#1165 - Tom Papa

The Joe Rogan Experience #1165 - Tom Papa

August 31, 2018

Tom Papa is a comedian, actor, writer and television/radio host. His new show "Baked" premieres on The Food Network this Monday, September 3rd at 10PM.

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ladies and gentlemen Toronto September 29th at 7 and again I'm sorry we were changing venues I'm at the Ricoh Coliseum the show was sold out but it is a union show the union is on strike I'm not Crossing picket lines so we decided to move the venue and luckily we got the what's form of the Air Canada Centre the Scotiabank Arena that's the calling out it's 1200 extra seats so that's good if you got tickets for the Ricoh Coliseum you will get ticket tickets they will transfer over to this place and same roughly the same spot and they will be 1200 new tickets that are for sale as soon as we get everybody transferred over the new arena is also a union Arena it's the same Union I believe they just have a different contract in there. On strike over there okay alright the only thing available is the Schottenstein

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I did it again Schottenstein in Columbus and that is for September the 14th which is coming up shortly and that is almost sold out so if you thinking of going don't fuck around there's less than a hundred tickets left

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show on the Food Network it's called baked and his name is Tom Papa please how about a warm Round of Applause for Tom Papa

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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we're just talking about moving in the woods together for the so good Hill tiny house with three pairs of shoes three pairs of pants maybe two shirts yeah that's it the last clothing you ever by One coat everyone is just out here chasing bigger and better Tom Papa y starting to wonder I was telling you guys that I was looking at this houses for sale in Northern California in the Redwoods it's 32 ML 320 ft Square tiny ass fucked while passed the whole house is the loft is where you sleep in a tiny the tiny thing below is like little tiny kitchen and will tiny like couch area that's it like a houseboat like yeah yeah they make those now I have simple your life would be it would be but would you be content

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that's very small you'd be great for a little while that's very small 360 that's that's not the one isn't that bigger than that that's a 20-foot by 20-foot tiny cabin in Big Bear

► 00:09:20

Goldust video that is cheap in today I put up last year 320 foot tiny cabin in Big Bear amazing small house so I can you Jamie so simple we should buy that place and turn into our Big Bear Studio that's what we should do to fucking show I bet the shows up there I bet if we did it show in Big Bear in the woods like that it would ever totally ever feel too yeah cuz you be hearing your guest screaming in the background being mauled by mountain lion. But if you convince people to drive 2 hours to make it there people that are training up there or something like that maybe I could pop over and then you be like okay I get it you a Chuck Liddell I get it I get a canelo's a pussy I get it

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I don't know I mean the fantasy is that that becomes a simple life you pair down everything all the aggravation you get me maybe two bills come to the house I will wake you up crazy if I didn't have a family problem if it was just single Joe no family no kids it wouldn't be a problem I would just go I mean I really probably think I would I would already have a place like that up there where I could just go and chill yeah I was thinking of just a little place like that like I look a little Hideout next to the house like Mark Twain had did he have a room and he would leave his house with his daughters and his wife and he would go up the steps and go into his little thing and honest table was just his pipe a box of cigars his writing pads his pens and he just would hang out there and smoke all day and work and then he would go back home and maybe that's enough maybe that cuts

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edge off it gives you your isolation in your Simplicity and then you returned back to the people you have to feed it's a little something that'll work if you got the people you have to feed if you don't feed Street Woodsboro caught a path five dogs keep each other and other two little things that's what they were built to do you see it UFC women that have like a bunch of dogs and you got like you know you want a kid right like you know you want like it's how I just don't have the time for kids like what how much time

► 00:12:16

probably pretty close now it's just me my fluffy babies keep their lives like what is it why why is everybody always want big is that just a part of the the jeans is that what it is like what is it well we Explore More push more right there something built into human beings that have that and then we have a system that rewards that and capitalism so that's the that's the that's the board game that we're playing so it keeps you racing to get more stuff and bigger house and more things you don't mean like if there was but for other stuff but this is our reality so be it manifests itself in more cars a bigger house

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you know it's like you're right you're always trying you're always trying to survive but surviving is not that hard today right so you try that instead you know it cuz it's not too complicated to go find your food right there's not a lot of like Puzzles and challenges shelters take care of so you start thinking

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in the car is Cars 2 years old. It smells like I know it makes you yeah you just keep going but you do that long enough you start to realize hopefully that stuff doesn't really make you happier it's it does to an extent help your family out and get some stuff you're proud of but they just are adding more stress cuz you bigger bills and taxes and all the stuff you've got to fill up your not as happy and then you got to kind of strike that balance it seems like it's Jim Carrey has been on the kick explaining that to people

► 00:14:32

cuz you know Jim Carrey said I'm paraphrasing but as it's basically his quote was I wish everybody would get rich and famous and they would see that that's not what makes you happy right people think that if I was rich and famous I would be happy he said I wish that everyone would get rich and famous so they realize that's not the answer what does he say is the answer he likes to make paintings shiting on people mocking them that seems to make you happy all over these bad people happy I mean I don't know is that good like pinion

► 00:15:32

latest on Jim Carrey's art fucking Wort covered dick holding out in front of them jizzing all over the Constitution

► 00:15:55

Toyota head bolts is a question it's like how much how much are the rails against something is effective in changing that thing your railing against like. Does it actually have an impact is it a slow impact that doesn't change over time I don't know I think Tina Fey legitimately changed the way people feel about Sarah Palin I think she legitimately may have affected the way people were willing to accept Sarah Palin or vote for because her impression of her was so brilliant I have to remember if it was so God damn attitude and she said things that people eventually attributed to Sarah Palin because they thought that Sarah Palin actually said xtina face at it

► 00:16:55

did she's so funny her show Kimmy Kimmy Schmidt have you seen that show the unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt plays in the fuck out of here that is so crazy right now the audio folks were looking at an image of Tina Fey Sarah Palin right next to Sarah Palin and it's fucking indistinguishable almost it's so good if you like Sarah Palin you don't know what you like your fucking mind if you were out of their fucking mind me working with last and functional brain was a good idea that lady could be running tanks

► 00:17:55

was it constructed she wasn't what everybody thought she was like there's like there was one there's a story not hundred percent sure that's true but it makes sense that someone shot a caribou and then they drove her to the Caribou they gave her the rifle and she stood over the caribou and took photos the folk how did your hunting Caribou true just a public relations kind of fun stuff is because I want to believe it okay Sarah Palin help at 5 times showing shooting Caribou on the latest episode of a reality television show

► 00:18:54

what's amazing is how but she really fell off like she just shooting at freehand

► 00:19:00

she should never rest okay

► 00:19:05

why why would you do that okay let me see show this stupid listen folks the only reason to do this

► 00:19:18

the shepherd's rest she's free handing this okay but if they got the packs on it and now she's going to rest it

► 00:19:26

they said arrest tiny little Caribou to that care that's why the Caribou still around he's just firing but it's a juvenile Caribou no she hasn't shot yet let's see if she has

► 00:19:38

yeah went out and took some shots so she took me to some shots and missed yeah okay that's why so she free-handed it first and then she needed a rest you should use a rest immediately and I've I've shot animals freehanding but not never far away I shot a moose at 60 yards free-handed with a bow

► 00:20:01

well a Bose more accurate honestly a bow I'm more accurate with a bow at like 60-70 yards free and not more accurate but in the range that I am with a rifle with a rifle when you get out you could shoot accurately on a rest like way out longer distances when you're just holding it up like that it's based on you mean you got a kind of lock it in your body but it's hard to what is an about steady the things about the tension of the bow you could keep your arm and I practice it everyday like that keeping my arm very steady every week while she's not used to shooting it doesn't look like she's used to shooting it immediately go for the rest of season Hunter either Lane prone or throw their pack down immediately put that rifle

► 00:21:01

and settle intro you know a lot of times I'll bring like sticks pod so we're making a reality show for TLC what are the bread though that there was a photo shoot they did see if you can find that that's just for the film The Caribou definitely went down but he can see yeah but not mean I don't think that she shot it went down I think it's most likely she shot any went down cuz you see the way she's reacting nobody else is reacting that seems pretty real to me see how you look it's people just think about the production here it's like there's one camera on her and then there's one behind them but that means that the den have a third that's Focus just on the animal and that means is 3

► 00:22:01

camera guys out there with them that's just sounds like a lot of the cameras like they might have recreated the the shot is pop it's possible you know what man the reality is whenever you're dealing with are quote reality shows right there's massive fuck were you involved back to whether you could affect it whether or not they are can affect the fetus at Art it's not her but he was kind of like a like a long island comedian like insult comic I mean he was doing your act it was very much and payment the lion Ted crazy Hillary crazy Bernie and Hillary Hillary and Crazy Bernie's

► 00:23:01

for what for the Texas thing is an orca patio okay so he's defending him and what way yeah yeah I fixed his father was fine as you know my complete and total endorsement I like how you wrote endorser with a capital E his opponent is a disaster for Texas week on 2nd Amendment crime borders military he's you know there was an article yesterday showing all the times that Trump has been lying and it's stunning but one of the more recent ones was he was

► 00:24:01

so he did an interview where he was talking about God damn it

► 00:24:09

Lester Holt Lester Holt Lester Holt interview and cost them badly and so then they played the transcript they wrote the show the transcript of the interview they released the full interview I just don't know what are you talking about truth is not the truth well that was with Giuliani says yeah just accept what I tell you I just think that they realize that there's a certain percentage of the people that are with them that just need some wiggle room they just need somewhere or argue they just need some conspiracy thread run within used to argue so if comedians come out and attack Trump and you know is, is that a real Bill Maher and all these people to come out and really go against them does it have any effect

► 00:25:09

for sure I think Alec Baldwin as the most effect that they did not have to keep slicing it more angry at the press in like going along with the conspiracy thread of the deep state of the deep State trying to take out the POTUS I love the compotas to Donald Trump POTUS Trump

