#1242 - Tim Pool

The Joe Rogan Experience #1242 - Tim Pool

February 8, 2019

Tim Pool is an independent journalist. His work can currently be found at http://timcast.com and on his YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG749Dj4V2fKa143f8sE60Q

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my guest today is a young man who is an independent journalist a very very intelligent guy and he has a YouTube channel where he does daily YouTube videos actually doesn't 7 days a week is a fucking Maniac I really enjoy talking to him please give it up for Tim pool

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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how's it going thanks for finally being here so we had a nice conversation on the phone about deplatforming and social media and what it was very obvious to me and talking to you it was that you're way more schools on this than I am so that's why I wanted to have this conversation with you about his fear part of what was like I re listen to my podcast with Jack and you had a good criticism of it I agree with a lot of what you said first of all agreed it was kind of boring and It Was I Thinkin many for many reasons was my fault I don't think I prepared enough for it and I also don't think I understood the magnitude of how other people felt about deplatforming on Twitter and in all social media YouTube and all these different things and what

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ramifications are and how how much this means to people to have very clear and obvious obvious Free Speech outside of very egregious examples of like threats and doxxing in Frederick. Which I think we can all agree right I think this problem might be one of the like for the worst problems we're facing right now politically yes you know the Twitter is where Publix what is happening is where journalists are and is a problem sourcing a lot of their stories yes so if you have somebody who's completely removed from public discourse that Exile you know I can imagine why some people can't lose their minds and it happens and I think going into that conversation with him well that's what I wanted it to be that's why I don't really interview people any I kind of have conversations with him occasionally we have disagreements and we do you know we talked about things and you know

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but it's not I don't have like a mandate my only, it's only thing I wanted to get out of the conversations I want to find out what it was like to start that organization and to have no idea when you were doing it was going to be essentially like one of the most important distribution at avenues for information me if I knew why people smash Windows smashed Starbucks it's not because they think they're going to cause damage it's because they want to strike a cymbal down of something they view oppresses them Jack Dorsey is that symbol to a lot of people and you know to see if you know what I was saying earlier is I think a lot of people look at you you're like a real dude you know your your conversations are real you have you not one of these fake news journalist that people are very critical of that field they're their bias of an agenda so when you sit down Jack Dorsey and doesn't go anywhere people then feel like the last person who's not supposed to let us down let us down and I noticed that I got

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no more hate for that one and probably anything that I've ever done and you know I'm not a guy shies away from criticism I try to figure out what I did wrong and try to regroup and figure out how to approach it again and in Jax defense you know I think he's very open to talking about anything and also he's also very open for self-criticism and he was openly discussing what they're doing wrong where they need to be clear where they Nadine to get better I don't believe any of it you know I don't trust that guy not at all you know why don't you trust him first of all there's the obvious thing is running a bunch of companies I could be wrong but I believe he actually left with the CEO for a while they brought him back in or something but I try to avoid a certain things that I'm not going to represent your own but me too but I do it all the time and right right

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Jack says things like you said to you he said the Congress I believe that you sent to Congress we don't ban People based on the content we ban People based on their conduct that you literally have a terms of service that band specific content content there is some people right Meghan Murphy four examples of how is she okay she's that woman that was the whole issue with she's a feminist she's a what they call a trans exclusionary radical feminist but I think that that might be defensive says let's remember why Jack Dorsey was fired as Twitter CEO he was fired can we be able to see what it says in Fortune 2008 that was Twitter Twitter has an opinion piece fire

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2008 offering him a passive chairman role and Silent board seat 2010 who's Fountain Square square he went rogue okay so something happened you called an opinion piece but do they I don't know that's that's where we're at in journalism today what would someone set what has to be an opinion piece when someone says was so problematic write me that's an opinion make it work a real facts are he was fired do you know you can State the specific reason that was stated by the company and that would be an honest opinion piece but a chance you can flavor it it's all the fan in the distribution of information its flavor to buy a pinion and ideology she said he's at so she's a trans exclusionary I understand this is offencive you know I guess calling someone a trans exclusionary radical feminist I'm assuming it's just

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supposed to come to her defense against against people like her yeah so there is intersectional feminists they tend to be trans inclusive meaning that they believe that biological email can compete with those Violet file to a female if they transition if they take hormones and things like that to compete compete write like a bike biking and stuff that's where I step in as I've seen some stuff you talked about the trans exclusionary group think they shouldn't and they said things that are considered to be considered to be a fence if I'm not trying to assert who's offended by it but there's one recent story where I trans exclusionary radical feminist said that the trans Rights Movement is a men's Rights Movement right they said she responded to someone she said men or women though that was a conversation with somebody else it's also a fact she was probably been well that's crazy right that is saying men or women have contacts to say it right

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are men or women who the fuck can argue with that you say trans people okay now you're into gray area but chilly

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that means you have to take it in context right right right but this is where we start getting into the nitty-gritty of I guess left-wing audiologist culture War Wikipedia man it will tell you a man is an adult human male run but if you look up trans man it will say a trans man is a man and so the transection of Wikipedia is at odds actually with the man in section is that when it comes to Twitter then we can clearly see the bias Twitter says you can't misgender someone and that person would lie that's why Meghan Murphy was banned okay that's a left-wing ideology but that's why is she what she talking about a specific human I think she was I think they're having a conversation about somebody I don't know the full details details but I got to say look right now people are being banned or suspended for saying learn-to-code okay that's what is that about you explain that to me too and I saw a few people getting should we start one of the time

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we've reached the point of Megan ryte she was banned from a conversation and sending men aren't women that was the quote so and they're saying that they would never ban someone for Content they ban them for Behavior right so I've no idea if you are using Twitter to engage in responding to people is that bad conduct that can be conducted literally can't become duck boat that aren't you allowed to have opinions that are in fact based in biology yes you should be in that I should know before we go any further before you get called alt right you've got your very Left Right Center left Central liberal-left I was a big fan of Bernie you know Bernie Sanders he still one of my favorite politicians people and call me a socialist you know conservatives call me laugh

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whatever these labels are so fuck a toxic it's so confusing to people and it and it causes so much so much division between two sides that might not even differ that much you're the funny thing about it is I got my start during Occupy Wall Street and conservatives called me for I left because I was reporting on the protests what they were doing police brutality the arrest they said this is a far left activists now that I'm I've always been critical of the more extreme factions I got interviews from 767 years ago where I'm critical of his people now all of a sudden they're accusing me of being all right for being critical of extremist in masks you know starting fires and things like they're all Jason that's my new favorite are phrases that people use that mean literally nothing one of my favorites is to keep in the context of Twitter they say freedom of speech freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequence

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literally doesn't mean anything it literally means nothing yeah well that's just trying to skirt around freedom of speech as if it is so what ends up happening but it but you agree with that like you should be able to speak your mind but there's certain consequences of certain things that you say if I throw this bottle at the wall as a consequence let's see if I can go move motion if I drink this water does the actions have consequences not actually addressing any of the issues that runs just literally saying nothing but it's it's it's almost it's just like you can predict when someone will say it and it's usually when a specific person is banned they'll say freedom of speech real cosmetology stuff they don't say it went to their people they say you know how unjustly and this is where it's actually scary are in my opinion

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you'll have I could name so many people Jessie Jessie Kelly was banned for no reason CJ Pearson was Benedict why you say no reason and now they have no record of an accident they said it was an accident. Short amount of time am I understanding is Jesse Kelly is a conservative head of account just bent and there was a huge stink in the media like you know he eat he posts not eat sweets he doesn't her ass before anything is verified Twitter user so much of stories came up saying what what is this Twitter than reading sites and said it was it was a mistake now is it possible that their just dealing with blunt tools and that there was a mistake or the reason why I don't think it was a mistake very simply is for one we can see the ideological bent to their rules but then you look at someone like Milo yiannopoulos like I'm not a fan of Michael I have to make sure that everybody knows that but just because I'm critical of the actions taken against them support him

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why was he mad cuz he treated it Leslie Jones write in the idea was that his tweet caused his fans to attack her which I think is that's a stretch that's that's that's just didn't say go get her he didn't say attacker is feminist version of Ghostbusters who's talking it was like a critique of the movie forgot I had mile on the podcast way back in the day I had them on twice I enjoy talk to him he's hilarious he's very smart is very witty he's a character is very much a provocateur but he's also you know he's pushing buttons on purpose like he's trying to get reactions from people and yeah I mean I almost think like he married to a black eye just to let people know he's not gay areas in that way

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understand why he's calculated but I mean that's how much of an act a lot of what's going but if you talk to him off camera he's a very nice guy very reasonable very polite

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I don't I don't trust them I'm not a I'm not a big fan of fat shame to do it at the gym right literally making Taco Guy is like you want to do that you're skinny he's fat him to the point where I just had to go to the gym I don't mean literally I mean like Milos rhetoric of shaming people and giving up you know saying they're nasty and stuff and then it went to the gym if my place it up like I'm going to shame people into that work out why would you say that look that's fine my location can say the nasty things and be the kind of person is he should have been banned from Twitter that's ridiculous why was verification badge removed that was another if it's it's plain as day of the verification what was weird it's like we're going to keep you here but we're going to take away the verification lets people know your you write so it opens the door to fraud

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right side or fake Milo's and you don't know who's who because there's no blue checkmark that doesn't necessarily make any sense and then we get to Julian Assange couldn't get verified yeah they wouldn't have been to so a bunch of fake accounts are popping up wait a minute it's not verified Wiki I believe Wikileaks is but and then I I think Julian Assange of account was changed into the defend Assange account but it's not very at least I'm pretty sure why what was the reasoning behind not verifying Julian Assange I don't think there was one seat okay if we do a little side bar here yeah can you tell me what's wrong with Julian Assange like what what is it did the idea that this guy is some some supervillain some bad person that did something terrible because he expose some information like what it was I missing

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Dykes conspiratorial you want to get but you want to sign you they they they have labeled him like the intelligence agencies on my camera I think it may have been James Clapper said that he is acting as a private intelligence adversary of the us or something to that effect so of Russia you mean independently against the US and so that the police are damaging to the u.s. sure I believe it's it's it's pretty complicated he was having consensual sex with a woman account and then no no no I don't think so I think while they're in the in bed then the accusation was that heat without a condom on he had sex lyrics again I don't think that's been years but I don't think that's the case I'll say this

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it's been years I didn't know but there was reference to a condom breaking and I think what happened was he said it was fine or something but but you know outside of that you know the guy's been locked up for how long you know I think I think it was the UN said something like it's a violation of Human Rights or whatever and we went over it was like what is it 6 years if he's been locked up for more than six years and this is getting a little bit out of my wheelhouse but I think the US is preparing a grand jury indictment against them so you know Chelsea Manning who gave him the information is now free and out of jail I don't I think it's presumed the Chelsea did I thought it was bb8 maybe it is in jail since I've been back to the main point was a verified Wikileaks verification is not just hey this is Tim pool there's Jamie Vernon oh that's that's the real Jamie give me a blue checkmark it's we don't

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like you so we're going to take away your check mark even though we know you're the real you it's it's like a it's a class class of people removal of approval Brown verification badges in let me do that you can just change your name in it but you know why why remove someone's verification what is that what is that do a hundred percent agreement so so another another interesting thing we can decide way into is why was Laura Loomer banned

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you don't have to be a fan of Laura Loomer you can you can question her politics was she been before or after she jump Nancy Pelosi's fence before if I've got talking about Twitter if you even if you don't like her you got to admit she knows how to get press she knows how to generate that buzz and then she's really good at it so here's the thing she got banned permanently because she tweeted to I believe it was Elon Omar criticism about Sharia law she accused accused Elan of promoting Sharia which results in like all these horrific things in the banner for it okay disagree with her all you want but that was her criticizing a politician you can't have a lawsuit against Donald Trump claiming you can't you know Trump can't block somebody because the public forum comes to a congressperson of their ideology and I think was really critical here

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is that there has to be some sort of clarification For What policies were violated and how they were violated that that seems to be especially for public Figures it's one thing if we don't know a person of the background but when you know a person when it's a Laura Loomer a Milo yiannopoulos and it's a public case and then you get this feeling that the say no cuz we decide and don't worry because no matter what putter does they're going to be defended by the New York digital journalist Elites who will misrepresent what's going on in an effort to obfuscate or sometimes outright lie about what's going on and this brings me to learn to code the code so I doubt the people getting banned for learn to code and what the fuck is that like what is that so when coal miners were getting laid off a bunch of Articles emerge saying teaching minors to code can we teach my

► 00:23:21

how to code and they're showing videos about it I don't believe it was it wasn't intended to be derogatory or something but to a lot of people came off as this booze while let them eat cake oh your career has been destroyed your ear your 50 year old man with family go to Silicon Valley do something you've never even thought about right let's at least I don't know exactly where it started where they say learn to code to the journalist well this is an interesting thing happens John Levine I think his name from the rap tweets someone from Twitter told you will you can you can be banned for tweeting learn to code a late-afternoon list conservative start sweating it far and wide like here we go this is a reporter from the rapper's confirm this all of a sudden and other journalists can't come out and say this is why this is not true this is fake news conservatives are fighting fake news again and they say we have a new up a new statement from Twitter that said we're only in Banning for only Banning people who are engaging in a harassment campaign when I got a few proud

► 00:24:21

is tweeting Amy met somebody critical of them a harassment campaign is that a meme yeah right from people now people can fix screenshots I understand that but but but I check some people Twitter accounts I saw that they were tweeting this and I believe for the most part this is what happened someone tweeted something to a buzzfeed journalist you know you guys believed X Y and Z yeah whatever hashtag learn-to-code criticizing them suspension so that has come out and say this is not true it's just people engaging in harassment campaign so I can't look at this guy's account he's got one tweet that says learn-to-code somebody and they said oh but you're taken out of context that John Levine from the rap says update Twitter spokesperson who is my source is now saying clarifying it is about the rasman campaign and then another journalist comes out and says his quotes fake Twitter than I ever saying it the editor-in-chief of the Daily Caller just a couple days ago

