#1226 - Mike Baker

The Joe Rogan Experience #1226 - Mike Baker

January 16, 2019

Mike Baker is a former CIA covert operations officer. Currently he is the president of Diligence LLC, a global intelligence and security firm.

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percent off. we did it. ladies and gentlemen my guest today is Mike Baker he is in American British former covert operations officer with the Central Intelligence Agency he has been on here many times in the past and will provide us with insights on the inner workings of our fucked-up government and all the crazy shit that's going on the world he's a he's a regular guy on top of the fact that he's a former spook he's a great I really enjoy talking to him please give it up for Mike Baker

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mr. big how are you just a robot not doing well thanks for the advice what's going on man what you doing in town was in town for a shelf and if she'll tell people what it is well as two of them are one I can talk about I can't he's a little bit the marketing department I guess has to approve everything that said it started out as going to be on the Discovery Network Science Channel and it was starting to main filming in February and what should be finished by the end of March so do you know if stamp I put it started with a discussion about hidden budgets in the defense department dark art stuff yeah I did they lie I landed they not it's it's relaxed you kind of tearing into some of the programs that

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funded by hitting hidden money in the defense department and how do they do that if you take place inside the defense department and it's and it's classified piece of information obviously cuz a lot of defense department gets a certain budget the CIA gets piece of that but nobody's allowed to know how much right or where it's been tried cuz I know the Russians to Chinese whomever would like to know you know how much money is sent over to the agency so that they can get a sense of a size resources capabilities I think that's where the show concept started you know what and what is that money spent on both in the old days until now so it took its it kind of spans you know historical operations and events and activities and special units and it comes up to the present time in Sochi know where is Fiat money being devoted now for new technology or new programs new operation to intelligence-gathering efforts whatever my fate so it's

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it's it's got a lot of promise you know hopefully people to him and find it interesting people are always curious about where the money goes yeah you know I am who gets to decide like what gets spent on what and how much money goes where and who gets to know surprised at the amount or could you discuss the numbers that they used to have be able to discuss the numbers that went into past operations but I think that's currently classified as he went back to the touch but we've been working hard in the producers been working very hard to get excellent access you know where possible and Dick Whopper Asian where possible it's going to be a fairly immersive efforts what's the benefit of the CIA even divulging any of this information like why would they cooperate why would they say I hate you

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Anne Frank and they have and they will but not necessarily with the agency but with other departments and certainly within the military there's you know some information out there that's accessible there's some ability to get them to cooperate on on certain again Declassified operations that just haven't come to light that never been looked at or talked about you know somebody maybe gets a wild hair up their ass in this is how we look into this program and then they start feeling it back it's not that it's classified it's just nobody's ever bothered to dig into that information once it is Declassified so I did some great people working on the program but apparently I have to keep it a pretty much at that until the marketing department says ok Google you can say So eventually you'll be able to spill the beans tell us everything that have to act like they're making something like the B-52 they're making a stealth bomber if they're making some spaceship looking thing

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like you're you're talking to an insane amount of money and research and development and the budget of these things and they have to keep all that Under Wraps got to do to program you to program was developed to Designed built maintained flown by the CIA all those years ago at now that was a massive effort and a lot of money and it was done under budget as it was done on time because we weren't all pissing on each other up on Capitol Hill but it's programs like that that I think will surprise people when they find out both who was running it who is responsible and some degree possible what did it cost us you know who was at what degree did it lead to something else that we're doing now so I don't miss this a lot of thought of threats to pull on I think should be a lot of lot of fun so there's constantly projects that are ended

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element that people other than the people that need to know the general public has no idea of the people on the outside folks like myself you look at that shitt they have but they don't tell us about that's what you always wanted what kind of invisibility cloak what kind of crazy you know that would be good at dark matter weapons at what are they doing no it's it's it's true I mean you get these incredibly smart people and it but it comes down it's it's a simple as this somebody gets an idea to sit around the table it's not unlike going out with your buddies and drink and I'll come if something comes up with with some you know dumbass idea the next thing you know what they turned into a TV show or something but it's it's it's not unlike that a lot of smart guy sitting around a table thinking well here's the problem how do I resolve it and the key is to do a creatively right to come up if you get a bunch of engineer sitting around a table approaching from the same point of view operation if you got it

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Target out there you got to figure out how to get get access get to them you want ideas coming in from all directions to don't want it you want it you know squelch creativity and believe it or not I mean the Intel Community the military at they've been enormously creative over the years and developing new technologies and developing operational ideas and methodologies so it's what we're trying to do is shed some light on that well I would imagine there's a certain amount of I want to use the word fun but that's really the right word like some of it's got to be fun to develop this stuff and implement it and go out and get bad guys with it and see your project come to fruition and actually have a positive effect on the world absolutely you know you engage in something out there and in some place around the world wherever it may be and you realize you walk in a way that a lot of people doing this at this moment on the planet

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operation we can just happen to get lucky and rock up on his doorstep writing about about that was eight or nine years of fighting hard work right heavy lifting chasing down countless bad leads and doing a normal amount of surveillance Street work and and tracking down assets and it just a hard hard work that eventually allow that you know all those guys from from the team do their job that's what's interesting to me to is that the guy who is writing the book about all this stuff and talking about in the man who shot Bin Laden that guy is persona non grata in the community like you talk to the other seals I like you don't you don't do that I don't you don't do that you don't you don't write books about that you don't talk about that and you do it for a short-term gain

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you know you make some profit off of it but you lose the brothership exactly you're on the outs in the club and but I will say this the reason why I think the horse got out of the barn on saint that whole issue of of guys riding books are getting out there and talk about specific operations it's because senior commanders and and Senior People by people that came out of the top levels of government started writing their Memoirs and I'll started revisiting history while they were it was there watch and then and coming up with you know their explanations for history and I think all the guys below you know Junior ranks and and street-level operators they look at that then what the fuck if they could do it all kind of sideways plus when you have someone who you know has a crazy story like Marcus Luttrell and it becomes an amazing movie it also it it does help the community right because it gets a bunch of people

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really interested in becoming a CEO it gets people to appreciate the The Unbelievable sacrifice and hard work that's involved yeah I think that's what I think you this it's a fine balance right way but once you go over that line so you say you're right in the sense that you know we see that with the FBI or DEA they got out there and put on some TV show that's right because I think it's kind of expanded and impart awareness of of what they do I'm sure helped the Recruitment and so the seals no different but at the same time can I assign a piece of paper at the very beginning it says you can keep your Yap shut and it's one thing to come out we're from whatever you need whatever team whatever organization and say I'm going to I don't know about my time in it and it's not a look at sources and methods not look at operations it's not that it's more of this is what happened

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I am explaining for a while but I think there's a way you can do that without screwing the pooch but I think that I think that she'll get over exposed and I think a lot of the guys resent that and so but you're right there there was some upside to it well there's upside to some of the stores right like that definitely is upside to Marcus Luttrell store cuz it just so incredible. I didn't hear about it but I think that there's also it's important to maintain that honored some more important to maintain that the bond of Silence you know that you guys do you know they're doing something that is probably one of the most dangerous and one of the most it in terms of Special Operations one of the most significant in in in all of military in this country I definitely don't talk about

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rise again because it came up in a different time I M in information flows all around as much easier and quicker than it did in the seventies and eighties and early nineties but nowadays people just use everything as soon as it happens and I decree it's a different mindset so the younger guys in there they don't necessarily view at the same way and I didn't even think about it until the dick marchenko books came out in those were a long time ago long time ago that's when I really was like wow I can't they wear regular clothes I mean I mean I mean I think I was like probably 18 or 19 minutes books were out I remember thinking what a long hair they dress like hippies and just normal go out and invade the other two before like big things yeah there was that sense that we do it and it's off the radar

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not talked about we take pride in that but I guess I'll go back to the same thing if if if Bob Gates but he writes a book and then you get somebody else maybe Mike Morrell writes a book and so from inside the CIA you got a lot of officers going well maybe when I get out and reveal sources and methods agreements in terms of its proper handling which is a lifetime agreement of of classified information this supposed to be consequences and sometimes there are and sometimes if your senior enough maybe there's a hot but yeah you know you sign a piece of paper the very beginning their forget that I read it and I said okay

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handling extremely sensitive information and information that that if released can easily result in the loss of life I mean it's as simple as is that essentially and your obligation is to shut your mouth and not talk about sources and methods and things that you know better not to talk about and but I think that this kind of the drip drip drip right of the books in the things that come out in the end the anonymous sources of the New York Times can write it in a tire front page article based on nothing but Anonymous sources nowadays used to happen in a sources that we can discuss so people can put it in context nowadays that's not the case

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hey I don't know I thought you were part of it is lower standards of Journalism lower standards I think competition I think the desire to get information out there quickly because every journalist is now play Beat the Clock with everybody who's got a smartphone right fancy some cells have blogger or journalist on Twitter or whatever so they're all they're all doing this and I think it's just this idea right that says it reminds me of me I have a meeting with the with my company diligence for all your information and security needs and it was a major multinational corporation and I was meeting with their head of security and some other folks and they do a lot of work overseas and some very difficult places and the competition that they face in their sector is huge and so we went in preventing them from making mistakes are going into a new market all of these things and the bottom line

► 00:23:12

competition is so Fierce we're just going to go with if we make mistakes we'll clean it up later and they were willing to do that it's acceptable loss credit card fraud laws for MasterCard of whomever they're willing to accept millions and millions and millions of dollars is acceptable loss for for the cost of doing business and so it's a little bit like that I think with journalism if they're willing to just throw it out there and if they have to make a retraction find compromises the way a person like myself use the news I mean like I hate to quote Trump but when he's like parrots fake news term over and over again if you are a person whose or an organization is being accused of lying it seems to me you should really. Your eyes and cross your t's from then on out you're being accused of Lying by the present and I think it responsibly to use to me the way he does it he does it to avoid questions that make him uncomfortable I'm in and as the president

