#1257 - Steve Sweeney

The Joe Rogan Experience #1257 - Steve Sweeney

March 4, 2019

Steve Sweeney is a comedian, writer, and actor. His movie "Sweeney Killing Sweeney" will be available everywhere this month at : https://sweeneykillingsweeney.com/

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my gurst today when I was starting out doing stand-up comedy this guy I looked up to him like a like he was a master like he was I mean I Still Believe by the greatest stand-up comedians I've ever seen in my life and I learned so much watching him I remember many many times where I was working in Boston and I would just sit in the back of the room in awe of this man is without doubt one of the best stand-up comedians I've ever seen in my life in a real legend in the Boston comedy scene please welcome Steve Sweeney

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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Teach Me Maybe Joe and how are you hey I'm great. Can't sleep you know what I've done so many things in my life you know movies TV all this stuff stand up a broken omigod second blast and cheese with your run chill broken you got fans you know that I'm very proud of you thank you one of the things that happened to you don't remember this but you open for me many times Louis CK open for me Nick depalo up with me so people that want a little show business advice open for me that helps then then you get to go by me and you know I get to watch you guys become Stars I've so I'm playing fucking Chinese restaurants at some of the best stand-up comedy in the world is at Chinese restaurants in Saugus and that's a fact still to this day all those people that live there they don't know how good they have it well you know what it is

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IBEW how you work with these guys you and I work with guys that alike genius you know what Transcendent whatever word you want to use but

► 00:07:21

doing stand-up is not about being funny it's about going into these shitholes and like developing this extra skin you know you you're a martial artist and so did you have that mentality

► 00:07:35

but you know when I started it was like I came from and I was an actor I was very serious person I was like an accident. I do like these obscure impression side Paul Scofield Laurence Olivier and all this bullshit and I be playing at places like the Sugar Shack do you remember the R&B joints and eye open for BB King wow and I'm feeling like John Lennon it was very important when we started in the black do you know any jokes in the back I get heckled my first heckler

► 00:08:17

oh no I was doing I will never forget this team over the channel to channel chapter drop rock and roll place

► 00:08:34

so I'm opening for like these bands you know it was like that Blues Brother saying for the throwing shade at the cage so

► 00:08:42

Bathory since you know two people and we'll throw them out so I pointed them but then they bring them out in the alley and beat the shit out of it you know but I'm thinking because you're a martial artist I kind of got this thing about Peep and fighting a grown-up in Charlestown and I think back on certain incidents when I was starting to and stand up

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I was at this place of Comm Ave and this guy stole one of my lines. I know that you're big into that right so he goes off stage I hit him with a right cross over the tables and I'm thinking of myself my friend so I thought you wanted to be Jonathan Winters it read it like that and then another time we were at the Ground Round in Brighton I'll never forget to a monster the guy on be forming guy in the audience to throw a little ice things at him right so I said that my opening line usually it's hard to get the audience the light cue you know or make them laugh or whatever to my opening line was like the first motherfuker to throw something at me I'm going to knock them out you know you're not exactly setting the stage for a hilarious comedy

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but you know I was at work what's that terrible I bombed

► 00:10:02

I think you know when you do this for what I've never bought I mean there's no experience in life like bombing in Louisville Kentucky I'll never forget that and a guy comes up to me afterwards and he says he's trying to make me feel good he's just well I could tell by your tone your funny you know but I'm doing shit like about Subways and stuff they don't even know what they are some bugs early years there was like one

► 00:10:32

it wasn't even a comedy club so you just kind of did and I fell into it what year did you start oh my God people you know people I am now at that point you know what people come up to me and you know they say I'm so glad to see you I keep telling my husband I'm telling you is not dead he is not died so it's been like 30 or 40 years I don't remember the year but I remember those who started no I don't remember I started in 88 and you are a legend I want to let my 88 for sure dude I watched you one night at Nick's comedy stop kill so hard I thought I thought about quitting cuz I don't even doing comedy like a year I was like fuck this I can I got to get the fuck out of it when I had that feeling

► 00:11:22

Richard Pryor's first performance film do you remember the Yeah Yeah Yeahs Richard Pryor live in Long Beach I was I went to see that was Steven Wright and both of us walked out we said we don't even want to do this you know it's it was so intimidated I know that feeling man as as a kid starting out there it was I tell everybody that I had stumbled into the greatest comedy scene in the history of the known universe in 1988 when I started it was insane it was insane the Don Gavin was in his prime time you were in your Prime Rogerson I would watch these guys go up to do so many guys that were so fucking good Knox was killing back then there's so many guys that you'd go any night you would go and watch some of the best stand-up comedy on the planet it was it was amazing Mike Donovan Mike Donovan to this day people don't know Mike Donovan

► 00:12:22

do you know who Johnny most the most people don't know

► 00:12:30

yeah he would do this long fresh job most people who been longer than me this is one job will you better yes can get better more skillful you know but it's something that you you know you just have to give the finger to the business because they're looking for the fat guy the small guy the black guy that you know they're always looking for something other than what you are so you do what you do like you've done what you did you know the business in terms of like movies and television shows that they will try to lure you away and they lower you away with money but the business is Stand-Up comedies is really about what you do in front of that microphone and how the audience response

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and dodged a lot of TV credits but you had no material and it was unbelievable you know you forget when you do something you forget it's like you're a trained fighter your train radio person you forget that in order to do what you've developed a certain set of skills yeah like in Boston they have a Saint Patrick's Day breakfast with a politicians try to be funny and it it's it's excruciating you know what I mean and you forget oh yeah I do this all the time it'll be like me trying to give a speech before I came on this show I talked to Nick DiPaolo you know your buddy and he says well

► 00:13:58

Joe and I always talk about politics and I said well no children helped himself to not nobody nobody talks to me about smart good I'm done with politics I'm going to quit yeah talk about it more in this country now is like

► 00:14:18

well I

► 00:14:21

like I kind of bought I don't like to not like someone because of what they believe so I just kind of do silly shit I was thinking the other day with the Democrats you know that I'm going to run and pay but think that the moderate Lane the progressive Lane so I'm going to run in the breakdown Lane and I'll just a silly little shit you know I try to you know keep it upbeat whatever but I got into this I fell into this because I kept thinking I'm going to get an acting job but I won't do stand up at this is going to fucking a. At some point you know what I mean

► 00:15:02

like people the kids would blow actually asked me for advice I said Vici you shiting me I fell into this shit I expected at the end but I say alright you want some advice

► 00:15:13

don't ever work at a place that's named after the guy like if it's Vinny's fucking pizza parlor a joey shithole of Darby's money-making piece of shit when is named after the guy and it's never enough get out Nick's comedy stop Nick's I'm going to do something for you okay play little scene okay now you ask me say is Nixa Mafia joint is Nixa Mafia joint

