#700 - Dr. Mark Gordon & Andrew Marr

The Joe Rogan Experience #700 - Dr. Mark Gordon & Andrew Marr

September 25, 2015

Dr. Mark Gordon is the Medical Director of Education at Access Medical Laboratory and is recognized as a top leader world wide in Interventional Endocrinology (Anti Aging Medicine). Andrew Marr is a former Green Beret and founder of the Warrior Angels Foundation. http://www.warriorangelsfoundation.org/

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itu's a code word Rogan save 10% off any and all supplements and if you are in Austin Texas we have an audit Jim we have an Onnit Academy it's one of the best place to work out all the planet Earth and if you're in Austin look no further go to the on Academy click on the link at the website and I'll give you all the details about it as well as a bunch of cool shit on the on Academy link to workout videos cool articles on exercise physiology diet recipes all that shit any supplements this episode we are featuring my good buddy dr. Mark Gordon who has done a tremendous amount of great work for people with traumatic brain injuries and Andrew Marr Andrew Marr

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is the founder of the warrior Angels foundation and what would he has done as he is set up a foundation to help people with traumatic brain injuries and two to help them find treatment and help them out connect them with dr. Gordon a great conversation really great guys and I hope you appreciate the podcast so without any further Ado please welcome mr. Andrew Marr and dr. Mark Gordon

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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and phone would lie before you take any of doctor Gordon's advice I just want you to know folks he's scared of shrimp shellfish pork he's never had Wild game and he refuses to eat outside of a very narrow dietary discipline is that like a very what is it Halal but you know about bacon when was last time you had it it turkey bacon today even use that how could you eat turkey bacon in the real bacon bacon I used to eat it but after getting sick and no one got sick ever in the history of the world from bacon bread yes you have no problems with gluten well I don't have a problem with gluten okay there's a lot of people who do have a problem with gluten will I have a problem with pig you don't have any problems with tag how sure are you my stool.

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look as good as it does when I'm not on it we're here with my good friend and his friend are Andrew Marr who is what what is your position in the Warrior Angels foundation with the commission is absolutely our mission is to get no cost traumatic brain injury treatment to Veterans who need it so it's alternative means forget to get guys treatment outside of the medical model which is predicated on medication and Psychotherapy which it does not improve quality of life is that changing it all because of all the work that doctor Gordon's been doing there's been a lot of describe heard outside of you even mention of your name people bring up your therapies and the things that you've been promoting for several years has is that changing in the community at all

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we're working to change it actively so we're going to have a meeting next month with some some top people and active-duty side of the house were also meeting with the RN and works of getting with the Veterans Administration in working that so we're going they're going to know everything across the board about these protocols why they work why they're better how they're cost-efficient how the time efficient how this can not only improve a soldier's life but the life of the family child second-order effects go on and on and on so the evidence is out there the science is behind it this isn't false hope we're not offering any false hope everything is science evidence-based reporting that were doing and faced off doctor Gordon's clinical application of years and years of doing it so the short answer is yes they're hearing about it and we have a five-year plan to overtake the system and have them Implement these on both sides of the house so to speak now for people who haven't heard any of our podcast before and haven't heard your discussion

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about it the one of the biggest issues that were experiencing with soldiers coming back from Afghanistan and Iraq is if you hear my voice I got a little bit of a cold a gentleman traumatic brain injury in a clam a lot of soldiers are coming back from these these wars with injuries that may have been fatal in the past there no longer because of all these advancements in medical technology but they're steeled still dealing with the ongoing effects of the war the traumatic brain injury now what you were found and the many others are supported this is that a lot of this is there's damage to the pituitary gland it stops the production of hormones it's leads to deep depression at least some pretty significant issues that soldiers are facing so if you could just fill people in on that cost of the body armor being so efficient a lot of the blue

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Mustafa damage instead of killing someone is leaving them with trauma to the brain in any form of trauma to the brain whether or not it's a blast ROM of the hit on the head slip and fall of automobile accident turning upside down whatever the situation might be the brain changes its chemistry because of inflammation and that's from tearing of little nerves it's not only the pituitary and that's been some of the problem that we've had is focusing as I focus on narrow kind of diet focusing in on just the pituitary but we'll be found as a group of chemistry in the brain called neurosteroids which regulates our personality and some of those neurosteroids have names like testosterone or dihydrotestosterone estrogen pregnenolone and the literature has been around since about 1986 showing that these regulate our brain function so head trauma of any sort can cause it to decrease number one number two with any form of damage the brain you get inflammation and that inflammation expands that say if they

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small area of tear in the brain or a bullet that penetrate a penetrating injury to the head that area where the bullet or the foreign object diminished amount of brain tissue it grows larger because of inflammation it destroys more and more neurons in the more cells in the brain that are called neurons are destroyed of the greater the onset of cognitive impairment of your ability to use your brain and function and then emotionality changes how'd you get involved in this and how did you figure out what so many people hadn't figured out what this with the emphasis on therapy pain medication antidepressants how did you see through that didn't discover anything as much as I read it saw that people had already laid the pathway for me to follow can I followed it intensely for the past will 21 years doing Endocrinology in the past 10 years doing specifically neuroendocrinology which deals with the brain and it's in my population

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patience I used to see them for hormone deficiency and then started going back asking them those with the hormone deficiency if they've had any kind of head trauma and in the first book that I wrote which had the first introduction for me to write about traumatic brain injury and hormone deficiency was the young kid by the name of Michael who had been in his parents brought them in and needed hormone deficiency and we corrected his personality proved his quality of life improved and then read an article which I've showed you in the past which came out of turkey about pugilist who had this specific growth hormone deficiency and that was my fifth in the article where I started looking further and further into literature and they had hormone deficiency and then went back to him and said have you ever had any trauma of any kind he said well when he was 17 it was 21 at the time when he was 17 he was in a motorcycle accident was in a coma for three days

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came out of the coma and is neurologist said oh you'll be fine but we progressively got worse so that set the stage for me to start looking at this relationship between any kind of head trauma and then 2007 my first military was a Green Beret I met the the wife who was emergency room Doc in North Carolina and she called me and told me about her husband who was six words of Duty was having some problems with Ren we donated the money for him to get the full testing internet who's hormone deficient want me to correct his hormones he was back in the good good light with the military was getting ready to get kicked out for work and sport Nation and that progressed on 2009 with opening up our practice to Military and it just kept on repeating itself the same pattern the same head trauma blast out of blast injury and hormone deficiency

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swell up hill battle because the way it's being treated presently if you look through the literature from 2012 410,000 serviceman came back is Veterans and were diagnosed with PTSD no post-traumatic stress disorder is usually perceived as being a psychological psychologically precipitated event where they witness something that was horrifying to them death of a friend loss of a limb or whatever the situation might have been too stimulated and that immediately opened them up to simple treatment here take this packet of antidepressants and you'll get better but it didn't get better so they didn't get better because they were having what's called treatment-resistant depression which now we find is due to hormonal deficiency if you look at the civilian population people with hormones with treatment-resistant depression you check them out and testosterone deficient or estrogen overdose

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low progesterone and these individuals have been the the foundation of what I do and trying to find a simple way to replenish them what you have to do is test them and that's not being done it's so much easier just to hand it back and say you have PTSD when the majority of them are traumatic brain injury and I was on dr. Drew show with one of our patients who was Army corpsman and he didn't have a single scratch on his body but within two years of leaving us separating from the service he started developing depression mood swings explosive personality ends up coming into our program and we find out he has to have someone deficiencies in the pattern is indicative of having had head trauma well turned out he would walk behind a person tanks as they were discharging their shells and he said manly body wood shutter

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was LeBron Javelin missiles he was around repetitive gunfire he personally didn't have a scratch on it that's incredible that just The Recoil just the Sonic Boom the impact that that note shocking his body can do that to their books out in the government has lots of books out on blast from in fact amazing things for me to have red was the Army did a study on individuals who have had blast damage blast promise physical blast and they put them on a simple product called and those that were on it but how come you're not hearing about what is that stuff kind of seal Sistine it's a precursor to glutathione which is the number one anti-inflammatory Sumi anti free radical antioxidant system in our brain and its becomes deficient it's endogenous within our system is the same stuff that you you recommend taking it right

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Define helps with metabolism in the liver to detoxify also that marked that product but if I was be if I was taking that while I was still operating the problems that I had never would have happened they would have cut it off so we can essentially cut off these problems just by being proactive and preventive in this way so we were right now today to administer to all Special Operations soldiers a lot of the spots that were having out the window

