#1197 - Michael Malice

The Joe Rogan Experience #1197 - Michael Malice

November 8, 2018

Michael Malice is the author of "Dear Reader: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong Il" and also host a podcast called "Your Welcome with Michael Malice" available on the GaS Digital Network.

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my guest today is an author and a self-proclaimed provocateur a very smart man he wrote before we talked about his book dear reader which is a fascinating and insightful book about North Korea really a must-read if you're interested on the history of North Korea and our interactions with North Korea to try to make sense of all this mess Michael Mouse's book is is an excellent one I enjoy talking to him I always do very bright funny guy please give it up for Michael Mouse

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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hello Joe good to see you buddy good to see you so there's many things to talk about with one of them is why don't you have a fucking blue check next to your name I I do on Twitter where it matters but not it doesn't matter. I thought you're hurting my feelings

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how do they decide who gets a blue checkmark on who does instant the hardest one yet I wouldn't know it's hurts my feelings I'm not even verified on Facebook I mean yeah but you've been on television you publish books in the fuck this is why we need regulation the social media Giant

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this is outrageous what do you think about that idea that there should be some sort of Regulation Like rules as to what constitutes something that can pull you off of the social media platform by the law by the law Concho its own Constable is it Constable that someone can just decide based on their political affiliation that they don't like the way someone is talking and pull them off the platform Association which means if you wanted to still see it from anyone at anytime not only do you can you do it yeah you shouldn't even have to have a reason it's up to you is that what's happening when you pull someone off of a social media platform is just disassociation yeah but there's also the problem with that is if they want to say look the cost of having this person on outweighs the benefit okay you can wrap your head around it but they say we're not going to tell you what the rules are cuz then people will be able to exploit

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it's like well if you tell us what the rules are made for the follow them and you have to live in fear that is a hilarious way of interpreting it what about following the rules and guidelines are supposed to be there so they don't step outside of them I think that right there supposed that way you can also say we're being objective cuz it's like we're following these guidelines that we set that are open do you think that's probably something that was brought to them by lawyers with Laura's like most women the more you tell them what they can and can't do the more difficult it's going to be to justify kicking someone off now I think they have their own agenda and this way they can cover their tracks I don't think this is Maurice at all cuz we have two X Y and Z it's just they have a very strong political leaning in anything that deviates from that they want to just get removed from their platform but yeah

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Casino Tucker Carlson show yesterday yeah but of course the big victims in Mecosta yeah you know so the first one is the nightmare scenario yeah well the Chipmunk costume won the strange because Jim Acosta like it wasn't supposed to be talking then right right he was interrupting he was deciding that he was more important than the other person who's talking right and he was also decided he was more important everyone else in the room he's also deciding that you get over you want you'll never be taken away but it is there's got to be some decorum right well their argument I would guess I can't speak for Jim Acosta cuz I can speaking normal voice but there are going to be that because the president has made things so lack of decorum when she has or they're four they're following suit so I guess that's really her shift

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this month is really kicking in my stuff going on that can

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got the taurine it says yes oh yeah that's it you know it's unfortunate I mean look I think I appreciate the fact that he goes out of his way to question the white house now to put the irons to the president get an answer question for you can hit them up this is why I think he's unforgivable because during the Singapore Summit when you had President Trump and Kim Jong went to North Korea and they're making signing a piece of paper in there trying to kind of public go through a peaceful Direction Acosta gets up and yells he's taking the first step to dropping his gun you like that kid who kills what about the place and I don't think I'm pretty sure I think the guy took wrestling a little too seriously

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an enzyme I don't know what it is I mean you know a lot of reporters I know what are four words they don't act like this I think he likes attention and I think he feels like something is something very significant about what he's doing and he I think he also wants to be a martyr he won't let you know he's got the weight of the world on his shoulders and but for him I would be facing Nazi Germany yeah it's it's the question is like when does someone get their press credentials removed from the White House when when can they no longer have White House credentials it when is what is Woody Woody have to do to the point where everyone agrees you're a nuisance and you were interrupting regularly CNN could just get someone else who's not going to scream out that's like they're sending this guy like you you were interrupting like you're yelling things out and then you're just a person here and if you just

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side my opinion in my voice is more significant than anyone else's will you throwing everybody else under the bus the entire rest of the room and the whole process what I remember Leslie Stahl had trunk on a 60 Minutes not that long ago and you know they're going back and forth and she goes well talk about that I'm like this is a fucking president if he wants to talk about it at the very least the President says that when I can talk about this like the fuck you on the president so I think there is I am glad this is happening because I think for a long time to press who has had an agenda since Washington's days of this should have an agenda for attended their honest injective and they use the veneer of politeness and civility to be like look professional with decent people but now and you see that there is no I was watching this piece on a kind of really wish I remember what it was on but it was on I was listening to it either way it was on the news and when the news started because

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coming an entertainment program versus when it was just hears the events of the day and this is you know this is what the the significance of these events could be in this is the impact you have on our society instead it just became this really flamboyant wild crazy if it bleeds it leads and it became entertainment right now headed down to 60 minutes they're saying when 60 Minutes became a hugely successful Financial show somewhere around there it's been around for a long time long long time but when 60 Minutes became a hit it was a hit show like big Advertiser money it was you know the entire country would watch it and then that's her to change the way they view the news cuz now they view the news as a potentially profitable Venture and then boy once I realize that people can clearly affiliate with one side verse

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news coverage then you get the weird Fox News / CNN bias which is it is one of the weirdest polar like distinction if you watch the news you watch television during the elections particular anything that's really significant going on you go back and forth between the two of you like or we would like separate universe is for witches that were looking at one movie screen and there's two movies I want a movie screen that didn't people see this exact same data and see different conclusions call United I think people should like what they like and Dad yet about got a green everything is totalitarianism

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yeah I mean I definitely think that we should be able to enjoy what we enjoy and we should leave in whatever way we choose to leave I think the issue with the news there was one of just straight-up propaganda is this actually the real objective version of the events or when are they deleting editing stuff out and adding things to write concentrating on one maybe possibly insignificant thanks but Pump It Up to be more than it is because any changes the narrative for their side this morning when after some dimwit from Emma from about to give me some NBC and he goes this is the worst attack by the White House in the Press freedoms in history of I go John Adams 2nd president put journalist in jail so did Lincoln Lincoln of course you can say OK Civil War but different many cases of attacks on the Press but of course because everyone so narcissistic it's happening to them it's the worst thing ever and this is basically the gulag even though they can go on Twitter and have their hundred thousand followers after good book deals a consequence is anybody criticizing Jim Acosta from the lab

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hey you not supposed to do that like what you did what you did is out of line I haven't I have I've been having fun in La I have not seen that I think they have an interference because I do think that the Press Corps like any organization you work with some with side by side every day you're going to be friendly with them and I do think there is very much obviously acrimony between Sarah Sanders and the White House Press Corps and she's very insulting and hostile to them and you could say it's deserved or not it's of course they're going to kind of team up together be like lady we're just trying to do my job and you're just spinning on our face every single day now the question is do these people have to have their faces fit in or not I think they both suck in 7th grade that's that's what it seems like when Sarah is doing those those White House Press things I love them so I love that the Venom is flowing in both directions and everything

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because I I think people get over politically by saying let's all get along and then people who don't get longer marginalized and those are the ones who innovate things that the troublemakers other one to move culture New Politics so whenever everyone gets together like a percent of us agree and it only stayed one because one conquer the other and held it under martial law for decades there's no reason for us to be one United States will never hate each other like why let's have a divorce

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what do you mean let's just say if you want to separate on America to different parts I think everyone get along a lot nicer you wouldn't do you mean like make separate country up like if you looked at the size of Europe in the relative size of countries and how easy it is to travel from one country to another you can make a real honest comparison between Texas and New Jersey I mean they basically a different countries because we all speak English so it seems like everybody just start March their way to Phoenix and yeah it's a fucking disaster waiting to happen I think this is a disaster that happening and I think the acrimony which I enjoy on some level cuz I think it's honest

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it's going to get much worse really what makes you think it's going to get worse because I think both sides or just doubling down both sides left and right yeah are very much doubling down the right has become radicalize as function of the left has been radicalized for decades and there's no look here's what happened at the Capitol hearings either this very innocent family man has been railroaded completely by Shameless left it or someone who is quite possibly rapist was Naaman it was put the Supreme Court without being beaten and everyone knows it so there's no in between and when you have one event and to completely obscenely different perspectives meeting each side to the other sub saying I don't see where you get together well don't you have a different perspective on it then either one of those polled Robert Cavanaugh

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my perspective is I don't agree with the Constitution or regardless valid so I don't care I don't know how I would vote if I would send her to be honest I don't think she was lying dr. Ford obviously sweating like I think was lying in the one who's like the year I went to 10 parties and kept getting gang raped at a certain point you know it's just like we were there was two different women that had absolutely fabricated store I could but that doesn't mean it's complicated also but it just shows you that that that that holds can get pretty I've been smelling it any job on Earth where you need to be talking about your yearbook quotes that 30 plus years later ready for seriously yes this is why I think it's really unfair how come they're not asking him to step if you why didn't know and ask him to step down from he was already on the court he was one of supreme court if you believed all this stuff so I can ask him to resign

► 00:20:47

right yeah so serious and then on top of that why didn't they really amazing especially the left why didn't they go Whole Hog into all of his policy decisions which are much eat Ferrer now dr. Ford I saw her in the side of a milk carton the other day she's vanished like as soon as her purpose was served she's gone you know I should probably wants to she was really enjoying the back her she wrote that letter and secret and then there's a whole investigation how did this become public she's like I didn't want this to be public and I believe her she did I don't think anyone wants is testifying from the Senate hearing like that with the knives are rabbits terrified she's lying either but also boy with what you want to get

► 00:21:42

you want to go into what we understand we actually understand about the human memory yes you want to stand in front of many many people Millions worldwide with Incredible consequences online and relay these These Memories right 30 plus years ago when you mean you're not even the same human being as you were when you were 17 years old and I don't even have memories of being 17 I have memories of things that I've told about my memories I mean that you know what I mean like you use used cars Storyteller stories of what you remember but if I had to like give you the real solid memories that I are on unquestionable about my 17 year of life then it's fucking shaky as shit real shaky obviously nobody tried to hold my mouth closed and fuck me on a bed and some weird party when I was half drunk I really wanted to go home

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I don't think it happened pretty sure didn't happen nobody can testify to her, things get mixed up you act like that she's a complete fraud and she knew she was going to get money from GoFundMe and I'm like I don't see it that doesn't make any sense to me yeah I don't think a 55 year old Professor knows how grout crowdfunding works you know one thing that I did see that was fascinating though was the the the university that she teaches at is so heavily skewed towards women I get to almost I think it's 70 something percent female students at work and high percentage of predominantly female professors as well and their whole thing is social justice that's like their men when they know their lists are objectives as far as education like social justice is number one

► 00:23:41

number one take the thing that they emphasize the most what's it going to be architecture education universities are there to promulgate and ideology right but they literally framed it a special Justice and that does that term today is so fraught with Peril hell yeah such a goofy term like social justice I could hate it's so it's such a blanket term it so all-encompassing and you know you see you here at you start thinking about people banging on Tucker Carlson's door and say we know where you sleep that's what I hear I know but yeah like I was just stuck in just a couple minutes ago a percent of people have agreed the 10% of don't agree need to be shut down there is no such thing as individual Justice because that subordinate I don't even know what percentage of people would agree with bang on a guy's house like knocking on his door and say we know he's sleeping

► 00:24:41

what is you this is us form of mental terrorism like you're threatening him you scaring him I don't think most people are capable of empathy by which they mean they can't put themselves in soccer shoes so all they see is someone I hate has something bad happens if it him good and they don't understand like these Republicans are saying that it's okay to torture terrorists and there's people right now Michael Ian Black or will tell you that we got every day the NRA is a terrorist organization so what happens when the government defines you as a terrorist ever happen to me that's not how it works that's the fear so you we if you're going to have principles you have to apply them to people that you hate broadband and Tucker Carlson is hardly some Nazi right

► 00:25:31

no it means Tucker Carlson is it if you think that he has ideas that are questionable the solution is to present better ideas and to debate him and to go back and forth and butt across is not leading some hate mom he's not load the centerpiece in Charlottesville right for the extermination of Jews he's not that radical well what day what what critical theory allows them to do is to say well you can read between the lines and describe intent to the person right so if you read a book you can say all this is race because I can't see reason so they can easily as a D&C he means XYZ so these are all dog whistles and you can impugn whatever motives you want on to a person and then at that point you could do whatever you want have a thing is he's a dad so comfortable with with bucking with Tucker Carlson's house you got to be careful with scaring his kids I think the history of totalitarian show they're more than happy to sacrifice the kids together

