#1247 - Andy Stumpf

The Joe Rogan Experience #1247 - Andy Stumpf

February 18, 2019

Andy Stumpf is a retired Navy SEAL and is also currently a wingsuit world record holder. He hosts his own podcast called “Cleared Hot” that can be found on iTunes & Stitcher.

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flying squirrel suit costumes traveling the most distance is awesome human and I always love talking to him please give it up for my friend and he stopped

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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what's up what's going on buddy CBD water I've never had CBD water GT's kombucha sent us some CBD water my first sip was a few seconds ago and I didn't read that it's a cucumber basil sauce shocked by The Taste but I like it so weird combo right white trash lady live in a trailer park on things hanging over bed partially broken on the inside weird cats if you have a dream catcher most likely have cats right part of the program package deal yesterday that that is really rare I saw a dude who was dressed up like a Native American who is not in fact a Native American that's a risky move in this day and age

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yeah I'm not going to go there you could be an Indian like if you can play Cowboys and Indians you could be an Indian and a bill I go okay you know problem he's be easy Indian Scout the cowboy normal shit today they will fucking come for you is gone what happened I'm not smart enough to answer that question but I should significant margin but some things have taken place I mean during the time that you were serving from 2001 to 2019 where we're at today I mean there has been a significant change an outrage culture in this country in entitlement like things that people think that they can get offended by and not offended by things that are important and non importance of the strangest time the beauty of that is most of time I was out of service

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what happened I went from Santa Cruz California where I grew up it could well be the origin of outrage culture and social justice Warriors to the military to back out of the military so I had very very different perspective where I started and then what I was to you when I came out that the take that I always see from people that are in the military or have been in the military is there any what's important and not important is so much different because it's true life and death

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not all the time but I think if you are exposed to that environment enough it'll recalibrate your perspective of what's important and what's not did you try the traffic look like in terms of what your own personal experience it made complete sense I probably would have used different terms in different places throughout the concept that he was talking about absolutely made sense an argument which is it just another way of talking about a tribe yeah yeah I just felt like it was really interesting to me like that book the one of the most moving part of it was how connected these people are when they're together and when they're at War and what that Brotherhood that camaraderie mean to them and how they feel disconnected when they're back and regular civilization and they get depressed

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it's like their life have been lead at such a such a high vibration intensity so much so much on the line it's it mean so much everything mean so much so much dedication so much commitment then to go back to the regular life is very very difficult for a lot of people I don't think it would be unfair to say some of the people that I served with I probably have close relationships than I do with my biological family even probably a shared I don't know if it's not that the things that we shared were important in our connection was so tight pussy tighter than my death my biological family potentially even my wife as well to in my own kids and that's how loud did trouble bro that's what I only get in trouble for my wife on days that end in y so nothing but I but I think she also understands that because I certainly have struggled I struggled quite a bit

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birth about the first 18 months I got out of the military and I look back on it now and I think the two pieces of it one I went from seeing those people that I share those experiences with on a daily basis

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everything you have in common we talk about stuff to say my man I just know the ins-and-outs of those people and I became detached from them and then I had I used to have what I thought was a job that had an immense amount of purpose and so I lost a little bit of the purpose and that same time like I said I come off that off-ramp of military I'm looking at the world that doesn't make any sense to me at all or are you talking about how they're oppressed while they're standing in a Starbucks line paying for a copy that cost more per ounce than gallon of gasoline probably couldn't be in terms of other than depression and none of it made sense and you just it's it's rough when you get to Tadich from that environment situation you were wounded and you you know although you want to continue serving you physically weren't able to anymore I was for a while so I got hurt in February of 2005 the 14-year 15 year 14 year anniversary of his earlier this month

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and it took me about two years to work my way back to where I would become operational again and I did one more deployment after I got hurt at the tail end of that anymore in this is because of the metal fragments or what it what is it totally you there's a nerve damage it was so I get medically retired which is not based off of anyone instant hopefully I mean people have more the combination of a lot of things so the gunshot wound obviously didn't help operational history of exposure to explosive blast the concussive force has all of those things just kind of had it off I went through a 30-day protocol where they Baseline me and took a bunch of tests and basically came to that you know they write out a massive document of all the things

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go to at least document like for me I can't get an MRI because I still have metal in my body from ferrous metal from the round that clicked a piece of rebar on its way to me and sciatic nerve on the way in and they're concerned that if they image me or what I've been told by the doctors at the image me it might react again with my sciatic nerve 6 months to drop foot is when you're with your foot to stop work totally Hanks I could always push down but I couldn't lift it up that's something that's happening now in MMA quite a bit it's happened several times I got to get low calf kicked and there's something about shopping at the the nerves behind the leg that guy's legs are just a foot's going limp it happened to Michael Chandler it happened to Henry so who know the middle of the fight song

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I got I got shot in the hip hop on my left hand side but by the time I made it to the hospital my single complaint with my ankle I didn't remember falling on my ankle I remember hitting but it felt like somebody taking a sledgehammer and just beat it into powder and so they were very careful in the my shoes off me that cut my pants off me and the first thing you did was take an x-ray dude you're totally fine but it felt like it was destroyed because it was the nerve they got interacted with high of a short-circuited all the way down to the terminal point of the nerve and never came back from helping that obviously for the fighters that eventually comes back because I had dropped foot for 6 months to a year by eventually was able to start dorsiflexing my foot again but I still can't feel my left leg from knee cap how far left hand side and is it wraps over the top of my foot is completely numb and is this because of the actual damage to the nerve or something touching the nerve

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interesting part of being hurt as well is talking to people who have Decades of medical experience and have them look at you and go I don't know can't they can't because they're worried about it being pulled out concussion history that I have it's an estimate based off of operational history because I can't throw me in that same machine and image my brain is spinning magnets and there's metal all over the left hand side of my pelvis and I don't know how much it would have to move but if it just clipped at nerve again

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I mean it was probably one of the more difficult times in my life my legs felt like it was on fire 24 hours a day which I could ignore during the daytime but where it got me was it just felt like I had it my leg and put a lighter onto it so I was on high dosages of like gabapentin and Neurontin with your central nervous system suppressors so I started feeling the cognitive affective that side back myself off of that wasn't a great phases of my life so I was of course washing those down with massive amounts of alcohol Taken 3 to 4 a.m. Ian staying awake because my tolerance to all that stuff was so high and the last thing I ever want to do is go through that again so I'm going to stay away from the spinning magnets it's just before and there's no way they can go in and pull those fragments out

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tell Mom I'm laying in the hospital in Baghdad in the night that I got her many other people got her a people got hurt on that particular Target I was one of the least injured there were people who immediately phone into surgery a guy almost lost his arm a guy took it out you was right next to an explosive he was conscious but blind did he taken such a shot to his head ejected out the back side of the building there was some other gunshot wounds so I'm laying in the hospital bed I hadn't taken any morphine because I watch too many movies and I thought if I had auto-injector cigarettes on me at all times but I thought of myself I was going to start drooling no experience

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he says all right you know I'm going to take a look at this I'm going to let you know I'm going to basically stick my finger in the hole a sex with the steak pause here sir can I have some pain medication so he comes out and just juices me with more stain for some other had it was I wish I would have taken at the field to did almost nothing and they played around a little bit with the holes and then slip me into an x-ray machine and said do you want us to try to take this out and I said well what is that going until he said well because we can tell that there's ferrous metal in here but we would do it would knock you out put a tube down your throat lay on your stomach and hold up a two-dimensional X-ray and best way to start slicing and pulling apart slicing and pulling apart looking and searching for these metal pieces and pulling them out of your body wanted time I said

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is there another option that totally the body will encapsulated and calcium as long as it's not touching the phone you're probably be fine I think they were going to be able to get them all out though if they did go and then start slicing away I don't know and I don't know what benefit would have had I suspected would have caused more damage than the actual injury self my hip is fine I still have never had a surgery but still never broken a bone the only thing they ever did was put a gauze pad on my leg and when the scab fell off I can start taking a bath again if I wanted to wow may just left everything Jesus

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that's crazy it's all good cuz our wow so if you do have an injury now that it's is it a lot of guesswork like if something's wrong with your leg do they have to like go in there with a scope like she can't get an MRI like what if you blew your knee out

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they would have to rely on imagery technology that doesn't revolve around magnets so most likely I think they gave me a chance can in the hospital so that I don't think is Magna paste and then two dimensional x-ray was interesting too because some of the therapies are using on people for TBI is magnets yeah but I don't think there is powerful is an MRI I mean you can't even wear earrings in those rooms with an MRI how about some kid accidentally died cuz they had an oxygen tank in the room that turn the machine on the tanks slammed into him and crush them I've heard about the TBI magnets that I think I would be fine with cuz I don't think it has the power she fighter she essentially was she was she had been hurt and really bad in a fight with Amanda Nunez and is she got hypothyroid condition from that fight her

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thyroid wasn't functioning correctly she was gaining weight like crazy she was her motor skills were all fucked up and they fixed her with that and that was from the brain injury from fight you one

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which is crazy when she was hurt really bad in the first round stop during the third round she won the fight should be demanded Nunes and you know really suffered some significant brain trauma from that fight there is I don't want to say there's a rash of suicides in the Seal team specifically obviously the number 22 is throwing out a lot when it comes to veteran suicides but that's 22% 22 veterans a day that is often touted I I'm hesitant to say that number is accurate because if you look at how it was derived it wasn't they could have done a better job of getting his number and I don't want to see inside of the SEAL Teams that there's a suicide issue even though I do know a few people that have committed suicide and they were the least expected but they were also the ones who had quite a bit of operational Tempo and the one thing that I don't think especially in the military medicine world

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understand what was traumatic brain injury long-term cuz you know this and I know countless times where I either did something dumb or was just standing in the wrong place or had a hard parachute opening and I cracked my head against the metal risers in your head hurts the rest the day it's the change in behavior and some people and I know that stuff that's titled of all the low hormones all that stuff there that is happening I think at the highest levels in the middle of combat operations and I think it's a country where were the total unknown area that sustained. Of War longer we ever been as a nation and nobody knows the outcome of that and people who I would have never guessed

► 00:20:09

would make a decision to take their own life I'll get a text and pay you know someone so just went out into the woods and no other external injury no other markers obviously something happened in the geometry between their ears that cause them to make that decision and I suspect it's from the repeated exposure to the brain injury yeah it's something that people are just starting to understand over the last couple of decades mean obviously yeah there was a focus that concussion movie and you know I don't know if you saw that Bob Costas was actually pulled from football and they did told him that cross the line didn't answer them from doing what what event was it was it from the Super Bowl

► 00:20:54

because he was talking about traumatic brain injury and their the realities of it and they said you cross the line is like a cross the line by talking about reality like an honest and open persiana that's not cool that's what he does mean that is Bob Costas is entire hook but mean he's he's brilliant guy but this this problem was so poorly understood just two decades ago so everyone just hurt coming to this realization that I mean according to dr. Mark Gordon who have I've had on who works with the warrior Angel Foundation Andrew Marr's set up where they're helping all these veterans and after Matic Ranger reason I have a pad mr. Gordon on several times he he says that you can get traumatic brain injuries from things that don't even remotely knock you out the other people get them from doing Moguls when they say they get them from your brain just rattling from jet skis bouncing around on jet skis to me and you can get it from a minor car accident you can have a traumatic brain injury and four guys like me that got hit in the

► 00:21:54

add four years who knows what the fuck is going on in there you know in for a professional fighters it's you know it's almost inevitable for football players it's even worse in a pro football players they did some crazy study and I I know we quoted it and I don't remember what the numbers was split some insane number like in the high 80% of people from high school on through college and into the professionals have TBI or CTE or the some signs of traumatic brain injury I'd be surprised if they didn't give them their fucking crazy it gets it is interesting to see when I get medically retired they sent me to a medical facility called nyko which is attached to Walter Reed and it's the best care that I ever received because it's a civilian facility National Intrepid center of excellence we did a lot of work with them back in the day for the UFC the UFC raised a bunch of money for that the money was well spent because I went there and I probably would not have been medically

► 00:22:54

because I left with little 150-page it but it's interesting Tanya back to TDI because I spent a lot of time as a requirement talking to psychologists and psychiatrists and the TBI PTs in the military gets interesting because it seems like they're treated as different issues and I'm probably misquoting the number a little bit I think there's 13 symptoms of both but there's an overlay so you could describe and push Mattox dress so it gets even more muddled on how are you treating somebody for a brain injury or you treating somebody for a post-traumatic stress are you wanting everybody together it's can I see a lot of people at specifically a lot of veterans getting stuck in that world where they it's a lot of focus on PTS but the reality is it could just be from the trauma received over a curb

► 00:23:54

working out nearly two decades for most people to make it to retirement it's really hard to tell blasts or big one right leg blown down doors and think he's just step away and you brace yourself the impact of just the are the concussive force of it is just devastating for your brain that you would the human brain apparently just so much more delicate and sensitive than anyone could have ever guessed concussive blast or telephone cuz they travel so if you're internally in a building and you find a door that's at the end of the hallway even all the way down to the end of the hallway and around the corner the blast can still get you because it will come down off the door reflect off of the hallway and still Rock You Jesus I thought I had a good hiding spot more than once and did not have

► 00:24:43

more than one occasion or you're working with a bunch of assholes to take all the good hiding spots and there's not really much you can do about that right I mean if you have to blow down that door someone has to be there to detonate yeah right be close enough for it to activate right now they're doing a wirelessly wirelessly now when I was in is called it's at or shocktube so you put a charge wherever adult a gated or a wall and you basically have to attach an initiator to it cuz it charges I'm going to go off by itself so you need a highly reactive charge to set off an explosive that is less reactive you keep them separate obviously for safety except for the main breacher he probably has at least one hooked up so he can be really fast but then you just extend that flash tube and it's they come in long reels I mean that you can get 30 40 50 feet and each

► 00:25:43

charge mathematically we do math on it to determine the minimum safe distance with every charge and it's written on the charge so you know how far you can get away but sometimes

► 00:25:53

you're in a situation where like I said that you think you got an awesome hiding spot in the guy lays out the flash tube and is getting ready to fire off and you realize that you're staring directly at the charge you have nowhere to hide and they're not going to wait on you so it's turn around cover up into a ball and eat it is there a best way to eat it