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that's crazy cats crazy right it's true that medicine you know what's going on is all you know trying to catch up always trying to catch up with what we do is proactive we see patterns in the blood that if we let them keep on sliding until they're sick will get even you know absolutely sick in the medical model right now is right this second you're not sick let's wait until you get sick before we do something one of the most shocking things in the working with the UFC is so we got involved with that we do these events called fight for the troops we do my bases in. We are we got involved with the Intrepid the foundation for excellence you find out how the government gives them and how much they have to raise outside doing functions like these big UFC events and that to me was one of the most disturbing things about those of

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how is it possible that we can have all this money for all these different missions all this money for all these different things but we don't have money to take care of these guys when they come back home that seems that seems criminal son ethical minimum at a minimum if you count on soldiers to do what you ask of them and put their body on the line to to complete missions and then you don't take take care of them when they come back how do you ever expect anybody to be patriotic show like there is millions of dollars spent on me personally on my training and then you can't put a number on that experience rights O2 to produce a special operations solder millions of dollars so it makes sense to put in proper preventive programs to make sure those guys were forming a performing at Elite levels right we're going to do that for our Weapons Systems were going to do that for

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vehicles for aircraft why would we not do that for the same thing as our guys but you know what we're not waiting for anybody else if they come up and say okay we're going to do this we Fallen doctor Gordon's lead started the foundation we're doing it and I we're going to we're changing it from the inside out from top to bottom from bottom to top well I think maybe it takes guys like you that are on the inside to do that I feel like the bureaucrats the people that are in the air-conditioned offices that are you know deciding where money goes they don't they don't have a stake in it but it's It's Made Simple because we're providing science to evidence-based Solutions not bitching or complaining offering Solutions based on science and how long have you been involved with this Foundation we started January one of this year so I had to go outside of the military Medical

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jump to get alternative treatment alternative being not medication not Psychotherapy and I mean medication very similar to when Mad God names on here to Navy SEAL you know I was on 13 different meds and before you know it like you're just you're you're not the person that you used to be you know I was on the lead-up capable of performing at Elite level and situations of life and death consistently and reliably and then all of a sudden I have a problem with you know handling things that just don't add up you know your behavior is not right I can't remember things driving home I don't know where I'm at 5 years I've driven that route every day also they look up you don't know where you're at writing a sentence in the in the middle of it I can't I don't know what I'm writing about you know I mean so those kind of things so it was easy for me to put my hand and say hey this is this is such long is going on here this is not right and I was spacing saying I'm on fire somebody to put this fire out and just kept throwing medication and medication medication and then you start having anxiety attacks which is completely formed

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right that was something that a some other person a week vs problem as I proceeded and not having his anxiety attacks where I'm breaking down emotional and crying in public and I can't I can't I have no control over it and I and having fun of my family my wife my kids and I was like Hey enough is enough and going out trying to find different things let me to let me know Mark dr. Gordon and he introduced me to his protocols yeah she sent me an email and the first Monty says hey Andrew you know I'm this and we're doing this and I'm not a coupe by the way I was like okay I like that I'm interested in what is no specific injury or a specific moment where things change for you are so I was in around explosions for my entire career you know what I mean I was only knocked unconscious

► 00:24:45

time in combat but the thing that Mark was saying and this is just this was outside the veteran population this goes with anybody but the the symptoms can come in months weeks Years days whatever later right so it wasn't attributed to any one thing so six months later after my last appointment I'm starting to have these problems are starting to manifest and you when I'm when I'm bringing this up to the attention you know it's like okay well this is a psychological issue and I'm like well I've been doing this for a long time this is what I want to be doing that's bullshit it's not a psychological issue and here's why I would be able to form like this and also nice can't do it and and so that that was just very frustrating you know in that regard trying to trying to to come out and try to find some some real what it takes is an individualized approach right and that uses evidence-based Diagnostics to pinpoint and treat the underlying condition but nobody was trying

► 00:25:45

figure out my whole spino story and and when you don't do that you just take find out what the symptoms are and you treat those symptoms with medication then you're not you're not doing anything to fix it but I'm so that's that's kind of why it's hard to 44 I think the medical community understand it right now because if you have a problem and you can't necessarily A trigger that to a major accident or major injury or major explosion then it's like okay well we don't know what it is it's a psychological problem we're going to put them on pack a day and we'll see how he is in 2 weeks that expression psychological issue is a real tricky one isn't it because your psychological makeup a lot of times is dependent upon your physical health and what's going on in your body can greatly affect your mind when someone says psychological issue especially for a guy like you know what they're trying to say is that your week right you're trying to say that you can't handle the pressures women that you're cracking and this is what it is right now it's

► 00:26:45

the Integrity of it's called comorbid and this is an argument that's going back between the psychiatric world and the non-psychiatric world wherein comorbid which came first the situation of precipitated depression of the depression that develops the situation in this particular instance relative to Andrew his his chemistry of his body was doing great until he had that group of insults to him whether or not it was that huge Trump that got blown up a hundred feet in the air and you got the shock wave that knocked you out for the repetitive gunfire that you had or the breaching that you can take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll pop one of the hormones that I've repeated number of times and I repeat again pregnenolone has been found to control the anxiety affect in the body in the brain so morning anxiety

► 00:27:45

or a pregnenolone or social anxiety and who have been in auto accidents never had anxiety attacks and panic attacks and they wake up 6 months after the injury and they've got morning anxiety they're pregnant levels instead of being average about a hundred and ten or down at six or seven you correct them back to your tender anxiety disappear what is pregnant need a loan is called the mother of all hormones it comes from cholesterols the first hormone or steroid hormone official steroid hormone that comes off of cholesterol so if we interrupt cholesterol in our body we lose pregnenolone which becomes the precursor to DHEA and testosterone on one side and progesterone and cortisol on another site so

► 00:28:39

with low pregnenolone it can lead to all the hormones that help to regulate our brain function and our life cortisol if you don't have cortisol you get his syndrome call Dadson's disease and you can die the most people associate cortisol with high levels of it being problematic right stress corrector a stress-related everybody thinks it's a stress emotional stress physical stress nutritional stress can precipitate high amounts of cortisol if you're fasting cortisol goes up and then there's chemical stress like chemotherapy or certain medication that you take alcohol to certain drugs can do it and they can influence the adrenal glands production of cortisol which is called an adaptogen which allows you to go from one level of physical functioning mental functioning to another it adapts helps you to adapt to tell you when I have these conversations with you about this issue it's kind of frustrating to me because it seems like you're making all this sense and you're talking about this

► 00:29:39

this is broad spectrum of different hormones and all these different variables that exist in the human mind and how important they are to maintain proper levels of them for health or function but you're just not a lot of people like you out there they're talking about this like this is what you're saying is is a fairly controversial treatment dr. Gordon hurt me like this is like it's this is like 1960 we're saying we were to put a man on the Moon by 1969 and everybody says you guys are batshit crazy you know what I mean. That's that's where we're at vacation for Innovation when it comes to treatment or is it is it what what's the resistance to understanding all these different variables by giving this pill that's either SSRI or an ABCD or whatever it is you're going to give that pill Ryan someone comes in a coop comes in and says look at the literature for

► 00:30:39

past 35 years even as far back as 1958 with DHEA showing that DHEA is antidepressant you coming with these natural products that have no patents on it that you can walk into a GNC you can get it from you can get it from any of these companies and take it natural cure depression and it cost you $0.03 a day $0.05 a day ten cents a day as opposed to the cost for some of these other medication who you going to believe this Kook who talks about over-the-counter product or the pharmaceutical rep who talks about this prescription medication that is a problem official sounding names and designations and Griffin are at it the way that I approached it with my science background not just Medical but the science research I did in the beginning is to line up all the information information

► 00:31:39

hand it to someone and read it seat for a dummy like me who's are obviously in the outside of all this would be here with the brave dr. I got a lot of shit from your people why because they said that you know you're you're smart guy and I said that you're actually brinca trust me I'm a dummy science backgrounds assume is that the way things got better and the way people figure things out is that they just looked at the facts and then when new facts came in they adjusted accordingly but it seems like there's resistance against the status quo is very clearly we hand everybody this antidepressant we're not going to hand them this natural product that's been shown since 1986 and 1958 on another large group of

► 00:32:39

research to be beneficial double-blind washout studies for benefit and depression natural product products because it's in its Essence is I see it's stating that well you don't really need the pharmaceutical

► 00:32:56

you can just get a natural product so do you think this is so much money involved in pushing the pharmaceutical drugs that these doctors are reluctant to go against it or not prescribed it or did step out on a limb you know the

