#725 - Graham Hancock & Randall Carlson

The Joe Rogan Experience #725 - Graham Hancock & Randall Carlson

November 19, 2015

Graham Hancock is an English author and journalist, well known for books such as "Fingerprints Of The Gods" & his new book "Magicians of the Gods" is available now. Randall Carlson is a master builder and architectural designer, teacher, geometrician, geomythologist, geological explorer and renegade scholar.

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you will be happy and you'll be happy with this podcast you fux right now we are about to have a podcast with to my favorite human beings that walk the face of the Earth Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson these guys have been on my podcast several times individually but this is the first time they're together and they've been working together on this sort of a joint project because they're both of their disciplines in both of their research comes together in this is a really amazing book that Graham has done which is called magicians of the Gods this is coming out now and this new DVD that Randall's put together Cosmic patterns and cycles of catastrophe from sacred geometry international.com I love these guys they're fucking amazing is podcast went by so fast it was 3 3 hours literally it felt like 30 minutes it was in the blink of an eye but I couldn't I looked at the clock and it was two and a half hours and I really actually couldn't believe it I love these guys I'm honored to have them on

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so without any further Ado please welcome Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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all day

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and I've been looking forward to this podcast for a long time gentlemen this is about as cool pocket for me as a fan this is like one of my favorite ones because Randall Carlson and Graham Hancock together in your new book magicians of the Gods is it out officially Edward published on the 10th of November and you guys together is this is so exciting to me because I know you guys spend a lot of time together and you were working together on just this current project we did a fantastic trip across the channel scab lands of Washington state which rival has been walking the walk on for decades and he just showed me the absolute irrefutable evidence of cataclysmic flooding in that in that area and it plays a very important part in the book of North America was the epicenter of a global cataclysm between 12800 and 11600 years ago and when you see it through Randall's eyes you get it immediately

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this is whole subject you know since you've been on my podcast and you've been on the podcast it's something that comes up I mean I'm not kidding for five times a week someone will grab me and asked me when is Graham coming back on again when is rendo coming back to tell me what you guys are coming on together so people will start freaking out so you know we've been saying before this of people taking time off work there their they're having little viewing parties so two people out there or just as excited as you are so tell me what's been going on so tell me the Washington State thing tell me what you guys saw and and what picture evidence and and what was revealed I'm going to pass that one to Randall first off

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well we were basically traveling what we did with we travel from Portland to the Twin Cities and what we did was essentially followed the southern margin of the great ice sheet for the most part in what we were looking at was this evidence and undergone this massive catastrophic sudden meltdown and basically what we could what we saw in the landscape was evidence that was Oceanic level currents flowing off the ice sheets in fact that the the geologists have been looking at this use a term which was originally contrives to it and it's it's a million cubic meters per second and they originally came up with it to talk about ocean currents like the Gulf Stream and someone not realizing it down the road it was actually going to be applied to currents that were flowing over the land but that's what we were looking at

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spell that word it's it's named after the scientist that first came up with the concept it's svr is a hundred million a million cubic feet to cubic meters per second which is very difficult to even Envision but when you see it on the landscape I mean for example there's a place called The Camas Prairie that Ronald took me to will you see these kind of ripples in the ground and they look a little bit like current ripples on the beach you know but actually they are ripples but that 50 feet high and hundreds and hundreds of feet long and there that receding flood left those ripples on that saint that landscape then above the town of Wenatchee there's a gigantic didn't come from Wenatchee it weighs 18000 tons and it got there in an iceberg the size of an oil tanker which grounded against outside of the vale the flood waters

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the iceberg melted away that left this humongous bowl of this cataclysmic horrendous humongous flood that happened to a hundred years ago 82nd and the 18,000 18000 tons is a tennis 2018 thousand tons is 18000 mm is 36 million something of that order let's just say any fucking me when the ice caps suddenly melted down and we know now that that happened because of the impact of several fragments of a of a giant Comet by 12800 years ago it released a huge flood of meltwater and that melt water carried was Joe

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wrestling with icebergs huge Iceberg I'm any of these icebergs had had rocks and changed within them as place here at glacial ice moves it snatches up and in Chains Rock and keeps it inside of the name for the Nicole Tracy erratics and so they are in these icebergs in the icebergs I just leaned against each other in the flood is ripped up whole Forest by its roots in that mud and is rubble and it's rumbling in his you see it all on the landscape up there and this is all carbon dated to this time. I think we're talkin talk to you how to say this was a hundred year flood that happened in Georgia back in 2004 and what we had was a floodplain that got over cop for the first time in decades and it left these current ripples here and I just use this lie to show what were used to on the scale of phenomena that we would normally see this kind of phenomena to this

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is a normal very large major storm was Hurricane Ivan 2004 refer to this is a massive storm but it's nothing out of the ordinary really is just it's rare but you are going to see the wavelength is about 3 in the amplitude the vertical height of these things is about three quarters of an inch and so these are all and what we're looking at is all dried dirt that has sand yes and it's been carried along in swept along in this water that was over this floodplain declined it deposited sand and then rippled it as the final stages and we're looking at this it what year how long after the the storm was this was a week or two after the storm because within a month this was all all obscured by wind and everything

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so now just you've got this by comparison

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we'll go to this is what grandma just talked about Camas Prairie and and what you see here is the ranch is out there and you've got this Ten Mile Long field of these gigantic Ripples and if you look up in the upper left-hand corner of the screen you can see some of these ripples they're like Graham said they're there a hundred to 300 feet and wavelength and they're up to 50 feet in amplitude and the water that flowed through here that the deposit that this was over a thousand feet deep

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so this is fractal fractal you got it you got it in the small scale in the in the first image bridal show the same phenomena in there with the flood just two feet deep and then we come to this humongous testimony to what happened 12800 years ago and it's easier to drive through it and not really figure out what you're driving through but once you once you look at it and then realize what happened it it really dilates the imagination so this must have been just an absolutely enormous event when it happened and and really beautiful human beings live through that and it changed everything these the cold extinction level events these Global cataclysm wipe the Slate clean they they change everything and they and they set a new order in motion by New Order. So the classic example is the extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. 10 dinosaurs in the chickens you know they were gone I did open the way from apples

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ancestry is a set of 65 million year old shrew which was going nowhere until the dinosaurs were wiped by a cosmic impact and then they began to evolve and and here we are so dinosaurs became chickens and shrews became a charger for me to imagine this this is very hard to be for me to wrap my head around but that we came from a shrew 65 million years ago that specialist That's The Story Of Evolution one could buy into it or not but that's certainly models were going nowhere right before the dinosaurs were swept out of the way and then what's the point I'm making is that these events which occurred extinction level events that they reset the clock they they they make everything soft again and this is why what happened in North America 12800 years ago so important because that. The whole. Was 12800 to 11600 years ago that. Stands right in the foundations of what we think of as the beginnings the origins of civilization and yeah

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Main Street Market ecology and historians have not taken it into account and I don't blame them for that this is new information this is new science that's being mainly published in the professional Journal since 2007 it's very intriguing you information but we cannot any longer trust the establish model of the origins of civilization since it does not take into account an extinction-level event right in the foundations and that's why I say the house of History appears to be built on foundations of sand adopted yet but is it resisted is mainstream whenever you whenever you propose a cataclysm of any kind it's a curious thing I don't know whether it's psychological or something more Sinister than that but whenever whenever you propose that and present evidence for you can be sure that you will be descended upon by a furious crowd of Critics on the group of scientists more than 30 of them very significant mainstream scientists have been presenting the evidence for the comet impact

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how to fight on their hands since 2007 but I can say with confidence and I I detail it at length in the book that they have won that fight every criticism has been made of that work they have refuted and they've come back with new evidence sometimes three or four papers a year and it's a compelling case and we can't ignore that will seems to me as a casual Observer more casually probably more into it than the average person have a note not even close to you guys that as this evidence piles up like the the nuclear class if they keep finding at the about 12,000 that's one of the impact see what we got to consider is that we are looking at objects which might be a mile wide that are coming into the atmosphere is 70000 miles an hour. They are hot you know some people will remember, shoemaker-levy 9 that hit Jupiter back in 1994 that was a small, just two kilometers wide broken to about 20 fragments the explosive power of those impacts on Jupiter

► 00:22:13

what's 300 gigatons not let me put that into perspective the entire world's nuclear Arsenal where it to go off at once would be 6.4 gigatons so you're looking at something Beyond imagination there there. The power of these impacts is absolutely colossal numbers numbers don't do it. Just imagine a world on fire a world changed forever the explosion was about the size of the Earth to write this was a comet looking at something that when when it happened with the timeline of around with what was the calculations around somewhere around eleven thousand years ago. So Drive in a single instant and that's part of the mystery first off there are the impacts 12800 years ago that causes this cataclysm centered on North America but Global I'm global

► 00:23:13

temperature plummets it dumb people talk about global warming up today what what happened to change in temperature 12800 years ago was just stunning last time I was here have with mainstream scientific data that's irrefutable absolutely core samples ice core samples temperatures plunged the beginning massive animal extinctions and then 1200 years later equally suddenly temperature shoot up again dramatically and there's another series of flood so that it the. Is 12800 to 11600 years ago and I think I don't know if rival agrees we are we're sure that the comet was the cause of the first event 12800 years ago I think other bits of the Comet we're responsible for the second event as well I think there was an impact in Ocean which through water vapor up into the upper atmosphere cause the Greenhouse Effect and create it.

► 00:24:13

Viking warming in that huge blood goes to warming Spike show up very dramatically in the Greenland ice cores be good to reference it again and basically what you see here is warming Spike number one is here and warm and Spike number two is here and these were extreme

► 00:24:37

you know we're talking about 10 10 degrees Centigrade roughly in perhaps a year or two and this translates into about 17 or 18 degrees Fahrenheit so we're talking many times greater than the the warming of the last century or to instantly basically just like that and this is this is this this what we see here brackets this this whole episode of this this. Of transition from the glacial age to this nice warm Holocene interglacial age that were in now and you know Graham brought up about how this sits right at the very Foundation of our modern history and if you look at whether it's the dispersion of languages the beginning of Agriculture the first cities the domestication of animals what you see over and over again is the same date showing up you know eight nine ten thousand years ago and in this model that that were describing here we're not really seeing the Genesis of civilization

► 00:25:37

the rebooting of civilization in the aftermath of these events that's the only thing that makes sense this is this is this is what we have now we have now that Dante that makes sense of what previously has been very mysterious and unexplained evidence for folks who are not aware of both of your work to me this is so fascinating because I've been a fan of your your book since God I don't I make more than a decade right when did it come out in the 90s will Fingerprints of the Gods he has published in 1995 which is which is 20 years ago and magicians of the Gods the new book is the sequel to think if it's not written it because it's just this massive new information that changes the the whole picture completely Fingerprints of the Gods I started reading sometime in the late nineties and just became engrossed in it and fascinated by this concept That civilization and as as you put it that we are a species that has Amnesia when that for nothing just forgot what our past was but the

► 00:26:37

two of you together is what so fast and then cuz it puts this puzzle together your obsession with asteroid impacts and that these could massive Extinction event and your knowledge of this ancient architecture that doesn't make any sense and these ancient construction methods it seem to differ in the the timelines and four people aren't aware of the whole story behind it the erosion of the enclosure of the Sphinx where it where they made the Sphinx has thousands of years of rainfall erosion that doesn't make any sense because the last time there was rain in the Nile Valley was like nine thousand BC which is right Cimarron and that's really weird that the climate of of of Egypt has been as dry as it is today for about the last five thousand years so you have to go back you actually have to go back to this. To this younger dryas. To get those heavy rifles that could have eroded the Sphinx in the way it is and I want to pay tribute to the work of John Anthony West and Robert shark from Boston University

► 00:27:37

they broke the story way back in 1992 at the time the Egypt illogical establishment of course we're Furious that anybody dared to suggest that the Sphinx might be twelve thousand years old speech pathologist said we know the Sphinx dates from 2500 BC actually one of the things I've done in this book is look at what the Egypt electrical case rests on us a fairytale it resolved nothing it's kind of ideology it's a it's a it's it's their idea of how things should be rather than any real factual evidence that puts the Sphinx at2000 500 BC and the geology puts the Sphinx much much older man of the archaeologists at the time was and anyway the Sphinx couldn't possibly be twelve thousand years old because if that was the work of some unknown culture 12,000 years ago we could find a lot about The Monuments around the world that is 12000 years old and we don't find any well that was 1992 but now we're in 2015 and the site of Gobekli Tepe into

► 00:28:37

he has been discovered with it's gigantic megaliths a deliberately bury Time Capsule buried more than 10,000 years ago and created 11 and a half thousand years ago and if you can make it back to Tempe you can make the Sphinx we are finding the Fingerprints of this Lost Civilization popping up all around the world indeed on any ocular Jackal site where you can be absolutely sure that the Dayton cruise to be much older than we have been taught by archaeologists I recently discovered a huge megalithic site 40 meters underwater between are in the Sicily Channel The Waterford out of ten thousand years which means that megalithic site is at least that old and maybe much older and we can be sure about the date thing because it's underwater likewise we can be sure the dating of the backseat happy because whoever made it deliberately buried it sealed it a no later organic material got in to contaminate the carbon dating record and give.

