#929 - Dan Peña

The Joe Rogan Experience #929 - Dan Peña

March 10, 2017

Dan Pena is a businessman and high-performance business coach.

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oh hello friends how's everything huh everything's great over here thanks for asking I didn't even get through that without mumbling

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my God that's it. This is gentleman that I'm bringing on the podcast today he's a financial Guru very famous and wealthy man who Tom Segura turn me on to he's kind of a hilarious guy and Linda pretty fucking crazy life so give it up for Dan Pena

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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next WVU are impeccably dressed in a very unique and original way thank you I mean your dress really well but I've never seen a guy dressed as well as you would such unusual colors in the tie in the shirt and my wife dresses me that's what it is I don't know what to think I like the whole thing this car like you got in the pocket this is how I dress though I mean at the house boxer shorts and a t-shirt

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that's it yeah it in the house and then outside outside I'm normally dresser italics or in my uniform my three piece suit yesterday gave a talk in Beverly Hills to some kids and I was in my three piece suit what are you talk about one of my mentees is a guy named Jason Capital who is the he doesn't say it this way but he is the preeminent expert how to get laid and he's got not quite as many followers as you do but a million remaining the half really it was just teaching people how to get laid on weenies want to get laid

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so he teaches them how to not be a little weenie more correct correct man up or something and so I asked me if I'd talked to his he's got different programs you know the premier group I talked to Yesterday since about 60-70 guys obviously must pay the most money to a monthly but you got forty thousand people to Pam between eighty bucks and three thousand a month what that's insane fucking right I know and he's just teaching her how to be a man crap how did I get me that we need more he's got a Polish name is from Detroit but that's a big secret that name but but he's Jason Capital has been looking to really good looking guy that helps if you want to get laid but if you want to teach people how to get laid that helps

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when I was their age I got I was single and three aides I got more ass than a toilet seat at the bus station that's a lot yeah but I did and last night I had dinner with a buddy of mine who unfortunately he's got the agent orange now and I brought back some of the memories and his daughters gone you mean you're a slut dad and gals especially today yeah it's not appreciated anymore no no no content of some sort I've never looked at it so I can't wait to tell you content the name of the game I need a mug buddy content is the name of the game

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but you have to come to your house to give you back rubs I mean I don't know what is given you can watch documentaries to your ears bleed you know I've only turn my Netflix on a couple times today it's ran over at talk to you in a half hours and then I went out to the two to see my buddy guy for dinner in the took three and a half hours to get to Valencia from Beverly Hills to ridiculous piece of traffic we have out here and subset of a scene of traffic it's it's it's not a wonder what it's going to be like 20 years from now it's going to be insane well then hopefully they'll have hover cars

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That was supposed to be 2019 like that's only supposed to be two years from now and I cried and realize how our great moving one of my favorite all-time Sci-Fi movies but hard to believe that that was supposed to be just a couple years from now if people really overestimated the amount of Technology we have by then well I mean they overestimated appen something something they underestimated you know when I first said 30 years ago the two things to get involved in her healthcare telecommunications with morphed into the internet's I no idea what the internet was going to be people measure for Tate's Returns on their investment return on the minute not return on the hour on Grider or the month or return on Capital because things are can change you know in a few seconds

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what do you how do you feel about this new thing where they're using computers and algorithms to buy and trade like literally at the speed of sound just cook the cook to going back and forth depending on the trends and they they were the pay money to get a server that's as close as possible to the exchange for their living there literally likes buying and selling in the middle is there an is there a millionth of a second ahead of everybody else because you're closer I came up the old way I don't really appreciate the progress but I don't like it and because I am most people don't understand it and like I was tweeting this morning Gold's down or a broker $40 a barrel or $49 a barrel and how is your 401k improved I wear your cruise telling you to do now the markets up Ben and how you going to measure twenty 25% since Trump got elected on the 8th of November and the guy the benefit of the guys that drive the indices he's created

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in market cap on the New York Stock Exchange but most people have benefitted or calculate of that money is Big Money Rockefeller Pena Trump Etc and so the average guy the average Joe then benefit you know why I asked anybody listening check your 401k or Pension Plan tell me how much it's up since November 8th most people say nothing nothing so I'm part of that is just what you're alluding to the algorithms because it's the fast big money that's making all the big money although hedge funds are falling out of favor the last couple years cuz they're returned haven't even been in the same as even the indices so you are feeling or how do you feel about the things that Trump is doing right now and the way he's you know he's he's bringing on all these guys that have work for these major corporations like Exxon these they're doing that whole thing that he announced the other day of

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45000 jobs in the in the Gulf Coast and like if you look at it there's a thing on the New York Times today I think that was talking about maybe Time Magazine was talking about he's created 239,000 jobs since he's been in office which is what is it a couple of months. That long so we are you from a business standpoint forget about like socially from Disney's Sandpoint okay and I knew him from that late eighties in the in the early nineties because one of my partners in one of my mentors was Governor's you carry the former Governor of New York so because of his New York relationship and also one of my business partners with mayor Wagner the former mayor of New York so I knew Trump then so but I haven't talked to him over 20 years but getting back to your original question the I believe that as his reason why is meeting with all the CEOs of all these major industries because nobody else has ever done it I believe in as I endorsed him I was one of the early

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endorsers for Trump and I said that if he's serious

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and he'll win he knows how to win he doesn't know how to lose if he serious he's going to rock the fucking planet not just the us but the world in the financial models are changing in Europe not just because of brexit the financial models are transients in Russia the financial models are changing and in China because they've got a guy I got an alpha male in office that is surrounded himself with alpha males it snow a coincidence that 60% of his staff are ex-military I mean the other press secretary of the Navy do you know any not counting all the 4-star generals that he's got so I don't agree with everything he says I don't agree with everything he tweets I wouldn't trade as many as much as he does but I do agree that the country need to change my oil change and he's going to bring it or not I don't know but I do believe and I've said Joe that this is the November 8th was the beginning of the greatest transformation of wealth the planet has ever

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fucking seen since World War II because well I mean just look at 3 trillion dollars so far and stock market I believe it's going to be a hundred trillion he's going to add to the market before he's getting his office and do a dummy Like Me OK OK caterpillar even though they got in some trouble for taxes I got braided here a couple days ago you may have some okay. In this country OK the bridges are all 40 50 60 years past their Prime okay I didn't know Bridge could go past its prime the roads are 50 60 70 years past their Prime the infrastructure for pipelines or pasture Prime so he's going to rebuild all this he's going to spend supposedly 3 trillion dollars how much is not a coincidence that because he's at it through training to the stock market but he's going to add infrastructure so all the stocks like Caterpillar AT&T Boeing excetra going up 15

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twenty-five 30% since he got elected because the big money the smart money knows that those companies are going to get all the contracts the real no-brainer is Aerospace Aerospace not just because he cut the cost of Air Force One down 700 million or whatever he did but because he's going to bring the United States military back to what it was under Reagan 30 years ago and being a bit myself I believed a strong country I didn't get involved until my ship outside the country okay but I mean a strong countries and nobody's going to screw with us he's going to bring back jobs I believe you will build a wall and my mother and grandmother swam across the Rio Grande River as illegal aliens in 1924 25 my mother God Rest her soul will just have the cemetery in a couple days ago wasn't a naturalized citizen until she was in her early thirties so the but I figured out a way to pay for the wall and yours is the first show I'm going to

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okay okay they arrested Guzman the great drug trafficker from okay they also confiscated 39 billion dollars from

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did it really he had already nine billion dollars okay 39 x podcast I mean okay so why did you think that a wall is feasible and it's a good idea to have his happiness and see if it works then not do anything the biggest difference between most of the kids that are out there trying to be successful at yourself and some of the other people you've interviewed here is a spreadsheet at the death they read books they listen to podcast and they never do a fucking thing okay I've had kids come to my seminar at Everett 700 books

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personal development books and personal development okay but they never pulled the trigger paralysis by analysis correct yes sir I can definitely happen I can definitely like the kids yesterday that all read books and I don't even know what the the charm books are I I have no idea the art of charm

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which is the same thing how to get laid that's not what they call it but it's is a deal is get famous instead of like just get really good at something and you get famous like how to get laid will just be an excellent person and people want to fuck it yeah that's what I think well I mean Dad for a lot of years yeah you were at school but I mean a pre pre AIDS creates yes when you slow down to scare people don't know today kids aren't scared of AIDS anymore but back in the eighties when Magic Johnson got AIDS I never forget where I was in my car when he got HIV rather when he announced it on the radio driving in my car I was like oh my God it was like a scene in a zombie movie where you thought this was the beginning this was the first one and then eventually was going to spread across the entire country and everyone you knew him

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yeah I was 20 what are you standing, teenager when your competition and you knocked the guy cold in the first 10 seconds are 2 minutes in one minute it's on it's on the internet competition you were probably Taekwondo tournaments. A lot of that stuff and the but I mean you practice a lot to get good will you join yeah you have to actually do it to it's exactly what you talking about you could read Theory all you want but until you got theories one thing and thoughts were another thing but actions are critical you have to think about what happened during the actions and be prepared to fail his 80th birthday which I was not invited to maybe do some Master P

