#1185 - Kelly Slater

The Joe Rogan Experience #1185 - Kelly Slater

October 22, 2018

Kelly Slater is a professional surfer. He is the youngest and the oldest to win the World Surf League men's title, which he's won a record 11 times.

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my gas today is one of the greatest Surfers of all time a multiple-time world champion a cool mother fucker Kelly Slater folks we've been talking about doing a podcast forever so it's it's very cool to finally get him in studio and an honor to talk to him please give it up for Kelly Slater

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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Kelly Slater we've been talking about doing this for how long couple years in California for my 12th my girlfriend from San Clemente and her family lives there and so we kind of live here you're not moving around too much so I'm just kind of here right now I'm not competing I broke my foot I was surfing in South Africa about 15 months ago and I was just on a wave that I wouldn't consider very big wave nobody would really consider dangerous and it all kind of clothes out which is all brakes at once I just pulled into thing cuz I was going to sort of wash in on the Rocks right where that was and change boards had to compete in about 2 hours from then

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I was just testing out different boards for some reason I wasn't riding the board I was planning on riding competition so I was going to come in and change and switch to my Norborne I just pulled this wave and just kind of hesitated like you the ride those out and stay on your bored or you jump off and I was kind of between the two and I kind of left in my front foot off my back foot my leg was straight cuz I was kind of going to have think I was going to jump off and my foot got my leg got locked back straight the board flipped in against the toes and it just broke the top of my foot and a half immediate like we're looking at a photograph of the X-ray right now and it's like every bonus for that first big joint on top of the foot there why is it called a lisfranc joint lisfranc was a doctor if I think we can look this up

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when you said break your foot in the Stirrup back a hundred foot off damnit that was kind of how this sort of joint got famous with but normally would happen to those toes those two bones right there the first and second metatarsal can either spread or converge one way or the other and that's usually what a lisfranc fracture is I had the best of the 3 which is I had a crack you can just see on the right side of you have to go down with a cursor right there just a little lower there's a little crack right there right there on that corner and then the next one broke across you can just see right there it's cracked across and then so it kind of went to line up and across the Foot Store just to draw the third one displace the fourth one shattered in about 8 pieces the doctor said he lost count put them back together and you know you you would know from injury of the problem with Windows shatters of bone they're not getting

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blood flow so it's not like a four or five week repair job it's like that was like 9 months before that things back together properly so when they do a piece that shattered one back together again it delicately and they put like a mesh over so I got to kind of like figure out how well I had I had a plate on the list Frank and then I had to play a kind of a bridge across the third and fourth and so they kind of messed it all together and then I think I had 16 screws combined in all that damn man it was it was it was brutal the problem with it was I didn't South Africa where I was going to get surgery so I had to wait for the swelling to go down for about 6 days before I can fly God is going to swell too much is swollen from the event on my foot for like 5 days and sat there and watch

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like that's like it's painful is the injury to a surfer you know it's like watching a bunch of elk walked by in front of you and not scared of you so I sat there cuz the whole time prior to me being injured while I was there for like 2 weeks the ways were very good so I broke my foot in ways that great so I waited for swelling to go down and then it's two Red-Eyes to get back you can get it fixed in South Africa I maybe could have but then I was probably looking at staying after for a month or more and also I didn't know that the quality so it'll level quality doctor I was going to get there and I I got a doctor I work with here and I called him straight away I said look it's my 4th broken foot but I've never broke it like that so usually it's like let it heal for 4 weeks in your surfing and it's all from surfing

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cuz and usually happens when you know I don't know how welders Chiron surfing but when I'm to riding and usually with my back to the wave which is happened two or three times so I'm in the way of the the lip pictures over and lands but when that land at send a shock back into the way they like you know when the lip hits Flatwater that lip some of the energy goes down in some disperses out and up and some comes back into the tube so what does that you're in the wrong spot the Border flip into your feet but normally what we do is work when your backside Barrel ride lot of time to grab in the rail so you can have both your feet and your hand on it so you can handle that shock but if you're just going no hand back side it's usually pretty big intense barrel and in soda that lip has a lot of energy in it shoot it to force back towards you and if if it hits your bored just wrong and can flip in your foot break it

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requiring surgery this year how long was it before you can walk but you walking totally normal now so how long has it been since the surgery last year and then

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walking normal wasn't till

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maybe December January December I compete again but I probably shouldn't have but we are at pipeline in Hawaii which is you're not doing Maneuvers I'm always kind of carpet if the ways are small I wouldn't have served since it's bigger it's a little easier can you take off and kind of trim a straight line so you kind of going straight even though you're riding the barrel your kind of going straight conscious of your foot being compromised wow that's my favorite event in the world so I just didn't want to miss it but fuck if you broke your foot again yeah but then the bones were pretty good back together then and I can walk somewhat without pain and if I put myself in a real vulnerable vulnerable vulnerable position on a wave I would Kenneth maybe jump wouldn't push it it's not worth winning a contest it right. I'm sure to be able to Surf Pipeline with no one out and it worth the loo wrist

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racing they give you that can accelerate bone healing or is there any supplements or a lot of it is kind of I mean it's the farthest place from your heart right so it's down at the bottom of your body so you got to come and get that foot up like last time you held it against the wall and elevate my foot and let it completely flush out your kidneys kind of hold your hand and somebody push all the blood out of your nose like this trick where somebody hold your your breasts are your arteries so no blood going in your blood out and then you let it go and it's like a little spider web Spider-man getting out of my foot now and I'm

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what did Jake research whether there's something that accelerates bone healing or you can use magnets like selling magnets yes some people believe magnets help increase the circulation and us the the actually a rotating magnetic cuz it kind of creative force field around your foot like theories healers heeler and energy healer I had gone to when you go to sleep so I going to hurt you to put on your foot and I was actually competing

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5 weeks after I broke that foot so I don't know if it helps or not but I just sleeping it was near my foot and maybe it helped I don't like 6 weeks for a bone to heal right doesn't it when your 4 weeks and then it takes two more weeks for the calcium to properly fill in so like the if you take an x-ray after 4 weeks it'll still look like there's a hole like a break there apparently the bone has sutured itself back but if calcium has not filled in to make it totally strong that's what I was told by my doctor and why is it so look broken why didn't you throw me you know it's not Til You Get Enough blood flow and then it's healed and then it's once there's a proper blood flow in the bone and then you get the calcium coming back to the really supposed to accelerate healing is a hyperbaric chamber do you sort of supposed to know that you were used on a lot

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after we fought Jose Aldo Aldo kick the shit out of his leg and his leg was really badly swollen was horrible no break Daybreak the bone didn't break the bone but it was it was so bad it was like his left leg was literally twice the size and memorable I've seen the seen the fight on heard you talkin is there an Aldo when he was in his prime

► 00:16:17

and he didn't see those kicks you can see his kids coming he didn't even load up I just there that's probably right afterwards and must have felt broken it feels fucking horrible just to get hit once man I mean your rice so tough to just take that over and over and over again like he did was eat can you check those I mean the problem is when you get hit just getting hit once but I got who's really good like a peer Eric's or someone is like a really good leg kicker will think of a charlie horse a guy gives you in school or whatever whatever it is greatest Lakers of all time and there is a video called the perfect leg kick by Ernesto hoost and just shows you like a compilation of him Landing like Kik sign up

► 00:17:17

see their their their leg buckling and he would with him he would whip it down like he had this single visit yeah he's a Long Tall guy in his technique was just perfect video of him he was so thick and then left hook rather in the right leg kick the way you are covering up top and you don't see it home. Just beat the whip into it he was so good man he was so fucking good and he would always do it left left hook to the body and then right leg kick afterwards Ricardo Arona as a buddy of mine and Dupree water Rampage or somebody in the lower leg Wanderlei I don't know back in the pride days

► 00:18:11

and I think he killed broke someone's lower leg or something I'm sure he was the victim of the worst slam I've ever seen in my life he told me he's like I don't know the thing I didn't realize because I had watch the fight before and I didn't pick this up I wasn't very well-versed at that time and watching fights but he goes he goes, you know that thing was I put him to sleep in the fight before that and I let him go and I told the rep you sleeping you sleeping and he goes and then he woke back up and when you can watch it there on the ground so we put you to sleep for something I don't know anyways

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was it a K1 I watch kid Yamamoto and an inhaler fight and I had run into a voice tonight before the song at a bar and he's like okay what's up and I'm like I'm leaving I'm going to fly out tomorrow because now you got to come to my brothers fight so I went to the fighting and while I got knocked out man it was it was hard to watch 2005 yeah he was getting involved in MMA and he really didn't have any striking yeah he gave his out cold for a couple minutes I was like today just offer him a shitload of money like why did he decide to take that I had never met her at the time he thought he fought a bunch of people up soccer Abba which is really crazy in soccer Rob I had him in a Kimura with his arm way behind his back and they stop the fight rather than let him get his arm yeah cuz he wouldn't happen but he was like

