#1252 - Dave Foley & Paul Greenberg

The Joe Rogan Experience #1252 - Dave Foley & Paul Greenberg

February 25, 2019

David Foley is an actor, stand-up comedian, director, producer and writer. Paul Greenberg is an actor, comedian and voice actor. Together they host "Don't Say.. with Paul & Dave" available on iTunes.

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that's it no more ads oh I know you like. I couldn't take it anymore well my guess today is a dear dear friend that I love to death his name is Dave Foley he was on news radio with me he's a brilliant person really one of my all-time favorite people that I've ever work with ever use I would say he's like one of the secret producers of news radio because somebody seems he's such a brilliant joke writer and he has a new podcast with his friend Paul Greenberg their new podcast is called Don't Say with Paul and Dave. I really enjoy talking to we really got cooking about an hour in seems like we're doing mostly normal talk and then we just caught a sometimes it happens podcast she just sort of catch a stride you get your groove and I really enjoyed it I love I love day forward to death so please welcome Dave Foley and Paul Greenberg

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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I would live so what am I not supposed to say from the print listings is a comment with Paul and Dave minutes cuz it's been just and Americans don't like the word count some Americans number that's what the blue hell yeah till that day we're trying to take it back who was that the guys we fucked girls

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I think it was they were trying to take it back they're trying to like you no take back. I am I disconnected this is fun. Hook it up

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you're okay I might like there's a little bit of an issue they can hear anyting check check check check one two three four five six one one one one so I alright Canada really swear word yeah yeah yeah I don't know what to do I need to put on some sort of a periodic table of the atomic weight of swear words

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current would be quite quite heavy but but but here in America can actually just dropped through the crust of the earth just hung right down to the core will go through the other song I guess we just found that

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patently ridiculous well we just we like you know we we grow up I grew up hearing the word a lot from my my dad what is your dad like not like Much Anymore he's dead thanks sorry but the person he was mad there are no better parents parents but my dad that was a real really fond of that word noble Canadian Canadian the dean Canadian is kind of like being brushed pledge allegiance to the queen in school you know when I'm around still asleep

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set all this Preposterous as great on paper even itself as it's become Kardashian defied when they always I guess they were I mean what else did they maintained the other than the fact that people wanted celebrities and that was the only snipers they had and then the priests Progressive that is an interesting things like the Prince Charles Lady Di's Saga was essentially one of our first reality things to enjoy yes that was Madness on that happened it was so huge, said but what if we just make housewives in Orange County Realty

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king and queen you can cancel them. Shows are wonderful I never seen an episode of any of their fascinating the Beverly Hills versions of different versions you have to see the geographical creepiness of like Atlanta Jersey. Ancestors those fucking Savage monkey Foghat live version penicillin is terrible by the way not at the Beverly Hills once it had all of them are fascinating to take take people force them in these situations where they going to have his artificial disputes crazy to me is watching people succumb to the pressure of all that attention when they've never experienced it before and then you're going to just thrust them into this

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massively popular you know for certain supporting under cake if you're brilliant Artists Commerce wife a nice lady web tattoo I was going to say do you have a tattoo but she decided to play the heel

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and the Pratt it was so obvious that the pressure was just overwhelming the hatred that was coming her way so she decided she was going to be the boss bitch on the show and just let everybody know you know this is how it is and I'm I'm here to run things swamp of evil that came her way and she's like a show she bailed out of it good for her Cheeba Chews that rule this is what you've always wanted here like his that's like what led to their divorce or what was happening during yeah them getting divorced you know he simply said you know this is what you've always wanted like Sienna like don't think you understand this so good luck with it and then you know she she just kind of vanished after works like fuck all this recognize what it is

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don't like I know some people who know some folks around that show and it's the pain pills and losing their mind therapy everyday and cysts Madness Fame was nothing more to it than other than a desire to be famous yeah I can only drive you insane property of doing something is Barrett Strong let's try products so strange and so difficult to truly manage Define Myself by the fame I Define Myself by the work that created the thing where is it does not work underneath it it's you only exist in so much as people are aware of you exist in those moments when you walk into a room and everyone staring at you that's what you look for I have that anyway because of my body so I guess I know it's Real Madrid and the horrible allergy you have to pants

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I can't work pants and every time I walk in the room is a property of of the beholder not to be held and that that family exists as long as somebody in the room knows who you are in a minute here in a room where no one knows who your Fame evaporates is one of the weirdest interrogations of ever gotten is when people go to other people and they don't know why it why don't I know you are angry that also does the other thing about famous of people feel like they're just start talking to you yes yes oh yeah you can be in the middle of an intense conversation with the your favorite person on the planet they don't give a fuck now why I got. I've been in their house

► 00:15:58

how you doing and I don't know I'm so is that how you doing man and his next line was you don't even know me a fucking phony save that was me and I wish I was better at faces that's amazing can an alarm just watch this was at the end of the conversation that fucking cunt stardom are you still doing that show with the doctor can know we stopped when they cancelled it

► 00:16:58

call the doctor said no one pushed in front of Congress loss claims doctor can't. Lisette dr. Ken special stand up your lovely family in a super good. Are you still doing the acting thing you join it off and on you always lets those the take I had on it with you back in 94

► 00:17:53

it's a bit better job than most yes no yes I like that you know it's like there's a certain satisfaction you don't get to enjoy it because you're you're so focused on whatever the flaws are but making it a party ya ya ya ya Asian Seminole send me a clip online and it's just it's so strange to watch it's so strange when you're watching yourself from 20-plus years ago say something you don't remember saying yeah I remember that episode at all yeah the show but but you knew it want to watch it that you're there yet

► 00:18:53

sing to look back when you go back in a 20-plus years and infant think of all the all the scenes all the writing all the work and now it's just sort of an owl nothing we never anticipated it would be floating around the internet yeah you know but shows like like like friends like fighting with him you know you have young kids like my daughter's 15 she's watched every episode of Friends at least twice and it's not just hurts every 15 year olds in the country has one that that you know is coming back in the significance of these kids are being made anymore and is the Chuck Lorre type shows that I watch and I go I'm missing a jam

► 00:19:53

without the laugh track I can imagine taking some of those shows and watch it with just actor sing the words and it's like is anything funny ever happened on it but it's just it's a strange it's like you're watching it doesn't make any sense that that place people get in the hats with a scope it'll be fine there I think the term good enough is perfect for comedy that's good enough people are kind of chuckling certain number of characters that you can get to interact with each other and predictable ways on those shows then they just sort of have them have these little scenes and have different inflections and different stumbles and and they make a show out of it and forgot

► 00:20:53

play just becomes Comfort familiarity of Charlie Sheen I think he was always crazy but I think when you do a show that you don't enjoy doing or that you don't let the guy was in fucking platoon that right I mean he was in some amazing felt he wasn't very funny in that was really kind of a bummer yeah using some good run and then he's on the show that doesn't really make sense funny as an actor

► 00:21:46

bazooka Brothers franchise HotShots dancing effort is frowned upon right to be lazy you know they're still comedy movies right there's like the Judd Apatow type films and you know they're still they still make comedy movies but it seems like there's not as many anymore yeah or maybe I just don't go out as much is a little bit that too but also like the subject matter so dangerous now like everything that used to be funny I watch Ace Ventura Pet Detective with my kids and I did not remember how transphobic that movie is but the whole movie is one gigantic trans joke

► 00:22:46

this is crazy but she's a girl throwing up and that she's throwing up in your mouth now you'd be skewered if you said that he's finished and they still left from The Crying Game imagine to try Crying Game did a serious version of Ace Ventura

► 00:23:18

I forgot about the crying game and a big surprise twist the transvestite turns out to be an IRA spy

► 00:23:40

I forgot that movie so why am I doing this podcast this is just before Christmas yeah yeah yeah probably reach up are wipes yeah that's something something else on the podcast with Chrissy my wife produces it and puts it all together and they're acting very hard to fire digits well as well during that separation but but two years ago

► 00:24:40

Satan thing that the satanic my good friend was performing at is it Stanton LaVey his grandson or something Anton LaVey grandson and they they were getting married at this fucking crazy theater is like a devil or some shit dancing anime where are you there's a picture of me with a Anton LaVey that Knuckleheads to this day use as evidence that I'm a station with Satan worshiper you're merely an associate I love them that you're still worried about where you are

► 00:25:40

but I'm wearing there is just no problem cuz he doesn't exist just like your God they both took your earphones off and threw them across the room so that God exists is a fascinating discussion but what's interesting is is this agreement that people say when they decide that God exists and you decide to God exists I decide to God exists so we both have agreed that there's this weird thing that makes no sense that we are on board with so I know where you stand on a lot of issues and I probably know where you stand on the portion I probably know where you stand on guns I probably know where you stand on climate change as I can gets so weird little thing that you do when you

► 00:26:40

say that you know when you say you know I'm a God-fearing Christian is a lot of it is p.m. with whether or not you believe in God or not it's the saying that God's real in the worshipping God in the talking about God is just letting everybody know that they can predict you know where you cut like if you're a gentleman or gentlemen wearing a tie with a nice suit on and pair of pants I can fairly likely predict that you're going to be reasonably behaved your gentleman know if you're a Christian if you're up a person who calls himself a Christian and you know while we go to the bar I go to church every Sunday and I'd like to read the Bible and I am Christian and people automatically okay I kind of know where you coming from I can see where you are and now I like that you can predict to me cuz you'll like me better so I have to

► 00:27:40

Aaron's in your head and I'll say some things that I repeated things that I've heard other people say about God and Jesus and God and go to church. It's a great what you kill time until death nullifies all meeting at the community that experiences that people have when they agree to be humble together describing curling inwards in Canada very popular rise to the tops of curling without humbling yourself yourself the minute you say I know your curly Sprite with a pickup that brought a big smile on your face it's not easy

► 00:28:40

so mad at me pictures of curlers on the wall as could not stop shiting legitimately upset of Mike is a Preposterous Endeavor you're sliding a rock on the ice and you don't fall very far on the excuse ready squatting people are leaning against brooms always never never on the light catches himself and sleep a little and catch yourself when you're watching the NHL and you'll see players that will just fall down

► 00:29:40

Volkswagen Scottish part where they used to use actual rocks they'd find in fields played on frozen lakes are frozen ones and there's a lot of stuff he's a wonderful curler David are you Scottish I'm from a very very Scottish Country Canada strange and Craig's or take that Gordon name Gordon Gordon of course because of Gordie Howe everyone named their kids gourd

► 00:30:40

is New York City okay animal for me please I watch the very first UFC 1 with I had a trip at the time and we invited was 20 years old at the time we was in town we just met him and he came over and soon as the sumo wrestler got his face kicked in and then spit a tooth out he was like I'm out of here I got to get out and we made him stay and watch them and that's what made him gay man

► 00:31:33

I don't think it knows he looked like he was all right as a kid

► 00:31:38

something went wrong or right boyfriend got you watch that fight that time I never found my perfect so you have to get remarried or do you just pretend we never got the money never got screwed up the paperwork for somehow and then yeah and then and then we just never got around to it again just didn't fix it good with organizing so we just said we were just separated for you know

► 00:32:38

like oh you know she was telling you just barely divorce like divorced they would go with it together and get all our family trips to the dark yeah but then our family trips together if we go to Hawaii it's like when we finally did get back together it was really just so it's mostly about the convenience of our friends

► 00:33:18

you know that this is going to make everyone else's life easier yeah cuz I don't need no supplies.

