#1237 - Sebastian Maniscalco

The Joe Rogan Experience #1237 - Sebastian Maniscalco

February 4, 2019

Sebastian Maniscalco is a stand up comedian and he also hosts his own podcast with Pete Correale called “The Pete and Sebastian Show” available on iTunes. His new special "Stay Hungry" is now streaming on Netflix.

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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I'm alive you fucking handsome bastard look at you what's going on man what's going on I've done this once before and I've watched you throughout the years and when I come in here I get a little

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nervous why

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you're a guy who knows a lot about everything and I don't know a lot of I don't think I know enough to make it seem like I know a lot of whatever you're doing it it's you know more than I do like we were on your treadmill out there and you go it's 13% that what did you say active or difficult than regular running K like I forgot the fact what you just said from the time we walked in I lost it so I don't I don't have the attention that I wish I had so is my Alpha Brain I need something is that what I'm missing in my diet Alpha Brain let me know what's interesting though is that people come up to me with shit that happened just a few years ago and I'm like I don't remember that at all I think you have a certain amount of room in your brain

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my brain is always deleting stuff and then shoving a new things are sometimes I'm going to tell me about something like we talked about the troubles around 1.

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And then I have to go oh yeah it's like I find the folder in my head and like are there that yeah it's just for whatever reason this so I can only I only keep things I'm interested in got you I just wish I could retain a lot of the things that you either see or hear to then recall it in a conversation you can be got to write things down you got to like want to work all things that's a problem I don't do a lot of writing as far as I can opatrny thing to just take notes when you write your act you write it in your head or do you write it on paper or Katana you just audio go to The Comedy Store I record it and I listened to it on the way home and I'll call maybe I'll do this next time maybe I'll do that I'll take that out this out and then so there's no writing my ACT is more recalling stories than sitting

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I'm going on I think this is funny right so that's kind of how I work but yeah the reason I say that to start off as just like I see you go down a lot of different paths on the podcast and I often go man if I was sitting in that chair can I add to the conversation and a lot of times it's no

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just because for whatever the reason I I just feel like I need to be a little bit more while read read read the Goggins book Grant fucking book but then I'm running I'm running say I'm working out and I have I thought of this guy going to want me to put another Mile and I'm just now starting to get into a little bit more books than I have in the in the past is in the past to be honest with you I haven't really I haven't really read much I try to read one new thing a week and the way I try to do it is I have a I use a lot of audiobooks but I also read books I go back and forth in between them between reading and audiobooks but I find for whatever reason I retain more with audiobook

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then I do with reading maybe it's my ADD or something like that cuz when I'm reading I kind of have to back up sometimes like I'll go through a whole paragraph from thinking about some other shit while I'm reading and I got to go to a soul backup reread that go over it again you know that's what I find in my mind wanders like to know if you're saying the audiobook definitely is better option Indians have scatterbrains at least in some in some way all of us are a little fucked up I think we have to be I think I think there's a mine works in a weird way in a comedians head I think it has to be a little bit fragmented and thinking a lot of different things at once in awhile to operate I mean you're doing it on stage I think you know you're doing you're doing your comedy and self-evaluating going is this working right now should I go off into another bitch should I talk about my family I see their liking family stuff so I think yeah that's what we're doing

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coming and then sometimes I think that bleeds to Everyday Life yeah for sure yeah when you're doing a bit are you thinking about what your are you like to have a bid on Deck like while you're in the middle of the bed do you like go from there I'm going to talk about you know the gym are the leader of this so that it's funny and I don't know if you go through this do you ever go through first of all when you doing comedy do you have a beginning middle and end and you know where you're going throughout that whole set or do in the moment do you know what I'm going to do the bed of my... Or is it set so it's both it depends when like right now I don't have a lot of material because my Netflix special came out in October so November December January basically three months worth of new shitt which is about 40 minutes of all told material and then I have 20 other minutes that are

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in the there in like the baking stage like I'm not ready to take him out of the oven I fuck around with him I'll shove them in the middle of bits I'm sometimes but they're not they're not 100% legit need to be flushed out but one of those became like one of my best bits now it's weird how that works like sometimes you just find this one part of it that makes it work and boom I was heading to bits turbocharged so because of that I usually I decide that day usually when I'm going to open with and then I leave the middle part up to my imagination and then I decide what I'm going to close with but when I ready to a Netflix special I basically have it all mapped out I basically have a starting point and I have an endpoint but even when I'm filming I still fuk around an ad-lib cuz I don't think it cuz every show I do I don't I don't have like I'm going to say it verbatim this way every time I always fuck around because I always feel

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I can find a new way that's better if I just stay loose and so even when I'm filming I do it that way cuz I feel I want this to be like a real show the real show and I always film for shows so I'm like if it's a real show I'll fuck around and inside I've been feeling for a fuk around I'll go down a dark Road and there's no one there in like right turn around I think I think that's the way to do it though to be kind of in the moment and how you're feeling when you're filming something just because that's the way you would be anyway but sometimes I've learned in the past when I'm filming something I feel like man I'd like to get everything that I want out on this special and I don't want to forget anything yet doesn't mean I swear I'm not performing and I I I I forgot to put on Mike I'll be searching in my head for the bit and like I know there's another something that goes along this but then I died just jump off and go into a

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another routine so for me I don't know I like to keep it different every night just try and lay around and it's weird now that a Netflix special I just one came out I don't really subscribe to if if I have a Netflix special out and you come to a live show you're going to see some of those bits that I did in the Netflix special I don't like retire the the ACT I know some guys go okay it's out there I'm not doing this on my life show myself I still like to do some of that material cuz I enjoy doing it and I also have some new stuff so I kind of

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and I don't know how long that lasts I don't know like I know some some people were like oh I saw that on the Netflix why am I going to pay to see it live if I could see it at home but there's something about going out I believe to a live show and seeing a live performance is different nuances that you might see in a bit or an add-on like this sometimes I add on to the joke that my jokes are sometimes never finished so I keep adding on so that's the way I kind of worked at my entire career. Brian Regan doesn't that way we're guys will call out there it's like they will date like if you go to see gafken he doesn't do Hot Pockets going to get fucking mad that's this a lot of people like that I retire my material but I have brought stuff out before people asked like someone asked me to bring up explaining Kim Kardashian's to the aliens the other night and I was amazed that I could

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remember it but I remembered it but for the most part I retire ship because I feel like in my mind if I don't retire things I'm not going to work on new things as much and little limit myself and then I always feel like my newest bits are better than my older bits because even though I've been doing stand-up for 30 years I still think I get better at it I think it's a constant state of self-evaluation and self-analysis and going over the material and then realize you know you have enough good sets and bad sets and great sets you have enough because I recognized characteristics of each one where they go wrong and then you get better at having less bad sets and even less good set some more great sets and I think that for me

► 00:15:26

one big part of that is constantly writing I write write I sit down at a right right and I write I've 1 hour every night after shows that's one big one I went through the day but the big one for me seems to be at night when I come home from the store and I'm jazzed up and also it's great to because everyone's asleep it's just me and the dog and I just fucking sit at that desk and I'll just work until my I start blinking and I start getting really tired in some of my best shit I've ever come up with is that way after shows cuz I'm all I'm Juiced up and then also I have a process of listening to the show in the car cuz you know one of the coolest things about Bluetooth audio that you get your phone you recorded on your phone and then in the car home you can listen I need a fuck that up or I should have done it this way or maybe if I do that or you have an idea like I'll pause it on another idea that I make a new voice note then I'll go home

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and I'll listen to it again I listen to my set again and I'll pause it and then start working on stuff and that's how I've been able to expand all these bits pretty quickly that's interesting I am I find my best bits come out of just living my life and I have a daughter we went to the zoo and the nuances at the zoo that I picked up on and I just go up either tell I'll call my mother and I'll tell her a story and that's kind of my barometer whether or not this thing's going to work on stage and then I'll go to The Comedy Store and kind of flush it out there but yeah I mean I just never been the guy who writes I just I don't know you don't have to look at what he's won the best ever just don't write for me I feel like it's all about how much time and energy I put on things if I put more time and energy you just working on my

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back to because I'm writing that's going to be better that's just how I look at it with another guy that's it every word is planned out and you can hear it with him though you really hear his act as like a scalpel you know it's just he's slicing the perfect slice and needs he knows exactly how does that he's got perfect timing he's got his use of words as you know whether or not you you know of any, can appreciate any, can appreciate the way he does that you know there's a lot of guys are like that who just have that did you ever watch Jenny at all I have his timing I think was timing in comedy is something a bit of a lost art I don't think a lot of comedians are really taking two-timing like they

► 00:18:25

in the past and I don't know if they're scared of the silence cuz cuz a lot of timing is silent and a lot of guys and women tend to not Relish in those moments of Silent swear sometimes it's it's comedy gold lot of people run through the material and for me as an audience member I like someone who kind of gives you an audience member little little beet or maybe sometime too kind of marinade in the joke a little bit opposed to kind of blowing through the material don't you feel that like when you're in a large audience that's even more critical because you have like there's thousands of people and it seems like a big paws like in between punchlines or you give up person a chance give this whole group of people chance think about how ridiculous what you just said was yeah it in a dance is it oh absolutely I mean specially like you said in a large audience which is even more fearful for a comedian to let the joke.

