#1251 - Tim Dillon

The Joe Rogan Experience #1251 - Tim Dillon

February 21, 2019

Tim Dillon is a comedian, tour guide, and host. His podcast "Tim Dillon Is Going To Hell" is available on the GaS Digital Network.

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my guest today is a fucking hilarious stand-up comedian he's got a great podcast he's a funny dude I really enjoy talking to him and I was happy to get him in here please give it up for Tim Dillon The Joe Rogan Experience

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a little bit late with a nice conspiracy book I want you back I want you to know I got bored with it I know I just had a lunch with Eric Von daniken he's the author of Chariots of the Gods the last 2 hours you've been talking Ancient Aliens when I was in my late teens I was deep in Zachariah sitchin Planet X Nibiru all over yeah that's a lot of the conversation we had today I mean it's not saying that the problem with anybody that is involved would like a book like this is that you're so all in you're so committed to this idea what is the most compelling piece of

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and he said the the tablet and Palenque I don't know if you're aware that one is the one of the the Aztec guy on guy to mine he's laying back it looks like in some sort of a throne with manipulating these knobs and landed and seeded with that knowledge do they always make a little bit of a jump it's a big one that's an Evil Kenevil between a symbol of a flying saucer I brought that to ever though it's a bit like that but let me ask you a question why didn't they ask you flying saucer run into the cave the more interesting ones in the other art depictions there's some really ancient depictions of people that look like they're in these Flying Saucer type things like flying through the air and they're in some sort

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biketown some some painting yeah those are those are really interesting to look what were they trying to say like what will they do it with a depicting in those things to me when I heard him was like that makes more sense if we were just a civilization that had reached an apex and it got wiped out by some cataclysmic event and then we had to rebuild but he's does he think that we got all of our technology from otherworldly sources or no not rewrite this theory that dr. Robert schoch has been putting 40 he was one of the weird ones that I've had on the podcast first of all because he's a rock-solid geologist right professor at Boston University like really well established his credentials are you know there is Good As It Gets and he was saying that he thinks that there was a mass coronal ejection somewhere around 12,000 years

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has literally raining lightning all over the world and races decimated the population of land mammals and this is like my bad this is they think in the neighborhood of twelve thousand years ago they think this is us Asus Research indicates as well see Graham Hancock and him were together on the Sphinx because Robert schoch was the geologist they brought in to examine the erosions marks on the temple the Sphinx yeah and his conclusion was that this is the result of thousands of years of rainfall the problem with that was the last time there was significant rainfall in the Nile Valley was 9000 BC so you deaf mm of years before that to create these deep water based fissures are water created fissures so that's a lot longer

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please delete the people that want to push back the dates of civilization what they think is it all points to something big happening at the end of the Ice Age so something big happening between 12 and 10000 years ago mainstream scientists just go now I'm sure there's a reason for this I think there's a reason to mainstream thought leaders in any area don't allow The Fringe In what's the big thing here with keeping these guys is it that they would just have to go back and relook at every history book well in the beginning there was nothing right so when these guys were proposing this was very little evidence but now it's a stacking up and is all these ancient structures of the founding like Gobekli Tepe and Torrence and they realize that it was intentionally covered up 12,000 years ago so this is like this is undeniable everyone agrees on it and so then they have to say okay well then hunter-gatherers must have made this cuz 12,000 years ago that's all we have is hunter-gatherers but it's really sophisticated

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Shannon's very difficult and they have three dimensional animals that are carved into the stone the stone out of round the animal towards cataclysmic disaster because there's so many of them that we know for sure of happen between those 165 million years ago reading about the arc storm is going to hit la which will just be 60 days of rain is it happens every 200 years I mean this is an article I read in the area gets 60 90 days of rain and everybody has to move things this is supposedly what somebody sang you are all thinking about

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I worry about the arkstorm now it's funded conspiracies and Bigfoot my buddies like we would you have to research these things you have to cross reference information you couldn't just swallow The Narrative you had to literally go we'll have to use critical thinking to go does this make sense would this have happened I mean I I do think since Trump got elected conspiracy theorist have been demonized and nobody talks about me for sure he's worried about the other groups which is fair

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but I think the people think that conspiracy theories got Trump elected so now it's play cool to hate conspiracy theorist or people that are like let's take another look at that there's so many factors that got Trump elected a perfect storm of people getting getting fed up with political correctness that's not a politician yeah the system is so after a while you just like Jesus Christ how many more of these fake puppets we going to put in office there's just a material and then one guy gets up and just goes fuck this and screams and yells and destroy everything was and I nobody was having a good time and that's kind of what Trump was Trump was the guy that came out just Rift

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current and I'm sure you've seen the speech where he talks about Ben Carson going after his mother with a hammer and trying to stab his friend this is one of the funniest things he was speaking at a given stop speech I don't know where was I think it was wasn't in Iowa but he's referencing Iowa and he's talking about Ben Carson's book and the Ben Carson had admitted to going after his mother with a hammer and trying to stab his friend with an I mean these are these are in there in Trump is talking about it me and my friend was driving had a New York City we were laughing so hard I said this guy's I said he's going to win I said I'll tell you why she's going to win I cannot stop watching Chris I can't I am so fixated by the idea that there's a guy like on the national stage and he sang whatever he want there was something intoxicating about that lot of things with Shane were horrible but he was saying

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and then on the other side you had Hillary Clinton who is just a scripted or careful person and I'm like it's just boring show it to me I'm like sometimes you entertaining person wins because you can't take your eyes off them well in this case for sure I mean that it was a perfect you know polar opposite between him and her no experience versus vast amount of experience experience in the real world experiences there's a lot going on between the two of them it was that it was

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it's the it's a bad way to choose a child's the world runs a person with a bad idea to have this the same system that was in place back when there was fucking you know a thousand people here but I think we really don't like we have one person that seems like we have your head but we have kind of this permanent political class of people yeah a Nexus of powerful institutions where you have career politicians career diplomats career military service people that kind of don't leave so I think that's one of the reasons that we haven't changed the system is because one person can't ever do that much even though Trump is wild and crazy to start a lot of bad things I don't think he would be allowed to deviate

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from many of the policies like that his predecessors had kind of established I think they like the American government and that's why this to turn with the Deep state which a lot of people ridicule it's an undeniably true fact I mean our policies are not just one guy gets in the office and he goes here's how it is I mean it's the result of a lot of little private corporations lobbying forming all kinds of formula in a non-democratic way a lot of these appointed and elected intelligence agencies now it's the FBI CIA NSA probably DEA DEA intelligence

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Dia Dia director of intelligence Pentagon I'm too busy a lot and they're all competing with each other that are listening cited the fucking space troops that we have space Troopers oh yeah so we have to I don't know what the national geospatial-intelligence thing does or any more relevant than space Force One National geospatial-intelligence agency be less important than the space force

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show the way I understand the world what that's a child in 96 was it 16000 employees with their motto know the Earth show the way understand the world to do whatever listen put her back up there with description but it will get it says there it's it's under the United States Department of Defense and intelligence agency of the United States intelligence Community with the primary mission of collecting analyzing and distributing geospatial-intelligence in support of National Security which is what what the hell is geospatial-intelligence I mean this is what I mean

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you don't know this I just want to know what she does spatial intelligence is it's probably something simple and I'm going to look like an idiot it says its intelligence about the human activity on Earth derived from the exploitation and Analysis of imagery and geospatial information that describes assesses and Visually depicts physical features and geographically referenced activities on the earth I mean this is I think that's how we would know like that North Korea has a box I think we've uncovered a pretend agency that nobody that there's a guy right now Patek and 16000 other employees

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we've been studying shipping docks from space actress 100% that's an actress the amount of people that are doing navigate to Bethesda Country Club in Maryland okay it's you know I'm still doing private gigs said it's the entire 10 counties around Washington DC are the wealthiest counties in the world I mean in our country and it's not because you're selling crab cakes you know what I mean it's all defense industry Raytheon dyncorp things you've never heard of in there all day anyway it was a good gig they were funny I got off and I was like what are we

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you know they liked it but some people get mad I was like I said last week I did a fundraiser for human trafficking victims this week I'm with the traffickers you guys are a lot more fun and they love it there leaning in to be a good day