► 00:25:21

a tweet from The Daily Show and the code to the video suspended so it's very clearly not about a harassment campaign but why then we're all of these journalists so ready to jump up and defend Twitter when Twitter you know what I said was claiming they're banning people who are the code they just considered harassment how is it that learn to code is harassment but Kathy Griffin saying to all of her millions of fans I want these kids name several times or another verified account not as famous literally calling for the death of these kids and instructing people to kill them is not a benefit offense it's not harassment campaign a true he's telling the effect of put them in a school lock and burn it down and when you see them fire on them

► 00:26:13

this guy still active on Twitter that you don't know right now there are ant so now we can there's there's so much your dude we got the proud boys all of them perched on Twitter okay say whatever you want about the proud boys if they deserve any band fine why was antifa been a lot of people respond to me and say what is random people who wear masks you don't know that's not true there are branded cells of antifa to have your own merchandise still active some of these groups have published the private information of Law Enforcement Officers still active no action taken against them so you know I don't so this is this indicates of heavy left-wing bias I wouldn't necessarily say left-wing I would say intersectional identitarian ideological bias right it's it's it's it's hard to pinpoint what the tribes are in the culture War but Twitter is clearly acting in defense of intersectional activism do you think that this is a mandate do you think this is written somewhere

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people who are in the company that have power that are acting independently it's it's grains of sand to make a keep right here in Silicon Valley you're in a very blue area the people who get hired can't hold certain and because they all live in their own bubble they believe they're the majority and bus they think they're acting justly tube and those who are at odds with them run the social engineering and bring back into journalism the big problem it's you know for decades I don't know how long journalism has been dominated by self-identified liberals there's a ton of poles I think about 2015 poll showing Republicans are like 7% of journalists are some ridiculously small number is a really simple reason for it news organizations are headquartered in big cities the big ones you know Steven Fox News in New York so there's a lot of people who work at Fox News really liberal people want to know that you live in New York you're probably not a cost on conservative so what happens then news breaks you got all these journalists cuz I've worked with him and I work for vice I worked for fusion and they said around the tables they meet up

► 00:28:13

work from different offices and they talk about things and they'll tell each other the exact same thing and so this is why you see Covington happen these people follow each other on Twitter so when someone tweets this Maga kid in the face of Nathan Phillips they only see each other's tweets and I just write it they don't do any journalism and it goes I can't believe for 4 days and that was even in the New York Times correct tires talked about that because the second video that came out from Covington you literally watch Nathan Phillips walking up to the Bill Maher you know what for 5 days later it says the kid got in his face and I'm like how are you saying that it's not true but at the same time we have a serious journalism problem and this links back to Twitter and then that that story in particular real he's almost like condensed all the problems in the one in it and what's what's what's fascinating is following the story on iPad I believe it was New York Times said

► 00:29:13

Sweden or said never tweet Brian stelter from CNN then got a statement that I always have believed because I don't have a source of pulled up but someone from Twitter said journalists are the lifeblood of our platform and so that's why I think you've got these predominantly new york-based Progressive writers they're fresh out of college they get hired for you know moderate salaries to work in a newsroom sit around each other all day sharing the same ideas not exploring anything outside their bubble and Twitter support them because they're the ones who Drive traffic to Twitter they keep the conversation going and I think that's worth would advise partly comes from the other is that clearly you're in San Francisco what you're going to have you know what your staff the people who are who are you not running content curation and banning people they lean left so

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why why are Kathy Griffin wasn't band probably because she's very famous but then I have to wonder why Alex Jones was so you'd be the only the only real differentiator there I guess it is either mainstream notoriety or ideological tribe Jimmy you pulled up why Alex was banned to which is you know it's not very clear that like when when you think about the fact that they were saying that he had never done anything on their platform that was bannable and then what was the one final thing like any Jack didn't know what it was he got he confronted Oliver Darcy of CNN in DC and for several minutes was yelling at him while they filmed and apparently that's my understanding was the justification for petting him that he was harassing journalist or something that affect which is in my opinion of start and end wasn't doing it on Twitter I guess they posted on Periscope Periscope get you banned from Twitter

► 00:30:59

well it's the same thing right cuz they're connected I don't know I think it was last year there was like an announcement I saw it on Twitch but I think it also happened on YouTube they like collectively said if you do something on our platform I'm sorry if you do something on another platform and we see that you could lose your status on our platform to or if I need to get out of that means public also see that with with patreon but I want to deviate to patreon we could get to that later but so so in my opinion to make that makes a good point how does Alex Jones get banned for giving that guy hard time but Kathy Griffin doesn't get banned for literally calling for these children eating a harassment campaign names of some of the yard if you're calling on your followers to do something York York engage in a campaign but Alex Jones confronting the journalist who advocated for his Banning is a bannable offense

► 00:31:59

Oliver Darcy said on CNN it wasn't that Jones broke the rules that got him banned because he's been okay well we know many other people break the rules we know Fallout accounts have docks law enforcement we know Kathy Griffin letter-writing campaign there's no media pressure that's one of the problems Twitter nose conservatives aren't going to be able to level any kind of campaign against their platform there's not scared of it but you know I often wonder why is it that as as as prominent and Powerful as conservative group indeed why they often lose these cultural battles and I'm not going to say this is the primary reason but I will point out do does does Twitter believe that you know afternoon Sargon of akkad is an example of the liberalist anti CW character do they believe he'll lead a group of liberal liberalists and an individualist to Twitter headquarters of crowbars and mouth of cocktails of course not so then what did he get

► 00:32:59

the band for minors cuz I know what happened when patreon but what happened with his original nationalist so I don't I don't think I was the first time and then he got live band for that I think you'll have the rules because sometimes always grow into my feet and you'll just see Port Orange is not allowed in start is I've heard it's like pornstars have porn if you go to a pornstars page you'll see porn on it a lot of it real penetration porn They Don't Care Bar or maybe there's there's the truth Wings marked by someone else anus is inappropriate and if enough people that follow a pornstar don't think it's an appropriate it doesn't then get flagged in the system

► 00:33:59

end of the culture War porn

► 00:34:07

you can ban them for their ideas at Berkeley data Bernie voter carrying American flag these anti-fascist the antifa tried stealing the club and put them in the hospital so when I see the ramifications of fire from the left or the right what is what do conservatives do I mean the GOP couldn't even find a yearbook in the Virginia governor race I don't think they're considered to be that big of a cultural threat they react to things I got upset about things that aren't Fair against them but they don't go to the streets with clubs in bricks and smash Windows like antifa and other in a far leftist do racist it's always like some sort of a racist Mom that was does it's like the label to get put on them and then you know what it was a label that was put on the Proud boys almost immediately right there white supremacist even though there was people of color that were amongst the ranks and will they change the definition of racist

► 00:35:07

what the hole origin of The Proud boys is kind of hilarious told the whole story on the show because it happened with him and Gavin McInnes the Gavin McInnes came up with it because of a guy that work there and they were doing it as a goof and then it became the people that joined they they took it into a radical way and then it became looking to beat up antifa and it's like fuck will Gavin's cross the line you know there is a medium in a recent Dino bit shocked about Alex Jones I wouldn't use them as a source for anything that's a good point that it was just clips of Alex talk and it doesn't matter they

► 00:35:53

there's a there's a clip going running Gavin McInnes where you can hear him saying these crazy things and your life will he said it right but it turns out some of the dogs really can't take the contacts out of things and those clips I understand that what happens if I'm even afraid in my videos I don't quote people anymore because people have taken me reading a newspaper and attributed to me and I said nobody said it right I mean you look at the release the really funny and sense of count dankula the guy with the Nazi pug that is a hilarious story and they told him contacts didn't matter so when he leaves the courtroom the reporter says you said this phrase but I'm not going to say and he says if I should be arrested too you know they take these quotes out of context but but admittedly I think that's fair to point out a lot of people recognize Gavin if it you can assume they were jokes or not doesn't matter if he said things that were over the over the line will grab the main problem

► 00:36:53

defensible problems the call to violence the calling calling for violence and I don't think Gavin's like he's another one is like a pranksters I got punk rock style prankster and he likes to Burn It To The Ground yep and look I'm a fan of Gavin's interviews on YouTube where you kill he hoodwinks people in a sitting down and talking to him or I don't even know if they're still up anymore but I mean this like somewhat figuratively she was a left-wing individual he even though he was he asked you to come on and her friends basically just this about her immediately because she was talking to her because she sounded an unintelligent I don't know if you have this issue but for the longest time it's it's it's substantially harder to interview someone on the ideological left than anyone else right

► 00:37:44

so I recently reached out to a few night I regularly rich people but I'm not going to name drop cuz I don't want to drag people but man it takes weeks trying to organize a meeting with some of these personalities who are progressives and on the left. Yep even even people who like I get messages all the time but hold on let me let me think about it and talk to some people first I'm not saying they're doing it because they are you know skittish sure it's just harder it's a lot harder weather probably more cautious eating at me specially if you know you are where your ideology stand is ambiguous so they're trying to figure it out oh yeah man even even David Pat David pakman Jimmy Dore get dragged to the sometimes I see people on Twitter calling them all three or intellectual dark web character I really like that, that you such an interesting guy he's very smart but he's not he's like he's an angry Lefty but you don't like the defense

► 00:38:44

100% I was in Berkeley it was a big protest against Ben Shapiro and there's a guy wearing a mask with a communist flag full like red gear set up the interview he was like yeah yeah of course really all that surprising and then we start talking and I said how do you feel about these people dressed in all black and you know are fighting people and causing problems all that's terrible you think so really it's actually I'm surprised because often white people wearing you know fully masked up with communist stuff they're typically in favor of the by any means not see if by any means necessary strategies you like no way man that's wrong that's all I'm like an old man I don't care if your communist I don't care if you're whatever as long as I've known for carrying who thinks you have the right to beat other people to instill your ideology on them or use manipulative force or coercion word extortion like to let me let me let me let me talk about why I think what we're saying

► 00:39:42

Twitter YouTube Facebook these platforms are where we exist socially politically it's where ideas are exchanged it's where we learn about who were going to vote for or why we won't vote for somebody when you ban somebody you exiled they're no longer part of that conversation so they're very much so told you are outside since the city walls right you can't come into can't talk to us there's nothing you can do about it but I know it when you realize the rules are actually bent the other slanted insert Direction you can bend predict where things are going did you see the green the green New Deal Alexandria ocasio-cortez know there's so she publishes a non-binding resolution which means that they can't enforce anything but my. The fact sheet they released alongside it literally said they want to provide Economic Security for people who are unwilling to work

► 00:40:34

read unwilling apparently removed from the site the reason I bring this up is

► 00:40:46

there's a chart from The Economist I buy frequently show this in the content I make where you can see the conservatives are collapsing around, ideologies for a while there was an upset in the party because people didn't like Trump but now they've pretty much do they take the party of trump people agree with them Ted Cruz even stands in because I'm standing ovation at the State of the Union but the left has been spreading out and I got this is from a chart put together by The Economist the Democrats are very clearly being spread from far left of center and it's kind of making it very difficult for the Democrats to you know put forth on the make sense if a deal but in the bill talks about Equity racial Justice the gender pay Gap things that have nothing to do with the environment and the Nancy Pelosi says it's green dreams you know and she and she drives this you can see that there's a new faction of the Democrats that I have no holy ideological drive and I think one of the reasons for this is what we see on social media right the ideological bent of the platforms then lead to the the mass following

► 00:41:46

of specific individuals within use specific tactics to get elected and it's you know when twins platforms only allow certain ideas to form those ideals will naturally rise to the top of our political and then you get crazy stuff like if you're unwilling to work will provide you Economic Security which and I don't understand what that means other than some people who choose not to work will get paid I guess from taxpayer money but we'll go see me completely insane and now is that where is that money coming from

► 00:42:14

is actually it what what's up another funny thing that I mean I mean I don't know what you mean literally you have to leave New York because I believe 1% of New York the top 1% pay 46% of their of their taxes of the revenues and so they just had a big budget shortfall I believe it was something Trump did that cause a shortfall in there and they were asked if they would tax the rich and he was like no God forbid and you know they'll leave in there already leaving so you know incoming incoming a million people think I'm conservative or bring that up but facts are facts I suppose but facts are facts and that's what's really important about this in when you suppress any any ideology if you are on the left and suppress the right it is just going to shore up their defenses and you just going to harden Airline that's just how it goes that's how human nature is you can't tell people what to do you know you're right and

► 00:43:11

you know a lot of people might say I'm I'm a little alarmist when I mention the potential Civil War but let me clarify like I don't I'm not saying but at the same time when people don't seem to realize when it comes to history is that when you read about World War we've condensed all the highlights into a very short paragraph or series of paragraphs you don't realize there was several years. Right I was in Egypt during the second revolution you could look down and you can see Tucker Square people screaming laser pointers helicopters Apaches and they announcing the news we've we've depose the president two blocks away is eating a cheeseburger McDonald's watching football match as if nothing's happening so when you look at the street battles the political violence when you look at that the bias Bannings you look at the dude there was a guy who fired up around that a police officer in Eugene Oregon then some bombs got planted the police department or somebody planted bombs in a statue in Houston it starts to feel like there's some kind of political violence edit

► 00:44:11

open up that can't be mended at this point what is a lot of this comes from the suppression that were talking about people don't feel like they have a voice or that voice is being suppressed by an opposing ideologies yes but just really complicated it's it's I can't claim to know how everything happens but what I will say is I believe social media is responsible for the political violence I believe it's in such as about depression it's you look at the systems that were built Facebook right what content can make it to the front page of your Facebook post of your Facebook profile when you're looking your newsfeed what Facebook has to build an algorithm determine what matters most companies then figure out how to manipulate the algorithm to get that content in front of you because you're not most you can see what three post on Facebook so what happens is early on companies quickly found out that anger drives the most shares play emotion all of a sudden we see a wave of police brutality videos there was one website that posted almost exclusively police brutality content and it was I call Lexa

