#1156 - Jimmy Dore

The Joe Rogan Experience #1156 - Jimmy Dore

August 9, 2018

Jimmy Dore is a stand-up comedian, political commentator, host of “The Jimmy Dore Show” available on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3M7l8ved_rYQ45AVzS0RGA) and as a podcast available on iTunes.

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think I'm saying he's a bad motherfuker egos unique raw pen Schatzi lot fighting style pairs perfectly with establish action Stars Wahlberg and Rousey Wahlberg plays the leader of an elite special ops team called OverWatch in team sole purpose is to complete their assigned Mission at it cost as described in the movie The Mission is first last and everything in between Mark Wahlberg's character is intense smart and complex human being and he has a dip that you don't see in traditional Action Hero rolls it comes out August 17th you see an IMAX again in large format go check that shit out alright my guess today is Jimmy Dore Jimmy Dore is the host of the Jimmy Dore show he's a hilarious stand-up comedian a great guy an honest man and I always always enjoy talking to him so please give it up for Jimmy Dore

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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hey Jimmy what's up how you doing the weather hot hot as fuck you Jimmy so how we got a car fired right now so you were getting emotional in The Green Room listen to Henry Rollins Chomsky was that he was I just caught the end

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text baby yeah but he was the bad guy bad guy as opposed to who well you mean he's definitely a bad guy right we all agree that just because other people are also doesn't get his point of Putin being a bad guy what he was saying it's just that it's very bizarre that the Republicans these people that were at the Forefront of the Cold War these ones really don't mean it needs to be able to remember Khrushchev banging on the desk you know saying will bury you with with Kennedy these people are now like they're whitewashing Putin they're sexually like trying to paint out Putin to be a good guy because Trump is in this position where he's trying to be friends with this guy

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so well here's the court I wanted to send you write American president would have been a sense it says no Chomsky Putin kills journalist we just torture hours are president's presidents and vice presidents who cries that he had a kill list for the kill list would you keep the killas next to the Peace Prize to where you keep those two things citizens with no due process no due process and so nobody has a problem with Trump being buddy-buddy with Benjamin Netanyahu is a psychopathic Maniac who shoots who shoots with precision

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Medics who are trying to help people in nurses can journalists by the way did Abby Martin on and she sort of illuminated that whole situation to me I really didn't know how bad it was nor did she until she went over there right and you know just experiencing what it's like that the the it's crazy that people that went through the Holocaust that realized the cost of dehumanizing an entire race of people now are capable these some of them are capable of doing that to the Palestinians yeah it's it it's it's kind of mind-blowing so wanted to hear and I have friends who does it to everyone's doing this right everyone's getting caught up in this Asteria that's why there's a word called hysteria cuz it happens and wearing one and you know what I like is what Noam Chomsky said about this Russia hysteria that's happening he said if you care about effects that are pristine elections what you said very sarcastically he said if you care about WhatsApp

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are pristine elections Russia gate is his last place I would look and the first place he would look if you heard about 4 and control of or influence on our government he said he would look to Israel they're the ones Benjamin Netanyahu came here and address The Joint session of Congress without the permission or invitation of the President Obama was President he did that he did that's that's a guy coming here to tell our guys how to vote in direct Defiance of our president and everyone embraced him because Putin is a bad guy Trump shouldn't have a good friendship with his BS the guys who are really influencing our government here are Benjamin netanyahu's the election today

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why would they do that because they were in Yemen there dude they're bombing committing genocide were doing it is they're doing a thing called Siege Warfare which is a war crime and prosecuted someone a few months ago in it at the Hague for it in Saudi Arabia is on the Human Rights Council so I guess everything's a joke now right so we're past it what's a farce were living in this person so when I see a guy that I love like Henry Rollins saying stuff like oh Putin's the special kind of bad I just called back Chomsky we're out there we have nothing we have legit war criminals just won presidency away do you think he's a step removed from that though I mean he heals Fascinate journalist in his own country right now so as of right now we're trying to assassinate Julian Assange

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that that guy did Hillary Clinton's was that guy that she really did say that she really did say that and then laughed about it several times we saw the fact that any human being would ever do that the cheat and by the way the way he died that's some dark shit they watching a stab him in the ass hole there's a video of it and then stabbing him in the ass hole I standing there just confused not knowing what to do in his guys jamming a sword up his ass have you seen the video awful you want to see the video game capturing him is fascinating because it's a guy who has lived with an iron fist control these people been a brutal dictator been a horrible monster of a human being now on Cindy's rebels of capture them and they can't believe they have them in the shooting and stabbing him and and then eventually they have his body in a parade is body around after they've killed them but there's there's

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this video of him should look at it for just for a moment cuz it's so stunning to see him captured and alive and can't believe that these Rebels have them that it's not even it's not even like yeah you know have seen video of him captured and they that look on his face so I know you're talking about up his ass I hit a dog with my car a while ago and I just can't have no stomach for any of that stuff anymore I just don't like I asked we took it to the vet at lived

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I didn't I did that so I had a I had a hug killed it about a year-and-a-half ago it might already been dead because I think it was laying in the street cuz I didn't see it so it had to be already laying there anyways so you know I just and then I saw I was driving to my pot store and Eagle Rock and I saw this little black puppy dog run across the street in front of our car and there's this big median like a grass median and it was going to go stop stop and the cars hasn't started yet the other way to my wife stops and I jump out and I'm running and I see the cars coming and they're just I don't see the dog anymore and then I see the dog next to the curb and it's kind of like just go like like that just crushed me like even know how to think of it

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soon as we could have an animal hospital wish there was one not far away and they lived the dog lived but I couldn't cuz you take it as a no no no no they just makes my wife called back you know to the thing and they said yeah it's going to live and we have someone's going to take it like I'm okay thank God but I was so surprised at how I just broke down over that puppy the dog ran over I was like nah I'm too but that for some reason it just everything open and I was just a mess I couldn't it was such a basket-case niece is so cute such a car that's sad she has like I don't know if I have this but I feel like I have PTSD over that rise like I over reacted to that situation so there was a lot more going on there and know when someone says something like the Kadafi video

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imagine guys who have to go to war in the stuff they have to see in the things that they have to do I don't know how they all don't come up all the way over there. But yeah I mean I've known that that person like they come to my show that kind of stuff I know those people I don't have a close friend who was actually in combat like that no few close friends that have been in combat in when they start drinking and that's when you know the Innovations get loosened up and then Story start flowing and announce most people but it's not something people are designed to see you know especially not when no one else is seeing it right if we all lived in the Roman times and everybody was getting sorted up everyday and people getting hit with arrows all the time it's a normal part of life do people start accepting the fact is going to be lost but there's something about living today we're the majority of human beings live in this over safe environment it's probably save more safe than

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people have ever lived ever end up just overall in general if it ended the modern Western Civilization then you're going over to Afghanistan and you're right you know you're dealing with bombings and schools and bus citizen sniper attacks in the you know your buddy just lost a leg from an IED and that kind of shit just wears on a person I can't I can't believe we still do more like this it's just that I'm very busy I get in a lot of trouble cuz I ran she wore and all wars are bullshit I had to get in trouble cuz your auntie war war at the entire establishment is Provo you know that every every newscasters for war. If you're not for a war you don't get on TV if you're against the war you get fired like Phil Donahue like Ed Schultz Like Jesse Ventura like Ashleigh Banfield you talk like Chris Hedges if you tell the truth about the war you will get fired from establishment news and so it was

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RT seems to be pretty open which is really ironic ironic right I'll send you working for Russia not to cover at MSNBC he was told not to cover Bernie Sanders he wanted to cover Bernie Sanders anyway he said that the Hillary Clinton campaign and the head of NBC news cover Bernie Sanders he was told not to use yelled at by the head of MSNBC that's how he described it and a month later he was fired he was out at a similar situation Jen from The Young Turks Jake but he was told that our friends and Washington don't like your tone

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oh my God that is hilarious and he was winning his time slot so they can and they said they wanted him to work on his presentation skills presentation skills and the great presentation skills that's all I'll has I mean he's got a nice suit on house to try to read a teleprompter is brutal I mean he's a great order but he's not he's a great order that's different and that is not in his wheelhouse he's not the most trustworthy person either I mean he's got a history of deception so you having

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the way he got that job how about the way he became famous the Tawana Brawley case I mean he became famous through deception and so you seen this guy who is basically a famous con man whose now on television on a news program they have they have sold already forgotten everybody has forgotten I got his punishment he had to spend 6 months shows they like these round tables at the end to do is tell the truth it was scary enough really were there yeah I mean you really were there or Afghanistan and Iraq or Afghanistan I think it was a wreck and really shots were fired but Hillary did the same goddamn thing

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I shot a straight-up lied about being sharp shooting sniper that's hilarious yeah she was busted straight up lying about being shot at is it it's crazy I can't believe it's real Michael it's not a statistic megalomaniacs I'm always show you know what it is Jimmy with weeding out the bad apples and then we're eventually going to get to the good ones talking about how Putin he's like hey I want to tell Trump slow down don't be friends with this guy know I want to be friends with Putin because he's a nuclear power I want to be friends with anybody we need they taunt you donate is the one wrapping up

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wrapping up tensions with Russia and we have ever since the Cold War it supposedly ended and so anyways so why can't you I just had John kyriacou on my show I don't know so he is xe a guy he went to prison because he exposed to torture program so so now he says he's a member of veterans intelligence Professionals for sanity VIPs and they were they were invented or they were originally organized to debunked the weapons of mass destruction about a rack so they were intelligence professionals who knew what was happening that this weird being sold a bill of goods because of military industrial complex wanted its War right and they were like all the guys Ray McGovern build in each and they created this organization to help the bunk it will know who was the first whistleblower for the innocent correct

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I'm in jail and of course he's the smartest guy the NSA ever had sweet things and so when they tried to show the evidence against them he's like actually I got you guys and they're like and so they could have told me he was about a year ago so I don't remember exactly how it went but he told me a lot of mind blowing stuff on my show a lot of stuff just to expose this program that was essentially spying on every single email every voice mail every single conversation that you have is being recorded So William Binney invented the thing called thin thread so thin thread was data collection so what he did is he hooked up every cell phone to every cell phone in the in the universe it's i n he did it and it was hard to do whenever he said you couldn't do what he did it and so

