#1256 - David Lee Roth

The Joe Rogan Experience #1256 - David Lee Roth

February 28, 2019

David Lee Roth is the lead singer of multi-platnium hard rock band from Southern California, Van Halen. https://inktheoriginal.com/

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please gentlemen my guest today is one of the baddest motherfukers in the history of Music one of the all-time great rock and roll frontman and a very interesting and cool dude please give it up for the Great and Powerful David Lee Roth

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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Blossom rock as live is life will ever possibly get on the intergrid international couldn't see man you really do look great you look healthy look vibrant you look surprised look so surprised I haven't been to sleep since I didn't miss anything but I'm a little groggy but I'm good to go along with you you expect a disintegration and my kind of job and Lemmy from Motorhead style needs term that succinctly put means that which is perfect cuz it's a little fucked up your favorite jeans very well be seen on an old car very well that's up

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increase but I don't know if he traded his celebrity did you know how show me how you do that and how many times should I lift this what happens if I fall off of this going this fast but you used to train right used to didn't you train with Benny urquidez oh yeah I went through martial arts the first time let me go back to I lived in student housing up until I was a teenager okay and it was a time when you bought one pay pressure 2 time and most of my values come from that Public Library I learn to swim in a public swimming pool

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and my dad finished medical school I happened I wasn't planned in the 50s that happened a lot and we had a lot a lot of patients who were trying to find the periphery of Pasadena California which is where we came in Indiana with a Massachusetts grow up around the hospital's dinner make going to the hospital meet Dad and when we came out to LA Japanese were Spanish-speaking people seriously enough running story was that there were six Spanish-speaking people at UCLA and three of them were in garden

► 00:08:44

not really that way back in the 60s that was today is only massive amounts of percentages of its kind in the first and a half now things have really changed a mantel to wall Riders I've got really well I got a 51 Mercury chopped where are the horses Journey listening in with five layers and I'm not driving anywhere

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but here free samples t-shirt weather so you know the Great Outdoors means but I always trip first time I ever we were just playing with a sword there and that's not a summer I swear that's like calling a 9 millimeter of Police gun yeah, cuz they use but that's a cut that we're playing with that a little bit first time somebody handed me those were with the Buddhist temple in Pasadena 19th 1965 and there was a demonstration of the Japanese culture thank you for darts and stuff and then he's going to take somebody from the audience and my Dad push me

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and I walked out in the middle of that floor and held it here hold that sort just like you said wow that's what is that 100 year old sore from the 1500 Ram oh what am I hear something like this first time I held that sir is like out of a graphic novel lightning Japanese for lightning

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you went and lived until I glass my talk to you were living in Japan by Wolves the wrestling on Sunday

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and I'm working my way up through Ed Parker's American Kenpo system and someday I'm going to Jay pain from this stuff not putting on a pork barrel AXA to make it entertaining but I did and I started exactly like I did in Barham Boulevard make it rock and roll with the my TV my Van Halen in the late 70s an apartment in Midtown Tokyo I did not know a single person I didn't know a syllable of Japanese I had no idea where I was and no I can't drive on the left side of the street I barely carry a cell phone carrier

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and I suspect it up lifetime of Adventure you do all the traveling come on artist to artist your home everywhere now aren't you the one in the room especially if there's conflict which there always is when you first start learning Japanese comes in three stages first you watch kids shows on television

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cuz they pronounce everything and nobody interrupts then you watch the news

► 00:12:37

everybody speaks with a perfect accent bigger words nobody interrupts and then you start going with me to the movies in the middle of the day on Tuesday and Tokyo it cans and you're the only pale face in the room it's all in Japanese and it's the movies everybody's interrupting everybody shooting screaming Sirens airplanes going by and if you can begin to decipher even one character

► 00:13:02

then you'll develop ears meme do you know how to write it what you practice that certainly is cross training there are a lot of schools for example a Hebrew school

► 00:13:16

you always hear about Huber school before you go to Bar Mitzvah class it's an ancient way of wait a minute got to develop the side of your brain by correlating designs with language with meaning that may not actually be in nobody's walking around speaking Hebrew after all the only four Summers which developed that side of your brain to where you start to have a capacity to learn accelerated which all your best musicians speak a couple languages are best politicians all your best artists Architects while your best design folks and a couple of language it's no secret that you develop that side of your brain if your kids don't speak Spanish get after a language

► 00:14:01

you'll see the difference you don't I get every single day every like all that Roth University and took you every morning 2 hours Gym Class B speaking the language I can get things done for you but I'm not conversant that you follow the end result is that it's cross training right long-term memory my short-term memory

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is little too short but you'll see the difference in your ability to remember what you read to start remembering everything you see sometimes it's dangerous because of the fact that you learning this new thing so you're activating this part of your brain yeah just started off with little kids and art class for example where you take a pencil and you guys just a pencil what else could it be on this environments are stick shift about that mean I'm a hero and you can start to think in those terms using actual language

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movement same thing at this point in your career with jiu-jitsu and grappling you have a vocabulary that starts to expand expand by having to learn and Challenge and challenge

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people Marvel at Anthony Bourdain everywhere no matter what somebody might say or posture or present he was able to Let It Go by when later or no will do that right here when you think he just had a fascinating mine for travel and food and culture and he just wanted to know everything about how these people thought about the world and saw things differently and if you kind of feel bad now for people that don't travel I really do it's just I feel like you're missing so much of what a human being is travel is a little bit perhaps like music or looking at art on the wall China have to have somebody teach you how to do it a little thing that

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get really bored with technical boxing it might be the best some jazz yeah you are trained what's the district use voice cuz you were there any jazz or not at a jazz and I've never liked the like his background music but I'm a good friend my friend Alonzo bodden is a jazz Aficionado and he like host Jazz chores and stuff and he's a stand-up comic so he'll do like comedy in these things and he just loves it and he lives for it well I see the look on your face just because nobody taught you how to taste beer and like it says in the pic

► 00:17:28

cuz you don't taste it with a ship to the taste of a Cuban cigar finished in the at no

► 00:17:42

the Finish okay Somebody explain these things to me what's the difference between scotch whiskey and bourbon whiskey there's any in there is no even the word in whiskey or Scotch that simple short of starts at jazz music

► 00:18:03

somebody explains it to you in very simple digestible now Loft necktie terms okay begin to understand a little bit of what's going on I would explain Jazz to tighten up for you

► 00:18:25

will do it in the Beatles style here's best way to go for somebody new in interested the McCartney note in the Lennon McCartney know it is always kind of happy Henson Studios and he's really happy and I do it again when is the salt and caramel baby he's got snatched there's a shadow listen to last three notch

► 00:19:11

drop off a little bit of pepper and the chocolate is a little

► 00:19:35

but if I could I'd sing both parts and it goes together he go wild Bittersweet like my fucking career so you kind of have to listen to Jazz like you would taste want the best for this is working me she can't be happy to sad but I don't know how was dinner last night. Just happy that's Disney snack just sad to know somebody who's always turning his guitar to sad There are some folks Leonard Cohen was just passed is what it sounded more like I don't you mean

► 00:20:30

getting tattoos to sleeves they're both my arms, I guess is all Japanese style right traditional tops style did you get that done colors were tapped in and in front of horiyoshi I have the tuxedo damn cheeks and everything I have a whole thing I've ever had to sit on me and hold me down more painful to do a touch-up top overall I think what happens is tattoo when you get something that stains you can take it for a while it's the distance that counts you can take the cold for 30 seconds are you doing the cryo dunk

► 00:21:35

mad out in front of you for 15 seconds kind of love it up yeah because you never really do show your tattoos anywhere That's my kind of scene VII the healing happy side of my family came from my dad I wouldn't a box from mom really bad days like my sister is calling and comes from civil right okay if you weight if you eat it for the magnet for the refrigerator today and Mom would be doing something you come up with your new drawing and she'd say should I go get the magnet and not look at it

► 00:22:30

wow you would look and go you're right stay here

► 00:22:39

harsh yeah and then before you would look at it go to clean up the paint box with your brushes

► 00:22:48

okay on family when I got my tuxedo first thing mom said was I really like the colors what do you do when you're Outdoors playing ball

► 00:23:02

okay sister in that snow part of what compels what we're doing I invented ink the original okay and this is a whole series of things that didn't exist before so products to protect your your tattoo oh yeah whenever I go anywhere outside I spray down with sunscreen people like why you doing that that's like cuz I don't want my tattoos to fade away I have artwork on my body you have a Rembrandt on your body is probably more expensive than the paint job on your car driving range for sure about it cuz it's forever, right

► 00:23:44

I'm sixty-four doctor says 64 is the new 94 me

► 00:23:52

take my word for a little farther down range than a laddie I can tell you what I see from here you look great if you wait until you're 55 to start hitting the weight stack you will look like a 55 year old who trains three times a week if you start when your two digits old

► 00:24:12

yo for Yayo. Moving oh yeah you start way early when did you start the tattoos I got my first one in 1977 right came back from a Delirious a trip to the West Indies and a handful of folks that were camping out on the beach I'm a combat hippie peace love and heavy weapons case I want to feel the love you style somewhere in the West Indies and we all came back got a seahorse on the on the ankle of what I waited

► 00:25:01

you know most of today what's popular free sample Hispanic style you you use a badges black ice document something hear something we got when we went on spring or something when we got married you build like a miracle and I waited to do the whole thing in One Sweep you know thinking in terms of wine so I waited until you know I was well past that I'm celebrating my 60th birthday but I got about three hundred hours and I'm still bouncing around and there's nothing out there I've been climbing I started off at Joshua Tree employment out of Targets in the seventies did now he wasn't Alex, just on the Shelf same circuit from Camp for The Studio 54

► 00:26:01

okay at the same time I just bought a Winnebago

► 00:26:06

it look like something from Breaking Bad is living in his van

► 00:26:21

part of me always looks back at that it's wow sleeping in the back of Bobby hatches pickup truck parked out in the middle of nowhere in Joshua Tree 1973 and you would be climbing even back then oh yeah we will kind of equipment did you send me some things today for are harnessing on mantle or Manila rope all right and I remember the first time since 1972 you'll see his name John Ball pioneering a lot of the route in Joshua Tree first time we watch him as seniors in high school go flagging you know where you pressure what can you see this and the screen there where you pull with your hands and push with your feet flagging all the way up the corner of a handball court at Muir High School in Pasadena all the way up to the top and then stood on the top

► 00:27:21

looked down showing incredible wow well 9 incredible talents because living in helping Yosemite in the various parts was something new traveling to Joshua tree tockets down to the beaches and such a constant for me I've always tried to follow something as opposed to thinking of his training boys tried it was running

► 00:28:01

for a long. Of time is about 7 years when I jogged and ran and I decided on the road out run across every bridge in America that we tore through so I'm probably 15-20 different Bridges Golden Gate Brooklyn that's where I ran and run the New York City marathon

► 00:28:22

and I came in right behind the wheel chairs in the back with some folks need the ribbon and they need to see the clock and everybody clapping and then there's some folks she had all who just spoke with the line was still there on the cement in Central Park hopped over the line got the picture Airborne went home took a nap and that night I went out and got drunk on tequila how long does it take to finish Marathon about five and a half hours that's about the absolute worst what's the winter do an hour 20 I think they get it in the round 2 hours they were like 2-hour Mark and 7 Seconds find a break to ours is not what's going on someone's trying to break 2 hours or so but that's what I did for a. Of time

