#552 - Kid Cudi

The Joe Rogan Experience #552 - Kid Cudi

September 22, 2014

Scott Mescudi, aka Kid Cudi, is an American recording artist and actor from Cleveland, Ohio.

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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whenever you talk to a rapper or any dude who has like a name like Kid Cudi you never know am I supposed to call you kid might like Immortal Technique comes on the podcast all the time to this day I don't know what to call I love that dude I love these cool as fuck I love talking about I never know what they're called. Comm Tech, mortal mr. technique so I had to ask you before this podcast start I said do I refer to you as Kid Cudi or do I call you Scott I don't walk out sometime and that's a little weird makes you sound like a stripper or something it's cool if it's like a check yeah that's pulled off the lot like the nickname or Carrot Top

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Weird Al right Weird Al's always weird out it's always Weird Al Yankovic Al Yankovic it's Weird Al right P Diddy Puff Daddy Prince whatever they pulled it off I mean just keep going forever and full of white people over pulled off the nickname the captain of Captain and Tennille the kid goes deep into the 1970s drawer the Captain and Tennille that's a terrible band from back way back in the day Terrible by today's standards you know but back in the day people love them do you remember what they say cuz I'm being a dick cuz I don't remember any of their song I believe one of them is dead

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I think one of them got like some serious anorexia do I think the woman got Siri I might be mixing my stories up my from 1970s bands and I barely pay attention to her but I got some fucking stories you know the people that that grew up during the 60s and we're like famous during the 70s those are that's that's a strange little slice of American life right there just a whole nother way of living you know I think it was a lot more communication among human beings for sure you know just casual conversation it wasn't like weird nowadays even just say hi to someone walking out of terrible things that happen over the world most of what you getting the news is terrible things to do people always worried about terrible things when they meet strangers and then to everybody's fucking texting and emailing and the amount of time

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you spend person a person has probably been greatly reduced today for sure I'd support you know the healthy things now we know I need one of them cats My Buddy Miles he has one of those caps and rocks all the time I see a cat like that all the time if you walk around the captain's hat on in your like a sober guy you're an asshole doesn't drink I don't do Toe straighteners be wearing like a captain's hat you're a fuking idiot that got a bottle of whiskey one handle bottle vodka the other that's I want to talk to that dude is like

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was like a sober guy that he can pull off that outfit or whatever he wears do you go to a thrift store and tries to find the the most shitiest I guess you could not possibly find them all the time he's awesome

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so why dude you're a you're a young man you doing very well everything is going well for you this is exciting what's it like to be Kid Cudi it's it's cool man that's intrusive mean you know it's nothing too spectacular mostly like trying to hang around family get family time and with my mom and my daughter and to like my life is split between that and you know create a good balance I found the balance now at 37 the dream yeah it's cool man I can't complain complain complain professional Entertainer is probably the luckiest all-time like you made it is really deeper than that I think that just have a fanbase you know that's supportive is a real Ultimate you know blessing because you know guys get record deals all the time you know

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play music of shit you know but then it's just like you know but then you when you have you know you have a lot of artists that common and you know end up having like a Grassroots following and they have a fan base that rides with them the entire career that's that's that's a blessing on top of a blessing you never know cuz today's audience you know these kids like you want me to date get an ex like you want me to hit you next to have a loyal fanbase in that type of climate is awesome yeah that is the thing that used to be like if you were a rapper or any kind of Entertainer you were only as good of your comedian you're only as good as the people got to see you out there like it was really difficult to build a fanbase if you weren't on something if you want it on a television show a few warrant you know of a weekly the regular gas like The Tonight Show or something like that it was really hard for someone like build a fanbase but today because the internet rappers singers musicians when everybody comedians all they can kind of keep tabs

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and just communicate with people like directly and I feel like I kind of was at the beginning the early stages of that wave of you know another way for people to find music online new artist you know music that you probably wouldn't hear on the radio ya stuff that's Quality quality you know music in and now that you know when I drop day and night that was 2007 I think the only platform at that time that my boy scene off to my MySpace music page and how did Myspace drop the ball so hard to potty I think you know I don't think

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Facebook Facebook to it's going to be hard to figure out a new thing though like what's the new things that involve video what's going to be the new emojis I think it's just a combination of everything just site where you get your one-stop-shop to just anything that you can you know dick around on the internet with its possible to probably I think it's also have you seen that new thing that unbox therapy did a video on oh my God Louis from unbox therapy did his video of this new Iron Man Tech if you go to his page go to unbox therapy Iron Man for real I think it's called as a YouTube video to put up it's insane. You're putting on these gloves are these goggles rather the cover your the cover your eyes sort of oculus rift stock but you see everything I would see you clearly but in front of you there's like icons and things that I can move around like an open things and close them and you do it all at hand gestures so like

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I'm looking at your body's block these goggles on I've been looking at you and I see these floating geometric objects boxes circles and you can open them up and close them and move them around and they stay places like Minority Report style screen in the air when it loses where she said this guy wants to make the world the desktop the world is your screen going to take away screens and the screens are going to the world with this thing on and you see through it and there's no more screens anymore everything you do you do to this this is his ultimate goal do the glasses look on bucking gnarly like you know some supervisor virtual reality touched the right up there they're pretty big right now but so was the first phone you know the first the first giant boxes they used to have to crank

► 00:16:57

call people at Bonita fucking put cables in the holes and shed remember all that that was what that was an old phone used to be like but you know what this type of Technology would want you know I was walking down the street or like on you every day that easily to access any people wouldn't you know I mean like it's kind of like not that weird it's kind of big and something that you got to like be stationed at home actually saves save the world in some small form for sure Google Glasses it's like just a smaller version of that you know you can you swipe and stuff but you can't really like manipulate the image in real-time have you play with it at all. It's a you know what school was I mean I'm not going to I'm going out in the streets couple times and I really noticed actually tweet about this

► 00:17:54

tattoos about it cuz it's so funny to me my experience going on public with Google Glasses people just really thought I was either taking a picture of them or filming in that when people really concern is it snow like I and you can tell her there's a Wednesday or you know and especially once you let people ask you what it is you say Google is celebrity in a freak out cuz they're getting photographed her film trying to get a hold of their lives and do some with your families and trying some privacy and then the public really doesn't understand why they might freak out and why that might be intrusive you know it's too funny twist for me to walk in a place and all the sudden someone's eyes cuz I understand that that's a true story

► 00:18:51

besides people be in my old school can I try it was just like are you filming me or are you still in the area taking a picture and how am I supposed to know that you're telling me the truth get off it cuts off so it's not like you could see what I'm seeing what I'm doing it our way back then they had little cameras it would go on a glasses like to know the eyebrow part of a glass he put his glasses on and he would walk into someplace and do these pranks and they would the film was good enough put on television long time ago I mean you can stop and put it up on your Twitter today to the Google Glass in the photos of pretty quality have done it a couple times it's going to get crazy get to some point where you're going to be able to put contact lenses on or something like that but I don't know if I'm at Minas

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it's wild Iron Man shyt with contact lenses and they all have their own they get charged with solar power because your eyes are always open knowledge in my eye though I don't know if I definitely don't want to right now but if it's lost, I mean I would always been tied to a phone just didn't so dope like to have a phone as an incredible thing you know they have a cyborg on before I have a contact a cyborg arm the real thing about Cyborg on that really freaks me out this is no bulshit really does kind of freaked me out I will we watch this video once with dude from Australia that got his arm is leg bit off I think I've seen that exact it's amazing so this guy had no arms and no legs but he walked with a limp and His Hands moved around me didn't move as good as me and predicates and play piano or something like that but move pretty goddamn good a lot better than the old ones that came would like the

► 00:20:41

the old one and I was thinking like this guy is still a person 100% human but he has an artificial arm and an artificial leg like what it what if the shark bit everything but his head and they took his head and they put it on artificial body what would that be that is that still a person I guess it's person just got a person's head but what if they said listen man that this transfer of your head to this artificial body is not working that good your body is rejecting it it has rejecting the body but the good news is we can completely duplicate your brain and put it in this artificial head so to be like your brain except better because it's never going to get all this talking to right away but are you a person then I know cuz I think your soul is is gone at that point I would like to leave at 2

► 00:21:30

but imagine if that's how people were essentially created in the first place just slow Improvement we're going to take a snapshot of your brain right now because we're going to transfer to this new body so anything after this point you know you're not going to remember so then in for like 10 minutes before they like pull the plug on this body you can just abused the person to death that you can build this thing to do to your body not the existential angst of dying and having no soul you just thinking about playing with someone's balls are asleep and your 40 congratulations I just got one added to my car so it records everything now that my car does and it doesn't on GPS and then when you watch it on your computer it shows real-time Google Maps and like a 360 view almost of your car if your front and that's pretty interesting it's called roadhog Hawk hog

► 00:22:30

where are the cameras cameras like this little box it looks like a baby radar detector just put underneath your behind your eyelids rear view mirror to put on the windshield right there and you have to run powered I just plug mine into my cigarette lighter and it connects to GPS and it recorded on a memory card where is the cameras does that little thing as a camera and a wide-angle lens so gets the everything in your car the front of your car and it also gets sound it and it tracks everything cuz I I was just tired of driving around Hollywood like going to The Comedy Store every night and then and then almost getting in car accidents crazy crackheads like jumping in the street like all this shitt happening all the time like something's going to happen soon you know what I don't have this those meteors they caught those that's how they caught him they caught him because those people have dash cams apparently like fraud and like that kind of shit like accident fraud like super, and Russia

► 00:23:30

like they pull Shady moves all time so a lot of people have those little cameras on the dash to make sure they could resolve disputes you know there was a thing that was going around in California for a while we're people were suing people they would get an access on purpose but we will die from it did get on the highway getting from you and slam on the brakes right so you slam into him and this one dude who is an illegal alien this is how it was like all the Republicans are up in arms Wednesdays only do it one illegal alien does something Shady everybody freaks the fuck out but this student down a couple of times they done it a couple times and you know that was his move that's why they made a lot of money in front of people slam on the brakes yeah but you know that's a risky fuc yeah I guess it's just they're playing the lottery in the promised land just very very strange that's the items we put the memory card in and then it's kind of hard to tell prospective wise

► 00:24:30

phone size basically I need to see if I can barely even see my mind hidden behind my mirror Loop bike with it wet like a security companies do or where they have to film everything I had released or is it just when it gets to the end of the memory card it just goes back to the beginning unless you pull it out and save the files it's just a record everything over and over how long before people start doing it turn it around valets blowing each other in your car get out to your car you like what the hell

► 00:25:30

oh that's good it's good you will you stop doing that for a while my LLC social security number or whatever the business ID number driving them so is completely away from me I tried everything and finally they just let me through it because of this job lamps thing I just finally did after about four years of not letting me is it because you change the name of your website I guess that website and everything seems like there was a weird thing was like they're upset at you cuz you're connected to porn right

► 00:26:18

nothing nothing if you go to amazon.com don't they sell porn did you buy pouring it was on my way to see Missy Martinez our friend Missy kill Tony with us a lot of times she was on TMZ cuz I've ever had taught you blew up in her pussy

► 00:26:44

okay did it really blow up in her pussy or not she blow it up in her pussy and make it the equivalent to the Mexican dude slammed on his brakes on the highway it was the vibrator equivalent of what happened is it to the break-in crash what happened is it starts sparking and I have flames and smoke starts Nevada the pussy that's why it's parking there's nothing new about those of you look online there's tons of hitachi's blowing up a porn stars but it's the only vibrator that you plug into a wall so it's like I'm so numb down there that they're using these Itachi's high powered ones that just like shave off the walls of your vagina supposed

► 00:27:39

yeah they're not the next level in the same way with like the way girls beat on her pussy solutely in the old days just a little things up and fucked things up for us apparently if you don't if you don't have a foreskin the head of your dick gets so I kind of just abused so he's bouncing around inside your underwear I like having a foreskin the reason why men are upset that they're not just the fact that it's a ritual genital mutilation that doesn't make any sense but also that it it kills the sensitivity on your dick yeah but will that mean that's great to look like Clint Eastwood not like fucking Ryan Seacrest

► 00:28:35

that doesn't make any sense beating the tip of your dick if you look at your dick looks like beating up your dick it looks like Clint Eastwood today are you talking about Clint Eastwood from the fucking Outlaw Josey Wales the handsome Clint Eastwood not that crazy looking old man that tossed it Obama yeah that was on TV where you sat Obama down what's the most recent presidential election pretended to sit Obama down on stage and improvident have everything pointed to say but improv did it was so incredibly disrespectful

