#497 - Tim Kennedy

The Joe Rogan Experience #497 - Tim Kennedy

May 7, 2014

Tim Kennedy is a Special Forces operator and professional mixed martial artist who currently competes in the UFC's Middleweight division.

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been around the world that you see saying that you're laughing like you're not that interesting but I had 12 years is a pro to finally get a little Joe interview you couldn't ask for a better environment to do that first interview you know how to do it and do it after that spectacular knockout and just that was intense man and it wasn't just intent cuz you want what was really intense for me is and I've always experienced this and these fights for the troops first of all it's great to be able to go to them and put on these fights and have them in these hangers and then he's tight environments and appreciation in the respect that everybody has for the fighters is really intense butt

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you first of all you being a veteran and you you being on a Bosch in your love for soldiers and your respect for your ear your fellow military when you got on top of that cage and after you know they were cheering and you were yelling out all those people that you love that commercial on top of the cage and all those people let him know that you love them that's intense shit overwhelming emotional near shut down the cage I see this dude he fights for the 160th which like the Special Forces wing of Aviation the last time I saw that dude was I was handed him my shot buddy you know I'm like it's a big thing in Special Forces me real tight you know like I'm handing him my brother that has bullet holes in him and and I'm like I don't know what I'm going he's like hey I got this this is what I do you go do what you're

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I didn't get back to work that's the last time I saw this dude was handing him my buddy on a Medevac holyshit there is that dude from the 160th that I had in my body to totally overwhelming I have to go in there and fight and then nice 5th Special Forces Group is located there so I saw a bunch of dudes from the Green Beret regiment has entirely too much emotion that's where they like curl up and cry intense picture picture should be on your wall somewhere cuz that is one of the greatest pictures I've ever seen that you can cut me out and just have to do you need to be in there for reference that means but that's your attitude what you just said cut me out and leave the dude that is your attitude you you really don't want the job is in here is easy what you guys do you guys are my heroes

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Joe Rogan verbally deep moment you know there was a I wrote a sing a long time ago about one of the fight for the troops about the the national anthem and I recorded it I filmed it on my phone when someone singing the National Anthem and you turn around and you know I was filming the crowd while it was all going on and the de feeling in the air of hearing the national anthem while your rounds active-duty soldiers who are in a war currently have had friends had loved ones. I have experienced firefighters have been there come back and now they're here in time off getting to enjoy a fight and everyone standing up in his electricity in the air man your fucking ass or standing up on your back it's just crazy it's it's intense intense

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the totally different experience it's there I don't know I don't understand the whole realm outside of like what you can physically see but there's no way to describe be like moments like that where you're surrounded by these Heroes that the selfless freaking superstars of humanity and if they bleed in every sense of the word for their country and then the flag goes up and then there's there's this energy there that just can't be described going to be experienced it's surreal that's the really intense aspect is that there's there's a lot of resistance and blow back towards war and towards the military industrial complex and towards both of which are horrible but what's important is the people he wants everything to be black and white and there's no black and white in this world this is gigantic spectrum of Shades and there's there's

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positive and negative there's good and there's bad but there are real heroes in the world Pat Tillman is a perfect example of a guy who is a real hero in my opinion a guy who saw what was going on and said you don't want to talk this NFL career I don't need millions of dollars when I need to do is do what's right and I need to fight for my country he goes over there about it completely as his brother and that's to me a perfect example of that there is no black and white there's there's a lot of There's real heroes there's people that have her own content and its people that have

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heroic ideals and they really do love and respect the idea of freedom but they get thrust into a situation where everything is completely out of control and chaotic and was very vocal about it and well-spoken very well spoken as his brother you know it's it's a very intense thing and when you you know what people were anti-war and you know it's it's it's it's it's fashionable to be anti-war you know it's it's saying that a lot of people put on like an outfit they just sort of jump into the sentiment that we shouldn't have a military we shouldn't have War but the real problem is human beings are still animals in water set a lot of respects a lot of senses and probably nobody knows that more than a guy like you is been there

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war is horrible I hate where I am in life with you no uncles that fought in World War 2 Vietnam you know grandparents that but with that

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position of being anti-war I don't think you should be able to be anti-war unless you understand at a fundamental level how awful horrible war is not that doesn't mean you have to go and serve but its necessary you know it's some I don't wish you know what I've seen in my life on my worst enemy you know there's no way I'd want the people I hate to have to see know what a little girl looks like when she's been through an acid thrown her cuz she tried to go to school I want that on my worst enemy but there's people that do those things you know there's people like going kidnapped 3 girls in school they don't this week because they're going to school now those people don't have to answer to somebody and the only people they would answer to our guys like me or guys that are better than me that are still doing it and it's necessary evil you know you fight fire with fire you fight evil with just a more violent better version of evil witches that's a crazy way to look at the world but a lot

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Spec's there's no other options and set in some situations there are no other options unless you let evil overwhelming area are evil overwhelm a group of innocent people there's almost no options and to deny the existence of evil is completely fucking ridiculous especially if you just look at human history look at human history from recorded times from the beginning when people started writing things down people always did awful shit if they could get away with it and it's terrible how long will you over there for I was 8 years active duty Special Forces and now it's been

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three years as a national Guardsmen in Special Forces or so while so you were really young so you're essentially like you know college-age I was in grad school when I enlisted at 22 wow so you saw what was going on and you just decided that this was calling you

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it was a balance I was like the perfect storm for me for me to go in I was I was kind of this is before it would cut will call it pro I was a pro MMA fighter and I had five fights as you know I just wanted to ECC 50 big 8-man tournament you know Jason Miller Denis Kang myself were all in it I was the one that wanted it so I could promise I was a little idiot. In San Luis Obispo on tired of fighting with the time worrying about what she was going to wear to the next party you know what it is with my next winnings from the Spy I'm going to go buy these something stupid already ripped oh yeah absolutely too much for a really crappy jeans that look so anyways so make it a lot of poor decisions and fuel 9/11 happened it was just one of those instances that's godsend divine intervention maybe where you get this

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Central perspective of how much of an idiot you are and that's what I had as I got I am really one of the worst people in the planet productive contributing member to side anyway just being a succubus of life so I walked out on after 9/11 to the recruiter's office and the other dudes in line ahead of me that I want to do the same thing and just give you a testament about how amazing the backbone of our country still is it wasn't feeling like when you showed up and you see a thousand other people that are wrapping around the supermarket of the same mentality

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man I should be here like 5 hours ago and it was cool it was amazing it was humbling is what it was to see all these due to head of datum their instant reaction you know wasn't a little retrospective perspective of like what you're doing in your life it was like fuck this those dudes just flew planes and or buildings I'm going you know that's that's what they were for I was a little bit late so I think just responses humbling because the people that flew the planes already dead right so it's the idea that there's a faction of the world that's planning things along these lines and it's willing to go to such extreme lengths shit like that happen in the world and you see it from the perspective of an outsider versus seeing it from the perspective of someone who's actually there and in the military would would the difference like what is the feeling like because once

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became active duty wants you there what is the difference in your perspective

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911 I think everybody remembers exactly where they were different exact place that I wasn't exactly what I was doing you know what I remember my response to anger you know like I wanted to lash out in Revenge I don't have anymore I must have like this cold calculated response you know like I hear about something happening and I don't wanna like go over it with a baseball bat and smash a bunch of dudes heads in like I did 12 years ago now it's

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like when Bin Laden was killed and I spent some prime years of my life and mountains of Afghanistan Pakistan looking for that that idiot and and then Navy Seals go in and get them you know and I was like I think I missed it and I lost count of sad I wasn't mad I was angry I don't want to be there I don't want you to myself cuz like I wasn't mad that I didn't get to which was like my response to no 11 12 years ago

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is calculated like being my friend. That was one of the biggest like what do you think really happened conspiracies online when they didn't show the body through in the ocean and the high going to be a martyr like that was so perplexing to me the whole thing was so completely perplexed his body take a look the whole world wants to see the bad guy just historically through the course of this war when it we've done it on numerous instances where was Saddam hanging or dark alley and it's blown up body like it's been it's been very clear the response by The Fanatic side when they see the body may be that person becomes a more smarter than that he's like idolized four years or maybe it just insights an immediate Wyatt so yeah it sucks we want to have

► 00:20:50

Justice feeling of like the conclusion that you don't like the finality of like there's been a lot and he's dead look at that pointy beard of his that's definitely him all right we can sleep at night you know the boogeyman Bin Laden's not in the bed but had they done that the repercussions would have been so much more severe with riots and possibly you know a long-standing martyrdom so I'm just gray like you said it sucks I'm selfish I want to see the dead body and plus I don't totally believe everything they say so you know when you when you talk to high-ranking military guys and say that guy's been dead forever he's been dead a long time ago there was another part of the conspiracy guys that were you know in the know with saying I think that guy was dead already

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there's no way that he still alive cuz we've probably killed him like 10 times now so whether this was the final version of him or the 10th it's irrelevant all versions of Bin Laden are dead yeah he's not Jason he's not going to pop up out of the ocean and love time yeah swim to shore turkey bitch and I'm going to start from scratch the idea is terrifying to us like fanatical religious fundamentalists that are willing to die is terrifying for a good reason it's one of the worst aspects of human beings is that we can talk people into believing some completely ridiculous shit and talk them into believing so much so that they want to kill themselves and we are the problem with human beings is that

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what's a guy gets that far once I've got one side human man woman whatever is that far gone how do you bring them back I have a friend who has adopted a child and the kid was I think she was probably 3 when they adopted her and she's at 6 now and poor kids a mess you know when they really worried they don't know what did she experienced a lot of abuse before they ever got to her and now she's 6 years old and they're just trying to Wrangler and educator and give her love and give her but they're like goddamn if we just got there sooner that's their idea three years old you know get some guy who's fucking 30 and he's all I walked by all day you know Balan and ready to be a martyr and it's fucking it's impossible to change the course of that's what ideology

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I've no idea how if you you're smart ecstasy mushrooms isolation reprogramming and I'll some of that solution infinitely more repercussions you know what we're all going to the reality of the situation in Europe the idea of quitting human being like a weed is pretty gross but it's just about an hour urgent we're not all flowers yeah I don't think you're a flower, flower vegetable some sort of a joke I have layers or it's really hard as well so well inside I'm very fibrous for I like it

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so you were over there and you continued your mixed martial arts training while you're over there as well as an expectation that all of us are just good Fighters like we're just born bad asses 2 obviously this is not the case Frank nobody is so we trained you know we shoot all day long and morning and night we fight so you know I usually PT's some form of Jiu-Jitsu boxing wrestling kickboxing hand to hand combat small arms and then evening is more recreational you know after you get back from the rain should I get up you workout then you go to the range and shoot for a 3-4 hours go back from the guns and then your evening is usually on the mat that's Monday through Thursday Friday is you're trying to fix whatever you broke during the week as a week so do you guys when when they set up training for you whether it's physical martial arts training or a Fitness training is their insta

► 00:25:13

actors who are the who set a program for you like how does how does it work sometimes you bringing us countless times you know Greg Jackson comes out still you know guys like Greg Thompson you know he's a voice black belt he's there permanently said that there's permanent fixtures at the Special Forces installations that turn guys on a daily basis and they have literally relationships to bring in experts obviously

► 00:25:47

you know what you do in the house when to blow door in when you're going inside on kill capture mission is different than you can do in the cage still has to be guys that can adapt whatever they're teaching or know what their limitations are no Greg Jackson doesn't go in there and try to teach knife fighting you know he knows what is left and right limits are but he can freeze where the best so he comes in and gives gives the best instruction that he can to try to provide tools for for guys to be better at what they do you train a lot down there in Albuquerque I do he's a fascinating guy he's he is a cool cat is a one-of-a-kind very unique dude like really humble like really humble like there's a lot of people that pretend to be humble but if you pick away at them in and find some bullshit

► 00:26:35

can I stay humble to a fault where they have

► 00:26:42

they have all these things to give their the best that there has ever been on coaching staff that trained were Champions they have the best stable of Fighters on the planet arguably and

► 00:26:54

they're still training guys you know it is not by Design. This is just out of like almost necessity Addis carry staff Barn Warehouse industrial commercial ghetto building you like where I can walk out the door as fast as I can come inside and get around with Jon Jones lose my options front door parking lots get some s come in is that bad a neighborhood oh yeah absolutely essential it's like you can count anywhere from four date transvestites any given morning and then that was a huge wig and she's like four or five inches taller than I am in 50 pounds bigger than I am

► 00:27:54

scary finger in and every corner is like a drug dealer there's this drug dealer and then you like then the irony is there and then that is not the guy from breaking bad but he's really selling meth and he's dressed like the guy from Breaking Bad wow that is what it's like they're Albuquerque's a weird spot it is the fight the gyms there and yeah good stable tough guys there but they're in Albuquerque New Mexico so that's where I go if they were Idaho that's where I would go but that's where they are so cute rain in Austin during your time in between fights how do you like plan out like like when like how many weeks do you give yourself where you go to Albuquerque Albuquerque so hopefully