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he knew that metadata what was more predictive then say if I tap your phone and listen to your actual phone conversation that I actually learn more by looking at a larger data set and when when contact start happening that means movements happening that means of attack is going to happen that means it's a metadata means more and so he found a way to track people and keep your identity secret so it was constitutional that's what he cared about the Constitution and the right to privacy 10 thinthread did that it was a better and they got rid of thin thread and a couple weeks later than 9/11 happen so that's what bill so that's who Bill bienias and so he said they got rid of it because there's billions of dollars in the new Pro they brought in a Trailblazer as good as a Tracker not as good as a metadata thing but it was funerals 5 6 billion dollars to Booz Allen whoever invented it and that's what it says all about is it all about money and you don't want to disappoint people who

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I have a lot of money paid their way and that so that's what it so he blew the whistle on that and they come back at them and they try to put whistleblower ended up dead what do you think we do in this country look what they did to Chelsea Manning's look what we did to people who expose war crimes inside of our country right now we're trying they're trying to assassinate Julius odds they haven't been basically solitary confinement weed literally did torture Chelsea Manning so and then you don't Brock Obama used heat press a good lots of whistleblowing journalist using the alarm blinking on the ward it's called but the Espionage Act so this idea that's yet I'm sure maybe maybe that woman who wrote that book about Putin as a lot of powerful enemies. Usually you do when you are at kind of on a journalist while you're exposing the powerful you probably didn't just expose Putin so she probably exposed to a lot of people my point being is that you know now who's being naive

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well I mean she probably did expose a lot of people but it's also very likely to Putin at our sales guys are out you know he took us some two words to 7 he did Libya turn it into a failed state right now they have open slave-trading you watch on YouTube. So let me ask you a question if we get rid of Assad in Syria do you know who takes over Jesus or sometimes who starts running around elk Ida El Nutri to takes over and I have video tape after video tape of our top officials admitting that Saudi Arabia funds Isis and that we also did so and that we created we created Al-Qaeda that we got

► 00:25:51

straight as an Isis was created because of our invasion of Iraq but that we actually fun them and we ship them arms so it for what reason going through Syria so we found them so that they fight aside but then Saudi Arabia fund and then I'm pretty sure I have it so that's why I get in trouble because I tell the truth about the war and if you tell the truth about the war you'll be call the conspiracy theorist by The Establishment news that's exactly what happened it happened to me are you conspiracy theorist they say you know what the biggest because I tell the truth about Syria the biggest conspiracy in my lifetime was the Iraq war that was a conspiracy

► 00:26:51

yeah that's allergic to chicken Spirits it yeah I mean that's when you can actually prove right to have a whole bit about it I just have a little bit about like that the only way to find out if someone was like from 2005 it was that the reason why they put George Bush your power is the only way to find out if someone is really stupid is to put an actual stupid guy in his president and find out if everybody freaks out cuz the only way to really tell and we were like well we can put a smart guy in there and have him act on my phone and I will never know whenever now we get that we get it done guy let's just try it out and see what happens and then it was all the whole thing of all is going to war in Iraq and what would we tell them and they bought that holy shit he wanted can fuck and I go when you know there's someone in the back of the room gone

► 00:27:40

I think we can go Dumber that became Trump I mean that was from 2005 for my Showtime special from 13 years ago so let me tell you something trump it will be allowed to be president and was allowed to be president because he's doing the bidding of the establishment there on board with most of the stuff he's doing there like that he's he's not he's not pulling back on any of the military protecting him from you protecting him from this investigation right again it's and by the way or what they've got in mind is all regular corruption like I said Trump is corrupt yes it's corrupt replica Saudi Arabia Foundation the idea that somehow we need to focus extra on

► 00:28:40

Trump and Trump out boots and you know what journalists anti-putin journalist in rush I will tell you that we're a bunch of nut numbskulls over here because we're inflating Putin's power so we are blue he's this all powerful guy who's got his finger in every decision everywhere at all times Alyssa Milano's not blaming the green party being controlled by the Russians for an Ohio election special election Alyssa Milano Alyssa Milano right by the elevator together so here is a hotel elevator the most Moana she said that she can go to she says you know what sucks because of our unwillingness to pass policy that protects our election Integrity I immediately think the green party vote student tonight's are Russian meddling why else would anyone

► 00:29:39

has the protest vote in Ohio when there's so much at stake

► 00:29:43

so much steak that's so delusional work what is a protest but what's your vote worth if everyone votes and they all vote green is that a protest boat if it isn't possible that the green party can win like you have no face so what they're doing is essentially just bowing down to rig system saying the system is rigged so just vote for side be even though side A and B are funded by the same people I know I know but ideologically side B is our side that's what she saying you don't get to participate in democracy the greens take away but I would not have voted in the presidential election if I did not have the opportunity to vote for the green party electoral politics works is that if you don't have enough votes to win you have to go get them and you have to appeal to those boats but they do

► 00:30:43

have an appeal to voters the Democratic party they have nothing and so what they have left is fear and voter shaming and that's it now they're actually shaming democracy we would also think that by the after we've gotten through this past election where no one literally no one in the mainstream media the Navy Fox News predict that Trump is going to win no one they all were a hundred percent sure the hell it was going to win they were you ever had in the 90% range of probability of her when displaying it on CNN so they know that that's wrong so why would someone think that a green Party candidate has to be or libertarian candidate has to be a protest vote why can't it be a real vote at this point when you're talking about the kind of social media outreach that that is capable today that's possible today but you the person who has some really good points and as a really weird as woman who wanted New York the 28 year old girls a Democratic Socialist

► 00:31:43

radical way and up starts in an in people who are huge underdogs have the possibility when it's on a protest vote it's an actual vote and if everybody who thinks this way votes towards that protests about guess what they win that's right that's what it is so that I used to have a joke I would say I know you can't you can't vote for a third party candidate until a lot of people already voting for a third-party candidate exactly if you spent a tenth of the energy trying to excite the half of the country that doesn't vote as you do and trying to progressives are green party environmentalist for not giving you their vote what you do not fucking on if you want to spend at 10

► 00:32:43

what does reluctance to admit that both sides are corrupt is this very strange thing that exists on people who operate within those narrow band within this narrow band with his whatever side you're on with her if you're on the right of the left this is the site that you want to win and it's the right side and then the good people and the other side even that well. Even though our side does wrong side is worse and they they operate in this real narrow band with this is why she would think something that's possibly negative for her side is a protest vote instead of being your actual feelings on the issue and if these people really cared about voting Integrity wouldn't they want paper ballots if they really cared about voter Integrity wouldn't they want ranked-choice voting when they want that thinks that they have in the main now right so it's where you get to this is my first choice this is my second choice this is my third choice so you don't get too

► 00:33:43

emanates that you're a spoiler right yes and they voted in in Maine and the politicians of course don't want it so they can reinstate it I think it's happened twice now how does it work in terms of Life savior going to vote for the governor of Maine give up first choice of second choice and so you get to say well let's see if that's how you feel First Choice was a green Party candidate you okay that's my second choice would be the Democrat so in time I see her choice would be you know maybe nobody and so does like second choice have different points LT that if your first choice doesn't get enough votes to win then your second choice goes right so that's how it works so you're never wasting your vote and you know what's ironic is that and I might have people who can better explain that simply I know people are going to be at Jamie's way better way to say that I found sure there's better ways but this thing that kills me is that Bernie Sanders his whole career

► 00:34:43

was about being an independent and I have video tapes of him said you know what kills me is I go out there do I know these box that I picked out the people that come up to me after these debates tonight so you know I like what you said you make the most sense but I can't vote for you cuz you never going to win I hate that I want to waste my vote if there's one thing I hate more than that sprays waste your vote this was what he was saying his entire career until now and I want to know why I want to know what the hell does Bernie Sanders in 2018 notes that Bernie Sanders in 2006 didn't know and Bernie Sanders in 1996 doesn't know and he tells everybody who got run he's getting people to come into the Democratic party which is actively cheating them yet he still hurting him and him and he still runs as an independent in Maine I mean in Vermont he's he gets to run as an independent independent while representing the Democratic party showtimes

► 00:35:43

how the protest boats are a waste like was he saying the verbage she used of one time I saw him was that Jesse Jackson's correct we need we need a Rainbow Coalition of people but it has to happen outside of the democratic party he said that that was him so we have to have a progressive Coalition but it has to happen outside of 10 who better to lead it but Bernie Sanders so that's why it's hard to start a third party because you need people who are already pot famous popular and government so if he left and he gots a Tulsi gabbard that would be pulling at 10:15 % and now the Democrats would have to form a coalition instead of what they're doing now which is ignoring progressives

► 00:36:43

after the Democrats cheetah Bernie Sanders in the primary Hillary Clinton didn't choose who's 80 union dues everything bad thing you want in a corporate Democrat he's prologue on deal she went so just so if we had a third party that actually pulled at 10 or 15% they would have to be couldn't do that anymore which is democracy shaming they're literally shaming people for participating in democracy you don't get to participate in democracy because you're a third-party will fuck you that's called democracy and such yes I do and I get to vote my conscience and we'll be right back to that break right there going to radio show they'll be the way to go situation

► 00:37:43

I know you were a vocal critic of Alex Jones you spit in his face on live internet no I did not say that was a completely involuntary

► 00:37:53

he coughed and liquid came out of your mouth and as you know Alex Jones is hilarious there's no doubt there's no denying that he's occasionally very hilarious yes and I told you what happened I was walking up he's having the Sturgis about to go fisticuffs the whole time yeah and as I walk up you go see if you know when Trump meant to say would actually say

► 00:38:26

yeah actually it what did he say I don't see any reason why they would be meant to say that was one of the worst lies I think anybody's ever told on television in front of millions of people that was a disturbing lie because in the context of the words and the way he was communicating it's very clear is very clear he meant to say would it make it was it was this concerning to me for a different reason was this concern to me because it showed that he think I got him to Cave yes someone talk to him someone pulled him aside so do you understand what the fuck is going on here by the way when they go heat Trump contradicted our intelligence communities in public in Helsinki and that's treason no ass wipe that's not reason the president sets are foreign policy you're not supposed to cut the fucking president whatever the President says goes and I hate fucking saying this cuz I'm not a fucking fan of Donald Trump but God damn it do we all lose our head and think that that hat unelected spies run our foreign policy they do not despise

