#1229 - Richard Rawlings

The Joe Rogan Experience #1229 - Richard Rawlings

January 22, 2019

Richard Rawlings is the owner of Gas Monkey Garage. He can be seen on "Garage Rehab" & "Fast N Loud" on the Discovery Channel.

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slash Rogan

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if you're listening to this Joe sounds drunk you're correct I did a show today with Richard Rawlings from Fast and Loud the TV show on the Discovery Channel Gas Monkey Garage you know you know I'm talking about and he pulled out some of this Gas Monkey cinnamon tequila made in America may be the only tequila made in America

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if you start out the podcast you're going to say man this one seems shaky like these guys didn't have good chemistry it was weird at first you're correct fast for a little bit if you're not really into all this car talk and us trying to get to know each other and find our groove but somewhere somewhere around drink two or three about an hour and Jamie

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change an hour hour-and-a-half in I think that's accurate an hour and a half when we caught US tried the last hour and a half was fucking hilarious really fun and ridiculous

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Richard Rawlings God damn man for real man Texas Fast and Loud motherfukers please welcome Richard Rawlings

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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cool and reliable to meet you I love you show it's fun to fun fucking car show it really is why might be the smartest guy in the world I figured I had a drink beer and play the cars in the pay for a fun show it's like you do not take yourself too seriously you're having a good time you know you're an awesome cars for sure I get it sold but 2004 we didn't start till 2008-2012 firefighter police officer medic before I was old enough to drink I mean 19 years old. Gun problems

► 00:11:20

officer in death so by the time I was 20 residence old that got into this so was it just like something is always in the cars and that's what led you to the show you know realistically I was watching the shows that were on TV at the time I'm always been a car nut and a motorcycle guide what have you and I realized one night the kids are watching it and the shows that were on with a little bit too much bravado and and I'm tough guy and you know so hot dog at the market here if you could tone down that part of it a little bit and still have a cool brand and get the moms in the kids in the room

► 00:12:18

hopefully it's a lot more successful and so that's that was kind of just went out and started the marketing side of you kicked in so the marketing side of you went I think there's another way to do this compromise that's what's interesting about it cuz it seems like a kind of a guy show I never thought about that way the way I approached it was just like when I was a kid and my dad had a garage not open for public Garage Lee a place that we kept his car then neighbors would come over and drink beer and that's what that's what are some cars around it's just like Saturday afternoon all week long did you have any of a background in automobile knowledge did you know like how to fix things or did you

► 00:13:18

yeah I've never really been the full fabricator you know I understand everything that works but I'm probably more of a business guy so but I did have the car knowledge and I don't have the eyeball for what's good keeping up with what was happening

► 00:13:43

Porsches are fixed to be popular swear to get into 356 is or Broncos like the money drove it is to get out or what have you keep an eye on the market but you still do keep your on the market I saw that 68 that you have outside 68 Chevelle 68 and it's driven you know but it's it's in perfect condition doesn't answer anything wrong with it why what is cliche 52,000 original miles and never been cracked never get old lady from Pasadena is a cliche yeah that car those I mean I said this on the show a million times I'm a Giants fan of like the time. Of 1965 to somewhere around like 71 they fell apart

► 00:14:43

and I'll let you still get a 71 Challenger a 71 Barracuda still pretty sweet but then you get in there like 72-73 it was really interesting time now for muscle cars it's the race is so crazy that they're putting out street legal cars you can buy from a dealer with 700 + horsepower and almost every dealer has one now for sure the new GT500 horsepower what is it Minnelli know what

► 00:15:37

was it a LT1 when Ellie know what the what the fuck is the name of the witch is 650 horsepower and then the new ZR1 at 750 horsepower this preposterous

► 00:15:55

I think it could be a little dangerous you know what everybody out there thinking because it's completely different than the video of the guy from one of the head guys at GM with checking on track like one of the first days they releasing the car and spun out on the first turn slammed into the wall I can't save a brand new Hellcat celebrity and just lost it at the wall took a post out of the Wii U on a track or will you want to strip it was a street track the blocks you take off

► 00:16:38

Dykes cats are beautiful but they're not they're not that great at corner and that's a still a giant car a car Mustang and Camaro the hell can I so much front with the so much on front me a really does remind you more than any of those other cars though of those 1970 cars and I'll really has that that shape is more iconic if you look at a 1969 Camaro and if you look at a 2019 Camaro you like that old car that was his old passion project the whole time he was right at dodging he just absolutely nailed it yeah I know they did they made a great-looking modern muscle-car the other ones are just great-looking cars mean they they are still muscle cars but they don't really think you don't really think about the old days when you see him now you guys make some fucking great built stew

► 00:17:38

you know you guys have done some really sweet custom builds like you were telling me outside that the longest you do a build for is 25 days started so when you see a car on the show if it's a single episode 45.6 days a lot of planning and seven years now and 130 of them that you know we just got a process at the shop now and there's only six guys doing their six guys to do it

► 00:18:17

25 days were done that's insane but what about like if you going to do their custom suspension or you know Art Morrison chassis or something like that just take some planning so literally what time does what I tell everybody will say okay we're going to build this 68 Chevelle and see if it works mathematically for the project I go find the car when I find the car every single part we don't start that car until every single thing was on that list is in house has been checked and ready to go so now I would still seems like such a short amount of time it takes 7 months 9 months a year it's just a shot for set up differently and maybe one or two guys or maybe they've got programs going on or what

► 00:19:17

77 International Scout started with a really nice one interior the whole ball of Wax

► 00:19:28

whack the chassis out 400 put in a full Chris Alston Chassis Works chassis with only two wheel drive and it's all 2018 Hellcat HP automatic Jesus and slammed on the ground but it's still a removable top and what about a Hellcat chassis Johnson wore the same guy who's doing this is my Bronco icon you're doing that with

► 00:20:08

one of the sink is a Superbird I'm one of those one of those iconic Mopars from the late sixties early seventies they're doing a full Hellcat chassis in the whole deal with that. Really yeah what what company was the first one to really get stupid with these cars I guess it was kind of Corvette with ZR1 with horsepower figures are one and she'll be like literally like trying to have a block like a city block on Wheels they take around a corner with how long that could take kiss

► 00:20:53

that's going to be a fast car that ass he does some awesome shit over there too he's always doing something he's doing one I don't think you can talk about it under wraps please got a bunch of bullshit have you ever been there but I got a couple cold because I don't think I make enough money for a plane yet. The Disco on that private planes

► 00:21:28

yeah that's the ultimate scramble the private jet money but that is that is just so much fucking money that's that's him

► 00:21:40

just taking it somewhere for sure now when you do these shows and you bargain people down and then they watch the show the people ever get pissed a few and in the first years they were just excited you know that we were going to be the sentiment to let you know it was their dad's or was there a fix it up we want to see it you know all kinds of things like that but nowadays it's it's a little more harder for me to get a decent or after you fix them up then they get a little upset

► 00:22:40

I don't understand them out of work in time and money that we put into it most of the cars that were building on the show now we're putting the building when the new season comes out in June just put the other good plan executed one must be like a thing now because the show that people want to get a gas monkey Bill car they do but they say this diplomatically it work for employees and customers business when we don't do a lot for the customer until we sell it to them but as far as coming in off the street we just like building what we want to build our skills and then we find a buyer I already have a guy come in and go

► 00:23:40

this is what I want but I can I won't call you I won't come in there with a new steering wheel all that's why I A lot of times car built this in there every other weekend maybe we can get in until it I mean it's still a business decision as far as the car and what's going on in the marketplace and technology and what happened then we do get a lot of calls when people come and go okay I want that exact same thing you do by cars and then just sell them without doing anything to it right yeah that's what we call RB stories

► 00:24:40

tell somebody else to dream because not everybody can afford a car so we can see how much money is involved in a full-scale if you've seen those revology Mustangs I was looking at those last night pretty intensive build really interesting stuff this guy to take it's it's essentially not really a Mustang I mean it's kind of license by Ford and looks exactly like a Mustang and I was on Mustang parts but he's is got everything new this is brand new SUV in 1966 you know 6566 like he's got a GT350 that's it's not really a 66 GT350 every part of it though all the fenders everything solve newly fabricated Steel

► 00:25:40

Camaro gas cars become the fuck on that is beautiful things is like in real life he's even got push button start you know it senses when you're near the the car so it'll unlock for you

► 00:26:02

but it's the just it seems like super high-quality build to it doesn't look how fucking pretty that it will do the trick is is how much work goes into it because they do make these parts aftermarket and what-have-you but a lot of times that's not the best stuff in the world to you end up fabricating and massaging it in making all the gaps right so you can just expect it going to buy up set a new workout perfect is holding the process over the last few years and he's got company now that makes things called dynacorp that makes all the parts they make everything in terms of like the bodies body stands and you know he's got his whole process down but when you watch him drive the cars it seems like he's it mean it sounds perfect at everything inside of it scene

► 00:27:02

is like completely locked down no squeaks and rattles is really like a modern car for sure there's a lot of shots and that's what I like I don't like I mean I like the way they look if I look like an old like a 67 GT500 I like the way they look but it's try to hit the brakes on one of those things are you trying to make a turn with those old time hockey everything's fucking that skinny in you know the balance is all wonky 1967 car balance built a few cars for Life contest and somebody if you don't realize what you're buying then yeah I can be a disappointing process yeah those old cars man me we've come a long way it's it's pretty amazing if you go back from a 1970 car to a two

► 00:28:02

19 car and you drive it and hit the brakes and he do all the numbers like stopping 60 to 0 and handling mean the cars of today are pretty ridiculous it is absolutely amazing technology the fact that we can use that technology so much easier because I want to do this mess and what happened so it ends up being the cars are definitely just like a brand new car mods you know because so many people are into that now they realize that I've did they like the looks of those old cars but they're not really into the way they drove

► 00:28:45

correct Air Buddies about Comfort Inn Blue to know all that kind of stuff so I kind of like the way that they more or less came out I mean maybe some disc brakes or safety or whatever but I like the squeaking and having to learn how to drive it and figure it out and the character of it, how much longer before the manuals did I think it's already got the nails in the coffin and sell it to you but he wants that Nurburgring time if you know that I don't want that Superfast Nurburgring time unless you have a double clutch transmission does he have paddle shifts you didn't get to go to miss a second here a second there and then

► 00:29:45

we're going to look at it when it's so ridiculous that people like look at those times to the one Ellie I think it's down to us a 7 minute and real low seconds Nurburgring time which is fucking crazy from a couple years ago I'm sure for $60,000 car that you could buy at a Chevy dealership probably it's probably the demon or two cars are the most bang for the buck I mean just get it and go to stupid it's almost too ridiculous it's so that if you are regular person and you buy that and try to take it somewhere to for you to understand the limits of the grip how much gas you can apply for you to have an edge

