#1142 - Tony Rock

The Joe Rogan Experience #1142 - Tony Rock

July 10, 2018

Tony Rock is an actor and stand up comedian.  https://www.tonyrockcomedy.com/

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ladies and gentlemen hi how's everybody doing I'm hitting the motherfuking road I'm doing a lot of gigs coming up this is the last of the big places that I'm doing most things are sold out except Vancouver has some tickets of Kansas City has some tickets left that's August 10th we opened up more tickets so there's more seats available that's August 10th there's some for that there's some for Columbus on September 14th in Toronto on the 29th but they're closing in fast are almost sold out Joe Rogan. Com for all that stuff this episode is brought to you by stamps.com if you send things through the mail and you don't know about stamps.com you're fucking up kids all right stamps.com is the easiest most convenient way to access all the amazing Services of the post office stamps.com never closes you could print postage for letters or packages at your convenience 24/7

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alright my guess today is Tony Rock Tony Rock is the younger brother of Chris Rock and he is seriously one of the very best stand-ups that I've ever worked with he's a fucking killer he's under the radar for whatever reason if he's in your town go see him he's a beast please give it up for the one and only mr. Tony Rock

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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boom Tony Rock and shirts are alike that I think it brings out my skin tone it's got a pop to open in girls looking like who's that guy so you're an Android guy that you're different kind of person Android people are different kinds of people what what kind of people am I like about this you know everybody's and figure out

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so I don't have the iPhone got to choice that people make it to decide it's a nonconformist choice that I take the blue pill or the red hair basically just as bad ass they're just different everything is different now go back when people have the phone number and you didn't have when you were just ass out remember everybody had like a little laptop thing called again aside something or another was that called what was it called you sold weed was Suzuki Sidekick you too man I'm so happy that you agree to the fanny pack is back

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old west shoulder that's a coward's way out right in front of you all the time you want soccer Dad look just convenience of having that bag right there why can't I get this right here bro oh wow okay that's very nice that's very naked and afraid about shit I got keys phone while in my pocket I'm good people are tired of hearing about this

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but apparently it's the way to go poop baby pack is back there one that I wear when I run also you have more than one yeah I've got I got a neoprene 1 running fanny pack in there cheat with the music Jamie about cheating I cheat my run now listen to music better you guys are alright how is that cheating I used to say that if you ran if you ran running especially running hills difficult so you should do with no music you should be like so don't want to do the work a couple times like this way better I think you should you supposed to hear a little something to get you going yeah it's way better it's way better treadmill in the mountains just like what if someone screaming for help and you know you're running in the mountains

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is that what if it's the Laurel Canyon you know what if you just run it up you can in it like to be a good person if they were they need help they need you to help him take an Instagram picture probably in Laurel Canyon how can I go there's like I want to get a good shot I know how many people hike just to get a good shot of the top Instagram photo a lot you get a lot of likes it some sort of commodity it seems to be right if you're if you're a girl with a nice body a bunch of likes seems to translate into a hosting parties for some reason you look so concerned about right. She doesn't display a talent but you also don't even hear or talk you just see the pictures but just that enough is enough to people you want to go see it takes less and less and less and less to be a celebrity

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that wasn't to be considered a celebrity

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yeah that's what what's one of the weird ones or the weird ones is getting down to just being famous for photographs but here's the thing my hater for saying that because I like to look at them so why wouldn't you be upset at someone who's making something that I like to look at I got mad at all weird that people would be like focusing scrambles their big asses and okay but don't you want to see those pictures I love to see the pictures and we're all hypocrites

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that's just nature right it's the way it is the Way of the World by land and Instagram's just it's just such a fascinating thing that people can

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just show you little images the world hey this is me at The Grandin they were there all the time and they have the clothes and they go to the best parties in

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y'all beat them in a live in Studio City good for roommates in it is to the apartment and we all want everybody to think that we're doing better than we are right why is that

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what's up cuz this if people think you're doing better than it makes you feel better cuz they treat you like you're doing they treat you like you're at the level that you're fixed fictitiously betraying right so that means you don't really live so if you become instafamous

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what do you get out of that you can cheat you make a living off that fuck you hilarious how does face swaps with Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump you never seen it oh my God oh my God oh my God please go back to the one where Bruce is telling them he's pregnant

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see if you can find that one dude he's a genius it is the funniest page on the internet I'm not bullshit Kyle dunagan's Instagram page is a funny page near the internet that's saying a lot dude I swear to God I put the washing machine in the dishwasher or the the the clothes washing machine the one where she's lost in the house

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here goes

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the build-up where is it at my house I don't know I put North inside please pay all your such a brave and Kanye Kim blocked again you know what that white boxers behind ticketsatwork

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you're my homie

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attention so silly because he's so silly regular person on his page does nothing like he is me at the Blue Field go look at the sunset in and he had like he deserves it I'm telling you this is the funniest page on the internet this is like a new thing but he's able to put his like his use his mouth and use other people's faces for the first time in like when is anybody ever been able to do that without some great giant Studio behind you

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did now it opens up his whole new kind of Comedy right that's a new kind of colony I love it I mean we know he's not those people but he's doing those people it's like a Ultra hilarious and precious it is his own SNL on his phone you got to see him to bilmar find a Bill Maher one his Bill Maher one is fucking genius he sounds exactly like the funny man he's so good

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this is just like a new thing people get this new opportunity to do shit on the Internet is so interesting that way this is some new thing opens up and some, cuz I'll look at that

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hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle the cow jumped over the moon L really a cow jumped over the moon NASA astronaut going seventeen thousand miles an hour a week to get the dishes bullshit I couldn't jump over one of you stupid it's different nappy time okay so you're crying now I'm on page two assholes depression come on man. Impressionist fucking genius makes it a hundred times better funny on its own but with him doing that face swap I just a different Kyle Kyle Dunnigan one Tony Rock and I think you are one of the comics in this world that does not get the credit you deserve you are one of those guys thank you and I agree I think you want to

► 00:17:28

guys a lot I really do. How long will it take two months maybe something like that it's fuck you're funny as fuck it's it's fun to watch you got a lot of energy to man you powerful thank you brother that was there was nothing like a couple guys after you set some Heavy Hitters on that was a fun show was Billy I don't remember I mean he's been on a bunch of amazing shows we did Montreal new faces together new faces did I remember those days Days of Hope me trip Corey Holcomb ocean Young

► 00:18:21

same to you we would like it was a great class we was Joey Diaz speaks very highly of Corey Holcomb he has Shot the movie Longest Yard brother, Josie as I love you forever man I fucking love you this is bulshit Joey Diaz is not play games there will be no Injustice is around jelly. Whenever I'm around him sometimes we get too high and I just don't want to get him mad about anything wrong. Close to God and you just getting a big one to switch she just explodes

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wow all the time and I think I got to see more than 50 lb and he's going to just want a regular basis yeah he gets into his classes he would just like to know you know he used to be a lot bigger man but he's become much more disciplined you know he's really really this phone is not know he had a kid he had a kid 2 years back and that would like start of the shift and then he's just been so so just been more aware as you get older like you really do have to take care of your body or it's going to fail am I failing if you take care of it you know it's just like you're hedging your bets you lease agreement stronger

► 00:20:17

you got to go to watch all the all the warning signs you know obviously a lot of excess weight is a giant us like we just don't sleep and drinking the travel of the stresses as you get older to that don't sleep and shit just does not fly your buddies like fuck you mad what I will give you a call I will give you a cold and then you'll have to lie down you fuck like it's a weird thing like the moment someone figures out something that you could do where you don't ever need sleep we're going to have a weird world it's coming it's coming if you think some kind of pill or something probably let me know if they have pills that make you make you go to sleep

► 00:21:10

why wouldn't have pills did they just figure out what will this just counteracts all the biochemical responses that your brain creates but it needs sleep by the way she can go to independent studies if they didn't picture recovery you actually live better but Chris Ryan just posted some shit yesterday that I retweeted about how they were doctors and scientists were encouraging women to breastfeed and they're going to do it nationally but it got sideswiped by the formula industry

► 00:21:44

isn't it terrible to start that shit I believe that 100% because there's always the the other side where we are going to not make money if this thing gets through that is terrible that's a terrible you're deciding to give babies less nutrition you're making a decision for profit profit over babies nutrition you lying to Mom's it's like big tobacco was big tobacco you know and I know it's like there's no supporting big tobacco these how many people died from fucking cigarettes I imagine if that was from something else so many other product like Diet Coke or Diet Coke just killing people left not sure about that I'm not sure it's not killing people like cigarettes but I think it's not good for you but as far as anybody ever get like cigarette it out when I come over

