to go to in the plants and animals everything everything in front of them. I think they're on the bigger picture is I need to be controlled I can't go out there and just ruin the you know how ecosystem like that you're seeing in Texas Texas is probably in the United States is the biggest example of what happens when or the best example what happens in these feral Hogs or just completely out of control they just devastate these agriculture Farm Jazz do they have these farms and they just getting destroyed I mean I have to see wildlife lavallade life as well because I eat frogs and I'll lie please

► 01:19:04

I ride nautical years ago was cold up

► 01:19:08

killer at the pause it was a place in Australia and the the property line is like the ranch is called me out and I said you need to come out and shoot some of the foxes like they'd devastating at lambs and Ina going out there and when I was driving in with four-wheel drive at night with the high beams on I seen this massive big black and white boy walking between the flock of shape with a lamb in its mouth it was his taking to go to types of night and it happens all the time like a big boy specially mature animal will get a taste for meat in Hashi conditions now just stick to meet after that and I not catching up with this pig the next morning and shuttle with the bottle and actually attacked me over the first shot wasn't perfect and it charged me and I'll end up like stabbing it to death on the mountain and it was really a battle like that in the ball out of me hand cuz when he charged me I put marijuana in shot and just went down once. I didn't like it one long may just infuriated this bowl and he was on man

► 01:20:08

when I was finding him off with the ball is tossed went into the bottom of the bottle of the camel something like that in the bottom hand and I end up getting mean off off man I end up like stabbing his Pig was trying to run me over holy shit how big was it like this and probably not 300L Mountain Boys just get real solid it probably two hundred or something like that and I end up stabbing this thing to death and when I N. Cotton and Italian sausage like a dull stomach was like Lambs Hawks like the Fate the bottom of the feet but I can't swallow and skulls and just like little bits of wattle and stuff like that they just been going around and just picking these lands off and killing them and it's a really nice to currents in Australia now that if things get hot I'll just go now just cuz they just absolutely ruthless I'll just walk right between the shape

► 01:21:08

I'm just fucking gravel and walk off of chew it up and eat at the first thing that morning that I found was a pig spew and it was like this fucking spew like this and it was a sign was Lambs Hawks and what's be the moment I have a note Disney yesterday fucking Walt Disney's butylone me so they just threw up bones and Jennifer up buying some stuff that I couldn't digest in Savannah Mall in there so ruthlessly efficient in terms of like how much food they can tell a deal walk along and it will pick you not to do just take the tops off cross and Lacrosse regrows you're not a pickle guy from an eight. Crossing alternative Renee the roots and everything as well as close as a lot of erosion and then there's not a great cry cuz it's not roots in the

► 01:22:07

we don't need the number one cause of death on farms apparently with domestic animals of people falling into pig pens Bauer and you know when you deal with is giant domestic niggs they get fucking huge massive hundreds of miles when times get tough which is like things to be all the time now but now get side desperate like you shoot a pig Alfred for the farmer and you just shoot me not even really taking any Madoff and because they like big can I write their eat meat that cell phone they look skin and bones and disgusting it's more of like a cow Mission and you'll come back in the afternoon that pig will be completely Skin and Bones cuz I have a pig's just get in there and just and you'll hear him you just hear him just screaming us the most god-awful stand there is a kind of Lies they cannibalized Tejon Ranch and we were walking by this really high grass grass

► 01:23:07

would find put high and you we were only like maybe 10 yards away from these pigs fighting and I said to rinella I said now come on now if you didn't know those are pigs if I told you there was demons and you would be completely believe it but it sounded like Lord of the Rings sound like some horrific scene but no monster movie it's just how is that the same animal as those cute little things that Whitney Cummings in her bed that she taught about to go outside go to the bathroom I think she told me apparently those little pigs are not real all they are is just under fat

► 01:24:07

I just know that it's a baby pig it's a tiny little pig it's just going to stay tiny know if you don't feed it it'll stay tiny like that I think it was a Japanese have a cat in the glass jar I think I think I always fight but people Avatar is not like this is how you can have your cat holyfuck look that up Jamie recognition

► 01:24:45

oh what the fuck that things are okay some of those look real

► 01:24:52

so is it just for fun this decade some real ones with I had to wait on him and everything you can guarantee somebody got in a fight blood of Jesus Christ

► 01:25:07

the apologize for stuffing kitten in a jar sorry

► 01:25:12

yeah yeah yeah people are capable of incredible cruelty. Ava, not extreme or I'm just like on everything but I'm sure there's a few people out there like that I've never met him with it just like kill everything then you need to offer extreme where it's like animals sacred don't touch any animals you know that can't be killed you know and then try and find that middle ground where you like well that's fucking ridiculous and that's ridiculous this is where I am I couldn't agree more I think that's a perfect way to put it yeah I think I think a lot of those animal rights people they it comes from a good place their understanding of population control and wildlife management and just the reality of human beings it just stayed I just don't think they're getting it like what the mountain lion thing one of the things they found with mountain lions in California is that

► 01:26:12

almost 50% of their diet is domestic pets there's go to natureismetal go to natureismetal. Com my all-time favorite Instagram page says Madeline or they had to open up another one but that guy has the most fucked-up me like a 15 20 second video of her it was carrying a whitetail deer out in Texas there was no Blood On All or Nothing you couldn't say that have been got out of there anything like that and they removed it said it was violence okay this is natureismetal underscore up anymore

► 01:27:00

when is that from ya December 28th new it's new see if they're back aren't I try to go to natureismetal underscore just go to natureismetal

► 01:27:12

call metal I thought it said mental metal electric metal I'm so that's it that's the real one so scroll up keep going and that's it right there with the car this is the quick and the dead this is a Florida panther in this guy's driveway snatches up a house pet watch this shit this is what the fuck you have this is what the fuck happened since guys got his security camera app that's a wrap to wrap a little fella that a dog or cat looks like a cat it's a kitty cat kill the cat around like CB2 pussy is there's a there's a there's a growing population of things are endangered but there they are