► 00:45:11

in the world some ridiculously high number blew my mind I knew someone claims to it that they're making six figures writing police brutality articles because it was pure rage bait right but that content of constantly being put in front of somebody breeds and ideology you then tell someone did you know that no white supremacy is on the rise and there are 11 million white supremacists in the US and the help I can believe it but that's nonsense it's just not just is not the case you're the Anti-Defamation League in the splc say that rough estimate so maybe like ten or twelve thousand but people really believe that there is like at the president is secretly a Nazi and that he's being propped up by the secret cabal or this alternative influence Network on YouTube you and me or somehow trying to convince people to either this is ridiculous. What was it called data and Society are we

► 00:46:11

what part of the egg is a network that feeds into extremist ideology is another it's the so schizophrenic where one person to another person set timer I said Barbara Walters interview Fidel Castro does that make her a communist is a crazy way to look at things I reached out to a bunch of journalists I know I know I'm a member of the online news Association you like a speaker at their events that's just completely fake it's not my name like my name in the middle right you know me you can call me to put you that's it don't do it on credit report it and there's a reason for it the Facebook recently changed their algorithm this was awhile ago. Change it again but it was a huge hit to the incomes of a lot of these companies when all of a sudden news article stop appearing as much because Facebook wanted friends and family could be

► 00:47:11

connected unless oh news organizations so this news organizations who write this viral click bait and rage content working as much traffic swear that you know they have to go crazy at the downward spiral of where these journalists to follow each other they start producing I don't I don't think it's a conspiracy they produce the stuff I think they're hired specifically because the content they produce is viral and it's viral for a reason and so the more they produce at the more they eat their own you know excrement essentially and then it's a game of telephone where they're sitting in a circle constantly telling each other the craziest things and gets crazier and crazier another aspect of it is when they write an article saying you know Trump is racist take it because Bible the next day they can't read some article Trump is the most racist the next day and then we talked about this with Forbes articles the term nasty surprise they use it with tech like they'll say the new Galaxy S10 has a nasty surprise the new iPhone 10 has a nasty surprise me to keep

► 00:48:11

hasn't it Solaris it's almost like there's a form letter and they just take whatever Xbox stick it in their nasty surprise and it's it's a hard person clickbait and it's Forbes and will you telling me that for step with essentially as it's like use your contributions yeah get approved but there's a lot article that just ran about like the new video game today so take a clickbait title has a nasty surprise but it's almost like they have like a pattern that they just accepted what is going to work but it's not a conspiracy it's just like minded people who are only ever around each other during the same things among each other but leaving all the same things and so you'll notice that certain words emerge specifically among certain groups you know like the left will you certain words and then if like learn to code doesn't appear that much and left-wing rhetoric but if the conservatives and the anti

► 00:49:10

and so with justification for Banning someone for saying learn-to-code regardless of the contact seems insane that's absolutely like there's been people who let me be fair or dare people in the left to have been banned absolutely there was a lot of Venezuelan accounts that were banned and a lot of people very critical I saw a b Martin was was criticizing this cuz they choosing between government after is cuz they were Pro Venezuelan government but the most the one thing there's some Occupy Wall Street activists who absolutely detest me they lie about me I do not like them for doing this they were banned abruptly for literally no reason I miss is worth more worrisome to me is that no one defended them knowing defended them because conservative certainly won't but neither will the mainstream you know I'd ideological left these are activists for class issues for international issues there on the left squarely and they were accused I guess I'm being Bots or something

► 00:50:10

guess it was just an Abrupt Purge of like 50 accounts and some of them are like independent citizen journalists just wiped out and with no recourse no recourse so yeah I mean at some point you have to realize how important Twitter as when the president is on it could you imagine if there was a physical space work wherever was talkin and the president shows up and everyone keeps yelling at them and they're all talking because you had that lawsuit where they said it was a public forum imagine that happens and then a private private individual bars you from here with the president has to say right it's a complicated issue if you get a lot of people know lapsang private businesses can do whatever they want that blew my mind because the left was usually about not letting massive multinational corporations get away with surprising speech but Dorsey rightly so that he said that it's a human right that damn it online but the fact that he said it but the yet all these people are banned so it how

► 00:51:10

to take away someone's human right there should be an egregious example mean it should be something like me doxing someone like calling for violence like trying and buddy but even then but clearly that's not the case if Kathy Griffin still online hold on you can kill a human being and get 25 years right good point so you can literally strip someone of their of their yes everything and still not be purchased this was one of the things that Jack and I discussed post podcast I said you know when we were going back and forth about doing this again you know I told him I would really like to see if there's some sort of a path to Redemption like a you know for example for Milo mean we talked about yesterday about Christian picciolini who was a white supremacist who realize the error of his ways and then became this activist Against Racism and now he gives his Ted speeches and yes you know what accepted by

► 00:52:10

everyone as being this guy who's achieve Redemption and really understands the error of his ways if mylas banned for life Milo's only like 34 years old right how old is Milo I hope I didn't make them older than he is probably mad but whatever it is like you who's to say that Milo you know in 3 years from now won't have a change of heart you know have a fucking acid trip or something makes like a different person but if you're banned for life are we always throwing people away that tweet from I'm going to say I think it was Tyler the Creator where he said how is cyber bullying real just you know like closer gas so I can understand I'm no fan of a speech I think it's wrong I think you should you target people for the first specific characteristics we should respect one another at the same time I'm also a human adult sometimes people are mean

► 00:53:10

we can do about it nothing that's just life people are mean sometimes across the line but some people are the my little one was very very weird they were looking for a r e in the other part of it you know what he altimate Lee got in trouble are quotes for him talking about the positive experiences that he had as a young man being molested kicked off of YouTube me left was it Breitbart they laugh fired journalists real news article saying like Milo is gone Milo is whining and he's no more followers on Instagram

► 00:54:08

he's on the public conversation as much as he was before because they transfer done when you're not on Twitter the journalist to make up a huge core of their verified users who apparently the life whether I'm talking about you but here's my point he's not saying that men should go have sex with younger boys he was basically saying that it could be a positive experience that it was for him I don't know anything about what happened in that capacity point was if I said when I was 13 a 21 year old girl fondled me do you think I get in trouble if I said it was awesome I wouldn't know

► 00:54:47

yeah that's why my brother was pointing out cuz of Law & Order SVU is basically on 24/7 like 98% of the episodes about men being but he was like I just realized that and I was like let's decide Special Victims Unit that's the like they have so many versions of Law & Order but that one in particular right yes and almost never talks about male victims

► 00:55:31

what do we need some kind of clear guidelines right where are you can operate inside these guidelines and all's Fair

► 00:55:43

it's just I mean to Annex to an extent it is tough to be allowed to operate dancing on the line playlist shit I'll tell you something after this is over that's going to you're going to take it to lares and we'll find out about it in the future is going to be a secret it's a comedy secret it's it's about something but you know you to remind me to another how is it that you can have Jimmy Kimmel Jimmy Fallon dress in blackface on the list I don't know exactly what happened I think he dressed like a basketball player and Jimmy Fallon just like Chris Rock I think she addressed it though everybody nobody loses their minds nobody loses their minds with it because they're on the left you think I don't know I don't know XX I honestly I would say to an extent

► 00:56:43

play some kind of tribal bias I think when you're going back to high school yearbooks looking for outraged from 55 year old people if you lost the plot without that the three-pointer hand sign at a Covington basketball game was a Nazi hand gesture

► 00:57:00

like the 3.8 3.0 this thing when I found out about that I put Bill Cosby doing it at someone found one of me from Newsradio symbol using it to mean white power another not what I do when I do those cops using it for you put the symbol under your waist and if someone looks at me to punch him is this a game kids play cops and they are they holding on their legs I don't know

► 00:58:00

he's pointing matchmaking I mean okay if he doesn't this way is that okay if he does this I don't care what the devil worshiper X okay sign so bunch of trump supporter start doing it to to be like saying convince everyone is actually means white power it was fake the Anti-Defamation League said it was fake yes a bunch of journalists that it was real that's what I put on my Instagram I put all this on my Instagram cluding the article would show the original thing came by 4chan Fortune powerful it so it's hilarious how much should they start they started the Flat Earth movement okay there's the guy he popped up the conspiracy how do I get it back. What's going on

► 00:59:00

Jesus Jamie this grandma is in this fucking room I would say that we need to see that though I would I would be willing to take a good look at a temp flashing it like you see the conservatives do right I'm not denying that is a game but to say that that's what those guys are doing is a bit of a stretch I believe what you think they're doing

► 00:59:35

as to say that if Fortune did that to to make to to mix it up at some point people would think that that is true though I look I'll say this is it is it when there's no bleeding free bleeding came right porch in right if you don't know what's right lyrics by the way Shia LaBeouf was at the fucking, Detroit last night I want to watch free bleeding came from 4chan where they said that they were they were promoting this idea that for women's rights that they would you know get away with her mother's get away from this whole idea of you have to control your menstrual cycle you know it's empowering to just bleed all over your crotch and so women actually started doing it because it actually if you can fucking if you can get those ideas out there a certain number of Knuckleheads are going to take it right with it

► 01:00:35

she don't think that's possible to wipe our though I think it's extremely unlikely I think it's it possible to lose it for sure but you don't you think you looking at bad asses with fucking guns they're playing this little silly game really I think they're a bunch of bros who are some frat dudes at a college they punch each other that's that that's a game so how's it go again you make the okay hand sign under a table or on I know I know 40 year old guys are play Pokemon logo on one of my goals is a game that is fucking thing what is their job what would they do SWAT team arresting a drug dealer make sure everybody knows that they're there their flashing white power hand gesture because

► 01:01:34

will know that's it's not it's just not the case the thing that the point is holding the okay sign up next to you is what people say it's the W in the P put it on your leg has always been the punching game or whatever like I know that punch him get out yet

► 01:01:57

yeah but I know it's so well that I bet that's why I don't think that's what they're doing like me and my friends so what are they so then the question is what's a man if you want to if you want to make assumptions about what you think their intentions were to tell you I don't have any facts to support that and the only thing I know of is there the game where you put the okay sign on your leg and then you punch somebody and hear some guys bring up what evidence do we have anything other than that nothing so I'm going to say what do you know about what happened in Philly with these marines are got beat up by antifa no do not set a rally put on by constitutional Libertarians I don't know exactly what was all about submarines just walking by because there was a marine event has them and yells are you proud they said he says I'm a marine is it are you a proud boy and he said you know I don't know they beat him up

► 01:02:57

people charged with multiple felonies Marines got beat up they didn't know it probably was so to assume that these guys know anything about what's going on in in cultural politics it's it's you know when you're in the know you're on Twitter when you read a news all day you look at the inside they knew what they were doing what these are small like what what city do they watch the news all day do they go on 4chan do they go on vox.com and read notes about I appreciate your looking at this with a broad perspective but it is entirely possible that they did it could mean a million things you could mean in the cultural context of 2018 when this happened that the okay symbol doesn't even mean white power it is it is it is it is a tribal sign among anti-anti intersectionals and Trump supporters but don't you remember when there was a woman that got in trouble for it she was in court and she had it on her arm

► 01:03:57

she's just standing there like that so insane because she was basically he had a finger in a town like that but there's a difference between someone just moving their hands around and doing this and you know making a weird thing on their arm fall on do it the next day though probably on purpose you have to assume you watching the news then

► 01:04:31

like she was she's used to doing that with her arm and there's a new think about it you're right but eventually you start getting off so crazy and you know how many assumptions are going to believe until you believe in the moon landing was faked let me ask you this though don't you think that some people do that and they do it because they're making the symbol for white power

► 01:04:55

summers in what 10 15 20 I don't know I don't know about a number I'm pretty sure they're probably some people who are on 4chan who would even use the emoji who would do in public they're not doing it to Signal white power they're doing a signal opposition to the tribal left when they take photos and you see someone like Cassandra Fairbanks who is Trump supporting a writer may be okay hand sign and then this writer from Splinter news which usually called Fusion I work there full disclosure claimed it was a white power hand gesture and she's got sued over ultimately lost because it's like 4 but she did it because of the Trump sign not because it's white power so the people who or even white supremacists aren't signifying white power they're signaling to other come supporters to write it doesn't mean white power Rite soda

► 01:05:55

because someone on the left says it means white power that does not mean it means why power within their group so you're saying yeah I feel like we all just decide that this means something else like my friends is my world my friend Steve rinella with the talked about this in the pockets he got beat up once by his friend where he grew up in Michigan and Michigan as almost like for fun like like if I said hey Parker like if I called you hate fuck early as friends knew you would laugh and like what's up dude you know it'd be cool so he would give the bird and the Michigan hello and so the Michigan wave or something like that so as he was driving by saw I was praying that like that like if I saw you do that I'll be like I was up to him there was but you don't submit his friend didn't know this so his friend he grabbed them through the truth about what you want to fight motherfuking what are you talkin about like what's going on he said you gave me the bird is from Michigan friend

► 01:06:55

does house helping them build a greenhouse or something like he was doing some work with a guy and I still throw him to the ground cuz he thought that this was a lot of fix know there's going to be a ton of people do you know I'm not a big fan of making assumptions about the intentions of other people if you can prove it I'm going to hear it but people in this country are innocent till proven guilty what do we have we have a photo of some cops doing something dumb do I think it was ill-advised it was wrong and of course Absolution done it do I think it means they're cops yeah I like it look like I am no fan of police has like a far-left anarchists skateboarder top screws me all the time I think cops kicked my dog guns drawn I was in Chicago and cops pulled me over me and my buddies is all on video at gunpoint screaming at us that was the craziest best I ever had I am no fan but if you don't have evidence

► 01:07:55

I'm not just going to do the thing about how these biases function you get people who will see all these videos let his experience is not immediately assume the worst about these guys anything about these guys but I don't know why I can't really go beyond that other than I believe their official statement was there playing the game but I could be wrong but you want to make assumptions about their character or what they believe simply because they made an okay sign on their leg it's like you can't evict somebody in a quart you know what I mean and I'm I'm a big fan of the presumption of innocence in blackstone's formulation and how we decide on the we are on the side of protecting the innocent also in the fact that this is a extremely recent hand gesture that's being associated with white supremacy and clearly came from pranksters is websites about football and chair and have another beer in a slice of pizza or whatever it is

