#735 - Peter Boghossian

The Joe Rogan Experience #735 - Peter Boghossian

December 14, 2015

Peter Boghossian is a philosophy instructor, activist, author, speaker, and atheism advocate. He is a full-time faculty member at Portland State University.

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I'm wonderful around today great guy really enjoyed him so please welcome mr. Peter Boghossian

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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all day

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blue appreciate it I'm not sure but are you also friends of my friend Rory singer excited when he found out that you're coming on Ecorse martial artist former UFC fighter and many times you work at University Pointe Portland State Portland State yeah be there and you are also a guy who was described as an atheist Advocate like not just an atheist but someone who actively promote a you should probably try this I promote critical thinking and reason and rationality and I will gather yeah and I think that naturally leads to atheism if people are honest with themselves and you mention I've been a long time martial arts my whole life actually really

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fantasy based martial arts the bullshit I did everything I mean I did I tried Kempo I tried I literally tried if you would have put all of the martial arts together the don't work and put them in one sweet I tried them all of them has got some good striking techniques they just don't have a overall comprehensive system to deal with grappling Taekwondo I tried them all and then I actually one of turning points was when Ron came to leave who is in the original UFC's early UFC he was older parents still in very good shape he like competed in a tornament a karate tournament I think deep into his sixties with Ron and I

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discussion on Hector Santiago who is quite something and I trained with them for years in New York City and when he's got taken down and just dominated that was then that started me on this whole other path and then I train with Greg Jackson for New Mexico will you in New Mexico in New York City before the UFC's came came along and I train the Aaron and I trade in New Mexico and now I train with Matt Thornton from straight blast she's John kavanagh's coaches obviously, Gregory Nelson's that's that's a great lineage man so you saw Ron Van clief get dominated by hoyce Gracie watch like a guy who is this Legend well respected in the karate World smoked like a beginner yeah and I saw those guys

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Thiago fight in real life and he is a very dangerous person Street Fighter and this was just part of my my experiencing and I thought a lot of the stuff was real and it just turned out to be fantasy just turned out to be make believe you know why I think that's an interesting parallel out when we were talking before the podcast we're talking about critical thinking and reasoning Jujitsu and martial arts in general and there are a lot of people that have very distorted ideas of many things not just of their ability to handle themselves physically but just of the world in general and I think martial arts certified highlights a lot of that ankle is a critical thinking issue that's one of the reasons I'm so excited to come on this podcast today is because I think you are ideally situated to have it have that conversation with me because Jiu Jitsu Brazilian jiu-jitsu specifically aliveness training

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turn against resisting opponents we don't talk about this is a huge area that nobody is talking about we can understand all of reason and rationality to Jiu-Jitsu through corrective mechanisms to aligning your beliefs with reality I mean little things from your testing ideas yourself not having to take it on faith to the name eludes me of something Chris haueter I think he's super good guy do something in the process so you've been tapped thousands of times Trump probably if I tell her to do something about the type of person who would either framing a chart of subjecting yourself to that there's something about that that's fundamentally differentiates

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us fuel from people in fantasy base martial arts it develops a kind of character develops a kind of attitude when you place yourself in situations and get its it's a type of a corrected mechanism Jiu-Jitsu is a correct mechanism it can help you align your beliefs with reality and I would love to explore that with you today and talk about what that mean just in case that some people might not know what that means what means by tap is submit when you do Jiu Jitsu it I believe it or not I've talked to a guy that's assume that people know we're talking about but I'm talk to people go okay what is Jiu-Jitsu like what are you doing what submission grappling which is Jiu-Jitsu is 1 style of it but it's all about using leverage and technique against Joe Spore chokes against arteries like choke holds to cut off the blood to your brain or neck cranks and when you train Jiu-Jitsu supposed to other martial arts

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other than wrestling which I consider martial art you can go full speed in that you go you go 100% And that's the difference between those martial arts and striking based martial arts where you really shouldn't go hundred percent because you only have so many punches your head can take before your body just stops working that's just a fact you could train the sparring hard for you know a certain amount of years but you're going to you're going to give mine is going to turn into mush there's just no doubt about it we know that for a fact you people do Jiu-Jitsu in and he's obsessed he trains everyday he goes sometimes twice a day I'll take a private in the morning and then I'll still train and a group class after that he's a maniac but the difference being like you absolutely know what works and doesn't work on that actually know how could people are so if we roll you can't fake it and you tap me 18 those 20 times you know and if someone said how good

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Topsy most the time and then we know you know that we we have one of the opposite in that case but it's clear no pretending there's no bulshit but I know like you know by Masters and all this nonsense all of those structures I think they're putting place to conceal the underlying paucity of the effectiveness of the techniques people come up with this so the other thing about that that that I think is so important is that all of these combat based martial arts I've been waiting for this conversation for a long time all of those combat these combat base martial arts

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let's take a look at you mentioned wrestling we know it works we know there are some things we just know that they were we know the kickboxing works we also know that it's head trauma for kickboxing we know that more Thai which is in my opinion in inseam activity but we know that it works we know that Western boxing worse we know that Jiu-Jitsu works so the reason that we know we can test these things we can take people and hopefully later on we'll talk about the difference between Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Japanese Jiu-Jitsu right same techniques different different training methods these things because we take two people of equal weight and we stick them in a cage and we have some very basic rules and also for your listeners to walk from their MMA gloves are very thin you know I think people who don't understand MMA they think that they are kind of like boxing gloves they're very very thin gloves that they don't afford much protection at all really let the person punch you harder so they don't have to worry about breaking their hand

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are you happy so we can look we can judge what works and the one of the ways that we do that is two people same size put him in a cage we'll see what works the other thing is that when you train against resisting opponent and I think this is the key you can figure out what's real like that's a mechanism it's a correct mechanism it's a way for you to discern make-believe land and reality bulshit real you know what works and what doesn't work and once we start introducing that in systems like let's say that I said to you come up with this technique I know it's going to sound crazy but it's incredibly effective and you say what is it when I say it's a job I pinky blitzkrieg

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and you said really and so you call up unbeknownst to me you call up you know like I heard of show your buddies with Eddie Bravo right now you called me to look at this guy in here he says he has his technique piggy Blitzkrieg I'm going to send them over there put them up against your good purple belt get it on video and we'll see what happens so it's a way to test it now now if that works you'd be like holy shit like I can't this is awesome like we nobody ever thought of the pinky Blitzkrieg it's incredible but what you've done there is that's a core component critical thinking it's a willingness to revise your beliefs it may sound like bulshit but you're completely open to the possibility if this works against the resisting point right so let's say that I tap out his tap out his a purple. Since I got it while brown belt if it's some point it would be so absurd that you think that Eddie and I were in on it right I don't know the guy never roll them never met

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cheap awesome else and then you can test it so you can watch it eventually you can test it with any of your friends so this idea of testability and people can figure out things in cells they don't have to go on the history of tradition know some guy punched a bull in the head or there was a blind none walking to the history of martial arts was always about Mas oyama who's this was he killed kitchen or I think he's choking tonight his lineage I don't remember but he was a famous Japanese guy who apparently had killed a bowl of punch which that comes down as Legend So when people said well you know how do you know this works why should do it well this guy kill the bull what did you see the bowl did you see it it's a fable and the Fable takes on a life of its own and the the genius about the ultimate fighting challenge was then you had a way to test ideas

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lights you can literally watch these things unfold against people live in the early ones your people of different weight classes are the sumo wrestler are in the kickboxing.

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But not only that it was an opportunity for you to figure out what was real and there's something that's incredibly appealing to that like think about think about cata what a fucking waste of time like not only is it a waste of time in terms of let's say ricotta it's like a you want to go yet so it's will their forms and what a form is it's like a pattern of movement that you that everyone does he get one when you get your white belt you practiced at and you get really good at it you do it for a test to get your yellow belt and in a lot of a traditional martial arts that is part of how you test right now I got my black belt in Taekwondo and I had to remember all those goofy moves and they never came into play ever when I competed they were there were none sort of nonsense was a waste of time and as soon as I did get my black black forgot all of them barely remember if it's a waste of time but I'd argue it's even worse than

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waste of time

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if it were just a waste of time then you know you could have been staring at a wall but you thought that you were doing something to help you achieve a goal and the goal was to win a fight so you thought you were engaging activity that the whole there's no resisting opponent so when there's no resisting opponent it's not it's not testable you can't bring the tools of science to all right so so you thought you were engaging an activity that brought you closer to your desired objectives but it didn't hear the argument against that though the what it does do is it helps your Precision movement and you could argue that learning how to execute these patterns in a very beautiful Way shows control and it and it shows Precision movement the problem with that is that there's some of those movements that are completely ineffective like double knife hand block or thrusts knife hand thrusters there's movements

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there does not applicable to MMA yeah but the concept behind it is actually something that a lot of really good mixed martial arts like Carlos Condit or even Conor McGregor or doing they're doing a lot of like movement training and although I don't think cata is the best way to achieve those kind of goals near I think that there is something to be said for not just martial arts techniques but other things is like yoga I think is extremely effective in enhancing your ability to to control and manage your body and influence the same page so think about it I'd offer a constructive way to think of it like this so what you just said I don't know anything about basketball so I'm going to just use basketball and black eyes that's the court that's what you just described was a guy on a court practicing a layup over and over

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I think the lamp is like when you find something you choose don't know I don't know anything about basketball. If you run up your phone on you crazy think about don't think about, so I think thinking about cata like a lay-up in terms of precision is the wrong way to look at look at it think about Canta as a layup without a basketball think about the practice of basketball practice quote unquote a basketball without a basketball what about Shadow Boxing Shadow Boxing is extremely effective and Shadow Boxing in a sense is a form of Kata Shadow Boxing and including not just boxing butt kicking and punching him needing is a long long except excellent form of training and visualization so one of the things that Shadow Boxing you can do it you can warm up with Shadow Boxing like what I what I warm up with in Jets

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and just to be up front I suck I've been doing it for a long time but I'm not very good I guess I'll try love it felt so I'm not I'm not a child are you how come you're so Blue Bell only once a week if I'm lucky it's like I have a family that I push for it I have a work career and I have my life a life yeah fukin people that lives in on an expert in this the philosophical implications it looks like when I grow up I like to warm up with another body to Slow Roll you know I'd like to just because then I have an opponent if you're practicing something over and over again the problem with that is there's no corrective mechanism you could be doing the technique incorrectly and then when you actually go

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the executed you've had a body memory for that technique that hasn't that's been it's taking you away from your goal do you mean with striking you mean mean shadow box while you use the example shadow box away so you're saying the Shadow Boxing that you you need another body in order for it to be effective know I'm saying it like so let's say that you shadow box Hammer punch it doesn't work like even if even if you if you are shadow box jobs and crosses and, even if you do that if you could not be doing it correctly and then you'd be practicing the wrong thing over and over again and that will take you away from your goal that's why you need you have to have some kind of a resisting poem resisting opponents are the corrected mechanisms for everything and just stood there the correct mechanisms in the physical domain did the corrective mechanisms in the cognitive and intellectual domains as well

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but that's why prayer is so Insidious it's because people think that they're they're doing something that's in their own well-being they're doing something that's good but they're just talking to themselves but there is some aspects and I would agree with I don't know if I would I don't like labels I have a real hard time with labels even labels for things that I think are good things like I think that some people get a lot out of prayer and not necessarily because they're praying to a non-existent deity or they really truly believe that they wish for a new car it's going to come to them but I think that the mind when focused on positive thinking and and and focused on love and focused on that the tenets of Christianity like a Godly behavior and compassion and all these different things and look at who you truly are looking out for your fellow man and wanting to be a good person on those things I say

► 00:25:05

there is Merit not I think you can you can you can certainly find benefiting that as a tool for mental management does that mean there's a guy in the clouds with the harp and all that jazz of course not but I think that it's in a sense like like Tai Chi mean if a guy thinks it is going to take Tai Chi only and get into the UFC it's hilarious he's going to get fucked up but if a guy in the UFC like Conor McGregor for instance who's so concentrate on movement really gets involved in tai chi I think he would probably get at least some benefit out of it because in that slow this like rhythmic pattern what you're doing is you're exercising your body in an unusual way than expanding the possibilities of love you you're your interactions with opponents expanding what your body can and can't do I think yoga does that affect us a lot of different things that we need about 20 really interesting things that you just said

► 00:26:05

I think we need to kind of unpack those a little bit like so if you talk about so take a look at prayer and what people think that they're doing and then let's this is why you're the person then compare that to a martial art that's bullshit like Tai Chi is a good example car so people think that they're going towards a certain and winning fights is certainly I don't know about now anymore but shortly when I teach Tai Chi and even practice Tai Chi that are just doing it for their health and distance to win a fight with anybody is in his late seventies so if somebody says that I have no problem with that at all and I think it's true and certainly motion would be better than on Motion in the prom is exactly the same problem with religion when people are making of Jack of claims they're making claims about the nature of reality and I want to know what's true

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and we don't even the promise that people every time we talk about faith or religion or have you people shut down or they have beerus we don't need to talk about that all we need to do is talk about Jiu-Jitsu that's why this is so perfect because with jiu-jitsu you can figure things out yourself with you can figure out what works right the pinky Blitzkrieg you can figure out what doesn't work you can figure out what you're capable of if if I tap you if if you tap me out 20 times I'm under no illusions that the 21st time and then I could get lucky you know like I could get lucky and Rory I could get lucky and tomato and it's always possible I could get