► 00:22:44

and I drink too much Diet Coke but all day all the different things and all that caffeine if you drink nothing but the YouTube video where they put stuff in Coca-Cola Left 4 days and how it the coaches all is it destroys it like a brick in a Coca-Cola

► 00:23:07

for the season Jesus Christ and a dr. pepper called Dr Pepper on Ice oh my goodness taste so good why why is it the things that taste good as so every most things that are bad for you most things that's a life Snickers is delicious too much sugar how much will you indulge that party brain how much would you let that party bring run your life that's the thing you have to control that party discipline yeah yeah but God damn mad at your favorite ice cream sundae I just looking at that thing the hardest thing in the world if it's in front of me 8 times out of town I just go fuck it

► 00:24:00

I just don't feel good most the time we talked bad stuff in general mostly by the most delicious food or if I'm if I'm holding strong on my diet some of pushing some lasagna in front of me oh my God playing in New York City and I'm like no way and not having a whole pizza right for the Fulton Street yeah because of the old cheese right that's right the cheese yet there is a weird one with people they said if you eat that raw cheese that your body has a much easier time digesting it yeah man they have raw milk cheese the cheese it's made with raw milk as opposed to Cheez-Its made with homogenized and pasteurized milk I had his friend who was a surgeon from France really smart guy he was explaining this to me once and he had to smuggle cheese over from Europe to America they were terrified they're going to get caught in the skies of a cancer surgeon because of cheeses this is it snowing

► 00:25:00

yeah because it's illegal to have over they want you to be safe there's no bad guy here it's kind of like a double bad guy because you know what they're trying to do is prevent diseases they want milk to you to stay in the Shelf cuz like all of our Surplus and all the stuff that we have in terms of like green and food supplement like if we didn't have it and something went wrong it would be kind of sketchy and that's what happened somewhere around World War II that's why we created all the stuff in the first place like really weird and turns of stacking things up and surpluses and but milk can't stay Raw on a shelf very long that you would lose so much money because things get transported and if it's milk it's got to be local it's got to be pretty fresh but damn if you can get it if you can get it from like a real good like a Whole Foods Market or one of those Sprouts sometimes has raw milk taste better

► 00:25:59

Memphis has been exposed well it's the other places like Ralphs and Vons they're becoming more like diverse with their food Choice grass-fed meat in there and stuff like that and organic vegetables and so weird quinoa section is an empty section may I like how you never had k l z I'll make you a kale shake the freak out if feel like you're on drugs really so fired up so much nutrients just getting Joelton in your system

► 00:26:49

we got to try this I use Kale a giant thumb size chunk of Ginger for garlic cloves a pair and celery 1 through the wall when you're drinking the stuff your whole body is going in the fuck is all this because it's Blended down to it to absorb it right this is going right in there and getting broken down you feel great but then you better be close to bathroom so I'm really quickly like a fucking tsunami signed it's coming out your butt hole door it when it and it when it goes especially give you put all that's the other thing I forgot to add you need either coconut oil or MCT oil medium chain triglyceride oil it's essentially an aspect of coconut oil at they extract it's just a really strong healthy

► 00:27:49

a lot of people put in coffee and stuff and different different things but it's a it's a good dietary aide we have to put it in there because apparently is Lisa as it's been explained to me the nutrients absorbed in the body better if there's fat mixed in with them so that healthy MCT oil or coconut oil you put all that stuff in there then it allows your body to process Clips funny clip like a Sprint that seems to be the difference between making it to the bathroom and having a dreadful result I have some friends that you don't like to cook and eat in the food he's so I'm trying to walk the Fine Line it is hard to be on the road right it is very hard to eat healthy on the road I try to do the Whole Foods I'll try to get some soup and

► 00:28:49

you know smoke some chips or whatever for the room but I at 2 at 10 in the morning to the night it shows up at midnight you know I was to hang around and take pictures with people and now its 1 and I'm starving and there's nothing open that I can get the healthy dinner meal from protein bars everywhere I go out and protein bars those are two good things to bring if you just use it just try to get some nutrition just just to fill your stomach you hungry just let me just did so I'm not hungry anymore almonds are great because just a couple handfuls me about how do you know where did Muhammad I don't know if I'm allergic to almonds pecans I believe walnuts but not peanuts peanuts is not a nut grows in the ground

► 00:29:35

almonds pecans grow on trees so something like something weird there where I hope peanuts grow in the ground I did not know that did you know that a peanut is not old either crazy all my life I've never thought about a peanut tree look what the fuck's a peanut tree look like I'm never thought about that one even though Jimmy Carter I'm ever was a peanut farmer in Georgia feels like a big thing I know he was a peanut farmer Jimmy Carter was he was his family's with dick peanuts all day in the ground but even I never even felt like I could see in our if you said picture and orange tree I could say it

► 00:30:17

picture of peanut trawood what the fuck had oranges free full of squirrels so you look that's what it looks like so they pulled out of the ground so that's on the back of South Carolina

► 00:30:46

it really is a trip like that some food some of these plants are incredibly nutritious to your body and some of these plants will kill the fuck out of you instantly and nature Made people figure it out you to figure it out by trial-and-error imagine what it was like to make sushi out of it if you'd if you cut it instead of just not eat it together Chopsticks and bring it up to your lips and like to describe it is guys getting old maybe

► 00:31:35

what kind of Rod should wait Blowfish Sushi that's like the the wingsuit of sushi you know those crazy people that jump my friend Andy Stumpf they jump off cliffs chip get suits that's what that is for sushi eaters instead there's a lot of videos those guys dying if there was a video of a guy hitting a bridge going like a hundred plus miles an hour hit this bridge it was awful I mean fuck bungee jumping off a video about how fear I know amazing things are right on the other side of fear so he's been doing this thing where you just conquered all the Spheres and he has a group of guys at the professional

► 00:32:35

bungee jumping bungee jumping on his birthday his 50th birthday out of a helicopter over the Grand Canyon

► 00:32:45


► 00:32:46

This I Gotta See that seems like a terrible idea

► 00:32:52

we did a bunch of that kind of shit on Fear Factor man

► 00:32:56

we didn't the last season 4 the last season we did a couple of them that really had me freaked out but one of them they hook people up to these bungee cords and they were out of tied to like a post or something or tree or something I forget what it was that was Shackled they was a post and the person had to release them when I figure out which key goes in which lock and was like a race to do it and as soon as you release them they shot through the air because it was a helicopter hold onto a bungee cord behind them and then they were just dangling over this Canyon like bouncing up and down and I watched the first one like they did a test one and I watched it I was like yeah that mean they know what they're doing I guess you know what to do on these guys are like professional stunt guys but I was like I would not want to be that person attached to that bungee cord who was the person that came up with these things like I would watch the show I didn't mind a dangerous stuff like that just to eating like every time I'm like how did you know you could eat that won't kill you

► 00:33:56

do toxicology examination some certain bugs are grinding up and find out what you know what what's bad for you once not should know how to eat like they would do it with interns Port interns nice kids to distance and they would have to you know do like these really fucking difficult eating challenges of my money I would always give them whatever I had my pocket to the other than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for kids like can't chew it down and out right

► 00:34:48

is coming up yeah but that didn't scare me what scares me is like the bungee cords under the helicopter type shit that was like how do you know that that's going to work out right every time I don't know I had to take for Dover the Alec on 400 helicopter before bull nuts to just meet just eat it that's one of the easiest ones not to be super easy people love those things they called Rocky Mountain Oysters I've heard that yeah and I see that where they breaded them they like breaded and fried them yeah it's apparently people love them there they are Rocky Mountain oysters

► 00:35:49

man's dominion over animals

► 00:35:59

yeah, it doesn't bother me at all if you're going to eat the whole animal you might as well use balls to just out of respect that you know the whole thing about castrating them is strange 2 they only castrate him because they want them to be that's how you get a steer right like when they make steak right you get it out of a steer doesn't breed took a bowl that they snapped

► 00:36:35


► 00:36:37

select the date they must do that with grass-fed beef to write probably know what's the weather in the world

► 00:36:49

yeah if that doesn't bother you what kind of person you you know what what are you doing tip of the cap light in the Box we can't grow that keeps the meat tenderizers appointment now who's the person that came up with that one guy was an asshole job well here's the thing that I found from eating wild Meats Pacifica and I know that everybody can eat while me I'm very aware of that argument but that none of those animals I like that that they're living delivering this Buckwild nature life they're out there in the woods with creditors and their surviving right years in the mountains are mountain lions out there bears out there and these fucking things of figured out a way to get away from them and survive they're wired and alive and if you eat one of those it's just a different thing than eating these prisoners you know