► 00:26:32

it just really disturbing to me because I think these idealistic kids were doing this they're mostly young people have a fundamental lack of understanding when it comes to what violence's what causes violence and intentional and how how close that scene was the violence yes he do that to the wrong guys door he's going to come out with a baseball bat or a gun and he's going to kill some before smash some people right it absolutely can happen it's not likely to happen when the guy like Tucker Carlson what if they decide to go after the wrong General I would if they decide to go out to that mean anything can happen in these situations and also those people are going to get outed once those people are out at the outrage that they're going to experience is going to be on handle right it's going to be unmanageable beat the amount of people that are furious at that group of 20 or what how many people I'm angry

► 00:27:32

disgusting if if I'm angry how many really loosely held people people that are just like really barely keeping it together already let's hear so scary it's not those 20 that are the consequences it's going to be people who think like them who haven't done what they did and now it's going to be like oh you agree with this since I'm going to do it to you I think it's going to be them to the what's good about people going to find their names they're going to find where they live and is going to be people that have nothing to do with this not Tucker Carlson and it's not them and it did these people going to seek them out and they're going to it's going to get ugly just banging on people's doors like that and scare them right cuz if people get furious especially when there's not enough there's not enough evidence is not a bad guy Tucker Crossing is not some evil demon you know like if you if you looked at who he is and what he said if you pulled out the worst shit that he said and and taking it in comparison to the woman that we were talking about from MSNBC that stay

► 00:28:32

we are right trying to read who lied about her blog being hacked on Twitter lied just to try to cover up for the fact that she said some blatantly homophobic things in the past which is fucking insane that should be a federal crime you were moving resources right from people that are already on very serious cases that are already trying to solve real real crimes save people's lives save people's safety and you're deciding that your job and MSNBC is more important and she isn't even fired Lawrence O'Donnell tweet something I can to

► 00:29:20

this is a co-worker but because she's African-American people just date they're stepping away from it they're letting it go because they don't want to be called racist their own it's a little bit of that but they don't always cover their own they got rid of Al Al Sharpton Al Sharpton Al Franken they got rid of him pretty quick but I still let y'all know that they have the wrong Ball MSNBC people that lady should be fired I think she should be able to say she's sorry for shit that you wrote that was insensitive and I think there's a lot of people like that Brian Williams God is completely full of shit still near you don't just lie once about something like that is probably lying is a life but it's yeah it's one thing to say okay I did this I did that to be like you know I was getting shot at it's like I can't imagine so I'll just talk my lack of effort I can't imagine being a situation where I'm at television

► 00:30:20

that is so removed from the truth like I can't wrap my head around that did the same thing but she's a liar I said she was referred to by the people forget that she did talk about a firefight that she was involved was under sniper fire and the worst thing about that that people didn't give a shit about you say when she was advised that she's under sniper fire it's like wait a minute bus cuz what kind of secret service is going to let the first lady run under sniper fire and then she just basically did a double talk around that but she's got a lot of Whoppers and in her name she said she was named after Hillary Edmund Hillary climb Mount Everest after she was born so she is she sending the amazing I love that woman I love her so much she's a funniest person on earth should I was falling down the stairs it's an odd duck it's it's one of those things were women want a woman to be president so bad they want one for the

► 00:31:20

so bad and then there's so many people from the left I think she has the best chance of beating Trump or whoever is on the right that they want her so bad they're they're willing to exonerate her right in so many different things always point out like people want to talk progressively what you want you want to talk you know but being left wing and she didn't even believe in gay marriage until 2013 the best part was she was on NPR which is this far left far right fridge Organization for NPR Terry Gross and Terry gross's can you change your position like how did that happen was it because Americans became an American process Terry you're saying that I changed my mind for political purposes and that's not true

► 00:32:19

walking alone but the worst part is I had Juanita broaddrick on my show two weeks ago and she's the one who accuse Clinton of raping her and I asked her who is worse Clinton or Hillary said Hillary she said she's the one who knew what was going on and let him get away with it so that was scary to hear the thing to got me was when they were confronting Bill recently about Monica Lewinsky in the ass to do you owe her an apology right and he was like I got out of that free you're crazy let me tell you something I was I left the White House Millions dollars and they stole the what they looted the White House at the return of the shit they still come on there's a book called Final Exit written by Barbara Olson who died in 911 and it's all about the fucking stole everything all the staff also popped out all the W2 the keyboards said George Bush office people could use them yeah they went out there like assholes

► 00:33:16

that's actually got to find me a good little fuck you the idea that I would especially today's political climate in dealing with me too and all that the the various scandals it'll be going on rapist exposed that this guy who If Today Was likely either be under indictment or at the very least under heavy investigation for sexual assault but because it's so long ago it seems to be like this weird sort of Grey area the did he sang I don't know what her an apology. Wasn't punished punished like you're worth hundreds of millions of dollars now how did I know where you work so much money now one of the greatest things I remember the time this has been forgotten depressed likes to throw this under the rug super and they said it first of Monica Lewinsky was a stalker all of Clinton

► 00:34:16

Ghana news channels at the time say she's a lunatic she's a stalker than ever had an affair and you're sitting there that she like 23 how the fuck do you stalk a president but if it wasn't for that dress let's keep that in mind if she didn't have physical evidence nothing would have happened to him and she would be regarded as a loon Tuesday and should be treating a complete Pariah they were Ken Starr found her hee-hee subpoenaed her yeah but it was because of that woman and a trip without a by drudge River was that before that before Linda Tripp was doing all this I thought the trip was she coaching her through the whole thing and they don't know what to do cuz this is a big moment in history were there like this website is revealing information and now we're going to talk about I thought that was also coming from the trip and I thought Linda Tripp

► 00:35:16

Linda Tripp was taken the conversations because I don't know how I know drudge was the one who made all the ship public maybe she was being subpoenaed privately she was going to Drudge and she was at leaking information on Earth can you look it up I don't think Linda Tripp was like in the garage or maybe she was I don't know the story was I don't know though I thought the story was that she was coaching Monica Lewinsky and trying to get her to go public with it that's Monica didn't go public transport strike class and she also did it without Monica's consent as far as the record that was trash went to jail for it and she did something happen very least arrested for recording that I can send it to my point was like the him said on television like the lack of inside the lack of objectivity is what is lack of personal objectivity that she's getting asses question do you over apology that he can't say look I made a mistake I should have done it right it said it was a bad thing to do and especially a bad thing to do to a 20 year old

► 00:36:16

and have her exposed like that is close to my daughter's Age and and I hate for him to say that you're apologizing there you probably legally culpable right cuz they were going to get for perjury accept an apology possibly that's right I forgot about that yeah the whole thing is a mess and then and then when Hillary's asked about it was that a some sort of abuse of power it's like no there is out Monica Lewinsky was an adult choose the only thing that is the biggest did the between an intern and the leader of the world right I mean there's no bigger Gap right forget about like Studio executive an actress when I don't like

► 00:37:16

that's that's tiny in comparison to the leader of the world and an intern and at the time all the feminist ran into feelings for him the only one who did it was the craziest want Andrea dworkin and she goes we know he's a rapist Reserve breed a Broderick we know who this was sexual harassment assault sex harassment and everyone's covering for him and you guys are being complete Hypocrites is crazier than willing to do that it's really cool as I know but it's so fascinating when you see it so blatant yeah and so obvious from the human mind convinces itself it makes double standards if I hate you I'm willing to believe different studies about this if I hate you I'm willing to believe something negative about you if I like you I'm willing to believe a compliment. You and I'm more resistant to hearing something negative about yes sure we're all guilty of it I'm guilty of it with my friends for sure you know if someone's mad at my friend

► 00:38:16

Mike Wilson it's nothing I can tell you right now on my friends and I said there's nothing you can say that's going to make me throw them under the bus to you so you you're just wasting your breath the other certain friends like yeah they are but they're still my friend yeah just it. And that's people I know really well the real problem with this whole tribal thing is like it it seems to me when it comes to like political tribes the people are so invested in winning it's so sports like yes it's so it's so strange to see a play out it's it's disturbing to me also that you think your life is a function of who the president is and it's just like this isn't this is how many things can be good things we've had this doesn't affect you directly if you talk to him directly affects you but yeah most day-to-day lives mean Hunter S Thompson talked about that back in the 70s when he was running for Sheriff of Pitkin County

► 00:39:16

saying local politics really affect you like that's what that's something that really changes your life happenings of the White House most of it it's just you're fixated on these things that really probably never going to have any impact but local local stuff who's the mayor has a direct impact on your life what do they do with the streets Howard you have to fake chains at the local level a lot at the house level very little and we're seeing that which is really one of the really fascinating things about Trump being president is how much is trying to do and how much is not able to do and I'm going to push back there is and how much he is able to do and how much is about the whole situation safe the checks and balances in the safety procedures that are sort of built into the system of government act out and now that like you see the Senate controlled by the Republicans in the house

► 00:40:16

controlled by the Democrats like oh Jesus this is not helping for chaos as much cash as possible and is going to be in the house with trying to Pick 4 number to Wellness Odyssey that Trump was saying nice things about Pelosi hilarious speaker at the Democrats will vote for her will throw her Republican votes he said that they all freaked out it's amazing it really is funny you know what I thought was really hilarious or actually enjoyed it when Alec Baldwin got arrested and they said it Trump you know Alec Baldwin got arrested what how do you feel

► 00:41:04

I wish them luck and you know how I bet you see it is going to say Trump refuses to denounce violence in his hometown

► 00:41:14

it's true I mean did the both of the fact that he was like I wish him luck I mean yeah he just knocked a homerun out of the parking lot smashed every window in the car is parked arrested for punching someone after all those years of him knocking him on CNN or on a Saturday Night Live it's like Ruth Bader Ginsburg I mean she just fell and broke three of her hips I hope she gets to curse your old lady just like now you got to pay his legal fees like that is kind of hilarious that she's going to pay his legal strip and you got to do to pay those legal fees his legal things of the roof the probably millions of dollars yeah yeah

► 00:42:14

yeah what is he going to do now what is going to say well we already know that you paid her off and now no one cares right because he just won the case right and so she has to pay his legal fees and now you're stuck with nothing you ain't nothing right and now he's trying to say Trump saying is racist language with me it's like really okay well there's supposedly that my Mark Burnett tape model trying to find its right that's what was the app Mark Burnett the incline to support Trump's positions on many things and he's just not going to release that there's no way who's running a TV show we look at the racial slurs in front of cameras and a cast of 50 which I'm sure going to have people of color this is New York there's no way this would have looked at the time

► 00:43:09

that's not true if he's using the n-word that's not true know if there's if there is a there's a sound guy and there's a producer and they're collecting tapes and everyone has if he's doing is publicly in front of all these not doing it publicly he's talking to someone and it was recorded much like the Billy Bush thing when he was on the bus right kind of doing it publicly but he's talking to somebody that's not what I heard okay I like this tape yes but it could be he used it in a very specific way like you know the story about the guy from Netflix right or he will explain it to people that don't know the store with a p

► 00:44:09

saying blah blah blah but then word literally and he is the CEO of the company and he's saying to them we're not going to use these words we're not going to be like these person like it's not like saying Michael Richards like right like if I said that you like Michael Richards and get on stage in front of everybody drops men bombs right and people just start freaking out Joe Rogan just had the Edward and then all the sudden that becomes public and then Ryan get fired and then you to pull me off and then I can literally that's what's like what happened with the Papa John's anybody hears is the Papa John's guy said racist shit and then and now it's all the year all they heard was Papa John's Refuse to support Colin Kaepernick and now they're like alright we're going to get this fucker and they did that's part of it too right yeah that's part of it to ya there was a there was already up an agenda right

► 00:45:09

sport Kaepernick guy what is his name is it gentleman who is like one of the top dogs that Netflix says you shouldn't say the word retard because two people that have someone in their life that has Down syndrome it's like using and it doesn't say the N word he says Niger in front of African Americans and he says this in a room filled with people and some of them happen to be African Americans how many of them are retarded so they freaked out that he's used this word saying that it is just as a fence if I was using the n-word but he sees

► 00:46:09

my friend Tom Segura has a bit in his last Netflix special and the bit was about you can't use the word retarded right this is what he said and it goes into all these different words you can't use anymore and because he said Tom stole this from George Carlin she thinks it's very different when he has a whole it's a very good bit but it's in no way endorsing using that word so but the fact that he ordered it out loud with this guy was saying was this is the same thing as someone uttering the N word out loud but he didn't say the N word he said Niger and because he said that they fire him from Netflix literally saying annoys to represent a word that's an offense of word and this