► 00:29:37

. buried it like somebody Barry Friday what shall we don't know when it was built but we know it's buried at least 10-12 coming out of it now it's more of Gobekli Tepe under the ground there's there's actually about 50 times as much as has already been excavated which is under the ground still and not be dug up yet they know it's there cuz if you have the whole site with ground-penetrating radar what that seeing is hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of these huge 2250 tonne T shaped megalithic pillars buried under the ground somebody just somebody went to enormous lengths to create this site they also or somebody else went to enormous lengths to Berea tonight we go back feat f e means pot-bellied Hill in the Turkish language and that whole pot belly feel it covers this site was artificially put there by human beings teams of men and women with buckets filled with rubble and Stones filling it in and covering it up so strange

► 00:30:37

no no no guesses are theories as to why they did this really knows there's that there's not it's just a fact that it happened because because archaeologist in geologist can tell from the nature of the material that covers these pillars that it isn't the natural sedimentation that they would deliberately covered up what's got to be satisfying to you guys too obsessed crazy man come together and your theories walk in like puzzle pieces and haha and but you you got the right way there because this is absolutely you got to be a bit obsessed to stick with somebody when people say really bad things about me but whatever it is you just have to persist you just have to you just have to keep going even if your ideas are shouted down by you know the established holders of null

► 00:31:37

H&R Society if you feel strongly enough about those ideas you got to hang with them and I fight with these ideas for more than 20 years now and what was seeing is just a massive new evidence that basically indicates the motion of of A Lost Civilization essay go back to the earliest dates they pulled out of the ground now which I think is the foundation of the site is 11600 years ago and that is really significant because 11600 years ago was the second episode of cataclysm at the end of the younger dryas and we know it was accompanied by Massive Global flooding is it possible that this was covered up then that it wasn't covered up intentionally by people that it was covered up as a part of that cataclysm know it was made after the cataclysm was over and I'll kill just have a problem with this cuz the site is very sophisticated it contains the world's first perfectly north-south a line structure and you can't do that without precise astronomy in fact there are huge

► 00:32:37

astronomical in implications to the collective Tempe side they the architecture is is massive and you see the problem archaeology has is that up till now they've been teaching us that megalithic sites like this is astronomically a megalithic sites like this are maximum of five to five and a half thousand years old and suddenly we're looking at a site Which is far bigger than any other megalithic site known in the world which is at least 6,000 years older than any other known sites of how do they explain this our ancestors are supposed to be just hunter-gatherers about time Nomads following the game not with a sophisticated Society organization that would have specialist to have these knowledge but the skills you could put this put this work together so the fairytale archaeologists are now telling about Gobekli Tepe is that one morning a group of hunter-gatherers woke up somehow divinely-inspired with with the complete knowledge of megalithic architecture and how to organize a Workforce and how to bring them to a side which by the way there's no water on that site and to put this whole this whole

► 00:33:37

proposition together and at the same time exactly the same about 11600 years ago we suddenly get evidence of Agriculture spreading all over tickets like Gobekli Tepe as a center of innovation and associated with it is the birth of agriculture in in turkey and to me this looks like a transfer of Technology it does not look to me like a group of hunter-gatherers woke up one morning magically equipped with the ability to invent Agriculture and create a megalithic site like this it looks to me like people who already have that knowledge came into that area settled there I'm trying to pass on that knowledge to the local people and maybe use go back to Tepee as a kind of University or initiation Center to train and teach people in those skills that's what it feels like an another point is that that same day delivery thousand six hundred years ago is the date that Plato gives us for the destruction and submergence by flood of the Lost Civilization of Atlantis and up till now archaeologists have dismissed the whole Atlantis story that they regard

► 00:34:37

it does kind of pseudoscience although it comes from Plato but Plato said very clearly that this happened nine thousand years before the time of so long and so long-lived in 600 BC so play to is telling us Atlantis went down 9600 BC 11600 years ago exactly the date of the second Spike of the younger dryas cataclysm put a sucker up close to you so that you get a little bit more complicated so we can see here these are in studies of sea level rise at the end of the Ice Age and rather than it being a smooth curve which was the old model what you can see represented by the dashed line it's too enormous spikes and that second Spike and melt what their Busey mwp - 1B that meltwater pulse 1B and you got meltwater pulse 1A meltwater pulse 1B is dated precisely to 11600 years ago this is crazy it's everything aligns everything at all

► 00:35:37

date that the nuclear class at their finding and the core samples from the same place with a .22 make when we talk about these objects coming in at 70,000 miles an hour they are packing an enormous amount of kinetic energy and heat and when they hit the ground there are distinct products left in the soil and that does include nanodiamonds you cannot drive it created by the shocking the impact you can only see them you know that under a microscope that tiny tiny tiny things and carbons failures and the milk glass which is just basically identical to trinitite which is the melt glass that you get from nuclear explosions that called impact proxies and there's a distinct layer of the soil all around the world dated to 12800 years ago which contains this stuff and also contains the evidence of Continental wildfires burning and I think Randall might want to address that issue a continental wildfires and why they happened to all these images of beautiful Blitz a note that most people are just listening

► 00:36:37

so if you're just listening to this those images that Randall put up on this enormous straight up and down spikes of the water level rising which caused by something extremely dramatic just looking at that wow what happened there that's no nuts that's the melting of the ice sheets the sudden rapid catastrophic meltdown at the ice sheet dumping millions of cubic kilometers of water back into the ocean basins and how those little dashes on the bottom that are the numbers how many years do they represent like that that's spike it was straight up and down to hear that basically represent the the margin of error in the dating the earliest version of it is the the spike you see in the right the latest versions you see is on there on the left and it varies between

► 00:37:37

14 + + 13,000 years for the first Spike II spike is dating now too but like I said about 11600 the numbers across the bottom Arthur KYR means thousands of years before present so you can see 9:10 that would be 10000 years ago so essentially seems like our Earth went through like a thousand years of her health is really impossible to imagine what the what the world was like then for the people who lived in it and I think it makes sense of why all around the world we have a story of a global flood this is this is not something confined to the story of Noah in the Bible this is a universal story of a cataclysm that changed the world and wiped away a form of golden age and left us with the present order of things all around the world and secondly order of the world and this is intriguing there is a universal fear of comets know why should we be afraid of, as we see, it's up in the sky

► 00:38:37

it's true they have this nice tail they look they look pretty why should we be scared of them but every culture in the world has Miss some traditions that associate comets With Disaster and I think it's pretty obvious why because this this comet impact 12800 years ago was remembered by the survivors and they passed that memory down to their children and their children's children and it's still with us today and it's now we know based on something very real it seems like to me as a lay person with all this evidence and all this evidence that correlates it's all corresponding all seems to fit together it would it would seem that this would be something that a lot of mainstream scientists and archaeologists would be extremely interested in like why would they why would they try to ignore something like that thing that tried to do is to get rid of it this is often the case where new information emerges that contradicts established established theories and it's a strange phenomenon in science because we like to think of scientist is rational and

► 00:39:37

reasonable people but the fact is that when you get very committed to a particular model to a particular idea I think you start to connect your own personality to it and any attack on that idea becomes an existential a tenant, when you yourself I'm sad because again and again what we see is the the new facts being dismissed because they don't fit the existing Theory where in fine but we should be doing is modifying the existing Theory to explain the newly discovered facts on this is a this is a problem in the whole history of Science and I remember when I first became aware of that problem when I watch the documentary in the mysteries of the Sphinx where dr. Robert schoch met with some archaeologists in Egypt it wasn't zahi hawass it was in the western guy yeah and he met with this guy in there explaining their theory about the origins of the Sphinx and he was laughing at it that made me but openly mocking it is this evidence but it's the way he did

► 00:40:37

was just so riddled with ego the concept of 11,000 years ago when you start thinking about 11 that's a long time and what what evidence really would be there other than Stone it seems to me that would be very little meaning of whatever fragments of pottery you'd be lucky to find what you looking for some massive evidence that clearly shows Beyond any shadow of that were here it is I got boy you're you're asking for a lot from 11000 years ago and you have something pretty substantial right in front of you and he's exactly this is why I come to view archaeology event in history is a kind of more ideology really than than science and there's there's a there's an ideological view about how civilization developed that we have this long slow gradual politically correct rise from the upper Paleolithic from the hunter-gatherers through the Neolithic

► 00:41:37

to the first cities and we go on and on and then we developed Technologies and here we are the Apex in the Pinnacle of this whole story and gosh we're so proud of ourselves and our achievements and we think we're wonderful and we praise and value our technology I've got nothing against technology but there's a hint of arrogance in this there's a hint of Pride that it was all about us and I think that once you start introducing this this new view of history that they may have been an earlier civilization a high civilization which was totally wiped out by a global cataclysm why it contradicts not ideological position and you find yourself in ideological struggle with archaeologists and that's why I feed a surprise up with my book is handed over to any Aki I'll just to review they just got to piss all over it and not even probably going to read it I just can't say hi Cody say again and again Hancock is a pseudoscientist nobody should listen to nuts their system of a tank just the first of all devalue you so much that nobody will ever listen to you and I

► 00:42:37

why I appreciate the support of real down-to-earth people out there who are looking at this information and finding the actual yeah the story of History weeping toilet doesn't make sense and this new information does make sense of what this new information in my eyes it seems It's So substantial and there's so much of it it's so so much of it fits together it's incredibly difficult to North and much more so then when that documentary in the Sphinx was created so that was quite a while ago trying to get past the narrator of it out putting that putting that information for when I was in that documentary as well today things have changed and then what I see is the the archaeological mainstream in a state of denial about this information I just don't want to recognize it and absorb it but they going to have to recognize a is going to be forced upon them whether they like it or not it's so sad because you even though you count on these people to distribute the information

► 00:43:37

in fact there he goes get involved in things and if you've been teaching something for a long time then it turns out you gave out master's degrees on things that were completely incorrect until it's it's got to be something else the existing view of history is part of a mind control system in our society it's it it's something that we presented with that we take in with our mother's milk and we're never supposed to question I think it's a if you control the past you do actually control the present and the future as well so what you mean if you have an absolutely established narrative that you're teaching your unwilling to look at any possible variations to that you're you're saying like almost from an authority position we know what happened and we know where we're going but if you say shit we don't know what happened then it's well within who are you to tell us where we're going exactly and it starts to race questions over everything

► 00:44:37

there's a very large growing political agenda around the idea that humans are the sole cause of global change and that we are the dominant Force within this whole process not here we come along and we're saying we'll know there's actually been forces Unleashed on this planet that really utterly dwarf anything we've done yet what is that due to tooth. I think we're coming down here to part of the

► 00:45:07

the scenario now is that humans are engaged in causing the sixth grade mass extinction as we talked about in one of your one of the previous and now we're coming along and saying we'll wait a second hear something from outer space that has come in and caused the last great mass extinction on Earth and what's interesting I found is that quite a number of the the scientist that have been in the opposition to the younger dryas impact hypothesis have been in the Forefront of pushing this this scenario of human-caused mass extinction and blaming the extinction of the great megafauna the died out 12,000 years ago on human Hunters which I can't we talked about that and I consider that ludicrous meal paleo Indian Spears cause extermination of 10 million wooly mammoths before they could even reproduce along with a hundred and twenty other species of megafauna was 65% of all mammals in North America world

► 00:46:07

like that while I'm around that time Mega Man Mega Man Silver Course very short. The scientist who have been diligently working away in this in this field since that they publish their first paper in in in 2007 I just brought out in a newspaper in the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences July 2015 where they doing a statistical analysis of all the sites where the evidence comes from and what that tells us is that this is what is referred to as an isochron this event 12800 years ago it's not without looking at the effects of a hundred or two hundred years of events we're looking at something to happen to effectively in a single afternoon across 50 million square kilometers of the Earth's surface that gives me goosebumps a single afternoon and all over the world Everything Changes forever

► 00:47:07

wedges for and it's fucked for a thousand years absolutely absolutely and then I'd like to address this issue a continent-wide wildfires cuz we do see this in the in the in the stratum that when you get this superheated to Jack. Coming down on Ancient Primal florists consider the effect this is Murray Springs Clovis sites and this is what the was known as the black matte layer where is Murray Springs in Arizona and it's in Southern Arizona and it's near the Clovis site which is New Mexico Clovis Clovis impact site site was where the one of the first places in North America wear for human remains were found in association with extinct Mega mammals such as wooly mammoths and it's just outside to Clovis New Mexico they refer to them as the Clovis culture because that culture was one of the casualties of this comet impact comet impact is often referred to as the club is come in and and many of these clothes

► 00:48:07

site Sanders been over 50 of them around now documented over North America I think about two-thirds of them have this black matte layer which shows a very clearly in this image know that black mat layer is black because of the considerable amount of carbon carbon suit that's in it so another words right there that's the evidence of your wildfires over the continent just left this black matte layer and below that black mat layer you'll find extinct Mega mammals like here you see the the yellow arrow their points to the black matte layer know if you look up you'll see how it's more buff colored that was the color of all of this but the suit that was in that black mat later his dispersed in colored the other adjacent layers but you'll notice the bones below are the bones of extinct mammals the bones found above it are extant or still existing mammals and that layer separates

► 00:49:07

these these these two domains of extinct mammals and extant just a very clear line and you can see it it shows up so clearly right to people are listening to this when we're looking at the original image that Randall showed it's almost like an Oreo cookie like those used to clean line I mean it is as clear as day and what are we talking about how much fire and for how long creates this area well you're basically talking about burning up a considerable portion of the biomass of North America is unglaciated North America to do this vegetated David with Primal forests and that's what goes on fire the reason it goes on fire is because when these impact has come in they generate a huge amount of heat and I'm that what is called ejecta superheated ejecta is throwing up

► 00:50:07

the upper atmosphere Nick Foles down all over the continent and it sets the world on fire you guys are throwing around and it is Concepts you throwing around that I I just I have to pause when you said wait a minute I got to try to fit this in somewhere but the whole the whole world on fire this is why I have written this book because it's mind-boggling it's mind-boggling material and end up till now most of the information has been confined to the really rarified scientific journals very little of it has gotten out into the public domain so one of the things I've tried to do is to put this together into a to a form that's very accessible to the general public cuz we all need to know about this this is our yesterday this is our background this is this is where we come from the present order of the world has descended from that moment what is the mainstream explanation for what we're looking at here I come

► 00:51:07

how do they describe this the mainstream I mean the mainstream to me now is Firestone in Weston younger dryas impact because they have triumphed although they were attacked and sometimes viciously and I'm Frankly Speaking sometimes dishonestly they were attacked but they defended themselves so well and they kept on bringing in New Daughter and you information that I actually now we should be regarding that view as the main street me and there are a few critics still hanging in there who would like human beings to have been responsible for the extinction of all the mega mammals on who would you know who just starting in denial about the climate change at that time but they're they're no longer than mainstream in my view the last time you were here these the evidence of these wooly mammoths that died instantaneously and that there's a massive fields of them that something had to happen in ones with like their legs broken just bent over from the impact

► 00:52:07

it's pretty clear something went down and all these pieces Point together and including looking at this which is just this is blowing my mind this idea of the world on fire just know there were some places that apparently got spare actually suffered a major mass extinctions probably from some previous event maybe thirty thousand years ago but it's trying to figure out where to go because if distribution of Mega mammals in the world today where do we find the greatest concentration in in Africa right will Africa has retained 90% of its Mega mammals from the pleistocene where is North America lost 75% if you go back to North America during the Ice Age there was as many mega mammals if not more species than there is in Africa today but

► 00:53:07

what we see is the extinction relates directly to Habitat lost and basically not much survived in either North or South America North and South America for both severely affected by these events and lost 75% of their Megaman most Eurasia lost between depending on where you go between 30 and 50% African only lost about 10% of them and that's why you see so many big animals still in Africa today but a lot of them I think probably dispersed from the area around the Great Rift Zone it seems like in a lot of the areas actually we were finding early is is in that same it seems like for whatever reason it was spared somewhat extreme severity that the rest of the planet suffered it's an interesting situation because when we look at the arguments of history and end and Archeology very little of the story is told in North America