► 00:19:25

yes God knows you know if you got a thousand people and then you got 20,000 people I mean 19 more thousand people

► 00:19:37

could yell or scream or say something so anything to stop and just let that joke with a little bit and just and then maybe out of percolators times were I'm on stage in and out go a little bit longer than I thought I was going to go without talking but maybe give it like a facial expression or what not just to see if I could eat out another Crescendo of laughter and those are the moments I really relishing because sometimes the silence is even better than saying anything yeah and you also realize that you're not like rushing anything you got a hold of it at least for myself my ACT is more like a it needs to needs to kind of sit I don't really do well on like five minute talk shows doing like in doing a 4 1/2 minutes set on Fallon I need to let go out there I could takes me two minutes to

► 00:20:37

take to get warm now I'm saying like to get into a joke right away and that to me I just need time I need to I need to let it breathe I've always felt those late-night talk-show sets are so strange not only that but you basically opening for yourself I mean cuz there's no one has done stand-up yet accepted monologue it's kind of stand out but kind because it's all like what's happening today and everybody knows that it's been written it's it's weird and then you go out and do a stand-up setting off in time to see guys go out and I'll do a stand-up said they don't even have a microphone you know they doing stand-up sending it they don't know what the fuck to do with their hands and it's odd the first time I did a stand-up set on on TV I said I need the microphone I can't go out there I've been doing comedy for what's 12 years it had been then I got like a I need a physical

► 00:21:37

are you sad when I go with my hands so every time I do a late night said I need a microphone on the couch now you know it's Jessica go on Fallon or what-have-you and it's all premeditated the master he's the best at sitting down there and they just like you know you know I'm saying he's just got a great way of handling the couch he makes it sound like just two guys talking and then there's cameras film in it sometimes it could look like okay you asked the question I give the answer before whatever the reason is so unnatural for him it's like this guy looks like he's talking and at a diner now he's he's mastered the art of not giving a fuck yeah he's very comfortable and if you let you know but that's who we is all day you know he just wrapped it up a couple extra

► 00:22:37

clicks when he goes onstage that that's when you hanging out with them that's burp yeah it's not a far departure from now from what we're saying he's got one thing down to that guy does not fuck with social media is not doing nothing but he's not even on it I mean you like kind of I guess you post stuff while you don't follow on Instagram and every once in a while I'll see something which you know from me kind of weaned off the social media a little bit I know a lot of guys live on it and they take you into their lives and I follow Bert Kreischer every I'm wondering if the people around Bert Kreischer are are are going to him all right you want to lose the phone you know we're having dinner here because Matt he really gives you a bird's-eye view into not only his family life but he's on a ski lift then he's got the skis and this and that so which I appreciate

► 00:23:37

it's just for me I don't know is there's a little sense of privacy every once in awhile since TV gig conqueror and most of the other one the other one is traveling around triplet triplet and you know he's doing really well but he was gone for long stretches of time away from his family and he wasn't getting to do much stand up and he and I have a conversation about it and I said stood Argo you're too funny to be just working for a television show everybody can do a television show but not everybody could you stand up the way you did stand up and he was somewhere along the line decided all right fuck this TV shit and I'm just going to just going to concentrate on stand up in a big part of that was social media so big part of it for him was you know every year we have is sober October crew it's already Tom Segura me and Bert and we do

► 00:24:37

one month challenge last year was a fitness challenge and before that it was a hot yoga challenge and before that they had to lose weight so I told me we've only done it twice but it's a big thing social media why is a bunch of people hop on board with it a bunch of people join in and they they take a month off booze into and and forbert that's fucking hard that guy goes hard in the paint with the booze so for him that the sober October stuff in the weight lost up Propel does career mean everything start taking off the Netflix special start taking off his stand-up shows are sold out everywhere that he people know him they know he takes off his shirt when he goes onstage now it's a totally different thing so I get it with him just where did that's what brought him to the dance social media absolutely in that guy's figured it out I'm just using Bert as an example of a guy who's on social media a ton and it's figured out a way to weave that into his kind of aura

► 00:25:37

and what he does professionally but for me I feel I get a little I feel like everything I do on social media has to be funny if I do a post I feel like it has to be funny I feel a little bit intimidated to put something out that's just me doing X Y and Z and that's where I feel I fail at social media and I feel like I've kind of weaned off it and sometimes I look at my Instagram on my Twitter it looks like a I'm going to be here I'm going to be here here's my shows there's no real kind of substance to it at all the good thing is I mean I get why people yeah but that's where I'm going to be I get it but I see what you're saying as a, cuz Ari shaffir said that too and he doesn't want to put anything on Instagram or Twitter unless it's funny now that's what he concentrates on and he tries to

► 00:26:37

stop even saying that you can a mock people that are comedians that say things that aren't funny I'm like well then you get to be mocking me I see a lot of shit that's not funny it's like you have things which is weird cuz I do do other things whether it's podcasting all the time or doing the UFC commentary like if I watch the fight tonight start posting about MMA I'm not trying to be funny and see just what it is you're living in a lot of different worlds but and I look at your Instagram you're cooking meat right but for me I'm thinking how the hell does he get the meat from from top to bottom like medium rare throughout you know like that for me that's more of a way I can teach you Sebastian I could teach you you know though is cooking it slowly so you got like this grill or whatever

► 00:27:34

if you gets my meet the way it gives you the minute I would send you one hundred percent perfect like saying someone wants to make a desk like this out of hardwood like to soak the sawdust they take the sawdust from Sawmills and they can press it and they make these little tiny pellets and so there's no chemicals known as it's just wood and then that the way a pellet grill Worx a bunch of really good companies that make them I use a Traeger but I've used a Yoder that's a great one to and Green Mountain Grills at this they have they all work the same way they have a heating element in a worm Drive saw you at this big bucket of these pallets and then the Worm Drive feeds the pallets into this heating element in the heating element makes up a loaf catch fire so once they catch fire it's a matter of how much pellets and how much fan to keep the temp that's what it looks like up there

► 00:28:32

so then that she I'm looking at this and I'm like it that that looks like a that looks like a lot of work but there comes with the whole thing I'll have it delivered to you I'm trying to get more people to cook like this because it's just wood and fire it's the best is no chemicals is no bulshit no lighter fluid no gas no nothing so your employer me fire entire meat process is on this Grill except the end at the end this is a different Grill than this one has a thing on the side of you see that thing on the right hand side is like a like that looks like a like a direct flame thing looks like it's got gas as well write the one that I have doesn't have that but at the end I got I sear it at the very end on a cast iron frying pan so I cook it from between 225 to 275° which is pretty low and I'll kick it until it hits an internal

► 00:29:32

temperature depending upon what I'm cooking somewhere around 1:20 to the maximum like 1:30 ish I take it out and I have a cast iron frying pan is hot as a mother fucker and I use either beef Tallow or grass-fed butter and I see you the shit out of that with some garlic and I throw some time in there and fucking flip it over and get that good Seer and I let it sit for a minimum of 10 minutes your meat is unbelievable I seen it on the other Kathleen say that I do something similar but I do it in the oven I don't do it in the slow cook in the oven and then I take it out and let it rest for think 15 minutes but I'm always looking for better ways in at 2 to cook meat and if if you're saying that this palette thing doesn't add any flavor

► 00:30:32

the hardwood. You're so you know it's all Smokey with the thing up smokes coming out of it and every that's a nice aromatic small right that's what I always liked Cherry smoke or Courier Maple all these different Hardwoods you can choose a bunch of default perfect okay so we're not getting that in the in the oven it's different and is also a setting on a Traeger called super smoke we hit it it goes to camp be over 225 but that's what I like anyway and you put it on 225 and it just constantly fans hard and pushes all the smoke so just gets his deep rich Smoky flavor in the me Bellissima I like if you're not into that too I like a regular Weber grill Weber that you know the little what are those things called that you get what would you call them they look like a drum looks like a half a drum Barrel fucking thing yeah but it looks like

► 00:31:32

yeah the black ones like steal those with just lump charcoal that that puts a nice flavor out of to the key is don't fuck around with the chemicals we start using lighter fluid and shit... Ads weird taste your food does yeah and even if you buy that lump charcoal that does charcoal briquettes rather the charcoal briquettes visit there's something in them that makes them that shape they have to and then they let you know that all they like Fast gasoline in them but lump charcoal meaning they just take hardwood and then they burn that shit down to to you know that clunky looking lump charcoal just get that stuff and then take some newspaper rolled a newspaper up in one of those ever used one of those little those chimneys do you know what those things are

► 00:32:25

2 BBQ chimney it's like you pour the charcoal in this tube and at the bottom of the tube you take like pieces of paper to crumple I'm up and balls and then you like the balls on fire and The Fire Rises up from the paper to the charcoal and it lights to charcoal on fire then you dump the charcoal out into the grill and that that's a nice flavor on a toilet just put it again same kind of feeling like we would just as wood flavor on the meet a nice I'm so I'm a big fan of cooking I love it I went to this restaurant the other night to APL yes. It on your Instagram good meat I need a 380 day dry aged steak this guy on here he's a chef his name is Adam Perry Lang and he's a guy who runs the place and I've never even heard of someone doing something like that like what you hear like dry aged steak is like 30 days right he's he's taking it to the Sun