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prayers great couple of things are great but the best thing is taking action action action and the end so in this is what I teach in the ice to take action in had a lot of success but I've had a lot of failures but nobody in my face that got it across the goal line well Tom Segura is a huge fan of yours and that's how I found out about you, he thinks you're hilarious I mean that when I had lunch with him in a few days ago I think I told you on the phone I was expecting he and his wife to keeping me is a rolling in the aisles they were straight they were like pictures

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60 lb is that preys like that competition with his friend Bert Kreischer they did it over two days on the show like their weight in twice in a row and Tom Tom on the way in both days who's a big deal was a big deal for him to really think he lost more than 50 lb was pretty impressive well a few years ago 10-12 years ago I decided at 16 that I was going to become a powerlifter I don't know what the dispossessed me so I gained a 65 lb I took human growth hormone nine yards and I got to the 280 Jesus Christ and and then I would try to get up to three hundred but I couldn't get the trailer pounds Wayne I tried like hell I mean I ate everything I do everything on this table and care and then I realized I also don't have the right bone structure and so I decided that certain things I can only do so much weight so I was doing bench presses with my son at that time it was

► 00:22:09

28th and we're doing sets and I heard this trip in my bicep that I kept working out but what I had done is I ripped my long head bicep and so do you but one of the reasons they call me to buy a man because I just had to fully Replacements in the last couple months I've got a artificial hip I have artificial shoulders I have a titanium collarbone and I don't have any long head bicep and so this is what's a long head. No I don't have that one so yours just goes flat when you get locked yeah but now my muscles go flat anyway cuz I don't work out like I used to when you could have got that repair Detroit on Wednesday at once as they seem to not once not twice but three times and I fucked him up all three times had you pick it up and kept lifting really

► 00:23:08

how quick is too early 2 months I would imagine it would be right and you would be wrong I have so now I will when I get up from there you'll see how I get a gingerly so artificial knee does it do they chop off the top and scrub place at the top and the bottom and then they put it's like a joint like this and then it has these like spikes to go into the bone marrow and is cementum tell me if she your knee goes like this lose both ways but my knees only go this way the goes up and down until I had to relearn how to put my socks on

► 00:23:53

because when you put your socks on your leg swings over you can't swing your leg over sideways movement this while I VI II I don't think I'll be when you in martial arts you say we're going to roll you have ligament damage I had three surgeries on my right knee for the all the above and I had one surgery on my left knee why did inside to replace the entire name cuz I have no cartilage left bone on bone from running tens of thousands of miles I went I went to biohack couple years ago I didn't even know what that meant biohacking you know and I went to the biohacking and all the guys and I met a guy really liked to seen it was there a guy named escena and all these things I've been doing since the 70s I ran a hundred miles in what used to be the Benchmark if you are man and a runner you rent a hundred miles and you piss blood

► 00:24:53

okay that's makes your man yeah because yeah that's what that that's that then it is exactly a lot a lot of miles and my knees paid for it so I haven't really been able to run in 20 years have you ever looked at stem cell therapy for the fact I'm going to Mexico and a couple of months I tried it 25 years ago I want to first came out in Switzerland they're doing it here now you know you have to go to Mexico generate meniscus tissue cartilage on all sorts of things like that it's a it's a slow process but it can be done now okay but it seems like only way I can you move around can you go side to side I can go this way this way

► 00:25:45

putting a movie so you couldn't tell what your walking challenge, as Fernando Lamas the great actress said many years was Fernando Lamas feel good and well I don't know if he's right he was married Esther Williams yeah I think he's wrong I think he's definitely wrong I think you're better off feeling good and looking good because if you look good you feel like shit you live in hell but if you look like shit but you feel fantastic long as no one's looking at you and you're not freaking out what do you care so your knee and your hips like what do the hip do they call the top of your hip hop to do the same thing you got out of the top of your femur and the bottom of your femur sawbones

► 00:26:31

Jesus can you kill a bear with a knife I slowed it down with a handgun and then I killed it with a knife what if you want me to say I have three regrets in life will become obvious first regret the day before my mom died I told you not fucking sick and that's fucking said you're not going to die she died the next day okay second regret I have is the fact that I'm a combat trained army officer who never saw combat okay never got any real trigger time are the third regret is that I didn't set my goals high enough as successful as I am okay so because I try to get involved with mercenary things when I got out of the military about 10 years cuz I've been very well as far as business was concerned and the

► 00:27:27

but they're actually get a joint venture with the cia's all public record now and then I statue of limitations pass so I can't get in any trouble and that didn't work out so I decided to go to do big game hunting and see if I can you know so I started with rifles I know some guys Dubose I believe you do then I had that was too easy then I did a pen gun handgun handgun for 5 4 console used to be the biggest handgun made 2530 years ago so I hunted handgun and you have your pretty clothes man gun how close he get as close as you two what to charge a buffalo is charging this close and you shot of the handgun

► 00:28:09

what so I can get back in the bed but I mean they're effective at 50 yards but so good so right on the borderline of Alaska and whatever the Canadian provinces up there and the I get within about V 40 50 yards of him and they turned around cuz he says why my running again and now I know so then he runs again and so I chased him some more they make a long story short by the time I unload it all five cuz it only has five shells he's he's wounded he would have died probably in an hour or two hours but he's so dangerous so then I jumped on him and stabbed him 70 80 times Jesus Christ

► 00:29:05

70 or 80 times I remember because your grandma's pumpkin so it was so hard the hunter guide said my arm look like a jackhammer it was going up and down so fast but I mean I'm just you know I'm gay I'm just jacked up and where you stab him what problems do around the head the neck in here at main artery and easy trying to bite you when you do you know but I'm staying under the closet he's losing coordination he could have got me but he didn't Jesus Christ

► 00:29:37

is a brown bear or black bear brown but the story is the Buffalo homicide Ackley homicidal stabbing a brown bear to death I know I went to the last radio there and you saw the movie Crocodile Dundee hunt with in Australia for 10 days and I'll game of the handgun and he said I said I want to take I want to get a Big Bowl Pho big bowl of water buffalo and he said okay well we have to go into the certain part of a straight out near Darwin North and he said that I can't promise you still going to be there but there's a big pond about four or five times as big as his room and he should be there in the late afternoon scratching his back on the routes were hanging so we got the got there and we hiked in for 5 hours and he was there just like you said he was going to be there and he said that

► 00:30:37

you don't want to just shoot him in the back now I'm charging it so I never saw combat

► 00:30:48

but why do why is it so important to you like what is the largest is so just in your mind you needed to be not to feel Spirits wow life and death is the enemy it was with some charging beats just like magic that goddamn bow jump 15ft in the fucking are spun around and ran right at me so about work you are as he ran over me and I fell back I shot once and I hit him to the chin went out his nose but it missed his brain he put one on my hip and that's why I had to get a HIPAA benchley and one hoof on my left knee so arguably that's why I left so I felt like a train hit me so he keeps running I get up I'm destine myself off so I shot one out of five bullets so I so I got it I'm going to kill this bastard so I'm chasing them in the jungle with a boy

► 00:31:48

going out Nina blown out here correct I'm chasing him in the jungle and the guide Berry leaves is yelling Dan I can't hear me cuz I'm so pumped up dad and he's screaming at me so I get close to him I shoot a couple more times than I should have put more times and then the bull gets tired he spends around just like in the movies and decide to charge from about that wall and just as he got about to wear that chair is I fired again click I'm empty

► 00:32:20

any Falls dead on my feet

► 00:32:23

from the other times I hit him Jesus Christ and so but Woodberry leaves was yelling at me is this your fucking empty your fucking empty now when you get in in in in a contest martial arts does do you go into automatic you have to think very little while you're in there you're supposed to be mean that you have when you separate a little bit you sometimes you have time to think about what you going to do but most of it is you were lying on your training and you conditionally but I hear you when you are now seeing those deals about the same guy that are really in good condition that the another animals are beasts and the seems to me that that's

► 00:33:08

one of the telling things if you run out of gas in the second third and fourth round you exclude others different styles of fighting they Sprint and they can blow you out in the first couple of rounds but if they get into the third fourth and fifth round they significantly diminish their output and that's the some some guys have strategies like to weather the storm you just have to figure out a way to whether a certain fighter storms and take me the second and third round I just got like Hector Lombard is a famous MMA fighter who's the champion in other organizations is scary scary guy and for one round he might be the scariest mother fucker in the division he's terrifying he's built like a brick shithouse he comes at you fast and hard but he's so muscular and so strong and his output it so explosive and kinetic he's not like a rhythmic slow technical methodical fighter he's a sprinter and so after that initial Sprint it's he's not the same in a second and third round usually

► 00:34:08

his brothers are appropriate for the opposite and they can throw volume 4 days they don't ever get tired those guys can go on and on and on and India when he beat the old one I guess beat McGregor now the younger one where she had snake it was fun to show you from not having combat experience in the war you had discussed to put yourself in danger to test yourself I wanted to see if I was going to live or die so that's why you decided the next way to do this is to do it with a water Buffalo New York earlier about mercenary work like what kind of what kind of person I want to talk about the early eighties I had the privilege of those who is the chief executive of Onassis shipping line the 60-year right hand man of Aristotle Onassis he was one