► 00:20:11

I think this guy named Goku lachandra or something then he he he puts his paws up and I think if this guy did you get to is no way somebody could tap him out cuz he he's doing these the craziest I don't know how you put your but never seen somebody put their body needs contortionist positions and just wonder if somebody who's a real true contortionist if they knew just how to escape things if they could ever really good talk with like arms are Guillotines or whatever but yeah this guy he's bouncing on his elbow and it's insane right there on the right hand

► 00:21:11

stuff in the strength and the amount of time you take to learn these things it's sort of a martial art in itself there's a guy who famous Jiu-Jitsu guy who once said that yoga is martial art that you do against yourself lead singer of a band Ray cappo he was lead singer of some punk band and then became a yogi and he would come to the hugest he can move and weighs he likes what the fuck you doing his body was so did he had so much dexterity and flexibility it was impossible to like hold them in positions he just could move it away your two belts below me but I can't pin you

► 00:22:11

is crazy yo and you also had amazing breathwork like he never got tired like his card he was incredible but it was all because of his his breathing techniques Hixson would work on a lot of breathing stuff you know quite a long time and he always talks about that in the most people in the title but he was always about control controlling your breath I'm going to try to win doing his thing and becoming sort of well known to the nose and the control the joke he's in a glacial River and you just sitting like neck-deep and everybody else just dip their foot and then like fuck this is in there freezing cold

► 00:23:11

fascinating guy and he was really the first guy that should have introduced martial artist to the power of yoga because he was the best that stomach work he can you mean yeah yeah it's fire breathing Breath of Fire word for that kind of breathing so we can decide in some weird way we could use every muscle in his body individually move it independent of other muscles even boards to Hixson for a long time it's amazing how many Jiu-Jitsu guys love surfing

► 00:24:11

place they also did you did too and it sort of played soccer and serve there on the beach that are compatible with their feet whatever you call that thing right right right what is that it's crazy that I posted a video of these guys in Thailand that were doing that they were playing like volleyball a version of volleyball with their feet and it's fucking while they're catching it with their foot I'll look at this

► 00:24:53

I mean the flexibility to and these guys are really close to each other to yeah that's it might be some good sales I kicked in the face this is Korean boom phone floor like you know this is pretty impressive Nails posting it it's fucking bananas cuz these guys are using this like little shity ball in the jungle and just the ability that they have with their feet is just out of this world down sir Donald Bradman Cricket player of all time

► 00:25:53

I guess it from what I heard there was a many people around and he used to play he would take a stick just a random stick and he would hit a ball against a corrugated curved wall corrugated aluminum and his hand eye coordination became like you know as good as you could possibly ever have to do is like his fun thing to do is look at the end and it looks like he's perfect shot they keep firing it back at each other that made it out of like like a rock and some fucking

► 00:26:53

Crescent kick

► 00:26:56

this guy I mean in the block if you can get good at doing that I guess it is Thai Thai writing but if you could get good at that man I mean there's certain guys that just when you see him in Boyz II they have oh that's what is Carmi CPAC straw it's Burmese soccer and volleyball put together yeah those spiders do certain guy that I've just been saying like dexterity they see in martial arts like he's there's a famous highlight reel of him where he throws this like fake knee off the right and then jumping roundhouse kicks this guy in the face and chaos and with his left and it's just the ability that he has two places foot like anywhere he wants is dexterity to sound world I mean

► 00:27:57

younger guy I was talking about about Connor fighting Conor so bad I mean that's all it is it's just another stand-up guy yeah that would be the smart thing to do but I mean I'm not going to put another ground CM Punk. Everybody's like I do it and I you watch CM Punk CM Punk's by a lot tougher than the average guy anyway I don't know I don't know right

► 00:28:57

I and I don't want to say anything bad about him cuz it mean that God gave it is all he told me he's a real good guy but he doesn't have what I would call talent show the skill moves wrong he was probably so nervous to never being in that situation of a real fight I mean he's been in front of crowds but it was a nightmare that Mickey Gall fight was so ridiculous Mickey Galls fucking good he's really good he's fucking dangerous to have a guy like CM Punk that doesn't have a back Brock Lesnar UFC Athleta CM Punk is a regular guy like he's not does nothing freaky about he doesn't have crazy power weird speed they don't see him

► 00:29:57

I think there's guys that don't looks like saenchai himself does not look like a freak can I see if so freaky but when you see him he looks pretty looks like an athlete but it doesn't look like you know it it's not like Roy Jones jr. is prime or something when you see him years ago Jesus look at this fucking guy he was just I mean he's just so good but a guy like CM Punk he didn't have a background and he tried martial arts when he was like 37 background even wrestling background didn't even wrestle it was all theatrical Wrestling Entertainment those guys would even even the theatrical wrestling they would go and work on the scale like date and day out and that's all you have to do as a wrestler as such a difference between work on the skilled and unskilled Summit doesn't want you to do it to them that's the thing and then when they're trying to do things to you I just fucking you up and just nothing to do about it

► 00:30:57

everything's wrong I mean I'm sure he made a ton of money in them self the guy I mean give the guys credit. You really did test himself then we'll sit down and everyone to see to like oh it's not all fighting UFC news Logan Paul is fucking way better way better than CM Punk look like he had a boxing match with that but I was watching him throw punches man fighting like this is a guy who is a background wrestling and he he actually can punch like I was watching him punch this guy was like that's a guy who actually knows how to throw punches he knows how he knows distance and time and you know

► 00:31:57

any doesn't look like an hour as or anything crazy but he looks like a guy who can actually punch him or you can give him

► 00:32:08

this guy is way better than him he really has a background in phytic how does that with you and Dana that could be seen if somebody's a little triggered or a little sensitive they might get a little bit angry at you saying something like that. Kind of friends for

► 00:32:34

like almost 20 years we've been friends for a long time and I've been working for the UFC I mean I start work for The Old Company in 97 and 2002 and I was he knows knows that if I wasn't honest nobody would listen to me I enjoyed watching the fights and listen to in a fairway with people when you critique what somebody's doing it's like if they listen to help him well I definitely don't say things that I don't know what I'm talking about and I don't say things but if I see something and I've watched I'm not called

► 00:33:26

at least a thousand fights I don't know how many fights and I've seen some of the greatest fights of all time up live in clothes right right next to the cage and I seen a lot of shit so if I'm saying something it's probably because it's right but I mean it but if I don't know what I'm talking about it's one of the good things about having Cormier there or Dominick Cruz if there's some aspect of fighting at maybe I'm not exactly sure about I can defer to them and I could say like what's so important about getting underhook here you know and then pour me I could go off about like why this in any any Cormier cat pummeling he kept shifting positions in pummeling for under Hooks and that was one of the reasons why I was able to land that big right hand was never stop

► 00:34:26

Brighton Steve his face and stuff that was such a great match even though obviously didn't last very long but yeah I mean he took a few on the real hard to get in there and keep it it's got to drive him fucking crazy oh yeah why wouldn't a rematch right away I mean there's even supposedly talk on the Gregor going to rematch when he got pretty much handled everywhere I don't think this will talk of McGregor getting the rematch I think the real smart money is on Tony Ferguson fighting could be the next that's so smart money I think I don't think Tony Ferguson should have ever been stripped I think he should still be the interim Champion mean the guy fell while he was doing press and tore his knee apart 6 months later comes back and destroyed Anthony Patterson. Spectacular performance fight never runs out he throws weird stuff

► 00:35:26

everything you can throw you don't know what are called a weirdo like to see sensitive apparently got upset I said he was a brilliant weirdo like when he was on his way to the cage but I mean he uses a Wing Chun dummy he sets up his equipment he sets it up himself he puts the mats. He builds his own like heavy bag training regimen complementarity I'm a huge fan of the toughest fight really well on his back and he submitted Kevin Lee office back and win the title he's got a fantastic d'arce choke and his ability to hold guys in his guard and Recovery

► 00:36:26

gets clipped I mean he's he's the most dangerous guy at lightweight for khabib I think in my opinion doesn't even make sense and Eddie Eddie Eddie says he's never seen anything like you said this guy workout 6 hours a day full clip everybody else is exhausted he keeps going there doing sprints up the hill 20 laps everybody keeps going is cardio's off the charger key I think there's a lot of Mexicans that have amazing cardio I realized I don't know for sure but I mean if you go back to like Julio Cesar sheets and I think I mean I said that wants to get things cardio conference crazy cardio I really wonder if there's like certain ethnicities that have an advantage or at least a better starting point and then it's all hard work from there maybe this

► 00:37:26

you can prove in the way the blood hole. I mean you like you go back to boxing in particular me how many great boxers had fantastic cardio from Mexico you know Chavez in particular size down the volume if it's punching you just never stop just constantly on you constantly moving forward bobbing and weaving and throwing shots and sometimes even if you didn't have that you have to dig deep and pretend your ad that you know what I mean that starts wearing another guy like this guy. You know I had a situation once I'm super tired and I can heat surfing asagai in Tahiti