► 00:29:35

I like he sat him down a chair and it was the strangest fucking thing ever this is how they were talking about yes we can and it was dark and it outdoors and it was nice and people lighting candles and they were saying I just thought this is great I'm in everybody's crying Oprah was crying and

► 00:30:06

I was even crying

► 00:30:08

and then finally I haven't cried that hard since I found out that

► 00:30:15

there's 23 million unemployed people in this country

► 00:30:24

when you set him down here

► 00:30:27

yeah description tomorrow morning now you got to back it up cuz that's the chair like you put some down in the chair

► 00:30:37

running for election for somebody else to come along and solve the problem

► 00:30:54


► 00:30:59

so mr. president how do you how do you handle how do you handle promises that you made when you were running for election and how do you handle how do you handle it I mean what do you say to people who wrote to you you just you know I know people

► 00:31:20

people are wondering you don't even some of the people in your own party we're disappointed we didn't close gitmo and I thought that well I think what colors can get mole with white clothes that we spend so much money on it but I thought maybe you should excuse

► 00:31:44

shit I like I'll see you in like jumped you like the MTV camera where there in the audience and so shaky like to try to make it more like The Interchange so ridiculous he's being old dude that's what he's doing there being an old Republican do it but you know Krusty conservative

► 00:32:16

not like them that they don't like to use the young of America like yourself Youngstown Gap jeans

► 00:32:26

Woody Psych the movie you just told me about the emergency about people being on this porch El Camino El Camino El Camino is I think so yeah yeah

► 00:32:53

yeah El Torito whatever it was Marino Gran Torino Gran Torino does a goofy ass car does back in America just made these houses on wheels them in the living room they just drove around and he's a big ol fucking crazy American cars man

► 00:33:18

yeah that was a movie about what it was like about immigrants wasn't it I don't know if it was people moving in his neighborhood so I just really pissed about kids being on it for Eastwood being pissed about people being on his front porch a lot of Clint Eastwood's wife was on a reality show before I got divorced he divorced her but she was on a reality show and it was like some knucklehead child was ridiculous but he was he so I remember if he was on I never watched it but yeah it's one of those things like the wife wanted to do it and he's like okay

► 00:34:18

find himself in some ridiculous situation I've ever met him know cuz I think he has a studio Jack is a pass from for Life For Me For The Unforgiven. I think the greatest cowboy movie of all time that she was scary ass cowboy movie that was Clint Eastwood in his finest you know I just left. No more drag them in spoiler alert like super duper conservative there's a bunch of those guys I like that he's like super duper conservative now Jon Voight

► 00:35:10

you know I mean that movie that was one of his one of my pipes especially Morgan Freeman to one of my favorite Morgan Freeman movies that was just a perfect movie just the way I might give away the ending but the way it all goes down so much more likely than most of those stupid shoot-'em-up movie that was much more probably like with how the way people behave oh yeah oh yeah it was a messy in there you know

► 00:35:46

yeah yeah they said there's a fascinating look at the old west I was like he's almost like he did it like he did all those westerns back in the day like The Good the Bad and the Ugly and fun movie Smith but it weren't super realistic you know I think as he got older and I just speculating but he wanted to do one more the really got it right like the way they make movies today as well as the way that made movies back in like High Plains Drifter days did you see True Grit yeah I saw the old one in the new one it was not bad not bad it's just whenever you have a movie where you're redoing an old moving people are harsh and no I mean yeah it definitely did yeah it was it was a good movie for sure there was a lot of fun ship going on that movie put goddamn in remaking a John Wayne movies hard

► 00:36:46

you know how they would they do what they can I met anyone like you know most of the shit that comes out against because it's a date then it's got to be hard to make me beautiful things about you write all your own lyrics yes thank God I'm a mess with that ability you know a lot of guys don't see if you want the Kid Cudi experience you want to go through one door there's no one out right so they go to you but you don't have to worry about the producer getting along with the Rector get along with the actor in the network has notes of Studio writer has notes about the script the screenwriter wants to change this in the actor wants an improv that fucking makeup lady whose fucking the hairdresser and everybody's doing blow after the sets closed down its craziness man making the movies got to go down

► 00:37:46

what's a different you know what what most people do you know it might be about you know six people involved just to get the album together you know somebody to get songwriter somebody to give producers in the room you know and then it could be chemistry is off you know this person might not mess with this writer in this producer my not mess with this artist in this all this going on and I'm pretty sure it gets messy but that's just I just been blessed not to deal with that and you know I have a I had an idea you know what I want in my career to be and I've been sticking to that that gold in that plan the orange one line of it man I really just wanted to tell my story and hopefully it inspired others to not feel alone you know and understand they can persevere through anything you know and at that time of right and I like to tell people I don't even know if I believe

► 00:38:46

you know I went up when I'm a Pursuit of Happiness I was hopeful for happiness but I was in such a dark place at that song for me was more of a nightmare more than you know supposed to be at I happy uplifting song you in a dark place now so we'll just like I think coming to terms with just the same factor in all ways always felt like I would get some type of recognition you know I didn't know to what magnitude you know people say that all you know you know what you signed up for but like you really don't you know I know you kind of have an idea and you feel like I want to be cool like I doesn't still to this day I don't look in the mirror and see myself how other people see me you know so I never I never could prepare myself for for what came and everything came so fast you know I had to select Debra on Darkness yeah because I just I wasn't comfortable and then I had to you know I was in a place where it's like all this pressure all of a sudden today

► 00:39:46

something and to deliver you know a certain type of quality and he said things that I've stepped up to the plate in and I was excited about doing but I didn't know that it would stress me out to that magnitude that it did you know I just didn't know that many people will be watching in that and paying attention or care that much what was the number one consequence

► 00:40:09

I just think

► 00:40:12

I didn't I didn't see it being too big of a consequence that I couldn't deal with you know losing a lot of my freedom but that I have a daughter you know I just worry so more about her now and I just want her to have a normal life and I want her to you you know have that opportunity and not now I think about it more now than I did then before she was born yeah I'm sure yeah I have children one seat when you have children it really becomes more about them than it does even about you in a lot of ways cats like you the way you live your life is now always going to be like what's the best way for them right and if it's not that way you can feel sick right going to feel like you're doing something wrong exactly is that weird situation when you bring people into this world you're responsible for little tiny people going to teach them shit and raise them and it's really hard I mean I would say it would say no one cuz I think people are capable of intellectualizing it but most people have no

► 00:41:12

idea what you put that way how intense the love a person has for the kid is pretty intense it's something that you know you have to have you have to have a child to experience you know you can't explain it you know it's it's just I mean my daughter's man she everything an extra disturbing yeah cuz it's almost unimaginable who would do that yeah who do that to anyone's kid and who would do that to their own kids it's just that people that have their parents beat them and it's a fucking weird place to be talked to someone who's the person they love more than anything beats the shit out of them when they do something wrong you know the soft NFL thing we got to beat his kid with a stick you know excuses that I guess like when he was young that's how they treated him how he was raised

► 00:42:11

well I don't know what to do and it was so horrible how old was it it do you know a man I don't even be reading into that really young right like 9 or something like that would ever was when you know they talked about this table this is the way he grew up which is true but man has got to be a way to end that cycle you can't be beat kids with sticks in 2014 everybody should know that by now I just think it's a cop-out for people to use that as an excuse me like that's how I was raised even like this with anything you know cuz that's just a cop-out that's just somebody not wanting to change and grow with the times I mean if we can find any way to be less by then we should try it with his victims involved especially if the victim that the person they love the most their parents is a person's going to beat them and hit them with things you are introducing violence and that I kid's life at a very early age and that violence becomes a natural part of the world would become something they expect

► 00:43:11

why they say that you know people who are around their parents beating each other up are more likely to be involved in the Peace of relationships when they get older kids but people who were hit by the car people watch the parents hit each other and we're here for their parents even worse apparently three boys to deal with it by herself majority that time you know you know I I don't I don't know look at my mom is a villain and you know but she didn't beat us I can't say like I've been beaten by my mom my Brian some somehow as shit you know my mom reprimanding me and not as a kid you know especially before you do it has a consequence that comes with that but I've never experienced that you know what I'm pretty sure a lot of people are being talked about right now with just like thinking it's okay to beat up on your kids play

► 00:44:12

like my daughter is 4 and 1/2 I haven't had the to reprimand her in that way and I never will you know I'm saying it's just like she can get really on a roof that is a big difference and that's that's something people don't like to admit right it's never good to beat your kids but if you are a young woman who's raising young boys and they don't respect you are you really dating the guy friend take the yard on fire

► 00:45:12

what's fucking white hot I saw videos fucking idiots one kid put an iron a hot iron if they lost a bet kid lots of bed to put a hot iron on his back like I left a mark left the iron Mark videos of all the shit to it's like half the thing that they're making videos while they're doing the stupid Shasta motivation is like this show people how fucking idiotic we could be more people aren't dead seems like people just found themselves accidentally left and right trying to make these fucking videos you see that video I'm not sure if it's 100% real or not but the girl boils water and then films her taking a huge thing of boiling water in pouring it over a dude's head and he's like there's pictures of him just how he's been in the hospital with like all these Burns all over his body from Hindi actors from Mississippi

► 00:46:12

find water yeah yeah it's totally serious I I'll find it for you I don't want to watch some people are so stupid it's probably real shit man fuck man yeah you can overhear some conversations it'll make you lose your faith in humanity if you were there and they're goofy ass backyard by thinking about throwing boiling water on this kid you know dad is going to fuck you up for the rest of your life but you got to be covered in scars but that might as well be a lot about you idiot yeah that's ever after that means you're very least is going to be some pretty significant scarring right boiling water is the pain suffering just for one stupid ass video where people can think you're an idiot Scar Tissue on your face for the rest of your life because it was so where these kids

► 00:47:12

yeah I didn't really get into that part it just showed the video of the girl doing it boiling the water and I'm doing it on him and then there's a photo of him later we're just sitting there all burnt like in bandaged up his whole body is all fucked up videos it's horrible in Bowling now has taking it to the next level because kids are all filming them bullying people and I'm putting it online so now it's me bowling bullying people that like pins and I was really trying to figure out what you were saying

► 00:47:57

but yeah but people are taking videos of them beating up other kids and then putting it online and sharing it around the class and stuff so now you just see these videos of these poor kids getting bullied they are they are they are now put the axe already being done weird times weird times check we were talking about earlier but people worrying about your glasses recording the recording everything and kids are growing up with that it's like a part of a normal part of life when you when you first got into the internet would you say you were in your late high school days when you really start getting to do it yeah I mean explorer that much you know wasn't much out there because it was stuff out there but I mean the teachers kept it restricted you know there was some some Ryan go to and

► 00:48:57

block stuff now in schools ride do they block stuff in dorms can kids get download porn you can always download it right from like a torrent will you can just Google porn and then that's true I was just wondering like whether or not the one behind you

► 00:49:41

it is right there for the internet official spokesperson getting out of high school and then growing up like essentially like young teens u20s all that like being able to get online at school and then being like completely immersed like being a part of like interactive communities talk to people that's like one of the first generations of you musicians that's able to do that it's able to go like directly from high school in to communicating online with people releasing stuff online and then you know becoming a part of this first generation is a bunch now there's like a lot of artists are becoming really well-known because of just interacting with people online video

► 00:50:41

that's something that people value about you as well it's not just that you know they like the music they like you to like to talk to you you don't sound like you got a cool personality like you're a cool guy on social media is my job and my calling to also show the world a different type of person in the position that I'm in you know if someone you know is conforming because of my job because you know of the people around me because of the people I work with you know I always tell people I'm a human being first before anything you know you're born naked you go in a really nice you know and then everything that happens between is just Madness and we figure it out along the way but do you know it's it's really interesting how a lot of people just kind of like you know get this this blessing this job getting it

► 00:51:41

listening to see don't get really caught up and I never wanted I never wanted to be that guy in the end the beauty of Twitter it's like first I was really against it cuz it just was so much you know unfiltered Ness and I've learned to appreciate it like literally I get a lot of confidence just by looking at my feet and seeing maybe a couple treats to the like your man keep doing it and I'm not I don't have any music coming out but it's just a random Tuesday and there's some kid in Minnesota this like you are fucking love you dude keep going we're listening and I might have needed to hear that that day and also like those kids don't know that that means that much to me in the end it does so like I wasn't really that big with talking you know I'm having such a presence online cuz I was worried about it and I got a grip over it it's it's no problem for me I love that I can you know just hit up a kid random and just make their whole year you know I'm just