► 00:28:54

10 week head up heads up to your fight so that I have four weeks to start doing pre-fight Camp develop me like strength speed explosion type physical stop working on specific techniques and then moved to Albuquerque for the six weeks for the kind of final fight care spot in Austin to I was down there really recently and I met the owner that facility what's what's our cat's on Parks and pull your right now in between fight preparation there that group of Fighters out of there as well just a lake with my strength and conditioning coach he's like my brother on a whole bunch of different levels he married my sister might have my wife's sister used to go to college together we used to hang out with the same girls together

► 00:29:51

and then we listen together here Special Forces with the same group together with Afghanistan together and then he married my sister-in-law I hope not because he's like 200 lb in ounces 250 lb deadlift 500 lb would be a bad thing if he was stalking me does is he fighting is he doing we're just trying to destroy their scary that just train

► 00:30:25

I lost the Strikeforce title to Jacare it was it was a really close fight I thought I'd make an adjustment said that I wasn't making on my own and I needed

► 00:30:43

somebody else more than me to tell me what those were and how did and how to prepare for them you know so since then I'm what's 7 + 1 since I went there is an interesting guy she didn't have any professional MMA fights but he's a virtuoso me really has like I've had long conversations with him about strategy and weird shit about music about how he listens to symphonies in compares the rhythm of Symphonies to the the the changing rhythm of a fight at strategy Lemmings like the old school Lemmings you know where is that don't even know what that is to certain portions of the map to try to achieve some stupid engineering goal is very like archaic like 16-bit game from bike almost Commodore 64 type things. Not often but you know what everything or

► 00:31:43

he's like playing Monopoly with a family you know it's like everything's about strategy or have a conversation with my friend already has a podcast called the skeptic tank and our he's a really smart dude in him and Greg Jackson Greg was his guest and Greg was like picking his brain about the comparisons like trying to figure out how one craft a piece of, and like tries to attack an audience with it like how you how you get an idea past the boundaries of someone's Consciousness kind of the template of what you're trying to get to them but then you respond the responsiveness see how I can get a change like that to his his mind because I don't know anybody like him it's a very unique sort of a mindset and then winkeljohn is a great striking coach was a great kickboxer himself and now he's an interesting guy to

► 00:32:43

yeah he's like the yin to the Yang with great he's easily

► 00:32:51

he knows what the heck we're Greg wants you to paint the best version of yourself winkeljohn doesn't have that kind of responsive approach to you he knows what you need to do to be better you know what he says this is what you should do to be better in This Is War and roll it roll it was slain until you are your grades like all right you like I want to see you developed this let me give you some tools so you can implement this in your fighting style and it's going to be adaptive to every single different athlete that he has where we would like know this is what you need to do in this is how we're going to do it you're like yes sir please don't hurt me what I do I look at you lost an eye in training someone they threw a kick in the toenail missed a pad and caught his eyeball which is the first I've ever heard of that happening ever I've heard of guys getting scratched badly and training from sparring but never from holding pads for your safety glasses every time now

► 00:33:50

can you pour out of his face as I guess that was my I fuck bitches fingernails and toenails and hygiene go clean yourself and trim that stuff viewing my hooks off and he had this giant fingernails and I brought it out to class and I can hear folks look at this you can't have this going to make you a better fighter you can't have this is just a rough edges file as bitches down yeah we see guys like about to go into the cage and Herb Dean to look at their nails done in like they buy them

► 00:34:50

you should have done that already then you come home and your wife's like scratches all over your like for a living

► 00:35:02

yeah that's hilarious why is he on your back because someone who's fucking scratching my back alright more yeah not good for fucking eye pokes and he's done heaven forbid we ever say that anything was done better and pride their gloves for better have this padding like two-thirds of our hands right where we break our hands or just above the rest at bottom your hand gloves which provided support so it's a lot harder breaking in there also the padding was curved so it was actually actually obviously you know like I like to Grapple

► 00:36:02

is a Grappler I could complain. Like I want to have the total you should my extremities you know no gloves would be better for most absolutely you can slide things in the letters on their yeah they brought over some new glove glove and I put it on black why what the fuck is the difference it's a slightly curved like these pictures should be like really curved like wherever if you want to do that it's an effort and when you relax it goes right back to that is for 15 to 25 minutes I'm sure that when I need it to mean is long as you can do it when certain situations like you know you're trying to play a joke or something but it's it's it's very disheartening to me all the people that are having detached retinas and Allen belt

► 00:37:02

xyzal out of it or what it looks like and then I guess it's diminished in some respect out of me

► 00:37:19

yeah it's so fucking weird and he's had a couple eye surgeries right bisping's had more than one eye surgery fucking crazy mad I like realize I don't want to do something where the fingers aren't exposed covering like what I was thinking it was like us like a lambskin sort of a covering something is not sick but like maybe like a band around the tips where you don't really ever anyway when you do that you mostly do that in your fan your thumb was pressed tight against the side of your hand then have your hands like in a cross position where one zit one sideways and one is sitting straight up and then

► 00:38:19

Crush down with your hands with your with your fingertips that would be with a Gable grip is like and that is the majority of wrestling of grabbing you and you sent around the waist that's most of the way you grab the other way would be in a script which is you would make like a very rarely do you do this very great barely do you let your fingers intersect with each other so it's just dust they don't have to be free like that and when they're free that's when fingers going eyeballs you know

► 00:38:55

I thought maybe like maybe there could be some sort of a flexible rounded covering which would eliminate seems like it's you know I don't think they have it's amazing to me how things just stay stagnant when they're retarded like when they don't they don't make any sense like these left side 12 elbow you telling me will you tell me you can kick someone in the head with your shin but you can't drop an elbow down your head if someone has never been kicked in the head with a shin obviously that's the only reason why you would make that really wasn't that like that. Era Big John told me that they were having this meeting for the commission and karate brick-breaking demonstrations on ESPN

► 00:39:55

and the board shatter and everything well they said you can't do that move because that moved to kill someone obviously is the real reason why the 12 to 6 elbow is this elbow is stronger is got more more torque to move into the body this is an awkward movement in comparison to remember Cobra Kai is the logic that literally at complete like mixed martial arts competitors trainers Fighters people in the know and ask them what should be a 12-6 elbows not to be on that list now or near to find it's a it's a good technique as our knees on the ground I think knees on the ground and it could be you know if if someone bought

► 00:40:55

to have some sort of compromise maybe it would be nice on the ground when you're not pressed up against the cage that could be a possibility you know if the idea being that the niece of the head on the ground would be problematic Against the Cage because I couldn't move and I was one of the good things about Pride was the ropes Soccer Kicks and all those things you can try to scoot your head under the roads to get away from things you're not you're not contained by your environment to the point where you would suffer damage you blow that you could have avoided by your own power the north-south obviously the limitation as you still can't strike to the top of the head or the back of the head with a knee is really matter because I hurt them worse than you could in any other way with any other strike from any other position and also I don't like this thing the guys are doing with a drop one hand down to avoid being they had and they

► 00:41:55

drop by drop it down like it's a weird gray area that I think needs to be sat down and then of course there's the scoring system which is adopted from boxing the 10-point must scoring system which is just terrible in the implementation of it is even more terrible because very few 10-8 rounds get scored and then there's 10 9 rounds where guy just gets fucked in molly-whopped possible it's a terrible system and Riverside Dock Hamilton scoring system to know what the scores are every round

► 00:42:55

I agree with her it's football basketball everything else I think it should be that way in boxing to so it would discourage City Judges from continuing their their shittiness and fighters from continuing their shittiness yes you know I got to be so far ahead that he would run in the last round for round all right I have this workout John when do that anyway the great Fighters would still fight have to if he doesn't like you're not trying to win like you know you're not going to win a decision so either you just fucking throw caution to the wind and throw yourself in the line of fire or why you fighting move on Jon Jones is a fucking phenomenon that dude is good as he has looked in the past the fight against Glover was just just sensation

► 00:43:55

yes it was like it was something about these amazing in the gym I mean he's so talented in every respect and he's good he's really really good and then like stand-up is a whole different world his wrestling is just out of this world like and then he goes on Gameday on fight day and he's better the improvised is beautiful when I asked him about the elbows in tight fighting go over Against the Cage like that I knew I just felt it was winding up and felt like I could get away with that and all those Glover's big overhand right you know obviously we're looking for the two big the two three punch combos that he doesn't entrances you know watching a course for her for Glover's wrestling he's a beast on top and then

► 00:44:55

what's the fight and you're like

► 00:44:58

do you do that stuff in fight Camp he just fight night started improvising and destroying it still number to dude on the planet yeah so decisive leader is disturbing he also added a new game that I think you're going to see a lot of people do that's that attack in the shoulder with that loose underhook when a guy has that relax underhook change the whole feeling of what Glover could do offensively from that point forward. John's done a lot of things that a lot of people Implement now the front Lakeside Texas I was very few people doing that before have everybody doesn't he's got to watch the finger-post John is always do guys trying to move forward the one that running into his fingers all the time I hate

► 00:45:56

finger pokes needs a growing guys get tired cage grabbing like don't like it also he's a teammate I really do believe that he doesn't intend to hit them in the eyes he likes controlling range he has a Counterattack but it's his fault cuz his hands open as his fingers are freaking out there is an issue it's very it's a very tricky situation because I'm one hand it's a good tactic it's a good tactic to try to Palm the forehead and you know I mean it's a big one more time course you're dealing with a fully-enclosed I don't know what the fuck they can do what they really need to do something and needs to be a priority Pride gloves

► 00:46:56

home Greatest Hit Ever you guys need compare them to the best guys of today like wow it's like there's been a big fucking jump in jump on Fry and his mustache and I'm rest in peace mustache but you were in Pride compared to like the light heavyweights now just a disparity of of skill and Technical level why was watching vandelay the best of vandelay in Pride there was an episode of the best of Pride where is all you compare his skill level to like a guy like John Sean so they're fighting the same weight class like that wouldn't even be a hard fight for John you can't touch me and I

► 00:47:56

keep hitting you and you not know what to do and then either unconscious or orbit the fuck up some mazing how much of a jump there's Benz from 93 to 2014 as far as the evolution of martial arts I say it like it's a line that I keep saying but it's true in those two decades martial arts evolve more than they have in the last two thousand years absolutely the longest time and you know martial arts in the 80s and nobody knew what the fuck worked it was all just guessing you know everybody knew that you know if you were a really good rap so you could take guys down and if you are really good boxer you can pipe punch better but what would work better karate or Judo Jujitsu guy's name in new movies every single car do I call this one like how can we progressed so quickly where every Saturday night we're like oh here's a new submission

► 00:48:56

you know what you very rarely see him and see me. I think I don't even know if this is ever pulled it off in a few guys that use that prove the next time and then there's a few jokes that you never see him again it's it's it's a fascinating thing where you watching all the stuff of all right in front of your eyes how do you manage your training when it comes to like working on new techniques adding new things to Your Arsenal and still get just the conditioning sparring the did the David day today drilling that you have to do Italian manage stuff and all that stuff in those percentages of I want to develop

► 00:49:46

give certain percentage of time to getting better so I'm going to unless they have 10 classes a week around number in that in those 10 classes you know like I want two or three of them to be exclusively focused on drilling new techniques you know that I want two or three of them to be maintenance of things that I do well and want to continue to do well and did you just grab me like 10 class setting and then you know two or three of them are hard grappling rolling sparring type sessions and other ones like maybe of a floater of Auntie Gina I'm working with just a handful black Phillips trying to create new stuff you know so like it's equally proportionate to stain good challenging myself physically and developing new technique and learning you know what about recovery like what about what would you do

► 00:50:46

what do you do for trigger do you have like a routine as far as like deep tissue massage cryotherapy what do you do if yes to both of those things you standing cover what is going to be my very small penis in like seconds you know and I make sure I double hand it so that would be cuz if you found out that guy did it you'd probably have to do it too wouldn't you assume that you would be one of those guys to be like all right are you messing with me yeah just do it

► 00:51:41

the only there for like 3 minutes right then you get out huge infusion of blood you feel better like to explain it to me and for the late people at home it's your neck is above right your head is exposed so the closes on you like a sun tanning bed exactly right punch liquid nitrogen gas in there so up till I bet you got your chin down to like -300 degrees so you're breathing the gas is coming up to your chin and you had the largest organ your body is your skin so it's very responsive if you know what it can absorb quickly like people take drugs that way you can also it's very responsive so it gets exposed to negative 300 the first thing it does is take blood from the extremities and rushes it to the vital life-sustaining organs of your body your brain your heart in your lungs

► 00:52:39

show all the blood goes from your extremities to your core and then you get in here there fly to 3 minutes and super crazy cuz if you have an injury like a hurt knee where you have extra fluid there it gets super cold there could be of more fluid are more fluid is conducted and it gets colder faster she can feel these injuries on your body get crazy cold and then you hop Out 3 minutes up you get out of get out of the chamber and then your body responds to being an 80 degrees and all the all the blood rushes back out to the extremity she got this huge infusion of good healthy blood back out to these injuries and back out your extremities it's a rush does a goose drank like 5 cups of coffee and you like Anton this weird tingly fantastic sensation that's what happens to a fusion circulation like the