► 00:30:45

Bigfoot I'm not for sure I mean not getting one he brought back the next day I just saw it. I never drive it stupid

► 00:31:03

yeah I saw a picture one the other day my Google news feed someone who bought and Rec the next day and smashed it I was just somebody sent me a link to that fucking, I'm doing something right now that I can't imagine everything you see their carbon fiber points to the lifting front everything I mean all of it but we're doing with a 72 Riviera boattail

► 00:31:37

what yeah it's going to be freaking sick we've already chopped the top brought it down so that it didn't have that Clan mouth and looking in a windshield and so we're taking all of our styling cues in RM definitely all of our driving components ideology making our own it also isn't a 72 Riviera like a million pounds how much is a thing way it's a lot but with clearing all of that out when working with the speedcore and maybe even the full front clip speedcore did nasty 1970 Mustang for Robert Downey jr. that I just saw online the other day

► 00:32:37

like a weird color to like a beige in a weird kind of yellowish funky Style with a funky car going to be like a weird red Chrome carbon and we're getting pretty crazy. So it's a 72 Hotel Riviera see if you find one of those kind of picture that I have I had a really are when I was in high school no I didn't have a Skylark that the stock it'll turn into the look at that

► 00:33:24

if you stay on that video it'll just feed to where it what it's going to look like when it's done I see what you did so you have is crazy

► 00:33:34

it'll probably be at SEMA this year in bare metal

► 00:33:38


► 00:33:40

that's a beautiful car don't have wagon wheels on it like that stupid thing though for a while that's going to be free and that you never see that car but that's a rare car 00 rust the perfect one of those Australian Mad Max now damn that is going to look pretty nasty it's going to be slammed like that it it's got to be

► 00:34:13

shear shitz and giggles and for fun cuz nobody does that will someone is going to want it for sure I hope they have a lot of kisses that's like a money pit right now cost to build 350 how to build and then how much would you like to make do you want to try to always try to make at least 20% of them in this kind of goal right but that's reasonable specially considering all the creative time and putting it together and everything in the house, its 15 inches on each side it'll have

► 00:35:05

I think we have a 24 and twenty two's and super super wide wow in a kind of have to write and even then spoke going to spin out everywhere cuz we're using all the technology and suspension reason all the sensors all the stuff that's in that how do you adopt that over to an old car like that but you just don't think systems we've got a guy working for us now that help us run our Standalone how Hellcat that they said it couldn't be done when we were built the shark cat he just gets the whole thing and starts eliminating sensors are bad in her

► 00:35:45

and we end up getting all the same technology so the sensors understand when a wheel spinning and then they compensate with brakes or what about our breaks. You're stupid the stupid light on and off just like a brand new car different modes people try to do that I can't stand still take the something with that okay I'm just supposed to Instagram GT500 Super swap he took a an old GT500 body and put it on a GT500 for my modern chassis and piece it together like that but I was always thinking with it with a setup

► 00:36:45

I thought you probably can of air bags right you can actually ways to add it into their but the parent is beautiful that looks so yeah but you don't want to play with an airbag into something like that unless you because you don't have an inch off of Abby needs to be it's weird though because you're dealing with a totally different size body to I wonder how he's doing this

► 00:37:21

it's easy as it really is before we haven't but I understand the process and really it's just cuz there's a company called mag Motors ever heard of them I don't think I go to mag motors.com they have what they're doing is they're putting a carbon fiber body on a modern GT500 but they use in a 67 like Eleanor body for the making it out of carbon fiber so it's that one's grossed go to the silver one

► 00:37:54

the white one looks that goes to hate the Elder body so you really over play how dare you the images but go to get it get it from the side so you get a better look at it that's fucking beautiful car seat about them but to me looking at it so I can get all the geometry of the modern car track so you end up with something looks like it could go 4-wheeling

► 00:38:35

a little bit right it's not it's definitely not slammed

► 00:38:42

in terms of looks right yes it's never seen them they do they're doing similar cars like that too but they're doing it you know from the ground up as it's it's not as hard and to do is it used to be but still you look at an Eleanor and you look at it like it's played but a person who doesn't see them all the time I was not in a car industry you when was last time you saw one of those fucking things on the street I never see if you go there they make their the only licensed dealers they have some deal with the the woman who was the

► 00:39:42

she was the wife of the guy who wrote Gone in 60 seconds are produced like that so they make she could go to Fusion Eleanor they make some pretty sick ones

► 00:39:55

do you think there's a played-out personally yeah I'm just not an Illinois car fan I just that is fucking beautiful why do you hate America Richard that it's just there's hundreds if not thousands of them out there is it the shape or the the color scheme I mean doing it then that's what I have you

► 00:40:34

yeah but I mean how many of them are out there in comparison to like say a modern ZR1 all car people say that they say two cars that they think are played out 69 Camaros and these things like everybody does a 69 Camaro and everybody does Eleanor oh yeah for sure you believe they pulled that show off the air cuz the flag that shows off the TV lamp

► 00:41:34

easier to get by with a Confederate flag and towels and I have to do my business with the people out here in LA and it's you know I'm getting off work before they had their to Chai lattes walk their dog and showed up to the office come on guys get up and get to work it's accused of if you've been drinking when I'm trying to conduct some of the business calls that we do in the evenings because they haven't gotten to work yet and they ask you if you've actually been drinking sometimes really and that works

► 00:42:34

yeah it's a different world out here it's a little bit of a culture shock I think if I was going to move Gas Monkey anywhere it would probably be Scottsdale Scottsdale nice it's about a million degrees in the summer though here we go there and we went outside was in it was in Phoenix last July we went outside for like we just stood there for a second. This is ridiculous got a few years on fire from the from the volcanoes are global warming or whatever or next week they have a plan in the Scottsdale openings at Waste Management Open there is business celebrity Pro-Am oh yeah absolutely

► 00:43:34

I've been a member of the same country club for about 19 years I probably play about 50 rounds of golf in my life is in big trouble you can tighten up before you go

► 00:44:12

bright you can figure it out I mean if you had some insane ability but you don't have to have insane ability to figure out the mathematics of it so you but no one's ever done that so how was it an 18 shot game just fight more fights are one punch fights than ever a golf games in 18 shot golf game you can get that it's possible with enough power right fight there's never been a 18-hole game that's played with 18 shots but there are a lot of ones so I

► 00:45:12

someone's done to I think somebody but quite a few that I've called one-punch in the beginning of the vibe am so we can sit in the go down at least three or four in the history of Duane Ludwig like 6 seconds first first punch you through that probably would have never worked out ever in your life I really haven't turned 50 in 2 months so sorry I am a little bit weird number right yeah well working out definitely holds off the Grim Reaper a little bit of Bodywork it takes effort

► 00:46:12

Gary want to do that but like I said I just hope things work at a hot trainer to check to get motivated fairest embarrassing that will get you motivated what is wrong with you

► 00:46:35

yeah well I'm sure there's a lot of thought there's a lot of them there's a lot of them around the block gym for chicks for guys for everybody else just Savages right yeah there's a there's a point where it gets creepy

► 00:47:04

is like yeah

► 00:47:07

roll over my chest like a girl with veiny many pecks are they also have pec muscle why do you feel the muscles underneath the fake boob he's like this water balloon is floating on top of the sinew and the Southern California little blonde with all the tattoos and in our little bikini on the beach with a view on Instagram too much it seems like every girl in from Texas on Instagram with tattoos all over the place

► 00:48:07

you know there's 20 of them not right right right there everywhere could leave Venice Beach it's hard to find a girl with tattoo That's Unique these days that's a real Rebel a girl with no piercings and no tattoos it's either Rebel are boring probably both

► 00:48:28

she's rebelling against being exciting what happens is like people get into something and they forget how everybody else so as they get deeper and deeper into it they just want to excel at it and want to lift more weights and you know they're trying to put more on the squat rack deadlift in their neck gets big and so brilliant if she was like this I don't know what competition she does but it was spice sculpting and stuff measuring florets broccoli on a scale poops yeah once they start measuring their food and counting your Macros like settle down once you're in some gigantic competition cheers her hell yeah fix a break out some tequila for you in a minute

► 00:49:20

break it out man we have cups yeah you brought cups to this is kind of comes prepared oh you have gas monkey tequila get the fuck out of here you got your own tequila Monkey t-shirt you have one I fucking love that logo

► 00:49:41

look at that whatever

► 00:49:54

nice to that school can you guys have like the whole apparel line do we have everything I mean with that tools we've got I saw that the other day at Like Home Goods or something like that

► 00:50:09

is it for sure yours was it some not drop ship

► 00:50:15

well that's part of the thing that you guys came up with a cool logo monkeys that lovable character that's also a pain in the ass and got in there messing stuff up all the time but you can shooting cuz that's what it's cinnamon swirl it a little bit of cinnamon and nice my kids got a soccer game after this I want to be fucked up Good Times

► 00:50:51

that's actually good it's good stuff don't tell Ron White but I think your skills better go get mad this because science has made America really cuz you have to do at least go to at least go to get around that I ship it in and tankers and then I do it here so we're switching build card distributors in Texas so you can grow It in America you can grow their job in America at least go area and what-have-you how weird is that

► 00:51:51

that's funny I didn't I guess I kind of knew that I didn't think about that that's weird deal with the PX Exchange is on all the bases in the world and they watch me out so I had to borrow a couple bottles from somebody with hoarding them that is a fucking dope logo though that monkey with the tongue hanging out the yeah that on the outside of your garage to get a bunch of looky-loos and find out where you guys are at a little spot with cars inside the shopping go in the back and there's like a party area where you can have a beer or alcohol but you have my gas monkey energy drink or water in the experience and say hi

► 00:52:51

hurricane right now pull up the TV show action taxes it's just no bulshit until we got stumps and my property for the next 24 hours I'm responsible for them if they like if they believed and get run over at the corner or whatever because I made them leave I force them from the property they're my responsibility but it fucking sucks so if a guy shows up drunk and you said hey man you got to get the fuck out of here and the guy leaves and gets in a car accident he could say hey they made me leave but I'll put them in The Crazy Ones

► 00:53:51

starting to get to be about as big as you guys are having here and they'll Wonder on your property or life ain't got to beat it and it's a stupid freaking loud a plant so we have to call the cops to get them to carry those people out that's so weird I went to jail in his garage and he's telling me that he know Jay Leno's garage not Jay Leno's garage is Jay Leno's 11 garages 11 Warehouse buildings to spool for cars real problem