► 00:33:11

the medical community the medical Boards of every state it's the standard of care in your community which means that if there are a hundred doctors in a community of Physicians and the standard for 99% of them is to use a SSRI the one doctor who uses a non SSRI can be pulled into the medical board as practicing outside the scope of the medical community as well as doctors in general don't want to be looked at as being that one person who is trying to introduce something new revolutionary something that's worth something they work very diligently at for 21 years to show the science and the clinical cases that it works it's a Maverick and our Medical Society doesn't work with Mavericks works with mass there's a lot of forces that are kind of Stack up against it but that doesn't mean that that's a reason to coward and not stand up to it right I mean it's either it's either right or isn't right and we're saying

► 00:34:10

dr. Gordon is right and we're going for your last breath to change it into America on antidepressants and if it if you're on an antidepressant and you're still depressed guess what it's probably not that playing at the underlying Condition it's what science is Jonas is a hormonal imbalance were able to interdict that and effectively treated hormone I've been slowly getting away from the back of steroid that's right out of the loop out of Paris France that the brain has the chemistry to take cholesterol and to make it into testosterone make things pregnenolone make it into progesterone allopregnanolone in the brain from many many years biopsies of the brain would find testosterone it and they thought it came from you know your testicles or thyroid in the brain that came from your thyroid gland in the neck

► 00:35:10

is neurosteroids are made what we called the Nova within the brain itself

► 00:35:17

and when you have trauma or inflammation you lose that and that's why I believe based on reading the literature in my interpretation that's what could be faulted how I interpreted is that that is the cause for all the transitions in the brain but there are receptors in the brain that regulate how nerves conduct and what they found is these nerves have not only magnesium zinc there's a Valium receptor and they found a pregnenolone receptor so they found a receptor which pregnenolone works to regulate to smooth out the calm you down

► 00:35:51

so that you're not having panic attacks or emotional turpitude and yelling screaming and picking up a gun and shooting someone or throwing something or yelling or beating someone up getting this all started sympathetic nervous system is just gone crazy. The entire nervous system goes off in a sense what you're saying is there's different types of testosterone different types of hormones that are produced in different areas of the body that's not just your testicles that are doing it right it's the same testosterone testosterone to be testosterone has to be equal bioequivalent so the brain produces the same testosterone as the testicles the brain produces same pregnenolone has the cholesterol elsewhere in the body when the brain is injured it no longer produces it right at the correct levels correct you lose it instead

► 00:36:51

of the brain which regulate executive function making sure that you make the right decision you're able to make the coffee in the right sequence pictures of Butters at the end is all regulated by the frontal part of the brain which is the most common area that is damaged in to and fro kind of auto accidents or explosions from you back so they found pregnenolone and Al Pacino deficiency the same thing with finding in boxers and pugilist and MMA everybody where they found that

► 00:37:27

19 times faster box of NFL players are 19 times more prone to develop Alzheimer's disease between 30 and 50 years of age II 30 years of age developing Alzheimer's did you see that recent study that said 96% of all former Players let's see it was 97 out of 98 people of frames that were tested had CTE

► 00:38:01

which I guess is 96% phenomenal why don't they do the same testing for military soldiers rushed back in about all the different oral steroids princess high cholesterol same as precursor to testosterone so what if you take a Statin drug that lowers your cholesterol guess with the by product that is it messes up your testosterone so what we're understanding is our chemistry is all linked man it's all together if you just you can't just treat testosterone if the stuff above it isn't is affected if you're not treating that will guess what the military model doesn't even test for that and if not treated things below testosterone that that produce at that level with it if it's the fission or insufficient then you're not going to get what you need so until you look at your body your chemistry as a whole and you interdicted accordingly you're going to continue to have this these Mass problems across the board and the ones that are manifesting in with Soldiers with the fighters with football players but you know and then if you take these drugs alter it then with a civilian population as well so

► 00:39:01

like a niche market here it's everybody's affected by this so this is the what's amazing about what everyone's doing I can fix a lot of things what is it things that it has just come up on the table is looking back at the thousand plus people that we put on a program unfortunately I only have about 50 veterans on the program the rest of civilians what we're seeing is those that are addicted to opioids are Narcotics or alcohol addiction are able to get off it rapidly when Matthew was on here Matthew was on 15 different drugs of that group and he was on fate Oxycontin a day and I spoke to him recently specifically about this he was taking it for 18 months he was on morphine 40 tablets at 2 to 40 or 60 mg per tablet and then not fentanyl patch fentanyl patch fentanyl patch which is a pain patch and it's six weeks he was off of 14 of us 15 medications a pain patch on top of all those pills he had with six pins

► 00:40:01

is less left occiput and he had his left leg I think it was shot out and he had chronic pain that's why I was on all these pain medications he's off all that now because you know vitamin D deficiency has been found to be a cause for inflammation it also low vitamin D you have a very low pain threshold increasing vitamin D improves at testosterone changes how we perceive pain I'm stabilizing the pregnenolone and all those hormones in the brain changes how we perceive life when you're depressed you perceive pain very little pain is not depressed

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well you know when we were having this conversation at lunch we're talking about this you were bringing up stem cells and the the effect that stem cells are having and stem cell injections on on people that have all sorts of the serious traumatic injuries is that with the brain as well have they figured out how to work that shit in your dome in let's see 9 mm and I think 12 I went to Germany to Dusseldorf Germany to vet for the doctor's out who's taking autologous stem cells he take out of the patient's stem cells send them to Israel to get an augmented to increase the amount and get them back in 48 hours and then this absolutely incredible three-dimensional positioning needle that use three dimension 3 axis is X Y and Z and was able to go we drilled a hole in the skull and we put a needle in directly into the fourth ventricle which is that fluid compartment in the fridge

► 00:41:41

and injected the stem cells and it's spread out to the to the brain to the brainstem because this gentleman had a brain stem Hemorrhage and within 48 hours to 72 hours he started having these improvements hearing improved physical functioning he was in a wheelchair with a belt to hold them in place three days later he's not using a belt for 12 years since he had his stroke he wasn't able to pick up a coffee cup of coffee mug and hold it he can only use a straw he was picking up his coffee cup and drinking it so they're there are places around the planet that are using stem cells and people with Alzheimer's with ALS which Matic brain injury and it's getting benefits there are benefits in my projects in Beijing China the stem cells called mesenchymal stem cells which are the ones that love the organs come from in diabetics injecting injection of 10 million

► 00:42:41

mesenchymal cells into the patient through an IV 30% of them lost their diabetes 45% had a decrease in their insulin requirement and 25% of them didn't have any effect while and this is a center 126 MD phds in Beijing that pops in their field so there's a lot of hoping that as well correct that. That seems like something that would if you if you're injecting it especially directly into the traumatic experience trauma Terrell who's was using autologous stem cells that he brought a patient and injected into the knees and get rebuild of the knees without cartilage the rebuilding it correct

► 00:43:32

there are a couple of protocols there was one by dr. Alan are done out of Miami orthopedic surgeon who showed that if you go in with it arthroscopic scope and you use a bird which is like a sandpaper device and you rub the bone and then injected with growth hormone that he was able to get 5 to 10 mL of regeneration cartilage in our office will use Pro latitudes significant and he did a Harvard study his publication can you patent not 10 Cinemas 10 mg 2500 it's like that's a that's a bad it's an ice thickness that develop so but no one's doing that because it's illegal to use growth hormone in that fashion growth hormone is a very restricted use parameters on a baseball player

► 00:44:32

is phenomenally well illegal because athletes are using it and becoming more effective it's just it's so silly conception ran into this ludicrous mean if the true altruistic gold medicine is to fix people then why are we being restricted and using the things that we see fixing people will the stem cell stuff was everybody was always worried that people are going to get it from fetuses and then somehow it's going to encourage abortions until they figured out how to get it from other means and once I figured out how to like get a brother now that did that debate off the table but for the longest time that was the big issue with during the Bush Administration they held back stem cell research because of the right-wing Christians I think there's at least a one cell research

► 00:45:32

rocket and Russia I mean picking your nose is going to kill more single cells been doing that for stem cell research cut the reaper cut everything you know I used to think of stem cells as well that's kind of interesting some future therapy shoulder this bother me for a year not bothering me at all anymore or stem cell stem cells where to get the same placenta

► 00:46:32

it gets about a similar to a Regina King right except they don't they don't Regina kind is that stuff that dr. Peter wehling figured out an in Germany that's their the blood spinning procedure that heat up the blood

► 00:46:45

this is more advanced version of platelet-rich plasma and what they do and I think it was Australia they expose it to a specialist frequency of ultraviolet light to take care of any of the inflammatory chemistry that's in there through photo of the activation and the PRP works very well there's another way to do with those a point there's a number of different ways to get stem cells adipose and then they're turning into stem cells than shooting into her knees and their shoulders and what have you and having incredible results a lot of MMA fighter yeah dude I'm telling you man I I I mean I don't know if mine's an isolated incident but I'm just so blown away I was on the verge of surgery I was thinking okay I'll be off at three months of being