► 00:37:50

that's the best thing that's that's bad to the be out in the wild living your life you're an elk or a human walks into this form that doesn't belong he's outside of and blows your fucking head true unless you like to eat out then it's awesome what you're looking for you know I mean we can decide all day like whose land is whose land like it's their land who are the elk live is their home they will walk right through your fucking living room and stomp your kid to death okay don't get it twisted I don't think they are our property because they love us and then we have a mutual agreement Now look up the backyard get the fuck back in your house cuz the Moose my fuck you really oh yeah especially if you come to your mama it's a mama in your calves

► 00:38:50

weather live there so big they're so big they're so big they like 20 dear but North America Canada like probably North Carolina and Colorado there's moose in Canada that a lot of moose in certain parts of Oye this Moose in Alaska moose moose is delicious but they're so big you can't believe how big they are

► 00:39:25

it's delicious but I like it better for you but the whole point was this whole vehicle thing like you know I don't want that like that is not like that's not you don't have to eat that like why do you even want that tender like what are you doing cuz he does it hurt when you chew with all that you doing what you doing I just want a good day Seafood City softer yeah we don't even want to work out but I don't think about you lazy ass off nah nah I'd rather keep this little baby cow hostage

► 00:40:11

all hogtied is horrible it is horrible that's one more horrible things about farming right they I guess they have free range veal to which is basically just couldn't stop imprisoned in order farm-raised chickens if you have a chicken house okay and you have a yard you don't have ever have to fence a chicken sent the only reason why fence chickens in is protecting them from other things at night like we leave the door I'll check the door open at the end of the day this go in there little chicken coop and climb up and fix their seats they know what do like that's that's their house they live there like they need to have some weird relationship with me to know I bring food so when I come around they get excited they follow me around but they've made it where they lived prisoners like they want to be there you have free range chicken yeah they're free range in the sense that I let them out all the time but it just think about his date at 2 not going to go

► 00:41:11

I would like to another state chickens do chickens hang around those green on the ground twice a day so we going to say it it's not even that when you let him out they go looking for bugs that's all they're doing they are the fuck everybody up everybody is dead every mouse dead anything to eat the fuck out of mice Jamie I think we need to play off plate clip for mr. rock yeah I didn't know either until I got them they eat mice they really spice down in a ferocious Manor to the point of his hat and a chicken comes over and shows how the fuck it's done so here's why I'm where they going to put them out in this truck isn't going to grab it from this dude that's not as impressive Jamie give me the one where the

► 00:42:08

the give me the one with the cat the chicken steals the mouse from the cat

► 00:42:19

we we had a mouse get into the chicken coop once just to just randomly this is at watch this be this chicken early this up cat cats thinking about getting a mouse a chicken's like bitch

► 00:42:34

did you fucking know how ferocious dude just consuming it see Catskill things that you free Bryson. Fuc up chickens are too crazy around my yard Jack and everything that moves you got 13 damn coyotes yeah yeah I was in Tampa until the Tampa Improv you seen chickens old man I just have a gardener that had he kept roosters fighting roosters and when it went over his house for something and he live in this sober Mexican neighborhood or like everything was in Spanish all

► 00:43:34

signs were in Spanish everything was like wow I mean it's like almost like everything's in Spanish everybody in his little area had boxes of chicken coops in the backyard just stop fighting fighting chickens like 5 houses on this one block

► 00:43:59

cultural fighting chicken so people fight dogs and then realize what the fuck you make a distinction between chickens and dogs cuz we eat chickens eat chickens and because you never really follow a bond with a chicken like chickens are always

► 00:44:21

the never really there for you. You know I like my dog's there for me I come home I'm with my man he gets happy I go what are you doing how are you sir he gets gives me kisses and hugs dog is a family member chicken is a meal to me he's he's he's he's patient and trying to see where the food is that's it no you just make the noise and I know it when they hear that and a box of dried worms we shake this box of dried mealworms and explain like I'm running it love those things that little face when you put your hand over when someone's like for sand dollars to kill each other

► 00:45:11

that's like a person like a family member that I can't remind making to fight to the death in the fighting to the death tell him you love him the most if he does it a dude if you fight to the death I would love you the most but you have to wait until be delicious he's just smart for like a plant smart for like you know like a

► 00:45:35

but not smart for a person right let you know he's not going for that you can talk him into talk off the top of your head sometimes you you say some shit we just exploring it like what reason would do that was to say it's fucked up with chickens to that's the reason why people would always misinterpret it and go with the worst is to say what's wrong with fighting dogs which is not who you say you are really saying why should you be able to fight why shouldn't we love chickens just as much because I went to an ashram once in this lady who is there she and I were having a conversation and I noticed that she had ant spray

► 00:46:33

and I said I would you do the ant's brain she goes well it's unfortunate but we have to use it because it answered and getting to the garbage I don't know what wow I go you guys are murderers you guys are killing ants and she started laughing she thought was kind of funny so that's one thing about Buddhist like a lot of Buddhist they don't take themselves too seriously to the point where they can't like crack out a little joke about that but the hypocrisy of the factor using bug spray at an auction but that's okay where is like if she was in her backyard invaded by house cats she just went out shotgun that you can't do that but you can spray the fuck out of this little boy

► 00:47:24

yeah yeah yeah you would think they would figure out a better way to keep those ants out

► 00:47:32

they're lazy they wanted to kill him just so lazy today with water not kill them is that you still feel some you still Texas dozens and dozens of ant if you just had a broom and you start hitting those ask you need to fuck up with you oh yeah then you get a chickenshit all of your kitchen while you sleep that up that's that's true maybe that's the move for for a Buddha if we find it answers here we getting answers but I wonder if they try to make the chickens vegetarian here what is this a year if you have an infestation use your vacuum to quickly get rid of the Invaders then immediately

► 00:48:32

vacuum bag in the outdoor compost pile or at some distance from your house do not use ant bait or poison like the sprays like raid that continue to the continue in the toxic waste stream from their point of manufacture to their ultimate destination in landfills beer run off for two at well that's very conscious of them so they don't use bug spray just use a vacuum cleaner you still going to kill some guaranteed you suck in those little tiny things into a huge metal to what could go wrong get a chicken man imagine if somebody like assume that you would be okay and they use something of proportionate size to suck you off the Earth on a pile of other people at the same time I think that's ridiculous what would you do if there wasn't a vacuum cleaner mr. Buddhist Answer Man

► 00:49:32

a vacuum cleaner is going to fuck those ants up

► 00:49:38

chicken East dance yeah I think I like when you're doing I think that's a smart way of thinking and either even further but I think anteaters just like to get to a mound of dirt and just go to town I don't know if I would like Hunter stick their tongues in the ant hole right right right right and just yeah what if they wipe them out real quick either that you have to feed and see like what kind of an asshole what eats an anteater what eats an anteater Jaguars Bears yeah

► 00:50:10

are you a psycho Buddhist do there is a crazy video that I tweeted of these Taurus walking through the woods and they're walking down a trail may run into fucking gigantic grizzly bear it is a terrifying video I didn't put on Instagram do this thing is so big and now I come right back up Sarah did you see the video of the poachers that went to kill the Rhino in The Lion butter lion killed a video of it I didn't know if they got a video but yeah that's fucked up that's fucking a few do I got jacked

► 00:50:57

who don't want anymore bears break

► 00:51:05

that's a good boy too

► 00:51:10

that's good things about motherfuckers it's following them it's circling around nothing is circling him mad it's going towards him that thing is way too close to him and it's like going in a circle

► 00:51:33

crappies huge hell no yeah they got lucky that I would have been gone the scary thing about that is that bear could have just decided randomly through some firing of his bare synapses to take a left instead of a right believe in what do you mean you don't believe in things you don't see it you know it's real but you don't believe danger know you don't believe in it so it's not a real thing in your world if you were outside and you saw that if you with those people in Australia you you blurt oh Jesus Christ this is my world would be if you were with those people if you went on that trip with that

► 00:52:30

that would be fucking one of the craziest things you could ever do your whole existence gets down to the chance that this thing makes a decision to go one way or another otherwise it's going to run you down and tell you but I know you like real real fast real fast man that is life and how many people died in Chicago last week some insane number

► 00:53:02

there's other reporting on the lack of attention that the murders in Chicago or getting in like the national news and how crazy that is how did it every time I go this how segregated to this