► 00:39:26

what elected so at the one to let us into a wreck let's not forget that the very do anyway don't you ever play that video I played almost at weekly on my show of Robert Mueller lying about weapons of mass destruction to Congress to get us into the Iraq War at the time he wasn't aware of all the information and you know him along with Colin Powell and many other contracts at Halliburton got for billions and billions of dollars it's just because they were the right ones for the job in ey have bids

► 00:40:05

when you've got Halliburton and you got two guys really close to Halliburton Dick Cheney who used to be the CEO of Halliburton as the vice president you got a sweet deal here take advantage of it and Halliburton Dick Cheney of 30 million dollar down payment when he became vice president of this little bit of that

► 00:40:31

how do you do a bit about that too he shot his friend in the face and his friend apologized

► 00:40:42

so hopefully they was so fucking crazy you know we were talking about Alex Jones across the board like there it's almost they waited for Apple seems like and when Apple pull them from iTunes and then the YouTube danced with a ride they giving him some strikes it was really recently like within the last couple months yeah Facebook and giving him some strikes and YouTube games with tracks and people like a speculation that they would remove him from the platform I turn African Abra move in that's crazy that's too far and then all the sudden Boom everybody in One Fell Swoop Spotify Spotify remove them they were going to they did iTunes removed but there's a loophole though that somebody

► 00:41:42

Michael today where people are nothing but less than total Destruction of that Apple attacked Alex Jones and got rid of but they offered him a safety net in the form of the app that he has on their their App Store there's still so they're trying to take that down to like take down the app is his shell became instantly way more popular I'm not defending Alex Jones I'm defending you know the principle of freedom of speech you know people who are convicted of killers on death row they still get their freedom of speech you're allowed to print articles and they're allowed to have peanut mean they're still allowed their fees allowed to still hasn't silenced he has his website he can put a show out on his website website and it can all be fine but these major media companies now they just decided we've had enough we don't want this on and here's the thing I don't know what he said that

► 00:42:41

they went with that was the straw that broke the camel's back it seem like it's not a recent statement that he said digital hearing there was no come on yes managers in the production of the executives at the giant tech companies that just decided the government tells Facebook what to do a lot of times to the government all the time cuz they don't want to be regulated so that's why they just they just started having hearings with the that's why they were we regulate Facebook so the Tsar it was like a guy pretending to be human you know it's like some sort of a robot or an alien the way would sip water

► 00:43:41

he would take like this I grew fucking since what it was like a guy spitting dip into a glass who goes

► 00:43:50

what does the weirdest little sips so much made a compilation of Zuckerberg sips of water easement

► 00:44:08

okay no Senator no sir there at watch this watch that said give me another one of those they have them oh my God who fucking sense water like that it's like he has to think about it tilted that clap Family Guy behind by the same color tie but that's that's the guy there going to shoot in the head keeping eye contact while he's drinking the water is kind of weird

► 00:44:43

you're going to be disrespectful

► 00:44:46

fantastic. That whole thing was so strange it was so what a better guy to protect us from fake news and tell us what's real news in it and what has integrity and what doesn't than a guy who made up couple doing in dollars off of stolen idea from his friends I mean I think that's the perfect guy to fix it I know I didn't see the movie okay story though was that he rip people off. It wasn't his idea but he was the one who figured out a way to get Rich As Fuck this is MattyB Road article on the 2nd August 2nd about this and there's been a lot of people being the platform from Facebook that you don't know about me like this isn't like her okay so here's here's what they shut down lots of other sites at the behest of the government in Israel

► 00:45:46

the Atlantic Council so Pages like black elevation they got shut down a page called mindful being they got shut down a Facebook also wiped out no unite the right to it which is a page appearing to advertise a counter rally on the upcoming year anniversary of the violence in Charlottesville so they shut that down to Matt Taibbi let me just give you a quick call from his article he says Facebook was helped and its efforts to wipe out these dangerous means by the Atlantic Council on who's bored you'll find confidence-inspiring names like Henry Kissinger CIA Chief it had Michael Morell Informer bush-era Homeland Security Chief Michael chertoff these people now have their hands on what is essentially a direct lever over Nationwide news distribution tardo how to State the potential Mischief that works behind this Union of platforms and would be government censors

► 00:46:46

it's already a scandal that these defacto private media Regulators have secret algorithmic process is that push down some news organizations in favor of others which they do the complaints by Outlets like alternate truthdig and others that big platforms have bendy emphasizing alternative sites in the name of combating fake news but this week's Revelation is worst on Facebook works with the government and want to want to be Star Chamber organizations like the Atlantic Council to delete sites on National Security grounds using secret methodology it opens the door to nightmare possibilities that you'd only find and dystopian novels so he goes out and it's it's awesome what he says but we would have more Comfort if I mean there's no like one of the things that they're doing as they use that blanket term hate speech yeah by the way they're trying to put a bill have you heard about this in Congress to make police a protected class of people so if you say shit about them now it's considered hate speech did you know that

► 00:47:46

they're trying to make people say yes so fuck the police would be considered hate speech so they would just retroactively arrest NWA they could do it so now that you have a rally that's against the police that's a hate rally and they can take your YouTube channel how come I'm not allowed to hit you up by the way I can strongly dislike something but I was a kid I hated the fucking Dodgers I know I was a Cubs fan in the doctor almost like drugs drugs is caffeine but it's also heroin you know it's like the drugs

► 00:48:46

bad way of expressing things like hate speeches it's not a good descriptive because I agree when you you stop that what is it entail like you know I had a conversation with a woman YouTube about Sam Harris and Douglas Murray in a podcast where they had had a conversation and someone put it on their YouTube channel in their playlist just put in their playlist and they got a community guidelines strike I asked I asked why in the woman said very cleanly it was hate speech and I said what are you talking about I could did you listen to it is it to intellectual cease to public intellectuals discuss discussing immigration and some of the problems that Europe is having right now you decided that that's hate speech and you don't even know what they said but the fact that she so confidently described in that way sort of it it is sort of embodies with his problem is is that they have these blanket terms they were out to throw on problems and there's a million out of

► 00:49:46

where to put out so there's no more need to put any more consideration to this this guy is a problem this is problematic this is hate speech shut it down if people don't realize how bad it is well you do cuz you know this story but people go all good for Alex Jones he shouldn't be able to do that stuff what he's doing I guess I might do not understand that this is the shot across the bow that if they can do this to Alex Jones that they're coming I've already been Trashed by The Establishment methi by The Washington Post by CNN I've already been equated to pedophiles in those kind of things and conspiracy theorist is a done it to me because I tell the truth about the war and stole the antidote to bad speech if you really hate where Alex Jones is doing the antidote to bed speech is not censorship the antidote to bad speech is more speech if using Alex Jones Alex Jones and the bunk him

► 00:50:46

Kyle kulinski does that kind of stuff all the time that people do that stuff all the time you don't shut down the idea to expose the idea but if you have a private platform and you own this you start a business and your business is putting up YouTube videos and you decide to someone is putting up something that's her I could be used to attack large groups of people and then you see like the craziness that's been connected to the alt-right movement in the associate that with this individual do you have to keep that on your platform I mean it was there's no regulation right now in public utilities and their Monopoly rights of a monopolistic Powers so you can't it's like well hey they took the

► 00:51:46

yeah they just 45% of the people from Facebook that means a hundred and fifty million people are on Facebook every single day accurate know but I think that's right but when they get their news from Google and every every day I go to in the morning when I'm taking a shit and I go over like what's crazy today what's happening new Porsche coming out just looked at what it said 45% get from from Facebook is it a Gallup poll likes on Facebook article selling advertisements so even even if we can't not now go well just go to the other YouTube

► 00:52:46

there is enough so we have to recognize that the way we are organized as a society that the Town Square is now owned by corporations put that need to be regulated right before you know what AT&T was the phone carrier for everybody they couldn't go I'm not going to give Alex Jones have phone service cuz I don't like the shity saying not really valid comparison because the phone service wasn't Distributing information to people write the phone service just a method of communication utility with would he be able to do through Infowars is if you got them on your platform he's going to say some things and is going to use your platform to say some things that you know might not be true and might be crazy so you got to decide like when does it become a problem and I think where they drew the line was Sandy Hook we need to treat these as public utilities because they are right Facebook there is no alternative

► 00:53:46

alternative YouTube weed eated regulate that overdue by the way and they are monopolies weed it's obvious to everyone that there Monopoly Smith you know when you when you invent something called WhatsApp and then Facebook buys it for 20 billion dollars Monopoly there's no way there's no way to to compete with these people so these are monopolies they need to be regulated and people need to be protected and that's how that's where we need to go because right now we're leaving it up to the whims of a building are you say hey if Alex Jones really did some shit that was wrong and he should be taking off for his Free Speech should be a bridge for it do it let's go to go to a court or go to a thing or what people do while he talks his people and it is if dachshunds illegal he should be prosecuted if that's what happens when you shouldn't take away. People adopt people from Newtown school shooting so that's about the individuals that he knew what her address

► 00:54:46

let's find out if he actually did that is that sounds I don't know if he did or not saying that he promoted the idea that Sandy Hook was a false was false and it was a false flag and that these were all actors right I don't know if he actually said that I think what he actually said was I don't know if that happened I think that's what he actually said the people are saying well that's promoting the idea that that it was a hoax, but I want to know if that's what he really said see I don't know that's even the case cuz I've heard it I've heard it written that he promoted the idea that Sandy Hook was a conspiracy but I did not quoting and when I say that there's no quotes there's no Sandy Hook was a hoax those kids were actors those kids are not dead I don't see that anywhere but they keep at riveting that to him without quotations

► 00:55:46

if there was some kind of process due process we could go back and look at the transcript I don't even know if he's being tried he was still able to be on YouTube and have his video he could show in his videos that he didn't say that he can show what he actually said and tell you what he actually said and show clips you can't do that anymore so now the narrative is completely in the hands of the mainstream media a hundred percent so the Alex Jones narrative is being taken 100% out of his hands and now it's in the mainstream media and now there is Sandy Hook denier conspiracy theorist right-wing lunatic all these different things which may I have some of it mean to remember Johnny Carson and it was a big deal

► 00:56:46

nobody was like we got a band that newspaper because we can't handle the ideas from this New Jersey Nets and what I went to Facebook they still have a Facebook page that Dash the choir yes I can only defecate through his mouth that was the first story story to look for it and it's not like you want them to be taken down as well they're joke like you know it's not really you know The Enquirer is not real but we know that but it's not it's it's just a lawsuit quotes