► 00:38:18

and this does he ended up sort of being like a world title eat for me and I was losing with like 2 minutes ago and I ended up in this paddle battle against the guy and he's pretty fit guy and we're like head-to-head what happens when water gets back out first Dean's by the judges gets priority over the next way they can have whatever they want with 2 minutes left in the surfing there that's not a lot of time to get a wave if the wave comes you got to be the guy that has priority for it and where paddling and I could feel him just for half a second kind of lit up on iPad like okay I'm getting ahead on the sky and as soon as you did I paddle harder I got more and he gave up and I got it and then I got like 9 I got like a 9.4 with 30 seconds ago or something but it was I didn't have that in me like physically I like how I quit too you know

► 00:39:18

I really didn't it was just that choice like I don't care I'm going to get out there with the lungs burning and I feel bad for 30 seconds whatever but sometimes you for showing sometimes you can't Bluff. But for sure it does come up with an edge one way or the other that's a big thing with my guys yeah he just never gets low Jon Jones fight to John late night fight another two people who's winning that fight or whatever is close fight but looks like John just started pouring a 2-1 strikes in the last couple rounds in shape by all accounts John really didn't rain for that fight and didn't take Gustafson seriously and then I half-ass is training camp in the championship round

► 00:40:18

that's the December card its January New Year's Eve Simpsons way better now you see when Gus and knocked out Clover to share at me and he just looked like it was like a video game called Angel that's that's going to be one for the ages for John B's comeback fight and forgot to send me the rematch he's asking for forever and will be for the light heavyweight title to going to strip call me Luis in December number to let me know if it's not obviously unorthodox he was just getting mauled in the last fight he doesn't matter anyway that I guess it matter

► 00:41:18

find me why am I even talking about this one Contender headed into that fight and then wins I think that guy was the dark horses Division and so for him to knock off Alexander like that that's what that was a giant knock out yet to get his ass kicked for 3 Rounds respect to Alexander though in the pocket fighting out with 30 seconds ago when he clearly winning that fight what you got hurt he got hurt a couple times in that fight that he lost his mouth piece and he tried to give it to Derek how do you know what the fuck was going on his Derek it's so hard because we knocked out Gonzaga and Derek would be even better if you didn't have a bad back there said a fucked-up back so why does he want it that's three fights in 6 months or more

► 00:42:18

well he fought in Ghana and that was the fight was like what the fuck it was barely a fight against ingano why did you feel like that was more on in Ghana that it wasn't Derek didn't do anything and Derek one you know but me he was basically waiting for in Ghana you know you got to be careful with in God cousin got a bunch of so fucking hard but steep a fuck that shit up he really did Steve Page is fucked his head up oh my God when he knocked out there over into another dimension everybody was like holy shit

► 00:43:18

over and ready to fight again can you fight against Curtis blaydes I feel like you did I feel like he fought Curtis blaydes after that and lost and got stopped in that by 2. Mean look in Garnerville hits fucking hard like harder than anybody has ever fought and he's but not when he's mouth breather it didn't matter because he first you really wasn't prepared for a full game going to be the heavyweight champ I was going to ask you do you have your absolute dream job but I mean you do a few things but like a black belt under Eddie right and so it's like you've kind of found the perfect job for yourself because you just wake up

► 00:44:18

first thing I do is look at where's waves in the world where I've been like I've been I've been on in the Pro Tour pretty much since I was 19 and 46 I took about 3 years off and it still compete a little bit those years high end of the age limit in terms of like when I can really completely right now he's retiring this year old holy shit it was like there was a real you know that I would send in the 80s there wasn't like it didn't look like you can make some money and if you were top five guy but it didn't look like you could have like this crazy careers are guys weren't thinking longevity they're like let's go have a good time and get paid for it for a few years and it will figure out a job after or maybe we'll have enough money to come to live real humbly what is the difference between

► 00:45:18

you prepare in other guys is it your diet strength and conditioning like what is it I don't overexert myself very much so my my training aside from surfing isn't a lot retain I feel like I retain enough strength to be good at what I need to so burn yourself out over myself out you know like the oldest people in the world were an athlete you know they're kind of people who didn't burn themselves out to me Siri on the Jeopardy is like don't overdo it I don't know Dunedin SLE be over train for what I do a lot of the skill a lot of the winning that I do competitively is from a skill it's not so much from being super strong having crazy cardio it's making a choice about which wave how I'm going to approach him ride that wave and I have to get to scores every 30 minutes when I compete so it's like I got this 30-minute window I need you ready for I don't need to be like in crazy crazy shape cuz so what is it back in the past

► 00:46:18

there's a number of factors I think you have to actually be really competitive like in your when you were born in your home somehow you had to maybe you needed something to prove you know I I was kind of like yeah growing up I got your look back at it and got a laugh like maybe I couldn't get the girl I like cuz she liked in older guy or do you know I didn't have we didn't really have any money in my family so I wanted to make some money I had an older brother what kind of picked on me but I hung out with him and played football with his friends are all three years older than me so I had to be strong you know I had to be at the house and I had to be smart that's my brother said they couldn't really compete with like this motherfucker and so every night we just eat away at the end I think I think that you know my brother and I have a relationship now and I don't think he would disagree with me that we kind of Daniel on for 20 years or more

► 00:47:18

you know I can I sort of started doing real well competing on the world stage and he sort of stagnated and we just interview people and families have different Dynamics you know each child has a different Dynamic I'm in middle of three all boys are younger brother is 3 years younger than me so he was kind of really competing with him but he saw us competing against each other in and maybe a few ways and it kind of turned him off to surfing so he didn't start surf until he was a teenager and when he did he rode longboards and we're all we're both short borders like you no more competition kind of guys and he loved kind of the old throwback the sixties and seventies Surfers on longboards or on single friends which is like not a modern board at all

► 00:48:09

and why would someone choose one of the other longboard or shortboard easier to just get up and ride a wave but the skill you have on longboard it's more it's it's more ballet than it is a gym or something you know it's not like big Maneuvers it's more like gliding on the wave looking like you're not trying hard it's it's more of a dance if you will and then it is like a combined of an athletic skill and you know shortboarding it's just you know you're going for Aerials and lots of different sort of fast Maneuvers really riding in the pocket of the wave is longboarding you looking for a different kind of different kind of way of all together you really don't most of it weighs we ride

► 00:48:54

4matic or boarding in competition aren't waves would ride a longboard cuz they're two Hollow there too quick and fast and you can't fit a longboard in the same way so your brother just took it up more for the fun of it and you stack of hay literally was at the beach one day historian use about 14 or 15 and we always try to get him to Surfin

► 00:49:13

when he's about 8 or 10 I took him surfing one day at our local break at Sebastian in Florida and then I push them on this wave and he he ate it was underwater long time I kind of freaked him out a long time long time for an 8 year old like maybe 10 seconds or a Perkins you know when you're out of breath so freaky like you don't know which way is up and he kind of quit surfing and then when he was like 14 or 15 years of the beach and this guy he

► 00:49:37

he really respected as kind of older guys I can I'm going to run somewhere we watch my board I had a longboard and he said we watch my Gordon and Steven said he waves and he just sort of fell in love. Minute it was surfing and it was something unique for him cuz we didn't longboard so it was like is that beach life and thing we love it was different you know his own thing and then me and my brother we you know I got more and more in the competition and getting sponsor and stuffing and he sort of he he just kind of started fading out of doing competition full-time and stuffing and now and then when I was a teenager when I was a freshman in high school this guy moved into town I can Andrew and he actually got kicked out of a couple schools elsewhere

► 00:50:29

and I got himself in some trouble and when it came to came over to the beach he was kind of in these in land schools but he was good at football get a baseball youth kind of a really good athlete

► 00:50:40

he became the quarterback on a football team he was a baseball player all this kind of stuff so he was he was a total job not a surfer at all and somehow he and I became best buddies all the sports that group playing football basketball baseball little bit tennis in and he and I ultimately where we got to is he sorta became my big brother competitively and we the battle and it didn't matter whose feelings got hurt you know like we competed it absolutely everything from horseshoes to bowling to pull on my birthday every year on my birthday we made a pact where we go play every kind of game we could possibly him keep a tally of who won what it was Mini Putt Golf it was go-karts it was basketball it was shuffleboard it was like literally everything are hot you know everything we could think of

► 00:51:30

and we just keep a tally and we do we stab in the millions of dollars well yeah but you never paid like actual money that it was like five bucks use any called me out one day and he's like to meet me at the beach working play some horseshoes from like all right but I'm not playing you unless we're getting some money like some real money bring some money and at the end of day again at 1 about a hundred sixty bucks things like you fucking tell my wife I owe you I'll fucking kill you and I'll never pay you back I don't have the money I can't tell you that I'll pay you like 20 bucks here and there if you're going to Drew's to be beat me at everything he was better than me of basically everything and so it was like a ping pong to on my 18th birthday

► 00:52:27

I like to call tonight upsets because it was a night that Mike Tyson lost to Buster Douglas and it was it was the night of February 10th my birthday is on the 11th on the 11th but they are in Tokyo so they were on the 11th fighting Tyson lost

► 00:52:43

Drew shows at my house of the ping pong table and he says it was like my birthday gift all my friends bought me this ping pong table my mom my three buddies and Drew beat me 17 straight games in a row and I start crying

