#1235 - Ben Greenfield

The Joe Rogan Experience #1235 - Ben Greenfield

January 30, 2019

Ben Greenfield is a Coach, Author, Speaker, ex-Bodybuilder and Ironman Triathlete. In 2008 he was voted as the Personal Trainer of the Year by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and recognized as the top 100 Most Influential People in Health in 2013.

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my guest today is a overflowing tsunami of information in regards to health and biohacking and nutrition and exercise and fucking everything the guys exhausting with the amount of knowledge that he can spew he's incredible he's amazing he's here please welcome Ben Greenfield

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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hello hello what's up buddy there's a discrepancy my my coffee is way way bigger than yours this 40 amp big gold French Press yes versus the is that a caveman cold brew Nitro you so much for the goodies yeah that's that's why I would be morbidly obese if I wasn't an exercise freak it seems like that yeah sourdough bread and it is freaking amazing did you do that carnivore diet thing did you try that out now I liked me but I didn't know you were going to do it for a certain amount of time and test it thought about it too much of a fool. I like what I did was I tried to eat ribeye steaks every night for dinner so I did like a 33% carnivore diet but there was a study

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should have came out it was just like two days ago on that tmao the the sugar that is associated with got damaged when you're eating at a high red meat diet right when your body takes excess protein and it turns it into sugar with theoretically the idea being that that might be present because your microbiome is imbalance from a diet that's too heavy and meat is microfiber it's the it's because your biome I thought it was just because of Google Genesis because you your body has nothing but meat your body turns it into glucose know that that would be something different. That conversion of glucose is a different sugar than the tmao going to be present if you aren't getting enough fiber or if you buy online but what this study is a couple of days looked at was people who are eating like a fish and egg and plant Rich diet and they have high levels of tmao to but they were

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deleterious directions of Jack paper cuz they had the fiber and I mean you could do you could do a carnivore diet if you were there there's a few populations of do this like an in Spain I forget the name of the sausage but don't eat the delete the ruminant like delete the intestine of the ruminant and get their grasses and their fibers in their plants literally by eating the stomach of the animal like a cat it's the same issue with like a in a messiah need too much of the amino acid methionine from just eating red meat would be deleterious but if you're getting Glycine and some of these other amino acids if you're reading like nose-to-tail marrow bone broth just like all these different mixes of meats I think that would be the way to do a carnivore diet yeah there's a lot of people that are proponents of that as well and then there's a bunch of people that are you know it's interesting because you've got to there's a disparity between the anecdotal

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accounts of health and well-being and then blood work is not impressive the people in the car while I see all the markers down to testosterone up I haven't seen anything or it's looking really good high blood glucose is another thing that I should say that there haven't been a lot of tests done it's not a lot of people are publishing stuff on it but the anecdotal evidence is amazing it's like it's really weird Jordan Peterson he's had a tremendous Success With It lost a lot of body weight he says season is intellectual Prime he says never felt better in terms of his energy levels and that guy is he is so rigid discipline with it always eating his meat with salt on it and drinks water in that is it if you think about it it's an Elimination Diet just like an autoimmune diet or you can say why you know I don't know what's giving me trouble soy or wheat or dairy or what-have-you so I'm just going to stop it

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all that stuff and switch to primarily meat problem is that it's not I don't want to call anybody out in and call him lazy but it's almost like kind of a very easy lazy ask approach because rather than figuring out how to do it you know like that that sourdough bread it's slow fermented the Rye in the wheat are in there but all the fight acid that would normally inhibit your ability to absorb minerals is predigested by the lactobacillus and all the bacteria in the wheat so you've got a bread that slower in a glycemic index and it's it's more easily digested which is right and you put the Ryan it cuz it lowers the glycemic index and then you've got the what's it called the I forget the term it's like a glutton digesting enzyme to gets activated with the lactobacillus so that's a smart bread and takes working

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24 hours to 24 hours but it's like 15 minutes over 24 hours that it takes to make it that's an intelligent approach to food preparation right that's the way that our ancestors were many of the blue zones would have treated their Foods fermenting soaking sprouting slow food and you can take a lot of these things that would result in or you're talking about Jordan Peterson I know his daughter does this as well Makayla Peterson they use that Elimination Diet in which is the carnivore diet to clear up a lot of those autoimmune issues but you could also just render food more digestible or switching Elimination Diet for an autoimmune diet for 8 weeks or 12 weeks something like the carnivore diet heal the gut and then return back to him or all inclusive eating pattern that allows you to eat dairy wheat plants Etc all these things you would normally damage the gut if it got is actually leaky so what is it like what what's the process of

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what's happening when they go on this very strict Elimination Diet and they're just eating meat like what is happening to their gut that allows him to have all these pretty pretty significant health benefits a lot of loss of weight increase of energy autoimmune issues like Jordan had some some pretty significant gum issues those all went away depression that went away something something gum in the joint stuff might be just as much related to the fact that he's getting a shit ton of collagen fiber eye-to-eye all right or not fiber but alas 10 in muscle fiber precursors is getting a lot of protein I don't know if he's eating bone broth and bone marrow but maybe a lot of glycine going to leave until lights so part of it could just be more fuel on board to repair muscles or to repair the joints but then the other part of it is that when you eliminate inflammatory products that you're consuming like let's say you're eating whatever and I wonder Brad and Commercial dairy or or unfermented soy or any of these things I can ask

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damage the lining of the god you're creating an inflammatory scenario and I know you're you're familiar with the gut-brain axis and how are our gut interacts with our nervous system via the vagus nerve and we have inflammation in the gut that affects neural symptoms that affect sleep affects intellectual performance and then you've also got the autoimmune component if you're actually truly allergic to or intolerant to some of those proteins that wind up in the bloodstream in the presence of a leaky got in your plant proteins are lectins or another one that a lot of people complain about then you create almost like a full body damage scenario so the idea is you get rid of all that stuff you introduce the carnivore diet and I don't know if there's a lot of components of the carnivore diet that are actually healing the gut as much as it's the absence or elimination of the foods that were harming interesting detail the the Bell Brothers Chris Martinez got their take on it is basically they've never felt better and you know these are guys that workout very heavily

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BuzzFeed Emma Jordan is probably that especially if you know Mark is a gorilla powerlifting and it's been doing that basically the whole life these guys are what their take on it is essentially there at least the way they think is that most people that are talking about diet they really don't know what the fuck they're talking about even though you might be able to look at it on paper and you might have these ideas about what's beneficial or non beneficial some people are proponents of vegan diet some people you know paleo he's like until you are actually physically doing something until you are actually doing something with that died and then you report how much better you feel the people that are actually training really hard those are the ones you should rely on and he's saying for him personally never felt better never been leaner ya in a big part of it I mean this just returns to diet personalization and customization as a whole you know we live in an area where you can sell quantify pretty easily with genetics and you can find out what ancestor you came from

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blood markers that you have what your gut microbiome looks like and I think we talked about this unless show but there's this idea of eating according to your ancestry and the concept of or cold cold spots like areas around the world where people have a genetic susceptibility to have certain diseases that they don't actually develop those diseases don't actually manifest because of their traditional diet like you look like the Icelandic population that carries the genes that would render them more susceptible to something like the pressure or seasonal affective disorder but their diet is very rich in omega-3 fatty acids and DHA which we know can protect against those disorders soon can you take the Icelandic population and you uproot them and put them in the context of a westernized diet and all the sudden depression and sadd manifest stop saying the same thing for like a Cameroon Cameroon Africa higher-than-normal risk for colon cancer but they're eating a diet high in fiber

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why is it higher than normal risk but I don't know what's a genetic susceptibility but the idea is that that population probably figured out at some point in human history that if they eat a lot of plants were they eat a lot of fiber all of a sudden people don't have as many issues with their colon right and then you take that same population again strip out the fiber put them on westernize diet and you get a large portion of the African American population developing colon cancer that's crazy about the seasonal affective disorder and you got to wonder how would that affect people that live in Seattle the Pacific Northwest or dealing with constant rain I wonder if that would to have some sort of an impact on them probably even more if you come from that population I mean I'm going to Spokane side but I'm out in the middle of the forest I get sun from maybe 10 to 2 and I'm going to North facing slope and I work indoors while the time you want typing on my computer blogging and so I don't get a lot of sun exposure but that's where it you know all these new-fangled light panels and headboard light device isn't the

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come in there were actually developed for seasonal affective disorder that actually work pretty well just to keep your mood up if you're working in or you'll get some of that exposure right but Spokane is a different environment right you're not dealing with the constant rain in the actual cosine of the precipitation builds up on a on the mountains in dumps back on in Seattle I mean it still must be you must get much more than you get in California or Southern California at least but it's supposed to be very beautiful out there gorgeous so I'm about 25 minutes from Coeur d'Alene and they did have that in Lake Coeur d'Alene some iconic race just because I mean that the mountains awake everything is just gorgeous some pictures of the lake where people are taking photographs of the bottom of the lake like from a hundred feet is 100 ft deep of water can see the bottom of the lake. Are insane kind of funny because it's because of all the

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I know your allotment of fish that you supposed to eat from the Spokane River is like one of year wide like it's that high in metals so I mean I don't need any I don't want to know it's awful God damn it but it's a beautiful Lake I mean what is the allotment of fish do you supposed to eat from the lake is it similar I don't know I don't know but if I if I went to Coeur d'Alene I spent a lot time swimming there are probably spend some time in the infrared sauna to sweat smells Metals out is there a benefit so there is it's cooler and you haven't brought here no regular you walk into the infrareds like a hundred and fifty-five 258 degrees most of them there's a couple little go up to like 170 even though the air is cooler the actual photons of light that are being released by The panel's just when you're you're surrounded by infrared panels while you're in there those penetrate more deeply into tissue so you wind up getting a

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deeper sweat you sweat for a longer time you can stay in there longer because it's not quite as hot but you look at like the studies out of Finland or at least the studies that show the four to five of your life span increases from a from a weekly sauna protocol if you not think it's like four times a week for 20 to 30 minutes and then in the significant drop in dementia and Alzheimer's a lot of these these mortality risk factors and you look at the studies that have been done an athlete's where you get almost sit in a r e troppo Wheaton like like a blood doping effect from Saint exposure when done post workout for 20 30 minutes post-workout all of these were done in a dry sauna sauna as per run to Patrick's recommendation I just got back and she said there's no real studies like that on an infrared there's a few metal that so they've analyzed metal in detoxification and some of these infrared saunas and they have found that eat that you release more through your sweat to get a deeper sweat so

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if your goal is something like detoxification the beer at least I'm in that I'm fucking drenched like how can I get more out of that have you tried like I'm an idiot so I don't feel like I'm suffering as much so I don't like it when you're in the infrared you don't feel like yourself exactly and maybe I'm JD cuz my my infrared like I've got to I've got a kettlebell on there I put my bike in there in there when I go in there at night. You like I was telling you were talking about those those massage devices those they sow Austin s o r i p s o r i t e anyway so I'll have stuff like that in there in case they do body work but I actually move I exercise in the sauna there is actually a song of it's designed for that what the fuck is that called again there's a

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next song of it a lot of UFC geyser using winkeljohn gym Mike you can even watch things like watch like a directionals or watch some sort of instructional video on exercise look at a screen and you work at why you looking to screw kit to fit spa or something like that but the hot one that I go into mean I sweat so much I have a hard time believing I what's Wetmore anywhere else I mean I'm literally pouring sweat and I keep that fuck around a hundred 90 degrees so I would like to get a barrel sauna cuz I have the the infrared in my basement one of those big ones like the 4 person infrared sauna then that you can get into an exercise you can you can yoga people and I had to yell go or not

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62 but I can get into like a foal down dog into lingerie whatever but I'd love to have a dry sauna as well what is a barrel sauna a barrel sauna and it's like a big barrel you probably seen him before their I'm fixing to got benches on either side they're shaped like a like a cylinder there they're very popular they build up a lot of heat I think even the shape of the barrel somehow allows the heat to be distributed more evenly through the song or something like that sounds like a Traeger grill for exam okay so this is what I did was I bought one of those endless pools that you swim against it heats up the same way to some sort of a power source

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dogs fucking cool that you were in like a cold area and you could like like that look at that guy's guide set up looking over a leg could look at it snow pretty pastoral scene but most days no most days I do either or yesterday I did cry I'll know yeah yeah I've been doing cry everyday cuz I'm saying down the hill and then they have a cryotherapy chamber there a bigger fan of the cold whatever the hell they got they have like this thing called upgrade labs in like the basement of this this Hilton really out like a cryo they've got an infrared sauna I've got some pain going down there I'm working out my workout this morning actually I did this machine they've got a machine called I have Asperger's hands before you put like it's got cold cuts you know kaatsu training like blood floor