► 00:33:33

I ain't got divorced because the flash Colin Powell have you been married now 10 years and that's the only time you've ever been married eight is great good rate of success to drive a car if you need to 50% likely you would die in a crash so well it makes sense there's some parts of it that makes sense the problem is that it's become a business has become a business for people to try to squeeze his like that I'll never forget trying to talk to Phil and getting divorced give her hat and it's 2/3 + giveaway 2/3 and he was fucking freaking out about it yeah

► 00:34:33

the governor that the word was that that's why she killed him that he was leaving but that was he was finally leaving now and then that's when she killed them but when we were together with him it was always days or he would come to the set and just be just inhale floor of the studio granting living in my boat and then a day later and if you aren't back together with my Blushing Bride that's exact quote and raised had a quote

► 00:35:21

is everything is right there was not one good marriage on the show like everyone was going through a terrible marriage at the time I was proud that I was the one person was super psyched about that I wasn't on details and I wasn't therapy Steve rooted gotten divorced when he was the first one I think everyone be me or Phil will get divorced for us to know how bad it was for Steve I guess it's hard out there

► 00:36:01

tartar to make it hard to hard for people say together be nice to each other wait wait until you are an adult to remove really my dad almost on his deathbed told me don't do it you can't get married until you're Thirty that's a good move and I didn't say he was like don't do it don't do it before 30 cuz you don't know who you are you don't know what you're what's going on with I seen too many predatory marriages I've seen Women Marry men that don't really like cuz they know the man has money and I've seen I've seen the opposite

► 00:36:53

it's just such a weird thing when you're in enter into contractual agreement about romance like it's it's it's not just I I love you you love me let's let's have a celebration of our love and invite our friends over until everybody we've we've decided to engage each other in this very special commitment but then you start bringing lawyers yeah and then it gets weird and then you know you have weird state by state laws where there's common law marriages if you live with someone for 10 years and went wrong was when the first guy said I want to be a lawyer

► 00:37:33

like that was his decision I'm looking around in the think there's a lot of ugliness in the world I would guess so the laws of are essentially we're basically lawyers right what is a Pharisee like the Jewish the Jewish priests okay makes sense

► 00:37:58

a lot of my relatives when did it become a thing where it was you would go to law school and it was a respectable occupation and it would be good to know a good lawyer I think those things started out as not respectable and your people did them cuz they didn't have any other choice making all the money and then his ways to extract money he's going to be Weasley about it like that but then again time hadn't been codified an hour was basically decided by Community standards you know when was

► 00:38:57

is that true or created by the railroads you could drive you know you could drive from you know like from Denver to Fort Collins and the two cities will be completely different times how to sync up your watch with the town clock you have the clock in the main square and I'll get the time that's the time but when they start having to schedule railroads they realized well competitions to invent ways of synchronizing clocks between cities to get the initial reading I think they really was just a simple as will call this midnight or we'll call this noon you know and then you just went from there and there's none of the clocks for that accurate so time would shift overtime so it became that was like in like a nineteenth-century was a huge move to

► 00:39:57

trying to find a way to synchronize clocks and that drove a kind of drove a lot of the beginnings of Technology do you remember when you said you would call phone number to get the time back to the weather as well sometimes the time is exactly and 30 every day they have the Nationals time tone right at the secession of the long beep it will be exactly 1 p.m. I don't know why but that's when they would do it at 1 p.m. everyday the CBC with wood broadcast of tone

► 00:40:37

and I don't have time for the whole country wow I never would have guessed it time zones are created by the railroads but it totally makes sense before that nobody went anywhere you know Arizona still doesn't do daylight savings time like fuck you that's stupid like if you drive from Nevada to Arizona you're missing our good for IM Island that's right is there's a God is manifest destiny

► 00:41:37

State the people are so clearly like their ethnicity is so clearly defined like their Polynesian looking or fucking Florida or some shit it's it's like they're not from the European Heritage about what is permanent daylight savings time every day we get to get up an hour earlier earlier I charge of Arizona's on permanent Standard Time in the year-round Daylight Saving Times Fall by Hawaii in the territories of the American Samoa Joe Guam and minor outlying Islands wolf is a California let's be really bold and go for permanent daylight

► 00:42:37

everybody wants to kill themselves when it's night time now there's an interesting debate going on in Hawaii right now as to what is an invasive species because so much of the wildlife in in why was brought over yes and so there's there's some debate on certain islands where they want to eliminate the wild pigs cuz they say they are an invasive species and then the people are saying but we'll hold on because we kind of came after a lot of these wild pigs are dropped off by pirates pirates and people that were in a boating like they were traveling by boat across the world it would drop off goats and pigs on various Island so they would have something to hunt when they would come back for food cuz they knew that this would be a stop along the Route which clever clever Islands especially the goats a lot of mongoose

► 00:43:37

troll the rabbit population is about other rats things to control the rats that came in from again from shipping and then the Mongoose Pro starting nevermind I'll just all over the place and I met a joke about you know I'm looking for beavers cuz I didn't think they were beavers in Alaska cuz it's too cold they said no last 10 years we've got tons of beavers here cuz of global warming Realtors everywhere yeah beavers are migrating North never been never seen more aggressive mosquitoes it's like they know they only have two months to live and so you get out of your car they swarm you like a cloud it's crazy I've never seen anything like it in my life you would think tropical weather that's where the mosquitoes after fucking ferocious and they're huge

► 00:44:37

so whose live anyway like I said, shooting in Jeff Davis from that show and I guess where is Bill Murray's brother true Carrie and Sebastian to rotate through and I don't know likes of the tour Drew Carey might be the nicest person that's ever lived I don't know him well you might be the nicest guy ever Miss radio cancelled after that but it's up against true care. Ratings are always shit

► 00:45:37

if I remember Lou Morton worn by Riders showing up at the deed show up at the Reed deal with a different number on a shirt every week when we were in the real shit or when we're falling apart numbers number 98 out of a hundred no bulshit collerius what he would just show up with this fucking number on a shirt and I was like 88 is like a source of Pride when you can still be hanging on like when we're doing pretty good like the whole like we never really hit a hundred episodes we got to like 97 7 because NBC didn't own it

► 00:46:29

they did that with a bunch of shows they didn't own they do that on purpose prep for 5 shows they canceled it 97 episodes me the roll yeah syndication doesn't really exist anymore was the Charlie Sheen model that they did with that anger management show with a / whole new system first couple episodes do well fuck it we order a hundred and they produce them all in the year yes they just sold on Stumpf together they just they wrote it within 5 minutes and started filming yet writing on the Fly everything's dogshit Charlie makes up for episodes a week Charlie increase and SIP account had one of those old-timey ice guys that used to love her ice delivered the crack thing to his door machine yet

► 00:47:29

add A1 now that's good marijuana dispensary machines you must have to like show some sort of a ID provide proof of age but I guess if you just have your if you have a passport or VISA passport at the airport you know when you go through if you have like a global entry Google Fiber entry is the best joke you have to fuck with that giant lawn yeah the ultimate combo is TSA Pre and clear, and then they push it right into the line so nice people walk you there

► 00:48:29

walk you all the way clean clear clear all the way over to the on the people you're passing a series of events. I have to get this Canada but that doesn't mean the woods Canada clear-cut in most of the border with Canada is just a hundred-yard clear-cut in the forest

► 00:49:08

it's it's actually cut yards wide and that's the Border all across it's not what is it it's it's actually easier to cross the border than the surrounding area because they actually maintained that cut ya really so every year someone's job is to cut down the trees for a hundred yard space between the United States and Canada why is most of the Canadian border still let you know if your criminal you cross here additional charges will apply refugees coming into Canada mounties meeting them at the end they like the mounties are just act like now you understand that when you cross over here we will be arresting you there is the best of mine that's crazy 49th parallel says wow that's fucking crazy I bet that's

► 00:50:08

there's where your Terror should lost the opposite of a wall that's an actual welcoming path that shows how much we like Canada or how little you think about it will make it really it's easier. Relax yourself these are Canadian

► 00:50:34

which is the the bulk of illegal immigration to America is Canadians over staying there but no one cares what the thing is I don't think about Canada there's a lot of people in this country from a lot of other countries that just keep the fucking mouth shut ya nose like one of whatever they say no like they take an estimate on how many illegal aliens make that gas gas gas. Brian Cox on and he said when you talked about the the size of the universe yes most of it's just a guess based on the observable universe based on the number of galaxies they can see they're just guessing how many galaxies there are illegal immigration you just going to bed then you are with stars

► 00:51:34

I think the star thing the problem is now I'll put you this but I think it's that literally we don't have the capability to look past thirteen Point whatever billion you didn't really look like a big space and then yeah but then the vastness of the sky they've only actually like like looked at a fraction of it is so amazing because you realize what cable is different kinds of humans humans that are actually studying these insanely complicated equations that are trying to prove that the very nature of reality itself is like me or just listening going okay okay so real real big started