► 00:35:08

I'm interested and the the Vatican CIA Imelda Marcos and came up with an idea that they were going to invade Haiti just like Clinton did 12 years later okay and for all different reasons own ass is one of the shipping of the oil Mobil 1 oil the Vatican one more Catholics CIA wanted to have them not be a baby doc duvalier coming to succeed even with the common is right at the near Florida and I don't know what the fuck I mailed it was their fault but you know she wasn't buying shoes or anything but she was there and I was put in charge of that project mr. Gauchos and and we had some of the great mercenaries a guy named Mike Williams great mercenaries of the 70s and 80s and a just as we were going to launch the attack and land with boots

► 00:36:08

ground Cyrus Vance Secretary of State pull the plug on the deal but I was going to come out of a helicopter just like Schwarzenegger guys by the way you can't hold us big guns are you can't the way they do it at the two heavy but anyway I was going to be there for the first put feet on the ground and then went in that thing fell the shit I said well maybe I'm just not meant to see combat you know wow so it was something that was really important to you was it important to you because you didn't know how you would fare or because you knew how you would fare and you wanted to test yourself or you just wanted to experience if I knew that I had balls and I wouldn't you know a weenie out but until you do it you don't know for sure growing up as a kid and on the hood and being arrested five times and all the trouble I got into ya what Hood East LA did you really that's hilarious in fact we were just over there I like to go to the hood to three times a year just to see it again and so I went from the Jonathan Club

► 00:37:08

remember to the hood and the years and we took one of my man to use who's also from the hood because I drove the Mexicans out of my portion of the hood and so I went the back to the hood and he went to the same grammar school I did Rhoda Street he went to the same Catholic Church I went to now for your audience nobody believes it's what I used to teach catechism I should teach Bible study cuz I wanted to be a priest you want to be a pretty when I was a little kid and so it's hard to believe but I did but maybe I'll get little catholic boys when they're 10 12 13 women be priests maybe not but I did so when I got a lot of trouble when I was in the fifth sixth grade I dropped an aquarium and it's on my said I'd point of the picture from the second floor I dropped an aquarium on my teacher's head from the second floor and if he hadn't moved 6 in

► 00:38:08

would be sitting here I would have gone to San Quentin I would have gone jujube by and I will have a different life so you can and I only broke his shoulder in school I was expelled three times before I got out of grammar school what grammar school grammar school would you do well I did that to the teacher expelled you for how long 3 weeks and then you come back and that wasn't in my mind at the time I was at 11:12 so why were you doing that to piss me off I wish I don't really remember why I know I got the goddamn aquarium though that's a given so another guy I got in a fight with a guy in and knock him down and I was a big sky and grammar school I wasn't you know I was here about

► 00:39:08

so some of the guy came up and I got to fight knocking down and apparently he broke his elbow when he fell down and the kids said you broke my arm and broke my arm and then I did I went over night I broke his arm at 6 places for real after that now you got it yeah I guess I was so do you think that this is from growing up in the hood just being in the wild. Yeah I'm positive it was until that led you to really want to touch yourself in the military correct check all those thoughts but did you did you take anything out of that you carry with you as another man doing absolutely I am I kind of gentler that's not into success in business

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what about peace and calm do you have that I don't meditate

► 00:40:04

I don't do any of that stuff would you feel good do you feel like I feel like I'm a twisted steel and panther piss is an odd combination of feel like that's a Texas oil field and I just visited one of my buddies from the war whose unfortunate got agent orange you tell me that like so what are the effects of agent who has gentleman in Orange if you had latent in your system now starts to come out like what is it has a wife I mean you lost 40 lbs guy I saw him pick up a Corvette when we were kids

► 00:40:40

and now he has trouble getting up steps

► 00:40:45

agent orange is so scary shit wasn't it it was an exfoliant right or do they spray on the jungle in Vietnam War soldiers were down there in it crazy crazy shit that they just experimented on those kids and it's just you know again folks don't forget that was 50 years ago how long ago it all every everything it's like I sat next to McNamara when he was president of the World Bank who was one of the fathers of the Vietnam War and he was a weird dude I mean and he said that the end and the apocalypse and it's going to be the haves against the Have Nots someday he said hopefully you know you won't be around when that happens and the aces to certain problems on the planet are never going to get soft and he talked about the Israeli missile silo mesas yeah he says we have had at that time to hold

► 00:41:45

and you could argue this is just an extension of the Holy War was happening and he says we didn't work it out 711 hundred and so he was kind of am I negative guy class was half-empty half-full what do you think the partnership with Israeli government I've been in partnership with the Kuwaiti government the yam and government a couple others there and it just said it's a bridge too far I just don't see it happening I just don't know why is that

► 00:42:23

I did well I mean for the from the Muslim point of view and they have the right to practice whatever religion they want but it's an 8th 9th century religion in the 21st century I mean there's a lot of stuff that's not socially acceptable you talk about politically correct a lot of the stuff they do Transit being politically correct I mean and I just don't I hope I'm wrong so you think that the way they like Francis where they treat women the way they won't let women drive with a make them where the their religious how do you say okay yeah so you think that that's just going to stay the way it is forever in my lifetime in your lifetime maybe maybe hundred years ago maybe yeah so they need any summer another ketchup and it may be 500 years it will take

► 00:43:19

I think we haven't been aliens haven't come to this planet because they look at us we're all fucked up

► 00:43:25

he's always do you say what are we going to get what they can learn from us well I would be absolutely fascinated if I found a group of chimpanzees that it figured out how to make fire with sticks and we're building structures and we're starting some sort of an organized war against other chimpanzees absolutely fast a long time ago well I would imagine that aliens would feel the same way about us well I mean except that they're probably a million years Advanced maybe or maybe a hundred years Advanced maybe they're not ready yet he won't be ready to go to other planets but maybe someone out there is just a little bit more advanced than us and I watch Elon Musk wants to die on Mars

► 00:44:25

okay he wants to die in Mars when an electron electric cars it was the first car for 20-30 years only if we really wanted electric cars don't you think we could have developed them by now well we definitely should have but the influence of the fossil fuel companies and do you know my aramco is going public the national company of Saudi Arabia know okay you got to hear it first here okay they're selling 2% of a company

► 00:45:02

because they need money cuz they got all the money in the world they wanted because when you go public if you have to have a Reserve at Port The Reserve at Port is going to show how many barrels they have proved producing proved untrue.

► 00:45:16

And we've been guesstimating for years and years and years at a ramp goes got a couple hundred million barrels maybe 3 for 500 million barrels and barrels to me

► 00:45:26

that reports going to show they have trillions of barrels and there's no fucking way they're ever going to let tracking electric cars or anything else when they're out of their training the barrows then they're going to let electric cars come to pass so you think all these oil crisis warnings and all the other talk about them running out of oil places all bullshit percent hundred

► 00:45:51

what do you think will is okay let me back up a second in August 2014 I was on the show as prestigious as yours but if some other guy show and I said that when I was $120 a barrel we will see $40 oil before we see $200 oil bet both of my testicles okay in February last year or I'll hit $26 a barrel today is 48 reasons why I know that I haven't done business in the Middle East knowing aramco is got hundreds of trillions of barrels Noah the king of Saudi Arabia passed away about a year-and-a-half ago and his brother who's considered not his right as his brother half-brother died and who hates Americans allegedly and who he is sick and tired of hearing about fracking

► 00:46:45

that we're going to end the frackers forever and so the end is no way of co-packers great except there's no accountability there's only two countries in the world that actually here to OPEC

► 00:46:56


► 00:46:58

next weekend is Canada the US and the UK everybody else cheats how so

► 00:47:07

so what is OPEC has regulations and how much oil you can produce direct and why do they have those regulations because today at the market correct so they don't drive down the price of the market so now what to do with fracking is making oil in America so readily available that that's what they're doing in the Middle East is dropping the price down low so the fracking that work doing correct and a barrel of oil at the Wellhead from a Frac well the cost is about 80 bucks a barrel for the next 200 years

► 00:47:46

how do you feel about fracking because I've heard mixed stories about fracking or mixed mixed reports and mixed mixed opinions some people believe that it's a good way for us to be independent with our oil and to break off from this whole weird sort of Crisis and this this situation we have in the Middle East and other people feel like it's super dangerous and what we're doing is we're potentially poisoning Water Supplies we are creating earthquakes in someplace it's a stable is Oklahoma which it was like seismically was a nonentity like never had any issues with earthquakes have tons of earthquakes and it just consoling drill into the ground who knows where the both of those here is a correct save the world kind of guy flash burn cover. But I believe that if there is a higher power he helps those who help themselves so I mean

► 00:48:46

I think it is that's why I think that way you said they did not help people who poison the water supply well I mean that's that's an exaggeration in the water supply like like the protesters are saying but by the same token wife rack when if my theory is correct about Saudi Arabia having hundreds of trillions and they're never going to let you know they're never going to allow the fract oil to come to Market why do it