► 00:24:12

I just don't think you should be able to do that right can't point to someone from CNN and you're fake news does a self-inflicted wound right and and part of it is is is is that they're just crap at messaging part of it is this idea that he just says what's on his mind and he does use it as a strength abused as a reason why he got elected and a lot of people out there think yeah that's that's his base and other people that really don't matter what is part of his charm as well and probably she does release classified information sometimes

► 00:24:53

yeah we had that a problem with several administration's they just don't know what to not say well I guess it's developed over the years and I don't know why right because you know I mean think about all the various security issues we face and look we going to war for you know the 17-year is right and all these things have been happening to us you would think that we'd be pretty buttoned-up but not every Administration has had its moment where it's let slip and whether it was the press secretary weather was somebody rushing to the podium or with somebody on Capitol Hill I mean they're famous for it up there you know congressmen and congresswomen a rush to get in front of the camera to talk about something and then it happens things get out that shouldn't so I think it's it all kind of contributes to this mentality that we started off talking about with with the seals wear in a while then why are we in this point what people are writing books and and maybe getting outside the box and I think it's just because you had his car

► 00:25:53

Sentra lowering of standards that you mention that day and it's I don't think we walk that dog back I don't know if you know it just the way it is anymore but I'm sure you stay tight with people that are still there what is the attitude now with the disadvantage stration like what they're doing with like the way he attacks the FBI and the way that you just seems it seems so reckless yeah it's it's it's unusual I mean it look like I feel but I didn't vote for for the president I didn't vote for Hillary Clinton I didn't think it would more than the best we could do in a country with three as you or I that did what Hillary did would be in jail but as far as you know what date did the current mood inside the agency is it mean if you talk to some form of folks 8.8 build sale

► 00:26:53

you don't hate life cuz if I don't find that I find it frankly they just more focused on operational concerns and priorities and tasking than anything else everybody's got up a personal opinion right but I do think that the agency has proven itself over the years and being better at pushing that down and understanding in the park because it's a small organization I did most of them all of them but he's not he's not he doesn't go out to the CIA or FBI analysis and you know some of the advice and guidance that they provided but that off hey you guys you don't like that's that's that's an editorial process of that point you guys are gonna have to make your decisions because I'm subjective and not providing top cover for the agency

► 00:27:52

the most part they just focus on getting shit done and then we also have the benefit of big focused overseas so we're not like a bureau is so you know it's a domestic organization right so they you know they're drawn in the agency's got the advantage of having to deal with crap over there not here so now what did you think when he said they're going to pull out Syria

► 00:28:16

first of all we've lost some servicemen up in the northern Syria today result of a bombing up there yeah I have taken credit for itself there there was a patrol look at roughly 2,000 Personnel in Syria and for the most part what are they doing there were there providing guidance training there assisting with targeting and because the the air power is incredibly important over there right now and so we are our Personnel are very much involved in selection of identification of targets for the air campaign and so we have these two thousand troops are President says he's going to withdraw and then then some of the members of administration start walking that dog back ride saying right I may not happen right away

► 00:29:10

but yeah they age there was just a routine Patrol if they're just never really such thing as a routine Patrol but there's a patrol and it got hit the military is not releasing a lot of details because they haven't finished notifying next of kin but number so far indicate possibly for service lost and that's going to refocus I think Congress and hopefully the White House on what the hell's going on

► 00:29:39

the problem I've got with it is in terms of withdrawing we can stay there forever and not accomplish the task right if the task is to finally defeat whatever that means radical Islamic jihadist Isis

► 00:29:58

that should never going to happen in our lifetimes we're not going to get rid of that mentality that that ideology so it would seem to be sometimes a bottomless well of recruits that they can draw on their ability to morph into something else as Al-Qaeda did over depending on you know how successful we are at campaign against them they're like piano again it's a it's it feels like your step on roaches over here and they pop up over here so I think

► 00:30:27

it's the biggest problem I've got is is that if we leave we're not we're not it's not like we're engaged in firefights everyday with Isis over that right we've left that to our allies and our allies and most part up there in the north of Syria are the Kurds in the current have been our allies in one way or another in that part of the world for a long time now and it played a very important role and we have not been strictly honorable over the over the years and turn to the house sometimes we deal with them if we walk out we leave then

► 00:31:04

stop Earlywine the head of turkey I guarantee you will be in there in short order to kill as many of them as possible cuz that's just what the Turkish authorities going to do they honestly that they couldn't be happier with the announcement the women to leave because that opens the door for them then go in there and from their perspective Stamp Out the Kurdish Alliance that have been our allies were the only thing our presence at small presents and I'm not minimizing you put it down two thousand troops has been what prevented them from doing that so that's that's the number one issue I've got the other is I have no idea why any president or vice president or anybody in in the government ever not this Administration ready in ministration ever thinks it's a good idea to say we've defeated the enemy when were talking about radical this month we've seen it over and over again from previous administration for the Bush Administration everytime they say

► 00:32:04

done it mission accomplished mission accomplished that would be nice if there's no upside to saying that shut the fuk up stop saying things like that cuz now what's happening now the media is not focused on the fact that we've lost servicemen are focused on just the other day the president said we defeated Isis the vice president today said the same thing and there's no benefit to saying that it's not going to happen anyway so so the goal of being over there is to assist our allies but also to make sure that these radical factions don't become more powerful and then eventually affect us and attack us and so we can keep an eye on what they're planning what they're doing is that yeah that an accurate it's exactly what I mean if you look at

► 00:32:55

the reason we went into Afghanistan right if we go back upstairs and that was because the Taliban allowed Al-Qaeda to establish a beachhead in there for training and for communications and for finance and for plotting and planning attacks outside of Afghanistan against us and in our allies that's why we went in there besides I'm just seeking Revenge I'll see what's the route that out

► 00:33:28

we've been stayed you know thinking somehow we were going to turn the tide of history and create some pseudo Federal democracy so that didn't work but the reason now for being in Syria is yes we we have done a very solid job of beating pack Isis removing their territory and degrading their ability to operate but we have to stamp them out we haven't defeated them yet they're still there and so we've been providing the support and again the form of weapons Hardware gear resources training and most importantly, combat air operations aerosol sand

► 00:34:10

that's been critically important

► 00:34:13

if we leave I have no doubt that Isis will find some way to rejuvenate maybe not in its current form but and maybe not in the same exact locations but they don't feel more because that's what they do they just they just find a way to adapt and we already know what's happened in the past when we when we left a rock we saw what happened with the rise of Isis so you know I do I want to stay there forever absolutely not but both sides can make a valid argument one for staying one for leaving my I think the best argument for staying in the in the certainly short and mid-term to ensure that hurdle on doesn't Slaughter and Manchaca are two of them working with us honorably you know I don't know how else to say that so we'll see what happens to the best argument to stay in the best interest of our commitment in our agreement with them

► 00:35:10

well is it a national security interests to to stay in Syria free sample but by that is so many levels to this but are you saying this this idea this was ridiculous pie-in-the-sky thought that we were going to get the Russians out of Syria

► 00:35:33

navigate to fucking happen Russian said that the only port for their Black Sea Fleet is in Syria they've been there for decades and decades along with her on when it's not going to happen unless we want to go to war with Russia to kick them out of Syria that's not in our best interest so is it in our national security interests to keep troops are in a fight and try to minimize Russian involvement Siri I I don't think so because we're not going to ship them off that dime without going to reckley at them it's in their best interest to stay and every nation action its own best interest are we going to shifter on we got to keep a Ron from forming too late for that they've already got a beachhead there that they're not going to give up and so he got to set those issues aside see what what the hell are we doing there are we are we there simply because we have to finish the fight against Isis

► 00:36:24

I hang out at some point you got to say you know I guess I wouldn't say that we were we've defeated them but I think we would say yeah with the greater than sufficiently that we can we can Now operate from elsewhere and we can operate from four bases in in other locations where we're currently you know taste great but again I can come back to the same thing that you know we've we've worked with the Kurds is this in our national security interest well know I guess it's not but there's something that tells me it's the right thing to do and then maybe sometimes that's enough and all that we should we should not let everyone have his way and also long-term wouldn't it be in our best interest to honor our commitment and make sure that we protect our allies so that in the future other allies would be more willing to cooperate with us because they understand that once were committed for fully committed and we stay I was so what's the benefit of getting out like the people that sing think we should get out like when when Trump said he wanted to pull

► 00:37:24

like what's his thinking I don't think it runs thick like deep I think it just had to get stuck during the campaign he talked about stopping the endless Wars on Capitol Hill like when they had the buildup in Iraq and it was highly criticized but then it was very effective like it did do what they intended it to do by and I did knock back the anime if they decided to ramp it up worldwide would that be a solution to any of this or is the opposite is it better to actually ramp up our defenses domestically and just stay the fuck away from all these people I mean you can only do so much I think on the domestic front

► 00:38:24

and then you know if if they gain sufficient ability and strength of seen that from past attacks I think that then don't come after you will come after us and that's just the way I supposed that's going to work but I don't disagree with an ocean because it's it is hard-pressed I thought I would have stayed in Afghanistan frankly I don't care whether they've increased their literacy rate by 2% of built another road or whatever doesn't matter they don't they don't know what the hell we're trying to sell him right so I don't I'm not against the notion of getting out but this one's a tough when I guess that's what I'm saying is that the serious you was at I'm really conflicted on because of the currents and and what they've done on our behalf in the past and then how they've suffered and knowing going years and years back and I having dealt with that issue two and a half decades ago a long time ago with the Turks in the cards knowing how vicious that could be and I don't trust her to want as far as I can throw my window

► 00:39:24

so I think there's a problem that we need to we need to make sure we've talked through thoroughly before we just say short let's get him out of there and I know what the hell we shouldn't have them there was going to be there but like everything else I get the kids gets complicated you would like to think that was they're having conversations like this up on Capitol Hill Seattle between the parties Republicans in the Dems but I don't think they are and that's what's concerning me what concerns me is especially a guy like Trump if Trump as the guy was decided we're going to pull out of Syria how does he have enough time to carefully consider that as well as all the other things that are on it when someone runs for president save someone's campaigning and they say I support a non Interventional is foreign policy I'm going to get us out of these these wars I'm going to get there doing this based on a limited amount of information like it's not like the sea