► 00:52:34

what started the Bang Mister smarty-pants Brian Cox Innovative in that he is an astrophysicist and he looks like a young David Cassidy is he he's a great guy I have a crush on them just once the live version of it which is interesting and apparently has a new show that's coming here and then filled with interlocking LED screens that apparently it's like this unbelievably gorgeous by the same people who did that movie with witchcraft and Interstellar

► 00:53:34

do you know his type of equations he he he worked at CERN you know he's like he's amazing breasts David Cassidy I mean genius rock star restaurant fuck your wife you got a real problem I think he was in Scritti Politti I mean you start with Stephen Hawking when you get to what's his name green Neil deGrasse Tyson in the old days later is so effective because most of that stuff is so dry and so difficult to it to wrap your head around but I don't need some

► 00:54:34

one someone Carl Sagan aging they can deliver that's why he's so nice and enjoyed it so much he loves talked about it so much that it becomes infectious there's a there's a lot of that stuff that's very difficult to follow when you try to look at the papers yeah zone out how much what I was trying to comprehend what was going on I had Lawrence Krauss on and I was trying to get him to explain some certain formulas and just be even when he's explaining them to you it doesn't have to click like you really have to explain French words to You by only speaking to you in French French

► 00:55:34

mathematical idea yeah I mean how can anything be infinite I mean I know it never ends will why is that difficult to grasp though that's the real question like why is why do we need everything to be defined by a very obvious beginning and an end because it's everything we experience has a beginning and at the same way what time is the experience at all if you're not sentient true what is it like there was a reason why we wanted things to have a beginning and an end like is it because we have our life and our life has a beginning and an end all the lives of people we know

► 00:56:34

obsessed with X17 beginnings and ends got to do you know and that it's all been for nothing is terrifying to people there's a little bit of that yeah there's a little bit of like doing it to create order in the community and there's a little bit of people find mushrooms and they need an explanation and Theory which is that

► 00:57:13

dress up that everything is meaningless but that only the brain-damaged are capable of conceiving of meaninglessness cuz our brains are meaning machines and that we evolved and it gives an evolutionary advantage that we give meaning to things like this after this is a table because we say it's a table it's not a table to a cat that's why I can't just get up and walk around on it from a mutual agreement we agree this is a table and that kind of meaning let us organize our lives better Hunters constantly bothers me is that we decide not to drive into each other cuz we painted a little line on the road not to cross that line two objects is your brother animals and so our brains just evolved and then we got to the point where you realize we're going to die without a will there's got to be some meaning there too so then we had to create myths that

► 00:58:13

who created meaning about our lives that's a very dangerous Loop of there's no meaning to everything and nothing has no mean nothing has meaning. That's a dangerous Loop for a person psychologically because you can get stuck in that and you can really but I don't think you can because it's impossible to conceive of unless you are seriously bring tammadge impossible to conceive it's it's you won't you can intellectually think about it but you can't you can't grasp it risen living in the now kind of the same as life has no meaning that you're not thinking about your life you're enjoying experience enjoying each interaction with people that judge that what's that what's that's a weird thing is it doesn't really matter

► 00:59:07

cuz you're going to create a point anyway like I was an existential psychology they had the there's like five different ways people can describe meaning metaphysical meaning reproductive meeting biological meaning or creative meaning like the works you do that somehow you live on and all these different ways you like a lot of atheists are attended the artist who believe that they live on through their work I would just totally a stupid is believing in God it is it's definitely silly I mean obviously someone's going to enjoy your work but I think the real meaning is in creating the work and then the fact that people can enjoy it if you're doing it because you want the live on forever you're more into the jungles of the Amazon to people who have never had any contact with the modern world and they drew a circle with two dots and a curved line and everyone sees a face everyone sees a face

► 01:00:07

people don't see a face or people who have been brain-damaged and can no longer form the meaning of those lines interesting because like that their artwork is very similar to our artwork in the fact that stick figures and they represent humans in a circle with all that stuff I had lunch with Erich von daniken last we oh my God yes very in truly very weird he's the guy who wrote Chariots of the Gods book at our house and you showing a slides what's the real story there I was wondering

► 01:00:49

mostly nonsense unfortunately mostly what it is is evidence of loss of positions ancient civilizations that were the work of Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson and a few other people that are being proven actually correct more and more I almost on a daily basis by new discoveries that show that that Civilization predates what we initially thought somewhere around the Great Pyramids which is like 2500 BC that was about as good as anybody gotten you go up packs like ancient Sumer which is about 6000 years ago and what they're saying is that know there was most likely a reset a global reset of civilization due to a cataclysmic disaster and there's a shit ton of evidence there's massive evidence in the form of this nuclear class that exists when there's asteroid impacts

► 01:01:49

and also there's a guy named dr. Robert schoch is on the first guy to propose this is actually when he freaked me out the podcast he said there was a mass coronal ejection that most likely cause a lightning storms like a rainstorm but lightning like that much lightning destroying the ground and the only people that survived a people that could get under cover the could get into Latin mass extinction of 60-plus percent of the large mammals in a very short window of time almost instantaneously at the end of the Ice Age like 10,000 + years ago there was a mile high ice and most of North America North America covered in ice then gone and all these all these areas all these points of interest point to this one One Moment In Time that somewhere between 10 and 12,000 years ago that some big event happened and that most likely just crippled civilization and then people had to re

► 01:02:49

whatever people were around at one point got wiped out except for like one Village and it was only that everyone is of everyone has descended from the same group of about five thousand people that's for the super volcano that erupted somewhere around 70,000 years ago they think this is predating this cataclysmic is that they are pretty sure wiped human beings down to a few thousand folks that supervolcano there's there's a super volcano that knocked everybody down

► 01:03:30

will find it be the worst place to go in New York is choking that's the worst watching people eat homeless folks in the street there's no there there in just messing up some of that so therefore they must have been drawn for your alien so I can know if you believe God is looking down on you you're going to drop big paintings for God to look at so you don't need that but not right but now I'm more

► 01:04:30

the thing I become obsessed with lately is skepticism about UFOs that's why I want to talk to you about this because you told me that you've become obsessed with UFOs completely I don't know what it is but it's because you're just way too much evidence that it is real whatever radar evidence the F-16 locked on a UFO that footage and also just like an old friend of ours I don't know if she wants to say it but her father was an air traffic controller and he told her that every air traffic controller has seen something a commercial pilot and she said yeah my dad said every single pilot has seen something about it we have a couple of friends

► 01:05:30

one is a little easier to wrap your head around because when you're sleeping your brain is producing all sorts of endogenous psychedelic chemicals almost all of these experiences happen when your sleeping almost always experience with these people are abducted or taken from their beds which is when they're dreaming and not you not get crazy but it doesn't knock out like Barney and Betty Hill when all the people that are ducted will fully conscious and that and that remember it without hypnotherapy so I would have to know them cuz there's a lot of people that I've liked I did a show for Syfy call Joe Rogan questions everything and nonsense with with conspiracies and we can talk about this to actually study it so for 6 months that's basically all I did

► 01:06:30

read people and Bigfoot Believers UFO Believers and the one thing that they have in common is they all seem to be kind of lost and dependent upon this thing being real instead of being a lady that I interviewed that saw Bigfoot on the truth but I think she saw bare Bears walk on two feet all the time they do it all the time in the studio for did you get to find it all the time and she was in the Pacific Northwest which is incredibly dense Woods you see something you Glimpse it like I was hunting once and in Canada and Alberta and I thought I saw a wolf for like 2 seconds it was a squirrel it's okay I understand that because it's really dance was across the Rosie the wolf or coyote was hard to tell if it was at dusk was very

► 01:07:30

workout but when you're looking for something you think everything is that thing you're looking very linked yes 50% of everything you see is a product of memory that that when you observe something they've done FM fmri Cynthia most of the activity of the brain is in the memory Center is not in the visual centers only about 50% of the kids I went and saw Carl Sagan speak you have to pay at the University of Toronto and I was like you know 14 but he doesn't equation on the board of the possibility of alien life other than us in the universe and it came to the smallest I mean he spent the whole time writing on the chalkboard it was fascinating he actually came up with a number

► 01:08:30

at the end and it was such a small he says there is there is something out there but they are so far away

► 01:08:41

yeah that unless I can go faster than the speed of light which he said was impossible that's what he said so if some other beings have conquered the speed of light thing then maybe we could see them yeah but that's a promise skepticism in general is like that it looks like the skeptic Skeptics of the 19th century were the ones who said dreams don't exist people who said germs did exist were ridiculed and laughed out of the trade right and I agree with you completely you can't see it happening stay if there'd been no exoplanets discovered then we now those are literally trillions and trillions of sure planet Earth like planets

► 01:09:37

yeah but they didn't they just speculators to the existence of them outside of our solar system before the real problem is that if some there's a leap and a leap a technological leap that opens the doors to massive Innovation once this happens once this happens in this and then all this stuff sort of exponentially expands in terms of the technological possibilities all you would need is a few hundred years and you have an unrecognizable set of Technology idea that they're still trying to figure out that's an insane source of energy even experienced a grain of sand City

► 01:10:35

so they've the speed of light barrier becomes moot because there's like it's just a holographic Quantum hologram their Quantum holographic theory of the universe Roberts book I can't remember holographic Universe edits that would you look at it from a certain angle seems folds into itself so you could answer a call Through the Wormhole thing that space time is an illusion and that it doesn't really exist and that's why you no like entanglement is possible spooky action-at-a-distance reason that you know these going to Adams on opposite ends of the universe can be affected each other instantaneously have to say it isn't is cuz they're not really an opposite ends of the universe there really right next to each other

► 01:11:35

seems like they're adopted into the uterus cause our ability to perceive is basically based on what we have to do to stay alive on this planet so our meager little chimp brains trying to trying to quantify all these things are around us all the time so we put them into this so the three dimensional box of movement and distance and Tire in a compact thing that protects itself like a hologram on do a screen I love these kind of conversations cuz I'm clearly too stupid to really understand what when I don't understand I don't understand anything I just said and I don't understand you two so how stupid does that make me about politics Wendy's is the assumption that there extraterrestrials in this option but the power of ridicule to silence even the most intelligent people in our community

