#1199 - Tom Segura & Sean Anders

The Joe Rogan Experience #1199 - Tom Segura & Sean Anders

November 12, 2018

Tom Segura is a stand-up comedian, and hosts his own podcast with his wife, Christina P called "Your Mom’s House." Sean Anders is a writer and director, and his new movie "Instant Family" premieres November 16 in theaters.

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hey folks what's crackin how's everybody doing I've mentioned this before but I'll mention it again just for the fuck of it Joey Diaz has a new Netflix special out right now it's called the degenerates

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I got to sleep on that what you're not that's right bitch you're not alright this episode of the podcast is this is this is a beautiful one I really enjoy this this is with my friend Tom Segura and Sean Anders who's the director of instant family it's a movie that's out right now and Tom plays a part in it and it's based on Sean's actual real life experiences of adopting three children and what a magical thing it became and how amazing it became he's such a good guy such a really fun interesting genuine person and for a director in Hollywood you like what in this is what Tom Segura told me about him and I confirmed it when I met him and talk to him so please welcome Tom Segura and Shawn Andrews

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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boom and reliable gentleman hello Sean hey how are you hello Tom hello Joseph what you guys do the movie we made a movie before your favorite cuz you're promoting it right now sex drive like when you made it you're like and maybe I'll go back to work so I thought that I thought that it was over I just did you finance it or anything don't know we made it we made it with some pictures and it was it was it was

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in town trying to get a career gone now trying to try to make things happen we were make a TV pilot of time which was a living hell and and we going out and pitch this idea to bunch of places and nobody bought it so then in the middle of our editing are pilot Summit pictures called and said we really we keep thinking about that pitch would you guys be willing to write it and I said you don't tell him I was really busy I should tell me write it if I can direct it but I figured that would make them go away and they said not right and so we went and we wrote it and we turned it in and they greenlit it it was just crazy crazy process movie green light and I think we wrote the draft soon in like a month and we turned it in and they said they loved it and what's it about Road Trip movie it's about this these kids at Facebook and all that stuff and it might have been like Myspace into Facebook that you're right you know

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Diamond goes to lose his virginity on a road trip but yeah well good but it was a really great experience it was really fun and then we we we tested it we did the test screenings and it just murdered like it was just in the studio got really excited I thought oh my God I'm going to have a huge career in the movie came out is it true that instant family you hire Tom because Bert Kreischer wasn't available yes don't tell me that man murders his Lobster and then they were like we can't do it so this movie is based

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no small part on your own life experiences it is adopting an actual you adopted like a full family tree him and children yet how that's that's a bold move or sir ages 6 3 and a year-and-a-half and wow what was the process it starts and how it starts in the movie as well my wife and I for years I didn't I wasn't making any money including when after a man's sex drive and so I didn't really feel like I could afford to have kids so whenever we talk about it I just be like you know not there yet and and then finally when I felt like I was doing better I was trying to get a crew together by the time the kid was a teenager I wasn't going to be able to play with us I Told You Now 49 now is 41 at the time and so is that right

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so I I made this dumb joke to my wife I should look up to five year old little be like I got started 5 years ago and I'm like I'm going to ride back in the garage and she was like you know that's actually really interesting idea and I was totally kidding didn't mean anything by that and then she went to a website and she showed me the website and then when I saw the website I was like wow you see these kids you see their faces you start to learn a little bit more about it and we just started having conversations and it it went from there now I got three kids in the movie and they're all siblings yes so they're all came from one mom and what did what is how did they get separated from the family a lot of details about that you know they don't really tell you you know you know a little bit but not much I mean I know that there was that there were issues with drugs in it and I think there was some kind of a fire at some point but it's all pretty pretty sketchy as far as what you hear

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the kids themselves but not that much about the situation and what what made you want to turn this into a film like I would imagine that's a very personal experience yeah it was actually my riding partner John Morris Cuz I have been about 3 years into it at that point and the beginning of it was a nightmare like like epic bad decision why did we ever do that yeah it was it was really a nightmare for a short time and then when it came online and we became a family a really became the best thing that ever happened to me and get together everyday we just talk about our lives a little bit that's how we get started so Johnny been hearing all these stories and one day he just said I'm doing a movie about this cuz nobody really knows how this works when you go into foster care so we started talking about it and then there was the conversation of whether it could be a comedy or not because that's what we do we make comedies and John again was like most of the stuff you've told me is really funny so not

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love it of course but that's and then we thought wow you know we could approach this is a comedy and we might be able to get you know a more General audience to get their their interest in it that way because it'll feel less scary cuz that's the problem is that most movies that are made on this topic just frightened people are there any people think that these kids are all old are all damaged and you worried that it would be like that movie 101 Dalmatians that a bunch of people start getting foster kids now and screw them up they're going to fly the plane The Color of Money came out pool halls boom to cross the country made out of a giant impact on pool halls for that one Tom Cruise movie really like it we just got scammed out of their fucking

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oh yeah I always thought of people who do that like you know they exist but you like those are nameless faceless angels. Real people have friends like that those are other people you know and then you start like on the set there was people visiting or Consulting and they would be like all you know they adopted or they run some foster care thing and then you're like I like this is actually something that people really do even like dudes on the crew that somebody would come up you know who's in the electrical department be like by the way if you don't work hard I got adopted when I was 4 years old now you see it now people are hitting me up this week wow that's nuts I mean like it's like it's almost like when your friend gets a car and then you start seeing it everywhere

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we talked about that video that went around online of this little girl that realize that she's opening up a box and there's something you need to tell her that she's been adopted by these two people to work and it's really as it's impossible to not cry any harder on you watch that little girl freaked out and it's the brakes you up I think that's almost the test as far as what you were talking about about how to reactivate your piece of shit the best beers on tap at the Gold Angels you know it's in the movie where Mark just says that's for the kind of people that volunteer when it's not even a holiday and we don't do that right now

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none of those people are like stars and the Rose Byrne Troy like 90 minutes it's pretty good it's not bad though you made the standee though did you know that I really thought those things were cardboard cutout that's what I was real the real quick so you cuz you were telling me this and I was like he was about to tell me before you came in

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Sean's done for a film that has put out that did you go under they were like let's give you some advice on media direct a movie with specially movies like the kind of movies that I make me comedies and you know big broad, these people don't really care who directed those movies and I'm good with that like I'm totally good with that but what usually happens in the studio the director usually wants to be kind of a part of the campaign so the studio will find a sore throat bones at you of like press that you can do and I was telling look if I can be helpful in anyway let me know I'll do whatever you need me to do but don't throw any bones cuz I don't care I don't really want to see how I can't imagine this some directors I really have to do it for I mean I get it they don't want you to feel left out or whatever I have to do this stuff and then I realized

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experience where I was in this red carpet thing and they brought me up to this reporter and they said this is Sean Anders he directed the movie and she had this big look on her face when she went to disappoint say are those red carpet things they're so weird yeah those things are so weird in some people that is the highlight of their life walking that carpet Depot down right it's a really weird thing also Paparazzi at the airport you have that where I've seen them where I'm at baggage and they're looking around and then they're like hey Tom and don't ask me like what I'm saying and I like they're obviously not there for me but they're like

► 00:19:55

let me ask you something and then they're like just tired I look like shit and this guy at least you guys come up and they just were so nice and so it takes me a second to realize and I thought it was so weird because they were at was right after it was shortly after Daddy's home in that was the biggest hit things where is Jennifer Aniston's at at so they want me to say something about Jennifer Aniston and just see if they catch me looking for it was so it's weird yeah

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to interview that you have to do if someone said hey this is to go to his house and he's going to film you going to ask you why you? Just shows up at baggage claim right now that's how they get you an interview with them under any of the circumstances which is one of the things that happened during the Roseanne Barr things Roseanne Barr when her shows cancelled all the controversy was going on to supposed to do the podcast and it became a big news thing because she put it on her her Twitter that I'm going to do it and we talked about it and then they tried to show up at the podcast studio so they had all these news people standing outside the podcast studio with their microphones wear out it out in front of where Joe Rogan does his podcast and they thought for some reason just because