► 00:26:09

I don't like what you do, get out of here with POTUS 45th president is on hats made what are the presidents at hats made stuff in the lobby I got painter's caps bumper stickers is this the Trump this is a good with you a salted if you swear one of these in a vegan restaurant you're sure to get punched the guy that pulled the hat off of some kids and threw a drink on them Whataburgers out what it was like yeah some some dude saw some there to get the 45 hats hilarious official towing a hundred $85

► 00:27:09

buy a stupid it's on sale again tonight I need to go from $20 to 1680 like I want to be in the room with that conversation 16 to close to $17 USA straightener back that is fucking hilarious 45 in the side Trump and back $40 for a half if they find that you bought that they put you on a very special list of morons that they count on whenever there's a rally like if they're going to like have like a fake Hillary in jail cell in a parade

► 00:28:09

carton carrier through parade oh man you don't want president Pence listen you know I mean people that are not happy with Trump. Understand you get him out it's not like you get Hillary in it doesn't work that way

► 00:28:34

people say that but I just want this is not normal to put a tweet up with a picture of the lady from handmaid's tale when they prepare for Pence religious nut yeah over the top won't be alone in a room with a woman

► 00:29:05

Norman I just saw him on Jay Leno show he seems like a reasonable guy seems like he respects and he's a minerals for sure yeah cuz all Mormons are not just be rebranded yeah it's called a compliment adorable so not PC PC Twitter Twitter

► 00:29:50

hey can I buy new show come on out I'll be fired before it starts at 6 he wants a wonderful people it's true once you have a boss starts Monday night the bread show was it called look at that handsome you look it started here. It's like I'm happy but you know pretty serious about bread is I do at I work off of what I can show my teeth if you just just

► 00:30:50

I like all that bread Bano East New York and Detroit Jim Gaffigan joins me in the New York when it's all free Monday through September and your bad ass fans talk about bread on the show that's fucking great man but I knew you were and I probably in keto about it you know I always like to bring a treat I didn't want to come empty-handed what is a mix of butter it's for Murphy it's bone marrow talc oh my goodness I thought I'll go crazy with these crazy over those did you ever

► 00:31:50

have an antler loves it they go crazy they just chew all of the marrow out over time you look so happy when you're with your dog. You look so happy and the dog looks happy he loves running in the you know you get a dog out in nature he's so and he's the best I've ever had always checking to make sure you because he's a retriever super in tune with you fight the first thing he does he sees me he puts in his mouth and then comes back to me like he's retrieving something stinks to bring something to me talking with her because she's just like it's your hero

► 00:32:50

Adult Ed like 1 in the morning you know from The Comedy Store and sat on the couch to start writing and Marshall just comes over goes to what's going on

► 00:33:01

like a roommate happening you're up this is crazy I'm going to go to sleep around is a great feeling when you're riding the dog is right next to write thank you man that's awesome you're welcome yeah he's the best he's such a happy dog out man I just take him to Runyon or something or other people's dogs like Marshall got bit by one someone's dog wants you know some people just have dogs that does not that well you know I'm socialized yeah yeah but if you know you have them

► 00:34:00

leash for the most part are you find a good spot where you don't have to have them on a leash oh that's great it's just that's what I want to do other dogs are the issue and snakes rattlesnakes have to be very careful out here you're a big scam better off than you take them back because it's really steep the stuff is like literally like super fucking yeah it's it's basically the last three quarters of a miles all uphill and it's fucking brutal but it's great on the show Happy Labor Day

► 00:35:00

suck the venom out this is what people think right just cut it suck the Venom this is what snake venom does what it does is it digest your skin it digest your flash causes necrosis so would it would essentially is doing is digesting you with Venom this is the way they kill rabbits and things with the Eaton swallow they bite them and then they they killed does venom and it starts to digest The Flash and then they swallow it whole and it aids in their processing of this animal wait a minute so the snake hits a wrap his mouth off after 5 minutes would have been partially digested sorry starts starts digesting yeah it starts it starts decomposing and digesting so when you get bit by a rattlesnake a lot of times you need massive skin grafts and

► 00:36:00

you have like a massive tissue loss and necrosis as one documented he got bit on the arm and they had a Medevac amount in the helicopter and then he had to go through a lot of operations to repair his arm and skin grafts so you didn't get medical attention why would you die well like what it would just spread through their organs might survive a rattlesnake bite attention if it wasn't the most amount of Venom the real scary thing is Young Ones young rattlesnakes just empty out on you just like young boys ready for the first time you control it that's how it is with

► 00:37:03

shooting ropes of jism is a rattlesnake that's like thick like a fucking look at a tree trunk yeah it's crazy I was running with my not the last dogs that are deceased but my dogs before that when I sat pitbulls and we ran over what I thought was a a large stick in the road in the trail and as I'm running over it in the air I realize it is a giant rattlesnake thick as my form oh my God just completely stretched out like a stick just signing itself and the dogs ran right over it and it didn't strike you that just know the dogs luckily listen to me and they weren't aware it was

► 00:38:03

those dogs are crazy those dogs have been bitten 3 * craziest dogs they're so hard wired for combat like there's a rattlesnake was like in the paper was like fuck worried for a second at one time he got bit he's been bitten the Fate is the craziest dog have ever had that got killed everything you could hit his his main game was I leave in the yard and try to kill lizards his main games like a video game just looking for lizard's neck. It was like I was like a game to him just try to find lizards to kill people

► 00:39:03

person he was he was a little aggressive with his like to make these horrific noises give me curious with crazy kisses but he was so you should be trying to fight that's what they're bred for yep no bulshit the reason why they're such great dogs is cuz they're bred the the good ones at least you have no aggression whatsoever towards people so that when the dogs are fighting they could go in at

► 00:40:03

separate them with no fear of the dogs turning on the other than the owner that's what it's called American Pitbull Terrier we think the Michael Vick thing was all about right around a long time actually going to be our national animal was it really I don't know I don't know if they use it as war dogs when they do use them in in the Army have a bit of cool symbol sort of you know what the problem of those dogs is multi fold one they have a very high prey drive like there is no drive to attack things is very high right in the more they're bred for that the better like the more intelligent they are

► 00:41:03

Ciara people love them because of their intensity and their intelligence outrageous really happened in arms about it they jump they don't want them to have a bad rap but oh my God yeah you can't have two female pitbulls you can't have that two females though they just did never sort it out then never decide who the bosses they they decide they they start off like build a figure they'll have a fight and then one will win and they say okay well in normal situation this one realizes that is the alpha and then the other one will back but now they won't quit

► 00:41:58

probably be fine baby fine she was fine with my male dogs it was it was female dog she want other females around the mail was getting attention and she wasn't to get angry but you're stealing my attention was she was a prison dog because I can't get her my jars too small because dog is so amazing so sweet and I want to see and choose the sweetest dog to people still a puppy but she's amazing but they're just fucking dangerous around dogs like loving if I keep putting with children it's a big dog eat other small dogs

► 00:42:58

any dog on a leash with an overly attached did not know it would just Pin It To The Ground just couldn't get it out I mean that it's just in the breed of the dog I just had his name is Johnny Cash to put him down and the saddest moment like the last week of his life Marshall was in the pool and he was jumping around and playing with my daughters nobody's having a good time and enjoy Johnny wanted to come to the pool but he couldn't walk over there and so he would it would take a couple steps to be panting and his legs will be shaking and cable take a couple steps he's panting in his legs shaking it was just so I picked him up all if I convert 40 lb of them

► 00:43:44

the big dog every time I run man I start coughing I ran this morning and then for the rest of the day I'm like when I try to talk I got like dirt breathing and Johnson park in front of me taking up there I ran on the concrete today and I made my point is I carried them so I had to carry him over to the pool and I know I sound down there and you just lay down there and you smile and and and pants by Tommy. I'd like to be lying there I be like Johnny you hungry amazing lb

► 00:44:44

thing in your house and to know that it's you fall deeply in love with it and it has to be gone six seven years it's hard it's hard it is the sweetest. Everybody everybody just thought so lovable

► 00:45:00

recently a couple weeks ago I'm sorry that's like when I tried year was rough the last couple of months it was when do we do this but it's a slow deterioration like you couldn't walk him anymore that was about 2 years ago but two years ago I just couldn't walk them cuz where I live is a lot of Hills just couldn't do the hills he would just take a few steps and have to breed having to take a few steps not to breathe heavy I didn't think he was going to last as long as he did that's good he was kind of steak and you can come over to him when you can take the steak from movie

► 00:46:00

yeah I don't know I think it's going to be all wet in the house I'm off bro when Marshall comes out of the pool I bought pull the towel oh yeah sorry for massage he comes over and rub them in his water beach towels are the pool he has a lot of hair in the pool it looks like

► 00:46:49

I've been keeping my jokes. I've been keeping my dog out of my dear in the pool cuz I fuck take a shower what are you worried about water, dog skin is that alright it's on your skin is the dog and not yourself about myself and not the dog why don't you get a saltwater thing for your pool so that dismisses important things in your life

► 00:47:47

to me yeah oh yeah yeah that's number one thing that I have been thinking about this at all and then your hides the only thing you're thinking about for sure should have been thinking about like a year ago music music sprinklers broken it's impossible now this point to the number that you could try and stay Below in your inbox that's how I do it if I can stay if I 75 I'm going to show you something that number

► 00:48:42

where are we upper left 4655 good luck with those 4000 emails what does more than one email you know I'm business managers and close friends so that's his one for people that have known me forever right and then there's is a business one for people that I don't know that well you know that I was like in my inner circle but that's that's like that's a lot of emails bro is your inner circle in your business and that's not 4000 that's a lot of hundreds hundreds hundreds