► 00:26:14

open your mouth and cover your ears I manually open your mouth instead of overloading like your sinus cavities and your son was going to go off really close to you open your mouth and cover your ears what what what's the difference in opening and closing the mouth the effect of the wave my understanding that contain pressure inside of your body as opposed to giving it a an Avenue to escape Jesus Christ things are realizing apparently about concussions is that even just getting hit in the chest can give you a concussion from the hit in the chest and you don't even get hit in the head just getting hit in the chest makes your head snap and it makes your brain switched around inside your head and then that's what gives you an injury I just remember earlier on I mean like in the mid-2000s wasn't the only question was does your head hurt like that has the beginning of whether or not you might have sustained a concussion and much more

► 00:27:14

you may not have even had any sensation in your head but it's kind of crazy about how long people been studying the human body and this is just something they've really got a real understanding of in the last couple of decades I don't even know if I would characterize it as a real understanding I think they're farther along than they were to two decades ago but I think the amount is much more weight on the amount we don't know yeah I went to a high school football game recently cuz my daughter is doing the cheerleading thing I watch these kids collide with each other and I'm like a fucking fight commentator and I'm watching somebody kick out of their stop doing it just to me it's I don't know

► 00:27:59

it's I guess people I I get the people enjoy the game I understand it I mean I think there's a lot of things in life mean I'm talking to you the world record squirrel suit flying Jumpman until what I talk about risk and reward the wrong person to discuss this with but squirrel suit if you're here you obviously got it nailed pause for the base jumping for the time being misses don't step in and put the kibosh on it for the first time she asked me to stop of course it was tied to a very close friend who did a jump didn't go the way he wanted it to go or anybody would

► 00:28:46

she happen to know him and it really was the it was the first time that I seriously considered giving it up I haven't touched a wingsuit since my buddy Alex died and he was my main base jumping partner overseas on most of the trips that I done and I'm not going to say I shepherded him into the sport that I was there with him on his first jump off of a cliff and Italy the first time you put a wingsuit on and it's that one stung a bit so it's on pause potentially forever as far as base jumping goes I'll still skydive but it said it's a? On base jumping says out such risky should the skydivers like a skydiving at Skydive on that one is worth we're all set what is the risk ratio on skydiving like what percentage of those things go wrong incredibly low

► 00:29:43

so that you're the main parachute and Reserve parachute I don't think there has been a true double failure meaning your main parachute malfunctions you cut it away properly and deploy your reserve parachute and have that also fail in 20 some years people die skydiving all the time will not all the time cuz I guess the population of people that do it is not huge but I would say the vast majority of people who died skydiving they killed themselves they make a poor decision in most people who died skydiving under a perfectly functioning equipment to the canopy size the main canopy that you're flying the wing over your head and the smaller it is the faster it goes the faster it descends but also quite frankly more fun it is but with funders consequence so there are canopies

► 00:30:34

that you can initiate a turn in if you initiate the turn to low you cannot pull the canopy out of the turn you will impact the ground at a high rate of speed regardless of what you do and if you get Under The Canopy with not enough experience obviously your eyes making bad decisions going to go through the route to most injuries and fatalities at least from the stuff I have seen is from people making a poor decisions under good equipment or choosing to execute an emergency procedure which should be cutting away your main parachute and playing deserve either out of sequence or doing it to lower the reserve parachute doesn't have time open to me that's not a failure of the parachute system that the failure of the individual who is driving a parachute system so if you have a main parachute and you jump out and hit the main parachute and there's a malfunction how do you cut it off to put to get the other one plus one on each side the right hand side you literally need to do this in the correct order even though people have killed themselves by going backwards so you pull two full arm extension it's literally just a pill

► 00:31:34

velcro that has two cables and the cables are was actually holding a parachute on your shoulders if you pull that out if three ring release system which is basically just a load reduction system unwind itself and she's gone and you're going back into free-fall and you just pull the other pill it sounds worse than it is and before I had my first cutaway it was terrifying and then after you have four or five like okay I got this for five main parachutes fail. 7 years

► 00:32:08

I started jumping in 99 statistically under one and every 888 jumps you'll have a malfunction gear failure it's honestly like it's your first one is an emotional experience I would imagine you're deploying parachute and just sitting there looking at it as it's cuz they want to open and you can't I can tell now it was in an instant of try to deploy my parachute weather. It's going to open or not just by looking at the shape by sometimes listening to it and just seeing how it opens sometimes I need so packing for a few people think is really difficult if you can fold a t-shirt you can pack a parachute

► 00:32:51

sometimes though you know you just got off of the jumping you only have 10 minutes to make the next jump so you skip a few steps are you rush through a few steps is that what happened with you potentially I may have skipped all of the non-essential steps in a few of the essential steps to get the pictures really I was just rushing and I do have a lot of experience stuff in the thing in there and when I try to deploy the parachute it just it was asymmetrical so sometimes it'll still open and it'll start spinning and then you're flying with your back to this would be considered an exciting moment I would say so what happened with you what exactly went wrong I just came out asymmetrically the parachute wasn't opening know I wasn't actually was able to recognize it looks like but if you look like a rectangle with its Twisted there's no way to fix that no way so just get rid of it and that's what I did I looked up and I said okay that's not going to work

► 00:33:46

reach pole reach pole and your reserve open so fast like by the time I felt like by the time I had pulled the reserve handle cuz I had to handle that by the time I had moved my arm to 3/4 extension at 5 wow

► 00:34:00

dude but the difference is you're asking of the difference like why is risk skydiving lower it is because you have time thousands of feet whereas base-jumping you might have hundreds or if you're

► 00:34:14

really pushing the envelope you might have slept NC because you're flying close to the ground as fast you can go did your friend Alex who died did he die base jumping or was he was my main base jumping partner what is the difference in wingsuit base jumping in regular base jump a regular base jumping you just have a quick deploy parachute right so you have one parachute system when you base jump instead of two because there is not time for Reserve to open so that is just taken out of the system so you pack your primary or only parachute very similar to a reserve it says I need to open rapidly is designed to take a lot of load

► 00:34:50

so base jumping is just jumping off of a static object Bae stands for building antennas fan or so four types of object edition of the wingsuit is really the only switch allows you to fight for myself personally I'm not a huge fan of jumping off buildings in Cliff's without a wingsuit because I don't like being from me to that flag when a parachute open cuz if it doesn't open exactly in the direction you want you better be johnny-on-the-spot or you're going to fucking problem so it's to me if you have enough else to put a wingsuit on in two or three seconds the suit is mocking Ford so now you're hundreds if not thousands of feet away from the object then perish you can open up however you want it to

► 00:35:34

have they made any improvements in the technology of the stuff since you first started jumping improvements I mean the first wingsuits were literally just fabric that had like the little thumb Loops you'll find on like cold weather long sleeve shirt sometimes seriously like Patrick it kept it on one of the first and they would just sit there and just they would just Jam their appendages and lock him out and use their entire musculature to sail this Patrick as far out as they could get the suits in our unbelievable so each Wing like the wind between your legs and the wing between each of your arm so there's three of them they're totally independent they have a ram air opening so the air rushes into and makes the wing semi-rigid so it reduces the stress on your body you can go

► 00:36:30

you can get the suit flying faster you can fly that flatter you can float everything about it is improved except for the decision-making process of the monkey who's actually jumping that's the original one Jamie for sure

► 00:36:51

it says man has a Mickey Morgan where he's going to do that why is that ridiculous the first fucking psycho the thought that this was something that they should try to bend it

► 00:37:04

oh my God this guy is like he looks like he's living in the 1800s why did they invent these fucking things hundred what in the fuck look at that guy strong you know what man if you were living in 1900 you probably like listen to let's just get this over with. Living in 1900s whiskey legal I'm just jumping off that is crazy so he's the inventor Earl Stein he died the first attempt to Jesus Christ he died in the first attempt honor to a modern hero alright settle down but here's the thing Joe there's like 60 some people who are associated with the modern-day wingsuit and testing and evaluating to get it to this point they're all dead

► 00:38:04

but that suit like I mean that suit in the difference between that and where we are now that it's it's not day but everyone involved in the creation of these wingsuits died in a wingsuit fuck man that is not good I doing be a whole lot of black belt in Jiu-Jitsu if everyone who got to a certain point died and I'm saying it's hard to justify or rationalize the behavior for sure I'll be the first person to Atlanta

► 00:38:34

when is it like what what is it about the dog owner so Dean wasn't insane he's also dead from jumping wingsuit he died in Yosemite it's like I said the technology advances I am not I was not there the day the dean. I've talked to people who've look at it as to the conditions that led up to it and wanting people generally don't want to do is place the responsibility of the individual making the choice but what from everything that I have seen he made a choice to jump at a time when you should not have been jumping due to visual conditions

► 00:39:20

so you know the suits are amazing really the only thing that doesn't seem to be evolving as a person that's that's jumping it most of the time just like skydiving it's just a human being making a very poor choice to include what is it about people I mean particular people like yourself that love these the rails like what are you getting at what are you getting out of the other than this mad adrenaline rush and what is it like what motivates you to keep doing that

► 00:39:51

can I look back at it objectively

► 00:39:54

yeah I think when I initially started pushing hard down that path I was trying to replicate a headspace or a feeling or Sensation that I had in my whole job so if you want to talk about Clarity of thought and I think you might want to talk about this the very first time that we sat down stripping away all ancillary bulshit that has absolutely no meeting but it for me at least spend I spend 99% of my time worrying about things that have no impact whatsoever Ryan helicopter pick the battlespace at your in you get a five minute warning and you really stop were you checking account to cover your mortgage and then you get a 3-minute warning stop worrying about whether not you just had an argument with your wife or you just sent off some snarky email when you get a one-minute warning in a 30-second warning in the closer and closer and closer you get

► 00:40:47

everything is gone and it is still to this day the the sensation and state that I have been in that is by far I had no question about my purpose and I have the utmost Clarity that I've ever experienced in my life

► 00:41:04

and you get you get used to operating in that head space of just being in the moment the first one to three seconds in front of Nothing Else Matters I'm going to solve this problem and move on to the next one this problem and move on to the next one when I lost that ability to do that and it sucks because I like operating in the head space because it helped me deal with all the other bullshit in my life cuz it reset for me my what matters and what doesn't ratio get rid of like a child describe adjust the white noise in my head or go another way I'll describe it is like Jamie's got a bunch of letters that you can push up I think in this included in this I think most people are pegged out at a 10 almost all the time they're fucking white knuckling through life but if you can get into that state where you have that Clarity of purpose Clarity focused I felt like everything back to its 3 and so that state help me in things had nothing to do with that activity and it lasted for a long time so when your base jumping and you're standing on a cliff and your

► 00:42:04

scared out of your mind and you can't talk as your mouth is so dry the P ring on your suit which is why you always get dark suit so people can't see your P ring

► 00:42:14

you every alarm Bell on your body is telling you don't jump and I had the same experience I wasn't worried about checking account wasn't worried about was going on in life I was just living in that moment and it helped me be a better dad it help me be a better husband help me be better at any business decision that I need to make it allow me to pull all of those stereo levers back down so it's less for me and I can only speak for me it's less about thrill-seeking cuz I get that I certainly enjoyed but I actually like what I get from the activity more than the activity itself what do you think is going on where people are pegged at 10 all the time with nonsense and that's something is life-threatening can bring it back to a three and offer Clarity I mean it has to be something that you've discussed or thought about in-depth I just think it helps you

► 00:43:10

control alt delete your hard drive a little bit it helps by not having leg when I'm standing on a cliff right before I get ready to jump there is absolutely nothing that I am thinking about other than where I want to be in the next 3 seconds

► 00:43:28

and by being able to focus on something so singular and maybe I don't I don't meditate but I've heard people talking about the baby being able to clear your mind and help them deal with everything else I think there might be some connection there but I just I just think that

► 00:43:44

the removal of the noise that bombards everybody all day long even for a little bit helps you it's you have iPhone headset headphones for sure right when you're listening to it you listen at the same volume level but then it just doesn't seem to be as loud so what are you do you click it up a notch. Volume level mini click it up a notch. Volume of your body get used to it so it adapts to it but you pull that stimulus out and leave it at that high volume but listen to it like 2 weeks later it's going to blow your ears out incrementally started adding that volume so it's there's something in there that is allowing me and I'd not recommend him to anybody pursue therapy via the directions that I do but there's something in there that's allowing me to

► 00:44:42

instead of add an add an add an ad that activity allows me to detach and then when I come back to it I realize that's just it just feels different for me that's why I don't know if that's a good description of the mechanism but that's the best that I can probably describe it a lot of veterans come back and really get involved in martial arts martial arts apparently is is good for along the same lines the same sort of noise reduction especially Jiu-Jitsu when someone's trying to strangle you and you're fighting for your life and they're mounting you and trying to La pela show familiar with this now you doing tonight in yeah I don't know what you're talking about being strangled or choked while having a huge person lay on your chest and was trying to breathe

► 00:45:27

he's lying about being 220 she could have said 219 am not even sure he is lying is no I'm 200 pounds is 18 ft taller than me there's no way since I don't have enough experience with jiu-jitsu to to truly speak about the long-term benefit but what I can say is this if I stop base-jumping what I will replace that Avid activity with is more Jiu-Jitsu because what you just described when somebody is literally when you're simulating murder in your pajamas and somebody is you are not thinking about anything else about anything else you know one thing that I do do this weird is I have songs playing in my head you also probably have a few more reps than most people so you can have that capacity for songs in your head but they're weird songs like Christina Aguilera I am beautiful like sometimes that'll be playing from Rolling but this song at the psych it's almost like

► 00:46:27

sounds strange I never talked about this before but it's almost like a like a mantra like a play certain parts of the song over and over again in my head so that they can think about that instead of the the actual the actual training in the actual strangling but you also have I don't use the term Master cuz I don't know if you can Master it but where you are you are like when you roll with somebody I was talking to somebody about this not too long ago

► 00:46:56

when I roll with black belt the outcome is preordained right unless they bought their black belt at Macy's interpret ending in which case I don't know I still don't know enough it might be preordain but the difference in what I am thinking about versus what would happen if you and I role in what you are thinking about going to be massive so I don't have the hard drive space to send Christina Aguilera and you probably don't even remember half of the things that you do when you roll how you think about it because you have experienced it so many times the weirdest thing about you Jitsu and training and you know you could say this about striking as well as sometimes things happen and you didn't even think about doing them you just did it those are the weirdest moments like this sometimes we you'll kick somebody you like someone to move and you'll move and then before you know it you like why wouldn't even think about throwing that and it lands it's like your your your brain recognizes all I know what happens here you know you step to the left and three