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is there people have to talk to them they're made out of milk they're barely human they'd the way they talk is the most boring version of an interview you never get ever it's at the tiny quick little soundbite they feel like because they're there but cameras on I've got the microphone come on if they said hey fuck yourself wants you to come in and sit down for an interview do I know I don't want it I don't want to talk to them I don't have anything to say you're I mean I'm in the business but again I'm not somebody that does a tremendous amount of pressure at least not until a couple of weeks ago and if you're not accustomed to that it's terrifying it's weird because somebody puts a camera your face is immediately you're thinking like what if I just go you know what man fuck you I got from that

► 00:22:55

asking you can I do this then you're on your own you heal yet cuz you want to take this to be defensive I'll give the most thoughtful answer to this because it's it's it's in the moment someone just dropped it on you so now you're like okay and then your your emotions might be kind of all over the place and you're not you're not stopping till like but like I'm having a conversation you just sort of trying to figure your way out of it and how many people have ruined their careers our lives on those things just said just fucked up and said was just trying to be funny or just fat and then they get you and then they put it up and like fuck when I think through that I was just I was coming home from the airport I was tired of jet lag because he said they asked him if you had a serve dinner too

► 00:23:55

Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump what would you serve you said Hemlock trying to be funny and then all these Maga fucking morons protesters where they they were all sending these tweets like POTUS you know he's threatening POTUS and so strange like where it where is the Secret Service they should have locked this motherfucker open but you guys are crazy today it really it was like you like you said it'll be some offhand remark and then people out there that are judging they never have anybody walk up and put a camera in their face and that's what you would say never in that situation is bizarre so how many of these things did you have to do to promote this phone because it will because of this film is based in

► 00:24:55

in a lot of a large part of it on your actual life experiences of adopting these kids how many of these things did you have to wind up doing a lot cuz I did a press junket New York and I've done junkets and usually I do like it I was 6 or 7 or 15 or whatever I did in 2 days I did like 90-95 so do the same questions keep coming at you over and over again you have developing is canned responses you have to end this time for mistaken this gets back to what you were going to get more or less the same questions and I always felt weird cuz I just felt like I just wanna have a conversation with you I don't want to be disingenuous guy and then I would be changing up my answer isn't trying to kind of just essentially just made it boring and I wasn't really making any kind of a point whatsoever so on this one they were like look you got a message with this movie you got things you want to get out with this movie you've got to learn how to do this

► 00:25:55

so I wouldn't I went to like a day of media training and it was I did I did and it was in the worst part was

► 00:26:07

I've been fine before I got this guy sitting across from me who's who's interviewing me doing this and then I've got the publicist and my riding partner there just staring at me and said they can't do it then the pressure is there who's teaching you who's teaching the media training with a right away like you kind of suck at this yet okay alright well there's some through some room for all my god really what is there to teach you comfortable with this with us just hanging out here talking but this is what I do is I am her when I'm glad I'm a nervous talker so you ask me a question if I'm nervous I just kind of go and go and go and people like cheese

► 00:27:07

but I know I'm going to get some people to be like fake interviews hurt you I'm going to do that like everything you saying that I shouldn't be doing I'm like I mean trap for you cuz so much of right now media training is just about don't go out and get yourself into trouble by going in and and just talking about some ridiculous area that cuz that's what people that's what everybody's trying to do I just use it for example I did a interview about adoption about a year before we even made the movie really yeah and it was just because I was in the process of working on the movie anyway so the whole thing was just about adoption in my family and whatever it was right when the Harvey Weinstein stuff was blowing up

► 00:28:02

so ladies really nice interview and then at the end she says hey you know since I'm talking to a Hollywood director I'd be remiss if I didn't ask did you know about that Harvey Weinstein stuff and I was like no I didn't even think about my answer because I don't I didn't know the guy was never around any of that that's sort of like more like fancy movies and then I was like I don't know I never met the guy whatever you think anything of it I got a phone and then I thought oh she didn't say what do you think about the stuff she said did you know about that stuff and it was like and you know those people I just thought right away yeah did you know was you.

► 00:29:02

so so you know a lot of it is just just to kind of teach you how to do so to stay on point so that you don't get dragged down these weird roads into these things that just that people are looking to get you in on clickbait so did you bring up that instance when you went through the training yeah did you say what should have said I did really what they what they teach it was funny cuz believe it or not he said I would show you some clips of doing it right now they have disaster Clips they say they do and one of them really angry with reporter that the violin thing

► 00:30:02

where was this actually I write the same as the one I saw was a guy kicks guy's ass I don't know the one that I saw I didn't go that far but I actually kind of like I like I like the one with the lady the lady is awful and he's like a movie a make-believe thing it's not real violence like he really is there as funny as shit and then I was looking for you know she was like good morning Pittsburgh like the entertainment reporter and then he was actually probably doing like satellite stuff and he was just like you're dumb

► 00:31:02

this is nothing to do with that totally turns out I'm not I'm not here for that well it's just like the sneaky little thing to do at moment of like when they're just like don't don't get emotional and more than anything for me because I look I'm from Wisconsin and I still have that kind of everybody everybody has good intentions very first movie is it was a movie about

► 00:32:02

road trip, do you know this reporter and he says he was being really cool you feel weird about making a road trip movie when gas prices are so high that you know maybe if the movie and then this article comes out that just the guy literally said it was swarthy looking and it just he just painted me like an absolute piece of shit and I was like I've been there a phone interview for press before I was selling any tickets and the guy was like just like a really nice guy and totally Twisted things and it made it seem like just

► 00:33:02

like he knows what I was saying and he purposely Twisted things around impact remember reading that being like this guy and then be careful when you talk to these people because he totally he knows what I was trying to say and I read this article is like he misrepresented everything yeah well that's the only guy and you give me no normal answers and your thoughtful and considerate that's not good for that especially if it's an online thing with an online thing you need to clickbait title you need a bunch of people clicking on that thing cuz otherwise you're not going to get in the ad revenue for it yes it's a very bizarre model we're encouraging people to be deceptive and to make these things inflammatory I did like I said I did interviews and soak in course of 2 days

► 00:34:02

everybody was really cool really asking really thoughtful interesting questions you would almost be easier because you could just kind of be like okay here we go you get like 30 really good you know reporters with integrity and and good people and then somebody jumps in and you're like oh then they catch you not looking because you're not looking for that guy gets super jaded it's almost like cops that have arrested too many people everyone's a crook like they just think that everybody they're interviewing this piece of shit and it's also like either interviewing these Hollywood people they thinking of you you had a big mansion and driving a Mercedes got all this money fuck this guy it's like this instant take on it LOL Hollywood director how's your casting couch

► 00:35:02

not most people but it's just your family your friends like anybody who's going to because now they're there is this in the talk about this a lot there is this culture out there where people are completely reduced to like one moment or one statement or whatever it is and that's all that happened to that one and people all the time and you feel like you just a regular guy you don't feel like you know that it's really scary cuz you think about your kids and you think of it you know it's so it's a it's a scary situation

► 00:35:48

it's a weird time for these Publications 2 minutes. Nothing taken consideration no one's really buying magazines and newspapers yeah like they used to the South and so they're reduce these online Publications and they have to compete with a bunch of these clickbaity bullshit things and that's where the money as mean even in New York Times man in York Times as a result of the water clickbaity shit now you like wow you guys have that feeling like when you're online that you're on the diet where you see things to do that shadow girl so sweet you read that title in your like I know this will have no substance is the headline need to see where this goes because this didn't exist right these online clickbaity things didn't exist 20 years ago and now they're everywhere

► 00:36:48

can happen in 10 years like where is it going to be like where where is this going yeah yeah I agree because it hurts it I mean in this is this is the reason why I think podcast culture is coming on strong because it it's a place where people just talk and have a conversation and I think that year of slipping up and people always like out there trying to get you to slip up or whatever has people not having as much of a free exchange of ideas through these podcast one of the people take a very small clip out of contacts right and then right at whole article about that small clip with a big clickbaity headline like Tom Segura shits all over people in Somalia whatever it is and then I mean