► 00:27:41

it's highly unlikely but I could get lucky the problem is that if you look at the way that people engage these rituals in their lives what these people are doing it they think it's taking them towards an end it's exactly identical to Fantasy base martial arts they think it's taking them towards an end it's not I think also a parallel like in fantasy baseball shin guards the benefits of it like I was like I said I did Taekwondo for a long time and I got really good at it and I could pay you a lot and I was essentially in a cult I mean Taekwondo although it's a beneficial called and it helped me a lot and they made them in a lot of ways and made me the person I am today because in training and doing really difficult things and competing in overcoming nerves and absolutely and stuff there's a lot of benefit in it but then I had a distorted perception of reality because of it

► 00:28:41

I'm not distorted perception reality was shattered once I started boxing exactly and I realize like oh my God I was getting punched in the face I didn't know I thought I knew how to fight when we were just knew how to do Taekwondo and then I had to learn all the other aspects of martial arts like one of the most sobering moments of my life was when I first I trained at Crossing Gracie's in on Hawthorne in Hollywood in 1996 and this before Vitor Belfort made his debut in the UFC and I you know I had this long extensive history of competing Taekwondo tournaments and I kick boxed and I've done quite a bit of a boxing training and I wrestled in high school I thought it was pretty good martial artist and I just got fucking mall. Like I had never exercised like I had no idea what I was doing and I just remember the feeling of helplessness in the guy whom one of the bunch of people mauled me the one of the guys that mommy I'll never forget is this with Brazil

► 00:29:41

is a purple belt who is basically my size he wasn't any bigger than me and he wasn't like some Super Mario Sperry black belt guy he was just some guy just beat the fuck out of almost disdained play me was a nice guy but I mean when he was training with training really hard and he didn't give me any slack so just getting wrecked and I remember thinking wow what a stupid illusion I was under and so in a sense I think it's

► 00:30:09

I mean I guess that's a question we could talk about but I know is it incumbent upon us to help people out of these traditional martial arts like I did that I had a very similar experience I trained and stick a knife fighting for years that's why my hands have a mirror cut yes Crema all these cuts are all mad and you know I'm thinking about black belts and stick a knife in a place where the bullets are all gone and no one knows how to make a gun dozen arrows have been that's where I was going to go with this is going to go with this is how I fight so I thought I should like you I thought I was pretty good martial artist and then I fought a guy actually great Jackson with sticks

► 00:31:00

just beat the shit out of me and I mean I had to stick and I've been training with a stick for like years at that point and it was just a huge Wake Up Call from you guys fought like in a competition we fought in like a a fight fight and she had only on time no one like a like a party is on for the submission I mean we were like I was not a competition at his old place and this is when I start weaning him and he put on hockey gear he base this is before I learned about a live in this training and and you know resisting and it's a combination of that's a whole lot of discussion it's like timing energy and motion resisting opponents ways to figure out what's true and works

► 00:31:55

and I are

► 00:31:57

this gets back to our discussion about Shadow Boxing and about training other ways I had trained with a stick and I had known all these kind of basically this kind of things but I also trained against a willing opponent like when you watch the stick them has the key to to look for is with the UK does the feeder you know it's not with the guy that you can I think this is a Japanese word for like the guy who's feeding in you know like when a guy is watching it so what would your demonstrating for those who listening is like there's all these lives these drills that you do or someone will pretend to throw a punch yet another person will step aside and do their counter-attacks it looks awesome Taekwondo is it called 1 steps and and it's it's a great example of a fantasy based martial arts because it makes you think it brings you further from reality it makes you think you can do so

► 00:32:57

things that you simply cannot do what you need to do in those circumstances is you need to watch the feet or the person who's giving the reverse punch it's a punch that comes off of your I'm trying to be caught here and punch that comes off of your ribs and goes out and they almost never hit somebody like you if you watch the Steven Seagal when he got his black belt is a famous black and white video that's out there and Jamie can like to it I guess it looks awesome but it's bullshit it's all choreographed the key deliverable I think in this is one of those in this conversation is that whether its Shadow Boxing or whether it's cata whether it's taking a knife and doing a drill when I used to do those training sticks I was really really good but I always knew the angle so it was fantasy-based if you took the angle out of it I would just get beaten to death I mean by angle so like in drove your screen with R12 angles it goes

► 00:33:57

night-night it goes like 75 degrees and five-digit away baseball swing reverse baseball swing stabbed over hand stab attack to the other so when you do when you do those when you trained you know guys just do the numbers 1 2 3 and you know you get so good at it I mean it's pretty crazy I can show you stuff here you know it's like if I know the angle it looks awesome I've seen guys do it looks pretty badass

► 00:34:27

it's bullshit is fantasy based martial arts because the opponent isn't resisting you have to have a resisting opponent but here's the deliverable for this conversation I think is that if you train in a certain way absent a corrective mechanism but you think that corrective mechanism is an actual correct mechanism in other words you think your training in a way that will bring you closer to reality than what you're becoming further from reality what that does is that take that that's just a debts devastating because you need that correct a mechanism you need to bring your thoughts in alignment with reality and that was the great thing about the UFC's it's because now we have all these people and we can see what works for I listen to Bravo I think he said you know he was just practicing the the rear naked on his leg that's not going to work because

► 00:35:27

exercising is squeeze on his leg he still does it and it's because one of the things about Jiu Jitsu about finishing a technique is how hard can you squeeze a couple long can you squeeze so whatever he does is he'll do this like a for watching TV together he'll do it he puts his knee up we're watching the fights he'll put his knee up like this and he'll rear naked choke his own knee and just squeeze it and what he's doing he's working on it and it's not thinking that that's going to make him get to that position where you can squeeze out okay with or against a opponent he's it's an exercise okay so that's cool so if if the idea that is that will work on your squeeze and that's different from thinking that that if if I if I if I trip what if you you pricing but like practicing Shadow Boxing and York to use your job and your hook is always in a wide are you and then when you get into a fight you do with resisting opponent and you do that so you would have you would have gone down a path

► 00:36:27

make you worse in there but that's assuming that you're doing it incorrectly if you train correctly and you learn the techniques correctly and then you apply them in your Shadow Boxing correctly it's going to benefit you okay so that's the question the question is an anime the great thing about this conversation is that we can test this stuff right now and this is the ultimate we have we haven't people we have so far that we need to look at the only big word I think we need here today is pedagogy like at the Training Method is a big word for Training Method we don't even need Petty. Just a training with it so we look at the Training Method and what I think you would need for that is my question to you would it be better in your mind to train Shadow Boxing or to do some light boxing with guys with a focus meet over there guys will not focus mitts at the same speed that you were Shadow Boxing this is where I think the conversation is going awry it's a it's not that

► 00:37:27

it's better all those things have their merits shadowboxing as its Merit yoga has its Merit yoga is not going to try to be a better fighter but if you learn all the techniques of Jiu Jitsu and you incorporate yoga into your training it will likely elevate your Jiu-Jitsu absolutely no question if that's true and I think that that goes along with Shadow Boxing if you are especially if you're a striker if you're a striker and you don't shadow box I think you're doing yourself a disservice I think there is a benefit to visualization and to movement and to there's there's things that happen when you throw combinations in the air as far as you are dexterity especially with kicking and your ability to even do combinations without any resistance or without anybody trying to counter you there's there's benefit in stringing together those reps does repetition

► 00:38:27

is better for that and I think so sometimes if I if I go in to straight blast and there's nobody on the mat there's nobody to roll with sometimes what I'll do is I'll just go through the motions like I'll do rolls around to go over my back shoulder or you'll fall down there's Merit to that in that I think I already know how to do it I mean I'm sure it's true that I could improve on it without any question at all is so like your example of yogurt is a really good one I think it's certainly true that you can use muscles and yoga that you don't and another activity and I think that that those have benefits to MMA in fact I'm sure they have benefits to a lot of other things so it's not just the flexibility act in the body maintenance there's a lot of good things to it yeah I don't do it myself I probably should have it if I would I just spent an hour and doing Jiu-Jitsu to be blunt with you but I think that you can

► 00:39:27

get things out of yoga and get things out of these other activities but you have to be conscious about the reason why you're doing these things and the way to get better ultimately like yeah so you could shadow box at a certain level and again I guess I think we can think about it at in terms of the lay-up example again it's not necessarily the ball is the correct a mechanism with the way up the person is the correct a mechanism in the fight and as long as somebody knows what they're doing and their training in a certain way it's not necessarily the channel boxing will take one away from one school if it's being practice correctly I think it would take one away from one school but I think that the whole project like if you think about and that's why I think the Shadow Boxing is such a good example of this

► 00:40:16

what is it that the queso when someone shadow boxes. The point is to warm up that accomplishes that you could do that with squats to write that someone or if you know you could do that any one of a number of you looking at me like you're lost hesitate I got I got that look like when you talk about now and I'll just listening if you think I'm off track let me know you might be a little off track in that I think you think there's very little benefit in a lot of these activities that I think aren't primary activities I think yeah if you wanted to break it down to what is the only this broad range of things you could do to improve all sorts of athletic Endeavors like there's a lot of people that don't believe you should do any strength training you should just

► 00:41:16

new technique and you should just do sparring there's a lot of people that go that route and then there's other people that think that's absolutely foolish you should primarily especially once you learn the skills you should if you're competing you should focus primarily on strength and conditioning cuz really it's just about burning your body out and reaching an incredibly high level of cardio so that when you compete you know all these techniques already you will now have a gas tank is superior to your opponents and that will lead to Victory like there's a lot of modalities and has a lot of schools of thought we talked about that for a sec if we talked about that for a while so it's interesting to me I see guys who come in who who are still super strong and I think to a certain extent we need to be careful because strength and again I'm not speaking from experience so much I'm speaking just conceptually I think there's a tendency for strong guys or big Guys Dover rely upon their strengths your size small man Jiu Jitsu the best adjust yeah

► 00:42:16

I tell people to think about learning to just to learn from a little person because little guys you know it's like a boiler Gracie or even Eddie Bravo before you start lifting weights and he's quite a bit bigger now but Betty was always like you know a hundred 50 lb 140 lb so when he was rolling you would always be rolling with big guys in a ReliOn perfect technique where as a guy like Frank Mir who's a very large man has a lot of physical strength and they rely on that and I think it will you tell me what you think do you think that if somebody goes in strong and they focus on that off in the deck and come at the expense of learning techniques gas account but here's a problem with the concept of strength and conditioning a lot of people think all will you doing squats and deadlifts good examples a guy I've had on this podcast before his name is Nick curse on it turns hot field on Josey trains Ruslan provodnikov is a famous boxer of a lot of world-class athletes Joe Schilling whose Glory t-shirt I'm wearing one of the best fighters excellent kickboxer world champion

► 00:43:16

what he's doing is his strength and conditioning program he he trained under Marv marinovich and Nick does a lot of plyometric exercise has a lot of sprinting a lot of box jumps and all these really unorthodox techniques then the idea is to improve your ability to execute things improve your ability to close the distance ability to get out of the way and prove your ability to maintain a high workload through the rounds in a like if you can only throw squid say fifty kicks and around before you get exhausted and if you can improve that through strength conditioning make it 75 or 80 you're going to have a significant advantage over the paint that you can push on your opponent and that is in his opinion and many other people's opinion this is this is a really open debate right now in the world of martial arts cuz it has not been solved because it relies on so many variables it relies on the athlete themselves their mental fortitude their dedication to their crap

► 00:44:16

how good is their technique in the first place before they embark on a train strength and conditioning program there's so many variables I think the unbox all this into make it a little bit easier for people that are going what the fuck are they talking about what we're saying is there's a lot of people that have distorted ideas about reality itself and a method for exposing that kind of thinking which is like this sort of

► 00:44:46

dogmatic religious thinking which it is ultimately accepted by all the people around you but never never critically judge now a really good math is jujitsu and the meaning the reason why Jiu-Jitsu such a good method is because Jiu Jitsu is one of the few martial art that you could practice at any age and you could apply to and you could also watch those techniques being applied by other people and when you know to get like yesterday I went to the Eddie Bravo Invitational which was at the Orpheum Theater in Downtown LA some of the best Jiu-Jitsu fighters in the world we're going at it and it was really amazing to watch it was awesome and it was a crowd filled with thousands of people who are fans of Jiu Jitsu and practitioners so it's really educated crowd and what was cool about that as we all understood and like when a guy got to a position with the crowd cheer when someone would get out of a heel hook run or they would cheater when a guy

► 00:45:46

I would be able to Whataburger with rear naked choke on and we were watching all these things play out so there was lessons for me as someone is not competing and sitting in the audience because I've spent so much time doing Jiu-Jitsu I was watching this sort of these interactions take place in a very logical and immunity mean when the techniques work the techniques working by the way what's interesting is Brazilian jiu-jitsu as it was first created or first sort of established came from Japanese Jiu-Jitsu an ileal Grayson Carlos Gracie who were probably two of the most important people ever in the history of martial arts they they sort of manipulated those techniques and improved upon them and made the art more about the submissions and it was about the stand up and the the bring the fight to the ground and in doing so they established a series of techniques and you know we we were free