► 00:57:46

yeah so Sandy Hook is a synthetic completely fake is is a thin synthetic completely fake with actors in my view manufactured

► 00:57:58

okay January to January 13th 2015 the lawsuit quotes Jones saying yeah so Sandy synthetic completely fake with actors in my view manufactured

► 00:58:15

yeah actually they all that impression I spend a lot of time with that dude drunk and then he's like that's a real problem saying something like that is crazy but he's here but he's his whole business is saying things that are sometimes right and saying things that are sometimes absolutely wrong you know and that all wild and it's all globalists and you see that song that they did with these guys took his actual words and Rance but then they have like it's like emo song singing the words now I haven't we get pulled over off of YouTube if we play that let's find out if we get Yang for this one cuz it's brilliant cuz it's it's a parody but it's so it's so so you must sign and if there's 250 for chemo just you know some low testosterone music

► 00:59:10

play listen to this listen to this

► 00:59:16


► 00:59:18

stores that got made in the new world order to keep us out of it watch this

► 00:59:34

Alex Jones rants as an indie folk song for people that are just listening to this you got to Google this cuz we remove the sound from YouTube We Love say we want to eat babies

► 01:00:21

what's this

► 01:00:31

mold smell like sulfur

► 01:00:39

the song oh my God

► 01:01:03

I email I think there's something is something about his struggle right now that's representative of the chaotic world that we live in that that he does have this giant voice and he doesn't have his giant following and that it is this this is his actual words come out and song like 7 are so hysterical and that they think that somehow or another yanking this guy off all these platforms is going to like remove it did they understand the Streisand Effect cuz this is just going to there's going to be another way but what's your Streisand effect of house in Malibu took pictures of it and she went ape shitt and you know complain to all these you know newspapers and complain to the police and everything that they're taking photos of her house and get the fuck out of here this I'm Barbra Streisand and because that became a giant story that Barbra Streisand is pissed

► 01:02:03

someone showing her house of a house where is it and then he has the information by the internet

► 01:02:31

put on people make make the fall sequel you're defending Alex Joe I'm not defending you're defending free I'm defending free speech and I understand the argument that hey it's a private Corporation I get that but if you took a look at the bigger picture they should beat everyone thinks the internet should be a public utility I mean most people do and that's what they're upset that they're not treating it like a public utility Obama administration did they decided to at the last minute and so if you think the internet should be a public Facebook should be on public utility also and but there's there's an opening for other people to make their own

► 01:03:09

YouTube like make a version of it if you have a lot of fishing Capital but you don't and there's a man and if you do start it till just buy you out like that like I just showed you the example of WhatsApp with the thinking between 19 billion dollars and whatever they paper with some crazy so that's a just eat up their competition right now we need to Teddy Roosevelt to come along and break up all these monopolies it's never going to happen at the end of the Empire is coming so here's the question like is there a valid parallel a valid comparison like are there people that have things that are more hateful that are on YouTube that have bendy platform is the influence that he has that it's terrifying is it the fact that he's a figurehead for this kind of stuff is that what it is like that he's that this whole Infowars movement is in some people's mind a figurehead for this pro-trump thing they're trying to stop in silence like what is it I don't know it's very curious that it all happened at the same

► 01:04:09

I'm right and because of there's a there's a in 1996 there was a law passed that actually insulates the platforms for being sued did you know that so so if someone puts up something and he put something up that leads to someone getting killed right on Facebook you can't trouble so there's that so I get that there a private company but again they have to have the protection of the law if they have Congress protecting them so they have a certain of debts a certain type of Regulation your regulated from you can't do them right so I'm looking for this tweet by Glenn Greenwald that really because if we're going to take down

► 01:04:54

here I'll find it I'll find it here it is he says

► 01:05:01

there's been a tactic of sensors for centuries they start with someone who is so utterly hated and marginalize that everyone is blinded by their hatred for the first century ship Target that they cheer and forget that they are endorsing a principal and power that will then expand and so right now it's working for the right to decide who gets to be on these monopolistic platforms and who doesn't Facebook and they are monopolies and that's the world we live in right now and that's why they're doing whatever the government Julian Assange in 2010 gave a speech which I saw recently on a plane where he predicted this he was like the corporations are an extension of the government and they will do the censorship in the future and that's exactly what's happening right now

► 01:06:01

the government is censoring Alex Jones cuz I would think that the government and some power currently would want to keep Alex Jones and position cuz he's a supporter of trump he's a supporter of you know why did she going to have to Julian Assange is because he's afraid he'll expose him someday I don't know why is he allowing the CIA to do that to go after pretending that one Trump says mean things about Jim Acosta that somehow that's this unbelievable violation of our son of a bitch it okay if you cared about freedom of the press you would say something about Julian Assange and no one is saying what lies Julian Assange ever printed not never but never been never what he revealed that are election was being rigged by the Democratic party not Russia but by the Democratic party and that is a send you can't commit you cannot tell the truth about the powerful and that's what's happening right

► 01:07:01

and he reveal the CIA within the end has all those spine techniques but they can get your TV to listen to you your phone Vault 7 all that stuff and he revealed that's why they want to get a butt and Trump you know I just think that Trump is just he's not really clued-in right he's lets other he's glad to let the generals do the job and his underlings he doesn't really wants he wants to paint broad strokes and lets everyone else you want to kill Julie sounds go ahead I don't give a f--- that's I think how he feels I don't think it's his plan to do it but everybody else underneath it wants to and certainly the intelligence community and everyone forgets this Chuck Schumer one on Rachel Maddow Show like 2 years ago and right out in public said that Trump is making a mistake by crossing the intelligence Community because when you mess with them they have six ways to Sunday to mess with you back and nobody cared that he said that's what he saying is the President should be afraid of unelected Spooks unelected bureaucratic they know what they should be

► 01:08:01

you should be afraid of them that is annoying what what what the f did you mention say that about Barack Obama a brock Obama better be nicer to see a if they're going to have with him Fishel saying that I was all sanctioning it yes we Have You Begging the Deep state to undermine about Trump's foreign policy did you see that article and yes sir Prize winner first they spend all their life to 9 there is a deep State and then Eugene Robinson begging the Deep state to defy president president Trump blinded by ideology that did not see the consequences consequences and here they are they've already come for me they're already coming for the left there this is how this is how this works so again that's why I tie worn all my friends about the Russia gate nonsense Chomsky said if you care about the people meddling in our election rush you would be the last place I would look at the first place to look is

► 01:09:01

concentrated Capital that's what the dictates who are going to be our government that's why we don't have the things the rest of the world ask because we have a capital has captured our government which is why we don't have Medicare for a while which college which is why we don't have an infrastructure mean while 63% of the country can afford $1,000 emergency in quarter of all kids are in poverty in the richest country in the world show what do you call a system that takes the richest country in the world that renders half of its population poor or low-income that's a failed system for living in right now and it's failing worldwide if you were someone like Google though or who owns YouTube or fewer iTunes or any of these platforms Spotify when you get an overwhelming volume of complaints about someone who's in the news right now because the fact that Alex Jones being sued by the Sandy Hook

► 01:10:01

Terrence is what started this all off cuz it mean right to people this is so egregious these poor parents lost their children and here's yet it's horrible saying that it's fake and that they don't want that on their platform so would you think that they should just delete the episode that has that that says that

► 01:10:20

should they do that or should they allow that episode solution if if there's if he did do something in a video that is illegal take that video down until it gets adjudicated

► 01:10:36

you don't what about like Stormfront what if you got like some white supremacist group is calling for violence against people do take them down I think you would again you would have to I would like to see in an some kind of adjudication you know again I the blank policies things saying things like hate speech the problem that is Mark Zuckerberg was defending it he was defending that can we have Holocaust deniers on our platform have the statehood they have the rational rational debate let me just let me just give you one more thing about what he says when he says the share market

► 01:11:36

all of these companies over information flow has always been the real threat this is why breaking them up should have long ago become up national priority instead as was obvious during the Senate hearing with Mark Zuckerberg earlier this year politicians are more interested in using it then curtailing the power of these companies the platform for their part will cave rather than be regulated the end game here couldn't be clearer this is how off for Terry and marriages begin and people should be very worried they should be worried there's this should be worried especially if this does escalate I understand that people who believe that he's a Sandy Hook denier and they read those words they don't want him to have a platform they don't want him to give a spread that hate they understand I understand that they would feel like imagine being one of those parents and you lost your kid in your ear you're seeing this guy on TV or on YouTube saying it's all fake it's it's outrageous and it's repulsive have a grandson

► 01:12:36

and I get that but I think it's it's it's very dangerous it's very dangerous to silence people that may or may not have any other recourse in terms of like

► 01:12:55

he doesn't have the ability to defend himself doesn't have the ability to make a video about it unless he puts it on his own website and who's going to watch it like this the stuff that they're doing with YouTube it's just it's a slippery slope you know and especially when they use these terms like hate speech they're not like when you say like what are they saying it's saying he violated their terms correct yes so what is what are those terms violated in what is the specific violation like what are the words that he said where you were like enough is enough if that's the case how did you let him get away with saying all this other shit for years and years and what when when do you draw the Slime like just that video that we played you know they smell like sulfur they eat they want to eat babies the scream and I love Satan and then one of you pick he's like where does the line kitron I just I don't think I don't think that should be up to subjectivity I think that should be a very very hard question

► 01:13:55

it's answered with very clear facts you should have an adversarial judicial process with an impartial judge or jury and how would you even get someone instead they have in-house decide decision will you heard that he does delineate the people who are involved in this and by the way Facebook's taken down pages of people who are Palestinians because the Israeli government tells them to where they do it so you know about that right I had heard about doing the bidding the government says take it down to get mad at me cuz we're making so much Goddamn money right now I don't want the government to get mad at us that's what Facebook and YouTube is doing see if I would like that if someone you know I'm not saying that no one should be taken down someone's calling for the death of all black people like maybe it's not a good place to give them a platform but I feel like