► 00:37:48

Andover in an overall discussion of a of a topic that took place over 45 minutes and they'll take 30 seconds of that and put a YouTube clip up and then you get a bunch of angry people just really is true but the flip side of it is that I feel like in this time we're developing more of an audience that is quick to call that shit out so I can be people that take the bait and be like what is a good at angry there's a bunch of people who are like really quick to recognize that that's taken out of context it's because people like you and I and a lot of other people to do podcast talk about that all the time doctor they fully pull your fucking license right as a journalist you just like a lot of wiggle room with being a piece of shit

► 00:38:48

I guess this this meeting was just going to grow and then people are embracing more this long form conversation understanding things by talking about it for a while that I think keep that gets lost sometimes is that you know like right now we're talking about like journalist but the great journalists are just as hurt by this this stuff as everyone because the people that are really out there being thoughtful really researching their material really talking to people getting to the bottom of things that whole journalistic work ethic that we all grew up hearing about you threatened by this cheap attack journalism that happens because they can't even compete with it with a really thoughtful well research story and then somebody's the clicks you. I was talking to Matt Taibbi who's a real journalist and Matt Taibbi was discussing the pieces that he wrote on Wall Street and the the crash of 2000

► 00:39:48

all the fucking shenanigans that went on with that and how how much just crazy shit they're allowed to do and what they can't have what a Ponzi scheme a lot of that 2008 crash was and what I was talking to him I really like he had put a year into research am I learn t'ai Chi did not come from a background in finance so we put a year into researching all the aspects of the Savings and Loan crisis all the aspects of this mortgage crisis and and how it took place and how they word how they were making money off of this and how they were betting on things falling apart and moving money around and how fucking chaotic it is and I'm crazy and then you think of how much time put on that and then in proportion how few people actually read that and how little it affected the the actual economy itself like how how little things change and how little people were outraged

► 00:40:48

like the his article on of your red the Rolling Stone piece on it fucking amazing but you don't work on that but you don't care that much about it it's like those people never went to jail billions of dollars just disappeared it all got moved around and everybody Abracadabra and they move the cape high and then it moves on and you know when he details in this amazing way and you realize like wow how many of those guys are left how many of those real journalists are left right and this is a I mean it you didn't vast in something like that mean he's putting a year into just researching what this is all about I mean and then instead you know it's like Kim Kardashian get her butt done again 50 times more people to pay attention to that

► 00:41:48

time that we're in right now could actually be The Rebirth of that kind of Journalism that you're talking about because I know that that when everything was getting kind of crazy people work do you know we were talking about all this I did subscribe to some you know like the online version of some papers cuz I thought I do want to support people that are actually let you know people with Integrity that are out there chasing stories and warming the world even helping us out also they can you off so I call you know you have to be good for you though you know Apple One Click or some shit you know it's kind of a pain I don't get that why I subscribe to a few of them and if I go to the app I was sleeping is fine but if I try to read it

► 00:42:48

through another link is like how you already seem like a lot but I'm a subscript yeah I know it's kind of a girl some way to generate Revenue this hold these last two years have been huge for the subscriptions on those I mean like grown by millions you know as as print paper has gone down those online subscriptions have gone way way up really oh yeah oh yeah chief of a New York Times doing an article an interview about like their recent subscription model it was impressive mean really when I well if you do good work and you in me there's people out there that have a hunger for Asheville real journalism and also in-depth intelligent comprehensive understandings of what is happening on the real real

► 00:43:48

well research take on a particular situation about it's like reading like a good book yeah I can't stop reading I mean did you read that dirty John story and then in the LA Times what does that man and now they're making like a miniseries coming out about it I'm reading it and not being able to stop reading it was like a 8 part Series in the LA Times about this guy who was a sociopath who would go on to dating sites and basically date women who like divorcees wet some money he was posturing as a doctor and like would pretend to have this really successful life and just be a pariah that would like suck on to these people and this story went

► 00:44:44

really deep about how this guy found this woman her daughters were like grown daughters immediately suspected things were wrong she didn't see it but the story unravels the way like a good book or like a thriller would you know would unraveling in the theater so you just like like the guy you know he researched it I forget his name they turned it into a podcast and then now it's coming out as a I got a short series that's the guy has the guy that's the real guy wow Christopher goffard and men so if he likes part 1 in the series you read this and you're like alright we're apart like you're scrambling to be the next freaking me out because he's moving like his image is moving slowly mean it is really good so was this guy a career criminal criminal hit it but you know it's it's interesting that I

► 00:45:44

reading an end of your kind of fascinated how the daughters know like they just know they're going to keep going back and like this doesn't add up but she's kind of lost in the love and attention and excitement and he's just praying on it spring on her account or give it away Matt it's so good so good did you like this podcast Bunch articles about how big you got released in podcast Nelly times it's all sorts of stories about it there's still a mean for all the people that are into just short attention span clickbait nonsense there still

► 00:46:24

and there's some sort of a market for four-wheeler actually sit there such a stockpile of that stuff everyday but when it comes to the actual stories that you're reading I don't know maybe I'm probably an about it but I feel like there's there's a lot of great stuff out there I think there's there's plenty of great stuff can you think about the actual amount of content versus how much time you actually have to read is great stuff but if you look at the overwhelming appetite that people have for media it's for nonsense yeah I was watching The Wendy Williams Show I never watch that show before cheese cry so watch that show first of all it was a girl in the audience that had a crown on it was hilarious the audience alone like cheetah should have one would you marry yourself

► 00:47:18

Tom and I were at a restaurant last night the lady who had just gotten married to herself and went we were both we found okay Christ ever let go of my oldest daughter went over and hugged her and grab my oldest daughter is a sweetest person in the world that the lady who married herself is like your daughter is very sweet she want to marry her

► 00:47:56

what is Wendy Williams Wendy Williams Show Wendy Williams Show that Aretha had done interview with Wendy Williams one time and it was fucking hilarious funny man if you've seen it but she's just like like Wendy's like I have an idea for this project and she was like so you want to go in on it and it says like you going to write a check and she's like I was thinking you could use I hope you ain't got it you ain't got the money that's what I thought she just turned around on her it's so fun then it's hilarious Aretha Franklin just so that you know she's been around she was like you're not having it at all but all the show is is Wendy Williams talking shit about people and all the girls in The Odyssey

► 00:48:56

talking about people getting custody and all she breaking up with her and it's like wow that's what's there's a lot of people out there that have an appetite for sure what exactly happened to kids yeah he's smart guy I used to listen to him on the Opie and Anthony show I'm like well wait a minute who's paying for prostitute with a check so we all slip up and talk on the phone that's all I got caught yeah yeah it's pretty crazy man it's so I don't know I think that's plenty what is that

► 00:49:56

it's just it's bizarre how prevalent that that stuff is online I mean it's your sister so much there's so much clickbaity nonsense it's hard but it's pretty good journalism is pretty good writing yeah well I mean again like I said when I was doing my limited experience in doing this the vast vast vast majority of the people that I've been talking to have been really interested in just talking about adoption and really interested in foster care and all that kind of stuff and it's been great it's been great talking talking to everybody and I think that when you have a topic like that too it helps because they're not really trying to crush you as much they have to be careful. You said that your experience with adopted 3 kids started out as a nightmare how to start out as it goes into it

► 00:50:56

join the military and weather in high school they think they're really tough and they're like transition of Lego man maybe I'm not as tough as I thought her eyes and she never had any kids. Dog to take care of alway friend who said that to me so I know we went from you know zero kids and you can babysit my sister's kids and that whole movie and even what happens if you go so so for us we we had a really interesting experience where we are and that's that's in the movie it's a real thing