► 00:49:21

right is there never going to allow the correct okay yes it is the price of oil zactly Obama didn't want the pipeline cuz of his watch yeah I understand that but now with Trump and says that you can have the pipeline because he's looked at the same studies that I've looked on this all online Google is that there is this much United States and the environmental things that may be hurting is this much of the United States so you're talkin you spread your arms up very wide for people listening okay then when you said about environmental concerns you put it very small correct but isn't something that if we could have a very small environmental disasters has very small environmental disasters they're going to impact that area for

► 00:50:21

thousands of years correct mean it's a it's a significant issue as you know there is one side of an argument the other side of the argument somewhere in between is the truth I mean where the truth lies but you think that's the only way for us to prosper is to put those areas in danger and if you if you say that it is there is a potentially there's a potential for an environmental disaster that could affect that area for thousands of years take that risk for financial gain financially I was in the office this for 20 years and you know that allegedly why I made my fortune but the $800 into 500 million dollars in 8 years in self forevermore I'm an oilman okay but I did and I pray to 50 billion since then so I mean

► 00:51:21

what's more important a 50 billion is a 500 million

► 00:51:30

politically whoever gets an office in right now we have Trump and he's back by the senate in the Congress excetra it has promised to be like an isolationist more or less he's not interested in the wards around and I'm saying that's right or wrong I'm just saying that this position and a majority of the electoral votes got him elected not the popular vote but electoral votes so the but whether the United States of America is ruining parts of it five hundred years from now that'll be ruined whilst import

► 00:52:07

it is not the overriding energy pun intended of what we should be thinking about what we should be thinking about is doing away with war

► 00:52:19

and all living happily you know and I ain't even I believe that guy but that model hasn't worked

► 00:52:32

why is that well why were there still Wars I mean when you talk about the Iraq War and talk about the Afghanistan war those as long as Wars we've engaged and I'd stay that we don't have to be there right now I understand that but how are we going to keep

► 00:52:48

people elected those people that put us there just like the people elected Trump to put him there just like they elected Clinton to put him there and we still were still in Wars Clinton did this was all post 911 and they were there was obviously some military actions that were involved when Clinton was in office but when Bill Clinton was President was one of the most peaceful times in history the country when you agree he took he followed up on The Daniel Plan to take out Haiti right now but I mean don't you think that in terms of like if you compare pre Bush you know when when 9/11 happened from then on we've been in this Perpetual state of War but during the entire eight years ago was in office although there were some military actions that were more peaceful times it seems like

► 00:53:48

Korea instability all around the globe I want to hear something else for the first on your program who do you think killed

► 00:53:58

the president's half-brother of North Korea like hire some people they thought it was a prank well that's what the story is a different story of South Koreans that it's right I think the USA CIA did it but I thought the North Koreans thought that the brother did it that Kim Jong on did it too old to North Korea I mean that the don't don't fuk with this seems like I could do a better job wasn't even if I don't know but I mean there's a better idea but if they did the same thing that happened in Netflix to know that I don't read any books on and Lydia but I've watched a lot of documentaries on that whole Khadafi situation that said complete klusterfuk well I mean that the United States government

► 00:54:58

back and government it turned out to be a crooked government so then they got to go take all the backing away from him and then avoids is is created and then to the guys they come in or what what's going on in Iraq right now we've been doing that for a long time since it's a scary scary place right now and we are doing qaddafi's Administration now they like its way safer then when Qaddafi was running things obviously if you were an enemy of Kadafi it wasn't safe for you use up a brutal dictator but the the business of running countries especially running countries all around the world is a horrible horrible messy business and I'll messy brutal evil visits it's always underestimated and one of my favorite angels never underestimate how wrong you can be and the and we always seem to underestimate it and I don't

► 00:55:58

caveman since that catches a chimpanzee to learn how to use a rock that's what I'm saying better we've been getting better for 40,000 years and the planets been alive for 13.8 billion years. We've only had Google for a 2000 yeah well I'm not such a proponent of the Google's going to change the world but not like the Millennials think or the or maybe my generation by Generation X I guess that whole generation thing I think there's a real possibility that information and I think there's a lot of some battles going on right now with information with people trying to figure out how how it should affect things and what it should a fact and then what what time is it in fact it's ultimately going to have in our culture but I think it's having a massive impact I think it's hard drugs yeah why I said Google but Google meaning the ability to search things you know they're saying and asking that yeah

► 00:56:58

but took guys here's the research for PhD paper can be not researched and days weeks that magical time when it comes to that and I feel like that if anything's going to change foreign countries quicker than any other kind of changed because I feel like just having access to the information that things are different other parts of the world that people are thinking differently than they ever thought before that does more understanding about people that we have more in common than we do in this idea that countries are against each other the countries are consistent people that we don't even know each other for the most part and we're supposed to be against some other people that we don't know and it's not a part of the world and Beijing 30 whatever years ago was illegal in China not too long ago as a guest of the government most kids don't need

► 00:57:58

I know that that happened because there's a lot of countries in South America now getting back to the oil hydrocarbons are so important Russia's got a oil driven economy now a good many of the countries in South America have oral driven time is now he has it all driving time to me now the UK argument driven economy in the US has a big big part of what happens now when you are making loans from financial institutions at a hundred a hundred twenty dollar oil with projections because I'm dipshit NBA did a spreadsheet to $200 oil and you making loans now all those loans are underwater pun intended for the office first so is that what happened they made loans

► 00:58:58

some sort of universal growth or our continual growth. I knew it was going to get the $200 about if guys are Barrel rather if guys like you thought I was worth it because a whole other generation has come up that didn't suffer the last oil decline that last line was with is the early 80s to the mid-eighties when I went from $40 a barrel to $6 a barrel and then went back up to $35 a barrel all those guys are either dead in jail or retired okay and now they got young guys who learned something in the book went to good schools know how to do spreadsheets Etc but they don't have the experience and that you know we have tons and tons of in information but we don't have running a lot of the company's is tons and tons of experience we have a lot of dots

► 00:59:55

but we don't have the people that have connected the dots to connect the dots to find out how much the Middle East actually has in barrels of oil is trillions of boughs what how would one do that why is this public information like what you're saying because the government for seven years I was I used to be their fair-haired boy for investment and I need the client fair-haired boy. Boy yeah boy means that that I was your favorite just a little bit of weird expression boy black hair blue eyes Friday I'm faring my complexion got it okay that's what I got it but it's just it's weird because it's the great big secrets of all time in the energy business you think they're going public with the numbers to discourage further Frac correct so they're going to say look we we we would rather have one hundred percent of this thing at half the price correct then lose

► 01:00:55

correct and the most of the Alternative Energy deals than the United States and the UK are funded by grants government programs they fail I mean they don't make you they don't make any money but when you stop doing that the average the average cost for a barrel of oil not fracking in this country is about 4550 bucks a barrel for right at the break-even to bring it up to the Wellhead now okay and the Middle East taking all of them into account it's about three bucks dollars a barrel much is less than a buck how the fuck do they do that because the oil is right there

► 01:01:40

and they found oil they live in tents has better wings and they were looking for water cuz I'd be dead now then found water hundred years ago they'd all be dead but they didn't need to water cuz I got the check marks on bothering to drill in the Gulf Coast because Hope Springs Eternal so they want to plan for the future act I drilled in the Gulf Coast when I was running a big oil company and the two parts of the Gulf Coast there's the Shelf which is 600 feet deep and then there's be on the Shelf which is like ten thousand fifteen that's big big money to do all those tests and the big guys like Exxon are looking for elephants are looking for the big big reserves smaller Independence like I was was looking for your nose smaller Reserves

► 01:02:40

what song goes and looks of the big reserves do what kind of equipment do they use to dick to decide where the oil is an offshore drilling rig will cost between in the shallow 25 to 40 million and in the Deep by 75 to 250 million for just the rig the thing so they know where the this is a personal point of view geologist your physicists exactly you're better off with a psychic boil out there somewhere I want is oil explain to me what is oil I read a book a long time ago to confuse the fuck out of me was called Black Gold Stranglehold and if you've heard about it I've heard of that I never read it was a book that was saying that oil is not a fossil fuels and then it's not what people think it is but it's actually a renewable process that the Earth creates the soil and that Wells go dry and then if you leave me alone for a while

► 01:03:40

build-up of the wheel again. Why that's a theory but nobody's ever left the well alone alone long enough to find out if that's true or not so good at 40 years write another book like halfway in the book of my this is a goofy ass book it's just too much goofiness in it but that black gold Stranglehold I wanted to talk to a real oilman about this so oil is created by what thing that died in 4050 a hundred million years ago and they sit under the ground and they form hydrocarbons two different kind of hydrocarbons either that say I like gas and oil and and the window when it comes up the separator sometimes you just have a pure oil well sometimes you have to just a pure gas well but mostly you have a mix