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do you know the morally compromised well they're also hired a comedian the fuck with them bad but I don't know what the geospatial people are grown to I don't have to sign in with geospatial-intelligence yeah I don't know what that means I mean maybe we need it but listen again to stand up comedians your phone right and people are listening don't fucking pay attention to me okay I'm not right with the best thing is listen you don't know you might be right but I'm definitely not an expert the best thing is if you go on Twitter and a comedian will tweet something really see how it's like we're living at Fascism and then Kevin 400,000 lights and then the next week have you ever seen this to go and while you guys are here

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check out my web series

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I need the are we are we living in if we're living in fascism or should I Shelf

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what should I what should I look at my phone with which way should I go yeah but that's all they do they go by by the way while you're here I have a patreon we're doing a project at like you to throw a few bucks there but we're living in Fascism and you know well the signal-to-noise ratio in terms of like people tweeting it's almost mostly noise so it's not really posting about real news and yes for people to follow on Twitter right now it seems like there's very few real journalism takes a long time and it's expensive like real investigative journalism I've had some of these guys in my podcast it come on they go they ruin their life they spent five years looking into something nobody cares about the figured out it was true and I nobody wants to talk to them right do I have white hair the family take them they live in a little apartment New York City that's a journalist will sometimes people do journalism right and they did

► 00:24:52

do spend a long time working on the project and it's in something like the New York Times and no one cares don't like to think about Trump like the report on Trump the scathing report that that was going to bring them down literally was in and out of the news cycle on a day or two and doesn't give them that it doesn't give a fuck you show me the secret whatever the secret is he's got it I mean I think this is the only way that it makes sense to me that is 70 + year old man has that much energy a guy that doesn't exercise eats fast food and he's fucking bouncing off the walls and he can campaign for days and just listen to KFC double down to fillet a fish has let me ask you this

► 00:25:52

I don't think a guy like that is driven by sex I don't get that maybe he seems to be not into it as much but then she Slovenian or something something like that they're called. I don't know that's what this summer so I can see your PS4 videos okay thank you she's called up until he ran for president I mean imagine telling his kids he's like I know you got your party everyday you do coke with impunity it's a New York City nightclub when you boarded that you go to Europe On A Boat before that you go to some more Gene Athens that's all done but we're going to Canton Ohio and I'm giving a speech and you can stand there be couldn't every camera and every news reporter is going

► 00:26:52

watch every move you make the rest of your life we can crawl up your ass to the microscope and some of them might be going to jail don't know what's going on with this investigation I mean I think is going to be disappointing everybody is preparing us for disappointment everybody has prepared us for disappointment yes CNN is actually saying that that don't expect much it's like when you get a report card and you tell your parents you like I know I've changed but I'm still me to know what I mean I'm still the guy who gets high before he goes into school and was caught smoking by the priests like I was just get caught by the priests who was driving to my capital and you would drive me to the school so I would be like yeah I've made some changes but I'm still very much that person that you guys raised so that I think is what the mullah report it's going to be like trumpet the thing about Trump is he's corrupt he's a con man you know he said he'd this whole wall that there is no law

► 00:27:52

I need some wall part of a wall wall

► 00:28:02

is Marvel wall around houses in Bel Air right then there is at the border but you know it's a small Lemoore Serious Pizza from something that you know I don't know about this whole War thing that I really feel like it was one of those campaign slogans and he got stuck with you know Build That Wall and then once he got in his I got Christ I really going to build this fucking thing it's a slogan someone whispered in his ear good and then just went out there Build That Wall I love the one of the speeches he's like a bit this thing she's Bill are disgusting if you go to Atlantic City

► 00:29:02

what are the farewell tour and he goes he went he went to Trump Towers lights because there's junkies in the bathrooms does like rats running around is falling apart and he's like that's kind of what he's built is not nice did you watch it there was a documented an architect will cost us carry on us and he had a lot of the documentary is about him convincing Trump to not make his building gold in New York City did the the downtown of Manhattan with a gold building why they're ruining it though call building you spent too much time on the west coast but why is that bad why is it bad to be one car is it better if it's all black or it's all white or silver to look at has a feel you can't come in with a gold building side Vegas history

► 00:30:02

honest and decent and losing money that's what I call building get a check-up that's a good point. It's disgusting play some Scott opulent chandeliers and gilded Vino sociopaths who sacrifice human beings that's popular environment and then just said that he said that Trump is a poor person's idea of a rich person absolutely rich person poor person thinks are rich person I think you could own the Miss Universe

► 00:31:02

you could have a building with your name on it you could be in the WWE that would be amazing if they would be a winner that would be that is the highest you can go so I think that's kind of what it is it's a very what's what's a peeling about him which appealing about him is there is no fun here you don't get the idea that played you get the idea you know you're kind of being played but you're being played on a level that you accept so can you go buy a car and you know the salesman now used to be in sales so they can all go to buy something sometimes I know the salesman needs Michelle cuz I used to feel like sometimes I'll block you whatever it is what it is you know I just I'll do it that's kind of with Trump you know you're being so but you're okay with it you let it happen to come after him

► 00:31:52

seems like he's throwing a monkey wrench into the gears on civil conflict. It will emerge is a few different nation-states will barter with each other I don't know maybe Joe Biden and then nothing he's got no chance he was coming and she's got no chance now let you know that's what happens Bernie's how he's a white straight male he doesn't get it he doesn't get it that offends people had to get that money off the backs of poor people in a country by the way where people make that in an hour on YouTube

► 00:32:52

Paul and all those guys guys because he YouTube live stream HD my parents told me to do go to school at in pies impoverished by generation everything you told us not to do which is play video games watch TV get high is making people billionaires it's amazing they were they were definitely wrong will they didn't see this coming they didn't see this craziness comes the rise of people that think that everyone owes them something that's the weird one like we were talking about AOC looking woman she's young she's got energy she wants to do good things she want to do some good ones but I saw the one thing that said give money to people who are unable or unwilling to work

► 00:33:52

that's not saw that and I'm like well it's not in they pulled that out they pulled that part out the unwilling Park most of us most of us this is the only thing we can do her thing was a weird one because that that thing unwilling to work cite hey hey hey hey hey hey. Just you just crossed over a crazy town like this is that but that means that crazy town was always in the back you always had that yeah when you put that on paper yeah that means this is something that's been discussed like part of the appeal you just I don't know how influential she wasn't getting Amazon to drop at a New York but I live in Queens so I've always paranoid Amazon was coming that was in bagel bagel shop turning around shoe boxes that we live in a shoe box is like I'm a millionaire now

► 00:34:52

is Amazon coming and visiting it's hard to have a rational discussion about a Quality quality right now because no place like New York City it's so expensive to live and the reason for that is that it's a destination for like foreign Capital to essentially a lot of the buildings in New York City foreign people buy Apartments they don't live in them that use it to like launder money and they buy them not even under their real name to buy under the name of the Shell Court like an LLC and then they have like these Investments and it it really makes everything insanely expensive that's what's making everything dies with making a lot of real estate in New York City expensive if you got to guess what percentage of expensive apartments are owned by a double-decker tour guide New York City and why do is show like a funny comedy show right take I sell tickets I put people on the tour bus and weave

► 00:35:52

it's fun and don't care cuz you're not home because they're somewhere I mean if you look at who owns he's just a guy who liked his maybe a guy who owns a mining company poison to River and that one of these guys are doing things they shouldn't be doing and they want to stash their money in real estate London is in Estes more expensive in New York is London is all essentially shell corporations you know these Phantom buyers buying up real estate in London in New York to your people in New York that know the system is fucked they know the Mark has been artificially manipulative thought it was great because we want all the billionaires he said it was just quote some of those billionaires have done things that would make you would keep you up at night they bring them in shrimp and steak

► 00:36:51

does a Pennsylvania now just point and 10 million 20 million people just shift uncomfortably in their seats like what the hell is going on, like a hundred million dollars and it looks like I can afford a knee operation for the I do the trumps not a part of the Russians love his building a brand name they love the plaza they loved his building a lot of interesting characters lived in Trump Tower then they take the Trump Tower name off of it in New York what is 1% of the buildings were the people that own the coop decided to take the name off of it. Maybe you know those elderly people get beaten

► 00:37:44

so you know they're getting pleased to beat it's like a soviet-era architecture horrible like old has been there since I feel for the people in there the screams took my Southern New York condo votes to remove Trump from name New York City on Thursday remove President Trump's name for the building facade the second time in four months is name is removed from a condo in the city 55% of trump Place condo owners at 120 Riverside Boulevard Manhattan vote in favor of removing the large side above the front door the building that crazy these are self-important people that's a good point I think if you try to sell it and it's Trump place and you know you're going to eliminate 50% of your buyers dictators that are buying those apartments that it gets Gray