► 00:53:18

yeah I've never gone anywhere pilot together for killed 24 wounded in weekend shootings

► 00:53:30

28 people got shot dude that is crazy

► 00:53:36

28 people in a weekend afternoon standing on the sidewalk

► 00:53:46

Jesus Christ right there is a there is a war going on in Chicago that's way more deadly than most of the wars were engaging in overseas you don't hear about that many soldiers dying everyday now that's like that's real people in Chicago this year passes 1400 1400 people shot that's a good question what is this this is over the Year this year okay so let's Google how many soldiers were shot overseas this year

► 00:54:36

you know the that's a weird thing man we got a war going on if that was Mexicans invading North Dakota and shooting people not many people are dying everyday we would be taking action but because it's happening if it was a hundred and a hundred of them were white people it would be an issue this is something that people don't talk about 300 that's a weird statistic it's a terrible situation like culturally to have something this is a glaring Point memes

► 00:55:18

and people don't realize this is you know post-traumatic stress disorder is a real thing in the ghetto as well as in the hills of Afghanistan is real of course so when you see something that you like why these guys have guns on them it's like I'm just trying to get to school and back yeah I'm trying to work in back of course

► 00:55:38

it's you know when I protect those people it's exactly if they were stuck somewhere overseas and some in the middle of some more in on their American citizen to but please help there's a place as in like statistically the numbers of the south side of Chicago or all this is going down there's a place to tistic Lee in another part of the world we would be set of numbers anywhere else and it said it's a Francis if we had slid say Hawaii let's say if we just moved into Hawaii I just just took over Hawaii and then we're in an aerial people start getting shot and killed by locals like that we would want to read want to track those people we scooped him up from an island we think maybe shoot at the helicopters and we rested up that's a crazy number of people getting shot at year did I just started how many soldiers got shot deaths okay what's a dance

► 00:56:39

only like 1500 total since like 2001 since 2001 man comparison to the other number since January yeah that's insane that's crazy that is insane

► 00:56:57

and that's happening right here in the middle us of a and one of the biggest cities in the world Chicago's giant awesome City but Chicago is the most glaring travel around there so I don't know what happened or why it happened why they have this is segregation there and what it was all about Chicago man down where it's nice and everybody's you know Detroit has that to rights right as well yeah yeah yeah man then you go down south it's like that go to Louisiana free if you were the king or the president Tony Rod how do you fix this

► 00:57:42

you have to fix this this is this a process man first I always say number one in education right education is number one if you're just if you're getting a better education and you just avoid the pitfalls naturally because you just know that these certain things are wrong and yam and by getting a bit as you have opportunities to do you know you have music preciation you have the Arts you have sports you have things to occupy you during school hours and after school hours there's no type of any type of extra does gang life what you are born into which you are expected to go into once you are certain age you are at your man now his gun we don't like those guys those guys don't like us you don't even question it just like my father my grandfather my Big Brother's this way right into it and it's a war zone where you sleep and your family lives

► 00:58:42

soldiers but a war zone with families if you see the world then you could want to go places and see things then you realize like what are we doing here but these are people that I guarantee probably never left Chicago probably never went on vacation to the South to visit grandparents and realized it was nice and quiet and the people are friendly and they've never been to the zoo and saw animal in went home and Googled the mating rituals of this open your mind open your mind you see the world stuff that you involved in it becomes just so small blue I don't get it

► 00:59:32

soja keishin that tiny little area you know that he operates in with his living his life it does matter mean right yeah that's what so you get it scope of the bigger were there one day what do you attribute the having the ability to do that to having a mom and a dad or pops my father work two full-time jobs my whole childhood my fall the literally worked 80 hours a week so just to see him go everyday like that a student this dude works hard man didn't have a lot to show for it made sure his kids had mom was a teacher education was you know she sits on it you know it was my friend's dad my friend

► 01:00:32

no dad my friend two doors down no dad then crack came and that was everything fucked up everything thought of just the neighborhood started just to let you know that was like right leg crack was people that are alive today or young kids today they don't remember the 80s there was a plague a plane hit everybody knew somebody got hit and you so many people's lives were gone done done over people who are doing fine and then all the sudden

► 01:01:06

I remember it I remember it well yeah it was a weird and flying some of the shit we saw I saw a friend get shot in the head like talk to him on the corner

► 01:01:25

engage what's up man yeah we can play ball a D1 football a cool I'll hit you later turn to walk down the block looked at maybe you know a thousand feet away and look back to like just going to look around the neighborhood and saw a guy is when he was he look like a Big Daddy Kane album he had the flat top and a bunch of jewelry on on the corner on the Payphone this is beeper days when you got it and the guy ran up on him while he was returning a beat and just tried to Rob them and then he went for his got the guy just said right on the corner of my block right on the corner of my block

► 01:02:03

and I went home in my parents day looks like this is crazy and that's what I grew up but my vision was not confined to where I was it was I'm going to be you know once I get out of here I'm going to do this and once I leave here I'm going to be very fortunate to have those kind examples in of your dad worked at that new mom

► 01:02:24

very fortunate that's awesome yeah man it's hard for some people if they didn't get the break that you got in that and that regardless if I die don't I missed on me like I realize like if I didn't get that I didn't catch that last Chopper good for you man that sucks but that's that's where character comes from two means having someone like that as an example to call someone who can work two full-time jobs yeah and that is that's a force of will hard 8 hours a day for a long time 14 13 was your last summer enjoy yourself if there's any type of ball do what everyone do 14 you get the job wow

► 01:03:09

no he didn't play at all 14 job and now you know it's true that always seem like they have an extra gear you know I know a lot of dudes you went through like boot camp type dad's they did not like it but they can do some shit like I'm just a little bit more shit that they might not look like the fact of dabs always tell him what to do but these motherfuckers can hike 20 mi and not complain going to work things that what is rule was you know we have to take care of each other so my oldest brother of course he turns 14 first he's working he gets paid you have to give everybody $5 we got paid today give all your siblings. Wow Nick brother gets a job now two brothers working to give everybody $5 so we all had to do was like socialism that's cool that's very generous to

► 01:04:09

everybody that's forcing everybody to be in it together a smart and taking the rule was it was so many of them you have to fight all of them so that kind of kept a safe during this whole you know wow that's awesome

► 01:04:29

and what up it's a bad situation to be in but a great place to develop character opportunity right character there you know who you are you know what you're you know that you develop a sense of you know go and get it work hard no excuses nobody's doing it for you nobody's coming to save you you responsible for you

► 01:04:54

yeah man we all need to have a little bit more of that in our life and then also a little bit more Community to speak and grab you and make you sit down on the stupid ticket mother came home the guy in the bodega at the corner would tell you to sit inside and see your mother came home yeah people would they would police the neighborhood right now we don't talk to my kid don't touch my right get off my son don't touch my child there's a lot of that gets smacked by some lady wants World we're both like my cousin's a year younger than me so I might have been sick since she might have been 5 somewhere around there it wasn't any older than that and this lady cuff tear right in the face man this lady fell on the ice and my cousin just happened to be there and she was looking at her on the ground and she did not laugh at her believe said she laughed and the lady got up shoes

► 01:05:54

Angela she found herself just got up and smack my cousin right to face my cousin fell down I remember seeing it and realizing I couldn't do anything about it to save her to help her you know I was a little kid too and being terrified that this grown-up person just smacked his little kid in the head for something that wasn't even real like you don't want that either right it's like don't touch my kid is probably better in the long run that race that's not helping raise a child that's the building so we always died and you would be walking by that apartment going what the fuck is that what is that smell somebody died and it is crazy how bad it smells it's so bad people smell so bad when they died since saying the entire floor smelled like a body

► 01:06:54

it was so gross I just remember it was a terrible terrible smell in the hallway and then they realize that this lady died in her in her apartment send they going to get the body but I don't remember how long it took for them to clean up the smell the smell was unbelievably bad and if somebody moves in all the neighbors like yeah they don't tell you shit tell you that the house they have to tell you now like if someone got murdered in the house I think that's a law that's not a lot of whatever happened to the craziness

► 01:07:53

do you believe in haunted houses and not really no not really I have an experience I don't I don't I don't believe in ghosts but I don't not believe in ghosts have you experienced normal nope but imagine you're out in the desert

► 01:08:13

and all the sudden you see an apparition walk towards in the desert and then it looks like I got a teacher that you knew from like 7th graders this is that night that night