► 00:46:46

those techniques as the basics there's some people in that world that think that the basics are all you need and they don't accept the new techniques and it's really fascinating because that's essentially how'd you get to become effective in the first place is because the new techniques that were established by Carlos and Helio Gracie and all these different movements like the guard like learning how to do triangles off your back all these different things which people had no idea and the early UFC like my voice Gracie Tapped Out dance ever never than what the fuck is he doing he's got his legs wrapped around his neck and his arm what is this and then Dan's about to go out and this is crazy well those were in our world completely new techniques will there's a lot of new techniques that are constantly being established Now by these young Innovative practitioners some of the old guard are ignoring and the real question is is that smart do you just need the basics and yeah it's a hot debate

► 00:47:46

right now but again this hot debate can be proven that's exactly what I was going to say that's exactly right and if as a result of this being proven somebody doesn't change their mind so the core piece which really important belief revision about I made a mistake I made a mistake and so if they don't do that then they're somehow deficient in that attitude in the disposition of critical rationality you know that but it would seem to me if it could be demonstrated people who want to seek the truth in this case they want to win against resisting opponent some some would someone accept the data but many have it and my good friend Eddie Bravo the perfect example that I went with Eddie de Brazil in 2003 and he competed in the world championships and he beat Gustavo dantas was the world champion the time he tapped him and his first fight and then after that he fought Taylor Gracie

► 00:48:46

is one of the greatest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitors of all-time Gracie's at national hero they going to wreck this young kid wasn't even a blacked-out the time he was a brown belt okay and Eddie with his unorthodox techniques that people would laugh that tap toilet racing in front of everybody and he got him with a triangle but he got it set up as his rubber guard setup has all these crazy guard setups and you know his game is Advanced light years since then but the point being that people mocked him for that didn't help any went to his next Friday at Leo Vieira and he popped his rib early in the fight and got dominated in that if I didn't almost got tapped but he knows there's also a giant emotional letdown couldn't believe you just tap and he's moving on and finally over there who's up another monster there's a point for the longest time people there was two schools of thought that was stupid the old guard that just did not accept

► 00:49:46

I'm openly mocked him and you know they were the really criticize his whole movement and his his techniques what Champions is you produce all this this doesn't really work on real Fighters until he had a rematch with boiler many years later interest rectum I mean it was it was worse than the first time because boiler didn't tap and he got his knee destroyed I mean if you watch that video was just deals with the fact that his knees getting ripped apart by Eddie's mangling it but it was never a moment where he was in trouble he dictated the entire match and we played the fight on on the TV on a on a podcast and had Eddie explain what he was doing and even when it looked like horrible was improving the position and he was like let him do that so I could adjust back on top of me because I knew if I did that I would be able to move his arm higher up on my shoulder then I rolled him back over onto his back and then I can get deeper in on him he was explained that was even more

► 00:50:46

because you got this guy horror the Gracie was a multiple-time world champion who just did not learn these new tech what ice feels like so that. These are application that's exactly right and if you don't learn it and if you're not willing to revise your beliefs and if you're not looking if you're not willing to test this and accept the conclusion you might think something's Common Sense common sense is irrelevant irrelevant is what works techniques that are constantly being intubated their constant changing like it's almost impossible to stay up on all of it unless it's a monster part of your life and you're absorbing everyday like the leg lock game is this new element that over the last like few years has really come into play in a major way thanks to a bunch of guys John danaher Eddie Cummings Garry tonon who won the Eddie Bravo in the invitation yesterday these like really high-level practitioners and instructors are constantly adding new improvements

► 00:51:46

approaches and techniques so it's all a applicable it's all you can watch it happen in real time and even if someone is not competing like me sitting in the audience I understand the positions in the movement so when I see all this new stuff and I see all these new approaches is like wow this game just continues to grow and evolve amazes me is when I watch kids classes kids are doing the craziest stuff I mean they really have stood on the shoulders of giants and they're doing stuff that's just so Advanced and I look at that now and I think it's like speed rating how quickly these techniques and this game has been advanced

► 00:52:24

in a very very short prayer time there is literally been in my lifetime a revolution of the martial arts it really has been saying this for a while but I'll say it again the UFC has changed martial arts so radically that there's been more Improvement since 1993 has been more Evolution than there are there have been in the last ten thousand years that's that's real that's 100% true I can watch martial arts from 1993 and watch the UFC today it's a completely different realm it's fascinating the difference is course when you talk about Jiu Jitsu being a good boy and it's applicable inside Jiu-Jitsu the problem is when you get some of these are really good wrestler is an awesome kickboxer and you can't use your Jiu-Jitsu you're still going to get fucked up like a guy like Chuck Liddell you're not going to take me down and he's going to knock you dead cuz he said he's a perfect anti Jiu-Jitsu guy but even even look at that I gave five things that work boxing and wrestling with two of the five

► 00:53:24

what the train against resisting opponents so it's no surprise then and maybe sometimes comes from a Campo background you know I mean really work but that's the martial art the Chuck Liddell learn for striking under John Hackleman yeah okay so I mean that's another example people can like I saw I can't so you're much more the first in the specifics and I am but I'm sorry I took a Gunnar Nelson fight and what she did up I think it was a groundhog to someone's head and background so much had okay

► 00:54:02

keytrain in traditional karate for years and so it's not that these techniques can't be integrated or if they don't work part of the problem is that they're sold as system you know it's like instead of picking and choosing so if everybody trained against resisting opponents it's not clear to me that there would be any styles styles would Fade Away we brought up earlier that you really can't resist you can't train 100% resisting with kickboxing if you want to dance right healthy member of society I'm pretty sure I have brain damage and I stopped really getting hit in the head when I was 22 how to put a brown belt a couple weeks ago and I just thought to myself I'm in heat the whole thing was moving and I thought to myself like wow like a fat guy ever hit me oh yeah I mean that would be at I mean it would just be

► 00:55:02

overnight and I want you to check the heavy bag sometimes you ever seen Melvin manhoef kick the paddle Jesus Christ pull up Melvin manhoef trains with Mike Mike's gym in Lafayette how to say His Last Passenger passenger if you got to say cuz he's there. There are Dutch from Holland but there's a video is a bunch of videos of Melvin but Melvin kick in the past with him it's just terrifying aggressive Muay Thai trainer or kickboxing trainer Mike's gym is famous for like guys like Badr Hari and end in manhood or just fucking ferocious aggressive competitors and manhoef is particularly famous for having just unbelievable knockout power he knocked out Mark hunt you weigh 285 and he knocked out Mark hunt with Mark pain was probably 300 lb

► 00:56:02

guys or people in their lineage fighting Focus pads so you can see if you can find one with him that says just might see if you could find Melvin manhoef that's him now that's Melvin but they're just sparring there

► 00:56:22

what's most the time they they go hard but they usually don't go too hard to the Head yesterday at this about Holland style fantasy fantasy land videos many times and recently one hears Hills Melvin

► 00:56:42

she get some volume on that channel

► 00:56:52

sounds not synced for some reason but you get the picture of it

► 00:56:57

he's a fucking Destroyer that switch kick to the body good Lord

► 00:57:04

when you watch this guy in real life it's even more stunning cuz you you really can feel the impact when he's kicking the pads yes or the other thing about that is that guy knows we can do I can't understand a lot of these young kids they see a movie with a guy who's beating up Five Guys with knives and bats and stuff it's total make-believe land in a culture of Make-Believe yeah I agree. I couldn't agree more and I was in that culture to University and the wake-up call that I got but was it was a really stunning thing to just to end it was it's oh so long

► 00:57:49

progression it wasn't just one wake up call it was like 1 wake up call and then another one in deeper and deeper and deeper than the UFC comes along at call fuck you know who this is this and then you can get this understanding like I live my life end of this illusion and the other thing that's interesting to me about that if those are culturally reinforced right there these rituals the master the other people into your friends that you come to do these things with all of that reinforces the delusion it's very similar to two two two religions the way that religions focus with the difference being that people in religions people who have faith they think they're better people as a consequence of them having faith where is very few people in a delusional martial arts think that they think they're good Fighters but all the techniques are too dangerous to Tasker we can know we can't we can't do this to see if I could we did this would kill you but those cultures of delusion

► 00:58:49

people trapped in thinking about things that remove them from reality yeah there is definitely some of that but I think there's some good to the idea of respecting a dojo as a place where you when you walk into it like one of the Saints true when I was a kid I seven keys to the Bojangles Taekwondo is the Korean word I'll even when no one's there I would bow when I would walk in when I would go to work out in the middle of the night I go there I had keys so I would I would try and sometimes I show up at midnight I go there and lock the door and go in myself and then but when I stepped in the training area I would always bow and I was like almost like I wouldn't not do it cuz my mind when I I've been trained and taught that when I entered that room I had to Bow and even with this fucking know when their man I'm by myself and I always about like one told my girlfriend my girlfriend was a freak nice girl she want to fuck

► 00:59:48

in the gym and I was like we can't can't do it like I won't do it we can't do it here and she's like come on I'm a lost opportunity for you not really a fuck the shit out of her all the time where is like little fucking rabbits but but it was it was the one place where I wouldn't do it was like we can't we can't do it here like this is sacred ground so I guess here's my problem with that besides a lost opportunity but it wasn't a lost opportunity for me was an execution of discipline of my mind like I was very hard for a 17 year old boy to not have sex with this hot I think she was 16 16 year old girl who wanted to bang in this karate taekwondo gym for me is like this what would martial arts meant to me at the time was it was the first thing that I had ever done that made me feel like I wasn't loser so my whole life I'd been insecure

► 01:00:48

when moved around a lot when I was a kid I didn't really have a lot of friends and I never felt like I fit in and I always felt and I didn't know my dad and my step-dad is a little distant is all the stuff going on right now there's all these things that just didn't feel right didn't didn't make me feel good and then this one thing came along that made me feel good just one thing came along that I've gotten really proficient at really quickly and was absolutely obsessed with and I was doing it all day all day on those that was my whole focus of my life sex other than the girl now I'm sure I wasn't even at that point being like I wasn't willing to sacrifice that like the ideals it's interesting isn't it the same today do you think imma do have that notion of sacred with regard to these things sacred when it comes to like a space but I do in terms of like my approach to things like like if I if I'm focused on something like I don't allow myself to get distracted if something is

► 01:01:48

is it is critical something's like really important to focus on and I decide this is what I'm doing now now I'm doing this you know it's a white if I may be able to personal but like your marriage

► 01:02:01

you've decided to do it you're focusing on it so it's taking me a contract okay relationships yes I like the way you can engage with someone you like if you care about someone to hear not just relationships as far as like sexual relationships with friendships you care about someone and you you really enjoy being with them and they're one of the most important people in your life like when you interact with them I think you should interact with them under that provision with that thought in mind with that with that intention was an issue with Wes. Care about them very important people in like a really good friend would never yell at them and don't call them a piece of shit I never want you in my life or to say crazy things to people that sometimes people say to His Rebel hurtful things don't correct someone if you see them doing

► 01:03:01

if you see friendship doing something stupid but now think that's a good example I think marriage is not something that like it's like something you're trying to do you know marriage is like or even relationship gunships are just there those are those are there interactions relationships are it's different like it should be fun and enjoyable and all that good stuff I'm talking about as a discipline from you is that when you were Seventeen you had this idea of the dojo being a sacred place and you talked about what that meant to you and I'm curious if there's anything that you hold sacred now

► 01:03:44

that's a good question

► 01:03:45

like that

► 01:03:48

not know but I've definitely changed my ideas about what that even was at the time I think what that was that need for that Sacred Space in this like intense concentration in Purity that environment was really like my my ticket out my ticket out of this life that was really fun for filling me to manhood yeah. Definitely to sovereignty personal sovereignty to to realize that it's not that I was a loser because I wasn't a winner and I had to figure out how to be one it wasn't wasn't all my failures what I was is now and all those failures and all those mistakes and bad feelings that I had those are really just lessons and that now that I have this new focus in this new thing and it Shone massive positive results I will honor that and that's why

► 01:04:48

was it me did the new Focus Benoit martial arts fighting competing Taekwondo so that space the dojo the dojang represented a sacred place for me because it represented this new ticket I wasn't about to cash that in for some pussy now my I mean if there's anything I would think that the world like life itself is that environment life itself is that that dojang life itself is that thing so you know everyone else you don't want to steal you don't want to commit crimes against people you don't want to do things to hurt people all those those those those terrible things that we see out in the world if the world was your dojang the world was your your church if the world was your sacred place you would never want to commit Bad Axe in your sacred place

► 01:05:48

that that's a lovely I wish we could figure out a way

► 01:05:53


► 01:05:55

to help people adopt those values and I wish we could come up with some way to especially when we see what's going on in Middle East and we see what's going on in the world to see with the way we're treating our environment or climate I wish there were some way to make that real and palatable to people so that we would start being more authentic and more sincere with someone and I think what you said about it it's not about criticism the way I look at it I think it's about forthright speech you can be forthright in your speech with somebody and not be be be an asshole none you jerk I think those kinds of relationships for me are so talks about that too but for me I think that the most meaningful relationships are those