► 00:47:09

they they said enough is enough you said abracadabra

► 00:47:16

is it niggardly they're saving money does a different you shouldn't say to you anymore because it sounds too much like the n-word even though it means stingy right which is very funny but it's it's noises it's not it's not about intent anymore it's just about never been about it. Domination domination practice just fascism with better language yeah it's all about domination and towing the line and picking up the people that you need to pick off and yes I didn't say better fascism disguised as being polite or something like that but the fact that they felt like it was a smart decision to just fire someone because he said annoys you should what you should say is like I understand you trying to say but let's just not use that word yeah you're right. Not no more job you you do bad work you're done

► 00:48:16

no more income public shaming get out of here in the people that were in the room or the ones that turned him in there was some African Americans apparently that heard him say that word out loud and they just saw it as a green light and I just went after him at the same time does executives are living in fear the ER when the Roseanne thing happened and they the immediately stepped up and said you know this is a boring we hate racism you're fired they have lost so much fucking money that show is hemorrhaging money and is returned the Connors he is done terrible and it's most likely be

► 00:49:16

this is what I think people don't get ostensibly the point of a business's to make money that's why people go to business for a lot of people it's not the people running these organizations are there to further their cultural it or ideology now so the traffic will be secondary to cultural acceptance acceptance comes along with future profitability yes the lack of cultural acceptance could be financially devastated if you go to if you live in New York and then you go to Lefty school and then you become an executive and your entire cultures is left the world for you you're going to think this is how all right people right thinking people act you're going to act a certain way accordingly and not even have consideration for any possible other side that's a good point that's a good point but it's fascinating that she was not allowed to apologize Roseanne was not allowed to apologize but that woman from MSNBC much more awful things

► 00:50:16

I think she was hysterical or near tears that day cuz she's like I care about the crew they're the ones who were getting fucked please like I'll do what I want I'm not up you know and that's why she let the show go on without her and she didn't fight it right and kudos to her she's she's a friend of mine and she's an awesome person she really is anybody is trying to paint her out to be a tribal isn't because I remember you remember not that long ago when her show is on she had that whole Brewhouse the national anthem the Republicans are out for blood and now all of a sudden they love her and the memories are very short I love her cuz she's controversial speaks her mind in both cases will she's also legitimately mentally ill had a terrible car accident when she was 15 years old was institution Lots in a mental institution for 9 months afterwards like it has a personality multiple personality disorder trauma-induced multiple personality disorder has been on a hosted medications are whole life

► 00:51:16

like I don't mind that I say is a asking her to behave normally it's like asking a person with a broken leg did not limp she did accuse both her parents of molesting her and I think she laid it later I want to speak for her but I think she's back track of that. A little late tonight it completely I don't remember that but I wouldn't be surprised dude she got brain by a car when she was 15 like smashed I did not know that someone was driving through an intersection couldn't see because of sun glare on the window and clipped her with a car and she was fucked up I mean she was she went from being a straight-A student into being someone who can no longer do math she detailed it like really emotionally and and very honestly and vulnerably she's very horrible in in discussing and on my podcast was really scary she's got such a big heart to really is very very obvious it whenever she talks and she's on Twitter and she's super funny I mean I'm a big fan of her Twitter

► 00:52:16

Bible in that things that she said about that woman you know being a marriage of this and I am the Apes from the Planet of the Apes I don't give a fuck what you say there's no they weren't even know she was black

► 00:52:36

to write this letter that she looks like my sister she's ready to go look at the camera she goes to Valerie on January sorry I did not want to hurt you this is not acceptable but I also do think you need a better haircut you don't like she still in there but she's such a sweetheart and and I don't think the thing that I have people arguing with me about when was born here on MP4 like well they're not black she was born around like you know black people can give birth in Iran right that's the thing I miss is right they can wrap their heads around at the shoes black but in her on her parents were American yeah the whole thing is a mess but it's also one of those things that's fiercely tribal is so you said before and then the our tribe the tribe of the left of the tribe of the right our tribe is decided your tribe is an acceptable unacceptable and what you've done is just beyond the possibility of any sort of

► 00:53:36

apology you need to be removed even have a significant financial lost and apparently the people that were responsible for getting her fired one of them has already been removed and now they're realizing it was a horrendous decision they went from having the number one show on television to having this bastard version so they if they just decided to bring her back and she apologized and everyone soothe it over and let there could be money donated to charitable causes it could be a teachable moment or a learning moment for for everybody for the whole country up a moment also have like like of bonding where we just abandon these ridiculous idea neighbors that moved in the Connors house where we're Muslims and Roseanne was Prejudiced and then she realized she was wrong

► 00:54:36

she she she is in some ways and she's right in some but she's she means writing somewhere she's very pro-israel yes like super symptoms so much either she's even talked about moving to Israel yes yeah cuz I mean I think she I think she feels I I can't speak for her so well. But what is there a pretty good it's the number to show overall on ABC and it's the top rated comedy Brown from where it was obviously but spin what are you getting this from getting this from vulture.com which is very left-wing show and it's probably in the title of this go to the title of the all TV shows right now

► 00:55:18

definition for and good Lord what up what's that about the life yeah but this is the ratings are significantly lower more than 50% lower than they were with the other show rabbits the same show Jamie spin with your reading is vulture spin on it that says it's not that bad. That's unprecedented will you order it when I was on sitcoms it would do a thing called the back nine right so you would get 13 episodes they would order the back nine which should bring you to 22 which is a full order they're not doing a full or this show is dead so it ain't good and the other thing is you keep in mind this show is extremely expensive out there

► 00:56:18

thousand dollars per million dollars right away just with three members of the cast then you have production fees all these other different fees there must be a billionaire peas in that show is crazy money it's crazy money and it could be the biggest show on television if she was still on it and and the apology was accepted you would you not going to lose viewers episode where the where the character did that are outside of the poles and she says that she gets labeled as a racist and then a bunch of people seem to really like that

► 00:57:18

pull that look black that are black and different people that look white but are black pipe Dan Bonilla bong I don't know who this guy is the ancestry I'm 1.6% African which is so much more than Elizabeth Warren is Indian so much more

► 00:57:53

if that guy just gets a little but the hair is so African

► 00:58:00

Italian will listen Italian first of all so it depending upon what part of it the Morris yeah yeah man he probably had some but also Italy Justin if you look at how close is Italy is the Northern Africa it's very close like people just came over they dig dig fucking fuck the round they were real close to each other they got on both they went back and forth at long-distance relationships Italians in particular special when also Egypt Egypt also had a relationship with the Nubians Nubians eventually conquered Egypt and Ethiopia is in there too so fucking going to wait so what else were you in your 99.8 like nothing else in there mostly Italian

► 00:59:00

and the other percent is Irish but it also could be English it's one of those now account but it's Irish witches were broken comes from 1.6% Africa and then I think there's a small amount of Asian in there as well and no small amount of Asian like 1% plus or minus Asian no Native American unfortunately I love her too and stuff there's two things I love about that she takes this test in secret and if she could have seen the results you like a fuck I'm not going to talk about the same because she thought it might say zero right and because it said 0 0 0.12 out of America to South America. She did like it. Like Brazilian jeans or whatever with Mexican cheese

► 01:00:00

truck for you for 2 years at Pocahontas Pocahontas supposed to pay a million dollars towards charity because she took the test but if that's the case and then the test actually shows South American genetics and not Native American Native American I mean there's there's so many similarities between people from Mexico and Native Americans people from Ecuador and Native Americans Peru extreme similarities between what we think of is traditional Native Americans and then people that live in South America and then also the actual path they got here in the first place a lot of them have Siberian genetics that's what's really do you know story behind how that got discovered it was a guy who is a Mormon this about a decade plus ago who was trying

► 01:01:00

to prove this Mormon doctrine that Jesus came the last tribe of Israel DNA test were insanely expensive this guy spent a shitload of money to try to test Native Americans to try to find Israelite jeans and he found that they have Siberian jeans came across the Bering land bridge when was excellent because it really did prove that theory that people did my grey on foot through you know that through the Bering land bridge it's just so silly but if you look at like like Native Americans in the you look at like some Mexican to go wow there's a distinct similarity between these two and terms like their features a colorations like how they looked and similar climates and things like that and I think probably similar Origins

► 01:02:00

she's kind of got a point south Americans what kind of percentage that she has of this Gene is so fucking small 1000 24th that is so small I'm 1.6% right that's literally like what like that 10 hundred times as much as her I think she's .06

► 01:02:27

so you like 30 times as much as 30 times as much African as she is Native American and but yet she use that to get a job at Harvard the funny part is she had contributed recipes to a book called Pow Wow chow and she signed it Elizabeth Warren Navajo but here's the kicker she plagiarized the recipe crab salad recipes like what Native Americans being fucking crab the fuck you talking from Maryland Maryland yeah the Baltimore Ravens

► 01:02:59

yeah stay so I would say wow that is crazy it's just it's one in but but again because she has potential in terms of like she's a strong woman she's articulate she's very well-educated she's been a professional politician for a long time people know you're not denouncing her guess they have articles that go okay this did not go as we planned cuz they were just like this. This is not cool so she's going to push back from small-block Autos blog is like a lot of them basically like Ari shaffir first time is like a college papers it's like a lot of these blogs LA College student written

► 01:03:59

well I would hope I would help more would come out and say hey you can't say your Native American just like imagine the outrage if I just started call myself African-American what do you know do you see what Trump said he said well I can't call her Pocahontas anymore cuz she's not an idiot

► 01:04:19

sounds like oh my God we're not worthy

► 01:04:22

he said some hilarious shit and I'll yeah he really does he really does he's fucking funny off-the-cuff oh yeah really is you know and the way he goes after people like even though he's the president like he still calls people fucking losers and he still he still calls them losers on Twitter and goes after them or just think of how repulsive he is physically he's fat is faces all fucking hanging off of his bones he's got white raccoon eyes and orange skin and yet he's still will mock Stormy Daniels and call her horse face someone tweeted out I forgot I apologized he said they go to fuck the pornstar and she had to brag about it and then she paid him he did pay her right but what he paid her what she's going to have to pay him

► 01:05:22

is probably like a factor of three or more how much more she's going to want to paying him for 350k that's all you asked for it it's probably like he just wants to just give me a little something I need a little something from you let this let this Slide by 300,000 yeah yeah it's probably a whole book that's why I'm positive yeah but yeah she's probably not even bringing three home so it is all that's money's all gone a hundred percent, and no one's buying that book she said it already I got fucked the president that's your book ebook as I fuck the president let you know here's the funny part was hurting over this people issues make fun of his dick

► 01:06:22

she said and then people were like that you know what was he is at the body shame and you really shouldn't make fun of someone and she's like you know what you're right I'm sorry and he goes hey horse face from jacket like the next that she's back on it it was amazing

► 01:06:41

the fact that you can color horse face he's the president on twister. Doesn't matter I know but it's just me Ted Cruz said he should have got shot JFK it's all so crazy that was the best parts of Ted Cruz's what was known as like the best debater the Senate he had this Harvard or Yale whatever debating team great debater of the fuck you prep for debate be like oh yeah well your dad shot you

► 01:07:16

wait what the fuck is supposed to say we didn't have to make sense right people of the people that are Trump supporters don't want to make sense I just wanted to win right right exactly and it works yes well he just had to get zingers in a roast battle and they don't get that is my favorite where he goes whenever I speak of the losers in the haters I do so with great affection it's not their fault they were born fucked up! That's a real truck trade it's been one of my favorite things was him at a speech where he was talking it was 2015 before he even talked about running for president or it was even I don't think he was a hundred percent open about running for president and he said there's two ways to talk to China you could either could Pros things you can propose things he says it like you know normally in that he says or you could say listen motherfukers

► 01:08:16

oh my God it's great it's it's fucking great because everybody starts cheering yeah because it's so forbidden in this environment wearing expensive suit standing in front of a Podium is his or you could say listen motherfuckers like this is what we're going to do

► 01:08:38

it's so much more exciting than Marco Rubio mistake

► 01:08:49

you know what the figures giant I watch those videos Packers China China chain here this is a great what song is this

► 01:09:19


► 01:09:21

instead of with his name in Gold it's with his word we build a road they blow up the road they blow up the school we build another school we build another world they blow them up we build again the meantime we can't get a school built in Brooklyn that sits back and said you're not going to race that price you understand me