► 00:52:57

I think he end up letting me finally win the last game so we can go to bed new take two in the morning and I've never been I really honestly never been so frustrated and just outright beaten by somebody at anything and he just phone I just knew he told me he would just tell me where he's going to hit the ball in the table and beat me really good at it you should go on tongue Trinity on Instagram and watch these things you guys do it out of hand and I'm scared if I ever got into that I think your life seems like the way up all night. We are pretty good. I mean like

► 00:53:54

it's a strange Sports and they're just Smash in the ball this is crazy and is there money in ping pong I don't know I would I do that there are 400 in China or something but I don't think in the states are really is but that's the same thing with pool now but I don't know I don't know if you know they just do the wrist moves to Bryant it there's no dancing you know it seems like one of those Sports where there's just there's a whole the whole world out there that you're not aware of like Elite killer ping pong player. Like most people aren't even thinking about it it's not even talk about fighting people shut your ass man you stay in your lane but it's like I'm a fan of ping pong to

► 00:54:54

yeah so then why can we vote about somebody's going to handle everything you know why we lied to me about something that has to do with surfing or fighting for some people if you have to know how to fight to be able to talk about fighting real serious about that like you said about journalists like fat or tiny whatever and they just don't want to listen to anything that they say but meanwhile they could be an expert I mean when I was a kid I train with Don the Dragon Wilson how did you really need it for about a year it was awesome oh yeah you can find any style any don't mean he also had that weird sideways stance you know he had like kickboxing steals boxing skills multi-skilled we also had like a tree

► 00:55:54

no karate and Kung Fu background sweet stand sideways on you and you didn't know was coming at you at all the news back in the 90s for self defense for women and they were saying they talked about like something kicked in the advice before Jiu-Jitsu people in the balls are you around I mean that's the thing about a woman if a woman weighs 135 lb she's walking around with $135 carrying it yeah like how how long could you walk on your hands I mean I heard that sounds like a mile

► 00:56:54

can you do a video like walking up the stairs from Santa Cruz he passed away by Barney good friend of ours who used to do the Surf video clips and he would walk down stairs and then walk up stairs and he did all he could literally just walk anywhere on his hand it was so cool to see how often you use it right you use your legs constantly don't use your arms kind of sleep but if you did and you built up over years of time I'd imagine it mean this obviously that should have been quick to actually write for a broke my foot I started when I was a kid I should be able to pretty much walk in with my hands I got to walk from minutes at a time my hand I'm going to get back in that so I started training that week like I just I doing handstands everyday with my friend's daughter

► 00:57:52

and I started by quickly I could feel the skill coming back you know I mean that price should have kept with it cuz then I could have walked around for a while and kept my foot high right but my point is that like your body starts with tune to that thing like I used to do push-ups on the back of my wrist is buddy of mine who was into some martial arts you like doing push ups what's the benefit of the doubt but the first time I did it it really hurt my wrist

► 00:58:19

and then after about a week ago and it didn't hurt my wrist anymore your body just kind of adjust but I think I'm going to start doing handstands and doing that Bernie's volleyball thing how long does it take crutches or wheelchair like how long did it take for you can actually walk after broken foot yeah how long I didn't I didn't break it but I didn't just place the bones any but I mean I actually rode I rode a couple ways like 6 weeks later built this wave up in your Fresno we go to man-made wave and those are good way to learn well it depends on how long the wave last and what size wave and how fast and all that kind of thing but far away is pretty easy to learn on

► 00:59:11

our way the last on a low speed for a beginner last like over a minute long now it seems to me that that would be a great way to like just get your feet wet yeah that's not the lowest like the and this was actually so it's long narrow Lake oh wow that's crazy that's all man-made that's so weird this isn't the newest version of it if you were to Google if you were to search like there was a contest called

► 00:59:53

we had a couple contest we had one called to Surf Ranch Pro about 6 weeks ago and that's why we change the way of since then and now we remodel that we had to rebuild it but anyways if the reason I surf was good we are having the first competition at this wave and I wanted to ride the first wave like how does this work what what's making that way for this is a away for like in the back it looks sometimes I'll see you in the back behind a way of not there but to the left side more you would see this thing at the it's basically a super inefficient boat hole and it pushes through the waters I was pushing water instead of planning on the water like you would want to vote too so it's pushing all the water sideways and it's it's just as foil shape it's almost like the shape of a fan or a wing straight up and down in the water that blue thing in the back and it rides it's like a rollercoaster it gets pulled on a pulley system with a four

► 01:00:53

horsepower engine there's two of them actually either one to go either direction so you see it's now they got their back to the wave and they're riding with for sure ways I showed this is Stephanie Gilmore she's like six-time World Champ this is it's me obviously this was just about 6 weeks ago in September

► 01:01:13

and I'm

► 01:01:15

so yeah I mean I I designed the technology with a scientist in InDesign the actual Reef bottom or concrete bottom that that makes a wave break because it seems way more advanced than the ones I've seen yeah this is it's a really fast way it's actually longer than it needs to be also cuz at a fast speed ways to like 45 seconds in your legs are fried

► 01:01:36

this is Filipe Toledo who's number two in the world right now he's unbelievable that's crazy

► 01:01:43

where she from Brazil a lot of surface surface come from Brazil all the new good guys are from Brazil it's like a flight late to fight game you know why is Gabriel Medina he's a he's unbelievable and he's a shove it by Tech moves but you gave her Medina's one time World Champ from fuse go but I thought he was you know I thought he was just going to win year after year after year after first title

► 01:02:18

how do I forgot complacent or what happened that you and I are like how do they judge it's so subjective versus objective ice skating you know I kind of think so it's not too different you know the judges are all good surfers surfers maybe not X Pros but you know guys who know what is possible on a wave and there is pretty easy for them to compare apples to oranges a different person skills over the other one but it would be interesting in UFC you know if if you had judges subjectively judging not not necessarily like who won the round looking at strikeouts but like the style that I like how fast and how much power did you know it strikes together that were the case of unfortunately unlike surfing is not complete the judges' they're not it's not comprised of former Fighters were people that really

► 01:03:18

tomorrow which is wrong is really believe that the judges should just be ex-pros at work tour level guys that they make those calls seem like there's enough of those guys out there maybe but you know getting back to me back to ask why guys didn't have the longevity people get married have kids have a life back home I'll look and if the stuff so you know I was sort of I wouldn't not quite the traditional route with all that stuff so I had a lot more time Focus dedication into what I was doing and I want to do if a long time cuz I just love surfing and I mean if I had my druthers everyday I'm going to wake up and go ride Waves Hotel Salt in boxing

► 01:04:08

not everybody gets a 9 if they lose that battle you know it's a $0.10 Mac but I mean more I was just seeing threes and fours and you are eight to nine. Cuz you know it's just a certain wave and a certain skill-set get you up to that excellent category so we consider eight and up excellent and you know sort of 6528 is like really good and is there a lot of debate about whether or not a 9 is is is accurate for someone's ride yeah yeah there is

► 01:04:44

if if it's early there's a lot to it you know that it's like if it's early and heat and a guy gets a nine or girl gets a 9 and then you think that there's a lot more that could have been done either on that day and those types to ways or on that wave specifically like some occasionally see somebody get 10 perfect right as good as you can possibly do it's the ultimate you should remember that way forever kind of thing you know it's like the perfect knockout and pretend they won't write the kickoff the way when there's more to ride without fall and it still get a 10 so like sometimes just use him to get a really good score and you know a lot more could have been done they could have been deeper than that to daycare in Hiram that are they could have rotated they can you no more they could have been there they could have written out like smooth ER they could have linked a couple different more difficult turns together added more so you have to kind of like it if anything's scaled-down I think as a judge as opposed to scale up cuz then you if if you're surfing in really great waves which makes it easier to get a good score so like

► 01:05:44

teahupo'o Tahiti if you if you pull up Tahiti teahupoo t e a h u p o o Contest 2014 so we had really unbelievable waves in this contest almost every wave look like to be at 10 then it comes down to like how late did you drop in how critical was it how deep were you how did you maximize your time in there by slowing your speed how much risk did you take so even though the wave only last about 5 Seconds there's a whole lotta can be condensed into that 5 seconds on the biggest waves or did you take a smaller wave and take in go you know a little bit easier he will end up winning the contest it's not super fun when you eat it

► 01:06:44

let Shane no one's more of an authority than chain is maybe not in the super Halo crazy stuff I mean whatever Shane rides everything but the biggest wipeouts did he came close to dying he probably talk to you about the vest he created because of that he almost drowned he could have asked that you pull a CO2 cartridge and it blasts you know this big bladder and legit of surface even if he knocked out or taken water coming to find you if I save you but yeah this is nothing me there so I didn't like that but that wasn't even a big one for that day that was a small wave fucking huge though when they see where I'm at I'm kind of blue water so you understand that energy it's you know it's like a it's like a tornado or like a hurricane that the eyewall is the worst but your fear in the center of your fine