► 00:47:56

that left kick and he just lands he just know where to go and then did the same thing sometimes is a scramble and in the scramble and your body just falls into place I'll let you know if I ever experienced that particular moment where you're like a particular if you do a lot of drilling which I don't know how much drilling you're doing with the small things that I had it made me way better when I first started training with Eddie Bravo One of things that we did a lot from white belt to blue belt time was a lot of drills a lot of drill just constant drilling drilling is overlooked an under-appreciated because sparring so fun so I give you and Jamie were both learning together you would do a few drills okay here's how you do the armbar you going to secure the arm going to swim with a hipster leg over and tap good okay now your turn. You do it over and over here that's fine that's fine

► 00:48:56

these guys work on the technique but if you can spend more time Drilling and less time rolling you'll be way better at rolling the holy ideas to discard of these paths in your mind you know and then you when you see someone who like hits a perfect imanari roll like that is not the first time they've done that you know there's

► 00:49:17

there's just so many like super super high-level guys now that you could watch on YouTube and you can watch them execute these techniques and the thing that you're seeing more than anything it's like how fluid everything is and how easily everything flows cuz it's so much efficiency in their movement because they've done it over and over and over but drilling is everything and it's the thing that people do the lease stuff so I go when I'm home I go 5 days a week I couldn't have planned it better to like 4 miles from my house in the middle of month will not middle the northwest corner Montana to have that there is unbelievable how far are you from Bozeman as the crow flies is maybe two hundreds of miles but the drive there is Lightning L it's not straight until you at 6 I don't swear pass

► 00:50:17

everywhere The Waiting For Your Eyes Only my house I just want to hang out with myself have conversations and go to Jesus drill base for an hour and then there's an open that afterwards so I'm getting feel like I'm getting a good mix of both and for me I'm at the face like I'm such an alphabet letters to it when I roll I just tell myself you know maybe just focus on the fundamental so you don't need to create new techniques bigger than most people that are there and I don't I've heard enough times that if you rely on your attributes early on what's going to happen is you'll have successful early and then you're going to nosedive because yes and so I'm just going to go the other route just be as calm as possible use as little as strength as possible and just tap early and tap off is my favorite move another good thing to do is work off your back cuz you're a big guy that's where I started and she asked I said

► 00:51:17

can you just teach me the worst position ever and I'll try to build up from there I don't care about offense I'd rather learn defense that's something a lot of people don't do and I certainly didn't do I was trying to choke people quick quick light what could I do now but if you can get really comfortable with your defense is the most important thing like Hicks and Gracie's always said that he's like the most important things to be safe he's like I'm always safe because no matter where I'm at he would have hit someone have real like high level black belts start on his back with a fully locked in rear naked choke really and then he would defend and then he would always have them

► 00:52:00

I mean honestly to me that's like I holding a 45lb plate at Let It Go and just hovers I'm at just beyond my understanding other able to do that there's levels to everything happening when I started like this is obviously a simple recipe go to gym tap people out there's nothing in between I got this and then after bike my first time at Slinky it's so humbling I Love Field bouncing against my ego but I just go with that guy over there I bet you'll be successful and I feel that inherently just go wrong with a person that I love that choice one something that protects your you go and something that keeps it in check because it is it is humbling and I've been a dumbass I should have tapped earlier before and I'm sitting at I completely have me locked in but I'm going to try to muscle my way out of this

► 00:53:00

my arm sore for 3 weeks well it's important to do both believe it or not it's important to be humble for sure it's important to have a realistic perspective of your abilities but it's also important to tap people and so you know I was to tell people that like one of the best ways to get really good as to strangle blue belt scam people that have like a little bit a little bit of technique and then they have a little bit of understanding what's going on and just put the choke to them and but also drilling but then you know you have to roll with people that are religion in Italy far better than you just to for a perspective in Hansard understand how quickly someone can close the distance how quickly someone can take advantage of an opportunity and and then also the feeling of being set up to three steps in a row like one of things like when I roll with Jean Jacques Machado is you know he's multiple time world champion and you'll see like especially over time the many many many times have training with him you'll see

► 00:54:00

setting you up several steps ahead if he's sweeping you two to the left right he's sweeping you this way he's expecting you to base and when you base he's going to adjust and when you adjust to him adjusting he's going to grab your leg and then it's like he already saw the path and you just all you're thinking of all don't let him sweep meme please sort of trying to sweep you mean if you just give in like a bitch he'll sweep you but he's really and then when you go to defend the base and then when you go to try to adjust for the whoops he's got your leg in your on your back and then his knees on your belly like motherfuker and he saw the whole thing so many steps ahead and it's it's a beautiful art form it really is because you know I always say I like about the guys that I know that hurts like some of the best guys in the world are so different than what you'd expect the really like nerd assassin's because they're really smart because you're thinking almost like a it's it's

► 00:55:00

kinetic chess you think about all these moves it's just that you can get your chess pieces to move better than other people's chess pieces can it's like chess but you can make your chest if you do a lot of fox jumps and plyos and you know you do heavy duty strength and conditioning routines you can get your chest pieces to move better you can get everything till you can give your chess pieces more endurance you can email you can prolong your your ability to train and roll it's been great and like I said in those moments where

► 00:55:35

you're getting choked or I can't breathe like X it's the same type of focus it is the singular goal in your life to not get murdered and I feel for me it's been crazy how I can't speak to the larger veteran Community but I can absolutely safe for me it's beneficial I think it's about betta fish oil for a lot of veterans I I talk to a lot of them that train and they they said that you know a lot of get super addicted yeah you know they're there their 5 6 days a week and you're wrapping up their elbows and their wrist taping up their fingers need to give a fuk I just want to keep going with one arm cuz their shoulder blown out how much you're not going to take time off I'm going to work around it around it which is not always good cuz eventually I know a lot of guys who reached a point where there maybe could have rehab something and now they have to have surgery cuz I'm kind of blown it out to the point where it's fucking dangling how much do you still roll very little some significant injuries I really backed off

► 00:56:35

couple years ago because I had some bulging discs that were impacting my nerves and they were making my hands hurt and my elbows hurt and it was my neck had some bulging discs that were pressing against my nerves and I got Regina keen on that I did some spinal decompression and I believed all that tour Savannah skis and I had some shoulder injuries to shoulder injuries are the shoulder injuries were really bothersome because it was all so fucking with archery and I was really worried about not being able to dump site with archery I'd love it too much and so I rehabbed those almost a hundred percent my left on still a little wonky but I'm ready to grow up to I'm going to train with John Jacque either this week or next week and we're going to do a podcast so I'll get back into it once once that happens when did you start Jiu-Jitsu 96 so substantial. Of time

► 00:57:35

tax on my timing but luckily during this entire time I've worked out very hard so my body is physically in very good shape like today I ran the mountains for the first time in like six weeks since my Meniscus injury and it seems to be 100% maybe not 100% but no pain at all and I ran a good steep course or is he not like heavy duty running in the in the hills and I was getting cysts like recurring cysts because the where the meniscus tear was there was some you know it was loose and so like as I'm pounding the blood with pool up and then it would be no swell up and I had to get it drained and it sticks his fucking fat needle in there and suck all the pus out of nasty so I got exosomes and platelet rich plasma 6 weeks ago so from then I waited the six weeks but during that time. I'd mostly did that Echo Bike that Rogue Echo Bike cuz it's not impactful so it doesn't

► 00:58:35

put the pounding on the knee that with that was causing the best butt fuck man does that thing filled your cardio I was just it's amazing to buy 2220 strand 10 second rest fuck those are incredible will give you everything that you are willing to take ya ya really well so I'm really pleased with myself that I didn't allow myself to get out of shapes when I ran today Fox been 6 weeks is going to be brutal it wasn't brutal it was normal because I've been doing the Echo Bike so it's maintained my cardiovascular level which was always my my weakest point but your knowledge and experience based in Jiu-Jitsu because like I said I've been at this for 6 months I'll take a week off for travel and we'll go back to class and I feel like I have a massive disconnect between knowledge and my body to work cuz I suspected because I'm thinking too much like I was saying you have the ability to listen to Miley Cyrus

► 00:59:35

beaver in the Woodshed I'm not going to put a value judgment on that whereas I don't show it to me if I take time off its I really really struggle with it because I can't connect. It's definitely there's a difference though the pathways get sharper when I trained more like the last time I was doing like serious training was over a year ago and when I was doing it like after a few sessions the pathways sharpen and like you know what you clench out there's less hesitation is more of an understanding of what's got to take place it's more of like a familiarity with training 51 now the thing that happens is your fucking joints and your your body does not want to hold up to this continued stress you have to really be careful about when the train and how hard you train like my friend Eddie Bravo is going through that right now he has a fake disc now in his lower back

► 01:00:31

hey there was a disc replaced with a titanium articulating disc he had knee surgery he had shoulder surgery and he now he needs wrist surgery and now this is all within like you know a couple years and he's a couple years younger than me so his body is hitting that that point where the years and years has a strength potion that your body doesn't want to do that all the time so you have to be so you have to be smart in terms of how much stress and how much recovery you put on thank you also have to be really smart about working on your flexibility and working on your recovery with restore cryotherapy or sauna use her massage but rest to you can't train like a fucking wild demon six days a week when your 50 you just can't you might get a couple of days in hard but you also have to understand like Flo rolls rolls are giant it's the same thing with Flo sparring like remember some of the

► 01:01:31

best games that I made as a kickboxer with training with guys who I knew I could trust not fucking brain me like that we would tap each other and so then you you're carving Pathways but you're not taking the kind of abuse that you take if you just go into the cuz sometimes sparring it's not really sparring you're fighting your fighting people in the gym you just get together and yuya lacing up your gloves you tap and gloves they say go the Bell goes off and your fucking full blast each other and it's this more common than not especially in the early days I kind of find that to be the case with two y Bills score or not cuz you got to do the blood Circle to make sure nobody's going to get hurt by the freaking momentum latest trying to kill the other trying to kill you yeah yeah there's a lot of that is so it's really uncomfortable when someone does that to you to be like God damn it I have to do this with you you know I do sometimes you could

► 01:02:31

welcome quick and they'll calm down and sometimes it just makes him more amped up in a depending on the human I feel like I need to focus on my jokes now it's not my strength now are you mostly doing Gigi or you going near Nokia's well I do morgie the noogie only because it happens to work with my schedule so Mondays and Friday I did love doing or I have loved doing the noogie stuff that I have cuz it's so quick and I find that it rotates for a lot of the different positions and I find myself working out of other problems more than I would in like a normal five minute just open roll offense is cuz I like pulled onto the pajamas and it makes sense well wonder where someone wear a tie Somewhere in Time like I'll kill you with that tie I get a hold of that tire a Deadman

► 01:03:31

rub that zipper across your neck then you're getting choked how about a leather jacket if you're fucking with someone in this industry in that someone's a judo a player someone who knows Judo and you got like a coat that shit brain you with the world drive your fucking head into the concrete it's been cool man I wish I wish I had known earlier and I wish I hadn't been so hesitant to try it earlier in the reason I was a hundred percent reason I was just getting my own ego yeah but the thing is it doesn't matter like when I wish I'd done it earlier fuck all that you're doing it now like that's what's important like doesn't matter when you start that the thing about Jiu-Jitsu is once you're on a path just enjoy the path don't thank God it's just started when I was eight what you can't let's have a fucking time machine and if you did God damn it I would not want to go back and be 8 years old and know everything I know now and like it be like watching a movie for the 100th time you're bored out of your mind

► 01:04:30

cuz of all the right for you to get some Amazon stock going like online books and trust me don't worry about it put it on all your money on Facebook what's Facebook fuck you talk to me no David choe he painted Facebook he did like murals for Facebook in their studio and they paid him in stock and hundreds of millions from that and he's just ball on all the world on his Facebook stock they don't seem to be doing so well these days oh she keeps on like the what these people are doing in terms of social media and in terms of what impact this has on our elections

► 01:05:30

counterculture how to be an influencer there's a woman right Renee what is her last name again she's got a phenomenal podcast with Sam Harris called The War of information and see that the information War the war of information diresta Renee diresta and she studied this she studied these these Russian troll farms and the impact they have any fake accounts online and what they'll do is like for instance they set up to rallies across the street from each other one was a Texas Pride rally and one was a Muslim Riley is classic paring they do it across the street from each other on purpose so that they will interact with the people get their there's no one organizing it cuz know what there's no real person on the ground cuz they're doing everything from Russia and this is just one example they do a lot of things with with black lives matter

► 01:06:30

and blue lives matter if they were having a lot of things they were preparing them against each other they were also they had black pages that were supporting anyone but Hillary this was their message anyone that Hillary Hillary Clinton does not support the black community we should vote for Bernie Sanders we should vote for Jill Stein we should vote for anybody but Hillary and what their base be trying to do was weakened support the Democrats traditionally have from the black community and they were there doing this through these pages and there was not that many pages when you find out is like 80 Pages or a hundred Pages they were running but then you find out the amount of interactions that they had within his millions and millions and millions of interactions so comments likes chairs and then people are this message that they think is coming from people from their Community is actually coming from Russia and it's actually a calculated attempt to sow dissent and just so that this conflict in America and the idea is

► 01:07:30

it's not so crazy to me that you like it cuz I wasn't really paying attention to it that much but the idea is that they're trying to make us fight against each other about everything so that it for Fox up democracy so they say whether or not they're responsible for it seems like we're training in that direction I can't remember a time where there's more conflict and more outraged and more people willing to like jump into The Fray regardless of whether not they're informed what do you think about the people who keep calling for violence drives me crazy cuz it's people who don't understand what I was going to say the same thing I see the people most often doing it or the ones that are of the least experienced are familiar with what violence actually looks like there was a lot of that from Russia as well there's a lot of fake antifa Pages there was a lot of that there was a lot of that where they were telling people that the only way to get people to understand is to violence and that you must be willing to do whatever you can by any means necessary and violence is good if it achieves a disease