► 00:54:07

that's as it started in schools and universities today you know they look at places like Sumer in Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt and feather down in South America has some of the other the great cultures of the of the of the Andes but it's like North America is missing from the from the map they they talk about hunter-gatherer is coming in here across the Bering Strait and they're still don't get faction of archaeology that wants to maintain that that just happened about 13,000 years ago and I'm that there was no human beings in the Americas before that although the mass of contradictory evidence is overwhelming that dog might as well it's obvious that they might as well populated long before that and those populations did not only come in across the Bering Strait they came in in in other ways as well and and and then they just seems to be nothing for a very long time and I know that America's kind of left out of the story of civilization will now I think we know why because North America was at the heart of This Disaster it was at the absolute epicenter and the slight was complete

► 00:55:06

greatly wiped clean hair and that's what are archaeologists are by looking at their signal wipe clean slate and they think they're seeing the beginning of something actually they're not they're seeing the movement all of something after a horrendous disaster it's so hard to wrap my mind around this idea that for a literally A Thousand Years the Earth was just riddled with asteroid impacts and fire and nuclear winter because the dust and a mass extinction of it's so hard for the numbers that you're throwing around the ideas behind it it's it's a it's very difficult for folks tonight put something in there that brings it home in a way

► 00:55:51

see this some event 12800 years ago we know now it was caused by fragments of a very large comet on the work suggests that, it may have been more than 100 kilometers in diameter originally when it entered the inner solar system seems like 5 Mi well that's thought to be 10 km wide miles from deep space Terra reservoirs of comets there's a place that they call the Oort cloud which is just so far away that it's almost impossible to imagine it but it contains trillions of comets and often they are there in stable orbits they not coming into the inner solar system but as the solar system orbits around the center of the Galaxy all galaxy is the Milky Way and we are in orbit around the center of the Galaxy

► 00:56:51

Sean our solar system everything is in orbit around the center of the Galaxy in that orbit is not only in the plane of the Galaxy imagine a dolphin diving up and down coming out of the surface of the sea sending below rising up against that's what the solar system is doing in those passages through the galactic plane disturb the Oort cloud and they send Comet swinging in to the inner solar system thank God for Jupiter Jupiter with his huge gravity is the great protector of the us we should old wake up everyday and say thank-you Jupiter thank you too for that this doesn't happen too often but every now and then a comment gets past you but as God I'm comes in and enters the inner solar system in the calculation show this happened about twenty thousand years ago and that, Quentin to an all the crosses the orbit of the earth twice a year we are still crossing the orbit of a comet but twice a year and there is still a very disturbing amount of

► 00:57:51

debris within it it's called the taurid meteor stream we've actually just finished our latest Passage through the taurid meteor stream the Earth passes through the storied media stream twice a year it takes 12 days to pass through it because a Tory media streamer numbers is 30 million kilometers wide and we orbit at the rate of 2.5 million kilometres a day or so 30 it took 12 days to pass through it in the Lost eleven thousand or so years we've been lucky we've been passing through the study million miles wide stream we've been passing through bits with are just filaments of small debris but the evidence is that it is actually full of large lucky Rocky debris including one object that maybe as much as Thirty kilometers in diameter sitting in that taurid meteor stream so it's my fault and crossing a six-lane highway I just hoping that you don't get hit by a truck you know that's what it that's what it comes down to I'm weeping we've been lucky so far actually the most recent definite

► 00:58:51

impact from the taurid meteor stream was in 1998 and that was in Russia in Siberia it's called the tunguska event ever said there's two passages through the stream one in June and July July and one in November and this was at the end of June an object not very big about a hundred meters in diameter came out of the taurid meteor stream enter the atmosphere of the earth and actually blew up in the sky it wasn't addressed about 5 km above the ground it flattened 80 million trees across two thousand square kilometres I'm sorry I keep using kilometers an area about the size of the city of London if that impact it happened over in the inhabited area hundreds of thousands of people would be killed and we would all be paying much more attention to the taurid meteor stream today then we are presently do it we should be paying attention to it so we just got super lucky that it hid in a very lightly populated area in Pandora and it didn't even hit and blew up in the sky above it

► 00:59:51

and see if you can find some images of tunguska cuz it's pretty staggering that stuff and it literally looks like there was like a Matchstick forest and someone pushed over I got it I got a neighbor's right Domino's or something you still interacting with the debris of this comment that changed the world 12800 years ago it it it it it's not something remote and distant it's part of our it's part of our daily lives and and it is something we should be paying attention to another number of astronomers a very concerned about the taurid meteor stream the I don't want to be the one who goes around the world you know where in the Sandwich Board saying that do miss night I thought the sky is falling I don't want to be that I don't want to manifest that I don't want to bring that down I actually want to say that there's something positive to say about this we are almost

► 01:00:51

the first civilization that ever existed on this planet that has the capacity to intervene in our Cosmic environment should we choose to do so we can make sure that we are not the next Lost Civilization we can make sure that life and light continue on this planet and our story continues but we need to pay attention to our Cosmic environment and my number of scientists are now saying the same thing that that it's irresponsible of us to pretend that impacts like this may they just happen every hundred million years we don't need to worry about them we are intimately connected with a force that can change life on Earth and we have the power to do something about it so I would suggest instead of wasting you know trillions of dollars globally creating weapons of mass destruction to destroy one another and to to manifest the hatred and fear and suspicion that I just whizzing around the world right now we should be looking at a grand human project a Cooperative effort to Mekong

► 01:01:51

how to make environment safe and we have the technology now it's just a matter of choice is just a matter of budget trillions of dollars are spent on arms and roughly 20 to 30 million dollars are spent a year on so-called space watch it's a ridiculous of chump change the given the nature of the threat on the end of the implications of what we're spending on studying the cosmic environment in terms of threats that's a hilarious comparison what a resourceful little freaky animal people are the only stop and think about it almost wiped off the face of the planet you know 10,000 years ago and then we reach a point where here we are in 2015 and through all these inventions were starting to ReDiscover what our history truly is and ReDiscover their the history of the earth and then it's it's interplay with all these Cosmic forces

► 01:02:51

I mean the earliest definite anatomically modern human skeletal remains they talk about a hundred and ninety-six thousand years there's some other plausible ones at about two hundred and ten thousand years nothing before that it doesn't mean that we we're not anatomically modern before that it may just mean it out y'all just haven't found the doctor yet but we can be sure the people that you and me have been around for about 200,000 years with the anatomically modern form and the anatomically modern brain so there's a mystery right then why did we wait a hundred and ninety thousand years to establish the first civilizations it it raises the possibility that we could have done so much earlier and that the Slate has been wiped clean my grandfather was born in 1895 the main mode of transportation aside from railroads at that time was horseback ride his grandfather you know where they've been born pre-civil War so in five generations we've gone from the

► 01:03:51

first railroads the beginning of the Industrial Revolution to where we are now in five generations now if you go back two hundred thousand years say 196000 and we divide that by 25 love and Randall break we've gone from 90% dominant agriculturally-based subsistence farming right feudal system to where we are now but now we've got eight thousand generations of humans on this planet who knows what we may have accomplished in the past but once you put this perspective and in you got understand that the catastrophe were talking about 12,000 years ago all the evidence suggests it was the most severe probably at least within 5 million years because the last time we can find a species loss I quit

► 01:04:51

to the terminal place to see the species loss was 5 million years ago, tap lost which would in turn be a measure of the severity of whatever happened but the point is is that in the time that we humans have been around there been multiple catastrophes of a global scale not as severe as the one we're talking about here but certainly the framework of this planet has been shaken numerous times and in 200,000 years we've had probably for great glacial cycles that have come and gone there just a glacial cycle alone I mean think about that what the ice will do to the landscape and in dropping sea level is 400 ft and now during an Ice Age you've got to be reminded probably the most habitable place to be on the plan is going to be on coastlines Along 2 miles of rivers and so forth what happens when

► 01:05:51

ice melting sea level comes up three or four hundred feet and it's been a pretty much erase most of the evidence of human habitation although I think I talked about this last time in in you would probably concur with this team that the importance of marine archaeology it's extremely important that again unfortunately Marine archaeology has its Eye Off the Ball most of the resources in Marine archaeology going to shipwrecks looking for looking for shipwrecks the really interesting to look at shipwrights but but there is a Prejudice in I'll kill you it says that could have been no interesting civilization before twelve thousand years ago so since those labs that were submerged by rising sea levels have been underwater for 10 or 12 thousand years we not really interested in human habitations there and this is the problem of a very focused effort needs to be made to look at these lost Labs I can put that in Miles 10 million square miles of the Earth's surface roughly Europe and China added together was submerged

► 01:06:51

by the rising sea levels at the end of the last ice age that's what's missing from the record wiping the Slate clean and rattles write those that sit on top of a continent which I'm Mountain High they're going to just ground grind to powder anything that lies below them so was there a civilization there before where the ice caps who knows right eye Mile High of ice around like an eraser exactly just crushing the surface of the ground and I think you're not our discussions of Atlantis we covered that a little bit crushing the surface of the of the land down by perhaps a couple thousand feet isostatic depression remember the geology lesson I gave you last time us about isostatic depression and we discussed how at this very moment your ass is damaged

► 01:07:51

important geological phenomena of isostatic depression sitting on that cushion figure sitting on and if you were to stand up what happens what happens when you can almost picture the planet breathing in effect the ice is released from the Continental surface the Continental surface begins to rebound the weight is transferred back into the ocean basins and there has to be that what's called rheology which is the study of the distribution of the inner mass of the Earth requires surface the land is rising somewhere else it has to be subsiding and the obvious place would be that as you transfer the way from the continent back into the ocean basins that the ocean basins are going to subside and this brings a signal to the whole question of of of of of the scientific veracity of of a something landmass you think you have an interesting point on the Azores

► 01:08:51

in this in this sense because that you have this massive was like a sea so I know you have this massive weight pressing down on the North American continent and suddenly it's lifted that would that that massive weight pushed down North America but it listed as other areas the other end of the Cecil and the weight comes off this and goes up and the other end goes down and suddenly you get the possibility of the submergence of Atlanta messages folder the sea because there is actually considerable empirical evidence suggesting that there was massive post-glacial subsiding so long to Mid-Atlantic Ridge which is where the angels are in which is pretty much work Play-Doh head Atlantis why wasn't there are some discovery of some concentric circles that were submerged somewhere near Spain did they considered to be a possibility Cadiz it's it's I think it's much more recent recent than they that the information we're looking at

► 01:09:51

it was submerged Atwood that was so nice I could be a lot of reasons why this what why this happens actually is happening in the in the UK where we're at where I'm from because the ice sheets in the UK we're on the north of the UK over Scotland and they were pressing Scotland down and they close the southern part of England to rise up then when you take those ice sheets off the southern part starts to go down so that place is like the island white in English Channel are sinking Beneath the Sea because of this still the effect of that Rebounderz how many for glacial for bulge outside the the glaciers the land has pushed up speaks to how people have a hard time accepting some of this new information I have a friend who's a scientist and the last time you were on she said to me did you have a climate denier on your show a climate change denier and I said he's definitely not denying it and no bring forth an on Main

► 01:10:51

main point of view or controversial perspective instead of considering the possibility it almost immediately gets dismissed as soon as climate changes taking place but what are the causes for this you know I was so sure that it's all caused by human beings I would say that's very good reason for Humanity to clean up our act in lots of ways regardless of the issue of climate change we living where are abusing mother asks where living upon this planet I like like parasites and then destroying it will you thoughtless Lee created gigantic pools of of pollution we're crazy enough insane enough to actually invent nuclear weapons and yeah that long. It's about our behavior that we need to fix because it's right to fix it philosophically right we should not behave that way we should not behave that way to one another we should not behave that way to planet Earth but to say that we need to fix our Behavior because of global warming that's a nadie

► 01:11:51

I'm about to argument remains to be properly tested yes global warming is occurring but are we the cause of it or is something else some grander scale Cosmic effect involved in this. That considerably and I noticed in a lot of the comments from from our last discussion most of the critical comments were people you know not liking the idea that I had questioned the global warming but there are some facts that you can't escape the global warming begin 200 years ago and we see that the glaciers from the little Ice Age begin to shrink back in the early 19th century before there was a century before there was any significant human contribution of CO2 to the atmosphere so something was driving that warming that began and it's important to realize that the little ice age was probably the coldest. Since the end of the great Ice Age and the date overwhelmingly supports that end at the glaciers

► 01:12:51

is there largest extent around the planet in 10,000 years so when we're talking about Glacier recession it's important to understand what the Baseline is our Baseline in this case is the biggest the glaciers have been in 10,000 years and what's interesting in this is going on right now as the glaciers have been receiving geologists study the Landscapes that are being revealed as the ice rinks back and you know what they're finding is the remains of forests that had been overrun by the little Ice Age glaciers and peat bogs and things that would suggest that prior to the onset of the little Ice Age those valleys that were filled with ice from roughly 1402 1800 we're actually forested because the ice came down and over Randy's forests and now it's receding back and revealing that there were forests there so that tells you that you know at some point

► 01:13:51

only going back to the medieval warm. Those areas that we have been glaciated during the early part of the twentieth century and so extremely Dynamic that's the thing we have to emphasize itself without any help from humans and this is what I've been saying we have to look at that and realize it yet humans are a fact you know somebody I did post and said all the other factors I had mentioned as being a ocean currents and wind currents a geomagnetic field and cosmic rays and Vulcan isn't all that it all been investigated in dismissed in the only thing left was the human contribution but you know could turn out to be very dangerous because we're so focused now on our own contribution that we might be overlooking the fact that there have been Natural Factors driving climate change over and over and over again I mean because I still have not heard

► 01:14:51

any consensus on what has caused the planet to First go into an ice age and come back out of an ice age and I think they would bring him and I are talking about actually presents a possible solution to what could have brought this plan it out of the Ice Age something on a grand Cosmic scale and the other point I think I'd like to make is that we have to really to understand our planet as a system we have to realize it is part of a cosmic ecosystem and the cosmos has been a much bigger player and what's been going on down here than has been a previously understood or appreciated and I think our ancestors probably did understand they did understand it they they they at the focus on the skies if you go back in Generation X is so strong this notion of As Above So Below the we are connected to the cosmos this is this is something that we're tending to forget in the morning world again because we're so puffed up with pride anywhere we can see the sky about