► 00:23:21

do you put cold cuts on your arms and then you put cold cuts on your legs and increase the millimeters of mercury until you're basically get less blood flow to your arms and your legs and that is one of these full body exercise devices I see you moving your arms and your legs like an elliptical trainer your Barefoot in the whole thing is cold so it's pumping cold water through the blood pressure cuffs on your arms and your legs and then it's got cold water back behind you on this right here watching this and by the way this this thing is not going to make you an athlete like that's not the purpose of something like what is the purpose of a general fitness you know you're getting cold and when you take off the blood pressure cuffs what happens is you got a bunch of lactic acid trapped in the muscle as your eyes are moving and typically you're doing like 30 seconds as hard as you can go she might go and pretty heavy wattage like 600 800 watts for 15 to 30 seconds and then you recover and when you finishing you take those cuffs off you get this amplify

► 00:24:21

Haitian in growth hormone testosterone in based on some of the research they're talking about now stem cell mobilization and it's like this this super quick 21 minute workout I actually want to get one for my house and how long is the amplification of testosterone and growth hormone and all that stuff I can do a lot of things that affect testosterone or growth hormone for inflammation generally it's like a 24 to 48 hours cycling was like we'd wait we know that weed suppresses testosterone but it's not chronic it's at its temporary 24-hour drop in testosterone to suppress testosterone cause I didn't know about that yeah although a lot of the studies on on marijuana they're using pretty high dosage and losing rodent models using like a hundred 200 mg in Rodan and I'm sorry what would be the equivalent of 100 to 200 mg in a human on a rodent model you know a lot of a lot of those studies

► 00:25:21

supplementation same thing with TBI and concussion you know you heard about DHA and fish oil for that but you need to take a lot of fish oil a lot of DHA like if you extrapolate from the road models you're looking at like 50 to 60 grams of DHA or fish oil to manage like TV or concussion which is it's a lot of DHA but if you were going to use like a multimodal approach to the TV or toward Alzheimer's or dementia a huge fan of that I'm a fan of hyperbaric oxygen therapy ketosis definitely work these these light devices that you wear on your head now they've got a lot of research coming out on something called photobiomodulation for TBI and these things produce its frequencies in a 10 to 40 Hertz range you place them on your head typically there's like a pro that goes into your nose and they've got new research coming out on this for restoring blood flow to the

► 00:26:21

increasing your Alpha brainwave production or camel current Broadway production very cool devices so what is it what is a probe up your nose do it it delivers a wavelength of light that is supposed to activate part of the mitochondria is called cytochrome C oxidase and when you activate that you get increase mitochondrial activity you get increased blood flow increase production of nitric oxide and it's kind of returns to what I was talking about with seasonal affective disorder where you can use a lot of lot of these new things that are designed to deliver infrared light or light to the body to increase mitochondrial density or increase blood flow or increase nitric oxide and people are now using this for TBI concussion men stem cells as well. They've got a actual last time I was on the show we're talking about how when I got that concussion in Austin I was self-administered infusion of sugar alcohols I use Mannitol and then I followed that up with stem cells cuz I might stem cells stored down in Florida

► 00:27:21

and also in this lab called Forever labs in Berkeley and I followed that up I chased it with the stem cell injection because when you inject sugar alcohol in your bloodstream it renders your blood-brain barrier more permeable than the stem cells can crossover through the blood-brain barrier this how you what are you doing with sugar alcohol how you administered intravenously an intravenous Mannitol solution Show Yourself Mannitol I don't know it was it was what I was advised to do by the dock who who taught me this protocol so how much it was but it was every week I do a weekly NAD injection yeah 10 minutes I mean so normally if you

► 00:28:21

500 to 1000 mg of NAD most people sit under a 4 to a six-hour drip IV to do that and one reason for that that they say that you get less of a degraded by the liver in the kidneys in the gut is Hannity goes into the body then I think I think that the bigger factor is simply the fact that when you do a push like you're nauseous you feel like your whole body's on fire I mean if you feel like Superman afterwards but it's a very very uncomfortable Ivy and I don't want anybody pushing that accept me like I want to be in charge of the trigger when I'm putting that thing in because I got to stop and go and stop and go but it's it's it's quicker it's more convenient than sitting down and doing an IV so I'll push you would actually have a nurse actually pushing down on the button as things are going yeah yeah exactly enogen intermittent intervals I do about to like two ticks on a syringe at a time cuz it's a 30ml syringe so they like to see

► 00:29:21

please and stop and you can feel like your heart rate go up and you get nauseous and and your skin, flesh is a little bit and you breathe it off and you wait like 10 15 seconds and you do another push his guts were on fire. Kyle I think is a champ I think he did it in like 5 minutes or something like that it sounds like for me if I if I can do it in 10 minutes then it's it's absolutely mind-blowing in terms of how hard that is so I don't know how he did in 5 minutes but well he's a Savage on a car ride over and he's talking about this n n n Stuff which supposedly when orally-administered simulates a lot of what and are nicotinamide riboside which is one thing that a lot of people are taking for anti-aging and NAD which is what we were just talking about administered via either in most cases it's Ivy there's a couple companies doing like an oral and a diversion but supposedly a man in a

► 00:30:20

I don't know if Sinclair has any human studies coming out on this right now but he or or at least released but he's done rode the studies and showing that's like exercise in a bottle the NAD from what I understand though in this return to the TBI concussion piece crosses the blood-brain barrier easily or more easily than nmn or an are so if you were doing it for like a cognitive or neurological effect you may want to choose an ID sounds to me like from the research I've seen if you were doing it for the exercise affect maybe you choose nmn or an are interesting show me anti-aging they don't even know how many cases has all the pathways on which these things are working but most of them are related to the sirtuin pathways right likes her too and activating compounds that actually allow your mitochondria to repair more quickly or give your body more antioxidants so the ideas they probably all have a pretty good effect on anti-aging and when you're doing it are you pushing yourself you say you and wants a week are you doing it yourself

► 00:31:20

are you pushing a t i v how much time do you give yourself to actually do the nmd if I've got 20 minutes I'm happy if I have to compress in a 10 minutes is it hurts like to at least a lot for 20 minutes and then you follow it up in most cases would like an IV cocktail light like a like a Myers cocktail vitamin cocktail why so it's supposedly that it does a few things supposedly it enhancers your stem cell mobilization or the or the activity of stem cells and allows the ND to be absorbed through the cell is more easily so you basically made the way I do it is I use it like it just a butterfly needle and you do the NAD Administration and then you just unscrew that the end of the the butterfly needle line and then you put the vitamin cocktail in a follow-up with vitamin cocktail which tastes like 30 to 60 seconds and why'd you do it once a week to be a good wife wants a week one or twice a week why is your hair supposed to maintain your levels and there's even some evidence and in it

► 00:32:20

Summertree testosterone that long term use May suppress your body Zone in a d production going to start to do it great but you may want to realize that this is something you need to do regularly to keep your levels elevated because you make it like a down-regulation effects interesting so your body might recognize that it hasn't up a surplus have been out doesn't need to make more one of the one of very interesting things though I did a couple of weeks ago as I went to New York City and I got NAD from this doctor dr. Chen over there but then he Infuse me with Coke you 10 and a bunch of other vitamins to allow my body to make more what are called adult pluripotent stem cells are also known as a wiesel's very small embryonic like cells now if you've heard of parabiosis before this idea of taking the blood from Young mice and transferring that in Old Masters research that they did at Stanford University on this you in parts

► 00:33:20

essentially enhance longevity to the old mice the ideas that's it that's an onocologist transfer her like that that's the transfer of of blood from a from a young healthy donor into an older recipient and the company's now in Silicon Valley doing this like the Young Blood Institute and I feel like $8,000 this company called Ambrosia will will give you the plasma from a young healthy donor is there any evidence of anything good for you in the studies of the Dawn mice I don't know I'm about to but you didn't know I did not call this version of that so I didn't I didn't want to put somebody else's blood to the right body so what I did was I had this dock take out a pint of my blood and what happens is if you put all these vitamins and stuff into your blood it increases your stem cell production if you stress the blood after that it dumps out a bunch of these tiny little adult pluripotent stem cells which is exactly the

► 00:34:20

same type of cell that you're getting when you do one of these Youngblood transfers so he stresses that overnight in cold you can use cold you could use pressure you can use anything to to increase the stem cell release from the blood cells but they get stressed out the release themselves and then will happens if you get them injected back into your body is this similar to what they're doing with Regina can I don't think it's anything like that take the blood out in the stress it was he and then they spent it on a few that but I think I think and I don't know a lot about what Regina King is doing but I think they're more concentrated a growth factors I think they might be doing exosomes I know they've got some overseas places where they doing like a culture expanded or something like that but as far as in the US like this this protocol is one of the few that I know of where you could take your own blood and get a lot of that same stuff that you get from culture expanded or from parabiosis like using the blood of somebody else and you get all these stem cells release tension

► 00:35:20

body so you sexually get the same effect as you would if you took young person's blood on blood transfer and the young blood transfer the not transferring the entire bodies supply of blood they're taking taking a bunch of plasma I don't know the volume that they're using in my case it took a pint of my blood so for 460cc tubes or any published your style what you're trying to do in the benefits of it the other one that I did that work for a while my knee cuz I have some meniscus issues on my what's me was I did was called a nerve hydrodissection have you heard of this before now hydrodissection is a protocol for they take like a liquid and they use the liquid to act like the scalp or the knife that a surgeon with use to kind of remove adhesions like scar tissue adhesions or separate a nerve that's causing pain or discomfort or lack of them

► 00:36:20

bility in a certain joint but when they do a nerve hydrodissection they don't have to use like or something like they use in Prolotherapy like sugar water or regular water what I had done and this was at the clinic called bioreset Inn in San Jose dr. Matt Cook down there he went in and did a nerve hydrodissection and used ozone and a placental cell was like a culture expanded placental cell which is what I understand to be illegal in the US but just like a regular placental extract he did that in my knee and my knee went from like 25% to 100% in a couple of weeks about protocol is called nerve hydrodissection they use ultrasound imaging to to basically visualize where the needle is going into the knee they identify the area where the occasion of the scar tissue is they inject it right there and then that means like a 10-minute long procedure now this is for only a boy

► 00:37:20

map of adhesions Scar Tissue what about the people that you know might need it was hoping it was developed for nerve pain and what they found was that it actually seems to cause some kind of a release of the scar tissue followed by an increase in the blood flow which is difficult to get in some areas of the knee or something like that I would I would definitely consider doing that dream of first we just quick and easy meniscus tissue and I got exosome shot into their I've had it done three times and every time I've done it I've experienced to a good benefit from it and then I beat the shit out of it and I think I gave it not enough time to heal up before I started pounding again I would give it like a week off and start running again but now I'm going to give it a full six weeks with no pounding no running hills nothing crazy and I've experienced just in the two weeks since the procedure

► 00:38:20

a very significant decrease in pain no information decreasing you discovered I have to like try to make it feel weird now after I go out of my way and it seems like every week that's more difficult to do in range of motions increased basically can go all the way down with my ass to my ankles with no problem in or bend all the way down and back all the way up with no discomfort no weirdness I kind of question the one thing cuz I've asked myself this before and I don't know if you have like when you get a protocol like that done any kind of go easy on your knee cuz you really want it to work yet are backing off of some of that stuff you're doing anyways how much of it is you just backing off of what you were doing and how much of it is the excess homes and try to back off an issue and it didn't have any initially with nothing I said let me just take some time off and let it and see if I can let it heal up didn't do shit it does it State exactly the same

► 00:39:20

you know I don't like so it was one of those things where in the past I would have had to just deal with it right now this is my new world this is my new feeling in my knee until I got it scoped it's pretty significantly impact it's had I mean I'm a giant believer in stem cells and exosomes I had a full-length rotator cuff tear in my right shoulder and now it's gone it's gone like it doesn't exist anymore and Brew media to Vegas coat do you know what he looked at the MRI and he said to me a fucking crazy that is like you had a tear in the rotator cuff and now there's no tear I get to regenerated tissue that's crazy the ultimate goal zero pain in the shoulder I mean nothing wrong with it. What is it bpc-157 only one that's that's still legal to use and that one