► 00:29:21

you know she just always been involved in physical activities that were fun in the early nineties kayaking was illegal in Manhattan

► 00:29:28

because it was dirty water and people would get trundles all over under the ferryboats so what we did is we cut a hole in the fence next to the 14th Street sanitation department over by the West Side Highway y'all know what I'm talking about if you're from there and we did it exactly like movie style like Great Escape where we fit into fence back with duct tape and we would drag our kayaks from Union Square West all the way down 14th Street and you pick up your Provisions for it all right you got to get your bagels she got to get you that's what I like this something to drink some Gatorade you know and I'm queer get the girlfriend okay to wait up is in the Meatpacking District right there

► 00:30:27

which which is what it's doing now you got to shopping with your old lady at 6 Della McCartney down there now been is ghost town I got to be careful with names they're all married cuz if the cops come they would step out and we would see them whatever and we would sneak our boats through the hole in the fence into the river right where Sully landed is playing right there right and the girls will come and jump in the boat and we would take off more than two or three times local PD would show up on I want to watch that water that was that was Jimmy Duncan it accidentally

► 00:31:27

started a number of the trips today you just probably six different kayak clubs that you can do Manhattan kayak Club in Brooklyn, any minute now the Boomers with senses of humor figured it all out all right and we would go just we started at midnight under the Verrazano Bridge in the winter right and you were dry suits something you know your long and Long John's inside of a dryer sheet like this

► 00:32:04

a tape player to take player like this and everybody would have its primitive time since 1990s little microphones in the ear pieces that you use on motorcycles back then so you have communications from boat to powwow and I would put mine on the tape player and I beat the teacher

► 00:32:27

we listen to the Ballgame late at night sometimes she didn't you hear laughing all you could see anybody in the swell and we go under the same bridge that John Travolta sits and looks at with the girlfriend in Saturday Night Fever Woody Allen in Manhattan midnight February snow drifting like this and since it was illegal to do it we had a buddy one of the plumbing company in Brooklyn and he would bring his truck parked right off of Coney Island near Stillwell Avenue where the ferris wheel is and he would blink his lights Allied Forces style like that and we'd be about a quarter-mile having come from under the Verrazano Bridge going to wait to see those lights blinking nowhere to turn left

► 00:33:21

okay we have to make the left and we wait for the swells I got to give us another blank when tall was clear and just be tasked row row row the boat all the way up the beach like you see in every war movie and we would put the boats big two-person kayaks into the back of the plumbing truck and on the top of a drive it back to the coffee shop on Union Square West very well-known like that and get drunk with pretty girls and tell him about adventure stories and all this is going on while you were you are quotes David Lee Roth I mean this is the nineties you're a fucking huge you're still a rockstar and you're going through polluted water in a fucking kayak hiding from the cops

► 00:34:21

and it's some sort of a jury-rigged microphone so I went rock climbing hotels in Europe with Tasha Latasha rope out the third floor of a bed and breakfast in San Sebastian Spain discovered from flagstone with flagstone from the 1400s like that and then yo yo you know one guy would stay up watch TV and work the Beltway and you can climb up the outside Jesus Christ hardcore jollies and you were doing this all around the same time get my bicycles with me I'm an outdoors is in the blood you know it's part of growing up without any real things like that was a student take this stick for you it'll be a bow and for me it'll be a bad time

► 00:35:13

when did you start working as an EMT the same time wasn't it was about twelve summers ago in 50 and I started going back to school for outdoor Med response camping climbing and what what is it like when you go to one of those classes how weird is a cat sometimes you can get a little bit uptight cuz I'm the oldest guy in the room I don't want to clarify something

► 00:35:50

fuel number 327-466-4073 sync big shout out to all of you who taught me and tolerated me until I became an EMT and put on that uniform I wasn't somebody

► 00:36:03

somebody Queen the fucking truck up until I put on that uniform show after training for how many months is almost here for me like this I wasn't someone someone clean up the truck and that was my job but I was also the somebody who dragged the oxygen box off 13 floors up in the wall projects artist to artist how many times have you driven past whether it's a huge building or a teepee

► 00:36:43

wonder what you do in the frigerator

► 00:36:49

I wonder what they listen to in there and I wonder who they are

► 00:36:54

vaccinations for my pop had a big sprawling I think he's a chip is empathy for people you know when the fellows started getting age in the early 80s you started treating them and everybody my sisters and stuff started saying but this is a time when you think you catch that shift from using it pop and whatever he turned to me I'll never forget you should I don't get to choose my patience

► 00:37:25

I don't get to choose my ideas

► 00:37:29

what was the motivation to start doing that and you'll walk in first in case somebody comes that I should you handle it

► 00:37:47

oh I had a I had a mentor name Keisha who had to pile or dreadlocks up so hot that it was as long as from her shoulders to the top of her head for haircut like she had to she put her hand up on top and Keisha walked in that door first on me yeah those are the scariest and you get an eye on your stops being in the neighborhood pretty soon you live in the neighborhood I was under the train Once In The Fulton Street Station talking to a homeless valid quick briefing act like nothing's wrong she even get him to come out

► 00:38:37


► 00:38:38

you're hungry train breathes okay shoveling team Breeze don't just sit there silently grilled cheese

► 00:38:55

I'm laughing now that that's a nervous laugh and now every one of those folks as in my voice when I say I like that I like that thought process when you decided to do this what is a conscience a conscious effort to try to just in Rich your experiences cross-training cross-training I'll give it to crash now and I also know it's going to change me don't know how but got to get in it and after a certain point in your life maybe go over there is no shallow and challenge yourself as I move somewhere that's a foreign languages you can't even read the street signs in Japan for example but you know she can you start off on the bunny slopes you don't surf 40 Footers right away I first got to move to New York go through that whole thing of what have I done but what's so what's a thot

► 00:39:55

what's this when you like I'm going to be an EMT I'm going to study for a year on a train I'm going to go out there and then actually do it

► 00:40:01


► 00:40:03

okay sometimes when I go for a walk in the city my plan is just follow where the sun is beaming I get to an intersection to son is on that far corner I'll cross over to that and then I'll look down the block and see where the sun isn't I'll walk down the block and get into that part by yourself

► 00:40:24

I did the same thing with EMT training my dad was a doctor the First Merit Badge I got it a Boy Scout was first day and I learned that for skinny guy like me real power probably came from being cool when everybody else is gone

► 00:40:43

is my dad had to do that I assisted him in surgeries at a very early age and everybody else I have a good ambulance voice you want to hear it let me know that

► 00:41:03

you're going to be just fine imagine them being in an ambulance in look up and it's motherfuking David Lee Roth tell me you're going to be okay like I'm dead I must be dead only twice has that actually happened cuz I only worked in the hood only worked around it at night I only worked she don't you would never expect to see me once was after Ozzfest drank too much or whatever he was out of sorts Indiana liquor store and you could see that this boy finish face you know when I went over now and said to make Excel you know but beyond that don't nobody ever really did you know

► 00:42:03

15 more pounds I was doing the Arnold routine at the weight stack cuz I was somebody will somebody help me with this I'm not that pretentious about you know what my 4th day's work so you booked up for the job oh yeah and Highway 50 and I could lift I look at people out of bathtubs I lifted him out of the ocean. I lifted him out of the projects I was in and out of the truck I would do them into the other truck was the first truck just broke down in the snow

► 00:42:39

and all I want to do this one thing and whatever going to get a big shout-out to all my teachers and mentors not a day goes by I don't think about it and not a day goes by that I don't use some skill at you know that'll level your head a little bit somebody go make some coffee Joe so you feel like for a guy like you were such a gigantic Superstar and you just touring a huge Arenas and people are freaking out every time they see you for you it was maybe a good way to balance things out too because you're seeing people in a life-or-death situation and Dire Straits when they're unhealthy and they need help and and you're out there in the down and dirty in the nitty-gritty like you know like you said trucks breaking down

► 00:43:39

cookie pop out of bathtubs it will a lot of what you just described is the First Response Team yes we always described our patients or friends and clients okay

► 00:43:52

but the struggle for our across the uniform starts with military police fire first response I'll throw in nursing emergency room in those of us with bells and whistles to call the ambulance and it's shattered you see that from the inside out and that will sharpen your vision okay for example right off the bat I pay 52% in taxes just tear my Dollar in half have for many many years I'm all for tripling police fire medical paramedic emergency nursing cetera like that starting pay should be about $2,500 a week and I would pay more tax happily I would too if that case would be and we take what is a very

► 00:44:52

shut of very refined sciences and art forms everything I just described and call it the uniform because we put on a uniform we go to work in there like that it's time to go digital

► 00:45:06

you can start making real demands in terms of just a preparation your follow-up today being on the beach taking care of people whether you're in First Response medical or answering fire calls is on par these days you have to make the decisions of a seal team wears same training where's the same gear I went to Palm Springs at the international school for tactical medicine out there in the fellas we have game wardens from Alaska we had heavy rescue Cleveland where all men are folks coming through there and they all discuss well sometimes we have to share one helmet

► 00:45:50

what sometimes we don't have enough guys to do this and that so we just park the car and let him think there's something these kinds of stories and if you start paying people what they're worth and start paying people according to what your expectations then a lot of things I don't go political for the nonsense like Charlottesville happening in a lot of areas Randy States will go by the wayside Z move from no qualifications necessary to I meant you guys work just as hard and you endanger yourselves weigh more than a trial attorney I personally got out of jury duty recently by saying I didn't want to get out of jury duty in fact I raise my hand is anybody here think they can do jury duty you're all trying to get out of it

► 00:46:43

if you should watch it should because I now can see that there are neighborhoods where everybody is

► 00:46:50

I know of neighborhoods where everybody's a liar a cheat a crippled and if they're not they're covering for somebody and she said what neighborhood is that I should we go community in Beverly Hills

► 00:47:04

in the fan with almost dropped his gun everybody was laughing they dismiss me to opinionated mr. Roth you've had too much life experience don't let the door hit in the ass on the way out

► 00:47:19

have you ever done jury duty

► 00:47:24

if I if I did get in there I probably just tell them I think everyone's guilty

► 00:47:30

clean up cops ice when you walk into the room and you know everybody's lying not really I mean I probably should do it soon probably get experience for me

► 00:47:43

I keep showing up last time I actually showed up a fellow he was a driver's two guys who were being accused of shooting somebody watch James Bond movies everybody message to call

► 00:48:09

I got a buffet where you playing next year in Pasadena at the house all the time do you have a Vibe about the ice house is there a comedy club in the known universe that that place has been in operation since the 1960s it was originally an actual ice house we're back before the refrigeration they would bring a nice and people go to buy ice and have a gigantic in a freezer type room was insulated so keep the ice for a long time then it became like a variety type play and then somewhere in the sixties it became a comedy club and it is now the oldest longest running comedy club in the world

► 00:48:53


► 00:48:57

I was working as a janitor / Tech in surgery at Hospital Pasadena night shift Wendy's we did everything was the stepping stone to go into medical school

► 00:49:13

and I was playing acoustic guitar can I still take lessons playing acoustic guitar on Sunday nights audition night you would sign up for audition at the ice house at 6:30 they open the window and you would sign up so I take my dinner break and drive my old book at that station wagon up to the Ice House get there at about 6:15 they pop the window sign up so that I would be one of the first 3 to audition after the last act on Sunday night which would happen right around 10 if you weren't one of the first three during audition night and nobody was there and then they shut it down

