#852 - John Anthony West

The Joe Rogan Experience #852 - John Anthony West

September 27, 2016

John Anthony West is an author, lecturer, guide and a proponent of Sphinx water erosion hypothesis in geology. http://www.jawest.net/

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workouts of the day awesome articles on motivation on nutrition on exercise physiology just awesome data great stuff and it is also Beyond Academy is actually a physical Academy in Austin Texas great state-of-the-art facility with world-class state-of-the-art equipment and instruction and 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu it's an awesome gym I go there every time I'm in Austin Texas and you should too good Onnit.Com musically were broken and save 10% off any and all supplements pappan we're done this podcast today is with the great John Anthony West John Anthony West is The Man Behind magical Egypt which is an amazing DVD series that if you love Egypt if you're interested in ancient history and you know if you have a chest if you remotely curious about

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Egypt it is a must-see because it's eight DVDs and it is absolutely fantastic is the most in-depth resource on Egypt it's incredible photography and John and Anthony was his knowledge of ancient Egypt is unparalleled me just makes it incredibly fascinating he also does a lot of Tours to Egypt and he has been studying this stuff since the 1960s he's a great guy just a really amazing fascinating guy and I hope you enjoy this podcast as much as I enjoy talking to him so give it up for John Anthony West

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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mister mister mister broken in person on Skype was fun it was nice and you are to this day the only podcast I've ever done on Skype really I just had to talk to you I hope this like if you couldn't get down here there's got to be a way so it was nice to be able to do it that way but much nicer to see you here in person and let's better to the air and then actually what's responsible to be being here in person that is that I wouldn't actually come all this huge distance even to be on your show but because I have this conference coming up at the end of the week called CPAC which I'm surprised you didn't know by conference on pre-session and ancient knowledge which is the end of this week for those living in Southern California might want to take a hike I'll take a look at it about its Rancho Mirage

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great name and means there is no Ranch Rancho Mirage Palm Springs and it is about exactly what it says conference on pre-session and ancient knowledge and it it questions the begin with the whole show me say the whole the whole scenario the standard scenario that what causes procession which is supposedly a kind of the wobble of the earth caused by nobody knows exactly what and the counter theory is that it isn't that it's up there is a dwarf star orbiting the Sun upsetting the balance of the celestial mechanical balance of it and that makes a difference it will what's the difference one way or another there's procession it doesn't make a difference actually in the big picture cuz it means that our solar system basically conforms with all of the other solar systems which mostly are dual in nature a serious for example

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dwarf star that circles around that serious be that's responsible for all sorts of measurable phenomena so it starts off from there but then the ancient knowledge comes in because procession procession seems to be a factor of virtually every ancient Society Viet sophisticated our China and India South America mesoamerica so-called primitive word I hate to use it simply means unintellectual eyes are not expressed in coffee or Western Philosophy for whatever that's worth the the

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budget procession is is a known fact discovered actually long time ago you think by now would be common knowledge and everybody would teach it in school which is a sort of a joke on teacher tells very bizarre thing that it's so prominent in ancient cultures in ancient society that they literally a map this out as 26000 year cycle is wobble of the and that we rarely talk about it ever know because it upsets the notion of that there's a knowledge of this going back to ancient times presupposes that there's a very Advanced observational astronomy dating at a time when supposedly people were still living in trees so this is actually a big deal conference session and the ancient knowledge comes into it because

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understanding that there is

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highly sophisticated scientific

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understanding that goes back not just to ancient Egypt itself but for thousands and thousands Millenia Beyond upsets what is effectively the reigning religion of today except it doesn't call itself a religion calls itself science which is based supposedly on reason it's. None of those things are true it's not based on science and science is not based upon reason well some Sciences but archaeology in particular is very rigid in its ideas and a lot of is based on the professors that have written books and that teach these ideas and they don't want to let them go and when noon and knowledge is discovered the challenges those ideas they fight it rigorously even if it's knowledge like the stuff that you exposed with dr. Ron shock Robert schoch rather which was the water erosion on the Sphinx which we were talking about the pope before the podcast is it which is one of the best pieces of evidence because the last time there was rainfall heavy rainfall in the Nile Valley was was it 9000 PCS I would want to

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but it's anyway it's way before the beginning of dynastic Egypt and then it's a question of how how old when those reins felt that if thing here that I'm now at Liberty to relate publicly originally I wasn't when I first got shocked over to Egypt which is another podcast in the history of my search for himself and I scraped together a bit of money to bring them over and we got into the Sphinx enclosure I don't think it was leaked out in Legally I think we brought up that way in very early in the morning as possible and walked into the Sphinx enclosure actually we get that up on the screen you'll see the

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you'll see that they that the level of the water or extent of the weathering of the water weathering Chuck looked at it and everybody else walks into the Sphinx enclosure and how's this actually this shock recognition of in the presence of this fabulous work of sacred art sculpture in fact of its culture and chocolate the shock is of his way back to the beginning first slides and shock

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everybody else sees the Sphinx as a work of art schatzi's the Rocks geologist fox look like they're hundreds of thousands of years old and he said don't quote me on that cuz that's of course absolute heresy that the most spectacular sculpture on Earth should be actually even the 4,500 years that are that it's associated with do not conform with anybody's idea of how civilization develop this goes back to you by the academic I call it the crocodile make establishment is so is so

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passionately defend the old Paradigm the way that it does because of the reigning Peridot the reigning religion today which is not acknowledge that has religion is that this is this is the Church of progress and it's Credo just like the Virgin birth is The Credo of early Christianity or present a Christian but they know what they're talkin about the 15th of The Credo of the Church of progress is a we are the most sophisticated human beings that have ever lived on the face of the planet was are hydrogen bonds in our nerve gas and I stripe toothpaste and I Disneyland's we're the best that ever was and secondly that progress as it's called goes in a straight line from primitive cavemen up to ourselves and when it becomes self-evident that in very very ancient times they had knowledge of pre

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session which isn't incredible thing to

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it's almost unimaginable that it happens through

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careful observation because the sun I don't know if all of the audience will know what what this is so maybe it's worth if you look at the Spring Equinox in the last sun is rising against the last of the last bits of of of of Pisces it may even be in the earliest stages of Aquarius and the gradually the Sun priestesses as the saying goes backwards around the Zodiac in a cycle that takes 25000 canonically 25920 years to make a complete circle what this means is that it actually takes 72 years precisely for the sun to precess 1° there's nothing who's going to be sitting there for 72 years watching the track of the Sun in a cycle that takes 26,000 years to go around and observe

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cemeteries in John's Pass information down with the numbers involved this is another the 72 into 73 significant numbers and practically all of the developed numerologically based society so in Egypt set who's the bad guy bad guy but he's also say the gods are not gods in any superstitious fashion they represent the embodiment of cosmic principles and Mater and the whole basis of an esoteric of any esoteric Doctrine including most of the religions that are around even today and their depraved forms the objective

► 00:18:27

of any esoteric discipline is to free ourselves individually and collectively floor imprisonment and Mater the Quest for immortality and so in some sense or another that processional cycle is very important than the numbers are important in the myth again we don't have time for virus is the good King actually this is all very carefully expounded in the hamlet myth becomes Shakespeare's hamlet in The Lion King in Disney's Lion King the movie especially really pretty good King who is beloved by his people and set his is wicked brother his evil brother who is determined to unseat him and steal his sister wife Isis while he's at it anyway set set the trap for us and it's a bit set and is 72 followers

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so 72 is this number associated with time and the 72 to 73 is a very significant

► 00:19:35

ratio actually which provides the philosophies of all of the esoteric civilization so all of this stuff instead of all of this instead of being the kind of asked a quack a Democrat and ask one of those what ancient myth is about Lisa Willis just a fabrication written by primitive people who are trying to explain the mysteries of the universe the other way around primitive people of the ones with the phds and back then they not only did they understand these scientific these astronomical

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these astronomical fact but they

► 00:20:20

orchestrated the whole civilization around those facts in the more the deeper you get into this the more miraculous the extent of ancient knowledge becomes the what is the mainstream explanation when they want to talk about the prevalence of the number 72 and their understanding of the precession of the equinoxes do they dress it at all like what how do they how they sort of explain how they knew about this 26000 year cycle which one of the crop has the building in the parthenon's the structure right explain right they just go well we don't really exactly that's the gigantic enormous Bass the huge stones that the Acropolis built on right

► 00:21:20

topless is the one on top OKC the Parthenon is what they're built on the base structure where whatever it is the the bottom area I don't know that deeply into it other than that there's a friend of mine who's worked with the proportions and the sophisticated proportions of the Parthenon and it shows actually that it says as minutely orchestrated is anything in Egypt even though it's much better than Egypt much later than Egypt but no one knows who built that no one knows why they built it it's one of those weird ones where it's not really described in the text and the Acropolis is built upon it by Greek historians but people understand Greek history that just really don't understand where it came from but I believe that's true except that I think it's pretty certain that it's not it's not of Egyptian age although if you're talkin about the gigantic paving stones at the bottom of it

► 00:22:19

I said I don't know whenever you see those gigantic Stones that's it a pretty good indication of an earlier. Of construction lifx 1200 ton blocks that are they think the Romans put in that's in Lebanon right that's Lebanon yeah so there's a ton of this kind of

► 00:22:42

indirect evidence and when you put it all together you get this enough of a picture there so that it overthrows the bases said what's important about the supposed scientific basis of the Church of progress that we're the most sophisticated people that have a and we can do whatever we please with this once Gloria's planet of ours without worrying about it cuz we're the best and everyone before us was primitive well there's a lot of new evidence now since you started your work particularly all that nuclear glasses they're finding that corresponds with meteor impacts throughout Europe and Asia and that that's somewhere around the end of the Ice Age really in the same sort of time. When they do core samples and the finest nuclear glass it's all around 10,000 + years ago I'm that kind of stuff really starts to indicate that we are looking at possibly

► 00:23:42

event that might have shaped you in history or a reset of a large percentage of of the people on this planet where civilization in many areas was all but wiped out and then they had to rebuild again yeah this is I mean it actually this is coming to the floor now there's a lot of evidence for the text cites that called Shock are the result of a gigantic CME coronal mass ejection giant solar flares there's a lot of the

► 00:24:20

that it's but it's and it's unlikely that it's actually a nuclear blast cuz it would be inconceivable of the flash when you go into the Hindu text and I think it's the upanishads where they describe what sounds like I mean it's described as a battle of the gods before all the world that does sound like like a nuclear conflagration a bit of a human made nuclear conflagration I'm not I don't think anybody knows enough not that story is in there in fact one of the because I'm a writer by trade I'm very interested in the way that that language is used and so this is one of the one of the

► 00:25:11

the principle of misleading words that if you look in the dictionary the first pick the first meaning that it gives from this is a lie you would talk about the Miss Miss Buster's at that I miss is a life but the Ancients didn't see mrs. Ally what Miss actually is when you get into it fairly deeply is it is the it is the interplay of cosmic principles described as drama rather than in mathematics so once you get a good look this is an extraordinary but opaque book called Hamlet's Mill by Giorgio de santianna and have to fund account or historians of science at MIT which is about his respectable is credentials can be so as soon as as soon as Memphis understood as having

► 00:26:07

both a rigorous scientific as well as as well as philosophical in spiritual base the whole the whole understanding of myth turns around and you say for example in Hamlet in Shakespeare's Hamlet which is based upon a Danish is based upon a Danish folktale

► 00:26:29

which then becomes The Lion King in the Disney film you see how the myth of the ways you could decode the Osiris Isis Horus Smith as as pure as pure science and my clothes and spiritual the sacred science and at the same time that's a ripping good story when you when you put that way I story because then everybody can understand it even if they don't understand it

► 00:27:04

even if I can't articulate what they've understood the power of the story soaks through so this is actually the more you know about it like Ice is not that much but at least the more you know about it the more amazing mythology becomes that they should have been able to put together

► 00:27:24

these complex hierarchical

► 00:27:31

esoteric Concepts in a way that resonates as a story otherwise insofar as a seminar on cosmology is next to impossible to understand unless you're a cosmetologist and schooled in the abstract mathematics that make the thing work I mean to me in such a way that I understand but it still doesn't have any emotional impact saying is that they didn't have the sort of scientific discipline that we have today they didn't understand a lot of the things that we know today as far as the way academics are scientist relay information about space or about cosmology so what they did is they combined theater and story with the actual facts that they knew so that was the way they would relay this stuff and that's the way that stuff would be passed on that information be passed on through these stories but in those stories

► 00:28:31

was an actual history of the world itself as far as they knew through through through through that and through symbolism and this is this is an infinitely Superior way of communicating knowledge because you don't have to be an expert you it's soaks into your bones in such a way that it