► 00:40:20

decreases inflammation and increases blood flow and then the other one the one that does not allow any mores tb500 thymosin beta 500 and that one repairs are actin and myosin fibers and so a unit in a gold standard protocol you go back and forth between the two women switch it up one one day when the next day I'm attending all these anti-aging and Longevity conference is now cuz I want to learn a lot more about this kind of I'm kind of starting to Pivot from just pure Human Performance to how can you how can you live a long time and talk to Sinclair I want to finish listen to your interview with him and I was just the idea is that these peptides are talked about a lot now and he's anti-aging circles like they they've got weird names like like epitalon is one and two times a year like a 10 to 20 de injection protocol

► 00:41:20

Halon they're getting a bunch of increase mitochondrial density decrease markers of Aging increased fat loss and muscle gain and they've done that in humans and so again it's just a peptide very easy like you you would injecting next to your abdominal subcutaneously there's another one side effects this one that one but this one called melanotan have you heard of it before I know I was intrigued by that somebody was telling me about it it's a it's a peptide and it was using a body building industry for a long time because when you inject it it gives you like this amazing tan and she called melanotan to stimulate your melon his head that lady that was on that fucking show that was turning black she believed that she was in the wrong skin to shoot shooting something into her body and she got black like Congo black well I tried it out try it out for about a week you try to get black

► 00:42:20

and I started to get some Freckles but the side effect of this is you get massive boners that last really annoyingly longtime use this is like almost like like a needy drug but it's and I don't even know the mechanism of action like I don't know how it's even working what's going on you said as well that's not how you would administer melanotan volume filler what is that thing that she's doing with a syringe that looks like a caulking gun like what is she doing another type of thing like the Kardashians are doing streaks seems like it's very popular with the young people these days they're taking fat at a certain parts of your body and putting it in their ass by it's not I don't listen

► 00:43:20

that's how are they getting diaper but just Google how are women today how are Instagram models getting diaper but I'm curious cuz that's what it is it's what you use on their own yes injecting I know that some people do that we should know several cabs that way I don't want fat calves with a jiggly walk like a girl's butt while he's pulling that up what kind of coffee is this this is Black Rifle coffee is good. Yeah thank you by the way for a tiger great right was trying to Timberline those are the shit I've been making a coffee rub I love you but sometimes never know what all is in some of these spices and rubs yellow and sometimes maltodextrin sugar and sugar in there so I find coffee and I mix that with black cone assault

► 00:44:20

never paprika and you can just make that rub stick as you want put that on the ribeye and I've almost switch completely from doing my my stove top sear followed by the quick Broil on either side to doing like a one and a half to two hours smoke in the Traeger that coffee rub on and then just finishing it on the grill the tracker yeah I did what it would be called a prime rib in Alex so it's that it's basically ribeye roast on the Traeger and I cooked it for like four hours at 220° holyshit smoked it says yes and it had the Traeger prime rib rub super smoke setting at 2:25 and Below full cast the super smoke button and it constantly infuses this pump of smoke like at like it's like I've never tried super smoke at that high of a temp

► 00:45:20

good Lord and rice to riches in the but the Traeger prime rib rub to not but holy shit when it's in there for three and a half more hours and it has that crossed about that long smoke if you try to beer can chicken by for the beer can chicken be empty about half of the beer can out you open up the beer Camp then you poke a couple extra holes in the top so you more the steam so the inside of the chicken gets even more moist but then when I figure it out as if you'd like a little little scalpel or exacto knife and he cut open the skin of the chicken around the outside a little bit and you stuff that with pads of butter and then you do your smoke or pads of butter inside the chicken that the skin gets crispy super crispy and so you just it's like it's like an hour an hour-and-a-half you cook that one and you can't you can't smoke that one very successful like you want to run

► 00:46:20

Grill to smoke, but he can't super smoke it but that's freaking amazing I figured that out whatever drunk figure that out as a goddamn genius but I wondered before if there are other things that will work even better then beer we got Jamie it says most cases what I'm finding is either Brazilian butt lift or just like a fat graft or fat injection but there have been cases where I'm seeing that they had to get an injection taken out within weeks because it was causing a problem so I don't know if that was just fat fat put into you have to get a ticket back out there tonight ceradyne great then you have this fucking war zone of an app is Hawks strip yeah yeah no more no more g-string

► 00:47:20

that's a fucking ridiculous way to die here's the thing that what they're doing is not aesthetically pleasing because it violates our sensibilities cuz you look at the ass and you look at the legs and you go what's wrong here how did you get that ass with those legs they don't go together like if you look at like crossfitters legs like one of them powerful gals the big butt but they also and socks it looks right it's fits like it for the assets the thought was not entirely disproportion gas when the gas pumps out and then it goes he's little toothpick legs like that's gross that's weird you know like what's going on with Instagram we may be evolving as a species to find these type of things more attractive though because that's all I do is social media to get a dopamine hit every time you click on the little blue notification button

► 00:48:20

or ye look at a new photo so maybe we're just going to eventually develop a real appreciation for that type of symmetry Define or I don't know it doesn't look as good it just doesn't look as good it's a cheap fix your squats get your ass to the gym girls do some deadlifts did you see that Rhonda Patrick tweeted that study about mice in my own nuclei and how when they when they dope mice they actually they they they never actually lose the muscles myonuclei actually ever disappear. Memory will muscle memory has been in many cases just based on a motor unit recruitment like meaning like you might like

► 00:49:20

my wife she ran for University of Idaho and when I go out running with her still even though she doesn't train she just got faster leg turn over she's got better form like her body just remembers that the same thing with the swimmer right I'll do a triathlon so we swim in college but has a swim in 10 years will kick my ass just because they have that muscle memory forms of which which motor units to recruit when sure but this latest one was basically the idea that you retain actual myonuclei in the muscle like they thought for a long time that those just disappeared and it and went away once u d train but it turns out that they're all still there so as soon as you start training again you build muscle more quickly and furthermore that and this was kind of like the political part of it is if you've done some kind of illegal performance-enhancing procedure steroids or whatever you actually would have a higher concentration of micronuclei armao nuclei available whenever there was a study even leading up to that and this was I think this was like 2013 like this is a while ago

► 00:50:20

where they took my eyes and they gave one group testosterone the other group didn't get it and then they spent six months off testosterone and remember how long they were on it but it's been 6 months off it and then they took those mice and they train them with the training protocol and the mice that were on the testosterone but we're no longer on it had a 30% increase in muscle mass compared to the other mice that only had a 5% increase on it so once again. And this is probably that myonuclei thing that just came out in this recent study so it turns out that a you should you should live like when you're young cuz you can build all these myonuclei that just basically hang around your body and then be when they like ban somebody from sport for doping and then they come back to compete in that sport again they still have an advantage you well does that is huge implications for MMA is this that's the big debate right now how long should someone get suspended for and for how

► 00:51:20

long you know how long afterwards should they be considered enhanced and I don't like they're giving people some pretty significant suspensions now for steroids like 2 years but you know there's is Jon Jones case I'm sure you're aware of do you wear this yet where he's testing positive for the metabolites for the long-term metabolites for very small dose he's never tested positive for short-term metabolites which testosterone what is the stuff Toronto ball in and essentially it's tainted supplements and it's not it doesn't have any performance-enhancing benefit in terms of like the demented the dosage that he's tested positive for but it's lingering in his system because the protocols for the weather ability rather to detect these metabolites his increase rapidly over the last year it's just unbelievably more sensitive to the point where you know they're detecting these infinitesimally

► 00:52:20

small levels of these metabolites and is also seems to be some sort of a pulsing effect on your body releases these infinitesimally small metabolites and then doesn't so you'll test negative and then next week will test positive but only for the long-term metabolites which is an indication that there's no read ministration of the performance-enhancing drug it's in everybody's mad at somebody athletes that are mad about it and from what you're saying and for this study that dr. Rhonda Patrick highlighted it's something one of those like once a Doper always a Doper type of things here is that she the Jon Jones situations very tricky because she's so good and he's so dominant the people just assume that he's been doing something his whole career and when you catch him like a hot that's the reason why you so good it may be but it also might be he's got phenomenal genetics he has to be

► 00:53:20

that's a different situation because that's a sport where at least in the time. Where he was competing everyone was doing something a hundred percent they had to go meet open YouTube play it's not it's not it can't be there to strictly side is knocking on doors at 6 in the morning T in his cup and you you do hear about positive test but the amount of positive test versus the negative test is overwhelming way more guys are not doing something used to be the opposite used to be in the 90s everyone was doing something we were just talking about this in the fight Companion podcast that a big issue is grappling grappling competitions are overrun with steroid users because no one's testing and these I mean it's the smell test is off the fucking charge you looking these guys are just ridiculous just have to do a low body fat super high muscle mass and their training Jiu-Jitsu all the time too so you would think it would be very hard for them to maintain muscle mass as well as be right

► 00:54:20

train the weather training with technique and drills and cardio and I'm a very difficult to maintain muscle issue with some of these guys competing this way and then trying to transition into MMA know what what's the deal with marijuana in the end in MMA what's the legal now they don't in season out of season gets fine they just lowered the acceptable level or that they raised it rather like what you can have in your blood sugar basically just can't be high the day of the fight yeah yeah and that's another interesting while I mean that acts especially THC acts on a lot of these M4 Pathways you know that's that's the same thing of all these anti-aging compounds right like rapamycin or metformin to a lesser extent axon that import pathway and inhibited by but again it's it's short-term was something like marijuana and you also get

► 00:55:20

pain killing a fact and there was I forget if this was a study or if it was if it was like anecdotal but it's almost like a higher thrill-seeking effects like the endocannabinoid system when stimulated shuts down some of your your your sense of fear when it comes to experiencing a new adventure real and so you actually do actually go adventure-seeking more when you look at like Ultra Runners anybody who's competing in a non complex activity in which they might have already developed the ability to be able to be in the zone right they put in there 10000 hours of practice and they're able to just kind of check out and go into automatic mode when you combine that with the pain quelling effects of something like don't most cases like a THC CBD combo is what a lot of of all the runners are using I'm not sure what what they do use in in MMA right now but ultimately you get a good effect but but the loss of react

► 00:56:20

time in the loss of the ability to be able to perform complex tasks which they proved in like flight simulation studies dictates that it's still not that great of a drug if you were going to be doing complex tasks question know when they're talking about reaction studies that they talking about reaction studies for people that are acclimated to taking marijuana are they talking about it with people will they take a someone who's a sober person and he introduced him to marijuana and this is overwhelming effect of it because one of the things that happens to people that aren't accustomed to THC is the Freak Out affect where they just like they're not comfortable with the experience after while the way it's described in again this is all anecdotal but by people that are accustomed to it they say you just get good at being high and see the reaction time thing I don't buy because a lot of Strikers a lot of kickboxers they train what while they're on marijuana it's very common a lot of it

► 00:57:20

Mercy Anderson Seymour Blinky lights in a cockpit than than a mat so sure but that's the question is are they experienced owners or these people that are freaking out and maybe the reaction times are spacing out and they don't know what the fuck this experience is like and they're divided to have anxiety because of it you know there's a lot of really overwhelming Sensations that come with that marijuana High and a lot of them you know you call paranoia or oversensitivity and sometimes you get paralysis by analysis when you're under the influence those things were again all the cute vs. chronic effect Jiu Jitsu personally my personal experience would you just do in marijuana is it's an enhancer and I've argued this what I think it's a performance-enhancing without with CBD marijuana that's a lot of endurance athletes are in a like like folks in the ultra running through your eyes and I like they'll use like a trace amount of THC can buy with CBD like a 4 to 1 to attend to 1 ratio

► 00:58:20

Farmville increasing legality I think this idea of developing Sports Performance supplements for athletes you know who aren't competing in sports that is banned are going to be staring the direction of like high CBD and then some of these other novel molecules really CVG is an anti-inflammatory that's totally different than THC 9 released from orally ingesting Anna from smoking it or big girl dating a actually are not isolating you you can take hemp or marijuana in and you can actually isolate specific compound and then combine them so you can take like you could take like CBG CBD combine that with other terpenes from like whatever let's say lavender and Valerian and in chamomile and make like a like a distress relaxation type of compound or you could do like a like

► 00:59:20

THC butter THC 8 instead of a THC 9 and combine that with light cinnamon and peppermint and maybe some caffeine or creatine or something like that to make like more of a pick-me-up type of compound but I think that's that's the way of the future when it comes to a lot of these these marijuana companies that are developing stuff for specific goals I know a lot of folks that are trying to CBD that use it for information especially athletes like it with a little bit of the they seem to think it's more effective you know there's some sort of combined effect of the THC with CBD yeah yeah they call that the the Entourage effect mean when you have all the different terpenes in the endocannabinoid which ones turtle turtle have no clue under it's what I think there's at least dozens I don't know about hundreds how many of them will made it out with you if you look at a chart of the different endocannabinoids they've actually discovered here to just Google