► 00:52:41

mostly cuz I bought it doesn't do anybody any good other than being like damn I ain't got shit and I don't want people to think like that you know like when I post I liked the post like you know maybe my Lactaid milk or watching other people and would like to eat there because I felt like a shortcomings of their behavior once they became famous and I use I want you to look at me at that and understand what not to do you know when I was dealing with my drug issues back in 2010 2009 and I was Heavy in the cocaine and it was like a big thing for me and him was something that you know kept me level is something I felt like I needed self-medicating in

► 00:53:41

you know I had this whole technique what does it say I got into like you know what I would call like you know attractive which was you know I will wake up in the morning I will do no do Coke immediately even before I had cereal and I will smoke weed so like I never wanted people to know I was doing cocaine so the beer and the marijuana level me out in a way where I was able to walk in the streets and talk and it seemed as though I was not anyting but deep inside I'm just like completely numb to me I didn't care about anything and I was a robot but also with with being so numb it allowed me to go out and meet my fans and Beyond

► 00:54:40

streets on a twisted way it did it did a positive thing for me and that's why I didn't see it as an issue was like damn today I went walking in SoHo with no place to go and I was high-fiving fans and like it was just the most you know amazing experience something I never get a chance to feel because I'm just like such a recluse and I'm just at that time was just weirded out when people recognize me and just didn't want to go anywhere in issue with substances that can help you in some ways but they're altimate Lee detrimental to your health or well-being or your ability to keep it together no not me I have used it so it's not like the guy who likes goes out with his buddies in Spring Break and sleep

► 00:55:23

you know those guys aren't real just too broke to keep going out of money that it requires a full-time cook how expensive is everyday like was there a thing that made you stop because that's usually start to know I did it so no one knows I didn't really let you know I didn't let the public make me feel bad about it though just kind of like fucking guess I can't do that no more and then also my daughter was born so it's like you know what it was like

► 00:56:12

choose kind of life lessons back-to-back that I experiencing in 2010 and you know my daughter's birth is being arrested where those two things because I think I had already started turning down my cocaine used to beginning of that year but then I was the king of like something tragic happening or something I felt was trying to be stressful and it's spiraling back into it just leaving any excuse to be upset and I'm doing something I don't know how to do just like my way of copying out and avoiding my issues he don't like maybe a couple months ago by I be in Hawaii you know working on some stuff and I never did cocaine or anything around those got that was like my time to detox when I will be away cuz you're not traveling the world in every place I was asking people where the drugs was that so like it was something I did you know at home at a certain time you know it was enough I was able to kind of keep it together

► 00:57:12

go out and work on my music and in the end to it. A system it was a weird sick system are developed enough for myself you know where you know I was able to be cool if I wasn't in New York but then when I was back in New York it was on you know cuz it was just like being at home in the apartment alone for hours on end just really just got me you know doing it just kind of man I can just put on Nicki Lee and just chill out for hours by myself and it's all good rest made you want to stop because Yuri was it because like the feeling of Goshen of an event is taking place at this is obviously a big sign that I'm going down the wrong direction I'm in I'm dealing with the legal system now getting arrested and it was just more like

► 00:57:59

did this is not stop mesca t

► 00:58:04

how in the hell did I let this become scam esketit how in the fuck do I got people looking at me like I'm not stopping esketit and I know what it was and I know how to fix that and I went and met. I just it was just I didn't like how people were looking at me at that moment in time still a little blow

► 00:58:34

people you know the next complex interview I did like her have a statement that I used to hear this camera I'm really sorry for you guys okay now where I used to I don't do it anymore I'm sorry if I let anyone down fuck that you know what that it was if I didn't do what I would have blew my brains out while I like how you described it to because you're very honest about the positive aspects of the effects and I think that's super important in this is my contract by the way I don't worry about it that's all right don't worry about it very method

► 00:59:30

you're very honest about the positive benefits of it like people have this idea like you shouldn't talk about positive benefits of any drugs whether it's harmless drug like marijuana or dangerous drugs like cocaine me maybe even especially dangerous drugs like cocaine because the reality of what you're saying your experience and the positive aspects of your experiences like he's promoting drugs are you doing just the opposite you're talkin about how you needed them and use them and they helped you but the reality is it was because you were dealing with an issue and it had just helped mask the issue but I did help to lie and deny that it clouds the issue for people deal with their own drug issues dealing with their current drug issues are there past running shoes people are not honest about it man he puts people in this weird place or like you don't want if I was four fucking mess I would have never started this business

► 01:00:30

the reason why I can see her and say that is because I like I've been four years clean man I'm not like you can and I've just grown so much since then and I also know that the more I talk about it in all the more it'll help somebody else who might be dealing with it you know I mean when you're in that it's probably just it seems like you can't get out of it because it is like a thing you know me and cycle caught up in it and you know it kids listen to me talk now it's it could be helping a lot of people I'm not like one of those people now that used to do cocaine and I'm like I don't promote any drug but I'm not judging anybody if they do it so it's not like the big deal I got abused it in a way and it didn't

► 01:01:30

you didn't benefits. I didn't like the person I was becoming there's some people that could do this shit and they can live and do it in moderation and it doesn't affect their lives like how it affect the mind more power to on they got super powers if you ask me but I just have that you know it is a mystery drugs in my family it was like my blood was waiting let's go and I know that I just had to make that choice I had to make a choice and I think that's what anything cigarettes in which you know for months 5 months done with now you know you just have to make a choice and I made that choice you know for myself for my own health my daughter for a future for my fans you know bunch of people quit cigarettes to like what am I doing for me like my my father passed away from cancer all my uncles passed away from cancer and my father died when I was 11 you know so that was an experience you know for me that kind of like

► 01:02:30

amortize me in such a way but I can't you know when I got older I started to you know do everything that my father was into like my dad smoke Newports I started smoking Newports at 17 you know that you know he loved MGD Miller Genuine Draft I fucking drink MGD military draft it was my tribute to I was becoming my dad in a weird way in and you know it was you know it was like one of those things that I don't know I just I never really had a relationship with him so the only memories I have is this this guy I like you know I like this guy was a so cool you had a cigarette and he had his beer and he was always awesome and he was there for me as a man and up until you lack you know and I think I kind of got caught up in that and that's something that like you know I can't see the image of my father drinking and smoking is what made me drink and smoke but I can't say it didn't write teasing you took like Comfort Inn at maybe like I think maybe

► 01:03:28

yeah for sure I think everybody takes comfort in smoke a cigarette since like you know one of those things that's the the grand trick that cigarette Spell on You did they give you comfort in that need to replenish like you give you a little stimulant from the nicotine and all the chemicals are in a cigarette and then you're so addicted to it that you have this weird stress when you don't have it and then when they smoke it relieve that stress and you think that it's actually, you down but all it's doing is feeding the dragon is like a drug and you can just get it anywhere else I would but they smoke I don't shoot him outside and then that you can smoke in the house it's not the real you don't mind people thinking of your house they're stinky ass cigarettes

► 01:04:28

I got people chain smoking in the house somebody needs a cigarette more to school I have friends that used to smoke and if they smell it they get sick and I just say it's more just like I can't stand it is people that might still have an issue with the addiction but if I smell it or anything like that it's going to say it's not for me either doesn't really bother me she pulls doesn't pull you toward that you don't want to smoke again I mean I get I can't say that occasionally in this is something that just will forever happen because I was addicted to the shit like I can't say like after a meal really good meal on my arm and a cigarette would be nice but I don't do that no more so that's that and then that's it good for you what happened in time received information you know that

► 01:05:28

is rayon a re-education of the dangers of you knows, but we learned in in health class in ring School West kids you know it's no different except you know overtime in OS high in this world we were fourth graders sitting in the room with our teacher saying like your lungs are nice and pink like this

► 01:05:53

and it's not over time we we see Pop Culture we see the James Dean's we see everything going on and it doesn't seem as dangerous and then basically this guy reminds you of the dangers and try to reboot you and it's like oh shit it is kind of a mess in the dark you take it a little bit it's really funny that's how the cycle of life goes it's like at my age I guess I was able to look at it in the same way I saw it as a 4th grader you know and just kind of realize all this is this is hurting me and talk me through it on the couch and close your eyes I had a nice day or so if you try any funny did you worry if you're worried in case comedian at comedy store no bulshit there's a comedian that used to go to The Comedy Store that used to hypnotize women but he also like

► 01:06:53

some hypnotist work and like he would always hypnotize girls and like I remember very clearly one time I was walking to the back of the comic store and he was talking to a girl and she's pulled her head away when she goes no I don't want you to hypnotize me and I was like wow it's true that dude really. They're hypnotizing people know we were in the living room on the couch and he kind of just sits there and you know count July down to you fully stretched out pillow and relaxing and then when they count you down what does it feel like it feel like you tired as hell

► 01:07:36

slipping into like you know only time only wants 3 x 3 x 3 separate sessions different each time you do it or is it the same time it's like he does his thing until I got to the first one it's like you don't you can smoke between so it's like we did ours or Tuesday to Tuesday so they came that Tuesday that whole week I was allowed to smoke after the first session after the first therapy session in the hypnosis re-establishing that it's done and in that's the final one

► 01:08:31

to come out of that hypnosis in the still you know him telling me like I can still smoke

► 01:08:38

I still had this urge so I don't know if I want to do that you know like I was allowed to smoke you said it was cool I remember like my first cigarette after like the hypnosis I waited like a couple hours ago I had I had the urge but I wasn't so quick to jump into it why did he say you can smoke what's the logic behind Jasmine

► 01:09:00

it just kind of like to I don't know it took less than a minute last week to just know that this going to be up after that cuz he tells you like right so just this last week you can smoke and then after that second session you done so when you going under and he's telling you I'm the county down and then boom Yonder do you remember the first thing she said do you like do you were you conscious of it yeah yeah he's just basically you know just talking about you know just too dangerous is cancer and what it could do to you and how it's just nasty and it's poison everything you could imagine that would kind of put it in the way for the human beings understand and get it okay this is dangerous cuz that's really what it is I think the average person that smokes doesn't see the danger in it like that because you might see you know the the old lady that's 80 90 years old that's been smoking on her days it looks like she's fine you know and you just blow out

► 01:10:00

lady I'll probably be that guy I know it's like a gamble every time it's like literally him just kind of give me scenarios to and I don't even know how much I can really talk about cuz he's B cells this is like I think if you knew someone was you know if you were dating a girl and you knew that you know she was known for poison her boyfriend's what would my poison a rat poison her food but it wasn't real truth by every guy she did it kind of got murdered but she did you know we're dating her for a while and she said for you to know that what would you do you know I mean like what you said you knew for a fact that she was enough

► 01:10:53

a killer would you let her cook your food would you let this person to your house know you would say I'm not fucking to Chick-fil-A guy stop messing with a chick if she calls too many times I feel like it's just kind of body of like men obsess of behavior anything dangerous much more in touch with the reality of what it is yeah yeah and then you know I just I felt like I was I could have woke up at any minute I feel like if somebody were to try something I could have smacked the shit out of them said if you never done this if gnosis and you see in the movies and desire you, and you know I just I didn't know what the extent that would feel like you know I didn't want to be like I know what you're saying

► 01:11:53

mean so I give her if you ever seen like a one of those comedy hypnotist shows no you should go and check one out if you ever see one Yeah Yeahs on guy that does a particular right to see he's known for it well there's a bunch of people over the country to do it okay I mean to suck a dick itches and the other had a guy named Frank Santos who did it there all the time and I thought it was bullshitted first and then from being there all the time I got to see all these shows I realize like woah know you can just hypnotize some people and you get some dudes to come in their own pants they would think they were having sex it would take your having sex on stage and Ariana Grande like humping and he would tell them when they're going to come and they would commonly be embarrassed and they're doing sit down yeah she has strange it's like somebody some people apparently are super susceptible to it

► 01:12:53

but he knew he knew when people were under and when they weren't under that's why I was I'm always confused like you so you you were conscious but you were under way I like it will do things like I want you to say yes and also help you to check and make sure that you're on there or whatever the certain things that you will do like what is under though that's what's confusing to me what is that state I just have like a tween dreaming and awake I'm a I'm definitely like