► 01:15:51

he's up there we don't we don't we don't we don't see anything so we're actually cut off from the cosmos psychologically and that's it that's a mistake because we are part of this giant Cosmic environment and its effects of one of the way the fights us is the way that comets come into the inner solar system from time to time from deep space I was camping in Montana recently and you know when you're out at night and you look at that night sky and there's no light pollution it's just a totally different perspective and it gives you a different sense of where you are in the universe because we're so and it's not it's not necessarily our fault it's almost like we put up a curtain over the heavens and we can't see through the curtain because we've decided that we like light and we like traffic lights and you know building lights and all this Jazz and we don't realize into were out in the woods or in the wild in the wilderness there's no light pollution you really don't realize what we're missing at what we're sacrificing or to have these lights death of you of the heavens

► 01:16:51

it's so it's psychedelic cuz it makes you feel like oh my God has provided us to appreciate if I try to go every year to the CAC Observatory on the big island I try to schedule my holidays as much as possible around the time where there's no moon because it is unbelievable because the Keck Observatory is more than 9,000 feet above sea level is are the visitor center and then there's the observatories above that you really don't even know how to go past the visitor center but they're the way they have it set up they have these special street lights all throughout the big island with diffused lighting so it doesn't interfere doesn't give you light pollution when you're up there you're there you go through the clouds and the view is insane it never lets it go

► 01:17:51

there every day and we don't see it but what we've done is create all this incredible stuff these streets and buildings and laptops and cell phones and ended in doing so we have robbed ourselves of a perspective go out into outer space but actually we in a way it's narrowed our Focus we we we we focusing on the on the technology and its products and we forgot about the Majestic cause making an environment in which we wish we live how sacred it is how beautiful it is how many people it is to all of us and that was the image that our ancestors always had these days how many people see meteors living in an urban environment you never see that hardly unless it's really spectacular but you go out like you said in Montana or the

► 01:18:51

my favorite places to go in the high desert country and are you really it's on you know I think that one of the most important things that we could do for future Generations is part of our educational curriculum for young people is get them out of the Cities into nature into the tremendous you know where they can actually see the sky cuz I'm living in Atlanta I'll talk to people even grown up people that have no clue have no clue you know you couldn't they couldn't find the North Star they couldn't find the plane of the ecliptic if their life depended on it they know they're just become cut off from that level and I think that that's it's important for us to keep that because our Consciousness is linked to this greater domain and and we have segregated ourselves from that and and I think that there's something amazingly it's a it's a grounding experience when you get out and you begin to see the sky

► 01:19:51

can you connect sleep it'll be get to to figure out and in in identify the constellations you noted to know where the planets are to look in the sky pretty good mental exercise and it may be used but deliberately station system if you can get this then you move on to them to the next level you know that's the that's the that's the kind of idea of a critical part of Education where it's very rarely even disgusted look again at the ideology so for example if you talk about astrology to any most any mainstream scientists are going to laugh in your face when I go to say pseudoscience because they're so locked into this Earth centered perspective that Which Wich

► 01:20:44

convinces them but the cost must does have no effect on us oh how can changing patterns of the stars of the movie Witches zodiacal constellations sitting behind the Sun at a particular time how can that affect us how come when we were born affect us, I don't think we should throw that baby out with the bathwater too fast I think we're looking at an ancient science with it with astrology and I think it's worth it it's been heavily diluted and prostituted in the modern world but if you go back to the Antiquity you go back to the real origins of this and you start finding some very interesting information coming out is a fantastic book like I told Rick tan has called Cosmos and psyche and he's the real Main Street. Very major academic and he's got into this and he showed that actually astrology does affect so we should not we should not deny our Cosmic environment that's the first thing we need to do to connect to it we should close our self off to Avenues of inquiry for ideological reasons it is noticeable in this field of ancient history how archaeologists throw around words like pseudoarchaeology store

► 01:21:44

a scientist that's meant to be an instant dismissal just like climate denial climate denier you call somebody a climate denier today that's like saying don't listen to anything that guy has to say never listen to it again these are ideological tools which are being used to straight jacket the human mind and to stop us thinking outside the box and if there's ever a time but we needed to think outside the box I would say that time is right now in this time of the more information available to the average person ever before that there's also has coincided with our lack of appreciation what's above us it's very strange that it's a very curious to know what the plan is and how it's changed dramatically different if we go back to the end of the Ice Age you go east of here on in the Mojave Desert that was Lush grasslands and forests you out here to the Santa Rosa Islands you know out here they were all forested with oak trees and Beech trees and in

► 01:22:44

Mammoth Mammoth Zyliss which was the pygmy Mammoth you know everything down here changes dramatically when we get the sky we're basically the same Sky did our ancestors of 20,000 years ago were looking at and that's something to keep in mind because there is something there's a backdrop to all of this drama and change here below this pretty much for the most part remain consistent but within that backdrop of consistency every once in awhile something shifts and when it shifts out there I think our ancestors knew that there was a direct consequence here below and that's one of the reasons they were so obsessed with with being able to track motion you know all of these ancient observatories from Stonehenge on down the line to the mound structures here in North America that's not forget Gobekli Tepe found the astronomical sign

► 01:23:44

by which very intimate and intricate movements within that backdrop of fixed Stars could actually be observed possibly for predictive capabilities and how were the calculations me like I'm an archaeologist finds a site like go back go back go back Lee tappy how do they correlate the construction the site with the constellation that because I just don't do astronomy they don't get it there for their eyes are on the ground at their feet the pasta that's one of the big mistakes I think that I killed you make there are people called archeoastronomy those who are looking at the astronomy of ancient cultures and some of them have done very good work but really there are there a certain key indicators the alignment of the site what is pointing at alignment change down the ages you can sometimes established that.. A particular axis of a particular 10

► 01:24:44

Lynn Egypt for example was shifted over. Of two or three thousand years several times and why because they were tracking the changing Rising point of the star Sirius which they connected in their system of ideas to the Goddess Isis they were tracking that Rising point was changes because of changes in in the sky I mean the long story short the Earth wobbles on its axis since the Earth is our viewing platform from which we observe the Stars changes of orientation of the Earth in space do change the rising times of particular Stars up to take the times of year and this was clearly tracked by the ancient so you can say that if you find anywhere a monument that is perfectly aligned to true north south east and west you can be absolutely sure that astronomers were involved if it's tracking the Rising Sun on the Spring Equinox or on the winter or summer solstice astronomers with that they were right there when they met they made that money one that's one of the scariest it would not scare he's but most astounding things when you consider the ancient

► 01:25:44

they had an understanding of the precession of the equinoxes which is what it was a 26000 year cycle of a very long very precise observations and the motive to make those observations that this was important to them and they sort to pass down that importance to to us very important work by a to historians of science call Jojo de-scented Jana and hit a pedestrian back in the 60s they wrote a book called Hamlet's Mill which tracks this ancient knowledge of procession that they trace it back at this was very politically uncorrect at that time because George is such a lot of the Santa Gianna was the professor of the history of science at MIT they trace it back to what they called some almost unbelievable civilization of prehistoric Antiquity that made us up-to-date found the data encoded in myths and traditions all around the world and I I do go into this and magicians of the Gods

► 01:26:44

they found it encoded as though the doctor was so important that it had to be passed down to the Future so the numbers that relate to precession of the equinoxes and they're all based on the number 72 and multiples about number why because it takes 72 years for one degree of processional change to unfold and that's like holding your finger up to the Horizon that one degree is just that one finger with the change on the horizon 3 precise observations and needed to do it it's encoded missing Traditions I need looks like somebody at some point decided this information is so important we must make sure that it stays permanently in human culture so what we're going to do is we're going to encode it in Great stories and those stories can that be pasta on by storytellers who will have an S8 that they must tell the story true it doesn't matter whether they understand the scientific information in the store you're not all that matters is that they pass it on and sew in the oldest Smithson traditions of mankind we have compelling at

► 01:27:44

the scientific knowledge of the phenomenon that week old precession of the equinoxes today which is been referred to in Hamlet's Mill as the great year right here which is a full cycle 25920 years a great circle in the heavens three evidence if you got thousands of years to watch the sky is very evident that the pole power pole star present is Polaris and that's just simply because the extended North Pole of the earth points most directly at that particular star in the sky but it hasn't always pointed at Polaris because of the wobble on the axis of the earth and it won't always point at Polaris in the future the Post-Star changes but you need to observe the skies for very long periods of time keep detailed records to get to grips with this phenomenon this that's acceptable testified to the fact that some ancient culture was doing this in a very systematic way it's like a ghostly fingerprint of an advanced scientific knowledge impressed

► 01:28:44

upon the oldest myths and traditions of our planet has it been as it as it been accepted that things like the Mayan temples were built to mirror the consolation is that accept has been accepted yet, it is it is accepted because we know that the Maya where where an astronomical culture and it is it is accepted that they were building their that that temples in connection to the sky on the whole phenomenon of the Mayan calendar a lot about it in in in 2012 is isn't another factor to take into account the Mayan calendar in my view is another artifact of A Lost Civilization this is stuff that was handed down from a form of people perhaps to the olmecs and then to the the the Maya who succeeded them it's it's accepted but the implications of it or not I'm not taken properly into account remember 21st of December 2012 that was all that faucet nonsense about the end of the world happening happening then and it didn't but that's not the Mayan

► 01:29:44

I said that they said that the end of a great cycle happened then which would ultimately transform the world but what it was actually looked into and I need to pay tribute to another researcher here his name is John Major Jenkins John Major Jenkins has done fantastic work on the Mayan calendar end decade before 2012 he was telling people look this is not talkin about the end of the world on a specific day on the 21st of December 2012 there's a there's a calculation behind this and what he showed in that calculation is that it is the position of the winter solstice Sun against the background of the constellations and what has been happening for the last five thousand years because of precession is that the winter solstice Sun 21st of December against the background of the constellations has been gradually shifting towards alignment with the center of the Galaxy and that alignment happened on the 21st of December 2012 but it's not an instant it's a window and that window is about 8

► 01:30:44

yes white roughly from 1960 to 2040 that was what was focus on in the mind, there a calendar that can predict eclipses of the Moon 200,000 years into the future or two hundred thousand years into the past incredible stunning accuracy a better estimate of the length of the solar year than we use today in our modern calculations really high science encoded in that in that Colin don't we just adopt the Mayan calendar what is better than what we have why don't we not living in the age of the world may not have been your iPhone would make a good app 1/2 of a degree Graham said one degree every 72 years right one degree within the great year is like one day out of the great year right she could think of 72 years is basically be

► 01:31:43

human life so an average human life is roughly like a day of the great year that's what one way one perspective to just saying you can't define the center of the Galaxy with an inexact precise Point there's a diffuse area there and every 72 years the point is moving 1° which is twice the diameter of a full moon full moon is a half a degree right and I think that possibly one of the importances of monitoring because you can't really you know you can't go out and look at the sun you know and say okay here's the sun relative to this backdrop of this constellation however you can look at a lunar eclipse and then you will know that the sun is 180° around so by monitoring lunar eclipses you can actually position to Sun

► 01:32:43

white precisely and know where it is in the sky because obviously you can't go out and look at the Sun and see what stars it's it's related to Rye Rye but during a lunar eclipse lunar eclipse it's a hundred eighty degrees on precisely on the other side of the Earth from the from the Sun so because I have a an image here I don't know if we can get this image on this side it's a pillar with richly carved showing up 43 enclosure D not I'm not going to go into it in detail not online but Jamie will find images online just want to I just want to make the point and I are going to this Inn in this book magicians of the gods that that appears to be a diagram of the sky at the winter solstice in our Epoch this this running around. Above the vultures Wing the

► 01:33:43

Circle represents the Sun and what we're looking at is an ancient constellation diagram the constellations that we called Sagittarius and Scorpio stand on either side of the galactic center of the of the dark rift at the heart of the Milky Way which the myosaurus the womb of cosmic rebirth and it's precisely that image that is depicted that right back it up chapter and verse in the book you'll just have to pace that what we see the Scorpion below installation Clues the right you'll see Festival see the vulture with its wings outstretched on the sun over the wing then go right to their you'll see a bird that's that's small but it is actually the head about constellation of Scorpio the tale of our constellation of Scorpio overlaps the Scorpion underneath the pillow but go above the small bird and you'll see a sip in there

► 01:34:43

that's a snake I'm beside it another bird that looks like a penis which is the represented by the bed there and we called the serpent constellation serpens other other constellations are also involved this is spooky and and and earrings because it appears there's overwhelming evidence that the people who made go back to Tempe had a profound knowledge of procession and it appears that they deliberately sent forward into time in this time caps you'll a picture of the sky in our age and that is a staggering possibility that that I invested in our age it's only at the winter solstice in our age that the sun sets

► 01:35:38

over the center of the Galaxy the winter solstice in the area that the ancient Maya

► 01:35:44

cold the cosmic womb there's a dark rift in the Milky Way at that point on base all that has the cosmic womb so it symbolizes a moment of rebirth and the evidence says that they've been tracking the movement of the sun on the winter solstice which is also the end of the year and the rebirth of the new year they've been tracking it to the point where they could project forward and they could envisage the sky in our area today the Maya could do that and what I'm suggesting is that stomach go back to Tempe as well but it's very hard for me to interpret those I'm seeing the vulture playing basketball trying to get away from the Scorpion and there's a penis trying to attack them try to do that it's all so fascinating that all these images were carved in 3D relief so instead of being what would that means is instead of being drawn like in to like you know people think about like wet cement

► 01:36:44

can you try your name in wet cement instead of that what they've done is they've removed everything around it to create these images are interesting you can see the top of the pillar there are three that look think things look like handbags that symbol crops up all over the world in crops up in Mexico it crops up in Mesopotamia crops up in India everywhere and again I think we're looking at at symbolism that goes back to a very remote. Which we know he's at least as old as 11:00 maybe what they're trying to say is that shopping will be the end of us all I think those bags held their stash

► 01:37:22

really serious because this is this is another issue that's that is ignored by the mainstream is the use of psychedelics in ancient civilizations was fundamental to the quality of those civilizations in this is another area where in ideological denial about because the powers-that-be in our society don't like psychedelics they don't want ancient cultures to act like them either and they just ignore the evidence for that I think it's one of the main points of you that you don't consider them it makes me really reluctant to listen to a lot of the other things you have to say because

► 01:38:00

it did say it's undeniable the impact of things have on human consciousness and it's also undeniable that many many many civilizations use them as a part of their spiritual rituals and the fact that this is not thought of as an important aspect of our history when it all means to me is the people are talking about having experienced exactly that's the only entrusted with interpreting our past to us unfortunately most of them one DMT trips and 15 minutes in the whole thing will be so much clearer I think it's an important experience for archaeologist to have because it was a universal experience in the ancient world we demonized psychedelics today and we we pretend that they are just totally negative things but in the ancient world they were revered and enshrined they were at the haunted the end