► 01:06:41

people with whom I can be authentic and be myself and be real and then those are kind of I don't like the word sacred though it's I guess that's the one kind of nitpick I have cuz you attached to religion will because I attach it to the inability to revise some Brian it to the utmost respect yes who replaced sacred for respecting appetite a scissors noises that's one of things I don't like about labels like I like intent and intent like my idea of sacred is not like God like it's not like I was some deity is unnamed unknown word that's been passed down from person to person based on personal experience based on a real thing so when I say sacred like my love my love for my children is safe now like I said that Widow I don't know how to say it like in terms of like Harps in the clouds and all that kind of jazz and when we were talking about like don't be an asshole to people you care about like

► 01:07:41

it certainly doesn't mean I'm some sort of a perfect person certain doesn't mean that I have been an asshole and it sometimes when you responding to someone else being retarded or someone about being ridiculous you can be an asshole because you don't have the patience for it anymore because you don't have the at the moment you don't have the temperament to maturity it could be you're overwhelmed there's a lot of variables so I can someone hears this and says you know all will man I've been an asshole lately maybe I'm a bad person like it's just recognizing those moments where you probably could have handled something better and then continue to approve and then also this idea is it this is a really important one cuz people have his idea that somehow I'm 30 years old I shouldn't be doing this anymore I'm 50 years old I should have learned by now that's all bulshit throw that away toss that shit aside you like these ideas of numbers that people have in their head that by a certain age you should

► 01:08:41

you are alive and if you are alive and if you are thinking all those numbers that you keep attaching will you know what Einstein was 30 heater it shut the fuk up stop doing that that that is a waste of your time and stop saying to yourself I should be better by now I'm such a total non helping thought what you need to think of is life you're living your life right now and if you've made a mistake and you're still continue to learn and grow that's all my household but we go around every night we have seven people living with us and we say we're grateful for and you want to, we have a lot we have a it's a long story but what

► 01:09:32

wink wink she doesn't have another woman but he lives in you know but I know we go around we talked about what they're grateful for everyone's grateful and I think that there's something it's a it's an opportunity to be authentic at that time but it's also like I think verbalizing those things are important so it's just the negative why shouldn't be doing this Bunch deposit look isn't General as a general rule of thumb if you ever have any doubts about it just be kind to people it's great when you reinforce it with your friends like verbalizing it like a I'm a big fan of till I tell my friends I love them all the time like me and my friend like my wife jokes around about it like she goes I don't know any man to tell their friends they love them all the time all my friends do we tell each other we love each other and all I love you brother and we hang up the phone with all my friends and you know we're always hugging and always saying I appreciate you you know it

► 01:10:32

it's really important I got a very tight-knit group of friends that I care about very much and they're all very they're very motivated and they're healthy and the you-know-what out Spas but they're very they got shit going on and it empowers me important because you got the tattoos you got the build you've been in the rain your friends with whoever you friends with and I think that whether you like it or not you're in a position particular with young people to look up to you and that is exactly the kind of behavior that we want to see modeled it's not emotionally immature forgot to cry at a tragic event it's I tell my friends I love them I tell him you know people I tell my buddy over there I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity stays house Sarah and I think that that kind of we live in a culture that suppress these particular emails this ability fit for men to communicate an authentic way also to experience

► 01:11:32

motion like this idea of what is somehow or another being stoic has virtue to it especially in the form of face of tragedy or even Joy like I sometimes I cry more for happy moment sometimes and I do for a sad moment but I'll cry all the time cry fucking cartoons man I almost cried cartoons but

► 01:11:59

it's interesting that I think that that Journey from you is a 17 year old to now I mean there's some really core lessons for people out there struggling with maybe visit issues of sexuality issues of feeling the hate the world and then I'm good enough for their their their self esteem issues are they and I think that they'd be loved and I'm 49 years I'd much rather be people say about me hate you know Pizza really good guy then Pizza really smart guy so I can I want I want to know I want anybody those virtues but but more than that but I think that the story that you told there

► 01:12:45

it's something that's accessible to people and it's a type of thing that we need to do we need to figure out how to move our culture towards these more Humane ways to deal with people and my own opinion is that we don't need superstitions to do that you're perfect example that right we don't need people making objective claims about reincarnating and times two bodies like a reincarnated as a serious

► 01:13:15

nervous I thought you were going to be a long conversation bullshit on that in class and everybody will freak out where is if I say Jesus walking on water and I think whatever he's friends with Steven Seagal doing their little thing that gets connected right but why are you at a psychedelic trip that I saw a bunch of golden Buddhist that's what I was doing DMT like literally that guy in that position but there was practice with millions of them infinite numbers of them was very strange so that's what that they were put this guy made it for me I wish I remembered the name of find it somewhere

► 01:14:15

what up on Instagram on my Instagram picture right I don't know I'll find it but yeah all of those things all those things are not necessary I think we are necessary like all these the false beliefs and all the other things than what they are is like scaffolding I feel like there's scaffolding for like Evolution and I think that that's ultimately the benefit that religion does provide is in these insane beliefs in the sky gods and all these different things and we show reverence to these these deities and they have these rules you must follow otherwise would be punished in those rules there becomes ordering in the order become society and that's that's something that people always like to fall back on like we are at judeo Christian Sound founded Society in our judeo-christian ethics I got some woman who's arguing about Muslim terrorists and that was like one of the big things that this is this to this country was founded on judeo-christian ethics so what monkeys were found

► 01:15:15

did on eating bananas and we're not monkeys anymore I found it on something that's a logical doesn't mean you should have reverence for that a logical thing perfectly stated that's part of the problem I think with once we make idea sacred yes and it's they become much more difficult if not impossible to revise by the Bush saying which is actually pipe invite your viewership for listeners to listen to this he's prayed about the war in Iraq he knows what God wants you to do so the moment you do that it becomes a word as ice have a bit about that or George Bush was like you know that he's prayed about the world on a rack in your God bless the troops imagine if he said instead of that we have found Satan he is in Afghanistan and we're moving into that area well what the fuck did you say that's the best draw that's the line that we draw like you're not handled

► 01:16:15

hey that you know the devil never hear the president bring up the devil they'll bring up God God bless the truth. Phil never say Satan is at work and Satan is in the hearts and minds of these has these enemies they never say that because it's so Preposterous that we're slowly as Evolution as it evolves and changes. No Evolutions ROM work there but as it improves and expands we are no longer accepting the idea of Satan like culturally culturally Satan was an accepted thing hundreds of years ago it was parallel likey like if you looked at the mentions of Satan and dimensions of God they were right up there together you're blaming Satan on the bad things and you praising God for the good things and that's no longer the case now we just cling to these absurd Notions of this one that's watching us all the time and you got a sort of

► 01:17:15

preferably mention it casually reference it without going into detail and you're allowed to do that because it makes people think we're on the same page with me you're a God feeling. Christian man like myself but I'm a God-fearing Christian man myself as well God bless you God bless you as well and looking out for you right now we are out of your tires like you know like we've moved past Satan but we haven't moved passed out exactly what that is controlling everything and is filled with love and has a grand plan for the universe they have yet to show themselves so this is all just a concept in an idea with no basis in fact and as we have found more facts about the nature of reality in the world itself it seems more more Preposterous with everyday everyday the scientist come up with these new equations that

► 01:18:15

show the the way the universe could have possibly be been formed and the everyday that these fucking guys at the CERN laboratory that did the Large Hadron Collider are discovering these what were at one time theoretical particles showing them to be true and their calculations to be correct we have it we have a deeper and deeper understanding of the universe but we think now we love to thank the right now that were filled with knowledge and we love to look at ourselves now and look at the past as well they didn't know back then but we know now but if we looked in the past they would have the same idea they would look back at those poor monkey people with the bananas and I got those fucking dumb is it even know houses yet we will one day look back at 2015 like what a bunch of fools what a bunch of ridiculous people that were still they they have this incredibly complicated Society in this wonderful access to information but yet they were still

► 01:19:15

Shackled down by ideology in killing each other over religion in ancient superstitions that they'll look at the look at us now in 2015 was it with strange time this it is adolescent. Of above Enlightenment where there is no still there still concentrating on stupid shit in the fucking president of the United States can openly talk about God and everyone know it no one goes what is God what are you saying what are you saying you think Jesus came back from the dead think you think someone walked on water do you believe in a literal translation are you in Old Testament or new testament God who wasn't even Christian

► 01:20:15

people get mad at me on Twitter still send me his fucking hate to understand what the difference is a bishop and a fucking Emperor that's a fact that's like established religious fact like everyone knows where it came from and not only that was written to hundreds of years after the death of Jesus so what are you talkin about cuz we talkin about the old stuff you got to go deep go to the Dead Sea Scrolls go to the fucking go to the most ridiculous aspect of that and tell me you basing your life on that because that's even more Preposterous they found him in clay pots in qumran written on animal skins these people thought the world was flat and son was 17 miles away and what day did they really did and we're going to we're going to this is where we're going to live our lives this is this is all we need

► 01:21:15

quantum physics fuck Neil deGrasse Tyson fuck those dudes are there telescopes that we were going to base it on leather skins and and charcoal ink like really just a conversation you were having for talking about ideological religions that was a thing of beauty by the way what do you believe it I had to yell at me at a comedy club wants cuz I did this bit about the Scientology I do his bit about scientology about watching a Scientology documentary with my mom who made me go to Catholic school and how my mom thinks scientologists related ridiculous what the fuck exactly improve and I believe that this is made out of wood and I'm proven wrong to think that you know

► 01:22:15

the will of the creator of the universe you know what he wants you to do you know where you want to put your genitals I mean like what you said If lost his call the problem of induction are looking at the past of the pass pass resembling the past and we will look back there's absolutely no question in my mind that you're correct and we will say you believe this this was how could we possibly believe it but what's interesting to me is we know that that will like we know that that will happen and it's an opportunity for us to reflect and say wow are we being arrogant right now are we thinking we know things are we pretending to know things when we don't know them and I think I think that a lot of that God talk he's a type of arrogance I think it's a type of people I don't know wanting to assert how moral they are so they reap Advantage the president or very complicated social and even political problem but it's also a type of arrogance it is

► 01:23:15

type of arrogance and it's also way that people stab us tomorrow High grounds established a dominant social position over you and the people love to do that they love to do that with their Pious attitude what they're doing is buy buy them accepting these religious tenants they are somehow or Superior to you and some people don't do that you know I shared a hunting camp with this guy I don't need to name his name is a wonderful guy who is an elk Hunter and this guy would get up in the morning everyday before everybody move got a fucking early you know we would leave the camp by 6 a.m. so this guy was up I would get up to take a shower at like 5 a.m. and then he was up reading the Bible and he never talked about it and he he never talked about like God or Jesus or any of the route but to him it was a way that he explored these ideas and how he related to the world end in application this guy was a fantastic out absolutely he was a wonderful guy like he was he was a kind and it was like when

► 01:24:15

I had conversations with him he was generous and he was very friendly and it was curious and he would you know ass like these really introspective questions he was a good guy and I think that's what matters I think it matters less whether or not someone is an atheist or not or Hindu and I think what matters is how we treat other people I think what matters is if we're kind to people if we listen to people if we do our best to engage them honestly and authentically and often we get too caught up in while what is someone's really especially now with the Republicans going berserk with this disgraceful well you know it what did you see that video is a fantastic video that's just been put out Riesling I think buy some guys in Holland where they were cuz it's in another language they put a cover of the put the quran's cover on the Bible and read passages to people on the street and they asked him what do they think about is

► 01:25:15

and you know they work well do you know this is ridiculous and this is outrageous and he was often the Bible hilarious hilarious shit that a lot of people don't know is in the Bible and when you even bring this up people already you're questioning beliefs they started foaming at the mouth and fuming and the fuck I can feel my phone get heavy from the hate tweets right now it's just coming in isn't that the exact same issue with someone doing a Fantasy base martial arts hundred percent yet I've had conversations with people who are there a fucking furious at me because I don't believe in their deathtouch I've had you are arrogant and your butt in a position of influence because of your beauty and your fucking up cuz you're you're not telling the truth about certain stop

► 01:26:15

banded it but you but you with your like me who like I said I was martial arts in the dojang was so sacred to me I wouldn't have sex with my girlfriend there that represents like such an important part of their life it's a soap lucky for me that it happened during my formative. Where I was exposed to reality at a young age where I had to accept it as I got Jesus you know I had to accept that these techniques don't really work all the time some of them work but you have to learn all the other stuff for them to work at all I wonder about again so few people written about this I wonder about the experience that you had of that and I had of that we're in the same boat realizing overtime that these things just didn't work and we had wasted our time and I wonder about your house similar that is to someone escaped from a faith and I like

► 01:27:15

is a perfect example as a hilarious stand-up comedian friend of mine and you know he was in Jehovah's Witness that wouldn't think so and he you know he won't accept any stupid shit now cuz he's like in his like not like when it comes to the regressive left and some of these ideologies where you have to look at something in a certain way and you can't look at it any other way it's like a dog mate and he's like no no no I've seen this before I know what this is what you're doing is you're you're saying you have to think a certain way that's bulshit with bullet like it can be discussed ruq can discuss certain aspects of people's behavior or the gender identity or gender pronoun is related but it has to be has people have been writing about this lately I wrote about in my book and I tweeted about it if we have if we're not allowed an opportunity to have a conversation then extremists will step in with the answers like Trump is