► 00:54:51

it's sort of for sale so there's someone comes along it was man I need that car. So I won't sell my Mustang Shelby 68 but it's a it's a remake of the island and it's got all the I never saw that movie it's all lifted so I had a client a friend of mine had me build it for him and I wanted the car course I couldn't afford it then the TV show yet and so I built in this

► 00:55:51

rendition 68 Shelby convertible Mustang put BFGoodrich is on a phrase it all the time and it's perfect California Cruiser can I borrow the car cuz I want stuff sitting around the shop at that I built I don't want other people's stuff here in the truck down and pick it up this is three years later the park at 42 miles on it it's been sitting there doing nothing in his garage he's down in New Orleans so it's got some of that Hayes and shit from the Salt Air Gas is there is the gas is bad that is really hot looks like you're going 4-wheeling in that fucking think what is going on with the tire on the trunk that's the spare I know but that's an odd placement that's just how was in the movie really wow what is that you

► 00:56:51

just not quite right mine is more absolutely perfect 2 the movie that's somebody else's rendition of it are we to miles on it after three years it doesn't run the gas is Bad Karma is all fucked off and let go you're really shity car odor this is just the thing is freaking bad ass and look what you've done to it he has a considerable amount of money so the next day the title shows up in the mail and it goes you're right it was shity car other insurers close friends that have a lot of cash you must obviously like you to have a real difference either bad motherfuker no disrespect fat guy

► 00:57:41

cuz I can see if you don't work out or how do you say that because you're a guy photos I haven't been so does anything like that two decades you drink everyday

► 00:58:01

cancel out all the no sodas beer drinkers metabolism takes a lot of practice to get your body's ready I'm ready to do a day but someone to run 50 miles a day can do it that's one thing is just monotonous to me running my wife's Runner and I'm like that's just silly why do you want to go run 20 miles but I run Hills I run 4 for the most I run

► 00:58:45

the run like Christy pills there's your car

► 00:58:48

one up that's the same fat guy right there Jamie there's a couple versions of it involve other websites are pulling down to the one right below that where you curse someone that is a nice car it's so much fun stupid deal give me a great Carter cruise around California

► 00:59:22

what have you it's it's pretty fun time it gets a lot of heads and then what is a new note that is Gas Monkey version of a 52 chevy look at that thing in the picture on that far Corner yeah that's us and it's all putting it out kind of yeah that was the original body we chopped it though and it's got

► 01:00:02

why people love that like the original patina doubt body like icon does that they call them derelict that's a good picture of the car. I got my first Ferrari ever bought I won't sell that as far as the first one I ever bought for me what is it a couple of the Flies but not their type R I sell those but that one first one just because it's like a benchmark like you were in forcing yourself and so would horse yourself to give yourself motivational probably shouldn't do right now so that I know I got to work hard to make sure I don't have to give it a time with you

► 01:01:02

by the GT3 RS bought the car when I probably shouldn't but the show is going on I got it I got to make sure that I can afford that so let's go do it. I believe that wholeheartedly and people say ridiculous and I go yeah exactly should I can barely make it I guess there's a big movement now with Nick in your imagination bored or whatever those people are assholes 20 and you doing that you don't know any better

► 01:02:02

yeah I'm a big believer in doing this is what I say to someone who can buy if you can actually buy a Ferrari sound like listen and if you don't who will if you were at 18 year old can you got no money and you said man fighting at 5 to buy a Ferrari to be so happy I'd buy that thing what you should do it if you can you can you should do it and is it is it too much money gets it's definitely too much money that's part of the whole part point the whole thing will then I'm going to work my fucking ass off my whole lot you can get hit by a meteor

► 01:03:02

you're at your of your past guess I missed your Elon Musk they're kind of ruined it for a possibility of getting in a car wreck in space

► 01:03:11

yeah you could get in the car wreck in space cuz that car just floating around out there at that car slams into a fucking alien spaceship is coming to save us and Elon Musk just frivolously shot that fucking thing into orbit he did he just shot it up there and they let him with a robot sitting in the front seat you know we were joking around about like what if that guy in the front seat is actually a guy who fucked his wife and he decide to kill that guy and stick them in a fucking space suit costume in orbit to be mad at the guy if he does my wife have a listen bro I get it

► 01:03:52

depends on what he looks like to admit he's like Aquaman I feel to her I'd tell her I get it sometimes you got to do that but I get it yeah

► 01:04:07

we're going again and again bro sneak up on you

► 01:04:12

how to get snuck up on since the 80s salute

► 01:04:18

it's so good though it is good it's smooth I like the cinnamon to Tequila Enthusiast like sacrilege is that like an electric Mustang so I'll be wearing a golf shirt out there and it's pretty crazy it said I got to school and all kinds of crap or whatever but what I'm pushing the envelope as the monkeys are taglines Snapping Shoals

► 01:04:55

snow when you bring that to the country club do people say Sir that a tire is unforgivable here for sure got a lot of golf carts cuz I'm crashing cuz of that was fun like the old Caddyshack just they usually just take me home cuz I live on the corner so that drive me down there I don't know if you have a house on the course I did the worst one was I decided to drive my Harley home on the golf course 19 us-130

► 01:05:55

good morning in my house is probably be farthest house from the clubhouse and that thing is freaking loud when you're in that you know this but thank God they were rent-a-cops Golf Course cops and the community cops after this country club Fallout 4

► 01:06:30

we're coming home from a Christmas Extravaganza which I do with my buddies every Christmas shopping for our families

► 01:06:43

supposedly threw a burrito from like Taco Bell or something and hit the guard so there's for fear for my buddies we get to my house we pick out on shity Taco Bell food until everybody passes out in the next thing you know the top lights are on banging on the door get out of here I come to the door gone gone so long story short they say you're going to be arrested for assault if you look at it and say you're sorry so if you charge a man with assault because he throws a burrito at you you should you should turn in your card but it was not like throwing a baseball right here I like something to eat but they take me down to the guardhouse

► 01:07:43

he saw the report this is how stupid I'm so freaking loaded right and I get there in the burrito still in the ground like it's evidence or some shit and they're telling me I got to apologize to this guy at all I can focus on a perfectly good Fighting Burrito right here I'm going to eat this burrito please just tell her you're sorry so you go back home okay so I told him I'm sorry I still eat a burrito and they just left you there like a mile from my house at the car check who's do you see the guy since then I was like dude that was perfectly are you just really hide it anymore and it's a hell of a shot out of the back window hundred twenty in up to the front hit the gas

► 01:08:42

it's kind of a man is probably the first time we've had that in here podcast I definitely think it's the first time is it seems like you just be able to say hey I just threw it to you cuz I was drunk I thought you were hungry it is pretty ridiculous. Like how dare you some people get beat to a pulp and you called a Taco Bell burrito flying your way

► 01:09:22

and it's barely meet we were going over like how much of that gives a ruling on how much meat it actually has to be we can call it a beef burrito but there's fillers in that shit like what is the fill it was like silicone or something like that but it's something ridiculous like 34% of it is not actually meet that was ten years ago 80% for the bars inside there that's well that's good for business if you don't give people more drunks I don't care where the food tastes like it's been since then you know it's why I said some real legit because we're in LA but there's legit Mexican places are you sure

► 01:10:22

are you going there as Mexican soap operas are playing nobody speaks English language language quesadilla. At that that's the tongue should never have a tongue tacos I just why they're fucking delicious so good it's it's the most one of those tender meat you could ever have like the most tender pot roast ever really like maybe a few miles away from here how good is that plays Jamie California I'm not trying to get some Elton Elton is mine but language quesadillas

► 01:11:22

horchatas rough cuz you know there's no fucking safety standards that no one knows what's in their beliefs

► 01:11:37

depending on who's working there and how disgruntled yeah Tex-Mex Fusion Tex-Mex is a different kind of flavor two different things like people that don't know like what I queso is and I don't like queso in Texas is like a staple out here no one of the fuck queso is you say I only get some queso and chips like what the fuck you talking about real good legit and Lotus over the corn with mayonnaise and Texas is a different fucking country really is a little gas station

► 01:12:37

yeah this I wonder what text white x max is so much different cuz there's no California Max right but text Max is Olivia what doesn't. 70 mm is Mexico asshole

► 01:13:12

open the app let all those poor people in here I give them jobs I don't give a fuk criminals coming through a filter out gang members and criminals just wish there was a way to tell there's a way that it is not I wish there was a way to tell whether someone is a piece of shit and criminal I wish it was and or someone just poor cuz there's a lot of it for sure both sides of right this is how I look at it for sure the people that don't want criminals coming in here or write for sure the people that want border control to keep out gang members and drug dealers in evil people there write a hundred percent American taxpayer I have a family fucken salute

► 01:14:00

I I believe in the law I believe it on those things but also my my grandparents are immigrants all of them everybody that I that is related to me came over from Europe they all came up from Italy and Ireland all of them y'all came over because their life sucks they want a better place if someone walks here from Guatemala they don't walk here because they're lazy the walk here because they want a better life is made for men to but I wish there was a better way to screen out the cont if there was a better way to screen out the real shity Hugh Banks stop that would be that would be ideal we need to cut screener con screeners the way to go and make sure it's all these fucking government workers not getting paid right now because of a wall Jesus and there's a billionaire you know Donald you believe in the wall that

► 01:15:00

Take 5 billion out of your fucking account shove those shackles towards the wall zero somewhere his hair

► 01:15:19

but you know I will act so we got to deal with it yeah she hosed it like that this guy could get in there and Build That Wall lock her up and everybody's like check

► 01:15:38

it's a good it's a good example of how our system is the best best system in the world for sure this whole experiment and self-government is the best on the planet Earth without a doubt but this guy it's not his fault that is who he is but he exploited it he showed everybody he showed everybody the whole movie system you could you and me and I'm not bullshiting you know we can win and they found out that I have better chances of winning then a lot of people that would be a list of people who had better

► 01:16:32

I got this but you know I mean no one's going to even in this room so I manager my PR late late and I need to stock up on talking about policy to see I don't have one of those my managers awesome and my PR person is non-existent so round 3 going let's go here we go South America America

► 01:17:05

Dusty Kim better

► 01:17:13

yeah it's politics. That is the one thing that the people say shouldn't talk about but I like it's not what helps us to talk about it it's just that people are so fragmented people. It's like he said we need screening screening. Com

► 01:17:44

well if we just figure out a way to put microchips and everybody will know everybody is what everybody did that way we'll know if your cut a lot of her for sale we got some pretty cool stuff in there but most guys like myself anyways that's what started the hot rod 32 Ford and stuff that became you know the hot rod scene in Pride because like in 4732 Ford was like the old used car