► 00:28:55

it direct personally and collectively people's behaviors firm conviction but this is why Egypt lasted is a coherent civilization even in Mastic for him but 3500 years and are lunatic societies coming apart at the seams in front of our eyes at 300 years I wanted to talk to you about that the written history of Egypt in the hieroglyphic history of the Pharaohs because I remember I think it was from magical Egypt one when you were talking about the historical record like what they have written down in the hieroglyphs about the Pharaohs that it goes back far beyond what we think of as the birth of Egypt you know what that the construction does the Great Pyramid believe they put it modern academic put it at 2,500 BCE correct yes you believe that is possible that Egypt existed as far back as I think you said thirty-four Thousand Years well that's that's that's the Egyptians

► 00:29:55

not much has as expressed as expressed in a couple of in a couple of an in a stone tablet called the Palermo 7 because it's now and in a very fragmentary Papyrus call the turn Papyrus which is now in both of these documents and the other is a Papyrus tell or account long periods when Egypt was ruled first by the net total which means the gods themselves which I take to mean fully fully realized Divine human beings and other which human beings that have attained but I have passed the test of the Quest for immortality who are in effect

► 00:30:46

they that smarted death or they both developed you why do you believe this

► 00:30:55

because that work speak for themselves as it were and the the level of the now we talk call me back even even to the dynastic Egypt because the temples themselves and the level of Art and involved particularly in the sculpture is such that standard dice that genius is rare enough but standard human genius doesn't seem to apply to these incredible constructions and simply dismiss it out of hand is really very talented exponents of a barbaric and primitive understanding of the cosmos reading light upstair which I do as you know a few times a year and next one coming up by the way anybody listening in

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the hunt on my Web site.com Master is it my people people going to send you naked pictures for sure you are your thoughts are that these people that live 34000 years ago were incredibly Advanced like much further Advanced and we are today with doesn't take much but we still can't we couldn't we couldn't and wouldn't build the Cathedral of chartres

► 00:32:55

that is based upon sacred principles that even comes close to sacred geometry and even that I mean the few people really know quite a bit of chocolate and that's well as 12th century what was it about Egypt in that time in particular that in your opinion I mean obviously a lot of speculation going on here because there's so little evidence from 34000 years ago but what is it about that area that you think develop people at such an incredibly high-level cuz unless there's more evidence to be found it doesn't seem to be any parallels anywhere else in the world like that one spot actually there's a fairly there's a fairly simple explanation for that for a change is most of the stuff is so complicated but just to go back a bit to the rule by the nectar of the Gods themselves and the names of those rulers are given and the length of time that they rained and there's another Group of Seven

► 00:33:55

line of time is incredible right well as is where we getting the 34036 Thousand BC from the rules of the neteru and the rule by the tallest Champs who are the followers of the the followers of the companions of Horus and again the names are given in the wall up together you get around 3436 6000 BC forged then they live hundreds of years wasn't it written that they did I'm not sure I'm not sure what those dates are actually I'm not actually deeply research them I get those figures from swallowed a great genius with the unpronounceable name who put together the whole interpretation of symbolist Egypt from which my work is derived demand I forgot myself as follows Boswell

► 00:34:55

making his

► 00:34:58

basically impenetrable work of the transom accessible to dummies like me that makes know when you're talking about 34,000 years and then the average person today lives to be about eighty years you're talkin about an incredible number of pharaohs then all that is depicted apparently the names the names from the one from the one in ology choreography call definition of the word for it but the chronology of Egypt where he's looking to

► 00:35:44

backup to to run from a scholarly point of view from the skull of the argument that the Egyptians knew what they were talking about when they were assigning these long-range at these are not fictitious this is not made up history in order to know full the people who couldn't read the hieroglyphs anyway only describes could read the hieroglyphs so swallow wrote this very long and thoughtful and scholarly lecture and then at the very end of it has been weathered shows unmistakable signs of a quite a corrosion about was my little Epiphany because I picked up on that and said wow the rest of this isn't science but that's geology and if the geologist candy will agree that this is this cannot have taken place since 2500 isabet 2500 BC when the sinks are supposed to

► 00:36:44

we built this will upset the whole Paradigm of civilization will have to be a view of civilization will have to be rethought and that's began there's a little decade-long quest to find somebody to back it up and we're now my sense of it is closing in on beating down the opposition and this will be another thing I took in fact I'll probably be talking about at CPAC but probably a little bit more polite with you and that is riffing on

► 00:37:25

probably everybody who turns into this is profit is familiar with Victor who go through the French poet novelist dramatist of the 19th century French most most popular poet of the 19th century was Victor Hugo and it was Victor Hugo wrote the famous line there's one thing stronger than all the armies in the world and that is an idea whose time has come you know that line was that the second strongest thing in the world is an idea whose time has not yet gone and since it is it is a matter of record that all of the armies in the world be the military economic Financial cultural agricultural leaving wherever there's a paradigm there's an alarm

► 00:38:21

devoted to protecting that Paradigm and this is where we stand now that that the idea whose time has come only comes when the second strongest the armies at the second strongest thing in the world guard beaten down and beaten into the ground and somebody breaches the portcullis to the Ivory Tower where all of these guys live this is a particular interest to me because I am a scholar by default but a satirist by nature and Billy's my hole

► 00:38:55

my whole adult life has been devoted to proving a vision that I had at the age of 13 or so that I was born into a lunatic asylum and at the age of about 19 is already uncomfortable place to live where everybody's call the progress and I thought it was crazy and at that age of about 19 or so I know what I wanted to do was to be a little boy who said the emperor has no clothes and to prove to everybody's satisfaction that indeed the emperor has no clothes and it's a lunatic asylum the end result took me a few couple of decades to realize that

► 00:39:35

it was that in real life what happens is that knows people all. They were the emperor has no clothes and everybody lived happily ever after those back to his goes back to his Palace and regroup the Empire at the end all of the all of the forces of Empire conspire to prove to everyone that the emperor's clothes are real but it's the child whose imaginary we were talking about this before the podcast aspect of this discussion was aware of your work was that Charlton Heston narrated documentary about the Aging the Sphinx The Mystery of the Sphinx which I believe is on NBC what what I thought was shocking was when a Doctor Shock was speaking to that Egypt ologist who was saying what evidence is there of a culture

► 00:40:35

existed 7000 years before ancient Egypt what there's no evidence he's like there is no he was laughing so I would picture and Egypt all just laughing well that got me curious I started getting into it why would anybody think like that and then I realized all these guys write books and they teach lectures and they teach classes based on this information that they're they're teaching and now this information has been shown to be not true anymore when dr. shock was showing this water Rose and he was saying that this was all before the discovery of Gobekli Tepe I want it discovered go back to eat a penile they know that there is a sophisticated structure capable of massive Stone circles that was 12,000 years ago at least when it was intentionally buried so it could have easily been several thousand years old then we don't know what we know at least 12,000 years ago someone was capable of incredible design and incredible stone structures

► 00:41:35

three-dimensional animals carved into stone structures which is very sophisticated now has that guy been talked to since then and has he amended his position on it far as I know he hasn't and I know Lena reasonably well with civil to each other and it won't be long in in in the in the army of the idea whose time has not yet gone his time is coming up pretty short chubby now because his whole his old position was there was no civilization what evidence is there so now that you have is evidence what does he say and I don't know if anyone has I see him in Egypt every once in awhile I don't know if anyone has and I said I said hello and

► 00:42:33

I don't think I'd really I'd necessarily want to bring it up with him

► 00:42:39

off the Record I'd rather have him with the cameras on right and just see what happened otherwise otherwise dead duck he seems to be just clinging to his idea because he hey can like mainstream accepted this predating of the Sphinx or or also the difference in these structures like the difference in the construction methods that were used one of the more fascinating things that you sort of highlighted in your ancient Egypt series magical Egypt which is fantastic and I highly recommend it to anybody who is even remotely curious that you will be sucked in an incredible way it got to the point my wife is going to be walking by the TV show Jesus Christ you watching Egypt again I don't like it's it's like 6 discs goes I'm so the different there's a clear distinction between the older methods of construction the newer methods that use different methods and it's real

► 00:43:39

obviously someone like me even if I don't know anything about it but you can see the difference and also that these older structures were below the newer structures like you had a dig down to get them on a dress that the fact that this isn't the song of the same people is kind of crazy it isn't but as long as they can get away with it they will continue to get away with it. As I said the second the second strongest thing in the world is the idea whose time has not yet gone and anybody who doesn't but they are mung myself between myself and my colleagues are all in this let's say the the the question to prove to demonstrate that the advanced civilization existed in the very distant Pi which is like a sound that is not necessarily but in mine it's because that open the door in and of itself doesn't it doesn't affect the price of eggs

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but on a much more profound philosophical level once it's understood that that understanding that Civilization goes wet back way much much further leads to the understanding and the acceptance that our roll our destiny as human beings is to achieve immortality this is as simple as old as that otherwise it's just a head trip in other words if it's not understood that we have a role to play in this Grand Cosmic States game there's no civilization puzzle what do you mean by individuals or do you mean at what's in what way that we we arrive at 11 of Consciousness that is not subject to the death of the physical body

► 00:45:28

all of religion is based upon that all of the stories of the Saints and the rishis in the Masters and so on is based upon all of it is based upon their experiences that have led them to this understanding if it's just a head trip that's no good it has to be part of your very being the purpose of Sacred Heart is too and the Sacred Music when it works is to communicate even if only momentarily and fragmentary really this understanding that there's something else and speaking from my own personal experiences I've never gone through a full-blown mystical experience but I've had lots of these moments particularly in Egypt for the long study

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sudden realization that

► 00:46:21

the world as it as it because it manifests to our faculties something else beyond that which was understood a lot better in those days then now and actually I forgot to mention this but I don't know if you know this the last couple of years some sidetracked from my regular work working on a book written by a friend of mine good friend who was not a writer so I helped him with the editing and contributed to it and this is a maybe the definitive book on end and E's you know what those are rare guy who actually lived what he preached named David Solomon and as he had collected all of this material huge amount of material that he was trying to systematize because this is now a

► 00:47:22

it's certainly not a common experience with their of 5000 verifiable accounts of people who have been clinically dead and who have been revived usually between modern methods cuz now one of the reasons why it's now

► 00:47:37

so, then before it was reserved for the Saints the great Saints in the mystics that modern medicine has has has improved to such an extent that if you get that these people quickly enough any number of people who are clinically dead for X number of minutes and I'm not 2 days but sometimes they come back with these tales of

► 00:48:04

this realm Beyond out of the senses of Realm of higher Consciousness basically what it is what they've experienced is

► 00:48:13

is Grace in Christian terms of Grace that's it it's a moment then they come back transformed they come back convinced that everything that they were doing before is either nonsense or unimportant and they often come back with a mission even though they don't have the school unless I didn't understand philosophically or spiritually what they've experienced they know what they were saying it's all Brett hallucination of the brain dying brain this is all garbage what they've experienced collected all this material and I was telling him that he's a good friend has a lot about balance go to a bun sign master and the Christian pastor

► 00:49:13

what do that but it was wrong with him and he had a glioma glioblastoma of something I forgot to put something you know what a glioma is it's a form of brain cancer that is 100% the only thing you have is it if you can't determine the timeline and they gave him something like 10 months to 12 months to live actually live 3 years and get all this material and I told him what he was telling me that I should write a book this is really good stuff the way you're doing it is not like anybody else has ever done and he said he found out the diagnosis so he lasted just long enough to get the book finished and get it published and it's it's it's really if this went viral it could make a difference it's called seems very good at titles David it's called

► 00:50:13

it's called the dead Saints Chronicles subtitled a journey through life and the extraordinary book and it becomes quite clear when you go through this that's what people have experienced is a state of grace that's not all the same I mean some people it's more profound and some people less so but all of these people are unprepared for what they've experienced and all of them come back transformed and of course the crocodile next this is one of the ways they protect themselves peer-review is one way and the other is their insistence who the hell by the gave them the right to make the rules for science for that that apply to science with the scientist that makes given the right to break the rules the rules and one of their insist one of the chief

► 00:51:06

element one of the chief ways in which they protect themselves is to insist that anecdotal evidence personal experience doesn't count I don't know about you but I wouldn't buy a cookbook by someone who's never frightened heck are these the guys who've never fly to spiritual egg and these 5000 accounts are people who have actually been there to this Superior around and come back to talk about it you say you haven't had a mystical experience you mean aside and I've done and acid okay the experiences come actually from me I just said they're not a major it's not the state of grace that these people experience

► 00:52:07

not quite not compared to what the tnd he's just dissolve did you go to this crazy geometric infinite Universe where your account I didn't have to make something happen at the same time so yeah sure I believe actually is a saint that has created by his book Spirit Molecule they did these clinical tests giving people DMT in a clinical setting and at the University of New Mexico and what they found was these people achieve this