► 01:13:28

the the under state is more just like a relaxed feeling not like sleep Bryant

► 01:13:35

but it could be it can be you know you can feel like it's sleep because you're breathing slower and that's what sleep is like you know you're relaxed and to us that's what she feels like it's not a relaxed state but your conscious conscious I hear in crystal clear I'm not in deep sleep you know it feels like it but I'm hearing everything clearly I'm understanding him

► 01:14:02

you know so I'm not snoring here it's not like I got you a present but then you just really really chill so it's just basic some weird middle State some shit that happens that motherfuking know how to do wow what's the difference between Section 1 and section 2 in in session 3

► 01:14:29

I can't do the difference between Section 1 and section 2 I can say I can't really differentiate between session 2 and 3 are you allowed to smoke at you're allowed to smoke after one allowed to smoke after tune up done after 2 you don't want to really I think that's what he actually like I think to the difference between the first stage in the second stage is like the first day she doesn't bleed and still anything like when you wake up from this you're not going to be smoking cigarettes anymore like he doesn't say anything like that he's just signing educate you and you going to come back you know what Imma call you out from from 10 all the way up to one you know and count you out because you up but it doesn't say he says like you can smoke this week

► 01:15:07

you know I'm done after this you going to be done this year so like you come out of that first state just kind of like okay but like I said I was hesitant to smoke I really wanted to smoke but

► 01:15:19

what are you saying that something that stuck still in that first you know session that made me like a man is it is kind of gross you know you know

► 01:15:31

literally I mean it would be says everybody does it but I know you know I'm pretty sure a lot of people have a hard time with it you know it's not it's just you really in this is what he says and anybody that I know that's done it to its really just kind of like you have to be ready you know in a weird way you just got to be ready and I think that's what anything in life I'm going to try to make it like this ready for marriage you know even this is dating someone or whether it's a job just got to make that choice and just really want it for yourself to really in really commit you know and not really it cost money to like you spend your pain is mine I mean if it's like it it's an advanced waste of time you know it otherwise you know it and she's the type of person we're even though he's getting paid he's he cares Sprite who is passionate you know he devotes his whole life to this is Sky Kerry Gaynor

► 01:16:25

remember to keep you his contact so you can he has a Twitter page and stuff when he does his whole thing where he's going to get bombed with dick pics right now they're coming in hot bro just let's just say his name it work on my sister Twitter page out there get low get them for about a year and then she said one day she just woke up and it was gone and she just started smoking it

► 01:16:56

got some what is a Twitter going to give it out cuz he's a dope dude man he's the nicest guy I totally as soon as I saw you I was going to have to shank him but you never know you never know you never know you have just like not involved with Clorox top of the squeeze the sweeter the juice

► 01:17:26

Twitter is Kerry Gaynor I share a g a y n o r u know but it's a weird he has a Twitter for for his his checks name for his business name of the dude k e r r y mean it is you get away with it could be that or it could be a dominant wife wishes she had a girl I promised I promise you it's not what's going on a girlfriend high school and her her mom had a boy's name because the dad wanted a boy so he named her a boy's name it was a crazy situation that I've had that for sure is ugly though because you know she didn't get along with her parents like her mom did not get along with her parents

► 01:18:20

and it's like she's always resented that her dad gave her a boy's name that's creepy because it change it yeah but it was it was like a lot of missing things I want to say I don't want to say let's make it Mike that's not it. It's not that bad especially men men with the same name boyfriend for a while it's very weird when you see like how other people grow up and see like a hoe that's where that comes from I got some weird thing about men and then you go okay let me see what's going on your house your mom has a boy's name and this is her boyfriend and he's a mess okay

► 01:19:20

see how you'd be worried about dudes it's not your fault

► 01:19:28

that's the one thing when it when everybody judges people and everybody does love to judge people live the reality is not everybody starts off in the same spot that you know something I would get a shit spot in life and then some people I think a bad spot or an an imperfect spot a lot of times motivates them for sure like that happen with you about it like and that's what a lot of my my my issue came through and I will let you know early on in my career I had this moment we're literally I had like

► 01:20:04

security and a car service everywhere I went I started to feel like Richie fucking Rich it was just the person with me everywhere I go to make sure I don't get in trouble and then like she feeds my bank account as long as I'm good I could just feel really weird you know and anyone Coq Au that's the natural. It was hard for me to like that the way of life was just a different transitional yeah I would imagine that's got to be up that's a big leap to to come from nothing and then become a famous entertainers wealthy is a very treacherous and difficult path to to manage I would imagine I think most people's motivation is to you know and I can't say I didn't fall victim to it was just kind of prove people wrong in a way oh yeah it was an anger that feel me though it was just more like okay I'll show you

► 01:21:04

well it's your own desire to determine self-worth misguided it was always I'm doubted but I know what I'm feeling and in this is what I want on your hand and Eternity tattoo take a bit and I don't know, I see you know not kind of connected with that story early on and then you know I was you know really into to Floyd so much that inspire

► 01:21:41

my sound Pink Floyd in Electric Light Orchestra really ultimately yellow wow that's Charming the soundscapes for my entire career vinyl while I don't collect vinyl. Nobody's at do I have I haven't gotten into that and then I feel like that is a hobby that I mentioned it when I get into a lot of music that I you know would love to on vinyl because it just haven't gotten into that it's supposed to have a different sound quality to it right Music On Vinyl Sign for vinyl covers and in for that presentation to be able to see the artwork and you'll have that so you know and be able to hear it in this in a certain quality you know if you can't play Kid Cudi back in 1960 at least you can kind of get a little taste of it

► 01:22:41

we mix for vinyl we do everything for vinyl ultimately you know we are not doing this shit for for you know iTunes in mp3.com the other rituals Billings right and see ya in a car I'll plan some shit like listen to check this out or if we're here in the studio maybe I'll hook I got this Bluetooth speaker thing that you hook it up to that but I'm also just listen to music when I was a kid my stepfather is friends they would they would put on an album and it was sit down and listen to an album. You know they would experience I like you would get the new one or whatever the hell was I remember they have the new Billy Joel album I was a little kid man those that it was the piano man I remember when it was new told that shit out I was probably like 7 or something

► 01:23:41

and they put it on the record player and everyone just sat around listen to this Billy Joel album that's what people did back when it was two TV channels that's kind of like how I create and lot of people might not it's like when I release a single for example consume entire album and make sense you know cuz I don't really make records for singles to not make imma make an entire album here this is a project to buy pot ads

► 01:24:19

Sylvia gani I think more than that right on in there man that's funny man and mainstream music I think everything is always moment-to-moment single to single who's got who owned what record is not about like sitting down and having an experience you know Ryan and I'm going to always create with that in mind and I think as long as I do that always have an audience cuz there's people in oh my gosh that what that experience that want that feeling to get the homies together and even if we all heard the album a trillion times just to put it on from the beginning and let it play you know it's just dope or nope nobody but he doesn't anymore everybody's kind of like Spotify this here Pandora is skipping around snooping around snooping around and that's because music

► 01:25:19

does IQ know what we do the kids know it's like okay you by Kid Cudi album you probably have your friends come over it's a thing it's like a big deal and I love that there's that type of ritual going on because I thought I do it to I go and I buy my own album when it comes out and kids you know see me in Best Buy arguing like why is a fucking front

► 01:25:45

patriot act that way I just keep the money in your pocket and steal your own album that's what you should do shoplifting or album at Best Buy what's a big story on TMZ that's why you would be front-page guy I'll be an idiot

► 01:26:32

what you know like I really do believe that man I feel it is just like you help you if you want some merch you can you got up you know promote your merch kids got to see you wearing your own stuff it's you got to let him know that hey I'm done with this shit to be covered in is on March the kid squad t-shirts and death squad hat and walk around then we did it become that guy I want a pair of those blue Crocs with white socks that have got a quad cities on them what you ever read wear Crocs outside it's so weird that you said that job last night I had to buy new shoes because I don't have dress shoes you remember up there just to see what's going on with my girlfriend

► 01:27:32

use them other times than just dressing up as she thought I'd warn the whole time that I have an old pair of Crocs sounds like these are what I bought it and she's hilarious do you know but I mean I don't have any problem with wearing them if there were that comfortable it's for the good that's what I keep hearing any of its my walk outside and get them either skate shoes or wear Converse like on All Star that's why we're yeah yeah that's good see I got these leather Chucks on

► 01:28:16

those are nice what are those them in like Chuck Taylors those are all like very much I used to only wear Vans and my girl got me into wearing Jordans and stuff like that they're built I get it now they are the most comfortable shoe in the world finally dead shorten your house you got all these Jordans like stacked up on your place like right here to you son of a bitch the future is that with the Max Nike Max

► 01:29:16

kind of shoes I haven't in a long time when I used to have a deal with Nike I used to have one of those things were like when I was on news radio that give you free shoes and on Fear Factor to they just send me boxes of free Nikes. I don't really do TV anymore be rude if I kept calling them but they had a thing where you can call them and they will give you free stuff but I'd so they would give me a bunch of stuff and I wouldn't wear like white and red like basketball shoes and feel like I cannot sense. Why are these but a lot of white cross trainers and shit feel comfortable sheets and I got into smaller Soul things that I've liked less you feel the ground and more like Chuck's like Chuck Taylors I like that better I can't perform in Jordans and I just sent my Discover recently I just can't move

► 01:30:16

fuck with army boots on the cigar hanging out of your mouth like fucking Sergeant Fury how about Timberland Middle School from me I'm I'm moving around a lot and it's hard for me to move as quick and as Nimble athletic shoes while I'm not like

► 01:30:43

first off I'm not like I don't have them laced up really being worn out his supposed to be worn but then like there's nothing like Converse where it feels like you're literally dancing Barefoot from one end to the other and that's let it out fine like the best sneaker for me on stage Converse of the best for working out to I can be lifted Windstar fuse feel the ground with him this very little padding that makes you think like a Julius Erving like back in the day we used to wear those and actually played basketball games in them that's incredibly like that's what they wore Chuck Taylor play a fucking basketball game with no protection basic down ankles getting broken ankles you know

► 01:31:43

she said he's a fucking physiological initials man I'm there like if you put too much bracing around it wouldn't I would imagine the world know he smokes weed so what we got in touch because you reached out to to me on Twitter I don't know where

► 01:32:16

oh yeah that was cool we was on Twitter talkingshit yeah do some bumps dog

► 01:32:44

I'll tell you what Joe

► 01:32:46

when I get married I'm going to bite you to my wedding may you going to do some bumps know I never done that I've never done Coke I don't understand that to take a chair

► 01:33:01

I want to be gotten bro it's definitely better than wanting to be gotten being gotten is better than wanting to be sponsored by the way and I know you're not everybody wants love this is one of the weirdest things we know somebody just can't ever fucking get it right they can't find somebody they care about like everybody knows this one girl or one dude that just can't get a girlfriend or boyfriend is always like the struggle there always single they can't find anybody worth the fuck that's that shitt I can't find anyone to get almost everybody has enough to find some of the fuck you that's you know it is hard to find somebody you know and then it's just it doesn't it's no different celebrity or do you know it's just hard to meet people and you don't

► 01:34:03

I guess trust and believe you know someone I mean how well do you ever really know someone you know and you know how long does it take to say that you really know someone how do you know what somebody is giving you is really then you know it's true that mean is definitely people that will bullshit you and there's definitely people that have layers to their personality that you didn't imagine especially if you cross them if you develop some sort of a feud with them when you find out that they're willing to just go completely psycho on you and takes it to the next level and start banging on your fucking door in the middle of the night screaming that's totally mentally insane in the course of a relationship but now I feel you man it's it's but I like to keep a stance where it's like fuck that you know I don't I don't need anyone but deep down like everybody wants somebody

► 01:35:03

it's like a companion you're always somebody that's a best friend in the team a and you know we'll always want that but it's not something that I'm like

► 01:35:12

searching for used to like it was for the only way I can get a certain happiness in my life you know the time has come to terms with it and you realize that that's not the way and you know I'm just very hopeful you know that I wanted to somebody but it is tough you know and I made a lot of cool chicks you know I mean a lot of cool tricks and you know it's just for me it's just really stuff about being at the right place at the right time when do you know sometimes you're not in the right place in your own head to I really do but I feel like you know at this time in my life and there's a lot of soul-searching that Scotty's to do admit that you know so when I have to admit shit like that you know flaws and all I have to step out with Scott need to get a shit together