► 01:28:15

so we have to create spaces talk about spaces is probably another half off shoes a conversation is the regressive left we need to create opportunities for people to for sincere inquire as to engage things and right now we don't have that and again I can bring it back to Jiu-Jitsu I mean you could just think about what happened if you know this is a technique you do this but it's sacred we don't question it then you'd never get to the truth you deny people the opportunities that they need to figure out things for themselves 100% per cent martial arts is an excellent vehicle for that explain to me when I was really young that really did sink in my instructor

► 01:29:02

was a disciple of General Chase young Yi who was the founder of Taekwondo he was retarded to troops and he was like one of the guys like really honed the techniques for maximum power and efficiency and leverage and he they had this idea that martial arts was a vehicle for developing human potential and I read that when I was like 15 and I've always use that phrase cuz I think that's such a massive what do you mean by such a massive what it's it's it's so clear when you when you understand that what we go through life life is filled with questions adversity puzzle different things have to figure out of the questions you have to ask of yourself examining your own behavior objective reasoning is all these different variables that come into play when it comes to life and I think those are highlighted

► 01:30:02

in the realm of martial arts because Marley if you can land a Kik and you knock someone out then that that happened that worker who were in The Ultimate like especially Ultimate Fighting Championship is a perfect example that but this is there is no higher level of problem solving than problem solving with dire physical consequences because your emotions are on the line your fears your anxiety there's so there's so many fight-or-flight mechanisms in place there's Self Doubt there's you know how much discipline that did you truly execute in training did you give everything you had did you reach your full potential the most people go through life without even coming close to their full potential and they live life in this this weird fog of uncertainty and of regret and of just this feeling that they're not accomplishing what

► 01:31:02

you want to that they're not achieving their full potential and that martial arts is a vehicle for developing potential because through the very difficult training and through pushing yourself when you don't think you can and through this overwhelming desire for Comfort we don't want to get out of bed or you don't want to do the training we would rather just blow it off and don't go to class by forcing yourself to do that it it engages the muscles of discipline the inner muscle reality racing settings it's just so important

► 01:31:49

you get a sense of you get a little for myself I feel good like why like I work for this I work in my baseball bat choke now and I feel pretty good so that activity your hard work brought you to a point in which you tap somebody out and as a consequence of that you feel self esteem what we have done is we have inverted the system we tried to cheat self-esteem absent any accomplishments

► 01:32:23

that's not the way it works self-esteem is a byproduct of hard work of something that you have done as a direct result of an accomplishment so every every few years they give Americans they give kids all around the world the test I read this in numb Martin grosses the conspiracy of ignorance many years ago was like all these people in the world of Koreans the industrialized world of Japanese drums are they took this how do you think you did in relation to them Americans consistently score on the bottom quartile in terms of their math and science how well they did and in comparatively but they score extraordinarily High number one almost always intend to self esteem we have taught the wrong things we focused on the wrong things our school system have been oriented toward the wrong things and and I think again you can just bring that back to Jujitsu and look at it look at that you don't you couldn't possibly you could cheat someone all the stuff so you can walk in to get a Wipeout you teach him to feel good about themselves do this do this do this but doesn't work

► 01:33:23

yeah you could get a lot of the lessons for martial arts have a lot of difficult Endeavors you know I just don't think you get the problem-solving aspect I think it's such a high-level people find that in rock climbing because it's scary and then in an in accomplishing that and getting through that you you you will learn about yourself you learned about your ability to to face your fears but I just think that martial arts it is a more intense version of it because there's all this connected to combat into this the physical challenge of overcoming another human being and it's one of our biggest fears one of our biggest fears other than falling off of a mountain is being dominated by another human being getting your ass kicked and conflict where we have this long history of War I was talking to I heard that podcast Jocko podcast

► 01:34:23

the conversation I had with my friend Duncan Trussell where I said that it was kind of Revelation for the both of us might human history is a history of the wars that's the one we talked about human history it's like the stuff that happened in between the wars and you know some inventions butts mostly the wars that's most of the history you know where the weather it's World War 1 or World War all these different conflicts that that have been in those are the bulk of our history when we when we consider the errors in the past when we consider the the ages of the different things that happened we consider like Genghis Khan Napoleon Alexander the Great talking my buddy over there about life in the universe in this thing called the Fermi Paradox where is everybody and I wonder if you

► 01:35:23

but you know like why haven't you been conned him together I consider that to be just an extraordinarily interesting question but I wonder if what you just said that our history has been a history of War wonder if inherited every species that has evolved they've had this similar history of War you know because they've been subject to different evolutionary mechanisms and pressures and such-like different atmospheres will have it but I wonder if it's conflict over resources conflict over you know whatever maybe they have another gender or something I wonder if that's just intrinsic in the nature of life I think it is I think what's intrinsic of the nature of life is that sort of problem solving and that nature wants to find the best method of achieving a goal and so the methods that are ineffective die off and that's why 90% of those living species that have been on this planet are extinct they no longer exist

► 01:36:23

because they weren't effective enough to be to keep reproducing and you can say no with a lot of them because people wipe them out people people are horrible people are the dominant species since it's his what species do mean many animals have wiped out animals you know there's a there's a real issue right now with wild pigs and ground-nesting birds because wild pigs being invasive species they're dealing with these birds that nest on the ground that didn't have these animals hunting them and they shouldn't say hunting is either eating your ass so did that's just the diet effective way to take care of your eggs can't leave them on the ground or place where these fucking pigs are rooting up everything and eating everything in front of them so they know if they don't adapt and they'll be no more would you want a world filled with only the spotted owl know

► 01:37:23

old dies off it's cuz it sucked right I'm sorry I'm not saying we should kill the spotted owl but the mother fucker didn't make it okay and the other owls are still here and Eagles are still here and got by the way you would want to call Eagles either and there's a competition between Eagles and salmon if the Eagles you don't listen to Eagles so you're talking about this and in the back of my head in the back of my head I'm thinking while so we're having a conversation right you and I are talk talk about that some of that stuff in class that's when you get the whole tree warning stay on bases and stuff again like he would freak out but look really important thing about taking care of the planet and you know how do we weigh the concerns of the spotted owl against the law.

► 01:38:23

makes me think that maybe you soon universities won't be the plan he will have to have these discussions out of the universities which were really beat which is great for you in your show it took but it's terrible for the society it's terrible for the University it's terrible that universities in a sense of cease to have these sorts of conversation when you watch those children scream at that professor at Yale and then you find out who that guy was disciplined and like what were they fired or they step down there I think they resigned yet we're fucked I think the last is a little aggressive. I think there's a difference yeah yeah that's a good point because liberals in terms of social change and progress and you know acceptance of a various different people think it's wonderful great but I think that this regressive left with him very rigid ideology what you can and can't say and the behaviors which state they engage

► 01:39:23

Jin enforcing these things I think it's Preposterous and I think that ultimately what's going to happen is you're not going to have these kind of structures these these these places where people go and you going to be learning things online to be a lot worse before it gets better listeners are not in Academia and when we tell these stories people think that this kind of just making this is our and Academia explain it so I had an individual and class and the individual is not even part of the class in a white in the syllabus I put in this entire class A trigger warning like the whole thing A to Z you had to write that I put it in right in the syllabus the whole thing

► 01:40:24

if you don't do that then you know people could say why you didn't warn me what actually I did I warned you the first day it's an ATM. At least until this is a bold and caps in the syllabus and increase font so everybody knows the whole thing about things, and I said you know it's in the thing and said well can you see how people could be offended by the stuff and I'm like of course be right on MSNBC The Dan Rubin tweeted today which is one of the dumbest fucking things I've ever seen in my life she saying that Star Wars is racist because okay Darth Vader's black it's a white guy under there so I'm I'm I'm not going to say I can Trump that but let me give you a couple examples of Skywalker's

► 01:41:24

and I give a class at the end of the end of the class she says I've never seen so many microaggressions in fact it was nice to class of knowledge values and rationality will you Sam Harris book the moral landscape in that class and we talked about what we talked about happy things you know we talked about Isis we talked about cultural relativism we talked about is there a way to make a cross-cultural talking about things that frankly people in college should be talking about because they vote they're citizens in a democracy and they need to engage these issues and college professors are petrified there just an innocence I understand that because it's a theft of one time my case I don't care because I have no opportunity I was told point-blank that you'll never get promoted you could publish 10 books from Harvard so once I found that out I said I want to tell you that let me see

► 01:42:20

so it was really interesting to me so she she gets up and she said I've never been so micrographs the guys racist and this is someone that again was not even with a class was not even in the in a class and I thought was my first is this person totally insane or did I say something that was really horrible what were the microaggressions of suiciding well I focus in the racist part so I said well what it what did I say what did I say cuz if I said something that was racist I really do want to know cuz I don't want to be that kind of person so that their belief so she said you used the example of Star Trek in a class and you were shocked when the woman went when she put it on that she did not she was right I was shocked I was genuinely I was almost flabbergasted that she never heard of Star Trek like I understand not watching it but she never heard of it and then I use the example example of Marilyn Manson

► 01:43:20

you assumed that that she participated in white culture

► 01:43:27

that's racist so for Marilyn Manson Marilyn Manson I'm sure it's out there as a form unpack this Insanity so so she's she tells people that everybody should file a complaint against me and I said okay well you know what let's see if you you look anybody is free free to file a complaint you have the number I said would you like to putter around the board you want to have a conversation with me she said no you're too far gone too far gone as you like Star tour you mentioned Star Trek discuss it with you you're too far gone that's a symptom that's a symptom of space safe spaces trigger warnings like that's that's goes and then I cannot speak to you

► 01:44:27

get infected by your horrible ideas which come from Satan you are too far gone sir so it is very certain it's on the left so what you saying so spanak pants

► 01:44:53

so one of the things that that she was or maybe not I don't know she said her name was like she rolled her eyes I don't remember what are you racist in the first thing I said to her as my literally when she told her name is it I'm sorry if I can't pronounce what's interesting about that so obviously she's been inculcated she is incapable I don't want to pay pick on her because in a sense she's just a victim right she's a victim of this malicious ideology that's running across campus has no

► 01:45:29

but people like that are not capable of engaging in entertaining ideas because they have this the university protects them they can say they've been a rest they can if they can say they've been kind of violated if you will like cognitive intellectually violated but what's really interesting about that two things one she thinks that she can arbitrate everybody else's reality so she thinks I can understand if I say something and he's offended by it or I say you know Taekwondo and so is her but she thinks that the regressive thinks that they are between reality and they know what other people should be offended by which is amazing but here's the really interesting part

► 01:46:11

I love Star Trek I'll show you my my daughter in a sec off-screen I love Star Trek on the Jake know but she's Asian

► 01:46:21

Star Trek it has everything to do it because the woman the woman I was shocked hadn't heard a Star Trek was Asian you said she was the different woman there were two women one was the woman who said she's never been so offended in her whole life and she said she didn't hurt hurt hadn't heard of it because it was white culture shock a woman in the class she hasn't heard of it I can't believe it and I use the Marilyn Manson example she hasn't heard of it I'm shocked then the other woman the regressive was watching the one is watching the regressive leftist says you're racist yourself something that I don't understand

► 01:47:21

not your understanding since apologized so she identified on the basis of her race not me she was assuming she made when you're a hammer everything looks like a nail when your regressive leftist every single thing you think of his race gender oppression intersectionality which is practically I have never heard a section anytime anytime you hear someone use that word you can automatically assumed they were aggressive leftist and the next thing out of your mouth there must be some kind of smear campaign there's a hilarious video of Steven Crowder going up to people and ask them what their preferred pronouns are you know what I mean

► 01:48:14

they have really infested the highest levels of Academia and it's funny V's diversity offices they report directly to the present like their offices in search of tasks back to this example to she was the one who identified the person in the basis of their race identified me and the basis of their race of your race because there's there's a thing called White culture she knows what it is she's offended on someone else's behalf I'm a white cisgender heterosexual uses gendered use that term Is that real

► 01:49:01

but that's not a real term I guess not in any dictionaries or suppose that you shouldn't have to say transgender transgender should be normal it's normal to its do want to be transgender it's like it's it's so normal that by saying transgender you making it abnormal situation say cisgender transgender meaning if you are a male and you identify as being a male you are a cisgendered met right you fucking mail like we were adding I hear something about adding all this extra shit to Define things that are already defined by the original words if we don't need that you're doing it to prop up transgender like that's the idea to make it so it seemed even right regular gender okay so now it's okay that was so now that's a long story but one value

► 01:50:01

that's responsible for that is radical egalitarianism everything has to be rather interesting fact leave car actually think that's that can be a good thing in some circumstances so but what they mean is they mean diversity in the most narrow bigoted kind of a way they mean in terms of skin color they don't mean in terms of ideological differences are hiring Republicans and Libertarians are conservatives but that's interesting is that you know I think it was it was an on Sam's podcast with Douglas Moore he said we're going to be talking about proton to the big thing of all these people are stink sneaking nukes in our cities it is a failure to Morley triage it is a it is a system-wide failure that's that trickle down two individuals within the system to make it almost impossible for them to make discerning

► 01:51:01

judgments about things and so we have this consequence now have an entire generation of students who's being trade not only to suspend moral judgments but to think they're better people have as being a result and it's all so beautiful it is all coming from Academia because of you think about what university is macadamia nut like a lot of people that are in Academia went to college grad school got their masters to PhD start teaching never entered the real world stayed in the sheltered environment and now they're dictating this sort of behavior and thinking that it's like a dojo in which they never it's the everybody's training with everybody else in the dojo right I told you to all martial art the whole thing can be sent through that lens and then this radical ideology coming in this area and wanting to redefine reality in this area they're not they're not going out into the real world and experiencing the Congo on a crazy.