► 00:33:25

crazy place where he's got these the stakes in his gigantic like walk-in freezer are where everything is dry aging if certain microbes they put in the air and then they have fans so it's like it's a certain type of bacteria that they want that covers over the meet certain type of mold so delivers is very strange taste any steak that I've ever had in my life it's very weird it's delicious that's what it looks like oh well yeah that's 380 day dry aged steak it's since he says it smells like fogra it does it's it smells very strange it's very different and I've heard about this place phenomenal I haven't been there yet just in Hollywood but thank you for the giver chapter Rochelle I'm ready to go home and it's it's on Vine in Hollywood but it's it's not for everybody like that flight like my wife is not into it

► 00:34:25

she likes regular steak she's not it's like she like yeah she's it's it's it's strong flavor it's a different flavor like doesn't taste like anything you've ever had before I let it doesn't taste like venison doesn't like bison it doesn't take place like a ribeye to get from Fleming's or something like that tastes very very different tastes like itself it doesn't taste like anything I've ever had but it's up you know that's one year of your fucking geeking out hard there's a show that I binge watch on YouTube called the meat show I think the YouTube channel is called eater and then the show is called the meat show and this guy just travels around going all these different super high end restaurants that serve steak and trying to see what their preparation is what they do differently in

► 00:35:18

you can fucken lose your mind with that stuff with me as far as when it comes to food my wife not so much

► 00:35:31

if I picking these recipes use cookbooks I have used cookbooks in the past but I do a majority of the cooking in my house I come from you know my mom used to cook a live in and my father is still a lot of fish so I don't do a lot of recipes it's more like that how do you make the the muscle for the mussel sauce and then he'll and I'll take me through it so nothing's written down a lot of improvising linguine with clams like what kind of stuff you could you know what I like a lot of like a lot of pasta I like a nice bolognese sauce however I'm trying to stay away from those types of meals because in the past I ballooned up to in a 205 207 not giving a crap about my health or anything and recently

► 00:36:31

I've lost some weight through the fact that I've been watching my diet cuz you know I mean I don't know I mean you're in shape so you you seem a lot more discipline than a lot of comedians when it comes to health but for myself I have you know taken on a regiment of not drinking wine i7 like a little wine after the meal with during the meal and eliminated that and I've been doing some Pilates a lot of nice which is help my my balance and Mike or underrated exercise very underweight it is really change the way I look at the physical fitness bodies Sergey kovalev regain the you out of the WBC RWBY. Which Wich light heavyweight championship on Saturday night he's the crusher is badass

► 00:37:31

mother fucker and he just just I mean at 35 I think he has regained his title and his routine is very unusual and one of the things that he does for his exercise is Pilates and your people make fun of it but the guys got strength in all these weird places full range of motion and flexibility and that's what I have I'm 45 so my range of motion made my shoulder screwed up my legs my knee and this is giving me an exercise where I could not only improve my flexibility but man I'm you walk out I'm drenched yeah and so yeah I'm getting back on the physical fitness thing cuz I've been on the road so so much that I kind of let that slip a little but I want to get I want to get back yeah you know some guys are real good about working on the railroad Bryan Callen goes everywhere he goes he'll go to a gym and he's real good at that like he'll go and go work out with kickbox

► 00:38:31

where is workout with jiu-jitsu guys Brian does a lot of boxing so final like a local boxing gym have a guy hold the pads for maybe even a little light sparring he gets really into it on the road but I think that's the key to force yourself to not stay in your hotel and wait till the show goes you just got to force yourself to get out and go do something yeah I wish I was a self-motivated guy but I need help so I've taken my buddy John Petrelli's a personal trainer so he comes on the road with me and you know motive motivates me to go that's great to get up and go with the swimming we do a lot different than this guys I like them to you cuz she's into a mixed martial arts he's at the hunting he's one of these guys that is a great motivator really help me get my life back together when it comes to it to physical fitness goes again

► 00:39:23

the house lifting weights made my everything was falling apart and now with the swimming in Pilates I feel like I have something to look forward to when it comes to to to working out because to go to the gym for me wasn't fun anymore it's like I'm going to do biceps and chest it's over in a 225 that's that was my work out since I was like 18 I'd go in nothing nothing changed it was 2:25 yet and then let's do some curls and go home neglect the legs legs although I did have I played soccer growing up so I did have those soccer legs I got like Earl Campbell yeah soccer is one of the best exercises ever I mean it was also great way to blow your ACL out totally everybody's

► 00:40:23

DJ his fucking son there's a video he retweeted it his son is a football player and there's there's a video of his son when you know someone's trying to tackle him and he moves like a fucking ghost it's incredible you watching like it was once one of those rare things where you see something and you're like legitimately impressed like holy shit I watched it like five times in a row this kids foot work is incredible but footwork like that kind of looks like who's in better shape than soccer players there consoling Sprint games like you and you have to maintain that stamina you're constantly sprinting there's a lot of mileage in a soccer game going to laugh as well as your listeners believe me

► 00:41:15

pickleball you ever played in pickleball what is that pickle like tennis and ping pong and you played in a gymnasium so it's like a it's a net okay and if you got paddles and talk about moving side to side it's it's fun and you burn a ton of calories you need do it in a gym and look at it like a basketball court so it's like racquetball but there's a net there's a net she's not bouncing off the wall you plant like tennis courts and you have changed a lot of old fellow right there's a lot of old people that play this but I'm telling you

► 00:42:07

it's this is embarrassing so you each have your use for people yeah you could do doubles but me and my buddy play just one on one and I'm telling you it's not looks like it's always fun but you you burn a lot of calories and you don't even know you're doing it because it's it's one of the exercises that we we're only doing Pilates and pickleball what's next I have no idea of telling you I know a lot of 68 year old people play this if you're looking for a low kind of impact fun activity up it looks it up

► 00:43:07

probably healthier for you as hard on the ankles in the nice will have to go after we ever have our stake Google where would one go to have a course in Venice Beach that's what I thought it was I've always seen the small tennis courts there is an idea and I'll really what people were playing paddle tennis these guys look ridiculous they should go home this is outrageous what are you doing sir I'm really good at ping pong so this is like a larger version of ping pong it looks like it's fun

► 00:43:52

all bulshit aside that looks like a good time it's it's fun believe me I know you listen there's a dying laughing right now but I'm telling you it's it's it's it's good

► 00:44:03

so that's what I'm doing wrong so you take your trainer with you on your road on the road that's the move where is this word you meet this guy I've known for 20 years and Days of Our Lives Days of Our Lives first came out to LA in 1998 I was the type of guy to get work right it's so Four Days of Our Lives not it was General Hospital General Hospital

► 00:44:32

take a headshot and then pick a Post-It note and I would write on the Post-it no ready to operate

► 00:44:42

stuck at that I had shot and I sent it out so I would like weird little mailings we're only know maybe the person open in the mail and whatnot so I met him doing extra work this is what I used to do for for some extra cash and we became Fast Friends season Italian kid and similar upbringings middle class seats from New York I'm from Chicago and just a great great guy I need set me up with my wife I mean that's how I know my wife threw him and he's been a huge help for me that's awesome and if you can find a guy who actually knows what he's doing is so huge because they also know what you need you now that I need to concentrate on your rear delts and issues you have with your shoulders are at Mobility warm you up and you could fuc yourself up just doing it by yourself I really could I did and you're right he knows what to work on with the loosen up

► 00:45:42

right into the exercise what's warm it up a little bit so yeah I credit him to kind of get me back on the on the health and fitness and plus we taking our own meals it's another thing we were hacker on meals we get like a service and we bring breakfast lunch and dinner on the road and that's our meals without having a dry aged at midnight I was eating a full-blown steak asparagus and baked potato and it can you show I wish I liked it but then you wake up what sometimes and I'm hungry and I'll eat late night and then I'll wake up almost hungover I don't like I ate I ate like a thousand calories at 2:30 in the morning

► 00:46:42

and I don't disodium was unbelievable I was a cheese from one thing as Sushi I look like I need to go sweat in your son is it sodium in sushi like what stage does soy sauce that that's where at least I'm picking it up from

► 00:47:02

who are all these guys showed up at our door

► 00:47:08

just put sodium is not what would it be in the soy sauce and the high one of the two different and high-sodium I did last night I had the high sodium and I woke up when it wasn't good how much soy sauce do you using you know what I like when you wanted to swing songs and then I like the Wassabi mix it up mix it up so when I eat the sushi it just burns my nose and I like it that way too sometimes Sushi chefs don't like it when you do that stand alone you ever see that movie Jiro Dreams of Sushi

► 00:48:08

it's really weird cuz they changed my idea what Sushi is ice things are there cutting fish out they slap it on a piece of rice it's great taste good clean easy for you now I realize I like this guy it's this is like his life dedication to putting together the perfect tastes like there was one guy has been working on this egg plate for a year trying to perfect it trying to get it right similar to like a joke in on a trying to make the joke so perfect disguise trying to get the dish so perfect yeah it would never thought that would sushi sushi chef I'll be like yeah right like he's not really Chef just cutting up fish yeah but there's something about the way they're preparing these so it's one thing if you get Nike Roshe me just salmon but if they're putting it together with rice and you know it's it's like a science yeah I know it's definitely a science it's also a science because they aged