► 00:40:24

CIA or the FBI or anybody briefs them as they're running for president they don't have clearance right right do you get a discussion you get some access right it's not but you are given some ability to get more intensive briefings greatest president so someone like Hillary she was already Secretary of State Charlie she already knew pretty much most things yeah yeah yeah she was just an awful candidate yeah I think that

► 00:41:09

look at the certain things that the administration's doing foreign policy-wise that I think what makes sense there are other things that I think you just leave you scratching your head but that's like every Administration I guess my point is we've gotten away from that ability right I have conversations I go out to dinner with folks you know on the on the on the hard left and when you talk to them fully believe believe that President Trump is a Russian puppet a wedding asset of Putin who is just doing food and spitting and they honestly honestly believe that and nothing is going to ship them off that position to when you have a you know that sort of frame of reference you don't have the ability to look at anything rationally and say okay I like this policy related to China it's about time we call them out and say that she obviously have not been a fair trading partner that's something that every Administration has agreed to but has never done anything about so you would

► 00:42:09

everybody will be able to say makes sense yeah I like it everybody should be able to say the immigration you know system here in the states is somewhat dysfunctional it needs fixing and we talked about that and yet they can't do it because they've got this this mindset the debt that prevents them from having any sort of conversation any sort of rational discussion that could lead to some compromise that could then Advance the ball and make this government more functional so so where we're at right now is today is day one of the shutdown 26th which is better so 800,000 American workers that work for the government are not getting paid so there are months out many of these people paycheck to paycheck they don't have medical Necessities they don't have food people rapping our ration off their their their insulin for diabetic I mean I'm here and he's horror horror stories the lines at the Airporter around the fucking block its

► 00:43:09

it's chaos and it seems like there's no end in sight and it seems like Trump is just content to to sell hold this position why they both sides are content older position seems fucking crazy to me it's crazy it's absolutely right and so this has an Administration is admitted that initially underestimated the impact of longer-term shut down and so they understand that and the Democrats you know talk about it every minute about how this is a terrible crisis and so you would think that if both sides feel that way

► 00:43:53

then get something. Look at the Democrats they've approved in the past recent past Monday's Democrats voted for for fencing barriers whatever you want to call it but we're lost in semantics and because the president so hated by this group that they've seized on this term wall if he had started his campaign by saying we need to improve our border security and find fixes to an immigration system that is both fair and secure and efficient if he had gone with that it's a worry bumper sticker but if he had gone with that we have a different conversation right now we would but maybe would have a different president as well as something about that Build That Wall that's like the dopes are still simple seems so it's such a visual

► 00:44:53

that's just where I miss out I'm not at the Amway off on the pain clever about politics but I think the rope and Rubes yeah I should like but he's got that down yeah I didn't even know the people that voted for him the people that are like real Madrid supporters I didn't even know they exist in the numbers that exist that's like he uncovered a rock like you flip the rock over and there was an ant colony of Rubes in there and just a bit you've got a lot of people very you know cuz it's I don't buy the idea that it's all just a bunch of you know crackers are both idiots know it's a bit so we just tired of being told they're idiots and they came out in force now you can't tell you can't talk

► 00:45:53

now and they're still there was some congressmen recently that was talking about all the people that supported Trump and he was talking about them all being losers and alcohol except a man you're talking about half the country and that's the story of every election I think going forward is you've got the urban centers you've got everybody else and everybody else feels as if they're getting kicked in the ass and so but but yeah at the same time you think what we should be able to do better that we should I again certain policies that they got great but every day another you know tweet that seems a little dysfunctional everyday you know some misstep everyday some self-inflicted wound shouldn't happen

► 00:46:53

Town & Country decides not not where we got this much talent and skill and capability so I don't know what 20-20 is going to bring but it's all we got were in for a hell of a ride between is happening yeah this seems like it might be one of the bigger moves on a chessboard though this government shutdown like how this gets resolved one way or another and who comes out at least the visual is the optic saw that their the winner yeah that's it seems very critical because of the Democrats win and somehow know that he abandons his idea for a wall abandons the billions of dollars that has been asking for for this wall that gives them momentum we kicked his ass with that wall and we're going to kick his ass and tried a try to get people out she keeps them all in lockstep and she's so far I'm keeping the dams in line and that's why they wanted her back

► 00:47:53

so I know I have a feeling that he's asking for whatever 5.7 billion dollars in the scheme of things at the drop in the bucket Schumer Pelosi in a wide variety of other people ask for additional funding for border security including fencing in various but they are dead not going to budge off of this so what the hell does that mean does that mean he's a he's being pushed into a corner where he has no option but to declare a national emergency funds elsewhere so that he can say I finally got it done and looked ridiculous situation yeah they're going to beat that drum all the way to 20 20 things even saying to about the wall is that they want to keep drugs from coming in illegal drugs but from this El Chapo trial we're learning how the biggest drug dealer in Mexico got his drugs and they didn't use they didn't get it through the wall they brought it in through mostly boats

► 00:48:53

not just mules across some broken part of the of the Border in Hidden compartments they brought it in through boats means they're there another basically have some people spilling the beans as to how the exact operation was was functional Lieutenant is cooperating with me yeah and he's now he's not claiming that the former president Mexico Pinon that though was given a hundred million dollars at the outset of his term I think it was 2012 when he started as president so when he was president elect Hillary won but he is waiting to take the seat according to this this Colombian trafficker who was working with Guzman with Chapel of the story goes to my friend

► 00:49:53

came back with a negotiator position says a hundred million which was then according to this again the guys at Columbian trafficker how how legitimate is you know that money was transferred opinion that though and opinion at all those people are saying that's ridiculous look we were the ones who tracked him down at all times or whatever he escaped and then there's always been this this talk about how Chapo's arrests were orchestrated right by in that so that they the military the police were involved somehow there was a coordinated effort and it just always been that underlying rumor you know is it possible possible you think El Chavo be free Jesus Christ of a hundred million dollars and get you free to talk about it now

► 00:50:53

do you know who knows it's it's a president to take a look at this witness started to this cooperating witness you the money was delivered this may be the part of the story that doesn't hold up as delivered to his campaign plane or something in this campaign manager took control of it and then they whisked away and the weather going to no hole in the ground somewhere takes out a little at a time to feed everybody on the on the hush-hush lady's name Laura Loomer the lady jump Nancy Pelosi's fence camped out on her yard you know what made me think I have Fox Nancy Pelosi house where she getting all that cash net worth now

► 00:51:45

couple hundred million business hardcore political family in Baltimore I think and what she's worth a hundred million estimated but I don't know if it's one of those that were you guys planning a background check salary

► 00:52:22

what you just started getting it for this job would it be for 9:50 graft wow so it can't be anything higher than sis something so it's probably not more than a hundred and eighty saw her good work she did with the Clinton Foundation I was speaking to a hundred million dollars what in the holy fuck is that how is that not enough to keep Laura Laura Loomer right over that son of a mess now she's a parkour athlete documented workers whatever she changed herself to Twitter I know she did that to that broad's she's going hard for attention it's it's very interesting when these these people to try so

► 00:53:22

hard to make it to the news if you want to be a paid contributor for a network network you got a stake out of position that involves some crazy right you got to be like yeah if you live in the center that ain't happening right now he wants to hear from anybody in the middle because it's not picking up the ratings at all the only time that I think reasonable middle whatever work out as if the two ends are so fucked up and they're fighting so hard on the opposite ends like someone's I got Shirley's got to be a reasonable middle and then someone comes along with almost like people but it got to be screaming for it right now doesn't seem like you were screaming for now it's sensible Centrist position

► 00:54:22

yeah no clothes you sitting over here in the mud and President Trump sitting over here in the mud and nobody's giving any ground and they're just they're just occasionally taking a shot at each other throwing a hand grenade and nobody is making any any movement so how do they shut their how do they stop the shutdown

► 00:54:40

you can't if you're not talkin if you're not if there's if there's no effort you've it's not going to happen so everybody's looking at this right now and thinking

► 00:54:49

yeah where's it go it's affecting the markets it makes us look like morons I mean not that others aren't we looking for the Britain brexit thing look at France with the that yellow vest so could you know everybody's having some some some problems but you know we didn't need to add to the noise John Stossel had an interesting video that you put out where he's saying what this does actually highlight is that there's a lot of things that the government doesn't really should probably be privatized we wouldn't have these issues that made sense to me but I don't know a lot I think you need to rely on government for National Security terrific in a collection of federal taxes okay find that they're going to do that regardless but otherwise just stay out of my kitchen don't donate so that's why I've always been surprised me the Republicans problem I got with them as you know you can't sit around and argue for small government and then try to tell people

► 00:55:49

what to do with their bodies or who can get married who can't get married who the fuck cares just don't don't hurt people be a good person get on with it I don't need to celebrate your lifestyle but just do it I really don't care I don't expect you to care about my lights don't I don't care about yours but the Republicans have always stuck their nose in this and all the FF you just want to step into people's bedrooms all the time it doesn't make any sense and I think the only reason why they do it is because it gets people excited they get to run antutu to vote for them I think when they take these positions it's not like these are really having an effect on their lives or it's immoral stand that they must take because God wants him to do it I think they do it because they think that it's going to get and it's going to shift the pole one way or another and it's going to get people excited about them possibly making some sort of a difference a day feels going to significantly affect their position but do you ever get to the point I don't know what weather that's going to happen but

► 00:56:48

would think that you've got the people on the hard right in the heart left they're not going to shift right that's not going to happen you're not going to move those people so like everybody so how about a third party something that creates a little bit of a different Dynamic and whenever we get that multi-party thing going okay but I am just Pie in the Sky with rap closest river Gods who was Ross Perot right yeah pretty much yeah you took a block of time I believe is a half an hour on National Television he bought the time to explain how you getting fucked to you and explain taxes explained all these different

► 00:57:48

things and people like wait what that's how it works at Ross Perot was good TV and here's what we talked about last time we talked about busted yesterday two people yeah so so back story fascinates is they going on forever one again I say you know I talked about are there certain things at the current Administration is doing that I like one of them is the way that they're dealing with China right now and yes to trade issue is buffeting the market somewhat and causing some instability but again the previous administration the Bush Administration claim adjusters and then lots of former presidents are they all acknowledged the China