► 01:39:00

Mysteries the eleusinian mysteries in ancient Greece use the potion related to LSD which brought about a revelation for the initiates change their lives just in the way that a powerful psychedelic trip can change our lives today so just like writing about history and the origins of civilization without taking account of whoops this gigantic cataclysm that happened 12800 years ago that's a mistake that archaeologists making the other mistake that making is that not considering the role of Altered States Of Consciousness in ancient civilisations ideological blinders keep us from looking at possibilities I don't know whether or not that stash or that's just chicks handbags sing shopping small thing is the weird thing is that it's all that this symbolism is all over the world go Beckley Tempe was what was the symbolism of these purses

► 01:40:00

but they said the earliest image of the figure known as Quetzalcoatl in Mexico survives from the Olmec area of the Gulf of Mexico and it was found at the site called La Venta along with a lot of other buried Stone artifacts and it shows a man sitting within the coils of a serpent and that's it and has a Crest on its head cuz that's what Quetzalcoatl means it means a feathered serpent and that man is holding one of those bags just the same as the command of the oanis the the one adapter the the originator of civilization in Sumer ancient ancient Sumer according to their mythology he's always depicted holding one of these bags as well so I find myself wondering are we looking at the symbolism of some ancient Brotherhood do you know who passed around the world seeding civilizations under this was the eclipse

► 01:41:00

is there I don't know if they're Masonic handshake or something this was that batch of recognition this bag that They carried them suspect that we would that they've accepted that the Mayan temples are aligned with the constellations have they decided to look at other archaeological discoveries in the same light or is this something that they say there are there is a specialized subdivision of archaeology which is cold out to astronomers these are trained in astronomy but they've also been trained in the fundamental dog nose of the discipline of archaeology which is that there can be no love civilization that archaeology has already told pretty much the full story of humanity and they're all the way to the old lifting weights is to fill in the details this is this is the dogma of archaeology that is taken in

► 01:41:57

from the moment that somebody decides to become an archaeologist part of the training and I see if you try and go against that dope as a mainstream archaeologist you can kiss goodbye to your career and Yaki I'll just to entertain the possibility of an advanced Lost Civilization around the world more than 12,000 years ago will have no future as an archaeologist that right that will write him off for the rest of his career so disturbing disturbing if that's true that's so it's so mind-numbing cuz why would you ever believe that we've got it all figured out where every day they find some new stuff did you see they discovered they found recently of a large tooth that's a cousin of of human beings denisovan story is much more complex that we've been taught and and gradually bit by bit the evidence is coming out of the woodwork of history is just so crazy

► 01:42:57

this is it's absolutely foolish it's a very foolish idea and it that it shuts us down to the to the possibilities I mean the universe gifted us with these giant brains on this incredible imagination and intuitive faculties as well we're not only rational creatures where it where it should have creatures and all of these faculties should be applied to understanding the mystery of who and what we are and I think that's one of the mistakes of modern science is this just chopped out one bit the kind of a lit problem solving bit the rational reason use of reason and logic and it has chopped out all the rest of the the capacity of humanity to dream to learn information and dream to learn true knowledge in dream was revered in the ancient world and ridiculed today you want to insult somebody calling a dreamer you know things have things have changed so much what seems like back then there was so much less information and now there's so much information to call someone a dreamer means it that you're thinking of nonsense when you should be trying to acquire

► 01:43:57

all the information that we've already discovered that we've already accumulated exact volume of Dreams how do we know that ancient world felt that there was useful knowledge to be got from from dreams not all dreams it's in Homer actually they speaks of the gates of ivory at the Gate of horn some dreams come through the gates of ivory that just Pleasant fiction so maybe unpleasant one nightmares ignore them but not important but others are true tellings and they come through the gate of horn and this was a recognized factor in the ancient world we've dismissed it today it's regarded as pseudoscience it's regarded as nonsense again that label is constantly applied to anything I'll kill just don't like pseudoscience right there with the label they just dismiss at every they always call me as soon as I sign this week means a false scientists and I find that bizarre because I'm not a scientist at all I've never claimed to be assigned as I don't want to be a scientist I'm a writer I'm a jerk

► 01:44:57

State I sent the size material across a broad range of disciplines so how can I be a full scientist since I've never claimed to be one but the word is used as a bludgeon or a club to beat an enemy over the head ensure that nobody listens to what that anime side was going from that original book which I became absolutely fascinated by Fingerprints of the Gods 2 or slowly but surely overtime or more evidence being discovered in mainstream science in archaeology of that affirms all these suspicions and then attached to what Randall's been studying his whole life it really the whole thing just sort of unfolds in front of your eyes there's a there's a kind of perfect perfect moment in human knowledge unfolding right now we now have the knowledge of this giant cataclysm that happened 12800 years ago which is just not being taken into account at

► 01:45:57

up to now at at the same time and it's almost Eerie I'll kill logical sites are popping up all around the world that cannot be explained by the previous model of history now with all this information that you shown so far the layer that shows the massive burning of the forest the impact craters that we found the new clear glass the micro diamonds all this evidence that the immediate shift of the climate the mass extinction of a huge percentage of the large mammals is the impact

► 01:46:36

. that. Is that considered in mainstream science in mainstream science because it comes right from Main Street sign published in in the absolute leading scientific journals for your stitching it together what what nobody has done yet I think I'm probably the first person to do what is to take that evidence and consider its implications for the stories we tell ourselves about the origins of civilization very important story where did civilization come from what is it and that information is not being taken into account at all by archaeologists yet I hope they will do so in the future they need to play a very fast game of catch-up to catch up with the science on this and take it into account the right now it's not being taken into a kind of told you will not find a single ocul article document which takes account of the cataclysm that happened between 12800 and 11600 years ago

► 01:47:36

the problem is specialization in science I think so you got paleontologists looking at the extinction events looking at sea level rise glaciologists looking at all the glaciers disappeared

► 01:47:52

and we're in a position now where we need to begin synthesizing all of the Mavericks right now there's so much specialization in science that the next phase of it I think is beginning to integrated it take to create a coherent model of our past because my grandma saying a lot of the mainstream scientists have this information right if I if we look at this graph right here and you see how this Compares with the graph we just saw of the climate changes and the ocean level rise this is it says Lake place to see mortality graph and this is basically looking at Radio carbon dated fossilized remains of the extinct mammals and if you look carefully you'll see that within the range that were talking about writing here

► 01:48:50

here's your 13,000 years Spike right here is exactly the same time. And yet exactly the same as the changing of the temperature the rising of the sea levels massive Extinction event and there it is right there every one of these squares represents a fossilized remains I think the three hundred and sixty or seventy specimens that have been dated it's insanely unlikely to me that this didn't correspond with an impact on human civilization it's but it's very mainstream and considered a fact and obviously it is how is this not like it hasn't so glaring for something it raises horrible possibility for archaeology that they have been completely wrong about the origins of civilization I mean not just slightly wrong but completely wrong

► 01:49:48

because I didn't take account of this that's a horrible possibility and it's much better to just try and get rid of the doctor I'm not saying that it's a conspiracy by archaeologists I'm saying it's human nature if you're invested in a system of ideas so powerfully invested in it that your own personality is connected you just accept it it's really hard to accept your generation has to die off before a new generation comes that will be prepared to withhold not threatening threatening on the road about you but I'll be Takin Randall's right the other problem is the intense specialization of our society that's one of the strengths of our society is also one of the weaknesses of everybody is really good at one particular way it all works out that's how I want to possibly get all this work done we roll into dependent upon upon one another but there's not enough comparing notes across the the the disciplines and I guess that's where we're

► 01:50:48

my skills such as they are come in that I spent my whole life synthesizing daughter from from many different fields and that's what I'm that's that's what I'm doing but also correct me if I'm wrong but it seems like there's just no consequence to not considering this stuff there's no consequence to just ignoring it they ignore it they teach teach what they taught mainstream and they still come out smelling like a rose and everything looks great exactly and they all keep that job so yes it's because they're putting your position in danger because to me it seems like you would want to say we have some exciting news I dated. So this is how we have to reconsider what we already know already know you know about this part of the world is the pleistocene era

► 01:51:48

consider and hear all it is very excited about it they should be joyous then there's this is something here which really could change the whole picture but that's not the case it's it's it's radically opposed it just makes your education look like shit. It's really unfortunate but a lot about what I wonder is another area is that I don't know about is the same phenomenon that work at that kind of knowledge filter which is just shutting us all from what discipline would that be are you just how things are to be done with with medicine how humorous are to be handled and dealt with you know we have we have a dog my right now that it's chemotherapy and radiotherapy and on every other system is is regarded as what pseudoscience generally but maybe that's a mistake you know maybe we should be considering the possibility of these alternative therapies maybe they're better than blasting somebody with

► 01:52:48

highly radioactive material well I certainly think there's some there's some things that we don't know about the impact of nutrition and overall health and meditation and just the impact of stress and well-being and how it plays out on health factors and I think we're going to learn all that I mean I think this is probably more discussion and more more focus on that and there is on stuff like this this is our personal health is important to to all of this and that this is what I is kind of a part of a personal environment that existed absolutely road trip together. Two weeks will it run you over there anything that was a lot of video shot one of my colleagues took photographs

► 01:53:48

I love this very very very very sorry but it was an amazing road trip for me it was what the first time actually I've driven a great distance across the continental United States I've always been in this city or that's Indian picking up their plan on going to actually drive across this incredible Majestic land was it was an enormous experience for me and it made me it filled me with a sense of just how huge America is I live in this tiny Island you know Britain but

► 01:54:16

giant these open the open Skies country that they meant they called it in there it was it was a great initiation into in into a beautiful part of North America and a mysterious part of North America was great to do it with Randall because he's been walking the walk in this in this area for decades and he knows that landscape like the back of his hand as podcast right now in this is your first introduction to Randall and grandma got to go pause right now and go back to the first one gram is on the first room rentals on just do a binge just binge listen or binge-watch what are we looking at here well this is Graham trespassing how dare you I'm watching it all directions Braemar actually refer to this erratic earlier this is one of those 18010 Boulder City

► 01:55:16

a nice change in an iceberg has been this massive Rush of water had a giant rocks embedded in the iceberg float that you need an ice bag about the size of an oil tank in this is this is sitting 400 ft tube of the modern-day Columbia so we know that the water was at least this High it will actually had to been higher than this because 90% of the iceberg is under the surface of the water and how do we know that this rock wasn't there how do we know that it was carried by the wind because it's not part of the Bedrock it's sitting on top of the land surface like all of these if we we look here we've got some some other do you know where it came from do we know how far away it is or has originated by miles north of here it's it's the type of basaltic is this is has been identified I don't remember specifically but when you travel over this land you see these giant boulder

► 01:56:16

just strewn about there's a place called Boulder Park it's a tourist attraction that and you can see the size of that so they just stand out like I don't know where we know this had to have been transported aboard an iceberg for the simple reason that if it was carried within the glacier Mass like a typical Glacier Errata you wouldn't have those sharp square corners like that a glacier is ground off this thing was transported almost 200 miles from it's likely origin but this is evidence that the flooding was much more extensive than just the Missoula was on the westside of the North American Continental device just jump in there and say that it isn't any longer controversial that that was gigantic flooding in the Pacific

► 01:57:16

Northwest indeed across the whole range just south of the ice cap that that is accepted now but the very idea that there was Flooding at all was hotly opposed for four decades that was a great American geologist Cool J Harlen Bretz who was the first to document the fact that there had been colossal flooding in that area and he lived in the 1919 1920s and because he suggested that there had been a cataclysm of course he was exiled by his colleagues and eventually his daughter prevailed and he was awarded the Penrose metal the highest Award of the geological of the JLG in America in 1976 when he was like 96 years old to suck for and he said that he said so I have no one left to gloat over oh my God what is so disturbing to me that it works like that it works out what happened you see was Holland Brett's was convinced from the beginning that he was dealing and this is a very experienced fear

► 01:58:16

she'll just that he was dealing with a single humongous flood which had risen and Fallen within perhaps two weeks that was his evidence on the ground and he was attacked because people kept saying where did the water come from in a what's the source of this water and he said that's my problem I am showing you the clear unmistakable evidence of flooding on the ground flooding happened somebody else go work out where the water came from this stock the whole argument for the best part of forty years until a compromise was reached and that's the way that Randall use Missoula they said that this flooding was caused by Outburst flights from a glacial Lake that's referred to as glacial Lake Missoula because of flooding is so extensive it must have Outburst 80 or 90 x 2 cos 2 cos that was letting which completely contradicts Holly Branson view that it was a two-week flood one single event but the compromise was accepted that the cause of the flooding was glacial Lake Missoula that is now going to have to be reviewed

► 01:59:16

cause of the Comet Athens if Holland bread to J Harlen Bretz had had the information we have today he would have known instantly what caused that single humongous flood and that was the liquidizing of a huge area of the North American ice cap instantly and the floods that followed it's so fascinating that the sessions of a few people come together like this and you can kind of piece these things together on a podcast Randall what is this crazy images show up before catastrophism had been completely exercised from mainstream geology and this was Louis figure I think was his name who speculated that the ice sheets over Northwestern Europe it catastrophically melt it down and he had an illustration in his geology text which perfectly captures how these larger attics are actually being transported aboard these icebergs and you can see the scale of the thing in this is the kind of

► 02:00:16

whole forests are about to be washed away here and this this this image one first time I saw it I thought the kind of field evidence that we've we've been looking at here so that's why I've included this year cuz it helps to visualize what we're talkin about

► 02:00:35

we've got some enter this was a place that gram and I visited here which really spectacular only he embodies this whole phenomenon this is known as it's Dry Falls Cataract and it's about five miles wide and I'm going to show you this ground photographs in a couple of aerial photographs of it so you can kind of get the scale of the thing I disagree thing is anybody can go there this is this is on the loud it's not it's it's hours to look at we don't go and see this is amazing trip to see it you could go there Joe they would let you in there to see you then

► 02:01:06

where were you trespassing huge 18000 ton Boulder has is surrounded by notices switch say no trespassing I trespassed I mean the thing is made it by salt and my foot is not going to do it anyhow so it's it's not like I think it is actually a private for-profit the first time I went outside perspective element has pretty much right around it so overrun it but no evidence he has got to accumulate your evidence by Camp or condos go up there that's also noticed that there's a series of these alcoves hear that that these horseshoe-shaped on the image of Dry Falls