► 01:09:51

this is a long time ago Chinese good 25%. Here's what's interesting notice the person who posted their name is say no to racist but that's 111 he would have been considered a Democrat Trump 2012 look at that this the guy we've been looking for Wow 7 years ago

► 01:10:32

portable wow yes someone did it someone definitely hacked it just hilarious. They didn't give the good version of that either cuz it's because he eat basically practice is it like you know people been saying it like this. You can say it like this or you can say listen you motherfukers and that's when everybody starts cheering samples

► 01:11:15

I drop a 25% tax on China

► 01:11:21

and I said to somebody that is really the messenger the messenger is saying 25% and I could say another

► 01:11:34

pushing your modification British accent

► 01:11:38

I know you better shut your mouth so he didn't say the word they bleeped it to make it look like he was cursing and it's like you guys are fucking shady as hell you can just leave a pause and pretend there's some sort of an offence of word in there right that's really that's just deceptive right and it's pervasive they do it all the fucking time is good out there to challenge him there fucked because between the shit out of those debates he can be live-tweeting the debates and they're not going to worry about the tax from their colleagues but also from the sitting president

► 01:12:38

how do you get to come up with nicknames for all you do is stick his dick he lied about his Vietnam service I got elected Shameless minutes it's it is braising wasn't some ambiguous area I think he likes the he never left America it's my understanding oh yeah oh yeah

► 01:13:14

how to get away with it how do they all get away with Dennis hastert Speaker of the House Dennis hastert Speaker of the House need fucked how many kids yeah yeah he went to jail for 15 months because of a statute of limitations or something ridiculous just insane and it talks about him to think that's plenty of this in both sides of the aisle will there must be he must know where the body is right of course your speaker of the house deal when I take one right now that's the real question because that is that's a sickness that just doesn't get cured rights it's not like quitting cigarettes or something like that the recidivism rate for people that are molesters is insanely high right

► 01:14:14

so who knows that was one of the creepier things that was a judge that said or was it Breitbart that said I think was Breitbart that said before he died and where he's talking about podesta this was the one issue I had was legal for my forthcoming book cuz I cuz drudge said how did the Tweet still up Droid says how John podesta is not known as an international like child molester cover up or completely lose me and no one said anything at the time it wasn't a big deal for Destin ever sued and what he might have been referring to is Robert Epstein pedophile Island guys all go to Jeff Epstein excuse me Jeff Epstein and you fuck all these underage girls but then they took it to be as proof of pizzagate or something like that yes yeah but here's the thing

► 01:15:14

here's the other thing it's that everyone knows historically that young women went to Hollywood and had to do sexual favors since the twenties in order to get their career had right this is very know why wouldn't this happen with young men with older gay Executives why would there be any difference but they like to pretend that you know this is all crazy it's it's all what you know it's true this one because it's so blatant and it's so prevalent that it's horrifying knowing how much it did happen and if they did just uncover every single instance of it and that's the only thing it just like with it with Harvey Weinstein how everyone knew we all knew and they all knew about Clinton and all the stuff it's like who knows when you're looking up the other way when it comes to kids that's so

► 01:16:08

Beyond The Pale start shit and yes very dark so this Danang guy dick so what did he actually say what was the real Richard Blumenthal from Connecticut accept him as their candidate she got I think it came out once he was a candidate size of my hair super like that Stolen Valor you listen to Marine Corps Reserves in 1970 until the end of five deferments had kept him out of the war getting a coveted slot in the reserves reduce the chance of Battlefield deployment Blumenthal went through basic training

► 01:17:08

Lincoln serve six years in the Washington DC area in Connecticut as Connecticut's attorney general Blumenthal regular day parades and other events at 17th 2010 that in 2003 Blumenthal had spoken at a rally supporting troops overseas the newspaper reported that Blumenthal said when we returned we saw nothing like this that was a comparison with soldiers who came back from Vietnam boom told repeatedly repeatedly a similar line in 2007 Memorial Day Parade in Milford Connecticut and at a 2008 ceremony for veterans and senior citizens Blumenthal said we have learned something important since the days that I served in Vietnam yep I've seen firsthand the effects of military action story bro he's alive

► 01:18:08

the days that I served in Vietnam they quoted that and that's a that's a bit he said that a 2008 ceremony that's a liar yeah that Stolen Valor but do you know it's it's it's a lie as much as it stolen valor cuz he does have military service which in a mean he was a part of the reserves which is important part of the military there's no I mean you don't want to diminish that but lying about having actually been in Vietnam is it's as close as Stolen Valor as you can get without actually being a veteran yeah yeah it's like shady Shady dirty people the dirty people of course he's monster is unlike the fuck is wrong with you these people are horrible just doing that just doing that alone

► 01:19:03

but that's what's hilarious that you got through though oh yeah it's it's funny how people can get away with wish I spoke it made mistakes and I'm sorry I have not spoken about my service and I regret that and I take full responsibility what does responsibility mean if there's no consequences

► 01:19:32

what's good? Shaming maybe he is the best person for the job despite the fact that he lied a decade ago I remember Jen if I was a friend of mine Janet Reno Waco happened and all those kids died know that she was a friend of mine she went on TV after people died and she goes this is my fault I take full responsibility of my friends like then you should be in jail if you are responsible for thousands of people getting killed you should be in jail Sasquatch

► 01:20:17

your house at work

► 01:20:20

just started business business again I'm glad you're here today North Korea's angry at the US again so they just Cycles North Korea and we saw this happen it was just really amazing to North Korea has this weapon that causes everyone on Earth to have amnesia about that rear what happened 6 months ago in the Singapore Summit was happening and they were making ice and everyone just like a level I go last year they had said since President Trump to death they were threatening to Nuke Guam and I forgot about that and then like okay we're going to be nice it's like and then you cancel the summit to Summit comes back on there they do this they've done this for years and it's like

► 01:21:20

North Korea's I do with my gig you'd see it coming but there was like oh my God they're mad at this never happened before like this has happened for 70 years motherfukers this is there stick so what do you think the purpose of it is just to stay relevant in the news in to alert people that there still conflict between the US and North Korea today for them when they make any sort of concessions to say that there were putting up a fight we're not doing this cuz we want to not cuz you're making us doing it and we standing up for themselves we're not going to get pushed because they can't show submission or weakness in any sense so president intelligently and the rest then and the corporate press will tell you this because everything's about Trump I don't fucking care about Trump this context I care what the North Korean people write the point is a saber and then they'll be nice the next day and then they were able to save for their nights next day it's it's it's as night follows back with them the cultures of really fast in a culture culture of Korea in general

► 01:22:19

it's there's there's so much to it that we have a really difficult time understanding in terms of just the formalities in which you're allowed to communicate with people that did the right anytime there there's any sort of negotiation they are there has to be some sort of an acknowledgement of their social status right there position and just because there are a lie doesn't mean they're all good guys too I was just reading Malcolm gladwell's outliers okay about it is how South Korea dealt with they went through a crisis a plane crashes and one of the problems the plane crashes was the way the subordinates were not allowed to question the pilot wow when the pilots were tired no the way they fixed it they made them all speak English

► 01:23:19

how do I fix it because English is a difference between the structure of the syntax structure of politeness and deferment in the all the different things in your juices the way you're not allowed to communicate with people in Korean where there's a very strong tradition of sit like Malcolm Gladwell ears when they're around their subordinates is boarded to not allowed to drink in front of them they can't smoke in front of them they have to turn away if they have a drink in front of them like there's did the way they talk to them that they bout to them think they call them sir and I went through all this in Taekwondo Taekwondo is very structured that when I was teaching and when I was when I was working for my Korean instructors like he was always sir it was only up mr. Kim it was always very formal there was always bowing and it was there was you know and this is an Americanized version ranking right

► 01:24:20

with their language with the Korean language you were talking about all the different proper forms of communication and the structure that's in place to establish who the dominant person is and who the subordinate persons are in the North Korea there's a tense that they use only with regards to liters so they change the language to that extent even for them so what they did was they made the South Korean Pilots like all of them English was the primary language of communication to how to learn English now and then to learn on their own dime that'll learn English and then they I think they went with first names so we would work together I wouldn't say mister malice like his then I would I would be discerned yeah yeah I would say Mike we got some frost on the wing it is playing we should probably defrost as fuck her and you and I would be even though you would be the captain I would be your co-pilot we would still be able to talk to each other as if we're friends and equals not on this traditional Korean social structure America to like people

► 01:25:19

freak out that Trump is vulgarizing the presidency but I was a big deal JFK to wear a hat at his inauguration and even before then yes if Trump wear a hat today but I knew that hair I mean he's kind of FDR gotten shit cuz he referred to all his subordinates by their first name and this was a huge deal back then inside of him just to Roosevelt or over how would a case of that he was being informed yeah I was like so this is been going on for a long time to walk of an airplane's bathing suits animals the dogs were dogs dress better than some of these people will they bring your dogs to ya

► 01:26:19

how does a piece of paper from a doctor that says you need help I don't think they need to just take him look what I can do about it let it go to shit of dogs allergic to dogs fight with the Blasio and what you doing is just basic do the fuck you want I'm not going to force giuliani's like quality of life rules so the thing then you think that did the cretans have started doing this happened to the gym and this happened why did you start playing the music

► 01:26:57

what I mean people have their head up their other little iPhone they can start Play music No headphones and I'm just like what you need police brutality because obviously if you're this removed from what's appropriate behavior talk is not going to do for you while at the gym doesn't the gym have its own music yeah it does play the music over the gym in the locker room and see what the fuck are you doing I'm a small dude you know I can't go over to these beasts at the gym and feel like your music workout music you dealing with it rap

► 01:27:43

stop.. Thoughts after a nice workout drop some sick Burns guys got stuck. I got some good verbiage dropping sick Burns guys could you please cut down that Mumble rap I'm dropping sick and I'm dunking on Tucker Carlson you dunking on him the poor guy he gets a free pass with Matt Jimmy I never heard the inaugural hat-wearing tradition West Kennedy did not wear that he walked all the way without his hat that's not what this says this is from 2007 on Snopes he was wearing a most of the day this is like a along like oh yeah I like he's wearing it took a rumor that he killed the Hat industry scroll down you can see him wearing it

► 01:28:43

that was like a long we should have had it with him with the different eras I know right you would think that they were in a live together White House Herbert Hoover President JFK your brother to fuck your wife and your dad when did John C's take shifts with the Press right in front of them let them in the bathroom was dropping logs yeah his dick all the time he was like the horrible person where are the first cuz you whipped his dick out doesn't make him horrible person

► 01:29:42

the horrible person is the guys looking at his dick and play his music black room that's all that's horrible but if he's playing music and he's stroking cock at the same time. That's the bad guy locker room and just trying to drop sick Burns Joe it's all I want to do I just did my deadlift pathetically are you going to leave Tucker Carlson alone for a little while I have to talk about that in a few times he I've never gotten Tucker face so I'm very very happy face never done that so he's been very respectful because that very few people know North Korea that's what I'm there to talk about Ryan said they're not I'm not being come get that from a parts in perspective at all you're coming to educate right so I've never gotten heat about that at all I wonder what's going to happen with them and all this stuff cuz now that is houses of people know where his house is when you come after that sets off some part of your brain that something fierce and he's not going to just take

► 01:30:42

just laying down yeah I mean I wonder if there's legal action it's going to be had

► 01:30:50

I don't know how fucked up man it's just it's we've never had a time where I in my life where I can remember the left and the right being so combative not just disagreeing about things not just debating things but this kind of shit like riots like you know this this the right was on their knees all this time for a long time and now they're like you know what you people are fucking terrible fuck you

► 01:31:14

is that the case managers never is it the right was underneath there was never a left-wing and Tifa type organs being supported to depress how to complete a monopoly on speech 2012 2012 Mitt Romney still having this debate with Obama candy Crowley's moderator at the moderator and she starts arguing with Mitt Romney during the debate moderator sit down and shut up talking about she's like oh you got this this fax wrong blah blah blah blah blah she says I'm going to correct if necessary make sure the moderator sit down shut the fuk up as someone's the largest it's the other lawyer has to break it up that's good point but as a moderator aren't you also some kind of anemone not necessarily an Entertainer but your gear moving the thing along if you know something to be incorrect like if someone says James Brown

► 01:32:14

hey I'm sure that there was a contract that the Romney team is Obama team sat down and worked out between them like how much time the four on the location I'm sure that said the mod we're going to find an honest injector moderate who's not going to fucking way they wouldn't was she correct no I don't think she was he look it up 99% sure she was wrong to that's hilarious and he just ate and then you have in 2016 or they're just telling the fucking report as fuck you you don't know how to talk to them what kind of questions are these big Turning Point