► 00:49:42

if I could just keep it I have a garbage account I have I mean my one account that is down there but that's because I have an AOL account that I just anytime and that's why it blows up but my private account by Inner Circle one under a hundred that's where I'm staying about 4,000 big dick pill ads yeah exactly trying to cough drops if we keep me from coughing his cough drops work yeah they do work unless I'm talking when I'm talking I just filled in the back of my throat it's right at its it's like 2 hours after running up to 2 hours

► 00:50:42

that they were at the airport swamp ass on article this morning I wanted to get your thoughts on it okay I was reading about that they're thinking about putting a video gaming in the Olympics

► 00:51:07

and that way they were talking about it like this is inevitable this is going to be in the Olympics and these kids consider themselves athletes the only hang-up that they had on it was it the video games are violent and they don't want to promote that but to me it looks like this is the Olympics trying to cash in that's all that is I think it's a dirty business and this was highlighted by the movie it gross if you saw that how the ioc is in bed with the world anti-doping agency and how you know how they sort of function together and what it really is all about is making money and anything that compromises that making money they're going to vote against it and it's just it's not

► 00:51:59

it's a dirty business if they did have it in the Olympics what they would basically do is take these guys were making millions and millions of dollars playing video games at a professional level they would make them work for free and then they would make all the millions of noise. I supposed to be in the Olympics right business I think I really do that's terrible yeah but is chess in the Olympics know why is he going out of really took wrestling out of the Olympics it was gone right Jaime pressly's not out of the yes I took it out

► 00:52:50

there was no wrestling in the Summer Olympics, I'm not kidding that doesn't make any sense I know that's crazy why would I heard of that I know they were there was a time they were talking about it but I thought the thought it was put back in

► 00:53:08

what's the time it was out for at least one in 2013 the ioc voted to drop wrestling from the Summer Olympic program effective 20/20 so happy cuz it's supposed to be 20 20 I don't know if it's I'm pretty sure it was in the Olympics in the summer it what's at 2028 call Bob Kosta call him now Bob so I thought you was hitting on this girl that I was dating it's how you beat me out the other Disney Olympics 76

► 00:54:03

and they took it out

► 00:54:06

alright so maybe it was in last time but I don't know what the hell he's trying to look jacked. Let me see movies of 1996

► 00:54:31

cooler that is a rough fucking spot on my body video games to the Asian Games in 2022 and 14 Paris 2024, well those guys don't need it you know on this is my message say anybody's a pro video gamer you don't need those people they offer for shit they want you to work for free make all the money you already huge and by the way the people will run that they missed the boat they didn't see it, they don't deserve it what about the athlete what about it you consider it a sport well no it's a game but it's a very highly skilled game I mean it's definitely something valuable like it used to be thought of as a frivolous waste of time but now you can make legitimate money with it but you don't I don't think you classified as a sport you mean to call Esports are they an athlete

► 00:55:31

Name an athlete the only caveat is that it's hand-eye coordination there is hand-eye coordination in what do you consider a sport or something you move your entire body or just moving your fingers enough cuz like is pool a sport Billiards is that a sport Nation and control and touch tennis is Sport around back and forth your swatting at Bald or the shooting at you trying to get out of the way I mean the amount of all contributes to your game would you make an exception for yes

► 00:56:21

Subway Surfers in Subway Surfers for my daughter plays that she's a little wizard London Olympics because they realize there's massive amounts of people are watching it and playing them now and they can make a lot of money is a billion dollar business yeah I mean there's a lot of sports are in the Olympics said no one gives a fuck about if they're not in the Olympics curling curling ski shoot one skeet shooting on Earth pentathlon oh that's what the cap on the javelin challenge part okay is archery archery in the Olympics

► 00:57:19

that's more of a sport right you are for like stability stabilizing with your legs and you have a certain State and if your bows heavy to pull back that require strength but that's essentially a martial art with a tool you know and then it near Dentistry but you could do it on paper so it's target archery but they have Target do they have target shooting in the Olympics as part of skiing right direction no girl that was just shooting no video games are now I guess maybe but showing that Sarah Palin thing to turn shoot off hand

► 00:58:16

that's um if you would like that's more of a sport if you try to shoot off hand or pistol shooting I would say like pistol shooting would definitely be a sport like when they do those courses your Seno's courses that they do for guys and then some of them are just targets and some of them are Target's that are dressed up like people Natalie training for John Wick 2 shooting people in the head in John Wick 3 no

► 00:59:16

so they were a bottom

► 00:59:19


► 00:59:22

Give me some volume

► 00:59:26

it's like when you watch him shoot in the movie he looks very comfortable shooting and even is martial arts like the stuff that he's doing in the movie It's legitimate like it's it's doable it's real he's really oh yeah I mean he's not doing anything from the comedy show last night and I was going to go to sleep at Road House is on like fuck I'm staying out I stayed up it's the best going to kill the guy he was the big end scene in the ass but he's on a horse in John Wick 3 on the Chevelle the 1970 Chevelles the way to go not a fucking horse shooting

► 01:00:26

jet martial arts is there a list of it's like 10 films but I feel like I might be mixed numbers that might be Rodney Dangerfield

► 01:00:48

yeah the original John Wick is a fucking great movie in John Wick 2 The Great Movie they're both great I watched two of them back to back on a plane recently everything is on fire in that one scene where is it coming out of car was wonder when he's fighting at Ruby Rose chick is a fight with Ruby Rose and ice power save it save it take such a good Punch Yeah Tom Cruise is a lot of crazy starts his ankle jumping off of a building to another building

► 01:01:40

yeah she's a maniac maniac Scientology demons were using the angel using them things are the bad things that stick to you right I thought those were like your soul like you that's who you are and you are a thetan like in the Shell of a and I thought that they used to fend off everything in about scientology I learned from South Park in a couple useful things from learning about it going clear that you see going clear documentary books crazy too I really want to first moved to LA I bought it I ordered it on late night TV to join up to see what would happen

► 01:02:36

what do you hate your sister or your brother or whoever is getting Wild Wild Country his book living and dying is that what the things that he saying like legitimately profound and very interesting and like lid legitimately deeply philosophical like okay this is a this guy was a real thinking person and he was like deeply considering these things from all sorts of different angles and yet he allowed that crazy Sheila lady to run his call and poison people and Butch lot fascinations

► 01:03:36

luxury good ideas you over Ford Taurus when I had power power and greed it's it's an celebrity and then you can search is the next mega millions of dollars and it goes all off the rails greed I'm telling you there's I guess there's some more points it's me. App makes very good sense do you think that all that good stuff is negated by a love of objects

► 01:04:36

I think that it ends up corrupting them and they start making other choices that don't align with what their preaching power and then all of this money comes in and it was awesome it was also a lot of sex a lot of sex it's funny how it all comes down to those things it's always becomes sex money power and celebrity like that Napoleon complex they all fall from those things benefits if you have a lot of money you can buy awesome things you enjoy them and you feel like you've accomplished something celebrities and everybody kisses your ass and he would walk in the room

► 01:05:36

I love your bread show wasn't that it was

► 01:05:42

wow that's so yeah

► 01:05:47

that's the ultimate power is celebrity mixed with God mixed with the answer to that that the power was a yoga class I used to go to war with the guy was the instructor was banging some of the students and he was slimy he was like in class like saying bro you are killing my butt but you're so white like everything about it he was just like he was a slippery guy like in his thing was being this this really spiritual yoga and 40 year old women whose husbands were tired of fucking them they would really you know cuz he be giving her privates are grits and probably talk to them about sensuality of course

► 01:06:47

and then probably lay some shit down about one of the main problems in relationships is there the passion sometimes ABS when there's a loss of respect and appreciation for each other as individuals as unique Souls yes I'm experiencing that in my relationship so sorry to hear that so sorry to hear that the boundaries of intimacy should not be related to visit me but I feel like I'm seeing the real you that no one else has intimacy should not be confined by piece of paper you know I mean it's obviously that the valves of your marriage you've already been broken by your husband was not nice to you anymore let me write down the apartment apartment in Encino in touch with nature the hot yoga guy he got busted for sleeping with all these women it was it was the height right

► 01:07:47

accused of sexual assault he wasn't like I wasn't sexually assaulting anybody who's a slip in the dick and they wanted the dick like there's a difference then there's something for the yoga Guru who manipulates the woman and and then fucks her that he is definitely being guilty of sexual misconduct and perhaps even like something more agree just because there's a relationship they have between the guru in the student Ryan he's violating that trust in that power Dynamic Catholic Church year old married woman in a fucking yoga teacher is not the same as a little kid in a priest to get the same thing

► 01:08:47

say she want to take you said you said he wasn't anything with the teacher at using that you're manipulating that person of like undergraduate students and professors back in the day I can't do that anymore it was a big fat no my high school basketball teacher ended up marrying his best girl basketball player and it worked out well how old is she and him he was probably 30 something and she was 717

► 01:09:35

apparently was. And then they ended up by was it legal then many states it probably was leaving 117 yes I guarantee it was the year 1985 a happy ending when somebody is the teacher or not for the guru New Jersey 16 I could have hit on This Crew okay but hold on a second consent for sexual conduct 16th this applies to both heterosexual and homosexual conduct as a general matter this means that a person is 16 years old can generally consent of sex with any adult in this isn't 2018 sets today

► 01:10:35

Asia Argento thing right now is a 17 year old kid when he had sex with her is in California so he sang sexual assault because she had sex with him and then she got Tony Bourdain to pay this kid off 300-plus thousand dollars to shut his mouth and then it came out that she was a hypocrite because she seduced this kid and fuck them and she had played his mom in the movie 10 Years prior when he was only 7 which is really kind of crazy this pictures of her in the kid when the kid was up like a little kid close to him and call them like her son and he didn't file, then pictures came out of her in bed with them and then released text messages

► 01:11:35

had sex does my point he was seventeen at the time so then totally legal this happened in New Jersey but it happened in California what this is all going on while she was making a big deal of Harvey Weinstein having sex with her mature a 22R Jesus fucking Christ so now his camper Chris the whole thing's crazy but my point is first of all let's be honest about that situation I mean 17th