► 01:04:40

is the separator that is it is a unit that is are your engineers a wet dream at the top that separates all this Pipeline and taken to a Refinery or a truck and take in some of the the the the distillate the actual oil it's depending on the gravity can go straight into a car I mean that that's how. Lucia and doesn't have to be refined refined isn't like those kind of Wells because then they when you don't have to refine it I mean it it had been sat under the ground for so long it's been under the ground so if you got all this pain in 40 minutes years it will look like a kerosene if you got all the Tony been there ten million years it look black and Donkey now it's weird to call dead dinosaurs but it's not really animal matter as much as plant matter is that true plant mostly plan. So it's just deteriorating as in trees

► 01:05:40

things on those lines and then slowly but surely over millions of years becomes oil but a weird thing power our world on well I mean if it's it's it's been around long time but if we really wanted an electric battery we've had those 40 years longer than we had the gasoline cars how what are your feelings on solar solar you probably don't know this but for every square foot on the Earth

► 01:06:05

sun natural son with nothing advancing the Sun's light gives between 10 and 13000 times more energy than the planet needs 10 to 13,000 for every square foot just from the Sun

► 01:06:22

Willow wait a minute hold on let me let me sort that out so what you mean is if you put solar panels on every square foot you have 10 to 13 times more than the planet needs but you wouldn't really put solar panels over the whole planet so in order to be able to power a city what would you have to do well I mean City like I was saying okay the valley the valley okay you need solar panels that would cover from downtown Los Angeles to

► 01:07:00

San Diego Jesus Christ and that's under current solar technology is much less expensive to do that then you got to sell the stuff into the grid the grid meaning the power thing like set nuts at what what's a power thing up here whatever the power company electric company is selling to the grid and they will tell you when they government subsidies they were paying like 18 to 20 cents per kilowatt now they're paying two to three cents so people invested Schmucks Banks land. Chen's it let out ten hundreds of billions of dollars to the solar guys because at the 13 to 18 cents a megawatt and then Supply them had too much Supply is everybody's doing it and drove down the price so now these poor bastards that started these solardealz 15-20 years ago can't make any money so they can't pay off their debt does the guys that

► 01:08:00

benefit the most from solar are the farmers that own the land that lease to the soda companies so it's another one of those unlimited grow things where they felt like it was $0.10 back then for 20 and 30 and said it went down and why did it go down and then they make it bad when you say you sell it back to the grid there's also ways to do it to be off the grid Ryan conducted a different system there are and a lot of very bright guy put together a tax incentive videos in the britanick on schemes that took advantage of the system right now in Germany has 20 25 year contracts and the governor was any smarter they gave you a 25 year contract at a guaranteed $0.11

► 01:08:55

okay now into the Grid it's only $0.03 so they've got to pay you off and and then once it's up everybody screw everybody everybody screws wow do you think that it's a viable way to power a city solar Thunder current technological standard wind and hydrocarbons for Fear Factor once and they had one of those Windmill Farms was a crazy thing ever was like like a bunch of robots it were up on this hill correct we're spinning around I was like you get it they're getting electricity from the wind robots like how fucking weird is this and each one of those deals cost roughly speaking of a million dollars wow each one and the technology has come a long way in the 30 or 40 years that they've had those wind when deals

► 01:09:55

supposedly the wind currents on change wrong wrong they do change okay and so you built a hundred of these windows facing a certain way okay and then the wind changes for whatever reason now I know the things you want to hear 1st 2011 my wife and I have had our vows we knew that the South Pole magnetic South Pole we went to have to be married that and they have a huge 500 million dollar scientific research lab most of which is paid for by the United States government so we're down there were talking all the goofball scientists running around in shorts t-shirts and flip-flops and sporty below zero

► 01:10:38

okay cuz it's I never goes down this is December and so they're giving us a presentation and they're bringing out the scores of ice cores of ice and I get to the second or third quarter and then he says this for 65,000 years old how you know that many way they explained and he said 13,000 years ago this was a temperature 14055 thousand years ago it was two degrees warmer Celsius and it is today. 55000 years ago it was two degrees warmer than it is today and I said what about global warming

► 01:11:17

simultaneously all 10-sided start laughing

► 01:11:21

all 10 PhD from MIT Caltech Stampy started laughing because global warming is a joke how global warming a joke I'm just telling you what they said it was 65 million years ago was the argument is whether or not we're contributing to the cyclical and my descendants if there around ten thousand years now will read about the two who those guys have believe in global warming so you think that people are being hysterical about a natural cycle that we probably are we're probably helping it along we're helping a lot but it's a natural cycle but it's going to come back around anyone another point if for real

► 01:12:25


► 01:12:27

most of Central America a whole bunch of the part of the world's going to be gone because it'll be underwater right depending on you know the most severe it's 30 meters of water. 250 the less severe is 10 mL of water 30ft okay if that were the case and you were building condominiums in Fort Lauderdale Florida

► 01:12:47

there should be a disclaimer in the prospectus

► 01:12:51

there should be a disclaimer the next big wave of class action lawsuits if global warming happens the next 20 to 50 years is going to be the disclaimers that we're not written in the investment perspective high for Condominiums buildings everywhere Manhattan's gone you know love is gone

► 01:13:09

well that's only under severe forecast right severe forecast in Belleville right now that's the best for Cassie best for cats over how many years 50 so you don't think that's going to happen

► 01:13:24

I'm not liking to be in 50 years when outside up my mom I like it yeah well I brought my goal is 127 / 72 and thank you. A lot of Pep to you now so what I'm happy cuz I'm enjoying doing what I do do you realize 87% ground pool came out last year to 87% of the people on the planet are unhappy with what their life is all about the uninhabited and 10% in addition to that 87 to 97 hit what they do so that leaves 3% of the planet enjoy what they do you want to talk I'm with one of the 100 minutes of a percent. I'm so happy I don't know whether to shoot her go blind what you shouldn't do the second part snapped Michelle

► 01:14:24

stem cells in your eyes I want to hear after the program about the same sales in Vegas Davidson from the sea and they're beginning trials I think they're going to do it this Monday so pass money a couple days ago where they're going to shoot stem cells directly into discs of people with degenerative disc disease with a disc Source or shrinking cuz the compression of the spine and you know just overall life and wearing down there going to be able to regenerate tissue yeah I read a couple days ago a transgender guy broke the eye socket of a girl in MMA fight

► 01:15:06

I don't know about that is that a recent 5 past 48 Hours okay and end up complaining because it's not really a girl it's a guy and he was just overpowered and you just know I've never heard of a broken eye socket in the broken if you get punched or kicked the elbow really hard in the eyeball with sounds horrible people but you get a blowout fracture will you actually blow out the bone on the back of the eyeball so they have to literally take your eye out and they have to go behind it repair usually the symptoms have to put like a little plate or something that puts the bone back together in the back your I put your eye back in and sometimes when guys do get those kind of orbital fractures they have these weird eyes like that one I'd like pokes forward more than the other eye it looks weird getting very dangerous sport very dangerous sport you know it's just obviously it's combat sport I'm going to smash each other

► 01:16:05

yeah I've been pretty vocal about there was a pretty famous case of die within a guy for 30 years became a woman for two years you know or you know when transgender or whatever you want to call it and started fighting MMA and wasn't telling these women that she used to be a man for 30 fucking years and I was like wow that's crazy look if you tell people and they still want to fight that's fine I think you should be able to whatever you want to do just like I think you should be able to ride a i n o I support you write to write about you want to ride a bowl I'm not telling you shouldn't do it because I don't like what the fuck am I to tell you this shouldn't jump out of buildings and and Skydive or jump out of planes rather or I'll jump off cliffs with Windows wingsuits like my friend Andy does you you should you show me what do whatever you want to do as long as you're in form but this idea that it's not something that you need to tell the other person about because now you're a woman I said bullshit you are biologically a man you were born a man you have an XY chromosome you have all sorts of mechanical advantages you have different bone structure it's not the fucking same and if these people

► 01:17:05

want to continue this crazy narrative that once you decide that you identify would be the woman you should be able to compete as a woman that's fucking crazy and I'm sure you saw what happened with that kid in high school and she wanted to be a boy and so they started giving her testosterone treatments but she still have to compete as a girl in wrestling while she's transitioning to being a boy so they giving out his testosterone treatments and she's just mulling these girls just not fair what happened to the the girl it's not her fault by the way that kid that's the fucking the people that live there want her to compete and if that's the case you should allow her to be competing wants to take testosterone it's real simple and if she wants to compete as a boy letter computers a boy or let him compete as a boy in your opinion what happened to the young girl that was Ronda Rousey yes the Olympian girl that do you know all of a sudden went in the penthouse of the shithouse

► 01:18:01

Bar Phoenix it's a long long story and dominant like no one else ever in women's MMA up to that point but there was some holes in her approach that were exposed by Holly Holm the one that kicked her out girl Hector style to deal with Rhonda stop she's really strong she's fast is an amazing athlete and she is an outstanding Striker and so Rhonda's thing was to charge at you like a fucking Bull and Holly just play The Matador brilliantly Potter litter up while she was coming in and then eventually had kicked her and stopped her once you get knocked out like that first of all she was very very confident while she was the champion and some people say arrogant and because of that is always people that are waiting for you to fall that don't have much confidence and when they see someone is out there who's got a lot of confidence that's very compelling like a Floyd Mayweather or low