► 01:12:35

from examining something like the ridicule kept doctors from accepting germs sure cuz they didn't want to they didn't want to be ridiculed by their peers and even I you've got people look like Michael Shermer will cling to the most absurd explanations for phenomena like the F-16 radar footage remember it but it was it was pretty it really went to Great Lengths that entailed having to basically diminish any respect you have for any of the people who reported on the events and had to go into had to go into character assassination in order to eliminate it had him debate Randall Carlson and Graham Hancock about these ancient civilizations it wasn't very good for him like now what are some funky moments

► 01:13:35

what the problem is there instead of being skeptical about something that mean you should be objective be skeptical but I know for sure that that's not true but it serves a massive purpose for people that really don't understand things and he can explain it to you with actual science as long as the actual science is being used and it's not carry excess Nation it's not mockery it's not it's not there's certain people that are just deep bunkers they call themselves Skeptics but they would not look anything like oh maybe that is effective maybe that is healthy that is interesting and no they don't look at it that way they're looking they're trying to pick it apart and that's fine if you can pick it apart but if you cannot do you have to be objective about the fact that this is a very interesting phenomenon in that this is what we know about science is it in this is what we know about this thing and

► 01:14:35

now we have to do we have a weird conundrum of the Gods man did he was he was he a Believer what is the first thing I asked him was what is the most compelling piece of evidence is it that you know and he pointed to this some a Mayan stone plaque that's in Palenque, have you ever seen it it's one of their former kings that is lying on his back and he's looks like he's moving some of that thing it's a really cool carving that they found that looks like there's a guy who is in a seat and it looks like there's fire behind his back and you could say say that he's manipulating controls on a ship

► 01:15:35

you know she can rock it into the heaven I would like to see what the the mainstream version of that is cuz all so it could just be art be the day they knew about certain things being propelled by fire there it is yeah that's it so if you see this mean that's a big a stretch to say that guys in a spaceship I don't know what the fuck that is he's sitting down right but what does that mean is maybe just got a telescope and maybe it's just astronomer yeah it is possible I don't think they had telescopes I don't think a telescope was even invented till know they even have glass at that point I don't know if the Mayans did but that was his number one piece of evidence was like that's kind of silly and Chariots of the Gods

► 01:16:35

everything was so new to look at this image look at the bottom of it even the part where the flame supposed to be coming out from below him very very bottom but I mean I'm not even sure I buy that if you were going to drop fire you do a really shity job if that's your fire doesn't really look like fire to me fire like what is all the stuff around them what's all that stuff that they look kind of mechanical the right Lucy does bolts does today have a fire God maybe they drew the fire God looks like a monkey kind of face with titties monkeys got some titties I'll now I got it right and then that's the first Hooters open to interpretation there's so much that you could see if you're looking to see but what I do see is this guy who's reclining and yeah

► 01:17:35

what's that thing hanging across him to see that thing across his arm is the number one most compelling evidence at this point different kinds of plants that had lysergic acid in them it was I had a great tour in Chichen Itza we went through we hired a guide who was a professor who's fantastic was really good who's he was really loved Mayan civilization a super passionate about it and then he found out that I read a bunch of books on and he was really excited about it so he took us to these all these different areas but there was one area where they had this like like Hall where they would just get fucked up and is like this is this is where they would do their their psychedelics and it would take different forms of play

► 01:18:35

there's a bunch of different plants like morning glory seeds really a morning glory seeds the same ones you find today lot of people don't know that morning glory seeds actually contain what is the active compound I think it's a cousin of LSD it's it's something psychoactive it's very closely related and what you would do would do as they would make it through take the morning glory seeds they would they would soak them and I think they would smash them and make a cake and bake it so that l s a l s a l s a lysergic acid lysergic acid concentrated so when you felt after this engineered morning glory seeds many of them to not be is psychoactive you've done things to them because we're getting high off morning glory seeds was that funny

► 01:19:35

trip morning glory seeds he bought them and smash them up teens trying to get high sick and after eating flower seeds do you know they bought flower seeds recently probably heard me talk about it but see that appeals to many acid amide LSA closely resembles LSD but see all of them don't have that no one else got sick with a nausea vomiting and introspection inspection is sickening apparently that's how a lot of the Mayans take LSA

► 01:20:35

this. These to take morning glory seeds and McKenna said that when he did it he saw a lot of like classic Mayan iconography he saw like a lot of imagery so maybe that's just how it reacts with the brain I could be really plausible theory is another theory that's a little more slippery and this one is very woo and the ideas that every experience you have like say if you take mushrooms right when you're eating mushrooms you're not just having an experience where your brain is interacting with the substance but you are in fact experiencing all of the people that have ever interacted with this trip so that that's one of the reasons why psilocybin is so potentially potent is that you're not just accessing we're talking about morning glory seeds and getting high on morning glory seeds that this was something at the mines did

► 01:21:35

but Derrick McKenna was saying that when he did it he saw all this I think you said either mine or Egyptian iconography saw a lot of like images that were very similar to like these ancient civilizations and the thought is that either this is what it's doing to your brain or the more woowoo thought is that when you are having a psychedelic experience specially when you're consuming something like a fungus-like psilocybin that you're not just having this experience where this chemicals interacting with your brain but you're entering into the realm of all the previous experiences that human beings have had with this which is one of the reasons why psilocybin has such a rich history and these are incredibly potent experiences when you do take psilocybin and then also Ayahuasca when you take that people see Jaguars and snakes and all these different things and so the thought behind that is that you are interacting with all the experiences that all these you have that problem

► 01:22:35

with these with these various substances genetic inside you like more of your men who knows when you saw me to take McKenna said that ketamine which at the time when he was alive he died in the early early 2000s right I think you died like early 2000 ketamine was a weird drug to take cuz it seems like no one had taken it yet that you would take it and it's like you were in an empty office building like it's all built but there's no one in the building whereas if you're taking LSD or if you're taking psilocybin you've this all these experiences that people had so it's like the drug itself or the compound itself absorbs experiences of the user and transfers them to the next users very will will psilocybin

► 01:23:35

like if that's possible if you need 5 grams of mushrooms and that happens like God damn it I'll take whatever you got what else you got what else you tell me if I can treat intractable depression my my parents had a I had a friend who was experimented on in Canada as a with LSD know what time it was a CIA was the government the CIA was experimenting on Canada on Canadians back then was harder than I'd like that

► 01:24:35

bomber I know about the Buena bumper part he was a part of the LSD Harvard studies is a documentary about it it's really interesting was like a sixteen-year-old kid when he first went to Harvard cuz he was so fucking smart that he would it was entering the harbor at 16 years of age and there was a psychologist that was working at Harvard at the time that he is has been photographed with and was friends with and he was a part of this program this guy was notoriously ruthless with his application of LSD about this a lot lately I think that he was onto something and this is what he was on to what he was onto he's trying to kill people that we're creating technology because he felt like technology is going to be the end of humans

► 01:25:35

is right as right as they didn't know what the doses were they were just experimenting with that cuz I can keys and Larry Roe program not by human oh yeah I was like what painting service in it now but once they figure out a way to make a reality that's indiscernible from the reality that we're currently experiencing just it's around the corner to happen to billion years ago and we're just living in it. You only know what's in front of you you know what I mean shortly yeah and if you've done you know the

► 01:26:33

you know what is at the Oculus stuff and all that has roof to get into that mean we have everything in a very similar to jump off a building a high-rise and yeah, yeah I guess they figure out a way to give you some experiences that you can't tell one of those experiences were real. Then the aliens are filled with the land and that is sentient that is also completely autonomous I can run itself and decide for itself it's only a matter of time it's not a matter of this is not like HG Wells science fiction

► 01:27:33

a hundred years ago like we just guessing this is just so this is like you could see it coming there any have machine learning their you have certain artificial intelligence that certain things about you and Siri is still a dumb cunt what's better Bixby or Siri Siri Siri never use it I have a castle is incredibly back to be able to have a terrible voice or coach of Eddie's father

► 01:28:33

how do you do 5 / 6 more seasons on Netflix or something to push that angle little bit CBS movie Mysteries is like with Columbo and was terrible ancillary kind of soft crabs at magic magic magician who solved sell it and I got another meeting I got to go and he leaves

► 01:29:33

is a guy who is Immortal he was an Egyptian this is a pitch to me asking to play this guy who is a mortal sin back then in a woman put a curse on me because I was like banging her sisters appointment and the curse was that you would live forever so here I was many thousands of years later I had to pretend that I was a regular person and I can never die and that was the sitcom that was a problem when I met the guy and he's wearing bowling shoes but he wasn't going bowling my shoes are interesting to do that guy's phone number when there was the writer teams but it was always the other guy was really funny

► 01:30:33

one of those guys would get a lot of money and then you know there was a guy you just typed

► 01:30:39

taper fade the fucking timer on the typer there's a lot of that with the team the team has always seemed to be like we can just hire a typist. Until I had so many of them one one year were they gave me a shit ton of money and we never did anything. That's all the money I had three months I had about four right after Newsradio increase smaller smaller networks it's an issue of obsessing your your more recent obsessing about UFOs what's the origin of this says you have to take this seriously

► 01:31:39

and yet no one does or very very few people didn't even like that again that if 16 footage that even Neil deGrasse Tyson who is a great skeptic said on one of the line that actually Sable if you really want to look at the possibility of some non-human intelligence that F-16 stuff is pretty compelling what is the F-16 stuff that list of the to the Stars Academy put out of his the CIA brilliant musician I never meant fucking 182 to go do this to the Stars Academy said he's the biggest goddamn okay here's something interesting about this and this was pointed out like by okay video film by a fighter jet shows an unknown object near San Diego

► 01:32:40

video from 2012 is released by the US Department of Defense

► 01:32:45

Huawei moves there's something about the way it moves is really weird huh object was not from this world in order to dismiss that they have to go will fantastic make arguments like that jet fighters are not better observers than anyone else towards take on that Mick board the guy who runs deep what is a MetaBank medabots who runs a debunking site and he's another one of those guys that is all in with the the conventional explanation goes way out of his way to not look at anything that could be which is the opposite of author's real Occam's razor says something right that's not falling Occam's razor says if the Jet Pilot says he saw this time during the video