► 01:08:30

add result of peace and prosperity and making sure the progressive ideas get pushed for is fucking crazy because people who don't know what violent is it's like here's one that people say they'll say to a martial arts person like to see someone like a Jon Jones like a Father John Jones I just fucking kick everybody's ass like no you wouldn't know you wouldn't okay Dunellen all the problems of Jon Jones been in one thing she notices never been in a fight is no street fights out there with Jon Jones you know means I would bet he is least the least likely person to engage in that activity I bet you're right she doesn't want to do it cuz you knows exactly the consequences consequences of doing it outside of the cage exactly but when you look at it from someone who has understanding the violence people don't just accept violence you don't just hit someone to get away with it they think about that shit forever and they try to get you back and you that hire someone to get you back or they get you back on their own or they wait for you to not remember it and then they

► 01:09:30

fucking brain with a baseball bat this is what people do people don't like getting fucked up you kick someone's ass they're going to remember it they're going to end this idea that you're going to be able to suppress people bite by attack Nimitz hitting them with bike locks and you know and not letting them speak at universities that you know you're you're you're protesting at it's it's Madness and it's it's it's so confusing because it's not indicative of what I always thought of when I thought about left-wing people I thought they were peace-loving people were well-educated and instead you're getting these people that from their fucking computer they're calling for violence but you don't know what violence is when nothing is too from what I've seen it didn't start with the bike locks right it started with no shot this person down and then it's like fist fights and they're throwing rocks and then it's by clocks and now I hear people you know get your guns in it and it starts to rise to that level of Mike okay

► 01:10:26

you people need to calm down because the theory of revolution is country like it was pump the brakes homeboy camaraderie we need to have nice this is more important than anything we need to be calm with each other you know this this idea that yelling people down stops anything you just going to make people yell louder on the other side that said that she does not work that's not all human beings operate when it with you want human beings to appreciate your perspective find the things you agree on and and work towards a better to manage work towards a better more loving way of interacting with each other this is possible while disagreeing and this is one of the most important things I think that we could ever Express in terms of how to communicate with each other you don't have to shout people down like the the best way to do it is to try to figure out the points that you can agree on find out what you disagree on and find out why you disagree on it and you're always

► 01:11:26

bad actress right you was going to get people that are in there that they don't care they're not reasonable to just want to win and what is a giant problem with that kind of communicating cuz it's so absolute it's my way or the highway like that's that's where violence comes from that's where that's where real If This Were Real physical conflicts that's where they come from when there's no way to negotiate is no way to communicate outside of that I just think it's bizarre is not the right where I think it's sad that the vast majority from again my opinion what I see is people who are identifying with shit you can see on a street sign like left or right like you're telling me that is a species that's is nuances we can get you want to completely define yourself and your Audiology in your beliefs by something little you can see just driving your car turn left turn right I don't understand it I don't

► 01:12:19

it's the exact opposite World it to go back to ignore getting out of military and just kind of entering into the world like what's going on at that makes no sense to me it makes me extremely uncomfortable I hate hearing people calling for violence especially calling for violence was not necessary against you when you were you had to deal with in the military has to be the most intense form of of conflict that's available on planet Earth the most intense form of conflict is war that's the real conflict that's real consequences you've suffered them physically you've seen countless friends off of them physically that's the real shit so when you seen people from universities from these coddled environments and these these these people with it really and completely ignorant perspective is this as to what the actual consequences of violence are calling for it it says bananas

► 01:13:14

on one hand I'm glad the day haven't experienced it because I can tell that they have him just by the way that they're acting them from glad that they didn't have to do that but on the other one it's a tough pill to swallow because

► 01:13:28

I just don't understand war war is a

► 01:13:34

it's about as high consequence is you can get for sure likes it reset your it reset your perspective in the last thing that I would ever want to see is that here on the streets of the US like I just I can't even imagine how destructive it would destroy our country for sure but I also don't I can't figure out and the route out of where we are people calling for violence rape other countries trying to incite you get grouped together what's the navigate Route out of that mushrooms okay hadn't considered that route I'm hoping to things don't have to come to a head I'm hoping that we don't have a Kent State or some some horrible event in this country were you know protesters and and the people that oppose them get into some horrible deadly violent encounter cuz so far other than Charlottesville that time that guy ran over that woman be a car with we're seeing most of this violence being released

► 01:14:34

I want contain to fisticuffs right and don't know that the professor to hit that guy with the bike lock and a few other instances of people getting knocked out and punched and hit with sticks we haven't seen mass shootings and murder but God damn it that's it's close it's especially when you know let's do it open carry in everybody show up in their operator Chic apparel with I look at the pictures of that I'm like okay you have a lot of stuff for soft that's on fucking backwards you know like I'm looking like okay you have all the tools but you obviously you don't practice with them but the danger of just you know what's the next step first we're just going to let you know we're going to we're all of our stuff all right well if it started Fist and then went by clocks and then went show up with your Civil War gear what's the next step after shooting I don't know I don't want to get involved in that I mean

► 01:15:30

well you picked a good spot where you're at in Montana where I lived is not suck ya hang out there and even move in once the first few rounds been fired the dust are societal I just found the problem is is that happens and it's going to be a serious problem for those individuals because I'd get my military career see across-the-board average absolutely nothing spectacular about my career I've done more than some way less than others but I've sacrificed enough that I'm not going to allow those people to tear us apart but it's the last thing I want to do but they put me in that position I know that myself and many other people are in that same boat are going to get involved and I don't know if that's going to help the problem

► 01:16:19

but it's going to get ugly pretty fast I just don't remember a time where the country spends so divided in terms of I mean I don't know whether it's because of social media and because of the Russian influence on social media compounded with having Trump as a president compounded with any people that feel like they're disenfranchised and they don't feel like they're like you know you hear about this whole time in regards to income inequality Denville feel disenfranchised they feel like the system has failed them and that's why so many young kids are favoring socialism and why so many young kids are moving towards the think that anything's got to be better than watching these fat Rich cats with all this money control in the world and that the only way to get out of that as Revolution but damn you're you know like there's a lot of people that are not those fat Rich cats your positioning yourself against appears normal regular American who happen to be conservative you know any conservative does not always have to equal racist

► 01:17:20

it doesn't always have to equal white supremacy it doesn't always have to equal all the negative connotations you know religious fanaticism and all these different things that people always attached towards conservatism doesn't have to mean that it can it could just mean people who are prudent with their finances who are you know they're they're cautious with the way they think they're there more conservative in their values and their ideals this is isn't it that's not a bad thing necessarily but we've got it lumped into these two groups left vs right and is very little gray area with the tyranny of or it's as if there's only two choices either left or right and where is you trying to the left and you also have some values that are associated with the right I think we need to evolve if you know I think we need to have all the way we communicate with each other first off and I think there's so much of so much yelling on social media that

► 01:18:19

engage in a daily basis mean to jump into these little social media spots and watch his people going back and forth with each other like how do you live your life that is got to be so stressful you're going to be fucking freaking out every time you check your phone you know who's calling you a cock and who's you know who's giving out your home address and it was kind of crazy shit of people doing it so nuts right now I'm glad I'm late to the game all that stuff I'd like so late if I just so I have two teenage boys some social media issues with them if I grew up with the tools that they have I would not be sitting here with you today when I was fifteen the ability to broadcast my idiotic thoughts to the world I would be like I can't I told my kids to my you guys are growing up in a time in my opinion it is so much more difficult than time I grew up at agreed if I had a problem with you feel like Joe I would talk shit to your face

► 01:19:19

the phone number is or mail you a letter you know responding to stuff it people they're just watching and then they dive in and you know and like

► 01:19:37

screen grabs next thing you know I'm at school like help would like to show you this and like oh my God oh my God but I get it at the same time and I recognize the language that they're using like hell yeah that was me but I was just talking to you I don't know how to it's a very difficult for me you got to come in but I could I think your daughters and my son's it's rough it is rough and it's something that no one is done before here's a thing like if you're in your forties or in your fifties or whatever you have a kid today you haven't done that you didn't grow up with the internet the end that didn't even exist until I was a grown man and I'm dead I didn't get online until I was in my late twenties that's when it does one existed and these kids that are 10 and 11 they have phones are ready and they have Snapchat accounts and their

► 01:20:31

you know and then that do you know one of the craziest ones is kids taking naked pictures of each other cuz this girl got arrested for child pronography up cuz she was taking pictures of her hoo-ha and sending it to boys and she was 15 and so they were they were arresting her for distribution of child pronography and I'm like hey hey hey stop with the fucking word Allah you assholes do you really think this girl's a child pornographer she know she's a slut this is we grew up with kids like this sorry I don't mean to slight shame but I mean for lack of a better term you know for communicative intent I had to use at work she's just a young girl's probably misguided but the point is we all knew girls like that and for whatever reason had this desperate need for male attention they just didn't have a platform that which is flashing their tits in the hallway or something like that I mean I was always girl that I've never had that happen

► 01:21:30

over there I would have to assume so give him the same shirt experience I think they're more Savage on the East Coast because they're the the children of immigrants do you know where the grandchildren of immigrants in this is my my theory on this is my take on America in terms of immigration right it's like the people that moved here from somewhere else they moved here from your dinner there wild fuckers was like you know what I don't have a picture this place there's no YouTube video for me to watch but I'm going to take a chance and I'm getting a fucking with my family I'm going to travel across a goddamn ocean for weeks and then how to get to their side and they're all these weird communities of people like you know my grandfather would always talk about how racist people were against Italians and then is it was a lot of that event gets Irish studies like immigrant communities on the east coast and then what happens is they would get in your car and then we go fuck this place lets go west and they would keep going until they got to California and I think

► 01:22:30

that's why California is like one of the most Progressive places cuz the farthest away from where people landed so the people that want to get the fuck away from them they got as far away as they could even smarter and then there's some people in the middle there went why we why we traveling it's just stop right here you go to places like I mean there's a lot of places that are fucking amazing that are like in the middle called Fly Over States but I mean there's a lot of great spots in Texas get me know you go to Austin you okay why we moving why we just stay right here at this is fucking great like do we really need to go to a Santa Monica you stay right here San Antonio is pretty cool too I was down there with Delhi twice in the last month and it's like pretty cool town I've never been it's it's a wash inside out on a date or just sit in the United States but it's a really pretty sure

► 01:23:25

wow that's crazy I did not know that. Janice no actually Evan from Black Ops 2 have other head of Tourism for San Antonio I think San Antonio is like the 4th in Texas so it's like Dallas's number one but she used in Austin San Antonio so forth in Texas that doesn't make sense it would be a thin the country has the biggest state in the country in terms of distance that he could travel have you been there much Alaska we go there or they won't last time I was there that's where we do our cold weather training so the only times I've been there was for work which I had fun but it was also not enjoyable at the same time those are real Savages those people live around wild animal

► 01:24:25

yes it's only like a hundred of them you know we would get a legit Kodiak Island weather is it really damn 1469000 taxi biggerthanyouthought Phila Phillies number 5 after Houston. Snutz man more than 1.5 million people in Philly though it doesn't seem right that doesn't seem right this number for San Diego seemed very low as well I thought it was at 3 so I don't know what they're counting Exodus I just Googled it assholes top largest city for assholes

► 01:25:09


► 01:25:11

Los Angeles okay shut the fuck in the mouth, Los Angeles has 20 million people and who knows how many Mexican folks they don't have any idea how many people have snuck across the border they literally have no idea it's just she wore guesswork like that but what who's doing these sensitive and who were their talkin to like that what would they have traffic cameras that are judging based on the amount of cars at a drive-in passing every day they don't really know Alexa guess it's a fucking guess they probably have one place when I have a video camera that can capture a certain amount multiply it by a magnitude and then extrapolate that I don't know what's up with the car. She's at work or take on it though is is really essentially based on you know like

► 01:26:09

like whose how many people are registered in this area how many people we absolutely no and then how many people have pushed into this area from other places account number 38 TV Market somehow so maybe just read the books was maybe his number one for book reading I'm going to go out on a limb and say that's not the case

► 01:26:40

it's you know I don't know man it's a it's a it's an interesting thing like population because when you fly over the country look down to go out at all that spot that people could live in like we really overpopulated in certain areas and in others not so much you just fly over there's nothing there forever. I drove from Vegas to LA and there's some spots we drive from Vegas to LA where as you drive in Hugo okay what the fuck is here like what who are these people that live in these weird little no doubt of towns there off of the 15 not even the town's bad so I used to fly a bunch from San Diego out to a press kit and then kind of do that Havasu in like the Vegas area

► 01:27:28

miles from anything Double Wide Trailer single at the same time you could you know your higher up you can see the geometric patterns like it's just chunks of squares and there's two double wides 5 miles away like I don't know Sam people I saw one where this guy have this set up a fence around his house and then he had a fucking antenna

► 01:27:55

like one of them big ass ham radio antennas just talking to aliens out there looking for I'd rather go in the house is overseas that make entry into that man's house yeah probably less pathogens less less likely to get banged up to the Starship Enterprise to that too I just wonder like how a person whines up in that double wide trailer miles away from Barstow like how do you like what path you get from being a baby coming out of your mom's vagina to one day being holed up sniffing bath salts you know smelling your own farts thinking nailed it yeah counting how many bullets you have in case the aliens come to get you

► 01:28:43

fortunately I find a lot of those people you don't have a lot of gums or a lot of bullets but not both at the same time you be surprised how many it's like wow you have a lot of guns ammo I got two boxes over there and someone to do like a Trailer Park tour of this country just stuck as for a documentary just what happened how'd you get here like what is it was your family from here on this is not a good Community will get you out of here what's your Escape Plan what would you like to escape plan your 200 miles away from the nearest city surrounded by desert and you have a trailer out here like what's going on man you find your backyard sometimes I forgot the milk yeah yeah, and a javelina and suck his dick is not a solid picture option

► 01:29:43

2 times where I go to Anchorage with me and Ari shaffir did some salmon fishing had a great time doing that and we did two shows up there and then I've been hunting on Prince of Wales we did some Sitka Sitka deer hunting. When I went through that he ran the cold weather facility in Kodiak Flex 15 years Kodak go fuc yourself those goddamn gigantic huge humongous they're always Bears around but also having a machine-gun helps with that so it does make you feel better makes you feel better but not when you're sleeping at night we camped we would do snowshoe like this deep in that I said we would go and do you had to your cold weather training so get your dry suits on and swimming through this Earth at night time wonderful which is an ice cream headache over and over and over again is the ocean breaks over your head