► 01:14:48

the problem that I'm having with this is this things like air quotes hate speech because I told you that they said that about Sam Harris and Douglas Murray of that is fucking crazy so when is it stopping hate speech like when when do you draw the line when it says it mildly offencive is that hate speech like where is it go where does it go we're not allowed to have a PayPal I honestly why don't you love to hate things why don't I understand they're calling for Action I think is the issue for Action my family. This is not a legal term though that they when they blank drug this is an illegal drug the drug send is that the same as meth it's clearly not there's different things so when you say hate speech and you also love Douglas Murray having an intellectual conversation with Sam Harris about immigration U lumped

► 01:15:48

I think it was in Texas and so they wanted to for the 4th of July they wanted to post the Declaration of Independence so they posted the first half of it did you know about this Facebook the phrase up and stuff like that and then and then the second half of the Declaration speakers will get a second strike and they might pull our homepage

► 01:16:28

yeah so did it again but they released at striker so what is this what is this idea that I need to protect my ideas are propaganda and it's just they don't know exactly what the consequences of suppressing that power propaganda are I think that's that's really the primary issue they're worried that a guy like Alex Jones already has his massive following is what he's done if I calling Sandy Hook fake maybe maybe awful I believe it is but is it enough to completely D platform him and how how are they how they justify even if it was what you said

► 01:17:10

the shouldn't shouldn't there still be some kind of a process that should be that's what I'm saying it shouldn't be working I know it's the last time I was on your show I said I said people are going to take what I'm saying right now in Twisted and that's exactly what they did to me so I'm sure people Elevate nicknames what do they do they said they Twisted what we were so we're talking about Seth Rich they twist and I said you know I did was covered on my show until this day people still say I was pushing it I do a new so I covered it but even discussing and even discuss it and that and so that's exactly what happened probably cut me saying that and cut some other stuff and put it together and I was like son of a bitch but so should I just want people to know this is again I'm just as offended as everybody I'm saying we need to have these things be Public Utilities for a lot of reasons and that

► 01:18:10

you know exactly what Matt Taibbi said what the endgame here is very clear and they want to be able to censor people they want to be able to censor end of the first people are going to come after his left-wing organizations look at them after black lives matter after Lefty's like me Joe who's day going to come after that what do you mean by that and then you know about that from Alex Jones so that's the problem. Alex Jones he's right about stuff sometimes and while he was way more right about stuff in the past Alex himself and I've talked

► 01:19:10

about this says he's drinks too much and he's getting too crazy and needs to go on a diet and exercise and start getting his life in order and he takes things too far sometimes any of the Rails he he and I had a conversation but he got mad at me for saying that I didn't think George Soros was a Nazi and said he had this whole thing we rented rainy it we we talk back and forth and apologize and you know he said I'd sometimes I take things too far I think he recognizes that sometimes he's just caught up in that cycle of outrage that cycle of outrage it's just there's no room for for like there's no room to step back and to sort of reset visits this is constant outrage constantly under attack and then there's these words to get thrown around that sort of lose their meaning like globalists you know then chills and an end

► 01:20:10

no one in this the sort of like attitude that there's this there's a cabal of the evil that is trying to take over the world and one point Alex had this idea that they were going to try to kill off most people can you remember that there's this idea that they wanted to euthanize or was genocide he wanted to break it down to what is the word for the talk about doing that talk about reducing the population there's like some sort of a conspiracy theorist term of reduction of population to a sustainable number of Super Evil Geniuses that could live forever and they wanted to get it down to like you know 500 million people worldwide that can live for a million years or some crazy shit but I think I did that that's that whole cycle of like constant outrage and everything is a conspiracy and you get just whacked whacked out and caught up in it

► 01:21:09

if you go back to Alex's earlier videos I meant Alex in 98 I believe Alex was he was going after George W Bush George W Bush was running for president and he was saying that this guy is it he's is a puppet and that is a puppet of the CIA and you know in and he you know he supports genocide and he was showing up at campaign rallies and they were arresting him he was anti right-wing and he was he was anti what he thought was his globalist agenda he also infiltrated Bohemian Grove and everybody thought the Bohemian Grove is nonsense these really rich people are getting together with heads of state and foreign dignitaries in their dressing up like fucking Druids and they have an effigy they burn in front of the owl God Molech and people like he's crazy then he releases the video and like oh my God they really do do that like he did some good work the World Trade Organization Pro

► 01:22:09

that's in his his video 911 a road to tyranny right after 9/11 he releases this video that shows that the World Trade Organization protests were infiltrated by these agent provocateur score most likely government agents with government agent boots on by the way shows this in the video They smash windows are all wearing masks and light things on fire then there are they all pull up in one house they negotiate with the police and are all eventually released this is all done under it mean he proved all this he showed all how this is going to look at these peaceful protesters then the consequences of that stays establish a no protest line at the WTO where you couldn't go by with a pin on if you tried to get through with a pin that said WTO with a red line through it they told you you could not wear that pin you can't come through here this is a no protozoan and he's like this is the consequences of this kind of censorship and this is how they establish the censorship they make it seem like you

► 01:23:09

organization is violent and Dangerous by introducing violent dangerous elements in the in the form of an undercover police officers or military they smashed Windows tip over newspaper stands in diversity fucking create chaos so that the government has to come in because now we have a violent situation so the military comes in and arrest protesters and silences the protest so they don't look embarrassing in front of all these people from foreign countries that are coming here to the World Trade Organization some more saying back then is he was more measured and more calm it wasn't his he didn't have the big moon face back then either and he wasn't drinking as much I don't think in the screaming and spitting and and you know you ask him to say blah I'm just overwhelmed by the sheer volume of corruption all the shit that he sees everyday

► 01:24:04

but you know he was crying when Trump bombed Syria he was crying because he was he was crying the Trump fucked us you know I mean he I really genuinely believe most the time that he means well the thing is we look for conspiracies everywhere like everything that's Xperia Z you're off track and I think is anyone there that can sit down and go. Hold on let's examine this in a factual way would stop cut the hyperbole out and let's look at what the facts are and where we getting these facts and why we think this is happening why do you think this is fake is that sounds fucking crazy to me no one's there to do that if someone was there to do that I think he probably would be stopped and would examine things it would balance out you know the reason why I wanted to have him on my podcast when I did it because I wanted people to see the hours that I know cuz people like how could you know that guy look at how he is when I get them high and we get drunk and he's laughing about stuff and talk about energy

► 01:25:04

National child molesters and this is what I want to hear but he's a fun guy it's just that that is not a good position to be in when you're constantly looking for conspiracies everywhere you go and you might nail a few but then you might call out a bunch of little fake which not just negates the ones that you nailed when the gates everything you say as soon as you're one of those guys that everything is a conspiracy and then dead kids aren't really dead and everyone's an actor in like everything you said it's good they're going to stop my thing is that I would like to focus on them was an important right that I think that's right I'm like I don't I care about wars and the lies that are about told about wars from the media which the media pushes everyone in my lifetime so that's the ones I care about everything you're saying and

► 01:26:04

watch about Alex Jones until I met him I didn't really know much about him and so I don't even know this stuff so they pull all that stuff from YouTube Everything

► 01:26:27

but doesn't somebody else have it probably on their Channel and I did I never did videos about him or did you know it just I will he wasn't in my line of sight I was busy making fun of my AC and CNN that's what I like to do yeah it's

► 01:26:43

it's it's all very confusing to me and I don't think he should say those things I don't think he should say lies about kids not being dead that their the horrors of being a parent your kid was shot in school shooting and then some guy saying that there are a hundred percent actors and fake and until this happened you know he was a conspiracy theorist who believed all that stuff in his son was killed and then they started calling him a fraud saying he was an actor and saying it never happened that he's a page chill and you know and there is a big article about this this guy mean you see this guy talk and it's heartbreaking you know you were you read his words it's heartbreaking you can imagine your son was murdered in one of the biggest school massacres ever it's not the biggest right and it hears people running around emailing you and sending you some Facebook messages that you're a fraud and that you you know you work for the glue

► 01:27:43

herbalist in this is all just a plot to take our guns away it's like holy should I say these things to think that about everything about the Country Music Festival shooting in display Vegas because they felt like to get those people are side cuz those are all the 2nd Amendment people is the country music people what better people did to get to turn against the second amendment that a bunch of people that are I mean I guarantee you if you have like a red light that went off every time like on the top of someone's head of the National Rifle was agency if they were NRA member in that audience there be a lot of fucking lights but a lot of people are on our way people lot of people are gun owners I better just gun owners are gun owners have been fucking half at least half the audience probably one of the strongest demographics you could find country music gun owners that's a that's a giant connection and so the thought was hey of this

► 01:28:43

okay they make this Manchurian Candidate make them gun down all these people some people think he didn't even do it they think they shot him in the room and then agents did it and they killed all these people and then there's bullets coming out all these different windows and all these different areas in like oh my God it's exhausting exhausting it's also think that the government would create a false flag that by the way didn't do anything so I can members still in place but it did they would create a false flag and they would be willing to gun down put it he killed by 50-plus people and shot like 500 something fucking insane like that that that would be the that that's it would get together and go you know we got to do we got to get this guy and get him get him shoot all these people and that's how we going to get rid of Guns is it totally unaffected but hasn't done anything

► 01:29:43

say that why you don't cuz that whatever I advocate for gun control people say how good that only the governor will have guns which is not a bad argument but the whole point of you keeping your guns to protect yourself from the government is that the government's going to take your rights away so you need to have your guns to protect your rights will they cover already took your rights away they're already reading your ever emailed already read it was already lost your right to privacy was an interesting take on that right like the technology to reach a point for the psychic predict future crime arrest you for future crime

► 01:30:33

yeah that's cool they already cut yeah they kind of do that now they can arrest you for a conspiracy to commit a crime but you don't even have to have a crime right you just have some emails talking shit when you get out of a role-playing thing you do with your wife we talk about then I'll listen you and I were Bonnie and Clyde and we're going to take down the government and it's fucking kicked on your door in the middle of the night

► 01:30:54

damn what's up who's a comic who had the ice agents break down door JJ Lawrence that's right, podcast host and self-described pizza delivery guy who in a strange twist of fate recently found himself debating immigration policy with for Homeland Security agent in his home the age of the pain of an early morning visit last Sunday because of some jokes he tweeted about Cinco de Mayo holy shit white people allowed to call tree appropriate on the condition that you helped destroy ice you kill one ice agent you get to wear a sombrero to kills you get to wear a poncho