► 00:15:42

is this is Nick still around 100% nixes around that building that I do Coke and I believe that it was it was really something I mean I mean it was like I know that you know I lived in many years ago and it's like oh I know that's what so what next I know every spot in the building by the way I didn't know that this was a camp area campers believe the funny side streets with the song kick them out and semi homeless people they just have mobile homes they don't care what is the homeless people here is so peaceful there like up

► 00:16:30

like the Caravan you know they just they don't bump change they don't do anything they just kind of walk around I'm I'm sitting in front of your building here was like a fashion show for the homeless one guy comes by with a Buffalo Bills jacket and the other guys and if you know it's freaking me out I've only been here 12 hours but

► 00:16:53

everybody is either really soft spoken or I'm losing my fucking hearing because like even at the rent in the car and I said what what did you want what do you want for a cat want to be upgraded the noise pollution louder there and colder and people angrier two different place out here it's just even the homeless people they don't have it so rough if you going to be homeless person this is the place to go people are very open-minded it's relaxed it's warm me the coldest it gets is like 40 that's as cold as it ever gets

► 00:17:35

yeah but you know if you giving advice to homeless people it's like like I was I was sitting in Westwood and a Starbucks right and it's the guy was just sitting there you know and always people to have in their lattes and shit and he's just gone

► 00:17:54

yeah one of those crazy last everybody's just going along with their conversation you know what the

► 00:18:02

I don't know what to say about about the homeless thing have you ever been in downtown Indy ever seen I was fifteen and it was a different time you know know I haven't been down here you were almost Four Loko how long I was a hippie that's different than being homeless but a couple years yeah you know the worst moment I was lying I was downstairs in this guy's house and I overheard his girlfriend saying

► 00:18:38

no he was saying was girlfriend I don't know I keep asking but you know I was his what happened I read Jack Kerouac on the road okay so I wanted to be Jack Kerouac I want to be a writer so I did everything that

► 00:18:58

I did except right you know I was living in YMCAs and drinking the wine in the whole thing but it was a whole different country then why didn't you start writing was one of those things like eventually you'll start writing for right now I'm going to be the hardest job in the world did this movie which I'd like to mention a bill Broadus wrote this movie it's called Sweeney killing Sweeney and I you get it on iTunes without right now pre-order it when it's going to be the middle of March but they can pre-order it okay but this guy Bill brought his wrote this script and I expect my twenty-something movie I've been in a lot done a lot of acting and I said this thing is so good and I wanted to be able to get guys who I knew what you meant asleep talented

► 00:19:55

to not be in these clubs you know

► 00:20:01

it's very like to meaning sometimes you know a guy is really good at what he does and somebody's like texting and you know I was bullshit like I Got a Woman

► 00:20:13

you know usually I'm like okay but if you know I say okay listen you putting us out of work like in the future I'll text you with joke then you text back LOL you know silly little play one woman and she's the arrogance you know it was a benefit to and she's doing this and

► 00:20:33

she said it's okay I can multitask

► 00:20:37

so I said okay so when I stick it up your ass you still going to be able to talk and everything so I see guys like Steven Wright who's in the movie Nick depalo Bobby Slade Jonathan Katz you know all different styles of Comedy Lenny Clarke and Tony being frank Santorelli I wanted to I wanted to see them get in something but we could really work and they all did it they're all in the movie and it was a fantastic experience woman director Lisa mall and was just really hard what is it a dramatic movie or what is it I'll tell you the plot briefly and I guess it's a comedy but it has its moments is HBO maybe or Showtime or some company comes to town

► 00:21:30

and they want me but they say the characters are two local got to get rid of the characters so then my car just tried to kill me so I placed five different part 16 computer cell is going to think so like you losing your mind like you characters are trying to figure that out but I adjust the equalizer with Denzel Washington and that was an interesting experience because like I got this beard you know the director with the training day said to me

► 00:22:09

now you got to shave your beard and I said listen man I saw my face 25 years ago scared the shit out of me this beard is here for a reason. I'm the most ugly motherfucker up at the same I can do it then he told me how much money I was going to make it would you like me to shave my balls to

► 00:22:27

similar experience Something About Mary somebody saying if you haven't seen it been still as things caught in the zipper

► 00:22:34

so I guess I'm a cop between the window and Peter directed I said you don't have to grab his crotch right as yeah you're an actor if I grab it

► 00:22:44

animated gangster but I just can't do it

► 00:22:49

and he told me I was money I was going to make it so you want to just grab it cuz I'll give them anyway that was my experience with that do you really feel like it's demeaning working clubs does I still enjoy working clubs I love it out here of course we do The Comedy Store all the time I do the Improv but I mean like bar gigs you know when I'm onstage I'm okay

► 00:23:20

but when I'm driving to fucking East Methuen Elks Club

► 00:23:26

it bothers you that I get a fucking depression you wouldn't believe it's just in the day like driving those gigs was awesome something shifts like what is it that ships is it is it in your own head is it is it just that you've done too many of them shifts is you stop drinking I've been sober 26-year that's the problem

► 00:23:51

yeah I said if I kept drinking my career be through the roof you know know they are a great Club schedules is a great Club Great Club good pizza in Azusa theater I love that I'm just giving you the other side of the story because

► 00:24:12

you know people do get into this and they don't have an idea of what the life is like a mean to be on the road like a lot of my friends and now doing cruise ships those depressing your traps and if you eat shit on a cruise ship stuck with those people for 7 Days that's that's the problem and they keep coming up to you were awful you personally ruin it on hold with from Ohio we have never even seen the ocean you ruined that this is true and say oh you stay on the ship I swim next to the ship them over a hundred fifty miles out in the shark infested water they scoop me up tell if you stupid jokes then they throw me overboard from cruise ship

► 00:25:02

for the weirdest for religious joke and you know I said this is dumb joke about Metro I like Mitt Romney because it's hard being a Mormon in Massachusetts is always just me and met I thought I was mom and my father kept saying you're a moron so silly little joke and they that's what they complain to her for that they complained about it in any way with those cruise ships you know it's it's really good if you if you are an active alcoholic you'll not get you this wonderful or if you're addicted to food omigod the lunch buffet the breakfast buffet the midnight Buffet I know it's like a you go on you look like a normal human being you get off the ship you like waddling fun it's like I loved your Warehouse here and everything you know what I like about it's quiet you know the weather is GM's sound sound

► 00:26:02

cruise ships you can't even go to the pool with out here in 80 disco you know it's like this thing to have a good time if you're not having a good time is something fucked-up about you you don't have a good time tivity activities are stuck on a floating vessel I'm not interested in doing the cleanup what's great in a club I probably overstated the other one but I'll tell you what does she have just when people are there to see you

► 00:26:36

that's good yeah that's a nice thing because then you're actually able to make people feel good and can service but I've always had the same problem Joe is when people try to help you by heckling or whatever and I think you know this is to help whatever I is it it's like God you know you're a fighter you feel that temper come up

► 00:27:01

and I'm lifted up quick and you got up you got to contain it and yakked but like in real life I would want to know those people