► 00:49:08

fish which I didn't know I didn't know that I was watching this YouTube thing of where these guys were going to the sushi place and they were saying that tuna they they will have their tuna in the refrigerator for as long as two weeks in preparation for sushi and just like dry aged steak the Aging of the tuna breaks down the the the bacteria break down some of the tissue and make it softer and more delicate and change the flavor profile no idea I thought they caught it. Don't you freeze fish for it to be Sushi me grade is that the deal I don't know is that the case I don't know what makes something sashimi-grade I saw there was a guy who caught a big ass fucking tuna and they sold it for three million dollars to go back to that what in the fuck is that $1,000 a pound Japan's king of tuna

► 00:50:02

is it racist to Aransas

► 00:50:05

the way I said it seems racist the first tuna auction of the year at Tokyo's new fish market set a record price more than 3 million for a giant bluefin tuna a critically endangered species yeah see that's where you got to go man is it critically endangered and if it's if it is so should you really be cutting that fuck her up yet I don't know about that when I was in Hawaii we caught some yellowtail my youngest daughter loves fishing so I'm going out with her and we went on this boat and we were actually jigging is like this shelf in his big drop off and he's yellowtails hang out there and we caught a gang of them and one things they were saying was that the Big Island had a farm where they were farming yellowtail if they had his gigantic like certain attitude in the area where the fish couldn't leave and they were they were trapped in this area but then this storm came and broke down all

► 00:51:05

Nets and the fish escaped and now they're everywhere and you're catching and we caught lights I don't like six or seven of them and they're fucking big like 10 lb of fight them on like a light spinning rods like really awesome awesome time but they were unbelievably delicious but these are non-native they brought him over there and released in life 8th air start doing that with other fish should set up these fish farms and just release these motherfuckers out to the ocean cuz they're just taking Nets and pulling them across the bottom of the. Catching the fish like you're saying a net and just scooping everything up and it's packed everything Turtles Dolphins whatever the fuck is there everything gets jacked in the problem is you know there's who knows how many countries have boats that are doing that and they're all operating an international water and I don't know what the fuck in-laws are but they're just pulling what any of the other

► 00:52:05

it's fucked up when they're done a lot of times they cut the the net loose and they just leave in the ocean they just dropped the net to the bottom of the ocean it's funny they have the regulations for like hunting yeah they don't have it like in the ocean you know cuz nobody owns it only own like a certain amount of your sure like I off I saved from Malibu out I don't know how much they the United States owns but we only own a certain amount and then it becomes international waters international waters it's like kind of anybody could be out there it's weird I mean to make sense but there's no I don't think there's any I think if you have a boat you can just kind of go anywhere that's International Water just no regulations here what is what parts of the ocean are considered international waters territorial Waters or territorial Seas defined by a 1982 United Nations convention on the law of the sea it's a belt of coastal Waters extending at most

► 00:53:05

12 nautical miles from the Baseline usually the mean low water mark of the coastal States owe 12 miles or 12 miles out

► 00:53:15

13.8 miles different interesting why is it different now that you fux imagine hey buddy I'll meet you at 12 miles away from you

► 00:53:35

call those stores use a label sushi grade fish there is no official standard for using this label the only regulation is that parasitic fish such as salmon should be frozen to kill any parasites for being consumed raw the best ones are signed grade one which is usually what be sold as sushi grade but what about sashimi-grade is what he said the same thing as a freshwater fish and salmon that can fuck you up but you could pull a tune out of the right out of the ocean and they slice it up and eat it right there on the boat bike ride is a right after they pulled it out of water that I haven't gone but that that to me would be the best to eating water I mean I just hope they don't wait until there's nothing left before they start doing something to save them it just doesn't doesn't seem like I mean if you're taking us fish and you you're buying it for three million dollars that's almost like a scene in the movie Ride that's like the end

► 00:54:35

cut it up

► 00:54:41

hunting regulations of a critical but you could you know what the population is it's very they they do the fish and wildlife departments have all these different methods they use whether it's using reports from Hunters whether it's the they fly over with airplanes and helicopters and things along those lines whatever they use they have a bunch of different ways they can determine what the population is then they had determine the population of predators how many animals are lost how many animals are are shot during any hunting season and then determine how many tags can be divvied out so I could say if you live in an area there might be 500 tags available but there might be like 2,000 Hunters are plying for those tags the most people are not going to get it it's it's a very smart way they've they've really got it down to a science because of that there's more whitetail deer in this country than than even when Columbus landed its they've got a really good system if they can figure something out for the ocean that I'm as you have to get everybody to

► 00:55:41

operating some like they can't even get Japan to stop killing whales like there's there's certain Japanese folks who they have this really sneaky thing they do in this is there's a conservation group called The Sea Shepherds they catch these fucking people all the time but what they basically do as they say we are research boat and they use a research boat and go Slaughter whales and then sell the whales but they pretend it is that it's research but if they kill a whale certain countries still Value parts of Wales they make things with it what the fuck do they make with whales I think they make some perfumes

► 00:56:20

like what but people still killing whales weird when things are smart that's when it gets weird you know something as smart as a fucking well yeah I mean the Andes in these countries that they're using like you said parts of the fish for did they put it on their mantle they got like a I don't know a truce yeah or what have you learned from a whale or a shark or whatever that's the big thing with rhinos the rhino horns off and they drink it like in a t and supposed to make your dick hard it's these things you remember all this stuff just forgot the mileage off the coast of difference

► 00:57:20

120 difference at 12 Mi who knows how long we get to 500 miles out here to do the math it's stupid yeah

► 00:57:33

I got a side of the fucking screwy brain I wish I had your memory Joe that's what I'm saying I'm telling you it's like there's a lot of shit that I don't remember I just remember things that are interesting you know I have a it's a it's an odd some odd sense of memory but the the Rhino horn thing is kind of sad because it doesn't even work you know especially in this day and age where people can get Viagra that works but there's something about it I think in some Asian cultures where it's considered like a sign of wealth you drive a Rolls-Royce you drink Rino T this guy's a baller you know he doesn't give a fuk he drinks wine OT and I like her man is drinking Rhino T what a guy you know this but there's something about that like you know yeah I want to eat an extinct animal on the bring a woolly mammoth back to life and shoot it in the head like there's some people that I like that like they they want to be the ultimate conqueror and you know I want to eat a whale dick you know

► 00:58:33

I just there's people that are like that

► 00:58:36

I'm just good looking for a nice steak Johnny steak are good linguine with clam sauce that place that I saw you at when I was with my kids age it will that place move gas if you've been to the place and where did they move to Beverly Hills now that place is excellent what's in the old spot the one of the last time I saw you and your kids meal their place is good to pastas are fantastic they make the perfect linguine with clams psych perfect it just is not too soupy you know some people get crazy with the liquid and you get in it's like it's it's almost like bathing in out in a soup and but they have it's nice it's Al Dente it's got some true to it

► 00:59:32

are the places I've been there too and they got like guys walking around there from like Sicily yes old man around and make sure everything's okay speak in Italian and yeah you feel like you're in you're in Italy Wentz I'll Pacino there so you know that yet yes I did yes I did that's crazy Shannen Doherty original Batgirl shirts come to the back door trap a tunnel under the ground for the celebrities in so what was it like doing Madison Square Garden you did for shows in Madison Square Garden he did it in the round so they should be done around before

► 01:00:32

leading up to then I'd say probably 15 16 mile so you don't like it it's a different animal and my ACT is very physical and expressive so kind of works for that type of environment although you have to listen to screen a bother you so people are watching screens when they go to shows anyway but the challenge to do it in the round is to hit those people within the first five rows and maybe can't see the screen cuz once you go to the other side of the stage you got your back to them. It's kind of difficult to crazy that's eighteen thousand people that's fucking bananas so yeah it's been for New York New York from me has been really really good to me over the years obviously I'm Italian and there's a lot of Italians in the New York City area but what I think has happened is I'm talking about

► 01:01:32

family and I'm talking about like the Immigrant experience my father being an immigrant from Sicily and what I'm seeing at my shows is not only an 88 year-old grandmother but a 12 year old kid and Hannah everybody in between it's very broad it's comedy and I'm not to toot my own horn here I'm just saying it's comedy that you could come and not cringe because the material might be a little blue or what have you enjoyed so yeah I mean that's why I was able to do Four Square Garden just because my audience is a large swath of multi-generational a lot of different people at the shows and

► 01:02:32

the Square Garden for me is as we were talking prior to getting on here I was saying that I think I took a little too much on my plate and what I mean by that is

► 01:02:43

coming up in comedy I used to say yes to everything that you can do phones to ring and it was my agent you wanted yeah put me down I've been trying to work what is happened once you get too busy I think you need to learn to press the brakes a little bit so I did a ton of press when I was in New York and I had family there I had friends there and I think I I spread myself a little too thin so when the shows came I don't feel like I was operating at an optimal level 2 to perform it was fun I still had a good time but

► 01:03:26

you know the more and more I do stand-up the more and more I feel like you really got to be clear-headed in the moment and you can't you can't overwork yourself it's just who I am I I've always been a worker I mean when I wasn't going to college and I had time off in the summer I was working when I used to work Summers as a janitor during high school so all the time was always occupied with work and I feel if I'm not working I feel like I'm not doing press or I'm not doing anything I feel like slapping yeah I feel like cuz my father is always put in my head what are you doing like he'd come home and go do today