► 01:27:57

and I know basically I mean it's a subspecies I guess but it's basically the same thing as a mountain lion tag on it just comes out that cougars endangered in America and but when you start looking into it then or though they're on the least concern list in America because that the populations fraud and then when I spoke to ID and I are in Colorado about you know the the Cougars well that was a sign that their populations continued to rise even with the tag that they giving out their population just continues to rise and without dogs you're just not going to hunt them maybe the people would not let you might get lucky and stumble across when it's not paying attention to you and I want to have Limitless, you know you like to actually that's the difference you know God Blocked have Limitless time and then just be stolen

► 01:28:57

knock on bear hunting as well the bear hunting in the 1990s they outlawed dogs in California you can still hunt black bears I guess

► 01:29:07

black bears are more accepted as a nuisance if the population grows because you know dale dale find your garbage and then once they become Ambassador they have a pattern in they develop these habits but they stopped using bears that stuff using dogs ready to hunt bears in California and then they stopped using bathing so those two things are illegal and there's no bathing in the snow dogs so good luck bear hunt with a bow and tough and we've done it it's it's it's not the same time with you and then and also like that it was still good cool down there's a tag in place and his conservation acting place but it just

► 01:30:01

oh God I desire to go back to my done that now that's cool and that conservation is very important for the Elk population the moose population the deer population today they kill an estimated 50% of all moose calves spell calves deer fawns it's all black bears kill Cubs I could you hear people like him better as male climb a tree and the black bear climbs a tree like I mean fucking how I do you've seen it and then there's the Truman black bear and she's got crabs and she goes so fast out that do holy shit climb up a tree to get away from a bear I think it still do it like when you say the speed that light off a tree then you can imagine the speed that I come across land

► 01:31:01

just like I always tell people about that one that was sleeping on the elk killed that I had a Grizzly we showed that video that I yelled at that Grizzly the one I was sleep on the elk carcass and it fucking dissipates so fast and quietly dude and I'm like if you don't have eyes on one coming at you. I know it's going to come at you until you hit until it's on your fucking dating advice or so soft So Soft in order to sneak up on things I remember the first time I went bear hunting with Cam and one was walking and it goes right there right there right there I turned it looking like Sonic a noise like that so quiet video running

► 01:31:50

yeah and fucking scary she doesn't stop there ever an end up following hang on tight. To Black Bear with Cubs so you can imagine that situation with the grizzly and her Cubs so fucking scary and so that's a color phase top is the black bear cub back up the mountain with oil

► 01:32:18

you're not some cross yet cuz I can crocodiles climb trees I heard they don't fucking jogging Nissan Australian snakes to the ministry I sync two snakes one of them not poisonous you'd like a red-bellied black snake not going to hire me a friendly snake lotawana Bailey poisonous snake not very poisonous might kill a kid or are you a dog bite as you guys have the one thing I wanted to ask you about is the thylacine Tasmanian Tiger there was credible reports by people in the woods they might have seen one

► 01:33:18

I wish I don't think so. It's so remote cameras now that causes scouting cameras that are putting it out of a d y lies and stuff like places that I'm in the drink it was a big animal right wasn't it scientist hunt for extinct Tasmanian tiger after sightings in Australia yeah that's probably what I saw. I wish the article from what year scroll up a load the extinction was driven from people all right cuz if they decide to come in and studying shape or whatever they get shot by farmers and I didn't realize how you doing it at the time but that you not like push them to Extinction you know if there's one thing that we should bring back from Extinction if we if it's possible I believe that should be brought back if it's possible right now

► 01:34:18

some DNA because I mean to have some sort of an animal like that they could knock down some of the populations and I probably just come in and get a stye look like a fucking 780 snakes in the first month in America dude 17 should I forget where it was somewhere in the South My Buddy Guy's so this is the first time that I did when I come to America we flew into Idaho we drive straight down to Southern Colorado behind promo on and we're driving into the property at like 2 a.m. in the morning and it a pronghorn just standing on the side of the road you know it's just like it's dies you know somebody dies pulls off he walks over to it and like literally touches it

► 01:35:18

on the head like it's like it's just like walking down the road and I like to get hit by a car next minute I seen jump back a rattlesnake bit the Pronghorn and he stood he had a Lego Mavis are the rattlesnake striking it actually striking twice and missed both times you think about it a fucking bought you and he's like not didn't cuz I watched it in headlights go for him twice and once we set up camp and went back there in that prom home was dead and it killed that promo on ya I'm like fuck America a friend of mine was hiking and he almost stepped on a rattlesnake and he jumped back and then realize it was a nest of them little ones surrounding of they're all over the place inside

► 01:36:18

had a Tasmanian tiger still out there wildlife biologist Forrest galante has brought one species back from the dead and he wants to do the same with the Tasmanian Tiger what the fuck is he brought back from the dead is goddamn Frankenstein unable play duck the Cuban solenodon is when the most curious animals and plants small shrewd truth must be true like Preacher Man is a mammal but a highly venomous one day bring that back then unexpectedly three were caught just a few years later the extinct species Mark. So that may be the case with the Tasmanian tiger and be awesome

► 01:37:18

deemed extinct and among those species on his list of the Tasmanian tiger

► 01:37:23

how did dr. Seuss die difficulty leads to like who the fuck is he wants to keep scrolling see if anybody like legit scene when he's been traveled around the world searching for evidence species of Tasmanian Devil hockey Lemoore and the Newfoundland white wolf still exist hundred species DMD sinks worldwide annual annually this process isn't foolproof and every now and then animals are rediscovered after they were thought to be gone forever but proving The Animals still out there is no easy feat I wonder