► 01:18:44

play for like 20 bucks maybe even 10 or 5 you know now we're paying 54 one needs everything what was your first car with a 73 Mercury Comet my first car was a 73 Chevelle but that's way cooler than a piss green Mercury, I promise I drove it from the guy I got it home in the next to the engine blew

► 01:19:09

that's operator are no

► 01:19:14

shitbox was just terrible, the lady's didn't like it at the squeaks and stuffy nose. Cool at all but by the time I graduated cuz I always worked hard mode yard rake leaves whatever I can do that lady start car when you have Burt Reynolds on your car on your show rather I have to say that I got sad when I saw him walk out I was like a man that's Burt Reynolds

► 01:20:14

down he was really bad broken down at that point in time but towards the end of his life he came back kind of Full Circle he was a whole different kind of person about two years later I don't know but I don't know if he was just going through a bad spot but towards the end hip cool we did a lot of different things together that you'll see the cool thing about lot of people know in my office I have the Hat the hat with all the feathers and what have you burped comes out and he goes in comes back out on from smoking vents that is to get to me and

► 01:21:14

I had like man to your hair was growing on my arms and stuff standing up and I'm like I can't take that you will watch as, and he was a super cool guy and he was really a car guy but also noticed that he was a bad ass man so whatever it was that he must have some surgeries on my father was don't think so I think it's just real at the time he was years ago and now he came around you know what does the Barrett-Jackson stuff with us in I got a friend of mine that I was company restore a muscle car that does just Trans Am taught stuff and it was cool it was Smokey and the Bandit

► 01:22:14

when I was in high school 81 I was a freshman high school now it's time for so I remember watching those watching those movies in and saying like this guy he's like having fun it was smiling and it was like he was silly that's the secret to look at all the other ones that people don't talk about Uber or should I erase / Hollywood for a small. Of time and just had a blast had good times he was just silly he was like always smiling and silly had Jackie Gleason was the enemy like to come on man we got Jackie Gleason is the evil guy me you got a goddamn

► 01:23:14


► 01:23:18

yeah and I see a blue I mean it was just I mean Jackie Gleason from The Hustler is a bad guy in a cop movie those are great and Sally Fields the girlfriend mean I was just fucking amazing Mad God damn I love those movies man to shave my goatee often and dress like that was like I'm done with that card you sell it actually gave it away on Discovery looking Carmen goddamn those old those trans am's from that year that with the firebird on the fucking Hood guy

► 01:24:18

dead matter how good a driver you aren't that thing's ass heavy it'll come around on you in a heartbeat is mine I bought my dad was actually mad they said that I couldn't get it because they said they couldn't afford the insurance and everything and they didn't know I was always doing stuff and what have you so I showed up at your home one day with it and they're like we told you I said what I paid cash and I paid for a Year's where the insurance up front and my dad's like where the fuck did you get that money

► 01:24:53

we doing to make that money in yards I mean I was kind of a geeky kid at the time and little bit on the small side so I had a lot of free time I wasn't exactly been in the cheerleaders or anything I just always kind of was a hustler wanted to make some money and respect that and I was like well that you know is phenomenal and I worked three years and my mom left when I was two ditched my dad with me at 2 and my sister at 6 or so and so

► 01:25:53

he would think that might try to be like that I'm going to smoke this weed and drive away but instead he buckled down got got two jobs and work see where two jobs pretty much my whole life and provided for us and we definitely have much but are you still in contact with your mom is down in Florida I'm sure she's

► 01:26:20

whatever she is but a little too much for me the exact opposite story my mom left my dad when I was 5 from 7 years old on

► 01:26:42

I'm sure if I met my dad to be the same thing you did teach me a little bit about math and you know how to add a run boobs because basically I think that's rare until I was out of a series of effed-up individual just started running through 5 6 7 times I respect that this is what I respect I respect you but they keep fucking swinging you know I can even though you go down in v

► 01:27:42

so you still don't like family Christmas on either Christmas Eve or whatever it's like going to the dad's house with the young kids and what have you and we get there and she's doped up on whatever pills are popular the time I was just like what the hell is this Dad 50 but he's like in their nail and all these chicks are oxygen bottle and he's convinced that they've been married for

► 01:28:42

I have a pen I have a bit of my ACT about the outbreak of STDs in nursing homes that mean my dad has really Advanced Alzheimer's and he knows that he misses his Mustang I took all his bicycles away and I need to get laid that's it and he's in there just running around to the home almost like being called to the principal's office as a as a parent your dad's literally they're fucking everybody

► 01:29:34

in there to the to the principal's office like your kids fuk up are you carrying a good time just don't want to hurt each other do with that my wife 16 17 years maybe longer so in the state of Texas it's probably the second or third largest Home Health Care got to get shots you got to get therapy so you going to take care of my mother at home it's prescribed

► 01:30:34

bike through Medicare or insurance or whatever to wear Vegas somebody get to knee or shoulder replacement or maybe it's an injury or or what-have-you business with 3500 3018 sidneys given time and you're really getting help people but at the same time that she's out there is crazy ass and the last week

► 01:31:14

yeah why not why not why not my thought is why not my dad he's got his turn on stripper sheets with a twister twister sheets with the freaking whatever because he has Alzheimer's does he remember where he gets after it I think it said he's just so focused on is that right was my dad got some serious ass my whole life

► 01:31:55

as a teenager I was like God damn it when your wife leaves you with kids when you're young you just realized okay forget about this long-term shit just enjoy the moment from Dazed and Confused alright alright alright for Speed and hippie Hammer net and I'm like 5 6 years old because cuz he knew that they would be open till 9 so drop us off at the skating rink eating it 99 cent corn dog meal and he can pick us up with some irate

► 01:32:55

leading rebounder sitting there pissed off office

► 01:33:07

so weird when you become an adult doesn't it you know when you think about round for Miller Rawlings baddest mother fucker that ever lived salute for sure

► 01:33:27

coming I'll guarantee they got more ass than you and I did this whole week I believe it is like for the bonus rather is that they can't get pregnant and they do they do but the thing is

► 01:33:56

well somebody had it and then the next thing you know I'll hundred people in that building done it right but did they have it already or they getting it from the the building they had it already had a deal with herpes or dealing with like the real weird ones like syphilis and gonorrhea and shed the syphilis and gonorrhea like hey you got to treat this where you getting this for the question is like are they getting in from outside sources that's crazy 27 2011 chlamydia infections and syphilis by 52% yeah but that's the problem with that is 52% okay let's say there's

► 01:34:51

a hundred cases and then the next year there's a hundred and fifty that's 52% of Americans don't like this stuff because if there's there's four people and then the next year that six that's 50% increase I don't like numbers like that because you can make it snappy I want I want numbers like human beings I'm sure it's my dad's probably thinks chlamydia is a flower is getting missed giving this girl

► 01:35:38

what is 3000 reported case of chlamydia among people 45 and older okay but I'm 45 and older that's normal 45 and older people are walking around meet new people and seems like a very low numbers from people can make things seem greater than they really are go back to that some asshole primary and secondary syphilis 5650 cases were reported in this age group for 45 year old people in 2019 it's not like 45 year old people in the 60s animals are out there fucking hitting the gym doing squats and flying to Thailand

► 01:36:38

they could get staph I know a lady who almost died from staph from the gym she ignored she had some weird rash on her leg and no one told her that it was a staph infection and she she went into shock and had fucking seizures from staff and she's 3637 she's she's my wife's friend dark shit dark dark staff from a gym and I don't got to go to go to the gym your superhero you got to work tights

► 01:37:19

can I call myself zero everything guns each and alcohol everything I like the spray gun with alcohol but it's the one with tequila and yeah I've got stabbed twice from Jiu Jitsu ringworm three times at least staff twice ringworms okay but ringworms basically athlete's foot do you know the same time on your feet to make athletes foot go away to piss I can help him

► 01:38:12

just coming up with this

► 01:38:16

the fundal thing that they came out with the Chien oh yeah there is a thing that girls can use they stuff in their crotch that they can pee standing up I just think that's probably not very well you're in is not really unsanitary it's not really that bad it's not a dangerous thing it's not like it's Rogan this is open till he gets home

► 01:38:45

this is something about Jiu-Jitsu you're so used to dude sweating on you like cuz I was wrong with a friend of mine and he got on top me mounted me and you sweating in my fucking face like his chest sweat was Dripping in my face and we were laughing about it I was like dude what the fuck you're sweating in my mouth basically this is starting to get weird well it's just part of like learning how to kill people and the deal with the reality of training stats on the STD thing for older people and this has an article I found that only 5% of adults are using Medicare to take the STD test so I could test it up I was in Vietnam

► 01:39:38

I mean the thing is like who's trying to stop these people Lube Toys R Us are you going to weigh out it's just a way forward ladies in my family weed for the first time when they charge time 80 years old never done it this weekend some brownies tomorrow and I don't think they'll be leaving only an hour later they get the whole pan

► 01:40:32

now they think it's the greatest thing since sliced bread brownies we just tricking Texas the right yeah it's not legal yet it's going to be

► 01:40:52

it's right here I got that Elon Musk trouble we'd what is that this is a this is what's called a blunt its two back on the outside and marijuana on the inside a drop Tesla stock 6% One Day in France right now

► 01:41:18

but it's legal what's legally right

► 01:41:23

I believe in Allah

► 01:41:26

it's 100% legal here

► 01:41:30

it is on 2% who's the Mike Tyson just brought you some of his weed

► 01:41:37

is that hot comes is the box of death and life is Mike Tyson's box of death in life yeah look at the size of these fucking joint e gave me

► 01:41:50

I know the camera's not going to follow me but I'll be right back ladies and gentlemen

► 01:41:55

who do the shit

► 01:42:00

look at the fucking size

► 01:42:05

oh that's just insane that's that's you bro I can't help that I can't take it with you! On the plane

► 01:42:13

you just think tank and you'll appear in the seat 4C

► 01:42:19

Leslie kit

► 01:42:22

I would recommend any more than one more dance for me

► 01:42:28

yeah he gave me these joints that would make you think about people you fingered in high school and want to find my Facebook and apologize marijuana that's outrageous bag Tyson has a whole Ranch he has a

► 01:42:47

he has his Tyson Ranch these growing marijuana and he's going to have a like a Resort Destin destination or he's going to have like Fitness classes like tiptoe tiptoe through the tulips he's he's got a place down in Palm Beach where was it Palm Springs Palm Springs Palm Springs Palm Beach and for Palm Springs California out in the desert developing this enormous property we're going to grow weed and they're also going to have this huge place where people can go and have this Resort like a weed amusement park literally they're going to have concerts they're like Coachella type events are they called the couch fast or some shit