► 00:47:45

sling for 8 weeks Baba I was going over my head how much downtime what can I do during that down time and I was I was preparing to have a useless shoulder now all the sudden I'm doing everything I mean with zero pain it just makes a weird noise is still at Sky crunching but there's no pain and no limit no restriction and movement probably I have a 9 in the morning tomorrow so it's it's broken and I would love to do that have non-union in your fibula weight-bearing bone my first appointment and I just never had it fixed so I wanted to fix it but it like 9 month rehab and I was like no way it doesn't work now so they would take the titanium played out

► 00:48:45

graph it at the Gratz graph it take stuff for my hip apparently and I was just like it's not worth it I'm just going to keep on Keep On Keepin On but and then I knew about about stem cells on I'm just going to wait till I can do that and be back next weekend can the stem cells fix that

► 00:49:00

they can help with the bones that are non if they're close enough help with non-union Fusion help with fusion and then the speed up the return to therapy time to turn around time for you will again unite surface 3 know if is 9 months now maybe it's three months me not to be so when it's just so frustrating when you hear about how much time they they spent Banning stem cell research because of the new research they're doing now on regenerating things I mean did they Dave just they seek with the gene of the flatworm and they think they're going to be able to figure out within x amount of years how to regenerate limbs like what the fuck man I mean that we're getting into some really crazy area with Innovative science and medicine so what are we do we stop using all the technology that can help people today waiting for the technology of decade from now that's even sillier so fast no reason

► 00:50:00

really good one for people with traumatic brain injury what do you think about that. I think stem cells is a good option you know but what is it that you're looking at you looking at someone who has had a loss of a segment of their brain you want to try and regenerated we know that possible well we know from studies that were done back in 1911 there was a doctor K Joel 1928 is a dock up in McGill University of Goro Goro Goro who's does a regenerative research the only reason why is because and permissive environment is what I call it lecture I give on this specific topic is that there are so many chemicals in the brain that are trying to Foster regeneration of nerve rent since you guys doing a study on a byproduct of progesterone called allopregnanolone which is neurodegenerative a snap to genic which means that the connection from one nerve 2

► 00:51:00

another nerve is a synapse if it's damaged it can regenerate it also allopregnanolone is a free radical scavenger as we age as our biochemistry changes in the energy production in our brain to mitochondria changes a lot more of oxidation occurs are free radicals and that's called oxidative stress and it's believed especially in great articles by Hud German at USC Cal Finch talks about aging of the brain and loss of are functioning do to this oxidative stress and he believes that oxidative stress leads to hormone deficiency leads to physical deficiency and death in recent group of article showed we're seeing a lot of a type of Diabetes called insulin resistant diabetes were you making too much insulin because it's not being recognized by the cells so they found in these group of Articles came out that if there's information of an area of the brain called the hypothalamus which

► 00:52:00

regulates our energy use that can predispose you to developing this situation called insulin resistant diabetes or the metabolic syndrome so we've been tracking our patient population who have had significant head trauma with or not it's blast with physical injury or blunt head injury someone who fell off a second-story and hit their head was unconscious for a month they're developed they've developed or they came into the office already with this insulin resistance and it's easy to fix correct their hormones given chromate and monitor them what's chromate is a mineral metal which is important for insulin recognition of the cell wall and it was called by C Everett Koop the the insulin tolerance Factor back in the late 90s so this chromium hooked up to a nice and cold chromium poly Nicole tonight it's the trade name is called the Chrome 8 we use it for our page

► 00:53:00

what's with this type 2 diabetes called insulin resistance and they all reverse they all get better their blood sugar stabilized at FATZ get better and their insulin comes down so we had in fact one of our neighbors had an insulin level 117 it should be less than 25 once we corrected his testosterone and his chromium his levels drop down below 30 which is where you'd like to have it also says this Radiolab podcast recently and they were talking about lithium there's a woman to take lithium cuz she's so I guess it's bipolar and assault lithium chloride sodium it's just an element and she's fine but the counter handed I haven't for what that's what I need to go learn but have a lithium

► 00:54:00

what I heard that I was like why I thought with you with some hardcore Prozac type drug that will they put people on the rather fucking mind I didn't think it was just a salt or can it be used to it I would see patients coming in with bipolar and being on lithium and then started seeing patients were coming in on it you know just take him because of the articles in life extension magazine or one of those other science-based magazines but I haven't had a chance to go and look at it closely but it's very impressive it's the metal so you know it's like magnesium works on one of the brain receptors that if you take magnesium make you calm magnesium metal you talk about the salt magnesium carbonate magnesium citrate

► 00:55:00

standard process in the body one of them is a natural aromatase inhibitor so I've never use Arimidex in my practice or an extra salt in my practice does it mean estradiol naturally and it's daps to what we do to it if you give up overwhelming amount of testosterone to the body of the body says off now what am I going to do with this so it'll either send it down to estrogen estradiol or it'll send it to another thing called dihydrotestosterone estradiol obviously get man boobs you got to know crying when peeing and so forth and DHT causes hair loss causes testicles to show their side effects so Min and replenishing to Sauce when you have to be careful with the balance you use otherwise she starts throwing things in like an astro cell which blocks estradiol which is extremely important for generating growth hormone in the brain helping blood flow and keeping the

► 00:56:00

immune system unique to the brain functional so you know everything we do there's always a risk-benefit factor that needs to be looked at and I think that some of the risk factors of being ignored this woman in the Radiolab podcast she was having an issue with kidney failure and they were going to make her get off of lithium the Lititz of lithium has a negative publicity it's dose-dependent toxicity and then the uniqueness of the person's biochemistry can make a very low amount toxic for you or another person is meaningless to some of this woman was this massive conflict because this this was saving her and she allowed her to be herself and now all the sudden they were telling her that you're going to have to get off it and she had been off of it before and just lost her marbles saving her and killing are the same time yeah it's crazy it's another way that people can avoid that is there is there's another way that I could have the Gravois the effects of being bipolar exercise.

► 00:57:00

anything well do you want to say anything about that Andrew

► 00:57:04

we think that you can treat that by treating in Nora active steroids in the brain Amanda it's it's been shown that it's been backed up by evidence and proof in his clinical application as well if that's the case so how's that work

► 00:57:21

testosterone is generally perceived as being a sex hormone or being a reproductive hormone what we're finding is that it's involved in an incredible array of different processes in the body studies on the emotional center of the brain the limbic system found that it helps to stabilize panic and also anger and aggression and reactiveness to our environment if it's slow your hyperreactive they're finding that in anorexia nervosa women who are starving themselves who have psychological issues to it if they don't respond to treatment giving them to stop swimming pools it so what we're starting to see is these neurosteroids interactive steroids have influence on an array of psychological or mood disorders and one of them is in bipolar in the case that were

► 00:58:20

just touching on a gentleman who was diagnosed with the bipolar by the military and was put onto lithium and also add at the same time so and then what happened was he was given a challenge test with a low dose of testosterone and within thirty two hours or so after that. Symptoms disappeared that's incredible did the combination of things working together synergistically is one of the most incredible parts of it correct and this is something that it just seems that a lot of people just simply not aware of correct the analogy that I use as you know brand new Corvettes absolute pitch in cars and it's like having a Corvette with four flat tires now all we can do is going to fill up one of the tires with air and you going to try and drive the car you're not going to be able to drive the car let's fill up the front two tires and drive okay let's go and fill up 3 and 1/2 tires in go to drive it's not going to happen this energy is in

► 00:59:20

all the hormones that we have in our body all the chemistry together to give us a level of benefit of function that one by itself cannot do and if you look at the failure reports that are in traumatic brain injury since 1959 it's called the futility failure where these pharmaceutical companies took these great drugs and brain injury and didn't get any benefit greater than 10% that's called failure futility failure and it's because and other people are writing the becaus is because our system is so complex how do you expect one product to fix it

► 01:00:00

camp and how do you say everything's got to be Belle it's all got to be balanced he's such an issue in this country when it comes to mental health that mental health doesn't get looked at like the health of a bone or the health of the muscle you know if you have a torn muscle you have to get an emergency operation to reattach it but if you get brain is fun for you no stop stop being so down on yourself with this sort of some of our chemistry I mean that that that's the deal that's affected that's when you have these these different things that manifest that's why we're seeing so many of the Vets coming back and committing suicide because they've been in still with exactly what you said don't be a pussy you know Ryan I can speak to my credibility that that's not the case so let's find some let's find some damn answers because we're not the Crazy Train