► 01:52:01

you're dealing with like an inherent problem with the human race like you can't redefine it by right pronouns and Snapchat has the most Insidious form of cultural myopia like they think they have latched onto sometimes you just making sure it up they think they've latched onto some universal truth about reality and now this morning and I think that the the moral underlying moral impulses that they have a pretty good once you don't you don't treat people differently on the basis of ice in Serbia basically a Cooper he'll be a dick I think that the Bible and compassion and understanding and trying to promote at this like positive other shaming and so that's the other piece that we need to understand here the other pieces the tactics in the techniques and these people have really done a number on me or they've attempted to mistake me for someone

► 01:53:01

I don't care but the other thing is these people are just the most mean-spirited nasty vituperative to to know Google that Google that vituperative one day wow vituperative like these people are also characterized by the strategies they use with when they are engaging people

► 01:53:44

smear tactics if you say anything if you question are you challenging a racist and a bigot you're a homophobe but what that does is that shuts down the conversation that's the end of the conversation so they have modular is it really is not alyah Fae marginalize you it's this rise of the victim culture like victims are esteemed what do I can I was when I was talking about again with with martial arts is that like the dojo to me was sacred because this was something that was transforming me and changing me from a loser to someone who had like a possible outcome that was positive potential I don't want to pass out I think a lot of these people they come from environments where maybe their parents were fucked up a racist or dumb or they didn't like their life or there's some kind of physical trauma had horrible experiences with bad people

► 01:54:44

you know an anal may be abused in high school bullied fucked with and now they found some culture with there being not just accepted but that it's it's invigorating to them like we're going to change this world then we're going to make things awesome for people and we're going to you know we're going to make you ask people what their preferred gender pronouns are this is so important we really need to get on the living in this environment again you're dealing with a really young people like like I was when I was young and I was looking at this this stage of my life is as transformative Journey that I was on and I was Dick wholeheartedly dedicated to it but maybe that's what they're doing there any of this is Derek transformative journey I think that's right and I was going to others are using the mechanisms of the university to impose to relax I think that's right but the very things that we need reason and rationality of liberatori they can liberate us they can emancipate us

► 01:55:44

you know I can't judge it you is like that you can test ideas you can you know it's like it's a son of a bitch to have a guy had a guy on his like 300 pounds he's like me riding me and then skull riding me I mean it's just not a very pleasant experience those both sound very gay riding skull riding microaggression that protest because I would completely finished it I was going to give me that which protest you know you're racist and I use the word hurtful before so one of the reasons that's really hurtful to me is because my daughter's Asia right and now it's the age of Twitter and have black friends know it's different here but but but just think about just think about it for a second you know like my daughter grows up and this person of my class at all you know he's like he chastens or whatever

► 01:56:44

so so you know those things tend to have a life of their own and then it's like oh bogosian he's the guy who hates Asians right he's the guy whereas no I'm just a guy who and this is the earliest point I was going to make the very thing that these are aggressive is one of the things that they don't understand a perhaps the most important is that reason is Liberatore we can emancipate ourselves to reason and rationality but the only way to do that the way to that reason acts as a lubricant is in Social discourse like we need to be able to have conversations it's non-negotiable free speech is not a negotiation and so these people they want to disinvite people if they don't agree with them as opposed to having you know an alternative speaker for their point of debate I'm not a fan of the base but you know or debate but what they want to do is they want to shut down the discourse but let's take that at a deeper level to take

► 01:57:44

look at that part of the problem with that is is that I firmly believe and I think I have evidence for this overwhelming evidence actually is Pedigree a question to actual thought we can derive our values we can sit down and I can talk to you and we can figure out and look at the black statue there are other Hendrix if we can figure out why we shouldn't discriminate against people on the basis of their skin color only way that we can do that it's not Matt it doesn't come from a want is is that you need to be able to ask questions right so we can figure things out in discourse and dialect that's how we figure things out and these people want to shut down discourse but if they do that then they become their own enemies are the worst type of idea log because they have beliefs but they haven't arrived those beliefs so then those beliefs are then sacred right

► 01:58:44

taking away the one thing that we need to figure to figure stuff out it's like they're taking away the resisting opponent in this case they're taking away the dialectic the dialog 3 speech open inquiry the ability to say things on campuses without being smeared as a racist or a homophobe or a bigot right you're a hundred percent right your hundred percent right couldn't be more right about that aspect of this whole dilemma that they are trying to stop at the baby cuz I think part of them knows what they're doing is ridiculous just like their the chi gong master that once I would shoot you across the room this question the kind of know they've got to know they did a question right so that is what I've really been thinking about do they know that their ideologies are bankrupt do they know I mean n and again I'm thinking about guys the topic Reza Aslan Green Glen Glenn Greenwald drink from The Young Turks like

► 01:59:43

when you have to make shit up and lie it makes me think that you're not genuine about your beliefs that you're not authentic like I would just mention to some of the other day I have no problem talking to someone who tells me with total sincerity hey you know what I believe it was a talking snake like I can have a conversation with that guy he's sincere sincere there they're saying this is what I believe but the regressive you can't eat almost impact the one thing you need you can't have a conversation cuz if you ask a question your your spirit you become a whole smear campaign so

► 02:00:24

incredibly frustrating on an individual level but then when they have institutional support of this stuff then when they have gold in their tentacles into Academia it into you know very high positions and it's across the United States western Europe and again remember there is a hierarchy of things you can't talk about there is and if you if you want to figure something if you can figure out the relationship you mean this would be epic you figure out why I love my freedom of languages to hear on the show you figure out why feminists are in bed with islamist and then we got something because this to me is one of the most bizarre fascinating disturbing

► 02:01:13

grotesque I mean if they were ever a group who actively with me it was even worse than the phone Baltic states and Soviet Union the only military Alliance in history their primary objective was to attack themselves this is even worse than that these people you could not possibly find a group of people who are more epithetical to than the most rudimentary feminist values than the islamist it is not possible never has it existed but yet these people are in bed with each other and it happens over and over again I mean this whole situation that's awesome it's just it's the Poetry of the bizarre it's it's it's it's some bizarre Folly is very strange it's a very strange but it's they're brown and there's something about us

► 02:02:13

skin color that the trumps other things to think about that for a second these people but the only people this isn't my line I read this summer but the only people who care about race are racist and regressive leftist these people are look the regressive left really are the new racist they were really looking at everything in terms of race and sex and I think there's a lot of sexism aggressive because I don't really like if I were you thinking like you're supposed to be more soft gendered gender supposed to be a fluid thing if you're not supposed to be overly masculine that's nonsense how come you can be overly feminine once you become transgender how come how come you know if a woman wants to wear like a push-up bra ever pit spoken out in a short skirt and high heels and a lot of makeup and do her hair up that girls giving into the patriarchy but if a transgender does

► 02:03:13

you go girl if a transgender man all the sudden but it's even worse than apocracy because if it just stop there it would be something but it's this idea that these people they think that they can dictate the other people how they should live when you see a guy who's a powerlifter Giant Game of Thrones The Mountain god of the mountain is it the UFC past weekend awesome he obviously likes being fucking huge he enjoys picking shit up and moving it around he enjoys breaking records what do I give a fuck why would I carry seems like a nice guy like the idea that this fit even if he's an asshole he doesn't seem to be that my point is like there's no he's not doing anything

► 02:04:13

you would look at that and and decide that this person living their life in this way is negative these masculine and he's a part of the problem and rape culture and I was just I was just picking big Shut up and moving it around and flexin like the same amount of energy into swimming even if he's not doing any yet so so there are we got that and subscribe to ideas that are just not in accordance with reality and I think and I not losing the trim regressive here I think General liberals in general tend to believe that if we can change social system somehow and and and I I think that there's a lot of Truth in this season

► 02:05:13

Steven Pinker cutter in the blank slate deconstruct some of these ideas but liberals kind of think if you could only change the institutions in society then things would by definition be more fear and more equal blank slates and you know it's all of these disparities in the qualities come about as a result of problems within the system despair you know inequalities when the system is look unless you're really an idea log on the right you would be hard-pressed to say you know why why shouldn't we try to do our best to create systems of justice that I'm Warfare I'm a big fan of John Rolfe any reasonable person would say that but these people they don't believe in differences they think that they're turn on by the differences between men and women are not biological they think that their cultural artifacts they think that you know I don't know if you want to go to whole race thing but the race thing is nothing but

► 02:06:13

I think that race is only skin deep there it's a social construct you know rather than saying why do Jewish women get Tay-Sachs syndrome white and black guy black people get more sickle cell anemia but again you know I noticed my hesitancy in discussing these things because I know that ain't time to bring this up this is an opportunity for people to smear you tell you your bigoted a racist homophobe and a know and it's also the Pinnacle of identity politics were the things that I say are discredited or they look at me because I'm I'm situated in the body that I am for the sexuality I had no choice over whatsoever and they use that as an opportunity to discredit my speech

► 02:06:55

I mean the whole thing is just it's it is literally if you could say well let's let's make a list of all the things that we can write down to make it impossible to solve our problems these people they have the list I mean they have the gold standard for the list it's a very good point I think one of the most important aspects of this is what you said about silencing debate and the debate and discussion is the only way we figure things out I don't know how I met you today I know you because of your work I know you are because of your association with friends of mine like Sam Harris but I don't know you're thinking until I talk to you and when I talk to you I going to okay I see how it is that we have in our head we would like to reinforce those and everybody cuz it makes life simpler if you think the way I think and I think you think it's perfect so that's what we bring Jiu-Jitsu it again right so that's why the problem is when

► 02:07:55

hang out with people who only believe like we do it is called the filter bubble in the end it's a book about to call the beat big short we tend to be more confident in the belief that we have what we should be doing is we should be going a different gyms right you should be going to your buddy 10th Planet you should be going and check it out different things because you need to test these ideas to see if they work in the same way we should be listening to ideas it's a problem if you're a liberal and you only listen to Liberal stuff or anything you really need to listen to challenge and indeed Yourself by opening yourself up to these experiences and starting with the possibility that you could be wrong so if you're a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and you walk into someone's school and the blue belts are routinely tapping you going to do some thinking you going to be honest with yourself and it doesn't matter how much time you put into it it doesn't matter what your commitment is what matters is what works

► 02:08:55

and that is a beautiful thing about high-level problem solving in martial arts that if it works it work right and it's it's hard to do that when it comes to ideas like compassion and Justice and getting along and how you should treat people and how people should be accepted and others is things about diversity and about the quality that I think we all agree with me and I think you shouldn't be judged by your sexuality or what you look like or where you are born or in a fill-in-the-blank nationalism seems to be kind of fucking silly to me too I think you should judge people on how you behave and how you interact with each other and you like do I enjoy talking to this person and guess what you might enjoy talking to me but somebody else might fucking think I'm a moron they might not like talk to me that's their prerogative to you don't have to just because you like Peter bogosian just because you

► 02:09:55

Joy people doesn't mean I have to enjoy them and I have friends and if we're friends I can't fucking stand you know what I'm not I'll be around Michael Christ why you hang around this guy gives me headaches I gotta get out of here and the older I get. If the older I get the more I I just want to spend my time with people I really want to spend it and not obligation I tried so fucking hard to get along with people that are unmotivated are lazy or they have constant problems going to live they don't look at themselves objectively and you talk to them about things that happened in their life and they have a fucking Myriad of excuses it's overwhelming and the you if you have those people in your life they will overwhelm you with their issues and you will never get anything done and so my take is try until you can't try and then get the fuck out of there yet and you're already doing what you're doing and is that your modeling those behaviors you know when my talking my buddy the other day he's he's upset that all the regressives are attacking him and I just said

► 02:10:55

publish everybody that's the currency in Academia like what do you care like just publish and explain your thoughts in a way that will inspire debate and Inspire thought explain your thoughts in a blog in a way where people can read it and didn't like it and share it with friends miss one of the beautiful things about today is that you have this ability that's never literally unparalleled access to other human beings it's never been like this where you can just write something you put it on Facebook you could be a carpenter in Kansas and you write something beautiful on Facebook and it'll be shared across right world within minutes yeah I'll add one more thing to that and don't treat people if you've been treated negatively by people don't stoop to that it's hard by my mentor is somewhat of a non sequitur but my Metro told me this really fast

► 02:11:55

did the one that just got rid of right there was a child molester Pope amazing Godzilla feel about his life in the back in the account

► 02:12:13

show me the story about chickens that was pretty profound in my life but basically I think he was on the study if not then order among chickens and there's something that's a literal pecking order and then if you put chickens in a coop 7 chicken chicken one will peck chicken to chicken with chicken stew to 7 but never be picked chicken 2 will not pair chicken one but will take check at pictures at so the same thing all the chicken 7 gets packed by all the chickens and text nobody so they want to see if they could reverse the pecking order and I think that the story is profound implications for all of life and so what they did was they put a little collar they put little collars on all the chickens and when the chicken raised his head as if it was going to pack another chicken they Zapped it here's the question to you and I got it wrong when he asked me do you think it was easier to make chicken one chicken 7