► 00:58:48

public or privately was not a fair trading partner this administration's at least trying to call them out and call him out on the Cyber issue 2 on their on their arrest after been much will property so anyway Huawei supposedly owned by the founder and however many employees and I think it is by the way the number one telecommunications equipment manufacturer in the world I know the number to seller of smartphones right there that there are bigger sellers smartphones an Apple so it's Samsung Huawei Apple for this supposed to companies owned by the founder and his daughter is the Chief Operating Officer Chief Financial Officer unless she was arrested up in Canada and she was arrested at the request of the US she's up there on bail right now waiting extradition hearing and the reason was because supposedly she lied about Huawei stealing for the rod and they were busting sanctions by dealing in Peru

► 00:59:48

certain types of equipment to a rock

► 00:59:51

now this this this past week we had a Huawei employee whose now been fired by Holloway in Poland arrested for Espionage and along with him is a member of the Polish intelligence service right who retired that I am it was not working for French telecommunications company but was arrested also for Espionage related to quavo way and related to this individual who up until just recently was working for a while I have no idea and the founder just came out and gave a speech speech and said I would never let the Chinese authorities tell me what to do and I would certainly never spy on anybody using Huawei is capabilities and technology and people are probably thinking what the fuck you talking about the Huawei and beds there telecommunications equipment throughout the world so it's in our allies military operations

► 01:00:52

which that are connected to ours right in terms of communications and transfer of intelligence and information they're everywhere and they chose Poland they've been in Poland for about 10 years old and is a very important NATO allies so I'm taking a long time I realized to explain this but what I'm trying to say is nothing happens by happenstance the Chinese don't operate that way so the Chinese authorities some time ago years ago look at invent yeah this makes sense right by the way the founders of former military people's Liberation Army engineer they they they looked at this and they thought Poland that would be a good beach hat for us all right because there are a key element of NATO so let's go to Poland so they started burrowing into Poland striking DLC basically the most important foreign relationship now Corporation inside a Poulan and they're fully embedded and it had access to

► 01:01:52

at this point to Nato Communications and now the arrest of these two individuals and people will still despite this and despite their past despite their their their information from everybody from u.s. steel to to Alcoa to Lockheed Martin to DuPont all the times they've been stealing information people will still go outside you know I don't make any sense I don't see why the Chinese would act that way and I don't see why were being so harsh on them you know this terrorist thing as a bad idea my point being got to call him out then raise public awareness make our allies understand what that's what we're doing right now we're saying you got it you got to put the brakes on this build a firewall use other companies telecommunications equipment because of the fact that we're tied in with our allies with Poland in with Canada and without that gives them access to us so for someone on the outside trying to look at this and you say that Huawei Steel

► 01:02:51

stop stealing stuff from u.s. steel how are they doing that steal third Department operation against Dupont and also against you a stealing others so that was a little bit different conflated at 2 but Huawei one of the things that they do is by having access and embedding their equipment in your communication infrastructure that gives them the ability than 2 in in a simple way it's a tap-in intercept package SEPTA information for trading information through NATO channels all right all they need is that one in right that's it it's like everything else is like fishing basement you know he just needs at 1 Avenue he needs to get one just click on that email that gives me the pathway yet so when technology

► 01:03:50

n2u nail polish Communications and we're now connected because of our NATO alliance that gives them access to us France to jump whomever so it's not as if it just happened it's not as if Huawei from a business perspective the provision of telecommunications equipment to government facilities that was his job the guy that polish guy one of his last job was a Communications

► 01:04:29

so I guess what I'm saying is this shit happens in the Bible and it's all it's all very well mapped out the Chinese have a very long view on things and they are very good at developing operations like this and so they've been very successful so we'll see but it's it's I'm glad that they at least is calling them out I don't believe it's necessary going to change their behavior and will probably get some sort of deal with that claimed it. Just couple years ago they agree with President Obama to stop their Bucyrus Shenanigans and they didn't so they just changed the way that they did it yeah that's that's the world we live in but I think it is important to make a stand right the tech people are saying that they think it's Preposterous when they were talking about the ban on Android phones some of the tech people say that doesn't make any sense but what you're saying is it goes far beyond the actual phones itself and its really the the mission of the actual company itself

► 01:05:29

yeah I'm saying that there is no way that Huawei and then other important

► 01:05:35

Chinese companies are solely privately owned and or have the ability to tell the Chinese authorities that they will not spy on their behalf it's just not happening it's just not happening you have to you have to go a long ways to come up with that sort of naive viewpoint that says that a a Chinese company is going to put his foot down until present she absolutely not we will not do anything to harm another nation's Country Tire Company horseshit they spent Generations jump starting their industry in moving up there the food chain on the global economy by who bring up everything possible out there so someone like a tech wizard got a hold of one of their routers can't have they been able to detect something in there that doesn't belong or some sort of a back door or some sort of a way that they could tap in so I give you or you know you were apple and you were sending

► 01:06:35

do you know data to Raytheon or whatever and you're going back and forth they could tap in through that is it been proven that there's a device like that back in the

► 01:06:49

2015 I think early 2015 came out and then I say came out with an official statement it said every major US Corporation of any consequence has been attacked and exploited by Chinese and we have never ever not found Chinese malware within their systems wow that was ever for years now we're being software is there anything in the hardware itself in a sense that

► 01:07:24

yes in in the sense of like trying to remember that the name of it but not doing very good job

► 01:07:34

if you have access to our understanding of physical Hardware

► 01:07:42

then you can affect easier you can affect physical control of systems right so stuxnet or not I don't remember stuxnet was it was an attack on a Ron to shut down the nuclear program where exactly to took over control of some centrifuges / spawn them the heat up broke and it was a virus engineered that was able to Impact Physical equipment it took control of those systems because I'm part whoever perpetrated it had much better understanding of that gear right or had access to that gear and that's what that's an important part of of this and it's happened several times since then and I am not disclosing anything because it's all it's been written about I'm sure it'll be a movie at some point but that is that's a concern I'm far more worried about a company

► 01:08:42

Huawei with its integration into Allied our allies the Telecommunications systems then I am about to the individual sale of phones and you know what that means that look you know Amazon all the others I gather more data on the average American than you know the US government or anybody else's government is doing at this point something it just came up we were trying to figure out if it's not since you're not my friend Adam was here the other day we're talking about Toyota trucks and he didn't Google Toyota trucks just discussing it and he said since then his mentions have been filled with these little advertisements for Toyota trucks how's that work

► 01:09:26

we know how you talk to Siri and it's it's simple voice recognition it it's it's a carryover from the old days of how you know we all thought it was incredible that you could take a piece of paper put into a system and it would like take that information I was on that piece of paper and now it was on a database that you can access and manipulate my voice recognition is no different and sense that so if if if for example if I had to switch Don and it happens to people who I'm sure all the time walking on their house they'll say something else than Alexa will come on and go oh I couldn't find a result for that but do you want to listen to Ella Fitzgerald or whatever it's it's always on it's always listening and you can do that with anything like this TV right here if you want to do if you if I knew that TV was going to go into the office of the Deputy foreign minister of a country hostile to our interest

► 01:10:23

I could turn that thing into a receiver obviously if I could get my hands on that before delivery that's a wonderful thing now I've got this in there and it's like the old days when he would have the operation and you know you silent drills and put a device in the wall

► 01:10:40

now we know we deliver the tv now I get can I get a ride home video too good for me so it's always on in a in a sense and so regular phone is buying iPhone and you have Siri turned on so we can say Hey Siri in it it turns on that phone is always listening to you I had to put it could be that is impossible as it is it capable of doing that yes could you do that as an intentional operation Shore happening because Apple wants to do it but I will say from an operational perspective active right but like it would kind of be scandalous of we found out that apple is listen to everything that you say and in their sending them information to these companies and then they're trying to sell you whatever you were bringing out

► 01:11:40

One Step Above what they do anyway so it's like the next iteration of that and I suspect that people would you know some folks would be outraged but I'll bet people would just live with it right we seem to be willing to give up a lot of shit as long as we don't think governments who is making jack off of these things so it's Amazon and Google and all these companies that are using it to sell your data to make a lot of money we got Jaime Senators call for investigation of T-Mobile Sprint Verizon AT&T for selling location data phone companies know where you are lawmakers one

► 01:12:40

stop selling that information what do they sell in that location before they want to know how many people are in certain areas of the idea where anyone could you can buy that information and find anybody's location and you'll walk by and the billboard has the ability to see where the eyeballs are right I have scored a hit of you how many clicks are how many Billboards does the one summer to call me out and say it's not exactly how it works but in simplistic terms it's an ability to monitor pedestrian traffic to understand

► 01:13:40

you know people's interest and to further refine so that they can sell a shit better make your outdoor advertising interactive is it put your phone directly up to its this is like you committing there is also what he's talking about to when she started in the photo you hold your phone up to it sends a signal to your phone it seems like it's always Samsung those it only Samsung phones maybe it's a Galaxy but if you can do a one-way transaction that transaction can be to ride the new pretty crazy shit tracking now understanding what people are example

► 01:14:38

yeah I used to be putting a Pekin right investigation see how you put a beacon on a car and it was low clumsy but it got better and better as you go along and I'll now it's now it's it's it's it's pretty remarkable but you can also I think about the electronics that exist in of Internet current vehicle on a new vehicle you can every one of those has a unique signature so whether it's the tire pressure indicator she know how does your left front tire is low particular signal if I know that signal for that car I'll bet I can find that car right and it's like it's the same with all the other electronics that exist within a vehicle at War just into chit that we carry around they've all got some kind of signature so but again I think you know most people are willing to give up a surprising amount of privacy for whatever reason maybe because they're getting accustomed to it and they're not shocked by ship any more slip-up about phone calls that the thing you were saying about the the different data that they've collected

► 01:15:40

you're just telling me before this about the some investigation

► 01:15:46

that was at that the thing I was talking about when you said no you were saying that through the emails and phone up phone calls the guy fucked up by saying phone calls