► 00:38:44

they don't maybe probably probably go down the street to this no-name building will be better off and Russian business guy had bad know he did deals with his firm located in Trump Tower called Bay Rock Financial which was a it was headed by the sky Felix Sater Felix Sater was a guy the FBI convicted in like a Russian pump-and-dump stock scam and he worked in Trump Tower with Trump like he worked very closely with Trump and Felix had like informed I think on the Russian mob for the fat and the FEDS kind of let him earn I'd let so Thomas had this Labyrinth of shady connections forever and I don't know if that means that he's knows I don't think he's an acid or a Putin or anything like that I don't believe that I think that's kind of just you know I think it's a lot of people would like to believe that but he's a shady guy so if you have all these people pouring over his business deals for the last

► 00:39:44

yeah and who who would play a good question hopefully not a white man Christian Bale let him get fat just like you did with Dick Cheney we play dick if he can play Dick Cheney he can take a picture of this great changing I thought I heard I haven't seen them yet heard

► 00:40:04

was good it was not you know it's style of like a big short to me was amazing. It was good as that but Christian Bale is phenomenal to become another person that's what's it's crazy what he said he's a gay Tupac like

► 00:40:32

how do you say pot back a great crisis PR firm is telling him to do that the gay Tupac Bridget phetasy said it best serves his wife I'm like I don't know who this guy is but he's not even the person he is at the stable right right he's trying out a person right now who he is but he's not this guy he doesn't know who he is either one good to see you when they meet you they say good to see if ya they might have met you I don't want to forget 100% said that before nice to me and I actually met before my fuck

► 00:41:32

Universe range weather be like what's going on like what's up what's going on but you want to get one of them you want they want they want to be said I want to be fed information what's going on a ship broke a spotted Flappers lot of things happening and cuz you're always trying to book that's like New Yorkers just pound yourself into the ground until you get funny that's car with your cusine 257 shows a day give up on your life don't speak to your family they're losers are holding me back

► 00:42:09

go hard LA's like make a friend have lunch see what happens I talked to some of the people out here I don't like what's the plan I get nervous for them to get in the Heights midday I'm like okay to Wednesday to the like we just had a meet and I'm like what you do they don't we talked about starting a podcast mic that's not a meeting you're just friends with someone else talking about stuff that's not a meeting but here's the thing it does work here in town that's never going to catch those people that it really don't have any talent but they may have folks and everybody gets really uncomfortable when I was a time we spoke as I've written I think about Louis and after Louise the whole news but we haven't

► 00:43:09

didn't read it a lot of people criticizing Louis was never funny or course he got all these things he was a white guy or and I'm like wait what and they said this word I don't like we'll look at this joke and I'm like a week ago he was a comic genius we all agreed on that that was widely held belief now out of nowhere he's not that funny and and these people are tweeting this from parking lots for the Performing somebody shows me later like someone's driveway you know which is fine I do them but they're getting on Twitter and and knocking Louis from the back of a parking lot when they're doing you shop for you the reason you gave for why because these there's in any industry people going to get ahead by being

► 00:44:05

agreeable by having to write opinions by crowdsourcing your opinions by taking the temperature of the room and going how does everyone feel and those people are you know their career is the regular office politics are very good at having the right friends but their contributions are never really important or long-lasting because they never get great because they don't take any risk because I think greatness is something you have to risk constantly to to get to that level so lot of these people do very well they make money they're they're successful but they are careerist in the looking for comfort and so when it was comfortable and safe to attack Louis and to bring Louis down and Elevate themselves they did it but they didn't do it when it could hurt their career a week earlier was very disingenuous and the fact that more people weren't calling it and and I and I made a point where I said the same thing on the other side

► 00:45:05

a people who style themselves like I'm a free speech Warrior on this anti-pc in their whole entire Persona is is that the need to say the N word. I can't do a joke with the punchline is it fact like feel like we have to shut those to me you're kind of the same people and they're they're the people are just trying to arrange the world that allows them to succeed those are the types of people also like you were talking about the actor in the world do you mean they're they're putting on a facade a guy I drink every night we go hard to smoke cigarettes I don't give a fuck and a lot of the rain. They're doing fine like some of them like some of these people are have their own shows and they're getting angry at Louis and they had an angry and I'm like there's not there's a real because here's a tick

► 00:46:05

it's really feel ways to get into this type of business and end up in an office writing for show you don't care about in a job you hate punching a and that's stuck with me and always a kid might be harder to go the other way and to build a fanbase and do what you want but it's going to be it's going to be better in the end and you're not going to be angry you're not going to be resentful I think a lot of the people that were were against his, not so much his behavior but it's comedy are people that are would want more in this than they having a resentful at guys like Louie because it is not fair I mean he says controversial things he always has would you agree or not like one of things about the Parkland thing when he got in trouble

► 00:47:05

so consistent with his material the idea that anybody saying like oh my God he's punching down because he said a lot of risky shift because it was funny and he had really good points about it is that something that I would probably not did but I I don't think I would joke about kids getting shot it's a cop take to make the embryo of a bit I mean he's really only been doing stand-up again for a couple of months it back said it was even last and I think ultimately his idea that bet is that big brother is that kids today like they want to be a very and a van ride to have different genders and why am I interesting or interesting because you didn't get shot and he probably with

► 00:48:05

overall reaction in anticipation of reaction that part of the bitch or the hexer Patrician at people that take the things that those guy said you could only say on a stage if you were really funny right that's what I love about, me too that doesn't mean that everyone has to love that there is people that love it for many different reasons sure but I love when Bill Hicks got up and said I was for the war but against the troops that's still to me one of the most amazing job that I've hurt but he does go to war in the states I was in the unenviable position for the war against the truth you couldn't say that if you are at the lunch with a bunch of people probably can get away with that unless you guys have gotten so funny and they've perfected their crap to the point where they can get away with these

► 00:49:05

set the goal is to elicit laughter it's not really you're not going to change your mind but the goal is to make you laugh about something that's dark and horrible that's what I love about, it's some of my favorite material for my favorite material is fucked up it's wrong you probably should have said it better to make me howl App Store really do the road okay he mostly just does the store yeah I think I left as a storm before he was coming up he was there at the store 94 and he was already there when I got there and I was like a huge and for whatever reason you have left

► 00:50:05

you got to leave. I think you have to but it's the best room in the world is he one of those guys who does this stuff we like I can't believe I'm laughing when Susan Smith drowned her kids know that he got that night is like a German I heard those bad kids I heard they said that close to the TV they never put away that blocks the constant spilt a fucking milk those kids are not be missed and Mitzi Shore would not let him go on stage after 9/11 she would not let him go and stay

► 00:50:49

it's just like you're on the bench. How long will my God he got that I would let you get away with and this is pre social media to not let someone up it has to be so egregious he's a fucking animal masks awesomeness so funny he's so funny and we were all stoned the things you you would make jokes nobody in the car whatever belt that's too much they did get rid of them are you my mother just needs a friend that would make fun of my mother you know and it was great I still do if your summer

► 00:51:49

making fun of them your it's your problem is difference is between East Coast and West Coast, is it West Coast comedy they hold that carrot of a sitcom hosting the Tonight Show we have health insurance East Coast comedy is just be funny beef be funny and mean there's a lot of meanness and his lot of meat in the winter it's a lot of Performing cuz he's the rooms are bag that needs a big east coast of a lot like writers like seeing people to store with big ax yeah there's not a lot of room to move like if you're at the stand or the seller sign the Orioles play performance rock out in this huge rooms big performers and that's awesome

► 00:52:49

on stage yeah it's it is interesting I like those really small intimate rooms in New York they let themselves a lot of talking to the crowd and then I think and that's why I should go everywhere because you needed when you want a little bit of everything you want to be able to perform you when I was always known as a long attention span everybody wants you to do the jokes quick and if you start your not going to recover the done with Bobby Kelly would tell me stories about like the route she came up to and they are rough rums yeah we came up together a comedy Hearts cry out in the middle of fucking know where was a great their aku-aku yeah just like a Polynesian restaurant yeah and

► 00:53:48

hot I went I did it I did one of the 50 minutes Netflix special I went the next day to two days later I went to a room in Massachusetts Boston and I bomb so bad it was amazing I was this is why the funniest people in the world come from the state where was it I forgot it was the sky book that he knows exactly he'll probably tweet me or something but it was in