► 01:33:45

where the pilot shifted from One X 2 to X which makes the image move more because you're you have magnification Lakeview use magnifying I confuse 15 x by nose is very difficult to hold in the sky. Got but $6 worth of stabilization equipment on your jet walked onto this object which is why that stays in lock he had an extra day off or something like that it just did one point does the author just breaks free the lock and that's almost impossible I have a question possible for anything that man has bills to do what the quality of camera today why is this footage so shity

► 01:34:45

smoke signals visually it's so far it's so far it would be what is he saying that the larger for my stupid eyes for all you make sure you are talking about the Right video there's two that are confused he were talking about the gimbal video which is not from the Nimitz incident discussed here let's go down a little bit

► 01:35:13

the gimbal video is an okay yeah that's when we looking at it's an unknown date and location from an app from unknown Pilots know the tick tock one some sides are known Pilots you know that's 2004 okay that's David fervor the media's discusses videos Tom DeLonge to the Stars the link contains the frames with the saying keep going keep going keep going the Black Sheep on the object some kind of infrared Flair glare we know the shape of a very bright infrared Source like the engine of a plane to me much bigger than the object itself is explain to your can I see this like a player is a living. Capable of Breaking Free from the Locke write a talk on the phone if you look at that you can see the jet his own example

► 01:36:13

right be moving the video that this guy doing probably a few hours research has come up with something that is more credible than a trained fighter pilot who is there and Visually seeing it what do you think of the tracking of you I guess I don't know I don't get Crazy Craft is the crafting piloted intelligently why aren't they talking to us. You're right leaving fucking plastic straws everywhere I go you know there was a reason why why don't they go to the White House was so why would do when you look at an ant colony go I must speak to the queen you know

► 01:37:13

it was thing about like the old movies ideal movies with land on the White House lawn yeah bro to fly to chase the end of the movie he is he is killed and resurrected that's right they shoot the robot

► 01:38:13

very tall like he looks like you would want a robot to look 1950s the days we thought that they would communicate like a whole rash of them that were seen over Washington DC yeah there was a period of dozens of UFOs tracked and admitted by the government as they were tracking them and watching them but they essentially then nothing particularly important and I feel a rotor off as a lunatic when I first started pretty funny in 2008 with a scoop out of my back and I'm like a scoop they take a scoop out of your bag she showed on their back shoulder there was a hexagonal diamond shapes

► 01:39:13

poop out of her back

► 01:39:16

a divot. News hexagonal clearly clearly and no Scar Tissue when she was a little punch a hole punch back deck to the bookstore at the time years ago when I went into the ailing section was the world's biggest bookstore in Toronto in the name of it all this crap up immediately and there are other people with the scoop there's a lot of other people with abduction stories and some of them have like little pieces of something in their body. This many many years ago was like on Monday to interested or talked about people that have alien implants in your body yeah I'm kind of obsessed with now is just the kids were Comedians and the power of ridicule to silence debate is unbelievably potent

► 01:40:16

and we're part of that were part of the Machinery that was used very very consciously by the government to silence any inquiry you know it was like you know feeding it enough reading the story the right way too late night talk show hosts made it so that nobody would talk about it so do you think that the government consciously fed those ideas like Johnny Carson in those folks Nation event of a protein out of the date you know to to make

► 01:40:46

the UFO phenomena ridiculous you think they did that to avoid Mass hysteria like if you were here the government and you know there's nothing out there but you see these people freaking out you okay look weed look we've used all of our military might all of our scientific power and we we don't see shit I'm not buying this but these people are freaking out this has the real potential to get out of hand go sideways honest but I think it's more likely that there's something there that they feel powerless to control do you think Kennedy was taken down into the basement of whatever and shown the alien sitting there as what I said about aliens with money in regards to Trump if there's anybody that would fucking tell us in Chatham

► 01:41:46

I'm at Area 51 never going to show it to Trump that's the problem that to become president Matt you get all the access to your files I might go. They saw something that was back in the seventies where everybody was seeing shit they were all talking about things as part of the Zeitgeist people were legit like after Close Encounters of the Third Kind especially people on legitimately thinking that aliens were going to come such a possible scenario is that movie was so good it wasn't anything you've expended was going to be like if they have 16 blocked you know footage like rendlesham Forest

► 01:42:46

were they the they claims that these American soldiers in the woods in England Mystic the lighthouse Lighthouse light

► 01:42:57

for a spacecraft

► 01:43:00

that they were within 20 feet of a craft that they saw and took notes on did drawings of yeah they were not even like right up against it and they never wrote down notes all like difference of hieroglyphs on the ship itself described it to see no describe the the feel of it is electrostatic field of being around it and the official explanation was they mistook a lighthouse several miles away for the spacecraft so Occam's razor against us

► 01:43:29

that's hard to believe that these trained observers that's how they always try to dismiss the idea that trained observers are better observers but they are better observers Shore today where everyone has a high-definition camera to photograph of the moon on your on your phone comes out of the lenses are trained observers who have been on this base for years on this night would mistake a lighthouse that they've seen every night for the entire time they've been on this base for a UFO

► 01:44:15

I mean what is the the likelihood of that that explanation is correct I'm not aware of that store has enforced and rendlesham rendlesham Forest was too nice character actor on Columbo were you afraid there was the installations are always ripe with UFO stories segmentation is these observers saw something described it accurately is it something that it crashed if you want to say that it came down was was landed in the forest and then took off

► 01:45:15

because that has the cover stories for are so much less believable then an alien yeah I just have a joke about it put on the paper that they have recovered a crashed UFO and alien bodies in the next day or so. We made a mistake was just a balloon

► 01:45:30

what What About Us by we just invented some new stuff. Nowhere and then 30 years later the altitude dummies that we are dropping to test how they would fall visibility cloaks they showed up again the next day with a bunch of weather balloon scraps to Wright-Patterson Air Force in two separate planes in the Truman met them there whether the weather balloon thing is not as rational as something weird happened and I want it to be an alien so bad

► 01:46:30

I won't feel like I'll be skeptical about something just seems crazy or people that you know belief service crabs are the metaphysical explanation for all this might my thing is just well if the preponderance of the evidence that something happened but doesn't tell you what happened then you still have to believe something happened not knowing what happened isn't evidence that it didn't happen and yet you're still a flat earther yeah have you looked outside it seems why have you studied hashtag phase space is fake know who's lived in tickets Dumber vase is fake of the people that are dumber than them they think that this space is fake space is fake has no space religious it's

► 01:47:30

it's all about the firmament in the Bible about the dates it's very strange cuz I stars are in the sky over Earth I need a website but I have full again cuz I'm 56 that's incredible Explorer ocean human Doug Earth

► 01:47:59

who makes poor Ocean Suddenly discover Thousand Mile outer space studies all these Russian troll farms in the mockbee I wonder how much of that is damn that the Russians like the house I side Flat Earth space is fake department or they just because it's always an English I don't think there's a lot of Flat Earth Russian proponents got if I was one of those guys that I would want that to be my department

► 01:48:31

they call people Globe Tardes or Globe heads if you believe in early with round. I've seen some of these memes cuz they're so wonderful just like this is just rich I had the worst Uber ride with a guy know who was flat earther yeah he was and he was a computer programmer yeah a computer programmer / flat earther and thereby Drive Uber not working at Nasa the whole time while he while he drove me crazy and drove me he knew what he was doing I think and do it on purpose I think so how do you start off so I bet you're one of those guys believes the earth round huh well I talked about the beautiful view from the plane and pick me up at the airport and then you know it's so beautiful is sunset over the curvature of the earth until it started

► 01:49:26

not really the curvature of the Earth

► 01:49:28

that's how it started. Oh my God point where I was I think I think I tore my clothes off so insane there's so many of them now and you'll we we've uncovered the origins of it what we think the origins of it it was us a troll from 4chan 4chan was fucking around they started promoting this idea that the Earth is actually that's where it started from that free bleeding movement started from other what that is expressing their power by not controlling their menstrual cycle with pads or tampons is bleeding through pants to show their power yeah they did it on 4chan as a joke and then we started doing in real life real thought it was like this is a way these people are disgusted by mention there's something else on the patriarchy by showing your pussy blood

► 01:50:28

our fortunes draft they just are so good that they're so good at starting his goofy ass fucking little movements and then getting people behind it it's like a it's like a game it's probably a bunch of really smart people some of them not so smart but some of them really smart that are stuck at their desks and they're bored as shitt with some computer job somewhere and I think of the meantime they just decide to fucking people we're talking about flat earthers and free bleeding the free bleeding movement for to buy not controlling their menstrual cycle but just letting the blood leak out into their pants and they did it as a joke it's so hard to mock but it's always hard to figure out like what is mockery and what's a real exact what is parity and what's with me

► 01:51:28

have you do you know the James Lindsay Peter boghossian what's the woman's name the one with the grievance studies hoaxes do you know you worry about a fever goes into professor at University of Portland and I think that's the school he's in Portland and he decided to with these other academics publish these fake papers on like raping dog parks and like like like cisnormative like the people who love them ridiculous things like fat bodybuilding like bodybuilding contest a contest for fat people like to talk about the important with the importance of these things like things that you would read and you would think would be obviously a parrot eat someone's walking around they submit these these academic journals not only get published but they get praised for for their scholarship and then they

► 01:52:28

came out today we're fucking with you guys is all joke you know you guys love these papers you moron and this is problem part of the problem with the humanities today that things are so sideways in terms of like it's so difficult to find out what's what's parody and what's reality

► 01:52:48

it's insane synonym same time is insane as it gets exactly yeah and we'll just very all the structures that used that for good or for bad would filter things down argon yeah you know like you know everything over to powerful people to filtered what we were given to know there used to be an agreement of common sense that used to hang around and I think we're going to accept that cure cuz you know Elon is working on some sort of neural link things that we all know if someone is telling the truth and we're going to be able to I'll take another step further I think they're going to create a universal language a universal language of probably is augmented reality augmented reality language