► 02:13:13

or chicken 7 chicken one that's what I said that's wrong for that chicken 7 has been has been

► 02:13:24

a chart not product has been detected whole life it's it's it's all only going to get packed and only takes one shock and that's another very quick story only takes one shock of chicken one to make a chicken salad instantly because it's never experienced that that's why for example the criminal justice system harsh punishments don't work they just don't match borne out by overwhelming empirical evidence but I think it's a theoretical background for that is the chicken story that's why I like my he was telling me that when his son he never yelled at his son his funny story look at you with all the tattoos and his son wanted to get a tattoo and he slammed his hand down and he screamed and his son was so shocked it was like such a shocking thing because he had never raised his voice should always spend chicken want it always been but when you really start to think about the implications of that of what kindness will do

► 02:14:24

what a why being vituperative nasty harsh to people the best way to change moral attitudes is through Rapport the best way to help people and if you read the the Christian books they talk about the interesting book called tactics the main thing is you know develop relationships with people they're friendly their kind are trustworthy of communities with people and that gets them involved in their community and us there faith-based the same thing as Jiu-Jitsu I have like some great guys I was just hanging out the other day who do Jiu Jitsu Jitsu is also interesting just pathetic lie because you have such a trust of the people you work out with and you have a bond a buddy of mine is a prosecutor for the state and you know how you have to say hey I know this guy we can do another guy who's also a friend of mine and they did you get you together and he told the judge in the lawyer and they said they have they don't have a problem with it neither one of those people do Jiu Jitsu

► 02:15:24

rights because there's no freaking way that I would let someone do Jiu Jitsu sit on a jury with somebody else who's either the prosecutor the defendant because those people trust each other because you have to trust each other when you Jujitsu or people will break your arm still choke taking Ross or part of a very tight-knit and unusual Community absolutely you have this bond with each other I don't think people understand you're killing each other yeah that's right I'm breaking into his arms yet so I think that that that chicken and I told that because often we think that the best response to be when when we're being mistreated a we perceive in Injustice or unfairness is to lash out and a type of emotional maturity is just to not lash out at you know maybe a really good strategy which I've adopted instead of its must really much easier than than attempting to do the emotional work of being kind and compassionate is just ignore people you don't have to meet their nastiness with nastiness you just walk away

► 02:16:24

well that's a good approach if you can pull it off sometimes people get pissed off. I think that also is what I call the battery effect and it's also a good aspect of Jiu Jitsu I think human beings have a certain amount of energy they store up in their body because I think we have our bodies are we we have is ancient structure that's been passed on from generation to generation thousands and thousands of years of human beings and for the most part up in till really recently you were constantly engage in physical activity and conflict in your body is designed for that your body has a certain amount of requirements for the expenditure of energy and when you don't meet those requirements your battery overflows I think that's what road rage is and I think that's what your rational responses and I know personally for my own experience in my own shortcomings when I have had irrational response is because I have not maintain my body correctly and I have not taken care of that battery and then

► 02:17:24

when it comes out especially when you're someone like me it's even more consequential because I've done in my whole life so my whole life has been about exploding punch and kick you get to I saw this and in doing that if I get it out of my system I'm tranquil everything's calm but when I don't get out of my system

► 02:17:49

you got all this extra too much juice in your battery and Jiu-Jitsu people for the most part are some of the most mellow calm and relaxed is sculpture outside of it also have the benefit of knowing that the average person literally has no idea how to defend themselves when we know this because we have been personally humiliated as an average person and then you become a practitioner and you become fairly proficient and then you understand your limitations but you also understand much more deeply the limitations of the average person absolutely. You haven't have it from my perspective an encyclopedic knowledge of martial arts and lineages and people in my experience the people I've met like like you know

► 02:18:38

I'm trying to think of a good guy the People You Meet who are just the most dangerous deadly people they're just they got nothing to prove they seem to be the nicest people yeah he does like a smiling happy assassin around him he's so nice you just said it and then and then I went out to a bar a little while ago and a guy had a black belt around his waist is a belt and he was playing pool

► 02:19:23

and I thought to myself this guy has some issues like dangling if I tell people I can get a black belt from like online you buy them and then they come in and you put it on like it's like a sacred forging ground black belt I mean there's a video of really recently mean it's still does happen to this day of some guy showing up at a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school he puts on a g I think he had a wrestling shoes on and a black belt and I showed up at this gym and they started out working out with people and then the instructor realized immediately and humiliated him and punish them and to tell

► 02:20:23

take the belt off and get the fuck out of here and I'm screaming at them but you can't pretend pretend yeah you can pretend and some martial arts I mean there's guys that dance moves that they sing us one of my favorite videos of these guys in Harlem that is not videos is a series of them who practice some sort of fake Kung Fu and like one guy will will be like he'll throw a punch and then the other guy will go with some of those that to me what I'm going to do is they don't say it like this they say it in a very Urban way light and they invent all this stuff choreographed fight and when they have fights it becomes like two kids in a fucking school

► 02:21:23

he becomes a bra on the ground at each other and they can't do anything all the stupid shit but you watch these guide me as a person who study martial arts my whole life I know I don't practice Kung Fu but I know what is actually Kung Fu Panda and what is some shit someone's making up there just practicing and making things up so they could go to even a Kung Fu Dojo and try it in NM pretend that stuff's real and the Kung Fu guy would go and what are you talkin about like this but you're inventing things don't you feel bad for those guys at some level I do I do I think that a lot of those guys if they're just found the correct path would benefit greatly if they just found a real martial arts school okay so here's what I think part of it is I think that they engage and I'm really interested

► 02:22:23

a willingness to self deceive Mutual it's with both people like they you see that religion and God finds a way yes he does now. I just find a wedding with me while they just leave and smoke crack and some of them dudes dick people crazy that's what they do they they pretend they pretend and they loved one of the things that people love about Christians by Christians love about Christians is Obama Christian but at least in the moment you are going to engage in some very predictable Behavior you're going to engage in that you're a God feeling fear and Christian that so you going to behave like a God-fearing Christian man you going to say things I know where you're coming from you're not some fucking weirdo Buddhist vent to do peyote

► 02:23:23

Brian fanfic to of course you got to pick up truck first I got to find comfort in those patterns yeah we tend to like people who are like ourselves yes it's very much tribalism thing and it's also very much its it reinforces your aunt like if you have a lack of willingness or ability to question the reality that you've been shown that you have subscribed to a few if you're not willing to question it is also not one question that there's some comfort in that and that's why it's so important for people to be honest with themselves

► 02:24:10

and how to how do we promote those values of people of self honesty I mean I gotta see this way it will be heard by more than a million people and that's that's the way you do it. I mean I just throw this out now I wonder if after post-modernism truth-telling conversations come after post-modernism might certainly think there is a great benefit to talking to people and having people be honest in even in an uncomfortable way where when you listen to it it makes you think I like those lights that go on in my head when I hear someone say something maybe maybe they'll be vulnerable or maybe they'll be like introspective in almost a painful way when I hear it is lights that go on in my head while ago wow okay I'm getting some real shift

► 02:25:10

aspersion and I'll find in myself these moments that relate to this guy saying and I try to see themselves from this point of view as opposed to a newscaster when someone is today in Los Angeles we found out the hard way what happens when you don't obey the law reality there's no human in there this is a strip club DJ coming up these are patterns that are not real that people subscribe to an adopt and then perpetrate then and they do it over and over again in the business World hello. How's the family is everything good these patterns are like they protect you from having to be vulnerable and real they put the buy a by adopting these predetermined patterns of behavior that we all

► 02:26:10

comfortable with we all know as a God-fearing Christian man they're removing the possibility of vulnerability of of reality and authenticity

► 02:26:34

it really doesn't it's a type of tragedy when you gets out of the shit that I don't but I do feel the impetus to help people like that like I do feel better important that the people are laboring under beliefs about reality like again fantasy base martial arts that just simply are true and they're wasting their time but unlike fantasy martial arts these people vote and these people affect decisions they directly affect my life social issues a real problem you know the real problem when blocking people's access to certain medical procedures and deciding what can can be done based on a look at what was happening during the Bush Administration when it comes to when it came to stem cell research I mean it was fucking Shackled and stop because every other go on sale babies

► 02:27:29

just get the stamp seal from skin you fuck and meanwhile the rest of the world and has like advanced in progress the atlanteans and South Koreans yeah I mean it's just we got fucked by religious ideology got a way of medical Innovation I think I think part of this is I've been thinking about this a lot I think part of the way that we can at least Dent this problem is by promoting the value of honesty cuz if we promote the value of honesty then with that comes the willingness to revise people's beliefs and we have to make it okay to say I don't know like I'm totally cool with you guys I don't know all that stuff I think that's one of the beautiful things about this new age of information is it is impossible now clearly to know everything no one can know everything so it's okay to say I don't know now where it used to be a sign of

► 02:28:29

you were poorly motivated or poorly educated or what I mean I'm not very educated I went to college for three years I've barely paid attention and I only did it because I didn't want people to think I was a loser I barely made it out of high school but since that time I read a lot of shit of watched a lot of documentaries about a lot of fascinating conversations with people and I've accumulated some information so am I educated not really but yeah but I'm educated but I'm certain things about light where is formality now when you have formal education like what's going on with your school for a question. What is it now because that's not education or being indoctrinated into this ridiculous ideology if you're participating in that kind of. It's Auntie education it's like cata yeah it's in a lot of ways in a lot of ways it is just like religion and that's what

► 02:29:29

my friend Kurt Metzger was saying about the social justice Warriors he's like no no I said I've seen this I grew up in a fucking call I know what this is you're telling me I can't think about it any other way and that's bullshit and his reaction to it is very bright he gets angry at it and you know he's not a picture of things America has been this is a somewhat of a Converse statement but but we're not the great superpower we used to be but the one thing that we have the one thing we've always had is we've had strong institutions in strong universities and now we're seeing those

► 02:30:11

being undermined at least in the humanities in general and even into certain extent in the sciences and it it I don't know why I said I think cuz I don't I don't really know cuz I'm not in the scientists who speak to that but just anecdotally from what I've heard a few but I can't I can't I can't speak to that you guys thinking about heard interfere with except for the idea of promoting more women in science and to somehow know some sex that's what I was in science why are there no diversity requirements with sports teams

► 02:30:51

right like football teams need to have a certain amount because they want to win to get killed right so so it's different cuz it's physicals they say what we need so many Puerto Ricans here are we need so many direct diversity requirement so it's like an ex because because they want to win in other words they're telling you this is important to us anytime you impose a value on a system that is that is winning is the value in that's a marketplace right that's a competition that's a free-market anytime you say well you know

► 02:31:35

you also need diversity then you're making it more difficult to to win a meritocracy is like that like you you want people in a system to have an in Academia back and you need to be published University to be decided by others you need to have all these metrics

► 02:31:56

but now this is why I talk about the scientist when you try to put people in positions who are not qualified for those positions you undermined the meritocracy so when you're trying to put people if you say well there's not enough women here we need to find more women there are not enough African-American well enough to sit with your but there are very few African-American to study philosophy if you are African-American with a PhD in philosophy that you are your gold that is awesome so an African-American with a PhD for philosophy can kind of write their own ticket yeah

► 02:32:31

cuz they want to promote more African Americans get involved in philosophy and then perhaps that will sort of engaged more P Poppin out now this is now this is a really interesting conversation that we should have this is the kind of thing at this point in Academia we have to shut down the discourse because someone's going to be offended but I think that's an important question because your question is basically it's a kind of utilitarian calculus like okay let's say that we have what is the first of all you have to look at the evidence regressives don't like evidence very much but we have to look at the oven what is the evidence if there are more African-Americans in floss feet can a mentor more African-American students etcetera of course I would think that we would want that that would be a good thing that would be something that would be

► 02:33:22

wonderful the question is does that mean that we would hire a candidate who does not who would not be hired if that candidate had a different skin color Brian like that whole thing undermines the meritocracy but the moment that you start talking about putting a diversity requirement on free sample my discipline philosophy I think what you're saying is it's not important your discipline isn't important because we don't do that when the outcome really matters we don't do that with brain surgery we don't do that with sports teams were not looking for the best candidates what we're looking for is to bring people into these disciplines that may not have had the opportunity and that might be bad for the overall discipline discipline because your spine

► 02:34:21

places where people aren't as represented also they don't have the same advantages that have privileges there is another word for underrepresented so we want more people to discipline as long as look that's not bad in and of itself but we need to have a conversation about what that means she part of the problem with regressives is they look at outcomes instead of opportunities we need to construct systems to give everybody regardless of their skin color of their ethnicity and equal opportunity in education of the First Rate and what we're seeing instead is systems being created to orchestrate or engineer outcomes produced this many black you know after what whatever it is or Hispanic whatever it is

► 02:35:12

first of all it's a bad way to think about it so horrible way to think about it but the other problem is meritocracy matters we need we need to if anything should be institutionalized it should be systems that are raced blind