► 01:01:00

so what the hell's going on maybe maybe I should take this medication compounding a problem and make an even bigger and that's why we're having all these suicides and also has been fascinating to me over the last couple years is finding out all the different things that we do that change a hormone levels of our body like all the different things you could do during the day that up your testosterone including life just dropped what they call peacocking the driving a nice car around a bunch of young ladies actually right Rises raise your testosterone like what the fuck is going on with our bodies I got weird is it that there's like moods the changing and mood like a happy moments will change the chemical Evolution the evolution of internet was a natural selection that women were around I was going to bring you a cup

► 01:02:00

how do I set the 14 15 16 there's a spike in testosterone so she's ovulating she has a spike in her to stop what she want to do get our party on. She wants to get that fertilization dance going to put them on hormone replacement once they experience menopause they they they have more testosterone to get hornier correct if you just follow aging and men and women as men who are testosterone based age they lose their testosterone and they have more estrogen that's why we become pussy itches as we get older women on the other hand loser estrogen and game or two stops when you start seeing facial hair and they start taking the command position in the relationship as they get older that's his flipping out the the hormone able to regrow anything in the brain

► 01:03:00

call neuroplasticity you know right. Gordon and I wanted to dumb it down for the listeners are guys that made our like neither listen to or are we able to fix our brains and Sciences said yes and I found this out before I'm at dr. Gordon and I was here in about some of these things and treatments I was at about neuroplasticity and basically being able to regenerate the neuronal pathways okay so we have shearing shearing of the neuron in a traumatic brain injury and and that's causes some of the issues that we have but we what we now know is we can neuronal Pathways in the brain and we can stingrays sting like that through a number of ways learning something that you never learn will stimulate that I'm treating it with what you're deficient in an oral steroids steroids will fix that so we thought like can't you Kenny treat can you teach an old dog new tricks we thought the answer was no but now we know that that's not correct we can regenerate neuronal Pathways in the brain anybody can do it and you can keep yourself you can

► 01:04:00

you to get sharper as your age through these treatments people get sharper to when they try new things and we didn't think that was possible but I don't know how long we just figured that out but when I heard that two years ago and and people were telling me hey this is the new you just accept it and I was like for this the last class I was so which one is it right now in Fort Collins and a doctor who was doing just that introducing two vets who had traumatic brain injury with Nintendo with certain type of games to get the visual manual dexterity which would help to improve their cognitive ability because of doing just that using learning something new what's that thing called Sudoku Sol Duc ha ha yeah forces you to do intense thinking which can help build

► 01:05:00

new Pathways in literature that I used to read in Alzheimer's have a lecture on it there's they found that if you looked at the academic the academic experience of an individual when they get Alzheimer's the people of the highest academic achievements meeting MD's phds and so forth compared to people who just have a high school diploma that those people with higher education have a slore progression of Alzheimer's disease and that's because they've built caralho Pathways a lot of pathway so if you lose this pathway you've got this one is all turning back to work in the back door back of the door so you know we're also make sense of relation to exercise like the more exercise to get many people don't exercise when you know when your your your life as exact same path every day the exact same stimuli nothing varies when they when that happens it's it's a very easy for your your mind just atrophy

► 01:06:00

credit process used Challenger self in life that you're going to act Rafi in every area so I think that's the onus on the individual I mean to wrap it up all the time more more more to the other people around like you're getting a little crazy here buddy but it's because it takes more for them to get that juice get it from the original Baseline pushed higher a program and after for 6 months they say. I don't feel the same as I did at the beginning I said well at the beginning you were at 0 now you're at a hundred we're at the top what more you've already had that contrast from 0 200 uses you know what's 100 degrees outside and you got to pull this 86° when you jump in the pool it's an initially cold and then your body adapt so you don't feel at temperature difference is the temperature any different now it's the same thing

► 01:07:00

adapted so what happens is we adapt to not feeling the contrast because at the top

► 01:07:09

does that make any sense so this is what people have you changed you dropped in your functionality No in fact I'm going to be running a few know a marathon what were you able to do that last I know I'm not I'm in the gym 6 days a week instead of once a week or once a month since you're entitled Lifestyles update but you're not feeling as good and I just know what it's like almost getting water in your ear and then the water comes out it's a contrast always give the body a contrast beef between low level and that hire level not excessive but higher level

► 01:08:09

bad example but the same thing they get what's called tachyphylaxis they don't feel the same Hive everybody chases that first high and you're never going to have that first Hi Guess that was the first time that you just whacked out your neurons in your brain with this new drug heroin chasing the dragon on it but it makes sense to me when something is unique in the in the beginning and special and fantastic it gives you this but then when that's a normal thing right then you go in the beginning then it stopped working for me check it was nothing was Jordan who was very very low and stops when I think it was like that too when it should be a 14 and his total was like to 220 and should be about seven hundred and he complains said he's not feeling as well we did his blood work and is free testosterone was like fourteen 13.99 +

► 01:09:09

I'm so he's like four times above where he was before he saying he doesn't feel any better that's crazy you just got used to this elevated State correct treatment that's what they said I think they start to Crave different things right and what the problem with that is we lose focus and the clarity of the present moment that's the problem and I crave a different emotion when you need to be experiencing the most at that you're having right now live a living in that part of the problem being a fucking person is cuz we're always striving for the new thing where we striving for improvement is wanna a better time and I'll run we always want a better this a better that the newest car the fucking update to the house all that shit me where we're constantly when no one is ever like it's pretty good and trying to run away from other ones

► 01:10:09

and developments in ultimately contribution and all of them and they're all they all can produce that if you're able to instead of run from it maybe look at it and see what that can provide you and what can what can you do that provide that to somebody else

► 01:10:22

yeah that makes sense totally makes sense it just seems to me that the way you approach life and the philosophy that you have that you take through life can either they can contribute or take away from your happiness and that it's it's not it's all these things it's not just a hormonal balance it's not just that the health of the physical body but it's also the approach that you have to life the way you look at things can sort of effect and in and bounce all that stuff out in the way me and you. You need everything you need the big picture absolutely around our our pleasure those are beef there's a fleeting you know what I mean so if you could end up instead wrapping around purpose or meaning then you're going to be a long-term happy but pleasure passion things like that that that that that short-term steeplechasing pleasure man in that doesn't make you happy in the end my friend Steve has a really funny way of he talks about things that are really fun when you're doing them and then things

► 01:11:22

that are really fun after they're done he's like something's really fun while you're doing them but after that done they don't give me like a roller-coaster miserable trip that you go on well after you spend hours and hours laugh with your friends like to that sucks

► 01:11:47

Yahoo I blow my nose remembering up received negative time in and putting a positive light on it you know I mean absolutely understanding that a lot of like what is is very difficult to do and it becomes like your your goal setting and then achieving those goals becomes is this feeling of a pleasure and a good thing we're supposed to so many people just want comfort and quiet and peace but with none of the hard work and that you don't appreciate it then a spoiled child a spoiled kids don't appreciate what they have in their life somebody works really hard and you know they've gone through hard times then when things turned well though I got this is so good to not have to worry about money now to not have to worry about where my next meal is coming from the the have a nice home and you know what a nice bed to sleep in his look at the Richard Branson's and the jobs and so forth they came from nothing and they build something

► 01:12:47

they work they were hungry and develop something or had a world that was fulfilled everything that they could think of they have the desire to achieve that goal as opposed to people who are given everything on a silver platter they don't have aspirations I don't have the drive I think you achieve that goal that is kind of pleasure you're talking about Joe but like the we look back and look at the journey that I took from where you started to get to that goal that's freaking till purposeful Nan and proud proud of it that last longer than the feeling of composting that goal the journey yeah it's weird world we live in isn't it you know trying to manage all this stuff and trying to figure out what what's the most what's the optimum way to get through life what's the the best way to approach it how much emphasis to put on the mind how much emphasis to put on the body the relationships that you have with the people in your life greatly affect how how you feel about life in the people in your life do they can affect your hormone levels

► 01:13:47

speaking affected your at your cortisol levels they can affect all those things he has a daughter having for women in home three daughters and the wife that the opportunity that I have to speak is always outside force inside the house you know you just listen I just listen to try to make Plays Alien that you live with another I got three daughters and a wife to a woman that's how we live in feces urine and in poop non-stop they mature into this the light here just at the light and the journey you were talking about in the effect of the environment on your psychological well-being you know it's a it's a roller coaster I've gone through a roller coaster with each one of the

► 01:14:47

and I've come to that Landing you know where you get off the roller coaster finally at this age and you look back and you start laughing on some of the silly things that happen and my daughter came to me a couple of weeks ago and basically it always said that we went through some silly time let's have some great time and it was one of the most revered waiting kind of nights I could have had it was the best night than going out and having a good meal for two year old scotch or something but you owe me that this this last year I read that Viktor Frankl Man's Search for meaning and it just changed my outlook on everything and he went through the Holocaust and the basically the book was the premise of the some people survived the Holocaust and they need the Holocaust Holocaust Holocaust and were able to be able to to have meaning While others just gave up and died and