► 01:04:15

oh my God

► 01:04:19

yeah it was like all right you know you to paint the fence this this weekend, so there's always something to do and that work ethic has bled into my career and now that I've had some success in my career I think I have to kind of pull it back a little bit and not say yes to an interview that may be and is not going to help but he's going to take up a lot of your time yes exactly yeah I know I'm in the same boat and I mean I think sometimes even I do too many podcasts I think that's a lot of people I want to talk to so it's hard but I think I've definitely stop doing interviews and all those different things for that reason it's just his own certain amount of time you have and like you I have a family like you I asked your size and I have a lot of hobbies man between archery and martial arts and reading and just watching documentaries and

► 01:05:15

you know it's is it going to help that I don't want to be any more famous and now we were talking about this early I don't it's good I'm working so I want to do what I want to do now is do my best work yeah that's my number one objective whether it's stand up whether it's UFC commentary whether it's doing a podcast I want to do my best work and I don't think that I can do my best work if I'm scattered and I often am I think you put the hit the nail on the head doing your best work whatever you're doing so if you're going to come in here today and do a podcast whatever you did prior to this cannot really take away from the energy that you need to do this thing with the MMA and then then announcing in the same thing with the stand up comedy I feel that sometimes I jeopardize myself and I take on too much and I realize that and I'm going to kind of

► 01:06:09

cuz that I got to pack another baby coming so let's write thank you family is growing and then I come home and I'm looking at my daughter she's 20 months and I mean those moments for me I like do I do I want to like take my daughter out for lunch or do I want to do an interview in Idaho and I think I need to kind of just choose my my my roads a little careful that's one of the good things about social media is that it allows you these paths to distribute you know what like flyers and you pull up posters of where you going to be and stuff like that and it could reach you or actual fans as opposed to just you know Brandon person is listening to the radio a random person picks up the newspaper to reach the person that doesn't know who I am it's fun to go to your fanbase but

► 01:07:09

you know I'm sure a lot of the people that listen to your podcast maybe not know who I am and it's a joy for me to to get someone who is this guy me to check them out and to get a new fan supposed to maybe feeding the fan base I currently have I'm always looking for new people to to come on board with what I'm doing so you know what I do Radio Show in Peoria at 7 in the morning I'm hoping someone's in there car going to check them out but even if it was two people that bought the ticket for me I would think that it was worth it getting up to get two more fans sometimes though it's it it's it hurts the end product and the reason why I'm I'm here is the stand up comedy if that starts to slack then everything else falls apart I feel the same way I've learned over the years what the what the mistakes are like where I can screw it up

► 01:08:09

podcast for instance I don't do like I used to do like a hot yoga class at 10:30 gets out at noon I do a podcast at 1 I can't I don't do that anymore because I found I was just too fucking more now cuz I do a 90 minute yoga class and I come in here and I'm still at what are you talking about like I'm still Spacey I need 2 hours in 2 hours I need to drink shitload of water and then I'm good to go but I need that extra hour so now I'll do I can 8:30 class or something like that or it maybe even a 6 in the morning class and so when I have a 1 p.m. podcast I'm fucking completely acclimated to do that by trial-and-error absolutely and that's where I'm at I think I'm trying to figure out what what the balances of creating a life outside of stand up and then giving all I can to stand up and eat tonight I do a podcast with P corielli that we did a live podcast for the first time

► 01:09:06

and I don't know if you seen this the podcast listener is a different audience than what's arriving at my shows two different audiences there's a there's a there's a definite podcast listener out there I mean people that listen and consume podcast and then crosses over don't get me wrong but I I I want to do the podcast in Orlando and totally different totally different vibe it's nice to see who the hell is listening to this stuff but I'm sure you're right you're like an anomaly at you you got like fans from all different walks of life it mean you're into stand-up world you're in the Mixed Martial Arts world the podcast world so it must be a lot of different people coming to your shows a lot of weirdos yeah I'm saying if you see a dude with shaved head and tattoos and it's kind of jacked he probably knows who I am I psychic

► 01:10:06

a lot of people that are into the science podcasts or the you know podcast with interesting intellectuals there's like a lot of people that don't like the Mixed Martial Arts stuff and they said that they liked me for other things I know it's it's hard and you can't please everybody you know you can't it's not really possible and then along the way you find that out and you piss a bunch of people off and I'll know I can know I don't like that part of you like okay I don't know tell you you can't make everybody I know a lot of shit you know but I'm lucky with the job of the UFC that they don't really care about the other things that I do because if I was working for a more sensitive organization in obviously it's a fucking cage fighting

► 01:10:52

promotions like how sensitive can you get here but with some social issues you know this like if I was working for the NBA Apollo been fired a decade ago you know are the UFC is definitely an animal at self you get into that position did you know the Dana White and you started for you I I type I always wanted to ask you this in there too, so how did you become kind of the voice of of the UFC well I started in 1997 I was the post fight interview that was it was just a position that was available in the UFC was very small back then very few people knew what it was was off a cable you couldn't get on Kaylee could only get on satellite and the they needed someone to do post fight interviews you were in that world to begin with was in the martial arts world you know I used to teach martial arts for a living before I became a comedian ice to fight fighting Illini

► 01:11:52

Taekwondo tournaments and had some kickboxing fights and I'd always been a martial artist since I was a kid and so I just was interested in watching the UFC and then I start training in Jiu-Jitsu and when I was training Jiu-Jitsu I was just a Wipeout was just starting out that's when I got hired by the UFC to be a post fight interview but I only did that for 2 years and then I quit was just too much and it was actually like it was I was losing money I would make more money doing weekend at a comedy club then I would doing it doing the UFC and just got to a point which is it was too much of a pain in the ass and so I still remained fan by backed away and then the UFC was purchased by his company called zuffa in 2001 and when that happened they start putting on shows Vegas and I would go there with my friends they got me free tickets they reached out and they would try to get celebrities to go sit there so that it would be nice if they would cuz they were very small their time they're trying they were hemorrhaging money they're trying to build it up and in talking

► 01:12:52

Dana White one day I was talking about fights going on Japan have you ever seen you know what what do you do know Sakura do you know this guy I was bringing all these names and it was like do you want to do, Terry I'm like I don't want to do, sorry man I'm going to get drunk and watch people take a shit out of each other out here at work and he talked me into it for one show UFC 37 and 1/2 it was a show that was on one of those Fox Sports Network sling smaller networks and I think was the best damn Sports show. Was a part of it I did that and the rest is history then I did like 12 of them for free like the UFC didn't have any money. Will they were hemorrhaging money than they had the rich people that owned it but it was not a profitable Venture and I said just get me there get me my friends tickets and I'll do it and so that's how I operated for like like over a year and then I just became the commentator just weird that's crazy

► 01:13:52

in white he's he's a crazy man and he's he's got out in a weird way of looking at things that that's very effective in in in his crazy mind he's like let's take this guy's never even thought about being a commentator and make them are commentator I mean I didn't know what the fuk I was doing I mean I really didn't I didn't have any training at all in sports commentary I just would see what was happening and start talking about it you know which is really like the wrong I was more even play-by-play and color it was I doing both of them at the same time was really weird and as far as you doing that do you get any notes from anybody going Hey Joe try this try that or you just develop that hole that voice all on your own 1% of my own so the only thing I had was this like Mark dellagrotte a was a good friend of mine he is he's one of top trainers in the world he's in the truck and I can communicate with him as a button where I can communicate with him and we

► 01:14:51

talk about stuff like I can say does he look like he's limping to you and he's like yeah there's something wrong with the left leg right he's like yeah and then I'll start talking about it like I'll be able to bounce it back and forth with him or sometimes I just it's obvious and I'll say it myself then I'll I'll ask him like it Am I Wrong is he dropping his hand or is is this is it you like is a nice it's a nice thing that's going to bounce things off that used to be Eddie Bravo Eddie Bravo used to do it as well why would I be able to talk to him about certain positions cuz he would be in the truck and I'll be able to ask him like his left leg's in Jeopardy right now right or he needs to step over with his right leg we be able to go over this is like there's some aspects of martial arts are extremely technical especially Jiu-Jitsu when things go to the ground and you're trying to, to do, Tony and I have to decipher which is his left leg which is his right leg where is he tied up where is it tangled in real time while I'm trying to be entertaining and talking very complicated you know but nobody taught me how to do it so I just figured out how to do it and you're not looking at it like a

► 01:15:51

Jim Lampley or anybody in the broadcasting world when it comes to fights of this is something that you develop then on your own neck sometimes you look at it as a comedian you look at other comedians that a friar and have a kind of like a mentor no not necessarily because there wasn't one there wasn't a lot of guys that did it in for martial arts commentary there was John Peretti who is excellent he was on the very best who was actually the UFC Matchmaker and a commentator when I first started he was very good this guy named Jeff Armstrong he was very good to he was there when I first started to he actually ran a promotion called hook and shoot he's excellent really knows what he's doing and then there's a few other guys you know that also did it but just like what I do as far as like stand doing commentary for MMA this might maybe 10 guys in the world to do it now you know they're really do it on their own