► 00:27:13

yeah and I just feel like you know you prepare this material and you've you've worked on if you want to give it a people living out of this you know so I mean it's just you want to be realistic like I'm some kid asked you you know what what is it like you know I hate is an open mic audience why cuz the other comedians they're really tense you know what I mean it really fucking time cuz they're thinking that it's like an audition yeah so you feel it in the air you feel in the air man if you can go up and be smooth remember Teddy Bergeron going up and open mic night there's another one I wanted to stop doing comedy on Teddy was in his path but when I first started 1988 the first night everyone on Jonathan Katz was hosting its stitches and Teddy went on to the set and I was like good Lord his fucking time and use materials

► 00:28:13

when was so sharp and so good to seem so unattainable some sort out of reach in and stopped in and let you know how I really should be going well I was at The Comedy Store when Richard Pryor was working shit out and it start on a Monday and they go up a bomb didn't matter he's working the material week later he had this unbelievable set yeah I worked with George Carlin I work with Rodney Dangerfield at work best part about being in this business

► 00:28:46

is the people I work with just meeting them and seeing them and seeing them seeing people great at what they do and I'm sure you feel that way with the MMA whatever you know I'm sure yeah well most common is well you know I mean it's some it's been amazing watching people develop their accent and no it just to know that that's that's a process that we all have to go through the process of creating material it's never gets any easier it's always hard me to this day when you working on new material it's probably weird right

► 00:29:19

Aspire material seems to come to me at that sort of events write it in the whole thing I don't like about is this song like a bitch session right now okay what I don't like is it stupid and then all the Trump you know what I mean there's no escape from this wound that's what they think people want to hear yeah I don't think it's that creative though it gets a little tiresome yeah I think so unless you got something really funny to say how do we keep the door open so that was really funny to hear Stormy Daniels is now

► 00:30:06

you know that's another thing

► 00:30:09

people fucking you know what I mean

► 00:30:20

I think was Richard Lewis and Dennis Miller and a couple of other guys came through Nick's close watch some of those says I'm going to can I metal I said sure that I'm going to get you a money though right to cure the bed liner you know well that I mean I followed Jay Leno at the at the Improv

► 00:30:55

in all fairness I used to say it was some poor fuck it had like a couple of TV credits. And they would go on and they would headline at Nicks and they would stack the deck and it would be horrendous it was you and Lenny and fucking Knox and all these Savages would go up and Boston style, where there's no brakes it's just fucking hey I know you worked all day. Talk fast and the fucking funny and Gavin would go up in Alberta at in these poor bastards would go up after them and just these people with their TV credits you would see them just beat it within 5 minutes I'd be lost be very observational have you ever gone to an airport and expect a world-class headliners

► 00:31:55

play a funny story about next

► 00:31:58

Sam Kinison you know he had been up for a few days but anyway you know what I mean getting to know the era so

► 00:32:11

I said send Sam was a good friend of mine is a nice guy when he was straight he had a dark side you know like we all do you know this is an LA in all these guys you know Joey the job and Billy the Frog and fungi know what I mean is sitting up front he's the you know how Sam was and I said Sam telling you these are the wrong guys to piss off yeah they had to fire a because

► 00:32:39

you know those guys they don't they don't have any sense of humor no no you didn't want to be fucked with some of the weirdest people in terms of like the way the rest of World War II fight there's a lot of people that are ready to fight the ready to fight you then I can shoot you or stab you didn't beat the fuck out of you write that in there and it'll it'll happen anywhere I don't have it at a restaurant will happen at a bar is one of the last places that we won we used to tour their superiors to say that me and him while we're leaving in Faneuil Hall Once and there's a fucking bra breaking out in front of this McDonald's and he's like that you fucking people are savages here I'm like I'm telling you it's a different kind of human it's cold for too much the women are assholes like assholes everybody's ready to fight and everyone's drunk two different kind of place

► 00:33:39

Stop & Shop. They did a movie about the town and all that bullshit it's a bullshit movie but anyway I grew up over there and you didn't have to win but you had a fight yeah and my record was probably like

► 00:33:55

twins of 30 losses and then you know there's a lot of drawers because they break it up right away you know but they were actual fist fights yeah one time in the projects is kid Davy ladder

► 00:34:10

he did the one thing and not supposed to do kick me in the balls and then everybody jumped and beat the shit out of him the one thing about kicking people in the balls to don't have a mess cuz then the other guy gets very mad it doesn't work as good as people think it does it hurts I started fighting to avoid Street Fighter I know status for gigabytes I wanted to fight like is it as an amateur like in martial arts tournaments cuz I was scared of street fights to me it seems to me you never know what's going to happen people follow you around never don't want to see that's why I got into it I was dead just I did not like that feeling

► 00:34:57

when you're in grammar school the kid offers you out ya at 8:30 in the morning please I'll think about it all day in the morning till 3 in the afternoon what's that wanted on your pants did you just get yourself there and then you were in the school yard and they're all circling around you you know it's this whole thing but my father used to trained Fighters boxers over the New Garden gym

► 00:35:20

me and my brother we would get into terrible fight so my father never taught us out of truck yeah it was weird why didn't teach you

► 00:35:37

I'm tired from teaching people all day maybe he wanted us to beat the shit out of each other you know that I don't know if that's a good question I didn't want to just figure it out on your own yeah you know I remember coming back and

► 00:35:55

Skip beat the shit out of me Bobby Buckley and my father is that what are you doing at home you got to go back out there where there's a lot of different ways to be like in Charlestown growing up I mean I was I grew up with some guys that look like unbelievable like you know there's that there's a whole moral thing maybe our social thing about say robbing a bank that would do it it's like you get the balls to do you know and I'll never forget

► 00:36:37

this friend of my Joey Rocco's no longer with us so I see him up at government somebody remember Government Center so I see him up there and he's got like his lunch and it kind of blew me off then I see him a week later and say swings what's up I said what's up you blew me off a week ago

► 00:36:59

said I'm so sorry I was waiting to Rob Crimson travel and I have my gun there I was interrupted so he came into next comedy stopped at 400 people I did fantastic as like practically Standing Ovation whatever so jealous in the audience right and I so I talked to him afterwards so there's a number of things he could say like cheese I like this show in like your shell good for you getting out of Charlestown he gave me this look like when it's going to be a lot of money in here I said you think I'm here to case the joint for you it was unbelievable we used to be part of growing up with see how to shoplift that was did you do that when your kid wants you probably terrified right again I think I was twelve oh yeah I got in trouble I was terrible to have so paranoid

► 00:37:59

but anyway with those up department store called Jordan Marsh

► 00:38:05

and my job was to catch the football they throw me the football I catch it and run down Tremont Street so we just have stolen a football right so that that was the one time I'm up there in.