► 01:08:55

separate their own personal bubble from reality they assume if I know what you must know it right Shane Smith told me he said he doesn't understand why is it that if he can do it you can't write and that's an interesting point that people don't seem to realize like he's he said to me I can speak French why can't you like people live in this mindset where they assume I know what everyone knows it rides everyone must know what it is there some people who don't watch TV there's some people play video games all day for all you know these guys everyday after work they go to a children's shelter and provide soup and they don't watch the news at all, I don't believe I know who they are and I think you know why I'm a firm believer that we have problems of racism in the country I believe institutional to centigrade

► 01:09:55

adjust label someone and make assumptions about what they believe who they are because of one thing you know if if if you if you made a joke because they were ironically do if you made a joke 10 years ago am I going to assume you actually believe it may be something silly you know we had this newscaster in New York who accidentally said tomorrow morning can you do another one this one and you also said a racial slur for Jewish people in the same way to go to CNN anchor would he say okay but he was he was a word right and that didn't come up as an issue when is this dude you know why why is he being fired right

► 01:10:55

look at a photo we don't know the context we don't know these people out of their names are going to be like another issue to do this but there is another issue that people do accidentally liked because they're worried about saying something they will say something I had a friend and he was a warm-up guy for a television show do you know how I warm up works like there's like save a sitcoms being filmed there's a guy who will I keep the crowd laughing and he have an anxiety attack and he had a panic attack in the panic attack was this he was doing The Cosby Show and he was for whatever reason it got into his head don't say the N word don't say it don't say he started sweating and he said he started stammering and he literally couldn't talk he had some anxiety issues and he locked up and literally

► 01:11:55

could barely do you say it didn't say it could be what's going on with someone saying Martin Luther coon like especially the guy obviously with context obviously the second guy heard the first guy do and it was it's a Freudian slip it's in his mind if I did it in one of my videos you said that and then I started laughing it was about it was about it it was about me. It was about the story live shots sometimes but I was just like I started laughing I just literally just started laughing and I can't believe it because the story was about him saying it I purposefully don't say these words on YouTube cuz I want to assure so I'm like this guy said Martin Luther and then he use this and then later

► 01:12:55

but I understand what you know it's it's not even about saying the slur it's about when you have two words in your head and you actually come together yes you know it does happen to CNN guy but sometimes I call someone the wrong name and don't realize I've done it like Jamie said you said Jack like we've had that conversation before I literally in my head think I'm saying the right thing but I'm not I didn't you know I I made a huge huge mistake my videos I deleted the video because of it because instead of saying Harvey Weinstein I said Brett oh no that's awesome Brett such a cool dude I'm a big fan and I publish the video and someone message me and they were like just want to let you know you made the big mistake and I have to pretty awful things and I felt so bad I think I've done similar I was like I was like that guy is so cool like I'm a big fan of it I tried adding it and I'm like I'm deleting it pants down I would I would rather just remove video out right then say it

► 01:13:55

exact same thing I believe on stage wants cuz I had a bit about Harvey Weinstein I think I said bread I think I said it on now he's actually Weinstein so that will help you say Stein instead of steam and more snow for Bret and Eric Weinstein Harvey Weinstein Bret Weinstein did it spelled the same guy I did I do. It's a problem but you don't like when you're thinking and talking at the same time there's a bunch of words bouncing around in your head and you just trying to and you think you're saying the right thing when you know it's that's why intent is so critical and magic words are so fucking dangerous is what I'm going to tell you about later

► 01:14:55

in that we know and love well George Carlin was absolutely amazing what he what he would not only was he absolutely amazing but people don't have to get you you almost have to have lived during the time where he was getting arrested Lenny Bruce before him but to understand how significant he was when he was doing that seven dirty words you can't say on television like Batman people like what the fuck is this guy doing and I was it was groundbreaking when he did I think it was in what he did that bit basically ran off $50 and then actually called Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor the N word that spells and everyone laughed because they understood that he did actually disrespect them the understood that you didn't mean anything bad about it he was making a point about the the racist ass hole behind the words and it's funny to me when I was younger

► 01:15:55

I was far left man skin tight black me out shirts the virus virus and you were angry and pissed off all the time I grew up like that and an overtime I learned a ton of really important life lessons one of the first and most important was I was young skateboarder in Chicago really look up some of these these older guys were really good I went to Catholic school when I was younger end up becoming this punk rocker guitar playing far-left skin-tight you know skateboarding and the government is really great picture of Jesus on the wall and I meet Lee scarf like I'm just now and I was like why is a picture of Jesus and it goes like a story about a dude travel around helping people was kind of cool and I went

► 01:16:52

oh that's a good point wow I was like I was like well maybe I don't really understand maybe maybe this means something different other people that shirt means to me well if Jesus was an Indian man you know had wooden beads and you know it was it a Hindu god we would love him and it would be like Shiva or Vishnu we would we would think he's the most amazing thing ever it's the fact that if you look at what Jesus preached and what he was all about mean and free all right I think about is spiritual in and loving and it's it's about I mean his his whole ideology did the Jesus of the Bible say about loving your brother and in treating people as if they are you and what this but this for me it was kind of sudden I realized with my ideology predicated on assumptions was I was I holding his views because other people told me to hold them to actually understand that there are some positive things on the other side

► 01:17:53

and then I slowly moved over to more of a centre-left opposition and you know now what the reason I bring this up is I looked I watch that video I tweeted this the video George Carlin cuz man George Carlin was a I'd I used to watch a videos my my my mom would put them on and my mom's been a hippie liberal far left all that stuff and you probably consider a conservative by today's you know things have been going now they look at you know Kevin Hart he said a bad joke 10 years ago get him out like could you imagine God forbid what would happen with George Carlin's routines today they wouldn't they would be running all of his old routine saying no you get to ban him from the show he literally call these people the N word why was it that George Carlin Go on stage and talk about how Republicans were dumb and how religion is crazy he was clearly on the left his whole life and he said these things that by today's standards would be considered conservative

► 01:18:43

right and so for me it's a weird thing to go from being on the far left as a young person owes around like 19 or 20 I started to become more moderate and then to see them today being extremely offended like people used to be in the 50s and 60s like that's regressive that's trying to bring things back to the way they used to be with offencive you know nothing of puritanism and all these things and I feel like I guess that the cliche is the modern the modern left whatever people call it like the dino capital L tribal left seems to be being indoctrinated not by left-wing policy ideas it's not about necessarily socialism it's about identitarianism it's about policy based on your nipple characteristics and how you know like going back to the green New Deal like in the bill it talks about racial Equity what is that through the environment what does it mean equality would be like you equal opportunity to people are allowed to try and if one succeeds congratulations Equity would be well let's determine whether or not you are advantaged or privilege

► 01:19:43

and then hold you back or push you forward based on these these certain metrics I suppose it's it's the problem I have with it is that it's not quantifiable so this was actually something that's really shocking to me I was sitting with my niece and my sister and my niece and my mom and I show this image that people like to share its three people standing up by a baseball offense is a really short person who can't see there is a medium sized person who can see a little bit and a very tall person who just an equality each of them gets one crate while one crate isn't enough for the short guy and the two guys can already see it says this is equity and it shows the short guy getting you know three crates so they can all see now the problem is when it comes to someone's height sure we can understand let's let's let's give the the crates to the short guy so he can see along with us but how do you determine Equity based on the color of someone's skin or you know like up characteristics that can be Quantified right

► 01:20:43

ocasio-cortez push of the bill for that supporting me about the environment but includes racial Equity Clauses are we to assume that her ideology states that if you are not white you are poor by death like or do we have to assume that each individual has different advantages different cards to play and some are born wealthy some aren't and yes there's historic racism but we can't make those assumptions right biggest problems I've been having as like a lifelong left-leaning individuals who do I vote for a big fan of Bernie Sanders for a while but then Bernie Sanders gets up on stage the debates and says white people don't know it's like to be poor that's hilarious go to fucking West Virginia and visit the coal miners right and you know what's really weird I saw one at Bernie's tweets that I looked at I said I'll come on man you know this is fucked up yeah we was talking about how much more money white men make than black women than latino man than all these different things and what he didn't include was Asian men

► 01:21:43

Asian men make more money but here's what I think a lot of people on the right mess he said Pay Equity not pay equality okay I think perhaps we should stop assuming they don't know what they're saying because a lot of people assume what they're saying is you know the gender earnings Gap is real but the gender pay Gap is not if a man and a woman are both offered the exact same job experience in education women tend to get a thing is like 3 to 5% less and many people believe that's because they are less likely to negotiate just why you have like lean and tell him to be more assertive but it's not this 77% number that's what there is an earnings Gap right the median salaries of men and women are different sew-in Bernie says white man make sex more than these are the demographics he said in his tweet pay Equity not equality he doesn't want Fair pay for I want based on job he's actually saying it doesn't matter what job you have ever

► 01:22:43

one should be paid the same that's nonsense but that you see what Cortez releases on our website if you're unwilling to work that provide Economic Security they actually I believe they took it off the site right but I think when they included in the bill that they want Equity not equality when they put on their website if you're unwilling to pay you and when Bernie says Equity as well I think they're not talking about equality like I don't think you know the average American understand what they're actually saying is you should be paid a flat rate. And when you're talking about the pay Gap being different from men and women we should clarify that what you're saying essentially is that men choose different jobs and they work more hours and that's the reason why the make that much more money worth 77 cents on the dollar that hours worked was almost the 100% of the reason why many women earn different median salary in some areas women actually earn more than men and stairs I think Seven Cities atomism Pew again

► 01:23:43

whatever but I believe it was Seven Cities where women out-earn Man by like seriously High number is like 20% so there's a lot of issues when it comes to the pay Gap and equality but area I think what's happening is you know I saw Bernie's tweet and I responded to it by saying good news burning pay equality is enshrined in law and I decided I cited three examples of where it's illegal to discriminate based on gender equality Equity doesn't matter what job you have done the same as a store clerk at H&M that's that just because you have an advantage because of education does it mean to earn more than somebody else you say I'm saying so the fact that his people that actually believe that that don't believe that work but the first of all that's going to absolutely discourage people from trying to succeed why would you have you could get the same amount as a CEO of Exxon as you can working at 21 Forever Forever 21

► 01:24:43

whatever Abercrombie & Fitch why would you why would you try hard why would you exceed why would you succeed why would you Excel know if there's no real I mean other than social status if there's no real but a positive consequence social status might be driving factors of most people don't know man not enough not enough to really encourage Innovation and progress with that for sure but there's a lot that people don't get rich because they want money they get rich because the passion about something in the money comes after you know there was a the money comes after some like that and I point out every every day I take no days off it's been a couple years with me not taking any days off at work literally every day full time right now in producing six YouTube videos everyday only one of them is a real

► 01:25:43

how do I do it because you know I see things for the most part I'm on my main YouTube channel I do one video every day 4 p.m. which tends to be nice but sometimes I get a hyperbolic and stuff my second channel is me just ranting and not really swearing but still just like heavy opinion stuff you know I see something I want to explore it you know I worked advice I was in all these different countries and all these dangerous places not because I wanted to have a name for myself not because I want to make money I want to watch Revolution I want to know why was happening and I want to talk to the people who are experiencing it so I can I can I can relate to people who say money isn't a motivator for sure but I've also talked to people in Scandinavia have told me they sort of give up at a certain point because which country was it may have been Sweden

► 01:26:34

or a Ford Norway but these two women told me that after like $77,000 per year to text like 80% of your income so people to stop they literally just another proposition right this is something else has been discussed in terms of anyone who makes more than x amount per year tax in them over 70% agree with progressive tax wholeheartedly I disagree with a number that I what do you think it should be I don't I don't know but I will say we need more Progressive brackets we need to keep going and you know I got to say maybe maybe at 10 million dollars 70% doesn't make sense but I kind of leaning towards not really cuz it seems like that's a lot of money that's a lot that's that's that's that's that's ridiculous amount you know I think Steve Bannon said something like a v in front of it or something but I don't know I'm not an economist but I do believe progressive tax makes the most sense to you if you want to study I believe you need $77,000 per year as may have been 10 years ago in order to be

► 01:27:34

best medium in United States that means if you mix semi 7000 you'll have vacation you'll have insurance bill the car you can raise a family you can send him to school all that stuff but you have nothing left over for savings Investments if you make $100,000 a year even have $23,000 left over for investing eventually a certain point if you only need $77,000 if you're making 10 million you've got 9990000 that you can invest and to be independently wealthy and be rich forever now I have a problem with being wealthy I have no I have no problem with other people being wealthy and and living off of their Investments know that but there is a point we have to realize that the coalescing of power the monopolizing of powers are really dangerous thing for any society to few individuals holding too much power can destabilize an economy can destabilise the country the problem with Communism you snap your fingers and you put a centralized Authority in place at least that's how it's been every single time and then they hold all the cards and they can oppress over they want the problem with laissez-faire capitalism is overtime which is

► 01:28:34

white better than in a lot of ways over time it eventually becomes a centralized oligopoly of a few Corporation controlling everything with your kind of seeing now so all the progressive tax can really do is slow that process down which is a good thing but ultimately I think just looking at the system eventually you end up kind of where we are where 6 media companies control everything and then you know some companies are the biggest funders of certain politicians and corporations is that too much power I mean there is a I remember reading a story about how wealthy people have like three or four times more ability to enforce a politician than like the majority of the people in the country simply because paying for expensive dinners and lobbying you favors super Pacs paying you no guarantee funding for a position as your favorites so it's you know luck if a million people tell me they want you know X but the people who are paying me like finding my campaign or paying any more favors too

► 01:29:34

my campaign run I can get a job at their company has bigger problems so without going onto the door and I think ultimately a progressive tax can help slow the process down of special-interest acquiring too much power eventually happens anyway over the flat tax you're basically saying

► 01:29:50

at a certain point you can just keep dumping more money into different Investments making more money and increasing your power exponentially and other people can't catch up to you and then power becomes too quick right