► 00:51:56

because they you know their their budgets are stretch so tight that they'll have these outdoor events not every county has them but I like how he has them where you bring a bunch of kids that are that are in the system and a bunch of prospective parents and they'll just have like games and stuff going on it's really bizarre event and we went you don't hear there to meet kids how to make your kids and so we went there and we didn't want to have anything to do with teenagers because it and then the teenagers are all off to the side because everybody's afraid of them and it's the most heartbreaking thing you've ever seen cuz they know why they're there like they chose to be there and they know that everybody's so I was there and I was like oh my God this is the worst thing I've ever seen and we ended and her brother and sister and just they just

► 00:52:56

cool and they just seem like really good kids and just scared scared scared but we wrote them down on our sheet again mattress with them cuz no one else is going to put him down and we we get home and we find out yes you've been match with these kids were like okay here we go we're going to have you know we're going to have a towel or 16 13 and 11 yeah this and then we got a call from the social worker and she said you know it's not going to work out with them the they've been in the system for 4 years the girl she's really holding out hope that her mom is coming for so she's refusing the placement and so we tried to do and I was like I was you know when you hear that it's so just the same reaction you guys just had

► 00:53:56

so my wife and I wrote a letter to send through the the social workers just saying hey look we get it if you maybe you guys just want to come and just do the Foster thing or you know however you want to do it and we sweet we just had sent the letter off we didn't hear anything and then she came back and she just said yes not going to happen and then she's very matter-of-factly just said but there's these other three kids and those kids are my kids now who I love more than anything in the world certain amount of Randomness like when you have you know biological kids you know you're going to get going to that event where you're sort of like meeting kids and it feels weird and so when she said there's other three kids we said okay and then they turned out to be younger you know 6 3 and 18 months but I never forgot meeting that that girl and her brother and sister so when the one.

► 00:54:56

we're going to make a movie about it I really that was the Genesis of the Lizzie character was right I wanted to make sure there was a teenager in this movie because they're so misunderstood and in the process I went out and met with a bunch of families that had adopted teen girls and then met with a lot of those girls who some of whom are grown up and some of them are still you know what their families and and this is the thing you know that's the scariness that were all talking about every one of these families that I met with just great stories like amazing great stories like hard times you know try and try to make that connection and whatever but but everybody with the same story wouldn't have it any other way change your life for the better Messi's incredible kids and

► 00:55:42

this is yeah and now how old are they now how many years have you had them almost 7 years so my son Johnny just turned 13 why my daughter's not in my my other son is 8 and how long was it between the phone calls like I had these other three kids and you actually getting them in your house it was it was it was a couple of weeks because there was a weeks that's it yeah I know it wasn't long at all because they they they won't tell you much about the kids until until they really sit down with you and then they kind of walk through like here's you know whatever trauma here's whatever you know kind of soda for in our case they don't have all the information of essay on their past so I wasn't able to go because I was I was

► 00:56:42

so my wife went to the meeting and I was like listening to it you know and I was on speaker phone in the meeting and and there was this one moment when she's telling us everything and there's one moment where she slides the picture across to my wife this here's a picture of that and there's this long pause my wife

► 00:57:00

they're cute but didn't sound too good by the impression you're like me better than you know you're going to fall in love with him regardless so it was a picture of the kids like my son who is 6 at the time look like he was 11 and he looks like this look on his face and whatever are adorable so this is sorry I'm getting ahead of myself so so when we have the meeting and we go okay we're going to go meet with them and just to be clear we didn't say okay let's go meet these kids so we go to the house and these kids are adorable and and it's the weirdest thing ever cuz you go to this foster home where they live

► 00:57:59

and you play with them for like 2 hours and when do you ever play with any kids for two straight hours like actually actively play with kids so it's exhausting and we touch on this in the movie that I was really scared when we were getting there cuz I wanted so much to walk in see these kids well up with tears no it's for real no these are my kids don't have that like Cosmic connection moment and that didn't happen at all like I have weird and when the little kids around and so we get in there and then. The foster mom in our case was like go to your mom and dad

► 00:58:59

just out so true so to the kids you know every day for 5 straight days we would go there when the kids were off school and we we go and play with them first in the backyard and then you take him to the park and then you take him to the park and you take him out for ice cream and you just kind of like getting to know these kids that are strangers try to change their names that way you do that a lot of kids a lot of the older kids that sort of have that will Loom want to change their name not just their last new fresh start yet but I've heard that that's some time there was a young lady that was at the training last night her picture is at the end of the movie

► 00:59:59

she's amazing and cheap she had chosen to change your name to seems to be no changing a name especially as teen but I'm going to get it if you're saying like I want to put everything in the past you want to go to Fresh Start really lock it down this is the new me is my new Kobe Bryant walk this line all the time where you know you you need to claim these kids for your own you need to be the person who's like you're with us like we're with you we got your back or behind you like you need to do that that's what these kids don't have love us no matter what knucklehead

► 01:00:59

is your world on them because they're coming into it with their own you know personality in their own culture or whatever it is behind them so you're always trying to kind of be mean just just completely bring them in but not trying to change them into who you are did the six-year-old already have things he was really into or sports or activities answer yeah he was with funny thing is son is really athletic and I'm really not so I know you guys are but I'm not so now I'm a specially cuz an animal but now he's really athletic and he's just always been you know good with with all of that stuff and it's funny for me because I wasn't that kid at all but it's great for me cuz I'm like he's able to do the stuff that I wanted to do so badly when I was little I suck at Sports and I so want to do to get it Sports and he's really good

► 01:01:59

flag football for a while he's playing lacrosse now and he's playing soccer and Lacrosse and football really lost all my God Island Man lion went we were saying like there's a difference between this even in football in that they're striking each other with elbows the running in and they have the stick in their hand in their elbow each other in the face as a running I mean it's a crazy amount of force regenerate cuz I had a Dale Earnhardt Jr here the other day on really nice guy great guy suffer 12 concussions over a. Of 4 years racing yes and has like some significant brain damage because of it that he had to go through therapy for 2 to help them like to the point where he was walking at a hold on to things cuz it's bound sofa

► 01:02:59

can just walk and get off the couch and walk to the bathroom and hold on to like a table in the chair and it'll make his way through all of this from concussions and you know what they're getting in the cross oh they're getting football it's all the same shit head trauma and we went to the football game the other day with the older kids are playing football and I'm just sitting there all the other parents are having a good time and I'm a damaged brain damage there's some brain damage the kids running at each other full clip Smash in with her fall to the ground to see the kid get up slow and hope put his hands on the ground is all fucked up and with this is crazy look how it's like people across too and I wish it was way crazier once cuz I didn't know about it and then I'm at the school and they have it I'm like this shit is

► 01:03:59

just a football player you can come some Herschel Walker type character in there like the young guys feel like you know all this happened it says that your life span is going to be way shorter and it's going to be probably horrific at some point because of the impact of what you're going to play in football you know what did you think about that direction it's worth it man is awesome last night nobody was unheard of 10 years ago right guys one guy came out play his rookie year in retired you know you getting guys early retirement so guys play finish out a contractor up for a big contract and they're out yeah that's happening but they're still you know I'll take the guarantee whatever my signing bonuses and take some brain damage with it

► 01:04:59

brains are designed to not have that kind of foresight and see I don't get much out of course you can tell people whatever it is you're going to cause irreparable harm people that get alot of a head trauma lead to get very impulsive and they they don't make good decisions anyway you know so he even if you don't even if they could have the foresight they would be probably make a decision if they don't they're not thinking rationally and they did some study was that study Jamie we preferences before where they they looked at

► 01:05:59

kids that play football literally from Pop Warner all the way through college and how many of them have CTE really oh Jesus Christ its stomach see I always felt like might my point of view on it was always like I played football for 4th grade through high school and I was like man that's why you so fucked up I know I know but I feel like you know the info like you have definitely some big there going to be an amateur career you have some you can think back like man I got my bell run in fourth grade and fifth grade you like that doesn't happen really I mean kids are like you know walking up and like wrapping up slowly that you can play with kids who will eventually so it starts to be you might have like a stud on a team in middle school and still a bunch of guys won't play in high school and then in high school yeah there's definitely some