► 01:00:20

113 able to like design something that gives you the high without the paranoia or gives you the you know various effects without spacing out I think that's that's where supplementation is going in general I was just like we're talking about with diet how based on your genetics basing your blood work they are biomarkers. So you would choose your diet I mean like you like the carnivore diet if you're if you're let's say like sub-Saharan African or southeast Asia and you have high levels of the other genes for salivary amylase is going to call the amy1 gene there are genes responsible for you having a higher inflammatory response to saturated fat or ketogenic diet Apple you train with you, for which I have dictates that even though I personally. It's kind of like a higher fat low carbohydrate diet the majority of my fast come from Mediterranean fat sources she knows

► 01:01:20

boils or avocado oil at fish and I do that because my genetics dictate that you know my macronutrient ratio my diet is going to is going to be best suited to that specific ratio of fats but you could say the same thing with supplements you know I think with supplements now with with all these different places that will sell quantify you know I act like wellnessfx and insidetracker in 23andMe Ln you can you can take all this data put it together and actually determine whatever my everybody saying was supposed to take 2004 National units of vitamin D a day if your vitamin D levels are at like 80 or 90 then that could cause arterial calcification for taking excess vitamin D I had both myself and my kids tested for our projects like none of us boys in the Greenfield Family actually have the gene that allows us to generate appreciable amounts of vitamin D from sunlight

► 01:02:20

all now supplement with my boys neither of them possess the enzyme or the or the enzyme superoxide dismutase the password for increase expression of this enzyme that allows for glutathione production I so they take glutathione now they have the one that results in a lower than normal level bdnf brain derived neurotrophic Factor the stuff is like Miracle Grow for the brain so they use lion's mane extract now before school so I like the idea of doing a genetic test and doing a blood test and looking at what your ancestors would have eaten if you happen to have to have I guess kind of like it clean enough to interpret ancestral profile to be able to say while yours now I'm mostly northern European so this is what I'm going to do while on combine all that stuff I think you know but turn to your question of the carnivore diet that's the way they eat this apoe4 is also leaves you predisposed to CTA

► 01:03:20

correct yeah yeah you have that IRS not got the April 3-4 more concerning altierus response in many cases to to fats and it's like inflammatory response to that very similar like if you had familial hypercholesterolemia you know in any get on like a a ketogenic diet for example in your cholesterol goes up to 500 I mean if it's something that just doesn't agree with a lot of people yeah that's what's really important to discuss right that the everybody's body really does respond differently to all sorts of different diets and yeah it's so difficult for people especially if they don't have a lot of research in the field if they don't know how you know that. They haven't read a lot about it to try to determine what's the best diet for them there are there specific characteristics though that regardless of macronutrient ratios and regardless of food composition you see

► 01:04:20

over and over again in centenarians or in people who are living in a blue zone or people who have the absence of a lot of of disease risk factors or high risk of mortality like regular periods of caloric restriction like at some point either compressed feeding window or intermittent fasting or like you the Mediterranean diet everybody talks about goat cheese and olive oil and fish and eggs but not a lot of people talk about the religious aspect of that that includes certain. Of time where you fast certain. Of time where are you don't eat meat certain days where you where you aren't driving all your food in olive oil and so you know it's it's in terms of of other characteristics that you see glycemic variability right you see very low periods of glucose fluctuations occurring throughout the day because of high intake of either fiber or legumes is a big one that you

► 01:05:20

in the blues on Prior Lake high intake of things like lentils and split mung beans and a lot of these things that get thrown under the bus now where were talking about lectins and got damaged but ultimately returning back to what I said earlier soaking and sprouting in fermentation makes a lot of those things help with lectins and this is based on a book that was published I think about two years ago call the plant Paradox by dr. Steven gundry and he talks about how lectins are these built-in natural plant defense mechanisms that are in primarily plants and see and the skins of certain fruits and vegetables that will cause your digestive tract to become damaged or give you a deleterious or inflammatory response to that food kind of a similar argument has the Paleo people make rightly say about you don't don't eat dairy cuz that could have inflammatory proteins in it that might cause an autoimmune reaction or or don't eat bread because of the gluten and phytic acid

► 01:06:20

but when it when you step back and you look out a lot of a lot of blue zones a lot of longevity hotspots a lot of centenarians you don't see avoidance of these Foods you see Mark preparation of them right when you haunt you don't set up in a tree with it like a dagger in your teeth like Peter Pan and jumped out of the tree on you on the back of a deer and start eating a deer right like you have to go through a pretty long process of tracking and stalking and hunting and and field dressing and quartering and even then you know there's there's a pretty intensive cooking process and we do things like you like coffee rubs and things to decrease the amount of carcinogens in the meat when you cook it then and we dry aged and you'll take the organ meats and soak them in lemon juice or buttermilk to remove the but stop stop. Okay hold on I got to go to do this coffee rubs what does it decrease the amount of carcinogens coffee rosemary thyme a lot of these things that we use as rubs

► 01:07:20

one of the benefits of them as they decrease the formation of a lot of these carcinogenic compounds in the meat do you like the burnt charge components of them eat anything that's an antioxidant you could you could just go on your spice coverage makeup rub space in this concept anything that would be these sirtuin precursors of people are talking about now for anti-aging like blueberries and red wine and dark chocolate and dark purple fruits and berries Etc you dry those you powder those that's a great rub right because all of a sudden you're decreasing meat carcinogenic aspects of burnt meat or charred meat or heavily Cooks protein particularly so the idea is you want to prepare your food in a manner that renders it digestible and it unlocks the nutrients and so when we talked about dietary customization not only do you see calorie restriction compressed feeding Windows fasting as one element that regardless of the diet that you choose has been shown to improve health and life

► 01:08:20

but you also see low amounts of glycemic variability you see a high amount of emphasis placed on rendering the food digestible again no matter what it is that you're eating and so it was reading a ketogenic diet or a carnivore or a high carb low fat high fat low carb what have you the idea is you try to choose real recognizable food then you render that digestible and you eat as many different food groups as you can eat based on self-experimentation primarily until you land on that diet that that works well for you and if you can come by and that was self confrontation blood biomarkers look your microbiome look at your genetics I mean there's no reason that that most people shouldn't just be able to eat the diet that works for their body but it's a hard thing to discover the the idea that you can figure out what works best for you like what feels best like people start convincing themselves and all that one thing is more beneficial to the other and that's one of the things that people wonder about this whole condom

► 01:09:20

nothing like are they mine fucking themselves are they giving themselves a placebo benefit of only eating this way you just go to Sean Baker's Instagram every day in the hashtag meet heels and you like yes meets feeling me and you start believing it as a joke but your church it's a religion it's up nutrition the carnivore diet people are the exact opposite of the vegan people they're the same but different they're all just preaching that you should only meat and meets the thing and you know I think they're mocking vegans and the vegans are mocking coward you know the same disparaging things about people who eat meat it's really similar issue is the same thing though it's the fact that when you start on a highly restrictive diet that tends to be dogmatic to like I'm going to only eat meat or I'm not going to have me I'm going to only eat vegetables you feel pretty good like you feel a difference it's impossible not to feel a difference once you go go completely myopic on your diet and have a very limited number of food choices

► 01:10:20

but we know that vegans build up deficits and creatine and taurine in the unless they're eating algae and stuff like that and DHA and EPA in fatty acids and amino acids long-term deficits in cortisol which affects your cell membrane you can definitely do it right I mean there's dudes like you know freaking rich roll right like a guy and he in and he's into like the fermentation soaking and sprouting superfoods and it's honestly kind of expensive and time-consuming to do a vegan diet the right way but you could do it a lot of people don't but if you're not careful you build up deficits long-term even though you feel really good short-term is the same thing with with something like a carnivore diet like you're probably going to build up some kind of microbiome bacterial deficiencies unless you're eating the intestines of ruminants or I suppose supplementing with some kind of really good probiotic what's the folks out of the woods

► 01:11:20

the reality is you don't really hear about that died or you didn't really hear about that died until like three or four years ago and much more so over the last two years probably because of me accidentally having all these people on a talking about it and its people is most likely because of an Elimination Diet and whatever was fucking with him before and I think you know most people that start off at the poor diet and then switch to a restricted diet they're just going to be better because they don't have the the stuff that's poor they don't have the trans fat they don't have all the sugar they don't have all the nonsense is probably caused any good deal the information in the first place so by eliminating all those bad things in their diet and then concentrating on the one thing that they are the only one thing they're eating you think the one thing they are eating is causing all the benefits when it's probably the lack of the bad things exactly

► 01:12:20

it's a fancy Elimination Diet so but it's delicious one it is at all yes yes. Well I mean I'm going through the two out that I've given away a lot of it to a shot last year every year I scheduled to Elk hunts and assume I'm going to strike out and the last two years I've been very lucky and I got to help each year so it's breaking the rules of the secret in Think and Grow Rich now to assume he's going to strike out but I assume it's a hard thing to do the fucking chilling out and people don't realize there's clips of me online and the Clippers like a minute long and it seems like you don't see stalking in 4 hours you don't see the hundreds of hours of shooting arrows the coaching from John Dudley all the reading archery articles and understand

► 01:13:20

what in keeping your mindset clear in the moment it's a lot of difficult along all my boys have their first hunt in three months time we been prepping for 7 months they're doing bow hunt in Kona real woman my wife she's going after sheep they're shooting at about 25 yards just shooting at about 40 yards how many people in the middle of in about 45 now enough when they when they draw their so I still got a couple more

► 01:14:04

but yeah it's it's difficult I still haven't even gotten my uncle bowhunting you know how I spent my last time I spent six days up in the Colorado mountain range in the the more they call the something de Cristo range in Allen and on the last day I finally came in on elk and it was dark and I shot and I missed and that was after 7 freaking days of trying and you walk out or a Frozen Show at your horse out completely empty and it's about 45 yards in dusk but you know when you know how it goes you're shaking and still dark and anyways though so I'm going to do I'm going to do Kona that would like to get you in touch with Dudley cuz I know until I know how you shoot. I need to it's it's on my list but you're headed for 6 days and you just check into the woods 20 miles a day

► 01:15:04

Australian do you finally get that one moment there's so much weight on that moment that it's so difficult to stay focused entirely on the task of executing the shop perfectly and their methods there's a guy named Joel Turner who has he's got a website called ironmind hunting he's a he's a he's instructor for First Responders and snipers and things on those lines on your mind it's all about keeping a the difference between open-loop system and a closed loop system be able to control it and stop it and stop the process anytime you want and keeping yourself in that versus like a baseball bat swing which is once you start swinging you swinging and the ideas to do to maintain the present and tea to have a mantra and he gives you a mantra to chant and to think about it

► 01:16:04

terms of controlling all those moving so you are in control of your boat but the idea is to talk yourself through it don't let your excitable mind take over a freak out and you pull the trigger and you shoot fucking over the things back and you don't even know what happened what should I pull back and I ice a Droid I go through all the steps in my head that I'm supposed to do I actually modified his and it went to John Dudley's so his he has his own one which is a drawback a name get it done watching to keep it in the other wide is just keeping those things in your head so you have one thing but what would Dudley I go through all the different things that he says like a drawback tip of the nose centipede Center the bubble pool to the shot pull pull pull up shot break and so

► 01:17:04

I go through all those things in my mind but that the whole idea is to not allow the Freak Out freak out is what causes the target panic and when you have that itchy trigger finger with the the finger trigger you a good and that's that's I've done it I mean I've seen it, I've heard it everybody doesn't that the arrow goes in the spot we know where you're yanking it and your point is not very precise and want to get it to where it's a surprise shop and wanted to surprise shot you're just concentrating entirely on the area that you want to hit on the elk your form is perfect everything is aligned in order and if it's not you let down if it's not you let down and try to get your shit together she was trained to hunt competitions help me out quite a bit like they're they do have part of it as like that like an obstacle course race with your bow but then part of it to adjust a 3D shoot let it like a like a 40 Target 3D shoe wear