► 01:43:32

the people behind have Deep Pockets they're going hard cuz what would people see in Colorado and people are starting to see in Washington state and California normous amount of money involved in marijuana like crazy ridiculous silly profit if you're doing it and then go to the store to buy beer at 4 shots in a tequila company in the end in bars and restaurants you kind of have to it takes the fun out of everything else

► 01:44:19

yeah but be responsible always be responsible thing is also if you are a person who likes fun but why would he is trying to stop fun like someone to smoke a little weed had a little Tequila drink couple of beers as long as people are being responsible responsible I also talked about it this way imagine if all the people in the world are you me and Jamie and if Jamie has decided that he he thought that we were criminals and we're not we're not allowed to drink alcohol anymore James didn't install Prohibition in our small community he'll be ridiculous review like fuck you man that's literally like the government telling you you can't do mushrooms or the government telling you can't smoke weed because just a grown man telling other grown men

► 01:45:19

I can't based on what I can people really knew the information involved in like the safety of marijuana does it freak you out of course it does doesn't make you paranoid but does alcohol make you an asshole fuck yes it does but do I think that everyone should have all did CBS reject Super Bowl ad medical marijuana defense is probably a bunch of people are stockholders and there's a lot of decisions that are made that are made by lawyers I just want it just the before people get angry about something to CVS decide to do you have to understand is CBS is responsible for the employment of Untold thousands of human beings they're going to have Bud Light Bud Light ads or not can affect anyone's bottom light I don't agree I don't agree but I just want people to understand that part of the problem is that the business aspect of this is not been fully assess

► 01:46:19

once it's fully established CBS and all these people going to realize it isn't any different than Bud Light it's not any different than anything you can get fucked up on Bud Light if you just drink 20 of them you can be fucked up you can walk in the trees cough medicine or how many pharmaceutical drugs can you get fucked up trees benefit greatly from pain pills they definitely do the thing about it all you got to be honest and let people form their own opinions and part of being honest about it about these things is telling them the pros and the cons everything is a pro and a con including old people bang it out and nursing home set the alarm

► 01:47:19

but but people get cold they get the flu all sorts of weird things happens when people Corral around other people what are we supposed to do live like John Travolta in The Boy in the Plastic Bubble and fucking lock ourselves in hermetically sealed Chambers and ever touch each other again get the fuck out of here

► 01:47:45

I think I think you might have given him a thing or two just hit the Massengill you'll be good I wonder I wonder who's delivering these venereal diseases that it's like that would be faster if we found is like primarily women is like 78% of women or the original source of the venereal disease on the check

► 01:48:11

when I heard that Adam and Eve story I was like maybe I was a bitch I blamed it on Evening News down the keyboard to Apple I don't do shit I loosen a lot of women just to let that shit go there's like let him talk yeah break down that I ate the apple fuck you and he's like Adam and Eve

► 01:48:47

where the hell to get New York wasn't there yet I feel Academy would talk like British people because anytime they have a movie where people talk like old timey with his Gladiator whatever everyone talks with an English accent give me listen if we have to write if we have to dislike the suspension of disbelief like we don't know Latin to talk in Latin who the fuck knows that sounded like right so when when you watching some old-ass movie about people talking Latin they'll speak English but they'll speak with an English accent right only speak proper they would do is have some weird old timey Weight Wise but why is that people is that played out like Eleanor's are played out to him you don't like it to English people they hear that accent everyday that's a normal accent but to us like this is like an old-timey language

► 01:49:47

fever like why is Russell Crowe talking like he's from fucking London this is bullshit you fucked it up now you guys made it to the people don't understand that that's stupid that's not smart we made it better we really did I have to say that in their defense. They will always say to you like yeah but listen you guys respect our line is more than you respect yours but it's true like American English is not as respectable as English English because that's why they use those English people to sell like late-night mops and shit right they do fucking non-stick frying-pans it's always some bad accent look at this I can just fly these Xmas light fight on to the play I'm a little unbelievable and scratch if that was a guy from Jersey

► 01:50:47

Shalini that you'd like to this asshole trying to lie to me but is bullshit frying pan brightness fucking shity mop but something about like English accents get us for sure they have a better than even more respectable version of our language what are sounds better you can say it easier I understand it they understand us we don't always understand them that was literally just a phone call with the lady in Europe before I got in here and I couldn't understand a word you're saying I'm wrong I'm wrong I was in Belfast Northern Ireland which is as well be in the Cantina scene in Star Wars these motherfuckers barely speak English they speak English for sure they understand each other a hundred percent but to me I was talking to this guy and he was drunk out of his fucking mind we're drink a dark beer just me and this dude this is like early 2000

► 01:51:47

three early UFC awesome right now to him he was making perfect sense all I caught was I'll fight any man this motherfucker might have said that a hundred times I just kept buying drinks with me and some dude from with Belfast we understood like 20% of what each other's was saying this guy

► 01:52:25

imagine being hammered post UFC event trying to make it with the locals were drinking dark beer and whiskey there's maybe 30 people around me that are yelling like that and I'm talking this dude so all the people around me who are you out of those if I could drunk no one knew no one would anybody next time we say it loud and hammered in this guy is fucked up and he's telling me this guy who plays honey bun what is this one

► 01:53:23

years ago or some shit what is that from how does a beard back then that's the same guy that's hilarious pikey language right

► 01:53:46

the first video I pulled up said he was from I think I typed in Belfast or something but here's the thing he was wearing wrong date fucking understand each other 100% they understand every word they say so wrong I just I'm just not an environment but you'll get it it's kind of flavor though they have a flavor that we don't have right that's a dark Old World flavor that's a fucking dude just came over on a boat and shooting arrows at people they kept that same language

► 01:54:17

and they're always looking to fight how to fucking fight I'm ready pretty friendly guy so most most of that stuff I don't get the guys that I get are people that want to be like professional fighters in the one I just talked about it a little bit they're always very friendly you'd be amazed like people that aspired to be professional fighters are some of the nicest fucking human beings ever going to run across because they figured out their own ego through competition to the point where they not really they're not they're not worried about like putting out an image they know who they are and they look real friendly like some of the nicest people I've ever met ever a professional fighters it's a weird thing for Bill to hear but I think that for men there's something about Trial through combat and just just just being understanding like what it what it's like to overcome like insurmountable obstacles for the average person just make some, there's a different kind of human

► 01:55:17

the more chill hairdresser for 15 years been cut my hair so you probably don't have this problem he's a spider give me a z somewhere this is not really trustworthy at all the other was a video out that someone showed me was it you did you show me Jamie summary of the Via I didn't ask you what it was for someone took a phone and had a sound like a hair cutter and it will buy people's heads and they run away and people freak out on them the back of a girl's head

► 01:56:17

but that's a that's a big deal for people can be cutting off their hair shaved head of hair did this in an hour or was it over the course of a few that it's okay well how do you think the American public is unintelligent that you have to do a scene where I just walked in your door and sit down and put on my headphones in the door to put on my headphones it's so insane and it's like it's like the recipe it's like you have to tell him everything you do and then I set up for the shot and I have to walk out the door the right

► 01:57:17

the audience won't know where you came from it's my fucking shop huh what do you mean I got a lot more they will never the idea that we so confused

► 01:57:26

and I've tried so hard to change the recipe a little bit I understand you have to do certain things but why do you have to tell the audience what they just saw. It's stupid like I'm stupid you can make him stupid you never challenged him ever I think that as a society we might be on our way to that what was that show idiocracy when I got to come out of the door but my headphones are so fucking stupid but they've always done it that way and I think of it at the same way I think about CVS in a medical marijuana ads there's like a bunch of people to just try to protect jobs they just like we're going to make it easier easier for people to know you can't have anything left to chance they've they've got to fill their numbers could set them on

► 01:58:26

this will kill you yeah exactly yeah why do you think they still break up shows with commercials would it be more effective if they didn't do that it's just a monetization problem I'm sure but I think you could get a little more bang for your buck by having this episode by so and so's I think they instead of having like two or three ads every you know 5 minutes or whatever they make it do how about you just have a couple of product placement during a show and have them cost more money so some guy like Isis car guys they're watching the show and I holy shit he just bought that Porsche was so I went to LA and I bought a Porsche what you already said that exactly and the only imagine the people are coming

► 01:59:26

you know from these breaks it just jumping in the middle of it might they might figure it out Kurt nilsen home bulshit are they even count cable boxes when I decide what the rating is and it's like are you kidding me cuz I'll see my ratings and I'm like I know it was more than that I only know so I wonder how they do really know and whether they just accept the fact that even if they don't know the real numbers at least they have a reliable percentage that everyone can agree on the problem is everyone agreeance on it they will Bill set their advertising rates based on that agreement we have

► 02:00:23

the back says because all these devices and everything else to have the real number real real number but everyone have to give it up right like Verizon would have to give it up and then I'm going to say Yes program I actually tend to disagree I think they're up just the way that would count on my bad it's definitely not good because I've never been counted which I've never use a Nielsen box I don't know anybody who has it said that his brother was like going to be like at you know the DirecTV has some numbers right they must have something else

► 02:01:23

the ratings of a television show you think that they would want to know how effective their product is if you can measure that why would you measure that would be weird be weird if you find out what everybody was watching what if I Keeping Up with the Kardashians like a billion people in episode

► 02:01:44

most of the world is going to put the fuck yeah exactly what if you know what do you think is like

► 02:02:00

the big the biggest disparity is got to be it's got to be satellite and cable right cuz he don't do not allowed to measure those the mobile phone thing like mobile phones are they seen that looks like specials a comedy specials they said forty-something percent of people plus watch him on the phone and watch them the UFC on my phone on ESPN plus was like wow this is crazy I'm watching live fights on my phone look like a regular connection not not Wi-Fi is a weird time

► 02:02:46

what's the thing about the phone is this kind of selfish so personal if you want to know a movie on your phone it's just you watching that movie yet no one's going to deal with that even if you're on a plane that would suck the watching the fight on a phone is like it's way less interesting than watching on the big screen but you can take it everywhere so that's why they going to get that into some large thing like a hologram or some shit that's what I or augmented reality it's not going to be good reality of think it's really what's what's interesting to me oh Yeah Yeah Yeahs Black Mirror show we have a movie show

► 02:03:46

stream the watch what's on your screen and send that data back to a database based off of like everything that's currently live on TV the same thing happens with audio streams and a couple different companies that do that so they sell your data that back to advertisers sort of like the same way what's happening with some of these apps that tell that that's how people found out that company for tracking you party companies that are selling that data once they have it because they don't they don't need it for everything is the problem with this the problem is going to share with people is that that's not what the agreement was the green wasn't that you tell people that I'm watching The Green that was I buy TV from you that was the agreement like when you say we're going to sell the data from the people that are watching your TV like okay why can you do that