► 01:15:58

Mater Brighton blah blah oh my God just told me before the show. Think about that Huawei think we were talking about right before she remembered no biggie I think it has something to do with the Mueller investigation

► 01:16:18

damn what you think it went went back in and clock out of me if he was looking at my life cuz it seems like that guy takes his time yeah but a two-year is it for the time on CNN last night he was talking about the fill bar his the access to information he would already have and also be gaining I guess might become the Attorney General they were discussing whether he will

► 01:16:52

Cheryl information coming out that one of them to commit to doing that in this is for a sick I can't commit because I don't know what's in there yet they're just sort of like giving their both their size of my boy he could know what he would know what he will know and that's all I was saying and he sort of cut himself off of sharing about how much information this guy might have access to a sort of it seemed like it was the foreman s yeah that was so one of the things that everybody was scared of was that the NSA was building some gigantic place somewhere outside of Salt Lake where they would store every single phone call that you ever made and every single email

► 01:17:32

yeah that's that there was that whole stink at one point about what they were actually holding on to write the election of information and it was some misreporting about how they've actually got your phone call so they got us they've got number and duration of call but I mean that's that's the key pieces of information that they've got what they at some point you know suddenly decide your target of interest and so we won't get we will start collecting on your calls you out but was the NSA Gathering everybody's phone conversations now used to be a thing that you would have to wiretap somebody like if you were going to the Mob Dad up there to install a bug but they don't have to do that anymore. I found it incredibly difficult to do observation post and listening post everything overseas right cuz it's not your Turf and so you got to come up with a plan in an airtight plan but it was the same way you still had to get

► 01:18:32

physical access right the phone like I said that you had the clip off and yet to figure out what am I putting the gear where I'm going to put the batteries how am I going to store this shit and then it starts collecting like this you start getting mountains of tapes right and you're not getting the real time which is a problem but now it is now it's entirely different but I think you know if if we if we look at today's concerns right if we look at what are people worried about what should they be worried about I know that privacy always comes up people always talk about it but I guess I keep going back to my standpoint which was I I don't see people play with pitchforks and and you know it's at or just going down to complain to Jeff Bezos that you know Amazon's collecting massive amounts of data were y'all T-Mobile and Sprint in all these are mapping our locations as we move around just don't see it. Probably raise nobody's interest for the most part of that article that you just pulled up

► 01:19:32

and I died I guess in part it's because I got week we become kind of used to it down to it so so fine but what should we be worried about what I tell you what was mostly is state-sponsored activity by countries whose interest almost never align with ours now would include China Sterling Clues Russia Loser on the shit that there in China has a policy information domination which means they've determined that the next War the next Modern large-scale War it's going to be one by Whoever has control over information so where are they putting all their resources China knows if they're not going to build a military that's going to be able to reach around the globe for the most part I'll go there if you know they're beefing up the resources what are they doing its cyber and it's space so I don't want people work we're kicking the present in the ask and laughing about space force because it is funny right but the uniforms

► 01:20:32

they talked about this but tryna honestly believes and is putting their resources into Cyber End to space what does that mean wolf their anti-satellite technology that they've been developing and working on a continue to work at the whole point of that is to take control of communications and surveillance abilities whether it's ours or Allies and in the event of something major that happens so they would have the ability to shut off and if you do that then what kind of shooting figure out where the hell if you know the target is currently developing out of they have developed something that describes satellite and it's doing the same it's not like we're not right but what is their excuse was I should do they don't have an excuse they just they understand they have the right to do it

► 01:21:32

right it's like this topic because we're right now arguing with the Russians over over that the latest nuke agreement that took place sometime ago it's coming up for Renewal sometime soon be a year or two years from now and the Russians have been cheating on a previous agreement so we're in about a trying to say we're cheating on the new one that's an interesting thing to be watching but there's conventions that try to you know control that the numbers for Warheads or for delivery mechanisms missiles or or submarines whatever bombers but not for this new world cyberspace Pentagon still trying to figure out what you know what war means in cyberspace where I know how do you respond what rattle what what's the threshold you know

► 01:22:32

and what's an appropriate response and so maybe we'll get there maybe we'll start having his discussions and create treaties that will allow that the right now I'm trying not to be a much more concerned about China for a National Security there are much bigger concerns than Russia is Russia's punching above its weight and potency I'll put in a dick no doubt about it and they've doing what they've always it which is metal in democracy that's been there a methodology for ever since they've been around but small potatoes in all-in-one the oil price of snow are in the toilet they really are sucking went so yeah we got to be concerned with Russian understand that they're interested in ever aligned with ours for the most part maybe we tried to imagine they were with Syrian Isis and everything but Russia's only interests are was maintaining their vibration increase again and not not losing their military foothold there that was their primary interest

► 01:23:31

we mirror our values and we mirror are interest on all the countries and so we imagined it somehow we're all in this fight against Isis together so so there's a much bigger issue and we and we should be focused on that and some of the greatest Administration is so that's where I say look at you can't just keep complaining and bitching and moaning because you don't like President Trump certain things that are going on that you should be willing to say that okay that makes sense maybe I don't like the messenger but that part of it makes sense is it his personal item because of his dealings with China is from the business World understands it better that he's more concerned with the imbalance of the the trade but I suspect that what happened was he came into it focused on the trade him balance right and as he was sitting there and talk about the trade imbalance

► 01:24:31

more of the conversation from the National Security Council in from the agency and others in terms of saying oh yeah this is part of the reason why this is a long-term effects of of their theft of intellectual property this is why in part they've been successful in these areas so I think it was probably more more discussion talking about their economic Espionage and theft if I pee in that became an issue for him but I think initially and then still to this day I think the big issue is just he wants to try to create a win in terms of the trade imbalance Russia seems to us here domestically speaking from for myself when when I think about it and I think about the The Narrative that's been sort of delivered to us that rushes this military danger we're worried about taking over other countries were worried about Putin's power the way he kills dissidents the way he kills political opponents and journalists we think about China and

► 01:25:31

seems to be concerned it doesn't seem to light any bulbs over here and all he's a visual right he's he's been very clear about wanting to try to rebuild the Soviet Union so whether it's Crimea in the annexation of that it wasn't taking over eastern Ukraine y'all are we are maintaining a position in Georgia whatever it is certainly his attacks or go the fsb's attacked overseas against you know dissidents and others in your face so we can look at that music and other places are incredible I think it's what we should be trading with China

► 01:26:31

realized what they do you know in terms of their theft of Ip and so you know because that again I probably won't change but yeah which absolutely should be dealing with China all the time but I think that they've always kind of been viewed more and more sophisticated fashion maybe cuz Putin it just sort of in your face and he's now he's good at it he's very successful because she's a smart son of a bitch but he's pricing is pretty easy to read right he's the sluggish and he you know what he Longs for those days of the Soviet Union so we should understand that everything is because of that is because he's he he would love to rebuild the Soviet Union and so we shouldn't be surprised by any sort of aggressive move that he makes against his his neighbors and we should always push back and to be fair

► 01:27:25

this Administration not to beat their drum but the actions they've taken against Russia despite the fact that you've got people calling him a puppet of Putin there are more significant than the previous administration talk what is done the sanctions against you know key individuals and companies within Russia as an example of the toughest thing I've been placed on Russia ever the provision of weapons and an assistance to the ukrainians the previous administration City right now. Do that you know cuz we don't want any blowback that's that's a good thing right that should be done pushing back against them on the on the 2011 new deal and I'm sorry on the under the previous on the start deal prior to the 2011 teal and calling them out and saying with your cheating on this and you've got to be held accountable

► 01:28:20

I'm going to certain things there that that makes sense

► 01:28:25

then that don't add up if you talk to somebody who says what he's an absolute puppet you say wall case of pop it so why or is he doing certain things that seem counter to Russian interests and I'll save all because he's smart and he's like just want to get caught out and see it's he's playing he's playing the long game here and I'm thinking okay maybe maybe who knows but I haven't strapped on my tinfoil hat yet to get to that point so I don't know. It seems like a complicated one if they have some compromising information about him that was always the fear right as if they knew something or yeah baby was business dealings maybe it was people peeing on them or something like that if they had if they did not I wish we had somebody else in there it was more elegant and eloquent and sophisticated and no

► 01:29:24

Democratic side I think they're going to get 18 to 20 you know potential candidates and their of an end to end up beating their own and so it could be out you could be a real you know slugfest in establish someone is a viable candidate, like what the Republicans did write it up with you know we ended up with President Trump and you know the Democrats if you're not careful you can end up with the same thing as an excellent cat price 150 years old and so

► 01:29:59

you know who knows where they're going to go with that but this idea that they've got compromising information on them here

► 01:30:10

here's what I think is that if Mueller has figured this out and it's been quiet about it and then the most remarkable thing about this investigation will be that nobody leaked because you can't keep a secret in Washington and so the fact that for two years now we don't have like that that that bullet and all that they think they're going to come up with some point my inclination is to think that you know I'm always going to finish this investigation issue some findings and nobody's going to be happy because there won't be a bullet and so the laptop won't be happy the right won't be happy because he'll still be pointing out the fact that there was you know a lot of you stupid moves on the campaign inappropriate activity by it and others but it do I think there's going to be some smoke and gun I don't I don't think so because end of my reason for saying that is because I've never known Washington not be able to keep our two to be able to keep a secret

► 01:31:10

one of these things before though he seemed to be calculated arm and it's absolutely correct to let him go with this and just let him finish it up right but when is that going to be who knows nobody that we ever talk about now he's not and I'll help you know what you think he's going to wrap it up before the end of this year I don't think even he's going to want to go to go calculations to let it go into to close 20/20 in the election right so regardless even though I don't think he's a big lie political individual I think he's going to see that the wisdom of wrapping it up before then and then let the chips fall wherever they do what's astonishing to me is how anytime something does come out on trumpet just seems to slide right off