► 01:12:01

he's going to be okay but I'm just saying even if it's illegal it's just not the same for boys it is not the same thing I've done it probably not probably should she be locked up in a cage for 10 years or doing that no she's a freak right that lady is a freak yeah she was he was 17 but the book written anything did she stay in touch with them all those yet from what she was playing the mom in the movie with him when he was like a little kid when he had his daughter sitting on his lap and then Ten Years Later that same daughters holding his hand as his girlfriend in a brand in the front row of a basketball game creepier that's waiting to be no I don't know if a reason to make that comparison but the point is

► 01:13:01

if this is a New Jersey it was threatened to go public with any wanted money and Anthony Bourdain dead 80000 dollars

► 01:13:25

comes out came out anyway I don't know why I came out of the who released it released it I don't know what happened but what they're basically showing is that this whole thing out of her attacking being attacked by Harvey Weinstein it's complicated maybe he did exactly what she said he did it's possible but she clearly is deceptive she definitely lied about this kid the problem is the age of consent being 17 if it was 18 or you know if he was 18 rather or if it was like a New Jersey Worth 16 there's no case and she just fucked a young kid and I'm just going to be honest

► 01:14:09

the only thing is creepy is that they had the sort of mom son that they talked about each other with Mom and she said that's weird she was just a hot 35 year old handsome 17 year old boy it's not the same thing it's not the same thing yes she directed the movie 10 years ago when he would rather 737 she's a good person

► 01:14:56

isn't she when she got close to the wire she's like I can't hold on anymore I don't have her ready it's I don't think it's the same thing now I think the only thing she's really guilty of here is hypocrisy and deception I don't think she's guilty of a sex crime even though she technically is in my mind I mean maybe I am I sexist I don't know if I am I sexist against men but I just think I think the guys going to be okay I just don't I don't buy that he was so damaged but I don't use that damage from her from a girl who's his age to fuck them and then didn't call me for sure everyone can be a friend and when your bored with your life

► 01:15:56

map 14 you're still well teacher-student equal to the teacher student because she was the director and she played as mother and they she clearly had some sort of a maternal love Alexa relationship with him earlier and then it became sexual later but then she says he jumped her she says the horny kid jumped me that's what she said in her text to her friend when she's being honest I'll really yes so maybe he did maybe he was in love and planning for the whole time maybe that's one of the reasons why he came out and wanted money in the first place to try to get back at her because she don't want everything to do with him anymore and maybe they had a couple of drinks together and she said that you don't she just didn't know what to do when he started making moves on her and so she fucked him cuz she's crazy that's possible to I mean

► 01:16:56

talk about a crime where it was 200 days later it's not a crime

► 01:17:01

like really is going to learn a lot in 200 days mr. Dragon over there and they lost 17 there's so many things that can happen you really have to beat come down to sterilize your pussy that's not fair I pretty lady. Brightside a friend of mine in who grew hair when he was like 12 he had a mustache. I'm sure it's good to go fuck that guy

► 01:17:58

it's very complicated consensual sexual relationship with Harvey Weinstein after the alleged incident where he ate her pussy and she didn't want to end it and it's like you don't want them the first time I don't know the details someone from a rape just because after the rape your friendly with them because will mitigate the effects of being raped by turning into something different so they like maybe what established a consensual relationship with the person after they rape them to try and take their power back a little you weld not just acts up

► 01:18:58

relieve themselves of the feeling of being a victim like it's just not the same it's not so if your house if you're single guy right now in flannels you cutting wood in a girl comes over and is she sucks your dick against your will and and then once it's over you like well I don't want to feel like I got raped I was going to establish a relationship with this lady differences because you're a guy your physical safety issue I used to work out at the gym

► 01:19:58

Gold's Gym on Kiwanis a gay gym cuz it was looks like Souls fucking combat boots real aggressive leather fucking paper boy hats on mother working out I had a friend has hit on you and you'd feel like guys were looking at you and hitting on you and it made you uncomfortable well welcome to being a woman but not even really because I was up so I wasn't like a guy tried to be like hey dude we're just going to get Violent J truck stop trying to fuck me fuck you up where is if I'm a girl I have to worry that I'm fumbling for my keys and his guys behind me in the parking lot and they want to push me into the car and take my pants off this is a real concern for women that men don't have so our ideas of what it would be like to be

► 01:20:58

non consensual relationship with a woman when she sucks your dick against your will just not comfortable it was the movie where she goes down on them and he's like it's a relationship it wasn't Behind the Candelabra it was it was another movie and it would became became like a joke because as a disclosure because as a man who was the star Demi Moore that's hilarious yes it can happen to a man and the culture was like now shut up

► 01:21:58

why Kelly always have that like fucking WCN TV some shit you've never heard of w w o r t v for any quote whatsoever so just take some walkie quote from the bottom Boise news station some guys drunk on your right side movie Hut in the middle of the forest and I watch films when they were last night he put it in his music is cars playing music shut the cassette in there and play an old lady fucking kiss my daughter got a cassette from one of her friends a cassette player or something but they're really pretty obscure concerned that everything that we have is digital you knowing that we're going moving to Kendall's and e-books and all these different things and then

► 01:22:58

downloadable music and less physical music anything that happens that wipes that stuff out it'll be gone forever formation Oliver information is becoming digital TV show me more and more vulnerable yeah we're becoming more and more aware and more and more educated that were at risk for what is this stuff and we're putting more and more vulnerable that information is it's not like a books that are like rock solid and you know they're always going to be there in a fireproof container itself is way more vulnerable than it's ever been before yet way more advanced than it's ever been before that's really interesting

► 01:23:57

I had dr. Robert schoch the podcast was a geologist from boss University Arena freak me the fuck out talking about coronal mass ejections from the Sun and that was what they believe happened somewhere around 12,000 years ago there was some sort of a gigantic solar event that caused lightning storms you know like when it's a storm and rain is coming down from the sky like fucking buckets of rain at work you said it was like that with lightning and that lightning was literally turning the ground in the glass in certain places, who knows the people in the whole plant controversial theories proposing but it's based on what they believe possibly happened with the coronal mass ejections from the sun which can and does happen and has had her in the past I always think about that like it's going to stop

► 01:24:57

asteroid all of a sudden all the time comparison of the next to the sun when they showed us the solar flares are hundreds of times larger than the Earth itself

► 01:25:18

it's so crazy but it's far away right guys how many million does how many million the Moon is 200 in varies and goes a little closer little further away but somewhere around $260,000 the Sun in comparison to the size of the Earth you realize you like oh it's a billion times bigger a million times bigger than the earth is coming for a while you have a couple minutes just out at Sam Ridley

► 01:26:11

1.3 million Earths could injections look at those flare oh no no big those flares are and then look at the size of the Earth like that's, that's everyday it's happening all the time it's amazing like what's happening on the sun right now should freak everybody the fuck out and it varies you know it's like it's a giant nuclear Fireball nuclear explosion oh my God look at that shirt look so hot what a shit design right just put a big fucking Fireball in the sky mean it's basically like like a fireplace how crazy little world

► 01:27:11

yeah well it's one of the arguments that really dumb people use for religion like what are the odds that all this worked out this perfectly just cause the song I mean come on Mad scientists are trying to keep the Creator from you on an asteroid twice the distance of 186 million miles away and it messed up next to me next month they're going to be where to try and land on it will Japanese have the himawari-8 satellite that takes gigantic high-resolution full photos of the Earth from 22000 Mi out every 10 minutes somewhere around then pull that up the himawari-8 what are the what's the details and himawari is one of the best things to use against these Flat Earth dorks for the longest time

► 01:28:11

full photos of the Earth from space that everything was his stitch together such a scary stupid I look it's night time how far away is the distance to the himawari eight thousand miles

► 01:28:31

himawari 8 that's a satellite is 22000 miles above the Earth takes Real Time photos every 10 minutes in high resolution of a massive massive photographs but they use it to predict weather and you can like you could literally see storms coming in and shed so bad I have no idea the Japanese for doing all the other on the boss on and make the best cars to come with chapped lips like a Mad Max movie Just shuffling trying to get to Nevada from California

► 01:29:27

how much conflict minerals electric how can I was Cars not run on solar power that's what I don't get especially in California like everything solar why don't you have a solar roof panel and saw the couch beside oh my God look at all the known asteroids from 1999 to 2018 more than 18,000 near-earth objects discovered asteroid oh my God it literally large chance of a large Earth asteroid hitting Earth is Slim

► 01:30:24

but I will continue to monitor all know near-earth objects for potential police when they say with slim you know what until I was already have plans in effect if if they find asteroids it's not something that I'm concerned with dirty think about that and I think we'll be fine and I said how much time would we need to plan for a satellite or an asteroid hitting at least 10 years ago 10 years from when you find it to when we can figure out a way to stop a time between recognizance deathly going to hit Earth and having the ability and the technology to shift its its direction couldn't you just go and shoot a rocket and no bro doesn't work that way

► 01:31:24

which one Deep Impact or Armageddon Will Smith Morgan & Morgan Freeman did they give up against him seems like they let it go I think so Chic has returned and everybody's up in arms go to Kyle dunnigan's page best Instagram page the best of the best if you're not going there for his return give me some volume except terrific wday was happening I thought you were standing right in front of them thank you sir

► 01:32:24

you give them no choice but to watch you work at a good jokes about the end of the road though something like that just blew it up and everybody was drafted at Forest to watch be best part of my life crazy my old roommate is he really your overly New York City one bedroom apartment had no doors

► 01:33:24

he was in the back with no windows is covered with roaches no sink in the bathroom look at you now make bread on TV Great oh what a mess mess what do you think about this some people don't want me to come back some people think they shouldn't he be should be allowed to come back and he serve time often and then the argument by a lot of women is he but he hasn't said anything like you had one what shows that he's learned anything like what what should you have to do