► 01:19:01

Conor McGregor their confidence is incredibly compelling like you you want to be near that we wouldn't but those people when that person loses their the first ones to attack feel like you fucking loser I knew you were a loser like you go to Ronda Rousey's Instagram page and read the comments under her pictures it's ruthless some fucking assholes this assholes and I guarantee you all those people are severely unaccomplished or really young either young kids that don't understand what they're doing to just have this opportunity to be able to talk shit or they're a bunch of fucking losers and they're finding this opportunity to shit on someone who was this incredible bright shining star that fizzled out so she lost to Holly Holm and then she came back in a far worse matchup against Amanda Nunez and I thought Nunez before Holly Holm Peter I thought Nunez was the most dangerous matchup for cuz Amanda Nunez is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt in his heavy heavy hands he's a dangerous Striker to grab her and take her to the ground

► 01:20:01

does so fucking picnic cuz Amanda Nunez is nasty on the ground and then getting close to a terrible terrible matchup it turned out to be a rematch but what she should have done is revamp our camp or not fight revamp Rigo to one of the Masters is a few masters of mixed martial arts in this world is Faraz zahabi and Matt Hume and Duke roufus fut striking mixed martial arts master and you have to go to them you have to go to them and you have to like submit yourself and say let's fix this let's fix whatever I'm doing and let's see if we can take this to the next level because the sport involved in the sport Pastor buy a she was at the very top but if you build it's like the Field of Dreams movie you build it they will come and when she built the women's bantamweight Division I became his dominant force and stopped all these people and looked Invincible all those women were coming up below her and they were they were getting better and they were evolving

► 01:21:01

and they were like the rest of them and they they were reaching this incredibly high-level where's the women's MMA movement and then in the early days you know 3-4 years ago if you watch women's MMA this skill level was nowhere near commensurate with the men skill level the men skill level at the three four years ago they're better today but only a little bit better the women are way better today than they were because it's a new thing it's like 1997 for mixed martial arts for men that's what like three or four years ago was but now the women of essentially pretty much caught up or close to it is very high-level striking very high-level submissions very high-level fluid overall mixed martial arts games that you sing in the women's division and Rhonda in a lot of ways of spectacular she was had a very limited approach she didn't kick she punched but she wasn't necessarily like the most brutal knockout punch her and she wasn't necessarily the most skillful boxers didn't really have a tremendous amount of experience what she had was

► 01:22:01

incredible athleticism a world-class mine says she's a world-class athlete and she's a former Olympian and outstanding Judo her Judo and her arm bars are among the best in the world I'm sure transitions Russia attacks in a tax and tax and set things up just phenomenally talented and you know really accomplished in Judo but when you want to be a world mixed martial arts champion at the highest level of the game now you have to be great at everything and there's people like Demetrious Mighty Mouse Johnson I think is the world he's amazing that guy's great at everything and that's why I asked cuz you don't know what the fuck is going to do you don't know if he's going to kick you or near you or take you down or strangle you or or elbow you and just got so many options and he's coming at you from all different directions and he never gets tired he's he's a total full package we don't have a Demetrious Mighty Mouse Johnson and women's out of there yet but it's coming it's coming and ronda's not that you know Rhonda is more like maybe like a

► 01:23:01

kadhal or one of the early pioneers of men's MMA super-talented really fun to watch but perhaps Limited in their approach

► 01:23:10

I used to drop by and join my team is now that you mentioned it is incredible incredible you know there's so many of them now I mean it's just this sport is just exploding zits exploding with towels changes they sold well it has a little bit of trying to like refined itself I think but the guy who sold it for the guys who bought it rather you know they're Savvy intelligent dudes who are trying to do it their way and it's going to be some bumps along the way it is meant to admit a lot of changes and you're trying to do some things differently in some of the things I agree with like now I have a three-man booth like it's me and a fighter and then the other play-by-play commentator wish I was down a couple times I think it's really good I like it and there they've got a lot of matchups that the fallen through unfortunately because of weight cut issues and a bunch of other stuff so it's a tough businessman I wouldn't want to be a promoter it's what I do is easy I just show up and things are happening I talk about the things that are happening it's not a lot you know I don't have to do a lot of work to get there you know zaida

► 01:24:10

kind of get there and I watch and I talked about the fights the promoting angle of it is unbelievably brutal you have to rely on so many people to do their job so many people to have their shit together you got to rely on these crazy impulsive Maniacs known as MMA fighters to get their weight in order and to have their Camp go through without severely injuring themselves to do things smartly and intelligently and conservatively so they can show up for the dance and be able to perform at their best cenotes you're asking a lot of a lot of different people and most of them come through you know most Fighters incredibly professional but some of them don't like that Habib nurmagomedov Tony Ferguson fight the fell through a couple weeks ago or last week horrible just devastating that we we know we were all ready for that fighting in a day of the fight and I can't make it to wait day of the Wayans brother he can't make the way some of the hospital so those kind of things do happen these guys that are running it now the WME guys you know they're smart as hell so we'll just see the figure it out

► 01:25:09

that's what I think I think they'll he'll take a little while the will be it'll be a little bit of trial and error just understand about me and they got what they spent 4 billion on the UFC 2 got to want it run it their way I get that incredible investment to make that money back if you're Smart Financial guy how the hell they make that money back

► 01:25:29

Jesus Dan Pena why did you do that I would take it public that you heard it here first on Joe show take it public and they can make 50% on the money in a week I mean a week after they take a public because the average investor pays up too much they pay up high multiples and the difference between a non liquid investment in a liquid investment and multiples are normally 50 to 100% higher cost me if he's okay for 20 times per hour annual public

► 01:26:29

well they do that then well what's the problem with taking things pop up 1% of the total control right then there also have to adhere to the SEC security Exchange Commission there's rules and then I have to have a audited statements every every 90 days and if it's a if they gave you too much money for expenses and it's down there is a footnote they're going to come they come and investigate why'd you get rolled in that what you do that and then most people that want to go public because of that I went public because I could see that I was going to make a thousand times my money I mean or not even a hundred thousand times more money so it was a no-brainer. You made a hundred thousand times your money by going public yyt a taxi better than that the detectives podcast at 67% a year

► 01:27:28

what the phrase mean how is my total growth on my original investment was 55 million percent

► 01:27:38

Jesus Christ that's a lot of money and that there hasn't been Facebook nor anybody else anybody even close to Port Byron fortunately for me because it was 25 years ago I was at a low base my base is only half a million and but now I mean that's from 800 bucks 500 million okay so by my base my initial base with eight thousand bucks okay am I exit bass was 500 million or 500 million dollars and course I had a lot of shareholders it wasn't just me but now the the company grew if you take 800 bucks and you figure out the new spreadsheet on the growth per year at 67000 % and if you the total growth is 55 million percent

► 01:28:34

55 million percent if you were here in MMA fan is just give them a tax I have more than one I'd say Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan or something like that or Credit Suisse to look at how to make their investment liquid

► 01:29:01

liquid cuz now it's frozen like a stiff dick I mean it's not going anyplace so what does that mean like how do you make it liquid liquid okay okay let's get crazy now let's just say that the right now you make $1000000 a year off your podcast and you have no other shareholders okay just doing okay now you want to take it public and you want to take a public on one of the secondary and tertiary exchanges because this isn't would be big enough to take on the New York Stock Exchange and you want to sell shares in your baby for $1,000 a share money shares does a 1/2 while you as many as you want if you want it that much value but you can do a thousand shares at a thousand thousand dollars to share okay and so you shall 20% off to the public So 20% of those shares and I mean you got

► 01:30:01

videos of people to follow you I mean that would be a slam-dunk I mean to be a no-brainer I'd be a no-brainer send a bunch of people be telling me to who to get I was best guess talk to you get that power though and held or your group are you and your buddies have more than 50% they can never take him to drop right but it seems like that's that's one hostile takeovers correct right medium cage put your best guy about put my best to defend your honor I mean if you had a guy who would you pick question

► 01:31:01

I don't know it and even goes this is a heavyweight name Francis ngannou I think I might put my money on that guy terrifying young heavyweight okay okay I used to be a fan of Lesner I like you like right out of college and really trained him properly but that Betty at right out of high school and trained him probably just unbelievable freak athlete a freak athlete I remember in the heavyweight match African who's spot where he had beaten up Lesnar pretty bad but that's are still won the fight the guy with a big hands and other than Carwin and then Brock survive in the Bronx a tough guy and you know he just was a guy who got into MMA very late in life and wasn't a natural Striker really didn't have the natural striking capable. When I say natural

► 01:32:01

like fluid really effortless striking that you get when you been doing it for years and years and years that's that's one of the hardest things to learn as guys get older when they were like in their thirties and I learn how to strike learning how to strike against someone who's really season 2 good dishes openings and it just takes a few shots and then boom you saw what happened when you fight Cain Velasquez Kane just overwhelmed them just so much better with striking and really good rated wrestling as well so came was able to get back up on his feet when Brock took him down and then just brought could not handle the onslaught that came as putting on him on the feet just wasn't prepared for it correctly you need years and years and years of striking training and you need to spar lightly and you need to you need to develop fluidity in your in your movements you need to have a fish in Striking movements wrestling league