► 01:32:10

because I think what's happening is they're just throwing everything out there everyday I write the much like you know our willingness to give up privacy because we keep hearing about another hack or another lake or we know that Amazon's doing this or that I think you know it's that constant drumbeat that mudslinging I think the Dems haven't done themselves any favors or the resistance movement or whatever you want to call it because I think people are just immune to it and it started the Trump base to think he's under attack every minute right oh I got to support them harder yeah but you know who do you think's going to end up in in the race I mean who's got the best chance a good question I mean on the left hand side mean my real fear is that Hillary going to run again

► 01:32:55

so I'd TV spit text it's possible that lady is crazy you know one of the things that she said in one of their more recent interviews she said I'd like to be president I'd like to be president just what it would it would you want to put it on your resume what the fuck does that mean I think I could do a great job and turn this country around I have the leadership ability to really affect to change now I know I'd like to be president I'm scared of them drown her from the party now you can't I think she's going to look at that and go I just no chance I can rally the apparatus around me like I did the last time and because of that because even she can't run without the machine right I mean that's day they've got to figure that out so I just wonder if she has so many people that owe her favors and she's so deeply entrenched in the world that she

► 01:33:55

kids somehow or another muster up enough support to give it one more shot Kamala Harris Cory Booker a healthy gabbard Tulsi gabbard Tulsi gabbard young makes a lot of sense very smart and articulate I think she has the real legitimate chance of getting people excited about a real future

► 01:34:23

yeah yeah I would not you know I think it's time we certainly close we're getting to that point where we'll end up with a female president and good for us right I got home so you know I think it was actually you know I think it would turn the ship in a nice direction right as long as the policies are good I don't care who it is as long as we're not very often to you know sort of social policy and thinking somehow we're going to end up with universal basic income and the reason being that they're worried that automation is going to kill a gigantic percentage of jobs in in manufacturing fast-food medical fields of the trucks all these different things at Universal basic income might actually be something that we need a certain point time because so many jobs will go away and go away so rap

► 01:35:23

do you think that kills motivation that's a good question what I thought was maybe but maybe if the motivation is not just to survive but the motivation to succeed and do well it would get people to do what they actually want to do for a living or chase down what they actually want to do and get them motivated to do to have a better life not just motivated to live follow their passion yes it's it's hard because when you give people things for nothing that you generally do killer motivation I mean you look need look no further than trust fund kids right but I think I've seen this listless way they approach life you know they just lazy Faire just I just think that

► 01:36:20

it's really hard for people to want

► 01:36:25

something better when they have enough they're good at everything else to do anything and you have to motivate yourself to do anything to get that money I don't understand either that or Logistics behind it and I'll return to how it gets paid the actual numbers but yeah but the issue of of motivation everybody's wound on a sofa and and do something productive right and it's not a nation of people following their passion because their passion is is completely unfair back from a dream catchers Hattori club bottle of dreamcatchers tattoo at one of my truck doing the hula girl on the dashboard of my truck is getting a new engine by the way even as we speak at the trucks

► 01:37:25

the last year they made at 91 still drive that works good thing is that the kids can climb all around it I could drive to the drive-in theater at and then they can put a put a hatchback and I'd sit there that actually check where it is decided to go with those wood panels on the side and then sucks

► 01:38:14

yeah it's not a while I tell you something it's a good to Great vehicle of all steel and that son-of-a-bitch will plow through anything but it's it's just a great car and the dog loves it and I can fit it talk and the fish that doesn't have anti-lock brakes does it but will you work in security for to security at the fuck out of here by the mean to fix it

► 01:39:14

it doesn't talk to me about no white dragon 800 pick up a boner a bear or not called her hello for a burner phone 7-Eleven best friend at most two phones come with boners that's a reason why you're getting a burner phone because you got a bar because he can't track you with it also they can't let me ask you this this is a tough one Michael Hastings story what do you think happened what happened what who who who he was he was a journalist he was in bed and it was in Iraq

► 01:40:14

during the war he was writing a story for the stone and he was writing about which general was it

► 01:40:27

Christo's McChrystal so he wrote this story and apparently while this happened the Iceland volcano went off so they they suspended air travel so he was stuck there far along they were supposed to be and people got comfortable with this guy being around and so they behave the way they behave they made some jokes about things he apparently made some jokes about Obama

► 01:40:52

this guy put this Michael Hastings put all this stuff and rolling stone it wound up being a huge Scandal McChrystal had to step down and there was a lot of people that hated that guy and a lot of people love McChrystal and he was highly respected in general have he had to step down from his position and next thing you know x amount of time later this guy drives his car a hundred fifty miles an hour into a tree it blows up engine goes flying the whole deal does conspiracy theory was that there was a way to get a brand new Mercedes there was a way that they could take over

► 01:41:37

the controls of your vehicle the acceleration to braking steering and they could do all this remotely if they put something in your car like we were talking about if you can get ahold of this television you turn the television to Receiver right do you think that is possible that someone could have gotten a hold of his car and made him suicide himself two parts to it one is is it possible you could take control of a vehicle vehicle yes but it's absolutely possible you can take that says no two ways about acceleration steering everything about the ability for your car to send the data to the Vehicle Manufacturer to tell them what's going on with your vehicle

► 01:42:37

handshake operation I want you to do that that that means there's an exchange of information or does that mean you can access it just another iteration of the exchange of information right software can take control of physical systems and so is it possible that that car could have been taken with short do I think that's what happened I have no idea I really don't question but it's it's it's certainly a possibility I mean when I hear people talk about a certain conspiracy theories Allegheny God is just no fucking way that could happen what one do you say no fucking way

► 01:43:21

fast now I'm having a hard time sticking to one

► 01:43:25

I like it the theory that it would every burner phone you get a boner that's the burner phone because you have a boner already and trying to get rid of the burner phone to I need to meet her at the old hotel motel Holiday Inn yeah that's how did they get his text messages that's a good fucking cybersecurity text messages to his mistress she may be admitting mrs. Bezos maybe she hired you know some dodgy investigator to come up I noticed it was an iPhone and iPhone and he have an iPad

► 01:44:25

and she had the password to the iPad Pro could get all those messages now it's Washington rights communal I think yeah well they started the company together she helped them so that's a wrap but you know whatever 70 billion yeah it's rough to give away 70 billion but let's be completely honest if yours if you have 70 billion dollars and you notice whether you have 70 or hundred yeah yeah I don't know the difference do you even feel like what happened smaller ring for his mistress

► 01:45:25

play because they were they were separated when we think that's fair game but I'm sure that it anyway it's going to be great circle they know what they're doing with coyotes I think he's changed over the years is physical appearance but you can just tell that the money will the smart thing would honestly be too for him to give away half don't even duke it out with lawyers I'll take too long but he has no prenup agreement

► 01:46:25

text message to a friend showing off her new relationship with the billionaire and the friend sent them to The Enquirer Water Country dumbass oh damn she's hot. Looks like that actress I can't remember her name and family in map in relation to large head chicks love that I love that look like naked selfies to I think you did unless you really been drinking that you going to go you know what I'll bet she really wants to see my my balls some girls do some girls are crazy

► 01:47:25

Sanchez has been a romantic relationship with Jeff Bailey she's hot today April 2018 wow he's in love now amazing do a Donald Trump had something to say about it what do you say so sorry to hear the news about Jeff Bozo being taken down by a competitor who's reporting I understand is far more accurate in the reporting in his lobbyist newspaper the Amazon Washington Post hopefully the paper will soon be placed in a better and more responsible and he wants and not have the Washington Post which is highly critical the president while The Enquirer has been known to kill store is critical the President also The Enquirer got a hold of the story I get it but you know what Jeff Bezos is a pinion went out but he saw that picture of Santa

► 01:48:25

probably amateur fuck in Ibiza and dance on the broads they seem to go straight from one relationship immediately into another one I think is the average dude also isn't running a gigantic multinational corporation like Amazon the thing about that is the amount of time that that guy has to dedicate to his job is got to be just unfathomable I mean I can't imagine what what is involved in that guy's day-to-day activity and he seems ruthless as fuck and very Hands-On so how did he but he doesn't have time to go to Ibiza

► 01:49:25

if the average guy had anywhere close to a hundred billion dollars though they'll cash out to no more showing of The Office cash out cash me out let me out I do podcasts have any ads I'm going to give you a free yeah I said put some pictures of it. But yeah you know what bad for me it's important because I'm not busy like Jeff Bezos but I'm fucking busy I need to get all my shit done in one spot so I'm when I can I come here early to bang out of work out in the morning I get my fucking sauna in float at 9

► 01:50:25

tank yeah yeah I got a sauna it's it's for me it's nice I can get everything done in one spot it actually saves me money just because the amount of time that I have now by the way I should say that show you didn't Boise and Boise Idaho it's a beautiful place great crowd there was Lines Just blocks and blocks and blocks before they open the doors and even have to be open to it cuz it was so many people Boise is a great town man I was I'd heard how good it was that was my first time ever going there and I was blown away the people are super friendly it's gorgeous there everything is clean I want to talk about it

► 01:51:25

nautical saying is it is sometimes a couple of months ago or whenever it's saying it's a fastest growing city in the in the country once you go there you go okay but be if you brought your wife there and we're going to move here we have a lot of people from California coming up there to that much and that's a good friends living down on the beach right now seriously looking out at the property and Dempsey wolves coyotes look like Wile E coyote up there mule deer population you have amazing beautiful

► 01:52:25

sorry but it's a good spot and say nice things about it but I can't help it it's unheralded spots in this country and I think that's most certainly one of them yeah you know when it's it's really the best in the west like these areas that just don't have the gigantic populations but have everything else gorgeous scenery and the Mountain Air and just God damn oh my God I'm sure fly fishing in my oldest Boy Scooter is is really got into fly fishing and he's got a great mindset for right now he just he's he's one of those guys who could be out there for a few hours not catch anything and still have a great time and in real life

► 01:53:25

all about it and yeah not to not to bang on about that all the wildlife activities or all the outdoor send any state except for Alaska yeah we got more in the into the Whitewater is fantastic it's great rafting up there the climbing fantastic mountain biking jump on our part by which we can be up in the Foothills in literally about 7 minutes and then spend the afternoon and not see anybody while I'm in his crazy and we live right in the center of town are basically where do I go from Muggsy my voice teacher is like 7 years old and he's not like 70 proximately somewhere the security reasons