► 01:16:51

high-level maybe 10 guys tomorrow Amy between one FC between you know Brave and then the UFC Bellator pfl there's maybe maybe 10 guys on the planet that are doing it does not a lot of people and there's a lot in the UFC now we're Fighters are now transitioning to become commentators and often times are the best at It by Michael Bisping just did this past weekend he was the UFC middleweight champion and he's awesome at it already did one one show they know more obviously because they've been in there and I'll be back they have that added element of actually having fought in the UFC which is gigantic yeah I could see any Paulie malignaggi Nichols but also very aware and Fighters can see things that maybe the average person can't see like they see when someone slowing down they see when someone's laying back they see when someone got hurt to the body they seem like little

► 01:17:51

things that may be a person who's ever fought before it doesn't see ya the knowledge is key and plus the at the excitement level two I mean when someone gets hit for the announcer that like react to that for an audience member it's like you know you know that's what's up boring and Bland and they don't really care what's going on like the audience feels it too if you try to Pump It Up and fake it do you have any other Hobbies outside of comedy and big hobby guy growing up my parents always used to say to you are you interested in right I like to cook don't get me wrong I like to travel my wife and I really really enjoy going to different places and I love hotels centrally Hobbies it's just

► 01:18:52

I like Hospitality so that's my that's my passion I like having people over at the house and making them feel good that's that's what I like to do I like to entertain if I find out you like a specific drink or you like something that's you know why I take I take notice of what people like so when you come to my house I got what you like there that's very Italian is very very Italian I've always had I work for the Four Seasons Hotel in that chain taught me to anticipate people's needs so anytime I have anything at my house will there be a birthday party to get together if it's going to be a fight I make sure when you come over you are taking care of not only with your alcohol needs here's one I in a punt guy

► 01:19:51

what starts listen

► 01:19:55

but I got pot at the house just in case you want some really so I thought you know you have alcohol you have beer Friday at Scott you have wine so what if what if someone doesn't have a taste for alcohol and they want to joint

► 01:20:13

why are the couple joints we get from PDC for the comic store I think I got it from now from what's the winning their specifically just for hospitality

► 01:20:30

if you came over and I go Joe you want to join any other guy you want smoke and I don't smoke but no cigar cigar smoke cigars you want one

► 01:20:50

I don't know I guess I get joy and making others happy so when you looked at your house did you look at your house and go this is a good house to entertain in like when you see like a YouTube video on a home with a showing how to sew a wonderful entertainers home on Entertainer, that's what I'd the living room that bleeds into the kitchen and if that's that's it I like that there's not really a wall in between two it's got to be and then I like indoor outdoor you live in California I like the outside maybe you want to have a drink outside and bring it back in just I just that's what they owe ya a fire pit you try to bring people like if you have a party to try to bring people over the you think would have interesting conversations es although

► 01:21:50

we have a problem at this particular point when a transition. We have a child so I don't know if you went through this but a lot of sometimes when you're coming from a single couple but a couple with no kids and now you have kids now you're you're finding other people who have kids right so that's what we're we're not yet into the preschool so we're kind of in limbo looking for new friends that are old friends are our bad it's just now we have other obligations we have a child we can't we maybe can go out at the dinner at 8 at night late like we used to know if now we're looking to bring it to the house yeah I know I know exactly what you're saying we went through that exact same transition and a lot of times you pick up some dead weight along the way

► 01:22:41

Riley's people the only thing they have in common is the kids the same age and then you have to talk to some fucking guy they give you ear beating about their job and just like you just some people just not interested unfortunate yeah I mean you do run into that with toddler group last week sometime sometimes does material that comes out of going to something like that it's gold yeah now it's me 15 women and a gay guy at this toddler group so I mean it's just like he it's almost writing it is like writes itself although I'm in a in a circle sitting Indian style. It's strange but man it's

► 01:23:36

that's the things I want to do cuz I feel if I live more of my life I could draw so much more humor from it and it's it's it's it's it's two prong it's I want to hang out with my family and I want to I don't want to talk to people who are living these life experiences because what I've noticed is I want to keep the same kind of Lifestyle I've had when I wasn't successful because I feel when you start detaching yourself from the daily routine let's they even going to Target you have somebody go to Target for you you miss out on like what happens on a day-to-day and I want to still keep that Richmond and and available to me that's very wise of you that's very true that is something that happens when people become more more famous especially to become more reluctant to go places like they just didn't want to just go to the mall you know like sometimes you just got to go to the mall yeah

► 01:24:36

good it's going to get see around weird outfits

► 01:24:39

little I think it was you yeah it was you saying that like if you were out at a restaurant if somebody comes up to you and ask for a picture cuz everybody wants a picture now a days to prove they met Joe Rogan what would have you and sometimes it's a little intrusive when you're having dinner with your daughters or your family and then it's like you know I've had people asking for pictures with my daughters on my lap and I'm feeding her yeah I had the mic luck man you can't you got to get the fuck out of here with the promise you take that picture with that guy and then someone says I want to and then you get 10 people to get up the sounds bragi but it's not it's just it's a weird thing that happens if people phone half those people don't even give a fuk about you they really just want to take a picture with someone that they saw you know on Fear Factor or whatever and they just slow. Let me take a picture with him and then come over to your table and they seem to think that it's part of the job that you have to be every time you're in public you have to be available to them it's very weird like rule the people.

► 01:25:39

some fairly ignorant people decided so that's why they would think that even with my daughter on my lap and literally but this is I was literally putting food in her mouth and a guy was like a picture like this is this is not a good time it's not a good this is not a smart thing to ask and it's why people certain people are reluctant to go out in the first place why they're reluctant to go on public but you feel an obligation to at all of to your fanbase to make yourself available to them if if I'm not with my kids yeah you generally turn down any photos are autographs extenuating circumstance it if someone is somewhere where they're not supposed to be you know like like I had a guy come backstage at The Comedy Store with made made it back stage all the way to the back and he's talking and I don't like you I was a Stanley Cup

► 01:26:39

who's got who are you man and he's like oh I'm friends with this guy I go see just walk back here I might get the fuck out of here like it out here man and then there at the security comes and kicks a guy on like what is happening here like this there's no security here like that guy didn't ask for a photo but if you did I'd probably probably take a picture with that motherfucker but I'll probably take a picture with him out there this you know it's if you want to rush you trying to go somewhere and you're literally running and someone wants to pull the phone out like sometimes you can't but most the time I'm by myself I'm very approachable it's just family stuff it's just like my kids don't like it I can smash my youngest are she does not like it she gets angry she squeezes my hand because people ignore her and they just start talking to me and she just standing there and 8 year olds have zero patience she's sitting there going to just give a fuck if they know me like to her I'm just dad and I like doesn't matter if I'm famous doesn't mean anything to her what means to her

► 01:27:39

like when she's with me she likes attention she wants me to talk to her about her. We we have a nice little relationship I love having little people it's fun it's like it's it's it's for people that are single and I think it all depends on where you are in life and you know how reflective you are about it for people that are single they look at it and I know I did they look at it as a potential burden cuz when I was a kid I thought of myself as a burden so I think of other children as a burden but then you have meself in this the love that you have for them is Indescribable crazy feeling that you didn't didn't even know was in the the menu before and then all sudden you have this crazy feeling to this little person it's your favorite thing to do yeah it is amazing and then the echo those thoughts I wasn't a big kid guy I was like I don't really need kids understand it but then you have them and you're like man what a missing this would be if you go through

► 01:28:39

life and you don't have a child and I'm just I'm not saying you need to have a child to be complete but for me man it's been it's been fantastic and having a baby boy now coming on the way is you know

► 01:28:56

it's great I mean it's not a burden it's it just adds to your life yeah it's it's it's responsibility it's so overwhelming responsibility it's not about you it's about them and you know you have to have a sense of

► 01:29:12

I don't know he got to give them the time they need in order for them to succeed in in life and you don't my parents gave me give me a lot of attention I mean my dad was type of guy that was not really around because he was working and my mom was kind of managing the house but over the course of time my father and I become best friends I mean he's he's a huge critic of what I do for a living I don't know if you have parents that are heavily involved in your career but man my father he's he comes to this he comes to taking notes at the shop so he's it is one of these guys will tell me if I suck

► 01:29:55

I mean it's good to keep me level-headed you know I have I have a family that is very very honest and they don't worry lunches and you know people confuse that with being cruel what honestly listen my father my relationship with my father has been and I had to tell him I said that you noticed can you call me to just be a fan and not like a father just enjoy the show you don't have to you know critique it which you know he has backed off but I know deep down Diana tell me

► 01:30:35

fine. I know when I do something on TV and if you don't like say nothing about it he don't like it you know I'd say if I say if you listen to this interview and we talked and he also bring it up I know he's going to say you sucked his no-good white people want to listen to you give it to me but that's also why you're so funny because you grew up with that that's part of the whole program totally totally I mean that I think that's a huge reason why I am the way I am because I'm kind of honest what I'm talking about comedy on stage the honesty is to meet at the funny the funniest stuff I got is this the truth then you don't speak the truth then I don't think it's particularly funny least of my life but yeah to to come from that my sister my

► 01:31:30

my wife and I don't tell me ya me to fucking funny she's hilarious she says ridiculous shit all the time and she's getting good at it like she likes to make me laugh so like she'll point it's time to look at this motherfucker and like and then we'll both start cracking up that's huge to and she'll tell me like if you seemed a little off tonight and like Yaz new schitt's especially when I have new material Mane slippery no new materials like I can't quite try to grab a hold of its know something's their butt and the only thing that makes it better is trial-and-error the only thing that makes it better see the only thing just fucking constantly doing sex you know I know you're at the store all the time you working other clubs as well around town I just like to suck on that stage in the original original room for whatever reason I feel the most comfortable and the most creative