► 01:06:59

athletes that stand out for sure me those the kids that are eventually go on but you play teams are in this week's where you're just like no one is really good on this team you know and you'll have a game or you'll feel like the end I mean there's a couple I got a couple good hits in there was nothing really of impact and then something will stand out like you play a school that has like an All-State your All-American player you like holy shit back at fucking fuck me up bad and you remember it at me I remember to this day some of those like really stand out guys in your like that hit stuck with me but that's once a year that you play that guy right or that you remember a school that good and then if you don't go on to play in college

► 01:07:48

really feels like kind of a I don't know risk assessment for your like I didn't feel like that was you know do I have damaged I don't know but I mean once you get in the college football is where I feel like that's where you're really playing with really good athletes a friend of mine died in his neighborhood a kid was 21 committed suicide and he was a college player who was about to go into into the pros he was 21 years old really significant every year a player played tackle football under the age predicted the early onset of cognitive Problems by 2.4 years in behavioral and mood Problems by 2.5 years yeah but there's a study okay Tavern study found that 211 players who diagnosed with CTE after death to play tackle football for age 12 suffered from cognitive behavioral and mood symptoms earlier than those places did

► 01:08:48

start to play till after 8:12 they're saying that okay study included 246 former players 211 of whom were diagnosed with CTE after death that's insane there's definitely there's no such thing as getting around real high impact it's not sit that's all people that know how to play there all athletes you guys getting rocks what the realizing now is it sub-concussive trauma is responsible for the majority brain damage what's sub-concussive you not getting a concussion but over time over time do you have a multiple hits that are just not they're not knocking you out the does jostling you you don't even get it from getting hit to the body right you can hit the body in your at your head snaps back and you even get hit in the head and you like throwing up and your heads all fucked up and you try to figure out what's going on it's because your brains Ben moshing around

► 01:09:48

thought you had remember to that sing it stands out is when you could such thing as like bracing for a hit and then feeling it you like fuck around don't see someone coming like a fight your Blindside Punch, Yeah it's it's dangerous you guys are safe I'm telling you right now I had to actually like YouTube lacrosse to be like Jamie video cuz there's some videos of some fucking hits that we were watching the day and Brendan played lacrosse in college and football Jesus Christ fought in the UFC looks like a crazy fucking Sports Clips cool guys just over and over again is guys getting ko'd

► 01:10:43

boom boom see that I mean there's smashing each other the impact is horrific figure that these are strikes this is like you taking somebody in the head this is this is not much different than a kick in the head you just hit him with the elbow but the amount of force so these guys getting kicked in the head with these helmets on if you think the helmets protecting your had that shit ain't protected anything like that for a long time hard helmets I just made it worse right well it makes you more confident that slam your head into somebody and then you don't realize how bad you getting fucked up from that you know it's your head when you get hit in the head even though you have a helmet on it so I'm going to crack your skull your brain still still see it's hitting actually a serious punishment smashing around in there

► 01:11:43

all the connective tissue acts like it's awful it's awful and this is coming from a guy is probably seeing I probably seen more people get fucked up then 99.9% of the people have ever lived right terms of like being there live when someone got the fuck beating out of them yet I probably seen more people get the fuck me none of them than almost anyone has ever lived in history it's probably a small handful of people that have seen more at least more than a thousand probably 2000 but then I've seen more I've never seen a bunch live in but when I was competing I saw a bunch of people get fucked up I mean it's just I seen a lot it's when you can avoid that avoided you know I'm supposed to something like lacrosse you can't can't make career out of it like get out of there cuz I actually just started cuz right now I'm used to like kids soccer where they just run

► 01:12:42

chasing the ball at the sex was great my son just got into lacrosse and soccer even soccer what you thinking I was getting hurt in soccer soccer from heading the ball just heading the ball the ball flying at you hit it with your head soccer players are suffering from CTE to the point where they're starting to minimize the amount of heading they do in practices real yes this is what we're finding out about brains like this is you know there's a good friend of my dr. mark Gordon who specializes in CTE he deals with a lot of soldiers coming back in lot of them that are like my friend Andrew Marr where they would blow open doors so they could set up a charge on a door and and step back and put the door Bluff these guys mean he didn't get hit with anything or maybe IEDs like that are nearby those guys suffer significant brain damage and

► 01:13:42

it's just from the impact of just getting shook by an explosion not even eating actually hitting them in the head which High School sport has the most concussions is it soccer girls girls soccer hydrates seated boys football by 2015 wow you look at those like when they're going to commercial on the college game yeah throw that girls in the area like man to get that right High School cheerleading move their heads on the floor it's crazy breakdancing Instagram page called stance elements elements is a guy who looks like he's about 300 pounds and he break dances he leaps forward and lands on the top of his head and keeps his feet up in the air I don't have a fuck this guy did this is guys bigger than Bert and hell yeah

► 01:14:42

any leaps forward and he lands on his head no hands lands on his head with his feet up in the air and holds the position for like a solid second is preposterous when you can do that trick you do it like last play this guy

► 01:15:06

that guy will need a disc replacement within the next month that is so much weight on your fucking head he's probably so dizzy news playing around that ain't shit bro I got to tell you about my lifestyle that I've lived my whole life it's safer there. Be safe don't hit your head this is coming from somebody watches people get their head head for a living conducting myself I'm just when you can avoid it I mean look it's not a bad way to make a living if you want to be a fighter and you really want to do it and you out that's your drive that you're the you should do it we should really learn how to defend yourself correctly and learn the right technique but when you're doing it for recreation and you doing something like the cross where you're running out of to the full clip it's smashing each other and that's it within the rules like

► 01:16:06

I think we're operating on Ancient information that I think I think most of these systems that they're setting up most of these these Sports rules and a lot of the organization's they're all operating on these old ideas of brain damage that's why I'm freaking out when I'm going to this school football game and watch this on my like this is just brain damage your brain damage and I'm watching it this promoted by a school and school pride yeah everybody go yeah yeah yeah we're playing the other team let's hope we beat them how do you got to be to be going to fucking slam into them school and I can't count do you get blowback for talking about that stuff for from fans and that kind of thing out cuz it's true I mean it's there's just too much evidence I just think Choose Wisely just Tuesday don't not take risks and if you really want to be a BMX rider or professional skateboarder you going

► 01:17:06

take some knocks just part of the part of the program just don't don't do it if you don't have to it cuz it piles up and there's no coming back you know when you when you go and you have like significant brain damage I mean you can get therapy that can help you it can but you're you're going to your going to diss a row you're going down yeah it's your brain I know this either those I mean HBO's actually tapped into it a lot with that real Sports show for years now it is devastating to see some of those guys in their 50s you know 60s

► 01:17:50

I'm not there at all dude I put a video up on Instagram or on Twitter I retweeted it and it's boxers where it shows the boxers when they're young and they're talking and then it shows them like at the end of their career the retiring and then did the interview them and you see them like just completely gone like a shall I thought interview with really bad and I remember even I just was actually kind of funny was James Toney

► 01:18:21

is he was he was he was towards the end of his fighting and he was definitely at least 40 lb overweight really out of shape but still throwing he was sparring and it was like that piece that they are right before the fighters go to the ring for the on Fight Night and Maze Dave Dudley take some shots and giving some shots but he was sparring and they're throwing in fresh bodies for him to spar against those like you know two minutes with this guy and then boom fresh body and as he's like he is like really hyperventilating sweating spin he's still talking shit like that

► 01:19:21

guys brackets and shit like as he's barely making it through these the sparring sessions and you know I mean the end of his career he took a fight in the UFC he did yeah yeah he's the only real world champion boxer that ever fought in mixed martial arts in the UFC and Randy Couture ankle pick them took him down strangle them right away I mean

► 01:19:54

is it a he I don't think you really bothered learning put the gloves on and got in there and just had no idea what to do when Randy got a hold of him he was clearly untrained when I can't leave this is there any single I mean this is the beginning of the fight Randy just immediately Mount some punches him in the head a bunch of times and then strangled them and you know Randy this is honestly being nice I could have punched him a lot longer if you wanted to he just wanted to finish them up