► 00:38:21

Sonic kid systeme pick up the end of this cuz I don't know where you're from but it's not a big item in Charles Town Canoes in the projects you know what I mean it's like not something you couldn't fence it

► 00:38:45

did you take me to the Charles River I don't know what we did was selling it for like three bucks to swim in that that was the we used to call the oil lease because it was so much oil in it and place cleaned up the whole of Boston I don't recognize boss anymore they got this part of Boston called the seaport it's all these big buildings it's like freaking Dubai and other no kids no neighborhood snow characters it's all just gentrified and very rich people with money ya Boston is definitely not always the same way you know

► 00:39:45

like you wander around West Hills like yeah Studio City that's normal neighborhoods is regular houses is plenty of spots

► 00:39:56

I was in Portland Oregon and there was a hole like city of homeless people yeah it's just

► 00:40:05

sparkly like Jimmy's on top of an ice cream you don't got to go to Skid Row never seen anything like it over entire neighborhoods like it how it is bizarre it's bizarre to downtown throw people off the roof and chips and there was this one area where you would go where and I'm not exaggerating there might be a thousand people on this block like a concert just let out like they were having a homeless concert and they're all just wandering around is needles everywhere tents and garbage in the streets and and people just shuffling around walking back and forth so that I guess there's some homeless centers in or people you go and get food and things and shelter under

► 00:41:02

like what's wrong with me with you because

► 00:41:06

I seem to focus on that you know every city I go to I say wow it seems like there's more and more homeless people and other people are saying all this go to the freedom trail with let's look at the beauty of San Francisco look I shiting on the street to me that's like unusual San Francisco has a app where you could find where the people shiting the jokes that there's so many people shit is in San Francisco on the street so my friend Jake Shields got a photo of this guy taking a shit right in front of them just shit spraying out of his ass right into the street from the song walk into the street no I don't know what they just do it in front of everybody that I don't know why people dump well I think there's a certain open-mindedness that San Francisco has a lot of very Progressive open-minded people which is good but the problem is it opens the door for some ridiculous stuff like

► 00:42:06

people shiting on the street just too many homeless people are too open-minded to Liberal that that's the that's the shitt map that's where all the people shiting puddle of shit so many people are sitting on the street in that area and I don't even know how they clean that up do they do they scrape it is that an extra is that are they creating jobs let's look at it on the positive side maybe there was a homeless people are there to remind me of the parade of the horses the food you can give these people money there's this not going to fix their mental illness that that's what people don't understand about a lot of these folks it's not they run on bad luck bad luck there mentally ill their brains not working correctly and if they don't want to be on medication and they don't have anywhere to turn they don't have anywhere to go they're going to stay there and then I have anywhere to shit and you know

► 00:43:04

they just want to use the street and I don't know if they can put up porta potties and safe for homeless folks only and what can I do I'm I'm an optimistic person Steve

► 00:43:17

you know what I was thinking of myself in your pants

► 00:43:23

so anyway we've covered that what else is the problems we have in this country

► 00:43:36

so much going well the terms of the economy in terms of safety in terms of that cuz it's so people are focusing on other things be mad at when we away from war you know like when you don't have to worry about as much violence people concentrate on microaggressions that's one of the things that does happen there's definitely problems in this country for sure but I think that part of the outrage is that people are at its recreational to look into be outraged about things cuz there's no real problems when is real problems people focus on you know when you know what you're used to really worry about violence we have to really worry about health people focus on you know the good things in life people are only happy if they have a certain amount of adversity that they have to deal with when there's less and less adversity I find the people become more more outraged and easier they're outraged it's small Minor Details or they denying that people should be allowed to just fuck up and make some mistakes here and there

► 00:44:36

concentrate on those mistakes like it's the end of the world this person should be ostracized from society and kicked out and This is the End going back to politics if you get a discussion with somebody you agree with you still end up being pissed off because you're pissed off at the other side or the other political thing is angry at each other for different points of view but I always think to myself

► 00:45:02

as I'm sure you do

► 00:45:06

it's an amazing place to be we have enough food we have enough water I myself I think life is two things life is a gift in life is short yet you know the purpose of life my opinion is to develop whatever talents you have and then share it so what a place to do it because you have the opportunity you know and you know what it's like we I think we do tend to complicate things what I don't like is when we let other things get between us as human beings because it's it's so that's why I like Buddhism for example because you're never going to see outside of rare exception to Buddhist country is never going to invade another country because the whole principle is mindfulness and other words it's all within you so you don't have to push your beliefs on other people like I have a lot of friends will become Christians which is great for them

► 00:46:06

but they always put you on a bye always feel like I put in a box like have you accepted Jesus you know how the fuck you going to answer that you know what I mean not yet not yet keep chicken breast so it's on the way yeah that's right it's like one of those unanswerable things you know that's also

► 00:46:31

they believe that you know people have to hear this great message and if they don't hear it and shove it down your fucking throat such half of them don't even think you have to hear it they just want to have it over you but they've they've accepted Jesus into their life and you haven't so they win there's a lot of that there's a lot of that I mean did you see so many hypocritical Christians that don't really follow turn the other cheek They Don't Really treat everyone as if it's their brother they don't really do that they don't really they don't really feel that way they're not they're not out there helping the poor as that's it that's standard is you going to be Jesus Jesus Christ

► 00:47:21

no I didn't people that process ties anything is so I could start

► 00:47:27

and I was like West get away from me well it's a it's a shity psychological tack down doesn't work it's just makes people it's least talk about it like when you try to get people to do things that are less likely to do those things soon as you are angry at them they're not doing it they're going to go the other way people don't like being told what to do well it's just like if somebody wants to get sober run

► 00:47:52

if you if they are ready I work in jails that's one of my part-time jobs so what are you doing jails I do something to do stuff in jails so if you if they're ready everything you say you like Guru if they're not ready doesn't matter what you say right so I do groups in jail at teach meditation I also teach a gold setting about six years I've been in the field of substance use for a while and it's not any money but balance is the life you know I don't want to sit around all day most comedians that's what they have to do you know they work at night so yeah I work at Plymouth jail

► 00:48:43

two or three days a week yeah that's good so it's not not everyday

► 00:48:49

no and I take the Summers off till because it's intense add groups

► 00:48:55

you know I have one guy you came in and you do what you do divide people laugh maniacally white guy but 66 did fucking did State time is all jacked and wired and I started complaining about the place and I said hey this isn't I teach him to breathe you don't like that guy Haas you had on your walk there but I teach him a different method it's just you breathe in for you hold it for you let it out it's just a calming breath

► 00:49:27

so anyway this guy I said eight places in the hotel stands

► 00:49:35

let's do a breathing let's relax

► 00:49:39

but a lot of guys they can't see

► 00:49:44

do cats see themselves I can't see contradictions I want guy who was in the most one right so I said so you guys pray like 5 times a day how do you know when to pray and listen to this Joey says the guy said in the afternoon Miss that prayer you don't see any contradiction can I make the big giant guy that was angry and what did he have a certain amount of time before you got out what was the unit for Life he's coming close that's what guys get the most anxious how long have you been for about 17 years it's a very polite Society really is very polite because every little thing just picture your your trap with all these other guys