► 01:30:43

pretty bad and the cold weather immersion test is there we have to get in the water with just a pair of shorts on for 5 minutes and then we warm yourself so they get you to a point of hypothermia right to the edge it's I think as many things are in my old job there is a aspect of learning and there is an aspect of tough it out and you can buy in the tube so it it sucked and there was there was a reason that they wanted it to suck that they're always trying to teach a lesson but God forbid they just teach the lesson so they make you suffer to ingrain it probably yeah so one day you wake up and on the board like a little white boards that has the list of gear you need it just says shorts running shoes and then so we all get out there and they drive to the beach

► 01:31:34

where sea water is freezing at the edge and they say okay go out you have to completely submerge yourself Neck Deep Water 5 minutes and a timer starts when the last person submerges our head. So you might be first you might be like over the shop again so you go and you sat there and it's the cold it hurts for a minute and then you're numb the worst thing about it actually is rewarming it feels like you just getting pinprick over and over and over again he has that's actually Park Little Rock has a great rewarming trail that we actually played on the podcast before for Sitka where he takes their gear and jumps into a lake so that is December are there some self with basically all Sitka gear and figures out how to get your body back to what I thought was interesting that I never really considered eating food actually ramps up your body heat

► 01:32:34

cuz you have to burn off the calories dip your body says processing the food actually is good for elevating body temperature eating food special can get hot food of course yet but just eating so the drill to drill he was doing actually had much more I would say educational benefit because they would make them they would take them there with all of their gear they would say whatever they were wearing plus bring your tank your sleeping bag and all your stuff because we're going to put you into the water and then you need to survive your way out of it so they would have to erect a tent they would have to get their sleeping bag out all after being in the water for 5 minutes which is exactly what a survival situation and look like for us we went in there got back into the van and I sat in a hot tub and drink beer for the rest of the day so I got the understanding of what it feels like to be hypothermic they're screwing everybody or was the first person to complete it now. William Hoff does so much of this cold water submersion stuff and he he actually enjoys it and loves it. Do you think that

► 01:33:34

there's a way that you could use like his methods and get through that with less pain potentially even though you know all of the skills that I used in Kodiak I did not ever use a single one of them operationally I use his breathing method in the cryotank that makes smile therapy that makes sense but that does Arctic conditions I don't know at least in the modern theaters of War were engaged and I don't know where the applicability would be so it might be a little bit of a benefit vs. time expended to teach the guys at stuff probably farther in the northern latitudes I mean it's like the train was amazing like I said I didn't use a single bit of it so tough Nelson determination and that's why I said there's an aspect of learning and there's an aspect of just this is going to suck how you guys guess what you're going to do a 20 km hike into the backcountry and snowshoes there is no a

► 01:34:34

state to this there's no target you're going to do anything on your just going to go out there and you going to do it you're going to survive out there and it's going to suck for 3 days then you can come back you just embrace the suck your backpack better learn how to move better over that terrain are you and how to navigate in that environment that there's a sensitive pain compliance and in the actual learning technique is well technique I mean it is really you're learning a technique to manage your mind under sucky conditions in breaded that is a technique as well right so I was actually been a conversation with somebody about this recently. I'm of the opinion that really the only thing that I learned how to do when I was a seal was to enhance my ability to learn other things it's your selecting for people in to get to that point you got it

► 01:35:34

chain control your emotions whether you're in pain or your hot or cold today is that at that essence of self-control but then they require so many different skill-sets and so many different things that the selection process is looking for and then at the end of it teaching people how to become better Learners and then you just refine that over and over and over again over a career it's the ability to learn is probably the biggest takeaway that I have for my time in service I think that's the best thing you could ever really learn is learning how to learn learning how to learn correctly learning how to actually pay attention to what someone's teach you in absorb it and follow the steps rather than fuck it up with your own ego and get your own insecurities or whatever it is it's going to trip you up if you can get good at something you know you can you can apply that to almost anything if you really focus and and then they would pair it with will surround You by I'll do I make you better at shooting so we are going to go find world champion pistol carbine Shooters go apply your ability to learn

► 01:36:34

with them we would do it for weeks okay now you're going to specialize you're going to be appointment so you need to be able to navigate and climb so we're going to send you out the Joshua tree for 2 weeks with world-class climbers go apply your ability to learn with them and then jumping and then diving and then tactics and then fill in the blank over a career that's another thing that freaks me out is climbing did you do much climbing I was a lead climber up until the point where I don't have to use of my ankle anymore cuz of the nerve injury and it's funny as I'm actually I don't like heights

► 01:37:06

did you free solo at all

► 01:37:08

as long as I wasn't more like than 3 feet off the ground yes I'm totally comfortable free sewing and moving laterally if it not vertically away from the ground cuz I see oh my God I watch the movie three times in a row and here's the thing I know he's alive I know he was on your podcast I listen to it and in the final scenes I realize I was sitting there white knuckling my recliner like my hands are sweating am I know he lives but it's still free to me the fuck out wow that mean that guy you know what's interesting about the more exposure you have the less it bothers you like I solely climbing is interesting especially if you are placing your protection as you go if it is his drilled and bull saying well broke as a lead climber you are probably setting the ropes at least a mile job you're setting the ropes for the people working to follow and most the time when you see people what must a type of one of the disciplines would be

► 01:38:09

there's bolted routes that go up a rock so you can just bring a nail carabiners and put the Caribbean at through that and you Loop the Rope through it and you're good to go another aspect would be as you don't use the bolted in stuff and you basically carry on your climbing harness a rack of gear so as you're holding onto the Rocks you're trying to wedge a block or a stopper in or a cam system that it rotates to be smaller than is you release it opens up when is you pull against it it locks itself in the Rock so you're setting your own protection and that was the point that sometimes you get to play this is the perfect piece of gear and of course you're only like six feet off the ground when the perfect piece of gear and then you'll get multi-pitch is up in the air should be to three hundred feet up in the air and your lead climber so there's nobody above you and you're setting your own Pro

► 01:38:58

and you're starting to get emotionally involved in the situation that you're in and you said a piece of pro and it's it's rattling around a little bit so we don't know how good that one's going to be for going to keep climbing and then the next piece of pro you said not the most awesome piece because you're worried about the one beneath you and you know what a false you get it in there and then you just keep climbing so sometimes it's awesome and sometimes it's terrifying and then you think that if you do fall all that Force if one pops and then the second one pops you've got a lot of distance will you think it's double the distance if you're 10 feet above the last piece of protection you put in Eufaula 10 feet to the protection then the 10ft pasta protection and then it's not I've been probably more scared out of my mind actually the scariest scariest I've ever been is a you would lived in a boulder right there's a diner called the Bastille crack

► 01:39:58

it's in one of the national parks and I was there the body it is just me and him and a world-class climber

► 01:40:06

and I was at the East Coast command of the time so budget with no option I had to do lists shiniest top of my taking plastic off of climbing gear to go climb this rock this guy pulls up in a van with a Marlboro hanging out in tennis shoes that have laces probably on one one of those shoes and an old pair of pants and he's climbed like every mountain ever so it's me and my buddy work on my way up I'm leaving this pitch so you switch one guy will climb he sets an anchor the other person comes up and they pick all the protection out so you can just switch it in the other person leads the way on the next one might halfway up this pitch and

► 01:40:45

I can't move cuz I'm losing my shit I'm like 15 feet above the last piece protection that I just put in I'm convinced that I feel my feet slipping off of the rock I'm holding I have my hands jam into the Rock and then you make a fist to like you know prevent it from falling Alex doing that in free solo as he's climbing up those slide their hand in the manipulate the shape so it pulls

► 01:41:08

and as I my world is collapsing on me and I'm just sitting there I've got the full sewing machine leg just sitting there just shaking I hear a voice just over my shoulders I came in just put the piece of pro right there and I look over and this professional climber is right next to me with no rope in his fucking tennis shoes smoking a cigarette which is what he was using the point to where I should place the next piece of protection cool calm and collected and I almost fell off the rock is he scared me so bad I was so freaked out of what he was doing that I almost felt like you need to get away from me immediately he's okay no problem just screwed up the Rock in tennis shoes tennis shoes tennis shoes supposed to I think the guy like he was a partial complete monkey he just when you're around world-class climbers and they can hang on an edge that is like a couple pieces of paper and this in the Bastille crack is not a difficult route so I'm sure there was one right next to it and he just

► 01:42:07

as I'm freaking out a Justin artist hey buddy and I didn't know he was there I literally almost fell off because you talk to me

► 01:42:18

yeah is actually on his I put a piece of bread

► 01:42:24

that's a different kind of you but I guess it's one of those things where it's like they just don't you're better at it you just yeah after a week of climbing you will not feel bad about one time use free soloing he's halfway up and well in the middle of this journey up this fucking Mountain realize it didn't bring any powder so didn't have a chalk with them

► 01:42:46

who says hands are sweating and he's just climbing with in it with no Powder so he met a guy halfway up these guys that were using ropes and you know they were doing it the right way and he's doing it with no ropes and he goes hey man can I borrow your chalk and the guy gives him a chalk bag and is all leaving for you at the top of the mountain so he takes the truck back past these guys see her yet just keeps going and then leaves the back for the guy at the top of the hill in the fuck man how could you start something like that like apparently said that once you start climbing you are committed to climb your Tower to climb down and there's no money in the world that would make me attempt the stuff that he does and if I was a climber that had if I was like you know you don't like him kicking ass and sweaty just talking about I sweat like a pig until I was watching it white knuckling and if I was a climber and he passed me was like hey do you mind if I borrow your truck chock I would finish that climb and never climb again

► 01:43:46

because I would realize that I am a complete and utter bitch in comparison to what he is like if that's what's possible and I'm sitting here like you're also built the thin wiry guys it's the way to go he also has like three limits on his fingers but he also said that he had gone through a series of injuries for the first time in his life like recently over the last few years like a compression of his discs and then a really bad strain on his ankle and he was going to take six months. We just started climbing in a cast sure

► 01:44:26

such it's a different kind of human mean he also lives out of a van that means world famous guys living in a van traveling around just fucking climbing rocks did you have after he had completed that climb like they were earlier like years ago it's the guy I would want to talk to is Jimmy chin the the photographer who is capturing all that while he's up there with him right that's when he talks about a little bit more so in the promos for the film but the how sketched out he was to actually be involved in sit there and film and how much of a bird he felt to like stay out of the periphery and not engage get engaged in the headspace and make Alex do something different because the cameras were there that would of course cost him his life right I can imagine the

► 01:45:26

pressure of doing that or just I wouldn't do it like everybody because I would be so afraid of just watching them peel off to imagine if you were up there filming and you want to go in fall

► 01:45:44

Debbie Ross of course good friends and this guy only has his foot his left foot is in he's coming he's got that Carabiner he's got one going to his harness he's actually got two ropes going to Angleton there's like a triangle but he's a world-class climber in an oven self also has a giant ass camera bag

► 01:46:17

look at that position he's into all fuck all this Jimmy so that's how they get in position for a lot of boring instead of climbing the rock he's got that will push it up and then they walk on the Rope so he's got one leg in there in one arm and he's kind of Jamari is there's a lot of the times as well he's a world-class climber in the other team that I think they put together was like 5 to 7 World guys but there's a movie of him called me know thanks over nothing focusing on capturing the shot would be focusing on the urine streaming down my leg soaking your socks like I couldn't do that but I could go to the edge of that cliff and zip up my suit no problem there and I bet you he would want a piece of that it's so bizarre

► 01:47:17

shoes good question is there a third person I think they had long lens they had people up there they have remote cameras and she had drones flying around besides this film documentary which I think is called solo right before that there was also a late night one of those new shows like ABC World News Tonight or some like that they did have a whole piece on him and they had this one guy who is a you know world-class climber and said it's not a matter of if it's a matter of when he falls every innovator in the wingsuit world is dead it's I mean but at the same time and I say that I would totally agree with that but I also understand why he's doing it for all of us is predetermined

► 01:48:14

and I would suspect having never talk to the guy that he would rather meet his end like that then at 80 years old as a geriatric imagine the burden on the people around him and that's the that's the piece that was the toughest for me when it came to have went to Bishop with him there it's insane is wrong with that man but he's such a nice guy in real life he's a sweetheart it's just you your root for him to quit. I've had to hear him Express desire to do so though

► 01:48:51

you know I mean it's built different that's the thing you know physically I mean the way your brain text everyone just has a different thing going on you know I mean what leads you to what you do like what what is it about you sometimes you look at your path in life you like where you are right now you're what the fuck led me to be in this spot where a two thousand feet above the ground with my foot jammed into this wedge looking up and is another 4,000 feet to go and I got a chalk bag. TalkBack your chalk bag in the sun goes down in 4 hours good luck no thank you not enough money in actual World get my hands sweat I knew the result and still freaked me out I think that it's more than more interesting things about all pads and life is like what it is it what is it that lead someone to decide to be a surgeon

► 01:49:51

what lead someone to decide to be you know fill in the blank whatever is whatever the fuck you want to do what lead someone decide to want to climb mountains this is the way human beings very and the way human beings find comfort in whatever path they choose what hurts you to being doing wingsuit jumping or like some people public speaking is so terrifying for them at the idea of doing stand-up is just horrific I got friends that come to see me The Comedy Store and I'll be talking to them right before I go on stage and then you have to prepare I'm like I'm alright don't worry about doing this I can do it I do it all the time so yeah I do it because I've done it so often I can just go and do it where is if they had to do it for the first I mean there's a thing to look on a person's face when you see them go on stage and that you know the never done for like if you go to open mic night you can see it the sheer panic and Terror in the face but you like me while there's no consequences what it what is going to happen people not going to like you have a good night to remember you man

► 01:50:51

yeah you get off that stage your fun he might fall to his death from a fucking Giant mountain that he didn't have to climb like that's real consequences but for him it makes for some people the other like the public speaking thing would be more terrifying than that I was going to say put him in that you're not going to climb today you're going to do a five-minute set at The Comedy Store I think he's doing a podcast now did he say he's doing a podcast

► 01:51:18

I've been pretty sure he's he's doing a Pas did you tell him he should start one probably cuz I think you've spawned how is envious of podcasts well I spawned a bunch of different as it is amazing to me the influence that you have it is unbelievable whenever people like I started this because I heard y'all talking like okay cool it's uncomfortable. I don't think about him cuz if I did think about it freaked me out to me there's I've said so much stupid shit the fact that anybody would listen to me about anything this thousands of hours of me talking out of my ass Stephon just for fun and just a fuck around I was you know I was a little disenchanted cat had to come back to LA from Colorado and I didn't want to but it was just one of those things and went when I was starting at it was really just a goof has wanted to do something like that because my friend Anthony cumia he did he was from Opie and Anthony he had a setup