► 01:20:26

I was sad cuz it was just you know he was talking about all these guys just don't know how to handle his hands and every fight start standing up and which is true but Randy Couture will take you down all day anytime he wants and then you got a minute arm triangle and just switch them

► 01:20:44

me even when he's punching him he's not even hitting them out already here he's just trying to force him to give something up he like that's what he wants he wants his head tied down against the side of his arm then he's going to squish them not to go topless it trap and take a pot of pretty quick but we're at the backyard playing catch it's just like a slice of America they're not totally aware of consequences they make choices that affect them for the rest of our lives yes that's what I mean I love my cat you guys are kind of like I'm having that feeling right now because I love my kids so much I stay in

► 01:21:44

no contact and guaranteed contract Matthew message Libro Bomb Diggity pitch get hit with a pitch while we're here I really wanted to talk about how time got into this movie jump jump Trax like that it's for tonight I just know why I thought it was really funny and we had already written a draft of the script and I was like oh man this guy would would be a great rush I didn't really think too much about it cuz we're making another movie at the time we were talking about

► 01:22:44

talk about different people that you're going to cash you get you these boards up and see your picture was that you had a board for a while I don't think so tell it from from your angle when you got the call though cuz I'll tell you that so I don't know if I don't know if you know this that I passed on the audition I do for people like when you're if you're a star you get calls that like you have an offer right like you want this off to want to do this movie if you're just like working trying to get booked you get these emails usually it's an email followed by a call that says like for your consideration movies called in family so did you know the part is Russ and it has like all the you know Mark Wahlberg's agreed to play the this sun Rose Byrne is attached to play discs and then they cures the sides and it was like one of those things

► 01:23:44

you know so Thursday at 11:15 a.m. you are confirmed for the audition and I get that email like on a Monday and I was like I just got back from the road cuz I got podcast today I was like whatever and then I just don't even read any of it so then it's like you know Tuesday and then something happens and were busy at the house and then Wentz attend ago he was just following up that your goods for the audition tomorrow I get that was on Wednesday you know just confirming that you'll be there an hour like I like that's a pass like I'm not going to be there and that was it I just sent that off like I'm just not doing that this week and then I get a call right away and it's my agent he's like hey I noticed that you were trying to make money using did the what do they say there's always that phrase you didn't respond. And I go I haven't even read it

► 01:24:44

well why aren't you reading it I was like because I just kind of lay out my week I'm like I've had this I've had this was my kid I traveled I'm doing this I just got a lot going on and they like he's like okay I go so I guess not person I think like he's taking it personally I don't like saying no to upset you I just have these things and he's like okay well the director specifically requested that you audition and like as you know that doesn't happen a lot with you so do you want to reconsider and I was like yeah he asked me if he's asking for me to that again I got to believe I did I did I did believe you because he's never said that and the room on this session turn that stuff and I go okay well here's the deal man I'm not going to go in unprepared so cuz now it's the auditions in 24 hours so I go I'll do it

► 01:25:44

but you have to buy me a couple more days cuz I'm not like I have this the rest of today like I'm not going to do it tomorrow morning and he was like okay I'll see what I can do and then they said they're good for Monday or whatever and I was like great so and then I then I tried to prepare for that like you know because they told me the director because I was like I can't go into this thing that so then I'm like really trying to prepare for that and then I go in there and it was you you're on Skype because you didn't show up I had to go back to Atlanta and so then we had to do the the audition via Skype what's that that's brutal for everybody else cuz you didn't show up or what kind of nonsense agency do you wear that they book you something and don't tell you that they booked will they always they do that wear those book it now then they'll set up a time right like it's very common with logo

► 01:26:45

11:11 a.m. they must have nothing to do with your podcast at nothing that's the problem right now so they don't know what your booking so I just think that that takes precedent they also will be like hey you have an audition Friday and I'm like what I'm in Philadelphia in Philadelphia they really say that oh yeah they holyshit agent Wyoming called when does it shoot though like if I book this when does it shoot and it was like this you know October 3rd whatever I'm like oh but I'm in Sacramento he's like just move that and I was like yeah but it's too theater shows it's like five thousand people and he was like oh really I'm like yeah like you think I was just going to

► 01:27:45

Publix yeah look it up man but yeah they'll give you answers like that so lot of people are saying it's the breakout performance of the year I don't know if you feel safe and we will be a Skype and when I saw stand up I was like this guy is perfect because we want this guy to just have this kind of swagger in this confidence but he can kind of say these jackasses things but just her own arm and I'm like this is perfect for this if I keep saying this guy and he was not good

► 01:28:34

he was so not like like who he is like he came in and he kind of was like so to put his back into it a little bit like he was kind of like really just trying to be kind of like really sort of extra funny and it was just not at all what I had in mind when I was like I had no idea what what weather is the every audition this is actually fascinating if you audition because you literally leave auditions and you go sometimes you go that was great and you'll never hear anything again sometimes you go I bombed and you get a call hey guess what they want to see you again or you book for like what you have no idea I mean I know that it suck that bad I didn't know that that bad

► 01:29:28

it might have been it was just that you you have this very specific thing that you do that I wanted to bring it and be a part of this character that out she a'ight but I don't think it's like he's got this he's got this in his delivery this kind of devil-may-care kind of like a big part of your persona is yeah you know you know I'm saying I feel like I did the movie exactly how I auditioned in my mind if you have somewhere to ask me I'll be like 100% done the same

► 01:30:28

need them for the second edition I guess I made you laugh about that I made jokes about that immediately to him on that guys like my going to give you a bath and he was like alright I got to go back this is embarrassing I remember leaving the audition but now you're telling me this the first one and tell him I agent like there's no way I could have done better

► 01:31:03

I did I did tell him that I was like there's no way I could not I don't I can't imagine dude I just wasn't energy and you were funny but you just didn't have that thing that I wanted so badly to be a part of this character and and so it was that was as one thing that was missing and then you came over and we talked about it when he read it he's just reading dialogue that we wrote you don't for anybody but then once you once you have somebody's voice in your head a little bit you can adjust it and make it a little more, which made it more conducive to your style of speaking the truth he was really funny and we sent that to the studio and they were like oh my God this is great and it was I such a no idea that I have no idea restaurant

► 01:32:03

I definitely didn't know that it's actually like it's it's the thing though like it that's a big bummer about in general auditioning is you walk out and you go sometimes you follow up with your age in your like what's the what's the feedback in there like I always tell you they love you and you like is there anything else you don't know like was it good was it bad I don't know what they're looking for and I don't know I mean go in your place I'm going over like what you know in detail more is also like I actually feel like I want to contest because you know you audition now I know I do you want to come work on it so that like possibly you can do it better and I was like sure man I'm working with him on this thing and we spent a lot of time working on it and then when I found out I booked the role then I go there and I feel like I've it's a second part of the contest because like he has all great actors in the movie like for all the parts I mean

► 01:33:03

stars but like Margo Martindale from the American Americans know that shows did but like if you ever want to go on a binge weekend now you have like six eases I think to go through and she became a big fan of hers on that and then Julie Hagerty like all these great actors so every time I go to shoot shooting a scene with one of the up with one of them I end up just watching them like I'm in this evening I'm just like wow she's really good actor but she was so good that she did the lot where we know we rehearsing doing all this thing she did the line that scene and I didn't realize that it was a line from the scene I realize she was just talking I thought

► 01:34:03

just talking because of how late she's so natural I was like that kind of creeped me out totally normal right because otherwise people like Tom are we going to find a guy that right before she was a good witches some of them don't like to be called actresses write down so it's like safer to say actor but it Comics could get through the fuck uses comedian member that I didn't know that about the Latin X thing I didn't know that was what I was reading this article and you know they are male and female gender specific so the word Latin also get gets it done as far as yeah I don't know