► 00:49:59

and I would sign up go back to work

► 00:50:02

and then, you know drive myself back change out of my Hospital stuff

► 00:50:10

put on the right clothes if I change whatever and I audition there probably 15 times owned and ran the place was just a voice over the intercom is unforgiving Bob was a famous non Smiler

► 00:50:30

what's funny is this a bob that owns it now Bob Fisher couldn't be more different nicest guy in the planet Earth always smiling hugging everybody super sweetheart of a guy well Bob stain was a voice over the intercom he was Hardcore you know if you go here's a little song and the boys would say hopefully it's a little earlier than the one preceding it

► 00:50:54

and you work your chops accordion 5 he was your

► 00:51:01

is your Ike Turner oh boy if you felt your song was too long in between he called you if you didn't like your shoes you talked about you never saw him you heard it over the PA he was in the back is quite a dishwasher and I learned a tremendous amount about

► 00:51:29

I communicate with it where the crap out how do you talk to people as one how do you make eye contact what in fact or the wrong shoes what are the rock shoes platform yeah back in the day in your platform that's right whatever happens we'll be singing this are you the same David Lee Bowie

► 00:52:02

cancel the contract jobs part of the outfit Mcenroe has to yell I never thought of that like they might be the last Bandits wearing platforms until everybody likes to make fun of platform bell-bottoms sideburns till they come back around I don't know about platforms on guys but on the right girl yeah yeah yeah yeah oh wow that suggestion for time frames but that's the twenties that's the thirties that could be the 72 something about those kiss one right there part of the gig like with Gene Simmons he's got demon boot so you got there still rocking them

► 00:52:58

group costumes improved I like the boots I like it and that is got to be fucking hell on your knees though that's got to be hell on your lower back there all the above and I'm going to leave Stanley's still in shape so he's cute looks great he was here a couple years ago I should have gone cast Blue Man Group years ago were my age Lassie there should be four of me because yeah no one can tell us a thing like you can replace a lot of those guys and if you didn't tell anybody in a blunt and someone ever heard the Japanese gentleman that he does a Steve Perry impression he's the new lead singer for Journey from Philippines

► 00:53:58

an interesting subject perhaps compels it are some bands like West Side Story where you can continually Revitalize the production of it with different actors okay a whole lot of Shakespeare going on yeah okay

► 00:54:17

but you have to cut a replicate the initial sound better because this is a part of my youth Van Halen was a part of my youth I mean we used to Judah the Van Halen logo on our notebooks and high school along with the Rolling Stones like the mouth and you know all the KISS logo when it's switched over to Sammy Hagar it became a different thing it was a different things a whole different I mean it wasn't it wasn't a bad thing I seen all of Shams lyrics contain love Why Can't This Be Love and I ain't talkin bout love fighting after this who do I jog with I don't I run to my running partner

► 00:55:12

yeah Running With the Devil hello OK as well jump

► 00:55:24

yeah I mean come on questions and love are a great classically that's Sinatra I'm but I'm not well adjusted nobody in my job ever was much and I faced it embraced it like not even using what are considered classic music parlor tricks taking a very sad lyric and positioning it against a very happy piece of music the music is romping it's it's it's a heavy metal Rumba but you didn't notice that it's if there's a there's a sense of larceny

► 00:56:19

listen chaos to the lyric there's a sense of music for after midnight when we're all guilty yeah we're as it again nothing wrong with the Sammy Hagar thing but it moved into a mall crowd it was a different sort of a Vibe it was it was a good vibe for a lot of folks but it was a different vibe I mean I don't have anything against Sammy Hagar things wonderful always loved that song Can't Drive 55 is got some great shit but I never will listen to the Van Halen with Van Hagar I just didn't listen to it to me it was like I was at end of an era for me to different folks yes I wanted to be your project not just wear one so by placing my everything we've discussed if you think of it as cross training pants gray trash now why'd you do that and then you did this and why scratch trains going to reinforce your sound go to reinforce the way you and your stagecraft

► 00:57:19

turn on stage what to wear when your sense of humor especially because it kind of went on but it kind of didn't it's like if you took West Side Story need change the story you can't change the story but you can change the voices okay but it would be a different story like the Van Halen story became a different story right here I'll Venture this okay one of my favorite freeze-dried bands in history is Toto freeze-dried we'll all freeze dried coffee looks the same as places that's fun some contacts it's the best thing you could ever have got to have to pass on as a good song by such an amazing Spider-Man song

► 00:58:19

show me photos of me and I wouldn't recognize Steve Miller nobody knows who the fuck Steve Miller as two player getting ready to love

► 00:58:57

where you just can't replace it Rod Stewart the best vocals in history of y'all he's probably Rod Stewart okay Q songs you can have other people sing I'm something other now journey I would recognize the guitar player but that's just listen to that kind that part of the band okay my favorite part of the orchestra is too gone but Steve Perry you sing for Journey was not so much a personality is an eloquent sound vs Universal sound and if you even get close to it

► 00:59:47

if initiate is part of every prom every wedding every going in and coming out party okay if you go into the army that's the last song the band's got up what you're coming out of jail they're going to your girlfriend's going to put it

► 01:00:05

throw your back to the side or even Tony Soprano we're not sure what happened but it happened to Journey yes true that's right. You can't play a David Lee Roth Sean and still worried about Tony Soprano that's true wait a minute the same Diner that Tony is why I have no acting career I'm already a character

► 01:00:38

Lone Ranger sits down next uses Joe there's a forest it's a dark Forest not get lost in any store you should never let you go this too fucking right right right right a good actor is it time to go dark for us to do some people can become that other person oh yeah and then some people are stuck being David Lee Roth Dave Ryan in a spacesuit right exactly yeah we're not buying it I'm already kind of yeah you already know that you're already a thing

► 01:01:29

yeah that's it that's all that's really interesting how there's all these great bands with great sounds and great Vibes and they're all different if you think in terms of the personality let's think of a band I just saw John Mayer great show all right and when you think of John you think of who that is in the neighborhood in the vibe in the mood before perhaps you even think of a specific slot as soon as you know but it was the same thing that the fellas in the Grateful Dead who said they're identifying that vibe

► 01:02:11

what's more important the jokes or the person

► 01:02:15

what's more important you or specific jokes cuz some of your jokes are bound of a go flat-out carrots job yeah but some of the joke the only way they were some of the only way they work is with you like a sub you like Mitch Hedberg is perfect example like you couldn't separate Mitch Hedberg from the jokes cuz he was the jokes he was part of what made it funny

► 01:02:39

you're right I ran into Jeffrey Ross the other day Okay and he did Mike punching a telling who is managing them that's a movie to happening those two right that's why it is it is it they were walking around in the park doing warm-up for their routine you know the Netflix special again I think that should take I think though that with guys like that especially those two guys the best product is them on stage and then fucking around you really don't want to make a movie just want to keep doing what they're doing with Netflix dishes division divide you have them be there there's some folks like Jason Strahan

► 01:03:38

he's always Jason and this is what compels me some folks are very joke dependent not take my wife please yourself

► 01:04:01

is the audience that you see when it's like at the comedy club senior at the comedy club the same audiences fight night times yeah yeah it's real similar in a weird way I was weird I see that I see George Michael eyebrows when he was in there cuz I'm only trying to figure it out real similar you know it's a weird cross over but what makes it weird what's weird that I do cage fighting commentary and stand-up comedy in the first place it's weird that those two things work together on that doesn't that doesn't make perfect are you happy you you are better the funny really think so absolutely if you know how to channel it well that's certainly the case in some situations I'm open to all possibilities

► 01:05:01

when it comes to Comedy I know people that have really happy and really funny and I know people that are really dark and also really funny like I don't know it's just it's different it's different with different people just like music is different with different bands different singers city either works or doesn't really depends on how much time and effort you take working on yourself your act your perspective will you deliver it we always had to win in Van Halen we have no choice we had to win the battle of the band was competitive we had to win over the club owner this was before there were dance system cerwin-vega hadn't figured out those baseman's yet you had to have a life and 5 45 minutes at tonight please motherfucker close or song or you knew a band couldn't go on a LaGrange development phase I have tapes of us

► 01:06:01

at the Hilton hotel in Pasadena 1973

► 01:06:07

what do you think it was three years ago why there's virtually no development happened how did it work that way we have classical training right in this kind of speaks to what we were discussing earlier in that a lot of my colleagues are having a great time making music and they celebrate and it's the word fun comes into it and classical music backgrounds where you had to challenge for first chair saxophone every 6-8 months you got to go to the conductors that I want for his chair and if your first chair and he thinks I have a guy's going to come over Joyce is Ross talk about you you both debugging to play this piece front of the orchestra next Wednesday you best practice okay and we'll both get both play 18 bars of the same piece

► 01:07:01

Hey Jake there just may be a switch in front of a hundred and twenty people all of them college right we learned from in music school get out the racy stuff with big band right if your we play rock and roll in parallel but big band it's got a square vibe to it because it went up in elevators and restaurants in whatever but they had cut and conscious and there was nothing more cutting Ben Benny Goodman vs. chick Webb big band at Roseland Ballroom that shit is on people would bet on it they would play the same for songs you play your version of it and we'll play our

► 01:07:45

yeah alright throw down a big band Throwdown oh yeah and it was Furious and you know it wasn't like friendly dancers would stand in the middle of those Sparks

► 01:08:04

yeah postures and the dancers were competing the Lindy Hop is so competitive and that's how you do it you know my true mentors in music first and second chair clarinet in the LA Philharmonic and becomes from that

► 01:08:36

also you know you have a whole different vibe glitch

► 01:08:41

I'll take a Grateful Dead approach which is the complete opposite of that competition man leave that at home and I completely understand that's where I'll go aft work take my vest off all of our shows we had to win boxing boxing for fun very early and we learn through music yeah I know some of the folks learn it in the ring other folks learn it and their first few days in a while and then it's interesting the way you described it with music because I try to explain that the comedian's I say think about how much time a musician has to spend practicing and how little we spend practicing we are practices

► 01:09:41

front of the audience for the most part it's a simplified version of a simplified version of the how many hours rule is the 10,000 hour yes that's very simplified version cast digestible 10001 news the true Asian Paradigm is 10 hours a day every single day for 10 years

► 01:10:15

if you have a little a little kid he's got to have heart surgery

► 01:10:20

you want that guy rides right around 30,000 hours

► 01:10:25

if you're going to go flying in a helicopter over New York City you want Captain polytrim on tonight it's about 40,000 hours

► 01:10:34

can I pay my dentist dr. Glassman who teaches is a 40000 hour

► 01:10:43

so if you ever crash or get belted give me a call

► 01:10:52

I will hook you up, right it's about 30000 hours then that's 10 hours a day every single day for 10 years and that's what creates a Jet Pilot great surging a great writer

► 01:11:09

yeah anything in the Arts and letters that says the architect unless you're up Prodigy and you be a bungle that and typing is tragedy very easily so yeah prodigies in tragedies off and go hand-in-hand something about people that get things very easily that for whatever reason it slip through their fingers more quickly as well

► 01:11:30

when my shift my dad was an eye surgeon could I did well and with my sister wanted to go to college he should I think that's a great idea and made her pay for it she would evaluate if she didn't pay for it yourself

► 01:11:47

probably right. I signed my first contract when I was $1,350 stereo and three records I worked all summer shoveling shit at the local ruler in Spanish