► 00:53:07

incredible state of understanding of a more relaxed of vision of the future there more confident like the idea of this is also married by some of the John Hopkins test that they've done with people with psilocybin where people have you know they have just a much better Outlook about the future they don't think that this is it and that whatever happens to them when they're having these trips and the way Strassman did it is much more intense than most people do it because they did intravenous doses which lasts longer a typical DMT trip last only about 15 minutes unless you just jump right back in which one I usually do but he he gave his people intravenous dose as wish to take them just very deep for more than a half an hour and they all have very similar stories and similar stores to people that have had near-death experiences I've had friends that have been near-death experiences and when they talk about it it's a very similar to the way I've talked to other people that have bad DMT trips with a are in the presence of this Divine greatness this something

► 00:54:07

so but that is also a chemical is produced by the brain now this is where neuroscientist step in and say what your experiences is experiencing is some sort of a hallucination and they might be right but it also might be some sort of a chemical Gateway that your brain produces when weed weeder really don't know and that might be the way the soul quote unquote or quote whatever but for lack of a better word transitions to this next stage of life now when the anecdotal evidence that you're talking about is measured up what's interesting about it is similar accounts over and over and over and over again people that can remember things do remember this incredibly Divine experience but the other question becomes is that experience and this is something that I've been bouncing bouncing around my head a lot lately is that experience a hallucination or is that experience an actual real experience in a divine presence and does it matter because is it the same thing no matter what if you just think you're

► 00:55:07

Experiencing God and divine greatness because you're creating in your mind verses actually Experiencing God and divine greatness isn't the experienced the exact same thing and is is our mine locked into the idea of a physical thing like this laptop I can pick it up I can drop it I know it has wait I can touch it I can measure the width we can't do that with psychedelic experiences we can't do that with transcended experiences we can't do that with mystical experience if you can't measure them you can't put them in a bag and take it home with you but it might be the same thing it's entirely possible that this is what a many many ancient cultures experiences well a date found the use of psychedelics very off early on and this is also something that you documented in your work

► 00:55:51

and they documented it very clearly in a lot of you do it Gyptian work that deep understanding and knowledge exactly Joe this is one of the important things about the drugs the drugs and the nde experiences in my view the end of the experience is more so because there's nothing in the way with the drugs you're you don't you know you're you in these experiences on the problem interesting real problem with the nde experiences I mean absolutely

► 00:56:33

Joe sixpack everybody Ordinary People many of them some of them even atheists go through this and come back literally transformed their whole lives with the drugs it really is for the most part it's a trip that doesn't have this let's see this lasting transformational value it doesn't some people it does sometimes yes study showed that a lot of people did decades later vastly improve quality-of-life different outlook on things and especially when you're dealing with terminally ill patients and they've given it to terminally ill patients benefit get lessening of anxiety and fear of death by that by the so-called rationalist to in fact they're not there at this idea that it's a loose-knit what's a hallucination and what's its what's its evolutionary value why should there be a where's the hallucination Jean this is all bulshit actually and what it actually is

► 00:57:33

it's not based upon reason as they liked it as they like to as they promote themselves what it is actually is the rationalization of their own inner emptiness they can't handle the fact that there might be something else and in fact they're all intellectual lives are consecrated to the

► 00:57:54

the proving that life is indeed as meaningless as their own but is that what it is or is it they're just trying to look at some sort of give it a critical objective View and go over all the possibilities we know that drugs do affect the mind and very strange ways we know some people take drugs and it completely distorts their reality alcohol is perfect example that right that's a great drug for distorting reality you can watch someone get drunk and have a very bizarre version of the what of what they're looking at there's many drugs that to change the way people look at things like physically the way they see things that they will help loosen it so we know the drugs have an effect on people that's right it seems rational though that a scientist would look at those things and try to find some sort of a scientific explanation for the chemical process is going on to mine the way it's affecting the visual cortex and things that the person is quote-unquote hallucinating which is not science in and of itself that is just a hypothesis that is speculation

► 00:58:54

and I said what is based upon is protecting their own vision of the world which is that the Universe isn't is an accident and anything that is Mystical or sore so-called spiritual is hallucinatory and they have the answers and these people as far as I'm concerned I'm more dangerous even than politicians they are at they are but this way it's the the Church of progress is the religion of the of the emotionally defective the spiritually dyslexic and the philosophically depraved let's put it into into other terms you have to leave martial arts master I studied with briefly used to say in his Japanese accent if you want

► 00:59:42

if you want happiness in this crazy world you do not talk about Moonbeams for the blind or sun or moon blind music to the death and you absolutely do not talk about sex to Unix they just get angry and this is what you're dealing with when you're dealing with these equipped with these intellectually base scientist These Are Spiritual emotional and I'm philosophical Unix and it's no surprise when they behave the way they do who's surprised who supervised the one that window when the eunuch Snicker behind to Sultan's back and and the ride is passions the problem is that with our church of our church your progress when the Unix take over the palace and call that terrible disability reason then the Empire's cooked you sound like a person who's been deeply in the trenches against academics reviews

► 01:00:42

I'm not bitter I'm just realistic and I know what's involved from being in the trenches I know what's involved in fighting this particular battle which I've been engaged in all of these all of these all of these decades and I Rejoice because you're dealing with archaeologists are trying to refute evidence what I bring to the table that my colleague writer and some of the others who are very brilliant people Rupert sheldrake is also a very good friend and a very good scientist what they are not this Saturday it's my next you and I am good go back to this idea that human beings need to fulfill immortality ultimate Destiny to fulfill immortality what do you mean by that exactly because if there is an afterlife right if we do die and then we go to this other place that people are scenes near-death experiences why do we have to do anything why can't we just sit around and wait for our physical meet

► 01:01:42

body to stop working and then transcend well this is a good again just gets addressed in and David's book and in the dead Saints Chronicles because it's our job to transcend in other words if if we don't do anything well something happens to us and again here's where the the near-death experiences get interesting because almost none of them and what happens to the real evil monster people that are out there in this world I mean the Dick Cheney go to heaven if you get to heaven like dick fucking Chinese up here so much more he just you know realizes it has no but seriously this is the purpose you never know it from listening to these guys this is the purpose of religion

► 01:02:42

thing that you do and if you don't you don't unless you go through an empty when you come back and you start doing and one way or another but it's

► 01:02:53

my own personal conviction is that unless enough people are doing this and getting somewhere with it it's not as though everyone's going to become enlightened they probably aren't the gun going too deep into the whole series of reincarnation and returned and so on with his part of Egypt and part of this all of the Eastern cultures reincarnation in one lifetime but these things

► 01:03:19

let's say

► 01:03:20

does a report card guard wear these things are measured in Jesus as in so far as him in the Bible is it summarizes scholarly morass and I usually try to avoid using it as as evidence for things because it's all open to interpretation and it's so convoluted to begin with and who knows what the original to it and what isn't budging how many are called few are chosen but those who are called who do their work will try to do their work reap the benefits of that on an internal level that the crack is MX can't measure and don't want to measure and don't believe can be measured but somebody with a presence is very different from somebody without any presents at all in the world around you is a go back around now because I'm still confused what do you mean by it's our goal to achieving immortality like what do you mean by that do you mean like the physical body no longer dies and it do you believe

► 01:04:20

like whatever I read I do not remember what I read but what I read about the early the earliest depictions of the Pharaohs that was that they lived in extraordinary lengths of similar to like Noah like Noah in the in the Bible was 600 years old when he built the ark correct something like that like that and that this is a common thing and I will know is this because the way we think of time they had a different interpretation of it and what 600 years is to us is not 600 years to them is it like like in the Quran only talk about 72 virgins let you know when the expression 72 virgins not really 72 would that be 72 virgins means what is a shitload like someone saying shitload you left 72 virgins and having like old LOL I'm going to do with all them you know this is just a large number it's it's the actual it's not it's not the actual number 72

► 01:05:20

it's just sort of a euphemism for a large number one of the theories of all of those different strains numbers in the Bible and of course there's no evidence physical evidence of the Pharaohs the nacho to win when the line rules is rules please don't know the Tibetans have accounts if you want to believe the better than I tend to I don't see why they should lie of great several I don't know simple as that and actually

► 01:06:01

it's a it's a

► 01:06:03

you might say it's it's it's it's no more than kind of mental it's an interesting hypothesis like Bigfoot but who cares the only things that actually work and if you doing it's you doing it so and if you're not doing it and you don't measure yourself either as soon as you're looking for results that's a very delicate and yet profound subject my own my own Focus as you probably know when maybe don is the gurdjieff work because when I came across guard Jasmine extraordinary character he was the first person I've ever encountered posthumously until I can 49 and I found out about his sixties who is as contemptuous of Western Civilization as I was the difference was that he knew how to live in it and I didn't have a certain point find I figured out

► 01:07:03

give me what you talked about before my life in the trenches could subtitles or something I still don't understand what you mean about achieving immortality so if you're not talked about the physical inventory immortality you not talking about someone living a thousand years and not talking about you talking about the ideas that they promote transcending and moving on talking about the level of Consciousness that transcends death that with the body dies and that understanding is that it. Understanding is where you are I mean the drugs do that you have these moments with the body you come back as you got out of the truck and the Ancients talk about that all the time even even in there

► 01:07:53

mythology which is always taking this as fanciful let's say in the pyramid texts they the script reads that the when the Pharaoh dies in the Pharaoh being left as the embodiment of the realize and Enlighten sold when the Pharaoh dyes his by unites with his car his Spirit unites with his Essence becomes a star star and travels with raw across the sky and his boat of millions of years this isn't in fact I've often wondered if the Egyptians actually knew what he was being what they were talking about in the Stars themselves are the realization of enlightened Souls

► 01:08:36

just got his any other explanation the fact that the assembly balls of gas how did that get there that automatically at some point accidentally into galaxies and nebula and universes in the whole thing goes on meaninglessly Stardust which is just we are an incredible to think that the seeds of human life and all carbon life in fact come from a star exploding like wow like everything that you see like the sun the sun is a seed for future life right bananas answered your own question is it worth lips I wouldn't even call it a philosophy it's an understanding by people to understand more than we do exactly more than I do if you say that's our goal to achieve immortality

► 01:09:36

no matter what the minutes of Grace and come back and come back transformed and realize that they have to live their lives differently they don't even talk about the future or anything like that I mean obviously a very big thing.. Not many

► 01:10:06

but not many people evidently achieve but the effort like everything else the effort is the effort and it sits on the scorecard it's like it's not so different from everybody who picks up a violin isn't going to wind up in car and in Carnegie Hall and it's but it's the effort that counts and it's it's a certain kind of directed and intelligent effort that is painful and its own way but but carries its own reward its manifest

► 01:10:44

in a kind of presents and just in our daily lives even with people who are not consciously doing it

► 01:10:54

but they're doing it

► 01:10:56

they have a different level of presents and you notice it when you meet them you think these ancient Egyptians when you talk about the earliest Egyptians that you believe had achieved this incredible state of mind or Consciousness what is it that you think that they did to achieve that like why were they so Advanced why were they so beyond what we think of when we think of even the possibility of a human being living 34 plus thousand years ago how did they teach you that

► 01:11:29

we don't know what we can see what we can see is the manifestation of of what they did when we actually when you really understand Egypt even to the extent that I do

► 01:11:43

you you you regarded as miraculous you don't see how beings ostensibly like ourselves could even imagine such things much less be able to do it and this is what I'll pitch my trip okay you can read books about it and not informational up so you can look at pictures that's a different kind or a different level of information but until you've experienced it you do not and cannot understand it and Egypt is like that magically that magical Egypt series is as close as anyone has ever come to communicating the Wonder in the magic that is Egypt as anyone has ever done

► 01:12:43

I play a big role in it but it's early chances baby and the

► 01:12:51

the I'd like but that the visit to Egypt at the end of a couple of weeks there I can talk from now till doomsday which I'm about in the process of doing

► 01:13:03


► 01:13:05

nothing nothing that I say can you come can come even remotely close to what it's like to be two weeks in Egypt day after day after day after day in the presence of of sacred art of this of this quality and there's nowhere else in on the left and I'm sure they kind of stuck to the nature of Egypt it's it's a kind of freak of nature is it worth that's all desert except this little strip of of of Niall and then the Delta that until recently was impenetrable swamp so it's practically unattackable and the food the Nile floods in the food jumps out of the ground and under the

► 01:13:52

under the sea with with with a spout with a series of genuinely enlightened rulers or at least pretty close to enlightened rulers for 3500 years and how did they live you see everything that they didn't act until quite recently there were no such things as jobs that would Trades & Crafts and skills and arts and everybody I mean yes combination of a repressive church and then oppressive nobility kept everybody immersed in serfdom in one way or another but what people actually did with their lives was in some sense or another transformational all of it takes a lot of smarts to be a good present all of these things that people used to do as a matter of course in Egypt you see it

► 01:14:45

really you see a carved into the walls and everyone thinks he's at the scenes of daily life will ER scenes of daily life with the decodable a transformational activities and I'm glad you're feeling lucky of martial arts This is highly developed skill you are somebody that you wouldn't be if it would didn't have that skill if you were doing a vodka and what you did for a living was flipping burgers at McDonald's it wouldn't be Joe Rogan you've been doing your homework without maybe even making that it was homework and anything that you're involved in that