► 01:36:12

Jefferson Starship man they said it back in the sixties don't you want somebody to love don't you need somebody to love wouldn't you love somebody to love ya I got to find somebody to love and it up it's saying I really feel like you know what I actually want to add before I go into this how did you meet your ladylike was it just like when you least expect it like was it at I don't like to get to English in my personal life on podcast cuz I think people fixate on other people's personalized too much okay it gets weird when people start talking to you in public about your personal life and you don't even know them so I just found is no benefit in doing that but I just met her in a normal environment I met her in a bar

► 01:36:56

you can meet people it doesn't it's like where do you go if you go there are people that all you never meet somebody in a borrow you never meets when your bowling alley did you go to a bowling alley yes okay well then you can meet somebody to bowling are people buried it's just finding them and that's what's it's not that easy finding the right combination of you and them and you might be terrible to other people like other people might think like the one thing I want is this crazy Scott motherfuker in my life and everybody want to take that as a sign of rejection or a sign is a sign of you know your own lack of self-worth or something like that but it's not that somewhere out there this someone who enjoys your personality if you if you're honest in your nice like to be honest with yourself you understand your flaws whatever you're trying to do in this life try to do it well you got you know you got a lot of positive energy about you you could probably find

► 01:37:56

somebody got to be worth finding yeah I got to get out the house Joe. The house is that step 1 Step 2 Xbox so it's my face and whenever you want to come over you can either go deep you can get out of house in this other round the sky like her like you know and it's just my babe in this world she's hot as fucking then when you're done Banger you pull a mask off and it's you know what the hell is that it well the thing is you can always power down it's not something you got to deal with all the time and maybe maybe the gate you like a hypnotist aside your head I'm part-time a comedian when I when I want to so this is something a lot of sarcasm

► 01:38:56

Intel yeah cuz I come from a world so literally so it's like I want to make sure that we understand we're digging around here in exactly why I came here today because I don't do any of yous and I don't sit down and talk to you my luck I don't know if you know about the big fan like I said and I know you talked about psychedelics and I saw something you were talking about one time when you talk about how you went into one of those chambers and I believe the video I think about it when I gave it your best but I had another one of my old one I gave it away online so we had this thing well you can buy them online there's a bunch of different companies

► 01:39:56

where you live and then I'll get to tell your best option but the place they want to visit there's a place called the float lab and it's in Venice and the guy runs is my friend crash he's actually been on the podcast before and he's the master when it comes to float tank technology he's a guy that really changed the entire industry because he used to be like kind of home models that would like kind of flimsy and you know they would have all sorts of issues he fixed all the issues changed all the filtration system either much more durable much bigger better insulation like you are incredible like complete Next Level devices that's that's in California so the best places in California what is another place that's in Austin that is probably right up there and that plays fuck I forget the name of it I got it on my at my Instagram feed I need all this information do you live in California okay well if you live in California then there's one place to go that's the float lab here's if you look at the video I hear that Joe is that isolation tank he added his house

► 01:40:56

is Oldham

► 01:40:58

and he brought it back to me about the movie Altered States which is where I found out about isolation tank

► 01:41:08

it's like 11 or 12 years ago

► 01:41:20

an oxygen scrubber just like they have at those oxygen bars what is this little machine right here pulls oxygen pure oxygen out of the air and it pumps it through this tube

► 01:41:32

it all gets pumped into the tank while I'm lying it so I get pure oxygen oxygen which is amazing for your mind anyway makes you feel very refreshed and then on top of that weightless body list experience where is what the fuck are you under water now you float so you just said so much salt in the water that when you lying it you just float so you like half your body is above the water like this much and everything behind it is under water so itchy ears are under water so you can either wear earplugs if you want I don't usually wear earplugs I just get in but some people like earplugs you just rinse your ears out you float and you're in total silence what's the exchange of Darkness

► 01:42:32

is description of he said it feels like you're in space you're flying because you're weightless and as you lying there like floating that's that never happens in life we don't feel like there's anything holding you down if you feel like you're flying to space and because the fact that you're in this tank with no light coming in and no sound you have no like your brain is have any work to do don't have to worry about your balance just have to worry about moving you around or dealing with your environment in any way nothing's coming in so this tank was created by this guy who is Communications with dolphins this is really crazy guy called John Lilly and he did all these like really important studies with dolphins like trying to teach Dolphins human words trying to communicate, but he did a lot of it while I was on acid is trying to develop a bunch of ways to get outside of the influence of the body like he was being very scientific about it and his ideas

► 01:43:32

you sound like a SCUBA tank it was like like you had a helmet on like one of those twenty-five Thousand Leagues Under the Sea type helmets and used to have it where it was like hooked up where he was on a harness and you would be sort of just dumped in the water So eventually you forget about the helmet you forget about your body you just chill out and relax and the water was the same temperature as your skin so becomes indistinguishable after a while once he's got a dialed in just right you don't want it to hot cuz it gets wet you don't want to do it or you're cold in there and start shivering you guys are Goldilocks 93 1/2 degrees it's like 93 to have some people's 94 so why you should do it man it's it's it's amazing, but if you want to get one for your house to sell those it should be in every University it's something that should be in just a lot of pee

► 01:44:32

if they have the money or they have the time or the group of people get together and invest in it it's so beneficial and it's something that's just not thought of his being an important like tool in your life but the ability to tune the whole world out and just float it's awesome to water

► 01:44:56

so is you lying there and you to stand up when you're done and you just get out it's nothing means you can't you can't drown the waters 11 in and it's only six feet wide just you touch the sides of your hands in a center yourself in the middle and relax and when you do it you get more more comfortable every time you do it the first time you do to be a little weird like everybody's describe that pretty much says what I always liked the first couple times it's just like about getting to relax figured out how to relax is giant whenever there's any issues that I'm dealing with any any problems and a half maybe creatively even you know I like to go in there I'll go in there with jiu-jitsu problems I'll go in there with electronic vandalize someone's movement if there's a guy who I keep catching me with a particular submission I would I would go in the tank and I will try to work out like the defense for the submission in the tank

► 01:45:56

because it makes your brain like supercharged that because we don't like when I'm sitting here I got a super uncomfortable chair this is this thing called the saddle chair a Sally's swing something chair it's super uncomfortable but it's really good for your back. Makes you sit and makes you sit like an arrow but it's it's stupid uncomfortable man what was my point now you're saying that like I completely lost my point picked up the set up the show the fucking chair before that

► 01:46:29

none of you guys know I was listening to read people in this room that's a sure sign of your conversations to sign whatever I was saying was very ineffective no one remembers it at all I was following him but it's uncomfortable it's like pinching my dick you got to squeeze your legs together to sit up and when you're sitting in it you're you're constantly kind of working out your legs are pinching your legs together it's all here sit up as if you take the key to it is it's uncomfortable and when you do sit like that it activates your cord it's actually good for your back and it makes my back feel great it's amazing what are podcasts my back doesn't fuck with me at all or is if I sit in a regular chair act like 3 hours I feel like tight you know I feel like this doesn't do that at all

► 01:47:29

when you are dealing with like this keyboard in front of your eyes clock is she has different things you're taking in your entire environment you feeling the other gravity of your body between the chairs all these things your brain is calculating and if there was some people next to their screaming and yelling will be really hard to pay attention what you're saying but sometimes we do these podcast in the unloading trucks will hear the trucks in the background and we hear the hydraulics in the engines and it's distracting it makes you wish that it would go away cuz I need to be able to formulate your thoughts without any resistance with less resistance when you're in that tank that is that. That's that state at its best because there's nothing coming in there's nothing coming in it's just your mind does nothing come in and when you get to that place where there's nothing coming in it's beautiful

► 01:48:20

you just you get a real chance to let go over shit creative stuff or personal stuff or you no problems like to play a game if you have anything that you do when you constantly working out like some guys play golf or some guys you can get in that tank and just think about all the various things various aspects of anything you trying to concentrate on and it offers you this window of concentration this is unavailable any other way I mean I definitely need to try it cuz I've heard a lot about it but I did never really knew what it was and I didn't really know how you would go about doing it you know and that's what any they like right now there's less of them in the should be there should be all over the place and people are starting to open I think tanks and there's a bunch of a letter is a couple of them in California but only a couple but I know that I know that the guys are run on the map thinking about starting one and I know that trash is opening up a bigger one

► 01:49:20

Westwood it's just very under as far as I came out Adam and it's very underutilized that demand is under tapped into a lot of people would like it and Burbank one still there at yep soothing Solutions which is in Burbank which is where I first went in like 2002 and I got hooked immediately like I couldn't I couldn't imagine that this is something that so few people were talking about then you got to try it talk about extensively in detail and it wasn't talking about you if you don't if you haven't tried it you don't know I'm telling you for your own good

► 01:50:20

you spend a lot of money, who is he nice what is this one year was about five grand a little more Bob and they have these fucking stupid conversation but if one of them said hey man I'm thinking about getting isolation tank which is it like you get one for less than that I think I think it's company called Zen float they make one that's like really inexpensive I think like Seventeen hundred bucks like the least the least expensive one it's not the same as I crash is not even close its flimsy but it'll work its I don't know I don't know how it works better than nothing. You're sure that's great

► 01:51:20

can be doing that why you doing a podcast sweet but you never get to talk and we'll be doing no talking interactive can trust them. When that movie came out and they were going to the mall when the zombies were wandering through the mall to people don't know all these people today that is so spoiled that about a billion fucking zombie movies back then with Dawn of the Dead was around when that first movie that movie first came out that was a game-changer that I people shit their pants and I think that's Greg nicotero lose just like you no special effects Legend you know you did a lot of the earlier special effects in these movies you know and this is he Walking Dead and see like this how to use real practical

► 01:52:20

Jackson song chords so real-looking Walking Dead is uniformity of their slasher sounds are all the same you know I'm saying it's like there's been a lot of variety in the sounds they make when they cut open their heads mad agrusa it's always like it's always the same like the cat sound every time somebody throw something out the window it's always the exact same like it's always a little realism like sometimes it doesn't make the best sound sometimes you just graze them that doesn't have that the same every time it's quidditch it's like it's got a bat the bat specialist you know you just know but I've seen a lot of zombie movies

► 01:53:20

I know it's done correctly it makes a different sound like the best was 28 Days Later in my opinion that's the best zombie movie of all time fun it was really fun it was great 28 Weeks Later it was great to difference in the dough zombies were scariest fuck they ran at you and they could bite you and if it got in you you would instantly turn you know that there was some wild scenes that scene spoiler alert with that chick chops her boyfriend up with the machete she he got bit and she was let me see your arm and she looks like she just starts with an atom with a machete that is dark and my eyes are moving

► 01:54:20

do something to like you know art and I look at that as an art form those got to do is just as sick it takes a certain level of expertise and taste and you know anybody can do a horror movie with no CGI I mean Bravo and industry it's not easy you know it's really hard these guys like Pat McGee I know I'm in the right place the Rick Baker werewolf from American Werewolf in London on the beautiful things about that movie creation and they had to show it to you these little flashes they couldn't just show you so much of it like they do today like now yeah the monsters look way better for sure there but the showing you too much so and showing you too much

► 01:55:20

it's actually that actually look shittier like there's a lot of monster movies were like one of the weird things about monsters like a real monster movie is you see them so briefly before they kill you and I was like oh Jesus and then you're dead I can make sure to represent that in American Werewolf in London that you saw that thing for like a frame to a frames it should you wash it in your pants the guy was run to the subway and is a brief like couple frames with the werewolves at the bottom of the escalator and it's it's down there and he's he's traveling up a seized where will start to make its way up the escalator shit is a couple seconds is gone and it's like God damn it's so much better than showing people like a CGI like those movies that are kind of fun underworld was kind of Underworld movies werewolf hour of screen time does a werewolf you get used to sing in it it's not a marionette

► 01:56:17

you know if you can tease the audience and build up that anticipation is like you know because you can you know do the CGI and make the you know the monster look more present in the missing you know it's kind of like people are thinking about to give it to him and doses it was though I wasn't mad at it it was fun to watch Dude kept surviving bum me out a little bit I was just like this motherfucker as a worst lucky at the best luck ever he keeps getting this cat situation to keep getting out with a Band-Aid Misty said no he's like we going to get my family and get Godzilla oh my God it's worth seeing just for the end scene just for the fight theme

► 01:57:17

Godzilla and other Monster yeah That's fake is a hero Godzilla's gyro King Kong does it hear movies but you can't you can't they're not scary movies like that's one of the main problems with like special effects and a movie like King Kong look like it always had to be special effects from the 1930 movie that you had to see him all the time like the original alien I mean that's the only saw it was kind of like that one alien