► 01:53:48

shapes or some kind of symbolism Citizen and we're going to be the most people to adopt it and then it's going to be Universal worldwide in with augmented reality and some sort of ability to interact with each other through I remember the first time I heard about Cochlear implants that's the first thing that popped in my head is this is the start yeah this is the shortest interface with apple watches on a computer to you all the time and then and then we don't know something accessing the entire story of human knowledge

► 01:54:48

Vons other thing that he said on the podcast security of cyborg give a phone it just it's not in your body but it's not you're holding onto I forgot that was the protection of all this early eighties and was prediction in the one thing they predicted was that the Next Generation the first line of that I remember was that it's all about information about sharing information to figure out a way to share information with that's when I saw the cochlear implant I thought well if you're all right see your your brain is interpreting an electronic signal as information directly it's bypassing the ear entirely and it's just in the wrong connection is that that eventually is how we will access the internet will access the internet as though it is our own thoughts

► 01:55:43

it'll be as easily as I remember your name I will remember any other fact that is on the record speed at Matrix and we'll all be part of the same chili will be like a peripheral thing you be able to tap into it or not as you as you wish but I think as time goes on it's going to be more and more integrated do you like distinguish right from your own mind wired into the wall and you got out to the airlock to get online now everything's instantaneous answer your phone and this isn't remember when we were on Newsradio I first got an Apple computer and got online and I was fucking fascinated I couldn't believe any to CompuServe the first the first day of the first chat with somebody I remember in 1993 and it was because

► 01:56:43

online I know when I went to the Louvre site sure to see who watched download in about 30 minutes and that was it. It's okay it's like I'm at the Loop you had a program on your laptop this is like 96 you had a program on your laptop that kept crashing but when it worked was amazing as we give you the news yes as a screensaver yes as a screensaver technology and I wish that I had I had an ISDN line in my house I remember would give me 128

► 01:57:43

could get like really high speed internet in the ground give me a business pipe five cheese faster they say it's Christmas hundreds of times can I change clothes are gone now forever question is like where are we storing all the stuff we're only storing it in ones and zeros like we're talking about the demise of civilization the past but that's what that's what probably I mean every society probably I don't think they reached at 10,000 years ago every society probably reach has some point where everything is just ones and zeros on a database somewhere

► 01:58:43

but also if something happens in the grid goes down and we hit right if I brought everything short of what dr. Robert schoch was talking about if there's a lightning storm that really torches buildings and starts everything on fire good luck if human beings just skip a generation like we have a generation of turmoil and chaos and and then we slowly rebuild civilization how many of those people can understand computer code how many of these people can't understand Linux how many days people that are coming up without any education from a former University no internet connection whatsoever for decades perhaps hundreds of years like the resetting a civilization you talked about earlier start all over again aliens come cuz I know we can't do anything but draw sheet on flight app

► 01:59:43

what's the weirdest thing about the alien theory was that they came down and genetically manipulated lower hominids are that they are they are a later evolved version of Us coming back to check on us about that archetypal image of the alien with a grey head if you go you go down from Australia pithecus to home modern Homo Sapien if you make this connect you see this hunched over very hairy almost chimp like a humanoid and then standing up at but losing all of its hair and the head is much larger doubling of the human brain size of a. Of 2 million years is that going to keep going what keeps going this is what you going to get you guys

► 02:00:43

it's true that terrible love her throat so that the of the function the realize that saves a lot of time SC gives you time to get stuff done, I'm already there and it's more of a meritocracy tits and ass you don't have that anymore there's no more that you just wasted time I thought so transparently add a giant head to move sit around never have to leave your house that was the other like your pod there's a guy that worked supposably know if you really worked at Area 51 but the the the whole story was that our galaxy

► 02:01:40

where is just dealing with him as an individual to go okay this guy isn't you know he isn't that the Firebrand UFO believer that some people want to be and he's not the lunatic the other people wanted to be but he didn't tell the truth about his education right is not the case is there some some finagling about yeah we'll definitely like you the records of his education if they if he was telling the truth those records aren't around anymore right now so if you was telling the truth somebody expunged Janiyah and he's and he's basically his argument as well if I didn't have this education why was I hired to do this job right you know I mean I was hired to do this research by the government and then they have the records of me doing the research so why do they let me do this research world is yours if I didn't have the education to do it but would there be someone went to school with them like dunking your friends from high school right. Many I do have some friends then go yeah

► 02:02:40

Bob Lazar can say yeah he's out there what is it called Bob Lazar it's an emailed me about that but it's

► 02:03:06

but they're so bad even this one is just bad filmmaking right you know if points are Area 51 and flying saucers that's it Jeremy Corbell rose garden house key but it's what you've seen the most I know what I saw and out of the blue. Demento the oven on my end and I know what I saw is one side of tracing the the participants in the the disclosure hearings at the Press Club in Washington

► 02:04:06

I love the man I really wish they're real but I'm telling you my experience talking to these people when I did that sci-fi shows like now is all nonsense that maybe those people were not since but the train military air traffic controllers Pilots government officials like beef the governor of Arizona is one of the guys in I know what I saw in out of the blue dress to talk about how much he deeply regrets doing that this is from out of the blue tens of thousands of people saw these craft and we lied we came out we lied and I don't

► 02:05:06

felt like people are in a state of panic and he thought he could relieve some of the fear by making a joke of it and he said he really regretted really just wanted to make relax people cuz he didn't even know what else to do we said he didn't he said I saw it everyone else. And I didn't know how to calm people down so I made this joke and he said he regrets it then look to this day UFO experience as an alien experiences were people really dive into them that seems to be the AC The Atheist version of religion to a lot of these folks that I dismiss you know I don't think that's likely to be the case of they're here to save us or they're not Believers a really into it it seems to be that that instead of focusing on a deity they're focusing on an alien civilizations bring it to the house

► 02:06:06

yeah that when we decide to point those nuclear weapons at each other and the Yankees going to come down and I'll come down at the last minute talk to Russia and Trump and go ahead and what's not but where were they have during Hiroshima and Nagasaki will you know right after we're right afterwards was when a giant swarm of UFO sightings happened right after the nuclear bombs were dropped yeah that's when the big uptick in UFO sighting Gap and a lot of the guy that you said about the incidents are at nuclear missile sites are getting going for fuel or something like that and I mean one in Arizona somewhere they they were UFO showed up and shut down the entire launch system

► 02:07:01

they all the missiles went offline at the same time and it's not it's documented and it's in the records of the time. Don't but all of the missiles went offline don't seem like I'm literally right in the middle where I live on this thing is I really don't know not quite in the middle I'm in the desperately wanted to be real but I feel it's not I'm still calling bowlshit my desire is to where I wanted to be a real Bigfoot that bothered me I really do you came as a big believer now it came out of the second Harry and the Henderson is not suit this is him and his college friends they made their the Bigfoot in the in the famous video that's pop now that's a promise

► 02:08:01

there's a video of Bob Bob heironimus was friends with the story that Bigfoot stories a real problem cuz that's the robber the Patterson film Patterson was a con man who went to jail for writing a bad check the pay for the very camera used to film Bigfoot he went out looking to film Bigfoot they had a fucking suit me he was trying to get a suit they got all that Bob hirano's is a big tall guy who walks like Bigfoot's that superimposes Bob hieronimus walking on one side and Bigfoot on the other side at the same time fucking this is it's the guy it's him and by the way Bigfoot looks like a guy in a Bigfoot ever look at a swan things that you see a gorilla it does not look like a person in a gorilla suit right now the hips are the different class

► 02:09:01

it's so dumb that the people that buy in that believe it's like come on let's just look at it see me to find that footage Bob heironimus right next to the Bob hieronimus as Bigfoot I mean there's a there's a video on YouTube where they show the stabilized image of animal moving crossed by the way I've been to that area where they saw that thing that's really interesting clear evidence that the structure of this Bigfoot hunter doesn't match human sticks to compelling interesting aspect of Bigfoot is that there was an animal called gigantopithecus that existed yeah as recently as a hundred thousand years ago and they found teeth in the 19th

► 02:10:01

counties in Apothecary shop in China that were an unknown hominid and then there were like where'd you get these and then they found the area where they found them and they started discovering more and they found some jaw bone fragments and some very bones at this look at that guy he did mention it's fucking him talked about it he said that you told the story they said all right ready to go start exactly in a big ol stupid fucking furry suit and you have Bigfoot that's great it's a hundred percent him of the thing was a bipedal hominid that lives somewhere around a hundred thousand years ago for sure but most likely coincide and this thing

► 02:11:01

8 to 10 ft tall and not an image of the photo of a recreation of a gigantopithecus next to a modern human beings really interesting it was huge huge by penis fossil record of it considered mythical creatures until like a scroll up Jamie there's a better image right above you cuz I'm always shows a man with a the the fake Bigfoot wrapped around his

► 02:11:42

keep scrolling there's a that's a good one eight foot tall gigantic Hairy Ape creature I wouldn't touch it like right now From Russia with bears so that's a real animal so that's probably why there's so many mythological stories about this thing the Native Americans have more than a hundred different names for these creatures along various products that they thought was extinct for a run I could see ligeros there's a lot of animals that we think are extinct that probably aren't but that one is very unlikely one cuz it's you know would need an enormous Supreme food

► 02:12:42

but the thing about it is that the sightings occur all in the Pacific Northwest which if you follow the Bering land mass that's where they would have come across if they came across with humans they would have come across into Alaska where there's a lot of sightings and down into the Pacific Northwest where there's a lot of sightings sightings over the country now know there's not knows it on yeah yeah it's all Asia actually Asians where they find them inside of an Africa right tiny people that's not a person. That's why did some it's it's compelling in the sense that there was a bunch of different kinds of hominids that existed you know they don't know that we eat we interbred with neanderthals that's most of us which is interesting

► 02:13:42

who is black people had it would be a really controversial subject you know but it said it's dumb white people like me have 57% more Neanderthal DNA than the average person I'm pretty sure a lot of Europeans you know in a bread with no I'm not at all 300,000 we drove them into Extinction ruin their purity