► 01:37:57

hugs are ya captured footage of a Zanzibar leopard which is thought to be extinct for 25 years due to persecution by local hunters in the Zanzibar archipelago in Tasmania Tanzania rather excuse me wow

► 01:38:16

don't be fucking pretty dope if they actually did find that thing it's cool looking animal you know being good numbers anymore live

► 01:38:29

Tasmania that's what it tells me in Tigard and Jasmine is where down the bottom of Estrella the bottom Island absolute beautiful island like that's the only place they lived I believe so how big is your land and I think that's where the saw things of being a big is a place big enough so I've never gone do they allow hunting yeah I think you can hunt with my name is use a gun on a fucking night

► 01:39:09

I'll try to get some weird rules right on so yeah you guys like to have they bought up all the guns after mass shooting right cuz I don't have a license to shoot his license and you had a reason to have a gun then you can still keep the guns so you had to be like a member of a gun on any guns but you have to be a member of a gun club in any guns in Australia you have to be a member of a gun club have to have permission on the property where you'll hunting and stuff like that to keep the guns and they keep trying to make a toddler in toddler I think it's hard enough because criminals are going to get what I want right now is like how many people have been killed with baseball bat

► 01:39:53

fucken hates are you going to be in baseball bats right people have been killed with a kitchen knife you going to be in kitchen knobs so I think you do go to legitimate reason to have a gun you know what you don't have a criminal record I have a mental illness or something like that you should have a right to have a gun safety course and training in the dryer and if you've got that reason to have a rifle and you can have it nice and automatics there's a bunch of rifles and there's a bunch of guns that you can have an extra pretty much like bolt action lever action and now he's rules model changes well nice but on the obviously where is in America every fucking one's got a gun A gun too because of everyone else has got to go on to this true true and you spell protection when I go into the Wilderness the Bears or if I'm talking in some weed destination someone comes in and tries to fucking rifle no to my family I'm going to use it and it's just funny like that

► 01:40:53

but it's crazy to think I know it changes from place to place that you know anyone could have a gun cuz you know it's like you're right and to a certain degree I agree with that but I think you lose that right there criminal record you got a mental illness or something like that and fuck yeah exactly what good guys or bad guys Mountain guns it's like trying to take pee out of the pool yeah it's fucking sorry when you when you hunt in Australia you're not allowed to use a bolt action rifle you can use a bolt action rifle automatic semi automatics

► 01:41:42

because I want to feel like if especially with population control something like fallow deer if you have that many of them I know there's places that are just erupting with him you have to shoot him right yeah totally yeah a lot of places it's like the whole California thing you know they still getting killed but it's just a professional hit man that's doing it now that's not the right like a good examples actually across the pond in New Zealand weather like fuck we need to shoot 30,000 tall you know that I live in the mountains and introduced and I don't think there's a lot of hunters arguing all the time and no one was really arguing that we needed to shoot some top we wouldn't like fucking shoot thirty thousand of them cuz I shoot him from a helicopter in labor right on the mountain I don't use any of us just a messy voice of resource you not going to slack never going to write a kite a mole any wind

► 01:42:42

money and fucking having a job to do so they make a lot of these things out meaning I would think that the money would be in the higher or people paying to go hunt them some of these towns leave off Hunter's like that in degrees in that town is that like older income is Hunters coming in hunting these destinations and the reason why the animals in the first place they want to make it like a hunting distance is so crazy they just threw a bunch of animals on the playground if they truly Kohl's in that much damage than yes obviously like being at the population but why not get Hunters you both to do it one up rat hunting and I wear the meat get used you know whether we're done properly and you know it benefits of communities what is a lot of hunting destinations in New Zealand where people go to that are high fence places which is a little weird

► 01:43:42

the animals it's just different it's like what we're talking about where they say that it's like a cello fun and then as meaningful funds fucking month walk the mountain on your own spot ya Mo be actual actually go into the wild Don't Fence the wild in and make it to not while don't make it the domestic the hot the hot bit about sign that your pocket if you do it he's a benefit some Wildlife like they have been brought back from Extinction oh yeah so it's like I suppose it has both place but it's just the difference the different sorts of hunters well this also different sizes of these partitions so like if you're in a place like there's some places in Texas that are ten thousand acres like like that's so far beyond that animals wild range that you might as well be in a while. Even if there's a offense you know ATM

► 01:44:42

miles in that direction where the fuck are you ever going to get to that fact I think I might be a little bit closer you know I've seen those places it seems weird that you can suck Jurassic Park you'll do the giant Gates and inside those animals are fence in the never getting out you know they're in there not that there's no yesterday and I like I like the file you're in hunting as much as I like the success of your cold like killing an animal to success kit you know I like that the opportunity and you do everything in your fucking Palace till you work your ass off you know you fucking so you to bleed and if you need to have to get to the end of it but I like the idea that you can still file on a hunt and I locked filing on a time sometimes because it makes you realise fuck this is hard said the next time imagine everything gets shot at you just smart but I wouldn't be interested

► 01:45:42

like farming I like that file you because it makes you realize how fuckingawesome it is when you get something but also it's different between hunting and any other way that you get meat because because it is so difficult and it requires skill planning intelligence you have to have knowledge you have to know how to play the wind you have to know when to move when did not move it's a tactical situation where you have to use the right tactics to get in on this animal I was going to smell you or hear you or see you either so much involved in it that's not involved if you're just acquiring meet any other way and that's what it should take to Roddy and toffee like this is delicious you were talking about your elk hunting New Mexico this year and how difficult it was and you guys are out there for over a month and what we did we did