► 01:33:01

yeah you don't love what you guys name the founder Vince McMahon and his wife is now in the in the cabinet for Trump. She got a hilarious she or not she they got rich when they went public

► 01:33:18

yeah they went public with the WWE correct

► 01:33:24

for $50,000 a point when they first got started a bunch of buddies of mine in the Connecticut we're riding in a limo in the show me a demo tape and this is we can get into this weekend by up to 10% for $50,000 a point they did that they need money I said bullshittin who's going to watch that shitt I don't know what they call it Monday night raw at the Staple Center and he was making videos while he was in the audience and I was like I care about

► 01:34:01

this I don't understand it but I mean that that that's he got liquid by going public how many people do you think that pay $3,000 a month to that guy wind up going to pro pro wrestling the same people the $3,000 yet another some people with head injuries out there that still think it's real people that fell off the back of a motorcycle

► 01:34:35

I thought I was number one this isn't sure I like when they come down the ramp and fire and this man when they get they have to be go get a fake boobs when they brought their heads on the some of those things to him and chairs to make a live in whatever say whatever the fuck you want about it being choreograph they're still picking each other up and slam each other on the ground each other in years gone away. Those guys are on the road and I'll two hundred plus days a year doing that so it is a absolutely brutal business a hard way to make a living and they are tough tough guys so they might not be really competing like an MMA fighter is there's no doubt about it they have my respect those guys are tough that's a tough way to make a living in their money and I think most people don't even

► 01:35:35

earn their money they mean they're out in these these Arenas you know they're they're playing this state and that state and going on the road there's slam each other and throwing each other to the turnbuckle and elbow in each other in the face it's fucking hard man that is a hard way to make a living and a giant percentage of those guys wind up having problems with pain pills severe pain in her body always constantly in a back injuries knee injuries neck injuries elbow injuries in brutal way to get paid now are the guys getting paid big money now the best of the best are the guys like Conor McGregor and Conor McGregor out of the people that fight Conor McGregor they're making millions Ronda Rousey she's making millions it's just it's taken a while for the people that are not known very well to be able to make that kind of money and all they're not they're not really you know it's it's hard for the average journeyman Fighter 2 not just pay their bills but to put money away as well you know it's just that it

► 01:36:35

I thought in boxing to this when people don't understand boxing like you people say will Floyd Mayweather fight maybe he did but Floyd Mayweather is want there's one point Mayweather Gennady Golovkin can't sell 200,000 pay-per-view buys and he's the one of the best fighters in the world today you know vassili lomachenko same thing and one of the best fighters in the world today he's not making the kind of money to Conor McGregor's making so what boxing is like you see these very big Marquee names in all these big famous guys who are making good money and they make more money than the best UFC guys like Manny Pacquiao has made more money than the best UFC guys but Conor McGregor's nipping at the heels right now yeah man I used to have a house right around the corner from you I have I lived it eight years in Manila one year in China if you live in Manila wow what is that like if you got money it's terrific is it dangerous if my wife had six bodyguards Jesus Christ six six and one of them used to be to buy to go to the president

► 01:37:34

India all I want variety of business and I believe the year in China eight years there three years in India and the but when I was interviewing The Bodyguard I just want to know have you ever got any trigger time I don't want you just looking pretty bodyguards head poop triggers before you know because you could get get these guys or anything you know well that's it that is an important thing it's some would consider maybe like there's some people that are more sensitive it was a well that's a distasteful things even bring up like why is there honor and shooting people while I was running trail but I think what you were trying to figure out when you want to do this big game hunting with handgun saying whether or not you you would pussy out when the

► 01:38:34

when your life is legitimately on the line

► 01:38:38

people act different when they they think they're going to die right moment of truth well that's the old saying that a great man and a weak man have the same fear does one respond to it a different one I raised my kids is not what happens to you in life is how you react with happens to you in life and the millennial kids are pussies vagina brains jellyfish lasted 350 million years without a brain have Google you can't find my Snapchat

► 01:39:38

jellyfish sting other fish to kill him and souls and they fuck with you and you're at the beach and there's some weird fucking super ancient life form correct the errors but they know Global warming's a joke to you have anybody on a podcast that is why did the saying anything controversial like you're saying about global warming people go all my God I can't believe you had a climate change denier on your show but you're not a climate change denier know what you're saying is it it's it exaggerated a fact that he died in Beauregard us whether or not we have that effect at all if you look at like the end of the Ice Age you look at all these different Monumental changes in the temperature of the United States versus the temperature of the world a global

► 01:40:37

girls legs constantly changing 55000 years ago at the South Pole magnetic South Pole it was two degrees Celsius warmer and my wife and I've also been to the Magnetic North Pole we were married there as well we're bipolar and Mary both of the South and the North Pole is between 10 and 14000 pH no actual landmass now we just send me an invite only three to six weeks a year can you actually have a facility be able and the chopper and have a ceremony at the North Pole

► 01:41:37

a ceremony on the North Pole and I are the only two people that still has the Guinness book of records that there scam is they charge you money how much wealth to get on they preferred list

► 01:41:58

1000 lb 14 x 39 x most people don't pay it and most people don't get in so you have to pay money to get on their stupid book correct he was so you can get something you jump rope for 3 days straight and you made the Guinness Book of World Records what a bunch of this part of the first time anybody's ever yeah we've had right damn nice that you said quite a few first another one project right now is trying to put together a vet veteran program

► 01:42:47

and then I'm fighting I put up all the money I owe anybody's money but so far even though I had one of the world's largest talent agencies and I had 10 of the top 50 production companies say that bets don't make good TV

► 01:43:04

now they won't say that in public what do they mean by vets don't matter in TV veterans don't make good TV unless a wrestling around in the mud

► 01:43:12

that's what I've been told

► 01:43:14

buy some names that you probably know even and the I've been told by 4 star generals names that positively everybody on this podcast with no I've been told by Congressman and Senators I've been told by TV personalities. Moving heads on a know-it-all come out for vets except when they're asked to do something and we don't I don't want the money so what kind of stuff are you talking about do something but they're saying that putting bats in business after they they tried to transition from the military to civilian life and try to reduce a 22 veterans commit suicide a day and so yeah yeah but when you ask him to do something they're there their they're not is generous with her time and I can understand if I was asking him for money but what I found out Joe

► 01:44:15

all these guys save if you still need to make a living

► 01:44:20

and then I can get paid for this so they have less time pro bono time and charity time than they let people on when there are no 16pc Etc okay I've been asked to do a documentary expose

► 01:44:36

I've been asked I haven't said I was going to do it cuz I don't really need that kind of publicity but about the show that I've been trying to do okay so taking them from the military and they're asking him how to answer each question has five pilot programs at the castle and wood bats sometimes we make them so we shine when you say I live in a fourteenth-century storybook Castle is it because I want to know you I wanted to be near the home of golf when I retired I tried to retire in my thirties when I'm just play golf couple months retirement didn't know I didn't see it.

► 01:45:33

I haven't had to work for 37 years now did you get involved in all this online stuff cuz that's how I found out about you and I found out about you through I mean I got involved online because I owned businesses that Market online but you're a great online advice guy five of the top online money producers on the planet I trained like who are the top five guys Matt Lloyd Shakir Hussain I feel like this is like he's secure Pat dinozzo's these guys make a month that's why I hope you know I know you are one of them for sure believes in no taxation without representation

► 01:46:32

yeah but I trained it but I didn't train you know I know about Impressions and trap I understand all that but when Google change their algorithms 10 12 years ago

► 01:46:44

baby used to want a hundred guys that produced a hundred million online now they want ten million guys that produce 10,000 online

► 01:46:57

and so that's how they built their platform

► 01:47:00

and hey Google is I is a great tool but a better tool in my judgment for what I do is LinkedIn LinkedIn is some shit that people from high school he send me on my page are you on Lincoln now now but I get invitations oh yeah more than anything I ever get online okay, LinkedIn is is is a professional thing to me your perception is that I pretended as you pretend to be outside the box when I type I believe that you're more inside the box then these

► 01:47:49

Bayesian melonhead's listening Noah realize till I get what you mean by in the Box I mean you don't you have some I know you're a Libertarian if my research is correct OK and I I realized pajama you believe in some real down-to-earth values that are actually in the box that made America great

► 01:48:14

would you disagree. Yeah probably as it would define those like what do you mean we talked briefly about commitment great comfort zone is the best sitting on the couch playing video games I can't believe that but don't you think that that's sort of like what we always expect from the fall of civilizations mean that's what we always were taught about Rome right at Rome got to be incredibly gluttonous and then I'll collapse in the weights on bullshitt what happened to the USS America absolutely

► 01:49:14

it's going to be painful watching people just need to understand there's consequences there's consequences that you pay to constantly seeking comfort and end of avoiding discomfort and avoiding hard work and those consequences are you never going to feel self realized he never going to feel like you accomplished anything you never going to have this feeling of understanding that difficulty and struggle and end ability to push through that is a muscle and you develop that muscle pain doing it if you don't have to overcome obstacles you never know whether or not you can like we were talking about with Trigger Time unless you were faced with actual adversity you don't understand how you're going to feel and how you're going to react when you overcome that adversity sings I believe that I'm the best on the planet and doing is I get you to do what you don't want to do to be what you want to be what it what do I need to do to you