► 01:07:44

just stay with it and be okay but you could have moved it a really slow speed right they don't move them are about 10 to 20 miles an hour sometimes you last and kind of flaking on you got a good radar guy going north but so that energy all that energy is in where the lip with a you know if you're in the center that you're pretty safe but as soon as she gets sucked into live that's when it spreads the water that I hit send it send you right down to the river especially a place like this where it's when you see where this will Halo it's generally a lot shallower than it is high so the way will be 15 ft in the water might only be 5 or 6 ft deep so think of all that energy it's going to hit most was going to hit the reef at some point so that's it you want it you want to try to kind of fall like where that lives landing and then ask

► 01:08:44

under in Bluewater what do you do if you hit your head for the most part you can tell up and down sometimes you lose your equilibrium little bit under water but for the most part you can tell what is up and down till you can feel it coming in I mean I'm going to put my arms are before I take take it on my head and so I'm trying to be like a cat like when I hit I want to be able to I'll break my hands or feet or whatever you know I'm not worried about that I don't want to get knocked out so I think everyone's default this to try to cover your head then if you hit anywhere else you're okay you still wanna hit your head and when the waves come crashing down you do you lose your sense of up and down you can

► 01:09:29

you know you you also have your bored connected to it from the leash and that's usually that's generally going to pull up so you kinda know if you don't feel your bored pulling your kind of worried like shut my board might hit me and my Xperia underwater you know that's kind of spooky I was surfing with a guy who's like a big brother with Tom Carroll is it two time world champion where Surf and 281 time together and used to wear a helmet most people don't wear a helmet but Tommy said that he was really really used to it but having something you know an extra safe around your head or half-inch it's like it changes your judgment a little so you got to be used to it I always felt like it was weird it was with me when I try to wear them in a text your way in like when were trying to on a critical wave we're trying to pull in the barrel what we are dealing with ancient you know

► 01:10:26

percentages of inches like just stuck in your head under that kind of your ability to like talk to your head at certain places and I was never comfortable with it I serve with Tom and he wiped out and his board Spirit him in the ear and it broke it broke the helmet and broke his eardrum Jesus so we were just wondering what the hell would happen if you didn't have his helmet on my probably would have killed him you know it would have definitely knocked him out and we didn't have a jet ski with us that day or anything we were you know 500 yards or more off the beach won't have my left the beach and we're at this reason do you have to get it surgically repaired I don't think so I think I almost busted my eardrum like 6 weeks ago in Hawaii just freediving I felt like a pinhole I can feel it like going and I kind of got dizzy and I would just came up and stop driving

► 01:11:20

but there was a guy

► 01:11:23

I got a buddy named Greg long he's he has drowned and he's been attacked by shark not too many people can say those things in his life and that's a really crazy story but I was talking about one check but he did break his eardrum at Mavericks up in Northern California and he just you just flounder you don't know what you think you're swimming One Direction you it's like you have yeah it's like your boat Stern in and you don't know which there is no Rudder you know and you're so you don't know what's up and down and you know you think there's a guy in Hawaii a couple years ago that drowned

► 01:12:01

surfing add a wreath on the front of my car wave in this guy wiped out he didn't have only had two on the surf Trunks and generally will wear I like you in a wetsuit which is just in but it keeps you warm and even that's enough location to wear if you got knocked out you probably come to the surface so this guy wiped out his leash broke so he lost his board and then we stink me and the guys were out there think that he popped his eardrum cuz they said they saw him hit the surface and start like his feet were coming up in his hands coming up and you know he was kind of just floundering around and then the next wave and I never saw him again but he was only in Surf trunk so they didn't ever find the body because you didn't float up but if you just had it even just a wetsuit just some near free ever found the bottom find him whatever

► 01:12:51

but is really unfortunate was a real those things are really like sobering in the surf Community cuz we all know each other and

► 01:13:01

and you know ultimately you're doing this for fun and you know it's it's too heavy thing but it's crazy that your eardrum affects you that much ear infections and they'll get dizzy walking and it just don't know what they're doing while One Foot In Front of the other they want to fall sideways it's very strange Cortes Bank which is about 120 miles off the coast of Dana Point it's just a space at the top of a mountain on an island that never hit the surface and

► 01:13:36

it was discovered when I think it was a nuclear ship actually grounded itself on that Reef back under 30 years ago or something and cause a lot of time cause $10 of damage this ship Navy ship and yeah I don't know if it had sounded the Bottom by then and they must have known it was there but anyways this wave breaks when it's really big and change been out there is actually I think Shane is out there this day not positive but I'm pretty sure James out during the session is about 15 guys out doesn't guys out and took off on a wave and somebody was in front of him on the way of which kind of change does angle a little bit but I don't think you would have made the wave anyhow but it just put them in a little bit of precarious situation

► 01:14:24

and he ate it and was down a long time this way has just so much energy and it because there's nothing between where the wave started and this break like it's thousands and thousands of people keep talking over the whole Pacific so there's no continental shelf to slow the wave down you know if you can imagine the East Coast we have some always a big part of that far that's cuz most of the storms go west east and they don't come towards us but even on a hurricane or Star Search not that big because we have a continental shelf that goes 20 miles and 70 feet deep some places just dragged in the Pacific they don't drag there's just nothing to get in the way so these walls are going 35 miles an hour when they hit so it's a lot faster than a normal wave who's all this energy in the way of until you know 44 face or whatever 54 face

► 01:15:16

he was under water and he's really calling me you know he's probably as as ready for anybody is in Big Sur if he's totally prepared he's done a liquor CPR and breathing horses and everything and he was real, he said he pulled his vast and it didn't work

► 01:15:30

and they pulled another one and it didn't work and he pulled it a third time and it didn't work and so he was like oh fuck and screwed you know that kind of thing but you at that point you're when you start to pull it but you're already in a little bit of a temper but I'll see if I'm able to pull this one off and I'll save my little canister cuz you only have like some of the best have two or two canisters coming out for so you don't have to exchange your canisters all over so if you think you're going to make that you can get back to the surface or you okay you can handle it you got a good breath you like I won't pull it but he pulled three times and then he blacked out

► 01:16:11

they had really good water safety crew and

► 01:16:16

I don't know that it was his brother that saved him but a couple of guys went and grabbed oven and pull them up by the leash Buckle to the least cuz he wasn't floating cuz he didn't have the CO2 and then he had taken a lot of water they had to airlift him off the boat in height in big seas that night after dark and got him back to the mainland so did they do CPR on him and then DD come back to Consciousness secondary drowning water in the lungs and you're not like aware of the symptoms are going to get it out and a half ago and then he almost got knocked out board him in the chin knocked him out cold

► 01:17:10

I was I was sitting out the back waiting for a wave and I heard everyone kind of I heard another friend screaming luckily the way is kind of stopped and they were able to get to him pulling up on a jet ski

► 01:17:21

and I'll hit taken in some water and he's puking and coughing and all the stuff and I came up from behind and I didn't see his neck and I heard one like I say all he got his board him in the neck and in the throat and so I was expecting this harder to be cut or like the throat to be open like I was like okay I don't want to look yet you know me try looking like okay let's get him to the beach luckily we had a jet ski cuz we're out of my life sure

► 01:17:50

and I'm I just I held on the jet ski and kind of I just squeeze them we have a slide on the back of the jet-ski like a body big giant body board with handles so I just kind of straddle him my other friend Rose Ski all the way up on the beach and then I thought okay when we get to be time enough to see the Scooby gory but luckily he wasn't open up he just had a huge hematoma here on his neck and he didn't slice him it just like to Jen like a blunt force yeah but he spent 2 or 3 days in the hospital cuz they were worried about secondary drowning which I don't exactly know what secondary drowning means but I guess when you have water salt water in your lungs it can I don't know maybe from the way you lay down or I don't know how I beat Super school shit in the water like I've seen some crazy stuff yo an amazing amount of fish and the shark topic super it never

► 01:18:50

you know like I mean anyone the world I meet is at never end it's a primal fear eaten by a monster you feel so vulnerable in the water Me Maybe you feel less vulnerable because you said we were bored so yeah completely if your if a shark / I mean even if I'm 6-foot truck once you but that's the that's been the misconception you know everyone thinks oh shark death you know Josh is fucked everybody up I was 7 or something when when I was six I think when Josh came out and I watched it you know I watch Breaking Poltergeist when I was like 10 you know my parents let me watch everything that's why I always thought there was some Boogeyman in the closet or whatever but she didn't whine

► 01:19:50

with the dragon you know but so Josh I wouldn't go in the deep end of a pool I was so freaked out that I was like there's going to be a shark at the deep end somewhere and you know I would only stay in the shallow end for a couple years now you're in a half ago a friend of ours was a great big wave. Like this guy is completely totally Fearless he drowned in Fiji and Greg who had my talk to you about it Cortez and brought him back

► 01:20:33

that's a tight Bond of camaraderie with these guys cuz I mean yeah I don't want that big waves and what that biggest where they want something you've never had but they went to their they're all really close friends like they know that they're having each other's backs and so much everyone know CPR most GMOs are they put together a couple times a year specifically trained for the situations that we could be in and it's really really great because they bring in a lot of you know breath-hold deep freediving people and the best CPR in life car guy in the world allow the best lifeguard guys in the world already Surfers anyway on the North Shore around Oahu and Maui