► 01:08:31

then vanish vanish is right in front of you do tell people Tony Rock Stone crazy you know you would do it even if the people you trust them okay I'll put you in the category of crazy you do have to go into that category but have to say well every time I talk to him seems really funny guy will you say I think I saw it I was out there by myself it was night time you know I was talking to dude once pulled out his phone starts show me pictures of clouds I go what is out of here is another one but I see them everywhere like what do you say he was flying saucer these are cruise ships from outer space

► 01:09:29

turn clouds inside the cloud he's got his phone was like there was Jack Nicholson in The Shining all work no play makes Jack a Dull Boy just types it over and over again. This dude is whole phone was just clouds he shows me the pictures on his phone I was like of pictures of clouds grown man older than me was I going to say

► 01:09:57

okay I usually that's what I usually say okay there's nothing to say you think those are spaceships I'm looking at clouds and you think their spaceship something's wrong here I don't want to be mean seems like a nice guy okay it's probably the best bet yeah what do you say hey man maybe he's right maybe he has some they live glasses that I don't have none of that movie with Rowdy Roddy Piper he's looking at those photos and he see some shit that my puny brain can't see that's possible to what if people can see stuff like that I think it's entirely possible that people have senses that they can detect things and feel things that they've the real question is how many of those people are being honest about it and how often does it really happen cuz there's a tendency does the Tennessee people love to pretend they have some psychic power or they have some paranormal gift or they're different and exceptional and some way without earning it from everybody else people

► 01:10:57

how to do that like I just have a sense I have a sense I wouldn't I just know I just know I just have a fucking Instinct that I always go but it doesn't mean you're always right so you got to wonder like how many people really do feel like something's wrong when something's wrong and how many people really do like no not to go to a place like something is telling them not to go at something strong and how many people just full of shit and how many people did the fact pretend they had a voice that told him not to do it but the voice but I know that that's real that's that thing to say hey don't go there has been times in my life where I do know just followed the Instinct and ended up you know how the other brother's mad right now

► 01:11:53

and he went to the hospital and I was at work and my brothers called me like that and I didn't know where the hospital was I jump on the train I took the train a few stops I jumped off I jumped on another train so I can a few stops I jump on it up. You know how you transferring in New York City subway on 3rd train and take a few stops and get off and come to the street and I asked the guy walking him in the way of Kings County Hospital is and he says right there

► 01:12:20

and I had no idea I just fucking felt it like I got to get to my brother wow and I literally hate and I just got it find my brother and that's all I was thinking about how

► 01:12:36

yeah I believe you I believe that's real I know for a fact that I'm thinking about you going to be home with me but I don't know if there's something that happens sometimes when you think about someone they call you so far out of your memory right like you haven't talked to them in a year and a half and you like to what did you know I was just I was just thinking of you like man I just thinking about you just call and check and see what's up what is this Ghostbusters laws many states passed legislation the 1980s and early 1990s to protect sellers in real estate brokers from fires claiming they were damaged by the sellers failure to disclose the presence of ghosts wow became known as Ghostbuster laws after the 1980s Arrow movie comedy Connecticut first appeared in 1990

► 01:13:36

wow psychological impact is a thing psychological impact became in non-material

► 01:13:45

non material fact concerning real property the overhaul also replace the reference to HIV with a reference to the commissioner of Public Health list of reportable diseases reportable diseases

► 01:14:04

wow man

► 01:14:07

is this all that yeah I mean I guess we have to do that right they have to do that mean you don't want someone to know that like there was a house that I saw on Boulder that was for sale this is the house for JonBenet Ramsey was killed and they couldn't sell it I think even changed the name of the street or something crazy like wow and they still couldn't sell it and it was like a really nice house people would just like no thanks that house is just poison that's why God Bundy right down there could be some fucking psycho move there and I don't want to live where the king left the condo is still there I'll just house is gone but the Nicole murder scene is still all really

► 01:15:08

so I just made a call

► 01:15:10

that's sad yeah that's what I was one of those stories

► 01:15:17

now I'm wondering whether or not reference Ghostbusters number one they usually say goodbye I don't think in court they ever use those names right they just use like the the docket number

► 01:15:36

that's too bad you got to say Ghostbusters come get a call

► 01:15:44

damn that's hilarious

► 01:15:47

yeah. Have you ever been a place where it felt weird we found someone died there ever been in a place where you feel my presence right that you can tell that you can feel every time I was at a concert once in a bra broke out and I quit I was a security guard and I was in Neil Young concert it broke out I put a hoodie on a zipped it up recovered my security outfit I'd walk right the fuck out of there and clocked in the head by work to cancel the show and kicked everybody out fires I was at dr. Dre got jumped in the Young Bucks that the guy I was there for you. This is back when you pee in one of the execs from UPN was there

► 01:16:47

her young son he will who wanted to see all the rappers and he's sitting at the table with us and I saw like the G Unit group come in and I forgot to get lady's name I said I know you might want to get your kid out of here something's about to go down and she's like what do you mean I'm about to go get to skip it was a little whiteheads on my face melee Young Bucks that I told you Cheese's in like 2 days later on said she's just like how did you know that like I know the energy in the room I can feel it

► 01:17:35

I've been around it too many times

► 01:17:37

that's a crazy feeling too and people have got to do something where did you know that look you look at it I will pass you one time and you looking look around the room and okay it's about to go it's about to go

► 01:18:01

yeah people that have never experienced that I wouldn't know what to do it wouldn't do it think nothing of it like that lady I should never seen no signs before I've been on the road this was recently like maybe 3 months ago I had a my future at my future comic with me he's from Chicago actually and we in the club after the show and it's couple guys talking in the corner and I said something to a girl she's like I have a small talk as she walked over to the group of guys and one guy walks over and stands at the end of the bar here and one guy standing in the bar here and I turned in my friend Dave and I go yeah you ever been a fight in the bar before I get ready mother fucker you bout to be in one cuz I saw it and then third guy comes over and so funny

► 01:18:56

so he kind of just squash it cuz I guess they didn't know who I was

► 01:19:00

cuz I said something a girl from shot you things like that so let you know that I got to go

► 01:19:21

yeah if you ain't never been around violent people you probably don't smell that Vibe why you smell that Vibe that's a valuable tool to have if you're in those places that's if you on the road and cities you know yourself on the road you know maybe have a local friends like to know taking my friends Club you want to meet you someplace like how do I get out of here where are we might surprise how's the traffic on the hill somewhere us to take you in a shuttle to park your car here sorry are you fucking kidding me you're going to the shadow party did the show there's not very many black people I was like I was like hey bro you super funny man let's go get a drink let's go to the bar right down the street I'm a New Yorker right down the street is literally right down the street right they get a truck he pulls the truck around before he pulls out

► 01:20:21

what is two guys in the front and he's trying to get a point of reference if I got to jump out the truck is Iowa is nothing as far as you can see right or left of the truck just Highway and grass right so there's nothing like my jump out which way I don't know this is how girls have to feel every time they getting a guy's car that's so we pull up at a barn a barn and the two guys are excited they jump out and they run around the other side of the bar in this way they turn and I can't see

► 01:21:10

and I see the neon like this is girls girls girls I have never been so excited to see the ugliest rappers in the world buildabeast is chains hang up the Raptors exactly oh my God it's happened before that's the crazy thing about people like the worst you know I'm watching the show Vikings ever watch Jamie got a binge. Good God damn show think I'm on season 3 or 4 I can't remember it but it took a good fucking show but it just shows you how brutal people were back then like every day someone getting fucked up on that show that shows a guarantee people going to die every episode of people getting drowned people holding them on the water people little kids are killing people in taxes like the its crate that show is fucking

► 01:22:10

crazy everyday people getting jacked and murder to kill enjoy it but the point is like these people were like this was this was life for these right right. That was a real world real world situation this is a real thing. To know how I fight in a pop off to know a guy strapped to know when is this is our reality what's crazy is that we liked it the Viking style a living doesn't exist but it does they just use guns now rice is happening like that would guns that's all it is it's basically that same kind of like conqueror Survivor mentality bullets and fuck you and fuck him and you guys

► 01:23:10

this time it's just confined to certain areas now it's not spreading out like the Vikings did in giant boats and getting on the seat and some aspect of it was just so you know

► 01:23:23

trying to discover new lands yeah yeah they were trying to farm and I could see what it was really like back then cuz it's like you watch the show on the show is really cool but you know their actors and they're doing a great job and everything that you still know their actors and you watch them do things everything's really well. He's a really well-done show but still you like man I wish I could see it in real life just be where where was happening in real life imagine just being alive back then when the best clothes were made out of fucking animal hides he just draped in buffalo skin always take the boat out catch fish and bring them in at people be waiting on the doc see if they're going to eat tonight I just only like 200 people in the town so