► 01:12:02

I don't know that you got to do that

► 01:12:06

you are the same thing from Sports the kids do Sports martial arts and one of them is really into gymnastics do they enjoy themselves are the on team tournament and is that something that the get-go I'll back up I'm leading up to something can you guess yeah can I think you always are next to get ready more than the actual show natural show

► 01:12:48

I'm making fun here I'll be a poetic but the monitor blows the guitar players pissed

► 01:12:57

guy I have a cold but that six six weeks leading up to it for the shoes that fucking I got to go back there as memorable as possible because you can do a whole lot more to get ready then you are throwing the punch ask anybody on one of your shows yes you have such a great insight for that though know some people think that maybe even if they're aware of it they're not consciously aware but they're not focusing all these details but get ready

► 01:13:46

easy as much of a

► 01:13:50

if the band says they don't like rehearsing you're doing it wrong a man stuck if you're sitting on your laurels you're wearing them on the wrong Party by first off where are you rehearsing as in Miami no Hawaii Cleveland okay let's talk cuz he even in Cleveland you can turn it in to your place do you follow what is your routine if I what music did you listen to you dig how did you warm up simple simple things you know most people fear of singing when they go into singing out

► 01:14:38

the first verse is always a little Titan II vs a little better why cuz they didn't warm up right

► 01:14:48

the idea of will go in and sing along with a dozen of your favorite songs

► 01:14:54

what's your headgear on get the Reverb to show not for me that starts with Motown I'm a soul Growler I'm closer to Wilson Pickett than the guy in the Rolling Stones I don't know what that sounds like I may as well as but I spent many you don't put that damn thing like that when I was 12 when I was 12 I started imitating The Persuasions Jerry Butler the singer

► 01:15:35

Rooster King much to decanters Chagrin in Hebrew school again parallel existences you know I'm Jewish but we always walked around a little buttons back then it said never again I'm a combat hippie peace love and heavy weapons

► 01:15:56

some people don't believe sometimes you got to get insisted

► 01:16:01

did you ever realize while you were while you were in the middle of this especially in the beginning in the early days

► 01:16:09

that this was you guys had a special with Van Halen in the early did you guys had a massive impact on culture where you guys aware of that like while it was happening how I mean when I was in high school graduate in 1985 and you guys were the shit my girlfriend might my sisters are their boyfriends my sister's boyfriend's license plate soundtrack I mean what was the Boeing don't know I can tell you now the Van Halen's knew it but can't articulate it brighter instrumentalist here comes the funny joke words and my thing I understood so you realize it was happening well

► 01:16:58

your in-game depends on how you started it's like chess right and we began very early on identifying that there's a whole lot of different neighborhoods in Southern California I need this from being with my dad all of his patience Wears Like A Benetton ad

► 01:17:18

Pasadena you got everybody okay

► 01:17:25

text what you play at the birthday party in the Spanish-speaking neighborhood is different than what we're going to play for the Surfers out of Venice Beach that's Aerosmith stuff

► 01:17:47

and then you have the Workin Man Okay out of San Bernardino that's easy top subtle but important genius is in the details and how you interact with that crowd in between we would play out in Pomona at a biker bar guy got killed right in front of us and we finish the song what happened a couple of bike games when there's a scrap and when everybody cleared out there was a fella right in the middle of the floor next night we came back Vengeance had been sworn there police everywhere from the 70s was a Mighty Taco in Long Beach

► 01:18:47

4 in the morning in the days when we carried our own equipment and stuff and thinking of all the people who everybody to perform there and so forth in dozens and dozens of places you know that were all a little bit different and our thing was that we could play anywhere we had two otherwise we had feed ourselves alright and that meant 5:45 minutes that's in the night five six nights if you could get it ping pong all over the Southland anywhere we can drive for two hours two hours north south or east is what how we would do in every neighborhood was a little different and that shows up in the music

► 01:19:30

you know now you can take a look at something like dancing the night away or Jamie's Cryin there's a there's a Latino influence in that okay what's your favorite Cuban expecting me to name a cigars A Ricky Ricardo

► 01:19:51

Rumba Rumba

► 01:19:54

thinking about you and if you listen to dance the night away the middle break is all charged with stuff because this is Chanel you're surrounded by Hispanic culture here and we had heavy metal influences okay we had super wealthy stop showed you have to be able to move to acoustic you got to be able to use up if you get hired for a wedding in The Artist to artist

► 01:20:33

I don't know Springsteen better during the song or in between careful going to the Broadway show about a $12,000 ticket now and I'm guessing I'm guessing before t-shirt and I'm guessing that it is the in between songs songs are on their descriptions and his poetry when he's such a deep like you have to hear the in-between stuff you want to hear and Brew do you want to hear him talk you want to hear them think about things do you learn that where do you learn that from

► 01:21:24

ready I'm going to count to thirty thousand Joe hours and hours and hours you'll be able to you know Joe that's not a good Springsteen in your dream and you know what I was trying to get out was that does it ever freak you out like when you're ever alone and you think about what you guys did what you've done in your career is it ever freak you out the impact you've had that if you look at the amount of human beings have had the kind of impact that you've had its added the tiniest tiniest fraction of a percent like the amount of human beings that can relate to your personal life experience. Paraphrase the James Brown movie there's two of them both of them were helpful helpful we produced by Jagger okay and she doesn't interview every record you hear he's in the DNA

► 01:22:24

I'll be there whenever you see videos today doesn't matter if it's hip hop or Pitbull Back you follow Christ it's not that I don't think of it is impact that's a result what's the verb contribution at family whatever we go around Pics 1 Word contribution

► 01:22:57

did you try gold climb the tree is my favorite poem I saw it inscribed on a rock by it and I'm as polite at the base just short of base camp on Everest go climb the Treasure Mountain do not return empty-handed where are you now

► 01:23:15

oh yeah that's some GPS shit thing about music is different than anything else to as it brings you back to the moment where you heard it or when it was significant to you or where you don't like if I hear dance the night away if I'm in my car Dance the Night Away comes on it's just like if you get goosebumps you just have this feeling you feel like you're back in Newton Massachusetts in high school is just believing non-believers non smilers give me a room in North Korea and who hate everything about the trip starting with the airport yeah I'll get this looks like there's a why doesn't Isis

► 01:23:59

survivors were going to drive away the evil spirits might use a little volume to do that Joe and I used to go and then I'm going to make you feel yesterday

► 01:24:13

how much is that worth but it's also we have like like a big glass bowl you

► 01:24:35

books will if you use the paper back in you open it up in the pages are still dried from the vacation son you know you were reading it at the beach and salt are made the page is kind of old and dry and crackly and some sand from zaton to get the memory music will take you right back right back right back the women will feel desirable you will feel invulnerable and you guys are making songs like the saying run with the devil something like that you know when you're done

► 01:25:05

no it's not when you're done it's had to get that informs the whole thing okay somebody asked me once

► 01:25:19

how long did it take you to write running with the devil on this is stupid question

► 01:25:24

I should well the true answer is

► 01:25:31

if you watch a thousand movies

► 01:25:34

many of the multiple times

► 01:25:36

if you played thousands and thousands of hours in clubs and bars

► 01:25:43

if you read

► 01:25:47

500 books

► 01:25:49

tried to memorize all the good parts

► 01:25:56

take about 18 minutes

► 01:25:59

write the song she has Running With The Devil in 18 minutes right took 22 minutes to come up with the basic theme in the rest of its improvisation

► 01:26:17

how would you guys write how would you guys get together and do it not the 18-minute is the whole lifetime before it's everything that led up to that now Van Halen we never took the demo tape cuz we didn't get lost in the stack we should have think we are requisite two-and-a-half 3 years it takes for most sacks we spent five-and-a-half years working the clubs in the bars and everything like that so you know we came in stars and stars we've done the state fair circus you done 10 years

► 01:27:07

in the clubs and bars before yeah you know Thunder Road and whatnot and all the club shows and stuff like that and they're adding up there getting that 10,000 and then ultimately that 30000 hour yeah the beatle fans Malcolm gladwell's book was talking about the Beatles and they're there when they came up when they're performing in Germany and they were doing these shows were there doing multiple sets at night every night of the week and that this is really what made them so good as his constant performing that they were doing it so much and so often that they just became this smoothly oiled machine

► 01:27:56

if you have a team that you're working together

► 01:28:01

again this is another kind of thing I learned along the way on 40 hours a week is about your minimum if there's a team like where rugby team or a SWAT team anymore of

► 01:28:15

emergency room

► 01:28:18

one of a kind of intensive like that Intercity intense it we called Vietnam sometimes train together in order to be going without looking at each other when the lights go out you're sure you don't lose velocity so to speak and write ultimately you'll start to look like each other this is the nature of things The Beatles look like each other each other we all have the same haircut we were the same as we became a golden X these are the golden years that most people look back on before the friction of time implicate yourself kids

► 01:29:10

you bump your elbow now I got to get my elbow worked in on just the friction of time

► 01:29:16

the rent

► 01:29:18

expands that all contractions cetera in

► 01:29:25

people routinely look back on that has the golden years you your gang everybody had one look back in the in graphic arts you know the Picasso's and surrounding games the great writers in New York all hung out together and they didn't get along always competing with each other each other I just read in the New York Magazine some advice from the art critic Jerry saltz

► 01:29:58

just remember always treat the weakest one is your best friend because there's somebody else in the gang who thinks you're the weakest one that's what you were going to learn from work in the clubs and bars and stuff well my screen just broke my nose is running I'm angry my girlfriend should I keep going I'm underpaid non respected late and I'm starting to top it off I'm late to work I got bad feet in the corns hurt and you're going to play you will perform just as you will expect that surgeon

► 01:30:45

at 4 in the morning this is my little baby girl

► 01:30:51

that unforgiving apply that to your art Sage words

► 01:30:59

Sage words of advice you have expectations you may not do this to me yeah

► 01:31:06

when you guys wrote songs

► 01:31:09

how did how did you put the lyrics to the music of what was the process of how did you guys sort that out so you would you come to them with an idea would they come to you with a riff like how it how it work it'll work

► 01:31:23

a number of ways but a mistake that a lot of Young Writers in my department the lyrics make is that they think of it as secondary they wait for the music or the track first and then you'll walk into a studio and hope that the hand of God will descend and green shoe amazing epiphanies I can't even spell amazing

► 01:31:53

all right

► 01:31:57

and called upon to do it right away don't work out a bingo Dave got some lyrics if I can walk into that room and try to create it right there nine times out of 10 it's going to be moving in June

► 01:32:10

moon in June when sometime soon

► 01:32:15

what time of day I'm thinking noon literally I'm going to put my hands in the air

► 01:32:23

why won't cuz I just don't care

► 01:32:30

you wind up there unless you're banking

► 01:32:36

think like debate if you're going to debate somebody your banking your ideas right and whatever the subject is you can go so you don't have to have a subject it's okay I like what you just said

► 01:32:54

I'm leaving right that French I like what you just said could be a drink lyric Expressions ideas slogans anything that comes from other Tunes in terms of their lyric and is everybody contributing storylines shatrah you would never go into a fight without doing that

► 01:33:24

collecting Rouge crime every other film of every other fighter that you possibly can so that when somebody goes like this you got all I know what to do like this somebody says it's a song about a play a song that sounds kind of like cowboy music

► 01:33:42

what's right about Cowboys going through the banking

► 01:33:48

giddy up

► 01:33:50

that's cool title I heard a cowboy I said on the TV set and I literally

► 01:34:00

okay and you start that you can I see the lights and you start banking okay somebody says something you did

► 01:34:12

I heard somebody a waitress named pepper

► 01:34:17

where The Omelette Pall Mall cigarette

► 01:34:20

tell me honey nothing could have stopped us back the Indian way

► 01:34:26

that's a title that is a time I wrote this waitress

► 01:34:32

on the Rope

► 01:34:34

just what she also had something else showed you that that cleavage a little bit and she looked she go keep your fork honey there's pie

► 01:34:55

and you're right it down yeah banking yeah I like the term they use in debate your banking banking your ideas so when you go on the road and someone say some of that you would physically write it down today today all the time and goes into the box and then when it's time to deal with a given since you listen to music at the music came first

► 01:35:19

I don't know what's just remind you saw that sounds like that sounds like if all your might suggest an idea to write things down physically typed them I print print you out and I paint and draw routinely okay as well as part of the martial arts sure Miyamoto Musashi but when I was in Japan two and three nights a week I would call it training I did it

► 01:35:58

with show me a teacher's direct sumia it's some like calligraphy pen and ink in the world of the future I spent two years practicing for Shades of Grey into Shades of Black

► 01:36:14

you want to see my Wesson can you do can you focus a camera if I stand up

► 01:36:21

can you tell me why you was my last walk from here to here okay I'm here painting I'm the only guy in there okay

► 01:36:39


► 01:36:43

okay after 6 months I heard better Jesus Christ after almost 10 shut down because mr. Roth I think you are my best student I said not my painting he's not your painting you are most determined you are most sincere

► 01:37:14

you really enjoy most like this thank you sir he said I wish to invite you to directors meeting

► 01:37:24

show me a society when is that right now to little cups

► 01:37:38

it one of my best friends in Tokyo how first 6 months I might have got some more.