► 00:50:39

what a mental health should a lot of stuff but every little thing is picked up on and reacted to you know it's like that scene in heat between De Niro Pacino where they just reacting to each other so you said can you please pass the salt like I passed it because it any minute that's what I try to teach his butt impulse control any minute I think it happened when you're dealing with a bunch of very impulsive people that also have a very short fuse there did used to violence violence is one way of acting out so what I say to them as I have the same thing but it's not for me it's like texting or something else I react or I drank and I was so it's it's about stepping back gum yeah it's hard when you get tripped out I can put the Mind listens to the breath that's the key rather than going up in your mind

► 00:51:33

take that breath and you know like when something's happening like a car crash or something first impulses hold your breath don't hold your breath let you brought that out in a lot of traditions have this you know Tai Chi you know I'm proud of you and is Neoga some breathing is critical to everything you know if you follow those methods you can you can really change your physiological State you can you can get out of a lot of things it can get you through a lot of things in other thing that I don't buy those that fucking Coldwater I don't want to go on to the Arctic like him holy shit cuz you live in Boston for too long I mean about this weekend at the wall

► 00:52:28

you know what I think two of the most boring subjects on Earth are like how cold it is wonderful the weather is out here and then the other one is how someone lost weight now I look at them like what makes you think I give a fuck how you lost this way and then the last me how somebody else lost weight loss weight we have to talk about something with more substance and then people will say to me how did Lenny Clarke lose weight it's like I don't give a shit how he lost weight you know comedian anyway you know

► 00:53:07

the good thing about cold-weather those that teaches people character the people out here that have never had to deal with an earthquake they don't know any weather related nature related hazards if you stay here it just stays warm that it gets a little cool and it stays warm I spent one winter out here that I was was horrible I was trying to get sitcoms and never getting anything and it rained every day and I'll say it was horrible and I was staying in one of these Corporate Apartments that you was Garden I thought it was a cheaper version and the guy next door was from Jamaica and he was on the phone I'll fucking it said this is the only time I can talk to her I'm telling you

► 00:53:55

how long you been out here since 94 all you been on here forever and you're more than anywhere else in my life that's my observation I lived in Jamaica Plain from I guess 13 to 13 to 14 I live there for a year and then I lived in Newton from 14 to 20 and then I lived in Revere I lived in Saugus for a while you got to you got a reputation for what it's a good reputation

► 00:54:32

well it's just what we would just talkin about

► 00:54:37

you have a reputation as a badass reputation that's a good thing and that he didn't want to go back to a cheater Marvin Hagler has the same problem at the time but he won't he won't punch up though it's like an addiction and he's got to be 60 now and still inside of respect him so much you know I always looked up to him when I was fighting cuz I remember the discipline that I had like I remember watching videos of him but he was living on the cape you would treat his truck events for the kid and he would run and it is rubbed with the boots he was it was yelling War he was like getting ready to fight Mustafa hamsho he's running and shadow box and he's yelling war and let me see him could you imagine if you had a fight that fucking guy when he was the middle

► 00:55:37

map of the world first of all he was chiseled like he was sculpted out of bronze and then even look like I mean he was he was so jacked for a boxer when you think about like most boxers they didn't have that kind of physique his physique was like almost like a gymnast you know when he was in his prime and you just was so disappointed sofa and then beat the fuck out of everybody and then lost that one very controversial fights cigarette lighter I was at that fight and never seen Italian movie with Marvelous Marvin Hagler in it I think it's a decision decision

► 00:56:37

a lot of cash and he goes to Italy

► 00:56:41

what is Marvin Hagler the movie it is and why this is an Italian but will you know they made all those spaghetti westerns with him those movies those look at you look at you shoot everybody oh yeah that's a letter made some kind of exercising God this is so hilarious

► 00:57:31

so now you know you know who know when you do a movie and the guy hits you you supposed to move your head so there's not actually hitting you and I hope Marvin know that because he God I see pull the punch I did a movie

► 00:57:49

Boston coats LT with a guy throws me in a dumpster and kills me right they had to do it over and over and the guy just got out of Walpole to State Penitentiary I'm not going to mention his name but he said he's the director now out here as a matter fact I said you know everything

► 00:58:28

what up what an error that was amazing we should watch Thomas Hearns closed-circuit fights we go to a theater you watch on a big-screen closed-circuit ripped off because you had Tyson on I remember driving I was out here to go to this big fight fifty bucks I booked in a Tyson knocked them on the first round that was all that never happened people are trying to hang out with some amazing yeah but it is it's a 787 interested John the Beast mugabi vs. John the beast mugabi at the gardens know he had a heart attack. I'm really fucking hot you had an extra inch of scholar something that was saying no is it the side temples is that what it was Temple muscles they said he was almost like

► 00:59:28

Gabby Gabby was a murderous. Thomas, knocking everybody out but not Marvin Marvin took a punch better than anybody is a real knock-down was a trip and they counted it as a knockdown he was a tremendous fighter inside looking out again since I was knocking everybody out and knocked out Terry Norris people out dead like you would hit them and they would go flying but not Marvin price Marvin stood right in front of them and eventually KO them and then Mugabe was never the same again once you realize that this motherfucker could stand right in front of the shit out of them what is this referee stop what you doing I don't know what's going on at that's Mill Lane hey now that we have a break in the action I'd like to

► 01:00:28

like the plug my movie Sweeney killing Sweeney we talked about it but I appreciate that but he was that guy Marvin Hagler was to me like he was the epitome of discipline you know and I thought about like a discipline fighter like that it was him always in shape always ready to go and then the discipline to never come back that was amazing to to me I've respected the fuck out of that his Fighters never know when did Wendel leave a new one to leave and to this day I saw him in an interview recently he's fine talks completely normal I had some Charter with him at the Prudential Center, Salerno amazing but if I can figure out how to get out before all that stuff hits but that's on me

► 01:01:26

no one else should tell him when to quit of Court have you had Mickey Rourke on the Shelf

► 01:01:34

cuz I think that I read he was fighting at 57 in Russia right now I'm folding that really do 62 I think of 62 neon his last fight and it might have been a fake fight it looks like that may be Mickey thought it was real and the gentleman he was fighting now I believe he was 62 or 63 when his last altercation inside the ropes I remember I was sitting there with these five guys had though we talkin about some election and they weren't saying anything and that the guy said do realize that were all convicted felons like why you talking to us about the vote for

► 01:02:24

you know what I meant is that him now wow look at him looking good for 65 looks like he's had some sort of homeless shelter or something where is he getting his clothes there. No shirt on in Rome I just saw something with him when he was doing his walk in the fashion show Shanghai guy in very good shape for his age I mean he used to spar with James Toney he's too like one of the things that he did that was probably very questionable was when he was at the height of his movie career he decided to stop and become a professional box writer but I think it was a fighter before he was but when he stops I think he kind of felt like acting was fake and that he needed something real in his life so he's going to have some professional fights but apparently that's why I started getting all that plastic surgery