► 01:15:26

that you go at with a quest for Perfection of whatever it is has this transformational value and when you recognize when you know it you know it intellectually when you can articulate it it doesn't it

► 01:15:42

it implements the actually the activity itself is what possible even to do that you could be an Envy you could be an enlightened Burger flipper in the sufis are very good at Vesuvius

► 01:15:56

in life but not is in is in life but not of it in other words you can you can practice waking up as it were in the midst of the most mundane thing you could you could you could be an enlightened garbage garbage collector as long as you knew what you were doing it's a totally different thing I can imagine that. That's a totally different thing. Like the garbage consciously not as though this is it's not as though this is

► 01:16:36

anything actually knew its is the oldest idea that ever was and it's something that people have been doing for thousands and thousands of years that said going into the whole thing of precession and the and the ages particularly as expressed Plato that the Golden Age into silver and bronze age and more sophisticated fashion get exactly the names on the tip of my tongue of of those ages but if they if they are let's say analogous to our Seasons circulate you live where I do and not in California where it's all one season but the season

► 01:17:18

very easy. It's it's it's if it's if if there compared to the seasons it's a very different thing to grow roses in June and it is in January it's the same effort when you're talkin about the people you know that waking up and all of the rest of it this is a Dark Age I mean this is this is the Kali Yuga as far as I'm concerned to do anything

► 01:17:46

address of a spiritual nature now with all of these forces with all of these forces lined up against you not consciously of course but unconsciously it's it's a it's an incredibly difficult thing to actually practice a genuine

► 01:18:03

Virginia Will Smith spiritual Doctrine first of all you have to get interested in it and that's only a small chunk of it and then you have to try to do it ended it that's right the phone case in the world and all the rest of the things and they're so growing roses in January takes a lot more effort to get to the send a text in June when the jumping out of the ground so my guess is and it's only guess it's speculations I didn't need higher levels of these Higher. Love of the golden silver bronze and Salon it's just much easier it is much easier for people to recognize watch

► 01:18:48

demanded of them and to do it then it is in the middle of a boat from a spiritual point of your spiritual brightly-lit brightly upon a little bit easier to learn Egypt was an error what would civilization be like me is such a unique place in that there's this really know where that you can compare that has the level of sophistication far as the structures in the ancient in the ancient world what they created was undeniable 2300000 stones that way between 2 and 80 tons like what

► 01:19:48

bring some point that means I've only seen it in photographs but one of the greatest photographs of ever seeing is from someone with a GoPro standing on the top of it so you get this kind of a you get a sense of how immense it really truly is yeah I just think about how incredible that must have been when it specially was covered with smooth Limestone before they cut it all off what you're seeing is it's it's an undeniable Mastery of physical things to the point where you just it makes you just it makes your head spin cuz I mean people say we can do that today okay maybe we kind of understand that it's been done and that week we can do pretty immense things we have some pretty incredible. As far as we know they didn't have those they might have had something else you think they had I don't know how you have like some hypotheses and theories in your head about the construction.

► 01:20:50

some a bit that that actually didn't from Tibet cuz I was actually a funny little book I've done some lecture is out at what is it called

► 01:21:03

and Joshua Tree you know about that event some contact in the desert they're mostly interested in the UFO phenomena and stuff like that but the the place that sell Joshua Tree Retreat Center is founded by a very interesting guy who sort of the Tibetan krishnamoorthi another interesting studies in Tibet and at the end of this little book he's talking about he studying with the with the llamas. This describes certain of the setting of the things he has seen them do and I see no particular reason to dismiss what he says he's talking from experience and has the Ring of veracity to it he talks about going into an underground chamber that has no lights or electricity or anything like that that's all lit up until you go to Egypt you have these deep deep shaft tunes that go down in around the door like this and people that will have to take light the thing up can't have had torches

► 01:22:02

it would have used up all of the oxygen and would have smoked up the ceilings and all the rest of it and there is no you need silver Gypsy caves in Seville that it up for 5 rooms in that are lit with mirrors from on top but no somehow and I used to joke about a baby that's what I thought maybe that's what it was but they they producers and he talks about other long as he's witnessed doing incredible feets of

► 01:22:38

that you couldn't do you know that you just couldn't do in your ordinary State probably use a martial artist I've had moments are witnessed people who can do things that are for anybody else and possible yeah but they don't light up tunnel snow they don't light up but they can do they can do physical things.

► 01:22:58

The extraordinary by most miraculous important you're saying about the construction methods that they used were they did have these long tunnels in these passages in these places but somehow or another they managed to navigate these things without leaving any marks or so it from from torches which are everywhere else were people used candles anywhere else like you know you didn't the Sistine Chapel like the entire ceiling is covered with set you know they had to clean it to prepare and so people could see it again but that's that's really fascinating to think that they had some other method of Illumination that we just haven't discovered yet we don't know what they did or how they did it but you look it up to Jillian other things when you're particularly this is again one of the reasons why the swings theory is is so is so contentious to these so dangerous

► 01:23:57

Spanx is one thing but okay the limestones a relatively resilient sounds relatively soft enough guys with chiseled even if their copper chisels could do that given enough time and enough genius but the temples I the side of it

► 01:24:15

I built of stones half the size of this room slotted into place like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle this is unbelievable and again what you just said is really important copper copper tools that's what they think those supposedly if you go to Egypt actually you just got you a huge audience got the Joe Rogan trip together and come on to 90% of the great the 10% and tell me people who take at a time I have a Max of 24 and when you see it

► 01:25:15

and it's totally safe to well it's as safe as Los Angeles I mean or anywhere else here and then finding dumfuckistan for Americans for Americans to of all people to be afraid of going somewhere with Islamic terrorism and Islamic terrorism is itself a tiny little bit of the terrorism that goes on a daily basis to pick up you open the internet and there's some nutcase kid somewhere another shooting down arm all the terror of the terrorist but known terrorists of accounted for a it's not even the statistic it's an X number of people that they've gone out there but here in this crazy violent country you're never safe anywhere schools aren't safe mode

► 01:26:15

set a timer has a nice hotels to write when I look at the Great Pyramid or I look at the destruction that I've seen online or in your videos of things almost mine what's shocking to me is how it is going to be weird thing say how Egyptian it looks and how Egypt stands alone in this very distinctive way and that the the construction methods the the the intricacy of the building and these pyramids I mean people talk about the Mayan pyramids and I've been a teacher needs and it's an amazing place and it's really beautiful and crazy to look at but it pales in comparison to the structures of Egypt everything pales in well as I said because it was in a kind of a blessed

► 01:27:14

one event that had a philosophy you know it had a spiritual philosophy underpinning at that had the that had the

► 01:27:23

that had you might have it had the that United the people in their entirety doesn't mean that they weren't no criminals and murderers and stuff like that but basically the people were United in their in their face and why didn't they believe Herodotus when Egypt was 6th Century BC garage is this and I need you already and Steve Klein says the Egyptians is a happiest healthiest and most religious of people than wasn't the Egyptian Chamber of Commerce that was telling him to say that he was a patriotic Greek but it was like that and it was a combination of the philosophy wedded to in a society that was protected on all four sides and almost done almost impregnable it was conquered a couple of times over the course of three thousand years for a relatively brief. Of time and the food jumped out of the ground and I'll flooded and took practically no work and that made of

► 01:28:23

quite substantial population the gave him months of free time every every year and so how did it all go wrong that we talkin about the Kali Yuga is the whatever that whatever. Egypt is assigned to it is on a downhill slope it just plain wasn't a downhill slope and you can you can watch it transform in front of your eyes if it's disintegrates as a coherent religion rises in another form that we called Christianity actually and get see it happening in front of your nose with the Christianity a Rising Roll the rest of the stuff gets completely decadent under the Romans and in Rome the Roman Empire talks about the grandeur

► 01:29:13

the glory of Greece which is absolute nonsense or totally with nearest telephone and the Grandeur of Rome in order to let God Gladiators kill each other and they both good road but wrong was a three-ring three-ring bureaucracy actually and that's the beginning of the end in Europe anyway it's very traceable the Asian countries less so but they too have high civilizations that Decline and then you're a busy kind of a turnaround in the Renaissance very impossible to actually date and then you have it leading

► 01:29:54

it'll sort of

► 01:29:57

in a one very one-sided developments in which in which technology advances by Leaps and Bounds and everything else is arguably a lot worse than it was a couple of hundred years ago from message from every spiritual psychological point of view where a lot worse off than what's at the Colonial Americans the depictions of Colonial Americans by ancient people who was it that describe with the atrocities of Columbus and his crew done preacher appreciate all that stuff Montezuma was a piece of shit out of eighty thousand slaves after they built to Tuacahn how do you say that

► 01:30:57

this I don't know about and I don't know what again but they said my bad people to didn't have no but there was a certain

► 01:31:14

let's say about the populace in general in America us about the presents that is of our great great grandfather's will not mind cuz Aaron hungry effect on my great right now but there's a certain

► 01:31:31

Emerson self-reliance and it says that fashion for beating up on their Irish immigrant workers that's Gus wife have slaves when they can mistreat their their work isn't filled their you know I'm filled all of their that railroads across the country but nevertheless there's a sense of

► 01:32:02

I said gravitas is almost the only word I can think of cuz it's not as though it's intellectually Advanced or anything like that but this is certainly seeming solidity to nineteenth-century America

► 01:32:15

then then there is now in this crazy chaos that they look back to the past to a moment when things made sense it seems to me that there's always that I needed when people are full of shit about it like they look back in high school days man those were the good old days like what are you talkin about yet pimples you are out of your fucking mind insecure you terrified of the future that was in the good old days this is this is us on Kodi Amazon

► 01:33:03

maybe I'm more optimistic I think there's an Awakening going on right now with human beings that's unprecedented I think it's because of the internet I think because the fact that were combining our thoughts and some sort of strange when sharing ideas and information in a way that no one's ever been able to do for I just I don't think people I've ever been this aware about crazy things are but at the same time it's live at the lunacy of last night's presidential debate you realize I like a solute really haven't we might be aware of things but actual progress not really being made we have the ability to be aware of but we are not we are not at least in sufficient numbers

► 01:33:45

we are we are we are not doing anything about it and that's the Crux of the total waste of time only that's like intellectual violin playing now yes the ability to

► 01:34:14

took to get information is now absolutely unparalleled he got his business as far as we know there's never been anything remotely like this at the same time that much static routing about earlier that you know that the crystals niffers in the unicorns in the duff Ancient Aliens this is this is all a vast amount of static so you have to be able to run away to have to find a way through the static to the music how much does Ancient Aliens frustrate you right I don't think I have low expectations so it's TV it supposed to ride together you know don't know what they're doing except they see that it works and they make money is it possible that the aliens made the pyramids have all these experts everything is it possible that extraterrestrial

► 01:35:14

is possible in Georgia because pushed into a corner says when you think of ancient Egypt and you you think of the other The public's understanding and awareness of it what do you think the average person is missing

► 01:35:39

all of it all of it basically in front of our eyes and most people just have no idea the majesty and how intensely unique it is at that time one of the most one of the most watched TV documentaries of all time and I really got a massive audience and people who saw it remember it I mean even to this day you saw it from DVD I was going to bring you a DVD. I thought maybe four million people suck

► 01:36:30

300 Misty didn't write going there is really what's up that's the last summer summer my first time ever in Italy and I had seen it on television before obviously I'd seen videos and stuff I've seen photos boy when you're there and you're you're like gotten what is it Saint Peter's Basilica when you're done with a bow bow always comes out and you you look at it when you're inside of it and cause without power tools rather they did it all without any modern equipment and it's unbelievably beautiful incredible work of art and it pales in comparison to what they did

► 01:37:30

which is like there's certain that you think I got to go because it's one of those that believe I also have an obelisk that's a 4000 year old Abalos I said a little and you just look at that when you're there physically and you look at it in person you just go how long how did they move the get this actually an interesting book by my now-deceased friend Peter Tompkins on the magic of the Obelisk where he's talking about ripping them out of there at a contacts in bringing into Rome in New York and when it was interesting because they were the Victorian technology to the utmost they get these things over and then you realize that the Egyptians did it

► 01:38:27

would love to those tools that all they somehow got them ripped out of the Bedrock brought down the river taking offloaded from the rafter boat or whatever but there's a big job transported across the ground

► 01:38:45

erected in place precisely to the melanated millimeter on the base that's a big mystery they have levels did they have levels like bubble levels and other kinds of did it with water somehow or another is that that's that's I think reasonably well established but I forget exactly how it was on how they level for example the base of the pyramid the millimeter or something like that I mean everything that you look at any age of when you go there the deeper you look the more mysterious if he comes on your marvelous will the king's Chambers one of the most bizarre ones set up but it's just it's such a complex cyst of the way that they would the way they've set them in place is so I'm going to quit talking about the ones that the so-called relieving Chambers with a really red