► 01:32:30

easy it's it's kind of near where I live by bouncing I bounce out and I like I like doing it there and I used to bring my wife I think and I don't know if your wife has did you think you are humor has like bleed into your your wife's cuz my wife is looking at the world completely different

► 01:32:54

my wife said, she thinks like a comic so natural. Pocket fighting them and she gets a kick out of it and when she's with her friends she's absolutely the one who's always talking shit and making making people laugh that's fine it's the most fun group of people to be around when we're all at the store and we all see each other I mean that's one of the things that makes me feel so fortunate is that I have so many friends that are hilarious like when I go there I see these guys and I know that we're going we're going to have some fun we're going to we're going to do SATs but we're also going to hang out in that back bar and talk shit and laugh a lot I just it's a great friendly environment you know and I like to laugh I love to last when I go to The Comedy Store I don't really

► 01:33:51

I'm around comedians I don't say much cuz I'd rather sit back and enjoy what's happening in front of me they actually be a part of it because for me you know I make people laugh all the time and to be around five or six comedians in the in the parking lot of The Comedy Store and watch whatever you go off on a tangent or cat start packing and enjoy it I like that I don't like to speak around I like to go when I'm in the main room I like to go into the to the or and sit in the back and watch the show sometimes too when I know I'm not going up at all that night in that room I'd like to I like to do that like to be an audience member I still really enjoy that still really enjoy to sit in the back with a drink and just laughing it's great it's a great thing to be a part of the moon at these days Neil Brennan heilbrunn it's on fire right now he's on a fire going really really well I think that's special on Netflix at 3 Mike's is really open himself up to performing in front

► 01:34:51

large audiences and he's always been a real funny cat you know I mean I've always been real funny but he's in a news on right now I was watching the other night in the or I was sitting in the back of my God damn this new stuff is good realtor associate a fucking such a great hotspot there's so much good comedy going on in that place where is Santino Santino's been murdering lately hinchcliffe's been killing it there's just so many good Comics there it's like it's just you feel like you it's it's fuel it's inspirational in a walk in and see some guy you like man that's that's some funny stuff into you feel inspired to to go and go then I'm going to write something new or what-have-you it's nice it's a nice community be a part of that, he starts really helped me over the last 20 years yeah it's it's very unique you know and I showed you that out painting that out TaylorMade that I posted up on Instagram that's the painting of Mitzi

► 01:35:51

that's nice that you watch over us this whole thing you got going on here and I don't know if you talked about it much and I know if your private about it but even even being here in this studio is inspiring when I when you were showing me what you have and what not on my phone that she I don't I don't have always looked at people who have things or it Weatherby it if you have a nice home or nice car or whatever it is the nice family I always inspired to do that I don't begrudge anybody that has a lot I've always looked at it as I want to be where that person is oppressed to you know being bitter bitter that's very healthy I mean just having having it at Red Mill whatever whatever it is the treadmill you should man that that's that's not I want to get something like that I mean I just I just always looked I want to be around people who you know are inspiring yeah me too

► 01:36:51

I mean that's one of the best things about this podcast I get a chance to talk to really interesting people and our we'll all walk the line and it's weird all the world's mixed together but all those interesting inspirational people it's definitely made me more aware and smarter 100% made me more aware of things made me reconsider my positions on things made me like liquid talk about David Goggins man I just think about that kind of want to work out harder you know I do these a partner book I think he went to support his either mother or sister in a race and then in Las Vegas and then I think he just took off and left him like he wasn't he was there for them isn't it isn't it a part where he just like he was in dress shoes and he is just started running

► 01:37:36

that's that's him then I was like you easily what's great about him one of my favorite Parts about David Goggins just that he's real honest about who used to be that he was like three hundred pounds of fat lazy drinking milkshakes and you just get was depressed and couldn't get a shit together and then he hardened himself up through some strange force of will and became that guy I decided he wanted to become that guy who is as he puts it uncommon amongst uncommon man you know that he just decided I'm going to be the mother fucker of motherfukers and then he's so much like that when people around like a ho Cheese's because he saw a fucking intense like you gotta ramp it up to like I'm not ready for Goggins right now I was going to do 20 sit-ups and 20 chin-ups and 20 push-ups and I was going to go home this motherfucker want to run till we die and I'll but that's those people I don't know how many people Goggins is Inspire that listen to this podcast on all side are out there hustling and they're out there doing nothing

► 01:38:36

is on the level that they never did before and they're putting in that work and exerting themselves in that way on any rub some people the wrong way because that because he's so aggressive and intense some people are just reluctant to be inspired by guy like that sounds like it's too much noise been there he's been he's been there and always been in the in the basement of life you know I mean 300 lb and it would have come from the father was any any willed himself out of it so I mean if he could do it you know why can't I run another mile and a half a video that I listen to from my friend Jocko Jocko willink who is a Navy SEAL commander and he's got this video and it's just said it's just it's it's I think it's called good because it's how he looks at everything all you hurt your ankle good more time to work on other things you know you didn't get the promotion good good that everything's good everything good that's like how he looks at things tomorrow and I've been like running hills halfway fucking

► 01:39:36

exhausted can't breed like how your lungs are on fire good you got an opportunity to get better shape I could keep pushing this is what it's all about good is an opportunity to face the intensity of this moment. Play that play that video play the video just a just a freak Sebastian out cuz this is something I listen to this like maybe three or four months and your problem some issue that was going on and it's a boss we got this and that the other thing and I look at him and say good and finally one day he was telling me about some issues he was having some problem and he said I already know what you're going to say I said what what am I to say you said you're going to say good

► 01:40:20

so that's what you always say when something is wrong and going bad you always just look at me and say good

► 01:40:30

and I said well yeah when things are going bad there's going to be some good that's going to come from it didn't get the new high speed gear we wanted good didn't get promoted

► 01:40:46


► 01:40:47

more time to get better Omission got canceled good we can focus on the other one didn't get funded didn't get the job you wanted

► 01:40:57

got injured sprained my ankle. Tapped Out good got beat.

► 01:41:07

Unexpected problems good we have the opportunity to figure out a solution

► 01:41:16

when things are going bad

► 01:41:19

don't get all bummed out don't get startled don't get frustrated

► 01:41:27

if you can say the word good

► 01:41:31

guess what it means you're still alive

► 01:41:35

it means you're still breathing

► 01:41:37

if you're still breathing

► 01:41:41


► 01:41:43

you still got some fight left in you

► 01:41:45

to get up

► 01:41:47

dust off

► 01:41:49

reload recalibrate

► 01:41:53

we engage

► 01:41:56

go out on the attack

► 01:42:03

but you might just go run through a fucking wall right now

► 01:42:10

good good I think of that all the time that's a legit thing that bounces around in my head when I'm tired when something's wrong in my life I think good. Don't be a bitch look at this the right way look at this right way he's going to have some things are going to go wrong if they don't you're not trying anything unusual you're not doing anything difficult not stretching yourself out yeah I like looking at videos like that being introduced to guys like that that's how I got introduced to Goggins someone play a video of him that there's dr. Eric Thomas motivational speaker who I love listening to I like listening to people who get me motivated need that Ya OutKast to he's motherfuker he's he's a very interesting cat extremely intelligent but just as manly as they come you know and just fucking own

► 01:43:10

and you know you see that guy talk one of the reason why that so inspirational is because that's really him you go to his Instagram everyday is a photograph of his watch at 4:30 in the morning cuz that's when he gets up the train trains by himself and it'll take a photo of the puddle it's on the ground after he's done and then he earns the sunrise so he gets up and goes to the fucking beach and he sees the sun come up after he's done training he's a Savage that's a real Savage guys I get up at four 4:30 in the morning and I'm like what happened to take a nap nap later but the point is you make some satellites nothing wrong with taking a nap. He's an animal but he's really doing a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt like a very high level black belt he's tapped some world-class competitors and fucking great guy to

► 01:44:10

Gaston Tim Ferriss podcast that's how I heard about him and I had him on mine and me and Tim both convinced him to do his own podcast I was hugely popular a great book out what is it a extreme ownership

► 01:44:25

yeah he's fantastic important because they give you this stuff just that little push to change the frequency of your brain and make you get you fired up you can accomplish a lot of things because of people like that and there's there's extra gears to be had extra horsepower to be put the things totally

► 01:44:47

good good so now you've done you know for sold-out shows in Madison Square Garden I mean this is the fucking Pinnacle of any stand-up comics career there's only a handful, severe be able to do that there's like dice Louis CK is a few others I mean to say your in a rare place do you have other goals or you just just working in maintaining and continue to put on good shows for your fans that's been the goal goal guy I don't say hey this is my goals this year in Square Garden my only goal when I got into this business was to do it for a living I want to do stand-up comedy for a living and now it takes me it takes me it took me to the Garden I'm not looking at my vision board that connects the other

► 01:45:43

it's even the secret wherever this takes me it it takes me to do the Madison Square Garden was was fabulous was a great experience nothing nothing quite like the rush of going on in front of 18000 people in the round and you don't have in your family witness it my mother when she walked into the arena started crying you know she was there when I was teaching being her you gave birth to this little tiny baby little tiny baby is got for sold-out shows at Madison Square Garden it hitter it hit her hot and must have hit you to see it hit her to see my