► 00:54:18

God it was out he was like 20 minutes outside it was in the it was in it was it was somewhere and it was not good it was just a bar was a circular bar and I got up and nobody was in the middle of my shadow woman to Trump wants her to get with me and I yell back at her and then it was okay cuz we yell at each other for 20 minutes

► 00:54:41

what is she L I think it was something yep that's me fucking animal and it was great and then they think we can you know when I was living in Boston you could make a living and not leave you can stay in Boston and you could go 20 minutes or 30 minutes over you go to hang up you go to Framingham to go to all these different places and you got and get rich but you could pay your bills and never leave town and so there was so much comedy there was so many rooms like Barry Katz had a bunch of rooms in the comedy connection had a bunch of rooms and Mike Clark at a bunch of rooms and it was sober that's what

► 00:55:41

we got really strong yeah because you're mostly doing these hell gigs yeah he's he'll gigs everywhere and so when I came to New York with me was that everything was like small small crowds small stages and you would do a short amount of time and then I thought was headlined I do 45 minutes or so they'll tell you the benefit of the doubt is non-existent yeah when I get out there East Side comedy club was there I was back in the day when Jenny was still around I remember I tell the story all the time but it's so crazy like people forgot how God damn good Richard jeni was he was there one night he did four different hours on Friday and Saturday so we did two shows Friday to show Saturday for completely different hours

► 00:56:41

in the deed the opening act in the fuck was it the fuck was the MC was a friend of mine Peter goddamnit Peter Boyle this is back in the day but he was just like shaking his head like what the fuck man that got four different hours and I remember you. I was just barely starting out and I'm just sitting back on the fuck is he didn't repeat a premise he didn't he didn't he crushed and this is one weekend one weekend to show us Friday to show Saturday he was a crazy genius man he was responsible for so many people Zacks to do tighten up people you work a lot with rock a lot with Chris on the road and worked on that help them with a specialist to see from Boston to New York

► 00:57:41

I bet that was East Side Comedy Club back in the day yeah yeah that's good those rooms at Governor's a brokerage I like to go out there like a bit 1/2 ton to let you know to let you know because energy is new shows in New York City and we would like listen I'm either those people out there don't choose to laugh the laughter they don't choose

► 00:58:41

no like in their face you'll see it the black no out in those areas like going on it's an instinctual guttural laugh yeah it's not it's it's it's not the other thing about like laughter when you're choosing to laugh in here and there it's so pretentious examples like grown-up you you're making people left who the hell is choosing to laugh what psychopath is sitting there going also they're mostly in the business like a lot of audiences in the business weird years old and exclude Mind by Age 2 matter to the rich kids who can't do Tech or Finance

► 00:59:37

let's be a lot of this is quite a few whose parents go hey can you do something because I want to look at you anymore and they're not going to stop at Jollibee should have got to go get a desk at u t a r c i a terrible job negotiate your own gigs I will take any amount of money to do anything I mean I'm horrible at negotiating I was bad and sales sales didn't work and now I'm here you know apparently Bill Murray doesn't have an agent or manager his answering machine offers to do things and he'll like listen to his messages ago he just goes and does it well if you're like a legend like that I guess you can do that like blackmail people cie a-level blackmail to get me in

► 01:00:37

will the thing it it's it's not just that like you need someone to actually do the talking for you yeah oh yeah, it should be like they wanted a t v shows over the weekend I got a dentist's it you know any shows on Saturday night three of the same Club sometimes yeah but it can be really fat the third shell lot of times as people the audience people have been asked to leave other venues so they're drunk and walking by the club and I got the friend brings a man this is literally I've heard it's supposed to somebody why are they here and they were gone we were asked to leave and I saw it and they just saw the lights and I like lights

► 01:01:34

shall we brought them in and now you're talkin about you know frozen yogurt or whatever in there yeah but it's not as crazy what's the latest that you can get New York City like at 2:45 or so you can get something maybe there's people I mean I think it I think it's pretty good depending on the night I mean I think it's later people get drunk her I used to do Dangerfield's that's at least do proms shows do you ever do the prom show thing. This is what they do with a bunch of kids are sitting here and I walk out onstage it's a bad prom it's always a bad problem was a terrible they don't they didn't change

► 01:02:34

the crowd so you would you would go out like I say if there's like four comics in the lineup is an MC in three other comics and then his next show it starts all over again the audience's dare you do the exact same acts of the kids will leave if you do the same bits the kids will get bored and they got mad at me cuz I'm like what I'm not doing the same material I see the same faces gets boring I'm only doing a 15 minutes I have more material I'm going to do what you got to do the same jokes to try to get these people out of here just grab them this get him out of here

► 01:03:18

so we would do until 5 in the morning danger to the last time is a Dangerfield's with four people in a row two couples waiters about in his mid-eighties. Stark in front of a piano it's one of those nights where you go you know this was a choice did you get into this business but there's something about that room it was actually fun I'm just entertaining two couples it's crazy I did one couple once at Dangerfield's no show I had an idea what's going on. Like there's no one here I go there's no one here and then right when I said that this couple walked up and Bobby who's the the doorman is 5 ft 10 in 5 foot 10 wide grab a kid by his neck and pick him up by his neck and carry him out of there

► 01:04:18

is always fucking hilarious and ruthless on the comedian's any day brings men and these people walking to his empty room and sit down and then like what the fuck is going on and then all sudden the lights come on and then the MC comes out and they sat through all of us I was like you know forth on the lineup or something like that I did my fucking 15 minutes in front of these two people and they were into it. Those shows what's good about those shows how well they met they let you know what's bull shit in your act ya para saying it that's a great point is always things are always clunky when is a small crowd there really clunky like when you working on material every time I have a promise or even fucking telling a story

► 01:05:18

at a time like as I'm starting to tell the story like the beginning part is a little fucking clunky and maybe I'm saying something the wrong way it doesn't make total sense and then eventually catches on if you do that in front of two people that like what are you doing yeah the best story that Dangerfield was there was a guy who walk in once I was sitting in the bar area get a Rodney Dangerfield does listen I thought a business for to get off for 10 years at the Block we found the stall I'm moving to wherever he was closing up shop here you go I thought you might like it then the guy took it he said to the owner he said you just do with no speaking just showed him the stall and then you order just pointed and then the guy characters Rodney Dangerfield dog down the stairs and just put it in my storage

► 01:06:08

it was the darkest moment to sit there silent just the only way is Down Under that club but yeah that's a real that's the oldest Club in the country houses still open that is a great question that the FBI would probably would want to look into I don't know cuz everybody's getting the same story I was there 25 years ago 25 years ago I mean that's it I'm telling you about that was 25 years ago there's never been anyone there

► 01:06:45

I don't know that it's like me off those Prime shows though they were packed it's like a great joke about lightning that to my buddy Nick Mullens an amazingly funny comedian said he's like no one seen it's just a trailer but no one seemed to know it's just a trailer and everyone's like it's great it's amazing it's my number one of the day the laughter died dice Clay's double album they film Their audience no one knew he was coming to have no material 0 fathoms he just started talking about shed and add living things and he was as big as a fucking comedian could be at the time and he called it the day the laughter died Rick rubin-produced it that's fucking brilliant and miserable at the same time

► 01:07:45

I never heard that usually people like

► 01:07:50

you're about as funny as a glass of not as lovely as some guy from Connecticut or something like that you know and you got mad you got mad at Dice and ended out a dice just shitted on him and shiting on everything I was probably just destroyed why was it was destroying them but I'm telling you he wasn't even trying right it was it was like he just had some crazy place in his career where he just decided to do a set or a bomb do you ever think of doing something like that crazy and everything is just going crazy and doing something completely yeah I'm just trying to first of all I would feel bad I can't do something bad on purpose because then people if I do something bad like if you ain't lazy, if you hear it and sucks I fucked up that's it I didn't do it right I didn't didn't put it together right of trial and error sometimes it's an error but he was so big and no one have been that big before

► 01:08:50

before him right he was the first Arena, first you have a first and I'll fucking hundred of them he would do more the country and he just had enough for whatever reason yeah fukin everybody loved him yeah he's like fuck you double CD spray no material just rambling talking about stuff punchlines don't make sense