► 01:34:02

I don't know I mean Louise very smart I'm sure he'll if he wants to keep doing it after this reception he'll probably come out with some statement or do something I don't know but what did he lose they took away networks took away his stuff to film Distributors where I'm going to put out as film film of shit anybody seen the film and seen it so creepy and weird especially in light of what I'm just saying the industry FX said I'm taking this show from you HBO said we're taking the stuff off Netflix or taking this off financially entities that punishment or is that them exercising their desire to not work with someone who's been accused of something that they don't want to be associated with a punishment

► 01:35:02

seems to me that they're they're making a decision of who they work with another not work with it affects him negative punishment punishment sure there's these entities that can prevent him from making a living as a comedian though he can walk into a garage and if he has fans they're going to come see him he has he has that under his control right nobody nobody so he can do it it's up to him whether he wants to or not it's up to his fans with it they show up or not and it's up to the people that hate what he did and that's why this thing was weird but he just showed up and he just worked out material is saying it's just they're trapped in there and they can't get out option to say I don't want to see him all the different spins though all the different

► 01:36:02

women spins a towel and what are spin that I saw was this one was saying that this is indicative of the problem of all comedy clubs and aggressive male audience and women sitting there feeling threatened not being able to use their voice like uservoice ugly and a Hackle would be more empowered if there were more women so you could Heckle that's not cool like you're not supposed to do that at, if you don't like someone just don't laugh you know it's not your job it's not your place to say that you don't like someone when the other people do like it you know if you were right if you're going to get up and walk out you're not there to perform the audience is there to just sit there and laugh or not laugh but don't be rude to the other people that are enjoying it above the rest of the

► 01:37:02

will you our problem is made if you decide like hey I didn't like this when you go home and write about it that's totally your bra. That's fine go somewhere else and talk about it on stage yourself nothing wrong with any of those things but this this one woman's take was like women don't feel like they have they can they have the ability to speak out about it I'm going to speak out like so you're saying like to Hackle hey I don't want you on stage I know everything about you and your story I don't want you to perform in front of me even those other people laughing yelling good to see you back Louie aggressive men like that's like there's a framing of this and that this is one of its becomes this male versus female framing that represents aggressive men sexual men do they don't want her sitting there in silence they don't want to be there and they don't have a voice because they feel overwhelmed and out over

► 01:38:02

deleted or us outnumbered problem is those guys that Harvey and him and Matt Lauer and people like that they are the poster boys for that so they're going to be watched very closely and has Matt Lauer getting in the office with girls who work with them so what was inappropriate is he what he was having sex with his staff right right but he was also hitting on people didn't want to be hit on was in his office yeah that was the accusation yeah it wasn't just you was dating them he was also you know why you making weird advancements in the office yeah

► 01:38:47

that is it that is all these guys you know they're all very complicated they're all very fuzzy kind of things but they have those guys going to be watched very closely as you see Louie just goes to this little club and does a set and it's national news and National debate it's like it's it's it's Eddie stuffed what's fascinating is that as a culture were going through this great time of change and is great time of introspective thinking and observing our behavior and discussing our behavior and watching this give the worst case examples of which mine in my opinion is Cosby the worst case example of drugging people Rhea mean there's there's a woman who was on television on CNN she said something that freaked me out when she said it is entirely possible to Bill Cosby's the the most prolific

► 01:39:47

serial rapist in history before they just let me not to the number that came out against them I'm sure there's other people at the far end of the spectrum did something you wouldn't want happen to your wife or your kids

► 01:40:20

Brad friends I don't know the whole story Kurt Metzger was telling me that one of the girls who came out against him like they have been flirting like the whole weekend and talking about sex like the whole weekend and then he did that and then he had sent a girl a text saying I'm really sorry that I did that and she said don't worry about it look we're talking about sex all weekend and then when the accusations came out obviously there's more accusations that seem to be more agree just threw her hat into the mix as well I don't know if that's true or not though stories is your hearing them 3rd 4th 5th and you don't you know all you know is he said those stories are true and that he recognized he did something wrong and he was going to take time off so that to me is not defending himself that's a guy saying yeah I definitely fucked up I'm going to step back so he steps back for 9 months or whatever it was and people saying that's not long enough you didn't do anything like you got up

► 01:41:19

so what what should someone do like in one of the things that Michael Ian Black said on Twitter before they tore his dick off and stuffed in his nose that was a crazy thing to watch cuz he's like super Progressive very liberal like that me to has to offer men of Road to Redemption and you know and these women were saying no like every Road to Redemption begins with I'm sorry which is a very valid point I'm sorry and I'm sorry but I don't know what he said to the women I don't know what he said I don't need the other one public statement did he say I'm sorry in that one public statement and that Times article is a kind of like a availed I'm sorry I don't know man it's I don't know you know I hesitate to comment on any of it because it's like

► 01:42:15

his mess and my comments on it or comes near it or like that the owner of the Comedy Cellar everyone's got to deal with the aftermath of what this guy did it's like why am I so it's like why is he Louis Behavior I saw at least a half a dozen articles written about what a piece of shit Michael Che was for saying that he deserves the opportunity to make a living and it's useless opinion like like you know but look is there they're allowed their opinion that Michael che's opinions useless we just want to beautiful things about free expression for me and I don't mean that I take pleasure in any of this cuz it's horrible for everyone involved but

► 01:43:09

it's interesting like I said like those companies that probably won't go back into business with him but is a comedian show up in the park he can put show up anywhere you want it's really up to him and people can protest it they can not show up they could buy tickets by the thousands it's going to be interesting to see it when he takes that part of his earning in that part of his life in his own hands you really can't stop him yeah in that way it's like it's how you frame it so I don't think I don't think he's a bad guy at all I think with Luis is a pervert and I think he's you know he's into I think part of it is like being naughty doing something that's forbidden and you know we getting away with having these girls like him for being a comedian and then doing that to them mean this is my speculation is a lot of weirdness to it but I don't think that he is like

► 01:44:09

I'm an angry person and I don't think he's trying to be hurtful I don't think any of that was I think it's just

► 01:44:16

terrible judgment everything I mean you could say a lot about it that's fucked up and it's like what it is is not he's not like he's not trying to hurt people I think he's just fucking weird about what it is kind of creepy shit is like the most considerate way to approach it can I jerk off in front of me. I'm not diminishing the effect it's a weird thing because you don't want those women were obviously very hurt and there's degrees of ago they texted this so they said that to go out and do that to somebody in a powerful

► 01:45:16

Mission and come out and say it and know that you're going to get hate from the world they weren't enough that they felt that they had to say something and do something and you just want like on this personal level you want them to be okay you want everybody you want them from coming out to come out and do you also want to protect people from that happening again but I'm the only one of the only way just like you got to kind of

► 01:45:49

yeah this and there is there's a will there's definitely a feeling the comedy world is like separate and we kind of like you know it's a crazy environments and Nightclub kind of a thing and what you heard when these ones these women came out was know this is kind of inappropriate girls can't come into a club and just feel okay like they have to field all this stuff and guys hitting on them all the time as well it's what I was saying about really a worse version of working out of the gay gym so I give you if you go to a gay gym and you see men lie right you that is how women feel all the time or whatever you trying to just start out as a comic and

► 01:46:49

I think that those women should feel good that they made an impact that were in it yeah they were definitely heard it's it's very difficult for people to consider really objectively consider other people's perspectives really you know what they know what they can get away with what they do they really consider how the other person feels and thinks we both do it to each other and then people develop bad traits and bad associations with the opposite sex and it's a very common thing that people do but I think situations where

► 01:47:49

the discussion is so

► 01:47:51

emotionally charged like this it's good for us it's good for us this public discourse it allows this public discussion of it yeah and and there hasn't been like people that have gotten hurt by that have come out and said it like in our scene where they're like nice people and they've been attacked is very few okay there's some big important people in this and they're acting inappropriately and you're right I think it's good it's definitely woke it up and moved it further right funny daughter my daughter who knows if they see our life in Baltic go pursue if you want to go to a club and not have to deal with a whole nother the audience to like you and get the respect of your peers then you got to have worried about someone following you in in the parking lot I have a friend of mine who's a comic and she got hit on by this other guy was a comic

► 01:48:51

who shall remain nameless and she saw show me some of the texts that he sent her and I was like holy shit ain't the one of them was like I'm the only one that can make you come or something fucking crazy like that yeah it's hey bro yeah it's created up a movement you know but then it becomes the other side of becomes about but did this man was he punished enough and we have control over whether or not he's allowed to come back to the audience for a woman like the thing about a guy being angry with you at carries that threat of physical Danger

► 01:49:38

you know that's a different thing I know I was thinking I was going to take the other day and I was thinking about that fine line at the end of the night in a bar those Meathead guys were trying to like hit on girls and when it doesn't work they decide they just going to fight instead it's going to be like it's not going to happen while screw it I don't like the way that guy

► 01:50:11

looking at a male doing that like it is an aggressive aggressive animal I could have said yes and brought him home with me and now he's punching that guy in the parking lot, it happens all the time just like an angry frat group of guys just like you know they were trying to get laid at minutes earlier email and the 7 billion people cuz Metagross that shoot Lowe's in each other everybody shoot Lowe's in the people especially at your weight lifting gym in New York

► 01:51:11

and it was the name of that Jim Barton or something like that David Barton it's like some kind of Health Club in New York it was it was mostly gay man am I freaking said you said no you don't understand it's really I mean it's to the point where when you're awake working out on a machine there are pin lights that come right down on your bicep like the lighting is to make you look sexier with the greatest of all-time light that came from the ceiling like that hits were your bicycle to make the Shadows make them cheeks look bigger so it's about sex

► 01:51:58

you're working out you would love to go to with regular gym see people hitting on each other all the time gym cardio machines