► 01:46:42

Oregon we did New Mexico and we did Montana for elk and we just like Boston to Oz the whole time you know and then I end up getting one. It was like the one I actually really just when I came to get a shoot of Bullhead fuzzball we not cuz she's been going at it and the one afternoon that she took off cuz she was doing some homeschooling with the kids and trying to get on top of all that the perfect opportunity popped out in and out shooting his bowl and then was never had a good opportunity again you know which sucked but the thing is that's made a hungry for it next season you know like she realizes how hard it is how difficult relationship reach I too much more that's what it should be what school did she is determined it's not discouraging her that that the difficulty often times for a lot of people that difficult because it's you know you're out there seven days 10 days feat a kilometer exhausted and like I just got to go

► 01:47:42

your audience that they could Kim's really been that City girl you know I like that's that's just been a lot going on and then I had a talk about 7 years to convince it at 8 fucking venison game and how I did it was a show Daddy and I was just stood like a nice healthy young to you and I caught the back straps in the cotlets I think you got colon Tomahawk steaks look like lamb cutlets dude and I cooked out lately and cotlets and I survived it and she fucken loved it and the kids would like this is delicious I think I actually had my oldest boy Hunter the time like this delicious and I loved it and I'm like that venison that Daddy had no idea what the shooting cute little announce the office at where she doesn't feel as comfortable eating an animal that she doesn't know about if we put venison in the

► 01:48:42

Fraser the guys pops just came to handle my hands that's it you know where the animal come from you know that it was healthy you know everything like that and then coconut and eating it and she feels a lot more and I'm not trying to put anyone down at boys make cuz like I said I still buy me to and there's nothing wrong with that that's the population of the world it demands that but there's something that you don't feel as guilty about pooping your I might this some sort of connection there that guy is Way Beyond my birth yeah you know where it's like a real connection with hunting and eating the night my little daughter loves fishing loves it and loves that we go fishing together and we caught yellowtail in Hawaii and cooked it yet actually cook it and turn up we would say to the hotel and you know that we bring it to the shop at the restaurant and he made out of it and made ceviche was so good but she loves that she just loves that she caught something and brought it in and she wants

► 01:49:42

everyone to know that you're eating something that she caught yeah it's it's so cool so I'm connecting her with the what what a fish is you know you got what she likes you she she's had sushi before now she's having sushi that she was there when the thing. She caught it she pulled it out of the ocean you know we took the hook out of its mouth we filleted it like the whole deal she said shot every step of the way and I also still like it Connection in people that's like it black Xbox off again when I do something cuz we done that for so long forever forever to catch a fish when it's on the like the excitement like it doesn't necessarily even make sense if there's not some sort of a genetic component to it cuz the excitement is so visceral

► 01:50:42

wanted to do it her up she's my fucking 8 and she's got a ten pound yellowtail

► 01:50:49

and I'm helping her by holding onto the rock that's all

► 01:51:01

but she wouldn't give up again what you want me to help you so you know yeah she was so determined because when she did do it and brought it in the thrill was so powerful she wanted to be the one that brought it in it's so cool yeah I really believe there's like this ancient connection hundred percent to a hunting a lot now so it's I feel like I'm in my element but even the first time that I saw something and I was cutting it out for me was I felt so comfortable doing it right away and it's like it was like I've done this a million times before people say the same thing that they Bryan Callen and facts of the same thing and he and I went hunting for the first time and he's like it just seems like something we've always done it's there's a memory in our DNA mean this is how we survived it was a great thrill if you caught if you shot a deer in a 10,000 20,000 years ago and you managed to bring that back to the Village Lake holyshit everybody's eating good

► 01:52:01

why we're going to survive aren't you going to get nutrition even meaningful feeling and it's not like you do you like yes yes yes but it's a different kind of excitement it's its sustenance you're you're going to get nutrients you're going to feed your family you're going to end it's all because you did it the way you did especially bowhunting you know how difficult it is and you pulled it off there's a thrill of success and then there's a deep connection with your meat you know when I get an elk hide love eating that stuff so went when I get one I'm like now I've got meat from months and my friends have me I have a fucking I have a gang of comedian friends are eating alcohol there right now because you know I give them sausages and steaks and I teach him and my friend Tom Papa

► 01:53:00

Kia I have taught him how do I cook elk roast in a lucky causes like what what do I do I'm like you got to keep it low and slow you want like 275° get it to an internal temperature around 9:35 somewhere around then then you pull it Sierra in the outside let it sit for 10 minutes he calls me up a couple hours later holy shit at my gas anyway cuz the hunt starts with the hunt party starts here for you cuz you practice and shoot your Target and then you go through all the preparation you got for the haunt you successful you kill the animal to hunt does and that kill an animal that hunt continues to Galant like it ate in the animal on your plight I got the feeling that I get you know it's like that sometimes unlock it's like why people call me a hunt I'm just a human this is a human thing to do like going out catchy Ryan cool cat survive continues weird that it's so rare now

► 01:54:00

put on I fuck old is not a lot of hunting I feel like there is because I'm in Huntsville Hunting Community so I know a lot of hunters but if I go to any given a person's house that's not most of my friends Hunters as well now but it's all got to want to Kim's friends houses does not hunted in that house to workplace is not hunted in that one place like it doesn't come up now ones they like oh it's so weird that you do what you do you know it's not it's not like that even though it's a part of my family's Heritage look like my grandfather he'd go out Trappin my uncle's of got trapped in my dad would do a bit of hunting Not Bow Hunting was different in our lives and it was almost like it wasn't even cold hunting back then that's what I think about it I ancestors like hunting for almost like a modern word that we might up because it would have just been something I do it was just been normal

► 01:55:00

this way you'll get under your chin close unless you're a dirty trick you know everyone does that but because people know that I hunt like people will find me like a like a vis a guy like somewhere and you know like he want want to meet me somewhere it's like the first thing that comes up almost exclusively like instantly we know each other crazy go to Mexico every year cool. We had that talk about public spots and yellow like