► 01:18:04

pawn shop might be I'm facing you but the targets behind me and you've got a 10-second time span to draw turn and shoot for you got to take a shot seeded through the trees at 40 yards and then within 20 seconds do a shot at $60 and something to tell you that the guy that you should never just do that that you should always execute the shot correctly even he doesn't even like this fucking game this thing this technology that we was done he doesn't like that he thinks that that thing causes Target Panic cuz you only have a brief window would you like to go he's like he believes that you should concentrate entirely on the correct fundamentals and execution of archery and then with time and understanding of the situation the experience of hunting itself then when those moments present themselves you're going to execute correctly whereas when you have this like 10 seconds going to turn and behind your back right

► 01:19:04

yes you just going to hit that you going to hammer that trigger going to put that pin on the target Hammer that trigger yeah that's just you are emphasizing all the wrong things that you could do when you're hunting yeah let me go to Hawaii next month and do sheep which island is Kona I like to go down there cuz you can Spearfish she can you can double up in Spearfish to will do sheep and goat Pig possibly turkey and don't have a couple days out in the boats and that'll be actually Colin Aubrey are going oh yeah I'll be selling the one I'm excited about is a shape up in Alaska so I'm going to do that the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge that's a float hunt so you'll float about 40 miles down the river up there to fly into in a Fairbanks and there's a fort that you flying from there on a charter

► 01:20:04

that'll be Dall sheep caribou and Grizzlies in this is a bow hunt as well that'll be all packed like I've got a Smith & Wesson 40 for the big ass gone so I'll pack that and then to 72 if they fight you if I can make weight when are you hunting for weapons or you just avoiding them know I'm hunting doll sheep. That's what I really want that's just an adventurous I'm not much of a trophy hunting guy but I am an adventurer guy like it like I want to go out and have an amazing adventure how to explain to people why that's an adventure because the the place where these things live is some of the fucking sketchiest ground on Earth it's shale rock lot of it if you have to a lot of times you wearing crampons on your boots your at extremely high altitude in precarious situations easel Cliff Peaks on packouts I'll have a caribou tag and a Grizzly tag as well so if if I had him and I

► 01:21:04

how to shoot a Grizzly because it's charging you order shoe degrees out because I cannot would actually be the Harvest and eat a Grizzly and the guy I'm actually pretty and I tell you that I'm a cook exactly exactly so that is an adventure out there to be able to get to those little specks on that rock so hard be floating the river fishing they got Arctic char up there a few of the fellowship will be about 10 to 12 days and then I'll just fly all the meat out and fly home now Grizzly as a meal that's a thing where people hearing this and then what the fuck are you talking about and I had Donnie Vincent on the podcast he's a he's a really interesting guy very educated really really articulated really like like renelle in a lot of ways has a great job of explaining what hunting truly is about in the conservation aspect of it but he's a big fan of eating bear and

► 01:22:04

so he's telling people they're all good if you prepare correctly all bears good the trick is to to get rid of the glans early on when your field dressing cuz apparently that taints the meat and I've I've never feel dress to bear so I don't know but Steven rinella though I love his cookbooks he's close to me he's up in his up in Bozeman yeah yeah but I've been trying to get him to come through Spokane this weekend in my house to do a podcast I want to actually ask him some questions about his new cookbook yeah times I love that guy he's the one who got me the honey he's a great cook to he really is he really understands like so many different preparations and try to get people to try things like osso buco you know they would appraise the shanks and I love that and how about spearfishing you got in the end of the spear fishing freediving seen it all I was in Hawaii

► 01:23:04

my youngest daughter is obsessed with fishing she fucken loves it and we caught a bunch of Yellow Tail where in Hawaii is last trip and now she's super hook cuz you know she's 8 and she's hanging on to this rod and you know I mean I was tripping sometimes I was helping her like I was holding the rod and she was with her two little arms crank in these yellow things and you know you catch a 10 pound yellowtail when you're 8 years old the fucking asshole oh my God is so powerful to fight I took my boys out for steelhead big steal that I mean those things are massive what is it still supposed to eat them right supposed to let them go there's a certain I forget that forget that color but there's a certain style of steelhead that you are allowed to he had to throw this one bag this wasn't the one one one that we don't eat I don't totally understand that I mean I kind of understand it but it seems to me like it is it's an ocean bound rainbow trout correct

► 01:24:04

so why can't you do I don't know I don't know man and there's there's a certain variety that I actually can't eat well you can eat it physically but you're no I mean I mean but that seems so strange to me is the idea to protect the population because they're in the process of breathing and you don't want interrupt but the gyro. There's a certain mortality rate that they're accepting with catch-and-release this is one of the reasons why I have an issue with that and I've done catch and release fishing I want to appeal like I'm a hypocrite cuz it is fun but there's a thing about it is like you're just shoving a hook and a things face and then release it at that is why I like spearfishing because you're underwater you're going after the exact fish that you want. There is no doubt in your mind I'm going to shoot that fish and it yeah you're not wondering what's going to bite the hook ride bike what is going to be a legal 101

► 01:24:56

regardless of whether you get fish it's amazing you're happy you see the coral you're getting it you know you're going down enough there's that there's all like if you're into fitness the cold thermogenesis and the breath-hold in the spleen compression in the red blood cell production solomita it's an amazing work out just fine it's is an she's too young they said you have to be 13 Spearfish want to tell you like shallow water with a swing and that's that's the way to do it is you want to start offshore 8 to 15 feet of water you want to easy slang in a lot of people think spearfishing and they think of like the big roller guns that you got to like put the handle against your chest and pull back right very difficult and then you got a diet adepts you know for sure going to not be able to go like 30 + V10 you have a floater and it's a very involved process but if you're just like in freaking Hawaii and you got a sling and a good spot and some coral and

► 01:25:56

good fans and you can just basically swim away I'll tie a string around my waist and pull a knife on my belt and he can just go out there and you have string for five fish and it's an easy day telephone it's almost like it's not fishing he caught spearfishing but you basically hunting underwater there hunting underwater yeah they even have the I haven't done this yet but maybe you seen these underwater Bose you can you can shoot a bow at the fish fishing or what but I've seen are alligator gar in particular if they wanted to use if you want to try that are supposed to be really good smoked she was alive cuz they really haven't changed and millions of years such a freaky look at Spearfish real cold you're hungry last one I did

► 01:26:56

we had a parrot fish Donna Weiss up with avocado and mango coconut oil rigs in the oven with macadamia nut like in Cresson macadamia nut and shitting out White Sand by don't know did you know that you watch more nature TV than I have that's what white sand is its shit really believe it or not chew it up and shit out the white sandal like a giant white sand beach like Clearwater Florida that's all fish eat parrot fish poop makes beautiful beaches there go there's a article I wonder if it's Jennifer. I wonder if it's good for your microbiome abroad on bacteria that's a lot of shit a lot of parrot fish over a very long period of time taking a lot of fish they smashed down that coral and then all that white around them is there

► 01:27:56

Bay City swimming around their own shit that's pretty cool crazy that's pretty cool very strange yeah I was going to ask you something metformin to talk about Cyber Monday to get signed to a certain extent but the big deal with that is is glycemic variability reduce risk of chronic disease but there's a lot of side effects of that since you're saying there's a lot to Casa dosis and inhibits the the electron transport chain in the mitochondria which is fine if you want to down-regulate metabolism live long time and not if he not your athlete condo respiration necessarily vitamin B12 deficiencies like it's derived from French Rue and Physicians for 4

► 01:28:56

hundreds of years been using it but in limited quantities cuz it induces nausea how do you say get gastrointestinal disturbances my take on Metformin cuz cuz I've been looking over the past year into a lot of these anti-aging compounds of people are now using or talking about using like rapamycin and and Metformin and NAD a lot of these sirtuin precursors but metformin and rapamycin actually for for different reasons cuz that's an immune system suppressor or two that I don't think I would ever take really cause with metformin there are a variety of natural compounds that reduce blood glucose and improve insulin sensitivity in the absence of that like Bear Brain curcumin apple cider vinegar Ceylon cinnamon bitter melon extract and you think all those things are mimicking what metformin is capable I think so I'm not wearing it right now but usually I wear a Dexcom G6 it's a continuous blood glucose monitor

► 01:29:56

actually fell off yesterday when I was doing that exercise it's one of those ones you see the diabetics where they were sticking their body in the mornings like clockwork. 8 a.m. every morning I was trying to figure out why is my blood glucose 2121-30 every single morning well I have a cup of coffee in the morning and even though I don't put creamer in my coffee I just drink straight-up black coffee coffee actually causes your liver to engage in something called glycogenolysis so you actually release glucose into the bloodstream which is a good thing that's why you drink coffee you will you want that cortisol release that glucose hit you know maybe you want the flavor in antioxidants to buy would get a blood glucose response from coffee another one that surprised me was green beans talk about legumes you talk about slow release carbohydrates in it falls into that category but my blood glucose would go up whenever I'd have green beans so I actually got food allergy test through this company called cyrex they do like a really good food allergy

► 01:30:56

ask that doesn't give you this big laundry list of false positives like like this is like the only send the alcat test like these skin prick test he's got like a very small number of foods that you're actually allergic to all these other test still show a bunch of antibodies to food but it's antibodies to Foods you're eating that food are so so many people be like two of them I'm allergic to eggs I got a test on allergic to eggs and I'm depressed cuz I was a big staple my diet was only showing that you're allergic to him cuz they're a staple in your diet cause you're eating a lot of eggs and you're winding up with a lot of those egg proteins in your bloodstream but this this cyrex panel so basically if if you're eating a lot of eggs you actually have a lot of egg proteins circulating in your bloodstream and if you get a Food Panel you actually can very readily produce like a food allergy panel you produce antibodies to the egg protein and they say that you're allergic to the egg protein when in fact you just have a lot of egg proteins in your system can you been eating a lot of eggs and some

► 01:31:55

Angela even test white blood cell reaction to a raw egg not a cooked egg right until your white blood cells are going to react more readily to a raw egg vs. cooked at your raw chicken vs. cooked chicken I don't think a lot of these food allergy panel that a cure for that reason I think they're just giving you a laundry list of foods that you may or may not be allergic to but this one is called it's called Cyrax I have no financial situation like that with his company but I just think they do a good job with their testing they got to order through physician and I ordered this test and I was allergic to almost nothing like barely anything with Spike for me like the kind of like a moderate Spike for gluten green beans out where off-the-chart off the chart so that continuous blood glucose monitor was actually able to tell me that

► 01:32:44

I was eating something that my sympathetic nervous system was responding to I was going to fight and flight mode releasing a bunch of glucose and I never would have really known that I got a clue about that unless I was wearing one of these continuous blood glucose monitors my whole life plan is to wear for a year to just learn a lot about the food that I usually eat what they do to my body wants her arm workouts do I want certain supplements do about returning to metformin I started to use a lot of these things like their brain like her cumin you can do a shot of apple cider vinegar before a meal take a couple of teaspoons of Ceylon cinnamon in your smoothie and these things actually have an effect on blood glucose that mimics what you're trying to get when you take metformin and earlier it doesn't have it and tore a little bit right so so you get that that import a bitch but you can hit em two or three like calorie restriction fasting done regularly I like a compressed feeding window

► 01:33:44

it says there's actually how you here to talk to David samadi I want to finish listening to that interview too because he's at he's a very smart guy but I I just I'm not in a bird with metformin while he's not a natural alternatives barely works out in a lot of side a little bit a little bit of rigorously to me I want the marriage of performance and Longevity I don't want to live a long time if I can't kick ass feel good I don't want to be cold and hungry and libido listen that's on 150th and I want it even if that means of me looks 145 + 750 bad cuz I cuz I got more muscle mass or whatever like I want to feel good so whenever I'm looking at a compound like that I'm questioning whether or not it's it it's the best way to go if it's going to inhibit my actual performance

► 01:34:44

thanks I mean like it like cryotherapy Chambers right I mean you look at the Cherokee Native American tribe would dip their babies and icy cold water until I were like two years old or the there's that the viral video footage of the Siberian school children if you seen this one they there rush out into the snow during recess in their underpants they dumped cold water on themselves and run around the snow and then come back inside and it in Iceland based on some of the research that was done few decades ago on immune system they let their babies sleep outside like Sub-Zero temperatures rollers that the Russians the finished the Eastern Europeans are going to go out there. They're there cryotherapy like the Baltic Sea and you go back and forth when I go to Finland to get the men's Finnish sauna Society there's no crowd there be Chambers are just old school song is then you go jump in the sea and you dry yourself off in the air that you're back in the sauna so a lot of these things

