#1238 - Brian Redban

The Joe Rogan Experience #1238 - Brian Redban

February 4, 2019

Brian Redban is a comedian and the founder of the Deathsquad podcast network. Also look for him only "Kill Tony" available on iTunes & YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwzCMiicL-hBUzyjWiJaseg

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give it up for Brian Redban The Joe Rogan Experience

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hey fella what's going on hey I'm going to get that quick quick fix on my God it's so amazing how fast it came back to me like the addiction of playing a game over and over again it's real problem yeah we've been going crazy Jamie's been fucking me up to so today I got lucky that he had to help you get it shipped together really killed. He's been fucking me up play Quake right you just start playing the last night so I tested myself a little bit cuz I knew this was going to happen eventually so I had to get some practice with some rockets at some point but it helps it honestly helps to warm up with quick to play fortnite or pubg or something like that cuz the quick whatever it is I mean you don't do it that much so like when you're doing it three times you've already done a 55 * playing Quake just one around so like your little interaction you have with someone a shotgun to usually went so quick is so fast-paced we're playing Quake for Jesus Christ and play that game in maybe 15 years

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probably shouldn't what would I notice is my eyesight sucks now my eyesight is not nearly as good it's interesting from bike 42 to 46 with a big drop-off and at 46 the fucking floor fell out now it's like my eyesight shit gamer glasses it takes me a minute when I play games to start tracking things in your eyes up to speed the distance you are away from that screen all of the takes a little bit of time to get in there yeah man it's a local area network but once you start going online and playing other people that's when it gets a super super addicted people that still play that game must be insane if they're playing that game it's because they're really good at a probably like who else like young kids are buying that game back in the day

► 00:08:12

three or four S4 wasn't really for was 11 though did it come out 2011 know I got I don't remember to remember I know there was rocket Arena 4 Quake 2 nose rocket Arena 4 Quake 3 cuz I started with rocket Arena 4 Quake 2 which is you play today you would think the graphics are hilariously bad but it's a good game it's a little slower the fast games like Quake one's really fast too quick to a slower and then Quake 3 became more like Quake 1 combination of one quick to there's pretty fast Wake Forest probably perfect miss it and you try to play the new Quake but you didn't you didn't like it as much as that the only problem is it's fun we had a good time the only problem is you have to do everything through their servers so takes time it's got a load it's like it's not inpatient write my fucking child

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that's crazy yeah you refuse to try any of the other ones right like they're all just new addictions you know waiting to happen I just feel like once if I got one addiction

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this weekend on Saturday they had a concert in fortnite yeah marshmello it was crazy mean at 2 everybody showed up at the game in this fucking concert started it was like normal and then all sudden like 2 minutes ago they took everybody's guns away and I can go to sort of congregate around the stage and the music started the show started they start doing interactive things with all the avatars and everything in like 10 minutes later just a cut off cheese but turns out it was actually live he he was tweeting about it all day cuz promotion what not but people are asking like how'd you do that how did you work it out his voice was going live to everyone was playing with by millions of people

► 00:10:23

probably does during a normal sad when I find at 20,000 people in Vegas whatever it is so when he doesn't he probably has like a really good microphone to like it's not like the microphone that you talk shit on you had a type that's how goofy it was you have to tell you couldn't talk shit like now people are talking like they're all in a group together talking shit right pack and ship getting away like if you hear people talk and gets in the way of hearing sounds like sound cues yes you tell your team I said turn it off also I like to hear the footsteps it's makes it scarier yeah that's part of what's scary about quick is like you eat hear someone running but you know the right around the corner and control of that it's all up to you what volume settings and I kind of predicted game so we should talk about this the jackpot cast cuz everybody got so upset about it and let's clear up a few things first of all the guy seems to be willing to talk about anything

► 00:11:23

it's not that I didn't want to talk to you about those things it's just he was being I wouldn't say he's evasive but he's basically just saying what he knew based on the company policy I didn't know what else to ask him if people felt like I didn't press him hard enough and he to his credit reached out to me and said that he would offer to do another one that's more question that's cool I said that we awesome so I said well this is the thing that people seem to be upset about it seem to be upset about very specific cases where people showed like if if people were right wing and they were posting things they were banned where is people who are left-wing or maybe people of different races were allowed to post racist things or more offense of things and even Doc's people and didn't suffer any consequences for this is the argument

► 00:12:19

my problem is I don't spend enough time reading this stuff I don't know like this is like when people get banned like Anthony cumia is a friend of mine I don't really know why he got banned I don't know what happened I know there was that incident with that that woman that punched him and he wanted getting fired he was drunk he said it went really stupid shit on in Twitter and then later apologized for it but I don't know if that's what got him kicked off Twitter but he's my friend so what I'm saying is all these other guys that have problems I don't know what the fuk happened man I'm busy I really don't I don't know I don't even know what I got Alex Jones kicked off which is why I asked that because that was one of the last platforms Sprouts Jones was Twitter but something got him kicked off their take on it was it they never take them off before because he didn't violate their terms of service

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and another thing is very encouraging that Jack sad and I know it's it's fun to get mad at things is fun to get mad at him so I'm to get mad at me for it I get it I probably the exact same thing I totally understand it but one of the things that he said was that he believes that the ability to communicate on the internet through Twitter or through these platforms is a basic human right that's how you looked like I said you think of it like a network like NBC like a drone in DC they can decide what saint was not on or do you look at it like a utility and he specifically said that he looked at it more like that that he thought it was a basic right that's very encouraging he also said that he would bring on whoever it is in his team that's responsible for these things so we could hear from the actual person who decides who's getting banned and why they're getting banned and what what is what's the decision-making behind all these things we can go over all of them

► 00:14:09

I didn't think the podcast would create such a controversy but that's probably poor prior planning on my part because my thought about it was hey I want to see it's fucking crazy to be running Twitter like it's the crazy of this thing exists the president uses a python or talk about the dude who created this and what is this like to have this thing evolve to become what it's become because it didn't start out that way it started out like fun shit like that Brian Redban is going to the movies in a man like that's what people used it for and then along the way if you came to Global method of Distributing information where people use in war zones man they use it to to tell people where attacks are these it for all kinds of crazy shit it's like a it's a really powerful but strange medium I didn't think about getting into the weeds with all the very specific people that got banned I just wanted to find out why they ban people that was my take on it

► 00:15:08

I know there's a lot of conservative voices that have never been banned I don't think Steven Crowder's been banned I don't think cernovich's been banned as he been banned there's a bunch that have not been been right so it's not like they ban all right wing voice is so what is it I don't know what it is what he said people reporting the tweet and then somebody's looking at it going go out this does violate are you know, you know all these people that that got banned violated the policy somehow you know it's probably that Simple and Clean as that you know it's not that simple right because they make their own policies and it's also not that simple if people are allowed to say similar things that are very racist vas generalizations about white people which seems to have been the case and at least a few instances where people reported that people said fucked up things about white people but there was no repercussion

► 00:16:08

and you know that's where the argument becomes these people are more oppressed and so the white people are thought of as the oppressor so you have this white privilege thing that people like to use now as a reason to to decide to like silence someone like check your white privilege that's it that's an interesting thing that's happening so if if there's is genuine movement where people think that it's okay to say things about 1 race whether you like it or not that's racism and if you're allowing that from any one side and not allowing it from another site it seems hypocritical but it's very distasteful the idea of racism against black people in this country is very distasteful to everybody almost everybody was not a race it's right because of the history of this country because of slavery because of all these things it's a different connotation but if you just allow people to say terrible things about any race it's race

► 00:17:08

you are allowing up like a predetermined attitude about a race some people have done this they have made generalizations generalizations racist statements about white people

► 00:17:24

the really weird thing that people are thrown around these days is that you can't be racist against white people because racism is about power and influence its about using your Bureau in the that black people are not powerful to white people power from the white people the ones who are oppressed so it's impossible to be racist against them that sounds like horseshit to me I'm not buying that it doesn't make any sense it's not beneficial to anybody to generalize this is what we got to get in her head it doesn't matter if you're black or if your wife or whatever the fuck you are it is not beneficial to generalize to take a person out of the group that we we think of is just human individuals that you have to be an individual I mean now it's the fact that people look different different heritages heritage's they have different different ancestry the different occupations different parts of the world is all these differences but at the end of the day the only way we're going to get true if

► 00:18:24

quality and true kinship and camaraderie as human beings is that we recognize we're just all a human being that's it there are very big differences in the way we look and the things we like that's cool but as soon as you say you can say shity things about white people or white men

► 00:18:44

that leaves everybody who doesn't fit that description guilty in his weird way are presumed guilty because of a racist statement that's all it is it's not good for anybody I get it but it's different than racism against black people in America a country that was built essentially in a lot of ways by slavery there's a war for slavery in his country and that is a crazy reality that it's not your responsibility it's not my I didn't do it you didn't do it but it's real therefore as a person who's aware of his history the history is country racism against white people seems different but it still sucks to be racist against racist against black people rather seems different but it still sucks to be racist against white people sucks to be racist against Puerto Ricans it's not good not good for anybody

► 00:19:36

it's that what we have to understand about this social-media thing what actually did happen and what is happening why is it happening and if it's just some social justice Warrior ethic that you're not debating doesn't seem fair it seems like there should be a conversation about this and I bet they're super reasonable really intelligent people and it's possible they can come to a good place that we can all agree to that is possible I'm not a cynical person I'm sorry I know a lot of you guess what they already have it they have more money than they could ever spend and my dealings with Jack as a person he seems like a very nice guy in a very smart guy and in a very empathetic I think he's in a crazy unmanageable situation to be running something like Twitter