► 01:55:49

cuz I agree it's not yours like you. I like a public land to share that spot

► 01:56:02

not the damn thing because it's like everyone's you put there iron in a sense to go find a spot so I got a lot of different spots and social media asked me to tell Lisa Pott's and I never do because that's part could be someone else's Paradise at the fucking spent 10 years to find then you give that information out to the masses so you know that's the thing you know something right it's like even though these horses are beautiful and everybody owns of the last thing you want is what's happening right now in Joshua Tree right and left me and trade lady freaking trash every way well that's one thing I really like about what you do to you always make videos of these trash that you pick up you could bring a bag with you and your daughter things I brought a bunch of gay with me and I'm fortunate I've got really good sponsors and nice send me a bunch of Gears well so I could do the trick by The Eagles about bringing everything and I was walking around New Mexico actually and I was looking at all the trash sitting around and I was like fucking I'm going to give away all my equipment for this trip

► 01:57:02

it's actually all my mind hunting gear backpack bo3 can Yeti cooler of whatever you know and for anyone that tags me an image of been picking up trash and I'm not going to say the the description of it now cuz it's pretty much ended up giving the bottle of wine old Magee and cuz there's hundreds of doing that anyway but I just thought I'd really dry out on me and I don't know and thousands and thousands of people tag me in them collecting Robby Shelton public lands or wherever those people that would pose to me that I'll pick it up on the the beach right here in La United collecting Robbie so it was cuz it's disheartening when you got that connection to the wall you say that you know what the fuck that doesn't bologna someone walks out they let him go

► 01:58:02

in the scheme causes Bud Light can I just stopped and just staring at the scans on the ground where to find the guy didn't shove it down his fucking throat what person. Why would you unlock who would do that like it's such a beautiful place and just leave it behind a lot of people to like A1 apologize on behalf of America unlike that's not America that's every way that people everywhere but there's certain places that people are different people New Zealand New Zealand has like hundreds and hundreds of public land cabins like knife a pretty much nothing but if there is a face like five bucks and you can like you know drive to these cabins and you stay in there and they've got mattresses in them they got beds they got the fall I would cut for you it's like they bought a hunter's or Outdoors people before you and they're in pristine condition is a guestbook sign the guestbook

► 01:59:02

that was in Australia if that was an American be so fucking vandalize it's not funny but New Zealand's go to sit and talk with people that going to that out the bush the mountains and there's a certain respect that comes with an iris from Mary cultural something like that that goes with it where where that just doesn't happen if the person that say before you clean to the house I sweep it out I clean it they leave it at 10 food there or whatever they cut new for I would they stop at work and stay dry you know things like that and that's it and it and it's something that goes about signing with me and my people have resorted to that's how we are respectful for the land that is so many people that are not everybody agrees to respect that area everybody agrees to do that and take care of things mean if you can really come across something like that where you talk about New Zealand is just a great feeling of community that would happen but there's so many people that guy

► 02:00:02

into the outdoors.

► 02:00:05

They belong that's all I want to say that I belong there but the truth is as soon as you leader or something you don't fucking belong there on Fortune to people do think like that they think so selfishly they just throw a water bottle on the ground are sent it. It's like no one or Nothing Else Matters you know

► 02:00:34

yeah so much of that so much of that and because I think it's getting worse people doing a poor job of raising people do you know they're not pay attention the raising Shih Tzu and I want to fight at like I've constantly been fighting it and that's why I have a social social media and stuff to keep promoting the outdoors and good things in life and things like that but another part of me is like and I nearly did it lost yeah I just like fuck I want to go off the grid like like really Off the Grid so it's all about would you know a couple of thousand died cuz of me on stuff like that and just cuz came pretty much I need guy made it now as well like that's have gone so we just want a guy in the latest like the next that would be having our own chickens clicking on and eggs ground around vegetables like living off the land do not do you want to have like a phone or fuk none so how long would you live out there for forever forever and ever and ever

► 02:01:34

I have a final your number 9 weeks I just felt like cotton it all out like fucking cutting bills out cutting tool that shoot out cutting contact it out do you still run your company to a degree I got really good table at Rana unfortunately my business partner she's an indigenous women that are she just passed away a couple of weeks ago I'm sorry to hear that hey which is pretty sad but on

► 02:02:02

she's she's my stepmother so long time yet so it's my dad's partner and the indigenous didn't like that I Really Leave You two alone is that just that they sort of their unhealthy in a sense because it's so not used to it all process you know refund foods and things like that cuz you know indigenous how old is drier than a couple hundred years old and seems like it's freaking miracle for I'm sorry I'm not sure how old she was but she wasn't very old and so unfortunately she passed away she was on a dialysis machine and how hot was really struggling to end up giving out

► 02:02:51

sorry where was where was I going you know you just you were just talking about being off the grid and whether or not you still run your company people that run the business full me and get everything done by emails and phone calls and I hardly do any of that anymore like I might hear from him once a month if need be but I don't even look at selling the I probably look at selling the business especially off of this is happened after she's done on the ship you know the joint venture with her and stuff like that would be really good for him and still not allow and then come into the family and things like that so I was really thinking about going off the grid blackout boys wanted to pay like that you know I just

► 02:03:43

I love that lost all time seems to go a lot slower when you're out in the woods with the world though I like both like I do appreciate off-the-grid times but for me I like them as like vacation but I like being contact I want to know what's happening with the world I like I like being

► 02:04:08

I think we're of cultural change I like the enemies also because because of what I do for a living as obvious I sort of don't I care for it like we don't snooze a high and we don't turn into anything like that was just so relieved Outlaw off and it's like what affects us unless it's affecting the Greater Community in a sentence for the word

