There are two ways you can help:

  1. Become a Patron: Consider a simple donation to support the transcription and development for this site.
  2. Edit a Transcript: Easily make changes and additions to a transcription by contributing on GitHub.


I utilize Google's Cloud Speech-to-Text APIs to get the initial transcription for each episode. Depending on the length of the episode this costs between $2.50 and $5.00 per episode. On top of that, there of course is some other labor involved (I'll automate more over time).

Hosting and deploying is managed currently by Netlify, and the site is built using VuePress, so costs otherwise are quite low.

Head on over to Patreon to support!


I explored several ideas to make it easy for fans to contribute to the transcription of episodes, and most solutions ended up either being too time consuming or expensive.

Over time I'll look to add more tooling to make contributing even easier, but in the meantime utilizing GitHub is a great option, especially with the Netlify integration.