► 01:24:23

baby right in front of you yeah wrapped in a blanket and that was it that was it that's how people lived forever people live like that for a long time and I actually would have big thrived right but wouldn't you take this over that I would take this yes like you fucking asshole you want to be a viking I want to drive it will be like no no fuck ride the horse dude I drove in the Escalade today that shit is so smooth it's comfortable Desi it's time yes I played this music the music wirelessly charge my phone right there on the site it would be like you're an asshole if you want to live like a campers Edison guy doesn't have an exact I need this yeah yeah and if you don't take care of that problem this is the thing I could never gets better it's like a part of it so I give you if you were a person and you had like a thing that was wrong with

► 01:25:23

like a big cancerous lesion on your leg and just ignored it fuck it whatever Keep On Truckin exactly what any sort of crime infested area is it a problem that if you don't address is not going to get any better that's what I was going to get worse how do you stop as much crime how do you give people like counseling like Moody

► 01:25:59

you can do that that's what do you run the risk of taking guns away from people that could defend themselves in a really dangerous areas filled with Guns by taking my by taking the guns out like what about people that are also so who runs the bakery at the end of the day I read that at that has eight that has a business that provide goods and services for the neighborhood that one for sex that one section keeps her. Did you see that recent video does a crazy video These two gals behind the stove and one lady cooking

► 01:26:47

but that got no matter if he had a gun that's a good thing for people to see this is why I'm not saying everybody should have done it's a good thing for people to see because you only hear the other side you only hear guns being dangerous and killing people you don't hear people like that lady that just saved yourself from getting the fuck beat out of rat with a gun and a guy comes in to 323 guys hoodies on mask on you see the guys coming through the door pulling their meds down cuz like on the camera right and then you see a guy walk away from Georgia play he walks camera shooting this way so he walks out of range of the camera

► 01:27:30

and when the guys come in he comes back blasted phone well I got uses gun Jesus he just start shooting since um it was customers in the store trying to buy a watch for your wife and a gun fight breaks out and a guy just come down to go

► 01:28:07

who sings Love I just have too much PTSD to get married right now that's hilarious hilarious yeah but she can you buy the business you keep you can keep your gun yeah just got out of the corner 20 guys on the corner of cops stop them first okay taking these guns it's going to be hard to get them all man in the problem is defining who gets to keep one who doesn't get to keep on this very sketchy something to do when school lets out get to take the guns and they have to be you know counseling for drug offenders in the take the guns and it has to be jobs in the neighborhood

► 01:29:07

what you tell it can be done yeah you definitely get the illegal guns right if you could somehow another get access to them the illegal guns the legal ones are going to be real tough cuz if someone has a gun legally and they haven't committed a crime it's going to be real hard to take that gun away from but I don't think the guys that are illegal gun I'm pretty sure isn't the guy that drove past the part that's not up but then you got to worry about the people with legal guns getting robbed for their guns right you know if guns become a shortage the whole thing is very it's a it's a real problem and it's very it's very complicated I think try to completely solve it and how do you get these people that are in that life that are everyday involved in gang violence and everybody that's in gang life wants to be there I think you're right

► 01:30:07

this neighborhood. Right you're right I think if they had an opportunity to know the kid that is a very good basketball player that his uncle was it like I said this family lineages gang life if he had a chance to go play basketball somewhere he would take that chance I think you're totally right and I think in the absence of any other chances that's when it becomes something that's an option I think it's all about the same feeling that people get when they join gangs or when they're like a staunch right-winger or a staunch left-winger I think it's all the same thing so I have a desire to belong to something to make something that makes your life have more mean I don't feel like it has more meaning you don't have time it's like a I told my little brother just yesterday

► 01:30:58

that's the reason why they call them followers cuz they just want to get behind that they don't even understand if you'd like a lot of people like I'll get girls are like hey I love what you're doing I saw your shows like the random guy was like you know shit you just Chris's brother you ain't you ain't shitt it's like dude that's what you like you think that's going to hurt me like that but if you just want you just want it to be involved in this part of the units you want attention you don't know how to get it what the problem is the desire to do that in the first place or who the fuck are you like why would you want to do that why you want to make somebody feel bad for no reason right cuz you just want to be involved in in some capacity here's a tip to anybody thinks like that there's no way you're not a loser it's impossible it does not a single winner alive that would write something like that absolutely go strolling through Instagram accounts looking for Shake

► 01:31:58

it's like an excuse for why you're not winners it's weird you know and I think it's a lot of it is people not having good examples around them in the grown up getting fucked over being in a bad situation took which is developing shity people or at least people that have shity ideas

► 01:32:16

in the Cycles we're just doesn't ever get better at certain spot I agree I think I'm making more shity people that is more City people that before I group but I feel like we can put a curb on that I feel like I could slow it down I really do that we curved have to change the way they think about shit is the it's this time is too short to be shity you know what everybody's been cheated I've been City before I'm sure you've been with Jamie shity the other day we all have been you know it's just people have to figure out a way to do that last and resist the urge to do it that average to do it as a batter it doesn't help anybody you just you just feel good cuz you made somebody feel bad like for what you need to know Tony Rock why you why you talking shit to him like what is that dude bro the fake

► 01:33:06

that that's like a fake since I'm feeling better about yourself doesn't really make you feel better but doesn't at all and if he doesn't affect me it doesn't hurt me it one bit it also defines you to yourself cuz you know you're not a winner cuz it's impossible you think Elon Musk goes in and trolls on Twitter and says mean shit to people talk about girls asses cuz he doesn't have the time for that right he's a winner he's busy rescuing we got those kids out of the cave in Thailand that's one of those type things every few years like a little kid falls into a well why does that happen

► 01:33:43

no man we need to fix well sword that shit's not be an option A year that's the bad kids fall down a well in Texas right eye places we can go to Mexico real quick sneak over there and by far from every every fourth of July in Brooklyn is like my closest thing to a video Across America you know how they have those time lapse videos and you can see every kid ever documented that lost a finger in a firecracker accident hands are at war with fire but you just look across the country and see you from get out from California to New Jersey and just see every possible Xavier it would just be there every year every year

► 01:34:43

show it to me 2 years ago he blew up his hand

► 01:35:06

so you that was it goes over football defense in the man I don't know what that is that's the middle finger middle finger middle finger know what the fuck man that is terrifying

► 01:35:41

wow they said that on the 4th they like good for him good for him he getting some spots you know I'll give you want a border City just sneak over to Juarez Diego La Jolla La Jolla Comedy Store we took a drive down to Tijuana and there's a weird feeling you get in the 90s man this is like when it was still too you want to come by now people go there for cheap dental work yeah yeah cost of living over there cheetahs in Beverly Hills real estate

► 01:36:41

Ashland not a dentist it's like it's easier if you just go go to Juarez what is it is at the dentist right on right on the Main Street isn't that crazy so you pick the first Tijuana clinic for cosmetic dentistry Holla At Your Boy want to get some pearly whites son I'm tired of these marijuana and coffee stain Choppers I'm going down there imma come back pretty I'm not going to say shit Jamie I'm just going to disappear if I tell you I'm going on a hunting trip and then I'll strike out and then I'll come back with some shite Choppers come back from Tijuana with big tits on Titan the other one

► 01:37:32

big tits are weird one man because we never accept anything like that on a dude but a girl will like take it like a guy like fake traps look I just put fake trap sings they found the girls like trap so there was nothing that was so much easier than that that's what it is like your butt is so big jump so high my blood done last year girl be like what what what did you say and then he said he said I got my butt done that's what he said

► 01:38:32

it is just like me. Well that guy's aggressive

► 01:38:38

that's funny yeah well if women can hear the ridiculous show that men say when they're not all the time that shit that makes us laugh things people try to pretend that we mean everything we say to especially, comedy comedy didn't come through right right that's the problem it's like sometimes some of the stuff we just joking you know like stop being so serious most of it more sensitive time for comedy that's what I'm being told and that's what I see in news but I refuse to do no change anything I do kind of can't right I'm not doing it I'm not having issues statement later is like I was I was saying a joke man if you didn't take it you didn't take it the bad

► 01:39:38

it's just supposed to be funny stupid right it was funny to somebody it's weird it's okay to do in a movie but you can have some ridiculous scenes in the movie but when you have a ridiculous thing that you're saying but people take it as a fact cuz cuz not even act because you did it right. You said it