► 01:39:45

lighting Chambers Reservoir to relieve the stress is from above directly below the king's chamber is the so-called Queens chamber which doesn't have that at all has a simple gabled roof and that protected from anything that it needs the other Chambers when you're in the king's chamber it's it's like being it's an echo chamber you can't it's it's it's really a miraculous place in the course everything is precision cutting all of that but it doesn't look that fantastic it's the stuff in the levels above that of the other most amazing things 2 season 2 70 ton blocks of stone I think that's who you talkin about how they got those but they are responsible for the Resonance of that of that particular chamber and it's my belief that resonance plays

► 01:40:42

even not necessarily residents with a human voice but when you're in there

► 01:40:47

the the life get the acoustic term feedback or whatever that you can't for example if we're in the king's chamber and we go we're at the pyramid for a couple of hours on my trips and when you're in there you can't have a conversation the way we're having it now you have to talk like this otherwise a reverberation is such that it scrambles your voice this can only be deliberate and you can hear from the

► 01:41:17

you can hear from the king's chamber if you do set up you do a chance in the king's chamber if you go all the way down the ground gallery and then there's a place below where you have to make a turn and then there's a descending passage that goes as deep below the ground as they has the pyramid at this king's chamber is above the ground about 12-story shaft 12 * 12 storeys down below and then 12 stories build wow

► 01:41:46

answer right now very good and and and if you set up a chance in the king's chamber you can hear it down Linda in the pit below 12 Jordan yeah but you shouldn't be able to hear it at all because the sound has to go down and then turn around and then go down the other shaft by the way I should say cuz people are always asking right now it's a function of age how long you going to keep doing these traps and then unless and until I can't get up and down the king's chamber up to the king's chamber I'll be doing traps but if you can do it it ain't bragging I was in Egypt recently on my son a research recce trap but that may lead to something in the Minot will Seiki triple Wreck-It reconnaissance

► 01:42:46

reconnaissance I thought was like I don't bother to go we open gets opened up and go down into the pets 84th birthday I happened to be in Egypt so I went up to the chamber down the shop. 12 stories of topsoil and I went down to the pit 12 stories down in 12 stories up and I figured that was pretty good so I'll be doing the trips for a while that's good I mean I don't think anybody is capable of doing the same kind of experience that you would provide like your knowledge of Egypt is pretty rare in this day and age I was hoping when I had this idea to do my own trip so I thought I'd finally I'll make a living out of this stuff but what happened was that no sooner had my

► 01:43:46

I book come out are you probably don't have a copy of that but it's a different now that I have copies

► 01:43:53

grass back in 85 the first of the terrorist things happened in these guys hijacked the cruise ship off Alexandria and push this poor old guy in a wheelchair over the side of the crowd of the cruise ship pens and he drowned and that my book of just come out and instantly the tourist trade was killed by people being afraid for all the year it took for it to develop and it it did develop again but the book it disappeared from the shelves by that time if anyway still available of course but

► 01:44:30

I lost my thread with the traps in a number of people up to familiar and I was steeped in simplest Egypt to to spread the word as it were and while I'm while I was out and get a commission from from the trips to know if you like some useful wolf repellent so you can have some nice passive income sometimes but it never happened because not one thing led to another and it was hard enough getting my on trips filled up but yeah unfortunately has it now stands I'm the only one only a handful of people know symbol of Siege of well enough to communicate it just so happens I'm the only one who does trips out so I really I really am the only wheel in town in that regard we brought us a bunch of slides so want to tell me what would what do you want to show us and then I would have

► 01:45:30

well I brought that's my whole lecture you want to see you want to go to the to the geology of the Sphinx the water weathering and then the other slides related to that the gigantic blocks Paving blocks around particularly around the second pyramid I'm done

► 01:45:55

and then second pyramid and mostly around the second pyramid and then

► 01:46:04

middle of that stuff relates to the scientific the geological evidence I didn't want to touch the symbolist the Quest for immortality cuz that's a whole big subsequent thing I did want to get into and we didn't even talk about it yeah the map of the map of dumb fuckistan send and what I call they they got a great graphic for it and actually everybody you know certainly and everybody probably most of your audience will know about the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse write Revelation who are actually interesting study in The Four Horsemen

► 01:46:49


► 01:46:51

Eminem or famine pestilence and death Siri famine pestilence plague is it where death comes to us all to Peculiar Choice actually for the four horsemen invented the five cowboys apocalypse 2.0 and and they are and they are capitalism patriotism democracy technology and entertainment and all of it right technology it's none of those things

► 01:47:51

inhuman use Market chat why can't you level a guide stay alive but if it wasn't for that competition we wouldn't be here you wouldn't have a shorter than that shoot across the sky internet so fast I don't know and we might but we might not it's very possible that we wouldn't have the technology side of it got to that yet OK happened to Liz mm is based upon everything for me nothing for you patriotism is based upon everything for us nothing for them the bumper sticker says God Bless America the hidden Sticky Side says and fuck everyone else patriotism is that the idea is that

► 01:48:51

the dishwasher is elect the chef and tell him what to do I don't know that you left the restaurant with the dishwasher is Alexa and tell them what to do it's it's hopelessly flawed to begin with which Plato recognize perfectly

► 01:49:07

Churchill said democracy looks like the worst of all possible of all possible political systems until you look at all the others at the same time this is fun and it's not the same time he also said contradicting himself the best argument against democracy is 10 minutes of conversation with the average voter numerically the average voter if they had a test if they were

► 01:49:39

if it was next to impossible to even conceive if voting were a privilege of me when the country started off it was a privilege but you have to be a white male who own property which is not as elitist as it actually looks now because in those days they were the only ones who have substantial enough and probably have some sort of an education for me necessarily that they understand the principles and they might citizens who at least could read with an education of some sort so that was that was the rule and if it wasn't a terribly good rule but there might have been in its own way anyway that's as a principal

► 01:50:27

it shouldn't be a privilege to vote if there's anybody could produce why shouldn't anybody be able to do brain surgery design engineer design a bridge I'm as good as the next guy but never designed the bridge I don't have any training but really essentially anybody you just have to say I want to do it step up this is my plan and get people to vote for you well. Anyway put it this way and its current form and in fact as far back as he could go in America it's been a disaster democracy technology is certainly a mixed bag the problem two big problems with technology the main one touched upon this earlier is that technology

► 01:51:19

deprives the average the normal human being of making a living out of his own product have got out of his own creativity it deprives them technology does how so the only people who are creative and Technology of the people who are creating the technology everybody else serve the technology they work in the offices that serve the technology they they they're basically slave to the technology what about the people that use of technology to separate themselves from from slave jobs like there's a lot of people to start their own businesses online yeah because they could use technology now so you got ass people create saying that's the upside but it's a it's a relatively small part compared to the number of people that talk about talk about all these good jobs going to China those are shity jobs nobody in their right mind would want to work in a factory if you ever worked in a factory or been in the factory release I've been in fact because I went to school

► 01:52:19

so we could in Bethlehem Pennsylvania with the black and figure jumping up and down in the blind it heat of the Bessemer converters and the other kinds of jobs of robot stuffing things in two boxes of flipping burgers the vast majority of people

► 01:52:48

yeah they got that that you know they have the television sets and their internet and stuff like that but the vast majority of people cannot do not and cannot make their living out of their own creativity and the floor however terrible things might have been in medieval times people did creative transformational things the bad side is that it's

► 01:53:16

it's not in Laurel necessarily but it's a moral so as long as they can do it they do it gas well that's a good way of getting wet around stuff stripe toothpaste well wasted time and effort and stuff like that but maybe we can sell more strike to drive to space and the rest of it is a percentage of it yeah the medicine is very good until it gets into the hands of big Pharma make sure that that that that that people are ripped off for to get at the medicine that they need the medicine that they that they have available is not usually secure the way of keeping people alive and buying more medicine anything that's actually it's because you are that comes from alternative sources is fought to the death by you by the big pharmaceutical companies so Technologies

► 01:54:16

a mixed bag and entertainment depending on how you define it is what you do to kill time before it kills you for the most part it's a waste of it's an absolute waste of time it's

► 01:54:30

takes your mind off the love of the boringness of your own life and Siri could or should be filled by comedy which is not exactly entertainment but it's not exactly sacred science either but if it plays at least theoretically can play a kind of a transformational roll you can try level comedy

► 01:55:05

is it lightning hits points out and comedy is based upon you can't laugh you can only comedies based upon

► 01:55:15

what's wrong you can't laugh at what's right can't make fun of good sex a good food you make fun of attitudes toward good sex so good food but can't laugh that's what that's what's right not easily but you can laugh but you can and do laughed at what's wrong and so let's add some entry-level by laughing at what's wrong

► 01:55:42

inadvertently it's a recognition we have within us let's say I'm Laurel we have a Morrow

► 01:55:50

compass compass the wrong word we have a moral thermometer or something of the sort that recognizes by recognizing what's wrong where accenting giving I sent to what's right it is to cultural of course what's funny to an Eskimo is not necessarily funny to an African that's going to an African that's not necessarily funny to with you know what you were trying to eat but, he has this potential to play policeman module a transformational roll but anyway mostly it doesn't and entertainment at the American level turn on your television set that at the time and it certainly not ours it's it's it's a dead naming it's an Anodyne it's it's sort of most of it is his is a kind of is it is a kind of sedative it is basically a kind of sedative or the opposite Laura

► 01:56:48

it's like a Benny it's a it's a stimulant Terminator and it's cuz we're already two hours in here let's take a look at some of the slides of a start that start with a geology so this is a really confusing thing to me why do they continue to rebuild that thing because when they're rebuilding it in a rebuilding the paws of the Sphinx and I understand there is considerable Rose in that they have to mitigate but it's not the Sphinx anymore I mean it's bringing the swings back to supposedly what it was originally the problem is really is an engineering problem they don't know themselves at least a few of them acknowledge it shocked thinks he's doing the repairs that it may be doing more damage because it's still weathering

► 01:57:47

on the inside and by covering it over with these usually very badly badly done stuff but they're actually doing more damage on a personal level that's another long story than we already gone on for two hours but on a personal level I can get on with it and then he's now back in formerly in the position of power he's not headed to the apartment and he got his problems walked out and all of his friends even let me in with the guy who runs my trip Mohammed najmi I like all the surgeon cuz he really knows how to operate as wonderful guy and he's a good personal friend of Zion

► 01:58:47

Lisa can ozone you this is a disaster but you know he lived through it back on the scene is it worth anyway we're looking at the Sphinx enclosure here and this massive massive structure with this all this erosion around few slides you'll see the sense of that arose in this is just a wonderful picture of it taken by a good friend of mine keep going on about this week's could not have been weathered lights and we're looking at right now because he will just listening I just buried in sand which it has been many many times when when Napoleon found it was buried in sand correct probably for a few thousand years this is taken photograph taken about 2,000 when it had already been excavated and filled up with sand again which happened pretty quickly so basically you can say

► 01:59:48

give or take a few hundred years that since it's supposed construction around 2500 BC it's been buried in sand about three thousand of those 4,500 years that's got that says the evidence and still does geologist go on ranting about Saint but you were talking about this friend of yours is going to be the weather channel in cats affect the original text of whoever a tribute to the construction the pyramid successor of Khufu who supposedly built the Great Pyramid which is not true in its entirety of the pyramid complex complex almost certainly built in stages in the earliest stages probably date from whenever the Sphinx was originally built the argument for copper building it wasn't a text that said that he

► 02:00:48

had a dream that if he uncovered the Sphinx that he would become Pharaoh was way that leads from the Sphinx of the behind it to see the beginning of the causeway leads up to the right to the middle of the of the Pyramid of the copper up here in that would be almost certainly did Bill door anyway superimposed upon something that was there before because she can prove that okay keep thought it was they always thought it was, because I weld that again what is this talks about how in the dream he has covered with sand

► 02:01:48

a certain number of other evidences of that sort you can put together the timeline that tells you now the face of the Sphinx this is a really controversial thing right because the face is Fink's is clearly newer than the body it's less eroded and it's also a very African looking face do they think that which precedes the continent Africa but do they think there's the Nubians of conquered Egypt at one point in time right wasn't a speculation that one of the Nubian pharaohs had created this some said that nineteenth-century Travelers lots of them noted that this was really an African Facebook what they meant Sahara Africa have more or less

► 02:02:39

finer features they don't have to draw like that I mean that looks more like an NBA basketball player strip a floor was covered with sand bright to see how whether the address of the bottom of the face itself is a limestone so it hasn't weathered to the same extent that the body of the Sphinx has weathered the same era