► 01:03:24

what does face up his face smashed in kickboxing and Taekwondo MMA when I was at least not America wow I didn't find out about it until I don't like kickboxing was nerve-racking thing about it too if there's no money in it you know like you're fighting for free and you know you training for months or weeks or you don't have long it is for this that you have your constantly sparring you're constantly getting kicked and punched it's terrible for what's a good thing to learn I think it's a very important thing to learn to know how to fight is a very good thing but the fight he got to know unless you're doing it professionally you got to know when to stop you got to know when and I start getting a lot of headaches did you I was sparring Boston Boston

► 01:04:21

little Boston audiences are hard boxing sparring hard Boss Boston Fighters they say there's not a lot of like technical sparring like when you technically spar with somebody like you hit him you hit him like this time full blast each other so you know where you making mistakes there was none of that it was just swinging for the bleachers every fucking wrong with what do I love is the Golden Gloves I mean it's all action three Rhymes three types of competition the beatings that nobody ever see you know what's amazing is it this friend of my Jimmy Farrell at a gym in Quincy

► 01:05:04

and I'd look at these guys I said wow this guy's amazing he said that guy's record is 5 wins and 13 losses and I said that's how good you have to be that mean you guys are like this there's no they're inconsistent but a lot of Fighters are very impulsive people so they're often inconsistent like the get in shape for a few fights in a few other fights I'll fuck off the drink too much to a party and then they go out the clothes decision of the loser loser War you know a lot of it about style to ya-ya my favorite fight ever from a boxing point of view

► 01:05:47

was Ali and Frazier because well for one thing as a fight to the death right I mean they literally were fighting all three times to the death but so low and then I'll leave and stay away from them and just jab and it was just a beautiful exhibition of fighting styles inside fighting an outside fight anybody listen to this it is interesting that shit they are believe it or not the left hook that Joe Frazier Muhammad Ali when he when he beat him when I come back and that was like one of the greatest punchers of all time when the most epic but one of them I mean just swung that wild left hook and clipped and run a chain and drop them one of the most iconic photos of all time is Joe Frazier leaping through the air Landing that left hook on the jaw of Ali and Ali going down

► 01:06:44

I'm going to go back okay what you going to do

► 01:06:47

it was a guy named Floyd Patterson sure who had that he lost to Sonny Liston Sunny 95 kids who is his mother you know what whatever with his father was like a sharecropper why he got involved in gangs and I'll listen.

► 01:07:10

One of those guys you know I think he ended his career shot of something to die. Now I got of a drug overdose. I think he ended his career as a like a bouncer in Vegas yeah you know I got your man or something like that right to see no one of those one of those guys like Joe Louis whatever those big guys that end up funny sports

► 01:07:37

not that one. Oh yeah I think I may have terrifying but I remember when I'm old enough to remember when Cassius Clay beat Sonny Liston another fight with a lot of people that has fix the second fight II Lewiston Maine that you can see the punch but it was like he called it an anchor punch cuz it's like as listed was coming for he dropped it down on him like that and a lot of people say it didn't land but you could see his head reacted definitely landed the question was whether or not he decided to stay down once he got hit and I think you did if you watch it just doesn't look realistic I can be watched when he goes down the way went down seeing maybe legit but the way stumbled around if he didn't stumble around like a guy who central nervous system got jacked yeah we watch radio

► 01:08:37

will punch 100% And the drug him dropping is real to there's no doubt about it the question was whether that was enough to take him out like that bank it could have but watched a see if you can find The Knockout Jamie because the what's not what's so crazy about it wasn't him dropping them cuz I think that was legit what's crazy was how afterwards he stumbled around like he couldn't move a he couldn't get up it just didn't seem real what did we just had it there

► 01:09:08

long explanation I don't know if they're going to show the actual thing they just showed him trying to get up that goes like Kevin Spacey

► 01:09:16

Ozark Center Pharmacy actual here it is here it is plant watch here's a punch boom that watch he goes down

► 01:09:25

it is sort of laid down on his back

► 01:09:29

and then you can stumble around and acted like you couldn't get up they just keep showing it over and over again it was a hundred percent of legitimate punch of people who say it's not they've never seen people get ko'd cuz people get ko'd and all sorts of weird ways doesn't really make sense like it's a human being getting punched in the face weird shit happens especially you get punched in the jaw like to see people get touched like a JAP sometimes and they go out doesn't make sense and also sometimes here it is right here it's also sometimes it's weird because you might have gotten hurt real bad in training so a lot of guys come into these fights and they're already injured they they just pooped right there now it's watching stumble around so it goes down and he lays down his back see this is where I'm not buying it. She just seems like horseshit but I could be wrong

► 01:10:21

nice Stumblin see like right there that seemed like he decided to stumble and go down and he's trying to get back up and I could be wrong I could be wrong but I'm not buying it

► 01:10:34

and so the referee was Jersey Joe Walcott who is a very famous champion of his own

► 01:10:42

but now they stay away by the one they stop the fight I don't know I don't remember

► 01:10:48

I don't remember all you know the first fight

► 01:10:52

5th round I think it was

► 01:10:55

list and put some white stuff on his gloves yeah and he blinded this is how crooked the game was he blinded Ali Cassius Clay so listen wasn't above you know I'm cheating yeah to remember that fighter oh my God this is so frightening

► 01:11:13

he would wrap something in his arrest oh yeah by Billy Collins jr. back in the day they they still use horse hair with the gloves and you can't you could put a little hole in the gloves and pull the padding out and Luis Resto Panama Lewis was his trainer and Panama Lewis was also the same guy that gave Aaron Pryor little jab cocaine right before he knocked out Alexis Arguello me they think it was cocaine he said give me the other bottle the one that I prepared it gives it to Aaron Pryor and Alexis Arguello they had a crazy war of a fight and then gives them something in this little bottle and then Aaron Pryor goes out like a bat out of hell and when the question was always what was in that bottle cuz there's no sophisticated drug testing back then the Panama Lewis but there was one of them that actually put cement or something in their gloves there was that that was a more recent one that was

► 01:12:13

Mexican gentleman that fought really do that to that the he doesn't doesn't fight anymore fuck I'm trying to Blacken his name but he he beat up some really prominent Fighters that way

► 01:12:31

the fuck did he it was a one fight in particular or I'm seeing the guy in my face yes Antonio margarito pull up his record cuz he did it did it to some like legit Fighters and really beat them up and they were like didn't even make sense a hardest hitting me cuz he he would put plaster of Paris apparently inside the wraps Miguel Cotto that's what was Miguel Cotto beat the shit out of in the rematch this document is a horrible. And still you be beat the shit out of them then the Shane Mosley fight was the fight that he lost that was the next fight in during the wrapping of the gloves Shane Mosley's Camp bisco what the fuck is in his raps they recognized it and how to rewrap his hands and then Shane Mosley beat his fucking ass