► 01:52:25

how weird sex is a weird thing it is for sure well it's even weirder when it's package with advertising and and sleekness and music and and then you see it in real life and people are baby and then on this social media and Everett sticking their ass down you know it's like there's so much going on yeah so much we're so over stimulated with sexual imagery to feel like you'll be grateful and you're old and your sex drive is gone

► 01:52:53

no be almost dead then I'll be like sad I hate sex no it's like it's not about sex it's about being an asshole and it's all about the the shit roll the dice that you got if you're physically unattractive it's difficult to get someone who's attracted to you that's hard to inescapable reality of some people's bodies some people are just they have bad genetics frustrating it's got to be frustrating

► 01:53:29

then you don't want them to watch the new Michael Douglas movie for mad that someone's playing The Elephant Man but that there an able-bodied person this is the most recent PC uproar that they hired an able-bodied actor to play The Elephant Man elephant Manor in the Actors Guild exhausting it's exhausting keeping up with everything everything is outrageous everything this is the time like you said like getting outrage and discussions and then it'll kind of come back to a normal street criticized by disability charity but you know what this is do you know you need a good actor this you just can't make everybody disrespect to the disability charity but a lot of these disability Charities criticized

► 01:54:29

so they can highlight their charity and it's very good for the charity if they criticize things artist trying to make the film house if they're good people they're going to respect it and need disability person in their person with disabilities to play a person with disabilities. You piece of shit but it's not what I shut the fuck up and let people of disability speak about women of color than women than gay lesbian transgender bisexual asexual or sexual then you you fucking white male bread naked piece of shit or not

► 01:55:29

son of a bitch I'm just trying to show you the best cupcakes in New York videos pizza right by Largo between Largo and this guy is a good pizza place in LA Fitness hours of startups in the he says it's not about the water that's his Crest is impeccable because he knows how to make the drain in the water and he's lying about it

► 01:56:17

that looks so good so good looks very good as well everything this guy makes it's amazing to my grandmother's house so very happy when you're at the store will go to be a few months ago off a few months yeah I know right I mean I mean I have a cheat day so it'll knock me out of ketosis for a few hours and knock me back just a few hours you would call Mild ketosis you look at my piss trip I put up on my Instagram is a chart it shows you like the darkest to the lightest I'm in like a midsize

► 01:57:17

been on it for 5 days before I put it up to it what happens if you eat a slice of Vetoes

► 01:57:33

I don't knock me down to that negative was nothing moderate moderate ketosis pissed on and I left the strip sit for a little bit and it dried and it looks a little weird disgusting it's very good for my appetite and the benefits of clear carbohydrate consumption too much and when you when you eat carbohydrates post carbohydrate consumption is like a lack of mental Clarity down turn of the way your brain function that I called sweet sweet nectar will you and I contrast many ways my friend stuff all the time but you know you love it

► 01:58:33

wrong with it I love a celebration of life one of my favorite dishes on planet Earth is linguine with clams ravello Amalfi Coast Capri we took a boat to Capri and I wait there and just fucking phenomenal food the food's outrageous fresh sardines man fillets sardine fillets with in olive oil the best so good but it was interesting in there were Valentin Thomas who was a professional spearfisher person she was on the other day and she was saying that

► 01:59:19

the oceans in that area are completely overfished it's almost impossible for a regular person to go there and catch a fish overfished everything it's and it's such a bummer that are me the end of whatever is the end of a coral reef always nice nature videos like I used to watch with my dad everyone at the end is like but this is going away it sucks some of it is going away I mean it's it's how you look at it so unsustainable path right in terms of just what we're doing agriculturally if you if you talk to Farmers in you appreciate this what they do with large-scale agriculture not supposed to grow food in the same plot of land for

► 02:00:19

fucking 50-year corn and just constantly sore throwing minerals on the ground and constantly growing and then you get these mentally deficient plants right now they're just not the same and it's just not it's not good for you is good for is like dear dear can come by and eat all your your corn when I want you get a high population of deer in the area cattle corn either it has also like wild life is supposed to exist in like wildlife habitat which is like forests and grasslands and Meadows right and son son supposed to be wandering around eating all these things are not supposed to be existing in these massive Thousand Acre corn fields so gross weird it's there like whitetail deer to a certain extent this country has become like farm animals they're at their go weird farm animal that's not an offense there's always around Farms is eating Farm food

► 02:01:19

you like my friend Doug had this interesting thought about that he was like these are eagles my cows or eating grass cuz he has a form the cows are eating the cows are natural right there organic GMO corn goes to the deer that are on my property that does wild wild animals or not it's so crazy it is GMO corn is Roundup fucking sprayed corn that these deer eating there in captivity or grazing naturally on grass and there are a hundred percent organic cheese it's weird weird weird I was reading that

► 02:02:19

set the whole fertilizer thing that we weren't able to get nitrogen out of here until this one scientist did it for its harbor for toddler no no he was a Jew it was a joke did you in Germany and he was there in Germany in World War he was the guy who created the gas that they use to spray on the allies and he actually at the same time he created the harbor method for extracting nitrogen nitrogen in people's there's a great Radiolab podcast on it I think it's called the bad show and it it shows how sometimes good people also do horrible things and Fritz Harbor was one of the ones that they they highlighted but when he was

► 02:03:06

when they were going to give him the Nobel Prize for creating the harbor method for extracting nitrogen from the atmosphere than the air around us has 80% nitrogen but you couldn't get it out right couldn't get it out when we breed we think we breathing in oxygen mostly mostly nitrogen and then some oxygen and he figured out how to get it out and turn into fertilizer and use it on soil and it really increased radically the amount of food that people are able to grow he also at the same time figured out how to spray gas on on the troop so they wanted him for crimes against humanity they wanted for war crimes in the same time they're going to give him the Nobel Prize my God and his family and his family check this out and his extended family because he created zyklon gas but he puts and zyklon a there's a smell that they attached to it so that you were aware of when the gas was

► 02:04:06

present so like if you were working with it if there was a leak it was a very obvious smell the Nazis took zyklon a and remove that smell and turned it to cycle on Bewitched they use to spray the did the people in the concentration camp when they murdered Jews his family some of his extended family was killed with the very gas that he created God from Germany the whole thing was horrible I couldn't his he was a Jew and so he tried to stand up for Jews as scientist in his people and it was like slowly getting pushed out at the Nazis were taking control oh my God and then he want to believe in the country and eat dates of himself shot herself in the chest in in in front of the what was him and his son and he left his 13 year old son with his dead wife and then went back to war

► 02:05:06

oh my God she did it because cuz he was killing people and yes she was she was apparently grave she was a scientist as well, and she was Gravely upset at the direction that his science of taking that he was he was involved in this new thing I mean to imagine you're the architect of this new method of of killing Mass extermination a crazy story it's crazy but but what is what does that mean like he's too good at killing people all we don't believe in killing people by having them choke together to death on the fluid in their lungs built up because of poison we would rather you take a bullet to the dick like blowing people to Smithereens and that's okay but gas is not okay

► 02:06:06

on Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombs that are completely indiscriminate Wipeout entire cities kill hundreds thousands of people in 1 blast yeah that's okay that's clean that gas bro that gas is dirty an asshole gas bro that's where fertilizer came from wrong he was trying to fund the war effort by extracting gold from the ocean who is convinced that just like his Harbor method of extracting nitrogen from the air he was going to be able to because the ocean has gold in it would get it all to extract gold from the ocean and then use it the fund the war effort

► 02:06:55

sounds like you and I have a treasure hunts know what to do once the bread shows done the gold show with Tom and Joe and I would scuba gear on the fucking money bags the harbor gold process is unique for several reasons it effectively is capable of yielding extraction efficiencies with complex ores in the high 90% range with gold purity in the 99% range pre-processing Pride process we carefully analyze the or for the content of other minerals and or constituents so is this something they actually used the gold thing didn't pan out wink wink nudge nudge

► 02:07:55

just never arrived for wishing well that was his failure is his big success he was going to recreate the Germany amazing amazing story but here's the thing you know is I read about that stuff you know you're worried about it such a natural thing that we're doing to the cattle to feed them this year was just so many people on the planet that this is the only way you can do it or is there other ways to do it maybe like I'm going to read you something because people are always complaining about the methane gas is produced by cows and that was one of the big arguments that people would say with one of the reasons why people should not eat cows is because of you do Catholics say if you're on like that carnivore diet and you're all

► 02:08:55

it is cows it is a massive negative contribution to the environment right but Sean Baker sent me this scientific overview and it says in the environmental side of the United States the entirety of all plants and animal agriculture contributes to 9% of the total us greenhouse gas emissions animal agriculture makes up about 4% and cattle specifically about 1.9% based on the latest EPA data if every single person in the United States gives up eating me and went vegan end every single animal were to magically disappear the overall worldwide effect on greenhouse gas emissions would be about less than 1% difference but it said he spoke with Professor Frank from UC Davis one of the world's leading Authorities on Greenhouse

► 02:09:55

dances in animal Agriculture and he said putting the blame on me. Is a disservice to distract from the real issue of our tremendous fossil fuel utilization interesting interesting but there's a lot that goes it's not just the gas that's coming off of right it's this is the methane question concern that keeps Heidi's lady on yesterday and she's on this carnivore diet which it seems to me that she's got she had some matches mass of autoimmune issues like that we had her hip replaced and she was 17 her ankle replaced like mass of arthritis issues and she's on this diet of all meat and several other people on this diet as well they call it the carnivore diet there at least for the short-term they're experiencing is tremendous benefits of the critics are saying you're contributing to greenhouse gases in methane your routing environment by eating beef and he single not really right amount is very small and compare