► 01:35:03

yeah that's how it's supposed to be like that's how you supposed to say latinx is this New Years in the making fuck off we'll see in Spanish the masculinize version of these words is considered gender-neutral doesn't work for some of us like myself and so I think it's appropriate to sign and I'm asking you as gender-neutral when it isn't so I'm latinx this is another one of the things that we touch on to Nick's we touch on this a little not this pronunciation of you know but we touch on that a little bit in the movie of there is that feeling you know when when we when we were like look where we're pretty General age-wise we we didn't go in expecting 3 kids just you know we thought want and it turned into that

► 01:36:03

into it and you just stand there and they ask you what about ethnicity you know and just go yeah we know whatever you know where ever that the need is you know whoever needs parents let us know but then when when it happens in your kids and my kids are not be then you have the you know you start to think about that is that okay is that kind of in a second to look like the wait is this really wonderful thing where you know at first because of the the times that we live in right now it is it's a little scary jumping into that because so thinking about what you know but your you know but you also know you're just going to think about who the kids are what their need is and how wonderful they are and but you but that all of those things come up and then that's the kind of thing that wouldn't even be

► 01:37:02

why would that the next thing I have anything to do with my house when I what does interesting I'll let you know that my family is very strange that that is a and it would be a real point of concern like you would worry about how do I handle this new this culture without cultural appropriation how do I how do I bring my kid and embrace the Latino or Latina sex culture like what do I how do I handle that or where you're trying to just put your kids needs first and just deal with them as children as individuals as human beings you know and but at the same time you're also you're with other

► 01:38:02

parents and there's an adoption community in really an in every direction there's there's mixed-race families in the adoption community and and your kind of learning from them and it just I don't know I just it opens up a lot of conversations with her own kids and and just said that Mark is my whole life I've said Latino like my mother's Latina and it's just funny to me too but I'm thinking he speak Spanish my cousin you look at them you like all this fucking American guy looks like a regular guy but he speaks perfect feel like I've been around him before we ask people questions like oh I forgot I could do that yeah right you do that

► 01:39:02

and that you mean look like a guy I mean if you have a a guy loves football and the fucking American a regular American but he speaks perfect do rolls the LTS abroad like speaking countries even there even though Spanish speaking countries are also melting pots you know they still look at you like oh shit like you know it's really throws he bought what does the most the craziest one wasn't even with me and my sister who one of my sisters also speak Spanish went to the naval Academy's linguistic Center in the Navy and she was in the Navy for a while and she learned Mandarin and it was really intense you know it was really intense and we went to a restaurant together and the the guys one of those rest like a Benihana type where they chop stuff up and the guy was with someone asks like where he's from

► 01:40:00

and he said somewhere in China and she starts speaking Mandarin at him he dropped the thing he was like like you saw a ghost and she's pretty fluent Mandarin and he stopped since I've never seen this before I don't think you understand how hard it is to speak this language sounds like I have a pretty good idea if I can't do it and then when she was in when you signed when you get into the like that Naval Institute program they have you going think it was something like 8 hours a day 5 or 6 days a week so it's really it's super into it's almost like physical stress sweat you know how many people

► 01:41:00

camp like boot camp and I forget how how long she was in and she didn't reach the level of super you know fluent like we're speaking English but she was able to communicate in Mandarin can she read it she was reading and writing that's the thing is to tell me one time about how many characters and you know it was just unbelievable I like those sounds for expressions like I'm going to screw up so I don't remember that she was like you can do something like and that means like means an actual phrase you know like there's so many and that there's that there's characters that mean in Tire Expressions as well that I was like this just our brains are so married to our alphabet and way of speaking that it's a real jump to to learn that you know it's just a really as fast as me when you travel and you listen to people speaking their native tongue and you realize how strangely different

► 01:42:00

images are across the entire planet just unbelievably I was in Thailand the summer and yet you listen to people talk Thai and everything everything stretches its got like a stretch to it you know it's weird this which is very odd language May compare that to like German or Dutch really hard. It's like this weird difference yet and the Latin won the Latin root word like languages all do have a flowy singing I don't speak Portuguese I like listening to Brazilian Portuguese is amazing cooking or something I don't know you're saying I like it I listen to Spanish music when I right cuz I have no idea what they're saying to listen to music in a foreign language

► 01:43:00

give me a little something something but I can still think about the exact things that I'm thinking about it so they had this interesting experience I sent you one of them that you know the trailers for the movie get out and the trailers get dubbed into all kinds of different languages so you please different languages and I sent you the Spain Spanish I don't really understand that much what the difference between mother what I speak predominately is just like specifically South American and more specifically or Peruvian valid for 6 months and what's your your ears are trained to it you can listen to someone say a sentence and know that it's all that's from Spain like that's

► 01:44:00

yeah version of the way they know the island dialects sound dramatically different you know like if you listen somebody from Cuba Puerto Rico is it a comparison like English speakers from America versus English speakers from Ireland it is and I would say you know I always think of Spain as like our Britain you know in a way like that the language probably you English is from England where the language that is how you speak in Spanish and Dusty got Castilian you know that comes from Spain they're speaking OG Spanish and they're all kind of came over here and its influence in every country has different ways of saying things different obviously different slang all different curses all different Expressions completely different even words like a simple as like to pick up you know go ahead pick something up you know you say that in

► 01:45:00

Mexico or Argentina literally means to fuck so so if you're like okay just like you're trying to do you're saying like I want to guess I would say I'm going to fuck his bottles yet my mom told me that she was in the in Argentina like when her Youth and travel there and with a bellhop and she was like, let that which is like pick up that suitcase but he was like okay cuz she was basically in slang saying fuck my suitcase you know so let's just put it like there is like and it is also like severity of words like old is the word like there's so many ways to say fuck your course in every language butthole in Spain is like the saying fuck is like going to go fuck but like when you say it in Peru it's a it's a softer it's not taken a severely so it's not it's not read the same way you're not saying

► 01:46:01

you're saying I like you're complaining but you like that don't fix like it's taken as like I don't mess with me you know so like even when I would say when I go Spain like they're like damn you curse a lot I was like really and then they can you know if we went over that one and then like 6 months later they were like you actually do curse lot all the time and I was like yeah that's right stand up in Spanish when you I've done bits and stories were like I'm involved both English and Spanish but I haven't done there's there's a show now here in LA but they're doing a thing at even at the store has had it like once where's some of the Spanish-speaking Comics here have done like the Up full show in Spanish here in La Cisco Ramos Felipe did it as far as I had a guy Torres

► 01:47:01

in Miami he would do Cuban Spanish + English and it was impossible to follow and he would hit punchlines in Spanish and people would literally just throw chairs through Windows was just jump through the ceiling did you know use every trick then to get through the sex is such a chaotic Club the clothes and saying is totally insane and I was talking to this lady I would be fine in Spanish and then say something back this guy Spanish they go back to English do like your best bit and then something else in Spanish and it was so crazy for me all the time like I never experienced a 20 minutes that like that that the guy at the headliner after we did 35 minutes and split good night he was a white guy

► 01:48:01

yeah yeah it was like it's the most I mean that that room that didn't hold that many people don't live or something and it had like you know they were Haitians in their Colombians Cubans Puerto Ricans was such a mix of people yeah and they if you start giving them a little bit of flavor yeah and they let people in there were like 18 to the Miami Improv it was the worst club to work too late I don't know I thought we were in that area that was so crazy it's such an interesting place it's so different than any other place I did Miami right before I did my Netflix special and they were using those Yonder bags you had to put yourself on today on your bag yet so you couldn't use it while you're inside the store so you know what they did leave the room

► 01:49:01

and use the Yonder back right so these the entire set is the only place where the entire set people just kept coming and going they just kept leaving and coming back at me on the phone so many people doing it like they might have been like dozens of people there any point I'm walking around coming and going to going outside to get to do use their phone and then coming back in like it was chaos the phone thing I don't know that there's a real good solution in New Orleans that place wasn't too big but it was still you could tell like you know it's inconvenient for them it's it it's a long thing to go through that but then you're like then you have people coming and going in and out of the showroom cuz they want to use their phone it's a fucking nightmare but if they don't they just sit there and just too into the show it's great it's at 10% battery but it's hard it's hard to impose on people to a surprise when people don't know they like I'm doing well