► 01:52:18

his basement and he would do this thing who called live from the compound from his house at a green screen and he had a he built a set in the basement I was like wow he could do that isn't like that at the time but I was like but if he could do that like maybe I can figure out how to do some like that so I just started off slow with webcams shit like that on stumbled my way through it I personally believe the Jerry never one should be put into a digital Time Capsule and save forever it's one of my favorite things on YouTube terrible it's it's amazing how you do you get better at everything you know you really do and I've gotten mean just in the last few years I've gotten so much better at listening to people and understanding it what weather what they're trying to see things from their perspective and trying to ask questions that get them to expand on their ideas better yeah it's giving me an insane education

► 01:53:18

it is far as in a bunch of ways not just in terms of gathering information but also in terms of how people react that information and you know human psychology and how it how human beings react to controversial subjects or you know how they forgive people from steaks to that's that's an interesting one for me this is some people that have such an an unwillingness to forgive people and there's no no empathy or compassion those people are confusing to me cuz I'm a quick I know you fucked up I know somewhere and maybe that's why I'm sure it was not digitally recorded like other people's fuck up so you think you're safe but you suck so you're being a hypocrite yoorana like there's it's when when someone gets busted and now it's it's really interesting and when someone like like this there's just so much opportunity and one of them that I was talking about with Jack Dorsey from Mom I was going to bring that up after her mother thinks I was talking with him about was how everything like literally from here

► 01:54:18

fourth will exist forever and you know we're going to have to figure out a way to recognize that someone from you know

► 01:54:27

10 years ago when you were 15 year old kid you made some made some crazy fucking tweet you're not that same person now and you can't just bring it like that I did not happen with people with athletes recently there were giving them shit for stuff they wrote in their teenagers but it was something with some big case right was there something recently where a Heisman Trophy winner what they were there giving him a hard time for some of his past tweets said it that comes up here at once every other two weeks you know when they want to make it like the guy just said it yesterday and that's a real problem should be a path to Redemption for virtually everyone who's not murdering a raping people are not stealing and I like the people make mistakes we are all human we're all super flawed and to deny that seems like a real it's going to be a real problem in terms of progress in the future and I think that's one of things we were talking about earlier in terms of you know people disagreeing

► 01:55:27

left to the right and desist we've got to figure out a way to to communicate with each other more civilly and to like approach people like instead of approaching approaching someone's actions and who they are like they're the enemy instead of that look at them with the most compassionate or forgiving view possible and look at your the things that you have in common rather than the things that are inexorably separating you I would like to think that most people actually do that I think that unfortunately extremism is winning in the country and the vocal minority just has a much larger megaphone her microphone than the non vocal majority I think most people do that but I don't think the people that do that waste our time posting about it or taking the just filling the narrative so it looks like there's only two position I would love to see some return to moderation just get extremism in any shape I have filled her in Comfort with peep

► 01:56:27

go to any lengths like that I think people are getting more and more upset about it and I think is people recognize it's more more Preposterous they're getting more and more this more more push back and resistance you know what's really interesting with progressivism is that people are getting in trouble now for things that seem like there's there's something we like Martina Navratilova just got a bunch of shit from people calling her transphobic cuz she was saying that she didn't think that biological male should be competing with biological females and that there are people who identify as transgender who keep their penis and compete as a man and you know her but her position was like that or compete as a woman rather ship it her position was like that listen that's not that's not a woman that's a man and they have an advantage and she was reciting all these instances and so she got all this shit from people so then she said I mean

► 01:57:27

step back and I'm going to research this so she stepped back and researched it and then came back and said no adverb looked at all the data now I came back harder she did come back harder Toby this is a real thing that you're going to have to address when we talked about physical activities when someone identify if you want to identify as a woman or identify as a male I think we should all support people doing whatever they want to do as long as it's not hurting anybody totally agree when you're talking about competition and you're talkin about someone identify I don't care if you identify as a giraffe if you compete in an apple picking competition with a giraffe you going to fucking lose your not right this is just a minute and extreme version of it but that's nonsense that doesn't make any sense if you decide you're a woman and you want to enter into a fucking weightlifting competition and you weigh 220 lb and you're beating All the Other Women by like fucking insane numbers like there was a few world

► 01:58:27

Champion weightlifting winners that are women that are actually biologically male the other winning weightlifting competitions just like what the fuck are you talking about like this is crazy this is not a matter of whether or not someone should identify with something but it's you're talking about making it fair for actual biological women like there's a reason why women don't compete with men is because physically they're not a strong so and obviously there's some exceptions are some weak men and some strong women and there's some sort of respect you when you find yourself somewhere on it but if you're allowing biological males to compete with biological females and just say oh he identifies as a woman let him and yeah we're all being very Progressive and then you look at the results of the way he just broke all the world records first time in the quest

► 01:59:27

this is crazy so what's the route what's the road out of that like what is that the beginning of time being time these instances enough of these things happen enough discussion where enough of the actual reality of the facts and the data or shoved in everyone's face enough that the new generation comes to some sort of a rational understanding about what is and is not fair as opposed to where people are now or they just no matter what they're scared to not push this Progressive agenda and they're scared of the blowback of Martina Navratilova who is an lbgt hero right there she's a fucking hero she was a lesbian woman was a world champion tennis player and now they're at the left are attacking her so they're they're eating their own in spectacular fashion we have these trans people who don't want to look at reality and then people that support the trans people because they don't want to be considered in any way shape or form anything.

► 02:00:27

the most Progressive Progressive and it's nonsense I think you're right there on the generational fixed to it I think that's true of a lot of the stuff that bite more than I get out of school shootings right yeah I don't have a solution for it but I know it's not going to be overnight it'll be generation with nature just like it crept in generational denature I think a lot of these problems people look for a light switch solution solution in it of itself is the exact opposite of that I think you're right I don't see any solution to that either and I think there's a lot of positions that people feel like they're supposed to take and if you're on the left the big position that you're supposed to take his gun control get rid of the guns the guns are the problem look at all these people shooting people with guns guns guns guns and all the mass shootings what they have in common guns they all have guns in common they want to take away guns and then there's the people in the riding like you you know I never done anything wrong with my guy not taking my fucking gun and then there's this fucking insta

► 02:01:27

Unstoppable battle between these two sides and that there's a lot of factors like what it what happens to a human that leads them to get to the state of mind with their able to go into a school shooter. Like what is that what what what what could possibly be going on how do we stop that from ever taking place did these people have to be in some sort of insane pain there has to be something unbelievably wrong with their life that they're capable of doing this how do we stop that how do we look at that is like this is our our Global community of the Tsar National Community how do we stop this from happening in our national Community I don't know what the answer that is I think there's an answer to stopping school shootings and not oversimplify anything I would say there's a couple key issues one of them is location the other one is motivation you can solve the location issue but if we as a country where legitimately interested in stopping school shootings how many have ever occurred at a school where the present is

► 02:02:26


► 02:02:28

is there a y

► 02:02:31

because it's defended right they actually take a proactive approach to it they're going to have layers of security defense in depth are probably going to have somebody looking out the front door or system looking at the front door controlled extra points entry and exit points in a metal detector you can have security staff on site so you can control the location aspect and I go to every time I'm at my kids school. Unfortunately or fortunately everything I've ever been and I'm doing it from up to toe tactical perspective Italy so I'll go walk around my kids school and there's issues that I see from my perspective as somebody who would want to exploit that From aggressors perspective and they could all be solved but that doesn't solve the second aspect of that the motivation because I have absolutely no answer as to why a seventeen-year-old kid with the sink but a solution of any kind would be to kill their classmates I don't understand that at all and although he petted it's fine

► 02:03:32

and every shooting surprisingly enough there's two things a gun and a shooter and vast majority the time I hear people talking about the gun I think we got to balance a conversation and talk about the motivation yeah 100% ending also psych medications you know you got to talk about that there was a rise in Psych medication Scott to be correlated with the rise of school shootings I mean that the amount of people that are on psych medication and I understand that correlation does not equal causation it's not necessarily that the medications force them to do this but this guy I don't know what study has been done on what is what is the effect and is there some sort of a connection at other than the fact that they're all on medication is there some sort of a connection between taking certain types of Psych medication with certain biological makeup that allows you to have this diffusion of reality like this this is a some some weird thing happens to them with a capable of horrific things and horrific actions like how much of that is

► 02:04:32

sing with human neurochemistry I don't know that's why I think the location portion it's not that it's an easy solution but it's it is solvable it is no problem funding like there's no money to pay for teachers they don't have money to like Sakura schools it depends on how serious you want to take it if if we really wanted to stop at what I'm saying is there are ways that can stop it I'm not saying those ways or easy I'm not saying that those ways are cheap but there are concrete things just looking at a structure from being vulnerable to an assault there are things that could be done but that doesn't solve the school shooting problem to change the address because the individual that would want to go do that at a school if you make a Target hard that doesn't remove the motivation I'm saying is location motivation and obviously a lot of other factors the location one

► 02:05:22

if you saw that you still got to talk about the shooter and I mean that's where I bought my head up again I don't I would actually like to see this country have a conversation instead of entrenched positions either the left or the right all gun should be bands come get them with your cold my cold dead hands which I don't again I find myself in the middle of that I don't agree with either of those positions because it's more nuanced than just the gun and the shooter is the combination of all those things but I don't even feel like we're having a conversation in this country I feel like a lot of people are talking I don't think anybody is listening and I you know I go to the schools in the neighborhood where you know where my kids go to school I don't see a single change that they have made

► 02:06:11

I think you're 100% correct in that there doesn't seem to be any real there's no real plans to stop this stuff and I don't think anybody has a real answer and it's one of the reasons why it's so confusing to people because you could dwell on it and roll it over in your head all day long and there's nothing stands out as obviously there's a fire go pour water on it it's obvious there's no solution in the low-hanging fruit the metaphor for the school shooting to be there is a God giving out of water on that but I didn't I see people they just well that's too difficult so I'm going to throw my hands up and give up also to I think it's important point out that actually it thankfully it's incredibly rare that it actually happens and it's funny because you look at the stats and you start digging into where the Stats come from in two groups of people and I'm sure you see this Cross of a variety of topics will take the same study in

► 02:07:11

I have two different sets of numbers there school shootings shootings that happened at schools and you can make one number look bigger in one number look smaller like if you wanted to include the number of people who commit suicide in the school parking lot which at the national level is considered a school shooting because it occurred at a school you can inflate and conflate the number of times in the frequency with which it happens if you strip that information out it gives you a much more accurate perspective of how often is having something when you remove suicides from gun violence in the total number of deaths so that takes over find me wants person that's willing to actually look at it as opposed to just repeating what their bumper sticker says I saw that when Ted Nugent debated Piers Morgan on television was talking to him about gun violence the actual numbers and he was saying well this is these are the real statistics in this is why the numbers are so high how many of these when you're including gun violence how many of these people are like criminals are being shot in the act by police officers how many of them are

► 02:08:11

defending their home from a break and how many of them are suicides how many once you get through that you get to the end of it then you get to gang violence how many how many of them are responsible how many deaths are attributed to gang violence how many deaths are attributed to you know there's a there's a lot of different factors then you get to these mass shootings so that the mass shootings it's it it's a relatively small percentage but that doesn't give anybody any comfort for anybody that suffered course it doesn't it doesn't excuse it it's just thankfully it happens in freaking I wish the number with zero or not I think the answer to getting it 2-0 will be generational cuz it grew generation way I think it will go away generationally but how does it go to what what what fundamental changes have to happen in the way human beings exist that we stop any anything that right now worth

► 02:09:11

all the different than it would be a terrible world we said we're just going to have to accept the people are never going to evolve socially emotionally what whatever it is it's causing people to lash out the way they do

► 02:09:24

what means what a horrible world it would be if we say no that people just go to be like this forever we're not just flawed but flawed and ruthless and cruel and violent and awful in Dutchess the way people are forever

► 02:09:38

I mean I think there's Improvement you can make on both sides right so there's a there's a gun in there was a shooter there are I couldn't be a more vehement support of the Second Amendment like I completely and utterly support it but I'm anti irresponsibility and there's a lot of things that we could do as a nation that would improve safety responsibility I mean look at this the stats on the percentage of American gun owners that don't own a safe it's over 50% which is speaks to access and what sucks about any improvements that we make you'll never know about it because you're never going to know about the school shooting that you stopped really you know I mean it because he doesn't make the news but that doesn't mean I'm on my default position as we can do better there's ways that we could I think that the reasonable gun legislation that already exists there's ways that we can improve communication interagency like the Aurora shooter is it perfect example of took a pistol in killed five people the date you got fired and injured by police officers

► 02:10:38

you should have had the gun he was a convicted felon is felony did not show up when they have the aback on check for his job but it did show up for the background check I believe for his concealed weapons permit but often times I see where there's a disconnect between agencies not sharing information very much like the military civilian military infrastructure prior to 9/11 agency didn't want to talk to the FBI and the NSA because budget and relevancy and this is mine and that's yours and this my rights will get the fuk with me and I want to share information I think we could do better on the regulations are in place I'm not saying add anymore but maybe let's figure out a way where we can share information or at least make sure we're living up to the letter of the intent and the letter of the law on that side of the house and then on the other side of the house I had a pinned tweet for a long time and I'm going to totally murder this when it comes to exactly what it was for so long as we're not we don't have a gun prices we have a mental health crisis Mental Health crisis to Sky's is a gun prices

► 02:11:38

a mental health problem besides a gun problem just like we can do better on the fire on side of the house we can do better on the mental health side of the house I just see people throwing their hands up and attacking a little because I think the mental health side of the house is a more difficult issue than the firearm issue issue everyone that I know including myself is had bad moments in their life and has struggled and the the struggle especially mental health struggle struggle with depression or being unhappy or anger or any of the things that keep you off of a healthy Baseline those those those moments in life are they vary wildly in how people experience them what at what level people experience them what impact they have on them and whether or not they're can recover from these things and for some people they feel like there is no recovery in the only way out is to just go out with a bang like literally and then of This Is Us