► 02:02:06

these images right yeah well people who go in Google dim online but they'll see them right now on YouTube if they watch the YouTube version to show which is which is a modern cataract receding Cataract and this this horseshoe shape is very typical of the way water Willow Road Bedrock because water flows faster in the middle of the stream there for the roads faster in the middle and not so much as you get towards the margins and so it creates is classic horseshoe-shaped profile and that's what we're seeing here at Dry Falls and this is just one of the alcoves of about half a dozen of the alcoves that we saw in the the map of it by the way this is a monstrously big waterfall off to the left of the picture is is where I'm actually enters a photograph in grams book taken

► 02:03:01

from go back we skipped over there it is this is the Viewpoint in this is Horseshoe Falls of Niagara superimposed on Dry Falls so you can get a sense of the state so Niagara Falls is a tiny tiny little thing by comparison with this ancient fossilized waterfall which dates back 12800 years Niagara Falls is the result of twelve thousand more years of work of the River Drive between upper and lower Grand Coulee in Washington state is the result of two weeks of flooding 10 times bigger plus more than how many how many times bigger and a half times is high and the discharge thousand cubic feet per second maximum

► 02:03:51

book the discharge over Grand Coulee was somewhere between 300 and 400 million cubic feet per second or another words somewhere between 10 and 20 times the combined flow of every river on Earth flowing all at once the height of this Scarface your this Cliff is about 400 feet are coming over was about four hundred feet deep so if you are here visualize seat witnessing this at the peak of the flood you wouldn't fact even see a waterfall what you would see is this massive 10 mile wide river choked with icebergs and debris and whole Forest that river is Flowing at what's 67 divided in us and then only at the latter stages of it where did actually have been a waterfall as good as the Water Source was dissipating as the water was declining you would have the finals

► 02:04:51

age of it being a waterfall then eventually the water. And what you have today is this fossilized feature this massive and this is only one of about a half a dozen

► 02:05:02

cheese comparable size cataracts we didn't get to see potholes or Frenchman Coulee next time for how many others anybody listening to this if you can do so get up to Washington State and go visit upper and lower Grand Coulee it's a stunning stunning landscape is a great trip to make and you can see the evidence on the ground and what you see here is once you begin to understand cataract formation and in you understand the morphology of a cataract you look at something like this and what you're looking at is cataracts extinct out in Canyonlands Utah and massively scale but no geologist she hears a problem geologist haven't been focused on catastrophism what they've been doing they work for the government that work for the oil companies they're more interested in what's down below the mantle gas the oil and Stephanie has another point I'd like to add to that Randall as to why geologists have nots

► 02:06:02

focused on the catastrophes geology a science science in effect defined itself as being different from religious Superstition so the notion of the great flood that we find in the Bible became a very discredited notion in science and and a bite but by association with that any suggestion of a great cataclysm in the past with Cena's superstitious Behavior to be shunned completely by The squeaky-clean Shining usciences who must never take that into account so any geologist who dares to propose a cataclysmic episode is up against that right away that his colleagues don't want to go there because they are afraid that they're going to be accused of buying into Noah's flood or whatever that's so unfortunate but it's true and then this is the this is the promise of catastrophism and uniformitarianism in the prevailing Dogma in geology is

► 02:07:02

do uniformitarian Dogma which is basically to say the way we see things in the world today that's how it's always been it's never going to change the mainstream understanding of those those those four nations like what when they look at those the Utah ones for some gigantic Utah I have searched and searched and I find nothing they just don't explain it they don't explain look how pretty do you think the flooding went as far south as Utah has to be torrential rain right Association of this of this impact yes this is huge impact on the ice cap an enormous amount of watery material is throwing up into the end into the atmosphere not only water but also mud and and you get this rain out which comes down for a long. After that and I'm not necessarily saying that all of that was stripped in one event because the pleistocene is basically two and a half million

► 02:08:01

2.8 + 2.6 million is the latest dating of it there's been probably a dozen or two dozen ice ages that have come and gone

► 02:08:12

give me the evidence I'm seeing suggest that the transition from glacial to interglacial and back again is not a smooth process in fact it's probably highly catastrophic not necessarily as catastrophic as the event were talking about 12800 years ago but certainly catastrophic enough that we're in event of equivalent magnitude happen today we could maybe not cause a mass extinction but we could certainly pulled the plug on Modern civilization until this this picture is interesting because what it does is it it it shows that you know your travel over the abyss landscape explain what this picture is and where is it now this is this is in Western Montana and this is place called Dry Creek and what this is it's just a gravel pit but what you see here is deposits caused by surging flood waters moving up tributary valleys loaded with sediment and

► 02:09:12

one of the things that a Stratego Farrar sedimentologist looks at is you notice how their tilted you see how the layers are tilted okay that's an indication of which direction the water is moving the tilting goes down in the direction that the water is Flowing so what we see here is massive turbulent sediment-laden flood water back flooding Upper Valley surging leaving deposits and then flowing back out followed by another wave followed by another wave

► 02:09:46

for now for 13,000 years 12,000 years this material has been laying there and you see that there's Forest growing over it okay people traveling over this landscape don't see what's under their feet you say but once you get an outcrop like this and you understand and you can read what you're seeing here then suddenly it becomes apparent that the that the very Hilton landscape that we live on our cities on and our highways that were playing out all these under our feet is the evidence of previous world you have to understand that what you're looking at there is the debris of a former world that was pulverized by these floods carried and deposited and now a new world has emerged out of that and on top of this wreckage this 1098 form of world existed I believe an advanced civilization that is memorized in missing Traditions all around the world

► 02:10:46

that is being ridiculed by archaeologists but it is insistent and the evidence keeps on coming forward it all makes sense it really does it's it's all shocking and stunning and fantastic but it all makes sense I think it does make sense and I think it's it's it's something is part of the human Heritage it's something that we we all have to get to grips with again this is one of the things I find in encouraging about developments in the world today is a more and more people do appear to be thinking for themselves you know that there was a time when we we took the word of Specialists dr. axe or Professor why I said this I don't have to be true. That was so actually when I wrote Fingerprints of the Gods in 1995 that was the first argument was the argument from Authority the authorities say this kind of be so bad for it is not sell at a lot of people just just bought that what's changed I think in the last 20 years is that that that

► 02:11:46

that's subservience to Authority has gone away it hasn't gone away completely but we don't trust Authority anymore rightly in properly because we being lied to by authority figures and we know they lied to us and we saw the evidence whether it's politicians or big corporations are you know what the big religions that there's not there's an uprising against this and then this session of individual will and out of individual intellect to inquire into the past and I think that but that's why this this information now has a tis is coming at a time where is falling on non fertile ground they will still be a lot of resistance to it we can expect that resistance to be fierce and to go on but things are shifting in the world just as our picture of the past is Shifting so I picture of who we are and what we meant to be doing here is Shifting as well have you guys thought about coming together and doing a documentary I'd love to do a documentary Robert you guys together it's a must do it made it just seems like the book is I'm sure going to be fantastic but this guy

► 02:12:46

people are just not going to read a book The documentaries are so easy are you just do is open your stupid mouth and lay down you know turn on Netflix and you know you can absorb it is highly visual material is a little pet shop have never asked for this before what I what am I asking to those who value and appreciate my work and feel that I'm doing something useful in the world please support my work by getting this book because that is the best way to put one finger up to the mainstream archaeology wants this book to go away they want it to be forgotten it will never be reviewed in any mainstream newspaper it will never be written about that will be no articles about it and probably no television coverage I the only thing that can make the difference is people voting with their feet and I'm I'm asking about now what people thought he might work or shoot shoot fans of your

► 02:13:46

parent is here and you choose fans of your work and if this is this is the latest and greatest of short people going to go out and buy in droves so magicians of the Gods get on Amazon you can get it on your website and get a pretty much everywhere and of my website and old all the links in the whole the whole background on the on the book is there I usually

► 02:14:08

appreciates deeply appreciate the support that my readers have given me I would be nothing without my readers that's why every time I do an event I sit there for two to three hours off to its talking to people and signing books because the readers are the most important people in my Inn in my in my universe and their bare were there who give me strength without without my readers I'm literally nothing and I bought you a nun appreciate the mother Jenny Across America now and I'm speaking in many many different cities and the whole program is up on my website on the toy box in the back to make sure we tweet that stuff and get that information now and I'll get that information out for the day by the entirety of the time you're here just let me know where you're going to be and I'll let everybody know I will when you going to be there since we're plugging I'd like to plug I got this what is that well it say about a four and a half hour presentation Graphics video clips animations and saw you

► 02:15:07

what is it what is it called Cosmic patterns and cycles of catastrophe website I think Cameron will show her who you know that you introduced us has I think he's doing a special on it now okay 33% off or something so what is the actual URL of the website it would be sacred geometry international.com there is James pulled it up right there so Cosmic patterns and cycles of catastrophe 33.33% off what is that all about it in there somewhere be a reference I think it probably corresponds so I really think that you guys have to do one of these things together as a documentary I mean I think it's just I think someone out there someone's listening to this

► 02:16:07

probably some Cokes that we don't want doing this documentary but there's got to be somebody out there that's legit when you sneeze to find them and put it together really important figure in this field and he's very pleased very modest and he's been standing back and and you know he's not not being out there enough it's time that people understood the Fantastic knowledge that this man has under the ground experience you can't beat that. Randalin jobs early 2000s right anymore quote on 10 years ago I think it was quite a while ago and we had this conversation after my show and we were just sit and talk to me it's about the Holocene and all these different impacts and I remember walking away from for quite a while after the show but I remember going that might be the craziest fucking post-show conversation I've ever had has usually taken

► 02:17:07

comedy show you have a conversation with people you know Hey where's a good place to eat and how do you like Atlanta flooding me with information on Mike who is this guy well I remember walking away from it going I had no idea that Joe Rogan really related to all this stuff cuz I'd like to say something about you Joe Sofia dominant I travel all around the world and I give presentations in in just countries everywhere and Everywhere I Go people come up to me and they said Joe Rogan sent this to you we know about your work because of because of Joe Rogan and I see that what you're doing is exploring many many controversial areas and you were in your show you're in a position of power and your listeners just as my readers Are My Strength your listeners are your strengths they put you in a position of power but you're a person who's using that power for something really good there are so many people who are powerful

► 02:18:07

in the world of the media who just wasted away on trivia and nothing you are bringing new information to people around the world and I can tell you cuz I meet them every time I give an event you are enormously appreciated but I appreciate that very much and I appreciate you guys and I appreciate the show because this this whole thing came about without any planning this show just sort of became itself it's almost like I was I was just happy to be there to germinate it or something I just try to get out of my own way as much as possible and follow my curiosity and the beautiful thing about people like you guys without you take away you and fingerprints of the Gods take away you and what are we looking at I mean this is a very rare when you have two human beings that without them an entire field of study would be Barren of a great deal of its information I mean you have John Anthony West and Robert schoch when you were obviously a part of all that I want

► 02:19:07

absolutely fascinating fascinating fascinating guy I've ever seen in my life and if you've got the time in the attention span to sit down and watch all of them it is amazing amazing John more than anybody else who opened my mind to the mysteries of of ancient Egypt Fantastic Beasts series is just one pedal one unfolding of the great flower of information so that it that you guys are presenting and I think that another name I drop in there which is Robert Duvall the original Garage in theory he's done so much to bring back attention to the importance of the skies in the ancient world and what it means for our understanding of our past and again his evidence also points back

► 02:20:07

this. Of 12800 years ago and while we're at Robert schoch stuck his neck out for Boss University and one of the first mainstream Scholars that went out on the limb and said we are absolutely looking at water erosion rubbish truck is a key figure in this field he's very courageous to have to to be a mainstream academic to be a professor of geology of busted it was John West who introduced Robert Shaw to the notion that the Sphinx might be much older but the weathering on it didn't fit with the with the picture of history of John took rubbish of the Egyptian rubber Chuck went with the doctor and he stuck his neck out and he's taking a lot of criticism Syntax for it that he's a very very important player in this field will all of you guys are just massively Master important this is such a unique and satisfying object of curiosity from for me at least when it when I start thinking about these things it's almost like little things start firing off my brain it's so it's so exciting I mean it's horrific to think about the poor people that live back then that got hit by

► 02:21:07

massive impacts and Vivid did this deed the aftermath of it all must have been insane but to think about now in 2015 the slow unveiling of all this data and information I need as you as it all gets into focus and you try to get a clearer and clearer view of what could have possibly happened in the past I find it so where to buy enriching and fascinating to me one of the most exciting aspects of other potential of archaeology just to be able to discover like it's suddenly the pieces fall into place and we understand what we forgot and again it's immense that statement that you made that resonated with me that we are a civilization with apnea sure we got knocked on the head and we lost a lot of lost a lot of that haunting sense of incompleteness within within so many of us

► 02:22:07

from that lost memory I feel this like any amnesiac has a sense of something missing whole species has. I think what makes this really so potent is the fact that there are considerable implications for our future and wraps up the book really is his about our future you know and in once now that we've integrated this information into our worldview you know what is it imply in terms of of where we go from here because one of the things that I track and if you could shut that throw this up on the screen for just a second I'm going to speed through something really quick here so that you can kind of get the impression 1989 1989 let me get

► 02:22:51

let me just a giant asteroid makes clothes call by Earl Reynolds fixing that let's also lets you also remind that we had a close relative they close pause with 1/2 kilometer wide actually bit of a comet just over Halloween the interesting thing is that Massa only found that objective on the 10th of October and it okay missed us it cost about the distance of the Moon from the Earth is the key thing is that they only found it a few days before it pops no, and how many other objects are out there in about a half a kilometer wide Xavier was of a hundred fifty to two hundred times the volume of tunguska and when you look at the universe and just look at our galaxy the size of our galaxy look at our solar system besides of our

► 02:23:51

solar system that is literally like getting grazed by a bullet are well a half a kilometer compared to the earth that's not big think think of right if I wouldn't do much but if I accelerate it to a thousand feet per second it's going to cause extreme trauma right but now we're looking at these asteroids fly, debris and there are 10 times 20 times the speed of a rifle bullet 50 60 70 thousand miles per hour of something like that is inconceivable it's like Graham said I mean to talk about you have to take

► 02:24:44

our entire nuclear arsenal of the peak of the Cold War detonated all at once and even that would only be a fraction of the forces Unleashed nope no watch this I'm going to go through this real real quick here and you'll get the idea I think that where we're at because astronomers are looking out into our Cosmic environment and this is what they're like most of us are listening 9mm close to the Earth since 1991

► 02:25:18

right. It was read that asteroid estimates are too low this was on a 2000 dangerous sorry dangerous asteroids have been underestimated by at least 20% say astronomers according to read recent calculations are between 750 and 900 asteroids let me tell you that number has changed over 2,000 we're not looking at the estimates are now that it's a hundred thousand potentially Earth destroying objects that are on earth Crossing Obits this isn't this is an estimate only identified a tiny fraction of what's out there and again I'm not saying this cuz I want to spread gloom-and-doom I'm saying that I'm saying this because we have the capacity to do something about it it takes Goodwill on the part of the human race to stop wasting money on stupid stupid Pursuits particularly Warfare on to apply at Resorts those resources

► 02:26:18

to sweep and clean on Cosmic environment the technology already exists a massive shift in our attention like there has to almost be an event takes place that that makes people wake up right we have willed asteroid day right now so prominent figures are behind it like Brian May I think he's one of the guitarist with Queen if I remember correctly the desert that that they're right there is publicity around so cold world asteroid day but nobody's taking it seriously don't take anything seriously unless it's Max us like people quit cigarettes until they get cancer there's something about human beings that we don't consider the possible we have this idea in her head that we return all and we're going to live forever and everything's going to be fine just I just need a new Lexus you know you mean watch that I've had my eye on his laptop but I want to buy it if something happened if a massive Collision hit China and wiped out like several million.