► 01:21:19

and I'll let me know so the guy she want to have your back when they're in the surf zone some kind of coast guards probably not to be able to do the same like they might help your boat but they're not and I'm not trying to write down all in any way these guys training specifically for in the Whitewater Inn Big Surf you know they trying to Seal Team Six guys in Hawaii every year so we're in for heavy situations so how often do you actually see sharks depends where you're at in Florida I see sharks almost daily I'm from Florida in certain places

► 01:21:57

you'll see a lot of stuff in here I live in Hawaii live in Australia mad modern Nomad different places yeah so when I when I first started making money I thought I would be cool to have a little place needs feel like home on the roads that's another thing I wanted to make the world like my home when I was a kid I just love traveling I love meeting people everywhere I love having these like sort of

► 01:22:30

household feeling you know family is everywhere and stuff so in Australia I bought a place in Sydney when I was 20 with a friend you know I just bought this will humble two bedroom tiny little two-bedroom on the beach. Just back from the beach

► 01:22:45

my old roommate and I talk right now or like why don't we buy that whole freaking apartment block you. It was so cheap acting like a hundred fifty bucks a hundred fifty thousand bucks for apartment so I bought I am half of that for about 15 years and then I sold out and I bought another place up near on the Gold Coast in Australia shaped box jellyfish box jellyfish saltwater crocs lots of great whites and sea salt do that's a scary sharks sharks don't hunt you they might bite you if they see you you know like a saltwater croc he can feel you walking and it knows from that vibration how close you are to the water's edge and knows exactly pinpoint they can pinpoint to the water's edge where you're at

► 01:23:45

Greentree lives in Australia your house waiting for you at the supermarket Coast where I'm from is like it's still like 300 miles north or so if you like 200 whatever it's like the closest saltwater croc yeah like they keep a track like you know they're pretty sure they are what rivers they would because I got to warn people that don't want to hear some people don't listen in their stupid to die but like rocks not going to just give you an exploratory bite like a great white might Andre you know it's not you and you know and they're not going to get the surfboard and away from the underbite you know they're going to there's a horrible story that I read it I think it was a National Geographic about this these two people that are kayaking in the river in Africa in the sky water guy went with him

► 01:24:36

did you just might be a different story I don't know what store did you hear this one was like these two guys were going to do a first Ascent down this thing and they were contacting another guy who had done that River in american guy and the guy was like I can't miss this $0.02 I got to do this I got to do that whole river and then the three of them got into the Zone where they would just cracked everywhere in the river was real slow and wide and as soon as I got there all the rivers all the Crocs came off the river bank and they're like oh shit there's like tons of his helmet and throw it off to the side so it would be like movement and distract them and the shore and all three of them got together in this Dominican guy was on the right side and the other two guys we got in there so close they could like the guy in the middle cuz I could really paddle he was just kind of like you know kind of move along with them and see the bigger we are the bigger looking more intimidating like maybe we'll be okay

► 01:25:29

15184 Caracas up grabs a guy takes him out of his pulling out of practice. They never see him again his backpack floats up and then it stuff floating on Downstream the other two guys get out of water and I think I'm telling the story pretty good because I read it like five times online too and they got all the water and then you're a little village just down and there's a little bridge over and there were some boats with the boats were all dry docked and then went down and in broken English it was one person that could talk to me whatever they said you know by boat or not in the water to the Stu trucks here like we know not to go in the water cuz they're like we need a boat we got to find his body we got to try and save him you know and then it went to the bridge and watch this stuff like quote by that's the same story the kayak flipping and I'm pulling his body out under the kayak brutal this is show called I sharted they really are

► 01:26:29

Uncharted by with my friend Jim Shockey is Florida on a giant snake a giant rattlesnake strolling across the golf course I fed was friends with Steve Irwin so I should go to here's the thing I think there's a misconstrued misconception about your Crocs and Ashley talked about this I used to be friends of Steve Irwin before he passed away he taught he actually had me hand feed a 13-foot Croc scariest scariest thing I've ever done in my life terrified he told me you know you got a box like the chili ready might you go to feed Croc you got to feed a grout for two nights so crazy for 2 nights at Nightmares

► 01:27:26

look at look at their heads

► 01:27:38

good Lord and these are wild Crocs guys going to feed them something they know something's in that bag look at the heads on these things like Inception we that the concept we have about these animals right we just think that they're just killers and whatever the guy in Limon Costa Rica who had a pet 15ft Croc does an asshole this is crazy it's like when I'm playing golf I always mess with the gator cycle ground by the tail oh yeah but where he didn't even need to backstep you know he's like for those are smaller but that's so small in comparison to those other ones I was fishing in Australia in this fresh

► 01:28:38

River but it goes down to the ocean so salty waters for Crocs come up it to a certain point there's like this damn Founders fresh and saltwater

► 01:28:52

and we saw a few 15-foot Crocs this day

► 01:28:55

and we're in a boat that was 6 feet wide and 18 ft long 15 18 ft long and you know the guy taking us she said you know we don't have problem in this boat but you know if you fell out of the boat is back problem but he was telling us the story one day I was fishing with these guys this morning I stand up in the boat fishing falls out of it and the guy was about 250 pounds or something like a big maybe 300 pounds and you felt about the guy said the guy was in the water for about 2 minutes and he was just like any second this guy is dead he's like yeah it does nothing I can do and he said it was all they could do to get Dad to get him from the front of the boat he was trying to pull up come beside me couldn't and it was panicking so you know when people go into panic mode like when people are drowning in their panic and they say you got to punch him in the face and try to knock them out calm down and they couldn't punch this guy like they were they were trying to get him to calm down

► 01:29:48

let it get him all the way to the back of the boat cuz they had to get about the transom and decide from there they could get leverage and lifting it wouldn't flip the boat or whatever but he said a couple minutes and and he's like at any time there's a Crockett's big enough to eat you with inside of us here at all time but this guy said that he said that on the biggest United what's the biggest one you ever seen can we see in 15 for Crocs like every 20 minutes every half an hour 15 from yeah I know yeah we're fishing pier fishing for barramundi

► 01:30:25

and not so we're fishing for barramundi in and I keep thinking like I don't know when you got one line is like a shark would bite that thing or whatever and anyways we start over saw and he said might the biggest when I was always about 20 x 20 yeah 29 feed baby and he said he's only seen it once and he saw it for about a kilometer away in the estimated the size and he said this guy at these guys in a helicopter shot once and it doesn't stay in the river it stays out in the ocean and he said it's so smart it knows it's in silty water when nothing can see it there's nothing as big as it it it opens its territory you know and he said that he said that the back where in the six foot boat and he said if this thing he goes it would be sticking out about 4 to 6 feet on either side across its back sideways and wearing the six with my boat so he said be like 15 foot across the back its back like that sell laptop to think of the girth

► 01:31:25

yeah that's what this guy told me I don't know we didn't see it in a 15 foot is 15 ft Brian much their self at once I get like 10 feet in a stocking fat in the growth gets about the length of them so if you see a 15 or 20 foot 18 foot great white and you measure the girth it's pretty much their length IP to cross get there saying this is one that I didn't like they think it's eating over a hundred or 200 people and he's Villages and they think it's like 23 ft long or something what is Jim Shockey Uncharted look at that fucking thing the Savannah King is that a prospective shot though look up far back those dinosaur Wonder

► 01:32:25

I put it right by the lens of how big it was was alive before it that made his horse. I like to suck go back to make that larger larger look at the size of that fucking thing

► 01:32:51

what is the largest confirmed one is that one that's 28 ft 4 in Ft 4 in that's like back when people are full of shit yeah I mean this guy who told me this other guy might have been trying to freak me out too I mean and it's not a lot bigger and why you see when you see like a five foot crocodile or alligator and then you see a 10-foot the girth relative to the length changes at that 21-point what is it say number was the same number one candidate was a list of the top 10 so I think they're largest crocodile species they're talking about just the five largest crocodile ever recorded okay Cambodia show the picture of the Cambodian 123 ft would you not take a picture of a 23 foot long

► 01:33:51

crocodile trust me bro yeah I mean I would imagine that this probably bigger ones out there I know there was a super Killer Croc that went extinct that far dwarf those pills or 60 feet away giant crocodile and it was a commercial fisherman in South Africa and he told me he's like the biggest shots a way bigger than you think he's like I want to see a picture of a 60 foot boat with 10 guys fishing almost he said like everyone in the boats all the shark to the camp next to their both over 20 miles off of Port Elizabeth religious Reef they fish and he's claiming thing was more than half the length of their 60 foot boat yeah he's like it was 35 ft that's what he tells me what is the biggest great white like 20

► 01:34:44

please saying is it's basically supposedly filmed in Cape Verde that they didn't have anything they couldn't tell the size cuz I didn't have something that's what he said it was close to 10 which is 30 ft tell me he goes no he goes I've seen the shark twice out there that's what he told me but I don't know how many people are out there it's like you're smart you know I really said big shark rarely I'll see you tonight I've seen a couple of great whites in South Africa jump look at that thing. That is the replica of something that used to exist 12 animals your glad his fucking stall this guy's basically standing inside the skull is crocodile bag Megalodon