► 02:12:38

out of what you're seeing any school shootings is suicide by cop this is one of the things that people want that they want to go out in a blaze of glory and what what the fuck is going on and where we let people get to that point without stepping in and I'm trying to help and do they have anybody that even notices do they have anyone around them that knows their this fucked up in this far gone and we all like to think that that could never happen to us that we can never get to a point where we're so despondent and filled with anger and hate and fear and and self-loathing that we want to do something horrific but every person who does something horrific as a human being right and the difference between you and them might be genetic it might be environmental it might be life experience but they are a human being just like anyone I and something horrific Lee went wrong in their life to the point where they are in this position where they show up at the school shooting in Illinois just a couple days ago some guy got fired

► 02:13:38

impacted to work and just shot everybody up like what the fuck that guy work there for 15 years like what is it that it did gets it when someone gets to a point where this is this is what flashes in their mind as a solution go back with a gun make everybody pay I felt it myself that feeling

► 02:13:58

overseas want to lose close friends the first absolute feeling you have isn't as an anger that I don't have the vocabulary to describe an all you want to do is burn the world to the ground but it was fleeting and I didn't do it and I just don't know how we provide the barrier for people if they can it when it comes to mental health somebody has more horsepower between the years the me Nathan is going to need to solve that problem cuz I don't understand it but I do understand that feeling but what I needed was time and I don't know how to provide that you also had character and discipline and a lot of things that many people lack in your ability to mitigate these horrific feelings and this severe depression and anger some people don't have those mental health tools they don't have those tools me you already a seal right you're at a guy who has endured more than most human beings will ever in terms of

► 02:14:58

physically and emotionally and how to get through that hump to become one of the elite operators in this country. Just having that as a baseline like having that as a you have the tool set to endure more than most some people just not capable of handling any real adversity anything bad to come down the pipe for them they just fall apart and I think for many people there's a real extreme feeling of a lack of purpose in life there's an extreme feeling of a lack of lack of meaning that nothing they do matters that they don't matter that no one cares about them with their there they're gone people either mock them or disregard them all together and they they want people to know who they are and that's one of the reasons why they do these things

► 02:15:50

I can see that for sure

► 02:15:53

again if I'm being objective Lee honest about myself I did have those tools and

► 02:16:00

probably the only thing that prevented me from acting out in that moment is that I didn't have access to the individuals that I wanted to act out against

► 02:16:10

and I I mean it's like I said I understand it I don't have a solution for it at all but I understand it

► 02:16:17

yeah well you would be able to understand it more than most and coming from that place of having lost friends and being in that intense and also being in this environment where people are shooting and killing people on a regular basis and you're directly part of that and directly connected to it it makes violent so much more tangible at the same time I don't want to pay no horrible picture. There is a ton of misconceptions about what I used to do and it comes from books and movies and TV shows cousin 60 Minutes all that happens is bullets whizzing by your head in front of ship blowing up the reality is you're not exposed overseas you are over a long-term I guess in the aggregate but it's not as bad as people think often would maybe want to romanticize it as being bad cuz I'm making may be excused way behaviors that come from does that bother you about movies when you see movies about you should if my wife is here all you have to say is do you enjoy watching a movie with your husband

► 02:17:17

she just said get out of the room get out of the room cuz I can't do it but it's just it's it drives me nuts but it also set about expectations I mean I had some of the best times of my life overseas as well and it wasn't all about laws and it certainly wasn't all that lost a life there be Whirlwind. Of time of that happen and it be other periods of time where we're just training people you know or we're going out and actually meeting leaders in the city and having deals with them and then yeah that night you might just get yourself on and go bang in for a night but the same time it's it it's a mix of all of those things it's I'm grateful for the experiences that I have from a military service probably the best day of my life as a dead shot I changed my perspective of who I thought about who I thought I was it forced me to lift my head up and think about the future more than just a job that I had because my ability to do my job is thrown into my face I thought I was the one once I realize I was going to die I was like oh my God I'm not to be able to do the job I always wanted to do for the rest

► 02:18:17

I think about the future I would not be sitting here talking you today if I hadn't have been shot and when it happened in that moment it was the worst day of my life and I look back on it and probably the most made from The Best Day of My Life by perhaps one of the most meaningful changes in direction for me as a human being

► 02:18:37

so there is positive that comes out of that negative it's not all bad it's I think I got more positive more good than bad from 15 years of work does it it's interesting to that does happen right that's some bad moment in your life could lead to a greater life overall complete shift in perspective I had never thought about anything in my life except insatiable desire to be a seal and then I became a seal like this is awesome cuz it's peanut 11 so we just worked out and then worked out and drink 9/11 happened and I Mike my world went from conceptual to practical and it was way different than I thought it was going to be cuz I watch the same movies and then you get over then you're like oh well this is this is substantially substantially different and

► 02:19:32

it built and it was a lot of the things that I thought it wasn't going to be an even more than I thought it possibly could be in some of those directions but I don't know it

► 02:19:44

people I think often paint

► 02:19:48

war or the experience is associated with war is solely negative but I also just like when it comes to the conversations and being on the stream extremes I would love to pull that more back in the middle and actually have a conversation about it I think amazing changes can come from people in those environments what is it about war movie the driver the most crazy the fact that almost everything in them is an accurate almost everything biggest thing that drives me fucking crazy is when grenades create a fireball really what is it happens in like every movie that throw a grenade in a 55 gallon drum of gasoline explode flying backwards in cars flipped over Bistro Grenada goes pop and it put some dust up in the air and you're waiting for the fireball you're going to be there for the rest of your natural life and don't get me wrong but they're not that effective I did not know they don't like create a fireball now I've never seen a grenade go off I was Jamie can pull one of its dust is all it is

► 02:20:48

a video that I'm sure for a moment like a momentary explosion there's a flash but other than that it's literally just dust what what is the best military movie that's the most accurate or the the least defensive Navy Seals starring Charlie Sheen

► 02:21:10

that's fucking guy probably full of more people into coming to the SEAL Teams and anybody else you know there's snipers call himself God I can't see anything I'm switching to Starlight blasting people through a concrete wall they're doing free fall jump sir in submarines like that's an entire 30-year career to do all that shit in 60 minutes you take that expectation you come to the team's iconic bored right now so is that the war area is I'll make it at least got the the the requisite scarf around the neck in front of one of those assholes wears a red scarf an environment where there's no red utilities on from Vietnam wearing a red small this is so hilarious and psychotic party

► 02:22:10

apparently so they came to the bud compound and did a little bit of training with the guys and I guess there was some bass and breaks and they'd just like 18th and but I want to believe it's true well you know who I hear trains diligently and really hard and it like takes it super seriously and it's like one of those me either but I heard some people that have had interacted with him when he was training for John Wick including when he came at AutoZone shocks brother and a bunch of other worked out with a bunch of the machado's in fact I think Carlos is well but you know he really wanted to learn actual Jiu-Jitsu so he wasn't answering with them yeah he did real tactical courses and his tactical proficiency shows in that movie and so to get back to stuff that bothers me it's the 72 round pistol magazine

► 02:23:10

1525 38 rounds and I'm like throwing stuff at the TV my wife just when she says get out but first I can't do it like so sicario I love sicario there's a scene at the border that has one of the most blatant just errors in the movie there's a guy pointing a gun he's supposedly in a CIA agent out the windshield and you can see that the bolt to the rifle is lock to the rear handed it to him the all-clear and save any just went and they filmed it and nobody caught it and I saw that movie that shit off of course it for me like that you would think that you're making a movie about military or about guns like yeah it's so fast it probably up there for three seconds but if you

► 02:24:10

no I mean you look at a gun in miq just if it was your primary tool for years you're going to you're looking for certain things all the time yet there we go

► 02:24:22

look for someone who doesn't know that looks super serious well that's why they're still watching the movie and I left that bolt to the rear

► 02:24:32

sun set in the editing process is what it is I could have moved at 40% because he didn't make sense a man in a less significant thing I get crazy when I watch people play pool in movies that obviously can't play Imagine nuts nuts like if I see someone like supposed to be some pool Hustler and I Cecil day of a bullshit bridge and their their grip in the like you can see things in movies like my friends who smoke cigarettes say they can tell when someone doesn't smoke oh for sure cuz when you smoke there's just like a casual real relaxed way that you're holding the cigarette and the way you're drawn but when someone's never smoked before

► 02:25:32

I got this weird thing to do in like avocados really smoke my telephone can you tell it cuz I smoke it's like another thing as you watch any tactical seat where they like moving down hallway and it's like why is your gun pointed at your buddies face like that's not cool why are you aiming a trike and ended the way that they make entry into rooms it's like awesome I like to play Russian roulette with my life as well like absolute about Zero Dark Thirty

► 02:26:03

that movie fucking sucks

► 02:26:06

what sucks about you know Joe me crazy with that lady that redhead lady what is yellow and all those trained Killers I was like

► 02:26:18

there are some creative Liberties that are taken in that movie from Soup To Nuts I mean like was that person the lady who yelled at those guys of the one of the woman is in charge without a real human in real life is based off of a real human for sure like a lot of the things in that movie were based on real events however if you're trying to get tickets to get people seats their butts in seats and you got to glamorize stuff so a lot of people cuz it movie know the the source drives up in the vehicle and detonates himself that actually happened that killed a bunch of people and cows

► 02:26:55

as long as you look at it as entertainment that movies okay if you look at it with a refined I like are they doing this correctly no I mean it's it just we would need another 4 hours to literally go down the list of things but it's just things are compressed things that would never happen happen for the sake of creating a and then an intoxicating awarded emotional scene on camera and it's tough to watch cuz I'm sitting at my kid out the door get out the door. I'm getting anxiety watching these damn movies cuz you don't hang out in front of open doors unless you want to get shot now how many different things are fucked up about that movie Only the things that were after the opening scene

► 02:27:42

movies has a dumbass like myself and I asked the same question about the movie American Sniper or Lone Survivor they're all based around certain things that have been enhanced to make it more entertaining and I get it there to make money they're not there to tell historically accurate do you know Marcus as well but I do know I don't know how he felt so much you know again having not been there and I can only imagine how horrific that incident must be for him to deal with on a daily level I would bet he wasn't very involved how it almost rather them if that was me I think I would almost rather say you know what

► 02:28:41

just make the movie that you want to make because I don't want to sit here and explain exactly what happened and recreate the scenes and talk about how this person died over here at like I would say no but a town is there any movie that you've ever seen about war where you go. That makes sense first 10 minutes of Saving Private Ryan is unbelievable accuracy essence of what it feels like and the switch between utter fear to excitement to Joy anger in the matter of a second another movie that does a good aspect for a good job with cashier and capturing some of those aspects I would say is also Black Hawk Down not for accuracy but to capture the chaos that have how a plane can come unraveled and how just how chaotic and being as how sometimes you can feel so helpless but you're only solution is to drive into the problem instead of moving away from it so those those capture the essence of it well

► 02:29:41

from a technical perspective I honestly cannot think of a single movie that does a Justice it would have to be like a 50 hour movie though because of course I mean

► 02:29:55

Black Hawk Down a thing with multiple day incident in at Movies 90 minutes so they get rid of all the other boring BS stuff that is actually what you do the vast majority of your job if I look at my career probably greater than 95% of my career I spent training and 5% has been in combat

► 02:30:15

really yep that's average that would say there are people who are maybe a little bit higher and people who are a little bit lower but you're not going to spend more than it most maybe 10% of your career in, even if your job is directly tied to combat did you have to train you got to plan the missions are normal planning cycle is 24 to 72 hours sitting in front of PowerPoint considering whether or not I should hang myself or blow my brains out because we're arguing over the font that were using to submit for Mission approval you're studying the weather you studying a train I've had slides and Mission briefs sent back not be approved because I didn't worry into helicopter the correct direction on the slide but I tell you need to fix this and resubmit it if you wanted to shut down the average day military it wouldn't be through a kinetic act you need to put some type of code into Microsoft Office and work done because we operate on Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft Word and Microsoft Office we'd sit there and weed plant

► 02:31:15

brief me to submit for approval S 3 days then you go to an objective it would last for 10 hours repeat the cycle on 284 that it's the last thing I would want is one person creating the entire plan so somebody's doing the communication plan the Medevac plan the insertion plan the route planning inside of a train for at all times like that's everything is to get there and then okay that's actually our job but we focus on all the primary secondary tertiary plan each one of those things phase lines for each one of those things none of that has ever shown up in any movie doesn't show up in any movies is vast majority of time the intelligence is bad and you hit what's called a dry hole you go to a building you approach the structure you breach the door and it's just that intelligence is wrong it's either empty or it's the wrong person that happen all the time but doesn't it's not exciting though so we pay the people money they fix their door and we go back and we

► 02:32:15

find a person again

► 02:32:17

none of that shows up in any of the mediums cuz it's too they're too compressed with you all your experience in the military and your your knowledge of what the real world in these combat environment is like what do you how do you feel when you hear people talk about defunding the military or decreasing in the military or that we don't need it or that we we shouldn't have the kind of budget that we have right now the people that don't understand the real threats that are out there and that if you do not have a well-trained well-funded experienced military that really understands these things you've got real danger at your door I'm glad that they live in a place where they have enough space to develop those thoughts because they're not under pressure because the military is doing the job that they should be doing

► 02:33:17

there are like I said so many misconceptions about what the military does what we do overseas how many countries we are in overseas how deep we are into some of these countries how forecasted and how forward-looking the military is looking for emerging threats as opposed to just responding and all of that creates space so people can exercise their right to voice their first amendment you know right of saying those things I don't know that they don't have a real understanding I'm grateful that they live in a place where they don't have a great understanding cuz like I said they have the space to be confused they're not pushed under thumb they're not being told you have to say this or it's going to be your fucking head in the Square it is frustrating for me at times but I bounce that with

► 02:34:09

that's that's what this country is supposed to be about you supposed to be able to voice your descent and I believe that the system will correct and it it does correct for it's out there are people that believe that but I think the most the majority of people against silent majority vs. extreme minority I think those people are in the extreme minority but they're very vocal I think most people are incredibly appreciative what the military does but having said that if you've never served in the military and you've never been in a combat occupation and then you've never applied that occupation for real there's going to be a gap and there's going to be a gap in understanding and that's okay