► 02:03:12

no actually we see the African face is a is a real problem actually of course the Egyptians are as prejudiced as everyone else and they don't want to actually believe that the Sphinx itself could be a sub Saharan African maybe from an earlier. When the Africans were pharaohs we don't know Lions face and face was cut down to Great the sac Aerospace that's us speculating that way because the head is way too small for the Rowdy and it's it's certainly and we had the NYPD we did this big study I think that's the next flight coming up yeah there it is that you see that with Frank Domingo who is this and why he was a forensic senior forensic artist for the NYPD guy who knows about it so we did a study of the comparative phases of the Sphinx

► 02:04:12

the of the swing sets the one on the right and pharaoh khafre and his conclusion was that no artist no competent artist or sculptor and could possibly have used the same model for the face of the Sphinx eyes for the cost for a face-to-face is floating around so the like my criminal partner Frank gave us that study his is comparative study Boris for the for the

► 02:04:45

for the academic establishment this is bad news and worse news the bad news is that there wasn't Atlantis and the worst news is they were black my black friends at Freddy's but anyway so indignant and 90s I did an op-ed piece for the New York Times and I carefully left that part out just cuz I just compared to use the franc to make the mangoes drawing versus the Sphinx but a couple of weeks later a letter was published drama North from an orthodontist who also knows about faces saying hey hey that syncs is actually a sub-Saharan African face I didn't say it he said it so I'm not in trouble for that until until something better is discovered in the sub-Saharan African face and we don't know when it was and it was Ricard and we don't know what it's entirely possible that it used to be a lion and then some Tyler herro came along and said I don't like that line

► 02:05:45

I know it may have been that the fact that I had was so weathered that over overtime that Dad said well we can't we can't repair the the face the way that we can repair the body and record the head and of course the most likely most likely still above ground while the rest of body was covered so it was subject more Rosen well it would not well it's also hard probably again this is speculation but we reckon that an outcrop was done was sticking above the sand level to begin with and somebody at some point

► 02:06:22

Virginian years ago decided to to to carve the Sphinx by by cutting around it cutting the Bedrock away from around at leaving the outcrop above and carbon got into whatever it may have been originally could have been an African queen how much information did they lose when the Library of Alexandria burned well since it was burned a million drag that they had a million dreams but

► 02:07:02


► 02:07:07

Vision whatever but hope is that one of these days somebody turns over a spade and knowing and Damascus or in somewhere up there and discovered a cache of a loaf of hidden of hidden Scrolls girls from that from the Library of Alexandria quite probable that the so-called maps of the death of the sea Kings you know that. Reis map and some of those other things. Copies of maps that were originally part of the part of the library and I have a film script what's the latest on this supposed chamber that they found another pause the Sphinx has been some radio station channel and then it said that it could be

► 02:08:07

what kinds of limestone back to riddled with those kinds of void but this isn't that kind of limestone so more more stuff went when the opposition finally caves in and says they never said that wrong button says well this deserves further study and maybe we got permission to go and really look back in into that stick a probe down to something like that and see if there is indeed something in there we don't know that seems like an important thing now what is there ever been any discussion whatsoever about get me to know they've done all this repair work on the Sphinx is ever ever been any discussion of taking the Limestone that was pulled from the Great Pyramid and somehow another putting new Limestone back up there to recreate its original look

► 02:09:04

no nobody has ever talked about that as far as I know but it would be a nightmarish job because all of the all of those korblox are all crumbly and unarmed damage and stuff like that and besides I have other fish to fry you know they've got technology to worry about it, but I mean just if people could see what it used to look like whoever did that when they raided it to build Cairo a quad that's what they say I'm not even though I've never seen the study that actually has documented where those stones are and that Big Mac and a slope like this you can't build a bridge out of those stones you have to cut the edge off with his almost as much work is quieting the stuff out of out of the out of the reliquary rock which is closer to the chiro what do you think I don't know I'm not a hundred percent happy with that explanation I don't have a better one but but but that one is subject to

► 02:10:05

let's say is subject to question now is it been firmly establish that it was covered in smooth Limestone Greco-Roman writers who were there at the time studying talked about it being absolutely perfect and done penetrable in fact one of them said there's a rumor that there was a hinged block at the entrance that have you pushed it said or did something with it it opened then I've often thought that I wonder if that's the origin of open sesame and that in the Thousand and One night because they're a lot certain of those passing than one nights tales that have their origins in ancient Egypt

► 02:10:52

what else we got here by that's the head of khafre with those with a falcon wow very different face that totally different vici mean you can't miss that and going over here and I won't go into it okay is this water weather in that we took one look at it said wow it looks like they're hundreds of thousands of years old that was it when the geologist he wasn't thinking that he was who they are the guy whose expertise is in is in that field so if he thought about it until we get a bunch of guys there really looking seriously into it but if I don't know because of the way it's oriented one of the reasons that come out with the date on Hancock and above all originally came out with 11,000

► 02:11:52

500 because of the professional marker cuz that's what would be the time as a lion that would be the time when it last

► 02:12:01

Saw its own image in the sky Leo the Lion the constellation of Leo that would be the last time I think not that there's too much going on it's into kaotica Stage 2 to have been done and I think it may be the price of the age before that which would be about 36,000 BC which would correspond with the Egyptian texts themselves however that said it wouldn't surprise me if we were older self until we got a bunch of geologists and experts in their various field to see if they can put a fix on it and they might not be able to but that's what that's that's one of the things we look

► 02:12:38

forward to doing if we get permission to go back in there get the funding important and the permissions to go there and actually get this done and this is where I actually we were just a need to plan when I climbed up and down permit myself I'd 84

► 02:12:58

we got the stupid complicated story but we did get to meet the new minister of Antiquities and who was very cordial and send a list of the things that we had to do in order to get formal position but then anyway we had to re-establish the personal contact with him which is very useful and then we also met up with the director of this new gigantic Museum that they're building in that is going to open in a year or two ago and he was he was very open to anything they've been controversial that they could apply science to so if some of the other pieces of this trip didn't go as planned we couldn't get the weed we established

► 02:13:49

potential foothold forgetting the next stage of the web worker that's very very proud of you and I have only been around for somewhere around 300 500,000 years that right now that's like this and you're talkin about thirty-six Thousand Years boy that's just it's just crazy to think that there's this. Where people just throwing shade at each other and you know I'm throwing my appointment sticks and animals and and kind of Barely getting by and then something like this

► 02:14:33

just sort of erupts out of the imagination in the Ingenuity of people that lived tens of thousands of years ago going through this slide you'll get to the Paleolithic caves I was out if that's more evidence of water erosion correct those are like the same that's the same what what are weathering this is another of you and that's interesting anyway you know is that it's it's it's like the way the overtime and that's what's responsible for these the curb profile but this is a tomb that's been cut in it so it's not Old Kingdom it's it's what's called Lake Kingdom by the dates from about six or seven hundred VC and those are The Masons marks still as original

► 02:15:33

$2,600 / 2 and a half thousand years later still perfectly visible and in Santa Rosa Butler got to absolutely said the second strongest thing in the world and this is not the you don't trifle with them as if you can accept it when you beat him into the ground a sufficiently so that they can't get up well as long as their reputation is staked on their original assumptions being correct there's going to be a problem and so they're so what are we looking at here this is the corner of the two very different styles of architecture the huge blocks below very finely dressed and then

► 02:16:33

kruder core masonry up above this is evidence of two separate stages of construction it's like if you had a Victorian house with an Ikea kitchen and that you wouldn't say oh well I just decided to know Builders Victorian house and put this cool new kitchen in know you know in 2 seconds that it's two different stages of construction

► 02:16:59

what would stop you see where these people are walking do you see that this one block goes down to there and then looking at so those blocks are about between 6 and 8 feet thick go back to the bottom on so not only their six and a few thick but they're stacked on top of each other I tried to build it up to that level wow 6 and 8 ft thick and then stacked on top of another one that's of a similar energy but you can barely get a credit card between them that's just that's that's in a lots and lots of weather over lots and lots of years then those are the two blocks of the Great Pyramid

► 02:17:59

and almost free almost presuppose a later state of construction

► 02:18:07

it does the same okay that's the Red Pyramid you know we're going to take up too much time here keep going okay that's the interior of The Red Pyramid nuc that's a megalithic construction it's always called a plunder tune chamber hey it's not because nobody was ever found in it it doesn't look like any Egyptian tomb chamber and B it's not blundered it's simply ruin this earlier this is an earlier construction that for whatever reason the builder of the red Red Pyramid decided to incorporate that into his paramed it's not like an Ikea kitchen incorporated into the Victorian house it's something that was there before and that they build the pyramid on top of shoulder some older construction in a better stay up there Jamie stop moving so what you're saying the lower kruder level

► 02:19:02

is an older method of construction than above that you seem like a really smooth nothing could do this like it was done yesterday where's the bottom has been out in the weather for a long time. Thanks but it's style is typically is typically megalithic it looks like certainly constructions in in Ireland and Scotland and Wales and megalithic instructions there so you mean like a cruder cutting much but dating from an earlier. 6 7000 BC something is so much like when they go and excavations in Mexico City they're always build a building like buildings down there and they have to stop construction cuz they find like some ancient pyramid or something along those lines exactly what this is is they had an old structure and they built the new stuff on top of it then

► 02:20:02

new stuff is what we think of as the original structure but there's evidence the point that there were some ancient stuff below that exactly

► 02:20:09

interesting okay what do we got here in there

► 02:20:15

okay this is another piece of the puzzle this is part of ABI dose behind the temple itself temples off to the right and this is again

► 02:20:25

a good friend of mine is just an elaborate book on this and even though he's not an egyptologist it's being academically published but it's going into into all sorts of things having to do with this strange structure which is one of the most resonating powerful places in all of Egypt we are convinced shocking myself that does central pillars date from a much earlier. And then the rest of the temple is seti the first which is about 1300 BC but this is too elaborate to get into here and I'm running out of words why do you think that it's older style and I'll style of construction mostly into the ground which is almost unheard of in it for an Egyptian temple to be constructed

► 02:21:17

into as a Subterranean structure what about a roof over it and so on at some point or another but anyway that's if that's a complicated issue there it is it fills up with water sometime now they won't let you in but this is this is us and the the Graham still now he's getting a bit more cautious about it but we went there Finance what is Mega millionaire Japanese industrialist to prove the existence of looks there and talk and I came to the conclusion after a week of diving there that seductive is it looks it really is a natural entirely

► 02:22:17

play and we could even see we don't have the pictures of it cuz it's the last day we there you could even see the way that it was formed by the the nature of the Rock and the action of the waves and the terrific tides that that prevailed are so this is what this so you actually did the diving down there oh my God

► 02:22:43

I'm 12 years ago geology I'll do it okay keep going

► 02:23:03

oh well this is the famous this is the famous cartoons that some people think her is here these it now these are the Paleolithic cave this is the best of them close Chauvet this is de France versus in France and this day date date date date date to 31000 BC or older this is genius stuff

► 02:23:27

great artist did this great artists and not primitive thing like these shooting arrows at rhinoceroses to eat and why not a lot better than going to the supermarket and the door guy never heard of a GMO rhinoceros but this is this is fabulous work and who knows what was going on the rest of the time when they're doing this in the dark hidden away in these caves and this is 31000 BC so the date for us or 36000 are there about 4 for the Sphinx and all of that is not out of the question as as you think because they dated art Artistry and supremely

► 02:24:20

sophisticated art history is not done by morons or bites by Primitives

► 02:24:30


► 02:24:32

what is great stuff yeah they definitely have a very good sense of how to capture what these animals that they worshipped and went after look like but it's crazy here you see what that was like a rhino down there and hold it is it is it is correct me if I'm wrong but I think there's only uncovered less than 10% of Gobekli Tepe bring it over because once they started Excavating it been protected by the fill all of these thousands of years and it started deteriorating play the chalk and I saw a 6-7 years ago so what are they covering it with

► 02:25:32

when did they discover this was actually discovered in public view around 2004 or thereabouts on here hear some of the detail is fascinated by this around the corner that's they doing that was something you almost identical to that in Easter Island we think Easter Island plays a role in this whole Lost Civilization hypothesis

► 02:26:10

that's more again this is raised relief you have to talk to someone cut the rope braid the stone away from the figures this is tough to do if it's 3D stopping also aren't there animals depicted on these things that aren't even local tonight even available in that Continental nor they think there's a history these animals not sure this is but this one is the that when there is a kind of a feline of some sort of hard to tell exactly what it is cuz it's stylized but if it's a pretty brilliant piece of sculpture and you have to know carve away the holds Stone surface in order to get at that I'm not sure if they if they know or surmise what that is found there from Gobekli Tepe and the this is a big mystery in a small bead with out of a drill that hole