► 01:31:54

but the problem is that you can joke around killing an agent right you know saying something very similar to that University like that right Jesus killing hundreds of thousands of people in another country that you don't know it's and nobody said shit all the time people do that people lie about so that's that's the way we can have a torture program in America nobody goes you know what the media goes along don't even called torture interrogation techniques

► 01:32:54

morality and a pencil and now Nick about would be better off for it anyway Nick will be better off for it and he has a podcast now but I think unfortunately he's doing a subscription service which I try to talk all these guys out of cuz I can't hear it at all for free and then I don't know but it limits me he's a famous comedian so I'm sure he'll get some money and I know he's probably doing really well with it but it just it's impossible to grow is it a subscription service

► 01:33:28

for the ten bucks he doesn't give you any more and then keep adding more stuff for free except we do a couple extra maybe do a couple extra hours of a week for our patrons she don't know everything's free free to get free in the beginning when I was getting a thousand downloads it's always been free I just I just wanted it start to cook at kicking free when did you start to take off the show 2 years ago 3 years ago something like that or say about 2 years ago 3 years ago was it you think I don't know it's a momentum just overtime just just always just constantly doing it grinding being in here

► 01:34:28

yeah you do your best do your best get better at it make mistakes apologize for your mistakes keep going cuz when I like in my head I always think you are we doing what I want to do like you. I loved when I go Joe. Because people always trying to discredit man don't know how I got into a position where I have to worry about being described a fucking nightclub jack off comedian about a reputable person well I do my best to be honest no I mean I approach issues yen in an honest way but I'm not your source of reason but you know what I mean I'm not I'm not that I want you to

► 01:35:28

God damn it that's so that's why I'm confused you know I'm confused by this this Alex Jones thing is although I don't support a lot of things that he said I don't know why more people don't think this could be a real problem that they could just throw that hate speech blanket on things and it ain't if I didn't have that experience of talking to that woman when she was describing the Douglas Murray Sam Harris podcast which doesn't have a single slur it is no hateful rhetoric does that mean it's not hate speech I listen to it it's just a description I mean it's it's a discussion rather so you have that Insight I know I know the how calmly and confidently she said it's hate speech was like you know it was like those old commercials where there was a guy and he was eating with another guy and he was saying that if you buy drugs you support terrorism

► 01:36:28

what is a no-nonsense guy mean it's a fact it's a fact fact fact you buy pot supporting terrorism that's basically she said it's hate speech is basically the same sort of self righteous indignation app when I was pressing her on it was almost like she was my boss and I couldn't talk to about him like I don't work for you you understand of this kind of this method of communication that you're accustomed to this is not apply here you you have to you have to discuss these ideas I want to know the Merit of your thoughts you know I want to see where you were your thought process lies that you can just throw this hate speech blanket on things and it turns out there was no thought and it was no consideration it was no examination she didn't know the content of the conversation and her confidence and saying they was hate speech was merely Towing this company like the same company line that got James D'Amour fired for the Google memo and you talk to actual evolutionary biologist

► 01:37:28

people understand psychology and people who are clinical psychologist with their talk to you about the real differences between men and women what he actually said in these documents were he's nice he didn't make some sort of a quantitative a ruling that women are less of valuable or that women are worth less money or that women are in somehow is any way shape or form inferior he's simply wrote about clinical studies that have shown Tendencies to gravitate towards different professions and even had a page-and-a-half in about how there's ways that we can encourage more women to get into Tech so was that it was not negative in any way towards women but I saw all these people describing it as hateful rhetoric and then that it was reinforcing harmful gender stereotypes like what with actual studies actual studies of science those are these are harmful gender

► 01:38:28

because they don't add up to your vision of Narnia diversity that you did that only exist in Wauconda and some clouds somewhere that you've put up isn't this is not real numbers this this reasons why people gravitate towards certain professions some of their cultural some of them are biological their fascinating to study but it doesn't mean that a person who becomes a nurse is any better than a person who becomes a carpenter or vice or a guy who becomes a surgeon is any better than someone who becomes a computer coder this is not what anyone saying what what they're saying is there's reasons why people find different things interesting and some of them might be you might have testosterone they have in their system of the fact they have XY chromosome there their genetic history that the history of their their family and the culture that they grew up in this all these variables and these variables are fascinating but as soon as you say these variables must even out at the end we must

► 01:39:28

equality of outcome based on gender based on race will you not even talk you about people anymore now you just talk to you about something that you need to say in order for you to keep your job did you want to keep collecting ones and zeros and you understand it there's just confusion as to why is not more women that are leaders why there's not more women that are intact why there's not more diversity really want a constant of fairness custard and why they're trying to keep Asians out of Harvard how about that is that some real fucking racism that's going on right now no one's saying a word about it because it's about people that are kicking ass they're kicking ass too hard to try to be there trying to make it more difficult is a giant class action lawsuit Asians are suing Harvard because it's more difficult for them to get in than anybody else

► 01:40:15

but when I was a kid I was told that they pee pee in your Coke and that's that I didn't know I was like you Chinese since all this but it's like it's if sets at it to the Charles Murray chat with the the antidote to that isn't $0.02 for them the antidote that is good speak more speech is it wasn't even if you wanted to but whatever is person to put it on there playlist which is crazy so we got to community guidelines for putting it on their playlist that's why I say we need to have it be YouTube Facebook these are public utilities and need to be regulated and there's no getting around it right they have super control in our culture they have massive impact but so does CBS right so if you say something and CBS fires you is that legal

► 01:41:15

set up in the 80s so all the 80s was I'm sorry that I was confused you thinking of George Takei it's some guy popped out and let it go buddy molester at my church we had a priest it was a molesters names father holiday rocker wait a minute is a Catholic church and the kids we used to call him Happy Hands hollihan cuz he probably the last kind of guy

► 01:42:15

was just trying to grab me and we will get in trouble if we can always grab their dicks so they finally they finally caught him and I don't know why I started talking about this but because we would laugh at kids who got caught at that little kids better run faster fucker Wisconsin right so he would take us an hour and a half station wagon E-Tech like six boys up to there and we're going to go water skiing whatever right and

► 01:43:15

set up where you once you got there you had the first do cleaning so you had to change into your cleaning clothes at yeah and so every time we had to go in the room and change you would find a reason to come in the room and then we got to put up with it cuz we want to go to the boat we don't have pork

► 01:43:34

my job isn't it funny how it's only funny if it's you like you're allowed to laugh about getting molested as long as it's you could say it was on The Joe Rogan Show when he was laughing about child molestation oh my God what is that true hate speech put the blanket on it but he was talking about him getting molested Willy's normalizing sexual assault he would take us this priest would try to teach you how to ski know how do you teach someone how to water-ski you put your dick in their mouth before you're taking them out

► 01:44:11

do you know how to breathe underwater here we go

► 01:44:18

no spitting so he the way you teach a little water skis you put water skis on them and then you sit there on the dock and you pulled away and that's how you learned so he would take us in shallow water and then he would go it would put the skis on you so you couldn't run away he would like put his hands he would put his hands underneath your crotch like this from going to pull you up like this instead of minutes

► 01:44:45

and the only way to kill you to catch it in your mouth and so it will fuck Matt so we looked at it like it was your job to get out of that situation and it will all laugh at you I remember my friend my friend Danny he's in the book says that he goes in front of everybody Ono last any money he needs our prayers that they said I'd like a letter to everybody's house who was in the proof you gave money they give you a letter to hear no evil the documentary where you know there was one priest

► 01:45:45

Benedict who became Pope moved who went on to molest a hundred deaf kids process of moving people was always terrifying because they basically let them know hey you're not even going to be punished by this doesn't I know it's a I don't understand notifying terrifying stuff how many Nascar drivers were fucking kids how quick would they shut down NASCAR NASCAR pulled into town just fucked all the kids and drove around a circle real quick maybe like we got to shut this down this is a crazy organization but meanwhile way more people getting molested by the Catholic church I couldn't agree more and it's a terrifying number when you leave the numbers of people that have just accuse them of the sexual assault and molestation it's terrifying

► 01:46:46

yeah it's terrifying and all the money they take that you give them on Sunday to go pay these people off is also I got lucky at school you want to hear only thing I was gone after first grade and you know I had friends and stayed and I know that I knew people that got touched you know it's just it was it's it's for people outside the Catholic faith people or is this something that it at that happened and it probably happened when they told him they can get married anymore because he used to be the pope going to get married Pope is allowed to have children and the priests were allowed to be married priests allowed to have children but they were rock stars you have to realize like back in the Lutheran days the days of Martin Luther and those guys were fucking everybody they would get it you in that concession another eunuch confession Which sandwich did the Dolores Dolores out there just sucking dicks all day huh show me I suck at the luhrs when they were banging everybody and then did they

► 01:47:46

came up with some sort of a reason why they should have to be celibate and from then on will so here's what happened what happened it was that so there was two ways to become nobility and the time you could be born Noble or you could get into by the way to the church and so you could become nobility and so what would happen is he's Rich motherfukers you would by the way into the church would die and then other money would go to their kids they're first born to get some we have your hands on that money and so they pass the law hate nobody can get married legally they all did they still had kids and shit and they still had Mistresses and whatever but when they died all their money and property went to the church that makes sense and so of course it's all about my so that's the story I heard if anybody heard different let me know if you know cuz they were rock stars there was no rock stars back then to the guys that they were the spokespersons for God would most likely be the ones with the most influence in the community I mean kid that we went to school

► 01:48:45

who was clearly guy and a nice guy and he was going to become priests wear on high school together so as we were like riding the bus going to high school he was like a couple years ahead of me and he was leaving school and he was already on his way what is Divinity School or seminary school or he was on his way and we were all like we're all calling them Father already and was just ridiculous we're all accepting the fact this guy was going to be a priest but you know for him it was he was so obviously gay that you know I mean I didn't give a shit but I knew you can tell this guy is a gay guy never had any interest in girls never was around them kind of just an oddly feminine man and decided to take up the priesthood and we all we know treated him like he was different because he was going to become a priest is very weird

► 01:49:45

meme I was just another 16 year old kid just like us you know maybe he was 17th of time and I think I was 15 but it was just he wasn't different than us but we were so strange I had two uncles that went to the cemetery one of them became a priest and the other one over the summer I had a friend who got pregnant and had to stop being you drop by the cemetery but when you went to my grandmother's house as you walked up the steps into their living room to two pictures you would have greeting you was a picture of both her sons and their priest outfit so when was actually a praise than one had to go that's the picture she kept saying so yeah that's are you guys still religious you still go to church no no