► 01:37:48

go for a guy like that in this day and age must be insanely difficult to get someone to have that sort of appreciation for commitment well it's it's a national thing that stuff in grade school and it's sort of like music lessons painting and calligraphy is as well known as prep piano lessons and what were you thinking while you were doing all this while you learn this and spending months and months

► 01:38:14

I focus on specifically that knowing that at the end of the term I'm going to be a little and I'm sharpening things a little bit and when I'm called upon even to have the discussion like this I can bring a little contribution to it so it can be more entertaining for all of you listening to this it's an amazing recognition that you have though that you realize while you were doing this to even though consciously all you're doing is doing calligraphy your we're working on other parts of your mind though I knew I was never going to pay for shit 50 Shades of Dave you were still focusing 100% of your energy on doing it while you're doing it and there's something to that it's the preparation what are you doing now that's weird

► 01:39:06

well I went corporate yeah I got to go off the grid and be very difficult is it in the offices at the beach in my company is about 8 million dollars into it here and running that kind of a team and doing with the people cuz it's art-centric what is this team what's it about this is the tattoos for the original is my stuff and I didn't just hire a bunch of people to pass things in front of me

► 01:39:42

I designed what that logo looks like I put together what the general everything okay are all and then I hired The Architects and should build this create so it's virtually everything that you know how to do as an artist cuz you have to keep everybody entertained you have to be creative on level everything from Adobe Photoshop to social engineering and platforming dealing with marketing publishing all the way that publishing is changing magazines I'll make U digital are you approaching the same way you approach calligraphy told you that

► 01:40:23

art-centric singing and dancing paid every penny for the company and this is what I bring to it mostly when you have a celeb get involved in something like that man JLo does fashion she's not really taking a pen and ink a drawing out the words and drying out the clothes somebody passes things in front of her and she makes sounds let me send it goes like this I'm the guy who asked to interpret those sounds yeah and and and it's cuz it's got to be sense of humor makes the name of my company is have to win and it doesn't have anything to do with Mirth

► 01:41:10

call the best Pirates laugh especially if it's the last one

► 01:41:19

a few of these are going to detonate on the freeway home and I'm sure the when you were when you were dinosaurs coming to me just how much you time how much you time is involved in this significant amount of time or back and forth and see you like a real professional now like a professional corporate dude you thinking that the 50 hour work week saying no no no

► 01:41:45

it's art-centric right

► 01:41:50

it starts with

► 01:41:53

what was the need what was the name of all the needles like went out Honnold goats climbing he's going to put on some sunblock and he doesn't want to touch that shift for another 4 hours right so I built it for can I cracked my two molars and walked around for three years with no molars on this side of my head when I caught Dengue Fever okay cuz the sunblock in the stuff that had the mosquito shit in it washed off when I got out of the ocean so I solved it

► 01:42:24

and we are stripper friendly but we are not strippers so I don't want Shane okay so it's like I want to I want to okay I don't want to know

► 01:42:50

it took three years and more than you want a quote to solve that cuz everytime you go and you smell something you cracked a jar of anything somebody has played with that probably in New Jersey to think like that I'm already doing the pitch you like ice cream gelato even better suppose you want to make coconut vanilla all right well if you're buying most products you got to just go to One factory in New Jersey for the story The Lottery all the Neutrogena zit self-worth and they're going to take the smell of coconut in the smell of vanilla and is in it makes it so far this kind of thing

► 01:43:36

the fact is the cow lives in a very different place than the coconut lady who grows coconuts and the guy is going to show you your vanilla wasn't whole nother country

► 01:43:47

the reason that ice cream tastes so good as somebody got their ass on an airplane and flute all three places and that's what my staff does our staff is artisul slickcraft scotch

► 01:44:00

from the Carolinas which Port put your Pendleton on we're going to Portland

► 01:44:06

really and then we're going to go to Seattle because that's just one product

► 01:44:11

it's my artisinal art thing that I do there and it came from a need behind the scenes started years ago when we be climbing and stuff would get all over our hands and all over our ropes we'd be kayaking and somebody keep dropping the yours cuz something was slippery you follow so okay someday I'm going to solve this someday I'm going to solve this when you're in your twenties there's an aha moment

► 01:44:39

when you're my age there's more than one and that's when we went to high again third time today can to expand laugh to win makes the original and we have 60 other products coming up all of it developed for people who live in Vans like Alex Honnold folks who live in transit at hotels people who live urban camping is what we do especially me and my tour bus everything I do is in the Disco submarine we travel and you got to be familiar everywhere even Canada and and Aunt today we travel the entire world with impunity because South America you go to Europe and something as simple when you go to Japan

► 01:45:33

you're really going to go find dental floss on your on now you're not pale face you got to take me cuz otherwise you're doing Panther mine can you got a pan of mine that's a little while okay all of these things okay I got to stabilize got fit in my backpack

► 01:45:58

every container has to be able to be sat on in a third world airport you got to be able to Stevie Wonder it in your backpack it's an insensitive illusion analogy but every one of our containers is such that you can stick your hand in the bag while you're driving and find it I'm safety-conscious what do you have kids science lab solute absolutely what is it look like chump pulled up Jamie you can read our logos from across the Atlantic Ocean having worked and played

► 01:46:36

Aaron and I suppose your grandaddy

► 01:46:41

done speak English all of our products have this kind of logo in here all rights the translate this to Grandad into Cambodia and Grandad you're going to water exercise everybody there's going to have their own gear take yours make sure Grandma puts this one on and that works in 82 languages I like the logo okay that's cool looking bottle of sunscreen thank you you got hand grip in case you're wearing gloves at work in a lot of times when we're waiting in the projects today and then you got your duty gloves not right you still got the no-slip grip on the side fair enough

► 01:47:24

and you got a daughter right she could grow up to be somebody right and hang around with guys and controlling guys my dad worked in the prison system the last 20 years of his life kid did eye surgeries up in Folsom San Quentin Norco Pelican Bay cetera little skinny Jewish doctor how do you control level for violent lifers

► 01:47:49

theater going to tell your daughter don't pull anything pink out of your purse if you're sitting with a bunch of guys pull that stuff out it's the right color right if you write a legal briefing you got to be a boss don't pull any Cerulean blue specially the shiny vinyl out of your purse that pull that it says boss in 22 Wang what's it like what's in it that makes it work well like the makes it waterproof and

► 01:48:23

it's 100% in the it's Organics okay and brightener Asian just shorter forever it's stays on when you go swimming so forth okay and what do you always do when somebody goes hey what's that new peace symbol you lick your finger and your rabbit before it dries at

► 01:48:57

I want to deal with the vanity chest guys you never want to show you give a shit that would teach my kid to say that if I had one

► 01:49:07

hey your tattoos looking a little Rusty Acres you what kind of put your finger away will you you're going to make all the mistakes to you're going to go out and you're going to try and find cheap shit moisturizers that you got to put on there and you're going to smear it all over yourself and is going to look like that scene from Something About Mary when she was this shit is shit all over Bobby $600 t-shirt doesn't she Joe okay you got to consider all in this okay I saw a nice car out there I'm guessing there's nice upholstery in it

► 01:50:06

that into consideration I got you covered and it's the smell of Victory dermatologist reviews paraben-free petroleum-free we are one of the few products here that is reshape allowable in Hawaii okay the limits of what's going into the oceans now and the tourist areas of the world in Hawaii you can count on one hand the products they're allowing to be used on the beach isn't even in the swimming pools so that comes

► 01:50:56

Miracle ingredients

► 01:51:02

I think in terms of

► 01:51:05

there's water and then there's Fiji

► 01:51:08

butter eggs sugar flour

► 01:51:13

that's all that there is in the bakery right we invented the cronut

► 01:51:20

I took the best of this and the best of that and the considerations again come from life experience I didn't just look at myself and go wow here's an idea to make money my fortune has been made

► 01:51:36

what we did is find what we can use when we're living out of backpacks what we can use when we go dance I still go dancing and I don't leave that floor for 4 hours

► 01:51:49

where to go dancing I'm not telling you routine we're going to ride today I know New York City for example mr. Chen lives right next to mr. Gomez they both live over mr. katzenberg mr. radical Village homes built none of them can speak to each other they all speak a different language they're all different religions so there's two ways we communicate first of swearing

► 01:52:27

you know how to do that you want to seven eight words and swearing you can describe anyting the shows the shit show you the shit thank you what kind of shity you doing lately that last fight that was a shed that conversation in the next is ink

► 01:52:47

I see I got a chicken on one arm and a Cleaver you Butcher and the girl down there's got cupcakes with funny noses let me guess

► 01:52:57

he's got musical notes can I guess more and and and

► 01:53:04

in Esperanto you walk out in front of Columbia University at lunch time

► 01:53:10

it's the future you would not know that it's United States it is a complete composite International just the smell of all the food trucks the last thing you smell is salami and and yellow cheese on white bread thank God thank God few other languages with a communication and that's part of my fascination with constantly evolving esperando art form I visited tribes in New Guinea who can't dance they don't have they don't dance they did have tattoo it they did you have Scar Face man they found of the glacier that died in another, somebody I forget what they call their fear with his name is Padilla tattoos on them thousands of years old

► 01:53:59

that's what I'm talking about you give me the different guy was doing good very recognizable Fabio's like sideburns have flares and easy listening we always banked on his hair I mean if that guy went ball like me he'd be fucked it still is the exact same fabulous write amazing genetics they got a lucky break one of the characters who are other characters like that David Hasselhoff sure now has hassle book what does that mean he's met so many Africans ship Jesus Christ God hasselbrook oh my God hasselborg

► 01:55:06

Castlebrook Smith jeans add right and then there's married to the old dude I'm a little during having like the last one to the rich right before she dies so yeah