► 01:50:14

you're an enigma inside up with that same riddle yeah something like that and the butt so I mean hopefully this is the last time I talked to you but I mean you're you're you're an idol to you know several million people those people need help I'm the wrong guy is it not the droids you're looking for and but when I do in before I put dirt on me in 15 more years is I want to minimize people's regrets okay and cuz we all have regrets and I told you what my three regrets or earlier in your program here but I mean to minimize regrets and the Millennials will have a different sort of regrets the right now for the past seven or eight years we've had free money and just wait to been free it's literally three hundred years from now they're going to say what the

► 01:51:14

what were you doing when they were going to wait for your money I mean literally the people that listen to this twenty years and now their children and grandchildren going to say grandma grandpa what the fuck are you doing other than having your thumb up your ass during the. Of free money now we say interest rates are free to talk about business loans crack I mean it's never going to get well it can only go up from here and yell and the head of the fed's Federal Reserve is already up them once and they said she says I guess she's going to come a couple more time but historically 8 10 12 not 2 3 right if you can't make a business proposition work at 2 or 3% interest so you pay one or two points over that which is the bigger issue of the interest that they get you out of this metaphorically kids you want to swallow a fucking revolver

► 01:52:06

wow strikeouts because now he can make money now you want to jump in front of a bus

► 01:52:12

now when you go and do these seminars like I met him at the council I don't get some manners around the world anymore I stopped in 2002 when The Descent you change what you just did this speech I guess they call it a solid at the castle will have to come to your Castle to act when they do like what do you what do you work on them what do you have the paperwork on them psychological profiles image of the South and you have someone go over there personally I'd how many people do you do this to 24% wow and how long it starts at 8 in the morning and goes till midnight correct

► 01:53:12

they can't do y'all have two gymnasiums at the castle but they can't use a gymnasium unless they earn it

► 01:53:19

go to earn it another was you have to show me something that you got to have more than a jellyfish brain the last two seminars didn't have any gym time no gym time no

► 01:53:32

no gym time so they just didn't earn it yeah they didn't know about half of them cried the last amateur only half pony half how come maybe had a pair I don't know when they cry what are they crying from the buttons the emotional buttons you have two bank accounts in life you as well okay most people are not successful not because they run out of their Financial Bank they're not successful because they run out of the emotional bank account so that people come to make for their inspired or desperate

► 01:54:13

even the few people that think they're inspired aren't they're desperate I'm the last time the last Town Saloon you tried Tony Grant Cardone Jay Abraham you tried every mother fucker that walks the tells you it's easy to be successful I tell you just the opposite it's a motherfuker to be successful and so when you come to me and I look through your psychological profile and I measure you a day-by-day sitting there for 14 16 hours a day then you have one hour private time with me and I go through this you know why you're really here I asked you what's the most defining moment in your life up to today I mean coming here what's the most defining moment for your siblings what's the most defining moment of your parents why do you think it's the finding all my dad got out of jail for the last time okay we had convicted murderers at 7

► 01:55:10

convicted murderers I did the time you know as long as you're not an obvious and I'll get in trouble for this obvious

► 01:55:19

crossdresser you can come to the center

► 01:55:29

another word if you are man dressed like a woman you got to dress like a man but what if you're a man who really looks like a woman and he's dressed like a woman who identified as I don't know yeah yeah you just don't want any distractions correct any aberrations anything that's weird that gets in the way of that what you trying to be the bigger the Nissan I being uncontrollably I mean what causes them to emotional bank account they were talking about doing fine who I was raised in a whorehouse

► 01:56:08

his mom is a hore

► 01:56:10

he knew that his mom was a horse in season 6 7 8

► 01:56:14

he still lives in the whorehouse how old is 26 how old is Mom

► 01:56:22

51 I think 50 know she like boil or just like I've never met and I don't know I'm down for gallon I don't know but she's the matter now she's not servicing to Manhattan and he lives there now what kind of bags do you think that could have talked to do you know tears are streaming down his cheeks and I go he goes to this too many to count mr. Pena

► 01:56:53

I think about it every night and yes how did you know mr. Pena

► 01:56:57

how do you not know exactly yeah and he successful the little shit what you do firms how that's a hard way to grow up man I mean if love got the job done

► 01:57:19

we have a perfect world now we have no Wars at love. It got the job done love doesn't get the fucking job done what does get the job done

► 01:57:27

pulling the trigger taking action following your dream

► 01:57:31

so when you have these guys crying you're just sort of exploded exposing to them what emotional baggage the carrying around with them that's hindering their professional life is a bunch of stuff yet but that's kind of a good be a good summer pressure cooker that you put these guys all day for 8 days in a row you essentially like established this is what it's like to try to be successful you have to be to be a high-performance my market is to turn people into the top

► 01:58:06

this is a the 7 billion people on the planet right my Mark is 700,000 you want to be one of those 700,000 high-performance individuals you come and see me

► 01:58:17

I want to go right now okay last week before last we may just have three of our guys one guy who is a monkey looks like a younger talk about chimpanzees he looks like a chimpanzee he did a billion dollar deal with Goldman Sachs or couldn't spell Goldman Sachs or billion

► 01:58:36

I did a billion dollar deal he actually looks like a chimpanzee an Australian he weighs 200 kilos that's a lot that's a big fucker Pig fucker during the sixth we go we went to Edinboro for New Year's Eve he got stuck in it he got stuck in the in the toilet in the bus he got stuck and couldn't get out my wife so why are we going on the bus with him to be there okay and he had in years old he had a closing in Washington DC to day's going by Sally and I were there when you close it Financial do you have to have two sources of ID now because of money laundering Etc he had a bypass

► 01:59:36

a second source of ID was a driver's permit cuz he's not old enough to have a driver's license to get a driver's permit and a passport is the 3 million dollar deal

► 01:59:51

Jesus your teenager the reason why teenagers do better is cuz they have less baggage that makes sense as much life wearing them down as much Scar Tissue Inside Edition Scar Tissue physical attributes you can train him into being in a guy probably easier than you take a 38 year old that's almost impossible unless they're super freak athletes been involved in something very physical. It was a broken leg Anderson Silva fight against Matt Hamill where he was dropping it's a really stupid rule but you're not allowed when you're on top of a guy to drop an elbow from the 12 to 6 position

► 02:00:51

he's he's on the suspension right now for testing positive for a banned substance that's one of two broken legs I've ever seen like that live I've seen him on videos before but being Airline I did not hear it snap but I saw a give out and I saw him fall down I knew it what it was the first time ever seen was a guy named Corey Hill he threw his kicking same thing is like his Kik. Checked and is like just snapped out from under him and that time that the referee didn't see it the referee didn't know the guy had a broken leg and we were screaming at the referee to stop the fight it was I was at the Mike Tyson when he won the championship in bratwurst and Italian guys were behind me Davido and he was the guy that lost that he beat looks like he was going to lose he looked afraid of Tyson

► 02:01:51

mission on the guy's head was flying over the first two rows on to me in the first bow I mean he was hitting like with Sledgehammer special article I just read about him and Sports Illustrated it's fascinating seeing him now to 50 years old in a family man doing his Vegas show and I bet you can still hit there was a video of him hitting the bag still terrifying and you still Mike Tyson one of the greatest boxers of all time than letting the most fearsome heavyweight that ever lived in his prime there was nobody liked him yeah I was on the Concorde with that Muhammad Ali and

► 02:02:32

go ahead is Angelo Dundee that the guy he was very nice man very nice one time and that's not true I was in The Cotton Club in 1978 Cotton Club black nightclub used to be and the other was a black comedian and I was trying to read Redbox Redbox and I'm the only white guy in the audience and he was said something about white people

► 02:03:04

so I had to been turned out pretty good in back in 78 I thought I was pretty tough I stood up and I said something back from now this went over like a turd in the Punchbowl I mean to call these people that are around all the color of fox and so foxes are you going to come up here and then Muhammad Ali was sitting about six tables over and he protected me he said we got to let this white boy alone I mean. We don't want a problem here so then I say and I tried to pay the bill and Muhammad Ali says know your money is not good to hear that your mind is not to go to correct but anyway I had a big mouth

► 02:04:04

are you stop and if anybody ever wants to go to the castle and go through this crazy 8 day seminar how do I get in touch with you and it's Dan espania is a Twitter handle and I put it up for my Twitter or or Google 50 billion dollar man all right buddy cuz I've created 50 billion dollars for guys just like you Joe just like me appreciate my pleasure thank you very much all right we're not going to be so see you then thank you everybody for tune into the podcast and thanks to our sponsors thanks to caveman coffee go to caveman coffee co.com use the code word Rogan and you'll save 10% off of any of that delicious coffee that I'm drinking right now out of this caveman coffee mug hear that

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► 02:06:43

we'll see you thank you much love by