► 02:04:32

you know it cuz the country is run by fucking clowns that's how I feel your country as well yeah what's worse it too busy trying to look good in Parliament and argue with a chopper to get Anythink actually done you know what are the big issues in Australia will you guys have crazy immigration laws against like people think that United States is the wall things Australia takes that to level this place has the the British way better place security fencing around some of the Detention Center Island you know and then you get shipped to like the hardest most fucking arid part of a striiv like it's death and I did the fencing around there and then I believe they have to start a long a

► 02:05:32

and I can you not to get shipped back home but I can go out to the broader community in Australia which I get treated very well obviously so is it just an assessment place like really trying to find a joke criminal violence I think that's not the important thing you know that's why you can't just have open borders you know some terrorist comes in right so I'm glad I think fucking rights find some guy that thinks you know crazy it's fine you know if that's those people and smoking send them awful yeah but if you did that in the most arid part of America people would be so angry because people start dying people angry and it's dry as well I don't think that I didn't desk and stuff like that why you are supposed to do it's a very it's a hot situation smell something that's just like no just let him for a knife and it's not like it. Renfrew rhinox that middle ground again you know how much work it out cuz I always think waterfalls in their shoes you know I got came in the kids or whatever and now we're in a country that's War

► 02:06:32

constricting I'll be trying to get the fuck out of that to come out of work to look of course people that are talking about people sneaking over this country and like this country is made out of immigrants it's an immigrant country that is that's like people in La seen in awhile but he moving to La by the way if you are one of the original people that came here a year as a recent immigrant like I'm third-generation my grandparents came over here from Europe if they didn't then if they were here for 10:15 Generations are probably fucking slave owners

► 02:07:32

. I never feel a real good connect with anywhere I go including my home Estrella because I'm not indigenous you know it's like we didn't otherwise looked at because you know what I'm worried about fucking flags all borders or anything like that I've just always looked at the well does the well time was supposed to be simple as that much time with respect to any flat I love the flag and I love what they stand full but Sunny someone's these on a board is only something that someone's put on the map you know it's it's like a real weird thing like that it is but also you want to protect people from people that come from a couple hundred percent it's this is a legal this is fine with the whole world is like that then borders be to cross

► 02:08:32

we can go to any country like New Mexico is fucking way different in Miami right Miami is way different than laa-laa different in Seattle completely different place but they're all you could go to him I mean ideally that's what it Where would be it would be you could travel anywhere where the opportunity was we thought you can get a good job and you want to better yourself and your family you have an opportunity up the fact that currency in life values of different for starters World Rises up when you look at the Western World whether it's Europe or the United States and place where things are going really well or Asia it would be nice if the whole planet was like that there was no third world if everything was fantastic if everything was just basically just like we're talking about here hey you can live in Phoenix or you can live in Billings Montana or

► 02:09:32

could live in Massachusetts. That's what we have here we have a really unique saying in this country and that's why they want to come in I hear a lot of negative things on here a lot of people dragging on America and their own country and stuff like that you know who this is fucking fucking America is brilliant as dry as brilliant they countries are also I fucking lucky to be here cuz you look it up a positive while you like fuck like on feet that baby like yeah I think Africa and it's not a threat cuz I love it but I always say I'm fucking talking to Africa because I have a long a guy when I went to Africa like I was watching little babies in a village crawl around in like 3 4 inches of dust you know every second person you met had fucking War Sky Zone that face you know a mozambican Zimbabwe and you drive it down there's a road block those dudes with fucking AK-47

► 02:10:31

is that a duct tape together is it going to snow all the right with a fucking bazooka rocket launcher you don't know if they friend will follow you know on this is just a normal everyday lockdown for Africa visitor pass on the side of the road is fucking burnout and it's just bullet holes Pride for a lawn of the windows you know and she like that and it's like fuck this isn't this isn't America like this is different and and sometimes and my kids that they're grateful but they're on a different tune the night on I'm just like fucking you to trip to Africa and I can see now that I'm trying to expose someone else's loss I my kids realize like it just said I can feel you know I like you got a good you know you got a good life if you like the appreciate it depreciate right it's like we're talking about going into the bush if you go into the bush for 7 days then you come out you appreciate hot water appreciate Sunshine if you've been out in the rain but it's hard for people

► 02:11:31

appreciate it without actual experience cuz he can only conceptualize it so much in your head unless you're actually there it doesn't do a virtual realities never going to touch him that easy soft jelly bag I'm worried I'm really worried about the future but I guess that's just what happens to me cuz it seems like look in her eyes and now we are soft as fuck in comparison Champs ride our Ancient Ancient ancestors were something like chimps they're probably looking at us now they deliver these pussy's with the shoes we need housing like that we don't want to live there

► 02:12:31

Adam Greentree run around with a fucking gun that doesn't work on Facebook that's fucking funny if I'm hunting and it's raining I always gets me out there and continues me to hunt in a rhino sound like it's fucking water not like I have a shower every night when I'm at home I'll get the dry off to it's from like have you ever seen animals in the rain like an animal will be like fading and it's sunshine just fading and it will stop picking down writing it just keeps fading it doesn't even fucking like what like what's the difference all get Hot or Go text close on your fine but even if you don't if I fuck whatever you just wear for outdoor gear so good you where you don't Merino wool which even when it gets wet keeps your body warm and there stood the water put protection of the out this year so good and so many different companies make out

► 02:13:31

stop now you can be fine.. Yeah I just think it would just take it in sorry move like as soon as it rains like everyone runs to the car runs this year too yeah yeah accidents everywhere La has made it so goofy it's really upsetting cuz I'm like people have to do this every day to go to work by train tables lives would you do that like but people that fucking caught up in the whole system if you drive out to like like you go up to 5 and head towards life Palmdale Bakersfield any place out there and you see traffic at like 6 in the morning Bumper to Bumper Des rotisseurs all people making it to LA