► 01:35:44

I get Flack a lot of time cuz I'm know I'm one of these so-called biohackers I have like the the laser lights in my office that at that I shine on my balls and I've got like the piano lights that go in your ears and I've got you know that the stem cells and IVs and injections but I always always want to make sure people know that you go after the natural stuff first right natural ways to get cold natural ways to get hot if you're going to buy some expensive pulsed electromagnetic field Matt you sure as hell better be going outside barefoot write like you're camping or sleeping outside or learning how to Earth and ground in the morn a chiral way involved in grounding a real there is research especially in terms of a reduction inflammation and approving enjoy comforter that's a very interesting one and then when you take the same frequency so that the Earth natural emits somewhere in the range of about 3

► 01:36:44

200 Hertz electromagnetic frequencies like way lower than that your million hertz frequency to get when you're older cell phone up to your ear but we're walking around I'm basically a giant electrical Matt like like there's radiation electromagnetic frequencies released by Earth and the ideas that these fancy devices now these mats that you can sleep on where do therapy on there is like I've got one of my basement that just packed a punch like he was using a race horse industry for a long time is called a a pulse centers new land that thing and it just like vibrates your whole body what is it doing it reduces inflammation you think of it like exercise for your cells opening and closing the cell membrane so what's it called is blood flow pulse centers it's like a giant table pulse centers got different coils yeah yeah it's it's pulse pulse centers is the name of the company that makes sensors or sensors centers but it's got like attachments like coils and pads that you can attach to your knee or Itachi like a bum shoulder or whatever I'll just say

► 01:37:44

in there and work on my computer I got a massage on it every week for a couple of hours so it's taking the same frequency to get from the earth just magnifying those just delivering them in a more concentrated Manor the same thing with like a like an infrared light panel I don't know if you seen these before they deliver near infrared infrared red light people will strip off their clothes and stand in front of these things to get more collagen production or on the same way that that like I was talking about for your head can enhance mitochondrial activity in neural tissue. Your balls are basically little highs they are photoreceptors on them they respond to light you can actually increase mitochondrial activity in the testicles the latex cells in the testes to increase testosterone increase sperm production so you shoot a light in your balls l e i d go outside you did sunbathe nude or use one of the lights of the stand for like I literally looked look like an idiot at work but this is what I do I've got a light panel in front of me right I'm at a standing desk at work at a standing

► 01:38:44

I'm going to Light Panel behind me and every day for 20 minutes I just take my clothes off at work and I stand sandwich in between these light panels and it basically blast me with this red light but I also go out in the sun right I got if if I've got the option to do that versus get outside in the sunlight I go out into the sunlight if I got the option to take berberine and bitter melon extract instead of Metformin I'd rather take the battery in a bitter melon extract so I think you should strip stuff down and go as natural as possible and then once you step up to the more advanced anti-aging strategies or biohacking strategies or what-have-you you still have to look at those with a skeptical eye and ask yourself whether or not those are those are really safe or if they have side effects that might you how many cases limit your physical performance say why you prefer standing desk

► 01:39:33

well the hole sitting is the new smoking thing I disagree with I think I think sitting is just fine like it feels natural to sit doesn't feel like you're breaking some rules of the human body to sit down like we're sitting down right now feels pretty good the problem with sitting is that that is the Pasha most people are adopting for 8 hours per day write the best position to be in when you're working would be whatever position you're not in at the moment when you look at weight training this would not apply to hypertrophy which would dictate that you want to hit a muscle over and over again using the same angle with increasingly difficult loads but for metabolic training you would want actually throw curveballs at your body that you wouldn't the best workout therefore would be the one that you're not doing right now if your goal is just to limit any type of metabolic efficiency so the idea with the standing desk is I have that to give me yet another position to be in during the day so I've got to I've got a true form treadmill and I had true form

► 01:40:33

fights take the dashboard off so I'm doubting that in front of my standing workstation and then I've got one of these balance boards that I can stand on and I've got like a stool that I can lean against so I've got all these different positions that I can be in during the day and then I've got that that out both centers chair in my office I can go and sit in so every 25 minutes I'll just shift to a different position and my stand-up desk is a hand-crank stand-up desk so I can crank it up and down if I do want to sit at my desk and just it just works you know it's it's it's the idea of hacking your environment of equipping your environment to be in as many different positions as possible. Augustine Kitty the feeling good at work especially do you believe in one of those ever seen one of those you stand that you're standing desk on this variable sort of surface we seen those things where it's like that stop a graphical Matt the one like in our Boulder offices for my company we've got

► 01:41:33

stand-up desks that go up to you you push a button and they go up and down but then what we have is just got around the office a few of those mats we've got some of the stuff you seen these fluidstance things I like I like skateboards that you stand on top of but they're not they're not as normally as a balance board so you can still Focus while you're standing on top of it I don't share that will go up or down so again I'll give you a few in a corporate office I'd surprise me how many people in their in their Corporate Offices don't equip their employees just to be able to move during the day yeah I don't care yeah and then most people aren't using ergonomic chairs either what do you use as your main chair for ergonomic chair Spa, he didn't like I'm only using it to its full capacity it's excellent with the purpose of the way the decision shaped back of the elbow

► 01:42:33

if you like but it encourages you to have an upright posture I've got this thing called a MoGo upright it's a stool and I can even travel with it cuz it will compress it was about 2 lb and you can actually leaning against that and get into some different positions on that one what is a company did the Santa something they have one that's basically almost like son a spring will you kind of have to balance yourself out you have two likes activate your core just to be like to know Jamie no one of those it at a chiropractic event once it was it's like kind of makes you squeeze your pelvis while you're in the chair there's actually there's this dude in Finland he's got a company called Sallie Sallie used to ride horses and he decided to start making chairs that would get him into the same upright position that you being we have riding a horse out there yeah it's a satellite I have one of those two at my kitchen table

► 01:43:33

sandwiched in between these two planks I think there are no style at the lake that the girl that's AC Slater's cuz it might well those saddle chairs I've got like little Alan Keyes it come with them if you didn't just to your pelvic with weird this is so special. Chair for a long time but it's way more comfortable sitting for a long time yes it's easy and I use a regular office chair and I sit for long periods of time I get that Center back pain from just just poor posture to sit in a curved stance or curved deposition what about a treadmill desk try one of those know she I can't do a lot on treadmill desk Productions

► 01:44:33

but if I'm ever let if if somebody's interview me like on Skype on a podcast on doing a console call with somebody and reviewing blood work or something like that I'll be walking on my treadmill and then I've got my microphone in front of me and I have this program called Dragon dictation and Dragon Dictation allows me to talk via like a headset and it'll type the words on the screen he sees that a long time ago and apparently react Leaps and Bounds yeah it's called Train Your Dragon near the Sofitel to Train Your Dragon and so you say all these words read all these paragraphs and learn to identify your phrasing ride volume of your voice and it gets more accurate but it's way better than the built-in Apple whatever yeah voice recognition software that works and I like that cuz then I can just walk I can I can talk emails I can talk with people so there's like three or four different things that I do at work. I will walk during that makes sense that makes sense when I'm just completely

► 01:45:33

alone and quiet staring at a computer because I want to spend time on each individual word and really concentrate on what the fuck I'm saying cuz it's the most of time of writing stand-up so I bounced it back and forth and to talk it out it's not really the right strategy yeah yeah I'm working on a book right now and what I've found is for me I have to have a triggered environment like a place in my house that when I go to that place that's the place where you're mine says okay this is a riding spot for me it's it's it's this chair in the corner of living room outside of my office as soon as I get into that thing it's like riding mode and I just had to go Pomodoro alright for 25 minutes to get up take a five-minute break come back you know I do it to write in an environment in a good time like a specific time to write is good to lick will you know hey now it's x amount you know sex time that's that's when I right

► 01:46:33

yeah yeah that's the idea behind her so doing on morning this evening us Chrono types different people being night owls vs. morning Larks even if there was was a study I was looking at yesterday about the response to like an uninflammatory stress or I don't know what the stress or was but like when a morning type is stressed out in the morning they handle it better than when they're stressed out in the evening and vice-versa it is it's very interesting This research on Chrono types I like the idea of just being able to shift your circadian rhythm cuz I travel a lot like I haven't been home in 17 days I've got two more days on the road and then I'll be I'll be home but when I'm going east to west or west to east I use like a lot to reset my circadian biology call the guide words write like these are these are cues that regulate your circadian biology so I can eating is one you want to wait to eat

► 01:47:33

until it's actual meal time in whatever area of the world that you're traveling to so if you arrive and whatever New York City from California 3 p.m. you don't want me to buy the food until like 7 p.m. when is actual dinner cuz that helps regulate your circadian rhythm movement is another one like you want to get outside go for a walk go for a swim to hit the gym I found out that's a big one for me when I travel the first thing I do is I check in I go right to the gym makes all the difference in the world in terms of like how I actually feel if I'm traveling a lot and doing shows and I mean that you don't want to get to a hotel room in just want to lay down and relax straight to the gym that's what I find shut up the inner bitch and making sure the first two minutes to go but light is the Big E Light is the Big E so I've got like that I've got these

► 01:48:33

bugs that make light that go on my ears to make light into your ear and you have photoreceptors in your ears your body that's why if you were a sleep mask to go to bed you stuff to make the room dark cuz you have photoreceptors on your skin I've got the one that I was talking about that I wear on my head that one's called a balance call of Eli one that goes in your ears is called a human charger and then I've got the one that size, color RI timer and that one makes like this greenish blue light that's not damaging to your retina but that just blast your entire skull with life so I've got light of my eyes light on my ears and light of my head and I'll put those lights on back in front of the body and that's my home setup to get my circadian rhythm restore it's what I do is if I've been back East right and my body at 4 a.m. Pacific time is telling me it's 7 a.m. cuz I'm on Eastern time my circadian clock is on Eastern time what I do is I wake up

► 01:49:32

I'm going to lay in bed for 3 hours waiting wait until the time when I actually do want to get up what I do is I wake up I get out of bed and I put on those blue light blocking glasses the ones that you're supposed to wear at night you know like the yellowish orange lenses but I block all light so I'm basically just walking around and pretty dim setting in my house you know I'll make copies sometimes I have some water stretch out get some work done but I've got the light block the whole time and then whenever the time rolls around when I actually want to start waking up or let's say I'm like 6 a.m. I don't want to wake up at 4 a.m. I want to wake up at 6 a.m. then I'll go down my office and I'll put on the eye thing that you're saying the head thing the light in front of your picture you little light behind me I need to see if I don't got a lot of my G story before and then you just blast yourself like 20 minutes and if I do that for two or three days by my circadian rhythm just right back on time right back on time and I'm in I mean I fall asleep but I'm supposed to fall asleep

► 01:50:32

I got to bed at like 10 p.m. I get up about 6 a.m. and that's that's my cycle every day but I just blast myself a flight when I get home at 1 you know make sure you use some sort of fast in order you know to regulate everything when you're traveling and then exercise those are the two big ones and then eating after after rigorous training puts everything sorted back into perspective how do you fast with your fasting protocol 16 hours every night every single night nights a week I'll fuck off what about like longer faster at all I haven't done that I started doing it started last year to my protocol now is 1216 hours intermittent fast everyday Christmas Thanksgiving what it like as soon as I stop being I'm competitive I'll set my watch by finish eating at 8 p.m. until 8 a.m. if I finish eating at midnight then I I don't eat again until you know if the given midnight for snack I will need to get to lunch at least 12 p.m. but do that everyday and then when I started

► 01:51:32

once Walter Longo came out with his research on the longevity diet and this whole idea of the fasting mimicking diet inducing cellular autophagy and enhancing longevity to the same extent as if you were just do like a pier water faster stop eating so what you do is on a quarterly basis four times a year you were strict the normal amount of calories that you would eat to 40% of what you normally eat so maybe you're doing maybe you're just dropping one meal or for every meal that you eat your eating a little bit less and you do this for 5 days on a quarterly basis I started doing that last year and I I just have like this do that I make with split mung beans and basmati rice and it's called it's called kitchari some Indian ayurvedic cleanse thanks to dr. Longo s company El Nutri sends out these kids called prolawn kits that are all done for you but I just wanted it to make my own stupid easy for me to put a little coconut yogurt on it and that's just breakfast lunch and dinner for me for 5 days in a row it's almost like a