► 01:46:26

I brought my little baby in and Lana on stage for a photo at the end of it I brought my father on stage I brought my mother and my sister on stage two kind of fish are in that moment so yeah when my mother walked in and Empty Arena and saw it you know she had flashbacks to in 1998 when I did zanies and we had to get friends and family there to fill the audience now and then now she walks in and her son's doing for these you know it was it was a great so glad my parents or Alive 2 to see that it would be a shame if if they weren't there because they've been on this journey from the beginning these are parents who when I told them in 1996 that I was going to go out to Los Angeles to pursue a stand-up career didn't look at me and go you not still looked at me and go hey you know what if you think you got what it takes to get the hell out there don't put yourself a time limit Nelson

► 01:47:26

if I don't do it in five years I'm going to quit or whatever so when I came out here was all in you know if I said five years I wouldn't have been here I would have been back in Chicago working at Motorola who knows so families always been really really cute to my success having people very supportive and my wife was a huge huge reason I am doing what I'm doing I mean you do know to have a wife to deal with the life of a comedian on the road away from home a lot when you got to have like a strong strong woman to to be in your corner and into the put up with that also just a deal with the weirdo a fucking, so weird person I mean just adjust the parody of a comedian is is this is tough to be around that table that's just you know we're always we always swing on our own head sometime so yeah so to answer your question where do I

► 01:48:26

go from here

► 01:48:27

I don't know I joined doing some movies I just got started dipping my toe into to some of these movies at the green book which is out now and nominated for some awards for for the Oscars so happy to be a part of that and then

► 01:48:43

I like it I exercising a different muscle when it comes to acting but not comedic acting I like the dramas I'm a serious guy generally speaking I'm not a goofball I'm not the guy always the center of attention and it's just not who I am so I like kind of being serious and and and and acting in a drama kind of place to kind of who I am it's kind of serious guy and I like it I get my fix from doing the stand up on stage I don't need to do it in a movie so I like the challenge number one and number two I just like to do different different things a little bit outside the box so I thought I'd like to come into this gangster movie coming out with Scorsese and now shut what is that

► 01:49:37

it's called Scorsese the Irishman what is it about basically Jimmy Hoffa and how how they kill them to Sky are the narrow plays the Irishman Jimmy Hoffa played by Pacino have cheese in the movie so and I played Crazy Joe gallo and my first and sent was with DeNiro and Pesci saw the fuck was that lie get the fuck out of here

► 01:50:16

that's incredible I mean maybe it's just that photograph but it's at. Barely looks like now this is coming out on Netflix that's crazy how different he looks

► 01:50:32

wow that's a Netflix movie huh million dollar project what is a line to just being around Scorsese on a movie set and realize you're a fucking actor in a Scorsese movie that's got to be I mean that is about as high level as is but it's like either Francis Ford Coppola Scorsese just like a few people that you if you're on a set with them kneel to Burke when he was alive like holy shit that was a holy shit moment for me I was out listen I am by no stretch of the imagination a season actor and then to get thrown into this group of people and working with them I mean I got to tell you I was a sense of Doubt like you know sometimes it should be here this is this is this happening and then to do the scene with the narrow and Pesci

► 01:51:31

it was almost like after the first seen him like I should be here it's all the anticipation of leading up to the moment that is unfamiliar to you then once you do it you feel like man that was all in my head and I made it sound like it was going to be cuz I was thinking the negative 2 hours think I'm going to screw this song I've been this that's that's what motivates these guys were more than helpful working with them and Scorsese when he came out of his friendly nice you know it was it was encouraging to be around that kind of positive energy did you have a hard time sleeping the night before the first week leading up to the scene because I knew it was going to be with DeNiro and Pesci when they took

► 01:52:31

awesome comedy club in New York City and they made at the Copacabana which I thought was fitting because Gotham Comedy Club is kind of where I did all my stand up in New York I didn't really do any other club but Gotham and then. Club Great Club Missoula brothers who run it or not those guys into the Copacabana and Don Rickles is played by Jim Norton no shit I'm watching I'm watching him on stage with it's crazy and it's like a it's a perfect Rickles I'm just thinking about that he's perfect for that he really did a fantastic job really really did a Green even his smile is almost like Rickles ask

► 01:53:24

that's fantastic cast and crew come on but they make a meat they made him I think they made them bald and they gave him a fat suit wow level 20 years and now I'm sitting there watching him that Don Rickles in the movie was just blowing my mind just blow my mind but this thing is going to be I can't wait to see I didn't see any of the movie even when I was doing it I'm even look at what I was doing so I'm really excited to see what this thing looks like God damn that's phenomenal what a milestone a movie with De Niro Al Pacino Joe Pesci a fucking Scorsese film titles in Italy shit is Harvey Keitel

► 01:54:24

live people never saw the Bad Lieutenant virtually everything he's ever done but the Bad Lieutenant is one of those movies that's so fucked up and so crazy it was a about a bad cop like a fucking really bad, Okay and like completely totally out of control but it is one of those movies where after it's over the credits roll on you sitting there trying to catch your breath just going to Jesus Christ what the fuck did I just watch there is a 80s was with Nicolas Cage couple years ago get the fuck out of here was I know I love Nicolas Cage but no you stick to driving that Eleanor Mustang in Gone in 60 Seconds you can't be Bad Lieutenant you son of a bitch not the United great actor but it's just there certain guys that take over a roll and to do that again like here's one

► 01:55:24

like said they offered you Taxi Driver how do you say hey we're going to do Taxi Driver again you have to be like a good luck casting somebody else get the fuck away from me right at you can't be you can't be De Niro in Taxi Driver unless you're De Niro like gossip that movie Cape Fear another one like he nailed it supplied by the way Cape Fear was I think someone else was that got character before I think Robert Mitchum I think played the same role that De Niro played

► 01:55:54

but I didn't know that when I saw it when I saw it I just thought it's fucking De Niro in 62 there it is yeah but if they try to do it today like it the fuck out of here no no no no no no no no you can't specially Taxi Driver now you can't recreate that wrong with another No Bad Lieutenant Nobody seen that Nicolas Cage Bad Lieutenant even Nicolas Cage probably watch It remix it's called Port of Call like it's got an extension on the end of the Port of Call New Orleans called Bad Lieutenant Port of Call New Town or some shit like that but whatever that Harvey Keitel version is holy shit but he's creating everything is great Pulp Fiction he's great and everything the people in this movie are we hanging out with those guys when I went in there I told myself I ain't talking to nobody. I'm going to speak

► 01:56:54

what is it when spoken to and he's looking at me and I'm looking right at him and I wasn't going to say nothing and then he comes in on my my time is Veep Titan a little bit me since my pie wow I had a wig to put me to wig what kind of wig would it look like if you type up Sebastian Maniscalco Irishman it should pop up what is the difference between so confused why they give you a wig it's got sideburns I mean if you if you see it in person you'll understand maybe it's not that much of a departure from from my my real hair but

► 01:57:54

did you say again I didn't say nothing they said you're going out no problem whatever you want me to do there's a part where he's like okay when you go through the window and oh my God I'm going through a window cuz I knew there was a stunt guy involved but he's telling me that I'm going to go to the window and I wasn't going to say I don't do windows so I went through a window on news radio

► 01:58:39

it's it's easy if they're made out of sugar glass you just go right through it all right it's weird it feels like nothing like a good tissue paper something very strange

► 01:58:49

I was like whatever whatever whatever it takes Scorsese wants me to go through I mean that guy went through the stunt double went through and he cut his hand how did it really so I don't know what what it was

► 01:59:02

if I would have went through the window Joe I would have been dead since he's such a psycho he might have to go through glass

► 01:59:08

I know you might have been like this is just not realistic enough this $500 the sugar glass whatever it is is not going to work but if you landed wrong I mean if it was sticking up wrong you placed your hand funny makes sense could cut yourself a little

► 01:59:30

but yeah. Did the excited it's been really exciting for me to last three or four years to have these opportunities to do these things and

► 01:59:40

yeah it son that's great listen man it's been awesome to see because I remember you first starting out at The Comedy Store I really do I remember you from the late 90s just trying to get your shit together we did a lot of shows together man you know and then you really came into your own and it during the time that I was away and I was hearing from some of your comments always talk I was hearing from so many people who are you killing and I'm so many people are saying you were doing great and you've always been like a real easy guy really easy guy to hang out with real easy got to talk to so to see you blow up like this has been just fucking awesome I think I appreciate that show and I would know each other for a while and you're right at the time that you were away from The Comedy Store I think I kind of you know found my voice in the beginning there was this really tough for me to do you know do you know find where I'm at now and I think I talked about this the last time I was on the cast I was trying like a different church and come to the

► 02:00:40

nipples hanging out here at like a leopard shirt like that was cool

► 02:00:52

I mean you are in the fucking the belly of the Beast trying out stand up it's very hard to do but I appreciate you the support you've given me over the years and I don't take this lightly you know when you head this podcast and became so huge and spin and still is huge to have me on here you know I appreciate it cuz you know I don't take anything for granted I don't take you for a brother really appreciate it thank you very much

► 02:01:30

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