► 00:53:36

try to treat an injury you know you have your rest ice compression elevation you know when when you're trying to work on recovery without injury you want circulation so you want good healthy blood going to muscles that you just fatigued to increase risk recovering response time so if you just like simple terms if I went and did like a big Squat and deadlift workout for the day right my legs and back and butt are going to be sore does extremities lot it's vascular region so go hop in the crowd chamber all the blood that sitting there in that area in my legs my back my but I'll rush to my brain and his lungs and heart then I get out and all sorts of great new Fantastic blood goes back to my legs back and butt so I get a great huge infusion of good healthy blood back out to my extremities to increase recovery time cuz I'm just increasing circulation increasing circulation is increasing recovery wow that's fascinating shit man

► 00:54:36

it's fascinating when you see all these new Innovations when it comes to strength Fitness and how many days a week to do that for Wow and they have a place in Albuquerque trailer to bring out to me and if I camps that this that has that in it yeah that's nice that is super nice wow so Albuquerque doesn't have that Greg Jackson get on the ball bitch come on that beat tissues great you know that I believe like the tenants the foundations of a healthy recovering athlete you like good sleep good food good sex you know it like you have to have those if you're doing those things then your body is going to

► 00:55:29

adapt to whatever the workload of volume that you're putting out so I have a crazy volume like guys that come and train with me to like this is normal this is not like this is what I do normally buy just have a very healthy Foundation of a lifestyle I don't really drink I don't ever smoke and I got trained every single day to three times a day my body is adapted to that and then everything else is supporting structure of eating well you'll have an awesome supplements you don't have everything just to make my body respond properly to training volume is is there how do you work your diet out what do you do if you have a nutritionist that you work with you do it on your own I have nutritionists stuff off of and like people are way smarter than me that I'm surrounded with so many other Elite athletes talking to them and their coaches you know the guys are on it to know they have a hole to have a stable of guys there that are always looking for the next best thing

► 00:56:29

or even out the next best thing things are just have been there around for thousands of years that nobody uses like they should so it's it's a constant discussion of like how to improve I know what my calories I burn in a day cuz I log everything I bought two weeks ago so I was on crazy strict diets like 3-4 months to get down to 185 now I'm back in Austin Texas maybe I'll have a little bit of brisket it's getting in there no or yes in tacos so you know you should be perfect all the time your body needs those cheats cleaning strict you're robbing yourself also of enjoyment Life's Too Short delicious food you shouldn't eat all the time but you should eat sometimes definitely right so do you when you say that you log the amount of calories that you burn how do you calculate that heart rate monitor during the workout is my resting metabolic rate

► 00:57:29

know what that is what you know what that is kind of in between workouts you

► 00:57:34

no humidity in a day what you've burnt and then you just add during the workouts you know if I work out two or three times that day you know if I'm doing a 90 minute strength and conditioning session you not going to burn anywhere between 12 to 1600 calories in that session you know from warm warm up to cool down last night to our Jiu-Jitsu session session you like afterwards she like I know what my kind of where my heart rate was at during the entire time and 2 hours and that's that's going to be another 1500 calories them put it on top of what I brought in that day so I guess snapshot diverting on 5500 6000 calories that's insane. That's way more than most yeah how do you stuff that in though I've been what are you what are you doing taxes do you have any nutritional requirements

► 00:58:34

take sugar in your diet at all try try not to like right now on Monday like I had one of those

► 00:58:46

I didn't know how long and it was amazing is it's like a small orgasm in my mouth and I don't even know what that is an apple fritter Bagel just donut with apples gluten and sugar apple sugar and that sort of what is that syrupy stuff in with the apples not sentiment exactly what that sounds do Krispy Kreme have a Krispy Kreme it is a spot that I go to beginning. Regina King to Germany for that eye doctor Peter Weller invented it's a blood spinning procedure and pinched nerves are getting some numbness in my hand from Jujitsu and totally but the place where I get it's right down the street from Krispy Kreme

► 00:59:46

driving like do I want to fuck up what I just fixed do it inflammation and I am currently inflammation in from a physical therapist that gluten and inflammation there they'll be people say oh you know you're not really Gluten Sensitive most people write me you can eat gluten you be fine but the reality is it does cost some information about his diet you wouldn't think that it would have that sort of an effect on your joints are you back or but it really does especially if the neighbors cause inflammation and then we're diet giving something that helps cause it you don't know how things are just compounded and send your natural and then what about Dairy not much at all some cheese I just can't live without you. Cheese's your cheese guy yes I'm a food guy

► 01:00:47

everything but I love cooking like real nice a real it's my food that I shot it's that I cleaned then I froze that I package that I brought in for my Greenhouse my backyard you don't like my food right right right so I'm with you a thousand percent I love you connected to what I put my body vibration people who have experienced that haven't said that it's something special when you cook an animal that you actually haunted shot butchered cut up put in your freezer eating in Camp which is even better when you're eating it like a couple hours after it died this is amazing connection that new people will poo poo that like it's not important like you know all you just using that as an excuse to go out and shoot animals like know and I really wish those for I would really like to take someone who is is a mediator who's Anthony hunting I just need to just experienced this just experienced a hug

► 01:01:47

I wish every person that ate meat and ironically like a ton of anti-hunters like Amitabh there's no connection to food these days like people just want to go to the grocery store and pick their stuff off the shelf and have no idea how it got there what was put in there you know what input then they judge me because I hunt I know exactly where the channel came from you no one like I felt sorry for when I shot it and I thought I was beautiful and I still do and I'm enjoying every single bite of it but it but they're going to sit there be like I feel like I'm a absolute fanatic conservationist hunts yeah and I love my food and I love good food so they're they're all connected and I think people should wake up it's also odd spectrum of things that are going on in this world is is no black and white when it comes to hunting you can actually love animals and still shoot them and kill them and that makes a crazy thing like people have if they find that like

► 01:02:47

oblique contradictory but it's not and it's also the other thing that people don't want to admit is that if you do not shoot these animals they are going to continue to fuck they're going to continue to procreate and then we're going to control the population because you have two options either you can hunt them or you can bring in wolves so what do you want to do your fucking neighborhood killing everything that they can get a hold of including dogs and putting livestock you want wild panthers what do you want what are you how are you going to control the population of these animals that don't have natural predators that the first my experience I was like it

► 01:03:25

prepubescent kid when when Catalina Island off the coast of California accidentally introduced a hog to Catalina and it made it in bones with maybe one or two other wild hogs that were there that created this feral big-ass hog that made a whole bunch of shit tons more Hogs and then started destroying the entire Island so they brought in to get rid of these Hogs that were destroying the the the entire ecosystem of the island

► 01:04:01

and that happens on a much more that's a micro example on a tiny little island with the tiny little animal if you look at the big picture of you like deer in the South or Hogs from Florida to Texas you know what I like or the python that was introduced to in the Everglades they have to be hunted to maintain the balance of Harmony in the Echo System and the ecosystem will crash if it's not done so you either like you said give a predator and that Predator has serious problems that come along with it or you have the hunter that doesn't properly and and then the other benefits that come along with it which is proper ecosystem delicious wild ham look at that I smoke that bitch myself in my backyard and I smoked it and it was the best tasting ham ever wild pig has a completely different texture and everything it's it's like a I marinated it or brined it rather for 7

► 01:05:01

days before I smoked it but even so it's like it's a more dense meet its more muscle it's darker it tastes better it's better for you and you fucking have to kill them because there's 50,000 Hogs the place where I go to is Tejon Ranch the only an hour-and-a-half outside of LA and they have they have a pond up there that they put a trail camera acting different mountain lions oh nothing just 16 different fucking wild murderous cats and it's because you're so many pigs are so much to some of the game up there you could end it from Texas to Florida you could bring in every country in the nation and have them kill 10 picks a piece and it won't even Dent what's the population of wild hogs in the Southeast have you ever seen a pork lips now know it sounds like the best movie ever it's a show there's a dude his name is Brian

► 01:06:01

I think is his name and he's got a show called Pigman and Pigman Azz a hunter in Texas and he hunts wild pigs and then he owns barbecue place and then serves up Wild Pig BBQ now he's going to show on one of those like history or something like that it's called Boss Hog and in the end of the shows for the details Tim and Ted Nugent. Helicopters with fucking machine guns and they're flying around with ar shooting pigs out of Sky High I mean it is the craziest fucking thing I've ever seen on TV legal down there are millions of pig they don't care how they don't stop fucking they breed all year round sound like deer that have a right and then they'll have a fawn no desert animals that are

► 01:07:01

heading out for five pigs every 4-5 months in this is this is the video of them shooting these things from the sky there's actually companies this is the wrong one you see what your de Chao is there's a pig hunting video that was a pig hunting promo for the Sportsman's Channel but this is lately had a whole episode 7 in the episode they killed 450 pigs in a fucking 22 minute episodes with commercial but that's like that's a drop in the ocean literally it is like taking a shot glass tossing into the ocean it's the most ridiculous thing you've ever seen your life and they're just running headshots with air tumbling while they're running and there's something barbaric and fucked up about it but they're taking that food and they're feeding hungry people they have hunters for the hungry they give the wild pork which is excellent meet they give it to Hungry families and it really really really delicious food

► 01:08:01

and it's important to but then there's a thing where people like well that's fucked up man that's not really hunting they're shooting it's not really hunting eradicating these problematic delicious animals that's the best way to look at it they have to be eradicated and while it might not be the most Humane approach to it it's a it's a necessary one that has to happen like it's a necessary evil little bit in the Hamptons in New Hampton luxury area outside of Long Island for all these rich Folks up there and snipers the town is proposed to give these deer birth control to somehow or another give them food put food out that has birth control in it if I was a male deer going to eat to Deer the male deer going to run around I think I'm pregnant

► 01:09:01

hundreds of thousands of dollars and it's a direct result of the failure to eradicate these animals are controller population through hunting they have 24 24-hour day seven-day-a-week hunting 365 days a year you can hunt with bows and arrows you can hunt all year around because there were so many dear they're like just fucking bring in Hunters and the hunters come in and their jerseys huge states that have these you know like 10 Acre Properties what is fucking tree stands that is million dollar houses with fucking putting green courses and dudes and treestands launching arrow is a dear sister fucking everywhere they like tree squirrel or ground squirrels it would drive into it like a ranch as ground squirrels and the car is running you see like Ranch which has 50,000 Hogs it has Rocky Mountain elk gigantic out they have thousands of deer they have Bears they have Mountain Lions ever be the number one animal masks

► 01:10:01

pound-for-pound is ground squirrels and is 2700000 acre ranch number one is ground squirrels for 30 years door taking Superstar he spends his retired time now

► 01:10:20

the most amazing setup of crowns for ground squirrels squirrels cows will destroy irrigation for The Vineyards like disease-carrying and they also breed like crazy can't stop of the cannibals two very different from tree squirrels squirrels in Wisconsin and cooked it was really so very unique taste to it doesn't taste like anything else but ground squirrels man, they just fucking disgusting there it's like I mean guess you could eat it if you were starving to death but now the problem is if you shoot them you have to kill them because of you shoot them and you wound them they run into the hole and then the other

► 01:11:20

fucking creepy little nasty creepy little animals out there but this I mean the idea that this one ranch with 2700000 acres for the largest largest animal mass is ground squirrels the largest mass of of life on Earth mooovin life is ants and that is more pounds of then there are humans pounds of humans were they better not start growing you know if you go back through out that you know history you find some of the animals that were just really enormous just a few hundred million years ago and it's on there another shrunk down to a manageable size yeah I'll give bees if these are the size of horses we have real problems Yeah by left honey

► 01:12:15

the honey is delicious you know what vegans don't eat honey that's horrible hilarious hilarious I just want to know how retarded it being a vegan is honey, today start with I'm a vegan you know lyrics to Can't Help say it it's like you're holding a high Marathon they run marathons the other thing that comes out right away is like I'm a marathon or I'm a vegan or I eat paleo or I'ma CrossFit that's like nobody can help but tell you those necessary elements of themselves I don't know what it is they're awesome

► 01:12:53

but to me. Almost discounts that is being such a vegan you cannot tell people for a long. Of time that's super impressive I'll like you more when you're a vegan and you just it took you two weeks to tell me I'm impressed can I buy you lunch a vegan lunch I get it for people that don't want to be cruel like totally get the whole sentiment I get I get all of I get the idea of like Marty fresh vegetables and it's healthy for you I get it but the finite nature of life itself it's just it seems to me it's so silly that you think that somehow or another you not killing animals is somehow going to balance things out for you not being a part of killing animals is going to be out there killing each other do you know that like there's a war going on all the animals are involved in it including humans we're just so far had we forgot it's a war and we have poww camps we set up in cities will calm zoos and that's what that is that those they didn't ask to be there like we capture those motherfukers and we put them

► 01:13:53

these weird things don't let them interact with the other animals in the zoo block them off their own little apartment and you know so we could stare at it eat popcorn