► 01:09:21

you just have to do whatever you want to this day it's one of my favorite comedy albums of all time I'll listen to it every now and then flake 15 minutes my car just go what the Fatima is it all at Dangerfield's yes all of it no one knew he was coming I want a song like holy shit it's probably 20 people in the crowd were so excited to be that type of stuff I like I like that because to me it's like it's the essence of what this is I found out about it from another comedian named Mike Donovan a hilarious guy from Boston and he was crying laughing describing it and describing this bit the dice was doing about Nixon eating ass is like doing this but whatever it was so ridiculous before I have a reason Mike Donovan was tears were coming out of it couldn't breathe and I was describing it I got to listen to

► 01:10:21

just talk and it's funny he's going to be interesting he's been around for so long and you know to me he's always represented to me childhood was like 19 was the first time I listen to his cassette in my car with my girlfriend and I could just cry and laugh and I couldn't believe how funny was yeah for sure he was definitely one of them hammock innocent him and kiss him prior but she like I remember watching those guys and then watching prior and like a prior was so smooth the way he was so personable and vulnerable he was something different because he was vulnerable that you would talk about like his life in is Biz problems and all the different things about being addicted to drugs and all these different it was so intelligent but vulnerable in Anniston and the timing was so good he was such a master where we are watching

► 01:11:21

give me my roommates at the time we watch the Kinison special and then we watch Richard Pryor and my friend was never comedian everybody goes. Fucking guys the best yes he's just the best and it was just we were both in agreement like yeah he's just better you just the way he did it you know and this is Sino the bump or talk in like 1988 or so it was still fairly fresh and price-wise and it was just different you know he was he was like the first mean obviously Lenny Bruce was the first really honest comedian like or one of the first honest social commentators in an email Carlin for prior took it to a weird personal place we have the hex and Colin were famous let not personal and private was personal yes yes it personal and and you know that he would like emphasize Humanity

► 01:12:21

emphasize like loving each other and being kind to each other but you know I took me to see live at the Sunset Strip and I was a little kid you saw at the actual London. I saw them in the movie The Big yeah because I couldn't believe it either of these people are falling out of chairs laughing in the mic I can't believe this guy is just talking and it's amazing because all these movies that I'd seen that we're really funny it was a bunch of things happening but this was not that yeah I saw a special a few days ago at the dynasty typewriter and he's one of those guys who so funny and so electric you have a room full of you know the type of people were kind of talking about the more you know the more of that kind of alternative they were barking and Howling and how funny he thinks he said the

► 01:13:21

he does a grab the microphone

► 01:13:29

just exploded

► 01:13:32

man intensity just an odd. I don't know any other Eddie pepitone makes him so great he seems like this is what experience and I can't have a gun right right right live show human individual that's having this experience at this moment and I'm lucky to be here with the live shows man this it is something about it that it's so hard to translate when did you Netflix put YouTube on the 15-minute one

► 01:14:32

what is very exciting videos of him driving around as fucking 320th and specials

► 01:14:51

then that's what you was a lot of fun but here's the reality I watch it back and I'm like it was fun in the room it's just one of those things I bet bring the pain was better than even though it's amazing you watch that you like this is the highest height of anything yeah that's why when someone breaks you laugh really hard on a special I got imagine would have been like being there, you should be seeing live in an innocent there's something different about a smaller venue like when people go see you at the store there's something different in you in a theater work stuff out seeing you are in the are in the moment there's something different about that yeah yeah 50 thousand seats to it's crazy it's fun and it's intimate it's added you can treat 11,000 people the same way you treat the main room

► 01:15:51

that's good to settle the waitstaff home shut off most of the lights going on when you doing a live performance that no one's ever really Quantified it some kind of hypnosis energy transfer 6 years old that was great I was gonna do with crickets have cuz I don't remember and they are liars

► 01:16:42

they needed money also

► 01:16:46

Bayside pointed at the TV and said I want to be on that and I just and I and I made them going to take me on a dishes that maybe they were looking over their bills and I was good-looking little kid and they said he needs to start pulling his weight and you know we got to start taking that was on Sesame Street I was in a bunch of plays and stuff that live performances different it's still energy but there's nothing quite like being alone on a stage doing, was also too much later it's all your shit you are writing it you or your crafting it putting together that's why the rejection is the deepest how do you write I go on stage with an idea and I started doing these little videos on Instagram where I actually kind of rant about an issue and if people can respond positively to them sometimes I'll take that to the stage and I'll just try to rant about an issue until I can find a few lines that are Keepers that are funny and that's and then I'll sit down and rewrite it and we look at the bit

► 01:17:45

a lot of what I do has to be like how does it sound what's what's the inflection was to pay saying it's like being onstage helps a lot of other things are hard for me what I have to get better about his writing about things I don't care about you so like if you said give me 50 jokes about the Kardashians I would not want to do that why would you need to kill some people happy but if I see something that's ridiculous that I'm like perplexed by or I think it's funny I can devote attention and energy into making that funny yeah I say just concentrate on that fuck all the other stuff of certain people and they're good but you notice that those guys usually wind up working as writers and they always feel kind of shity that's a lot of them too

► 01:18:45

I know if you guys like Owen Smith you know on Smith I don't know but I've heard he's so good to tell you much about it cuz it's about adopting a white sun it is one of the funniest bits I've ever seen in my fucking life it's so good that you like holy shit that's so it's so fun to Twisted yeah and so it's so like you can't believe what he saying what I'm saying right but this is the guy that is mean skill-wise one of the best stand-up comics in the country but he's not known for it as much as he's got a real career as a writer I always sit in the back of the room watch so to me I have to write about things that I'm interested in life

► 01:19:45

the career seem to be led by their interests yeah things that interest them yeah well that's a better life you know I have done both I've done like when I was in Fear Factor I wasn't remotely interested in the paycheck I'm not like I'm not shiting I was a great gig I love that had that job I love being financially stable at the time I pay my bills it's a nice thing and it was a great group of people that I work with that's what a notebook boy Live cards on my podcast what do I care about who can I physically get on to talk about it those are the things that are interesting to me not so much like let's just pick a topic that's in the news that everyone will have a take on but if that's what you're interested in

► 01:20:45

boss is so nice yeah that's something nice that's the move, to get the to get pigeonholed and stuck into these gigs they don't want to fuck up the gig so they don't want to say anything controversial so they're material gets Bland some of the crazy amount of money like something like you're making a lot of money. Drives me crazy crazy unless someone stealing rice stylist on stealing or punching people are there being a rapist or something they should probably in jail. Creative differences you fucking baby throw up just get up there I won't work this Friday because this person were there it's like that since that's why I still don't mean that the store that does of them there all the time with people I don't even hardly know right

► 01:21:45

1415 people that's good to that truth they have those people can be rapists

► 01:21:52

more than half right

► 01:21:56

who's definition

► 01:22:05

careful you know that's where it's very confusing because we as Comics especially, like you and I that's a fucked-up shed you can get away with things that really not supposed to be in society anymore sometimes people get up and leave that's fine 11:30 at night if you perform earlier with me at 4 a.m. what's the problem with the kill the park that kids these five got to shoot the phones out of their hands and they're going to be the last to go banning guns will be the last five people ever died and it didn't work

► 01:23:05

people were not exactly silver but it's like you should be able to try you should be able to try doing that promise you'll find the beat sometimes you don't find the Beats yet since I'm sure there's something there like I've never have you ever been offended by it you know I've never been offended but I've been like that one wasn't good but that's normal beats on stage in front of a live crowd to there's something about that high-wire act that makes your brain go to these weird places it comes up with punchlines you have to fucking find a punchline you have to find something fun to these people paid money it's like it's like waving a steak in front of a junkyard dog and you keep tossing a little bits and then eventually like your steak and sometimes there's no punchline that this is part of the fucking

► 01:24:05

Trump rally he totally could have probably better for him honestly that's what he thought he was going to do I think before he got elected I think he was having to high-level meetings with people in the media space to start something like that will once NBC fire NBC fired and while he was running because it's tough to be said about Mexico the throw rapist for president NBC is like that's it we're getting ready and then they put Arnold in his place and sitting on them digits

► 01:24:55

did they just scrap the show after that here's a question does he go back to The Apprentice well if maybe you can come up with something like that for Fox of fox is in the scoop him up that's what's great about you know what they did want Megyn Kelly back. But she did a thing I do to the show red eye on Fox News which was comics with just try to be funny if it was are the week she was doing that and she was in like to dress him and she knew she shouldn't have left you can feel it should have made the decision but you could try to see it in her face that I think she knew that she was going to try to be the daytime TV Queen and Mike let's bake cupcakes you know I just spent four years on Fox News talk about Santa being awake but now let's bake cupcakes cuz I'm I'm America's sweetheart that's never going to work