► 01:52:32

seasonal cleaning so you do that four times a year in the only other thing that I do is one or two times a month I try to go from Saturday dinner to Sunday dinner without eating so it's almost a 24-hour fast with those three things politics Nordeman fast quarterly 5-day like modified fast and then the 24-hour fast wanted two times a month that's sustainable for me I could still perform could still work out I think I think that's the way to go how do you feel when you do that 24-hour fast cuz it'll be about 2 p.m. to get hungry at 2 p.m. in the afternoon on Sunday cuz what I'll do is I'll have dinner on Saturday and I'll wait the whole day and I'll have a big Sunday dinner and honestly doesn't affect the workouts that much because the magic of fasting seems to be the compressed feeding window and not the calorie restriction at this returns to not wanting to be hungry and cold and libido less if you're going to live a long time so the idea is that you could fast from Saturday dinner to Sunday dinner and have a job

► 01:53:32

ribeye steak sweet potato fry in a red wine dark chocolate Halo top ice cream whatever you whatever you want at the end of the day on Sunday eat 3500 calories and then you just your topped off and ready for the next day and have a long period in which you're engaged and cellular Clean Up Cellular a top Ajit but you kind of get to have your cake and eat it too cuz you have much calories at the end of that are you drinking coffee yeah so coffee's fine

► 01:54:00

I was actually surprised you didn't ask me when I brought in the sourdough bread in the in the coconut macaroons and everything if they would take you out of ketosis break your fast I get that question a lot now people are like well people people want to know if the butter in your coffee if you don't put an 800 kg of butter in your coffee is going to break your fast basically read it doesn't break your phone has zero calories it's negligible it's like a few cholesterol molecules in like the where they call a cop a stall in the car weigh all its and even that if you use a paper filter filtering lot of that out that's actually why I like french press cuz you're not filtering some of those like brain spinning compounds out of you fuck around with any of that four sigmatic mushroom coffee like that stuff before I came over here I had a cup of coffee and I had a pack of that four sigmatic Lion's for cognition I've been drinking their those little packets

► 01:55:00

Venice Beach smart guy the job with their mushroom short but I'll drink black coffee green tea both of those enhancer fatty acid burning so it's actually enhancing the benefits of a fast occasionally if I'm going to do a pretty epic workout the two things that all use in combo are Ketone Esters with essential amino acids you combine those very low number of calories but that's like Rocket Fuel how much is it do you know about 10 grams of essential amino acids in the ketones what I've been doing is a shot glass of this stuff called it Ketone Aid and then there's another company called hvmn that does like it and they all taste like ass but you combine those with like a little bit of amino acids so you have high ketones High amino acids but neither of those are insulinogenic so still keeps unit

► 01:56:00

relatively fast and state if you want to go to a hard workout or maintain muscle or whatever what about primarily on some of the some of the pathways for oxygenation red blood cell production actually Four sigmatic does a does a cordyceps as well but the other one the the lion's mane what I've been doing I'll do this about two times a week take a very small amount of Scylla syban 0.2 grams of psilocybin and you take two packets of that lion's mane the four sigmatic lion's mane extract anything that increases blood flow so could be like beetroot any nitric oxide precursor orbs you could probably try ScrewAttack niacin a lot of people use niacin but you can

► 01:57:00

buy anything that increases blood flow couple map pack it to the lion's mane and then about 0.2 G of Scylla syban and the cognitive pick me up you get from that is profound I mean you know the Scylla syban increases your sensory perception of your ability to pick out color smell scents temperature etcetera but just for getting through day of work room light going on on a long hike or I would not be surprised if our ancestors use suicidal for hunting because you actually do get a pretty good increase in sensory perception smell and sight from it and visualize it is well yeah but that mix works really well radio Lions May along with the with the Scylla syban extract should be some sort of a symbiotic benefits of the combining those sort of mushrooms together well it's like that we talked about this last time that doctrine of signatures the idea that what things look like in nature that actually give you clues about their benefit for the body and when you find lion's mane on a few seen it in nature but

► 01:57:59

looks like this cluster of axons and dendrites like it looks like brain cells you up close see if you can find it as look at me like why there's a lot of stuff like that like there's this place in Kauai. I go to cold Kauai organic Pharmacy and they just grow on this title to Acre Farm all these different superfoods like you don't know any cow in the gut comfrey there and if you dig up the root of a comfrey plant yeah that's lines map is created in that Alliance yeah but it also looks like dendrites and axons of neurons so it's very cool stuff in it up in the Inland Northwest where I live anyways though comfrey they call it bone

► 01:58:54

and The Roots look like Knuckles and joints in human bones and it's very good for healing up fractures or for making like a plaster for your joints Appliance to Humphrey play with me up last well what what that that Pharmacy quiet as they grind into a powder and then you reconstitute that with water and you smear it like over shoulder joint they can just use like it like a t-shirt or whatever to hold it on there an Ace bandage and it actually increases the speed of bone healing or joint healing like it like it's an anti-inflammatory they do like a like a muscle cream with the two made out of the comfrey that's very interesting there's there's all sorts of different different things in nature that give you Clues you like that the carrots in the eggs for your eyes the walnuts for the brain

► 01:59:42

think there's something to it. How does that stuff increase your bone healing what is it doing what's the mechanism I don't know I don't know it might be like some way of mineral delivery through the skin something like that then Blown Away by CBD by using pudding putting CBD over muscle after one of the guys you work with the Tour de France teams are showing me this an electrical muscle stimulation unit Mark Brower compax or what-have-you so on magnesium Rd arnica you try me on whatever it is that you using any rub that and then you put the electrodes on top of that but and then you put an ice pack on top of that list three things you've got that the cream or lotion you got the electrodes and then you've got there the topical thing that holds it on and the electricity Drive the

► 02:00:42

inflammatory deeper into the tissue so it enhances the effect of like a CBD oil or a magnesium and Ice allows you to turn up the electricity to a higher level without getting uncomfortable so I do this at home I use one call to call them Mark Pro and just kind of surround the area that's actually young porn or or that's painful and I'll do it around like that be awright CBD oil works amazingly for that yeah that stuff is it's it's remarkable because it's you putting on the surface of your skin and it's it it's weird how I can get all the way deep into a muscle or into a joint yeah I got a lot of people use it with knee pain and it's just it's remarkable how well work as a mouth as personal care products are kind of scary CBD don't care product helichrysum care for that that like parabens and phthalates and you know estrogen and phytoestrogen and endocrine disruptors and stuff like that and then I mean yeah they said.

► 02:01:41

guys will like take a shower with the average shampoo that's got you don't like parabens and phthalates and these things that that can be endocrine disruptors or or phytoestrogens you don't mimic estrogen in a man's body and they actually within a short. Of time after taking the shower and using these care products you can actually detect this stuff in their urine like your body is actually soaking this up and absorbing it is the very very interesting book interview this guy my podcast is called estrogeneration but how many guys have really high estrogen levels now from merrily their personal care products for their household cleaning chemicals so it's true that stuff trying to turn you into a bitch it is more like like when I race for for a teen Timex we used to train out at the the Giants stadium in New Jersey and I go in the locker room there and it's just like this

► 02:02:41

peak of performance in professional sports would have started looking into by this point how could you keep testosterone is high as possible on a male athletes body right but you walk into the bathroom and it's just like every endocrine disruptor known to man just like lined up in a pretty shining row there on the Shelf in front of the mirror shaving cream and shampoo and the spray deodorant just like not all shaving cream but if it's if it's something that has those kind of chemicals in it absolutely have you ever used dr. Carver's shave butter that sounds familiar it said it's a Dollar Shave Club products the most credible shaving cream of all time but you'll regular shaving cream if you will you want you just won't use it after you try that stuff I think I'll try that because he's are so smooth this probably happens to you you get lots of lots of personal care products since you since your studio

► 02:03:41

interesting I'll get them on the way but I don't have to share that much so don't haven't said very much you don't know how to grow out facial hair but yeah they says he's experimenting with a sprouted but you think it'd be kind of weird like it just be like one right side patch of the Qin and it's like a hair but there's a mole attached to the hair you ever wonder like what you're doing yourself stem cell but there's some of the stuff on stem cells that admittedly are a little bit of like a venture into human experimentation without robust evidence of safety how about the one when you shot on do your dick but I'm kind of my whole philosophy and stem cells are kind of go after stuff for my own body as much as possible bone marrow in New York City

► 02:04:41

for you in some cases You could argue that placental or umbilical or amniotic cells are so young and so pluripotent and I know if they don't have that that the other DNA in the nucleus which apparently they can I can kill off somehow which is how they make exosomes you're not getting somebody else's DNA you know it's it's it's just something your body would have made anyways it recognizes self so yes I'm sometimes though sometimes though I probably have taken it too far few those things but but the CBD that you were talking about I'm a huge fan of I take CBD before bed every night or early a lot of it most of them are pushing 100 and up to 900 mg which is nuts when you look at the actual serving size of the average CBD tincture capsule or pill look like 10 as you got to take a lot of it but I sleep like a baby

► 02:05:41

do you like last night I got the ring I do my sleep Squan I slept 8 and 1/2 hours last night and I take a hundred mg of CBD I take a little bit of melatonin and I'm just out but you can't take a lot of any wake up kind of groggy when you do realize but if you're used to that and you know like you get up shake it off tonight so you're good to go what's the dragon is coming from relaxed I want to be when I sleep what about regular marijuana does that affect your sleep dude find a beneficial or No Sol CBD can enhance your deep sleep cycles all right which is which is when a good majority of your neuronal repair and Recovery occurs THC allows you to sleep and it actually decreases sleep late and see how long it takes you to fall asleep but it does reduce the amount of time you spend in deep sleep right so if you're if you're one of those people whose mind races use hyper charged up when it

► 02:06:41

I got to get to sleep at night used THC light like you know it hit a vape pen or whatever but know that you might miss out on some of the things you want during deep sleep memory consolidation neuronal repair and Recovery in the nervous system repair but it's still pretty decent sleep and you're not getting as much of a reduction in deep Sleep as you would get if you were to be taking like ambien or valium or something that's literally just like a sledgehammer for your frontal cortex that knocks you out but you don't get no deep sleep so if you do this for you to get like a sleep tracker and tester deep sleep levels you would find that with CBD you don't fall asleep as fast but you get higher deep sleep levels and then with THC you can fall asleep faster but your deep sleep is quite as high when you consider that CBD can counteract light effects of THC then that means that what you could try it take THC to lie to fall asleep faster but then pile whole bunch of CBD

► 02:07:41

top of that and I've done that before too or just take a hit on a vape pen and then take a bunch of CBD and shoot for The Best of Both Worlds that are taking Ambien I mean that is especially people that are doing it virtually every night. It's got to have a profound effect on your brain's ability to recover I think there are a lot of people shooting themselves on the life we're taking ambien or Valium I mean I I think to start with sleep you need to align your body's own internal chemistry and that would be breathwork like I think everybody before they start taking whatever phosphatidyl serine and adaptogenic herbs and all the shit for cortisol and before they start taking valium or Ambien everything else for for sleep you should learn how to control your physiology with your breath I think that's the most powerful way to do it I mean Pronto you're shocked or whatever you want to call it like being able to do things like breathwork box breathing alternate nostril breathing even even holotropic breathing like you can go some very

► 02:08:41

piercing places in terms of DMT production by the pineal gland by just doing holotropic breathwork like there's there's a lot of very interesting things that you can do with your breath but I think that forgetting to sleep or for decreasing stress you start with the breath and then you start introducing each other molecules but Ambien and Valium like in the air of like readily available CBD and me and all the other sleep compound that we have available Valerian and passionflower chamomile and you know all of those are what are called gamma-aminobutyric acid Gaba precursors they produce inhibitory neurotransmitters I don't understand why people are still taking Ambien and Valium cuz they're idiots addicted to it or they just want a pill then that's essentially what it is they want static in my sink is our president thing our president takes that shit he I think he's sleeping with ambient I think a lot of politicians do that I can't sleep otherwise they're fucking ruining the world

► 02:09:41

found it if my brain is racing just completely concentrating on breathing in and breathing out concentrating on just the breath itself like really being cognizant of it and slow deliberate brats in and out and in and out by doing that over long periods of time I found that I can I can pretty much caught myself out but that takes focus a lot of people are not willing to learn how to do that because I want the fast track out just want a pill and it's very unfortunate that those things exist in that that that sort of thinking is it's reinforced SIM cards in fact you know you've all these ads and all these doctors and different people well if he have a hard time sleeping right in prescription the next thing you know I mean you look at the animal were like they self medicate they'll use clay for parasites in your dog's wheatgrass for stomach issues and I guess