► 00:20:28

yeah and there's probably people that did something that they should have done in terms of silencing people moving things around it's probably happened it's a weird thing with people have influence over people and there's a deer have been videos have been proven where Executives from a bunch of different social media corporations have talked about how to silence certain voices how to push down certain voices

► 00:20:53

this is something that needs to be discussed like is this is a policy as a whole is it you know it because you think you're pushing the right message as soon as someone thinks they're pushing the right message but they don't have it there's no debate about that right they just decide are always the right way and they're pushing this and there's a radical opposition to that message from half the country like didn't like it but you be like no no no but this is the one that can control the narrative this is the one that's in control social media far left-leaning ideology and the other part gets pushed aside that's a very bad situation for all of us

► 00:21:33

because there has to be conversation there has to be debate cuz if there's not just Shores up the differences between two people and they fucking hate each other even more I did not take that into account and I fucked up that's my mistake that is my mistake that I made that podcast but didn't take it easy on him because I didn't want to discuss those issues I just didn't think enough of it in advance I'm not as involved as other people are aware that there censorship and social media I'm aware my my ideas going into that conversation we're more about how insane this method is for Distributing information for the people live in band and for the people that were fans of the people that band I can understand why the be upset at me it has nothing to do with any preconceived notions that I had it's just how the conversation took place so it is and if you felt left down by that you didn't feel like it was a is extensive enough I'm more than willing to do it and go for

► 00:22:33

we're going to and Jack offered it and he's going to bring someone else is going to explain things to us I think this would be very beneficial for everybody I also think that there should be a Road to Redemption

► 00:22:47

I think if you got something that's important is Twitter or Facebook or Instagram if you're not stealing someone's stuff like you know you using copyrighted music or something on on an Instagram page will you get banned over and over again for doing it but you keep doing it if it's not something like that if it's if it's an ideological difference if you maybe you crossed a line that day they decided was a lawn you should be able to work your way back there should be a way where you can sign up again I get a new email address I don't mean that. I mean to be the same person you should be you should be able to be the same person there should be a way but there should be different levels definitely people fuck up man they they fuck up and they make mistakes right and people also grow I mean there is just some guy that was on Sam Harris podcast

► 00:23:37

Christian picciolini I think is his name he was a fucking white supremacist a full-on white supremacist and now he is the exact opposite he's he's like this very Progressive guy who gives speeches on the dangers of racism in that India ideology how it caught up with him if she got banned when he was a young man and making terrible decisions and then became a better person shouldn't we give a guy like that a chance to get back in the platform right in without making a hole in the screen name like maybe it would be I don't think there's anything wrong with the anonymous model there's some things that are really good about it right by people like Jack even talked about this that people can report news stuff and not worry about fear of Retribution that they can you know they can whistle blow and not worry about fear retribution if someone's life is on the line but they're trying to provide a service to the general public but they're trying to give people information that maybe might even save lives

► 00:24:38

but couldn't put them at risk especially in like third world countries or war-torn countries that could be a huge problem if you have to post you know Brian Redban is this the only way you can get this information is your whole name

► 00:24:52

but if I'd be better off for everybody if people

► 00:24:58

had a way of communicating with each other like it's just person to person

► 00:25:05

and I think the real problem is when people try to engineer these conversations and this is another conversation about YouTube people said that we're deleting comments on YouTube or not.

► 00:25:18

we haven't deleted any comments I don't know how it works I don't read them I'm sure people say mean things have a good time the thumbs-up thumbs-down thing like we would you don't have to have that on there you have to have comments on their YouTube give you the option to have comments on and to have the thumbs-up thumbs-down taking those off to have a good time with it but we're not fucking with that there's something that they're doing that's not it's not I post at 3:41 and Jamie post at 3:42 and this is the line of the comments it's not like that they've got their own way of doing it the question is why does YouTube do it what's the what what are they trying to do is it are they trying to block out spam are they trying to block out hate speech or are they trying to engineer conversation turn off comments on no just becomes disappear to go away, just take the common away until it's like looked over

► 00:26:18

only one person yeah I think on YouTube that happens quite often probably be as little as one or two people yet so that is probably what's happening to all you folks to think your comment to get deleted no one's deleting shit I'm not attached to what I do in the sense that I'm unwilling to look at what I do wrong I try to look at everything that I do wrong including this so if you were upset at this podcast because you thought somehow or another I sold out cuz I didn't ask any more questions I just asked him the questions I want to ask I understand you have more more questions and I do too I have more questions to especially upon seeing people's reaction to it and upon you know making myself pay more attention to all these very stories Matt sent us a list of them some of them really fucking crazy do some crazy things people said and not gotten in trouble for whereas other people said things that really weren't that bad and got in trouble for it

► 00:27:18

why is that that's a good question to ask so we will concentrate on that we're just going to work out a date so my humblest apologies to all of you don't not trying to let anybody down I always try to do my best that's it and it also here's another clear one no one tells me what to do there's no one there is no secret person behind the scenes if I fuk up it's cuz of me it's my fuk up I should have prepared more I should have thought about it more but I didn't realize like how upset people of B I think you did a great job was a great interview and I didn't even think of that I thought you kind of touched on a little when you were talking about Alex Jones and I think I was like okay you know this is what happens what's a very specific group of people that are the American flags out of Pepe the Frog it's alright people look man easily could have been me at many points of my life easily especially being a troll online you know if you're working some fuk job and you making Pepe the Frog memes and you're fucking people

► 00:28:18

I get it I get it it's one of the things I like about the internet but I don't

► 00:28:25

I want to be comfortable oh my God, I don't want because of all the time I want I want a little bit of chaos I like the fact that just people like they're like that fucking I was upset that that Radiolab podcast they took it down where they were fucking with Shia LaBeouf those guys from 4chan and the way they took it down was they contacted Radiolab it said those guys are white supremacists and they support white supremacy you knowing that you just you know you made these people that are awful terrible people that write terrible things you gave them props but the thing about something like 4chan is know you might read some terrible things but you got to realize you're also reading terrible things from Anonymous people that are working at their jobs most the time and they're trying to fuck with people's head and the trying to get people to set their they're having a good time fucking with people if you want to take them as that that's like them you like giving giving a talk to a dear friend or them giving an affidavit in court when you're missing the whole thing it's entertainment

► 00:29:25

didn't go steal Shia LaBeouf flag and go and go right to the camera go fuc Shia LaBeouf by using coordinates from photographs of the sky when they figured out where the fucking with the constellations lie and then drove around honking their horn so that they can locate where was by using the webcam and listen to how close they got to it mean it's fucking genius shit and it got taken down just put his accusation of them being racist for the thing about a forum like 4chan or Reddit or anything you have so many fucking people you have thousands and thousands and thousands of people if you said 10 country posting jokes about black people that's all you need to ruin the reputation of thousands of people so for someone to say that everybody that was like fuck Shia lebou is some racist and white supremacist that's a cheap way out that's a cheap way out I bet more likely it's some dude is bored

► 00:30:25

and you sit in front of his fucking computer and he works all day and this is where he is skates he escapes in and types and writes things and check them later and then goes back to him type thing checked and it keeps on saying it's a stupid fucking cubicle that's a lot of the people so they pulled that whole amazing podcast down because of that what he did with the Shia LaBeouf thing was particular he will not divide us come on stop stop we get a chance that everywhere it's funny what they did they mock something that's their way of marking it nobody got hurt we made it out with you was awake off a crime they committed on this this amazing person is just trying to change the world no no they prank Shia LaBeouf and they said fuck Shia lebou is that a Shia LaBeouf Whatever It Is Shia LaBeouf

► 00:31:24

he will not divide us what they did was funny the funny reaction I like that I like that but this is a is important part of this thing if it wasn't for people like that there would be no podcast now what the like to dislike ratio that you see on YouTube videos is fascinating right because it's weaponized and they're thinking about trying to ban that now because so many people use it to fuck with people I hate to say this about you folks but every time we have a check on here they get fucking torture the like to dislike rightly it's ruthless except Rhonda Patrick except Rhonda Patrick but it's just I weaponize it's the they're just going to just like it because cuz it's fun though it's a little bit of power

► 00:32:24

people weird but it's clearly shows by the amount of dislike the people moved on it and they were upset about it so it's basically I will see interesting questions to ask him like I always thought Shadow Banning was a real thing but I think he came out and said that that's not a real thing and you should supposed to come up on that you know searches but it doesn't you know if it is a real thing like that's another one not something that is if you're not doing something that you can get kicked off the platform for it right now. Taking them off you just pushing them down but if you doing that like why you doing that because like what would be the justification from the ones that I have to even be a website that you can type in somebody's username to see if there is shadowban so that's kind of interesting but a lot of pornstars eyeshadow

► 00:33:24

cuz they don't want if you're looking at Christina Applegate they want Christina you know apple bottom or something like that you know what I mean so it's it's like they're that I still believe that's a thing but I'm pretty sure he came out and said it was about a real thing technically shadowbanning Justin Bieber from the trending topics right they said that was so his fans Trend so hard they hashtag the shit out of that thing and they just took over the trending happening for other equally popular celebrities yeah yeah you're probably right you're probably right so whatever they're doing at YouTube comments and whatever they're doing with Twitter here's the real conversation the real conversation is

► 00:34:13

do we want that do we want them to curate

► 00:34:18

do we want them to decide whose YouTube videos you can subscribe to and who is Amy do they unsubscribe people Is that real or is that a glitch I don't think so either but people will listen if they're willing to move Justin Bieber from the number one trending because you dumber one Trends too hard I think it's ridiculous not to just acknowledge that our culture that there's certain humans in our culture is spending an exorbitant amount of time thinking about that beautiful man right is a lot but why do we want to lie or pretend that it's not a big so if they just not saying you shouldn't but if they did that just if they did that Hugo okay are we Through the Looking Glass now and you can change the data like what what do you when do you decide who gets pushed ear who gets pushed there when do you decide to definitely controlled by a human I don't know if they've said that but there are videos that should be