► 01:32:52

let's see what it says and said that this was an act of Terror

► 01:32:59

you said in the Rose Garden the day after the attack it was an act of Terror

► 01:33:05

it was not a spontaneous demonstration is that what you're saying

► 01:33:10

bye-bye I want to make sure we get that for the record because it took the president 14 days before he called the attack in Benghazi an act of Terror

► 01:33:24

call an act of Terror it did as well take it did as well take two weeks or so for the whole idea of there being a ride out there about this paper come out your correct the administration indicated that this was a reaction to it was a spontaneous reaction it took them a long time to say this was a terrorist act by a terrorist group and and the suggest on Sunday the ambassador to the United Nations one of the Sunday television shows and and spoke about how this was a spontaneous reaction

► 01:34:10

I want to move you on and also remember to do that too

► 01:34:13

but she seem like she was just agreeing

► 01:34:18

didn't seem like she was 8 still not here all right it's the latter I'll say you're wrong about this you're right about this in my opinion but anyway she said that is correct it took two weeks I mean she's basically agreeing with wrong cuz I remember that I remember but I could see you being correct even what she did there and saying that he's correct is really out of line right yeah she seems a little flustered they're not exactly sure what to do what not to do but I can see that Benghazi thing was

► 01:34:57

the same one

► 01:34:59

there's no volume

► 01:35:02

okay either way yeah it seems like she's doing the same thing but that Benghazi think that was that was so bizarre people forgot about how that they were trying to blame it on that video yeah some beautiful videos called something I don't remember and Hillary will I think at the time of statue sector State and she refused to go on and they made Susan Rice walk the plank for that one

► 01:35:26

that was a weird one man that movie was weird was so bad it was almost like a movie that someone had made like the tears of the Muslims or something like that I forget the name of it but it was so bad it almost seemed like a parody film or some people it said like this is like this is some CIA production but you know it's interesting how memory works I remembered it being much more combative than it was when we just watched it and I would have sworn it on a Bible that it was very very heated and then looking at that it wasn't that hated brings us back to what we were talking about with Kavanagh and think about things that happen when your 17 and the right and tribalism the memory that we have sucks being human being mean I have some absolute memories about facts that I know to be true in terms of life

► 01:36:26

statistics and things that took place in that I've stored in my memory because of my job because like especially when it comes to fights like I have a pretty good database of 5 and even then it was a second-round memory suck you know what you doing this is such a good actress March I'm not a big drinker and I tried a different kinds of Heinz Ketchup cuz I love Heinz ketchup and there's a different kinds I'm going to try and give my opinion all late and I said I went down a rabbit hole and I found this weird like I'm not a big drinker if you guys want to pay for these bottles the stupid livestream people the audience I'll buy them and I'll do it and they just kept checking in I bought 32 bottles November

► 01:37:26

me and 6 of my buddies are going to be and I'm like how do I return value guys at shipping for these bottles they go do it with people so it's me and M6 my friends were doing quarter shots and seeing if we get through all 32 of these weird Liquors you can quit a 32 x 1/4 I'm saying that's a lot of a lot of booze it's a lot of booze and some of them are really exciting summernats extra mouths going to be numb after like shot number 5 and also different alcohol by proof there different everyone's a different flavor they're all crazy so I guess it's just I'm very excited with this we're going to string it from compound at at my house yeah I found this one company from this is for credit for people if you want to have credit there's this company from Denmark you probably haven't heard them call empirical Spirits so this guy's like Willy Wonka this former chef and he figured out new ways to make liquor and he made one that's habanero but the capsaicin doesn't get through the distilling process

► 01:38:26

so I can't handle heat on a bitch you're drinking the taste of Habaneros without any of the Heat and then he made one would taste call Charlie McGee if the character from fire started it's like drinking smoke but it's smooth so it's really cool what's a habanero one cause I hate the name cuz it's so pedestrian cuz it's so creative what he's done it's called. Trump and his stupid fucking will know know the new kind of liquor I think they're distilling in the crazy sci-fi way and it's called fucktrump in the stupid fucking wall that's literally the name of it it sounds delicious it is I'm really excited about the idea of have an arrow without the heat although I do like heat there is say unfortunately we cannot this is so crazy that that is the actual

► 01:39:26

name of the booze and he's got one which is of what's that monetary what does IKR blood which is Russell Senate which is spices mixed with cocoa shells

► 01:39:46

I think that's what that need to go out I can get it for you what to say to the states in America that have it I have it I'll get you a bottle in Brooklyn the ones in Manhattan I don't know where the other one is it's really fun that is what is making out of tuna tuna fish turn into drinkable liquor Anthony show and some beer that's made with weed of the scientist guy drink some of that was a horrible very good fuck you up it was 100 mg in the whole bottle I drank about a third of the bottle and we go I was high for a couple hours

► 01:40:44

for me that was post over October so that we drink was the first marijuana it had on the whole month so kick your ass is pretty good I'm scared of this yeah you should be scared all that stuff fucktrump in the stupid fucking wall you should be scared of that right well that's sweet is it yeah that when I tried that when I tried it doesn't compare to something cuz he cuts it with habanero vinegar also so it's Gotta vinegar kick your Willy Wonka nothing's like it right so it's hard for me to have the vocabulary compare these two it's not too sweetness have a burn so it sits smooth the fires that Charlie Madea's one I really like the fire one it's so crazy if you like a dragon what's the alcohol content in something like this is 40 80 proof this once I think 54 proof so it's pretty strong kick

► 01:41:44

50 proof means 25% alcohol Wizards today they're doing all kinds of crafty things your fan of this there's so many creative people in every field was such a basic people non-consent sound like dude there's so much so what is an MPC is that a sign ecology thing yeah okay here we go as possible I'm going to show my age weapons store and you buy your sword are you by your armor there's a guy running that store within the game he does not exist outside of that store

► 01:42:44

he's there he's saying he's a non-player character and the point is the vast majority of humans are not mind outside their programming so they call it MSNBC or the call it in PC is a network and you'll go in the door press Carla be like orange man bad impeach 45 Russia and that's all they know how to say and you see this on Twitter where it's one thing when people say cliched ideas but they'll say cliched ideas in cliched way you're just repeating what has been program to you in your script that as soon as you mentioned certain terms is a knee-jerk speech that they give and once you identify it's like the Matrix like you see agent Smith everywhere there's some people that know that that's what that is and they accept it and they did do it anyway right and they know they can get away with it

► 01:43:44

they had to pull up Maddow NPC because there's a picture of her it said tonight on MSNBC orange man bad or like it's hilarious at the Twitter freak the fuck out and started Banning a lot of these accounts because this is really got calling a bluff on all these people like you give a reason but that's the extent of a reason theoretically sword ever explain its dehumanizing yes apparently that's super similar what about calling someone a fucking Nazi right why is that so easy cuz it when you're calling someone not so you are reading in the fact that we had the decency respect is the ultimate subhuman designation

► 01:44:43

not the actual thing you asked for but those memes of her as this yeah that's the third one that one that right there the outrage intellectual show

► 01:45:00

was really hilarious is listening to liberals go off on her look real progressives like Jimmy Dore right things everyone that left the same PC and convictions but the percentage of them said just follow the narrative is so small we just talked about earlier 90% of 10%

► 01:45:33

yeah Jimmy Dore goes off on her March me and the six friends it's my buddy Michael Wolff strength coach Matt who signs an immigrant my friend Paul another name for him so I said you're going to fall and Dave Smith we know he's getting excited from the Romney win and I said Paula just going to say Paul the MPC and he immediately went out and got a gray sweatshirt and gray ski mask to wear to just look like the name so I was very proud of all what what Romney win I'm not aware Ronnie says he's good he's a Mormon you got the message. However, you got Utah fruits he's so reasonable in comparison to Trump I like that. People would vote for him now I think he's going to think he's completely solace

► 01:46:33

people's offer reasonability he was for the attack he went to the left of Ted Kennedy for gay marriage that he's against it. She said it was the to the left of Ted Kennedy when it became the game area look up Romney Ted Kennedy gay rights against it cuz now he's running for the Republican president so the guy's a fucking funny yeah that's true like born in Mexico and he was going to be the Republican nominee in 68 or 72 and then he said he got brainwashed

► 01:47:21

and then there's like what the fuck is that mean Romney I'll be better than Ted for gay rights 1994 so what happened was brainwashed who I don't really want to see you say you're crazy in pervious yes good luck 25% tariff rate yourself is gas-lighting get me

► 01:48:04

if your gas lid that means you're crazy guess what means someone is making you feel insane that's your definition of that I don't think you understand that that's a weird I've only read it it's been a movie what movie Gaslight from the 40s where the husband is trying to convince the wife she's going insane things like changing the light bulbs and like fucking with their head suck the gas lights when you manipulate someone to believe they're going crazy

► 01:48:33

so how can someone say that Trump is manipulating them into believing they're going crazy they think that they think that he's making them crazy because he's just such an asshole that he's making them crazy is the weather like in such a liar that he's making me lose my sense of reality but the person was the recipient of gaslighting is not in a good place no matter how you try you're either losing touch with reality you're doubting things you're losing your mind you don't want to be that guy for that girl don't tease forty Sporty's I need to say that it's a brilliant idea it sounds like it sounds funny to time. Oh yeah yeah yeah I think it's I think it's her birthday yeah this is a major major film what a creative plot

► 01:49:30

that is that's very creative you know it's the most creative show I think like one of those creative and Innovative shows of all time is a Twilight Zone I'll be thinking about all the different premises they covered in the Twilight Zone like good Lord what a bounty of creative ideas right and every one of those like a Twist in it. Yeah he mailed it with a sick sense and then after that is like

► 01:49:59

I said the village was all like yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah you can walk to a road and a day you know how far is your 20 miles from people and you tell me people never got to your village did you guess the ending for the sixth sense I guessed it right away now I didn't okay I think I don't know I was just coming into work I guess the snow usual suspects also looking at it from a writer perspective it's like okay they have to show their hand in the first 2 minutes cuz then you could be like always been a lie the whole time so I'm like watching me like that I didn't see the one where the plants come alive and kill people I'm sure it's retarded yes

► 01:50:54

yes he was

► 01:50:58

mama why don't you never answer on see the doctor James Franco he played the Wahlberg's delete and Helena Bonham Carter James Franco was the one who was trying to he trained the chimp

► 01:51:18

and that's when the chimp went crazy and he was helping the Champs is going to be the first episode of Joe Rogan without chip mentions and here we go yeah Marky Mark what year is this it's the other one

► 01:51:41

really yeah there it is look at the image the 2001 right above that to the one to the right of that that I ever try to look at that a little bit of CGI right now it's totally amazing that's crazy that that was 2001 that's right that's right so that does that

► 01:52:05

I feel like this was a totally different one than the one that was for my 2010 like almost like it was a reboot like I don't think they were the same probably I think that I think that's true I said Universe I think it's a totally different thing Tim Burton so in this one Marky Mark comes to the Future and finds the Planet of the Apes in the whole deal but in the next one the next reboot which was the James Franco won James Franco was a part of the actual medical experiments at turn Caesar okay that's what it was just in a lot of Planet of the Apes movies peoples God damn except there that we are we are like really obsessed with chimpanzees I can't wait for the crossover with the Muslim Brotherhood movie going to do that anymore I think once they cancel the Connors that one up

► 01:53:05

yeah yeah that's what it is this the one that took place on 2011 look at that was the one where they explain the rise of the give him the injection and the chimp get super smart and their eyes change color there's like members eyes turn blue which is racist you have to be blue-eyed my smart thank you thank you and you something to them right what we talkin about we got to Planet of the Apes like what oh and I have not shown Shama Lama Ding Dong he had a few of those people that's why it's one of my Facebook Banner pics it's okay that was not bad if you're looking for a dumb horror movie it's like fun though

► 01:54:05

there was Chrissy Teigen I don't know who she is but she's famous she's got a lot of that she's one of those ones that I couldn't recognize her I couldn't pick her out of a lineup and I'm out of the loop yeah she tweeted out later after thinking all this time I'm going to vote for the Democrats and I just retweeted I got ya directed by M Night Shyamalan there's a fucking twist ending Hollywood lady vote for Democrats after thinking all this time I've been thinking for a 14 minutes yeah

► 01:54:35

what does that mean everything all this time I watched a few Candace Owens peaches and I'm not totally I'm just not sold no and then Connie had some good points but I don't know did you see the Candace Owens and Tomi lahren we're getting into it on Twitter today weeks ago it was hilarious she would use her name she goes all you know blah blah blah blah blah and Candice is like Tommy, like you're jealous cuz your careers of disaster blah blah blah blah ostensibly Kanye turned on Candice and ask what he say whatever I want to speak for her but she likes this whole thing and basically it was implied that he