► 02:34:51

take it's frustrating yes but I'm glad that it exists and I'm glad they are not in this country is not in a position where they are getting drafted and forced into that position I'm glad it was me that did that and had to Bear any weight or burn that came with that to allow them to have whatever Penny they want that's a great perspective that's a very healthy way of looking at it and I probably think it's probably the only managed of a way of looking at it crazy otherwise what you going to do go to a rally and hold up another place because I have to fight back the time and that you know hopefully relatively sane head is going to Prevail and I had you know again that that night I got hurt

► 02:35:35

it changed the way that I thought about things if I'd never got hurt and at the end and I never thought about my own mortality and I never thought about I got spent a lot of time thinking about whether or not what I did in the military has it had any impact .0001 I don't know if I would have thought about that if all I had ever done was just doing the occupation that I did I needed that lifting of my head to have that respect I did I don't think all people I needed that in some ways helps me have the perspective I have now with those people

► 02:36:10

how how long is the average career of someone is a seal if you want to retire you got to do 20 years in a wake-up and they should change it to wake up wake up the next day you got a 20 years old you have to do 20 years to the day so wake up the day after your 20th but they need to change the term also retirement pay in the military should be replaced with money that you were going to get paid until you find your second career going to retire on $3,000 a month you know but if you want to make it to retirement you have to do 20 years the only reason I get a retirement because I was medically retired so they basically I don't know how it happened in the system but they put me in that category is essentially have made it 20 years what what happens with most guys when they hit 20 years do they retire

► 02:36:57

it's hit or miss on the enlisted side of the house they start throwing what at that phase of your life is going to be a lot of money at you. Don't try to get you to re-enlist and I never took this money and so I'm not exactly sure but it's about five years of reimbursement and about a hundred fifty Grand which is a ton of money if you're in the military and if you re-enlist while you're overseas every penny that is tax-free cuz you're going to get it in increments 350 total

► 02:37:29

risks not the here's the deal it's a lot of money if you're used to having your head down and you used to making $90 a year and you're in your late 30s and you realize you know oh my God I could buy a house of that money are you take it and and every year that you do over 20 they will add I believe one half of a percentage point to your military retirement so if you do 20 years in the military you'll get 50% of your base pay which doesn't include the die pay demo pay jump a hazardous duty pay all the difference in money that I made which is totally fine as a person who is a radar scope 420 as we get the exact same paycheck at the end

► 02:38:08

can you 21 years you get 50 and a half 22 years 51% so it keeps incrementally going up so some guys will go up to 30 most guys by the time they get to 20 and I will say this it depends on what's going on in the world when it was a peek wartime mm

► 02:38:25

7 2009 not a lot of guys were getting out most of the guys were re-upping cuz they wanted to strap the boots back on and go back overseas and I like a I'll re-enlist while I'm overseas tax free money I get to go do what I want to do it so it's a win-win but most people as the operational Temple has slowed anecdotally what I've seen as they are looking more towards the future going to get out around 20 if not to get out around 25 after they take that re-enlistment bonus and if you're staying in to like your 30s you're in for the Long Haul when you look at the news do you pay attention to potential conflicts internationally and the things are going on

► 02:39:01

yes and no I not from a I'm not looking at them to inform my opinion I'm just kind of curious as to what the news agencies are reporting because having lived on the other side of that and doing things that will eventually make the news days weeks or months later the news is generally behind on that cycle in the military does do a good job and has continued to do a better job of kind of forecasting those things in spreading out as much as necessary but do you see anything now like you know I know Trump got a lot of criticism for saying they were going to pull troops out of Syria and went went when you see you have the debate about that or actions possible actions against North Korea and all this kind of stuff like hot how do you do do you view this mean obviously you view this as a guy who has served in Spain overseas but do you do look at things like these are potential issues that are coming up and thinks you need to be concerned with

► 02:39:59

the Syria and there are

► 02:40:03

guys from the community over there they've been actively engaged Iraq itsfunneh the news reported for a long time we withdrawing from Iraq all US troops out of Iraq now they weren't we've always had a presence there since we invaded in 2003 so I can go

► 02:40:22

Tit for Tat on a lot of issues where the news gets it wrong which is why I don't necessarily look at it for me to inform my opinion serious or any area where

► 02:40:33

we allow a place for and the only word I have for it is evil to grow it's going to happen the problem with the strategy that I see it is is that actually so we started in Afghanistan in again this is my opinion that the military Penny I can only speak for myself we went to Afghanistan we were incredibly effective so we cut the head off of that snake would respond to more you going to Iraq you can argue whether or not we were effective but then all of a sudden we started seeing foreign Fighters coming in from all these different countries and the tactics that we started seeing used in Iraq like my first appointment of Afghanistan in 2003 or 2002 it was not uncommon to drive around the vehicles that were not ballistic they were not resistant to mines Tacoma a thin-skinned, the boat was it right through fast forward Afghanistan in 2008 and they're starting to see Vehicles be

► 02:41:33

detonated by bombs that we first saw in Iraq or coming across the border into Syria they were had the ability to allow again for lack of a better term evil to grow to learn to come across the border to engage American forces them to flee into a Sovereign Nation we couldn't do nothing about then we started seeing that in Afghanistan but we got effective anytime that these people would get together and have a large group you get effective either capturing them were killing them so they realize I need to be disaggregate so now we spread this I think the last at that I saw was Isis is in 64 countries in the problem that I see with the US military that were very very good at going in and cutting head off the snake but we're not good at creating and holding infrastructure and the timeline required to hold that infrastructure is well beyond the pallet I think of most Americans in the best example I can point to is South Korea we still have bases with American presence in South Korea that war ended

► 02:42:33

decades ago we still have bases in Germany we have bases in Italy

► 02:42:38

now we're not necessary using for the same purposes but if we really want to control that area we have to be prepared to stay there for that long and I don't think the US military has enough Personnel to do that and I don't think the American populace has a pallet to allow that to happen do you think that's necessary that in order to protect people from with it whether it's Isis or whatever comes after Isis me to get Rob's the Isis is fairly recent right we went to Al Qaeda and Isis Nishant yet I so don't have to maintain presence in that part of the world.

► 02:43:18

I think we should use the military as a measure of Last Resort I think that war should be a measure of absolutely Last Resort and I would love to see us of all to a point where we use it less and less and less I described it as you're standing at a damn and you can see a little spout coming out

► 02:43:40

do you put your finger in the spout knowing that it's not going to fix the problem but if it's going to buy you time to hopefully have somebody come and fix the damn right that's the option I would go for versus just leaving it as it isn't allowing it to continue to weaken the damn or another Sprout come out my theory that the military is really well served to provide that space to put that figure in that Sprouts oh yes I think if we find an area where these ideologies are thriving we have to do what is necessary to remove that ideology and hopefully destroy it not not resettle it somewhere else but actually destroy it so yes but the short answer is absolutely if we find areas where we can squash this down we have to go but I just hope that there's people smarter than me that have a much longer-term strategy because all we're doing in my opinion is the finger in the dam is there a longer-term strategy like when you see all the global conflicts I mean is there a time that we get made

► 02:44:40

it's a it sounds insane to say that there's never going to be a time where there's no war it sounds like an insane thing to say I don't know if there's ever been a time at least globally not that the US was involved but I don't know if there's ever been a time where there hasn't been a war I don't think the house I don't think there can be because that I expect we talked about this the first day I met you there's X people and there's why people

► 02:45:00

they're not going to get along it doesn't matter what your belief is you have an access somewhere that has another belief and if you go to the extreme end of that belief that individual may be willing to take action against you violent action against you for your belief and then I don't think there's a way around that cuz humans are just too diverse but is it possible that one day we'll move past this I mean is there any plans at all to try to facilitate some sort of a peaceful World Civilization where you know all nations kind of get along and some sort of a mutually agreeable way and does anybody have some sort of hundred year plan is that hilarious that's a funny thing to say I mean they didn't brief me on it if it's not fuck though I mean human beings are always going to shoot and kill each other we're always going to have war is not fucked since the Inception of human beings it seems like at least some level and it thankfully it's microscopic in comparison to the overall total but it's happening I think it's happened since

► 02:45:56

man has been walking on earth and the only way that we feel today that we can protect ourselves is to have the more dominant more powerful military and to make sure that we're the ones you get to dictate whether or not evil flourishes

► 02:46:11

yeah I mean that's I would want a maybe a I want the the dominant ability of our military to continue to grow but I'd like to see and I think it started moving this direction smaller more surgical uses of it I just a military in my opinion is not good at building infrastructure and holding to rain for a long. Of time she's not were designed to do right it's not the design of the military for that matter

► 02:46:36

what what is the overall view about getting out of Syria depends on the people that you asked what about people that you talk to

► 02:46:47

both sides of the coin I will get answers from I think we're making a difference to go wasting your time

► 02:46:55

and I got that the initial Invasion Iraq initial Vision with Candice and there is one of the things that I enjoyed about the community I came from is it critical thinking was it's rewarded it's not there's no attempt in people think about this new you watch Full Metal Jacket you know choke yourself with my hand and you get told what to do and how to do and how much time you have to do it people think that critical thinking has no place in the military but where I came from that's what we're looking for if people were able to critically think so they would be we would have political arguments religious arguments philosophical arguments in the team room and then come together and go do exactly what it is at our nation expected us to do so you're going to get both you got I hope there are people who are conservative and liberal Republican and Democrat and everything in between so I wish I could give you a like a very precise answer but I have heard every spectrum of answer

► 02:47:46

from this is awesome to this is stupid you know what confuses me I've heard different opinions on the side with her Assad is evil with her is gassed his is Citizens or whether or not he's a victim of propaganda Sam a smear campaign in my wall this is way past my paygrade I've heard the same thing and it's beyond mine as well to it's frustrating cuz you know when you don't know whether or not this is some propaganda or this is a real threat or whether you know it or whether it's something like the Saddam Hussein situation where yes he wasn't evil dictator but also removing him my create a power vacuum like Lydia and a power vacuum Gaddafi with Libya I mean Libya's horrific example that right I don't I don't know the long-term solution to those problems it's like I said I I spend enough of my waking hours truly questioning whether or not anything that I was involved in made my family or your family or Jamie's family safer

► 02:48:45

did I did I did my actions you rode with the rest of the world thinks about the United States of America and I mean I I flow back and forth I think it had an impact in the moment I think it had an impact stopping the water coming out of the damn I think it was essential that it needed to be done

► 02:49:05

but I don't know if any of that has an impact beyond that that time. It occurred how much is it help you in talking about this stuff to give you a perspective like a no clear your podcast very active with that how much does that help you flush these ideas out and have conversations about him one of the most cathartic things that I do is talk on the podcast about these topics so and I'll do a mix between guess and she would guess what people ask me about they want to know about war and they want to know about that stuff and it forces me to sit there and truly

► 02:49:43

gauge the depth of my beliefs and then answer the questions for myself as to why do I believe this it is by far one of the most cathartic things that I have done has the ability to sit down and reflect and I mean I'm pretty honest about I mean if people ask me about killing all talk about killing people ask me about mistakes I'll tell you the worst mistakes that I ever made parenting relationship with my wife military fill in the blank so it's been a huge be honest I mean you know that's how I owe the suggestion from you to starting a podcast you for giving me that much great on my podcast you know I just knew you would do great at it I don't know I probably have said to too many people you should start a podcast but it's worked with so many with Jocko I haven't asked him about it but I would suspect that it's the same thing he's a he's a unique human he's an American treasure

► 02:50:43

he should go in a time capsule Red X Jerry number one needs some special but it's also like in terms of motivation he's a mindset alter like you hear the way he discusses things and thinks about things if you can adopt those ideas and put them into your own head hit you really can shift who you are and that and how you move through this world if you can adopt a fraction of his ideas it'll change your philosophy there are some people that I see go varied like there seemed to be searching and they they just want to dive in it's like you know maintain some of yourself and adopt as much of that as you possibly can because you can go too far and anything we have the stuff that he's doing to the number of people that number of times his name comes up and it in a positive manner it's unbelievable and I've been I listen to the Jerry where you're like to know what y'all go I'm going to tell you something that I think I've said too much you should start a podcast well you know Goggins is another one you know Goggins is being a gas in this podcast I know he hasn't started his own podcast

► 02:51:43

one thing is if you listen to Goggins audiobook in his audiobook he has the book itself which is read by another guy and then him and that guy discuss various chapters in the book and discuss the real event that led to this did these different things and how he felt about him so it's a podcast wrapped up in a book and its accilent so much better than just reading chapter and verse additional information and all the the breadth and depth that you can gather from that I didn't

► 02:52:17

I think I told you this I had never listen to a podcast before I came on yours so I didn't

► 02:52:24

little crazy on that one and I maybe you know I talked to a touch about Guantanamo Bay and Buddy Guy stole say the same thing I just maybe would have been more educated about the breadth and depth of your podcast it's I didn't realize at the time a fraction in the comparison of the podcast out there but even the volume of response that I get to mines unbelievable the number of people who are consuming the size of a medium is mind-blowing well it's free which is great and it's all so it's easy to get on your phone instantly so you could be in your car your phone is Bluetooth up to your car and that you say all this new cleared hot damn you press play it starts playing death and because you know essentially it's audio is not that it's not that big of file it can stream really easily over for GE like instantaneously it's it's amazing in a bit just to end it to have everything free and instantly accessible like that so if you're a truck driver of you

► 02:53:24

driving long distances for work or if you're traveling on a plane and then scroll pick a topic podcast comedy podcast in politics and Technology it's like it's never ending there's hundreds and hundreds of thousands of them they're all free so it's and it's an amazing medium and it's also a medium with a very low gate of Entry like it's not difficult to jump over that gay to get through we all really all you need is an account somewhere you can do I've got a bunch of them just my iPhone just using the voice recorder application from voice notes from a podcast from my iPhone from Port it and then I'll send it to Jamie and Jimmy are uploading like we've done a bunch of them on planes or just me and Tony Hinchcliffe sat on a plane and we have a couple of cocktails they're talking shit into the into the Idaho phone you know that reaches a million people you can start a podcast for Foreigner box

► 02:54:24

recording device and some way to gather the sound and you're off and running and there's so many people out there with unique perspectives like you like Jocko like there's not there's hundreds of them you know it's just too it's so exciting time you know Saturday at the medium it wasn't what did said fucking 3 hours how crazy is not so much for always feels like like 90 minutes I know the time warp in this room and something weird I think this table so I'm going on seems I love you buddy. Appreciate you man up ladies and gentlemen cleared hot podcast available Everywhere I Go Get It by

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