► 01:14:04

I'm not sure I agree with that I don't I think that if you should of zoos you should lump all those bitches together and if you run out of monkeys go get more monkeys in Survivor going to be the one to know how to get away from the cat. Monkey as a pet the monkey that stays in the ground and picks his ass while the Jaguars slowly creeping up on them that's the Monkees it supposed to die world of of our life is that they do I love when people are like oh did you see the movie Blackfish you know like it's so horrible I'm going to boycott SeaWorld you like

► 01:14:50

have you ever given a sent to marine biology or the preservation of marine Wildlife know we're going to boycott SeaWorld how much money have they given in the research and preservation of rain Wildlife a thousand times more than you think it's horrible that the animals were there but they do more in research and understanding wildlife in the preservation of wildlife then almost everyone that goes there and then or doesn't go then complains about it that shows just like this again Shades of Grey my problem with sea world is very simple those animals are smart they're very smart in fact the cerebral cortex of a dolphin's 40% larger than that of a human being beautiful we don't even understand how smart they are because they can't alter their environment so we don't think of them as being smart because they can't get on at Sam's they don't pick things up because they can move in 3D all around the ocean making fucking dive and swim and move around and they have these pods they stay together their families have dialect of language

► 01:15:50

they're so intelligent that we we're just now starting to understand that they have variations in the way they speak depending upon what geographic location they're at they're really fucking smart like the human type smart and just because they're different from us they don't build houses doesn't mean you're not smart so to me it's like slavery it's like just because you know we have donated so much money into slavery research enslave or you got another reason why there needs to be slavery research I just think that anything smart shouldn't be in captivity but like giraffes are so stupid I go to the zoo they seem happy as fuck there is a beast feed them they let babies feed them have a three-year-old think she holds up lettuce the giraffe comes and take it that's stuck in traffic. I'm set it off they're so confident that giraffes are chill that they let babies feed him you know her all day you have a giant Target your neck is just a shoe

► 01:16:50

is Target a beacon if somebody wants to bite this not in one spot it's not a warthog that is just so short

► 01:17:00


► 01:17:01

bite and kill you mean they're so happy they're in the zoo there so happy now they don't know how happy they are eating me and three year olds getting me food okay I think this is good but the end result is there's weirdness when it comes to captivated captive animals like these hunting camps they have in Africa again the gray area the weirdest of the world because you know Louis Theroux the documentary guy fashion guy on the podcast really really interesting cat is a good one of the best documentaries that he did was when he went to Africa and went to these hunting camps they have these high-fence hunting camps where they take these animals and they put them in these huge enclosures and they let people hunting the irony is these animals are there higher populations that healthier there's more of them animals are on the verge of Extinction are now there's many many many of them but they're Hunted

► 01:18:01

people of this weird sort of like well yeah the animals are healthier the populations are healthier but the reason being is because people can pay to go kill them like wow but it's just another example of the world's not being so clear-cut it's a lot of weirdness out there up ironically that like some of the the Rhino is that are left in this world are at those camps are there be protected during these high fence game fenced areas where people are coming. Come look at the Rhino and be like oh well what a beautiful ride a rhino all right let's go shoot again stuck in a kudu how much does it cost at something they can do 20 years ago cuz there weren't enough of them but like Limitless Impala with a black Buck but he sees by making them

► 01:18:52

available to be paid for this very strange and Louisa Rose documentary really captures his position is he's trying to get to his position during the whole documentary how can I see but is really clearly established by the guy runs the hunting camp angry at Louie point in the show like you know 3/4 the way in he goes you don't understand because he's fucked up fucked something is worth money it's going to fucking die they control everything is nothing here the reason why these fucking animals are here is because there was money that's it is true

► 01:19:42

it is true and in a sense that sort of mirrors what's going on when it comes to wildlife in America more money has been spent by hunters to conserve Wetland to preserve wildlife habitat for Elk to preserve areas where deer live and an end to establish clear protocols as far as Kansas City can be sustained in any given location and keep the populations healthy all that money comes from Hunters which is it's amazing it's his it's another one of those things it's like when you look at like clear objective terms you see that this is a very complex issue and it's not as simple as these animals are beautiful we should not kill them like they are beautiful you have to kill them but yeah I feeling well that's the crazy thing is really suck they are delicious

► 01:20:42

turn on there and it's just the way the world is the world contrast to the first 10 years of my life were like I didn't think what I was shooting was beautiful cuz you're evil fuckers Sportsman Hunter like I love these animals and which evil terrorists terrorists 10 years of my career as a shooter?

► 01:21:13

23 guys like No Remorse slept very well at night you know it cuz he's evil people that I'll shoot you know cuz that is really yummy and there's too many of them have a buddy who served and came back and he loves fishing and he had a real hard time getting back in the hunting he said you see so Much Death at a certain point time you don't want to be a part of any of it you got back into it after a while but it took him a while to him a while to just sort of settling in he just like I saw Too Much Death

► 01:21:58

totally apathetic to that

► 01:22:02

is there going to be a time when is no more is that even possible with human beings that's a disturbing idea for people because if people have this idea I mean this is this is a it's a shity analogy but it's one that I use if 20 people can get along it's like okay there's five of us in this room before of us in this room if there's four people in this room and we can get along can 40 people get along yes 40 people to get along you can have a community before he would no problems and just live from birth to death and everybody you know nobody kills anybody that outlier at him for what he is or whatever but then you get to 4000

► 01:22:43

know someone's going to die Jim you know when everybody's going to meet by the campfire and go look this motherfucker is just ruining our life he doesn't want to eat our food the fox are women were not there he eats our kids we got to kill this guy and there's one out of like a certain number this going to be this one that comes up and then when you deal with seven billion it's like Bo how does how does how does that ever become manageable in the human beings have to evolve past what we are right now do we have two options some new stage 2

► 01:23:24

you would know better than anybody what the horrors of War are so would you think that someone who's experienced that would have a better perspective about what's necessary and what's not necessary when it comes to managing peace try to

► 01:23:43

yes and no no there's no like nirvanic moments where you had like this clear sight of you know what an understanding of what's necessary and what's not how people should be able to help people shouldn't be like if anything you know as six years is a dork Icarus Altar and then four years is a Halo sniper guy I've seen death like from a foot away and from a mile away you know she'll like there's no range of death I haven't seen so if anything like I value life more I think I hate warm or like I know like I think it's horrible and disgusting but without a doubt I think it's absolutely necessary and

► 01:24:25

and needed in to such a level that I can't even imagine what this world would be like had we not been involved to the degree that we've been involved into the past 12 years trying to eradicate this fanatic group of psychopaths so

► 01:24:44

I don't want to think about what the world would be like but you know I don't want my my nieces and my nephews are my kids to ever have to do what I did or see what I saw

► 01:24:57

I hope we never have to invade a country on our where it talked about Syria you like are we going to go over there as a God know you know there's no there's no need there's no resource there's no necessary element for us to be involved in but the preservation of human life isn't that needed you know is well that's one of the reasons why

► 01:25:17

false flags and false flag operations are so disgusting when you find out if someone's lying about the motivation for profit and that there is nothing worse than somebody that lies for the benefit benefit of themselves Joe I think you're good looking man and I think that dress looks great on you and rash you look thin that's no K lice live sometimes it's your 28th birthday or whatever those are not self-serving put money in your pocket Edition specs of human life I hope you burn in hell forever to darklaw it's a very very dark lie it's a confusing lie too because it's like wait this is actually happened when you find out about the Gulf of Tonkin or operation Northwoods that there have been these moments in time where people have tried to figure out a way to lie in order to drag people in the war

► 01:26:17

otherwise the public wouldn't support it's it's dark

► 01:26:23

dark it's it's a very weird aspect of society that that that's not only that exist but that's ignored it's ignored and almost brushed under the table and start talking about Warren about policy is this something that people don't want to acknowledge the date that we have been duped by the military-industrial complex in the past that it is actually many cylinders standard operational procedure that they will come up with different ways in order to to get people to support War

► 01:26:53

when guys come back the big one is PTSD that's that's the the the hardest aspect it seems to to integrate back to a normal society with normal life normal jobs in normal just the things that we all just deal with on a regular basis for some folks it becomes almost unbearable what is the difference between people that integrates smoothly and people that have incredibly difficult time in front from that incredibly difficult time to smoothly are all scales you know and the biggest or that the factors are the degrees of coping mechanisms that something that an individual has I have a very strong family you like an amazing wife fantastic father and mother they're still married amazing brother and sister Greek like family unit very supportive I'm very fit a very healthy of well-educated house well trained these are all different mechanisms to deal with stress everybody

► 01:27:53

stress differently but the the foundation of how you deal with stress you have to have these fundamental elements to be able to do with the more of them that you have the more stress you can deal with Ranger sniper Green Beret like killed lots of dudes can come back and sleep well at night you know a guy smoking a clove that maybe just a tit Indian restaurant so I'm having some sensory to like how he smells listening to you know music from that culture that I just spent six you know six months like I like this person like that instant reaction but that everything's okay it's weird yellow BMW you smoke in a clove I got this with of like Curry and everything was there like the music the look what he was wearing you know

► 01:28:53

I just got back couple of days later later and I was like she'd this person in Fayetteville North Carolina. Is iron I don't know what you are an educated guy and you're intelligent introspective introspective guy for a guy who's not that's not a problem but it's like how much does that person have you have a national Guardsmen that isn't listed out of high school comes from a broken home he's poor you know then he goes he's a truck driver and then his truck is blowing up and they get in a firefight then he sees death he saw you know the guy that has Navigator just lost an arm did that guy is scarred for life you know he has no cap of coping mechanisms deal and then come home and he's broken and he's damaged you know how it is that person reintegrate into society without all the necessary coping mechanism that's hard when you hear about stories

► 01:29:53

snap and go over the course of these two Wars and one of the big ones was decorated guy one of killing a bunch of civilians and it made a lot of the rounds in these talk shows are people trying to discuss like PTSD and and traumatic events and that this guy was he was having real problems and Reporting having real problems before all this happened they kept sending him back over there do you do relate to that and try to try to figure it out for yourself like when you see the stories in the news I, they hit you

► 01:30:29

I wish I could be empathetic to be like I've had PTSD nightmares where I wake up in a sweat you know and like I put my my hands for the wall you know my wife's like are you okay you don't like first came back after you know some bad drug trips maybe some empathy to that but the Special Forces Unit by Design is very tight and you know like if you're having issues I can go to my team Sergeant or I can go to my senior and then bounce things off off of them I get really resentful over people making snap judgments about these guys are coming back and having issues you know like your veteran is it safe for my kids to be around you like hell yeah they like the one in a million have not won it went a very small percentage have serious issues but we have to have our eyes wide open about how to deal with post-traumatic stress and there's not one

► 01:31:29

solution and it's a lot of hard work to get there is a solution there's not one standard set of experiences that each veteran experiences over there and brings back with them it's all it's very important thing that you said about the coping mechanisms that you have in place what's done to help veterans when they when they when they come back as far as like it helped them strengthen their coping mechanisms help them deal with situations what kind of support do they offer you for a long time we have a lot of things in place where you know FRG the family Readiness group is there for your family so when you're coming back your family has an understanding of what you've experienced or how to deal with you if you know like you're not paid Saturday you're going to be coaching kids softball Saturday night you know we have this we're going to Mom and Dad's for their not like overwhelming you with like American life which is know what everybody else unless you've been in a new plywood building for 12 months and now your backs running without

► 01:32:29

thousands of people that you have no it's weird

► 01:32:35

show the military is done a way better job of trying to reintegrate soldiers back into normal life but then you have a lot of great organizations that are that are veterans

► 01:32:49

started and these guys really get it you know like Brian stann is great example hire Heroes you know he's involved with getting these guys back to work veterans Outdoors like a make Wish Foundation for wounded guys so I could have a serious physical ailments from you know battle with her internal or physical they'll give you these crazy things just like eight things are okay you're still surrounded by friends let's get you reconnected to a community that you're involved with and do something fun at the same time so there's a lot of different ways like the worst thing that was when they start throwing two pills at these guys with pharmaceutical approach where is like all right let's get put on anti-depressants and hope for the best of that right when you're over there do they try to offer it to you when you're actually in country

► 01:33:44

not not like antidepressants you know they're there is pharmaceutical things like to keep you awake longer to make you alert longer even some great stuff for like over the counter things like I wish I had Alpha Brain when I was there like not not plug-in intentionally but like that stuff's fantastic you're focused you feel good you're ready to go you know that would have been a thousand times better than you like hey here's to hear something that. He just sent down for us to use you know it'll keep you awake for 3 days did they give you what you would have no idea what they were really but I know I was awake for 3 days and I have friends who went over there and said they just gave him steroids they just they gave him oral steroids do you want I've never done steroids like I swear by all that's only true there were they offering available yet you know but we have a special forces guy he's 38 years old