► 01:55:32

but there are folks also that don't have faces straightening never had a face it was always Springsteen their lives looking good Fabio is about 85 years old still Jack is that correct I mean I don't say I'm working out a lot but he's there what does he do if he's at the gym I don't know about it but you don't but you do you don't you want to take about the guy that wants a bank Fabio super pumped about it he's coming over at five minutes I got to get ready

► 01:56:08

what are you watching on TV

► 01:56:10

television guess what are you watching regularly cuz I don't have television I listen to SiriusXM routinely different channels over and over again lately I'm watching The Marvelous mrs. maisel which is a net it say not Netflix gives me it's an Amazon show it's an Amazon original show about a stand-up comedian the 1950s a woman stand up comedian who hangs out with Lenny Bruce really good okay women stand up comedian if there's a great subject Sarah Silverman hurdle cuz one of the things that she does best is play the part of the character she's lampooning sure she plays the part beautifully a witless racist whatever and her hurdle is that a large segment of the audience doesn't realize that it's an act

► 01:57:08

well now now does the hurdle especially now if you go back and look at some of her older bits and look at any special he looked at it written down as opposed to her saying it we're in such an overwhelmingly sensitive time when it comes to subject matter that yeah that would be a big hurdle for now but it's the best work ever made such an impact the first time I ever saw her do it in this is a tradition that goes all the way back to Lincoln there was a fellow who wrote that has be Letters by Hilary clip from the newspaper in his drawer so I can read them occasionally in laugh during the Civil Wars tradition of acting out the character that you are about to execute unfortunately what is the chemistry that folks don't understand that you are pretending they don't care it's not it's a dishonest approach they don't care

► 01:58:08

you're not you're pretending what you have said something or there's something written that shows that you said something that they feel is in violation until they want to go after it it it doesn't make any sense its literal and it's also it's disingenuous because they know it could be parity and they don't care there's so much of that today it's really interesting it's really interesting because there's so many people that are they just looking for things to be upset about the recreational outrage and I think it's probably because things are going so well in this world I mean side I mean some people say it's not going that well you know there's a lot of things to be fixed this time to be alive ever it just is is undeniably the safest time to be alive I think people are more open-minded than ever more kind than ever is less violence and ever all the speakers work all these things are trending in a very very clear and obvious Direction and I think when you have coddled minds and you have

► 01:59:08

more safety people start running around looking for things to be upset at young people that are very idealistic think they're going to change the world by policing language policing when people talk about things and discuss things and so stand up comedy which is you know you say a lot of things you don't really mean cuz they're funny you know that's the whole point behind it and so it's ripe is too as far as a target for that kind of recreational outrage the musical equivalent for hatch is really shity songs written about important subjects really shity songs written about important subject your offencive the singer sounds like water hot water heater on to the sick cat

► 02:00:08

you don't know the song the song We Shall Overcome that's beautiful you just text her terrible movies like you cause me to think that it's like why do I think that right well there's no way to really get an important subject and boil it down to 2 hours

► 02:00:51

oh I didn't think of that you know every 2 hours is it important subject me crazy is when they take liberties with someone's biography like if they would do a biography on someone's life and they change things around or add things to it for theatrical Flair you heard it's very good that you asked the person who told you that why it's good yes yes and what year they said the first of all the guy who plays Freddie Mercury apparently brilliant in it and it said they had they seen Freddy lives I was in the movie 2006 come out yeah I saw him in his absolute knew that his major major Prime there so I'm very curious as to will stagecraft is one thing but what Freddy was and what he brought was way more than what it is

► 02:01:51

what was he bringing

► 02:01:55

his sensibilities in terms of Music weren't just three chords in an attitude and don't fall for that shit either Keith ever sits here and tries to Kohl's in an attitude and you need to know the inversions of each one all seven mortal sins no all those and the trick to innings in whatever Freddy brought a whole wealth of listening to different kinds of music whether it was orchestral big band Bistro what do you call a small something you might hear in a coffee shop in French what his music was so different his singing was so different than anything else from his era you listen to We Are The Champions

► 02:02:55

he didn't try to sing black okay sing Freddie Mercury when he sang European non-black what were very used to even in country I got a very famous black producer African American produce you say to me David Lee did you know what it means to be a black man in the United States to dash everytime I step up to the mic that's what I grew up with trying to sound like you know that Boardwalk had such an impact on music much less the overall culture and comedies well I mean if I had a vote for a while greatest all-time comedian OB prior the greatest of all time I would I would have to say it's he's in the running I mean it if it's not him I don't know who it is

► 02:03:50

I will agree with you always so many some I mean it will you look at African American stand-up comedians in the contribution in terms of like the overall numbers are the top 10 a giant chunk of them would block a giant shark Chappelle Chris Rock but it definitely prior got like I forget about Bernie Mac Bernie Mac is goddamn genius you know a lot of people don't know about Robin Harris Robin Harris is a huge influence the people in the 90s ladies in the 90s when he died he died thinking though early 90s your Illuminating for the audience but here you're preaching to the already. I think it's because of the classic comedy channel on Sirius XM and his shit is still funny still good

► 02:04:50

is everything

► 02:05:01

Yeah Yeah Usher and you know I mean Bill Cosby Cosby was obviously a horrible person in retrospect but his art form is artwork was amazing I mean I listen to Comedy records you memorized word for word you memorize Richard Pryor your eyes red fox you memorized Bill Cosby can you memorize Rodney Dangerfield The Four Horsemen when you run out of conversation at a beer soaked frat party High School whatever which is in about two sentences you see you either quote your favorite movies in versus guys yeah yeah I even try this with the staff and she gave it how you doing

► 02:05:58

see ya my doctor told me I had to run 10 miles a day and then call him 10 days later the end well I'm calling you I'm 10 miles away

► 02:06:10

Rodney Dangerfield you learn comedy records and you sat around the record player and learned that I don't think people do that no no that was a thing man when I was a kid we listen to Cheech and Chong Big Bambu with all sit around and listen to the Record Man and that was a different one too because they weren't even doing stand-up that was a completely unique thing they're doing sketch comedy on record

► 02:06:38

it's interesting that pot culture which is international now okay started with an Asian and Hispanic they were the kings of it again shy Burns everybody on Earth decades later how many decades are in a rock climbing from anything ever made by God man or a place called her a police

► 02:07:14

about 4 hours north of Melbourne out in the middle of nowhere big sand drip castles you can dial it up fyrewrap Elite and we had a couple of campers like trucks that we part we put up a tarp in the middle and campfire and whatever

► 02:07:31

and a little little television screen and we plugged into the car battery okay and I went to the other campsites cuz we fucked up not broad enough whatever it was water food or whatever and I went to the different campsites and invited everybody and we're going to be watching Cheech and Chong over under the far Edge over there you'll see us you'll be like come on over and join us

► 02:08:05

from all over the world you got guys from Thailand you got girls from England or sleeping bags laughing in 7 languages which is amazing and that I get those guys in here

► 02:08:33

dogs are talking to each other so make sure you never know who are they actually talking to each other throughout our history has this gone Eddie and Dave for a while but they're back yeah they're back together everybody doesn't really want to see Chong or Cheech you know I mean not that everybody doesn't want to see them but the numbers are so different the numbers of people that I mean Tommy Chong's. The love a guy but the together they're they're exponentially more powerful the Everly Brothers yes yes yes yes it should but the culture changed a man of his times sometimes the times change is and yes the times now represent which day in a free doing something that was illegal this is illegal, illegal subject matter in Studio City you can spend

► 02:09:33

vacation if you came from somewhere and just worked from the sushi bar to The Dispensary on Studio C there's a space is about 2 mi long you can spend 10 days come visit us from Japan stay at the Marriott all the way near whatever it is universal and you can just work from sushi bar to dispensary to dispensary to look at that up on the screen is a whole schedule are they working I can't read it says there in Richmond BC the River Rock Casino in Vancouver the Hard Rock South Lake Tahoe is a bunch of places San Juan Puerto Rico in the house which lentil average age of comics today

► 02:10:16

the best ones are in their forties and fifties it seems like right now

► 02:10:21

really yeah between Chris Rock Dave Chappelle Show KCK Bill Burr are the best of Joey Diaz all the best guys are in the 50s like them

► 02:10:35

I don't know there's a lot of gangster movies on Netflix right yeah that in the fellas are older night clubs like Ciro's kind of yeah 21 club and then that change to Comedy Cellar about productivity like you you have to be able to put out material in you because most of us are doing Netflix specials now and most of us seem to be on a schedule of doing one every couple of years so you have to be able to turn over an hour every couple years and then take an hour and Hammer that motherfucker down to a samurai sword scuse me a katana hammerdown polish that blade you have to have it and then you have to know when to release it was one of the things that I asked how do you know when you're running a song like running with the devil how do you know when it's done cuz with a bit you kind of don't know because you do it differently all the time you fuck around with it on stage and you know I'm up

► 02:11:35

take to do an hour changes it changes is no real one thing I like sometimes I come up with a new hour and like like 4-5 months and sometimes it takes me a whole year which is really it's really different every time depending on how much effort I put into it and also depending upon how lucky I get with subjects like sometimes there's a subject is just Rich almost like at you hit a gold mine in like you did you get all that you hit that money like there's so much here and there so many also branching off little rivers from this mine is One initial mine so there's there's that you never know you never know it's it's hard to tell

► 02:12:13

fascinating I want to mess around with it it moves and changes I do a different all the time I'm a Giants fan of Lynyrd Skynyrd and want to think that I was taught was crazy about Skynyrd was there rip when they would do guitar riffs it was the same riff they wouldn't when they would do a solo their solos were like orchestrated like they don't get enough credit for bring Dynamic musical artist as well as these Southern dudes that were just drinking singing about whiskey and getting away from women like they're fat ugly dudes in most their songs about getting away from women I got to go I got to be free I'm moving on Call Me The Breeze it was like some of their like Freebird that's free bird solo that goes. Which is one of the greatest solos in the history of all music for this one of the more specific

► 02:13:13

is you had to build it has a beginning a middle a crescendo and end their specific names

► 02:13:24

when we moved to more channels in recording When the Lynyrd Skynyrd recorded all their early stuff as a track and then you had to double up a really Van Halen same thing you had to compile your tracks whatever time you had to really walk in with your solo written OK and play and you would work it until it really had a Thing Once there were many tracks guys would come in and just Wing It Go okay let's try one and then when it's time to Max they'll put a little and start moving those channels in a way that you would never think to play the guitar for example Ed started doing that on a couple of tracks right original solos Running With the Devil did it it it it

► 02:14:24

most Beatles solos dematic Eufaula he'd record six different versions of the solos okay and then just start the channel to learn the soul wow so you'll see his hand moved from down here to up here and down there

► 02:14:56

it became a gymnastic effort more elbow and shoulder to get it from the far end of the fretboard all the way up to the pickup and back to duplicate

► 02:15:11

dad's wabisabi approach to me so it was a very unique kind of way of creating a solo was utilizing the digital digital future multi-tracking and improvising as opposed to I'm going to sit down and I'm going to just I'm going to create something like a book there's the beginning here's the senior the characters here's the conflict instead it's let's just makes that all up together and interesting ways in literary Burrows came up with Bill Burrows many many years ago came up with the idea of writing a book than clipping the pages into pieces putting them all in a hat and pull the pieces out one-by-one this is peace number one this is peace number to face number three and that's the way you actually remember a story