► 01:58:17

but it was different than the first one because the first one you barely saw that fucking thing barely saw it it was always sneaking by the time they thought it would be there everywhere and did you shoot him and tell him I could kill him so much easier the first one it was like this super intelligent thing that was sneaking up on you it was like some Super Genius alien and the second one is like this trailer park aliens and there was a million of them and they're all idiots they're all idiots like the first alien was really it was so clever and sneaky it'll go a new where people were going and Ambush them and hide and then the second movie they were all dumb they were just jacking up until four or five of them with Rock in it he's a nice guy talk show type things back when he was doing that show

► 01:59:17

he was cool as fuck very friendly but he was a badass now believes only person I ever seen that whole franchise go toe-to-toe that's right to was she in the fourth one to kill the baby fighting them that's right so fucking G yeah

► 02:00:05

he is probably like in a horror movie where I don't even call it a horror movie I was looking more like a Sci-Fi when was a horror movie was more like action and sci-fi but that was the only time I've ever seen in that franchise if you dare call it a hard where if you know you know the black character goes out in such a way where it's like you know when I'll swing it liked it some shit like that come on like you just get like you just saw your parents if a puppy talk shit to you you like that's what it's like you know that's the aliens aliens versus predators like what the fuck did you do it's a slow degradation from aqua

► 02:01:05

the greatest horror movies of all time I Really Scott Masterpiece to like this Preposterous just action fun film I remember every year how many aliens versus predator if I had three or four alien versus predators remember there was one the only to get the fuck out of here I'm not buying that is awesome Transformers how many Transformers movies were there 3 coming out or something

► 02:02:05

crazy but he knows how to fucking sell the shit out some robust there's the original one the new ones actually there's three Mi with Mark Wahlberg how many aliens are in the Predators is it just too

► 02:02:24

I would assume there was more I mean that was the one that was for that was a trucker's DNA DNA the Clone der I was weird was happening and then there was the one I think so oh yeah Prometheus could have been I don't know it's hard like we said I'd like the idea of putting together a movie to see idea of all those people together I enjoyed Prometheus me wasn't the perfect sci-fi movie it wasn't into the new virgin Planet by taking some horrible poison the brakes and Downey dies falls into the water and then slowly but surely a natural course of evolution grows out of his DNA and I

► 02:03:24

all people are created that's fascinating to me so I think about this for a long time before he created this I don't know who it who wrote the screenplay but I would imagine all of them have been thinking about this for a long time ago if you were going to like the right way to introduce life into another planet would be like just get a planet doesn't have any life and you just inject some something you know someday and if you if it's a body especially that breaks down that body is also got all sorts of bacteria and weird shit on it and that's going to come out when it dies in the bacteria start eating its flashing will it be able to transmit and then you could go to plants or other plant matter that's on this planet does is there some primitive life that I can claim to and and more with some sort of a virus like like diseases change people you know what diseases can probably change all sorts of other things viruses and bacteria slowly mute

► 02:04:24

eating more out of this one body that comes I mean, how far can a body go for body rotted if there was a planet and that the displaying it had no biological life and you brought a body and you just threw it there but all I has plant life is it possible that could somehow or another have enough fuel from eating that body and figuring out how to subside plants that they would figure out some sort of a way to to to become a viable life form on a planet is that outside the realm of possibility that Stoner talk

► 02:04:58

is it I mean I mean I don't know I mean how sick is too I don't think it's too crazy and then some other dude landed on that same planet and then got sick from this bacteria that was created by the body that was left behind for that he takes it back to his plan everybody gets fucked up and they all died and then the planet where the bacteria was that bacteria has figured out how to form a civilization in as Wi-Fi and if spread out and become people

► 02:05:29

yeah if you get too high you could take some really stupid shit I need to talk about on a podcast like I just did

► 02:05:38

about that subject of aliens but the idea of aliens creating people like iMovie like Prometheus cuz I mean like it's entertaining the kind of could play with that idea you know for a minute it's going to come visit to everybody loves aliens if you was on an island somewhere and you're by yourself just out there just you sitting around maybe get a dog to sit on a Scion you have plenty of food but you're bored as fuk just looking at waiting for someone to come someone anyone's let me see a light someone I think that's kind of what's going on with us it's like yeah we have each other but the reality is we're on some weird round boat that's just bobbing around the universe we want someone to come visit us

► 02:06:38

and figuring out how to way to accept

► 02:06:55

accept people for things you've done wrong to like your plastic is love man in the world and you know just something that people need to do internally you know it's a super valuable everything you're not hopeful determines your success and a lot of your endeavors in life your attitude like your proceed take to a live Twitter not me up man I had to do Sam Harris on the podcast and he was talking about determinism

► 02:07:39

and it's the idea that no one has Free Will and it basically everything about your personality formed by your interactions with your life experiences your DNA genetics your your neighborhood he grew up in and if that's just no matter what you do an inescapable and that there is no free will like every decision you make is based on all the shit that's happened in determined by your past experiences and you're the chemical interactions with those past experiences and that you're on a path and if that path is like almost undeniable it's a weird semantic argument to its what's going on when you decide to not do Coke anymore what's going on when you decide you know what that's it I'm not smoke anymore because part of me wants to say hey Scott did some powerful shit he stepped up and he uses willpower and uses intelligence to realize it wasn't a bad path and that's a an admirable thing to talk about

► 02:08:39

because it inspires people who might be on a bad path themselves to kind of liking catch your your momentum and a dog and give them confidence and gives them confidence hearing you today with your shit together all cool as fuck and think about you being you know this guy who's doing coke all the time and didn't like it that's got to be something there that made you do that I mean this idea of pure determinism is really fascinating and I get it I totally get it I just I wonder how much of a personal choice is just what it what is the force that makes a person decide to do the right thing

► 02:09:20

I think it goes back to you know what we were talking about before we know if you kind of start from one place where you know you got to make your own way it just kind of makes it a little bit you know

► 02:09:33

if you save a little bit more and it means more when you get it you know crying really working in the end it's cheap something you know but my whole thing is when I was a kid

► 02:09:44

I was immediately looked at as someone who wasn't going to amount to shit so like you know

► 02:09:54

you know it's just like to talk about Started From The Bottom that's the bottom of my photos look at you as a human being and he's not going to amount to anything certain people in the neighborhood may think of you you know cuz of whatever whatever reason whatever you know I'm saying just you just being in a certain environment you know so you already have kissed you and then you you don't want to confirm you don't want to be a statistic you know and that's kind of like with my thing was you know I just didn't want to be another Nicki out here lost and shit and you know I'm saying I get out and that was that was what I have I made that choice at that time you know and then I knew that me making that choice help other people see that they can make the choice cuz I was also inspired by you know some people that were in my space that weren't falling into that was you it might have been like one of my homies that was like

► 02:10:54

you know in the sports and likes you know got good grades and play sports and wasn't caught up in some shit don't like mayonnaise do got some goals here you know I might not be in the sports but this dude right here has some type of goal cuz she don't want to turn up like this cuz we got that option to knossos like it's just a lot of things I was able to looks like then I was the youngest of four so you know I was able to just kind of be young and look at my older siblings and kind of like what not to do and that's kind of why I use that hole like I'm your big brother phrase in my music because I feel like you know even with the mistakes I've made that sits with a big brother supposed to do like I'm supposed to to make some mistakes so you can learn you know and then those kids will learn and they'll make their own mistakes and they'll be a bunch of other kids that learn you know it's like a system you know and I kind of like you know I like that I'm that person you know I like to take that that whole big brother thing to that do you know to the full extent into them

► 02:11:54

but I really believe that I had the odds against me in such a way and I also just felt like everybody thought I was a loser from day one that was tired of feeling like I was tired of people looking at me in that way and I wanted to finally find whatever it was that was my own my calling to prove that you know cuz I tried everything else in some ways like coming from a troubled background is like almost a gift because it gives you that burning fire what do you think it's like a double-edged sword because it gives you that gift but it also gives you like this whole and sometimes it is difficult to keep filled but it's hard to say you got the same up you know DNA and teachings that my mom gave me cuz they just have really good parents said they came for money like it don't really matter

► 02:12:54

sneakersteal be all these things if you want to get caught up with in the end in the suburbs are shown on know anywhere else so like it's hard to say you know I just had

► 02:13:05

in this entire thing I was talking to somebody about you know cuz some I was raised when I think of strength I think of a woman I was raised by my mom and that is something that I used to someone I always will look up to how she just sacrifice everything and took care of us you don't want to teach your salary and that for me is like I got that role model like somebody run like could have just been like damn I got four kids I need to be chasing a man and trying to find some man to come take care of us it was more like you know I got married it didn't work out now I just need to figure it out for my kids you know like I just have that you known and I just kind of always looked up to my mom in that way and in you know I wanted I didn't I didn't want to be a failure to her I wanted to you know show her that I could be great and be as strong as she was and you know that's beautiful man

► 02:14:05

that's a cool store and I love that I just feel like there's a certain amount of energy that people get from wanting to prove other folks wrong for sure and it can it can help you in some ways you can certainly help you but I think sometimes even like what you talkin about the benefits you had a cocaine-like there benefits to it it's like you could say things and do things he ordinarily wouldn't be able to do well this doesn't the motivation of the black proving people wrong you know I'll show you not view you said I wasn't me shit I'll show you like you get to a certain point I'm trying to play against you to write yes it could backfire because then it becomes it for me

► 02:14:47

it becomes I'm going to end that I definitely did my last not that I'm I did not before last with that than angry I'll show you the energy you know and I was able to make some really great records but it was the most aggressive music I ever made run and some of them was the most aggressive and all I was not even in a mean way but just like you know just the music itself you know what I set out to do you know that all benefited you know but I didn't it wasn't the normal way I went out about making an album so it was weird you know in the end it was something that I took a step back with afterwards and then drop II alveolar I just was not so I don't really feel like I'm not going in all up against the masses like I really have something to prove here this is more just like about like just being at some type of peace

► 02:15:47

you know and just haven't things sorted out once on a man this is all done and just kind of decided now it's just like right right now and that's why I did indicud another satellite flight you know cuz I feel like in the cab with me just figuring out how to produce you know and make records and then satellite fight with me having it mastered and finally putting together something that was just like fine tune but to it in a different structure where I have like some instrumentals and then you know you know the kind of like interludes and then you know breakfast at which is completely you know formatted in different ways maybe not the reverse to put formula on maybe just one long purse and one valtro and you know maybe not forget off maybe no drums for the first minute and 30 seconds but there's like wraps you know just experimenting and try new things you know now that I have the expertise with creating a record did you ever listen to The Brand New Heavies

► 02:16:44

I know some records hear the Brand New Heavies did this wrap a thing where they're Gods was trying to remember the name of it there's a but it was along those lines like very experimental on this is like back in like the early 90s there they did like Kool G Rap did one of them and it did it like to like someone like actual music behind it like it was pretty interesting stuff but I remember that and I remember thinking like man like why don't more people do like weird shit with music like how many people are thinking the way you're thinking like saying like okay how about we just do no drums for like the first minute and a half and then just start rapping and then the drums kick it like these kind of things where you just like coming up with like just a different approach slightly different entry I think people are just a little scared that they'll lose to the audience's attention which is the very real feared so I get it

► 02:17:44

family sat like you know is into what I'm doing no matter what you know and that's that's just help you know but the average artist know they can't just experiment in this out here where they might not sell records and then that's bad for business in this is a business you know so you know it's it's understood why most guys don't really do it you know I would like to see people do it after like this that's not an excuse so I feel like there's a way where people can be a little bit more creative and push the envelope a lot more with the music I wear if it's in a in a in a way that makes sense and it's true today are there are in their formula I feel like that yeah there's always a way to try something new and be Innovative him and bring something different to the table if anybody wants to check out that That Brand New Heavies that I was talking about it's called heavy rhyme experience and it was the Brand New Heavies was 92 way back in the day when I was like I was living in New York

► 02:18:45

and my friend god dammit charter members name stand up comedian told me about him because you got to listen to this shit these guys are doing some weird stuff they did do all with Kool G Rap they did at one of them with a Gang Starr who's pretty badass that a bunch of different collaboration so like jazz singers would like rap like serious like best of the class back then hardcore rappers rapping over there the right or the music is pretty cool. Yeah but your your point about having the fan base that allows you to fuck around and practicing and take chances that is a huge isn't it like they like you as a person as well as like your music so then they want you to want to see where you go with the girls going to do your best dim sum up your place to know I'm not like