► 00:35:18

it's based off of the day that you see weird things going on with it like there's a the videos that they go you might like type thing might like to me a couple months ago where it was just videos of a guy towing cars in Dallas like out of their parking lot and he made his funny cute little videos with little commentary using videos from the security cameras anyways I don't know why I liked it but I started watching and I was like you know this is interesting so I tweeted it out like video I just got addicted to on YouTube everybody would like hundreds of people like I just started watching my YouTube recommended that to me we'd like how did that happen you know just a little guy with a tow truck company is now pushed on everybody's laps and now he just went over a hundred thousand subscribers the other day and was like months ago that he was just had like ten.. That's that's the argument some people have made that that's how fast the Paul Brothers they grew and they grew so fast on YouTube that some people thought there was something about the game like milk

► 00:36:18

instafollowers within a week or two of being on their naked are coming from another platform it's also this coming from another platform is giant but it's also a really takes is one person deciding that whatever the fuck you did was funny or weird or crazy like that cash you outside Girl by the same people that and that's why you see the fire Festival documentary there's an explanation of the show how they they spread the next the fuck Jerry guys the marketing team spread that with the orange picture is a coordinated event over hundreds of different social media accounts for her for the cash me outside girl from influenster accounts pay them they don't have to accept the money or accept the offer except the campaign but often times they do so it's like a talent agency

► 00:37:18

bro it's pretty cool watching how many people are unsubscribe I looked at the other day as if they have like 14 million that's coming from I think a video someone to share this week I think big burger made a video that got spread around and took his video right, except post a video as a cave being a fat Jew stole this you know and I tried to reach out they never got back to me he got 10 million that's kind of you know like he's in so Instagram's allowing and then Twitter is allowing piracy well I think they're allowing these people to post videos because you don't really know where it came from

► 00:38:18

there's no proof right like if you find a mean like how many times you posted a meme I repost whoever sent it to me if someone sends it to me sometimes I'll just find it in a Google Search and you got to figure out who made that mean if I find her Instagram account then I'll try to find it and repost it but some people don't and I have it in the past like I did that one with baked Alaska got mad at me cuz there was one with hot tub and it sucks like when your friends are trying to chill and it but you have to keep dropping truth bombs it was hilarious I didn't know was his I just posted it to someone said to me someone sends me a text message I think

► 00:38:55

but those things have a Creator I know Pete like Eddie Bravo makes his own you make some sometimes but he'll send some to me or post some online that he finds it funny to everybody tries to credit the person who did it right but now what they do is they they take it and they credit the person but they didn't for so long they only times are crediting fake accounts that don't make a scene that I've seen that to expect during that that qualification of it needs to be on in a county to point somebody okay well will point to this account but it's not even a real and if they find that stuff and then later add the person because the person contacts them and said they're almost like that's admitting to piracy like if they just reposted it a lot of folks including me do that if they're making the person

► 00:39:55

yacht that's important I don't make any money off my Instagram right there. Yeah I just I've been offered the post op up and not saying that I wouldn't if something was fucking killer and they want to give me money I'm greedy I'll take some money but I wouldn't lie about it and I haven't yet I've never accepted any money yet yeah cuz it's also I think Instagrams you know law that you have to put that it's an ad if it you're making money off of it and so that's another thing that both Buckcherry and fat Jew or not doing it I put it had I just wanted like Devil's Advocate the so is is there a place for them for those accounts like is there a place to have to be the retweeter of the memes to be that guy to be that account you know like isn't reliable is a curator position yeah it's kind of almost like redistributing your stand up if you do an asset like

► 00:40:55

you know something that you just you could get everywhere and you can just repost it on your page but then you will Paige become super popular because you're all these people stand upset you know like a Spotify Spotify that's right but they don't really pay the artists a little bit but mostly they make all the money later you just do it and say I'm sorry we'll figure it out after the fact for you figure it out business-oriented things that have art in them as opposed to Art oriented things that start making money they're two very different things so this is not an art thing this is a VA find other people's art and they sell it there pushing it they beat the create these accounts the accounts get giant people pass it around because it just finding funny things and then they start profiting but all the people that created all the intellectual property get zero money which is weird I don't remember but I only learned more about this one exit through the gift shop came out isn't that what

► 00:41:55

Warhol sort of did I don't know and I don't care I mean maybe he did maybe did but the the thing about it is that this is happening right now on the Internet it's a totally different animal in the Andy Warhol wasn't running around taking exact photo duplicates and putting them on his website for sale like these it this is when someone is doing on an Instagram page is like you could within seconds take a piece and put it somewhere else it's seconds Bryan post something I think it's funny hahaha I go to copy I go to the fucking repost app I put it in there and repost it it's seconds later you could do that all day and if you hire kids and you I don't know if people working for them but if these guys do they hire people for fucking twenty bucks an hour or whatever and these people just do it all day long they just find funny shit all day long they look for certain hashtags mean factories or what they're called you know that I made some funny ones all their own you know a lot

► 00:42:55

people that are just doing that all I know D'Elia is done a bunch of them and then there's also one that they do would steal people's act and make a meme out of it and then posted on their page that's work it's even more slippery because you talking about like stand up sacks the Inuit you're you're making money off at how much are they making off each posted mean I don't know but these are a multi-million-dollar business and I want us to punch lines I saw it on Facebook that's like a spoiler alert for sure if you're still doing that material again on Netflix or a Comedy Central special something for sure that sucks

► 00:43:30

like I said it's always happen though it hasn't it TV shows have been accused of stealing a thought they have stolen Kevin James was the he had a development deal for NBC back in the Disney back we're young pups or some shit and maybe a little older than that maybe he's actually that was during the news radio day so we're probably like in our thirties and he had his development deal nice development deal they're paying them a lot of lot of cash lot of paper and they're setting up a sitcom around him so they had him do a set at a theater in Hollywood and I was there and he does this set is all these writers from very sitcoms and the very next season one of his best jokes is on an episode of a television show that's very popular

► 00:44:26

very popular Yeah Yeah Yeahs and new popular medium is Instagram and social media accountability now cuz now people know that if you wrote a meme and you put it up on your site and then fuck Jerry comes along and steals your shit and doesn't credit you for it just puts it up there you know what they did unless someone sent it to them and didn't attributed to you which is possible but it seems much more likely that what they're doing they're doing on purpose for the longest time and they just did they thought that's what you could do on the Internet it's a wild west you can just take me into and you could become famous and look at that fat Jewish guy did it mean that guy became famous what will you agree with his methods or not it worked he's got his crazy hair he shows you you know like Jesus crazy-looking guy and

► 00:45:26

has all these funny memes that somebody else wrote and they're all up on his Instagram page and it worked and people don't like him now there's a lot of people that don't like him people get real shity with him in person they don't want to do an appearance they know what he did so there's a certain number of people that go ham and you're a thief like this is not cool like what you did is not cool but then the certain people that don't care and then the certain people think what what he did was just what anybody did back then it was the Wild West no one thought about it and once he established that business model and it was effective was probably very hard for him to to slow it down or did tribute things to people or to admit that he didn't do it for the all that amount of time

► 00:46:08

just bugs me that companies pay these guys knowing that they do this or like as a sign with CAA sign with a bunch of comedians it is weird right now if he was going on stage and doing their acts he's been doing appearances right he's got a book he's been on TV shows why don't know what you're doing know what you doing fine may be showing he's obviously used it for profit he's figured out a way to profit weird he must be weirded out by the very thing too because you might be sitting must be sitting there going okay I'm right here. Going to leave me alone

► 00:46:51

you know, Central was advertising on the fuck Jerry page which is like Jesus cross I didn't know that it was like Jesus thrift store a little history of Comedy it was happening though they did learn eventually they let it go eventually but those also because of the rating to drop to the floor

► 00:47:18

you don't

► 00:47:20

comedies on fucking easy to make up you know especially like meme kind of Comedy that's done by Folks at work in an office is me and kind of Comedy some of the funniest fucking comedy on Earth as done by Regular People

► 00:47:35

sound like most memes are written by high-level satirist that work for the New Yorker know the fucking regular folks would think something's funny you know I think what's going to happen if this technology improves the like being able to scan a photo and go while we could tell the first time this was ever put on the internet was from this little girl she took a photo of it has all the data in the picture and it's now use on this mean that's making this much money in this time that it's going to be kind of broken down like you know any kind of artist I mean argument to the blockchain getting involved in hearing in the data is it it's like if someone uses a picture of your band so you have a band these a picture of your bad and they have a funny meme under the picture of your band who owns that then

► 00:48:35

like how she looked at it that's hilarious how the fuck is that lady take a bad picture and she needs to talk to her that she was on Tinder you know you wouldn't be on Beyonce get some of the money or right what should someone be able to grab photos that are out in the public domain make something with it and then profit it

► 00:49:06

that's the way that's is it a lot of bands I'm sure that that's why I said dance cuz they're like really good at protecting copyright and their logo and she said if you had like the Kiss band logo you don't think Gene Simmons to come at you it's coming at you with some lawyers 100% that's just what he's going to do but it's who owns those photos of it's like Gene Simmons like Spitting Fire out and I think if you took the photo and the cameras were allowed inside the event you took it but it's not the case is though most of the photographs are people that are putting others put them up online and someone takes it like say a few Gene Simmons Spitting Fire and it has a joke about eating hookers pussy or something like whatever it is make something funny there that's online and that becomes is giant meme that gets all these likes and that somehow another someone do you profit from from from Individual post but those individual post with boost your signal