► 01:13:27

and they beat Robert Garcia on the Manny Pacquiao fuck them up and then Miguel Cotto fuck them up but the Miguel Cotto fight the first one it was it was bad I'm in his face was busted up and that's when people had suspicions but they didn't know until they saw the wrapping of the gloves and then he looked at every one of his fight before that and got all this motherfucker had plastic City that City Stacy Keach

► 01:13:55

it's about Club Fighters. Stockton directed it on the best fight movies ever despite that I was talking about earlier the Luis Resto fight this Billy Collins jr. guy was he was an up-and-coming Contender and he was blinded in the fight and can never fight again this kid that he fought Luis Resto they pulled all the padding out of the gloves and he just fucked up this guy's face it to the point where it you know I had detached retinas and he couldn't see straight when an alcoholic afterwards. I guess face became a really big a big store with a deadly weapon like that

► 01:14:40

I think at the end of the other guys live for it at some point he admitted that he did it it was him documentary about it but the guy finally admitted that he was using people done that forever people don't my forever I was born with a guy wants and I want to touch his gloves and was like what the fuck is in your glove and is patting had all been it was those old style old style boxing gloves the padding that I could push back and it was like it was all like almost Ron knuckle people are assholes people are actually fighting bare-knuckle there's a whole Bare knuckle boxing organization out of Wyoming to you have all your knuckles yeah they're all there

► 01:15:28

it probably salvaged is there a more fucking Boston name to Bobby Sallee you know it's good to is the rap you know when guys going to fight and I like wrap it up as well now it's like I used to be guys like you up on our way to a fight practice fall an asshole again I like that just like a basketball you know that the thing was kind of thinking that when you see Liston and I'll leave right now how could like it look like listen was like afraid of them how could he be well go back to the reason why this is Allie did this on purpose he act like a crazy person cuz he's like that Sonny Liston was a bully and sunny was it was a big scary man and what he felt

► 01:16:28

Sonny Liston will be afraid of is a crazy person someone who wasn't afraid of him so in all the press conferences and all the different things leading up to the fight he would scream at him he would show up at Sunny listings house and honk the horn in the middle of the night and get on his lawn scream and yell at him like he did a lot of crazy shit to Sonny Liston to fuck with him psychologically he wants something you want to tell you that he was a crazy person and that you know that he would never stop yeah and that's I mean he actually did and there was one point in time when they were see we just hear some of this

► 01:17:09

he made it sound like you let him know you wasn't scared of them and they were doing his blood pressure and his blood pressure was so high is heart rate was so high they weren't going to let him find a least get a calm yourself down cuz he got himself worked up into a lather he was just so so angry and so you know so hyped up trying to act like a crazy person do when they were doing as pre-fight Medicals they were like hey you know like you can't fight your fucking do something wrong with you why he had to relax and calm down he was just so so smart at like psychological warfare there's never been any anybody like him psychologically that could just he would first of all he was very funny he would say hilarious shit like Howard Cosell

► 01:18:09

champ you seem very truculent whatever it is it's good on that that were funny he would say poetry he had that guy bundini Brown behind them and they were always you know they were always like a tremendous support team and on top of that he could fight as fucking ass off and he was a heavyweight that moved around like a middleweight unbelievable 220 pound man and he would Shuffle and move and Bob and weave and he would be out there almost like it's hard to say who's the greatest heavyweight of all time but he's certainly in the conversation it mean you would have to say how would he have done against some of the bigger stronger guys of the past like a Lennox Lewis who won in Iowa

► 01:19:09

in his prime the high 240 lb rain she was a much bigger much bigger guy but there was nobody like to see Ali also comes in two stages there's a lie before 1967 when he took his license away and there's a lie after 1970 when he came back and when he came back he was never as fast he was never as Fleet of foot cuz he didn't work out at all for three years do shit now and when he came back his return fight it just didn't look right he didn't look like he had the same movement is body didn't have the same musculature he just he fought

► 01:19:51

Jerry know it wasn't very cool and heat them up but it just didn't look like guns Muhammad Ali still go to boxing matches yeah yeah so go to boxing matches I love watch on TV yeah yeah. I try not to go too many Live Events anymore cuz I go to so many of them with the UFC till it's hard for me to go and go to go see more of them live but I do enjoy them nothing like being ringside for Golden Gloves will you come I'll get you tickets next time we're in Boston I'll hook it up every year that's a big fight together in Boston I want you to go eats crazy wild Live I'll get you get you right there on the floor right in front of the cage amazing something something unique I'll be a good date yeah it's some its way Wilder

► 01:20:51

like when you get used to watching the UFC sometimes it's I mean I really appreciate boxing I love it as a sport I love it as a as a just as a martial art I appreciate the elite of the elite but it's it's not as wild because there's takedowns and kicks and Stranglehold and armbars it's just way more Wild play it's way more excited like a it's like a super technical street fight between trained Killers that's what it's like

► 01:21:24

will listen I want to thank you I want thank you I want to thank you I mean it listen to me when I was coming this is like a box of Mohammad we can do whatever we want and that's a beautiful thing about podcast you did but you were a big inspiration in mine and all those Legends of Boston, the end to this day I think I saw some of the best comedy of my life ever when I was a young man coming up and when I was just starting out and you know opening for guys like you then you know you don't know what made it special is nobody was doing it as a job we were all just doing it cuz I want to do this or after thought it was just me that's what I'd still love about

► 01:22:14

performing you know acting up stand up is here in the moment you're in the moment will Fitzsimmons is a good buddy of mine and Greg Fitzsimmons talk about it to this day that back then we didn't think of having a career like what are you talkin about a career the best thing that we could ever Envision was one day would be able to pay our bills doing stand-up comedy that's right that's all we would hopefully cuz I would look at guys like you or the Boston guys that were getting you know they were making a living I was like these guys myself and I was in awe guys like Kenny Rogers Tennessee sure what a mind Steven Wright jokes hope I did a movie with Rodney back to school and I just watch him

► 01:23:07

you know create these jokes yeah I know like the one line like a Haiku poem I go to the dentist the other day for yellow teeth he says wear a brown tie you know your minds going in one direction or another guy who was a fantastic joke writer he could keep the jokes he did it couldn't you couldn't do now is my mom a prenup Martin Mull that television show he was on The Tonight Show and Johnny said how you doing this a Johnny I'm as busy as jumper cables are Puerto Rican

► 01:23:45

you couldn't do that joke today sorry say said that watching routes for 20 minutes now and scored a basket I turned it off by the way that's my mother's not me and it's not Joe did you like the documentary when stand-up stood out I did not participate in that how come because I didn't want my family to go through watching that house how what do you mean was about the decadence of it all and drugs and all that I've I like to think you know the important things to work yeah what was a little bit about the decadence but it was also about icer paranoid about that guy that was very sad but I was very happy to to know him into I just I say to Barry I'd be on a