► 01:35:35

how come it's genetically cloned sharks never supposed to smart and start eating everyone and then there's like you know the girl out wet suit cuz it's Robert I don't know there's you see these movies and you just like the artistic license on these things are so busy there's no truth to it it's like because you know what you know what to tell you Dangerous Waters not dangerous Isis dangerous

► 01:36:17

fight anymore we're going to pull together and we're going to find a way to get out of here

► 01:36:30

good moving to that mean I wouldn't I wouldn't see that coming at all I wouldn't have 3 weeks ago in Paris how big how big do you think they could be in people don't know I mean 30 feet sounds reasonable if they think they're 25 ft there could be one that's 30 feet maybe yeah I mean I think it's reasonable that's a lot more like no one saw it during that time I mean

► 01:37:07

it's kind of like your photos I got to see one you know I got to turn a Leah and I don't think sharks and we know they get big and we're not just now they film won they called Big glue last year I think in Guadalupe Island I think it was and it was 21 and 22 ft if it is online and it's you know how big they look right look small cuz it's body so huge must have been a pregnant female or something he looks like even bigger around in the length and they said it was 20 she like its face almost looks like small compared to a chicken haha oh my gosh

► 01:37:55

what the fuck this guy texted it to the guy comes out

► 01:38:00

look at the size of this thing that's another thing that's the Shark Feeding freaks me out a summons looks small compared to help so massive that is so big

► 01:38:23

oh my God and to think that there's something out there that is 10 ft bigger than that well killer whale can eat that thing's liver without thinking about it that's a dominance over that thing it is but there's so much smarter shark yeah they think isn't wasn't that one of the speculations of what the Loch Ness monster was I think there was some sort of a landlocked green or not landlord was trapped because the water supposed to be connected to as a twig

► 01:39:11

what is a Lake Champlain or one of those with surgeon yeah they have my taxes you can catch him in Texas those things would be I'd love to go take my friends and just go noodling sometimes sounds kinda creepy your girlfriend be like what's noodling for catfish scanners big fuck you up snapping turtle snapping turtle and send it to you that's just not who

► 01:40:10

fucking arm off of encountered workers I've never seen an orca no I mean not other than two worlds kidnapping of them foxy World hey I'm here. I don't so I just don't understand I mean I guess I understand cuz I was a kid once and I went there but I don't understand how logical thinking adult could take your kids to Sea World After All the information that's out there about about the social behaviors about how smart these animals are about to a lot of people unfortunately I don't agree with you if you did get the information but people just don't know they think they're healthy have a nice day and I'm no scientist had to pay people all the time but I'm no scientist obviously I just I think I have a pretty good heart and I feel bad for animals that are locked up that need to travel 100 miles a day

► 01:41:10

in their social packs and they need to have interaction with other animals and they need a certain amount of space I mean imagine you think about solitary confinement for a prisoner prisoner who's who's who's in a room that's no wider than they are tall and maybe twice is twice as long as they are tall you know and and there's no interaction with other people to go crazy most people come out of prisons and jails were cuz of this kind of thing I think of being in there for 30 years just wondering is there another way on the other side of that wall can I get some fish you going nuts and you see these videos of the trainer that was killed and a trainer 1 trainer luckily God is great free diver and he live through a basically and attacked by an orca and nothing new he wanted to get over to that wall and he went up I'm not going to play with you and I'm just going to keep pulling you down and pulling you down the guy was good enough free diver to be able to know okay I got to conserve my energy

► 01:42:10

I got to bring my heart rate down I'm going to have to have to hold my breath against my will when I don't know what's going to happen on used to work at Marineland in Canada my friend Phil Phil demurs and he was an orca trainer and you know and he's trying to get Marineland close down there's a big lawsuit with them and he's been involved in a lawsuit with them for over 5 years now I was just hanging out with him in Toronto and he was a walrus trainer and this is walrus that he was taken care of as the only one that's left there that survived and Marineland is like slowly going bankrupt the guy was the original owner is now down quickly so dark man the whole the whole business is so dark because you know a lot of them say uh oh we won't take any you know orcas are dolphins from captivity but they'll get them from people that stole them in the wild and they breed you know I think there's no more reading a lot in America but the time in Canada or Russia or China or where it was

► 01:43:10

not as many rules you know John Lilly who was the guy who actually invented the isolation tank is that he was a Pioneer in interspecies communication which is a it's a weird field he was a scientist that was also he took like extreme liberties with his scientific research took a lot of acid gave acid to dolphins did a lot of Dolphin Research in the flotation tank do a lot of really really wacky shit but then he believed that one day Dolphins were going to have a seat in the United Nations he believe we're going to be able to communicate with dolphins and the Dolphins were going to be recognized as water people he thought they were going to be literally they thought they were smart as human beings aging and that way if we could figure out how to communicate with them they would have the same rights as human beings

► 01:43:58

yeah that was a genius mean just he and I agree with him I think there's just a level of communication there's a way that they haven't communicating that we don't understand but it's a super-complex fair their own dialects damn that they say they have this crazy social code that mean they they have something like incredibly Dynamic about their their environment and their there they're their you know their social groups to be to be able to speak a language you need to know like a hundred 50 words for the dolphin and you like 700 words 300 like a hundred like commands zero dummy don't know we're making fun in 400 years know what to do with them

► 01:44:58

there's a group was that group that were there trying to they going to create a boundary out in the ocean and slowly release the Dolphins and orcas out into this boundary and then you know it keeps feeding them but then slowly release open Pandora world nation about doing that possibly would be a way for people to actually experience it cuz you and I had a debate with his trainer I watch Blackfish and it just freaked me out and of course it's a lot of confirmation bias is totally unbiased right obviously they're trying to make a point but this one was talk to all the different trainers that stuff I got in contact and he said the movie is BS I think I believe this guy was actually in the movie is it was all Bs orcas live longer in captivity

► 01:45:57

orcas have been in captivity as long as they live yet so we don't know that so that's completely Ally he has no idea if that's true he said they're more healthy he told me all these things and I just find it I don't know I can't buy what he's telling me and he did but he said I'm a trainer I've been afraid of rat I looked him up and walking trainers and I actually went to SeaWorld a few times in Australia nice to know if you the trainers back in the late 90s and I went there a few times when do the dolphins the first and then I can feel the pull back you know he thinks maybe I know that all these trainers love these animal they'd really truly like fried love them more than they love most people but

► 01:46:52

that doesn't make it right at all and there are probably some animals that can handle being in a zoo or they're happy they're just maybe. Andrews you know they get fed well they don't really need a night out anything more really your friend as a giraffe has a draft how Paul is your friends fuckingawesome bitches come over your house you got a giraffe for like 30 Grand Island yeah I got a bunch of they got some emus in mind cooking for you the family has like all the speakers but anyways this draft super cool

► 01:47:46

it come up and eat out of your hand out of an alpaca's up there my friend lives in Topanga Canyon and he came home one or one night a mountain lion got into his pigpen CoQ10 or something like he had this the way he had his thing couldn't climb up the fencing or break on a date right apparently the thing new to climb up the tree and drop from my 12 ft or 15 ft down into the pain

► 01:48:31

yeah I had to climb the street he has cameras and stuff so it will take that was interested to do on a shark dive feeding fours I thought I'll go check it out. They're get on the boat and you got any slime all over it you know I mean I want to go back to surf in the next day it's smell my feet so get on the boat go out there and where they feed then there's like these Rock Island to stick up right there I need to park the boat as soon as I park the boat on the sharks are on you sharks are pretty inquisitive anyways

► 01:49:16

he would have been on boats out in the ocean fishing or diving wasn't popping to give me one time we pulled up everywhere we anchored immediately be 3 to 5 maybe more sharks on the boat did you come up from the deep check you out what is that in any kind of disappear then there are probably watching cuz they can they know what's going on but the great white pop up I think that day we saw about 8 or 10 great whites different sizes and ages and whatever Anna for about 500 yards away their guy surfing

► 01:49:44

I like this is getting weird man like there's no way I'd be surfing guy surf there every day and then there's a couple other spots a couple friends of mine and they surf these reefs that are like right back where we came from there in the boat just on just me outside is Harbor and

► 01:50:03

I can just kind of two ways of thinking like number one thing that bothers me about it is it D like sharks know where they got they got up from Emil sharks to hunting place where they got it a seal the year before whatever and they're there at the same time you know they're they're the same month or whatever so like I'm going to go down the Guadalupe Island and then go out about 2,000 miles off the coast of the female to go to Hawaii in the mail to come back but the craziest thing about these animals they didn't know how to get free swim like even if I'm swimming on the surface I got to like put my head up and go okay where's the beach where is it in which direction am I going imagine like they can just swim out in the ocean and find each other thousand miles from sure and breed out in the middle of nowhere how they how they do