► 00:50:04

yeah some post start profited Instagram sponsored post right what legally it supposed to write a lot of people don't write especially if it's like describe moms fucking hilarious position it really is powerful position it's hilarious though it's it's amazing how many of them there are and they make money smart it's amazing how much are such a big thing now and like when I was kid that no one cared about but it was big but you would like to lose some weight yeah we talked about this before I read it Sir Mix-A-Lot change the game everybody's like you like big but for whatever reason it wasn't even an issue

► 00:51:01

the fact that girls would have giant fake boobs and Tiny flat butts and if they were perfect my grandmother would have millions of Miley but no one really goddamn song I didn't see Bohemian Rhapsody did you did you see it was amazing yeah I did I'm a giant Queen fan though I love them

► 00:51:30

that's my my number one cryogenic song when I'm in a crowd Chambers dragon attack it's hard to just sit still to abandon their I'd rather he did Remy Ma like I think this is the actor's name that played in Freddie Mercury a job you wanted to take the character in a different direction that no one was like comfortable with doing man you can't cuz it's been said to that has add stuff to the although it is an art piece it's a documentary of a guy's life in some ways you're documenting it right like it's supposed to be his light you can't make up things that never really happened

► 00:52:30

I forgive a difference between like a biography or what is the difference what is the difference in terms of the story creative I think creative control like you like being created by sound like we know this event happen in this event happen a day before and in the middle what would happen where want one is knowing only two for the documentary about Mark Schultz Parts in there that you supposed to clean oh yes our work fucked with for no reason. Just the parts that I know but I didn't even talk to Mark about the movie but there was a bunch of parts that I think he was Furious about where made it look like they were doing blow and maybe doing some gay stuff it looked it was a there's a lot of weird seeing that things were implied or just seen on the couch you know this happened unless Mark told you and so unmarked was furious at the end after was released and then on top of that I like the big one was that they changed his opponent when he fought in the UFC

► 00:53:29

they gave him a Russian guy when he in fact foot Big Daddy Goodrich who's a legend like big daddy goodrich's an MMA Legend he was a Pioneer who's in the early UFC the giant joke black dude with the G I mean he would fight with the gion he has won the most brutal Knockouts in the history of the sport where he fought this wrestle Paul Herrera and Paul took him down and they got into a position where Big Daddy Goodrich was lying on him sideways and he elbowed him in the face like 10 times in the course of like 3 seconds and it's so horrific you watching his head just bounce off before they stop the fight it's fucking brutal like one of most brutal kills you'll ever see in your life so this guy

► 00:54:20

wasn't I just a regular guy that you just substitute amount and make the guys named Tom instead of Bob know it was Big Daddy Goodrich that's who Mark Schultz fought when he fought in the UFC watch this watch this boom boom boom boom boom boom boom

► 00:54:36

I mean that guy is her next Big Daddy's got him in like a like a crucifix position and it's from Paul try to take him down

► 00:54:49

I mean that was so that guy

► 00:54:53

Big Daddy Goodrich is he's a famous fighter it's not like they took some nobody and removed him from the movie and change the name of someone where it was didn't really matter it was a historical event in MMA that's the reason you think no one knows some crazy producer I think you should play the Russian guy because this is where in the Cold War again baby I don't know you will some producer just wanted to just on the soup some Rider just wanted to cup his own balls and squirt went off into the fucking stew

► 00:55:25

that's probably what happened to make it watch better who knows maybe they would have had to pay got Daddy Goodrich right and they didn't want to pay him maybe I don't know it makes sense that makes I mean like Mike Tyson you would head that video game too long time ago Nintendo and they had to pay him to use Mike Tyson's Punch-Out a couple years eve is a kind that like this and then so now it did it was just called punch out it wasn't Mike Tyson in the game anymore. Like take it off some new dude VR boxing game yet I haven't done the VR boxing game but it looks cool like the Rocky one is that what it is a whole bunch of whole bunch of them is there fun but in comparison to a VR game in a VR games are boxing right in front of you the guys throwing Jabs you're slipping feel like standing in front of them you can catch punches with your hands

► 00:56:25

cast of the body it's crazy you get tired doing it but you can really get a workout doing it's amazing and this is it right here mr. T's in it or is it just random guy with mohawk well that's Clubber Lang but look down

► 00:56:48

I mean this is so what is that Drago and he's fighting there's Drago vs. Rocky and we can't see rock you want to see what it looks like from your eyes and this is a that's a regular video game or is that is a spirituality what it looks like when you know

► 00:57:13

I like regular pool there are so great I love it I just need to get it out of my living room it's just too much for my lifters things you couldn't do with VR pool that you need to understand if you're actually playing pool with real pool you need friction 6th grade it's crazy because he's using his hands to block 2

► 00:57:40

crazy the thing is man when when someone swinging on you when this fake person in front of his friend it's nerve-wracking you think you're going to get hit and when you do get hit and you see red or you see white rather lucky just K on them

► 00:57:54

it's funny watching the guy it's pretty amazing ivr really gets immersive life when he was a Resident Evil video game I mean that's scary as fuck you really think zombies are coming after you you you really do you know that game the thing about that game though it doesn't necessarily as boxing think does not necessarily reward perfect technique it just you could, just do this and do you want to use it as a workout disciplined and use good technique what you probably do is put gloves on put some velcro gloves on and put the the the little fucking hand thing in a year to tape it so glad it's not just goes around your neck right yeah cuz when you have your hands this way like with thumbs up thumbs up

► 00:58:54

the gloves like this on screen for some strange reason so when you're throwing punches it doesn't look right they need to change that but other cuz I did it's like they want you to just do this that's freaking me out but it when you're actually doing it though if it looked like your hands in the same position as your hands it would be a worthwhile way to learn like a guy like Freddie Roach could literally do a game where he showed you all right I want to see the job and it like right here right here and then here comes the hook duck under and then we'll go to the body go to head and you could do that and do drills with a guy and actually you could pick up real skills in a VR game especially with boxing boxing particularly

► 00:59:38

kickboxing maybe a little less because you're moving your legs you not just moving your hands like you have to have some sort of sensors on your legs so I can know what you're doing to make sure you're not showing bad technique like your knee might be down or you might be doing something funky but if you have boxing those two things are just like gloves all you need to learn is all the other things you need to learn how to punch and how to move around but you can effectively with just holding on to those things you're staying in the same position that you would be if you were really boxing and you can move around the ring to like it's a it's an area like the size of this desk maybe like a little bit more so it's not like you're in one place you don't have footwork you can actually develop Footwear to so we can have like vassili lomachenko doing like foot will drills footwork drills rather where you would learn on a virtual reality thing where to step daddy fucking badass all that stuff that you can learn some shit from those things

► 01:00:32

I like how old is that the VR is the good there's amusement park building snout Chuck-E-Cheese where it's just VR rides now he is like your parachuting or you're on a roller-coaster and I like how they're doing that now a lot of balls have that now I've done those little spaceship ones too and your role of Doom buggy around on the surface of the Moon and the Star Wars one in Vegas yet I guess you actually have like five people in your group that you can see in the game and there's like you know that they have at the Glendale Galleria the dope is one they have is that the Disneyland Disneyland Village but the Disneyland Village one is there's a start Star Wars one and then there's also a Wreck It Ralph won the Wreck-It Ralph one is fucking amazing is the same company that's it same place so they have a the Star Wars one sometime so that they'll have like one game setup for like a couple of weeks and then don't have the other game we went to Disneyland

► 01:01:32

does thing at Disneyland yes by Far East OKC have his vest on so you're feeling when you get hit you feel in your chest you feel Heat Big Bear places where you walk through and it's like lava below you feel heat the Star Wars one when you're getting shot you feel it in your chest to pick up off the wall and you got like Stormtrooper arms you see you're holding the gun in front of you it's crazy awesome Glendale getting so good this still you still are super aware that you're in a game right now but this you know go from pong to fucking what what's the best Red Dead Redemption that's probably the best graphics me fucking insane graphics that's what is that 30 years 30 years they went to that these virtual reality Games 10 years from now or going to be insane no one's going to want to be in regular life regular lives going to suck

► 01:02:30

yeah there's like to be a Disneyland or Disney World anymore it's just going to be VR it'll still be there I'll be able to get on every ride yeah I haven't watched this myself yet but the NBA makes viewing in VR available now they have a whole and not every game but it's like once a week they have a particular game you can you can log in and watch they could they change the cameras a little bit I don't think it's perfect yet polish very cool though how about watching this on the floor on the floor I know but the movie around so you can see her in the footage to I think they have a separate announcing team so they were talking about what you're seeing versus like listen to normal TV episodes of kill Tony and B are we had some the top-of-the-line cameras for it and it still wasn't there yet it was more hassle than it was worth the seems like something that would be fucking amazing for the UFC though I mean this would be a major

► 01:03:28

yeah except the cage the cage should be in the way but there's got to be a way that they could film through the cage if they just had a camera in a reinforced position where it was far enough back behind foam that there's no way it could interfere someone crashed into it but yet close enough that I could see through an actual hole you could get the entire octagon if you did it with several several different ones of those were they had it at least that like it was a different name it was it wasn't VR know the UFC's use it a few times they always try out things that are very experimental they don't always show everything they're trying out though but problem with it is it right in the middle like not above or two below

► 01:04:21

granny but have to have can't cuz it has cameras all around it so

► 01:04:25

you know

► 01:04:28

now that what that's hard to do with the cameras I guess without getting in the way of everything

► 01:04:35

yeah you would have to you have to find a good spot for it put it on a response Force head and then just go to town and will be used to do that with pride pride used to have like dude wear glasses with Leica camera sexy glasses and you get the referee Vision yeah it was crazy that's like a wall separating Fighters and breaking it up and waving to fight off yeah yeah I guess it's disloyalty Marshall campus what is POV cam