► 01:34:44

this is you know 6-7 combat tour we're doing two three four hits tonight it's like missions Mission Fallout Mission Fallout Mission we're doing the helicopter landing we're doing a guy for we're on the ground assault force and I doubt this guy's broken he's hurt his physically can't keep up joint he needs it you know do I don't like do I want a thirty-eight-year-old do next to me that's on steroids or do I want the one that can barely walk and everything hurts so bad I want a 38 year old on steroids and that sort of brings up what we were talking about before it's the the discussion of trt when it comes to mixed martial arts training testosterone replacement therapy for folks who're yeah for folks who don't know this this debate or not mixed martial arts fans and there's probably a lot of people listening this that aren't for a long time over a year 2 years whatever it was

► 01:35:44

you were allowed to get prescribed testosterone and Brendan Schaub said it best just got to get on the podcast he said that there is there's youth and with you if you have elevated hormone levels but you have a lack of experience you have a lack of knowledge and then as you get older you get wiser you get smarter yet more knowledge but the body just does not respond the way you stewing Eve Edwards was talking to him he was saying you know man you know he's like 37 now he's like I know so much now but my body just doesn't listen to doesn't doesn't do what it did when I was 20 and I didn't know it was much and that this is the native love you great guy but is that nature balance that is sort of stopped and it's placed with injections of testosterone and then you're introducing this weird element into one of the most dangerous sports competitions the world has ever known mixed martial arts one of the most there's more on the line

► 01:36:44

is your emotions your physical body and they can train 17 hours of fucking day and it it gets real weird it gets real weird when that's for a while was accepted by athletic commissions youth is wasted on the young like that expression is like you have now I'm 34 I have been doing martial arts for forever I want the body of a 22 year old with what I know now right now but I can chemically do that

► 01:37:23

testosterone which is what guys have been able to do for the past couple years and it's dangerous like if it was golf I would care you know if it's baseball McGuire era really care what we do not need the advantage of taking the years experience of doing martial arts for 20 years and then giving us bodies of twenty-year-olds the physicality the recovery the responsive this is it's it's it's horrible you know what guys have been doing it and now we're at this this this juncture where we're now seeing okay it's not okay like you can't have an athletic commission allow you to do it so does that mean you guys are going to do it on the side and into orally so they don't get tested or an hour

► 01:38:23

scary it is it's weird because there were a few guys that were on it for several years and they were being very successful while they were on it and then all sudden it gets pulled away so what do they do do they try to bring their body up to Natural levels should have takes time takes a long time for like a hypothetical 37 year old that's been on for for 5 years and then he can have it anymore it's going to take that guy a long time if ever to be able to naturally produce testosterone I don't never have the levels that he had when he was out he's had what he was on about 25 year olds levels and the other thing is the things that you can take to bring your levels back up or also banned things like Clomid and all these different there estrogen producing door estrogen-suppressing devices these all these different chemicals that people do post-steroid cycle are also illegal so it becomes like that was what Dennis Siver got popped for

► 01:39:23

got popped for one of these post-steroid cycle things and now he's on the shelf for 9 months because of this estrogen yeah you have to it otherwise you're going to grow breasts after you've been using anabolic steroids and testosterone is like to see there's there's testosterone replacement like if you went to a doctor and you said you know hey Doc I'm 60 years old I would like to get on some testosterone have better quality of life for the doctor will give you a slow dose of testosterone slowly wrap you up he's not going to jack you and turn you into a 20 year old but with a lot of Fighters are doing is they're taking what the fuck is going on in that grows tits literally your body starts producing massive amounts of estrogen to counteract a massive amounts of testosterone your body gets so confused as to these level

► 01:40:23

hormones that are completely Supernatural in your body and under those conditions under those conditions you develop bitch tits and a lot of guys have had them and you'll see this weird like saying do you like UTC this jelly like growing around their nipples and I seen guys that they bounce up and down in the cage and there they have tits

► 01:40:48

people don't understand like we're pugilistic sports like guys are trying to take every Advantage every shortcut they possibly can you like you and I can look at the dude and we like just from the texture of his skin can know like if he's on a cycle if he's off a cycle if he was on a cycle you like texture they're skinny legs it's possible that they have that naturally risible some guys it is a sign five years ago when he was 32 and now he's 37 and he looks tent ten thousand times better than he ever has in his whole entire life be talking about Victor Belfort yes I am just so we're not unclear about the offer

► 01:41:48

scapegoat I think a little bit for trt because there's a bigger problem for the for the entire sport wear

► 01:41:55

he in my opinion just personified a problem and then you know everybody like put a pin everything on him but there's a big problem throughout the whole entire Sports which is performance-enhancing drugs and is it right for a 37 year old do you like a doorbell for it to be on testosterone for 5 years look amazing and fantastic while he's on it and nothing like you did five years ago he was struggling you know like winning a fight losing a fight when it turned out now he's like knocking guys out with crazy fight of the night fight of the year like knockout of the night knockout of the year tax stuff you know you can't have that turn around and then like stop testosterone and 2 months later he's ready to go now that's chemical you like that doesn't work that way yeah how does a guy get off of it in that short of a time and then have the ability to compete again it would take like a year if ever

► 01:42:52

there's no way around it I'm not a doctor you know but haven't been a professional athlete for 13 years I've never seen somebody that was so responsive Niota testosterone like he was and then come clean and try to be an athlete like he like they were when they're using for enhancing drugs afterwards and miraculously

► 01:43:18

being as good as they were when they're on it never has never happened I can't I can't think of a single sport Sportsman in history where they they got popped their watch closely and then performed as well after that point

► 01:43:32

you know ever yeah I completely agree with you that it's so different than baseball and all these other things what I don't like about the baseball steroid controversy is that a young kid who's coming off who wants to play baseball almost has to do it in order to compete so when there's a guy like Mark McGwire who's Juiced to the gills crossing the ball out of the stadium a young guy coming up that wants to be like Mark McGwire

► 01:43:58

most likely unless you have incredible genetics you just a genetic specimen just a weird freak of nature some you know some some guy was just extreme mesomorph you probably knock it ever be able to do that

► 01:44:12

yeah that. Toomey sucks that a young guy has to risk his endocrine system and put it in but you're such a big difference between that and a combat sport yeah

► 01:44:24

I don't know what the solution is a testing testing testing random testing in fight Camp post-fight you like right now at 2 weeks ago I'm getting back into training to three times a day like this is when you this is when a guy custom is testim just show up High Throne offer you know my way to fight in 10 weeks he knows he's going to throw it off for my way before he throws the offer my way a guy from the athletic commission to the respective State them to be fighting then shows up and says AP in the cup that's how you're going to get a fair equal system you know not where you sit tell a guy in Brazil hey you need to come up here and take a drug test and he's like oh yeah I'll be there in like 4 days no dude like athletic commission guy shows up the

► 01:45:19

and right there and when you catch someone and can't I think it should be more than 9 months and you know I think in this day and age you should let everybody know hey look we're going to cut you you're not going to fight for this organization anymore and let him know and then just say this is the rule this is what this is where we're at right now so everyone's been served notice everyone knows what the repercussions are of this illegal activity that puts people in Jeopardy my real concern is medical science is not going to stop Medical Science and the Innovative just cheat but just the things they're going to come up with to change the human body just restorative capabilities of new advancements and new techniques like

► 01:46:07

you could say that like getting in that cryo chamber if you can do that cryo chamber another guy can't do that cryo chamber do you have an advantage is it an unfair Advantage you know where do you draw the line cuz should you be able to take creatine will creatine legal does not increase muscle power and it does increases your ability to work harder it's like where is the line can you take Tribulus can you take you know honesty plus we're having great results with that tea plus stuff we're guys are showing 50% increases in in in in rates of lifting and they're there are the rate of progress over people that are not taking in double blind Placebo like what when when do you when does it become legal and when it's become cheating when is it like a nice supplement and when is it a performance-enhancing drug I think one of the big things is what does it do to your body in the long run right now

► 01:47:05

a supplement will just call them all supplements that will just eating remove performance-enhancing drugs from the discussion just a supplement that does in the short-term great benefits in a long-term big damage of WWE stars that are dying at 41 from heart attacks you know and lo and behold have been doing steroids for 12 years but not surprising lot of those guys it's pain pills those guys are folks who don't respect pro wrestlers either I know a lot of people think that all it's all fake silly those guys work hard that is an internet all the time if you wash those guys flying through the air and jumping on each other that's not a free ride they're getting hurt all the time and a huge problem in that world is guys that get hooked on pain pills made out of

► 01:48:05

like you're you're on contract you're going to get paid like I can't move my hands right now like I can't use my fingers now everything doesn't hurt cuz that's what's important becomes like a thing where there's there's things that you can take that elevate your body's natural production of testosterone and they they can enhance your body's production but what they don't do is introduce synthetic versions of it that shut down your endocrine system what they don't do is give you these hyper human levels that are causing me to grow tits you know there's there's got to be like a comfortable medium between eating healthy having benefits like a cryo chamber and all these different things to do when hands recovery but don't put you in your body in danger don't burn you out in the short-term

► 01:48:56

you don't eat to give you like the rest of your life do you fart do you know from 35 on your body is just devastated black and white you know you know that line needs to be able to be moved used to have emissions and medical professionals that can adjust and adapt to what's happening here with the growth of science you like there's a reason why we're breaking records every Olympics we're getting better with the human body how to make a perform better

► 01:49:24

having people are smarter than me likes figure out where those lines are and move them you know who that you don't have to put that line has to be there you know it can be a mobile line that they they moved you know from year to year but that line has to be there in like I step across it has to be recovered repercussions concern is what's really going to happen in the future which happens with almost anything that involves human Innovation like if you look back at the cell phones of the 1990s where they have these fucking giant bricks and they hold them up their head and rap videos now you can go anywhere in the world in a third world country in impoverished neighborhoods in people have these really small incredibly complex cell phones that are just these magical devices that allow you to interface with the the entire knowledge base of the world and their they're everywhere I wonder what's going to happen when you have the kind of technology that they're working on right now genetic engineering at a cellular level with able to change people I mean I'm sure

► 01:50:24

aware of the MileStat Inhibitors like these things that they use with will that leave these dogs just because of breeding just just a mistake and breeding they produced these Super Hyper muscular dogs that have double the muscle and cows as well be recinos images it's incredible right people being born just born with it in Germany was born just a genetic mistake or or a benefit to him will be able to figure that out with a pill with a shot and your fucking mailman's going to have at your mail is going to look like the Hulk and when that happens when it's everywhere what is what do we do with athletes the Germans were trying it with you genetics you know like we've done it. Oakley throughout history the Spartans did it yeah they did a Spartan still meet the requirements off a cliff

► 01:51:19

got busy genetics at a very Primal level of it happens in nature all the time a mom will be like this Cub is not going to be able to walk I'm leaving it that you genetic survival of the fittest now we is super too smart for her own good sometimes humans can take you genetics and fix it with chemistry that's scary pop out like super I don't know if I'm ready for that I don't know anyone's ready for it but I can see what that means morally by aliens are blowing each other up with nukes it's, now they're they're not going to stop there's there's Eggheads there in Laboratories right now that are constantly working on new shitt and that's what they do and that's what humans do we push the boundaries of innovation we always have it's part of what makes us human it's why we're on a podcast right now talking to a microphone that neither you nor I could have ever figured out on the route it just a part of the program end

► 01:52:19

going to figure out something man they're going to inject you with Nanobots or some sort of a new chemical that allows your body to work like Spider-Man and then you're going to fucking climb walls are going to you're going to have incredible balance they're going to figure out a way to stop traumatic brain injury by reengineering the human mind is going to be a lot of crazy shit it might not be in our lifetimes but are killed our children's children for sure a gun experience human beings that no one has ever experienced in the entire history of the of the world itself it's coming it's coming by human Innovation it's going to LeapFrog Evolution locations of that I'm sad that I'm going to miss it too or we might not miss it we might just Catch the Wave but I'm also I'm glad that I saw the world before

► 01:53:19

lot of shit was there like my kids are going to grow up in a world that I have a 17 year old and she doesn't have any idea what life was like before the internet is the answer I was retarded when I was her age and I put it in her head every day I go let me tell you after you met me if I was 17 and you are the dumbest fucking god it's ever walk the face of the Earth and he thinks he's so smart I was an idiot I knew how to throw kicks and I I knew which Stephen King books I like that's it I knew it's the right combination words to say to get a girl to fuck me sometimes that's it that's all I knew I was a moron like with a seventeen-year-old nose today as opposed to what they knew when I was the future is going to be even crazier than that but at least I got a perspective I got to see what it was like to grow up where you didn't know if you called someone they weren't home they just weren't fucking home you know I remember when

► 01:54:19

answer machines were invented with people like holyshit

► 01:54:25

if you wanted to see a picture of something really quick click click click click click click click click yeah variations of those three oh yeah yeah I remember when internet searches first came about to when you would first fine I got a great story there was the name of the organization put a buddy of mine used to be co-owner of a small mixed martial arts organization and this was in the late 90s and they were just starting to promote Fighters through the internet and they were just started to do bios where they would research guide through the internet will they researched this guy and they find out that the guy with the exact same name one something called the hungriest butt contest