► 01:40:03

it's interesting I think this is a like a very unique time and communication is one of the reasons why I stand up his little bit more challenging right now but I think that's all good thing man challenging is good very good and make all good it's all good it's all good it's all interesting up the first quarter I was on told Mike Epps Mike Epps we went out from January till like March April and then I do my own thing you went on a tour tour at the real deal every week like 10,000 12000 Jesus Christ incredible man when you're doing a week Friday Saturday it was 3 episode 3 Day weekend with your Sunday also every week Friday Saturday and then you working in the city at all you working in

► 01:41:03

sharp as fuck right right did I do that and then from there I do not do 20 maybe 25 minutes with Mike then when that leg is done I do from April May to October septum in October funny bones Improv Comedy Club with the guys I bring up and we do that until you know Ellie needs me I'll be on the road and now we just They just added more dates for Mike for the fourth quarter so he's doing West Coast now we doing Portland and San Fran and Oakland and San Diego that's why I'm like what the fuck is going on like how come people have caught on to the fact Tony rocks when the funniest guys a lot of lady at the whole world is sleeping and I said that's a fucking best compliment ever held the thing is man you been under the radar but getting better like I remember I got enough to you

► 01:42:03

I remember how long ago this conversation was how long you doing call me now 9898 so I think we had this conversation more around the like your 2000 ish it was it was fairly recent in like you start doing stand-up we were talking at the Laugh Factory and I remember coming up to you I'm good dude you got good like you got good like you you really made a big jump that's and I'm saying I'm Workin Man I'm out here working everyday and I remember watching that set and thinking I don't remember what year this was what I want to say is like 2002 or 3 or something like that watch that settles like I do this guy's about to pop

► 01:42:41

nice yeah I'll be under the radar until I'm there that's the thing every time I see you getting better as a good thing and then people say oh he blew up but it not knowing that like you said it's a fucking baby I see you you know I see you all the time does The Trenches man we working that's how to do it's the only way to

► 01:43:22

it's the only way in this crazy business we're businessman so much stuff going on in the world this material out there yeah there's always something fucked up going on especially today in your life this stuff going on this is one of the strangest times I think ever to be a comedian cuz like what does the Great Southern Raiders versus other states like what do I do with the dictators TV star for president and first lady was in Playboy this lady was the very first hot as fuck first lady

► 01:44:17

right no doubt you haven't seen all the first lady so that's true she's the very first hot as fuck first lady we never said I was supposed to say shut your mouth Tony Rock she was okay she's okay she's I'm sure wonderful woman but my line is like stunning she's like supermodel stunning yes question when she was younger man she's a beautiful woman like undeniably

► 01:45:06

and you both had a couple cocktails and she touched her thigh are we pulling a picture of what you doing Jamie just show a photo of Melania is just how she's wearing which is wearing just dressed more conservative now like if you look at her in the far-right pick you know she's more conservative that there's not even a close second she knocked down the park that's a legitimate professional hot chick who's the first ladies first ever save your bickering sir stop this

► 01:46:06

different way. It's like the beginning that door song that's what that is that's top of the food chain right there apparently she isn't into looks as much maybe she just likes the way he treats her yeah

► 01:46:44

do you like living around here I'd like La I don't love it it's not like oh my God I'm such a New York I just I'm used to that and how long have you been living here now 10 years and years ago but like the first three hours I would go home every you know I was here from the TV show so the whole time the people who like New York specially New York Comics they say that New York Comics it's it's more harsh like it's more fun when people insult each other more just like there's a camaraderie desire where were you when was more so with black Comics, I got unfortunately I have the brother that everybody's like yeah

► 01:47:43

that guy regarding his brother he doesn't have to work hard

► 01:47:57

like Keenan and Marlon Damon rather

► 01:48:04

what day did stuff together Keenen Ivory Wayans and Damon Wayans like when they were both they're both famous the exact same time

► 01:48:13

people forget how funny Damon was famous monster still monster when I see him in the 90s he had a last his last stand up I think he called it it's using my phone down it is one of my all-time favorite special yeah hilarious it is Tommy Hearns piece 2D is so funny the guy who would come in do late night spots of The Comedy Store you just show up and you know they put them up whenever you got there and he would just completely Explorer ideas again don't worry about rent like he wasn't concerned about getting the laugh he was working it out on stage a hundred times

► 01:49:13

but you also want to retain the room cuz they are the show to write so David I think the best the dancing through that line he knows how to create new material better than I think anybody I've ever seen him in a bit yeah yeah and that shit is impressive he's such a nice guy I think he's so likeable like Mark Hurley one of the nicest fucking guys like when he would come to the comic store everybody would light up just so nice always fun I like to go relax like a back when he was doing hanging with mr. Cooper he drop in and do that haven't seen him in a long time

► 01:50:03

how big is on tour with the cat right now he's got a sleeper Bronco I think he still has it he had this like 1980s black Bronco but he had it all done up but he had a head like a engine upgrade in its suspension upgrade tires Wheels whole deal urban assault vehicle I got powerful rockabilly could just look like older Broncos images house on the road but meanwhile those things like 2 and up classic cars

► 01:50:41

really nice funny guy I got to get me some old schools I did die to get hit by a tree fuck that's right did it catch on fire

► 01:50:59

oh man I got it starts but that's the Bronco yeah the storm last year took Mark Curry's Bronco he love that thing man that was it was a total sleeper the car is a sleeper sleepers they like to drive around no notice car tint yeah you got to move around when you want to go that's a move man on No Nonsense Bronco I need an old school what kind of 50/50 the Chevy with the like the bubble yeah but this one that a lot of people there's a very specific Chevy pickup truck I need that I need one of those 1950 Chevy pickup wow

► 01:51:58

it's crazy what they can do to those two I mean who had ever thought if you looked at one of those and in The Flash in 1950 did someone have something like that in 2018 that looks like something from the movie cost $6,000 in 1950 how much

► 01:52:14

what's gas how much did a pickup truck cost in 1950 I say $1,500 how much should a pickup cost in 1950 Here We Go drum roll please

► 01:52:33

nothing popped up off the top

► 01:52:38

give me pricing for now too so I'm trying to see how is right how much did a pickup truck cost

► 01:52:47

people the price of in

► 01:52:50

retail price in 1950

► 01:52:54

people listen to this bored out of their fucking mind right now that you really care why do you care what a pickup truck cost 1950 are they watching live some people just like to lay nice I think it's too late that we are two facts about how much it cost $1,243 that's crazy insane nice that I want to be the first night of course I have the firebird on the front in the hood

► 01:53:48

they are Ford Mustang that Eleanor Gone in 60 Seconds car that the car at the Corvette beautiful car I'm 65 convertible espanol looking cars ever made in the world that is incredible yeah no I think it means something I think Eleanor when you say it backwards like whatever the

► 01:54:32

acronym is the find it I think that's what they did I think they took some kind of tuner thing some someone's name and used it backwards like Roanoke

► 01:54:47

that it is that I remembered very vaguely the story about how they came up with the name Eleanor

► 01:54:54

anyway see if you can find it yeah definitely that too dope fucking car super dope maybe I'm thinking the opposite maybe when I'm thinking of it someone made a car that's like Eleanor but they spell it backwards I think that might be it it just says Eleanor is the only afford 1 Mach 1 in his to receive a car title credit take the word Eleanor and spell it backwards and Google that I think there's a car that they're making where they spell Eleanor backwards I think is where I'm getting it what would be Eleanor

► 01:55:33

2005 Ronelle Mustang see there it is yeah that's what it is that's why I fucked up yeah so there's a Mustang that they were there were spelling Eleanor backwards to make a dope Mustang oh okay okay not bad not bad for Monarch are those cars like that year like into the 2015 and 16 when they kept all they got rid of the live rear axle somewhere around

► 01:56:09

I want to say like pretty recently like 2012 or something like that when was the latest Mustang released the latest model Mustang before that leads to have a solid rear axle like a muscle car handle terrible but it was fun go but you would stop on the gas I think we go sideways it would burn out everywhere it was really like having a modern muscle car was like anti-lock brakes and allow the stick shift and you buy it from the factory with 550 horsepower and ridiculous car models models of the GT 500 or 700 horsepower rear wheel drive rear axle cargo side with

► 01:56:59

I need that I need that I don't know but they apparently that's like great though those old-school muscle cars for grip in the ground something about having everything all in one special and often did those two black stripes on the asphalt as it goes sideways love it I love it dance 65 Corvette it's an old Rumble believe from what I just read that that car was only made for made for maybe even used in that original movie and the guy that made HB Toby haliki wrote starred and directed that movie so oh wow Hearts his car so I think they made several versions yet that's all video of them selling one of them they're selling one of them online yeah but