► 02:16:06

I don't get that you remember a wedding yes you don't remember and sequence

► 02:16:14

all right where the bachelor party then I got measured for the text you then I want to hear you remember finish party did putting the ring then I was throwing up back behind the car right it doesn't come in sequential order another way of a crafty way of writing an essay perhaps bit difficult to digest but movies are made that way now over Chase door flies open and gold horse walks onto the field

► 02:17:05

I see the cabin but I'm getting from this one in regards to the song making a particular the way Eddie and you did it was there's no shortcuts you know the fact that

► 02:17:17

first of all he know he's one of the great Masters right Eddie Van Halen's when the Great Masters if you have a hundred of the greatest guitar artists of all time in the History season that I made a contribution commensurate with that 100% so you have to have that but then there's also no shortcuts even when you're a great Master know there's no shortcut you will have to sharpen and sharpen and show you describe sharpening a sword I visited Foundry where they make swords north of Tokyo I was at his work goes in the Museum's that is one of the things that I really want to do super sweaty in the 1600

► 02:18:08

that's not who sharpens and polishes the story that's my other friend who's 55 years old lives in a suburb of joking that's all he does for a living so they take the first sword to him and then he sharpens at yes okay he's the one who makes it get that chrome finish so the man who forges it does not sharpen the correct skin specialty insured pot sword polisher does the sharpening and that's a specialty requires shirt and stones from different parts of Japan you don't use Wheels you use the old stones for the mountain chatra use water from a wooden bucket you rub it with your hands 55 years old this is all he does for a living museums from around the world is there video this

► 02:18:56

oh yeah what's the Germans name we'll find it I'm stalling for a second

► 02:19:04

he wasn't very little apartment and he's got two gun safes like you would use you know like Liberty Gun Safes yeah and museums from all over the world shorts that become Rusty humidity 3 I was that okay this is he's going to be using that's what they used to laminate by putting paste on that sword parts of it will cool differently so that it makes your patterns so they do it if you want the rest of the stuff is pasting on

► 02:19:52

what was that stuff it's made of Ash and it's made of

► 02:20:01

a horse or cow and so when it heats up is that when it becomes a part of the sword why he's going to laminate that okay this is wild scientist look at this motherfucker with his lab coat is examining you going to ruin it get them out of there at that scientist paddings like that that's Ash so he's putting little pieces of Ash on and on purpose Stone on a sword which is why they cost so much why are many different kinds of stones that they'll use a different parts of the sword can you do a point at the top gets a different kind of stoned in the middle of the sword cetera

► 02:20:53

it's amazing Japanese culture and especially when when you look into the ancient Samurai culture like a book of five rings one of my greatest all-time books I thought I'd live read it might be dozens of times my life but just sit to put yourself in the mindset of someone with such a singular Vision to too great to become a great Samurai he needed to become a great artist a great poet he needed to be good at carpentry he needed to be good at calligraphy he needed to have all these different skills

► 02:21:28

he chose got to take chess lessons or no or Go Go lessons to learn to paint and draw some martial arts multiple languages this is a liberal arts education is seen Through The Eyes of somebody in the 1500s it's just I'm so fascinated with John have to because so many things came from that one small island

► 02:21:52

when you look into it in terms of like martial arts contributions I mean it is probably the there's a bunch of contributors Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Chinese kung fu and Western boxing but God damn you look at the contributions of Japan I mean overwhelming just overwhelmed between Judo and Jujitsu and so many different martial arts karate this so many different styles that were perfected in This One Small Place occasion Island I agree with you and that lends itself towards growing down burrowing digging in yeah I follow somebody is going to make a sword it takes six different people to make one short

► 02:22:37

the person who makes the handle is not the person who raps to handle the person who makes the sword is not the one who sharpens

► 02:22:48

collar the furniture on the sword the pack that holds it in that Gold's collar that's a different person and the person who makes the Scabbard for the short is it different person when we keep going yes I mean age of specialization I'm one man and I'll build everything in the cab alone in the wilderness and uses handmade tools to do it up in the I'll dig the well I'll plant the potatoes out build the house I'll create the hearts out fish the fish I'll hunt The Alchemist and then Japanese perhaps as well as other neighborhoods shed I'm just going to

► 02:23:48

I just like to cook if that's okay yeah

► 02:23:56

have you and your fucking with archery

► 02:24:02

a million years ago yet I would Scouts whatever but that seems like something they'll be right up your alley that's it it's a an act of doing it without doing it as soon as a mine cleansing thing to I think you'd be perfect for you virtual reality that they're all right Officer I confess It's All Coming Back I saw you on TV filling the frigerator or getting ready to fill the frigerator with a bow and arrow hours I'm so yeah yeah yeah yeah that's the if you look at my died on paper toy 60% elk

► 02:24:55

when did you begin this 2012 was the first hunting trip I went on my good friend Steve rinella took me on a trip on his television show me Dieter and then I became obsessed with trying to figure out what I was doing because I'd seen a bunch of factory farming videos and I was like okay I'm either going to become a vegetarian or I'm going to become a hunter like this is how I follow that be a part of this follow then so I became a hunter and first of all the nutrition that you get from Wild games and nutrient dense read and reaction to what you're eating an athlete eating a wild athlete is running away from wolves and mountain lions and it's just a different thing than a cow that's like locked up in a cage or pig that's locked up in a stall make Stellar sense and they live a free life it's a wild animal that has no one telling them what to do or what it Where to go and you got to be able to sneak it up in on them on the right wind with

► 02:25:55

the right conditions in and make sure you get a shot off on them I love it couple times a year usually sometimes they are three commercial freezers in the back I'll show you after we're done I have three elk door to Elk rather that are par step into our kin to access deer and those freezers is several hundred pounds of meat in Illinois give a lot of it to my friends are good good portion of my friends did they always get little packages of elk for me elk sausage and Elk roasts and now he's different things always giving people recipe you showed him how to eat it so now I cook it Citrus think that's the most modern why is the is the classic like a crocodile Birds foliage

► 02:27:00

what would you ask fish catch it in seaweed

► 02:27:05

it seems that serve me what does he do any white bread machine oatmeal and I clean protein right stuff when you look at his body he looks like a a guy at the beach like a regular guy doesn't look like a super athlete one of the greatest football players of all time between him and Alex Honnold and there are a couple of other Stellar like what are we starting to see a trend because of better nutrition and better training and cross trainings and she just so many factors when you deal with football there's so many factors training intelligence dedication Obsession and then also

► 02:28:05

nutrition all those to all those factors do you have to like really being and there's no way to be as good as he is without being incredibly immersed in whatever you're trying to excel at there's no way and with Alex Honnold I mean the guy lives out of his van because he wants to live out of his van because all he wants to do is just drive around to different mountains and climb them I mean that's his thing for me it was the Surfers yeah 1960s a server they call themselves internal server San onofre there something you talk to surface there's something that is a weird corny way to put it but I haven't talked to all of them obviously but the lot of high-level Surfers like Kelly Slater oral iCloud my good friend Shane Dorian they are there spiritual and some strange way they're at peace in some strange way and I think part of it is because they're constantly on that OSHA

► 02:29:05

and I think the ocean is like a battery I think you get energy out of it I think it fits a live it feels alive I think it's stimulates you in a very unique way and with those guys there were these immense waves these these creations of Nature and gravity in force and mass and water and there were riding them then they're riding a living things organisms in it it's filled with salt to me that she charges the body it's got a different frequency than the rest of the world and these guys they they seem different they have a there's a different vibe about them I'm more content Vibe how do I said it's like two something about beach towns like why is everybody by the beach so fucking chill x what is that something crazy this music is it she'll tell Jack Johnson is but you know what I'm saying

► 02:30:05

perhaps Dick Dale and the deltones were imitating the way waves made you feel and now they're playing what it feels like to sit around the campfire on the beach Ryan haveson yeah that kind of shit it's kind of a beach towel a little bit behind the cameras are not intended a yeah that's that's that's real that stays with you my bicycle wheels I've successfully replace the automobile in Pasadena on the bicycle I got to do it I want to go to the you know where ever you get on the bike ride in the rain doesn't matter really in Pasadena as infrequently as possible wow how I crossed trained as a

► 02:31:05

I'm going to hire coaches just stay on that bike was he going to dinner somewhere

► 02:31:13

don't laugh okay I'll take it to an extreme when I'm in New York City I have my bike and everything set up over there my bicycle and so forth Kel apartment there I saw a doctor know if you let your kids she could be for Life Sean Connery

► 02:31:31

comes out of the ocean in one of those black neoprene wetsuits right and he's got a blue tuxedo on underneath without a drop of water to finish this yeah I know I got my stag at my jumpsuits and I got my flight suits and everything like it more than once I've gone to a club or a dinner I give the door guy or the parking guy of the valley is it so that's my bike chained up over there in the corner is $20 keep an eye out. Let me prosnap that walk and I just stuff my backpack up under the bike like this this in the rain I do it in the snow I do it every when somebody says the rain in there are no snow days in Hawaii days in The Dakotas it's snowing go to school and I take my bicycles with me wherever I go so when you're in Japan you took a bike

► 02:32:31

why no tall is Tokyo bikes like I know the roof of my mouth to take you anywhere on those streets to our trip to my art lessons from where I lived all the way downtown to Havasu and all the way back like that when you drive around today as opposed to in the old days before cell phones you notice a difference with people paying attention

► 02:32:57

text moves yeah I know that getting off the line could take a week is FedEx

► 02:33:02

stop.... Dwight changes in counting on how everybody's got to sign off their phone turn off the computer to as or whatever by and large what I have noticed is that when people are watching you they no longer have their hands in their pockets and pretend to be Wesley now you pretend to stare into your cell phone that's true but I saw your wife

► 02:33:36

that's 1960s pretend I'm the only guy who's actually present in a place

► 02:33:46

I walk into a dog carry his cell phone I walk into a coffee shop or a restaurant or if you put a club which is essentially a social experience and everybody is blind staring into their cell phones with different bank at sin different whenever I'm more often than not I'm the only one who actually present looking singing Have you ever settled with those things have you ever you decide it's not for you. I'm going to let you know I can fly six-million-dollar helicopter backwards yes

► 02:34:27

but it forces people to make eye contact you want to talk to me just like this and you can't text me cuz there's a whole lot of operations I take out of the program email I don't you tell me email know and I know exactly what to ask for and what to about so I don't want to get ahold of you have to go find you at no point in my life like as if with yourself I'm a am I more than 5 feet away from somebody with a cell phone I was laughing it's like James Bond or some secret we're even Miguel The Gardener has marched where is everyone else one did you ever carry them at one point and decide to stop carrying them

► 02:35:24

yes and it became a constant as show people we are Target Target's for love targets for greed targets for proximity Etc if you can constant Interruption became a constant sheet in an effort to find my way to where Shane Dorian is

► 02:35:50

I want to be out on their way man I want, I want to live in New York City I want to live in the middle of the noise in the clamor and I want to be able to keep my heart rate down

► 02:36:01

I want to be able to keep my waist down and I found myself constantly having to answer that phone and having to deal with hey man how are you just what cut the crash and getting texted somebody didn't really want to talk on the phone and you hear this a while I texted you I thought you're the only plan M Landing any given time

► 02:36:36

the guy driving the car the assessment even the grinder has a smartphone and everybody knows you could find me yeah you keep it that way so what what year was it we decide to do this how long ago about 40 years ago 4 years ago on the phone doing the whole deal anyway I don't want this anymore constant of