► 01:15:47

what was the what was the reason behind that was kind of the book look at it and it was the people who survived like 9% was the commonality was is everybody had some kind of a meaning write something somebody of some kind of purpose outside of themselves that was wrapped in how they could better better somebody else's life and some form or fashion and that purpose that meaning to their life allow them to be able to endure whatever came their way because they had a purpose to endure it the first that didn't have a meaning put on their life for whatever reason just at the end that was too much they just gave in and said I give up and eventually died and that was the difference you know I mean and we can replicate that in our own life and you can wrap your life around meaning and purpose and tie that to how you can contribute to put value into somebody else's life I found a place value in to you you know I mean so I think the veto purpose of life is a little left purpose that's a very good way of putting it into makes you feel better about your life too and like cynical people will say what

► 01:16:47

there's no purpose in the end you know you going to take a dirt nap and that's all the time that you have here is just bullshit but the reality is that bullshit is way better when you believe that you have purpose only live for purpose when you work hard and you cheap things like goal-setting I said it one of the most important things for people to achieve happiness is the setting and achieving of goals at setting and achieving of goals whether it's simple I clean completing the project I want to start a garden in my yard you know you want to put a post and grow plants and then when you eat a salad from those plants ago I fucking did it like you get a feeling that a natural feeling of accomplishment from an art project many thing you want to do with fixing the shed what whatever it is like when you set a goal and you do your best and you achieve that's part of what made human beings what we are today in 2015 those those natural wart systems are in our DNA and if you you follow those and you live by those you will have a more fulfilled life and happy life I agree I agree

► 01:17:47

it's it's a it's a joy that you get that you don't have it need anybody else to say to you good job because it's self-generated it's your own self reward as opposed to people search for now the one someone else to tap on the back you know people come up to me and you know I'm very sensitive about the fact people say what a great job I'm doing whatever I'm doing I'm doing good job because that's my purpose that's my purpose I don't need to have someone to tell me to know I've been doing a good job you don't need anybody very hypocritical about myself because you know you look around the planet how many people are putting in the effort for helping other people helping without no help and they're not that I do a hundred percent because I'm selfish I need to have my massage in my car and whatever else

► 01:18:47

it's this there's really no good manual on how to live life and even if there was it might not apply to you you know I mean no nobody could tell you that you like what's going to make one person happy not necessarily going to make another person happy you know about goal setting and working hard for some people. That's actually not it some people only want to do they just want to have a good group of friends and be around them in and have nice meals and good conversations and that's it literally don't have a desire for these other things but for people like you that have this burning desire to to know things and improve upon things and to do good work for you that's that's your path that's it so wrapped up in the day-to-day rat race of life if they don't put the put your head up and say I'm totally missing the boat man I'm not there there is no meaning there is no purpose to I'm doing anything I would think people really thought about it they might

► 01:19:47

how do you do what I know Joe Rogan I see you or Mark Gordon wants to do but they're they're going to pay out if you something if it's not just tied around totally doing me no I just want to hang out and not give anything out to anybody and I don't think anybody wants to do that in the right mind you know it's so hard for people to find out what it is that they want to do and then how do I go about pursuing that and how do I go about pursuing that while avoiding the idea of choosing just a job that's going to give you security you know a job you don't want to do but hey you know it's going to give me Dental that that's out that's a big factor in a lot of people's lives in the non pursuing of dreams that somehow I got to go to change a dangerous to go after it with your with no fear failure but that didn't don't even let failure in the equation what would you do if you knew you couldn't fail at it that's what I would tell people do that's why I told my kids whatever you're passionate about that's where you need to start

► 01:20:47

you don't have it all the time it's it's it's it's good so I can vitamin take it you know yourself with the fuk up that's why we say talking about repeating and using as a goal for myself is it was up pup reporter that interviewed Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson Thomas Edison before he passed away and he said to him you know the strategy development of the incandescent bulb was what Revolution I took us from the stone age's to modern living and about these over Eleven Hundred and eight you stepped they said that you had with the bulbs in Thomas Edison so small so I don't look at him as being failures just as things that didn't work by having that attitude of looking at what we do in our daily life is not failures that you're worthless

► 01:21:45

find another pathway Thomas Edison impression by the way thank you very much is Tesla the man that was that was really all we got to head that it was his current choosing fucking elephants and shit see you fucked up because of dumb ass I was just lucky there was a super genius or don't get me wrong but I mean that's not Michael Jordan commercial you know like about how many times I've failed failed over and over and over again and that's why I succeeded. And how are you to self correct the course I'm at without you can get a good true measurement from failure is awesome

► 01:22:45

sucks at the time but it's like the like we're talking about things that are fun while you're doing them and then things that are great years later what you fail at something you have afterwards it's fucking horrible but that feeling will fuel you that feeling will get you to avoid that's what that's what it's there for you got to rearrange the way you look at people look at it like all I'm a failure you can't Define Yourself by mistakes you what you who you are as you are the Thinkin thing you are the thing that can figure out what the problem is how to how to form a solution you're not the results like you're not in the failures and that's that's what a lot of people running to they Define themselves by failures and people try to Define You by failures can I just don't like how many times you run in the summer from I remember that time when you're a dick head that was 20 years ago you're still living there you know I learned from that I move past it that happens a lot of people right there

► 01:23:45

try to drag you into a guy at a friend of mine who had to go get a break up this girl cuz he was dating talk about things they would have a disagreement about something that she did and she would bring up something to happen like fucking two years ago that had nothing to do with it like you did that and then you said that none zero rational mind him an argument that they had two years ago when people are doing that they're trying to define a failure and failed and failed and since I don't I don't give a shit I'm going to keep going cuz I know when when bullets start flying and the day get stuff we're going to keep moving show me somebody who's never failed or is one every time as soon as they have a

► 01:24:45

perceived adversity or difficult situation they don't know how to act like I don't want that guy on my team FrontRunner and there's some guys that just they don't do well when they're that the nail on the hammer but when all else under the nail they don't know what the fuck to do and if they're dominating a fight to the most terrifying Fighter the world but the moment things are going away searching cracks Under Armour you start seeing that the weaknesses and they fold and they perform at a drastically reduced level with no well the reason of psychological while they're confronting adversity their confront they don't know what to do and then when you see a fighter that's able cable able capable of being hurt and on the brink of failure and then coming back and winning a fight then you see a person with character and then there's there's other people that they're great when everything's going away for the moment things aren't going their way they just fucking pack

► 01:25:45

the bag go home it's where the guy was down and he didn't stop character that's real about somebody's character is this kid that fights in UFC right now his name is Thomas Almeida is very very very highly hyped-up fighter and he had a real tough fight recently with this guy named Brad Pickett Brad pick it's a tough veterans been around for a long time is keto made it's been beating everybody up and then I'll send it gets in a fight with his veteran he gets cracked his nose gets broken he gets rocked really hard came back the next round and knocked out a knock pick it out the flying knee and knocked him out but the point being that this kid got pushed to the brink never lost composure and then you go ok the hype is real this kid's a real deal and you got to see that you got to see that to know cuz otherwise you don't know what happens when you get in trouble getting in trouble like being able to operate while under that kind of intense pressure being in trouble is what makes shampoo

► 01:26:45

hey how do you replicate that in the fight World in and training for a guy to be able to be in that situation where hey this is what's going to feel like and this is how you need to respond or can you replicate them I mean I think the. Kind of mental training is it so difficult to try to replicate that there's certain drills you can do like you do a drill We Take 5 fresh guys and you go in you Spar one guy for one round and then that guy goes out and bring a new Fresh guy and you're tired then to that guy's friend they try to break you they tried but this is also people that don't agree with that cuz they think that that kind of like that is experiencing failure like that in the gym is actually a bad thing because then you become comfortable with failure and you understand it and some people think that it's just an attribute that's a psychological add to either you're in shape and you're prepared and you're ready and when adversity comes you're going to be able to handle it or you're not you know it's it's it's really tough to put an answer to that cuz it's really tough like think of

► 01:27:44

like buds training I think about like how many people go through that that kind of training and just get to the point where everybody is uncomfortable everybody's miserable but they get it and who doesn't quit the people that don't quit the People You Can Count On Me by the decision beforehand I can tell you they made the decision beforehand like I don't care what happens and how much it's going to suck a my mind I've now embraced it and I've told myself and I'm going to enjoy it and no matter what I'm not quitting but I'll lose a leg before I quit but if you have even the slightest inkling of the socks I can't believe that do another Twenty Mile and Van top 100 lb it's easy to step off to the side over there and be done but if you have a mental mind frame and you can train it if you have them into my friend of I will not there they might not take me but it won't be because I didn't finish this damn thing it won't be because