► 01:30:01

yeah I think in this country we try to look at success and achievement is something that ever in striving for it and we don't want to put any restrictions on that we look at capitalism is the reason why everything is going so great over here this is America land of the free home of the brave go out there and kick ass we're not going to settle you down with that but it makes sense that after a while as we're seeing today but I don't mean what is what's the best way to do in socialism is not going to work what what what does work I think a mixed economy of mixer.con at where we are right now write a portion of income is paid in taxes for programs for the for the for the fence and things like that I just think we have a big problem with corruption I think we've got bloat I think we've got government agencies that instead of reforming and breaking them down we just slept more Band-Aids on top we also have systems that are in place that I mean in terms of

► 01:31:01

like the way communities have always existed in certain communities there's just poverty and crime and no one does anything to fix it and it seems to be that will be more than willing to go to other countries and Nation built where Mama did more than willing to pump money into different countries especially if they have natural resources but in our own country we're not mean to the greatest resources of course human beings and the best way to make America great or stronger would be to have less losers what's the best way to have a less losers have more people succeed what's the best way to have more people succeed give them more opportunity and chance to not be stuck in a quagmire not be trapped in a ghetto this is yeah so I believe we should allocate access from other areas to improve the mail certain areas that since I believe in socialism to a certain extent like I believe in it with with fire departments I believe it with the police department of believe we should spend money that comes out of you know the public pool to fix things I look at New York there some neighborhoods that are really bad some neighborhoods that are really good

► 01:32:02

well if we take access from the really great neighborhoods and use that to fix roads pay for schools in poor neighborhoods crime is one of the biggest correlation for kind of property so if we can get better way to reform the school system straight-up mom if we can get better hospital to get fix the roads then we're doing a lot to reduce crime and reduce poverty and a rising tide lifts All Ships you know that's why I like Bernie Sanders although I will I said I'd make sure I tell people like he is a little too loud for me he is but when we when we were looking at who we had in 2016 I was like yeah price my guy you know I like some parts of them I liked him culturally I like that you know for the same reason in some ways that I liked Obama culturally I mean I don't like the Drone attacks I don't like the attacks on whistleblowers is a lot of aspects of it that I found very disturbing distasteful and against The Narrative of what we think of who he is we think of him as this extremely articulate very well-read educated die and you know a good

► 01:33:02

good figurehead in terms of like who the president is strong bombing you know so what did one of the biggest age man. Right right and I will strike in Syria weapons deal Saudi Arabia Commando raids in Yemen A little girl got killed and I've been for the most part very very critical of him and any other Administration who engages in regime change for you know when it comes to domestic issues I'm not that's not my wheelhouse when it comes to foreign policy stuff only a little bit like I've been to some countries that experienced off but really you know on the ground cultural between y'all people is more my thing by know more about foreign policy than domestic and when I see Trump's foreign policy

► 01:33:56

I was very critical of it but I will point out withdrawing from Syria I'm a fan I understand a lot more than probably the average person does some of the issues surrounding Syria Russia the counter turkey Pipeline and things but typically I think it's usually a bad idea when the u.s. involved himself in foreign foreign interests and tries engaging in his regime change change strategies to build allies but one of the things that really blew my mind is I saw survey and this is going on in Toronto Comedia so who knows if it's true that claimed the Democrats have a favorable opinion of George W bush you know something something that affects and they're they're eating retrospect like yeah like today they pulled him and is a video of him like giving a piece of candy to Michelle Obama and everyone was like was going to buy wrong before laughing about I'm like not say hold hands that's crazy but what happened and then when Trump announces he's going to pull troops out of Syria everybody opposed it like the media saying it's wrong and you've got a lot of like mainstream peep on the last thing it's wrong and I'm like

► 01:34:55

you mean like that's crazy to me like you know all my activist friends we've never been in favor of that stuff you've always opposed that's always been the last position and now I'm seeing people who claim to be on the left support multinational businesses as private businesses do whatever they want meeting with social media like there's never been a series of people who have gotten letters that they violated Pakistani law I mean this place they sent screenshots DM screen has to be fake but there's been a couple people have been like for some reason Twitter decided to inform me of this and then

► 01:35:33

it's it's it's a multinational but let's let's talk about the algorithmic apocalypse what side of that you've got a platform Republic escort is happening where the left has repeatedly said that Russians use it to manipulate our elections where one of its biggest investors is a Saudi Prince or something that affect and they're banning people of a certain a certain ideological bent that sounds like a democratic crisis right if if this is where the public sphere is if you you know you said mine was no longer in the conversation you know he's banned from Puerto Rico's got mines of followers does there so if you start removing people you got for an interest to a mistake and what Twitter is doing yeah they can seriously influence our elections open to what most really crazy New York Times reported there's a group that false flag the Republicans in Alabama with fake Twitter accounts they made to convince the media

► 01:36:33

Russians were propping up the campaign of Roy Moore

► 01:36:36

so basically

► 01:36:39

this is awkward in there X is all fact this is big see the documents they reported that Democratic operatives smeared engaging a false flag campaign to make it appear like the Russians will happen if Republicans and the national median us ran with it how that's not a crime is beyond me that's a different elections and We Know It And this group is is still being sighted their smearing Tulsi gabbard write an NBC news article came out saying that Russians are taking notice of her campaign same group

► 01:37:07

stop playing the story

► 01:37:12

how how that's not a crime doesn't belong to me but the New York Times reported it so it's at this point it's like I mean that's why I think we have to be aware there's so much manipulation going on right now from almost every angle what's hilarious is that people look at what's going on with Russian troll factories and you know the way they're trying to influence our elections that it's particularly egregious where we do that shit I'll totally + and I'm pretty sure we we learned about the us doing it well before we learned while she was doing it and I'd be willing to bet the US started it it's just the whole thing is so you can't pay attention to all of it that's part of the problem. I mean maybe you can if this is what you're doing 7 days a week and Beneva and even you are will probably struggle to keep up but like me I can't it's one of the reasons why I brought you in here when you you and I had that conversation when the first things I realize right away is that okay

► 01:38:08

I can have you coach me like we talked about this but I'm not going to I'm like I'm not going to get it all I'm going to have to like study it for a long time and I don't have the resources to do that is part of the problem that I have with that one podcast with Jack I just don't have the resources and I so I think it be fair to point out you know like YouTube criticism to because I'm talking about censorship I think a lot of people immediately assume that come out here and start way to my arms they're screaming their bias against conservatives which I think 22nd did but YouTube is is is is a bit different YouTube does it has demonetized LGBT content and YouTube has said that these topics not suitable for all advertisers because it deals with sexuality they have Target many left when channels there are a lot of non mainstream left-wing you know how it's what you mean is demonetized demonetizing I think they've made a state what was the the policy that it's essentially things that are political correct

► 01:39:09

if they made that statement I have the wrong address and I was going to interject that they've also banned are not bamboo demonetize people are expense expensive lure people to smoke weed on their Channel unknown unknown reasons to stop having Mana station or Channel today and that is the problem ultimately them having this incredible power where they they really there's no there's not real open competition in terms of like another app a like a parallel competitor I don't think there will be willing to give a very important shot at the mumkey Jones who was wrongly terminated from YouTube for highly dubious reasons he is a dark dark dark comic he had hundreds of thousands of followers he made jokes about things like school shootings very dark stuff but it was clearly mocking somebody who is mocking Elliot Rodger is making jokes about it and in fact some of his videos were approved Man U

► 01:40:09

station but for some reason you took him up one day gone so I set up a new channel and said okay you know we're not going to do that anyway they got rid of them effectively off of YouTube and he was like he's a well-known funny guy he wasn't breaking the rules he wasn't but they still do deleted his channel so I bring him up because I think it's worrisome that yes without an alternative your career is wiped out in a second with no recourse and no reason why and the response they give you is it's our platform restrictions on that

► 01:40:45

yeah but I have a question to ask her because I've had this conversation with some friends of mine and just came up and like this is I guess the Devil's Advocate to this question because it's happened with Myspace Myspace still exist and there are people that had millions of followers on that platform are they owed something by Myspace because Myspace failed and their their accounts no longer have the clout that they once had lots of effort to take a few to failed tomorrow is caputi pie sue them because they made bad business account like they're not Banning someone's IP address from using twitter.com and going to see / realdonaldtrump and see what he say. Listen Myspace fail because of Alternatives Facebook became more prominent there was an option and the other issue is monkey Jones follow the rules he was he was told by you to visit what you can and can't do it that you got it and then one day they just wipe them out and so then they never gave any explanation

► 01:41:45

I don't believe so it was really weird because and a little over the story but there was a video and post a music video making fun of Elliot Rodger he's that school it exist on different channels on other like out of the Comet Channel existed and they banned him and then he brought up like why was it bad on mine but this one was approved and then I can pay later they ban the other one copyright Strike the Blood issue here as if there was an alternative to YouTube you waking up right I'd be on it right so when I think I'll give a shout out I've been using Minds minds but I'm actually having how do you say last name ottoman Hartman Bill ortmanns coming on soon I made a concerted effort after that podcast to reach out to a bunch of different people and try to expand this conversation I want to have the guy from Gap to the guy started in terms of content but not really in pounds

► 01:42:45

if you look at the Wikipedia page it's simple sourcing they there's a study that found I think they only have like 5% of the posts are considered to be hate speech whereas Twitter is like 2.3 or something is predominately not hate speech not much more than Twitter and when you consider that we're looking for tennagers you can actually see that Twitter is hate speech is in the millions and gabs in the tens of thousands but Gap is run you know volume the media non-stop yes man I think when it comes to YouTube I actually actually trust them I really do I think the reason they took out of monkey is because the potential for a PR backlash over his kind of content was so great they said we don't care and that's unfairness wrong I think they're wrong to do it but but you understand the motivation I understand the motivation and I actually think YouTube does more to protect free speech on the internet that a lot of these other companies do when is

► 01:43:39

first of all you guys do you still earn YouTube Red Revenue so YouTube still will like they're trying to pay you they want the money but with Sargon of akkad getting banned from patreon patreon Bantam because they said you used a naughty word on YouTube 8 months ago YouTube doesn't carry said the word right is that the Pod wake up that YouTube said it's it's fine a platform that that's fine that's fine pastry Ashley the contacts right in the context in which it was using it just takes 30 seconds of listening to it go I see what he's doing even if it's kind of a monkey use of the word eyed peas not using it in a racist racist way he was trying to you know actually this is who's trying to show how stupid they are but can we talk about the bias on Twitter with Sarah Jeong over three years was posting anti-racist like mean-spirited awful things and the excuse was she was using the language of her oppressors

► 01:44:39

language against them exactly line like there was a Media Matters wrote about it I politely reached out of the person who did and their response was I hope a bird poops on your head and it gets in your eyebrow and you smell like farts that was part that's that's the response they gave me what I said just want your heads up there's a lot that's wrong and supports not true might buy dental disbelieves this individual and that was that was the literal response was I hope a bird poops on your eyebrow and you smell like like dirty farts or something

► 01:45:24

then when I when I can I tell ya I mean I got a hold of their fucking typewriter or keyboard rather be any set up onstage fake news is predominantly it's only it's only a fan of the right to the left of engaging conspiracies and fake news which is nonsense the course I do. And I have two words I said let me ask you then cuz one of your writers responded to me in this way and I get what you're saying that the volume is lower and that there's less well I read right but what do you what is your opinion of it though you were you, we kind of got sidetracked all right side I don't I don't know I I can agree with the the general notion geology of if it's legal to loud and I would I would argue that you know what Jack is trying to do with Twitter or on second person to go with what I was trying to do is

► 01:46:24

what rate like a comfy padded neon room for the kids to hang out at another real world is Harsh yeah I know what they're trying to do and I don't want to speak for him but I think they're trying to engineer the conversation to be more polite and civil says who exactly you know whose whose definition that's a good point and that's that's why I see so many of these people who just they will power and are unaccountable well it's all so you don't recognize the consequences of telling people what they can and can't do and that it's this is a very slippery slope you running up a greased Hill people don't like it they don't like it and well the thing is like

► 01:46:59

when you see something like if it's everything was just open what were the conversation be like if there was no Banning if there was nothing it was just everything all real free speech you would happen if there was if it was impossible to put it this way it was impossible to ban someone from any social media platform with Ritz YouTube or Twitter or Instagram what would the conversations look like how much different would they be and would we maybe have a healthier way of adjusting I think it would be worse worse because I could I could be temporary or in the long run maybe temporary but there I believe it's called the online inhibition affect basically the opportunity and the distance makes people there no problem being their worst self and so I can understand which what he wants to do is say hey we need to figure out how we stop people from being mean all the time

► 01:47:59

people think I mean things but what's also again because they're not a mess because it's possible but look Alex Jones can say a bunch of really awful things it's his right to do so that he shouldn't it if so it does does Alex Jones to be false If he if he challenged the journalists should you down for that no because let me tell you because he says things about me that aren't true and I don't I don't think you should be the things about me and I don't think you should be back

► 01:48:37

Alex I think we should talk we have a conversation I watch those videos he's he's upset and I get it in certain ways I get it and he thinks I took a shot at him and I get it and I probably did and I shouldn't have my point is I don't think you should be banned and it's he's doing it at me yeah yeah by the time they posted the most ridiculous lies about me I should be banned right that's the thing is if you ban them and then someone opposes them but then someone opposes the people who opposed them and they want them band and then you have this fucking War back and forth and instead of fighting bad ideas or incorrect ideas with correct or good ideas now you just have people present banhammer is left and right you just trying to figure out what the majority is so you can side with the biggest group but and you're trying to Virtue signaling you're trying to get something that supports your ideology whether it's right or left

► 01:49:37

is making a platform worse than a normal I understand that and I recognize well that's unfortunate right this is the real world and sometimes people say things you don't like but more importantly a lot of people argue that when you said something about Sandy Hook which again I haven't seen the videos but they said that

► 01:49:57

so what is fake news to be banned while many people were saying yes Facebook needs to ban fake news but think about what that means it means you're not to be wrong okay because fake news doesn't mean you did it on purpose more importantly you're not stupid oh here's another thing again in defense of Alex Alex did do is in the future after after he was done saying the things that he said about Sandy Hook he then said it definitely happened so excuse so he corrected his course and it snow is there a path for Redemption when you correct your course and it matters not what are we doing cuz we're not treating people like human beings then whether it's Milo or whether it's anybody