► 02:04:45

so what how's it going sorry I never saw Human Centipede either

► 02:05:07

yeah they're going to get us in a weird ways but they're just trying to find out who's watching what the thing is like should your TV be able to just watch you should be able to like have a line on what you're watching cuz I know people now it just use Netflix and they don't have anything you have an internet connection is hooked up to the television television connect to Netflix automatically it's like one of the Native apps yeah I watched you know it is what most people would say I'm so paranoid about having a little piece of duct tape on my camera on my iPad move could move that on there but yeah but why you selling data are you allowed to just collect data from people

► 02:05:53

it's pretty much in the contract you signed the should be two prices they should be one where you're allowed to collect data you can collect data for me but it cost like 50 bucks more

► 02:06:06

a year and the other one where you know why you can't collect my data I have to pay a little bit more Mike that's life that's kind of happening there are like apps you can use that will track how many how much are walking in exchange for letting them letting you turn on that will give you stuff what are you talking about the address for sure we'll figure out where you are and Target you with something so he lives in Australia and he lives he go he travels like deep in the outback where it takes three days to drive in and I I said everybody has Toyota trucks cuz those fucking things never break they don't and so he gets Adelson out of nowhere on his phone every time he goes to a website it says Toyota trucks is like what the fuck you was I didn't Google it

► 02:07:06

from a search it's something that came from something in his phone is listening we we said the word Toyota trucks it registered it and it added it to his Q of his Google so many messages are so many messages for people to answer that like I said I said chlamydia chlamydia we're going to sell him all the penicillin it would be smart

► 02:07:51

Stockton chlamydia. Com

► 02:07:56

Jasmine Jones cut screen door. Calm app

► 02:08:03

we get that's a border the Border walls are fucking tough questions so they're going to get their they're going to get angry I might go down and Latino ladies for sure it's such a hot comments and said why don't we just do the DNA and I get the Privacy part of it for later on but at the same time so now that we certainly could do that but we would have to place a gigantic priority and getting

► 02:09:03

very best people in law enforcement you would have to eliminate all shit heads you have to pay those cops way more and treat him with the respect they deserve as people that literally are protecting you from filing criminal support of cops I've been around cops most of my life cuz of martial arts I know a lot of cops and this is a weird issue with people where they they they are fuck the police know

► 02:09:32

if you're saying fuck the police might as well say fuck the humans if someone does something that bad if someone does something bad to someone we don't say fuck all humans if someone murder someone we say fuck that guy and then you start breaking it down to whatever group you're not a part of so it's fuck that X Generation guy fuck that Lebanese guy or whatever nationality he is fuck that straight guy or if he's gay and he kill somebody fuck that gay guy but it's just humans we're all individuals no matter what it is no matter what we're talking about it as soon as you start breaking everybody down in the groups like oh fuck these people are you can't do that with everybody do that

► 02:10:21

we're all fucking in this thing together

► 02:10:27

god dammit junkrat probably too drunk

► 02:10:33

you might want to hear that weed that's all I needed some did they give you a hard time about that so it's exactly that shows me a real lack of American Ingenuity that's outrageous Jimmy

► 02:11:04

countrydoor.com currently or redirect you to this podcast

► 02:11:12

it really restrictions that is so fucking stupid the internet is undefeated said that that quickly Rock Salvador I hope Discovery Channel doesn't get hit with a wave of protests what channel Discovery Discovery how many different channels are on the Discovery Network that's great, I have no idea just insane stuff they divided consolidation in the market yeah well you know it's

► 02:12:02

everybody love Top Gear right like Top Gear as I probably like one of the greatest car shows of all time I never really watched it but it's is it dead now or is it still called the Grand what is The Grand Tour on Amazon a single episode the new one but the old one was the shit and part of it that was fun was that you know

► 02:12:30

did those guys what kind of nuts exactly yeah that's what we do what's the what's the name of the head guy Clarkson punch some producer myself quite a few times you put the show together but it's fashion sound guys the people that are sitting in the discovery offices not they have jobs this is my life I'm putting on every single day but then I have to deal with filming it and I've tried to explain it to him cuz they don't care to a point of the show does well or bad cuz they'll be another Richard down the road yeah there's a lot of high-volume approach

► 02:13:30

I want to come to this like kind of like a cable shows and they just try to bang out as many as they can high-volume you know and they have a formula that they try to file and they have a lot of like to set up scenarios where people get in trouble for things within that really get in trouble so it's all set up in advance you know they film it's all scripted reality shows you know that your support V shot how dare you I think it's and solute or is it fake

► 02:14:02

but I think it's that they will tell myself this morning come back on drinking I tell myself that every morning but it's so out because I've known as the guy that likes to drink some cold Miller lights and hang out in the garage so even though you know my own bars and restaurants is Daphne really don't have to I own the place I'm buying it I might you really going to have to talk about it people like buying people to drink we buy you a drink it's like a nice gesture people sandwiches I'm going to buy you an herbal tea no one's ever said that well I'm sure that's open right now

► 02:15:02

spiritual I'd like to buy you an herbal tea herbal tea

► 02:15:12

I had a girl asked me to just the other day she goes your aura seems different I'm like I don't get that lady at all she does your glow is different different I'm still using the same Tom Ford Axe Body Spray things

► 02:15:36

are you gaining weight training weight Richard your auras difference of your diet okay great or is different kind of figure out what's wrong he not happy are you not happy I'm perfectly happy what's wrong what's wrong what's wrong with you open your auras of Richard something's wrong with your aura you should probably be able to bug people that say that we should definitely go hey fuck off or as aren't real but you need to draw the aura show me what you got going to have some science behind this the whole ideology of fuck off is my thing so the gas money ring

► 02:16:36

hilarious you should always be able to say fuck off if you can't say fuck off but you have to be judicious right you have to say fuck off when fuck off is appropriate but you have to also salute people when they're not full of shit me the reading your auras you might be able to me I don't know what the fuck you're saying I barely know what I'm saying I have no idea of what I'm seeing is real even remotely similar to what you're saying I'm just assuming sister guess like what some people like weird fucking cars right like some people are really into certain cars you go I don't get it. Some people are really into those those are popular gross-looking shit

► 02:17:32

I don't know what they're saying maybe they're seeing something different than me it's just that isn't like is it possible that like Personal Taste is a lot like sprinting speed like not everybody is going to be Carl Lewis right not everybody is going to be some cruising of the fast guy whose symbol is Usain Bolt is the fastest ever ran supposed to be he's the fastest ever thought everybody could do that so isn't it possible that that would also apply to paste

► 02:18:08

but there's this people out there that really get what's wrong with your fucking shity taste the lights Fox body Mustangs I'm really in a Foxbody I think is the best looking car falls on Thunderbird a Mustang 5.0 Vanilla Ice had in his video body sold one first car in the world what is that like 87-88 what was our car what year was that 5.0 Mustang

► 02:19:08

so is locked and flow Denis something like that at the street from where is damn my my friend Kevin Chase on had one of those but even have a convertible where we were like fucking 20 years old that car was the shit if you had one of those cars you are a fucking here it was fast it was just it was also like it was the car that you might not have anymore but it was good cuz we're all stupid and we didn't know how to drive anyway but those cars were at that time for whatever reason like what whatever was wrong with people that was a good looking car but if you looked at that car to bed like a 69 Mach 1 like the fuck out of how did you do this go to a 69 Mach 1

► 02:20:08

1969 Mach 1

► 02:20:13

I mean there's some arguments out there one of the up but it's it's in the fucking race for sure it's true it's true that is a rest of my but this this shape is in order. That's why you're going to have for headlights on the seat of this right is the missing side lights

► 02:20:43

71 Mach 1 was what Keanu Reeves have that's why do they did the ultimatum okay they killed his dog and they stole his mustache that fucking movie here's what's there it is there's a John Wick Mustang the guy was talking with rust in Russian about as much to fuck that's a good car the show was great because it was just total fuck up and then he came with what I said we were talking about your Chevelle 68 69 and those 1970s sometimes it's a mad man's car

► 02:21:43

69 that's a beautiful car

► 02:21:51

69 Mach 1 in The Boss 429 because I've seen some of them up close and they're their shit go to classic Recreations Boss 429 go to this you need to see this he made this murdered out 1969 Boss and it is that's perfect

► 02:22:17

that's perfect. They're Christ as an eagle killing a terrorist right

► 02:22:37

look at that fucking Carmen don't go away from that picture Jamie go back to that picture could Lord might be a better looking car does just different

► 02:22:50

nothing's better looking than that doesn't exist I don't give a fuck what anybody says there's nothing better looking than that car it's just different porch light on to the shop but King of Evil cars from that day but there's not a better look in the wild west of automobile same thing right now and it's also elevated everybody's interior game used to be like the Germans the Japanese had a much higher build quality with the interior's but Corvette has had to step up his game considerably like the new Corvettes are very nice interior

► 02:23:50

the fast one stand-up comedian extraordinaire Tony Hinchcliffe he's got a Grand Sport which lot of people think is the best of the cuz it's not too overpowered still got the wide body but I look at the interior I go this is a nice interior man it's not like it used to be used to be the cars fast as fuk with the Caesars won't you know those those cars were terrible I just noticed these fake clouds in the air yeah these lights that use octo lights and their company that makes it so it's like a photograph of clouds that you can see through so that we put it over the the top of the line itself did Octomom start the Octo lights

► 02:24:43

play someone in the old place we had them they were stars but the news place the lights these are LED lights are just not as bright so we had to change the clouds but it looks cracked out the new rolls with a star and it's got the shooting star every once in awhile a star pattern in the headliner in the car is the exact star pattern from I guess the original Factory or whatever oh wow unbelievable your ride along and got stars in the above it's freaking rat my neighbor has one of those the cars epic you go this car is preposterous it's so quiet it's like you're barely connected to the outside world rather than stay on ceiling

► 02:25:40

suicide doors look at that fucking ceiling man you're barely connected to the world barely you've barely paid attention PC jumps and I got a standard black poodle this a big big girl hunters ya like people think of poodles I think of poodles is like like a rich person's to Beverly Hills dog the ballet are poodles color ccxr name and she brought them a rabbit in one night she comes to bed I'm laying there and I'm like what is she messing with I reach down and pull up at it and put a soft mouth them that they weren't there it's in their genes don't kill him they bring them to the master

► 02:26:40

as a sign of respect show respect plus they don't kill it so she went off when all freaking possum on you just lay there and I went out to run away 10 minutes is what it took to come out of Frozen and brought into bed with me it probably feels like as long as a live just just go with this just just go limp and hope you just a toy just hope it happens if she's always showing off domestic dogs right like they don't need to eat they don't need to kill you to eat so they're they're only only grabbing you and eventually get bored really want to eat you what is that

► 02:27:38

how about in 1649 they already fucked dogs up to that point cuz all dogs come from wolves that's what one of the one of the biggest one of the weirdest stories that came out of genetics is understanding that all dogs came from wolves they didn't think that I think I'm pretty sure they thought that all these were like a combination of a bunch of different things like wild dogs different things that eventually became like a Mastiff or something but now they realize know every single dog from a Chihuahua to Great Dane comes from a wolf Mastiff he live to be 13 years old he was awesome too great.