► 02:27:18

and then cause the entire Earth to go into nuclear winter crops died and makes parents parents Global famine then something like that then that we would wake up and go all right let's talk let's see if we have a repeat of us can 1908 I think that would be enough to do this incident in Russia that was last year there was a God on all those dashboard cameras apparently there's so much like a insurance crime and so many collisions with each other it's a lot of people over Russia have dash cams say right I was wondering because of those. That's how we have all this footage of these these meteors that blew up in the atmosphere and didn't even land but we we have some from inside schools were people were watching like this thing happened to go down and that was nothing that was a fraction

► 02:28:18

the size of the tunguska but nobody was killed you see if it's been if it's been a little steeper you might have been looking at 1500 deaths rather than just 1,500 injuries I think that would have been a wake-up call perhaps maybe not enough to to reorient civilization but I guarantee you it's over a major inhabited area of the globe wiping out a million people I can't imagine that that wouldn't have some kind of effect on our attitude towards our are in our vulnerability in the cosmos and make people think maybe there's something bigger we need to be paying attention to hear rather than you know how to realize we're not we're not invulnerable this is the illusion created by by modern technology it's like we have a war on terror

► 02:29:18

Congress a useful project is actually do something that could benefit and instead of these asteroids are actually extraordinary sources of resource natural resources Platinum from the earth now exist in those asteroids that are threatening the planet and we're not that far away from being able to develop the Technologies in the industry's to actually going in rendezvous with an asteroid course it's it's it's a matter of like Grandma saying I mean this last Halloween asteroid they didn't find but a couple of weeks before I pass by the Earth so we need a lot more capabilities of seeing what's out there and we're developing a very slow pace

► 02:30:17

how to fix this isn't just about the pasta is Randall said this is also about the future of the human race and what we do and how we how we live on this on this gorgeous planet that the Universe gave us and then how we pay back for being given that opportunity and so that the current ideas are to somehow or another nudge these asteroids out of the way that's about 10 different Technologies to do what you don't really want to do is to blow it up with a nuke it right because then you get a shot instead of a single bullet could do a lot of harm as well and it may even push it into a more catastrophic obit you don't want to do that but what you can do for example is to change the reflectivity of one side of the asteroid or Comet fragment you can alter that you effectively paint it and that affects the sun's radiation upon it and that would be enough to shift it slightly out of its course there are a lot of there a lot of techniques and suggestions or nudges that this is you put your finger on exactly the right way

► 02:31:17

are the technologies that you just nudged these things you just don't need just don't need to do much and you put them into a safe place instead of a dangerous place such a bizarre idea that there's hundreds of thousands of killers out there you just have to excuse me over there please and then also we have to look out for all of them the ones that are coming from down there the ones they're coming from up here three dimensional space. I got to look out for you to think I look at the sky and asteroids not coming our way from wearing fucker it came out or being expelled from the Sun was like a second sun in the sky and that was because that that summertime Torrance stream is coming from behind the Sun and and so yeah you can't see him because of the gravity

► 02:32:17

the sun does not affect how we see things behind it anyway yeah it should do it should warps warps like so like something could be coming from behind the sun we wouldn't be literally would not even see if we would have the mass and gravity the sun if it was in the right area sphere

► 02:32:40

Siri into the atmosphere that was obviously a long time ago and it was not nearly as much observation the skies is there are today right these are the the steps that we we need to take we need to grow up as a as a species we need to leave our our childhoods bit behind it's interesting to speculate what would happen if we had an impact on the scale that happens 12800 years ago and I'm pretty sure that it would mean if it if it were allowed to happen but it would mean the end of our civilization this this civilization would go down this is a very intensely specialized civilization I think that the just-in-time principle is that we have two day or 3 Day food supply in our cities you interrupt that and you have a kind of Walking Dead scenario within within a week you know it's not it's not bad that this this civilization is appears to be very strong but in fact it's very fragile and it could easily fall

► 02:33:40

pot and so many of us in the Westin technological World actually have no survival skills whatsoever we don't know how to survive because we depend for our survival upon the complex network of society who would survive a cataclysm like that would be the hunter-gatherers people like the hunter-gatherers of the Kalahari in southern Africa or the hunter-gatherers of the Amazon basin you know the make of the world those who are not taking into account in the world at all today they're the ones who quit both with the the the knowledge and the Psychological Resources to deal with a situation like that and to carry the human story forward and I just want to to make sure if I can if I can play some part in this I just want to make sure that the descendants of those hunter-gatherer is 10000 years in the future are not remembering safely and vaguely a great Lost Civilization a magical civilization which had the ability to

► 02:34:39

go to the Moon which have the ability to one person could speak to another person on the other side of the planet jakku magical powers which was destroyed because of its own arrogance and cruelty and that Lost Civilization of course would be us has been disturbing me as I got older is the idea of print about books is sort of going away and everything is becoming digital and digital to the form that you can only read with an operating system on a computer and a CPU and on a chance if it without all that it's nothing they said they could a hard drive it's just there's nothing to take away take away the hook. The software and it'll never be right again what evidence would there be a thousand years from now of us if something were to happen like this with anybody might be some computer disks but the the descendants of that I would have no idea what they were even if they did they'd have no way of accessing a thousand years now they would deteriorate to nothing anyone nothing all the plastic wood

► 02:35:39

Don everything just be a complete a complete mess if you developed a mythology around this whole scenario and then you projected it onto the night sky so that Generations later they would tell these Tales based upon did the mythological figures juxtaposed on the night sky and in there would be the story because it's there it's it's all the whole Mythos Western mythology has been juxtaposed on to the fixed stars and so that's one way of preserving information is massive Stone architecture the Great Pyramid in Rhodes the dimensions of our planets yes measure the base perimeter of the Great Pyramid and * 43200 and you get the app

► 02:36:39

Boreal circumference of the earth why that number though why well that's the key thing and I'll come to that in a second if I met you take the height of the Great Pyramid multiply that by 43200 and you get the polar radius of the Earth actually supposed to snow this but they say it's a complete coincidence coz what's the significance of the number for t3200 but actually it's highly significant number it's a number that is found embedded in mythology all around the world and it is a multiple of the number 72 is likely 600 * 72 + 72 is the heartbeat of the processional cycle one degree of change every 72 yes so what they've actually done is they've given us the dimensions of our planet on a scale defined by emotion of the planet itself and that in my shoe is incredibly clever way to pass information down to the Future that way they could be sure that any astronomical illiterate Society could work this out the information would be there so and all those Dark Ages when we had no no

► 02:37:39

college that we even lived on a planet or what its Dimensions were those Dimensions were encoded into the injuring structure of the Great Pyramid of Monument as the Arab say that time itself would fear the Great Pyramids themselves the Great Pyramid of Giza in particular is so spectacular that it almost it almost makes you go with man there had to be something going on we must be missing part of this picture cuz you're talking about something that would be of course of course we could we can make can you make a stone that's the size of one of the stones in the Great Pyramid yeah yeah well then we can make the pyramid but how long would it take an unwed would be the will have to be perfect at the top the way it says yeah right now it's like you can't be off by a fraction of an inch otherwise you have a corkscrew instead of a pyramid

► 02:38:39

play sitting in my view in the encoding and coding knowledge but also working on on human consciousness I've had the privilege to be alone inside the Great Pyramid not surrounded by hundreds of others and as the silence descends this sense of intelligence seems to come out from the wall something is speaking to you there and I think that possibly what it was designed to do was to affect human consciousness I need a weird way it's still doing so so magnificent incredible that you just go whoa and also the sensory deprivation element inside the so-called King's chamber which had nothing to do with any King was amazing Granite geometrical Room 300 feet above the ground in the heart of the Great Pyramid has that silence descends you feel this Monument begin to speak to you it's almost like it's shy and put 50 people in there and the dialogue goes away be in there alone listen to The Silence of it starts to speak wow that's amazing

► 02:39:39

it's just it's such a special thing that we have this this area where you can see these ancient structures and and causes your mind to wander and and think about these things these possibilities when you add that to all the information that you guys have accumulated over the course of your study and your research it sit sit amazing amazing thing to consider should mention another site out today which is good in Patong in Indonesia and again I have a couple of chapters on this in the in the new book is a man died pyramid at it's been found about 30 about 3 hours Drive West of Bandon on the island of java and for a long time it was thought to be a relatively young megalithic site there's a megalithic site on top of what was thought to be a natural hell but now an amazing Indonesian Joe just called any Hillman Ottawa Georgia has been over it with his team they've done ground-penetrating radar and size

► 02:40:39

tomography on the whole structure and they've also put drill cores down into it and they have pulled up remnants of man-made material associated with dateable organic material that goes back twenty thousand years it goes back right into the last ice age this is a 20000 year old pyramid and sitting in Indonesia and it's one of the most exciting breaking stories in archaeology and typically because the discovery work has been done by a geologist Indonesian archaeologists are wanting the whole works. This is it right here that those are going to put on not so it's so for example fed from the right from the left eye mean that one yeah that's the that's the known megalithic site on top of what is now understood to be a completely man-made pyramid we sold this is accepted only by geologist not by archaeologists

► 02:41:38

I would like the resources are being spent on this to be spent on our projects instead and in fact they loaded with the Indonesian government under the excavations have been temporarily halted I think that it will go ahead again I think what it what is the evidence that shows what's the geological evidence shows that this is Festival the ground-penetrating radar the picture of what is inside this shows us that it is a man-made Hill not a natural hill secondly that it contains three large chambers within it one of them at least as large as the king's chamber in the Great Pyramid huge cavities regular in shape which have not yet been excavated and thirdly that the date of this site puts us back to 20,000 years right to the last glacial maximum when Indonesia didn't look at all the way it looks today Indonesia 20,000 years ago was part of a giant continent that Jill just called Cole Swindell Swindell on the shelf that they wasn't a peninsula Malaysian Peninsula and the Thousand Islands of Indonesia

► 02:42:38

it was a massive lamb on that land mass was submerged predominantly between 12811 thousand six hundred years ago this site sits in an area of high land which was never submerged and it looks to me again I'm I'm speculating because the excavation has been stopped but it looks to me as does Gobekli Tepe like it like a time capsule something that takes us back tonight that earlier. And I'm in fact when we're looking for A Lost Civilization I think we should be looking all over the world Plato made it clear that the Atlantis wasn't just the island it was admitted projected is power all around the world Indonesia is a very fruitful area for further investigation and I did a huge research trip in Indonesian I saw megaliths that it just unaccounted for the archaeologists never been done there's a giant megalithic culture and not in that island and very cool some couches on Indonesia are still making megaliths today they're they're still doing it it did continues the same

► 02:43:38

tradition so we're looking at this what are you what are you guys saying I'm saying Hell I seen a bunch of rocks is the known megalithic site which has correctly been dated to 2,500 years ago when you say megalithic site by the way into into regular patterns the Giant's Causeway in Ireland is columnar basalt column that bass out when it comes naturally forms in vertical formations it's a very useful Building Material it can be broken up into blocks and when you see them laid out horizontally like this you know absolutely that human beings have been involved and that they have made the site but what's really interesting is what's underneath what we're saying that what's been revealed by the ground-penetrating radar and the drill cores that is that is really fascinating because that has not been taken into account by archaeology at all and that's where we need to do this way

► 02:44:38

we going to recover a lost passport in Tunisia is one of the places we need to be doing it so I'm just seeing a bunch of stones yeah that's what it appears to be the case that that site was put there because there was an ancient memory that this was a sacred site the word the name Kong in the Indonesian language doesn't seem to mean very much it means Mountain field but in the Sudanese language which is the language that is spoken around going to head on what going to happen and means is mountain of Enlightenment suggestion that it's connected to an ancient system of knowledge it's one of many sites that are appearing around the world now that don't sit with the mainstream picture so this sort of parallel some of the ideas about the Old Kingdom in Egypt and the ancient structures were the new structures are built on top of them and as they dig deeper into the

► 02:45:38

find a find different construction methods that represent in older times a thousand years old underneath what what didn't you eat this rainy images we could look at or anything that we could say other than this but I have a luncheon I know she went to grab the image above that's an artist rendition of it would look like. It's tradition which I don't value it said that almost takes the form of misinformation I need to be looking at the real thing there isn't that not there that's painting you have your cursor just don't it just break her that that is an artist's interpretation of what good on put on would have looked like in its original 24 it became overgrown this actually exists to this gigantic megalithic structure that was created by human beings Advanced civilization beyond a shadow of a doubt twenty thousand years ago

► 02:46:38

by the global spots of 12800 years ago and that became completely different from how it was before before that what was the area that had that gigantic supervolcano detonation 7000 years ago, but that's another reason Asian store that is Indonesia and that that is literally where a massive amount of the population of the Earth of human beings was wiped out May 17th about human population went down to just two thousand individual cheese in my the show sometimes I species hangs by a thread

► 02:47:21

sometimes we hang by a thread that was one of those times that is crazy the idea that the Earth can have a hiccup and that's not even an asteroid that's the Earth itself. Belches destroys the environment to the point where creates nuclear winter kills all the crops mostly animals died two thousand people scratch and Claw by the way the existence wow and always 70,000 years ago so it's 50,000 years before this so the 50. So there's been a series of these yes and we as a species of kind of Johnston and out of them and from time to time they have radically changed our story our Hubris in treating hard drives hard drives and flash drives and computers and phones and no one remembers anything I got bad news I maybe know for phone numbers you know we don't use the power of memory anymore then we don't write anything down