► 02:14:31

our all the way out to Palmdale our 15 hour 20 because the rent is cheaper and then they make their way or home. They lost 3 hours plus driving in the car Orange County people that live in Orange County that place is fucking dense Christ it's beautiful out there it's great great place to live but God damn if you go anywhere like you go to drive to Hollywood everyday good fucking lucky. The Grapevine after what is a snow last month or snowed like this is not the thing it tastes so real and they're doing a job to get that gold and fucking good on him the other than that if you're doing this for a fucking dead end

► 02:15:31

Vehicles just sitting on the highway covered in snow Yeah that's what you want a four-wheel drive truck with some good fucking knobby tires off now that's when you want to just hang out with them coming I feel sorry sorry for anyone that cold out with that no one knows what the fuck to do when it snows I grew up in Boston in in the snow I had to drive everyday in the snow because I delivered newspapers does my job from time I was like 17 till I was 22 wish somewhere around there may be the last time I stopped 2223 I've got up every fucking morning so taught me two things want to talk me discipline because I had to be up at 5 in the morning no matter what even earlier on Sunday because it was a big stick Sunday papers yet to make multiple trips I even had a van that I bought a cargo van just to deliver newspapers in some shity cargo van

► 02:16:31

change oil engine seized on me

► 02:16:39

not good with cars in the snow everyday man through the snow today in the I feel my ass and kick out of my I know what to do if you don't panic I'll slam on the brakes like I drove a lot and snow did you remember having like asset goal at that point doing that job I just wanted to not work nobody could tell me what to do when I was in my car cuz I like the thing about it is I had a job this is my task I had hundreds of houses that I delivered newspapers too but I didn't have anybody with me while I was doing it to tell me what to do I listen to the radio listen to talk radio and just listen music think about jokes and shit and just throw newspapers out the window it was nice. Have someone that it was better for me I would way rather work 7 days a week and it was only a few days if you hours a day so even though it was

► 02:17:39

every single day it was only like 3 hours a day you know I was done by 8 and I'll go back to sleep so I'm a self-employed since I was Twenty-One a company reach out to me not so long ago and the biggest thing that turn me off because the pricing and everything was right was unlike a fucking contact orders I can take orders podcast types of unfortunate part of that would have been changing some of the companies that I'm with and like I'm friends with the company's I'm with I'm with those companies cuz this is what I want to be like hunting companies but the thought of having to be on someone else's timeline then like I was like I fucking don't want to do that I come like right now I'm just doing me and whatever happens happens in his life

► 02:18:39

if I even had a guy that I had to check in with once a month and say so everything was good and I'm such a spur-of-the-moment guy yeah I like this Hans come up I'm going to be like that and that's why I built the business that I've got to where it is as well where I don't have to be at work continually how often do you clean out your podcast right now I've put a hold on a trip cuz she's being so even though it is true would have an ethic to do it on I just haven't done it cuz everything's like suck fast forward teams sign pussy up the kids with you that's out today that you just don't have exactly yeah but as soon as I get back home which is like middle of February off the Westin X by then I'm going to stop pumping it again

► 02:19:39

when is that Salt Lake I think it's like she thinks 67 8th of February maybe

► 02:19:49

did you get along I got been there before 14th February 14th to the 7th Best Western Expo in Salt Lake City Utah. It's free to pick up battle stuff you got to know what to do but I take plenty of family vacations around hunting trips to the big island in you anyway like legitimately for a couple months because I don't have enough material because I just did a Netflix special and I want to make sure I don't want anybody coming to see me and I'm half a sun sets around La like right now I can rock it for 20 minutes or half hour that's easy I mean that's not easy but it's it's doable it looks looks legit I don't feel like I'm a fraud like if I do a half hour show that's a real half

► 02:20:49

the song real our show is our show theater or an arena a really need an hour and 20 cuz I know you got to make sure everything is good because I deserve a giant responsibility you don't want to leave any buts people get babysitters and they they take time out of the day I got to be prepared so I work hard at it so I was thinking about New Year's Eve when they came they were trying to set up two years gigs for me and I'm like not only am I not ready I don't think I want to do it because it seems like such a big event like New Years is like it snow expected but can't believe it we're celebrating it's like Vegas on crack you know it's like the whole thing's just ramped up so far normal jewelry out in the desert we just make him in the kids on New Year's and to everything else just fucking turns like normal but the human rights it's like cuz it's written on the calendar it's like these big deal you

► 02:21:49

yeah and it did cool but it seems like such a good time just to chill them it was a good time to chill you know we were staying at a resort in Maui it was beautiful and the food's great news pics of Peaches I need more than just every so many different things like I have to bounce it out with your nothing sometimes sometimes I'm just like fuck I just want to sit on the couch and I feel lazy as fuck when I do it cuz I'm so used to going but that sitting on the couch and watching a movie and just chill in this life you recharge Stafford that's what it took me awhile to figure that out would stand up to feel like sometimes I need to take little breaks just to recharge my imagination recharge my enthusiasm for it there's a balance in life like you can't work out

► 02:22:49

5 hours a day everyday you be like if you need brakes and I think you need brakes of your imagination and he breaks with enthusiasm with everything so what are you doing while you're in La like how long you going to be here for we just said we did Disney with the kids and just chill. Wade leaving tomorrow heading back to Utah Salt Lake City and you're pretty much getting old is the guy that, I'm sorry I'm going to drop the other that we knew by Guy trailer I'm going to drop off the bed and I'm going to send out a bunch of stuff like that then we're going back to Utah Utah's being a bites pretty much some friends or up Utah going to go back to Utah and pack up a bunch of stuff and then I'll go to Boston hunt don't go on the day that's the last hunt want me in America and then down to the Westin Expo of God like a with screen and one of them to the movies that I did they are did the movie over in New Zealand