► 01:25:55

here when you publicly change your image it since and publicly changing your image shirts or skirts got longer every show is about sexual assault she was trying to make every single show with the people that hate her which is like the New York media types of people that did not like her and then she was like just about sexual solid one of them was a lady who fuck Matt Lauer and she knew she was fucking them and she was talking about your fucked him up I didn't know any better I was 25 like what I see if a guy suck my leg what what happened it's bad here but he shouldn't have talked to cuz he was married okay after that what happened what's going on why is this a segment of a show is a knesset scandalous as I would have an interview with her

► 01:26:55

see that boy put nails in each other's coffins like this blood Feud there's only a few families that control all this information they all hate each other and that's why succession is such a great show why I think it was like that she had been sexually harassed while she was at Fox News are you doing after all those people so she was going a million so it's like what did he do I think was 32 or 32 or 38 doormat wow you know I could not imagine that's a giant amount of money what he did should be I mean it seems like a $10 could be Netflix documentary right let's go to be perfect like you offered her 37 million she's like

► 01:27:50

keep going yeah yeah I'll need more after what you said to be 32 million dollar offense unrecorded left on some assistance country and makris cholo are some words he tried to have his ex-wife each other was ex-wife excommunicated from the church what great Church Catholic Church what kind of donation you have to make to get your ex wife sent to hell I'll be 32 million he's got it but he wanted to communicate that's type of guy he is a crazy thing is even after all this the guy still have the number one book in The New York Times Best Sellers List

► 01:28:50

somebody spent $40 for some ocean tide goes in tide goes out I'm with God goes out you can't explain it one I was like Harvard you fucking piece of shit yeah well explain that you guys are they where religion like a fuck it's fashionable to wear it I wear if they know better but I'm good enough and you're like not the best Christian you're worth Rice married guy who owns gambling and Nae Nae Nae Miss Universe Pageant you're a Biblical fit that's like a Biblical figure it would be like a Roman King that everybody was warned about like in terms of like I mean

► 01:29:46

I want to shave his head what do you think I will do I just freed him I think I'll be fine if you shaved it like somebody had a cancer as she when he just shaved it with them they're good guy will it doesn't look good that's what's confusing to me when I realized when my hair wasn't looking good mr. My Generation always remembers you like the pictures of hair solid 8 plus years to just go better off be easier like he's not good looking like he needs to know that he would that would complete his transformation into a super villain I guess I got Lex Luthor typed out

► 01:30:40

it's got to be so much work to put that hair together I think someone doesn't from heaven then go talk to them putting it together I bet you he doesn't talk to them really does just tweets angry I bet you he's not concerned with the human relations with a staff know I just get that v e r r I hope he retired when he retires or when he's done I hope it goes right into podcasting would you have them on right now yes GIF course you have to yeah yeah yeah for sure he's busy and I had some jokes about him he hates, he does not like they make fun of her he doesn't like to be Michelle wolf correspondents dinner but she can't right back at him and I bet you'd be on my side if I killed the journalist

► 01:31:40

yeah she's she snuck them out with that one and she'll just forget it just dropped off the face of the Earth by step back out there's some people that go after him and it's doesn't work and he doesn't respond it looks so weird what do you think this is going to do 43 followers she say you're disgusting representation of this country going I just imagine him scrolling through these messages and reading this do you think you like looks and I think he only looks at verified accounts I think he doesn't see the mentioned I'll tell you right now his biggest fans are not verified

► 01:32:34

his biggest fan and I have a blue check under a hundred followers like to his biggest fan that are still like in love with them a lot of pictures like a dog that recently died this a lot of dead dogs floating Facebook I don't know why don't the flag and 43 to 48 followers

► 01:33:05

Mega under in the prophet #maga #maga real do you know that what are they yeah I know they have various account that they use in the podcast for what you did for what she was on Sam Harris's podcast but you wind up with it I'll send it to you after it's fucking amazing but they did all kinds of crazy shit like they would have like a pro Muslim group and they will put on a demonstration right across the street from a pro Texas group and then organize both of them they were African Americans against Hillary Clinton anyone but Hillary we got to vote for Jill Stein I'm going to go for anyway and they would it. She doesn't represent us this all Russians yeah and then they would have other people that were like Pro Bernie

► 01:34:05

Hillary fucked over Bernie and these Russians are sweet overthrow their leaders I wrote a lot of that Russian stuff is like people's wishful thinking but the real thing going on cuz this woman documented it and she is also really funny like she was talking about how many that means that they created that were really funny how they're hilarious and they came out so there's a bunch of crap memes and it's so funny this is like they went through KGB training or whatever it is now FSB and this is where they ended up I think I just hire young people this is the frontier of the war against the United States the thing is though if they can do that and get people really upset if they really can't do it that's a really effective strategies a great strategy can make things happen now cuz it's just showing a

► 01:35:05

Discord app surround system how many of these Jesse Smollett I wonder how many of the memes were created by Russians to try to get people upset I bet this bunch I bet there's more people stirring things up and just amazed Americans that are upset I know a lot of Americans that hate each other does that I thought he was getting canceled that he was getting written out rather

► 01:35:44

I thought I read today but I don't know I thought I was getting written out before this is one of the reasons why he did it but I support him if that's the case.

► 01:35:55

This is a very tough business is hard it's hard to make it and he said to the two guys because listen get a noose first why I hate crimes happening you're horrible at the hotel with the new still around his neck holding a Subway sandwich just not alone the people the people at the hotel should have been like it's amazing. Muir on Empire what the hell is wrong with you why is it so it's open

► 01:36:55

mozzarella whatever and then you don't toast if you let the hot meatballs melt the cheese answer you shake the hate crime a meatball sub nervous you after you do that I'm such a pussy I could never go I could never do what he did some level associate with the other night and he could do that all these people can do it if people say who would want to be a victim of Kavanaugh hearing else like that is a ridiculous thing to say there's a lot of currency in our business like people like a crazed victims for showing out and they support them get a tremendous amount of Love price of your alleged victims yeah there's a lot to that yeah

► 01:37:55

is so against it so contrary to Human Nature Good

► 01:38:10

deserved it you know what I mean like nobody would look at my face to go yeah okay good

► 01:38:20

tell us about the 26th of flappers I was it was two guys West Hollywood with Maga hat to beat me up or something on me I don't know what it was if it was, please come to the I watch The Morning America interview this morning and I laughed I sent it to my buddy I go there's a moment when they go out was the attackers and his eyes are like just fucking shitty acting class shifts that horseshit what is there and I'm like this is fucking crazy she was going to inform on two guys if there were two white guys with Maga hat who got caught with two suspects on camera to take it sounds like music while I can't testify against he was going to testify against two people who date fault we're guilty

► 01:39:20

he said that he thought it was them yeah he is a good morning America interview of him going yeah it's those two are the show please stand behind that takes it to a completely different level of people in jail right now you wouldn't care putting people in chat magic be in those two guys were just sitting in jail like what the fuck you're on the cover of the New York Post them like what the fuc season is all about jussie Smollett they fire everyone else on the show and it's just a jussie Smollett Story 2 in the gay Tupac won Iowa never Hollywood like here's how to vote Bigg you know what know exactly

► 01:40:20

play question of what if what if someone gave you a license to figure out a cramp like what if there's a television show about faking a hate crime that TruTV presents fake hate crime in New York City like a Halal attack me because he views me as a symbol of imperialism in oppression they'll be good all the time he know I'm one of those people who would get an end to get caught we'll just don't never think I'd get away with wanting everyone to think you're a victim when nothing really happened is a insanely selfish thing yeah that's insane like faking physical crime I can't have someone punch him already hit himself yet

► 01:41:20

I got on at 2 a.m. in New York you're getting bleach poured on you will also like he's saying that he like punched him back and he fought back I love how he was like Crystal he was on, for everything except one minute so they asked me Good Morning America they go how long is that she liked it felt like several minutes but it could have been 30 seconds like he's covering the span of time it is in his life he's going I got to say it's less than a minute cuz I'm only off timer for a minute and then you see the energy sentence example mother always believed that the conspiracy theory that right

► 01:42:19

I'm not an OJ truther are you Gulf of Tonkin guy or operation Northwood estate talked about bombing a ship with people on it they're going to blow up a drone jetliner and blame it on the Cubans yeah they're going to attack Guantanamo Bay arm Cuban friendly and have them attack want automobiles