► 02:28:38

don't you just shoot it is people walking along and I'm going to follow this giant animal around and pick up a that's at least you were the real problem is it doesn't understand how big it is and it knocks people downstairs and shit the you got to be real careful if you have steep stairs and a big dog you have to really train that motherfucker correctly got to let him know how you can't jump on the four-year-old at the top stair you fucking dummy the dog is just loves you they love you get a big dogs like my friend Johnny Cash was my dog he's and my friend Joe sold them to me and he was a trainer of dogs from movies and shit like that you know the movie The Incredible Hulk the one with Eric Bana would Nick Nolte plays his dad catches the bad guy

► 02:29:38

and he sticks the Hulk serum into these dogs and he turns his dogs he's big giant poking Mastiff will the original dog was actually my friends dog and he was a trainer these dogs and you brought him to Fear Factor and on Fear Factor these. You just laying around like super chill like they did before that the dog was he's a Regency Mastiff and his name was Curly so anyway this guy he developed an item to this place where they just had no aggression know Gretchen to dogs no aggression of people like this dog looks like a Hulk just a giant massive muscle but you can come out to anybody, Pettit little kids petting it and he was like gently kissing their face he was the sweetheart of sweethearts

► 02:30:36

are there anyway he's a big dog with a super sweetheart it's like how they breed them what kind of dogs do you have just a Fifi the poodle standard poodle

► 02:30:50

how much is 50 way to reasonable shit you cleaning up a reasonable handful

► 02:31:02

you don't have the one bag you got to be a hunk of shit

► 02:31:10

you got a pot roast of shit that comes out of that animals asshole every few hours it's insane poor fellas and gals don't live very long though unfortunately that's what's sad those really big dogs the gate 9 years it done mine is extraordinary but he was hurting I had to put him down you could walk I would have to carry him to his food and then carry him back outside to go to the bathroom was bad

► 02:31:42

trials and tribulations of big dogs next

► 02:31:53

might be one of the greatest things ever have in the history of show is Cuts peter.com trending at it for sure for sure and people going to be mad at us why did you have to use a derogatory term for months bagina these guys are Dexter and yet you chose can't hold it's the same Australia has the proper use the word cunt and it's too much reverence to that word in America people get confused about it in Australia they just throw that bitch around like it's a beach ball concert these fucking accounts this is a he's a good kind that's my favorite he's a good guy and they made that like you might as well be replacing the word confer dude cuz it's all about intent to

► 02:32:53

and there's any good time

► 02:32:59

Tom bad

► 02:33:02

got to have a set of these not steal that this is a plastic sell their company that is that they make these one-off little dolls and they are all hand-painted these are hand-painted beastman plasticell on Instagram he makes all the stuff that's pretty rad now he's wicked on for my dog

► 02:33:28

it is John Wick on this talk to you did John Wick and his dog that's from John Wick dos not John Rikku no content of Twisted Ariel

► 02:33:40

my account service

► 02:33:44

what's a meringue mousse from John Wick kill the beagle and then he had the pit bull shark go on a killing spree another one working on it and was super cool rad dude just pay what's up Keanu Reeves must be one of the nicest coolest people on the planet cuz no one has a bad word to say about that guy ever he might be we should all spider be we should all aspire to be Keanu Reeves caught you the wrong way and they're all went sideways for a little bit I mean

► 02:34:38

fucking Keanu Reeves movies did was they they elevated the profile of those muscle cars because Cheryl saw that movie and they went this guy but there's something about him I know he's murdering people I know he's the best at murdering people I know he killed three guys in a bar with a pencil I know that but look how fucking Cooley looks he's he's killing people he's not killing people in an Under Armour rash guard okay is killing people in the dopest suits he's stabbing people in neck and he's driving a 70 Chevelle SS but the trick is on a lecture for mentioned in love Eleanor it wasn't plasticized it was a real boxer side pipes you're right you're right but you're also wrong because Eleanor look at that God damn it

► 02:35:38

he's got cragars on it a Chevelle SS for 1970 with cragars it's to work press look how big are they

► 02:35:51

that That's a classic white wall tire and income on that or white letter tires, that's class and you can get your name on it you can do anything except that sells Isis stats monkey tires rubber on your tire with a white letter like that can you put anything on it

► 02:36:30

send me photos of a 1970 Chevelle roller cam

► 02:36:40

I don't think I don't think I'll let you in the golf course that's it after the burrito incident I guarantee you they'll make it on small little golf cart tires to I need to set a time for 10 inch wheel yeah I need a smaller please fix this electric golf cart that is hilarious to Polaris band I drive it all around the neighborhood cuz I got a nice little run get to the grocery store I get to get something to eat or whatever and so I raise Total Health at the same time a great neighbor cuz I'm really finding if I do actually fuck something up I will definitely pay for it but at the same time they're like okay doesn't have to have 30 mm speakers on it and a 50-inch televisions

► 02:37:29

white wall tires don't exist what happened to white wall tires on classic cars Roswell Porsches

► 02:37:56

I have no idea what you're talking about does wide-body weird Japanese style Body kits they put on Old Porsches sister take a walk shiter giant white ass bodies r a r a u h w e l t I do not know about this but none of these are old cars these are not the most expensive cars now but you see the bolt on bumpers or the rear and front yard will this there's a gentleman out of Japan and he does all of these raw welt cars by hand and go to him what is the guy's name so I could give the guy that plays props but that dude right there with I love r w t shirt on he's a his name is Akira Nakai and he all real well cards he does

► 02:38:56

South so he'll fly out from Japan he saw Saul's your fucking fenders off puts these flares on the front and the rear there's some amazing videos of him because he's a real character he's chain smoking cigarettes the entire time and he's like measuring the shity does it all by hand he lays the the caulking around the Edge by Han the weather sealing that guy right there I'm going out on a limb then I'm going to invite him to come to Texas and do my Wraith

► 02:39:25

I want a president been considering doing a wide-body on my Rave just for the hell of it and I would let him come to it if you would be interested in it that would be amazing episode but if you want to just do what he does in and you know get a Porsche but that's kind of his style 50 takes these things and makes them fucking cartoonish wide are the 20 inch tires standing this guy is known for bringing I got a situation I'll settle for you I know the name is nice guys super nice guy. He's doing one of those cars and he's doing it with an LS swap so instead of using an air-cooled engine

► 02:40:25

we did it already did that why is it so prohibitive purists 9-9-6 like a 2000-2001 convertible and did the ls Swap and we finish that and 2008-2016 and out of brand new 2017 911 Turbo S in the signal green and if I didn't mess with the buttons and turn off all the stuff I could not get a car till about 140 miles an hour look at this thing so United 61 with a 997 headlight car was so freaking rat 911 GT3 the front with it with a bumper

► 02:41:25

open vents all my goodness where is it fuck him I know right like him for all the Tony Tony you suck you have that car I think about those it's so weird that you're not allowed to do that but but that was three years ago goodness again I put that right next to the Mustang Mach 1 it's not better it's just different they're both fucking credible they both have the same reaction like that car which is a 2001 that was put together it is so fucking pretty if you had that next not 69 Mach 1 they're just said it's as different tastes to different feel but that's a fucking amazing car and maybe in a few

► 02:42:25

you might look at that one even better when you considered a performance that's my other tuna rebuilt 2:40 but that's a 280 with 13000 original miles we went nuts with that did the whole Lexus swap 22 J's whatever back that car was cool Nitto Tires I sold it to a customer no bulshit for a pretty amazing amount of money for a it was being shipped and the truck to the second round

► 02:43:04

yeah what happened with the whole trailer in these fires out here in California crazy 1st Street that are really nice 3 Series BMW burnt to the ground it's still sitting there and took pictures of it I put it on my Instagram, here's what I think is it there have been some really amazing cars that are burned with the fires that happened this past year the panels are still good though right Scottsdale you take it that's that's when I rode on it, stable called

► 02:43:54

turn it up competition or whatever but I think I think some of those really expensive burned-out cars with make really cool, Versailles yeah good art projects you got lucky bitch just have been in a big black David me you got lucky patch you were in the wrong place at the wrong time and I'm a big fan of those E46 M3s those two thousand Nish I do not know my own know John Silver E46 M3 he was saying something numbers I was where you were dating me to see if I'd like that super well-balanced 50/50 balance car from like 2002 3 and many people think it's like the gold standard for M3s cuz M3s there's something to happen in threes and

► 02:44:54

now I like the fact that an M3 became an M4 you like to stay right there don't move and three that's good that's a fucking good-looking car because an M4 is it totally different thing than them three it's beautiful and it's amazing of an M4 from BMWs are amazing driver like if you want to drive that car every day you'll be super pleased performances unprecedented in the M world and most of the car world the only things that are faster like fucking GTRs and Corvettes that are ZR1 06 as if it's different cuz an M3 was really light it was a really light and uncomplicated there wasn't any traction control or if there was was minimal mostly was just anti-lock brakes and it was you know 3000 pound car and it has 333 horsepower is perfectly balanced for the right amount of thrust the right amount of grip with the tires to do with the widest tires but they were wide enough

► 02:45:54

little bit of Fender Flare them in a wider than standard 3 Series and it just a perfect understated looking car when you look at that E46 M3 look at that car like that's a that's a fucking good neutral zone I get nailed it if anybody has one of those I'm dying

► 02:46:12

Gary Smith sold that car that's pretty damn good it's good car you want is a balance that car it's not like a Ferrari 488 or some shit like that or it's so outrageous everybody everybody like it's like you got me there because I don't like that one behind that car next week

► 02:46:56

I the only one now I think I need to I need a E46 M3 in my life look at that that's it might be it's perfectly understand it and yet flashy it's like a balance so what's the value on that right now cuz I'm serious I don't watch that kind of car they're not crazy or not crazy because I think people Overlook them to overlook them for more extravagant like e92 M3 which is like the V8 years I have brain damage critical thinking skills and I'd have to call my buddy Dennis on something like that cuz I just told me something about that car that's very appealing because it's a balance issue it's not like there's something about the mach one that's like holy shit you know America fuc it up