► 02:23:46

and are the boys from the about hunt down under in Destroyer filmed before me and I do the fucking awesome job with the one you guys do with Cam the Under Armour one was fantastic did a great job with the fun is a dude then what the fuk of movie is cuz you know they want to cut it cut it in the 20 minutes I might know I'm pretty long rose 20-something minutes but the main can I'd like to wait to give a fucking running around on water with awesome and this time I shall I can't show in that 20 minutes called you know in like some really cool shit. I'm hoping to get Cam out again this year. It to Buffalo hunts lined up and get you need to come in at 2 we should be fucking horse in this whole city out there I've been collecting fucking spiders and snakes and shit like that and I was going to let them all so I can go in the studio

► 02:24:46

I was going to let him old guy in the studio on like a fucking you'll never have me on again if I do that but I was going to bring on in here with me to show me I was just going to let it carry on I had it all fucking lined up and then I got change cuz I had to go to Arizona didn't get to go back to Idaho oil to get rid of these are all did you go to Idaho. I was fucking amazing Idaho might be like the Undiscovered gem like that in this country is fucking no one there there's no there's no yeah yeah and then the mountains out there so it's a pretty place or a friend's advice a so every time we fly in every you when we fly and I usually fly no Idaho first write-up High new Spokane like me Washington and then

► 02:25:46

driving from there to Southern Colorado Southern Colorado New Mexico New Mexico back to Southern Colorado Cuz came out of promo on tags the only end up talking to promo on then this is how much should a fucking down on the street by, I had to get Kim the fucking brought it down cuz I'm like where we beIN it's been hectic and I think I've been to Idaho like four or five times in the street like back and forth back and forth to Coeur d'Alene, it's a fucking nice but I'll go to bring up this message and read it out

► 02:26:28

it's yeah it's been crazy guess I end up with flu in the otter hug and we went to Southern Colorado then we went to New Mexico back to Southern Colorado back up though Idaho and then I end up flying out now and I'm driving to Eastern Oregon. Then I end up flying out to Arizona to hunt elk as well on the Navajo reservation which is really cool then then I flew to basye 100 moose then I flew back then we went to Kentucky if I drive all the way to Kentucky with the kids which took like four or five Days Inn in sign language you know where there's nothing where where there's absolutely nothing Nebraska dude

► 02:27:17

Ho Lee fuk we drive for hours and hours for Nebraska and Lexi nothing but like corn fields or something like that sorry anyone from Nebraska but Nebraska was born in Nebraska right now oh my gosh that you know I don't think so I think I know about it Dorothy Wizard of Oz at the Texas we drive down to Texas how long you guys been here for plus months you kids are holding up remarkably well placed in front of you in a trial or a locked in the car over in like a Air B&B or something like that and they're all gathered together in and it's not until you're around other people's kids that you realize how good you are and keep satellite that's cuz I'm always like they know what do you know

► 02:28:17

you're an Ocean City Santa Claus from Texas to Utah hung out Utah for a while now driving back to Colorado come back to Utah or again what's ironic is that you as an Australian your family is Australians are getting to see more of America the most Americans ever do is there until it out there and do a beautiful place we live in here I think some people don't have the means to you know I'd like and that's why people are drawn for this fuck traffic everyday to try and make the means to do that and no yeah I had to grind out there fuckers It's a Grind the traffic does my fucking head in concrete does my head in math people do my head in like I'm walking around Disney like fuck. But isn't it fun to do like every now and again like it's like to go to New York City every now and again

► 02:29:17

fucking while at a country I think the reason why Hunt is get so much flak from a lot of people is because I asked talking that they don't know Miranda Sings the Wilderness other things cuz they fucking jammed in there always think like that's why I left promoting it is well so much like people don't even know about this that I'm not exist I don't even know this is something you can do that I know the rewards from it so they feel morally detached from the food they're eating like they don't feel like an obligation to that their food they don't feel like they don't leave me it's just a steak there's no there's no connection and because of that they don't feel like they did anything wrong if you shoot a fawn and you know and you could I call you shut up baby

► 02:30:04

what do you think your veal is stupid what do you think lamb is the rack of lamb a baby that's a baby lamb is a baby sheep fuck that's weird cuz I understand that the population of the but I'm still not on the same thing but someone else is doing it for you outside of ignorance and even if you're vegan or vegetarian you know that's still kills animals like have a look at the Cleveland to be a vegan I need to clear land you know I saw it's like that's a whole Middle Ground again Samantha of animals and everything like that you know the main floor to the fuck out of sumac Wildlife it's not funny it's not that you wouldn't be able to just let those animals

► 02:31:04

but it's at middle-ground you some vegans and vegetarians a good some hunters and that a good and then there's that middle ground which is gold a normal counts you know that just understand like a big Nate it's not actually damaging you know I can eat some vegetables that's not damaging likes just everything in its place activist cuz your balance is everything that we need balanced I agree just don't fucking mouth off of me about it normal in Australia

► 02:32:04

politician yeah they got beautiful

► 02:32:14

that's it baby hell yeah you know how many job and stuff like that and I'm going to take these public what land away from us will close it and and I'm in the comments on like so basically what you're saying he's he's a cunt we can get there a lot quicker if he's not doing his job and it's a prison Colony here it's like you like over there it's like a a gentle can I get it.

► 02:33:14

so you can't say anything bad about what hunting can't say any bad about fucking Jesus you can't say the word, and I'll come in with the fourth one was more of an American flag like fucking don't go this alone leave the flat file I just flew by it's cuz it always does Brian D coffee coffee this rooms rooms and God damn time what time you might hear the killer Mike's come on the podcast soon he said that he wants to go out coming with me but his wife won't let him help with white people so I told her that I'm 1.6% African so I will text Adam Jonas Brothers

► 02:34:14

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