► 01:55:35

I've always like I'm not I've been used by people in politics and not doing the ship was doomed to sing from the start but hunger for fame and money was placed over the movement funny how he was a free thinker and quotes before and now he's a traitor and quotes sounds a lot like a tactic of the left I like how you capitalize after you made your bed now lie in it maybe be

► 01:56:13

in factual Tommy I think I can expect to speak on behalf of people on both sides of the political aisle and say we are sorry about your failed career this is hilarious she saying that she's literally had a career in this for about 8 months and she's your failed career because she's to run an anti Trump website the docks excite you mean the desperation to be relevant Again by constantly subbing me and or attacking Kathy Griffin weekly for any movement grow lights grow up I always hear it in Cartman's voice

► 01:56:57

is that it they go out into the further or is it just one will be back and forth that's so silly Wednesday after West rejected claim that he designed or created blacks it t-shirts what is brexit black black lives I don't get out that Candace and are Kanye and they did it because of brexit yeah the blacks in Wax Center

► 01:57:33

it's not bad black exit have a black state is also black exit

► 01:57:40

yeah blaxploitation the movies right but exit is spelled e x i t you just have B L & N e x i t it's actually better if you want to be sure precisely spelling is better but in terms of how how it said I think blacks It's Not wax it I'd look what you like to have it in there just BL the beginning of it and it works I flex it also works to your idea of blacks it and let it go you're a writer you know how to kill your babies I don't have any black basic writing right I'll tell your darling to Kill Your Darlings brexit they were right do you think that ad is going to be a lot of people black people leading the Democratic party I don't think so no I think there's going to be a few that recognize that it's a genuine pathway

► 01:58:40

to attention and I think there's going to be a lot of people are going to sit home or African-American listen there is a few on both sides of the aisle that are contrarians and hucksters you know there's just two different types of the contrarian to people that don't like the fact that they are being told that as an African-American I have to vote Democrat and I have to lean left and then I fuck this you know how you don't tell me what to do and then they go that way I think we're getting a little bit of that from Kanye West and then there's people that recognize that there is there's a legitimate Pathway to start them to attention to you know it's just it's a career and being like reciting conservative talking points as an African-American some in specially you know if you can get a little juice on

► 01:59:34

you have some sort of argument with Tommy Lauren check or any of these I was confused her and Lauren Southern they're very different I know but they're both hot they're both hot plates on that's all that's what they're saying well I don't think it's fair to Lauren what do you mean

► 01:59:52

how the hell is Loren the superior to the time so you mean Lauren is better than Tommy I think Lauren Tommy is very much someone who's there to have a standard Republican point of view when she does well in Lauren is more kind of a filmmaker and she's much edgier I mean she is so she won't need a stray Leah there was all this beef beef about going Australia like today what they want to stop there talks she talks to the stock for controversial lots more controversial so I should get your not going to see if Lauren really on these like mainstream Outlets was referenced in a lot of the discussions I was having with people on Twitter about

► 02:00:52

people in South Africa who were farmers getting murdered Farmland getting angry at me and saying that I was reciting a racist conspiracy theory I'm like okay but this is a racist conspiracy theory that a black person was talking about in front of Congress took this is a black African guy talking about it on television in Africa the problems with Farm murders and then there was that guy who is the one who wants reparations who was in South Africa who's a very controversial character who is he was kicked out of one of their organizations for doing the song singing about killed a boar yes he's doing and making gun sounds in the audience is cheering around along with this song with gun sounds it's about killing Farmers it's a conspiracy theory of tactic that the press young people use to stretch out Converse

► 02:01:52

Mission if you think about it how did Weinstein was a conspiracy theory Bill Cosby was a conspiracy theory Kevin Spacey was a conspiracy theory everyone knew everyone the idea that a conspiracy theories inherently false is itself inherently false and it's just the way to stigmatize the school of thought or an idea that you want to talk about while it's also labeling it as a racist ideology you are immediately written and they also it was because of trump reciting it Trump had repeated it on television talking about something and in terms of the issue with South African Farmers it's but it's one of those things that they were talking about before we're even if they know the narrative is not true it's supports what they're trying to push right so they run with it and so I just kept tumbling down I kept posting all these different things about it I was like what what about this guy talk about it what about this what about the here's here's some instances of these murders and then

► 02:02:52

extremely violent there's a lot of violence and there's a lot of crime and some of it has to do with the fact these people that are in these Farms are Target's because they're out in the middle of nowhere and whether or not it's racist that they're going after them because they're white that's debatable but black farmers are also getting attacked it's not simply just white Farmers there is some of that though but then there's some of that it was some of them are going after these Farms because they're white and it just says thing that's really disturbing is our people of people happier if this is black people killing other black people at the Hutu and the Tutsis I was at the genocide and so yeah it's a problem when people are being killed regardless of their race and tribalism cuts across racial lines during apartheid and that the people who are alive today who might not have been around during the stealing of that land or benefiting from the fact that they are there living on Stolen land like that's all legitimate as well

► 02:03:52

so there's legitimate arguments in terms of like how the Lamb with procure in the first place and how the person is owning it today how they came to own it so there's it's it's complex it's very complex but it also has to do with this culture of violence in Africa in general right specially particular in South Africa where there's a lot of property and you know these people who are out in these farms in the middle of nowhere their targets people don't what politics from both sides wants to teach us is that Paula things are never complex right so if you have your little package and some things doesn't fit in that package you don't know what to make of it so you want to dismiss it cuz you have to do the work of reconsidering your assumptions and certainly don't discuss it publicly right you could be misconstrued or labeled as a race is right and I was looking at all these people labeling me as a racist I was like okay I see what you doing but I'm just going to keep posting these things because this is all what I'm saying is all being substantiated buy a bunch of different people were also

► 02:04:52

in South Africa like this this is a lot of what this discussion revolves around Surplus I go catch the boys off right right that's not the same as a cyst but you can't regard them is synonymous and one doesn't necessarily the other yeah it's the fact that racism I mean I think that racism is probably diminish somewhat between now and say like when we were what year were you born 76 do you think from 1976 to 2018 racism in this country has diminished don't you are mostly yes I think so I don't think it's a Brooklyn right so I don't really have friends were like waspy white people I can't imagine a situation when people are hanging out and saying like

► 02:05:52

racist things it what happened I think there's also the the reality of social media is that there are absolutely real repercussions for any sort of races out the anything you say anything that's any any Outburst anything that you say that in terms of like this you could if you're somewhere and you say something publicly that's racist someone could tweet that and it will ruin your life so I can post it on Facebook and it would ruin your life and I think that keeps legitimate racists from being as out with it which reduces racism overall because I think when less people are doing it it seems less culturally acceptable and then people change the way they think

► 02:06:52

but it's also it's easier to be racist when you're only talking to people who are like you but if you keep from all over the world in your life when you're seeing people who are acting similar to you cuz it's anonymously on the screen if they turn out to be black if I go okay this guy's not different for me difference between New York and Los Angeles is the fact that everybody integrates with everybody on the street they're all walking together they're all getting on subways together there in buildings together ever he's walking around together like it's all black and white brown and yellow and everybody's together now lame and everybody's in their cars and they go from car so their houses to go for the houses to their work and there's a lot of segregation just in terms of people just not interacting with other people in a normal day-to-day commuter type situation I know because when you everyone's

► 02:07:52

very very integrated very cool I love it I've never been there but but it's a really great City that's that was the last stop I might or oh before my Netflix special was Toronto when you're in Toronto and you're from Brooklyn you are the coolest person in the whole city everyone I tell you like at least five or six people made a point to tell me the guy from Brooklyn to Brooklyn Pizza in Toronto is excellent as it being like you guys are assholes i o s s i l Oregon and then make it all gourmet and amazing and I was there like the creativity great place there's a lot of great restaurants

► 02:08:52

the great International Melting Pot like a legit Melting Pot and it's really funny because they're all passive aggressive right so you can pop their buttons and get them to lose their shit it's hard to do but when you get the Canadiens freaking out it's really fun you're one of the rare happy intelligent well-educated successful people who also considers themselves the troll yeah I guess it's pretty rare cuz you do it with a smile on your face like a genuine playfulness to it yes right where it where is a lot of people if there's a bitterness and resentment if someone doesn't agree with me or I don't agree with them or if I don't like their the music or their TV I wish them well I wish their family will just cuz we can't be friends as me something that should happen to you and you can wrap their heads around different political person for me I want you to die that's okay so it's fun

► 02:09:52

Trump wants to build a wall in the South Hitler built the Berlin Wall wake up people and I can move some arguments do go on for days I I follow a few arguments and I'm not involved in and I'll just go and get my toe and she wondered how much you guys are still going to be like Christ dude yeah it's fun to take into account the sheer amount of time and constructing these zingers and these these paragraphs and then and then Googling the facts and then posting relevant studies and the fact that people just felt so obsessed on it you know they're not just upsets me but I'm going to sit right now seeing it up in their head and trying to figure out a way to win I don't argue with people really so they come out

► 02:10:52

yeah but you like to fuck with them I do like to fuck with them why do you like to talk with them is it because they're non-player characters you want to wind them up and have a bouncing off the walls and liquor store they don't have to visit anymore that could be part of it I think it's just it's if it makes me it's funny to me how life is a great fun adventure are you more towards many hats in your life so if I write and you never know what's going to happen next and if you have the sense of appreciation enjoy for it I think that's the best in right attitude if you take everything so in some some some blue checked assholes because myself on Twitter is wrong how does that affect you fine I'm an asshole what do you care so it's very funny to me how easily people flip their shit this is the one how people who are marginally intelligent think they're brilliant and how quick they assume everyone around them some more on everyone is ignorant of 99% of human knowledge and just because someone smarter than you doesn't mean they going to be right in an argument they might not have the access to Daddy you have arthritis I see something

► 02:11:52

the people who are smart and intelligent think they know it all it's like no you don't you know almost nothing and as well as do all of us yes that's a really good point most people know almost nothing about everything correct and that's okay doesn't make them bad people you don't know how to spell it's okay that's the such a great point because lack of information does not mean lack of intelligence right at but also a presence of intelligences mean presence of information or presence of information doesn't mean a present of until correct yeah it's me but they're actually wrong cuz the first thing I say is I'm Michael malice and let this be your welcome so they're wrong and every level but they still got to jump in Kennedy just retweeted it out you're welcome you know I don't you think maybe an author and Brooklyn spelling bee champion thank you very much and I did yes I want Brooklyn Ivan jacket if it's now don't you think baby

► 02:12:52

what year was the safe I didn't you were the Brooklyn Nine the jacket still fits it fits now it didn't fit then I come I grew a little bit also they gave you a jacket that that you would fit into it eventually know everyone gets the same size jacket cuz it's from like 8 to 10 or 6:10 to 14 one-size-fits-all The Daily News so if you were football player or if you are a nerd players in the spelling bee I should run that one

► 02:13:24

set up registering your part against football player and none of this later. I'm sure there are no shoulders to be at the Garden in 1980 with the sex isn't like that wow you are in Madison Square Garden yeah that's how far to Madison Square Garden is like a small water heater going where was UFC press conference in a way in and that was not that big fat no no that was a different one that was just last weekend and that was a tiny one I want to say looked like it was no more than

► 02:14:18

maybe thousand 1500 people seem small you know it seem like a small little maybe it's called the Hulu how many seats is that bad boy I want to see a 2008 or 2000

► 02:14:33

cuz I've done the other one which is 6000

► 02:14:36

5500 is it really wow that's crazy so there's more than one theater though but there's the big theater and there's more than one little theater or am I wrong

► 02:14:48

I think so but the little one that you're talking about doesn't really come up cuz not tons of events at it that writes people look way smaller than that, but still that's pretty dope when the fucking spelling bee Champion yeah did you stick in their baby's face for a couple weeks afterwards they Elementary School 2000 first one ever do that the chicks look at you differently do you remember this damn does it help being on Fox News two chicks look at you differently because of that not in a good way when you're on TV and doing panels and things like that you were talking to women who are not only beautiful there also extremely well-spoken and great conversationalist

► 02:15:48

set of human beings who are good conversationalist is like 1% so it's very hard to date cuz it's like I don't care but she'll in your office and how she's giving you headaches so it sucks you up and it's also hard to meet people because you know me people in green rooms but it's hard for me to meet people day today it's tough out there for a Pimp so we basically saying to really articulate woman who's also has a career of her own and then you got to pretend you're dumber than this dude because because you got to be smart and funny but you can't threaten his male ego impressed with some of those women I mean cuz they got to look amazing and they're all so funny and quick on their feet and an informed that the whole