► 02:47:56

yeah 6 E46 M3 that hasn't been I'll bid against you and we'll see who gets it a row at least two M3 04 BMW V8 Years cuz it was so good was my daily driver it was so good after I would get out of the house like this car is everything I like it's understated and yet it's wicked it's got V8 power but yet it's not Preposterous like the wheels don't break lose every time you hit the gas it has a double clutch transmission so it's good in traffic and it also has a whale cuz it's got this high-revving V8 and so many things that I liked in a row so they're going to send this one and it will get ahold of BMW now I can get ahold of people that own one in the garage right now that are probably at the golf club so

► 02:48:52

what is Bid against each other so you'll get it cuz I don't know what their what will happen I let you get it different one how about we do this

► 02:49:02

let's buy two of them and race I'm not good at racing straight line realize I don't care who gets there first I just like driving no bulshit no person

► 02:49:22

but for real I don't care I'd like watching raising but I really don't care if you get there first all I care is about going sideways and correcting and hitting the turn its proper APA and stopping and knowing when to break and get ahead of me I don't give a fuk I really don't I'm just trying to have fun because I'm not a professional racer if that's all I wanted to do if I was Danica Patrick then that's what I'd be into but I'm not and I don't I really just like driving cars I would let you like you cuz I Like You MP3

► 02:50:14

text Roberta let's find one on there and I'll buy right now call the guy

► 02:50:31

I know a guy selling one of those

► 02:50:34

what are y'all doing today at 8:46 to 6 speed low miles 39 that's a good car to I would love that car on stereo and keeps it covered I'm a fan

► 02:50:55

I just think that there's some years that I was sleeping was super close until 3 p.m. it's for hours with whatever the Queen Mary the Queen Mary I just know okay I'm not exactly for I can make it happen I mean it's a very rigid process and then I'm like I think I could probably Drive

► 02:51:55

this what you got to do you got to make friends with professional comedian still be honest with you like what one of the beautiful things about comedy is that it's very much a brother ship and a sister or yeah there's a Brotherhood Sisterhood that exist with comedies what does no institutions even though it's like one of the favorite things of people people love to laugh it's one of the rare things it gives you a very specific reaction like if you go to see a movie and it's like a rock movie Jumanji or something it's fun sometimes it's funny sometimes see stand-up you going to see Kevin Hart new stand-up you'd you're going there cuz Kevin Hart is drug dealer okay that drug is laughter he said hit you with some fucking high-level gigantic Arena laughter and go to walk out of there go to holy shit that was fun but you gave you some drugs

► 02:52:55

I'm itching from cam

► 02:53:03

there's a lot of places Addison Improv good spot get hammered can go to that piano bars at piano bar still there still there but the right next to Kobe is the Memphis it's a Lounge Memphis lounge and that's always a good time. I'm a few of my wives there

► 02:53:31

I am worked at many times that's a fun place to work I used to love to do that circuit what I would do is Cap City in Austin and I would do the Improv well when did there is an improv in Addison but there's another improv to write that I haven't done this in Fort Worth I think so I think there's one like 40 minutes away so I'm sure that was the Run 2007 people and is it going to be hot wheels going to make this the place that you were building on your show and see place there yeah I think we're 22

► 02:54:31

this is the the stage is solid concrete it's not raised so the Reverb in the end the sound that we even the guys from there was a large me and them and they were supposed to come in and play like 41 minutes or something and they play for like an hour and a half more like they had played anything like this in decades in the sounds fucking inside that is so cool dude you're like an Uber business man you just dip your toes and everything I call myself an entrepreneur cuz I always put my hand in the shit

► 02:55:05

I would do an energy drink, booze all kinds of B vitamins in which where are sugar we use real honey you know it since I had a bit about that about how you're vegan one of the most crazy things about being a vegan if you can't eat honey

► 02:55:48

did you want to say probably the oldest Beatle substance for nutrition in the world it's one of them it's definitely the top million but that these bees are not like your slaves you can't just force them to make honey they don't even know what's going on baby trafficking going on yes for sure and it's awful. It's mostly by white people you never know cuz someone they make fake eggs they do and you can put drugs in that fake if your drug dealing and making millions hours of cocaine an egg of coke imagine how fucking how valuable and egg filled with Coke would be

► 02:56:48

how about like an ostrich egg filled with ostrich egg filled with Coke Google that I just thought some really good and it's probably someone like getting arrested for having an up their ass did you see that CIA spy kit to stick it up their ass ostrich Farm fraudster Martin Evans extradited

► 02:57:27

Kevin Ostertag up his ass is so one guy appeared on the scene for a few years it was kind of weird really competing expensive cars turns out that that's all you've been doing for for 5 years with shipping these cars from town to town on regular shipping trucks full of drugs who's going to search a Lamborghini Murcielago

► 02:58:27

things about car is right is at cars they the men's baser instincts respond to cause you know it's something about like like a Lamborghini or something about those cars it's like that you want a kind of slightly slightly escape from society's constraints with old guys yeah yeah I felt something snap in the murcielagos either it's just something I see him weird so wide and being crazy and it's so it's so I'm rich to you know this story Sees God

► 02:59:13

flying by the county store in the cars like 5 fucking miles wide each car is there super wide and you always know the asshole that doesn't know what he's doing because he's pushing in the clutch but there's no catch there's no clutch not anymore you don't even get the satisfaction watch them stall out anymore though if someone doesn't know how to do

► 02:59:44

is this true I saw that my Bronco Billy's Des Moines and I was like this free everybody around me that I'm a loser I fuck everybody had to wait an extra 3 seconds and they're all you like you fucking it's bad ass Bronco but you ever been to La Cienega Boulevard right when I hit Sunset that's a steep ass he'll bro the Gumball 3000 there one time you started on that Hill yet clear that they screwed up all the time that's a good move while they go to town I agree with you 100% but yeah yeah yeah I'm not scared

► 03:00:42

round number what is a 6 out of the thing about the House of Blues that was badass though when it went away so that my friend yes there a new friend so you can teach me comedy

► 03:00:53

Harborside help you out when it was down when they tore it down from The Comedy Store you can see across me see all the beautiful lights like the the lights in the Hollywood Hills I had a buddy of mine bought a house in off of Doheny which is like way above the hill you go to his backyard you would look at the lights you'd like this isn't even seem real it's like a Blade Runner like most people see the lights when you're down in them but when you're above Hollywood looking down it's one of the most spectacular views in all of history it's way better than a New York City of you cuz you have the view on top look at that that's what you see and I'm telling you man this is dogshit compared to my friend Larry's house you would look out there you look at that new go holy shit that's incredible it was Mesmerizing the image was stunning houses up there I don't Dane Cook's got a crazy house up there like a lot of guys have houses up there

► 03:01:53

yeah he's at the store all the time what was that show he did My Best Friend's Girl or whatever is probably one of the better movies out there it's pretty freaking hilarious what's your all-time favorite movie few Hannah if there's one one move Smokey the Bandit

► 03:02:18

how to get caught in a bad to get in-depth think about it I might go Stroker and they were doing it what was that one movie with the girl her name is Domino

► 03:02:37

he was a detective called Domino is it called Domino remember Cannonball Run when they drove the car into the pool oh yeah yeah he wasn't part of the script they did it cuz it that was funny what is it called Sharky's Machine that's right Sharky's Machine goddamn what years at 81 I was 14 years old I'm going to watch this movie on TV I was like God damn I wish I was Burt Reynolds

► 03:03:16

and the woman who is like his girlfriend are my God she was so hot look at her but then the no one had an ass didn't even figure out houses when they figured ask Sir Mix-A-Lot but he's a gentleman why people were in a daze would you even know what to ask was Sir Mix-A-Lot came along and changed the game he came along with Baby Got Back and realize wait wait wait oh my God it was like everybody just got smelling salts under their nose everybody woke up they did but they didn't they exploited a hole in the system you know I Jennifer Lopez had strong ass game way before them but it was a legit Latina ass gay from years of dancing and fucking running upstairs and shit

► 03:04:09

Frank sucks whatever the fuck she did also she's like four foot two is she got to get it in

► 03:04:23

but those movies mad like Burt Reynolds movies for whatever it Deliverance doesn't get the respect it deserves that is one of the all-time greatest drama movies absolute all-time picture when I was feeling with berta's house somewhere in my phone I'll never find it but I was in hits memorabilia room which also double as I was texting the way I was dealing with the problem and somebody snapped a picture of it and the Deliverance canoe is like laying up against the wall and there's all these different memorabilia things when I say memorabilia like that it was like a hoarding room everything was in there and it was unbelievable it's like the most the real thing cuz I'm hammering away and there's like everything behind you but I did hear something about that movie and by the way Burt Reynolds University of Florida play football was a fucking

► 03:05:19

that movie introduced me the world of compound bows I didn't even know what a compound bow was until I saw that movie I don't know the compound bow is now for Bow Hunting pro I don't Pro hunt man

► 03:05:32

boat rental Burt Reynolds who is the guy who's getting fucked when they like squeal like a pig what was his name the actor yes yes yes yes yes thank you holy shit you were so scared for him well what's his face did it later on in the movie was it

► 03:06:05

who was the other actor that did in another movie later on was in Pulp Fiction or

► 03:06:10

Bruce Willis you got caught and he's down there's like we're never going to talk about this again right

► 03:06:19

the game came out yeah yeah yeah that was what it was this just didn't happen to come on

► 03:06:31

yeah for sure when he's got the new movie coming out the new movie coming out of the I think they're either just wrapping filming it right now or it's like if they're getting close to me but I just finished a scale 1 to 10 how hot do you think he's willing to get why not lease it doesn't know that it doesn't but what else is he going to do me to love his movies it's 3:10 should we wrap this bitch up a new dimension of social media in the last 3 hours. I suggest you leave the phone alone much more often I was just checking to see if they gave us a good talk about they definitely didn't it's 3 hours and 10 minutes I'm squeezing my bladder tight

► 03:07:29

well how do we end it we just we just find it number 7 Jihad to everyone thank you to all thanks for everybody for listen to this podcast Gas Monkey apparel and clothing Gas Monkey Garage. Com gasmonkeygarage.com the television show tell him when Fast and Loud on Monday nights coming in June right now we got garage Rehab on Tuesday nights Misfit garage be coming back out demolition theater I have a lot of shows on TV DVR motherfukers it's your friend use a DVR can they get it on Netflix or anywhere else it's like the number one Automotive motorcycle thing going on I had a great fucking time thank you brother it was really really fun

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I was going to kiss you come on