► 01:42:51

directions to fucking listen to exhaust I got a job cuz I would do is shower and then somebody come up to me after the show and maybe like they show me a pizza menu I should have gotten you see that night what is the oldest animal symbol

► 01:43:12

doesn't like you had a really look at it and I'm like the rest of my life with that will they look for it and everything everything's a conspiracy and then it comes back to you and Tim is involved in this I see how this works to get a few others on the deeply involved and staying started the Russian trolls that's been doing at the store so you don't know I have a friend of mine who thinks that the CIA started Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix down just how do I tell you right now Joe it's kind of interesting

► 01:44:12

Corp was all over there there was a lot of shit happen well I'm sure there's a lot of shit happening but there is not a fucking intelligence agency in the world that can create a Jimi Hendrix song that book was like that they were managing the birds the CIA was like oh it's mr. tambourine tambourine man imagine being in that time in the the country when everything was just falling apart left and right around us Vietnam War Kent State just fucking Nixon's the president's just chaos everyone's doing drugs it must have been a Hunter S Thompson quote about you know what we talked about the 60s and that in the 70s was almost like the wave crested and then just cause cramps

► 01:45:12

like I'm a Kennedy guy I think it's some really shady with that yet for sure for sure for sure man in that book this amazing stuff about it's been praised by Dan Rather and Bill Moyers this will get you in the killer of JFK was did you know that Houston James power and James ended up being like one of his staffers it was just a cover story, planted and that came out in the memo and there was another metal these are Declassified FBI memo stream of Information Act there was another memo that said after the assassination J Edgar Hoover briefed George Bush in the CIA to problem was George Bush should not have been working for the CIA that point he should have been just a private

► 01:46:12

it was suggested he was working for the agency for very long time and he was made the the director of the agency for one year after the Family Jewels came out which was this whole thing with a CIA went to Congress. The dead done all these things from you know ku's and the fermenting Revolutions in countries and they made him the director for 1 year after that happened to break to make a clean break from all of the nefarious activities that the agency had been involved with but if you take that memo to mean that he had an existing relationship with them he was actually just becoming the joke is not make no sense anyone there like why is this guy that I'm going to call the lightweight becoming the head of the CIA after the CIA just admitted to all these horrible things they listen to kiss shirts at the next like the he's light with him in my bastard of China he was never a guy that had serious political capital and he's made the head of the CIA and then after that

► 01:47:12

this was an extension of the cover-up he was being made the director at this very interesting time in history because he actually had worked with the agency forever and he was not at all a lightweight he was a serious operator and he was going in there to kind of clean up and transition them into a new era it's and I'm telling you I'm already out here and I need current shit I need some like Julian Assange I need something bright I need some Edwards shout out to the bush anymore on Spotify explicit by telling you I give me a cookie

► 01:47:59

I don't have a cookie and if I do I'm taking it but you will beat you'll be is very interesting it's a well-written book cuz it's not Reckless and slap I'll read the first chapter of Promise thank you I will listen to Buddy Mike gave me David lifton best evidence on the Kennedy assassination okay and that caught me in a conspiracy theorist is like 92 and I got your you're at the end of the road now we like this is tired a lot more Preposterous have you ever Googled hashtag space is fake know but that sounds it sounds amazing thriving space is fake Community have you ever been in space no good point could be fake come back come back to us

► 01:48:57

backless what is extension of Flat Earth is like for people that think the Flat Earth is not stupid enough to want to go to space is saying there are hundreds of thousands of people that think the Earth is flat hundreds of thousands educated Western American human beings the think the Earth is flat that is why it is fucking crazy it's a lot of people that just get educated from YouTube The Guardian actually at an article about I sent it to Eddie and Eddie's laughed at me

► 01:49:41

cuz I like this crazy talk about well you know the one that we had wasn't saying a little but he's got hundreds attacking Malibu will the he's the one that can teach it to me and Sam were talking about the day when using direct energy weapons and I was like I don't know if this is a key Malibu with what I was and I was one of the first evacuated and the winds are they make the wind to Madewell I'm sure the wind is always been the CIA has no living in the moment it secret

► 01:50:34

this is horrible things rich people some of them are involved in some very bad things yes and their bits Deere tractor be there covering your own tracks. Jeffrey Epstein Clinton visited Alaska I stop somewhere with an island where's my tie again it'll probably be fine they'll probably just let him you know

► 01:51:37

talk the talk I wouldn't trust him talk please people wouldn't talk if you were from a prominent family if it has been like a religion to stay silent if you would had CIA training if you would these people don't talk and we know that there have been plotted on a known for a very long time for sure so deep he knows he'll get killed he won't say anything just want to go to jail on fortunately it's a show where people get to talk about there's the conspiratorial angles the bullshit but then there's the real feel their Sandusky Sandusky

► 01:52:37

weather in Louisville conspiracy never care about private prisons for the Catholic church in like a judge in Pennsylvania that was taking underage kids and just giving them sentences ridiculous sense or shit that's crazy exchange for money that's not right now he's in jail for some darkness in the world that the undeniable and when something like Sandusky when that Penn State thing comes out and you like wait a minute how long was it going on for I get how many do how does one know where is eternal just he died quick this is what I'm course but this is just destroyed this is what I mean about people like Center conspiracy theory type stuff and like all of those things would have been called conspiracy theories at one point Church Sandusky yeah they said it was a Labyrinth of torture prison

► 01:53:37

designed by the Pentagon what is the YouTube going to do they're going to censor you would tell me about Jamie this whole like porn or child pronography pedophile Network or setting up a communication Network communicating with each other in YouTube comments they responded yesterday and they said that they disabled comments on tens of millions of videos and deleted a lot of accounts

► 01:54:15

that were they were communicating in the comment section of like little kids cheerleading and whatnot are they communicating to try to to share child porn or were they communicating to molest pedophiles communicate and their network but I want you to go into the dark web burner computer for a VPN are there a year in the dark with what what is that what's going on at R Kelly case there's a video of him doing something with an underage girl in like I think some people at CNN said we've seen it but it and that's led to him going in cycle what what did you watch is that

► 01:55:15

Regal probably is legal cuz you're watching under the guise of a journal is real and the fact that there's these networks of people trying to cultivate these experiences it's crazy but if you're looking to find a way to free hunting with they're doing for example the post remarks that preys the girls asked whether they were wearing underwear or simply care to string of sexually suggestive emojis about 2 years ago hundreds of companies pulled money from YouTube over concerns about ads showing up next to problematic content from Terror or hate groups and videos of seem to endanger exploit children I think you know what we talked about this before with you too with the issue that we've had with them they they have way too much content and way too few people can watch all of it in the Wind

► 01:56:15

is in the comments it's almost impossible to check mean it's just the YouTube comments are one of the rare free-range sort of like unchecked message boards in the world I'm sure I'll find out later he's not even read it yeah yeah I wonder if there's ever going to be a time where that is impossible we're like these child pedophile Rings they can figure all that out I'm harder now than ever before I imagine it's very tough and it's tough but I think because so few people want to believe that it's a problem in the way that it is because there's good people in the world that don't think these things are vicious so I think there's the political will isn't there because people don't aren't really they don't understand that it's you know and then the people that are doing these things are

► 01:57:15

wealthy powerful people and they have a lot of control making kind of cover their tracks it's raw wealthy all wallpaper but if you're rich pedophile tonight's Rich. It's like you go on vacation versus me going on vacation you go on vacation it's a nice body fat no skin off or something crazy about all this when you talking about like child molesters and stuff crazy is the Catholic church is still around and still they're catching people left and right when it's known for it there's no more no nothing's more synonymous with child molesting

► 01:58:15

Discraft flick is fake it's it's stuffed shells it's a nice dinner it's five fishes once he get its if you turn around the guy next you know is this bullshit the suicide bombers cuz I was raised Catholic my chill we like nice building south of suicide bombers will let you go first over here sit around window I don't know what's going on in the mystery of faith and one of the things that has it makes you feel like you know it's like a community thing you sit down and you get a chance to assess yourself in your life and so to reaffirm your moral guidance in your moral compass

► 01:59:14

listen to some positive things to a good church and that's how those rock and roll call T super Hollywood churches get started but I will say I want a church I just don't want to traditional church I want something spiritual and fines and hailing it's not like I said my dad why do we go every Sunday to shut up that was the answer because it was like we just go to get mad at people in Hollywood and people that will date you don't want the hippert they want to be drawn to it they wanted to speak to them the other play rock and roll music that's just a lot of horseshit feel good yeah my buddies assistant at a buddy of mine was his assistant was going to run out of church choose a nymphomaniac she's trying to stop fucking everybody to start going