► 02:10:41

virgin our putting like nicotine in cigarettes in their nest cuz there's some kind of benefit to that and you see animals self-medicating you see our ancestors using everything from me and cannabis to Ceylon cinnamon to the all sorts of different derivatives for thousands of years so it's not like supplementation or self-medication or the or the whole creation of pharmaceuticals is something that's unnatural for not acceptable human activity the one she starts used as a crutch I think that's where you run into issues like once once you've denied a human body's ability to be able to heal itself or to be able to decrease stress on its own you begin to rely on these exogenous chemicals I think that's where you start playing with fire I just wonder what's happening to people's minds over the long term use of this stuff where you're not going into these deep sleep cycles and you're using it every night cuz essentially once you get hooked on it a lot of people have a really hard time sleeping without it yeah yeah

► 02:11:41

would study Survivor it's running like that that's where a lot of that type of stuff happens it means the same thing with with what's it called glymphatic drainage like this this new drainage system for the brain that they've just discovered in recent years this idea that you actually detoxify the brain during the sleep cycles and it's even enhance when you sleep on your side the motive sleeping positions in this thing called glymphatic drainage and when you're not going through proper sleep cycles or you're constantly waking cuz you're on your back and you have a lot of people have sleep apnea where you look at their sleep charts in the frequently wake during the night or that you'll see. Where they just get ripped out of deep sleep that you wake up and you don't have memory consolidation or you don't have the type of neuronal repair recovery that you'd want or you know you came ashore yourself on muscle repair and Island and there's there's probably a lot that we don't know about just dreaming and its ability to be able

► 02:12:41

do things like help form memories or or make you learning or experiences more deeply rooted but yeah I mean it's it's it's I think sleep architecture is something that just gets super fucked up in the modern post industrial are we got access to Pharmaceuticals and just take a sledgehammer to our heads no question about it and it's also there's been a lot of work done on actually going to sleep with a problem that's how idea of sleep on it like there's a there's actually something real to Dad that there are and some are some cognitive balancing that's going on while you're sleeping where your mind is actually going over whatever issues you might have been trying to come up with a problem during sleep time during your subconscious you don't want to know how many times now and I'm humble learning this as I get older that you delay a decision or you delay reply to an email or delay responding to a text message or what-have-you until you've got a full night of sleep on it and the clarity that you

► 02:13:41

after that I mean you just basically you think about a little bit before you fall asleep then you go to sleep and you wake up with such a better answer the same thing with a lock on it like walk on it is another thing you make more nerve growth factor and more brain derived neurotrophic Factor when you walk while you're learning I recently gave a tedx talk and I just made the whole tedx talk and I learned the whole thing while I was walking up on the Farm Road back behind my house I just walk up to the forest pop out in the sunshine walk up and down that road and just listen to my Ted Talk on my earbuds and get my talk and it's just it's it's amazing for the brain but yeah I agree dwelling on something before you go to sleep it does the trick if I do that I always have a response the next day that's Kinder less emotional more understanding friendlier

► 02:14:34

reciprocating any any sort of Good Vibes it's it's it's really interesting it's really a really interesting how there is some sort of a wisdom that supported on you while you're sleeping there is and in now what I do is I'll think about what it is but I am a big fan of fiction before you fall asleep and just let you escape to a whole different world I took my kids on his giant New York City like we went we went to Chelsea Market in the Highline Park in the Empire State Building an LS Island we did it all but we went across the street from Central Park to the New York Historical Society where they had a Harry Potter exhibit we walked in there now. I've just always been resistant to the Harry Potter phase changes I've never read the books and their watch the movies but my kids really wanted to go so I took her

► 02:15:23

and when I walk through the door and saw all the research the Deep research that JK Rowling did on Alchemy and herbology and Anne and the history of magic and Wizardry in and she she actually took a deep dive in all this stuff she pre-planned out all seven of those books before she even wrote the first one and all for original manuscripts were in there are letters back and forth to the editor and to the publisher I walked out the other end of that exhibit took about 2 hours to get through you as looking at everything coming through everything and I was just like it die hard Harry Potter fan where is this is one of those things that was at the New York Historical Society but you know a lot of these Bill to an exhibit in Hill County go in and out during the year so I doubt it's still going right now cuz this is like 3 months ago and we walked out and I me and my kids like Dad this is the Gryffindor wand and this is the the Slytherin

► 02:16:23

Dumbledore Swan Inn in the Gryffindor sweater and the Slytherin sweater I just started buying them all the sweaters and Hannah want and now I'm reading the book some I'm halfway through Goblet of Fire right now and I'm actually digging it my ten-year-old read all of them she read all of them in the course of a year to the universal ride but I don't think they have a brochure for that down at the Hilton what I'm saying amazing the Harry Potter World ride Incredible 3D ride where you are on a roller-coaster but it's not 3D but it's you know augmented or I'll go by myself yeah scream my hands up in the air it's really good really good it's one of my boys made butterbeer first class space they help Mom with all this stuff they've got like a cooking podcast and they do their last episode with marshmallows they made marshmallows but there's like a cups worth it

► 02:17:23

bone broth and every marshmallow is like this healthy like glycine infused marshmallow that they made a dark chocolate fondue with different cocoa mix what does it feel like I don't have the recipe but it tastes a bit like I'm usually not much of it sneak snacks into bed kind of guy but I was like taking marshmallows to bed eating marshmallows reading Harry Potter how much sugar is in the marshmallow. Good job with their podcast like they're doing a lot of like like blackstrap molasses Stevia and raw honey and their do like what else did they make they made like a like a a gluten-free baked donut with a cream cheese Ginger frosting and cacao nibs on just like you dip it in coffee and it tastes like a real donut they are there turn into little little chefs that you make us what's the benefit of grass-fed beef

► 02:18:23

over regular be fine I know there is a benefit but I don't I don't I never can recall correctly it's something to do with the smoke such a fatty acid ratios you're going to have more the omega-6 fatty acids which have been unfairly vilified meaning that a lot of people are just like don't need any omega-6 is don't have any arachidonic acid like don't don't overdo your seed you're not you're not butter kind of like the the orthorexic help world as a whole you know like when you read nutrition magazines and stuff they're like do your Omega threes but be careful Americans have a 20 to 1 omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio but the problem is that Mega sixes that's a lot of those are derived from what are called parent essential oils in your cell membranes need a certain amount of omega-6 fatty acids from seeds and nuts and plants and even to a certain extent grains and when you have an excess of a mega threes and not enough of Mega success cuz you're going so far into the fish oil

► 02:19:23

category then actually damage is a component of your mitochondrial membrane called cardio life in yes you make less of that cellular activity I would imagine the most nutrient-dense ones so I just don't eat the Quasi nuts like peanuts which are the other not as high nutrient density there more of a legume than a nut is a lot of my nuts out of raw or lightly roasted you always look at the label to make sure they didn't put a lot of vegetable oil and canola oil and I'm I'm a fan of nuts and in my right my nuts like it eat your nuts if you were going to have to show him like if you've ever had to Shell walnuts you're not going to eat 30 walnuts cuz I be exhausting Rye eustachio

► 02:20:23

too many of them I buy them shelled and ivete fistfuls of them here last night I ate half a bag of pistachios are great for your microbiome to actually had a couple of research studies on that last year that showed it an improvement in the diversity of the bacteria in your gut with pistachios and I Just Want To Nuts is good for byproduct cuz the fiber content in pistachios but grass-fed vs. grain-fed is primarily the omega-3 fatty acids me have Leslie Rach atonic acid less of the potentially inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids there's probably part of it being that grass-fed grass-finished beef is generally raised on farms using less herbicides less pesticides raising their meat in the more sustainable fashion you know giving it less hormones given less antibiotics at the painting with a broad brush generally grass-fed there's more to it than just a fatty acid composition it's just a better me over all my well better health-wise grain-fed beef I will not lie like you can you can have

► 02:21:23

pretty damn tasty fatty Cut grain-fed Beef certainly can but I honestly prefer the the taste of grass-fed I like the denser meet the dark or meet I liked it better just to me it just it just takes a healthier I just did my I crave it more you know and when I go back and forth between the two of them when I eat grain-fed it's it feels like like a lazy cow like it's a good salacious don't get me wrong but there's a difference. Funny cuz I've gone over to Dubai a few times and Tall light Fitness conference is over there and they advertise grain-fed like they want everybody like when you go to the rest was like this beef is the finest grain-fed beef by accident I didn't like my steak is fucking dare you why did you not like it

► 02:22:22

I like it I didn't like it just something about like the me just taste it taste like it was dressing vegetable oil like something about it didn't taste right maybe I had a poor Peter lugars experience that doesn't even make sense I did not enjoy it that much yeah yeah they do my buddy at David bouley he's a chef over there and he has his wonderful restaurant where he brings like doctors and nutritionist in and they teach you about certain aspects of the food that you're eating like I did when they're on longevity and I talked about like having bitters before your meal to reduce your your glucose in your insulin response to the meal and the use of like like sweetbreads for your thymus gland to increase the activity of your immune system to unlike a lot of polyphenols in antioxidants from the purples and the greens in the Blues to their these things called

► 02:23:22

coupling proteins that actually get activated with with cryotherapy and cold water immersion but that also are something that get activated with the consumption of it's like a sea urchin is basically it's like a sea urchin phone that they did at this dinner but basically what he does is so partner with the position or the or the nutritionist whatever I make this amazing like for our five-star meal that's designed to enhance the health effects of whatever it is that you just learned about in New York City when I did that blood procedure couple weeks ago I dropped in there again and 8 that's when my favorite places to go to know who's got a steakhouse in New York City that guy who fucking sprinkles assault what the hell does name salt Bae he's got a place in New York City of the guys get the sawed-off throw it on the meat while you're too busy doing actual work but I like salt I like I like good salt as a matter of fact you know what the very best salt that you can get is what

► 02:24:22

FaceTime I was with a group of doctors a couple of months ago in Park City in this guy one of the guys was there is like a wire and assault expert and he did was call the mass spectrometry analysis of all these popular songs like Himalayan sea salt and black Kona salt and Aztec solved Mexican stalled on all these different salts and analyze them for their their mineral content cuz you want High mineral content but their metal content Relic we know that iron especially in guys now we're finding out it's not Greatest Hits oxidative it can cause damage associated with inflammation we know the metals and in microplastics all these kind of things are winding up in the food supply the top of the list terms of cleanliness and mineral content what do you think that was kosher salt wasn't kosher salt in by it's just about any grocery store Morton sea-salt Na Nog Celtic salt Celtic Celtic salt in a blue bag kind of like a gray salt and it's gray cuz they don't like bleach it but it still cleans not like paint

► 02:25:22

reddish cuz it doesn't have a lot of iron in a herd of Celtic yeah I mean you can buy that sled anywhere and that that stuff is about the healthiest all you can get okay dude I like it I started I always travel with some kind of salt my wife gets pissed cuz you know she'll make these amazing meals in the first thing I do is I just pull out the salt and discovered everything in salt but I think it's because I excrete a lot of salt if you were when I raced for effort for a Timex actually they brought in a bunch of physiologist to test our sweat sodium are sweat sodium analysis meaning that they they measure how much sodium you excrete for any given volume of sweat and this thing like when you look at people of the northern European ancestry who would have come from a population that did a lot of fermenting lot of Kyra

► 02:26:22

pickling we would develop some pretty robust sodium excretion mechanisms right because we're we're preserving our food with salt you don't want all that sell to build up in the body because you were the radical you could increase blood pressure you could cause some damage if you have too much salt when you look at other folks who didn't know people who would for example sweat a lot with a hot environment you know like like whatever South Africa are very hot region of the Philippines or whatever they would have some pretty robust salt conservation mechanisms to be able to hold onto sodium and hold onto salt because I sweating more while my sweat sodium analysis revealed that I lose like two and a half times more salt in my sweat than the average person so I think that dictates to a certain extent my almost my craving for salt when I was racing Ironman Triathlon I would lay awake at night and I can feel my blood pounding in my ears after a day of training and I started using salt heavily

► 02:27:22

and one of the first things that happens because salt regulates aldosterone which is one of the compounds that regulate your blood pressure all that went away like I could fall asleep at night you know when you leave your head down on your pillow and I couldn't hear the blood pounding in my ears so for about four years I've just I've been salt on everything Stein of it I'm so I got to wrap this up and fortunately that was awesome though you're the best thank you so much though it's good to talk to you I don't know how the fuck you retain all this information but I'm glad you do thanks man thanks for your Instagram just Google being green. Everything all right thank you everyone for the podcast and thank you to our sponsors thank you to ZipRecruiter you could try ZipRecruiter for free at this exclusive web address ziprecruiter.com Rogan go there if you need to hire somebody it's a no-brainer and you can try

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