► 02:16:48

I've I've got to sit in the lecture once it was when the Great bucket list moments of my life yeah when it comes to that yeah they can work pants now well it's not just that I'm saying having really hot women talk about policy talk about important issues that was Rogers Innovation and that's the big mistake I think they get a bad rap cuz it's like oh they're just like bobbleheads these women are very smart you would Miss America cuz of also being able to speak well it's not just how you look in a bathing suit these women are all type A overachievers

► 02:17:32

they're still having Miss America now but now they don't wear bathing suits right oh God this is one of the jokes that got caught can I tell this notes I just told you yesterday like I said I was on Kennedy show and they were cutting the miss being sued for Miss Teen USA and I said can you ask the producers if it's okay for me to say JonBenet Ramsey spinning in her grave

► 02:17:52

and can you go snow like like now so I couldn't say that truck that's a rough one that's a good one good one I was in Dallas once and me and Joey Diaz and Duncan were there for a stand up and that we're staying at this hotel and in the hotel they were having a little kid beauty contest and it was fucking twist oh yeah I'm talking like five six year old girls wearing high heels paint makeup for paint yeah warpaint yeah they look like drag queens it was but it was just strange yeah it was like they were impersonating grown women right and it does very sexualized right it's so creepy to see them little tiny girls with little tiny feet trying to walk around stiletto heels right and bras and Saturday yeah yeah yeah

► 02:18:52

is it do they look at it more fucked up in person yeah yeah I never seen before and then to be around them what you feel scared you know I've never seen this in real life I was fucking strange passing by this Ballroom where it was going on so they're all Milling out into the hallway and we were walking through and I was like this is fucking strange it was so many of them and you know and it's like these fat moms that look like a what's up that's what they look like they all look like that looks strange in the day that too much lipstick on and you know they're wearing weird clothes and Sal's and they got their little kids dressed up like grown women that's so sweet even if they're not wearing the makeup it's still extremely competitive in your fucking with the kids emotions yes and it's competitive in a way that you're basically just judging them on their physical presence and maybe some

► 02:19:52

shity singing yeah they're doing yeah and for what

► 02:19:58

for the tap dance or something where they do that then the shopping in this but these are real Israel contest like they stick their butt out and

► 02:20:20

the best frosted hair good Lord just highlights from Mom yet it's one of those weird Traditions were people going to look back in the future and then what the fuck were people thinking do you know I when I had her on my break I asked her clock wizard Miss America questions there used to be a rule that I think is really like 14 or before Miss America had to be of the white race long ago yep I think the 50s or 60s was it was like a 20

► 02:20:53

and there was drama with Bess Myerson who's the first and only today Jewish Miss America, like she Jewish I think they ask her to change her to change her name

► 02:21:04

this is what something maybe Smith something a little send ya something a little less ethnic something white what year was that

► 02:21:17

I looked up Cheryl Brown 1970 was the first black Miss America after they abolish the rule that rule number 7 that was instituted during the 1930s that contestants must be a good health and like how I race are named Brown to but you can't change that name is this this time I mean I know you enjoy chaos offend you you enjoy you enjoy watching ships of fools crashed the Rocks really do is this time fruitful for you it gets better and better every day or something I'm so happy all the time but you have any concerns that this is going to go horribly wrong we're going to wind up in a nuclear war with Russia

► 02:22:16

Cold War. Of course that the Cuban Missile Crisis and walk through and both of them refused to press the button even a simulation they both said if we get nuked we get Nuketown that fucking retaliating feeling was a people so I think this idea remember that Trump has his finger in the clear button he's going to be moving people all the time it's like he's never got in a fist fight so it's going to be it takes a lot to her and Joe Biden said of Joe Biden's I thought I would knock out Joe Biden Joe Biden would go down fast and hard so he said

► 02:23:02

I talked about in the beginning of my Netflix special cuz it was so ridiculous I was like I want to try to make this happen like you're great at everything you'd be great at fighting two old men like Trump and Biden fight

► 02:23:22

yeah to the death if it would be amazing it probably be the biggest Pay-Per-View event in history the world I've got you Manny Pacquiao Floyd Mayweather the first fight okay I'll get these guys is this in Russian how he falls that's how Ruth Bader Ginsburg broke her ribs they don't talk about that but he's got no balance lick his hips are bad to pull a kick stop

► 02:24:21

she's on Grounded better calling his fight like you he's thinking about Sucker Punch karate chop you in the face a real careful when you see a guy moving funny with the right size car looks like it was a key I think it said you know what this is like the only in Russia and it just rush it I look at him I thought this is my jeans it snowing say he's moved to bed I'm going to butcher it cuz I'm going to freshen up and I figured out what to do

► 02:25:21

what you doing you think this bad neighborhood any cuz I just put on a Russian accent

► 02:25:29

you're definitely not regular why people are the worst Russian women they will fucking cut your laugh at your bleeding Old Country what about Russian woman that you encounter today is their liberated so they're they're bruselas they're very hot but I can't do it I can't do it at the documentary was the free Pussy Riot t-shirt I don't even know what they did wrong but somewhere in that shirt yeah that's that it's Ball Z to criticize Putin a band or you're a journalist like whatever you're doing that guy has killed a lot of fun and laughs about it you know the Super Bowl ring story

► 02:26:29

Simpson actually told me that there was a Super Bowl winner who visited Putin and it has talking to Putin Putin a sin to see the ranks of the Super Bowl ring and Putin holes on do it put someone's finger walks away and then the guy starts with put the fucking ring

► 02:26:55

Mission with my friend Sandy while we're just giving out at rings

► 02:27:02

I showed Sandy my ringing he said why don't you show it to the president and I showed it to him and he put it on and

► 02:27:11

he sort of enjoyed it so we kept it on

► 02:27:18

she wants his version of it there there's a version of it an actual article that's more detailed or it talks about how they you know he asked for it back and they were like no here's what happened other thing is how to troll Angela Merkel in the story Angela Merkel is head of Germany Germany she's terrified of dogs so he brings out his giant like black lab but you're the sweetest breed and his photos look up food and dog and she sitting there terrified to look at it and the dog sniffing her it's a good lap and he's just sitting here fucking laughing like an asshole he's like oh I didn't know she was scared of how many world leaders are you bringing your dog out to meet other than her and the body language that her yellow lab can we look at our house that was so funny

► 02:28:13

he's an asshole he's it's it's very strange what he's been able to do LOL yeah did you see the assassination attempt for the guy drove into his car full clip change lanes on the highway and and went into the oncoming Lane into the fast lane on the other side full clip slammed into his car and killed his driver but he wasn't in the car oh my God I hope it's wow it was an assassination attempt and they just didn't know that he wasn't in the car but the fact they were able to cut through the lane get into the center where you know they're there they have access to the oncoming lanes and pick his car out of all the car to me that it had to be coordinated with someone because it will just do it from the beginning the beginning was a better version of it then there's a better version of it out there in the better version of it you see the guy change language

► 02:29:13

yeah and slam in and had to know that that's where his car was killed him killed the driver but Putin was not in the car but it was Putin's car while he just knew probably something was up I mean he must have a bunch of people feeding him information all the time and how many assassination attempts have there been on that guy Obama and Trump there been funny yes yes yes yes hit the victim and it's and also are you don't want to give these people attention in all fairness I think that's a good way to be like all right let's not talk about this but you want to talk about so that's more depressed I think

► 02:30:04

yeah but I mean he's been able to run Russia for a long time hell yeah I mean he had his number there's like Teddy Roosevelt and Taft he had his number to Internal in Mexico so you can be present I was like okay OK Google mr. Putin Russian love aggression we love someone who is nasty and an asshole why is a 20 year old man in Vegas pulled a gun from a Las Vegas police officer and tried to do so I don't know if I got a rally. I mean that I mean that scam on the 20 years old probably do know Brett and I thinking it over state is Visa or something

► 02:31:02

crazy man

► 02:31:05

what's the heat Trump just giving a talk and there's a with Trump and said there's a boom and he goes you missed who actually try to pull gum from the host of the police officer Trump rally in Las Vegas on Saturday he was arrested later told Secret Service that he had driven to the event from California and had been planning to kill the candidate for a year before he was president or maybe a few months before the election but there's been other attempts on him

► 02:31:39

well if they're saying and I'm sure they're telling the truth well

► 02:31:48

it's crazy that he wanted the job well it's scary for I mean it and I mean look at it Gabby Giffords in Arizona I mean I don't believe in voting but she had this tweet about like a she went and voted and I couldn't think of a better Provo big argument that she kind of like look you know you don't believe in voting now I just got on him yeah what does that mean I don't think it's I don't do it I don't Guardian I just don't think it's legitimate voting democracy in any way to talk to me for 4 years talk to me for 4 years is make any sense if I wanted someone to speak for me I'll hire them

► 02:32:28

and the idea that me and my neighbors have to be locked into some Paulo day because we're geographically close to each other is landline technology in a post cell phone world

► 02:32:38

so how do you think things should be run you organize based on how you want a line with On Any Given context like I'm a line with Macy's when it comes to my clothes and I'm a line with you when it comes to talk you don't have that one guy speak for you for abortion and for the borders and for taxes

► 02:32:57

I mean I don't believe any of that stuff this is a very old old model I agree that it's a very old model but the problem is we don't have any other one surely do because the voluntary and you aren't you come together to people as you need to go your separate ways and is very very Dynamic so this idea that you're stuck with this person cuz a lot of people like him for 4 years and they speak for you it and it makes no sense to me it does not make sense but it's also we feel like we need some sort of a representation of us if you're going to have some sort of a summit with a guy like Putin shirt or someone Kim jeong-hoon or whatever it is whoever it is someone needs to speak for us right it is a reaction but the point is I don't have a lot of people say Trump's not my president he doesn't speak for me and they have a right to say that and the idea that just cuz someone wins a contest therefore he's the boss of me what do you think about voting when it comes to legitimate concerns like raising the speed limit and reducing taxes doing this

► 02:33:57

not like fixing roads like certain things that we need to get done

► 02:34:03

I don't I don't do it I mean that makes more sense to me because it's a direct representation but even that should be up to majority rule I mean people who understand the Dynamics of speed limits in cars should have informed say rather than right but then there's influenced by the insurance companies and this is why rates it is why things changed Outlaws able to go out one way or another it's going to be one right one side going too much work like marijuana laws you know what all these the tobacco and alcohol companies trying to make sure that marijuana is not legal in all these this propaganda that you have because they don't want competitors when you rather have people behind and drunk like it's dad's coming home from work I'd rather he had a joint that a six-pack I mean to send that yet historically just cuz I'll call you when popular that's what's legal makes no sense driving versus driving stoned everyone got going to slow the other ones

► 02:35:03

drive slow or slow down together in Alliance right now

► 02:35:09

yeah I don't I don't think that the system that we have now is great but to just not participate at all like different dissipate obviously if I'm in the public figure it out so just discourse I mean I don't think the idea that you're flipping a switch means you're actually making a difference I think that you're doing something secret once every four years you're not actually participate that something people like to tell themselves it's like getting a communion wafer do you think that it's our camp also to have this timeline of four years and especially when it comes to like registering to vote I think that's the most archaic thing ever they have to go somewhere to do it I mean while you have a driver's license if you're driving around you have a driver's license if you have a driver's license you should be able to vote sure Citizen and you're about criminals

► 02:36:09

more life you've done your time for non-violent crime I think what I'm really excited about what happened to politics this week was Jeff sessions getting fired because he wouldn't let me this is one of the reasons I hate the Press when Kim Kardashian went to the White House they all clown her Kim Kardashian save the ladies life to the White House to talk about prison reform and to talk about people who are innocent in jail right now and she brought the case to Donald Trump them crying you tell him that haha Kim Kardashian Kanye West when he went to the White House he talked prison reform he said people who are not viable the point is it would be the greatest thing for Freedom ever if the Republican Party tradition Law & Order party where to position to be more liberal about prison sets in cuz a lot of people don't need to be

► 02:37:09

was dealing weed is that really appropriate so sessions was when the big opponents of this he's not he thinks marijuana and heroin are basically the same so if he's gone this is a great opportunity for both parties to work together and a lot of people do not need to be in jail at least expensive as fuck he also said something that was one of the most ridiculous things overheard good people don't smoke marijuana that's really if you don't serve a like what the fuck are you talking about where he lives in some 1950s Norman Rockwell painting like he lives in a idealistic portrayal of life not life itself but it and it's such a blanket statement which I don't mean that kind of been a piece of shit for a long time if you go back and some of his choices and some of his decisions what decades ago he was taught to be too creepy for the Supreme Court he was not to be too creepy for politics you stop.