► 02:10:55

listen to all the other issues it's like less than 1% of the greenhouse gases but it's really all right it's it's still a nice thing to do for a transport the food from the farming all the way through the transporting to yeah I'm teslascan they're constructing these gigantic super cool looking fucking Tron semis that they're going to operate entirely on batteries and once that happens you have automated battery controlled trucks then I think the real problem is going to be people out of jobs that's going to be a giant crisis even robots once especially for drivers apparently for men in particular some massive number in the millions of people in this country rely on driving for a living like that's a big part of their job drivers

► 02:11:55

industry industry me and Bernie been emailing each other want to talk to other people that are proponents of universal basic income and Alana said that he thinks that this is going to be a real factor in the future Universal basic income to visit Tesla truck that we're looking at right now in a video it looks like a rolling is anyone in that Apple Store from yesterday and I are they showed it off that's crazy 26 cameras on board That's So Dope where's the batteries is it driving itself is there someone driving that the trailer is all batteries

► 02:12:55

it's one of those this what we do we buy one of those bitches and we turn into a roving podcast Studio driving on its owner there is a human driving that one had a human driving it I don't believe these are in production yet so it's what I call to get a cell phone in the truck I had to go cemetery is a casino up there to open for Smokey Robinson I met him once before I was actually a cool story about about meeting him but I was going to take the Tesla up and I was like yeah like I was like trying to plot like will I be able to

► 02:13:55

no problem they're everywhere now that you're only going to be 20 minutes or 30 minutes each other out of here you do stop in for 20 minutes at a time book take a shit go over your Twitter feed cars are there charging such a nice drive prices for something new to do if your bread Sunrise Rancho takes off kitchen stuff a Corvette

► 02:14:43

laughing you never travel Corvette car did he really because the stuff he says he has Corvette cough in it and it when I text him I just text him hashtag Corvette confidence when you drive a car that's it like driving to work it's a game-changer I get fired up it's fast Bumble special to the ice house is further away I get back, there is some type of VW bug that's just shut your mouth but don't ever compare the VW Bug smell of gas I guess something to you for sure 67

► 02:15:43

they're so light to those old VW bugs and put the old Porsche engine in the back lot of people doing that yeah so they put like a hundred and seventy horsepower old Porsche engine which doesn't seem like a lot but skinny ass tires on a Tuesday along get around you fix don't want to look at you and not understanding I mean you think about how fast Tesla's are oh my God those things are unbelievably fast gas but but there's a The Surge

► 02:16:37

silent no other cars around just going through this Prairie it was to be Smokey Robinson let me shop for an hour and a half to get some electricity for 2 hours now pull over charging extra 5 hours I spent a good day at trying to figure out my ring for kids in the Arts Kid Rock kids rock or something like that before so I was excited to take the gig and I figure I'll meet Smokey Robinson it's an outdoor arena in oats and outdoor event and they just use me to burn time for all the sun went down so then he could come out at night time and so I'm sitting there with the guy I'm just talking to and Smokey comes out of that are dressing rooms or trailers cuz it's outside and it's gravel driveway and stuff and a smoke comes out he's like 78 now he's in all red red

► 02:17:37

red cool jacket red leather boots and it comes out I'm like I get to say hi to Smokey

► 02:17:45

SUV door open to goes right into the send CV and he drives literally 20 feet so and drop them off at the stage so he could go right up on the stage he didn't want to get his want to get his boots dirty that smokey that is a that is a kick-ass rock star move that's that's if you don't want to keep your you know he won't get your boots dirty it's a good movie yeah she was across the think yeah I just get them all dirty and fucked up one of the people that way smooth a rockstar for a long time forever my parents were listening to when they were teenagers you know it's a long time

► 02:18:45

is he like healthy yeah totally for that long see what is an exercise fanatic 70s Illinois his body's going to maintain Health this is kind of like consistently exercise so funny that he's next to Keith smoking wow 6565 the pictures ready already * 18 well that's Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga's that's probably serious let's go to that picture make that picture better

► 02:19:40

it looks pretty goddamn good what's happening

► 02:19:46

she looks like she looks like she could I forget how hot she is she's in too much starting to see those videos of her when she was like an NYU or something like doing just starting out she's super talented totally in a weird way right she's amazing Smokey Robinson Smokey we don't have any Comics that are that old right now but I like red boring like West great touring stand up that was you know of that age from the 60s yeah no one else is like that to still around no wrinkles gone. They were Bob Newhart

► 02:20:40

Bob Newhart still doing the other night and I was going to try and get tickets to see him in the Palm Desert planning on going to see Cosby before the Scandal broke and we'd always heard the couple good ideas for 2 hours he went on stage with no opening act he just walks out there and start stalking and it's crushing and he goes I was blown away and bernauer planning and something came out we had to cancel and then right after that something fucking something big came up Scandal it went down the road

► 02:21:40

I saw I saw my my wife was pregnant with her first baby and we had I was doing Conan and then I was going to have two weeks off before the baby was born I was going to the last gig I did we're going to take two weeks off and just hang out before this new baby came we're living in New York and we went to see Cosby Seinfeld took us to see Cosby at Carnegie Hall laughed for 2 hours it was a master class was so good so easy and we just laughed when home in her water broke her water break but it was it was definitely impressive impressive most impressive

► 02:22:31

he would tell these stories and build the build it without laughs there would be like very few laughs for like 10 minutes as he's telling the story and you didn't realize even as a comic that he was building this tension so in the laugh

► 02:22:48

it was bigger than you give me laugh you've ever heard I mean he would just it was the building of it these the confidence to not feel like he had to go from Laugh To Laugh to laugh every 30 seconds you just let it build let it Bill and then boom it would explode recordings of him later in life like before the Scandal broke like when he was in his 70s before now it would be impossible if you go to see him I know he's not performing now but if you was it would be impossible I wouldn't want to go it's like so gross and so tainted and so it's a shame it's like you would have to watch him almost like a scientist and observe him before it would think about it now if you watch it if you want your recording you'd be watching it thinking I wonder if we right now in the back of his mind is like holy shit I'm a rapist and they don't know

► 02:23:48

I mean you know it's that was it's at such a he was trying to make a public relations come back last year he did see if you find find a video of Bill Cosby holding Court in a barber shop in a barber shop in Philly and they were talking about jazz musicians and like he was like giving them like they were getting some trivia questions the barbershop. Jazz musician and I was reading the comments and the comments are like we love you Bill we believe you Bill you know those Arc users are assholes about it later this give me some volume and he told him that I take a two-hour shower

► 02:24:48

yet that white the shower now I don't want the water running on the tile I don't want the mildew I want to I want to travel to be clean and dry when I get out of it but obviously you live alone just so you have to clean up the ask my father would say behind your own mess when I was married I did the same thing everybody in the house that looks really that's weird to watch him cuz this is he's wearing that hello friend he kept he would wear that on stage you would wear sweaters that say hello friend he started dressing up on stage with a crutch so sometimes he would come out with just like his Birkenstocks and just take them off he just being a socks he thought that being dressed up was like putting on too much of a show that you

► 02:25:48

rely purely on the spoken word of it mean I don't buy that and I certainly don't buy I don't buy you telling other people how they should do it Thursday I mean there's just a bunch of ways to do it well of course if he wants to be comfortable on stage wear a Hello friends sweatshirt that's fine it's so ironic about it cuz Eddie Murphy first of all would go on stage with the fucking leather jumpsuits on like bright red leather jumpsuits is unzipped out of the naval because we would have tagged him because he dropped bombs crazy so gross so gross of a hypocrite like telling you how to live your life while they're raping people and how crazy how many women had to come out before it started to fall out

► 02:26:48

we'll just did a show somewhere and talked about it on stage and somebody recorded it and then people like wait but how crazy they like it didn't take just one woman saying it had to be like 16 what he had settled a bunch of bunch of cases like you settled up close this you know close the store and I'll see you on Facebook and now he testify against him because she's violating the hush payment already dark so sick of everybody else's sex hello friend is a nod to his son that was murdered it's like Memorial to him alright if I just found from a long time ago like 1993 that you made a jazz album

► 02:27:42

dedicated Tim call hello friend I ever find who killed his son and why is car broke down right now heading out to fix it and someone killed him was it was it just a random crime or was it Robert I think it was the other Mercedes so terrible that's going to be in the stand up and the strangest things here in that guy call him dr. Cosby a doctor anymore. Everyone was an honorary doctorate right from different schools

► 02:28:39

naked and Honore Doctrine would you call yourself doctor Papa John's next Saturday shut the fuk up my 4th one really done for that's beautiful congratulations you really love it it's becomes very real very fast you know I spend a lot of time writing it but once you're up there and coming and you're doing it it's like this is special this is going to be unique divorced it's pretty great. In the divorce rate of 50% in America that's right who did Chris Rock have a joke about it

► 02:29:39

and suffer this is Chris this is Chris before he was divorced which is kind of really because once he got there was like he got taken a really a prenup so he went down hard he was on Dave Chappelle line it's really rough he said he's tough times out there for people got to be funny just enjoy your life

► 02:30:25

cabin in the woods. And bought a little sticky buns 8 and did you have any say over what cities you chose would you go to Detroit Los Angeles New Orleans Cleveland Philly

► 02:30:55

good places that are baking stuff and making amazing stuff to do like 4 or 5 stops in each City and they're all just great people that just fun families just making cakes in the community and it's great and you do them like with your friends and he sounds like the new comedians are in the town to have them come with you just you and the New York but would be fun and he's a crazy Porsche banana cuz I never driven it was like a million-dollar car it was like oh something and it was just in traffic around Cinema

► 02:31:55

is a million-dollar car what is a million-dollar car the same as he's just laid only made like this is like the second one or something but go look if you if ya get on Open Road Kettering oh yeah I've seen that it does not at the store I was probably am not 11s it was blue it's probably a 911s from the 70s it wasn't worth a lot of money right now I'm not RS

► 02:32:55

right above scroll scroll down that white one white one that's a badass or an RS from itsfunneh woman backs it up cherries did she backed into the car 3.35 what million things are going for $500,000 and cents worth between