► 02:19:38

play mommy is a top 10 Single Row Records please somebody at the label then it gets frustrating and I start to think about this and that and this and gets frustrating if I keep it just based on like amen this sounds gnarly and let's make sure we not to be in this mixture is not to dis and not too. But effortless combination of everything all at once you know and that's really what these past couple years for me have been like just mastering that technique is a producer and

► 02:20:21

you know really really just going all-out creatively into sub trying new things because I also internally don't feel like I have anything else to prove as a musician but

► 02:20:36

I I have that itch you know like I need to create I feel like that's like working out for me it's like rats and staying mentally fit creatively fit in a while someone it comes time to do an album I've got some new powers I've acquired year just like you know if I'm just digging around in the studio for a couple months it's going everyday making beats what I'm in the studio for five hours or two hours I'm making something I'm making at least like on average I make about

► 02:21:09

Megan the studio I'm making at least 2 to 4 beats a day and when I say beats I'm talking about completed sequence instrumentals that I can make records on so like not this some shit I started a little bit and it's kind of cool and I'll get back to you later I have probably like a baker's dozen of those in one session but I don't have like four that are officially like all these I'm going to send live with these and see what comes up so you sit down to write music do you do sit down and do you have an idea in your head or just let let it come to you while you're there like how do you know how to stop

► 02:21:48

it comes different every time and it doesn't know it depends it could be a baseline that I'm thinking of that inspires me or it could be me not have anything in my mind and just going through the sounds like you know a rhythm I heard or you know anything you could be a movie I'm watching I'd like to you know produced while I'm watching movies with the sound off in that kind of helps me with scoring you know when I get in the scoring and I'm doing the ask my next step meal I want to get more into scoring movies and sound design but it's all for me it's all just experimentation and in just seeing what happens in the end you know but it's not any pressure when you hear a beat or going to be in creating it did you hear and lyrics are you hearing are you thinking about yeah yeah I'm here I mean

► 02:22:44

shoes you get when I when I'm hearing something I hear it completed right so when I'm starting to record and I feel like I got some of my ID song I'd like I feel like in this back to where you were talking about cuz you know I feel like you know time doesn't really exist so

► 02:23:01

an hour from now is happening right now right so your songs that are created that I haven't made yet so when I'm in the studio I feel like I have this small like peek into this other world in this window that I can hear the song but it's my job in the present to find the pieces to make its own and sometimes it might come out exactly like what I'm hearing and sometimes in my night but it's never never really spot on your not just hear glimmers of what the song completed sounds like until it's completed and then it's just everything is perfect but that's how I can sit there is a mod completed version you know it's like a coloring book every record starts off in 1 wages blank and I'm just filling in all the colors in this one color still missing you know that's what's happening in the final in the ninth inning in the album and it's still some colors that just not in there yet and I'm going through sounds

► 02:24:01

and like that's literally where it's at where you have to make the executive decision like I'm done with this I'll be sitting in for another two weeks trying to sit with this mix cuz I'm really ain't all about it and if I don't just back away and let it be you know we'll never hear you use that's a fascinating insight into the creation of music so I don't know I don't know anybody that does that like well where they could tell me about the entire process from the beginning to end so it's interesting to get a window into that world cuz I always wondered and also was wondering like I Know Jay-Z never writes his lyrics down and keeps them all in his head do you do that or do you actually write them down somewhere and sometimes I'm sometimes I mean a lot of my hooks are in my head but I need to write

► 02:24:44

you know certain things down to just kind of make sure I'm making sense I used to do a lot of my early acceptance off the dawn just freestyling shit you know and and sometimes that works good with Melodies I do that a lot of flowers and try different things like that and Melodies but it's really just a combination is never the site you know

► 02:25:06

always liked writing off of don't like some ballots alright completely off the Dome you know I don't need to put a paper for about it but like at the site turn off the Dome is a joke that I have it's not written down anywhere it's going to be offered um that was kind of like you know gets people to understand that this is some you know the spontaneousness I bet you know is that sound attorney rappers use all the time or is that your turn off the Dome is that yours off the Dome it's a very popular phrase amongst the youngest if it all came out of kids I'll take it all starts then whatever which whichever comes you just show up you shopping you put in the work you should put in the work reading to be to put in the work come on coming up with lyrics whatever way comes out what it comes up all in your head when it comes up writing it down on paper in the sessions

► 02:26:06

me and my engineer in in in the cage Lee I have like my brother from another mother. The genius coming through who you know was in a band that I've came up with a couple years ago letting you know we kind of just put together because he wanted to try something outside of the world we were already making music in you know the sessions are really small it's not like I got 20 dudes in there right beside sessions really like you know I like a mad scientist like you know I'm inventing you don't distract him I find that when you have your friends in the studio you got you know a couple guys on Worldstar couple guys on Twitter a couple guys on here

► 02:27:08

miseno's 2 hours ago on by you still working on this record you had some last but when you came to the studio for is not done yet right now in this money being spent this time time is of the essence this is what we hustled at work hard for you know and I have to I have to remind myself cuz I meant this is turn into a fucking party like we're here for work so I also have this like really gnarly work at the black cuz I've been working since I was 15 at my first job was Wendy's on I member why I wanted to work it was cuz I wanted my own shit I was tired of asking my mom for stuff and also didn't think it was fair to ask my mom for stuff cuz I know we don't have much so you know I just had that work for me is always like one of those things that's hurting get some jobs seriously like American Apparel and kind of told me and then and when he said he'd

► 02:28:08

but you also yeah I figured you know how I can go to the studio tonight work in like on Minecraft and then maybe find a better-paying job had me in the fucking basement of some building you know sweating my ass off for clothes everybody says you should always do your best at every job you do a champion in life is a champion everything they do so if you're going to mop floors do your best in my mouth the fuck out of those floors that's great on paper but the reality is when you're young man it's sometimes good the fuck off at something so you know you don't ever want to do that again they fire you and then you learn and there's some there's some value in that it's unfortunate but we don't all learn the best way if it does we got to get fired from the American Apparel City landscaper

► 02:29:08

I'm doing the best of my life and it said there's a completely different thing when you're creating your own stuff we working for yourself then it's like a focus like an obsession almost type Focus like a laser beam I love that turn the lab to that's one of my favorite terms of the rap the rap World they love talking about being the lab creative material it's kind of like in every sense of the word I never said that that that that that termite yes or no live it's like where I'm working this morning and almost don't like playing around in the studio like that it is a place of work it is an office you know if you're trying to write things there too as well we turn right lyrics and dudes are all jumping around now and 5

► 02:30:08

almond I have an idea yet even if I might just a little bit I never been to any sort of a recording studio or anybody was doing anything like serious like that but I would imagine it's very difficult to avoid the party it's like hey we're in studio and guys come to visit you come on by come to visit now it's IMEI was been doing that's like the ones and having those moments with my system and now it's alright thirty-year-old Scott goes to Studio by themselves got his book bag he's in there for maybe five six hours and then he goes home that's smart you know I don't like an industry in bed by eleven 11:30

► 02:31:08

I'm just like over there. Music video recording studio it's always a giant table there's like all those little switches and nobody understands maybe you had me some everybody is partying everybody's in the background having a good time but I could also be when the album's done this celebrating cuz that's what happens when I'm done with my finish maybe eight songs and I feel like I've got the album by can I just do baby a couple more jams you start inviting people to come here with you got a year-and-a-half of just Studio by myself before that happens you know like I don't really in baby at a friend's you know maybe some one of my director friends or my fellow actors so I just kind of want or who have never really got a chance again in the D in the studio come by and just see get the experience but they're not in there distracting me there just watch him paying attention and want to just be a fly on the wall and see how it works

► 02:32:08

well a lot of people really curious about it cuz it says it's almost a third of a mysterious type of creativity if people aren't involved in especially the cranny of music is such a cultural

► 02:32:20

such a cultural influence it so it's a powerful influence like a music has it inspires people like it when you listen to music at the gym if it can make you work out better like you put your headphones on and you play some awesome songs you don't give a fuck that you're on some stupid stair machine like a hand on her you just keep going drowning out everything else sometimes you don't realize how heavy your breathing until you know you take the ear plugs out of the holy shit I fundit in working here because nothing else like that I can do people's words they don't sustain that way you can't like read incredibly passionate essay and it sustains you through workout like that it needs to be something that like it's nothing like music in that respect it has it has an impacted very few things do so that that process of creating is always fascinating mysterious to people like me that.

► 02:33:20

have any musical Talent at all because I'm just

► 02:33:30

I do feel like I'm just everytime I'm in the studio II me just so you know trying to create the uncreated in this is a very private thing sometimes you know I want to I want to be able to do you know I have my privacy when I do that right yeah I know I totally do you do all your writing and everything at the studio or do you sometimes sit at home is whenever I'm right I'll be in the shower I'll be in the shower and thinking of some shit you know note app on the phone on your phone where you talk into it I mean the note app you know you can talk to it and it always recognition is less about that now and it's more about like

► 02:34:22

like just Melodies and coming up with songs and structure you want to hear the sound and then the lyrics come next because of music is just going to tell me what to say when can wild that's so cool now how much of your creation is done under the influence of marijuana man I don't smoke to create I've come up with a lot of shit sober sometimes when I'm waking up in the morning but sometimes the most I did sometimes everyday yeah it's like I'm fresh in the morning with something do you know if I come up with disabilities here in there and then I record them all if somebody catch me cuz if I don't report immediately to not lose them

► 02:35:22

but it is it's very I'm always I'm always thinking about music as much as I like I like to deny it and you know go see the movie and shit and you know I always think mommy's got upset with the idea of just making you know

► 02:35:39

the most beautiful songs that like you know really make people feel some type of comforter or some type of understanding cuz the world is so fucked and you know I just really am obsessed with that idea I think I'm always going to be and now I'm just trying different different ways of doing that you know we did the rap shed we did The Rock album now I'm just trying to be just like weird instrumentalist you know and I don't really know when that's going to be but I'm just really I guess in the process learn how to produce better to which is something that you know I've been trying to do I always want to be better so it's good to think I'll be learning and getting better as I'm creating you also get locked into

► 02:36:26

I like designer sometimes I can and I would look at myself as like a fashion designer but you know if an opportunity comes around I'll do a collab or two yeah like I'm done by 5 t-shirt collaborations with bathing ape I used to work there I was my last job before I got famous him so like you know

► 02:36:50

Roots back in New York and in that Devil's pretty much one of those the only job I really kept in touch with Indian that I went back to you and then you know did some things for the fans for me I'm starting to ride a little bit more to stay in Creative TV show TV shows horror movies ideas I've had my head for a while to start writing them down and you know just everything right now is it's me just expressing whatever comes to mind you know anything that creatively strikes me to be able to just come up with things all the time let's work on creating your your entire day spent mostly just come to increase and I'm not doing anything with those things are but it's it's just me letting you know I might have some TV show tomorrow or after there anything or it's just for me

► 02:37:48

it just is stimulating you know an inch it knowing me I fuck around of my right thing that shit you know like leave me to subduing yeah and probably also helps your creativity in the other areas as well right on top of that was the king of being like a good idea but not that's not for me or no I couldn't do that music is my thing though I can do that so now I'm like past that now there's nothing if it pops into my mind and I can fucking do it cuz I thought about it for a reason so now it's just about finding time for certain projects and I'm not no rush in your eyes I think I've done enough strong arm and then let me get you know my space is an artist where I can kind of do whatever I want now at this point I'm always feeling like I'm vulnerable to make some bullshit

► 02:38:48

not like I don't I don't think a lot of artists very capable of making some we are making sure this not weak shit and scrapping the ones that are + and in working on the ones that started off week but you know making sure that they were where they needed to be before you heard it like you got to know when to abandon them in some shity mediately a certain feelings you get you know when some shit it's the right one when it's not just jokes like that yeah and if you can't songs and some it's much more emotional to let go some shit that you like to see might be on the right track to being something gnarly like she was in the Shelf maybe I go back every year I go back and listen to the shit that I made to you before you categorize them do you do make notes or do you need us number you just so you go back and go okay this is from 2013 that we just listen to what I

► 02:39:48

Maya my engineer out of town pull up everything will just listen to things one by one. With fresh ears I find also to just give you your brain a break because for me I'm sitting in the studio for hours listening to the same old shit like the same old beat me at you working on you know so it's kind of like you need to back off of 2nd and I got like two you know work on a record