► 02:35:30

systems that don't look think about it you could also think of it like this and think about the black guy who isn't philosophy who's incredibly smart and qualified have a suit of my Matt Hernandez that kid is freaking genius like truly one in a million like much smarter than I am he's published off and he's a kids awesome he's hispanic he's going to get his PhD in philosophy got a full ride a full scholarship

► 02:35:55

the crime the shame is that when Matt gets in people would say what he just got it because he's hispanic no actually know he was going to say that though no one's going to say it well that's the problem the problem is that we can't have a conversation to ask people if they're thinking about it because if they say yes they'll be smeared as a racist okay so then how do you address the issue with any quality inside of these marginalized communities that's a great question look this is what I think we need to do when you look at surveys of

► 02:36:31

if people so I think that these lines are primarily upon class drawn upon class was something else no one wants to talk about instead of race it just so happens that fewer African-American or African American Born to Poverty then then we can also talk about something that's really an interesting about crime and Jenna factors are risk predictors they're not what you think for people who be violent criminals did just not what you think at all the people try to make that a racial issue but when you look at these systems when you look at these school systems for example

► 02:37:12

I just totally lost my train of thought I start thinking about race and Jimi hendrix's a photo back there I'm sorry but you were talking about trying to get more addressing the issue so what we need to do as well we need to start thinking about opportunities well the other thing is we need to think long-term and not short-term we need to look at the problem and be honest and there are some structural issues with our electric and the way that we've established politics in this country of offices of four years and then eight years and we need to have a longer-term vision in a look at what this wants to be right now we Face a problem and it were not adequately educating poor people in our country and the majority of those happen to be black and this is an enormous problem this is going to come back to haunt us

► 02:38:07

but the solution to that problem is not diversity initiatives. Here's the other reason why that's bad it's not even a Band-Aid it's worse it's because people that say will look this Faust part of this department has so many minorities things must be going well actually know they're not going well it was an artificial solution that was put in and the underlying structural inequality and economic disparity hasn't been addressed that's a great way to put it and what about all the poor people that live in West Virginia or Kentucky those families been generations and generations of coal miners I mean just because other white people have made it into universities Maiden in a certain institutions you're being racist if you think that those people shouldn't get an equal shot of things yet well into the way we fix it is against a John Wall's idea public education the first great however every time I would say that people would say two things they play identity politics you're just what you're saying that because your wife gives them that's their ticket to discredit what

► 02:39:07

that's the that's why people they use that as an excuse to not listen to your arguments it's really it's perverted it mean it's uh it's really despicable

► 02:39:19

choke choke so that should I use that they use that idea as an excuse so you just said that but the other thing that it does it mean if you really start to think about what kind of society do we want to move to what what are the limits of our institutions what what role should the meritocracy play should you disrupt that if there are racial inequalities or imbalances picture questions we have to address people a democracy have to address this and you cannot have fear of talking about this because someone's going to call you a racist you just can't so if you want to put a proposal for that says our own idea well I don't think you know hiring should be this way you need to have that conversation but there's one other issue this one of the tactic that the regressive left use and that's the idea of privilege they love that word oh well you know you don't even see your profile that you don't privileges yet another thing that used and look I I think the impetus

► 02:40:19

that is good the danger here is that because these people are so nasty so mean-spirited and so generally insane that we discard everything that they're saying we throw the baby out with the bathwater now we need to be conscious in careful that we don't do that we need to acknowledge that they're saying some important things there you know Rachel treatment of people on the basis of race gender sexual orientation not discriminating against someone because they they don't feel comfortable in a male body or female or guy Marc Fisher is a game these things are important these things matter these things are things that we have to talk about and if I have privilege I want to be conscious that and if I'm treating someone the way that's unjust or if it's unkind I I I want to know about that that's not the guy want to be you know so so why don't we talk about these things how do we how do we engage these well here

► 02:41:19

you don't talk about him you don't talk about him like I constantly smearing people with privilege saying you have proven you're not important state my University they had to an event where student minority students where were you know could speak about all these things but students word I can't remember the exact phrasing not of color were invited to listen

► 02:41:41

think about that they were invited to listen they have institutionalized racism that's what that is

► 02:41:52

it is certainly racism in that sense but isn't it an opportunity for people that have been marginalized Express themselves in a in a platform that may be a lot of people that have been marginalized have their room for people of a specific raise to speak about some issues that maybe they would understand intimately that you are I wouldn't because we're white folks no question at all. That's true and you know what I was to have someone have the opportunity to allow African-Americans speak and let's allow these white folks to listen to what they have to say and then maybe you have another conference or maybe a debate or maybe a conversation what do you allow someone to have a retort so the first the first problem with that if you frame it in terms of an opportunity then if I say yes it's bad then it's feel like I'm denying people opportunity so I don't think that's the best way to frame it

► 02:42:50

the problem with that one time I asked my buddy is an appellate court judge and he said one he said he thinks it's unwise or his son actually said that she did say that his son is a works for some Supreme Court I don't even know if you do that so I was a lawyer I don't pretend to be a lawyer but he said it's actually legal the problem isn't you then need to hold then white people or whoever any other group can hold and say look box can't speak so we can get in we can talk how great is good luck with that so you're so you're so it's not so you you're creating an opportunity for people who are genuine racist to undermine the whole system to put the other thing is like I think it's important you can totally do that and say look we're going to have people for 2 hours speak about their experiences of Oppression I think that's great and I think that they should do that and I think we need to be more sensitive

► 02:43:50

and I think we need to correct any structural inequalities or remove biases that we have to be lunch sure I still have some I don't I don't know of any I'm sure I still have them but the idea is that shooting people of any race than be allowed to ask people questions about those experiences you've had this experience whatever it is you said this like I don't want to explain that to me explain that to him so you shutting down possibilities for people who don't understand those that's the way we understand things we come to understand through asking questions like you know why do you do we need environments that encourage genuine inquires in questions and that who's prom so that someone could say what what if someone goes in there and start shutting Rachel appetizer horrible things okay

► 02:44:50

other bad person well they're horrible there should be cleared everybody and the only way that's going to be cleared everybody is if you allow open thinking that open speech and allow people to express themselves mutually at all that data and you get an understanding of what is okay and what's not okay what's hurtful what's not hurtful and if you're constantly environment where you don't even know the monkey hear no evil you can't even hear a bad idea when someone does something legitimately horrible what would the reaction be your threshold will constantly be decreasing if you're not hearing ideas right if you're not hearing ideas that one contrary are in a challenging than your threshold for what you find defensive will constantly lower than anything will offend you I had thought he was Russell on it was a great guy in the teachers at Occidental and we were talking about that issue where there was a young man and a young woman who got together and they got drunk and they had

► 02:45:50

Cynthia girl decided that either she decided her friends convinced her into it that she had been raped even though she had sent him a bunch of text message saying are you coming over bring condoms tell their friends I'm getting laid LOL and he got there they're both intoxicated but because he's a man he was kicked off the campus he was kicked out of school he's there soon is a big lawsuit she stayed they both had sex there was no forced there was no no no lies there is no and no one that held anyone down no one did anything against anyone's will but they decided that he had committed sexual assault because they were both drunk and they could not consent which is fucking insane and Brady ready sex it. That's right it's sexy

► 02:46:50

you can't say well hey I was drunk I'm not responsible for plowing in a fucking School Bus full of kids you can't say that but if you say hey I was drunk I'm not responsible for my consent to have sex with this man that's preposterous we all know that alcohol limits your inhibitions it lowers your inhibitions and makes you do things and you might regret but there's a there's a big thing amongst people online that are trying to say this and pass it on regret is an equal rate people make mistakes we've all made mistakes but the person you made a mistake with is a fucking rapist they've also made a mistake and Maybe not maybe maybe you guys just had sex and maybe around a bunch of fucking nutty people we're trying to convince you that any time you have sex and your drunk you've been raped and there is a problem now look at it from the view of the administrator right so from the view of the administrator students go after his job and those guys have Coach jobs

► 02:47:50

pulling your Tesla so those folks I prefer a funny story at USS story about the university about this so again I have no problem calling somebody you know he looks like a she or whatever you want a couple quick stories that you are so I had a I take a tenant's long story why I take attendance

► 02:48:39

I get this this very attractive young woman comes up Smith in a class of kind of discombobulated all the shit in my head and she hands me this note so you can get out of it if you have a jury duty military orders doctor's note excuse from my boss's boss the teen whatever so that way in just in case I know I did it right hey why did this person get off of this but I didn't you know do anything in the next thing you know she's paying me of sleeping it's just so much easier for me so I'm reading this note and said would you please excuse me mister so-and-so from this thing in his his system is but whatever it was friends I don't have any idea why is why she's handing me this note I'm mr. Sancho

► 02:49:33

it took me a second and it took me a moment I had to like process that I didn't say anything about it I'm like all that's great because if I do you know if people do demand something and and they'll say walk look this person gave you this is not a mister like you have a problem with that you're being homophobic you're being transferred so people have been choosing them pronouns but the craziest thing that happened to a colleague of mine is he was told that it again it may be called Z I got nope I got a bigger ship to work a GE I'm problem. I'll spell it out for you every time so so this person wanted to be called a camera with the days were but certain days and he made a mistake by calling made a mistake

► 02:50:30

and all hell broke loose what was the mistake he called her and she said you know okay don't do that again like you did that again or something I don't know

► 02:50:48

we're having two people just being fucking crazy is not an option is that possible you know what I was watching listen to Radiolab podcast interviewing this guy who got a guy sometimes sometimes a girl sometimes goes back and forth and is gender-fluid and in the middle of conversations like I just switched I'm a guy now I just wished I just felt it was immediate like I'm listening to this and I'm going well this is a fucking idiot clearly this is obviously a Nutty person that has a very loose slippery mineral oil grip on reality display eyes are their fingers and they want you to give in to this slippery reality and focus on them constantly now I'm here, she it's another way to divert attention from anything that's going on and focus it on them and something completely trivial like that they decide they're female they decide they're a male what what the fuck are you talkin about

► 02:51:48

mama I don't even care if if it's it's pointless piece of different different times of the day have you feel different sexually if you're you know you're pansexual or you just thinking too much and projector projecting that off on other people become transgender we assist gender and in like it's switches back and forth all throughout the day you're probably fucking crazy was it was it you who tweeted the the link about the guy who wants a 6 year old girl or a boy or girl and he's a father and he has decided that now he's a 6 year old girl but I love it

► 02:52:27

you should a 6 year old Fox, I'm going to be a fux know I'm an owl I'm an eagle identify with trees I'm just going to stand here don't do that so so so instead of so here's the hat with apples hanging from it don't disrespect is real so I think that's part of the problem with not being able to Morley triage it's part of the problem with not the Army triage is a great way to describe it to as a great way to describe run with it it's just not it's not worth my time if a guy wants to be sexual girl you go fart you make a fucking noise that means it's like my my issue with this whole Caitlyn Jenner thing is like you have to cut collar Caitlin now it's a she called her Caitlin been calling his fucking person is one noise

► 02:53:27

I make with my mouth my whole life in the Diane Sawyer interview he said he and he said Bruce sticking with that you can't keep making new noises that I have to make with my face and make you feel better about yourself because if that's all it takes for you to feel better about yourself is people call you a new noise if I decide to my new name is Sheila Sheila you just laughed it's a microaggression how it is a microaggression a boring ass fucking stupid name and I got stuck with that boring a stupid name my grandfather's name is Joe my grandmother's name is Josephine bunch of fucking unoriginal on Creative Fox in my family so your face and you say Hey Joe to me and my up my friend Joey is right behind me and I don't know which Joe after look Ono micrographs me again

► 02:54:27

it was a some noises are feminine don't some noises that are ambiguous figure out what gender she was named Shelly Chris Christie. So you see how crazy that is it is confusing but here's what makes it worse what makes it worse is that if you make a mistake there's there's a rule to punish you like right now you have your operating freely you have no rules people in people act like they're paranoid but make no mistake

► 02:55:07

so of course that's just the way it is I mean when when you have a bunch of people that are hypersensitive and that are trying to enforce these ridiculous ideas on people and they're trying to pound these things out there looking for these moments with a can solidify this is Mom with you these moments by call them green light I call them green light because they might not be upset they might not really be upset with Evergreen light to act upset their battery you know what overflow battery that's right Battlefront

► 02:55:42

I found one and they have community support because now the victim is the highest level and they're all social retards the problem Politically Incorrect work retarded means slow. And it is socially retarded to like operate this way it sits it slows everything down it's it's awkward it's confusing it's not necessary what's necessary is friendship kindness compassion open-minded page and don't like you owe you called her and she on Thursday she's here on Thursday and the other thing is that acts against their own interests that creates address our relationship goes in your life and make them socially spoiled

► 02:56:42

change the goddamn thing about the world so 3 hours s i a n he's broken be fired from his job at Portland State University after this podcast so please you open up a patreon page and after requests like all those social justice Freaks and thank you brother Bryan Callen and Brendan Schaub going to have a UFC 194 recap Halle thank you everybody thank you so much thanks to the podcast thanks to our sponsors thanks to onnit.com go to Ona and it use the code word Rogan and save 10% off any and all supplements thanks to stamps.com go to stamps.com before you do anything else cook on the microphone to the top of the homepage and type in

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