► 01:55:17

so there are there Gladiator there heavyweight Adonis shredded man with Penthouse Pet girlfriend all these events also done gay porn and so they pull down the picture they lived it downloads and pictures and my friend described as like you should click click click click click click you know how those those pictures would slowly show up on a 56k modem it would like you to get the top of it and would slowly start to Panda and that's all my God and there's no idea that that was even possible to internet use the same name you know I just figured I was going to look that up at home and then they did

► 01:56:17

yeah I need a lot of money and they day they gave him some money so he did it once turned it like a hundred films and I took it was a lot he did a lot how could it be the joke is you know if what is a lot of money mean to you a lot of money to me means I do Wonder bottles of Cristal on a yacht with a thousand models for ever that's we did a hundred florins you should have all the money on the planet by my calculations fucking is kind whatever it is ever lived has got that he's got money that guy would have all the money every country would be bankrupt in this guy's just like no one knew before that that an internet search was a possibility I think about how many people that have done things that just had no idea what you going to be able to find that out like how pee and now

► 01:57:17

find it out on your phone just access the person that said content is about to connect so effortlessly to so many different people that doesn't like me you can just get on Twitter and like tell me that I'm a baby killer like just because you know or they could do anything anytime anywhere they can you can find out anything about anybody and then probably reach that person especially a fighter or someone is going to social media account or a present and there's a few folks that I know that just avoid it altogether but they don't have to do it if you're like and Mexicans Elise Munoz how many Mexicans but there's a lot of them aren't taking the census

► 01:58:15

how often do you get fucked with on social media all the time, strength people have a problem with confidence people have a problem with with folks that I have strong opinions or controversial opinions and instead you should I think anybody who's paying attention to the world and sees all the contradictory information that we're receiving sees the chaos cease to seize how fucked our political system as our financial system if you don't have strong opinions if you don't have controversial opinion he's not paying attention to this is what in your eyes yeah you know I mean I can't tell you how many conversations I've had about gun control just about guns itself my goddamn guns aren't the problem it's people that use guns that are the problem you leave a guy you know that that old adage guns don't kill people people

► 01:59:15

people and people will fucking argue that to the end of time God damn it's true every time you go to the gas station you got a store in that gas station that sells lighters you got fluid that comes out of a pump and anyone can chest light people on fire I mean it's anyone can do it hasn't happened that often but anyone can do it or just take your car and Turn 2 degrees to the right and run down the sidewalk. The option to kill is always there but it's always there the choice to what's a mechanism that serves no other purpose you know car can you get from point A to point B so why do they need a gun with the only thing it does is kill you like I could say the same thing about a tractor if I wanted to be like if I wanted to make a killer tractor the only thing that's designed for it to kill except what spikes on its Wheels and a Dozen excavate anything besides human Souls but

► 02:00:07

no it's the choice to kill he know it's like Get over people killed and that is an issue but it's also why does a person have the ability to do that and how come so little effort in civil emphasis is on what causes a person to be able to disconnect you have so much hate and anger in their hearts if they can kill a bunch of school children that they can use a gun to shoot up a mall why isn't that the subject of discussion and why is it always the tool for madness it's not the madness itself it's the two of Madness but that seam tool could be used by anyone else to do a million other things it's like it's a bad analogy but it's always use with marijuana you can do with your life if you smoke pot will you could you could also take a hammer and hit yourself in the dick you know it should should we make hammers illegal cuz you can't cuz of hammers just a tool

► 02:01:08

if you take marijuana and just enjoy it and you don't hurt anybody should that person be penalized because someone decided to just wake and bake every day and then fucking go into debt and wind up its humans are the problem in human weakness and a lack of character and all sorts of chemical imbalances or the culture and a structure around the person that led them to subsequently make this horrific

► 02:01:35

decisions and actions unit they use whatever tool don't care what it is done knife everything up to that point is what we should the emphasis of trying to understand or prevent and acknowledge and research should be done. Take away you know

► 02:01:51

whatever it was that was the end conclusion it's all the things up to that point that's that are important to pay attention to nobody cares about us about any sort of control gun control knife control bow and arrow control debate it's not that it's what constitutes what went what makes a human being capable of horrific things and I think you're uniquely qualified for a bunch of these is one because you have a family you know what it's like to raise a person and to you've seen the consequences of human beings when they're in this environment that is totally fucked from from the jump and you see these religious Fanatics Niecy fundamentalism EC chaos and land that's just just overrun with it it's it's humans it's the development of humans in are erroneous like the development of human the wrong way

► 02:02:51

there's the right way there's about a billion right ways other than a couple wrong ways you know in a couple of wrong ways and up with bad products through through combat and threw you know it's especially true martial arts I think the deepest Bond of commitment that I've ever experienced is outside of my family is the friends that have trained people that have competed with that that that have just you see them you know who the fuck they are when you see a guy breaking training when you see a guy you know what's 30 seconds to go in the round put his hands down on his knees and take deep breaths and step away and then you see the coach go get back in there and you see him suck it up and you know this is guys who would suck it up and it's guys you don't and you see the difference you see who they are you see their soul you see and you learned about people that way in a way that a lot of folks don't ever get a chance to learn even about themselves every fire fire fire spires like this

► 02:03:51

call saying he don't like a Refiner's Fire process and Counting out the impurities and folding again putting out the impurities impurities like the hotter the fire the more bad stuff gets cooked out that's the same with people you know you put them in a room that's hot primitive G that's hot around a whole bunch of other dudes that are like trying to choke each other out until you get glimpses of the depth and hardness of somebody's character in Soul and she's awesome snapshots and even kids like down deyoung's level will putting them into competitions of martial arts you see the exact same thing you see the development of this character and of somebody's Soul as they get tougher and deeper you know I'm human and you get to eat in Indy snapshots you get a clear glimpse of who that person is what's what's what's part of them be like

► 02:04:51

it's true it's gorgeous from Gracie set up as he said you know I I I reserve judgment until I trained with you you seem like a nice guy but I reserve judgment Cog train with you which is such a great way to to put it in your life do something difficult it is not martial arts maybe it's mountain climbing maybe it's hiking maybe anything do something that's hard to do maybe to write a book find out what your fucking barriers are because the most reprehensible thing the thing that we all pretty much universally despised is a spoiled rich kid a spoiled Kid that never had to work for anything they were handed their whole life to parents never gave them values and what they do they grow up yelling at servants and then they become some rich ass hold its a sociopath mean that is the character in so many

► 02:05:51

movies that's in so many books literature we all can relate to that person who didn't earn it who got that place without hard work and how gross they are supposed to do not supposed to be there it's not supposed to happen you don't supposed to win the lottery like that that fucks you up but the really remarkable ones that are the ones that could or have access to all that and then choose not to or on the total Flipside the guys that have access to none of that and challenge themselves and put themselves through hardships that the Aldo's you know that much they have nothing and just through hard work determination they become something you know that those are two complete Polar Opposites of a human that looks like I adore you know I can do in the military see these guys like it

► 02:06:42

you're like this Ivy League Super Rich your enlisted why are you here you know you could have done anything but I cannot I wanted to be here like I love you if you're amazing. And then the flipside the Puerto Rican that his parents swam over here or on some portable boat and I are one generation removed and they have like they put themselves through college or maybe they join the military if they can go to college and they're thick shag this exact same point of their life as a Richie up a guy that are just there because they want to see how far they how far they can push themselves human beings are just we are all just a massive potential and it's awesome to see someone rise through adversity and reach a potential that elevates us all because when you see someone reach their potential or reach out very high level of anything it changes the way you look at what's possible when you see a guy

► 02:07:42

who gets up at 6 in the morning the alarm clock goes off and he just fucking hits those Hills and starts running it does it every morning before work you go fuck I'm a bitch I'm just a weak bitch I don't do that fucking that changes your perspective you want to do that to you want to absorb a little bit of that guy's strengths that you get from being around that guy is empowering or you one of those guys that diminishes that tries to squash it because you're insecure and you want to you want to tweet Tim Kennedy you fucking bitch you fuck you and Ferb the military man fucks like that too I think that strength is the the best antidote for a lot of the weaknesses that we find in our society that we consider to be strength like bullies people say like what's the best solution to teach me how to fight teach him how to fight everyone I think that is a core problem with men men have a giant sphere hanging over their head all day long and that is being

► 02:08:42

call me to buy other man is what led me to martial arts 100% was I was scared of dudes kicking my ass so I got into martial arts as a very young kid because of that and I think that the more kids if we had programs in school will be taught martial arts two kids in class you would have so few instances of bullying I think the dramatic decrease in bullying and the respect that people have for each other with change the respect that people have for themselves like a bully cannot respect themselves they just can't unless you're some sort of a complete sociopath you're not you're not going to be happy with yourself if you pick on someone smaller than you you doing it because you're insecure but if you weren't insecure or you were less insecure or you had some sort of sense of personal sovereignty because of training you have less of of of this disinclination to do something shity to someone like that would be cool to see martial arts program should be just like

► 02:09:42

BP's mandatory for boys for especially martial art should be mandatory understanding of offense restraint I was born I was a crazy middle kid you know my dad's like at a very early age like you are going to be doing martial arts you know a bad word on the mat and having my Sensei come up with the streaming stick and hit me in the back of the head and I messed up and doing some things like I said a bad word when I messed up and then I didn't say that bad word again and but more importantly I was able to control myself which was the elements the necessary elements that I needed and it also this the great feeling of accomplishment do you get when you learn that you can control yourself when you feel

► 02:10:42

self-improving if you character improving and you have a difficult situation and you navigated successfully and I'm a better person now than I was when I was whatever when I was young and stupid and that's just one of those things where everybody wants to be comfortable everybody wants to look towards their golden age and everybody wants to retire and sit on the couch and put your feet up that's horseshit that's not the only you only can experience that enjoy it if you earned it and no one wants to earn it the Irving it is the most important part of your life individual responsibility nobody has its you got to earn it you got to work for it you got to know

► 02:11:23

that's why I think I was like you were important and I think you said a great example. I think you said a great example with your words I think you said a great example with your actions it's one of the reasons why I would want to talk to you on the podcast you're very inspirational guy in my opinion I think you would either way you talk about things and the way you express yourself it's it's admirable and I think it it helps people it it it sets a very high standard and I think setting a high standard is one of the key things that young men and young I'm sure young women as well need in life they need to see a high standard perfect you know like I make mistakes probably way too much more often than I'd like to admit but

► 02:12:09

I'm always searching and seeking to get better you like and I think that's something that I was trying to project the only way to get there as it's like you've just said it's it's through hard work it through determination it's it's it's through the amazing and Nate part of the human being which is the ability to do you know and to not quit and have inner strength to try to achieve answer whatever it was before and there's Beauty in imperfection you know this idea that you're going to be this enlightened Kwai Chang Caine character like in the TV show you take a leak gigantic smart water is due to have bladders like mine who could just power through a 3 Hour podcast Tim Kennedy you know it's cool it's like you know we all learn we just we show we show that there's there's higher levels my fucking bladder bro it's like a duffel bag you can carry guns in 2 large and it's durable and it gets dirty and fill with liquid

► 02:13:09

but don't worry about it I can hang in there what I was saying to Tim that's important is I think everybody has this idea that there's some guy out there that's like Jet Li that's like a perfect person that's some character the beauty really is in the imperfection the beauty is in knowing that we're all just these weird flawed creatures that are trying to figure out it's not even that were flawed it's just that we're we're dealing with an impossible amount of variables that we're constantly navigating and this idea that you should have gotten it right it's not what it is it's the idea is that you you learn from what you get wrong and then that thing you don't do the same way next time you say you know what I made a mistake the last time I was in a similar situation now I know that and so now I'm going to power through with the knowledge that I've accumulated in my life

► 02:14:09

from my past mistakes that's that's a huge Factor about being a person a huge factor is that we're all learning from each other and I said a lot of cool shit when you were gone but yes that is but learning and learning from each other is the whole reason why it's great to have inspirational people to draw from and I think that now there's never been a time like this or you could just go on YouTube and you could be inspired for 24 hours a day 7 days a week you can watch videos of guys pushing through things guys are doing fucking hundred-mile of ultra marathons in. Just seeing people talk about their things and Inspire them and what pushes them there's never been a time like this we inspiration is available everywhere you look

► 02:15:01

a whole bunch of different everybody's inspired the same way

► 02:15:06

I think it's amazing to see a guy that has nothing do something remarkable to come you know not the underdog but that that has no resources that can all be like them there's this guy in Austin Texas is he runs a running group called The Gilbert gazelles and Hutu when they're the genocide was occurring he had these burns on his body because his family was murdered and he was piled into the pile of bodies and set on fire and once the militias left from the started running the NCAA and started running there they were the Olympics in Austin