► 01:50:38

path to Redemption is so fucking critical yes so let me tell you I went to Sweden people were claiming things rapping and Suite in a couple years ago I decided to go check it out for some reason a bunch of people believe that I pushed him far far right-wing conspiracy when I actually pushed him was that you pushed of conspiracy theory or a purse. You at Donald Trump say last night in Sweden as soon as he says this to me to go to Wild my friend and I are my friend Emily who who work with me on an offset what I like to do what you just go to Sweden and just like walk on some stuff and make a video about what we experienced got to go

► 01:51:15

almost immediately it's reported we found nothing we found the neighborhoods are actually very nice substantially nicer than Chicago but we did find there was an increase in crime is my tablet for some reason why people are claiming that like I'm pushing conspiracy to something I was going to go somewhere that I kind of lost my train of thought when I was there Joey salads is a big YouTuber reached out to me on Twitter saying hey I'm here to let's meet up I got really angry because Joey salads made a video I think couple years ago where he staged a bunch of black guys destroying a car to make it seem like these these neighborhoods which is very racist is awful horrible is Big YouTuber and so he reached out to me and I got really pissed like dude you're fake news you are racist and I was like I just I starts cussing at him I was like this is like I know that's not normal for that but afterwards I realized something

► 01:52:08

Joy made a mistake

► 01:52:10

he reached out to me it was polite he was honest I think you did something really really bad if I tell him if I cuss him out if I just be mean to him what's he going to do the only people who will accept him if you only people are racist will. He's going to go to the racist he needs that I should I should be willing to hear you out and I should give you an opportunity to better yourself otherwise you won't even talk to him and I think he made a huge mistake I think we do is wrong I think it was self-motivated I think was Money Motivated but I think none of that matters all that matters is you tell him you just one more time work work with your out with the Wolves but if you if you agree to do the right thing and your will and your sincere then okay good for you I think that's got to be a part of the conversation yeah I mean I think this idea of just Banning people for life but letting people out of jail after they commit murder and right they can re-enter Society to its kind

► 01:53:10

it's not easy but we're saying that there's a path to Redemption but what ends up happening is they create parallel economy's they create parallel networks and that causes more division more anxiety ucp's alternative social networks emerge because people get bands they all moved one place is back to gab so but you know is mostly thought about it but at this point I don't trust a lot of the media I don't and it's not unique for me most Americans have available mean everything meaning of gas so you don't have to go clear opinion of it is that they do allow there's there's a lot more people with extreme views simply because it's legal so they go their natural but based on what I've heard about it from like actual reports it's not substantially worse than Twitter but it does allow them as a big difference right you can go on Twitter you can get away with it for a while

► 01:54:10

there is a shin is leveled against the app that they've actually drag their feet on getting rid of illegal things like calls for violence you know but for the motor or something so you can get kicked off for like doxxing Priceline it's not the wild west but it's Wilder but you know what the media is people at in New York that was for the most part they they like to say things like you know that guy who shot up the synagogue just disgusting but they say Gap user user drink water water water Hitler Hitler you know but I will recognize right now that at this point gap is its yet if if you're going to go on their the media is going to accuse you of every single name of the book I'm sure you got to be

► 01:55:10

at least start throwing out these these descriptions with gab is and what Gap stands for in like what they made out of with Barry Weiss I was like that's all you say wolf wolf which part of the Tulsi gabbard Jimmy Dore Jimmy Dore he's fucking great in front of a live crowd it really did sound like he didn't even know what the word meant because if you said what that word mean I'll tell you what I think it means I won't ask someone to check that the feed first right now so it's like

► 01:55:57

and she also said she's also been a drag because she did a story where she used a satire tweet from Auntie Fee or something I don't I don't know if there'll you so she's had her share but you know she's all I got caught with a antifa aphaca antifa post on a wall that was like how early does a troll somebody somebody trolled it but you know that's what's so crazy so things are so fucking blurry it's hard to see the troll sometimes oh yeah might be one of the most notorious not because he he like kind of hides in the shadows but he's done some of my brother cloned what does login post copy perfectly an article about how a new strain of marijuana was discovered cannabis Australia's

► 01:56:52

he said that he was the dean at the University of Sydney or something like that who is dating Popstar Meghan Trainor is the most ridiculous thing and that you said we need to find a female plant so far as we have it's groundbreaking it's it's a very clever thing he bought a domain name that was something like, I guess. Info at the URL he then created a subdomain so it's like you know just hypothetically CNN.com guest the average person Jesse CNN.com assume is real I don't know how he shared it but he makes this whole it's a ridiculous man I thought it was real and I got a bridge to sell you High Times picked up 50,000 shares break through new strain of marijuana and I was like my brothers like my opposite you know I I try to be honest to the best of my ability and you can you know I think you know people accuse me of being a liar that's not fair I could be wrong for sure but I try my best to be rational my brother on

► 01:57:52

hand is like

► 01:57:54

editing videos making a murderer closest possible he made another video where and it's crazy cuz he tries to make sure people not that's it's over the top he made a video where it's a van getting pulled over it looks like a police dashcam and then the cop walks up to the car check the guys license walks back and the driver releases pot on a balloon and an arrow points with tank stash like he's disposed of his drugs with helium balloons to the fly away and then the cop runs up firing guns at it this thing got hundreds of millions of views it was on Facebook every other day it's it was like he made it for years ago or something and I saw it on Instagram like 2 weeks ago and I was like dude can I show him people think it's real like it's it's the craziest but you know yeah I don't know so so much fucked up stuff that is real it's so hard to differentiate what I mean hold on like what store some shade at the High Times like when they did this they said they pay when they crack of the Articles thing was a hoax they said we wanted to call for verification but we thought the story was too hot to pass up

► 01:58:54

that's a really good example that's a really good example of Covington it's a really good example of what these news organizations do it's like they're not they're not the the bastions of great journalism we don't hold High Times on a Panasonic the New York Times not to be disrespectful and your writing stories and Specialty light come on man look this is this is there's there's two big things that affect media that I think are are worrisome Covington exemplifies really well that people just wrote do any research at all even watch the videos cuz you can see in the first well not only that but what's even more egregious as they did this several days right afterwards and they were still like the Bill Maher yeah yeah it's a very unfortunate but it's it's all avoidable discuss something and do it in public forum like that and you know about it in advance this is not like you're on a podcast

► 01:59:54

ad-libbing you say something you misspeak this is the other thing that worries me is what we see with with this NBC reporter is it wasn't as big Twitter Thread about Twitter needs to take action against these harassment campaigns and they refuse to do it the next day he writes an article citing an activist about how a far-right campaign is sending death threats to journalists and Twitter's and do anything about it he starts so what do we see here this guy called fraction couldn't get it done wrote an article slanting it as a far-right campaign against journalists Twitter decides I mean I can't imagine put it on a massive staff but but

► 02:00:46

don't you think they have a huge staff what couple hundred there's a hundred offices in roughly thirty-five hundred employees at those what how many mm are operating in the Bible right it's complicated mean I can't really understand why he's well he's more polarizing but he's all right very faint Griffin show the photo of Donald Trump with his you know with his head cut off what does he really crazy the guy who wrote All The Articles demanding I don't see he's a guy repeatedly wrote about it he was a guy Jones confronted about it yes Oliver Darcy interviewed me in 2016 about a video I made when I said it's it's worrisome that Twitter is Banning people for their political ideologies Oliver

► 02:01:46

interesting article about my video is talking about how his media pressure. Jones Band It's like a weird 180th you know point where I think is unfair to accuse a journalist of advocating for something simply for covering it but then he went on CNN and said it was media pressure that got him banned and I'm kind of like okay you have to realize at that point you were the one who let that charge you know right and I don't care if you like him or not Banning him for for dubious reasons just great huge problems it shows your bias but just saying it that way when Hunter S Thompson spread the rumor about Ed Muskie being on ibogaine and then he went on the Dick Cavett Show it's of a hilarious clip and he goes

► 02:02:46

what's the rumor about you caused it yeah you spread the rumor patreon band Lauren Southern you think it was like a year-and-a-half two years ago and when she got banned I don't know if you know what happened but she she went about in the Mediterranean and what was that she did something with the migrants she did she did I believe it was generation identity which are because you know people extra labels around but they're like European nationalists and you people have called them white nationalist but again I don't know enough about their group so I think it's fair to say that that might be the case forgive me for being ignorant to the most fun but their ideology I know people. Tear me apart she gets it about they go up to one of these might one of these migrant vessels that does

► 02:03:46

what is a debate and she like waves a flare in the air and then she is she says on the stream like get in front of him get in front of them but I believe she never did Jack Conte band her and they were like what you were doing may have caused loss of life are bad people then start to point out that there's a website called it's going down and this is a you know cancer to be far-left extremist site one of the Articles was teaching people are advocating for pouring concrete on train tracks to disrupt derail restraints disregard I reset the phone and then they wrote an article titled Tim pool and the alt right it's going down banned from patreon or something and that's been sighted a Jimmy Dore head on his show and a bunch of or like just what we want to know Tim pool

► 02:04:46

all right man I didn't advocate for them to be banned I don't want anyone band right I just want to know what their decision-making process was and this was the thing I was going viral among people on Twitter are you asking about this and so now I get accused of campaigning to get them back just like you know Oliver Darcy was with with with with Jones butt. Slap that distinction on you as soon as I mean just calling someone alright today it's so strange how you know I don't know if you know but all in the world to stand up comedy used to be Progressive and liberal like like weird coffee shop type rooms it was all comedy didn't even use that term anymore because it is so toxic over the course of just a couple of years. The thing is shifted and it's moving in revolving and morphing so quickly was really crazy

► 02:05:43

4 years on my Wikipedia page it claimed that I invented a zeppelin Led Zeppelin like a blimp yes a decade here's the thing when I went to Sweden I specifically stated let me let me let me let me backup Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars put out a call saying I challenge any journalist to spend a weekend in Malmo and I'll cover your costs everybody's bombarding him pay me pay me and he's kind of just ignoring it people are threatening to sue him you better pay you promised I had already set up a GoFundMe for the project before I believe it was before I made a video about it's going to go to the store when I saw him and he was like I think it's something like I was just taking the piss but he wants

► 02:06:41

people then claimed I was I went there because Paul just watching challenge challenge me not true he donated about 9% of our total fun that we raised and I was already plan on going there Wikipedia there was a challenge I'm on my way to your page where they said someone said you wrote Temple went there because of Paul just watching challenge him to that's not true what's your proof this YouTube video from Temple where he says we've already arranged this we are not going here because of Paul Joseph Watson the response that's not a reliable source someone came back with a reliable source you it was a LinkedIn Post article that quoted my YouTube video

► 02:07:20

how's that I don't understand why couldn't you just take my word for it why did you have to get Huffington Post to just quote me that was apparently there is so that's the reason I bring this up is because what happens then if you're conservative and a bunch of friends who work for Fox News organizations the same time as all right now I'm Wikipedia 10 articles pop up immediately sang this is a fact 10 different organizations have written it and there is in your in your page and the crazy thing is that UK doesn't all the time you know they call various personalities alt-right they call Sargon the count dankula just go to Wikipedia and look up the phrase that means white nationalist neo-confederate it's like literally about a white ethnostate these people of denounce this and you know it's like with with Sargon of akkad it was a really fascinating phenomenon on patreon all of a sudden these left wing Outlet said Sargon was banned for going after the alt right

► 02:08:20

you've written in the past that he was all right when you say you like the media is not the one trying to surround organizations but I will lean towards I believe yes because it's it's it's so so whenever it's convenient for all through that there are some people who write the problem is if I if I'm nice people they're going to they're going to point their pens in my direction things are going to swing at me what's really important is the actual reality of how I really wanted in this organization at 6:20

► 02:09:05

do I wasn't having a post you know is another organization that wrote like oh God what was it that this guy wrote about Nazis on Steam that steam is a problem and very clearly like anybody was like because apparently he was referencing a very small like you okay I don't know too much about this I know there was criticism in the journalism space around what he did but it's like you find three guys on Twitter for saying something they quote tweet him and say boom fact like you find one guy who says you know I just plain don't like this group and will be like Nazis don't like this group and I'll write a big story about it cuz I found one tweet so you know a story about how people on gab we're presenting really disgusting recipes for food and I'm just wondering what's newsworthy about a random Gap users mostaccioli recipe

► 02:10:05

yeah it's an opinion piece but it's just calling people assholes that is like this if it's just some shity recipes like that the only thing that's odd about is that it's a gab shity recipe cuz it was a recipe online which by the way we can't leave and I'll talk about Jeff Bezos if it was on medium if someone said like look at these dummies with their terrible fucking recipes it would still be almost as interesting but it's flavored more by you're allowed to mock them because it's grab it's almost like they're uneducated an article claiming that people who hold alt-right views are like 11 million or so

► 02:10:57

and that's just like it's absurd that's not 11 million Americans will you define. Right as being some sort of white supremacist alt right memes white nationalist why are they the man who popularized the term coined it but he popularized it and he is a white nationalist so I mean you know if you want to be a part of his movement and other other alt right people have things about what it is so the AP said he's our guidelines and I'll defer to Associated Press a flower respect for them there you go you know so if it wasn't his organization's there was a Willamette weekly it's it's me I just really I work for vice I was actually one I'm one of the key Reasons by snooze exists

► 02:11:55

I look back on it and I can make it kind of sad how they've written some of these most disliked ridiculous articles I'm really proud of a lot of stuff they've done but I I quit I quit when I got an offer from fusion and fusion is Univision joint venture

► 02:12:09

when it when I started there they said we won't be parties in for some reason I decided to go far left and are pushing a lot of things that I thought were wrong they told me to in effect why so that they can bring up is I I just have to stay in for these business organizations and how they use definitions that suit their needs to get the clicks they want you're all right today you're not all right tomorrow in issue how much of an issue is that journalists are essentially fighting for their lives because newspaper is almost dead it's online Publications are trying their trying to get subscriptions like I subscribe to several different brand News Online update that used to be newspapers but the last time I picked up an actual newspaper it's so much so that I felt like I had a joke about reading something in the paper and like turning the page that I almost felt like I'm a liar