► 01:05:08

sometimes it's pointed at me I didn't know I was even I didn't know that's what they did it for until one day I saw it online that makes sense that's a smart thing to do because sometimes we do get animated there's been several fights were of me anak and and DC or Dominick Cruz Ross standing up like wild wild it like the end like Amanda Nunes when Amanda Nunez knocked out Cris Cyborg we just we were like what the fuc

► 01:05:45

what the fuck did I just see sometimes you just can't sit down you just had your your body is just like trying to control it just let it go when you see somebody do something fucking insane or just some wild crazy Francis ngannou knockout Alistair Overeem type punch yet

► 01:06:10

yeah it's me and Dominic and John Eric and Annex up and I'll leave me back it's crazy job man it's crazy job so that was the the moment and you see the one below it see that go back to that so that one below it where I'm staring at the camera in the upper right heating up that one there that froze a video taken by John Wayne Parr John Wayne Parr who's a multiple-time world Muay Thai Champion friend of mine a great guy who lives in Australia was there at the fights in Australia when Holly Holm knocked out Ronda Rousey and he filmed Holly Holm head kick in Ronda Rousey and then turns to me and I turned to him and I was like what the fuk just happened

► 01:06:55

I was like whoa whoa the way you see it like in that moment when you see when you say something that's that fucking nuts in that moment you left I can't believe what I saw it like that was me like I looked at him and he looked at me weird like well dude

► 01:07:14

that was crazy

► 01:07:16

there's no sport like that some sports just you know they just have this moment where everybody gets a jolt of a drug you know everybody just gets his

► 01:07:31

Manhattan happened last night the Superbowl for you I left before it ended I was at a friend's party went to a Superbowl party was fun. Louis a lot but it's cuz they knew that that handsome man was going to take a shirt off that's his name is beautiful man Jackson died and that way he just wanted everybody knows that beautiful tattoos and a fairly good body

► 01:08:13

squats the right that's what's interesting he's around like the greatest super athletes in the known universe

► 01:08:23

today he was raining for today was happy to take a shirt off of this California stomach tattoo with the point being that guys around for Rick's he's around six-foot-five 290 lb super athletes who could jump over his fucking head they literally could run through a hundred of him like they were Paper Walls just Super Bowl the greatest physical specimens in the known universe tester 40 speed up against other NFL teams that are they had like cellarius Usain Bolt

► 01:09:23

I fell 40. He probably just a couple of beers

► 01:09:33

yeah I just it was weird like watching on TV this do with a shirt off you know I like all this is a different thing now is like a sexy concert it was like a football I need to take a shirt off right you know he had his shirt on and then like after the second son's I can do it let's get sexy in the Super Bowl you make a hashtag hashtag sexy in the Superbowl in this ditch sexy man can't don't be hatin beautiful man I mean your audience is a bunch of guys necklaces and bracelets to for the Falcons to land on for whatever reason it makes you spiritually or gold

► 01:10:33

allowed to wear wooden necklaces cuz I people do you like really and organic stuff he really into macro but that's cold is a a a a little too yeah I can't wear necklaces man it bugs me did you ever wear necklaces that but it's a it's a weird thing if it's big enough it's like this target right to be able to go Bill gold necklace if you want to steal it a lot of necklace snatchers out there Brian off you know that but then the other thing is at what are you doing

► 01:11:11

we don't that big ol shiny thing around your neck we doing with your chick 90s chokers where I thing and I used to wear a choker necklaces oh yeah those little bead the beat at the bottom of these critical can I have the beat multi colored bead thing over your cool yeah like it's weird like with Blake some guys will wear like little anklets with like beads and they time off and then walk around Barefoot you like okay what's kind of bait shop look where you have like a really tight your pants go up so you can see your socks you know you show a little leg you know why they do that sneakers sneakers up. That's what shop told me you did that Jamie

► 01:12:11

I was pants man lady StoryBots

► 01:12:24

how dare you how care of very comfortable Under Armour running shoes on how are the optimal height for me find my feet a tad bit when I got to the store I to swap them out for how to pair of Converse All Stars with my go-to about a year ago am I nice undeadstock them is that what's called that stock deadstock deadstock do you know what deadnaming is do you know what dad named me instead of shoot it's a new thing that's illegal on Twitter this is something I wish I knew I didn't know until after the podcast but deadnaming is its band so say if you decide to become a woman and you like I'm not no longer Brian I'm Brian Tina Rihanna that's so I be like okay Brianna but you're still a man and then boom that's dead naming you can't

► 01:13:23

call someone something other than their preferred gender so like if that identifies as a woman but they're biologically male you're not allowed to say they're biologically male you not allowed to call them a man because that's dead naming you not allowed to call them like you couldn't call Caitlyn Jenner Bruce if you call her Bruce you'd be dead naming her but that's just like that's not legal or I mean I could I know this I did not know this it's been around for a while that's kind of weird been banned for a while I just found out about the term maybe a couple weeks ago I heard the term for the first time

► 01:14:14

somebody wrote deadnaming I don't like what what is that and then I had to look it up so ridiculous other words new role as we have to deal with the terms of service it's directly word for word in there

► 01:14:31

OK dead naming of transgender individuals repeated or non-consensual slurs epithets racist and sexist ropes or other content that degrade someone okay hold on second like what does the great someone so if you if you contact me and say hey bro you fucking short you're not funny that's degrading like is that not allowed that's crazy you have to let you have to have that be allowed Weber HIPAA targeting individuals with repeated slurs tropes are the content that it tends to dehumanize degrade or reinforced negative or harmful stereotypes about a protected category that's where it comes from like white people are not protected

► 01:15:19

this includes Target miss gendering or dead naming of trans transgender individuals went with the giant Corporation and they just went with some new word that's only been around for like a month how long is deadnaming been around for Urban Dictionary from 2014. They're on the ball they say stay ahead Twitter still allows goat cheese and in all the poor I do love the chaos of it all I love the fact that they're trying to sort everything out I just think it's the whole thing's crazy it it's so bizarre that look like they're trying to in that sense with that like that's so vague

► 01:16:13

dehumanize or degrade what every joke about someone every joke about Trump every single joke about Trump at every single comedian and or, Tater and or person make isn't some way degrading when you talk about how fucking stupid like Rob Reiner had a joke about him called him a piece of shit or call them a piece of crap yesterday and said he couldn't believe how fucking dummy is Trump talking about Hillary though she is doing it to 1% hundred percent hundred percent so that's so vague that's so big and fake words in it is a real real word

► 01:16:57

yeah man I don't know if your name used to be Bruce and you change it to Caitlin I can't say that that seems bananas that seems bananas you're fucking with somebody say somebody became a woman and it's still an asshole

► 01:17:17

IQ can't call him Mike you know hey Mike look I'm sure you bitter about the soul changing your sex thing you can't bring that up but you're still an annoying guy you just don't have your dick anymore because someone says that they can't say that why can't they say that they should that's to me stupid well I'm not saying to transgender people I guess you can be considered hate speech or whatever but only but only when it comes to what gender right like if you could you could tell someone hey you're short and fat and stupid and they don't no one cares

► 01:17:58

Tre Bryant you can say you are you're ugly as fuck your nose is disgusting

► 01:18:05

what happens there is that the same what is that the same thing it might be if you do it repeatedly right out there probably probably one time you can sit on someone's looks but it's like what like deciding what you can and shit on someone for like what I'm saying it if someone's an asshole and there are like he is perfect one that woman who used to be a man to transgender woman who was in a store screaming at this kid behind the counter that it's ma'am it's man is the perfect example of that that was terrified she's fucking huge and she used to be a guy and clearly still looks like a guy and she's saying it's fucking man likes knock some shit over she got violent in the store in that situation you telling me that it's not cool to say how are you settle the fuk down because you look like a guy you're acting like a violent guy and you used to be a guy pardon me if I think you're still

► 01:19:05

fucking guy that's deadnaming but that's a good thing to say in that particular instance so without new ones right without context but it's saying you can't say anything to degrade someone but clearly that would degrade that guy who died but fuck you why can't someone say that because that's people communicating how they feel about you being a dick like if you start out being a dick and then they communicate about you being a dick by being a dick as well we Banning this surprise is covering our butts and there's crynight you know what I kind of like Jamie said that it's dangerous a lot of ways it's dangerous to control people's thoughts and behavior because who are you to say and when does it end you don't know it just keep going and going and going and going because it gets very slippery when you have one group thinks it's right and they're trying to control another group that thinks they're right man

► 01:20:05

that is it seems so simple when you just talked about deadnaming transgender people or not degrading People based on their looks or their ethnicity or the disorder that but what you're doing is you're trying to dictate how humans communicate with each other people don't like it when you tell him what to do the problem with telling people what to do if they want to do the exact opposite this one of the first things you fit realize when you have kids like they don't want to listen to me I got to figure out a way to sneak information into them you know someone telling them what to do this is what I missed

► 01:20:42

when I was added headed into that conversation I missed out on other people looked at that guy and what he stands for I don't think it's correct I think it's way more complicated I think it's an insane business to running out I don't think you really knew why Alex Jones was banned or anybody else's band I don't think you really knew I think he's dealing with a giant Corporation and he's a young guy and he wear sandals and what kind of sandals and Al Jones brought up today that he sponsors the podcast through the the cash app which is also he also run to 100% true but I would have and I think we talked about it on the podcast we talked about the cash at being a sponsor in about how it's helped Justin Wren fight for the Forgotten charity so Alex Jones erroneously said that I didn't mention it we did mention if it's worth mentioning and Alex Jones

► 01:21:43


► 01:21:46

having to like respond to people that want to know if I've seen what Alex Jones said about me lately is one of the weird things that I've dealt with because first of all