► 02:33:33

$14,000 in 3.35 million / X yeah so what somebody just backing up those below that spider upper right hand that one right there that's a 918 is that the one you drove yeah it looks like that yeah that's a 918 that's the electric it's that that is a blue car that is an amazing car that's a 918 hybrid that wasn't it ridiculously fast car into it I just don't know I was going to spend time like. Jess Ting that are growing up with it and I didn't have that you know I like it I appreciate it I had a 9-foot 944 poster in my room like the best Porsche's but that's what I kind of like that excited about

► 02:34:33

RaceTrac that's where he puts his doing car things like a 1965 Corvette have a 65 Corvette that's what you call a restomod they take an old car but they put modern suspension and Brakes in a modern engine in it and then it so it reliable starts up everytime it breaks really well so it's not as good I just like what I like to drive it's like to drive an old car and keep it old it's to me like okay good luck with that you have a good time they can fix my brakes

► 02:35:33

can you make a sword handles better how about no brakes making fuck off date did you get snobby there's a guy who lives up the street from me and I had my car and I was washing and he pulled by with the same exact car his was like totally stock and you looked at mine and immediately he could tell I can look to the wheel size fat Steamroller tires on it and it's just modern everything is any looked at the wheels he's like that's not stock no it's not stock and you can see his like shaking his head is like what you got in the hood I go it's a supercharged LS1 with 500 horsepower Sun that rickety Asperger's carburetor driven dinosaur mobile fuck out of here with your stock bullshit

► 02:36:33

you're not a man I know it's fast and handles good I wanted to be pleasurable to drive not to stare at you fuck damn it just another old frame surprise everything everything is different even the frame is different because it's like those frames like they're pulled together with bubble gum fucking coathangers the shit I try to reel 1965 car on the highway you like we're going to dye my Corvette is a laptop everything about putting the regular belt in your lucky gets thrown from the car

► 02:37:24

how amazing is Leno's garage is about garage he has 11 Warehouse building airplane Hangar C crazy should have ever seen that I didn't know like I knew we had a bunch of cars but I didn't know until I went there I was wondering around like holy shit my father and I threw it let my father come after I did this Tonight Show and miles and miles of cars like you want to see the motorcycles you go to a whole nother place and drives everything in there takes everything in there on the road um street legal in Texas fucking Steamroller would like rubber on the tires various right there it's a crazy place it's so crazy gorgeous all the stuff on the walls all the memorabilia

► 02:38:24

yeah it is gorgeous any other shop he is like full people that are mechanics working on the stuff with 3D printers making the tools in the pieces and yeah he can literally make spare part ink machine things look at that all from Comedy it's so interesting hearing him swear like the people have you never heard the Jay Leno episode go listen to it cuz he has some fucking insane stories about doing gigs for the mob yeah about the mob guys like yelling at priests in like a how intense it was yeah it's been around he's got a lot of gigs all of his all of his money for all the cars all comes from Comedy Tonight Show money all went to the bank

► 02:39:22

insane Tonight Show for how many years refuse to spend a dime of it through it all in the bank no kids no kids shoot loads in which cars come

► 02:39:43

shooting into that engine backing up in the day I was on my Twitter about Trump

► 02:40:01

bathing your 80 million dollar man like running down the center of the traffic like who's this nut and it was Jay going because past the car picks up his hubcap that came off and goes running back together

► 02:40:27

is it that he probably has to get that hubcap phone or other hubcap like it that's rich rich rich Richie Tonight Show in that he gets to be who he is completely 100% about cars he fucking loves cars with everything he loves it there while I was there he was the next one after episode he was waiting to get this crazy 73 Mazda That's like fucking super souped-up really light I heard he rolled the car

► 02:41:27

Seinfeld had a baby roll to the hospital that you almost died now well there goes

► 02:41:49

it's hard to tell what that is can you hear it his reaction was funny at the end

► 02:41:57


► 02:41:58

what's in a stye

► 02:42:03

that old dude shouldn't be driving yeah that's kind of the vibe that you got Jay was like all right

► 02:42:09

you like I mean it literally 1/2

► 02:42:15

what is that got killed Jay Leno because he's too old to drive

► 02:42:22

wow crazy here

► 02:42:35

where's my wife looks like an old barracudas tough to tell what that car is is it all Plymouth what is a barracuda that isn't all Barracuda Bow Wow that's the first model Barracuda which is a totally different looking car then the second generation wow the body cells differ as a weird-looking car they're cool though it's good to have an obsessive hobby it's good in my time into something for me it's imperative I figured that out over the years of my life for me I need mine once in the comments that they just added it to make it look worse I'm trying to be playing this year

► 02:43:35

some people said they saw the unedited footage do it again

► 02:43:42

saratoga's long ago cause shifting there's a flip out we hit a wheel horsepower no way more than a hundred horsepower

► 02:43:56

one to know that it's true I think they're probably telling the truth I think that thing probably when flipped once

► 02:44:10

whatever whatever once it's rough it's hard to get some to flip a bunch of times like you got to be really flying to flip a bunch of times flip Once By the time all the energy would be dissipated by the time you hit bang bang bang you know be careful out there kids old ass cars with old suspension that's why I juice my shit up with modern stuff yeah take that I can handle neighbor asshole you fucking old dried fucking tires Mills old cracked screen is cracked out old tires retreaded you need a hobby you need stuff there's it's amazing what you could do all this work in like really hardcore your career and it's still extra time doing one thing only all the time is not good for the brain I think it's good for the brain to be excited by a bunch of different things interesting thing is I think it's very important

► 02:45:10

it's very important to have a more nuanced perspective and also have more information to draw from different types of failure a different types of failure is good for you absolutely complication Phillies I think all that stuff is good for me how many times you will feel like a beginner back at the same thing you've been practicing because you're making changes I'm kind of back to the beginning of this again what do you do other than the baking this thing the baking is like it's really like my first hobby I never really had somebody like that yeah I put all my time into is always just stand up and then I'm writing more than ever before so I'm like writing sitting down writing concentrated for long periods of your writing comedy or just writing writing it depends have that

► 02:46:10

I'm head writer for life from here to Prairie Home Companion thing before and that's why they once he got in trouble that's when they and they getting in trouble thing was before he even retired like it was an incident from bogor then it is a kind of a metal thing very weird kind of hug to check in his hand went on her back and someone sent me an article that there was more than one incident yeah several of them and then I don't even know but they end up changing it so anyway I spend a lot of time writing for that then it went really from writing my book and then I got back gig so I continue writing at that pace and

► 02:47:09

and now I'm in a continuing to write like that so the writing is that is kind of a it's weird because it's from doing stand-up writing this is almost seems like something new it almost seems like another hobby it's different it's different I'm like why not put that effort of that intense writing style into the stand up you don't do that no I'm looser with it I'll write it and I'll go performance and then I'll come back and edit it but that Carlin did that at the end he would just write the whole thing and memorize it you know he would like and then go present it I haven't gotten I haven't done that I do not know what I do is I do two things 1 I write premises in word and then I have a program called screw

► 02:48:09

and what scripture does it take things into preman into categories are in 2 subjects sorry I have like like I have a title of a set right I'll call it likes my last specials called the ones coming out called strange times so I wrote strange times the top of it and then I have all these different subjects in strange times and then I can ship them in each time I click on one it takes me to all the stuff that I've written about that subject and then I also can click on another little part of it and it shows me a cork board and on the court for days like these virtual index cards and saw of the index cards that I can move around each index card as like notes on different parts of this is a very important part of the bed this is a this is a note about a study that was done that shows this is real all these different things and so I can move all those around but this way I can look at it in the little tiny on the side where all each end

► 02:49:09

individual subject is all in this one long column and I can see like the set like this is a whole set it has to be really tired out front of an audience because I can write as much as I want and I a lot of his effective writing alone but it comes to life in front of it on it and changes yet but how much will you right before you bring it out wickle you ready a couple pages and do it or just little depends you know sometimes it's thousands of words for a couple minute bit and you'll take that up before you've tried it you write a thousand sometimes and sometimes the premises sometimes I just try to try to air out and see where it goes yeah I just one I'm working on right now that I just I have sold the the the setup of the premise gets a really big laugh and then I don't know where to go with it

► 02:50:09

well then I'm trying to figure out where where to go with Emma grind or something then I'm not going to let it go but everyday I throw a little bit of water on it and I hope to see the sprouts and it's you know it's there is a great joke there's something there but it's one of those ones I can't let this go I know it's on there but right now it ain't shit and I can take a while it's amazing it's about it I was like wait a minute I thought I had a really good raccoon bit. It's just sometimes you just have to let it go and then walk around it look at it from the back and then walk around it look at it from the side maybe sometimes something happens

► 02:51:09

how do you notes baby

► 02:51:19

Tom Papa 24 Timeflies is it real or one of them she said we need to talk about we just start talking tom Monday well I do a lot of us have done a bunch Mondays 10 p.m. 9 Central 10:30 p.m.

► 02:52:07

for real thank you brother thanks for being here I hope it runs forever bread by everybody I see next week love you bye

► 02:52:25

thank you for the opportunity to the podcast

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we thought it did. We're done again we did a whole wake up hug hope you enjoyed it I try people out folks if you like that one sucked and I hope you know if you give it our best we don't know we don't know what they're doing I make I make decisions myself to go to have on and I tried of interesting people and I try to people that I'm interested in

► 02:54:39

and that's one of the reasons why I enjoy doing it

► 02:54:51

Dallas Diamond Page be here on Tuesday I'm very excited talk to Dallas Diamond Page and not only see a former pro wrestling great but he is also a guy who has really changed his life and the lives of many others with his Yoga Dallas Diamond Page yoga motherfucker that'll be Tuesday Labor Day is wear off your off prop said take a break thought other people next week when I can't say I think I said it but I can't say it again we'll see alright we love you much love to everybody listening big kiss to you

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have a good one bye