► 02:13:09

for doing a joke about turning the page of a paper right remember the last time I fucking did that everything I read is either on a tablet or on a laptop or unit you know what the gal Man Amnesia affect is no

► 02:13:23

when you're an expert in MMA you're like one of the foremost experts have you ever read a news article about anime that was so wrong it's okay so that same newspaper you're reading it you see a story you laugh Turn the Page and it's a story about Siri I know I didn't know that why would you forget but there was one of the things we talked about the other day is traffic assignment so I know you asked me this they're fighting for their lives it's a serious issue but I just like to point out their lives never existed in the media space was one of the most most Illuminating aspects of our conversation on the phone it's a whole lot that these media organizations new startups don't actually get a lot of views so what they do is it's called traffic assignment there's a company called comscore that tracks the the the viewership the unique views these sites have if you're trying to attract investment

► 02:14:23

and you say we get 20 million views per month they're going to say that's cool but this I could 60 where they do well there are some sites this is according to variety modern farmer. Com what was that I have no idea I've never heard of it but there are many sites would you probably seen where it's like the top 25 celebrities who you know mess up their makeup yes you click the page and I'll show you a photo in order to the next photo you got to click the next page that's that way they turn Hue one person at 25 unique views are 25 years I want a unique then a company like Vice for instance will buy the assignment of your traffic and a tribute to themselves so when the comscore numbers come out it will say all of those views from those clickbait sites are actually Feist right that's fucking and so there was a bit I'm quoting Friday gotta get sued but Friday said that there traffic went down 17% because someone they were buying traffic assignment from was like going through turmoil

► 02:15:23

shaking and being shaken up and another one of their traffic sign and partners switched to I think I got told NBC or something so it was happening well I can say a little bit there was a company that was a prominent digital news Outlet I knew someone there who was decently High out who told me our company is contemplating whether or not we should engage in traffic assignment to inflate our numbers and I said don't do it like that's wrong and they said but we need investment

► 02:15:54

so I wonder if it's a fraud but if comscore is is just bumping the numbers together and I go to you and say according to comscore our Network brings in 60 million I didn't lie that's all true yes that's true as it happens these companies get massive investment they don't actually generate enough clicks are enough money then once the investment ones out. Never existed those were those were padded by investors so kind of squirrelly everything collapses it seems like fraud I mean yeah that seems like if that was if you were doing that with some tech stock

► 02:16:36

yep yeah right yep another individual companies that he felt like what we were seeing was a kid to the Securities problem the hundreds of millions of dollars $29 in Fast & Furious digital media Outlets because they're seeing these numbers but underneath there's nothing there and it is crazy so if you're investing money so if you've got some some cash you've worked your ass off and you've generated a lot of money and you like like we're going to get into the digital space we have a website that has 90 million clicks and willing to take that and then you find out you just got fucking hosed how is that not fraud because buyer beware there's laws that legalized fraud

► 02:17:36

not fraud because I didn't lie to you later to Seaview you at every opportunity to look at those numbers and see where they came from. Her stay with their network was okay with that may be the case but the act of doing it at the after the fact that you can do it and really you're getting modern sang it's fucking crazy Shady but I'll tell you what else to respect for for Shane Smith Vice drink State they flew me I love Shane he's a cool dude but he's brilliant absolutely brilliant he is a master of I don't know what to call it but it's a form up with a bunch of Packer buddies is my little hacker community and social engineering is something that I've been you know relatively well versed in and Shane whether he knows it or not really really understand how people think and how to get them to do things so I'll give you an example I left the Voice in 2014

► 02:18:29

and after I left some of the people I had brought on the recommendation we're still there this buddy of mine says dude good news I'm going to be running I'm going to be helping produce the news program the cable channel I was like wow congratulations does that mean you're moving to Toronto Toronto and I was like to work on the cable channel is it back in 2014 he goes we talk to you about what cable channel I'm going to work on the news channels like dude it was a Rodgers deal the cable channels in Canada it was a couple years later they got the US space channel was a bunch of my friends work advice didn't know the cable channel that got was based in Canada what they believed they were going to be working on a cable channel in the US that's important because you need people to really want to work there be passionate and Shane was a master of giving you just enough information so that you believed in what you were doing without realizing it's actually a great bunch of employees who believed

► 02:19:29

is there going to be on this big new American cable channel will she never said American cable channel it's your fault for assuming it was going to be in America but that meant a lot to those employees so you're able to boost until they find out in Canada and then there were like wait one fantastic I love this game I'm playing Civ 6 right now LDN and you can get they're called great people they're called great people. That if you are enough points you'll get look at that you'll get like Galileo he'll appear in your civilization I firmly believe that in a hundred years the next selection 50 you'll be able to earn a great Merchant to Shane Smith because of how like he was able to build this Empire he did it through very clever ways of getting investment and admittedly I really like the stuff they used to do back in the day guys wow he knows how to do it because the big story about traffic assignment

► 02:20:29

Vice losing like 17% because of that practice they were doing so he really know how to do the smoke and mirrors you know but when you look at the other when you look at how it pays a plant pans out to all the other news outlets that never gets laid off you have to run you don't have to wonder why a thousand jobs I've got lost in the past week is just investment money and once they reach their threshold it all came crashing down the modern farmer example like that I think it's just the clicks just the fact that you can actually buy those Clicks in a tribute them to something different to and then you can tell people in the way all the time I got to like I don't think this one is on par but make you have one YouTube channel 1000 Subs make 10 more syr subscribe and I've got 10,000 Subs

► 02:21:27

people and you've got to go around telling people I got 10,000 subscribers when in reality it's just the people on 10 channels

► 02:21:37

that's really clever ways to inflate your numbers and this attracts investment it also but more importantly allows leverage in dealing with ad with Ed Byers ad networks what are people doing when they're Busan up their Instagram numbers I don't know what I'm going to pull it up I can't show you right now I just went to the website buy YouTube views. Com for $2,800 you can have a million views there's there's good reasons to do it now if you want to be a YouTuber if you want to be successful on YouTube and use ensure as you will never make it but put it this way

► 02:22:11

no one do this no one I'm not advocating for another to explain film 10 videos a full season of The Joe Rogan travel Adventure

► 02:22:22

buy a million views on each to be patted out over a month go to pay any we launched million views per episode you want to buy it wow a million people watching episodes fantastic you say you'll get traffic you know if you can trick your way into getting on TV fake it till you make it gets dirty it's it it's a legal right. Well actually I don't know if the the clicks like that I think New York that was somewhat of an article that Attorney General of once that made the New York said misrepresenting yourself online through fake views collection likes is illegal

► 02:23:12

I think what they were saying is that using other people's images to create fake accounts is invasion of privacy or something but we're going to that point but you know there's people who play that game I guess you can really think you're really cool. I've met a lot of people who there's a bunch of Tricks man yeah but yeah but you know what team follow back is from Twitter you seen it I've seen the hashtag was that mean may have changed but essentially I follow you follow me that way you'll see some people had will be following a hundred thousand people and I'll be followed by a horse and cycle hold on but you just have an agreement with them not influential it was a trick that people would do to inflate their numbers but those numbers are legitimate if you do post something on Tulsa that has definitely married Oh Yeah Yeah Yeahs translate but it's just a it's a it's a trick is a trick of getting a system

► 02:24:12

followers I didn't pay for it but I found them through that one of those how many of your Twitter followers are fake those those aren't so good so many of the people don't engage I think that's what's based on right doesn't make sense what does it make sense and also because what if they just are logged into just read exactly and that's most which is still engaging you just not going to waste so that's one of the big problems with tracking fake accounts is that it's just someone's opinion that most of those two things most high profile accounts will read it because people will sign up just to follow you and rebe get to say because they want your feet if they want you to want Joe they want wrapped and labeled fake your thing is when people make fake bot Farms they purposefully will follow people like you so they look real so you do get fake ones sure

► 02:25:12

follower spell tell you what you could you could easily go online and buy followers for someone else it happened I believe it happened to the Daily. I depart a message saying someone bought followers for us we didn't do this we are actively trying to remove them right now it's difficult because you don't know who's really who's fake ever happens with the time line was and how quickly they came in and go to each individual account is an app that allows you to view as fake you can block and unblock them in the not following you anymore but it's tough man there their they're terrifying ways to you know I mentioned buying views will destroy your YouTube channel

► 02:25:56

because YouTube now is there fake yeah so think about what you can do to other people if you have 3/4 them attributed to the trouble but I will say for people like you and people like me Google that would work on us make a phone call and say but you're somebody with a hundred thousand subscribers you know you're making a living you got a career on YouTube but you don't have a manager with YouTube you don't have contacts with Google if someone attacks your account you're out you know you do that Siri

► 02:26:36

Jeff Bezos Jeff Bezos man National Enquirer allegedly we should say allegedly I believe allegedly tried to extort him and it's about the Jamal khashoggi investigation from The Washington Post it's all connected to that I read I read a bit about it I started reading more when Ronan Farrow came out and claimed that they went to him too so I'm not as versed like I don't read I read today they made an inquiry from the week in output pressure on him as well but nothing is when I read that story I kind of laughed because I was like Amber Docker member when it public when they all did Peter Thiel and then yes

► 02:27:25

like these people Really Brave to go up against billionaires like this and try and drag them yeah it's kind of scary but also kind of scary that they can use this to extort him so that he doesn't he takes the Washington Post or damaged attempting a story about an actual murder I don't trust the Washington Post but you know that's an aside

► 02:27:59

when I look with the National Enquirer did it just reminds me of what the media does they they know what they can do and they know how to do it the media is influence its power you know Brands they're scared they're scared so you look at what happens with some of these Twitter accounts that will leave campaigns where they encourage other followers to send emails at it's it's not the same as blackmail by no means but when you know there's an attack Vector like you know what is that wild sardines company they don't want to deal with a brigade from activists you treated them your fans with them and then me to cancel on your show and it is about you unless you do something unless you say something to disavow something you know so Jeff Bezos the crazy thing about it is alleged that the investigator name is Becker

► 02:28:50

was entertaining the possibility that a government entity intercepted the text the nude selfies from benzos but I did see another journalist tweet that they're not entertaining that they're not pursuing it was just a thought so maybe it's not real. Was that his girlfriend's brother who's a trump supporter might have somehow or another got screengrabs of her phone it was really interesting people presume he's their Enemy Bring up to when it comes to like Banning Alex Jones just because someone reporting something doesn't mean they're advocating for it but sometimes they are it's like if you understand the nuances yeah but yeah I mean not the person you want to Target could you imagine what would happen if Bezos shut up the Washington Post and said guys kill the story story it's almost impossible to so unrealistic but maybe there's more to it I mean the real the in this is the big conspiracy theory was that

► 02:29:50

Jeff Bozo someone from that side is involved in this I don't I don't know I guess I do you know this is relatively new story and I've been you know here so I don't know as much about it as I probably should was just shows you how crazy digital media is I've been digital things like sending things through the air it's just that people can get intercepted that's why you know when I when I mentioned earlier the potential for Civil War I don't know what it would look like this could be it could be special interest using information information War you know things people talk about I was thinking about this a while ago was like man why why do people shoot each other hundred years ago and they said they would like it because they wanted to gain control they wanted they want to centralize power or they wanted to invite you know Pusha and ideology or a government or expand their power

► 02:30:44

you don't need to shoot somebody to do that you just need to convince them you're right or you need to get them to fight each other so I think it's fair to say us but we've learned through if you trust the reporting it's hard to know what's real or not that the Russian campaigns were not only promoting Trump supporters but they're promoting black lives matter why they weren't just doing that there's a fantastic podcast with Sam Harris released recently with this woman let me let me get her name so I can see if you can find a j me to call the information War that's the name of the podcast but they were they were doing all sorts of different things like not just trying to Renee diresta diresta and I'm working on getting her down here soon they were they also had like a Texas culture they had trans rights they have organized Facebook campaigns were they had a pro Texas group in April

► 02:31:44

Muslim group meet across the street from each other I mean they're they're sowing seeds of dissent like organizing it and I think I'd be willing to entertain the possibility that we call the culture War today was seeded specifically by special interests potentially Rush up let me know about it it's done you know what when when people adopt an ideology you can't easily break that and some people refuse to cross that divided you know yeah but it's just so funny how many different ways they were attacking us they had a blue lives matter group and black lives matter groups and they put people at odds with each other and one of the big ones they did was they they targeted African-Americans and we're trying to get them to vote for anyone other than Hillary and this is like an engineer campaign to Jill Stein's our vote and like we can't vote for Hillary like Hillary does not support as we can't vote for Hillary and they made it very tribal the first thing we have to assume is that it was effective

► 02:32:44

we don't know we don't know to what extent they had an influence over the us but I will say I think it's fair to point out they play a role and then we can see what happens Charlottesville you know where you end up with some crazy guy associated with me to White nationalism in the car into a bunch of protesters people get riled up to a point is a really great video called this video will make you by cgp grey where he talks about how these groups they argue amongst each other not against each other they make each other angry by posting images of the other there's certain subreddits why I don't want to you know star Brigade but they'll post memes not stop attacking a particular politician they're not arguing with the left or the right there arguing to themselves about what's wrong with the other answer these groups growing angrier and angrier and then when they finally meeting the real world to get extreme violence

► 02:33:39

so it's very possible to see those communities and real people up push these things it's all so it seems pretty straightforward how to manipulate them how to appeal to their tribal nature and it's terrifying how easy it is or where they mean there's a lot of these really toxic pages that you find that are commenting on things that are whether it's Instagram or Twitter or whatever they're not they're not really who you think they are pensions nc10 tweets where they say you shouldn't talk about this anymore how dare you and they'll assume everyone when it really could be one person but it works this is what gets companies to run away from sponsoring shows and stuff they think everyone's attacking them