► 01:51:06

imagine like fish smell imagine how bad shark was he smells probably like real distinct who's that there's a liver in that great white and you get an alpha male the alpha male was he deliver the most nutrient-dense Oregon sharks person whatever that thing is and he's got food I just don't like that equation it's that sucks and so like all these weeks and stuff they're all filming off of Cape Town And if you jump in the Sharks but they have food

► 01:52:06

you know that's the case in Kodiak Island with grizzly bears they said the grizzly bears have gotten so used to the sound of a gunshot meaning a deer's dead that there was a gunshot wounds or someone shot a deer that means that the dinner bell towards gunshot sounds different Island up in the aleutians that has a bunch of caribou on it you know what I was going to go home GIF moose and a grizzly bear stole it no in the UConn last week not even last week 3 days ago it might be still in his Instagram story but they they took some of her see nothing right now

► 01:53:06

so this bear buried his entire moves and it's off fucking huge moose front loader like or one of those cranes just digs foundations for houses in the rotten and they brought one and then nothing else can see it so I try not to cover the moose and the Jesus said it was his and they were terrified when they got there they founded the moose was covered they knew was Grizzly that did it because it was so big so they just took some of the meat and ran like you're so you mean that's the Moose they shot besides that fucking thing I mean that is a massive Moose A friend of mine got to move last year and we should go to the photo of what he got out of the the Moose from the bear

► 01:54:06

he got a bag of small bag

► 01:54:12

was this a video with play that come on oh my gosh you sure wouldn't ask

► 01:54:30

okay I don't like this

► 01:54:36

I would kill a dad was looking up with the bow you hear the story know you got to find the story it's so sick the dad was looking up and he sees a couple bear-cubs whatever and then oh no there's mom thing comes after I'm discharged and he comes running back down the hill but he straighten line with a with a bear that Dad is like looking at a pulled back ready to let let an arrow fly and the kids exactly in line with the bear the kids cuz it's the bear in the heart and the bear falls on the kids started ripping at him and dies

► 01:55:32

outdoor life September 25th

► 01:55:40

yeah it's like a pig. I'm inside tearing at him and died on him Jesus Christ

► 01:55:51

I passed my dad and I saw an arrow fly by my leg about 2 feet away dad kept it together tell you what is some fucking serious Target Panic there you better go charge your son's in front of you oh my god exposed to probably more information and people and an all that and more walks of life and maybe anybody in the world everything about that

► 01:56:25

such a diverse group of people to come talk to you from politicians to chemist and scientist and athletes and you just know so much information about so many topics it's really know like little scattering little for you know a little bit about it everything sometimes you're in this place where now that information is so readily available to first hand and good fortune miss this whole thing to start out talking shit with comedian for us and then slowly but surely someone's like I want to go on the first gas that was like a guest guest and then Brantley buddies with him

► 01:57:25

it's just happening and see if you enjoy it I love it I love it and I look forward to meeting interesting people and meeting you know people like you and people like you know Neil deGrasse Tyson or Graham Hancock or there's so many different people that can come on and talk about so many different fascinating things that may be a lot of people just weren't supposed to the information just a wrap up that for things I didn't know be super short I got a second surgery in February put me off about 6 weeks at Surf about 6 weeks and I started getting good again and then I tore up because I felt so tight I did like a turf toe tear on the bottom and I ripped the plantar fasciitis or whatever so I've been fighting it but I'm right back now I'm going to start competing in December again so yeah I want to go to one of those live competition that I can see

► 01:58:25

why you're going to Hawaii when likes Amber Wednesday December 2nd week it's in between it's in between your time card I forgot the card my friend Dustin Marcus fighting on a Philippines I was planning on seeing Fedor vs Ryan Bader it was going to be at the paid or payed or is that what happened on the 26th but now I was in November to December 26th will whatever the date is there's a UFC now bummer yeah but there's a Bellator I mean I don't know if your are you contract really obligated to not go to the store I can go over there is one that we can we have a pipeline

► 01:59:14

is Michael Chandler is Valerie Letourneau verse Lima no she must be manly. It was great when is undefeated was a bad motherfuker that's a good fight Neiman Gracie and Ed Ruth oh that's a good fight

► 01:59:50

conejitas got a very strange

► 01:59:58


► 02:00:01

search 15th of this month so that's the same week and what island is the surf contest on Oahu

► 02:00:11

I'll send you some surf forecast I'm going to try if I can I will try I really want to see he's not he's here the day of sober October the November 5th show early yeah I know what you want just like going to my friend's restaurant every night and having a drink or two and stupid you know last year we did 15 days of hot yoga we had to do 15 hot yoga classes 90-minute class was you that was kind of a pain in the ass this year's way more of a pain in the ass is here we're doing is crazy fitness competition will wearing this my zone heart rate monitor and you get a certain amount of points for every minute you're in the week and I like 80% of your max heart rate 70% your max heart rate is elected every day

► 02:01:11

did I worked out for 5 and 1/2 hours today five and a half hours I'm trying to kill my friends I serve for 5 hours yesterday and I'm not I'm not bullshiting I work four or five people you know it's documented I did tell much of that 913 points how many how many 92094 I quit how many minutes do you know how many minutes today you were at 80% heart rate of whatever force all those yellow wow 3 hours at 80% of my max heart rate it had to be because 913 you get 240 what's it one game per minute the end game is I win nobody I mean literally never been a better in my life

► 02:02:11

so what do you like to do besides just feel good like we have a championship belt like a WWE belt and I'm just trying right now I'm trying to literally kill my friends they're trying to compete with me I want I want them to regret getting into this competition with me cuz I don't think they totally understand until this thing started heating up I told him I'm going to do 929 points every day right now I 1600 points ahead of the Second Place Denver fast have you fasted intermittent fasting life like 910 DFAS of Master Cleanse

► 02:03:11

it's kind of surreal I swear to God if I came out of my body I thought I pooped out my colon so you haven't eaten in like 2 days not long but you shiting everyday a little bit crazy that's 20 30 40 Years of stuff built up from the mucus your body creates when it doesn't like what you're eating and that goes down and it gets stuck on the on the walls your intestines so and it's like tire rubber and you poop it out it looks exactly like the shape of your intestine I thought it was my test so I thought you should out part of your body I did it was freaky and how do you how good you feel when this is over you look like it's like my body

► 02:04:11

that's what comes after your nutrients like maple syrup lemon and cayenne pepper I kind of like it I did it for 10 days 10 days no food just that low but I got that stuff coming out after about 5 days so that was really aggressive with you do a salt water flush every day every morning and then you take the Smooth Move tea that makes you kind of like go the bathroom because I've been sweating so much and I video tape one day the sweat puddles that I left in the Jets all that and then I set off my alarm that's my brother and my gym for my sweat and today was so bad when you laugh the field of your friends today was so bad because today I did the longest that I've ever worked out but I know your nutrition

► 02:05:11

and we got to put back and that's why I've been drinking water with electrolytes and I'm adding salt I'm adding a Himalayan salt but I may be added too much and when I talk about just forget diarrhea it's not really. It's it's basically the same as water coming out of my ass because it's I mean I would be like I would feel it like you don't. Tablespoon to teaspoons of salt in one liter of water or quart of water your body sees his food not as well just jump off the treadmill for 5 minutes take out volume as shit of water is basically water coming out of my asshole but I probably cleans up a lot right

► 02:06:11

weird stuff floating around in there I didn't know what that was me body uses so much energy for digestion and they're doing A5 to 10 day water fast coming up this week I'm not found out I was going to participate in that one but I want to do a fast soon so how much did you look forward to that drink the tea with the let me know if you're not have I really enjoyed towery's weight I lost ya I didn't weigh myself but I think I lost 10 to 12 pounds is a lot like the best food I ever had just like you've never get 10 whole days of wow salt water flush everyday and the Smooth Move tea which I was doubling up on so I was cuz I didn't have the full 14 days so much I got to go fast but I was getting stomach cramps to as eating drinking too much of that tea

► 02:07:11

show me when you can when you can abstain from food it's it's like you could quit heroin or something look at people there so it because of this like I'm the amount of calories a time-consuming Lycoming how much I burn today cuz it's so god-damn saying today I burned I mean this isn't even it doesn't even seem real but I burn 4217 calories during this workout with my dog in the Hills which believe it or not you don't get that many fucking points work this thing sucks it's way harder than the other things and I'm doing because it's basically straight up but I'm just trying to I have a 2 year old golden retriever and he's got so much God damn energy he's the best but I got to where his ass out otherwise he annoys everybody jumps up on people just needs attention but when I run with them he's just chill

► 02:08:11

so I'll do 2 miles in that we have here and just give you a hug my buddy Sun Life I love that stuff coconut coconut cream coconut sugar anyways I'm going to live there like sometimes I'll spend half a day there and get to my meals is Khalil special cayenne pepper that's fucking Sensational will they saying oh that's not good for that many points system it's just if you get to 80% of your max heart rate and just be you guys got money on this thing no just the belt just about

► 02:09:11

give me my belt. I want to send my location. We got to 2 tomorrow in my rounder shirt thank you around or chill Marquis Pratt Marcus Brownlee will be here at 10 and Kyle kulinski will be here at 1 so see you tomorrow bye

► 02:09:37

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