► 01:22:00

I've always had good dealings with Alex in person person to person he's obviously in a world of shit right now there's a lot going on with him with the Sandy Hook stop and he wasn't entirely honest with me about what he had said about Sandy Hook maybe he didn't remember maybe he was trying to phrase it in a way other than the way I interpreted it when I saw the videos but there's a Media Matters video that shows all the time where he said that Sandy Hook was fake

► 01:22:26

this is very complicated to me this is one of the reasons why I struggle with bringing him back on the podcast that's very complicated it's that is

► 01:22:36

even though I'm

► 01:22:38

I've known the guy since 1998 and if I'm around him I'd say that's my friend Alex Jones he's a friend he's awfully he obviously did something fucked up and the parents that had to deal with what he did There's parents that had to deal with people calling them a crisis actor they had to deal with people harassing them

► 01:23:00

at the courthouse and harassing them if they met them in public because they were saying that they were lying about the kids being killed so not only their kids being killed but they have to deal with someone harassing them

► 01:23:12

and saying you're a liar and you're an actor it's insanity

► 01:23:16

and I wouldn't I would think about it differently I would definitely think about differently if I wasn't friends with Alex but it would also think about it differently if he hadn't made shit up about me

► 01:23:28

he said that I was told to stop talking about conspiracies are they threatened my family that's 100% horseshit and he has my phone number he could have called me I called him after I heard about it he told me that someone told him that I talk to the person who told him that I'm like this is fucking bananas are you out of your mind call me this is so stupid you think I'm not talking about whatever fill in the blank whatever ridiculous conspiracy the Rothschilds the fucking Rockefellers whatever it is I'm not talking about that because the government threatened my family that is fucking wrong it's ridiculous and now you put it out there so Alex Jones went on afterwards and he apologized and corrected it then recently because I haven't had them on the podcast you decided start saying that I work for the CIA and that George Soro talking points which I don't even know what these fucking talking points are

► 01:24:24

talking points about him and specific not talking to anybody no one's giving me talking points not George Soros Eddie Bravo has been saying Joey Diaz. Alex is your out there

► 01:24:47

I still like you as a person if I saw you I'd still give you a hug but you're making shit up and this is this is not helping anybody wants to defend you it's not helping me as a person talk about the good qualities in you and you know that these things that you're saying or made-up you're making up the fact that I'm in the CIA you're making up for the fact that the Hollywood insiders of giving me information and tell me what to say that's not true you know it's not true you know me I don't have time to be a CIA Insider I can't take on another job in between doing stand-up and podcast in UFC commentator run the family I can't do it I wouldn't do it I'm not interested I'd rather stop doing everything then work for any government organization no one's ever approached me no one's ever approached anybody I've ever heard of I don't even know if that really happens I don't know if that's real thing the thing is they would say is that the CIA would talk to the people in Halo

► 01:25:47

wouldn't tell them what to say in terms of propaganda in it maybe I don't know I don't have any personal knowledge of it I'm sure someone has decided that it's going to make a movie about like Zero Dark Thirty that they have to get some sort of approval and I'm sure that a lot of movies that are very inspirational that have to do with the military would be great for recruitment so I'm sure there's some involvement I'm sure there's also some patriots that work in Show Business that want to put out these movies about the government and about the military and a very positive what that's probably the case in some instances to

► 01:26:24

but everything's a fucking conspiracy this is why it's stupid and white stupid is some things are fucking conspiracy and Alex Jones have talked about some things that were real conspiracies that 9/11 documentary The Road to tyranny detailed the World Trade Organization protest where they sent in these agent provocateurs the which are essentially soldiers they send in soldiers and military people dressed up in all black and cover their face and they smash windows and tip over things may take a peaceful protest and they turn it violent so then the police can move in shut down the protest and then not only did they do that but they made a no protest Zone in the United States of America a no protest Zone was it the United States of America

► 01:27:12

World Trade Organization protests in detail and it was real when he makes things up but there was one recently the David pakman show had on about Alex talking about people eating babies pituitary gland and Scattered vandalism of downtown Seattle for sanoh protozoan I was in 2009 and 1999 router

► 01:27:43

was it 99 December 1st 1999 October 27th 2009 was the article said that that was real that was legit and it was very informative cuz I didn't know that that is how the government operated sometimes they just a second time and I sent him a text message but I don't hate the guy he's going to he'll scream and yell and call me a demon he's not a good place you you're not in a good place when you're defending against that and all these other conspiracies like it's all fun and games until you're talking about people's kids getting murdered and then all the sudden people are like the fuck you and that's basically what happened with him if he was just ranting about government conspiracies or you know who shot this guy or who stealing money from here some of what he talks about is beneficial but Alex is not I don't think he's in a good place I don't think he's in a good place mentally I don't I don't think he's in a good

► 01:28:43

in terms of his situation with the law I don't hate you out Stones if you listen to this if I saw you I'd still give you a hug I'll still even do your fucking show when I come to Austin I don't care you can we can come and hang out but just stopped making shit up its silly

► 01:28:59

and you know I'm sorry if there's bad stuff between us I'm more sorry what you said about those kids I'm sorry about everything it's it's unfortunate it's all terrible now

► 01:29:14

it's something like that what's the Road to Redemption for someone like that cuz some this a thing about people is and I think this is all so what's going on with Alex people need a Road to Redemption

► 01:29:26

like if if someone fucks up horribly and does something terrible

► 01:29:31

should that be the end of them this idea that we don't need them anymore no matter who it is

► 01:29:39

mean what what does a person have to do to grow and learn and for 4 people just accept them again

► 01:29:46

and let him onto all platforms again what what what does a person have to do

► 01:29:51

it's a real good question I think it's per person know like somebody like Alex just seems like he's getting worse and worse like this seems like he what he did teach us you is like I'm sure to you he asked you or if he was in town sorry if it's no no you not listening I said I didn't want to have a moment I was trying to figure out whether I would have him on but when I watch the Media Matters video it was very clear to me he wasn't mean I asked him if he had said that it was fake and he said he questioned whether or not it was real but then eventually he knows that it was real what she has done but there was many times we said it was fake not one many times it's absolutely fake it was 100% fake this video of it I didn't see the video before we did our 911 podcast I've seen it now and I still thought about having a Mana still thought about talking to him about it and and talking to him about all this shit and what it's like

► 01:30:48

I think it's he plays a character honestly I don't think so but they're reptile guy isn't people of the things that he says none of it half of it's just like what the fuck are you talking about he definitely goes goes crazy with some things but I don't think he's doing well

► 01:31:03

talk about eating babies pituitary glands would seem to find a David pakman video David pakman who's the progressive commentator online he he was going to look something's wrong with him like he's playing his video like what he's talking about them breaking in the morgue what is happening it's early on sounds like schizophrenia sounds like any episode of Live PD or cops you know when people are talking like I saw aliens upstairs in my house please real quick I want to see where we can't do anything to stop them

► 01:31:49

that's why I got Bill Maher production company is huh

► 01:32:00

and then she said it's okay to have sex with you get the stuff of the soulless demons

► 01:32:11

like Bill Maher but Josh was saying he had a theory

► 01:32:17

Walnut stock shares in USA is the pituitary gland because they confirm the Jimmy show Val and others would Portugal kids to death because they couldn't get regular ones

► 01:32:47

that's yeah this first of all Bill Maher's down a fucking pedophile this is this is crazy this is like a weird rambling and this is not Alex that I knew from 1998 to snot snot same guy this is a guy's not doing well

► 01:33:06

so my apology as a human being to Alex Jones if you are hurt that I didn't have you back on the show if you are hurt that I occasionally poke fun at you I have to you're hilarious unfortunately but I don't hate you at don't wish you wish you badly and back in the day I enjoy a lot of stuff

► 01:33:27

people lose their y u no

► 01:33:30


► 01:33:32

I think that

► 01:33:35

it's a real bad feeling being stuck on the outside too and they all band together and kick you out and everybody kicks you out everybody Twitter and Facebook everybody and YouTube and Twitter was the last one but that was Jack Dorsey didn't even know why Alex Jones got kicked off Twitter and people like will let him back in then again but somebody knows like somebody like I don't think Jack Dorsey is really the guy who's looking at each individual person that gets banned I just have a feeling that that stuff is compartmentalised write 1 million monthly active users on the right but how many people are responsible for Banning people in real high-profile people. 12 people they have to have a meeting then they at you know maybe they talked to Jack maybe they don't maybe they don't know maybe he doesn't we don't know I'll ask that for sure but maybe he didn't know when people got back

► 01:34:35

until he like maybe got a company memo maybe was involved in the course maybe I don't know maybe he's the one who called about to get rid of this motherfucker that's possible to here's another one right here's one that people had an issue with and one thing you could say okay like when Kathy Griffin held up the the that Trump head member that the cheetah Twitter account yeah she she she posted a photo of it she posted on Instagram or Twitter that

► 01:35:13

it's a is it allowed in silao because it's newsworthy because it's a celebrity and the celebrity is threatening a public figure who's also the most powerful person in the world so it's okay is that why that is I think she posted it cuz it was an art piece that was kind of controversial I know that that's what I'm saying why is she still allowed to be on the platform and Alex Jones gets kicked off that's it it's an interesting question right like what do you need to do to get kicked off cuz that's not the only thing that Kathy done recently she was one of the people those calling for the name for that young boy who was with that Native American in front of his face beating the drums crazy responsible you know I'm sure she feels bad about it now in retrospect Specialties watch the video but you got carried away and she thought what we all thought we saw the picture there smirking come to the kid that got in the face this beautiful indigenous man is singing his his raindance cry where the fuck is doing