► 01:54:25

you just kind of wanted to check in with you to see how to motivate him and this was just yesterday I got this message and absolutely fantastic wife and so we had a funny conversation about you know how to respond to that I mean like he's 7 years old working for a living I like to think I was food like my Retriever and he's food motivated finish that assignment was released because I know we all

► 01:55:13

you know and I so I give her that I give a teacher a lot of credit you know for being focused like that but the same time I step back and I look like it's okay if you want to slack off a little obsession with getting kids so bus it like I was I have a friend who's going to put their kid in Waldorf School and we were talking about that and I guess they don't even teach him to read until the third grade and my wife was like it the fuck out of here with that. Every night she reads perfectly and like imagine if she hadn't even started learning how to read yet... That's what opens up everything else with a the kids at the rate right finish and I don't think it's a bad thing to have kids

► 01:56:13

controversial I'm taking a controversial stand on reading I support it right what does concern me those homework cuz you know my ten-year-old sometimes she cries she's got so much homework she's like a bunch of the shit to its these kids they want these kids to grow up to become hugely successful and you know they did they push him so hard and everybody in the community is when you're in these wealthy communities to that's the other things all these other people they all everybody's working so hard they want their kids to work so hardly Cheese's and I'm I'm in this weird spot where I'm going to I'm an Insider or outsider

► 01:57:05

it's cuz I'm in there and I kind of work hard but fake jobs I got three fake jobs UFC fake job stand-up comedy fake ass job podcasting definitely a fake job I got three things together what's the toughest I probably stand up stand up is the hardest to pull off this gets how long does it take for like the set that you did up an invoice e which was fantastic how long did that I didn't I was laughing my ass off so I did an hour and 15 minutes and that took me that was when I went up to Boise was a couple months before I fill my special so that was the end of my run so what I do is I develop an act for like a year I tour with it for a year and then at the end

► 01:58:05

Torah film the special two years to put together a fucking Hammer that samurai sword down polishing Nantz live performance notes fucking weird sometimes one-nighters update kills the other night it comes out a little clunky and never show her how to do it it's it's a constant thing of evolving it and moving and changing it. Just dropped something yeah I mean that's all right. It's been working and then yeah you going you think a fucking I don't like all this is a Philips add I need a Phillips head screwdriver outfit that in there and then after awhile you realize like okay let me do what I like to talk about shit that I like and then you have to realize what the art form is trying to figure out how to make ideas funny

► 01:58:57

and then then comes if these ideas are funny to me I got to figure out a way to get him funding for other people but if you're not funny to me I'm not interested and then you text about the kids and Homer no. No no no I take the club yeah I go to the Ice House in The Comedy Store in The Improv and I go to these local places in LA and I might do like last night I did three shows and I'll do that all the time and I'll do that I'll do for show so I'll do one show at the Improv 3 at The Comedy Store do that all the time how long is each half-hour you know sometimes last sometimes more exhausting sort of that's the best job that I do but also the most work but it's the best out of the fake jobs that I have that's the best fake job because it's the most fun you know that the boys

► 01:59:57

some people crash in front of 11,000 people that feeling is just when you hear the roar like you hit a punchline you hear the Roar of the crowd it's like there's nothing like that nothing like that in the world that was it was it again anybody get a chance to go see go see that I shall cuz this one still see my Netflix 70% more I think so much good shit though like if you want to just waste your life and sit in front of the TV it's crazy like when we were kids maybe that's your passion so you don't know if that's bad is I mean yes it is but then does not open the door for the the people that are going to be like that like look less people

► 02:00:57

we're going to try to succeed are always going to try to succeed you think that's true so I think that's maybe that's an argument against it also what you said like I don't think it's going to unlock Treasure Trove of innovators rights if suddenly you give people money and say okay you don't have to go for coffee or flip burgers or you can follow your passion I don't think we're going to find some exponential increase in the number of people inventing the wheel I just think the did it's a good be a lot more people farting under the blankets or something I don't know but the only good that I think could come out of it is it less people are in abject poverty and less people are desperate so it might reduce crime you might have a lazy people but you might also have less people that are inclined to steal things or do something that's illegal because their basic needs are taken care of

► 02:01:57

and I read an article about this strike right the teachers trenches are the two here in Los Angeles big Strike Los Angeles Unified School thority whatever it's called and it was just before they they went on strike but it talked about the problems at this school district has and I don't know whether the statistic is right I read it numerous times cuz I was so surprised by 80% of the families that use the Los Angeles Public School System are at the poverty level

► 02:02:32

or hello and that means of course also that they rely on the free meal assistance right at the school provide which is kind of what was pointed story was like the schools are closed right now and so your kids are getting a chance to eat because that's the only chance to get to eat right but that number was stunning so I don't have to look into it do more research to see what are the articles I see correct or not but it was in the newspaper so it must be true right let me know about that anyway percent of all kids that go to high school here in Los Angeles

► 02:03:13

then go on to college 12% and it was a similar number that never get out of high school it's even worse in a place like New York City public schools so I guess the point being is a public school system is the dog show in in in the margin Urban centers got some real problems that are at the poverty line or below work hard it's not a lack of motivation is to just don't have opportunities in don't know what to do they're not doing it the right way they don't have guidance they never learned correctly when they were young and maybe there's a single parent California can also it's interesting issues you know some folks and they said a quarter of the nation's homeless people live here in California

► 02:04:01

25% of the nation's homeless people live in California are places where it is crazy and and it also talks about how a lot of those people they work but their home was right the cost of housing and so you got people that have a job but they live in in the cars because they can't afford how's the weather in San Francisco or San Jose it on if it was possible to pay for it and and again I'm kind of do this thing where you you're monitoring this issue of motivation so you're not creating another follow-on generation play slack asses then I think that's it that's a really valid point I might concern would be people that didn't appreciate it and people have felt entitled like they felt like someone owed them that much

► 02:05:01

you know when you're going to have that me this is the is the biggest problem the people have a socialism and socialist attitude is it some of these kids are coming up right now they look at what they call income inequality what they don't look at is effort in a quality like some people put in more fucking work that's not in the smarter they figured their way through the game better than you have been doing it for fifty years or whatever they're born I never I never got pissed off with a rich person because they were Rich that's what I'd like to be rich so I might want to talk and find out how ya. If I have somebody I can invest

► 02:06:01

fairly steep in the idea that if you know we're living in a very unique country and I do worry sometimes it that people don't you know the family and I've got some friends in other so we just costly pissing and moaning about this place I had and I think I spent almost all my life over and shoot holes around the world and I there is no other place I would rather be as a country and I know that jingoistic or whatever but honest to God I still believe and if you go someplace and you talk to somebody and then some fifth world they will also add my experience has been any way maybe you're listening in your experience is different but that's the way it works is that they'll think if I go to America if I could get to America and I work hard I can I can be successful and that died snake is still true and that's what I worry about with entitlements and they said that make kill that belief and you're right income inequality that's but it's your right you work harder

► 02:07:01

it doesn't always happen but life's not supposed to be fairies and it was maybe supposed to be fair but it's not fair so sorry I was just supposed to be life lights death not fair and I agree with it I think that the real concern is that people don't appreciate already how great they have and what incredible opportunity that have and if we give them more benefits with less effort than you're going to develop more of this attitude that we find disturbing which is people that don't have an appreciation for literally the greatest experiment and self-government the world has ever known him that need to be looked at I guess it doesn't interesting study about about college and graduation rates in college for for disadvantaged folks you know that voice again why they made it easier for you know tuition assistance right so yeah

► 02:08:01

it was we want to expand the college ability for everybody which is a great idea but what they found was they expanded a college opportunity for everybody but over the past decade decade-and-a-half fewer people from the lower-income categories have been graduating so you what you've done it you said come on special operators right if you if you lower the bar and this is where I'm going to get in trouble probably I'll talk about the Marines and you know allowing women into combat what do they do you lower the bar you give you make it there okay well I would not enough of them could get through the course so I'm going to change the regulations and so if you change the regulations what they found was a college what if you if you increase that pool people going doesn't mean that they're going to be successful and now what you've done as you've kind of Saddle them with some college debt and they didn't graduate so they're still learning what high

► 02:09:01

you know graduate earn and that ended the system doesn't work and so I think sometimes just the idea of throwing money at the problem or or it doesn't it it's not helpful if we don't think it through and then assess the results so but yeah that that that home or an experiment I think they're they're catching it laid in the chain and I think it's good to give people the opportunity to succeed in to advance themselves but if you really want to dress it as a systemic problem you got to get to the root of it which is these unbelievably horrible neighborhoods in these these toxic environments these kids are growing up and being abused and being scared and bullied and terrible piss poor education you know first through all the way up to high school that's mean that's really where you have to dress at the college level and giving them the opportunity to get into college making it easier for them it doesn't negate the terrible Foundation that's been laid by their life but

► 02:10:01

yeah I know I think it's time we had this idea that the college should be for everybody right now that's okay that's great that's I think that's worth it you don't people like Cortez and Bernie Sanders free tuition you know they're thinking okay I'll look at your you know some countries in Europe have free tuition and pay its you know it's relatively prosperous and there's nothing wrong with that but at the same time I think we don't we die we don't assess the cost and the overall efficiency of an idea sometimes and so we just assumed and open it up let everybody go and somehow this is going to work right to our advantage and the honest God answer is no you know I think somebody is better off sometimes you don't going to becoming a plumber make a note is my plumber

► 02:11:01

I got a lake right there's nothing wrong with that but I think we we develop this idea sore Like Home Ownership everybody should own a home for Fox but anyway what do I know what do I what do I know either but I I see your points and I know I know what you're saying I think that one thing to disturb the shit out of me is student loans I mean one of the worst ways to prepare kid for the Futures to saddle them down with a quarter million dollars worth a debt by the time they graduate from college right now absolutely and then they get a $50,000 a year job and they like white in the family are doing well with a $50,000 a year job that's a great job to get out of collagen