► 02:38:09

images of scary guy well now he's gone thankfully so I could do some people are supporting him and forced him out good if that's the best indoor is like different states Republican stuff supposedly for the last whatever decades word for states rights that every state decide they can compete we had that with marijuana legalization some had full-blown Summit Medical some had none this is out of the mall supposed to work concessions wasn't even though it's still ostensibly legal to Federal levels fuck you Federal and the state level actually did write yeah they did have some raids during his administration I was on a grand jury duty and I talked to let people off about marijuana stuff

► 02:39:09

cuz I'm like you don't have to indict on this like why why you want to ruin someone's life what was the jury about you have a bunch of cases you know so I can't get that I was like people from all walks of life are very receptive to the idea of when you think about what jail means it's so fucked up and people just like when somebody so they want to be punished even if someone should be punished. Punishment should be jail it's not the same thing and if someone's not at their house arrest for example and locked in with a roommate I don't want a roommate but my roommate is also locked in cage and only other males early about empathy and how important that is in about how easy it is for people to just dismiss people right you know what they call today to cancel culture my people just want things cancelled just one thing shut them down get rid of them for us about firearm take away his

► 02:40:09

takeaways gig I mean the end then and I'll put him in jail like this to put him in jail thing to me so here's a big one taxes like if you don't pay your taxes that put you in jail for child support myself support she gets a government Department if a guy doesn't pay child support he goes to jail

► 02:40:33

yeah you can't bring me money when you're in jail and circle that money when you get out who's that help to pay is not another so they try to make the punishment as terrible as possible so that you you motivate them to pay sure but at a certain point it's like it's I don't think it's conscionable to really be sending the jail is so bad it really needs to be someone who's a danger to society if they're walking around house yeah why do they need to go to jail or if they can do that and then people don't even think of those terms cuz you lose your Humanity once your criminals like you're not human and wait and wait and there's a joke that like a conservative

► 02:41:33

April has been mugged and a liberal or conservative whose head interactions with the law it's like once you interact the lawn my friend of lies or when she's a public defender she's great it's like it's really easy Once the eye on you and your criminal she goes out the window really fucking quick and it's very scary and there's people that are prosecutors they're trying to win job is their job is not to make sure that everything is being done correctly I am that you're being represented accurately and that the job is there's a case I cases against you you're on trial win the trial right that's my job it's a game and it has to be their job this is the problem that I've said with law enforcement. When cops see people they think of those people as a possible arrest right and there's a game and they've been lied to by so many ear cop you're dealing with people all day long they're lying to you meet some new purse and you automatically assume they're lying to

► 02:42:33

as well right and then things get weird there's a great video called do not cooperate with the police and it was like a law professor I believe and he had the cop standing right next to me told the cop anything I said it's wrong to jump in correct me and his brought out to somewhere quickly is you can't talk your way out of an arrest that you could talk you into one so he's like do not ever talk to them just say thank you and no upside and there are they say to you explicitly anything you say can and will be used against you know how far am I screw driver I need my eyes ultimate legal case public legal case or one of the ultimate ones is Julian Assange oh yeah that's a weird he hasn't seen sunlight in months no internet access

► 02:43:33

sweet and they want him they want him in Britain and I don't think I've been charges filed against him here yet technically but I'm sure that they want is having a platter of what they want him for so Preposterous it's so not worried yeah it's like it yeah activation instead of being a mobster right yeah but it's it it's interesting because I would think that someone like Trump who is such a conspiracy minded person would actually like Julian Assange cuz I'm sure there's been I mean I don't know what he's ever said in the past but I think I'm anti anti Wikileaks from the start

► 02:44:12

that's okay cuz there was something Julian Assange tweet to my friend Cassandra Fairbanks she's a big support of him and she's like well there goes the idea of clemency or pardon

► 02:44:21

Trump tweeted or no Julian I think

► 02:44:26

a man has a piece of prison virtual prisoner that end he can get visitors though things taken away by how long does it stay there it's been years they can't they won't let him I don't think that I don't think he ever could on the balcony okay now I know he doesn't sound like that I'm positive that's terrible yeah I don't know I don't know haven't you softly pale to begin with if you don't get vitamin D like you can get really sick at 6 years

► 02:45:25

June how much Solitaire can you play and you don't even have internet anymore isn't internet for how many months I didn't know if it in there that March 27th they were suspended for the fuck who the hell is over at Wikileaks still running shit yeah that's crazy how does that one play out I mean their there they're really what they're doing for sure when we talked about punishment being a deterrent in certain situations that is absolutely a determiner they make an example of what I owe ya ya was Chelsea Manning's out now she just had a surgery

► 02:46:18

what surgery that prevent Center sweetheart I haven't I had a vagina oh okay

► 02:46:27

where you go yeah she's out she's out shopping and maybe using that thing I met her at she came to an event or nice butt

► 02:46:40

she's out she's out she's been out for Alabama pardon her and her sentence he's locked away forever in the embassy and then there's Snowden who's also hiding right and Russia right what and actually a lot of East Asia

► 02:46:57

after almost a decade of fighting through prison the courts a hunger strike and through the insurance company I finally got surgery this week not Lasik apparently she's wearing glasses from yesterday better learn how to write those arms back we're pretty quick I'll be out there later later in Russian the letters with fake from a spaceship

► 02:47:45

Lake Snowden is he's fuck to write I mean he can't even be public in Russia yeah but they must know where he is though I mean there's no way the intelligence Community is doesn't have a fucking full line on exactly where that guy is it all yeah I've got to think they know where Snowden is I can't get them all the time yeah that's just how does that guy go on like is he just in hiding getting his restaurants and I like sneaking in like where it where is it how does it get around yeah I don't know

► 02:48:41


► 02:48:43

I just looked them up the Google's like kind of broken here's a example of it it says when did he die and then it just highlights a date and doesn't say is not dead so Snowden food in Hong Kong

► 02:48:55

where he was staying there but that was part of his whole trip he had to go through this whole journey through a bunch of countries it is weird is that guy just that's him forever that's that's what he does who said he just has to hide I think so or maybe he's safe and Russian foods having there's a fuck you to us yeah I mean it must have something to do with it the Putin's deciding to do this and do it unless it's an advantage to him

► 02:49:28

this is strange you know it's strange these things just feeds floating like a den of chapters to the store is there just

► 02:49:43

you know we all know about what they don't get resolved right there yeah yeah yeah yeah since I've been there everyone still there and like think about 6 years of songs has been in that one building 6 fucking itself and all the people jail also for the jail for 6 years just a week

► 02:50:05

6 fucking you think about you were 6 years ago where I was 6 months. Just like 6 years and things are deteriorating interested he doesn't have any internet yeah can't see sunlight knowing that the most powerful people in the world were doing everything they can to fucking put you in jail for life and you kind of already are in a sense

► 02:50:31

I can't see Julian Assange never in the rest of his life probably going to be able to like take a jog around the park like I've ever known ever walk a dog

► 02:50:40

yeah it's over it's it's scary and the thing is a lot of the ship that almost all the shit that he put out is true oh yeah that's what's crazy it's like he's doing instead of getting up in the Press Corps and just pitching a fit yeah but it is there's real repercussions for doing what he did and that's what they're letting us know why is like what are you getting for secret sex or surprised that website and Twitter account also of the same name and they tweeted this out couple days ago sad sorry I never heard of it says the latest case in the Trump Administration Crackdown on leaks Natalie Edwards US Treasury employee was arrested in charge of giving suspicious bank records involving Trump campaign Associates Paul manafort and Rick gates to a news Outlet

► 02:51:36

in the legal complaint the justice department cited word-for-word conversation she allegedly had with reporter over an encrypted messaging app the government claimed it got a hold of her phone and with it her encrypted messages with the reporter now she faces prison time

► 02:51:56

dude I'll report it should be using apps that this this make all their messages disappear like signaling screenshots now I think something you can't it's disabled automatically take a picture of your phone with another phone signal signal signal and secure job until what is signal at what do you do with signal basically it's a screenshot interesting

► 02:52:36

and it's it's it's not hackable apparently it's the best one

► 02:52:40

it's amore it's the better version of WhatsApp

► 02:52:44

what else Michael Smith discuss we can talk about when it comes out May 14th what's it called when you write the new right then you right now what's the new right then you write our nice way of saying alright if they're included in that I was Charlottsville and interesting how stupid where they miss these people are affected cuz they're bright it's like any fun at 90%. Miller brighten and how many population in have 90% vs 10% so there are people in that group for sophisticated this is why they're getting traction it up correct

► 02:53:32

so Evil Geniuses

► 02:53:35

I like to refer to myself as an evil genius I know that I want to be lumped in with that term but yeah I mean I mean they're dangerous in that sense manipulative and write and write and as soon as they start talking you see them as human beings it's very hard to dismiss people and their ideas and it depressed won't talk about those ideas it's with the rug and they're saying things you never heard before right away there's an element of intrigue for the right is such a dirty word now the right like just saying it's always been a dirty word in the past was much worse in my lifetime but all the good people and they just waiting do you think that that's a strategy or did you really what what evidence do you have the points to it being a strategy because if you have news articles they will always use the term far right

► 02:54:34

pejorative they never use the term for left that's true it's a complete asymmetry in different countries you have all these nationalist movements and they're always referred to as far right because they're usually moderates when it comes to things like Social Security or government spending there just on one issue nationalist but they're far right front so that's the way too kind of love them in with the Nazis and in many cases they aren't at all Nigel farage is an example this hit when he took over you kept and the whole British Independence Movement he fought against they're not the white supremacist cuz they wanted tied together cuz no no that's not worry about and this is one of his big accomplishments while he's just so inexorably connected to brexit Yes it all anybody thinks about him is racism right that's fine tent yeah well it's also just convenience sloppy lazy thinking by a lot of people wear. It's just too many things to pay attention to right now and if you just tell brexit bad what exit racist Dove definition of a racist is so

► 02:55:34

things that are progressive doesn't like it used to be all used to be like nerds used to be out left eye used to be like alternative music all accommodate all this but like Sonic Youth people don't say that anymore but even in, he didn't use the term alt rooms but all, it was a thing yes but now people stop using it it's alright yeah they just use the UCB we're going to UCB say I'm going to the alt rooms but sometimes people do refer like it sometimes there's there's like a little bit of residual left over with some sometimes Comics will still use at work but alt if someone said all he sought you would Auto automatically assumed they were like really low-key left-wing Progressive that was alt now all that is alt-right what I

► 02:56:34


► 02:56:36

Nazi you know Milo of the NPC script is all right like if the person is to the right of Hillary Clinton then execute all right. Exe and you just give him the whole speech yeah so it's it's it's I need the disc course in this country is completely collapsed and I love it why do you love it though the discourses class people sit down and have a talk about my life and freedom it's going to end badly for me so if people can't talk to each other about this maybe we'll go our separate ways and live peacefully

► 02:57:09

so you'd rather not talk about it and just go peacefully is over your political opinions and preferences should have as much impact in my life as their sexual preferences you want to do do you want to have a threesome I don't like I care for my friend and that I'm interested but it's not going to impact me in the shin impact me and same thing with the owe you one more welfare grade go live your life that weren't so it would be shouting match on your front door and it said of you and your buddies coming of us going to shit out of my kids I didn't know what that means I was going to say disengaging from political discourse as a strategy for just overall civility purpose to make it so that people can't actually form call think anything. But it is amazing how personal people take other people's opinions on things

► 02:58:09

going to get along that is a very weak correlation and there's lots of people who are right-wing for good people and has lots of people were left wing for a good people and is lots of people or right-wing or bad people there's a very weak correlation between this it's a cultural signifier you probably came from the same culture cuz people just take the culture where they grew up with but if you're going to just dismiss entire schools of thought just cuz they vote differently from you is a personal level that's you're missing out on a lot of quality people I couldn't agree more. Tell me about your book 1 may may not come back on again I love you

► 02:58:51

I ready

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National people take other people's opinions on things that is a very weak correlation and there's lots of people who are right-wing for good people and has lots of people who were left wing for a good people and is lots of people or right-wing for a bad people there's a very weak correlation between it's a cultural signifier you probably came from the same culture cuz people just take the culture of where they grew up with but if you're going to just dismiss entire schools of thought just cuz they vote differently from you is a personal level that you're missing out on a lot of quality people I couldn't agree more with that tell me about your book 1 May May May 14th I love it I love you Jeff

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