► 01:28:44

I'm not physically and mentally here doing everything that's asked of me when you say you can train it they don't try to trade it in you the before they prepare evening after 1. They want a person who does It On the Run Fighters I really do either you have it or you don't that's why I similarly there's just a small percentage of people that ever get through that kind of training right is simply a small percentage of people that ever get to the elite level of competition and I think in any form in it in any sport and anything were you trying to push yourself anything that's difficult any really difficult Endeavor reveals character it's beautiful beautiful process it's amazing it's and it's amazing to see in yourself and even you know the people that experience will take that quit if they even that can be a lesson you know you can learn from that lesson and then rebuild it and never never experienced that again have a curiosity in your training what percentage of people actually complete the training

► 01:29:44

forces assessment and selection only about 33% get through that then you go through the training pipeline which is anywhere for about a year-and-a-half to two two and a half years and that's about 50% of the people I think you know percent to get Thrifty Ice a very small percentage of people that have the courage to join so you know you think about how many people are willing to sign up and that's a small percentage to sew a small percentage of a small percentage of a small percentage everybody wants to be a cool guy until things go wrong it's going to be it's not it's all very very small percentage so the question is if it's 16% in that Arena what is it in boxing or MMA MMA there's also there's a lot of physical gifts that come into play like we're talking about guys that quit this guy's a quit that are at the elite level

► 01:30:42

they just they just don't run in anybody's good as them in as long as they keep training they keep pushing ahead the Baldo's and bum rush all these guys that are in there with them but there's guys know I don't mention names I want to hurt anybody's feelings this guy might have to fine-tune Blue skills climbing any anybody can do those drugs and they can't hit a homerun they're not entirely week you know they might they might like some people can run a marathon can I run an ultramarathon can you do a hundred miles and 24 hours a lot of people can't but some people can so the people that run that ultramarathon they'll look at other people that can't run a marathon or the people that run a regular Marathon will look at people that can't run a marathon little quit at mild 16 or whatever and then maybe they don't have the Middle top

► 01:31:42

a hundred miles to everything in this life and there's people that are at the elite level of MMA that I know I know that if they get in a bad spot they going to quit making everybody has a breaking point I can sign up for fact every every woman has a breaking point so there's a lot of people think so. It ever being tested and I think they're just saying it so that they think that they can convince you and maybe somehow know it'll convince themselves if you believe it is it nurtures of nature is it just a question what they want to do is it a psychological decision to it or is it their Matrix of how they're put together that's a very secession this is the limit of their capacity at this puppy in this is obviously dog another person but I had this dog's name is Frank Sinatra crazy fucking dog I've ever had who's nuts his mother was a wild boar hunting dog from Hawaii

► 01:32:42

his dog was fucking crazy he was crazy but when he was a puppy one of the reasons I realize he was crazy was he would always like to play bite and stuff he was really little and only two months old push mower push mower I pushed him away before I got tired of doing it I push to 3 okay I'm a grown man and he's a baby dog and I'm pushing him away from me I never got discouraged not once at at number 80 on my right buddy by my hand let's just let's just call this a lot but like that was 100% nature not nurture all I've taught him to do as you know get patent and give dog food give him kisses but in his hitting his makeup and there's that that question of epigenetics like what how much of you

► 01:33:42

character do you get from your parents like just in your DNA how much can you mold on your own I mean I think there are there's an Untold number of variables and nature and nurture it's neither or it's all the above environment there's so many different things that are you did with the super marathon and marathon of the person who does like I do a 5K and I'm wasted but but if you decided you were a runner and then put in the work you'd be a runner given any you know I mean when your knees hold up or ankle problems or if you decided to you can do it's not outside the realm of possibility it's not like you can't fly when I can't fly either you know I don't have wings and I mean like we're talking about the non physical limitations is a simple thing like running not saying will you beat Usain Bolt in a hundred-yard dash know you won't you know what we're talking about some simple stuff like

► 01:34:42

I meant to do it and keep his Commandments and you have the physical mental capacity and that's just what are we going to be committed her from whatever you're doing in bracelet man can you have truly embrace it. That's the difference Cameron on Ali ya mean even though it's simple things like that tell yourself you're going to do an hour and a half on an elliptical machine what seems real easy for 5 minutes and then 10 minutes later I got an hour and 20 more minutes is bullshit and then you know as you're going to need to know and not reduce the level keep the level the same and just force yourself to do it that's not easy to do shit compared to an ultramarathon so there's a levels to everything and then how about these crazy Fox that do like people that do to ultramarathon in a row like they'll do it

► 01:35:41

ultramarathon and they'll do an ultramarathon back because a regular ultramarathon is not fucking crazy enough of these people because they want to find the edge what when's the edge or I hit it I think I can go further I think I'm building up more endurance are they going to build it off more mental toughness I can go further have you ever heard of I've heard that what is the Iceman a marathon in the in the in the desert without drinking water yeah he goes and does his crazy submersions and and Ike freezing temperatures and he can keep his core temperature without changing the world record like 2 hours so he said he's come up with a method that he can teach you how to change your physiology to be able to adapt to these things and it's with breathing techniques commitment and cold water immersion when model fucking alien that I bought it on my wife and the first thing I didn't hold my breath for 2 minutes

► 01:36:41

41 seconds my wife held it for 2 minutes and 30 seconds after after 15 minutes doing his breathing stuff and you held it for five minutes before we can get in short and shirt and shorts and a shirt summited Everest in shorts 26 people up to Kilimanjaro they submitted it and they all had answers or how much whatever training for 3 months 16 of them summited they did in 20 36 hours and they didn't shorts you know I mean his whole thing is I can train you to take take over your physiology and your autonomic nervous system a guy like that people talk about mental training guide cowboy Cerrone on the other day and I asked him if he's involved in that you know he's talking about like mine fox and things that go wrong fights Michael you ever done any man to training at all these like stuff is tough as like a cowboy Cerrone and you teach him some shit like this

► 01:37:41

Elite of the elite you know what I mean so you can get your physical physical performance up to the top level then you're selling yourself short if you're not only had also having a mental aspect to your game you have to have a mental aspect you're getting you have to be mentally draining I think also like people get used to shit you get used to stuff and you get used to stuff like where it's not that bad and you know I do have you done the cryotherapy and you don't even know what are you doing after that she want to go do it 270 degrees below zero for 3-minutes fuckingawesome and werewolf like going to run through buildings the point is though like I do it so often it's nothing but the first time I did I was like holy shit now I do what I just stand there like I literally like I did like the timer goes off at 3 minutes online keep going I just keep going like my body is so it's so normal to me I get used to it I wonder if that's what's going on with his win

► 01:38:41

Hawkeye to is like his mind has a category for these states and he puts himself in the East and then you can slowly but surely increase the duration of these states and is the suffering and then his body understands how to mitigate whatever issues might come out from I bought the program sikatuna week program Fortuna but feels like I'm getting it that's awesome I want to do the outliers those real outliers with people that like like I said when you talked about doing an ultra marathon or something along those lines like for most people like at 6 at the Mount of mental toughness is involved in that is insane and then you hear about this guy I know who's taking it to the next place next guys going to do it fucking Barefoot you know I mean it's just he's cool cuz he hooks up a scientist and they regulate everything they take the

► 01:39:41

he's like he can prove it's proven evidence proving that doing it this is why this how I'm affecting my automatic nervous system and now I got the science back it up which is really just kind of horseshit tricky just walked past a little foot gets fucked up but you're fine you know where is this guy I love that to that has brown and scientist to make sure this is a guy that really understands how to regulate is body temperature is breathing and Missing Foundation hey there's no false hope here Haines o falso for putting out to the guys out here if you're listening there's no false hope and Doctor Gordon's program and through the warrior Angels Foundation it's all science evidence-based and we set up a system that so

► 01:40:41

Advanced that doctor's office be able to see dr. Gordon everything is paper list done through Skype so we've got personalized individualized a method for medicine to see one of the world's most renowned people to treat traumatic brain injuries are now bringing that to every veteran that signs up to our program should you brought the whole thing full circle I like how you did that like you know how to bring it back The Warrior Angels Foundation what does anybody have to do if they want to get involved in this I say someone's listening to this and they say you know they're thinking themselves this applies to me I know I know this can help me I know I have this issue all you do is go to our website you go to a freaking page and start feeling the information in the Angel Foundation for Angels Angels Foundation. Org so you go through you fill out your initial information get stored in our automated process of what you'll get doctor do organs dr. Gordon