► 02:48:21

going to survive any sort of a disaster a body of symbolisms it's been handed down at least since the Middle Ages and you have a lot of

► 02:48:40

you're currently active Masons who in order to become Master Masons have to memorize a tremendous amount of information most of them don't have a clue as to what it means even though they're told right into ritual if you want understand this you have to understand astronomy first of all you have to understand geometry and the number of other things but a tremendous amount of memory work is involved and this is the ancient system the oral Traditions involved memory on a massive scale being able to recite verbatim things that might take you hours to recite and we like you guys are just discuss what we're losing that ability and and this is you know to me it's it's regrettable that Freemasonry has gotten such a bad rap with all of these silly conspiratorial things in the last in the age of the internet

► 02:49:40

does as an accusation Graham Hancock is a Freemason well first off I'm not a Freemason I've never been a Freemason I never will be a Freemason because I'm not a joiner I don't join clubs my my job is to write books on the end if I if I join a particular Club that's going to compromise my ability to do that I have given lectures in Masonic lodges I've been invited to give lectures there and I am very interested to talk to me you know I'm not I'm not amazing myself and it is strange that there is this idea that Freemasonry is is connected to some kind of global conspiracy I think it's much more complicated than my boy interesting. Well it's an ancient like as you said in an ancient way of sort of storing and passing down knowledge and ideas with me I'm sure this bunch of wacky people are involved in it to most of them are largely a male drinking

► 02:50:40

there's no drinking in the lodge in the large is a large itself but okay I'm out

► 02:50:51

well yeah drinking does mess with your memory though so I see that Paul has Agent Orange what's one of the things that so confusing about our money right and so conspiratorially debated about the the origins of the symbolism on our money the pyramid with the eye ball on top of it and if somebody theories as to what this means that means and look at the way they'd structured when Washington DC where the Pentagon is and where all these different buildings are all the Mason stuff and I want to take over the world and I don't know but it's a station of it now but it tracks back a long way into the past and it shows that that ideas can be passed down below the radar can survive and can continue

► 02:51:51

on top of the pyramid man I would love to go back to the dude who created the dollar bill and go what are you doing what the fuck you are good right pyramid with an eyeball what it meant to them what is it supposed to symbolize you know it doesn't the Eye of Horus represent the pineal gland that's a good argument actually looks like they're the pineapple from a side profile looks exactly like it looks like it and we know that DMT was available in ancient Egypt ancient Egyptian Tree of Life is occasionally Optica which is rich in DMT and it's and it's Bach that's also the tree that they're considering the date that modern Jerusalem Scholars have attached to Moses in the burning bush the burning bush being the source of divinity that are the source of of God of divine

► 02:52:51

College God being burning bush and that bush being the acacia tree the acacia tree being rich and DMT made only makes sense if you try to break it down and translate it if that's if anybody was done being knows what a profound and life-changing experience I can be and how there is this feeling when you do it that you are connecting to some sort of divine entity that we have to look at Jamie put it up there well it's at Tiffany you find this in all kinds of masonic that's spooky a haircut juxtaposition of different symbols and they all have an interpretation right you see the old man father time but he holds the sickle father has wings wings time flies

► 02:53:51

the circle is a symbol for the comment I'm going to go ahead and the, spell some

► 02:54:01

you know the word, comes from the Latin cometa or come eat. Which means what

► 02:54:07

long hair right long alarm had star think of that is the hair of the, yes it's right there that's just saw that about in in the Masonic symbolism Acacia represents Resurrection wreck represents restoration after in the Masonic you have the the death of the master builder and the raising of the master builder and the symbolism for this weather ultimately I think those back to the death and resurrection of a Cyrus in the death and Resurrection

► 02:55:07

all of these God figures in history which could be dying and Resurrection God's University the God standing in human civilization and she's she's actually we think she's holding in her left hand side bohrium which was a symbol from Alchemy and in the Masonic since its container to get the Alchemy takes place at which you might speculate is maybe the extraction of the DMT from the vacation say it looks almost like one of those incense holders value put those you get an incense cone you put it in to put the lid on that in the intense comes to that and she's looking at a book and she's looking at a book right and then the book is sitting on a broken column the broken column actually that what that represents is very well depicted in this next image here

► 02:56:03

which was basically the lost the destruction of the Lost Civilization and that's what she renewed Phoenix like out of the ashes of the previous one. Of drugs and then you go back to this see it's all there and once you begin to understand that the symbolism of this you can begin to read it just like a a book or a manuscript almost and there we see the 19th century depiction of you know the destruction of Civilization by my comment by a comet and it's interesting stuff but there's a lot of work in that is this a universal description like the way our interpretation of what you're saying because as everyone agree on that

► 02:57:03

basically most of them will look at it and really not really understand all that's pretty but in many different cultures are, Tis the long head star and sometimes the cosmic serpent sometimes it's a serpent has trying to read like you know she's trying to give her a massage trying to be he's kind of being creepy

► 02:57:40

what do you say I'm going to write a comment and immediately to the left of the comic have a lunar Crescent and then you have the Seven Stars and what is the Seven Stars usually depict the please do you say which are part of the Taurus constellation of the piece playing an important part is not only the Masonic ritual but in many Traditions Traditions they're even clearly depicted in the Hall of bulls in last gal in France 17000 years ago a depiction of a constellation of Taurus with the Pleiades clearly marked on the shoulder of the of the bull so anybody who argues that there was no ancient knowledge of the zodiacal constellations go to Lasco and you'll realize that was in your Lotus down here there's the ark which of course is symbolism the great flood and you've got a lot of things going on here you've got the coffin with the acacia growin

► 02:58:40

what you're an important role over and over and over as a very important role and he would help sure has been radically underestimated on misunderstood by my house colors is there any depictions in the ancient world of utilization of DMT of smoking there's many depictions of the ancient Egyptian ancient Egyptian figure holding some kind of pipe and now that we know that occasionally logica is a DMT Rich tree and the ancient Egyptians certainly had the chemical knowledge to extract DMT from that Bach the very word chemistry actually comes from the name of ancient Egypt which was Kemet but the black line that's where we get the word chemistry from we can be pretty sure what they were smoking there is a particular scene by the way where we see another Vision real agent the datura plant raised

► 02:59:40

home of datura flowers are descending into the brow into the third eye of the initiate it in in in that image is all there you just have to take it out and look for it and I look for it with eyes that are willing to see that's the crucial thing I've never seen the Egyptian hieroglyphs of them holding a pipe

► 03:00:00

oh yeah there's this many

► 03:00:05

wow so what are we looking at here Randall another version of these old Masonic carpets but the thing that you're going to look at here what did beehive thing in the lower left hand corner there yeah that seems to be over and over again yesterday is it a form of I will agriculture I'll fill you in on that someday these were a symbol of royalty in ancient Egypt should be probably beyond what we can get into another show it's another show on bees look at what's one of the main concerns we have today is that are cell phone signals and a lot of the pesticides were using are killing off B's cell phone signals are apparently like

► 03:01:05

confusing bees and messing them up in the Wi-Fi on all the waves radio waves different things the atmosphere interfere with our communication but then on top of that the pesticides were putting on crops all this and then there's diseases that bees are getting we have a serious problem with the honey bee population and to have that as a big part of their culture to have bees as a big part of their culture says something went in The Witcher superficially toll in the Masonic ritual is the bees are a symbol of industry but when you're being to look into it the Beehive itself is interesting architecture Ali you know because what it does it has the maximum volume to weight ratio virtually of any structure but there's other considerations there as well which again is it is another show but if you look carefully right up in here you'll notice there's a twin Comet twin stars you see the Tails and you'll notice that you know that, it's their tails

► 03:02:05

are always pointing away from the Sun they're not like Trails behind like the wake of a boat they're pointing away from the Sun you say and if you look at this you see you've got the sun right here and you got these moving away the heart is a symbol for the Earth the sword is another symbol for the comment

► 03:02:28

so all of this all of this mystery surrounds us and all of it takes us back to a time that we forgotten and and we need to know about that time we need to we need to recover my memory did the did the human species is in a kind of broken state right now psychologically you can see it in the world this is the this miasma of hatred and fear and suspicion that are just in Galloping the whole world and we are being divided artificially from one another one truly we are all brothers and sisters and we need to recover that knowledge if we're to move forward to the future I don't that note I also want to thank you for another thing Joe which is for smoking me out last September I had three years of abstinence from marijuana and that abstinence and it when we sat down for our last chat so September 2014

► 03:03:28

play pots the problem now it's not. What's happened is that completely change my relationship to that beautiful and magical hair if it's not a dependent relationship anymore it's not an obsession a relationship if I have it I enjoy it if I don't have it I enjoy my life anyway that's beautiful I have a friend is a drug counselor and the last time he was telling me stories also comedian and last night he was telling me a story court court McAllen great guy and I he was telling me a story about this kid that is that he's trying to help that he said I'd never met a marijuana addict before and he met this kid is kid with smoking this massive massive amounts of water marijuana is trying to help him in this in this clinic and he realized along the way it's not has nothing to do with the marijuana I can hang its he's got some crazy psychological issue that's going on and the marijuana just happens to be the thing he's using to try to fill out Medicaid it's not that he has this physical addiction that's impossible to there is no physical addiction now

► 03:04:28

yes that's what it is and then when he dug deep into it this poor kid has just a devastating childhood to know cuz all sorts of issues so I can launch always the case with addiction it's it's it's it's the the pain in the individual that's the source of it not the substance that they can because I think we're all capable of going down you that spirals and pass and you know that the concept of hitting rock-bottom like sometimes you have to like hit something where you can't continue your momentum and you must regroup and in that regrouping you reassess of re-evaluating it's one of the reasons why I'm so addicted to sensory deprivation tank yeah because that that's my regrouping I live amazing is amazing place to regroup and thank you for introducing me to that as well I am so grateful that there's people out there that have continued that tradition of building those things from the samadhi tanks from the early 60s from John Lilly to today crash in the float lab and then

► 03:05:28

and the zero gravity in Austin and they've done some amazing work in making sure these things are like up-to-date and the most the most modern technology as far as filtration systems in India now they're magical I mean absolutely a crash right I'm going to crash and I had the FED that everybody should have a few gummy God man you know I had you say with some edibles that's the way in about the way to way too into enjoy the experience to the maximum. The maximum benefit out of the experience intensely intensely psychedelic without Edibles exactly I'm I'm really encouraged by what's happening in America that we are seeing the legalization of cannabis that ended the American people state-by-state are just putting their finger up to the federal Authority and sink we are adults we have a right to decide what we do with our own bodies on our own Consciousness and there is that air of Freedom now in in Washington State

► 03:06:28

Oregon a bear in Alaska, Colorado and and that's the so this is part of my book tour that I'm really looking forward to when I go presented event in Seattle which I'll do it in early December in Portland Oregon and in Denver and in Boulder I mean Saturday night I couldn't be more excited to get there I'm so pumped I can't wait to get there it's a great until it's a point of freedom and it's also a point of prosperity Denver has exceeded their their what they had in it terms of like their expectations for how much money they going to make another Sim into terms of tax revenue for the roof is the first time ever they make more money from taxes and marijuana than alcohol restaurants are serving booze they make more money in taxes from marijuana do from all of that

► 03:07:28

crime is down in drunk driving is to the lowest level it's been a decade of very positive story Colorado proving to the world is that the end of the war on drugs has no clothes since the War on Drugs is bulshit from beginning to end and it's a grotesque abuse of the right of adults to make decisions about their own bodies and their own Consciousness so right on with Colorado and the American people who are making this happen only in America could this breakthrough take place it's true that America as a state entity has been a dark force behind the War on Drugs but the American people state-by-state are unraveling. Horror and replacing it with something you just could never happen in Britain I mean we have counties in Britain like your chair or Northumberland I caught in this just situation ever wear your check would make marijuana legal when London says no but in America you can do it and this is going to change the world it's not it's not because of

► 03:08:28

I want itself that's not the point is not about getting high it's about respecting the right about oats to make decisions about their own bodies their own health and their own Consciousness that is a fundamental human right and we're beginning to realize that that's exactly what's being taken away from us by the War on Drugs I think it's also about making decisions based on data and I think in a way that parallels what you guys are up to because I think people are understanding now that we we've been sold a bill of goods by these so-called experts about marijuana told us so many lumps sense and the politicians have hired experts to review the data and then buried it wanted to use your expectations will I have to confess that all of this with me started back in the old days when I was camping in these Canyonlands in the western states and altering my Consciousness and looking at the landscape and something is going on here at there's a story here wanting to come out and you know you can I think that you

► 03:09:28

we have the potential literally to almost time travel with some of these substances and peer into the past and see it in ways that we would have never seen otherwise not literally but like to get a sense of your mind and A New Perspective of fresh view you were talking about it the last time you were here you were on acid right mostly the Kingdom from Minnesota to the Pacific Ocean and all those Northwestern States you I spent months out there you know just hanging in the Landscaping to living in in intense up on mountain tops and in in thinking about what was I seeing you know and that's really work started for me and I think that combining combining you know this immersion into the landscape you were talking about the sensory deprivation which is way too powerful

► 03:10:28

at the same time you can have that the counterpart of that which is powerfully going out and seeing seeing the night sky in this isn't just a heel there's a story there there's there's some process that we have to come to come to reckon with in order to understand this planet when living in states that there's an interesting point here which is the part of the technological world is to regard nature as a matter is dead you know that they are the only Consciousness on the planet in the in the universe and they refuse to consider the possibility that nature maybe Kylie conscious and highly intelligent. They may be intelligence in nature and it seems to me what the psychedelics are are Nature's Way of speaking to us when we close our minds and shut ourselves down when we've taken the soul out of the universe and just turned it into a huge machine the psychedelics are coming back and saying hang on

► 03:11:29

you monkeys don't know everything listen to us we got somebody to teach 20 minutes is 5 more than 3 hours right we overtime or over listen thank you so much Graham Hancock magicians of the Gods you can get it right now in Amazon which website again sacred geometry International sacred geometry int I believe is your Twitter handle is that what it is I think that's right I'll check right now real quick yes sacred geometry sacred Geo sacred geoint unrivaled thanks so much mine as well as annoying double underscore between the grass I cook my Twitter page it'll be on my Twitter page you could find both of their their Twitter handles on the post we made about this let's do this can we do this again

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here next Tuesday holla and I'm going to try to get the great Joey Diaz in Tazewell ice house next Wednesday night and I'll see you fuckers this weekend in Madison Wisconsin on the 20th which is sold in the Bellco Theater in Denver next week