► 02:27:07

very very hard Stone very Hearthstone a very small Stone to cuz it's sitting in your hand that's about the size of your thumb it's tiny tiny and so there's a tiny little hole in that and again we're talking about a time where there's no steel so how did they do that exactly there's a bunch of pottery in Egypt in terms of a carved Stone Pantry where they have zero idea how they how they constructed it with a very thin lip and then it goes inside Contour a bracelet found recently in turkey at made of obsidian which is an almost impossible Stone to work with and the the ridges on it they again and have found by doing a careful study of a geometrically that is very sophisticated geometry at work I forget exactly what it is that's at issue here but it's not just a couple cavemen saying like you know

► 02:28:07

is pissed off at me so I better give her something nice for our anniversary is a nice chunk of obsidian I think I'll I'll do a little bracelet for her and that they Danced by the strata that is found in around 8000 BC

► 02:28:24

wow okay this is voice of this is Sardinia which is a treasure of megalithic misunderstood look at these fixtures we think shocking myself that this may be a lot of this may be an answer to this massive coronal mass ejection that happened maybe thousands of years earlier even if people are still building things to keep them safe from another one of these would be the effect of a coronal mass ejection right now is not what it would kill the satellites and we have a lot of shoes it would freeze if we did it would fry the grid right I mean instantly the only people who died the only people that would Supply the survivalist Off the Grid the big is are all assholes but those kinds of survival problem

► 02:29:24

doing my choc'late who's here is buying 10 extra Acres that I have I'm not doing anything within this planning to in fact do exactly that the go off the grid in build a permaculture a self-sustaining self-sustaining few people are doing that to the extent that it is it's not going to get to an awful lot of people very quickly it's it's difficult to do any of these are the interior of those extraordinary neurology that called sardinia's incredible Place actually island off the coast of Italy

► 02:30:16

wow what do they date these two will Day date at the 2600 or so 2600 Vesey and trunk and I question that but we don't have we don't have any data that that tells us otherwise Circle in Egypt and not apply as it's called that it looks completely fragmented and and rough but in fact even this at the academics the sake of astronomers acknowledges are astronomically oriented and there's a physicist who studied at much more carefully and has found much more sophisticated alignments than just solstices and equinoxes ancient architecture which is really fascinating is the the alignment with celestial bodies the Mayans big on that yeah

► 02:31:15

for whatever reason that we don't understand but with the evidence is there their and festivals and all sorts of things like that or a tuned take place at these these critical these critical let's call them energy points and what they're doing and quite clear that they're doing it is that they are they're orchestrating their entire civilization the tuning their entire civilization to the movements of the heavens this is quite clear and just kind of demonstrate what they were achieving by that we don't know but it's very important to them

► 02:31:55

when we got here that's the devil's dick drawing another fly on this is this gets into complications of the cosmology of it this is the dog and this is the work of my good friend Laird Scranton who you may know the dogon tribe that's a try to think that they're they come from the constellation Sirius think they got their knowledge yet here comes to it through them directly from serious I don't think they think they come from serious, but anyway work started out

► 02:32:38

distance to sort of thing I'm looking for looking into the cosmology of the dog and then at a certain point he decides to see how that match Car Technology is a techie guys expert and computer languages and things like that so he's he's he's very good at this kind of work and he finds that in the first place called science of the dogon that this dogon cosmology has their cosmology which is they know about that can transmit it is in fact consistent with the latest wrinkles

► 02:33:27

string theory and torsion Theory and high energy physics and all that sort of stuff and then that led him to the study of other civilizations and he's now is six or seven books into it and really what he's doing cuz it's not unrecognized except by a handful of people and the written very well he's he's showing that this this complex cosmology is understood and expressed by every society virtually every society that he's looked into including the Chinese that was a relatively recent book in these ending up by a master picture puzzle of all of these ancient civilizations no dating them exactly but it's become quite clear through his body of work that the Ancients had this

► 02:34:24

the same effectively the same Cosmetology in the same understanding of it and we think that this is a hand-me-down from the ancient civilization that we are busy trying to to validate and the

► 02:34:42

show me the survivors of this coronal mass is left over whenever they had managed to save something of that sort or they with the same people who are everywhere and had it the begin with R 12.4 the quantum fresh frenzy can cause a string anti string pair to erupt in annihilate yielding a more complicated interaction what does that well that's from geometry thing and this is Dogan Art Hotel down town I think let's see

► 02:35:34

the somewhere then the dog and have that where is it

► 02:35:42

nope I think it's the one right after it

► 02:35:47

very close anyway soon as I said earlier I don't

► 02:36:03

ithaiz I dislike

► 02:36:06

using the Old Testament the Bible for for scholarship cuz it's a Minefield it's something you can select from it I mean from the Bible and you can justify just about anything so much craziness in the so much one of the one of the Intriguing bits of of the

► 02:36:37

of my forget where it is Tower of Babel if it's Exodus or no Kathy Exodus Genesis maybe anyway one of the early books of the Bible where they talk about the Tower of Babel and one of the lines that's very suggestive is before the store before the tower was built all of all of Humanity Spokane 1-ton black the eskimos smoke the same as the Polynesians what is it snow in the Polynesian spoke Chinese know it doesn't seem that doesn't seem logical I mean the linguists don't find out if the common language that they spoke was the cosmology and Laird finds the same cosmology wherever he looks that's interesting

► 02:37:23

yeah you can't be sure of it but suddenly that that's strange line does have some corroboration I think it's very hard for us to put into perspective what it would be like if there was some sort of a high level of sophistication involved in the society back then and then the experience whatever it was with his meteor shower super volcanoes with that asteroid has any whatever it is and then trying to retain a certain amount of it and pass it on to your children how things get so convoluted and distorted and there would be very little left yeah I mean but the people would be of the same sophistication in terms of the same kind of mine's the same size brains the same capability just have to relearn everything all over again is a good I think there's a good stuff

► 02:38:21

after graph of this kind of catastrophe things really do go into a tailspin and then around 3,000 BC 4000 BC all of a sudden all over the place very sophisticated civilizations arise but based upon this this ancient knowledge either ethology is all there to begin with but suddenly that's in the area around the same time as China for sure full of understanding around that four thousand or so is date especially Samara when they go over some of the ancient those clay tablets when they see the depictions of the solar system that's where it gets really confusing it's like how the hell did they know this how did they know that there is a sun in the center and all these planets were in the correct size I mean that they had Jupiter in the correct size in the correct position Mars

► 02:39:21

position was very very strange stuff I didn't know that it was fun to read if you're hot but it's the Anunnaki and those from Heaven to Earth came and greeted people out of monkeys and alien DNA and I called his I called his I called his followers kitchen and he's 12 Planet I think that was called the Twilight

► 02:40:10

John of the solar system depiction in the clay tablets cuz it's really fascinating stop clearly shows a son with what we do know the are standard sort of image of a song with a circle in the radiating three lines outside of it and then it has all these planets circling around that area is right there look at that

► 02:40:33

the sun is a star now that's just it's not a drawing it's just outlined that's the actual original clay tablet but they have drew on it as an outline is not amazing you can find the actual tablet Jamie to kiseki and you can zoom in on it so you can see it better but really really incredible stuff when you consider the fact that they made this somewhere around

► 02:40:55

was it 5000 BC or 4000 BC full version of it there young Jamie but incredible stuff and weird stuff in their depictions of people with Tails sitting on the laps of Giants and that that tends to decode symbolically actually those hybrid creatures I think should not be taken literally right pictorial it doesn't mean that it's to be taken literally there's the original so you could see it there on the background

► 02:41:53

pretty interesting stuff but where it where are they in the background where

► 02:42:02

about the Stars that's the original so that you have the sun in in the movie a star with a solar disk and in in in in the middle of it and

► 02:42:22

often they just stars that five-pointed stars and then with with the solar disc in it and what they talking about I think the age of fella just talked about a stellar called in a solar called and that the soon as you call anything the cult it becomes that becomes you can talk about it because it's somebody else's religion there for a Superstition but what what what it's talking about probably this too is two levels in other words it's fake it's this it's the solar Sky our solar system and the Stars around it is the zodiacal sky is the constellation constellation in the sky so it's two two levels of the hierarchy simultaneously just amazing that you're talking about such a long long time ago and they had all the little planets there

► 02:43:13

but all them do they have they don't have your innocent they don't have your and see what they have there

► 02:43:21

find a couple different versions so there's more than one version of it was a different one or that shows a star and then it has a bunch of plants off to the side who knows what that means go full of it you on that one Jamie at look at once

► 02:43:41

it's just so cool to look at something that someone made know whatever 5000-6000 years ago and see their their attempt go back to that place there at their attempt at trying to show and convey what they knew about the world or what their thoughts were about the world like what are we seeing here looks like more that one is not well that a common Seaman din that's a common theme in Egypt Tomb of the Pharaoh the Pharaoh spider biting in the head of the conquest of the forces of light over the forces of darkness and this one to seven might not be there it is that you have that I just said off often in Egypt are very similar but the other one the star and the Seven the seventh planet could be planets but say it's a different-looking * 2

► 02:44:41

money one to two different 106 it might be it might be it might be a number symbolism thing with the thing in the in the numbers to the Egyptians do 7 not as circles like that but as as as. Since you know it has it has a numerical validity rather necessarily than an astronomical the other one go back to the other one Jamie

► 02:45:09

yeah I know that that one that was really interesting

► 02:45:14

all the stuff is in the relative sizes the relative sizes that's pretty mind-boggling again on the Outer Edge is really those two yeah that's that's interesting. Very interesting indeed I'd like to see that explained any other way than then they knew something I mean or it's an amazing lucky guess it's just unraveling ancient civilization to start putting together a puzzle when you only have five six piece this is the thing that there were few pieces and then now a lot of pieces have been added to the puzzle with the nuclear glass that is coronal mass ejection stuff go back Lee Tempe is a big chunk of

► 02:46:14

have any photos of the chalk has been to that and is absolutely convinced that is very very like that it's human made and that is very very old but this thing's are showing up all over the place and it's just it's such a emerging thing as far as like people talking about it to the slides it's just something that's being discussed over and over again now it's much more mainstream and now that Graham Hancock has got a lot of traction on his work and is it a book magicians of the Gods and Randall Carlson who's an expert on asteroid impacts is sort of impacted his work as well and really a sort of made it more interesting because he's provided a contact with some historical like actual scientific evidence of impacts

► 02:47:12

that's that's Gobekli Tepe again and but I'm not the other supplier but that's one of shocks one of shock slides I think and I'm not sure what he's doing out there

► 02:47:26

sometimes a girl in the background that's brophy's I think that's brophy's slides where he's looking for much more sophisticated information in the end it's not the Playa and even if it's even if it's more far-out speculations are just speculation I think they could be just the basic the basic premise is already of great significance that that that this is cuz this is dated to find 6000 BC idea of the precession of equinoxes the wobble of the Earth being caused perhaps by a dwarf star that we don't know exactly where it is that was one of the theories about whatever it is outside of the Kuiper belt that there's this object out there now that they're 90% plus sure exists and they're calling it an implanted ax or whatever

► 02:48:26

had they think that it's at least four times larger than the earth and its some somewhere outside of the Kuiper belt which is now what they believe Pluto's apart of right Pluto and Pluto no longer a planet that got listed as an asteroid a plural Pluto year was that it could be some sort of a dwarf star that is that exists so far out there that we can't see it around CPAC it would be I don't know interview knows about that I'll be seeing him in a few days and some interesting stuff going on I didn't know about it you're a bright do you know about that I think I see if you can find that like they think that somewhere outside of Pluto that there is a large body they don't know what

► 02:49:26

is it don't know exactly how big it is but I think it's a far larger than the earth at least four times larger than the earth and that it exists in its its gravitational effect is having a response here this new dwarf planet discovered that's a different that's a dwarf planet this is something that's much larger this is like they think it's larger than Earth just look up planet four times larger than Earth believed to be outside of the solar system they think it's a part of the solar system but it's on this gigantic or bow like way way way out there

► 02:50:04

so most of them are binary star systems write most of them I think so yeah if there is some sort of a dead star out there out there and it's affecting us it's causing our Earth to wobble Maybe

► 02:50:26

I mean Heritage astronomers say a No-No No-No No-No. Neptune ft inside it looks okay that's right I didn't say that one of the strongest yet in a centuries-long search for Planet X Beyond Neptune the quest has been plagued by farfetch claim an even outright quackery but the New Evidence comes from a pair of respected planetary scientists and I want to say that guy is not one of their own and it was one of their own it's respected until somebody comes along and shows that they're wrong their language is tempered by guys like zecharia sitchin isn't it well yeah he brings it on herself that's right but some of their stuff is is is Equus when I call him the crack epidemic because every week there's something coming along disproving stuff that they've been insisting has been right

► 02:51:26

the last 10 or 15 or 20 years but they're never cracks they think it orbits the Sun every 15,000 years that's right that's awesome

► 02:51:38

I mean it's just it's so interesting we know so much but so little at the same time