► 01:41:41

patient patient intake form the long one and you'll fill that out get it back to us through email to print out anything no printing know nothing and It's All Digital lies all done through the clouds so we get all that information once we get all your information in dr. Gordon his office check if they make sure you're a good candidate once that's been decided we'll go ahead and we'll start with a funding you and I will make the funds go through to get your blood tests will send out if we have access labs in Florida all right so they'll do your Labs so they send the lamps to you to you wherever you're at and they will make plans for you to go to a lab that's the closest to your geographical location that's the only time you have to leave your house to do this thing so you go you'll go to leave your house to go get your lab drawn will take it take the Lambs I'll send it back to Florida Florida will get it there analyze results personal results of dr. Gordon dr. Gordon gets it he gets the results mix they schedule an appointment with you to do a one-on-one consultation and we'll go over everything and complete

► 01:42:41

detail and answer all your questions there and then go over what your protocols what he thinks your protocol should be there before we actually do a Skype I write a four-page report which gets sent by email to the patient and it has English in it not just my medical leaves and it explains some of the results and it gives them a chart of what the suggested first group of products or the first approach will be and then through FedEx we send a very comprehensive patient handbook that's put together specifically based upon their lab results about 80 Pages total in explains why we did every single one of the tests and how they interpret out and then support of documentation from the General Medical literature that's out there and then through the Skype which is 45 minutes to an hour we go through every single one of the lab tests and how it pertains to them after we discuss their traumas or what if there are accidents that they had or

► 01:43:41

if there is civilian the lack of any accident but here's what your results are and then we make arrangements for either their doctor to participate with us or one of our doctors you know since November of 12th when I saw you last year my new book on traumatic brain injury came out and new lecture series came out and we did that in San Diego and part of the reason why there are now more doctors aware of what we what we do is because we train 45 a docs from five different countries in the protocols that we've developed over the past 10 years and the results we had the Andrew was there and spoke to them we had to have a night of Friday night which was for military night since we were so close to Coronado Island and invited to military anyone Act of War presently veteran to come to the comedian to hear Andrew talk about his own life's experience and I can tell you about the science behind it but what's really

► 01:44:42

impacting on both of psychological emotional level is listening to someone as you did to Matthew Gosney when he was on the show and Andrew telling his story of how he transition from this phenomenal life to this great military life that then the injuries and then what happened after it and then having all the standardized medical procedures done which really didn't help to bring them to the level that is at right now which is according to his mother father sister brother your dog also said that you were acting much better than you were in the past ever not right and his life is transitioning the emails he sends me about an old qualities that is experiencing that's what it's about

► 01:45:22

regardless of what we do it's always about unfortunately the endpoint of the journey that would take him right now is that photo bring you back to a functionality where you're enjoying life how's your life couldn't be any better company better and that's what we're that's what we're saying hey we want to bring this to everybody out there who's been told like I was told this is the new you take a notebook around with you cuz you have to write stuff down cuz you're not going to be able to remember it important Link in the Donate link Warrior Angels Foundation. Org that donate link is really important because there's a lot of guys that just didn't have the funds they don't they're our friends for this kind of treatment and it's not covered by insurance companies correct I mean there's any insurance covering the song what happened I take a percentage of my practice and put into a separate fun and that's how I think it started out funding the military is through our practice because it's you know

► 01:46:22

4 year the first year it's $5,000 all inclusive everything because we've gotten donations from our laboratory or laboratory that we use access medical lab has given us a lot of money to help offset the cost for the labs are Compounding Pharmacy University compounding pharmacy gave us $100,000 Grant so that testosterones for free any of the compound and products are free another Pharmacy Ike's Pharmacy gives us all our Clomid so that the first three months of product for the the less than 40 year old veterans to get Clomid which help stimulate their own body to make testosterone we just got a $10,000 Grant from turn capsulations for the key antioxidants that we use for brain health and a lot of help streamlining those costs come and get this Joe the 5000 year one is compared to what the VA spins which is $15,000 and the Congressional budget

► 01:47:22

office report in 2012 TBI and PTSD 15 $16,000 to treat that and all they use as medication and Psychotherapy so it gets more as yours goes on where we're fixing underlying condition we're fixing the problem $5,000 for the first year about 3,500 2535 the second year and then every year thereafter the cost is about $1,500 the same Co-op 66 billion dollars is what they're paying for all the medical care in 2012 66 billion dollars that's why we're getting listen to cuz we're like a look at the the difference and variations of these prices of what you guys are spending any news on and don't tell anybody who's listening if I made my daughter has a jewelry company and she's volunteered to to give to anyone who gives $5,000

► 01:48:22

a coin which is 1800 years of age silver coin from Rome all authentic they look brand-new coins as a gift anyone who helps us with $5,000 error coins or era if I can save her website okay it's e r a b y r g. Tom and under you see giving and actually shows what she's producing in her jewelry company and donating to warrior angel foundation so that they can hand it out to people who are a donating money this type of training is there any detractors training and sense of this no in fact everything is FDA-approved everything is being used at physiological levels I think I shared with you on past show that we use

► 01:49:22

a blended testosterone injectable that we developed about 14 years ago which gets into the brain a lot faster than the cypionate and enanthate that's out there different types of testosterone and we use a very low dose 40 mg which is the amount that a healthy 25 to 35 year old makes in a week's time so we're using everything physiologic and it's just about hormone replenishment it's about the micronutrients that we are using to help with the hormone so that they work I mean you need to have a well-balanced Machinery in the brain in order to get all the benefits and you know one is addressing the inflammatory aspect to brain trauma and without addressing that you can't get Improvement

► 01:50:06

testosterone animal based instead of using yams using animals somehow or another and their they're avoiding detection with all these drug testing when they're doing these carbon isotope tests right for like the new this is the new thing that said the people on The Fringe of the cheating movement well if you can get the testosterone more so into the brain because where does testosterone really work yeah it does work to help build muscle but what controls the muscle that you just talking about how people succeed freezing ice mountain Kilimanjaro it's all the brain so if you can increase the brain's ability to be resistant to failure mean that you've got a mindset you're going to do it regardless of hell or high water you're going to do it that's really what the benefits are in testosterone increases those benefits correct and low dose

► 01:51:06

very well absorbable like testosterone propionate gets into the system into the cells and three to four hours inside of the blood so you you don't detect it

► 01:51:17

propionate what about that you were developed drops the liposomal c as we develop the vehicle that the compounding pharmacies can legal legally put the testosterone into this liquid and liquids put under the tongue was put into the mouth and washed around and gets absorbed because the particle size is so small it gets absorbed rapidly this is different everyday right it's supposed to testing showed that either once a day ideally once a day is the best but you get to regulate the responsiveness that you have the response so if you want to have a nice easy day to take one scored on the tongue if you want to have really energetic that you take two if you want to have a fun night for many hours to take for skirts that sounds like you're encouraging people to get fucking crazy around here with all the doctors out there though

► 01:52:17

and it's not it's not a magic pill but what it will do is it allow you to to live life the way it was intended to be you know what I mean so before it's like you couldn't react to something now you'll be able to react to things appropriately you'll be able to do things appropriately as if your if your have a your neurochemistry is not in in Balance than you can't so this will give you the opportunity to do that so in closing is everything else you guys want to say warrior Angels Foundation. Org is where you can go to learn more about this crowdfunding campaign and get to through our website we got awesome perks on there like a range day with me a shooting at the range got videos on there for that cool mugs or whatever so some incentives to give and in anything you want to find out about dr. Gordon or also his daughter will be on our website as well life extension magazine that in 2012 did the article on hormones to heal the brain

► 01:53:17

the military is doing a follow-up follow-up article where they've gone to six or eight of our patients for I think military into or for non-military an interview them to get their experience over the past few years that since the 2012 article and I think it'll be important for those people who are thinking about maybe getting involved in what we're doing to read that I think it's coming out to the end of the year to read it and listen to experience or else go back to the math you guys need Jason Hall November 12th of last year and listen to the podcast that was done because I get a lot of calls of how many people exactly what he said was what I'm going through

► 01:54:01

and I think listening to those that are injured and get on to the program is more important than anything I can say we can also Joe because we're on here today wives will be changed man despite hard to comprehend that but thank you for this opportunity because he's going to have a ripple effect that you probably aren't going to understand but by being on here things are things we're going to affect people's lives in a positive positive way. You that's what I hope and thank you thank you for starting this Foundation thank you for being so active with it. According to mean this is all amazing stuff and whatever you hear about people getting help like this effective it is it's this is a beautiful thing is really awesome Warrior Angels Foundation. Org go there check out the crowd fun link check out the Donate button and become part of us folks you can help I think everybody that's it for this week we'll see you soon bye bye thank you everybody for tuning into the podcast preciate

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