► 02:11:55

and you just look at the debt that you have any like what the fuck is this going to pay this shit that right some of the older students are the ones who are willing to take out this loan and then suddenly they use the money for something else okay fine but occasionally the Capitol Hill talks about it but not really I told I told my daughter who's fantastic person is getting out of college without any any debt you know that's you. So you know that's not going to buy you your own Wagoneer you know it's Jim. I'm eating it sounds so fucked up but it's true to not be in debt is gigantic credit cards in the frontal lobes aren't even developed yet I doing all kinds of wacky

► 02:12:55

but he ain't figuring out shit you never figured out things up till now and the idea that you're going to get magically smarter over the next six months while you all this money is crazy right I have a phone yet for security purposes are my God what is this website that people can go to look at the amount of money amount of money credit cards auto loans is that credit cards and auto loans for us all of us Americans are students it's all credit card debt

► 02:13:55

same number it's it's not including the interest on the Federal loans write down student loans you got to get free tuition going on. I don't think so should we be talking about it absolutely should be looking for other Alternatives other options yeah but you know I think it's it's not even willing to address the issue of Social Security Medicare and in pain trying to deal with entitlement to say currently exist what you know you are going to bankrupt us at some point it's not it's not a mystery and we can't deal with that so I don't deal with these other issues I had about a guy like Trump who doesn't seem to like to pay attention to things how the hell is one person supposed to be in the director of all these various aspects of our world

► 02:14:53

yeah no idea. I've heard that you know what's the name of the economist who was talking about this and think this is what we expect of a president think about all these things that has to be cognizant and then supposedly capable of digesting a delegate in your fine but it is an interesting system and it is interesting how you know I mean right now there's a lot of people that don't have faith in the current president to make some of your basic decision previous administration of a lot of people that was convinced he could do no understand anything he was capable of all of it so I don't think the job itself is too big I just think that the way that we go through the selection process has slowly over a. Of time you're gone down hill and is

► 02:15:53

bulshit primary process it on and the way that we do the initial selection from the primaries in all all those things and then you know it's just everything. The whole thing's a big mess but on the flipside here's was crazy Trump doesn't seem to be aging everybody else age is so hard they age so hard because they're paying attention to everything that real concern that seems to be just like I'm a fucking water on a duck's back cuz he's not too long ago down a little rock you saw him

► 02:16:53

play he touched me inappropriately fly on the wall in a room with that that guy we started talk I thought I was just going to go up and shake his hand and saying you don't hate you. Good to see you cuz I always liked the guy right side from his obviously you know issue and it probably had in terms of his ability to to to to govern and the fact he's a smart sonofabitch and he I just found him you know capable of the job right I just like I did with President Bush and you know there was a good aspects of present for a dog in the hunt right I mean I'd rather see the results in the person but anyway talk to President Clinton he will start talking and he immediately went to a an old agency operation an old thing that has happened during this time when he was president to talk about it

► 02:17:53

you could tell that he I'm here to retain a tremendous amount of information right in and we were talking and and wait for 15 minutes or so just about this particular incident and he was kind of curious if you wanted to you know he wanted to reach out, to some of that thought process that they were going through a really interesting for some at any pain he's curious and I always thought that was the most important quality for anybody who gets in that job is he did they have to be curious right have to be inquisitive you know how the scale of you know presidents where does the current president you know existed in the Curiosity skill I don't know but I think that's probably not his strong suit so maybe that's one of the reasons why he's not aging is because he's he's not asking that fourth or fifth question that lead you to the point where you go out it's a pretty fucked up situation now we got to worry about that one so maybe it is

► 02:18:53

he's figured out a way to deal with stress well on the plus side he seems to be making business owners happy seems at least ones that are affected by the sanctions against China because there's like steel manufacturing a lot of other companies that are very upset by the previous administration know a lot of good points but it's some bad points and bad points with this sort of the hamstring of Industry through over-regulation on everything and so lifting some of that it is that you can argue whether you know you want the government to less government but you can't argue with the fact that it it did on leash you know industry and business more than the previous administration so that's a good thing but look at all the other concern to me now we're talkin about Athena Global slowdown numbers looking soft Germany's looking soft

► 02:19:53

what does that mean everybody's worried about brexit so there's just a lot of things for people to be focused on you know and I worry sometimes it all we do here in the states is kind like chasing next to shiny ball 1000 bunch of raccoons riding with such a short attention span for everything and what am I saying I want to talk to you about JFK case releasing some of the files and they wanted to redact the information that pertain to the people that were still alive now I want to know what what I don't know what you can say but what do you think about the JFK case do you think that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone

► 02:20:50

I can see

► 02:20:53

the father of all the incidents that situation and MLK Martin Luther King's assassination those are the two that I understand more than anything else why they blanketed why people don't believe the shit that they've seen a why they did why they have concerns about it Martin Luther King more than Kennedy III I believe that there was something that it was still don't understand something who else was responsible and who organized that and who who assisted in that right I'm I just think of those two that's the one I've got bigger questions on the Kennedy assassination

► 02:21:35

I think that I think that Oswald pulled the trigger I think in his mind the reason he was doing it was for the greater good of of Communism to boost his Image Eye with the Soviets and end it with the Cuban machine do I think that he had assistants

► 02:22:03

I don't know I don't think so but I could be swayed from that with with better evidence than I've seen but I understand why people are so dumb Granada right because it was a massive Event Event put Oswald had sufficient training you did not have to be a rocket scientist to figure this out it was a different era and we don't understand it in today's terms but when you get right in that position look out that window and look at the shot that was taken and you know what was involved in that I was not shot you know it's taking a more difficult shots and then so that part of it and and his motivation and his past ties to the Soviets do I think the Soviets were pulling the trigger on it with the mafia pull the trigger I haven't seen it in that convinces me that that was the case I think that Oswald felt like he was doing it for them or SUV was going to prove himself in that regard but again

► 02:23:03

I understand why people have dug in the MLK one Martin Luther King I just

► 02:23:09

I died think that

► 02:23:13

I don't think he acted alone what makes you think that

► 02:23:17

I think that was about a loser a two-bit criminal right who was constantly getting picked up for the shifter he was doing and ending up in jail. He was a mess right there was nothing clever about him and then leading up to the assassination

► 02:23:35

he cleaned up his act like he went from looking like a two-bit you know criminal and I'll to a college professor basically and he had cash it was able to purchase a vehicle and he kind of went off the grid for a while he went on his drive right and sort of stayed off the grid he behaved in a way that he hadn't up until you know months before this thing took place and then he ended up in Europe and I land

► 02:24:04

I just

► 02:24:05

something tells me that he had assistance in some fashion I don't know who or whatever but I just that's the one that more than any others that I've looked at it makes me step back and go now we don't we don't know the whole story here the Kennedy thing I again maybe there's something out there that we just haven't turned over it's always a possibility but yeah MLK I think is it is that's the one that's most disturbing that's interesting I don't know enough about the MLK murder I need to go look into that now especially if you think that something's going on look at his behavior was his name again for what for a shelf that Series where we did kind of investigative look into this and

► 02:25:06

there is if you if if if all you do when you're when you're looking at this is to look at Ray's behavior in that year leading up to the V assassination

► 02:25:19

that's the that's interesting for me that's the most interesting part I mean put in contact with everything you did up until that point which is basically again just a two-bit criminal couldn't stay out of jail and then you get this and you can change behavior in the change in appearance in this steno sudden inability to me no be something that he wasn't up until that point that I guess everybody can change but that was that was the most striking part for me you know I'll be a source of income Penny any criminal basically and there was plenty of information it wasn't like he couldn't have gathered if if you say what now he acted on his own okay yeah what's their information yes the leading right up to the day before there was talk about know you know they were news reports showing King at the Lorraine Motel and we know coming in and out of the room you know that he was staying yet so

► 02:26:13

it wasn't as if you couldn't get out of that information on your own you know but it was again it was that behavior leading up to it and I'm not a conspiracy guy at all right I've seen too much shit to you now to think that you know every conspiracies home water so but this one is was disturbing in that regard what that's worth all right I'm going to look anywhere now really be interested I think I don't think we're going to the show that we're going to get ready to do here start filming in in the next month is not going to be looking into things like that number to start an angel before we go on there but you know I really enjoyed the show so that they did in the past America Declassified with it looking into conspiracies I really enjoyed it and I really really thought it was fascinating and I get why people

► 02:27:02

feel that way Kennedy for sure can sit outside the kid that went to meet a bullet is the most disturbing thing that I showed up on Connolly's Gurnee distorted and supposedly went through two people and shattered bone that magic bullet the Magic Bullets just came from there to do in the possibility of spot in the other day that the fuck out of here a couple pieces of the x-rays of Conley's body that your bullet fragments this little pieces they found little tiny pieces of metal in his body from the bullet fragments and but you don't see that missing from the bullet it's bullshit and end at the elements of it that you look at but

► 02:27:56

collectively I just thought maybe there's something else out there maybe there is an end we just haven't uncovered 8 or maybe this will prompt you know some additional information who knows but anyway it's it's fascinating shit but I do get it because it's so it was such an a seminal moment right and nobody wants to think of something that bad that horrific and there's some sort of shatter the country in that fashion could be done by one one guy Mike Lee Harvey Oswald or John Hinckley saw that I forgot I think it was on a release program for Life get the fuck out of here forever I don't care how how well you've been behaving for 20 years we've been locked up in a mental Simon shut the president the fuck out of here what is wrong with people

► 02:28:56

and that's always had argument is prison for incarceration or is it for rehabilitation story about a bump for a buddy of mine who's in Boise just wrote his first book if anybody out there looking for a book to read his name is Andrew cousins and he's a former operator who knows his shit and it's his first attempt at a fiction novels called a failed state and its asset in Afghanistan and also here in the US and and a couple other places turkey and Germany and elsewhere interesting rate dumped a lot of information in there so it's clear he knows what he's talking about but it's worth it's it's it's worth a peek if anybody's looking for something to read what you started looking out for a buddy

► 02:29:56

when you show I appreciate that

► 02:30:02

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