► 02:34:30

Thirty-One purse where do you think this goes if you're if you're looking at this like this is fairly new write all of this stuff is fairly new and in really kind of this is Uncharted Territory in terms of how to navigate this stuff and they're sort of figuring out with the influences are as we go along and again 10 years ago that didn't even exist so this is all all knew where do you think it's going u s destabilization Regional so patreon right it's the it's the independent economy if you're YouTuber if your podcaster if you're an artist if your cosplay or whatever they decide to ban some people for reasons that make sense like Sargon Den Violet cos Sargon. Today start you know camping at subscribestar subscribestar loses access to PayPal and stripe tunic no longer process payments made that decision

► 02:35:30

add PayPal to PayPal to get scared something else happened subscribestar reactivated there they found new payment processor which means we've seen the button off of an ABBA album mirror economy which is dangerous that the fact that Americans in general can't share the same platform and had to create an alternate route alternate that had to be supported by separate means

► 02:35:55

if this continues in that direction we're going to end up with tons of systems that operate for only certain political factions Jack Conte the page of the CEO of patreon said to I believe CNBC you can say anything you want in the world what does what I say in the world have to do with what you said what service you provide Now by all means if you want to ban them you can but you can then see the adopting of ideology someone posted a funny comment a company that refuses to sell water to a dehydrated man in the desert because they think the wrong thing but then what happens different companies emerge and you get tribes that are divided not only by their ideology but literally they're unable to communicate with each other that can only lead to one thing the tribes getting physical Charlottesville Portland Boston Berkeley San Bernardino these various instances where they clashed in bash each other people have been killed some people show up with guns

► 02:36:52

I think that's got to be honest I don't think there's a way to fix it I don't know there is a hilarious comment I'm sorry, programmerhumor on Reddit and they said we talk to an airplane engineer mechanic these things are engineered safety you're you're more likely to get in a car accident on an airplane you know when you talk to electrical engineer all God we got so many redundancies is that the system will fail if you know when you talk to a programmer everything's everything's bad voting machines are corrupt the system is failing we can secure it

► 02:37:24

like there was a kid at Defcon hacker convention activating machine like that like the whole system is told you about High Times imagine if someone did that but it was a political Story how easy would it be to rile people up and getting violent it's it's it's it's it's dangerously easy it's terrifying

► 02:37:48

there's no stopping it and I think we were seeing a really even more terrifying phenomenon in that even when we have evidence in front of our eyes Covington people refuse Reza Aslan for instance it's like the best it was the first video that just shows the one kid standing next to a Philips that goes I don't understand why people saw that more like whoa but the second video that went viral almost exact same time showed Phillips walk up to the kid immediately disproving the original narrative the kids approach him but even Bill Maher still got it wrong so even when people can see exactly what happened but don't believe it and there was an article that I think it might have been in Gizmodo or Deadspin or something that said don't listen to them we all know what we saw and it's like dude that's what we're going to the blackout basketball game and how do you how do you bring those people back from net from the break like I obviously have been

► 02:38:48

I'll try to balance all that often but then you have to realize the arthritis tiny tiny tiny tiny they are there rare they've admitted defeat Richard Spencer said I think he said this one or something no one showed up for 11 people shut up I'm not worried about that guy I'm worried about these Fringe ideologies that are racist intolerant and violent slowly seeping into our culture like when you see politicians openly Embrace like race-based government policy if you know I think I have this perspective growing up in a mixed race family where I've been insulted by the left for being white and I've been insulted by far-right racist for being you know a mutt and so I don't like either of it I really don't but the white supremacist types are falling apart and I don't threaten me anymore they disobey is don't but the left-wing racism and the Emmys ideas of racial equity in determining what you're worth based on the color of your skin are becoming more and more pervasive

► 02:39:48

a lawsuit with Harvard that that Asians have a harder standard copper standard for getting in even though Asians are smaller minority than white people why does that make sense why should I have to approach someone and justify my rights to them that terrifies me really does and we see Kirsten gillibrand intersectional will intersectionality is that ideology of of race-based policy what's with the green New Deal that says racial equity

► 02:40:16

I prefer to judge someone on the content of the character of the color of their skin welts on so that's the kind of talk to gets Trump re-elected and that's my biggest pet peeves because you know I talked about progressive tax I I think we can do a lot for a public option for expanding Medicaid is fascinating the government allocate tax money to invest in new technologies Fusion nuclear and reduce carbon emissions and do great things can we make high speed rails but then when you come out and say pay the unwilling and these other things and intersectionality I'm like that that's not what I'm talking about I can't support that the unwilling is the most Preposterous one the idea that someone's unwilling to work again to provide them with a living it that's Insanity that's the ultimate Progressive Bend but it keeps going for the next Concept in a socialist society exists you expect people to undertake the greatest

► 02:41:15

Action project in in history of a massive train Network that makes all planes obsolete but the same time tell people don't have to work if they want money as these ideologies get more and more ridiculous they try to out Progressive the next step like it's a fundamental right for you to earn a living and N pew pew research recently got a pole last couple weeks ago Democrat the Democratic party 54% one more modern policies so I'm a bit but still you still have it on 43 or so that want more leveling policy so that means the party split and so here's the problem I see if you're going to put me up there is a time you got to vote you have to you have to make a choice you've got a moderate conservative who believes things I really don't agree with but he doesn't want to give money to people don't work and he doesn't believe in that area in politics and race Equity or whatever and then you got the Democrats were so far left to me I can't even see who do you think you know social liberals and liberals vote for

► 02:42:15

the closest person to them politically will be a conservative that's what scares me you know we had this great future with a potential for a public option for expanding Medicaid for I mean look I really do believe social programs are important we can do more I like a lot of what Bernie has to say I think we need to reform education but I think education could be expanded again I'm interested in the ideas I want to advocate for them but we need to figure out how to do it but my pilot like where I fit politically I'm politically homeless I don't agree with someone judging me based on my race I've been through that hell no never again people vandalizing my home because they didn't like that a brown mom and white dad I want to live in that world I don't want you to look me in the eyes and say I tell people look at this way when it comes to Harvard

► 02:42:56

I want you to look into the eyes of that little Asian boy and say honey you can't go to Harvard your Asian you look too much like those people how does that make sense why isn't that just because this kid looks similar to this kid you're going to tell him he has a harder standard for Pat for the SATs to get into the school I just I refuse I absolutely do it's disgusting in the fact that it's coming from Harvard is so confusing yep that the Hyatt mean that is the school right when you think about Higher Learning or how my dad graduated from Harvard Harvard that's Harvard that's the schedule and the fact that they're practicing this way if they didn't do that the student body would be overwhelmingly Asian does proportion to their ketchup why people I don't care I don't think you to look at someone and say you look too much like they do know it's crazy it's it's it's not a meritocracy if you do that I want to talk to about Universal basic income what do you what do you think about artificial intelligence and water official intelligence and automation

► 02:43:56

the removal of all these jobs is a real concern that a lot of people have and then the the way to mitigate it that's being bandied about is universal basic income that they would give you a certain amount of money and I think the idea that everyone would get it even wealthy people get it and that would be the only way to make it fair but where the fuck is that money coming from and then what do you think about it I'm an economist man but I don't I don't think it's feasible at least right now I do believe that in a technological level we will eventually reach a Star Trek kind of future where it's not about communism is literally like with the scarcity is gone like that caters I want to come to Universal basic income people need to understand some basic economic principles if everybody gets $1,000 okay that's three hundred million thousand dollars everybody's everybody's working age. I need to hire someone to

► 02:44:56

so I say we pay ten bucks an hour with the ideas that the thousand bucks a month you get you get to keep and then the fight over there one in ten bucks an hour I don't care where I was when I was 17 18 American Eagle Airlines I was looking like fifty thousand pounds per day and I was getting ten bucks an hour and it's been working full-time after taxes how about we just give you a thousand bucks I bet I'll get the skatepark are some positives that people will pursue their passions but hold on how many people do you know want to be Comedians and they're not funny

► 02:45:44

quite a few quite a few in imagine if you said we're going to subsidize your Endeavor into a thing you're not good at how many people are really good at copying Carpenter they wish to be pro football players how many people are really good at being teachers but want to be a famous actor so what do you think would be some sort of an appropriate response to Automation and artificial intelligence mean you can't just have millions and millions of people just have nowhere to go and that's that's it. No I said this is why I know I've I've never been a pot smoker smoke like once in my life won't right now I think I was down because I would talk about this kind of stuff with my friends while they were stoned the philosophical consequences of technological innovation it is not the postmaster's fault that he spent 30 years becoming the best of the best and work in the post office that technology emerged that is going to displace him and make him and put him in The Pour House when I was about 19 years old I was skateboarding in downtown Chicago and I saw an old black homeless man and I had some leftover food now is

► 02:46:44

hey hey what's up dude you want some food cuz like you know thanks man I just like I asked you a question how did you become homeless and he said then he said I just have a job I worked all day everyday had a family eventually you know my dinner up kids my friends are to get old and move on I lost touch the bottom some of them died and one day I got told that my job wasn't needed anymore and so I can do anything when I'm playing for a little bit but my you know the job I was good at didn't exist 40 years ago but he was like so everywhere I went I said yeah I'll do anything I'll do anything but even this small jobs that pay a little bit to flip Burgers weren't enough to cover my rent after a few months I could I got evicted then sign a place to live I couldn't go to the job I did have start sleeping outside I've been ever since I'm like I said you know and that's that's that's a sad reality what you do I don't know

► 02:47:44

looks you up but that's the thing that she goes too far but this is why I believe in some kind of social policy and Satan that Social Security something to help these people for sure you know if we have a real Community you would help out the people that are in your community of 25 people and they take people like a claim that anarchists like the violence nachi ones and Eva are libertarian left on my like the libertarian left quadrant are pot-smoking hippies live on farms anarcho-communism makes a ton of sense when it's you and your buddies working together on a farm sharing responsibilities it doesn't make sense for a community of 300 million people and you have to trade extremely specific resources to make a computer happen right at that point you need to build a quantify the value of specific objects and that's why communism doesn't work from Massachusetts on map scale but

► 02:48:44

I will say when artificial intelligence a different conversation what's the connection between unemployment from these factories getting shut down and depressed dudes popping pills there was a man masculinity report was published by Harry's the shaving company and they said the over the overwhelming majority of what contributes to a man's happiness is gainful employment like at 80% so what happens when a factory shuts down you got a bunch of young dudes who want to do something they want to matter but they can't there's no there's nowhere to go anymore especially in a small town but I'll tell you what man Percocets feel real good of those drugs I feel fantastic but they'll kill you so that's the popularity of Bernie Sanders and Trump they talked about the working class to talk about this free trade agreements hurting people they talked about getting the factories back together and that means a lot to people who have been popping pills for depressed or sad and scared

► 02:49:44

that's a lot of people in this country so to wrap this up the only

► 02:49:49

the only other thing that I think I would like to at least make an attempt at is what would be the path for a person who's been banned from social media sites what what do you think would be a reasonable way to bring people back in the conversation reasonable way we don't you think there should be anybody anybody done you've got a deal friend back when you get out you're free to engage in normal so that the behavior do you think that the concept of a permanent ban is in some way almost 9:00 American concept

► 02:50:39

get that specific like to Freedom Speedway I believe that as long as these companies are monopolies and they are the public sphere it is wrong to permanently Exile someone for saying a bad word for calling the wrong opinion A lot of these like learn-to-code other fucking Preposterous mean to ban someone permanently for something that a man is never a woman band men aren't women though that's that's that's absurd and terrifying but even like Milo being banned why because he was tweeting at a celebrity you're supposed to mean the criticism of that movie was no different than the criticism of any movie that they thought sucked right but it happened to be about a feminist idea or a woman's hand

► 02:51:39

she's she's done some some questionable tweets herself yeah well there's just Lucian if you don't if you don't you so what they said what they say is is actually really interesting president the daily Stormer encouraged I'm going off of encourage people to send you know racist images and start sending me things to this woman who I think that I believe is a black and a Court ruled that the first will not protect you if you encourage others to harassment it's really interesting than when we consider what's going to happen with the lawsuits towards all of the people who smeared and defamed and call for action against Covington kids that president that was Star Wars not going to be used against these high-profile celebrities and personalities and are there lawsuits that are being formed right now for that huge list

► 02:52:39

pugilist a lot of like you know a lot of people did look at tweets but a lot of people didn't retract like Bill Maher 4 days later it's like after people were already offering these families in and threatened lawsuits Bill Maher then comes out information to the point of redemption we shouldn't permanently Exile people for saying things that we think are wrong what would really scares me about the Alex Jones then I'm not Jones is mentally deficient or anything like that that's if you know if your justification for Banning him is that he said Santa wasn't real does that mean people who are who don't have a grasp on reality aren't allowed to use social media is it doesn't mean that people who are stupid I'd like to social media people who are mentally ill have to have an intelligence test for me that's insane you know people are allowed to say what they want to say and I think so long as Twitter is a monopoly

► 02:53:33

they should probably we should probably have some protections on the ability to engage in public discourse I'll give you a really important Point Occupy Wall Street took place in zuccotti park in New York on what's called a privately-owned public space pops this space is owned by a private entity however they had no legal grounds for evicting the protesters from the park because it was encouraged the public was encouraged to come so I would argue if Twitter is actively encouraging public participation they lose the protections too bad whoever they want I think it's rather terrifying that you would cede political power in this capacity to foreign interest stock holders in private individuals in a massive Corporation of My Monopoly that's not even beholden to the US to a certain degree you know forgive me for being a little bit of a liberal who wants regulation on massive corporations but I'm just a type a surprise I don't see it you know from other people in the left it's a very compelling argument and I think the more it's flashed out the more it seems to the we definitely have an issue but it it's a

► 02:54:33

Define issue and it's it doesn't go away we just ban people and you end up with backlash I'm really happy you came I'm really happy to do this and just thank you thank you for educating me on this giving your perspective and it's a very a very articulate and very intelligent perspective and I really appreciate it and I think for everyone this helps us to sort of get an understanding of you know this just the whole spectrum of what's going on with all the stuff on the smartest person in the world I probably got to lie probably get a lot wrong I do my best to try and you know I have my facts straight if I don't forgive me fact check me all the time you know do do do do do diligence but I appreciate your perspective thank you brother thank you for joining us on the show and thank you to our sponsors thank

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