► 02:15:50

housekeeper run and he's one of us Rockville human beings and there's there's tons of people out there that are so amazing remarkable and you can if you just look you can find them and then I love latching onto people like that just trying to get into what's in there and try to steal it but I want some of that you don't steal it cuz they still have it. Now it's very important we we we surround ourselves with inspirational people and become inspired surround yourself with negative comments and your life is going to be a wreck and that's a lot of people don't realize that and they just try to work through these negative contener life you got to cut them off man you got to cut him off and keep moving cuz they will hold you back there are crabs in that bucket and then when you try to reach the top of that bucket they will latch a hold of your little crab legs and drag you down with them guys around you know you're going to be who you surround yourself with

► 02:16:50

whatever that guy is so cool you know it's important because you you learn you know you learn from watching them fuck their lives up I've never done cocaine and one of the reasons why I never did cocaine because I grew up with a buddy of mine who's cousin was selling cocaine and I watched this guy fall apart you did him and his girlfriend were just do blow and they would hide out in their place and they would they they have this attic apartment and they would just fucking watch TV all day and they would shrink like they're fucking face was shrinking their body was shrinking the other do you know if they ate you know I watch this guy it was like a guy who got bit by a vampire and became like this disease thing and I want well keep the fuck away from Coke you know and I didn't have to do Coke and go to rehab and pull myself out you know it you know I live 40 plus years of my life with no

► 02:17:50

desire to do Coke and so it's not always good you need the losers you know losers are there two for a reason it's at the whole world was filled with inspirational winters like how would you figure out where it where do we begin if everybody's a fucking winner and I got to see people who ring that Bell right you got to see people who Tapout quick got to see a guy Taps before the choke is even sunk in like what you doing text to Taps to strikes well you know sometimes you know GSP vs Matt Serra it's sometimes good at fight over you know the guy you dropping bombs and you're starting to see Sparks in the elevator doors closing do you think I don't know I don't know I don't see man should respect the guy that smarter than I am. I'm kind of like an oak I'm strong and I'm dumped what I do

► 02:18:50

maybe I wish I was smart enough to tap to strikes I don't think I am I just don't I don't think I have it in me to be like okay I'm not going to get out of here

► 02:18:58

I'm just going to quit I don't think there's any problem with tablet strikes but I respect your Viewpoint I know what you're saying and I think you probably have to have that sort of mentality to be an elite-level competitor in something like MMA where that's not even an option your head guys don't tap War Machine he just gets choked out as a lot of guys are just say I will never tap I will go out I'll get it I'm not tapping his arm is completely hyper-extended would let it go. Let it get completely pop backwards and then won the fight anyway before you go to Special Forces selection there's a stays at four guys out the street called soxy Special Operations preparation course the only thing that is this isn't a traitor they take like 400 dudes and they end up sending 80 80 of them to selection the other 320 at some point either got broke or quit I remember seeing the gong that you

► 02:19:58

and hit as like so longingly looking at that thing be like

► 02:20:03

that's the smart thing to do like you know you have blisters in your feet leave injected stuff into so that you can't feel like your skin like glues back to what portion it separate itself from you know like you've lost 20 lb in the course of 30 days and your look at that gong in like a smart person would go and hit that gong you know and I watch guys go up and do it and I was like that's that's a smart person probably didn't have it in me so maybe I'm dumb I think this might either like like to dumb there's a balance there I think we're kind of a green each other with each other from different perspectives you're being self-deprecating calling yourself dumb it's not a dumb thing but if you wanted to be smart about the amount yeah but if you wanted to build the highest level of character and durability and mental toughness possible then it would be.

► 02:21:03

I hit that guy I don't know cuz the benefits of not hitting that gong is what you are today in a cup of coffee and a hot breakfast have the knowledge that you didn't hit that Gunk It's a good-looking gong for a hundred and eighty-five pounds like you're you're built in a very very muscular free weight classes do you what what do you walk around at before you start to cut if you had a fight that was four months from now you don't have to worry about your weight would you going to wake way to 2220 wow and did you fight light heavyweight at all light heavyweight

► 02:21:53

middleweight and then I've stayed at middleweight for a while so when you if you're walking around in the 200s how do you navigate a weight cut to get down to 185 pounds is that was a big issue in MMA is that point of diminishing returns were some guys like Anthony Rumble Johnson's perfect example the kid was so fucking big in between I would see him walking around he was fighting it 175 Kevin Burns and I sound like two months later was 2:30 I go what the fuck are you

► 02:22:26

how is he was bigger than fade or I mean it was just he was on inside MMA with fade or any was towering over them wider thicker what is going on and then finally he gets a shit together decides to come back as a light heavyweight in dominate this kid like was obviously past the point of diminishing returns he was he was diminishing his own ability performed by cutting so much weight what is that number to 15 to 20, Juggernaut I never have training related injuries you know like I'm running an extra 3 4% body fat I'm just like all around healthier my brains working right you like my libido is good y'all sleeping very soundly all eight hours you know like thinks everything's great room down to like that. 19519

► 02:23:26

3 precut type wait you know where like that 5% body fat my brains not firing on all cylinders you know like it's libido Shroff your training three four times a day like stinks suck everything hurts you get down to 5% body finally like 195 measuring it is water stuff the water tanks in and then the calipers that's a lot that's really low and then you're going to cut another 10 pounds on top of water 10 pounds of water my phone cuz usually like eight pounds of but my body doesn't I don't think it even recognizes you like I'll cut I thought Michael bisbing I was probably 205 my father 190 * 186 the day before you know and then 30 hours later and I've been eating and drinking and

► 02:24:25

feeling fantastic do i v e r e kufa. How many bags do you use 1500 to 2000 like The Greener honestly don't know pretty much everybody literally weighs in at what he fights fat like pretty rare for the 203 for the longest time and then I weighed in at 2034 205 lb weight class I look how good he is at 185 better you know I'm 5-11 you know I have a 73 inch reach there is no way I can hang the 205 hours because I have a 86 inch reaches the other 6-foot for ya might be as strong as they are, I guess Brian stann called me like a squat a little hobbit angry Hobbit sometimes troll when he refers to me as these things

► 02:25:25

I'm he's right and I just can't reach him you like Jon Jones can run around the cage you know and Jabs me to death and then why try to athletically explode in violates me with something painful do you ever think about going 170 is that possible definitely possible Robbie Lawler Hendricks got to fight Robbie cuz you beat Robbie in Strikeforce yet when you walk around 2:05 or 2:20 rather is it because you're lifting a lot of Wayne's is cuz you're doing a lot of

► 02:26:02

yes I got treat the annual cycle of like fight Camp Post by camp pre-fight Camp fight can't fight and if you look at an NFL player know they have the preseason where they're they're trying to get your body strong and healthy so that when they go into the season they have everything that they need to to perform during that season feel like my pre-fight camp like right now or I'm lifting a lot of Weights doing a high volume of War crime working on my mice pouring stuff now is a lot more drill oriented on the burning tons of calories grappling or boxing or sparring kickboxing I'm lifting a lot of weights to my body's responsibly like getting healthy big and strong again and get my technique better when I'm moving that fight Camp I have this mode of clay that's totally healthy that can be shaped into what needs to be shaped to be executed for for particular fight so when you think about like to Chowan

► 02:27:02

can garlic Rumble Johnson who used to be somewhere around that even he crazy if you were going to get down to 170 if I beat Johnny Hendrix how would you do that would you cut out the weight lifting and start doing like Marathon running like what would you do to get yourself leaner or would it be like less muscle a little bit of turbulence and how would you do that by not lifting or just change the type of I'm loving it and I was like I did shrugs yesterday just rocked your mouth like the straps that you never allowed to touch those I was like looking at those like

► 02:27:56

how do you spell straps that looks good compared the barn and we're not doing curls I'll let you do shrugs but that's all you know so straps being you don't do straps because you don't want to live with your hands can hold up to use straps functionally though that I should be whatever you do volume lot more speed stay like I have to be faster to at 170 you like watching these guys there's just like all over the place when he dropped out of Edina fart Rick story and she like the difference in the just eat the amount of physical strength that he had over a guy who is used to fighting at 170 it's a big leap

► 02:28:56

yeah I do to you I think. Like 185 to 205 Jesus fucking Christ that's 20 pounds there should be three champions in between those weight classes or at least two I'll go all the way down from like 1:55 to 2:05 you know you have to 57085 you for weight classes from 1:55 to 2:05 that's crazy yeah yeah I agree I think it's crazy and I think that you know a lot of people say the boxing is watered down by all the weight classes I think it's water down but all the titles but I don't think there's anything wrong with having a welterweight class in 147 and then a junior middleweight at 1:54 then a middleweight at 1:16 to 6 pounds but you 154 in 160 is fucking significant 6 pounds is significant 20 pounds is crazy and I just think that there's just a lot of fighter short wieners like Diego Sanchez hunting Diego should be fighting 165 you know I think when he gets to 155 I think he's to diminish he's scrawny when he fights at 170 little softer

► 02:29:56

little small for some of those really big giant dudes I think I'm kind of between 185 and 170 I would love their to be like a 180 yeah I think Gary's really should be more of that in the you having those are the things that I would like to do UFC to change their the downward elbows and knees in the ground and more weight classes have a lot of problems can we go ahead and execute these things that Joe and I have conferred on from today's podcast that yes it's not even Dana athletic commission what's really crazy is it it's sanctioned by athletic commissions and you're really don't have that much influence over athletic commissions I mean yeah he's gone maybe have a little bit more but I don't know how much they listen I wish they would listen about a few things first certainly down with elbows and certainly at least consider revamping the scoring system and then adding weight classes one of the sea

► 02:30:56

about weight cutting do you find that are an issue like there's obviously an issue with injuries and there's obviously a ninja in an issue with diminishing Health do you worry about the long-term repercussions of like there's an article recently Jim Miller was talking about weight cutting psych I know I've taken years off my life through a cutting do you worry about that I do the things that I am really conscious about my brain when I'm cutting weight I love reading I love writing you like even creative writing to like I I love bread blog do you keep a blog or anything for me you going to publish it someday maybe they're in there a couple of times where I wrote I wrote some blogs when I was deployed letters from a foreign land and

► 02:31:53

like people love you like I'm going to okay Rider I'm I'm not like any why is everybody so I'm cutting like my brain doesn't work right like I feel it and and then we're getting hit in the head while you're cutting you know from guys like Jon Jones and Carlos Condit you know like like sucks your brain sucks so I'm like yeah I have my eyes are wide open that there's you physically going to be some repercussions to me fighting you know for me jumping out of airplanes from what point do I say I'm not going to do this because it hurts me the long-term you know like you're 34 do you have a cut-off do you have like an age where you like this is the age where I don't want to be doing this anymore. I definitely would but you have a number in your head where you would like a goal to reach ship that I love

► 02:32:53

towards the end of their career I am not going to be fighting at 40 you know I'm going to be for finding my late 30s you know like you told me the number that it's only fire not much I'm going to five your window then wow yeah I know way I got too much I want to do what you want to do I want to change people's lives I want to be able to impart individual responsibility people mammals I want to see more I want to make some awesome TV shows and try to hook on TV shows

► 02:33:28

show Duck Dynasty no I do not want to do. Dynasty at all and I don't even think I've ever seen a full episode but who knows maybe I've seen like 3/4 in episode but your redneck guys took values if they won Project and they figured out a condo to do it we might call them idiots in like that horrible accident and they do stupid things and but they had a set of morals that they try to convey and they found an Avenue to reached out millions of people feel like I want that platform cuz I have some good things to say you know and I think I want to have an opportunity to make a difference to a podcast start off with the podcast do a podcast now be like when the first MMA guys and Brendan Schaub does one with Bryan Callen but it's kind of a meathead let's be honest it's a great guy I love them but you're so intimidating and smart like how can I compete with

► 02:34:28

Joe robach out of here at my ass sir I know what you doing I'm not that smart you are a smart as like I'm aware of these things well I definitely look dumber than I am for sure but that's not saying much cuz I look really fucking stupid I use that to my benefit as well, MMA fighter I'm dumb talk shit to me for sure yeah I'm definitely I smoked a lot of weed I've got plenty of brain damage absolutely but I'm not as dumb as I look I live way fucking Dumber I think you would be great on a podcast I think you in a pot the beautiful thing about a podcast is and I got a fucking swear to God everybody comes on my podcast that you should have a podcast I'm like trying to give I don't know I don't believe it's not that I don't believe in competitions I know and I have the exact opposite of a famine mentality I think there's this

► 02:35:28

checking people out there everybody you everybody can support everybody and there's still plenty to go around I really believe that but obviously can't handle that limitation to in your defense you have a smart water and you drank a cup of Bulletproof Coffee there's a lot of liquids in there and it's also just like I thought I couldn't keep up with your strength and conditioning program and you can't keep up with my bladder program my bladder is like a fucking leather satchel back in the old days we can make them in a buffalo skins strong last a lifetime and it's on your grandchildren you could easily do a podcast dude in the beautiful thing about it is that no one be able to tell you what to do no one would tell you what to say what to talk about you wouldn't have to converse with producers enough people to eat because I want that the access to the audience you know to influence lives you know what would my words have enough meaning