► 02:37:04

I called you how come you didn't call me back right away and also indicates you know as you start to call over and over and over again it's like a tracer you follow can you have stalkers sure got a good one I got a Stocker make prank call I can tell you what time you get to work I can tell you what time he goes home I can tell you if you had something to drink the night before and went home and slept it off the next day it's the nature of communications Ryan for Tracer bullets work both ways boy everywhere you and everything you do special with social media right

► 02:38:03

boring I am a thing of giving into this non-human device and an integrating it with your life you were people just didn't ever leave it alone they're constantly on at the checking it with didn't you not even getting anything out of it you're just checking in for nothing you just checking your email checking your photos checking your Instagram is nothing coming nothing positive coming out of its just took this weird distraction from Life used to use the refrigerator for that yeah that's right it's almost the same you're so right it's a good digital version of opening the refrigerator when you know nothing's in there that's so true that's so true it's like a boredom exercise yeah it's a habit you just got to reach for it do you have one just in case you have to use it I'm giving away all my secrets mile constantly

► 02:39:00

in the grid one of my closest colleagues that I work with two or three nights a week Colin Smith is written 17 books on how to run Adobe Photoshop we've been working on an art project together for quite some time will debut that at another time I love the energy I love what the digit future has brought to us my only real regret in life is that I didn't have this growing up

► 02:39:34

go look it up I should have that tattooed yeah yeah it's a great time for finding things out the information if you want to learn the encyclopedia has what we had, was nonsense and in case you wanted some music which was an hour's bike ride and now you can get music for somebody like me when I was flavor of the week the first time I did all the Rockstar stuff and one of the first things that I wanted to do cuz I read that Elton John did that you would get them to close the store early shop around by yourselves and pillowcase

► 02:40:34

your records if you don't even read the liners if you have a good one I used to buy records based on how cool the cover looked I would routinely I would shop by weight I would do that at bookstores to as much as we could carry coming out of the book stores for example I like many different kinds of music one of my favorites is danceable Electronica R&B disco anything that hadn't call it floor

► 02:41:22

if it has anything to do with dancing floor and give her no floor stations here in the in California in the seventies you wanted to hear anything that you know you had KJLH maybe if you know some small am kind of a station but you went to New York you had let me put that phone so I can do the voice

► 02:41:43

this is puckle wktu Shadow traffic DJ's if something is missing from our culture the guy with the best bed for the Wolfman Jack

► 02:42:11

those guys are gone. That's like a missing segment of our culture I was in Pasadena listening for the first FM radio underground station which was kppc it was metromedia I believe was Channel 5 tell me if this gets too boring

► 02:42:30

here's the history of it is during the Cold War right around 1965-66 it became illegal imperative that all radio stations regular ones had to operate an FM band station

► 02:42:54

KFWB channel 98 why because you don't case there's a National Emergency you are not allowed to take your normal programming though from KHOW and put it on your sister station on FM had to be different program okay you can't just dominate family cuz you got the advertisers your Channel 5 gal Ott advertising Chase and Sanborn coffee you're going to squeeze me 106.7 today's K-Rock or whatever get a 5.06 right in there

► 02:43:47

and they brought in it literally all these FM stations so you know the the bosses you know all said while my nephew he's he loves that rock stuff you know he's got a lot of Records maybe you'll be a teacher a kind of thing or Big Daddy Tom Donahue and his wife Rachel they came in and start broadcasting on kppc and Thomas Jazz DJ talk just going to like this Andy. Okay.

► 02:44:29

do Quicksilver here

► 02:44:33

can't wait till it

► 02:44:35

comes out stereo take a listen out of Versailles

► 02:44:43

see you in a few practice that there's an art to that preparing you for a new song yeah he used it all the hand like DJs you don't like this play jazz jazz guys back then

► 02:45:09

doing things that

► 02:45:12

cuz you just look at it

► 02:45:15

and we started doing those things to gauge

► 02:45:27

strength of patience

► 02:45:30

Joe knows what I do right after and then it would set you up for the music we enjoy the music a little bit more because of that guy oh yeah, cool conspiring that its streaming services were smart they would bring that shitback did find someone you know because like streaming services of the new radio right now and that's where a lot of people get their music while I can do those things section on Apple music may have a DJ shows and yeah but like as a sportsman that's what is it in the natural okay great movie writer and make it into a little bit of an argument and somebody says you don't play baseball he says yeah but have a good day I can make it look a little bit more interesting

► 02:46:30

a little more exciting yeah you see what you help you understand with you paraphrase or that's what I do with color commentary implicate everything drama pesos hilarity call in one paragraph yeah I've watched you go from Channel seamlessly I grew up with the grade Scully Cosell sound tell me so tell me holly jolly cash but

► 02:47:19

you have DJs they're not really DJ's there are representatives of a lifestyle for example I'm going into DJ Low Income too aware pH sun goes down and have been asleep since the late eighties

► 02:47:41

what was I talking about it I started ripping there now SiriusXM you have for example of the country artist sure and it's no shoes radio he's not a humorist he's not even an interlocutor we're not that it's Kenny Chesney going and I say it with respect you know I asked the Joe Rogan BBQ just short of charge it up and they said hell yeah so I just want to tell you I'll come down

► 02:48:41


► 02:48:48

it's not the same kind of being Tom Petty you was a co-conspirator you don't like it here in the basement man I'm listen to some wrecked Montana Woodworks Fireball on tasty dishes to Newport make a choosing music to that was the other thing about DJs they would choose the music I don't know what tastemakers yeah that makes a big difference I did not think about was listen to wbcn in Boston it was like 1980s and they wanted to play Michael Jackson in the guy said listen I know this isn't rock is WBC and was a rock Boz to sure this is a rock but damn this is good music and they played Billie Jean remember thinking why I want to pull choice

► 02:49:48

what's a bold choice in a certain sense okay and the certain sense is that after a while FM radio became very codify you know just like the worst race is somewhere in the mid-70s late seventies and became a playlist in the end picked okay

► 02:50:14

I became very specific Target demo we want to home and then whatever I keep in mind when Howard Stern left regular radio terrestrial radio for the stratosphere I got a job in New York City that's right casting in seven different shity I forgot you did that Dallas New York Billy I think I was at I think what they wanted was a version of Howard Stern class David my approach to is very different than his would-be were two very different people friend he's talking his personality it's all about interaction I see myself as show people I'm music first okay so the first thing I'm going to pick when we throw a barbecue is not the food or the guestlist but what's the music

► 02:51:14

well white people listen to Bob Marley when we're on vacation and when we celebrate thing we listen to call in the things were going up and they were pissing off management really well they should we feel that Lynyrd Skynyrd and Nickelback or more appropriate for your audience so their ratings are going up and never upset and because you couldn't read me in okay. Keep in mind I hired Kool & the Gang open for Van Halen tour before last you have never seen so many people dancing in one place filled out of every wedding Bar Mitzvah and the feeling of water.

► 02:52:14

what was the conversation when you agreed to do it what did you think was going to happen as opposed to what did happen you saying what is real doing commercials for example and I don't feel comfortable doing commercials unless it's something I actually use Relic sunglasses or cigarettes

► 02:52:40

Vermont Care Bear kind of a thing I don't know right so it was uncomfortable from the beginning I got fired for playing too much ethnic music and for late night early in the morning

► 02:53:03

well whenever we brought on torn Stars I actually knew him

► 02:53:10

I would already gone through the getting-to-know-you phase right Seasons early her kind of expect you to do all talk or do they want you to play music as well as is his and as is yours can you can we have a week of imitations in our end of the business and broadcasting okay

► 02:53:34

there's no snare drum and hi-hat nor is there for our you follow he's with the music I start with the ambience and of humor arises or personalities are rise or we have guessed right if we don't that's fine too

► 02:53:55

and I think they expected other what I showed up with was it it also arranged it wasn't always funny I was just maybe something you would have excelled at if they had different expectations like their expectations was the funny the funny interview the gas have pop culture funny guests are in the subject matter just as we've touched on subjects year that are hilarious going to go away real quick about doing that now like what if Apple came to you or one of these streaming services came to you and wanted to do something like that to all expectations

► 02:54:55

and the expectations are just as we discussed the three phases of Anna Nicole Smith and Elvis are you referring to just with someone like you I mean I'm not a program director but if I was I would say just let him be him just figure it out just let it give it time to grow that's what people don't do they metal like you're going to do I look from what I know of you you're going to do your best at everything everything you do you're going to do your best if I was going to hire you that's what I would say everybody get the fuck away from him he's going to do his best now let him hire who he wants to hire and do what he wants to do and probably wants to put on Let Him figure it out but you hired David Lee Roth didn't hire Mike Fitzgerald Inn ending in Ken Buchanan where the fuck the other people that work in the office and also want the jizz in the soup know you hired David Lee Roth let David Lee Roth P David Lee Roth and let him find his legs

► 02:55:55

that's difficult entity because comes with a lot of history has very specific expect ya however there's a lot of a lot of freedoms there's a lot of

► 02:56:18

you know what you're discussing is something that I think about occasionally so it seems like something you'd be open to a job just in this particular interview I would be very open to it

► 02:56:32

you know they've approached me before you talk about it might interest in music is diverse but it's energized switch to of course you know he does his own radio show and he picks his own playlist it's like one of the last few things that a personal items able to do like that and he doesn't want to eat once a week right cuz these are one night a week does and he loves it when you something else that people have approached me for his writing a column some of the good magazines have approached me big ones about becoming a different sound when I write yeah it's

► 02:57:18

it's in a bit of a different voice it's my sense of humor comes out a little bit more in terms of Darkness I remember reading an article in New York Magazine Starbucks 1968

► 02:57:33

I don't remember the element the fellow was the theater critic for New York Magazine and the title was in defense of Bowie have to tolerate clapping especially for City performances right there's The Clapper who claps because they're part of the gang and there's The Clapper yells Bravo so that they exist I am heard that he talks about how you'd only gets thrown out of an opera for buoying and everybody knew it it always a permit booing and I support that America stands alone sneaks in not just as a form of negative targeting okay but as a form of elevating

► 02:58:25

go to the golf swing guy put on all the electrodes they do the slow-motion things on your wrist when you make a mistake if there's no flaws there's no booing is your concentrate on the negative I love booing as much as going yet in fact I can think of certain heavy metal records that we could discuss on the airplane from LA to New York that's 5-hour flight and I could discuss the record endlessly as long as we're going boo discussing what's wrong with it you can go for 5 hours what's great about it how long you sustain that 20 minutes is really smart

► 02:59:21

and smart

► 02:59:28

identifying the negative it's just reality monster movies is she the string you see the small kissy the Flying Saucer it looks fake That's Amore you feel smugly Superior you look at that thing that's it for now today for people weren't doing that you wouldn't have black panther you wouldn't have Spider-Man Avengers and all the amazing special effects and CGI and everything because of high expectations computers and I'll get back to you.

► 03:00:17

David Lee Roth just did three hours he believed that time flies when you don't know what you do what you know you know what you're doing you slice son of a bitch really did tell people one more time about your product line and we're website the original the original she's pretty girls are the bathroom and you can put in a locker but especially that brightener man that stuff's the shit no more rubbing it with your finger at cetera and we got a lot of wine come in laugh to win a bunch of shit today I love you God bless

► 03:01:17

that's a very special belt to wear thank you sir David Lee Roth ladies and gentlemen good night

► 03:01:25

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is it all right that's the end of the show I appreciate you folks much love to you all bye-bye big kiss to you anymore