► 02:51:45

you know I think was Dennis Dennis McKenna had this great saying that when the bonfire of bonfire of understanding grows it illuminates the surface area of ignorance that you realize like the brighter the light like wow there's so much you don't know and then I was up to distinguish between knowledge and understanding example of what they they they have a lot of fact that it's just well so that they do not understand at all and that's why I make my own work flowers on work couldn't have been done without all of that careful factual work but he's apologizing what I do or what we do by me those of us who are looking into this we take that factual material and swallow her eyes it and that gives us a certain degree of understanding those jerks don't have it all those jerks let's go back to the slide

► 02:52:43

what else you got here they want to show us I don't know a lot a lot but some stuff I want to skip ahead keep going to skip stuff now cuz I'm getting I'm running out of Words which is hard to do these are the best one of those very hard Stone laws with a thin lip in the walls of the Vaz are about as thick as the rim of the lip and this is all made out of one piece of a very hard Stone Cold green shift and we think actually shocking myself and has an idea find another friend of mine but very good writer named Paul William Robert Lynn suggestion that they may be these Stone things are still quite a few of them date from the earlier. And if we're kept a sacred object all of those years in the course if they were Captain guarded and not broken when I'm a brexit but we're captain and one piece X number of thousand years they wouldn't

► 02:53:43

weather or anything like Bernie fine as long as they were protected now is there any speculation whatsoever as to the method that they used to create something like that some stupid ones that are shown with with bow drills that you know that the way I like it well it's the kind of a drill that they put in there with balls of some kind of no Hearthstone and once you get the drill thing down you can kind of work your way around and gradually gradually gradually hollow out the inside

► 02:54:20

this seems

► 02:54:22

insane to me and that it would take them either one of those guys should devote his life to taking a block of green chest and trying that method and see how far he gets in 10 or 15 years it's very hard to imagine that they could do that with a message like that but it's otherwise no one knows but isn't that sort of place

► 02:54:47

I mean building a pyramid is this incredible undertaking than I sent you contemplate 10 stones a day would take you 664 years

► 02:55:00

it's quite clear that they did it it's it's not at all clear that they did it in the allotted 25 years or something is or why they did it I mean again to see if possible explanation is that they were Tunes even this is no evidence whatsoever that they were to him but if they say that they don't need that what do you think they were tombs in the in the word tones only like my general sense of it is that since everything and Egypt has has its focus the Quest for immortality in some way shape or form

► 02:55:39

they enhance that Quest they make it possible to do things that you wouldn't otherwise I do I can tell you what you got enough people together and come on the trip I'll come on your own we do our 2 hour meditation in the pyramid you come out of there knowing that you've not been just in a quiet bathroom this place power you got a group of people in there all of whom are especially if they've done some of the practice of meditation it's it's really it's something and then you come out of there

► 02:56:17

knowing that you've experienced something that you've not experienced before so how they were used in to what end I don't know why it is a quite common theory that there was sites of high initiation well there are sites of my initiation and when you understand what initiation involves that that's not that's not a dumb Theory it is a dumb theory if you don't think that's such a thing as initiation and if you think that illumination is dependent upon electricity will not be able to think Egyptian but if if you've been to the park to have experience for yourself the power of these places than Xbox One nations of that sort even though they don't count as

► 02:57:02

I'm in the speculative for sure but when you don't have any evidence with them being Tunes that's pretty speculative to Ryan I'm building them is incredible and beyond belief lighting them up is only slightly less incredible incredible stuff okay that's awesome my criminal partner Boris swinging the digital Sledgehammer looking for underground Caverns so what it is that you hit that thing and it makes a sound of a drive Santa goes into the Earth interesting the next slide as well be found and there it is CA that's that's the text that that is a cavern or a chamber or rough some sort of the Void underneath the Bedrock and that's the so-called Hall of Records people think that I have your case he is talking about we are iffy about it other than that the seismograph does not know how

► 02:58:02

channel so it just says what's there and what would the very back it's a little bit at the very end by the rump that is also a chamber and that's absolutely it's known that it say on this gives you the same profile so I can a logically but there's no way that's a very rough cut chamber and there's just behind the one of those stones if you pull it away and you can get in and it's a room that's rough it's very roughly about the size of the room that were in here at the studio and that's a room so if that's a room then it stands to reason that seismic graphical reason anyway that a is also a construction or something when you see all those circles around it in the other the rough shape of it that's the shape that they believe the room is so would be similar to the one that said the rump where would be like kind of a rough around

► 02:59:02

the traffic at top of the line to something that give you the steps thing is at an end but it's not like a square 90 degree angle. It's roughly rectangular says, come to Becky Lewis rgf geophysicist it was doing that work so what's the holdup as far as examining that well to one they don't want to be wrong to that it's very difficult to do with under about 5 about 15 feet of Bedrock that haven't the strength is a probably the most let's say that fit the archaeological hotspot of the Universe I mean nothing is more open to the excitement and all the rest of it

► 02:59:50

secondly the water level has risen so that that whole chamber is probably filled with water now so anything that isn't Stone would have been obliterated long ago you got done on your phone what Scrolls florestone something or in the right but it's Eerie you could put the little fiber optic something down there and study it but they don't want to be wrong about this and anything invasive the swings has really been disastrous condition so any little vibration or something like that could could could could conceivably down I don't worry about these things the geology is much more important as far as I'm concerned and my guess is that when we finally break open the portcullis and capture all of the Court you know all of the cats are all of the the the the clock at them except that it protects at the moment

► 03:00:47


► 03:00:48

I don't know maybe water board them but anyway we would capture all of the back of their necks and get them the hell out of there at that point when it gets when it is when it is accepted and these things do happen this is my idea whose time has come when it has come things change and at that point maybe then the fun thing shows up and they and they and the determination comes up to actually look into that void or chamber and see if it is indeed avoid or time for and if there's something in there is it possible that there's some other things in Egypt that have been discovered yet you don't even know where they are a lot of them are you calling infrared something here when you can photograph underground sites that they know of their graves and loans and stuff like that but most of them I don't think the I don't think that kind of photography I said there's a name for it I don't think that kind of attack

► 03:01:48

he goes deep enough for us to establish the the Lost Civilization it'll be under the sand level it'll be the bottom of the sand level and so far at any rate it doesn't get down that deeply but they have lots of places to ask you right about the money

► 03:02:08

okay well this is now this is Sean's book and he'll be at CPAC is a recent book that's his last book yeah that's a recent book the role of solar Outburst in our past and future forgotten civilizations of title very interesting very interesting faces and backed up by a lot but you know a lot of solid a lot of solid scholarship chocolate this particular seat back so he thinks it was a solar Outburst more than they think it was an asteroid all Impact he thinks all the dates and other words that could have been either more in the earlier

► 03:02:53

the catastrophe that brings on the younger dryas that the intensification of the Ice Age and he thinks that it's the solar Outburst that that puts an end to the the entire civilization in melt all the ice

► 03:03:09


► 03:03:12

Northern Lights what else we got love to keep going by there because this is Anthony for Rock who is the physicist that the it's his things in the air these are these figures that show up in the you know when the electrons through the electron microscope and that are murdered by those strange dancing multi-headed multi-armed figures that the petroglyphs that they're usually at the registers of those of the Petroglyph facade which also description of shock is fascinated by that so far untranslatable rongorongo script from Easter Island which shows has as letters presumably those kinds of weird humanoid figures

► 03:04:06

one of the great mysteries of linguists

► 03:04:10

huh, well some stuff I didn't like one of the Wiz crew but what was up there I'll send it to you is the map of dumb fuckistan of Greater and lesser dumfuckistan with his is very useful by V Cowboys and the demographic of the five Cowboys jersey graphic my stepson found it somewhere online but it's it really shows the Cowboys an action which is said to pick up the pick up the daily newspaper or Loop turn on the internet and just see the Cowboys at work for a long time now play Christina when I was born

► 03:05:08

that's around the time I came across schwaller de lubicz yes around then do you feel like people are slowly but surely starting to come around at these did the concept of these ancient civilizations being not the Primitive people that we've been told but maybe perhaps really complex the trouble is that it's that thinks he's the picture is muddied I'm in the academic Services almost is academic service still answers ever in there than their delusion but the trouble is that the whole scenario is is Muddy Ancient Aliens and zecharia sitchin in the whole bunch of nutcases the think that aliens built the Pyramid and all of that sort of stuff so yes more people are interested but how many the percentage of those that are

► 03:06:03

actually capable of

► 03:06:07

I'm sifting the evidence and intellectually honest enough to accept what stands up to scrutiny and not numerically the other lots more of them than I wear but statistically there are very very small percentage of

► 03:06:26

there is a very small percentage of the populace that actually care or understand it but it only takes on Netflix

► 03:06:40

No not tonight on Netflix but they probably wouldn't take it at so you can because of that have two that have to make a really lousy deal with him and be the the numbers probably wouldn't testify I don't know about that but I did love documentaries why would you think that they would want to cut a lousy deal they do I mean they really they really don't give you much I mean the mystery of the Sphinx is on there but it's the guy who was the guy who who did they do with the reproduction of it that that the go she had to wear them and chance the downside of chances that he's he's a bit paranoid about letting stuff out of his control so I've told him you sing on Netflix or how many people have stolen it and it's on YouTube and a very very

► 03:07:40

I don't see it unless you actually own the DVD but it's chances baby as far as pitching it and he doesn't even know if he has or not just seems like I've given up the volume in the case if he doesn't it says it's his it's his baby a big part of your work I mean I just think that that would be a great venue for it I think it would be too but you well he's been emailing you a couple times and nobody nobody responded so anyway

► 03:08:27

I'll talk about that after the show which okay I got out but I got a special coming out on Netflix in October to talk to them and say hey into something I should look at you know I mean I don't have any idea what kind of deals they caught in terms of documentaries but what I do know is that what you did is amazing and I think that it would it would it would be great for everybody to have that have more access by just eat just as sheer depth of the information when you go over like the temple and man and all of the different the different incredible structures that again I'm not I'm not much into even though if I smoked it once in awhile but I'm not much

► 03:09:29

watching that a couple of talks to watch it with a couple of tuxes it slows things down the editing on that it's as breathtaking and has a hypnotic quality to it it's really I mean it's an extraordinary achievement in shock that it on so I shotgunned chance did it on a zero budget then I went doing all of the photography I mean everything single-handed on nothing it's really slick production and and you know when we made nothing I'm going to try to make it so when I try to make an attempt I'm going to bring it to them and have a conversation with them yeah they give them a copy know you know I mean I got guarantee they don't but I really think it's one of the great works either do it to me

► 03:10:28

8 DVDs on play this is Chance's baby now cuz I'm

► 03:10:45

go anytime he wants me I'm there for him but I'm not in any position to to really help with it because I'm so swamped with my own stuff right but yet. The first one semi done but I don't know what he's got in mind and he's in Australia so I don't get to see you in the evening. No it's not I don't know but I'll bet if you showed it to Netflix and they expressed an interest to do that sings I really believed that people should say and I think it if you could get it on Netflix and I could tweet it and let the world know and try to get people to spread the word I think once people say it tastes just like that making of a murderer thinking about that caught all that traction word-of-mouth mostly I really think that that that magical Egypt

► 03:11:45

my panel clay and some other people are going to help me with this I'd like to get some of my other when I'm wearing my other hat my my my my writer is my Bohemian Vera instead of my age of illogical pith helmet cuz I've got it made a whole lifetime's worth of work must have which has been produced but none of it really commercially successful and it just sitting there waiting to get done in Netflix would be the perfect venue for it if I had something

► 03:12:15

to show him no because they do production I mean they are producers now too but it's an interesting time that's one of the best things about the internet is it something like that can kind of see I got and become a bigger net worth any of the networks on television go that's that's the upside well the networks are about to die and good riddance it's a silly idea what it was good back when there was no other ideas near the sit through those commercials and wait for the next segment and then you watch 10 minutes and then commercial popped on again and you rolled your eyes and wait for the commercials of this internet full of commercials so it is it is but at least of a video and then anyway anyway magical Egypt is awesome you're awesome appreciate you coming on to her a chance to meet in person it's a big difference even though Skype is the next best thing

► 03:13:15

two three-dimensional needing it isn't three-dimensional made it is fun to be here and thanks for inviting you and thank you for all of your work cuz I think you've done a great service to the world to search shine light on this amazing civilization and I much appreciate it very much John Anthony West go seek out his work and definitely go by magical Egypt don't pirate at you fux go by and I saw a side that exactly and and and if you have the money in the way if you have the wherewithal in the will get on YouTube chat soon because I'm good enough to get up and down the pyramid but who knows for how long exactly alright strike while the iron's hot thank you everyone for tuning into the podcast thank you to caveman coffee for fueling this experience with caffeine go to caveman Coffee Co. Com and get you

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► 03:17:21

down on Friday so we'll have

► 03:17:24

or motherfuking episodes this week

► 03:17:27

hope you're happy alright thanks everybody for 202 podcast and we will see you soon or you'll hear it soon you know fucking saying much love