► 01:36:13

yeah that's how it was though we we found out afterwards it was much more complicated when what is there song were they singing sounded cool but you make a record that shitt that shitt school to listen to when you work out if you need get like some some legit Native American chants like that put you into a trance right you don't know what they're saying you just go running a list a couple tokes go for go for a jog in the woods with a Native American chants in your airpods that was an interesting video that because I mean it I was a 188 after to see during the second side of the story the people still wear yeah and I saw someone who said what's his name Ron Perlman know who's the guy who is Hellboy mother fuckers are telling me that I'm not seeing what I'm seeing and she said something about some white prick or wall light motherfuker

► 01:37:13

okay people try so hard but you you are seeing what you're saying that you're seeing what you're saying but what you're not saying is a video that shows how it occurred it's all it is you know why is that okay right why is that okay why is it okay for some journalists to say horrible things about white people why is that okay why is it okay seems weird what is it encourages violence against a innocent white person just one should be responsible what they say why did you do that well I read Blah Blah Blah's tweet and I was like you know what I am going to go out and punch a white person fuck that I just found some white old lady and I beat her ass like if someone decides that you're not responsible for that are you probably not but you kind of kind of feel like you played a part in the way people look at things especially people that are very easily influenced you know it's just all so it's gross you read

► 01:38:13

really racist against white people like that's gross like you think of all people I like that the whole group of people that don't have as much melon it there all shit that's ridiculous you're ridiculous person I don't care if you're black or yellow you're ridiculous that silly we have to decide

► 01:38:32

skeleton side like what the fuck were doing and we keep letting illogical Behavior be normal like breaking us off into fucking groups like that and thinking that you know all men are great are all women are grains are all gays are great and every all straight cisgendered man go fuc themselves all right that's that's silly talk I don't care who you are you not allowed to do that but we let people do that if they're part of a marginalize class some of the part of a martial arts class then you get to the shit on everybody in a weird way you get to like reinforced right it's really excite so fucking counterproductive to because if you do that then it just makes people just get defensive on the other side they don't want to even think or empathize with how you are

► 01:39:20

what are social media really made everything annoying hasn't it for the memes and I'll just read his post and it'll get me going the more I'll get like 15 minutes of ha-ha's Chevron found out yesterday that he's apparently from the UK and so like the story there's two stories that as part of the story but memes of him being from the UK and a British rapper that's supposed from Atlanta really took over to the fact like Demi Lovato tweeted it and she got shit on and she's deleted her Twitter now because of the response to that did you know who this guy was before know but I'm 51 years old and old man number one in the country

► 01:40:20

I am I follow a lot of them I don't know any of these like Tech Nine's and sushi for Zagat ever looked at the Kashi 6:9 he's fucked maybe he's talking to him I said he still fuk he's not he's going to jail for a long time with a tattoo of 69 on his face he's going to jail real problems good do you read the list of charges there's murder involved in murder conspiracy on how he's fucked man and if he cooperates if they put a hit on someone cuz he said it Jesus Christ he won't get like the death penalty flashlight yeah yeah yeah yeah it's a real problem Soldier Boys in jail too isn't he is

► 01:41:15

for what a wrestling beat up his girl and his girl beat him up you son of a bitch with your shity pot out of memory of a bear stories I know is Little Bow-Wow because even worse he tied a girl to a a chair using an extension cord and kept her for six or seven hours and it's garage it low what did you have for this one's daughter wouldn't do that for jealousy I think this is apparently according to a woman whose name I will not say apparently was backing out of a driveway in a car hits Soulja sell a home when she hit the curb at it's his house when she hit the curb from that point on his assistant before they became upset and started fighting with her from There Soulja allegedly

► 01:42:15

outside and try to break up the fight the woman says that he began punching and kicking her when she was on the ground and then tied her up for 6 hours

► 01:42:24

God Soulja Boy

► 01:42:27

well at least Nintendo one we wish that cooler heads will prevail but that sounds like that sounds like a fucking disaster Jesus Christ by the Spin Doctors causing any problems right guys she hit a curb this all started she heard that she had a car with his car something she's qurban with wheels nice car and she know what the fuck she was doing

► 01:42:56

what a dick tied her up and beat her up and squeeze grain rice to put in the ice on the ground and then pretending you fell out that's brilliant allegedly it's amazing to try to collect there's a lot of people to do that man I see videos of people doing at the mall feel like throw a drink down and then slide down the drink with a guy do it once at a movie theater I worked out and we had it on video also and we just showed him the video and then he left and never heard anything about it but he was bitching up a storm by staring a big dams going to go over Here Lookin Like a bitch

► 01:43:56

ridiculous look at that Silly Bandz silly silly man

► 01:44:03

the thing about those guys is there anybody that does that kind of shit I think the cops all they have to do is go share with your social security number and then they look up all the ship he's also done but you don't just a little but the scam that's a guy's been scam and it's like in Russia and stuff for other countries where everyone's doing the insurance scams until I get to the point where everybody has to have dash cams on their car now has a lot of dandruff is chicken a story I heard over the weekend there's not it's I think it's the story happening in Houston where the cops broke into a house if they had heard that there was there they think they are the Warren report was that neighbors had called and black tar heroin sales or something like that at this house is a broken without knocking noise like a no-knock warrant the guys at 57 the house here summer break into his house it's a shotgun shoots one of the cops they kill him his wife is like what the fox going on she goes to try to grab the other cops gonna adjust fall on

► 01:45:03

shot people are dead and it didn't find any heroin

► 01:45:08

this is like some weed in there something like that and some people are like they didn't have a history of doing much from what I've read that's why I thought of it cuz they look back to these guys if they have an arrest history or anything and I wasn't anything that they found at least what I read about it the one where there was a mayor outside of Washington DC and he they were using his house as an address and it was something with the mail delivery guy was running weed and so the mail delivery guy would come by and the package was addressed to him but he would just keep the package cuz he knew that this was this guy's house it was on his route and that way you know as a package came in the mail would be his to deliver but instead of delivering and he would hold on to it so they break into the mayor's house know you know the hostess holy shoot his fucking dogs chew his daughter and he had like one of my dog like Marshall it's like a super duper sweet dog either yellow lab which is real similar she was a yellow lab

► 01:46:08

might be golden retriever either way they fucking shot at least one of his dogs as how she think I would be like a maybe they thought fucking the mayor's a drug dealer maybe they really thought that but that kind of shit is Darkman we just go shoot a Golden Retriever come on you're not a pussy and I know you're going in there because you think this is a real drug running operation cuz the cops just got bad information right but you're not so you don't have to shoot a fucking Labrador stop you think that things going to bite you when it does shoot that song about you fuck out of your that's it weird Power Trip shit thank you shoot all dog with a guy's got a wolf and it's off the chain it's running at you yes shoot it breaking in some guy's house and then you shoot his fucking dog what if you're wrong like you are all what you cool with shooting someone fucking dog in front of their kids that's what happened to the the mayor of this town the fucking Mayer

► 01:47:06

I bet the guy was a mail carrier just thought it was cute to use the mayor's address get all the weed delivered maybe didn't maybe vote for his opponent

► 01:47:15

we thought it was safer to do it that way did you get a Tesla you just driving around at I forgot one tell me how how do you like it when I told you I must go get one guy did my podcast I almost solid I'm a man of my word it's a fucking spaceship it's the weirdest thing I've ever driven in my life it doesn't even make sense it's not even not even there's not a single car that I've ever driven this even close to his fast nothing but my porch is so slow have a GT3 RS it is 518 horse power at least 3000 pound it sounds like a dragon and that Tesla would leave it in the dust I mean leave it in the dust like 0 to 62 seconds quicker it's fucking insane out of a know but you could drive chill with ludicrous mode always available you have to keep switching back and let it go

► 01:48:15

just crazy great lake is the fastest and it kills your battery the thrust that you get is a roller coaster ride it's insane I mean you can't believe how fast it is literally doesn't make sense it doesn't seem right it seems like like it's punching its way through a wormhole use an alien technology me while I posted it seems like something Bob Lazar snuck out of Area 51 get all these messages from people problems are has been debunked that's controlled opposition that's a fake story it's fake news bro they got you with the Bob Lazar story do you like all the tech in it I mean not since it's too much almost because it's is Giants green like I had a dim it with the fuk down so it was looking at like you're so pretty so pretty it's so pretty dream cars very comfortable how long for comfortable super charge station at your house yet or do you have to be so I can plug it into a supercharger taste like 8 hours

► 01:49:15

how many miles in the house and I mean a mi amor on so it's not going that far it is to get to get is there a few options for that model and like that that's an option fuel like gasoline there's no electric cars I can pay extra for like 1 gallon of gas so like if you ever lose your battery event

► 01:50:03

Chris Chris is our mix they're hybrids Priuses used gasoline but it is very stingy amount of gasoline and they run partially on electric motors so do the Acura NSX the Acura NSX has two electric motors but I think you don't ever charged it I think the electric motors are powered by the gasoline engine electricity in the car if I remember right that's supposed to be the mother fucker like the Acura NSX is supposed to be the car that people are under look under looking for whatever reason it just doesn't get the other two deserves and apparently the 2019 model is even more insane garage floor is like a wireless charging mat you just as we pull right up into that matter whether I'm trying to find a way if you take her phone and put on a wireless charger there's like a little room that if you don't you don't have to touch it but maybe that's the whole reason why you're safe from getting hit by lightning bro

► 01:51:03

yeah I did the rubber protect you from electricity into the ground like a little you're riding on the highway and if you didn't want to fuel up that you can like fuel up using the road to pay like a fee or something it would be great if solar panels had gotten so powerful they can charge it just with the sun is specially cuz Southern California is always fucking sunny ledfurd today but it's a matter of time that the cars the future that's what it is it really is look I'm a Giants fan of American muscle cars are my all-time favorite cars in terms of like to drive to hear the rumble of the engine and that I love them I love them maybe I'm some