► 01:50:40

I got to go because my I go to church Will Baptist Church in Pasadena because my my mother-in-law goes and she wants she asked me to go and I said are you yes we're in Kansas City and they responded to my my put out a post Tweet someone who has no idea of what God wants a speaking for God cuz I said that if God will you know there is a God they said I was an atheist which I am really not I mean I don't consider myself anything I don't consider myself religious I'm not an atheist I'm just a person who doesn't know and I I don't I don't know but I don't even want to put a label on it and I have to be on some of my opinions are allowed to evolve and I'm allowed to have done a lot of drugs I've seen some shit that I can't explain you know on psychedelics man

► 01:51:40

I'll get you whatever confidence you have this no God you go through a DMT trip and you come out the other end you like okay maybe I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about maybe I don't know anything and that that's I'm in the maybe I don't know anything Camp so I said that if there was a God I don't know if this guy but there was a he or she would probably very disappointed these hateful twat between they speak for him putting up signs to say godhatesfags like these breathing this is what God would want that's outrageous and so that's what they said that it never says godhatesfags website is godhatesfags.com just stop and think about that I think I should take their Facebook page do they have a YouTube channel the Westboro Baptist Church of YouTube channel

► 01:52:29

but yeah but don't don't use the speech don't you think we're living in a weird error like people wanting to just

► 01:52:39

discredit people do I get rid of them Universal believe this one thing that the establishment says you have to put only one narrative on the Syrian war and if you're a bad person and you're a left in your urine apologist for a side and your Putin pump it up like what the fuck no I just have a different view on the war and it's based on facts and evidence and I don't know if you know but those people you're trusting now we're the ones who continuously lie Dua so I've never lied to you about a war you're you're upset because I'm skeptical of the people who constantly lie about war and sister thing it's like this but I guess it's probably always been this way Joe I don't know I just now that I'm experienced it because I'm in the public talking about this stuff and it's just weird how people are so quick with the establishment are defending the intelligence Community wishing Robert Mueller a fucking happy birthday on Twitter like a bunch of idiots

► 01:53:33

so ridiculous it's like you guys have any sense of History it's just it's it's it's shows you how the hatred of someone could make people's lizard brains excited and then rational thinking goes out the so I love me rap lehtonen my show says I hate Trump as much as anybody but I'm not going to let him steal my critical thinking skills and so that's what I like about our show does consistent I don't have one set of rules for his people I like and another set of rules for people I oppose really really appreciate that about you and that's one of things I said about you the first time you came on and say you shoot straight no matter whether it's right or left whatever you see you call it like you see it is no partisan politics and I think that's very important and it's so rare it doesn't exist anymore I was watching or listening rather to Sam Harris one of his podcast recently where is gas made a really important Point saying that weird it is strange time in history where the news is

► 01:54:33

depending on what Channel you watch it used to be you a different people telling you the news now you have different news if you only different than any person it's a hundred percent left or a hundred percent right and you're either all in with us and I feel like what we're talking about here what you're describing his idea sports like this this this needing to shut people down they want to get a result they want to win the game you know what right now they just slam dunk on Alex Jones and they're high five and all around the coffee shop all the Baristas are fucking psyched you know they're they're really excited to make an espresso yeah I'm shutting down we fucking shutting down we're going to put on their masks and bike locks I'm going to whack Trump supporters in the head tonight like this is

► 01:55:18

it is a strange time for ideas you can't you can't even you can't even objectively assess the merits of an idea because the ideas of already been clearly delineated that's at that's where I met you. Meanwhile he's going to be see it's just littered with liars and Shepard Smith son eating character what he is doing over there is going against everything he goes again like the you seen that the what Sean Hannity says versus Shepard Smith videos fucking hilarious pretty funny and he's right and he's not just right he's right constitutionally like what he saying when he's describing what Sean Hannity said versus the reality

► 01:56:18

he's right he's right in terms of what is a law he's right in terms of what you know whether or not something is legal or whether or not it's unethical mean it's like when he gets something wrong I think he's just genuinely getting it wrong I don't think it's because he's trying to push it there he said he might be unconsciously but corrupted but not consciously how did he get over there how is he over there I don't I don't know you tell face remember when Hannity was on with Combs it was Hannity and Colmes the I took the weasel easiest week is looking liberal they could find a guy looks like you just sweats canola oil and they put him on TV opposite like this parties and he would just call her in the corner and that's the damn it

► 01:57:10

I'm kidding I feel so alive anymore split up the band broke up before that yeah it's like Crosby Stills Nash and Young he didn't get riled up on purpose to keep his job he got riled up enough to make liberals look like pushovers and so the people at home in Kansas Sean Hannity the American big fat white bread eating face and then he was just the one who is telling the truth about that. The real problem in the Dems that it's it's so fascinating to see that video with Shepard Smith just clearly and an end and very cleanly dissecting everything that handy says

► 01:58:10

video that we can't play this all right on YouTube.

► 01:58:21

True in 18 months the Russian investigation is the opposite of a hoax and now indictments organizations in persons have been handed a hilarious. It goes on and on it's a Fox News Shepard Smith shuts down Sean Hannity's lies and propaganda how is how is Shep Smith still at Fox News as it were you tell me it's interesting right yeah it is breaking news division but let me tell you about this is what Sean Hannity's been doing is that woman on a big Democratic socialists and everybody's got their Bush it or not over it because all my God she's at the corporate Democrats hate her the right when she freaks out right cuz he's actually going to help people and Sean Hannity

► 01:59:21

Medicare for all she wants to have free college she wants a living wage she wants to end the war some people I'm sure he'll most happiest aren't you like that sounds like a pretty good that's so I don't know if you know things are tough out here in the Heartland is that possible to do all those things I don't have to worry about the money for us right I mean College subsidized and why is it so expensive that said that since I prefer it it said do you think the 32-point six trillion dollars for Bernie Sanders medicare-for-all plan is worth it of course they left out the other part which turns out it's something that's the part that leave out to the gas light just like all news organizations so and 73% of the fox

► 02:00:21

Sanders medicare-for-all 73% and 30000 people voted in that pole so that's not just nothing so I even scare people anymore cuz now there's the internet people can go look what it's like to live in Denmark what should we do you say do you support communism socialism support Social Security of public libraries you like socialism is good aspects to it and so is particularly like free health care who the fuck wants someone that you love to be shit out of luck when they can't go to a doctor cuz they can't afford and what are they die come on so when I went to Norway I my friend Steve all went to Norway to and something that he noticed is anyway

► 02:01:21

and the guys I got to tell you they do wear, cleet tight pants the guys gave Europe and it's like it goes up to the fashion designers are fucking with you you know that writes like I always wanted to know what your keys look like shrink wraps that's fantastic how many, to see I can see what they're fucking phone make is and if you want to make sure they can't run away quick have their legs bound Healthcare weed it was all you do you like free healthcare the Google call free healthcare we call it included cuz it's included in your taxes just like just like just like Fire Department fire department included we don't you get free fire department know it's included in your growth and maintenance

► 02:02:21

finding the right when they think they can scare people by saying look all the stuff they're off know if the Democrats would have been off Hillary Clinton would have been offering people something maybe half a country you didn't vote would have came out and voted for her so that's the Democrats have nothing to offer people and which is why there a shitshow out of failed party and they've lost their wiped out at every level of government and so if they take over it's a chance they might it's just the ones doing the bidding for Trump they just handed him more money for defense that he even asked for so if Trump is here's the thing here's the funny thing is he's a maniac Katie shouldn't have his finger on the buttons let's give him 80 billion more dollars for bombs

► 02:03:03

those two things are in congruent those don't go together so you're bullshiting me at one end or another do you think he's going to get through this without going to jail

► 02:03:12

yes do you think it sounds going to go to jail good at predicting things but they should all go to jail because they're probably all corrupt doing corruption but if you put a special prosecutor on anybody I could bill find crowns on anybody if you noticed if they're Prosecuting manifold for does it have anything to do with the election or Trump's campaign it's all that stuff from the podesta group he was funneling money from fucking Ukraine and they were giving it through the podesta phone died so before he ever even works for Trump so that's the part they don't tell you they go better for a charge 80th paragraph to go this has nothing to do with the election so it's just a matter of them decide to put a microscope up your ass and find things you did wrong microscope in Arkansas

► 02:04:12

rid of the special prosecutor after that cuz they realize that you'll find crimes have anybody to put a special prosecutor on bring it back for Trump jokes literal we know there were criminals there was a thing called a torture program we know that it was a real thing no one goes to jail nobody's prosecuted but God damn it I got a special prosecutor for trucks not that they shouldn't but we all know if you put a special prosecutor on anybody Washington they're going to find a lot of fucking crack yeah they know what they're doing the register is for and then the register but they're not post Trump in the Russia thing isn't it the way to oppose Trump is you offer people something else he ran to the left of Hillary Clinton on foreign policy if you wanted to end our Foreign Wars his according to his rhetoric in his campaign

► 02:05:12

give everybody Healthcare member everyone's going to get help for it's going to be cheaper so let me know but that's why you got a democracy is not based on trust it's based on mistress it's based on transparency remember that bit The Bill Bill Hicks used to do about all that is something along the lines of I think that when you get elected they bring into a smoky room filled with globulus and they show you an angle of the Kennedy assassination that you've never seen before they roll it

► 02:05:54

almost seems like that's what happens Obama Obama change his tune remember the hope and change website that has all that shit about whistleblowers be afforded protection selected for a while ago it took awhile for him being office for the realize that was still in there I deleted it all right so all these young people who are activated and they signed up yet a mailing list eat at all there and we want to go do shit for the fuck them and that's 16 oh and you know that Bernie Sanders has his campaign it says everybody we got to fight this fucking evil machine and then I'm a diamond goes 8 by the way let's join the simple machine

► 02:06:40

it's the only thing happens I don't know you know I really don't know about a good at that I know what people have said Chris had just said that Bernie Sanders didn't want to end up like Ralph Nader who was unfairly held accountable for the Democrats lost to fucking a game show host okay and that's what this is all about they can't come to terms with this and they don't want us to examine the system that gave us Trump and they don't want to examine how they could have the most qualified person that's how qualified of a bitch they wanted Trump to win because it's funny that nobody gets mad at them nobody's upset at Chris Hayes for having empty stadiums of trump for a whole show which I saw him and then he wags his finger at Susan serandon you're the son of a bitch you prop Trump up and you didn't cover call Bernie Sanders cuz you were fucking told not to and we know that for a fact cuz it had shows and now you're going to pretend like you're a saint ammonia's fucking brick and you're going to whack your finger at people with no money and no power mean while you have the big