► 02:14:42

Hobbit person thing that they found the island of Flores didn't know until it's 8. Human person like thing that they was like 3 ft tall and had large feet not bro that's fourteen thousand years ago they found yeah yeah they coexisted with modern humans because they're probably cannibalism but they preyed upon our children stuff like that they hate us

► 02:15:42

issue with them like invading and trying to see them it's a really common thing actually delicious that's why people like slam on Flannery to sell to people in Papua New Guinea where do I get this awful about people in New Guinea that were cannibals never talking to them after World War II and they were trying to figure out how the Europeans once they found out how many people were killed during World War II they were trying to figure out how the Europeans man to eat that much meat yeah and then they told him no they don't eat the people they kill and they were horrified least you waste all the all the people you kill in battle

► 02:16:42

what's a waste if you killed him to battle who you thought was a great warrior that's what brings you back to the whole UFO thing that makes it so compelling to me so we have really serious protocols for dealing with uncontacted tribes we don't engage uncontacted tribes and we find a mean University degree vloggers do in the Amazon and assholes and mean people but the communities we should leave these people alone and so when they find these uncontacted tribes with its North Sentinel Island where that missionary was killed recently or the Amazon when they're you know going through these jungles and finding these small bands of people they are overwhelmingly everybody wants back off and leave me alone and they are so close to us me they're human beings are Homo sapiens they have tools they have civilization they have lost they have all these

► 02:17:42

communities there are us and we back off the human flesh alternative I'll have a deep fried tofu Burger processed you like oh so processed through slots like reduced to nothing formed against set alarm 30 minutes

► 02:18:42

voice of aliens did see us there when they would probably take a hands-off approach if we weren't totally ruining everything like if we didn't have some antimatter weapon on Black Hole weapon that we're just going to just fucking newcon New Mexico just to see how it works and and they burn a hole through the planet kill everything they might step in particle that would Devour the fabric of the universe is expanding in a parallel universe they were knocked off our time line into another place that makes less sense

► 02:19:42

all universes that we pop in and out of different realities like the fact that we never noticed a little squiggle in the app

► 02:20:02

what era

► 02:20:05

bring up Statics if you never see if you you'll never not see the arrow again logo like this whole time and I didn't I didn't know there was a narrow there other people will insist that I owe the FedEx arrow is really interesting okay but that's an accidental Art and Design stores Arrow

► 02:20:41

44 years before it got the most for Eagle squiggle in the f word yeah or forward toward words what is it this time lyrics from Adele Adele Adele it died in jail so was there always ask what is Godzilla real Ford that little thing

► 02:21:20

when did they make the squiggle okay that's because that's what I thought the Fords they look at me to bring up the modern Ford go to 2019 Ford Mustang let's see that see if they have a gaseous Google now it does Lowe's do change how does the squiggle squiggle that's a new Mustang so the squiggle is current the better without that stupid

► 02:22:20

fucking with something inside of Broken Dreams of a parallel universe it's just a stupid idea is ruined Coke a coca leaves in the things to call police for flavor yes in fact the company it's crazy the company that makes the coke the the company that uses the coca leaves that brings in the coca leaves to make Coca-Cola is the number one creator of medical grade cocaine they use that coca leaf to also make medical grade cocaine there's no cocaine in Coca-Cola is a bunch of different for Logos over the years

► 02:23:21

I like the one in 1903 that's actually pretty dope Google Coke the use coca leaves to make Coca-Cola they still do and then the company makes cocaine because of the cuz the recipe for a toe touch laser a flavor but the book is just chemicals in school in the new Coke thing happened and then advertising besides producing the cocoa flavor agent for Coca-Cola the Stephen company extract cocaine from the coca leaves who sells it to Alan Crockett St Louis Missouri pharmaceutical manufacturer that is the only company United States license to purify cocaine for medical use medicinal use

► 02:24:09

yeah they go so they actually using actual cocoliso someone I guarantee you if you file the paperwork there's a bunch of cocaine hanging around by Sherwin-Williams at work to pick up it's very similar to caffeine yeah people living in the red thing that pops up when you see a 90% of their sales are done United States button Irish tax Registered mean when the attacks weasel moves taxes bizarre when you find out this giant corporations and make billions of dollars that they're all in Ireland and they

► 02:25:09

is a lot of taxes

► 02:25:11

how much does a does NATO believe in socialism taxes I paid last year Amazon quick and get some toilet paper said to a billion dollars in tax breaks from the city of New York is 0 in taxes 0 anyway but you fucking dummies you and Amazon fuck you over like that. That's why they're coming here all their money is in Ireland Ireland is doing great curl and juice and leaves a current there's some sort of a ballot initiative when they're trying to put psilocybin in the same medicinal category as they're using

► 02:26:11

Ezra marijuana while they do because medical psilocybin for therapy depression since news radio days and I'm just I just went off at this month this month I got a few years ago what happened I had a well I got I got I don't know if you remember the size to drink quite a bit but I do remember that now I am about 4 years ago I went to get really drunk right before Christmas and I guess at the bar called the must downtown right around the corner from my apartment

► 02:26:56

and I fell down on the patio just fell over like that I would call their to my head and hit my head on the stone patio with enough force that my brain gave me a black eye from the inside of my my head at night I had a subdural hematoma. I had one of those bright red blood eyes memory can you get a Total Recall you can just remove things for drinking and is that the city he'll be hard but I'll do it and and I kept waiting for it to get hard to not drink and I never did like I'm not for you as having a drink in 4 years

► 02:27:56

and heroin and nothing no pot know very quiet and paranoid and think about it but you seem very lucid when you're on pot using very very communicative she friendly makes me very withdrawn alcohol makes me anymore but it never was hard to not drink I might urge to drink was gone from getting knocked in the head and also I noticed over the couple years since I haven't had any depression and so just before I guess like November I said I talk to my doctor said I want to go off the end of the presents and see what happens

► 02:28:56

Suddenlink gradually dolphin just this month took like the last any depressants about a month ago so how long is the weaning process it takes about three months and no. Has a really addictive and how do you do it when you get meaning it's just gradually reducing the dosage the daily dosage and then doing it every other day and then eventually just has gone but they have a protocol Diddy discourage you know I was excited about it that's great congratulations you had a thick head of a reflector on his hat that's all you need so we did it and so now I'm about a month by month in without any antidepressant what is the difference I don't really know yet I mean

► 02:29:56

it identify definition more emotional you know I kept crying at the Oscars really mean all of it and I'm part of the nursing and I hope it will help with writings I feel like I'm having trouble coming up with story ideas

► 02:30:26

you do hug me too long now yeah that's what it is so the only thing is emotions and you feel more creative you feel more in touch don't know yet has affected your improvised more Moody and you know yeah yeah but it's so far hasn't affected them cuz I went on them and use radio cuz I couldn't work at one point I got the couldn't work anymore and that's when I started going on it expressions and save me you know so I totally believed that people should get on meds and stay on them you know I definitely help some people I mean it's saved a couple of my friends

► 02:31:26

for sure yeah they're weird suicidal and just really didn't know where to turn they got onto the right ones and you know that experiment yeah I don't think I would have made it through the these Uno mm really wow you know and he didn't like the way it felt to be on them and that he's so hard that such a hard one to take because everyone loved that guy and yeah I think that everyone I mean he has no haters I don't know a single person with no no no I don't want no one everyone loved I miss everybody really hard but he was so so tortured you was just in pain all the time and yeah it's just it's so strange that you think the thing that people like most is for other people to love them and care about them everybody love Brody

► 02:32:26

but yet he couldn't just couldn't go on but I never I've never known Brody to have a relationship never known him to have a special someone in his life and I mean it that alone would be very very everyone loves you but you don't feel connected to any of them deals in the core of depression I had is having had depression one of the things that he hits you is that feeling that you just can't connect and it was yours coming about when your first marriages break I mean I have lifelong depression but I didn't get it treated until that point when I was like you know it's like breaking up and I had to fly that like Africa twice in a month remember the time that I protected a reporter from you

► 02:33:26

Yahoo super sweet kind Dave was was going to kick someone's ass and I literally had to like before and after twice and I just got back we did the TCS and I think I also threw a glass at thank you to Robert Randall tape recorder in Duncan and a drink yes and threatened to kick his ass cuz this is crazy after that

► 02:34:23

as I going to go to work if you can't do anything you were experiencing that combination apparently of the malaria medication and alcohol as I go crazy combination and then you add to that and the trauma of being separated from my kids I left Harare to the sound of my my my eldest child screaming daddy don't go you know which even now I can talk about

► 02:34:58

she's not worth having kids no it doesn't have a seventeen-year-old next year he's going to college but anyway if you are out there

► 02:35:17

get on meds and stay on them like Brody should have stayed on his Med well you know I just I wish we could have all known and how he was and how close he was to that yeah well that's the thing is like people think by like suicide things like if you're close to Suicide it's the most rational Choice you'll ever make when you're when you're that close it just seems like the most sensible way to drive because it's otherwise yeah I think there's that choice into the burning building or this is not an emotional decision and there's no choice that is I never thought I would ever say that I never thought that that would be a way that people would be going out either hand or member would we had Drake say there you know he he was hard

► 02:36:17

that was all right I knew Drake back in the early my Open Mic days he was established in Boston and I was just starting out

► 02:36:29

yeah that's even though I'm happy that my brain injury seems to have cured my depression that's fucking crazy brain injury was responsible for Sam Kinison all the car crash by a car when he was a kid became his Wildman the podcast and talk about her her issue with the her television show and everything in her outburst and all the crazy stuff she says on Twitter because I know her and I know her past and so I right away the beginning of the podcast I was like let's get into what happened to you and it sounds like she talks about it that much are shoes in the fucking psychiatrist psychiatric ward for 9 months like she was gone and she was never the same person again with someone had glare and their eyes from the Sun and didn't see her hit her with a car the fucking the hood ornament went into her head mean she had a snap she couldn't count anymore she couldn't do