► 02:36:28

did you draw in enough people right now in the ocean with a whole bunch of sharks swim with them people are going to turn into that 60 million people Washington parachute out of this plane into a motorcycle up onto the beach have to do that you've already done enough that you're qualified you're you're qualified legit badass guy shooting the Sharks and he's got married to sit down and listen to what I say

► 02:37:21

Joe Rogan just broke his microphone just before it was just hold on to it till we're done microphone is made from you easily dude could do a podcast easily without a doubt and I think that you do a lot of videos to with Ranger out right you should call them when we did the Black Swan thing could have danced what's the name of that and I'll try to fix this microphone while while that's happening the problem you're going to have it would do any television show is producers cuz they're going to look at you and I going to try to get you to go do a bunch of fake shit fake shit man they fake shit I had a problem with fake shit on my Syfy show they faked a bunch of shit and I didn't find out about until was aired

► 02:38:21

the podcast now apologized and I didn't know and it was a huge problem and that's a show called Joe Rogan questions everything like I'm trying to find a truth about these things and their instincts still the fake shit and to put fake shit in the universe. Wow that you have a very unique vision and unique unique Visions qualified by unique life experiences Hollywood douchebag mold you could be more profitable for the network would also have to sleep at night in the be scared of what I could hire people to keep an eye out for you is this it here play that and I'll fix this thing

► 02:39:12

hello and welcome to Masterpiece Theater is a scene from Black Swan performed by Special Forces operated Tim Kennedy

► 02:39:24

I had the craziest dream last night about a boy who was turned into a swan but her Queen falls for the wrong guy and he kills himself

► 02:40:09

watching this

► 02:40:12

go to YouTube

► 02:40:14

to do this the movie Black Swan obviously well Ali Foreman is beautiful she is beautiful

► 02:40:24

and my mom used to make us take dancing lessons so there as you can see there's some skill here this isn't you just can't do this stuff whatever that is scary

► 02:40:36

cooking classes with my mom cooking class with my dad got me a moto Musashi's book of five rings you know he believed that every bunch of every Warrior should also be well-versed in poetry in calligraphy and art

► 02:40:58

yeah it was my choice and I was like yeah let's go to ballroom dancing and learn how to swing dance oh yeah she got them all

► 02:41:06

moved out motivation was having fun if you can't tell him I don't enjoy and have fun in life and be able to laugh at yourself and put on like a tutu and dance around you know like like a beautiful fairy butterfly Swan about the black and white version if you don't understand

► 02:41:35

at what does the transition the metamorphosis from the black to white swan is scary scary process more that you could do in the rest your life if I was that guy from what is that show Inside the Actors Studio is that analogous to your transition as a fighter I really really try to you know personify the Black Swan Black Swan I'm neither you know it's like the scary down the rabbit hole you like I took the blue pill and now I'm becoming the Black Swan and there's violence scary things on the way there and that's that's that's why I try to fight at is on the journey to the black shoes you come out to the rooster

► 02:42:35

fight but the songs about Vietnam and South Vietnam Vets 101st they used to call the tail Gunner's or the machine Gunners the rooster on the team cilic pows Mia Vietnam Vets all of them that song that the song was written by the male singer about his father who is disenchanted the group heart and he kind of resented him for being in the war and then kind of had this Revelation that it was that he had to dinner choices drafted so he wrote that song to connect to reconnect with his father who is a Vietnam vet. Song has a lot of meaning to me and my community you know the veterans so everybody that song man

► 02:43:24

there's not like I feel like there's nothing you could you could hit me the freight train and I wouldn't care if he liked. Portions of my body and try to keep fighting the great fucking song for you man there certain songs that just sort of you hear that song and you know that guys fighting like there's a Country Boy Can Survive when Matt Hughes fights you know there's just no getting around it Stranglehold benavidez fights Joseph benavidez fight comes out to Ted Nugent Stranglehold what is a grey Falcon song for him you know it's just a certain songs that just Persona 5 a fighter that's her that's a good one for you man I'll have it forever cuz my son do they give you any pressure about songs they like you have to prove it cuz I know

► 02:44:08

Urijah Faber try he know he always comes out to California love but he want to do Going Back to Cali and they wouldn't let him do it the UFC's you I'm not sure it's them that cuz they have to get rights to use that music in the production and I don't have no idea how legally that that occurs so sometimes I have a list of what you're allowed to do you know there are there some type promotions for like you know he submit your your song that you want to walk out to two weeks before and we'll see if we can if it's approved or if we can get approval you know it's it's I've no idea how it works but thank God I can workout to Rooster cuz I'd be really sad if I couldn't it's perfect for you. I'm glad that you have an exit strategy because there are a lot of Fighters that don't end the saddest thing to me is a guy who looks at fighting as a

► 02:45:08

everything like that is all they are capable of that is all there ever going to be don't know what to do next and they get out of it and they have this thing where they like you could say there is diminished if you believe in auras but whoever they are like seems less when you're around them then who they were when they were competing project the guy that blood and sweat For Your Entertainment at the end of his career you know he wasn't smart he didn't do things he should have and then at the end of this creates nothing you know a spot 20 fights he's broken physically and mentally and there's nothing left in him and he has no resources to continue his life you know like I have arranged her out to a company that it's really part of y'all ass great relationships with partners that are going to go outside of the cage when I'm done fighting they're going to be part of whatever TV's new series on a man but

► 02:46:07

ice it breaks my heart seeing these guys that you know what the end of the careers they have nothing in your psyche breaks my heart to and I've seen it so many times that it just drives me nuts man it did it just drives me nuts I almost want to let grab them in the middle when they're peeking and go listen man this is beautiful but you got to have something else you got to have something that you have as much passion for as you do this maybe that's one area where you have an advantage in that you've been in so many life or death struggles firefights being deployed overseas life and death in your perspective as far broader than a person is just been an athlete just been an athlete that is just thought glory and believes that is the end-all-be-all

► 02:46:59

maybe you know I I I definitely have this perspective that you know we have a we have a shelf life as an athlete and short it's just this window of opportunity that if you don't capitalize on it you know it's, it's gone and I'm most people understand that we have this window to to earn our earning potential small for an athlete you like I never had that this is something that I wanted to do I want to be Champion I want to be champion and that's what I'm trying to achieve in this window not not financial gain or like like it if I don't receive it in that window I can move on to the next thing to then achieve the next thing and I'm trying to do but these guys let's go in there they

► 02:47:41

Mike Tyson's perfect sample of literally pissed it all away and then at the end of we know what happened to 230 million dollars that you had your bankrupt crazy 1010 for a long fucking time man to be a combat athlete in a lot of ways this idea that I'm Different I like your parachute in the Sharks you going to be fine I'll be fine you know I'm not like that poor fuck that was Triathlon training off the course of the off the coast of San Diego got bitten in half in front of his friends that happens bro happens anybody gets in its bad World oceans of fat girls I don't like it at all sharks are beautiful yeah they're beautiful when you have them full aid over a grill delicious as well 170 the last

► 02:48:41

question do you think that you are best chance for a title would be at 170

► 02:48:46

no I think I'm close either you know

► 02:48:50

next fight you know who Joe Silva gives me is you know if it's Peter Belfort's jacare's you that that puts me right there and I'm Number 6 and number 2 3 guy that's the title fight known for known you all before knowing UFC just beating in a tight Eliminator my last two fights have been 5 round or main events and how can you not say so am I actually won fight away and Mark Munoz Andrew Saucier fighting could I potentially be fighting the winner of that fight you know that's that's definitely the wrong to and if that's the case then maybe I am to fight away if I cut down a 170 I don't think they let me fight for the title you know like I'd rather be one flight away maybe too so no I don't think I'd be any closer would physically the physicality of like me being a bigger 170 than a lot of guys stronger than 170 yes to be benefits there but again diminishing returns like what am I giving up for that in exchange for do you look at the window that you have me

► 02:49:50

Starbucks that you think you have a five-year window I know you don't want to give up the number but your year did you look at that and say well if I do get a title shot at 185 how much time would I have left work myself up to a title shot at 170 or would I regroup and try it again at 185 if I wasn't successful the first attempt at do you have those thoughts in your head or do you just think about next fight now I definitely have those socks my head I love having the five-metre target that's the super close thing that I'm looking at a time like this is the gold I'm trying to achieve I'm trying to get a perfect GroupMe right here and that's a potential next opponent you know that's that guy that's Rank 2 3 4 so I can get a title lemonade or type fight but then I see the the the long road or like okay I fight not fight I win I'm fighting for the title I lose the title can I come chill Stone in and talked my way into another title fight a different way class you know it is an interesting way to describe

► 02:50:50

it was a master Wordsmith he really is you did a great job Chael Sonnen it with his Michael Bisping fight though as both of you did I mean it got interesting and I was very happy that you guys sort of sort it out inside the octagon and you both gave each other a lot of respect but goddamn there was a lot going back and forth between you two were never going to be friends you know but when you or like you hit I hit him so hard so it like I had the same performance that end in strikes landed in percentage that Jon Jones to text Sheridan as I did to Michael Bisping like that's I hit that guy that many times you blasted him with some hard shots he took them with way less and I'm wearing gloves a Michael Bisping was like hey I'm here for 25 minutes you're not going to put me away eyes like how can you not respect a guy for that

► 02:51:50

also like you got to give it up for him for mental toughness just not even considering retiring the factories fucked his eye up and had to eye surgeries not even can you put it's just something into three fights Lucy Liu store fights that is the end of his career hits his eyes got the rest of his life you know how much brain damage does he had and how preparations for fight has he had now he's done and he's out of the Limelight and he's broken you know does he have what she's smart enough to prepare for that I think he was but you know he he is that example of finicky left everything in the cage time and time again at 24 minutes of the fifth round that dude was still trying to get up for me you know like when they when the 32nd

► 02:52:50

call Westmore Corners he's like start coming right at me after I just dominated him for 24 and a half minutes. He wasn't enough problems he's got a real injury to his neck that's affecting you guys that accumulate injuries and then they get to a certain point I'm like what is left in outer there's a lot of guys that have done less far far less you know this less successful than him that their bodies are given out along the way it's a fucking hurt game so they're hurt game and they hurt game is along the way just did the amount of accumulation of damage that you get in training forget about that's what most casual fans have no idea she look Cutz little bit of blood a little bit of sweat in a fight that's nothing you know like leading up to my 25-minute fight with Michael Bisping like my spa

► 02:53:50

Partners were like and then they moved on and then you don't have John Jones myself like this room full of dudes that are the best in the world and we're sparring two times a week for six seven eight weeks leading up to that fight you know I ain't like we're hitting each other just as hard there as we are in the cage she know cuz you have to

► 02:54:18

push yourself as far as you can in training so that the best element of who use what you are occurs in the cage how do you feel about that like as far as like sparring hard do you think that you have to spar as hard as you fight or do you think that there's a way like Robbie Lawler famously said that he doesn't really Spar much a little ice bar weigh less than I used to not like I

► 02:54:48

on very rare occasions do I really go all out but I think there are there are times in a fight Camp we're both your coaches need to see you and you need to see yourself when you're when you're trying to do it all you know when you're broken when you're hurt when you're tired you know it and sometimes the only way to get there is to push yourself to the limit in the only way to get there is Man by going after it so you have to feel what it's like to be inside that that that that position to be inside that that that position where you're just duking it out at 100% there's no holding back you do you know what it's like to be exhaust you know what it's like to be stung you know what it's like to be hurt you know what it's like to bounce back from being dominated in a in a training session like there's no substitution for that actual fight grappling do I ever am I in a position

► 02:55:48

turn off the guy for me to work on Escape if an armbar you know there's a thousand ways I could have prevented if we're getting there but I still have to see what it's like to get out of it and the only way I'll ever see what it's like to get out of it is actually put in it so it's the same in fighting thought I really hurt my hand in it in the first round and I sit down you know and I come out second round I just take to know like pain adrenaline dumps against against against Mike you know I come back to court in the second round and they're like all right so you're going to lose this fight if you do that I was at the pit she like my hands hurt I wasn't sure if I could throw my right hand again but you threw it yeah what was wrong with it broken by the brace in the car that was supposed to be wearing I'm just embarrassed what's what's broken on it

► 02:56:48

boxer they said 6 weeks in a cast and it's like I can't handle the cast of the game of the phrase just jump in the fucking ocean have a shark's take care of it you're crazy man but that's why you do what you do ya like we're out of time Tim Kennedy your bad motherfuker this is very fun podcast I'm going to do it again and please do please be awesome at it please thank you follow Tim online you can get ahold of him on Twitter but adds don't be a dick wad alright Tim Kennedy MMA on Twitter website Facebook Tim Kennedy MMA everything's Instagram Tim Kennedy MMA it's Tim Kennedy MMA MMA race of gentlemen thank you very much brother it was it was a great time flowers.com go to one 800 flowers.com and enter the code word JRE or call one eight hundred flowers and mention JRE to get yourself 24

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► 02:58:48

are Brian Kelly and I are going to do a podcast simultaneously what UFC is on on Saturday night and if you have a podcast with Aubrey this weekend to a lot of good shape coming up lot of good people much love to everybody