► 01:50:01

my phone it's still going to be on you and you can use it as long as you leave this room they're like I don't know man I need some people that just want to film everything to that's how you know when you get on stage you see people to stand there while you're doing your sat there holding the phone up yet this is your making this whole thing so much weirder. Do you understand what you doing now you basically like a TMZ got the airport his version of it in front of them I went to of all things a daddy-daughter dance with my daughter and it was the weirdest thing every guy was dancing with their little kids like this and I realize realize the why they were doing it it wasn't about the moment I mean a little bit but it was more about that if you have that phone out of your looking at that you're doing that

► 01:51:01

makes you feel like your having this little moment instead of having to be this awkward thing like your dancing in front of your painfully aware that they're only going to be 6 for a year you know what I mean it's like that that's the problem is it's because you thinking logically people are just collecting video you know they're just collecting they like hoarders when I had the phone on I was like oh yeah cuz I feel like I'm doing something like I'm not just dancing and weird way I felt a lot more exposed okay like I said I'm saying

► 01:51:54

painful for everybody and tell you what you go back and look at those videos like from when your kid was really little and it does freak you out like they're they're really valuable powerful videos videos of your kids when they're really not there so sad is a video of my daughter when she was she was wearing a diaper I think she's probably just a little over 1 and we're walking through the airport and I'm pulling a when I was little roller bags and she's she's behind it pushing it she like to push it on her legs like that tall diaper but then we tell her hey we're going to go to a toy store and she's okay and she puts her hands together and she pushes the bag again but it's like the most adorable mouth watch that video hundred times easily it's like that video will forever be stay

► 01:52:54

and in my brain walking and talking when they come into your life you go through this really chaotic adjustment. Cuz nobody knows each other and it's very it's just it's just so awkward for everybody involved and and there should there's there's so much to it but it's a really difficult time for everybody but then when you have that when you get on the other side of it and he really falling in love with your kids and you feel that they're falling in love with you and you're becoming this family we have these video we went on this trip back to Wisconsin where I'm from and when we were just things are really starting to come together before this trip and then we went on the trip the kids like you're describing the kid pushing the suitcase like they have to stay a little tighter with you cuz you're in airports in your in your driving and you're going to like a cabin and doing these things and by the time we got back we were a family like we knew my wife and I were like when I work

► 01:53:53

we're like a real family now and we love these kids so much and we can tell they love us and his amazing thing so we have videos from that trip and those videos like you're saying are just like gold member that bonding yeah that's such an intense feeling to realize that these kids could have gone and some terrible Direction I mean when you're 6 years old you're you're you're so the anything can happen I mean it's like what an incredibly positive thing that is that you've done and then incredibly positive thing for their lives that they came in contact with you and so fortunate mean it's amazing but for our lives too and we didn't know it for awhile you know we had that. Where we were like you really feel like for a while they're like okay we've we've done a good thing here

► 01:54:53

suffer for it for the rest and then after all of this just frustration and craziness and and the kids would wake up really early every morning and they would be out in the hallway throwing things at each other in the arguing and whatever and you are so sleep-deprived and you so like that you know over and one morning I woke up I think it was a Sunday and it was quiet in the room my wife was still asleep and it was like around the time where the kids are normally up and I woke up and I thought I don't know how it's quiet in here and then I had this overwhelming feeling that I couldn't even identify it first and then I thought I miss them right now like I'm actually waiting for them to come in the room and wake us up and that was that was really big moment for me where I was like wow I've turned into a big corner here and then what you get from them and feelings is pretty incredible is it strange scene

► 01:55:53

like thinking that this is based on not just your life experience but also based on your interaction with some kids that you never wanted up adopting yeah it's well and also I met a but like I said I met a bunch of families along the way and some of those there's this young girl named Maria green who became a consultant on the movie cuz she grew up in foster care she was adopted as a teenager she's amazing kid goes to UCLA right now and and so I know either my own stories are other people's stories I can associate him with really specific kids something that's embarrassing is that I'm taking the movie all over the country I've seen the movie like a thousand times and anytime I watch it with an audience I get emotional watching the movie I mean the movies really funny but it's got some really emotional moment and it's embarrassing so it looks like really because I'm thinking about my own kids or I'm thinking about these these real kids that are you know that I've met along the way so expensive

► 01:56:53

I'm in it and I'm amazing in it but I'm saying I'm saying we went to the screening like a month or two ago and Christina and I get there and we run to Mark right away so he's like he's like you haven't seen this and I go now he's like it's really

► 01:57:13

man it's really good and I was like yeah I keep hearing it's good and he's like now like he was like he was prepping me for how emotional he gets in it he goes cuz I got you know I'm in some violent stuff that's awesome but this time in and he's like I I couldn't help but like get emotional about it and I was like okay I'm like alright then I sit there watch and then I look over it seems crying it's Parts the movie I start getting emotional Parts movie I mean it's like you did a really good job of balancing those emotional moments with the comedy so I don't mean I don't know how you do it but like the the back and forth of it was like a perfect balance and I think it's a it's a great movie I mean everybody who's seen it as I know that has said anything to me is just like Blown Away by the movie balance of comedy and drama was what we worked on that was a number one thing we worked on through every draft

► 01:58:13

watch with an audience because they do get emotionally caught up and if the world is coming back and give him a laugh where they need it you know and this is Blue Sky Airlines for me this is so I was like a mechanic a booster life that's the only interesting thing in my life you become part of that adoption Community as well so it really becomes a big part of who you are and who your family is and that kind of thing so you know this this is all I got this must be a different movie for you though I mean I'm sure you love your other movies but this one's going to be a really different feel it's really different just let you know I was before the reason why that one was a special place

► 01:59:13

it was my first real Hollywood movie and I was just such an amazing experience pumpkin from out of nowhere making this movie with all this budget and it was great but a great experience is on all the movies that I've made but this one's totally difference a different tone it has more drama it has more gravity to it it's about something that is really really important to me and and it's really funny and we have pot people like Tom in the movie In Time is ever going to were joking but he is really funny in the movie I believe you

► 01:59:48

not telling people that for years but I haven't been lying it was fun to do man it was really at the rail the camaraderie on that thing was another thing that was really fun cuz you go to a different way to Atlanta and we have Victor's grape group everyday but we have like you know you have the the big stars but then like people I mentioned like Margo and them and Julie Michael Allen Britt Jody and we would just like it was like it is kind of like being in a camper something you know which for me was the first experience or you don't know is that and what a lot of people who work in movies a lot of times that so much of the the the camaraderie of the set is set by a kind of number one number two on the call she like whoever the big movie stars are in your movie sometimes you know you hear these stories a lot of stories Steven Segal people walking on eggshells

► 02:00:48

you know whoever that you know and when you have people like Mark and Rose were really cool and just really easy to deal with everybody everybody just is so much more relaxed and having a really good time when you know and then I'll take some credit for myself too cuz John and I try to run a really happy sad and we just try to have definitely man you guys are low-maintenance types like you're like the type of people like it feels I took you out for you just to show you like how unpretentious he is when I got the part I was like we've been speaking about the part and other things and then you know I'll get an email about rehearsal at Paramount and I would just call Sean like the directions like he is rehearsal at 10 and he's like yeah I'm like where do I park you like I think in the there's a lot that they'll tell you where to go and like okay not hang up on me like I'm just calling the director of think of major picture like where do I park

► 02:01:48

he was never fucking figure it out he was just like that's fine just call me if you need walking directions from this Friday 16th beautiful I think we can wrap this thank you man thank you for weeks before we cut out that video that you did share that you were talking about before A little girl got a little girl when we were discussing you know the movie and and how to kind of get the message out on the movie and I got that video but did I saw it on your thing and I immediately sent it to everybody associated with the movie and I was like you guys this is our movie it's right it's right here in this video it's right here in that girl's face that's it that's all wow that was really helpful I'm glad you see if you had said that I couldn't not when I got a hold of that video a video is so intense and so amazing

► 02:02:48

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