► 01:51:49

crazy old dude from the fucking 80s it still loves 1960s muscle cars maybe I don't care I love them but that fucking cars the future that test was the future look when you drive it you realize other cars are stupid kind of bugs that you wish it was just takes a little while to figure out what to do and how to get things to happen but it's really well-thought-out it's a he said legit genius you know and what he's doing is unprecedented and you know it's going to sound like I'm kissing his ass cuz I like him cuz he did the podcast and then I became friends with them know what he's important the guys got ideas that are of a magnitude that dummies like you and me are never going to come up with any of those

► 01:52:49

ever if we lived A Thousand Lives who never figure out SpaceX it's just a wheelhouse we would never make a fucking electric car we never make one of those things never get that Tesla Roadster that's going to come out I go 0 to 60 in 1.9 seconds and end looks like like a spaceship like a like a racecar spaceship from the future we're not doing that to it we need people like that those guys are super important this guy is he's like a culture changer like a legit culture changer he got him to smoke weed chases wanted to ask if I'm looking for the new Toyota Supra other man I don't know who this is the SpaceX rocket

► 01:53:38

it says build a stainless steel rocket ship in Texas that looks like liquid silver in might launch in February did it what year what day is this article

► 01:53:49

January 11th, yeah okay it fell over looks looks like a drawing for a rocket from the 1900 down if you didn't work out but it looks just like a rocket

► 01:54:13

that's a Buck Rogers rocket right driving that car really feels like like the future did you get the best model of course you did but yeah I got the model S p100d is what it's called it's paid off my car and I just selling get one of those a little charge port yeah I mean I have it in my power outlet passing by gas stations and going I'm never going to use you with this soda 9 seconds and I'm telling you man that's not an unrealistic number couple years

► 01:55:08

I'm going to get 100% this is such a dope karmen it doesn't even have a side mirrors got no side mirrors cameras that probably then shut your mouth goddamn side Mary son's I love my camera cameras are my car I don't even use my side mirrors it's so much better having that look at how much is at 620 miles I don't know probably stupid expensive look how pretty it is too pretty to be cheap, fucking sick that thing looks look at it I mean it looks like the Ultimate Sports Car like that looks like a that easily could be a new 911 like from that angle particularly but that's why they were racing seats first and then came gamer super hate but the steering wheel Swanky steering wheels like a F-1 like a Formula 1 car see it at 6 Square

► 01:56:08

are the handles maybe they want to make sure that you don't do this kind of shit

► 01:56:14

this is so fast you probably need to hold on to it in a different way

► 01:56:20

dude I'm telling you that the car that I that I got I've never experienced anything like that before you don't think it's real you don't think a car can do that doesn't make any sense why she wanted $45,000

► 01:56:33

damn, Cash Plus the $5,000 to 55 seconds to every dick head in Hollywood will have one but I am an environmentally conscious but still sucks at like I might be going to open sure to do do do-do-do-do I went to a pretty sweet 2:30 I think you said that's not bad though if you driving around Hollywood you can probably get a whole night in you know if your Uber in Audi just downstairs yesterday with the Super Bowl commercial I've seen it looks nasty yeah it looks nasty ejects Jackson Nasty or Badness

► 01:57:33

that's stupid crap it looks like Audi electric sports car that doesn't look bad. Looks like a standard SUV that was pretty good

► 01:57:51

what's the mile on that thing what's the mileage the range the range is everything in this fucking thing cuz if the amount of time he charges and what it takes 2 hours to get certain things and do them any good rest of it that ain't good after 30 minutes 30 minutes 30 minutes is 60 miles worth of charge in 30 minutes that's not bad. That's a long time you got to go somewhere if you're in a rush you can't just pull in and get gas but you don't want the kind of power that would it take I mean you imagine how many dipshit that's it that's the that's the Audi look at that thing Brian

► 01:58:46

how to pair I like that I like that better now that's that's the e-tron one so it's basically an Audi R8 a Next Generation Audi R8 go to that yeah in the one yeah that's what it looks like that's a nasty-looking car so dope Electric

► 01:59:02

e-tron says night that says 2016 or is it still just a concept

► 01:59:16

because they always like there's a lot of those cars will disappoint shit out of you she wanted 79 me up miles it so it's a real thing when is it available

► 01:59:27

I wonder when that's coming out

► 01:59:29

2022 yeah so that's probably the same time the roast is coming out but look how they get your dick hard years in advance so rude though so rude to get your dick hard so far in advance you know I can feel like you having to be fucking super environmental but I'm going to

► 01:59:51

did you see the new Volkswagen dune buggy that looks pretty fun or if it's for sale but it looks pretty fine it's it looks like a classic dune buggy but they both Volkswagen date and it has no roof but it's like a little fun card on him. See a picture all right

► 02:00:21

the new one so it's alright it's a road car but is it still a dune buggy you sons of bitches while they were supposed to announce the new Bronco everybody thought it was going to happen if the Detroit Auto Show but it came and how it came and went with no Bronco that makes no sense because it's actually on their website like they think they said that they were going to do probably don't have it down in no sometimes when they worked on these experimental vehicles to develop something I don't like certain aspects of it or then maybe they're aware of a competitor's my with more horsepower so that the jet like for instance like the the GT500 from Ford it was on its way out there were they were going to put it out the new

► 02:01:21

but they were saying that it has over 700 horsepower that's what they never say that they always give you the exact specific number they always say 750 horsepower is coming in 2020 but they didn't show it at pictures of it right it's a Ford website does not pictures of exam released yet but

► 02:01:56

what was I just saying

► 02:01:59

we're talking about what before the Bronco Volkswagen Beetle the bug how you were saying

► 02:02:08

I don't remember Jamie fuck me out about how fast can you push back because you know somebody who might like this car is faster a Shelby GT500 they they said it's only set it's over 700 horsepower the reason why they said that is because Dodge came out with a demon and then they came out with some other version of the Hellcat it's also with 800 horsepower so if you come out with only 700 horsepower it's hard because as ridiculous as that sounds some people going to think you would have to know what those you are one that's good 750 or it's not that this or that

► 02:02:45

so they they haven't said exactly what the horsepower rating is cuz they're still trying to Juice It Up that might be the case of the Bronco II they might be trying to fix things and Juice things up but look how good that looks red with a black stripes see that car is a reckless person scar what's the difference between that and like a Tesla what's exciting about that car the way it looks that is a ridiculous person's car to drive around every day you are fucking madman you probably a little tipsy sometimes you drive you know you might smoke cigarettes you definitely smoke cigars you know you probably order shots right that's a ridiculous person in car but yeah look at the transmission in automatic it's a wheel that's a really Splendid drive like fuck you

► 02:03:40

first of all give me a goddamn stick shift like an American I want to stick shift with the fucking American flag as the boot of the stick shift is one of the last places on the planet we could still get a goddamn stick shift sports car what is Ford do they release the GT500 with an automatic how dare you don't talk to me about paddles you can shift it manually with a paddle that's not a manual transmission service shifting with the paddles where's my what's my left foot doing should I pretend I will keep me a fake clutch fit clutch where I can pretend

► 02:04:16

they looked up though what are good that silver one looks sexy silver with the black stripes God damn it looks so there were two I guess I haven't announced it yet so I don't think they've announced a specific data comes out but it looks like it's got wider body work to doesn't it look the fenders are wider in the rear and the front for you if you want if you don't want to wait you can get something even more powerful that is available right now with a manual transmission you get the Shelby Super Snake Google that you want to see America and it's rock hard finest 2019 or 18 Shelby Super Snake 800 motherfuking horsepower widebody Mustang with a manual transmission they say don't even fuck with the automatic cuz the automatic transmission is the transmission from a regular automatic Mustang and it just doesn't know what the fuck to do I mean it's just it's it's confused by this

► 02:05:16

CARS 800 horsepower turn that volume up

► 02:05:22

come on look at that

► 02:05:32

come on cats not to me that sexy but not worth $117,000

► 02:05:40

that is a monster of a car good Lord that's a beautiful thing on your Tesla can you download sound effects that sounds like that you don't want that you want to just be cool just chill Tesla's like you're a you're a man of leisure your man of leisure and driving around comfortable and quiet as it flies around it's like it's going through a wormhole and we drive it very strange car self-driving expecting off La Paz driving

► 02:06:20

put one on that big screen I hear you can know people are on autopilot is beating off to porn and that giant a screen is a have a web browser in it seems like I haven't even looked I'm sure it does something yeah you can probably get online at the park or something ridiculous like that it's crazy car but it did sits it seems like such a leap from anything that I've ever driven before like I've never I've never experienced anything remotely close to it

► 02:06:52

so let's go fucking play some quick about the thing I said everything I want to say to Alex Jones so my Olive Branch extended to you mr. Jones I wish you well in this life and everybody else will do better we're going to definitely have Jack back on and we're going to have Jack back on and review somebody's cases with some of the people are in charge with it a bit rather and we're going to compile a list we're going to try to get someone to compile a list of what they think would be contradictory cases or hypocritical cases are interesting cases or just fuel for conversation and we'll figure it out and and you have the cash apps where the sponsors of the podcast 99.9% sure we said that

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pause we did because we talked about Justin Wren fight for the Forgotten charity about what that code word Rogan is doing for pygmies in the Congo when they do that I swear to you even though you don't have to believe me I did not affect how I talk to that guy I don't have a problem getting sponsors I got plenty of sponsors it's a good sponsor I like them they do good things they donate $5 to UFC fighter Ray Borg son's medical bills for every time someone uses the code Joe Rogan so I like them if I had them as a sponsor and I couldn't talk freely with him I would be happy if they drop me I would be way happier for them to drop me I would for me to say something different or not say something because their sponsor the began that sounds very self-serving like you would say that right but it's true

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that's all I can tell you all right so that's it for today by everybody

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