► 02:07:40

microphone of anybody can you fucking prop Donald Trump up and you don't take responsibility that's why he's a piece of shit people are doing their bidding speakers at Shields revealed and Phil Donahue if you tell the truth they will fucking fire your ass I've got guys like Ellie Betsy and they don't know how the weather is it good for 30 grand a day to sell my soul I would it seems confusing to me that they're thinking about using Hillary again cuz it seems to me that she's starting to make her way back into new cycle wasn't giving speeches she has a pack that's supposed to be supporting women who are running for office except not Cynthia Nixon

► 02:08:35

well it was supposed to be about just women who is Jenna dating site read that interview with her and I'm like really why is it that packed then supporting Cynthia Nixon why are you supporting what the fuck I would send it to him to run under she was she independent and she's running against Cuomo and of course I'm still running for mayor or Governor New York he's just again we have one-party rule we have corporate Rule and all these people are in bed with the corporation's because their boss because that's the way our elections work and that's the Hillary Clinton has a private position in a public position and I'm not saying she's the only one but she's the one that we know it's actually literally said that because of WikiLeaks thank God and that again I'll go back to Julian Assange the fact that none of the reporters in the United States

► 02:09:35

app for Julian Assange shows you that what they do is fucking wrestling and they don't do real journalism wrestling and it was really interesting about the Julian Assange things if you ask that because of reductionist thinking because of their they've allowed this narrative to play for it to say he's accused of sexual assault and when you find out the actual facts of it had sex was consensual sex and in the middle of the night he stuck it in without condom

► 02:10:03

and they're calling you they were calling surprise sex right but there's no I mean didn't make any sense of why you extract starting him to the United States for a surprise sex that he had and where is it Norway or somewhere course I would have come at you of course that if they want to get the CIA wants to get you the first thing to always right but she's a rapist let's get some and that Holy Spirit powledge eyes tell Julian decides the UN and they still going to do they want to kick him out right will the ACLU is I think supporting him in the United States and the idea of journalistic Integrity freedom of speech the right to publish if you watch that movie the the post which is all about the Daniel Ellsberg and they were in the Vietnam are the Pentagon papers which exposed at 4

► 02:11:03

administrations were lying to us about the Vietnam War not a Republican and a Democrat they're all the sex again the same fucking to win to the same party to write when it's a military industrial party and the hero that movie is the woman who was the head of the Washington Post. Daniel Ellsberg who's the real fucking hero but how can you make that movie in this day and age and not mentioned Chelsea Manning's not mention Edward Snowden and not go you know what this the Daniel Ellsberg today tweet in prison them and that's what we're doing we in prison the Daniel Ellsberg have today and everybody watch panels of the actors from that movie and the director and sit around believable to me that they don't understand that they're just that they're doing that propaganda look how good are Washington Post is Washington Post into every fucking more after that movie was supposedly made right back every goddamn more sense they're the ones who told us that we had weapons of mass destruction and it was irrefutable that was the headline on their head

► 02:12:03

page it wasn't some op-ed it was their editorial board said are repeatable. Wasn't that fake news. Should they have their Facebook page taken down that actually led to the death of millions of people so this is why this is why this is why I have a show this is what I'm talking about and thank God the Innocence thank God the media sucks so bad because now I get to do their job and I'm a fucking idiot have a c student jack off nightclub to me did I do my job better than they do well you don't have a boss that's not you not beholden to anybody I was just offered a TV show and how late I was Satan and I was out for anything I wanted to give me what to do do you want to do 5 days in the morning you want to do one day we going to do this I'll give you your own Studio your own crew the whole deal

► 02:12:50

and I had to look at the guy said you have been waiting my whole career for someone to make me an offer like this and I just have to tell you no thanks why he's like what what do you want and I said I don't want anything I already have everything I want and I want to drive across town to go do what you want to somebody else's Studio I Walk Out My Backdoor I do my show in my garage I don't fucking need your money I don't need boss I don't need it I'm selling out theaters right now that's what I want to do I go I don't want I want to spend less time in the studio more time to rinks because that's fun unbelievable unbelievable I was so close to killing myself I'm so glad I did it and it was my hatred for people that kept me alive. Cuz I was I didn't want people I already said the same thing to you I didn't want people to go out he didn't make it I was like fuck you I am making it in then I'm going to kill myself

► 02:13:42

don't say that but use that as I see when I played a place called falcoholic that's where it is his new special it was back then it wasn't a nice neighborhood ride was like a tougher neighborhood but I got to live closer to the city and I'll buy comedian friends live there cuz it is Affordable and now it's being gentrified and shit and they only refurbished it and it's 600 people and I came out and he was just like Just Like Heaven you know when their whole career I try to figure out how to get people to stand up at the end of my I don't want to do it in a shity way I want to manipulate them but I want to have a come from my heart and inspire people and make them want to stand up you know to get a standing ovation right and now when I come out I don't have to worry about it

► 02:14:42

so this is the greatest time of my life and it's because nobody you know people can't get anywhere else what I'm doing this just nothing else like it you know Bill Maher of God bless his soul you know he's a corporatist and he's part of the problem right and I like I like I love his book that he read about it was a true story story yeah that's right that's right yeah and how it was really interesting book about he would go on the road and it would be the PB the first comedian The Club at ever seen and they didn't know he was like the waitresses didn't know he was leaving the next week's it like that it was like

► 02:15:42

how things work it was such an interesting book to read but you don't know he said he gave a million dollars to Barack Obama which fantastic too but I get it I will icespire to be Belmar aspire to be a millionaire for 30 years in a little bit out of touch. That's good for you you did it I get upset because I want him to be better or be more like I want him to be to know but it actually helps me right so the more he's he shift to the right the more his audience comes to me right in the more I get as much as name on stage of Life showing people aggressive when did that happen for Bernie Sanders campaign difference the difference between Hillary and Bernie Sanders how can I not get it you tell me he's had to leave I play videos of him saying that you were basically the same what's the big deal

► 02:16:42

funny progressives are being babies when they won't support war-mongering corporatists but Centris corporatist are being adults when they fuck over Progressive values and come over to be Progressive are we supposed to go that way they never go the other way that's unity means hey you guys shut the fuck up and fall in line and become a corporatist that's what they mean when they say Unity I don't tell me you Bernie Sanders is making a big mistake by not starting a third party right now that's how you would flip if he does not win the Democratic nomination in 2020 what is he built over these four years fucking nothing do you think he's going to run that's what this is all about that's what this is all about thought he had said he was done

► 02:17:26

I thought he said he was going to try again he's running again I'll make that I'll bet you $2 I Got 5 bucks I'll tell you how you can afford 5 bucks that's how my life I can't believe it I'm so happy for you I can't believe it's so nice it's almost guess that's even better you get to all the cheddar I was working I was working with this guy Alex Marie who's a great guy I love Alice Marie and he got me specials yummy, Central specials at the book for me fucking great guy I love Alex Marie bunch of really big and it was weird he stopped so we stopped working together right is my shoe

► 02:18:21

right as I was like what the fuck it all the sudden people start showing up and clubs when I'm there and I'm like what I did the Chicago Theater how many seats is that 3700 you are popular Jesus Christ I don't know what happened but I did the Chicago Theatre many years ago and I remember saying something about the podcast and I said how many guys listen to podcast and it was a roar through the crowd and I went that was when I realized I was like whoa what's going on I got it I thought I was going to be like 10% of people don't pay attention anything man this is one of the secrets for me staying me into people accuse me of changing evolve learn more I study myself I'm ruthlessly critical of myself I'm very analytical self analytical

► 02:19:21

and I don't like a lot of stuff I do this so I get better at it hopefully but I just didn't know that anybody was paying attention I didn't wasn't I wasn't looking I don't look at numbers and occasionally look up to I don't want to think about that I don't think about I just do it but that moment where I was in front of 3700 people I know how many guys was in the podcast I was like whoa whoa okay this is not what I expected I thought I was going to be a bunch of people going to watch people die and that's when I realized something was going on that that's a weird feeling right when you realize all these people come and see you because of something you did yourself and stop trying WTF that same with me like when I stop censoring myself for over thinking like I would go on stage and I would have my joke down to a science right now and that's obviously YouTube

► 02:20:21

that way I just let it rip and that's the thing that connected with people around the clock on a Thursday or whatever and I was like okay I'll do it for you whatever and I'll five people there is going to fucking shop at 5 on a Thursday Burbank right place is almost full and I was like whoa

► 02:20:45

that's what I was like what the fuck's going on never forget that they came from Compton what they're like we got here we were glad to see it was like why I'm really connecting with people right that that don't look like me and but they share the same ideology and if you ever need one saw him live there were 80 year old hippies and they were teenager kids and there was everybody in between and that's what it looks like at my shows and it makes me so fucking happy it's it's so that's why I was like what and I was like thanks flappers for making me do this yo cuz now I realize Jimmy I'm happy for you too and I really think that you're one of the only people out there that really doesn't tow a line one way or the other you really do speak the truth and I said that about you the first time

► 02:21:45

left-wing hacker this guy is a right-wing apologist or whatever it is you just say what you think and that is so refreshing and it's so valuable there's just not enough of that today there's not enough and these people that are super intelligent that think that if you vote one way it's a protest vote and you should never protest because you're throwing away your vote and let the right-wing people win like you're missing everything you're missing this whole thing this whole thing is super complicated it's very complicated in the only way to see through the haze is to be honest and you're one of the only people that's doing well I really appreciate you saying that and I think that there's a lot of common ground especially when it comes to giving corporations fingers out of our government and ending Wars I think a lot of people agree on that of that actually scares the establishment yeah I think it does

► 02:22:35

Jimmy Joe thanks for being here man thanks for having a really appreciate it tell people tell people what your Twitter page on the website and we're on the YouTubes at the youtube.com the Jimmy Dore show and I'm on Twitter Jimmy underscore door the whole thing I appreciate you brother thank you I appreciate it too

► 02:22:58

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text to Dan in preciate the fuck out of people and I hope you really alright bye