► 02:40:21

bouncing whatever you know down some means, compressing all those sound someone track to make the MP3 you guys get on your iPod is a Bounce Town filed of all of all the files so I bounced down everything everywhere the ones that I feel like we're close to being finished a reasonable enough for me to listen to write to and I won't listen to him that night I wake up the next day and while making breakfast on my listen to Annette with fresh ears and I'll have time to say hello before I'm just saying hi this is it sucks I don't know all this to throw you out cuz I've been an hour I've been stood up for hours because I'm not myself and I don't have nobody to tell me nothing to solve shit but I'll bounce it down and I'll just do it tomorrow and see how I feel and almost every time I do that if I bounce it down it's like a lot of this shit could be for someone else and not for me

► 02:41:21

it's if it's a thing about music to it seems like when it when there's a song that I really like antique jonra it's like I really like it I like it at first then I start really like it when I keep hearing it I hear a bunch of here at like the fourth or fifth time that's all really get into it and then it's interesting how music does that like there's their songs that you need to hear a bunch of times that's why people don't like new shitt I got the Rolling Stones go on tour I'd be better play those fucking Classics nobody wants to hear some weird shit you been writing Keith and I don't you go out and do Coachella and it's like all right I got fucking Coachella to do this come with the hits let's give him thus giving the joints and want to hear you know I'm not going to go out in the Coachella and be like all right guy so I know you guys know these songs as they are produced on the album but we're doing them all

► 02:42:21

I promise you you have me tonight when the state for at least an hour nap a new show like if it's totally new things you do are smaller clubs you fuck around with like Rock Club like if you're going to work like the first time you going to do live perform any of you new stuff because the tour is like for me it's the fan club could go up there and and and fumble is many times I want all night in my fan to decide it's all good at this the clubhouse right right all right you supposed to park at me will you go and it's like the the the the the club used to do stand-up at before he blew up because he knows those as people that he could be with himself there a new jokes right you know that's the same deal like that's how I approach tour

► 02:43:21

you know I don't press in a ticket the time you get depressed a ticket in their writing talkingshit you want to talk to you about my show you got to pay for it I feel like they make you work hard to get in there to talk shit because it is a fucking membership it's like the only people on one of my concert of people that really give a shit about what we're doing is artist you know and end in Uno

► 02:43:59

understand me a human being and also it's cuz he's bringing the song to life and I'm there it's like a play run run run like I'm out there for tonight and then I'm taking you to a place it's kind of like leave your worries behind what's going on in the average took you see your favorite artist come out at best performing hits their almost there but you can't touch him but it's just don't the two know that you're in the same building with him in the ass end of it and that's just what you take this time and it was when we were in the nosebleeds but it was really nice meeting you know there tonight but that my favorite rapper or whatever this shit with me

► 02:44:48

it's more therapy I'm confessing some things to do song you see me you know confess these things you can see the emotion as I'm performing you know and then his kids out there that are connected with it in such a man already connected just do but he's performing in such a way where he means it even more he's singing it in a way where he means it even more in this environment you know it's like it's a different experience and I love giving people that experience you know I love connecting with them for the Wayward you know everybody at that concert is paying attention and in there they are because they they they want to experience something

► 02:45:27

you reached out to me about people asking questions about psychedelics know what you feel them questions about psychedelic yeah where was the what was the motivation behind that a young man hit me up and he was simply asked me you know how much you should take of shrooms and I I don't know how was this are the song okay I gave him a sponson

► 02:45:56

I didn't think nothing of it but then I saw a lot of people responding and I was out who this is cool with other people ask me questions and you know what the I m going to do drugs and they want to know about at least ask me I've come to me you know I'll give you the real shit you know you want to ask somebody asked me, then that's kind of how I looked at it and it ended up being his thing and that's what I meant we should talk about this with Joe you know cuz I know that I mean I can't sit down with just anybody and talk about DMT even some of my friends I told them that I've done in there like looked at me in a way word psych

► 02:46:46

you know it said well you did the game changer. Don't understand about it until they just kind of hear the stories and if we just sat down and talked about it and educate some people because I just know it's true story this is Coachella with a backstage of rain in The Wiz Khalifa you know when I see him you know often and he was telling me he was doing shrooms or whatever and experiment with shrooms and also how I managed to do acid

► 02:47:35

let me know soon just like the training wheels are fucking psychedelics and Shayna and it's like he's Alabama fucking with that. Just tell her it was just maybe maybe you know somebody had a bad trip already heard some bad things but like it was like fear that when you say you do acid sometimes and even when I talk about it on Twitter people be like bro chill you want some other shit it's like man like I mean that's the one we talked about going crazy crazy drinking too much because of me

► 02:48:22

is because I let some other motherfukers come in the situation that you know and you know you have situations like that but I tripped and you got dragged along because you got to make sure everybody's with psychedelics as if you're doing it with people no matter if you know the mall or not you don't want to Really Leave Nobody hanging you know you want to ride you want to try to find a ditto everybody a picture of it and it's a scary cuz somebody has to be like 1 minute I've never had no shit like that and I'm pretty sure people have dealt with that though you know Summit learning

► 02:49:22

what's the fox's name

► 02:49:26

yeah I want to do some Pink Floyd one fucking crazy that's what Shine On You Crazy Diamond was about him that song was about him going fucking crazy from doing too much acid Put on Shine On You Crazy Diamond I know part of the information I don't want to quote like a know-it-all in Wikipedia days the man yeah it was written OK shine light Shine On You Crazy Diamond is a 9 part Pink Floyd 9 part Pink Floyd composition written by Rodger Waters Richard Wright and David Gilmour and it's a tribute to former band member Syd Barrett Syd Barrett was the one who won album cover to is so fucking sick too and shaking his hand dudes on fire for real I don't know if that's true to hold LSD thing but through that it says this is than Wikipedia it says throughout late 1964 for Barrett for Syd Barrett 1967

► 02:50:26

early 1968 Bears Behavior became increasingly erratic and unpredictable partly as a consequence of his reported heavy use of psychedelic drugs most prominently LSD many reports described him onstage strumming one cord through the entire concert or not playing at all at a show at the Fillmore in San Francisco during a performance of interstellar overdrive Barrett slowly detuned is guitar the audience seemed to enjoy such Antics unaware of the rest of the Bands consternation interviewed on the Pat Boone show during the tour SIDS reply to Boones question was blank and totally mute stair according to Nick Mason Nick what else it wasn't into moving his lips that day so he was just he was just going going we went out there for whatever reason I mean I don't mind a lot of shit who knows or am I just got tired of it

► 02:51:26

Bible verse on acid all the time and just couldn't realize he was quitting Pink Floyd for acid made that new girl and Sue's is still and you still not all relationship cigarettes earlier and in the world were cigarettes are legal and they kill half a million people in this country alone every year it's Preposterous to think that we're too much of a group of fucking babies to deal with psychedelics we need like centers we need centers we have educated people with you know like degrees I understand that the human body doctors who can administer people can take care of people and have them and he's really comfortable environments where people go and they they they have them the possibility in a professional setting of experiencing these things and that should be a part of normal human culture cuz you've benefited from it I benefited from it Brian is kind of benefited from it debatable as he holds his cigarettes camels

► 02:52:26

smokes camels, let silly Butler so silly

► 02:52:31

didn't you get hypnotized hypnotize I don't think I can get hypnotized now to smart about it the whole time over think about Larry this guy is trying to hypnotize me right now I can hear his voice. I don't know I think I think I think you could do it. They say Ayahuasca is one of the best ways to quit Ayahuasca supposed to be like a really good way to quit smoking with anything if you want to if you wake up alive thank God you go through what you go through the Journey and it just so self-examine ettore even the regular DMT trips have had their intensely self-exam ettore boiardi dododo Insight that you have and do your own life and your own world your own mind it's it's it's scary cuz it's so it's so clear the clarity is so bizarre me up man I'm I'm not going to lie and I'm done I'm done my fair share of I said you know I'm a big on psychedelics and nextlevelshit but

► 02:53:31

nothing like this in

► 02:53:34

you try to explain it and you can't because there is nothing you could just know you can't find the words to explain sometimes what you see you know and you're a little bit more educated about it than I am you can probably find the word Sino and sometimes you fucking talk to scientists and it's still hard for me to you know put into words what I saw but you know the reality is is what you seeing is everything literally meltdown Andre can deconstruct and reconstruct around you

► 02:54:14

and your eyes are wide open in it literally for me that was the only thing that freak me out the fact that my eyes were closed but my environment was completely altered immediately almost before I could even xhale all the smoke before I was even leaning back on my couch I mean the room rearranged itself and became something else then you could I have some happy Graham Hancock is a very fascinating way of looking at it and what he thinks the way he described it to me I never heard any ways to describe it this way before but it made total sense he said everyone says you're taking drugs and it's distorting your perception of reality and that's what you saying goes that is a possibility another possibility is that like a telescope needs to be tuned in to see a far-off star that what you're doing by taking this chemical that your brain already makes your tuning into something that's ordinarily impossible for you to see and that there is this tune

► 02:55:13

engine that is around you all the time and it is filled with intelligent entities and he said we must consider that that is also a possibility and that is a fascinating way of looking at because we really don't know what's happening and the people that aren't Blown Away by it or just the people haven't done it if you've done it and you're not blown away by that I don't understand you. There's also supposedly some people who don't have a reaction to DMT there's a small percentage of people that try it where nothing happens separate occasions when I first time I didn't work for me and in the second time it did was it the second time was downright because also I hit extra hard

► 02:56:13


► 02:56:15

I'm at man man you know what she was crazy is the same as yours almost it's it's a slightly different in that I did it the first time I did it I thought it was pretty fucking profound intensely profound I thought I hit the center of the universe I thought I'd and then the second time I did it I'm blue way past that spot some complete new place where there was no avoiding it no denying it and I want all this is it and that's a spot I've been kind of going to pretty much every time since then but the first time was unbelievably profound way more profound than anything else and I didn't really even get all the way through right me I didn't I haven't been through yet like that wouldn't you talking about I haven't even get out of whatever was happening in that room in my house because it was I don't know if I was to your eyes open

► 02:57:07

add chili to the most most part my eyes were wide open because I was so intrigued that like around you for that experience has taught me out too much but you know cuz I know like that's another thing people like as long as you if you see some shit that might freak you out just remember you are on drugs and you know like sort of some shit you know seeing demons for real yeah but they can't harm you move and you know you'll come back hopefully hopefully hopefully but this was more just like to some some weird shit happen and I didn't go down the rabbit hole to farm just kind of open my eyes back open and steals it was weird but I kid you not Joe

► 02:58:01

as soon as I was kind of like I'm over this is like an overlapping a little bit of that world in reality still a little Haze of it where it was shades of the other world it's almost like I saw her face in the corner of my room just kind of the walls saw like these kind of like

► 02:58:30

spider things kind of coming out my grammy and onto the ground but it being a room and I'm saying like I was back to to reality but it was like this

► 02:58:46

dismiss you know the world was still is like a that the echo from where I was at was still kind of in the room then I want Embassy had worn off yet, next time you do it don't do it that way what is keep your eyes closed and let it go I don't even realize I don't think so I think they keep in the eyes open part is probably talking with you. Man I was the best way to do it is in a really comfortable, I was just showing you I want to get my husband crazy when I got done I wanted to paint everything I saw it because I just had never seen it like that and I never want to paint something but I don't know if it was my she was going to be like that cuz I didn't go to that world in this world

► 02:59:46

like all this energy around it's on your colors I didn't see that most people don't get enough wasn't nothing like the second one the second one I was like oh I get it was ridiculous I thought I thought I was already there because what I'd seen was still so much different than reality cuz I was like wow this is the craziest thing ever but it was not even close to the actual craziest thing can you close your eyes every time I open my eyes before and what happens if there's a conflict of information does the information you getting from your eyeballs to see the world and then there's what's going on near imagination or your mom whatever the imagination is not even to imply that it's not real or not real experienced the imagined the term imagination is a lot alike negative connotations to it but whatever is going on when you got your eyes closed you not there's no physical objects in front of you you seen all this stuff

► 03:00:46

happening in your in your visual field with your eyes closed but you're not you know this has nothing to reach out and grab so that's why I'm saying imagination but whatever you're doing when you're doing that is real I don't know what it is that I don't know what the fuck is happening but it's real unique insight into creative process allows really powerful to all the shity shared about your personal life in the coke everything I was amazing thank you so we will see you very soon many Maher podcast this week and until then go fuc yourself