► 02:00:04

circular Church what church is that the stop fucking about I'm going to be celibate whatever she just have a couple of pops and then off to the races she's having a good time rock and roll type churches on SF funny now I don't know who did it. You know Glenn Beck join the Mormons as a grown man will that make sense that makes sense huge benefit to know the whole Mitt Romney store from the church when he was like 17 Romney's family

► 02:01:04

move to Mexico that's why Mitt Romney's Dad could never be president spent Romney's Dad was born in Mexico because when they pass the law making polygamy illegal in the United States they all packed up their shit and went to Mexico. Yes because in the 1800's it didn't fucking matter if you were in Mexico or the United States with all the same you're riding a horse or compounds Vice did a whole series out they have compounds down there with our guards because the cartel was fucking kidnapping them and shit interesting to Mitt Romney's dad was like you can't take 9s fucking wives they still have a fucking they still have a compound down there in the Smithsonian Magazine the whole family is from Nexus Amaze Amaze that's amazing it's amazing

► 02:02:04

he was Ashoka like Sister Wives or something it was about people that I think they were living in the states and I like multiple wives yeah Google it maybe it's like legal in my Nebraska or some shit sorry Nebraska Nebraska would be just a place to go you know what let living like that so you just talk anymore Mary your dog bury everything is polygamy Nationwide federally illegal it so also if you successfully infiltrated a pedophile YouTube group yet so lazy

► 02:02:59

but it is crazy that his family is like a fuck it would just move to Mexico until they see you made a great Point hundreds look at it as a polygamist Community crumbles Sister Wives are forced from homes this is the caliber of life is interesting saw you yet bro if you want nine of them good ones and once this is a lot of your wife but you could do like a hole like Roots jump over the broom you know you could if you could tell me who the fuck are you to tell someone how about a woman that has five husbands can we do that yeah yeah you go girl

► 02:03:59

5 cocks in one woman I'll sit around waiting their turn crying

► 02:04:08

impatient of 2019 America who would vote that out I feel like if you want to marry a guy with 18 your friends who gives a shit sorry Ryan splitting up 18 ways are not going to get a lot of anything unless you're like a salt and you probably don't have a ton anyway she Jeff Bezos 100 chicks give Mom a billion but that whole thing with him that was an interesting thing the the pictures being leaked and it turns out the brother that leaked the pictures I love the brother immediately as soon as I read the article cuz I'm like this is

► 02:05:08

Genesis was fucking Jeff Bezos can you imagine the Nike found that out the Nike found that out where was he what was he doing he was is somewhere thinking this is it she's fucked a lot of people that are now she's fucking base now it's time to think of something good how do we do it this is a plot and Guy much money you get for something like that half a mil besos dick make it look like an accident if you're fucking you know he's he's like Daddy Warbucks yeah he's a guy he's the guy everything Amazon

► 02:06:08

Bistro me going to hire somebody to fuck up that guy's life slowly new job is to slowly make everything white tires everyday yeah that's amazing cuz I studied Rockefeller Carnegie guys like that six billion in today's dollars to get 372 diesel the first how much do they have in their time cuz it billions in their time it was over 300 million

► 02:07:08

you know the country was new all these industries were just emerging in these guys took it over Bezos Tech is and somebody said his check is the closest thing we have now to that you know Masters of the Universe that are going to be I mean those guys were doing work was like telling the government out of power I was just the one I told you I was doing this to the gods of lunch today with a bunch of very influential people and one of them said it's really ironic that Apple used to be think different that whole thing about Silicon Valley think different now it's don't think different right now acceptable literally you have to think the way everyone else is thinking I should believe what everyone else believes even if it's ridiculous I think a lot of that is he want to just make money and sell things and they don't want any Discord they just want to sell make money

► 02:08:08

word up but it seems like people after they do the things they Band Method is a public outcry so to me they're not they don't have any real value their values are tangible and the values are influenced by public opinion and and where the media is the values aren't like when somebody says something less Bantam right now this goes against our thing a lot of it is if you wait until there's enough dust kicked out then they will ban somebody that's true so to me but the prophet seeking Enterprises that just want everyone to be happy I think it was up to Twitter every tweet would be some type of branded at and on top of that now the ideology is skewing and leaning in that direction takken's shoe of this money is money and holding that line and those guys are the ones that are as powerful as Rockefeller and Carnegie and JP it like all of those guys

► 02:09:08

you know a generation of people who are mad at Powers is unmatched anywhere inside they're branching out more and more like a car turn vesting in that new what's it call Drive-In Drive-In some new electric car company that's Bezos is investing in their investing in space travel they're investing in all these different he's not going to get poor no more and more Rich know he's going to take over everything I mean these are we haven't you can opt out you can opt out of these systems you have to be involved to live a normal life you have to be online to see how to write a song about that someone tried to use to go online live their life without Google Amazon apple and they said they couldn't do it now Ari shaffir is the only one who can do it with a flip on he's barely doing and he's on his iPad using his freaking out my messages and iMessages me all

► 02:10:08

pretend he's he knows that he's an addict he knows and he's an honest man right now and he's like fuck this it is just too much of my life he's right in social media console and also with you or you know your controversial like he is like people talking shit to him that would hurt his feelings and saying mean things to him social media has gotten to the point where I'm on it all day and I'm like I'm not having any fun it's really gotten to the point where what is this experience Facebook is a nightmare is elderly people screaming each other this was a website where kids were trying to get laid in college this is elderly people screaming and complaining to California operations I'm just going like this all day it's not you don't get a lot of bang for your buck I dropped off over the last six months the last six months I've made a giant giant shift away from reading things and posting things and just

► 02:11:08

look at it like for a couple seconds then I'll put it down are you helping post I'm trying to figure out ways to better optimize my time that was one of the first one stop reading common stop reading posts don't just just mindlessly shift through Instagram pictures looking for something that strikes me as interesting I just stopped doing that and it made a big difference in my productivity yeah cuz you know when iPhone real recently they start putting that thing on your phone we see how much screen time you had just five hours of nothing you wouldn't I do I get a little out of it right I go find new stories of the talk about but it's like finding I found that like finding the Perfect Blend seems to be letting the stories get so big that they get to you anyway it get so big about it

► 02:12:08

play when we all found out it was so great today that we all found out he was full of shit yeah cuz I never can make jokes but then when it came out it was a bullshit it was like well let's just have fun even though it's you know I'm not saying that people aren't but this particular second if you can't make a joke about this but can you make a joke about if you can't make it just about if you write someone shouldn't joke about this fuck you fuck you fuck you absolutely one of those things it's so cold in the subway with the fucking news yes he did and I will charge it tonight all charges

► 02:13:08

$3,500 check the other thing I could get punched in 5 minutes for free

► 02:13:16

I could get beat up so easily why is this guy spending $3,500 I'm not only that why do you write a check do you have no friends they just didn't think this through even a little bit ya goddamn it's disappointing it's kind of funny though there's nothing funny right now well I think this is what we need you know we need to understand the outrage machine a little bit better yeah it one of the best ways to C2C manufactured outrage absolutely okay this is a hustle people doubling down I just dancing around with with torches like Charlottesville and I'm like well then now I look like I know what you are you better off being an observer

► 02:14:16

make a little choked yeah it's like a gang fight you better off staying standing back and going to jump in there yeah it was like why can't I thought they encircle the Native American guy that was put up by a troll account social media post fet a viral Firestorm over Covington Catholic they're doing this on purpose that they took that screenshot to try to get people angry and it worked and then they Twitter found out there was a bullshit account they ban the account so it's very possible that account was some trouble follow know it's a troll Farm

► 02:15:16

manipulated unbelievable unbelievable dude I hate to cut this short but I got to get the fuck out of here on Instagram and Twitter Dillon. Timothy Wilsey thank you everyone for tune in to the show and thank you to our sponsors thank you to my bookie March 2nd John motherfuking Jones vs Anthony Smith at light-heavyweight and the co-main event one of the greatest is not the greatest welterweight of all-time Tyron Woodley vs Camaro Usman who is a fantastic wrestler in a great fighter himself great fight you can bet on those fights at mybookie. Ag and when you sign up use a pro

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love to you in a big kiss meme