► 01:24:40

cake with berry

► 01:24:43

that's a very you making these people are here to drink your making references to the third undersecretary of States policy and freaking Uganda you know that they're not going to get it so you can't get mad at them for not getting it but he was you know I didn't agree with his politics at all but he really meant it so I respected that he's a very smart guy and he also had extremely powerful ethics like he was wondering if no one respected any hacks in Boston any thieves were punished as it was an it was because of Barry like you you had to have original material isil and everybody policed it was a very unique environment because a lot it's like slick that they hit in one of my kids or something that personal you know how it is when you working on a bed and it doesn't work well in the beginning and then you know takes my

► 01:25:43

stick figure out how to twist it and it affected and then someone comes along and takes the finished product it's it's a horrific thing just said it was there was no it was no thieves it was also no hacks how to give you were doing like the Top Donut jokes or should I he would just fucking spit in your face didn't want none of that you know Barry was he was a scary guy mad I remember when I was an open mic I was so intimidated by him what he started being nice to me I was like I made it through so worried that he was getting worried he was there all those guys going to hate me I was always you know I was felt like I was never going to be inside I was never going to make it you know it would

► 01:26:44

still open for me then I'm going to hit the Big Sky that's what the movies about by the way is Boston comedy downtown and we should have all over the city it's about Boston it's about comedy and I hope people come out and see it's Thursday it's at the mirror Music Hall here in Beverly Hills do you want to go yeah I would love to go what time is it 7:30 I'm a show at 8

► 01:27:14

I'm at The Improv

► 01:27:19

well either even if I can't make it on Thursday I'll definitely yeah I'm at The Improv at 8:00 fortunately but I spent a lot of nights at The Improv Melrose in Hollywood as well I'm there I'm trying to do more shows there can I mix it up cuz I mostly just do The Comedy Store when I'm in town in the Ice House in Pasadena did you ever do that place I think so how long you in town for

► 01:27:52

Friday morning I'm flying out but yeah what are you doing tomorrow night at The Improv

► 01:27:58

all righty was Swiss plays tomorrow come on baby yeah it'll be hot than people know you from the show all right now so when you decide to do this this this movie about Boston comedy and you didn't want to do that that when stand-up stood out documentary that was many years ago was what is so you knew was just going to be about the decadence of there's also documenting what stand-up was like and I didn't know what it would just walk away from it

► 01:28:44

sometimes you make decisions that are really fucked up like she had McMahon had a show

► 01:28:52

what was it started with our search know with something Ed McMahon had this show and I'm saying here I am auditioning for show I don't want to do and I've been turned down you know so I said wow this is this is awful I did a lot of sitcoms of the really didn't want and then do movies rather that I really didn't want and you like that no I retired I'm retired from acting Kevin James movie but is Kevin the buddy of mine and I would do something with him just for for a goof but I don't enjoy acting I don't enjoy sitcoms I don't enjoy actors I Like Comics too much I like to hang around with comedians so much they want to hang around with actors in my house you guys were comics

► 01:29:46

can I have a filter that loosed of weird she flies like that is fucking crazy what are you to do funny though you know they're real people say shit like that like what they used to say to me and George Carlin and Richard Pryor Yeah Yeah Yeahs the wild impulsive people but a lot of them you know what Bill Hicks got off the drugs and was probably even better when he was off the drugs and had a lot of great drug stories oh yeah you look back and they're great stories as long as you can look back at your stories as long as you're not in jail as long as you get through when you look back but then that's so funny when you're in the middle of it will the Ding Ho when you guys were starting out that was that was

► 01:30:46

legendary place that was what we'd all I'd come a little bit too late I think the dean hope so

► 01:30:55

always ask this crazy question I say is he an ass-whole or is he Chinese it's like you know how much we exclusive tell when do you want swing swing that again you know I'm on the phone yeah I'm sweetie I know that was that was why the guy who lost the place in a dominoes game and it was a Chinese restaurant with a theater-like did the last thing he'll restaurant there's a stage and what you guys would think of is a card game but apparently

► 01:31:46

play dominoes gambling and how did it get started how did things go get Starbucks creme start and what year was it I don't remember anything like how to be like the seven anime Legend when I came around I can run 88 and people are, you missed a Ding Ho we all had our own shows there I was Sunday night's not do all these crazy characters

► 01:32:22

you know find out what I want to do you know so I was doing like characters right but one week that's when the magic happened is pitiless Ali from The Tonight Show came in and at the time The Tonight Show with the Tonight Show he saw Steven Wright in the next week Steven Wright was on The Tonight Show it was amazing you know because we are we what we were catapulted from Inman Square freaking Chinese restaurant to Johnny Carson food made it was wonderful when did the other club start opening up

► 01:32:55

it was after that when they when people find out there with some money in it but then then I was in the suburbs and do you remember that was one time where there was Duck Soup crossword soup was Nick's comedy stop down the street from Nick's comedy stop with the conviction X and above it was, the Charles Playhouse member Mike Clark was booked in, the Charles Playhouse for a while so there was four clubs on the same block that's right in Boston and you know what they're all filled the same guys with working and all of that everybody was doing three shows in three different rooms shows there I did for next 9 shows in one night at the end of the night I was just did I already do that joke

► 01:33:54

and I was so tired I was like

► 01:33:58

be like setting it up and then

► 01:34:01

what's the fucken punchline of this ship yeah

► 01:34:05

you know in some way of diminishing returns thinking about what you're doing and they're not laughing and I say then you say well

► 01:34:18

you realize you're not saying it right you're not delivering it and you know then you deliver it and they laugh and then there's this other voice in your mind saying wow that's interesting if I change my voice and it's like me watching me do this again it's crazy you know I mean I can remember if you want to hear a horrible cook story I was down in New York was up for show call not necessarily the news backstage at catch a rising star and that place you know when somebody comes out to see on the show is there always late so I'm downstairs

► 01:35:00

the guy says they're not here yet it's alright this is faster because you fucked up and I said they here yet you just sass 5 minutes ago now they're not here you want to do another line I said so by the time I'm on stage of Comedy you know when your jam it looks like see if the intensity they were there to see me

► 01:35:39

and I go out I did this and I was like setting up a joke and not doing the punchline it's starting shit and ideas and was fucked up it was like Charlie Sheen you know there's no dots to put together it's not supposed to make any sense I go off and I said to the kiddo how was it how was it you supposed to do 25 minutes it did four minutes I said I thought I was out there for like an hour

► 01:36:09

it's fucking hot cheese is when I think of those days when did you quit 26 years what was the reason

► 01:36:17

you know I talk to kids that they say that sometimes what's the closest thing I can say is something we say the problem I was sick and tired of being sick and tired I was always exhausted always tired so I came back to life you know and now I enjoy every day beautiful yeah on the show thanks but I hope we can do it again so I watch you come on motherfuker are you a single gentleman and a couple days with pre-order

► 01:37:15

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