► 01:57:47

is a company called classic Recreations that they make those now they'll dough make you at so I can get a frame know they do the whole thing from the beginning out and they make you look like a brand new version of a 1967 Mustang but with modern engine modern suspension for some rich dude I just seen you look as want one thing about this like Flossin right if you have a Lamborghini doors go up you know there's something about that Ferrari same thing you pull up but if you pull up in one of those things that's that's a different kind of enjoyment that's like your driver Auto art piece exactly you know

► 01:58:42

people are just going to stop you at 8 plus in terms of like the impact it has on a guy's a particular stupid girls don't care about that as much like I think that one that one so pretty what is the photo up again at Silver won the 1967 silver one that you just head out

► 01:59:12

look at this again yeah Jesus Christ that's pretty let me guess the one from the $700,000 4 million 1 million what the main one from John Wick from algon and sixty seconds in it was the movie John Wick 6969 they got stolen I killed his dog install the golf you got a 70 Chevelle Chappelle that's another one that's how I got to get Impala to Anita calling you know what's even more classic I think that's a Mach 1

► 02:00:12

Facebook Facebook I see a car like that like oh my goodness look at that thing that is America's like two pieces to that thing they do not drive that good did you not because Alex pretty stock they do not handle very well don't terrible Honda Accord you'll blow that thing off the road that's one of the best looking cars of all time top 3 1969 Mach 1

► 02:01:04

Hendrix was alive that is car was out what is a sexy vehicle right there and you're starting 69 right you could you have been on your way to a God damn Hendrix concert in that car 1969 you would be the man to imagine you pick up your girl should hit you up

► 02:01:22

people you know they were doing different then almost bought in Topanga Canyon what is a Corvette Stingray I guess is Tops on Jimi Hendrix Corvette holyshit see funny other pictures of that thing looks like a shock Jimi Hendrix had a baby before that that's a different one but yeah those are crazy looking go to that other one that was just on that

► 02:02:09

this is it right here that's so there's only a couple pictures of the car from the top two Corvettes damn he had two Corvettes but that was both his back to back that we were looking at two different ones oh yeah Jimi Hendrix knew how to live old school man dinosaur giffels woody Drive Tony have a Cadillac like it I like it I got it I got the STS next couple months have a crazy new Sedan coming out which one it is some something V some Big 4 door super-powered ultra-comfortable El Mirage El Mirage El Mirage El Mir AJ I've been waiting for years for this car and everytime I go to the auto show they like yes, next year so I wait wait wait that sounds like a superhero in the Robert Rodriguez movie

► 02:03:08

the El Mirage

► 02:03:11

look at this mother fucker is Cadillac I've been waiting for this car next year that's a 2-door holy shit I've been waiting patiently for the kids we thought about what cars will look like in the future that's what they look like in the future look at the front end of that thing like the headlines those are crazy look at that man

► 02:03:36

that has such a futuristic like pause there for that picture and make that a little bit bigger that is such a futuristic shape to look at the leather on the inside and look at that Grill look on that Grill integration this is how girls gold shoes like oh my god do you see how strappy they are you say it's strappy 4 years I've been waiting for this girl

► 02:04:03

why you such Cadillac dude my father drove a Cadillac it's a tribute to my dad I like if the last call my pops had before he passed away was a burgundy Cadillac and he has for me he loved it so much and I didn't know grown grown up in New York I need to call they make some old school cars 2 that you could actually get fixed up and drive around that some 70s Eldorado get you one of them definitely do that two-door El Dorados color what color would like to scratch that scratch that

► 02:05:04

In-N-Out Burger like I got your money Daddy I like the burgundy all fresh Chrome I mean you got to respect the fact that takes a long time to stop those Firebird convertible Eldorado

► 02:05:26

the convertible Eldorado best-looking on a 76 convertible Eldorado what a shape that was back when they didn't know what the fuk aerodynamics was like what look at that what year is that Jamie 67

► 02:05:48

that's nice people just throw these in normous boats look at the size of the trunk it's crazy that can fit like a smart card no problem that's a nice day just went through a. Of time with your making huge giant boats like the the suicide door Continental you talked about that all the time all the time classic got to love that another best car ever made that I would never want to park anywhere 1968 Charger I saw a 1968 Charger all done up similar is that is that you're 68 or 69 sharks like in anyone click that does not in any way practical in terms of its shape like it's got to be that wins got to go into that Grill in a weird way probably slows it down it's like having a little mini

► 02:06:48

shooting in front of your hood

► 02:06:54

I think they do turtles go back to the original picture was beautiful

► 02:07:00

look at that I think that's what I'm talking about like that car just represents a different world that's a fast and furious right 1978 got weird cuz then they put the bumper all around the front like a big oval that like somebody got crafty leave the front bumper what what did you just do it the rage back then that people love roll up Headlights

► 02:07:52

that's a good picture Jamie but the other ones better because you could see the known as the black one right next to it cuz you can see the other but yeah that weren't there because you can see the grill ignite a little bigger like look up goofy that is the goofy the grill is the bumper and the grill or liked it so I got a bumper and a down bumper like what are you doing why did you do that don't do that you had a perfect to fuck some guy was like those people on coke was the 70s there like my idea about the double pumper bump on top of the bottom Tony Mass to fucking move its 1 but I look at that it doesn't look as good it still looks badass 1969 1969 The Sweet Spot that's when they nailed it and then they fucked it up they should have made a 1969 charger

► 02:08:48

yes it was that was Dukes of Hazzard look at that one that black one up on the upper left-hand corner right there upper left there I didn't look at that all my goodness what a shape those people just had a different way of looking at automobiles they weren't can find Bye Bye Under stopped in the morning I've been two similar things I've been to the LA Auto Show to the spring interesting but I guess those cars and coffees and things ever done one of those know I heard those are pretty bad ass people like pull up with weird cars Jay Leno show showing up in Irvine and all of his success with Cadillacs got to get it that's interesting how to get it so no matter how big you got Cadillacs

► 02:09:48

got to get it I like it man I like it's a different it's a different kind luxury car you know and they're really doing it right now to take the thing is, it's amazing that ass yeah yeah I like to know what farm but that's the new BMW 7 so most of it is one version of its most expensive BMW that I've ever made and it's supposed to be the most technologically-advanced yes yeah that's a difference between living here and living in New York living in New York so many people don't have cars

► 02:10:48

then you start you have to find parking at you go fuck this comment as I fuck this but yeah and when you drive down the street you see ones with boots on them people they don't realize how much the tickets just piled up until we have a ticket they won't put another one I don't know in New York they don't put a ticket on top of a ticket with no car living in a city in really totally work but the Challenger work perfect

► 02:11:48

did they stop making that right anymore I don't think Ford makes anything other than Mustangs and trucks I think they gave up on every single car they may bring the Bronco back I know that that was a move they made who said yeah I think they decided real recently in the Ford Focus I can accept the Mustang and just go to make trucks really fucking crazy I think they're probably make that for GT2 and limited numbers but yeah I think of what is a different company that takes a Mustang and then they put an aftermarket kit on it Steve celine's company they do Corvettes in a bunch of the shit to I do a bunch of different it's like Hennessy give her her that Hennessey Hennessey Performance

► 02:12:48

say like that do it to El Dorado or Eldorado way they'll do it to Escalade they'll do it to Corvettes and Mustangs will take a regular car put a thousand horsepower in it and sell it so it's but it's not I mean it's not just a Corvette it's a Hennessey Corvette now it's like you know like a Saleen Mustang is like dealerships some Ford dealerships sell salines some of them do that you can buy them all Passenger cars except the Mustang trucks then the Broncos to the Steve McQueen movie that's the green car is look at that thing damn that is gorgeous

► 02:13:41

great movie by the way yeah it is great movie that nailed it though see Ford nailed it with this mustang they figured out a perfect way to make a shape that makes you think about old cars but look like a new car

► 02:13:53

are they called Ode to the past to the past two nights and Tony Rock tornado to wrap this up we just talked about cross the last time I hope you didn't do it please go see Tony Rock no bulshit you guys alive and I'm a big fan, Tony. Comedy.com only understand you are the small rock what Instagram is camping on the Tony Rock named give it up if that's who I doubt it new I think there's only one alright thanks

► 02:14:37

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► 02:17:02

I'm pumped I'm enjoying it so I got a lot more so appreciate you guys and gals and non-binary folk and will talk to you soon bye bye