► 02:37:29

Anthony Moore she was she was a very smart student before then and then crippled by it afterwards and then for 9 months she was in a psych ward and she talked about it I'm like I wanted people to know like this is anybody knows that they know now who is more than they knew then but people that work with her kids when they were riding or off my Jesus Christ this is like taking a person with a broken leg and saying you know I'm mad at you that you can't run yeah and there's nothing in the end like whatever your I mean obviously Brazilian said some crazy terrible things and and messed up a lot of people's lives but she's also a genius genius she also made that show one of the best shows on TV when it was originally on the issues Always Been Crazy should you never want you grabbed her crotch and spit and she did the national anthem at everybody hate her then they went crazy this is like early 2000 she did that she was always wild but that was why she was so good as a comments are appeals I did not give a fuck unpredictable

► 02:38:29

really that's a lot of it was it was the guy who explosion and became evil he was just an evil person after this rebar went through strain and I mean yes or play piano photo realistic paintings yeah yes I never had any artistic ability before but in a brain injury

► 02:39:29

real well they don't yeah I think I don't think they know it initially knew what to do things that happened right if people have certain Spectrum issues right where they are far better at mathematics far worse at social interactions Pathways that are more lube for you to figure things out that aren't as confused by social issues or or social stigmas or just normal human communication and I think a lot of them a lot of super fucking Geniuses run spectral Einstein didn't speak till he was five guys use that work to do that right now you can get in trouble when you had a head injury so how much time was it before you felt like

► 02:40:29

did you just stop drinking on the spot December 22nd number Jackie was going to visit you and you didn't remember it was Hawaii right they were going to go to go to take Christina Lena to New York for the holidays for Christmas and New Year's when they went they went and I woke up in the ICU and Christina Lena where they are and we celebrated Christmas in the ICU wow you know and I was so you just decided on the spot no more drinking yeah alright I think I'm done it again I Was preparing a few years earlier but they may be eight years earlier I tried putting her can you told me about this you were talking to me about pot we were talking about you when I got to stop drinking how far to get a year-and-a-half

► 02:41:29

the drinking I think that's pretty 200 days yeah yeah yeah you know I really like Scott yeah what are the positive benefits of not drinking I've not drinking you pause

► 02:42:11

see you not that that I don't do anything to unknowingly embarrass my daughter if I'm going to embarrass my daughter now it's deliberate that yeah this was he just just you know remembering things knowing where I was the night before now I don't drink and I embarrass my son every single day by walking around do you think you are a genetic alcoholic or is this like a learned thing I just because you know we were raised by a horrible alcoholic you think it's genetically almost all Behavior yeah yeah I don't think I will ever come to that more and more as I get older I mean at a battle

► 02:43:11

is obviously there are conscious choices you can make an especially when you really make an effort to move into a certain path of the way of the thinking and believing but what's causing that you know how much is life experience to be conscious efforts to ameliorate the influences of your jeans going to probably die Run 110 at best have best Advanced medicine from Harvard on two weeks ago Jose life extension specialist to not bust so fast and it should be used to live to be 40 on there but human lifespan hasn't changed at all

► 02:44:04

since since essentially the beginnings of human beings hasn't changed at all the oldest possible life span is still exactly the same as it was you know sometimes people are dying Young Living close to their potential and actual statistics the reason why it's so low it's not necessarily that no one lived to be 65 back up for grabs your foot and then died two weeks later never never ever in your life as a kid I like sports never do I go for a hike or anything very rarely very we feel really good I probably

► 02:45:04

just a little crazy yes but I'm actually old or young when we met I know old people I know if a kid sees us like all those old dudes in their 50s, 60s you know and it's true

► 02:45:35

which is good though that gives you on Jeopardy in this business that you can just listen to like books on tape and walked right man and I'll just find a place of like Google Runyon Canyon Skywalk it it's so nice cuz you can do it at your own pace and it's so good at elevate your heart rate without anything crazy while she is out and grab ya do you know just hire someone feels good to come over your house to tell you to do it I think that's the way to do it your way out of it get some hot Russian Lady yells at you that sounds great. Now there's my next divorce

► 02:46:30

are you still doing stand-up I know you're doing stand-up a little bit okay stop stop doing stand-up once you get the television enough we'll see you two guys together it is you know cuz that's what I want to say it's a lifetime ago and it's a lifetime of those are totally different human being has 27% what's for you

► 02:47:19

I got older and wiser and realized how fucking stupid it was but also I was only a few years removed from fighting you know when I first started doing news radio is only like 5 years removed from my last fight and I still was sparring so still getting hit in the head a lot would you like to come into work with a with a face full of bruises no not that bad I start doing Jiu-Jitsu summer on News Radio 2 on 96 so that was like I stopped release kickboxing very much after that and then I think I stopped entirely when I was like 30 I just realized like this has got to stop by or stop doing this so you work somewhere you like this fit guy that just left it all behind her ear always did you always keep it up I workout for sanity I've always worked out for sale in a lot of people do that I need it for whatever it is and also like my personality was sort of forged by having his Moment of clarity after Extreme exertion in a

► 02:48:19

my person I was formed that way like if I had a problem if I had something in his dealing with I would just blow it out at the gym and then I'd have a better look at it and probably wind up calling something in apologizing or so and no pressure boxygen to the brain of oxygen to brain and maybe even more important more important that a draining of excess energy cuz I think once you if you develop a certain way like I did martial arts literally most of my adult life and growing life up until that point and so my my body had sorted developed with his need for that exertion in order to have Clarity and so I just like this is my formula and sticking with it so I never let it go

► 02:49:07

got away from that I chant it's the one right I don't think right I think way I think so much better when I exercise means no comparisons Like a Pill I did a sober October fitness challenge things with my friends in October and we went crazy we're working out like 3 hours a day cuz we're wearing these heart monitors and one of things that are wet cuz we're trying to get a certain score and whoever got the high score 1-1 of things that I recognized from that was at the more I did and terms of cardio especially that of the last things bother me three or more clarity I had the more people I felt the more at ease I felt no more No One internal chatter you know just think for whatever reason mean everybody has their own biological makeup and for me my about my biological makeup this entirely just bring it all the health benefits from it is my mind

► 02:50:08

if they were say that good for you it's a compression of your disks for sure especially your lower back and if you don't have good posture it's not good that you can mitigate it with exercise can I just got to make sure that you don't only sit and I'll stretch yourself out take a yoga class and likeness I should be writing this down seriously I'm starting a war II found out if it's hilarious I would like to have friends I had a golf back injury type thing coughs like we swim if it's hard it's hard on your back so I go I go to the doctor and the x-rays man I got freaking scoliosis that I never knew oh wow my life at the bottom of my spine about that laugh at me

► 02:50:56

by the way I'm in there with my wife Jackie while he brings in the x-rays put them up in the thing goes hey buddy you got scoliosis and she burst out laughing now says that's why you walk that way for real that's hilarious I was the one hot girl with scoliosis who had to head gear on right side of my neck and head metal on metal rods that was a big plastic to wear to keep spine straight like 2 years

► 02:51:56

still the same thing and I had a meeting with the specialist and he's like well I got into some exercises and some you know physical therapy and stuff to alleviate it and if it gets down the road I can maybe help you out with some rods so there you went in there because there was an initial issue I had I had like issues when I was young when I steal like track and field and stuff I would get like a pain in an area and then it kind of went away most of my life that I started golfing and then I got more and more and then one day I didn't warm up and I did that I did a Twist and it just freaking

► 02:52:48

yeah and was in a certain spot and I went and it was like you've always had this condition but there's a picture of Paul I know I look terrible in that photo that's a strange look now let's see if we would have worn but you and I should be glad I got to do that I keep hearing for old people Utah yoga did you just started as an old person seriously until about three four years ago Dennis do it done now do it cuz you only did martial arts

► 02:53:48

but it's really good for him cuz your body produces heat shock proteins that are similar to when you go into a sauna feels really good for inflammation just the act of doing it in itself in the extreme heat likes on it would be amazing for you to for that reason when he shot with his woman named dr. Rhonda Patrick that's a regular on the show ever on all the time and she's genius but now she's a huge believer in sauna and they did a study in Sweden or some shit they took people with regular song use versus not in the regular song used at a 40% decrease in all-cause mortality heart attack stroke day for 4 days a week with their scent essentially saying is that your body producing those heat shock proteins in those cytokines 20 minutes

► 02:54:48

I got someone out here sit in the sauna 20 minutes is almost all ailments and issues and deal with information I have two pinched nerves right now and like herniated discs and they work like I was like like on the couch like 2 months cuz I know I don't think I don't think it was I don't know what it was, but it was in a band and maybe but it was like one day it just started my arm my arm started hurting and herniated discs are going to explode like a like there was this pressure building up in it then it was literally act like it's going to explode and and I was getting like the kind of the shots you get when your

► 02:55:48

epidural epidural shot so we do nothing of taking 16 Advil a day using CBD and if that was gone Amazing you know I couldn't I couldn't do in it for two solid months I couldn't get off the couch and credible I use a sub so much he said everybody likes to use the rub stuff but you really should take it with the edible stuff like oil oral CBD and rub stuff works to get ice cream that I've rubbed and then I started using the tincture with it we have some here if you want some cases given to us by

► 02:56:48

chances of marijuana picture along with their the cream mint chocolate I couldn't bend my hand and it has completely gone. Red-headed NFL fantastic crazy cuz I was craving that chocolate is like a little tiny bits here and there to do zero Saturday night I got a big old cake with ice cream on it and I

► 02:57:48

we have this fat steak and then I got this butter cake with sounds awesome. Sounds amazing for the most part I'm on like an 80/20 diet 80% of it is super healthy and then the 20% is occasionally yeah yeah I've seen that 2 and 5 fasting where you two days we could do like 600 calories on the 7 and 0.7 big out intermittent fasting so every night if I you know have dinner at 7 p.m. you know I don't eat anything for 16 hours for Passover

► 02:58:48

ya boys we just had 3 hours oh my God everything is wonderful tell people the name of your podcast with Paul and Dave long day but we can't put that in print your Instagram handle I am Twitter handle Greenberg one that's ERG David David Davis Foley on Twitter and our show is don't say with Paul Newman

► 02:59:33

you know it's an NFL tie rod end when you can just do some other web search on your own and maybe not have everything spoon-fed to your beautiful thank you guys. Thank you

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